Author’s Note: This story is an original work of fiction, the first of a series of stories expected to include several parts. Future additional spin-off stories starring some or all of these characters might also be forthcoming based upon response and demand. Certain characters featured herein may also be found in other works by the authors. Feedback is desired and greatly appreciated. Email comments to the address in our profile. Thank you for reading.

Copyright 2011 by Jack and Josephine Cutter.

This story stars: Adam Cross, and features Tiffany McCullough, Holli Coverton, Trent McCullough, Dave Cartwright, Benjamin Lane, Kara Simms, and Mandy Michaels.

This story contains: male-female erotic coupling, fellatio, cunnilingus, anal, analingus, group sex, strippers, lap dances, two-girl lesbian shows, and sadness, and touches upon some of the larger elements at play in the forthcoming parts of the series, which is not centered around strippers.

This story begins post-prologue on Wednesday, September 28.

* * * * *

It happened on a random Tuesday in February, an ordinary day that become something more in the worst imaginable way. He was working late when he got the call, sitting at his desk in the newsroom, punching away at his keyboard. Looking back, he could not recall what it was he’d been working on, a strange truth for a man with a near-photographic memory.

In fact, he could remember very little at all with clarity; he remembered setting the phone down, rising to his feet, and taking three steps before things get fuzzy. His co-workers have said they remember watching him move, then sway on his feet and crumple to the floor. One of them, thinking he was hurt, called an ambulance.

That was eight months ago.

Chapter One: Reluctant Participant

Tiffany McCullough squealed as her husband pounded her from behind.

The brunette beauty of twenty-eight years was bent over the bathroom counter, her weight supported by her elbows, her supple breasts so close to the marble counter that every so often the shriveled tips of her nipples would graze across the cold surface, strummed by the grout.

They had been fucking for almost half-an-hour at this point and perspiration covered her naked flesh, glistening in the dim light of the room. Trent was really laying into her, so much that when his hips banged against the soft cheeks of her ass, it almost hurt.

Almost, but not quite.

Her husband was an excellent lover and Tiffany was no slouch herself, and already she was two orgasms deep. She did not think she would make a third, which was perfectly fine because it was time for Trent to finally have his. She could tell it was coming when he spanked her ass with a heavy hand and groaned loudly.

Trent pulled out just in time to spew a load of his sticky white sauce all over the small of her back. It was a large load: Tiffany could tell by the way the deposit slid down her skin into the crack of her ass.

“Nice, baby,” she cooed as she wiggled her butt.

Trent sighed. “Better clean up before that stuff goes any lower.”

She giggled. “I don’t mind your cum on my ass. It feels nice and sticky.”

“Slut,” her husband said with a filthy grin.

“You better believe it,” she agreed, “and don’t you forget it this weekend.”

This little dalliance would be their last for several days: Trent was headed to Vegas for the bachelor party of Benjamin Lane, who was engaged to one of Tiffany’s best and oldest friends, Heather James. Tiffany knew the kind of roving eye her husband had; when single, he was a womanizer of the highest order. He had fulfilled his promise to her, however, and remained faithful over the eighteen months of their marriage; there was no need to stray, after all, as Tiffany was hot and had an enormous sex drive.

Simply stated, Tiffany loved to fuck . . . and her husband was always more than happy to oblige.

When Trent did not respond, Tiffany added, “I think it’s great that you guys are taking Adam with you. He really needs to get away. He hasn’t really been himself lately.”

Trent waved a dismissive hand. He was not the kindest nor most compassionate man in the world, nor very emotionally invested in anything, which were significant flaws Tiffany struggled against on a regular basis. “He just needs to fuck someone,” the man replied. “He’ll be fine.”

That response did not make her happy. “It’s been less than a year, Trent. We’re all still hurting; not an hour goes by that I don’t think of Jocelyn. You don’t have to be such a prick about it.”

Trent shrugged. “What did I do?”

Tiffany shot him a dirty look as she hopped in the shower to clean herself up. The soothing spray calmed her considerably, pulling her back from the edge of tears that threatened suddenly to flow. The painful grief, so heavy at first, had subsided by degrees, but still lay close enough to the surface to surprise her when she least expected it. She fought it off this time, which allowed her to reflect back to happier times.

There had been five of them: five girls growing up on a block full of boys in an affluent suburb of San Diego. Despite four years age difference between Tiffany, who at nine years old had been the oldest and the de facto leader of the group, and Josie Haynes, the youngest at five, the girls forged a friendship so strong it would last for almost twenty years. Not all of the girls went to the same elementary school, nor did all of them go to the same high school, nor the same college, yet all the girls remained very close, the bonds of their friendship extremely tight, and all had ended up eventually in the same place: the city of Los Angeles.

Kelsey had been the first to marry, taking the last name Cartwright two years earlier at age twenty-six, and as the five of them had envisioned and talked about many times over the course of their lives, the wedding ceremony had involved four maids of honor. Tiffany married next, bringing with her down the aisle three maids and one matron of honor.

And now Heather was engaged, but no longer would four others stand beside her at the altar.

Jocelyn had been diagnosed with a rare brain disease twelve months earlier. The night she broke the news to the rest of them was a night Tiffany would never forget, no matter how much she wanted to or how hard she tried: more tears and pain and heartache than any other point in her life. The disease, she told them, was swift-spreading and inoperable, and untreatable, and the doctors had given her six weeks to live. Tiffany remembered the way her heart shriveled when she heard the words.

But Jocelyn was a fighter and determined to live as long as possible, determined to squeeze every drop of life out her remaining time, and with her boyfriend, Adam, by her side she survived four long months before the disease got the best of her and she passed, at last, in her sleep.

Grief still lingered. Tiffany doubted she would ever fully heal from the loss of her friend, but one of the many wonderful things about their little group was the support system it provided, trusted people who cared enough to pick each other up when needed, to lend ears to listen and shoulders to cry on, and so Tiffany, Kelsey, Heather, and Josie comforted one another and supported one another by turns: when one faltered, the others were there to pull her through.

And so they passed together through the worst of it, those first few months of pain, to come to the place they were in now: not healed, still saddened, but accepting and ready to move forward.

The same could not be said for Adam Cross.

Though he did not outwardly show his grief over the death of his girlfriend, Tiffany knew for a fact his hurt was extreme, and the fact that he internalized it so dramatically was not a good thing. He needed to cry, something Tiffany knew he had not done. He needed to move forward, to live his life, which is what she knew Jocelyn would have wanted.

He needed to heal.

Which is why she was happy Trent and the boys were taking Adam with them to Ben’s bachelor party, if only so he could take his mind away from the grief and the memories. He was a good man and he needed to get away.

And hopefully have an amazingly fun time.

* * *

Adam Cross knew exactly what to expect and, from the very beginning, the men he traveled with did not fail him, living down to all his expectations. Sadly, that was not a compliment.

Former frat guys and Las Vegas bachelor parties did not a quiet and peaceful weekend make: they were off the plane and into the bar, followed by another, followed by another, followed by another, and by the time the third night rolled around, and three nights in Vegas is a long time, he was wondering why exactly he agreed to go in the first place.

It was a simple answer, of course, despite his ruminations: Jocelyn’s friends had begged him to. They flittered over him incessantly; it was like he’d inherited a group of mothering hens. He did not mind them doing so, in all honesty, as he fully understood why.

His understanding did not help his situation at present, however, surrounded by attractive, wealthy, relatively young and successful guys who did little to dispel such notions, which made matters worse as far as Adam was concerned: women flocked to them in droves, which was not something he particularly wished for.

He was determined not to be the guy who buzz-killed the event, however; he was a sociable guy and acted as such, and never let on that he was anything less than excited to be there. But he did not go out of his way to talk to any of the girls thrown his way, nor did he get wasted, nor did he amuse himself at either of the strip clubs they visited (the other guys were big fans, it seemed). He appeared to be enjoying himself, when really he was not.

Which is why Adam was very happy to hear the group was heading back to the hotel suite early on Saturday night, which was their last . . . until he came to understand that heading back did not mean turning in.

“We’ve arranged for a little in-suite entertainment,” said Dave Cartwright, one of the lead organizers of the event. Dave was thirty-one and successful, and had money burning a hole through his pocket. He and Trent McCullough, thirty years old and also quite well-off, had paid for most of the weekend.

Ben Lane grinned. “Sweet!” he exclaimed.

The three men were walking through the casino on their way up to the suite. Adam was a short distance behind them, walking slowly, quite unenthusiastic. The other six guys in their group had groused about not getting to come to the limited-invite hotel room party, but Dave had sent them off to another strip club with several hundred dollar bills, which seemed to cut short all the grumbling. Adam, however, had been “lucky” enough to get to join.

Trent wrapped a brotherly arm around Ben’s shoulder as they walked. “Benjamin, my friend, have you ever fucked a Vegas stripper?”

Ben was a rather sheltered individual and his eyes widened like saucers at the statement, as if the very idea that such a thing was possible had never occurred to him.

Dave chuckled and slapped him on the back. “It’s a rite of passage, my friend. Every bachelor fucks a stripper in Vegas. Why do you think so many bachelor parties come here?”

“Luckily you’re with us,” Trent told him, “which means you get the youngest, hottest, dirtiest strippers in this town . . . and you get them delivered right to your hotel room.”

Ben could hardly contain himself, he seemed so excited. “Awesome! It’s like my last night of fun before I get married,” he said.

Trent and Dave exchanged a glance.

“Are you kidding?” Trent asked. “You can fuck anyone you want, anywhere, anytime. Marriage doesn’t stop that, it just means you have to think a little bit ahead of time. If anything, fucking other women when you’re married is better than fucking other women when you’re single. The risk makes it hotter.”

Adam could not believe what he was hearing. He’d always thought Trent and Dave were arrogant, and that they went overboard flirting with women and throwing money around at strip clubs, but he never thought they would go so far as to cheat on their wives, nor consider it so casual a thing.

Dave turned back and flashed a grin. “Are you ready for a little action, Adam? There just might be some pussy with your name on it upstairs.”

Adam inclined his head but did not give any sort of response, affirmative nor negative, and then they arrived at the door to the suite, which was now being guarded by two large and very intimidating black men.

“Which one of you cats is Dave?” the big man on the right asked in a deep and booming voice.

Dave grinned. “Right here.”

“The women are ready for you inside. What the women do or do not do is of their own free will. We have received payment for their services as exotic dancers. We will remain at this door throughout the night. We also have a representative inside the room; you do NOT want him to come calling for us.”

Dave saluted the man. “Yes, sir!”

The bouncer rolled his eyes and let the group pass into the room, where much of the furniture had been cleared out of the center and four plush chairs were arranged in a semi-circle around the large open space. There was another man standing in the open area, a skinny white guy with a beard and wire-frame glasses, quite obviously the financial member of the group. There were no women present and the guys noticed.

“Where the bitches at?” Trent lamented. “I want some titties!”

“Gentlemen,” the skinny man said, “I am Edward. I will be the interior representative for the ladies tonight. The ladies are preparing themselves in the other room and will be ready in a moment. Please take your seats. Bachelor, please sit here.” He indicated one of the middle chairs. “You are not to leave your seats while the show is in progress. The dancers may touch you. You may not touch the dancers.”

Adam took the far left chair with Dave on his right, Ben to the right of Dave, and Trent next to him on the other end. He was not really looking forward to whole thing, but was also not going to spoil it for the rest of the guys. And, he reasoned, if things got too out-of-hand, he could always leave.

“Start the show, Eddie!” Dave called.

The skinny man smiled as would a teacher at a petulant child. “Gentlemen, your first performer is nineteen years old. Her name is Mandy. Enjoy.”

He flipped the button on the stereo and the music started, a bass-heavy hip-hop song without words. Seconds later, the door to one of the bedrooms opened and the first of their three entertainers was revealed, and Adam could certainly not fault his group for a lack of quality: the girl was ridiculously hot.

She was short, hardly five feet tall if it weren’t for the three-inch platform boots she wore, and stacked: huge tits, amazing curves, a Barbie doll incarnate. Bright blonde hair cascaded off her head in big, rolling waves and her eyes were piercingly blue. She was dressed as a little schoolgirl with those big white knee-high boots, an ultra-short plaid mini-skirt that covered maybe half of her wonderfully curved backside, and a sheer white blouse.

The outfit was scandalous.

She sauntered out into the center of the room, quickly appraising the situation, and as she surveyed the guys, so did the guys survey her . . . with great approval.

“Holy shit,” Ben whispered far louder than he intended.

