My eyes burst open in a frenzy. Standing above me, Carson’s glowing eyes danced in the darkness. He was just standing there, watching me, his eyes piercing through my soul. It made me want to turn my head in the other direction or at the very least, close them, so I didn’t have to see his gruesome grin.

“Hello, Maddy, love,” he said, still maintaining that smile of his.

What was he up to?

“I wanted to have a little chat.”

This couldn’t be good.

“How about it?”

NO! I don’t want to talk to you. You’ve taken my whole life away from me. Why would I want to converse with you let alone look you in the eye?

I nodded my head and said a small, “Yes.”

“Sit up, then, Maddy,” he told me. “I’ve freed you from your handcuffs.”

I sat up, hesitantly. Drawing my legs to my stomach, I held myself. My chin dropped to my knees, and I looked at my captor with sullen eyes. I felt unclean just being in the same room as him. Wondering if I would ever feel clean again, I had begun taking advantage of our 6 a.m. shower sessions. But even the water didn’t seem to cleanse me anymore. Nothing could… except my freedom. However, after three and a half months of my imprisonment, my optimism had depleted. And who could blame me?

“Our time together has certainly been…” Carson searched for the right word. “Engaging,” he finally decided upon. “But I don’t believe that we’ve made much progress in our overall relationship.”

What the fuck was he talking about? Our relationship?! That had ended even before he imprisoned me. Did he refuse to accept it? Had he blocked out the memories? I stared at him confusedly.

Carson came closer to me. He took a seat on my bed and placed a hand on my calf. He ran his fingers up and down my skin; a shiver tore down my spine. Then, he said, “I know that you still somewhat resent me, Maddy. I’m not blind. I can tell that you don’t particularly enjoy being trapped in a basement… especially one that’s not furnished.”

The bastard chuckled at that. He became serious again. “But, Maddy, love, it’s all for your own good. You see, in order for our relationship to develop properly, I wanted you to be isolated for a while. I wanted ME to be your only focus. That way, you could clear your head and stop thinking so much.”

He smiled lightly. “I know how much you think, Maddy. Don’t take me for a fool. Remember in class, you would always be the one asking the best questions. But then, taking an analytical role — always so amusing, of course — you would answer your question before you would even allow me to it. Sometimes, Maddy, love, you over-think things. That’s what I wanted you to stop doing. And if I’m right, it’s worked. You’ve calmed down quite a bit since you first arrived. I’ve noticed a change in you.”

Yes, I wanted to say. What you’ve noticed is my hope dying…

Carson continued stroking my calf. He said, “But I want to reward you now. You know, for all the progress that you’ve made.”

Admittedly, the thought of a reward made me both nervous and incredibly excited. He had never used that word around me. Reward. It was always some kind of punishment — whether sexually, physically, or mentally. Never rewards. Until now.

I dared to ask, “What kind of reward?”

Carson leaned in close, and I could feel his breath on me. Looking deep into my eyes, the hand that had been on my calf, traced around my skin and landed on my thigh. I could tell that he was getting turned on as his fingers ran across my panties. He could feel the heat radiating from my pussy. I tensed a little, more curious about the reward than about him raping me again.

Carson whispered one word, “Friends.”

That night, I contemplated the idea of “friends.” What could Carson have meant by that? I had a few ideas, but they were all horrible. If he meant what I thought, then I didn’t want to have friends. I didn’t want more girls to be imprisoned down here like me. But then again… would he be that stupid? Maybe the two of us could figure out a way to get out of here. And besides, that would really entice the police to search even harder for me since the girl would probably go to Brunswick High as well. As I drifted off to sleep, I smiled to myself for the first time in a long while. The more I thought about having a “friend” down here with me, the more I grew to actually like the idea. Little did I know, I was in for a very big surprise.


“Madison,” Carson said properly. “I want you to meet our new friend, Wes Sonner.”

I looked up at the tall man from my position on the bed. He looked like a normal guy in his late twenties. Brown shaggy hair, dark chocolate eyes, and a little scruff along his chin. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would do this, not something this horrible. But I guess you don’t always know about people’s sick fetishes by just looking at them…

“Nice to meet you, Madison,” Wes said and stuck out a hand.

I wanted to spit in it. Instead I shook his hand and said, “It’s just Maddy.” My tone of voice was harsher than I intended and Wes seemed a little taken aback at first. Then he suddenly grabbed my chin and bent down to meet my eyes.

“Oh so you’re a feisty one, huh?”

Carson laughed and said, “Yes, she certainly is. But we’ve been working on that, right, Maddy, love?”

“Mhm,” I hummed and tried pulling away from Wes’ grip. He budged with no resistance. Losing interest in me for a moment, he looked to Carson.

“When are we going to talk business?” he wanted to know.

Carson folded his arms and replied with, “Well, don’t you want a trial run before you buy the product?”

“Ha! I guess you’re right about that.”

“You have much to learn, my friend,” Carson told him. “You can start now if you’d like.”

“Will you join in?”

Carson grinned a little. “I’ll see how I feel.”

“Carson, just so you know,” Wes started to say, but my captor interrupted the young man.

“I understand that you’re straight. I am too. We just need to be confident enough to not let that interfere with any of our… desires. I won’t go beyond the limits that we’ve discussed. I can promise you that.”

“Okay, good,” Wes said, sounding reassured. He started to get undressed.

Carson reverted his attention to me. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t go beyond the limits with you, Maddy, love. We all know that, don’t we?”

I squirmed on the bed, wishing that this wasn’t happening. I tried to imagine my paradise — the one with my family on the beach, sipping ice teas. Where was that image when I needed it the most? It wasn’t with me today. All I could think about was how I was about to get double-teamed by two men. And even worse, I’d be losing my anal virginity. Part of me hoped that Wes would do it since I didn’t know the man and he would be easier to forget about (unless, of course, he was going to be a long-term friend). The other part of me hoped that Carson would do it since I was more accustomed to his cock. But as soon as I saw Wes’ 9-inch monster, the part of me that wanted Wes disappeared. I could almost hear myself begging for Carson. Ugh. The thought almost made me gag.

Wes came near me and lowered himself to the ground. While on his knees by the side of my bed, he began kissing around my bellybutton and his hands explored the rest of me. One hand landed on my breast and he circled his fingers around my nipple until it grew hard. His other hand fell beneath my thighs and he started teasing my clit. Rubbing the nub with his thumb, I could feel myself moisten. Wes’ hot breath came nearer to my pelvis as he continued kissing me. I squeezed my eyes shut and hoped that he wouldn’t start licking my pussy. But I could feel my body asking for it.

Carson was getting a kick out of this and he, too, had undressed, allowing his cock to spring from his pants. He came around to the top of the bed and brushed Wes’ hand away from my breasts. Wes got the idea. He started paying full attention to my pussy now as he came around to the foot of my bed and started teasing me. I could feel lips close to my vagina. When he blew on me, I shook in anticipation, and he just laughed. Then, he gave my clit a quick lick, tasting my practically overflowing juices.

Carson bent over and whispered in my ear, “How are you enjoying this, Maddy, love?” Running his hands up and down, he began tweaking my nipples. They were already stone hard. I didn’t protest. I couldn’t protest. My voice had been stolen away in the blur of the moment.

Wes worked on my clit with his tongue as he grabbed my ass cheeks and drew me in closer to him. Lapping up my juices, he nuzzled his nose against me, taking in my scent. Spreading my cheeks apart, I could feel his fingers probing the outer rim of my asshole.

My eyes burst open. Reality hit me hard. I didn’t like what he was doing down there. I didn’t want anything to do with anal sex. That had always been my one rule, even with Carson in the beginning. My eyes darted up at Carson who was busy toying with my tits. Carson gave me a devilish smile, thinking that I was secretly enjoying what was happening here. And maybe…just maybe…I enjoyed the sensations pounding through my veins and the sexual heat exploding across my body and the wet licks of Wes’ long tongue stroking my clit. But I didn’t enjoy these men, neither Carson nor Wes. And that ruined everything for me as it always did. But now, more than ever. As Wes continued trying to probe my anus, I knew I couldn’t hold it in much longer.

“Carson,” I whispered in the most innocent way.

Carson looked at me.

“Please,” I told him. “Maybe you can take over my…” I was getting squirmish about the situation. “Well, you know, the anal part.”

Wes was too busy eating me out and poking at my tight asshole to comprehend my words, so we weren’t afraid offending him. Carson just nodded at me and stood up. He unlocked my handcuffs and declared, “Wes, it’s time.”

Wes nodded his head and took his face away from my pussy. He seemed a little awkward, as if he had never done this before. Expectedly, Carson seemed to enjoy being in full control. As Wes stood up, he watched Carson grab me and lift me off the mattress. I squealed a little, surprised by his force. Since my imprisonment, I had become fairly petite at 5’3 and no more than 105 pounds, so Carson enjoyed throwing me around much more these days. He flipped me around so that his cock pressed up between my ass cheeks. My naked body was on display for Wes and I avoided his hungry eyes. He started coming toward Carson and I, ready to pounce on me and have his cock indulge my pussy, but Carson barked out, “Stop!”

Wes looked a little confused, and Carson just said, “She’s new to this.” Nodding his head, Wes understood. He began to watch as Carson fondled with my breasts, and he began to masturbate to the scene.

Carson held me close, pressing the side of his face against mine. “Don’t be afraid, Maddy, love. It’ll only hurt for a second.”

“Carson?” I said. “I really don’t want this.”

“It’ll be okay.” He began fingering my asshole, sliding one finger deep inside. “Damn, you’re tight.”

“It hurts already, Carson,” I whined. “I really wish that we could do something else. Maybe you can tell Wes to go home and we can do something just the two of us.”

“I just need a little lubricant,” Carson thought aloud. He sunk his index finger into my pussy hole and I gasped. Carson held me tight. “Shhh…Maddy, love. I’m telling it’s going to be okay. Trust me.”

“Please, Carson,” I begged. “Don’t do this. I’m not enjoying it.”

“Ahhh, there we go,” Carson said, inserting a second lubricated finger into my ass. He jerked his fingers in and out, feeling my muscles relax a bit. I knew it was better to be loose for this. I had read enough Cosmo magazines to understand the basics of anal sex. But at the same time, I had never been interested. As Carson dove his fingers deeper into me, my disgust for him only grew stronger. And I hated Wes too. He stood only a few feet away from us, yanking his monster cock so hard that it almost looked painful.

He pushed in a third finger and I cried out. I could feel my virgin asshole slowly being torn apart. How was this sexually exciting in any way? Why did people like this kind of thing? “Carson, please, stop! This seriously hurts. I’m not kidding. Please, Carson…” I felt tears come to my eyes and although I wanted to wipe them away, I knew it would be pointless. There would be more tears in no time. I was just waiting for the worst now.

“You’re all set, Maddy, love,” Carson finally said when he thought I was loose enough. “Wes come over here so Maddy can lean on you.”

With no hesitation, Wes strode toward me. Carson pushed down on my back harshly and I fell on top of Wes’ bare chest. Our new friend held me up, letting my breasts press up against him. Bent over like how I was, my ass lifted in the air slightly, giving Carson the perfect exposure to anally penetrate me.

Once more, I tried to beg for him to stop. Tears rolling down my face, I cried, “Carson, please, please, PLEASE stop. I’m begging you to stop this. Please don’t do this, Carson. I’ll do anything else. Just not this.”

Carson ignored me. The top of his penis pushed at my anal opening. Nothing had ever felt so painful in my life as Carson pushed himself into my asshole. Even his three fingers couldn’t come close to preparing me for this. I slid further on top of Wes, my hands on his shoulders and my fingernails digging into his skin. Wes responded with taking my breasts into his hands and squeezing them tightly. I tried closing my eyes, biting my lip, pressing my forehead against Wes’ chest — anything to stop the pain, but it didn’t work.

“Come on, Maddy,” Carson barked at me. “Loosen up!” He slapped my ass and then grabbed hold of it. He started sliding his cock in and out at a medium-paced rhythm. Grunting each time his cock slid deep within me, I knew it was only a matter of time before he would want Wes joining in. I jerked on top of Wes, holding on to him, trying to keep a standing position, but Wes couldn’t take it any more.

“I’m testing out the product now,” he told Carson half-jokingly. Carson, completely engaged with fucking my ass, didn’t respond. Wes lifted me up, which made Carson adjust his position as well. Wes ordered me to wrap his legs around him and I did so. Suddenly, I felt his huge cock press against the lips of my vagina. When he entered me, I cried out again. He began fucking me to the same rhythm as Carson. I felt so filled with my two entrances being penetrated.

Wes gripped the sides of my legs and kept pounding into me. His cock, bigger than Carson’s, slammed into my wet pussy. And all while, Carson tried to regain control by pushing back harder. Strangely enough, the struggle for power between my captor and Wes amused me.

But tears continued streaming down my cheeks. Sandwiched between the two men, I felt overwhelmed by the sensations erupting inside of me. Part of me hated this. The other part of me enjoyed the peculiar feeling of it all. With my emotions scattered all across the boards, I couldn’t help but to cry. I felt degraded, but I felt like a prize. I felt hopeless, but I felt alive. The pain was excruciating, but it was was slowly turning into something else. And I hated these men, but I loved this warmth…this feeling…like I was about to…

My cries filled the air as an orgasm burst from me. Shaking from head to toe, the orgasm took control of my body and made me forget about everything for a moment. The raping, the basement, my captor, our new friend. It was just a feeling. An amazing, beautiful feeling that couldn’t be expressed well enough with words. But my body, as it rocked with multiple orgasms, expressed everything.

Part 1

He enjoyed Thursday afternoons. He didn’t have classes, department meetings, office hours or bureaucracy to deal with. It was a chance for him to work on his research without the crush of teaching.

Not that he didn’t enjoy teaching his classes. They were enjoyable, he always learned something from his interactions with students, and the hours were not bad. Also, they were good for his ego. At 42 and a widower, he was still a vigorous and attractive guy, more handsome than pretty. He knew he was attractive to women near his own age, as the repeated come-ons at faculty parties (from both female faculty and the wives of some of his colleagues) confirmed. He biked and ran regularly and he was in good shape, but clearly not a narcissistic jerk.

What surprised him was how attractive he seemed to be to his students. It honestly never occurred to him that a woman in her late teens or early 20s would be interested in him. And yet, every semester, there were two or three students who made it clear to him—often in their own shy way—that they were available to him. Some spent inordinate amounts of time at his office hours, coyly laughing at not-very-funny comments. Others just batted their eyes and wore suggestive clothing to class. A few outright propositioned him, which he appreciated for its efficiency but not for its judgment. He had never slept with a student, no matter how available she was. He valued his job too much.

In his three years of teaching creative writing at PSU, he had seen a great many beautiful young women, a few really talented ones, and one who was both. She was a current student, M. She was different from the other girls in the class. Instead of the anorexic waifs most girls seemed to aspire to be, M was sexy in a classic, Marilyn Monroe way. She was physically most reminiscent of the voluptuous redhead on Mad Men, but she had the same innocence-mixed-with-sexuality that Marilyn had. She stood 5’8″ and had curves that made men (if not all boys) stand and gape. She dressed the way other girls in class dressed, but the way she wore a T shirt and jeans didn’t look like any of the others. She was in a class by herself, physically.

Academically, she was also different. In his class, she was brilliant. Her writing was a cross between Flannery O’Connor and Virginia Woolf. It was both dense and accessible, innovative and classic. She had real talent and he had tried to encourage it. She had showed him her non-school projects, including a short story about a student’s illicit romance with her writing professor, and he had given her detailed and constructive help. He genuinely enjoyed working with her. Even if he did often have to go home and jerk off after one of their sessions.

The problem, as he understood it from one of his gossipy colleagues in the English department, was that as good as she was in his class, that’s how bad she was in all her other classes. She was clearly smart, but her lack of interest made her anywhere from an indifferent to an outright failing student. Her attention span, so good and focused when she was writing, was pathetically short everywhere else. She was texting in classes she was failing, and the word in the department was that she might not survive the current semester’s academic probation.

None of that was on his mind that Thursday afternoon as he dug into recently unclassified documents he needed for the book he was writing. In addition to his own creative writing, he occasionally wrote critical analyses of favorite books. He was working on a book now about the early Soviet classic, Master and Margarita, about a writer whose lover sells her soul to the devil to have his work published. The fall of the Soviet Union had unearthed thousands of documents that could shed light on the author’s trials at the hands of Soviet censors.

He had been working for only a little while when there was a knock on the door. He considered not answering, but the knock came again. Exasperated, he put down the documents and walked the five feet to the door of his cramped office.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to find M standing there. Her eyes were red from crying, though she had clearly dried her tears before knocking.

“Professor, I’m sorry to bother you.”

“M, that’s OK. What’s wrong?”

“Can I come in?”

“I’m sorry. Of course.”

He stood aside and she came into the office, her shapely ass brushing against him as she tried to avoid the stacks of papers and boxes of books. She went to the only chair beside his desk chair that wasn’t piled with junk, an old red leather arm chair.

She sat somewhat primly on the edge of the seat, looking down at her hands. He tried to look at her face, but it was challenging. Her cleavage, so prominent and so beautiful, was exerting a magnetic pull on his eyes. It took a major effort to not look at it. All the same, he was very glad he had excellent peripheral vision.

“M, are you OK?”

“Not really. It appears that I am no longer your student.”

“What? Why?”

She started sobbing a little and took a moment to compose herself.

“Because I was kicked out. Flunked out. Asked to leave. Whatever you want to call it.”

He slumped back in his chair, genuinely—and surprisingly—distraught at the idea she wouldn’t be his student any more. He rolled his chair a few feet in her direction and put his hand on hers. She quickly grabbed his hand in hers.

“I’m so sorry. I really am.”

“It’s my own damn fault, of course. It’s not like I can’t do the work.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, how could this happen? You’re so bright and such a great student in my class.”

She looked up at him, smiling through her tears.

“Well, I love writing. And I love your class.” She looked like she was going to say something else, but stopped herself.

“And the other classes?”

“I guess I just didn’t care. I thought I could skate by. All I ever wanted to do was write anyway.”

They sat silently for a moment. He wanted to take his hand back and be professional, but he just couldn’t.

“Well, looks like you’ll have lots of time for writing now. Have you given any thought yet about what you’ll do?”

“I’d love to spend more time writing. But it looks like I need a job. My scholarship went away as of an hour ago.”

Again, they sat silently. His mind was racing. She wasn’t his student any more, which was bad. Or was it? Now that she wasn’t his student, he could see if there was anything between them, as he had hoped so often. He made a bold gamble.

“I could use a research assistant.”

She looked like she had just won the lottery.

“For real?”

“Sure. I just got thousands of documents for my Master and Margarita book. I need someone to help me go through them, categorize and file, take notes. Nothing sexy, but I can pay you $10 an hour. My book advance isn’t much, but I’m happy to spend it until it runs out.” The truth was he would have paid anything to have this marvelous young woman in close quarters with him. And he didn’t need the money at all.

She jumped up and he did too. She hugged him, and he could feel her firm breasts press against him. He hoped she couldn’t feel his rapidly firming cock against her. She held the hug a second or two longer than gratitude required.

“When do I start?”

“Tomorrow? 9am?”

She hugged him again. And gave him a small kiss on the cheek. When she pulled back, she was blushing a deep red.

“See you then. And thanks.”

Part 2

Over the next few weeks, he came to realize how indispensable she was to him. She was a fantastic research assistant, smart and capable and organized. She was also a breath of fresh air in his office and his life. One day, he came back from class to discover that the pile of books and documents he had complained about for days was organized and gone. All of a sudden, his office couch was clear and the office itself looked good. Part of it was the organization. A bigger part was the amazing redhead.

She worked unselfconsciously, kneeling or bending or stretching wherever the work took her. She seemed unaware of how beautiful she was, and how her low-cut tops and shorts affected him. Or maybe she did know and just didn’t care.

Despite the fact the she was no longer his student, she refused to call him anything but Professor. He didn’t mind. Though they became friendlier and friendlier, there was still a student-teacher dynamic between them. Even the night they went out for pizza and beer (which she was too young to order, but the server was too busy staring down her shirt to worry about her ID), they still kept a respectful distance. There were a few times when either he or she looked like they might let their guard down, but it came back up just as quickly.

That ended on a Friday morning, a month after she started working for him.

He came to work a little late. He was grouchy after yet another night of porn and his right hand. He was craving physical contact in the worst way, and the woman he wanted was at his office. That morning, the thought of seeing her filled him with more frustration than usual. He procrastinated and got to the office 15 minutes after she was showing up.

When he arrived, wearing his Friday outfit of jeans and a T shirt that showed off his well developed physique, M was sitting outside his office. She looked again, like she had been crying. She quickly wiped the tears and tried to smile when she saw him.

“Good morning, Professor.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

He unlocked the door to his office and they went in. He closed the door.

Immediately she threw her arms around his neck. He received her hug more openly than he would have if he had thought about it. After a few seconds, she pulled back.

“M, what is it?”

“I’m sorry. I went into the English Department office when you were late to see if they had heard from you. And I heard the secretaries talking and they were gossiping about a male professor who ran off with one of his students last night. They were talking about it like it was a big secret scandal and all I could think was that it was you. Since you’re never late and you weren’t here and I thought the worst and…”

She trailed off to a small laugh/sob.

“I know how stupid I must sound to you.”

She didn’t sound stupid. If he wasn’t mistaken, she sounded jealous.

“No, I understand. You don’t want to lose your job.”

She laughed and playfully pushed him.

“You jerk. You know that isn’t what I was worried about.”

“What were you worried about?” He almost held his breath, waiting for the answer.

“You know…”


“You want me to say it?”


She looked up at him and inched closer to him. Her breasts were just a few inches from him.

“I was worried you had run off with someone else because…I love you.”

She barely said the last words out loud, but they hit him like a hurricane.

He reached his hand out and caressed her cheek.


“You don’t have to say anything.” She looked down, embarrassed.

He put his other hand on her other cheek and lifted her face up to his. She was wearing sneakers and she was a good five inches shorter than him. When she lifted her face to him, her mouth parted slightly and he saw her pink tongue. He knew he had to taste it. He leaned down and gently kissed her. Her arms stayed at her sides for a good two seconds, and he worried that he had overstepped. Then her arms flew around his neck and she began to kiss him passionately. They stayed like that for a long minute, locked at the lip and crushed together in the contact they had both been skirting around for months.

After the minute, his big head reasserted some control and he pulled back, still holding her hands in his.

“M, we need to talk about this.”

“What is there to talk about?”

“This isn’t right.”

“Why not? I’m not your student. You finally know

how I feel. And I know you enjoyed our kiss. That was obvious.”

He shifted uncomfortably, embarrassed at the visible erection.


“But nothing. I’ve wanted to be with you since the first class six months ago. And don’t tell me you don’t want me.”

“I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.”

She walked back into his arms and put her arms around his neck.

“Then shut up, B. And kiss me.”

He was lost then. Her eyes controlled him, her body compelled him. Emboldened, he reached up and cupped her breasts as they kissed. She moaned when his hands found her nipples. They were hard as erasers and he was desperate to see them. He wasn’t sure about staying in the office. He wanted their first time to be special. He tried to break away and suggest they go somewhere else.

“No,” she said huskily. “Right here. Where we’ve spent so much time teasing each other. This is why I cleared that couch. Because I hoped I would get to fuck you on it.”

He wasn’t sure when Flannery O’Connor became Madonna, but he liked it. She was asserting her sexuality and it was turning him on even more.

She stepped back and pulled her shirt off, exposing her tremendous breasts encased in a red, lacy bra. He reached back and locked the office door while she reached back and undid the clasp. When he finally saw her breasts come free, he nearly cried with released anticipation. He had seen them in so many shirts and in so many dreams, and they were even better in the flesh, so to speak. Their pink areolas surrounded hard nipples that begged to be licked and sucked. She involuntarily rubbed them while backing up to the couch and sitting down.

He advanced toward her, removing his T shirt as he did. When he was standing above her, she reached up and rubbed her hands over his chest and stomach. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her hands exploring his body. After a few seconds, her hands moved lower, over his stomach to the top of his jeans. They undid his belt and pulled the top button on his jeans. She saw that they were button fly and she knew to rip them apart. With his jeans open, she saw the outline of the bulge in his underwear. She reached in and rubbed it, cooing slightly at the size and feel of it.

He pushed his jeans to the floor and she sat there with his cock at eye level. She didn’t make a move to remove the underwear right away, enjoying the sensation—and the tease—of rubbing it through his boxer briefs. When she leaned forward and rubbed her mouth against his covered cock, his knees got weak and nearly buckled. She wrapped her hands around him to cup his ass. Maybe to hold him up. Maybe to feel those firm ass cheeks.

He put his hands on her head and urged her face toward his cock. She smiled as she peeled his shorts down and exposed his hard cock, which sprang out at her. She had been waiting for this, among so many other sensations, for so long. She immediately licked his cock from balls to tip and down again. She pulled it down from its upward angle to aim it into her mouth. She loved the taste of it, fresh from the shower but already starting to get that sex smell. She worked the first few inches in and got them wet with her saliva. Her hand was wrapped around the rest, jerking it in a circular motion. He was in heaven when he looked down and saw her thick, flowing red hair bounce as her head bobbed on his cock. He reached down and cupped her breasts. He playfully twisted her nipples, not knowing that this sent an electric jolt to her pussy. She loved it.

She had previously had a boyfriend who wanted her to deep throat him, but she hadn’t wanted to. She thought she might be able to, but she hadn’t really liked him enough to try and they broke up shortly after. Now, she wanted to give B an experience, something that was her first. She took his cock in her mouth and started working it deeper. He immediately knew what she was trying and, as much as he wanted to, he didn’t push; it was up to her how fast to go. She worked past the first few inches she had already sucked. His cock hit the back of her throat and her hand told her there was still plenty to go. How could she do it?

“Just relax your throat,” he said gently. “Try to breathe with it back there.”

She did relax, and once she discovered she could breathe a little she relaxed even more. Soon inches of his cock were disappearing down her throat. Before she knew it, her face was all the way to his pubic hair and he was going crazy.

He wanted to keep his cock still but the sensations were so amazing it took all his will power not to start fucking her throat. After a few seconds, she had to come up for air and his cock was covered with saliva. She looked so proud of herself and he told her how incredible it felt. That spurred her on to try it again, for even longer. They were both getting the hang of it and she liked the feel of her mastery over him.

He knew he couldn’t take much more and reluctantly pulled his cock away from her mouth. He unsnapped the button on her shorts and undid the zipper. She helped him pull the shorts and panties down, exposing her trimmed pussy. The sparse red hair looked sexy and delicious, and he was determined to spend a long time dining on it. He laid her back against the back of the couch and got down on his knees between her legs. He kissed slowly up her left thigh and then her right. He hovered over her pussy and blew lightly against her pussy lips and exposed clit. She arched her back and tried to push her pussy at him. That was all he needed and he dove right in, licking and flicking and sucking on her lips and clit. He brought her to the brink of orgasm several times and backed off each time, until she was practically growling for release. Finally, he granted her unstated wish and ate her pussy to her first shattering orgasm. Her thighs clamped around his head when she came and he kept licking until her sensitivity grew so great she had to push him away.

