submissive husband

“How was your day,” Melissa asked, settling down in a comfortable bedroom chair, the laptop open on the dressing table with its webcam pointed at her, and the screen showing Rob seated on the edge of his bed at the Hotel. Melissa had received Rob’s call a few minutes before, and with a promise to call him right back, had run upstairs to the privacy of their bedroom for the discussion to follow.

“I’m tired, but it had a lot of good parts talking with my contacts at Heningship-Dortman. Then I had to sit through some boring presentation by their PR people about the new building they’re putting up in Hutchinson. It was almost 7:30 before I got out of there. Then I had dinner with Richterson and Smathers. I’m meeting with them early tomorrow to see how we might be involved in insuring parts of the new project, and then we’re going to ride out to the site. How was your day?” asked Rob.

“Oh, my day was great, really,” Melissa responded. “I spent the morning and early afternoon at the Real Estate office, but once the snow started nobody was going to be walking in and Tony was staying until closing, so I left. It was nice to get home early and do a few things around here, but I always like it better when you’re here to be with when I get home.”

“Yeah,” said Rob, “I like that too.”

Rob was staying at a hotel while out of town on a business trip. A week before, his wife had come upon his cache of female domination magazines and videos, and had confronted him with her discovery. Horrified at anyone learning his secret craving, he was both ashamed and amazed when his sexually conservative wife demanded that he perform certain of the magazine’s depictions. Now he was going to find out what she had been thinking when she made him pack a pair of her heels and a vibrator in the suitcase to take on his trip. “You’ll find out when you call me from your hotel room at night for phone sex.” Rob’s wife, Melissa, had never had phone sex with him before. In fact, Melissa had always had a saddeningly restricted sexual repertoire.

“Are you ready for bed?” Melissa asked. “Let me see,” she said coyly. A sheepish look crossed Rob’s face, as he swung his legs up and rolled away from the camera on the bed so Melissa could see that the bed was turned down and he was just wearing his underpants. “Were you thinking about me today? Thinking about what was going to happen tonight when you were ready for bed? You have to tell your mistress how it made you feel.”

She could see that Rob was already getting hard, despite the slightly humiliated look on his face. “Well,” he mumbled, “Yes. I did think about you. Really, I always think about you,” he said.

“And did you think about me wearing my heels,” she asked. “Did you think about being allowed to kiss them, and show me how much you love that I wear them? About showing me how much you love them?”

“Yes,” said Rob, now giving up any hope of maintaining “dignity”, still ashamed of what he knew she was going to make him do, yet craving it immensely.

“Do you have the gifts I gave you to take on your trip as a token of my love for you; to remind you that you’re mine, and so you can show your love for me? Let me see them,” coaxed Melissa. Rob bent down and produced the pair of heels Melissa had given him, the vibrator, and a tube of KY jelly.

“That’s very good, Rob. Now move the laptop farther back if you can so I can get a fuller view of you. Maybe you can put it on a phone book or something to get it a little higher, so I can look down slightly at you when you’re on the bed.” Melissa saw Rob’s image shake on the screen as he pushed the laptop as far back on the dresser as it would go until it hit the wall, and then prop it up with his brief case and some phone books. The move was adequate to let her see from the pillow down to about where Rob’s knees would be if he were lying flat on the bed, and sufficiently high and angled down to give her a good view or Rob’s face, chest, tummy, and cock from above. “Now step out of your underpants, and get the end and shaft of that vibrator covered with KY,” Melissa directed.

Rob turned toward the bed, his back to the laptop. He removed the top from the KY tube, and squeezed out a bubble on the business end of the vibrator. Then he squeezed it out along the sides of the vibrator’s shaft. “Don’t turn around, Rob,” Melissa said, her voice reflecting a little smile but much authority. “Now bend over so I can see your pussy. Good. Reach back and spread those cheeks. Now let me watch you make my love toy disappear. Do it! Surround it with your love. Show me how well you can make love to my toy with that vagina you have,” she said. Rob bent over, and slowly inserted the vibrator in his rectum. “Yes, slowly now, let your little twat relax and open for it. Slide it in and out. Let me see you fucking yourself. Let me see you surrounding my toy with your love; surrounding it with the pussy that loves me,” said Melissa, a combination of sensual teasing and insistence reflected in her tone. Then, in a more demanding voice, she said, “That IS your pussy, isn’t it!”

“Yes,” said Rob.

“Keep that inside you. Turn around and look at me.” Rob complied “Now. Yes what?” Melissa asked.

“Yes mistress,” Rob replied.

“That’s not what I was looking for. I want to know what’s surrounding my toy. Now look straight at me and tell me exactly what you’re using to fuck my toy. What you use to make it disappear?” Melissa demanded slyly.

“My pussy,” Rob surrendered, knowing it was the ultimate submission.

“Yes,” said Melissa, with a look of satisfaction. “I love you, Rob, and I want you to know it. You’ll know I love you because my toy will be inside you, and you’ll show you love me by surrounding my toy with your love. Now lie down on the bed on your back. You may need to take the other pillow and position it below your pussy to keep my toy inside you. Get yourself comfortable.”

Rob lay back on the bed, then positioned the second pillow beneath his buttocks to keep the vibrator firmly in his ass. With the computer on top of the dresser to the right of the bed and higher, pointing slightly down, Melissa was looking from above with a view from Rob’s head to below his knees.

“Do you feel me vibrating inside you,” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” said Rob.

“Its embarrassing, having a pussy and knowing I know it and am inside it, but it feels good, doesn’t it?” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” said Rob feeling both excitement and humiliation.

“And are my balls full of my sperm ready for you to release the way I tell you?” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” said Rob.

Melissa now settled down to measured and soothing speech, like a hypnotist leading a relaxation or focus exercise. “Rob, I want you to think about me sitting on a bench that’s across and over your knees, so that my feet with their heels are dangling over your cock and my balls,” said Melissa, removing her top so that Rob could see her bare breasts as she spoke. Melissa did have another vibrator, and could have joined in trying to get off, but she wasn’t ready to do anything like that with Rob looking on, and was really still focused on doing this new thing she had learned about with Rob.

“My heels are resting on those balls, and the instep of each shoe is on either side of your cock, with the soles resting on your tummy, and the toes pointing at your head. Imagine yourself holding my legs lovingly, to guide the shoes up and down the length of your cock. Imagine me looking down at you, and you looking into my eyes, as I feel the excitement and longing to orgasm conveyed by your trembling hands that caress and pilot my legs to glide the shoes over your cock. Imagine me feeling your need, striving for the release you can only bring about by caressing and steering my legs: The legs that must constantly sense your love and adoration if you’re to be allowed to continue holding them. Imagine me knowing and feeling your desperation to cum, to masturbate yourself with my shoes, as I look down on you cherishing my legs in yearning for the release only they and I can elicit. The release you can have only by revealing yourself and those hidden secrets totally to me. No longer can you hide your longing to fuck my shoes and lick them clean. And when you cum, and do not want to lick your cum, you’ll know my making you do it will strangely only increase your need and longing for the next time.

“Take the shoes, now, one in each hand, and show me the motion they would make on your cock, with the heels stirring those balls, the balls that are all mine; the balls that you gave to me on our wedding day, those sperm factories that make what is just for me, just mine, working to produce a big load to cover my shoes. That’s it. Rub them on your cock. Just as you dreamed of them caressing your cock when you thought about me wearing them; about kissing them, as you jerked yourself off in the bathroom. Now you’ll be jerking off right in front of me. It’s the only way you will masturbate. No more secrets. Look at me. I’m watching you masturbating yourself right now, right in front of me. You have a hardon for my shoes, don’t you, rubbing them on your cock working to get off, to cover my shoes with a big load. Look at me looking right at you as you do it, my toy fucking your pussy, right in front of me, as you masturbate with my shoes to make a big load: A big load that I know and you know you will lick from my shoes, because I will make you; because its what you wanted to do, and now you have to do right in front of me with every single drop of my sperm you ever exude.

“Look at my breasts, Rob. They’re hungry to be covered in your cum when I make you jerk off on them, and even hungrier to feel you lovingly lick them clean, ecstatic in knowing that you are the one; you are the only one; who has ever kissed them. Aside from our babies, you are the only one who has ever sucked on them. You will know they’re yours and that I’m keeping you mine because you will lick the crème my balls produce from by tits, and my shoes, and my legs, and wherever else I tell you to put it. Yes, work those shoes on your cock, work to give me a big load; a big load of cum; do it knowing you will lick every drop from my shoes. Won’t you!!” Melissa demanded, her tone changing from the seductive and mischievous to the commanding, as she required his confession that he was excited by the thought of licking his cum from her shoes.

“Yes,” admitted Rob helplessly.

“Yes, what!” demanded Melissa.

“Yes I want to cum on your shoes and I will lick all the cum from your shoes,” Rob blurted, like a prisoner finally “spilling his guts”, making his full confession, giving it all, as he felt his orgasm approaching.

“And why do I let you cum inside me, and on my shoes, and tits, and elsewhere?” asked Melissa.

“Because you love me,” Rob replied.

“Yes. I love you. I’m entitled to know all these little secrets, and I get to choose to love you with any I can. And why do you bring me every hardon, and give me my sperm where I tell you, and cleanse me lovingly and worshipfully?” Melissa demanded.

“Because I love you,” replied Rob. Throughout the adventures in domination they had tried since Melissa’s discovery of his hidden fantasies, Rob had a sense of elation and satisfaction of a long-held desire, coupled with a terrible fear that the discovery of his craving and sight of him doing these things would somehow disgust or dismay Melissa in a way that would forever damage their marriage. He certainly didn’t want that. He was comforted to hear Melissa demand that he acknowledge that for Melissa these were things in furtherance of her love for him, and that he’d better be reciprocating with an increased sense of intimacy and love for her.

“You’re getting closer. Imagine how ardently you would be moving my legs now,” said Melissa, as he worked the shoes on his cock. “Imagine how ardently you will be moving them, when you’re back home and I have you lie beneath the card table as I go through the multiple listings, and sit on a bench over you just like I’m describing.” With increasing urgency he strove to make it happen, desperately sliding the pre-cum lubricated shoes up and down the sides of his cock, the forward part of each shoe’s arch and upper overhanging and astride the bulbous end of his cock, converging beside and over, rubbing the corona and glans, the heels stirring his testicles. Ashamed before, now he looked at her honestly, totally exposed, emotionally naked, stimulated by the sight of his wife willingly viewing and accepting his most secret revelation, and wanting her to know the depth of his longing to share his most hidden fantasies and have her accept and participate in them.

