The first chapter of this tale is in the Humour/Satire section. There is a third, final chapter, which may well go in another section but I haven’t decided yet – keep your eyes open for it next month!

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This story I’m about to tell…, well…. it was impossible to see it all coming. Well, almost impossible. I mean something was going to happen, right, but we just didn’t ever expect it to go the way it did. It started off as a laugh but it got way out of hand.

Oh, you may sit there and say – ‘Well Selena, that’s the way things happen. You do things that are wild when you are young and if you are not careful, then they get out of hand and nothing but bad will come of it’.

‘Poo to that’ – is all I can say. You know what makes the young the way they are? It’s taking chances. You remember being young – probably don’t – but you remember some vivid experiences right? You don’t get experiences so vivid as that when you get older cos you’re too scared to jump off the boat and try something new. That’s why the young are different, you see. We aren’t scared to go off into the deep end.

This may go some way to explaining why on earth Marie and I ended up strolling down the road from our stately pile (not quite, but it is ginormous) the mile or so to Craig Cawsey’s garage workshop, presenting him with an outlandish request of who did or did not, in the recent past, place an oily handprint on our butts and then, for good measure, us both bending over, lifting up our sarongs (it was high summer and they were ‘in’ that year) and asking him, our family mechanic thank you, to leave a handprint on our cheeks so we could contrast and compare with the photographic evidence we had. Shit, I know, that doesn’t sound much of a way of explaining. The other thing you gotta bear in mind is Craig is, like, a bit of a hit with us girls. We’re just nearing leaving school, Marie is nineteen and I’m eighteen, and pretty much all our friends agree that Craig is the bit of town rough it’s okay to fancy. I mean it’s not as if he has anyone anyway. We know he takes a hit on loose girls that come into town with the summer crowds but that’s it. Oh, there’s Dee who works the Bar, but she and Craig are in a permanent state of on/off. That seems to suit them both. By the way, this town is a bit too small. We all know each others business. Mostly. There are secrets for sure. I guess Marie and I thought we could be a bit, er, wanton – for better want of a word…..hey, c’mon we are educated girls, not thick shits, don’t make mistakes here folks. We are smart and savvy. Probably big headed a bit too. I’m going off the tale here, aren’t I? Yeah, Marie and I thought we could be wanton with Craig and it would be a secret. Like who was he gonna tell anyway? He has no family and his bit of stuff in the Bar…….well, what is he gonna say to her?

- ‘Guess what Dee darling, I had these two teenagers come in my shop today and lifted their skirts up for me to place my hands on their butts.’ – No, we didn’t think so either.

Marie is the other thing you have to understand. She always leads the way. I could say leads me on but that would be sister bitchy wouldn’t it? Sibling rivalry writ large. No, I love her to bits. I have to be truthful, she leads and I follow. Willingly most of the time. Fuck I thought it would be funny. Well, I did after Marie had skinned a fat number and suggested the thing to me. Yeah, you heard me. Dope smoking young women (we’re not really girls anymore), who woudla thunk it? Yes, sirree, Marie could have suggested we climb that tall oak behind our stables and launched ourselves off it to see if we could land on the backs of our horses in the yard after smoking a fat doobie and I might well have tried it.

And the other thing was, sorry about the list but y’know you gotta understand why we descended into tomfoolery-cum-madness such as flaunting our sexuality so flagrantly, the other thing was…….well dammit, how did those grubby hand prints get on our butts? Oh, I didn’t make that up, you know. No, we both found those later on, back home after school. A grubby hand had been laid on each of our butts, right across our bum cleavage. So that meant we had no panties on when that happened. Well that much we knew anyway cos we had taken the car first thing, before school, into Craig cos of a flat. Then……..well, then, things are a bit hazy. What we both know, and recall, is finding ourselves out the back of the garage, a bit dazed, our skirts up high (folded and tucked at our waistband like we had done it, the way we used to do in school when we were fourteen for crying out loud) and no panties or tights. Jesus, we had a fight to get out of the back of that place. It was totally overgrown weeds and bramble patch hell with no gate. Eventually we found a fox or badger path through the thorn hedge and we got round the front, car ready and all. When we got in our underwear was just sitting on the footwells, again like we had taken them off and put them there. Yeah, it does look like right fishy doesn’t it. All fingers pointing at Craig. A dodgy molesting mechanic. Except he’s not like that. Ma stands by him and Da. They don’t trust many round- abouts here and they say so. And they say that Craig is one man round here you can trust.

Marie and I talked it over a few times and we still couldn’t figure it the hell out. If we had some strange blackout down there then what did Craig do? Slip us Roofies? We didn’t drink anything, hell we were in a rush for school. We had no ill effects or anything. So. We didn’t know a fuck what went down. Marie’s answer to it all, eventually, was to roll a big spliff and the pair of us get flirty on Craig and see how he responded. It might go some way to explaining what happened to us. So I’m afraid we went the whole hog. Put on tight tops, no bras. Our tits were popping the cotton on those, folks, I can tell you. Ditto the thongs we squeezed on under the practically transparent sarongs, and y’know if you gonna wear thongs then ya gotta get shaved. I had only done her this morning and my wee puss was as clean and smooth as peach flesh. God, we had only walked about 500 yards when I could feel what little swatch of material the thong consisted of just fold in on itself and then sit between my pussy lips as I walked. Would have been better off without the thongs on, but we had to have some modesty. Jesus, we’re not totally loose y’know? Anyhow, it was a good job we live out of town and a good job it was mid week because we were swanky as get out I can tell you. I’m the quiet one, but god I do love feeling good and, yes, feeling sexy. Multiply that by two point five, at least, as far as Marie goes.

So we were buzzing by the time we got there, but we were nervous at the end up. There were no cars on the forecourt so Craig was on a slow day.

‘Shit, I dunno Marie’ I said quietly.

‘Don’t start, girl, we are down here now and Look, it couldn’t be more perfect. He has no trade today. Probably goofin off in there at some gearbox catalogue.’

‘Gearbox catalogue Marie? Are you sure there even is sucha thing?

We both laughed at that one cos she was making things up as usual.

‘Here. This. And then we go in’ Marie commanded and she handed me the wee hip flask she sometimes carries with her when we go out. A quick snifter of old J.D. always stands you up. As the afterburn worked on my insides I handed the flask back to her.

‘What if it goes wrong?’ I asked

‘Wrong? Fuck, Selena we’ve been over and over it. What will go wrong? He is not gonna phone the cops, he is not gonna phone the house cos he doesn’t want to lose the account. He may buck us out. Could be embarrassing. What else? Well he could tie us up and do us but we already decided he is not Mr. Dickhead guy. And besides, sister, what the hell did happen here the day we came in with a flat? We at least have to ask him that!’

‘Agreed………and flash him our butts’ I said half jokingly

‘Ooohh, yes. Flash him the old naked buttock’

We both giggled at that. Shit we were stoned a bit too much, I realized but what the hell. We walked on up.

I have to say that Craig’s reaction was what we expected. Surprise and shock when we showed him the photos on our phones. He looked embarrassed too. Aha! We both thought telepathic, so it was you. So we did our worst. We bent over and pulled our sarongs up and invited Craig to place his hands on our butts so we see if the handprints matched the photos. We were bad really. We didn’t just stand and bend down. We also placed our feet apart. He must have got a real eyeful of our pussies in their pouches. God it felt wanton (I like that word, can you tell).

There was a long pause, like an eternity. I expect he was getting a good look.

‘S’matter Craig, you fallen asleep?’ Marie cajoled. There was a cough and then a long sigh from him.

‘Marie……Selena……..I…..uh………I…….what the hell are you two on?’ I heard Marie straighten up so I did the same. We turned to look at him. He looked well flustered. He actually looked a little hurt. Marie got a bit bolshy.

‘Craig. We both trust you okay? Maybe we’re being a bit cheeky……..but. What the fuck happened here that Selena and I were out back with no underwear on and our skirts up to our belly buttons hunh? And when we get home a dirty, oily hand on our bottoms. Look at it our way Craig. Where would you make enquiries first?’

Now he looked in pain, in some of degree torment actually. He looked around the shop as if help was going to come from somewhere, then he lifted his hand and rubbed his chin. It instantly left a grubby chin.

‘Ooo…..kay’ he sighed, ‘follow me.’. We did. He went to the back of the shop, round the corner and stood by the back door. He punched the bar and kicked it open. The muddy path and forest of weeds were all there as I remembered them. He looked at us.

‘C’mere’ he said at the doorway. We went and stood beside him. ‘Believe it or not girls, the morning you brought the car in to get fixed somethin came over the both you. I don’t know what the hell did come over ya’s. I never in my whole life expected to see it, but you two girls seem to go into some sort of hazy mind thing, maybe pushing each other on………but you just sorta started flashing all your bits at me – s’true – took yer knickers off n all. So I brought you out here, opened the door and pushed you both out so’s you could get some air and wise up.’

He stopped. We didn’t say anything. There were some elements in there sounded like they could be true. Also, we were still stoned. So we started snorting with laughter. We had to hold onto the door frame. Craig wasn’t sure whether to laugh or not. Eventually, I said to him.

‘Okay, okay……..maybe we did, maybe we didn’t. That’s very honourable of you Craig’

‘Ain’t it just’ and then he laughed too. After a few seconds, Marie straightened up and said.

‘So we were just naked like from the waist down…….like this’ and she pulled her sarong right off, ‘and you put a hand on each of our butts and pushed us out?’

‘That’s right’ Craig said and I saw him taking a good look in this time. I can’t blame him. Marie sure looked sexy as hell standing there in that tight top and thong. She stood there and let Craig fill his eyes. Then she leant against the door frame and hitched one finger inside the strap of her thong.

‘Naked, you say, from the waist down?’ she challenged him. It was pretty brazen. Craig had a look on him that sort of said, I’ve been offered once and refused, now I’m being asked twice. I think he made up his mind about it there and then. Just to be sure, and because I couldn’t have Marie steal all the thunder, I stepped around him and out into the back.

‘Like this?’ I asked and I too took my sarong off, but I also slipped my fingers into my thong and pushed it down my legs and off my feet. Craig’s eyes were out on stalks. I didn’t stop. ‘Or was it like this?’ I reached under my top and pulled it off over my head. My breasts are pretty and they are full so they fair bounced out. His face was a picture. I still don’t why I did it. Marie looked a bit pissed that she hadn’t thought of it. I knew she was gonna do something better so I went further first. I turned, threw my clothes, such as they were up in the air to land somewhere in that godforsaken jungle and just walked off down the path. For a few seconds there was silence. I could feel their eyes on my backside. Then there was an explosion of laughter from them both and I heard Marie exclaim.

‘Selena!’ in mock shock tones. I kept on walking. I didn’t know where I was going. I could hear the pair of them coming along after a bit. Then running footsteps which I recognised as my sisters. In about ten seconds she came bustling past me. She hadn’t got a stitch on either. I knew she wouldn’t have. She would have to do the same as me, if not better. I raced along with her. The ferns scraped at us and then the brambles that hung over what was once a path. It went down and eventually we reached the bottom hedge. A big tree sat there like a sentry (we found out later it was a wychelm), older than bloody old, covered with thick, intertwined ivy that was itself years and years old. There was a huge tree limb the height of a bath lying amongst the long grass. We sat on the trunk and laughed at our madness.

‘Is he coming do you think?’ I asked

‘Oh sure……..I would if I was him!’ Marie exclaimed, ‘quick, let’s do this!’ She laughed and turned around and draped herself belly down over the trunk crossways so her head and arms were hidden in the grass on the far side but her legs were on clear view on the near side. I promptly did the same. The bark was knobbly on my belly but if felt comfortable. The grass was really thick around my head, I turned but couldn’t even see Marie’s head though she was only two feet or so away. When I looked down all I could see was masses of ground ivy. We waited. It felt pretty dirty doing this but it also felt free and easy, if that makes sense. The air and the sun was about our nakedness. I felt my tummy giving me mad butterflies. I heard Craig’s footfalls coming down the path. Dear god, I thought, if this doesn’t give a man a raging hard on I don’t’ know what would. When he gets down here all he’s gonna see are two fresh naked pairs of legs arching up to two fine backsides just pointing up in the air at him. I knew Marie would try and better that, so I pushed myself back a bit on the log so my bum was really sticking up in the air. Then I opened my legs as wide apart as I could. I know. That’s bad. I felt the breeze in and around my snatch. I was juicy down there already.

His footsteps stopped behind us. There was nothing doing so Marie (of course) spoke.

‘What you gonna do now you caught us Craig? We have been baaad’

‘Reckon so’ his voice was soft and sort of thick with something. I’m not surprised, I would have been the same if I was him. There was some movement behind us. His clothes? No, wasn’t that, something else. Nothing for a bit. Then I felt it. Imperceptible at first, at my ankle. A sort of tickle but not a tickle. Something soft, like a feather on my skin. Yes, a feather. I think that is what it must be. It went slowly up my calf, my thigh, across my buttocks and down the other leg. Next to me, Marie giggled a bit then shut up. I think she was getting the same. Well, this was a new one. Guy tickles girls with feathers.

‘Thwish’ went a thin sound and a millisecond later I felt the pain, not large, on one of my calves.

‘ Hey!’- was my first thought.

‘Hey!’ called Marie. Then the feather started again on its journey so Marie shut up. This time the feather brushed my pussy on its journey. Then the thwish came again, this time higher up on my thighs. Then the feather again but not up the leg this time, only doing circles on my buttocks then down my crack to do circles on my pussy. I was tingling like mad down there. Thwish this time twice across my butt. God I felt wet coming out of me. It must be a thin switch Craig is using along with the feather. He kept working with both, sometimes going up my legs, sometimes just my buttocks. I loved it. I placed my hands firmly on the ground amongst the ivy and pushed my backside up and off the log. This gave free space between my crotch and the log. Instantly the feather worked in there. I splayed my legs out. There was a thwish and I felt it right on my inner thigh, a thwish on the other thigh and then a final thwish right on my pussy.

‘Unnnhhh…….god’ I couldn’t help it, it just sort of groaned out of me. I felt my self gush a bit and then there was something else and I realized Craig had his tongue on my numb pussy lips. He flicked it side to side. It drove me mad. Then he found my clit and nibbled for only a second before he receded. There was one more thwish on my bum and then nothing. God, I was almost coming. Already. A few seconds later and I heard Marie’s moans, muffled through the thick grass. Then she let loose a wild long groan. She always had to be loudest. Craig returned to me. He more or less repeated his routine but this time at the end he used his tongue and his fingers. That was it. I was running freely anyway but whether it was the air, the lewdness of it all, the skill of Craig’s ministrations I felt myself going. I tried to squeeze my legs together – I always do when I come – but found my feet snagged in the ground. That and my hands as well, probably in the ivy. That made me come quicker for some reason – the fact my legs were unable to close, that I was restrained and so more open and vulnerable. It felt like my pussy was exposed to everything and everyone. I panted and groaned like I couldn’t ever believe. Again Craig left. This time I stayed panting and both relaxing and tightening. If that’s possible, I dunno.

Strangely that wasn’t all that was tightening. It felt like there were binds on my wrists. I pushed my head off the log to see but all I could see was ivy. Whatever. My head returned to rest on the log and I definitely felt something snaking around my head. I opened my mouth to say complain and something, some plant went into my mouth. I panicked and tried to get up but found that hey, my hands were held. It was the ivy! And it was around my head and in my mouth. It had moved! Instantly scared. Just then Craig returned to my rear…….aww gaaawwd, here I go again.

He licked and stroked me again and I was up again. It felt so good and so dirty. I didn’t mind the binds or even the gag, though I was, in the back of my head, worried that they were nothing to do with him, so if the weren’t then what the fuck was going on? Speaking of fuck, he was using two or three fingers at once on me alternating between penetrating me and stroking my clit and lips. Then I felt his thumb between my ass. God. I haven’t had that before. I didn’t put him off. I let him do it , it was dirty and it was hot as hell. His thumb pressed steady and slow whilst his fingers worked on my clit. I wasn’t sure what to do so I relaxed. It helped. His thumb popped in my ass. I cried out loud and then had to pant to keep the dizziness out of my head – damn that spliff! Again he withdrew. I was quivering and loving it, even if there was some mysterious ivy gag stuck in my mouth.

After a minute or two, there was a real series of grunts from Marie as she probably came too. Probably got a mouthful of ivy too I thought which gave me some comfort.

She went on a long series of moans. My stomach flipped knowing I was next. Marie was still moaning when I felt his fingers on my snatch once again. He rubbed my juice up and over my anus and then penetrated me again with his thumb. This time easily. I was beginning to learn how I could open my ass to let him in. I moaned low and dirty. It felt so good. Besides me, Marie was still groaning as loudly as ever. I reckoned Craig was now crouched between us giving us both the fingering of our young lives. I was gonna come again. Still couldn’t move my hands and legs. Felt so open. I went with it. I lifted and bucked my hips against Craig’s hand and the log underneath, my belly scraping the bark felt so good. Aww, shit here it comes. I lifted my hips back and up, my legs went as straight as post. I splayed myself, that is the only description. I opened my rear up. I felt Craig’s fingers press my clit and his thumb full in my ass rubbing and pressing towards my vulva. I actually cried tears with the force of the waves coming through me.

