This story is a further instalment in the series written for a sexy lady who is the star. The stories are based on her fantasies, ideas/ experiences and friends. This instalment she her once again with her close friend Jenna. As this is a fictional world safesex is not always mentioned.


“Do you want another drink or do you need to get back to work?” Debbie asked Jenna.

“Go on then one more.” Jenna responded.

Debbie went up to the bar and noted the barman having what appeared to be an animated conversation on the telephone behind the bar. As the carried on talking she got the impression there was a problem. As he concluded the call he slammed down the receiver and as he turned towards the bar his face looked angry.

Seeing Debbie his ace lightened and he grinned at her. “Sorry to keep you there. What can I get you?” He asked.

After giving him their order and he started to get the drinks Debbie asked “I don’t mean to pry but you seemed a little annoyed there. Hope everything’s ok?”

He laughed as he placed the drinks on the bar. “We have a bachelor party booked in for tonight and I have been let down rather badly.”

“How so?” Debbie asked as the barman turned to the till.

Turning back with her change he replied “We had arranged some ‘entertainment’ as part of the booking. However, I have been told my booking has needed to be cancelled due to ill health and given the short notice it looks like I cannot get a replacement. The long and sort of it is my boss is going to be beyond annoyed when he finds out”

“It’s not your fault!” Debbie replied.

“Yes, but I took sorted the booking out so I need to get the replacement in place and to be honest it is not looking good.”

Debbie shrugged her shoulders “Why the problem, surely it cannot be hard to find a suitable replacement…. they may be too drunk to notice!”

The barman laughed and beckoned Debbie to lean closer. As she did he whispered “The booking was quiet specific. The party wanted two strippers, a blonde and a brunette. They were to perform then put on a show for the lads. So I need two women who know each other and meet the criteria. As yet no joy.”

Debbie winked at him and whispered back “I am sure you will find an answer.” She picked up the glasses and walked back to Jenna. She handed Jenna the drink and smiled at her.

“Have you got anything planned tonight?”

Jenna replied “Probably a takeaway meal and a night in front of the television with Tom. Why?”

Debbie explained to Jenna the problem the barman was having and suggested the pair of them met the description and Debbie confessed she was up for the possible fun they could have.

“Why not!”Said Jenna.

When they finished their drinks both Debbie and Jenna walked up to the bar.

“Have you sorted out your problems yet?” Debbie asked.

“No, still making calls.” The barman said grinning.

“Well, we are two women. One blonde.” Said Debbie pointing to her face.

“And I am a brunette!” Jenna added making the same gesture.

“You are dancers?” He asked.

“Well we can dance. To be honest we have never performed as such but we would do it as you are stuck!”

“Cheers ladies but they want more than dancers!”

“We guessed they might have other plans.” Debbie said. “Or are you saying we are not pretty or curvy enough?” At this point she pouted and cupped her ample breasts.

“Are you serious?” The barman added.

“Sure. Want to book us, after all this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the person who gets our first ever floorshow, and show us the venue?” Debbie asked.

The barman told his colleague to mind the quiet bar for him and he joined the ladies. He took them into a side entrance which was a corridor which had two doors. He opened the first and took them into a fairly dark and basic room with a couple of seats by a large mirror.

“You ladies can get changed in here. Then when you are ready you come this way.” He led them through a door and they were faced with a large dark curtain.

“This is your stereo for music. Then through the curtain to this.” He flicked some switches by the stereo and as they moved through the curtain they were faced by bright light as they stepped onto a large raised platform.

“You can dance on here. They have asked for a lesbian show. Is that a problem?”

Without saying a word Debbie turned and kissed Jenna full on the mouth and Jenna opened her mouth allowing their tongues to twist and combine.

“Oh I will take that to be a no then!” The bar man said laughing. “So there will be a dozen or so in the party and there will be a security man on the door in the bar as well as one in by the changing room to make sure they behave in here. So 7.30 tonight for an hour and a half is that ok?”

“Yes.” Both the women replied. They made their way back to the bar and as they were leaving the barman stopped them.

“Okay ladies, a couple of things. Firstly I am Paul.” He said extending his hand.

“Debbie.” She replied shaking his hand.

“Jenna.” Added offering her hand.

“Cool, nice to meet you both. Now as you are stepping in you need this.” Paul said handing Debbie and envelope. “See you at 7 so you are ready for 7.30.”

“Sure, see you tonight Paul.” Debbie said before leaving the bar.

Once they were away from the bar Debbie and Jenna giggled and when Debbie opened the envelope her eyes opened widely. “Oh my god!” She said and held open the envelope showing Jenna eighteen $50 notes.

“Fucking hell! We are so in the wrong job!” Jenna said laughing. “Come to my place at 6 o’clock and we will get made up together.”


When Debbie arrived at Jenna’s she was told her friend had told her husband to make himself scarce as she was going out and wanted the house to herself to get ready.

“If he had been here now I am sure it would have degenerated into another threesome!” Jenna said laughing.

“I checked online and we are being paid the full rate for tonight!” Debbie commented.

“Of course, so we had better make sure we are ready as well as putting on a great show.” Jenna replied.

Jenna took Debbie’s hand and she led her up the stairs to her bathroom. The women both stripped off and they stepped into the shower. Jenna turned the water on and she applied shower gel to her hands rubbing it into Debbie’s skin. Debbie stood before her just five feet tall. Her curvy full figure glistening as Jenna soaped and lathered her shoulders and back. Moving her hands down she massaged Debbie’s firm buttocks and her legs. Having rubbed the skin and then rinsed the lather off Debbie turned and faced Jenna. Jenna could not resist the opportunity to suck on Debbie’s stiff pink nipples before she knelt and started to finger Debbie. She licked and kissed Debbie all over her pubic area. Stopping she took the can of shaving foam and shaking it she squirted a ball of white foam into her hand.

Jenna applied the white foam all over Debbie’s groin and then she took the safety razor and carefully and skilfully she shaved her pubic area until it was totally smooth and sensitive. At this point Jenna started to lick and tongue Debbie until she had an orgasm.

“Your turn.” Debbie said as she grinned down at Jenna with a flushed face. Debbie repeated the cleaning on Jenna who is a touch taller, but has slightly smaller breasts as she had 36D breasts as opposed to Debbie’s 34DD. Jenna’s breasts droop slightly lower than Debbie’s but she has large nipples with Braille like bumps all around her areole. She covered Jenna’s pubic area in shaving foam and the slowly and carefully she removed any trace of hair from Jenna. She rinsed the soft pink skin and returned the favour of giving her oral sex until Jenna had also cum.

Having cleaned themselves they killed the shower and towelled each other dry. They made their way into Jenna’s bedroom.

“I have bought us some new gear!” Jenna said as she gestured to the bed. Laid out on the bed were two white t-shirts, two black leather mini skirts and two black thongs.

“Mmmm nice.” Debbie responded. They had agreed these would be their stage costumes and now they sat on the bed and applied each other’s make up. Debbie wore her black eye liner which extenuated her beautiful blue eyes while Jenna placed a layer of green eye shadow on her eyelids to complement her green eyes.

They dressed as they would ordinarily do when visiting the bar and Jenna packed everything into a holdall to take to the venue.


Arriving at the bar Debbie approached Paul.

“Evening Paul.”

“Hi Debbie, are you ready?”

“As I will ever be!” She said laughing. They both walked over to the door which they now knew led to the function room. This time a huge Afro-Caribbean man who was at least 6 foot 6 inches tall was stood in the doorway.

“Good evening ladies.” He said opening the doorway for them. “My name is Wayne, I am in charge of security so any problems or concerns tell me or one of my lads.”

“Thanks Wayne.” Debbie said feeling more secure and confident.

They walked through the door into the private room and immediately heard the loud sounds of the all male party. Debbie peeked down into the dimly lit room and she saw thee were in excess of a dozen men sat in the room.

There were two Caucasian security men in the room who nodded to them. One walked silently to the door of the dressing room and as he opened the door he gestured for them to enter. As they walked past he leaned to Debbie and said

“We will be just outside the doors. When you are ready put the music on and you will have their attention. We will stand by the doors and make sure they behave. Whatever you want to do feel free but anything you are unhappy about just let us know, ok?”

“Sure, thank you.” Debbie answered.

They made their way into the dressing room and silently they undressed and when they were naked they stepped into each of their g-strings then the matching back leather mini skirts. Finally, they put the white t-shirts over their naked tops. Jenna then filled the two pint glasses with water. She placed then against the wall by the door and took a quick look out at the audience.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

“Let’s do it honey.” Debbie said. “At first let’s ignore them and have some fun!”

Jenna placed the Britney CD in the CD player. The music started and through the door the noise level fell as the attention clearly turned to the stage. The first piece of music was a general introduction and Debbie took Jenna’s hand in hers and they walked out onto the stage. The silence of the men was then broken as they cheered, applauded and whistled. The music then cut of the distinctive sound of “Toxic” by Britney. Debbie and Jenna started to dance with each other as the extended mix version pounded out of the speakers. They danced together before breaking apart and facing the men. They danced separately and provocatively and Debbie turned from the men and bent down to reach to her ankles. A huge cheer went up as her mini skirt rose to expose her firm round buttocks to the audience. Jenna danced over to the door and she returned carrying the two pint glasses.

