“Not a word to her, okay? Mark asked. “See if Jamal and Chris are on board with this little scheme of mine and call me back and let me know.”

“You got it boss. I can already tell you they will be but I will check. How long are you planning to be there? Rashad asked.

“I’m planning on a ten day vacation. I’m hoping you guys can stay for most of it. I don’t want you guys bringing dates because you’ll be getting all you can handle and more once you get there. It would really blow her mind though if you could arrange for a mind blowing party while you are there. She really would lose her mind and your rewards would be beyond belief. Trust me on that. I know her that well. Do you think you could arrange that?”

Rashad laughed, “Oh there is no doubt in my mind that could and will be arranged. Now who are you bringing to this shindig?”

“I’m bringing her as far as appearances go. Once she gets there, I’ll be on my own. She will be with me, in the box for the game but with you guys afterward. I’ve got a few other pleasant things lined up that I’d really like us all to do but as for me, I just want to unwind and relax.”

“Are you alright? Seriously Mark, we are worried about you. First, you feed us a line of crap that you don’t find Cherry attractive and none of us believe that for a fucking second. Now, you are telling me that you are coming to Hawaii, with her, for us. I mean this is our Mark, the man who dates actresses and models and gets more pussy in a month than the average guy gets in a year. Are you sick?”

“No, I am quite well. I’m sure if I want some female company while I am there that I can find some. As you say, I do know how. As for Cherry, she is not just a friend and you know it. I love that woman with all my heart but what she wants, I can’t provide. That is a fact of life and I accept it. If I looked like you three, I’d shoot you before I ever let you lay eyes on her. So, having said that, I have given her the best three guys I know and I am happy that you have treated her so well. Now, call the guys and let me know.”

“Question boss, where are you staying?

“Oh shit, I have taken the top floor of the Honolulu Palms. It is actually two four bedroom suites. I have one side and you guys have the other side. There will be plenty of room to party and all the privacy anyone could ask for. Diane in my office made those arrangements. I just forgot to tell you. My bad.”

“I’ll call you back,” Rashad said.

Rashad placed a conference call to his two buddies and caught them before they went to practice. They all played for different teams and all three had been selected for the Pro Bowl again. He liked the fact that they were going to see Cherry again. Mark was right about her. She was not only gorgeous. She was sexy, loving, caring and adorable. She also had the strongest sex drive any of them had ever encountered. Rashad filled them in on Mark’s plans and they loved what they were hearing. He told them to plan a ten day stay and not to bail after the game. They didn’t mind spending New Years Eve in Hawaii one bit.

Jamal burst out laughing, “We have to find three of the hottest women we know for Mark. I mean, seriously, these women have to be the sexiest black women on the planet. If that muthafucker thinks for one minute that he is going to be alone, he’s outta his honky head.”

I know who I am going to get but she isn’t black. She was Miss Hawaii a few years ago and she is the second hottest woman I know. All she has to know is that she will at least once get to be with Cherry and she will definitely be a go for this. Plus, she knows Mark, only by reputation. She asked me if I thought he could represent her in her movie career. Now, she can ask him herself.”

“Preferably while she has his dick in her mouth,” Rashad giggled. “As for me, I’m going to ask my friend Diane. Mark will love her to death. She fucks like a mink. She loves white men and she too, wants to meet Mark. She is one of the top lingerie models in the country. It’s funny because she asked me the same thing about him representing her. She earns millions a year. She is on so many covers and ads. Mark should consider this actually.”

“I don’t even have to think about this,” Chris stated. “Remember that lawyer I dated a while ago? Lori is so hot. She is exactly what Cherry said Mark loved. She and I are good friends but she won’t fuck me anymore. She says I am too big for her. She is a wild, fantastic fuck, gorgeous face and she lives to suck cock. I talked to her just the other day. She just left the firm she was with. She had some differences with the partners and she was tired of playing politics. She also knows Mark by reputation. I’m betting she would love the chance to meet him.”

Rashad said, “OK, call them and call me right back. Tell them where and with whom they will be staying. Also, Mark wants us to arrange a special party for Cherry. I mean he wants us to get the guys together and give her so much cock that she begs us to stop. Think we can arrange that?”

“Fucking right we can! Damn, can you imagine what she will be like with us after that?” Chris exclaimed.

“Call me back.”

Within a half hour, they had their answers. Everything was a go. They were like kids again, plotting Mark’s surprise. They were also wanting to see their dear Cherry once again.

Early the next morning, Mark logged onto his favorite site and sat in a room waiting. It didn’t take long until Cherry signed in.

When he saw her screen name, he didn’t say hello. He just typed three words, “Answer your phone.”

He hit speed dial and the phone rang once.

“Hello darling, is everything alright? You don’t usually call unless you’re in town or something has happened.”

“I need you to accompany me on a business trip. It is very important and you’ll be gone for ten days. I’ll cover all the money you would lose so that is not a problem for you. I really, really, need you with me.”

“When is this trip. Where are we going?”

He gave her the dates and then told her they were going to Honolulu.

“Hawaii? Did you say we were going to Hawaii? Are you fucking kidding me? Hawaii? You know damned well how much I want to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been there. It is so beautiful. I hope we get to see a few things. I want to go. Can we leave tonight? Oh Mark, I would love to go.”

“Well, let me tell you that the first three days, I have to work but I want you with me. I want you to look your usual gorgeous self. It is Hawaii so you’ll be dressed “casual gorgeous”. We do have a dinner to go to and that will be “really gorgeous” but not formal. Oh yeah, there is a really big thing we have to attend but you can be as casual as you want. After that, it is bikini’s or less for the next week. So, to wrap it up, it is 3 days of fun work and a week of pure luxurious vacation. Still interested?”

“Oh wow, I can’t believe you. You always make me so happy. Damned right I am going. Nothing could stop me from this. Oh wow, I have to go shopping. Fuck, I am so excited I just came.”

“That is too funny. It must not have you too excited. I’ve heard you have bigger orgasms ONLINE,” Mark laughed.

“Oh hush you or I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what?”

“I love you Mark. When do we leave?”

“Well, this is what I was thinking. If you want to extend it one day, I can pick you up on Wednesday morning, after the club closes. We can fly to Vegas so I can pack and get what I need together and then we can fly to Hawaii. We would get into Vegas about 4 AM Vegas time, grab a bite to eat and then some sleep. Thursday morning, I have to go into the office for an hour. You can lay out by the pool or go gamble or whatever. When I get back, it is off to the airport and on to Hawaii.”

“Oh I am so excited. I really am. I can’t wait.”

“Well, you won’t have to wait long. I am so glad you said yes. I will be so proud to have you on my arm Cherry. You know I really do care about you.”

“I know you do my dear, I know you do.”

The week flew by and they talked every night. With each passing day, Cherry got more excited.

“I have to tell you something,” she said one night. “I’ve completely changed my hairstyle and color.”

“You change your hair color all the time. That doesn’t surprise me one bit. In fact, you have many fetishes but hair color and shoes top the list and it is a very long list.”

“Well, my hair is much longer than the last time you saw me and it is jet black.” I really hope you like it.

“Sounds perfect to me. Just as long as it does not cover the most perfect ass God ever created, I’ll love it,” I quipped.

“You like my ass? You have never once commented on my body other than to say that I looked amazing. That is one hell of a compliment coming from you.”

“Cherry, there is absolutely nothing about you that I don’t like. You are, seriously, the sexiest woman I know. From your eyes, to your nose, your face and your killer smile. You have the most gorgeous breasts, ass and pussy I’ve ever seen. I really love your voice. There is nothing I would change.”

“Wow, I never knew that. Thanks.”

“You’re welcomed. I need to tell you something. Tomorrow night when you get off work, I want you to drive to the executive side of the airport. My assistant arranged for your car to be in the executive garage while you are gone. It is more secure. Do you know where that is?”

“Yes, what do I do, just pull in? Who will I ask for?” she inquired.

“I’ll meet you there and it will be taken care of.”

“Great. I can’t wait. Hawaii, we’re going to Hawaii. This is unreal.”

“I’m tired hon. I’ve been tired now for a long time. I really need this vacation. I’m going to bed. G’Nite.” I said

“G’Nite, get some rest. You’re going to need it.”

“No I’m not. All I need is rest. Luv ya. See you tomorrow.”

Mark laughed as he signed off. He really did care for her. Giving her this gift was going to be the best one he had ever done. He really loved to make her happy even though he would never touch her.

Mark left New York at midnight and flew to pick up Cherry. He sat and enjoyed his rum and coke. He lit a cigarette and watched the news. His pilot Jack informed him they were approaching the airport. He finished his drink and put out the cigarette as his assistant Michelle took the glass and stowed it. Another perfect landing. Mark was so happy with his flight crew. Jack and Tom were retired Navy fighter pilots and he stole Michelle away from a top law firm a number of years ago. Mark and Michelle had shared many a night in various cities and they had a very special relationship. She was a blonde with a great body, a hunger for both sexes and a drive that was hard to quell. She was the perfect traveling companion when Mark was not otherwise occupied. On a trip like this, she was a total professional.

They taxied the G5 to the terminal and Mark was pleased that they were there fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Mark deplaned and walked into the terminal. It was empty at this time of the morning. Tom came in and filed the new flight plan as Cherry arrived. He walked out and she ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. He took her bags from the car and Tom took them to the plane. Mark made the valet arrangements and they walked from the terminal to the plane. Cherry stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the plane.

“What is this? I thought we were taking a regular plane. Whose plane is this?”

“This is my plane hon. My job requires me to be all over the globe. You know that. I can’t wait on commercial carriers anymore.”

“This trip is getting better by the minute.”

They boarded and Mark introduced Michelle and took Cherry up to meet Tom and Jack. Cherry was awestruck and kept looking at the plane. Her hands were running over the softest leather she had ever felt. She kept looking as they reached altitude. Michelle served them drinks and Cherry was speechless.

“You never told me we would be riding in style. Holy crap Mark. I mean, I never knew you lived like this. I know you travel all over all the time but I just thought you took the same kind of plane we all do. This is impressive. What kind of plane is this? It is so pretty.”

“This is a Gulfstream G5 hon. Yes, it is a nice plane. It gets the job done.”

Another couple of drinks were served. Cherry sat beside Mark with her head on his shoulder.

Michelle winked approval at Mark after appraising Cherry critically. Mark laughed to himself. He wasn’t quite sure if she was approving her for him or for her. What she didn’t know was she would probably have her before this vacation was over. He knew he wouldn’t.

Tom announced that they were on final approach to McCarran and they buckled up. Cherry was looking out the window at the lights of the strip. She loved the view. It was a view that Mark could never get enough of himself. He loved this city. The plane landed and taxied to the terminal. The valet was gone only a couple of minutes and pulled up to the front door. Cherry just starred as the red Ferrari idled at the curb. She was seated in and Mark turned onto Koval and headed home. He turned on Tropicana and headed to the strip and turned right at the MGM Grand. Cherry sat speechless once again. She had been to Vegas before but she had never arrived in a private jet nor had she cruised the strip in a Ferrari. So much had changed since she was last there. Mark drove north on the strip and pulled into Trump Tower.

He pulled into the parking garage and into his private garage. There was parking for four vehicles. In addition to the Ferrari, there was a Maybach, a pickup truck and a Candy Apple Red 32 Deuce Coupe. If there was one thing she knew, it was cars. Mark helped her out of the car and walked to the elevator inside his private garage. She entered the elevator and saw there were only three buttons. They were labeled P1, P2 and P3. This confused her until the elevator stopped. She stepped out into the most beautiful apartment she had ever been in.

“Welcome home sir,” a strong male voice boomed.

“Hello Jackson, This is my friend Cherry. She is accompanying me to Hawaii tomorrow.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Jackson,” Cherry stated as she looked at one of the largest black men she had ever seen.

“Are you hungry sir?”

“I don’t know, are we?” Mark asked Cherry. “I know I could eat something.”

“A sandwich perhaps,” Cherry suggested.

“We have fresh Pastrami, would that suit you miss?”

“Jackson, that would be delicious. Thank you.”

Jackson walked away to the kitchen and Mark started laughing loudly.

“What? What did I say that was so damned funny?” Cherry demanded.

“It is not what you said but what you didn’t say that got me laughing.”

“What didn’t I say?”

“Jackson, put your dick on a hoagie and I’ll be the happiest woman on earth!”

Cherry looked at him and burst out laughing. “You fucking know me too well. That is exactly what I was thinking. Where did you find him?”

“Jackson was one of my players and he was very badly injured. His career was over and he could not get a job because of the medical issues and health insurance so I hired him. I am gone so much and I am glad he is here taking care of the place and the staff.”

“Staff? How many people are here.”

“Jackson and Michelle live here and Tom and Jack live two floors down. They are on call 24/7 as am I. There are 3 maids that come in every day. One per floor.”

“One per floor? Come on Mark, seriously? This place is 3 floors?”

“When were finished eating, I’ll take you on a tour.”

Mark showed Cherry the place and she was blown away. The top floor was Mark’s private quarters. It took up the entire top floor of the building. His living room was huge and the view of the strip was amazing. His office was elegantly constructed of dark cherry wood. It certainly was something to see. He had his own private gym with every piece of equipment you could ever imagine. Cherry lost her mind when she walked into his bedroom. It was literally half of the top floor. The furniture was so tasteful. The bed was a fantastic four poster unlike anything she had seen before. Whoever the decorator was, they had only one thing on their mind when they created this look. SEX. SEX and ORGASMS!

“Hey, What the fuck? You have a stripper pole in your bedroom?”

“Yeah and two more in the playroom on the lower level.”

“I can’t even describe this to anyone.”

He took her into the master bath and her jaw dropped. She walked into his closet and looked at him in disbelief. He had the smaller of the two closets. The larger one was empty.

“Why don’t you use the larger closet?”

“Well, someday, if I find the right woman, she will need it. That is why it is empty.”

They went down to the middle floor where they had eaten. He showed her where Jackson had his two bedroom apartment and then he showed her where Michelle had her two bedroom apartment. He showed her the kitchen and she started to laugh.

“You could just live in the kitchen. It is fantastic. Now I know why you love to cook.”

Mark took her downstairs and showed her the party floor. He wasn’t kidding. There was a bar that belonged in the Bellagio, a dance floor that was huge. There were slot machines and pinball machines too. Mark took her hand and walked into a double door room and Cherry was simply stunned. This was a twenty four seat theater. It was amazing. Mark walked in and sat down. As Cherry walked, she looked down at the floor. It was very soft. She sat next to him, looking at the floor again.

“Why is the floor so soft?”

“Get on your knees dear.”

“Oh my God. Holy fuck me flying! This floor is this way so whoever is sucking a cock won’t hurt their knees. You’ve thought of everything.”

“Honey, lots of pussy gets eaten in here too you know. There is more to see. Come, it gets better.”

They left the theater and walked into the next room. Mark hit a switch and turned on the lights. The floor was tiled for the first three feet of the room. After that, the floor was mattresses. This is part of the orgy rooms. He hit another switch and the lighting dimmed and the music came on and Cherry smiled broadly.

“Oh this is great. I love it.”

“Come see this.” They walked into the next room. It was long and narrow. A padded bench ran the length of the room and glory holes dotted the wall.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“Nope, my friends like to party.” Follow me. He took her hand and walked out of this room and past the next. That was the other side of the glory holes. The last room was interesting to get into. It was a maze and the farther you went in, the darker it got. After the last turn, the floor was mattresses again but the room was pitch black.

“This is the grope room. When you are in here, you don’t have any idea who is touching you, sucking you or fucking you. This is a very popular part of the party. I enjoy being in here myself.”

They walked out onto the balcony which ran the entire length of the building. There were three hot tubs and lots of chaise lounges and mattresses. People liked to fuck in Vegas and this was a great place to do it.

They went back in and up to the second floor. This spectacular level was elegant in the extreme. Mark walked into the living room area which was so expansive. There was seating for at least 50 people. Big screen TV’s, large lounging sofas, perfect for fucking. There was a large area of hardwood floor set into the carpeted area. Cherry asked Mark why he had two dance floors when the one downstairs was so huge. Mark laughed and walked over to the wall and flipped a switch. The dance floor began to rise. As it lifted, a gorgeous swimming pool was revealed. It was lit with LED lighting that gave the pool very sensuous look and feel.

“Mark, I am beyond amazed. This is simply the sexiest home I have ever seen.”

“There you are,” Michelle said as she walked into the living room. “I’ve been trying to find you. Cherry, come with me dear.”

Mark kissed Cherry and she left to go with Michelle.

They walked down the hall and into a spectacular suite. For tonight, this is your room. I had your luggage brought up. We are only going to be here for a short time so you can sleep now or later on the plane.

“Where did Mark disappear to?”

“Mark has retired for the evening. He’s had a long day with meetings in New York that started early. He’s tired. He will see you in the morning after he returns from the office. He has to check on things with Diane, sign some contracts and then he’ll be back.”

“Who is Diane?

“Diane is the office manager. She is responsible for insuring that all things are properly completed. Mark’s clients are the absolute who’s who of the sports world. Not just football but all sports. Every professional athlete wants Mark to represent them but he can’t handle them all. He has over one hundred top lawyers working for him at the firm. He has been thinking of expanding into other areas but that would really put a lot of stress on him.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Are you okay Cherry?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I know I am totally overwhelmed with everything. I had no idea. I mean, I talk to him almost everyday and I really didn’t have any idea of all this at all. I mean, well, you have to kinda understand where we meet all the time. It is a pretty different kind of website and women get hit on constantly. I met him in a coffee shop just after his best friends son had died. He was so sad. I sat and talked to him for hours. I see men everyday and some are nice and others are, er, well they are men. Ignorant and horny. Mark was so different. After the funeral, we stayed in touch. We meet in this chat room and watch porn and laugh and I get horny. I’m pretty sure he does too but all he does is comment that what I like should be illegal. He has never hit on me ever.”

“Yes, I’ve seen him type that to you many times. Cherry, I wish you could see the look on his face when he does that. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been up in the air and he yells that trigger is on the screen. He is laughing but I know he is secretly wishing, just once, that he was built like that guy. I know that wish is for only one person. You!”

“You have seen some of the stuff we watch? I’m kinda embarrassed at that.”

“Don’t be. I enjoy it too. I laugh at your comments. You’re funny. You make him giggle like a kid. I’m going to tell you something that you may not believe. An hour with you takes more stress way from him than any amount of hardcore, mind blowing sex. He gets a lot of sex on his own but he lives for what little time he gets to spend with you.”

“I doubt that. If that was the case, he would have me in his arms right now,” Cherry’s eyes began to tear.

“He has this dumb fucking idea that you are only interested in one thing and I’ve fought with him about it. He can be hard headed at times but I am working on him for you.”

Cherry walked over and gave Michelle a hug, “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

Michelle leaned in and kissed Cherry and she returned the kiss tentatively. Cherry’s head was spinning but Michelle was a warm, nice, sexy woman and Cherry was happy to feel her body next to hers. Michelle kissed her again and this time, the kiss was returned with gusto and desire. Michelle began to undress Cherry expertly. Her clothes seemed to vanish as Michelle’s hands began to explore her spectacular breasts.

“Mark said you had a body to die for. He sure wasn’t kidding,” Michelle stated as her own clothes disappeared to reveal a hot, hot body. “Now, I wonder how that got there?”

“How what got there?” Cherry asked.

Michelle walked Cherry to the coffee table and there, on a small mirror were four, generous white lines.

“I didn’t bring that. Seriously I didn’t Michelle!” Cherry looked to see the reaction from Michelle.

Michelle walked over to the mirror and picked up the tiny glass tube and drew two generous lines, She handed it to Cherry and she did the same.

The rush was amazing, it was instantaneous and it was strong. Michelle took Cherry to the bed and laid her down. Her lips began to kiss and lick Cherry completely. Her touch was soft, it was erotic and it was talented. Michelle knew how to love a woman and she obviously enjoyed it immensely. Cherry felt the drug charge her nerve endings, each and every one fired in rapid fire succession. Her tongue drove her wild. Cherry began to cum the instant Michelle touched her wet pussy. This woman was making her so wet. She was cumming quicker than she had ever cum in her life before.

Was it the bump or was it the woman? Cherry figured it was a combination of both but whatever it was, she wanted so much more. Michelle’s tongue roamed over her nipples and she came again. She began to kiss down her stomach and Cherry felt her tongue trace her hips. Cherry was on fire. Michelle was that good. She felt her hot steamy breath approaching her wet pussy and she came again. When her tongue parted her lips, Cherry went wild. She raised her hips and Michelle absolutely devoured her. Cherry began cumming and cumming and she would not stop.

“Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yes! Don’t stop, Oh don’t stop, uh, uh, uh, Oh yes, Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck yes, Oh, Oh, Holy fuck, don’t stop!” Cherry shrieked as she flooded Michelle’s face with so much cum.

Michelle kept licking and rolled Cherry up and licked her fantastic small, tight asshole. Cherry began to cum again. She bucked and shoved her ass hard into Michelle’s tongue. Michelle drove her tongue inside and began to tongue fuck her seriously. Cherry grabbed her cheeks and spread them for Michelle. Michelle reached up and began to stroke Cherry’s delicious clit with one hand and her nipple with the other. A betting man would bet that Hiroshima was quieter than Cherry when she went off this time.

“You gorgeous fucking woman! Fuck my ass! Fuck me with your tongue! Pull my nipples, tug my clit! Oh this is fantastic. Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!, Oh Fuck!, Yes!, Fuck YES!, uh, uh, uh, Fuck!, That’s it fuck my tight little ass. I’m cumming, oh Lord, I’m cumming. I’m cum, cum, cum, oh fuck, I’m cumming again!”

Cherry collapsed and Michelle slowly rose to meet her lips. On the way, she sucked Cherry’s clit delicately in her mouth and held it. She lovingly stroked it several times and then left to move higher. She kissed her breasts, licked her nipples and then sensuously kissed her extended neck. The electricity shot through Cherry and Michelle attacked her face and lips with pure lust. Cherry had kissed so many women before but none like this woman.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Cherry asked breathlessly.

“From Mark. When he makes love to a woman, it is a work of art. I know someday, you will find out for yourself.”

“But I want to do you now,” Cherry said through very heavy eyelids.

“You will sweetheart. It is, after all, a six hour flight to Honolulu. Sleep now, party tomorrow.”

Cherry fell asleep in Michelle’s arms.

The phone next to the bed rang softly. Cherry, disoriented, reached for it. It was Michelle informing Cherry that breakfast awaited her. Cherry got up and noticed a silk robe on the end of the bed. She put it on and walked out to the table. Jackson had prepared a wonderful breakfast of Eggs Benedict, fresh orange sections and chocolate covered strawberries.

“Did last night happen or did I dream it?” Cherry asked Michelle.

“Oh it happened. I loved it and if you’re game, it will happen many more times. Mark was right, you have one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever seen. I’d kill to have an ass that fine. Damn girl. I could get lost in there for years. If someone wanted to describe the perfect body, all they have to do is describe yours.”

Cherry blushed deeply, “Yours is pretty amazing too. I don’t know what happened. For starters, that was the best buzz I think I’ve ever had and then some of the deepest, longest orgasms I can ever remember. I know I kissed you and then next thing I knew it was morning. I am so sorry to disappoint you.”

“You did not disappoint me at all. I had the best time I’ve had with a woman in years and I wasn’t kidding, I want more and more of you,” Michelle confessed.

“I have a question for you if it is okay?”

“Sure, anything at all.”

“You are not just a stewardess are you?”

“No dear, I am Mark’s personal assistant. I live here to take most of the load off of his shoulders. I am a lawyer as well. I am the pit bull that allows Mark to be the man he is.”

Cherry dropped her eyes and asked, “Last night, you said that Mark taught you what you did to me. I take it you’ve slept with him more than once.”

“I love Mark with all my heart. He loves me deeply. We sleep together frequently and enjoy a sex life that is fantastic. I will never be anything more than I am with regard to Mark. I know it and so does he. I’m good with this. Many very successful men have this kind of arrangement because it works so well. He has me when he needs me and I have him when I need him. I just hope and pray that if or when Mark takes a wife, that she will understand and not be jealous. It is a lot to ask of anyone but if they want to marry a man like him, it is a reality they have to live with.”

“What the hell does he see in me then? He can have any woman on the planet. He told me once not to try to figure him out because it would only make things worse. I didn’t understand it but I do now, I think,” Cherry inquired.

“Cherry, Mark is one of the most successful men in his field. He has very few friends. Even fewer good friends. He has a ton of clients and a zillion acquaintances. His clients are, for the most part, prim a donas who demand his attention for everything. That is how he makes his money. The acquaintances/hangers on are occasionally useful but mainly they are looking for something from him. You are someone who befriended a man you did not know. You allowed him to pour his heart out that night. You listened. You held his hand and he talked your ear off. Since David died, he spends more time with you than anyone, other than me. You have never once asked him for a single thing. You talk, he talks. You both listen to each other. He teases you relentlessly about your desire for the biggest, blackest cocks on earth. If you could only hear him laugh every time he says that guy should be illegal or that that is a fucking birth defect. I tell you, it is precious. He does it because you get pissed and that is the only reason. He is the biggest tease on the planet.”

Mark walked in the door and kissed Cherry. He turned and kissed Michelle as well. “I am glad to see you two are getting to know each other. I hope you two can become very close. I’d be a happy man if my two best friends became best friends as well. Jackson…breakfast please.”

That booming voice rang thru the place, “Coming boss.”

“Oh fuck, I wish,” Cherry smirked.

Mark damned near chocked on his coffee and Michelle literally slid off her chair, laughing hysterically.

“Mark, I love this woman,” Michelle giggled as her mascara started to run. “That is the best laugh I’ve had in ages.” She got up and kissed Cherry’s still smirking lips. “Time to get this show on the road. You, eat, you get dressed.”

“I wanted to take a shower first,” Cherry said.

“We have a six hour flight. Shower on the plane dear,” Michelle suggested.

“There is a shower on the plane?”

“Darling there is an office and a full bedroom complete with en suite bath on board,” Mark explained.

“Now I know I was totally overwhelmed last night. I still think this is a dream. I am kinda pissed at you, you know,” Cherry explained.

“What the fuck did I do now? Damn girl, I can never please you.”

“You never told me about any of this. Like the plane, the cars, this home, your business, your drop dead gorgeous personal assistant. Why didn’t you ever mention it?”

“I did mention it. I just didn’t elaborate that’s all. I told you when I introduced you to the guys that they were my clients and that I was a sports lawyer. I do recall telling you that,” Mark stated emphatically.

“Oh that’s not fair. Your friend Phil is a lawyer. He has a nice office downtown. I thought you were just like him.”

“I know you. I also know that if you knew you would not be sitting here right now. Now that you know, I know in my heart that you are going to see that I am the same perv you know and piss off every night. Nothing about me is going to change. I doubt that you will change either. That is why I didn’t tell you. Will you forgive me?”

Cherry got up from the table, walked over and stood behind Mark and placed her hands on his shoulders. She squeezed gently, leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. “You’re forgiven this time. If you do it again, I’ll cut your nuts off with a thirty year razor.” She kissed him again, dodging the playful slap Mark attempted to land on her perfect ass.

Jackson pulled the Maybach up to the front of the garage. All their luggage had been loaded and they were off for a wonderful Hawaiian vacation. When they got to the terminal Mark handed Jackson an envelope and told him to have a good time on New Years Eve. Jackson flashed the biggest smile and thanked Mark profusely.

They got on board and immediately taxied out to the runway. As they were cleared for takeoff, Mark yelled, “Let’s get this show on the road boys. Get me to Honolulu.”

“Oh quit your bitching, we’re pedaling as fast as we can,” came over the intercom.

Everyone burst out laughing.

“This just gets better and better. Your staff are funny as shit.”

“I won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. Life is too short not to take the time to laugh.”

“Michelle, show me to the shower please. I want to freshen up.”

They walked to the rear of the plane and Michelle showed Cherry the rest of the plane. To say she was impressed would be an understatement. When they walked into the bedroom Cherry saw her photo in a silver frame on the nightstand. Next to the the frame was the mirror from last night, fully loaded. She picked up the photo and then looked at Michelle.

“Oh shit, I never gave him this. How did he get a picture of me on stage?”

“He’s had that for a very long time.”

Michelle took Cherry in her arms and kissed her sweetly. As she reached for her breast, the intercom went off, “Michelle the boss wanted to warn you that Cherry can be insatiable.”

“Fuck you all flying.”

“Okay, get up here and fuck us all. We are flying,” the crew uproariously replied.

“Is this normal?”

“Sweetheart,” Michelle laughed, “Get used to this, it happens all the time.”

“The pilots sure seem like they are fun guys.”

“They are fun. They are both bisexual. They can fuck like stormtroopers too. Watching them suck cock is fun. It really gets me wet.”

“You’ve fucked them too?”

“We all have. I told you that Mark has very few good friends. He is a huge swinger. That is why he designed the playroom the way he did. Lots of people love theater sex. That is wonderful. I love that myself. Mark can’t afford the problems of being busted in any kind of raid so he built this. The glory holes are popular with all of us, Mark included. The maze and grope room are the best. When he has a party, there can be as many as one hundred or more people here. Everyone is naked and everyone is fucking and sucking like there is no tomorrow. There are very few guys that Mark will do out in the open. Jack and Tom are two that he trusts completely. All of the women that come here are bi, horny and hot. Many of the men are as well but you’d never know who because they are in the grope room and you can’t see anything in there. I’m going to make sure that you are at the next party. I don’t know when it will happen but when it does, you’ll just hop on the jet and get your sweet, pretty ass here.

I do want to fill you in on this. We don’t party with our clients. they are our bread and butter and we can’t afford to have any problems. There are three exceptions to that rule. Three clients that we represent that we do not charge a dime for our services. We party with them. All others are strictly off limits. The parties we have are for people that Mark knows. Local swingers. They are all good looking and horny as hell.”

Cherry had been listening to every word Michelle had uttered. She was completely unaware that while she spoke, Michelle had completely undressed both herself and Cherry. Michelle grabbed Cherry and kissed her hotly. She ran her fingers into Cherry’s wet slit and caressed her long, sweet clit with a need that had to be satisfied.

Michelle hit a button the main bulkhead and a device dropped from the ceiling. It was a chin up bar suspended from chains. Michelle took Cherry’s hands and placed them on the bar.

She sank to her knees and spread Cherry’s legs, opening her pussy wide. Michelle began to lick and suck her long, hard clit hungrily.

Cherry was suspended from the bar screaming in delight as Michelle sucked her clit like it was a small cock. This felt so good to her. She began to cum and Michelle kept sucking.

Cherry thought her orgasm would subside but it only got stronger. Michelle kept licking and gently sucking and the sensation just kept getting stronger and more delicious. Her orgasms kept getting harder and deeper.

Cherry was no stranger to massive orgasms but this one would not quit. Her body was shaking, trembling, moaning and screaming and yet, it would not stop.

Michelle knew she had more and she was hell bent on finding it. Her tongue barely grazed the sweet underside of Cherry’s clit and her upper lip held the hood in place. Michelle had never once changed the pace of her tongue and that is what was driving this incredible orgasm.

Cherry held the bar tight because her legs were useless right now. Michelle’s tongue was relentless. Her tongue, so very softly, stroked the sweet underside of her engorged clit. Cherry bellowed as her muscles contracted ever so tightly. Her pussy was like molten lava. It was flowing massive amounts of cum into Michelle’s thirsty mouth. She kept cumming and writhing in the ecstasy this marvelous woman brought to her. She grasped the bar tightly. In an enormous final climax, Cherry wrapped her legs around Michelle’s neck. Using what little strength she had left, Cherry rode Michelle’s face harder than anything she had ever done, spraying her face like a fire-hose.

Cherry collapsed into Michelle’s waiting arms. She laid her on the bed. Cherry was totally incoherent. Her body spasmed and constricted. Her legs flailed across the bedspread uncontrollably. She was hardly breathing. Michelle lay beside her, softly stroking and gently kissing her. Cherry had joined the Mile High Club in a most spectacular fashion. She tried to speak and once again, she found that completely impossible. She grabbed one of Michelle’s hands and just held it tight. Michelle rolled over and hugged her sweetly. Cherry basked in the afterglow, speechless and senseless.

In the hoarsest voice imaginable, Cherry looked at Michelle and asked one question, “Who the fuck taught you to do that?”

“Who do you think? Why Mark of course.”

“I’m either going to kill him or marry him. Those seem to be my only options. I don’t see any others, do you Michelle?”

They both began laughing.

Michelle pulled Cherry to her feet and they headed to the shower. Cherry felt the water begin to bring sense to her senseless body. The steady stream of water soothed her still quivering frame. She had to laugh at the old expression that you learn something new every day. She was not a novice when it came to enjoying an orgasm but at this moment in time she felt almost virginal. She had enjoyed two of the most unique, powerful climaxes of her life within a very short period of time. She was starting to rethink everything she thought she knew about the joy of sex. If the last few hours were an indication, she had much to learn and was eager to do so.

The shower door opened and Michelle stepped inside. She began to lather Cherry’s back and shoulders. Cherry turned into Michelle and their kiss was animalistic. Cherry could not get enough of this blondes face. Their soapy bodies felt fantastic as their hands caressed each other. Hungry faces and naked desire drove Cherry wild once again. Her desire to crawl into Michelle’s hot pussy was intense.

They toweled off and fell onto the bed. They began to kiss and explore delicately. Michelle picked up the mirror and handed it to Cherry and then used it herself. The drug was so intense and Cherry was starved for pussy.

She licked Michelle’s nipples, licking, sucking and biting playfully. She caressed them and kissed between her spectacular orbs. She licked down her stomach and tongued her belly button. Still massaging her firm lovely tits, Cherry trailed her lips over Michelle’s hips and onto her thighs. She heard a gasp of delight as Michelle felt her cheek on the inside of her creamy thighs.

The scent of her arousal inflamed Cherry and her desire to please this lovely woman was not to be stopped. Her precious pink lips beckoned and Cherry responded. Her soft, sweet tongue opened her to a reward of honey flavored nectar. Michelle loved the feel and tenderness of her tongue. She wanted more. Never one to be selfish, Cherry licked and tugged at her china fine lips. Her tongue traveled into her folds and the sweetness flowed copiously. Cherry was addicted to the taste, to the desire and the lust pouring from this delicious woman.

Cherry brought a single finger to the side of Michelle’s clit and lightly held it. Her lips and tongue began to flick and lick the other side which drove Michelle positively crazy. Cherry felt her begin to cum and she continued softly but determinedly. Michelle came and flooded Cherry with a warmth of love that she drank down passionately.

Cherry spread her lips wider and traced her tongue lower and Michelle felt her tongue circle her entrance to her vagina. She was stretched so wide and Cherry’s tongue felt too good. Cherry sank her tongue deep into her vagina and felt her clamp onto it. She began to fuck Michelle, loving the pressure her tight twat put upon her tongue. Cherry dove harder and Michelle clamped tighter. She began to cum again and again. Her orgasms shrieked throughout the plane. Cherry loved the taste of her pussy and Michelle loved to cum. It was a great combination. Cherry licked and fingered her hot ass. She then began to suck her clit deliciously. Not to be outdone, Cherry drove Michelle to the same level of orgasmic bliss she had just experienced. As she fired off her orgasmic screams only got louder. There was no doubt that everyone could hear her. Michelle was out of control and she did not care. Her body screamed for more and Cherry gave her more. Michelle copied Cherry in that she wrapped her legs around her neck and gushed wildly down her lovely throat.

As she began to calm, the intercom came on, “Attention all passengers. Please fasten your seat belts. We are concerned that the ass end of this aircraft is going to fall off. Once again, Thank you for flying ‘Fuck Me Flying Airlines’.”

The bedroom door opened and Mark stood there with two drinks for the ladies. He smiled at these two wonderful naked women and just laughed. “You were warned Michelle, you were warned.”

“Hey, no one warned me about her!” Cherry exclaimed.

The intercom clicked on again, “Our bad.” Everyone fell into hysterical laughter.

The ladies got dressed and joined Mark in the cabin. They both looked lovely. Cherry sat beside Mark and rested her head on his shoulder. “I have a message for you from Phil and Gloria.”

That got Mark’s attention. “When did you meet them?”

“Oh, I thought you knew. I got a phone call from Phil a week ago. He asked me to come to his office which I did. I met him and he is such a nice man. No wonder he’s your best friend. Anyway, he told me that Rashad, Jamal and Chris wanted to give me a Christmas present. He said they wanted to thank me for taking such good care of you when David passed away. It meant a lot to them and then they met me and they really liked me. Anyway, Phil needed to know how much I owed on my car. I told him I wasn’t exactly sure but I made a call and found out. He then had me sign a few papers and as I was reading them, I was shocked. The guys paid off my house and my car.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No, Phil said they were not going to be home until sometime mid February. They wanted me to know they would see me when they got home. They wanted to make sure I got my Christmas present. I am still in shock.”

Mark looked at Michelle, “Make sure accounting handles this properly, will you hon.”

“Definitely. I’m on it,” she said as she picked up the SAT phone.

“So what did Phil and Gloria say?”

“Phil said you are a lucky bastard and Gloria told me to give you this,” With that, she kissed Mark deeply, lovingly and longingly.

“I’m fucking screwed.”


“Seems I’m having a lustful relationship with my best friends wife.”

Cherry slapped his shoulder hard while Michelle just giggled uncontrollably.

The intercom clicked on and Jack stated, “Wheels down in 30 boss.”

“Time for one more drink.”

“It is so lush, so beautiful,” Cherry said as she looked out the window of the limo. “It is prettier than I expected. The water looks so lovely.”

They pulled into the Honolulu Palms and Michelle went to the front desk. She had pre-registered so she only had to pick up key cards. Moments later, they were on their way to the top floor. The bellman opened the door to a fantastic suite and began to put the luggage in the various rooms. Michelle and Cherry went to the balcony to take in the view. When he went to grab Cherry’s bag, Mark stopped him and told him to leave it by the door. Mark tipped him and he left. Mark looked at his watch and smiled. If everything goes according to plan, the guys should be here in less than five minutes.

Mark walked out onto the balcony and the fresh tropical sea breeze felt fantastic. He came between both women and put his arms around their waists.

“Heaven, this is absolutely heaven,” Mark sighed. “This is how to relax. Now what could be better than this?”

They heard a knock at the door and walked back into the suite. Michelle answered the door and three elegant women walked into the suite. This was not the plan Michelle knew of. They started to introduce themselves when there was another knock on the door. Again Michelle opened the door and she burst out laughing. Rashad, Jamal and Chris stood in the doorway with the most angelic looks on their faces. Cherry looked at the door and freaked. She ran to the doorway and hugged all of them, She kissed them and thanked them so much for their most generous Christmas present. The guys walked in, each one kissing Michelle hello and shaking Mark’s hand. Mark had a puzzled look on his face as he looked at the two black goddesses and this Hawaiian Princess. They were not part of his plan. They were also quite welcomed. They were gorgeous.

Michelle poured drinks and the guys introduced the ladies to everyone. Jamal introduced Aleka as a former Miss Hawaii and actress. Rashad introduced Diane as a top model and Chris introduced Lori to Mark. He told Mark that Lori was a good friend and a lawyer as well. Everyone seemed to hit it off very well. The ladies went to chat with Michelle while the guys stayed with Mark.

“What the fuck? You weren’t supposed to bring any women with you. I wanted you to have this time with Cherry.”

“We plan on it. Merry Christmas and Happy Fucking New Year. Aleka, Diane and Lori are our gift to you. You’ve been so good to us and well, since you don’t want Cherry, you know she is going to be taken care of. We didn’t want you left out. We found you almost the hottest women we knew. We know you’ll take good care of them.”

“Almost the hottest?”

“If you weren’t so fucking stubborn, you’d know we are taking the hottest one with us.” Rashad told Mark.

“Am I the only one who is hungry?” Let’s go find some place really nice that has great food, good booze and a great view of the sunset,” Chris exclaimed.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Mark agreed.

“I need to change and freshen my makeup,” Cherry said. “Which room is mine Michelle?”

Jamal grabbed her hand and started walking toward the door. He pointed to the bag by the door. “Is this one yours?”

“Yes it is.”

“Good, come with me,” he said as he picked up her bag and headed down the hall.

“What is going on?”

“We are here for ten days. You, dear, are with the three of us. The gals we brought were our surprise for Mark. Hope you are not disappointed.”

Cherry was overwhelmed. She threw herself at Jamal and kissed him deeply. Rashad and Chris walked in and she held them and kissed them and started jumping up and down.

“Mark arranged this?” she asked.

“Oh hell, yes he did. We turned the tables on him though. He is going to be so well fucked over the next ten days, we’ll have to wheel him onto that plane,” Chris said with a very evil grin on his face.

“Oh my God, I’ve got you all to myself for ten days! Oh my God,” Cherry shrieked.

“Not exactly, We have a game to play on Sunday dear. After that, we’ll have our time to ourselves.”

“A game, what game?”

“The Pro Bowl baby, The Pro Bowl.”

“Do I get to go to this game?”

“Honey, you’ll be in Mark’s sky box. The best seat in the house. Come on, hurry up, we’re starved.”

Cherry quickly changed into a drop dead sexy as hell outfit, fixed her makeup and ran back to Mark’s suite. She walked in to catcalls and whistles from the guys. She walked to Mark, who was talking to the ladies, excused herself and pushed her way right up to his chest. Her eyes bore holes in his as she interrogated him, “You planned this? You brought me all the way to Hawaii for this? Is that what you did Mark? Is it?”

“Yes Cherry, that is exactly what I did.”

She attacked his face furiously. He hugged him, she kissed him wildly, “I love you Mark. I really do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Everyone cracked up laughing.

“You’re not the only one who was surprised,” Mark smiled as he put his arm around Aleka and Lori. “You’re not the only one at all. I planned what I thought was going to be a terrific vacation for you and never thought I would get the surprise of my life in the process.”

Michelle and Diane walked back into the living room. “The limo’s are at the front door.”

They headed to the Bali Steak and Seafood Restaurant located in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Cherry was impressed with everything. This was truly paradise. One would expect that walking into a restaurant with three Pro Bowl NFL stars would be enough to get you exceptional service. You would be wrong. If you really want exceptional service, walk into a five star Waikiki restaurant with Miss Hawaii on your arm. Now that will get you really good service.

They enjoyed a wonderful meal while Aleka regaled them with stories of the islands. She was not only beautiful but intelligent. Everyone found her enchanting. Her exotic beauty was obviously not lost on Mark. Cherry noticed this and deep down found this somewhat disturbing.

They learned that Diane’s modeling career had been a long, grueling struggle but she had succeeded in becoming highly in demand. Mark told her he had seen her on many different covers and that fact alone impressed everyone. Mark had many interests, many of which they still had not discovered.

Michelle told Mark that Lori was an attorney who had practiced a very similar style of law to Mark.

“Really, tell me more.”

“Mark, you represent the finest athletes world-wide. The firm I was associated with did the legal representation for some of the most successful models, and celebrities. Similar problems, different professions.”

Mark smiled broadly and flashed a quick look at Michelle who nodded almost imperceptibly.

Mark raised a glass, “To great friends, wonderful times and lots of good fun.”

They strolled along the beach and drank in the sunset. There was much laughing, and playful grabbing and everyone was having a wonderful evening. Cherry was so impressed. Mark smiled as it was becoming apparent that Cherry and the other ladies were fast becoming friends. It is so nice when the world is in harmony.

Rashad slid up beside Mark, Jamal and Chris who were walking a few feet behind the women. “Boss, is this, or is this not, the true definition of a Walking Wet Dream!” Lecherous laughter boomed over the azure waters of Waikiki Beach.

“We heard that,” an anonymous voice from ahead laughed.

More laughter resulted as the women turned and walked back into waiting arms. Yes, this was going to be a wonderful time.

“We have practice at 11AM so we had better get back to the hotel,” Chris said as they got back to the limos.

Back in the suite, Cherry stopped the guys before they could think. “Sit down, we need to talk. No, not there, all three of you on this sofa right now.”

The guys looked at each other and complied with her request. Cherry stood in front of the sofa, her heeled legs spread, hands on her hips in a very school marmish manner. “I want to know what the hell you three were thinking?”

“Thinking, thinking about what?” Jamal quizzed.

“About my car and my house for fucks sake. What the fuck were you thinking. Do you know what that makes me look like? I mean, Goddammit, I love you guys. I don’t fuck you for money, I make love to you because I care about you. I fuck you because you’re the best fucks I’ve ever had. However, I am perfectly able to take care of myself.”

“Hold on, hold on please. Don’t get us wrong. We talked about this. To you, this was huge. You work hard for your money. So do we. Unfortunately, we make more in an hour than you do in a year. We didn’t set the pay scale at the club. If we did, you wouldn’t have ever had to worry. You see, darling, to us, you are priceless. We know that you play with other men. You know we play with other women. There isn’t a man in this room that is ever going to claim you for our own. We know that. We accept that. What we will not accept is knowing that someone we strongly care about is struggling with things that we don’t have to worry about. We all own our own homes and we buy our cars cash. We only wanted to take that worry away from you. If that makes you look bad, deal with it. We love you and that is all we are going to say about that,” Rashad said seriously.