Rob’s cock started spurting. “Keep rubbing those shoes,” Melissa said sternly. “You keep rubbing them until every single drop of my sperm is out of my balls. Yes, keep working those shoes on your cock, working those heels on my balls; keep stroking, just like my toy keeps fucking that pussy you have, keep masturbating those shoes on that cock; get out every drop of my semen for me,” Melissa continued, until finally it was obvious that Rob was spent and his orgasm had been carried all the way to maximum fulfillment.

“How was that,” Melissa asked sweetly, her expression showing she wanted to know it had been good for Rob.

“It was great,” said Rob, lying on the bed with his arms and her shoes now at his side, giving the appearance of an athlete recovering from having just finished a race. “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Melissa said, “I always want it to be good for you, Rob. I love you. I want you to know that all night tonight, and all day tomorrow, and every day for the rest of your life. My toy fucks you because I love you. My shoes just fucked you because I love you. You get to cum on them because I love you. And you get to lick them clean and love me with your tongue because I love you and because you need to show your love for me.

“And that’s why my toy is going to keep fucking you until you rub every inch of those shoes in the cum on your stomach, and get them all wet. Then you’re going to sit up and lick every inch of each shoe with your tongue while you look straight at me and I watch you eat every drop of my cream. Now start rubbing those shoes, and get every inch of the tops and bottoms wet for me.”

Rob took the shoes and began rubbing them in the cum on his stomach. Eventually Melissa told him he had enough to start, and to stand up, keep the vibrator inside him, and look at her. “Hold that shoe up in front of you,” she said. Rob did as instructed. “Now I want you to tell me you love me and beg to be allowed to lick my sperm from my shoe,” she said.

Rob looked at her, the shoe held just below the line from his eyes to the screen, the cum on it conspicuously visible to both of them. “I love you,” said Rob. “Please let me lick your sperm from your shoe.”

“Thank you, Rob,” said Melissa. “Thank you for loving me. Thank you for marrying me and giving yourself to me. Now you may lick my shoe clean. Let me see you doing it lovingly; appreciatively. Look at me as you do it. Keep doing it, and returning the shoe to your belly to scrape up the rest of the sperm, until you’ve eaten it all for me. You are the one I picked. You are the one who gets to care for me and lick and kiss and hold me, and you will know it because you will lick every single drop of that love juice my balls produce from now on.”

As Melissa continued her stimulating and engaging verbal love serenade, Rob finished licking the shoes. Finally Melissa commended him for a good job, allowing him to remove the vibrator, put the shoes down, and sit on the edge of the bed.

“Was it good for you,” Melissa asked. “Do you know I love you?”

“Yes,” Rob said, spent but knowing he was speaking the truth. “It was wonderful. Thank you. And I do love you. I was thinking about you and this all day, so embarrassed, and yet wanting it so much. It was so wonderful. Was it terrible for you?”

“No,” said Melissa. “It still seems strange. It’s very different from anything I would have thought of. But I know that’s also a problem I have, being so restricted in what I’m comfortable with, but somehow this is OK, and I feel really good about our having found a way to solve some of the things that I know have left you feeling unsatisfied. You do feel satisfied, don’t you? Or do I have to fuck you and make you cream and lick my shoes again right now?” she asked in mock threateningly tones, having seen his cock harden slightly as she talked to him while he licked the cum from her shoes.

“No,” said Rob. “I’m spent. In fact, I know you mentioned doing this in the morning as well as at bedtime, but I really think I’ll still be quite satisfied in the morning, and need to get ready to meet Richterson, so could we skip it for the morning and leave it for me to call you tomorrow night?”

“Sure,” said Melissa. “I love you. Call me in the morning. I want to hear from you. But sure, we can give your weenie a rest. Good night, sweetheart, I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Rob. “Good night.”

Their computers disconnected. So they had done it. They had had their first “phone sex”, and it was better than Rob could ever have imagined. He slept well, and had a productive next day. Melissa, too, felt in one way strange for what she had just done, but in another way closer and more connected to Rob.

The following night Rob and Melissa skyped again at bedtime. “You know,” said Rob, “I guess I’m not as young as I used to be. I’m still feeling so satisfied, and I think my cock is a little chaffed from last night, so could we skip the sex for tonight?”

“Sure,” said Melissa. They discussed the events of each other’s days, and finally it was time to say good night and go to sleep. “Could I ask a question?” Melissa asked sheepishly?

“Of course,” said Rob.

“I was looking more in those magazines. That vibrator falls out of your ass unless it’s held in. They have these inflatable butt vibrators that can be blown up once they’re inside to keep them in there. Do they have any stores where you are that you could get one?”

“Yes,” said Rob, thrilled by Melissa’s interest and willingness to talk about toys she would like. “I’ll see what I can find.”

“What time do you think you’ll get home tomorrow night?” She asked.

“Hopefully I’ll be home by ten,” said Rob. “I can’t wait to see you.”

“I can’t wait to see you either,” said Melissa, a little sheepishly. “I’m feeling ready for some romantic lovemaking. It’s coming up on two weeks since we really did it,” she said.

“I can’t wait either,” said Rob sweetly, as they said good night and hung up.

Ready for some more wild shit?

Hey guys, I’m sure you have seen those make your own dildo kits. You know the kind, where you make a mold of your own dick, and use it to make a vibrator so your significant other can fuck themselves with it when you’re not around. Well, I’m here to tell you be careful, if you get one of those, the decision might come back to bite you in the ass. Or worse. Here is my second chapter.

As we get out of the shower she guides me on the edge of the bed and has me sit down while she kneels on the floor and lowers her mouth to my stiffening rod. “Lay back and relax babe, I’ve got something special for you now.” I feel her wet lips on the head of my cock and lay back as instructed, letting her go to work. I love it when she sucks me before I get fully hard; it’s about the only time she can take the whole thing in her mouth so I can feel her chin on my balls. With her talented and lips and tongue working my meat, her hand runs over my ball sack and she begins massaging my spent balls, rolling them between her fingers.

I’m in heaven, lying on my back, her head bobbing up and down on my cock, her hand between my legs rubbing my balls. When I feel a finger trail lower and head towards my back door, I moan, “oh yes, baby”, and part my legs wider to give her better access.

Pulling off my rod, she spits a generous glob of spit on my brown eye and proceeds to massage it around with a deft finger before popping one knuckle, then two up my poop chute. “Oh baby, that is so fucking hot….I love it when you finger fuck my ass as you suck my dick….” I practically growl through gritted teeth.

I get several minutes of some intense prostate massage as her finger explores my dark passage and her mouth works its magic on my dick before she pulls off and tells me to get on all fours. Then she kneels behind me, her hand stroking my cock and balls as her talented mouth seeks out my sensitive little back door. I am moaning to the pillows as her nimble fingers tighten around my engorged cock, giving me a tug job, as her wet tongue dances around my asshole like a crazy butterfly. I love it when she rims me. Feeling my cheeks held open wide as her mouth kisses and licks across my sensitive hole. I wish I could get this kind of oral treatment every day, but I’ll take it whenever she is willing to give it.

Her mouth moves lower, and I feel her tongue slide up and down my shaft. Her hungry mouth slides from the head of my cock down to my puckered bung. Up and down she goes, slurping and moaning along the way. When my little back door is shiny from her spit, she gently works a finger up back up inside of me. I let out a soft moan as her finger slides in and out. “Oh, don’t stop honey….” She says something in reply, but her mouth is filled with my cock so it’s just a mumble.

I hear the opening of a drawer and can only assume she is dipping in to our toy chest. A little lube is applied and her finger is joined by a second, all the while, she keeps her lips tight around my shaft, sucking me from underneath while fingering my butthole with two slippery digits.

She pulls her hot mouth off my swollen member and begins kissing her way up my back, keeping her fingers where they are. She reaches my neck and I can feel her breath across my ear as she asks, “How does that feel, lover? Does that feel good?” She emphasizes her words with gentle thrusts of her hand.

“Yes,” I tell her, “those fingers feel fucking fantastic up there. Oh please don’t stop fucking me…”

“Oh don’t you worry about that. Are you enjoying this? Well, I think you are going to love this.” I think she means a third finger But I have no idea what was in store for my asshole. She withdraws her two fingers and I feel her putting more lube on my eager backdoor. I feel pressure at my sphincter, and she puts a hand on my shoulder and leans in close to whisper in my ear, “Don’t worry lover I’ll be gentle…” I wonder what she means, but when I feel BOTH her hands on my shoulders, I fully realize what she’s about to do. She’s about to fuck ME up the ass!

“Whoa, what the fuck?!” I say and try to turn around but he has me held down quite effectively.”Who’s the Bitch now?!” She giggles as her fingers dig in to my shoulders and something begins to push inside of me. My third eye is forced open wide as she begins to fuck me up my virgin ass. I let out a loud gasp as she takes my anal cherry. Never before have I felt anything like this, my sphincter burns as it’s forced wider and wider. Inch by inch she filled my bowels with her plastic dick. I had to bite down on the pillow to keep from screaming. It felt like an eternity before I felt her hips against my butt and a set of rubber balls against mine, but at least I knew she had bottomed out and had nothing more to stuff up inside me.

She held me close for a good couple minutes, allowing me time to adjust and get used to this new sensation. “That’s it baby; just take nice slow, breaths. That’s what I usually do when you’re in a buttfucking mood. Just relax baby, you’ll learn to LOVE this piece of meat up our back side. I know I’ve got quite used to it. Even miss it a little when you don’t give it to me between the cheeks for a while.” I feel stuffed, like I have to take the biggest shit ever. She bumps and grinds a little here and there, allowing me to feel just how deep her toy is burrowed up inside my butt.

