strip tease

Eddie looked at his watch as they headed out the front door.

He was shaking his head. Of course it was taking longer to get going than he had planned!

Joan was 3 steps behind him, carrying almost all of the bags. Eddie carried only her laptop case which held the digital camera and the camcorder along with spare batteries and memory chips for both.

He led her through the slow drizzle of icy water to his compact cargo van. It was a newer model in red. A sign on the passenger side cargo door matched the driver side door with the words ‘Mobile Security System’. Eddie wondered sometimes if anyone noticed the lack of phone number or web site on the sign.

He wasn’t going to be able to transport Joan in the back, not if he wanted to get to Richards’ office only a little late. He didn’t want to allow her to see the inside of the back of the van. Not yet.

“Put the bags down and get into the drivers seat,” he ordered.

“Yes Sir,” she said, quickly complying. She knew it was her actions that was making them late and she was wondering if Eddie was planning on punishing her in some way for that.

Eddie passed her the satchel with the camera and recorder. As he shut the passenger door he noticed that she was admiring the cab of the van. Eddie was proud of the vehicle. With the signs on the outside he was virtually invisible on the highway. The van looked like either the sales vehicle or the repair truck for a successful technology company.

He opened the sliding door behind Joan. A wall with a small sliding door near the top center was fronted up against the cab. Putting the bags into the cargo area he looked over the interior. Nicely carpeted, completely soundproofed and currently boasting a set of stocks in highly varnished oak.

Shutting the door he hurried to the driver side, climbed in and started the van. He only had to let it run for 30 seconds before turning on the heater and getting a steady stream of warm air.

“Whew,” Eddie exclaimed and turned to see Joan quickly warming her hands in the heat.

Eddie smiled in her direction. She wasn’t going to find traveling in the back of the van later nearly as comfortable.

Without another word Eddie backed out of the parking space and drove directly out of the hotel parking lot through a series of side streets that led to the intersection of two nearby freeways.

“How ready are you for this?” Eddie asked, breaking the silence as they climbed up the entrance ramp that led to a cloverleaf series of entrances, exits, and merging lanes.

“I’m absolutely ready, Sir.” Her voice was confidant as she watched to see where they were going.

Eddie turned on the radio and saw a quick glance of surprise on her face. She obviously didn’t expect Eddie to be a fan of smooth jazz.

The music relaxed Eddie, who had been cursing himself for keeping the blindfold in the back of the vehicle. He had planned on transporting her from place to place in the back, blind and bound so she couldn’t see where they were going.

As the music played he thought it through to the arrival. She was going to end up seeing where she was once they got out of the van anyway. It’s not like he was going to be able to stop her from seeing the outsides of buildings they were going into.

Leaving the area of the hotel behind Eddie approached the next highway interchange only minutes later and changed freeways to go west.

Joan seemed to recognize the area, pushing her head back into the seat as they drove past exits leading to recently built upscale suburban neighborhoods.

She relaxed a bit as Eddie took an exit that led to two large retail blocks that sat almost side by side. Continuing past the mini malls he turned left into an office park. Five 15 story buildings with surrounding parking lots existed with narrow strips of carefully cultivated grass and trees.

Eddie took them towards the second building of the group.

The surfaces of the highways, the streets, and even the long entrance way to the business park had been clear. But as Eddie parked as close to the building as he could he realized the parking lots had begun to ice over.

He told Joan to wait as he exited, then came around to her side to help her out. She took his arm naturally with her free hand, her laptop case hanging in her outside hand. Walking slowly across the lot they finally got to the salted sidewalk and entrance way.

Leading her inside they went to the bank of elevators, quickly found one going up, and were alone inside as Eddie punched in the fourth floor. Glancing at Joan in the elevator he was pleased to see that she looked exactly like a professional saleswoman making a business call.

The fourth floor held the office entrances for only three companies. Eddie led Joan to the closest door and held it open for her, allowing her into the reception area first.

The lady behind the reception desk was new to Eddie. “How may I help you,” she asked?

“We’re here to see Richard. If you could please tell him that Eddie is here,” he replied, matching her professional tone. The clock over her desk read 12:11.

“He’s expecting you,” she said. “If you will go ahead to his office I’ll let him know you are coming.”

Eddie took off his long coat and hung it on a rack in the reception area. Then he helped Joan with her coat.

Eddie smiled his thanks to the receptionist and turned down the hallway to the right. Joan followed appropriately behind, the sound of the receptionist talking into her phone trailing them down the hall.

“Eddie!” he heard Richard greet him from behind his desk, happy to see him.

“Richard, how are you,” he replied, closing the door behind the two of them. “Allow me to introduce you to Joan. Joan, this is Richard.”

Richard stood as the introductions were made and waited as they crossed the lounge area in the oversized office. He offered his businessman’s handshake to the lady first.

“Very nice to meet you Joan,” He gave her his professional smile.

“Nice to meet you as well, Richard,” she smiled back.

Two chairs sat across from Richard’s desk and he gestured for them to sit as he relaxed into his chair.

“So Eddie, what can I do for the two of you?

“Actually Richard, it’s Joan that would like to talk to you. I’m just here to let her get her foot in the door, so to speak.”

Richard looked confused and leaned back in his chair to look at Joan.

“You know, if you weren’t with Eddie I’d probably throw you out for not making a proper appointment.” He frowned a bit, crossed his arms and added. “But go ahead and make your sales pitch.”

“I’d like to ask a question first.” Joan began. “How soundproof are your walls?”

“What do you mean?” asked a startled Richard, glancing from Joan to Eddie and back. “If I started screaming for help the receptionist would be able to hear me.”

“Relax,” smiled Joan. “I’m talking about me, not you Richard. I tend to be a screamer. You may have to gag me if I make too much noise.”

