Chapter Nine – Teasing My Friends

She stood and walked to the window. It was now dark outside and every light in her apartment was brightly lit because we had been painting. I was dizzy and I didn’t know if my dizziness was from the freshly painted walls or from watching Kathleen immodestly and immorally stand by her window naked. With no shade, curtain, or blind to preserve her modesty, she was shockingly exposed to anyone looking. Staring at the back of her, I could see the front of her by her reflection in the window. Her mirrored reflection gave her an angelic like appearance, as if she was a ghostly figure haunting me now in the way that she surely would years from now.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her naked form. Having never seen a naked woman before that wasn’t a forbidden image in an X-rated magazine, I could get enough of seeing her ass, her tits, and her pussy. She was so beautiful and I was in love with her. From any angle, the back, the front, and the side, she had such a shapely body, a body that every woman should have but that so few had. In the way that a bodybuilder was blessed with genetics to build muscles, she was blessed with beauty. I felt as if I was staring at a piece of sculptured art or a naked perfectly formed and anatomically correct mannequin in a department store window. She was pure perfection from any angle and in every way. Glad that she was mine, she was my wicked older girlfriend.

As if her window was a mirror that the light reflected her nakedness, clearly, I could see her tits and her pussy from where I sat. I stared at her ass, as I fingered the head of my cock. Just looking at her standing there naked made me horny again. By just the naked sight of her, I wanted to have sex with her, again. Then, when she touched her body, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As if she was a naked dancer Go-go, in a window on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans, I watched her feeling her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples, and reaching down and fingering her pussy. Being that she was giving me a private masturbation show, I couldn’t help but stare.

With her legs spread wide and her pussy pushed forward, she leaned back and put her weight on her haunches to reach all the way back with her palms on the floor behind her. Wow! Giving the Olympic gymnastic champion Nadia Comeneci a run for her money, I didn’t know she had gymnastics skills. Returning to a standing position, she rested her head back and closed her eyes, while she slowly, sexually, and seductively danced, as if she was a naked stripper on stage. As if I wasn’t even there and was watching a live sex show, she touched herself everywhere that I imagined touching her and everywhere I had already touch her. This sexy show was so hot, too hot not to have an audience and I wished my four, horny friends were here to see this.

She was sizzling. She was making me mad with desire for her. Yet, I couldn’t stop staring nor did I want to interrupt her dance by touching her. I just wanted to watch what she’d do next. I needed to see how far she’d go. Only, I’d think, with her doing such a sexy dance, that she’d turn to face me. Wasn’t she dancing expressly for me, after all. Wasn’t this sexy, naked show my reward for helping her paint her walls? Unable to see her face in the reflection of the window, I’d have love to see the expression she had on her face and to know what she was thinking. Was she thinking about me, while dancing in that way or was she thinking about someone else, an old boyfriend from her past, perhaps, or a new boyfriend in her future. I didn’t know. Actually, if she was thinking of someone other than me, I didn’t want to know.

It was then that I now believed Anthony, when he said he had seen her that night when he was out on the ledge, after his parents had been fighting. He didn’t want to hear them fighting, he said. He wanted to be alone with his thoughts, he said. Now I believed him, when he told us that he had looked up and had seen Kathleen standing there naked, as if she was purposely exposing herself to him. Maybe she was erotically dancing for him in the way she was now dancing for me. Maybe she didn’t know that anyone could see. Maybe she didn’t know he was there. Then, again, maybe she did.

It was an incredible sight to see, one I was so lucky and happy to behold. I was mesmerized by her sexy sexual and sensual erotic actions. Instantly, I had an erection. As if I wasn’t even there in the room with her, certainly, the sight of her was more erotic with her turned away from me, than if she was facing me. More caught up in her face than in her body, had she been facing me, I would have missed more of her naughty show.

Certainly, more arousing and artistic in nature that I could see her reflection through the window than seeing her straight on because, still, I waited for her to turn and dance expressly for me. Even more exciting, in the way that she ignored me by not turning around to face me, she made me feel as if she was alone in the room and I was a voyeur watching her from afar. As if I was a peeper, I felt so wickedly depraved watching her perverse, private dancing show of touching and of masturbation. I pretended she was Goldie Hawn on Laugh-in and instead of dancing for the viewer audience, she was dancing just for me.

Slowly dancing, she swayed her hips to her imagined music, while moving her body from side to side. Except for some sexy celebrity in a movie or on television, I had never seen a woman move her body in that way fully dressed, never mind naked. An arousing sight to behold, I continued watching her without ever taking my eyes off her. I imagined, no I wished that there was someone out there, who could see her to appreciate this sudden, erotic, private show that she gave me and that was exclusively all mine. Still, imagining someone watching her, imagining someone could see her, I wanted him, whoever he was, and everyone else to know that Kathleen belonged to me. Not the jealous type, just the opposite, excited that someone else would sexually want my woman in the way that I sexually wanted her, it was okay for someone to look, so long as they didn’t touch.

She made me feel wickedly naughty to think that someone might see her, my new wicked older girlfriend, and my lover naked. Alas, unless they were dumb enough to climb out on the narrow ledge and stand precariously upon it, while squatting down and holding onto the fence, there was just no way that anyone could see her. Besides, who in the Hell would go to such extremes of doing that, anyway, standing out on the ledge, just to see Kathleen dancing naked, touching herself, and masturbating? I laughed with the thought that every guy from 18-year-old to 88-year-years-old would be standing out on that ledge, as well as some women, too, if only they knew that Kathleen was giving a free naked show for anyone and all to see. If only they knew she was shamelessly dancing naked with the lights out and in front of her windows without shades, curtains, or blinds to conceal all that they could see of her.