She leaned over me, her mouth brushing against my ear. Her hand slides from around my hip and grabs for my cock. My once raging hard-on is wilting quickly. “Aww, what’s wrong baby?,” she teases, “does this big, bad dick up your ass hurt a little too much to stay hard hmmm? Well, you might not love this right now, but I think I see why you love doing this to me so much. Feels so powerful watching every inch of me disappear up inside of you. Hearing you whimper as I entered you. Oh yeah, I like this…”

She pulls out slowly for an inch or two before changing direction and going deeper. Very slowly, (and actually quite gently for a newly dicked fucker) rocking her rubber cock in and out of my rectum.”What do you think of my new toy,” she asks, “have you figured out what it is that I’m fucking you up the ass with?” I can’t reply. “That’s right baby, it’s you. I took your little cock clone down to the toy store and bought me a harness for it. And the little pussy eater behind the counter was all too eager to help me. She laughed when I told her what I was planning to do. She made sure I got a good harness too, one the rubs my pussy just right when I fuck you. Ooooo baby, does it ever…” With that, she holds onto my hips and grinds her pelvis into me in small circles. A move she undoubtedly learned from me. “Oh yeah honey, I really like this….” She says devilishly and continues a slow reaming of my ass.

I feel her hands on my waist as she guides me back on forth on her rubber phallus. Making me fuck her, “ooooh yea,” she chuckles, “that’s a good little bitch, take my thick, hard cock up your little butthole.” At one point, I wince and let out a sharp cry of pain, which only made her chuckle. She leans in close to whisper in my ear, “Now you have an idea what I go through each and every time you want to take a trip down the ol’ Hershey Highway. Now shut up and take it like the little butttfucking bitch you are right now, got it?” She emphasizes her last words with a strong thrust at each one.

It doesn’t take long before she has built to a rhythm. Her hands are holding on to my hips, occasionally slapping an ass cheek as she gleefully uses her pelvis to repeatedly ram that damn cock in and out of my poor asshole. I’ve always been proud of the size of my cock, particularly of it’s thickness, but now that I was on the receiving end of a butt fucking by it, I promised I’d take it easier on hers next time.

She reaches around my hip and her hand finds my cock limp and flapping with each thrust of her hips into mine. “What’s this? Why isn’t my ‘strong man’ all hard? Are you not as turned on as I am? Well?” She slams her hips roughly into mine when I don’t reply quickly enough.

“It’s just…it hurts a bit, and it’s hard to stay, well, hard.” I say, trying not to sound like a bitch who just lost his cherry.

“Well you know what? I want to see this thing get hard. I’m going to make to cum as I fuck you, and I bet it’ll be a hell of a load too!” With that she pulls out of me and pushes me over. “Roll over, bitch, I want to see that dick of yours.” I roll over on my back, and she takes her position between my legs. She squeezes another glob of lube on her dildo, and positions the head up against my abused little hole. “Now, where was I?” She muses, “Oh yeah, right about here!” and with that, she shoves that damn dildo back up my asshole. I throw my head back and let out a cry of surprise and pain. “Oh this is good,” she says, “I get to see your face now as I fuck that sweet butt of yours.”

I’ve had fingers, and the occasional slim vibrator, up my ass but never anything the size I was taking now. I was definitely getting a taste of my own medicine. Although, maybe it was the new angle or maybe I was just getting used to it, but it actually started to feel kind of good. She was stroking my cock in rhythm of her thrusts, and it was having the desired effect, “mmm, baby, you’re getting a bit thick now aren’t you? Starting to enjoy getting buggered huh?”

“Ugh..Yessss….’ I managed to grunt out.

“This strap is definitely working better on my clit at this angle too. Oh, yeah, I am loving this….” Her thrusts become more rhythmic and I can see in her eyes she is getting more turned on. “Take your cock; I want to watch you jerk it.” My hand replaces hers on my hardening dick, and she focuses on her own luscious breasts. Her hands rubbing them, pushing them together and squeezing her own nipples as her eyes close and her head rolls back. The sight of her standing there rubbing her tits as her hips rock in and out of me is hot, so hot that I’m fully hard now. “Oh yessss…..” She hisses, “This is good. So good.” She opens her eyes and looks down at my swollen member and smiles. “Oh honey, that looks good,” she moans, “keep stroking it for me…that’s it, stroke that beast….stroke it, I want to see it shoot it’s glorious load.”

She grabs hold of my ankles and opens my legs wide as her eyes are glued to my throbbing erection and her phallus plugging in and out of me. I can tell the sight of me jerking off is turning her on. She has always enjoyed watching me masturbate. She drops one hand to her crotch and begins rubbing her self. “That’s it honey….stroke that thing…make it all hard for me….” Her hand slides out from between her legs and she grabs a hold of my balls. I know for sure how turned on she is now, her fingers are practically dripping with her juices as she rolls my smooth nuts between her delicate fingers.

“Oh, that’s it baby…you know what I like…” I pant.

“Yeah? That what you want?” She teases as her fingers encircle my ball sack. She knows damn good and well what I’m asking for. I love a good sharp tug on my balls when I am jerking off; it keeps me from cumming too quickly. I nod my head and continue beating my meat. She keeps fucking me slow and watching me stroke myself. “That’s it baby stroke it good for mama.” The feeling of that dildo sliding in and out of my asshole, her dirty words and my hands sliding up and down my greased shaft were bringing me close to the edge. She must have heard my breathing quicken up and realized I was getting close to cumming. Because that’s when she did it, a hard tug on my ball sack followed with an open hand slap across my nuts.

I let out a yelp as my body convulsed in pain. The tug, I was expecting; the slap, I was not. But secretly I loved it. That bite of pain brought me back from the edge of cumming, and I could continue stroking off and getting buggered by her as I watch her huge tits bounce up and down for a while longer.

Her hand was back between her legs and I could tell that while the strap-on was rubbing her little nub, it just wasn’t enough, her hot pussy demanded more. And her fingers must have given it. Because soon she was going at it harder. Her breath was sharper, her thrusts her getting harder. Her fingers were wringing her poor nipple….she was super close.

“O baby….” she pants, “I’m so close…so close…. ooohh…oohh… YESSSS!!” She bellows and slams into me hard as she can. That right there is it for me. That’s the trigger I needed, to see her cum. As her eyes roll closed and her body convulses, I am pushed past the point of no return.

Her twitching causes her cock to jiggle inside me, again putting the wonderful pressure on my swollen prostate. With a cry of my own, I surrender myself to orgasm. A thick stream of cum shoots from my cock across my stomach and chest. It feels like electricity, emanating from my balls, pulsing down the length of my shaft until it erupts out the tip, arcing in the air before landing with a hot splat between my nipples. She leans forward, “oh honey, that is so fucking hot! Gimme some of that, coat my tits with your sugar, baby….”

She pulls the base of my dick back just as another load shoots out. This steam lands right where she wanted it; right between those huge knockers of hers. She runs a hand up from her stomach, right up that sticky sweet valley, and drags some of my juice up to her smiling lips. She smears some across her mouth like carmex before dipping those fingers past her waiting lips. She smiles wickedly as she sucks them clean, making small slurping sounds and popping them past her lips as she pulls them out.

Her other hand remain gripping the base of my dick. “You have any more cum for me baby?” She teases. A couple of small, gentle thrusts of her dildo still up my ass produces a small amount of the white cream she desires to bubble out the slit of my cockhead and drip down the shaft, across her knuckles and over the back of her hand, covering them in my sticky sugar.

She wraps her fingers tighter around the bottom of my cock and pulls up slowly. Like my dick was a tube of toothpaste and she was determined to get the last bit out of the tube, bending forward, she sticks out her tongue, and with a greedy slurp she licks off the glistening pearl of cum sitting on top.

She removes the cum-covered hand from my wilting cock and smears my juice over her heavy breasts. Rubbing my cream into her nipples. “Baby, you came a LOT,” she whispers contentedly. Her finger absent mindedly playing with the pools of my jism that cover my stomach and chest. “Look at all that beautiful cum…..such a nice load.” Her fingers now circle my nipples, rubbing them with the sticky fluid. A slight squeeze of her fingers sends a nice shock through my body, causing my spent cock to twitch a little as I moan in approval. Her fingers scoop up more and she rubs that into her own nipples rocking back and forth a little as she does so. The sight of her massaging those massive tits of hers along with the slight rocking of her toy still buried up my ass turns me on even more, causing my wilted cock to slowly plump up a bit.

She leans forward, big plump tit in hand, leaning towards my face, about to feed me from her massive globe. I begin to turn my head away as I remember those nipples are coated in my man juice, and I’m just not too sure about that. She sees my flinch and laughs, “You kiss me all the time after your sweaty prick and balls have been in my mouth. Hell, you’ve even kissed me after I’ve been rimming you! And yet, you don’t want to lick my nipple just ’cause it’s got a little cum on it?!” She leans down, and with a slurp, licks up a pool of white sitting up near my neck.

When she looks up, her previously CFM red lips are now almost solid white, and she has an extra evil grin. Before I can react, she has my head between her hands and her lips are mashed against mine. I feel her tongue trying to get inside my mouth, pushing against my lips. Now, with the way we play, I knew this day would come (no pun intended) when she’d be kissing me with cum on her lips. She is always wanting me to eat her pussy after I’ve came in side, and to be honest, I’m not entirely opposed to the idea. I expect her to swallow my load and all that, but I am feeling like making her work for it a bit. So I fight back. But she is sneaky and reaches up and pinches my nose, and then it’s only a matter of time before I lose. I open my mouth to breath, and in that instant, a warm glob of my own cum falls into my mouth, followed by a hot, squirming tongue. Her tongue danced in my mouth, running itself over every inch, every surface it can. Making sure I don’t miss a drop, and that I taste as much of myself as possible.

And taste myself I did. The load of my cum passed from her mouth into mine, it was warm and slightly bitter. Not salty like I was expecting, it had a flavor like nothing I could compare it to exactly, although the closest I can get would be coconut milk. Thinner than I would have thought, and felt kind of slippery, like a fresh, raw oyster almost. Nothing ‘fantastic’, but it wasn’t utterly repulsive, either.

We lay like that for a while, her cummy lips sliding over mine, her heavy breasts pressed into my chest, her stomach rubbing across my now almost painfully raw cock, as she tongue-fed me and made sure I ate every last bit of my cum.

I had gotten so used to it, that when she told me she was going to stand up and withdraw from my ass, I was actually a little bummed. She held a towel between us and slowly, ever so slowly began to back out of me. Inch by wonderful inch she pulled that rubber cock out of my now well fucked backdoor. It felt like I was taking the biggest, slow shit of my life. The movement again ignited the sensitive nerves of my little puckered hole and brought back all those wonderful sensations. Now that the pain of that initial penetration was gone, all that remained was a wonderful feeling of being filled up. She was right. I could get used to this.

“Ready for me to pull out?” She asked. When I hesitated, she asked, “or do you want….MORE?” And with that brutally slammed the cocked all the way back up inside me!

