The rain is pattering softly on the window pane, I watch it as the droplets run down the window. The street lights are on beyond but my thoughts are lost in the maze that the drops create, much like what is going on in my mind. At any moment the door will open and a man will walk through it and come straight in and claim me. I watch another drop quickly runs down the window and my mind flashes back many months.

I was playing an online game and walked into a club and struck up a conversation with a total stranger. It turned into a year long journey of hundreds of hours together online, growing into chatting on camera, to finally play sessions even across the ocean. We knew so much about each other, yet nothing at all. Had talked late into many nights as how our first meeting would go. Now, I have traveled from the US to London to meet him. We had dinner dinner last night with some friends to set up guidelines and safe words. It was casual and nice, with an undercurrent of pure wanting. To see him but not touch him, was the hardest thing I had to do.

But now I am now gonna meet him for the first time alone, and I am scared out of my mind, yet my pussy clenches at the thought of it. My gaze changes from the window to the jack and coke in my hand, lifting it to my lips and take a long sip. I sigh softly as it coats my mouth and flows down my throat. Again my eyes shift from the glass to the door as I hear it open. In he walks and the presence is unmistakable. There is something about him that commands your attention and I notice that others in the bar turn to look at him also.

He walks directly to me and places his hand on the small of my back and simply says “Angel.” The accent and the warm pressure of his hand sends shivers down my spine. He looks at me with hazel green eyes and they stare at me knowingly and also questioning.

I feel my chest tighten and a soft yet clear “Master.” escapes my lips. This simple word takes my breath away, to say it to him face to face for the first time.

“Stand.” he says and I quickly grab my purse and stand. I am dressed as he likes, in white. The trench coat falls to just above my knee, and under it are the Malono’s heels I bought last summer, my red hair is pull back, and around my neck is a pendant with the letter M on it, for Master. His palm slides from my back to my elbow and starts to lead me from the pub. I notice people are starting to turn and look as we leave, probably finding it odd that I am leaving with a man that has literally said two words to me. I am finding this a little odd also and my step slightly falters. His grip tightens on my elbow and his eyes look at me with such care and loving, with his mouth close to my ear and in just a whisper says, “Do you wish to come, Angel?.”

My eyes meet his and my heart melts and I know he is giving me an out, then my lips say “Yes Master, take me.” I watch as the smile slowly grows across his face, and he takes me out of the pub into the night.

The next 20 minutes are all a blur of heartbeats. I am in the back of the car with Master, not even knowing who is driving. He parts my knees as we ride through town, “Don’t close them.” he says as his hand travels up my thigh and his finger traces the edge of my skirt hem. I am startled by the force in his voice and yet the softness of his touch, it is maddening in its seduction. All to soon we pull up to a cottage and he opens the door and holds a hand in mine to help me out of the car. I blink as I look around, wondering when we left town. I don’t see another house or light anywhere as we duck through the rain into the cottage.

The door closes and I am giggling from nerves and excitement until he pulls me toward him and with a fire in his eyes his arms wrap tight around me, his hand grabs the back of my hair and yanks my head back and bites the base of my neck under my ear. I scream and moan at the same time and now know why we are at this cabin, as no one will hear me. This thought flashes through my mind and it both excites me and terrifies me. I hear Master laugh deeply and pulls back and looks at me and says “Kneel Angel, like I taught you”. My legs simply fold on there own accord, knees wide, feet tucked under my ass, back straight with shoulders back and hands held behind me and I look up at him and I am his, this is where I belong. His eyes tell me the same thing. “Who do you belong to?” he asks.

“You Master.” I answer.

“What are you?”

“Your Angel”

“Unzip me” he says. My fingers shake as I reach up and unzip the front of his pants, something that I always dreamed of doing and it is actually happening. “Take it out and put it where it belongs.” I hear above me. My heart racing as I reach in and pull out my Master’s cock, it is so large. I know men always say they are hung well, but this thing is a monster. I lean forward and wrap my lips around it moaning softly at the taste and smell of pure male power. With cock filling my mouth, I again lower my hands to my back and look up at him. My Master smiles down at me while he slowly fills my mouth with his cock. I feel it fill me to the back of my throat and then some. I gag hard on it, tears stinging my eyes already. “Suck it angel.” I tighten my mouth around the cock wondering how this will ever fit in my ass cause I know he will use all of me. I move my head forward to sink him in deeper and then pull my head back slowly feeling the vein on my tongue, but quickly I am stung by a flick of the finger to my cheek and I look up in surprise. “I am in control here pet, not you.” he says in a stern yet loving tone. I nod, since I can’t say anything with my mouth so full, and my eyes return to the cock filling me. “Look at me!” and my eyes return up to his. “Never stop looking at me.” My eyes snap open and lock on his as he starts to fuck my mouth.

He starts slow and but soon he is pumping away deep and hard, I hear myself gagging and coughing, spit dripping down my chin. Tears brimming my eyes as the cock slams into the back of my throat. Trying to hold still, gagging. Can feel the spit running off my chin and staining my coat. I feel him pull out and hot cum hitting my face and chest, but I never look down, my eyes still locked on his, as cum is dripping from my eyelashes. He moans as the last of the cum drips from his cock, his hand opens my mouth and he wipes the head off on my tongue and I do everything I can not to swoon at the taste of him and he smiles and half laughs. “Angel is hungry for more I see.” I smile up at him and nod, but my legs are screaming at me from being on the wood floor for so long. He pulls me up to my feet and kisses my nose.

I feel his hands untie the belt on my jacket and slide it off my shoulders. It falls softly to the floor behind me. I hear him walk around me hopefully admiring his pet. My DD’s are quite perky in this bra and panty set and feel Master’s finger tips trailing along the tops of them, sending a shiver across my flesh. “Don’t move Angel.” and I stiffen and hold still. His hand continues to cover my body, one that has gone soft in age, but it is mine and I am proud of. Fingers dig into my belly and then release to then move onto the top of a thigh, cross to my ass and feel the sting of the slap and the struggle to hold still. The sensation of his rough hands finally touching my skin, the smell of him in my nose still, his eyes wandering over my body is all enough to make me want to cry in happiness. He feels the change in me and strokes my hair, leaning into my my ear and whispers “Mine.” I smile as a small shiver runs down my spine. He takes my hand and leads me down the hall to the back of the cabin.

We enter a room that is darkened but just enough light to see this is a play room. I am lead to the middle of the room and I see hooks in the ceiling and the floor. He takes out a knife and my air is taken out of my lungs as I stare at it. “Don’t you dare move girl.” My eyes widen as he comes near and with a quick flick of the wrist my bra and panties are removed.

I feel soft lined cuffs attached to my wrists and then my ankles, and watch as Master starts to weave ropes through the eye bolts and to my cuffs. As I watch him I feel my limps stretched, arms straight over head and feet about 2 feet apart. I am comfortable enough, and think I could stand this way for a long time, but then that might be bad too. Then I feel the blindfold brushing over my eyes and my world goes black and I have a moment of panic. Master is there with a hand on me constantly. Reassuring words in my ear, his arms enclose me from behind. I feel his warmth and his calm and I settle down and start to breathe easy again.

Then, I feel fingers on my nipples, they pinch hard and pull them straight up in the air. Pain floods my breasts and I moan into it as I lean back against Master. “Stand up girl. Hold yourself in pride.” I straighten and gasp as the pain increases as fingers pinch just the tips of my large nipples, it goes on for what seems like minutes, I am gasping in air. Then he finally releases them and the pain clears out but only for a second, because then the spanking of my ass starts. Hard solid blows assault my ass. Never in the same spot, he covers my ass completely. I am trying to stand still but the slaps never end and I never know where the next will land. There is no rhythm, constant change in the power of them. I am completely out of my element. Shaken and wondering what is happening and where next. I am on my toes and trying to move away when he stops and I feel his wide palm start to caress my bum. My ass is on fire and the tenderness now is overwhelming. I moan and start to move into the touch. “Oh, my baby likes I see.” I hear behind me. I smile and nod, and move back just a a little seeking more. The slap is fast and hard, with the soft caress after. I jump and moan at the same time. Mixing the pleasure and pain inside me. They start again the spanking but this time I am leaning into them. It is easier not to fight them and to let the pain wash cleaning over me. “Stick it out there Angel. Beg for it. Tell me what you want.”

I push my ass back as far as I can and gasp out in a small voice “Please my Master. Spank me. Please spank me.” I scream as a hand slaps my pussy. The shock makes I eyes fly open even under the blindfold. I am on my tip toes and rocking back and forth.

“Get your ass back here!” I fight that inner fight and slowly return my ass back to his hand. Then they start again, I am gasping and trying not to cry, when the pussy spanking really begins. Two to the ass, one to the pussy, three to the ass, two the the pussy. I am crying out in pain and but the pussy betrays me and starts to flow. Master is laughing at me. I can hear him in between the slaps. Laughing at his horny pet. I feel his fingers on the lips of my pussy, pulling on them, stretching them. I am moaning and dripping, moving into the pressure and the pain, when he flicks my clit with his nail and it takes everything I have to not cum.

“Oh God, please Master, may Angel cum?” I cry out. I hear what I know I will, him laughing and saying no. Then his fingers start to rub my clit, slapping it and rubbing it again. I am trying to take deep breathes and hold back the wall.

I hear in my ear “Who owns you?”

“You do Master” I gasp.

“What you are?”

“What you make me, Master.”

“How much do I own?”

“Allllllll of me, Master!!” I am dancing on my toes, trying to move into the fingers and away from them all at the same time. Trying to stay in the present. Fighting with everything I have not to cum.

Master’s hand is gone and then back with a sharp hard slap right to my pussy, and when I open my mouth to scream out I hear him say, “Cum Angel.” At the sound of the words the wall inside me falls and the orgasm floods through me, crashing from my toes to my head and back down. I am rocking on the ties, pulling against them and using them to hold me up as wave after wave hits my dripping pussy. The orgasms roll one after the other, my breath stolen with each one. After what seems forever, for I know not to stop without permission, my left breast is slapped and I hear, “Oh stop it.” I take a big deep breath and will them to stop. This has always shocked me that he can control my orgasms so much better than I can and with just a simple word.

I have hardly composed myself when I feel my ass pulled back and my arms loosened just slightly as I am bent forward over some sort of bench. Then I am shocked and cry out in a mixture of glorious pain and pleasure as Master slams his cock into my so wet pussy. I almost cum the instant he enters me but I know better and feel the massive cock go deeper and wider than anything has before it. He is not gentle. He is commanding, and taking what he has waited for a year to have. It has always been his, but now it is before him to be used and indeed he shall. My head is yanked back as Master grabs the ponytail and lifts it, as he pulls back to almost out and slams hard back in. The tears can no longer be contained and are soaking my blindfold as I ride that fine line. It is when he finishes that hole and fills my tight ass that I am gone. Screaming out in the most lovely pain and serving as he desires I find my place and it is with him, here, now, having my ass fuck and fucked hard. Then I am brought higher still as the whipping of my back starts. I have no idea with what, but it is a stinging piercing pain, cutting through all the other. My screams match each blow and with each one he slams into my ass. I am shaking and crying and inside screaming for more. As Master’s blows start to overlap it brings on a whole other layer of sensation. They all build together, one on top of the other. I can see them in my mind, and I am thinking they have to fall. I can’t hold them up any more. But he doesn’t stop, and I am begging. “Please Master please, it hurts.”

“Do you wish me to stop Angel?”

I find myself answering. “No my Master, noooooo.” my head shaking along with my entire body. I hear that chuckle behind me and I can imagine the smirk on his face as he continues, to beat and fuck his girl. I feel the marks raising up on my back, sure they are crisscrossing and making me a beautiful picture for Master to look at as he fucks my hole.

“Who am I?” he asks as the unrelenting cock fills my ass over and over.

“Master.” I reply.

“What are you?”

“I am Master’s Angel, Master’s pain slut.”

“Then cum!” I cum so hard I can feel the gushing down my legs and Master’s hand is there now too, shining my clit. That is when my mind blows to pieces and the world shatters away. I still feel and hear but through a fog of bliss. How long it lasts I do not know.