Debbie pulled the chair which was on the far side of the stage then walked towards the front of the stage and placed it a foot or so from the edge of the stage. She sat in the seat and sexily crossed and uncrossed her legs. The men cheered and moved forward. Jenna walked up behind Debbie and she poured some water over the shoulder of her white shirt. The water made dark marks down the cotton and the water rushed over Debbie’s right nipple. She felt the skin of her areola tighten as he felt the chill of the water. Jenna added more water and placed the glass on the floor. She took her hands and rubbed her damp palms all over Debbie’s tits making the material more transparent. The men cheered as Debbie’s full chest became more visible.

Jenna had made a small incision in the neck of the t-shirt and having made the front of the shirt wet she leaned over Debbie’s shoulders placing a hand on each side of the shirt and she tugged across tearing a deep rent down the front of the t-shirt. Debbie’s tits burst from the torn fabric and the crowd went wild. Jenna poured the remainder of the water all over Debbie’s skin making her nipples solid. Jenna then cupped the breasts from behind and flicked the nipples with her nails. Debbie turned and faced Jenna and kissed her deeply.

“Your turn!” Debbie said as she got up from the seat.

Jenna took her place amid more cheers from the crowd she opened her legs wide and lifted her legs up and down in time with the music. Debbie poured water over the t-shirt and repeated the tease again. As the crowd cheers built up and the fabric got wetter she too tore the fabric open and exposed a topless Jenna to the crowd.

At this point the girls danced together once more and their tits bounced and swayed with the music. Debbie turned away and Jenna undid the zip at the back of her skirt and the leather fell to the floor. A cheer went up and she turned to Jenna who turned and allowed Debbie to loosen the zip and her skirt then feel to the ground. They danced in their thongs, each bending over showing the full round asses. They each then hooked their hands into the waistbands of the undies and drew them down and stepped out and discarded the garments. They walked towards the men and moved to each side of the chair. Debbie lifted her left foot and placed it on the seat and Jenna did likewise and placed her right foot on the seat. The women faced each other and they groped each other and took it n turns to tease and suck each other’s nipples as they hardened. They after facing the men they each self sucked their own nipples much to the delight of the men watching them.

Now the two women were fully exposed and the men cheered and whistled as both bare and moist pussies were fully on display under the spotlights. The girls faced each other and manhandled each other’s breasts. They then took it in turns to lick and suck on each other’s rapidly hardening nipples. The men applauded and Jenna leaned over and whispered into Debbie’s ear.

“Shall we play with the man who’s getting married?”

“Oh yeah!” Debbie replied.

Debbie moved the front of the stage and beckoned to one of the men to approach her. She knelt on the stage edge and placed her hands on the man’s shoulders and spoke into his ear.

“We want the main man on the stage now please!”

The man grinned and moved into the audience. A sheepish looking man in his late twenties was pushed and made to get up. He slowly approached the stage and Debbie leaned forward and offered her hand and as he took it she drew him towards her and he climbed up onto the stage.

Debbie moved him gently towards the chair which Jenna had moved through 90 degrees so it was side on the front of the stage. Debbie lowered the future bridegroom into the seat and she whispered into his ear.

“Now Jenna and I will show you how good each of us is at oral sex. You simply have to pick a winner who will finish you off.”

Without a further word Debbie undid his trousers and freed his penis. He took the six inches of swelling penis into her hands and gently rubbed him before she started to move her head down. She pulled his shaft into her mouth and slowly bobbed her head up and down whilst allowing her tongue to go all over his cock. After about a minute she moved away and Jenna took her place. She masturbated him and licked the head of his penis as she looked into his eyes. Her hands cupped and massaged his balls as the crowd cheered and clapped.

Jenna moved away from his cock. Both women shrugged their shoulders and looked at him as he was sat with his hard cock standing to attention and it twitched with his pulse almost in time with the music.

“Who gets to finish you off young man?” Jenna asked. He replied by pointing at Debbie.

Debbie grinned “Yay, another vote for me as the best at giving blow jobs!” She shouted.

She wasted no time in kneeling down and started to perform oral sex once more. She was taking her time giving the man of the moment a really good suck. She looked up at him and his eyes were watching Jenna behind her. Debbie assumed Jenna was dancing and teasing him visually and the crowd were getting rowdier as she must be putting on a show. Then she felt her vagina being penetrated by a dildo.

There was a roar from the crowd as Debbie released the cock from her mouth and looked behind her to find Jenna was fucking her with a large strap on dildo. The men all moved forward to watch the Jenna fuck Debbie.

Debbie turned back and started to lick and suck the hard penis rapidly as she paid all her attention on making the future husband cum. She enjoyed the fucking sensation as she sucked and licked him. Her hand cupped his balls and she felt him twitch, his balls drew upwards and she squeezed his nuts. He pushed his shaft up in her mouth and his cock erupted and he filled her mouth with his sperm.

Debbie released him from her mouth and she moved away from Jenna and she moved to her. She took Jenna’s face in her hands and she moved forwarded and kissed her deeply. They then made a big show of moving the sperm over each other’s tongues and they snowballed. After twirling their cum-soaked tongues together both Debbie and Jenna swallowed the sperm they both now had in their mouths.

Without speaking Debbie laid Jenna on her back and she moved her legs and she lowered herself down onto the dildo. Debbie started to “ride” Jenna and her hand move to her clitoris as she started to masturbate as she moved up and down on the plastic phallus. The men were shouting and cheering Debbie on as she ground her pussy down onto Jenna as she moved her hand rapidly across her swollen clitoris.

As Debbie orgasmed she moaned loudly before she fell forward and embraced Jenna as the rolled around kissing on the stage. With Debbie laid on the stage Jenna climbed off her and she unhooked the strap-on and without a word she squatted over Debbie’s face. Jenna squealed as Debbie probed her with her tongue. Jenna was very damp and her pussy was covered in a mix of her perspiration and juices. Debbie’s fingers tease at the soft pink folds of Jenna’s vagina before she then moved to Jenna’s rear and pushed a finger into Jenna’s anus. Jenna bucked backwards and forwards and her tits swayed. She started to cum and Debbie’s face was soon awash as Jenna’s juices increased and ran down on to her as she licked her to a further orgasm. Jenna moved down and kissed Debbie on the mouth. She could taste her own musky scent on her friend’s face.

“Shall we have a blow job contest?” Jenna asked.

“Oh yes!” Debbie replied laughing.

Debbie turned the music down and Jenna walked to the edge of the stage.

“I want five of you sat in a line to my left and another five of you in the same position but to my right.” Jenna announced.

There was a rush and scrabble as they struggled to get on the stage and quickly the seats were in place and were filled with eager and excited men.

“Cool, that’s good to see you all so keen.” Said a naked Debbie who was walking in front of them. “Now I want each of you to stand up, undo your trousers and drop your clothing and sit down. Then I want to see ten hard cocks swaying and awaiting some attention.”

Without any words the men all did as Debbie had asked and as she and Jenna inspected the men they were presented by ten impressive erections.

“Ok guys I want each of you to do your very best not to cum as Jenna and I visit you in turn.”

Debbie and Jenna moved to the furthest end from each other and they knelt before the hard erection in front of them. The crowd watching started to count down from three and when the yelled go both women moved forward.

Debbie took the penis in both hands and moved her mouth fully over the penis and sucked hard on the cock which filled her mouth. She moved her head up and snaked her firm grip around the shaft and as she moved round she drew her hands up and down. Her tongue flicked the head of the cock and to her right she heard Jenna sucking loudly and she saw her friend’s cheeks bulge and then she pulled her head clear and there was a thread like line of fluid from the shrinking penis to her mouth. The man groaned and Jenna gulped down the sperm. She moved to the next man and Debbie focused her efforts sucking hard as she rubbed the shaft with one hand and with her spare hand she moved her fingers across his scrotum and pushed an extended finger into the man’s ass. She felt the puff of air which she knew meant her mouth was about to be filled. The cock head exploded and hot semen flooded her mouth.

“Dammit!” I curse softly to myself. Could this get any worse? Really could it? My eyes scan over and over this stranger’s patio. First I go to the wrong damn apartment to pick up my friend. I mean, this is where my GPS lead me to, how was I supposed to know it was further down the road? Then on the way back to my car, by some weird and freak accident I dropped my keys and kicked them at the same time. That would happen today. Of all days, it would happen today.

I watched helplessly as my keys were kicked into the vegetation hideaway of whoever lives at this apartment. Come on, who the hell has like a 100 different plants on their porch? These are ghetto ass apartments, nothing more. Probably here to hide illegal activities. Standing on the sidewalk I try to see if I can spot my keys from a distance. No way in hell I can spot shit.

I really don’t want to walk on this person’s porch. I mean it would look weird and they might think I am a burglar or something. That’s the last thing I need today. But I can’t leave without my keys. I can’t even call for help because I left my freaking cell in the locked car! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Screw it, I need my keys. I timidly walk on the stranger’s porch. Maybe I should knock first, tell them the situation. Yeah right. First this is not the best apartments. Well probably the best to get drugs or a cheap whore, 2 things that I don’t really have a taste for. Even if they were not, they would probably call the cops thinking I’m a weirdo wanting to steal their plants. Damn it. I’ll just do this fast and get the hell out of here.

Moving fully on this porch I pass by the front door. Please don’t come out and find me like this. I scan again but don’t see my keys anywhere. Trying to do this fast, I place my foot in between 2 plants and lean over searching for my keys. Scanning and brushing vegetation to the side I try desperately to find my keys. I know it fell over here, I heard it and kinda saw it. I still don’t see them. Damn it!

I move my other foot between 2 other potted plants, becoming completely surrounded by this person’s plants. Brushing more and more vegetation from my face so I can search, I still don’t see my damn keys. I lean over more to try and find them. Hurry up! Find them.