It stirred my imagination that she was an exhibitionist and I wondered just how adventurous of an exhibitionist she was. With her not shy about showing her naked body, I imagined all the naughty and sexy games we could play. I imagined her taking me for a ride in her car, while she flashed her tits to the truckers on the road or raised her skirt high enough for the toll booth attendant to get a glimpse of her panties or, knowing her as I do now, not wearing panties, and flashing her pussy. I imagined her climbing the cemetery fence without wearing panties to walk her dog, while I stood and watched the reaction of unsuspecting men passing by, who got a good glimpse of her naked ass and bushy pussy. I imagined her trying on clothes in a department store dressing room without closing the curtain all the way and giving all those bored boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends and horny husbands waiting for their wives a show of her hot body.

‘Gees, I was already so horny thinking of all the hot fun that I could have with her at the mall. Only, we’d have to travel to a distant mall, one in New Hampshire, so that no one would recognize me with my slutty, older girlfriend.’

I imagined her flashing a shoe store salesman her panties or her pussy, while he helped her try on boots a size too small. I imagined her sitting at the food court with her knees spread open wide enough for an audience of men to see between her legs. I imagined her shopping for furniture and climbing on an off a bed or climbing in and out of a chair, while exposing herself. I imagined going to the beach with her and her emerging from the water without her bikini top. I imagined all the men who’d volunteer to help her find her bra. I imagined us going to a nude beach and her being the woman possessing the best body. I imagined the pillow talk we’d have later about all of her exhibitionistic flashing, while asking her how she felt about showing her hot body to other men besides me, her new, young boyfriend.

Then, I imagined myself on the other side of the window watching her erotic show of touching and masturbation, while I played with my cock. I imagined myself standing on the narrow ledge, while watching her sexy show. I imagined myself before I met her and as would a stranger, who had happened along and was lucky enough to witness such a sight. Never does anything, such as that ever happen to me, a naked woman in a window sexily, sexually, and unashamedly playing with her shapely body.

I imagined being in the park, on the other side of the window with the both of us masturbating for one another’s pleasure, while I watched her and she watched me. Yet, I didn’t have to imagine anything. I was there and she was here now in front of me giving me a such a thrilling sexual show. Here she is and even though I’m seeing her from the other side, she still made me excited to imagine someone other than me seeing her from the street. Such a sexy woman, I can’t believe she’s all mine.

She touched herself, as if I wasn’t even there, while standing before her window without a shade appearing so much like one of those New Orleans prostitutes, who stand in the window giving those who pass by a free show of exhibitionism, hoping someone will take them up on their advertised special offer and come inside. Up until that point, I thought it was only guys who flashed their bodies and masturbated. Up until that point, I thought it was only guys who exposed themselves to women. Up until that point, I thought it was only guys who were horny. Up until that point, I didn’t know anything. With still a lot to learn, now I do.

A bit behind sexually, as were most young adults my age back then, my parents never told me about the birds and the bees and there wasn’t any sex education classes in school. It wasn’t until my 13th birthday that my friends straightened me out explaining about cats and dogs. Up until that point, I thought all dogs were male and all cats were female. I felt stupid thinking that and, fortunately, I never told anyone. I also thought that a couple immediately had a baby, once they were married. I didn’t know they had to have sex and intercourse for the woman to become pregnant. Just as I know so little now attracted to and attached to such a worldly woman, what did I know? Yet, with such a great teacher, my cougar and her virginal cub, I was learning.

“Your friends…” she said pausing and preoccupied with touching herself, as if she was thinking about what to say next before saying it.

“My friends? What about my friends?”

“Do you think they might be interested…?” She said that surreally, as if she was somewhere else far away. Again, she paused. I watched her feel her tit with one hand, while her fingers deftly played with her nipple, while the other hand rubbed her clit.

“Interested? Interested in what?”

I was more interested in watching her masturbate than in listening to what she was saying. Her voice, was much like the broadcast signal that comes on the television before the programming begins and continues after the programming ends. Unless she was saying dirty things, something so erotically sexual, her voice was so much like distortion and annoying static that interrupted my erotic fantasy of her masturbating for my private, personal pleasure. Watching her touch herself was nothing like I have ever seen and better than any fantasy that I have ever could have imagined, when alone in my room masturbating. I wanted to watch her cum.

“…in helping me around the house, too?”

Too busy watching her masturbate, I didn’t get her implication. Her body shuddered with the orgasm she gave herself, as soon as she started talking about my friends helping her…around the house. Never had I seen anything like this before. She gave me another huge erection watching her. Too young to attend a striptease show, this was better than any strippers’ show that I could have imagined.

“What? Did you say something? Pardon? I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear your question? Please repeat what you just said,” I said finally returning to reality from my erotic fantasy of watching her masturbate.

How could I possibly hear what she had to say? I was too busy watching the show and watching her. Having never seen a woman masturbate before, not even realizing that women masturbated, too, she had just masturbated herself. Oh, my God. What’s next? What can this woman possibly do as an encore to that purely sexy, personal show.

“Do you think your friends would help me around the house?” This time, when she asked the question, she turned to look at me.

I was too naïve to understand her meaning. Help her around the house? I looked around her small apartment and after we finished painting it, what more work could she possibly need? Her place looks good to me. Maybe, she has a cellar. Maybe, she needs help to clean out her cellar. Maybe she wants my friends to wash her car and/or walk her dog or to help build a deck on her roof, where she can hang out her laundry and tanning. Maybe she wants a place to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Speaking of fireworks, she just give me fireworks by showing me her exploding with an orgasm. Trying to see what chores she needed down, I really couldn’t think of any that my friends could do for her.

“Sure, I can ask them. What do you need them to do?”