“Well then, I have only one thing to say. Love me like I’ve never been loved before,” she said as she flew onto the sofa with them.

Her manicured hands caressed their dark faces as she kissed each and every one of them. Their strong hands relieving her of her expensive threads. As her blouse opened, her alabaster breasts sprang into view and were immediately caressed by strong dark hands. Her skirt was removed and set aside. Rashad removed her thong exposing her pink, puffy flesh. He stroked her legs lovingly. He kept her heels on as the sight of this delicious woman’s legs in her ultra chic heels had his substantial cock hardening rapidly. Rashad had been dreaming of the feel of her on his skin ever since Mark called him with the plan. He looked in the middle of the sofa and Chris was stroking her stomach and teasing her spectacular breasts. Jamal had raised her up and was kissing her deeply and passionately.

The sensations Cherry felt as she lay naked across the laps of these three, long, lean, muscular men, took erotic to an entirely new height. Little did she know that when she and Mark watched Mr. Eight Pack online in their porn chat room, that she would ever have three of them all to herself. Just the thought of that would have made her pussy gush. Here she was, in Hawaii, experiencing them yet again. She felt Rashad and Chris begin to struggle to get naked. Jamal was so deep in her lovely lips that he didn’t move. Her kiss had made him so hard, so filled with desire. Like his friends, he’d fucked many women. He had made love to very few. The one thing he knew was that they were going to do both to Cherry, tonight and every chance they got, not only in Hawaii, but back home as well.

Rashad lifted Cherry by her ankles to allow he and Chris to stand up. Now naked, their spectacular cocks stood like electric poles while their true eight packs heaved in anticipation. They gazed onto her glistening lips and Chris bent over and pulled her pink pussy wide. Rashad leaned into her and began to lick and taste her lovely pussy. Cherry moaned and drove her tongue deep into Jamal’s mouth. Chris began to lick her nipples, circling them and making them longer and stiffer. She arched her back and moaned for more.

Her pussy wept with delight as Rashad took her clit into his mouth. He knew exactly what she liked wanted to give her all that and more. His expert ministrations coaxed the first of countless orgasms she would live through this night. She flooded his sexy black face and delivered a stream of her hot cum onto his gleaming teeth, and long pink tongue. He held her hips and she rode his face wonderfully. She quivered, shook and shaked hard and she came again. Rashad consumed every last delicious drop.

Chris tapped his shoulder and replaced him on her perfect twat. Rashad picked up her arms and pulled her from Jamal’s greedy lips. He began to kiss her deeply while Jamal became naked too. Chris was different from Rashad. Chris used his tongue and his fingers. He liked to play with her pussy while he soaked up all her lovely dew. Cherry was in the dew business right now. Her body was flowing and she was reeling. She could not stop flowing and knew that this was the just the start of the night. She smiled around Rashad’s probing tongue. Cherry began to cum again. She exploded on Chris, showering him lovingly. Oh how she loved to flood this strong handsome mans face. He gobbled up every last drop and wanted more. Jamal needed, no make that craved, to be within Cherry’s sweet lips. He was never one to disappoint his sweet white lover. Jamal was a bit rougher. He attacked more often than not. Cherry loved his rough tongue on her velvet slit. She rode his face hard and she knew she was about to unleash another torrent of desire. God, she loved these guys. Three more flicks of his rough tongue and Cherry came so very hard. Jamal drank her down like a drunken sailor. God he loved the taste of this sweet woman.

Her anticipation of the three massive cocks and their pending attack on her pussy and tight ass just drove her nuts. There was very little needed to have her flowing like lava. Slow and hot. She knew her eruptions tonight would be galactic. She never expected this at all. Cherry loved surprises and this time, Mark outdid himself. Strange as it sounded in her own mind, she hoped that Mark was enjoying his own surprise. Why did it bother her so much to think that?

Jamal replaced his face with his massive cock. He ran it along her wet, pink slit and then slapped her clit with it. Cherry marveled at the weight of his huge cock as it hit her tender clit. He was so big and so black and the contrast drove her wild. She loved the look, texture, length and thickness of a black cock at any time but when she had her three best men in the same room, in paradise, she was unrestrainable.

Jamal entered her velvet shaft and Cherry moaned in total lust as he stretched her and sank deep into her. God he felt good. His slim hips began to sink his shaft deeper into her. Rashad walked to the end of the sofa and tilted her head back. She looked up at him and saw his lovely, long cock aimed at her lips. She grabbed him and opened her lips to allow passage from his hips directly to her heart. Jamal stroked her pussy hard and deep and she felt Rashad fill her throat so tenderly. She felt Chris licking her tits as Rashad’s cock filled her face.

It was Saturday evening. Eric Collins drove down a street lined with rundown houses and closed stores. Garbage was up and down the sidewalks. He parked his car in an empty parking lot. The few other cars were mostly abandoned and gutted.

Looking nervously around, he walked to a seedy building nearby. A neon marquee sign with interchangeable letters greeted him from above the entrance. It gave the building the look of an old movie theatre. Only, this wasn’t a movie theatre but a strip club instead.

In big bold letters, the sign read:




Eric had never been to this sleazy club. He hadn’t even driven through this dirty part of town before. Until recently, he had never heard of the club. And now that he was standing in front of it, the strip joint didn’t look invitingly at all.

His interest had been piqued last week when one of his buddies from work had started chattering about the new ‘Red Rose Whore’.

“That’s one nasty bitch, dude!” he had told Eric over and over again. “You can live out your filthiest fantasies with that kinky whore!”

“She’s called Queeny Ho and she’s definitely the queen of hoes in town! She’s down for everything, man! And I mean EVERTHING!” he had continued gushing about this particular hooker nonstop.

After a full week of listening to his buddy raving about the smoking hot whore, Eric had finally gotten convinced to visit the club. So here he was – an average Joe about to enter a seedy strip joint in the town’s sleazy redlight district for the first time in his life.

Heading inside, Eric went down a short, dark hallway before stepping into the main room. It was a large area with a main stage at one end and two smaller stages at the corners of the opposite side. In between those stages, a seating area with a wide range of tables and chairs was located.

A platinum blonde bimbo was dancing in the spotlight of the main stage giving a strip show. As it was pretty early on a Saturday evening, the club wasn’t packed yet. Despite the dim light, Eric was able to notice that there were two different kinds of guests present. A couple of men looked like regulars chatting with the barkeeper or the waitresses while most guests appeared to be some kind of fanboys. They were easy to identify as they were either holding a camera or a photo of the blonde stripper. Remembering the large poster at the club entrance, Eric figured that the blonde bimbo had to be a famous pornstar feature dancing at the club.

He took a seat next to a regular. It was an older guy with a receding hairline. Looking at the main stage, something else caught Eric’s attention. In front of it, a woman was kneeling on the ground. She had long, jet, dark red hair that flowed down her shoulders and an incredible pair of perfectly shaped, firm D-cup tits. This had to be Queeny Ho. The ‘Red Rose Whore’ his buddy had been raving about.

And his pal had been telling the truth. She looked ravishing with the face of a supermodel and the full-figured, curvy body of a Playboy bunny. She was definitely way too hot to be working as a low, cheap hooker in such a seedy club.

Even more surprising than the whore’s striking beauty was the scene happening right in front of his eyes. He had been expecting a lot of different things but none of that came even close to what he was seeing.

The ‘Red Rose Whore’ was completely naked except for a pair of black fencenet stockings and pink vinyl platform ankle boots. Instead of a dress, she was wearing a leather collar around her neck. A silver chain was attached to the front hook of the collar. The chain hung down the whore’s front, ran though her legs and was tied behind her back to the strip pole in the middle of the main stage.

It wasn’t simply a leash though. It looked more like an accessory cladding the ginger slut – an incredibly obscene accessory. The silver chain didn’t end at the collar. Instead, it was threaded through the hook and split in two parts. Each part was attached to one of the slut’s silver tit rings and extended down to her silver labia rings. Each part then ran through a cunt ring from the outside and got linked back together in the middle right above her pussy. This way, the leash was one long single chain attached to all four rings in a diamond form. If the leash got pulled, it caused a chain reaction pulling on all four rings concurrently.

As the leash was rather short, it pulled the whore’s cunt rings up spreading her twat open and invitingly exposing her tender, pink pussy flesh. At the same time, it pushed her big, juicy funbags up to her chin making them stand up firmly.

In addition to this fetish attire, her arms were cuffed behind her back and some words were written over her forehead and belly with red lipstick. On her forehead, Eric could make out the words:


All over her belly, the service on sale was advertised:



Eric couldn’t believe his eyes. This was the filthiest, most debauched scene he had ever witnessed. On one hand, Queeny Ho looked like a scorching hot glamour model. On the other hand, she was dressed up like a will-less slave.

Looking at the submissive figure in front of the stage was enough to bring Eric’s cock to live. In a heartbeat his dick was erect. Thus, it only shocked him the more that no one else paid any attention to the ravishing slut. None of the guys seemed to give a shit about her. Instead, they rather watched the strip show although the dance routine seemed to be more than lame.

Leaning over to his old table neighbour, he asked.

“Why is no one using that leashed whore?”

“Hehehe!” the old guy responded with some hoarse laughter.

“Nailed that piece of fuckmeat just yesterday!” he explained. “She’s a great fuck but she’s the daily whore in here. You can tap that ass any day.”

“Look at that blond bitch!” he continued pointing at the stripper on the main stage. “She’s today’s special star. A real pornstar! Got all her videos! Jerked off to her countless times!

“Maybe, I can get a piece of that ass later when the strip show’s over. Better save my cream for some fresh ass! I can nail the ‘Red Rose Whore’ any day again.” he concluded.

For a moment, Eric was taken aback by the blunt explanation of the club regular. But obviously, the old geezer wasn’t alone with his opinion. Apparently, all the regulars had already vented their lust on all of her fuckholes extensively. Now, they had gotten used to the ‘Red Rose Whore’ and were back on the hunt for some fresh meat. The fanboys on the other hand only had eyes for their favourite pornstar anyways.

This impression got confirmed by the ongoing action. While Eric had been talking with the old regular, Queeny Ho had gotten into motion. With her arms cuffed behind her back, she had crawled over to the first guy in line on her knees. In the process, she had to drag on the leash and the chain came into full effect.

With her back arched, the chain stretched her massive D-cup tits further upwards causing her full, ripe melons to bulge out from her chest to the effect that they got pressed up against her chin in an obscene display. The chain also pushed her piss flaps further up opening her pussyhole wide and showing off her pink fuck tunnel. As the leash hung down from the collar hook and ran through her legs, the chain was firmly pressed against her open, unprotected pussy flesh.

The first man the ginger whore reached was a fat guy sweating heavily. He was busy taking pictures of the blonde stripper. Kneeling in front of him, the leashed hooker asked.

“Please sir, may this fuckdoll serve you as a cum dump?”

At first, the guy didn’t react not even noticing the whore’s presence. She had to repeat her degrading plead one more time before he responded. With an annoyed expression on his face, the fat ugly guy lowered his camera and gave the kneeling whore a look-over.

“Can’t you see I’m busy, dim-witted bitch?” he shot back with a harsh voice before shooing the leashed hooker away.

Eric could hear the ‘Red Rose Whore’ whimpering in response to the fat guy’s mean reaction. With her head hanging down, she quickly crawled over to the next guy. As the first row was crowded with fanboys, she didn’t have any luck though. She got shooed away by all the guys.

Listening to such a gorgeous beauty begging to be used as nothing more than a cum dumpster and seeing her getting rejected by sleazy old geezers, fat ugly blokes and average Joe’s seemed incredibly pathetic to Eric. Her reactions clearly told him how humiliating it must feel for the ginger whore. She looked like a whipped dog with his tail between his legs. Still, she continued her degrading hooker march.

The second row was positioned pretty far off the main stage. Crawling there, Queeny Ho’s chain was pulled taut. Her cunt lips and fucktits were stretched out to the maximum and the chain pressed painfully into her soft inner pussy flesh. She was constantly whining and whimpering from the pressure by now.

Still, the leashed hooker pulled on the chain with all her might in an attempt to finally score a john. The way she was tearing on the chain like a dog and grovelling throughout the floor made her look even more pathetic and desperate.

“Please, ouh…, sir ouh…, use this piece of fuckmeat, ouh…, any way you want, ouh!”

By now, her pleading got interrupted by her whimpering. It had such a ridiculous sound to it that it only made the guys laugh about the pitiful whore.

Finally, a man in the second row was gracious enough to take the ‘Red Rose Whore’ up on her offer. But once again, the scene unravelling in front of Eric took him by surprise.

The desperate hooker didn’t get the chance to give the guy a blowjob. Instead, the bloke simply pointed at his feet. Queeny Ho reacted instantly. Eric could see her sticking out her tongue and tentatively starting to lick the instep of the guy’s left shoe.

The bloke gave her a few moments to properly spitshine his shoe. Apparently, the leashed hooker was licking away too slowly though. The bloke wasn’t satisfied with her work so he pushed his right foot up and put it on the back of her head. Standing on her head, he firmly pressed the ginger whore’s mouth onto the instep of his shoe.

This action took the ‘Red Rose Whore’ totally by surprise. She tried to fight back against this crude manhandling. Her legs desperately kicked out to all sides but it was to no avail. She wasn’t strong enough. Instead, it only increased the pressure from his foot on the back of her head.

The guy used his foot to push her head back and forth until the whore had scraped any dirt off his filthy shoe’s instep with her lips and tongue. He was using her mouth as nothing more than a shoeshine rag!

When he was satisfied with the whore’s work, he changed his feet making her lick the right shoe clean as well. This time, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ didn’t protest anymore. Instead, she submissively waited for his foot to press her mouth onto his right foot and guide her lips over the dirty instep.

Meanwhile, the guy pulled out his cock and started jacking off. After a few minutes, he grabbed Queeny Ho’s ginger hair and pushed her face in front of his straining dick. By now, her dark red lipstick had been smeared all over her cheeks. Unceremoniously, he dropped his load straight into her mouth. He didn’t even wait for the whore to swallow his gift before he took out a 10$ bill and threw it onto the ground. His attention was already directed back to the strip show.

As Queeny Hoe’s arms were cuffed behind her back, she had to bend down and pick up the dollar bill with her mouth. She mumbled a ‘Thank you’ before crawling to the next guy.

Eric was shocked once again. 10$ was far less than the price of a simple lap dance in any other strip club. The name ‘Rock-Bottom Whore’ somehow seemed more than justified.

By now, his dick was hard as a rock. The scene was so perverse. He had never seen a woman getting debased any deeper. He had never seen a woman being treated in such a devaluating way. He had never seen a woman degrading herself so willingly either.

The ginger whore had to crawl over to the next guy in line with the bill in her mouth as she couldn’t carry it any other way. The man didn’t even wait for her offer though. Instead, he simply kicked her ass when she stopped in front of him. Queeny Ho almost toppled over and fell onto her face. Just the taut chain stopped her body in a most painful way. Once again, Eric could hear the leashed hooker whimpering as much from the pain as from the utter humiliation.

With her make-up smeared over her face, her tits and pussy lips stretched obscenely wide by the chain and the dollar note in her mouth, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ couldn’t look any more pathetic or ridiculous.

Reaching the third guy in line, she had to spit the bill onto the ground before offering her service. By now, the constant pressure on her nipples and cunt lips gave her face a pained expression. Still, she begged the guy to be used as a cum dump.

The guy had a new task for Queeny Ho. She had to get up onto her feet, squat down and spread her legs wide. Then she had to lean back until her shoulders were on the ground. In this position, she was told to hump the guy’s leg like a dog to make herself cum. She had to pump the air with her hips to get into contact with his calf.

This submissive display gave all guys a good laugh. Eric could see her face taking on the dark red colour of her hair. The shame and embarrassment was burning on her cheeks. Adding insult to injury, the chain was painfully pressed into her tender cunt every time she pressed her pussy against the guy’s leg. Thereby, each hump was accompanied by a pained yelp.

Still, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ humped the leg like a demented sex addict in need of an orgasm. When she finally orgasmed her entire body was drenched in sweat from the effort.

In the meantime, the guy jacked off. Instead of dropping his gooey load of cum into her mouth though, he shot it straight onto the filthy, mucky floor. He added a 10$ bill to the gooey puddle on the ground.

Queeny Hoe couldn’t suppress a disgusted whimper when she bent down. Like a true rock bottom whore, she lapped up the sticky sperm and picked up the two dollar notes with her mouth. The grossed out expression on her face told Eric a distinct story about the state of the filthy floor. The thought alone was enough to make him shake in disgust.

Continuing her hooker march, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ scored one more john. It was one of the regulars. He made her turn around so her ass was in his direction. Then she had to put her face on the ground and stick her ass into the air.

With the leashed hooker helplessly kneeling in front of him, the man pushed his legs up and placed them on her ass. He used her as a simple footrest objectifying her as nothing more than a piece of furniture. Every now and then, he ran the filthy sole of his shoes over her spread open pussy making her twitch from the unexpected touch and groan at the same time. He didn’t stop until he had finished his drink. At least, it earned the ginger whore 5 bucks.

Finally the chain reached its maximum length putting an end to her degrading hooker march. Queeny Ho could pull as much as she wanted, it wouldn’t go any further. By then, her tits and labia had been stretched into new dimensions. Her funbags were stretched so wide, they had taken on the form of cones and looked like rockets ready to blast off.

The last guy in reach for the ‘Red Rose Whore’ was Eric Collins. His cock was pulsating and straining like mad from the perverted show. Before the whore had even offered her service, he had pulled out his dick, grabbed her head and pushed her mouth over his tool.

He was more than ready for the ultimate ‘Red Rose Experience’ and Queeny Ho finally got her mouth used as a proper fuckhole.

It was Saturday evening and Vanessa was kneeling in front of the main stage of the ‘Red Rose Club’. She had just given her first blowjob of the night to a new customer. Until then, this hooking shift had been the worst ever. She had never felt as humiliated before in her life.

She was used to being the center of attention in the ‘Red Rose Club’. During the last week, the new attraction of ‘Queeny Ho – the hot fuckslut’ had proven a goldmine. It had turned the club from a seedy, cheap, unfrequented strip joint into the hottest spot in the redlight district buzzing with guests. Pavone had even decided to turn the House-Specials into regular routines because of their tremendous success.

But weekends were a different case. All the other strip clubs and brothels in the redlight district were staging popular, well-known theme nights. And Pavone’s club was known for its live shows with guest strippers. These guest dancers were pornstars travelling from city to city and strip club to strip club. Most of them were big stars in the adult business their name alone was enough to bring new fans to the ‘Red Rose Club’.

These special theme nights implied that Vanessa got reduced to nothing more than a cum dump. An object, the customers could use for their quick satisfaction while focusing their attention on some popular pornstar.

Getting shunted off was more humiliating than any debasing sex act she had ever been forced to do. It hurt her pride. She was the ‘Red Rose Star’! She was the prettiest whore in town! She deserved to be the star of the weekend shows.

Of course, Pavone hadn’t given a rat’s ass on Vanessa’s opinion. The theme nights were a mainstay of the club and nothing would change that. On Saturdays, the featured pornstar gave a 30 minutes strip show starting each full hour. In between, she was giving autographs to her fans. During the dance shows, Vanessa had to serve as the leashed cum dump while she had to wait tables during the breaks.

Right now, the first dance shift was running. As it was early in the evening, the club was only half-full. Pavone had ordered her to earn at least 50 bucks during each dance shift. As no costumer had approached the ‘Cum Dump’ by themselves, she had been forced to grovel to the guests. It had only earned her 25§ though. So she had been more than happy when the final guy had asked for a blowjob. She had gone to town on his dick like a nympho worshipping it like it was her elixir of life. Fortunately, that guy had enjoyed her cocksucking so much he had paid the missing 25 bucks.

The evening had just started and Vanessa already couldn’t imagine being able to take this utter humiliation for the rest of the night. Kneeling back in front of the main stage, she remembered the way this Saturday had begun. It had gotten off to such a good start …

Friday night, Vanessa hadn’t gotten any sleep. After returning home from the restaurant, her mind had been in overdrive and the thoughts running wild inside her head had kept her on her toes.

Over and over again, the events from the restaurant had replayed in front of her inner eye. The walk of shame through Downtown dressed like a cheap, worthless street hooker with a slut-ad hanging off her tits had been an incredibly embarrassing experience. The introduction of Maria as the new office slut and Vanessa’s defeat in the slut-challenge had been a hard blow to her self-confidence. Connor preferring to fuck Maria using Vanessa as nothing more than the ‘Fluffer-Hoe’ had been extremely humiliating.

But the worst thing of it all had been losing her role as office slut. She had been driven down another peg on the status ladder. In the eyes of Stanton, Miller and Erickson, she was now a low hooker working her ass off in the ‘Red Rose Club’ once and for all.

And they were right. She wasn’t needed as a secretary and neither as the office slut anymore. Her only duty was to put her fuckholes on the chopping block for the quick satisfaction of sleazy lowlifes in order to pay back her contractual penalty.

This realization hit her harder than anything ever before and it mercilessly preyed her mind.

It felt like her entire self-image had been shattered into pieces. She had been the elegant, posh secretary who could twist any guy around her little finger with ease – even getting away with her arrogant ice-queen attitude in the country club. She was a classy secretary with a kinky secret – a classy secretary that lived out her submissive side by serving random men letting them treat her like a dirty, filthy whore.

The experiences of the past months had taught Vanessa that she needed both of her opposing, polar selves to feel complete. And she needed to make sure that she wouldn’t lose one of it.

The events in the restaurant had revealed that she couldn’t rely on Stanton and his lawyers. He had introduced her to the country club and paid her more money than she could have ever earned with her qualifications. But it had been all in return for her service as office slut. The moment she would have paid the entire contractual penalty, she wouldn’t be of any use for him and he would drop her like a hot brick.

During the night, Vanessa had been going through her options and her thoughts had wandered back to her time working as a secretary in the law-office. As she had signed a special contract, Stanton, Miller and Erickson had assumed she would never be able to turn her back on the company. Otherwise, she would have been marked as a whore for life never being able to find a decent job ever again.

Thus, she had worked closely with the three lawyers – like their private secretary. They had assigned her to work on several special deals they hadn’t wanted to involve the other secretaries in. Those deals had been more than risky and very juicy. There was a lot of money flowing and lots of real estate involved.

Of course, all the names of the business partners in the files and documents had been ciphered. But one day working on some papers, Vanessa had accidentally gotten a look into an electronic file that matched the anonymous codes to real names. Vanessa had immediately realized the importance of that file. So she had tried to memorize as many names as possible. Amongst others, Pavone and Connor had been on top of that list. Back then, Vanessa hadn’t recognized those names. But now, she knew these two men too well. Stanton kept this electronic file on an external hard drive which he either locked in his office vault or took home.

Vanessa was completely aware that this knowledge was compromising and highly dangerous for all persons involved. Now that she had lost her status as secretary and her role as queen bee of the country club was in danger, this knowledge came in handy.

She only knew too well that Pavone wouldn’t let her go after she had worked off her fine. Most definitely, he was planning to keep his ‘Red Rose Whore’ in his club as she was making him tons of money.

But the public hotel incident and Stanton’s way of handling the situation told her one thing for sure. The lawyers were more than sensitive about her role as office-slut and they didn’t want to get it publicized under any circumstances. There was no other reason for keeping Mark as her watchdog.

For the moment, she couldn’t use her compromising knowledge about Stanton and Pavone’s deceptive business practices. After all, she was deeply entangled in all of these illegal activities. She had helped them conduct their illegal activities so she was an accomplice.

Still, the knowledge could be more than helpful. She needed to make sure that she wouldn’t be dragged down with all the men and she needed some security against Pavone. She didn’t even care if their activities were uncovered or not. All she wanted was to keep her country club status and financial security.

She couldn’t risk being the one toppling over backwards and taking the fall. Stanton, Pavone and Connor were no persons to mess with easily. So she needed to put some pieces into place before she was on the safe side.

Nevertheless, it felt good to have a plan. But first of all, she needed to find a way to keep up her posh lady-self.

When Vanessa arose from her bed on Saturday morning, there was only one thing on her mind. She couldn’t accept the loss of her ice-queen self. She finally had to realize her eternal goal – becoming a spoilt trophy wife.

She put on an elegant summer dress and headed straight to the country club. She didn’t even bother telling Mark about it. Instead, she immediately called Steve when she left her apartment building. Steve was the young physician she had met in the country club a few times who had taken a real liking to her.

After the severe humiliations of last night, Vanessa needed to be treated like a real lady. And she needed to make sure that she retained access to the exclusive country club. The easiest way was to officially become Steve’s girlfriend and in the long run more than that.

Until then, she would have repaid the contractual fine by working in the ‘Red Rose Club’. Steve would be her ticket away from Pavone and the lawyers. They couldn’t allow other members of the country club to get aware of their shady businesses and Vanessa had to minimize the risk of Steve finding out about her whore past. Thereby, it would be a win-win-situation for all of them. Vanessa would live a posh life keeping her insider information to herself. Pavone and SEP would continue their business practices undisturbed while keeping Vanessa on their radar and her whore past a secret.

The dinner with Steve in the country club went just as Vanessa had hoped for. He treated her like a real princess and the two chatted for a long time. When she had to leave, he invited her to a cocktail party on Sunday. She felt closer to her destiny than ever before. Her life goal of becoming a posh trophy wife felt within reach. Getting invited to these high-class events was the next step on her way into the high society.

Leaving Steve and the country club, Vanessa felt reassured of her lady-self again. The other women in the club still considered her their queen bee. With her knowledge about the connections between SEP, Pavone and Connor this wouldn’t change. She was certain that they wouldn’t risk exposing her. They had too much to lose.

Everything was going smoothly with Steve and soon she wouldn’t need Miller or Stanton any further as her access ticket to the club.

On her way out, she nearly bumped into a security guard. It turned out to be the one fat, middle-aged guard she disliked the most.

Each time that particular guard was on duty, he blatantly devoured her full-figured, curvy body. It always felt like he was undressing Vanessa with his eyes giving her the creeps.

In the country club, Vanessa was always in full lady mode and the slutty part of her self was buried in the rearmost corner of her mind. Therefore, she was particularly sensitive to the guard’s lecherous behaviour.

Each time she met him, Vanessa reacted the same way becoming all reactant and acting as abrasive as possible. She always flashed her most arrogant expression and behaved as snotty as possible to show him in no uncertain terms that she was way out of his league.

This time, he walked out of his duty station the exact moment Vanessa passed by. When she bumped into him, he got a good feel of her tits. Vanessa’s blood was boiling. The guard was going too far. She was about to make a scene right there. She started cussing him out but he only leered at her. The more she swore at him, the bigger his evil, leering smile grew. Vanessa kept on cussing the guy out until she realized that there was no one around to watch or hear the argument. So she stopped in despair and stormed off with a crimson face.

The moment she stepped into her car, she had already calmed down. The day was going too good to get worked up over some low, insignificant lecher.

After yesterday’s events, the visit to the country club had been the perfect idea. She had lived and breathed her lady-self for the day. Now, she was more than ready to live out her slut-self during the night.

After a visit to Vanessa’s favourite beauty salon where she had gotten a full spoiling session and a fresh French manicure, she arrived at the ‘Red Rose Club’ with Mark at her side.

Since Mark had started working for Pavone as Vanessa’s watchdog, he had turned into his loyal henchman. By now, he had earned Pavone’s full trust and got assigned to more and more areas of responsibility. It seemed like he had finally found his calling. He appeared like a completely new person. The slacker hanging around the house and watching TV all day long was completely gone. Instead, he was full of beans bubbling over with confidence. In a short space of time, he had earned respect from everyone working at the club from the waitresses to the bouncers.

As soon as Vanessa had arrived at the club, she changed into her stripper outfit. It was a metallic pink two-piece set with a front tie halter top, a matching pink metallic ruffle mini skirt, black fencenet stockings and pink platform ankle boots with 6″ heels. No bra or panties were part of the outfit.

The top was only held up by the tie between her tits. It left her belly completely free showing off her ‘Trailer Trash Whore’ flame ring tattoo that circled her bellybutton and ‘Queeny Ho’ lower back tramp stamp. Only the ‘Property of Pavone’ stamp tattoo was covered by the mini skirt. The skirt didn’t hide much else though. It was so tiny that it didn’t even cover the lower half of her ass. All in all, it perfectly fit the description of a stripper outfit.

When she had just finished getting dressed, Pavone called her into his office. Obviously, he wanted to introduce the star of the Saturday Live Show personally to Vanessa. However, the word ‘star’ had a hollow ring to it. Vanessa didn’t expect to meet a real star but a worn-out whore that had been shooting adult videos for years and was now doing the dance circuit routine living off her famous name from the past.

Entering the office, Pavone sat at his desk and next to him stood a woman that looked completely different from what Vanessa had expected.

The pornstar greeting her was about the same age as Vanessa with long, straight, platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She was petite with a small height and had an incredible hourglass figure. Her waist was tiny while her tits were huge. The round, overblown, plastic flesh-balloons looked incredibly fake but also very familiar.

It was Maria!

Vanessa stood in the office with a gaping mouth totally flabbergasted and her heart skipped a beat. Once again, Maria’s appearance came as a total surprise catching her off guard.

What was she doing here? What did Pavone plan with Maria?

Her former best friend was Stanton’s new office-slut. But that was no reason for her to be in the ‘Red Rose Club’.

Vanessa couldn’t believe that Maria showed up at the club. This was her territory! She was the queen bee in this place! And she wouldn’t tolerate any rivals!

In an instant, the wrath and anger about yesterday’s loss flared back up inside Vanessa. It seemed like Maria was becoming her nemesis and it made Vanessa furious. It had been a huge effort to suppress all that rage but now it was back on with full force.

Maria showing up in the ‘Red Rose Club’ could only mean one thing. She was the guest stripper for the Live Show. Her ex-bff had been shooting porn movies during her college years and become popular as Heidy Moon Stratus.

That name alone sounded pathetic in Vanessa’s ears. It was a clear reference to those two wannabe celebrities. Not even in porn, Maria could make a name of herself. But looking her former best friend over, Vanessa had to admit the striking resemblance.

Of all pornstars in the world, Pavone had to hire Maria. This couldn’t be a coincidence! Eying him, Vanessa noticed his amused facial expression and she knew for sure. This was no coincidence!

“I heard you two already met.” he said barely able to contain his amusement. “A little reunion is always nice, isn’t it?”

“Stanton has been singing praises about his new office slut for quite some time.” Pavone continued his explanation for Maria’s presence. “And when I found out that she’s a former pornstar, I had to invite her for a Live Show.”

“No one says no to a little extra money on the side, right?” he finally addressed Maria.

Pavone emphasised his point with a rough slap to her ass making the blonde bimbo stumble forward a bit. However, Maria held her gaze looking straight at Vanessa. The redhead could clearly see the lasting elation about the blonde’s win at the restaurant in Maria’s eyes.

And it made her only the more furious. It was just too much to take for Vanessa and the pent up anger burst out of her.

“That bitch got no place in here, you fucking bastard!” she exclaimed in full rage. “She’s not famous! No one’s gonna come to the club just to watch her strip!”

“You’re gonna regret that decision. She’s not gonna earn you a single buck!” she continued her rant. “Let me do the live performance and I can guarantee you that I’m gonna earn you more money than that pathetic wannabe-slut!”

Before Vanessa was finished with her outburst, Pavone had stepped in front of her. His face was glowing dark red. By now, he was just as enraged as his ‘Red Rose Whore’.

“Did I allow you to question my decisions?” he bellowed at Vanessa.

His entire posture and mean expression didn’t bode anything well. And it instantly shut the redhead up. Immediately, she felt intimidated and small.

“That mouth is not meant for talking but for sucking cocks only!” he barked at her. “Haven’t you learnt that the last time? You only speak up when I tell you to! Do you understand that, fuckwhore?”

Vanessa was all submissive by now. Nervously looking over to Maria, she could see the blonde smiling in delight over her former best friend getting a harsh rebuke. It was more than enough to let Vanessa feel her low status.

“Yes master. I’m sorry master!” she whispered with a small voice.

A second later, Pavone had ripped the pink metallic top and pink metallic mini skirt off her body. Now, she was standing bare naked in front of him – except for her tramp tattoos, black fencenet stockings and pink platform ankle boots.

Pavone then produced a collar and a chain leash. When he had put the collar around her neck and attached the chain to her cunt rings, tit rings and the collar hook, he dragged her out of the office on the leash.

“I got the perfect role for you, scumwhore!” he explained while leading his slut into the main room. “As you’re so eager to show your worth, you’re gonna be the cum dump for our customers today. Prove that you’re of any value and earn 50 bucks a dance shift, you stupid piece of fuckmeat!”

Making her kneel on the floor in front of the main stage, he attached the chain to the strip pole while Mark used a red lipstick to finish Vanessa’s outfit.

That was the place Vanessa was still kneeling at when the first dance show came to an end. No further customer had approached her. But at least, she had earned the 50 bucks.

During her shift of waiting tables, Vanessa could see that most of the fanboys lined up to get an autograph and a picture with their favorite pornstar. But most of them left the club after they had received their precious price. They had gotten everything they had come for. Slowly, the rush on Heidy Moon Stratus dried off.

This observation helped lessening the deep humiliation of getting disregarded by those fanboys. Instead, the anger about Maria invading her territory flamed back up.

Vanessa couldn’t let Maria take over the club. But she didn’t see any possibility to go up against it. After all, she was working for Pavone and he had decided to invite Maria as the star of the live show.

Vanessa tried to reassure herself by telling herself that this was only for the Saturday show. Every club needed a little variety to attract new customers. Maria would be gone once and for all after this Saturday. For the entire week, she would be the centerpiece again. ‘Queeny Ho – the Red Rose Star’ would be the main attraction again.

Still, a negative connotation remained. It simply rubbed her the wrong way taking a back seat to another woman – especially to her nemesis Maria.

A few months ago, Vanessa wouldn’t even have dreamt of working in a strip club. And now, she was not only taking pride in being the city’s top whore but she was dead set on fighting for this title.

When the second dance shift started, Mark grabbed Vanessa’s leash and attached the chain to the strip pole again. He didn’t care about her any further even forgetting to cuff her hands behind her back. There she was obediently kneeling on the ground in front of the main stage again.

The club had filled noticeably although the demography of guests had changed. While the number of fanboys had decreased, several groups of young blokes partying and boozing had come to the club. Shortly before the second strip show started, a large biker gang arrived.

Pavone announced the special guest of the Saturday Star Show and a moment later, Maria – or rather Heidy Moon Stratus – stepped onto the main stage accompanied by loud hollers and cheers.

Maria perfectly knew how to play the crowd as she was wearing a slutty cheerleader costume that consisted of a blue tie front bra top, a white Lycra mini skirt, white knee high boots and blue pom poms.

The top was at least two sizes too small tightly squeezing Maria’s huge, overblown fuckudders and making the titflesh bulge out of the bra.

With her tight figure and bleached blonde hair, she looked like the perfect picture of a cheerleader. And with her massive funbags and slutty smile, she made all the guys’ fantasies boil over.

Maria started showing off several cheerleader moves using the pom poms to full effect. After a few minutes, she threw the pom poms into the crowd and began stripping off the bra top.

Vanessa was watching from her position. She almost had to stifle a yawn. Maria was wearing the same outfit and giving the same exact performance as before. The blonde’s dance routine was more than boring. The bimbo bitch was doing nothing more than gyrating around the strip pole showing off her fake plastic boobs.

This ignited Vanessa wrath once again. Maria was simply living off her pornstar name not putting any effort into her dance show. Vanessa could give a far superior performance. Still, she was kneeling on the ground reduced to a cum dump.

The longer Maria’s dance routine lasted, the more unbearable it became to Vanessa. She felt the urge to show the customerss what an enticing strip show was all about. This urge slowly built up inside of her growing stronger and stronger until she couldn’t watch the pretentious Barbie bitch’s show any longer.

Vanessa’s fury about Maria showing up in the club, the disappointment of being relegated to play the second fiddle and the anger about the lacklustre show finally overcame the redhead.

Thus, she started her own big show.

She grabbed the chain and detached it from the strip pole. Then she got up on her feet and walked over to a biker swaying her ass from side to side.

Right then and there, Vanessa was like an animal on the hunt – or rather a slut on a mission. Her only goal was to prove that she was the better slut than Maria. She was totally focused on pulling off a better performance than the pretentious pornstar Heidy Moon Stratus.

Reaching the guy, she handed the leash over to him. She willingly turned herself into his fuck puppet on his strings. With an evil smile on his face, the heavily tattooed biker started pulling the chain into different directions.

He used the chain to make his puppet dance on the strings. He pulled Vanessa’s fat fucktits and juicy pussy lips to each side forcing her body to follow helplessly. He turned the redhead into a marionette that was giving him the most vulgar, obscene dance possible.

The pressure on her precious nipples and cunt lips made Vanessa yelp and groan in rhythm while she got jerked around his chair. The biker dragged the chain from side to side making Queeny Ho pirouette around his chair. Then he pulled the chain up and down making the redhead jump and squat while her funbags were wildly jiggling and shaking.

Finally, the biker pushed the chain towards himself making Vanessa stumble upon his lap. She instantly, cupped her fat fucktits from the sides and pressed them right into his face. She almost smothered him with her soft titflesh while he licked her pierced nipples.

Eventually, Vanessa took the chain off his hands and turned around. The ginger whore bent over deeply with her legs straight giving him the full view of her round bubble butt, invitingly swollen pussy lips and firm round knockers peeking through her spread legs.

In this position, she asked the guy.

“Please sir, rate the slut’s performance! Push a finger up the fuckdoll’s cunt if you liked it! Spank her ass if you didn’t like it!”

A harsh slap landed on each of Vanessa’s ass cheeks instantly turning them bright red. In response, Vanessa said.

“Thank you sir, this dumb piece of shit whore will try better.”

Then she raised herself back up and danced over to the next table in line. There was a group of young blokes seated. They appeared to be a clique of college hunks looking for some naughty action outside of their usual dorm parties. Vanessa handed the chain to one of the young hunks.

“C’mon, make the puppet dance!” his friends immediately cheered him on.

Their comments spurred the young bloke on. He made Vanessa turn around and threaded the leash through her legs. This way, Queeny Ho was dancing with her ass facing him. Pulling the leash from side to side, he made her gyrate her hips.

“Shake dat ass! Show me what you got!” another friend urged the ginger whore on.

“Don’t make me leave with my foot up your ass!” a third friend added making the entire clique laugh at their fuck puppet.

The young college hunk dragged the leash towards him making their ginger marionette bend over and stick her ass out. Vanessa tried to obey their order flexing her ass muscles to make her butt cheeks shake and wriggle as wildly as possible. The bloke started pulling on the chain making his fuck puppet bend her knees. In response, he pulled the leash back up pushing it deeply up her soft, tender slit and making Vanessa jump up.

He started a rhythm making the slut bend and jump. Queeny Ho had a hard time concentrating on the ass shaking while getting yanked around on her tender piss flaps and sensitive nipples so she stumbled several times. Every time she tripped and floundered, the college hunks high-fived as if they had scored a point while the rest of the customers laughed about the clumsy skank. At least, her ass cheeks were bouncing like crazy as the young blokes had ordered.

Vanessa felt like she was caught in an endless stream of humiliation. The chain attire seemed like a device from hell only created to debase her. The only thing that kept her from crying was the fact that her sudden, unexpected outburst brought the customers back to live. They had quieted down further and further becoming bored by Maria’s lame strip show. Now, they started hooting and hollering again – but for Vanessa this time.

Eventually, Queeny Ho took the leash from the young college bloke and bent over for his rating. This time, her cunt got the attention. He approved of her performance! But it didn’t stop with one finger up her pussy. Instead, the one finger was followed by a second and a third one. Then she even felt two fingers wriggling their way up her asshole. In the end, she had five fingers up her fuckholes – one from each member of the college clique. Pulling them out, the three pussy pluggers showed their wet fingertips to all the other customers. The slut was dripping with her fuck juices.

In her competitive state of mind, Vanessa felt the urge to thank the college hunks for giving her a positive rating. So she turned around, smiled at them seductively and purred a ‘Thank you, gentlemen!’ while licking her pussy juice and ass slime off their fingers.

More and more guys turned their attention to the ‘Red Rose Whore’ that was dancing like a sex-starved maniac and begging the guests to either spank her ass or fondle her pussy. Especially, the biker gang and the cliques of young guys were enticed away from the blonde stripper bimbo by the ginger fuck puppet.

Vanessa didn’t get distracted though. She was still on a mission. She didn’t even care about her nipples and cunt lips getting sorer and sorer from the constant pushing and pulling on the chain. Instead, she repeated her slut performance until she had been used as a slut-marionette by half of the tables.

When she noticed that Maria’s strip show was slowly coming to an end, she stepped onto one of the side stages and knelt down.

“C’mon guys! Make this dirty piece of fuckwhore cum! The guy that makes the slut cum gets a free blowjob!” she announced.

This announcement caused a stir among the customers. By now, the entire crowd – except for the few remaining fanboys – wasn’t interested in Maria’s show anymore. Instead, the guests rushed to the side stage and formed a line standing along the stage.

Vanessa started crawling along the edge with her ass facing the crowd. She pushed her face on the filthy ground while reaching back with her French-manicured hands to spread her ass cheeks wide. Her pink pussy opened up showing off the two silver cunt rings and the silver clit stud framing her wet and swollen twat lips.

Vanessa purred like a bitch in heat while she gyrated her hips invitingly enticing the guys. She gave each man a good half minute to fondle her cunt and push their fingers into her pussy in an attempt to make her cum.

The attention from the men, her naughty behaviour and the constant pulling on her rings had aroused Vanessa beyond limits. A fire was burning between her loins – a fire that was spurred on by the realization that she had won the crowd over.

The next guys didn’t settle for simply fondling her pussy though. Instead, they shoved up to three fingers into her asshole. Especially the bowling grip with the thumb up Vanessa’s ass and the two middle fingers in her pussy enjoyed great popularity.

With each guy trying feverishly to make the ‘Cum Dump’ orgasm, Vanessa started moaning and groaning louder. Her hips began a life on their own, shaking and gyrating automatically. Her pussy juices were flowing freely and dripping onto the ground in torrents.

Eventually, a guy grasped her cunt rings with his left hand and spread her pussy wide open. Then he snapped the index finger of his right hand against her clit hard.

A jolt of ecstasy exploded in Vanessa’s mind from the precise, harsh flick and the dam burst. Finally, Vanessa was cumming. Right on stage, she was screaming out her orgasm while her body convulsed madly.

Her body writhed and shook for several minutes until her ecstatic high slowly faded. When she opened her eyes back up, the successful guy was standing on the stage in front of her face. He was waiting to collect his price.

Coming back to her senses, Vanessa remembered that she wasn’t here for her own pleasure. She was acting like a sex-starved nympho to persuade the customers. It was her goal to convince them that she was the real ‘Red Rose Star’, a better slut than any pornstar could ever be – and a far superior slut than Maria.

Vanessa pushed herself up into a kneeling position and put on the naughtiest, most provocative smile she could muster. A second later, she had pulled down his pants and pushed her wet mouth over his erect dick.

Vanessa feverishly went to work trying to give the guy his best blowjob ever. She bathed the whole length of his shaft in her saliva and pushed his tool down her throat from the get go giving herself a good, hard throatfuck.

The men in the crowd supported Vanessa’s efforts starting to clap in rhythm with her gagging until the winner shot his white, sticky load all over her pretty face. With relish, the redhead rubbed the gooey spunk into her skin.

Amid the applause of the men, she walked off the side stage with a huge smile on her face. She didn’t even notice that Maria had finished her live show some time ago with only a few remaining fanboys watching.

Vanessa had barely arrived in the locker room when one of the waitresses called her to Pavone’s office.

Up on stage, Vanessa hadn’t thought about the consequences of her actions. She had acted on pure impulse. She had become too infuriated with the blonde Barbie bimbo getting all the attention. And the enraged look on Maria’s bitchy face when the crowd had drifted off to Vanessa had been too good to miss.

But now that the show was over and Vanessa was slowly coming to a rest, she realized that her actions wouldn’t remain unanswered. She had opposed a direct order from Pavone! She had mixed up the concept of the Saturday Star Show!

What if the word started circulating that any guest star had to face opposition from the club whore? Certainly lots of stars from the dance circuit would avoid the ‘Red Rose Club’ or even worse perform in a rival strip joint. Pavone couldn’t allow this to happen. He had to set an example. He had to restore order in his club.