My heart stops beating for a second as I hear a door rushed to be open. Of course, it would happen. The door to the ghetto garden only a few feet behind me swings open. And here I stand, looking like a complete idiot, deep inside the person’s make-shift garden. Damn it. Could this day get any worse.

“What the heellllll you think you doing?” I hear a voice filled with attitude call out. I can’t even see the owner but have a strong feeling she is black or Latina. I look behind me, “Oh. Look, this looks weird but-” Then I turn to see her face. Her face is very upset. It quickly lights up as if she has seen me or knows something about me.

“So you back huh mothafucka?!” she yells in a truly ghetto sounding voice. She yells so loud I am sure every neighbor will be looking. Then again this looks like a place where you mind your own business. Wait, what? Back? “I’m sorry, but I was trying to find my keys, I’ve never been-” I try to explain, but the way she looks at me, she doesn’t understand English.

“Fuck that mothafucka! Tell it to da fucking po-pos!” She says, her head bobbing. Po-pos? COPS?! “Wait a sec.” I say my hands in the air to show I mean no harm. The cops can’t come. Even by some miracle I talk myself out of this, there is no way they will not run my license. When they do, they will see the hundreds, if not thousands in unpaid traffic tickets.

“Wait, wait!” panic sounding in my voice. “Let me explain.” I say, trying hard to get out of the garden. I move in front of her, but she already has her cell out, dialing a number. “Please!” I downright beg. “Let me explain!” I beg harder. She stares at me with hate in those brown eyes. Never before have I felt so helpless. So helpless to some ghetto drug using whore.

“Yeah right, no body steals from me!” She says and walks inside her apartment. “Look please, I’ll do anything, just let me explain!” I beg leaning into her apartment. I’m giving her space, I don’t want to rush in, that would make me look even worse. What can I do? I am so helpless. I am truly helpless. I can’t get in my car and leave, because my keys are gone. I can’t use my cell because it is inside the locked car. I can’t escape because this ghetto ass apartment complex has a locked gate that only opens to a car’s pressure on the road. What do I do?! I can either sit and wait for the cops to some, or convince her not to call them.

“Please, I’ll do anything! Just let me explain.” I beg in fear. The girl looks at me with a raised eyebrow. She stays staring at me, as if trying to think of something. The broken gears in the bitch’s mind are turning. Please…please. Don’t let her call the cops.

“Pull down your pants.” She says out of the blue with an attitude. “WHAT?!” I exclaim in shock. Did she just say for me to pull down my pants? “WHY?” I exclaim again, completely shocked. She can’t mean what I think she means. Her serious face tells me different.

“Pull down your mothafuckin pants! If you want to explain, that’s what you gots to do!” She says serious and firm, but lowering her cell a bit. She stares at me. My mouth is open from the shock. “Why?” I ask again not understanding at all.

“Cause you ain’t gonna run off if you ain’t got no pants. You be easy to spot mothafucka.” She states with attitude, her head bobbing. For a second I am even more shocked, not by the request but that it is a smart thought. That would prevent most from running off. With no pants you are not as likely to run off. Plus people will spot you easier.

Do I really want to pull down my pants? No, I don’t. I mean, I don’t know her! She could claim I exposed myself or something. Plus I am outside! It would be so damn humiliating. Plus anyone could see. Oh God, do I really have to? Either that or jail. I’m not going to assault her. She or a friend of hers may shot me or something.

My hands, almost shaking move down to my belt. For a spilt second I think I see the corner of her mouth move into a smile. I pull on my belt, letting it loosen my pants. I take a very deep breath as I loosen my pants. Am I really going to do this? I feel my pants very loose, then I let go of the belt and pants. My pants instantly fall down to my ankles, revealing my blue boxers to this ghetto bitch.

I stand up straight, trying to keep my dignity. I stand with my underwear showing on her porch. My heart beats hard in shame and fear. “May I explain now?” I say calmly in a much softer voice than before. I stand in front of her, looking at me as if I am an object. She keeps that serious look on her face and takes a step back.

“Come on, get yo white ass in.” She says and motions inside. A part of me rejoices. She isn’t calling the cops. It stopped her. I bend down to pick up my pants, but I hear her clear her throat. Looking up towards her, she shakes her head ‘no.’ Then shakes her finger at me. Great, she doesn’t want me to pull them up. Figures. Great. How do I walk? I begin to walk, taking a very small step. Then another, moving my foot as far as I can with my pants blocking me. God this is humiliating, walking with my pants at my ankles. I move so slow, and I know inside the bitch is laughing at me. I take dozens of small steps, then hop up onto her apartment.

I manage to walk inside her apartment. Taking dozens of steps I head towards the coffee table. Like I figured, its ghetto as hell. My eyes adjust to the dimmer light. Old ugly couch, beat up coffee table, small TV, trash everywhere, everything dirty. Great. Picture perfect of ghetto. Awesome. Lord knows what’s going to happen now. I’m surprised no needles or joints.

“Stop right there, start talking mofucka.” She commands in her attitude charged voice on I am by the coffee table. I slowly start to turn around to look at her. Taking a deep breath I start, “Ok, thank you…I thought this was the complex of a friend. I went to the wrong apartment and when I found out it wasn’t, I was returning to my car. On accident I dropped my keys and accidently kicked into your porch.” I state as fast and plain as I can. “That’s it. This is my first time here. I’ve never stolen anything from you, I swear.” I state, knowing the explanation sounds crazy.

She puts her hands on her hips, overflowing with attitude. “You want me to believe dat? You think I’m stupid?!” She exclaims upset. I refrain from answering my true response. Well there are other words for stupid I would use for her.

“Give me yo pants.” She orders, and motions with her hand. What?! “Come on, you have to believe me!” I say trying hard not to freak out. Pulling them down was humiliating, but giving them over is worse! She points down at my pants, and the look on her face doesn’t show compromise. She may not even understand the meaning of the word, literally. Do I give them over? She will surely call 911 before I could reach her with my pants down. Damn it.

I kick out of my shoes, and my sock accidentally come off. Then I lift my leg, stepping out of my pants, scared and hating this. What makes it even move humiliating is that I see my manhood move within my boxers. Then I step my other foot out, completely out of my pants. Then I kick the pants over to her. She quickly reaches down and picks them up. My pants…such a personal thing in this ghetto whore’s hands.

“Turn the fuck around.” She says or rather orders. Her face is still upset. “Why?” I ask, scared she might hit me, or worse, try to kill me from behind. “Just turn round, or I call po-po.” She says, and makes a twirling motion with her finger while holding my pants. Her other hand holds the cell and her finger is ready to dial. I try to think of something to do, but I can’t. Why do I need to turn around?

Humiliated I turn back around and look at her dirty wall. Dirty wall that has smoke stains, dirt and more. Outside I hear something slam. Looking back I see she is no longer in the room but the front door is still open. Where she go? What is she doing? Then I see her shadow on her porch. She is doing something out there. Does she have a storage room out there? Where is she taking my pants?! Then I get a bad thought. She is locking my pants in the room, I have no idea where the key for the room is. DAMN IT.

She returns though her front door. “Look straight bitch!” She yells upset, louder than normal. I quickly turn and look forward at the wall. “Look, this isn’t necessary.” I inform her, holding my hands together. “I’m not going to hurt, or anything.” I add.

“Shut up! Oh it’s needed. I don’t mothafuckas that steal from me!” She yells, anger in her voice. “I didn’t take anything!” I shout back, becoming very upset, raising my hands up. “Mothafucka, yell again and see what happens!” She yells in almost a growl. Standing looking at the wall without my pants, there is nothing much I can do. If she calls the cops, she could easily say I tried to rape her. And I would go to jail for the tickets to boot.

Think! What does she want? Money! “Look, in my pants, I have money. You can take it, all of it. Just let me get my keys and go.” I say in an excited yet much calmer voice. She would like money. “How much?” She instantly says, very interested. I knew that would work. Ghetto people live for money. I hate to give MY money to her, but its needed. Not wanting to admit it, but I know she will find it anyway. “$200.” I say honestly. She doesn’t say anything for a moment.

“Well white bread, the shit you stole was worth more than that!” She says angry. Damn it! How do I convince her I didn’t steal anything! What would she have that I want?

“Well I don’t have anything else.” I say honestly. I don’t even have my car since I don’t have the keys. I have nothing else to offer her. All I have, literally are the clothes on my back. “All I have are my clothes, and you already took my pants.” I say accusingly, letting her know I am displeased. All I have is my cheap old t-shirt and boxers.

“I’ll take them.” She says in a flat odd tone. Wait, what? Did she just say that? Turning around slowly, in disbelief I respond with “What?” She can’t mean that. I don’t know what she is planning, but this is the end of it. I am not giving her my clothes.

Without hesitation, she brings her cell up to her face. “I warned you bout turning around.” She states and its clear the phone is dialing. Shit! She dialed the cops! I spin around fast, “Ok! Ok!” I say, doing as she wants. Out of reaction I place my hands up in the air to show I am doing as I am told. Ok, look, I have 2 choices. One…the cops, humiliation of jail, OR whatever this ghetto whore is planning and the humiliation of her. I don’t know her, hell she might kill me! As much as I want to believe that, I don’t Something about her doesn’t strike me as murderer. That doesn’t mean she isn’t a crazy bitch.