“That’s what I’m talking about, boys!” Trent exclaimed as he leaned over to slap five with Dave. “Look at that tight little body. What a fucking slut!”

Grinning, the girl pointed right at Ben, the bachelor, and headed straight for him. She bent herself at the waist when she reached him, legs locked behind her with her body a perfect ninety-degree angle, brought her lips right up to his face, and kissed his cheek. Adam had a nice view of her thong-covered posterior as she did so and tried hard not to stare.

She spun on her heels and sauntered back to the center of the open space, swishing her hips in that sassy schoolgirl way, before she spun again and aimed for Trent. The same little act followed: point, sexy walk, bend at the waist, kiss the cheek, turn, walk, spin, and repeat. Her blouse hugged her firm breasts, crossing them just above where her nipples likely were to provide maximum cleavage pre-exposure, and every time she walked those ample mounds jiggled enticingly. And every time she bent at the waist, her skirt would rise up and expose the cheeks of her finely rounded ass to those behind her.

Dave, Trent, and Ben were hooting and hollering and slapping fives, and occasionally one of them would throw his hand up for Adam to slap, which Adam would with a friendly smile. But he remained quite obviously aloof from the frenzy of his friends, which the girl picked up on, it seemed, because the majority of the rest of her show was directed towards the others.

Mandy swayed those hips and sucked on her fingers like they were lollipops and she was an innocent little girl, but the lusty spark in her eyes and the suggestive winks she gave the men were anything but innocent. Nor were the comments and antics of the men; once she swayed close to Dave, who reached out playful hand to grab for her, which she swatted away with equal play, her face shocked and demure.

The first song was the tease, it seemed, because with the next song the girl began to involve her body more. Her hands cupped her large breasts, squeezing and massaging them seductively; Adam was amazed they didn’t just pop out of her top. She ran her hands down her body and back up again, dragging her skirt with her in the process to reveal her g-string clad lower half, and the guys all grunted appreciatively as one hand slid down to cup the spot between her legs.

Half-way through the second song, the clothes began to come off. First went the blouse, slowly and teasingly, to reveal an unbelievably tight bra to match the thong. Next came the skirt, with flourish: she turned her back to them and bent fully in half, grabbing her ankles at first before reaching back up to tug the plaid down to the floor.

“Holy shit,” Ben whispered again as she did so, again louder than he anticipated.

The bra followed, revealing the girl’s fantastic breasts to the awed crowd. She covered them with her palms and pinched them with her fingers, and her eyes fluttered shut as if the sensations created were the most intense she had ever felt.

Only the thong remained at the start of the third song, which was quite obviously how she planned it. It was perhaps one of the skimpiest little pieces of floss Adam had ever seen, and as the third song started she dropped to her knees before the bachelor himself and arched her back, thrusting her groin at the shell-shocked groom-to-be.

Dave and Trent went wild.

“Look at that bitch!” Dave cried.

“Look at those fucking tits, man!” Trent yelled.

Adam sat back, content to remain silent and appreciate the beauty of a woman who quite obviously was enjoying the effect she was having.

Which was even more evident a few moments later, when Mandy ripped the thong off her body with another dramatic flourish to reveal her pretty little pink pussy, bare as the day she was born. As the men again went crazy, she dragged a finger along the glistening slit and leaned forward to Ben, offering him a taste of her juices.

Ben opened his mouth with wide eyes and moved forward intently, eager to taste what was so generously offered, but just before he reached her finger she pulled it back with a giggle and slipped it into her own mouth instead. Mandy smiled coyly and wagged her finger from side-to-side: no-no. The coy smile then morphed into a sassy little grin as two fingers rubbed together in the classic “show me the money” gesture.

Dave and Trent pulled out wads of dollar bills and held them up, but the song ended and Mandy said, in the sweetest voice possible to imagine, “Sorry, boys, time’s up.” And with that, she scurried from the room, her tight little ass shaking as she went.

The voice of Edward intruded. “And now gentlemen, here is the veteran of our group, beautiful Holli!” He flipped the switch of the stereo again and a softer, quieter rhythm and blues sound emerged from the speakers.

For the second time a woman emerged from the door and this one, in particular, caught Adam’s attention from the start and did not let go. She was incredibly beautiful, a tall drink of water with flowing chestnut hair that fell in rivers across her shoulders and a gorgeous face highlighted by incredible blue eyes. She was stunning, Adam thought, and this was before he’d seen even an inch of her body; the woman was wearing an ankle-length trench coat.

She stopped in the center of the room and did not speak, just stood them staring at them, smiling that same sweet little smile. She was waiting for something, Adam could tell, he just did not know what she was waiting for. After a long moment, she asked, very quietly, very sensually, “Well, is one of you gentlemen going to ask me to dance?”

Trent, of course, was the first to chime in. “Fuck yea, baby! Dance your ass off!”

“Get naked,” Dave added, quite unnecessarily, and Ben followed with, “Show us those tits!”

Adam, however, knew that was not what she was looking for, and so he broke his silence to say, softly, “Would you like to dance, Holli?”

Those sensational blue eyes flashed wickedly as they turned to appraise him. “Love to,” Holli said after a moment in a very girlish voice, and her slender fingers whipped off the coat, and Adam felt his breath catch in his throat at the sight of what remained.

Skimpy lingerie covered Holli’s sumptuous body. The tiny lace bra she wore strained nearly to the breaking point against the burdensome task of containing the woman’s ample breasts, and the light, thin material’s transparency did little to hide what lay beneath; her diminutive but hardened nipples were plainly visible.

Her lower half was swathed in a lacey black mini-skirt as sheer (if not more so) than the cloth of the bra, and shimmered in the soft light of the room. The wispy garment clung to her upper thighs like a baby clinging to its mother’s breast and did nothing to block what lay beneath. Her feet were clad in black high heel pumps, which only served to accentuate her lusciously long legs.

But what drew Adam’s eye above all others, which was no small feat considering the abundance of beautiful imagery available to view, was what lay between those fabulous legs: a brilliant red thong commanded attention from its place beneath the flimsy mini-skirt. Made of what had to be silk or satin and embroidered with the word NASTY on the front in erratic bold letters, the borders of the garment were so narrowly set Adam wondered how it managed to cover anything at all.

Holli smiled at all of the men in turn, but her eyes were on Adam as she cooed, staring at the bulge in his pants, “Oh, I’m sorry, is my outfit making you uncomfortable?”

Adam was enjoying this show more than he could have ever anticipated; the girl was a definite entertainer. But before he could answer, Ben cried out, “Fuck yeah! It gave me a fucking boner!”

Holli turned to him with an arched eyebrow, again very appraisingly, before she smiled and said, “The bachelor, right?” It did not sound like a question and she did not wait for a response. “Would you mind if I made myself more comfortable?”

If she was asking a question that time, it did not matter: again she did not wait for a response. Her eyes fluttered shut and her head turned to the side as she placed both her hands flat against her navel and began slowly twirling her hips in slow, sensual circles. Her body swayed to the rhythm rolling out of the stereo speakers, her knees bent slightly.

Holli’s hands slid up then, her eyes still closed as her palms cupped and squeezed her luscious breasts, their firm yet yielding flesh giving way as it rolled beneath her practiced touch. Adam squirmed in his seat; his pants had grown unbearably tight. While the other girl, attractive as she was, had been nice and entertaining, this woman was definitely stirring him in the right kinds of places.

The brunette beauty’s eyelids opened languidly to reveal again the deep sky-blue pools behind them, and she presented them with a beguilingly amorous smile. “Do you like this?” she whispered.

Three men nodded dumbly. Adam only stared.

Holli’s hands slid around to her hips and hung there as she continued to lazily gyrate her voluptuous body, her limbs swaying and bending like a ribbon in the wind. She swiveled on her heels, offering up a view of her firm and flawless posterior. She wiggled her shapely ass before completing the three hundred and sixty degree spin to face them once again.

“Want to see more, boys?” she asked as she swayed back and forth.

“Yes,” Adam whispered, shocked that it was he who responded so quickly.

Holli grinned lasciviously. “Good,” she said. Imbued with a sensual ease and eroticism reserved for only the most confident of people, Holli stood before them as her hips pin-balled to the beat.

Her slender fingers left her hips and slid sensuously up her body, grazing over her stomach and breasts and neck until they interlaced behind her head. This particular view of a woman, with her figure stretched out and totally displayed without blockage of any kind, was a favorite of Adam’s. He squirmed in his chair.

Holli grinned at him and him alone then; she missed nothing. Spurred on by his obvious discomfort (aka approval), she bucked and churned her hips again, much quicker this time. Her breasts bounced within the tight confines of the overworked bra, and she trailed both hands down and roughly jiggled them with her fingertips.

Suddenly Holli moved her curvaceous body closer to the ring of chairs, her body still moving. Her hands darted down and hiked to sheer mini-skirt up to her waist before letting it fall back down just as quickly.

“Do you like to look at my body, boys?” Her voice oozed sexuality. “So many men look at my body and wonder about it when I dance on stage. Is my body nice?”

It was Trent who answered this time. “Oh yeah, baby,” he moaned, his eyes fixated on her wagging ass.

Holli rose and turned to face them. Her expression looked almost shy, but Adam knew better; the sassy little strumpet was very good and quite obviously had perfected her act. “What about my breasts? Do you like my breasts?”

Trent again responded first, more animated this time. “Fuck yeah!”

Holli smiled and glanced over at Adam as her fingers deftly unclasped the front-side hook of the lacey black bra; he could practically hear the garment breathe a sigh of relief as its weighty burden was lifted. Holli tugged the bra cups outward, peeling them back to reveal her magnificent mounds. She discarded the bra and moaned as she fondled her naked breasts with both hands. As her fingers massaged her flesh, her hips began to rotate again in sharp, sensual circles. She pivoted her feet as her hips twirled, and each motion spun her a half-degree further around to grant each man a view from every angle. She groaned as she blatantly pinched her hardened pink nipples as her hands pawed at her chest.

Suddenly she stopped. “I know what guys like,” she giggled as she brought a finger to her mouth like a little girl asking her mommy for candy. Her body continued to sway to the music, that same wordless, insistent rhythmic beat. “You boys look like you want women who talk dirty.”

Adam’s breath caught in his throat. He was amazed by the reaction he was having to the woman; he certainly had not expected something like this. He was very, very hard.

Holli giggled and flipped her chestnut hair back over her shoulder. She swiveled on her heels again and bent over slightly, that luscious heart-shaped bottom pushed out. She flaunted it, undulating it lewdly, wiggling it with unabashed nastiness. She glanced back over her shoulder, flipping the brown locks to the side again as she eyed each boy in turn, and she smiled. It was clear she was enjoying her suggestive dance.

“Do you like my ass, boys?” she inquired suddenly, her hips rotating in a wickedly erotic display. And then, suddenly and without warning, the woman moved to the front of Adam’s chair, her back to him, and sat down hard on his lap, catching him off-guard as her ass ground into his pelvis. He grunted, but had no idea what else to do or say.

“Do you like it?” she asked, and this time the question was directed at Adam.

He was about to respond when she began to move; slowly at first, then faster. It was a bouncing motion, up and down and up and down on his crotch, back arched and slightly bent. It was a glorious view of the curve of her spine and the smooth round orbs of her rump, and he doubted highly he would ever forget it.

“Want to fuck me, boys?” Holli asked, and he wondered if she was serious. “Fuck me hard? I bet you would.”

Her ample breasts flopped and bounced about, and it was all Adam could do not to reach out and latch onto them. “Do you like my ass on you?” she teased. “I bet you just love a nice, tight ass. Do you think my ass is tight enough for you, honey?”

This was certainly not what Adam would consider to be a familiar situation.

Holli withdrew her supple ass from his crotch and turned back around to face him, her hips still swaying from side to side. Swiftly she unsnapped the lone button attaching her mini-skirt to her body, and the flimsy cloth drifted to the floor. The expensive black lingerie was gone; only the red thong panties remained. Soon, Adam thought with some surprise, for the thought had just then struck him, she would be totally naked.

But Holli was determined to tease them nearly to death.

“Mmmmm,” she whimpered as she moved in front of Ben, and dropped to her knees before his outstretched legs. She smiled demurely up at him, her dazzling eyes locked on his. She lowered her head and nuzzled her cheek and nose against his inner thigh, and not once did she drop her gaze from his face.

Then she planted her hands on his thighs and pushed herself up, spinning around as she did so to face away from him. Then to their awestruck delight, in a display of pure athleticism (and one no doubt practiced often as a stripper) she hooked her thumbs into the side straps of her thong and, knees locked completely, languorously slid the panties down her legs all the way to her feet. She held her position when she finished, seemingly bent in half in the open air, and Adam marveled at the beauty of both her succulently long legs and the pristine folds of her saturated pink pussy.