When he looked up at her, her eyes were shiny with the heady combination of lust and love. She wanted sex but she wanted him, and he wanted her back. He stood up and his rock hard cock was positioned at the entrance to her wet, tight pussy. Her breasts were falling down the sides of her chest and he reached up and grabbed them, squeezing them together to lick both nipples in succession. Her back arched again.

“I don’t have a condom…”

“I’m on birth control. It’s Ok.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m so sure. Please. Don’t make me wait any more.”

He rubbed his cock along her pussy lips to spread them wide, and to wet his cock for its passage into steaming depths. She hunched forward to take the head in her, and she smiled when she felt it enter. He didn’t need further encouragement and he drove it home, ultimately nestling deep inside her as their pubic bones touched and chests melted together. Her arms were around his back and pulling him tight as he began to thrust into her, more and more urgently.

They stayed like this for a long while, alternately looking in each other’s eyes and unable to do anything but close their eyes to the passion they were both feeling. By unspoken acknowledgement, he pulled slowly out and looked at her. She kissed him and turned around on the couch. She kneeled on the cushion and put her elbows on the back of the couch. She looked over her shoulder at him and he smiled back at her, finally able to watch that wondrous ass without the barrier of clothes.

He moved up behind her and rubbed his cock again on her pussy. She pushed back while he pushed forward and he was instantly deep inside.

“God, I love doggy,” she said, just as he was thinking the same words.

They settled into a fast but manageable rhythm. He was enjoying it immensely and didn’t even think about it when he took his hand off her hip and slapped that amazing ass. He saw a light red mark flare up on her ass cheek and he wondered if he had hit her too hard.

“That felt great,” she moaned. “Do it again.”


My heart thudded as I walked down the hall of my dorm room and opened the door into the hall of teacher’s offices. Everything was silent save for the distant noise of people talking far away from where I was standing. I looked to my right down the stretch of hallway and then looked straight ahead toward what we called at school “The Cave Entrance”, a long corridor that connected our dorms to the dorms next door. Along with connecting the two dorms, the corridor also connected our dorm to another basement-like setting that held more offices for our teachers. This was my destination.

I straightened my red tie and my grey sweater-vest, and in the process adjusted my backpack. With a deep breath I moved forward through the “Cave Entrance” and made my way toward the set of offices on the other side. Once past the second door I found myself at the first office, which housed the only two Computer Science instructors in the school. Almost every teacher was required to share their office with another instructor in order to conserve space. My destination was at the end of this hallway.

Taking another shallow breath, I put one foot in front of the other and set my eyes for the office at the end, belonging to my English instructor, Mr. Harwood. He had e-mailed me about an hour previous to my current journey, asking me to come by his office and answer a few questions on an essay I had written for his Ancient Literary Works class. I knew it wasn’t my best work, and it was under the page limit that he requested by a paragraph, but I just hoped he wouldn’t yell at me. The teachers here could be ruthless, but I didn’t think Mr. Harwood would be all that angry with me over missing a tiny paragraph.

After a few more steps I finally reached the end of the hallway and stood in front of the plain office door. On it hung a metal plate engraved with Mr. Harwood’s name and the name of another teacher alongside it. The other teacher, Ms. Gregson, was on a leave of absence due to the death of her husband. Mr. Harwood had been teaching her classes since she left. Light could be seen through the cracks of the door from a lamp. I inhaled a deep breath of air and tapped lightly on the faux wooden door. I paused and listened for a response.

Nothing happened for what seemed like an hour, but then I knocked on the door again, a bit louder this time. I could hear a stir of movement, perhaps the shifting of papers, on the other side of the door and then heard my heartbeat sound in my ears.

“Come in!” A gravelly voice hollered from beyond the door.

I turned the handle of the door and opened it slowly. A cool gust of air conditioned air flushed against my skin.

“Oh, hello, Dawson,” Mr. Harwood said to me, motioning for me to close the door. “Take a seat.”

Mr. Harwood was a slightly tall man with thin glasses, about the age of thirty-seven. His salt-and-pepper hair was always disheveled in an almost-on-purpose sort of sense. He was what some would call lanky, with long limbs and delicate but manly hands. He wore a button up dress shirt with thin blue stripes and a yellow tie. He also wore a pair of jeans and some casual dress shoes. The best way to describe him would be sophisticated, yet casual. He was extremely attractive.

“Dawson, I e-mailed you earlier about a paper you wrote for my class, and I wanted to get some of my questions answered, if you don’t mind?” Mr. Harwood asked.

“No, I don’t mind, Mr. Harwood,” I replied and smiled in a personable way.

“Good,” he said. “Let’s start with your topic. You chose to explore homosexuality in the tale of Gilgamesh, correct?”

“Yes, I did.”

“It was a very interesting topic. Very well written, with very good ideas, but slightly underdeveloped in it’s premise.”

“Oh? How so?” I asked.

“Well,” at this time Mr. Harwood began to flip through my essay laying on his desk. “The point you made on Gilgamesh loving Enkidu was never fully developed. You simply let the reader, that is me, know he loved Enkidu and then never developed the point. Why?”

“Because, it is an obvious fact in the story of Gilgamesh. The text continually said Gilgamesh loved Enkidu more than anyone.” I replied.

“While that is true, you never cited any of that text. Here,” Mr. Harwood passed me a copy of Gilgamesh. “show me.”

I took the text in my hand and began flipping through the pages. After finding the correct passage I pushed the text across the desk to Mr. Harwood, using my hand to direct him to the text.

“As you can see, Mr. Harwood, the text says GIlgamesh loved Enkidu more than anything.”

Mr. Harwood reached across the desk and put his hand down on the text, simultaneously brushing against my hand. It seemed like an innocent accident and I moved my hand away quickly before he noticed where his hand was.

“Ah, yes, well I wished you had cited this text,” Mr. Harwood said.

“Yeah, me too.” I replied and chuckled a bit. “I apologize, Mr. Harwood. I should have paid more attention to what I was writing.”

“It’s fine, Dawson,” Mr. Harwood’s hand had found the tip of my fingers again, but this time seemed a little more intentional.

I sat there for a second, waiting for him to continue with corrections I needed to make, but he was silently gazing over my paper.

“It’s so interesting…” Mr. Harwood said.

“What is?” I asked.

“The story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, and how you wrote about their love for one another. It’s also interesting how views on a topic such as this have changed so dramatically over the years. About homosexuality, that is.”

His hand brushed mine and began to move over the knuckles of my hand. I thought about moving my hand away again, just thinking he was doing it unintentionally, but stopped myself to see where this was headed.

“Yes, it is. It’s a very interesting topic, especially to me and–”

I stopped talking after realizing what I was implying. I had admitted to many people my sexuality, but not very many teachers. It just seemed unprofessional to do so, and an overstep of boundaries. Mr. Harwood looked at me and smirked with the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t worry, Dawson, I’m not a judgmental person. To each their own, right?” Mr. Harwood said. His hand still touched mine lightly, but began to cover them even more.

“It’s just not in my nature to share that personal side of mine with teachers . . .” I replied. His hand had officially enveloped mine as I spoke.

I shivered as the heat from his hand began to warm mine. I always had poor circulation, and his hand seemed to be like a miniature furnace. Mr. Harwood’s thumb began to stroke the top of my hand back and forth.

“I, um, I ought to go, Mr. Harwood…” I said, feigning ignorance.

“Why don’t you stay, Dawson? I’ve got a few more questions for you about something other than this essay, if you don’t mind?” Mr. Harwood asked, smiling.

My mouth went dry. I didn’t know what to say, because I understood what he was implying, and I was shocked. This seemed to be going somewhere beyond simple class work.

“Uh . . . sure, sir.” I said.


Mr. Harwood stood up, releasing my hand and walked over to his office door and locked it. The click sounded like the cocking of a gun. My hear sounded like it was going to leap out of my chest. Mr. Harwood seemed completely at ease as he walked toward me and sat on the top of his desk, crossing his legs at the ankles and smoothing out his tie.

“So, how long have you been fawning after me?” he asked.

My heartbeat quickened at the question to the point I felt I would faint there on the spot.

“Wh-What are you talking about, Mr. Harwood?”

“I see you, sitting there in my class, looking at me. All of me. You, and the other half of your class. Why are you all so attracted to me? I’m a thirty-something year old man with grey hair. I’m an English teacher, for God’s sake.”

“I, uh, don’t know, sir. I just, uh, I just . . .”

“You ‘just’ what?” he asked and crossed his arms.

“You’re just attractive. The way you move about, so deliberate. So sophisticated. So languid. You lure us in. Your intellect charms us, and I, um, think you look good as well.” I replied, mustering a bit of courage to get it all out.

“A man, old enough to be your father, is attractive to you?” Mr. Harwood asked, shifting just slightly on his desk.

“Um . . . yes.” I replied. Silence ensued for a few moments before he replied with another question.

“Have you ever been with a man my age, Dawson? Sexually, or romantically, I mean?”

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.

“No, sir, I haven’t. I’ve only ever been with one guy before, around my age. That lasted about two weeks, so we never did anything.” I replied, my courage pushing me through regardless of the nervous shaking I felt wrack through my whole body.

He chuckled and then a calm, solemn expression flitted across his face. He leaned forward, almost moving off of his desk, until his face was close to mine. I could smell the Altoids on his breath he was so close. I could see the color of his eyes, predominately green with flecks of blue in them. He looked so calm only inches from my face.

“If you’re okay with it, Dawson, would it be appropriate if I–” He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence.

With another surge of courage I leaned up and parted my lips just slightly until I was kissing Mr. Harwood. I was kissing my English teacher in the middle of his office. I tasted the mint I had smelled just moments before and it tasted delicious. Without thinking, I reached up and pulled Mr. Harwood closer to me and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He replied by pushing his tongue out to play with mine.

I didn’t understand what was happening right now, but I didn’t really give a flying fuck. I was kissing a man I had fawned over for the past year and a half. It was glorious. I was reveling in the achievement and could feel that Mr. Harwood had been waiting to do this for awhile. Finally, we broke the kiss to gather air in to our lungs, but I was after his lips before I could contain myself. I stood up, shedding my backpack and leaning in to my teacher on his desk. He had wrapped his arms around my medium-sized frame and pulled me closer in to him so that I was basically straddling his right thigh. Frantic, I broke the kiss and looked at him, panting.

“Dawson, we can stop anytime you want. Is this okay? Is what we are about to do okay with you? And will you promise to keep it between us?” Mr. Harwood panted, almost at the volume of a whisper.

As a reply, I reclaimed his lips and teased his tongue out into my mouth to play. While doing this I straddled his leg harder, rubbing back and forth over his thigh. I could feel myself growing harder in my pants than I had been in a very long time due to the excitement and the forbidden feeling I got from the situation. It was a major turn on. This turn on heightened when I could feel Mr. Harwood’s own member push against my own thigh as we kissed. I reached down between us and moved my hand up his thigh until I was almost touching his hard cock.

“Is it okay if I . . .?” I asked after breaking the kiss just slightly.

“Yes, do it, please!” he begged and pushed his crotch toward my hand.

I began rubbing him through his jeans, feeling the length and girth grow as I pressed down on him. All of a sudden I felt a moan escape his lips against my neck and I felt a surge of euphoria run through my body. I broke the kiss and began kissing Mr. Harwood on the neck, nipping and sucking at the scruffy beard and flesh here and there. While doing this I continued rubbing him through his jeans and felt his hands begin to explore my own body. Slowly they made there way to my sides and eventually moved all the way down to my ass, which he began rubbing and kneading in to. I hitched into his grip and moaned into his neck as I bit lightly into his skin.

Removing my hand from his crotch, I pulled the tie loose from his neck and unbuttoned his shirt, which exposed his bare skin. Keeping the tie around his neck, but pushing his shirt off, I began to kiss his collarbone and his chest.

“Here, let me make you more comfortable,” Mr. Harwood said and pulled my sweater-vest off of me, then helping me take off my own button down and discarding my tie behind me in the seat. It wasn’t long before Mr. Harwood reclaimed my lips.

I leaned forward and kissed him harder and then returned to his chest, which was average. Not full muscled, but not old skin. It was lightly dusted with a few hairs in the center of his chest, all light colored. Slowly, I moved my lips down and began kissing his nipples, which he apparently liked due to the small whimper he let go from his lips.

I licked, sucked, and kissed his nipple until I felt he was worked up enough to move forward. As I began kissing down his torso I unbuttoned his belt and jeans, pulled off his shoes and socks, and then pulled his pants off until he was clad only in underwear on his desk. A bulge protruded from his boxer briefs, which looked very alluring. Bending down I began teasing his cock. I kissed the head through the fabric and put my lips on the shaft, moving in a back and forth motion until I felt his penis move in anticipation. Mr. Harwood was brushing his hands through my hair as he tried to hold back his moans as I teased him.

With deft hands, I pulled down the front of his underwear and looked at Mr. Harwood’s cock. It was about six to seven inches long, and a little thick with veins running over it. It was enticing, and so I leaned over and put the head in to my mouth. I sucked it and swirled my tongue on his cock as I heard him moan a little louder, holding tight on my hair. This continued for a few minutes until Mr. Harwood decided it was time to have his own fun. He pulled me up gently by the arm off of his cock and kissed me hard. He then undid my jeans and began stroking me as we kissed, pushing my underwear and jeans off in one quick move. I was in heaven.

My toes curled as Mr. Harwood continued his ministrations and I thought I would go over the edge right then, but then he stood up and sat me on the desk, moving himself down my body and then sucking my penis. I held myself back and tried to count numbers to keep from falling off the edge of pleasure, but it was getting more difficult to think of other things by the minute. Before too long I felt Mr. Harwood’s fingers at the entrance to my arse, fondling and massaging the area delicately. His hands felt so warm, I thought I would blow right then and there.

“Stop sucking, or I’m going to blow right here!” I whispered urgently at him.

Mr. Harwood stopped at my command, but continued to finger my ass. With a smile up at me, he took out a finger and spit on it and then stuck it back at my entrance, moving it in slowly and out until it went suddenly past the muscles there. I about cried out from the hot, yet pleasurable pain. He never broke eye contact as he thrust his finger deeper into me, slowly adding another two fingers as I stretched open.

“Are you ready, Dawson?” He asked, smirking.

I nodded and moaned quietly as he kept his fingers wedged inside of me. Mr. Harwood stood up, never moving his fingers, and then placed his cock at my entrance. I braced myself and then felt the head push in to where his fingers had been, slowly stretching me even more open than before. It felt like a hot iron was entering me, for all I knew. But I didn’t care, because I was with a man I had dreamt about for ages. This man, who I had fantasized about night after night for a year and a half, was making love to me. It was the best moment I had ever experienced when he finally pushed in as far as he could, feeling him flush against my body and inside of me.

Taking a moment to let me adjust, Mr. Harwood began to pull out of me and then move back in. He did this over and over again until it began easy enough to just slide in and out. It was a little awkward, but felt so amazing at the same time. He leaned down and kissed my neck and then my lips as he began to pick up his pace, pushing deep into my ass. My whole body felt ablaze with heat and passion and lust as Mr. Harwood kissed me hard and buried himself in me.

“Oh, God, yes . . .” I moaned into his lips as he hit the right spot. When he figured out the spot he hit, he continued thrusting at that spot until I felt I was going to burst again.

“I’m going to cum,” I moaned.

“Let’s do it together.” Mr. Harwood said and began thrusting into me harder than before, grabbing my cock and jerking me off as he did so.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the hot, sensual feeling begin to burn in my stomach and realized I was going to explode. With a few more strokes and pushes, I erupted in his hand and every muscle inside me tensed up, clenching around his cock as he continued fucking me. After finishing me off, it didn’t take long for Mr. Harwood to cum either, pulling out of my ass and stroking himself over my own cock. We were both panting and smiling and kissing at the end, having enjoyed ourselves very much.

“So . . . what now?” I asked, kissing Mr. Harwood’s neck.

“Well . . . let’s just say, you got an A on that paper of yours,” He smiled and kissed me hard on the lips. “Now, get dressed before anyone shows up.”

I chuckled and obeyed, getting off of his desk and throwing on my clothes, but not before Mr. Harwood slapped my ass teasingly and began to dress himself. After getting dressed and cleaned up, we looked at each other longingly.

“Be here, this time, next week. We’ll try some other stuff out,” Mr. Harwood said and kissed me deeply before returning to his desk. I smiled, winked at him, and left the room to go back and take a shower. It was the beginning of something new and exciting, which I would experience again and again over the remaining semester of school.

My heart was pounding in anticipation. I knew his plane had landed and it would only be moments before he’d be walking out the airport doors. Would I recognize him? I’d only met him online. I’d promised him that after he could prove to me that he was over 18, I would meet him. I had only started as an online English tutor. Slowly it developed into a much different relationship.

I knew the very second I saw him. He was taller than I’d expected, which made me smile. He was absolutely adorable. I saw him at the same time he saw me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I felt my entire body tingle with desire and anticipation. Before I could decide if I should get outside of the car and greet him, the back door was open, his duffle bag tossed in and he was beside me in the front seat. I still couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“Hi.” He said kind of softly.

“Welcome to Seattle Anthony.” I said breathlessly. My heart pounding so hard I could hardly breath. I wanted to kiss him, but I didn’t want to seem overbearing. Instead, I kept my eyes on him until he looked at me. Our eyes met and felt like a schoolgirl with the way my body was fluttering. I waited for him. I knew he was hesitating also.

The second he looked at me and I held his gaze, I only waited for him to move towards me.

“Hi.” He said again. He leaned in slightly. I leaned towards him, put one hand behind his head and pulled him towards me. The second out lips met, I felt electricity shoot through my whole body. His lips were soft and sweet. I kissed him with more passion until his lips parted and my tongue eagerly entered his mouth. I sucked his tongue and lips and I kissed him like I wanted to devour him.

It wasn’t until a knock rasped on the window, that I was brought back to reality. I looked up to see a security officer point me towards the exit, telling me it was time to depart.

How long were we kissing? It was then that I noticed Anthony’s hand was on my breast. I smiled at him. I started the car and began to pull away. I felt his eyes staring at me. I still could hardly breath.

We’d only gone a little further, but we were almost to the end of the Airport baggage claim pick-up area. Soon we would be on the freeway.

“Pull over.” Anthony said. I didn’t hesitate. As soon as my car stopped, his mouth was on mine again. I wanted him desperately. His warm lips, his sweet tongue and without realizing it, I had my hand on his upper thigh. That’s when I felt him touch my zipper to my jeans and unbutton them. Before I could think, I felt his fingers enter my pussy.

“My God…” he said. I knew how wet I was and now he did too. He took his hand out from between my legs and put his fingers to his mouth. I kissed him again and licked his fingers smiling. Then I sucked his fingers, making me moan softly. He replaced his fingers with my mouth as he reached into my pants again. “You are wet.” He observed. I smiled and nodded.

I watched him adjust his cock as I had seen him done so many times before. It had no less effect on me than it always did. I needed to get him home.

“Ready?” I asked.

“No.” He said. “However, I don’t think we should stay…” he said as I looked in the review mirror as another security was approaching.

I put the car in drive and headed to the freeway. I watched him adjust himself several times as a bulge was forming in his pants. I smiled. I could feel my pussy releasing more of the slick wetness that wanted his cock.

“Please feel free to take your cock out and stroke it.”

“I… uh…” He stammered.

“Please.” I almost begged. I heard the zipper and out of the corner of my eye, watched him pull out his cock, which was somewhat hard. I reached over and felt him and moaned as I felt him stiffen in my hand and grow harder. I couldn’t keep it up – I needed to safely get us home.” To my pleasure he played lightly with himself.

I couldn’t tell you how long it took to get to my house because I hardly remembered it. I just knew that I was more than thrilled to be at my house with Anthony. I dreamt this and it was now coming true.

By the time he got his bag out of the back seat and closed the door, I was behind him. He turned around and I pressed my body against his and accosted his mouth, my tongue on his, kissing and sucking. I put my hands on his ass and pulled his body to mine. He dropped his duffel bag and put his arms around me. I pressed myself against him harder and I felt his cock through his jeans.

Knowing my neighbor, I glanced over to see her peeping through her blinds. Wouldn’t’ this give her something to talk about.

“Inside.” I whispered. “Now.”

He grabbed his bag and followed me in through the locked front door and up the stairs to my 2nd story condo. I opened the door and we entered. Ahead of us was the kitchen and to the right, the living room. I closed and locked the door and guided him slightly to the right to the loveseat. He dropped his bag. I could hear him breathing heavy.

I shoved him back lightly and he fell, sitting back on the loveseat. I was instantly on top of him. Straddling his body with hands on his chest. My mouth covering his with kisses, trailing down his cheek and across his jaw line.

“Anthony…” I breathed softly, removing his t-shirt and tossing it to the floor. I kissed down his neck and down his chest. I kissed each nipple, blowing on them softly making them stand erect and the softly biting them. Slowly, I kissed him down his stomach. Kissing licking, sucking…

I licked around the top of his waste band only to discover that he never buttoned up his pants. I hooked my fingers over the waste band and gently pulled his pants down as I kissed him soft and slow. Lower and lover I kissed.

I finally had his pants over his hips and down to his thighs. I kissed his cock over his underwear. Licking him through the cotton getting them wet, until I could clearly see his erection. I looked up into his eyes and smiled as I pulled his underwear and pants all the way to his ankles and spread his legs, shoving his knees apart.

I kissed the tip of his penis. I let my tongue dance over the head of his cock and lick in circles. I sucked the head of his meat into my mouth still swirling my tongue around. Slowly, I took his whole cock into my warm mouth, sliding him into my throat. He tasted so good. This blowjob was more than I could imagine. I loved how his cock fit into my mouth and how strong he felt. I kept my lips around his cock as I bobbed my head on his shaft over and over.

I felt Anthony’s hands on my head, forcing me down on him. I let him do this for a short time. I hate choking on cock unless it pleased my man. I pulled my mouth off his wet hard glistening cock and smiled at him. I licked him back up his stomach and kissed my way back to his mouth.

Without warning, Anthony shoved me down onto my back and onto the floor and straddled me. He removed my shirt and unhooked my bra and went strait for my tits. He kissed them, filling his hands with the soft lush tissue and he bit on my nipples making me moan.

“More” I whispered. “More… harder…” I begged.

From one tit to another he sucked me and bit my nipples. Then before I was even aware, he had my pants off and my legs spread and I felt his hot warm tongue on my clit. “My God…” I said as I felt the sweetness on his tongue licking at my soaking pussy, sucking my clit… then his fingers were between my legs. Feeling me, reaching inside of me, making me wetter. His tongue was all over my clit and then he blew gently on my hard clit making me squirm. I felt his teeth on my pussy lips and I caught my breath.

“Don’t stop.” I breathed hard as I felt him nipping, biting and licking me. “You are fantastic… you are…” I couldn’t speak as I felt a rush as I came and orgasmed. I waited until I could breath again.

“Please fuck me.” I begged. “I want your cock inside me now. I want to feel your thick hard cock in me. Please fuck me now and fuck me hard.”

He needed no encouragement as he crawled up my body. I reached down and grabbed his cock, holding the hardness in my hand, guiding him into me. I felt the head enter my tight pussy. Thank God I was so wet, or it would have hurt. His cock sunk lower into my vagina and I wrapped my legs around his body. I pulled him to my mouth and kissed him hard and with passion.

“Uncross your legs or I can’t fuck you.” Anthony said. I did and he started pounding into me hard and fast.

“Fuck” I moaned loud… “Fuck me Anthony” I almost screamed. He needed no encouragement. He thrust into me harder and harder. I wanted every inch of him in me over and over. I realized we had not even talked about a condom and I prayed to God that he was STD free because I wanted him to fill me with his hot cum.

I began meeting each thrust lifting my hips into him.

“Oh God.” He said. I knew what was going to happen next.

“Fill me with your cum.” I begged.

“Are you going to cum again?” He asked.

“Not yet.” I said, panting.

Fucking me harder and harder – I felt his hips, his steely cock, his body hot and sweaty. I clawed at his chest. Then I drew my knees up and squeezed his body between my thighs and screamed…

“Oh fuck… I’m…” I was hit with a huge orgasm and didn’t finish my sentence but I felt the flood of heat inside me as he unloaded his cum into me. I felt his cock harden with each burst of cum. I never wanted this to end… never.

I needed to catch my breath, but I would not untie my legs from around his body. I wanted his hard cock in me until it was soft. He thrust a few more times and collapsed onto me and I kissed him over and over. I felt him smiling through his kisses.

“I am so glad I waited for you. I am so happy you came to me.” I smiled through kisses.

“And you thought I was a boy.” He smiled.

“You are a boy, but I love the boy beneath me.” I said.

He gave me a confused look, as he was on top of me. With that I rolled him over and slid my wet pussy over his semi stiff cock that slid outside my cunt. I rubbed against him, feeling him get hard again. I didn’t let him enter my body, I just kept rubbing against him until he was hard.

I climbed off him, grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet. His cock stood hard and strait out. I grabbed his cock and pulled him, like it was a leash. I guided Anthony by his hard cock to follow me. I led him down the hall to my bedroom. I brought him to the edge of my bed and made sure he was on his back, cock erect.

I lifted his arms above his head. I tied one wrist with a silk scarf, then the other one to the iron post of my headboard. I giggled. I hoped he’d like this.

Kissing him again, over and over… I couldn’t get enough of him. His mouth, his tongue, his wonderful taste. I licked his ears, biting his earlobes… again to his jaw, kissing and kissing. I pinched his nipples in my fingers as I continued down his body.

“I’ve never done this…” I said “I want to though…”

“What?” He asked.

I spread his legs and lifted them. I kissed his balls, licking them, sucking one onto my mouth, then the other. I licked then underneath… and slowly… I licked the spot between his balls and his ass. Then I let myself do what I never dared do before. I lightly licked his ass hole. I could feel him tense. I licked him again. It wasn’t so bad. I let the tip of my tongue enter his rosebud, just a little, just enough.

“Fuck.” He whispered.

Then, I put his legs down and proceeded to tie him spread eagle on my bed. As I made my way back up his body, I cupped his balls in my hand, massaging them softly and rolling his balls between my fingers. I kissed his cock all over. Not sucking just kissing. However, I had to lick around the head of my penis and taste the precum that was dripping out.

I climbed up to his face and kissed him, then positioned my cunt over his mouth. He eagerly licked at me. I rubbed my slick cunt all over his face. Up and down. I wouldn’t cum again this time but I wanted to taste myself on his face.

I knew his face was slick with my juice and as I scooted back down over him, I could see how wet his mouth was and his smile was enough to melt my heart. I bent to him and kissed his lips softly. He tasted sweet and salty. I kissed him harder. I French kissed him, wanting his tongue, loving his tongue. Then I licked his entire face and swallowed my own taste.

I moved and stood over him. I slowly lowered my body onto his ramrod hard shaft. I slid down him fully, letting him fill me to the hilt. I began to ride his cock like it was a pony and I couldn’t get enough. I fucked him hard and ground my pussy into him when he was deep inside me. Harder and harder I rode him, stopping occasionally to catch my breath and feel the fullness of his cock in me. Each time I stopped, I could tell he was holding back.

