The bright summer sun beats down on us as we walk, hand in hand through the crowded city park. There are people running, the sounds children playing in the distance at the playground, bikers and others like us just looking for a quiet place to spend a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon. I breath in deeply, my nose filling with the scent of freshly cut grass mixed with the unmistakable smell of hotdog carts stationed around the area.

I tug at your hand, pulling you toward a parcel of trees, over my arm is a small blanket and clutched in my hand, the handle of a small picnic basket.

I stop just in front of the trees and spread the blanket on the ground then kneel, tucking the hem of my sundress under my knees and patting the spot next to me.

You take the hint, sitting beside me and tugging your t shirt over your head in that sexy way that men do, using just one hand. Then you lay back, closing your eyes as I let my gaze move over your body.

Your hair is short, a light brown color with blonde patches, dyed from the sun. Your eyes even thought they are closed, are blue, a sexy, come hither blue, which always makes me hot when you turn them on me in full force. Your tongue flicks out and wets your lips as I stare at them, making my face hot and my nipples hard remembering exactly how it feels to have both on my body.

I let my gaze drift down slowly, over your mostly hairless chest, to your hand resting against your stomach as you spread your fingers apart, stretching them,. Then, as almost an afterthought, they start to lazily caress circles over your abdomen sending more naughty thoughts to my brain.

I lay down beside you, leaning in close and nuzzling my nose against your cheek, letting your essence fill my nose. You smell so good, the heady mix of your cologne and that scent that’s uniquely your own. I lay my hand flat against your chest, my fingertips brushing against your nipple as I move, pressing my lips against yours.

I drag my tongue over the seam of your mouth as I kiss you slowly, nipping at your lips, biting the lower one between my teeth and giving it a little tug. You lay there passively until I hear your low groan that brings my body to attention and makes my nipples even harder. You take control and dig your hand into my long brown hair, our mouths moving together, tongues dueling as I wiggle to get closer to you.

You taste like mints, with a little bit of the beer you had right before we left home. I moan into your mouth as you pull me closer, I lift one leg slide ontop of you, straddling your hips, pressing our bodies together as I let my hands move over your bare chest.

I pluck at your nipples with my fingertips, rocking my hips against you in that age old rhythm as I lose myself in your kiss. I press my sex down against he bulge behind the zipper of your jeans, I’m wet…very, very wet as I rub myself along your length, low moans come from me and I grind my clit hard against your cock.

You pull back, looking around us and then back up at me, a small smile on your face.

“You’re going to get us arrested baby,” Your hand slides down my back as you speak, pushing my bottom hard against you, “I’m game if you are.”

I moan as your lips move to my neck, your lips and teeth teasing the sensitive skin there as your hips move under me. I know I could come from this alone, just the feeling of your cock encased in denim rubbing against me…the delicious friction sending shivers down to the tips of my toes.

But I want more…I want you inside me.

“I have an idea.”

The sentence comes from you in an almost harsh…breathy and needy voice, I’m glad you’re feeling the same way I am.

You pull me to my feet and lead me a little into the thicket of bushes just beside the blanket. I smile as you stop and take me back into your arms. My body quickens, we are basically hidden, but at anytime, anyone can come upon us. The idea makes my heart beat faster.

I grind against you…pressing myself close as you turn me in your arms. My back to your front as your breath brushes over my ear when you whisper to me,

“Think they can see us baby…You would like that wouldn’t you?” I moan low in response, “You want an audience don’t you…you want them to see me fuck you?”

Your words make my whole body clench as your hands slowly pull the straps of my dress from my shoulders and your hands move to cup my aching breasts, the combination of the summer breeze and your fingertips tugging lightly make them hard as cherry pits.

I reach behind me, sliding my hand between us and tugging at the button fly opening on your jeans, two tugs and your hot, hard cock is in my hand. I squeeze your shaft, sliding the length slowly between my fingers, from base to tip, letting my fingers tease over the head and collect the little bit of pre-cum gathered there.

I love hearing your little intake of breath, the slight shift in your hips as you push your cock through my fingers and the tightening of your hands on my breasts. One of your hands slips lower, bunching up the bottom of my dress and raising it before sliding into my sopping panties.

I moan as your fingers slide through my wet folds. I open my legs wider as you flick over my clit then move back pushing deep into me. I feel your teeth biting gently on the column of my throat as you work two fingers into my opening.

I move my hand faster, stroking you. For ever stroke I am awarded with your fingers pushing in and out of me, filling me then pulling back.

I tilt my head to the side as my hips work with you, my pussy clenching and unclenching around your clever fingers. My back arches as my hand strokes your cock faster and faster until we are moving together like a well lubed machine.

“Baby please,” I moan loudly, as my hand stills on your shaft, “Please…make me come.”

I hear your little chuckle in my ear as you concentrate on my clit, petting it…circling it until I explode, your other hand covering my mouth to stifle the little scream as my hips buck against your fingers, my pussy throbbing. I feel my own wetness seeping from me and coating the insides of my thighs. I turn to you and begin to kneel, ready to take your cock between my lips.

You push me back gently and come down to your knees, pulling my panties down and spreading my legs wide apart and moving your body between them.

“I need you…NOW!”

With that word you move forward and slide your cock deep inside me, filing me with one hard stroke. I moan at the sensation, my pussy grips you tight as you stop for a moment and look down at me. You watch my face as you pull back and slide in again, inch by inch…teasing me.

I turn my head and look around us, I can see through the trees, people walking about…dogs running after Frisbees…I groan as I lift my hips and meet your movements. my legs slide up and lock around your thighs.

“God baby…you feel so good.”

I barley notice the rough dirt under my back , the scraping of your jeans against my ass as you speed up, pounding into my pussy hard and fast.

You dip your head and latch onto one of my nipples, making me moan as I skim my fingers through your short hair, holding your head to me.

I look up into the bright summer sky as the first wave hits me, my body shakes under yours, my hips jerking as my pussy clamps down hard, I feel my wetness running slowly down the crack of my ass, tickling my rear passage.

I cover my mouth, biting my wrist to stifle my cries as you grip my hips and lift me up to receive your thrusts, your fingers digging into the soft flesh of my bottom. I cry out over and over as your cock fills me. I look at you as I come again, eyes locked with yours and I feel your fingertips lightly teasing my asshole.

“Yes baby…come…for…me.”

Each word is punctuated with a hard thrust as you reach for your own pleasure. I sit up a bit and run my tongue down your throat, then cry out as my hands move to your ass and dig in hard, holding you deep inside me as I come one last time bringing you over the edge with me.

Your lips lock with mine and I capture your moans as I feel the first spasm inside me, your cock jumps and pulses, filling me.

I slide my hands up your back, gripping your shoulders as you slow and then still, My legs locked around you and my lips still moving with yours.

I pull back when I hear a small noise to my left.

“SHIT!” I hiss as we part quickly and stand, me pulling down my dress and adjusting myself, you shucking up your jeans.

I can’t help but laugh as you almost fall over in your haste.

We settle back on the blanket as a little squirrel comes running out of the bushes and darts up a tree.

We look at each other and start to laugh. I guess we did have an audience after all!

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