Holli was now completely nude. She rose and stepped delicately out of the trappings of her thong and turned to face the group yet again. Adam’s eyes roamed over her lissome body as she spread her legs wider and bent forward towards Ben in yet another amazing display of controlled flexibility, her back arched and her body forming a nearly perfect right angle. Her hands cupped the sides of Ben’s head; the contact allowed her to rock forward onto the balls of her feet and bring her face within scant inches of his.

“Do you like this game?” the sultry beauty purred, a hint of amusement in her voice.

And Adam realized quite instantly that he did. Which, of course, was her point, for them to realize they liked what they saw just in time for the extraordinarily long song to come a close. This was the tease portion of the program, the girls coming out to get naked but not yet frisky.

Holli rose to a standing position, her beautiful and statuesque form on full display. She smiled sweetly for the last time, swiveled on her heels and walked her sweet little ass back out of the room.

And again the voice of Edward echoed into the silence. “Last on the menu, gentlemen, is our darling sweet Kara. She’s only eighteen and very new to the business, so show her some respect.”

With the arrival of the third and final girl to the center of their little stage, Adam instantly remembered why he was not the biggest fan of the exotic dance industry. While a professional like Holli was a rare exception to the norm, the darling sweet Kara made him feel dirty in all the wrong ways. She was hot, yes, ultra-hot with big tits, a great body, and a beautiful face, and she was young and fresh and wholesome looking, which was the problem.

She was too young and fresh and wholesome looking, and her outfit went to greats lengths to accentuate that fact: her long blonde hair was done-up in a pair of pigtails, she was adorned in a light yellow sundress that one might find a young girl at Sunday church wearing, and she carried a little red lollipop to finish the ensemble. She was eighteen years old, which was young itself, but she worked hard to make herself seem even younger.

Adam, therefore, felt dirty just looking at her. The other guys, of course, ate the outfit up. They hooted and hollered and groaned as she entered, smiling at them with feigned shy innocence but with eyes that spoke of no such thing, and only got louder as more of the girl’s clothes came off.

It was obvious the young girl was enthusiastic about her performance; she really got into the dance and worked as hard as she could to keep the men interested. Particular attention was paid to her breasts: she cupped them and squeezed them, and rolled the nipples in her fingers or lifted them to her mouth to flick her tongue across the crests.

Darling sweet Kara bumped and grinded her body to more of the hip-hop music, enjoying the effect she was having upon the men. By the time her naked body was writhing upon the ground, ass in the air as their hungry gazes worked overtime to etch the sight into memory, Trent, Dave, and Ben were quite obviously near the breaking point. All three were on their feet, towering over the girl, and practically rabid.

Adam could not be sure, but he thought it was possible that Edward cut the third song short to quiet the scene down, because Kara’s dancing had seemed much shorter than that of the other two. Not that Adam minded; he still felt dirty even looking at the girl, though he was quite obviously the only one who felt that way.

And so the third girl left the room with her naked ass swishing from side-to-side, which meant it was time again for Edward to move to the center of the stage. “The ladies will break for five minutes now and then return for lap dances and the special show.”

Which meant it was cocktail time, it seemed, as Trent jumped up and went right to the bar. Moments later each of the men was holding some sort of vodka-based concoction, which Adam sipped from sparingly. The other three chugged theirs and were on the way quick to number two. By the time Edward took the floor again, Adam was not even half-done with his first and Trent, Dave, and Ben were three deep.

“Lap dances, my friends,” Edward told them, “are a privilege. You seem like respectable guys so I’m sure there won’t be a problem, but the girls have complete control. They may touch you; you may not touch them . . . unless, of course, they ask you to.” He grinned lecherously. “Do not fuck up. Do not make me call the fellows out front.”

And with that, he flipped the switch on the stereo and the show began again.

Adam was not entirely sure what to expect from the next round of entertainment, but he found out very quickly what was going to happen. Mandy and Kara sauntered out first, their bodies covered only in thong panties, their hands covering their generous breasts. Holli followed them, her body garbed in a long white robe that concealed everything.

Kara went right for the bachelor, hopped into his lap, dropped her hands and shoved his face deep into the valley of her cleavage. Mandy stood back, eyeing Trent and Dave before the former held up a hundred dollar bill, which settled the matter as she went right for the cash. Which left Holli, who seemed very interested in dancing for Adam.

She moved in front of him, smiling that same sensuous smile he remembered from before. “I’d like to dance for you, honey. Would you mind?”

Adam was stunned as this did not seem to be the normal way things were conducted with strippers, but then again, Holli did not seem to be the normal kind of stripper. “I would like that,” he said, surprising himself again, and her smile brightened.

The robe slipped down off her shoulders to reveal that beautiful body once again. The red thong panties were back on, as was a matching red lace bra. She began to move slowly, sensually to the soft rhythm of the music. Viewing her up close as she was no more than two feet from him, he could see how absolutely flawless her skin was, perfectly tanned and smooth.

She inched closer, moving between his legs so the sides of his knees brushed against her long and luscious legs. Adam stared into her eyes, those brilliant blue pools that sparkled mischievously, and did not break away his gaze. She winked at him and grinned, and he could not help but smile back.

Then she tugged at the straps of her bra, slipping them down off her shoulders, and Adam felt himself start to grow very uncomfortable in the front of his pants. While one hand held her bra in place, the other slid around behind to unclasp it, and moments later those heavenly breasts were exposed once more, this time mere inches from his face.

They were large, tear-drop shaped globes of golden brown perfection, standing firm and proud without an ounce of sag, and topped with a quarter-sized nipple, pink and shriveled and distended. They swayed enticingly as she moved in time with the music, which was one of the most arousing sights in the world in Adam’s estimation: the gentle and natural way breasts swayed as a woman moved.

And then she began to touch them herself, squeezing them together, pinching the tips, shaking them roughly and gently by turns, and taunting him with their splendor.

Adam was now very hard and shifted in his chair, which she noticed instantly and grinned. “Ok, sweetie?” she cooed, knowing full well the source of his discomfort.

She sought to add to it; she whirled around and bent over, and Adam realized how scarcely covered her privates were by the thin material of the thong. She whimpered softly as she wrapped her fingers around her ankles, one leg crossed slightly in front of the other as her cheek came to rest against her shins. It was unbelievably athletic and unbelievably erotic. It was one of the most incredible sights Adam had ever witnessed.

And then it got better.

Holli straightened just enough to slip her fingers under the elastic waist of her panties and tugged downward, peeling the thin strip out of the crack of her ass and further until the whole of her gorgeous pink pussy was revealed.

Adam glanced to the others to see if they, too, were watching the incredible display before him, but Ben was too busy with Kara’s ass and Trent and Dave were both occupied by the tits of Mandy, which left the best of the bunch for Adam alone.

And then it got physical.

Holli rose and spun around again, still smiling beguilingly, and placed her hands gently on his shoulders. Those magnificent breasts were now no more than an inch from Adam’s face, and jutting forward obscenely as Holli squeezed them with her elbows. Her knees were pressed firmly against his inner thighs; there was very little space between them now. She straightened again and ran her hands through her chestnut hair, and kept them moving down the sides of her body.

Adam was a man who loved eye contact when romancing women, but it was proving very difficult for him to maintain his eye contact with Holli. Everything she did was designed to entice him to look at her most intimate places, and the idea was growing on him. He caught himself staring at the little landing strip set above the thin lips of her nether regions and had to close his eyes, but when he reopened them she had completely turned the tables on him: her ass was in his face.

She had flipped around and bent over again, and backed her beautiful and very naked ass up so that it was eye-level and inches from his face. The glistening folds of her pussy practically winked at him, as did the little pink wrinkled hole just above them. The whole package wiggled back and forth and Adam followed the view as if he were hypnotized.

And then Holli went even further and Adam nearly blew his whole load.

She reached back with one hand and grabbed her left ass cheek, and pulled it wide. The pink lips parted and the tiny puckered anus opened ever-so-slightly, and Adam watched one little drop of juice trickle out of her pussy.

And then she sat down in his lap.

The dancing continued for several minutes of heaven, during which Kara and Mandy swapped men several times between them but Holli remained exclusively with Adam. Not that the other guys minded; it was clear Holli was a stripper for a certain type of man, while Mandy and Kara were best left to the Ben, Trent, and Dave types. There was ass-grinding and ass-bouncing and lewd body displays and cleavage-diving and myriad other lap dance techniques employed by Holli, and yet all of them seemed more sensual and playful than anything else, which only proved her talents. The fact that Adam was able to enjoy himself and get away from the world was amazing; the fact that it was done with a stripper — an entertainment form that, he had to admit, had never really floated his boat — was even more amazing.

And then the music ended

“Thanks, sweetie,” Holli whispered in his ear, and the way she said it led Adam to believe, truly, that it was more than just the typical finishing line. “You’ve been wonderful.”

Edward, forgotten for several minutes, spoke again as the women went back into the bedroom. “Five minutes, ladies,” he said. “Gentlemen, a few minutes break, if you please.”

Which meant more cocktails and lots of comments about “how hot the bitches are” are other such things. Adam did not really pay attention until Dave said, “The bitch seems to dig you, man.”

Trent added, “Yeah, she wants your dick. I bet you could fuck her without even paying for it!”

Adam shrugged and did not say anything, more from not wanting to involve himself in such a conversation than out of any lack of response, but was saved from further discussion when Edward hit the music again to announce the return Kara and Mandy.

This time it was Kara dressed in a little Catholic schoolgirl outfit with a white blouse tied-off to show stomach, short plaid skirt, knee-high white stockings, etcetera, and Mandy dressed like a teacher with a long silk blouse and conservative black skirt, and her hair pulled up in a bun.

Kara carried a little back and reached into it to pull out a little mini-book entitled The Joy of Sex. As she flipped through it, Mandy came over and slapped the book out of her hand with a large ruler, feigning anger as she clapped her hands together.

Kara turned and bent over to reveal her thong-covered ass to the crowd, a pouty sort of expression on her face. Mandy caressed the supple skin of the young blonde girl’s ass lovingly for a long moment, before she grinned devilishly and planted a hard swat right on target.

Kara shrieked and growled back over her shoulder at Mandy, who continued to grin as she slapped once again. Another shriek followed, and then another, and then another, until the flesh of Kara’s butt cheek was bright red, and Mandy stopped to caress the sweet skin once more.

The music skipped, and with the song change came a change in the storyline, as Mandy dropped to her knees and began licking and kissing all over Kara’s firm and rounded backside. Trent and Dave and Ben went wild; they had not expected that to happen.

Kara grinded her ass back against Mandy’s face and squeezed her own breasts, and moaned loudly. And then she could take no more. She spun around and shoved Mandy hard to the floor, and straddled her friend’s waist.

Kara ripped her top off, buttons flying everywhere, and then ripped off Mandy’s top with the same effect. They were now both naked from the waist up, caressing and squeezing and playing with their breasts. Dave and Trent and Ben were now shouting wildly, and the girls showed their appreciation by exchanging a deep French kiss. The kissing did not stop when they came up for air, either; they just began kissing each other’s bodies instead.

Kara caressed and tongued Mandy’s breasts before she rose to her straddling position once again, pulling the other girl’s head with her. Mandy buried her face between Kara’s sumptuous tits, sucking and biting and trying to get outward to the hard little nipples.

The girls then slithered out of their skirts, leaving only the thong panties and Kara’s stockings on, and Mandy kissed her way slowly down her lover’s body. Kara arched her back as Mandy reached the place between her legs and ground her face into Kara’s pussy, sucking the thin material of the thong into her mouth. Kara palmed her breasts and rocked her hips back and forth, as if trying to fuck her friend’s mouth.

And then Kara’s legs were in the air and her thong was removed, and Mandy was going to town on the beautiful pink lips themselves, tonguing them for all she was worth. Kara squealed and moaned, and rubbed her tits frantically.

“Suck my pussy, bitch!” Kara moaned, nothing at all like the innocent eighteen year-old she played at being. She began to tremble wildly and screamed, “I’M CUMMMMING!”

Whether she had actually achieved orgasm or not, Adam would never know, but either way she played the part well.

Mandy scurried up the lithe body of her lover and planted a wet, pussy-juice-smeared kiss on Kara’s lips. They sucked face eagerly for a few long moments and grinded their bodies against one another.