“I need to cum” he begged.

“Please do.” I said

“Cum with me.” He panted.

I reached between my legs and massaged my clit as I rode him. I was so close.

“Cum in me now.” I demanded. “NOW!”

“UUUhhhhhhhhh…..” Anthony moaned and squirmed and I felt him unload into me again. With that, I leaned my head back and screamed.

You are fantastic… your cock is fantastic. Fill me with your cum…” and I burst with orgasm, quivering and panting. Hen I collapsed on top on him. I kissed him again and proceeded to untie his arms and legs. Wet hot cum spilling out of me, but I did not care.

I lay slightly to the side of him and kept one leg over his body and one arm over his chest as I fondled his nipples. I kissed him and closed my eyes and leaned my head on his chest. I felt sleep overwhelming me. I closed my eyes and let myself doze off.

I woke to the feeling of fingers inside me. Was it fingers? A tongue… I think both.

“Baby,” I moaned. “Schhhh….” He said. “Don’t call me baby.” I felt more than one finger inside me. Was it two or three? I couldn’t tell. I began moaning and rocking my hips.

Babies don’t do this.” He said and lifted my ass off the bed and I felt the tip of his cock at my ass.

“Oh God.” I whimpered, scared to death.”

“You want it?”

“Yes.” I whispered back, unsure if I did.

I felt the tip of his cock slide into my ass. I could not believe the sensation and the feeling. I moaned n ecstasy. It felt so good. Slowly his cock filled my ass. Much slower then he filled my pussy. He went as slow as possible. My ass was so tight and it burned but it was amazing. He was mostly using lube from our cum, but he was prepared with slick lube for his cock to slide in my ass.

“Does it feel good?” Anthony asked me. I nodded. “Does it hurt?” I nodded again. “Do you want me to stop?” I shook my head no.

Soon, Anthony was fucking my ass and fucking me good. I could not believe how full and tight it felt but how incredible. He played with my clit until I came again. His hard cock still in my ass.

“Are you ready hon?” He asked.

“So ready.” I said and felt his cock tighten and harden. Shooting whatever cum was left inside him, into my tight ass.

I couldn’t breathe or talk. I loved the feeling Anthony was giving me and I never wanted it to stop. Finally, he did. His cock soft, cum spilling from me everywhere.

“Thanks you.” I kissed him, and pulled him into my arms. “Please just me hold you.” I said, feeling his body and never wanting to let go.

Credit goes to Zaxxon for his excellent character Sarah Stevens, and to the setting of Westville High. Credit also to George_Tasker, whose brilliant re-takes of Miss Stevens led me to write this story.

Finally, Linda Turner provided excellent editing assistance for this story.


Westville High – The Water Park

My name is Doug Waldorf, and I’m an EVIL genius.

No, seriously, I’m an evil genius. My IQ was tested at 195, that’s the genius part. And I’m definitely evil. I’m the son of Huey Waldorf, whom you probably haven’t ever heard of. Other people call him “Roach Man.” Sound familiar?

Anyway, my story began when I was cruising around on “Literotica” looking for something really good to read. It was then, that I stumbled onto the stories about Westville High.

After a night of reading every story I could get my hands on, and a bunch of cum-soaked tissues, I started plotting my course.

“Dad, I want to transfer to Westville High,” I told him.

“What? Why?” he asked.

I pulled out my official SuperVillain laptop, and showed him some of the porn that Westville had made. In one, there’s a nurse fucking a student. In another, she’s taking on a couple of students. Now, a teacher appears to be fucking a bunch of students.

“Holy shit!” he said.

The next week, I found myself walking the halls of my new school, Westville High.

As I walked around the brick-lined halls, I noticed that the whole place was full of bimbos and sluts.

There’s Tina. She’s a redheaded little minx who’s fucked and sucked almost every male in this school. She’s wearing an all-white tennis outfit, and you can see that her tits are just crammed into that little tank top. Shit, her skirt just flipped up… is she wearing any underwear?

There’s Nurse Brown. That nurse’s uniform can’t be regulation. It’s impossibly tight on her curvy body. The front buttons on her uniform are undone all the way to her stomach, and I can see her black lace bra encasing her pillowy breasts. What do they put in the water around here, anyway?

There’s Principal Schwartz. She’s a buxom blonde wench who dresses like a slutty secretary. Today, she’s wearing a pencil skirt which is damn tight on her ass, and slit almost all the way up her thigh. She’s wearing a loose blouse. Wow, she’s got huge fucking tits! I kind of like the evil scowl she’s got on her face, too.

I’ll fuck them later, I told myself. For now, I’m hunting bigger game. Where is Sarah Stevens?

I was particularly interested in Sarah Stevens, the slutty high school teacher who had been the subject of multiple stories. In one particularly hot one, she got roped into a drama production, and got into all kinds of sexual hi-jinks with the juvenile boys running the show. I particularly wanted to see the video of the show, where one boy stripped her out of a tight corset and fucked her from behind right there on the stage.

Ahead of me, I finally saw her. That has to be Ms. Stevens, I thought, standing among a crowd of guys. They were all yelling shit at her, trying to get her to pay attention to them. She had a small smile and her face. She looks pleased with all the attention, I thought.

Holy shit! I stared at her apparel. Is that really what she’s wearing around school?

Ms. Stevens looked to be in her mid 20′s. She’s about the same height as I am: 5′ 8″. Her platinum blond hair was curled in little waves which fell below her shoulders. She’s wearing a sports tank top which clings to her ample tits. Her athletic, toned waist and large curvy breasts were clearly highlighted by the stretchy material. She’s wearing exercise shorts as well, which had a white tie around her waist. Look at that ass! It looked like I could balance a book on that thing!

Damn. She’s hotter than I thought, and probably just as slutty as all the stories say. To fuck her, I just have to figure out a way to get her alone, and it looks like all the other guys in this school have the exact same idea.

I quickly put my plan into action. I filled out a few forms, and, presto, I am the new president of the “Water Park Club.” Naturally, our noble purpose is a dedication to the enjoyment of “Water Parks”.

Every club at Westville has to have at least three members. I quickly bribed two obtuse classmates in my Spanish class, Marie and Greg. These two underage kids just want access to money and cigarettes, so it’s easy for me to use my ID (I’m eighteen) and a little bit of evil cash to get them to sign up.

Now, with the Water Park Club officially formed, I had to look for a chaperone.

I asked Ms. Stevens, of course. During our lunch break, there’s a line of guys loitering outside her door, all hoping to get lucky and convince her to “relieve their aching erections.”

Since no one was actually talking to her, I walked right up and explained to her about my club.

“The Water Park Club,” she said, “What’s that about?”

“Well, it’s a club for people who like Water Parks,” I explain patiently. “Do you like Water Parks?”

“Yeah! Water slides are super fun,” Sarah agreed.

“Then you have to join,” I said quickly. “We could use a chaperone for our next event.”

“When’s your next event?” she asked me.

I sighed inside, and told myself to be patient. I would be fucking this idiot in due time. Just for fun, I looked down her valley of cleavage peeking out from under her tank top. “We are planning to go to the Big Kahuna Water Park this weekend. It should be really fun!”


That’s how I managed to get to score a trip to the Big Kahuna Water Park with the gorgeous Ms. Stevens.

As soon as we arrived, I quickly paid off the two idiots with five dollars in quarters; they happily found their way to the arcade.

Then I went to find Ms. Stevens. She was sitting under a large beach umbrella reading a copy of US Weekly magazine. The cover of the magazine was “Bieber Fever!” She was wearing a tight purple dress which had a little flower pattern on it. The dress looked almost painted on, and her ample tits bulged out through the deep U-shaped cut at the chest.

“Hey Ms. Stevens,” I said, and she looked up at me.

“Where are the other two members of your club?”

“I’m not really sure,” I lied, “I guess they ditched me. Can you do some rides with me? All of the rides here are for two people!”

“I thought I would grab some rest time,” Ms. Stevens complained.

“But who will I go on rides with? And I’m the president of the Water Park club!”

Reluctantly, she agreed.

The beautiful Miss Stevens stood up, and we walked to the lady’s room together for me to wait for her to change. She went inside for a few minutes. I sat outside patiently.

After a minute or two, she poked her head outside and sheepishly asked me to come inside. I did so, checking first that the bathroom was empty.

“Can you unzip me?” she asked.

She turned around and lifted her hair up.

“Of course,” I said. I fiddled with her zipper for a while, it was quite stuck. “I just don’t have enough leverage,” I said.

“What’s leverage?” she asked.

“Never mind. Can you just bend over the sink so I can pull the zipper harder?” I told her.

Obediently, she bent over the sink and put her hips against it, bending at the waist. I stood directly behind her, with my crotch pressed firmly against her butt. I fiddled with her zipper for a while longer, stretching out the time that I was pressed directly against her electrifying ass. Then, finally, I wrenched her zipper downward, and it finally gave way.

With her dress undone, Sarah shimmied out of it. Under her dress, she was already wearing her bikini.

Oh my lord! My heart skips a beat. I’d read descriptions of her, but it’s just incredible to see Ms. Stevens in the flesh.

Sarah Stevens was built like a swimsuit model or like a Playboy bunny. Under her clothes, she was wearing a very skimpy bikini. The bikini top was light blue, and was patterned with tiny white polka dots. The bikini top was well-fitting: two triangles that strained to hold in my teacher’s overflowing breasts. It had thin, white spaghetti strap ties which met behind her neck. Her breasts were nestled together by the bra into a pool of cleavage that threatened to suck in my gaze.

Her bikini bottoms had the same blue and white polka dot pattern, with white spaghetti strings tied in looping bows at her hips. How does that bottom stay on? Those ties look so fragile that I could undo her bikini with one quick move…

“Ms. Stevens? Could you help me with my swimsuit now? My shorts are a little tight.” No reason to complicate things, I reasoned. According to what I’ve read, Ms. Stevens is looser than a pack of worn out rubber bands.

“Doug. You’re really cute, and I’d love to see what’s under your short,” Ms. Stevens says with a sexy grin. “BUT. I have a new policy. No sex with my students.”

“Really? Since when?” I was genuinely surprised that she was offering resistance.

“Since 10 minutes ago. My magazine US Weekly is very clear that teachers play an important role in society, and teacher/student relationships are a big no-no,” she said with just a hint of self-righteousness.

“Okay, Ms. Stevens. No sex. Got it.” Yeah, right, I thought to myself. We’ll see.

I am just going to have to work a little bit harder, I thought. Shouldn’t be a problem for an EVIL genius like me.


“Which ride should we do first?” she asked, when we had emerged from the changing room.

“How about that one?” I pointed to a tall, twisty one in the middle of the park.

I had already memorized the layout of the park, and for the ride I had pointed to, all riders must have a partner. One person has to ride behind the other on a small plastic sled.

When it was our turn to start the ride, Ms. Stevens climbed onto the front of the sled, and I sat behind her. Her ass, clad in her polka dot bikini bottoms, was directly in front of my dick, and I quickly got an erection. I poked my cock directly into her tight, bikini-clad ass.

I groaned involuntarily at how good it felt! As we got into position to start the ride, I ground my rigid cock forward and back, through the cleft of her ass cheeks. She didn’t even seem to notice. Then I looped my hands around her waist, pulling my beautiful teacher in tight to me.

The ride was fun, but I was mostly concentrating on the feeling of my cock, wedged firmly between her ass cheeks. It was great!

For our next ride, I sat behind her again, my cock again was lodged deeply in the crack of her ass. The ride was down through a dark tunnel. Halfway down the slide, I grabbed onto her dangling breasts with both hands.

My hands were now full of her bouncy, full tits. I jiggled them, marveling at their roundness and size. Daringly, I felt her large nipples, like little erasers on my fingers. I felt her aureolae through her bikini top, and pinched her large nipples. It felt great to have her full tits in my hands!

The ride lasted about a minute, and as we crashed into the pool at the bottom, I was happy with how I’d copped a full feel.

She came out of the water, her blond hair matted to her head.

“Did you just feel up my tits?” she accused me.

“No no, Miss Stevens. I was just trying to steer our slide! You know: left-right-left-right.”

“Oh, Ok,” she said happily. “Thanks for thinking of that!”

On our next ride, she got in front once again, and I sat behind her. Once more, my cock slipped between her ass cheeks like it was made to go there. Before we pushed off to go down the slide, Sarah paused to ask me, “Aren’t you going to steer?”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot,” I said. Then I put each of my hands on one of her bikini-clad tits, and we rode down together.

On our fourth ride, I had her sit in the back. Her long legs encircled me, one on each side. I couldn’t help but stare at her almost muscular calves and her luscious, bare thighs. They’re intensely smooth, and I could feel every inch of them as they slid past my waist and we sat together.

Then she put her arms around me, encircling my stomach, almost like she was hugging me. The feeling of her firm breasts on my back was electrifying!

“This ride has a stick shift,” I explained carefully. “Pull up when you want to slow down, and push forward to go faster.”

I guide her hands to my full, rigid erection in front of her. She held on with both hands.

We went down the ride together, and I groaned in pleasure as her hand jerked my cock back and forth frantically all the way down.

After we crashed into the pool of water at the bottom, Sarah said, “The stick shift didn’t work too well.”

“Well, the one on that sled must have been broken,” I said.


“Should we get some lunch?” I said.

In the line for lunch, Ms. Stevens told me she was on a diet. “I feel like I’m getting fat,” she confided in me.

She turned around, and I made a big show of staring at her perfect ass. It’s immensely firm and tight. It’s still wet, and little drops of moisture dotted it. Her blue and white polka dot bikini bottom is a thin triangle covering only the most meager portion of her crack.

My penis twitches. Down boy, I tell my dick. You’re going to get a piece of that later.

“Yeah, you should watch it,” I lied. “Guys don’t like fat chicks.”

She sat down to save us a couple of seats. I ordered her lunch, and paid for our food.

“A cheeseburger and french fries? I can’t eat that stuff!” Sarah’s nose crinkled in protest.

“No, no, these are a new thing. Super low fat cheeseburger, and skinny french fries.”

“Really? I love burgers and fries, and I’ve never heard of that before,” she said.

“Oh, it’s a new thing. A specialty, of this particular water park.”

I did say that I’m an EVIL genius, right?

During lunch, I made sure to bring up my next demented topic. “I was reading this in the news the other day. A bunch of scientists have found that semen is really good for losing weight.”

“Really? I drink semen all the time!” Ms. Stevens’s face glowed as she learned about this.

“Yeah, you’re so lucky. You have to drink it right after you eat something fatty, though. Helps cut the grease,” I said, without even a trace of a smile.

After we finished our meals, we walked out of the restaurant. Miss Stevens burped uncomfortably. “Are you sure that was the diet burger?” she asked me.

I make a big show of checking my receipt. “Oh shit! That was the full fat one. I must have ordered it wrong! I’m so sorry!”

I turned and started to walk away. I did it slowly, and waited for the gears to turn.

“Hey, Doug?”

Finally! I thought.

“Can I have some semen? I really don’t want to gain weight because of this,” Sarah Stevens grabbed my arm and looked pleadingly into my eyes.

I pretend to protest. “Well, I don’t know. Don’t you have a “no sex with students” policy?”

“This isn’t about sex! You would be giving me a nutritional supplement!”

“I don’t know about this…”

“Please? I’m a really good cocksucker! Pretty please?”

“What are you going to give me?”

“Anything you want!”

“One favor, anything I want, later?”


We quickly slipped into the family changing room.

With a sexy grin, Sarah gently pushed on my shoulders, until I found myself seated on the bench in the over-sized bathroom. Dropping gently to her knees before me, she ran her hands over my thighs. She looked up at me under her thick eyelashes, and unlaced my shorts. She pulled them down, and my erect member stood at attention.

Using her long, elegant hands, Ms. Stevens slowly stroked my thickened member. Without saying a word, she flicked out her tongue, tasting my purple head. She leaned over me, breathing her hot breath on my cock. I reached down, cupping the back of her head. She looked up at me, grinning, before opening her mouth.

I felt her hot mouth caressing me, her tongue sliding over my skin. I sighed loudly, almost moaning, and I leaned back, throwing my head back as I pushed up against her mouth. Using her hands, she began to play with my balls. They are unshaven, and she began pulling on my pubic hair lightly, teasing me.

I growled, pushing up at her, and she leaned forward, taking the head of my cock deeper in her mouth. I groan as she slid down my shaft.

She began bobbing her head in my lap, her tongue was caressing my shaft. I groaned as she hit a sensitive spot, and she returned there, licking and sliding all around it. I lifted my hips, pressing myself upwards, and she cupped my thighs, opening her mouth so that I slipped fully inside of her and down her throat.

All too soon, I could feel my orgasm approaching, and hissed out a gasped “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in my mouth, baby. I need your cum,” she mumbled, her mouth still full.

I pushed her head down, thrusting my entire length deep into her throat. I came in big long jerks, into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, sucking my cock dry.

After I put on my shorts and we exited the bathroom, Ms. Stevens says lightly, “Who knew that I could avoid getting fat, just by drinking semen?”

Who indeed?


On our next water ride of the day, the “Twister,” I again grabbed onto her ample breasts and groped her all the way down. Ms. Stevens squealed and held onto my hands, further mashing my palms into her tits.

“I wanted to help steer,” she explained at the bottom.

I’m a little bored with this now, so I initiated the next phase of my EVIL plan.

We walked past a sign, which read “Miss Big Kahuna Water Park Contest Today!”

Reading the sign, Sarah suddenly grabbed my arm and stopped me. “Oh, Doug! There’s a beauty pageant today! Should I enter?”

There was indeed a contest today, but it’s only happening because I set it up two days ago by calling the swim park manager and paying him $500.

“A beauty pageant?”

“Yeah! I’ve never been in a beauty pageant before!”

I made a show of looking her up and down. The busty gym teacher was gorgeous, of course, with her toned, athletic body, and ripe breasts. But I didn’t say that.

“You’ll need a lot of work, if you want to win,” I said critically.

“What kind of work?” Ms. Stevens cupped her tits and turned to look at her ass.

“Outfit, skin, the whole shebang. Lucky for you, I’m a model manager.”

“Really? I’m so lucky! I’m in your hands,” Ms. Stevens said.

“The first thing we have to do is get you a new swimsuit. That old thing will never do.”

“This is my new swimsuit! You really think I need to change it?”

“You want to win, don’t you?” I said.

“More than anything!”

“I saw this place just outside the swim park. “Nasty Suits”,” I said.

“Great! Let’s go get one.”

We wandered over to the store adjacent to the swim park. The “Nasty Suits” store is dark and kind of smells like mold and mildew. But it’s full of trashy swimwear, just the kind we’re looking for.

Sarah grabbed a few outfits off of the shelf, and we went back into the changing room.

I sat on the bench of the changing room, ready for the show.

Without hesitation, Ms. Stevens quickly untied the top of her bikini, letting it flop to the ground. Her full tits bounced free. They were full and ripe, and, despite their size, seemed to defy gravity.

Not wasting any time, Ms. Stevens untied her blue bikini bottoms. I instantly had an erection. Her slit was shaved completely bare, and glistened slightly in the light. In the changing room, I could see my teacher’s full ass in the mirror behind her.

She tried on the first suit she’d picked, a black one-piece. The suit was made of a shiny black material, and had a metal front-zip zipper running down the middle from the bust line to the waist. She had to squeeze in it, and when she finally fit her ass and body into it, the suit fit her lower body perfectly, like a second skin.

She tugged at the zipper in the front to try to close it, but the suit was clearly not intended to enclose breasts of her size. Pulling on it as hard as she can, the zipper closed up only to the bottom of her breasts, leaving a deep expanse of cleavage. Her full breasts were hanging out of the top of her suit.

Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at erotic fiction. I’m going with an idea present to me by a friend and want to see what you think. Please read and review and I look forward to your input! Thanks for reading! Oh, and of course, everyone depicted here is eighteen or older!


At this moment, I was still attempting to fathom exactly what sting of fateful events had transpired to bring me to this exact moment to have this young, eighteen year old goddess’ head bobbing down hungrily on my lap, lavishing my thick, swollen member in the heaven that was her mouth. I had long ago made the realization that I was going to hell because I was breaking every ethical and moral fiber of my being by doing this, and honestly that made me the hardest I had ever been in my life.

The day had started out as mundane as any in my life, well as mundane as it can for an assistant debate coach. That entailed me having to wake up at the bright, perky hour of three in the morning to make it to the high school to load onto the bus that would take me and my team of overly rambunctious energetic students on the three hour drive to Denver for our national qualifiers round.

Waking this early in the morning left me asking why I had chosen to take up the position as an assistant coach at the local high school. I knew the answer instantly, it came from the fact that the school was paying me a pretty sum for my prior debate experience in high school, not to mention the multitude of political science and criminal justice classes I had already taken for me to graduate at the end of the year.

Of course, the money wasn’t everything that kept me motivated me at helping coach debate. There was also the fact that Pershing Prep was an all girls school, and being immersed amongst thirty some-odd high school girls didn’t hurt at all.

“Hey Nick!” Came the cheery voice of Brooke Shields, one of those bubbly, always positive sort of girls who continued to baffle me. It should be criminal for anyone to be this cheery at this time in the morning. I nodded to her as she bounded up the steps of the bus. I couldn’t help but notice that she wore the traditional school uniform; pristine white button-up shirt, turquoise-and-emerald tie that complemented the pleated skirt that was wonderful at showing off the girls’ toned legs.

Yeah, that’s why I keep coming back. I thought humorously to myself. As I yawned quietly as I made my way up the steps into the bus. I frowned slightly as I saw the driver. It was Jake, he wasn’t the first choice I would have hoped for driving the bus. Jake had a habit of getting us lost on numerous occasion and I figured it would automatically add an additional hour on the trip’s time.

Thankfully, he wasn’t going to be my concern that was left to Sheryl, the head coach. All I was needed for was to help watch after the girls, and try and catch some much needed sleep.

As I rounded the corner, I locked eyes with my boss. Sheryl Duvall was a stunning woman, in her late thirties, the woman still looked vibrant and youthful and honestly I had harbored more than my faire-share of fantasies of what I would like to do with her. She kept her blonde hair short, and it did well to accentuate her alabaster skin. She preferred to dress conservatively, wearing pant-suits and blazers, but she also knew how to exploit her femininity. From the supple way she filled out her blouse, to how her legs seemed to go on forever, I fantasized about her and I alone in her classroom, and me bending her over her desk, while I rammed my nice hard member into her before I came all over her phenomenal ass.

Ah, to only dream…I thought as I gave her a welcoming smile. “How’s it going, Miss Duvall?” If there was one thing that Sheryl was completely adamant about it was maintaining discipline. Perhaps that was why I fantasized about her as much as I did, there was nothing sexier than a strong woman who demanded respect.

“Hi Nick,” She said with her own yawn, “Sorry about that, but honestly I can’t wait for us to get on the road. This is going to be a long day.” She grumbled, her eyes settling on the back of the driver’s head.

“I don’t doubt it.” I said with a grin of my own, as I looked at everyone who had assembled. As a part of our requirements to participate in tournaments, we were required to provide a number of our own judges. Often times than not we were scraping the bottom of the barrel to find victims…err volunteers. Today though, it seemed like we had a full house and every one of them seemed to have made it onto the bus before I had.

As a general rule, the coaches and judges usually filled the front of the bus while the students packed into the back. I knew from my days in debate that the reasons for that were strikingly obvious, but with it being an all-girls team, I couldn’t think of any other reason than for them to escape the dreaded lepers that were adults.

All the same, I found myself filling a bench seat about midway through the bus. I tossed my backpack down on the floor and kicked my feet up on the opposite seat. The pillow I had brought to be my faithful companion was now tucked behind my head as I reached into my coat pocket for my ipod to drift into blissful oblivion.

There was a slight ruffle in the seat behind me that forced my eyes to open. I was rewarded with the overly eager expression of Brittany Shaw looking down at me. She was one of my seniors, and honestly continued to baffle me that someone so gorgeous could be so smart. Those two qualities weren’t all that common. Her deep, emerald eyes were mesmerizing even in the dim glow from the bus’ internal lights.

“Hi Nick,” She said, her voice light and humorous. “Looks like you got suckered with babysitting us.”

“I got suckered with nothing,” I replied, as I tossed one ear-bud in. “I think you’re all old enough to look after yourselves with me chaperoning.”

“Oh…you think so.” She said, her voice taking on a quirky edge. “To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t trust half of the girls alone if I were you.”

“Thankfully we’re on a bus, no one’s alone.” I said hoping to brush her off and letting me fall asleep. Sure, talking and dealing with the girls was fun, but at this god-awful hour I just wanted to sleep a few extra hours so I could feel somewhat human.

Brittany, for all her character, merely smirked at me. “Oh, you’d be surprised.” She said with a wink, but soon departed.

Pretty soon we were underway. For a lot of people sleeping on a bus is difficult. The constant vibration and jostling from the shocks tend to unnerve some people. For me, it could put me out like a light. While I might sleep, I’m a light sleep, so when I felt something brush against my leg, I was instantly awake. I frowned as I saw Brittany kneeling in the aisle.

“What’s going on?” I asked groggily, pulling my ear-buds out as I leaned forward and looked around the rest of the bus. I was surprised to find most of our judges sleeping soundly, actually most of the bus seemed pretty zonked.

“I need to ask you some questions.” Brittany said in a low voice.

“About your case? Can’t it wait?” I grumbled really not interested in letting my brain get started this early in the morning.

“Actually, it’s not about the case.” She said in the same low voice. “But I’m wide awake and full of energy, I need to do something or I’m going to be useless for the tournament.”

I quirked an eyebrow at her, “Can’t you talk to one of the other girls, I mean, I’m sure Brooke is bursting to talk about anything.”

Brittany snorted a laugh, “Brooke’s out like a light and drooling!”

There was something cute about that little laugh of her that made me think the request over again. “Fine, what do you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Here, let’s talk back here so we don’t wake anyone up.” She beamed, utterly enthused as she beckoned me to follow her back another row. I looked around at the arrangement. It would place two empty rows of seats between us and the judges as well as the students all of whom also looked to be out. At first I was a little apprehensive, but when she situated herself in one bench seat then patted the seat across from her, I felt somewhat more confident that nothing was amiss.

“Okay,” I said as I settled into the seat, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Boys!” She said eagerly.

“That’s it, I’m leaving.” I said as I began to stand up.

Almost as quickly as I rose, her hand shot out and grabbed my arm, “Please, Nick. I really, really need to talk to you about this.”

“And I really, really like my job. I’m not going to talk about this with you Brittany.”

She smirked at me, “Come on, Nick. It’s harmless. What’s wrong with just talking?”

“Because talking isn’t always harmless,” I muttered as I stared into those pleading emerald eyes. Against my better judgment, I chose to retake my seat.

“And you’d know this for a fact?” She asked, her voice taking on that tone of sweet and innocence.

“What do you want to know?” I said, hoping to get this over with as quickly as possible. I glanced down at my phone, and noticed that we had only been on the road for about forty-five minutes.

She leaned forward, keeping her voice so low that I even found it difficult to hear her over the rumble of the bus. “Look, I’ve been dating my boyfriend, Aaron, for the last couple months, well things are sort of getting a little…well physical.”