Then the bell rang. What?

‘Shit’ said Craig quietly. The bell went again, and again. Coming from the direction of the workshop. It wasn’t a phone. His hand withdrew and I slumped down on the log.

‘Shit, sorry, girls. Customer back there. I’d better go, Hopefully not long. You…..ahh….you…can, ah….well, shit you pair do what you want anyway by the looks of it!’ and he laughed softly and a little kindly. ‘I’ll try and come back here anyways, as soon as I can…….by the way. You two are so hot lookin’ there today. I hope I been good to you’

I was about to reply but there was bloody ivy in my mouth. Then I didn’t care anway because I was still floating/coming down off my orgasm high. I heard his footsteps go up the forest of a meadow he had back here. I waited and my breathing settled down. The sun felt good and warm on my body lying there. Safe. For some reason, even though I was still tangled to the ground ivy. Didn’t care, really. Craig will be back soon. Never did match up his oily handprint. That made me laugh once. God I wouldn’t have expected to have ended up like this an hour ago. Naked on a log, fingered and came twice….thrice…….still bloody stoned too……sun nice…..

That was it. I dozed right off. I don’t know how long for. Not long I don’t think cos the sun was still warm on my butt. No change in the air temperature, so perhaps only ten minutes…..twenty, thirty. I listened. Thought I heard something but then not.

‘Marie’ my voice croaked. Ah, so no bloody ivy in my mouth! I moved my hands. Yes! Free too, and feet. I shoved myself up on the log. Jesus, the world moved a bit there Selena! I stayed upright and gripped the log whilst the dizziness eased off. I stiffened, thought I heard someone coming but after 30 seconds nothing. I suppose I could go up and see how long Craig is gonna be. Yeah, right Selena, you walk in there butt naked whilst a customer is there – you threw your clothes off in the undergrowth up there, remember. I looked down at Marie.

‘Hey’ I said softly and gave her a slight kick. No sign. De nada. I bent over and moved the grass away above her head. She was fast asleep, just letting out a slight snore.

Then I did hear something, damn I did. Like a small croak, but not a frog croak. Is there some goofball spying on us down here? I crouched down and looked all around the hedges, the large tree over head, the weed forest rising up to where the garage was just out of site. The croak came again. Human, or human-ish. From along the way, just beyond a massive patch of brambles I saw a tin roof. Croak again, longer and it definitely sounded like help.

What to do? Only me here. Well Craig was up there. I could get him if I really needed to, I could find those clothes. Better see what this is first, if it’s someone needing help. I went along almost on all fours. I still felt someone could maybe be goofin. When I came up to the brambles I nearly turned back cos no way I was going through that. Then I saw a very narrow path meandering up. I followed and before I got to the shed I heard a loud croak or two for help come from it. Someone hurt? I’d better check it out. Carefully, Selena, you are bucko nakedo girl.

The shed was tiny. The door was not locked, it was actually slightly ajar. I moved closer with stealth.

‘Heeelp’ came the croaky voice again. I went through the door on all fours. You would, wouldn’t you in my position. In the gloom I waited for my eyes to adjust. There were old wooden stalls, probably ponies at one time. Earth floor hard, dry, clean. I crept in and was halfway along the stalls when I came to the source of the voice. I put my head around and there, side on to me was a chair. It’s occupant was tied to it. He was just about the smallest man I ever saw. At first I thought he was a child but he spoke and I knew it to be a man, albeit with the strangest voice I ever heard.

‘Are ye there? How ’bout ye? Are ye come to help a poor auld fella? Be quick now I think me heart is giving me gyp’ he rasped.

Who speaks like that? I thought, it was near comical, if not a bit musical. I didn’t like the bit about his heart. I forgot myself and I rushed up to him. I stood over him and looked down. He had a face like a badgers! Some sort of dwarfy old man. His eyes were half lidded. He was tied in half a dozen loops around his chest to the chair. The air was thick with fumes of something. Around him on the rough ground were some empty spirit bottles. An old soak then. But why the ties? I was about to back out. I had quite forgotten my own situation but I thought I should get Craig. But something made me stay. The air got a bit thicker and my skin felt warm and prickly.

‘My heart feels strained…….my auld belly too… me out’ the old boy pleaded. That’s not good. I knew that heart attack victims feel a strain on their stomachs. I stepped forward and pulled at his binds. They were wire! And held fast.

‘No……no…….,’ he said, ‘they won’t go……it’s me belly is sore and tight’

What to do? I went down on my knees and pulled his shirt up. There was a belt with a queer buckle on it. I pulled it apart and fumbled for his button. It was then I felt it against my hand and I know, with hindsight, I should have stopped but it wasn’t that easy. I was the fly in the spider’s parlour, though I didn’t know it. And anyway, the air became thicker, enervating. I tugged the trouser button to release any constriction on his belly and then the trousers just parted and flapped as, almost like a plant reaching for the light, his penis unfurled out and upwards. It was incredible. I couldn’t move. It was mesmerising to watch as in a few seconds it grew from a folded thick stem to stand upright and firm right before my face. It was smooth and shapely, massive in girth and length. It bent slightly away from me but I could smell it. In fact, it enshrouded me with it’s pungency which smelt clean and fresh, far at odds with it’s origin. I should have known it was something magical but I was transfixed. I was also wet. I hardly felt it, but my pussy was tingling again. I didn’t feel like running or crying out or anything. I only felt like doing one thing. I did it.

I lent forward. I pushed my chest out and I put the thing between my breasts. It was as thick as an aerosol can. I rubbed my tits up and down it,then my cheek against it. The aroma was overpowering. I turned my face full on to it, and licked.

God, I nearly came there and then. I can’t describe the taste. It was honey and booze and cream and……oooohhh. …..I dunno. I licked more, greedily. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and I still couldn’t get my lips around it. Then it did something amazing. It changed shape! It went slightly thinner and longer at the same time. This monster cock plunged into my mouth and went up and up. It hit the back of my throat. I moved my head with it until it stopped and then I sucked. Shit it was divine. I went mad for it. I put my hands around it, rose up on my knees and sucked and fucked it with my mouth

I don’t know how long this went on for. I didn’t care. I wanted it forever. It made me yearn for it in my mouth, against my tits……against my pussy. I broke off my mouth, stood up and turned around and lowered my hips towards it. Oh, Christ ……as my pussy lips touched it I just came. That was enough. I shuddered and went further down. It was thicker again now. I couldn’t get that to enter me. I felt so dirty. I rubbed my ass against it. It was like a post. I split my buttocks. I rubbed some more then I turned around and went down on my knees before it again.

‘Ssh,sssh,sssshh’ went the old boy, which I thought was him trying to be quiet but which I later learnt was his form of laughing..

I licked all around its rim and again its girth lessened while its length increased. I took the cock of heaven in my mouth again. I thought I heard someone shouting outside but I was past caring. The taste in my mouth was intoxicating. I was able to squash my breasts against its length and it was still past my head. I put both hands around it and pulled up and down and I sucked and rang my tongue over and back on the slit.

I felt the change in taste first for a few seconds and then there was an absolute crescendo in my mouth. If the taste was mindblowing before then this was just out there in the planets. I came as I guzzled his spunk, there must have been litres of it. I held one hand against his cock to make sure it wouldn’t leave my mouth as he pumped and I drank and the other hand I lowered to myself and I fingered myself for all I was worth. I was so busy I didn’t hear Marie coming in, probably wouldn’t have anyway because of her bare feet.

‘Oh my god, Selena! What the hell you doing? Who is that old…..what? Here……’ she bent down and reached her hands under my arms to lift me away and that’s when the air hit her as well. I looked up at her as I licked the spunk off the still throbbing cock. I even smiled. Marie’s face underwent a change. I saw her eyes narrow and her jaw dropped open. She licked her lips. Her hands went up to her tits. I don’t even think she was conscious she had done it. She stroked them and then pulled at her nipples. Even in the gloom I saw her tiny nipples pucker out. Then she dropped to her knees like a stone and bent her head right in and licked his pole with me.

‘Mmmmmmm!’ she groaned with surprise and then worked her mouth up and around the head where she met mine. Amazingly, the monster cock kept erect and kept oozing its sweet, hot spunk and we knelt there on the dirt floor sucking this wee old guys cock, cooing and groaning. That’s how Craig found us.

‘Girls! No! No! Oh shit, noooooooo!’ Craig was there all of a sudden. We mustn’t have heard him at all. It didn’t matter anyway. We paid him no heed, just carried on our labours of spunk sucking. He reached in, grabbed us by an arm each and hauled us off our knees and practically threw us behind him. We stumbled and I hit my back on the end of the stall. It woke me up a bit, but not for long. I rushed back at him. I wanted that cock. Marie was beside me, trying to get past Craig. He was having none of it.

‘Sssh, sssh, sssh,’ went the old man. His face contorted in humour. ‘Well Craig, how bout ye, ye poisoning ol bugger?’

‘Why are you conscious you old cunt? I fed you poitin this morning’

‘Weeelll, Craig my chum, you should take that up with yer mate Crumpy. Crumpy the Dishonourable. That bottle of potch you administered to me this morning was half water. Oh yes, not the first one either. Not that I was going to let you in on the cheating poitin makers secret. I waited. I was well to do so. That bottle this morning was pish. So now! I’m awake! Months you’ve had me here, but now I’m back in action! You are fair going to pay now laddie! Your ruin will come down the tracks very, very soon’

Craig exploded. He forgot about us. He jumped forward, grabbed the old dwarf man with both hands around his throat and lifted him, and the chair he was tied in, clean off the dirt floor.

‘I fuckin beat you once cos you madly antagonised me. I beat you twice cos you were then gonna fuckin ruin me and I’ll fuckin beat your fuckin brains out on this floor now, whether you’re human or fuckin leprechaun.’

‘Too …euch……euch…….late’ gasped the old man as Craig lifted the chair up ready to smash it, head first, on the floor.

Craig stopped, the chair still above his head. He looked up. ‘Whaddya mean too late McHaragarty?’

‘I……uunn…….I notice you have …..unn….a cctv camera on top yer shed, pointed at yer forecourt. Well, me old chum. It’s been pointing the opposite way now for an hour or more. I saw to that. Ever since I heard the footsteps running down. Girlie footsteps and yer own. Ye see, yer own weakness is yer own undoing Craig. Ye love fucking. Well now the camera never lies. That good ol footage of you and these two wee beauties is now out there in public.’ He stopped and his eyes were open wide. His face triumphant.

‘Lying old cunt’ Craig said softly but he sounded worried.

‘Am not’, said the old boy even more softly and he added, with intent, ‘Ye. Are. Fucked’

There was a ‘Pouf!’ sound and he disappeared! A few things happened at once. Craig did nothing for a few seconds and then his arm dropped the chair and he sank to his knees with a thud, skidding the empty bottles away.

‘Fuck……..fuck……..fuck’ was all he uttered. I felt my head loosen, as if something had been holding it but had now let go. I felt a bit stupid, sheepish and shivered a bit. I then felt my own nakedness. I put my arms around my tits and my hand down below. Marie was doing the same. Then I realized there was no-one here but Craig and he had been seeing everything we had anyway.

‘Craig? Craig…… to us. Craig? What the fuck is happening?’ Marie asked him. No answer. I moved over to him and put a hand on his shoulder, then my arm around him.

‘Craig. Don’t. We were okay with you………shit Craig we enjoyed it! There’s nothing wrong’

It was a second or two until he looked up. His face was anguish all over.

‘You don’t understand…… don’t know any of this’ he said in a low voice.

‘Then try us,’ Marie said, ‘ we got one secret going on now anyway the three of us, so what’s the story with the disappearing old boy and his…….uh…..fucking magic cock thing. And his threats. What is the score here Craig?’

Then Craig gathered his wits. His face became set and he stood up.

‘We might have time. We need at least to work something. C’mon, lets get out of here. Find your bloody clothes. I’m going to the garage, see ya there.’ He walked out. We followed, hitting him with questions. He filled us in alright. A leprechaun. A mad one. A devious little cunt of a one – to use Craig’s description.

We found our clothes after much searching and scraping of limbs in the brambles. As we made our way into the shop, Marie stopped and pulled me out the back again. I didn’t know what was on until she turned and peered at the garage roof. There was a cctv camera up there. It was pointing down the jungle garden.

There was worse inside. We found Craig in his office. He was sat stock still watching tv. No, not tv. A monitor. Cctv. We joined him. The screen showed the bottom of the garden, the picture was enlarged. There was a figure, we knew to be Craig and as he shifted we saw two naked girls running down the path ahead of him. Then they fell over the log and then he was whipping them with branches, whipping their naked bums. The real trouble was the girls did look like girls. Like us but younger and smaller. Basically what the film was showing was a kiddy fiddler at work.

‘Not us……but sort of us’ breathed Marie sounding shit scared.

‘He fiddled the footage. Like photoshop fiddled it but has done it on a video’ I suggested.

‘Oh, yes,’ Craig agreed, ‘there is a degree of hoodoo voodoo black magic about the wee fucker’

There was a long, long silence.

‘What’s going to happen Craig? What shall we do?’ Marie asked, still scared. Craig turned around and stood up. He put an arm around us both and brought us into him and hugged us. It was strange. He had been intimate with us in the garden, to say the least, but this was the most intimate feeling yet with him. I put my arm around him too and then felt Maries arm doing the same. Our heads went together.

‘Sweet girls. I hope I didn’t do you wrong. You are brought into this shit now. You are to stay away from me and stay away from here. If any fingers come pointing your way, any investigations, shit, you deny it. That ain’t youse on the tape. I’m gonna have to lay real low, fucking practically disappear cos God knows what he meant about public with that tape. I’m gonna be closed and laying low until the shit blows over. It might not do at all.’

He pulled away from us. ‘Go! Be quick! Say nothing and definitely don’t come by here at all. We don’t need to be seen together and besides……..McHaragarty’s back. He may well be hanging around here looking for mischief’

We left him then. We walked back home. We didn’t speak. We hadn’t gone 500 yards before we heard the car start and then it power off into town. Seems like Craig was scarpering extra fast.

It turns out Craig was just right. The shit hit the fan big time. All over town that footage came on cctv monitors inexplicably and wouldn’t go away no matter how people adjusted their sets. Most of ‘em couldn’t wipe it off their tapes. The cops were more interested than most. Well they had to be. People were up in arms, everyone talking about finding the local paedo sicko in the town. Who was that man in the overalls? Where was that garden? Who were the girls?

On the last point I was sure glad to hell we were buck naked going down that path. Any item of clothing would have marked us out. Ma or Da would defo have spotted that. As it was our haircuts might give us away, but it had been two weeks and they had asked us nothing. They had said plenty of course. Scandalous carry on. Here of all places. In our midst. Same as most folk. It was conservative round here, bordering on psycho narrow mindedness.

Craig was as good as his word. He disappeared. Put a sign on the door apparently, away for a three week holiday. Told the Bar, so it was broadcast properly and then he went. Somewhere.

Marie and I spoke very little about it, maybe a bit the next day. I guess we felt ashamed as well as shit scared. Oh, yeah….we burnt the clothes we had on that day. As a precaution but also because it felt like we were doing something. Then we didn’t see each other that much either which was unlike us but maybe we had to work through things on our own. Marie, in particular, didn’t get up in the mornings anymore which wasn’t like her. It looked like she had slept bad as well whenever she did appear. I could sympathize with that. I had crap nights as well. I never said about them to Marie. I had dreams, or nightmares, of garden paths at nights, swaying trees, stars swinging wildly and mad eyes and always, always the visions of a huge cock in my hands, in my mouth, running over my butt, my pussy. I would wake up drenched in sweat, panting. Christ, it was torment. Sometimes the sweet pungency of that leprechaun’s spunk was literally on my tongue when I woke up. I told you it was beyond heaven, that taste, almost drug like. You could become addicted to it. Which may explain why I did what I did.

More madness Selena? Er, yes. I went back didn’t I? I couldn’t help it? After two weeks I wondered did that stuff happen in that garden? Or some such. Whatever. Anyway, I went down. Waited until well after midnight and left the house quietly. That’s easy enough, it’s so big we all live there like peas in a pod.

It had just moved into August, it was warm enough at nights. I had on a one piece and it was fine. The country road was empty. You could hear for miles. I didn’t go to the garage, I went down the side field and followed the hedge until I found the animals path. I went through it on all fours and stood up. I got my bearings and could see the animal path through the undergrowth. Once along it I hit the main path and I descended all the way to the bottom, listening carefully as I went. I could feel my heart beating.