As soon as I stood up from the floor and saw her standing by her window without a shade in the bright light of the room, I saw the silhouette of my four horny, virginal friends staring back at us from across the park. They were all there watching her. Somehow standing on that little narrow ledge so much like sardines packed on a Japanese commuter train platform, while waiting for the express train that had been eternally delayed, they were who she was giving a show to and not me.

Now, I knew what she was doing and what she wanted help around the house with, but I still couldn’t believe it to be true. I thought she was my woman. I thought I was special to her. I didn’t know that I was just another cock to her. I thought only guys viewed women like that, as just another piece of ass and as just another conquest. I didn’t realize that she thought of me as just another piece of meat.

Suddenly, I felt so used and abused but, honestly, I liked the feeling. Then, in a rush of emotion, suddenly, I was insanely jealous. Never has a woman stirred such emotions of possession in me before, not even Victoria, my prom date. Never had I met a woman such as this. Never had I fantasized that such a woman even existed. As if she was my wet, warm, semen that collected in my hand, after I masturbated, she was sliding away and slipping through my fingers to fall in the arms of my four friends.

To be continued…

This story is a little longer than my usual and I was going to split it into two episodes, but I know how much I hate waiting for the second or third part of a story to appear so I am submitting it all as one story.

******* ******* *******

Ruthie sat pondering her next words to Gary. She had to face him when she got home after work today. She hoped the plan would work. He’d left for three days at a seminar the morning after she’d been out with the girls until two in the morning. She hadn’t had time to tell him about what happened and she knew she had to tell him before he heard it from someone else and jumped to some wrong conclusions. She was afraid she couldn’t get enough of the story out before he would shut her down and not let her tell the whole story, so she and her two friends devised a plan they thought would work..

Ruthie had gone with the girls from work to dinner and for a few drinks on Tuesday night. They got together about once a month for a girls night out. All six of them are married, so the husbands don’t seem to mind. Usually things wind down and they are all home by ten-thirty or eleven o’clock, but Tuesday had been different. Different was hardly a strong enough word. Tammy had a phone call during dinner that changed the nature of the evening altogether.

Tammy was the youngest of the group and the only one who admitted to having had sex outside her marriage. She told the group a couple of months ago that her husband had some unusual fantasies and she had helped him live one of them out. Tammy’s husband Greg had wanted to watch her have sex with another man, and then join in. They had done that twice and Tammy told the gang that it was amazing! Then she revealed that the man they’d had threesomes with had asked her to meet him alone and she had done it. Tammy said, “Paul was even more amazing when we were alone than when Greg was there. He fucked me three times in just over two hours, then got hard again when I licked him clean from the last time. I kept sucking and within a few minutes, he exploded in my mouth and immediately drew me up and kissed me while his cum was still in my mouth. We swapped it back and forth and both swallowed part of the load.” She was getting excited just telling us about it. She continued, “When I went home and told Greg, I was afraid he’d be furious, but he was totally turned on and ripped my clothes off, turned me over and started fucking me doggy style. He blew an amazing load and we turned over and went to sleep in each other’s arms.” She just sat back and smiled.

Back to Tammy’s phone call. It was Greg, and he wanted her to come and do a striptease at a bachelor party he was attending for one of his old college buddies. They had talked about similar things when discussing fantasies and both thought it would be really sexy. Tammy agreed to go and then Greg asked her, “Do you think you could talk any more of the women into coming with you and participating?”

Tammy told him she’d check and call him back right away. She didn’t want to announce to everyone what she was doing, but she asked Ruthie to go to the ladies room with her. As soon as they got out of earshot she told Ruthie what she was doing and asked her, “Ruthie, “I know you told me that you and Gary have had lots of talks about fantasies and one of them was you exposing yourself to another man or men. What about living out his fantasy tonight by joining me at the bachelor party and doing a strip for the guys, teasing and flirting with them?”

Ruthie was a little startled, but asked a few questions. “Are we expected to have sex with them? Because, I couldn’t do that. And, I’m worried about being recognized and talked about around town.”

Tammy said, “The sex is up to you. I’ll probably at least give the bachelor a blow job,but you can just be there to tease and flirt if that’s what you want. As far as being recognized, I have the perfect answer. I have several of the bright Fluorescent colored wigs we can wear and a simple eye mask with that would work to disguise you. It will work so well, Gary probably wouldn’t even recognize you without a close examination.” It seemed she had all of the right answers, and it sounded exciting, so Ruthie agreed to go along.

Ruthie called Gary to let him know she’d be late as she had to help Tammy with a small project that evening. Gary said, “Okay hon, just try not to wake me when you come in since I leave early in the morning for the seminar. I’ll see you Friday evening. Love you!”

When Ruthie left with Tammy they went to Tammy’s home. Ruthie was surprised to find Tammy’s twin sister, Tiffany there too. Evidently, Greg had called her as well. Ruthie had no idea Tammy even had a twin, but looking at them left no question they were at least sisters. They truly looked the part of identical twins. The strange thing was that Ruthie could easily pass as a sister to either of them. They were all the same size and build. About five-five and 115 pounds with 34b, firm, pointy tits. Ruthie is thirty-five and the Twins are thirty-four, so even their ages are close. Tammy said, “let’s get dressed quickly and go meet Greg at the party. I’ve got enough sexy lingerie for all of us and I have five wigs and masks so we can each have our choice.

As they were dressing Ruthie noticed the wide selection of lingerie in Tammy’s collection. She commented on it saying, “Wow Tammy, you and Greg really get into this lingerie stuff don’t you?”

“Yeah, we enjoy playing when we’re alone.” Tammy quickly pulled out her choices for each of the girls. They were going to look like triplets, all wearing essentially the same stuff, just in different colors. Tammy chose Red, Ruthie selected purple, and Tiffany in blue. The wigs were fantastic in medium length vibrant colors with bangs, and Tammy took only minutes to fit each of them with hair caps and the wigs. They were on so securely they surely wouldn’t fall off accidentally even with a lot of dancing and moving. Once they were all dressed, Tammy grabbed her camera, set it on the table and set the self-timer so she could get a quick picture of all three of them.