Eddie watched with amusement as Richard struggled to keep up with the conversation. Joan stood up beside him and pushed her chair back out of the way.

“I do want something from you,” she told Richard, unzipping the zipper on the right side of her skirt. “The only question is whether or not you want to give it to me.” Undoing the button she let her skirt fall to her feet. As she stepped out of the skirt and moved to the side of Richards desk she kicked her shoes away as well.

Richard looked down towards her waist and realized what he thought was a severe business blouse was actually a man’s dress shirt. She had disguised the collar with a blue and gray scarf. As Joan took off her jacket he saw a jiggle beneath the thick starched fabric that suggested she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I want to play a game, Richard.” She spoke to him in low sultry tones as she reached up under the tails of the shirt and squatted quickly as she pulled off her white thong. Standing again she held the thong up to her left shoulder as she continued.

“And like most games, there are rules.” She opened the top drawer of Richards desk and looked down into a mess of pens, pencils, a stapler, and a mixture of varying office products. Dropping the panties into the drawer she shut it again.

She leaned over and placed a finger over his lips and looked into his eyes. “One of the rules is that you aren’t allowed to ask me any questions.”

“All you have to do is decide whether or not you want to play after I show you what the game is.”

Joan turned around and stepped between Richards legs and faced his desk. Looking regally over her right shoulder she started lifting the shirt up.

Richard watched her as she revealed wonderful thighs and the shirt kept going higher. Rising above an ass that he immediately rated as being in the top ten percent he began to see letters appear where her waist met her ass.

‘Fuck My Ass’ was written in black magic marker on the small of her back.

Joan was watching Richards eyes. As they openly comprehended what they were reading she began grinding her ass back and forth. Then she spread her legs and leaned over the top of Richards desk, staring straight ahead.

Richard had mentally caught up with what was happening and looked over at Eddie.

“Is she for real,” Richard asked?

“Yes,” said Eddie. “And she wasn’t kidding about needing the gag either. I brought one along if you don’t have one.”

Richard looked at Eddie with some surprise. Then he looked down at Joan’s ass and ran one hand appreciatively over her cheeks. He looked back up at Eddie.

“And I’m not supposed to ask her any questions. That’s one of the rules?”

“There are rules that apply to her as well,” Eddie improvised quickly. “As soon as she bent over your desk she gave up the right to say ‘no’. Her safe word is no longer valid and she has to take whatever happens next. Isn’t that right, Joan?”

Joan nodded her head yes, biting her lower lip.

“Are there any other rules or expectations I should know about,” asked Richard, looking from Eddie to Joan.

Joan looked back around at Richard. “Eddie’s job is to operate the video camera that is in my bag. He can leave your face out of the video if you would like.”

Richards hand stopped caressing Joan’s ass as he considered.

“Let me think about this for a moment,” he told Eddie.

Eddie stood up and reached into his jacket pocket. “Let me take care of something while you think about it.”

Taking a black ball gag into his hands he held it in front of Joan’s face. She obediently opened her mouth wide.

“Good girl,” Eddie told her. Pulling the straps around the back of her head he fastened them together tightly. “Try to scream,” he ordered her.

‘Mmffffgggg’, was the sound that came faintly from her mouth. The only other sound was the breathing through her nose.

Eddie turned back to his buddy. “I didn’t want her influencing your decision,” he said as he smiled.

“So I get to fuck her in the ass while you make a video of it, is that what this is all about? Have you got her ass nice and ready for me,” asked Richard?

“Actually, no,” admitted Eddie. “I haven’t done anything to prepare her for this and I haven’t allowed her to do anything either.”

Richard looked at Eddie, contemplating. Running his hand slowly back to the center of Joan’s ass he pressed his index finger up against her bud, and then pushed it in to the first knuckle. Hearing the slight gasp through Joan’s gag he pinched his thumb up against the skin around his finger until he felt her body convulse and she gave a moan of pain.

Pulling his finger out he appeared to make up his mind. “Go ahead and get that camera out, Eddie, and throw me a pillow from that couch over there.”

Eddie was watching Joan’s face and she appeared to be both vindicated and excited by Richard’s decision. He decided to get the pillow first.

It took a few moments for Eddie to get to the couch and retrieve the pillow. As he turned back towards the desk he saw Richard pulling Joan up by her shoulders. Untying the scarf from her neck and placing it on the desk Richard then started unbuttoning the shirt from the top down.

Eddie watched Richard open the shirt and caress Joan’s breasts, slowly running his open hand up and down, the fingers massaging her nipples. Leaving the shirt on her he pulled his hands back and gestured to Eddie to bring over the pillow.

“The edges of this desk are kind of sharp,” Richard said, taking the pillow from Eddie.

Placing the pillow in front of her hips and waist Richard used his body to push Joan forward and leaned her over the desk again, the shirt splaying out to her sides.

He took a half step back and ran his tongue across his teeth as he looked at her shirted torso laying across his desk while her naked ass and legs were presented to him.

Richard looked back at Eddie, “And she can’t say no?”

Eddie shook his head.

“Joan?” Richard said, “Reach your hands back to me”

“Hold up a second,” interrupted Eddie. “Let me get the camcorder going.”

Going to Joan’s bag he pulled out and turned on the camcorder. He also took his own cell phone out of his pocket and turned on it’s camera function.

“I think I’m ready,” Eddie said to the room in general.

Richard left Joan alone for a few moments, long enough to take off his tie and lay it next to her scarf on the desk.

“OK, Joan,” he said. “Let’s try this again. Give me your hands.”

Eddie pointed the camcorder at the action on the desk and began to record.

As Joan reached her hands towards the front of the desk Richard took them and bent her arms so her wrists each reached towards the opposing elbow. Taking her scarf he tied it securely to her right wrist and secured the other end of the scarf to her left elbow. Using his own tie he finished the job with her left wrist attached to her right elbow.