“I don’t want to talk about this.” I said realizing the trouble I would find myself in just hearing this much. I began to stand, but Brittany blocked me, she quickly filled the bench seat with me.

“Brittany move!” I demanded in a low growl.

“Nope,” She grinned impishly, “I need your help and you’re going to give it to me.”

“No, I’m not.” He hissed back.

“Yes, you are, or Miss Duvall is going to hear about how you tried to take advantage of me back here.” She threatened.

I blinked at her horrified. “What the…”

“I need some help with something, and you’re the perfect specimen for the job.” She said with an evil twinkle in her eye.

“You little bitch.” I growled angrily.

She leaned forward, and I flinched as I felt her soft, delicate fingers on the side of my cheek as she whispered into my ear, “I’m a naughty little bitch, Nick.” She said softly. “Now just be quiet and help me out and no one will have to know any different.”

“I don’t…” I began, but her fingertips brushed down along my jaw until I felt it against my lips.

“Shh…” she cooed, “Listen, you’re a smart guy, and really cute too, but most of all smart. You know that I could get you fired this moment by just accusing you of impropriety. What I need is inappropriate, but the difference is that if you do this, it’ll just be between you and me, and hopefully when it’s all said and done you’ll come out of this enjoying it as much as I will.”

She cast a casual glance around the bus to make sure that everyone else was still asleep before she scooted back to the edge of the bench seat. “Now, Nick, as I was saying, Aaron and I have started to get a little physical…unfortunately I’m not…well versed in certain things.” She said as she trailed a hand down my chest, until it settled on my crotch.

I flinched slightly at her touch, and damned my member as it responded to the girl’s touch. Damn it, as much as I found dominating women enticing, this wasn’t what I had in mind, I just wished my hormone addled mind would listen to my better judgment.

“Then watch porn if you want to get ‘well versed.’” I growled back.

She shook her head, her short auburn locks flowing around her head, “I don’t think so. I’ve never really been one for porn.” She said as she continued to stroke, “And why should I when I have such a willing candidate to practice on.”

Despite my best intentions, my body was mutinying on me. my member was now painfully erect and I was cursing myself with the reality that it had been so long since I last felt anyone’s touch other than my own.

“Shouldn’t you be doing this with your boyfriend?” I grumbled back breathing deep.

“Aaron’s one who likes experienced girls, and unfortunately that’s something I’m not…yet, anyway.” She said simply.

“This is idiotic!” I hissed.

“No, this is hard.” She said gripping my member through my pants. “Look, Nick. We were messing around last night, he got me hot and heavy, and then when I tried to blow him, he got upset. Said I sucked at it, and dumped me off at my house to be with that slut Tiffany. I’m fucking horny, and I’m going to learn how to do this right. And you’re going to be the good assistant coach that you are and teach me how to do it right. You understand.”

I blinked, trying to process all that she had said through my fogged-filled mind. I could tell that she wasn’t very skilled at what she was doing, but it had been so long that I didn’t care all that much at this point. In any normal circumstance, I would like to comfort this girl and tell her that her boyfriend was a shit and she should strive for better…

But since she had her hand already on my crotch, such sentimentalities were clearly out the door.

With a soft groan, I nodded. “Fine, but Brittany, I need to know, how old are you?”

She smirked, “I turned eighteen last September. So do we have an understanding?”

“I’m so going to hell.” I whispered softly.

“I promise to make it a fun trip.” She said with a wink as she leaned back.

I had always snuck peaks at all of the girls on the team, and Brittany was no exception, but I hadn’t really fantasized about her. Now though, I was looking at her in an entirely new light. The glow from the interior lights was almost nonexistent, but I could still make out the outline of her budding body. She had a small chest, but it was the flair of her hips and deliciously toned legs that had initially drawn my attention to her.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

She smirked as she leaned forward, her hands fumbling over the button and fly of my pants, “I want to see what I have to work with first.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening, and I was damning myself for it. Still I knew she was dead honest about accusing me of doing exactly what it was she now doing should I try and stop her.

“Lift your hips,” she growled, her voice becoming husky.

“You’re not taking my pants off!” I hissed.

“I’m just easing them down, I want to see all of you.”

I cursed as I lifted my hips slightly and she pulled down my jeans and boxers down to my mid-thighs. My member sprung free, standing proudly. I could already feel a thick, warm glob of pre-cum oozing down my swollen cockhead. I shivered as I felt Brittany’s warm breath on my member.

“Wow, it’s not as long as Aaron’s.” She said.

“Thanks,” I growled angrily.

“But it’s so thick.” She said, as I suddenly felt her delicate fingers wrapping around my girth. I closed my eyes and gasped longingly as I felt a woman’s touch once again. Another trickle of clear pre-cum streamed out from my head. “Looks like someone’s overly excited.”

“Just…just get it over with.” I growled.

“With pleasure,” Brittany said as she leaned forward, his tongue lapping at the tip of my head, a single strand of my pre-cum trailing from my head to her luscious lips. “hmm…tasty. What do I do now?”

I looked at her transfixed, “You’re doing a pretty damn good job with just your tongue so far.” I whispered.

“Oh, you liked that did you?” she asked as she continued to tease me by lapping her tongue over my head, I closed my eyes and gasped lightly. Taking my moans as motivation, she began enticing my entire length with her tongue. It teased and lapped, and suckled my thick, hard member. More and more pre-cum continued to gush forth, and she pulled away from my dick with a wide grin on her face. “You’re getting almost as wet as I am.” She said as she took one of my hands and guided it under her skirt.

I tried to pull away, but she gave me a challenging expression. Knowing the stakes, I relented and was rewarded by feeling the soaked fabric of her panties against my touch. Prompted by instinct rather than common sense, my fingers began to massage and circle her covered sex. A soft moan escapes her lips, “Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve needed.” She said before returning her attention to lavishing my member with her tongue.

“Use your lips,” I whisper, continuing to be enthralled at just how soaked her panties are. Brittany nodded once as I suddenly feel her tongue replaced by her lips as they began to suck and tease my shaft. To my surprise, she sinks lower and lower along my length, and I’m surprised to find that she beginning to kiss and suckle my sack while continuing to stroke my cock. “Oh God, Brittany!” I whisper in surprise as I feel her take one of my balls into her mouth and sucking on it tantalizingly. “How can anyone say that you’re bad at this!” I whisper.

She let my ball fall from her lips as she looked up at me, “Oh, that’s because this is about all I can do.” She said with a pout.

“Well, don’t stop,” I whisper back to her, as if to encourage her, I let my fingers become a bit more adventurous, peeling aside the edge of her panties so that I could feel her delicate folds against my bare fingers. A shiver ran through her body in that moment.

She took my encouragement and once again resumed her kissing and licking of my sack as her hand danced over my length.

I was trying to keep myself as quiet as possible, this was both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time, and that made it all the more arousing. Here was this eighteen year old girl sucking me off on a bus full of students and adults, and at the very least I could go to jail for this, but as I felt her warm slick folds against my fingers, and her lips lavishing me, I could care less.

I pulled my fingers away from her wet twat and Brittany gave me a distressed look as I brought the fingers to my nose and inhaled deeply. She smelled like heaven before giving them a telling lick. God, that was a taste I could never live without!

“Time to learn some more.” I growled, abandoning my resistance as I began to stroke her short brown locks. “Now you’re going to learn how to suck cock.” She seemed to give me this innocent, eager expression, as I guided her lips towards my swollen cockhead.

“First thing you want to do is clamp your lips around my cock, but be careful of your teeth.” I warned, she obeyed, her big emerald eyes looking up to me hungrily as she did as I said. “That’s good,” I moaned, “Now remember to use your tongue when your lips are near my tip, tease my…yeah, like that.” God, the girl was a quick study! I thought as I felt her tongue dance over my sensitive head. “Now just bob your head down, taking as much as you can.”

She did as I commanded, lowering her head carefully. My girth was considerable and I loved the way her mouth tried to take as much of me into her as she could. It was amazing. I moaned again as the girl’s tongue went to work every time her head bobbed up. Without any encouragement, I felt her hand once again continue to stroke the remainder of my seven-inch cock that she couldn’t handle.

After a few minutes, her gyrations began pickup, her head beginning to bob faster and faster. I closed my eyes, lavishing in the heaven that was her mouth. My hips were beginning to buck and I began thrusting my member further and deeper into her wanting mouth. Brittany for all her effort was more than eager to accommodate, and before long I could feel my head pressing into the back of her mouth as she continued to look up to me in hunger.

She pulled free of my slick cock, a thick trail of saliva and pre-cum drooling from her lips. “Christ, I’m so fucking hot right now.” She said as she reached under her skirt, in one quick move, her panties came into view as she pulled them down her thighs. She shifted around the bench seat until they were completely off. “I need this cock in me now.” She growled.

PET TEACHER: Lesbian Toy Party

Note 1: Although not absolutely necessary, I recommend you read the first three parts first: Pet Teacher, Pet Teacher: Five Tasks, and Pet Teacher: Lesbian Club. If time does not permit, here is a very, very brief primer. A teacher is seduced by an eighteen year old student and after submitting to her she is forced to complete seven tasks to prove herself worthy of being a pet…this episode is the seventh and final task.

Note 2: A special thanks goes to Estragon for his copy-editing and support and to LaRascasse for plot suggestions.


Julie was absent on Monday and Tuesday, which greatly increased my anxiety, as it was now Wednesday, the day that I was supposed to complete my final task.

Julie walked into class with Beth a couple of minutes after the bell, and closed the door. Her sweet but naughty smile returned, the one that had been absent since last week, as she asked, “So. did you accomplish task number six?”

I looked at her nervously, knowing it was now or never. She returned my gaze confidently, and patiently. Finally, I broke the silence when I answered, “Yes, I have, Mistress.”

Julie’s smile grew wider as she said, “I was hoping you would say that. Do you want your reward?”

“Sure,” I responded, my pussy already tingling even though I was unsure what this reward might be.

Julie locked at the door and then snapped her fingers. Beth instantly walked to me, dropped to her knees and crawled under my desk. Just as instantly, my pussy got wet and I opened my legs to allow easier access to my pussy. As Beth lapped at my cunt, Julie talked to me. I tried to concentrate to Julie’s words, but had difficulty as the eighteen-year-old between my legs continued to give thrilling sensations. Julie explained, “Mistress expects you there at six and the party starts at seven. Be warned she will have you doing many very naughty and humiliating things during this party. It is also very important that you obey every order without hesitation. She will punish you for even the slightest hint at disobedience. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I moaned, dangerously close to screaming from the orgasm building in me. Julie smiled with an amused smirk as she watched as I held my mouth shut as my orgasm spread through me. Beth continued to lap up my juices until I couldn’t take it any longer and pushed her back, worried I would keep on coming. I looked down as the adorably cute Beth looked back up at me, like an obedient puppy just happy to be noticed. Her face glistened with my juices as I came back to my senses. As I backed up, Beth quickly got out from underneath my desk and stood back up and returned to our mutual Mistress.

Julie gave a wink and said as she got ready to leave, “See you tonight.”

I gave a nod and watched them leave. Julie stopped at the door and threw my world in a tizzy as she added, “Can you guess which one of your colleagues will be the other slut tonight?”

I gasped at the obvious implication. I watched both girls leave in stunned silence. Panic spread throughout my whole body as I realized my situation had gotten even more complicated. As I sat down I began to ponder who else she could have seduced. I worked at a pretty large school with a rather large staff so there were lots of candidates. There was Carol Johnson, the first year Chemistry teacher who always dressed somewhat provocatively and was very, very pretty. There was Rena Wallace, the cheerleading coach, who is amazing fit and flirty. There was also Zelda Hilton, our principal secretary, who was a drop dead gorgeous redhead; but how would Julie ever get to her? The list could go on and on, but it could be anyone…who would think I had submitted to Julie? Hopefully, nobody.

I taught through the afternoon in a haze of nerves and anxiety, as I wondered what was planned for me and what colleague would soon know of my predicament. And I of hers.

At ten to six, riddled with apprehension, I knocked on Julie’s door. I seemed to wait forever for the door to open. I could feel slight perspiration on my forehead as the seconds ticked by. Finally, the door opened and Julie greeted me. “Hi, Mrs. Walker. I am so happy you could make it.”

I followed her in sheepishly. I quickly looked around to see if anyone else was around and felt a burden fall off my shoulders when I saw the room was empty.

Julie looked at me and said, “So, Mistress has an outfit laid out for you in her bedroom. She should be home in the next half hour. Your partner should also be here in a few minutes.”

I asked, in a nervous stutter, “W-w-who is my p-p-partner?”

Julie’s smile became a naughty grin as she said, “Oh, you will see soon.” I looked at her with a deer-in-headlights look as she added, “You will get to know her much, much, much better.” As I continued to be speechless, and I assume white as a ghost, she comforted, “Don’t worry, my pet. It will all be good. She is really looking forward to tonight.”

“She knows?” I gasped.

“Oh yes,” Julie purred, adding, “she was really thrilled to hear you had submitted to me and Mistress.”

My mind spun at this revelation, as I desperately tried to figure out who this could possibly be. Names and faces flashed through my mind, but none made sense. Who would possibly submit to Julie? I was well aware of the irony of my thoughts.

The doorbell rang and Julie said, “You should go get your outfit on before Mistress gets here.”

I quickly obeyed, trying to avoid the upcoming humiliation as long as possible. I entered Mistress’s room and saw my outfit on the bed. I couldn’t believe what was expected of me. There was a black neck collar with a leash not attached, black thigh high stockings, a flimsy see-through red nightie, and four inch opened toe heels. I was mortified by what I was expected to wear and even more mortified as I thought of who was soon to see me in this.

I could hear voices in the other room, but could not hear them clearly enough to place any voice. Reluctantly, I began to get undressed. Once down to my undergarments, I grabbed for the stockings and began to put them on. I noticed they were seamed stockings with Cuban heels. I put them on and then the flimsy piece of lingerie. I looked at the heels, heels higher than I had ever worn. I once wore three inch to a wedding and almost killed myself. I looked at the heels, wondering how the hell I was ever going to walk in them. I sighed and began to put them on. Just as I finished buckling up the first one, I heard the outside door open and close. I froze as I wondered who else had shown up. Before I had time to put on my second heel, the door opened and Mistress walked in.

She roared, “What the fuck are you doing on my bed, slut?”

I immediately jumped off and stumbled to the floor. I apologized, “I am so sorry Mistress; I was just getting dressed for you.”

She looked at me, a dishevelled mess lying on the floor, and her tone softened, “OK, my pet, this one time I will forgive you. But sluts don’t sit on furniture unless given permission. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly answered.

She said, still not smiling, “Now finish getting dressed and get your collar on. Then wait on the floor like a good pet until after I shower.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I responded as I reached for my second heel. I watched her walk to her bathroom and let out a sigh. The feeling of having angered her was devastating. I couldn’t believe how eager I was to quickly obey her and hopefully get back in her good graces. I put on the second high heel and grabbed the collar. I looked at it closely and realized that when I put this on, I was submitting completely to her. There was no turning back; I was being collared. I hesitated briefly, and then put the collar on my neck and waited like a loyal dog on the floor.

Minutes ticked by and I heard the door open and close three more times. Finally, Mistress Candy returned to her bedroom and got dressed, ignoring me completely. She put on a pair of suntan thigh highs and a purple flower print sundress. She finally looked down at me and asked, “Are you really still wearing your bra?”

I, without any further instruction, took it off .

She then asked, “Are you wearing your panties still?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered.

“Get them off and don’t you ever wear panties in my house again!” my Mistress instructed with a glare, her tone showing her impatience with me.

I took my panties off and handed them to her. She looked at my undies as if they were toxic and tossed them into the garbage. She grabbed the leash and walked over to me and patted my head. Humiliation burned as she hooked the leash onto my collar. She went to her dresser and came back with a small vibrating egg. She turned it on, handed it to me and ordered, “Put that in your cunt, my slut. Leave it in there until I give you permission to take it out.” I obeyed, my pussy swallowing the toy in a heartbeat. The buzzing sensations quickly began getting me excited. Mistress ordered, “Don’t you dare cum, slut. Not until I give you permission.” She patted my head one more time and said, “I’m happy you decided to come tonight, my pet. I think you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Now wait here until I come to get you.”

I watched her leave and sat on the floor. I could hear talking and giggling as I waited and waited and waited. The longer I waited, the harder it was to not come from the sensations that constantly teased my pussy. The longer I waited, the more anxiety began to fill my head. Question after question popped into my head. Who was the other teacher? Who were the other people at this gathering? What was my role in the night’s activities? What if one of the guests knew me? The more I thought about all the possibilities the faster my pulse raced. Just as I was completely freaking out and attempting to figure out a way out of this potential disaster, Mistress Candy came into the room.

“Are you ready, my pet?” she asked as she bent down and took the leash.

Horny as Hell from the toy in my cunt and completely submissive to my Mistress, I responded without hesitation and a bit too eagerly, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good pet,” she purred, patting me on the head, humiliation filling me. She then bent down and, much to my surprise, put a blindfold on me. Once done, she pulled the egg out of my pussy and tugged gently on the leash. “Come, my pet, and crawl like a good pet.”

Holding back my own overwhelming fear, I crawled on all fours as my Mistress led me into a room full of people. I kept my head down, attempting to prolong the shame and embarrassment as long as possible. The silence was unbelievable as all conversations immediately stopped as we entered the room. The silence was broken by Mistress Candy. “Guests, I would like you to meet my newest slut, Mrs. Walker, or Jasmine. She is Julie’s teacher and submitted first to Julie and then to me, last week. The good little sub is married and has two kids.”

“I wouldn’t mind a teacher pet myself,” someone announced.

“Yeah, I hated all my teachers in school. Would love to have been able to fuck a couple of my bitchy teachers,” another proclaimed.

“What a slut,” another called out.

Shame burned inside me, but at least I couldn’t see who was bashing me. I remained on all fours as I heard Julie speak. “Guests, I would like to introduce our other slut for the evening. She is the school counselor at my school and was charged with helping me deal with my issues. I am not sure she accomplished that, but I did surely help her with hers. She is twenty-four, fresh out of college and a very eager little dyke. Please welcome Alexis.”

A few disrespectful comments were made about her as well, as I sat there stunned by the revelation that is was Alexis. She was straight out of college, and a real looker. Her hair was so blonde it was almost white, her eyes were crystal blue and she had a body that every high school boy drooled over. She was also incredible sweet and quite shy when among our staff. If I had to choose which colleague I would want to most look like, it would be her in a heartbeat.

As I considered the implications of Alexis being Julie’s other sub, I heard Mistress Candy speak. “Well, ladies. I am so happy you could be here tonight. I am sure we are going to have a lot of fun and you and hopefully you will spend a lot of money. Without further ado, I will introduce our presenter for the evening, Jenna.”

A voice, presumably Jenna’s, spoke, “Well welcome, ladies. I have been doing adult sex toy parties for about two years now, but this will be the first time we have models to try out our toys for us.”

I gasped as I realized what was to be my role was in tonight’s proceedings.

Jenna informed the women, “Now I have at least two of every toy I will present today and can order more if need be. Each toy comes with a six-month money-back guarantee; and if you buy anything tonight you will get a 10% discount. Now with all the boring formalities done, let’s get to the good stuff. Up first is the Magic Wand. Now unlike most toys, this one you must plug in, but ladies, don’t let that stop you, as once you feel the power of the eight inch head you will be shaking with pleasure.” There was a pause as I assumed she was plugging in the toy. After a few seconds of silence and nervous trepidation, she explained, “The Magic Wand has a variety of speeds for each woman’s personal preference.” I heard the toy buzz quietly as she turned it on and then buzz much louder as she turned it on high. “As you can see, the toy can be used for teasing or pleasing.”

I heard her heels move towards me. I felt hands on my flimsy nightie and then felt the soft vibrations on my naked cunt. I moaned instinctively as the feeling sent shivers of pleasure up my body. Jenna informed, “You see how she moaned instantly. The magic wand is made to stimulate both the clit and the pussy lips at once, getting almost any woman into a feverish sweat in minutes. Now observe what happens when I turn it on high.” Already feeling good, I let out a scream the moment Jenna turned the Magic Wand on high. The sensations did as she promised, pleasing both my pussy lips and my clit. It was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt from a toy. Jenna kept talking while she teased me with the toy. “Besides just putting pressure on the pussy and clit, the wand can also be used for soft or hard spanking.” I felt the wand leave my pussy as she ordered me to lie on my back. I quickly changed positions, happy to be off my knees and hoping to feel more pleasure from the Magic Wand. Without instruction, I opened my legs, giving this woman whom I had never met easy access to my pussy.

A woman in the room quipped, “Wow Candy, your new sub is quite a horny little bitch!”

Candy chuckled, “You haven’t seen nothing yet, Carrie.”

The tone of her voice clearly foreshadowed a long evening for me, but as toy touched my pussy once again I didn’t remotely care. As I began moaning again, oblivious to the women in the room watching my humiliating treatment, Jenna began gently tapping my clit with the toy. “Watch how the little slut responds to the wand as it teases her already wet cunt.” I wanted to prove her wrong, imply that the toy couldn’t control me, but that resistance was futile. With each tap of the toy, my moaning increased, the high speed vibrations and gentle spanking driving me wild.

Without evening realizing I was speaking, I heard my own voice begging, “More, don’t stop, yes, yes.”

Unfortunately, as soon as I begged for more, the need to come becoming desperate, Jenna turned the toy off. “We don’t want our models coming too quick on us, so I better shut the thing off. So Jasmine, what did you think of the Magic Wand?”

Attempting to control my breathing, and quell the desire to just pleasure myself in front of all these unknown women, I stammered, “G-g-g-good.”

“Only good?” Jenna queried.

Suddenly the toy was on my clit again and I bellowed, “No, fucking amazing.”

She tapped my clit three times harder than she previously had, and concluded, “I think she likes it.”

Laughter exploded in the room and I instantly went from feeling horny to feeling ashamed.

I heard the click of her heels as she walked away and couldn’t believe the feeling of utter disappointment I felt. I wanted to come and I wanted to be used. It was so humiliating, yet I could not deny my complete surrender.

Jenna continued, “The second toy of the evening is one of a couple I will show tonight that can be used while out and about. It is manufactured by Lelo and is called a G-Spot Dual Action Vibe. This toy has a lot of features, including a silky smooth style, tandem vibration and is very travel-friendly, if you get my drift.” The women laughed again. “Now I am sure some of you have tried the rabbit. Well, this is much more advanced than the rabbit. The contoured shaft was created to stimulate the g-spot as well as stimulate the clit. Even better, the toy has eight distinct vibrating patterns from steady constant vibrations, to amazing feelings of circular massage, to pulsing that shifts back and forth from the clit to the g-spot. Anyway, enough sales babble. Let’s have our other model try this on for size.”

I was still on my back on the floor, horny and wishing it was me modelling the new toy.

“Oh shit, she isn’t wearing underwear. Candy, any chance she can borrow a pair for a bit?” Jenna asked.

“I suppose. But Alexis, my dyke, don’t think this will be allowed normally,” Mistress Candy quipped.

“Of course, Mistress,” Alexis concurred. Just hearing the beautiful counsellor’s submissive voice made a shiver flow through my entire body.

A couple of minutes passed before Jenna continued, “How does that feel?”

“Good,” Alexis purred.

Candy instructed, “Alexis, you will keep that in you until further notice. Now be a good maid and refill all my guests’ glasses.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Presumably, Alexis obeyed.

Jenna acknowledged me, “Well, we should probably allow this poor slut on the floor to come pretty soon. Jasmine, do you want to come?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, way too quickly.

Jenna laughed, “Well ladies, next is another Lelo product. It’s called the Soraya and it is a dual point vibrator. As you can see the long part is made for insertion, while the flexible curve is made to tease and please the clitoral area. The unique looped handle allows the user great manoeuvrability. Like all Lelo products, the motor is incredibly powerful and has eight levels of vibration and pulsation. Let’s see how teacher here likes it.”

The toy was placed in my hand. Jenna ordered, “Teacher, I want you to use this toy and get yourself off.”

“Okay.” I took taking the toy and began feeling it, trying to understand what it was.

Someone bellowed, “You dumb fucking slut! Shove it in your filthy cunt!”

Degraded, I quickly obeyed, slipping it in my wet cunt. Fumbling around a bit, I turned it on and instantly felt intense sensations inside me and on my clit. I used the odd handle to manoeuvre the toy and put extra pressure on my clit. The pulsing vibrations had me on the brink in only a couple of minutes. Jenna grabbed the toy out of my pussy and I moaned, “nooo.”

“Slut,” my Mistress barked, “don’t you dare speak unless spoken to!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly responded.

Jenna laughed, “Wow, she really is a slut. Another great toy is the six and a half inch Lelo Gigli vibrator. A cheaper and somewhat old school vibe, although updated with specially designed curves and a blunt angled head, which is perfect for that elusive G-spot. Let’s see if our slut here likes this one.”

I felt a new toy in my hand and obediently slid it in my wanton cunt. Although I liked the other one better, this one was good too, much better than any of the toys I had hidden under my bed at home. Still near the brink, I used the toy with deliberate focus: to come. The toy curved perfectly against my G-spot and within only a few seconds of fucking myself with the toy I was screaming in ecstasy, oblivious to the other women watching. I squeezed my legs and let the vibrating sensations quake through my body. Once my orgasm subsided, I opened my legs and let the toy slip out of my soaking wet pussy.

Author’s Note:

This is the eighth installment of the ‘Coach King’ series. If you have not already read the previous chapters, I recommend you do so before you read this one. Thank you all for your support on the previous chapter, all your feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope you all enjoy.


November ended and December went by in a blur. Christmas brought Winter Break, and with it a near solid week with Helen and Kayla that had left Roy sore and exhausted. Today was the final day of this bliss. The girls had let Roy recover for most of the previous night spending time cuddling and watching movies on the couch. In its own way, last night had been the best they’d ever shared together; it demonstrated that they were able to spend time with one another without the need to have sex. Roy realised that their relationship was maturing, that they were becoming a genuine couple… or trio in this case. He and Kayla had grown closer since Thanksgiving, Kayla finally feeling as though she and Roy had a connection beyond attraction and Helen’s consent.

Roy felt Kayla stir beside him, and he caressed her head soothingly. She settled back into a deeper sleep, comforted by his familiar touch. Helen shifted on his left side, using his chest as a pillow as she slept. They were all nude, with Roy on his back and a girl on either side of him. Helen was stretched over him, his hand resting on her lower back. Kayla was curled up against him, her front pressed against his side, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. The pressure in Roy’s bladder became unbearable so he carefully left the tangle of limbs and the softness of warm flesh that surrounded him. He washed his hands and splashed water over his face, staring at himself in the mirror.

He found himself surprised that he looked younger than he remembered. He’d always been very fit, and his overall appearance benefited from the consistent maintenance. The stress he’d been under had faded away. All the exercise he’d been getting by training with his volleyball team along with the extracurricular activities with the two young women in the next room had strengthened his body further.

