submissive first time

I just had a wonderful session with my daddy Master Joe! I am so very happy that he chose me to be his. It started out vanilla, he took me out to dinner. We talked about work and school (yes, I am still in college, a writing major haha!). After dinner we went back to his place to have some session time. He instructed me to take off my clothes and kneel as he went to go get some toys. I did so quickly; I do want to be as obedient as I can for him!

When he came back I was on my knees, totally naked and very nervous since this was the first time I was nude in front of him. He smiled and patted my head.

He asked me if I truly wanted to obey, if I really wanted to do what he said with no objections. I nodded since I had not been given permission to speak. He grabbed his paddle from the couch, the one that imprints the word SLUT on flesh. He slapped it lightly on his hand and asked me, “Do you want to be MY slut, Bethie?” I nodded again, my breath catching in my throat. I knew that my life was about to change.

Master Joe made me get on all fours with my bum in the air, legs slightly spread. I heard the slight whistle of the paddle as it whizzed through the air and screamed as it made contact with my sensitive flesh. Master came around to face me. “Did I say you could make any noise?” I shook my head no, tears streaming down my face. “Do not make a sound, or I will make sure you can’t. Is that understood?” I nodded. He walked out of sight again and my body tensed in anticipation and fear of what was going to happen next. This time I heard nothing, but felt the paddle make contact with my pussy. Owwwwww it burned! I whimpered slightly but otherwise was quiet.

Master stood me up and walked me to the mirror in his bedroom. He turned me so that I could see the word SLUT imprinted on my ass. “You are MY slut. Even your body agrees with me. See how nicely that word shows up on your pretty little ass?” I nodded again.

Master Joe led me to the bed and had me lie down on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. He pulled his pants down and took off his underwear. I have to admit that he is amazingly handsome! His girlfriend is a very lucky lady to be able to have him whenever she wants (Yes, my master has a woman and she is fine with this situation.) His cock was already very hard and he stroked it a few times. I think the look on my face gave away my true feelings because he asked me if I wanted it. I nodded yes emphatically! He came closer to my face, stroking it more. His penis is truly amazing, long, thick and uncircumcised, and he shaves. He has to be at least 8 ½ inches if not more! I admit, I am a cock whore, I love cock. I remember licking my lips and staring hungrily at his cock, wanting to taste it.

Master Joe knows just what to do with a cock whore like me. He teased me with it, running the head over my cheeks and all over my face, letting it stop for a moment on my lips and letting me lick it before taking it away, laughing at my look of disappointment. Finally he told me to open wide and he put his cock at my lips, telling me to do what I do best. I sucked his cock down into my throat as deep as I could, totally intent on giving him as much pleasure as I could. I have been sucking cock for at least 5 years, I absolutely love it, and I don’t want to brag but Master agrees that I know my way around a good blowjob! Master allowed me to suck him for 10 minutes before withdrawing from my mouth. I was disappointed but knew that there had to be more to cum.

I lay there on the bed while Master Joe fetched a few more toys from his cabinet. When he came back he tied a scarf over my eyes and then put a blindfold over that. I lay there, not knowing what was coming next. I felt Master spread my legs slightly and run a finger up my pussy, then felt a cold hard something enter me. I figured out what it was when it started vibrating. It felt so good! All of a sudden, I felt a pinching pain on my pussy lips, first one, then more, all up and down my pussy lips. The combination of pain and pleasure was something I had never experienced before, but I definitely like it! The vibrating stopped but the pain and pinching on my pussy lips continued.

Master Joe then rolled me over and told me to get on my knees like the good whore I am. I complied and all of a sudden I felt something huge enter my ass. Until now, my ass has been virgin. No toys, no fingers, no penis. Oh my god it fucking HURT! Master smacked my ass cheek hard and told me that I could make noise as long as I did not scream. I felt his body heat against mine and knew that it must be his huge cock in my tiny asshole. He fucked me hard, plunging into my little hole, ripping it apart. I was whimpering in pain, I couldn’t really get the breath to make any other sounds. Then I felt something in my pussy and felt the vibe turn on. The combination of pain in my ass and vibration in my pussy was almost too much.

Master Joe fucked me faster and harder until I didn’t think I could take it. I whimpered, “Please, Master?”

He stopped and said, “Please what, my little slut? If you want something, you had better fucking BEG for it and quick.” I pleaded with him to let me cum.

“Please Master Joe, it feels so good, I want to cum so badly, please let me cum Master?” He abruptly pulled the vibe out of my pussy and pulled his cock out of my ass. I was so disappointed and upset! He removed the blindfold and scarf and let me see what was on my pussy lips (clothespins! 10 of them!) He ripped the clothespins off of my pussy and then left the room.

I sat on the bed shaking, wondering what I did wrong. Master Joe came back in the room after a moment and noticed the look on my face. I guess I looked crestfallen and upset. He explained to me that orgasms are earned, not freely given, and that while I did a good job begging, I had not yet earned an orgasm from his cock. However, he still had not cum and needed to. I got excited when I heard this since I was hoping he would let me suck his cock. This was not the case! He left the room for a moment and came back with… his girlfriend. Wow, she is HOT! She is a Domme too, but the two of them don’t dominate each other.

Anyway… she and my Master started kissing very passionately. I was jealous but understood my place and sat quietly. He then undressed her and seemed to be enjoying fondling her, as well as moaning when she started stroking his perfect cock. She shaves her pussy and has very big natural breasts which he was sucking and licking. He stopped for a moment and said “Bethie, get over here and lick her clit. If you want to be able to cum, you have to make both of us cum first.” Talk about incentive! I gently spread her legs and started licking her clit, fingering her tight wet pussy. She tastes amazing! Between my Master playing with her tits and me licking her, she was enjoying herself greatly. She came very quickly, all over my tongue and fingers. She then instructed me to lick it all up. At this point Master Joe’s cock was very hard and oozing precum. I was staring at it, licking my lips, and Master’s girlfriend shoved it in my mouth and told me to suck. I enjoyed sucking his cock for a bit until he pulled it out and told her to ride it. It was definitely a tease watching her ride his hard cock, moaning and bucking as she came all over his cock. I wanted that to be me so badly!

Finally he flipped her over, stroked into her a few more times, and pulled his cock out of her pussy. He looked at me and said, “Do you want my cum, Bethie?” I nodded yes! He stroked his cock a few times and came all over his girlfriend’s pussy. I immediately knelt down to clean off his cock of their mixed cum and then to lick her clean. I didn’t ask if this was what he wanted me to do since I instinctively knew. He watched me with a satisfied smile on his face.

After they were all clean they got dressed and then had me get dressed as well. After a long talk in the living room it was then decided that I would primarily serve Master Joe as a pain slave and that I would serve him sexually as needed. I will also be serving his girlfriend sexually as well as helping out around the house when I come to see them. After all, why should she do menial work when I am around to do it for her? I am VERY happy with this turn of events and I hope to do all I can to make them happy with me!

September 2018
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