Then next thing I remember, I am laying on a bed and Master is wiping the pussy juice off my legs. I try to sit up and notice that my hands are cuffed together and are in my lap and I smile softly and lay still. The bed moves as Master slides in next to me and cradles me in his arms, stroking my hair and kissing my head. He is so gentle and warm that I melt into him. I know he is pleased with me. I can feel it and glance up and see him smiling down at me, he says to me in almost a whisper, “My woman!” then his lips cover mine and this is our first kiss. My entire body moves into him. This is more than just a kiss, this is hot possession. This is claiming of his woman. And I know I am never leaving.

When I didn’t hear back from either Bill or Tracy, I assumed it was a one-time thing and that she had gotten is all out of their system. I thought that they were going to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. I thought wrong. It was about a week and a half later when I got home from work one morning at about 5a.m. and saw an email from Tracy.

It had no subject. It said:

“Hi, I know I didn’t email you back right away and I apologize. If you could give me a call I have something I would like to talk to you about. I know you work nights and get home in the early morning. I get up at 6 a.m. so any time after that works for me. Signed…Fuckslut.”

I figured a phone call wouldn’t hurt so I dug out the play phone that Dave gave me and I gave her a call. After exchanging quick hello’s we got to why she wanted me to call her.

She said “I wanted you to know how great a time I had when we fucked. It was exactly what I was looking for. In fact, it kind of opened my eyes to the fact that this is something I want, not as a one-time thing but ongoing. I want to be owned by someone and be their toy. Is this something you are interested in? Bill and I had a long talk a couple of days after you fucked me. Bill had said that it was tough for him to watch and he was glad that it was all over. I told him that every relationship is built on honesty and that I was going to be honest with him. I told him how much I loved it, how much I wanted to continue it and that I was going to continue doing it. I told him I loved him very much and this wasn’t about love. I told him our life together was great. He needed to decide if this was something he was ok with. I said if he could deal with it, it would strengthen our relationship. If he couldn’t and said it was this or him, that while it would break my heart, I would have to leave him. He told me that he loved me and that all he wanted for was me to be happy. We both know he can’t treat me like the slut and whore that I want to be treated like. Hell, when we were trading fantasies the best he could come up with watching porn while we did it. He said he loved me and that he would work through it. I am going to continue down this path whether you want to be involved or not but I want it to be you.”

She also said that she liked that I asked her and Bill again if we were still cool with it before taking over. She said it showed a Dom who takes care of his sub. She said she knew that there might be pain involved but it would never be pain just for pains sake. It would always be pain for pleasures sake. Whether that be her or my pleasure. I told her that I would think about it and call her back the next day.

She ended the phone call with “I don’t know if I enjoyed having you in my ass more or if I enjoyed tasting you’re cum mixed with wine more.”

As I had said before I am not a Dom by nature but I could play a good one. Deep down I did have a heart. I thought about it for two hours then decide to call Bill to hear his thoughts on the whole idea.

He picked up the phone and immediately said “So you talked to Tracy.”

‘Yeah. What did she call you and tell you we spoke this morning?”

Bill said “No, we were lying next to each other in my bed when you called her.”

“Oh? Sorry about that. Where do you stand on all this?”

He basically echoed what she told me. He told me he loved her and that all he wanted was for her to be happy. He said that he couldn’t do anything to stop her and if he did she would leave him. He didn’t want that so he was going to tough it out for the woman who would (and I quote) “one day be his wife.” He also said that he appreciated that I had asked if they were both ok and that “you may treated her badly but you don’t seem like the kind of guy who would let anything bad happen to her.”

I asked him how would feel when I called one day when he had a romantic dinner planned and I demanded she come see me.

“Whatever makes her happy,” was his reply.

He sounded like a beaten man. I told him the same, that I would think about it and get back to her tomorrow.


“A Cuckold,” Dave said.

I had never heard the term before so I asked him to clarify.

Dave said “He’s a cuckold man. A husband whose wife fucks bulls…oh, those are guys that are aggressive in bed…and he either watches or hears about it or even cleans up.”

I decided I didn’t want to know what “clean up” meant and just asked “Really? And there are enough people into this that they came up with a term for it?”

He said “yeah man, it’s more common than you think. Part of what gets them off is the embarrassment and humiliation. They are embarrassed another man is pleasing their chick and they feel weak and shit. They get off on it.”

Dave was all chock full of knowledge on such subjects. I guess now is a good time to tell you a little about Dave. Dave is a regular guy. The guy you pass on the street, stand next to in a movie line and don’t remember anything about him. Pretty average looking also. But Dave is a good friend. I have worked with him for eight years at the plant and spending every day together we have gotten quite close. He was a good guy to tell what happened and get advice from since he didn’t know any of my regular friends or family. Not that me and Dave aren’t friends. We go out for beers or to catch a game. I have been to his house to help him fix his car or do some work in the house. It’s just we don’t get involved with each other’s real lives.

There was another reason why Dave was a good person to get advice from. About 2 years earlier Dave hit the girlfriend jackpot. He met Lisa, a hot brunette who was way out of his league. He accidentally won her over with his humor when he started cracking jokes one night about all the stereotypical jerkoffs who were trying to get into her panties that night at the bar. It got him punched in the teeth, but it also got him a date with her. They have been inseparable since that day. Oh did I forget to mention that she is openly bisexual and an active part of the swinger lifestyle? She told this to him during their third date. She told him she loved having sex with other women, and threesomes and all the other stuff she loved. He just shrugged it off, asked her if she did and would continue using protection and said they would worry about it when she decided to get serious about him.

She decided at that very second that she was serious about him when he didn’t judge her, look at her like a whore or try to weasel his way into any of her female fuck friends. After two months they were living together and she had sworn off other guys. Although she did still play with other women, both alone and with him. On a number of occasions he would tell me about how he got home after a long night at work to find his girl in bed with another chick. Sometimes asleep and sometimes waiting for him to play. They are no longer together now. It wasn’t a sex issue, it was a money issue. Dave had a bad gambling problem and the money fights they couldn’t work out. But I digress.

Dave’s ultimate advice was “Dude, she is going to get her fill of cock with or without you…might as well be with you.”

I decided Dave was right. I could use her whenever I wanted and never have to take her on a date or anything like that. I thought a few hours about what I wanted out of this. I called her while she was at work the next day.

As soon as she said hello I said:

“Shut up and listen. I have a few rules. If you agree to all of them you can be my fuckslut. Number 1 — You get yourself tested. If you get a clean bill of health you go on the pill. I want to be able to dump my load into you. You will use condoms with Bill. Number 2 — You don’t question and you don’t say no. You are my sub and I know what is best for you. First time you say no, I am gone. You have to be a pretty worthless cum dumpster if a Dom leaves you. Number 3 — Last but not least. You belong to me. You are Bill’s girlfriend. You can continue having sex with him. You can give him blowjobs, let him fuck you. Hell, he can even fuck you in the ass. But you belong to me. You don’t masturbate if I don’t give you permission. If I tell you to shave your pussy or let it grow you do it. Other than sex with Bill I have all control over your body. If I call, you come. If I call and say I am coming over, regardless of what time, you open the door. I don’t care if you are out on a date with Bill. I come first. Always. Do you have any questions before you decide yes or no?”

She said “I only have one question. Do I call you master?”

I said “No. You call me Sir. As in yes sir”.

And so it began.


With that all out of the way, it was time for her first three assignments. I knew she was at work so I told her to go to the bathroom and play with herself. I wanted pics of her wet pussy, her hard nipples and her licking her juice off her fingers and I wanted them within an hour. I also told her to clear out her Saturday schedule. I was going to pick her up early and drop her off late. Lastly I told her I would be by in the morning about 6am. I told her be awake, answer the door when I text and don’t tell Bill we spoke. Within the hour I got about 5 pics from her that I wanted for my personal collection…plus I though Dave should get a look for the advice.

He said “Not bad.”

The next morning I texted Tracy about 5:45am. She responded that she was awake and ready for whatever. I asked her if Bill was there. She said yes but he was heading into the shower shortly. I told her when he does to come open the door. I decided to test out Dave’s theory. When she opened the door I put my hand up in a “shhh” position against my lips and whispered in her ear “take me to your bedroom.”

I made her strip, get down on her knees; I unzipped my pants, took out my cock and laid it on her face. I told her she wasn’t allowed to suck it till Bill comes in here. I just laid it there, and rubbed it across her nose, lips, and forehead over and over. I could feel her breathing get intense and her hot breath tickled my balls and shaft. As soon as I heard the bathroom door open, I told her to open and stuck my cock in there.

I heard Bill say “We need to add shampoo to….Um…what’s going on here?”

I told him “I accepted her as my fuckslut. Don’t worry Bill, You can still stick that puny little cock of your in her. You just need to wrap that fucking thing before you do.”

He looked at her almost begging and said “I have to wear condoms?”

I shouted “Yes. Cause I am gonna cum in her and you are probably gonna jerk off most nights and I don’t know where your hands have been. So its condoms for you.”

Bill proceeded to get dressed while intently watching our every move. I made a show of it. I made her run her tongue up and down my shaft repeatedly. I made her lick her lips every time she took my cock out of her mouth. I made her push down till she got to the base and then stick out her tongue to tongue my balls. I could feel the tingle in my balls signaling that my orgasm was not far off.

Bill snapped out of his hypnotized state and said “I need to head out; I gotta get an early start today.”

I said “Give me one second I will walk out with you.”

I pulled my cock from her lips and gave it a few jerks to start the cum shooting out over her nose and onto her head and hair. I made her lick the last bit off the tip.

“Now give Bill a nice big kiss goodbye before he heads out to work”.

She walked over to him and gave him a nice long kiss goodbye. I knew she has gotten my cum on his face and into his mouth. I walked out with him to see his reaction and oddly enough there wasn’t one.

When we got outside he just said “what time are you picking Tracy up on Saturday?”

It threw me a bit. I answered “11?”

He said ok and just proceeded to walk away.

That Saturday I picked her up, gave her a collar that said “slut”, attached a leash, made her strip to bra and panties, gave her an overcoat and took her out for the day. We walked around the mall, stopped and got a bite to eat before I took her home and fucked her silly for a few hours. Most of our meetings were nothing to write home about. I tied her up, I wrote things on her like “Slut” “Cum Dupster” and “whore” and took pics (I would text them to Bill). I would show up randomly at her house or job for blowjobs or to fuck. One time while getting some road head, I pulled over and asked a homeless guy directions. I told him to excuse me one second, came in her mouth and then thanked him for all his help as she lifted her head and wiped her mouth. I am going to relay to you the three most important stories about my time with Tracy.

Story 1

It was a Saturday and I started drinking about noon. The college football games were on and I was at the bar for a double header. Having had nothing but Buffalo wings, the Jack Daniels was doing a number on me. About 7 that evening I decided it was time to go but I was horny and wanted to fuck something.

I texted Tracy and it said “I am on my way. Make sure your ass is ready for my dick because I am drunk and horny.”

I jumped in a cab and gave him the address and when I was about half way there my phone began to ring. It was Bill calling from Tracy’s phone.

He said “I have Tracy’s phone. She is in the bedroom getting ready for us to go out when you texted so she couldn’t answer. But you can’t come over.”

I said “Bill maybe she didn’t explain to you how..”

He cut me off and said “We have company over. They don’t know about her so you can’t come over.”

I said “Bill, I am gonna be there in about three minutes ringing your bell. You can either make up a story to your guests or I can tell them what I am doing there when I get there. Hey..are any of your guests hot chicks? Maybe I will make Tracy eat one out. You’d like to watch that wouldn’t you Bill?”

He said “I’ll come up with something” and I heard the click that I had been hung up on.

He opened the door with a nervous smile and let me in. At the same time Tracy had come out of the bedroom looking like she was dressed for a night on the town. She had a shocked look on her face.

Bill said “Hey guys, this is Steve. He works with Tracy. It was him I was talking to on the phone. There is an urgent work matter they need to discuss before we can head to dinner. Should only take a few minutes. Why don’t you two go into the kitchen.”