I actually screamed as the pain shot through my body. My poor abused asshole felt like it was on fire. My cock jolted to life and stood straight up, shocked into an instant erection. “Oh, too much?” She snickered and just as quickly as she thrust inside me, she pulled out causing my asshole to snap painfully shut. I pull my knees to my chest and roll on to my side, the towel she had between us, now wedged between my legs. “Long, deep breaths baby, long, deep breaths…”

The stinging I feel deep up my ass feel like it will never go away. It takes me a few minutes to get my breathing under control. During that time, she unbuckles her harness and steps out of it, before curling up to me on the bed. “Well babe, your sweet little ass is no longer cherry. Was it as good for you as it was for me?” She giggles a little at her small joke.

“Ha ha, very funny….” I reply, “It actually wasn’t too bad, except for that shit you pulled at the end. What the fuck was that for?”

“I couldn’t resist it. You know how often you practically get a running start at my brown eye! Don’t be such a pussy; learn to take it as well as you give. I was very turned on by you eating your cum. You actually surprised me with that.” By now, she’s spooning me from behind and her hand has slid down my chest and is inching toward my crotch. “Seeing you take such a thick cock up you tiny little butt, having you swallow a hot load…damn baby, that was sexy…kinda makes me wonder what else you might get into?” And with that, her fingers reach my cock, “you liked that dildo huh? I could tell you got into it.” Her fingers stat sliding up and down the shaft, “liked he feel of big, hard dick sliding up inside you?” My cock was pulsing now. “And with the way you sucked my mouth and lips clean, I think you might actually enjoy the taste of cum….Makes me wonder how that little mouth of yours that eats pussy so fucking well would do with a flesh and blood dick. Do you wonder what a real cock would feel like up that tight little butthole of yours? I think you just might…”

A Problem to Solve

I have known for years that my husband of 17 years was intensely interested in panties and just loved seeing panty lines or exposed lace on women when we were out and about. It kind of made me mad that he would so blatantly stare at other women like that, especially since I usually wore sexy panties myself that I wanted him to notice. I wanted to better understand his obsession, so I did a little research on why men are so attracted to panties and lingerie, and discovered an interesting thing called a transvestic fetish. That is where a guy experiences intense sexual arousal when wearing female clothing, most particularly sexy lingerie.

The articles I found explained that the fetish usually involves the guy putting on panties, stockings, garter belts, baby dolls, and even high heels all of which trigger intense sexual arousal. The more sexy the items the better, so lace, satin, pink, ruffles, and bling all are the best for the guy to wear. The guy comes to relate wearing lingerie and seeing it on himself with sexual pleasure, and wearing lingerie causes his brain to release dopamine and other neurotransmitters which produce sensations of pleasure, relaxation, and sexual stimulation and arousal. Once a guy experiences these sensations, it becomes like an addiction and he can’t resist putting on lingerie and masturbating, and is sexually aroused by the mere thought of lingerie. They become attracted to the lingerie itself and how it looks, not to the woman who may be wearing it.

I thought that my husband’s behavior might be an indication that he could have this tendency. I also thought that it would be loads of fun if he had the fetish really bad so that I could use it to control him… That would keep him from looking at those young things with their tight pants and obvious panty lines! All he would be interested in was their panties and making himself cum…

So I devised a plan to train him to have a transvestic fetish, just like a pusher does with a new addict! My idea was to slowly start introducing panties and lingerie into our sex life, but by using it to make him get aroused and to cum, and to slowly increase what he wears until he was hopelessly addicted. I thought that if I continued to use more and more kinds of sexy lingerie to do this, and slowly getting him to put them on and have him see how they look on him, he would become conditioned and develop a transvestic fetish that I could use to my advantage.

The Journey Begins

Fortunately, we both are about the same size so he can wear my lingerie… But I did need to get him some silver strappy high heels that fit him. And I do need to go to VS for some new and sexy panties and lingerie for him that are new and different from what he has seen me wearing. So off I went to make my purchases… And I was successful in all of them! I got him three pairs of VS panties called The Lacy in the cheeky cut, a garter belt, some stockings, and a white lace baby doll nightie. I stopped at Payless Shoes, and they had just the shoes in a size 12! Silver strappy heels with a one inch platform and five inch heels.

Step one was to make him relate panties to sexual satisfaction. I started to jack him off using panties to help stimulate him. I held them in my hand while I worked him up and down slowly, I wrapped them around his balls and cock, I rubbed them on his chest and legs… It was clear that he enjoyed all this attention, and we always ended with him cumming as I jacked him off. I did this to him at least once a day for about a month, to the point that he was grabbing a pair of panties from my drawer and handing them to me when we started to have sex.,

One night we had had a few drinks, I was giving him a hand job while he was standing up. He was really getting into it pushing into the panties I had in my hand. I had another pair of white lace boy short panties on the ground near us. I slowly lifted one of his legs a little and slipped his foot through the leg opening. He didn’t notice that I had done it, and I slowly put his other foot through the other leg opening. I stopped jacking him off for a few seconds and slid the panties up and pulled them into place, then immediately started rubbing his erection through the lace.

When he looked down and saw what he was wearing, he looked at me a little confused and I told him that it was OK, he looks hot in them! He started thrusting his cock into my hand through the lace and quickly had a huge orgasm, filling the front of the panties with cum! Once he came, I slid the panties down, patted his ass, and licked what cum was still on his cock. He told me that the panties were fun and felt good, but he didn’t think he should wear them. I said it was fine – it’s just between us and it looked like he enjoyed it, to which he agreed. I was making good progress with him!

A few days later, we were in the bedroom fooling around and he asked me to get some panties for him. More progress! He likes them enough to ask for them! So I got a pair of the new ones I bought at VS – satin cheeky The Lacies, white lace trim around the waist and legs and white satin with small orange spots. I have some of these myself and know they are very sexy and squeeze your ass nicely when you wear them. My plan tonight was to get them on him, and let him see himself wearing them in the mirror while I jerked him off. This would really get him connecting panties with sexual pleasure!

So I came back and held them up, asking if he liked them. He said he did, and I told him that I had got them just for him, along with some other stuff. He thanked me, and said that he was just into the panties to get off. That was good from the standpoint that he now associated panties with getting off, but also meant I had more work to do.

I started rubbing them on his cock, and asked him if he wanted to put them on. He hesitated, but admitted that he wanted to wear them. I handed them to him and told him to put them on. He stepped into them and pulled them up, and I saw home smile as they nestled into place and worked their magic on his ass. He immediately started to get hard and reached down to rub himself.

I told him that he really looked hot in them, and pulled him over to the full length mirror so he could see. He looked long and hard, turning around to see himself at different angles, even bending over to see his lace pantied ass. It was clear he liked what he saw, and he was masturbating himself at this point. I just let him go and watched, and he soon came while looking at himself wearing the panties. After he finished, I scooped up some of his cum from the panties and put it to his lips telling him to lick, which he did! At this point, I knew he was on the slippery slope to becoming a transvestic fetishist, just as I wanted!

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Over the next couple of months, I continued giving him all kinds of sexy, frilly, lacy panties to put on and made sure he saw himself in the mirror, and came each time he had them on. Anytime we were in a mall or department store, I would also make it a point to take him to VS or through the lingerie department at department stores and buy him a pair of panties. He got to where just being in the store looking at lingerie would cause him to get hard, and I would just smile and rub him a little.

As he became more accustomed to putting them on when we had sex, I began to tell him to just leave them on while he sleeps. He often did, and soon was sleeping in panties every night. And every morning, when the inevitable morning hard on came, I would jack him off while he still had his panties on.

Then one morning after he had showered and was dressing for work, I suggested that he should just wear panties under his clothes, as no one but us will know, and they would make home feel sexy all day long… He thought about it for a bit, and agreed! So he slipped on a nice pair of red VS boy shorts, and got dressed over them. After he left, I gathered all his male underwear and threw them away. I now had him in panties 24/7!

The next morning when he opened his underwear drawer, he looked at me and asked me what was up with his underwear? I told him that since all he was wearing now was panties, there was no reason to have anything but that in the drawer. He hesitated, and said he guessed that was true. There were probably 25 different pairs in the drawer of all cuts, colors, and materials, and I watched to see what he would do to select a pair by himself. Up till now, I had been handing him a pair each morning, and I wanted to see what he would select left on his own.

I knew he liked the VS Lacies, and sure enough he grabbed a pair with black lace trim and white satin with small black spots. They fit his ass so nice! And he immediately got hard when he picked them up, so after he put them on I pulled his cock out the leg hole and made him cum into my hand, letting him lick it off and swallow it when he was done. He repositioned himself in the panties, got dressed, and went to work.

Taking it to the Next Level

One time, we were in a VS near closing time. There were no other customers around and we were browsing the panties. He had found a pair in the Sexy Little Things line that he really liked – hot pink lace with a satin panel in the front and back. I was holding them when this cute sales assistant came up and asked if we needed any help. I said maybe, and that we were looking for something sexy for him to wear. He looked at me in fear, and turned bright red! I held them up to him and wondered aloud if they would fit.

The associated was smiling big time, looked around, and asked if he would like to try them on. I answered for him and said yes, and that he would keep the panties he was wearing on as he tried them. It was clear that he was a little worried, but the assistant said it is ok, we get a lot of men in here shopping for themselves. And I secretly wanted to see how he would react o other women knowing he wore panties.

So we went to the dressing room, he stripped down to the white lace French cut bikini he was wearing, and put the new panties on. They fit fine and he was fully erect as he now was from even thinking about panties. I then opened the door wide to step out, leaving it open hoping the associate would see him. As it happened, she was standing right there with a nightie for him to try that she thought matched the panties. She got a full view of his hard on in the two pairs of panties, and said he looked very nice! He was embarrassed, but didn’t try to cover up…

She held up the nightie and said she thought he might like it since it matched, and suggested that if he wanted the panties, which I said he did, to take off the others and try the nightie with his new panties. He sheepishly agreed, and took off both pairs of panties, standing there with his hard on high in the air. He then pulled his new panties up, and slipped on the nightie. He melted when he saw himself in the mirror, and turned around several times to look.