Vanessa only knew too well that some kind of punishment was awaiting her. But at the moment, she wasn’t too intimidated. The triumph over Maria filled her with a powerful feeling of pride and invincibility. This elating emotion was definitely worth any punishment. She knew that she would act exactly the same way a second time.

With every step taking her closer to Pavone’s office, her nervousness increased though. Pavone could be a cruel, scary guy.

When she opened the door, Vanessa could see Pavone sitting behind his desk. And next to him stood Maria with her arms crossed under her humongous silicone udders.

Vanessa’s eyes roamed from Pavone to Maria and back. Their expression only increased her nervousness. Pavone’s eyes were blazing with anger while Maria’s gaze mercilessly bored into her.

Of course, Pavone was enraged about Vanessa’s behaviour. She had never seen him as furious ever before. It had been a new example of her unlimited arrogance to him. She hadn’t toned down her bitchy behaviour since working in the club and he had the feeling that he still hadn’t managed to put her into her place properly. It was time to make a lasting example.

Looking at Pavone, Vanessa could somehow see something beyond anger gleaming in his eyes. She had acted like a crazed, wanton nympho. And the customers had loved her show. Her performance obviously gave him some new ideas how to use his whore. But most of all, his fiery red face was jumping straight at her completely extinguishing Vanessa’s feeling of invincibility.

Of course, Vanessa’s action hadn’t gone so well with Maria either. She had received a lot less tips than expected. As her pornstar name was still famous, she had drawn a lot of new customers to the club. So she felt like she had every right to complain about Vanessa’s lack of respect.

“You know why you’re here, stupid whore?” Pavone greeted Queeny Ho sternly.

His rigid voice was enough to make Vanessa tremble. Standing in front of Pavone, she felt his dominant presence to the fullest. It was daunting and frightening. She felt like standing trial in front of a merciless judge. Slowly, fear crept up inside of her and she nodded submissively.

“I I have been a bad whore.” she said with a small voice.

“Oh yes! You acted like a misbehaving brat!” he growled. “Seems like you don’t want to listen! You have to feel then! And you will feel it the hard way, whore!”

“You’re nothing but my obedient fuckpet! You only do what you’re told!” he kept on ranting. “Obviously, you still haven’t understood that!”

“I’ve understood master!” Vanessa responded her voice quivering.

She felt like a little schoolgirl getting upbraided for misbehaving.

“It won’t happen again, master!” she added shyly.

“Oh, it definitely won’t happen again!” Pavone remarked. “I’ll make sure you won’t forget about your place in this club once and for all!”

He didn’t give Vanessa time to comprehend this statement. Instead, he ordered her to walk over to him and lie across his lap. With her head hanging, she did as told.

“Like a little snotty girl that needs to be taught some manners!” he commented.

There she was – the redhead with ravishing looks kneeling on the ground draped over Pavone’s knees while awaiting a spanking like a naughty schoolgirl. In this position, Vanessa felt more than helpless and vulnerable.

All the while, Maria looked down on her with a disdainful expression on her face. Vanessa’s former best friend stepped in front of the ginger whore forcing her face up to make her look directly into her eyes.

“Now, you’re not that sassy any more, you little dim-witted bitch!” she spat at her. “You’re only a trashy gutter whore! You can’t take me on in any way.”

“I have fans all over the country coming here to watch my show and get an autograph.” she continued hissing. “And you ruin their day by distracting them!”

“You can try as hard as you want to.” Maria snarled. “You will never be as popular or as famous as me.”

“Tell me what you are!” the blonde Barbie bitch suddenly ordered.

Vanessa was humiliated. Until now, she had only been called derogative names by men. But being berated by a woman – especially by Maria – made her degradation even worse.

She almost yearned for Pavone to get over with his punishment, spanking her bottom and letting her walk out of his office. But looking up to the owner of the club, she realized that this was part of her punishment. She had to submit to her nemesis. She had to bow to Maria.

“I’m just a piece of shitwhore! A stupid vulgar whore that deserves your contempt!” she answered with her cheeks burning from shame.

All the while, Pavone was running his hand over her bare ass cheeks caressing the ripe curves while enjoying her debasement.

Satisfied with Vanessa’s self-degradation, Maria stepped out of the redhead’s sight while Pavone kept on caressing her bottom. Vanessa’s heartbeat quickened with each second elapsing. The anticipation of the inevitable spanking was a torture on its own. Any moment, the first slap could hit her bottom.

Finally, it fell down. And still caught Vanessa unprepared!

“Aaarrrggghhh!” she screamed out loud.

Out of Vanessa’s sight, Maria had walked to the redhead’s backside and taken Pavone’s belt!

With all her strength, she had whipped the belt over Vanessa’s delicate bottom leaving a deep red stripe right across both ass cheeks. But the pain was just as much physical as psychological. Getting spanked by her arch rival was a whole new level of debasement.

After the first blow though, Maria suddenly stopped. She walked back up to Vanessa’s head and held the belt right in front of the redhead’s face. She growled.

“Beg for it, piece of shit whore!”

Vanessa had no choice. She knew she was going to get it no matter what. Even worse, she was about to get whipped by her nemesis. There was nothing she could do to prevent it from happening. She could only hope the begging would soften the whipping somehow.

But begging her arch rival to whip her ass with a belt was too much for her to handle. She couldn’t bring the words over her lips. So Vanessa looked up to Pavone and begged him instead.

“Please, master, whip your whore’s ass hard. Make it red and blue.”

Pavone laughed out loud. He knew exactly what made Vanessa tick. He knew that it was much more degrading for her to beg her former best friend than him. He enjoyed Queeny Ho’s humiliation too much to let it go that easily. With a nod to Maria he told her.

“She’s the one with the whip! Guess you gotta beg her!”

Vanessa let her head hang in defeat. She had to gulp down the huge lump in her throat before she was able to press out the words between clenched teeth.

“Please, mistress, whip this cheap bitch’s ass hard.”

She felt her face flush in the deepest shades of red from shame and embarrassment. But Maria wasn’t finished with the teasing.

“Why am I going to spank your ass?” she asked the redhead.

“Because I’m a stupid, teasing whore that needs to be taught some manners.” Vanessa responded her face turning even darker red.

Before Vanessa had finished her sentence, the next belt lash stroke her ass not even giving her a chance to brace herself for it.

Maria whipped Vanessa’s bottom as hard as she could. She blistered the redhead’s ass for good. And in between each lash, she made Vanessa thank her former best friend.

“Arrrggghhh! Thank you mistress for teaching this stupid whore how to be a good fuckpet!”

“Arrrggghhh! Thank you mistress for punishing my bitchy whore ass!”

“Arrrggghhh! Thank you for whipping some manners into this cheap, trashy whore!”

Calling her former best friend ‘mistress’ was almost as bad as the spanking itself. Vanessa tried to bring up all her will power to keep herself from screaming. She felt tears springing to her eyes while Maria mercilessly whipped her ass. As much as she tried to, she couldn’t prevent it. Each blow brought a loud grunt and groan from her and she began sobbing as Maria continued beating her.

After each lash, she clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks, trying to shake off the stinging blow. This way, Vanessa was giving Pavone a great show. She was wriggling and working her buttocks like doing an erotic dance while draped over his lap.

The whipping seemed endless to Vanessa. Blow after blow blistered her tender ass. Finally, Pavone made Maria stop. He ran his hand over Queeny Ho’s glowing ass cheeks and through her slit. It was dripping wet!

From the touch on her cunt, a yelp escaped Vanessa’s lips. She couldn’t believe it! She was aroused!

“Oh, someone likes the whipping!” Pavone chuckled. “Which sort of girl gets wet from having her ass spanked?”

Vanessa blushed again when she realized that the punishment was arousing her.

“Only the nastiest, filthiest of whores!” she answered under her breath. “Only your depraved fuckpet, master!”

“Hmm, that’s the obedience I wanna see from my whore!” he responded to Vanessa’s self-degradation.

“Now, I wanna see you cumming from getting your whore ass whipped!” he ordered out of the blue. “Frig that naughty cunt, bitch!”

Vanessa’s humiliation deepened. She didn’t want to make herself cum in front of Maria. She didn’t want to get off while getting her ass whipped. Every fibre of her body resisted the order.

But Vanessa didn’t have a word in the decision so she obediently pushed her French-manicured hand back to rub her throbbing clit.

There was no chance of staying quiet any longer.

“Aaahhh! … Ooouuuhhh! …! Yaaahhh! … Aaarrgghh!”

Her screams were a mixture of grunts and whales while Maria continued her whipping. Vanessa’s hand worked her pussy in a fury and unconsciously her hips were wriggling from side to side.

She lost track of time and place as pain and pleasure started mixing. Vanessa got lost in the feeling. She could hear Pavone and Maria laughing, making fun of her and goading her. But it was drowned out by the tidal wave building inside of her.

Her bottom started jabbing backwards towards the slashes welcoming each lash. Finally, the wave broke and her orgasm washed over her. Vanessa shouted out a primal scream while tears of pain ran down her face.

All while Vanessa was riding the waves of her orgasm, Maria continued lashing her blistered bottom. By now, the redhead’s ass had been turned into raw meat. It was beyond glowing. If she would be able to sit for the next week without pain Vanessa would be more than lucky.

When the orgasm finally faded, Pavone didn’t let her go yet. Instead, he gripped Vanessa’s hair and forced her face up to look up to Maria.

“Tzz, what a dumb little whore!” the blonde huffed with the most derogatory sneer possible. “Cumming from getting her ass beaten!”

“Show her what you think of her!” Pavone urged the blonde Barbie on.

And once again, the following action caught Vanessa totally by surprise.

Her former best friend quickly spread her legs and pushed her cunt lips back. Then she started pissing right into Vanessa’s face!

Holding her chin tight with one hand while gripping her hair with the other, Pavone forced Vanessa’s mouth open. The ravishing hot redhead couldn’t do anything against it. She knew better than to oppose anyway.

Maria’s yellow, rancid piss streamed straight into her mouth. The piss sloshing against the insides of her mouth made a sickening noise – almost like sloshing into a urinal.

The gross, debasing mistreatment caused a pained expression on Vanessa’s face. She was gurgling and spluttering from the powerful piss stream. It didn’t impress Maria in any way though as she relished emptying her full bladder into Vanessa’s mouth.

Her piss was dark with a biting stench making Queeny Ho gag immediately. In no time, Vanessa’s mouth filled to the rim and some of the nasty, yellow liquid started flowing back out.

Maria stopped her piss stream and Pavone reacted by forcing her mouth shut.

“Swallow, pisswhore!” he simply ordered.

With her glowing bottom as a reminder of what might happen if she wouldn’t obey his command, Vanessa did as told and gulped the vile broth down.

At once, her entire body shook in disgust and she started retching hard almost puking the vile liquid back up. Revulsion was added to the pained expression on her face. The taste was worse than anything she had tasted before and the acrid flavour deeply bored into her mind.

She had to take several more gulps each accompanied by pitiful retching and choking. Every swallow burned even worse than the one before. Finally, Maria was finished and she had succeeded in completely defiling Vanessa.

When her piss stream had ended, she wiped her cunt clean with her own hand and smeared the last drops off her fingers onto Vanessa’s forehead.

“Bad taste in your mouth?” Pavone mocked the redhead noticing her sick expression.

Not waiting for a response, he added.

“Now, get out of my office and show everyone in the club how a whore gets properly punished for misbehaving.”

Pavone unceremoniously pushed Queeny Ho off his lap and took the chain off of her. Then he picked up the metallic pink tie top and matching miniskirt that were still lying around in his office and threw them at her. While Vanessa was putting on her stripper outfit, she wondered what this change of clothing implied. What did he have in store for her during the next dance session?

Before she had a chance to ponder this question, Pavone kicked her out of his office. Vanessa was beyond shame when she walked back down into the main room of the ‘Red Rose Club”. People were eagerly waiting for the next dance show and the club had gotten really busy. The different groups of bikers, college hunks, regulars and average Joe’s were launching at the tables or standing around the stages.

Vanessa approached the table closest to the entrance with her legs shaking from nervousness and her stomach churning from the disgusting piss load. It was a group of four average looking Joes. Apparently, they were some truckers with fat potbellies and lumberjack shirts – the typical kind of club customers. Shyly, she eyed them like a deer caught in the headlights and asked.

“Dear gentlemen, may I show you how a dumb whore gets punished for her stupidity?”

Instantly, the truckers stopped with their chat and looked at her thunderstruck. Not waiting for their response, Vanessa turned around. Closing her eyes in shame, she slightly bent forward and lifted her metallic pink miniskirt up to show off her blistered, fiery red bottom. At the mere sight of the welts and bruises garnering her abused ass, the group came back to life erupting in rounds of dirty laughter that attracted the attention of the remaining guests.

While Vanessa walked from group to group, her face turned as red as her glowing buttocks. She had to force herself to repeat her question, hold up her skirt and show off her blistered ass to anyone. All the groups made fun of the stupid whore that didn’t know how to behave properly for an ordinary cum bucket. Each time, Vanessa had to wait until the guys were done with their taunting and it always felt like the mocking would never stop.

One of the biker cliques was the worst. The group consisted of a bunch of intimidating, heavily-tattooed guys each one proudly wearing his cut. They enjoyed prolonging the degrading situation by feeling Vanessa’s glowing butt. They pinched and groped her burning ass cheeks testing out the different responses they could charm out of the ginger whore.

Vanessa felt incredibly helpless standing still while holding up her miniskirt and letting the men have their way with her blistered bottom. She couldn’t help going back and forth between loud whimpers, painful yelps and whining to the amusement of all customers.

One of the bikers even touched her pussy. To his amazement, he noticed that she was wet once again. So he started fondling her clit mercilessly. Vanessa couldn’t help it but her body betrayed her another time. The humiliating situation and all the attention were too much for her to handle. It was overwhelming her senses and her body was getting aroused in the process.

The hands on her aching bottom and the finger rubbing her clit made her whimper and moan in turns. There she was standing in the middle of the club presenting her punishment in full colours while being made to cum from getting her bruised bottom and dripping pussy touched. She shamefully felt like the lowest back-alley whore ever.

Still, she came in front of all these random strangers moaning like a bitch in heat while her face was flushed from embarrassment in the same deep red shade as her glowing butt.

Vanessa had now lost the remaining tiny bits of respect that were left in the customers. Watching the ‘Red Rose Whore’ orgasming from showing off her blistered ass and presenting her punishment in public shattered any last restraints. She had demonstrated that any degrading attention, any demeaning use or any rough manhandling aroused the dirty slut.

Vanessa had thought that she had experienced any kind of humiliation by now. But once again Pavone proved her wrong. Each time, he came up with a different way to degrade her and it always caught her off guard. Each new strike of humiliation hit Vanessa from an unexpected angle not giving her a chance to brace herself for it and it always affected her in a different way. Thereby, each embarrassment felt worse than the one before.

Vanessa had to admit that Pavone was a goddamn genius in that regard. But she also had to concede that her body was feeling completely different than her mind about these degradations. In a strange way, her body was yearning for fresh humiliations. It intensified any accompanying emotion making her orgasms much more intense leaving her body with a craving for more debasement.

When Vanessa had finished her shameful round through the club, Pavone took the main stage again. It was time for the third dance shift. Once again, Heidy Moon Stratus – the blonde pornstar bimbo – was about to take the limelight pushing Queeny Ho – the ‘Red Rose Whore’ – into the background.

Suddenly, showing off her blistered ass didn’t feel as humiliating anymore. After all, the attention of all guys had been on her! Everybody had been focused on her. For the moment, Vanessa had been the ‘Red Rose Star’ again. Now, she was getting reduced back to a mere object of utility. She was about to be lowered to a dumb cum dumpster again.

“Obviously, we have two hot and horny fuckstars in the club today!” Pavone suddenly announced.

This introduction pricked up Vanessa’s ears. For a moment, she thought she had heard wrong. She could only look at Pavone in disbelief.

“Seems like we got a little bitchfight going on in the club tonight!” the club boss continued making it clear that she had heard right. Meanwhile, the word ‘bitchfight’ caused a round of cheers from the crowd.

“I guess no one minds making full use of that situation.” Pavone added earning a round of dirty laughter.

“So I decided to let all of you watch the bitches battle it out right here on stage.” he announced making the crowd applaud.

Finally, Vanessa realized what the sparkle in Pavone’s eyes had been about. He had noticed how much the customers had enjoyed her performance and seen the chance to make even better use of his merchandise. He could collect even more money by letting the two arch rivals battle each other in front of all the guests.

Vanessa realized that her slut-show had proven to him that she was more than the daily cum bucket for the regular johns. She had a far bigger entertainment value. She had demonstrated that Queeny Ho was the ‘Red Rose Star’ for a reason. She had proven that she could take on Maria with ease.

Of course, this hadn’t kept him from punishing her for her presumptuous behaviour. He had needed to show all his employees that his word was law and that he hadn’t lost his grip on his strippers. And quite obviously, he had succeeded.

Still, Vanessa had won more than she had lost. Her slut performance had promoted her back onto the main stage. The pornstar Heidy Moon Stratus wasn’t the main attraction of the Saturday Star Show anymore. Vanessa was back on the same level as Maria and now it was a full on battle between the two rivals.

Suddenly, the deep humiliations of being whipped and forced to submit to her former best friend were forgotten. Instead, the chance to compete with Maria excited her. Her ambition and pride came back to the fore.

She was still on a mission – a mission that was already lasting for years since their gogo dancer days. She had to prove that she was better than Maria. Yesterdays, she had to show that she was a better dancer. Today, she had to demonstrate that she was a bigger, nastier slut than her ex-bff.

From an objective point of view, the intentness and fervour of being a good whore appeared absurd and irrational. But for Vanessa it made complete sense. She had gone down the road too far. Step by step, she had turned into the office slut and then the ‘Red Rose Whore’. By now, it was a part of her self-image – the dark equation to her lady-self. Vanessa needed both parts equally to keep in balance. For her own self-worth, she needed to be reckoned as the posh queen bee of the country club just as much as being regarded as the hottest whore in town.

While Vanessa was still occupied realizing the full extent of the changed situation, Pavone continued stirring up the crowd. He imitated a ring announcer while laying down the rules.

“You’re about to witness the battle of the sluts. It’s gonna be pornstar versus hooker. It’s gonna be dirty, filthy and nasty as hell. It’s gonna be epic! Each slut gets one round to strut her stuff! After the two shows are over the crowd decides about the winner!”

Pavone’s announcement had heated-up the crowd beyond all measures. Taking in the agitated mob, the club owner drew a deep breath and finished his introduction in style coining the catch phrase of the evening.

“Let’s get ready for the bitchfight!”

At these words, Maria stepped onto the main stage and immediately managed to cast a spell over the crowd. The smoking hot blonde was dressed in the sexiest police uniform imaginable.

The ‘Hot Pursuit Cop Costume’ consisted of a dark blue zipper front mini dress with a broad black belt around her hips, black fencenet stockings and black vinyl over-knee platform boots. Completing the outfit, she wore a police hat. On the left side of the belt dangled a pair of handcuffs while a baton hung off the right side.

The mini dress ended just beneath Maria’s curvy ass. She had pulled the zipper down beneath her massive, blown-up funbags. As a result, the uniform was barely able to contain her huge, round juggs. Her fat tits almost spilled out of the top. The deep cleavage directly leaped into any guy’s eye. The outfit was extremely sexy. She definitely knew how to fuel the crowd.

Vanessa was standing at the bar watching Heidy Moon Stratus’ performance. Maria’s appearance clearly told the redhead that her former best friend had accepted the challenge. They both had always been overly competitive trying to outdo the other one. This clearly hadn’t changed.

The DJ played some Trance tunes and the smoke machine blew a fog onto the stage. This added up to create a tense, suspenseful atmosphere. The crowd had stopped cheering and hollering. All guys were quiet. They were wounded up to a high pitch.

Maria strutted down the stage and through the mob in the most provocative, tantalizing way shaking her hips and pushing out her big, round knockers.

She played with the guys acting as if she was policing each one of them. One after the other, she approached a man and either ran her pink manicured index finger along his cheek or brushed the baton over his chest. Then she pushed each one away deprecatingly.

With two guys, she even imitated a strip search running her manicured hands over the guys’ chests and down their pants until she cupped their dicks through their trousers. Finally, she took those two men by the hands and dragged them up onto the stage.

Both of them were members of the biker gang proudly wearing their colours. One of them was a young white badass with short black hair and tattoo sleeves. The other one was a middle-aged white, brawny baldhead. Both didn’t look like person’s to be trifled with.

Two chairs had been placed on the main stage in the meantime. Maria pushed each guy onto a chair – the tattoo-sleeve badass onto the left one and the bald-headed bull onto the right one. Then she turned to the crowd and started moving to the onset of a dance beat.

She used the baton to fire up the crowd some more running it over her belly and pushing up her big, round, bolt-ons. This almost caused her massive juggs to completely pop out of the mini dress. Eventually, she pushed the zipper down to the belt releasing her funbags. She bent over deeply showing off her tits to the fullest and pushed the baton between her voluptuous flesh-balloons giving the stick a tit fuck that made all guys drool.

She could see the crowd getting further agitated which produced a naughty smile on her face. Then the blonde bimbo turned around, bent slightly forward and pushed the hem of the dress up to reveal her naked, pantyless ass cheeks. Again, Maria used the baton to run it along her buttocks. She pushed her curvy, meaty ass cheeks up making them bounce and wobble up and down. Then she bent down even further and pushed the baton into her ass crack spreading her buttocks wide showing off her tight asshole and juicy pink pussy.

The mob could barely manage to keep calm anymore. This blonde Barbie doll dancing on stage appeared like the object of any guys’ wet dreams. But at the same time, her teasing, provocative, cop-like behaviour conveyed the impression of her being totally out of their reach.

Finally, Maria let the mini dress slip to the floor. Now, she was standing on stage only clad in her police hat, black belt, black fencenet stockings and black vinyl over-knee boots.

She took the baton which had a hose clamp attached at the end. She clamped the baton to the strip pole in an angle of 10 to 15 degrees. This way, the baton stuck out from the pole in a narrow ‘V’ shape.

Afterwards, Maria turned her attention back to the two intimidating bikers sitting on their chairs. Once again, she strutted over to them like a lioness scenting its prey.

Reaching the guys, she started teasing them again. For a while, she sexily danced around the chairs. Several times, she bent over in front of them showing off her round buttocks and inviting cunt. But she never let them touch her slapping their hands away each time. More and more, the two bikers were getting agitated by the merciless teasing.

Finally, Maria sat down on the lap of the tattoo-sleeve guy. She started bumping and grinding his lap while pushing her fat round tits into his face. She didn’t stop until his cock was about to burst his pants. Then she changed over to the baldhead repeating the lap dance. Still, she continued to slap their hands away each time they tried to touch her.

It was a sight to behold. The smoking hot, pimped-up Barbie doll straddling those two rough looking badass bikers, gyrating her hips and humping their laps almost driving them insane.

The two men looked like they couldn’t take the teasing any longer. They were on the brink to jump up and pounce at the blonde bimbo. The need to grab this teasing whore and punish her for her provocations was overpowering them.

Maria could sense the heated up atmosphere. She had achieved her goal. The blonde stopped dancing and walked over to the left side of the stage. There Mark handed her two objects. Then she stepped back in front of the two bikers and gave an object to each of them.

Afterwards, the pimped-up bimbo knelt down in between the two chairs. She took the handcuffs and applied one cuff to her right wrist. Then she took the belt off her hips and put it around her neck turning it into a leash.

Suddenly, the powerful cop was kneeling obediently on the stage bare naked with a leash around her neck looking all submissive.

Addressing the two guys, she told them

“C’mon sirs, show this teasing slut who really wears the pants in here!”

The two bikers didn’t have to be told twice. In a split second they were up on their feet. The tattoo-sleeve guy was faster though immediately grabbing the belt using it as a leash to drag the blonde bimbo to the strip pole. Meanwhile, the bald-headed bull followed behind using his object to spank the Barbie doll’s ass making her yelp and crawl faster.

Maria had given them enough hints to make them understand what she had planned. Reaching the strip pole, the tattoo-sleeve badass dragged her up onto her feet. Standing between these tall, muscular men with all her charms on display, Maria looked tiny and lost. She had totally turned herself over to them.

Baldhead grabbed the handcuffs dangling off Maria’s right wrist. Then he pushed her arms up. Above the stage, a pulley had been attached to a beam. Baldhead threaded the chain that connected the two cuffs through a loop in the pulley and applied the second cuff to the blonde’s left wrist. Now, she was tied to the pulley above her head.

Then Maria was hoisted into the air and lowered back down so that the baton attached to the strip pole entered her pussy. As it stuck out from the pole in a 10 to 15 degree angle, Maria had to stand slightly bend forward to accommodate the stick in her cunt. They carefully adjusted the height of the dildo. As a result, the baton was just inside of her when she was on tiptoes and deeply planted up her cunt when she was flat footed.

Maria was about to give the crowd a pole dance fucking herself to the music. And the rhythm of the fucking would be regulated by the two bikers. While the blonde bimbo was standing on her tiptoes, the two bikers presented their objects to the mob. The tattoo-sleeve guy was holding a ‘Magic Wand’ while baldhead held a ‘Violet Wand’ in his hand.

The Magic Wand was a powerful electric massager. With its strong vibrations, it could drive any women’s arousal to new heights. In contrast, the Violet Wand was an electrostimulation toy with a long thin glass tube that glowed purple and shot sparks when it was activated by a button on the handle. The electric shocks were giving short but intense stings.

While the music started playing again, the two bikers started their game. The tattoo-sleeve badass used the buzzing Magic Wand to stimulate Maria and make her gyrate her hips while baldhead used the violet wand to prod her making her twitch and jump around. This way, Maria was taken on a rollercoaster ride of arousal. The vibrator took her to heights of excitement while the stinging shocks harshly brought her back down.

Tattoo sleeve guy began running the Magic Wand up the blonde bimbo’s sides. This caused Maria to start moaning and swivelling her hips. Her moans turned into groans when he pressed the vibrator onto her nipples and she began humping the baton. Then out of nowhere, baldhead shocked Maria. She grunted and jerked from the electric spark. Thereby, she lost her balance, impaling herself completely on the baton.

“Aaarrrggghhh! Ooouuuhhh!” she screamed from the sudden cunt stuffing.

The long baton reached deeper down her fuck tunnel than any cock ever before filling her cunt to the max and even hitting against her cervix. So Maria quickly raised herself back up onto tiptoes.

But it had given the two bikers a new idea. It became their goal to make the pimped-up bimbo fully impale her pussy on the long stick. So they mixed the stimulation and shocks to throw her out of her rhythm and make her lose her balance.



“Ooohhh! Yaaahhh!”

The two guys succeeded several times. Each time, Maria screamed out loud. But with every further impalement, the yell sounded more like a cry of pleasure than pain. And every time, the blonde bimbo needed longer to push herself back up onto her tiptoes. All the successful impalements were commented with a round of applause by the crowd.

The music started getting faster and the two bikers responded to the rhythm. They began alternating between stimulation and shocking with an ever increasing pace. This caused Maria to hump the baton in high speed fucking herself silly on the stick while her fuck juices began running down its length. It was an obscene dance she was performing on the baton.

Pressing the Magic Wand against her clit was particularly effective as it made the blonde Barbie groan and grunt like a wanton animal while squatting up and down the baton like a puppet.

The crowd watched the vulgar spectacle in disbelief. It only increased when baldhead started using the Violet Wand on her bubble butt. Each time the sparks connected with her ass cheeks, Maria grunted out and squatted down. Then he held the electro-stimulator against her tiny, little rosebud.

“Ah! Ah! Uuuhhh! Ah! Ah! Uuuhhh!”

Maria almost went crazy starting to hump the baton in rapid speed while screaming at the top of her lungs. Her intense reaction gave the bald-headed biker another idea. He pushed the thin glass tube into her ass and pressed the button. This way, the sensitive insides of Maria’s anal chute got electrified.

“Aaarrrggghhh! Aaahhh! Oh! Oh! Uuuhhh!”

The blonde’s entire body was twitching and shaking uncontrollably. She couldn’t stop screaming, yelping and groaning simultaneously. Maria was bobbing up and down like riding an actual horse at a gallop. Her huge, round, overblown melons bounced around in such a wild way they almost jumped against her chin. She was dancing on the stick like a demented doll. By now, she was in her own world of ecstatic pleasure and arousal.

Tattoo-sleeve guy reacted holding the Magic Wand to her clit. This way, her most sensitive button was stimulated while her asshole got shocked. And Maria finally had an orgasm. She came so hard, she almost fainted. All through her orgasm, she continued riding the baton hard.

When the blonde eventually calmed down her whole body was drenched in sweat. The entire length of the baton was covered with her cunt juices. The two bikers used the pulley to pull her off the stick and lower her down making her kneel on the stage with her hands still tied above her head. Then they took out their cocks. They were so aroused by the show that they only needed a few thrusts in and out of her soft mouth to shoot their sperm all over the kneeling beauty’s face.

When the show was finally over, Vanessa’s heart was thumbing in her throat. She was more than nervous. She had to admit that Maria’s performance had been outstanding. It had been a real spectacle. It had delivered everything the customers could be asking for and more. It had ranged from sexy to kinky, from wicked to downright nasty.

This would be more than a challenge for Vanessa. How could she ever outperform this spectacle? It seemed like a task totally out of reach.

Vanessa had dared Maria to the slut battle. Now, she had to show her paces and prove her value. She had to do more than step up her game and deliver a top performance.

Otherwise, she would only make a fool of herself becoming the club’s laughing-stock. She wouldn’t be the ‘Red Rose Star’ any longer but the ‘Red Rose Joke’ instead.

During the week working as Queeny Ho, Vanessa had learned a lot about what guys wanted from a whore. They wanted her to ooze sluttiness and act like a fuck junkie on the prowl that needed lewd and twisted sex as her drug. Still, they also wanted the whore to be obedient letting them handle her like a ragdoll. And most of all, they wanted to push her limits.

Vanessa knew that she only had a chance to win the slut battle by demonstrating what a nasty fuckslut she could be. She had to surprise the crowd with her perversity while offering the guys the chance to push her over her limits.

After a short break, it was time for Vanessa to take the main stage. She had decided to allude to every man’s favourite fantasy. So she had changed her outfit. She stepped into the spotlight dressed as a schoolgirl – or rather a sexy, naughty school slut.

She wore a set consisting of a white blouse, a red plaid pleated miniskirt, white under-knee stockings and 5 inch red high heels. The blouse was so tight it was barely able to hold her luscious ripe melons in place. They almost burst off its upper buttons.

The crowd had barely calmed down during the break. Seeing the ‘Red Rose Whore’ costumed like an innocent little schoolgirl, turned the crowd into an agitated mob again.

Vanessa started seductively sucking on a round lollipop until drool was running out of her mouth. With the lolly nice and wet, she used the round candy to run it over her nipples. Thereby, her white blouse got wet and shiny. The material started clinging to her big, juicy funbags.

Queeny Ho continued noisily sucking on the lollipop until she had gathered a load of drool in her mouth. Then she let the bubbly spit run out of her mouth. It hung down her lips in a long gooey strand until it tore off and landed on her tits. Rubbing the spit into the white fabric, her nipples started shining through the wet material.

To the hollers of the crowd, the ginger whore started pushing her shoulders backwards and arching her back in rhythm to the music. This way, the blouse got strained and tightened around her big, ample juggs. She continued thrusting her voluptuous firm knockers out until the first button burst off the blouse.

The mob was going ballistic as they watched the ravishing hot slut shoot a second button into the crowd. It caused her big fat fucktits to spill out of the material by themselves. With the blouse hanging open at the top, Vanessa finally stripped it off and threw it into the mob closely followed by her cotton panties and plaid miniskirt.

The redhead squatted down and spread her legs open revealing her shaved pussy. She teased her cunt with the lollipop. She ran the candy up and down her pussy lips before pushing the lolly into her twat. With the stick standing out of her cunt, Vanessa started playing with her tits for a while making her funbags bounce and jiggle for the men’s amusement.

Watching a sexily dressed schoolgirl with a bruised, fiery red bottom was an extremely hot sight. Watching her act in a naughty seductive way made the guys yearn to jump right onto the stage. They felt the urge to defile her and rob her off her innocence.

Vanessa was intent to include all guests in her show – not only two selected guys. She produced an egg vibrator showing it to the crowd. Then she swivelled her hips and slowly pushed the egg into her pussy.

A second later, she threw the remote control into the mob, enticing them by telling the men.

“C’mon guys, play with your fucktoy! Use your naughty schoolgiiiiirrrrl!”

She barely managed to finish her incitement. Instead, it turned into a long groan. The customer that had caught the remote had immediately set it on the highest level.

The sudden vibrations were so powerful that they rushed Vanessa off her feet. They shook her entire body throwing her to her knees. The egg in her cunt was buzzing like crazy pushing all of Vanessa’s buttons.

Ignited by the stimulation, she lost all control over her body. Her hips started moving on their own. Vanessa fell backwards and landed on her back with her legs spread wide. Her hips bucked up and she started humping the air.

“Aaahhh!… Fuck! Ooohhh!… Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Vanessa’s moans and groans accompanied the dry humping while the redhead started mauling her tits pulling on her silver tit rings in a sensual frenzy.

Meanwhile, the customer passed the remote control to another guy in the mob. The men started a game which involved the whole crowd. A guest caught the remote, set the vibrations on a certain level, waited for a few moments and passed it to the next customer. This way, they completely controlled Vanessa’s body. Once again, she was a puppet dancing on their strings.

The next guy set the vibrations down and Vanessa gained back some control. Intent on giving the guys a great show, she got up onto her feet and began gyrating her hips while leaning forward and massaging her full, round funbags.

A moment later, another man pushed the level back up on full power making Vanessa twitch and shake uncontrollably while her fat, ripe fucktits wildly bounced up and down her chest.

Just in time, she was able to grab the strip pole before she was swept off her feet once again. With her upper body leaned backwards, her hips instantly started humping the pole. She looked like a naked, big titted slut riding a bucking bull – only that the bull was a vertical bar. The buzzing was so intense that her fuck juices started flowing freely coating the pole in the process.

When the next customer got the remote, he lowered the level and Vanessa stopped her frenzied pole humping. Like a good slut, she bent forward and licked her juices off the bar while her angry red bubble butt kept swivelling to the slower rhythm of the vibrations.

The crowd enjoyed the power they had over their plaything and teased their fucktoy to the fullest. They loved alternating the level between low and high. One moment, the ginger whore was dancing sensually, the next second she was frantically humping the air. All the while, Vanessa was grunting and moaning uncontrollably.

Eventually, one of the bikers started swiftly switching between the extremes – up and down from the highest to the lowest level in rapid turns. Vanessa felt like riding a rollercoaster. The thrill of excitement and arousal was overwhelming. One moment, she was rendered to an incoherently babbling mess. Then she got a second to catch a breath, only to be hit with a new surge of stimulation the next moment.

The biker’s first switch to the highest level rushed the redhead off her feet again. This time, she simply fell forward landing on her face and big, juicy, D-cup funbags. The rapid vibrations caused her hips to start humping the dirty stage.

The mob got treated to an incredibly naughty sight. The scorching hot ginger whore was lying on the stage with her ample knockers bulging out at the sides of her ribcage and her legs spread as far as possible. Her pussyhole stood wide open with her ringed piss flaps hanging down like curtains. Her hips were working in overdrive banging her cunt against the floor over and over again.

And finally the dam broke. Queeny Ho orgasmed right on stage. The ecstatic sensations rushed over her like a volcanic eruption starting in her pussy and surging up through her entire body. Her orgasm was so intense that her urethra exploded and she began spurting clear fluid all over the stage.

“Aaahhhooohhhaaahhh!” One endless cry of pleasure echoed through the main room of the ‘Red Rose Club’.

Vanessa kept on squirting and spurting like a fountain. It was such a rush of clear fluid that suddenly the egg vibrator gushed out of her cunt. The guys had never seen a woman orgasm that hard and some of them high-fived each other for making their fucktoy cum like a geyser.

But Vanessa’s show wasn’t over by far. As soon as she was able to move again, she got back onto her feet and produced a bowl from behind the stage. She was still lightheaded from the orgasm but she was dead set on beating Maria in the slut battle.

The bowl was filled with strawberries. Vanessa was about to bring out the big guns in her attempt to beat Maria. She had to bring out her perverted side convincing the guys with her naughtiness and depravity.

She picked a handful of the biggest fruits in the bowl and threw them into the crowd. 6 strawberries landed in the hands of several costumers. Then she got down onto her hands and knees and started crawling up and down the edge of the stage. She turned around presenting her bubble butt to the mob. It was still glowing like a red bulb from the whipping she had received before.

Vanessa started spreading her ass cheeks apart building a rhythm of opening her buttocks and letting them flip back together. Thereby, her juicy, wet, swollen pussy lips opened and closed, too. As her twat was leaking fuck juices, her cunt made smacking, squishing sounds. In a perverted way, Vanessa’s pussy talked to the crowd. And the guys loved the degrading sound of her smacking cunt lips.

“Yeah! That’s the way a slut should talk!” a guy from the crowd commented the action.

Under normal circumstances, kneeling on the stage of a dirty strip club while presenting her pussy to random men and entertaining them with her pussy farts, would have been more than humiliating for Vanessa. But at the moment, she was on a mission to meet a formidable challenge. She was in total slut-mode and there was only one thing on her mind – being the nastiest, debauched slut in town.

Vanessa pushed both French manicured index fingers into her asshole and spread her anal ring open. Since Stanton had broken her anal cherry and turned her into a three-hole mare, her sphincter had proven itself as an elastic fuckhole. Guys loved nothing more than fucking the redhead’s shitter open and making it gape obscenely. And Vanessa’s butthole was a motif of vulgar beauty in regard to gaping.

Queeny Ho started finger fucking her ass adding one French-nailed finger after the other until she had four fingers deeply embedded down her anal chute. Pushing her fingers out of her tight asshole, her sphincter opened like a blossoming rose. Her anal muscles were relaxed and ready for the show.

“C’mon guys, feed the fruits to your plaything!” she enticed the guys while holding her ass cheeks open letting her asshole invitingly wink at them.

Of course, the customers didn’t hesitate to follow up on this invitation. The 6 guys stormed up onto the stage, walked past the kneeling slut and sat down on the bar stools that had been placed there in the meantime.

On their way, 2 of them even patted Queeny Ho’s head treating her like their obedient fuckpet. Their behaviour clearly showed Vanessa that they weren’t about to make it easy for the slut. They were out to let the whore work hard to earn their gifts.

Vanessa crawled over to the first guy. He was another heavily tattooed member of the biker gang wearing a bandana and cut. Reaching his legs, she slowly and sensually pushed herself up letting her ample, big funbags slide over the guy’s lap. She straddled him letting him suck on her nipples and pull on her tit rings for a moment. Then she got off the biker’s lap and positioned herself next to him so her bruised, angry red ass was facing the crowd.

Bending over with her legs straight, the redhead reached back with her French-manicured hands and spread her ass open getting ready to take the first strawberry. The bandana-wearing biker reacted and placed the strawberry between her buttocks holding it there. It was a fully ripe strawberry that appeared really big in relation to Vanessa’s butt. The colour of the fruit was a perfect match to her bright red ass cheeks. The biker didn’t proceed to push the fruit inside though.

“C’mon slut, fetch your gift!” he exclaimed.

He wasn’t about to lend the whore a helping hand. Vanessa had to engulf the strawberry on her own. She had to literally bust her ass to fetch the big, ripe fruit.

Queeny Ho was still intent on giving a sexy show. So she started bending her knees pushing her butt up and down and thereby running her ass crack along the fruit. She swivelled her hips so her bubble butt circled the strawberry.

The biker got impatient though and grabbed Vanessa’s big fuckudders dangling off her bent body. He pinched her left nipple and fiercely pulled on the left silver tit ring.

“Argh!” the ginger whore yelped in response and began thrusting her ass backwards.

Apparently, Vanessa’s asshole wasn’t as well prepared for those big strawberries as she had thought. The fruit wasn’t sliding in easily at all. Her thrusting picked up space until she was bucking back with all her might while spreading her buttocks as far as possible. Although she had fingerfucked her asshole with up to four fingers, her anal ring wasn’t loose enough to take the big fruit yet.

However, the crowd loved the show of the depraved whore desperately humping a strawberry. It was an incredibly demeaning display and the fact that the ravishing hot slut willingly acted on her own accord only increased the humiliating aspect.

“Arrrgggh!” Vanessa yelped when the biker pulled her juggs further down by painfully dragging on the tit ring.

He clearly demonstrated his dissatisfaction with her efforts. This was the complete opposite of Vanessa’s intent. She had to please the customers! She had to win the slut battle!

In a final attempt, the ginger whore pushed her ass backwards in one powerful thrust. But it didn’t achieve the desired success. She had tried too hard. Instead of swallowing the strawberry, her ass squashed the fruit.

“Look at that!” the bandana-wearing biker exclaimed. “What a clumsy whore! This stupid slut can’t even eat a fruit properly!”

While his outburst caused a round of laughter from the crowd, it made Vanessa insecure for the moment. She had failed and didn’t know how to make it up to the customer. However, the biker took advantage of her indecisiveness and seized control.

Pulling roughly on her left nipple ring, he turned Queeny Ho sideways, made her kneel down and draped her upper body over his lap. Now, the naughty schoolgirl was bent over his knee.

“Obviously, the slut needs another punishment!” he remarked hinting at the whipping Vanessa had received beforehand.

Hearing this announcement, the redhead’s eyes snapped open. Her butt was still terribly aching and stinging. The lashes were still burning like fire on her ass cheeks. Her blistered bottom couldn’t take another spanking. She began struggling around on the biker’s lap. However, the bandana-wearing biker held her tightly on his lap so her desperate struggle was totally in vain only amusing the crowd.

“Please sir!” Vanessa begged. “Spare this whore’s ass. Give the slut another try. I’ll be a good slut for youuuhhh.”

She didn’t even manage to finish her pleads before the biker’s hand landed on her fiery red ass making her scream. And the mob erupted with cheers. They loved watching the naughty schoolgirl get punished while struggling in vain. Vanessa’s ass went into a bottom-wiggling dance.

The biker slapped Vanessa’s blistered ass 10 times. Each spank felt like a mind-boggling hot flame. He forced the ginger whore to count out each blow and subsequently thank him profusely. Each slap left a white mark on her red glowing buttocks until this white spot turned into even darker shades of red.

The act of getting spanked like a badly behaved child in front of an audience was a new kind of humiliation for Vanessa. And thanking the rude guy for teaching her how to become a better slut was even worse.

Finally, the spanking was over and the biker pushed the redhead off his lap. Whimpering, Vanessa carefully felt her bruised butt. It was radiating heat and felt like it would never stop hurting again. She wouldn’t be able to sit on her bottom for the next days – that much was certain.

For a moment, she had forgotten her mission of performing like the nastiest, most perverted fuckslut ever. She wanted this to be over. She was ready to give up. But a retreat wasn’t possible anymore. She had gone down the road too far. The remaining 5 customers were expecting her service. They were getting restless.

Eventually, the next guy in line couldn’t stand waiting any longer. He grabbed Queeny Ho’s arm and pulled her up to him. Then he waved the strawberry in front of her face. And this finally snapped Vanessa back into slut mode. The battle wasn’t over yet. She had failed with the first strawberry. Still, the customers had gotten a great show watching the naughty schoolgirl get a proper spanking.

Putting her most provocative smile back onto her face, she mustered the guy. He was one of the middle-aged, potbellied truckers with a full beard and greasy hair.

Vanessa knew that she had to regain the active part. She couldn’t risk losing her grip on the crowd. She needed to continue acting like the dirty fuck junkie to win this competition. So she started an enticing trash talk while straddling the trucker.

“Did you like watching this slut getting spanked for being such a clumsy whore?” she asked him receiving an affirmative nod in response.

“Do you think this naughty whore learned her lesson and will eat your fruit properly?” she continued while grinding her pussy on his lap.

“Please sir, open up this whore’s ass before feeding her the strawberry!” she finished her trash talk with a plea.

Following her words with action, Queeny Ho sank onto her hands and knees next to the bearded trucker, put her face on the ground and stuck her ass high up in the air.

“Hmmm!” she purred like a sex kitten when the guy pushed one finger after the other through her anal ring until four fingers were deeply planted up her shitter.

“Now feed the slut her gift!” Vanessa demanded while swaying her ass.

The bearded man was too entranced by the hot, sexy slut to play any games as the biker had done before. He pushed his fingers out of Vanessa’s anal orifice to reveal a wide open gape that beamed at the crowd.

Then he held the big strawberry against Vanessa’s quivering asshole and started pushing. The trucker was so heated up that he didn’t pay any attention to the reaction of the kneeling whore. Instead, he mercilessly pushed and shoved. The strawberry was just as big and ripe as the first one so it still didn’t slide in easily.