And then they rolled over, allowing Kara to take control. She cupped Mandy’s tits, kneading them roughly and rolling the erect nipples between her fingers.

Mandy was not one to sit idly by, however, as she grabbed Kara’s head and held it firmly against her chest as the other girl licked and nibbled on the pliant and fleshy undersides of her breasts. Nor did her hands remain inactive; they reached under to fondle Kara’s tits and did not stop there, trailing across the girl’s skin to any particular places they could reach.

Kara shrieked and twisted away from Mandy’s hands as they pinched her nipples, and with a playful glare she moved lower, sliding her tongue down Mandy’s body until it hovered just above her glorious pussy, which was wet and dripping and twitching with anticipation. Kara flicked her tongue across the shaven lips before she reached under, gripped the firm cheeks of Mandy’s ass and pulled her glistening folds hard against her mouth, spearing her tongue into the quivering crevice as far as it would go.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh ssshhhhhiiiittttttt!” Mandy wailed as she bucked her hips into Kara’s wonderful young mouth.

Kara continued her onslaught to the enjoyment of Dave and Trent and Ben, plunging her tongue over and over into Mandy’s cunt as the other girl’s body shook wildly. Then she changed track and sucked the swollen clitoris into her mouth to nibble on it gently.

“Fuuucccckkkkiinnnggg bbbiiiittttcchhhh!” Mandy cried. “Bite my fucking clit, you bitch! Suck it!”

Juice coated Kara’s face and began to trickle down her cheeks as she sucked and ate the pussy before her with reckless abandon to the great delight of the men. The scene lasted for several more minutes before Mandy reached her own climax.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck I’mmm ccccuuummmiiiinnggggg!!!” Mandy screamed, so loud Adam wondered if the men outside could hear her. She grabbed hold of Kara’s lovely blonde hair and held on as her body quaked violently and exploded into the girl’s mouth.

Kara upped her antics, as well, grinding her face harder against Mandy’s pussy. Mandy slumped back as the orgasm receded, but Kara did not stop; she sucked and tongued whatever juice oozed from her friend’s pussy, as well as whatever had found its way down her thighs and legs.

Finally, after long moments, things settled down as Mandy pulled Kara back up into an embrace. Their large breasts squished together as they kissed each other softly, suckling tongues. After several more moments, they rose to their feet, smiled at the crazed men, and left the room again.

Edward stepped forward yet again. “This concludes our performance. The ladies will freshen up and be out in a moment to say goodbye. Thank you.”

Trent, not surprisingly, was back immediately to the bar. Dave and Ben were right behind. Adam rose and settled himself on the couch this time, preferring to wait there, instead.

The ladies did not make them wait long. Mandy and Kara were wearing white tee-shirts and jeans, no longer naked, and went right to the bar area where the other guys were. Holli was dressed in a tight white spaghetti strap top and short denim cut-offs that were frayed at the edges. Much to his delight, Holli seated herself next to Adam.

“I’m Holli, by the way,” she said. “I don’t think we were ever properly introduced.”

Adam smiled. “Adam,” he said simply, before he added, “Thank you.” She cocked her head and looked the question at him without saying anything. He knew what she was asking. “Because you were lovely and professional and different, and that was enough to make my night a good one.”

And then, amazingly, she blushed. “Thank you back, and for the same reasons.”

It was at this point that Trent said loudly, “Why don’t you girls stick around and hang with us for a bit? Have a few drinks maybe?”

To which Kara exuberantly replied, “Love to!”

Edward did not look pleased. “I am not staying,” he announced. “If you ladies want to stay, that is up to you. But your protection will no longer be here for you.”

Adam was surprised to see Holli stand and walk over to the man, and whisper in quiet conference with him. While he was certain the others could not hear what was said, he was close enough to them to hear the whole conversation.

“I’ll stay and watch out for the girls,” Holli said.

Edward seemed surprised. “You, Holli?” he asked. “You’ve never been one to involve yourself in after-parties. Are you sure?”

She smiled calmly. “These ones are harmless. We’ll be fine. I’ll call you later.”

Edward shrugged. “Have it your way,” he said, and with that he and his bouncer friends were gone.

“Shots all around!” Ben cried.

Thirty minutes later, Adam was deep into conversation with Holli, and among the things she shared with him was that she was in a loving relationship with another woman, which was very surprising to hear.

“I’m bisexual,” Holli told him without an ounce of embarrassment. “Actually, I’m mostly into women. I haven’t been with a man in over two years. My girlfriend and I have been together that long and it’s been wonderful.”

Which is when the question he knew would come eventually came and everything in their polite and engaging conversation changed.

“Are you seeing anyone?” she asked.

And so he told her he was not, and she asked why, and so he told the answer to that, too, and he could see as he was telling her that she was maybe going to cry, and so he asked her if she would like to talk in another room, and she agreed.

Which is how they ended up in the bedroom.

Part Two: Double Dose of Debauchery

Benjamin Lane was having the time of his life. It was his bachelor party, it was Vegas, and there were two insanely hot strippers standing near him at the bar in the penthouse suite they had for the weekend. The girls were wearing two skimpy little bikinis, their jeans and white shirts discarded during a modified drinking game a few minutes prior.

And then, suddenly, the girls were not standing near him, they were standing next to him, including beautiful Kara, she of eighteen years and natural D-cup tits, who leaned in and whispered, “Care to join me on the couch?”

And the way she said it meant there was no way in hell he was going to say no. He nodded dumbly and Mandy, her gorgeous friend, laughed. “Don’t worry, Ben. We won’t bite.” It was at this point that he realized both girls would be joining him on the couch.

“Much,” Kara said as she took his hand.

She leaned forward suddenly and tilted her head back, and to Ben’s complete surprise slowly placed her lips upon his. After a long and mesmerizing moment, he felt Mandy grip his chin and turn his head, and he was greeted with a second kiss. She took as much time kissing him as Kara hard, barely brushing her lips against his.

Ben wrapped his arms around them both, but Kara took his hand and slipped it down to cup one of her sweet butt cheeks. Mandy, not to be outdone, did the same. Ben was rock hard and could not believe what was happening. The three of them stood there kissing for several long minutes with Ben alternating between girls.

And while Ben was far more naïve and innocent and far less aggressive than Dave and Trent, he was feeling an immense level of bachelor-inspired confidence; he quickly asserted himself and push the boundaries to see just how far he could take their affections.

One of his hands delved down inside Kara’s bikini bottoms over the sweet bare skin of her ass, and she giggled happily and spread her legs to allow deeper access. Ben trailed his middle finger down the soft crack of her ass and lower, all the way down to the slippery lips below. He wiggled it around, probing the wetness and heat of the youngest pussy he had ever touched, and was thrilled when she let him slide his finger inside her nearly an inch. She sighed deeply, dragged his mouth away from Mandy’s, and stuck her tongue down his throat.

Ben applied the pressure even further; the whole of his finger was soon swallowed by her velvety depths. She moaned into his mouth, at which point Mandy realized something more was happening.

“What’s going on here?” she asked playfully.

To which Kara replied breathlessly, “He’s fucking me with his finger.”

Mandy grinned and kissed him deeply again, and said, “Let’s move to the couch, huh, sweetie?”

And so they did, Trent and Dave watching them from behind the bar, wads of their cash lining the pockets of the girls discarded jeans, and the girls had Ben sit right in the center.

“A little present for the bachelor boy,” Kara cooed as she stripped off her bikini top to reveal those beautiful breasts again. Mandy followed suit and the two girls moved in to straddle each of his legs, one girl per.

Mandy said, “I think I know something you would like,” and then proceeded to push her tits into his face. Ben did not waste anytime, understanding completely the offer presented; he opened his mouth and took as much of her right breast between his lips as he could manage, and suckled away.

Kara, meanwhile, leaned in and began to pepper his neck with gentle kisses, nibbling his skin and tonguing his eyes as her hands skimmed over his body. Her hands were like magic upon his skin, but to be honest Ben hardly even noticed: Mandy had delectable breasts and he went to town upon them, switching from right to left, left to right and leaving no inch unappreciated.

But then Kara’s hands found the meat between his legs and everything changed, because no longer were Mandy’s tits the focal point. Ben nearly shot his load when the little blonde girl’s hand unzipped his pants and snaked inside, fishing around for his cock. He was rock hard from having suckled such phenomenal tits and his cock was easy to find, and she found it.

Kara pulled it out and studied it, and purred, “Look, sweetie, a cock just for me.”

Mandy pulled back and her breast popped out of Ben’s mouth “I wish my boyfriend had a cock like that,” she pouted.

“Well,” Kara said with a grin, “I suppose I could share. Want to trade places?”

“Sure!” Mandy exclaimed, and moments later a second pair of tits was squished into Ben’s face, this time the lovely breasts of the young blonde girl. Kara sighed as she squeezed her breasts into points at the nipples and fed them into his hungry mouth, which again he proceeded to suckle with abandon.

Kara groaned and mashed her other breast into my mouth, bringing the nipple right to his lips. Ben suckled and suckled and suckled, loving every moment. And then Kara sighed again and said, “I love to be sucked hard!” and so Ben increased the pressure on her tits, to which she responded, “Yes! Just like that, baby! Suck my shit!”

And Ben smiled when on the outside of his hearing, Trent said, “That can be arranged, too.”

And following that, with his face full of beautiful breast, Benjamin Lane got the surprise of his life when he felt the unmistakable sensation of velvety soft lips sliding down his exposed cock. He tore his face away from deep in the valley of Kara’s cleavage and looked down to find Mandy with her full and luscious red lips wrapped around his shaft.

It was indescribable and wholly unexpected. Kara was still enjoying herself and wiggled her tits to get them back into his mouth, and when his tongue flicked at her nipple she moaned loudly. Mandy, on the other hand, was sucking him deeper and deeper into her mouth, working farther and farther down his shaft with every bob of her head.

She was very talented and would descend slowly for three strokes before dropping hard and fast on the fourth, forcing his thickness deeper, and in no time her down strokes had her nose grazing his pubic hair.

Ben was going to enjoy himself as best he could, and if the girls were willing to go as far as they had already, he was quite sure they were willing to go farther. He reached down and snaked his hand under Mandy’s panties, and slipped a finger inside her fiery wetness.

She shivered and groaned, the sound reverberating down the length of his cock, and suckled him harder. He timed his finger-thrusts to coincide with the movement of her head, ramming a second finger into the gorgeous stripper while swirling her clit with his thumb.

Ben pulled his fingers from Mandy’s vagina and brought them to his lips, and was about to suck the juice before Kara objected and took the hand, and placed it into her own hungry little mouth. Slowly she sucked his fingers as if each digit was its own mini-cock and within moments all were completely clean. Kara leaned in then to kiss him deeply, swirling her tongue over his to share the tasty juices.

“Switch?” Mandy asked, and Kara squealed happily.

“Great! I really wanted to try his cock,” the young blonde said as she took up position between his legs.

And so Ben was back to suckling on Mandy’s fantastic tits, which left Kara to finish off his raging erection. And she planned to finish him off quick, judging by the frantic way she gobbled him.

Kara was like a woman possessed, her eighteen year-old mouth bobbing up and down at a breakneck speed (literally), and it only took a few minutes for Ben to begin to feel the familiar and wonderful feelings of orgasm building within him. He stopped suckling Mandy’s tits, instead taking handfuls of each and holding on for dear life as Kara tried to suck the life out of him. Mandy wrapped her arms around him, stroking his hair with her hand. It was a wonderful position to be in, he thought fleetingly.

Then his stomach tightened and his cock began to twitch, and the orgasm overcame him. “Here it comes!” he cried as hot liquid sex shot from his cock into the warm and willing mouth of Kara.

And she swallowed it down, which only made Ben’s orgasm more intense.

She continued to suckle him even after his orgasm receded, and he enjoyed those few minutes of peaceful bliss.

And then Kara said as his cock dropped out of her mouth, “We’re just getting started, bachelor boy,” and Ben realized it was going to be an awesome night.

* * *

Once they were alone in the privacy of his bedroom, Holli seated herself comfortably on the bed while Adam chose the nearby chair.

“I’m so sorry, Adam,” the woman said after a long moment, and her voice was soft and sad. “You must hear that all the time.”

Adam shrugged. “I’ve heard it a lot,” he admitted.

“What are you going to do now?”

Adam shrugged again. “Don’t know. I’m taking things one day at a time.”

Holli’s eyes went soft and sympathetic. “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Adam frowned, not exactly sure what the woman was asking. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“To help you feel better,” she replied, a strange little glint in her eye.