I wait, hoping she stopped the call. I stare at the dirty wall, praying she won’t go through with it. “Well white-bread. I wants dat shirt.” She says, with enjoyment in her voice. She is enjoying this, it obvious in her voice. The bitch is really loving this. Is she really going to strip me naked?

With a shaking hand, I grab the bottom of my shirt. Slowly I lift my shirt up and over my head. I’m about to be half naked. Once I pull it off, I hold my shirt in my hands as I feel the air on my bare chest. I have no flat abs or muscle chest, but I am in shape. And this whore is going to see it. Why is she doing this? Doesn’t she have some black guy to look at?

“Good white-bread, very good. Now, turn around and throw it to me.” She orders, sounding happy. I turn around very slow, with small steps. Turning around I see her smiling face. That ghetto whore has a pleasurable smile on her face. A wide smile on those big lips of her, and her eyes look me up and down. Just like an object. I toss my t-shirt to her.

A new horror hits me. My…little man… begins to tingle. NO! NOT NOW! I didn’t notice this before, but the ghetto whore is…sexy in an odd way. Her body looks…earthly. She is a tad over weight, but it looks good. Her breasts look fat…overweight. Her skin looks smooth and soft to the touch. NO! Don’t think about it.

“You know, I’ve never seen white-bread before.” She says and looks me up and down slowly. In horror I feel a tent start in my boxers. No…no…no. I stand like this, having to let her look at me for a while. I gulp and wait.

“Well what the fuck you waiting for! Pull them down! Let me see that white cock.” She crudely states. Perverted bitch. My hands move to my waistband of my boxers. If you do this…she owns you. You will be naked, completely naked. Closing my eyes I jerk them down. I feel air on every part of my body, especially my manhood. I am so humiliated.

Naked in front of her I refuse to open my eyes. “So that’s white cock.” She perversely says. “Smaller than what I am used too.” She adds, adding to my humiliation. “Open dem eyes.” She orders. With a deep breath I open them, and see her staring at me with a giant smile. “Underwear.” She says motioning with her hand.

Bending down, seeing my manhood at attention I grab my boxers. I see my naked self in the midst of a dirty ghetto apartment. Once I have my boxers then toss them to her. “Go head and turn round. I wanna see white-bread ass.” She says with a wide smile. Humiliated I don’t argue. I turn around and look at the dirty wall, letting her see my bare ass.

She doesn’t say anything. After a minute I hear the same slam as before. Great. She locked all of my clothes away somewhere in that storage. They might as well be a million miles away. I’m helpless. Even if I got away, she could say this is some sort of sex game. Worse, what if someone here saw me like this?

I hear her reenter the room and then hear her close the front door. Not just close it, but lock it. I just stand like a statue, a naked statue. My backside is exposed and on display just for her. My bare ass, which only a few has ever seen, showing.

“Cute little butt of yours, so cute, so little.” She says, I guess mocking me. I hear her footsteps close in as she walks up to me. I don’t move, I just wait. I can feel her only inches away, behind me. I can even feel her warm breath on my back. She surprises me by putting her hand on my right shoulder, gripping my shoulder lightly. Her skin is so soft and so warm on my naked body. She runs her hand slowly down my arm, which is at my side. Her hand runs down, very slowly, ever getting closer to my manhood. Her fingertips tease me, and then she stops at my wrist, and gently grabs it. What is she doing?

She pulls my wrist back, behind my back, and presses it there, as if saying ‘keep it here’. What is she doing? She releases my wrist, and I keep it there, doing as I think she wants. God this is horrible, having to let her touch me. This strange, disease infested whore is touching me. I feel her hand on my left shoulder and I almost shudder from it. Similar to the other, she runs her hand down slowly to my wrist and pulls it behind my back as well. Both hands are behind me. She isn’t…she isn’t going to handcuff me…is she?

I feel something wrapping around my right wrist. It’s cloth, like lace, and elastic. She wraps it over and over on my wrist. “W-what are you doing?” I ask wanting so bad to look behind me. She stops wrapping whatever it is around my right wrist, but then starts wrapping it around my left wrist, pressing them together. My wrists are touching each other now, she being bound. She is. She is tying my hands behind me. Helpless. I’m more than helpless. I’m helpless to her.

“Just using one of my dirty bras to make sure you don’t try nothing.” She starts in a happy voice. Directly after she pulls on the bra, tightening my wrists. I want to groan so bad from the pain, but it is best not to make her upset. Just let her do whatever she wants. She finishes wrapping my wrist, binding me firmly. Then she lets go, and leaves my hands behind me. Damn it.

I gently pull both arms to test them, but just as I guessed…I can’t move them. I don’t think if I pulled with all my strength I could break this grip. A sicken though runs over me now. A dirty bra? Her dirty bra? Oh man.

“I’ve never had a white-bread before. Your skin is so…light.” She says touching my back with both hands. She holds her palms out on my back. Then she begins to move them around my back, feeling me slowly. “It’s smooth.” She adds. Then she removes her hands from me.

“Yet I’ve had tons of dem look down on me at stores and da bus.” She states, her voice becoming upset. I gulp in fear. Oh please, don’t let her take out some white-man hatred on me. Should I say something? No. Whatever I say would just piss her off. Best to keep my mouth shut.

I jerk as she open hand grabs my right butt cheek, hard. “Such a cute perky ass, white-bread.” She states grabbing it hard. It almost hurts she grabs it so hard. Her other hand moves down and roughly grabs the other cheek. She holds my cheeks hard, then releases them. Her hands then rub over my butt, which against my wishes makes my manhood stand even more at attention. Her smooth skin rubs over mine in very large circles. She rubs and rubs making me more aroused.

Then she pinches me on both cheeks. Out of reaction I jerk forward from the pinch, which only makes her laugh. She is laughing at me. At my little white butt. “I just love that cute little white butt of yours.” She says and then gives it a light smack. Her open hand slaps my right cheek and a small echo sounds around the room. “I mean, there is so much I want to do…” She exclaims and gives it another smack. Damn it! My manhood basically throbs from her smack. I can’t be enjoying this, I can’t. I can’t be enjoying her smacking me.

This is a sequel to “A naked husband party.” You can read that one first if you want but it’s not necessary.

It had been a few months since my wife Karen and her friends had organized a “naked husband party” where the guys had to go naked and were at the mercy of the wives. There had been five other couples there and it was a night I will never forget.

When Karen brought up the idea of having an even bigger version of that party I was intrigued. We’ve had some wild times together and she certainly knew my boundaries, although she wasn’t against pushing the envelope now and then.

Naturally she brought this up with the other couples, namely the wives, and got a positive response. The only thing else I could get from Karen was that she and the other wives had to approach this issue delicately with those they wanted to invite, at first asking if they had ever been to a bachelorette party and how they felt about male nudity.

The guys were to be at our house at 7:30 on the nose. The ladies were to arrive at 8:00, so none of us guys would know for sure who would be there. The same was true for some of the ladies, as the only thing a few of them knew was that a bachelorette-style party was being thrown and it would most definitely be a “hands on” event, if they wanted. They also knew it would feature just regular guys, rather than professional strippers.

Five of us guys were married, and our wives were directly involved in planning this party. Two of my single friends, Jerry and Ted, were there. Both of them had been at the mercy of Karen’s wily ways before so they had some idea of what was going to happen. There was a ninth guy whom I didn’t know, whose name was Chris. He was apparently a neighbor of one of the couples.

The guys and I sat in the basement drinking, while waiting for things to start. We were all pretty nervous, especially Chris as he probably had the least idea of what was in store for us. We could hear the ladies arriving and sat quietly trying to make out some of the voices.

We waited until about 8:30, after all of the ladies had a drink or two into their system, when Karen came downstairs and retrieved our costumes from a nearby closet. They were all identical, a tiny g-string, tear-away stripper pants and a dog collar. I think we were all a little apprehensive, especially after seeing the collar. Karen insisted we put them on immediately.

Even though I wasn’t erect, the g-string barely covered my package. I knew it would get worse as soon as I got hard. I could tell it gave Karen a thrill to check out each guy’s g-string and make like she was checking the fit, while her hands casually graced their dicks and balls. The pants went on next and thankfully were a fairly loose fit. Chris started to get cold feet and asked Karen what was going to happen that night.

“Look guys, you’re probably nervous but relax, it’s nothing you can’t handle,” Karen said. “I’ve made sure the ladies all understand the ground rules. No pictures and nothing excessive, no ball busting or anything like that.”

Karen went upstairs to check on the party while us guys waited in the basement. She corralled all of the ladies into the living room and led us guys upstairs into the hallway. She insisted that I should be the last one to enter the living room.

As we stood in the hallway waiting for our entrance, it sounded like most of the women had been drinking before the party. From what I could see, they were all well-dressed.

Kevin was first in line and became nervous when he looked into the living room and realized his wife had brought one of their neighbors with her to the party. He pointed this out to us and my mind raced as I thought about who else might be there. Karen called out Kevin’s name and he entered the living room to stand front and center before the crowd as the ladies cheered.

“Ladies, don’t you think Kevin looks a little overdressed for this party?” Karen asked as the ladies cheered. “Ok Kevin, take it off!”

Kevin did as he had been instructed, yanked off his pants and tossed them to the crowd. The ladies cheered again. Karen had him turn around, clad in only his g-string and collar, so everyone could get a good view. She then slapped him on the ass and told him to step aside.

That’s how it went as the other guys were announced. As I got closer to the living room I could see that there were at least 20 women there, quite a bit more than I had anticipated. I spotted a few of the wives but many women whom I didn’t know.