Queeny Ho was commenting the process of getting the strawberry roughly shoved up her ass with her groans. At least, her sphincter was slowly giving way finally swallowing the fruit. Still, the strawberry stretched her anal muscle into new, unknown dimensions.

“Ooooooaaaaaahhh!” her moan slowly pitched higher with the strain of getting the fruit pressed inside and her rosette widening.

“Oooooouuuuuuhhh!” her groan turned into a sound of relief when the strawberry slipped inside and her anal ring closed back up.

“Owww!” was the yelp following the harsh, affirmative slap the bearded trucker gave Vanessa’s blistered, red ass cheeks as a goodbye.

Vanessa repeated this process 4 more times, giving each guy a short lap dance then kneeling down next to him and enticing him to push the strawberry up her ass.

While filling the redhead’s bowels with strawberries, the guys weren’t too gentle with the depraved slut. All along, the crowd laughed at the stupid whore getting her ass stretched beyond any limit and added dirty comments to the filthy action.

“Yeah, tear the stupid ho a new one!”

“C’mon, stick the fruits where the sun don’t shine! Push’em up her spine until they pop back out of her foul mouth!”

“Wow, what a flexible asshole!”

“Hehehe, that’s no flexible asshole, that’s a properly worn-out cockhole!”

“Looks like a well broken-in anal whore! You can park a freight train up that ass!”

The last guy in line surprised the mob with a new degrading idea. He held the strawberry against Vanessa’s asshole ordering her to swallow it. When she reacted by pushing her hips back, he suddenly took the fruit away and the ginger whore humped the air.

As the mob spurred him on, he continued his teasing. The crowd loved the humiliating display of the slut desperately bucking the air, futilely trying to fetch the fruit and groaning in despair.

He didn’t stop his teasing game until Queeny Ho rubbed her big, juicy tits on his leg while panting like a dim-witted, devoted dog and begging for relief demonstrating her obedience. Vanessa felt more humiliated than ever before in the club. She was acting like the lowest pet of the strip joint. And she was doing it on her own accord!

Still, that degrading behaviour earned her the final strawberry. Now, all 6 fruits had disappeared down Vanessa’s ass pipe.

“Oh! Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” she commented the feeling of fullness.

Finished with his task, the final guy remarked sarcastically.

“Feeling like a stuffed turkey, whore?”

Adding two more spanks to Vanessa’s fiery burning buttocks, he made her ass shake and prompted a rushed reply from Queeny Ho.

“Yes sir. Thank you gentlemen for feeding the whore properly!”

He was right. Vanessa felt as stuffed as never before in her life. Her rectum was literally overstuffed. Her bowels were painfully widened. The pressure caused her bowels to churn and made her moan steadily. Still, the strawberries also tremendously pressed on her sensitive sex nerves powerfully arousing her.

The head of the final strawberry was still peeking out of her anal ring and the pressure caused her sphincter to spasm around the fruit in rhythm. The mob watched in awe how the ravishing hot ginger whore was writhing and struggling around with her asshole squeezing the strawberry.

Vanessa embraced the feeling. The more used she felt, the more debauched she acted, the closer she got to meeting the challenge. And the thought of being the nastiest slut the customers had ever witnessed turned her on immensely. Her lewd performance had already given her the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

“Now, shit those fruits out and get yourself a good snack!” the guy ordered.

Before he could slap her angry red ass another time, Vanessa hastily started pushing. At once, the mob could see her strained anal ring starting to twitch. They could see the first strawberry slowly inching forward.

Vanessa had to strain herself immensely. She was struggling with the task. She had to take a deep breath and push with all her might. Once again, she was panting heavily.

Even when the strawberry was half way out, her sphincter was still hugging it with all its might. With one powerful thrust, her butthole finally opened up enough and the fruit shot out.

But it was only the first strawberry! There were 5 more to go!

Queeny Ho had to continue pushing as powerful as she could. The fruits were deeply planted up her rectum and her rosette didn’t let them go easily. With all the squeezing and pressing, the strawberries were tightly getting squeezed by her ass chute and red juice started leaking out of Vanessa’s gaping asshole.

It was an extremely vulgar and obscene sight. Vanessa’s raw, abused anal ring twitched and gaped while a red strawberry filled out the wide open o-ring and red juice oozed out running all over her wet pussy.

“Look at that!” some guy in the crowd remarked. “The fucktoy is a great fruit juicer, too.”

Vanessa had to take a break to catch a breath after each strawberry had popped out of her sore shitter. And after each fruit, her asshole looked more battered and swollen – a sight that only stoked up the crowd even more.

The final strawberry was the hardest as it had been pushed deep down her bowels. Eventually, the constant pushing and the steady pressure took its toll. Accidentally, Vanessa lost control of her bladder. Before the strawberry even showed its head at the exit of her wide open o-ring, a yellow piss stream sprayed out of her urethra. The hot yellow spurt explosively sloshed out of her. The piss stream was so strong it made a splattering sound when hitting the ground. Vanessa almost cried from shame when she uncontrollably pissed onto the stage for everyone to see.

Finally, the last strawberry popped out leaving all 6 fruits scattered in a puddle of red fruit juice and rancid piss. Immediately, the bandana-wearing biker jumped off his bar stool and grabbed Vanessa’s hair using it as the hair-handle. He made her crawl over to the puddle.

The fruits didn’t look too delicious. Most of them were squashed from her tight anal muscles and were swimming in a stinking mixture of piss and juice. Immediately, Vanessa’s face mirrored the disgusting sight. Her hair stood on end but she didn’t dare resisting the intimidating biker.

Reaching the revolting puddle, he dipped the redhead’s face straight into the gross mass. He rubbed Queeny Ho’s cheeks through the vile broth making her retch from the yucky smell. Then he ordered her to eat the strawberries off the filthy stage.

The crowd looked in disbelief as Vanessa once again behaved like the dim-wittedly devoted and obedient club pet. She picked each strawberry up with her teeth trying to avoid getting in touch with the vile piss and juice mix any further. Still, the fruits were drenched with her piss and had taken on the full anal flavour from her ass. It was a disgusting, yucky mixture that made the ginger whore grimace in disgust. Still, Vanessa gobbled down all 6 fruits entertaining the crowd with some funny faces. However, the biker wasn’t satisfied yet.

“C’mon fuckslut, be a good whore and drink your fresh ass smoothie!”

Despite Queeny Ho’s pleading glances, he mercilessly pushed her face back into the vile broth. Vanessa’s entire body shuddered when her lips touched the yucky muck and her legs desperately kicked out in despair. But she continued behaving like the obedient club pet. Providing greatest amusement to the crowd, she lapped up the whole stinking puddle accompanied by pitiful gagging sounds.

Vanessa couldn’t tell what was more degrading – getting used as a urinal by her nemesis Maria or having to lick up her own piss in front of an amused crowd. Anyways, the mixture of fruit juice, rancid piss, anal flavour and filth off the stage was the worst taste she had ever experienced.

When she was finally finished with her task, she looked up at the biker. He had a fat grin plastered onto his face.

“Bad taste?” he asked with a sarcastic tone.

When Vanessa weakly nodded in response he exclaimed.

“Let’s help you with that!”

With that said, he opened his pants and pulled out his erect cock. A second later, the other 5 guys had jumped off their bar stools and formed a circle around Queeny Ho. After Vanessa’s sizzling hot performance, they were close to cumming. One dick after the other exploded and the ginger whore was caught in a crossfire of cum. Their gooey cream completely glazed her face like a donut and splattered long strands of white sperm over her heavy juggs.

While the 6 guys stepped off the stage, the music continued and Vanessa scraped the drying cum off her face and tits. She made a show of swallowing every last drop with a smiling face. Any taste was better than the disgusting, gross flavour of the piss and fruit mix.

Slowly, her performance was taking a toll on Vanessa and she was feeling exhaustion spreading through her body. But her show wasn’t completed yet. She knew she only had a chance against Maria if she topped her show. Maria had only sucked off the two customers so Vanessa had to offer more than that.

As the men had loved watching the slut willingly abuse her asshole for their pleasure, she was convinced that they would love the final part of her performance even more.

She crawled back to the end of the stage and produced a new object from behind the curtain. Making her way back to the front, she showed the item off to the crowd. It was an inflatable plug.

One more time, she got up onto her feet and started dancing sexily to the music. She seductively sucked on the plug. When it was nice and wet, she turned around, bent forward and pushed the plug into her glistening, swollen pussy.

“Hmmm!” she purred when her pussy received some well deserved attention.

In a display of submissiveness, Vanessa got down onto her hands and knees. She grabbed the pump hanging off the plug, led the tube up to her face and put the pump into her mouth.

She started biting down onto the pump slowly blowing up the bulb in her pussy. She looked like a dog fetching a bone when she started blowing up the round plug. Slowly, the display of herself as a dim-wittedly devoted, obedient club pet was becoming the main theme of her show. And each time, it sent a chilling shudder of embarrassment down her spine.

The degrading display caused a new stir among the mob. Under their demeaning hollers, Vanessa crawled to the end of the stage, gathered up a few coins and crawled back to the front.

Usually, the coins were used as bottle deposits. Now, Vanessa threw the 4 chips into the crowd in order to determine the participants of the final part of her performance.

The 4 guys that caught the coins got waved up onto the stage by Vanessa. As soon as they arrived on the platform, she crawled from one to the other letting the pump drop from her mouth into their hands. Then she waited for them to pump up the pussy plug some more. The extreme subservience of the red-headed slut drove the man in the crowd wild.

Of course, the 4 participants made good use of the pump vigorously blowing up the pussy plug. Before Vanessa arrived at the final guy, the ballooned bulb already started to show.

As the bulb had a round shape, it didn’t slip out of her pussy though. It was pumped up way too much by now. Instead, it started expanding her crotch area. With every pump, her puffy cunt lips opened up a little bit further like a curtain getting shoved aside. With every pump, the hugely inflated black plug showed a little bit more. And with every pump, Vanessa had to spread her legs further apart while crawling over the stage.

After the final guy had finished blowing up the pussy plug to his taste, Vanessa was constantly moaning and squirming from the pressure. She couldn’t even close her legs anymore. It was a ridiculous sight of the ‘Red Rose Whore’ shakily crawling around with her legs spread so wide her fat fucktits almost touched the dirty ground.

Vanessa had felt stuffed beyond belief before with the fruits up her ass chute. But now, her vagina was stuffed even more. It felt like 2 or even 3 fists had been shoved up her cunt.

With difficulty, Queeny Ho crawled to one of the bar stools. She sat down on it in the most seductive way placing her feet on the foot rest and letting her curvy ass and expanded crotch hang off the end of the stool. This way, her fuckholes were perfectly positioned for a hard ramming.

She had to gulp down before announcing her plan. She knew that it wouldn’t be a walk in the park – not after the fruit stuffing she had endured before.

But her will to win the slut battle made her game for extreme measures. The chance to prove that she was the nastiest slut around had turned into a turn-on. The more she degraded herself in front of random strangers and the more she let them use her as nothing more than a fucktoy, the more the fire burning between her loins got fuelled.

So she addressed the 4 participants telling them in between moans.

“Please gentlemen, fuck that plug out of the whore’s cunt. Nail her ass until the plug pops out.”

In order to stir them on even more, she added.

“The winner gets to use the fuckwhore for the rest of the night for free!”

This caused admiring whistles among the crowd. And the 4 participants couldn’t pounce at her fast enough. The fastest guy was one of the regulars. He had positioned himself with his pants around his feet and his erect dick in his hand as soon as she had finished her announcement.

The inflated plug closed her ass pipe up tightly. But the fruit stuffing had ripped Vanessa’s asshole enough to keep her red o-ring slightly gaping open. So the participant was greeted by a raw, creased rosette invitingly winking at him.

The guy didn’t dwell on the obscene sight for too long though. Instead, he hammered his straining cock straight through her anal ring and went balls deep in one go. With Vanessa positioned on the bar stool, he was able to ram her ass from atop. This way, his cock pressed against the blown-up pussy plug in a good angle to push the bulb out. Instantly, Vanessa’s tightly constricted ass pipe was torn open making her scream and grunt.

“Ouuuhhh!… Ah! Ah! Ah! Ouuuhhh!…”

After watching Maria’s vulgar pole dance and Vanessa’s perverse anal show, he was too aroused though. He was only able to ream her ass for a few minutes before his balls boiled over. With a loud grunt his cock erupted and his white gooey sperm coated the insides of Vanessa’s bowels.

Vanessa looked at him almost disappointedly. But the next cock was up her butt as soon as the guy had stepped away. The dick belonged to one of the college blokes. He was in his twenties and proved to have a lot more stamina using the ‘bar stool ass ram position’ to its fullest effect.

With each hand, he grabbed one of Vanessa’s upper arms and pulled them back using them like reins. This way, the ginger whore had to arch her back like a bow causing her full ripe melons to stick out even further from her chest.

The young bloke laid his full body weight into each thrust jackhammering her ass like there was no tomorrow. His powerful thrusts made the redhead’s fucktits bounce wildly and jiggle up and down. Her vocal reactions commented each stroke with a loud scream in rhythm with the rapid speed of his fucking.

The bloke’s cock pushed the blown-up plug mercilessly against Vanessa’s inner cunt lips. It put an incredible strain on her poor pussy but it gave her twat a completely new feeling. With each thrust drilled down Vanessa’s ass pipe, the crowd saw the whore’s cunthole opening and closing. Her fuckhole steadily stretched and contracted against the insistent plug.

With each stroke in and out of Queeny Ho’s twitching anal orifice, the young bloke’s dick pushed against the soft inner tissue that separated her pussy and ass. Thereby, the membrane was firmly pressed against the pussy plug. The sensitive tissue was mercilessly grinded like grain in a mill.

It was an incredible combination of sensations surging through Vanessa’s body. The grinding of the soft tissue, the merciless stretching of her constricted ass chute and the strain from the pussy plug were driving her nuts. It was an extreme mixture of pleasure and pain. A mixture her body had been conditioned to react to with the most ecstatic orgasms Vanessa could achieve. A mixture the redhead loved by now.

The ecstatic feelings were overwhelming her reducing her to a steadily moaning doll. If the young bloke hadn’t held her arms, she would have slipped off the bar stool.

My friend Karin invited me to go out with her and some of her friends on Saturday night. She wanted to go to this new club that everyone heard was good. Of course the girls forgot to mention to me that we were going to an alternative strip club.

When we walked in I quickly realized that I was tricked. I tried to leave, but Karin used her feminine persuasive skills and I agreed to stay for one drink while she was going to get herself a lap dance. After that I was catching a cab home and letting the girls have their fun night out by themselves.

The other girls headed straight to the dance stage to wave dollars at the young stud dancing in a thong. While Karin and I decided to go sit in a booth and get a few drinks. I headed over to the bar and when I returned, Karin is chatting it up with one of the dancers. I slid in next to Karin and hand her a drink.

Karin turns to me, pats my thigh and says,”This is Tony,” she says, “and he wants to give you a lap dance in the back.”

“Me? I thought you wanted a lap dance?”

“I do, but first I want you to get one.”

I was confused and tongue tied. “But I don’t ….”

Karin quickly cut me off saying, “Oh come on, it’ll be fun. You’ll get a kick out of it. It’s not like anyone else is going to know about it. Do it for me, baby. It’ll be our little secret.”

“Your friends will know”

“Nooo.. they’ll think I’m getting one. We’ll go back together. Come on let’s go. Bring your drink.”

Karin stands up and pulls my hand and leads the way.

I tried to think of some excuse but nothing came to me. So all three of us head into the back rooms behind the stage. We walk by Karin’s group of friends and they all smile and giggle as we walk by. I hear one of them say, “She really got him to do it?” My face turns flush red when I realize that they had all probably talked about this before hand.

We walk back down the hallway to a little side room with a padded bench in the back and take our seats. Karin and I both sit down while Tony goes to put on some music.

I nervously sip my drink and look at Karin, whose giddy with excitement. The music comes on and Tony starts doing his thing. First off is his tshirt, then his little shorts and before I know it, he’s gyrating his hips in front of me wearing only a red thong.

Despite my reservations, or maybe because of them, I feel myself getting aroused. I’m confused, and a little bit unnerved by the experience, but Karin seems to be in high heaven. To me, it just seemed wrong, but that’s kinda what I found arousing about the situation.

“Mmmm…. that’s hot Joey. I knew you’d do it for me. Go ahead grab his ass.”

I didn’t know what to do, so I just listened to Karin. My hands cupped his ass and he slowly danced his crotch up to my face. I was flushed with fever at this point. My dick was rock hard by now and straining at my pants. My breath was short and I was feeling flushed with sweat.

Arousal was in Karin’s voice as she told Tony that I was a closet bisexual and that this was my first time with a guy. Tony’s eyes lit up. I think that fact turned him on immensely. He went from just dancing for a few dollars to being totally into it. Karin’s hand was up her mini skirt, teasing herself.

Tony’s gyrations were becoming more erotic by the minute. He had the idea that he was going to try and pop my cherry this evening and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. His clothed cock was being pressed against my chest as he moved to the music. The thong barely covered his package and every now and then, I’d’ catch a peek.

With her free hand, Karin was rubbing the back of my head, massaging her fingers through my hair. She looked down and saw that I was totally hard, “Oh… somebody likes this. I knew you would, you’re so easy to read.”

Tony started to move his crotch up closer to my face. He was standing on the bench towering over me with his thong dancing inches from my face. Karin’s hand pushed my head forward, while Tony moved his hips closer and soon my face was pressed against this thong.

Karin was moaning to herself as she pressed my face into his covered cock. I was totally stunned and out of my element, but I slowly opened my mouth and felt Tony press in harder to my face. At this point I was all flushed and nervous and turned on. I opened my mouth more and stuck out my tongue while he swayed his hips back and forth and my tongue licked his thong.

“That’s it baby, do it for me….” Karin repositioned herself and started to rub on my cock through my pants. Precum had stained my pants with a big wet spot and Karin was eagerly massaging more out every second.

By this point I had lost all my inhibitions. I pulled aside his thong to watch his thick cock bounce out and slap me in the face. It was just what I wanted. I was panting and my mouth was open. I was bobbing my head trying to take his cock into my mouth, but Tony kept teasing me and pulling it away.

He could tell I wanted it bad and he grabbed his cock and pulled it away from my mouth. Instinctively my head leaned forward as if to suck it back to me. Karin laughed. She was right, I was a cock sucker. I tried to deny it for so long, but now with Tonys cock right in front of me I didn’t care what any one called me, I just wanted him in my mouth.

Tony held up his cock to his stomach and looked down at me and said, “Say please….”

“Please…. please let me suck your cock.” I whispered in heated lust. He pushed his now rock hard cock down to my mouth and I kissed it right on the head. His glistening precum made me lust for more, fortunately he was ready to give it to me. Slowly and seductively, he pushed his hardening cock between my lips.

His taste was incredible and the feeling of a full mouth was driving me crazy. I was bucking my hips into Karin’s hands as Tony was fucking my face.

Out of nowhere he started to fuck my face with wild abandoned. I kept my mouth open as his balls slapped against my chin and his trimmed hair pressed into my nose. He thrust deep into my mouth causing me to almost gag, but he pulled out quickly and I caught my breath.

Karin stopped massaging my cock, but kept her hand there. She knew I was close to coming, but I didn’t want the feeling to stop. So I kept pushing my hips into her hand while Tony grabbed the back of my head and continued.

“He’s a good little cock sucker.” He said to Karin.

Karin smiled and replied, “Well he’s been sucking on my strap-on for long enough, so I think it’s time he had the real thing.”

The word strap-on got Tony excited. “Oh, so he likes it in the ass then?”

Karin laughed, “No he doesn’t like it, he looooves it. I make him beg for it actually. Don’t you, baby.”

I replied with moans through a mouthful of cock. Tony pulled himself out and said, “Well maybe we should give him a treat. What do you think Joey, do you want me to really pop your cherry?”

My body was tingling all over with lust and I nodded my head. This suprised me as I this was my first time with a man, yet I wanted to go all the way. Not just sucking, but fucking too. I figured, that if I was going to do this, I wanted it all. I’ve already passed the herterosexual boundaries, so why not just go all the way. If I was going to be classified as ‘gay’ I might as well enjoy it all, right?

At this point, everything started to be a blur. Karin’s hands moved to my pants and undid my belt while Tony step away and removed his thong.

“Get on your knees, Joey. I want to see you get fucked. I know you want it. I can see it in your eyes. Tonight I’m going to make you my little gay boy toy and I’m going to love every minute of it.”

My pants were pulled down and I turned around on the bench. Kneeling on the ground with my ass in the air, I felt Karin massaging my ass cheeks. Tony got behind me and I turned to see Karin slobbering spit all over his cock, getting it nice and lubed up for me. Even through my fog of lust, I could appreciate this act of kindness, because Karin never really did like sucking cock. Then she spit on my asshole and Tony started to rub his cock up and down my crack.

“This is too hot,” Karin said, “I need to get some pictures.” She pulled out her phone and steps back to take some shots. “Look at the camera and say cheese.” I turn my head around at the exact moment she flashed a shot of me on my knees, pants down around my ankles and Tony the stripper getting ready to penetrate my ass.

I was too lost in the moment to care and when Tony started pressing his cock into my asshole, I started pushing my hips back to meet his thrusts. His cock was full thick and I felt him stretching my hole. It hurt at first, but it was a hot sexy type of hurt that I loved.

Karin was egging us both on, “Look at you, Joey… you’re suck a faggy slut. Push back into him, you know you want it deeper.”

“I do… I want it so bad….. fuck me. Fuck me hard.” I was so turned on. I totally forgot about this being gay sex. For me it was just hot and dirty and I wanted more. Precum was leaking out of me as he massaged my prostate. His thrusts started getting more intense. I could sense that he was on the verge, when I thought he was going to come, he pulled out and told me to turn around.

Like a little cum slut, I obeyed and found myself kneeling down in front of him while he stroked his cock. I looked over at Karin and she was now taking a video of the whole scene. I didn’t think about who she was going to show this to or what she was going to do with it. I really didn’t care at that moment, I only wanted Tony’s cum in face.

My hands were on his hips and ass as he let loose a torrent of cum all over my face. The first gush shot in my open mouth, but then he kept on shooting cum all over my face. It tasted delicious and my tongue was out licking it off my lips while the rest of it dripped off my face and onto my shirt. Gush after gush shot all over my face and hair and I reveled in the dirtiness of it all.

Karin moved in with her camera, “Smile for the camera! How’s that feel, faggy?”

“Incredible…. and delicious.” I said between deep breaths as I licked my lips.

“That was so hot, Joey. You got me so freaking wet.”

Tony, started to get dressed up and said that this lap dance was on him. With a quick ‘thanks’ he was out the door.

Karin started to wipe the cum off my face with her fingers and feed it to me. I greedily sucked her fingers cleaning them off. “You realize that now you’re gay, right? Like they say, suck one cock and you’re a cock sucker for life.”

“Whatever… Karin. Let’s get out of here. I want to go home and rip your clothes off.”

I pulled myself up from my knees and pulled up my pants. Karin handed me my pants and I noticed a huge wet spot on my crotch from my precum. “Karin, I look like I’ve just been fucked. I can’t walk out there. My hair is a mess, my clothes are wrinkled and there’s cum on my pants”

“Oh, it’ll be fine, no one will notice or even pay attention.” I could tell she was lying, but there was nothing I could do. As we headed out, we walked by the table with Karin’s girlfriends. Karin told them that we were going to head home and that she’d call them later. They all looked at me as if they knew what happened. I thought I heard Karin say, “I’ll send you the pics tomorrow.” I realized that I had been set up and I was totally humiliated, but at the same time, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about that night.

It was Wednesday night and Vanessa was working her shift in the ‘Red Rose Club’. It was a good night and she was in full slut-mode. Her latest john was just leaving after giving her an extra tip for her exceptional service. The flame-haired beauty stood at the bar with a smile across her face while she took a short break sipping on a glass of water.

When her eyes fell onto the clock, her smile turned into a sour expression. She hastily grabbed a bottle of beer and a cigar from behind the counter before she tottered to the backdoor in her pink platform ankle boots.

Today, her club outfit was nothing more than a tacky excuse of clothing. It was a mini strapless dress with a zipper front. The cut was so low that her round, juicy melons almost tumbled out. And the hem was so high that her ass cheeks peeped out underneath. The sides of the mini dress were studded with triangular cutouts. All in all, her outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination. The bright pink colour gave the outfit the special skanky touch. Even her lips were painted bright pink and extremely glossy. The glaring colour stood in stark contrast to her dark red hair making Vanessa look as cheap and trashy as possible.

The backdoor let directly onto the club’s parking lot. Before Vanessa stepped out of the door, she braced herself by taking a deep breath. She pushed the beer bottle down her cleavage so that it got stuck between the tight fabric of the mini dress and her massive juggs. She pulled the hem of her pink dress up and thrust the fat cigar into her pussy. Then she clasped her hands behind her head and flexed her back. Finally, she was prepared to step onto the parking lot.

It was time to meet her special customer. He came to the club every Wednesday at this hour and expected Vanessa to greet him at his car. The ginger slut had to walk to the opposite end of the parking lot to reach an old, rusty pickup truck. The whole lot was lined with junk. She even had to sidestep some bulky garbage on her way.

The stunning redhead was doing an awkward walk as she had to scuttle forward with her back flexed and her legs spread. She had to be careful to keep the bottle from dropping out of her top and the cigar from slipping out of her pussy. But she wasn’t allowed to use her hands to hold them tight.

With every step, the stogy slipped out a bit further. She tried her best to squeeze her pussy muscles and hold on to the cigar. But to no avail. Halfway across the parking lot, it was about to slide completely out. Vanessa frantically looked around the place. The ginger slut caught sight of a cast-off, rusty bed frame. The bedstead had been propped against the wall. She thrust her crotch out and tried to press the cigar end onto the frame to push the stogy back up her snatch. She failed miserably as the cigar slipped off.

Vanessa had to hump the bed frame repeatedly. Each time, she only managed to push the cigar a few inches up her cunt. It was such a cringe-worthy act that it made her grunt noisily from embarrassment. She had to grind her snatch five times against the bed frame until her cunt muscles had regained their tight grip on the stogy. The flame-haired beauty couldn’t believe that she was voluntarily humping a nasty, rusty bed frame in a public parking lot. But she couldn’t bear disappointing a customer.

When she finally reached the truck, Vanessa positioned herself in front of it and waited for the driver to step out. She had to stand underneath the bright club illumination presenting the cigar and beer bottle and showcasing her tits and pussy in the process. It was late in the evening and there were plenty of cars cruising through the redlight district. People were either on their way back home from the strip clubs and sleazy bars or roaming the streets for a quick fuck. The ravishing slut with her obscene whore-decorations was completely bathed in the club lights. She was on full display. In the dark night, she stood out like an illuminated advertising. So she easily attracted the attention of the drivers.

The special customer took his time. The wait seemed to last forever. Plenty of cars honked making the ginger slut shiver with embarrassment. Several drivers pulled over, winded down their side windows, and hollered at the bold whore.

Finally, the guy got out of the truck. It was Roy Tucker, the security guard from the country club who had discovered Vanessa’s secret ‘Red Rose Whore’ identity during the slut-battle against Maria.

Several weeks had passed since that Saturday night. Ever since, Tucker used his knowledge to blackmail Queeny Ho. Each Wednesday, he visited the ‘Red Rose Club’ at the same time and Vanessa had to entertain him for a full hour. She loathed these meetings. But it was the price she had to pay for his silence.

He knew that there was nothing Vanessa feared more than being exposed as a cheap, common whore in the country club. This club was the place where she lived out her posh, arrogant lady-self. This club acted as the counter weight to the “Red Rose Club” keeping her in balance. This club was her meeting spot with Steve. Her entire reputation as ‘Miss Arrogance – the queen bee of the country club’ would be destroyed by Tucker revealing his knowledge to any member.

Pavone had agreed to these special Wednesday meetings. He didn’t care who fucked the slut as long as he paid the full price for the one hour service and a special tip for the public use. He called it a perfect example of customer loyalty and even used Tucker as a figurehead of a satisfied customer to advertise the slut-battles.

Obviously, Tucker had decided to make full use of his free ticket and increase the humiliation factor. Last Wednesday, he had given Vanessa specific instructions how to greet him from now on.

These orders were the reason why the ginger slut stood in the bright lights of the parking lot. By now, her public display was not only causing a commotion on the street, the guests inside the club had taken notice and gathered at the backdoor. A whole crowd had come together to watch the slut’s public disgrace.

When Tucker finally stepped out of his truck, the smoking hot redhead turned a pirouette presenting her inviting curves. She opened the zipper and exposed her big, ringed funbags. She had to tightly squeeze her massive boobs to hold the beer in place. The sudden striptease made the crowd cheer and whistle.

Tucker grabbed the cigar and pulled it out of her pussy. Vanessa quickly reacted and opened her mouth. He pushed the stogy between her lips making her suck all her cunt juices off. Only after she had cleaned it extensively, he lit the cigar.

Tucker puffed on it for a few moments giving the spectators the chance to ogle Vanessa’s tits and pussy. The line of cars passing by and honking seemed endless. With each hoot, her embarrassment increased another notch. A pimped pickup truck made a direct u-turn and drove straight onto the parking lot. It came to a halt next to Tucker’s truck. Four young guys stepped out and whistled admiringly. They were obviously sloshed and too drunk to walk straight.

“Hey, can we get a feel of those bodacious tatas?” one of them slurred.

Tucker simply nodded. He yanked the beer out of Vanessa’s cleavage, leaned back against his truck and watched the four young drunks surround the flame-haired knockout. Their hands groped her slender body. Of course, her full, ripe melons and juicy pussy were their prime targets.

Vanessa’s face was flushed with shame. She was barely able to keep still. She felt like a piece of cattle getting inspected. She was used to show her assets to the club guests. But presenting her charms to random passers-by and getting groped in the open street felt embarrassing as hell.

She yearned for Tucker to take action. Finally, he shooed the young guys away and wedged the beer bottle back between her voluptuous knockers. With his free hand, he grabbed Vanessa’s dark red hair. He pushed the ginger slut down making her kneel on the cold, dirt-stained concrete.

“Crawl back into the club, fucking bitch!” he instructed.

Vanessa opened her mouth to protest. Crawling across the junk-strewn parking lot was the last thing she wanted to do. Before she had a chance to utter a word, Tucker emphasised his order by kicking Vanessa’s butt. It immediately stifled any protest. With a whimper, the smoking hot redhead began crawling over the coarse concrete. It wasn’t easy to crawl with her back straight while cupping her voluptuous juggs and pressing them together to hold the bottle in place. She crawled as fast as she could while Tucker walked next to her puffing on his cigar in a totally laid-back manner.

Vanessa wasn’t fast enough for his taste though. So he kicked her ass again. The ginger slut almost fell forward and dropped the bottle. She winced out loud again. Publicly crawling across a dirty, junk-strewn parking lot while holding a bottle with her tits was humiliating enough but getting her ass kicked was even worse – especially as she was getting watched by a horde of horny guys. She tried her best to keep up with Tucker’s pace but received two more boots to the butt.

The club guests had formed two lines in front of the backdoor. The ginger slut had to crawl right through the corridor between these lines to get inside the club. Of course, the customers exploited this situation. Vanessa didn’t have a chance to protect herself from the grope attack. She felt an innumerable number of hands on her juggs and ass cheeks. Everyone tried to paw at the slut’s fucktits or slap her butt. Some of the guests became so bold that they gave her another kick in the ass. The only thing that kept her from tumbling over was the hands fondling her boobs.

There was a loud chorus of cheers and whistles when she had finally made it inside. Tucker didn’t stop though. Instead, he walked straight to Vanessa’s whore room.

Arriving in the small, shabby room, Tucker immediately slumped into the old, scuffed recliner. Once again, he yanked the beer out of Vanessa’s cleavage and kept it for good.

Vanessa knew what he expected of her. Her face turned beet red when she slipped a bundle of dollar notes out of the waistband of her pink thong and counted the bills. Then she put enough bills onto the table to pay for an hour with the ‘Red Rose Star’.

It was one of Tucker’s most beloved humiliations. Pavone insisted on getting his money and Tucker refused to pay himself. So he made Vanessa pay her own hard earned cash to get used by a guy she deeply despised. She was still paying off the disciplinary fee to SEP and Mark controlled the cash she got from Pavone. So she didn’t have much money left to spend on her precious fashion clothes and designer accessories. It only made it hurt that much more to pay this lowlife sleazebag of a security guard for fucking her.

“Always nice to use you, bitch!” he smirked when Vanessa handed the money over to him.

While he took another sip from his beer, she started dancing in front of him. The slender, big-titted beauty gyrated her hips and shook her round butt for Tucker’s viewing pleasure.

From time to time, the ginger slut bent forward and stuck her curvy ass into Tucker’s face. She remained in this position until the security guard spilled some beer over her ass cheeks. Each time, Vanessa shuddered from the sticky feeling on her backside but picked up her dance nonetheless. The beer got her ass wet and shiny so it looked even juicier than before. The jiggling, glistening butt cheeks were an extremely inviting sight.

Tucker didn’t move though. Instead, he simply kept on puffing his cigar and enjoying his beer. Vanessa knew that he expected some nastier action from his perverted fuckslut.

“Get on the bed, bimbo bitch!” Tucker confirmed her assumption.

The stunning redhead quickly obeyed. She stripped off the dress. Now, she was naked except for the pink thong. She got on all fours kneeling down onto the cum-stained mattress. Her round, wet ass cheeks seductively winked at Tucker.

“Look at that! Queeny made a mess in her panties, you stupid bitch!” he pointed out the wet spot in her thong.

Ever since Tucker had found out that she was no posh lady but a cheap hooker acting like a decadent diva, the security guard enjoyed mocking her with the nickname that was prominently tattooed onto her lower back. It only reminded Vanessa of all the things she had to lose if she disobeyed him.

“Time to strip’em off! Rip those panties off with your mouth!” he ordered.

Vanessa turned around and sat down onto her ass. She looked at the security guard with a confused expression on her face. He was right. Her pussy was dripping wet. The public disgrace had heated her up. But did she take his point correctly? For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.

“Get cracking, queeny!” Tucker barked impatiently. “Snatch those panties with your slutty mouth!”

Vanessa hadn’t misheard. Still, she had no clue how to fulfil his order. The ginger slut closed her eyes. The security guard knew exactly how to degrade her. Not only did she have to pay to get used by him, now she had to abuse herself for his amusement. She only knew too well that this mistreatment would not only hurt but also turn her pussy into a lava stream. A fact that was even more embarrassing.

Hesitantly, she grabbed the pink waistband and pulled the sides up giving herself a wedgy. Meanwhile, she bent her head down trying to grasp the thong with her teeth. She failed. She wasn’t able to hunch enough.

“Hurry up, queeny!” Tucker edged her on. “Are you too dumb to strip off some panties, you stupid cow?”

Vanessa gathered all her power and tugged on the thong again. She pulled her panties up as high as possible. The bottom front got bunched up into a thin string. It split her cunt lips and dug painfully tight into her soft, sensitive pussy.

“Ooouuuhhh!” Vanessa shrieked.

Her poor pussy felt like it was getting stabbed. The stinging pain was unbelievable. She was close to tears. Still, the flame-haired knockout had a task to fulfil. She had a reputation to defend. She couldn’t afford to fail. So she hunched and bit down. This time, she caught hold of the thong!

“Ouh! Ouh! Ouh!” the redhead squealed.

The pressure on her pussy was almost unbearable. Her snatch assumed an angry red colour. The thin strip mercilessly spread her pussy apart and showed off every little detail. Her pubic mound looked like a deep crevice that was cleft by a thin, pink river.

Her hunched posture was so uncomfortable that Vanessa couldn’t hold it for long. She pulled her head up while keeping the waistband between her teeth. This increased the strain on her cunt so much that her ass was lifted off the mattress.

“Ooouuuhhh!” Vanessa shrieked and the thong slipped out of her mouth.

With tears in her eyes, the ginger slut bent her head again. With one mighty drag, she gave herself another extreme wedgy.

“Ouh! Ouh! Ouh!” she was babbling with anguished cries by now.

But she continued pulling until she managed to snatch the panties with her teeth again. She began lifting her head causing the string to dig even deeper into her delicate cunt and pull tightly against her sensitive clit. Her butt frantically bounced around on the mattress. It looked like her crotch was humping the bunched up string. Vanessa performed a wild dance for Tucker.

All the time, the security guard remained slumped in the recliner with his beer and cigar. He was totally relaxed while watching the obscene show in front of his eyes. From time to time, he laughed out loud amused about another convulsive move of Vanessa’s twisting body.

The flame-haired knockout felt faint. The pain and pressure became intolerable. But every stab on her clit also caused an electric jolt in her loins. She couldn’t believe how much this self-degradation aroused her – especially as it was happening in front of the loathed security guard.


Vanessa jerked her head back as far as she could and gave a final powerful tug.


The lacy fabric gave way and ripped. The tear started near the top of the left side and went down to the crotch area.

“Aaaooohhh!” Vanessa let out a loud grunt.

It started as a gasp of relief and ended as a groan of lust – a fact that didn’t stay unnoticed with Tucker.

“Hehehe! Who’s enjoying this more – you or me?” he teased her. “Show me what a horny slut you are and make yourself cum!”

Vanessa groaned out again. Her poor snatch didn’t get a second to recover. She spread her legs as wide as possible to present her unclad, ringed pussy. Her cunt glowed in angry red colour. But it also glistened wetly.

The flame-haired beauty threaded the red-nailed index and middle finger of her left hand through the silver pussy rings and spread her cunt lips open revealing her inner pink flesh. Then she drove two fingers of her right hand into her puffy cunt.

“Mmmhhh!… Fuck!… Ooohhh!…” she started moaning immediately.

On Tucker’s command, she added two more fingers. Her pussy lips tightly grasped the four fingers when she started driving them in and out while rubbing her thumb over her delicate clit.

Almost her entire hand was up her pussy. She felt so full and stretched. But at least, her yearning cunt got stuffed with something. It felt so good that she started pounding her fingers deep into her fuckhole with forceful thrusts. Each stroke made a slurping sound and lifted her ass off the mattress. Even her thighs began twitching from the strain.

Meanwhile, Tucker finished his beer. Vanessa was so focused on her own pleasure that she didn’t even notice. He stood up and walked over to the bed. There, he grabbed the redhead’s hand and pushed it out of her dripping gash. The four fingers slipped out with a loud slurping noise.

“C’mon queeny!” Tucker scoffed. “Let’s stretch out that snatch!”

Vanessa looked down between her legs. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Tucker had inverted his arms and pressed the knuckles of each hand tightly together. He had formed a spear with eight fingers. The ginger slut fully expected to be impaled right then and there. But he simply held his hands in front of her cunt and waited. He didn’t move at all.

By now, Vanessa was in a dazed state of mind. The degradations in the parking lot and the rough treatment by Tucker had awakened a sexual craving that had grown into a burning urge. The lust in her loins was driving her crazy. Right now, she was willing to do anything to add more sensations to her yearning cunt. She didn’t even care any longer that she was giving her best to please the loathed security guard.

“Aaahhh!… Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!… Argh! Oh! Argh!”

Vanessa broke out into a litany of screams when she lifted her crotch and speared her poor, yearning pussy. She engulfed Tucker’s eight fingers with her warm flesh. Her cunt lips got stretched beyond their limits and the redhead felt more than overstuffed. Tucker even opened his hands. It caused a feeling like a huge wedge was driven up her cunt.

Under the pressure, Vanessa began kicking her legs like a baby. The flame-haired beauty went wild on the bed. She rapidly opened and closed her legs and frenetically pushed her ass up and down the mattress. All the while, she screamed her lungs out.

Despite her struggles, she was merciless to her pussy. She was in a sexual frenzy and couldn’t stop anymore. She worked her cunt like never before and gave her snatch a superior reaming.

Upping the tease, Tucker pulled his fingers out of Vanessa’s yearning cunt. She whined and strained to reach it. She desperately needed her gash stuffed.

“Ooohhhh!” Vanessa sighed when Tucker shoved his eight fingers back up her dripping fuckhole.

She humped the spear for a couple more minutes until her shrieks turned into one long cry of pleasure. She slumped down onto the bed. A mind-blowing orgasm overwhelmed her. The electric jolts exploded all over her body and left her unable to move.

While the flame-haired knockout panted for breath, Tucker’s fingers slipped out of her pussy. A breeze of cold air rushed into her wide open fuckhole. The sudden chill abruptly stopped Vanessa’s orgasm and cut it short. It had been a tremendous wave of pleasure but it had been too short. The fire was still burning in her loins. The ginger slut still craved to get her cunt filled.

She threw her legs up to her face and reached around either side of her ass. She pulled her ringed pussy lips apart presenting her angry red snatch in its full glory. She wanted Tucker to thrust his cock up her pussy.

“Please sir, this cunt is leaking for you.” she begged the security guard. “Please sir, fuck this wet hole!”

But Tucker didn’t react to her pleads. Instead, he grabbed her hair and turned her around so she was kneeling in doggystyle in front of him.

“You want that pussy stuffed, you greedy bitch?” he asked and Vanessa quickly nodded. “Then show me what this cunt can take!”

Vanessa instantly reacted to this challenge. She was in such an aroused state that she was completely driven by her lust. The flame-haired beauty pushed her face into the dirty, cum-stained mattress and stuck her ass high up into the air. Then she reached back with her red-nailed hands. She pressed her knuckles tightly against each other and folded her hands back. This way, she imitated Tucker’s spear and drove eight fingers up her snatch in one go.

Her thrust was so powerful that it pushed the air out of her lungs and dragged her body forward a few inches. Her fingers went deeper than Tucker’s had ever been. For a few seconds, the redhead was out of breath. Only then, the pressure of the immense stretching registered in her mind making her squeal.

Tucker laughed about the lewd display in front of his eyes. Vanessa was left totally helpless with both arms stretched behind her back and both hands deeply buried in her own fuckhole. She basically looked like a corded parcel. There was only one way for her to move at all. She had to thrust her hands up her cunt like a piston to drag her body forward.

“C’mon queeny bitch, haul that slutty ass over to this side!” he instructed her after he had walked around the bed to the opposite side. “Give your cunt a major workout!”

Vanessa didn’t need another request. The thought of dragging her body over the mattress by pumping her pussy sounded incredibly degrading. But it was exactly the treatment her body craved in its aroused state.

She pulled her eight fingers out of her pussy until the red-nailed fingertips were all that remained inside her fuckhole. Then she gave another mighty push. She grunted and her body edged forward another notch.

With Tucker holding his cock in his hand at the other end of the bed, it looked like he was dangling a carrot in front of her face. And that carrot obviously was a force of attraction for the ‘Red Rose Whore’. It had to be so valuable for her that she was mercilessly slaving away at her pussy to get her slutty mouth on the stick. Vanessa felt like she had been reduced to a plain cock junkie.

She quickly put up a rhythm of pumping her poor, overstretched pussy like a piston. With each thrust, her body got dragged ahead and the ginger slut grunted along. She groaned as much from the effort as from the sensations on her cunt. Still, each thrust only pushed her body forward a few inches. So it took her endlessly to move over to the other side of the bed.

Tucker had a ball watching his queeny bitch work her ass – or rather her pussy – off to reach his cock. It took her almost five minutes and she had to take several breaks to catch her breath. It was a huge effort but eventually she made it. Finally, her lips were on his cock.


Vanessa received an appreciatory slap to her ass. Tucker then turned her body around treating her like a plain object. As a result, she presented her stuffed, leaking pussy to him. Tucker pulled his hard cock out of his pants. He hadn’t gotten any release yet and he was about to change that. He ran his cock up and down her crack and moistened his cockhead with some pussy juice. Then he positioned his cock at the wrinkled entrance to her backdoor.

Vanessa trembled nervously. Her asshole had already seen some action today. But with eight fingers up her cunt, her ass had tightened back up for good. She was so stuffed there was barely any space left. She didn’t dare to pull her hands out though. Instead, she tried to brace herself for the oncoming anal attack.

“Umph!” she grunted when Tucker finally drilled his cock through her sphincter.

The impact was so forceful that Vanessa’s entire body got pressed into the mattress. Tucker immediately began pounding the redhead’s tightly compressed ass chute. He hammered his cock up her ass pipe at full tilt. Her helpless, constrained body bobbed up and down the mattress with each thrust to the squeaking sounds of the old bedsprings.

“Ooohhh! Fuck!… Uuuhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Vanessa was reduced to a babbling mass of flesh.

Tucker exploited the redhead’s helplessness and grabbed her hair. He pulled it back and used it like reins. This way, he was able to pull the ginger slut’s body back and ream her ass even harder.