He knew she could not be talking about what he thought she was talking about; the woman was in a committed relationship with another woman. One of the reasons he found it so easy to talk to her was because he did not now feel any of the normal sexual subtext. “Sure, I guess,” he said finally, “if you think you can help.”

Holli blushed and glanced down at her lap. “You helped me tonight, you know,” she told him. “I had some personal things going on and even thought about canceling, but the money was too good to pass up. Seeing you smiling and acting so gentleman-like really helped me. You might have noticed I had a little thing for you.”

Adam was a little embarrassed by the kind words. He blushed deeply and stared down at the floor. “Glad I could help,” he said lamely.

When he looked up, he found her gazing at him intently. A knowing grin crept onto her face and her eyes softened. She rose slowly from out of her chair and approached him, her eyes never leaving his. Then, quite suddenly, she reached into her pocket and whipped out a little razor phone, and punched in a number.

She held there in silence, not moving, until he could hear a voice pick up on the other end, to which Holli replied, “I have a man with me and I like him very much. He’s such a sweetheart and a gentlemen. May I?”

Again quite suddenly she reached out with her hand and laid it gently on his shoulder. She squeezed and brushed her thumb softly across the skin of his neck as she flipped the phone closed. He shivered at the touch, his mouth open and eyes wide and thunderstruck at what was happening, and she smiled. “My girlfriend just gave me the okay. With your permission, I would like to make love to you tonight. It’s been awhile since I was with an actual man and not just a strap-on, but every woman needs a real cock sooner or later.”

Adam stared up into her eyes, totally without words, utterly speechless.

“I’ve fantasized about doing this again for months now,” she whispered, “but cocks connected to good men are hard to find. It’s been a long time for you, too, and I would be honored to show you the way back.”

She leaned in to him and brushed her lips against his, so lightly Adam wondered if he had imagined it. She lifted her hand from his shoulder and grazed across his lips with her thumb.

His heart was pounding a hole through his chest, not only because this stunningly beautiful woman was coming on to him, and hard, but because she was right when she said it had been a long time for him, since before Jocelyn passed away.

Holli smiled softly at the young man seated before her. It was such a sad story, his story of loss, and she was touched deeply by it. She could sense his unease and knew there were probably layers upon layers of conflict within him, and she was determined to give him a night he would never forget. Her own pleasure, while expected in spades, was an off-shoot.

She moved her thumb away from his lips and replaced it with her mouth. She kissed him gently at first, almost tentatively until she felt him respond. His mouth parted slightly and her tongue pushed past his lips and found his tongue. She felt her knees go weak and her body flush as his tongue began to dance around hers, tasting her, probing her as it grew more aggressive.

Adam felt her wobble and instinctively grabbed her around the waist, drawing her down into his lap as their mouths worked against each others. Her arms went around him and wrapped around his neck.

He was the first to break the kiss. He said nothing, just pulled back; eyes wide and staring, shell-shocked, into hers. Holli noticed with some excitement that he seemed rather out of breath. She smoothed her hands across his chest and snuggled closer to him, winding her arms around his neck, their noses inches from touching as she stared back at him. He smelled of musk and vanilla, and as she inhaled his scent she could feel the tingles grower fiercer between her legs.

She thought for the briefest moment of Michelle, her lover and partner, but shrugged the thought away. She knew what she needed and Adam was the one who would give it to her, not to mention she had already received whole-hearted approval. Plus, Holli figured, if he was good she could always bring him home and share him with Michelle.

Being with a man was so very different than being with a woman and because it had been so long for her, she sought to experience every possible aspect. And so without realizing it, Adam waged an all-out assault on her senses: the smell of his cologne mixed with the honey of his breath assailed her nose, his dark eyes bonded her and commanded her complete attention, and the way his fingers hovered over the skin at the small of her back sent sharp tingles shooting to the tips of her toes. He tasted wonderful; she had to have more. She flicked her tongue out and trailed it across his lips, lingering over first the top one and then the bottom. Her fingers snaked around behind his head and blazed a trail up through the curly brown locks of his hair.

Adam was struggling to maintain himself. The incredibly sexy stripper was perched in his lap, teasing his lips with her tongue, and here he was petrified by it. It had been so long, he worried if he still remembered how. Then again, he thought suddenly, it was the kind of situation young men only dreamed of: the woman was gorgeous, bisexual and obviously experienced, and apparently very willing.

What a fool he would be not to just go for it!

And in that moment, everything changed.

Holli froze, her luscious red lips parted slightly as she sensed immediately the change come over him; as a stripper she was, after all, a woman who had to be well tuned into the moods of men, and it thrilled her to know he had finally allowed himself to give in to his desires. She sensed the change: his body relaxed and his hands began to move on her, and she shivered.

Before she knew what to say or do, before she had time to think of what the change in him meant, he swept in again and his mouth crushed hers. She surrendered herself to him right then and there, giving up her body completely for his pleasure. She was ready to be taken, wholly and utterly.

Adam kissed her passionately as his fingers caressed her navel and midsection, circling her skin with feathered strokes, and he moaned and gripped the back of her head harder, grinding his lips against hers. His arms tightened around her waist.

Holli felt something sharp press into her thigh and with a lustful groan into his mouth she understood just how acute his arousal was. Her fingers slid out over his broad shoulders and the strong contours of his back; it felt wonderful to be touching the muscles of a man again after so much time with the softness of women. Her breathing quickened and the moisture between her legs began to soak through her panties.

Their tongues snaked playfully around each other as her hands rose to cup the sides of his face. Adam’s fingers trailed around her sides and down into the small of her back, where they danced light as air over her skin. He felt Holli whimper into his mouth as he tickled her, and winced as her ass quivered and ground against his lap, and the fierce throbbing of his erection grew nearly unbearable. He drew her tongue into his mouth and suckled on it, and relished the taste of her. Then she broke away, panting loudly, chest heaving.

Holli stared at him for a long moment before she attacked him with unbridled gusto. Their lips mashed together, tongues intertwined again and frenzied in their search for anything to lick. Their hands flew to each other’s bodies; as she tried to unzip his jeans, Adam tried to strip off her shirt. The manic way in which both went about pursuing their objectives simply made it impossible for anything to be accomplished, and within seconds both had given up the tasks for more unadulterated mouth savoring.

Her head fell back and she moaned as Adam traced a line of fire with his tongue from her lips back to her ear, and then on down across her neck. He suckled the tiny bulb of her apple and kissed up over the top of her chin.

Suddenly she pushed him away; it was time to give him what he wanted. “Stand up,” she said, her voice hoarse with need.

She slid off his lap and onto her feet, and he rose with her. She came up to just below his chin and looked expectantly up at him, her blue eyes smoldering.

He moved in to kiss her again but Holli held him off; she had other ideas. She grasped the bottom of her white spaghetti strap top and drew it slowly up over her head. Adam’s gaze dropped to her chest. Encased in a skin-colored silk and lace bra, the type of bra meant for everyday wear and not for flaunting yourself as a stripper, her breasts were magnificent: firm and high, and very real. They jiggled and swayed as she sucked in heavy, rasping breaths of air, her chestnut hair sweeping across the rounded crests as she shivered with unrestrained desire.

Fear of performance no longer inhibited him. There was a gorgeous female half-naked before him and Adam was damn sure going to enjoy himself. Boldly he reached out and, for the first time in more than three years, touched the breasts of a woman other than Jocelyn. He cupped them both in his hands and ran his thumb over the lace at the top of the bra, just skimming her nipples as they strained for release from the material.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, and he meant it.

Cold fire shot through Holli’s body as Adam bent his head and placed his tongue against her nipple through the ever-so-thin silk of her bra. He gently began to nibble at the taut peak, taking care to caress it with his tongue every time his teeth scraped the sensitive flesh. She was shivering but she was not cold; she was hot, so very hot. She thrust her chest out to give him better access and threw her head back.

“Oh,” she sighed.

Adam turned his attention to the other nipple while at the same time he reached around and unclasped the hooks of the bra. He raised his mouth from her flesh for merely a second as he removed the garment and tossed it onto the floor. She reached down and ran her fingers through his hair and over his shoulders as she watched him suckle and tease her nipples with his mouth and hands. He carelessly rolled her nipple between his fingers and she squealed.

Adam savored the deliciousness of Holli’s breasts. Never had he imagined such a situation was possible when she first came through the door in that long trench coat, ready to dance. His hands moved down to her hips, urgent in their hungry search, until suddenly she pushed him away. He tried to return to her, but she held up her hand to stave him off. Those blue eyes sparkled mischievously.

Holli stood before him, her beautiful breasts bare to his eyes, and still Adam wanted more. His greed won out; he wanted all of her, and he was ready to take it.

She smiled wickedly at him; it seemed she had the same idea he did. The denim shorts she wore zipped up the front, and slowly Holli drew the binding down. The fabric slid from her body and dropped to the floor at her feet. She kicked it away, leaving her naked but for a pair of white lace, thong panties. He gazed again at her gorgeous breasts, ripe cantaloupes and twice as juicy with pink quarter-sized aureoles around stiffened red nipples. He marveled at the sight of her scrumptious legs, long and lean.

He moved toward her but she held up a hand. “Wait,” the woman said quietly.

She stepped up next to him, the jutting nipples of her bosom brushing against the cloth of his shirt. Her perfume swept over him anew, and his head grew dizzy. Her fingers deftly stripped the shirt up and off his head to reveal his lean, athletic upper body. Her palms pressed up against his pectorals, testing their strength.

“It’s nice to be able to touch a man again,” she whispered, “You have a wonderful body.”

Her hands went back to work, relieving him of his belt and dropping his jeans and boxers down into a pool around his ankles. His stiff, seven-inch member sprang out, the swollen testicles hanging like baseballs beneath it. Holli moaned as she saw the full size of him for the first time, and her mouth began to water as she imagined it deep inside her throat.

Suddenly Adam closed the distance between them, bringing himself almost on top of her before she could blink from the surprise, his face scant inches from hers.

“Stop,” he ordered as she moved to take his member in her hand.

He dropped to his knees before her and with one swift motion, hooked his thumbs around the elastic band of her panties and yanked them down to the floor. She gasped as her landing strip of trimmed chestnut pubic hair and the thinly pursed lips of her pussy became exposed to the open air and to Adam’s salacious stare.

Thin droplets of sex nectar trickled down from the pink crevice and hung there precariously. The sight was as magical as ever Adam could have imagined. He quickly flew to a standing position, and as he rose, his hands lashed out to grab the naked woman around her waist. Before Holli knew what was happening she was off her feet and flying backwards onto the bed, landing not painfully on her ass in the center of the mattress.

Her legs splayed out to the side, but suddenly froze in place as Adam loomed over her and took hold of them. She was totally naked now except for a little pair of white socks which barely covered the bulge of her ankles and her legs were spread wide for Adam’s admiring gaze.

It was one of the most vulnerable and absolutely sensual positions she had ever been in; she would have to remember to use the move on Michelle.

Adam held her by her calves a moment longer, and then released them. It was time, he reasoned, to have a taste of the stripper who teased him so mercilessly earlier that night.

“Move forward, Holli,” he told her, and watched as she obediently scooted her ass up until it rested right on the edge of the bed. As she did so, her legs had inadvertently drawn closed. Adam pushed them wide open again and gazed down at the soaking wet folds of her sacred zone. Holli rose up onto her elbows and watched as he crawled closer, licking his lips as his mouth drew towards the place where her legs met.

She realized with absolute euphoria what he was about to do. “Oh!” she cried. “Oh my god, Adam! Oh please, it’s been so long since a man did this, sweetie. Please tell me you’re going to eat me . . .”

Her voice betrayed her mixed emotions: jubilation, anxiety, and wanton sexual craving. To show her approval, she relaxed her legs, dropping them farther down to lay on the mattress with gymnast-like flexibility. Her pink crease quivered in anticipation.

Adam drew his fingers across her thighs, teasing the rarely relished, fleshy swath of skin, and blew a stream of warm air over her glossy gash. “Yes, Holli,” he whispered without looking at her, enchanted by her moist honey pot, “as long as you want me to.”

She moaned at his words. Expectation was killing her. “Eat me, Adam,” she shrieked, “suck on me right now!”

Adam bunched his long frame up between her legs, his right arm braced against her left thigh with the hand resting comfortably on the smooth skin just below her navel, the thumb grazing her chestnut bush. With his left hand on her other thigh for support, Adam lazily lowered his head down into her lap and hovered there.

“Lick me, please, Adam!” the sultry stripper begged. “Please lick me, please!”