The associate was watching the whole time, and I told her he liked lingerie, but was subject to making a mess since he has a transvestic fetish. At that point he couldn’t contain himself and started rubbing himself through the panties. To my amazement, the associate said she didn’t want him to mess up the panties, and went down on him pulling the front of the panties down so she could suck him. She looked at me and I nodded OK, and he came in her mouth in about 30 seconds! I told her not to swallow or spit, but to kiss him and give it to him, which she did as he swallowed. And yes, we bought the outfit!

When we got to the car, he was still very aroused, so I had him strip down and put the new panties and nightie on, telling him he had one more orgasm to go before we went home. He was instantly hard, and I had him drive around to the back of the mall and get out of the car. Then I locked the doors and tossed the keys about 50 feet away. He was worried and asked what I was doing! I told him to go get the keys, or he would be stranded out here like this.

He hurried over to get the keys just as a car with three girls in it approached! They stopped, and you could hear excited giggling and laughing as they watched him walk back to the car, his ass wiggling in the lingerie. They all had the cellphone cameras going fast and furious as he walked by. He had this embarrassed and excited look on his face as he went around to the other side of the car where they couldn’t see, and they drove off hooting and making cat calls!

When they were gone and he got in the car, I could see he had had a big orgasm, as his panties were filled with cum. He never even touched himself! I scooped some of his cum up and put it to his lips, and he licked it up like he had been trained to do. When he reached for his pants, I told him to just drive home in his new outfit, and locked his clothes in the trunk. So off we went through the city, with traffic lights and all, to head home. I am certain that people saw him at least twice at red lights, since they would be standing next to the car, see him wearing a nightie, and then look in. No one said anything though…

Let’s Try On More Lingerie

The next night, I just left a pair of the VS panties (pink lace with white lace trim) on the bed. I also left the pair of silver strappy high heels I bought along with his new nightie under the edge of the bed along with a pair of black seamed lace top stockings. I was waiting for him in a red lace baby doll, thong, and red platform heels when he came into the bedroom. I didn’t say anything, but just leaned back on the pillows and nodded at the panties. He immediately stripped off and put them on! I noticed that he was instantly aroused, which was a good sign! I went over to him at the foot of the bed and began rubbing him through the panties.

He was really in to it, and I saw his pre-cum making a wet spot in the front of his panties. At that time, I pushed him down into a sitting position at the foot of the bed and grabbed the stockings. He was rubbing himself and watching me as I rolled the first one up and placed it over his foot. He did not resist as I slid it up his leg and smoothed it out, and I did the other leg in the same way. Then I pulled the nightie out and slipped it over his head, securing the spaghetti straps on his shoulders.

Once the lingerie was on, I pulled him up and took him to the mirror to see how he would react. He looked and looked, and turned around to see his ass, thrusting it out several times to see how he looked in the lace panties, stockings, and nightie. It was clear to me that he really liked the whole experience, so I grabbed the heels thinking now or never!

When he saw me carrying the high heels to him, he looked perplexed but was so turned on by what he was wearing that he didn’t say anything. As I lifted his first foot up and slipped the high heel on, he smiled and helped me with the second one. Then he went back to the mirror, and almost immediately came when he saw himself! This time he caught his cum in his hand and he lifted it to his own lips just like I had been doing recently and licked it up. This is way more than I expected!

That night he left the panties, stockings, and nightie on to sleep. In the morning, he had a huge erection while still wearing them and I gave him a hand job again catching his cum to let him swallow it. I’m thinking at this point that he is far gone into the fetish that my mission was accomplished!

Yet Another New Experience

That night when he gets home, I have a full lingerie set laid out on the bed for him. Panties, garter, stockings, baby doll, and the high heels. I noticed him checking them out as he headed to change out of his work clothes, panties included, which I really liked. I was in the same outfit that I had on the previous night, and just waited to see what happened. Sure enough, he came out of the bathroom nude and headed for the lingerie! He put everything on by himself, and then turned to me with a huge hard on and asked me what I thought? I told him I liked it, and asked him to go down to the kitchen with me to make a couple of drinks.

Once in the kitchen, we were mixing cosmos and I kept patting his ass and rubbing him through the panties. He was uncomfortable being dressed in lingerie and being down stairs at first, but seemed to loosen up after a bit. After mixing the drinks, we went back upstairs – boy did his ass looks good in that lace! And the heels – awesome!

He had stayed hard the whole time, and when we got upstairs he immediately laid me down, pulled my panties aside, and started licking my clit… I was so horny that when he started sliding his finger in and out while licking me I came right away. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had!

He was continuing to rub himself through his panties, and I figured that in the aroused state he was in and with a couple of drinks in him, I was going to try something new… I keep a vibrating dildo and some lube in my nightstand, and just wondered if maybe he would let me use it on him while he was dressed in lingerie and heels.

I reached over and got the dildo, turned it on, and started rubbing it on myself. I know he likes to watch me cum using it, and he was watching intently as he continued to rub himself. I inserted it and turned it on high, then started working it in and out of myself. I had a nice orgasm with him watching and knew that he was as turned on as he gets.

I moved the dildo over and started rubbing his cock with it through his panties, and he didn’t resist at all. Then I moved it down to his balls and the sensitive area beneath them. Still no resistance. Then I rotated it around and pushed the tip a little on his rosebud. He looked at me and said he wasn’t ready for that, but I just kept rubbing his cock and moving the dildo around on his opening.

I could tell he was close to cumming, so I grabbed the lube and dribbled some on the dildo. Then I pushed a pillow under his ass to lift him up a little, and spread his legs. He looked so hot, laying there in his lingerie and silver high heels! I slid his panties aside and began to slowly insert the dildo. He made a face at first, and I knew it must hurt a little. I told him to relax and let it happen, and then slid it in the rest of the way.

The expression on his face changed from one of pain to one of joy, and when I turned on the vibrator and angled it up to hit his prostate gland, he opened his mouth and let his head fall back. He was breathing heavy as I worked the dildo in and out of him. I had pulled his cock out of the front of his panties and was jacking him off with my other hand. There was pre-cum pouring out of him as he began thrusting on the dildo. Suddenly, he raised his hips up and had a massive orgasm, his cum shooting high up on his chest, with some landing on his face. I scooped it up with my finger and fed it to him, and he eagerly sucked on my finger as he swallowed it. He then collapsed while slowly rubbing himself and working the dildo in and out of himself.

When it was all over, we both just kept the lingerie on as we went to sleep. He told me that was the best orgasm he ever had, and that it felt so intense from the stimulation of the dildo that he definitely wanted to do that again.

The First Test

One afternoon a few days later we were out at a restaurant for a late lunch. It had an outdoor patio with wire chairs, and two women came and sat down near us. One was wearing thin white pants with a clear panty line of a very sexy lace thong. I saw my husband staring as she walked by… When she sat down she had her back to us and the thong peeked way up above her low-rise pants. It was clearly visible and had lots of lace and bows on it. He was almost hypnotized by the sight, and I watched as he immediately got hard in his own panties under his jeans. Soon, he couldn’t resist the urge to reach down and rub himself, and other people nearby started looking uncomfortable. He excused himself for the restroom, and was back in about 10 minutes.

This is a work of fiction, but any women who want to turn it into reality feel free to let me know!


I’m Paul and I am only 4″8 inches long, if it can get hard, and prematurely ejaculates when it does. About 60% of the time it can’t manage more than a semi, 30% of the time it can’t even manage that. My cock is pretty useless, always has been. And now as I lay in the spare room writing this it has only one single use, to pee. Now the tiny joke of a penis I’ve been blessed with lives inside a hard plastic tube, a cb6000S to be precise, locked securely away from use by a small but very strong padlock, the key for which hangs around the neck of my longterm and very loving girlfriend of 7 years Jen. 3 years its been kept locked up like this and I wear the device like it’s a part of me. The times I have had it off of me recently, I’ve felt uncomfortable and wanted it put back on as soon as possible.

The reason for my little fellas jail time was entirely my own fault and entirely down to my complete failings to fulfil my duties as a man in the bedroom. My relationship with Jen has from the start been perfect, we are the best of friends, we love each other more than anything else in the world and plan to marry in the future. The only trouble is sex! I am, as I have been rather bluntly told to my face ‘fucking useless’, ‘the worst fuck ever’ and ‘never, ever going to satisfy a woman with that limp waste of skin’.

She put up with it for 3 years until she was sick to death of using her by now regular catchphrase, ‘is it going to get hard?’, ‘oh fuck no! You’ve cum already, you’ve only just put it in!’ and my favourite and most hurtful one ‘just get off me, I’ll finish myself off’. It was the only bad part of our relationship, something had to be done. So one evening Jen returned home late from work and told me that if we wanted to remain a couple we needed to talk about how we will handle our sex life in the future.

Jen explained that after work today she had gone home with Steve from accounts at her office for the sole purpose of having sex. And the only way that our relationship will have a chance of carrying on is if I surrender all sexual duties and allow her to sleep with Steve and other men of her choosing. I was at first really shocked to be told in such a matter of fact kind of way that the woman that I was planning to spend the rest of my life with had just come home from being fucked by another man. My response was to stammer the words ‘no way’. Jen put her hands on my knees and softly told me that she still loved me more thank anything else in the world and that it will just be sex, nothing more, she would have no feelings for the men she will sleep with. She carried on explaining. She told me that she had fucked Steve to force this situation, either I accept what she has done and will continue to do or I am to leave. She explained that this is the right thing to do to, the sexual side of our relationship was going to ruin everything and this way cut out the only bad aspect we have together. It was the only way our relationship was going to work.

As she explained all this I came to realise that what she was saying made a lot of sense. I knew I was very poor at sex and that she had never enjoyed making love with me. I knew it was actually my fault that she had slept with another guy and I wasn’t just blaming myself for it. And I was feeling that it would be incredibly selfish of me to deny her a good and healthy sex life. The fact is that for this to happen I would have to let other men provide it for her. I love her so much, and I am still 100% sure that she still loves me as much as she did before. It looked like there was only one way that things could go for us. I was going to have to make an incredible sacrifice. I looked Jen in the eyes and said with an almost tearful voice ‘I understand. And I think that you are right. Things have never been good in the bedroom and it has been entirely my fault there. I think that we should give this situation a try’.

Jen leaned forward and put a hand on my face and kissed me softly as tears rolled down her cheeks. ‘Thank you, thank you so much Paul. I’m so glad you can see that this is the only way we can be together’ she said with a relieved tone to her voice. ‘I have made small plan and list of rules that I want to discuss with you and take any input or suggestions from you. When you are ready to talk about this’.