My friend Bill nearly freaked when he saw his wife had brought one of his neighbors and someone she worked with to the party. As I neared the living room door I could see Kim, one of our neighbors from down the street. She was a girl next door type and total MILF.

Then Karen called my name and I entered the room. The ladies cheered. As I stood there in front of them, I noticed my own boss, Kara sitting right there in front of me on the couch. Alison, one of my coworkers, was sitting next to her. Kara’s mouth fell open in a state of shock. Alison was also surprised. They both looked at each other, mouths hanging open, then back at me as I flung my pants aside.

Alison practically exploded with laughter, then cheered and clapped before her gaze went straight to my g-string. She then she looked up at me and smiled. Kara shook her head and looked at Alison, although I thought I caught Kara also taking a look at me.

Karen said it was time to mingle and she put on some music. The ladies wasted no time in grabbing a partner and finding some room to dance. Alison approached me with a gleam in her eye. She always was a knockout, very slender with a tight body and gorgeous face with shoulder length hair. Alison and I had always gotten along really well. Kara was also very attractive with long dark hair, a great smile and what I suspected was a nice body hidden beneath the conservative clothes she usually wore.

As Alison approached, she stopped for a moment to look me up and down. She motioned with her finger and I slowly turned around so she could check me out from all sides.

“I like what you’re wearing Mark,” Alison said with a laugh. “You should wear this around the office sometime.”

Her laugh and broad smile put me at ease a bit, although I was still worried about the boss seeing me like this.

“Karen said this party could get pretty wild, she didn’t say anything about getting to see your dick,” Allison said, giggling. “I had to talk Kara into it and said I didn’t want to come here alone. It was your wife’s idea.”

Looking down at my package, Allison said it didn’t look like I was very happy to see her. I sighed as she reached out and lightly caressed my balls through the g-string before moving to my dick. Then Allison pulled Kara from the couch and insisted she say hello to me. Kara could barely look at my face and her gaze was more focused on my chest.

“Oh come on, check him out, don’t be shy,” Alison insisted. With that, Alison grabbed my package again and I let out a moan. “See, he likes it. Go ahead.”

Allison grabbed Kara’s hand and placed it on my package. It was a thrill to have my two colleagues checking me out like this, treating me as a toy, and my dick grew even more. Kara pulled her hand away but Allison resumed groping me with a smile on her face. Allison’s other hand grabbed my ass and she got Kara to do the same.

Two women whom I didn’t know approached and said they wanted to dance with me. We found a free area and I started to shake my thing. Alison and Kara were watching and I could feel my dick getting harder. I looked around and there were a couple of women around each guy, caressing them and rubbing against them as they danced. These two ladies did the same with me and I was soon rock hard.

When the song ended everyone changed partners. I could see Karen and our neighbor Kim having their fun with Chris, stroking his dick through the g-string and rubbing against him. Allison made her way over to me and we started dancing. Rather than rubbing up against me, she stood a few feet away admiring the view.

Looking down, my dick was pressing hard against the g-string and it was pulling away from my body. The base of my shaft and plenty of pubic hair were exposed. Alison took a long close look at this, then looked up at me and smiled. She wanted to see me dance and I obliged, shaking my dick and balls around for her enjoyment. Her gaze never left my crotch.

After one more song, Karen announced it was time for the unveiling. All of the ladies cheered. Karen called each guy’s name one by one, then read a woman’s name from a slip of paper she pulled from a hat. Kim and my friend Tim went first, with her tugging on his g-string to release his raging hard on. The women cheered as his dick sprang free.

When my turn came Allison caught my gaze, crossed her fingers and smiled. Then Karen pulled a slip of paper from the hat and read Kara’s name. Kara looked shocked but Allison laughed. Kara just sat there for a moment, but with encouragement from Alison and the others she stood up and approached me.

Kara didn’t drink much but I could tell she had been drinking since she got there, probably to steady her nerves. She hooked a finger into my g-string, and her gaze went from my eyes, down my body and to my package. She then pulled down the g-string and set me free. The ladies all cheered. Alison howled. Kara blushed but took a good look at my equipment before going back to her seat, my g-string in her hand.

“Well ladies, don’t let all this man meat go to waste,” Karen told the crowd. “It’s all hands on dick.”

The women cheered and I was soon surrounded by a couple of them. Our neighbor Kim approached and introduced me to a gorgeous young woman named Natalie. It turns out Natalie was 19 years old, attended a local college and was Kim’s part-time babysitter.

I said hello and extended my hand, but Kim grabbed it and held it to my side. With Kim’s encouragement, she and Natalie then caressed and stroked my bare dick and balls. Kim was gauging my reaction to their handiwork, but Natalie’s gaze was transfixed upon my dick.

Looking around the room, every guy had a couple of women around him giving him the same kind of attention. Karen was playing with Jerry’s dick while one of the wives focused on his balls. Alison was handling Steve’s dick and even Kara was getting into things by caressing his balls.

It didn’t take long before Alison approached me and Kim and Natalie went off to play with someone else. Alison wrapped her hand around my dick and I let out a moan.

“You’ve got a nice dick Mark,” Allison said with a smile. “Maybe you’ll show it around the office some time.”

She gripped my dick tightly and waited for an answer. I just bit my lip and nodded my head. Allison waved Kara over to us.

“I think Mark should dress like this around the office, don’t you think Kara?” Allison asked. “Think about it, wouldn’t it be fun to have a nice dick to play with whenever we want?”

I didn’t know if she was joking or not, but the idea of this turned me on more than I could’ve imagined and I moaned loudly with Allison’s hand still wrapped around my dick.

Kara laughed nervously, her eyes focused on my dick. Then, without any encouragement, Kara reached out and stroked me. I moaned loudly to encourage her. I had to put my hands on both of their shoulders to steady myself.

Karen then announced it was time for “the auction.” All the guys were sent out of the room. Most of us used it as a chance to go to the bathroom, although it wasn’t easy to do with a stiff dick. While we were gone, Karen handed out random envelopes to each of the ladies with various amounts of play money inside. The ladies could bid individually or as groups on which guy they wanted to “own.”

She spared us guys the embarrassment of having to witness the auction, although she also did it so none of the women would be embarrassed either. I was glad to have a break from all the attention and give things a chance to settle down.

When the auction was over, us guys were summoned back into the living room. By now my dick had softened a bit but my balls were aching. We entered the living room one at a time and Karen attached a leash to each guy’s collar before leading him to his new “owners.” Karen and a few others had purchased Jerry. Alison and Kara had pooled their money to purchase me and I had no doubt whose idea it was.

I sat down on the couch in between them and Allison proceeded to kiss my neck as she caressed my dick back to its full hardness. She admonished Kara for not joining in, and soon both women were stroking me. They seemed to be enjoying themselves almost as much as I was.

They used a variety of techniques, tracing the outlines of my dick with their fingertips, then focusing on my balls before wrapping their hands around my shaft. Kara worked the base of my dick while Alison focused on the tip. I nearly yelped when Alison bent down and licked the pre-cum that was oozing from my dick.

They took great pleasure in keeping me close to the edge of an orgasm without letting me get there. If they sensed I was getting too close, they would go back to kissing my neck while rubbing my thighs and chest for a bit before going back to caressing my dick.

Looking around the room I saw each guy in a similar predicament, with their “owners” taking great delight in pleasuring them without release. I noticed Karen throating Jerry a couple of times and challenging his other owners to do the same.

“He’s gonna come,” a woman yelled across the room. “He’s gonna come!”

We all looked to see Chris, his dick getting stroked by three women, starting to convulse and he soon shot his load. Two of the ladies jacked him off while a third caught it in her glass. The ladies cheered and laughed.

“Is that what you want Mark?” Allison whispered to me. “Do you want to come for us?”

Naturally I said yes and nodded, my balls felt like they were going to explode.

“Well then, what are you waiting for? Don’t let us stop you,” Allison said.

She and Kara removed their hands and I knew what they wanted, although I was so worked up I didn’t care. I started stroking my dick slowly at first, but then more aggressively as I could tell I was ready to go.

Allison made sure everyone knew I was about to come. I was embarrassed but there was no way I could stop now. Allison caught my come in her wineglass and I kept stroking as load after load erupted from my dick. The ladies cheered. Alison kissed me on the cheek, then held her wine glass to examine the results.

“My god Mark, you sure you’re not a horse?” Allison said. “Kara, look at this.”

Kara seemed impressed and said I must be one horny guy.

“I guess you just bring out the best in me,” I said with a laugh.

They were both amused at this. Allison used her finger to swirl my come around in her wine, then took a sip and offered it to Kara. I was shocked to see Kara take a sip, sample it, then take a good healthy swig. Allison proceeded to clean me off by wrapping her mouth around my dick. She pressed Kara to do the same and Kara reluctantly wrapped her mouth around me as well.

As this was going on I could tell the other guys were coming as well. The last one to go was Jerry and Karen insisted he stand in the middle of the room to stroke himself off. Karen had a glass ready to go, but that the last-second she opted to wrap her lips around his prick and swallow his entire load.

Everyone cheered as she milked him dry. A few of the ladies gasped and looked at me, but I just cheered along with the others. Frankly, I would have been surprised if she hadn’t sucked him off.

The ladies all gave us a round of applause afterwards. The other guys got dressed to go home, but I figured I might as well stay naked. Ted and Chris each left with a lady, Jerry with two of them. Allison gave me a hug and a kiss on her way out, along with a big smile. Kara also gave me a hug, then held up my g-string in her hand and said, “see you on Monday.” She winked at me and she and Allison left.