Soon after leaving Tammy’s house, they were pulling up in front of the home where the bachelor party was located. They entered together through the back door and spotted Greg right away. He ushered them into the back bedroom and complimented all three on how sexy they looked. He asked, “How far are you girls prepared to go? Are you going to go topless, bottomless, do lap dances, play touchy-feely or maybe even do a blow job or two or even fuck one or more of the guys?”

Ruthie spoke up immediately, “As for me, I’ll go nude, but no sex. Maybe a little touchy-feely or a few gropes, but no penetration of any kind. I don’t mind what Tammy or Tiffany want to do.”

Tiffany then spoke, I’m with Ruthie. I’m married and I’m going to be in enough trouble when Pete finds out I did a striptease here. If I had any kind of sex with one of these guys, Pete would never forgive me.”

Tammy then looked at Greg and asked, “The rest is up to you. How far do you want me to go? You know I’ll do whatever turns you on. You just let me know how far to go.”

Greg pulled her to him, kissed her and said, “You go girl! Do whatever feels right to you. If you want to give a few blow jobs, get fucked a few times, or even take it up the rear, it is totally up to you. You know I enjoy this as much as you will and the more the better as far as I’m concerned.”

Greg returned to the living room where all twelve guys were sitting drinking beer and watching porn on the tube. Greg announced, “Gentlemen, the entertainment has arrived, just a few rules. First, No means NO. If one of the girls says no to anything you’d better respect her wishes. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask, but if one tells you not to touch her, respect her wishes. I think you’ll all have a great time.”

The three of them strutted out into the living room. They took the bachelor of the hour by the hand and seated him in the middle of the room and began dancing and prancing all around him. Each of the girls took a turn sitting on his lap and making out a little. Tiffany was the first to start undressing him as she unbuttoned his shirt. Ruthie then finished the shirt off sliding it off his shoulders. Then while still on his lap, she kissed him while tweaking his nipples. Roger, the bachelor, then began touching Ruthie by stroking her shoulders as they kissed. He slid the bra straps off her shoulders and quickly unhooked the front-closing bra. It dropped to the floor as they continued the kiss and he gently began rubbing her tits. Finally, Ruthie jumped up from his lap and Tammy moved in. Tammy immediately removed her bra and began playing tongue tag with Roger. His hands were all over her tits as they passionately made out.

Tammy kissed his ear as she whispered, “We’re gonna have some real fun before this is all over.” She kept kissing as she unbuckled his belt and slid it out of his pants. Roger stood her up and slipped her bikini panties off to the floor leaving her in just a red thong and her garter belt and stockings.

Tiffany then moved in to stand him up and slide his trousers down. Roger stepped out of them as he removed Tiffany’s bra. Her nipples were at full attention as he began sucking on them and squeezing her ass. Tiffany was obviously enjoying herself as she gave no objections as Roger stripped off her bikini panties and resumed his groping of her ass cheeks. Tiffany finally pushed away and Ruthie briefly stepped back in dropping his boxers to the floor and thrusting her tongue down his throat while he twisted her nipples in his fingers. Ruthie could tell she was getting too hot so she stepped back away and Tammy moved in for the finish. She dropped to her knees and took Roger’s member fully in her mouth. She sucked and bobbed for just about a minute when he groaned loudly, “Cummmmmmminnnngg!” as he shot his load fully into her mouth. Tammy sucked him dry and then turned to show everyone the cum in her mouth just before she swallowed it all.

Tammy wasn’t satisfied as she called out, “Whose next!” Joe stepped up and claimed the seat as all three girls immediately went to work stripping him as they teased and kissed him. As soon as he was naked, his member showed it was already hard as a rock. Tammy, seeing this pulled him out of the chair and draped herself over it screeching, “Fuck Me quick and hard!”

Joe didn’t hesitate as he mounted her doggie-style plunging into her fully in one thrust. The other two girls had their hands all over him as he pumped away. Another guy stepped up and grabbed Ruthie and kissed her deeply. She responded by rubbing her hands over his chest. He quickly pulled her to the side to a chair and tried to bend her over the chair. Ruthie spoke up, “Absolutely no penetration, Play if you want, but don’t even think about trying to fuck me.” He backed off but kept her there in an embrace as they let their hands wander all over each other. Finally, Ruthie whispered for him to ease up a bit or back off completely. They just made out for a few minutes. Ruthie wanted to leave as did Tiffany, so the two of them went back to the bedroom and got dressed. Tammy stayed with the guys for about thirty more minutes, fucking two more and giving a couple more blow jobs.

Tammy then went back to the bedroom, dressed quickly and the three girls left. Both Ruthie and Tiffany were worried what was going to happen when their husbands were told what happened. Both Tiffany and Ruthie determined to tell their spouses immediately before they heard about it from someone else even though they felt secure that no one had recognized them. Tammy had a plan for both of them. Since Tiffany’s husband was out of town hunting until Sunday, they decided to work Tammy’s Plan Friday night when Ruthie’s husband got home from his seminar.

On Friday as Gary walked in the front door, he saw a piece of paper conspicuously on a dining room chair in the middle of the living room with “GARY” printed in large words. He picked up the paper, turned it over and found a note reading, “Welcome home Gary. Have a seat in the chair. Today some of my girlfriends are here and we want you to see if you can recognize them. They have costumes for a Halloween party next month and want to be well disguised. After you look them over closely, try to guess their identities. One you may not know, but it is up to you to figure out the other two. They will not speak, so you have to find other ways to guess. I’ll be watching, so don’t get too frisky! Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!” There was a video camera facing the chair with its red light blinking.