Standing back to look at his work he glanced up at Eddie. “Did you happen to bring any lube,” Richard asked?

“Sure,” Eddie replied, setting the camera down gently on one of the chairs. Getting a small bottle from Joan’s case he handed it to Richard.

“You’re going to make it more comfortable for her?” Eddie wondered out loud.

“No,” said Richard, taking the bottle and setting is aside, “I’m going to make it more comfortable for me.”

After undoing a couple more buttons on his own shirt, Richard sat down and took off his shoes. Standing back up he unbuckled his belt, undid his pants and let them drop to the ground so he could step out of them.

Stopping to think for a second, he then opened the desk drawer Joan had opened and took out her panties. Using two fingers he checked her pussy and realized that she was damp from excitement. Wadding the panties into a tight ball Richard used the same two fingers to push her panties up into her pussy.

Eddie had retrieved the camcorder, stepped behind the desk, and was getting all of this on tape.

Eddie reached for the lubricant with one hand while he took his hardening cock out of his boxers with the other.

“Jeez, Rich,” he commented, “I didn’t realize that you redneck boys had long cocks like that.”

Richard snorted. “Why do you think they call us pecker-woods you racist urban hick,” he laughed.

Eddie laughed. But he was surprised that Richards cock looked to be about an inch longer than Eddie’s own, although it wasn’t as thick. Richard might cause Joan some pain, but he didn’t look big enough to cause her any damage. ‘This should be a good introduction for later,’ he thought to himself.

Keeping the camera focused on Richards cock Eddie watched his friend use the lubricant to masturbate himself completely hard.

“OK, Richard. I’m confused,” the young black man admitted. “Why put the lube only on your cock?”

“I told you I was going to make it comfortable for me,” Richard reminded him. “I’ll put just enough inside the opening of her ass to get my cock inside her. I think I’m hard enough to open her up the rest of the way.”

Eddie looked up from the camera and saw Richard grinning hugely.

“Hold on just a second, would you,” asked Eddie? “I want to get the camera on her face while you get inside her.”

Richard nodded his assent as Eddie got back around the desk.

“Damn,” Eddie cursed. “I forgot the damned tripod!”

Richard watched Eddie in amusement as he continued to stroke his cock. Joan’s gagged face looked up at him in mild confusion.

Looking at his phone he quickly found the camera function and held it towards Richards currently available and not lubricated hand.

“Can you work this while you fuck her,” he asked Richard?

“Yeah,” Richard responded, snapping a quick shot of Eddie holding the camcorder.

Eddie flinched a bit at the sudden flash, then continued. “I’m going to keep the camera focused on her face. I want to catch all her reactions as you get inside her. I want you to take some pictures of your cock forcing its way into her ass.”

Richard paused and looked at Eddie. “There’s more going on here than you are telling me, isn’t there?”

“You’ve called me a prude a couple of times too many, Richard,” Eddie explained. “I thought I’d take the chance to prove you wrong.”

Richard smiled. “I never really thought you were a prude, Eddie. And you’ve given me a hell of a gift here. Seriously, if there’s any other way I can help you out with what you are trying to accomplish here…”

Taking the deep breath Eddie stepped back and bumped into the chair in front of the desk. Thinking for a moment, he pushed it back a few feet, following with it, and sat down, raised the viewing screen and focused on Joan’s face. Her wide eyes stared directly back at the camcorder. “I’m going to relax right here and take the video. You just go ahead and give her what she wants.”

“OK,” Richard agreed. “Joan, you need to take a deep breath and relax as well,”

Over her back Eddie could see Richards lubricated hand reach down to Joan’s ass and disappear from the view of the recorder. But based on the expression on her face either a thumb or a finger had just slid inside her.

Several seconds later Richards hand appeared again and wiped some of the excess lubricant on the inside of Joan’s shirt as it lay flipped up over her back.

“There,” said Richard. “That should be just enough lube inside you to get me started.”

Eddie could see Richard stepping up behind the woman across the desk, and based on how her hips dropped Richard had just pushed her feet apart. Her eyes tightened close and Eddie heard her breathe through her nose and hold it in anticipation.

Suddenly her eyes shot open and a gasp came out from behind the gag, followed by a muffled scream. Her shoulders tried to arch upward but a swift move from Richards left hand shoved her back down on the desk again. Putting his weight onto his left arm his hips pushed his cock forward.

“Oh god,” Richard exclaimed. “I’m inside”

Tears were starting in the corners of Joan’s eyes.

“Let me get a better grip here,” continued Richard. “Jesus, she’s almost bending my cock in half!”

Keeping his left hand on her back he got a grip with his right hand for guidance and shoved his hips forward again.

Eddie heard an “Aaaaahhh” from Richard with an echoing muffled “ahhhhh” from Joan. The camera was catching her bared teeth biting into the hard rubber gag.

“Holy Christ,” said Richard. “I’m only about halfway in. When was the last time this bitch had a cock in her ass anyway!”

“According to her e-mails it’s been over three years,” replied Eddie, carefully holding the camera steady. His own cock was rock hard from watching this display and his breathing was deep and a bit unsteady. Joan had closed her eyes again and her tensed body had to be keeping her ass wrapped tightly around Richards cock.

“Jesus,” exclaimed Richard. “And you didn’t want to get into it first?”

“I got an incredible blow job a couple of hours ago,” explained Eddie. “And I’m planning on fucking that pussy after we leave here. I thought I would let you have the first crack at her ass.”

This is the third installment of the Britney Spears series following “Piece of Me” and “Toxic”. While this story stands on its own you may wish to read the first two parts. This story introduces Deb, a fanatical Britney Spears fan, who will do anything to meet her idol. There will be one final installment to this story where you will find out if in fact Deb is successful in her hunt for Britney.