She was so tied up that she was left immobile and totally at Tucker’s mercy. She could do nothing but take the anal pounding. The flame-haired beauty was shoved around the mattress at the security guard’s will. The defencelessness in combination with the stretching of her cunt and plugging of her ass created a raging whirlwind of excitement inside of her. She was reduced to utter animalistic grunts. It was too much for her to handle and another huge orgasm erupted in her loins. She couldn’t control herself any longer so her body trembled and rocked around the mattress.

She barely noticed Tucker pulling his cock out of her asshole and turning his queeny bitch onto her back. A second later, he sprayed an enormous wad of white, creamy cum all over her face and chest. She remained lying on the bed when he left the room. Her entire body was drenched in sweat, her ass was sticky with dried beer, and her chest and face were glazed with gooey spunk. Tucker had turned her into a sticky, smelly mess of human waste. But he had also put her body into a state of ecstasy. She had received a massive workout and was left wrecked. Fortunately, it was late in the night and no other customers were waiting to fuck the whore.

The Wednesday meetings with Tucker stood in stark contrast to the remaining week at the ‘Red Rose Club’. Vanessa’s career as the ‘Red Rose Whore’ was at an absolute peak. After winning the slut-battle several weeks ago, she had become the talk of the town among men. Every guy was raving about the ravishing knockout that acted like the dirtiest slut ever. Each day, the ‘Red Rose Club’ was bursting at the seams with customers.

Along with her reputation, the treatment by the customers had changed too. She wasn’t their human cum dumpster any longer. Instead, they treated her like a superstar – the only girl able to fulfil their darkest sexual fantasies.

Vanessa felt more admired than ever before. She truly felt like a star. Every time she stepped into the ‘Red Rose Club’, an elating feeling swept over her body. A feeling she wouldn’t want to miss anymore. All she craved for was to deliver some nasty performances for her customers to further increase her stardom. She simply loved the admiration and attention she aroused.

Pavone had decided to cash in on Queeny Ho’s new popularity. Each day, Vanessa opened the night with a strip show. Then Pavone held an auction. Each round, a different service was on the line and customers had to make bids to fuck the whore. Some services were particularly popular and caused fierce bidding wars between the johns.

Saturday had become the official night of the ‘Slut-Battle’. Some pornstar was invited and a show-off between the two sluts was staged. Each one performed a sex show to prove what a nasty, depraved fuckwhore she was. And after both shows, the audience voted the winner. Those ‘Slut-Battles’ had become immensely popular. By now, tickets had to be bought in advance. In return, each ticket owner was allowed to fuck the winning whore after the show-off. As a result, Saturdays turned into nasty gangbangs more often than not for Vanessa.

Her new superwhore-status had even caught Stanton’s attention. SEP didn’t use her as the office whore any longer as Maria was performing the job of motivating the six partners. But they had found another way to use Vanessa. The dust over the newspaper report had settled so they made good use of her new popularity. They utilized the ginger slut as a deal-sweetener for new clients. Every time they closed a deal, she was offered as a signing bonus and had to meet the clients on her free Friday evenings.

Apart from her live as hooker, she made great progress with Steve. The two were meeting regularly by now. There was definitely more than a flirt going on between them.

The next Monday, they had been shopping all afternoon long. Vanessa had gone for a look that was elegant and sexy at the same time. She wore a combination of an anthracite v-necked blouse and anthracite knee-high skirt with a broad, black belt around her hips.

Steve had proven his generosity and bought some elegant designer outfits for Vanessa. She had a few hours left before her shift at the ‘Red Rose Club’ was about to start. So they decided to have a nice dinner at the country club.

On their way to the clubhouse, Vanessa remembered her previous run-ins with Tucker at the club. She had come into conflict with him over and over again. She couldn’t help it but his lecherous, brute hillbilly behaviour simply drove her up the wall.

Vanessa had to admit that she had been a pain in the ass whenever she had run into him. She had always been intent to let him feel the full extent of her overbearing arrogance and prove her superior status. With a shudder, Vanessa realized that this wasn’t the case any longer. Her status to Tucker had been completely reversed. By now, she was nothing more than his playtoy. Fortunately, he hadn’t approached her in the country club yet. He was too clever to risk his leverage for a quick relief in the club. He was intent to use her as long as he could.

When Steve and Vanessa arrived at the entrance, they had to stop the car at the barrier. As always, a guard was sitting inside the security booth. He had to control their membership cards before opening the barrier and letting them in.

Today, Tucker was sitting in the booth. He didn’t show any reaction when Steve stopped the car and handed their cards over to him.

“Excuse me Ma’am,” he suddenly addressed Vanessa. “There seems to be a problem with your card. We have to issue a new one.”

Vanessa immediately blushed. She instantly understood his intention and it made her shiver. He was up to something! She felt panic welling up inside of her. Somehow, she had to make sure that Steve wouldn’t notice anything! Her mind was running wild but her nervousness kept her from thinking straight. Time was running out on her.

“This will take some time.” Tucker suddenly told Steve. “You can go ahead and drive inside. Mrs. Laren will follow in a few minutes.”

Steve nodded. He didn’t suspect anything unusual. He simply arranged with Vanessa to wait for her in the lounge. The moment Steve’s car was out of sight, Tucker’s behaviour changed abruptly.

“Inside, queeny!” he barked at her.

Hesitantly, Vanessa looked around to check if anyone else was watching. She knew that there was no sense in arguing with that mean bastard. And his voice clearly told her that he didn’t allow any objections.

With her heart beating in overdrive, she stepped into the cubicle. For a security booth, it was a rather large room as it offered a work space for two guards. As soon as Vanessa had stepped inside, Tucker let the shudders down and put a sign on the door that read ‘Back soon’. On the one hand, this calmed Vanessa down a bit as no one would be able to take a look inside. On the other hand, it clearly told her that nothing good was coming at her. She was at a loss. She didn’t know what to do. Five seconds later, this problem was solved when Tucker yelled at her.

“Down on all fours, fucking bitch!”

Vanessa had been out shopping for fancy clothes. She was standing in the country club. She was in full lady-mode so she wasn’t able to control her first impulse. Her contempt for the fat, potbellied hillbilly set in.

“Shut the fuck up, you sleazy lowlife!” she snarled at him. “Don’t talk to me like that in the country club!”

Of course, this outburst of disobedience didn’t go well with Tucker. In a heartbeat, he was up on his feet towering over the flame-haired beauty. He grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her down onto her knees. He yanked her blouse open causing her luscious juggs to fall out and pushed the hem of her skirt up to expose her naked bottom.

It all happened so fast, Vanessa didn’t stand a chance to react. She was too staggered to fight back. So she simply followed Tucker when he started to walk around the security booth. He used her hair like a leash leading Vanessa on all fours like his dog.

“You love acting like the biggest bitch ever, don’t you? You love showing us staff members what a posh lady you are, right? You love getting on our tits!” he stated.

“You wanna be a bitch? From now on, you’ll be my bitch – my dirty dogbitch!” he exclaimed.

Vanessa’s head was spinning. She couldn’t process everything he was saying so quickly. She was too scared of anyone walking inside the booth and seeing her crawling around the floor to object. So she nodded weakly.

“Guess, I will call you ‘Queeny – the dirty dogslut’ from now on!” he chuckled. Then he began explaining new ‘club rules’ to Vanessa.

“You stupid dogslut will come to this security booth every second day in the afternoon. Inside this cubicle, my dogbitch is only allowed to crawl on all fours with her tits and ass exposed!”

Each rule made Vanessa wince. Tucker didn’t care though. Instead, he immediately began putting the new rules into practice by taking his dogslut for a walk in the booth. Vanessa only hoped that he wouldn’t lead her outside of the room.

“On arrival, my dogslut will immediately crawl underneath the countertop and deep throat my cock while clasping her hands behind her back!” Tucker continued explaining the rules.

“Whatever I do or wherever I move, that cock will stay down your slutty throat until I’ve shot my load down your gullet!”

“And as long as my dogbitch stays in this booth, she will not speak at all. All she will do is bark in response to orders!” he finished his introduction.

“Do you understand the rules, queeny bitch?” he inquired.

Vanessa was too confused, baffled and overwhelmed to react. It was all going too fast for her to process.


Vanessa received a resounding slap to her right cheek. The burning pain made her wince once again and instantly reddened her face.

“Does ‘Queeny – the dirty dogslut’ understand the rules?” Tucker barked emphasising each word.

His tone didn’t leave any room for doubt. Vanessa had to react. She didn’t want to earn another slap to the face. Her mind was spinning from all the information. She didn’t know how to behave correctly. On the off chance, she opened her mouth.

“WOOF! WOOF!” she barked.

And a cold chill ran down her spine. Her lady-self was totally gone by now. She felt like ‘Vanessa – the posh lady’ had stepped out of her body and observed the degradation of ‘Queeny – the dirty dogslut’ from the outside. She definitely didn’t feel like being in the country club. She had reacted on autopilot and her submissive side had kicked in overcoming her arrogant lady-self. She had acted like a true dogbitch and it had obviously been the reaction Tucker had waited for.

“Oh well, seems like this dogslut is learning quickly.” he said showing his satisfaction.

Then he sat down in his swivel chair and ordered the ginger slut to kneel in front of him with her ass facing him.

“C’mon dogslut, pant for me! Let that tongue hang out of your yapper and pant!”

Vanessa sobbed. She felt like crying. The degradation Tucker was dishing out was more embarrassing than anything she had done before. Acting like an obedient pet was worse than being reduced to a sheer sexual object or getting disgraced in public. Having to do so in her precious country club only added to the humiliation.

It became clear that the visits to the ‘Red Rose Club’ had only been the prelude. Tucker had increased the degradations each time. Now, it was time for the next step. He was expanding the use of his fucktoy to the country club. Now, it was payback time for all the scoffs and sneers she had directed at him before.

“Can’t hear nothing!” he reminded the redhead of her task.


Vanessa gave her best impression of a panting dog while sticking out her tongue.


Out of the blue, a hard object hit Vanessa on the right ass cheek catching her totally off guard. Behind her back, Tucker had produced a plastic fly swatter and lashed it onto her bottom.

“Ouuhhh!” Vanessa exclaimed almost reaching back to rub the fresh red spot on her buttock.

“Keep on panting, queeny bitch!” Tucker harshly snubbed her.

Vanessa hastily restrained herself from reaching back and continued with her humiliating task.


With her tongue hanging out, drool started gathering in her mouth. It began running out and trickling to the floor.

“Well! Obviously, my dogslut disobeyed me when prancing in here. So she’s gonna get ten slaps with this swatter.” Tucker told the flame-haired beauty while showing her the fly flap.

“And she’s gonna count the slaps with barks. It’s one bark for the first, two for the second and so on.”

Vanessa howled in between the panting. By now, she knew that Tucker wouldn’t give her any leeway. She had to endure being turned into a will-less fuckpet to keep her cover for the country club intact.




Her ass cheeks quickly turned red while her butt performed an obscene dance in rhythm with the swatter slaps. Her hips swiftly darted from right to left in futile attempts to escape the blows while her ass meat frantically jiggled and wobbled.




Vanessa felt like she was burning up with shame. The slaps with the plastic fly flap weren’t really harsh. The fact that she had to bark out loud and pant in between was far worse. The embarrassment was only increased by her fear of being discovered. What if a club member walked by the booth and heard her barking? What if anyone saw her walking out of this room putting two and two together?

She felt like the humiliating swatter-spanking never stopped. But eventually she sensed her hips starting to turn her snatch towards the fly flap. She was unconsciously trying to get her cunt hit! The degrading spanking aroused her. Vanessa’s pussy was yearning to get touched by anything.

She began moaning in between the barks – a sound that didn’t stay unnoticed with Tucker. He ran the edge of the flap along her pussy slit making Vanessa groan. Her hips were wriggling to the touch.

“Hehehe!” he teased his dogbitch. “Seems like someone’s enjoying his new role as fuckpet!”

Vanessa couldn’t believe how easily she was embracing Tucker’s abysmal humiliations. But her body was a junkie for degradations. It was hardly surprising that it reacted to this utter debasement with agitation although it was happening in her precious country club by the loathed security guard. Or were those two factors only contributing to the excitement? Vanessa was too aroused to ponder this question at the moment.

I helped the bouncer, Reggie, wrestle two drunken sailors into a taxi in front of Club Risqué. I was the strip joint’s bartender. After handing the driver a Benjamin, I instructed him to drop the sailors off at the 32nd Street Naval Station. The manager, Lorenzo, locked the club’s doors and after wishing me a Merry Christmas, he headed to his car followed by the bouncer. It was just after midnight, the Mission bells in Old Town were tolling, announcing that Christmas had arrived in San Diego.

Heading to my pick-up truck, I noticed a lone car parked in the well-lit spaces reserved for the strippers. Curious, I limped over to investigate. An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) had shattered my right leg during my last combat tour in Iraqi. Surmising the car wouldn’t start, I tapped on the driver’s window.

Startled, the woman jumped and slung the contents of a pill bottle across the auto’s interior. She wiped her mouth, brushing off a couple of pills clinging to her moist lips. Hastily, she pushed the button on the door to lower the window, but since the car wasn’t running it didn’t work.

I opened the door and the stripper looked at me, with a zombie’s face, her mascara had mixed with her tears and ran down her cheeks. I recognized her and asked, “You okay, Lacey?”

“No Gunny, it’s not. I’m all used up.” She emitted a heartbroken sob and dropped her head onto the steering wheel. Her body shook with anguish as she wept.

I didn’t know what to do with a crying female. Patting her back, I said, “It’ll be okay.”

“No it won’t. Nobody cares about me,” she sniveled.

I picked up the pill bottle. It took a moment for my eye to focus, I had lost my right eye to the same IED that had crippled me. The pills were an over-the-counter sleep aid. I frowned, unsure of how many she had swallowed, I demanded, “How many of these did you take?”

She lifted her head, blinking and said, “What? Oh…none. When you tapped on the window, it scared the shit out of me. I slung them all over the fucking place.”

“Maybe, I should take you to the hospital to get checked out.”

Lacey frantically shook her head. She pleaded, “Please don’t Gunny. They’ll just put me in the psych ward. I don’t want spend Christmas in the psych ward.”

“Then why don’t you come home with me? I ain’t got nobody either.”

Pausing for a moment, she handed me a full bottle of whiskey and half-heartedly said, “Okay.”

The seal hadn’t been broken on the bottle, which gave me cause to believe she hadn’t swallowed many pills, if any, because she hadn’t been able to wash them down with the whiskey. Grabbing her large tote bag, she allowed me to help her up out of the car. She clung to my arm like it was a lifeline as we walked across the parking lot.

I unlocked my truck and opened the passenger door for her. Noticing how her ass filled out her tight yoga pants, I chided myself for ogling her body while she was under duress. I got in and drove towards the bay.

Lacey looked blankly out the window with what we called the “1,000-meter stare” in the Corps.

“Is there someone I can call for you?” I asked.

Her eyes flared like green lasers as she seethed, “I told you, nobody cares about me.”

“I do.”

“No, you don’t. You don’t even know me. You feel sorry for me, there’s a difference.”

I shrugged and she returned to staring out the window.

It was difficult to comprehend that this whimpering woman was the same redhead that had so saucily strutted her stuff on stage just a few hours ago. Tonight’s crowd had been small, as you would expect on Christmas Eve, a dozen patrons in various stages of drunkenness. On stage Lacey gyrated her way out of a sexy “Santa’s Helper” outfit. She sauntered about the stage in just a white lace bra, matching white lace panties and a white garter belt holding up white stockings. A sour sneer creased her lips as she moved her body in time to the music.

She twirled around the pole, center stage, then pranced to the far side of the stage. Her panties had invaded her sexy ass crack as her buttocks wiggled to the music. As she danced her way across the stage, my eyes feasted on her panty-clad snatch noting that her labia were clutching the frilly material creating a spellbinding camel-toe.

My cock stirred in my trousers, Lacey was one of the few strippers that could still give me a hard-on. After working behind the bar at Club Risqué, I had developed immunity to the eroticism of most strippers.

Lacey’s big breasts jiggled in her bra eagerly like racehorses ready at the starting gate. She unhooked her bra and dropped it. Her nipples arose rigidly from the center of her pinkish brown areolas. Taking a deep breath, she forced a smile then tugged at her nipples. She acknowledged someone’s wolf-whistle with a nod.

Turning around she gripped the pole. Glancing over her shoulder, she shook her ass with a “wouldn’t you just like to fuck me” smirk on her face. Slowly, she peeled her panties down her legs, revealing her pretty pink pucker and bald beaver. Turning to the crowd, such as it was, she leaned her back to the pole. Her pussy was perfectly framed between her garter belt and stockings. She slid down into a squat and briefly opened her legs giving the onlookers a gander at her gorgeous gash.

“Stop! Gunny, Stop!” shouted Lacey her voice thick with fear.

Lost in my reverie, I hadn’t noticed that a traffic light had turned red. I stomped on the brake and slid to a stop, half way into the intersection. An oncoming car veered to avoid side-swiping us. Checking for other oncoming vehicles, I hit the accelerator and cleared the intersection.

Shooting Lacey a guilty grin, I offered, “Sorry about that.”

“How can they let a one-eyed, pirate-looking, motherfucker like you drive?” she asked hostilely.

Self-consciously, I patted the eye-patch which not only coved my right eye, but much of the right side of my face, another souvenir from my last tour in Iraqi. My throat burned with emotion, I spat, “Fuck you, bitch.”

Somewhat castigated, her voice lost its edge and she apologized, “I’m sorry, Gunny. I was being a spiteful bitch. I’m sorry.”

Just so you know, outside of 20 feet, everybody sees the world as if they only had only one-eye. Which means my driving’s pretty much unchanged for when I two eyes.” Pointing to the front fender, I added, “I just had to another mirror to the right side of my truck to compensate for my blind side. And, within 20 feet I don’t have any depth perception, so I have to be careful in parking lots.”

“So you were shitty driver before you lost your eye?”

I laughed at her quip and pulled into the RV Park where I lived in a 30-foot travel trailer. I put my truck in park and said, “Home, sweet home.”

“You’re shitting me,” responded Lacey unimpressed.

Shrugging, I opened my door and got out, grabbing the whiskey bottle as I went. “Then sit here and feel sorry for yourself.”

I opened the door to my camper and my pit bull, Matador, bounded out with a gnarly bark. A wicked smile fractured my face as I watched him lift his leg and piss on my neighbor’s ugly yard gnome. I heard the truck door slam behind me.

“Your neighbor must love you,” she sarcastically said nodding at Matador, before stepping into my abode.

Cynically I replied, “Everybody does.”

Matador joined us in the camper and sat at Lacey’s feet whining for attention. When she patted his head, his gravelly growl communicated his gleeful approval.

“What kind of sick fuck cuts off a dog’s ears?” asked Lacey livid.

I stammered, “I didn’t. You know Camila?”

“Don’t tell a Mexican stripper did this,” snapped Lacey.

“Nah, she didn’t. Matador was a gladiator in the Tijuana dog fighting rings. He lost his last match, the other dog just about ripped his throat apart, that’s why his bark is so funky. The owner of the winning dog cut off Matador’s ears as some sort of trophy.”

“So how did you end up with him?”

“About a year ago, Camila’s brother brought him to the club all beat-up and bloody. He wanted her to give him money to pay a veterinarian, but she wouldn’t waste her money on a dog, she thought was already dead. He got pissed and dumped Matador at the club entrance. So I took him to the vet’s, it took a couple of blood transfusions and bunch of stiches, but he survived. Been with me ever since.”

The anger in her eyes faded to sadness as she said, “”Sorry, I guess I’ve been a stripper too long. It’s made me skeptical of my fellow man.”

“Kind of lost my faith in human nature too,” I said looking into Lacey’s sorrowful face. I scratched Matador’s head, he compulsively kicked his back leg and whined appreciation.

“Can I shower? I want to wash the filth of Club Risqué off of me.”

I showed her the trailer’s tiny bathroom and hung a clean towel on the door hook for her. While Lacey showered, I made us both hot toddies.

Heating up a kettle of water, I coated the bottom of two mugs with honey. I cut a lemon in half and squeezed the juice into the mugs, followed by two fingers of whiskey. Then I added the hot water and repeatedly dipped a teabag into each mug until the tea was thoroughly steeped.

Lacey came out of the bathroom wrapped in the towel. It barely covered her ass and I got a glimpse of her pale butt cheeks when she moved around. She wrapped her long red hair in another towel.

I handed her a mug and she took a seat at the kitchen booth. I sat across from her and raising my mug I toasted, “Merry Christmas.”

“Cheers,” she returned. Taking a sip, she added, “This really is really good, barkeep.”

“Thanks,” I said, pleased.

This was the first time I had seen Lacey without make-up. She looked older without it and harder without the soft lights of the club. Her face was marred by the irregular angle of her nose. It had been broken sometime in the recent past. Her soulful eyes were sea-green. She noticed my gaze and her eyes turned into cold stones of jade. Redirecting my attention, she asked, “Why do they call you Gunny?”

“Seventeen years in the Marine Corps,” I said pointing to the Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo on my bicep. I added, “It was my rank when I retired.”

“You fought in the war and got wounded, huh?” That’s why you limp. That’s how you lost your eye, huh?”

“Yep,” I replied. My expression flashed a gentle, but firm warning. I took a sip of toddy ending any further discussion of my combat experiences.

Lacey shrugged. She too sipped from her mug then sighed, saying, “My feet hurt, working a double shift in stilettos kills your feet.”

“I just bet it does,” I chuckled. “I don’t know how you girls can even walk in those things. Pop your foot up here, I’ll rub it for you.”

Lacey studied my face for a moment with a glint of humor. Sighing, she said, “I wondered how long it would take for you to make your move. I didn’t take you as the foot fetish type.”

“I don’t have a fetish. I know about foot pain. I was in the infantry. A mama-san in Okinawa showed me a how to literally rub the pain away.”

Her expression was wary, but she placed her foot in my lap saying, “Okay, but nothing kinky.”

I squeezed her foot with both hands near her toes and worked my way down to her heel and then back up to the toes again.

Lacey moaned mirthfully then murmured, “Oh that feels good.”

Smiling at her, I twisted her foot in opposite directions starting at her heel and working up to her toes. With her foot warmed up, I used my thumbs to deeply knead the bottom of it.

Lacey moaned and dropped her head onto her folded arms resting on the table top. With surprise resonating in her voice, she said, “You do know what you’re doing.”

“Told you,” I smirked.

Turning my attention to her toes, I found the joints where the toes bend and applied pressure while rotating her toes. After giving each toe consideration, I ran four fingers into the four interspaces between her toes and gentled stroked back and forth. Finished, I looked up from Lacey’s foot to ask for the other one and found her asleep.

Gently, I lowered her foot. I chuckled as Lacey noisily snored through her crooked nose. Somehow, I was able to scoot her across the booth without waking her. Picking her up, I hissed at Matador to get down off the couch.

With a grumbling growl, he jumped down and went under the table. I chuckled, “Don’t be a grouch, it’s Christmas, you can share your bed.”

I lay Lacey still wrapped in the towel on the sofa and covered her with a blanket. I studied her sleeping form, she was a beautiful woman built for pleasure, but life had left her as jaded as the color of her eyes. I turned off the light and went to my bedroom in the rear of the camper. I crawled into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Sometime later, I was awoken by Lacey getting into bed me. Quietly, she said, “I woke up alone. You told me I wouldn’t have to be alone.”

I rolled on my back and she snuggled her nude body up to me. Caressing my chest, she trailed her hand down my torso to find my cock. I said, “Lacey you don’t have to…”

She shushed me with a fiery kiss and slowly stroked my manhood to full hardness. Soon she had my nectar seeping from it. Giggling, she smeared my dribble around my cockhead. Teasingly, she jerked my cock with earnest endeavor.

Moaning my appreciation as she quickened her stroking, I thrust my cock into her fist. My cock pulsated with intensity, my climax was impending. Suddenly, she dropped my cock and I groaned a dissent.

Lacey threw the covers off of me. Swinging her leg over me, she straddled me as I knead her big breasts. With a gratified grunt, she slowly fed my cock into her ravenous cunt. Moaning as my cock disappeared into her soppy snatch, she impaled herself on it. Accommodating my girth, she whimpered, “Your cock feels so good inside me.”

As the moist heat of her cunt enveloped me, I purred, “Lacey your pussy feels so good.”

Sitting up, she smacked my chest with the flat of her hand and scolded through clenched teeth, “Don’t call me Lacey.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Lacey is my stage name. My name is Leslie Jean, call me Leslie Jean.”

“Okay, Leslie Jean, I’m so happy to meet you and I really like what you’re doing to me,” I said happy that coitus would continue.

Leaning down, she kissed me deeply, entwining our tongues. Breaking our kiss, she sat back up. She squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles like it was velvety vice. She knew how to pleasure a man. While my hands manipulated her breasts, she slowly rose up on cock until just the head was inside her before gliding back down it. After establishing a steady pace, she began to diddle her clit. Moving my hands down to her hips, I watched as her big breasts bounced in cadence. Approaching orgasm, she quickened her pace. She whined, “Ooooooh.”

I shifted my hands to her buttocks and with a cheek in each hand, I assisted her as pitched up and down on my cock. With sudden lustful inspiration, I savagely shoved a finger up her ass.

Leslie yelped at the unexpected intrusion. Her cunt tightened around my cock. She threw back her head and howled as the waves of pleasure surged through her.

Hissing, I joined her in orgasm. Frothy spurts of cum burst from my cock into her sweet pussy.

She collapsed on top of me and caught her breath. Rolling off of me she said, “That was incredible, Gunny.”

“Yes, it was, Leslie Jean,” I affirmed hugging her close. I drifted into a sated sleep spooning with her.

A few hours later Matador’s howling woke me. My bed was empty. Had it just been a wistful dream of copulation with a beautiful stripper? I wasn’t sure, but I did know, for the first in a long time, I hadn’t refought the war.

Matador yowled again.

I slung the bedroom door open, only to have it slam back and smack me in the face. Stunned by the blow, I stumbled naked through the doorway.

Leslie Jean was at the stove frying sausage dressed in an old gray sweatshirt of mine. Even though it was big enough to be a dress on her, I thought it never looked that good on me. She sang “Jingle Bells” at the top of her lungs, bumping and grinding her hips. When she hit a certain off-key note Matador joined in caterwauling.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Startled, Leslie Jean stopped in mid-screech then broke into a smile. “Well, Merry Christmas to you, too, you naked grump. Matador and I were singing Christmas Carols while I fix breakfast.”

“I hope you cook better than you sing.”

She had some uncooked biscuits sitting on cookie pan, ready for the oven. Picking one up, she threw it at me and said, “I cook better than I fuck.”

The dough hit my missing eye. I touched my face and realized I hadn’t put on my eye patched. Covering the scarred side of my face with my hand, I cried out, “Don’t look at me.”

“I’m so sorry,” said Leslie Jean hurrying to my side.

Turning to retreat, I barked, “Don’t look at me.”

“Gunny, wait,” demanded Leslie Jean grabbing my arm and turning me back around.

I kept the disfigured part of my face covered. With pained emotion I choked, “I don’t want you to see me like this, please, don’t look at me.”

“Shhhh,” she shushed. Gently, she pried my fingers from my face. Tenderly, her fingers traced the mangled flesh and puckered scars that lined the side of my face. Compassionately, she caressed my cheek. Empathetically, she cooed, “Your poor face.”

“Please don’t,” I whimpered.

Leslie Jean glanced down at my battered right leg. It was more scarred than my face. She inspected it for a long moment then said, “How can you even stand on that leg?”

“Standing isn’t a problem, walking is another matter,” I replied with a bogus cavalier attitude.

“They really fucked you up. Didn’t they?”

“Yeah,” I choked.

She kissed my shattered eye socket, then my scarred cheek and then my lips. She peeled the sweatshirt off, it fall to the floor. Taking my hands, she placed them on her bare breasts and said, “Your hands aren’t gentle, but they touched me last night with more tenderness than I ever known.”

I squeezed her breasts and my mouth moved over hers, devouring its softness. I forced her lips to part and thrust my tongue into her mouth. As my passion grew stronger, I roused hers.

She surrendered to the forceful domination of my lips. The kiss grew more passionate. Suddenly, she pushed against my chest breaking our kiss, leaving my mouth burning with fire. Her eyes were wide with wonder and she seemed shocked at her own eager response.

Using my hard cock like a joystick, she maneuvered me to the sofa. Lying on her back, she smiled at me as she spread her legs invitingly wide. Her eyes rested on my engorged cock. With a sensuous tone she said, “I want to look in face when you cum in my pussy.”

I pushed my cock into her pussy to the hilt with a single excited thrust. The wet walls of her cunt clutched my cock, it felt so good I thought I might pass out. I curled my toes to keep from cumming. At a snail’s pace I withdrew my cock up the velveteen length of her pussy. When the head of my cock practically fell out of her entrance, I slid it back in balls deep.

“Gunny you’re so…hard…feels so…good,” she stuttered.

I continued the slow teasing tempo until I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Then I pushed myself up on my hands and pummeled her pussy with unrestrained relish. The new position changed the angle that my pubic bone pressed against Leslie Jean’s clitoris.

Her pussy convulsed wetly around my cock in climax. Closing her eyes, she wailed in orgasmic release, “Ooh! Cumming!”

Burying my cock into her pussy, I felt Leslie Jean’s fingernails digging into my butt as she tried to pull me deeper into her. My bloated balls blasted their load into her pussy as she looked adoringly into my face. I groaned with pleasure.

Feeling the jets of cum coating her cunt, Leslie Jean cried out, “Fill my pussy, Gunny! Fill me with your cum.”

After emptying myself into Leslie Jean’s pussy, I collapsed on top of her completely spent. I wept silent tears of emotional release that dampened her neck.

Cocooned beneath my weight, she tenderly held my head against her neck and cooed soothing words of comfort. Once I finished weeping, Leslie Jean bid me to take a shower while she finished making breakfast.

The hot water and steam felt good on my stiff joints and sore muscles. For the first time in a long time I felt a measure of joy and I burst into song, gleefully ruining Christmas Carols just like Leslie Jean and Matador.

My shower complete, I quickly shaved and even slapped on some aftershave. With my eye patch firmly in place, I sat at the table in front of a plate of biscuits and gravy. I hadn’t had a home cooked meal in long while, I usually opened a can of soup and nuked it in the microwave. Chewing the gravy covered biscuit, I detected an unfamiliar taste.

Noticing my puzzled expression, Leslie Jean offered, “You didn’t have any milk so I used the cream of coconut you had in the fridge.”

“I’ve been practicing making piña coladas. Anyway, your biscuits and gravy are good, different, but good,” I said and then added with a grin, “You do cook better than you fuck and you fuck very well.”

She chuckled, “You really know how to sweet talk a girl.”

“Seriously, you’re a great cook. I can’t remember the last time I had homemade biscuits. I surprised I had the ingredients to make them.”

“You didn’t. I improvised,” she said with good-natured smugness.

“Did your mom teach you?”

“Uh-huh, back in Arkansas,” she muttered. Her eyes tear-rimmed and took on that 1,000-meter stare again. Wanting to change the subject, she asked, “You’re mom still alive?”

“Yeah, her and my dad retired to Florida a couple of years ago. I saw them at Thanksgiving. I flew to my sister’s in Ohio. They did too, it was real nice.”

“Was your dad in the military? Is that why you joined?”

“Nah, he worked on an assembly line for thirty years. I joined the Marines because I didn’t want to work in a factory. My dad did teach me to shoot though, he and my brother-in-law wanted to take me deer hunting at Thanksgiving, but I didn’t go.”

Leslie Jean put down her coffee cup and said, “No kidding, traipsing all over the woods would have had hurt your bum leg.”

“Nah, it wasn’t that, I’ve already done enough killing in my life.” Now it was my turn to change the subject, so I asked, “So how did a southern belle, like you end up in California?”

“I wanted to be a marine biologist.”

“Really? How’d that happen in Arkansas?”

Her eyes twinkled as she recalled a happier past. “My daddy took me noodling when I was a kid.”


“You know fishing for catfish with your bare hands.”

“No shit?”

“Yeah, catfish live in holes in the riverbank. So you dive in, find the hole and stick your hand in it. The catfish latches onto your hand and you pull him up.”

“Aren’t catfish a big fish?”

“Usually around 40 pounds, but the sucker that give me this,” she pointed to a scar on her hand that ran from her wrist to the first joint on her thumb, “was a 75-pounder, damn near drown me.”

“I bet.”

“Daddy had a hell of time dragging me out of the water, cause I wouldn’t let go of the fish.” Her face was painted with a proud grin.

“Or the fish wouldn’t let go of you,” I teased, grinning with her.

“Anyway, noodling got me interested in marine biology so I came out here for college.” Her smiled faded as darker memories entered her mind, but she continued, “My first year in college I fell in love with a jock and of course I ended up pregnant.”

She took a sip of orange juice to wash the bitterness from her mouth. “After my boyfriend found out I was knocked up, he left me. And, once Daddy found out I was carrying a black baby, he disowned me. I was 20-years old when the baby was born, I started stripping at Club Salacious soon after.”

A tear trickled down her cheek, “I got greedy and started freelance dancing on the side. My son was about three when I took a gig dancing at a bachelor party. I got fucked up on cocaine and woke the next morning without any panties and my pussy full of cum. I had pulled a train on a dozen guys. To add injury to insult, I ended up with a STD which led to PID and now I’m sterile. Since it had become a habit of mine to be out all night, the baby-sitter turned me into family services and I lost my son.”

She wiped away her tears and continued, “He’s better off, a lawyer and his wife adopted him. I got really strung out on cocaine and got fired. I went rehab, then started dancing at the Gas Lamp Burlesque, which paid really well and was fun. You had to come up with different costumes and routines. After I awhile, I couldn’t come up with anything new, so I started dancing at Gemma’s Gentleman’s Club. I was there for three years, then moved on to Club Risqué.”

“Gemma’s got a better class of clientele, why did you leave?”

Shrugging she replied, “Gemma put me on the day shift. You know the tips are better on the night shift.”

“But a bad day at Gemma’s is better than a good night at Club Risqué.”

“I guess I still had pride back then. Now, I can’t afford it.”

Frowning, I asked, “What do you mean?”

“About a year ago on my 32nd birthday, Lorenzo moved me to the day shift. I went to his office to protest and he said he had younger and prettier girls for the night shift. The only way he would let me work the night shift was for me to suck his cock.”

Stunned by her revelation, I asked, “You didn’t, did you?”

“No, but I wish I had. I was pissed-off and slapped him and he punched me in the face, breaking my nose.” She wiggled her crooked beak.

“That lousy motherfucker,” I spouted off incensed.

Tears cascaded down her face, but she continued, “Of course both my eyes blacken, I couldn’t work for a month with all that swelling. I looked for another job, but I have no marketable skills. The rent came due, so I went crawling back to Lorenzo and sucked his cock. I still have to work the day shift and only after I suck his cock does he allow me to work nights. He likes to humiliate me by pulling his cock out of my mouth and giving me a facial.”

“Why don’t you just quit?” I asked folding my arms across my chest.

“And do what? Work the donkey show in Tijuana?”

“No, but you ought to do something else.”

“Oh, I did, when my car broke down last summer, I didn’t have the money to fix it so I let Reggie pimp me out to a couple of his buddies. He called it making gash cash. He’s already arranged a New Year’s Eve gangbang for me.”

Rushing to judgment I pronounced, “You prostituted yourself.”

Tears streamed down her anguished face. “I should have known you wouldn’t understand. I’ll get a shower then I’ll call a cab.”

“I’m sorry,” I babbled and reached to comfort her, but she avoided my grasp. The bathroom door slammed and I winched. Matador looked at me like I was the stupidest fucker on the planet. I agreed, “Yeah, I know.”

Getting up from the table, I gimped back to the bedroom and found Leslie Jean’s purse. I searched her smartphone for a certain phone number. When I didn’t find it, I opened her wallet and found a couple of items that helped my search. I called Information in Arkansas. After a few wrong numbers, I made contact with Leslie Jean’s brother.

From him, I learned Leslie Jean’s father and mother were celebrating Christmas with him. I heard the shower stop and asked him to hang on while I got Leslie Jean. I knocked on the bathroom door.

“Go away!”

“Leslie Jean, let me in,” I called out, pounding on the door with my fist.

“Go fuck yourself, cause you’re never going to get to fuck me again.”

I slung my weight against the door, busting the lock and bursting it open.

Leslie Jean shrieked and threw a towel at me. The wet towel popped me in the face.

Frustrated, I cried out, “Leslie Jean, don’t be like this….”

“Don’t you dare call me, Leslie Jean only my friends can call me Leslie Jean. You only get to call me Lacey. Lacey, the whore stripper.”

“Damn it, your brother’s on the phone,” I said handing her my cellphone.

Blinking in disbelief, she fumbled the phone then stuck it to her ear. With a trembling voice, she said, “Hello.”

I exited the bathroom and limped back to the kitchen to clean up. I heard Leslie Jean, go into the bedroom. When I finished with the kitchen, I took Matador for a walk to the bay.

Watching a couple of sailboats glide gracefully through the water, I contemplated Leslie Jean’s revelations. I returned to the trailer not knowing what to expect, Leslie Jean might even be gone.

I found her asleep on my bed wearing my gray sweatshirt again. The pillow was damp from her tears, she had cried herself to sleep. Putting a blanket over her, I brushed errant red hair from her face, in repose she looked angelic. My heart hurt for her. Life hadn’t been very kind to either of us and I felt she was a kindred spirit.

Leaving her to rest, I returned to the kitchen to prepare supper. I had a bought a couple of steaks for Christmas dinner, one for me and the other for Matador. I was sure Matador wouldn’t mind if Leslie Jean got his steak. I grilled the steaks and nuked a couple of potatoes. I heard Leslie Jean stirring in the bedroom and shouted, “Supper’s almost ready.”

“Great,” she responded through the door.

After placing the plates of steaming food on the table, I retrieved a couple of pale ales from the fridge. When Leslie Jean made her appearance, I dropped one of the beers. It rolled across the floor, spilling its contents.

Leslie Jean was wearing an ultra-sexy black teddy. It featured a G-string back and the front strap wasn’t much thicker, barely capturing her thick labia. The sheer fabric followed every seductive curve and was thin enough to reveal her beautiful bald pussy. She stepped over Matador, who was busily lapping up the spilt liquid, wearing stripper shoes with six-inch heels. She kissed my cheek and said, “I’m famished.”

“Yeah,” I croaked an octave higher than normal, “me too.”

“Let’s eat,” she said, sitting down at the booth. She picked up her knife and fork. Her big breasts swayed beneath the translucent material captivating my attention as she cut her meat. She teasingly licked the piece speared on her fork. Putting it into her mouth, she pushed it against her cheek puffing it out like a cock would. After she swallowed, she seductively said, “That’s just how I like my meat, sweet and succulent.”

Fighting the urge to cum, I bit my lip then asked, “Leslie Jean, what’s gotten into you?”

“I’m hoping your cock does, real soon,” she taunted, stroking her beer bottle like it was cock.

Dropping my fork, I snatched her hand and kept it in mine. I said, “Seriously, what’s going on with you.”

“You gave me the nicest Christmas present ever. I haven’t called home in 13 years. I’ve been too ashamed. I even talked to my Daddy, he asked me to forgive him. Can you believe it? He even wants me come home. I know all the trouble you went through for me. I just wanted to show you my appreciation.”

“It wasn’t any trouble and I know you appreciate it. You don’t have to fuck me to show it.”

She cast her eyes down at her plate and in a hushed tone stated, “You don’t want to have sex with me because of what I told you.”

“Oh, I want to have sex with you. I just don’t want you to feel obligated to have sex with me because I did something nice for you.”

Smiling, she picked up her fork and starting eating. She looked down at Matador, after he whined, and asked, “What’s the matter boy?”

“You’re eating his steak,” I chuckled. “I bought it for him. I wasn’t expecting company.”

She cut her steak into bite-size pieces. Then she got up and walked over to Matador’s dish and scraped half the pieces into it. She patted his head and said, “Thanks for sharing your steak with me.”

I watched her bare buttocks wiggle in the G-string teddy as she walked from the table. When she bent over to scrape her plate, the view got even better. My cock hardened with surging blood.

Leslie Jean smiled as she caught my lustful gaze. She daintily sat down making sure I got nice look at her ass at it came to rest on the seat. Picking him her fork up, she winked at me and asked, “Where were we? Oh yeah, you requested polite dinner conversation instead of lewd sexual innuendo. So why are you tending bar in dump like Club Risqué?”

“I think I prefer sexual innuendo now,” I sighed then added, “My medical retirement provides enough for to live comfortably, but I needed to do something. I thought since I’ve been to so many exotic bars around the world, I could be a bartender. So I got my bartender’s certificate. Club Risqué was the only place that would hire me. Lorenzo said the customers wouldn’t notice my disfigurement since they were there to look at tits and ass on the strippers anyway.”

Leslie Jean took my hand and with emotion, she whispered, “You’re not ugly to me, Gunny. You’re the most beautiful human being I know.”

With my hand still in hers, she stood up and led me to the bedroom. She closed the door and undid the halter of her teddy and let it fall to her waist revealing her big breasts. Hooking her thumps into the material around her waist she pushed it down her legs and stepped out of it. She kicked off her shoes and said, “No slutty stripper seduction, you deserve better. Just me, if you want me. I hope you want me because I so want you.”

I pulled into her my arms and smothered her lips with unrestrained intensity. My hand found her breast and I tenderly caressed it before gently pinching her nipples. I trailed my hand down her torso until my middle finger sank deep into her simmering snatch. Pushing my palm against her clit caused her to gasp. I said, “You’re so wet.”

“I told you, I wanted you,” she replied then brought my face to hers in a fiery kiss. Suddenly, we were totally lost in the intensity of the intimacy and bonded in the moment. The building passion worked us into frenzy.

I sawed my finger in and out of her pussy with unbridled excitement. I pressed my thumb all around her clit without touching it. The skin on her neck glowed crimson as the pleasurable pressure built. With animal-like lust, her groans grew into a growl.

“Would you like to cum?” I whispered.

Wild-eyed and huffing, she nodded. Her body went rigid as I pushed my thumb against her agitated clit. She gritted her teeth as her body shook then howled in orgasmic release. Her pussy contracted around my digit. Surrendering to the pleasure of her climax, she buried her face wailing into my shoulder. It grew wet from her tears.

When she grew still, I asked, “Are you alright?”

She looked up at me glazed-eyed, unable to answer. After a long moment she recovered and smiled at me. She said, “No one has ever cared about my pleasure before. I’m just crying tears of joy.”

I wrapped my arms around her and she clung to me. I never felt so connected to another human being. At last, reluctantly, she pushed her hand against my chest parting us a few inches.

“Let me undress you. I want to pleasure you,” she murmured. Then she unbuttoned my shirt kissing my chest as she undid each button. She slid my shirt off me and it fell to the floor. Next she undid my trousers and after she pushed them down my legs, I stepped out of them.

I stood naked before her, my cock stood at attention between my legs.

She tugged on it demurely then dropped to her knees.

“No, Leslie Jean, you don’t have to suck my cock.”

She looked up at with raised eyebrows. Then with realization she said, “I’m not going to let Lorenzo rob me of the joy of giving you oral pleasure. I want to suck cock. Just enjoy it.”

Sweetly, she kissed my cockhead then licked the pre-cum drooling from it. Her eyes shifted to mine as her hand steadied my prick. Then she lovingly siphoned my bulbous head into her mouth. She never took her emerald eyes off mine.

Gasping for breath, I groaned,”Ohhhhhh.”

Her eyes glimmered with naughtiness as she licked the underside of my shaft. Gently,she gently squeezed my bloated balls. Then she engulfed both of my testicles into her mouth and sucked hard on them. She spat out my balls and licked down their seam before licking up the length of my shaft to my cockhead. Grabbing my cock again she darted her tongue into my piss slit. Now she had me standing on my tip toes.

Most of my cock disappeared into her mouth and her cheeks hollowed as she suckled. Suddenly, she gulped down my entire length. With my cock deep in her throat, her tongue was immobilized so she was unable to suck. But, I was extremely stimulated by the tightness of her throat. Since she couldn’t suck she swallowed, an action that shuddered along the entire length of my cock.

Cum exploded from my cock and splattered against her tonsils. Lightheaded from the pleasure, I hissed like a steam engine with each spurt of my lust.

After she swallowed every drop of my cum, she took my cock out her mouth and hoarsely asked, “Feel better, Lover.”

Still dizzy from the pleasure I silently nodded. I helped her up to her feet.

Leslie Jean sprawled on the bed. Pinching a nipple with one hand, she leisurely ran a finger from her other hand between the folds of her labia. She cooed, “I’m so wet, Lover. I want your cock so bad.”

I picked her leg up by the ankle and kissed it then her knee. Slowly, I worked my way up her succulent thigh to her splayed pussy. Its fragrance beckoned me to indulge. I let her excitement build as I lightly caressed my lips over her slit. When she bucked her hips upward, I finally put my lips right on her slit and kissed it gently then harder. As she moaned her pleasure, I broached her pussy with my tongue. Tentatively, my tongue fucked her with gentle little stabs.