After everyone left, Karen and I crawled into bed. She was so turned on from the party that she was sopping wet even before I went down on her. We soon got into a 69 so she could revive my dick with her mouth, then she climbed on top and rode me for a nice fuck.

The next day, Karen told me that when the time came to remove my g-string, she had actually pulled someone else’s name from the hat but had already planned on having Kara do the job. Karen had also figured that Allison would want to bid on me, so she made sure that both Allison and Kara had plenty of money in their envelopes to win me in the auction.

I was nervous as hell when I went to work on Monday. Allison came right in to my office, gave me a big smile and a hug before laughing and saying she didn’t recognize me with my clothes on. For the rest of the day, each time she passed me in the hallway she’d give me a wink and a smile.

Kara came in later with a folder she wanted me to look at. When I opened it, there was the g-string she had taken off me from the party. We both laughed before Kara took the folder and g-string back and indicated she would be keeping it.

“I’ll file this under g,” she said with a smile. “It’ll be in my office in case you need it again.”

I didn’t know what to say to this so I just laughed nervously and she left. Each time I passed her in the hallway that day I thought for sure she was blushing.

My wife and I are in our 40′s, and have been together for over twenty years. We have always enjoyed a fantastic sex life, but have become more and more adventurous over the years. We have been skinny dipping and naked hot-tubbing with other couples, have played strip poker and truth or dare, and on several occasions my wife has even stood on a table and stripped totally naked.

In the past couple years, we have gone beyond flashing and casual nudity and allowed the experimentation to include a little physical contact with our friends. This progressed from body-shots, to some boob sucking and even a little oral sex for a couple minutes, though never to orgasm.

A couple weeks ago it was one of my best friend’s birthdays and we had gone to a party with a bunch of other couples. The party was ok, but pretty boring, and after a few hours we headed home. My wife and I kept drinking, and as is frequently the case, she became hornier as she became drunker. About an hour later I confided to her that my friend had told me that he really wanted only two things for his birthday. The first was that he wanted to see her naked tits, which he has seen many times in the past and has somewhat of an obsession for. The second was that he wanted to see her insert a beer bottle into her pussy, which was something I had described to him after she had done it for me several months before. I wasn’t sure how she would react to the second request, but was fairly certain she would indulge him and show her tits. It was his birthday after all.

After I told her about his birthday wishes, she said, “call him up and see if he wants to get on Skype.” I called him and in about three seconds flat we were on Skype together. We chatted for a few minutes and then I had an idea. I got a couple post-it notes and wrote Happy on one and Birthday on the other. I had her step outside of the view of the camera and asked her to take off her shirt and bra and showed her the post-it notes. She laughed and immediately got in the spirit of things, affixed a post-it to each breast and then stepped back into sight of the camera. She then proceeded to carry on a conversation as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

He loved it and cheered wildly. After a few more minutes I peeled off the post-it notes and she continued the video conference topless.

A little while later she had to go to the bathroom. With her out of the room, he asked if I thought she would be willing to do the bottle trick so he could see it. I said I thought she probably would be ok with it. Then he dropped the big question. “Do you think I could come over and see it in person?” he asked. I said that I didn’t know if she would be up for that or not, but I would ask. When she returned from the bathroom, we put Skype on mute so we could talk freely, and I told her about his request.

To my great surprise she said, “I’m drunk and I’m horny and I think I’m pretty much up for anything. Tell him to come over.”

By now it was about 1:30 in the morning, and we were all really drunk, so he called a taxi and said he’d be right over. It took about twenty minutes for him to get to our house and during that whole time we talked about what we were willing to let happen. She insisted that she was seriously up for anything, and was putting me in charge – she would do anything that I wanted her to do.

I had her change into a tank top and the thinnest pair of pajama bottoms she owns, and no bra or panties.

When he arrived, we went into our garage, had a couple more drinks and smoked a little weed. To test her claim that I was in charge, while we were standing around talking I casually reached over and pulled the straps of her top down over her shoulders. She made no move to stop me, and didn’t even pause the conversation. After a couple more minutes I pulled her top down completely so that it was just bunched up at her waist. Again she made no complaint and continued the conversation as if nothing unusual was happening.

Then I leaned down and began licking and sucking on one of her breasts. She has incredibly sensitive breasts and nipples, and can actually have an orgasm just from me playing with them. So as I began working on one, she drew in a sharp breath and started moaning softly. I had found something that could interrupt the increasingly bizarre conversation we were all having. I looked up and asked my friend to help me out with her other breast, and he wasted no time getting in on the action.

So now I am working on her left breast, my friend is working on her right breast and I start letting my hands roam over her ass and pussy. I asked him to please join me in feeling how great her ass felt through the thin cotton of her pajamas. Then I asked him to put his hand between her legs and feels how soft her pussy felt through the pajamas.

We continued working on her breasts with our mouths while running our hands over her legs and ass and pussy. It was getting very sexually charged, and she seemed to be holding true to her promise that I was completely in charge of what happened that evening.

She was moaning continuously now, and was also grabbing both of us through our jeans and trying to loosen our belts so she could get access to our cocks. I told her there would be time for that, but for right now, she should just sit back and enjoy the attention. A couple minutes later she was once again grabbing our cocks so I lifted her hands up over her head and held them there.

She sometimes likes being lightly restrained and helpless to resist sexually and she shivered a little as I held her arms over her head. I directed my friend to slowly pull per pajama bottoms off so we could see how wet she had become. She was very wet as we both discovered, and we took turns running our fingers along her lips and slowly inserting one then two fingers into her pussy. We kept bumping into each other’s hands as we fondled her and at some point we just gave up taking turns and we both pushed a finger into her at the same time. This drove her wild, and was also an indication that we were probably going to take things much further than we ever had in the past.

We were still standing in the garage. My wife was pressed up against the door of the freezer with her hands over her head. Her tank top was around her waist and her pajamas were around her ankles. Her breasts stood out magnificently, the way they do when her arms are raised, and her nipples were hard and glistening with the saliva from two different mouths which had been working on them for twenty minutes. It was time to go inside and see what happened next.

I told them that it was time to go upstairs. My wife pulled off her shirt and stepped out of the pajamas pooled at her feet, picked them up and walked into the house stark naked. We followed hungrily. On the way through the kitchen I grabbed an empty beer bottle which I thought we would soon need.

I really can’t describe the feelings that were going through my head as we walked up the stairs staring at my wife’s naked ass and knowing that we were headed to our bedroom. As much as we had fooled around in the past, this clearly had the potential to take things to a whole new level. And it seemed that I truly was in charge of whatever was going to happen.

We entered the bedroom and all three of us climbed into the bed. My friend and I were still dressed and my wife was completely naked. She lay back on the bed and raised her arms up over her head and closed her eyes. We wasted no time in getting back to business playing with her breasts and fingering her pussy which was now wetter then anything I had ever felt before. She looked up at me and whispered, “I am completely naked, spread open, and completely helpless.” This was the exact phrase that I would sometimes say to her when we were fooling around and fantasizing about someone else being in bed with us, and when I heard her say this I thought my dick was going to rip through my jeans.

I decided it was time to take the next step.

I climbed out of bed and took my pants and boxers off and then stood at the side of the bed. She looked up at me with a big smile and began to slide herself over so she could suck on my cock. As she rotated herself around, my friend got access to her spread legs and sopping wet pussy, and for the first time that night he had it all to himself.

I continued to play with her breasts while she attacked my cock. Sucking, licking, swirling her tongue around the head, she has always approached blow jobs with enthusiasm, but this night she was aggressive but at the same time gentle. She was clearly enjoying both giving and receiving pleasure.

From my position I could watch her work on my dick, I had easy access to her sensitive breasts, and I had a great view of my friend as he worked on her pussy with the same focus and attention that my wife was using on my dick. I told him that she was more of a g-spot girl than a clit girl and that he should work on the “hook” motion, which he began doing immediately. He was rewarded by her squirming and raising her hips off the bed to provide him even better access. After a while I pulled my dick out of her mouth and told her that I thought my friend needed some attention. She gave me a big smile and then began shifting around so she could get at him.

She undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. Without a moment of hesitation she leaned down and took his cock into her mouth and began giving him the same passionate attention that she had been giving to me. I stuck three fingers into her pussy and began working her g-spot using techniques I had mastered over the past twenty years. The two of them were moaning and groaning and the sounds of squishing and slurping were amazing.

My friend has a larger cock than I do, not that I am small or he is huge, but he is definitely longer and thicker than I am. It’s a proportion thing as he is about 6’4″ tall, while I am 6′ even. He is also probably 65 lbs heavier than me too. None of this was news to us. We had all seen each other naked many times in the past, skinny dipping, playing truth or dare, strip poker, strip pool one time. This wasn’t even the first time that my wife had his dick in her mouth. It had happened as the result of a dare, or a lost bet on a few occasions, but those times it was much more of a 30 second suck or a quick kiss. Once after a party she had sucked him for a couple minutes and tried to get him off with a hand-job, but he had never cum.

Tonight was different, it was clear that she was not doing a quick dare, she was sucking him as aggressively and lovingly as she had just been doing to me, and she seemed utterly intent on making him cum. I didn’t know how I would feel about seeing her truly engaging sexually with another man. It was weird, we had done a lot of fooling around before, but it was more exhibitionism, or forfeiture penalties, or dares. It was always sexually-charged, but is wasn’t specifically sexual. This was very different. And I found that I was more cool about it than I thought I was going to be. Ok, back to the action.

