study break

Reuben trudged into the library as he had for every day this week – cold, tired and miserable. It seemed fitting that the clear night skies would greet him once more. Coupled with the gray misery that clouded the skies every day this week, the weather begot bone-chilling temperatures across the region.

“How I loathe exam time,” screamed the echoing thought in his mind. He met every gust of wind with a grimace behind his hooded winter coat; fighting off frostbite and cabin fever just to make it to the holidays. On top of the local environmental conditions were his own personal issues. The past few weeks found him balancing a time budget of dedicating hours to cementing his knowledge and reserving some free time to heed off insanity.

Upon entering the dead-silent library, he made a beeline to the stacks. It was his last exam, and he wanted no distractions. No glancing over at people sitting in neighboring tables, wondering how they were handling the approach of the last day of exams. No clock to distract him. He would hit the textbooks and dissect his notebooks in privacy.

He never much cared for the stack cages. They looked and acted as prison cells for forced study. Nestled uncomfortably between the shelving of library volumes, they barely provided enough room for a student and the built-in table. A single light shone overhead, and that was it. A tightly woven chain linked fence, painted in a dark muted green to match the walls, kept outside attention from creeping in. It was spartan, but it offered just what he wanted.

One and a half hours into his studies, Reuben began to sense a loss of focus. The words and figures on the pages no longer clicked in his brain – the exhaustion from previous exams was taking its toll. Upon finishing the chapter, he sat back and thought of how to regain his concentration. A snack would weight him down, but some caffeine in his system might do the trick.

He returned a minute later, again resigning himself to the dismal cell – beverage in tow to help him plow through the thick chapters ahead. Pulled up and hunched over the desk, he again went through the texts, checking his notes to catch the emphasis his professor made over the semester.

Not five minutes into it, he felt a stirring along the crotch of his pants. It felt as if something caught onto his jeans. At first, his mind imagined the ages old aluminum table somehow snagged his pants. Reuben had scrapped himself on them in the past.

He was about to brush the whole thing off when he felt his zipper slowly come undone. The gentleness of its handling froze him in his seat. ‘Who the hell is underneath my desk?’ he thought to himself, wondering how he should handle this in a public setting. If he screamed, immediate and unnecessary attention was certain to befall him. The idea of returning next semester as the guy molested in the library during finals did not settle well with him.

Then, the distinctly delectable purr of Eva’s moan, albeit near whisper quiet, grazed by his ears. The sound both excited and relaxed him. Knowing his girlfriend underneath the table fumbling with his pants drove away the fear of some stranger yanking at his junk. Furthermore, it put his present situation in a positive light. What a better way to relieve his tension that with a blowjob. The very thought of his girlfriend’s studded tongue pressing itself along his shaft caused his cock to throb.

Eva faintly giggled as she meticulously worked his pants down to expose his trousers. The sight of his bulge pressing through the fabric of his shorts never grew old. Knowing she could gear her man up with the simplest of gestures stroked her ego. Eva knew she had it working, and so long as she kept her man happy, he was at his bidding. She could make him bend over backwards at the snap of her fingers if she felt like it. Right now though, she wanted his meat in her mouth.

Reuben sat back in his chair, eyes half closed, enjoying the foreplay of Eva’s fingers dancing between his legs to get to their prize. It had been a while since they had seen each other – with exams and the holiday season taking up each other’s time. He was impressed with her creativity in solving their mutual problem.

As he sat back, eagerly awaiting to feel her lips once again bless his cock, he felt as if another set of eyes were on him. Looking to the cage door, he saw a man in the stacks casually looking his way. The man must have thought Reuben was daydreaming. Reuben quickly played the part, startling to his senses and returning to the text. Pretending to peruse the book, he saw the man continue on his way out of the corner of his eyes.

The excitement of their sexual misdeeds set his heart racing. He looked down to see if Eva was at all exposed. Given his position at the desk, he could not spot her. With the unflattering lighting in the cage, he suspected no passersby could get a good look underneath the table. Still, he lowered his head down to whisper to Eva.

“Hey, um,” he began, still at a loss of what to say about his fortunate position. “I appreciate this kinky surprise and all, but, ah, we could get caught.”

“I know silly,” she whispered back. Her voice was so distinct. The lisp caused by her tongue stud, coupled with her somewhat high-pitched yet raspy voice, led to an enticing sound that enchanted her easily swayed boyfriend. “That’s why I’m down here. I’ve been wet all week waiting for the opportunity to do this with you.”

Reuben brought his head back to look at the books ahead of him. They meant nothing to him now. The figures, charts and words on the pages were just that – a jumble of meaningless words and pictures. Eva’s hands managed to expose enough of his shorts to free his still pliant cock from their snug confines. He felt her gentle yet skilled hands quickly take a hold of his member. A barely audible smack of her lips hinted she was salivated and ready.