The Hot Tub

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… uuuunnnnggghhhh…”

Her pussy clenches around the vibrator up her cunt. A trickle of cream oozes out from her slit and slides across her asshole. Deb sinks back into the couch and tries to catch her breath. Her eyes are glued to the big screen TV. She is watching the new video that Britney made with that gymnast Shawn. It is so damn hot. It is no act either. Deb is sure that they have been fucking.

Deb has lusted after Britney since the first time she saw her. Her pussy gets wet when she watches Britney dance and right now her pussy is throbbing. Deb wants to lose herself in those magnificent tits. And she loves the way Britney’s ass jiggles when she moves. She feels another orgasm building in her belly as she watches. She rams the vibrator up her cunt. Her insides explode. She screams. Juices gush from her pussy.

Deb knows she should put the vibrator down but she just can’t pull away from the video. It’s not just Britney. Shawn’s compact body is full of sexual energy. Her powerful legs and muscular thighs move with an explosive and erotic force. Shawn’s tiny feet are incredible too. Deb could suck her toes all days. She touches the vibrator to her clit. A third orgasm hits her like a thunderbolt.

The video ends. Deb puts the vibrator away. She needs to get out before she fucks her pussy into oblivion. She decides to head over to the Bellagio and hang at the pool to cool down. She pulls off her tank top and shorts and digs her bikini out of the drawer. Before putting it on Deb admires the sexy 30 year old in the mirror.

Deb has always been proud of her looks. The cute blond staring back at her has an innocent smile and sparkling blue eyes. Although she is only 5 feet tall her body is nicely proportioned. What stands out, though, are her tits. They are magnificent and hang from her chest like two ripe melons about to burst. She rubs her fingers across the nipples sending shivers through her body.

When she arrives at the hotel Deb goes into the changing room and steps out of the cut-off jeans and t-shirt covering her bikini. She pulls on a short white wrap and heads for the pool. It is quite crowded. She spies an empty chair and grabs it. She is about to remove her wrap when she hears a male voice behind her.

“Excuse me, Miss… um… but, well, this is kind of embarrassing.” Deb turns and sees a good-looking man in his early forties. “You see I lost a bet and my punishment… well it’s not really a punishment… but you see I’m supposed to ask if you want to join us in the hot tub. We have a private one inside.”

Deb stares him up and down. She sees the wedding ring on his finger. He must be with a group of men out to do Vegas without wives. She is about to dismiss him, but he looks so shy and innocent and harmless. She decides to string him along a little longer.

“Why me?” Deb asks.

“Well, you’re young and pretty and you look so, um, wholesome is the word they used. They picked you because they expect you to turn me down – maybe even slap me. They’d all get a big laugh out of it. Look, I’m sorry Miss. Please don’t be mad at me. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Deb is flattered. Besides, she is still horny from her earlier session with the vibrator. A group of men in the hot tub could be fun. It has been a while since she has entertained several men at the same time – not that she is going to, but she decides to play along just to see what will happen.

“I’m not mad,” Deb tells him. “Why don’t we go meet your friends? Let’s have a little fun. That way the joke will be on them and not you.”

The other four are at a nearby table watching. They all look shocked when Bob returns with Deb. She can see a wedding band on two other fingers but guesses that they are all married. She decides to tease them a little and lets her wrap slide to the ground. Their eyes grow big as they gaze at the huge pair of tits about to burst from the tiny bikini top she is wearing.

“Hi. I’m Deb. It’s so nice of you to invite me to join you,” she says in her naturally high pitched voice that makes her sound like a young girl. “I just love hot tubs.”

They move inside. Deb slides into the bubbly water between two men with hairy chests and dark hair. Directly across from her is Bob. Two other men in their mid forties are next to him. She slides down until just her head is above the water and looks over at Bob. Deb is feeling naughty and decides to tease him. Her foot slides up between his legs. She rubs his cock through his swim trunks. Bob’s eyes get big. He looks around to see if anyone else notices. The bubbles in the water hide what she is doing.

Deb feels him grow hard. She slides her foot under the leg of his loose trunks. Her toes touch the naked flesh of his hard cock and rubs against it. Deb slides her other foot up his trunks and curls the toes of both feet around his shaft. She slowly jerks him off. His face contorts in agony just before hot cum squirts between her toes. It takes all her will power not to reach down and touch her throbbing clit.

Deb pulls her feet out from Bob’s swim trunks. Now she is feeling really adventurous and naughty. She slides lower and moves her feet between the legs of the two men sitting on either side of Bob. She can feel them grow hard as her toes massage their cocks. She drops her hands onto the thighs of the two men sitting next to her and slides them up their legs. Her fingers squeeze their growing cocks through their swim suits.

The guys quickly figure out what is happening. A flurry of activity ensues. Deb feels several hands groping her. The bikini top disappears. Someone else pulls the bottoms down her legs. The two guys sitting next to her kneel on the seat of the hot tub and wave their hard cocks in her face. She pushes them away and stands in the middle of the tub. Their eyes feast on her huge tits which hang majestically from her chest.

“Not so fast boys,” she tells them with a playful grin. “I want you all to remove your swim suits and sit in a circle around the edge of the hot tub. If you behave yourselves you’ll get rewarded. If not I’ll just pick up my bikini and leave.”

They scramble to do as ordered. Their tongues are practically hanging out of their mouths. Deb loves the power she has over them. She can feel it tingling in her pussy. She puts on a little show for them by squeezing her tits and sucking on her own nipples. She picks her first victim and kneels on the hot tub seat in front of him.

His cock is on the small size but that doesn’t matter to Deb. She leans over and slides her nipples across his swollen knob. She spits on it until it is covered with saliva and then moves it between her soft white melons. Deb massages his cock with her tits and looks into his eyes. She can see the agony of the pleasure she is giving him.