She moaned her pleasure, tangling her fingers in my hair and dragging my face down into her pussy. Her clit wanted some attention and it stiffly peaked from its sheath. Bringing my tongue to the top of her slit, I located it then I licked it hard. She hooted, “Oh yeah!

Purposely, I slid two fingers as far as they would go into her saturated snatch. I teased her methodically until at last my fingers make contact with her G-spot.

“That’s the place,” she rasped squirming on my hand. Speeding my fingers in and out of her cunt with forceful exuberance, I repeatedly tapped her G-spot. She huffed, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

I exposed her clit and forcefully flicked my tongue against it as she thrashed her legs against my head. Sensing her approaching orgasm, I pursed my lips and insistently sucked her clit. Somehow, I kept my mouth on her clit as she lifted her butt off the mattress and bucked her pelvis wildly. In fact, I even sucked harder on it.

“That…that’s…that’s it,” she stammered.

I softly bit her clit and savagely shoved my two of saturated fingers up her ass. The muscles of her anus contracted around my fingers as her orgasm rippled through her body.

“Cum, pussy cum,” she cried out with her body supinated in the crab posture. With her orgasm spent she collapsed on the bed panting. After a moment of silence she said, “No one has ever eaten my pussy like that?”

With adoration I kissed her thigh then crawled up between her legs. My cock was hard and seeking relief, she spread her legs wider to receive me.

She watched fascinated as the blunt head of my cock penetrated her pussy. She blinked as I steadily sank my full length into her balls deep. Her pussy muscles clutched my cock with a velvety embrace.

Overwhelmed by desire I frantically plunged my cock in and out of her hot box like a lunatic.

The confined bedroom echoed with the flesh-on-flesh smacks of our ardent passion as Leslie Jean eagerly bucked her pelvis up to meet my forceful thrusts. Enthusiastically, she encouraged, “That’s it, Lover, pound my pussy.”

Kylee Nash strutted confidently across the floor of the strip club. She had been having a great night dancing for a lot of men, making tons of cash and having a lot of fun. The club was packed and every guy there had his eyes on her. The blonde sex goddess was wearing a tiny purple club dress from one of her photo shoots that just hung loosely off her huge fake boobs, showing off tons of cleavage as well as her legs up to almost her pussy. Under the dress she had on no bra and just a tiny purple thong. She had on a lot of bracelets and bangles, and work a gold heart necklace that dangled enticingly right between her breasts. She also had on big gold ghetto hoop earrings and was wearing super high platform heels. With every step her big tits bounced and every guy she passed stared at her openly, practically drooling.

She had just gotten out of the VIP room with a wealthy lawyer who was a huge fan of her movies. Despite her best attempts to not get him too worked up, he cummed in his pants after just a few songs of her grinding him and putting her boobs in his face. He gave her a huge tip though, so she was still very happy. Looking around the club, she sized up the customers looking for the next big spender to approach. As she walked through the crowd, she noticed a table filled with young, muscular black guys in basketball jerseys motioning her over.

“Hey boys, I’m Kylee. How’s it going tonight?” she asked them, smiling and putting her hands on the shoulders of two of them. There were some whistles and exclamations of “Damn!” as they stared at her hot body. Black men loved her and she always sold a lot of dances to them. She wasn’t racist or anything but sometimes she was a little reluctant to approach them even though she made a lot of money off them. Sometimes they got too pushy. She really pushed the limits in her dances but they always wanted more and she didn’t date black guys and hated to dance for them for that reason.

“We’re in here celebrating winning our big game” the leader of them said. “We’re on the ball team at the local university, and we just won the championship!” The group of guys cheered.

“Well congrats, boys! That’s wonderful! So would you like me to be your personal cheerleader tonight?”

“Only if you’ll do the nasty shit that other cheerleaders won’t!” one of them called out which caused them all to laugh. They looked like they had a lot to spend but once again it looked like they might be tough to deal with. Still though, she was on a roll tonight so she totally went for it anyways.

Kylee came over behind him where he was sitting and rubbed her hands down his chest, causing her big tits to wrap around his head from behind. “Honey, you know I can be as nasty as you need…” she sexily said as she caressed his muscular chest. The guys hooted and hollered with approval. “So who is the star player that needs his reward?” she exclaimed.

Everyone began to murmur and point at the biggest guy there. He was a huge black guy with a shaved head and looked to be very young, only maybe 19 or 20. Instead of being more skinny and tall like a lot of them, he was built more like a football player or a bodybuilder than a basketball player. He was very tall, but also had huge muscles. Kylee was really surprised because she thought he was really good looking even though she wasn’t into black guys and was way younger than her.

She sat down in his lap and put her arms around him, pushing her big tits against his chest. He put an arm around her waist and held her firmly in place.

“Hey girl, my name is Dante, but you can call me Big D” he said with a cocky smile.

“Big D huh? I hope that stands for more than just your name, Dante” Kylee said back with some flirtatious sarcasm. The group of guys laughed.

“Hell yeah baby, you know it. How bout we go back into VIP and I show you how I got my nickname? It ain’t because of how tall and muscular I am.”

Kylee laughed. “Okay honey, let’s go! You boys don’t wait up for us, sounds like I might have to keep Big D back there for awhile!”

The guys cheered as she got up and took Big D by the hand, leading him toward the VIP. As they walked away, one of the others shouted to her, “I hope you know what you got yourself into!” and the group started laughing even harder.

Kylee led Big D back into the plush VIP room. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him checking a huge wad of bills in his pocket, and knew she was in for a very profitable time. As they approached the bouncer she tipped him $50 and whispered to him to make sure not to pay too much attention to them. He nodded and led them back to the most private of the private dance areas. All of the VIP lounge had walls between the cushioned couches, and the bouncer led her back to the one that was around a small corner and totally out of the way. Unless you actually walked into the booth area you couldn’t see what was going on, and she made sure to tip the bouncer whenever she had a customer she thought would pay big for a little extra attention.

Kylee never went too far, but she would let guys really bury their faces and squeeze, grope, and fondle her big tits while she stroked them through their pants. She had made a lot of money making many wealthy men cum in their pants without ever having to actually take a dick out in VIP, and had a large number of regular customers that came by all the time to get off with a little help from her.

Big D was wearing basketball shorts though, and she usually was a little more hands off through the very thin fabric. Still, with his large muscles and fit body he was a lot better looking than most of the pudgy businessmen she had to pretend to be into all night long. She was very surprised how attracted she was to the decade younger black man. Maybe she would have a little bit of fun and go all out with him anyway, despite the thin shorts, she thought to herself…

He sat down on the couch and she smiled and began to run her hands up and down his body as she danced in front of him. He happily leaned back and indulged in the feeling of her manicured nails scratching over his large muscles, over his nipples, down his stomach. The jersey he wore twisted as she caressed him, letting her fingertips sometimes rub over his bare skin. He let out a deep murmur of appreciation as she continued to feel his body.

Kylee couldn’t believe how ripped this guy was and how hard his muscles were. It was like someone had carved a statue out of pure black onyx. She continued to work her hands down his body, leaning in close to his face and letting her hair fall forward and tickle his face, only an inch or two between their lips. She gave him a seductive smile and began to work her way down his body, rubbing and massaging him as she slowly fell to her knees before him. Rubbing her face down his chest and taut stomach, she start to give him a few small kisses, nibbles, and licks as she breathed in his manly smell.

As her hands worked their way down his thighs, gliding over the silky material of his shorts, she got more daring and began to move them inward across his thighs. She began to push them apart to get better situated in between them when she suddenly became confused by something in his shorts near his knee. Pushing against it again, Kylee realized with absolute shock that it was the head of his cock.

Big D looked down at her with a big grin. “I told ya they call me Big D for a reason, girl. You like it?”

Kylee was stunned. She had always been a size queen, only sleeping with well hung guys, but this was unreal. It had to have been dangling down almost a ten inches from his crotch, and was thicker around as the biggest dicks she had ever enjoyed despite it not even being hard yet. Fascinated, she stared openly at the outline of it. Even in the dim club lighting she could make out the form of his huge cock, the prominent head bulging out making an obvious outline.

“Oh my god, I had no idea… I mean, holy shit… It’s just so fucking big!”

“It ain’t even hard yet! You curious? Why don’t you give it a little stroke? Get that shit nice and hard and see how big it gets?”

Kylee bit her lip and looked back and forth between his face and that fat fuck log running down his leg. She was enthralled by it and wanted to badly to see how big it could get but she was a little worried too. She pushed the limits in her sexy, heavy contact dances, but never crossed a line. Faced with the most enormous cock she had ever seen she wasn’t so sure she could keep herself under control. Still, though, it looked so amazing. Kylee told herself that she wouldn’t go too far, she’d just do a normal very high contact dance for him and get him hard so she could check it out and that’d be it. She managed out a breathy, uncertain “Okay, but I won’t go too far.” Before she even finished the sentence though, she started to trace the tips of her fingers up and down the length of D’s huge cock.

Big D started to really get into it now and kept letting out low moans. Kylee just teased at first, just barely touching, but could see it begin to swell and grow. She stroked her fingers up and down and felt it twitch a few times as it grew, the length and girth seeming more and more unreal with every passing second. She was almost hypnotized by the growing python in his shorts, and before she knew it she had began to really grab at it and stroke his cock with her hand instead of just lightly touching it with her fingers. It felt alive between her fingers, and it twitched and throbbed and seemed to have a life of its own. Kylee felt like she might never be able to drag herself away from stroking him, but D broke her fascination by grabbing her in his muscular hands and pull her back up to her feet.

“Come on baby, grind my dick a little now. I want those big ass titties in my face and your pussy rubbing all over my cock.” He pulled her forward and slipped a hand into her purple dress, squeezing one of her big fake tits. She let out a surprised little moan of pleasure as his huge hands roughly massaged her boob and his thumb and finger between to tweak her nipple. Her nipples were super hard and his twisting them between his fingers caused waves of pleasure to explode down Kylee’s body. She had never been so turned on by a customer playing with her tits before.

Grabbing his dick through his shorts, she began to reposition it in his pants so that it sat straight up in his lap, tenting up toward his stomach rather than running down a leg. As she tried to wrap her sexy hand around it, she realized it was so huge that she couldn’t make her fingers touch. She gave it a few tugs as she moved it, hesitating once it was in the fully upright position to give an extra three or four strokes, jacking him off through his shorts. She turned around now, and his hands wrapped around her body from behind, still slipping into her purple dress and cupping her tits with both hands now. Kylee lowered her ass onto the enormous bulge of his erect cock and began to rub up and down on him as he massaged her tits and twisted and tugged on her nipples.

Big D started to groan more loudly now, and began thrusting up to meet her gyrations. His massive dick slipped up and down between her ass cheeks as the gorgeous big tit stripper and actress passionately humped him back.

“What has gotten into me!?” Kylee wondered to herself, shocked at how aroused she was by the young hung and muscular black thug. “I almost never get so turned during dances, but I’m dripping wet. He’s just so fucking hung, I can’t even think straight I’m so turned on by his cock…”

Switching positions again after a few more minutes, Kylee stripped off the dress, leaving her only in her thong and platforms. She straddled him face to face now. Continuing to grind hard on him, she now began to moan a little in pleasure herself as she rubbed her pussy all over the gigantic bulge in his shorts. Big D kept squeezing and cupping her breasts, but now he leaned in and buried his face in them. After a few more minutes, he latched his mouth onto one of her nipples and began to suck and nibble on it.

As soon as his mouth started to explore her nipple, she got even more turned on than before. His playing with her tits was driving her just wild now, especially with the way he sucked on them as she grinded her sensitive pussy on him.

“Oh god, this feels amazing. You’re just so fucking big! It’s unreal!”

“Mmm. You love that black dick, dontcha girl? Love a fat nigga dick rubbing up on yo’ creamy little pusy?”

Kylee leaned in and began to kiss his neck and giggled into his ear. “I honestly never go this far, but then again I’ve never seen a guy with equipment like yours. I think you’re definitely the biggest customer I’ve ever had. It’s really hot! Listen, I can’t fuck you. I won’t go that far. But believe me you’re going to get the best lap dance of your fucking life!” She struggled for the breath to make the words coming from her mouth as she continued to grind, finding it hard to concentrate. His cock was unbelievably hard and she could feel it twitching and throbbing against her clit as she grinded harder and harder on him.

Big D laughed. “What can I say, girl? You’re built for nigga dick. My huge dick matches your huge tits, and every big fake tittied blonde white girl that’s ever seen it just goes wild for that shit.” With that he grabbed her ass and shoved her against his dick extremely hard as he thrusted up. His rock hard shaft rubbed directly against her clit, separated only by the tiniest bit of silken material. Kylee’s pleasure suddenly began to overwhelm her, and she bucked in his lap, caught totally by the surprise by the huge orgasm she suddenly experienced as a result of their grinding. He bit her nipple between his teeth and tugged on it as she came all over him and he kept thrusting hard up against her.

Collapsing forward onto him, she started laughing while panting, catching her breath. “Holy shit! Did that seriously just fucking happen? No guy has ever made cum before in the club, and you did it through my panties. I am just so turned on by your huge dick, it’s unreal!”

Big D just laughed. “Well how bout you return the favor, huh? Get back down on your knees and start working it…” He pushed her downwards and fell back to her knees, her face in his crotch. His massive cock made a foot tall tent of his basketball shorts, and she started to rub her boobs all over it, titfucking him through his shorts. He roughly tugged on and stroked her nipples as she squeezed her big breast implants around his dick, jerking him off with her tits. He started thrusting up to meet her strokes with more and more excitement, until the head of his cock began bumping her right in the chin. She could feel the basketball shorts were wet from precum from his cock as she kept stroking him off with her boobs.

Totally turned on by the huge dick right in her face, Kylee leaned her head down and started to kiss the head of his cock through his shorts. She started working it with her mouth, sucking on it through the silky fabric. In a lustful daze, she started snaking one of her hands up his short leg holes. She just had to feel that monster cock in her hands to believe it was real. Her hand explored up inside his shorts, running her long nails up his muscular thighs, until she reached his plump balls. They felt huge too, like a couple of heavy plums, and she started to massage his sack causing him to moan even more. He was thrusting up now, and his massive cock head could barely fit in her mouth but he was forcing it in anyway. She was basically giving him a blowjob now except through his shorts, as she sucked on the head of his huge dick.

Her hand finally left his balls and started to explore upwards. She discovered the base of his incredibly thick shaft, which was so hard it almost felt like it was muscular like the rest of his body. She couldn’t even close her fingers around it, but tried her best to. His entire cock was slippery now, between his own precum and her saliva wetting his shorts and running down his dick. She started to use the lubrication to work her fist up it, stroking it up and down as she continued to suck the head.

“Come on girl, stop teasing me… Just take it out and fucking suck it already!”

Kylee stopped for a second or two, confused, almost just realizing now what she had been doing. She had never meant to go this far, but felt almost dreamlike. “I’ve already gone so far with him… Fuck it. Why stop now? I want this.” Resolving to give in to her desire, Kylee relented to Big D’s commands. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, finally freeing his monster cock. It stood straight up, an uncircumsized big black cock, massive and throbbing and oozing precum. The enormous head poked out from the tight foreskin, and Kylee looked at it in complete awe and lust.

“How… How big is it?” she asked in wonder.

“Exactly a foot long, and about seven inches around!” he said smugly.

Kylee wrapped both hands around it and started to tug on it, watching it sway and pulse as she stroked him off. As she stroked, the foreskin retreated down, revealing more of the engorged head. She could see a little cum ooze out of the slit every time she felt it throb in her hands. Taking a deep breath, she took the plunge and leaned forward, putting the massive cock in her mouth.

It tasted so good, so manly. It filled up her mouth to capacity, stretching her plump collagen filled lips to fit around the enormous cock. She started to suck and slurp, moving her head up and down as she stroked him with both hands at the same time. He groaned and put a hand on the back of her head, forcing her down further. Relaxing her neck muscles, she suppressed her gag reflex and let the huge dick start working its way down her throat as she held her breath. Her eyes watered and she started to feel light headed from the lack of air as he began to moan more loudly, and started shoving more of his cock in. She was glad the music was so loud and she had paid off the bouncer for a good private spot or someone would have heard him for sure. Finally she gagged and gasped and let it slide out so she could catch her breath, and he let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Holy shit, you really know how to suck a nigga’s dick!”

Kylee looked up at him and laughed, her makeup running a little from her watery eyes. “I’ve had a lot of practice, but I’ve never had a challenge quite like this before!”

“Well don’t stop now girl!” he said with a laugh, and she put the big fat cock back in her mouth, happily suck and slurping away at it. This dick was the reason she got her lips injected with collagen, to be the perfect cock sucker for a massive piece of meat like this. She continued to alternate between deep throating him and sucking the head as she stroked with her hands, until he began to groan with pleasure and she felt his cock starting to spasming. Forcing it back deep down, she felt it suddenly explode as it jerked, blowing a huge load of cum down into her throat. It felt like it would never stop as it pumped out spurt after spurt of jizz, and she happily swallowed the whole load as Dante gasped in pleasure, his eyes rolling in his head as he shuddered in ecstasy from her expert head.

With a gasp she withdrew and after catching her breath hopped into his lap, his huge dick sagging and coated in her saliva and his cum. Sitting in his lap, the gorgeous stripper kissed him deeply as he continued to squeeze her big fake tits. She wrapped one hand as best she could around the incredibly thick cock, her fingers not meeting, and happily stroked him. The next thing she knew he was pulling aside her panties with his rough fingers, and he whispered in her ear “Let me return the favor.”

Kylee felt his thick, strong fingers start to push their way into her pussy. She was utterly drenched already so they met no resistance, and she just began to kiss him more passionately as he started to finger her, teasing her clit and finger fucking with one hand while he twisted her hard nipple with the other. Meanwhile she stroked his dick, and was amazed that it started to immediately get hard again. She gyrated her hips, pushing against his fingers, feeling her pussy pulse as he rubbed her g-spot. She felt amazing as his extremely strong fingers worked her pussy, but before she could cum he stopped.

The Red Lounge had always been a popular hangout for the men of Zenith. Thousands of horny males filled to the brim with testosterone trekked to the outskirts of the city to watch and enjoy females strutting their stuff on stage, swinging on poles or pleasuring them in some way at their seats. The back of the place had a couple VIP rooms where, for a bunch of extra money, the men could expel all of their pent up stress with a lady of their choice.

Jane was one of those ladies. She wasn’t particularly attractive though. Most men went for the women with the huge breasts. Her friend Stacy, for example, had triple Ds. She pulled in thousands of dollars a night. Jane, however, was lucky enough to get a hundred for a few lap-dances.

All that changed when she ended up with Randy.

Randy was as sleazy as they came. That’s saying a lot considering the fact that Zenith was a prime city to find sleazy men. If the title existed, Randy would be king of the sleaze-balls.

The man dressed in the most outrageous pimp style ever – large leopard print hats, a purple jacket along with the most annoyingly pink undershirt. Around his neck hanging against his hairy chest was a gold medallion with the words SEX GOD on it.

Randy walked through the lounge perusing the “stock” as he liked to call it. He stroked his chin looking for the finest piece of woman he could find. Disappointingly most of the women were already busy with their own customers. The only one not giving a lap-dance or swinging on a pole was Jane.

“Ick,” he thought aloud, “The scrawny one is the only one left?” Randy shrugged his shoulders. “It’ll have to do.”

The man in the loud clothes strutted himself over to the bar where Jane sat lazily sipping a martini. He ran his hands through his slicked back hair and gave her an arrogant smirk.

“Hey there,” he said.” what do you say we go get a VIP room so you can show me what you got?”

Jane looked at him with disgust. She knew all too well who Randy was. She also knew that the only reason he was there was because the others were taken.

Randy reached into his pocket and pulled out a huge stack of cash.

“This,” he said, “is all yours if you go along with it.”

Jane’s eyes widened. There had to be almost ten thousand dollars there. She gulped her drink down and stood up.

Jane led the disgusting man down the hall into one of the bigger suites. The middle of the room had a large king sized bed covered with a delicate silk comforter. Plush pillows decorated the head of the bed.

Randy plopped onto the edge of the bed while Jane stood in front of him. She wiggled her hips rhythmically as she lifted her arms up giving the man an evil smile.

“I want you,” Jane told him. She tried to hide a sickened face under her seduction. “I want to do so many naughty things to you.”

Jane moved closer to the man running her hands down the front of her body between her cleavage across her stomach and into her pants. She twiddled her clitoris a few times before pulling her hands out and unbuttoning them. As she moved her hips back and forth she slowly pulled them down.

Jane looked up at Randy feigning a smile as she unhooked the A-cup bra she had on.

“I hope you like what you see,” she said displaying her tiny yet perky breasts.

Randy just looked at the flat chested woman and silently scoffed. His penis, on the other hand, was already at attention.

The final piece of clothing Jane took off as she continued her way between Randy’s legs were her underwear. She wiggled out of those and bent over giving the man a view of her perfectly shaped labia.

Randy’s eyes widened at the site of such a beautiful vagina. He had never seen anything like it before. Everything was proportional and symmetric. He wondered how anything like this could be hanging from such a plain looking scrawny thing like this woman. He also knew he needed to conquer this thing.

Jane danced over Randy’s lap massaging his body with her own. She placed her hands over his cheek and moved them to the back of his neck as she rhythmically bumped and ground against his aching member.

Jane sensed it was time so she unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down. Then she pulled them and his underwear down a little bit. His penis popped out in front of her face. A little bit of pre-come splattered onto her cheek.

Jane licked the pre-come off of his penis.

“Mmmm,” she said.

Jane placed her lips around the shaft of the man’s member then she slowly moved up and down along the fleshy organ. Jane rubbed and massaged the phallus skillfully. Randy smiled and lay back onto the bed. His excitement building into the plateau.

Since Jane had done this kind of thing before, she knew when it was time to release him.

Before she could release him, Randy grabbed the back of Jane’s head and pushed her down over his member.

“You will eat all of my come,” he demanded. “I paid good money for you.”

Jane tried to break free mumbling in protest but he was too strong. It was too late. His penis spasmed inside of her. The man smiled letting his musky, slimy, salty gunk enter her mouth.

“Now swallow it,” Randy demanded.

Jane reluctantly complied. The slimy goop slid down her throat like some kind of alien slug beast.

The minute his sperm entered her stomach Jane felt something deep inside. A slight nausea slowly radiated out of her stomach and moved down her body tingling the tip of her clitoris. She felt the urge to dive deep within her.

Jane fell back onto the floor and placed her hand over her vagina. She rubbed hard poking and prodding and moving her hads along her fleshy folds. She couldn’t stop masturbating.

Randy, thinking it was some kind of act just smiled and watched. Orgasms ripped through every fiber of her being. they came at shorter and shorter intervals increasing in intensity. She moaned and arched her back as they came. Ejaculate flowed out of her onto the floor.

Randy watched as something inside of her pushed up against the skin on her chest. It tightened as two mounds surrounded her tiny breasts stretching her flesh until it tore open. Two big orbs of boob-flesh popped out of her chest with her last orgasm. She fell back as her body relaxed.

The man got up from the bed and went over to her. He looked to see if she was alright. Jane’s eyes jerked open as soon as he touched her.

Jane sat up and stared at Randy. This time a genuinely seductive smile crossed her face. She slowly slid out of her old skin completely covered in a strange lubricating slime. It smelled sweet and unearthly with a slight musky highlight.

The newly transformed woman’s body glistened in the dim red light of the room. Her perky double Ds swung and bobbled with every step she took. Something about her made Randy uneasy. He backed away.

“What’s the matter Randy boy?” Jane said, taunting him, “Don’t you like what you see? I thought you liked big breasts on a woman.”

Jane came at the man pinning him against the door. Her now silky platinum blonde hair tickled his chest.

“You can’t escape me,” she said. She sensed his already erect penis. “I know you want me. Your body has been sending me signals.”

Randy tried to push Jane off but she was too strong. The woman grabbed the man’s member and slowly guided into her. Jane moved up and down along his body rubbing his chest and shoulders sensuously.

“Just relax Randy boy,” the woman said. “Janie’s going to take good care of you.”

Jane pressed her now full, juicy lips against his and forced her tongue into him. When she let go she slowly moved up and down along the man’s shaft slowly getting faster and faster.

“Oh yes,” Jane said. “You’re going to love what I have in store for you.”

with every thrust of her body she could feel herself continuing to change. Randy’s sperm shot out into her and her vagina seemed to hungrily take it all in. After a while of milking the man she could feel the start of a new orgasm. It built and built through the plateau stage and finally exploded.

Jane threw her head back letting out this loud unearthly screech as the man screamed in pain. Then he slowly fell into unconsciousness and finally death.

When Jane released her victim he fell to the floor lifeless and castrated. Not a drop of blood poured out of the cooling corpse. She smiled at her handiwork.

It was May during her senior year. It wasn’t fair that Sophie was still in high school. It wasn’t fair because she had turned 19 in August and was a year older than most of the other seniors. It wasn’t fair because she had had to move around so much and was held back because of it. It wasn’t fair that she was one of the brightest girls in her class and had little to no chance of affording college. But most of all it wasn’t fair to the male teachers or even the 18 year old guys in the class to have to try to deal with Sophie.

Sophie was, in a word, perfect. She was about 5’6″ and had a body that could be in Playboy and need no airbrushing. To top it off, she had long, flowing auburn hair that easily distinguished her from the sea of blondes and brunettes in the school.

But her looks, stunning as they were, weren’t what made her so, oh, dangerous is a good word. No, it was her extremely mature knowledge of sexuality and her great awareness of the affects she had on most men. Sophie, in addition to being brilliant, had learned valuable real world lessons from her single mother. Some of these lessons had been taught, but most had been simply observed.

Sophie’s mother worked as a dancer in strip clubs in order to support the family, and Sophie, from a fairly young age, had watched her mother, as well as the other strippers, flirt, tease and fake affection to get things they wanted and needed from men. A few observations were ingrained in her mind. Sophie knew that the more desperate a man was, the more he would do for you, and she knew exactly how to identify a guy’s weakness and exploit it. In short, she was years ahead of where most of her classmates were when it came to sex. She could find and use a guy’s fetish often before he even knew he had one; hell, at this age some of the guys didn’t even know what the word “fetish” meant. Once discovered, she would tease mercilessly, usually just for fun (or practice as she told herself.)

It helped, more than a little bit, that Sophie was attending a pretty strict and conservative Southern Baptist high school. Most of the people there had been in this extremely sheltered environment for years. Many of the faculty members had never taught anywhere else, and most of the students had been in this school since kindergarten. Sex was barely discussed, and the school had only begun to allow dances in the past few years. Additionally, there was a strict dress code that attempted to prevent anything from being too revealing or distracting. To say that sexual repression ran rampant in this place would have been a tremendous understatement.

Sophie had not really wanted to attend this school; however it did have an excellent academic reputation, and her mother had somehow gotten her accepted and even managed to arrange some kind of scholarship or financial aid to waive the tuition. Not wanting to disappoint her mother, Sophie had gone without a fight and earned nearly straight A’s. She knew that she didn’t want to end up in the types of jobs that her mother had, and she knew that she would need exceptional grades and some good teachers’ recommendation letters to have a chance at college.

Her only real challenge had been calculus, a course she was currently taking. She had solved her calculus problem a couple of months earlier, just before fall final exams, by making an appointment to see her teacher, Mr. Calhoun, after hours, supposedly to ask for extra credit. This was extremely plausible as she was barely maintaining a “C” average. Though the school dress code was pretty rigid; she had learned a few tricks: a blouse can always get by with a button or two more undone than really should be; skirts can be shortened by being rolled at the waste, thus exposing more of her thigh, and that a dangling sandal while in class will distract more than a few men. During class and by using these moves, she had observed that Mr. Calhoun had a foot fetish; she was confident that this was her ticket to an “A.”

She entered his office around 4:30, late enough that the campus was nearly empty, and cheerfully sat across from his desk, yet back far enough that he had a full view of her. And what a view he had! She was in a tight, red sweater that was tastefully buttoned up appropriately, a black leather miniskirt with black stockings and black heels.

“I hope you don’t mind, sir, that I came in casual clothes; it is after hours, and I might go out later so I thought that I’d save time and change,” she opened with.

“Well, it isn’t expressly against the rules so it should be fine.” He replied. “Now what can I help you with?”

Sophie noticed that he was admiring her, but not so much as to become distracted. She had to get him off balance but in a skillful, measured way.

If she moved too quickly, he could call her on it, end the meeting and maybe even report her to the administration. He needed to be eased into her trap so that when he realized what had happened it was far too late. Her plan had been to dangle her shoe at this point, but she decided that a move like that could come off as obvious. He was a good-looking guy after all and had probably had other, less experienced girls attempt to flirt with him.

“I just feel lost, sir, I normally make A’s, and in your class I struggle for C’s. In class I don’t understand what we’re doing.” She answered. “Maybe you could explain some of the problems we did in class today.”

“Sure, Sophie, come over to my desk and we’ll work on some.” He stated.

Rather than sit across the desk from him where she would have been viewing the problems upside down, she moved the chair around the desk and sat beside him. As he realized what she was doing, he almost said something, but as he watched her, he observed that she seemed to be intently looking at the calculus book on the desk so he just pulled out some paper and began copying down and working a problem.

As he worked the problem, Sophie feigned interest in it while easing herself as near to him as she could get, careful not to actually touch him, as that could give her away. She was wearing her favorite perfume, Obsession, and while it wasn’t enough to be overbearing, she knew that if she patiently remained close to him like this, it would slowly begin to intoxicate him.

After a couple of problems, he asked her if she understood, and she replied that she wasn’t sure and asked if he could do a couple more. As he began working, she silently (and out of his site) slipped her feet out of her heels and leaned more in. A quick glance into his crotch let her know that he was finally feeling the effects of having her in this close proximity, but as she studied his face, she realized that he was intently focused on the calculus problem and might not even have noticed that he was becoming turned on yet.

When he finished, he sat back a little from the desk as Sophie said, “I think I get now. Thank you so much, sir.”

“No problem, Sophie, I’m glad to help. Is there anything else I can help you with?” He answered as Sophie noticed that he finally was focused on her legs. There was no eye contact during his last statement.

“Well, I do have a question, but it relates to another class and you probably can’t help me.” As her words stated that he couldn’t help her, she stood up, as though to leave, but his eyes met hers as if he was begging her not to go.

“Sophie, please; I’m not just a math teacher; what’s your question?” he said.

“Ok, uh, it’s actually in Girls’ Health class, is that Ok?” She asked as though this was a question, but as she sat down and slowly crossed her legs giving him a full view of her feet and stockings, she guessed correctly that he was powerless to say “No.”

“Sure, Sophie, I am 40 after all; I know a thing or two.” He answered.

“Wow, 40, that’s great; I’m only 19.” Sophie began her answer so that he would learn that she was of legal age, and as she did, she also began slowly moving her one dangling foot in a circular pattern. This foot was literally inches away from him. “We are talking in class about always dressing modestly, and I just don’t understand certain things.”

His eyes were intently following the slow, hypnotic motions of her foot as he managed to ask what types of things.

Unbeknownst to him, she gently undid the top two buttons of her sweater while he was watching her feet.

She then answered, “Well, look at sweater for instance.”

As he looked up, it appeared to be a normal sweater.

Sophie continued, “Why is this ok, but this is not?”

As she said this she let the sweater fall open revealing some cleavage. “It’s just skin, right?’

“Certainly Sophie, but that can have the affect of arousing a male.” He was answering professionally while doing nothing to stop her show from continuing.

Sophie was certain that he had passed the tipping point and was hers.

“But that’s what I don’t get,” she said, “Why does just a little skin create such big problems?” While speaking, she had pulled her sweater back together and then let it fall back open again. This time, though, she had secretly allowed a third button to unhook so that the view was magnificent.

“Sophie, I don’t know.” He stammered. He was lost; he was completely in a situation that he didn’t know how to get out of. “It just does.”

“Really,” she replied. “Even for someone like you? Not just boys my age? Just this little view does that? It’s not really showing anything though.”

She was slowing tracing her cleavage with a finger as she said this, in essence guiding his eyes across her chest.

When Mr. Calhoun didn’t reply, she knew that she had won. She continued her tracing while easing her foot into his leg where it began slowly rubbing up and down.

“Sophie,” he stammered.

“Yes,” she eagerly replied, using his word as an excuse to move her face to within inches of his.

“We can’t,” he managed to get out.

“Shhhhh,” she whispered as she put a finger to his lips. “We can.”

After tracing his lips with her finger, she moved her lips to his and gave the lightest, gentlest kiss imaginable as her lips feathered across his.

During the kiss, she allowed her hand to drop to his crotch, and she began slowly stroking his cock through his pants.

As she was allowing her tongue to enter his mouth, he pulled back his head.

“We just can’t; I’m your teacher; I’m married, and I’ll get fired.” He looked at her almost pleadingly.

Sophie continued to stroke while smiling at him. She thought she sensed a brief moment of panic in him and knew that that was when he had actually noticed what was happening to his cock. He had been so focused on the kiss that he had not even noticed when she had started that.

“Listen, sir, I want this; you want this; no one will ever know,” she replied while continuing her strokes; she even (unknowingly to him) pulled his zipper down during one of the strokes while talking.

“But, if you really do want to stop, and I mean really, really want to stop; you just say it one more time, and I will. Ok?”

“Sophie.” He softly spoke.

“Hmmm, baby, do you have something to say?” she teasingly asked while freeing his cock through his unzipped pants.

“Please,” he said.

“Please what, sir?” she said as her fingers sensually stroked the naked underside of his cock.

“Sophie,” he managed to say while practically pleading with his eyes at her.

She now teasingly licked her fingers and then her palm and proceeded to wrap it, now moist and lubricated around his shaft.

“Mr. Calhoun, baby, I told you; just say ‘stop’ and we’re done,” she told him again.

As he desperately looked at her, she gently sped up her strokes and whispered, “I didn’t think so.”

He closed his eyes for a moment and relaxed, and Sophie used that time to quickly unbutton her sweater the rest of the way with her free hand. When he reopened his eyes, Sophie was there, and she began another gentle kiss, the most pleasurable sensation that he had ever experienced.

He started spurting as Sophie coaxed him on, “Oh yes, baby! Does it feel good? Cum for me baby! All you can, yes, yes, yes!”

As she was milking him, she had maneuvered both her sweater and his cock so that he shot all over the sweater. He, of course, was oblivious, not that he was concerned at all about where he was shooting.

When he was done, Sophie pulled away from his face and smiled. She pulled off her sweater completely, as his eyes took in the best thing he’d ever seen- perfect tits, abs that were breathtaking and the total vision of her was just amazing.

“Let me clean this up for you, honey; you made quite a mess,” she giggled. She used her sweater to absorb every bit of cum she could find, then tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped him back up. She then walked around his desk to her book pack and pulled out another sweater and what looked like a plastic bag, then she then put the new sweater on.

Mr. Calhoun finally began to speak, “Sophie,” he began.

But she cut him off, “No, no, baby, you don’t need to say anything.” She continued talking while sealing her, now dripping wet, sweater into the large zip lock bag and placing it into her book pack.

She moved over near the office door and stated, matter of factly, “Mr. Calhoun, I will still attend your calculus classes occasionally; I will, more often than not, though usually just hang out in the computer lab, library or student lounge during your class time. You, however, will mark me as “Present” for every class period. Do you understand?”

“But Sophie, I can’t do that,” he answered.

She ignored his protest and continued, “Additionally, although you won’t see any more homework assignments from me and my tests will be filled with doodles, I will receive nothing but A’s.”

“Sophie, I’m not doing that,” he stated, trying to take control of the situation.

“Yes, you will, honey.” She was smiling as she said this. She then paused and looked at him, as if she was puzzled by his response. “Why are you being so testy?”

“Sophie, we have strict academic integrity guidelines here. I must follow procedure,” he explained.

“Oh, I see,” she said in a patronizing manner. “You haven’t thought this out.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, but he was turning red as, in the back of his mind, he knew what was coming.

“I didn’t want to have to come out and say it, baby, but haven’t you heard of Monica Lewinsky?” she playfully asked.

“Of course, what has that got to do with anything?” he replied.

She knew that she had him as he was allowing her to continue calling him “baby” and such, but she figured he wanted to hear it all.

“Well, that whole situation took place because Monica kept her dress, and honey, I have and am keeping this sweater,” she nodded toward her bag, “It is practically soaked with your cum, and therefore, your DNA. It will be fine if you simply do as your told, but otherwise, it will get messy.”

“What do you mean?” he was starting to panic.

“Easy, baby,” she said, calming him, “Nothing is going to happen. You are going to give me A’s from here on; oh, and you’ll write me some great recommendations for colleges and scholarships and the like, and in a few months, I’ll graduate, move on, and this will all be forgotten.”

“But,” he mumbled.

“No, baby,” she looked at him with a look of pity, “There is no ‘but’. The alternative is that my story gets out that you forced yourself on me as a sexual predator.”

“I didn’t do that!” he nearly shouted.

She laughed, “Shhhh, baby, do want to attract attention? Listen, I know you didn’t do that. I’m not angry at all. I don’t want the headmaster to find out, the police to do DNA tests, your wife to know or, God forbid, the media to go wild with stories about a sexual predator at this school.”

His face expressed sheer terror as he imagined each of these scenarios. He knew that the truth wouldn’t matter if word of this got out.

“See my story, backed up by this sweater, sounds much more plausible than the truth does. Hell, even if the truth got out, it would at least cost you your job and your marriage, right?” She paused letting this sink in.

She then continued, “But don’t you even think about the negatives, baby, you just focus on getting me A’s and nothing else will ever happen.”

As he stayed in his chair, he looked down at his desk, defeated; she continued, “But I’m not a total bitch, sir, there is something in it for you.”

He glanced up looking at her as she kept talking, “Things moved along so nicely today that I didn’t get a chance to show you my stockings.”

She eased her skirt up to reveal the lace tops of her stockings as his eyes widened.

“Sexy, huh, sir?” she asked, “I can tell that deep down you are a leg and feet man.”

He practically subconsciously nodded,

“I thought so, sir, well, here is my gift for you, in exchange for the grades that I will be getting from you in the future.” She placed her leg on the chair and seductively rolled off one of the thigh highs, then she switched to the other leg and rolled off the other stocking; she then folded them up neatly and placed them on his desk.

As he stared at the stockings, she leaned in and whispered, “Baby, these are brand new, you take them home and wrap them and give them to your wife.”

“Oh, she doesn’t wear stuff like that,” he interupted.

“She will, baby,” Sophie whispered, “She will; you just tell her that you saw them in a store, and you don’t know what it is, but you just can’t stop thinking about them. Can you do that, honey?”

He nodded, mesmerized by these thoughts.

Sophie continued whispering, “When she wears them, you fuck her brains out. I want you to rub every inch of these when they are on her legs, then lick them from the top down to the feet, do you understand?”

As he replied that he did, she took his hand and placed it on the stockings, “Doesn’t that feel amazing?”

She saw a nod of his head and noticed a stir in his crotch and kept on, “But, baby, there is one more rule.”

“Ok,” he managed to say.

She moved her mouth to his ear and brushed her lips against him while still whispering, “When you are fucking her, you keep your eyes closed, baby, and you imagine me and only me. Can you do that?”

“God, yes,” he stated, and she knew that he was telling the truth.

“You do that, and everything else we’ve discussed, and when I get my final grades and diploma, I’ll wear the sexiest stockings you can imagine, and you will have the greatest day of your life with me, baby, do you understand?”

“Yes.” he answered.

And with that, she moved to his lips, gave him a passionate kiss (which he didn’t even try to resist) then walked back to the door, picked up her bag and left.

On the way to her car, she knew that she had solved her grade problems and guaranteed herself straight A’s; she would pop by his class from time to time to tease him, but her thigh highs would do most of the work. She had set it up in his mind so that, from now on, anytime he had sex with his own wife, he would mentally be fucking her.

She now knew that she still had a ways to go in order to make college achievable and affordable, but the grades would be just fine.

To be continued…

A couple of months ago my brother and I went to Houston on business. We are both in security and try to travel together whenever we can as we are also very good friends. It gives us a chance to get away from the day to day grind of our jobs and him a chance to get away from his wife and kids. He loves them to death, but everyone needs a break from time to time.

Consequently when we travel, we tend to cut loose a bit. We eat too much and we drink too much and one way or another, we always seem to find ourselves a strip club.

This night was no exception.

We had dinner at a nice steak restaurant. We went back to the hotel and cleaned up. Specifically I had been wearing a suit all day at that point and I wanted to change into something lighter weight and more comfortable. A pair of dark kakis, a button down short sleeve shirt and an old, comfortable pair of brown shoes. Sure, this was casual, but who cares. It’s a strip club. The whole point is that the women have to be nice to you no matter how you are dressed.

Now there are a few nice perks to working the type of security I do. The first is that you get to meet a lot of interesting people that you wouldn’t ordinarily meet. You generally get a very intimate picture of their lives or business, certainly more in-depth than an average onlooker would see. Threat assessment and management tends to bring all the skeletons out of the closet. The final one is money.

My job pays well for a reasonably small amount of risk. I live below my means and it all adds up to having a lot of disposable income to blow on a new toy when I want one or a trip to a strip club.

The place we went to was called Heartbreakers. Yes, it’s a real club, south of Houston. You can look it up. Garry and I have been there once or twice before and every time was a good time. I came prepared with lots of cash and a few cigars for me and my brother.

The cover was $15 to get in to the door and by the time we found a seat between the main stage and the second (of course with our backs to the wall. Security people will understand.) a nice looking waitress was there to take our drink order. We both ordered Jack Daniels, as it is really about the only booze worth drinking, and sat down.

The girl on the main stage was attractive, but in a fairly hard kind of way. She was a bottle blonde with pale white skin and large fake breasts. Probably a large C cup if I had to guess. She was doing the traditional school girl routine and had already discarded her jumper, blouse and top, and was down to her thong. She hadn’t shaved quite recently enough and there was a little stubble sticking out of the sides of her panties. Speaking of which, she was a very active dancer and under the lights she had worked up quite a sweat. The panties had slipped down and to the side a bit, weather on purpose or by accident and there was a bit of the side of her lips showing. I felt the beginnings of a stir in my pants when I saw that at the same time I saw some sweat roll down from her stomach to her leg.

To my left was the second stage and the girl was much more my type. She had natural red hair past her shoulders and a lot of her routine seemed to revolve around her whipping it back and fourth to “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. She had the peaches and cream completion of a true Irish lass, and medium but very perky breasts that came to a soft point at two light pink nipples. She was thin, but looked soft and warm and danced around in a bit of a haze. She was already down to her white, lace panties which were boy shorts, and covered much more than most girls at a club like this would cover.

The longer I watched her the more I began to think that she was new to this. She seemed to be mildly uncomfortable or unsure of herself on stage and her movements were small and hesitant. Of course the thought of her being new to this made me all that more interested in her. My slight stir continued, but was not more than that.

The drinks came and went and another round or two and I started to really get into the atmosphere of the evening. I started getting a little tipsy and was a bit surprised to feel someone sit down hard in my lap when I was looking in the other direction. I turned around and looked at a very pretty Malaysian girl. She had large dark eyes, long black hair and a fair complexion. She was very skinny, but she had perky breast and her ass settled down right on my semi hard erection. She immediately started squirming a little bit and said “You’re having a good time tonight, I see.”

“Yes I am. You surprised me when you sat down. What’s your name?”

“I’m Mai”, she said with a little giggle.

She continued her squirming and what started out as a semi quickly got a lot harder, sandwiched under her writhing ass.

“That’s a pretty name” I somewhat slurred. I didn’t mean it. I mean, I guess it could be a pretty name, but she was a stripper and the chances of that being her real name were slim and my mind was else where.

We were in a fairly dark corner and I took her rubbing my cock with her ass to be a fairly good sign. She started to lightly rub my left nipple through my shirt with her index finger and I decided that this girl was at least open to some exploration. I had my right arm around her and on her hip, so I slowly slid the palm of my hand up her belly and to just the point where her bikini top met the bottom of her tit. I paused for a moment and looked at her as if for confirmation and she leaned in like she was going to whisper something into my ear. Instead of saying anything she just breathed hard and then tongued my earlobe into her mouth. While she softly sucked she continued to breathe heavily. That was all the prompting I needed. I finished sliding my hand under her top and cupped her tit in earnest.

Oh, it was warm and soft and smooth, just like a good breast should be. Her nipple was rock hard, and I could feel it against my palm. After massaging it wholly for a moment or two, I proceeded to play directly with the nipple. As I did she increased the rhythm of her breathing in my ear and the speed of the motion of her ass.

“What do you like more”, she asked. “My boob in your hand or my ass on your dick?”

“I like them both.”