Roy felt younger too, with his conscious at ease. Pam and Wayne were happy together, and Roy was relieved that she’d found someone who treated her so well. Helen and Kayla had settled into their new roles at high school, the painful process of changing status within the student population having finally come to an end, for better or worse. And things were better than ever between Roy and the girls.

And today was December 30th, Roy’s birthday. He was forty-seven, one year closer to a half century of life, one more year separating him from the girls he was falling in love with, one more year making their relationship impossible. He tried to ignore it, but there were thunderclouds on the horizon, and a storm was coming.

***”My Dad was pretty messed up after my mom…” Chloe trailed off.

The ghost of the mother who’d taken her own life clearly still haunted her.

She steadied herself and continued, “Anyway, he never really dated either. I kind of wish he had, everyone should have somebody.”

As she said this her eyes trailed unconsciously towards Helen. Roy saw the movement and felt sorry for her.

“I think I just need to be single for a little while,” Roy said.

“Don’t take too long, you aren’t getting any younger,” Chloe replied.

She didn’t need to tell him, it was a constant fear of Roy’s. He’d never been concerned about his age until his relationship with Helen and Kayla had become more serious. It was a constant concern of his that they were both oblivious to.

The rest of the trip was quiet; Chloe turned on her iPod and tried to get some sleep. Roy pulled out a book, read a few lines, and dozed off. He awoke to find that Chloe was leaning against him, the side of her face pressing into his shoulder and with his head resting on top of her head. He moved away quickly, gently letting her head crane down as she slept.

He felt a familiar stirring in his jeans, and shifted uncomfortably. Roy tried to put his growing discomfort out of his mind, only to realise where her hand was. Their chairs were practically touching each other, and in her sleep Chloe had rested her hand on his thigh. The delicate appendage rested gently on top of him, the act was purely unintentional but made Roy’s already tight jeans even more constricting.

Get a hold of yourself, Roy commanded himself. Chloe was gay, she had absolutely no interest in anyone of the opposite sex, let alone a man nearly thirty years older than herself. He felt like he was somehow betraying the trust she had given him, like he was exploiting her father’s confidence in him to conduct himself professionally during the course of this trip. He was also betraying Helen and Kayla, and he felt immensely disappointed in himself.

That feeling helped him ignore the hand on his thigh, and he embraced it, forcing himself to force back his carnal thoughts. Roy carefully lifted her hand by the wrist and laid it on the more proper perch of her knee. Roy was startled when she moved suddenly. Chloe rolled over to her right side in the chair and pillowed her head with her hands, all without waking up.

Good, that’s better, Roy thought to himself. He looked around the bus and saw that many girls had fallen asleep. A few seats ahead Pam was passed out, but Helen was awake in the seat next to her, reading from a text book. He was sitting on the right hand side of the bus, she on the left, both in the seat closest to the aisle.

Roy watched her, her lips moved slightly at some parts, perhaps trying to emphasize something that she was reading, trying to commit some important detail to memory. She brushed her hair over her ear and out of her eyes; he could make out the curve of her jaw, the sensitive spot that made her gasp when he kissed it. Light came from behind her through the window, illuminating her in an angelic glow. When he saw her he felt nothing but love and affection, her beauty was entrancing.

Helen apparently felt his eyes on her, either that or she’d been checking on him secretly throughout the ride. Her head turned and their eyes met. Helen’s eyes locked into his, her gaze full of longing, seeming to say I need you. Roy’s felt his heart begin to race, a new stirring in his pants starting. He glanced around the bus; most of the girls were trying to sleep, playing games on their phones, or reading. Helen’s gaze called him, and he was standing on the moving bus before he realised what he was doing. His feet carried Roy forwards to Helen, and he knelt down beside her.

“Studying?” he asked, seeing that she was reading from her Calculus textbook.

Helen nodded, “I’d like a break though,” she said.

Her hand went dangerously to his groin, shielded from sight from the back and the side from the position of his body.

“Not here,” Roy said automatically, his heart beating heavily in his chest.

Pam was sleeping less than four feet away, her head pressed against the window. On top of that they were surrounded by the rest of the team. Everything about the situation was dangerous, but Helen’s persistent hand made it hard to say ‘no’.

“I saw a sign for a rest stop a few miles down the road, why don’t we stop for a break?” Helen asked in a hushed voice.

Her fingers traced the bulge forming in his pants. Roy’s body stiffened at the contact, and glanced at his watch, it was nearly noon, as good a time as any for lunch.

“Where?” he whispered, pretending to read from her book.

“There’s probably a quiet spot behind the building,” she replied quietly.

“Alright,” Roy said.

This was a bad idea. Everything about it was risky, and Roy knew he shouldn’t go through with it. But he was like a junky, he needed his Helen fix, he needed to feel her touch, to bring her the release she craved. Those needs clouded his judgement. It was like he was intoxicated, and not fully in control of his actions.

“You messed up that line,” Roy said, pointing to her notebook.

He made his voice a little extra loud. It was an excuse for his being there next to Helen instead of in his seat, just in case any curious observer had seen their exchange. Misdirection had become second nature to all of them over the past few months. Helen’s hand returned to her book, steadying it as she looked down at it, looking for a mistake that wasn’t there.

She pretended to cross something out, “Thanks Mr. King,” she said.

“Not a problem,” he said.

He got up and went to talk to the bus driver; he agreed to stop at the spot Helen had mentioned. Roy turned around to make an announcement on the PA system.

“Check, check,” Roy said, hearing his voice come booming out over the speakers.

“We can hear you,” Janice called from the back, getting a few laughs from her teammates.

His voice over the PA system startled most of the girl awake, the remaining were woken up by those beside them. Roy turned the volume down.

“People back home could hear him,” Chloe grumbled miserably, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“We’re stopping for a quick lunch break in a few minutes, you’ll have a half hour,” he said over the PA.

The girls opened up the overhead compartments as the driver pulled into the parking lot. The door opened and Roy stepped out, breathing in the fresh cold air of the January day. The sun shone brilliantly in the sky, reflected by the white carpet of snow. Pam stepped out after him, stretching her arms above her head, blinking blindly as her eyes adjusted to the light. Roy headed off before she could invite him to eat with her, going off in search for a suitable location for his and Helen’s rendezvous.

His search brought him to a shack on the far side of the parking lot behind the main building; it looked like it was used to store shovels and other maintenance equipment. The lock was broken and the double doors didn’t close properly. When Roy entered he found that despite its shoddy construction it provided protection from the wind and was relatively clean. He supposed it would do. Roy peered out through the partially opened door, and saw Helen. She looked around, searching for him.

“Here,” he called.

Helen turned and saw the source of the voice. She looked around furtively before making her way over to the shed. Roy swung the door open, and shut it quickly once she’d made it inside safely.

“Hi,” she said breathlessly.

Roy kissed her, pinning her against the door to keep it shut. Helen groaned into his mouth, pulling his hips to hers, gyrating against him as their tongues searched each other’s mouths. They didn’t have long, someone was sure to notice their absence if they were gone for too great a duration. He would have liked to keep the kiss going but had other urges to satisfy. Roy peeled his lips from Helen’s.

“Turn around,” he told her.

Like Chloe, Helen had dressed for comfort rather than style. Roy pulled her black sweatpants down to the middle of her thighs, her creamy white skin standing out in stark contrast. A shudder of anticipation ran through Helen when she heard the zipper of Roy’s fly being pulled down. The risk involved with what they were doing somehow made it even more exciting, knowing that at any moment they could be caught but that both of them were beyond caring was exhilarating.

Roy pulled her panties down roughly, exposing her dripping sex to the air. The scent of her arousal filled the small space, mixing with the sweet scent of her perfume to create a heady musk. Roy pumped his cock in his fist to get it fully erect before pressing the head to her opening, groaning softly as he drove deep into her. Helen gasped at the intrusion, leaning forward further as he began to thrust into her. Without wasting any time Roy began to drive forcefully into Helen, her pussy stretching tightly around his shaft as he plunged deep inside of her.

“Oh God,” Helen gasped.

For a moment Roy thought that she was about to reach her climax already, but then he saw her staring through the crack made by the doors of the shed.

“What is it,” he said, his cock still buried deep inside of her.

“It’s Chloe,” Helen said.


Roy leaned over her and peered between the doors and saw from across the parking lot that Chloe was leaning against the wall, looking as though she was waiting for something, or someone. She was quickly joined by a dark haired figure a touch shorter than Chloe.

“That’s Ashley,” Helen said, her eyes widening.

They were a fair distance off, but their vantage point allowed them to see the pair clearly.

“What are they doing?” Roy asked softly.

It looked like they were talking about something, but all Roy could make out were small snippets. The howling wind carried their voices away.

“… afraid of…” he heard Chloe say.

“I’m not … like…” he heard Ashley reply.

Roy got the sense that he and Helen were seeing something they weren’t supposed to, but they were stuck. There was no way for them to leave without Chloe and Ashley seeing them. His shaft was still buried deep up in Helen, throbbing and in desperate need of release. Suddenly Ashley grabbed Chloe and forced her against the wall.

“I’m not!” she yelled at Chloe.

“Then why…” Chloe started to reply, but the rest trailed away.

“We shouldn’t be watching this,” Helen said nervously, shifting in front of him.

Roy’s cock flexed inside of her, “We can’t leave, they’ll see us.”

Helen was about to reply when both of them got a shock. Ashley kissed Chloe, forcing her slender body against Chloe’s curvaceous one.

Roy’s shaft jolted inside Helen, “Oh God.”

They watched Ashley and Chloe kiss, Helen pushed back against Roy, getting excited by the sight. The kiss they shared was violent, as if they were starving for each other. The wind tossed their hair around wildly, Chloe’s red locks mingling with Ashley’s black. There was little affection to the kiss, it was pure hunger for one another that fueled the inferno between them.

“Fuck me,” Helen said.

Roy thrust into her, his eyes never leaving Chloe and Ashley. He saw Ashley’s hand go beneath the waist band of Chloe’s sweatpants, and saw Chloe break the kiss in a wide mouthed gasp. Their kiss resumed and Roy continued to drive his cock into Helen. Her gasps filled the small space, her pussy quivering around his shaft as he withdrew and plunged back into her tight channel. Chloe’s hand had gone beneath Ashley’s sweatpants, trapped between their two feminine bodies as the writhed against each other, Chloe against the wall and Ashley on the offensive.

Chloe’s mouth left Ashley’s, and she began to kiss her neck while they fingered one another. The sight was incredible, two gorgeous teenage girls bringing each other off while the wind tossed their hair wildly around them. Ashley’s mouth widened, and Roy thought he heard a deep throated groan though that may have been the wind. Helen stiffened beneath Roy, her pussy contracting around his cock. Roy saw Chloe pull Ashley tightly against her, thrusting her hips against the girl and felt himself explode.

Helen trembled around him as he came, flooding her with his cum. It came out violently, filling her pussy with the sticky substance. Helen barely suppressed her groans of pleasure, staring transfixed at her teammates just across the parking lot. Roy thrust raggedly into her a few more times, his orgasm coming to an end. Chloe looked to be still riding out her own climax, her hand gripped at Ashley’s back, holding the girl against her while she came.

“Jesus,” Helen gasped, staring wide-eyed.

Her cheeks were flushed pink, a strand of hair clung to her forehead from her perspiration. Ashley pulled away from Chloe, they looked to exchange a few quick words and Ashley hurried off. Chloe stood for a moment, absently straightening her clothes. After a few short moments she disappeared around the side of the building.

“That was…” Roy said.

“Chloe never told me,” Helen said, feeling betrayed.

Roy was deeply confused, “But… with Ashley?”

“Actually, it sort of makes sense,” Helen said.

The two began to fix their clothes.

“How do you mean?” Roy asked.

“Well, Ashley’s been the worst for harassing me and Kayla out of anyone around school, I guess she’s overcompensating. You know, trying to hide something she’s ashamed in herself of by being extra aggressive towards people who are open about the thing she feels the need to keep hidden,” Helen said.

The two finished getting their clothing back in order and staggered their return to the restaurant. They didn’t have time to order their food and eat, so Roy brought his food to the bus with him. Chloe had done the same, and when he sat next to her she smiled.

“Long line up, huh?” she said, taking a bite out of a chicken finger.

Roy tried not to give anything away, “Yeah,” he replied, taking a bite out of his burger.

Neither pressed the topic further. They continued to talk while they ate, and once again the subject of Roy’s love life came up, but Roy skillfully turned it around on Chloe.

“You keep asking me about the women I’ve dated, but I haven’t heard anything about yours,” Roy said, popping a fry into his mouth.

Chloe blushed prettily, her eyes glancing almost imperceptibly two seats ahead of them on the right to where Ashley was sitting.

“I don’t date much,” Chloe said simply.

Roy pressed onward, “Surely you’ve had…”

“I don’t date,” Chloe said.

Roy realised he was upsetting her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s alright,” Chloe said with a sad smile.

She fell quiet and the two stopped talking for a while. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable, just reflective. Roy realised in some ways he and Chloe were very similar. Both were in relationships which the community they were a part of would find abnormal and immoral. Due to this they both had to hide their feelings for those they cared about in public, stealing short bursts of intimacy before once again resuming their public roles.

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” Roy told her.

“What?” Chloe asked.

“Feeling like you do isn’t strange. Love is the most natural emotion human beings can express, the gender of the person doesn’t change that.”

Chloe nodded, “Thanks.”

They once again became quiet. Eventually they returned less personal conversation, settling on strategy for the upcoming tournament and the looming exam season. The rest of the drive was relatively quick, they arrived at the hotel shortly after 3 o’clock and the girls were given their keys and some free time to get settled in before they headed out for dinner as a team. Ashford was substantially larger than Riverside, and out of its district. This tournament wouldn’t affect their standings at all, but he wanted to get the girls some genuine experience against their competition.

Roy went to his room and found Chloe already there. Her duffle bag was zipped open and various articles of clothing were scattered across the bed nearest the window. She had the TV tuned to the news, and was arranging her electronics on the end table next to her bed. Roy put his bag next to his bed and plugged his phone in. He fell back into the bed, enjoying being free from the confined space of the bus.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Chloe said, producing a secondary bag from her duffle that contained her toiletries.

“Alright,” Roy said tiredly.

Roy must have dozed off because the next thing he knew Chloe was back sitting on her bed, combing her long hair. He watched her, admiring how beautiful she was. She was barefoot, her toenails painted a deep blue color. Her fingernails were the same color, matching her eyes. Chloe was facing the TV, dressed in a fresh pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. He watched her, curious. The strength she displayed on a day to day basis was extraordinary, to be so strong in the face of relentless hostility and remain a kind person was remarkable.

Roy had known many cruel people when he’d lived in Hartford, and had occasionally been one himself. His misadventure that had led him to Wood Creek had changed everything, it had saved him. He’d been drowning and Helen had pulled him to the surface. Roy was eternally grateful to her for that, and was thankful that fate or luck had made his GPS malfunction. He wanted to be with them now, but Kayla was miles away and Helen was under the watch of her Aunt.

The TV showed that it was shortly after 4 o’clock, which meant he had about an hour to get ready before the group went out for dinner. Roy stood and stretched, rolling his neck to get out the stiffness. He went into his bag to grab his stuff for a shower and headed to the bathroom. Surprisingly it wasn’t a disaster area since Chloe had actually cleaned up after herself. He started the shower and went to his bag, finding that he’d forgotten his razor back with the rest of his stuff. Roy went to get it but when he opened the door he stopped.

Chloe had taken the moment of privacy to get changed into her clothes for the evening. She was topless, facing away from him, and was reaching to pull down her sweatpants. Roy started to close the door but only got part way. Chloe’s hips shifted and her pants came down, baring her tight ass and incredibly sexy legs to him. Roy knew he was spying and that he needed to stop, but he couldn’t. Chloe’s arms went above her head and she stretched languidly, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her naked butt flexing and relaxing at each movement. She started to turn, and Roy got the briefest of glimpses of her very full breasts in profile before he hurriedly shut the door.

He hoped the TV had drowned out the click of the door as it closed. The details of her body filled his mind; seared into his retinas were every curve of her body. The sides of her breasts leading into her narrow back, sloping down her slender waist and swelling at the hips perfectly into her well-toned and perfectly proportioned ass perched above legs toned by vigorous physical activity. He’d seen all that as she’d stretched her arms above her head, her chest thrust slightly forward and her bum slightly back, her back arching sensually until she’d finally relaxed. The angel/devil tattoo just below her right shoulder served to accentuate the beauty of her body, rather than mar it as tattoos occasionally did.

Then she’d turned. It could have only been for a fraction of a second but he’d seen the side of her left breast, the perfect shape of the mound and the nipple that capped it in silhouette. More than that he’d seen her curves from the side, her flat stomach leading down to her groin, her long sexy legs flowing down to her feet, it had only been a short moment in time but the impact it had on him was profound.

Roy realised he’d become erect. He undid his jeans and his cock sprang out, jutting straight out from his body. He stared down at it guiltily, wishing he’d closed the door as soon as he’d seen Chloe was undressing. Roy chose to pretend he hadn’t seen anything, to continue on as if everything was the same. She was just a student and a member of his team and he was just her teacher and coach.

Nothing else needed to come of it, and nothing else could come of it. She wasn’t interested in him, and he couldn’t be interested in her. Even if she’d been interested nothing would have changed, Roy wasn’t willing to risk losing what he had with Helen and Kayla. Maybe that’s what love was, the ability to recognize beauty in others but having no wish to do anything with them lest you hurt the one (or in Roy’s case two) you care for.

Still erect but feeling less guilty Roy undressed and entered the shower, he’d shave later. Roy had hoped his hard-on would dissipate if he ignored it, but it remained. Roy resolved to do something he hadn’t done for over six months: he was going to masturbate. He grasped his shaft, working his fist up and down. He concentrated on the sensation, not on any image or fantasy. A topless Helen swam into his mind, Good, Roy thought.

Next Kayla, in his mind she was in the shower with him, bent over with her hands pressed against the wall. His fist moved more rapidly as he imagined penetrating her, driving deep up into her with a single thrust. She’d gasp, Kayla was a vocal lover, she always let him know when he’d done something she liked. He’d take her hard, fucking her senseless while her screams of ecstasy filled the bathroom. She’d look over her shoulder at him, her black hair forming to the shape of her scull at the water cascaded over them. Roy!, she’d cry, Mr. King!, she’d scream, Coach!, she’d wail. Suddenly the voice wasn’t hers, it was Chloe’s, coming through the other side of the door.

Roy let loose, his cock erupting violently. Cum splattered against the wall of the shower, thick streams of semen flowing from deep inside his balls as he drained them. Roy stood breathless for a moment, his violent orgasm subsiding, the load he’d unleashed clinging stickily to the wall in front of him.

There was another knock at the door, “Mr. King? Coach?” Chloe called through the door.

Roy finally recovered enough to speak, “Yes,” he called back.

“Ms. Hall’s at the door, she wants to talk to you,” she told him.

“Alright, just a second,” Roy said.

Roy hurriedly washed away the remnants of his orgasm from the wall, rinsed himself off and got out of the shower. A few moments later he was at the door, a towel wrapped around his waist, speaking to his boss/former lover.

“Hi Pam,” Roy said, holding up his towel.

He didn’t miss the quick sweep up and down torso Pam’s eyes did before looking back up at him.

“Hi, sorry I should’ve… Well anyway… We didn’t pick the restaurant we’re going to. The driver… I mean Tom… He suggested someone that looks… I mean some place that sounds good,” Pam was uncharacteristically flustered, and was blushing prettily.

Roy let her out of her misery, “Sounds good, I’ll just finish getting ready.”

“Yes… Good… See you later,” Pam said, hurrying off.

What the hell was that! Pam chastised herself, Get a hold of yourself!

Roy went back to the bathroom and finished his shower, then shaved and changed into his clothes for dinner. The place Tom had suggested was indeed very good, and dinner was a pleasant experience for everyone. When they got back to the hotel Roy sent the girls straight to their rooms with orders that none of them should be up past ten. Roy went to his room to find Helen sitting on Chloe’s bed with Chloe, each with text books spread out over their crossed legs.

“Shouldn’t you be in your room?” Roy asked, playing the commanding coach rather than the indulgent lover.

“Well, we just thought that we’d study together for a little while,” Chloe replied, stepping in.

Roy realised that she probably didn’t want to have to hang out with her middle-aged teacher all night.

“Alright, but Helen you need to be out of here by ten, okay?” Roy said, lying out on his bed.

“You got it, coach,” Helen replied.

Roy spent the rest of the evening grading the final assignments for his classes and trying to come up with a way to get some time alone with Helen. He watched her surreptitiously as she sat perched at the foot of Chloe’s bed, quizzing her on the material for their biology exam. Chloe was pretty much Helen’s intellectual equal, though whereas Chloe edged her out on the volleyball court, Helen edged her out academically. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants similar to those that she’d worn earlier today and a pink tank top. With her hair tied back in a ponytail and chewing thoughtfully on the back of her pen Helen was pretty much the definition of a sexy coed.

The clock reached the time Roy had specified and he sent Helen away, though he was half-hearted in his dismissal. He turned off his lamp and tried to fall asleep. Chloe stayed away for a while longer, silently reading from her textbook before she too turned off her lamp and tried to get to sleep. Roy had dozed off, dreamingly happily about Kayla and the shower, Helen had joined in now. Chloe was having trouble getting to sleep, she wasn’t used to wearing sweat pants in bed, usually it was just panties but she didn’t feel like that would be appropriate with Mr. King in the room.

She couldn’t get comfortable, she was too wound up by what had happened earlier that day. Ashley still wanted to hide how they felt about each other, and Chloe was beginning to get impatient. She wanted what Helen and Kayla had, and it was torture to see how happy they were in the open every day. The best she ever got were girl’s like Ashley who were too ashamed of how they felt to be open about it, but still wanted the physical release that she could provide. Ashley had approached her the weekend before Thanksgiving, coming to her house under the pretense of needing help with their Computer Science project.

Since then Ashley had approached her numerous times, the first time they’d kissed had been that day in November, and they’d gone way beyond that now. Chloe had been approached by a number of girls in a similar way; though usually the relationship lasted as long as it took for the girl to realise they weren’t really into it. She had been seeing Ashley fairly regularly for nearly two months. Today had been the riskiest thing they’d ever done, and Chloe was still smoldering from it. She listened for signs that Mr. King was still awake, his breathing was steady and deep. Chloe rolled over onto her side, peering at him in the darkness. His eyes appeared to be closed, but she wasn’t certain.

“Coach,” she said softly.

He didn’t respond, his chest rising and falling evenly.

Chloe rolled back over to her other side, her mind racing and her heart fluttering in her chest. What if he wakes up? She asked herself, but was already pulling her sweatpants down. Chloe laid them out on the chair beside her bed and retreated back beneath the covers. She rested her head on the pillow, feeling more comfortable. Chloe waited for sleep that refused to come. She was too wound up, and she needed a release of some sort. Her hands went to her groin, her legs parting slightly to allow her access to her pussy.

She bit her lower lip to keep silent as her fingers traced along the lips her pussy, her middle finger running along the crevice between her labia through her panties. Her thoughts turned to Ashley, imagining the beautiful dark haired girl between her legs, using her mouth to stimulate her clitoris while her fingers penetrated her opening. Chloe had to bite down on her knuckle to keep from crying out, frightened of waking Mr. King. Her hand went beneath her panties, her fingers working along the bare lips of her pussy as she got herself off. An involuntary groan escaped her, muffled by her hand.

Roy had started to drift out of his dream, and was brought out of it by that sound. At first he thought he’d imagined it, but then he heard a shuffling sound from Chloe’s direction. He tried to ignore it, knowing what she must be doing. His heart raced and his cock throbbed painfully beneath the covers. Not sure what to do, he lay there silently, waiting for her to finish.

Roy imagined he could hear her fingers make an almost audible squelch as they buried themselves into her cunt; this thought made his already hard cock twitch beneath the covers. Chloe realised with dread that Ashley wasn’t the dark haired girl she was fantasising about, it was her more petite cousin Kayla. Her fantasies always turned to one of her two female friends, and it always made her feel guilty. Tonight however she pushed past that, embracing the fantasy, imagining that somehow Helen would be okay with sharing Kayla, that there was no guilt only happiness and lust. Her dream-Kayla stared up at her, her mouth planted on Chloe’s clit. Chloe worked her hand along her clit furiously, imagining it was Kayla’s tongue. She was determined to cum quickly and try to fall asleep. Her orgasm came on in a rush, and she fought with every fibre of her being not to cry out.

Roy saw Chloe’s body stiffen, her hips gyrating uncontrollably as she writhed on the bed. A fait whining moan escaped her and he heard her let go of the breath she’d been holding. Her hunger sated Chloe felt sleep overcoming her. Roy saw her body relax and her breathing become even. As soon he was sure that she’d fallen asleep, Roy got out of bed and went to the washroom. He realised he’d been holding his own breath, it came out in a rush, and his heart hammered in his chest. Roy was panicking, how was he supposed to act? Obviously he should pretend he hadn’t seen or heard anything, but how could he talk to Chloe in the same way after seeing something such a private part of her? He needed Helen, he needed Kayla. He needed to talk to someone.

Roy crept back to his bed and grabbed his phone before retreating once more to the bathroom. He went to Helen’s number and sent a short text message, not caring how risky his actions were.

R: You awake?

There was a brief delay, and then Helen’s reply came.

H: Yeah, can’t sleep?

R: I saw something I shouldn’t have

H: What happened?

R: Can you get away?

H: One sec

Again a moment’s pause.

H: I’m in the hallway.

R: Be right there.

Roy left the bathroom, and nearly forgot his key to the room before he left. That wouldn’t have been good. The hallway was silent, his footsteps absorbed by the carpet beneath his bare feet. He crept down the hallway, past the ice machine and nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Helen.

“What happened?” Helen asked.

She was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms, a tank top and a pair of outrageously fluffy slippers. The way she looked at him was strange, but Roy was too worried about what had just happened to him to question it.

“I… Well I was asleep, but then… I heard a noise. At first I just thought it was a part of this dream I was having, but then I realised it was Chloe,” Roy said.

Helen crossed her arms dangerously, “You dreamt about Chloe?”

“No… Not like that,” Roy said, backpedalling.

“Then what?”

“I caught her… masturbating,” Roy barely said the word.

Roy didn’t get the reaction he’d expected, Helen bit her lower lip fighting in vain not to laugh at his predicament. Shaking her head as the usual fondness with which she looked at him returned to her face.

“What did you do?” she asked, giggling.

“Helen this is serious, what am I supposed to do?” Roy asked, his anxiety apparent.

Helen adopted her best ‘serious’ face, “Yes, of course. Poor Roy, sharing a room with a horny lesbian teenager, what is he going to do?”

Helen just then noticed the rather pronounced tent in Roy’s sweatpants.

“Wait, is that why you got me out of bed?” she asked, pointing at his groin.

“Well, sort of,” Roy said, he was hoping they might find a quiet place to sneak in a quicky.

Helen cocked an eyebrow, “Is that what I am to you? Someone you can just summon to tend to your every whim?”

What’s with her? Roy thought to himself, Helen rarely got legitimately upset with him. Maybe something else was bothering her.

“What? No! No, of course not! I just… Well I thought you’d…”

“I’m not always horny Roy, I got out of bed because I thought something bad had happened,” she said.