Our discussion happened the next morning after spending the night in separate beds. I slept in the spare room, which I was going to get used to doing very soon. As we sat down together Jen asked me again if I was ok with what we were about to embark upon. I nodded and confirmed to her that I believed it was the right thing for her to be doing. Jen proceeded to take from her works briefcase a folder which had contained her list of suggested rules. She is very professional about everything she does and this was no exception. ‘Ok, are you ready?’ She said putting on her glasses. ‘Then I’ll begin’.

Rule 1. From this moment on my sex life will be my own and will no longer involve any sexual contact with you what so ever.

I sadly said to her, ‘what none at all’ with almost pleading eyes. ‘I’m sorry Paul, no. I no longer want to have sex with you. Not to keep you happy, not out of pity, not ever!’ She calmly stated. ‘Can I have one last fuck’ I almost begged. ‘No’ was the stern and blunt reply. ‘Please, really!’ I did beg this time. ‘NO PAUL! There is no chance of that happening anymore, not one lasts fuck, not a quick one for old times sake, not for your birthday or Christmas. This is serious and you have to understand that we will not be having sex together ever again. That is the golden rule here and I don’t ever want to hear you ask for it again. Do you understand me?’. Yes, I sheepishly answer. ‘Good, then if that is clear and we both agree on this we can move on to the next rule.’

Rule 2. As the fault lies solely on Paul for these measures to be necessary, Paul will NOT share the rite to sexual relations with others that Jen will have. Paul will not seek out sexual partners, he will not cheat and he will acknowledge the fact he is responsible for Jen to have to resort to outsourcing her sex life.

‘This isn’t fair!’ I barked at her. Only to be shot down very quickly with a strict and almost angry telling off. ‘Yes it is, it is totally fair! You’ve had your chance of a great sex life and you fucked it up! You never got any better at it, you never improved your technique, you never made up your size by mastering cuniligus. You wasted that chance and you don’t deserve to take another. This is my chance to have what I deserved to get from you. You are not being rewarded for being shit in bed by being given a free pass to fuck any woman unlucky enough to sleep with you. You are staying faithful to me. GOT THAT!!!’ Looking down at my shoes and my lip trembling I quietly said ‘I’m sorry, I get it’. ‘And you agree with this rule?’ She said in a soft menacing tone. ‘Yes, I do’ I replied almost in a whisper.

‘Good! Now let me carry on.’ She calm and professionally said. From then on I just listened and agreed with her rules.

Rule 3. Paul will have no say over who Jen has sex with, how often Jen has sex or where Jen has sex.

Rule 4. When Jen brings men home Paul will sleep in the spare room.

Rule 5. Paul will have no say over what contraception Jen will use, if she chooses to use any.

Rule 6. Jen’s closest friends will be told about the new arraignment.

Rule 7. Jen may add additional rules as and when she sees them to be need.

‘Any questions?’ She asked. ‘Yes I have one or two’ I replied. Ask away honey she said.

‘Ok, first, what about when we want to have children? I will have to have sex with you then.’ I asked.

‘Oh Paul, I’m sorry. I really want children and we will have them, but they will not be yours. Even in this case I don’t want to break that rule. Maybe there will be a possibility of you artificially impregnation me but it will most likely happen naturally with another man.’ She answered. I tried to interrupt but she stopped me. ‘Don’t try to argue about this, this is what I want. You will be one bringing the children up with me, you’ll be there father in that way. But that way only. I’m sorry!’.

I swallowed hard and agreed. I asked that when she did try to get pregnant that she would try with white men only so no one would suspect that they are not mine. I know she is attracted to black me. She refused to agree with this out right and I was told I would have no say at all who would father the children. That was the end of that argument.

Next I asked ‘what contraception are you thinking of using?’ And told her ‘I would rather she kept safe’. Her blunt, fuck you answer was, ‘that’s none of your business anymore. I probably won’t use any, I hate condoms and the pill fucks me up.’ Which kind of told me all I needed to know. Her sex life no longer involved me in any way, I have no say over it and my sex life was now nothing more than what she would latter refer to as my “alone time”. Which was her sly way of saying, me going to my spare room out of her sight to jerk off.

The situation worked out for us almost perfectly. Jen more than made up for lost time by having as much sex as she wanted and experimenting with as many things as she could, anal, BDSM, lesbian sex and group sex were all tried. She regularly told me about how her nights went and confessed to being addicted to anal sex. Our normal life quickly became even more close and was truly the most perfect relationship I had ever known. The only drawback was I had been spending far too much time having my “alone time” which started to piss her off. So on the year a adversary of our agreement she presented me with a new rule and two presents.

The rule stated that due to the abuse of Paul’s use of his “alone time” he will start a routine of chastity. For the first 6 months Paul will be allowed 2 alone times a week, then one a week for the next 6 months. Then one a month for the next year. After that chastity will be made permanent. There was no chance of arguing this, it was not up for negotiation. My new free time was to be spent with Jen and making her happy.

The first present was the cb6000S that I mentioned earlier. The S stands for small, which it is, but still very roomy for my micro penis. I fitted it comfortably and have learned to love wearing it.

To star with this posed a few problems, first was going from jerking off 2 or 3 times a day to once a week was hell. It affected me mentally as well as physically. For the first 3 months I was constantly on edge and irritable not being able to relieve myself. It took time to get used to, but I had to agree after a while it was beneficial for us both. I no longer wasted time on my own needs and found new ways to make Jen happier, which made me happier too. Our life improved ten fold by this plastic device being put on me. She still enjoyed a full and rich sex life with her now regular roster of gentleman friends, most of which were black and all of which she had introduced me formally to.

The physical issues that arose were to start with it was uncomfortable to stay locked in 24/7, but I soon became accustomed to it. Second was the nocturnal erections that every man has. But these stopped completely after a few months. What did happen was my body adjusted to the new lack of use of my penis in three ways, my erections became far less strong, to the point I now can’t remember the last time I was fully erect, it now takes a lot longer to achieve any kind of erection and after 3 years my penis now only measured 4 inches hard (hard as I now gets) and just 1″5 soft. Not that any of this matters to me, and Jen could not care less if it fell off. As neither of us were going to be using it, size and function mean nothing now. And as I am now over a full year without any solo sexual activity and fully expect to remain this way for the rest of my life, a smaller, less active penis has become to be seen as a bonus to me.

The only other issue to get used to has been the need to sit to pee. An annoyance to start with, now a natural thing for me to do.

The device looks really cute on my tiny penis and Jen regularly makes me show it off to her friends. Something I’ve become quite pleased to do.

The other gift Jen presented me with was a set of anal training toys. I was shocked more to receive these than the chastity device. I fully expected something to be done about my excessive “alone time”, but to have my sexual activities replaced with anal stimulation was a bit of a surprise. I was also informed that I was going to be using them regularly on my own (this was not a choice). On top of that my Internet porn use was now going to be strictly monitored and straight pornography is now forbidden. Homosexual porn, transsexual porn and bisexual porn that doesn’t focus to much on the female was encouraged. These new rules I’m sure were made for Jen’s amusement and as a display of dominance over my sex life and sexuality more than for any benefit to our relationship. Nether the less they were strongly enforced and I learned to embrace anal stimulation and now adore watching gay porn.

I had now learned that to accept the rules and all changes without question.

After 7 months in chastity Jen decided to try for a baby. She started keeping a check on when she was ovulation and making sure she was getting sex from the guys she wanted to be the father when she was. I offered my sperm to be artificially injected into her. She agreed to it and she gave me a medical syringe to fill with cum, to give me some chance of being the child’s father. We did this a few times, as I later found out, at times she knew were not good for conceiving. Then on the third time I witnessed her washing the cum straight out of her in the shower. She knew I had seen her do it and when she finished she calmly said to me ‘just accept it, this child is not going to be yours sweetie.’ She kissed me on the top of the head and hugged me and whispered in my ear ‘I think everybody is going to know its not too, I’m sorry’.

Jen had stopped sleeping with the white guys she regularly saw and a few months later fell pregnant. She was so happy.

We had the baby and I have raised her as my own although clearly she was not. Lots of people talked but I shrugged it off, Jen just told them it was not my child and it didn’t matter.

Despite all the crazy sexual things in our relationship, it all made our love for each other stronger. It’s not normal to most people but it works for us.

“Just getting to my hotel room now, honey I love you.” my message was simple and to the point. It was a long hot day, Very Hot, and humid, so humid it was breath taking each time I entered the heat from my air conditioned truck. holding my overnight bag in my teeth I struggled clumsily to open the door, once inside,dropping everything at the foot of the bed. I let out a long loud sigh as I collapsed on the bed stretched out for a few moments thinking of nothing else but How good it felt to lie here in my air conditioned room…

After a few moments of nothingness, My tired mind began to wonder why she hadn’t answered the phone herself. After all it was nearing 3:30 and the kids would be home from school soon. She had always liked to be there for them on there return. My wife is a terrific mom. putting the thought off, it was really no big deal. Lately we have both begun enjoying a little freedom from them now that they are getting a little older. I turned on the TV, and begun channel surfing. An hour flew by, distracted by the consistent ring of my phone I stammered over to the dresser where I left it. It was the Kids. No doubt now that mom hasn’t come home yet. The kids all wondering were she is, not use to the responsibility yet of hanging out and doing a few chores on their own.

“wheres Mom?” my kid shot out as I answered.

“What no hello, Hi Dad, how was your day?” I teased.

“wheres mom?” same question posed again.

” I do not know honey.” I answered.

“Ok by, I love you!” Click….” No other communication required.

I looked at the phone and chuckled “I have to teach my kids some phone manners” I think to myself.

Figuring she escaped to the casino, I text her teasingly. “Good luck, hope your enjoying gambling away my hard earned money!” and waited for a reply.

After a short while she replied, “Thanks, I hope too get lucky : ), but I am not at the casino lol” she teased, ” I’ll text you later”.

“What where are you then?” I asked…..No reply….. Puzzeled I could do nothing but wait. I let my imagination get the best of me. We have talked about her taking another lover to spice up our sex life. Well, I guess I have anyway. Over the last year I know I must have told her at least a dozen times That I wanted to become a cuckold! Always wanting to dive deeper into the conversation then that, feeling the need to explain my feelings to her. She usually smiled and changed the subject. Not yielding to my desires.