The three of us went into the kitchen.

I looked at him puzzled and said “The kitchen?”

He said “What was I supposed to say? Go the bedroom? They would have gotten suspicious. I am going to keep them occupied. Just hurry up.”

She never said a word, just bent over, pulled up her black going out dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties. I bent over as well and started licking her ass for a little lubrication. I gently guided my head past her puckered asshole and she let out a soft moan.

“I better make this quick before Bill loses his shit out there.”

I started slamming into her as her moans got louder and louder. I grabbed a dish rag off her counter and shoved it into her mouth to quiet her down. It worked a little. I shot my cum deep inside her ass. I took the towel out her mouth and told her she could use that to clean herself up. She was sweaty, her lipstick was a mess and her mascara was runny.

I walked out and said “Hey Bill, she is going to need a few more minutes to get herself ready.”

I winked at the female half of the couple on the couch waiting for Bill and Tracy and walked out the door.

To be continued…

Alexis quickly moved to the kitchen and Subby and Bossy worked in harmony to clear the table, and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Subby’s mind was however, letting her senses remember the taste of his semen and sending little signals to her sex about the way her hair follicles were just a bit tender where his hand had twisted in her hair. Both minds were preoccupied, busy in their own unique way.

Bossy was working like a fiend to finish cleaning the kitchen in record time so Alexis would have enough time to visit the water closet. The extra time would also then give Bossy the opportunity to evaluate the clothing and to try and plan her responses. The dishes slid into the dishwasher, and Alexis looked out the back door. He was sitting on the patio with his feet up on the table smoking a cigar. She watched him move the cigar to his lips and then the tip glowed red as he applied suction. Bossy sent a message to Subby that they only had about 25 minutes left and Subby reluctantly let Alexis be taken by the control freak to the restroom.

Alexis tended to her personal needs, and freshened up her pussy, taking the time for a quick douche. A glance at the clock told her she had 20 minutes left to open the box and follow the instructions. She turned to her bed and looked at the wrapped box. Subby gushed with the fact that he had wrapped the items in a gift box. Even Bossy was impressed at the effort and of course noticed that the wrapping job was surprisingly excellent for a male. It wasn’t perfect like the ones wrapped in a department store, but it was pretty good. Alexis took the box and shook it to evaluate its contents, like all women everywhere, and to her surprise found it to be heavy for its size. Time was wasting away, so she tore the wrapping off with haste and opened the lid of the gift box.

On top of the tissue was a single note. It read:

“My dear, there are several items in the box. Two of them are articles of clothing. These you will need to put on first. There are two pairs of leather cuffs. The larger cuffs go around your ankles, while the smaller ones attach to your wrists. Once you have fastened these on, put the ball gag in your mouth and secure it with the strap. Then put on the high heels, and come outside to the patio bringing the other items with you. When you have made it outside, place the items you are carrying on the table, and move to a standing position directly in front of my chair with your back towards me.”

For a moment, Alexis was speechless. “OH SHIT!” Bossy swore in Subby’s direction. “You had to know this was coming!” Subby was also shocked for a moment as well but her shock was out of delight rather than fear. “Yes Bossy;” She admitted; “I was hoping for this moment.” The net result of the conflict caused Alexis’ body to short circuit; part of her shook with fear while the other emotion of joy made her tremble. Her knees lost their strength. As Alexis removed each item from the box, Bossy took over and organized the items on the surface of the bed.

She oriented the contents from left to right starting with the cuffs which were situated by size from large to small. The bright red ball gag with the black leather fastener was laid next to the cuffs followed by a pair of stockings, a bright red garter belt, a blindfold, a rather expensive looking set of earphones, a pair of six inch ruby red stiletto heels, a flogger, and a leather slapper. Subby was simply experiencing the moment, after all organization was Bossy’s thing and not part of Subby’s area of expertise.

Bossy had seen enough. There was no F*#+ ^ing way she was going to let Alexis lose the ability of sight, hearing, and the ability to talk as well. NO WAY IN HELL especially while also being helplessly restrained. Subby leaned into the loss of control offered by the items lying on the bed. She guided Alexis’ hand to her breasts and twisted a nipple in delight. This was one of her fantasies. She had always wanted to be totally helpless.

Subby reminded Bossy who was now in a constant state of complaining that the fantasy was born out of the conscious section of Alexis’ mind and was totally manufactured and controlled by Bossy the control freak. Subby was only in control of feelings or sub-conscious thoughts. Bossy, forced to acknowledge the hypocrisy of her mind, flushed in embarrassment and silently began to assist Subby. A shiver of anticipation sent by Subby made Alexis’ tremble as she donned the items lying on the bed.

In automation, Alexis pulled on the garter belt and stockings followed by the high heels. One by one the larger cuffs went on each of her ankles and then the smaller ones were fastened on each wrist as well. She slipped her feet into the sexy red stiletto heels. The last item she would put on in the bedroom was the ball gag. Alexis picked up the ball gag and opened her mouth to accommodate the ball size. She gripped it with her teeth tossed her head forward to allow the strap to go under her hair, and fastened the strap. Her mouth and teeth played with the object and discovered that she could still easily breathe around the ball, but she couldn’t spit it out. Hopefully, she had put this item on correctly. She scooped up the remaining items and somehow made her way to the back patio.

Alexis opened the patio door, placed the blindfold, headphones, flogger, and the leather slapper on the table near to his hand and stepped to a position directly in front of his chair facing away from him. She inched her body backwards so her ass was inches from his knees, and then spread her legs slightly for balance.

Nothing from him at all. No movement, no acknowledgement of her presence, no glance of appreciation…nothing. She sensed rather than saw him move the cigar to his lips and draw the smoke into his mouth. Bossy was a nervous wreck. When was he going to say something, do something? How long would he ignore her? What was he thinking? What was he going to do? In an effort to glean information from her surroundings, Bossy tuned up every sense organ to its highest level. In this heightened state of sensitivity, she heard him exhale the cigar smoke, and tasted its sharp odor as it wafted out of his mouth into the air past her head in a cloud.

Subby was busy as well, but she wasn’t evaluating what was going on, she was simply appreciating the tension his lack of communication caused. She was loving the sharp acrid odor of cigar smoke, and found herself wondering how the flavor of his mouth would taste in a kiss. Alexis was now like a bow string pulled back with an arrow in it ready for launch. Every nerve and emotion was in glorious wonderful tension. This man was able to keep her in this state for long periods of time. When she did orgasm with him, it was always intense.

His hand tapped the inside of her left thigh, about one inch below her wet lips in an unstated order to widen her stance. Alexis moved her left leg out even more. Then another more intense slap on her right thigh that sent two messages; the first was to let her know that he had expected her to open her stance by moving both legs, and was mildly irritated; the second was the command to open wider. Bossy sent the command to Alexis because the useless slut Subby was thinking about how close his hand had been to her pussy, and the feelings his slap had generated, and just how much she enjoyed his dominance. In times like this Subby was almost useless, and Bossy was forced to assist, even if she didn’t really want to. Alexis parted her legs as far as she could safely stand on the stilettos without squatting.

Again there was a long period of silence. He took another drag on the cigar, exhaled the smoke into the air, and then she recognized the sound of the stub being put out in the ash tray. He was going to begin. Subby made Alexis’ knees tremble at the thought, Bossy was busy processing datum. He was either going to make her step forward, or he was going to have to move his chair backward. Bossy was guessing that he would order her to take a step forward.

Bossy of course had been scanning her environment without ceasing since she had stepped onto the porch. Was there anything new on her patio? She started her search near her and then moved out in a grid search pattern in order to not miss anything. His voice interrupted the stillness with a chuckle. “Alexis, have you found any clues?” Then without waiting for an answer he issued an order; “Close your eyes.” Subby always waiting for an opportunity to irritate Bossy snapped Alexis’ eyes shut before Bossy could even begin to complain.

Bossy was preparing to start bitching about Subby to Alexis, when her ears told her that he had shoved his chair backwards like a man standing up quickly. The chair in fact tipped over and clattered to the floor. His hand grabbed her hair and he twisted her face towards him. “Look at me.” Bossy snapped her eyes open because Subby was reveling in the cave man way he used her hair to position her head and she couldn’t do anything. Once again Bossy was the only one left that could make it happen.

He began;

“Before tonight is over dear, you will forget your own name. Tonight I will take you to sub-space, and the Bossy bitchy side of you will be the one to take you there. Tonight we are going to take control away from your sub-conscious mind and force your conscious mind to admit that you are indeed mine to command. I have watched you struggle for several months with this. I am no longer able to be satisfied that your innate animalistic nature housed in your sub-consciousness is the only way you can let yourself obey me. Every woman is born with that. I demand that your controlling conscious mind submit to me without blaming the subconscious mind. I want that part of you.”

Alexis looked at him is a bit of awe and a serving of fear. She had never ever even intimated that she was so divided. He even got her nickname for the controlling segment of her mind correct. Her body trembled with desire, her mind churned over the data. Subby was for the first time sensing that this man had made an error. There was no way Subby was going to relinquish control to Bossy. Even if she did relinquish control, Bossy would never be able to admit that she wanted to be submissive to anyone. Bossy would be too embarrassed. Besides, the sub-conscious mind was the reason why Bossy was in this mess. Without Subby’s needs, Bossy would have never let herself get involved in BDSM. Bossy was the slave of the sub-conscious desire inflamed by Subby.

Bossy was agreeing with Subby, There was no way she would ever allow herself to lose that much control. In all of their previous times together, Bossy would be forced to help Subby just to survive. IF Subby would have listened to Bossy, Alexis would never be in this predicament. Besides, she wasn’t actually in control of this animalistic process; it was some inherent drive she was a prisoner to. He was simply wrong. In fact, this was the first time he had been wrong about her. Bossy smugly decided that she would simply fake it for his sake. Subby agreed.

He laughed; “Alexis, I know the inner struggle you have, and I can almost hear your mind talking about how wrong I am. We shall see.” With that statement he placed the blindfold over her eyes, and fixed it snuggly around the head. Alexis was plunged into darkness. With the absence of light, both Bossy and Subby turned up the other four senses. Bossy for the purpose of analysis, while Subby was for the evil purpose of stimulation. A stay strand of hair was captured uncomfortably in the blindfold buckle and the mild pain sent little shivers of delight to Alexis’ body. Each time she moved her head this little strand of hair would be a little reminder.

Bossy was listening intently, and she heard him fiddling with the headphones. The head set was fastened over her ears, and soft music floated into her mind. The volume was loud enough that the music drowned out all sound but it was still at a comfortable level. For all practical purposes she was deaf to all except the music. The only senses she had left at her disposal was touch, taste, and smell. Bossy detected the musky fragrance of his cologne along with the sharp twang of tobacco as he moved around her. Bossy informed Alexis that he was probably standing in front of her. Exactly where he was located was not possible to determine, but she could get a general idea.

His hands brushed the inside of her right thigh and moved down to the ankle cuff around her lower leg. Her leg informed Bossy that the snap on the cuff had been opened and a heavy object was dangling there. Bossy went through a catalogue of possibilities, but couldn’t yet discern what the object was. Subby was busy feeling the sensations his hand had caused on her leg. The sensation of his touch on her flesh was intensified by the lack of sight and sound. It was if the volume of sensitivity of her flesh had been suddenly turned up as high as it could go. Goose bumps formed in the wake of his hand. Fluid was wetting her sex once again.

Alexis felt his hand trail down the inner thigh on her left leg and again her flesh trembled in sensation. Bossy again using only the sense of touch informed Alexis that the snap had opened and a heavy object was now hanging from both ankle cuffs. Bossy was fast tracking everything she could think of to divine what this was. As she was working on this puzzle, his hands touched both wrists at the same time and she felt him connect the wrist cuffs together in front of her. Then she felt rope being tied to the central area of the wrist cuffs.

More sensations that she couldn’t process, and then she felt her arms being raised up over her head. The rope pulled her so that she was stretched. She tried to move her legs together to give her a bit more height and to ease the increasing strain on her shoulders. But to Bossy’s amazement and consternation, her legs were prevented from closing. Bossy ran over the list of probabilities, and decided that there was a rod of some kind connected to her ankles.