In the deepest spaces of his mind, Adam silently thanked Jocelyn for teaching him the finer points of cunnilingus. He considered himself quite talented, and he owed it all to her. A hint of sorrow touched him, briefly this time because the incredibly succulent sight scant inches before his eyes helped the moment pass.

“Ooohhhhhh, gggoooodddd,” Holli moaned as Adam’s tongue flicked out and landed at the top of her pink slit, just below the trimmed end of her brunette landing strip. With agonizing torpor Adam burrowed his tongue deep into her small inner labia.

He circled down slightly lower and found the small hard nub of her clit. He worked his tongue around it again and again, only grazing over the top once. Holli growled and her thighs pressed together, but Adam was stronger and held them open as he continued to work his magic.

“Uuunnnhhhh, mmmmm, aahh, aaahhh!” she shrieked as he attacked the center of her entire erogenous being. Her hands dug into the mattress as her head tossed back toward the ceiling and her back arched. The pleasure was almost too intense. Suddenly he withdrew, raising his head just slightly enough so that his tongue pulled off her tiny sex marble.

“Wha . . . what happened?” the twenty-four year-old stripper panted. She glanced down and saw Adam grinning up at her through the valley between her melon-sized breasts.

Slowly and with her eyes still connected to his, he brought the fingers of his left hand over from her thigh and pressed them up against her velvety folds. Then his right hand dropped lower, too, and his fingers spread her pink pussy lips apart. Adam gazed down upon the small, unquestionably tight entrance to her cock-house and sighed contentedly. The middle finger of his left hand traced the rim of her crevice and slowly pushed inside. Her pussy was soaked and easily allowed his digit access, and almost seemed to suck it further inside.

“Aaaahhhhhhh!” Holli moaned, hair flying around her head as it shook in a pleasured frenzy. “Yyeesssss!”

He sank his finger totally inside her; the second knuckle pressed into the thin spikes of her pubic hair. He began sliding it in and out, gaining speed, until soon he was fucking her hard with it. Pussy juice began leaking out around the sides of his finger as it jammed in and out, in and out of the hot and horny strumpet.

“Oohhhh, yyeeeaaahhh, Adam!” she cried. “Fuck me with your finger, I can feel it inside me!” Holli’s excitement level rose exponentially with each passing moment.

His finger kept working her as Adam lowered his head and flicked his tongue across the tip of her clitoris. Then he clamped his lips down upon it and sucked, hard. The tongue lashed out again and circled it once before he withdrew.

“AAAHHHHHHHHH!” the woman screamed as her insides flipped upside-down. The world at large faded away, vanished, reduced only to her pussy and the oral ministrations this man was performing upon it. It was amazing, really; he was as talented as a woman when it came to eating pussy, which was the highest compliment Holli could bestow.

Adam drew his finger out and dropped his face into her lap again, bringing his entire mouth down on her saturated slit. He slurped at it, curling his tongue as he shoveled the accumulated juices into his mouth. His tongue found her slippery gash and wormed its way inside, and the walls of her love tunnel bore down upon it, proving just how tight the gorgeous brunette beauty really was.

“Oohhhh, yes, Adam,” she cried, “yes, Adam, yes, never ever stop eating my PPUUUSSSYY!”

Holli’s hands grasped his hair and pushed him hard into her crotch, burying his face in her dewy pussy as her hips bucked violently. Adam struggled to keep his hold on her and barely succeeded by grabbing her by the waist with both hands, all the while swirling his tongue around her tasty insides. His tongue exploded from within her and basted the exterior folds, feverishly savoring every centimeter of her shiny wet cunt.

“Eat my pussy, Adam!” she screamed. “I’m there! I’m right FUCKING THERE!”

Her body detonated as his oral assault bombarded her clitoris. Lights burst behind her eyelids, magenta and sapphire and neon green, as shivers of bone-jarring ferocity coursed down her spine to the farthest reaches of her nervous system.

“Aaahhh, ahhh, aahhhh, ahh, ah,” she whimpered, tears running down her cheeks as she sobbed in ecstasy. The woman’s heels dug into his back and scraped along the skin as her hips danced beneath his mouth. For what seemed like an eternity her body twisted and jumped in the agonizingly intense throes of climax as Adam continued to munch away on her sweet twenty-four year-old nectar.

Then her body tensed suddenly and collapsed to the couch in a withered heap.

The beautiful woman was completely out of it as Adam let the juice still trickling from her sex-hole flow over his tongue and lips. He gave her pussy one last, sloppy wet kiss (eliciting another spasm from her) and rose to survey the scene he had created.

Holli’s hair was a ragged mess, her head turned to one side. Her arms were thrown back above her head, her tits rising like mountains off her chest, and her ribcage appeared and disappeared beneath them as she swallowed oxygen in fits and starts. A glossy sheen of sweat coated her skin. He smiled, admiring his own achievement, and crawled up next to her on the bed.

Reality crept slowly back to Holli’s mind as she reveled in glorious orgasmic afterglow. She knew where she was again, at least; the penthouse suite with Adam Cross, pussy-eater extraordinaire. She wondered, fleetingly, how a man had learned something so magnificent; it must have been the woman who passed away, she thought with a hint of sadness. She opened her blurry eyes and saw a distinctly male form looming over her.

Fingers grazed her sides in feathery strokes and she shuddered; her skin was still fresh to the touch. Her back arched to its extreme, thrusting her breasts out. The fingers swept up over her tits and grabbed hold, roughly squeezing the doughy flesh. As Adam jiggled her boobs his palms tickled her nipples, still sensitive from her eruptive climax.

Suddenly she felt his lips brush her sternum, kissing her lightly there, then on the upper foothills of her breasts. “Adam,” she whispered urgently, begging him forward. His mouth slid subtly higher: the curve of her neck, the soft spot beneath her chin, along the line of her jaw all the way back to her ear. His tongue traced the rim of her ear, and the feel of his hot breath drove her to the brink again. It darted inside, teasing her wildly, then retreated, allowing his lips to close over her lobe, suckling on it gently.

“Oooohhhhh,” she moaned, “that feels so good…”

His tongue skimmed away, drawing a watery line of fire across her cheek, and dropped down onto her mouth. His tongue sliced past her defenses, demanding entrance. Her trembling hands reached up and caressed his hair, threading the curls through her fingers. They trailed lower to cup his face as her tongue entwined with his. Holli felt her whole being go weak and could feel nothing except his passionate mouth.

Suddenly he broke away from her, gazing down upon her with hungry eyes. He grinned devilishly and she felt a tingle deep inside her pussy. And yet, she would not let him have all the control.

She grinned right back as lasciviously as she could manage. His eyes widened at the brazenness in her eyes. Slowly she brought her hands off his shoulders and drew them up to rest on the mattress above her head. There they held fast, about six or so inches above her head, wrists crossed.

“Take me, Adam.” The force of her own words, the submissive authority, thrilled her. She wanted to be dominated by him, but she wanted him to know she was the one truly in control. “Do whatever you want with me right now on this bed. Flip me, fuck me, make me your whore. I’m yours.”

“Whatever I want,” he said breathlessly.

Adam stood up and surveyed anew the wanton woman before him. Her arms were at the sides of her head, hand crossed just above. Her breasts were stretched upon her chest, but because they were natural and not bought and paid for, they jiggled with her every twist and squirm. Her skin was still flushed red from desire and recent orgasm, and her back remained arched. Her legs were splayed out to the sides, opening for his viewing pleasure her swollen and quivering nether regions, still dripping juice. Her eyes smoldered as they locked upon his turgid cock, seven-inches and rather thick, standing straight as a pole.

He stepped forward and straddled her chest with his knees, bringing his manhood to within a foot of her face. She licked her lips as she realized he was going to let her taste it. She wanted so badly to feast upon him. So badly she wanted to suck him until he popped.

His finger slid under her chin and tilted her eyes up to meet his face. “Do you like it, Holli?” he asked, and she nodded vigorously. He gripped his penis at the base with his left hand and pointed it forward at her head. “Is this what you want?”

“Please, Adam, let me,” she pleaded. “Let me taste a man’s cock again . . .”

Adam nodded. “Yes,” he said as he scooted farther up, as high as her armpits would allow his knees to go. “Open your mouth, then, Holli, and let me give it to you.”

Holli’s long pink tongue rolled out of her mouth like a red carpet before an awards show and Adam hunched forward to bestow his crowned head upon it. Her tongue flicked around the bottom side of his shaft like a hummingbird at a feeder, and Adam wailed a pleasure-induced groan.

He raised his member off her frantic tongue, and then slammed it back down again. He used his hand to viciously smack his cock (whack) on her tongue several times like a nun disciplining a bad student with a ruler. Whack! Whack! Adam thoroughly enjoyed the lewd sight. Whack! She took the abuse submissively, mouth open with yearning like a chicklet waiting for its momma to feed it. Whack! Whack! Whack!

“Give it to me, Adam!” she blubbered.

He could hardly believe what was happening. Holli was beautiful, yes, and a stripper, yes, but he would never have suspected she was capable of letting him dick-slap her tongue with his cock, and it seemed she was ready to go even farther.

Adam dropped his hands to the couch at the sides of her head and thrust forward with one smooth motion. His cock slipped easily into the stripper’s receptive mouth and she instantly began to suck and lick with absolutely manic need. Her burning tongue flew over his shaft in a swirling motion as her luscious red lips wrapped around the head. Four inches disappeared inside her wet, willing mouth as she worked farther and farther down the length of his shaft.

Adam was in heaven. The woman really knew how to handle a cock (which was surprising after so long a layoff) and he would have be careful. His control was probably terrible at the moment. He loved the slurping sound she made as her tongue and lips slid down his shaft, and by now nearly the whole seven inches would progress into her throat before receding. Every now and again she would stop and lavish a few delicate kisses on the mushroomed head, stealing a ravenous glance up at him as she did so. She didn’t forget his balls, either; she spent a few endless minutes sucking them in and spitting them out, rolling them around her tongue, and licking over the curve down to the underside.

“Ahhhh,” he sighed as she engulfed his member once again, and he felt himself grow closer to that as-yet unwanted peak. He tore his shiny phallus away from her vice-like lips and left it untouched. Holli raised her head, trying to reach it, but Adam placed on hand squarely on her chest and shoved her back onto the bed. Droplets of pre-cum dribbled from his hole and landed on her stomach.

He crawled down her body and Holli spread her legs, knowing what was coming next, needing it desperately. She was like a firecracker waiting to be lit up. Adam’s right hand left its place of support and grazed over her taut tummy. He tickled her trimmed patch of downy brown curls, bypassed her honey pot, and grabbed a thick handful of her tight rump. His fingers traced her anus, and her eyes went wide as baseballs; she loved when Michelle pleasured her sweet little rosebud, which was rare. Then his hand crept higher and rubbed swiftly at her rubbery labia, sloshing the wetness around again.

“Now,” she whispered so quietly he almost couldn’t hear her.

“What?” he asked, teasing her.

“Now.” She said it louder this time, her voice rough with passion. “I want you now. I want you inside me. Now.”

“What do you want?” Adam asked as he pivoted up and moved his knees forward until they squished against the back of her thighs. His cock lay nestled in the patch of her pubes, and the hair tickled the large vein crisscrossing it.

“Make love to me!” she hotly encouraged. She glanced down and saw him position his engorged penis at the entrance to her pussy. “I want you inside of me. Fuck me, fill me up, I need it so badly! No man has ever had me like this, Adam. Fuck me hard!”

The vehemence of her dirty words caused Adam to stiffen and his dick to jump. She asked (no, demanded) that he use her, and so he did. Both young people held their breath and watched awe-struck as he proceeded, thrusting slowly forward, the head of his cock stretched and parted the slick pink folds of her sex hole. He felt it as they closed over the crown and her vagina begrudgingly opened up for him. She was tight, extremely tight, and the walls of her pussy compressed his penis, squashing it.

Adam pushed farther inside, relishing the snugness, and Holli dug her hands into his chest, head thrown blissfully back. He paused, letting her tiny crevice grow accustomed to his girth. Then he drove another thick inch of his boner into her velvety sheath, and another. Slowly her forgiving flesh allowed him to pack more of his monster inside her; he almost spurted at the sight of her pussy lips sucked in around his shaft.

“Ooooohhhh, Adam,” she blubbered, “you’re filling me up! More, give me more!”

Suddenly her vaginal muscles flexed, involuntarily squeezing the invading steel rod. He cried out at the delectable feeling of her sugary walls milking him.