Deb slides her mouth over his cock teasing his knob with her tongue. She hears his moans and drives him into her throat. She feels him swell and moves her lips back to his knob. Spurt after spurt of hot cum explodes into her mouth until it is leaking out from the corners. When he is finished Deb lifts her drooling lips from his cock, looks into his eyes and swallows.

The next cock is longer and shaped like a banana. Deb repeats the ritual by spitting on his cock and sliding it between her tits. Although she loves being tit fucked, she wants to get him off quickly. Deb takes him into her mouth and down her throat torturing him by licking his balls with her tongue while his cock is buried deep. When she moves up his shaft to his knob he swells almost immediately.

Deb pulls him from her lips and aims his cock at her tits. Streams of hot cum spew all over her creamy globes. She can feel it running down between them and dripping from her nipples. She looks up at him and rubs his cock through the creamy mess on her tits, then lifts it to her mouth and licks it clean.

The next victim has a long thin cock. Deb jacks him off with her hand and spits on his cock until it is drenched in saliva. Her fingers twist and turn around the throbbing flesh as she pumps him rapidly with her hand. She can see the agony on his face and knows he won’t last long.

“Cum for me baby. Cum all over my face. I want to feel it running down my cheeks and dripping from my chin. Hurry baby. I want your cum.”

Deb slides her lips over his knob while she continues to stroke his cock twisting and turning it with her hand. She feels him swell and pulls him from her mouth aiming the tip at her face. Thick ropes of hot cum splash onto her cheeks and across her nose. More hits her between the eyes and lands in her hair. She opens her mouth and feels the last few spurts shoot onto her lips and tongue.

Her face is dripping with cum when she moves to her next victim. His cock is long and thick with a big purple knob. Deb slides him between her tits and fucks him with her two soft melons. She lifts her head and gazes up at him with lust filled eyes. Cum is drooling from her chin. She has a look on her face like she is about to have an orgasm which isn’t far from the truth.

“Fuck my tits baby. Slide your big cock between my two beautiful babies. Do you like them? Do you like fucking my tits? Do you want to cum all over them? Or do you want to cum in my mouth? I like that too. It makes my pussy wet just thinking about it.”

She slams her mouth onto his hard cock and opens her throat. Her lips travel down his shaft until they are pressed against his pubes. She teases him with her throat and licks his balls with her tongue. She moves up to his knob and teases the underside with the tip of her tongue. Seconds later she feels him swell. A torrent of hot cum pours into her mouth.

Deb keeps her lips tightly wrapped around his shaft. Jet after jet of thick seed splashes off the roof of her mouth and pools in the opening to her throat. When he is finally finished she leans her head back and stretches her lips open to show him the huge load he has deposited in her mouth. She gargles and then lets it trickle out over her lower lip until it runs down her neck and between her tits.

Bob is her last victim. She has something special planned for him. After she teases him with her tits, Deb takes him into her throat. When she feels like he is about to shoot she pulls away and looks up talking dirty to him telling him how much she loves having her tits fucked and how wet her pussy is getting. She sucks his balls into her mouth while she jacks him off. She brings him to the brink again and then backs off.

“Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass, Bob?” Deb asks while pulling away. “No? Well this is your lucky day.”

Deb stands on the hot tub seat and turns around. She lowers her ass to his hard cock. Reaching between her legs she grabs his throbbing shaft. It is still drooling with spit. She presses the head against her sphincter and slowly sits down impaling her asshole onto his length. She moves against him by rotating her ass and lifting up and down. She loves how it fills her each time she feels it plunge into her body.

Deb moves a hand to her clit. She needs to cum badly. Sucking all those cocks and feeling cum shooting into her mouth and on her tits and face has her pussy throbbing. Her fingers move faster and faster across her clit. The pressure in her ass is incredible. She slides a hand to one of her tits and pinches her nipple. Ripples of pleasure explode through her cunt.

Deb hears Bob grunt. Hot cum sprays into her bowels. This new sensation sends her over the top. Another orgasm gushes from her pussy and drenches her fingers. She finally lifts off of Bob’s wilting cock. Cum oozes from her asshole and streams down her thighs. She falls into the hot tub and lets the bubbles massage her excited body. When she emerges she hears a very interesting conversation taking place.

“So do you think Britney is really here or was that guy bull-shitting us?”

Deb does a double take. She can’t believe what she is hearing. She looks up at the guy with the banana cock who is talking to Bob.

“What?” She asks enthusiastically. “Britney is here? The pop star?”

“That’s what we heard. They say she is in one of those private cabanas.”

Deb feels her excitement level grow. Just being in close proximity to Britney has her pussy throbbing.

“How do you know this? I didn’t read anything about it.”

“We heard this guy talking to someone from the Casino. I think he’s a security guard. He said that Britney was coming down later and that everything was secure.”

After pulling on her bikini Deb gets them to describe the security guard. She gathers her things, says goodbye and walks towards the pool area. She puts a little extra sway in her ass and smiles knowing that she’s given them something to tell their friends about when they return home.

The five men all watch her leave. Bob stares at the ass he just fucked and feels his cock stir. The other four stare and get hard remembering the most incredible blowjob they ever received. The guy with the big thick cock finally shakes his head and speaks.

“Jesus. I think we just hit the fucking jackpot.”

“Definitely,” replies the guy with the long thin cock. “She’s got to be a porn star. No normal woman could make five guys cum in less than twenty minutes.”

“I don’t know,” Bob argues. “No porn star would just give it away like that. She’s the girl next door that we all dream about – just out for a good time.”

“I agree with Bob,” says banana cock. “She’s not a porn star. She wasn’t acting. She loved it. You could tell.”