I sat under the big tree, on the long log where we had been before. There was not a breeze, the air was warm. As I sat there wondering my eye caught a colour in the grass closer by the tree. I got up and went over to it. When I picked it up I couldn’t figure out what it was and what it was doing here. It looked for all the world like a fat babys dummy, but the end for the mouth was strange, far too big. When I threw it back down I saw another one, and another. Puzzled, I returned to the log and I sat down again.

I looked up and could see all the jewels in the sky. I lay myself out on the log on my back and stared up at them. Apparently it takes 15 minutes for your eyes to properly adjust to the darkness. I guess mine were pretty good already having walked down but I could feel them adjusting to the stars. I don’t know how long I was there. The air actually became a little warmer at some point, almost thicker. Perhaps it was closer under the tree. I pulled the zip down on my suit to my belly and felt better, not so hot. I watched the stars and dreamed along with them. I think I drifted I’m not sure. I thought I felt things but again I wasn’t sure. I felt an itch on my belly and went to scratch it but couldn’t raise my hand. That’s alright I thought, it doesn’t matter. I felt things moving under me but didn’t mind. Then I was moved bodily and still I didn’t mind. I was moved backward along the log and then stopped. My head dangled off the end. I had an upside down view of the tree.

As I watched, in my dozy dream, I could see long, thick lengths of ivy peeling off the tree and snaking out along the ground to me. That ivy has moved me, I thought, but I lay there uncaring. I felt thinner ivy tendrils feeling their blind way over my shoulders, against my skin they slithered, some under my armpits, others across my breasts. Some even coiled around and my tits and pressed and in. My nipples became erect and then they too were ensnared with tendrils and pinched. I would have laughed at the bizarreness at it but the air was thicker still. It felt the way it did a couple of weeks ago in the small shed where I discovered the leprechaun. An ivy snake found the zip on my one piece and I heard the noise of it being pulled all the way down to my crotch. Strong, thick ivy arms entered the suit, went around my middle, my shoulders, my thighs and I was lifted bodily into the air. I did not resist. My one piece was peeled from me as if I was a banana. I was the fruit, now revealed pale and naked under the starlight. I was returned to the log underneath me, laid on my back, my arms put gently down either side of the log and held there firmly. My breasts were pulled taut. I caught my breath a few times. God I was panting! Then my feet were pulled down and fastened to the ground. I was splayed! My thigh muscles complaining at the strain of being held so wide.

There were rustling footsteps. They stopped at my head, now lolling off the end of the log. I could see McHaragarty, his badger face peering down at me with curious, penetrating eyes.

‘What brought ye here lassie?’

‘Your wondrous cock’ I replied in a heavy voice.

‘Ay. What would ye want with that?

‘To suck it’

‘What’s that ye say’

‘I want to suck your cock’

With that he stepped forward, shedding his trousers. The monster cock unfurled before once more like a fern. I felt myself panting again. It was inches from my mouth. He leant in and stroked the side of my face with the bulbous head, the size of a man’s fist. The aroma swam around me. I turned to lick it but he moved it away. I groaned, pleadingly.

‘Aahh, no. Now. First things first perhaps?’ he said in a low voice.

‘First?’ I eventually gasped, ‘what’s first?’

‘Well, now you look so pretty lying there,’ his eyes glinted at me, ‘t’would be a shame not to have firsts!’

I had no idea what he was on about. ‘Ssshh, sssshh, sshhhh’ he laughed and his head rocked back.

I saw something like a long snake silhouetted against the stars. It flashed and flitted around in front of his face. It went away and his head came down. I realised, as the pit of my stomach did a flip, that it may well have been his tongue. He disappeared from view. Then I heard him climb the log by my feet.

‘Ah yes ,such a sight to behold, shame to let it go to waste’ he intoned. Then I felt it. His tongue. On my thigh, god all around my thigh, it encircled it, carried on and came up between my legs. Then it delved into my pussy. There was no playing around. It didn’t matter that much anyway. I was wet as hell. I can’t tell you how he tortured me with that tongue. I was crying out loud if I wasn’t groaning. It flicked and coiled, pushed and probed me. I am ashamed to say that he found what really made me go and when he did he stuck at it. He would play with my clit with end of his tongue which was no more than a point, whilst he kept a longer, thicker portion of it pressed tight between my buttocks. He actually was able to bend and fold his tongue over right at my anus. My hips writhed underneath his actions and eventually I felt the tongue slip inside my asshole and slither around in me, reaming and stretching my tightness. I wanted to close my legs on it, but they were bound. Exposed and invaded, I felt myself squirt.

‘Aaaaahhh, aaoooooowww’ I cried as I came.

‘That was firsts!,’ he exclaimed, ‘now here be seconds’. I felt the tongue unwind and slip from within me and then felt nothing until a few seconds had passed. I kept quivering, this time in anticipation. Then the press came. Against my young pussy, the huge bulb of his cock. Oh Christ, I couldn’t do this. I was not right for this, it was too large. But just as before it must have changed shape, it must have gone thinner. Then I heard his raspy voice say in sing-song manner.

‘Oh they young ‘uns are tight, but McHaragarty is right’ and he thrust forward. I had to yield. His thick cock plunged into my tight pussy, inch after inexorable inch until I felt his balls press up against me. I moaned low and hard. Then it expanded back to its original girth, the thickness of a forearm. And he began to stroke it back and forth.

‘AAaaaaa….ooowww……ah, ah!’ I screamed loud and then fell to panting, before crying out again. There was no mercy shown though. He rode my puss long and hard, my buttocks pressed against the bark turned sweaty and then wetter still with the juice coming out of me. I was lost in the throes of his fucking me, it was so physical. Minutes passed, more and more. I lost track. The smell of the long grass filled my nostrils, that and the smell of myself! It was a dirty, sweaty smell, the kind you get when exercising hard and I realised, then, how much work my body was doing to accommodate his fucking me.

‘SSssssh, sssshhh,ssshhhh,’ he eventually laughed and he de-mounted from between my tormented thighs. I lay still, bound and shaking, my head back, eyes closed. Then I smelt it all around me, his perfumed cock. I opened my eyes. It was there before me, only an inch away, as full as it had ever been, the skin on it as tight and glossy. I opened my mouth. There was no way I could fit that in but I wanted as much as possible.

‘Thirds’ he said with finality, and the cock slimmed to the exact size of my mouth, entered it and I sucked as hard as I could. The cum flooded my throat, went down further. I gulped and kept swallowing, gasping for air through my nose and continuing. The taste was divine. I wanted it all.

I never could take it all. It was an unforgiving fountain. I drank my fill and when I could take no more he withdrew the pulsing beast. It carried on pumping. My face was covered in a thick glaze of spunk. He moved away and then I felt him climb the log. Hot spunk crashed on my tits, heating them and staying hot, like some demon seed. My head lolled, I was done. I was fucked. Tiredness was sweeping through my consciousness when I heard him rasp.

‘Now! Fourths!’

My brain registered surprise and shock. More? But I made no sound or move. I was helpless. I felt his cock spurting now over my belly, then down, over my pussy and stopping there. I then felt my ivy bonds moving under and around me. My legs were raised up, up and closed so that my ankles nestled against each other.

‘Mmmmmm,’ I murmured at the relief of blood returning to my legs. Then they were pulled straight up in the air, so they were perpendicular to my body on the log. My hips were raised and then ivy tendrils snaked and clasped my butt. His hot spunk flowed down and he pumped it over my exposed ass. Like spidery hands the ivy gripped my buttocks and pulled them apart. His cock came in, still pumping and pressed against my anus. ‘No,’ I screamed inwardly,’ its too big, I’m too small, this can’t happen!’

But of course, the cock changed shape, it thinned and lengthened, it pressed and pressed. Lubricated and persistent, it kept coming and I gave in. He played it past my sphincter muscle and entered my asshole.

‘AAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAA!’ I cried out again and didn’t stop for ages. When I did, it was only to draw breath. I inhaled deep, exhaled deep, then again. I waited for an eternity, panting with the strain of his invasion of my rectum. I knew what was coming next – the expansion. It came on slowly and grew and grew. My asshole filled and my whole rear felt split.

‘Ssssssh,ssssssshh,ssssssssh,’ was the last sound I heard as I passed out.

I don’t think anything woke me up except the passing of time. It wasn’t the cold. When I came too it was still warm. I blinked a few times and took a few breaths. The world was upside down. I strained and was able to move my limbs. I simply rolled off the log and lay in a huddle in the long grass. My breath settled, my head cleared a bit but still felt foggy. Spying my one piece lying nearby I reached over. Standing up was a chore. Dizziness hit me a couple of times. I made to dress but then found I was a mess of fluid, all of it his spunk of course except when I guiltily put my hand between my legs and smelt that and I knew that I must have come hard a few times. I smelt musky and my pussy was wet and almost rubbery. I felt an urge to get clean. There was nothing to do but roll in the grass. It worked and it also refreshed me. With my suit on I stood and looked around. A new moon had risen behind the tree. It all looked so serene and normal. No ivy moving of its own accord, no leprechaun with a massive tool, no me naked and being fucked. ‘Oh God’, I sobbed then, ‘what is going on?’

I turned and ran and staggered up the path. I wanted to get away. I felt shit, awful. The dew made me slip and nearly fall but I carried on almost blindingly careering up the slope. I must have missed the path, I slipped and fell this time amongst ferns. I thudded down and stayed there with the shock washing over me. Tiredness gripped me again. A few minutes passed and then I propped myself up on my elbows. I was still enshrouded by ferns, couldn’t see a fucking thing. Then I heard some footsteps. I froze. Waited. The path was a few paces away I’m sure. I heard the steps, light, coming closer and moving past me. I chanced it and put my head up above the ferns. I just caught sight of the face and then the figure was past me. I raised myself to my knees and watched my sister descend to the bottom. It was no good asking myself what she was doing here, the answer was the same as me, but I got a shock all the same with the next few actions of Marie.

Unlike me she did not stop and sit on the log and stare at the stars. No. She went straight up to the ivy infested tree and stood there. Without waiting for any sign she threw her coat off her onto the ground. She was completely naked. She held her arms aloft in the night air and within a few seconds the ivy responded. Limb after limb unpeeled from the tree and snaked down to the ground. Silently they enveloped her, circling her torso, her arms, thighs, shackling her whole body in its woody cage. Her bonds complete, the ivy twisted and turned and lifted her. She was positioned like a dog on all fours but her hands and arms were bound behind her back. Then McHaragarty appeared. Out of nowhere.

‘Ye are my girl, aren’t ye lassie?’

‘Yes, I’m yours. Do what you will,’ Marie replied in a far away voice I hardly recognized. With that the leprechaun released his trousers and that demon cock I now knew so well did its unfurling. He immediately gave it to her mouth. Marie took it as greedily as I. She sucked and licked for all she was worth. Despite my exhaustion and the extensive fucking I had been given I found my stomach tingling with sex again.

Now McHaragarty stepped away. Marie moaned for his cock to return but that didn’t happen. He went to her behind and reached down and pulled at something which he then held up before tossing it away. I realized with a shock that Marie had been down here a lot! She was wearing a butt plug! No wonder she had been walking funny. How long had she been coming here? It didn’t seem to matter much, but it was obvious McHaragarty was following a well worn ritual.

He plunged into Marie’s ass with one thrust. She cried out with a sound from her guts. He continued on and on. She took it all. Then he pulled back, waited and then thrust all the way back into her.

‘UUUURRRRN! AAAaaUURRRR! UUUUUURRR!’ Marie’s cries were huge.They didn’t even sound human. They sounded for all the world like the sound cattle make, when unsure or stressed. But she took it. He moved again, and again. His fucking tempo increased. I could see her tits bobbing back and forth in the air under her. I pulled my zip down and pulled my tits out and squeezed my nipples. I moaned and put my hand in further. I moved my legs apart and started to finger myself. I looked at the stars then, heard the cries of my sister being ass fucked and I moaned hard.

When I looked back below I had a shock. The fucking was still carrying on but there was no McHaragarty in sight. No lep at all. He had transformed. He was naked, with reddish skin, eyes that seemed to blaze. His hands and feet had changed to web-like claws. The cock was still the same rampant size though and it was still splitting Marie’s buttocks for all this……..this …creature was worth. It thrust full into her ass, Marie cried loud, the wee demon thing cackled loud with its head back and then it sort of clamped itself on her. It’s feet things wrapped around her thighs, its arms extended (God was there nothing earthly about this) and went under Marie’s torso and its hands slapped around her swaying tits and stayed there, gripping in hard. And it began to fuck my sister’s ass with, well, with demonic power.

Marie had stopped crying. She was all hard breaths now, in and out.

‘Hunh,hunh,hunh,’ she gasped like a piston working hard.

I could hear her from up the slope. Someone could probably have heard her a field or two away, if they were about in the middle of this strange night.

I stood up. I didn’t have any clear intention of doing anything when I did so, but then my hands slowly came up and I pinched my nipples. I looked down at them and they were erect and full. I smiled at them. I slipped my suit off and stepped out of it. The ferns brushed and tickled my legs as I stepped through them. My hands ran over my body. I pressed my pussy. She was all wet. Good. I squatted on the path and fingered myself as I watched the scene below. Using my juice I lubricated a finger and pressed on my anus. I pushed my muscles at the same time. It slipped in easy. I did another, it wasn’t so bad. The third and fourth were harder, I found that it took a good control of my breathing to open my rectum that far apart.

I waited, all the time watching below. The demon was still ass fucking her as strong as ever. It stopped every so often and gave it to Marie’s pussy and then returned to her ass. Mine own anua felt full. I took quick, short breaths for a bit and then I fist fucked my own asshole. ‘Done it! I can do it!’ I exulted to myself

I stayed that way for a few minutes. Then I rose and stood. My fist popped out. There was no time to waste! I ran and almost slipped down the slope. I came to them both and stood beside them. I raised my arms. The ivy obliged. Within half a minute I was ensnared.

The wee demon thing glanced only once at me. The ivy lifted me up high and over. I was put into the same position as my sister, bent over doggie, and placed on top of her. I felt my tits press on her naked sweaty back. She was quivering all over. So was I. My pussy rested on her buttocks, my own legs and buttocks splayed and exposed. Marie’s gasps stopped. It had left her. I waited, I tingled all over. Then there were feet locked around my thighs and hot, searching hands spread themselves along my shoulder blades. They slid and kneaded my skin, going in under me, slipping over my tits and then locking on them. Then the cock came at me. It nudged at my anus, it felt that I wanted it, it found my opening was willing, it felt me yield. I did want it – ‘God help me’ – I was willing it to enter and defile me. I pushed at my ass muscles as hard as I could. It went in, and in, and in. I cried and panted. The strain and pain was searing, the cock was so wide. The grip on my thighs and tits increased as the cock devil strained too. Up and in he went, pushing and pushing until I felt tears burning my cheeks. I was full, I was sure I could take no more. It wasn’t to be. It wouldn’t give up, I couldn’t resist. I was inhaling and exhaling as quickly and as fast as I could. Another inch slipped up me, a short break, then another, and another.

Then it could go no more. The creature thing had me impaled the entire length of it’s humungous cock. A foot of cock, and if that’s not possible, please forgive me because it certainly felt like it reached my very innards. I had come here, I had asked for it and I had got it. It began to fuck me with it, huge long strokes that gained in tempo. I screamed, I cried, I panted, I came again and again as it ground me down, my pussy rubbing remorselessly on my sisters buttocks below. I don’t know how long this went on. It never let up on me until my head had dropped and was hanging limply, my lips dribbling spit. Then, and only then, did it leave. It went a few inches below me and began to fuck Marie’s ass. Minutes passed and I recovered somewhat and then the cock came again but this time in my pussy.

This alternation went on forever. Eventually, some time during the night it dismounted from our behinds. It went in front of us. Neither of us had energy to lift our heads even though the aroma of the cock that enticed and enchanted us so much was all around us. A hot hand slithered through my hair reached the back of my head and wrenched it up. I opened my eyes. I felt Marie’s head jerked up too, just under my chin. My vision was filled by the organ that was my torment and pleasure and behind it the red, skinned creature looked at us with burning, yellow eyes. It looked on fire, a crazy light dancing off its skin. Then it stepped forward and fucked my mouth. I accepted it. It then fucked Marie’s mouth and after a minute returned to me, already gushing spunk that lashed my face before my open mouth took it again. Back to Marie, then back to me, then Marie. And all the while the ivy tendrils kept up a whipping on our backsides, flying through the air to slap on our exposed buttocks and even our pussies.

The jewels in the sky stared down at me. As I watched they faded one by one. A pale light appeared in their place. Puzzled I wondered how this could be, what was chasing my stars away? My mind rid itself of confusion slowly. I groaned, no…..make that croaked. Where was I? Why so bloody cold? My hands moved and gripped…….grass? I pushed and sat up. Blurry dots filled my eyes. I waited and waited. They cleared and I saw I was naked, in a garden….oh, wait. That garden. I looked around. A naked body lay over there…….it was Marie!