With two full inches of his shaft left before the hilt he felt the tip of his dick press up against her cervix. Her pussy, it seemed, was small (only six inches were meant to receive). Jocelyn had been the same way and he knew exactly what to do. He lingered there, enjoying the feel of her: her tight, juicy pussy was like hot butter molding around his manhood.

Adam gripped the pillows of her ass tightly and slowly dragged his phallus back out of her. Her swollen pink flaps sucked at his exiting prick. Soon the head appeared and he stopped, holding it there, barely poking into her vaginal gash. He held fast, wanting her to beg for it, which she did.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded in a low, urgent voice, “put it back in me!”

He slid himself back into her oily depths, a little faster this time, and when he reached the end of her cunt he repeated the process, cramming himself in even faster than before. Her hands wrapped around his back, pulling him closer, and her nails scratched a set of deep lines across his skin.

“Mmm, Adam, oohh, mmm, yes, right there, right there, mmm, aaaahhh,” Holli moaned with each hard rabbit-thrust into her clutching sex.

“Unnhhh,” he grunted in response, unable to utter a single coherent word. He grabbed the woman’s sides just under her breasts and held them firmly.

She reached down to cup her jiggling breasts as Adam began thrusting in and out of her petite, demure, delicious vagina. Her spindly legs wrapped around his ass as it pumped at her, drawing him deeper still. She could feel the thick head of his cock battering against the back of her pussy with each repeated thrust. He felt his penis bend slightly as it did so.

Then the walls crumbled and his penis broke through. His hips slammed into her groin, the forest of black curls above his loins mingling with her brunette ones. His cock burst through her cervix and into a cavernous area that could only be considered her womb. The length of his shaft lurched inside her from the new, extreme sensations.

Pain seared through Holli’s body and she stiffened, clutching him fiercely by the shoulders and she let out a shriek. It felt like a thick wooden stake was being driven straight up the middle of her, cutting her in two. Within moments, however, the pain had receded to a dull ache. It reminded Holli of the first time she had had sex; Adam made her feel like a virgin all over again. She smiled up at him at the thought, knowing he couldn’t know why she was smiling despite the pain. He had stopped moving, but she urged him on again.

“Keep fucking me, Adam,” she mewed into his shoulder. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Tentatively he began again, drawing his entire length back out before slowly inserting it back in. He paused before he reached her cervix, but she begged him forward again. His cock broke through easily this time, and he watched as he heaved his heavy erection in and out her well-fucked cunt. The feel of Adam’s shaft brushing her sensitive cervix sent lust-driven chills coursing through her body.

“Aaaaaaah, Adam, oooooooh, oh,” she cried as she felt the first tingles of orgasm building deep within her palpitating sex. “Aaaahhh, aaahhhhhh, ahhhhh, ah, ah, aaaahh!”

He sped up, poking her pretty pink pussy over and over again with rapid, well-delivered thrusts. He varied the depth and angle of his entry: some high, some low, some hard, some soft, some shallow, some almost bottomless. His balls swung down with every deep plunge and slapped against the soft cushions of her ass.

“Oh, Adam, fuck me,” she wailed, babbling incessantly, “fuck me, fuck me hard . . . make me cum, fuck me, I’m your whore, Adam, fuck me good . . . stick it in me deeper . . . fuck me with your fat cock, I want it deep inside me . . . I’m your hot slut fuck toy, Adam . . . use me, fucking pound me, Adam . . . fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Her body shivered and she whimpered as her nails dug into his shoulder. “I’m there, right there, I . . . I . . . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”

Adam tensed and staved off his own explosion as the hot femme’s pussy began to quake around his cock. Her hips bucked up and down, to and fro against him as he speared her repeatedly, again and again.

“Oh, oh, oh, oohh, ooohhh, OOOOHHHH MMMYYYYY GGGOOOOOODDD!” she screamed, not caring how loud she was, or who might be able to hear her.

Hot neon lights burst in skittle rainbows before her eyes, blocking out the world. She floated, weightless, formless, in a rolling sea of nothingness, oblivious to everyone and everything, knowing only the intense spasms of pleasure streaming forth from between her legs. Her body sang with passion and her blood flowed with one mission and one mission only: to fuel the fires ravaging her cunt.

Adam stopped moving and watched the gorgeous stripper he was fucking quiver and churn as orgasm wreaked its havoc upon her body. Her pussy clenched and relaxed around his penis like an uptight businessman squeezing a stress ball. Adam gazed upon her nude, convulsing form: Holli’s body was glistening with sweat; her head rolled back and forth, spraying her beautiful brunette tresses wildly out to the sides; her hands cupping her adorable tits, her fingers tweaking and twirling the nipples.

Finally she collapsed, lying motionless beneath him. He relaxed his rough grip on her tiny waist. His hands reached down and plucked her legs up off the couch, gripping them just above the knees. He brought them together and pushed them up and back toward her chest, seemingly bending her in half, all the while keeping himself stiff inside her. She hardly even noticed what he was doing; the aftereffects of her intense orgasm were so powerful.

Adam, however, was not about to waist this glorious opportunity. This was a move he perfected over the two years with Jocelyn, who would frequently experience moments of stupor during and just after having sex.

He settled his feet on the floor and his hands let Holli’s legs fall to rest on his shoulders. He kept her legs positioned next to each other by placing his hands on the mattress of the bed on either side of her head. She looked like big letter “V”, legs locked at the knees with her feet way up past his head. Her taut tummy was crisscrossed with wrinkle lines from the way her body was contorted. From this position, Adam could easily fuck her pussy by thrusting downward into her raised hips.

Steadily he began driving himself deep inside her again. Her legs pressed together increased her already unbearable snugness and also allowed for very deep penetration. Holli’s eyes stayed shut, head lolled to the side, pink tongue slightly visible between her sultry lips. He continued to bang into her; she worked the muscles of her cunt without even knowing she did so, an involuntary reaction to the hard fucking her body was enduring. Her body simply responded to the stimulus.

Adam watched in awe as he plunged his fat cock into her tight sex hole, his girth forcing her pink folds wide apart. Holli’s eyes fluttered open and she gasped as the renewed sensations struck her with the force of a Mac truck on the highway. He hammered into her, hard, and quickly she realized a second climax was closing in.

“Not . . . again,” she wailed, tears in her eyes, “oh fuck . . . I can’t take anymore . . . fuck, fuck me forever, don’t stop . . . just fuck me, Aaaaaaadddaaaaaammmmmm!”

Soon Adam was thrusting harder and faster than ever before; he was through holding anything back. He fucked the chestnut-haired sex kitten with every ounce of his being, slamming into her over and over. Her ass rippled as their hips crashed together, his balls smacked against her supple butt.

“Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh!” Adam bellowed.

“Cum in me, Adam!” Holli screamed. “Cum inside me, fuck me good!”

He plunged his dick into her up to the hilt, his pelvic bone grinding against her clitoris. She shrieked like an Irish banshee as another mind-shattering orgasm erupted inside her, just as Adam’s own climax found him ready and waiting. He trembled and left his cock buried in her as his nuts shriveled and heaved. He cock lurched and spunk spouted from his piss-slit into Holli’s heavenly inner sanctums. Pulse after pulse of his white hot cum flooded her pussy, filling her chamber to the brink and then some. Rivers of their mingled fuck syrup poured out around the cracks between his dick and her pussy and trickled down the crack of her ass.

Adam let the woman’s legs down and collapsed on top of her, sliding off to the side of her sweat-slick body. He felt totally spent. “Wow,” he whispered into her ear. He kissed her forehead, salty from her sweat, and trailed down to her lips. His left hand cupped her breast, massaging it gently.

Holli kissed him back, then pulled away and looked up at him with big doe eyes. Suddenly her beautiful blues misted over, and she began to cry. He held her tightly to him, petting her matted hair, riding out the sobs with her.

“That was wonderful,” she said, sniffling.

“I feel the same way,” he said softly, meaning it.

“I can’t believe I just fucked a man again!” she sighed as she wiped her tears away. “I can’t believe it was that good!” Her hand traced a path along the curve of his shoulder and down over his strong chest.

“Yes, it was,” he agreed.

She blushed, a genuine rose-colored blush that swept onto her face like the sun sweeping shadows aside, and Adam felt himself grow all soft and warm at the sight of it. She held out her arms to him. “The pillows, please, Adam,” she said, and he understood at once. He pulled her up from the bed and in one fluid motion, lifted her naked body up into his arms. He teased her neck with his tongue as he carried her back to the part of the King bed where the pillows were.

I’d like to say that Vanessa and I quickly showered and promptly made our way to our appointment at the health spa, but it would be a lie. Me and her, together in a hot shower, that usually leads to some sort of sexual hijinks. This time was no exception. Somehow the big black rubber cock joined us in the shower and we each took a turn getting fucked by it.

We were more than a half an hour late to the spa. Luckily Vanessa was a very good customer. She had sent them a lot of business in the past. She was always rewarding the dancers in her club with free trips to the spa.

The spa was a professional run medical health spa. We got the full treatment, massages, facials, body treatments, waxing, and manicures/pedicures. The only strange thing to happen was Vanessa insisting that I get French tips on my nails. We left four hours later feeling and looking great, if I may say so myself.

We went back to the hotel and decided to dress in our finest clothes, our finest slut clothes that is, and hit a local happy hour. Vanessa wore a purple, tight fitted, strapless, ruched mini dress and matching five inch high heels with ankle straps. I wore a short red halter mini dress with a plunging neck line. I also put on my sexist red strappy high heel ankle wrap sandals. Neither of us wore any undergarments, Vanessa loves going naked under her clothes as much as me. We put on some of our sluttiest jewelry, hoop earrings, wrist and ankle bracelets, and of course our wedding and diamond engagement rings.

We walked around the corner from our hotel to nearby bar/restaurant. We got an outside table and ordered a round of drinks. We weren’t there five minutes, when Vanessa let me know that two handsome young men, who were sitting behind me were checking us out. I sat back and watched Vanessa go to work, long distance flirting with them. She’s an expert at using seductive eye contact, coy smiles and other flirty actions to land any man she wants.

It didn’t take long for one of them to come over to us. I finally got a look at him. Vanessa was right he was very fit, handsome and appeared very confident, just what I like in a man. He was a light skinned black guy. He was about twenty five years old, 5’10″ with a well -toned muscular build. He had short black hair and piercing blue eyes.

“Hello, I was wondering if you ladies would like to join my friend and me for a drink,” He asked.

“What do you say Brandi, do you want to go over and join them?” Vanessa asked me after giving him a mischievous smile.

I turned around to check out the other guy. He was white and looked to be about the same age, size and build as his partner. He also was very handsome. He had short blond hair and brown eyes.

“Sure,” I answered.

“Ok,” Vanessa answered. “But I got a question, how did you decide who was coming over to ask us,” she asked our new friend.

“It was easy, I’m the lead. My friend is the wingman,” he said with a smile.

“I figured that was it,” Vanessa said with a laugh. “What are you, Navy pilots?” She asked


“Good guess, my name’s Devon,” He said as he held out his hand.

I looked at the two of them with a confused look on my face. I couldn’t guess how Vanessa knew that they were pilots or in the Navy. Vanessa laughed and shook her head. “You’ve been away from San Diego for too long Brandi. Remember, it’s a military town, lots of Navy and Marines. Lead, wingman, it’s all pilot talk.”

“I’m Vanessa, she’s Brandi,” Vanessa added.

Vanessa and I got up and walked over to their table. Our new friend, Devon introduced his friend who stood up as we approached.

“Brandi, Vanessa, this is my wingman Gator. Gator say hello to Brandi and Vanessa,” Devon said.

“Hello ladies, nice to meet you. Have a seat,” Gator said as he held out a chair for Vanessa. Devon pulled out a chair for me.

We all sat down and Devon ordered another round of drinks. We talked, flirted and traded double entendres for a while. We found out that Devon and Gator were Navy fighter pilots assigned to an aircraft carrier. We also found out that Gator’s real named was Josh and Gator was his call sign, the nickname pilots give each other. Devon’s call sign was Demon. They were leaving on a six month cruise the next day and were out for a last night of fun. Like Cinderella they had to be back at the base by midnight. Vanessa and I told Devon and Josh a little about ourselves and that we were also out looking for fun. When we told them that we used to work as dancers at a strip club they begged us for a private show. How could we refuse doing our patriotic duty to entertain the troops?

Our hotel was close by, so we headed back to it for the show. One thing about fighter pilots, they are very confident and very aggressive. The doors to the elevator had barely closed when Josh grabbed Vanessa and Devon grabbed me. They began making out with us right away. They were quick to get their hands roaming all over our bodies. I’m sure they were surprised when they realized that neither Vanessa nor I were wearing a bra or panties.