She turned to walk away.

“Helen, where are you going?” Roy hissed, trying to keep the conversation quiet.

“Go back to bed Roy, we’ve got a game tomorrow remember?” she said teasingly.

“But what about…”

“Take care of it yourself,” Helen suggested.

“I already did that,” Roy said.

Helen turned, a confused look on her face, “What are you talking about? Look at that thing,” she said, pointing at the tent in his pants.

“Not this one, the one from when I caught her…” Roy stopped talking, trying to save himself from making a mistake.

“From when you caught her what?” Helen said, dangerously.

Now she was getting quite upset. It seemed strange that she would get jealous from Roy being attracted to another woman when he regularly had sex with her girlfriend. Though that had been sanctioned by her, in fact she had initiated it.

Roy adopted a consoling tone, “Listen, it didn’t mean anything. I just saw her changing for a second, I closed the door right away,” he said.

“And then jerked off immediately afterward?”

“Yes, but thinking about Kayla, not her, never her,” Roy assured Helen.

Helen rolled her eyes, “Goodnight Roy.”

“Helen, please, I won’t be able to sleep,” Roy said desperately.

Helen stopped.

“Alright, but I want something,” she said.

“Anything,” Roy said, ready to do anything.

“When we get back home you have to take me and Kayla on a proper date,” Helen said.

Roy’s heart sank, “Helen, we can’t do that. I’d like to but if someone saw us…”

“We’ll go out of town,” she said.

“It’s still risky,” Roy said.

Helen stared at him.

Roy sighed, “Alright.”

Helen smiled, hopped towards him and hugged him, “It’ll be fun, don’t worry.”

That wasn’t what he was worried about.

Helen beckoned Roy to follow her, and he was powerless to resist. Her mood had changed almost immediately. Women, Roy thought to himself as she led him down the hallway to the stairs, and then down a number of flights before reaching the basement. From there she led him deeper into the bowels of the hotel until they came across a closet containing extra linins and towels. Helen pulled him inside with her and shut the door. There wasn’t enough room in the tiny space for them to stand without pressing against one another.

“Private enough?” she asked.

“How’d you find this place?” he asked.

“Went exploring as soon as we got here,” Helen said offhandedly.

Roy got the impression she’d known that something like this was going to happen, or had been hoping.

His erection jutted out from his body lewdly, jabbing Helen in the stomach. Helen wrapped her arms around Roy, standing on her tippy toes to kiss him. Roy’s hand went between them, sliding along her flat stomach, and the waistband of her pajama bottoms. Helen groaned into his mouth at the contact, forcing her hips forward against him. Roy’s other hand yanked frantically at her pants, trying to get them off of her. Helen reached down to help him, and with some wiggling managed to get them down to her knees. She spread her legs wider for him, giving his hand at her pussy more room to roam.

Helen kicked off one of her slippers, letting her free one leg from its entanglement with her pajamas. Her leg wrapped around him, pushing his hand even more firmly against her pussy, crying out into his mouth when two of his fingers slipped up into her. Helen reached between them and massaged the bulge created by his erection, squeezing his shaft through his sweatpants. Roy impatiently hauled them down his legs, and pinned Helen against the back wall of the closet. He lifted her leg, effectively folding her in half as he kissed her. His fingers worked her pussy rapidly, nearly bringing Helen to an orgasm before they retreated, only to be replaced by his cock.

“Oh God, yes!” Helen gasped.

With one powerful motion Roy drove his entire length up into Helen’s tight cunt. The suddenness and the ferocity of the act sent Helen to the edge. Roy withdrew, feeling her pussy fight against the movement, greedily attempting to keep his cock buried inside of her. He lurched his hips upward, his shaft burrowing once more into her tight channel.

Helen had been riding a precipice and finally toppled, her orgasm crashing over her in a violent series of spasms and guttural moans. Her body quivered against his, convulsions went through her pussy, flexing around his rod while she came. Helen’s chest heaved against his as she recovered from her climax, her rock hard nipples burrowing into his chest. Her body relaxed enough that Roy was comfortable to resume thrusting into her.

He gripped her ass tightly and lunged forward, his cock sliding easily up into her soaked cunt. Helen began to breathe words of encouragement into his ear, telling him how hot he made her, how good he felt up inside her, how much she wanted his cum. Her urging spurred him on, his balls growing tight as he felt them ready to fire at any second.

“Do it Roy, cum for me,” Helen moaned.

After a couple more thrusts he did. Roy’s hips pinned Helen tightly against the wall, the foot supporting her going on tip toes as he ground himself against her pubic bone. Her calf flexed as tight as Roy’s ass as he began to unleash a deluge of semen into her womb. Spurt after spurt came forth, splattering her insides with thick cum.

“Oh God, Helen,” Roy shuddered.

His orgasm continued, his cock flexing inside of her tightly stretched channel as he pumped his seed deep into her. Finally he came down, and the stream of semen slowed to a stop. The two breathed heavily against each other. Roy let Helen’s leg go, and he stepped back, pulling his sweatpants back over himself.

“You’re incredible,” he told Helen.

Helen smiled at him, “Remember our deal?”

Roy frowned, “Can’t you ask for something else?”


Worth a shot, Roy thought to himself.

***A crunch of snow and youthful laughter announced the arrival of the girls, and Roy opened the door before they’d even knocked. The two had become masters at evading their parents, though the task was fairly simple with Helen’s mother out of the house most of the time. The only risk was that Alison would come home unexpectedly during the weekend and wonder where her daughter was, fortunately she’d just call Helen on her cell phone and from there she’d be able to come up with some sort of cover story.

The girls each had a duffle bag slung over their shoulder, their bulkiness suggesting fun in Roy’s future. The two removed their jackets and pulled off their winter boots, snow from the blizzard outside blanketing the mat in the entranceway.

“Hello Roy,” Kayla said brightly, kissing Roy on his right cheek.

“Hello,” he said as Helen kissed left.

Helen was being quiet, and Roy got the sense she was nervous about something. Roy guessed that whatever it was had something to do with those duffle bags and Kayla’s chipper mood. They’re up to something, he told himself. He watched Kayla pirouette into his living room, signalling Helen to join her.

The two of them went to his collection of CD’s, and selected one to play. Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean came on, and Kayla automatically started dancing. She did a perfect spin, encouraging Helen to join her. It must have been a mix disc Lorie had made at some point that had gotten swept up with his stuff, Roy generally stuck to rock music.

Kayla was clearly the superior dancer, but the two were laughing so much dancing to the ‘retro’ music that ability didn’t matter much. Pump up the Jam by Technotronic came on next, causing Helen and Kayla to laugh and watch as Roy decided to join in. To put it mildly, Roy and Helen weren’t good dancers, but Kayla more than made up for them. Helen and Roy stood together, making silly faces and flailing her arms around.

Kayla must have learned the moves somewhere, and literally danced circles around them, somehow making the silly looking steps work. Roy went to change the CD, putting one of his discs in the tray. The break gave Kayla the opportunity to go get a chair from the kitchen, for reasons Roy could only guess.

When Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me came on, Roy knew he was in for a treat.

Kayla had Helen and Roy sit on the couch. Her hips began to sway slowly, moving in time to the music. She leaned forward, grasping the arms of the chair in front of her, her perfectly formed ass inches away from Roy’s face. It swayed side to side, Roy’s eyes locked on her butt, tightly wrapped in her skin-tight blue jeans. She turned, facing them and unzipping her hoody which she tossed to Helen with a grin so sexy Roy forgot how to breathe for a moment. She leaned back, supporting her weight on the chair as she gyrated her hips sexily up and down. Her t-shirt rode up enough that the lower part of her abdomen came into view, her muscles flexing sexily as she writhed in front of the two of them.

Helen could feel herself growing warm from watching Kayla dance for them, a familiar tingling starting between her thighs. This hadn’t been a part of their original plan for the evening, but sitting there now Helen felt like it should have been. Kayla moved effortlessly, every movement made sexual and filled with longing, the control she displayed of her body was incredible. Her balance, her flexibility, her strength, all of it culminated in one of the most incredibly erotic sights that Roy had ever seen. Kayla spun the chair around and pushed it away, and flowed into a movement that brought her hands to the hem of her shirt.

Helen gave a sexy little moan as Kayla pulled her shirt over her head, and squeezed Roy’s thigh tightly when Kayla reached to undo her pants. Kayla was wearing a lacy black bra, not really lingerie but on her it was incredibly sexy. Roy groaned softly in disappointment when Kayla changed her mind about her pants, his displeasure evaporated when she sashayed towards them. There was a wild glint in her eyes, as if she couldn’t really believe what she was doing. It was empowering to feel these two gaze at her, wanting her desperately, their lust for her clear on their faces.

The music switched to another song, but Roy was too caught up in Kayla’s dance to really notice. She finally reached them, and wasted no time in straddling Roy’s lap. Her hands went to the back of the couch behind him, her perky breasts filling his vision, restrained by her bra. She spun in his lap, and stood in front of him, swaying her hips as she’d done before. Once again she leaned forward, her ass coming a hair’s breadth away from his face, and Roy reached up to pull away her jeans. Kayla smacked his hand and waved her finger in a scolding manner.

“Not yet,” she said.

She turned and faced Helen, giving her the same treatment she’d given Roy. Helen didn’t make the same mistake Roy had and Kayla took it as step further with Helen. She straddled her hips, and pulled Helen’s hands up, pinning them against the wall. Her lips went down and made contact with her girlfriends. Helen groaned pleasurably, and Roy nearly came in his pants as Kayla used one hand to secure Helen’s hands and the other to grope the growing erection in his jeans. Kayla seemed to forget the music now, and her lips went to Helen’s neck, keeping her hands pinned on the wall behind the couch.

Kayla’s clever hand found Roy’s zipper and she managed to undo his fly without looking. Helen was going wild under Kayla, writhing beneath her, trying to force their bodies together. Kayla’s roaming hand eventually found Roy’s semi-erect cock, she drew it out into the open and began to massage it to life. Helen managed to wiggle out of Kayla’s grasp and she pulled the dark haired girls mouth back to hers, the two resuming their kiss. The music continued to play in the background as things grew more heated. Kayla pulled Helen’s shirt over her head, and began to traverse down the luscious curves of her body.

Roy sat back and watched as Kayla undid the fly of Helen’s jeans and pulled them down her legs and left a trail of wet kisses along her taut stomach. His cock stood rigid, jutting out from the fold of his boxer shorts. Kayla’s tongue trailed up along Helen’s labia, causing her to squirm pleasurably on the sofa. Roy rose from the couch and got in behind Kayla, she hummed happily when she felt his hands reach around her from behind and undo her pants. He pulled them down along with her panties, exposing her sex to him.

Roy reached down and worked his fingers along her slit, causing Kayla to moan appreciatively. The vibration caused by Kayla’s moan caused Helen’s writhing to become more intense, her legs wrapped around Kayla’s shoulders flexed tightly. Finding Kayla ready, Roy positioned himself behind her and pressed the head of his cock against her entrance. Kayla cried out as Roy penetrated her, her voice muffled against Helen’s pussy. Despite being with her for a number of months, Roy had to be careful to treat Kayla gently until her body became accustomed to having him inside of her.

Never in the doldrums of his former marriage would Roy have imagined he’d be a part of something like this, something so entirely perfect, so utterly and completely exquisite. It wasn’t just that these young women were incredibly gorgeous; it was that the three of them loved one another. Their relationship went beyond sex; there was an emotional bond to one another that made everything they did beautiful.

Helen’s head lolled back against the headrest, her fingers tangling in Kayla’s lustrous black hair. Roy was behind the kneeling Kayla, whose tongue worked feverishly to bring Helen to climax. He withdrew his shaft and drove it back up into Kayla’s channel, her pussy gripping his cock tightly as he began to slowly fuck her. Roy took her slowly, driving into her with measured strength.

Kayla showed no restraint with her cunnilingus and Helen hit her first orgasm, her legs wrapping tightly around Kayla’s head as she came violently on top of the couch. Her stomach flexed and relaxed as her chest heaved, her face and neck growing flush in arousal as her climax washed over her, casting her in a euphoric glow. Roy buried his shaft inside of Kayla and held it there, waiting until her breathing wasn’t being restricted by Helen before he continued. Helen’s legs relaxed and Kayla surfaced, her face coated in Helen’s juices and a broad grin on her face.

“I want to do it now,” Kayla said, looking up at Helen with lust filled eyes.

Helen looked nervous, “Are you sure?”

Kayla nodded.

Roy looked at the two of them confused, his erection throbbing impatiently inside of Kayla.

Helen eyes turned to Roy, “You go upstairs. We’ll meet up with you in a bit.”

“But…” Roy began.

“Don’t argue,” Helen said.

Roy rolled his eyes and withdrew from Kayla. He wasn’t used to having to wait. Usually the girls were just as wound up as he was by the end of the week and were more than ready to jump his bones the second they came through the door. But he wasn’t stupid enough to argue with them, so he did as Helen said and went up to his bedroom.

“Are you sure?” Roy called from the top of the stairs.

Helen was rummaging through her duffle bag, “Yes!” she shouted back.

Roy went grumbling to his room, falling back into his bed. What are they up to? He strained his hearing, and could hear muffled voices. His eyes widened when he heard a familiar cry. That was Kayla, he was sure of it. He heard more talking, unable to make out the words. Helen seemed to be saying words of encouragement. What the hell? Roy wondered, his unsatisfied erection stood proudly towards the ceiling, able to hear his heart beat as he hardly breathed, trying to make out what was going on below him.

“Does that feel alright?” Helen asked, staring at Kayla’s prone form.

Kayla panted, “Yes.”

Helen pushed another inch of the dildo into Kayla’s rectum, watching in awe as it stretched her sphincter. They’d been experimenting with toys in this way since Christmas when the idea had first formed in Kayla’s mind. Helen had yet to try it, but Kayla insisted it felt amazing. For her birthday, she wanted Roy to take her anal virginity, but not before Helen carefully prepped her. She’d applied copious amounts of lube to her fingers, slowly working it into her before they’d even tried the dildo. They’d learned from experience that taking it slow was the key to success in this.

“Roy’s bigger than this, are you sure…”

“Yes,” Kayla gasped, spreading her ass cheeks wide as her girlfriend pushed more of the dildo into her.

“It might hurt,” Helen said.

“I want it,” Kayla replied.

Helen pushed the rest of the toy in, nearly causing Kayla to cum right then. The two had stripped down completely, their naked bodies illuminated by the lamp on the end table. Kayla’s anus glistened from the lube, the purple toy stretching her impossibly tight rectum. Just imagining Roy’s cock inside of her like this was nearly enough to make her cum. Helen held the dildo inside of her before pulling part of it out. Kayla cried out when her girlfriend buried the toy inside of her once more.

“It’s okay, just relax,” Helen said.

“I’m fine,” Kayla insisted, her brow brimmed with sweat even though it was cool in the living room.

The thought that Roy was upstairs, waiting for her, waiting to fuck her ass while the taste of Helen’s pussy was still fresh in her mouth, was incredible. Imagining that it was his cock, not the lifeless plastic entering her made her shudder with excitement. Helen was insistent but gentle in her motions, not wanting to hurt Kayla. Before long Kayla couldn’t wait any longer, she needed to have Roy inside of her.

“I’m ready,” Kayla said.

Helen looked nervous, “Are you sure?”

Kayla nodded.

Helen withdrew the dildo, the lube covered toy exited Kayla’s sphincter and was set aside. Kayla exhaled unevenly, her heart racing. Both girls were entirely naked now, and Helen grabbed her duffle bag, fishing inside for a box of condoms. It had been strange buying them, everyone in town believed them to be lesbians so they’d had to go a few towns over lest awkward questions were asked. They left the living room, Kayla in the lead.

Roy’s cock had begun to deflate, and was starting to get a little bored waiting. He stared up at the ceiling. The girls had become quiet a few moments earlier, Kayla’s moans and Helen’s gentle assurances no longer drifting teasingly up the stairs. He heard the creek of the stairs and his heart began to beat fast in his chest. Roy wasn’t sure why he was so excited, he’d been with both of them before, but something about today felt different. Kayla had a skittishness and excitement about her that he’d only seen once previously: the day they’d first made love.

Helen entered the room alone and she moved furtively to the bed, climbing in beside him. Without speaking she began to kiss him, seemingly searching for reassurance. His body responded to her familiar touch almost immediately, his flagging erection beginning to grow stiff once more. They kissed for a few moments, Helen seeming to be searching for something in Roy. It took a while for him to realise she was holding something, and a little longer for him to realise that the square packet was a condom.

“What’s that for?” Roy asked, he’d never worn one with them before, he couldn’t get them pregnant and none of them had any STD’s.

Helen bit her lip nervously, a charmingly sexy yet vulnerable expression.

“Kayla wants to do something with you, something different from what we usually do,” she explained.

Roy looked down at the little packet, its significance finally registering. Naturally he knew about Kayla’s enjoyment of having her ass fondled, spanked, even toyed with, but this was a big step. He’d only had anal sex with his ex-wife Lorie, and it hadn’t been a particularly enjoyable experience for either of them; more of a last ditch effort to re-ignite their extinguished sex life.

“Where is she?” Roy asked.

“Out in the hall, I wanted to lay out a few ground rules,” Helen told him.

Roy nodded, signalling her to continue.

“First, if it hurts her you stop. I don’t care if she says she wants you to keep going, you stop and we’ll try again later,” she said.

It was clear Helen didn’t like this idea, and that she was only going along with it because she cared about Kayla so much and wanted to make her happy.

Roy nodded his agreement.

“Second, you wear the condom. She’ll probably want you to take it off, but it stays on until I take it off,” she said.

Roy understood why. The condom would do two things, first the extra lubrication would make the entire process easier, and second it would make cleanup afterwards less messy. Though Helen was probably thinking more about the first part rather than the second.

“Okay,” Roy said, brushing her hair aside affectionately.

Helen smiled for the first time since she’d entered the room, finding comfort in his caress. She made her way down to his cock, taking it into her mouth to help it return to a full erection. Then she tore the packet open and sheathed his cock in latex. Roy hadn’t worn a condom in years, not since his vasectomy. He didn’t find it particularly annoying, just a little unusual. Helen worked her fist up and down, making sure it was on right and then left the bed, coming around to the side she leaned down to kiss him.

“I’m going to leave you two to it, I think it’ll be easier for her if it’s just you and her,” Helen said.

Roy saw that it hurt her somewhat little to do this, to be excluded from something. However, she was right. It was inevitable that Kayla would experience some pain doing this, and if Helen were in the room she’d make them stop before they’d even had an opportunity to give it a real try. She cared about her too much to see her in pain, even if it ultimately led to her feeling pleasure. Roy knew it made Helen uneasy when he spanked Kayla, even relatively gently, and had mostly avoided doing it while she was around. Seeing her girlfriend taking a cock up the rectum for the first time was sure to be too much for Helen.

Helen left the room, the entire exchange lasting only a few minutes. Roy saw them share a few hushed words at the doorway, and they kissed lovingly before Kayla approached Roy on the bed. His cock was throbbing, the prospect of taking Kayla’s anal virginity was almost overwhelming. Overall Kayla was gorgeous, but her best feature was undoubtedly her perfectly formed posterior. Kayla got into bed with Roy, crawling on top of him, laying her body over his. Her small breasts pressed into his chest, her grey eyes staring down into his, smouldering.

“Hi,” she said softly, grinning.

“Hello,” Roy replied.

The two kissed, Kayla’s body pressing into his, her tongue dancing sensually around his. Kissing Kayla was different than Helen. Helen was softer, more compliant, cooperative and welcoming. Kayla was aggressive, always trying to dominate, wild and untamed. Both were incredible, especially now that Roy had grown comfortable with the differences between the two.

Kayla pulled away, “Helen told you what I want for my birthday?”

Roy laughed, “She didn’t come right out and say it, but I figured it out.”

“How do we start?” she asked, letting him take the lead.

“Roll over,” he said.

Kayla did as he said, and Roy got in behind her, elevating her rear end with a pillow. Roy stared down at Kayla’s bum; it was in Roy’s estimation the epitome of a sexy ass. It was small, round, and incredibly tight. The cleft between her cheeks was an incredibly sexy cleavage of ass-flesh, inviting and sensual. Just above it were two delightful little dimples on either side of her lower spine. Kayla shifted under him, her buns flexing ever so slightly. It was an invitation if ever he’d seen one.

Roy reached down and gripped either cheek in his large hands, squeezing her firm flesh tightly, causing it to dimple where his fingertips pressed. Kayla moaned softly as he began to massage her ass, relaxing under his touch. Roy wanted to make sure she was completely at ease before they tried anything. He pulled her fleshy cheeks apart, and judging by the glistening of her little rosebud anus Roy knew what Helen and Kayla had been up to downstairs. This knowledge made him accelerate the process.

With a slightly trembling hand Roy gripped his pulsating shaft and pressed his latex covered cockhead against her rosebud. Kayla gripped the sheets in front of her tightly, bracing herself for his penetration. It was never going to work with her tensed up like she was, so Roy decided to play a little trick on her.


“Yes?” she asked, her voice thick with lust.

“Last semester in my office you told me about a Japanese TV show, do you remember what it was called?” he asked.

Kayla blinked in confusion, “Do you mean ‘Fu-’ –uucck!”

Roy pushed forward, and watched as the tip of his cock entered her, sliding inside an inch before she tightened up again. Kayla lay panting, her mouth agape, her hands balled up tightly in the sheets. Roy stroked her hair soothingly, and began gently massaging her back as she became used to the intrusion. To say she was tight was an understatement. Her ring clung to his cock in a vice-like grip, not letting him pull out but not letting him push forward either. Roy stayed like this for a few long moments, crouched behind her, the head of his cock inside the best ass he’d ever seen.

“Relax Kayla,” he said soothingly.

She took a ragged breath, and Roy felt her loosen up slightly. Taking the opportunity he pushed forward, firmly enough to penetrate but not so hard that he’d hurt her. The lube helped make the passage easier, and the condom helped further. Still Kayla cried out sharply, equal measures pain and pleasure. Roy stopped moving immediately.

“Just shove it in,” Kayla said desperately, pushing herself back against Roy.

A few more inches of his shaft burrowed inside of her before he pushed her back down against the bed with the hand not holding her cheeks apart.

“Relax, we have lots of time,” Roy told her firmly.

His heart was racing, he was nearly half way inside of her. Roy could feel her pulse through the walls of her channel, out of synch with the hammering of his own heart. They stayed like this for a long time, long enough for Kayla to relax her inner muscles without even realising it. In a surprise attack, Roy lunged forward, burying more of his shaft inside of her.

“Ahhh!” Kayla cried out, this time all pleasure.

“Almost there, only a few more inches left,” Roy told her.

Kayla breathed heavily under him, sweat beading on her forehead, her eyes glazed and clouded with lust. Having him inside of her was incredible, his pulsating shaft rammed up inside her ass. She could feel every vein and ridge, even through the condom she could feel the virile energy that coursed through Roy. She wanted to feel him cum, to feel his seed pour out from him and plant itself deep inside her bowels. Roy had relaxed his hold of her, and in a sudden motion she thrust herself back against him, burying the last of his cock inside of her.

Kayla gave a cry so full of lust that Roy doubted he’d ever heard something more depraved, it was animalistic and carnal, deep and yet somehow incredibly arousing and perfectly feminine. Roy felt her channel somehow become tighter, and she began to writhe beneath him. Her orgasm hit her hard, her body spasmed against his, her cry going on and on until she ran out of breath. Her grey eyes became unfocused, and her vision blurred. A moment later Kayla awoke, realising she’d passed out.

“Oh my God,” Kayla said, elation rushing though her, her heart fluttering in her chest.

It was all Roy could do not to cum right then and there.

“That’s all of it right?” Kayla asked nervously, she didn’t think she could take any more, there was absolutely no room left.

“I… yes, it’s all in,” Roy said, staring down at the vision in front of him, his brain barely able to accept what his eyes were telling it.

Her firm buns were spread, her tight sphincter wrapped tightly around the object intruding into her bowels, lube glistening along the cleft between her ass cheeks. Roy didn’t know if he should move or not, it seemed impossible that they’d managed to get his cock inside of her, let alone actually fuck her in this way. Kayla took deep calming breaths, and let them out slowly. Roy massaged her ass gently, squeezing and spreading her buns while his cock was buried entirely up inside of her.

He felt her muscles relax around him, and he decided to take the opportunity. Going very slowly, he withdrew his shaft partially and re-entered her. Kayla groaned pleasurably, encouraging Roy to increase the pace. He thrust into her, his balls colliding with her ass as he bottomed out inside of her. Without Helen using the toy on her earlier, Kayla didn’t know how Roy’s cock would have ever gotten inside of her. Her body was growing accustomed to having him inside of her, and Roy was actually able to build a rhythm. Half of his cock left her, and was shoved back in. The tightness was incredible, unlike anything Roy had ever experienced before.

For Kayla it was the ultimate fantasy fulfilled, she’d now given Roy everything she had, offered herself to him in every way and was reveling in the feeling of completeness she felt. It felt good having him take her like this, with her on her stomach fully exposed and completely vulnerable. She trusted him so completely, loved him desperately, and he had never failed her. Now she wanted the last part of her fantasy fulfilled.

“Take off the condom,” Kayla gasped.

Roy stopped moving, “No.”

Kayla looked over her shoulder, imploring him with her eyes.

Roy faltered, but then remembered Helen’s rules.

“No,” he said again.

“Why not?” Kayla asked.

“Helen said not to,” Roy said.

Kayla frowned, “Take it out.”

“What?” Roy asked, he was incredibly close to climax, his chest was heaving, his face flushed and covered in sweat.

“Pull out,” she demanded impatiently.

“Right now?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes, now Roy.”

Roy did as he said, not understanding what was happening. His cock came out, and Roy watched as her stretched sphincter re-closed. It was one of the most incredible sights he’d ever seen, but Kayla rolled out from under him before he could really enjoy it. Before Roy could say another word, Kayla was at his bedroom door. She left through it, leaving him with a raging erection and a bad case of blue balls.

Kayla found Helen sitting less than a foot from the bedroom door.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kayla asked sharply.

Helen looked up at her, “What are you talking about?”

“Why did you tell Roy to keep the condom on?”

“Because it’ll hurt you without it,” Helen said.

Kayla glared at Helen, “I don’t tell you what you can and can’t do with Roy, you have no right setting ‘rules’ for stuff that’s just between him and me.”

“But, I was just looking out for you,” Helen replied defensively.

“No, you were meddling. You don’t like it that I’m doing something with Roy that you aren’t ready for. You’re getting competitive about this,” Kayla said.

Helen bristled, “You’re the one taking it up the ass so he’ll like you more than me.”

She regretted the remark the second she saw the look on Kayla’s face.

“You know that isn’t true. Don’t try and make me out as somebody who’s desperate, you know he loves both of us equally,” Kayla said.

Helen nodded guiltily, ashamed of herself for even suggesting otherwise.

“Listen, it’s okay that you aren’t ready for this yet. Maybe you never will be, but you don’t have to worry that Roy will stop loving you because of it. He’s totally crazy about you, you have nothing to be concerned about,” Kayla said, her tone softening.