The soft caress of her breath as her mouth approached increased the heaviness of Rueben’s already heavy breathing. It dawned on him that while he may enjoy the night’s activities yet, he could not act the part. People were still walking up and down the stacks of the library. He would have to control himself and act as though he were studying.

Eva’s full lips lightly kissed the tip of Reuben’s cock. She could feel his meat swell with every pulse of his heart as it slowly yet noticeably pricked to life. Her hands steadied its growth as she nestled it against her mouth. Eva tilted her head to its side, pressing her lips against the length of the cock and allowing the tip of her tongue to tease his member. Delightfully, the length of his manhood strengthened against her mouth. Fancying something different, her lips retracted over her teeth as she took his cock sideways in her mouth, the tip of his engorging member pressing against the inside of her cheek. Every throb of Reuben’s cock enlarged and lengthened itself inside her hot, wet mouth. Soon enough it pressured itself against her cheek, just as Eva anticipated it would.

Blankly staring at the book ahead of him, Reuben was enraptured in how Eva was taking in his meat. She was creative, and every time she sucked him off, she made it feel like nothing before. The tip of his cock eagerly pressed itself against her cheek, feeling the tip of her moist tongue caress the length of his meat – limited by the boundaries of her snug lips. Eva was clearly in control. Her metallic stud came up against his cock whenever her tongue danced over his shaft, touching his meat as her slippery muscle darted underneath his girth, but never rubbing or pressing into his length.

She enjoyed knowing Reuben was practically squirming in anticipation for what she would do to him next. His meat had lurched itself to full length inside her mouth. The inside of her cheek ached as his tip buried itself somewhat painfully against it. Eva was not thrilled with the discomfort, but having her man subtly writhe in his chair more than made up for the slight pain.

The soft sucking motions of Eva’s lips along the length of his shaft further drew up cum from his nut sack. Rueben found himself at that delicious stage where a man can feel his body prepare itself for the pending climax, readying his shaft with a load of come for his release. Feeling the tip of his manhood slide gradually further along the inside of his girlfriend’s cheek, he let out an audible moan.

His moan was met with a handful of stifling shushes from those studying in the neighboring cages. Remembering where he was, he readjusted himself to the task at hand of looking busy. He did not know what to make of his gaffe, but feeling Eva’s chuckle with her mouth wrapped around his cock lightened him up.

Sensing the need to take their enjoyment to another level, Eva withdrew her mouth from his throbbing meat. A string of precum trailed itself from his tips to her lips. The sight excited her. Licking the trail from her mouth, Eva was encouraged to see that Reuben was undeterred from the other’s insistence to be quiet. She was intent on rewarding him as they had discussed in the past. She fancied it his going-away present.

Reuben found himself driven mad as he felt Eva’s warm mouth engulf his pulsing cock. He desperately wanted to grasp his hands around her head as she took on his meat. He longed to run his fingers through her silken hair, feeling her long, dark strands cascading down along his arms. He badly wanted to caress her face with his, her body cupped in his arms.

Instead, he found himself pathetically clutching his textbook, staring wildly at it, as if in an attempt to somehow see through both it and the table. To watch his girlfriend take on his meat. He was helplessly trapped in his cell, as his wanton girlfriend continued to suck him off.

Eva slowly and deliberately slithered her tongue underneath Reuben’s manhood. Her tongue stud pressed against his shaft, working its way to his tip, sending waves through her boyfriend. She could hear and feel him labor to regulate his breathing as she orally pleasured him. Hints of precum oozed out from his rod, attesting to the effectiveness of her technique.

Pleasure was taking excessive toll on Reuben’s stability. Acting normal in his cage while Eva sucked him dry proved increasingly difficult with every passing second. He wanted to relax in his seat, instead of hunched over his textbooks. His hands grew restless, wanting to feel and experience. He wanted to act out, undergoing the effects of some wonderful but intangible drug. Instead, Reuben stared intently ahead. The force with which he gripped the hardcover edges of his textbook intensified with every sensuous lick and pass of his girlfriend’s lips.

Reuben knew that as much as he wanted to hold out, it was not an option. She was a pro. Holding out would leave him that much more exhausted. His come swelled up within him. His prick practically ached to shoot off inside her mouth, to fill her talented mouth with a creamy fill of his jizz. Giving in to temptation, he let himself go over the edge.

Eva suddenly felt her boyfriend’s cock jerk inside her mouth. His legs had subtly tensed, and his breathing temporarily paused. He was coming. Soon his throbbing cock would spill his seed. If she were to surprise him with her true reward, she would need to act fast. With a deep nasal breath, she withdrew her mouth.

As his cock slipped free from its oral sheath, the first spray of his juice erupted from his pumping shaft. Eva’s partly opened lips received his hot cream, quickly becoming coated with the first jet of his seed. Swiftly, she positioned her face to receive the brunt of his ejaculation. She closed her eyes just as the second spray of jizz splashed against her face. Squirt after warm squirt anointed her face with his love, the congealed wads of his sperm oozing down her smiling face.