‘Marie, Marie!My sister, my sister, are you alright?’ I shuffled over to her. She was breathing! I shook and woke her. She looked utterly crap. She took as long as me to come round.

We hugged and cried and soothed ourselves. I ached and was sore all over but especially my belly, my pussy, my ass. Jesus h Christ what had been done? Clothes, we need clothes. Lets get the hell out and get home before we are seen…….seen like this! It was then that I happened to look up slope and I went rigid. There was smoke rising in small columns from where the roof of the garage should have been. What the fuck? We stared and stared. Marie broke the silence. It was actually the first time she had said anything.

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Fantastic as Christa thought I might have been, all I could think while lying in bed was how I didn’t want to screw Ana or Angela, in the butt or elsewhere. With Angela maybe I could drink my way into having sex with her, but with Ana that was a totally different story. I was scared that I’d already ruined it with Ana. I had to fix the situation. Church Girl was a worry too, she was definitely stressed by the situation.

After a while I heard Ana come downstairs and go to her room. For probably an hour I pondered whether I should go and do something, say something to her….I really didn’t know what to do. She had, not perhaps – but for sure, reluctantly bet her ass and lost. It didn’t matter what happened in our friendship — our relationship — I hated to use that word but I had to face it — but from that point on it would never be the same. I seriously fucked up.

A few minutes later I got out bed, slipped on my t-shirt and sweatpants walked down the hall and tapped on Ana’s door.

“Come in.”

She was in her PJs. Her normally long, thick braid of India-ink black hair was all combed out and splayed out across her shoulders and back as she sat in front of her computer. I had to admit to myself, she looked pretty sexy.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“Ana….Ana…I’m really sorry…you don’t have to…”

“Joey!” she said raising her hands in the air cutting me off, “it was a fair bet and I know what you’re worried about. Our friendship is fine today and will be fine tomorrow. Nothing’s changed. Go to bed. I’ve got work to do. Good night.”

I felt like a mouse, I simply said, “Good night,” closed the door and slinked back to my room. I felt better though. I’m not sure how she did it, but she seemed to have diffused the whole situation. I didn’t know if I’d land up screwing her ass or not, but I felt better. And I still had Bubbles’ ass to look forward to.

When I woke up in the morning — naturally with a hard-on, I started thinking through the logistics. Number one — I’d never screwed anyone in the ass before. I knew it wasn’t simple. I’d seen enough porn to understand that there could be pain involved. I spent about half the day on the internet learning about anal sex. I learned about lubes and oils, about condoms, dildos, about taking it slowly one finger at a time, about enemas, butt plugs, relaxing the sphincter….in the end it was information overload. I figured I knew it all, I knew what to do.

The second thing was that I needed to pick the girls in order. While I was certain that I couldn’t wait to have Bubbles, I was most freaked about Ana. But her words from last night gave me a confidence to carry on with the whole crazy situation. I’d already told them about me putting stars on their doors. I just needed to carry on with the plan.

I wanted them clean. I told them that. I didn’t want any shit involved. That was my personal gross out. The internet taught me that they needed to have enemas first.

Bravely I went to the pharmacy that afternoon with the mission to buy five enema kits and five bottles of lube. I figured sharing wouldn’t be too cool. I took a deep breath to gather some courage and went inside.

There was only one enema kit style to choose from. I grabbed five boxes. The lube had a huge selection. I picked the cheap no-name stuff and grabbed five bottles. In retrospect I should have grabbed a basket because as I trundled up to the only cash register open with my arms overflowing, I accidently dropped all the boxes and all the lube onto the counter in front of the check out lady.

She was middle age, forty, fifty? Not particularly good looking. She stood there looking at the mess I made for a few moments then turned her face up to me and asked, “Did you find everything you were looking for today?”

I know I was beet red. “Yes,” I squeaked.

A girl, about eighteen, stepped up next to me with mascara and shampoo in hand, waiting to check out.

The sales lady rung up my purchases as I tried to calm down and get a hold of my sanity. “That will be two twenty seven, nineteen.”

“What?!” Clearly I hadn’t checked the prices.

“Perhaps you can get by with only four of these?” she said holding up one of the enema kit boxes for the whole store to see. She gazed at me with a stupid grin on her face.

The girl next to me in line looked at me with distress in her face and said, “Eeeew!”

My legs were shaking, I knew my face was red. I was ready to bolt out of the store. “No, I need all five,” I squeaked again.

“They are re-usable you know,” the sales lady said with mock indignation in her face. I hope it was mock.

The young girl’s mouth hung open; her eyes were full of horror.

“I need five, I’ll take all five,” I said trembling as I handed her my credit card. I thought I was going to die.

I survived.

On the way home I stopped at the dollar store and bought five gold colored gift bags and a packet of red star stickers.

I finalized my plan. Angela would be first because if she wasn’t, she’d be thinking that I didn’t want to do her, which of course was exactly the case. Plus Angela, being sex starved, would be the one who would most likely to give a favorable review to the others.

Next would be Church Girl. She was already clearly freaked about it. I had to deal with that situation soon.

Then Ana. I still had my doubts about whether I could go through with her.

And then Bubble’s sweet, tight, little ass. I couldn’t wait for that.

And to finish up, Christa the Orgasmatron Yeah Christa was going to be like the icing on the cake. Hot sex plus sweet revenge. It couldn’t get any better.

After stashing the gifts I went over to Donny’s for dinner and landed up coming home a little late and a lot high. I didn’t see the girls that night but before going to bed I put a star on Angela’s door.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of somebody in the downstairs bathroom. As usual my dick was hard and I needed to piss. Suddenly Angela walked into my room with a huge smile on her face. She was wearing a big purple nightie type thing. Her big boobs were swaying underneath. I could see her nipples poking out.

“I found something this morning,” she beamed while coming to sit on my bed. “I’m ready,” she said as she grabbed my bone through the top sheet, “and I can see you are too!”

“Angela. Angela, hold on. You wait here,” I said, “I’ve got to piss,” I stood up naked with my boner sticking straight out, “and we need to talk.”

“You don’t want to do it now?” she asked staring at my cock.

“It ain’t happening,” I said, “I’ve got classes all day then I’ve got to be at the dojo tonight. Wait here, I need to piss and we need to talk,” as I walked out to the bathroom holding my bone from swaying side to side.

The bathroom stunk of shit. Again. I guess Angela really was ready.

When I got back she was crying. What the hell did I do? “Why are you crying?”

“Joey you don’t have to fuck me. I know I’m fat and ugly….”

“Angela! Don’t be an idiot,” I said cutting her off as I sat down beside her putting my arm around her big shoulder, “you’re a beautiful lady. And ya…so…maybe…you could be a few pounds lighter….but you’re still….beautiful…and sexy…and funny.”

I knew I wasn’t handing the situation well so far. It was early in the morning…

“Bullshit Joey,” sobbing “you don’t want to fuck me. You don’t have to.”

“Angela. I picked you first.”

“Ya, to get it over and done with.”

“Look Angela,” I said hugging her then kissing her tear soaked eyes, “you have to understand something. This whole anal sex thing is not about my pleasure. It’s about me giving you pleasure. I picked you first because you are the most deserving. You are the one that I want to give pleasure to the most.” Did I really say that? Given the number of beers I had last night and the weed, I was surprisingly clear headed this morning. She looked up at me, a smile was creeping up on her face.

“You don’t really mean that, do you?”

“Of course I do Angela,” she was wiping the tears off her cheek. “I have a little gift for you,” I said.

“A gift?”

“It’s not really a gift.” I reached down into my closet and pulled the first of the gold gift bags out and handed it to her.

“Oh!” she said taking the bag from me with sparkle in her eye. She pulled out the enema kit box, looked at it for a moment, turned her face to me, her eyes wide opened. “What’s this?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe how awkward this just became. “It’s an enema kit,” I said meekly.

“I can see that.”


“Angela, I want us to have fun. This is what it’s all about. Not just me getting my jollies in your ass. It’s all about you ..and me…having some serious erotic fun.”

“You want to give me an enema?”

“No…no…no. I want you to give yourself an enema before we do this. Maybe I’m just funny, but I’d like you to be clean inside and out when we do this.”

She just looked at me with her eyes all wide in disbelief. She pulled the bottle of lube out of the bag, looked at it then looked back up at me.

“And I’d like you to be all slippery too.” My eyes bore in on hers. Hers on mine. “You’re making it out as if I’m the weirdo here,” I said, then continued, “I thought I heard you say that you’re an anal virgin. Have you ever had anything else in there?”

“Yeah a dildo.”

“Really?” now my eyes were truly wide open. This was going to be fun.

“Ok,” I continued “when do you want to do this? I want us to be relaxed, not pressured, maybe we should grab a bottle of wine or something. I can get us a couple of joints if you want. I don’t want this to be a wham bam thank you ma’am type thing. I want you to cum. A lot. I want to see those big breasts of yours shaking as you cum. I want to suck and pinch those nipples of yours. I want to lick that pussy of yours and I want to fuck you up your ass.”

She was smiling now.

Did I just say all that?

“Whenever you’re ready,” she said grinning.

“How about Friday night? I asked. “Your place or mine?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your room or my room? I want you to be comfortable.”

“Oh. My room I guess,” she answered.

“Ok so after dinner on Friday you go and get yourself ready. I want you shaved, showered, clean inside and out. I’ll come to your room. I’ll bring some wine. You don’t have to dress. In fact, naked would be good. It’s not like we’re going on a date or anything. We’re going to do this and have fun.” I paused for a moment and added “Are you okay with all of this?”

I was on a roll…

“I am more than just okay with it,” she replied turning and putting her arms around me with a big grin on her face. “You are fantastic,” and added, “I can’t wait.”

She kissed me on the cheek, got up, giggled and smiled back at me as she headed out of my door.

Phew. That went well I thought to myself. I can’t get out of this now though. Even if she is fat and ugly, well not ugly, fat. She is sweet though. But I’ve got to pull this off somehow. I had a mental image of opening up her door and seeing her on her hands and knees on her bed with her butt up in the air, her big ass staring at me. Not the prettiest image. Somehow I’m going to have to get turned on and get a boner.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I had a lot of math to do. Ana helped me with it as if nothing was going on. Church Girl avoided me. Every time I saw Church Girl she didn’t look happy at all. She wouldn’t even look at me. Gay for sure. Bubbles on the other hand would give me that devilish little grin of hers every time she saw me staring at her ass. I swear, she even jiggled it for me once. My head was swimming.

Christa, I didn’t see all week.

Friday night came. Fridays have always been my favorite night. Time to party. Time to let go and have fun. And even though I had to be at the dojo bright and early in the morning I was pumped. I was really looking forward to making Angela happy. Whatever it takes. I’d bought a couple of bottles of Chianti, thinking that it would be appropriate seeing as Angela was Italian. I also got a fat joint off Donny.

When I got home I caught Angela coming out of the kitchen. “Are we still on?” she asked with a hint off uneasiness in her face.

“Absolutely,” I answered, damn sure of myself.

She was all smiles and giggles after that as she told me that she had eaten already and was heading off to the shower to get herself ‘ready’. She gave me an hour to eat and get myself ready too.

The thought struck me. Get myself ready? I hope she didn’t think that I’ll be giving myself an enema. The thought of having a dildo shoved up my ass danced in my head. I’d never done that but maybe it would be fun. Gays obviously love a cock up the ass. It’s got to feel good I rationalized. Maybe it would make me gay if I did it and I liked it. No, that’s stupid. My brain was bouncing. By the time I finished making and eating my mac and cheese and steak I came to the conclusion that I was going to give myself an enema too. Just in case something happened during the whole Angela episode, I should at least be ready I figured. Just in case. I grabbed one of the kits. It didn’t have any instructions so I had to look it up on the internet what to do, just to make sure I knew what to do. I hoped Angela figured out how the thing worked too.

The bathroom of course was occupied. So I filled up the bag in the kitchen sink. It took a lot of water. I made sure it was warm. I read that I’d have to hold it in for a while, so I rationalized I could do this in my room and then when Angela was finished in the bathroom I’d get rid of the stuff, have a shower and be fresh and clean for Angela.

I closed the bedroom door suffocating myself. Then I hung up the full bag up in my closet, undressed and then got on all fours on the floor. Using a little bit of lube from the loot bag I shoved the tube end up my ass and opened the valve.

Easy I thought.

Then not so easy. I started getting cramps in my belly. What I read said that I would feel cramps, but that they would go away. They didn’t go away. They were getting worse. My forehead started to sweat. My heart was pounding. I was on the floor with this thing plugged into my ass. I had nowhere to go. Now what do I do? It was really starting to hurt. I needed to turn it off. I looked up at the bag as the last of it drained out into my asshole. Holy shit!

I pulled the tube out. My butt hole was clenched tight. I needed to get rid of this stuff now! I didn’t even dare to bend over to put on my sweatpants, I was going to explode. Naked, I hobbled over to the bathroom and tried the door “I’m not ready yet,” was the response.

“Angela! Open the door you don’t understand.”

“I can’t, I’m not ready yet.”

“Open the fucking door Angela!” I was shaking. I was about to explode out my head.

“I can’t. I can’t reach it.”


I shuffled off back down the hall holding my belly with one hand and pressing the other hand against my ass. I’ve got to go to the other bathroom. To hell with Christa and her rules. I gotta go now!

Each step going up the stairs was torture. I daren’t open my legs up too much. I hobbled into the hall upstairs with my hand still pressing my bumhole. All my butt muscles where reduced down to the size of a pea, or less.

The door was locked! I was twisting the handle frantically.

“Occupied.” It was Church Girl.

“Eve let me in. I’ve really got to go!”

“I’m in the bath.”

“Ppplease, o-open the door Eve!” I was shaking so much that I dropped to my knees with my face sliding against the bathroom door. I was hurtin’ bad.

“Use your own bathroom!” Christa yelled from her room across the hall. Her door was slightly ajar.

“I can’t. Angela’s in it,” I gasped as I fell further rolling into a fetal position on the floor, still pressing my right hand firmly into my butthole. It was a race it seemed. What was going to explode first, my guts or my brain?

“Then go pee outside.”

“No, you don’t understand I’ve…..”

“What the hell?” It was a male voice. There were men’s shoes in front of my face with legs in them.

“Oh my, is he okay?” Woman’s voice, women’s shoes.

“Joey! What the hell?” It was Christa.

“I’m fine. I’m okay,” I grunted.

“Son, you look a long way from okay,” man’s voice again.

“Mom, Dad this is Joey. Joey this is my Mom and Dad.” I’m sure I was bleeding out of my mouth at that point.

“Oh hello Mr. and Mrs. Harris,” I squeaked still pressing my hand against my anus.

“Brad, I don’t think he’s okay.”

“I just need to go to the bathroom really bad,” I gasped pressing the issue. The pain was shooting through my guts. It was the worst ever. My eyes were blurry.

The bathroom door opened and Church Girl stepped out with a white towel draped around her dripping. A toilet! I couldn’t stand up, so like an inchworm on its’ side I scooted myself into the bathroom naked, holding my butthole tight.

“Close the door!” I gasped.

I barely managed to get my butt on the toilet.

Splashhhh. “Aaaaaugh!” Splashhh. “Aughhh!” Splash. “Oh shit!”

“Eeeeeww.” “Gross,” I heard from the other side of the door.

“Is he always like that Christa?”

“Ya, pretty well.”

What the hell?

My senses started to come back to me. I wasn’t embarrassed before, I was too caught up in my personal distress situation. But now I had to make an exit out the bathroom, with some modicum of dignity. After flushing, twice, washing my hands and throwing some water on my face, I grabbed the only reasonably sized towel I could find. Pink. Obviously, Bubbles’ towel. I don’t know why I did it, perhaps to preserve some modesty, I wrapped the towel around me like a girl, covering my chest too and stepped out.

Four set of eyes were glaring at me.

“Christa, you know we’re always worried about you. Are you really okay here?” Mrs. Harris said while frowning at me.

“Mom, Dad I’m fine, thanks for the new computer. I don’t know what’s up with Joey though, but I think he’ll be alright,” Christa said, her eyebrows were in a line again eyeing me. Veins popping.

Church Girl tried to step back into the bathroom to resume her bath. “Eeeewww”, she was physically assaulted by the smell and reeled back in the door way.

“Sorry,” I said as I headed down the hallway, then down the stairs, “so nice to meet you.” I was totally devastated.

“Christa we need to talk,” I heard Mr. Harris say as I headed down the stairs.

That’s it, I’m done I thought to myself. They’re going to kick me out of the house. I deserve to be kicked out. I’ll have no place to go. Ron and Donny both filled their extra rooms. I can’t go home and commute. I’ll be homeless. Worst yet, I’ll not get to collect. I’m never going to collect on Bubbles’ ass. I really, really messed up now.

“Nice towel! Pink looks good on you,” it was Angela just coming out of the downstairs bathroom. “I’m ready!” she said. She was dressed in a white bathrobe and had her arms extended spanning the hallway.

Oh shit. Not now.