Although once in a while, through a little flirtation, a comment here or a gesture there. She has begun to make me think that, she was comeing around to the Idea a little. Although I am still not convienced that she sees the picture clearly. I have little desire to sleep with another woman, to open our marriage up completely. This is a fantasy involving my deepest desire of submission to her. Her chance to become my Goddess. To take control of my manhood and use it to her discretion, while she indulges in all the orgasms her body can handle. To explore her sexual desires and satisfiy them completely WHATEVER or WHOMEVER it takes. Her chance to become the slutty wife I fantasize about, with no worries of what I might think.

I know she does not believe that I am capable of giving her this freedom, worried that I would become jealous and hold it against her. I do not know how to convince her otherwise. If only she could read my mind and see my fantasies, Then she would know how true they are. I am not saying there would be no jealousy. Hell no, its the mind game that makes this whole damn scenario so erotic and appealing. She also has no desire to become my Domme, thinking the whole D&S thing is Jaded. If only she saw what I did, the way I felt. It really is pure. Love, a desire to satisfy her. To love her.

My mind was getting the best of me. I knew she was ok, not in harms way. Her text was flirtatious and had a smiley face so I also knew she was in a good mood. She had to be out with one of her friends. but WHO? that was the million dollar question. My sound mind said she had to be with her best friend Kim. All evidence pointed to that, she was out and happy, to busy to talk to me. After all, I knew she wasn’t about to cheat on me. Even though deep down my desire for that was stirring. Images of her making love to some complete stranger ran through my mind. Her body wrapped up by the arms of another man. Her ass, her Breasts being fondled and cupped enjoyed by someone else. I imagined her lying there naked being the slut I desire, but for another man.

Taking his cock in her mouth, He holds the back of her head and controls the pace and depth of it. I imagine how he uses her for his enjoyment, treating her as his bitch, not his love. The many positions they find themselves in. as she allows him to take her anyway that he wants. The strength he has, muscles protruding everywhere, no fat to get in the way. His large erect penus stretches her making her moan loudly in pleasure. His stanima, outstanding not having to stop to regain composure . He is able to give her the true Fucking, that I am unable to do! My wife gasps in pleasure.

One, two, three orgasms for her!. Not letting her break away as she does with me, He holds on and keeps jamming that rock hard cock into her. She squeals in uncontrolled and overwhelming sensitivity, she struggles against his grip on her hips. As he continues to slide in and out of her enjoying his control. Before he finally erupts deep into her loins, grunting loudly. He continues in an akward rythem, his hot cum pumps into her. His body convulses. She too clamps her pussy tight around his convulsing shaft and shivers moaning a forth orgasm! ( is it even possible? I think to myself. ) closing her eyes almost ready to pass out, overwhelmed and in complete bliss, her body is his as she lies their unable, unwanting to move. he slowly rocks his hips into her his orgasm subsiding small ripples of pleasure pass trough him yet as his cock twitches periodically leaving even more of himself, into her well fucked pussy. The sex juice spills out running between her cheeks, as his dick softens, slipping out, he collapses beside her.

Both lay quietly, eyes closed focusing on catching their breath.

This is my cue to come into the room, and take my place before my loving wife, Demonstrate my devotion to her. Feeling humiliation before her lover, My cock fights the restraints she has locked me in to. I knell down before her at the foot of the bed and await her instructions. I must first give her “kitty”soft gentle kisses comforting the pounding she just indured. slowly passionately I must make love to her using only my mouth! Her lovers mess still within her. No towel, no wash cloth, or running water. I must lick her messy pussy clean. Proving she controls me! I obey, Wanting only for him to leave, so I can make love to her, as her husband and Man.

Secretly loving the experience of giving her to someone else. My wife Exausted and completely satisfied, I learn that I will not be getting a turn, and my belt is to stay until further notice.

Back to reality here, We all know this didn’t just happen. I told you, being alone in my hotel room I let my imagination run wild. But seriously what was she up too! and who was she with the possibilities are endless, maybe I am better off not knowing. Maybe it is funner this way, or maybe yet, This is just the beginning of something special and she was out meeting other men.. I will not know until she calls. hopefully later tonight!

The man on the computer screen was tightly encased in semi translucent pink plastic. Other than a bit of wiggle, he was completely immobilized. His face was obscured by a thick leather blindfold, nearly a mask, so it was impossible to determine whether his expression was filled with desperation, horror, or pure pleasure. Or maybe a pleasant mix of all three.

The woman was a very busty redhead, naked of everything except a shiny film from a generous coating of baby oil. I had to feel a bit sorry for the man behind the mask; he was missing quite the show. His cock had the faintest purplish hue; his balls were restrained tightly in a tiny leather belt of some sort. His member was as shiny as she was, and throbbing visibly on screen from her attentions. The woman sat astride his waist, the camera offering a pleasant view as she rubbed his very erect cock between her well lubed ass cheeks. She had been teasing the poor fellow for the duration of the video, about thirty minutes.

Next to me on the leather couch, my wife Natalie commented, “That looks nice. Maybe we should try that?”

I mumbled in response, not really an answer, my eyes glued to the screen. I grunted as she suddenly squeezed my cock tightly, her grip growing tighter. “It does look like fun,” I answered quickly, and her grip loosened. I sighed in relief as she resumed a slow, regular stroking.

I glanced at her and smiled. She smiled back, and even after ten years together, that smile made me feel like melting. While I was completely naked next to her, she was fully dressed; a pair of skinny jeans; a faded t-shirt; the thick pink socks she liked to wear around the house. Her platinum hair has pulled back in a loose pony tail, a few stray bangs hanging free in front of her blue eyes. When she smiled at me, her full red lips turned upwards, slightly higher on one side, like a wry grin; her eyes sparkled, full of love and mischief, humor and sensuality. Her pale skin was like fine china, delicate and nearly like fresh snow in color.

My cock was coated in oil, not unlike the man on the screen. Natalie’s hand moved ever so slowly up and down my shaft, and my hips rose and fell with her strokes. Slowly. Calmly. A measured pace. It felt like a deep massage, sensuous, but I knew desperation would not be far off. The visual stimulation on screen would only make it worse.

It was a Wednesday night. Only four days since I had let her tie me down and tease me until I thought I would cry, and here we were again. Not long after dinner, she had told me she wanted to show me something on the computer. She loaded up the video with a mischievous grin, and told me to strip.

On screen, the busty actress had moved down a bit; a close up showed the head of the man’s penis rubbing against her well lubricated pussy. She was teasing him right at the entrance to her tunnel, letting just a millimeter in before pulling away. Natalie had done something similar to me on the weekend, so I knew exactly what he was feeling.

“Did you enjoy Saturday?” Natalie asked me.

“Of course!” I answered with enthusiasm. I really had. It had been amazing, like nothing I had ever felt. I told her as much, turning to face her as I spoke. She smiled back at me.

“Good, good,” she sighed. “I really had fun. I liked teasing you like that. And having you so helpless… Wow, that was hot.” She giggled suddenly. “I think I nearly came again when you were begging me.”

I frowned, feigning hurt. “I’m glad my suffering turned you on so much.”

She stopped stroking, and gave my cock a light slap. “Oh, don’t be a baby. You loved it,” She said, and resumed stroking. On screen, the blonde was furiously riding her captive; she was shouting insults at him, and ordering him not to cum. Occasionally, she would reach back to slap his balls. Her breasts were bouncing up and down hypnotically, splashing oil towards the camera. With one hand she was rapidly stroking her sex as she rode him.

“You loved not being able to cum till I said so, didn’t you?” Natalie’s eyes pinned me in place, and I could clearly see the mischief dancing there.

She was right again. It had been torture, I had wanted to cum more than I had ever wanted before; so badly, in fact, that my begging had been very real. I’m pretty sure I would have agreed to sign away my soul for a chance to cum. And yet, something about that experience had been amazing. And not just the fact that it was one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever felt. No, it was more than that. I just wasn’t sure what.

I nodded hesitantly. I felt somehow embarrassed to admit I was turned on by the loss of control.

Her smile widened; the mischief in her eyes flared. “Let’s play a game. I want you to promise not to cum without my permission till next weekend. A bit more than a week and a half.” She grinned, and then her expression turned serious. She wagged a finger -coated in oil and my precum – in front of me; “That means no masturbating, mister!”

I nodded again. What was I doing? No masturbating? And she was in control? She could make me wait the whole week and a half to cum if she wanted to! What the hell was I agreeing to? In my lap, she was stroking again, faster. I felt that familiar boiling below, felt my balls start to tighten. She had me in her grip; literally. “Sounds like fun,” I admitted. What the hell? I didn’t want this! Did I?

“I like this part,” she announced, and I turned my attention to the screen with a groan. She had slowed her pace again, and I felt my cock throbbing. I knew I wasn’t far off.

On the computer, Busty had climbed off, sated. She was now perched next to the prisoner, and was rubbing his cock rapidly. As I watched, he arched up in his cocoon, and he came in powerful spurts. His seed splattered everywhere, and his cries were filled with pleasure. “Keep watching,” Natalie whispered, and gave me a squeeze. Busty continued to stroke, milking every last drop; her second hand dropped on the head of his cock and started to rub. The man squirmed as pleasure turned to pain, his sensitive cock desperate for relief. He screamed, begging her to stop, as she continued to rub. I whimpered a bit at the man’s plight, knowing what Natalie had in store.

“Promise me that I control when you cum,” Natalie announced. Her hand was now motionless on my cock, and I thrust my hips trying to make it move just a bit. I nodded frantically, willing to promise anything. “Say it!” she demanded.

“I promise to not cum without permission till next weekend!” I cried.

“Good,” she laughed. She let go of my cock and stood. “Get dressed and take out the trash”

“What? But…” I glanced pitifully at my cock.

“Oh, you don’t have permission to cum tonight.” She stuck her tongue out at me, and left the room.


After climbing into bed Wednesday night, Natalie had me give her oral sex. She had a good, strong orgasm. And true to her word, I did not get to cum. She didn’t even touch me. I went to bed feeling horny and desperate, and sleep was a struggle. A hard on that would not go away made it tough to get comfortable; I guess I was enjoying myself.

Thursday morning before work she made me shower with her; I soaped her up, and my hands lingered on her breasts. She slapped them away, and warned me to keep it to bathing. She giggled and gave my hard on a squeeze before stepping out. Before I knew what she was doing, she had reached in and turned off the hot water; “Maybe that will cool you down,” she laughed.