“I’m sorry,” Helen said.

Kayla knelt down and hugged Helen.

“I keep doing stupid things,” Helen said, thinking of Chloe a few months earlier.

Kayla laughed, “I’ve been messing up since elementary school; I guess it’s your turn for a change.”

“I’m sorry,” Helen said again.

The two kissed gently.

Kayla smiled at Helen, “Now, go tell Roy to take the condom off and finish off what we started before he has a stroke. You should have seen his face when I told him to pull out.”

Helen laughed.

Roy laid back on his bed, able to hear snippets of the conversation. The door opened again and the two entered, Helen walking sheepishly behind Kayla.

“Helen says you can take the condom off,” Kayla told him.

“Are you sure?” Roy asked, looking to Helen for confirmation.

Helen nodded.

Roy ripped off the latex sheath and let Kayla return to her former position. Helen looked unsure of what she should be doing. She turned to leave but Kayla stopped her.

“Could you stay?” Kayla asked.

Helen looked happy to be included, and hopped into the bed beside Kayla. She watched wide-eyed as Roy pushed his way back into Kayla’s freshly stretched asshole. The process was much easier this time, and he made it inside with significantly less difficulty than the time before. Kayla was now very well lubricated, making it far easier for Roy to establish a steady, albeit slow, rhythm. Having Helen there felt natural, like everything was as it should be. She didn’t have much to do except watch, but that was fine for now.

Roy drove into Kayla, teetering on the verge of climax like a poorly stacked domino. It was going to be a big load, he’d been forced to stop twice today after coming close to the edge and had a week’s worth of cum stored up. Roy didn’t last long this time, though it was enough to get Kayla close to another orgasm of her own. Helen moved in behind Roy, reaching between his legs to his dangling balls. Roy moaned at the sudden contact, and finally went off.

Kayla gritted her teeth and she felt Roy’s cock swell inside of her, his naked cock about to erupt deep inside her ass. She felt the first shot, then a second pulse sending another shortly after it. Roy growled deeply as he came, thrusting raggedly into her ass. His cum flowed freely into her rectum as he emptied his balls into her bowls. Kayla came around his cock, her ass flexing tightly around his shaft as he sprayed her insides with his seed. Helen’s hand massaged Roy’s balls, encouraging him to spew every last drop of cum he had into her girlfriend’s ass.

Roy’s climax outlasted Kayla’s, despite beginning before hers. His cock continued to pulse inside of her long after he’d run out of cum until finally he slumped over top of her, utterly spent. Helen looked at the two of them. Roy’s cock was still lodged inside of Kayla’s rectum, cum oozing out from her tightly stretched sphincter as his erection began to subside. He eventually rolled away from Kayla, sprawling out on his back utterly spent.

Kayla lay on the bed exhausted, her ass still raised in the air by the pillow. Helen drew herself up alongside Kayla, brushing her hair aside and kissing her neck softly.

“How was it?” Helen asked.

“I’ve never been so happy,” Kayla replied.

Finally, after months of waiting, after all the preparation, all the fantasizing, it had finally happened. Kayla kissed Helen and the two made out happily while Roy rested, reeling from the orgasm he’d just experienced. Helen helped Kayla out of bed, and they went to the shower. They returned, all cleaned and ready for another round. Roy was still in need of recuperation so the girls took it upon themselves to sate their hunger.

Kayla got on top of Helen, pressing her lips against her neck, inhaling her sweet scent as she kissed her warm flesh. Helen gasped, and Kayla kissed lower along her clavicle. Her mouth came around, pressing against the hollow of Helen’s neck before continuing downward. Kayla smiled up at Helen as she went, her eyes were burning with happiness, her smile one of pure joy. Her hands went to Helen’s breasts, taking one in either hand. Helen moaned when Kayla took the stiff nipple of her right breast into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the hardening bud.

Her mouth went to the other breast, suckling at Helen’s teat while her left hand massaged her right tit. Kayla kissed between the two heaving mounds of flesh before continuing her journey downward. Her body slid along Helen’s, their soft skin sliding against each other smoothly as Kayla fluttered kisses along Helen’s twitching abdomen playfully. A smile formed on her lips as she reached her girlfriends pubic mound, kissing her inner thighs and the outer lips of her pussy.

Helen cried out when Kayla buried her face against her crotch, her tongue plunging up into her. Kayla massaged both of Helen’s breasts simultaneously as she began to eat her out ravenously. She really was on fire today, the dancing, the anal, and now this. Helen had difficulty imagining a girl more exciting than Kayla. She cried out loudly, her hands going to be back of Kayla’s head as she brought her devilish tongue to Helen’s clit, swirling it around the engorged bud while she rolled Helen’s nipples between her fingers.

Roy heard the girls but was too busy staring up at the ceiling happily to move, basking in the feeling of contentment Kayla had brought him. Helen cried out, and he felt her hand grip his arm tightly as she began to thrash on the bed, Kayla’s head still buried up between her legs. Suddenly Roy came back to Earth, just in time to watch as Helen’s back arched, her chest thrusting upward and a moan of pleasure escaping from her agape mouth. Her stomach twisted and torqued, and Kayla valiantly attempted to keep Helen from suffocating her as her orgasm worked its way through her curvaceous body.

Kayla came up gasping for air, her mouth and chin glistening with Helen’s juices and her saliva. Roy started to sit up but Kayla pounced on him, shoving him back down on the bed. She planted her lips on his, their tongues swirled together and the familiar flavor of Helen’s pussy entered Roy’s mouth. They kissed hungrily, Kayla full of gratitude for the gift Roy had given her, Roy full of happiness for having these young women in his life. Helen began to come down from her climax and saw what Kayla and Roy were up to, and joined in.

They shared a three-way kiss, Helen’s mouth going to Roy’s neck while the two continued to make out. They switched positions, Kayla’s lips going to Roy’s throat while Helen took over kissing him. They did this for a long time, enjoying the press of their bodies against one another, tasting one another’s mouths as they kissed. Helen and Kayla lips came together finally, and the two withdrew, Helen clambering over Roy and on top of Kayla.

“Go get cleaned up,” Helen told Roy before turning her attention back to her girlfriend.

Roy got up and did as she said, leaving Helen to keep Kayla purring while he was gone. He turned on the shower, and hopped in. He soaped up quickly and rinsed himself off, paying particular attention to his cock which had been rammed up Kayla’s colon not so long ago. Roy decided to give himself a little extra time to recover and re-shaved before returning to the bedroom.

Helen now had her head between Kayla’s legs and the little dancer looked to be close to yet another climax. Her legs wrapped around Helen’s shoulders, pulling her girlfriend’s mouth more firmly to her mound. Roy approached Helen from behind, Kayla smiled at him as she saw him approach. He joined her on the bed and brought his lips to her. He swallowed her moans as Helen ate her out, her right hand gripped the back of Roy’s head tightly, the left’s fingers raked through Helen’s thick hair.

Roy’s right hand went to Kayla’s left breast, squeezing and fondling the round tit while he kissed her. He toyed with her erect nipple, causing her moans become more and more frantic. Kayla’s mouth left his as her orgasm rippled through her, her moan cast out into the room unrestrained. Her body shook and trembled, her legs flexing around Helen’s shoulders as ecstasy washed over her.

Kayla’s limbs relaxed and Helen came back up, kissing Kayla’s stomach and each breast as she drew herself back up on top of her. She pulled Roy into a kiss, pressing on his shoulder gently to have him roll over onto his back. Helen straddled his body and kissed him savagely, her need apparent. She’d had Kayla but now she needed Roy. They took their time, there was no hurry. They kissed playfully, their hands ran along one another familiarly, and they whispered little comments to each other.

Helen inhaled deeply, “You smell nice.”

“You do too,” Roy said.

Helen giggled, “We used your body wash.”

“Not so bad is it?” he said laughing softly.

She smiled, “I guess not.”

Helen’s eyes widened and she squealed happily as Roy rolled them over. The motion brought them right next to the partially snoozing Kayla. Roy was between Helen’s legs, his chest pressed against hers, his heart thudding inside pumping blood to his quickly growing erection. Helen gasped when she felt him press his cockhead against her opening, spreading herself wider for him and inviting him to penetrate her.

“Oh God,” she moaned as he sank in, stretching her soaked channel as he buried himself inside her.

The commotion beside her woke Kayla, and as always she marveled at how perfect Helen and Roy looked together. They stared at each other, the affection pure and entirely natural. There was no doubt that the two loved each other when Kayla saw them like this, Helen pushing herself up to meet Roy’s downward thrusts. His powerful male body taking her eager female form, their limbs entwined, finding the perfect positioning without thought. It was instinctual, like they were made to be joined together.

Kayla realised that it wasn’t the same way with her and Roy. They competed with one another, each trying to wrest control over each other. It was exciting and they loved one another, but it wasn’t the same as what he shared with Helen. When Kayla saw them together she believed they could actually be a couple, something she didn’t think would ever work between her and Roy without Helen keeping them together. In that moment she loved Helen more than anything in the world, she was the bridge between her and Roy, she kept the two of them connected. Helen made it possible for love to exist between Roy and Kayla, without her there would be only lust, she showed Kayla and Roy how to love one another. And Kayla couldn’t be more grateful.

Helen gripped Roy’s forearms tightly, her hands clamping on him in a vicelike grip as her lips parted and a moan of pure joy escaped her, soft at first but swelling as Roy continued to push into her, burying his manhood inside her quivering sex as she began to tremble beneath him. Roy’s thrusts became ragged, and a deep masculine moan joined Helen’s higher one, bass and treble creating a harmony as he spilled his seed deep inside her. Their bodies relaxed, and Helen smiled up at Roy their eyes still connected. Their lips met once more affectionately, and they kissed hungrily as they wallowed in the pleasure they’d brought one another.

Roy’s mouth left Helen’s and went to her throat, she turned her head and saw that Kayla was awake. She smiled at her girlfriend and beckoned her to join in. Kayla went over and their lips met while Roy went down Helen’s body to occupy himself with his favorite part of her body: her breasts. Helen whimpered softly as Roy’s mouth circled around her areole, the kiss between her and Kayla becoming more and more heated.

Roy let the two girls have some fun on their own, leaving the room to go make something to eat. He returned a half hour later, finding that the girls were still making out, though now Kayla was fully on top of Helen. He put the tray of food down on the bedside table and the two finally became aware of his presence. Kayla looked up, her eyes glazed over with lust, her lips puffy and glistening with saliva.

“Having fun?” Roy asked.

Kayla smiled, “Best birthday ever. Oh, food!” she said excitably, finally seeing the reason for Roy’s absence.

Helen sighed irritably when Kayla left the embrace, until she realised how hungry she was. They ate in bed, careful to avoid getting any crumbs on the sheets. He’d brought up a few bottles of water and some juice, which they guzzled down greedily. The food was soon eaten and the remains of the meal left off on the bedside table as Roy found himself on his back with both girls down at his groin.

He gasped when Kayla took it in her hand, massaging it gently as Helen’s mouth went down to his scrotum. Kayla’s lips wrapped around the head of his cock, bringing the partially inflated organ to full mast while Helen took one of his testicles into her mouth, bathing it in her saliva. Roy wasn’t sure which felt better, but the combined effect had him rock hard very quickly. They switched positions, and Helen began to bob her head up and down his stiff pole while Kayla’s tongue flicked along his scrotum.

Deeming him ready, Helen and Kayla withdrew and arranged themselves so that Helen was straddling Roy’s head and Kayla was straddling his hips. Roy’s vision was consumed by the sight of Helen’s bald pussy lowering itself on his face, but he felt the folds of Kayla’s pussy spreading as she lowered herself down onto his shaft. He ate Helen’s pussy eagerly, and felt Kayla bottom out on top of him. His cock was entirely inside her and she began to ride him up and down. The girls leaned over and kissed while Roy pleasured both of them simultaneously, his tongue and hands working feverishly on Helen while his thick shaft stretched Kayla’s cunt to its absolute limit.

Kayla’s hands massaged Helen’s breasts as she kissed her and gyrated in Roy’s lap, Helen’s left hand gripped Kayla by the back of the head and her left went down to toy with her clit while Roy’s tongue went to work on her pussy. Helen was becoming overwhelmed and Kayla left the kiss to bring her mouth to her girlfriend’s large breasts, and took a nipple into her mouth while she continued to grind her pelvis against Roy, his cock rammed deep up inside of her.

Rob sat quietly in his seat and could not believe that he was really flying to US. He had dreamt of this moment ever since he could form a thought and now a young handsome eighteen year old boy from Eastern Europe was sitting in a seat over the Atlantic ocean, already 2 hours into the flight, resting his head on his hand, shivering from excitement and anticipation. He came from a poor family who could not afford sending him out to a university, nor cover such expenses as flying to the states and renting a place. But thanks to his hard labor, those sleepless nights and a promise he had made to himself, to not allow his poor financial position undermine his ambitions, the kid somehow managed to achieve the seemingly impossible.

He had been chosen, due to his remarkable ability to take on almost any subject and pass it with top grades. He was no genius, he did not score abnormally high on IQ tests, nor was he very eloquent. He just believed that he had no choice, either do it right or don’t do it at all. This earned him a position in an exchange program that a local student union held every two years or so. The flight was already paid for, he would be accepted to a given university for a year, free of charge, and he would spend his days living with a volunteering family. Taking these aspects into account, Rob was still dazzled by how lucky he was. Two days before he would have called you a fool if you told him that he’d be flying to the said dream land. And on top of that — he would be living in Los Angeles!

‘Would you like anything, sir?’

A soft, calming feminine voice reached his ears and he instinctively turned towards her. A stewardess was standing right beside him wearing a tight uniform painted in deep blue and yellow. She bent over a little bit allowing a hint of her cleavage to be seen. She looked straight at him, while his eyes couldn’t help but wonder. Her breasts, pushed together by that tight dress, slightly moved down as she let the hot air from her lunges leave her body, and up as she inhaled. Truly a delight to watch.

‘Maybe a bottle of water?’

Rob realized that he was staring for far too long and quickly looked at her only to meet her eyes and that confident smile she had.

‘No thank you, I’m fine.’

She nodded and straightened her back, her breasts pushing forward, pulling the fragile material that was covering them. Oh how delicious they looked. As she moved, they bounced ever so slightly and jiggled as the plane shook. Rob watched her walk along the isle, moving her beautifully round ass and those scrumptious hips. A mountain had grown between his legs, the head of his dick pressed by his jeans – it really was an uncomfortable position. He let out a sigh and looked through the window pass the man sleeping on his right. It was still bright outside, the wing of the plane shivered and Rob again started dwelling in his thoughts.

It was true that his main aim was to receive a higher education, but his imagination was not that narrow and his dreams would sometimes wonder onto different lands. He was already eighteen and yet still had no experience with girls, whatsoever. Not only was the kid still a virgin, he had never even kissed a girl before. And it wasn’t that he was not handsome or a slob, on the contrary everyone would praise him for his looks as well as his mind. While he insisted that the lack of female attention was due to the fact that he spent too much time studying, he knew that the underlying reason was part of his character. He was too shy, especially when it came to sex. The moment he discovered masturbation, he spent almost two years with a festering idea that he was a loser, undeserving of love or affection. He was ashamed of himself and this shame had done awful things to his already weak self esteem. He would still spank his monkey, of course. What is a teenager to do? But every time his legs would stop twitching from ecstasy that had just past through him, just as his breathing would return to normal and he would find himself at his computer, porn on the screen and hot white cum dripping into his soaked bellybutton and down his sides, he would be so disgusted with himself so appalled that he would succumb to his desires so easily. He then would swear to never do it again. A silly little lie he liked to repeat. The source of this shame was also unknown as neither he nor his parents were religious or saw sex as a taboo subject. It wasn’t a popular topic, mind you, but it wasn’t frowned upon either.

Now that he was a young adult, he understood that there was nothing wrong with self love, but the damage was still there. He was hoping that this year in US would serve as a perfect opportunity to fix this part of his social life. I mean, American girls are more sexual and more daring, right? He knew that that was what some Americans would say about European girls, but an Eastern Europe country, that only recently had won its freedom, still had conservative values held high and strong. He was part of the first generation and the only generation that had grown up into adulthood under the country’s independence. So really, this did seem to provide a plausible explanation why sex was still something everyone kept shush-shush about.

He had his hopes up that he would finally get laid and maybe, if the universe was feeling kind, he would manage to find a pretty girl to be by his side. Looking back now, there really was no way that he could have anticipated what actually ended up happening to him.

Several hours later the plane finally landed in an airport so big, it almost took an extra hour for the kid to finally leave the place. He was greeted by an older man who introduced himself as Brendon. He looked well into his 40s, however he seemed to be pretty well built for a middle-aged man. A morning beard covered his face as well as his wrinkles, which still seemed to be quite recent. The man smiled and waved at Rob while the kid was going down on an escalator. Brendon was to be his caregiver for the following year, a father figure, if you will. They had talked already even before they met. Once everything was put into place and Rob was allocated to a family, they did not hesitate to contact him. The agency responsible for the program gave out as much detail as possible to both sides and allowed a few months for them to cancel everything. As so Rob had seen a few photos of the Milford family, he also had a few conversations with them over skype and facebook. They all appeared to be peaceful and happy. The family consisted of five people: Brendon, Lynn, Tamera, Jean and Jarod.

Brendon was, as mentioned before, the father. What Rob could tell from the details sent to him and the few conversations he had with him, the man had a very calm aura about him. He had a successful business running that covered most of US, with at least one branch in almost every state; he always talked in a low, baritone voice, which had a somewhat hypnotic side to it. He was the kind of man that could say whatever nonsense he desired and yet still sound so interesting that you would not even dare to interrupt.

His wife Lynn was similar in character to Brendon. Well at least sort of. Both of them appeared to be always happy and unbelievably friendly. They both would giggle and comment on how handsome Rob looked over skype and how they could not wait for him to finally come live with them. She was a gorgeous middle aged woman, with long, mildly wavy brown hair falling down on her shoulders and her chest. While she was clearly not in her twenties, the barely visible wrinkles were almost perfectly fought off by her skin care products. Her face seemed incredibly symmetrical, her strong jaw line served to emphasize her thick voluptuous lips and she seemed to enjoy biting her lips whenever she would stop talking and would listen and wait for Rob to react. She had a kind of a childish nature to her, while her husband was nothing less than a matured man. While he was a man of few words and would usually get his point across in a matter of seconds, she on the other hand would go onto these long monologues, going off-topic almost every time she spoke. She would giggle at her own jokes and seemed so comfortable being herself, that nothing could ever damage her self-esteem. However she appeared to be a bit na?ve, as the stories and the ambitions she had of how much Rob will accomplish not only made him shy off and put unbelievable expectations on him but sometimes even ventured into the impossible. Yet even with her childishness, at certain moments she seemed irresistibly seductive, even while just staring at the camera. From the photos you could see that both Brendon and Lynn were no strangers to exercising. Lynn’s body appeared to be tight and yet curvy at all the right places. Rob’s friends called her a milf and he did not disagree however he felt that it would be inappropriate for him to call her that. After all, she was going to be a kind of a mother to him.

Tamera was the older daughter of the family. As far as the kid knew, she was in her early twenties, just about done with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He never talked to her, she would never appear on skype. She did accept Rob’s invitation on facebook but never bothered to message him or respond to his attempts of communication. She was the only person Rob was genuinely concerned about, as from her behavior it appeared that Tamera was not that fond of him staying with them for a whole year. Even thought everyone else insisted that that was far from the truth and the reason Tamera was always absent was just that. She was a very outgoing person, never home, always on the run. By the looks of it, she was quite the popular and the wild one too. At least that was what her facebook photos led Rob to believe. Always in a club, always surrounded by buff, six-pack abs kind of guys and girls so sexy, Rob could never even dare to think of approaching. All of this was unsurprising, as Tamera looked like she just came off from the covers of fashion magazines. She had a body hundreds of men would lay their lives for and it looked like she was not the one that would shy off from using it to her own advantage.

Jean was the youngest daughter, while already eighteen she sometimes appeared younger due to her petite body. However she did not seem to be bothered by her short size at all and in fact she would joke around about her size and how life is different to the one Tamera has. She had average length hair that barely reached her shoulders. Jean seemed to be quite an extravert, just like her mother. Almost every photo of her, showed her with a smile so cute and adorable, her hair dyed in pompous colours. Rob gathered that she seemed to enjoy dressing provocatively and liked to show more skin than girls would usually choose to. On the other hand, they were living in Los Angeles, so I guess there was no real reason for wearing many clothing anyway. She would write messages to Rob almost every day. These messages would sometimes consist just of a short greeting and a reminder of how excited she was that he would be living with them. Other times they would be as long as a chapter of a novel, where she would describe how her day went and how she spent her day with people Rob had never even heard of and how they did things people would never bother to pay attention to. Rob, however, did his best and responded every time and did not let any detail slip him by. Due to this, once he was already on his way to US, he had a strong impression of Lynn’s friends, who dated who, how they acted and what their hobbies were.

Finally Jarod was the only son in the family. He seemed, as far as Rob could tell, almost an exact copy of his father. He enjoyed sports, but also seemed unbelievably chill. His facebook profile picture was of a drawn man who was holding an almost finished joint, pointing a finger at it and saying ‘No’while smoke was coming out of his mouth. At the bottom of the picture a caption said ‘Jarod always says no to drugs’. The comments all basically said the same thing: ‘That is so you’.

Brendon greeted Rob with a hug and a few minutes later they were already on the way. Rob could not help but admire LA, how different everyone looked, how differently the hot air filled his lungs and cuddled him from inside. As the wind from the open window played with his hair, they talked about the weather and the flight and every other unimportant topic they could think of. Both of them weren’t chatty people but they did well. Brendon smiled throughout the way and hinted that everyone were already waiting for him back home. While this made Rob a bit nervous, he also knew that he wanted to meet everyone just as much as they did.

The house was huge, with a tall designer made fence surrounding it from the outside world and a front yard neatly taken care of. Flowers and a stoned path led them from the car to the beautiful red wood front door. Brendon grabbed the handle and stopped for a second. He looked at Rob and smiled and said ‘Welcome home’. He opened the door only to reveal a huge room with a luxurious hanging chandelier over in the centre. The place received quite a lot of light from the large windows that seemed to be almost everywhere. The sunshine reaching the crystal glass pieces of the chandelier diffracted and coloured the white painted stairs with soft rainbow colours. The floor was made out of glassy looking plates which also reflected the falling light. Everything looked so bright and yet so feelingly comfortable. In the middle, in a kind of a curvy row, the rest of the Milford family was standing. They looked like they have been eagerly standing there ever since they saw Brendon’s car driving into the front yard.

‘Everyone, meet Rob!’ Brendon introduced.

Jean could no longer hold off her excitement and jumped upfront. She ran with her naked feet towards Rob and hugged him with such force that Rob had to take a few steps back. She was even smaller than he had expected. The side of her face pushed into Rob’s chest, the top of her head hardly reached his chin and she was already standing on her toes. Her warm hands surrounded him and he could feel her small perky breasts massaging just below his chest as she breathed and talked.

‘You’re finally here!’ she exclaimed still hugging him.

She can’t have been wearing a bra as Rob could easily feel her hard nipples circling around his celiac plexus. She was wearing teeny tiny jean shorts that barely even covered her ass. It was one of those things that let the bottom part of a girls’ bum jump out for some freedom. The only other thing she was wearing was a loose black tank top which was hardly holding off on her shoulders with needle thin strings. If one of them would have fallen off her shoulder, her breast would be exposed for the whole wide world to see. Not that that would be a bad thing. And that was about all that she was wearing, aside from panties of course, but even that was debatable.

The sudden feminine touches and implied nudity once again had awoken the curiosity of Rob’s dick, which he quickly tried to calm down by repeating ‘Don’t. Don’t you fucking dare, don’t you fucking dare’to himself in his mind.

‘Jeez, Jean! Let him breath, you’ll have plenty of time to cuddle!’

The seductive undertones even in such a plain sentence were undeniably there and from that Rob already knew who was talking. He lifted his eyes from Jean who was still glued to his body and looked forward were Lynn was standing with her arms crossed and a smile that only she could manage to pull off.

‘It’s very nice to finally meet you, Jean.’

Rob smiled and hugged her back for a second or two. Jean finally let him go, but she still stood right beside him with her eyes stuck to his face.

‘Wow, you’re even more handsome than I thought you would be’ said Lynn.

She was wearing a sexy little flowered dress that unfortunately covered most of her body all the way down to her toes. However there was still some cleavage to be seen which was more than enough. She slowly walked towards Rob and gave him a welcoming hug. Her hug, unlike the one Jean gave, was not abrupt, forceful or fast. It was rather slow, premeditated. She put her hand on his shoulder and gave a little squeeze. She then put a step forward and bent over a bit while with her other hand she surrounded Rob and slightly pushed him towards her. Once again the delight of having breasts pushed on your body was presented to Rob. Lynn was a real woman, curvy in all the right ways, her hips, her breasts, a silhouette of a perfect woman. Her childish side was nowhere to be seen, she was just a seductive, sexual presence that made Robs legs shiver just by touching his shoulders. The hug lasted nowhere as long as the one Jean gave him, but it had twice the effect. She released him from his arms and looked at his eyes for a second, smiled and, while Rob himself isn’t sure if that actually happen, gave him a little wink. She turned around and by slowly moving her hips she returned towards a girl who could have only been Tamera.

Words could hardly describe how Tamera looked so there really is no point in attempting it. She was the girl. Teenage boys have twenty tabs opened on their laptops with pictures of the girl they spend every night masturbating to. Tamera was their dream girl. Young males see the girl standing at the bar with her tight dress that would haunt their fantasies for days later. They see her and immediately turn their looks away and only dare to peek at her every once in a while. Everyone stupid enough to approach such perfection would eventually end up being rejected, not by her, but by their confidence and self respect. If her figure did not disarm you, her eyes will do that without failure. Tamera was the girl. Older men leave their families just to have the chance to talk to girls like her. And while there was no excuse for them, the desire, the taste of the girls’ skin would be too much for a single human to handle. She was the girl. She looked at Rob and a wave of pleasure and anxiety went through his body. She did not move and she did not give him a hug. She just looked at him and smiled and said hello. And this was enough to start a war for.

‘I ain’t gonna hug you man, but just let me shake your hand’ said Jarod and walked towards Rob. ‘Meet my freaky over sexualized family.’ He laughed and looked at the girls.

The mother was smiling with her hands once again crossed, Jean was almost jumping around from excitement and Tamera rolled her eyes and walked away.

‘Son, could you give Rob a tour of his new home?’