Gary followed directions and took a seat after putting his briefcase and suit coat on the sofa. “This looks like fun,” he thought.

He was right, it was fun. Shortly after he sat down, some music began playing and he saw the three girls strutting down the stairs in their full dress lingerie and wigs with masks in place. He didn’t imagine one of them being Ruthie. The wigs and the strange lingerie threw him off track. He started trying to guess who it could be

but was drawing a blank.

As the girls entered the living room, they circled Gary, dancing seductively and keeping time to the music. Tiffany was the one girl Gary had never met, so she led things off by running her fingers over Gary’s shoulders as she danced by him. Tiffany get in close and bent down to kiss him gently on the lips and unbutton his first couple of buttons on his shirt. Gary didn’t resist anything, so she continued unbuttoning and slid his shirt off his back. Tiffany then bent in and stuck her tongue in his ear and hummed, then quickly massaged his nipples with her fingernails. (Ruthie had clued her in that he really loved that.) Before stepping back, Tiffany unfastened her bra and slid it off. Gary reached up for her tits, but she escaped backing away.

Ruthie was next. She came behind Gary and scratched his back with her fingernails and dug them into his back a little. Then she bent down and licked where she had dug her nails in. Next she sat on Gary’s lap facing him and kissed him being careful not to use any of their little secret kisses. She purposefully used her tongue roughly and crudely in his mouth. She thought, “This is really great, he doesn’t have a clue that it’s me.” With that, she unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his pants while backing away and removing her bra. Gary gasped as her got a clear view of her nipples. They were very red, Ruthie had used rouge on them to make them darker and more red than usual.

Tammy was next, and she removed her bra before she approached him. She came up to Gary, sat in his lap, and kissed him deeply. During the kiss, she took his hands and placed them on her tits. Gary got the message and immediately began caressing her nipples and bent down to suck on one then the other. Tammy moaned softly. Then she stood him up and pulled his trousers down to his ankles. He had formed a big bulge in the front of his boxers. She brushed her hand across the bulge and watched it twitch. As she stepped back, she slid her bikini panties to the floor leaving her in just the garter belt, stockings, and thong. Tammy backed in toward Gary until she felt his hands cup her ass cheeks.

Ruthie stepped away and pointed at the other two indicating they should drop their panties too. Both complied right away, and Tiffany stepped up to Gary, placing his hands on her tits and Gary did his job massaging and tweaking the nipples. Tiffany bent down to kiss Gary and their tongues tangled. She then sat on his lap, and you could see Gary melt as he felt her ass against his growing bulge. She wiggled a few times then stood and backed away.

Now it was Ruthie’s turn again. She kissed Gary quickly and took her seat on his lap facing him and pinched his nipples with the tips of her fingernails. Gary groaned a little. Ruthie then stood back up and stood Gary up from the chair. She reached down and grabbed his crotch for just a minute, then grabbed the waistband of his boxers and shoved them to the floor. She then stepped back, looked at the girls, and put her thumbs in the waistband of her thong. She shook her head yes at the girls and they followed suit as all three now revealed their freshly shaved pussies. Gary had tried to convince Ruthie for some time to shave, but she had shied away from doing it. The girls had discussed this final way to disguise their identities. Tammy had done it some time back, but Tiffany and Ruthie both thought this was a great last step to change their appearance.

With all three bare pussies staring Gary in the face, Tiffany handed Gary a piece of paper that said, “Who am I?” The other two did the same.

Gary broke the silence saying, sorry, “I just don’t have a clue, I’m not used to looking at my wife’s friends naked.”

With that, Tammy sat Gary back down on the chair and backed her ass into his chest and wiggled a little. Ruthie pulled Gary’s hands behind his back and tied them with his belt. Then Ruthie stepped up and sat on Gary’s lap again facing him and maneuvered herself until his rigid cock was flirting with the entrance to her pussy. Gary tried to jump up at that and said, “I can’t go any further. I love my wife and won’t cheat on her!”

The three girls forced him to sit down again and Ruthie mounted him struggling. Once she had his cock fully in her pussy, she reached up and ripped off the wig, hair cap and mask and said, “I love you too honey, now fuck me good and hard.”

Gary was amazed that he hadn’t recognized his wife. Tiffany released his hands and he rolled her to the floor and fucked her royally, both of them cumming in minutes. Gary then said, “I had no idea it was you. I thought you were sitting in another room watching what the video camera was capturing. I hope there’s a tape for us to watch together later!”

Once that was settled, the four of them laughed and hugged. Ruthie told Gary the story of the bachelor party, and he was a little shocked, but after a little discussion, decided it was great. After all, it was one of his fantasies. He just wished he’d been there to see it. They all laughed and Tammy then said, “Your wife did nothing more than Tiffany and I did to you tonight at the party. The guys are begging Greg for contact info for the girls from the party, but he won’t give it up.” She smiled and said, Greg and I have done a little experimenting and he’s open to me fucking other men as long as I don’t hide it from him. In fact, he loves to be there when I do it. I did fuck several of the guys at the party the other night, and Greg and I have a great time recalling my adventures! Just one more thing Gary, I’d love to get Ruthie’s permission to fuck you too sometime.”

Ruthie piped in, “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen soon. How does that saying go, ‘When Pigs fly?’”

Gary jumped in the conversation. He looked like a light bulb just went off in his head. “Hey, you know I have that poker night with my old fraternity brothers from several years coming up in a couple weeks up in Gainesville. How about I arrange for you three to be the cocktail waitresses and entertainment for the party. The guys start arriving on Friday night but the real party starts Saturday afternoon and runs all night until the last dog dies Sunday sometime. I could easily arrange for Greg and for Tiffany’s husband to be included as bartenders so we could all watch the fun. That way, you girls could start off slow, maybe even wear a skirt and blouse over the lingerie and gradually lose an article of clothing here and there. Personally, I’d love to see Ruthie as naked as she was tonight with all those guys acting like horn dogs drooling over her.