I dove into my bedroom and flopped onto the bed wrapped in Bubbles’ Barbie-World towel.

“Are you okay Joey?” Angela asked as she walked into my room.

“I’m fine,” was all I could mumble. I wasn’t. I was shaken.

She sat next to me on the bed and asked slowly in a low voice “Joey. Why do you have an enema bag hanging in your closet?” “I know why! You want it up the ass too!” “I don’t believe it!” she yelled as she ran out of the room.

Somebody tell me this ain’t true.

She appeared back in the doorway glaring at me with an evil grin on her face while twirling a big purple dildo in her fingers, as if she was a cheerleader.

“This is going to be so much fun,” she said, almost growling out the words.

Save me. This was not working out as planned. Not even close.

“Angela, I need a shower. I’m not ready yet. Just give me a few minutes”. I needed to go to the can again too. Evidently the enema wasn’t fully out yet. “Do me a favor Angela, there’s some Chianti in the bag there. Grab the corkscrew from upstairs and a couple of wine glasses. I know there’s an ashtray up there somewhere, grab it too. I’ve got some pot, it’s on the dresser. Make yourself at home in my room. Put some music on. I need a shower.”

I needed to go again. Then I hit the shower. I kept playing over and over in my mind all that had just transpired. I was so busted. I took my time. Just as I was starting to compose myself the water started to run cold.

Back in my room and still wrapped in Bubble’s pink towel, I found Angela naked on my bed, on her hands and knees, her big ass was staring at me — just as I had envisioned. I don’t know where the CD came from but it was playing on my stereo — Tina Turner singing The Acid Queen. She had a wine glass on the side table next to her and she was giggling while wiggling that big ass. The room stunk of pot.

My previous vision and the actual vision differed in one slight difference. Angela had her purple dildo buried in her butt.

Strangely, I wasn’t grossed out at all. Actually, it was kind of hot. Her pussy was completely hairless. Big, big pussy lips. I felt my dick twitch. Not twitch — spring to life!

“Nice,” I said as I closed the door behind me, stifling us in the room. I picked up the other glass, grabbed the bottle and poured myself some wine. There was only a half a glass left in the bottle. I guess I’d been a while.


“Mmmmuh? I answered rubbing her bum. She was rubbing her long clit.

“Can you cum twice in a row?” her voice all sultry.

“Maybe….why? I was gently rubbing one of her huge nipples now while holding the wine glass in my other hand.

“Because I want to suck you off, and then….” she was rubbing her clit real fast now “I want you to give me a good, long fuck.”

I drained my half wine glass and put it down as she flipped herself over onto her back. The dildo was still humming away in her butt. Her big tits flopped to each side. Her areolas were huge and dark. Her nipples stuck out nearly an inch and were as thick as my little finger. She opened her legs up. Her pussy lips were massive flaps of dark skin creating quite a contrast to the bright pink inside. Her clit was visibly extended, like a tiny cock.

I dove right in. Her pussy tasted and smelled of pure sin, with maybe just a hint of soap. I licked all around, pulling her pussy lips open with my fingers and lips. I was like a kid in a toy store. This was fun! I could feel the dildo’s vibrations on my tongue as I plunged it into her hole as deep as I could. My cock was as hard as a rock now.

If your child ain’t all he should be now
This girl will put him right.
I’ll show him what he could be now
Just give me one night.
I’m the Gypsy – the acid queen.
Pay before we start.
I’m the Gypsy – I’m guaranteed.
to tear your soul apart

Her wide hips were wiggling uncontrollably now. She was breathing hard. I wrapped my arms around her big bum and sucked her clit into my mouth.

She came instantly. I felt her hands on the back of my head pressing me in as her hips buckled on the bed. Aside from the snorting she didn’t make a sound. On the third contraction the dildo popped out her ass landing against my neck, buzzing like an angry bee on the scrunched up pink towel underneath me. Slowly her contractions slowed down, then stopped. She let go of my head. I gasped for air.


I’d never seen the look in her eyes that she had just then. She looked like an animal about to pounce. My dick was hard and I was ready to go, I thought to myself that I’d have to slow done and get a hold of the situation. I got up off the bed and reached for the other bottle of wine. She turned off the dildo and spread the pink towel out. I poured a glass for her and as I was pouring myself one too she dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me and sucked my cock into mouth and straight down deep- throat style, all in one go. Where’d she learn to do that?!

With the glass still in my left hand she pushed me backwards forcing me sit on the bed. I’d dribbled the glass and now red wine was dripping off my fingers, down my elbow and off the bottom of the glass into the towel.

“Ha! Ha! — You’re mine now!” she cackled and dropped her mouth onto my cock again giving it a strong, wet suck. “Lie on the bed,” she ordered. I reached to the side table and barely got my glass down as her lubed finger shot up my ass.

“What the hell?!” I gasped as she popped the cap back onto the lube bottle with her left hand, tossed it aside and lowered her head to my cock. Looking up at me she said in a low voice, “I’m going to sooo love this.”

I’m not sure which finger on her right hand was wiggling inside my ass but it felt great. Her left hand was massaging my nuts, almost twirling them. And her head was bobbing up and down on my cock, sometimes way down. The suction never let up.

I wasn’t going to last very long, that was for damn sure. I remembered it was Angela that dipped a finger into my cum and stuck it in her mouth. This girl will swallow for sure I realized.

I didn’t get to think too long.

My whole body was shaking, my heart rate was way up, it was all too much. I blasted off into her mouth while her finger was doing the devil’s work inside my bum. She never stopped. Had my beet red face not been looking up and watching I wouldn’t have noticed that her throat moved. She swallowed. Quickly. Without missing a beat. This woman was something else!

Finally she pulled her mouth off my still hard cock. “Fuck me!” she said, almost growling. Her eyes were dark. Her black hair was matted, lipstick smeared. The mascara on her eyes was running. She looked like a grown up version of the Linda Blair from the Exorcist.

I’m the Gypsy – I’m guaranteed.
to tear your soul apart

She flopped onto her back, legs wide open. That cunt was amazing. I watched her as she reached over and cleaned the dildo off onto the towel and then lubed it all up again fresh. Before I had a chance to grab my wineglass and take a gulp her greased hand was wiping my butt hole. She pulled me into herself.

“Fuck meee!!!”

My still hard cock slipped right into to her pussy hole. She was so wet. I was on top of her missionary style and I started fucking her. Hard. I was pounding into her, wiggling my hips. She slid a finger into my ass again. I kept pounding her with all my might, not softening up at all. Her hands were all over my ass. Suddenly I felt a slight pain in my butt. She was pushing the dildo into my ass. I continued to fuck her. I could taste my cum in her mouth as I pressed her mouth against mine, tongue deep inside. The dildo was deep inside me now. Angela was stabbing me with it matching my every thrust into her. Every side to side, every up and down, every twirl I did with my cock in her puss was mirrored in my ass. It was exquisite. It was sublime. I didn’t know if I was fucking her or I was fucking my own ass. A combination of both I guess. We were going at it like animals.

Angela, after about five minutes started to cum. And never stopped. She turned all red, repeatedly contracted under me while simultaneously snorting. Her eyes were watering, her nose was running. I was getting worried about getting her snot sprayed on me, but I just kept on pounding, twisting inside her. Her contractions never let up. We must have been going at it like that for what seemed half an hour.

Bzzzzzzzzz “Aaaaaaghhh!” she turned the dildo on. It was like electricity just shot through my spine. My arms gave out and I flopped onto her with my full weight. I was still jacking in and out of her with my hips. She pulled the still buried dildo up towards her forcing the other end to press against my prostate.

I came like I’d never come before. My whole body was convulsing but she never let up pressing the dildo inside me. I just kept on coming and coming. She gripped me tight as I hung on for dear life. I swear every last sperm cell was gone. The house was empty.

I rolled off of her breathing hard. I needed air. The dildo slipped out of my ass. I could see cum seeping from her cunt. She was covered in sweat and breathing hard too. Those dark Italian eyes of hers were piercing me.

“Angela, you’re an animal.”

“You’re supposed to be fucking me up the ass,” she panted.

I wiggled on my back catching my breath. I couldn’t get enough. I needed to open the door and I got up to do so. It felt like a million degrees in there. She sat up and took a sip of wine, cum still spilling out of her pussy.

“Seriously Joey. What about my ass?

I was stunned.

“You’re supposed to fuck my ass.”

“Angela. You’ve got to give me a few minutes…maybe like a week. I’m done. For a while anyway,” trying to sound optimistic.

I was truly done. I’d never had a sexual experience like that before. And I told her. We settled in and drank wine, cuddled. Old Angela was back all giggles and laughs. She would flick my non-responsive flaccid cock with her fingertip and say “Hello anybody home?” We were smoking the last of the joint when I accidently dropped it onto to her, lit. It landed right between her big tits. That got us jumping up until we managed to stamp it out on the towel. She wasn’t hurt, it was laughs all around as it always is with Angela.

It was weird. She was already my friend in the house. She wasn’t really my ‘type’. She was fat. That’s a natural turn-off for me. But after what just happened, and especially lying naked and kibitzing with her I was so totally comfortable with her. Could it be that I was falling for this girl?

After a while she said, “That’s it, it’s late I’m going to bed,” got up, grabbed her house coat, turned to me and said “but you still owe me an ass-fuck,” laughed and walked out of my room.


She was right of course, but only after I got Bubbles’ and Christa’s ass. I pissed, came back to the room, whipped the pink towel off the bed and tucked myself in. I had to be at karate in the morning,

I woke up Saturday morning to the usual sound of footsteps above me, the house creaking from the girls and giggling upstairs. Strangely I didn’t have a boner, but I needed to piss. My asshole hurt. Before I could drag my sorry ass out of bed Bubbles was in my doorway. A nice sight.

“Joey do you have my towel?” She spotted it on the floor, stepping forward and picking it up.

“You and Angela had anal sex on my towel last night? Why? What’s wrong with your own towel? Why did you have to use mine?

I was speechless, still groggy from sleep.

“What’s this, blood?”

“Red wine,” I croaked, coming to my senses.

“It’s burnt too!”

“I’m sorry.”

She threw the towel at me as she yelled, “It’s my favorite towel you asshole. What the fuck is wrong with you?” and stormed out of my room.

“I can explain…” to deaf ears.

I couldn’t explain.

I had to skedaddle out of there, I was already running late. I did take the time to put a star on Church Girl’s door.

After karate I needed to sort a couple of things out.

I stopped at Wal-Mart and found pink towels. They were actually quite nice, big and fluffy. I swear it was just the same pink towel, or maybe better than the one I ruined. At least it was the same Barbie pink color. I bought all of them. Eleven. Together they stacked up about three and a half feet. I wasn’t going to let this towel incident ruin my chances with Bubbles.

My other task was that I needed to replace one enema kit and one bottle of lube. I went back to the pharmacy. I had my backpack and three shopping bags obviously over-stuffed with pink towels with me. With my pink pontoons I waddled down the aisle and managed to find the replacement wares. I got a hold of the lube bottle in my fingers but I had to carry the enema kit in my teeth as I made my way back to the check out. There was only one cash register open and it was free. I spit the enema kit out onto the counter and kind of tossed the lube bottle from my fingers and looked up.

It was the same lady.

She glared at me then scanned the items, but didn’t say a word.

My head was down, I didn’t say a word either. My legs were shaking again.

After I paid and she bagged the items, she said, “Obviously you need help.”

Find me a rock that I can crawl under.

When I got back home Bubbles wasn’t in. So I simply stacked the towels neatly onto her perfectly made bed. I couldn’t believe how neat her room was. I’d never actually noticed before. I guess every time I looked in I was checking out her ass and not looking at the room.

I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and made my way downstairs.

Church Girl was sitting on my bed. Obviously she found the star. She’d been avoiding me for days now. Whatever was bugging her was going to be brought to a head now. Although she was the sweetest girl in the world I hoped this would not turn out ugly or weird.

“I..I..have to talk to you,” she stammered.

“Yes, that’s the point of the star. You’re next and we have to arrange things. Is there a problem?”

She didn’t answer. She just stared at the floor.

“What is it?” big mature he-man that I was, asked. She looked as if she was going to cry. In fact it looked like she had been crying.

“I can’t do it.” She said slowly looking at the floor.

“What am I that ugly?”

“No, no it’s not that…”

“So I am ugly, but that’s not the reason?” I was taunting her now. I knew the reason. She was lesbian.

“You don’t understand,” she whimpered. Tears rolled down her checks.

“What I understand is this Eve. I nearly busted my spleen to win a contest that you had willingly signed onto. I kept going so that I could have sex with you…” I lied, “you would have been fine with me eating your pussy if I lost to Christa, but you’re not fine the other way around.”

“I know,” she whimpered, tears still rolling down her cheeks.

“So don’t be pissed off with me, be pissed off with Christa for not winning and especially be pissed off with yourself for making a stupid bet.” I was getting pissed off myself now. I continued, “And you’re not getting out of it. How would that be fair to the others? Oh gee-wiz girls Eve didn’t want to have anal sex with me so I let her off the hook. But I’m not letting you girls off the hook, your asses are mine. Come on Eve, it was a fair bet.”

“I know, I know all that,” she said openly sobbing, “b-but you don’t understand.”

“Understand what Eve? That you’re gay and you don’t want to do it with a guy?

She lifted her head and turned to me. “Gay?” She had a look of confusion on her face, “Who told you I’m gay?”

“No one.”

“What makes you think I’m gay?”

“I don’t know….cause you won’t go out with me?”

She just looked at me in disbelief. “I still can’t do it Joey.”

“And I still don’t understand why not,” I said.

She looked up at me with teary, red eyes, “I’m a virgin.”

Why was I not surprised.

“So?” I asked.

“So I can’t have intercourse with you.”

“But you signed on. If your virginity is so precious to you, why did you sign on?

“Because I made a mistake. A stupid mistake. The biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life!” she was balling her eyes out now.

“Okay so I don’t poke your sacred hymen, I just fuck your ass. You stay a virgin. I don’t see the problem here.”

“You don’t understand.”

“You’re right I don’t understand. You didn’t seem to have a problem giving my cock a little suck a couple of weeks ago…You obviously had no problem with the prospect of me eating you out…I understand this virginity thing, and I can assure you that you’re not going to get pregnant when I cum up your ass.”

She was balling again. Was I being too harsh?

“Eve. I don’t get it.”

“I promised…I made a vow…to myself …and to my grandmother……” she said sobbing. I cut her off.

“…That you wouldn’t get fucked up the ass until your married? But sucking a cock is okay? How about your tits Eve? Is the right one okay for fondling while the left one is off limits?”

I guess I was getting a little callous. Nevertheless, as sweet as Church Girl was, this was totally ridiculous. None of it made any sense to me. Maybe she was just scared, of me. And of having sex. She was still sobbing.

“Eve. I’m not going to rape you. Relax.” I continued, “Have you ever had sex before, of any kind?” I was fishing now.

“I’ve been to third base.”

“Eve, I don’t even know what that means,” I said in frustration.

“Joey, I love sex. But I made a vow to my grandmother that I would not allow anybody to put their penis in me ‘down there’ until I get married. And down there I’m afraid includes both regions.”

Give me a break. How pathetic.

“Maybe a quick phone call to your grandmother is in order, just to clarify?” Duh.

“She died two years ago.”

I’m such an idiot. “I’m sorry,” I croaked.

Church Girl paused for a moment, reached down and grabbed Bubbles’ pink towel from under the bed and cleaned off her tears and then gave a big honking blow of her nose into the towel. Not very lady like, I thought.

“No I’m sorry that I made the stupid bet. Joey I’ll do anything to preserve my virginity – my special case virginity.”


“Anything?” I asked carefully.

“Any….thing….just not those two things…I love sex.” She paused, “And you’re certainly not ugly.” Then she added, “And I’m not lesbian.”

It took me a few seconds, I’m sure, to process all of it.

“Anything?..Including ‘sexual’ anything?” I asked tentatively.

She didn’t answer at first then mumbled, “Ah..hum.”

Was that a yes? I pondered for a moment. “And for how long?” I added.

She was silent for a few seconds considering, then said, “Until the lease runs out.” She added, “Don’t make me lose my virginity, don’t hurt me, don’t make me bleed or permanently mark me in any way or make me fail class or do anything illegal…or make me hate my life.”

I’m sure my jaw hit the floor. Hurt you? Make you bleed? I was stunned. My mind was reeling. Hate your life? What the hell? It was like gears were turning in my head.

“Eve, let me get this right. In exchange for me taking your ass, you agree to become my sex slave until the lease runs out, given the limitations you listed out?

“Yup” she was no longer crying. I’d say she was grinning.

“Do we need to write this down?” I asked.

“Nope. I trust you. Do you promise?” she said definitely smiling now.

“I promise,” I said.

She answered, “I promise too.” She put her arms around my shoulders and looked into my eyes. She kissed me on my cheek.