Work was rough Thursday. I found my mind wandering constantly, and I could barely keep my focus. Natalie, who only worked half-days, got home a little after lunch; she spent a good fifteen minutes sexting me pictures of her masturbating at home. Every time a new picture arrived, a little dirtier than the last, I felt myself growing harder. I couldn’t help but rub myself a bit under the desk, careful to make sure no one would notice. She ended the conversation with a last text that said “See you when you get home!” I stared at that phone for at least another twenty minutes hoping for another text.

When I arrived home, other than the occasional teasing smile, she acted like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. She said nothing about the texts, or my promise. I spent the whole night looking at her expectantly; she responded by arching an eyebrow and looking as if she had no idea what I was after. She had me give her another orgasm right before bed, and I went to sleep feeling horny and unsatisfied. Again.

Friday morning, she announced we would be having a date night. I asked what that meant, and she refused to explain. She gave me a two minute blowjob, just enough to get me groaning, and left me with a gentle pat on my balls. “Meanie,” I grumbled, and she laughed in response.

Friday turned out to be even worse than Thursday. I couldn’t stop thinking about date night, and what she had planned for me. I couldn’t wait to cum at last. The morning dragged, and I doubt I accomplished anything more than several hours spent staring off into space.

My phone buzzed after lunch, notifying me of a text. I was in the middle of a discussion with a colleague, but glanced at the screen just long enough to read “I’ll bet you really want to cum by now.” I probably blushed like a school girl as I made some lame excuse and ducked out, heading back to my desk. My phone buzzed again in my pocket as I went.

I slid into my chair at my cubicle, sinking low as if that would somehow make people fail to notice me, and pulled my phone out again. I cleared the first text, clearly from Natalie, and opened the second: “I think I’m gonna cum. Too bad you’re not allowed.”

“Oh man…” I muttered, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, my phone buzzed again almost immediately. A close up shots of her breasts, cradled in a lacy black brassiere. I felt myself growing hard already. A dozen or pictures followed, slowly revealing that she had donned lingerie just for the occasion; fishnets, the lacy bra from the first pic, matching panties and black garters. Then came a shot of her dildo on the bed; a shot of her panties, now on the floor; a close up of her hand over her pussy, but revealing nothing. Another handful of teasing shots followed, making it clear what she was doing with the dildo, but not really revealing anything really spicy. And then another of the dildo, back on the bed -glistening with juices. I nearly moaned out load at the thought.

Then she sent one last text to torture me for the afternoon; “Take off your underwear before you leave work; meet me in the driveway.”

I could hardly believe the change in our sex lives; two weeks earlier, I had been the initiator, and I couldn’t imagine Natalie taking the lead like this. Now, she was controlling my cock as if it were locked away. I hadn’t cum in days, and wasn’t allowed to till she let me. And tonight, she was planning a date night that would be a total surprise; I don’t recall her ever planning a date night, let alone one with me completely in the dark! God, my imagination was running wild, as I tried to figure out what she had in store! It was going to be a long afternoon.


Five o’clock could not have come sooner. As soon as the offices around me began to clear out, I ducked into a small single bathroom, and followed Natalie’s instructions. I stripped off my underwear, and put my thin trousers back on; glancing in the mirror, I blushed. The thin material didn’t do much for my modesty. I slipped out, and practically ran to the car, hoping none of my coworkers would notice.

I drove home -actually, I assume I drove home because I pulled the car into our driveway; but I remember nothing of the drive, that’s how distracted I was. Natalie must have been waiting; she came out the front door as soon as I pulled in.

She looked ravishing. She was wearing a silky black dress, held up by two stringy straps that left her shoulders mostly bare; a little low, it showed off a generous amount of milky skin on her upper chest, and just a teasing hint of cleavage. The hem ended mid-thigh, displaying a never-ending length of gorgeous legs, appearing even longer because of a pair of black stilettos. Her blond hair was down, with a bit of curl around her shoulders and neck. She had on just a brushing of makeup; dark red lipstick, and eyes painted in subtle shades of green. She was carrying a small black purse, glammed up with something sparkly; she didn’t usually carry a purse, so my mind started working overtime again at what she could be planning.

She climbed into the car next to me and smiled mischievously. “Drive,” she ordered. The giggle that followed somehow did nothing to diminish the authority that had been in her tone.

“Where?” I asked, turning to face her.

She scowled, reached over, and grabbed my cock through my pants; before I knew what she was up to, she was squeezing quite firmly, causing me to wince. “Drive. Got it,” I mumbled, putting the car into reverse. Only when the car eased into motion did she relax her grip, though the hand stayed put, resting on the crotch of my pants.

I headed towards the nearest busy street, having no idea where we were going. When I pulled up to the traffic light at the main intersection, she announced, “Take us to Mario’s.” At the name of the restaurant, she gave my cock a bit of a gentle squeeze; under the warmth of her hand I was hard and throbbing.

Mario’s was a nice Italian restaurant in town; not super pricey, but great food and an excellent atmosphere. It was one of my favorites in town, and often my restaurant of choice on special occasions like birthdays. I smiled; it would be a pleasant start to the night.

Natalie’s hand started to move as I drove, gently at first, and then more firmly. I had to struggle to keep my eyes open and on the road.

She smiled, and asking in a husky voice, “You would do anything I asked to let you cum later tonight, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded; my knuckles white on the steering wheel. She let go of me, and rested her hands on the armrests, turning to face the window. “Then tonight, I am going to order dinner for you like a slave,” She said absently, watching the street slide past as I drove. She was trying to sound disinterested, but I could hear the amusement in her voice; I could imagine the smile that must be on her face as she looked away. “And I think you need to watch what you eat, mister. Salad and water for you, I think.”

I was crushed. I was a meat and potatoes kind of guy; I couldn’t even tell you the last time I ate a salad. Natalie looked back at me, took in my crestfallen face, and burst out with an amused laugh. “You protest?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No,” I whispered, feeling embarrassed. Not only would she be ordering for me, but she was making me eat a salad instead of my favorite food at my favorite restaurant. And… I think I liked it. “That will be fine,” I murmured, and she laughed in amusement.

We found a parking spot, and went in. At the front desk, Natalie announced the reservation that she must have made, and we were quickly seated. She made a point of taking both menu’s, and seemed to take her time choosing, sending the waitress away a couple times.

“Are you ready to order, or would you like a bit more time?” the waitress asked with a smile. It was the third time she had asked.

Natalie set down the menu, and answered. “I’m ready thank you. I’ll have a salad, ranch dressing, to start. Then I’ll try the Chicken Penne. To drink, I’d love a Caesar.” The waitress nodded, and turned to me. I blushed, and just stared back tongue-tied, not sure what to say. Natalie saved me by continuing with the order. “He’ll have the new York strip, medium rare, and a baked potato, with the works please. And a rum and coke.” She paused, looking thoughtful. “Better make it a double.”

The waitress nodded, and left. I just turned my dumbfounded face to my wife, my jaw hanging slightly slack.

She giggled, and I felt her foot — the shoe removed — brush against my crotch. “Silly. Did you really think I was that mean? Awww, sweetie, I wouldn’t do that; I love you.”

I shook my head; it was something between a nod and a shake; I had no idea what the correct answer was. She laughed at me again, and asked how my day was.

I answered, keeping it brief. My job was not exactly exciting, and I had spent most of the day dreaming about tonight anyway; I told her that as well, and she look pleased. The entire time I talked, her foot was rubbing against my cock. I was throbbing, and could feel a tiny wet spot in my pants.

Dinner arrived, and as we started in, Natalie stared to talk, her voice quiet enough that no one could overhear. “I’ve been looking around a bit on the internet, about this slave business. It’s pretty popular.” I nodded, having seen my share of the bondage porn that was readily available. “Not just videos, like the one we watched. Stories, blogs, even instructions. Some of that stuff is waaaaay out there. Nothing I’d want to get into. But a lot of it… Well…. What do you think I was looking at when I sent you those texts the last two days?”

“Well,” I answered hesitantly. I was a bit torn; I kind of wanted to hear what she had been looking at, as the thought of her looking at anything sexual on the net had always turned me on. On the other hand… Not knowing… Well, everyone loves a good surprise. “What did you find?” I had a hunch she wouldn’t tell me anyways.

She grinned. “Well, not letting you order was one thing. But I couldn’t do it, and ordered your favorite anyways. But don’t worry; I have some ideas.”

We finished up without saying much else, though she tossed the occasional amused glance my way. The plates were cleared away, and we both decided to have a second drink; she made mine a double again. The check was paid, and we sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere, and our drinks.

“Are trying to get me drunk?” I asked with a grin. “Don’t forget I have to drive home.”

She smiled back. “I’ll be driving home. And yes, I am.” Natalie giggled.

We sipped our drinks, and chatted about nothing in particular. She leaned forward. “Open your fly,” she whispered, “and pull it out.”

I choked on my drink. “Wh-What?” I stammered. “Here? Someone will see!”

She frowned at me, and her eyes flashed. “Do you want a chance to cum tonight? Then don’t argue!” Her voice softened a bit, “Don’t worry baby, no one can see. And the waitress isn’t coming back.”

I glanced around, nearly panicked. She was probably right; the lights were fairly dim, and the nearest occupied table a good dozen meters away; the waitress had collected her check and her tip, and so was unlikely to return. Still…. Could she be serious? The sudden hissed “Now!” from my wife confirmed it. Blushing furiously, my hands dropped below the table, and unzipped the fly of my trousers. My cock, already erect, needed little help to emerge from the new opening. It was pointing straight up under the table, and throbbing.

“Hands on the table” my wife whispered, and then took a drink. I complied; only a moment later I felt her bare foot on my cock, her toes curling around my shaft. She moved it slowly, stroking my up and down, pulling my erection down towards the floor. I struggled to keep quiet, my face a mask of shock and arousal, disbelief and concentration. I felt her other foot touch me, my cock now between her feet, and I gasped; I quickly looked around in embarrassment, but it seemed no one had heard. Across the table, Natalie giggled at my plight.

She moved faster, stroking up and down, from base to sensitive head. My breathing grew heavier, and Natalie locked eyes with me, her lips upturned in a grin. Faster. I could feel my balls bouncing softly, slapping against the leather upholstered chair. And just as suddenly, she stopped. Her feet were gone, and my erection was waving in the air like a flagpole. I cool feel my own wetness running down my cock, pooling in my pubic hair. Dripping onto my pants. My god, she had almost made me cum at a restaurant!

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