Her arms were just beginning to bear some of the weight of her body when the upward movement stopped. She was left standing on her feet with about 75 percent of her weight being carried by her feet and legs, and the remaining 25 percent of the weight being borne by her arms and wrists. Bossy took stock of the situation and realized that although it was uncomfortable, she should be able to stay in this position for a long period of time.

Without the sense of sight and the disorientation of music that prevented her from hearing, it was hard for her to keep track of time. It seemed as if an eternity had passed, when in reality only a few moments had transpired. His voice broke into the music startling her with its intrusion.

“My dear, if you can hear me nod once.” Alexis nodded once. “Good. Alexis, in your right hand you will notice there is a little button. Can you find it for me dear? “Alexis found the switch and fumbled with it a bit. Master’s voice; “Please press the button dear.” Alexis depressed the button and a loud sound rang in her ears. He continued. “Alexis that is your stop button. If you depress that button once, I will either slow down or give you a break. If you depress that button twice everything will stop immediately. You can stop at any time for any reason dear. However, everything will stop and we will not restart or continue. Do you understand dear? If so press the button twice.

Bossy was relieved that she had some way to communicate and take over if things got out of hand. Alexis pressed the button twice. Subby didn’t care at all, she just wanted to experience the way this man made her feel, and wanted him inside of her. Needed to feel him enter her sex….

He was speaking; “Alexis, You may not orgasm at all without my permission. If you decide to cum I will punish you with the cane dear. Let me give you a mild example.”

Her ass lit up as if on fire and she screamed into the gag. Both Subby and Bossy were shocked at the intensity. Subby was now worried about possible injury to her ass, and Bossy was ready to push the button. The stinging began to abate just a little when his voice broke into her mind. “I can see that made an impression. On a scale of one to ten with one being the mildest and 10 being the most intense, that was a five. If you do orgasm without my permission, I will give you ten strokes of the cane starting at level 5. For each subsequent orgasm the number of strokes will increase by three. The last three strokes will be at a more intense level. I suggest that you do not orgasm without my permission.”

Bossy was now sweating. She was going to push the button to stop this madness. And for once Subby was a bit worried as well. The sub-conscious mind cannot let the body be injured. As both of the minds were contemplating whether or not to stop the madness, her concentration was sabotaged by the slap of the flogger across her breasts. The sensation was overpowering. The strike was not harsh enough to cause pain, but yet intense enough to inflict desire. Alexis leaned into the strike forced towards the stimulation by Subby. Bossy of course helpless to resist began to monitor the situation.

After that first hit with the flogger, time seemed to stand still. Then without any warning the next blow was to the inside of the left thigh. Bossy could tell that he was standing to her right by the way the tendrils of the flogger spread out on her skin. Subby swooned into the pleasure, and began to switch on systems without any thought at all to the warning about not cumming. Alexis was moving ever closer towards an orgasm. Bossy sent a terse message to Subby to remind her about the cane.

The slaps continued with no predictable pattern. He was warming up her entire body. There was no area of flesh except her neck and face that he missed with the flogger. Just as Bossy decided that there would be no pattern, he began a series of quick slaps to her left breast. Over and over in the exact same spot. Alexis’s cunt was dripping with need. The constant repetitive hits to her left tit felt so good that Subby was doing what she did best; moving Alexis towards an orgasm. Bossy was trying to get Subby’s attention, when the flogger stopped. Subby moaned in frustration, Bossy breathed a sigh of relief.

Then the attack began anew on her ass. Hard hits deflected the cheeks of her ass as he worked on both globes. Again the sensations were unbelievable and Subby was swooning nearer to an orgasm. On a scale of one to ten with ten being an orgasm, Alexis’ body was hovering around an eight. He stopped. Again Bossy was glad for the break but Subby offered groans of frustration at the interruption. Bossy realized that Alexis was drooling past the ball gag as drops of spittle fell to her breasts.

Back to her tits again this time the right one received the attention. This went on seemingly for a long period of time. Each cycle moving the slut Subby nearer an orgasm followed by a frustrating pause that made her need to orgasm abate slightly. Over and over the process repeated itself. Bossy was forced into the role of trying to talk some sense into Subby about not cumming. Trying to get the slut to control herself to prevent being caned. Subby was able to remember the pain and the fear of injury during the breaks, but quickly forgetting about anything but cumming when the strokes sent those wonderful sensations over her flesh.

Bossy was handicapped because she could neither see nor hear where the strokes were coming from or where they would land. She couldn’t adjust her body position at just the right moment to abate the sensations. All she could do was try to talk some sense into Subby. Bossy was shocked out of her analysis by the impact of the flogger on her sex. He had actually slapped her pussy with the flogger. THAT WAS IT! How dare he? What kind of man would whip a girl’s vagina? Bossy fingered the button in her hand trying to decide if she should stop this madness. She hesitated, maybe this wouldn’t hurt too much. Her finger moved away from the button. She could tell he was standing behind her now and the flogger was being swung between her legs with upward strokes.

I’m failing my web design course at one of the top universities in the Midwest. It’s my second year here and I’m actually majoring in web design but I’m more interested in the design aspects of it not so much the programming. If I wanted to code I would’ve done computer science. This course is called “Video in Web 2.0 Sites” so I figured it would be about designing those sites but most of the assignments have us coding so I’ve all but given up. The professor is apparently an expert in the field so he runs a pretty tough class.

The professor is a big guy too; I think he rides motorcycles. He wears the mandatory dress shirts and pants but they’re just tight enough—or he’s that big enough—for a glimpse of his muscles to be outlined on his arms for his chest to firmly stand out and even for the outline of his crotch to sometimes press against the black or khaki fabric. His hair is close-shaved and greying. On the first day of class he told us he has a tattoo on each of his arms but since it’s midway through winter semester we’ve only seen him in long sleeves.

I’ve gotten to the point where instead of listening to our professor lecture I just fantasize about him having his way with me. By the end of class my cock is trying to push out of my pants but instead of walking over to the nearest bathroom as fast as I can I’ve lately gone up to the professor after class with my cock totally visible against my skinny jeans and asked him about some random topic that I managed to catch during a lull in my fantasies. This past Friday he said I may as well come to his office hours since I seem so interested in the material. I’ve spent this weekend getting ready.

I shaved most of my body hair from the little tufts on my chest to the more noticeable hair on my arms and legs to the small bit of hair on my ass and around my asshole. I trimmed my pubes so that there’s only a small mound above my cock. I keep my face clean-shaven every other day and I have really short straight brown hair so looking at myself in my full-length dorm room mirror I felt pretty boyish. My cheeks are still full like a kid’s even though I’m almost twenty. My lips are full too and my eyelashes are fairly long so I could probably dress like a girl if I was into that. I played sports growing up though and so I’m more into the idea of men playing with men.

I set a towel down on the carpet and rubbed some lube over the fingers of my right hand and started seeing how many I could fit in my asshole. I’ve never been fucked yet. I haven’t even come out. But I’ve been playing with my ass as long as I’ve been jacking off so I can stick two lubed fingers all the way in there right away now. And soon after that I can fit three. It’s sorta awkward to fit four fingers in your own ass so I never really get that far but sometimes I’ll fit three in from one hand and two from another and my ass will start gasping and if I do it enough times I can get a small gape. So far I’ve only done this for myself.

For an outfit I’ve settled on my skinniest pair of sweatpants that can be taken off easily along with an old white t-shirt that’s been washed so many times it’s almost sheer. You can see my nipples through it when the weather’s as cold as it is now. I’ve got a hoodie over it in matching school colors with my sweatpants but I’ll take the hoodie off as soon as I get inside the school building where my professor’s office is.

My professor told me to meet him at his office at six which is the end of his office hours. I know he lives in town with his wife and that their kids are older than me so they’re all moved out and so he’s able to get to school early and stay late.

He’s actually my academic advisor for my major but I haven’t met with him yet so it’s my first time here. It’s in my school’s newest building since it’s one of my school’s newest majors. He’s on the fourth floor and his door is closed but I see light from the bottom crack so I knock and say it’s me.

“It’s unlocked” my professor says. I open the door and see him on his laptop. “Take a seat” he says while gesturing towards a cushiony wheely chair in front of his desk. He has his sleeves rolled up to his elbows but I still don’t see any tattoos. “You’ve had a lot of good things to say after class” he says after he closes his laptop “but I looked at your grade and it’s much lower than it should be. Why aren’t you doing any of the homework?”

“To be honest I’ve just been having a really hard time concentrating on school lately.” And at this moment I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything other than the thought of my professor fucking me. “I’m afraid I’m going to fail some of my classes and ruin my future. I know the semester is halfway over and we’ve already had the midterm and everything but is there any way I can get my grade in your class to a C?”

He leans back in his chair. There’s one window looking outside but the blinds are drawn. He’s got papers all over his desk even though he only teaches computer classes. “Stand up” he says. I’ve got a tent in my sweatpants. He looks down at it then back up at me. “I’ve been seeing you carry one of those each time you see me. How about you do something about it?” He looks down to his pants and I follow his eyes and he’s got his cock hanging out his unzipped pants. It’s cut and even half-erect it’s got to be bigger than mine. I can get to six inches but I bet he’s nine or higher.

I walk around his desk and get on my knees and he spins his chair to face me. I hold his cock in my hands and feel it growing. I pull down with my right hand and rub my thumb over his frenulum while looking up at his face. “I’m not promising anything” he says “but I know you want my cock fucking your face and so that’s what’s going to happen. Now let me see you take it in your throat.” I nod and pull his balls out of his underwear. He’s wearing grey briefs and his pubes are more white than grey. I open my mouth wide and close my eyes as I go all the way down on my professor’s cock feeling him fill up my mouth and then slide into my throat. I press my lips down on his balls and wish I could take them too but he doesn’t just have length he has girth too and I’m trying my hardest not to choke.

I feel hands on my head and they make sure I’m pushed all the way down then they bring me back up and then down again except since I can’t control the pace it’s harder for me to not choke so I just try to think of my professor’s cum inside me and I close my eyes even tighter as he uses my head as a fuck-toy for his cock and I start feeling him thrusting up into my throat as he pushes my head down and I think I’m going to start choking when he says “I’m going to fucking cum in your throat and you’re going to suck it all up and you’re going to lick every last bit of cum from my cock” and he thrusts hard into me and a hot stream of his cum spurts into my throat and then another stream and I swallow as much as I can but when he pulls his cock out my mouth is full of his cum so I lick as much up as I can but then I go right back to his cock and make sure I lick all the cum from his cock while he lies back breathing hard. “You love my cum don’t you?” he asks.

“Mhm” I say while still licking his cum from my teeth and roof of my mouth.

“Look up” he says and I see him pointing with some sort of remote to the opposite corner of the ceiling and there’s a mounted camera there. “This is for zooming in” he says in reference to the remote. “Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about videos in here. Like how to make one I can jack off to at home. You earned an A on that assignment. I only have office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays but I want you to see me here at six everyday. Is that something you’re willing to do?”

“Yes” I say. “Thank you so much for this.”

“Alright” he says and I stand up and turn to leave being sort of disappointed that he didn’t even touch my ass. “Wait” he says. “Turn around.” I do so and he looks at my cock still standing straight out in my sweatpants. “I won’t let you leave like that. One sec.” He takes his laptop off his desk and starts clearing it off his papers either just pushing them off the desk or putting them into certain drawers. “Sit on the desk facing the camera” he says “and take off your shoes.”

He gets up and goes around the desk standing straight in front of me. He yanks my sweatpants off and then pushes my shoulders down so I’m laying back on his desk with my head hanging off and then he spreads my legs and raises my ass so that I can slide my head back on to the edge of my desk and he moves to the side of me and uses the remote to zoom the camera in and starts slowly jacking off my six inch uncut cock begging for him to make me cum and he forcefully pumps me up and down only gradually speeding up so that my legs start trembling for him as he speeds up and he tells me to raise my ass higher as I lazily set it down and he pumps harder and harder and I tell him he’s going to make me cum and he tells me to raise my ass higher and then he stops.