We sat there for a moment on the bed with her arm around my shoulder. I’m pretty sure she was thinking the same thing that I was. What the hell just happened?

“Eve. Can I ask one more thing? Do you swallow?”

Still holding me she kissed me on the cheek again, her eyes bright, pulled me closer and whispered, “You bet.”

This turned out better than I could have dreamed. Although I was oh and two in the anal sex department I still had the others to look after for that. Angela, after what transpired last night, I figured I could have any time I wanted. But Church Girl — my private sex pet? This was too much. In fact, it probably was too good to be true.

“Eve,” I asked cautiously, “seeing as you’ll do anything for me, would it be too much to ask that you keep your pussy shaved at all times for me. And not just a landing str…”

“…It already is,” she cut me off, smiling.

Really? Is it me? I really don’t know this girl. Do all girls do this now? I was stunned. She’s got to be kidding.

“Can you show me your naked puss please?” I asked hesitantly, “in fact, take all your clothes off.” I was getting into the swing of things now.

Without hesitation she kicked off her running shoes, then pulled off her socks. Standing up she undid her baggy blue jeans and pulled them down and off. She was shaved alright. I could see that through the skinny little light blue panties that rode up her crotch. I never expected that either. I’d always figured she was a Wal-Mart cotton panties type. She pulled off her sweat shirt and her tits – nice tits — were encased in a matching light blue lace bra. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m pretty certain they were watering.

“Did you shave and dress in those panties and bra especially for our talk?” I asked suspiciously.

“Nope,” she answered nonchalantly as she undid her bra tossed it aside and then pulled her panties off.

I stared in disbelief at this gorgeous woman’s body. She held her arms out to the side and slowly turned around. Her tits were perfect. Nice big nipples perfectly rising from medium pink areolas. Each nipple was pointing up and slightly out. Absolutely picture perfect breasts. Her legs were long, slightly bowed, her hips were wide giving that inch wide gap at the top of her thighs. Pink pussy lips peeked out, I could tell just by staring that they were soft. Her ass flowed away like a beautiful song from the small of her back to the back of her thighs. She was absolutely stunning. I was in lust.

My cock was hard. It didn’t just harden up normally. I sprung one! I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t see any of this coming. It was still early on Saturday though, I had plenty of time to get my head around what was happening.

“Do you like?” she broke my reverie as she slowly turned her body in front of me, her arms straight up in the air again.

“Eve, you are absolutely gorgeous. You’re simply amazing.”

“You’re cute too,” she said with a giggle.

After a moment I asked “Anything?”

“Within limits, yup.”

I peeled off my pants and underwear in one go. She was on to me in a flash. She had both hands on my cock and it was down her throat as far as it could go.

I pulled her away. This was too fast. Plus I was spent from last night. I needed to think this whole situation through, I wasn’t about to blow it all in one go. This was a prize I was going to very carefully cash in on.

“What’s the matter?” she asked as her head was pushed off of my cock. She looked all serious.

She just lingered on….pushing to suck me, lick me…I tried to keep her mouth off my cock. It was all the self control I could muster.

Eve looked up at me in disbelieve, there was a pain in her eyes.

“Is there something wrong?” she looked as if she was going to cry.

“No! No! No!….I just want the first time for us to be something special.” I was a little surprised at myself. Eventually I sat up on the bed and just gazed at her. My sex pet? My personal slave? Wow.

She looked hurt. I kissed her on the lips and said, “Thank-you.” my dick still hard.

She gazed at me, clearly her mind was reeling.

I had resisted the temptation to rip her apart. I had to get the whole virgin thing sorted out in my head, at the very least. I knew I was perhaps frustrating her sexually. That in itself wasn’t a bad thing….plus I had the others to think of.

I grabbed the little packet of star stickers from my desk and handed it to her.

“Would you be so kind to put one of these on Ana’s door and will you walk down the hall naked to do it?

“Sure,” was all she said and wandered down the hall with a packet of stars in her hand.

As she walked back I could see her hips swaying. “Can I walk you to your room?” I asked as I picked up her clothes. I stuffed them under my right arm and picked up her shoes. I held out my left hand to her and she grabbed it.

We walked up the stairs hand in hand. Church Girl being totally naked. Her nipples were hard, sticking straight out.

“Eve! What the fuck?” it was Christa. Ana and Angela in the kitchen too. Angela of course just burst out laughing.

“Say hi to the girls,” I said.

Church Girl smiled, said, “Hi girls,” and gave a little wave with her free hand as we walked by the kitchen still hand in hand.

When we got to Church Girl’s door, I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. I could have melted right then and there. She was so soft and sensuous.

“I’ll catch up with you later,” I said handing her, her clothes.

She smiled, leaned into me and whispered “Actually it’s a little cold being naked,” then turned and walked into her room.

As I walked past the kitchen again, all three of them were staring at me with their mouths open.

“What?” I asked, hands out to my side.

Simultaneously they all broke into hysterics, holding their ribs, gagging with laugher. I just walked down the stairs. Whatever it was I just didn’t get it.

I fired up the computer and got into my maths. After an hour or two Ana tapped at my partially open door.

“I see I’m your next conquest,” she said in her Birmingham accent.

“Oh Ana, don’t be like that. I told you if you don’t want to go through with this, you don’t have to. You’re not just a conquest to me. You’re making me feel really bad here.” This wasn’t going well at all.

“No, I’m sorry Joey. I didn’t mean to make it sound like that. That was the wrong thing to say.” She paused, then continued.” As I am your next conquest, I am honored to fill that role. Don’t worry, I’m completely comfortable with the prospect of having anal sex with you. What makes you think that I won’t enjoy it?”

She was being all false proud. I knew I couldn’t let this happen.

“Ana, you don’t have to. I should have excluded you from the bet, I wasn’t thinking.”

“Excluded me! Am I not attractive enough for your consideration?” her tone alarmed me and that Birmingham accent continued to floor me.

“No no no no! You’ve got me all wrong. I didn’t mean it that way. You’re beautiful and sexy. But I don’t want to lose your friendship, a friendship that I cherish dearly, over a stupid bet.”

She just smiled at me. Then she leaned into me staring straight into my eyes “Next Saturday, at eight o’clock pm, I intend to honor my debt. Are you suggesting that you will not be in a position to collect payment?”


I realized right then that I really didn’t understand women. I certainly didn’t understand Ana. How was it, all of a sudden that I had no way out of this? I was a mental midget next to this woman.

“I’ll be ready,” I said, very unsure of myself.

” Oh good, eight pm Saturday, in my room,” she paused for a moment, then as she got up to leave stated, “I might have some instructions for you.”

I was simply perplexed. I tried to get back into the math but couldn’t do it. About a half hour passed before I walked down the hall and tapped on Ana’s door.

“Come in.”

Opening the door I said “Ana I’ve a question.” She was at her computer, brushing her long, black hair.

“Math or anal sex?”

Oh shit. “Sex,” I answered.

“What is it?”

“Ana, are you sure you want to do this with me?”

She swung her chair around as I sat on her bed facing her. She pondered for a moment and then said carefully “Joey, the real question here is whether you want to do it with me or not. You may not realize it but I have feelings too. I’m young, I have a sex life, albeit one that may not be entirely satisfactory. I willingly signed on to Christa’s bet. From my perspective the worst outcome would have been that the winnings would have been shared just between you two. I admit readily that the prospect of experiencing anal sex for the first time is a little daunting, but I’m sure I’ll manage.”

She continued “You claimed that I am beautiful and sexy — those were your words, I’m not sure that you were completely honest about that, but I will pretend for my own sake at least, that you were. I’m Indian, my skin is brown. I fully understand that that may not be a turn on for you. I can well image that Lisa or Christa, or as I’ve just seen Eve is more your type. Oh, and I know what went on between you and Angela yesterday. But my point is this…if you don’t want to go through with this I fully understand. Our friendship will endure no matter what.”

“I do…and you’re sexy,” I croaked.

“Good. Then eight pm on Saturday it is!” she said.

I sat there completely stunned then I remembered something.

“Ana, I have a gift for you,” and ran off to get it.

I handed her the gold bag and she pulled out the contents, considered them for a moment, turning to me said, “Thank you. Good thinking.”

Somehow I felt like an idiot. But yet, I was more comfortable about the whole situation.

I had another question for her and I knew I wouldn’t get a straight answer from anyone else. Now was the time to ask.

“Ana, I’ve another question for you.”

“Math or Eve?”

How did she know I was going to ask about Church Girl?

“Eve,” I said.

“What did you want to know?” she asked.

“What was the big belly laugh about, after I walked past the kitchen?”

She broke out laughing.

“All I can say is this,” she said regaining her composure, “there are five girls in this house and one guy — you. Who do you think is in control of what goes on around here?” She was holding her belly.

I walked backed to my room, totally perplexed again.

As I sat at my computer, Ron and Donny both called asking if I wanted to go out. Donny had a bunch of girls from the nursing school coming to his place. Ron was hitting the clubs with some of the boys, trolling for pussy. I declined. He said he was seriously starting to worry about me, that I was too wrapped up in my work and that I should go out and have some fun.

“Are you going out with any of the girls from your house?” Ron asked over the phone.

“No. I’m ‘in’ with all of them, all the time,” I answered.

“No. I mean are you fucking any of them?” he asked.

“I only fucked one of them, once,” I answered truthfully, “last night actually, she had a lot of wine.”

“Which one?”

“Angela,” I hesitantly answered.

“Isn’t that the fat one?”


He broke out howling with laughter. “Seriously Joey, you need to get a life. Ever since you moved into that house you ain’t been the same. Those girls have twisted your brain.”

He got that last bit right. Still I declined.

I went upstairs to discover that all the girls had gone out. I was alone in the house. Sports was my first thought. After eating something I settled into a hockey game with a beer. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind. If Church Girl was my sex slave shouldn’t she have asked me for permission before she went out? Of course not, she was my sex toy, not my slave. I can’t be controlling her life. Can I pee now? What should I wear today? I don’t want to be controlling her life. Hmmm, maybe I can get her to wear sexier clothing though. Maybe I could set up a bell in her room connected to a string in mine. Blow job time! I had visions of her naked with just a collar and a leash. No pain, no blood. High heels, sexy nylons and a garter…..don’t make me hate my life….

I woke up to the sound of the door opening. I was still on the couch. The TV was on but the game was over, it was football highlights. My beer was full.

“Look it’s Joey.” They were all giggling. They were drunk. Church Girl of course, had car keys in her hands — always the designated driver – and they were all carrying bags. It was strange though, that they were all together. They didn’t invite me. What was I thinking, they went to a mall. My brain was firing up again. I grabbed a sip of my beer. It was still cool.

“Mind if I join you?” Church Girl walked into the living room, her hips swinging enticingly as she carried a glass of white wine. I could hear giggling and “shhhh” “shhhh” in the background. What the hell are they up to now?

“I’ve been waiting all night for this,” she said.

“To see me?” I asked suspiciously.

She smiled, “That too, but I meant a glass of wine.”

“Oh,” I said as she sat on the couch next to me. Her little mole and her cleft chin were so cute. “Do you like my shoes?” Church Girl asked lifting one foot up for my examination.

Brown leather, high heels and pointy toes. Wow! “Very nice,” I said, “I do like them!”

She took a sip of wine and turned to me, crossed her legs demurely, slowly wiggled the raised shoe, and while still holding her wine glass, she smiled at me. Her right arm slowly extended out along the back of the couch and her fingers landed on my shoulders tickling me. Man, she was sexy.

She asked in a slow, low seductive voice, “Is there….anything…that I can get you?

I thought about asking for a blow job but I knew that I’d I would just sound crude. I was still groggy, having just woken up and in truth after last night’s episode with Angela I wasn’t hot to trot. Still I wanted her.

I turned the TV off with the remote. “What I would like,” I said slowly, “is to sleep with you.”

Her smile immediately disappeared and she glared at me through her dark framed glasses. She wasn’t happy.

“No. No. I mean sleep sleep. Not fuck sleep. I’d like to just be naked with you and cuddle and kiss and wake up with you in my arms. That’s all.”

Her face lit up with the biggest smile that I’d ever seen on her, “I’d love that too,” she could barely say, “come to my room.”

“Christa would kill me if I used your bathroom,” I said.

She laughed “That’s true, you’ll still have to use the one downstairs.”

In truth, I also looked forward to waking up with sunshine and sleeping with air for a change.

“Okay,” I beamed.

“Great!” she slid over to me, her arm wrapped around my neck, she leaned in and gave me a long, soft, tender kiss on the lips.

My cock twitched. What am I getting into here I thought.

After downing my beer, peeing, brushing my teeth and getting changed I tapped on her bedroom door.

“Come in,” she whispered. The others had all gone off to their rooms. Everything was quiet. I opened the door. She was lying on her bed in all her naked, shaved pussy splendor. It was the first time I’d seen her without her glasses on. She was even more beautiful without them if that was even possible. Her bedroom was immaculate. Everything was neat and tidy. I felt conscientious as I tore my clothes off and tossed them onto the floor. She didn’t object. I climbed onto her bed and lay next to her brushing her cheek and kissing her lips. She flipped the sheets over top of us and turned off the lights.

I was hard right away. It was poking right at her. We kissed and cuddled. I played with her tits, she scratched at my back. I rubbed her soft pussy lips, she tickled my cock. Although we were both quiet with perhaps a low moan now and again and some heavy breathing, I knew there was no way I was going to sleep. I suspected the same for her too.

“Eve,” I whispered, “You’re beautiful.”

“And I think you’re handsome. I love your wavy brown hair.”

“I love your brown eyes, your smile, you’re straight pearly white teeth.”

“I love your green eyes Joey, they’re sexy. And I love your square jaw, your straight nose and the stubble on your chin.” Eve whispered.

“You have the sexiest mole, and the little dimple on your chin drives me crazy,” as I pecked a little kiss on her chin.

She giggled as she asked, “Really?”

“Shhhh,” I whispered, “your tits and ass have been giving me boners for years.”


“Oh, yeah.”

“I love your straight back, your powerful arms and shoulders. I love your karate uniform.”

“My karate uniform?”

“Shhh…you’re sexy in your karate uniform.”


“And I love your tush,” she whispered.

“I have a tush? What the hell’s a tush/”

“Shhh…your bum silly. You have a sexy bum.”

I do?

“I love your pussy,” I whispered.

“I love your cock,” she answered back, as it was poking into her pelvis.

We kissed quietly for a moment or two.

“Joey,” she whispered, “can we sixty nine?”

“Okay,” I whispered back still holding her and breathing deeply. “Eve?”


“When I lick your pussy…if I stick my tongue into you…will I damage your hymen?” I whispered.

“I don’t have a hymen.”

“But you said you’re a virgin,” my voice was a little louder now.

“Shhh. I am a virgin. You don’t have to have your hymen intact to be a virgin.”

What the hell did I know. “So it’s okay for me to lick your pussy and put my tongue inside you?”




“What happened to your hymen?” Maybe I was being a little too personal, I regretted asking but it was too late.

“I lost it years ago with my dildo.”



I just lay there thinking. If she can shove a dildo into her, then so can I, plus I can shove my fingers in. Just not my cock, I guess. I’m really an idiot. Not only that but I just don’t know this girl. I don’t understand women at all.

After a few moments I swung myself under the sheets into a sixty-nine position and climbed on top.

Right then and there…my life changed. I got a whiff of her pussy. I buried my nose straight in. She smelled like….home. It was indescribable. It was like I always belonged there. Both Christa and Angela got my dick to stand straight up, but Church Girl’s pussy was like a Siren’s song pulling me in. I was totally mesmerized. The ambrosia was beyond words. I knew, right then and there….I’d just died and gone to heaven.

My head was swimming.

As I came to my senses I could feel my dick in her mouth. It was blissful. I probed gently with my tongue, afraid to despoil this virgin jewel. Slowly, softly I licked her outer lips. I kissed her. I savored the aroma. I was drooling. Gently, I probed into her soft pussy folds teasing her lips apart. My hands were stroking her exquisite ass and thighs, her shins and all the way down to her feet and toes. She squirmed next to me and the suction never let off my cock. She was stroking my ass and back. Her nails were softly scratching into me.

I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her hole. Her back stiffened up and I felt a tightening on my cock. This was all too much. I kept going, wiggling my tongue inside her. She pumped her mouth up and down my shaft while pulling my ass cheeks towards her with both hands. My legs started to shake uncontrollably. I was twitching all over.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and her back arched away from me, pulling off my cock. “Aaauuugh,” she gasped. After a moment her mouth was back on my cock, clutching my ass even harder.

I continued to suck on her clit as I reached down to grab her tits. Both of my hands squeezed them and each found her nipples. I rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers.

Her back arched up again. I dug my tongue into her hole wiggling it as much as I could. Her back started to flex back and forth while she still maintained a suction pressure on my cock. She was breathing heavily. So was I.

I wrapped my arms around her hips, picking her up off the bed.