The Security Guard

Out in the pool area Deb bounces over to where the security guard is standing. He is a tall black man wearing shorts and a red t-shirt that shows off his rippling muscles. He is standing near one of the private cabanas. Deb makes sure her big tits move with each step. They are practically falling out of her top.

“Hey,” Deb says in her innocent little girl voice.

He glances down and stares lecherously at her tits much longer than a curious glance would allow. He finally lifts his head and looks directly at Deb. His eyes are cold. Deb feels a pang of fear.

“You want something?” He asks in an angry voice.

Deb knows from his tone that she should walk away, but just the thought that he might be a link to Britney keeps her there. Besides, there is something exciting about the way he is looking at her.

“Um… well, I was just wondering,” she stutters. “I… I heard Britney was here.”

She looks up at him and smiles trying to break the ice. The angry expression on his face does not change. His eyes travel down her body. He’s not just looking at her. He is molesting her with his eyes. Deb feels her pussy involuntarily reacting to his lecherous stare. He doesn’t say a word.

“I mean I just heard that, that’s all,” she adds. “And that maybe you were her security guard.”

His eyes have an edge to them. Deb’s head is spinning with fear and excitement. She swallows hard and moves closer letting her right tit brush lightly against his arm. She looks up at him with a ‘You can fuck me if you want’ expression. He still doesn’t say anything.

“I just want to know,” Deb continues in a whispery voice. “I’ll do anything… anything at all.”

Suddenly he reaches behind her and grabs Deb by the hair. He yanks down until her face is pointed up at his. He leans over and looks into her eyes with his face perched just inches from hers.

“Be outside the men’s room in ten minutes. Now get the fuck out of here.”

He pushes her away. Deb staggers towards the ladies room. Her heart is beating fast. Every nerve ending in her body is tingling with a mixture of fear and excitement. Deb goes into a stall and closes the door. She sits on the toilet and takes a deep breath wondering what she has gotten herself into and why her nipples feel like they are about to burst and why her pussy is dripping.

Deb does her best to regain her composure. After peeing she goes to the sink and splashes water on her face. She gazes into the mirror at the innocent looking blonde staring back at her and asks, “What have you gotten yourself into, baby?”

The woman in the mirror shrugs her shoulders. “You want to see Britney, don’t you? How bad can it be?”

Deb sighs. “I wish I knew. I’m a little scared.”

The girl in the mirror smiles at her. “Go for it sweetie. It’s Britney. She’s worth it. Besides, once you get his cock in your mouth he’ll melt like butter. They all do.”

Deb walks out of the ladies room and waits by the men’s room door. Two minutes later the black security guard walks over to Deb and grabs her arm. He drags her over to a locked door and takes out a key. After opening it he pulls her inside. The room is dark except for a dim light in the corner. Deb notices that they are in a small maintenance room with buckets and pool equipment scattered about.

She turns and looks up at him. His muscular frame towers over her 5 foot body. His cold eyes move to her tits which are stuffed into the tiny bikini top she is wearing. The lecherous way he is staring causes her nipples to swell. Juices gather in the folds of her pussy. The silence is almost unbearable. Deb is anxious about what will happen next.

“Um… do you want to see my tits?” She asks in a nervous voice, “Because I don’t mind showing them to you.”

He fixes her with his cold stare but does not say a word. Deb can feel her heart pounding in her chest. Deb reaches behind her back and unsnaps her top. She lets it fall to the floor. Her hard nipples poke out from the two creamy white globes that majestically hang on her chest.

“Do you like them?” Deb asks and smiles up at him. She squeezes her tits with her fingers. “Do you want to play with them?”

He doesn’t budge. Deb continues with the show. She rubs a fingertip across her nipples and looks up at him licking her lips. She can’t seem to break the ice. Deb lifts a nipple to her mouth and flicks her tongue across it. Still no reaction. Deb does the only other thing she can think to do. She squats in front of him and unbuckles his shorts.

“Would you like a blowjob?” Deb asks nervously as she fumbles with his zipper. “I can suck cock better than almost anyone.”

He still doesn’t say anything but he doesn’t do anything to stop her. Deb is convinced that his icy demeanor will melt once she gets his cock in her talented mouth. Then he’ll tell her about Britney. She yanks down his shorts and briefs. Deb gasps when she sees the size of the coal black snake that unfurls and hangs between his legs. She wraps her hand around the warm flesh and lifts the domed knob to her lips.

His huge cock swells and slowly grows hard. Deb sucks the tip into her mouth and teases it with her tongue. Her hand strokes his expanding shaft. She moves her lips down his vein streaked flesh and fucks his cock with her mouth until it is rigid and fully erect. She pulls away and stares in wonder at the black monster she has built. It has to be at least ten inches.

Deb is determined to break down his control over her. She spits on his cock and fucks him rapidly with her mouth while pumping both hands up and down his shaft. She coats his black knob with even more spit. This time she takes him deep into her mouth. Despite his size she feels the swollen head push past her gag point and slide into her throat.

Deb’s lips travel down his shaft until they are pressed against his pubes. She holds him deep breathing through her nose and massaging him with her throat. Her tongue pushes out from her lips and licks his balls. She finally lifts her mouth off his cock and looks up at him with strands of spit drooling from her lips. She guides his drooling shaft between the her huge tits and fucks his cock up and down between them while rolling the soft flesh back and forth across his black monster. Her pussy is leaking like a faucet.

“Fuck my tits baby. Shove your big cock between my soft creamy mounds. God I love the way it feels. My nipples are so hard and my pussy is dripping. Do you want to cum on my tits? Do you want to cum in my mouth? I just love the taste of cum. What do you want baby? Do you want to fuck me in the ass? I’ll do anything.”