So my wife has been blowing my friend for a long time, and I have managed to swing her around so I can fuck her at the same time and we are all totally going at it. And I am having one of those great nights where it feels unbelievably amazing and yet I still feel like I can hold out as long as I want to. We probably did this position for 7-8 minutes at least, and she had been blowing him for five minutes before that.

All of a sudden, my wife sits up with an alarmed look on her face. She half burps, and then almost heaves. She jumps out of bed and runs into the bathroom, where I could hear her throwing up. I bring her a couple towels and make sure she’s ok. She says she’s fine and she’ll be out in a couple minutes.

I told my friend that my wife was ok, but had thrown up. We tried to make small-talk while we waited for my wife, but it was kind of an awkward discussion. We were both still naked and two minutes earlier had been double-teaming my wife. We clearly hoped that the evening wasn’t over, but also felt really bad for her. I assumed that my friend had cum in the mouth (not her favorite thing) and she had tried to be a trooper and swallow, but it had made her throw up. I mentioned to my friend that she doesn’t swallow very often, and that was probably what happened. He then told me that he hadn’t cum. Just then my wife came out of the toilet and went to the sink to brush her teeth. She had one of the towels wrapped around her and I figured the night was probably over.

And then an unexpected thing happened. My wife finished brushing her teeth and took a swig of mouthwash and walked back into the bedroom. She said she was sorry, that in all the thrashing and pounding a big dick had hit her gag reflex one time too many. Then she unwrapped the towel and threw it on the bed and said, “I hope we’re not done for the night!”

She climbed back onto the bed and we climbed on either side of her. We were back to how we had started the bedroom phase of the evening an hour before. I remembered that I was in charge and decided that as much fun as the last thing had been, we needed some variation to keep it fresh, and my wife would probably appreciate a break from dick-sucking.

I reached for the beer bottle I had put on the table next to the bed.

It should be noted that my wife’s biggest turn-on is foreign object insertion. When she sees a photo of a hair brush or a dildo or a cucumber stuffed in a wet pussy she has a strong physical reaction. When I put things in her pussy she sits up so she can watch. Sometime she climbs onto the bathroom sink so she can get a different viewing angle in the mirror. She loves the idea of insertion and in the right mood she goes crazy when I find new things to stick in her pussy.

We had recently discovered that if she was super turned on and was warmed up with a lot of three and four finger action, she could insert a beer bottle backwards. You know, wide side first.

This bottle trick was the thing that my friend had said he wanted to see for his birthday present, and my wife was happy to give him that present. She propped herself up on some pillows and spread her legs and started rubbing the bottle around her pussy. He scooted down to the foot of the bed and then climbed up between her spread legs until his face was six inches from her pussy.

Within a minute my wife had worked the bottle well into her pussy and was slowly moving it in and out. After watching the bottle for a few minutes, I moved back to my wife’s breasts and began giving them a healthy workout with my tongue, lips and teeth. When I looked up from my breast-work I saw that she was intently watching as the impossibly large bottle impaled her. My friend asked if she needed help, and she grabbed his hand and put it on the bottle and put him in charge. I don’t know how long this went on, but at least five minutes, probably more, it was clearly a huge turn on for both of them, and for me too.

My wife had a noisy orgasm with the bottle-boob combination we had going on (I think it was her 3rd or 4th of the night). She was literally out of breath and shaking a little bit. I declared a drink/smoke-break. We found a robe for my wife, we put on sweatpants and we headed back to the garage.

While we enjoyed a drink, a smoke, and a toke, we went back to talking like the old friends we were. No comment was made about what we had just been doing or the fact that we both had tents in our sweatpants or the fact that my wife was standing with her robe open and one boob and her pussy clearly on display.

My wife looked so incredibly sexy standing their with casual disregard for her nudity, oozing sexuality even in the most innocuous of conversations. It wasn’t more than a couple minutes before we started stroking her breasts and pussy again. And for her part, she was showing no signs of tiring of the attention. Once again we all stood in the garage, with her pressed up against the freezer, stroking and fondling and caressing and probing and squeezing. It seemed this night would never end. It was almost 3am.

We returned to the bedroom. Me back in charge, what should we do now?

While everyone got naked again, I went to the closet and found a bottle of baby oil. At first I was mainly thinking about how much my wife loves to have her breasts oiled up, and that’s where we started, but then by common agreement we poured a healthy serving of baby oil onto my wires crotch where it found its way into her pussy and her ass. And the party was back on.

With the extra lube and the stretching from the bottle I easily slid my whole hand into her pussy, and from the new breathing/gasping pattern coming from my wife it was clear my friend had a finger or two in her asshole. We went on like this for a while and I could see that my friend, who loves a good asshole, was really enjoying my wife’s and that she was really getting into the back-door penetration.

While a little back-door action with a finger is something she enjoys, full-on anal sex is pretty rare for us, and as I said before my friend is larger than me so I didn’t think she wanted the ass-play to go much further. I leaned down and whispered to ask if she was ok with this, and if there was anything she wanted or didn’t want to see happen. She surprised me by saying she wanted her ass fucked right now.

So I looked up at my friend and said, “the lady wants her ass fucked.” He was happy to help out.

She was on her stomach as my friend spread her ass cheeks and began to slowly inch his big dick into her asshole. I was skeptical that this was going to end well and was carefully watching for signs that she was in distress so I could back him off. Instead, she took it like a porn star.

I squirted a little extra baby oil on her ass just to help out, and then basically sat back and watched. Given the position they were in I didn’t really have access to her boobs or her mouth and quite frankly I was transfixed by the site of her getting reamed in the ass like this. And they went on for a long time, at least ten minutes.

Finally they stopped and she rolled over to re-engage me in some loving. She pulled me close and whispered that what she really wanted was to have both of us inside her at the same time. Sounds like a plan!

We had explored DP fantasies before, with a dildo or hairbrush serving as the stand-in for the fantasy guy, but those things are a hell of a lot easier to position. Getting three people who have never done this before into the right position at the right angles is a bit of work. But it is also totally worth the effort.

I laid on my back and my wife climbed on top of me and slid her pussy on to my cock. Then after a minute or so, my friend came in from behind my wife and got himself into position. With her leaning at just the right angle, all the various cocks and holes lined up and all of a sudden we were engaged in a full on vaginal/anal double penetration and everything was well lubed and everybody was primed and this was it. There was nothing left to do after this, at least not anything that I could think of, and I was in charge.

The sounds were grunting and moaning and gasping and squishing and slapping. The smells were raw sex and the vanilla odor of baby oil. It was all lit by candlelight. It was amazing. It was transcendent. My wife’s face showed pure animal instinct and total participation in the moment. She came repeatedly and eventually my friend did too. In her ass. I had not cum yet, by choice.

We deconstructed the sexual penetration framework we had created, cleaned up a bit and called a taxi to get my friend home. My wife was upstairs and as my friend and I sat in the living room waiting for the taxi to arrive all we could do was look at each other and say, “Wow, I mean wow.”

Alex sat in a comfortable armchair near the lit fireplace in his parlor off his bedroom, sipping a peaty single-malt. The clock on the mantle said that it was but five minutes until ten o’clock, the hour he had appointed Annabel to bring John Crawford to him. Anticipation and whiskey stirred the young lord’s blood – he would have him tonight. On his knees to receive a birching. On his knees to receive a buggering. Oh, yes. Alex desired it, and John did as well. And Annabel would watch both, and see the power that she held over both men, to orchestrate such a depraved event – that would be her reward. That would give her an orgasm or two.

The clock chimed ten softly, and he felt the change in the air as the door to his parlor opened, and then clicked shut softly. Setting his glass on a side table, he stood to face them. Annabel stood by the door, looking directly at him, with John Crawford looming behind her. John did not look at him though, but had his gaze firmly fixed down at his feet. Such a perfect submissive – a big man who knew his place at the bottom. As the bottom. Alex smiled at Annabel, and licked his lips. His conspirator smiled slyly back. His smile turned feral as he looked at John, and he barked an order. “Get over here, you disobedient sluts.” John flinched, but followed Annabel obediently when she scrambled across the room to him, and they stood side by side before him.

Alex closed the distance between them, stepping into Annabel’s space. John started to sidle away, but Alex said softly. “Stay where you are, Mr. Crawford.” John froze, and looked up at Alex briefly, before ducking his head again. Annabel on the other hand, gazed insolently back at him. Alex held her eyes, as reached in and cupped her chin, running his thumb along her lower lip. “To whom does this mouth belong, dear Annabel?”

Her lips parted and her breath gusted across his thumb. “To you, young master.”

He continued stroking her lower lip, and the insolence faded as her eyes dilated and she entered his control. “That’s right,” he whispered. “And what is the purpose of this mouth, dear Annabel?”

“To serve you, young master.” Alex slipped the tip of his thumb between her lips and rested it on her teeth, just touching the tip of her of her tongue.

“That’s right,” he said again. “And you disobeyed me, Annabel. You used your mouth to make a servant come, when I specifically instructed you to not to. When I specifically told you that you were to let him suffer.”

He heard John’s sharp intake of breath on that last word. He slipped his thumb fully into Annabel’s mouth, and she began to suck it eagerly, but gently, comforting herself. Her eyes closed, and Alex turned his head to John, who stood so close, yet touched them not in any way. He had moved his gaze from the floor, and was now looking not at Annabel, but at Alex with a regard so filled with lust and longing that it caused Alex to smile at him with feral anticipation. Having been caught looking, John tried to look down again, but Alex merely said, “No,” when John tried to look away and he helplessly returned to Alex’s scrutiny. Annabel was now cuddling against him, sucking on his thumb, while John was frozen in Alex’s ophidian gaze.