I switched back to sucking on her clit and then she lost it. Both she and I simultaneously came. Her entire body convulsed in rapid contractions and her body shook violently. My hips jerked in unison as I came down her throat. I was almost unaware of my orgasm; I was so taken up with hers. Her whole body shuddered and her ass muscles clenched over and over. I just hung on. Except for the very heavy breathing and a few gasps for air, we didn’t make a sound. It seemed as if she was oblivious that I just came down her throat, her orgasm was so intense. I was almost oblivious that I came too.

I wondered if my ass was bleeding from her nails digging in as she came.

After a few moments, as her contractions subsided, she pulled her mouth off my rapidly deflating cock with a pop and said, “Hmmm…I love the taste of your cum.”

My entire face was wet. And my neck.

It was if I had found the Holy Grail. I couldn’t have been more satisfied. My entire life was focused on that moment. I was in utter bliss. All my previous sexual experiences…combined…paled in comparison to what I had just experienced.

I flipped around and snuggled up to her pulling the sheets up and switching off the light. “You are beautiful, you are amazing, that’s the best sex I’ve ever had. I love your tits. I love your pussy. You drive me crazy, you smell wonderful, …you’re sexy and beautiful, … I love you, …will you have babies for me…..”

It wasn’t quite light yet as I woke up. Church Girl was just getting out of bed. She kissed me and said “I’m going to church,” then added, “come with me.”

I thought for a moment, trying to wake up. My brain wasn’t in gear yet. I was still trying to figure out where I was and why I was with Church Girl. I pondered her invitation. Then, I thought about Ron’s comment that I should get out more and that I should get a life. Plus there was a whole lot about Church Girl that I obviously had to learn.

“Okay,” I said unsure of what I was getting into, or if I was awake yet.

She smiled looking down on me gave me another kiss and said, “Great. Go get yourself ready. I’ll meet you in the kitchen in half an hour.”

I didn’t have a morning hard on I thought as I pulled my sweatpants on. I guess that’s what happens when every last sperm is gone two nights in a row.

I did all the bathroom stuff and dressed into the best shirt and pants that I owned and met Church Girl in the kitchen. Aside from her new high heeled shoes, she was dressed in nice slacks, blouse and jacket. She certainly was dressed smartly for a change — albeit for church. I wondered if I met the standard.

We drove for about an hour in her car, I didn’t have one. We talked about sex and relationship stuff the whole time. I learned that aside from her two little exceptions — anything goes with this girl. She was into porn more than I was, and all kinds. Self-bondage? What the hell was that? I’d never even heard of that. She did have a number of boyfriends as she grew up but, she claimed, none of them were too serious. All her relationships apparently ended in frustration as the boyfriend or the date wanted to push past her sexual boundary limitations. As a result most of her sexual experience over the last few years was solo. Apparently she had quite the toy collection. She’d go out to clubs with some of the girls and on occasion and would sometimes land up blowing some guy, she claimed.

We talked about the girlfriends I had growing up and the few girls that I’d had sex with. Compared to her though, my sex life seemed drab. It’s not that she was a pervert, but she was more free-going than I was, all carefully hidden within that nerd, virgin persona of hers.

We were still talking about sex toys as we got to the church. We continued our conversation as we got out of the car and walked hand-in-hand towards the doors. I’d not realized until just that moment that with the high heels on she was almost as tall as me. I’m six-two. I was looking at her pretty well straight into the eyes as we walked. Somehow all of a sudden she was even sexier. As she was explaining to me about ben-wah balls, some having a string between the balls while others don’t, with a grin on her face she opened the doors and suddenly…. I was inside a church.

I’d never been in a Catholic Church before. The service had already started and my head was swinging around trying to take it all in. How bizarre I thought, one second I’m talking about sex balls that get shoved into her pussy and the next I’m walking down the isle of a church hand-in-hand with Church Girl. What the heck?

The service, or ceremony or whatever it’s called was all very interesting. Everyone else knew what to say and do during the service. I could never figure out if I should be sitting, standing up or kneeling down on this padded little fold out bench. A choir started singing behind me. They were all doing this cross thing with their arms, I’d seen it on TV before. It was like a blur, they were all so fast. They finished before I even figured out that that was the thing that needed to be done at that time. Although I was baptized as baby, I had only been inside a church for a couple of weddings and funerals. It was all very, very strange, yet pretty cool too. Eventually Father Eliot’s service was over and Church Girl stood up, grabbed my hand and dragging me out. I just followed along as we made our way outside.

“Oh look, there’s my mom and dad!” she said “that means we can have lunch.” She pulled me over to them. “Mom, Dad this is Joey Reimer. Joey is the one boy that lives with us.” Church Girl let go of my hand so that I could shake her dad’s which was coming straight at me.

“I’m Larry Daniels,” he said shaking my hand, “pleased to meet you.”

“I’m pleased to meet you too Sir,” I stammered.

“And I’m Eve’s mum, my name is Suzanne,” she said smiling and holding out her hand.

I could see where Church Girl got her good looks from. I took a hold of Suzanne’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, “It’s so nice to meet you Ma’am,” I said with a big smile on my face. I could put the fake bullshit charm on with the best of them, especially as I knew I sucked her daughter’s clit till it was blue last night.

“Will you be joining us at Applebee’s?” he asked.

“Sure Dad!” she said, then turned to me grabbing a hold of my hand, “If that’s okay with you Joey?”

“I’d love to,” I said smiling. I’m going to kill her I thought.

It had been decided that we would go in the family car and then get dropped back at the church to pick up Church Girl’s afterwards. Theirs was a big black Mercedes. Evidently mom and dad had a few bucks. They were talking family stuff. Within five minutes we arrived at Applebee’s and waltzed right in getting a high table for four straight away.

Larry said, “Have whatever you wish Joey, it’s my treat.”

I said, “Thank you,” trying to be gracious as we settled into our seats, Church Girl was directly across me. At least they seemed very nice. I’ll just go along with this I thought, just get a nice lunch out of the deal and try not to embarrass Church Girl. At least seated this way it will be a little awkward if Church Girl tries to hold my hand again. Then again, I can kick her under the table if I have to.

“Tell us a little bit about yourself Joey,” Larry said.

“I’m in the Math’s program Sir,” I said smiling.

“Oh very good,” Suzanne stated with a big smile on her face.

Church Girl was smiling too. This was all unreal. Church Girl’s mom even had little white gloves on.

We ordered. I asked for fish tacos and a Coke. Church Girl changed her order so that she would have the same as me. How bleedin’ cute. We made small talk, they asked how Church Girl was doing with her classes, whether she had enough money in her account, was she eating enough?

“How’s the dynamic working out at the house?” Larry asked looking at me, “living with five girls, is everyone getting along?” Was he trying to be polite and include me in the family conversation?

“Oh we get along great,” I answered with a big grin on my face “all the girls are so nice, and we all get along so very well. I think, being the only guy there that they go out of their way to ….make me fit in.” I smiled at Church Girl, who grinned back.

“That’s great to hear,” he simply said.

I wondered if they knew Christa’s parents.

I was just starting to feel a little more comfortable as the food came. I wondered if they were going to say grace before we ate.

“So are you two going out?” Suzanne asked, looking at me smiling, then glancing to Church Girl, then back to me, still smiling, as she pulled her white gloves off.

Without a missing a beat I answered with a fake smile pasted on my face “It’s difficult for us to go out, when were both in, all the time.” I thought it was a clever answer.

“But surely you two are fond of each other, isn’t that why you came to church together?” Suzanne asked still smiling.

“Yes we are Mom.” Church Girl reached out and grabbed a hold of both of my hands and smiled at me. I could feel myself blushing. I was definitely going to kill her.

I shook her hands off and bit into my taco trying to change the subject. Not waiting for any grace.

With the tone in her voice a little more serious Suzanne asked “Have you two made any promises to each other?”

I choked on the fish taco. Coughing, I picked up my napkin. Now I know my face was beet red.

“Are you alright Joey?” Suzanne asked.

I just made gurgling sounds while gasping for air with the napkin over my mouth. “I’m fine,” was all I could manage. Larry was looking at me smiling.

“Well have you?” Suzanne pressed.

Before I could recover fully Church Girl answered in a steady voice “Yes we have.”

I started coughing again, napkin to my mouth, tears in my eyes. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even look up. After a few moments I recovered and said, “I’m sorry,” then took a deep breath and picked up my taco again.

In a measured but pleasant tone Suzanne continued “And what were those promises that you made to each other, may I ask?

I was frozen.

Church Girl answered without missing a beat “That we would have fun, be young and to never jeopardize the vows that I made to Gramma.”

My body seized up. I couldn’t swallow.

“And are you confident that Joey will honor that promise? Larry added in a low voice.

Church Girl reached across the table grabbed the hand that wasn’t holding a taco and answered with confidence in her voice and a smile on her face, “Yes I am.”

Church Girl’s mom then put her hand on top of ours and said with obvious joy in her voice, “I’m so happy for you. I’m so happy for both of you.”

Then her dad reached over the table and placed his hand over top and said, “And so am I.”

This was surreal.

“I think they like you,” Church Girl said as we pulled away from church parking lot in her white Honda.

“Eve. Are they expecting me to marry you?

“Maybe, I don’t know,” she answered.

We drove in silence for a while.

I came to the realization that Church Girl’s outward appearance was borne of a basic fear. A fear of rejection. A fear of falling in love with someone, maybe falling in love again, and then having that person walk away in frustration, leaving her heartbroken. I realized how this vow of hers was so important to her that she would knowingly dress up like a frump to minimize advances from others. What a conundrum she was living. Avoid guys until Mr. Right came along. Maybe she went to church week after week hoping to meet the type of guy that would live with her self imposed, twisted version of virginity until they got married.

Her parents must have known about her frustration with boyfriends. I wondered if they’d just come away with the impression that Church Girl had found Mr. Right.

Did Church Girl think that I was Mr. Right?

All of a sudden things started to fall into place in my mind. Church Girl had always been keen on me, the little belly laugh incident in the kitchen as we walked past with her naked, her kissing me as Christa was jacking me off with chips and salsa on my belly, Ana’s who do you think is in control here bit, the giggling from the others as they came in last night. The date that I seemingly blew. It all started to make sense now. I’d been set up. The five of them had set me up.

“You’re in love with me, aren’t you?” I said breaking the silence.

Church Girl looked over at me, both hands on the steering wheel, with a big grin on her face. “You’ve finally figured it out. Yes I am.”

“How long?” I asked.

“I think since our Computer Science class two years ago. But really, I guess, since the moment you moved into the house and kissed my hand. Two years ago, you didn’t even know I existed.”

“Yes I did,” I said after a moment. I went on, “You’re a beautiful woman, of course I noticed you. I even knew your name.” I thought it was only last year, though.

“Really?” Then she thought for a moment before asking “Then why didn’t you ask me out?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “maybe I thought it would have been awkward to walk up to you and say – I think you’re super hot, I want to fuck you, will you go out with me?”

She thought again for a moment and then said, “Ya, you’re right. It would have been awkward.”

We drove on in silence for a while.

I knew she wanted to know if I loved her. She certainly would love to hear me say it. I wasn’t ready to commit my undying love for her.

I still had Bubbles’ ass waiting for me. And Christa’s. Gee, it was awkward.

“Eve, you know I still have Ana and Lisa’s and Christa’s ass to bust.”

“Yup, I know,” she answered in a surprisingly upbeat voice. Then she added ,”Angela’s too. She figures you owe her.”

“You know about that?

“Of course.”

There definitely has been a plot. “And you’re okay with that? ” I asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like you promised to marry me and be true to me.”

I really don’t understand women. I certainly don’t understand this one.

We drove on for a while in silence, her hands at the ten and two position on the steering wheel. Glasses on. Miss Perfect Safety Driver.

“Joey,” she said, “think of it this way. Yes, I’m madly in love with you. Yes, I’m hoping that one day you will love me too. But until that happens, if it ever does, you are my sex toy, at least until the lease is up. With you the batteries are not going to die out, they are permanently lodged in that big, beating heart of yours. I know, I’m absolutely certain about this, that you are not going to cross the line with me, even though you have the physical capability to do so. With you, I feel safe. And until that lease is up….I’m going to have so much fun with you. After all, you promised.”

I didn’t know what to say. She was right of course about me not crossing the virginity line. I would never do that. Except for those two things, the sexual possibilities with Church Girl were so wide, it was like a whole new world to me. Those two things seemed like minor things in comparison to what we could potentially do together. There was no way I was going to screw this up.

I was her sex toy? Was that what she said?

It struck me, I couldn’t think of a time that I was ever happier or more thrilled in my life. I simply couldn’t believe my good fortune. This girl was simply amazing. I wasn’t falling in love with her. I was in love with her. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fragrance of her sweet, sweet honey pot pussy. The memory of that was driving me nuts.

I resolved also at that time, that me thinking of her as Church Girl was low and disrespectful. I made a mental note to myself. Eve, not Church Girl, Eve.

The following week went by fairly uneventful. Everyone seemed to be caught up in their studies. Thanksgiving was coming up and that was going to put a ripple into all of our schedules. I had a couple intimate moments with Eve, just huggy and kissy stuff but there were no hot sex situations. Of course she would tell me how much she loved me, but that would just leave me in an uncomfortable situation. On the Friday night I had a thing at the dojo that I simply couldn’t get out of. Eve asked if she could come along to watch. It seemed a little weird but I agreed. She just sat at the sidelines and watched as all these kids and a couple of adults were presented with their new belts. I had my formal gi on. She was just smiling the whole time. Sensei Yoshi, as usual ran the whole presentation ceremony too long and Eve and I landed up going back home fairly late. After we got back I had a beer and she had a glass of wine and I told her that I’ve got to do the kiddie class early in the morning. Let’s just go to bed separately I requested. She agreed. I needed to get my head in order.

Plus, I didn’t want to blow my joe the night before I was going to have Ana’s ass.

After I got back from the kiddie karate class around two o’clock on Saturday, I sensed that there was a buzz going on. All the girls were there. They just seemed to be occupied doing stuff surreptitiously and I was the outsider.

Angela and Bubbles were chopping stuff up in the kitchen. I didn’t know what they were up to in there, but it smelled fantastic. I hoped I was in on the deal.

About an hour later Christa handed me an envelope. It was gold colored. Inside was an elegant white note written in gold colored cursive handwriting. I was to be showered and shaved, dressed neatly and that dinner will be served at 7pm sharp in the dining room.

Okay I’m game. I was drooling.

Christa handed me my toothbrush, electric razor and towel and added, “Just this one time only, you get to use the upstairs bathroom.”

“Shaved?” I asked her.

“Just your facial hair.”

I tried to do my homework, I tried to play computer games. I just couldn’t get my mind around anything. I was scared. I was excited. The thought of getting Ana’s ass was driving me crazy. Plus the thought that Eve, in spite of her denials to the contrary, had to loathe what was transpiring. It was getting a little too much. I was ready to bug out. I remember Ana’s words. ‘The question is, are you ready to do it?’

Down the hall all the girls were coming and going, sneaking bags past my open door. They were giggling away. At one point the end of the hall was blocked off with a sheet, isolating the hallway between Ana’s room, Angela’s room, the bathroom and mine. I never did see Ana.

At 6:30 I made my way upstairs to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe the amount of makeup that was in that room. I hung my towel next to the pink one and proceeded to get myself ready.

At five minutes to, I just needed to go back to my room, drop off my towel and things and get dressed. Damn, the aromas coming from the kitchen were unreal. The sheet was still up downstairs.

The table was nicely set for one. Candles were lit. I sat down as Angela came in with a beer and poured it into the glass. Next Bubbles brought a beautifully laid out rice and chicken curry dish, it was trimmed with curls of fresh red pepper, “Chicken Biryani”, then a salad dish of yogurt, tomato, cucumber and onion with fresh coriander sprinkled on top, “Raeta.” A separate dish of fried Indian soft cheese with spiced spinach, “Paner and saag” I was told, then a spiced lentil dish, “Dhal”, then a small dish of mango chutney, then finally a small plate with three different Indian sweet desserts.

I was stunned. What a feast.

Angela stood there grinning as Bubbles said, “Enjoy.” They both walked out giggling.

I’d had Indian food before, but never like this. The flavors were exquisite. I wondered who did the cooking, Bubbles and Angela? As I ate I marveled at how these girls, working together, took what was really an ugly situation and turned it completely around. This was Ana’s doing of course. I couldn’t wait to find out what was waiting for me downstairs. At the same time, I was scared shitless. By a quarter to, I was done eating. I was stuffed. Bubbles and Angela came back in to clear away the plates and refreshed my beer glass. Angela also handed me a fresh copy of Sports Illustrated. What a nice touch. It had a feature article about the New Orleans Saints. Perfect.

Christa came up the stairs at 7:59 and told me that everything’s ready and I should go to Ana’s room now.