I almost cry and try to grab my cock to finish myself off but he holds both my arms down. “You aren’t ever going to cum here” he tells me. “Now you’re going to stay on this desk until you get flaccid again no matter how long it takes and that’s how you’re going to leave.” He gets behind me still holding my arms down and places his balls on my mouth and tells me to suck on them so I do and this isn’t helping me get any less horny but after what seems like forever my throbbing red and dripping with pre-cum cock is flaccid and less than three inches. “I’ll see you here tomorrow” he tells me and I hop off the desk and pull up my sweatpants and thank him again and leave.

I jack off twice that night thinking of his big cock cumming in my ass.

I put this story in LW because the lead character is the wife from the prequel story. You will need to read chapter one before starting this. I wrote this is for all the readers who asked for an ending to Terry’s story from Fool’s Envy. Thanks for reading.

“Help me,” she sobbed, her knees buckling.

Michael jumped to his feet. “What’s wrong?” he repeated, running forward; catching her before she tumbled forward.

His arms closed around her and they both sunk to the floor. Tears filled her eyes and began streaming down her cheeks. She pulled herself against him for comfort and began to cry in a way that she hadn’t since her husband had left her. The images assaulted her again, but instead of recoiling, she forced herself to face them, using Michael’s presence as a source of strength. Turning, she forced herself to look him in the eyes.

“I did something stupid,” she whispered through the tears.

He looked at her perplexed for a moment, then slowly a thought crept into his head. Releasing her, Michael turned and hurried toward the bathroom. He looked inside to see the empty bottle of sleeping pills in the sink. His heart leapt into his throat.

I’ve got to call 911! he thought in a panic.

His eyes scanned the room one last time as his mind raced. Then he noticed something floating in the toilet. He stepped forward and breathed a sigh of relief that brought tears to his eyes.

Slowly he walked back into the living room and saw that she had moved to the couch, where she sat, curled into a ball like a child. Her sobbing had subsided, although her hands still shook uncontrollably as she unconsciously fidgeted with her hair.

“You didn’t swallow them?” he said hopefully, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“I did, but I threw them up,” she sobbed. “About two seconds after I swallowed I thought about all the people I would hurt, of how selfish I was being and I panicked.” She looked at him with real terror in her eyes. “I didn’t even know that really worked. It was the most frightened I’ve ever been in my life.”

He sat down next to Terry and took her hand. “Just the people you’d hurt? You never thought about what you’d be throwing away?”

She looked at him, exasperated. “Yeah, my life is so wonderful that it’d be terrible not to get to experience more of it. Monday at work will be a memory I’ll treasure forever. How many people do you think they’ll tell before then? How do you think people will look at me, wondering what it must have looked like; hoping I’d do it again so they could be there too? It’s not like you didn’t already hear the rumors. Isn’t that why you asked me out?”

He sighed, suddenly comprehending how difficult his task with her really was. “I asked you out because I thought you were one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. You were also kind, friendly, well-liked and intelligent. “Plus…” he trailed off, not sure if it was wise to broach the subject.

“Plus what,” she asked, curiously.

He thought carefully about how to phrase his answer. “I saw something in you, Terry. It was something I didn’t even understand until last night, but it was something that touched me.”

“Last night?” she repeated, guardedly.

“I saw that inside, you were hurting. I mean really hurting. It was in your eyes the whole time. You were so sad it was palpable, but you kept trying to pretend you were ok for everyone else. It made me want to be closer to you.

She frowned. “You mean you felt sorry for me?”

“No, that’s not it at all,” he said quickly. “I realized how much more there was to you beneath the surface. It’s easy to be attracted to how you look, but there was a person there full of sadness and fear and joy. She was fascinating and everything I wanted to have in my life one day.”

“Oh,” she said with a surprised look on her face

He smiled bashfully. “I just mean you were the type of person I wanted to get to know in case that could turn into something someday.”

She brightened slightly at his words. “That’s…I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry if I misjudged you. I was so horrified that you saw what happened last night. Even as drunk as I was, it’s the one thing I remember clearly. It was the worst thing I could imagine.”

“Terry, there is a lot we should talk about, but I promise you don’t have to worry about my opinion of you. I haven’t seen anything that made me feel that I didn’t want to be around you. I just want to know why.”

“Why,” she repeated, obviously overwhelmed at the prospect of an explanation. “Where could I possibly start?”

“Why not start at the beginning? We have as much time as you need. I’m not going anywhere,” he said reassuringly. “Let me get you something warm first. It’ll give you a minute to clear your head. Tea or coffee?”

“I’ve had enough stimulation for the day. Tea would be fine.”

Michael went into the kitchen and made them a pot of tea, trying to give her enough time to collect herself. He knew she was fragile and he didn’t want to push, but there was no way he would let her go home after what she had tried.

Several minutes later he walked back into the living room with a tray. He sat and poured her a cup as she studied him, wondering if he really did care that much, or if he was going to eventually walk away from her too. Terry shuddered at the thought of what she almost did, and decided she had to take a chance. Things had finally gone too far, and she knew she needed help. Trusting him went against everything she had come to believe, but there was something so sincere about him that it made her want to take a chance. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves.

“I was married for several years,” she said, startled by how thin her voice sounded. We were very happy. Unfortunately I had a friend who convinced me that I was missing out on something. She really opened my eyes to how powerful sex could be, and she talked me into spying on her and her husband. That led to her giving me ideas of things Steve and I could try in the bedroom to spice up our lives. Then she made the suggestion that I should talk him into…” she trailed off, unsure if she could actually say the words out loud.

“She wanted you to swap with her and her husband?” Michael said, surprising her.

“How did you know? Oh yeah, the rumors,” she sighed.

“No, it just seemed logical,” he corrected her. “I never asked anyone about the stories concerning you, and had no interest in what other people had to say. I wanted to find out for myself.”

“Well you sure found out, didn’t you,” she said bitterly. Noticing his disapproving stare, she picked up her story.

“Yes, she and her husband were swingers. They wanted us involved in their lifestyle. I didn’t know about all of it, but the things she discussed with me I wanted to try. The problem was I knew my husband would be difficult to convince. After a few weeks I let the anticipation build to the point where I wanted it so much that I was willing to trick him into it to get my way. I really believed it would be so exciting that it would make our marriage more fulfilling. Unfortunately it went badly, and it made him despise me. He left, and found someone else to pick up his life with in just a few months. Our marriage was over just like that, and he replaced me with someone better.” She raised the cup to her lips, her hands still trembling, and took a sip from her drink to steady her nerves.

“After that I just couldn’t move on. I was so ashamed of myself. I had sabotaged a wonderful marriage with the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. As much as he loved me, I chased him away because I was…” she stopped, seeing Michael’s frown, “Because I couldn’t control myself.”

“Everything fell apart after that. There was a rift between me and my family. I lost my job. I even lost most of my friends who knew us as a couple.” Her expression because decidedly uncomfortable, but she continued. “I couldn’t make myself trust men again.”

Michael shook his head. “I don’t understand. It was difficult for you, but why let it interfere with so much of your life? Your family? What did that have to do with it?”

Her temper flared. “You think it was easy for me to tell my father that my marriage was over because I was such a whore I needed to fuck the guy next door? I didn’t even sneak around to do it. I tried to arrange it so my husband could watch us together, then I could watch him screw the guy’s wife. Do you have any idea how he and my mom looked at me? The horror at what their little girl had become?”

He touched her hand with a contrite expression. “Terry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“No, I’m sorry,” she answered. She put her hands to her face, wishing she could block out the memories. “It was a never-ending stream of horrible humiliations. I couldn’t face people, so I tried running away from them and starting over. But I couldn’t date anymore. I’d just come home every night, sitting in this house alone with all the memories. That’s when I started drinking.”

“I’d go out and get drunk, then usually do something stupid that would just make things worse. I would feel so guilty that I would refuse to do anything but stay at home by myself for weeks, but I’d feel so miserable that I’d eventually give in and do it again. I couldn’t stand myself, but I kept making the same mistakes. I just couldn’t stop what I was doing.”

Michael softly touched her face, forcing her to turn and look at him. “So why not let someone in?”

“Who would want me?” she cried. “I had already screwed up my marriage. I was running around taking strangers home from the bars. My personal life was a complete mess. No one could trust me. I couldn’t even trust myself.”

He thought long before replying. “And that’s how you met James?”

She nodded her head. “When I started working with Janie, I avoided all the guys. They would hit on me and I just kept thinking how disgusted they would be if they knew the truth. Then I made the mistake of going to one of their after work parties. I got a little drunk and let him take me home. Afterward he assumed I’d just be with him any time he wanted, but the truth was that I despised him because of the way I behaved with him.”

Terry looked down in self-loathing. “The strange thing was, the more I detested him, the more it turned me on to be around him. He would order me around and I felt like I couldn’t make myself say no. I could turn it off while I was at work and around everyone else behaving normally. But when we were alone, he knew just what to say to make me do what he wanted.”

“Sometimes he’d push the envelope, other times he was satisfied with just hooking up. What happened last night…” she stopped and looked at him in dismay, “It was more than I thought I was capable of. Once he started in on me, I was completely out of control and just went along with everything.” Her gaze turned pleading. “What is wrong with me?”

Michael pulled her close and let her cry against his chest. Whatever his thoughts were about her story, he knew they needed to wait for later. She needed to vent, and needed to be sure that it was safe to do so with him. But there was something even more important that he had to take care of.

“I’ll be right back,” he said soothingly. “Have some more tea and try to relax.”

He jogged up to his bedroom and went through his contact information to locate Missy’s phone number. He dialed the cell phone, sneaking back to the stairwell to make sure she was downstairs before he shut the door.


Michael was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. He quickly rose and hurried to the door.

“Hey Janie,” he said, relieved she was able to make it over so quickly. “She’s in the shower.

“I’ll be right back,” she called out, heading up the stairs in the direction he indicated without a backward glance.

She entered the bedroom, and walked to the bathroom door. Hearing the water still running, she decided that it could wait while Terry finished. She moved to the bed and sat on the corner, nervously smoothing her slacks.

A few minutes later the door opened and Terry walked out, wrapped in a towel. She froze, seeing the unexpected visitor.

“Janie, what…what are you doing here?” she stammered.

Not saying a word, Janie rose and walked to her friend, throwing her arms around her and began to cry. They held each other wordlessly, Janie trying to reassure the younger woman. She stepped away and sat back down, patting the spot next to her.

“What are you doing here?” Terry repeated.

“I’m here for my best friend, you jerk,” she said through her tears.

“What did he tell you?”

“Don’t worry, he was very discreet. He told me something very upsetting happened and he insisted you come stay the night. Then he told me what happened this morning.”

Terry’s expression darkened. “He shouldn’t have done that.”

“The hell he shouldn’t!” Janie scolded. “He barely knows you and he’s supposed to take responsibility for making sure you’re ok? I’m your friend. You should have called me before you did something so stupid. You at least should have called afterward. Don’t you understand how much I care about you?”

“I just didn’t want…” Terry started, but didn’t know how to finish.

“You didn’t want to risk me being like your friends from before who abandoned you when you needed them? Is that what you were going to say?”

Terry looked away, too embarrassed to meet her friend’s glare.

“I don’t care how much you’ve tried to keep me at arm’s length. You are my best friend. I’ve put up with your idiotic stunts because I knew you wouldn’t listen to me but I loved you anyway. I did everything I could to show you that you could trust me, but you still won’t let me in. I don’t care anymore. I’m here whether you like it or not, and there’s no way in hell I’m leaving unless you’re coming with me.”

The rebuke stunned Terry. She looked at her friend in wonder. “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course I mean it, knucklehead,” she laughed, pulling Terry close and sharing another long embrace.

“All right,” she said affectionately, “get your ass dressed and I’ll talk to you downstairs.”

Terry watched her walk out the door, wondering how she could have been so blind for so long.