Deb grabs his big black shaft and guides the tip to each of her nipples rubbing it across the hard nubs. Jolts of pleasure shoot directly to her pussy. Her body shudders. Deb feels a trickle of cunt juice dribble into her bikini bottoms. She slams her mouth back down his cock and takes him deep into her throat. She knows he can’t last much longer and moves her mouth up his shaft to concentrate her efforts on his knob.

Suddenly he grabs her by the hair and jerks her onto her feet. Deb tries to get her bearings. He throws her face first against the wall. His hands grab her bikini bottoms and yank them down her thighs. He bends his knees and slides his hard cock between her ass cheeks. Deb feels it press into her opening. With a powerful thrust he drives it deep into her cunt.

Deb is pressed so tightly against the wall that she is barely able to move. He cock stabs into her pussy again and again stretching it to accommodate his size. His black monster plows deeper and deeper until it bounces off her cervix. Her tits slide against the rough surface of the wall as he pushes her up on her toes and lifts her into the air on each powerful thrust. Despite the rough treatment Deb is delirious with pleasure.

“Oooohh… oh fuck… yes… fuck me with your big cock… pound it into my pussy… oh god… uuunnngggghhhhh…”

Her head jerks upward each time he slams into her body. Her hands are pressed flat to the wall just above her shoulders. The pounding in her head becomes more and more intense with each thrust of his cock. Juices trickle from her pussy and run down her thighs as orgasm after orgasm explodes from her cunt.

“Aaaaahhhhh… ooooohhhhhhhh… oh fuck… uuunnngggghhh…”

Suddenly he pulls his cock from her cunt and presses the huge nob against her sphincter. He rams it through the tight orifice and plows deep into her bowels. It feels like he is going to rip her apart. He slams into her again and again scraping her body against the wall on each thrust. Despite the punishment she is taking, Deb can’t stop the ripples of pleasure surging through her body.

His cock swells inside her asshole and erupts with a spray is so powerful she can actually feel it squirting against her bowels. Deb screams as another orgasm rips through her body and then another. The black cock continues to spew cum up her ass until Deb can feel it seeping out and dripping onto the floor. Deb is barely conscious when he finally pulls out.

“Be in suite 1105 in 30 minutes,” he says stuffing his cock back in his shorts and opening the door. “The boss will be waiting.”

Deb pulls on her top and heads for the ladies room. She sits in a stall contemplating what to do next. Should she go? She finally showers, steps back into her bikini and pulls on the white wrap. Deb slides into her flip flops, takes a deep breath and heads to the elevator. She pushes the button for the 11th floor.

The Audition

Deb stands in front of the desk waiting for the handsome olive skinned man to acknowledge her presence. His name is Hector. He signs a few documents and hands them to the gorilla that met her at the door. Two more goons are standing behind him. He finally looks up at Deb with a broad smile that shows a mouthful of pearl white teeth.

“What can I do for you young lady?” Hector asks in a friendly voice that has just a hint of an accent.

“Um,” Deb hesitates not knowing how much he has been told. “I was hoping to find out if Britney is here. You know – the singer. I heard she was. I’d do almost anything just to meet her.”

Hector scans his eyes up and down her body and finally says, “I’m sure you would. Why don’t you lose the white wrap and bikini so I can inspect the merchandise?”

Deb does as she is ordered. She has nothing to lose. Hector gazes lecherously at her huge tits and then down to her bald pussy puffing out from between her thighs like a ripe plum. Her nipples are bursting with excitement. Her pussy is throbbing.

“Turn around and bend over,” he orders.

Deb turns around. She knows her ass is a little plump but men seem to like that. Besides, Deb is proud of her body and happy to put it on full display. She bends over until her tits almost touch her chin. Hector can see her pussy puffing out between her thighs along with her tight asshole peeking out from her cheeks. A bead of cunt juice slides down her slit and hangs on her swollen clit.

“Excellent. Just perfect,” Hector finally proclaims. “I’ve decided to let you audition. I have some very important clients downstairs. We hired some dancers who are mostly hard bodies. They have the looks and moves but they also have these rules about what they won’t do. My clients want something more. Do you think you can give them that?”

“Um,” Deb replies nervously, “I think so. I mean I’ll try. I’m not a stripper but I can do other things. Will I get to see Britney then?”

Rather than answer Hector glares at her with a dangerous smile on his face and says, “Manny here is going to escort you downstairs. He will make a video of everything so I can review it. Don’t disappoint me.”

Downstairs twenty middle-aged men are sitting in a circle watching a shapely teenage girl bounce back and forth among them shaking her tits and ass in their faces. She is hot and Deb feels a pang of fear wondering how she can possibly compete. Just before the young girl departs she drops her g-string and flashes her pussy. She picks up the bills scattered around the floor and leaves through the back door.

“Pitiful,” says Manny shaking his head. “The fucking cunt can’t even dance that well. These men want a real show. You’re up next. Remember, don’t disappoint Hector.”

Um,” Deb says hesitantly, “Shouldn’t I have an outfit or something?”

Manny steps back and looks at her. Deb is still wearing a white wrap with her bikini underneath and a pair of flip-flops.

“It’s not about what you’re wearing. It’s about the show. Lose the flip-flops. I’ll introduce you.”

Manny steps into the circle and drags Deb with him.

“Our next performer is Little Debbie. When you look at her you see the woman next door, an innocent soccer mom, someone from the office – but don’t let that fool you. I hear she has a secret she wants to share with you.”

A loud beat of music pounds in the background. Deb is terrified and unable to move at first. At the same time she is excited. Her nipples throb at the thought of all those strangers with hard cocks staring at her naked body. Manny whispers into her ear.

“Show them what you have, baby.”