Tammy broke out in a huge grin saying, “I wonder how many of them I could fuck in 24 hours?” She looked at Ruthie and asked, “How about you Ruthie, are you gonna just tease the guys, or will you get in on a little of the action?”

“Oh! I couldn’t do anything more than I’ve done already. I would never do anything to damage my relationship with the best husband in the world. I feel very fortunate he’s being so accepting of what we did already.”

Gary just smiled and said, “Well, it all does sound exciting to me. We’ll talk more next week after you guys do your show like tonight for Tiffany’s husband Pete. When are you going to do that?”

We probably should do it Sunday as soon as he’s back home from his hunting trip. I’d like to do it just like we did for you Gary, what do you all think?”

Gary said, “How could any guy get mad when he faces a presentation like that?”

He was right, Sunday went much like Friday night’s activities at Ruthie and Gary’s house. Pete thought it was the sexiest show he’d ever seen and was beginning to think he recognized Tiffany when the girls stripped off their thongs and revealed their bare pussies. He too had tried to convince her to shave several times but had always been turned down cold. After much discussion, and Greg and Gary coming in to talk, it was agreed that the girls would ‘perform’ at Gary’s Fraternity poker bash. Now it was merely two weeks away and the girls got busy and found matching skirts and blouses to wear over the lingerie to make the mystery last longer.

The Friday night before the poker party, Gary and Ruthie sat down to talk about the impending events. Ruthie started things off by asking Gary, “Honey, are you really comfortable with me ending up totally nude in front of those guys? You know some of them will cop a feel, grope my tits, and who knows what else they’ll try.”

Gary thought as minute before speaking, then said, “Let me go over this all in my mind overnight, but here is how I am feeling right now. I loved the show you girls put on for me and it was an even greater turn on knowing you were doing it for Pete a couple days later. We have talked about our fantasies, and you know one of mine was to have you expose yourself to other men. So as far as its gone now, I am thrilled. Now, as to what you should or should not do tomorrow and into Sunday, I think I want to tell you to do whatever feels good to you at the time. Let me think in more detail tonight and we’ll talk in the morning, okay?”

They slept soundly that night and when Ruthie woke up in the morning, Gary had a cup of coffee on her nightstand. Gary said he wanted to say a few things then listen to any thoughts or questions Ruthie had. She nodded in agreement. “Sweetheart, you are the world to me. We have both discussed our fantasies and I feel that we are totally open with one another. Saying that, I trust you totally. So, If you are enjoying the flirting and teasing, great! You deserve to have a good time. I will enjoy watching whatever you do. If one of the guys is feeling you up and you are enjoying it, go for it! If someone kisses you and it feels good, kiss him back. If one of the guys wants to pinch your nipples, rub your pussy, or whatever, you be the judge. Just Enjoy yourself and remember I am enjoying watching you show off and have fun. When we leave Sunday night, it will be all over. It will be just the two of us together and we’ll have lots of hot memories to spice up our sex life for a long time. Once again, I love you unconditionally.”

“Wow!” Ruthie exclaimed, “That was a mouthful and I think I understand the spirit in which it was said. Just know that if anything seems to you to be getting out of hand, Just stand up and make sure I see you signaling and I’ll stop what I’m doing immediately no matter what is going on. I can’t imagine letting it get out of hand, but you are right, it will be a hot time and no one will know me so who knows what may happen. I will never intentionally betray your trust. If I have doubts, I’ll come to you and ask.”

Tiffany and Pete had a similar conversation, Pete adding, “You three are such a team! You look so much alike and carry off your teasing so well that I get excited even when you touch someone on the arm flirting with them. I loved watching you on Gary’s tape, it gives me an idea what to expect at the poker game. All three of you will have to fight off the hounds you’ll have them so aroused. I know you’ll have a great time teasing, flirting, touching and being touched. I’ll have a terrific time watching you expose yourself to those guys and teasing and touching them. We need to make sure we get as much of it on tape as we can without putting a damper on the activities.”

Friday right after work all three of the girls and their husbands jumped in Gary’s van for the trip up to Gainesville. That would give them time to get a good nights sleep and plenty of time Saturday to get ready. About twenty minutes into the trip, Greg had a suggestion. “Why don’t we start getting ready for tomorrow right now? I think we should have all the girls switch who they are sitting next to so no one is with their husband. Then peel off their tops and get used to having their tits on display. Each guy should play with the tits of the girl next to him and see who can get the hardest nipples!”

Tammy announced, “Everyone ignore my pervert husband. He just wants to get his jollies off by feeling everyone’s tits.”

Ruthie said, “I agree with Tammy, but it wouldn’t hurt for us to take off our tops and let our own husbands have a little fun. After all, tomorrow all they will get is an eye-full.” She immediately unbuttoned her blouse and took it and her bra off Gary wasted no time in getting his free hand on her nipple.

Gary complained, “I only have one free hand. I think I’m going to stop and have Ruthie drive so I can play as much as everyone else.” With that, he pulled over, jumped out and ran around the van as Ruthie slid over into the driver’s seat.

It was only minutes until all three guys were sucking tits. After about an hour, Ruthie pulled over and announced, “Someone else has to take a turn driving so I can enjoy this fully too.” Greg and Tammy took their turn in the front seat.