“She’ll be down in a minute,” Janie said, trotting down the stairs. She walked up to Michael and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you for taking care of her.”

He blushed profusely, then backed away. “I’ve got to get started. It’s going to be a busy day.” With a smile he added, “You’ll keep her here, right?”

“I promised, didn’t I? Janie replied. “Aren’t you going to tell me why?”

“Nope,” he answered with a mocking grin.


“Just a minute,” came the gruff reply to the constant knocking. “What?” James said as he swung the door open, his expression turning hostile as he saw Michael.

“What do you want?” he hissed.

“Nice shiner,” Michael replied evenly, refusing to let his emotions rise to the surface.

“Fuck off. We’re not at work and you don’t get to tell me what to do. You’re lucky I didn’t call the cops on you. My head is killing me.

Michael sighed. “Yeah, go ahead and call the cops. Let them know you were having sex in public with a drunk woman who may or may not have been willing. Then tell them how I hit you. We’ll see how that plays out.”

“May or may not?” he said incredulously. “Go fuck yourself. She wanted it. I should know, I’ve been fucking her long enough.”

“Well James, that’s your story and you should definitely stick to it. I’m sure they’ll take your word for it.”

He frowned, seeming to consider the possibilities. “Are you threatening me?”

“About that?” Michael answered. “No. I’m going to threaten you about this.” Noting James’s concerned expression, he continued. “We are going to have a group meeting on Monday. I’ll discuss what happened and what we are going to do about it there, with everyone present. My concern is what you idiots might say between now and then. So what you’re going to do is call your little posse, and tell each and every one of them that they are going to keep their fucking mouths shut until we talk. If any one of you talks to anyone and I hear about it, I will make it my mission in life to destroy your miserable little lives. Are we clear?”

James studied the older man, trying to discern if there was any hint of weakness or doubt about his claims. Seeing none, he conceded. “Ok, I’ll make sure everyone keeps their mouths shut until Monday. But this bullshit about you getting to tell us what we can do on our private time isn’t gonna fly. You might think you’re being Prince Charming on your white horse, but you don’t have shit to say about Friday night.” He stopped, adopting a more aggressive posture. “Or any of the other times I fucked the little bitch.”

We’ll see about that, you punk, Michael thought. “Just make sure you talk to all of them and that they understand. You might think you know everything, but you don’t. You will all be held responsible for anything that is said by any one of you about last night, or about her in general.”

“Fine, now get the hell off my porch,” he yelled, retreating inside and slamming the door.

Michael smiled at the small victory. One down, one to go,.


He pulled up in front of the modest two story home, wishing he could have had a drink first. This was a very risky move, but Michael believed it was key to making sure Terry would be all right. Just because she had chickened out once doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t feel so much regret that alone in her home she might not be tempted to finish the job. The only other option would have been to contact the authorities so she would be forced to seek professional help, but that would end any trust she might have started to feel for him. He simply couldn’t take that chance.

Michael knocked on the door nervously, struggling to find the confidence to make this gamble work.

The door opened and a gray haired man stepped out. “Can I help you?”

“Mr. Carlson? I’m here to talk to you about your daughter.”


Janie sat on the couch dumfounded as Terry opened up to her about everything that had been happening. She knew that her friend was self-destructive, but the truth was more than she could have imagined. The incident from Friday was so horrible that Janie couldn’t listen without bursting into tears again. She recognized some of the impulses in Terry as she related the stories, but the actions were completely outside of Janie’s frame of reference. It was like listening to a drug addict describing the degrading things they had done to get high.

“Did Michael say when he’d be back?” Terry asked. She couldn’t explain it, but even with her friend next to her, Terry felt vulnerable without him there. It had been so long since she trusted anyone, but he had found a way to get inside a little. Deep in her gut she was starting to believe that he would look out for her no matter what.

She was also anxious to get home and into her own clothes. When she was getting out of the shower she took one look at the torn, stained dress and knew she’d never wear it again. Instead she had borrowed a jogging suit and curled up on the couch next to Janie, delighting in the closeness she had denied herself for so long.

“I’m back,” Michael’s voice rang out. He walked through the door, and looked into the living room. “How’s it going?”

“I’m much better, thank you,” Terry answered. “But I’m glad you’re back…er, you know, because I have to get home,” she stuttered, exchanging an embarrassed grin with Janie.

“Home?” he said incredulously. “I was going to cook dinner!” Both women looked at each other, then enthusiastically voiced their approval.

They moved the conversation into the kitchen, where they talked while Michael prepared the most impressive meal he knew how to cook. As he was working, he’d periodically study Terry to attempt to gauge her mood. He was still going to insist she not be alone tonight, but was unsure how he’d go about convincing her if she refused to agree.

“And here we go,” he proudly declared, bringing the pasta dish to the table. Grabbing a bottle of wine, he quickly set the table and they started eating.

“Oh my gosh,” Janie said. “This is amazing!”

Terry nodded appreciatively. “This is wonderful Michael. Thank you.” He looked carefully at her, realizing that she stressed her statement too much for it not to be a message about more than just dinner.

“You’re very welcome,” he replied, being careful to use a similar overly-expressive tone. He knew she understood by the secret smile she gave him. It was the most peaceful she had looked since waking up, and he enjoyed the eye-contact, allowing himself the opportunity to study her at length. He still marveled at the way she expressed so much with just a look. It made him wonder what she would be like if he could ever get through the wall she had so carefully constructed.

Careful, Michael warned himself. She’s really fragile and doesn’t need you adding to the things she’s dealing with right now.

Forcing himself to continue eating, he settled for enjoying the playful banter the girls were engaging in. The day had gone better than he had dared to hope for after the frightening start. Terry seemed to have bounced back in a way that was remarkable. Now he needed to find a way to make sure she would stop hurting herself.

“Ok, that’s it. I surrender.” Janie said, pushing herself away from the table. “I can’t eat another bite.”

“Absolutely,” Terry concurred. “Michael, it was wonderful, but I need to get my car and go home.”

Noticing his concerned expression, Janie quickly added, “Why don’t I take you? That way you can show me the house? My husband promised he’d watch the kids, so I can stay late.” She nodded in an unspoken signal to Michael, he returned the gesture.

“Ok, if you two insist on leaving me here all by myself,” he whined pitifully.

“Oh, poor baby,” Janie joked.

The girls rose and Terry gave her friend a pointed stare.

“All right, I can tell when I’m not wanted,” she said. “Michael, dinner was wonderful.” She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, whispering in his ear, “Missy was right. You are a really good guy.”

She walked through the door to the living room. Terry watched until the door closed behind her, then approached him.

“I mean it,” she said sincerely. “Thank you for everything.” She also kissed his cheek, then leaned heavily against him, wrapping her arms around him tightly and refusing to let go. “I don’t know how I would have made it through the day without you.”

“I’m just glad you’re ok,” he replied, savoring the feel of her body against his. Shaking himself from the delicious sensation he pulled back slightly to peer into her eyes. “But you owe me a favor.”

“What favor?” she asked suspiciously.

“Lunch. Tomorrow. One o’clock. Right here.”

She smiled gratefully. “Are you cooking again?”

Michael laughed. “Sorry, you’ve had the only thing I can cook by myself. I’m going to have to pick something up.”

“I’ll be here,” she said, pulling him back into the embrace, allowing her head to rest against his chest. “I promise.”

A few minutes later, Michael watched them both walk to Janie’s car. He closed the door and leaned his forehead against it, emotionally exhausted.

So far so good.


Michael hurried around the kitchen, desperately trying to get everything in place in time. Seriously, I can’t fuck this up, he reminded himself.

The doorbell rang, startling him from his chores. Shit, she’s early! he thought frantically.

He quickly scanned the dinning room and decided it was close enough. Hurrying toward the door, he nervously ran his hand through his hair, then smoothed out his shirt. He stopped before opening it, forcing himself to take a deep breath to calm down.

“Hey you,” Terry said cheerfully, her face showing little evidence of the stress from the day before.

“Hey yourself,” he answered, unable to disguise his open admiration for how beautiful she looked.

“Well thank you,” she replied to the unspoken compliment, walking past him, tenderly touching his cheek with her hand. She walked to the living room and set down her purse.

“Michael, I wanted to talk to you about yesterday.”

“Oh?” he responded with a quick glance at his watch, wondering how to steer the conversation away from more talk about the events of Friday or Saturday morning.

“Not that,” she said, seeing his expression. “It’s about Janie.”

“Oh, that.” He shuffled nervously. He had assumed that part of his plan had been fine as far as she was concerned. If she was upset about that, today would be ruined.

“I wanted to say thank you,” she said, putting her hands on his shoulders and staring into his eyes. “She and I have been close, but I never really let her in. We talked while you were gone, then most of the night. I told her pretty much everything about what’s been going on and she…well she accepted me without judgment. It really meant a lot to me and I have you to thank for it.” She leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips.

“I’m just glad it helped,” he replied modestly. “Seriously, when we talked at work, I could tell how fond of you she was. She was also really fierce about protecting you. You don’t really know me and I knew you needed someone to talk to, so she was the obvious choice. You just have to believe me, I only told her about the pills because I was extremely worried about you. I didn’t tell her anything else, and wouldn’t discuss anything we talk about with anyone. That’s a promise.”

She nodded her understanding and put her arms around him, immediately confirming her feeling of safety in his embrace. Michael hoped she would remember his words. It was important that she believed him.

“So what’s for lunch?”

“Right this way, M’lady,” he gestured toward the kitchen.

Terry stopped as she walked through the door. “Wow. Everything looks great!”

The table was meticulously set with a beautiful tablecloth, fancy silverware, and several courses of Italian food still steaming in glass dishes. There was also a bottle of wine and desert.

He smiled, pleased his efforts had been appreciated. Stepping over to the table, he slid out her chair and waited. She sat, touching him on the arm in appreciation of the courtesy. They ate quietly, enjoying each other’s company.

After putting it off for most of the meal, Michael decided he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Terry, can I ask you something?”

She looked at him pleasantly. “Sure.”

“What are you going to do about your parents?”

Her expression darkened and she set her fork down. “I honestly don’t know, Michael.”

“Look, I don’t want to pry, but you know I lost both my parents very young. You can’t just keep waiting to fix this situation. I know from what you’ve told me how much they mean to you.”

“Yes, which is why this is so difficult. I let them down. Not just a little bit, but I betrayed everything they believe in. I destroyed my marriage, and had to explain why to them in humiliating detail. You have no idea how terrible it was. Excuse me,” she said, covering her eyes and rising.

“Wait,” he softly scolded, taking her by the shoulders. He stared at her, waiting patiently until she returned his gaze. “Terry, you staying away from them is obviously a big part of the reason that you’ve felt so alone and vulnerable. If you really want to change your life, you’re going to have to face them and try to fix it.”

“I don’t know where to start,” she admitted, trying to move toward her seat.

Not knowing what to say, he settled for pulling her against him and holding her. They stood wordlessly, Terry clinging to him for strength. Suddenly the doorbell rang. “Excuse me,” Michael apologized, heading to the front door. Terry sat down and jabbed at the delicious pie, now finding her appetite gone. When he walked back through the door, he appeared to be agitated.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Come with me for a second,” he replied. “I need you to see something.”

Curiously, she rose and walked with him into the living room. As she stepped through the door, she froze, stunned by the sight that greeted her.

“Mom, Dad?” she said. “I don’t understand.”

Her father answered. “Your friend Michael invited us. He said you would be here and that we could talk.”

Terry looked at Michael suspiciously, “What did he…” her voice cut off suddenly as he squeezed her hand. He gave her a subtle shake of the head.

“I thought that today would be ideal for having a talk and getting things back to normal,” he said earnestly. “After all the wonderful things you’ve told me about them, I knew how important it was for you to try to work things out.” She gave him a bewildered look, unable to process the surprise or how he had pulled it off.

He leaned close to her and whispered, “Stop being afraid.”

She stared, her lower lip trembling as she searched for the words that could explain her feelings to her parents, obviously both in pain at the schism in their family. “I don’t know what to say,” she said, her fragile voice cracking. “I am so ashamed.”