Since she definitely seemed to be cool with what I was already doing, I decided to see what else I could get away with. I let my hand leave her breast and travel down her stomach to her bikini line. This time I did not hesitate. I simply plunged my hand all the way down her front and my middle finger immediately found her slit.

She seemed genuinely startled by this and said “Fuck” really loudly. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out of her panties and then looked around to see who had seen. No one had, of course. Garry was busy with his own girl. He likes to talk to them rather than grope them like I do. He’s a good looking guy, and the girl he was with was the blonde from when we walked in. They seemed very interested in their conversation. Everyone else in the club was watching the stages or the waitresses, and no one was really paying attention to our dark little corner against the wall.

“Baby, you can’t do that out here. I could get busted. If that’s what you want we have to go to the back where we can have some privacy.”

“Okay, how much is it to go to the back.”

“It’s thirty a song”, she said not at all embarrassed by the transaction she was making.

Without hesitating I reached into my pocket and handed her $200.

“Let’s start here and see where this takes us. There is always more where that came from.”

“Thank you, baby.” She said and kissed me on the cheek. She then proceed to straighten her skimpy little top and panties. When I had been so flagrantly groping her, both of them had been knocked astray.

She led the way to the back room. This was a large open room guarded by two bouncers and it had it’s own bar. It was done in dark paneling and leather furniture. There were several stuffed animal heads on the walls and all in all, the place looked just like the room we had just come from only not as crowded.

At several alcoves across the well lit area there were dancers performing in various stages of undress for their clients. Although I saw a couple of decent, grinding, naughty lap dances, none of them seemed to be doing what I wanted. So I turned back to Mai and asked:

“I thought you said this would be more private. This doesn’t really look that private to me. Is there somewhere else we can go?”

“Well, there are the booths upstairs, but they are more expensive. They’re $50 per song.”

“And they’re private?”

“Completely. They each have their own door. No one comes in to check on you there.”

“Sounds good to me. Lead on.”

She gave me a smile and took my hand. There was a small, dark stair well on the side of the bar and she led me up. When we got there she handed the $200 to the guy watching the door and said that we would probably be there for more than four songs. He glowered at me and told her to call if she needed anything.

Past the doorway that he was guarding was a small room with 6 doors. She told me that these were the booths that the girls had an option to use, but they had to be careful. Since they were so private, they had to make sure they only took safe guys upstairs. Either that or be prepared to do more than you had planned on. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I didn’t say anything at all.

She chose the booth all the way to the left and we went in. The room was small. No, that’s not right, the room was TINY. The whole room wasn’t even 5′x5′, and one whole wall was taken up with a bench. There was a dim fluorescent light in the ceiling over everything, but the room was dark and there was not a lot of space. She closed the door behind us and pointed to the bench and told me to sit. I did. She put her hands on her hips, looked down at me and said “So where do you want to start”

“I want to start with what the rules are”, I said. I have no problem stretching the rules, or even breaking them from time to time, but I at least like to know where they are.

“I can touch you, and you can touch me”, she said. “I don’t fuck guys, no matter how much money you offer, and I don’t like anything rough. Don’t stick your finger in my ass. That’s about it. So, where do you want to start?”

“I want you to start by taking off your clothes.”

She grinned and said “Okay.” She reached behind her and grabbed the string to her top and pulled it over her head. I got the first actual view of her nipples. They were dark purple in the dim light against the soft white of her skin. She reached down and grabbed my hands and put them on her small breasts.

“Do you like this?”

“Yes, I like this.” I let my hands drop back down to my thighs. “But I said all of your clothes.”

“Oh yeah, baby.”

She looped her thumbs into her panties and wiggled out of them. Frankly it was a lot more wiggling than I thought she needed to do to get them off. They seemed pretty loose to begin with, but I wasn’t complaining. She bent over in the cramped room. There really was almost no where for her to go, so bending over she basically shoved her tits into my face. When her panties got to around her knees she let them drop the rest of the way to her feet and stepped out of them.

She stood up and I got my first real view of her pussy. She was completely shaved; there was not a hint of hair or stubble anywhere. Standing there skinny and hairless she looked much younger than she really was. Reaching out I grabbed her ass and pulled her a step closer to me. She swept her raven hair behind her ears and leaned over to put her tits in my face again. Slowly she lifted herself up to kneel on my thiges and get even closer. I took her left nipple into my mouth and gently began to tongue it. I left my left hand on her ass, and reached my right hand to her right thigh and slowly began tracing it up to her crotch. Her mouth found my ear again, and she started her warm heavy breathing routine.

My hand found the fleshy slit between her legs and I began to rub her. Now it would probably make for a better story if she was dripping wet and my finger slid right in, but that shit isn’t the truth. She was dry and clenched so tight I would have had to force my finger into her. I wasn’t up for that, at least not yet. I figure this was her way of setting a boundary so I left it at that. I just kept rubbing up and down the length of her cunt and sucking her nipple while she breathed heavily in my ear. I was also squeezing her tiny little ass with my other hand.

To say I was hard would be the under statement of the year. I was ROCK hard. My erection was tenting my kaki pants and I was aching for some relief. I made a few last passes directly over clit and then whispered in her ear “Turn around.”

She climbed down off of me and turned around. She bent way over and looked back at me. I had the perfect view of her ass and her pussy below it. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled the cheeks apart. Here anus was a dark little star surrounded by otherwise pale skin and there was a little hair around it. Apparently she was not as clean shaven as I had initially though. The act of pulling her cheeks apart also opened the bottom of her pussy lips and I watched for a moment as the two flaps of skin slowly separated from one another, revealing a small cleft at the opening of her tunnel.

I pressed the pad of my left thumb directly where she was opening to me. The muscles were still straining to keep me out, but for the first time I felt the beginnings of moisture there, as if she had just begun to sweat. My index finger located her clit, and found it much harder than the last time I had touched it. Maybe she was getting into this after all.

After rubbing her cunt a few times with my thumb, I grasped her hips and pulled her ass down onto my lap, and the cock that was straining to get out of my pants.

“Grind on me,” I told her.

She placed her hands on her knees and began moving her ass back and forth over my trapped erection. It felt wonderful. I let her grind for a while, pushing my crotch into her ass every time she would move back to me. After a while I started missing her breasts and wanted to play with them again. I looped my hands under her arms and pulled her back against me. My hands found her rock hard nipples and I began to squeeze and play with them. She leaned her head all the way back to tongue my ear again. This seemed to be one of her favorite things to do.

My right hand reached way down to her pussy and this time I found it moist. As I began to rub I felt the muscles that had been holding her closed begin to relax and my finger slipped into her. First one, then two. I rubbed her sweet wetness around her pussy and heard the breathing in my ear become more and more rapid.

I turned to her and said “I want to come.”

“You can take it out and play with it, if you want,” was her reply.

“No. I could do that myself. I want to fuck you.”

“I told you I don’t do that. I’m not a whore.”

“Well, what will you do”, I asked. My erection was straining against her tight ass and my fingers were pumping into her most sacred of places. I could smell the musty scent of her arousal filling the room.

“Well I could give you a hand job.”

“No, I want more”, When I said it I jammed my fingers deeper into her and lifted. She yelped a bit, caught off guard, then settled back down on my lap.

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“Either suck me off or fuck me. But I want to cum inside of you.” I heard her breath catch and I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers. She was close to her own orgasm and I knew I had her. I knew I could have whatever I wanted, and if she couldn’t give it to me willingly, I could persuade her.

“For $200 I’ll suck you off and let you cum in my mouth.” She was practically gasping now, her mouth hanging slack. She was on the verge of cumming.

“Done! Now get to it.”

I pushed her back up to a standing position and she turned around. Now that she was standing again I could see the flush in her skin. It started just above her beautiful small breasts and cascaded up her face. Her shaved pussy was wet with her moisture as well as her thighs. She was breathing hard and her face had the slacked look of a woman in the midst of passion.

She knelt down in front of me and I leaned as far back in the bench as I could. She gave me one last look, like she couldn’t believe what she was about to do, or maybe like she didn’t really recognize who I was, and she reached to unzip my pants. As soon as she did, my cock sprang out. It had been trapped to long and it was thirsty to be free, to touch her skin. I wasn’t wearing underwear.

She hesitated for a moment, and I thought I was going to have to encourage her by one means or another, but before I could decide what to do she lurched forward like a predator going for its prey and took my whole length into her mouth. When I felt the head of my cock begin to slide down the back of her throat she let out a moan, and the combinations of the feelings nearly made me loose it right there. I realized that while one of her hands was firmly grasping the base of my shaft, the other was between her legs. She was masturbating herself while she was sucking my dick.

Almost before I realized it I felt my breathing become shallower and my muscles tighten. I knew my orgasm was imminent and I wanted to make sure that she lived up to her word. At the last moment I could hold it in, I grabbed her head and pulled it all the way down onto my shaft. Her teeth were in my hair, and my dick was in the back of her throat when I started to cum. I pumped load after load into her, and I felt her start to gag and I felt her try to push away with her hands on my thighs, and it only made the whole thing better.

When I was empty I let her up and she fell backwards gagging and sputtering, her body either trying to swallow the sticky substance or get it back up. She fell sprawled onto the floor with her legs spread and backed up to the far wall. She looked a little scared, but when the choking stopped, she began to smile a little bit.

For my part I just leaned against the wall with the bench and tried to slow my breathing.

“Mai,” I said. “You are one hell of a fuck.”

“Thanks. I’ve never done that with a customer before.”

“There is a first time for everything,” I told her. I stuffed my rapidly softening cock into my pants and zipped it up. I reached into my pocket and gave her one of my cards. I wrapped it around four $100 bills and handed it to her. “Send me your contact information. I’m going to be in town for another couple of days, and maybe we can arrange something outside of work.”

“Like a date,” she asked. I was probably deluding myself, but it sounded somewhat hopeful to me. Maybe I just liked the idea of her enjoying herself as much as I did.

“Call it what you like. Just make sure you call.”

After that, I waited and made polite conversation while she got dressed. She had a problem. Her pussy was so wet that she said it would soak through her panties if she just put them back on. She said that that could get her in trouble and if nothing else, call too much attention to her when she went back downstairs to the club.

The only solution that I could think of was to take off my sock and hand it to her. She looked at it for a moment trying to decide if it was really worth it. Finally she relented and took it. She wiped her sodden cunt with my sock thoroughly and then tried to hand it back to me. I didn’t really want to, but at this point I figured it would be impolite not to take it back.

“Thanks,” she said a little sheepishly.

“My pleasure,” I lied. I slipped the sock in my pocket with the intention of discarding it at the first chance I got.

My Only Talent Ch. 18

Thanks for Thanksgiving

My old high school nemesis, Alley Shitty, drove the big Suburban steadily north on the interstate, and I watched her progress as Jay and Nora slumbered. By the time we got as far north as Round Rock, all of Nora’s defenses were completely down, and I had located her Suzie ‘flight data recorder’ and began to scan her sexual history. It was one with a few high spots but mostly disappointment. She had already told me that thanks to her parents instilling in her an abject fear of ‘talent’ males, and fear of sex in general, she got the same kind of indoctrination that I did about remaining celibate, and took it to heart just like I did. She had skipped so many grades that she did sixth form at Charterhouse being much younger than any other student there, but still she excelled. Probably due to her mega IQ, she found most of her so called elite classmates boring. There were a few incidents of sexually charged hazing, but she found none of them exciting in the least; they were merely something to endure and survive.

She did seem to have a tendency to attract the attention of what she had once told Suzanne she called the ‘high born lout’: a male from a storied family who seemed destined to not only disappoint academically but to be an embarrassment socially for many years to come. They seemed to believe they might somehow do her a favor by forcing themselves on her. She took classes in Krav Maga and actually had to use it on one pushy toff who had a very tenuous and probably false claim to royal lineage as a descendant of Eggbert of Wessex. She was happy to leave her so-called social circle behind in choosing to go ‘across the pond’ to ESU, where she encountered a few students with intellects that were comparable to hers, and some others that were on the complete opposite end of the bell curve. She did develop crushes on one male and one female peer, and as a seventeen year old rising junior, she had her first two sexual experiences. I located the entries in her ‘flight log’ and began to drill down for the details and the effects the experiences had on her.

Nora almost woke up when an Ill considered lane change by a big truck caused Alley to lean on her horn for a while, but then she settled back down into my shoulder and continued her unprotected slumber. I resumed my Suzie snooping.

A female classmate named Hannah flirted with Nora, and in one passionate encounter, confirmed Nora’s potential for attraction to and satisfaction with another woman, but the classmate’s next day denial that it even happened had ultimately made Nora even more fearful and suspicious and too scared of taking the risk of another such relationship. In her history, Suzanne was linked to this other girl, because as near as I could tell, she was the only other woman that Nora trusted and was also attracted to. She just didn’t want to risk having a sexual adventure that ruined their friendship, especially since Suzanne, as her supervising TA, was officially her ‘boss’ from the ESU point of view.

Before meeting Suzanne, she also developed a major crush on an ESU incoming freshman football player, who was just about as much an opposite from her former British plonker pursuers as one could possibly imagine. Jalen was big, black, and smart, almost as smart as she was, and he must have had good taste, because he fell pretty hard for Nora, pursued her avidly, and he caught her. The sex was great for them both. But his judgment was suspect; perhaps he was spoiled because of the Texas football culture that a good player can do no wrong. Nora was deeply offended by him wasting his potential by taking easy classes for a dead end sports marketing degree, since he was sure he would make it in the NFL. He also desperately wanted to be another kind of ‘player’ to be seen in clubs and be photographed with rap stars, hardly Nora’s goal for him. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was his announcement that he could no longer have an exclusive relationship with Nora as his only girlfriend, because she was now just one of his ‘string’. Her distrust of the male of the species was now just as strongly reinforced as it was for the female.

Since those two ultimately unsatisfying relationships, Nora had been throwing herself into her studies, sublimating her desires. She had certainly excelled academically, and was about to finish two degrees in three years, but she was horny as hell, just like Suzanne had been. She wanted Suzanne, and she wanted me, and the prospect of having both of us at once was galvanically exciting for her, and in fact it was the central image in all her masturbatory activities since the current semester began. But her fear and distrust, plus her parent’s early indoctrination, was enough to keep her from actually taking advantage of the opportunity. There was some other connection to all this that I could not tease out, another signal akin to the others but different. It was linked to all the sexual images I was deciphering, but I couldn’t pin down what it was.

I did find that my newly developed and improved Suzie signal receiving capabilities allowed me to delve into her recorded fantasies in detail, and I was just about to tap into and enjoy playing them back in chronological order when Alley Shitty’s voice broke my concentration, and what’s worse, startled Nora fully awake.

“Salado, Texas, everyone! Shopping stop in progress! This is a great place to get an early start on Christmas shopping, with stores full of unique stuff nobody else will find to give to any of your friends and family.”

Suddenly Nora and Alley were best buds, sharing Christmas gift lists and suggestions. Alley parked on the south end of a strip of stores east of the interstate, and they announced they were going to work their way north for an hour or so. Jay and I realized we should probably look for few gifts too, and we sheepishly tagged along. Nora took charge of making me choose appropriate gifts for my mother, grandmother, older sister, and Lara and Suzanne, tapping out my gift budget and all the money I had made on Kevin’s bets at the fraternity and sorority mixers. Alley did the same for Jay in searching for gifts for the females of the Kincaid clan. Two hours later we were back on the road, but Nora was now energized and never got even close to going back to sleep.


Sarah Stevens Susskind was on a mission. She told her parents she was going to visit a new friend in Dallas first, then drive on to Texarkana to meet them at her grandmother’s for Thanksgiving dinner. She actually planned to spend every minute until early Thanksgiving morning following Robbie. She was devastated that he had not wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her, and she was never going to let that happen again. She was going to find out what he was doing, who he doing it was with, and see where his family lived. Robbie had never seen her car, and it was well suited to her surveillance mission: an average looking grey Jetta TDI that got great mileage and could go over 600 miles on a tank of diesel.

She had no trouble following the big Suburban on the interstate, and she stayed close to their car while Robbie and the others went shopping at Salado. She took advantage of the break to go to the bathroom and fill up her fuel tank. But not long after they left Salado and went north again, she was foiled when they went through a private gate where she could not follow. She found a place to park that was shielded from view by some trees, and waited, watching that gate, and accessing Google Earth on her smart phone to try to see where that gate might lead.


After the shopping excursion broke the ice, we had a lively conversation on the road, talking about the gifts and which family members would be home for Thanksgiving, which naturally led to some family stories. Alley actually seemed nice and almost charming, and I was getting used to her voice; it didn’t grate on me quite as much. After we passed through Hillsborough, Jay gave Alley some directions and we headed east toward Ennis, though some winding county roads, and then through a gate that Jay had the code for and then onto a very well maintained private road that traveled for several miles. We arrived at a big ranch entrance, the kind that you usually only see in Texas and parts west. A huge metal frame was festooned with hundreds of antlers: not just whitetail, but also elk, ibex, and several species I could not easily identify, plus a few longhorn skulls thrown in for good measure. These ranch entrances had symbolism like totem poles, and this one said big ranch, big money. There was a big stylish “W” atop the arch, not a “K” for Kincaid, massive concrete barricades around it, and two substantial motorized metal gates, spaced far apart, like the entrances to some military bases I had seen. There was also high game fence on either side, running as far as I could see, plus some amazingly thorny and strong looking bushes just outside the game fence.

But both sets of gates were wide open when we got to them, presumably in anticipation of Jay’s arrival. As we passed through, I noticed that numerous video cameras were secreted inside the antlers, facing in almost every direction, plus some other stuff that didn’t look like cameras to me. The gates closed immediately after we went through them. We drove about a mile on a paved road, then topped a little hill, behind which was a big stone house that would have fit in well in any tony subdivision in North Dallas. Jay directed Alley to pull up near the six car garage.

The first thing I saw approaching us was a pack of black and white dogs. They were moving so fast that I could not be sure, but it was either four very fast Border Collies, or five merely quick ones. Jay got out of the Suburban, and the dogs raced around him like a dust devil on a hot prairie day. Jay reached down and managed to playfully cuff each dog on the head a few times, and the contact seemed to settle them down a bit. A passel of children followed close behind: two boys under five years old, running for all they were worth, a pair of blonde twin girls about ten, and two teenagers; a blonde boy that looked like a younger version of Jay, and raven haired girl. The smaller of the two boys reached him first, and Jay put him up on his shoulders, and then he was surrounded by the rest of them, hugging and tousling hair. Jay retained the shopping bag from Salado, but the twins carried his backpack, and a big duffel bag that I suspected was full of dirty laundry. Mine was.

A troop of adults met us and Jay insisted we come into the house for a minute. From the family resemblance, I tentatively identified Jay’s mom, and grandmother, but my real surprise was Jay’s grandfather, because I recognized him, and that explained the “W” on the gate. John Jacobin Warner, also known as “Cactus Jake”, was one of the wealthiest and most influential oil men in the state. I knew the Phi Iota Gamma’s were supposed to be the frat of choice for big money families, but this guy could probably write a check for the entire net worth of every other family with a son in the frat, and not just the ESU chapter, either. I had been assigned a ‘compare and contrast’ paper on him and “Cactus Jack” Garner in high school. Warner had a lot more money, and hated publicity, so had no catchy quotes. I had found one of the very few recent pictures of him for my report. The last six of eight Texas Governors had been his choices for backing, and it was said that he could handicap politicians the way some folks could pick horse races. If he made a donation to a candidate’s campaign, literally thousands of other donations would immediately follow, and nobody was ever appointed to the board of regents of ESU or any other state funded school without his blessing.

After introductions all around, Jake’s grandmother took Nora and Alley further into the house for a chance to ‘freshen up’ and the kids dragged Jay to the stables to see a new foal.

“Cactus Jake” made an attempt at conversation with me. “So are you in the frat with Jay?”

“No sir, but I did meet him there. We were introduced by Theo Cadwallader. I know Alley from high school, and I think Jay met her at a KKG mixer.”

“You don’t sound like you are from the East, like Theo.”

“No, sir, I was born in Highland Park, but my folks live in Prosperous now.”

He made an abrupt change of subject. “You sure cut yourself a fine filly out of the herd with that Nora. She is classy as hell and hot as a depot stove! I wish Jay would bring somebody like her home instead of the bubbleheads and bimbos he has taken up with so far!”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that, but he continued so quickly that I didn’t have to.

“In the old days, the purpose of the fraternities and sororities was to make sure if a girl did get knocked up at college the families would be compatible when the lucky couple got married. Now everybody apparently knows how to fuck their brains out without getting pregnant, but I was hoping he would at least meet some nice long term prospects, in addition to the tattooed banging bimbos. How long have you been with Nora?”

Now I did have to say something. “Well, Nora and I are just friends. She lives in the same dorm that I do, and is also good friends with the girl that I am dating. She is from England, and my girlfriend is traveling elsewhere over the holidays, so I asked Nora to come to Thanksgiving with my family. ” I didn’t think it necessary to tell him that Suzanne and I were actively plotting to try to get Nora into bed with both of us.

“Robbie, if I may, I have learned to read people pretty well over the years, and just by observing her for one minute I can tell you three things about Nora: she is smart as hell, she is hot for you, and she is the marrying kind, not the sleep around kind. Those are all real good things in my book, and I think you are very lucky.”

By this time the females were ‘freshed and back, and we said our goodbyes and got back into the Suburban. Nora sat in the front so Alley wouldn’t suffer from ‘chauffeur syndrome’ and I felt like a lonely little puppy in the back seat. We headed back to the main road, and the gates opened as we went through and closed them immediately behind us. Alley cranked in the cruise control, checked that her phone was getting 4G, and then put on Pandora radio through the stereo system, and the big land yacht cruised toward North Dallas, fully supplied with some tunes.


Sarah had pulled up the photos she had taken in Salado, and was trying to match them to Facebook pages of ESU first year Greeks as a starting point. She had located Alley right away and a name search pulled up lots of KKG party photos of her, but none with Robbie. A further search revealed that they had both graduated from the same high school, in Prosperous, Texas. Was she an old girlfriend only, or still in the running? Jay Kincaid was pretty easy too, a PIG pledge supposedly from Waxahachie, which was not far from this still mysterious and impassable gate, and for some reason when she tried to trace the road, Google Maps said “we don’t have imagery at this zoom level for this region”. The other platinum haired girl did not turn up on any of the Pan Hellenic pages, nor in any search using Alley or Robbie’s name, and a brute force search of all the possible images take too long. Maybe she wasn’t a freshman, so her picture might be in last year’s Cactus yearbook, but that was a lot of faces to search through, too. Her concentration was interrupted when the unmarked gates opened and the big Suburban passed through it and back onto the highway, again heading north. Sarah pulled in behind and then let two other cars interpose themselves, like the articles she had found with Google said she should do when tailing someone.


Pandora was never predictable, but Alley switched things around until she found a TMZ update, which mentioned Austin, so she left it on, and the first item was about the ‘addicted to’ party. The report played through without anyone interrupting, mentioning Julie Angel and the two reporters dancing naked, plus the entire pledge class from an ESU sorority, and the paparazzo’s desperate search to find the party, getting a few pictures just as it broke up.

“It defiantly wasn’t the KKG pledge class dancing naked”, Alley snorted condescendingly. “But I would have liked to have been there to see the party!”

“It was the ‘Bi Phi’s’ according to my sources at the dorm,” offered Nora. I hadn’t said a word about the party to anyone, and didn’t plan to, but Nora knew about my ‘Master’ get up and Lara going to Professor Lillehammer’s office with me in her costume, and Suzanne might have told her about the party.

Alley said, “That makes sense. I heard the TMZ reporter was a Bi Phi when she went to ESU. It must have been quite a thrill to know you were naked on an international video story like that!” I heard a sudden and sizzling Suzie signal from her, not focused on any particular prospective partner, but just generically horny. Did she have an unresolved exhibitionist streak? I seemed to remember some high school gossip about her losing her top on the diving board at her country club pool once, and how some girls thought she did it on purpose.

The TMZ report then teased some ‘pending updates’ with more details on the party, who was there and who wasn’t, and the ‘sexy stage show’. Robbie hoped that referred to the chorus line number, not the sexual fortune teller bit. He really didn’t want to attract more attention right now. Reporters apparently now made a science of tracking private jet tail numbers, and used them to watch which celebs, politicians, sports stars, and billionaires went and when. My father said this was making business better for NetJets and other jet sharing firms, and that many of the ‘swells’ as he called them had private jets in their name that could be easily tracked, but often used NetJets for their trips, so that the reporters could not be sure who was in a jet that was shared by many clients. Rodney Driver told me that Julie Angel and her husband often sent their jet on decoy runs just to frustrate the paparazzi, while they took a NetJet aircraft to their real destination, and that they also said there were some tricky airports that you really wanted a highly experienced NetJet pilot to fly you into, not your personal pilot who only flew that approach once every two or three years. He said one sure sign of a B list celeb trying to get more publicity was buying a cheap but individual private plane that could be easily tracked, hoping to get some ink. My dad used to track tail numbers to have ‘accidental’ meetings with sales prospects, but now he had to resort to other methods.

My phone beeped, signaling an incoming text from Suzanne. The only advantage of being alone in the back seat was that I could text in private, without Nora looking over my shoulder.

SUZANNE: sad and boring in SA :(

ROBBIE: ({})

SUZANNE: have you seduced Nora yet?

ROBBIE: not yet, but she did fall asleep on my shoulder in the car :D

SUZANNE: bag that babe and bring her to bed with us ;;)

ROBBIE: may take until after xmas

SUZANNE: worth the wait :P

By this time Alley had made her way up the interstate, moving slowly through the afternoon rush hour traffic, and finally jogged right onto the Tollway, which while still crowded was moving faster than the other alternatives. We quickly crossed the LBJ and then the SRT and we were getting close to home base. My father took perverse pride in their new place having an address on a numbered Farm to Market road. Alley’s family bought a big place nearby at a bargain price on a road with a real and prestigious name, as my mother used to say to tweak my father, thanks to an over-drafted Dallas Cowboy football player that bought high and had to sell low after his initial contract was not renewed. My dad had picked our new house right after I graduated because he found a nice big place far enough out of town to not have any next door neighbors and room for Grandma’s garden, but from which taking the Tollway and then the SRT got him to the airport pretty quickly even during rush hour. Alley’s dad picked his house as a fancy showplace, for purely business reasons.

Alley’s parents were interesting. They met in law school at SMU, and Alley’s mom was a conventional and very successful real estate attorney, specializing in contracts for large and complicated multi-property deals. Jerrold, Alley’s dad, was trained as a personal bankruptcy lawyer, but he didn’t practice law. His parents had run a pawn shop in a seedy part of Dallas, but made their home in Highland Park, perhaps in the least expensive house in the zip code, so that their kids would go to the good schools there. Jerrold had grown up working in the pawn shop, and had a considerable education in scams, fraud, credit problems, and general personal financial mismanagement before he had ever entered law school. He had taken over his running parent’s shop just as the Texas legislature was authorizing more pawn shops, and he had used all his SMU connections to get more than his share of the new licenses, and now owned the biggest collection of pawn shops that was not part of a national chain, with stores all over Texas. He was very objective in his approach to the business, doing what worked because it worked. He discovered that his customers, the 25% percent or so of the population who did not want or could not get a bank account or credit card, responded well to ostentatious displays of wealth. The bigger the Rolex or Patek Philippe and diamond ring that the store manager wore, the more the customers respected them and felt secure in dealing with them, and the more money Jerrold made. The store managers and their customers also respected Jerrold for displaying even more wealth than they did, so he drove around to his stores in a red Ferrari or pearl white Bentley, with big and showy reserved parking spaces for them in front of every store, and displayed all the other trappings of wealth he could find.

The latest downturn in the economy was very good for Jerrold’s business, even though Texas was far better off than most states, and he was making more money than ever the last few years, in fact, he was hard pressed to spend or invest it all. He also dearly loved to get a bargain when someone else had financially overextended themselves. So when that Cowboy’s player had to sell one of the most overbuilt, pretentious, and showy houses in North Dallas at a fire sale price, Jerrold was all over it. Since he bought it, he had monthly parties for his store managers and employees there, giving out lavish sales prizes and making presentations of profit sharing checks with ceremonies that rivaled the academy awards. All his employees loved working for him, and strove mightily to outdo each other and get good results, promotions, and more bonuses and awards.


Sarah was not expecting toll roads, and she did not have a toll tag on her car. But she had to follow, or else lose them. She had already looked up Robbie’s home address, but they could be going lots of other places first. It would mean her dad would get a bill from the toll road authority in the mail, probably with a picture of her driving maniacally, but she had told them she was going to Dallas, so it should be okay. She moved up a little closer so she would be sure to see what exit they took.


Alley took the Preston Road exit and turned east on the Farm to Market road, turning away from her house, and negotiated the last few blocks towards my driveway. “I’m letting y’all out first,” she said, “but my Mom demands that you two come by to visit. We are having our open house tomorrow night, and I think your folks are coming, Robbie, so y’all come too.” Nora immediately accepted on our behalf. I supposed it was unavoidable. We pulled up into our long driveway, and I quickly unloaded our stuff just as my Mom appeared through the garage door. She actually hugged Alley first, as she was old friends with her mom, and then hugged Nora next, but then I got an embarrassing kiss. I was wondering how my parents would react to Nora, before and after we talked about her ‘talent’ or ability to resist my talent, or whatever the proper term was for it. After a few minutes of talk, and some impromptu planning for getting together tomorrow, Alley headed for her place.

Grandma and Granddad met us in the mudroom, along with the dogs. Our oldest and wisest female, Eldee, who didn’t really like anybody much except occasionally Grandma, went crazy over Nora. When Nora sat next to Grandma on the family room couch, Eldee immediately put her chin right on Nora’s feet and went to sleep. That was absolutely unprecedented. Normally she stays ‘bewaken’: on watchful alert when there is anybody new to her within a quarter of a mile. The talk soon turned to cooking, and I took the opportunity to carry my stuff up to my room and Nora’s to my older sister’s room, which was functioning as Nora’s room for this trip. The other three dogs followed me up the stairs, but Eldee stayed glued to Nora. I looked out at Grandma’s big new garden and the big pond that was east of our new house. There was a dirt road that ran just past the pond, and I saw a car on it, which was unusual. The dogs noticed it too, and gave a quick bark, and then streamed down the stairs and out their jumbo sized doggie door.


When Sarah looked up Robbie’s address before the trip, there were two, the newer one had sounded like a standard subdivision, and that was what she had expected. But it turned out to be a road with only one house on it, and it must have been built on ten acres or more, plus a lake next to it. She quickly turned around in the road, which was really Robbie’s driveway, before she got too close to the house, and made a wide circle around the place. She found a dirt road east of the lake, and tried to go all the way around the compass, looking for a good observation point. The house had a privacy fence and gardens and dense plantings all around that made seeing into it almost impossible, even with the nice binoculars she brought with her. As she reached the south edge of the road, and turned back toward the west, three big black dogs loped out of the back of the house and started towards her. They couldn’t have spotted her! But they stayed parallel to her path around the house, just inside the fence, not barking, but she felt their eyes on her. This was going to be harder than she thought, but Robbie was worth any price!


By the time I got back down the family room, there was already a girl’s only grocery and produce shopping trip planned for early tomorrow morning and my dad had arrived. He greeted me warmly, and took the same kind of liking to Nora that Eldee had, also virtually unprecedented, and then took me aside to ask if I had seen the strange car circling the house. Grandma and I took Nora out to the garden, to give her a tour and to gather what was available for supper tonight. It was the very end of the line for the fall outdoor crops, but the greenhouse cheated the seasons pretty well. There were bush beans and squash enough for tonight, plus lettuce, tomatoes, onions and peppers from the greenhouse. My Dad fired up the grill, having already defrosted some venison steaks in anticipation of our arrival, and soon we were sitting down to simple but very nice meal. Afterwards, Grandma and my mom took Nora back into the family room for the inevitable photo album game of ‘look at Robbie when he was little’ while my Dad and I cleaned up and put the dishes in the dishwasher. This was an old family custom that allowed both groups to talk privately.

“So, Robbie, I saw your midterm grade report, and it looks like you are on plan for the class work part of things. How is the dating game going?” I was surprised he hadn’t just gone for the Nora issue right away. I told him about my early Suzie signal experiences with Janet, the frat mixers, Suzanne, and Lara, and then my bad experience with Melanie. He seemed surprised about me being able to detect Melanie’s melt down, saying it took him until he was in his mid twenties to learn to detect that, or that maybe he just didn’t encounter anybody as unbalanced as Melanie until then. I told him about Suzanne being the first ‘dream girl’ that also sent Suzie for me, and my tennis game with Lara, and understanding what Lara had really wanted and needed, and being able to give it to her, and how the relationship with Lara and Suzanne had evolved.

He whistled. “That can be very touchy stuff, son. I played with that kind of fire a few times when I was younger, and I almost always got my fingers burned, among other things! So tell me about Nora.”

I went through my meeting Nora in the dorm, and seeing how classy she was, but detecting no Suzie from her and being disappointed, then hearing the ‘little bubbles’, and how easy she was to talk to, and how smart, …

“Good grief, son. Do you realize how bad you have it for her?”

I told him about Suzanne, and our discussion of wanting Nora to be with both of us, and he looked alarmed. But when I told him about Nora telling me she knew I was a ‘talent’ and how she could suppress her signals, his face turned a strange shade of grey. “Holy Shit, Robbie, what are the odds? Did you say she was from England?”

He went on to explain that we had distant relatives from England, and some of the males had ‘the talent’ but only a little bit, but others supposedly had a lot. Most of the ‘American’ branch of the family had just the low level ability, until My Granddad and then my Dad came along, both with a much stronger ‘gift’ than anyone before. Then he really shocked me, by telling me that my cousins from Boston, who were supposed to arrive Friday, had all three made it to age eighteen now and showed no hint of any ability at all, even though their father, my uncle, had a little bit of it. My uncle had never told his wife, and he had decided not to tell the boys anything about an ability they were never going to have, and my Dad warned me not to talk to them about it either during their visit. I told him about meeting Cactus Jake, and what he had said about Nora.

He made a snort. “I have been involved in planning two campaigns that Warner was bankrolling. He does have amazing insight into politicians, but I didn’t know that his talents extended to handicapping women.”

I told him about my increasing sensitivity in the last few weeks, and about being able to send ‘pings’ and ‘blasts’ and reading images on carriers and accessing a woman’s ‘flight data recorder’ and what it revealed to me. He asked me a lot of questions about where the signals were in relation to the ones he knew, and how the images appeared to me. He said he had never heard of anyone being able to do these things, but had heard stories from my great grandmother about some different abilities that some of the distant male relatives from England supposedly had. His first major concern was how closely Nora and I might be related.

By then the three women were calling to us to join them in the family room, where apparently the photo album ritual had just about played out. When we came back in to join them, my mom took one look at my dad’s face and knew immediately that something was up. Eldee was still lying at Nora’s feet, happy as a clam, in fact the last time I had seen her be this calm and contented was when she was nursing her final litter and she had a pup at every teat. The other dogs, however, were very nervous, and kept going in and out of the doggy door, as if at least one of the three was always on duty outside.

My Mom rose, taking my Dad by the hand. “Help me make doubly sure that the guest room is ready, dear! Y’all just relax with Grandma for a little while and we’ll be right back.”

With that they trooped up the stairs, and I knew my mother would quickly get everything that I had told him out of my Dad. She was nothing if not persistent. Nora and Grandma discussed the division of labor for cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and Nora slowly drew her out about the things she wasn’t planning to do this year because of her physical limitations brought on by age. Nora was remarkably patient and insightful, and eventually had my grandmother promising to let Nora do them all, under the guise of teaching her the recipes. Nora had never made cornbread dressing, for example, and she sure didn’t know how to make any of the various kinds of tamales that we traditionally had for supper on the night before Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve. All of this resulted in expanding the shopping list for tomorrow morning’s excursion, and adding a few stops for the additional items.

My parents returned from upstairs, and I was afraid my Mom would organize a card came or something. My stomach was already growling, since I had burned a lot of energy reading Nora’s Suzie history in the car, and there had been no dessert after dinner tonight. I began plotting some way to get out for some ice cream, but Nora solved my problem for me.

“Robbie, would you take me to a film tonight? I am too wired to get any sleep yet, and because of my course load in school, I haven’t been to one since early September.” She already had one picked out on her phone, and my Dad volunteered the keys to his nondescript ‘airport car’, that spent most of its time in long term parking, and we were on our way. Nora immediately texted Alley and invited her along! WTF?

Nora put her phone away and said “I want to have a talk before we pick up Alley!”

“Is this the part where you ask me whether I wanted Alley to come along or not, or did we skip that part?”


Sarah had found a spot to park where she thought she could watch the comings and goings at Robbie’s house, but she couldn’t stay here all night, because some passing cop would get very suspicious of any car parked out here instead of at a house.


“It only takes about three minutes to get to Alley’s house, Nora, so talk fast!” I was pissed off, but not exactly sure why.

“Is this our first fight, Robbie?” Nora said in her best upper class British biting tone.

“No. Our first fight would have been when you dressed me down for ‘taking advantage of’ Suzanne and you were off base then, too!”

“Aren’t we stroppy tonight? Why do you treat Alley so poorly?

“She chased me incessantly all through high school, but I could tell she really didn’t like me, if you know what I mean.”

“Not like Suzie liked you, you mean?”

“Yes. Plus she was always so pushy and had to have her way and have the last word every time! If her Mom and mine weren’t friends, I would have told her off long ago.”

“So you suffer in silence and then vent your spleen on me, is that it? And she hasn’t been pushy so far. She has been very nice to me!”

“She does seem to have gotten a little nicer, I’ll admit that. You two seem like best buddies already.”

“I like her, and I’m guessing she has lots of acquaintances but few friends. Can we agree to treat her based on how she acts now, not how she acted in your prep school?”

By this time we were at Alley’s house, and she got in the back seat. “Thank goodness! My mom was about to drive me insane already! I’ll go to any movie just to get out of the house!”


Sarah was using her smart phone to try to find a motel room nearby when a pair of moving headlights caught her attention, and dark sedan pulled out of the driveway and headed west toward Preston Road. She followed. They turned north on Preston, and soon pulled up to a house at least twice as big and three times as ostentatious as Robbie’s, but on a much smaller lot. That same Alley girl that had driven them up from Austin came out of the house and got into their car. As it pulled back out onto Preston, she caught a glimpse of Robbie driving. Her heart leapt into her throat. Why was her Robbie with those other women instead of her?

She followed them west and south to a giant and brand new looking mall that seemed as big as the entire ESU campus. There was a sixteen screen cinema complex on one end, and that’s where Robbie drove. She stayed with them as they parked and went into the theatre entrance, but she took so long parking and did not see which individual screen they went into. She also did not notice that Robbie led the two girls, over protests that they might be late for the start of the film, to an ice cream place inside the mall where he bought a large dish and began to wolf it down. Scanning the show times, she saw three likely movies, and checked all three, not spotting them, and then her cover was almost blown as she just about walked right into Robbie when he put his ice cream dish in a trash can as both of the other girls urged him to hurry up. Luckily, Sarah had on her blonde wig and big white plastic glasses, also suggested by the article she had read. They went into SkyFall, and Sarah took a seat many rows behind them. Robbie sat in the middle with the two interloper girls on either side of him.


Robbie thought he sensed a strange Suzie signal just before he went into the movie, and it made his hair stand on end. It was not as disturbing as Melanie’s meltdown, but it was in that direction and yet it somehow seemed familiar. Maybe it was just being around Alley and Nora plus an insulin reaction to the big dish of ice cream he had just polished off? His hunger pangs were happily almost gone. The girls tugged him into the movie, and suddenly they were all lost in the world of James Bond. Robbie knew he would like to get lost in the arms of Nora Upman.


Ronnie Roberts chuckled to himself as he thought about his son’s return home. Robbie had never done anything by half measures, and his college education was apparently no exception. Ronnie used to be worried that the boy would be born retarded and talentless, but he spoke early, leaned to read early, and when he did start school, immediately got moved up several grades. He seemed to physically mature a little more slowly that most, like most Roberts males did, but when his voice finally began to crack at age 14 he almost immediately began to ask why Suzie Packard made him feel funny, like she was staring at him behind his back. When he went off to ESU, Ronnie was hoping that his boy would just manage to connect with a few woman and get laid his first semester, but it sounded like he already had enjoyed a lot more and better action than Ronnie himself got in four years of learning to use his talent at the University.

He sure brought home a rattler with that Nora, too. Classy, gorgeous, smart, well spoken, and also some sort of anti-talent? How could Robbie just be friends with someone like that? He was right about her signals, though; they were strangely attenuated, almost like they were being strangled. And he had never, ever seen that suspicious old war hound Eldee take to someone like that, but the tough old bitch was now defending Nora like she had her last litter of puppies, and seemed just as content about it too. The other dogs were acting strange also, and Ronnie had learned to pay attention when any of them did that, much less all four of them. As soon as Robbie and Nora left, the other three dogs stopped running in and out of the doggie door and checking the yard every two minutes, and came in, drank some water, and settled down and went to sleep. Eldee, on the other hand, began going out of the door in their stead. Ronnie watched her, and she went out the driveway and sniffed the air toward the road, perhaps wondering how long until Nora got back? It made him nervous.


Sarah figured her targets would be in the movie for a while, so she found a spot in the food court from which she could watch the movie exits and had some supper. She didn’t want to overdo it: she had to keep her figure nice for the wedding. She used Orbitz to find a hotel room in nearby Frisco, Texas, and made a reservation: she was getting a little tired. She used the restroom and then went back to her car, from which she could watch Robbie’s car. She just had to make sure not to fall asleep.


Both girls gave me hell, but my stomach was growling again and I went back after the movie and got two scoops in a cone, telling them if they didn’t want to wait they could walk. The both razzed me about my sweet tooth on the way home. When we got back to Alley’s driveway, she said “Robbie, I need to tell you something, and Nora, I want you to hear it too.”

I had heard that tone before from multiple females. To me it meant ‘turn off the engine we are going to be here for a while’ so I did just that. Nora and I both turned toward the back seat expectantly, but I could not even guess what Alley had on her mind.

“I wanted to apologize, Robbie, for the way I acted toward you in high school. I was chasing you, but for all the wrong reasons, and I now realize you had no interest in me at all, sexually, so I just made you feel uncomfortable.”

I got some sort of simultaneous Suzie blip from both of them, sort of the baby version of the way it was when Lara and Suzanne got all fired up and their signals resonated and beat together. Was this mild signal empathy and shared feelings and the other strong one shared passion and ecstasy? I then spoke without thinking, my usual modus operandi.

“Actually, Alley, I always thought you were nice looking and smart, I was just put off by how aggressive you were, plus I didn’t really think I was the man of your dreams either.”

She laughed, a sad little burst. “I’ll be honest. I was just horny as I could be all the time in high school. I wanted to jump everything in pants. I had it so bad that I actually asked my mother, God forbid, for advice about it. She told me to wait as long as I could until I found ‘someone special’ but that if I just couldn’t wait, I should try to seduce you. I had told her you were one of few guys who hadn’t screwed Suzie, and she said you would not gossip and tell everyone if I did go all the way with you. That’s why I was so aggressive. You were the only real option!”

That explained a lot. But wait a minute. “It wasn’t that I didn’t find you attractive Alley, absent all the aggressiveness, but I never ‘went all the way’ with anybody in high school!

She looked shocked. “Debbie Grossman said she was going to do you after the junior prom, and afterward she said it was fantastic! What about Cecille Dunlavy?”

“Nope. We had some nice make out sessions, but that was it. I promised my parents and grandparents that I would remain celibate until my 18th birthday, and I did.”

“But your birthday was after graduation! So even if you found me attractive, you would not have… you mean I never had a chance to get you?”

“Not back then.”

She was silent for a minute, and then her face contorted. “My fucking mother! She’s besties with your Mom. She must have known about your promise. That’s why she sicced me on you! She knew you were safe target that I couldn’t hit! That manipulative bitch!”

I suddenly thought of something. “While we’re playing truth or dare here, Alley, what about that time at the country club that you lost the top of your suit? Did you do that on purpose?”

She turned so red that it was obvious even with just the light from her porch lantern coming into the car. “That was an accident! But it got me hot as can be, and it freaked my Mom right out, too. In fact, that gives me an idea….”

She opened the car door and I got out so I could walk her to her front door. I paused and she hugged me. “Robbie, if I ask you a big favor will you please help me out with something?”

“Maybe, but I need to know what it is.”

“I need to think about it a little more, but Sunday night, right after Thanksgiving, I may want you to take me out somewhere!”

I got back in the car, and Nora tickled me and said “My my, another fit bird that wants to nest with you! I tickled her back and soon found my hands cupping her breasts. We had one quick wonderful kiss, and then she shut herself and me down completely.

“No, I mustn’t! Let’s please go back to your house.”