Tiffany was in the very back of the van with Pete and she was totally naked while Pete was eating her pussy and sucking on her clit. Ruthie immediately slid out of her skirt and undid Gary’s pants freeing his stiff cock. Ruthie bent down and took his cock in her mouth and took it fully down her throat. Thirty seconds later, Gary was groaning as he unloaded his sperm down her throat. Ruthie swallowed every drop. The activities continued for the whole four hour trip to Gainesville. When they arrived at the Cabot Lodge in Gainesville, they were ready for a quick bite to eat and a good nights sleep. They drove down the street to grab a sandwich at Jimmy John’s, and then all headed back for some sleep.

Saturday morning, Tammy was knocking on the adjoining door to see if Gary and Ruthie were ready for breakfast. Ruthie had just stepped out of the shower but said she’d be down in ten minutes. Everyone was really excited about the approaching activities. They were all glad they had picked the Cabot Lodge because it wasn’t where the poker party was to be held and they weren’t likely to run into the other guys who were mostly staying at the University Hilton for the game in the president’s suite. The girls all took an hour to lay in the sun by the pool before preparing for the event. They were to be at the suite to begin receiving guests (players) at three o’clock in the afternoon.

With their short skirts, blouses and four inch heels the girls all looked just like your average cocktail waitress in any club, except their bright fluorescent wigs. They decided against the masks for this trip since none of the guys had ever met any of them, but they did use heavy eye makeup to accentuate the mystery look. This would help keep the guys from knowing what they were in for as the evening wore on. As the first of the players arrived, Greg and Pete took their positions in the kitchen and behind the bar as the girls greeted the arrivals and showed them around the facility. Drinks and food were included in the players three-hundred dollar buy-in. That was to cover room rental, food and beverages for the duration. This was the first that any of the girls realized they would be tipped for their service. Tiffany noticed and told the other two, “We could easily clear enough in tips to cover all of our expenses for this trip. This is getting to be more and more fun as we go.”

By five o’clock, several tables were full and the games were underway. All three girls had served several drinks and a couple of snack trays when Tammy got a nice tip from one of the guys who told her the tips would get bigger if they lost a few clothes. The girls just smiled knowing it was going to be a long evening, Ruthie told them to relax and just see what develops as the game goes into the evening. By nine o’clock the suite was packed with most of the guys playing earnestly. Ruthie decided it was time to liven things up a bit when she got a twenty dollar tip from one of the guys who seemed to be winning. She thanked him and said, “Here’s a little reward for the nice tip!” As she unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip to the floor.

Some of the guys picked up on the hint right away and started tipping twenties as the other two lost their blouses. Still, they were modestly covered and the party continued for a while when one of the players won a three-hundred dollar pot. He called Tiffany over and asked her what it would take to get her to lose the skirt. She replied curtly, “Just tip big and see!” The winner gave her a fifty dollar bill and she dropped her skirt immediately.

Now the whole room began to understand that they could buy the girls clothes an article at a time for the right tips. Over the next few minutes, Ruthie and Tammy had also received Fifty dollar tips and lost their skirts. The girls now realized that this could be a very profitable evening, especially if they sold off all of their clothing and started doing favors for tips. The girls knew Tammy would end up the big earner but knew they could also do quite well just for a few touches allowed. It was Ruthie who first counted her tips. She had three hundred dollars stuffed in her garter belt already. Soon after, both Tiffany and Tammy were in like condition. Then Ruthie had an idea when one of the guys asked for a kiss, she told him, “The nicer the tip, the longer and wetter the kiss!” He gave her a twenty and she gave him a nice tongue kiss for a few seconds. Then everyone wanted in on the action.

Soon, each of the girls had over five hundred in their garter belts and decided to each take a short break to put the money away. Gary met them in the back bedroom collected and counted each girls money and put it in a separate envelope which he put in the hotel safe. The girls were all excited and decided to step it up a notch. They were all in bikini panties and bra by now and they determined that it would be best to get rid of the rest of their clothing as soon as possible. Each one went to a favorite player who had previously tipped well and whispered in their ears, “For $100 I’ll lose my bra and you get to keep it, plus I’ll give you a quick feel of my tits!”

Without exception, each of the guys gave their girl the money, collected the bras, and put both their hands on their tits. Ruthie stepped back after about ten seconds and the other two followed suit. Now the girls were being summoned to table after table collecting tips for a quick feel. One of Ruthie’s best tippers called her over and asked, “How much for the panties?”

“Same price as the bra and you get to keep them too.”

He handed her a hundred dollar bill as she slipped out of the panties. “Do I get to cop a feel too?” He asked.

“Only if you buy the thong too!” giggled Ruthie.

Another $100 was in her hands quickly and she stepped up to him as he grabbed her ass checks briefly then slid his hand to her bare pussy attacking her clit immediately. After about ten seconds, she stepped back again, bent down and kissed him with a lot of tongue. Tammy and Tiffany soon were in the same state of undress with other players. Ruthie’s guy pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “How about a few minutes alone in one of the bedrooms? I’d love to feel every part of your lovely body and kiss it all too.”

Ruthie thought a minute and told him she’d think about it for a few minutes and let him know. She signaled to Tammy and Tiffany and the three of them went to the back bedroom again. Gary saw them and followed. Ruthie told them about the proposal. She said to Gary first, “Hon if you say no, I will totally understand, but if you say yes, I promise their will be absolutely no penetration. If you’re agreeable, I might give him a hand-job, but whatever you say goes. He really kisses nicely and I’d really like to spend ten or fifteen minutes making out with him privately plus, it’ll cost him five-hundred dollars. So what do you think?”

Gary replied immediately, “Ruthie, I trust you and am really enjoying the show so far. I’ve loved watching these guys grab your tits and pinch your nipples. You do whatever you think you’ll really enjoy. We’ll set up the hidden camera in this bedroom and you just bring him here. We can all watch the tape later at home. This is way more fun than I ever dreamed it would be, and the cash is great!” The other girls agreed to charge the same five-hundred for ten minutes of “magic” and a thousand dollars for half an hour.