“Honey,” her mother said, stepping forward and pulling her daughter into a deep embrace. Terry stiffened slightly at the contact. “Nothing matters as long as you are all right. You mean everything to me.”

“That goes double for me,” her father added. “I love you sweetheart.” He stepped forward and kissed her on the forehead, wrapping his arms around them both.

Michael watched her, hoping looking for a sign that she was at peace with his plan. He was sure it was what she really wanted, but whether she would cooperate or resist was anyone’s guess. Seconds seemed like minutes as he watched for her reaction, knowing that a negative one would be an enormous setback for her, and effectively end any chance he had to be with her.

Terry finally opened her eyes, her tears freely falling. “I’m so sorry,” she pleaded. “I couldn’t bear to face you. I let you down.”

“Never,” her father replied. “Not for one second of your life.”

He watched as her chest heaved from her sobbing, and she squeezed tighter against her parents. She seemed to be trying to lose herself in the embrace, hoping to block out the world that had beaten her down over the last few years.

Michael breathed a sigh of relief, feeling his own tears coming. He silently slipped into the kitchen, not wanting to disturb the tender moment. One last glance at her face confirmed the lines of stress had disappeared completely and she finally looked contented. He hurried through the door, resisting the urge to cheer.


“Thanks again, Michael. I can’t tell you what this means to us,” Ben said, clasping his hand.

“Bless you,” added Stacy.

Michael tried to reply, but the words eluded him. Their gratitude was simply overwhelming. They turned and left with Terry following them to their car for one last hug. He watched as their embrace lingered, none of them seeming to want to let the moment go. Finally she stepped away and waved with promises of coming over very soon as they backed out of the driveway and headed off.

She watched until they were out of sight, then turned and strode purposefully toward the door. Michael watched her, unable to gauge her expression, a little concerned about what she might say. She walked up to him without a word and threw herself into his arms, kissing him firmly.

Surprised, he stumbled back into the door before regaining his balance. They stayed locked together, Michael still reeling from the unexpected reaction. Terry was the aggressor; turning her head from side to side, opening her mouth and making small nibbling movements across his lips before her tongue slipped into his mouth, her hands pulling his face against hers.

The feel of her unbridled passion snapped him out of his momentary confusion. He returned her kiss just as fervently. Her body melted against his making him aware of the swell of her breasts, and the crush of her pelvis against his. His hands dropped to her waist, running up and down her sides. He stumbled back through the door and shut it behind him, pinning her against the inside and placing his hand on the back of her neck, holding it still while his lips trailed across her cheek to her earlobe, then to her throat.

He moved a hand to her breast, his thumb tracing circles around the nipple. Her throaty moan was all the encouragement he needed to let his other hand roam to her hip, his fingers working their way further back to caress her buttocks. Michael’s passion was close to overriding his ability to reason. Suddenly he pulled back.

“Wait,” he protested. “I can’t.”

“Huh,” came the confused reply.

“Terry, this isn’t right.”

Her expression faded to one of hurt and embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I just…” she stopped, turning away to hide.

“No, no,” he said, gently turning her face back to his. “I just wouldn’t feel right because of what happened yesterday. I wouldn’t want you jumping into something because of all you’ve been through. If we take this further, I want to make sure it’s because it’s what we both want.”

She gave him a sly look. “So you’re saying this isn’t what you want,” stroking his erection through his slacks.

He hesitated, teetering dangerously close to losing his nerve. He wanted her so much.

“No,” he said reluctantly. “It’s not. Not right now, at least,” he added returning her grin. Michael gently removed her hand. “We’ll revisit the subject again sometime soon.”

“Okay,” she conceded. “You’re probably right. This hasn’t been a banner week for me making decisions. But I want you to know that the offer is sincere, and it will be repeated when things are a bit more stable.” She kissed him again, appreciative that he continued to put her welfare above everything.

“I should probably go home and take a cold shower,” she said laughing. Her expression suddenly darkened, as a troubling thought leapt to her mind. “I need to prepare myself for tomorrow. It’s going to be a really tough day.”

Michael stroked her hair. “I wouldn’t bet on that.” She stared at him, confused.

“I ran a couple of errands yesterday. Trust me, nothing is going to be said about Friday night.” Terry still looked unconvinced, so Michael filled her in on the details of his visit to James’s and what was still to come.

“Do you think it will work?” she said hopefully. “I really love it there. If things get worse for me, I don’t know if I can deal with it. I want to move on with my life, and that’s going to be impossible with everyone knowing the things I did.”

“I have no doubt,” he replied confidently. “But, since you are going early to go take that cold shower, I have time to run one more errand tonight, just to be sure.” She was about to ask what he meant, but he cut her off.

“Sorry, I can’t let you in on all my secrets,” he teased. “How would I keep the mystery in our relationship?”

“So we have a relationship?” she asked coyly.

“I certainly hope so,” he quickly responded. “Your mother already said she approves of me.”


Michael approached the door to the conference room apprehensively. He had to play the situation just right, or everything could fall apart. The entire weekend had felt like a high-wire act, and he hoped that this could be the end of it so he could get to know Terry at a normal pace, to see if there was something real there to build on. He hoped so. She seemed too good to be true, assuming her commitment to addressing her trust issues and the chaos it had created in her life was sincere.

He knew he couldn’t be too emotional. It would give the men inside power over him. Michael was certain that they would try to use that power because they would resent his actions Friday and what they were about to experience. He also knew that he couldn’t overplay his hand, because if they chose to call his bluff, it would be extremely damaging to him to have to prove them wrong. There was no question that he was ready to cause that damage if necessary, but everything would be better if he could manipulate the situation correctly.

Pushing open the door, he saw all the men present. They had been talking, and turned toward him with an air of defiance. Ignoring their attitudes, he walked to the head of the table and began.

“Gentlemen, this meeting is not about what happened Friday night, or about any night before then.” There were a few confused murmurs, so he pressed on. “This meeting is about loyalty; loyalty to this company.”

“Andrew Stanton sees this company as a family. When he hired me, it’s what he desperately tried to convince me of. A family doesn’t treat its members the way you’ve been treating Ms. Davis, and it most certainly wouldn’t then go around destroying them by spreading rumors about personal behavior.” He looked directly at James. “Especially when that behavior happened away from work on your own time.”

“My goal here is to make sure that what happened away from work stays between us, and never comes to light. This is for her benefit, but even more for yours.”

“That’s crap,” James spoke out. “This is about you covering for some girl you have the hots for.” There were more murmurs of support, but Michael noticed they were fading.

“You might think so,” Michael continued,” but you’d be wrong. If I fired all of you today,” he paused while the men looked around in alarm, “this company would be worse off. My loyalty is to the company, and all of it’s employees. It’s my job to protect Ms. Davis from salacious gossip, and to protect you from forcing me to take action due to your behavior.”

James challenged him. “You don’t have the power to fire us. This is a bluff.”

“Oh no,” Michael countered. “That’s where you’re wrong. I can, and I will fire you if it’s necessary. Not only that, I will make sure that any job you are hired at in the future will be without a reference from this company. Not only would that be an awkward conversation to have, but I make you this promise…if I ever hear one of you spoke ill of Terry, I will personally make sure that any company you work for in the future will somehow be made aware that your employment here was terminated after an incident involving the sexual assault of a co-worker.”

The room broke into open bedlam. “You can’t do that!” James bellowed. “That’s illegal.”

“Yes it is,” Michael said calmly. “And I’d love to see you prove that rumors spread at your new company had anything to do with me. I’m sure all of you here are familiar enough with the concept that the harder you fight against a salacious rumor, the more attention you draw to yourself.” The room grew quiet as the men considered his statement, and realized the truth in it.

“This is how it’s going to be. Friday night never happened, gentlemen. It will never be spoken of outside of this room again. I would discourage you from talking about it with each other on the off chance that you could be overheard. If any rumors surface, I’ll know they came from one of you. Also, Ms. Davis has indicated that she doesn’t wish for anything like that to happen again, and I expect you to honor her wishes and show her the same respect inside these walls that you do for any other coworker. If any of you violate these terms, you will all be held equally responsible and face the same consequences.”

James stood. “It’s a good threat Michael. I’ll grant you that. But you’re forgetting one thing. You don’t have the power to fire all of us. Maybe me, but that’s it and I’d fight you tooth and nail. What’s that going to do for your girlfriend and her privacy?”

They were all startled by the sound of the door opening. “Hello gentlemen,” Andrew said, stepping inside. “What’s this meeting about?”

Michael shrugged nonchalantly. “Just discussing loyalty and motivation.”

Andrew smiled. “Well, those are two of my favorite subjects. It’s good to see you staying on top of things, Michael.” He turned to the others. “Since you are all here, I’d like you to be the first to know that I’ve decided to step down from my duties and take a smaller role with the company. Michael here will be taking my place, a bit at a time until such time as he feels ready to fully take over the reigns.” He looked purposefully at each man’s face. “So I guess you’ll all be working for him from now on. You better be on your best behavior.”

He turned back to Michael and nodded toward the hallway. Michael turned back toward the room. “Excuse me a moment, won’t you?” He took secret pleasure in the shocked faces staring back at him.

“So how is it going?” Andrew asked as Michael closed the door.

“They seem to be taking me seriously, sir.”

“Good. I want this done, and done forever.”

“Yes sir. And Mr. Stanton…”

“Andrew,” he interrupted.

“Yes sir, Mr. Stanton,” Michael replied respectfully, ignoring the older man’s rebuke. “Thank you again for your confidence.”

“Michael,” he said fondly, “When I hired you I thought I saw in you the man who could take this company to the next level. When you and Janie came over last night to try to salvage this mess, I realized I was right. All I did was speed up the process a bit. You’ll still have to prove yourself before things are finalized, but I have no doubts you will do it with ease.”

“I want my company in the hands of someone I can trust to run it in the spirit I’ve established. You’ve proven to me that you are the right man. I already knew that you were qualified to do the job, it was just a question of making sure you were a strong enough man to make the difficult decisions. You’ve proven that without question. Now go finish the meeting, then take that lovely woman to dinner. I expect you two to join my wife and I for a weekend at our summer home as soon as you feel it’s appropriate. I’ve always admired her.”

He leaned close and whispered, “She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever hired, and one of the sweetest. If I was thirty years younger and single, you’d have a hell of a fight on your hands.” He then winked. “And if you ever tell my wife I said that, you’ll be working on the assembly floor for the next five years.”

The two men laughed, then shook hands. Michael watched him go with unmatched admiration for the man’s heart. He broke his promise to Terry for the one and only time, he swore to himself. Janie and he had spoken to Andrew about her problems, stemming back to her divorce before being hired, and the way she was treated at work because of the stories told about her. It turned out that the older man was quite fond of her, although he hid it to avoid the appearance of favoritism. He was outraged at what had happened, and pledged any help that Terry might need to recover from her personal problems.

It was his idea to announce the change of leadership. When he heard the situation and Michael’s desire to not only solve it, but do so in a way that didn’t harm the business, he knew his instincts in choosing a successor had been correct. Announcing it now was premature, but would give him the authority necessary to resolve it without needing to involve anyone else. It would also allow him to finally get away from the business without worrying about what might happen. He loved the company, but it was virtually impossible to do his job and not be forced to make compromises with his personal life.

Michael sighed, knowing that this was the first of hundreds of these kinds of fires he’d be putting out over the years. It was daunting, but a challenge he relished. Now his first test would involve separating his personal feelings as well as Terry’s from what was best for the company. Not only that, but he had the added pressure of knowing Andrew was watching this one closely. Just because he told a group of employees what his plans were, didn’t mean they couldn’t be changed if Michael failed.

He pushed open the door and stepped back inside. “All right, where did we leave off?”

No one spoke, the shock of Andrew’s appearance taking the fight out of the men. He surveyed the room, making sure he had their undivided attention.

“What I said before was true. I am here to take care of everyone in the company, which includes you. This company doesn’t run as well without you men. I need you to make this place a success. Obviously I have strong feelings about the situation, but I will put them aside if you are willing to live with the condition that you keep your mouths shut to avoid harming Ms. Davis, or other women here who might feel threatened by what happened that night, or what might happen with loose talk later.”