Reuben’s heart leapt when he felt her lips slide and depart from his climaxing cock. Her hands gently remained around his meat; their guidance suggesting her oral absence as a part of her plan. Wave after wave of his cum rifled through his prick and into the air. His girlfriend’s panting breath tickled his pumping nutsack. It dawned on him – Eva was receiving a facial from his load! He recently became obsessed with the idea giving her a facial, finally admitting it to Eva one sweaty night long ago. She didn’t warm up to his suggestion, instead finding other places for him to deposit his seed.

Once Reuben’s spew slowed to a trickled, Eva again positioned her mouth to his prick. Licking off the loads on her face she could reach with her tongue, her mouth sucked clean what remained on his cock. She was happy with how her little plan worked out. Additionally, feeling his sperm splash against her face proved more erotic than she anticipated.

To his own amazement, Reuben kept his composure over his climax. At least he drew no attention from the others in the library. His cock softening and Eva’s expert grip having left his meat, he decided to pull back in his seat and get up. Catching his breath with a casual sigh, he quickly stuffed away his manhood and zipped up his jeans.

His girlfriend crawled out from the uncomfortable confines beneath the desk. Reuben helped her to her feet. The sight of Eva’s cream-covered face caught his breath. He had practically given up on fulfilling his little fantasy. Now she stood in front of him, her eyes staring intently into his own. His jizz glistened under the stale study light as it continued to slowly slide off her smiling face.

For Eva, seeing the surprise in her boyfriend’s eyes was a reward in itself. She giggled lightly as she took in the overjoyed expression on his face. Reaching into her hip pocket, she withdrew a clump of tissue paper stowed away especially for tonight. She wiped away the clumps of his spew with the tissues, not exactly proud enough of her facial to wear it on display to others in the library.

Reuben suppressed a chuckle as he absorbed how radiant she looked. Exams, figures and theories were a distant memory to him now. As her tissue paper wiped away his seed from her smiling face, memories called out to him recalling the fun both he and Eva have shared during their brief relationship. They had hung out constantly over the semester, but the past week had taken its toll on their time. Seeing her once again, especially in this manner, was quite the treat.

The last of his cream effectively wiped away from her face, Eva again darted her eyes to Reuben’s. Sensing he was about to say something, she placed her index finger to her lips, motioning him to shush. Gently, Eva leaned in to him. Reuben fell slightly back, bracing his hand against the metal wall behind him. She pressed her body against his, her breasts yielding to his frame, giving him a deep kiss. Her tongue was quick to meet his, as her hands gently caressed his face for the first time in what seemed to be so long.

With their lips locked, Reuben could taste his sperm from inside Eva’s mouth. He had tasted it before – the two lovers were not new to snowballs. Only now, glaze of his sperm on her face greeted him. He did not quite know what to make of it – it was an awkward sensation. This temporary distraction was broken when the sounds of their deep kisses resonated in his ears.

When their slow kiss finally separated, Reuben once again found himself looking into her deep dark eyes. Her uplifting smile greeted him again as they simply looked into each other. Reuben wished the moment would last, but suddenly Eva reached into a pocket, pulling out a folded piece of paper and another tissue. She handed it to him and whispered to him. “I’d love to stay, but I’m pressed for time too. I have to go.”

His response was a suppressed chuckle. Before Reuben could even ask why, she motioned him to shush again. Opening the cage door, she left him behind in his cell. Walking away, she twiddled her hand goodbye as she moved her lips to the words ‘I love you’.

Reuben stood in his study cage for a moment, trying to piece together what just happened. Disenchanted, he sat in his chair. Still holding the note she gave him upon leaving, he unfolded it, reading what she had to say.

“Dear Reuben, I’m sorry we weren’t able to hook up together over the holidays as we had hoped. I know you’re anxious to get home once exams are over. Knowing of the trouble that’s fallen on you and your sister this past year, I won’t try to hold you from returning home and sooner than you can. I would like to say that I will miss you, and anxiously await your return to campus. You have the number where I’ll be staying. Feel free to give me a call if you ever feel like talking. Give my warmest regards to your sister, and have a merry Christmas! -Eva”

The letter brought a smile to his face. She was right – by this time tomorrow, he would be back home. He would be able to see his dear sister for the first time since she came to visit him. He could finally check on her personally to make sure she was doing okay. Letters and phone calls only went so far. There was much to look forward to – the only thing standing in the way was this stupid exam.

Tucking the letter away, he returned his notebooks and texts. Eva’s magic touch had drained him of his focus and energy, and he soon found concentration to be a foreign element. His body was in a state of afterglow, and his mind was powerless to overcome it. Conceding defeat, Reuben figured to wake up especially early tomorrow to finish his studies. With extra pep in his step, he set his way out of the library.

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