When we got back my Dad and Eldee were waiting up for us. Nora bid everyone good night and Eldee started up the stairs with her. Nora turned to my dad and asked “Is she allowed to sleep upstairs in a bedroom?”

He laughed. “Eldee and all of our dogs pretty much have the run of the place. She seems to have decided to herd you and guard you, Nora, and I’m not sure we could stop her if we wanted to.”

Nora ruffled Eldee’s ears. “I would love to have you with me old girl! Let’s go.” They disappeared up the stairs. I suppose I would have to tell Nora how Eldee and all our dogs were trained, and what they were capable of. Nora may have been the safest young lady in Texas that night.

I spent a few minutes talking to my Dad about Alley, and her mother. He laughed. “That sounds just like something Alley’s mother would do. She sometimes prefers manipulation over honesty. That may backfire on her.”

We talked a little more about my experiences at ESU, and I told him about my growing appetite and growling stomach. He said he had the same problem when his talent was ‘growing’ and his college basketball coach made him drink chocolate milkshakes with raw eggs in them to keep him from losing weight. Damn that sounded good right about now! But I went up the stairs and was asleep in my old bed in less than a minute.

I was determined to sleep in, but I woke at my normal time, with my normal hunger. I smelled bacon downstairs and something else new and enticing. I put on my cold weather running gear, brushed my teeth, and made my way to the kitchen. Nora, Grandma, and my Mom all three had their heads together over a cookbook, in deep discussion. Eldee was happily liggen on the floor between them; wagging her stub of a cropped tail (which she seldom did) and watching me approach. The other dogs were once again circling the fence line warily.

Grandma was in control of the kitchen this morning. “Get yourself some bacon and eggs, Robbie, and we’ll have something new coming out of the oven in just a minute to finish your hunger off. Nora is teaching us how to make proper scones, and we’re using the last of the garden blackberries up in the process.”

They didn’t have to tell me twice, and that explained the wonderful new smell. In a few minutes, Nora served me two hot scones, full of blackberries and pecans, with a little butter. I’d never tasted the like. My dad was not far behind me and was just as impressed as I was with the fare. He was off to meet with a client for the morning, and the kitchen crew left on their shopping trip, leaving me to clean up the kitchen. Eldee seemed offended at not being chosen to go shopping so she hung out with me, not doubt her distant second choice. She sat in the driveway and sniffed the air while I used the running path around the pond, putting in five miles, and then doing a mile sprint, and another mile of jogging to cool down. It felt great, but toward the end I got a hint of that same unhappy Suzie that I heard last night, only weaker. The three younger dogs were stationed at the perimeter fence, watching a grey Volkswagen sedan parked on the road near the neighbor’s place. Maybe they had company visiting for Thanksgiving too.

I went back into the kitchen, already hungry, and found a big Tupperware container of incredibly dense fudge and brownies labeled “Robbie” in my grandmother’s hand. They were the perfect emergency stash for my sugar cravings. I went back upstairs and took a shower, putting on some regular clothes just in time to help unload the stuff when the cooking party returned from the shopping excursion, which was substantial, and then was informed that lunch would be out, not in, and that I was coming along, or going hungry.

My mom announced her intentions. “First stop is to buy you some new pants Robbie. Your old ones are all too loose at the waist and too tight in the butt and thighs.”

“Well I have been running a lot more since I got to ESU, Mom!”

“That would explain your waist and thighs perhaps, but not your burgeoning bubble butt! What have you actually been doing?”

Nora sniggered from the back seat, and then said in her cutting English schoolgirl accent “Perhaps lots of ‘traveling lunges’, Master Robbie?”

Luckily we had arrived at the mall, forestalling further such conversation. A few horrible childhood memories were resurrected while I tried on enough pants of various varieties to convince my mother than no standard sizes, which my existing pants all were, could hope to fit me properly anymore. When the salespeople threw up their hands, my mother was undeterred. “Nordie’s” she declared, and we walked all the way to the other end of the mall to the store. The guy in the men’s department took one look and immediately understood the problem, although his eyes seemed to linger on my ass a little longer than I liked. He asked us to wait and called out a guy in his sixties who was a real live tailor, not a clerk. He took some measurements, and asked me to come back in two hours for a fitting. That sounded like our cue for lunch, and I was already starving.

My mother would never be caught dead in a food court, so we left the mall and headed further south on Preston to Whole Foods, were we raided the salad bar. It was a step up from the dorm serving lines, albeit more expensive, and weighing your plate was different touch. Back to Nordstrom’s, and a second fitting, and this had the tailor muttering about another two hour wait. Nora and my Grandma headed for Williams-Sonoma, and my mom made a beeline for the women’s department, leaving me to my own devices for two hours. I had actually never been to this mall before, so a quick look around was in order. I began using the old ‘follow the right hand wall’ plan to try to cover everything, and realized that even after my morning run I still craved more exercise. I also found another ice cream place and took the edge off my nascent after lunch hunger. As I began to see how many attractive women were walking around this place, I realized that I craved something else, too. I wanted to keep my no masturbation policy in effect, but in the present situation I had no real date prospects lined up, and I really wanted someone besides myself to comment positively on the size of my first ejaculation in a while.

I got to the end of long hallway and sat on the only bench that was available, deciding to lurk and listen for Suzie signals. The logistics were not favorable, as I had to be back to meet my Mom in about an hour and forty minutes. I was outside a dress shop that catered to upscale professional women, usually in their thirties or forties. I knew that girls my age generally considered it a store for their mothers and not for them, but given my recent MILF and even GILF sensitivities that was not necessarily a bad thing. The first woman to emerge reminded me of Mrs. Douglass, my thirty-something and widowed first sex teacher, and that reminder caused a very predictable circulatory reaction. I would have to stay seated for a while. The woman clicked by proudly on her medium heels, but sadly sent no Suzie for me.

I remembered my Mom’s rejoinder about not having any one night stands, but what about one hour zipless fucks? What if the woman wanted exactly the same thing that I did? Was my Suzie receiver good enough to gauge the risk of such an encounter? I knew I could probably screen out the next Melanie, but could I tell enough to assess the STD risk of a merely promiscuous woman? All else being equal, I seriously questioned if an older woman who would pick up an eighteen year old guy at the mall two days before Thanksgiving really qualified as a low risk kind of sex partner.


Sarah was very unhappy. Robbie was finally alone in the mall, but he was way down at the end of a long corridor, and she didn’t want to approach such that he might recognize her, even in this wig and glasses, and she couldn’t be sure that she had not worn this same outfit to Rhetoric & Composition once, and that it might trigger his recall. He was just sitting on that bench. Was he waiting for someone? Another lover?


A nice looking woman in her forties emerged from the dress shop, smiled, and even sent some Suzie for me, but as she strutted by I noticed a big engagement ring and wedding band on her finger. I didn’t need any special talent to figure her out.

One of the salesgirls came out, sat on the other end of the bench a moment, and said “Doing a little MILF watching perhaps?”

She sent no Suzie, and stank of tobacco, so I assumed she was on her way to a smoke break. Somehow she got under my skin a little bit. I looked her up and down, and replied “You don’t seem the type for that, but each to his own.”

“I didn’t mean me, you idiot, I meant you ogling the customers!”

“Well, the last two were pretty nice looking, and THEY smelled good.”

Her face turned hard as stone, and she stood up and walked toward the nearest exit. On her way she stopped and talked briefly to a security guard, who gave me a dirty look as she continued on her way out to smoke. Perhaps they were cigarette buddies, but he did not join her outside. Instead, he started toward me. Oh boy. Well, at least it would keep me from thinking about sex for a while, and I could try out some of the stuff Kevin had passed on from his father. I turned on the audio recording app in my phone, with the little special feature from my hacker friend Cisco that saved the recording to the phone company voicemail server every few seconds, and spotted at least two security cameras that should be covering me.

The guard had a body like “Paul Blair: Mall Cop” and a face like Barney Fife. “Time for you to move on out of the mall, boy!” he said loudly.

I hoped Kevin’s dad knew his stuff. “Sir, are you a sworn peace officer operating under color of your authority?” I knew he wasn’t, because a real cop would have handled the situation a lot better, even if I was actually loitering.

I could tell he had never been asked that question. I was not even sure he knew what I meant, which was a formal way to say ‘you are just a rent a cop’. I deliberately skipped the next logical part about him potentially being an authorized agent of the mall’s owners, and went right on, loudly enough for the recording, “I’ll take your silence as a “NO”. Are you making a citizen’s arrest, and prepared to take on all legal liability that entails?”

This time he did open his mouth, but nothing came out.

“I’ll take that as a “NO” also. Are you attempting to kidnap me, Sir?”

He found his voice. “I am the guy that’s going to beat your ass is you don’t move on, shit head!”

“I don’t think such profanity it appropriate, and I am sure your employer would not approve. On what basis are you asking me to leave?”

“I’m not asking, shithead, I’m telling. You are loitering and I am throwing your ass out of here!”

I looked at his name tag, “Well, Jerry, are you prepared to tell the REAL police how you know I’m loitering? Because I have two very recent merchant receipts in my pocket, and I am sure several cameras recorded me trying on clothes and making those other purchases. And there are at least three witnesses and two cameras watching us right now. So I am afraid you would end up apologizing to me, and maybe losing your job. Is that what you want?”

He smiled. “Those cameras don’t have audio, dumbass. As far as they can tell, I am just asking you to leave on the basis of a complaint from a woman who works in a store here. When you made a verbal threat towards me, I was forced to defend myself, all in policy, plus I get to enjoy messing up your face!”

He suddenly drew a little collapsible baton, and took a stance like he was going to hit me with it. I didn’t have time to think, but it triggered the reflexes I developed when playing doubles tennis, to make sure my partner’s racket didn’t hit me in the face. I ducked, sidestepped, and took two steps back, watching him warily. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tennis racquet to block his next swing with. He lunged toward me, but tripped on the bench and went down in a heap.

For the benefit of the witnesses, and my recorder, I loudly said “Would someone please call the cops? I am afraid this nut is going to cause me serious bodily injury!” I took several more steps back. The cameras would clearly show that he was pursuing me, not responding to a threat, and the audio recording should seal the deal.

“What’s the problem here, Jerry?”

This guy looked like the supervisor, or sergeant, or whatever you call him. I couldn’t tell how much he had seen, but I did sense that he wasn’t Jerry’s biggest fan.

“No problem, Sir. I just tripped over the bench.”

The supervisor looked at me, then back to Jerry. I shrugged, and said. “I’m sure you will check the security tapes as a matter of course. That should tell you all you need to know.” Jerry looked very nervous at this. By this time the stinky smoking salesgirl had returned, perhaps to gloat. I showed her that the recording app was running on my phone. “This young lady may be able to shed some light, too.” I did not tell her when I had started the recording.

She spoke to the supervisor, and he asked her a couple of questions, and then turned toward me. “Sorry for the misunderstanding, Sir.”

I got back to meet my Mom at Nordstrom’s with about two minutes to spare. Grandma was waiting for me.

“Your mom and Nora went off looking for something upstairs. They’ll be back in few minutes. Meanwhile, I wanted to ask you about your ‘birder’ girlfriend, and Nora. Do they know each other?”

“I don’ think so. My birder girl got a job offer in England, so she is heading out right after graduation in May to take a job as some sort of entry level museum curator, apparently quite a rare starting position in her field. Suzanne, Nora’s friend that I have been dating since September, knows about the other girl.”

She looked at me sideways. “How did strip birding go?”

“I learned a lot, grandma. Be sure to pass along my special thanks again to the Hocheim’s. Their place is fantastic. I don’t think I will even forget my first Whooping Crane, nor my first Black Legged Kittiwake. Very memorable, but I’m not planning to change majors to Ornithology.”

“Does she know you really liked her?”

“Grandma, I can honestly say she will always remember that I worshipped her when we were together.” Grandma smiled.

Nora returned with my Mom, who took me back to the tailor again. She had ordered four pairs of pants altered for me: grey, navy, and two in khaki. I could sense some Christmas presents coming, too. I thought my long ordeal was over, but then she insisted that I select two suits, since my current ones were several years old and wouldn’t fit either. The tailor said he now had my measurements on file, and he could alter them and have them ready for pick up tomorrow after 4. They were a considerable upgrade from my current suits, which were both 2 for 1 JC Penney specials that weren’t exactly top of the line to begin with. I had to admire his salesmanship as he reminded my mother that now that since my measurements were on file, she could order any clothing from their store for me and they could alter it and ship it to me with almost no effort on her part.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with cooking and planning for cooking. Mom, Grandma, and Nora scheduled themselves like surgeons, with Eldee guarding Nora at all times, and my Dad and I were like operating room technicians, responding to their demands to fetch, peel, chop, boil, and anything else they demanded. All of the ovens were in play, and most of the stove burners. Nora was fascinated by the tamale making process, and I was getting hungry anticipating dinner tomorrow night. But there was light at the end of the cooking tunnel, as my Dad and I were detailed to go pick up my cousins at the airport. Before we left, I spent a few minutes alone with Nora, telling her about the dogs, and warning her about not discussing anyone’s ‘talents’ around my cousins when they arrived, and I told her why. She looked sober and said that she understood. I kissed her, and she kissed me back. She also told me that we had a date with Alley for the Sunday night after Thanksgiving: Alley was going on a little ‘adventure’ and we were going to be her wingmen.

My Dad and I headed out to get my cousins, counter-commuting on the way in toward the airport, but we knew we would be in the thick of rush hour traffic on the way back to the house. He had a flight tracker pulled up on his phone, and he was a grandmaster at timing flight arrivals at DFW. Their flight was delayed, as usually happened with those DFW segments originating at BOS or LGA, but not too long. We met Uncle Ted and Aunt Martha, and all three sons: Teddie, Mikee, and Jeffie (you just can’t make this stuff up) and then went down to the baggage carousels to collect their luggage. When we finally got it all loaded, we made for home, and crawled through the rush hour traffic, congested even on the toll ways.

By the time we got back, it was almost completely dark outside, and the three younger dogs were out riding the fence again. My Mom began greeting everyone warmly, but when Jeffie walked in the door, Eldee went on red alert, barking at him like she had found the bad guy while on revieren. My dad put her on a zit, and then took Jeffie by the arm and moved him closer to her. She quivered, but did not bark. She nosed him, right on his shirt pocket.

Dad said “What have you got in there?”

“Nothing. None of your business.”

“Did you bring dope here on the airplane?” Uncle Ted asked gruffly.

“It’s just pot. It’s practically legal. And you freak out if I drink with my buddies!”

Uncle Ted shook his head, “You stupid fucking piece of shit!”

Ah the never ending joy of family visits during the holidays! A few moments later I heard the toilet flushing. This might explain all three cousins’ lack of developing their ‘talent’. I recalled my Dad saying that regular use of drugs or alcohol, especially before the age of 17, or using ‘E’ anytime, can reduce or even extinguish our abilities. I hope they had really enjoyed whatever they used, considering what they may have given up. And two of these brilliant young gentlemen would be staying in the bedroom right between mine and the one Nora was in. Perfect. Not a dull minute! At least I knew that Eldee was a very light sleeper, and wouldn’t tolerate any intrusion into Nora’s space.

Mom and Grandma had set up a giant and very well stocked sandwich buffet in the kitchen, complete with several cold salads, pickles, olives, and veggies and chips with dips. The family trooped through in various moods. My first thought was to sit outside on one of the patio tables facing the garden. Even though it was dark and cold, it felt better to me than sitting inside in the bosom of our extended family right now. Nora soon joined me, with a couple of dainty half sandwiches, but also a big helping of Grandma’s unique German mustard potato salad. I had never seen her eat so heartily.

“This stuff is incredible! Better than any I had in Germany. How does she do it?”

“Well, that’s her secret, but I can tell you she grows three different kinds of potatoes for it, and makes up the sauce about three days in advance so it can ‘brew’ as she terms it. She also uses three different kinds of mustard, and some kind of special vinegar, too. I have never tasted anything even vaguely like it, either. I have to warn you, though, it gives you strange dreams!”

“What kind of dreams?”

“It might affect you differently, but for me they are always exotic and erotic.”

“Did they ever include seeing Alley topless or naked?” She smiled like she had a secret.

“No!” Where in the world did that come from? “What’s up?”

She smiled again. “That’s what we are going to help Alley out with Sunday night. She did get a big sexual thrill out of losing her top at the swimming pool, and it drove her mother absolutely crazy. I am not sure which is the prime motivator, but she is planning to enter the ‘amateur night’ contest at some strip club. She wants me to be her wingman, you to be our escort, and I think she really hopes that her mother actually will find out!”

Wheels were turning in my head. Austin may be the live music capitol of the world, but Dallas is probably the title holder for ‘gentlemen’s clubs’. In between downtown and DFW there is a cluster of a dozen fancy ones, and a perimeter of more downscale competitors around them. Each and every club claims to have the best looking dancers, the best food, and the best drinks, and they all compete for the image of being the most ‘upscale’, named for diamonds, gold, silver, platinum and maybe next even unobtainium. They offer free limo service to the club (but not always back), shoe shine stands, ‘business centers’, VIP rooms, cigar bars, and tasting rooms for single malt scotch, not to mention the overpriced bottles of cheap champagne that the customers buy the girls. And they all hold ‘amateur nights’ with cash prizes. The contestants are usually new dancers hoping to get hired, wives looking to spice things up a bit with hubby (or anyone else who may be interested), and the occasional ‘true amateur’ who is just trying to make her rent this month. The clientele ranges from rich bankers to mid level drug dealers to low income fools who just got paid and will blow their whole check in an hour or two.

“Which club?”

Nora thought a minute. “I think she said it’s the one where all the pro football players hang out?”

That would cover at least two of them, also where the concentration of super macho and drunk drug dealers and gang bangers was highest. “That place has more guns and knives per square foot than most gun stores! It is not a good choice. But if she really insists, there is a place that is much safer, and also where word might be more likely to get back to her mother!”

Nora looked intrigued. I picked up my phone, scrolled through my contacts, and dialed. “Hey Bigun, its Robbie, are you still working at ‘Babe’s Club’?”

Michael “Bigun” Jackson looked nothing like his unfortunate namesake. He was white-blonde, 6′ 6′ tall, and well over 330 lbs. He was about 3 years older than me and had played ‘nose tackle’ on our high school football team, and excelled at being an immovable object in the middle of the line. He would soak up at least three blockers while the linebackers behind him made all the tackles. He spent at leasts three hours a day in the gym from the time he as 13, and was rumored to have once ‘bench pressed a Volkswagen”. I wouldn’t bet against it. He had dated my older sister for a while, until she gave him that kiss of death phrase ‘I like you but as a friend’. He also refused to call on Suzie, and he and I would sometimes commiserate when he picked my sister up or dropped her off. He was a genuine good guy, but with some hard luck.

He got a football scholarship to WTTU, but flunked out spectacularly, majoring in beer and babes, finally getting lots of ‘fat little girl friends’, as his former coach Spike Bleach used to call them, but just he didn’t make it to enough of his classes to pass any of them. When he came back to town and started taking junior college where my mother taught accounting, he got an evening job as a bouncer in one of the second tier strip clubs. I helped him get through most of his classes, and he used to regale me with tales of the stupid stuff the strip club customers did. He was one of the best bouncers they ever had, because nobody ever thought seriously about taking him on, and when he needed to throw someone out he just gently picked them up and carried them outside, with little wear and tear on the customer or the furniture, and there was no shame to having the ‘Bigun’ toss you out. It was sort of a badge of honor. He finished junior college and started school at UTA, studying business, and soon became the assistant manager of the club.

“Yeah, I’m home for Thanksgiving, and wanted to touch base with you, and ask you a question. I have a friend who is determined to dance at amateur night somewhere, and I wondered if I bring her over to Babe’s if you would watch out for her?”

“Well, you might know her. I used to call her “Alley Shitty’. Yeah, that’s the one. Yeah, I think she wouldn’t mind that: something about teaching her mother a lesson. No kidding!”

“Okay, Sunday night, about ten? OK, buddy, I’ll see you then, and drinks are one me. Really? I don’t either. Ok!”

I polished off my sandwiches, and then went back to the impressive display of cookies and candy Grandma had put out. She made stuff you could not get anywhere else: anise seed cookies, homemade licorice, little one bite rhubarb tarts, and some strange herbal candies she called her ‘special horehound’ drops. They were dusted with sugar like lemon drops, except they were brown and square, and they tasted like nothing else I had ever had. I always liked them, but she didn’t make them very often.

I loaded up my plate, and Nora got a few of them and some of the other more unusual choices, and then Grandma stopped us at the end of the line.

“Robbie, take it easy on the horehound drops. You liked them even when you were little and most kids don’t, and now that you are past eighteen they may have some new and different affects on you, if you take my meaning. And, Nora, dear, I have no idea what they may do to you!”

Grandma must have gotten the full briefing from Mom, after Mom had gotten dad to spill all the beans. Nora smiled and said, “Well, I have Eldee to watch over me tonight!” and took about half as many of the drops as I had. Mom was talking to Aunt Martha, presumably assuring her that all of them were invited to the open house at Alley’s. The cookies and candy tasted better than ever, and Nora and I both polished ours off quickly. Nora gave me a funny look as we washed off our plates and put them in the dishwasher.

Of our visiting family, only Aunt Martha wanted to go to the open house with us, and I think Uncle Ted planned to stay home to watch over his three boys, who were planning on watching TV, and it might have been wise. The rest of us loaded up in the car and headed for Alley’s house. Her parents had been doing an open house like this for years, even in their old house, and the guests were a mix of the families of some of my high school friends, some of Alley’s dad’s employees, her mother’s real estate clients, and a few other neighbors. It seemed like a lot longer than 6 months since I had seen some of these people at school, and I was interested to find out what my newly developed Suzie abilities would tell me that I had never noticed before.

One the way over, I got another text:

SUZANNE: still sad and bored. I finished grading papers and that was most fun so far!

ROBBIE: ({})

SUZANNE: not looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital cafeteria

ROBBIE: wish you were here instead

SUZANNE: they exercise him manually and talk to him all day hoping for a response. I am helping. It hurts.

SUZANNE:he has lost 40 lbs of muscle and it kills me to see him but maybe we can still get through to him.

ROBBIE: ({})


Sarah saw the headlights of a car leaving Robbie’s house, and followed it over to that Alley chick’s big fancy house. There were so many cars parked along the street that she couldn’t get close enough to see if Robbie was actually in the car, and she didn’t want all those people going in and out of the house to see her. Her frustration knew no bounds, and she knew she had to leave for Texarkana soon. She drove back to Robbie’s house and drove into the driveway. She was going to walk right up and ring the doorbell and see if he was there, and if he was, demand some answers. She pulled in from the road, and drove boldly up to the front of the house. She parked her car, but before she could open the door, she realized that she was now surrounded by four big black dogs: left, right, rear, and front. They looked almost identical, but the one in front was a little smaller and had some grey markings on its head. Sarah reached for her door handle, but the dog in the front moved over toward the driver’s side door and growled. The message could not have been clearer.

Sarah sat still, and so did the dogs, watching her closely. She realized they were not going to let her get out of the car. She made a decision. No need to get a hotel room for tonight and watch in the morning. She would go on to Texarkana now to have turkey dinner at her grandmother’s house with her family. Staying here too long would raise too many questions from her mom. But she would spend all of her free time planning, and when she got back to ESU, she would put her plans in effect. By Christmas, she knew would have the best gift of all, Robbie!


The open house was pretty much what I expected, but the Suzie signals were not. I heard subtleties and overtones I had never detected before, and saw instant detailed images without consciously finding the carriers and having to concentrate on them. I felt an undercurrent of connection with Nora, like there were hot little signals bouncing back and forth between us. Mrs. Demetrius, our old neighbor who had lived next door to Mrs. Douglass, was sending some serious Suzie for her husband, all very conventional, but some of the images I was receiving of her plans for him were anything but. The Wilkerson’s, who lived next door to Alley, had invited another couple over to relax in the hot tub after the open house, and Mrs. Wilkerson was planning on suggesting that they all forego suits in the tub, just to see what might happen, and she certainly knew what she wanted to happen.

Nora seemed to get along well with everyone, and several people made the same kind of comments to me that Cactus Jake Warner had about how lucky I was to have found her. When I made eye contact with her across the room, I got this incredible feeling of warmth and acceptance, as if she already felt for me what Lara or Suzanne did after one of our marathon multi-orgasmic sex sessions. I gently tried to access her flight data recorder, and found it wide open and effortless to read, even though she was wide awake and actively engaged in a conversation. Man, whatever was in Grandma’s horehound drops must be amazing stuff.

When we got back home, all three cousins plus Uncle Ted were playing spades at the card table, with MTV on the LCD in the family room and Aunt Martha was reading a book at the kitchen table. All four dogs were inside for the first time since I had been home, and the three young ones had stationed themselves right outside the family room, essentially between the cousins and the rest of the house. Eldee was in the kitchen, but she instantly came over to Nora, and sat for a greeting, again something I had only seen her do occasionally, even for Grandma, who was already upstairs asleep. Nora sat on the couch in the sun room that adjoined the kitchen and Mom and Dad and Aunt Martha bid us all goodnight and headed to their bedroom. Eldee circled around and herded me toward Nora, and kept shoulder blocking my leg until I sat next to Nora. As soon as I did, Eldee curled up, touching Nora’s feet, and contently went to sleep.

Nora smiled at me, and said “I want to tell you some things!”

I took her hand and said, “Me too, but ladies first.”

She looked a little uncomfortable as she began. “Do you remember when you said that if I would show you my feelings for you, that you would show me yours?”

I nodded, thinking back to the wonderful things I had seen in Alley’s car, and just felt at the open house.

“Well, when I went to sleep in the car I assumed you would be able to sense my signals for you. Did you?

I decided it would never be right to hold back anything from Nora. “Yes, and I liked what I found. I also now know all about Hannah and Jalen, and your feelings for Suzanne, too. “

She stared at me slack jawed, amazed. Obviously she didn’t anticipate that kind of extensive disclosure. “Oh my God! How do you react to …what you learned about, me and …them?”

I held her hand even more firmly. “My first thought is still valid: they had the good taste to be attracted to you, and bad judgment in the way they treated and ultimately lost you. I think I need to show you my feelings now.” I bundled up all of my visions of her, and the amazing response I had when she sent hers. It wasn’t a Suzie blast; it was more a gentle flow, increasing as I found her accepting it. I showed her my joy in being with Suzanne, and Lara, and Millie, and showed how I already felt that for her even though we had never spent a night together. Her eyes grew very wide. Maybe I should have held back, but I showed her my revulsion at the ugliness I found in Melanie’s meltdown, and she almost lost consciousness.

Then she looked at me with shock. “Those images came from you that night at the dorm! That was the worst nightmare I have ever had. I felt horrible for days. Maybe my parents were right to warn me away from men like you.” That was definitely not what I wanted to hear, and she looked really shaken. “But now I know how you feel, and I appreciate your honesty. I need some time to think, and I still need to talk to my parents before I make any decision.” Eldee looked at both of us funny, tilting her head from side to side, made a little whining noise, and then followed Nora up the stairs.

Thanksgiving dinner turned out to be incredible. Thanks to Nora’s help, my Grandma made all of the wonderful old dishes that I remembered as a little kid, and Nora made some kind of sweet potato casserole that even I liked, and some gingerbread bar ‘brownies’ that blew me away. Even the cousins went crazy for all the food and Nora and my grandma seemed to have really bonded. She praised Nora as a quick learner and for how well the old family recipes were executed, and I was so full that I was almost somnambulant as the ESU football game began. I should have gone directly to sleep, because the football team already had. It was a disaster, ’nuff said. There was a great selection of wonderful leftovers to help sooth my football disappointment, but Nora remained a little stand offish toward me, even though Eldee continued to herd us toward each other at every opportunity. Sunday afternoon we took the Boston crew to the airport, and I think everyone felt better after that, including them.

Nora announced to my parents that we were going out with Alley tonight, maybe to meet up with some of her sorority friends or drop into a party or ‘go someplace to dance’, so we would be out very late. Very smoothly worded, I thought: should we call her a barrister or a solicitor? But she was golden with my folks, but Grandma did suggest taking Eldee along for security, which we laughed off, but also said she felt good that I would be designated driver for the evening. Both girls wanted to leave at lot earlier than I did, but I explained to them that according to Bigun, amateur night usually went very late into the night, and the final winner would likely not be announced until 2 AM or so, and if we got there by 10 PM we would be fine. On the way over, they giggled and told me about studying stripper moves from Google yesterday to prepare Alley’s dance routine, and learning how to make up Alley’s ‘stripper name’ from her middle name and the name of the street her family lived on when she was born. Tonight Alley would enter the contest as ‘Constance Normandy’, and I could already hear a pretty strong Susie signal as ‘Constance’ visualized her exhibitionist fantasies. She would get lots of applause, too. She wouldn’t have the biggest chest, but I’ll bet she would have the prettiest face and hair, and if the audience caught her vibe of a first time stripper that loved living out her fantasy, they would really appreciate her act. She might even win.

We got to Babe’s at 10, and sure enough we had to wait. Bigun came out and showed us to a table right up front: I introduced him to Nora, and he spoke up and said hello to Alley and said that he remembered her from Prosperous High. She turned pasty white, and then red, but then got this sly look, perhaps as she imagined her mother hearing about all this. But then I detected a moderate Suzie signal from Alley that chirped and then sounded steadily, for none other than Michael ‘Bigun’ Jackson.

A few minutes later a really hot looking girl in her late twenties named Donna came out, and said Bigun had asked her to come by and give Alley a few tips. She told Alley she had a great face and a great ass, and Alley giggled. She said Alley should play up those features during her routine. She told her to take off her skirt early in her first dance, and show the audience her ass a lot, and then to wait to take her top off right at the end of the number, so the audience would anticipate and enjoy the ‘breast reveal’ but not have time to compare her 34C’s to some the other dancers. They went over Alley’s music choices and agreed on the points in the first song at which she would take off her skirt and then her top.

But then things got much more interesting, when Alley said “And I guess I’ll just do the same thing for the second song, then.”

Donna smiled patiently. “Well, in a word, no, dear. The second song will be very different, and usually decides the winner. You will start out topless, and then by the end of the song take off your panties.”

Alley froze. Clearly she had not done her homework. “But I thought you couldn’t have fully nude dancers in a club where you serve alcohol!” Nora sputtered, but said nothing.

Donna smiled. “That’s why the contest runs so late, honey! We make a last call for drinks about 1 AM, and then stop serving alcohol right before the final round of the contest begins. It works out great!”

Alley was clearly not ready for this. Topless she had prepared herself for, but fully nude was not what she was expecting. Then I saw her face change, and heard her Suzie wax incredibly. It was a veritable beacon in the night! She could not only do this final dance, she was ready and willing, and she wanted Bigun to watch. In fact, I’m not sure anyone could have stopped her.

Nora said “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Alley gulped and said yes, and then Nora winked at her. Donna gave her some tips on the final song, urging her to finish up by standing with her back to the audience, looking over her shoulder coquettishly, before dropping her panties, again emphasizing her ass, and then, after she stripped off the panties, putting her legs wide apart, bending over to look at the audience upside down through her spread legs, highlighting both her ass and face.

Alley’s Suzie signal went crazy, apparently as she visualized what she would do. She liked it, and she hoped ‘Bigun’ did too! Nora whispered in Donna’s ear then Donna whispered back in hers, and rose to leave the table. “I’ll see you back in the dressing room. I’ll try to put you on late in the group for the first dance. So think hot and sexy, girl!”

The DJ at the club was just as big an asshole as every one of them that I had ever heard of, but his act seemed to be what the audience was expecting, and they were drinking and cheering at a rapid pace for the regular dancers, and obviously anticipating some fresh meat coming up on stage soon. The DJ announced the start of the contest and the first ‘little lady’ who was described as a housewife from Irving. There were loud cheers as she took the stage: this was obviously not her first time there, and she was pretty good, at least, I enjoyed her work immensely. The second dancer was even better, and soon Alley was moving around to the music in her seat. The third dancer was even better still, her ‘topless reveal’ displaying some spectacularly erect nipples, and frankly, it was getting hot in here. I ordered another diet coke.

Donna appeared at the dressing room door and motioned to Alley. She gulped, and then rose and went through the door. It really was getting hot in here. The next dancer was named Charlotte, and she claimed to be from Charlotte, North Carolina, and she was spectacular. I drained my Diet Coke and waved for another.

Nora put her hand on my thigh under the table and said “My, my, Mr. Roberts! I am surprised to find that you seem to be the kind of bounder that responds to such shameless displays. Should I be jealous?”

Bigun appeared at the table and whispered to Nora. “Alley wants you to come back to the dressing room.” He smiled at me as if to say “I’ll take care of them’ and then went back to guard the dressing room door.

I was really looking forward to catching Alley’s act; especially since I had a verbal preview of it would be like and had been trying to visualize it, just to help out, of course. The stage lights went down, and then came back on and a song called ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails began to play. I had only heard it a few times, but it did seem to lend itself to stripping. Alley stepped out into the spotlight, and I stopped breathing. She stood out like a model shooting a Niemen-Marcus ad at the state fair. She was so much better looking than the other dancers it was stunning, plus it was just different because I knew her. She seemed to be looking right at me, but I’m sure it just looked that way because I was at a table right up front. She did take her skirt off right away, and her legs looked better than all the other contestants I had seen, especially when she kept her back to audience and kept bending over slightly. She was smiling widely and moving very nicely in time with the music, but I was not familiar enough with the song to realize that it was about to end. She moved right over to the front of the stage, shook her ass and legs to the hoots and catcalls from the audience, and then whipped off her top, throwing it right onto our table as she raised her arms up toward the ceiling, as the song ended and the lights went down. The audience hooted and stomped their feet. I almost passed out, as I had forgotten to breathe for most of the song.

A few deep breaths later, Alley sat down next to me wearing a terrycloth robe, and a wicked grin. She gave me a hug, and I told her, quite honestly ‘You were spectacular! You were by far the hottest dancer up there!” I had trouble reconciling her with the girl I had tried to avoid in high school. Her general Suzie signal was reaching new levels of intensity, probably in anticipation of her next dance, but her ‘specific Suzie’ for Bigun was even stronger. I struggled to ask her ‘Where’s Nora?”

She smiled in a funny way. “I think she is using the bathroom.”

I couldn’t help looking at Alley in that robe. She seemed to be enjoying my discomfort. I made myself talk again. “How long will it be until the second round of the contest begins?”

She looked at her nails casually, and smiled primly. “Oh, not too long, but I think there is one more contestant for the first round.” She turned to watch the stage. Her Suzie signal for him spiked hotly when Bigun came over and sat down next to her.

“You were fantastic, Alley. You are easily the most beautiful girl that has ever danced here!” She stared at him adoringly, and he smiled at her in the same way.

The DJ then announced the final first round contestant, as a Nelly song called “Hot in Here” began to play. “Ladies and Gentlemen, our final dancer, from England, is Miss Elizabeth Eaton Square!”

I looked up onto the stage and saw a goddess, with a perfect figure, perfect skin, haunting grey eyes, and a white feather sticking straight up in her platinum hair, and two white fans made of similar feathers held up demurely in front of her chest. I tried to stand up, but the Bigun put a hand on my shoulder to keep me in my seat. I tried to breathe, but found I could not. Nora began moving and twisting to the song, which was a long hip hop number with a grinding beat and multiple references to stripping. She had on a super small bikini bottom and nothing else, and was showing just about everything to the audience but her breasts which she masterfully kept just under those fans. I realized I was just about to go into shock. She showed the underside of her breasts, or the top, or the side, but you never saw the whole thing, and you wanted to, very badly. She had a look on her face like she really wanted to show you, but she just couldn’t decide whether to or not, and the audience was absolutely screaming for her to do so. She made eye contact with me and it took all the air out of my lungs, and I got light headed.

I barely noticed that Alley had put her hand on my thigh, and therefore I didn’t wonder why. Nora had me riveted with her gaze, and the song was clearly just about end with a bumping finish. Just as the last beat sounded, Nora held my eyes to hers and held her hands above her head like a football referee signaling a touchdown. Her breasts were the most wonderful things I had ever seen. I could look at them forever. But on the count of three, the lights went down, and my heart broke, because I could not see them anymore. Then Alley reached down and casually groped my crotch!

“Why Robbie Roberts! I am surprised that you still have any blood anywhere else in your body.” The audience was stomping and screaming for an encore. I was of two minds about that, both quite insane.

The DJ came back on mic and made the last call for drinks before the final round of the contest began. I wondered if they served oxygen, because I desperately needed more than I had. The audience slowly quieted down, and began to concentrate on tossing down a few more drinks before the dancers began again. I was still using all my powers of concentration to breathe. Nora strutted over wearing the same kind of terrycloth robe that Alley had on. There were catcalls and growls from virtually every male nearby as she sat at the table. Alley made a signal to her had held up with her thumb and forefinger touching together to make a circle and I didn’t know if she was saying ‘your dance was perfect’ or ‘this is how big his cock got’. Nora smiled wickedly.

I sputtered at her.”What, …what were you thinking? Why did you go up there?”

She smiled again. “Well, Robbie, I do have your telephone call on hold, so to speak, but I haven’t hung up on you yet! So I want to make sure that I hold your interest for a while, don’t I?”

I could only gawk at her.

“And instead of just experiencing vicariously the thrill Alley was obviously getting, I decided to get a little skin in the game, so to speak, and feel the real thing myself! I seem to recall a discussion with Suzanne about how she was afraid she had ‘missed her wild college days’ until you helped to wake her up. Perhaps you are doing the same for me.”

Donna came back over to talk to both girls, and there were some very pointed comments from the tables around us as to why three hot girls were sitting with me instead of with other paying customers and voting audience members. Nora and Alley both smiled and waved, but stayed put, and so did Bigun, which discouraged any further action. Donna began circulating through the crowd and pumping them up further for the final round, if that was possible.

The first contestants started the second round, and the ‘fully nude’ reveals were spectacular. My new talent at receiving male signals proved disconcerting: there were so many of them in here I just wanted to run and hide. I tried to concentrate on the signals from the dancers only, and they were quite varied. I decided to try to focus on Alley and Nora’s signals and try to shut out everything else. After a few more of the other dancers finished, Alley and Nora went backstage with Bigun as an escort, and I sat alone at the table in anticipation, along with everyone else in the audience. I got a few snide comments about not being to handle girls like that, and almost wished I had brought Eldee along with us, but as soon as Alley took the stage for her final dance, no one there was even thinking about me anymore, including me.

An old Prince song called “Cream’ began to play, and it sounded like 70′s disco merged with the themes from old porn films, but it was definitely a hot and charged up beat. Seeing Alley start out being topless and knowing how she was going to end up was even more shocking than I thought. I focused in on her Suzie signals and tried to understand what this dance meant to her. Maybe it was the after effects of Grandma’s candy, or being more connected to her over the last few days, but I really felt plugged in to her. Alley was enjoying herself, yet she was still scared and excited by being afraid. My next few impressions might more correctly be described as hunches or interpretations rather that specifically deciphered signals, but I was convinced that Alley would never do this again. Her exhibitionist drive did not outweigh her ‘normal’ modesty. There was also another signal I recognized but could not decode its meaning: I had heard it before from Nora, and I knew I had heard it from other woman, but I couldn’t tease out the common factor and what it may mean. Alley then surprised us all. Very early in the song, when the lyrics said something like ‘you are filthy cute and you know it’, she took off her panties and did the full bend over routine that we thought would not happen until the very end. Donna was certainly right about Alley’s ass being a wonderful feature, but I was devastated by her amazing asshole. It was pretty, and pink, and puckered, and I wanted it. I wanted to touch it, play with it, learn about it, tease it, kiss it, and do all the wonderful things to it that I had learned from Mrs. Douglas and had practiced so happily on Lara, Suzanne, Millie, and Peggy. I am not sure if the rest of the audience had the same exact reaction that I did, but they certainly liked her act, and suddenly hundreds of hands were clapping to the beat of the song. When she reached the end and repeated that same very revealing and virtually gynecological pose, she got an instant standing ovation from everyone in the room, and they all stood up and applauded, too.

The DJ had to wait quite a while until the audience calmed down a bit, but my heart was still pounding by the time the next song started. Nora appeared, standing still on the stage with the spot light on, and her wonderful breasts were already heaving as her breath rose and fell in her chest. Those white feathered fans were now held in her hands down over her pubic area like a fig leaf on an old statue, and everyone knew that she had already removed her panties. The anticipation was palpable. She began to move slowly, almost like a Tai Chi routine, turning her body and moving the fans in front of it, giving the audience momentary glimpses of what they desperately wanted to see. Alley sat down next to me, with Bigun right next to her. She leaned over to me and said “She found this dance on the internet, from the 1920′s. She said it was a classic. And she wants you to know that the most important person in the audience is you.”

I heard that same signal from Nora that Ally had sent, and I was suddenly sure Nora that was not going to do this again either. Thank God. I was also sure she was as sexually excited as she had ever been. So was I. The music began, an old Madonna song called ‘Justify My Love’, a very telling title, another video I had seen on those MTV hottest video specials, and it certainly qualified. Loud and literal, the jungle drums set the tone, and Nora’s motions became swifter and stronger. The lyrics became a sing song back and forth interplay of the words ‘wanting’ and ‘waiting’, which perfectly described the audience’s mood. Nora stayed coyly covered by the fans, but then, in time to the beat, she would toss one fan up and reveal a major part of her, then catch it and put it back down, then toss the other fan. In that moment, my little monkey brain and the rest of audience realized that she had a perfect platinum colored bush between her legs, neatly trimmed, a perfect match to her hair, and it was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. I heard a crazed voice say “Mother of God!” and realized it was mine.

Somehow I forced my gaze up and looked her in the eyes. She smiled at me, right at me, and I got that Suzie signal again. Was it like the one that I heard from the married woman at the mall? Was Cactus Jake Warner right about Nora being a one man marrying kind of girl? Or was it simply one man at a time? She locked her eyes onto mine and I felt she had dared me to maintain eye contact while she finished her routine. Could I do it? She began to do alternating left and right kicks, countering the kick out with a covering motion of the fans. It was maddening, because you thought that when the leg went out she was really going to be completely revealed, but the fans moved in tantalizingly to block your view. Again I had trouble breathing. I was not sure if I could stay conscious all the way through to the end of the song.

Nora kept up the kicks, and then began to toss one fan at a time up and over her head and catching it, completely exposing half of her figure while that fan was in the air. The effect was mesmerizing, for a moment, and then the audience went crazy. She smiled, still holding my gaze, and then walked right to the edge of the stage, ten feet away from me. There must be only 30 seconds or so left in the song. She stopped kicking and stopped tossing the fans, just holding them in front of her again. The audience fell almost silent, as if suddenly disappointed. Not for long. She moved her feet out to just wider than the width of her shoulders, and leaned back, showcasing her amazing legs and breasts, but holding the fans back in their fig leaf position. She stared at me and I thought she was saying ‘this is a test’ and I knew I had to keep eye contact with her, whatever came next. Then it happened, she began to juggle the two fans, leaving them both up in the air at all times, offering the audience an unobstructed view of her incredible platinum tinged pussy while her arms moved and her shoulders tensed, perfectly highlighting her amazing breasts. I so wanted to stare, but I knew I mustn’t. And then the audience realized that the motion of the juggling fans was distracting their eyes from the real prize. Just then Nora caught the fans, held them out in her arms far away from her body, an even more brazen display of everything she had.

I watched her chest heave with my peripheral vision, and noticed goose bumps all over her body, but still kept my eyes glued to hers. And then I heard a driving, lighting strike pulsing kind of Suzie that went right through my head and into my brainstem. I was caught like a fish, and she could reel me in to her boat any time she wanted. Apparently she had that same effect on most of the audience, even absent a Suzie receiver, and complete and stunned silence reigned. Then she bowed fully at the waist, fans still out at her sides, but her stance effectively hiding most of her charms. And then the lights went down. There was a moment of silence, and then a thunderous ovation.

It was all anticlimactic after that. Nora won by acclimation, and Alley was second. All the clapping for an encore was in vain, and the DJ announced that the club had to close due to local regulations. Bigun escorted the girls back stage to change back into their street clothes, and I just sat and bathed in the warmth of their performance. I thought I was used to a lot of attention when I showed up at frat parties with Lara and Suzanne, but this was a different kettle of fish entirely. Donna sat down next to me.

“Those girls could both be headliners anywhere, but I think this was a onetime thing for them.”

“I hope so, but it was pretty damn hot, wasn’t it?”

She smiled a sort wan smile. “Bigun says to wait for him here, because he wants to walk y’all out.”

She went into the back room just as the girls emerged through the dressing room door with Bigun. They spent a second hugging Donna, and he spoke to me.

“Good idea, Robbie! We are still doing the totals, but I am sure that was our best amateur night tab ever, and the word of mouth will increase our audience for months. How did you ever hook up with two chicks that hot, buddy?”