“So I’m going to let you decide what you want to do. When you’re ready to talk to me, I will be in my office ready to listen.”

He turned and walked out, feeling he’d given the situation his best shot. Now he had to trust in them to do the right thing.

Twenty minutes later, Missy knocked on Michael’s door. “James is here to see you, sir.”

“Tell him to come in,” he answered, waiting impatiently at his desk.

A somber, defeated James walked into the office. Michael gestured for him to sit.

“Well?” he asked.

“Everyone has agreed. There will be no discussion of Friday’s events, and no more talking about the things that have happened involving her.”

“James, can I be honest with you?”

“Sure,” he replied, looking agitated.

“I don’t like you. Never have. The moment I met you, I thought you were too obnoxious, too boastful, and over-confident. This situation has cemented those feelings.”

“So now what?” he asked, looking like he expected the worst.

“Well, we have two choices. Number one is that you leave the company and seek a job situation where you don’t have so many conflicts with your boss.”

“And number two?”

Michael sighed. “Number two is going to be a lot more difficult, for both of us. Sit down, please.”


“Terry, someone’s here to see you,” Janie called out.

Opening her office door, Terry was shocked to see James standing there, looking sincerely contrite.

“I…I” she stammered, unable to form the words.

“Terry, can I please talk to you for a moment?”

She looked at Janie, unsure of what to do.

“Please?” he repeated.

“Sure, come in.” She stepped back and waved him into her office. She regarded him warily.

“Listen,” he said, looking uncharacteristically nervous. “I want to apologize about Friday night. I know I pushed it too far.”

She fought the urge to look away in shame, forcing herself to meet his gaze. “I was there too. I could have stopped you if I had really wanted to. What I did was stupid, but I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t an active participant. But you need to know; that part of my life is over. Friday was a wake-up call, and I need to change before something happens that can’t be dealt with over an apology.”

“I understand. The thing is Terry, I like you. I’ve always liked you. You’re a beautiful woman and I wanted to be closer to you from the moment I saw you. But you weren’t interested in me and it hurt. So when I found out you would be willing to be more…open to things under the right circumstances, I guess I felt like it was fine to take advantage of the situation. To be honest I was always a little angry that you’d be willing to hook up when you were drunk, but didn’t even want to have a cup of coffee when you were sober.”

Her eyes got wide. “James, that was never about you. It was about how I felt about myself for doing those things.”

“I think I get that now,” he said, sounding sincere. “I swear to you, I never meant for anything I did to hurt you. It seemed like you enjoyed it, although I should have realized you weren’t from the way you acted afterward.

“There’s more,” he said, looking ashamed. “I told some people around here some of the things that happened. It was nothing but vindictiveness on my part because I was upset about you refusing to even be friends after…well, you know,” he stammered. “For that I’m very sorry. It won’t happen again, and I promise that I’ll do everything in my power to disavow any stories about you that people choose to say in front of me. And you won’t have to worry about me hassling you here. Once I leave this office, I promise I won’t ever bother you again unless you talk to me first.”

She looked at him in stunned silence. This was a side of him she had never seen before. For the first time since she met him, he was actually treating her like a person who he respected.

“I don’t know what to say,” she answered. Terry could feel the blood rushing to her face, and her eyes tearing up.

“Say you forgive me? At least maybe some day?” he asked, looking at her hopefully.


“So how did it go?” Michael asked.

James shrugged noncommittally. “She forgave me; right there on the spot. You were right. She’s a better person than I am.”

“That much I knew,” Michael said with a sly grin. “James, it means a lot that you decided to stick it out. You and I have our problems, but you are without a doubt one of the most promising talents in the company. I won’t forget this.”

“Thank you sir, but to be honest, I didn’t do it for you.”

“I appreciate you being candid,” Michael said. “And it lets me know I made the right decision.” He rose and the two shook hands.

James walked toward the door, then paused to look back. “If it works out between the two of you, you’ll be the luckiest son of a bitch I know. She really is special.”

Michael smiled comfortably. “On that, we are in complete agreement.”


The ringing of his phone startled Michael from his thoughts. “Yes?”

“Terry is here to see you,” Missy announced.

“Thank you.” He rose and strode quickly to the door. He opened it and noticed her aggravated expression.

“Hey you,” he said with a smile.

“Hey yourself,” she answered, pushing past him into the office. “What did you do?” she asked accusingly.

“Who me?” he said, trying to draw a laugh from her. Seeing that he failed miserably, his expression turned serious. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Are you going to tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with it? Seriously?”

“Ok, I surrender. I had the talk and maybe I went a step further than I told you I would.”

“I’d say,” she answered, crossing her arms in front of her chest defiantly.

Michael sat back on the desk and studied her. “You’re right. The truth is, I had a long talk with him and told him that even if he was a gigantic pain in my ass, he was very good at his job and I was willing to put my personal feelings aside if he wanted to stay. In fact, I indicated that once my job was free, he would be the person most qualified to take it.”

“And that’s all?” she said suspiciously.

“We might have talked about you a bit.” Seeing her raise an eyebrow he quickly added, “but nothing that violated any confidences.”

“So he just felt so bad that he wanted to come apologize?”

“Actually, he did. He had convinced himself that what was going on was harmless, but he didn’t think about the fact that it could be hurting you. When I pointed that out, he really did feel badly about it. So I told him it would be good for him to get it off his chest.”

“And nothing else?” she said, clearly not convinced.

“You mean like me threatening to change his job title to the guy who sweeps the parking lot?”

“No, I mean was there anything else?” she demanded, not showing interest in his humor.

“I told you before,” he answered, “it’s important to keep the mystery alive.”

“Argh!” she growled, taking him by the face and pulling him close, kissing him fiercely. “You’re lucky I like you.”

“You’re welcome.”

A confused look crossed her face. “Wait, what do you mean when your job is free?”


Michael pulled up in front of the two story house at the end of the cul-de-sac. He got out of the car and walked to the door, carrying a bouquet of roses and whistling happily. The rest of the week at work had gone incredibly well. Everyone kept their word, and there were no stories flying around about the wild night at the bar. James had even started to kill the previous rumors, many of which he had started in the first place. The entire company had heard about Andrew’s announcement, and Michael’s efforts to streamline production were gaining traction. He found that the news he’d be in charge one day managed to motivate a lot of people to cooperate.

Andrew had been thrilled at the way things worked out. He really was fond of Terry, and was happy that the business he started was no longer a place where she was made to feel ostracized. Missy and Janie had done wonders in convincing people who hadn’t gotten to know Michael yet see that he was someone they could trust with their problems and concerns.

Things with Terry continued to get better every day. Michael had managed to break through the wall she had built, and unconstrained by her fears and guilt, they had grown inseparable after only a week. Every day they spent as much time together at work as possible. Every night they were together until it was so late they feared neither would be able to make it to work in the morning. Despite their mutual attraction, they forced themselves to take their time getting physical to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the budding relationship.

Michael was certain at this point that Terry was the woman he’d been waiting for. Everything flowed so easily between them that it was difficult not to feel like they’d been dating for months instead of just days. He tried not to get ahead of himself, but he’d never been more sure of anything in his life than of her feelings for him. He knew the only thing that could harm their relationship was her doubts about herself. Although she had definitely turned the corner and was accepting support from her family and friends, there was still a part of her that believed she was capable of sabotaging that happiness for no good reason.

He reached the door and knocked, pushing the swirling thoughts from his mind. Tonight was going to be about nothing but them enjoying each other. Neither had any plans for the weekend, so they could relax and enjoy their time together. The door opened and Terry stepped into the light, drawing a low whistle of approval from him.

“Well thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he responded, handing her the roses and leaning in to kiss her briefly.

“They’re beautiful!” she exclaimed. “Come on in. I’ll go put them in water.”

He looked around at the house, noticing that it lacked the spark that she displayed when she allowed herself to be free of her doubts. It had no life, and didn’t reflect her personality at all.

“What do you think?” she asked, coming back into the room.

“It’s nice,” he answered noncommittally.

“Gee, that sounded sincere.”

“Sorry,” he apologized.

“Don’t be. You’re right. This place is a museum to my old marriage. I don’t know why, but I never could change things here. It’s not like I ever believed he’d come back, but part of me just couldn’t let it go. This isn’t me anymore and I’m going to get rid of it as soon as possible.”

“Well, if you need a place to stay…”

“No thank you, I’m going to enjoy my new life on my terms. But,” she said, eyeing him slyly, “if you feel like giving me the option to crash every now and then, I might be predisposed to taking you up on the offer.”

Michael put a hand behind her neck, pulling her close. “I can pretty much guarantee it,” he said, leaning in to kiss her.

“Hey, none of that. I have dinner waiting for us.”

Michael grumbled, but allowed her to lead him to the dining room. They enjoyed a dinner together, slipping into a casual conversation that again reminded him of how easily they seemed to click. He hadn’t shared with her much of his dating history. The truth was that his gift for reading people had proven to be a huge impediment to finding someone to be with throughout his life. He usually knew by the second or third date if he could coexist with a woman on a long term basis. If the answer was no, he usually lost interest, no matter how attracted to her he happened to be.

Michael had begun to wonder if he would ever meet someone compatible, since at 35 he hadn’t even come close. From the minute he met Terry however, she had caught his eye in a way that no woman had before. The more he learned about her, the more fascinated he was. Her unpredictability and zest for life touched him in an unexpected way. He cursed her ex-husband for his short-sightedness in dealing with the remarkable woman. His departure had left her scarred and unsure of herself. But what Michael had found made him believe that there was a woman inside who was beyond his wildest expectations of a partner to spend his life with.

Stop getting ahead of yourself, the voice in his head scolded. We’re a long way from that. I’d be thrilled to just spend the night at this point; even just to hold her until morning.

He tried not to allow frustration to set in, but everything else was moving so fast, it was difficult to hold back his desire to make love to her. He knew waiting was the best chance for them to have long-term success together, but that didn’t make it any easier to walk away when she pressed her body against his as they kissed. Every curve was already seared into his memory, although he yearned for seeing it in an intimate setting instead of the one memory he had of seeing her without her clothes.

“Could I get a beer?” he asked, desperate to stop the cacophony of thoughts streaming through his head.

“Are you all right?”

He sighed, “You know, the truth is, I can’t stop thinking about everything that’s been happening between us. It’s just been amazing, and it has me on edge.”

She looked confused. “Why on edge?”

“Because you are so spectacular that I can’t take it all in. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but it’s all I can do not to grab you, drag you upstairs and throw you down on the bed.

“Wow,” she giggled, “You really do need a beer.”

They both laughed heartily as she went to the refrigerator. It took extra time as she appeared to be having trouble finding any. He was about to tell her not to worry about it as she continued to fidget with the contents. Finally she turned with the drink in her hand, plus a surprise. She had unbuttoned her blouse all the way to the bottom. He stared at the exposed flesh hungrily. The curves of her breasts were only partially concealed by the fabric as it hung loosely off her shoulders. It opened wide at the bottom, showing her flat, toned stomach.

She slowly lowered herself to his knee, straddling it as she sat down and rubbed the ice cold bottle across her shirt where her breast lay beneath. She looked down and gave him a devilish smile.

“Oops, look what I did,” she whined in an innocent voice, pointing at her nipple, now clearly visible through the material.

“Oh Terry,” he groaned, unable to disguise the naked lust he felt for her. His hands reached out, fingertips sliding the material apart, exposing her breasts fully; her pink nipples already erect. He leaned in, taking one of her nipples between his lips, alternately nibbling and sucking the sensitive bud.

“Yes,” she moaned, running her fingers through his hair encouragingly.

Michael stood up unexpectedly and holding Terry securely, laid her down on the table. Her blouse slipped off her chest, fully exposing her. He leaned in and ran his tongue around her nipple, then took as much into his mouth as he could. She held his head in place, enjoying the sensations as his hands worked on her belt. As soon as it opened, he popped the button of her jeans, then slowly slid the zipper down; grazing her mound with his hand.

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