‘Sure thing’

And they all left, while Jarod proceeded to introduce Rob to everyplace in the house, which was a mansion to say the least. This took longer than one would expect. He showed him the backyard, the pool, the small stone fountain in the middle of it. He showed him the massive living room, the long kitchen with a view of the pool and finally the room Rob was going to stay in. They talked and joked around about particularly unimportant things, which, to be fair, served as a decent ice breaker. Jarod seemed to be just as Rob had expected him to be and they got along quite well so far. While they were on the tour Jean followed their every step yet generally kept quiet, only throwing a sentence or two on occasions of silence. Although she always gave out the most adorable smile whenever Rob looked at her, her body language made him believe that she was a bit tense however. When Jarod finally told Rob that he would now lead him to his soon to be room, Jean livened up and once again jumped forward only this time towards Jarod and asked him if she could have the honor of showing it to Rob instead. Jarod was a bit skeptical at first and looked at her with a strangely twisted face that could have meant really anything. Yet he managed to force a smile and nod and reply with a ‘sure’. Jean could not have been happier. She grabbed Rob’s hand, her palm intertwined with his all the while holding her other palm firmly on his wrist, Jean started dragging Rob upstairs. Rob looked at Jarod to see if he had maybe reconsidered this, however Jarod just nodded once more, without a sight of a smile, a bit worried even and said:

‘Just be careful with that one’.

Jean remained ignorant and kept dragging the poor kid with her. The room was a source of a mild disappointment. It appeared to be quite simple compared to the rest of the house. A small wooden table could be found pushed all the way up to the right wall, a comfy looking desk chair was near, then a closet and a double sized bed on the left. That was it. It was all Rob could ever need, but I guess he got a bit spoiled by the luxurious surprises the house had in store for him. Jean finally let go of Rob’s arm only to close the door and jump on the bed. She looked at him, supporting herself with her arms, her slim legs positioned in a way that her knees were touching yet her feet were far apart. She looked at him for a minute or two, ignoring Rob’s comments on how excited he is and how amazing their home was. She then smiled and replied with a ‘I’m glad you like it!’

She stood up and placed her hand on his shoulder.

‘I hope we’ll grow to be best friends soon! Actually I’m sure of it!’

Those dreaded words ‘best friends’. This surprised Rob for a second as he was certain to have felt some sexual tension coming from her. Not that he would dare to do anything of sexual nature with her; she was supposed to be his sister!

She turned around and walked all the way to the desk. She then bent over, her legs still straight, her bum now all up in the air and she started searching for something in the lowest drawer. Her ass moved slightly whiles her but cheeks were pushed tightly by her almost illegally small shorts. Rob looked at her beautiful bare feet, her surprisingly long, slim legs leading all the way to her petite yet round ass that was presented to him in the most unforgiving manner. Only a few millimeters of cloth stood between Rob and probably the most perfect round ass nature could fathom in millions of years. He stood there frozen, his mouth slightly open, eyes fixated on those damn jean shorts. He did not notice Jean’s eyes locked on to him, staring between her legs. She stood up straight and slowly turned around. The smile he saw the first time he met her finally came back and she was once again shining.

‘You know it’s inappropriate to stare, right?’

She asked and pushed Robs’ nervous system into damage control. He started twitching a bit and apologizing to which Jean replied with:


He looked confused and she showed him a pack of menthol gum in her hand.

‘Would you like some?’

‘No thank you’.

‘Well then, I guess I’ll leave you to it. You’ve got a lot of unpacking to do! Don’t forget that dinner is in an hour’.

Still smiling she turned around and walked out of the room while Rob stood there baffled and confused.

Setting up took some time, but Rob was thorough and restless. His clothes now neatly hanging in the closet, laptop connected and all set up, his favorite book by Dostoevsky resting near his pillow. Once he was done, he went downstairs where everyone was already at the dinner table eagerly waiting for Lynn to bring in the food. Nothing particularly remarkable happened at the dinner table. There were moments when Rob could feel the sharp looks that Jean was giving him. During those moments her eyes would uncomfortably fixate onto him and she would smile with a devilishly cute smile. Jarod seemed chill as always, even more than one could expect, actually. He did not sit straight; he was almost lying on the chair, with only his chest and his head not hidden by the table. Brendon seemed happy although sometimes he would drop a serious look at his kids which would in return make them straighten up and focus their attention on the food rather than somewhere else. Lynn was exceptionally quiet, her head almost always pointing downwards to her plate, she rarely muttered a word. This made Rob a bit worried. An idea popped up in his mind that Jean might have told everyone that she caught Rob starring at her ass. This would obviously ruin their relationship, as that would mean that Rob saw Brendons’ daughters, and got forbid his wife, as potential dates rather than family members. Rob could not even dare to think that way of the Milford women, but he also understood that such interpretations were possible. Although he calmed himself down thinking that he would have been already kicked out if Brendon or anyone else would’ve come up with such conclusions. There was, however, clearly something going on in the air, which caused this apparent unhappiness in Lynn. Being realistic Rob knew that every family has its skeletons in the closet, but he also found it inappropriate for him to dwell on the possible problems this family might have had while it hasn’t even been a day since he moved in. Tamera was nowhere to be seen thought, which might have been the reason. He did not want to ask.

Lynn invited everyone for a glass of wine in the backyard once the food was finished. They sat there, lit only by a small light bulb near the backyard door and the reflection from the pool. They giggled and talked and all seemed well. Brendon talked about his daughters; how Tamera was a late bloomer and that it was only when she was 19 did she ever brought a boy back home. Jean was a different case altogether, even as young as twelve year olds she would bring a kid from the neighborhood and introduce him to Brendon and Lynn as her boyfriend and soon to be husband. And she would do this almost every week, different boys’ hand locked in her palm.

‘This continued for so long… And then we bought her a puppy.’

Brendon was ignorant to the mumbling sounds Jean was making throughout his little speech and he only giggled to her signs asking him to stop. He was enjoying seeing her blush, which was a rare occasion, he assured. Jean looked embarrassed, her hair falling over her face, trying to hide her adorably reddened cheeks. She would throw a short look at Rob to see how he was reacting to her childhood stories and would immediately look away when he would catch her staring.

‘Now Jarod has always been the different side of this household.’Brendon continued. ‘I can’t imagine how it felt growing up with such strong feminine characters surrounding him. I wasn’t always home, you know. But he never had any problem with his masculinity, have you Jarod?’

‘Whatever you say, dad’he responded and smiled.

‘You know I caught him smoking pot once? Me and mom had a hard time figuring out how we should approach it.’

‘What did you do?’Rob was curious.

‘We changed our perspective.’Brendon laughed. ‘We decided that’s it’s not really a problem. His grades were good, his social life was booming, he was still active in sports. Honestly there seemed to be no negative side to this at all. We did have chat of course. We made a deal that he shouldn’t move on to anything stronger, that he should keep it in moderation and that he would not smoke at home.’

‘Actually, it was his stash that I was smoking up when he caught me all those years ago.’Jarod commented and they all laughed.

‘Well I admit to the occasional joint or two.’Brendon confessed. ‘Key word is occasional, Jarod.’

It was a good evening that went by way too fast. Milfords seemed to be a happy family, sometimes uncomfortably sexual, but inspiringly open and sincere.

That night Rob could not sleep. Even though a fair amount of alcohol was circling around his body, his eyes could barely stay shut. His mind wondered for a few minutes around the Milford females, how amazing they seemed in both looks and character. He fantasized about Lynn and her large breasts massaging his chest. He relived Jean bending over, only this time he approached her and stroked her ass cheeks while she moaned and encouraged him to take her shorts off. He unconsciously grabbed his dick, now stiff as a rock and started stroking himself under the sheets. His hand riding all the way up to the head and all the way down to balls now eager to release his hot cum. He stopped himself, however. Always on his way, yet never at the finish line. He stood up and went out as his bladder was about as eager as his balls were. Everyone was already asleep and the house was drowned in darkness. Rob started walking along the corridor trying to remember were the bathroom was through the dazzle of drunkenness. It was supposed to be somewhere near and he has already been wondering a decent of 5 minutes, walking around back and forth, stopping to think at every door he came across. It would be silly to say that he was lost, but he wasn’t on track either. Finally he decided to go all the way down the corridor as he remembered Jarod mentioning another bathroom there. On his way, he suddenly stopped. A ray of light could be seen coming from underneath a door leading to the main bedroom. A small hint of someone talking could be heard. Rob looked around, making sure if there was really no one around him. He then carefully stepped towards the door, slowly pushing his ear to the door and then holding his breath. A gasp. A cute high toned moan.

‘Yes… Please… It’s been hard waiting all day… All the way in just like you always do…’

He could hear someone moving inside. Out of all the noises coming from the bedroom, the bed gently screeching and the sound of heavy breathing, he could make out separate words.

‘We already talked about this. What were you thinking?’said a strong manly voice which could have only belonged to Brendon.

‘Ah… I’m sorry… Please, let’s not talk about this right now… You’re … It’s going all the way…’

‘I thought we all came to an agreement on how we will approach this. I’m sorry to say it, but I’m a bit disappointed in you.’

She moaned again, this time louder than before. Her voice was as high pitched as it could get with ecstasy filled tones all over. If Rob listened very carefully he could hear the squishy, watery sounds coming from their bodies. The whole room was filled with the sound, smell and orgasmic feeling of sex.

‘It’s just hard to resist… Aaahh… You know how I can get…’

‘I know, baby. I know. I’m not mad. You know I can’t be mad. Just no more slip ups. Let’s do this the way we discussed. Okay?’

‘Oo… Okay.’

‘Now tell me where you want it.’

‘I… I want it… I need it in…’

‘Tell me, don’t be shy.’

The moaning only got more intense and this shook Rob right back into reality. He looked around again, now thinking more straight, he remembered where the bathroom is. He wanted to listen for the finale, but he did not want to risk it. Rationality once again won and he slowly and quietly walked to the bathroom and then back to his room, where he pondered about how lucky Brendon was to have such an amazing wife as Lynn.

In the morning, once Rob opened his eyes he immediately jumped out of the bed without even checking what time it was. The sun was out, so it was late enough. He did not want to be lazy and lay in bed. If his dreams were of any indication, he would end up fantasizing again, only this time he might not resist the urge to cum. Rob made his bed and jumped straight into the shower. Yet the hot water and the privacy of a shower resulted in him getting hard for no apparent reason, once again. It’s been quite some time since he masturbated, so he had an excuse for these sudden outbursts of lust. However he was in a shower now, there was no way anybody would catch him here and it was the perfect place to make a mess. If there ever was an opportunity, this was it. His cock twitched while he was debating himself whether he should do it. Rob then suddenly turned the water from hot to cold and quickly his horniness subsided. He did not understand were this desire to not masturbate was coming from. Something in his subconscious must have been hinting to him that he should not allow himself any release just yet. When he walked back to his room and got fully dressed, he looked through his window.

He could see Lynn doing her morning exercises in the backyard. She was wearing those elastic sport shorts that seemed impossibly tight, yet allowed for precise movement. The shorts, while not as short as Jean was wearing the day before, still barely covered her thighs. They also hugged her buttocks so tightly, you could see where the small gap between them began and ended. Her belly was naked, and her tits were only covered by the same material sportswear. She bent over, her ass pointing upwards, hands touching her toes. She then straightened and surprisingly turned towards Rob. She waved to him, gesturing him to come down.

Rob complied and went downstairs, all the way to the backyard.

‘Hey there! How was your night?’

Rob looked at Lynn, this time in more detail and god what important details they were. She had her hair tied behind her head, her bright blue eyes were mesmerizing. Once again, she seemed to not be wearing a bra as her pointy nipples could be clearly seen sticking out and pulling the tight material along the way. Her breasts were pushed together so tightly that a single movement would cause them to bounce over and over. She had a cute inner bellybutton with a small beauty spot right next to it. As they talked, Rob kept glimpsing and admiring her body. Her shorts seemed even tighter than before, not only allowing for a full on overview of her beautiful round ass, but you could also see that she had a camel toe situation going on! The material went up a bit into her making that beautiful curve to appear. No matter how much Rob wanted to, he could not get a better view of it, though.

They chatted for a while. Lynn told him that everyone had already left the house for one reason or another. While they left quite early Lynn was somehow convinced that they wouldn’t come back home until it was noon.

‘So the house is ours for an hour or two’she winked.

She tried convincing Rob to join in on her morning exercising, but Rob could only decline such an invitation after his face reddened from embarrassment. He explained that while he did hit the gym or the basketball court every now and then, yet he hasn’t done any stretching or yoga in his entire life. As a result he was incredibly inflexible. Lynn giggled and tapped his shoulder, encouraging him that it takes time and that she is confident that once he got into the rhythm of exercising every morning this little problem of his would quickly dissolve. She then looked at him and bit her lower lip like she liked to do. A hint of her bright white teeth appeared as they softly bit into the lip.

‘Fancy some juice?’

She asked and without waiting for a reply she went inside, allowing Rob to look at her ass, barely covered by her little shorts. They went into the kitchen and poured themselves something to drink. Lynn positioned herself in the corner, her hands placed behind her back, her legs slightly crossed at her ankles.

‘So how’s your game holding up, Rob?’


‘Oh! I forgot that… That you’re not from around here, you know your accent is barely noticeable! It’s just a jargon that kids use these days when talking about girls.’ She cleared her throat and smiled. ‘How are you in the lady department, silly?’

‘I… Uh…’

Rob was clearly taken aback by such a question.

‘I’m sorry if I’m being intrusive! Not that I want to…’ she suddenly started apologizing. ‘I just wanted… I just figured we might get to know each other better, right? And I know you kids, at this age, there’s really only so many things you think about, right? Haha, I mean. I don’t want to…’ She took a deep breath.

‘Oh no! Please, it’s okay. You can ask me whatever you’d like, really.’ Rob reassured her.

This made her almost instantly more comfortable as her body became visibly less tense.

‘So… Is there a girl waiting for you back home?’

Rob started to get shy, his eyes jumping around all over the place.

‘Well… Uh… No, not really.’

‘Oh no! What happened, then?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well I figure such a handsome little man would definitely have a girl besides him. Since you don’t, you must’ve had one before, right? ‘

Rob lowered his gaze fixating his eyes on his feet.

‘Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.’

‘That’s okay, it’s just that I’m always so shy when it comes to topics like this, I don’t even know why… No, I admit to never having a girlfriend. It’s clearly not something I am proud of, but I guess it just never happened.’

‘It’s okay you know, there is no need to rush these things.’ Lynn looked genuinely concerned.

She then looked at her blushing new boy and wicked thoughts began running through her mind. The tension in her body was now completely gone, as her body relaxed while she pondered. Lynn bit her lip once again, giggled and calmly asked Rob:

‘But you have had… You have made love before?’

Once again Rob could not help but blush like a little child and turn his looks back at the floor.

‘Oh my…’ Lynn replied in a soft seductive voice that sounded more intrigued than surprised. ‘Well this is even more interesting than I thought it would be.’

She looked over Rob from top to bottom, her piercing and seductive eyes gazing on him from his feet to his private area, to his arms and finally meeting his eyes.

‘Tell me, boy. Do you find me attractive?’

Lynn was now a completely different person. She was no longer just a motherly figure of the household; her sexy seductive side finally came to the surface with a bang. She slowly pushed herself with her hands forward, her nipples aiming straight at him. Placing one bare foot directly in front of another she slowly walked towards Rob. Her hips softly swaying from left to right, allowing only half a second glimpses of her camel toe. She walked up to Rob, her whole body almost ramming into his. Her face positioned only a few centimeters away from Robs, he could feel her hot breath and smell her deliciously tasty body odor. She stood there for a second, her fingers touching Rob’s left arm, face so close to his cheek. She smiled.

‘You know I saw you watching.’She quietly whispered into his ear.

Rob now breathing faster, his heart now beating faster, he tried to take a step back but her hand tightly griped his wrist and her face slowly followed his.

‘Shh… It’s okay.’She said. ‘Do you like watching me?’

He only barely turned towards her but stopped after realizing that she was now so close to him that if he continued, their noses would end up touching. He could see her left eye, now burning with an uncontrollable desire. He could see that she had a plan, while he squirmed like a little pussy around, this beautiful woman, holding him tightly near herself, had it all figured it out. Not a sight of doubt or questioning in her eyes.

‘Answer me, Rob. Did you like watching me? Do you like my tight stretchy outfit? Do you like how they squeeze me tits so, so hard and how they uncover the shape of my ass?’She smiled devilishly. ‘Did you like when I bent over?’

She went even closer, her lips even slightly touching his ear.

‘I did that for you, Rob. I saw you in the window.’

Rob gulped and could not move. He was now frozen, hypnotized by her soft voice echoing in his ear and his mind.

‘And did you like my dress yesterday? I saw you looking then too. You saw that I wasn’t wearing a bra, did you? Answer me Rob.’She continued. Rob could only manage to nod his head. ‘Did you know why I was wearing that dress? Do you know why I bent over for you to look at my luscious ass? Tell me, Rob, why would I do that.’

He finally turned his head and he was now facing her face to face, eyes to eyes.

‘Why’he mumbled.

‘Because I like it.’She exclaimed. ‘In fact, I love it. I crave for a man, Rob. Just knowing that you’re watching me, looking at all my naughty parts, undressing me… That’s just pure ecstasy. Tell me, Rob, did you think about me? Did I leave an impression on you?’

My hands trembled as I opened the envelope – I read it – experiencing immense joy but also stressed out of my skin – I had been accepted to the UWO [University of Western Ontario] business school for their MBA program.

So, I’ll have to live in London Ontario for the next few years. Where will I stay? How can I afford it? I already had a student loan for my 4 year B.Com at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. But at age 23, I hadn’t exactly earned a lot of money yet either.

So began an internet search. I knew I couldn’t afford an apartment, unless I was sharing one.

After a couple weeks of searching and promising leads that never panned out – I knew I had found the right spot – Richard and Denise were an empty-nester couple – Richard was in his early 60′s and Denise in her late 50′s. Their three kids had left the nest – the youngest just last year – and they were looking for a male student or two.

I couldn’t afford to travel up that summer just to meet them, but I talked to both of them on the phone. I would have a bedroom to myself, kitchen priviledges etc. Basically, part of the family. Rent was reasonable with the opportunity of reductions in rent for helping out – both Richard and Denise had back trouble and the thought of a 23 year old male who could help with lifting etc. appealed to them.

Little did I know that there were other duties that would result in free room and board. Read on.

The day before I flew up to London I got a call from Denise – what time is your flight etc. – we want to pick you up at the airport.

I was very nervous that late August day, connecting from Halifax to Toronto, then Toronto to London. It sure was nice being greeted by this couple! Denise was a knockout – she looked 40 and a nice looking 40 at that – but had a warmth and motherly-side which seemed to confirm her as late 50′s. Richard was the guy you would picture as a favourite uncle.

I inwardly groaned when I saw their car – a Chevy Impala – the ultimate old fart car which I knew would float over the roads, lean into corners and riding like the typical taxi car. But, it turned out that Richard had connection on the City Police force and manage to snag a police interceptor version.

The rest of the day went well, making me feel right at home.

The next morning Denise knocked on my door to inform me that breakfast was ready. Richard had already gone to work – she kindly let me sleep in.

Over breakfast, Denise told me that after breakfast we were going to have a nice long chat about house rules, things I could do to reduce the rent and she said, maybe even reduce it to nothing. I was intrigued.

Out on the back deck, over coffee, the discussion began.

Dave, would you unbutton your shirt please. [Huh]

I unbuttoned my shirt, puzzled at the request.

OK, we will have to change that. [Denise doesn't approve of a hairy chest]

As if she could read my mind, Denise said – your chest hair is lovely, but we have a rule in this house – always, always, wear an undershirt. We’ll go shopping today and we will get some approriate ones – my treat.

Next rule – Denise looked me straight in the eye – no masturbation is allowed – period. Not at the house, not at a campus washroom – nowhere. Understand?

I gulped – yes. Then I said – why?

Denise smiled – two good reasons – first, masturbation is sinful and wrong – second – there are better ways to attain release.

Next rule – you are to have regular enemas. We will go shopping for your own equipment today – again, my treat. Either Richard or myself will give you your enemas. I will be giving you one later today. Following each enema, either Richard or myself will milk your prostate. Trust me, after experiencing that, you will never want to masturbate ever again and you will want an enema more often than once a week because the prostate milking is your special treat at the end of an enema session.

Now, there are several things we expect from you – and in return – your room and board will be free.

First, you will give enemas to me and Richard regularly.

Second, Richard and I have been married for 35 years and have 3 sons, but Richard has been impotent for the last 15 years. He was able in his younger years to get an erection and climax for me, thus producing children and providing me with lots of marital satisfaction. But as he grew older, he began having trouble and ultimately could not get erect for me. We sought out many kinds of treatment – with no success. Viagra and Cialis were useless. We sought out a naturopath, who recommended enemas; they did not produce an erection but they did open up a whole new world of pleasure and release for Richard and later myself. Of course, I have needs that have not been fullfilled for years, so Richard and I decided you will make love to me 3 times a week. I will sleep with you in your bed on those nights.

You are to be exclusive sexually to me and I to you. This is important because all sex will be bareback. You will drink lots of cranberry juice to help prevent UTIs as I do enjoy anal intercourse as well as vaginal. You will be tested for STDs today. I had my test last week – here are the results – as you can see – I have no STDs. Do you have any reason to believe you might have an STD? I told her that I was a virgin [the truth] and she smiled and said, good – you will lose your virginity today with me.

Basically, you will serve as my exclusive sex partner and enemate for both Ruchard and I. You will satisfy me, and in doing so, you will be sexually satisfied and enjoy free room and board. Any questions?

I did have some, and Denise smiled while she answered them.

Now, let’s go inside and shower together, she said.

We undressed together in her room. Denise’s 34B’s were surprisingly firm for a 58 year old woman. Denise has gorgeous blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair [natural blonde that had greyed and thus has been 'helped']. 5’7″, slim but not skinny. Very fit. Trimmed bush, with shaved labia. And, a very good kisser – before, during and after our shower.

I think this is in your size, she said passing me a brand new size medium white spandex tank top type undershirt and matching white spandex boxer briefs – put them on. I did, the fit was perfect – and I did feel sexy modelling them for Denise.

Denise embraced me, my penis getting hard yet again – make love to me Dave – now …

The briefs did come off, but the undershirt stayed on – turns out that Denise has an undershirt fetish. Denise’s pussy tasted so sweet as I traced her labia with my tongue, flicking her clit softly, rubbing her g spot with one, then two fingers, then entering her with my nearly 8 inch uncut penis. Between my cock and her vibrator, Denise climaxed 4 times before I shot a very thick, sticky, full load very deep inside her, bathing her no longer fertile cervix with my very fertile semen.

After we both re-covered, I started to dress, pulling my undershirt off – Denise’s hand slapping my ass really, really hard – ‘always, always, always wear an undershirt’ she hissed. I obediently put the undershirt back on.

Denise dressed in a delightful contradiction – wearing stockings, an open bottom girdle and a full bra-slip – straight out of the 1960′s but a modern dress over top.

Underwear shopping was efficient – Denise had the type, colour etc. of underwear pre-picked out for me, the size now confirmed, and she purchased a dozen pairs of white boxer briefs and a dozen undershirts – all the identical kind I had modeled that morning. The store clerk, a pretty 20 something girl with whispy auburn hair, big green eyes, freckles, a rather flat chest and a large nametag with “Tara” on it looked at us funny – as she should. Denise, enjoying giving me some minor humiliation, introduced me to Tara. Denise explained that Tara was in the church choir with Denise. I glanced again at Tara – my glance this time locking with Tara – who smiled and played with her hair. I beamed back – the attraction was mutual.

Denise then asked Tara a question that made both Tara and I turn bright red – Tara – do you know where you can buy really good enema equipment? I need to get Dave his own bag. Tara recovered from her mega-blush by reporting – Denise – you and I both know where to buy the best of that. I looked back up at Tara – who looked me in the eye as if to say – “yes handsome, the truth is out -I’m a kinky girl, and if you are a kinky boy, I want you, bad.”

As we walked to Denise’s Miata, Denise said – oh, if you become interested in Tara – if you have even half a brain you will – she is a 22 year old virgin and she has vowed to be one until marriage – but Richard and I would have no problem with you dating her. If you steal her virginity though, your balls will be presented back to you in a Mason jar. Denise then smiled, – unless its your wedding night. Tara is a good girl, but the fire glows deep inside her – if you want to get anywhere with Tara – keep in mind that Tara is klismaphiliac. I think you will be one soon too, after Richard and I teach you.

While the visit to the men’s clothing store was delightfully embarassing but filled with future promise, the visit to the kinky sex shop on the other side of the tracks was just plain scary. Denise and I left with a very high end black 4 quart silicone bag, silicone tubbing, a wide assortment of nozzles, some huge, and all the accessories for me and 26FR and 28FR van buren sounds, which she explained were for Richard.

I later found out that Denise had made sure that Tara was working that day, intent on introducing me and intent that the introduction would feature 12 undershirts and 12 boxer-briefs and the enema reference. Denise had a plan – she had just stolen my virginity and was intent on playing matchmaker to ensure that her new lover Dave and her platonic friend Tara would be joined in wedded kinky bliss.

Back at the house, Denise ordered me to strip to my underwear and she did likewise, looking rather sexy in her 1960′s era underthings. It was not my first enema – my grandmother had given me some four years ago when I was visiting her shortly after celebrating my 19th birthday – after that, Mom encouraged me to drive to grandma’s to visit her when I could and each visit always included a “treatment”. But, Denise’s enema giving was not brisk, quick and efficient; rather it was planned and deliberate in order to bring me to a high state of excitement.

During the proceedure, Denise spoke fondly of Tara, how she knew her when at age 18 she moved to London to live with her elderly grandparents while attending UWO. Tara was a very “good girl” when Denise first met her that Sunday morning almost 4 years ago. Tara quickly joined the church choir, and Denise almost thought of her as the daughter she never had. Denise later learned that in the grandparent’s home young adult Tara learned about enemas’s for the first time; her grandmother was a retired nurse. Tara was a quick study, then became an enthusiast seeking the very best and most intense equipment – that virgin good girl who was horrified when she and Denise bumped into each other in a very different place – at the kinky sex store – bag in hand. Of course, it was all Tara’s grandparent’s fault, said Tara. Denise assured her the secret was safe and that everything was ok. Now, at age 22 Tara had her first degree, a small apartment of her own, a boring job at a men’s clothing store, a key spot in the church choir and a big secret; an unnecessary medical procedure had shaped and defined her sexuality.

And I knew the power of Denise and the realization was not unlost on me; today I met my future wife.

Fair Tara – that kinky virgin – a beautiful 5’4 108 lb package who as I later learned never wore a bra – never needed to with those twin 34As. Denise, ever the plotter, had known how Tara wore size small men’s undershirts herself – in fact the exact same brand and type Denise had bought for me – only a lot smaller. Tara needed some fabric to tame her notorious high beams – nipples that when cold or when Tara was stimulated could not be hidden, only tamed somewhat. Fair Tara, who bucked the trend of most of her peers and did not shave her pubic area. Fair Tara, whose hymen was fully intact. Fair Tara, my soulmate, kindred spirit, and now wife and mother of our children. Fair Tara, who re-defined natural family planning by making anal intercourse a key component of our intimacy during her fertile days of her cycle. Fair Tara, who with me enjoyed all kinds of matrimonial kinkiness; enemas, pegging, urethral sounding, prostate milking, g-spot milking. Fair Tara, who kept her milk with my eager help after each child was weaned. Fair Tara, Registered Nurse, mother, wife, monagomous sexpot and wetnurse.

This is our story …

To be continued …

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