When the elevator reached our floor, I broke my embrace with Devon. He already had my dress pulled up, exposing my naked ass. I turned and saw that Josh had Vanessa’s top pulled down and he was caressing her tits.

We hurried to our suite. Once inside I told the guys to make themselves a drink and get comfortable on the couch. Vanessa went over to the entertainment center and found us some music. Then we went into the bedroom to change into outfits better suited for a strip show.

Since neither Vanessa nor I had any of the clothes from our stripper days with us we made do with a few items from our current wardrobe. Vanessa made a micro mini skirt by folding the top panel of a mini skirt down several times. She put on a thong and one of my bras. Even though she is petite, her chest is bigger than mine and the bra barely contained her beautiful tits. I put on a red mesh baby doll top with a matching thong. The top I was wearing was tied closed by two ribbons, one up over my breasts and the other across my stomach. We waited until the start of the next song before we made our appearance.

Vanessa and I danced our way from the bedroom to in front of the couch. Vanessa wound up in front of Josh and I was in front of Devon. We had worked together so many times in the past that we easily fell into a familiar routine. Devon and Josh hooted and cheered as we moved close and shook our tits and asses in their faces. We rubbed our bodies against each other as we danced away from them, switching back and forth between our new friends. I danced behind Vanessa and wrapped my arms around her chest. She unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the ground as my hands covered her tits. We moved together as I slowly uncovered her breasts. I slid my hands down her body to her hips and slipped my fingers in the waist of her mini skirt. Vanessa turned around and I slowly slid her mini skirt down. Now all she was wearing was a tiny string thong and her heels. The guys went crazy clapping and cheering.

Then it was Vanessa’s turn to strip me. We turned so that I faced Devon and Josh and she was facing of me. She squatted down and used her teeth to pull the bottom ribbon holding my top opened. Then she kissed and licked my belly as she moved up to the top ribbon. Vanessa took her time, kissing and caressing my body before she pulled the top ribbon open with her teeth. She slid the baby doll off my shoulders and it fell to the ground. She stood in front of me, blocking the guys’ view of my body as she kissed and licked my nipples. When she stepped aside and revealed my naked breasts, my nipples had grown into glistening hard pointy nubs. I could feel my pussy start to get hot and moist. Devon and Josh broke out in another round of cheers.

Vanessa and I continued dancing. We embraced and ground our naked bodies together. When I slipped one of my legs between Vanessa’s legs and rubbed it against her, I could fell the warm dampness emanating from her pussy. I guess she was as excited as me. We moved back close to the guys and shook our asses and naked tits in their faces. Judging by the growing bulges in their pants, Devon and Josh appeared to be as turned on as me and Vanessa.

“How about a lap dance?” Devon asked as he slipped a dollar bill into the string of my thong.

“Yeah, does this place have a VIP room?” Josh added jokingly as he slipped a tip into Vanessa’s thong.

“Sure, but it’ll cost you twenty bucks,” I said with a smile.

“What do we get for it?” Devon asked.

“Normally it three songs, but for our boys in the Navy, you get four songs… and you can only touch bare skin,” Vanessa replied.

“Fuck yeah!” they both exclaimed as they quickly produced two twenty dollar bills.

Vanessa and I danced close to them, took their money and slipped it into the strings of our thongs. Then we pushed their legs apart so we could dance between them. I was in front of Devon and Vanessa was in front of Josh.

I started by standing between his knees; slowly swaying my hips from side to side in time to the music. I took my hands and slowly started to rub my boobs, pinching and pulling on my hard nipples. Soon the hard nubs were sticking out about a half an inch. I slowly rubbed my hands down my abs to my hips. I turned around, bent forward with my butt sticking out and rubbed my hands along my hips and ass. Devon reached out and stroked his hands up and down the sides of my hips. I turned back around to face him. I put my hands on his knees and leaned my chest into his face. My tits were inches from his mouth. Each time he tried to move his mouth closer I teased him by backing away. Back and forth we went until finally I climbed up and knelt on his thighs. My breasts pressed into his face and he took a nipple in his mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he used his tongue, lips and teeth to delightfully torture the hard nub. Devon reached around me, grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against his hard muscular body. I was pleased when I felt a large hard cock press against my leg. I knew I would to do my patriotic duty and fuck Devon’s brains out before he left on his cruise.

I looked over at Vanessa and Josh. She was standing with her back to him, bent over at the waist and sliding her hands down the backs of her legs. Josh was sitting up on the couch rubbing his hands all over her ass as he leaned forward and kissed her lovely tush. I knew Vanessa would also do her patriotic duty.

When Devon went to switch to my other tit, I pulled away from him and turned around. I sat back on his lap crushing his large hard cock between my ass cheeks. I ground myself back against him drawing a deep throaty groan from him. Devon reached up and caressed my breasts. He pinched and pulled on my nipples as he kissed my neck sending jolts of pleasure cascading throughout my body. I leaned my head on his shoulder and tilted it back. Devon turned his head toward me and kissed my lips. I slipped a hand down to my crotch and pulled the small patch of my thong away from my pussy. It was wet with my juices. I used my other hand to pull one his hands down to my crotch. Devon uttered a gasp of surprise as he slid his fingers across my wet naked pussy.

I groaned as his fingers parted my wet pussy lips and he worked one, then a second finger inside of me. I continued grinding my naked body against him as he worked his fingers in and out of my pussy. He rubbed his thumb back and forth across my clit sending more jolts of pleasure firing throughout my body. I cried out groaning and panting, rolling my hips and working my pussy against his hand, adding to my building excitement. Devon plunged his fingers deeper into my pussy and I almost came. I started fucking his fingers, moving my hips back and forth, trying to get his long thick fingers to fill me up. I was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm. Devon moved his hand and slipped a third finger into my pussy filling me even more. He laid his palm on my clit and rubbed his hand in a circle. I felt myself bracing for a powerful orgasm. My body tensed up and I cried out that I was cumming as multiple contractions wracked my pussy.

Devon held me tightly as my orgasm passed and my breathing returned to normal. I turned my body slightly and give Devon a passionate tongue filled kiss. I broke the kiss, slid off of him, and turned to face him on my knees.

“Hey that was only three songs, you still owe me one,” Devon said with a laugh.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not done yet,” I said as I unbuckled his belt and opened his pants.

I reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. It was long and fat, just like I love them. Also he was uncircumcised, it doesn’t matter to me if a guy is cut or not but I do kinda love covering and uncovering the head. I ran up hand up and down his length a couple of times and he grew to his full length about eight or nine inches. I let go of his cock and grabbed his pants. Devon lifted his hips as I pulled his pants off his legs. Then I told him to take off his shirt as I pulled off his shoes and socks.

Once he was naked I stood up and began dancing again. I seductively slid my thong down and off my body. I faced away from Devon and backed up to him. He reached up and held my hips as I rested my hands on his knees. Slowly I lowered my naked butt into his lap once again trapping his cock between the cheeks of my ass. I worked my ass around, grinding his hard cock up and down and side to side. Devon lifted me up and his cock slid up and between my legs. When I sat back down his rock hard cock was standing up between my legs. I grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my wet pussy. His hard hot cock sent shivers of pleasure through my pussy.

I glanced over at Vanessa and Josh. Both of them were naked and Vanessa was kneeling between Josh’s legs. Her head was buried in his lap. I could tell from his moans and the look on his face that she was sucking his cock and doing her usual excellent job at that.

I got up off Devon and fell to my knees between his legs. I reached a hand between my legs and rubbed it across my pussy. It came away wet with my juices. I grabbed hold of his cock and slowly slid my hand up and down his length. Each time I slid my hand down the head of his cock appeared.

“So Demon, want me to suck your… joystick?” I jokingly asked.

“Oh yeah baby, be careful it might fire off a rocket,” Devon said with a laugh.

“I’d love to see it go off,” I replied.

I slid my hand down his cock and pulled the foreskin off the head. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue around the head of his cock. One thing I like about guys with an uncut cock is that the frenulum, the area on the underside of their cock just below the head is super sensitive. I’ve made men cum just by flicking my tongue back and forth on that sensitive area. I didn’t want Devon to cum right away so I made sure to vary my techniques by kissing and licking other areas of his cock. I began focusing on top of his penis, prodding the tip of my tongue in and out of the opening. Devon’s cock started to leak precum so I simply lapped up the tasty morsels. His balls got equal attention. I continued stroking the length of his cock as I kissed and sucked his balls. I wanted this to be a blowjob he would dream about on his six month deployment.

I knew Devon was close to cumming; his moaning and heavy breathing gave him away. I glanced over at Vanessa and Josh. From his grunts and the look of ecstasy on his face I knew he unloading a load of cum into Vanessa’s mouth. I moved my mouth back up to Devon’s cock. I held the base and swallowed about half of it in one motion. I worked my head up and down on his cock with my tongue sliding along the bottom of that hard shaft. Every time I pulled Devon’s cock out of my mouth, my tongue glided along the underside of his big tool. He didn’t last too long after that. He grabbed my head and held me with about half his cock buried in my mouth. He cried out that he was cumming and fired off a massive stream of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but couldn’t stop a little from leaking out of the side of my mouth.

When Devon stopped cumming I pulled my mouth off his cock. I licked up any cum that had spilled on his cock and balls and looked over at Vanessa and Josh. They had moved off the couch to the love seat. Vanessa was lying on her back across the loveseat. The throw pillows were under her shoulders and her head was hanging off one of the arms. Josh was bent over straddling her head, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock was long, even longer than Devon’s but thin. Vanessa has had a lot of practice deep throating long cocks but even she couldn’t fit the whole thing in her throat. He was easily twelve inches. His balls kept bouncing back and forth, slapping against her forehead on each thrust of his hips. He also had a hand in her crotch playing with her pussy.

I got up off my knees and moved over by them. I leaned over the other arm of the loveseat and put my face in Vanessa’s crotch. Josh moved his hand away and I dove in, mouth first, right into her pussy. Josh pulled his cock out of Vanessa’s mouth; it was covered with her spit. He moved around behind me and rubbed his cock head up and down through lips of my pussy. Then he lined it up with opening of my pussy and slipped about half of it inside me. He held onto my hips and began sliding his cock back and forth in my pussy, driving it deeper and deeper on each stroke.

“Hey flyboy, get that big black cock over here. I need to get it hard so you can fuck my pussy.” Vanessa ordered Devon.

Devon may have been used to taking orders but he still had that flyers cockiness. I looked up from licking Vanessa’s pussy and saw him jumped up off the couch. He came over to us but he stood with his cock about a foot away from Vanessa’s mouth. Over and over he leaned in and rubbed his cock all over her face. Vanessa tried to grab him and pull him close but he was too quick. It took a few tries but Vanessa learned that she could catch more cocks with honey than vinegar.

“Devon, can you please can move your cock closer to me so that I can suck it and get it hard. After it gets hard, maybe you’d like to use it to fuck me. I could really use a hard cock in my pussy,” Vanessa asked sweetly.

“Why sure ma’am, a navy officer is always willing to help a woman in need,” Devon replied with a laugh.

Devon moved close and slowly feed his cock into Vanessa’s mouth. He also leaned forward and caressed her breasts. I could tell because her moans from my licking her pussy were muffled by Devon’s cock. Her moans increased in intensity when Devon leaned forward even further and began kissing and sucking her nipples.

While all this was happening Josh was still fucking me from behind. Now he was driving the full length of his cock into me on each stroke. He had reached his hand between me and the arm of the loveseat and was rubbing it on my clit. The combinations of pleasures had me close to an orgasm. Several more strong powerful thrusts sent me over the edge. I cried out in agony and pleasure as my body quivered and shook. Josh held on to me as my whole body tensed up and I rose up on my tippy toes, panting and moaning.

Once my orgasm passed and my breathing returned to normal, I realized that Josh hadn’t cum. His cock was still hard, still in me and he was still sliding it in and out of my pussy. I returned my attention to Vanessa’s pussy. She was still moaning around Devon’s cock as he slid it back and forth in her mouth. I slipped a couple of fingers in her pussy and located her g-spot. My fingers had been her pussy enough times that it was like they were on auto-pilot. Vanessa knew me enough to know what I was going to do next. She pushed Devon away as I flicked my tongue across her clit, which set her off. She grabbed my head and held it against her pussy. I continued flicking her clit, driving her wild with orgasmic frenzy. She wrapped her legs around my head as her body shuddered and shook. She cried out, gasping and groaning as she came.

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