I met Eve in the downstairs hallway as she emerged out of the darkness. She was completely naked except for her high heeled shoes. My eyes bugged out and I stopped dead in my tracks. She took two steps forward swinging her hips as she walked. She was right at eye level again as she put her arms around my neck and gave me a long, soft, passionate kiss on the lips. My right hand went straight to her crotch — her pussy was so soft, and wet.

“I love you,” she said with a sultry voice. “Enjoy,” she whispered in my ear and then added, “go.”

The sheet was gone and as I walked to Ana’s room I could feel my heart staccato beating in my chest. I tapped on the door.

“Come in.” Ana said in her Birmingham accent. As I opened the door my senses abruptly overwhelmed me.

A golden sex goddess was sitting like Buddha in front of me!

The room was aglow in soft candle light. A single spot light from above bathed Ana making her shimmer and sparkle as she sat in a lotus position on a golden bed sheet. There was soft sitar music coming from somewhere. I could smell sandalwood incense.

Gold jewelry was layered on Ana’s chest, arms and ankles. Between the jewelry her brown skin was completely painted with sparkling gold paint in delicate thin lines. The lines twisted and curled everywhere on her body from her toes to her neck. Thick gold eye make-up contrasted her brown eyes as she steadily gazed at me. Her lips were smooth, thick, gold. Long earrings hung down, each shimmering gold. Two thick strands of her long black hair framed her body. Each strand was laced with gold thread. Peeking through the layers of necklaces her areola and nipples were smooth, thick, painted gold matching her lips. The swell of her breast was visible, etched with thin swirling gold lines.

Each painted hand rested on a knee, each finger was adorned with at least one large ring, most with a colored stone, creating a symphony of color framing her nether region. Her fingers tapered to long gold nails. Each foot was tucked under a knee, her ankles adorned with gold bracelets. Her toe nails were painted gold.

Centering this entire vision before me, Ana’s deep rose pink inner pussy was splayed wide open, the light from above catching perfectly. The contrast of her brown skin, her gold etched inner thighs and her trimmed, gold pubic hair and that… rose pink core. enticed and mesmerized. A forbidden fruit. Nirvana. The center of the universe.

I was speechless. I was frozen in my tracks. Ana’s Indian facial hair sideburns thing somehow fit into the entire vision, completing the dreamscape before me. I was totally floored. What an apparition met my eyes.

“Please close the door and disrobe Mr. Reimer,” she said.

I did without saying a word, my hearting beating a mile to the minute. My hard-on sprung out as soon as my pants and underwear slipped off. I just stood there gazing. I couldn’t move.

Her right hand slipped off of her knee in a slow motion. Pointing to the floor next to the bed, with careful movement she said, “I would be honored, if you had a taste of this,” her finger now pointing to her gaping pussy, “before you collect your prize.”


“Come and enjoy…,” she said softly as she shifted herself out of the lotus position, leaned back on the gold bed sheet and spread her legs wide, the lightly really catching the gem. She shifted slightly to lean back onto one elbow. Her eyes remained fixed on mine. Her right hand reached out to me, palm up, fingers closing, except for gold finger nail tipped middle finger. That finger slowly flexed back three times…come hither.


As I crawled forward onto the bed in obedience I was suddenly aware of my apprehension to touch this goddess. Would my touch spoil the beauty? Could I mar the art, the genius, the gift from God that was Anahita? Would her vision simply dissolve in front of me? Slowly I lowered my head to her pussy. I could smell roses. I could smell a spicy muskiness. I could smell woman. She was exquisite.

Slowly, I slipped my tongue out and licked inside her puss. I felt her body tremble. She tasted like heaven. The vision didn’t disappear. She was real.

Without touching her anywhere else my tongue gently licked her open pussy up and down, I softly kissed her lips, her hole, her clit, licked side to side, gently eased my tongue into her and lightly sucked and nipped on her clit. Her trembling increased with each touch, her breathing got deeper. I continued to softly lick, kiss, tongue and suck her.

Then she came. It was glorious. Her entire body trembled and she let out a low gasp with a deep warm breath. I felt so proud of myself for being able to satisfy this goddess.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

After a moment she sat up dropping her legs over the side of the bed and said “Stand here,” pointing to the floor in front of her. I got off the bed and stood in front of her with my hard-on pointing right at her, dribbling pre-cum. She leaned forward and opened the golden lips of her mouth and slowly drew my cock into her pink, gold encircled mouth. Her jeweled fingers with golden finger nails gripped my cock as she slowly pulled her mouth up and down my shaft. Her pink tongue flashed around my cock in an exotic contrast to the gold of her make-up and jewelry, her brown skin and her jet black hair.

My legs were shaking. If she kept that up, I wasn’t going to last long.

She slowly drew her mouth off my swollen cock. She reached over to the side table and picked up what appeared to be a gold colored ashtray that contained a clear fluid and a make-up brush. Holding the ashtray under my cock she began painting my cock starting at the base and sliding up to the top of my cock, then moving to the underside. It was lube. “Give me two fingers of your right hand,” she instructed. I stuck out my index and middle fingers out as she continued to paint them too. She put the ashtray down, sat up, rolled over and slipped onto her hands and knees on the middle of the bed. The spotlight from above lit up her entire bum. With her head pressing on the bed, tilted to the side with hair and gold jewelry awash around her she reached back with both hands and further spread her ass checks apart.

“Wait until I tell you,” was all she said. I watched her tight brown bum hole with little lines converging into one spot, slowly relax. Just a hint of pink slowly appeared at the centre, then a bit more, then a bit more.

“Daub me with a little lube please,” Ana instructed in her sultry Birmingham accent. I did as instructed. After a moment she simply said, “Now claim your prize.”

I trembled as I climbed up onto the bed and kneeled behind her. My heart was still pounding. I pulled her butt check open with my left hand and slowly inserted my right index finger into her anus. It slipped in right away. She didn’t make a sound. Slowly I wiggled the finger around in her, pulling it in and out for a few moments. Then I inserted the second finger. I could hear her take a deep breath. Together my two fingers wiggled inside her. I slowly pushed inside and out for a few moments. She was well lubed. I tried to force my fingers apart as much as I could as I worked them into her ass. Both of her elbows and arms were on the bed in front of her head, completely tangled in gold bangles. She was definitely reacting to all of this. I withdrew my two fingers and cleaned them off on a gold napkin that was on the side table so as not to mar her perfect gold etched cheeks.

On my knees behind her while spreading her cheeks slightly I pressed my cock towards the pink flower bud of her bum hole. My cock head slipped right in. She gasped audibly, but said nothing. I held it in, steady for a moment. Slowly I pressed forward just a bit. I could feel and hear her breath escape. Then a bit more. Then a bit more. She gasped again. I pulled back…any pain was clearly subsiding…then I pushed forward again, adding a little depth. Very slowly I repeated the process until I was all the way in.

She was so tight. I was in ecstasy. My first time in a girl’s butt. Could it get any better than this? No way. I hadn’t even begun to fuck her and I knew I was going to cum any second. My brain was telling me that I didn’t want to disappoint her by coming so quickly, but my cock wasn’t listening to my brain. After about five or six slow in and out pumps…..I came. My knees were trembling, my hips were jerking and I was squirting, squirting, squirting inside her.

“Don’t stop, keep going!” she howled at me, startling me. I did. I just kept on pumping in and out of her tight ass with a renewed vigor. My cock didn’t soften one bit.

“Aaaaugh!” she gasped lifting her head off the bed. It was a pleasure gasp, I was sure of it. She re-positioned her left arm in front of her head and reached back between her legs with her right hand. I could feel her rubbing her cunt and clit furiously. Occasionally, the tip of a gold fingernail would catch the top of my scrotum, nicking me. I kept pumping in and out. My cock was glistening in the focused spot light.

Her breathing increased in tempo, her whole body trembled. I could hear gold jewelry clinking together as she continued to rub herself and I continued my rear assault.

Then it happened, her whole body spasmed in contraction, tightening around my cock. “Aaruugh,” she gasped and continued. As did I. Her contractions kept coming, each met with an audible gasp, her body shuddering between each mini-seizure. She was panting for air. Her whole body glistened with a layer of perspiration that only amplified the glowing vision before me. I realized that she was undergoing one long, continuous, orgasm that seemed to be building up to a final, over the top finale.

I realized too that I was about to cum again. I hoped that I could time it just right. My hips were bouncing again. I was out of control.

“Cum for me Joeeeeyyy…..aaughhhhh!”

I did. She did too. Our bodies became one gnashing, twisting entity thirsty for air, our lungs filled with the sandalwood incense as we made incoherent grunting sounds in that candle lit room with the sitar symphony in the background. My hips were still jerking as we collapsed on the bed together, my cock slipped out of her, twitching away. We continued hyperventilating for air.

Ana burst out laughing. She stretched out across the bed and kissed me with her golden lips. “Thank you, that was amazing,” she said, as she smiled to me with her brown eyes sparkling in golden eye make-up.

I was speechless. “Ack…a….hhe…a..a..Ana, th..hank you,” was all I could gurgle, “ were amazing.”

She paused looking up.

“Pass me the napkin and let’s blow these candles out, oh, and the incense too.” She was back to her old self. Nothing had changed.

“Come on Joey, let’s go upstairs we’ve got some celebrating to do.” With that she jumped up as she wiped her bum with the napkin. I dowsed the incense with wet fingers and blew out candles. When they were all out and the stereo turned off, she led me naked out her room and down the hall holding my hand.


I saw Eve lying on my bed with her laptop on her belly as I was dragged down the hall. She was still naked except for her shoes. She was beaming a huge smile.

“Eve, take your lover’s hand and lead him upstairs.” With that she let go of my hand and bounded up the stairs, in a flurry of gold jewelry against her glistening skin. Eve bounced out of bed and together we leaped up the stairs behind Ana. The rest were all in the living room waiting in anticipation.

“I’ve three bottles of champagne in the fridge, break out the glasses!” Ana announced with glee in her voice. “We’re celebrating the loss of my anal virginity!” “Whooo hooo” was the response all around.

What a classy girl she is I thought to myself. I am a dwarf next to her.

As the champagne was popped, the glasses filled and passed around she turned to me yet said aloud to everyone, “Joey, I sincerely wish to thank you for making this experience better than I could have hoped for. I wouldn’t have wished that my first time was with anyone other than you.” We drank to her toast.

“I have an announcement to make,” as the giggles and cheers subsided, “Ana, I sincerely wish to thank you for making this experience better than I could have ever hoped for. I wouldn’t have wished that – my first time – was with anyone other than you.”

“Really?” several asked as we sipped the champagne.

“Yes, really,” I answered as laughter broke out.

I turned to Ana, Eve was at my side, everyone was listening intently. I asked her “Ana why did you,” I corrected myself, “why did all of you go to such great lengths to do this?”

Ana turned to me, looked at me with her big brown eyes and gold make-up, nipples poking through necklaces and said calmly, “Because it was fun Joey. It’s just that simple. I will remember this for the rest of my life. It will be a very pleasant memory.”

I kissed her golden lips. There were tears rolling down my cheeks.

We all clinked glasses and started laughing. The champagne kept on getting poured out.

“Ana how did it go? What happened?” Angela couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh my god,” Ana started, “you should have seen his face!” They all erupted in laughter. “He didn’t say one word the whole time! He was completely speechless, totally dumbfounded.” Now they were in hysterics. Ahh – the joys of living with five girls.

We put B52′s Rock Lobster on and continued drinking and laughing. We were all having a great time. Ana was feeling the alcohol like I’ve never seen before, but still a long way from being drunk. She was beautiful goddess in her element — with no modesty in her, completely decked out in gold bangles, jewelry and such. She started to twist to the music in erotic, Bollywood style moves, even though the music was all wrong.

Motion in the ocean (ooh ah)

Air hose broke (Hoo ah)

Lots of trouble (Ooh ah)

Lots of bubble (Hoo ah)

He was in a jam (Ohh ah)

He’s in a giant clam! (Hoo ah)

We all tried to mimic Ana’s hips, arms and hands following along. She was at the centre of attention.

Rock, rock,

Rock Lobster (Aaaaaaaah)

Down, down! (Aaaaaah)

We were all cheering her on. Ana, Eve and I were nude, the others were dressed. Nobody seemed to care. That was part of the fun.

Watch out for that piranha (ek rek eek rek ah hoo)

There goes a narwhal (eeeeh)

Here comes a bikini whale! (Aaaaah!)

Eventually, the topic came around to who will be next to receive a star. We turned the music down a notch and I told them that I hadn’t decided. It wasn’t exactly true, Bubbles would be next, but I thought to myself that perhaps I should keep that card close to my chest to see if anything of interest would develop. It did. Eve suggested that Bubbles and Christa should toss a coin to see who’s next.

Ana said, “I’ve a better idea. Joey can you get it up again?” Before I could answer she slipped a bracelet off her wrist and holding high in the air, “You two can have a ring tossing competition!” Everyone including me burst out in laughter. It was game on.

“I’ll need a little help here,” I said.

“I’ll do it!” Angela and Eve said concurrently. Eve glared at Angela. Angela said, “I’ll get a washcloth to clean him off. We know where’s that’s been.” More laughter. I didn’t know if I could get it up again.

I got washed. Then Eve got down on her knees, still in her high heeled shoes and proceeded to suck me to hardness as the rest cheered on. Ana removed all the bangles she had on her arms and ankles. There were twenty two.

Everyone wanted a turn and they all got to toss bangles at my cock as I stood against the living room wall with my arms straight up in the air. It was hilarious. They tossed the jewelry from only about six feet away, but because they were laughing so hard, and because they had drunk so much, they could only get maybe one in six on. At best. They had to clarify the rules when one came to rest atop of my cock resting against my pubic hair.

During all of this I had both Eve and Angela, would pop down on me — just to make sure I was still game. Oh, I was!

Christa and Bubbles got into the competition, whoever wins the most tosses gets to decide whether they are next or not. I was totally fine with this turn of events. Best three out of five games. I hoped I could keep it up for so long. It was the absurdity of the situation that was threatening to deflate my cock. Angela’s presence with her constant infectious laughter turned the whole situation into a circus.

The game was in full swing, the music was playing, Ana was still Bollywood style gyrating to the music and everyone was watching the game eagerly counting the score, Bubbles was up.

“Someone’s at the window!” Ana yelled. We all ran to the window to see outside. A man and a woman were quickly walking away.

“It’s my parents!” Christa screamed, then bolted out the front door.

Party’s over.

Eve, Ana and I ran to our rooms to put on some clothes. We returned to join Angela and Bubbles cleaning up glasses and bangles and empty champagne and wine bottles. Angela of course was giggling the whole time. I felt bad for Christa. I’d already done enough damage when they caught me outside of the upstairs bathroom naked, writhing on the floor.

Christa came back into the house, thankfully by herself. She was white, and not just from the cold.

“They saw everything,” she said, “they’re really pissed.” She ran off to her bedroom crying.

Eve and I slipped into my bed and we turned off the light. We were worried for Christa.

The next morning we were making a communal breakfast. I think Eve was getting ready for church although she hadn’t asked me if I wanted to attend. We’d not seen Christa yet. Bubbles, Angela and I had the eggs, bacon, toast and stuff ready when we heard Christa’s phone ring in her room. She was a good half hour on the phone. Something was clearly up. Although Eve was all dressed for church, she didn’t go. We cleared the dishes up and cleaned up the rest leaving Christa’s sunny-side up eggs, bacon and toast sitting cold and lonely on the table.

We were all hovering around. Eventually Christa came out and sat down at the table. Clearly she had been crying, but she was composed now. Her parents phoned. They weren’t happy. Apparently, they were especially not happy with me. Basically they threatened to cut Christa off of their tuition support if I continued to live under the same roof as her. They explained to Christa that they understood that they are not in a position to kick me out of the house, therefore it would be up to Christa to leave. Their support at university was all about her getting a higher education rather than joining the military. What they saw though, they claimed, was their daughter’s moral degradation. But only recently, that is, since I moved in. I was in their view, at fault. I was the cause of her corruption. Her prig parents had put a massive guilt trip on their daughter. She was devastated.

She explained that she managed to wiggle, that is lie, out the situation. Just. The parents had seen everything the night before. Christa explained that Eve and I were boyfriend and girlfriend and that we just happened to be budding nudists and that she and the other girls, although reluctant to accept the fact at first, are now coming to grips with it and handling the situation just fine. Her parents bought that bullshit? Ana, in her gold paint, gold jewelry, gold eye make-up and bright gold bush was a little harder to explain. She had just come home, Christa had explained, from her job as an erotic dancer. “Deal with it parents,” she had told them, “this brilliant math student needs an income stream somehow”. Apparently they bought the lie too. No way.

The ring-toss game she couldn’t explain. “We had a couple of drinks and we were having fun,” was as good as she could offer. They didn’t buy it. Hence, I was still the asshole.

“Don’t worry we’re good,” Christa said as she finished off the last of her breakfast, “but Joey, you can’t live with us here next year, or, I can’t live with you.”

Clearly we weren’t good.

“I’m okay with that,” I said in a low voice, eyes down.

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