Ruthie went back to her heavy tipper (his name was Max) and told him the news and the rules, “First, you need to know there will be no penetration of any kind by you. Ten minutes will be five-hundred and half an hour will be a thousand. Is that too rich for your pocketbook?”

Max replied, “For half an hour alone with you it is a great price. Will I get to cum?”

Ruthie grinned and whispered, “For the half hour price you’d damn well better cum!”

Tiffany and Tammy soon each had ten minute customers lined up so they took the other two bedrooms. Before Ruthie and Max headed back, Ruthie took all her money to Gary in the kitchen and told him she’d told him no penetration but she’d make sure he got to cum. Gary was excited, “I can’t wait to see the tape of this when we get home. Just make sure you enjoy it as well, or its not worth any amount of money.”

“Oh, I’ll enjoy making out with him, and I may let him cum on my face and some of his cum may even drip into my mouth. Maybe I can get an extra tip from him for that, especially if I swallow it!”

Ruthie and Max headed back to the back bedroom. As soon as they stepped in the door and closed it behind them, Ruthie pulled Max’s face to hers and thrust her tongue in his mouth and pulled his hands up to her tits. After a couple of minutes, Ruthie stepped back and said, “It’s not fair for me to be the only one naked.” Max immediately stripped his clothes off and dragged Ruthie to the bed.

Max kissed her passionately and caressed her nipples with his palms, then slid down to suck on each nipple as he let his hand reach for her clit, stroking it gently. Ruthie sucked on his tongue wildly as she exploded in her first orgasm from his attack on her clit. She felt his member against her leg growing rapidly. She reached down and caressed it gently, then slid down to lick his balls as she stroked his cock. Ruthie was getting hot and really longed to be fucked but she knew she dared not cross that line. She decided to just let herself get fully aroused and to let him suck on her clit and tongue her pussy and asshole. She loved asshole play and even being fucked in the ass, but that’s one thing Gary didn’t enjoy. He would do it about four or five times a year just because he knew she loved it so much.

Ruthie had an idea, she sent a text message to Gary: “Come to the back bedroom when you can, no rush.” Then she asked if Max wanted to fuck her in the ass.

Max yelped, “You Bet I do! How much extra for that?”

“First I have to get permission from our group leader, but if he allows it, how about another five-hundred?”

“Deal! Let me get the money from my pants!”

Just as he was handing Ruthie the extra five-hundred, Gary was knocking lightly at the door. Ruthie ran over and let him in and whispered in his ear, “This is just an idea and if you say no, I’ll agree unquestionably. You don’t like fucking my ass, and Max would love to do it and pay another five-hundred to do it. I’m really enjoying him and you’ll love the tape. What do you think?”

Gary stepped back for a minute then leaned in to Ruthie’s ear and said, “Tell him its okay but it will be a thousand not just five hundred. You can handle it from here.” Then Gary left quietly.

Ruthie looked at Max with a sad face. Max assumed it meant no, but when Ruthie said, “He says its okay if you are willing to pay a thousand not just five-hundred. Sorry, but I have to go by his rules.”

Max Grinned widely saying, “Doll-baby here’s two thousand more to make sure he’s comfortable!” With that he drew her in for another passionate kiss. They locked tongues wildly and kissed and fondled for about ten more minutes before Ruthie stepped back.

“We need some lube, I wonder what they have in the bathroom here?” Stepping in the bathroom, she opened the medicine cabinet to find a bottle of baby oil. She stepped out saying, “This isn’t perfect, but it’ll get the job done.”

They collapsed on the bed in a passionate embrace. Ruthie was really loving the attention he was giving every nook and cranny of her body. Max was gentle yet persistent in aggressively pushing all of her hot buttons. Ruthie was moaning with pleasure as Max whispered, “Doll-baby your body is as smooth as a teenager. I love to feel its every quiver as I tease your skin with my fingertips.” Ruthie moaned and shuddered at his touch and his words. She wanted his cock in her pussy, but she knew that she couldn’t give in to that urge so she just soaked up all of the attention Max was giving her. Her nipples were harder than she could ever remember and her clit was throbbing as he bent down and flicked it with his tongue. She muffled her scream with a pillow as another climax washed over her body.

As soon as she settled back down, Max rolled her over and began tickling her slit all the way down to her asshole with his tongue. Next he focused just on her little pink rosebud as he thrust his tongue in as far as he could. He kept after her asshole for a couple of minutes as he oiled up his cock. Ruthie stuck the head of the bottle up her ass and squirted a generous glob up her rectum. Max went down and licked her pussy and clit for a few minutes more and Ruthie was squirming with excitement the whole time. Max rolled her over, placed a pillow under her hips, and inserted a finger up her ass. Ruthie moaned with intense pleasure at this invasion of her asshole. “Fuck my ass hard Max, show no mercy, just ram it home and fill me with your cum!”

Max obliged her request but gently thrust his cock into her ass. Ruthie relished this ‘forbidden invasion’ of her ass. She’d always loved the totally different feelings that being ass fucked brought on. She knew her orgasm would be huge as it always was on the rare occasion she could talk Gary into doing this. He was a little disgusted by the activity but tried to accommodate her desires a few times a year. Max, on the other hand, was loving every minute as his tempo increased and she could feel him begin to tense up ready to fill her with his cum. She grabbed the pillow again and buried her face it it as he began to squirt his load deep in her ass. That’s all it took to set her off as she screamed into the pillow for what seemed like five minutes. When she relaxed, she rolled over and kissed Max with a deep passionate kiss. They just rested there in each other’s arms for a few minutes before Max said, “We’d better get back to the party before everyone thinks we left altogether. They quickly cleaned up and dressed, well, Ruthie put back on her garter belt, hose, and heels and then entered the main suite.

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