“Annabel,” Alex said without breaking eye contact with John. She opened her eyes and released his thumb with a smacking sound. He withdrew it and reached up to John’s mouth, cupping his chin to bring him closer, while painting his lips with his saliva coated thumb, parting and smearing them so they glistened.

“What is your will, young master?” Annabel inquired, as she had been instructed. Alex dried his sticky thumb on John’s lips and face and then withdrew his hands from John’s face and Annabel’s waist. He retreated one step from both.

Shifting his attention to Annabel again, he said, “I want you to strip him for me completely, dear one. And I want you to take off everything but your shift and corset. You both must be punished this evening.”

Alex stepped back again, grasping his whiskey glass and taking a mouthful. He coated the smoky liquid around his mouth once, allowing the spicy taste to overwhelm his senses for a moment after that heady episode of power exchange. He would let Annabel take the upper hand in the strip-tease, heightening both John and his own anticipation of the punishment.

Another day brings with it more bondage. Who would have guessed, eh? An even better question though: what can you do in 20 minutes? Well let’s find out.

I’m back in the center of the room, standing with my elbows bound behind my back and tied together with several loops that bind them together and then a single strand that goes around my shoulder and up behind my neck and then around and back to my other shoulder to press my arms together. Did I mention that although topless, I was wearing a short black skirt and heels?

“Take off your shoes,” my Mistress commands, as she looks on approvingly from a few feet ahead of me. She’s sitting in her favourite chair and has a front row seat to the show; the best (and only) seat in the house.

With a smile (or my usual grin that often gets me into trouble?), I kick each one off and fling them at the wall to my right.

“Take off your skirt.”

My grin fades to a smile and with my tongue out as I concentrate, I shimmy out of my skirt. I have to reach around awkwardly with my hands and can only pull at the sides of my skirt, but I eventually wriggle it down my hips and manage to get it all the way down my legs after a few hops and then finally step out of it. I use a foot to fling it at the wall too.

“Nice job,” Ms. Lucy says with a smile, coming up to deliver a kiss on my cheek. She steps in behind me with some more rope in hand, and this time I get my wrists bound. Around and around and around the rope goes until they’re very much secure. She presses her warm body into my back and her hands reach around to fondle my breasts. I moan in response as she kneads the soft flesh, and again as she cups them in her hands and lifts them up. Does she notice that I’m grinding my ass into her pelvis?

In one expertly smooth motion, she twirls me around and has me bent over at the waist. “Spread your legs,” she commands as I look at her firm round ass rather than the floor. I do as I’m told and receive a few good slaps to my own ass in reward. “Let’s warm you up shall we?” With her right hand cupping my left breast firmly, the spanks me with her left. First one ass cheek and then the other, she delivers a good bakers dozen to each one and I “Oooooh” and “Ahhhh” as they’re all delivered. Her other hand never leaves my breasts and she fondles and kneads it all the while.

She’s got me standing again in another fluid motion.

“Alright, take your panties off.”

It’s an extremely rare occasion that I’m actually wearing any, and originally I had thought that hell must have frozen over, but now I understood. The little light bulb in my head went off, and once again now with both cheeks ablaze and tongue peeking out the sides of my mouth, I do my little dance. I wriggle around and try to pull them down from the back, but I’m not having an easy time of it. “This is really hard,” I moan softly. It only takes a few more wriggles though until they’re down far enough and simply slide all the way down my legs. I step out of them and fling them to the wall.

“Hrmph. I’m sure if there’s one thing you’re good at,” Ms. Lucy smiles. “it’s taking off your panties.”

She gets a giggle from me in response and I shuffle about on my feet, looking down at the floor. “I managed,” I say after a moment. “Mistress.”

“Quite expertly at that,” she grins, coming back with yet another long piece of rope. “Open up,” she says, placing the double loop of rope at the back of my head and then brining it around between my lips. “Bite down,” she says and I do as she tightens it. “Let go,” she says as she ties a knot into the rope against my cheek. “Bite down,” she says again while she does something else with the rope that I can’t see, and then “Open up again,” as she loops it around my head twice more. “Bite down,” she command once more so that she can tie another knot on top of the first knot, and then “Open up,” again as she’s left with a long strand of rope.

“Up, up, up,” she coos as she pulls the length of rope high above my head. I rise up onto my tiptoes and stare up as she secures it somewhere above me.

She returns with the flogger a moment later and it finds its way to my bare breasts. I grunt as she slaps the top of them, grunt again as she slaps the bottoms and then again as she slaps the sides. All around she works my now heaving breasts, then she moves the flogger to my ass and I do a little dance for her on my tiptoes.

She comes back again with some more rope and I give a little whimper (as I’m in the habit of doing). This one she loops around my upper body, going around the top of my breast and behind around my arms, coming around the bottom of my breasts and finally secured to the rope that’s keeping my elbows together. Another rope is tied in the front between those ropes and pulled tight, bringing the top and bottom ropes together and squishing my breasts. She then uses the same rope to bind first one and then the other into not-so-little balls on my chest.

“Perfect,” she says.

I look at her with wide eyes. ‘Really?’ I want to say sarcastically, but give her a moan instead. Really though, I’m never one to object to a little breast bondage, am I?

“Spread them wide,” she orders, and I struggle to open my legs as wide as I can while on tiptoes. Once I’ve got them good and wide, she ties my ankles to large d-rings that are bolted in the floor.When she’s back in front facing me, it’s to place little rubber clamps onto each nipple.

“Would you consider yourself a slut?” she asks with a smile.

Can I say no, I’m not? I nod in response. “Yes, Mistress,” I mumble around the four loops of rope that are in my mouth. I’m rewarded with the vibrator between my legs and the moans start coming in earnest. I’m breathing hard after only a minute of the thing between my legs, and “Oooohhhhhh-ing” loudly the next. Two and a half minutes in, I’m asking for permission to cum. My Mistress says yes and around the three minute mark, my eyes roll up into my head and my body shakes all over as the orgasm hits and I cum all over the vibrator in her hand.

As I cum, she reaches up to take the clamps off my nipples and I continue the ride. Like a surfer whose found the perfect wave, my body convulses and I get a perfect hang-10.

“Good girl,” she says, standing to get some more rope. “Pretty much what you say you are.”

Ms. Lucy comes back with yet another long length of rope, and this one finds its way around my waist. She loops it around three times for good measure and it sits on top of my hips, then brings it up between my ass cheeks and through my pussy lips to the front. Even pulled tight, a length of it remains, and this she ties off to a d-ring set in the floor a few feet in front of me. “A good start,” she says, moving around behind me. When she pulls on the rope that’s around my mouth, I’m raised up even higher on my toes and doing all I can to stay upright. “Go ahead and struggle with that,” she whispers. “This is my orgasm right here.”

I do indeed struggle as my head is pulled up by the back and I’m staring at the ceiling now. I struggle some more as I’m on the very tip of my toes practically, and struggle even more as the crotch rope is pulled down to the floor while I’m pulled up.

“I’ll be right back,” she says, and I dance and cry in the position she’s left me in. I cry out as I shuffle a few centimeters forward, and cry out as I shuffle back again. I cry out as I shuffle from one foot to the other, and cry out again as I shuffle a few centimetres right and then again a few centimeters left. I’ve really got nowhere to go, or rather I’m really unable to go anywhere.

It feels like an eternity but it’s really only 2 minutes when she comes back and I’m allowed back down on my feet. She unties my ankles and I’m able to stand straight once more, and then releases the rope from the ceiling so that I can have my head back. She unties the rope gag and I give her a soft little “Thank-you, Mistress” and think that’s going to be it, but then she brings her chair around and takes a seat.

With her hands on my hips, she turns me around so that my bum is in her lap. “Come on now, make me cum in my pants like a real stripper.”

My hands, elbows and shoulders tied behind my back, all I can really do is wiggle my bum in her lap… but I’m quite good at it. I wiggle my hips and move my bum in her lap like a true pro, working my ass as thought she had a cock between her legs and shimmy up and down her lap. I gyrate and sway my hips and can only imagine the grin on her face, so I turn around to rub my bound breasts into her lap and there it is. She turns me back with her hands on my hips and I continue to work my bum around and around, up and down. “How about some dirty talk?”

I’m glad I’m facing away from her because my cheeks are beat red despite the smile on my face. “Mmmm, you like it when I rub my big ass in your lap?” I say as I bend forward and roll my ass around. “Or when I stick my round ass in your face? Grind my tight wet pussy in your lap like that?”

Hah, I can’t believe the words coming out of my mouth, but I guess someone taught me well? If she had been a guy, I’m sure she’d have cum in her pants by now. Garun-damn-tee she would have blown her load. “I’m your dirty little slut.”

I turn around again, but only to put my bound tits in her face so that she can motorboat them this time, then slide them down her body and turn around to sit in her lap once more. I gyrate again and do my little dance. “You’re not bad.”

Not bad? Hrmph. If I had half a mind, I’d tell her she was full of….

She grabs a handful of my ponytail and pulls my head back until I sit down fully in her lap. With her other hand, she grabs my neck under my chin to turn my head to the side, and plants the biggest damn open-mouthed and tongue filled kiss you could ever imagine onto my lips. It’s then I see the look in her eyes and the grin on her face, and feel the wetness between her legs.

Like I said, not bad my ass…

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