Deb thinks about Britney and that motivates her. She lets the wrap fall open and slowly spins around so they can all get an eyeful of the huge tits bulging out from her top. She can feel their lust-filled eyes staring and realizes the power she has over them. Fear is replaced by excitement. Her pussy is already dripping and the show has barely begun.

Deb closes the wrap and reaches back to unfasten her top. She dances to the music while gyrating her ass in a suggestive manner. She shimmies her shoulders and shakes her tits until the wrap slowly slides down her body and onto the floor. When her top follows Deb acts mortified and quickly covers her naked tits with both hands.

Her shy act quickly transforms into a masturbation fantasy. Deb squats with her knees spread wide and looks down at the oversized globes she is holding in her hands. She slowly squeezes them and rubs her thumbs over her hard nipples. The expression on her face transforms into a woman about to have an orgasm. She lifts a nipple to her mouth and licks it, then does the same with her other nipple.

Deb gets onto her hands and knees and crawls over to one of the men who looks like he is about to cream his pants. She slides up his body dragging her tits across his lap and rubbing them against his hard cock through the pants he is wearing. She continues up his torso and buries his face between her huge milky white globes. Deb slides into his lap and humps her mound against his cock. She moves her lips to his ear.

“I just love how your hard cock feels against my pussy,” she whispers. “I am so fucking wet. Do you want to fuck my wet pussy? Do you want to put it in my ass? I love the feel of a hard cock up my ass. And I love the taste of cum. You can cum in my mouth after you fuck my ass.”

Deb feels his body stiffen. He tries to muffle his grunt. She feels him jerk and knows he is shooting in his pants. She rubs harder against his spewing cock. Her body is on fire. Her pussy clenches and gushes into her bikini bottoms. She finally slides off him and dances around the circle.

She picks her next victim. He is embarrassed by the way she dangles her tits in his face. Deb places her foot on his thigh and slides it over his hard cock. She squeezes her tits and licks her nipples. Her toes massage his knob through his trousers while she moves her foot up and down his length.

Deb pulls the crotch of her bottoms to the side exposing her wet pussy. She presses a finger against her hard clit. Her foot continues to massage his cock. The poor man doesn’t have a chance. She hears him grunt and feels his body jerk. She can’t believe that she has just made two grown men cum in their pants.

Deb moves to her next victim. He has his cock out and is stroking it. Deb straddles him and slowly lowers her pussy against his knob. She can feel it rubbing her clit through the bikini bottoms she is still wearing. Her tits press into his face as she squirms against his cock. She gasps when he sucks a nipple into his mouth. She is tempted to plunge her pussy down his length but resists the urge and finally pulls away.

Most of the audience now has their cocks exposed. Deb moves to her next victim and shoves the soaked crotch of her bikini into his face while bending over and rubbing her tits and nipples over his exposed cock. He pulls her bottoms to the side and shoves two fingers up her cunt. When he tries to shove a finger up her ass she pulls away and calls him a naughty boy.

Deb backs onto her next victim’s lap and slides his cock under her bikini bottoms. She fucks him between her cheeks while his hands move to her tits. He kneads the soft flesh with his fingers and rubs his thumb over her nipples. Deb grinds against him as he slides his cock up and down between her ass cheeks.

Suddenly he grunts. Deb feels hot cum shoot up her crack. He keeps shooting until the inside of her bikini bottoms are a mess. She steps out of them before moving to the next victim. Standing in front of him completely naked Deb straddles his hard cock while rotating her clit against his knob. A trickle of cunt juice runs down her thigh. She feels him push between her lips and pulls away shaking a finger at him. Not yet, she thinks.

Deb teases several more men until she finally reaches the last man in the circle. She spits on his cock and slides it between her tits. She squeezes them together and slowly fucks his hard meat with her two soft melons. She looks up at him with lust filled eyes.

“I love the way your hard cock feels between my two big milky white tits. It makes my nipples so fucking hard. My pussy is about to explode. Fuck my tits baby. I want to feel your hot cum ooze down between them and drip from my nipples. Cum for me baby… please. I want your cum.”

Seconds later his cock explodes shooting a geyser of cum into the air. Large globs of white goo land on her tits. She slams her lips down over his spewing cock. Spurt after spurt splashes off the roof of her mouth and oozes over her tongue. She pulls away and looks up at him with cum drooling from her lips. After showing him what is in her mouth she swallows.

Deb moves back to the middle of the circle and gets on all fours. Her tits dangle from her chest like overfilled water balloons. She slides two fingers into her cunt and fucks her pussy. With her other hand she reaches back and slides a finger into her ass. The excitement of doing this in front of a roomful of strangers is too much. Her body tenses. She screams. Juices gush from her pussy.

Deb crawls on her hands and knees to the closest cock she can find. She slides up between his legs and rubs her tits across his swollen shaft before lowering her mouth down his length. Her lips are pressed against his pubes when she feels two fingers push into her pussy from behind. She tilts her ass into the air inviting him to go deeper. Suddenly the fingers disappear and are replaced by a hard cock that drives deep into her cunt. Deb lifts her head and gasps.

Her mouth slams back down on the cock in front of her. The cock in her pussy pounds into her hard and fast. Deb can feel juices running down her thighs from the excitement surging through her body. She doubles her efforts on the cock she is sucking by stroking him with her hand and licking his knob. She feels him swell. Hot cum pours into her mouth. Seconds later the cock fucking her pussy explodes into her cunt.

Deb swallows the entire load in her mouth. The cock in her pussy pulls out and is immediately replaced by another larger cock that drives deep into her cum-filled cunt. She can feel it leaking from her pussy and running down her thighs as he pounds her hard and fast.

Two men standing on either side of her dangle their hard cocks in her face. Deb immediately goes to work on them with her talented mouth. She teases them both briefly and then concentrates on the first one torturing him with her lips and tongue. When she shoves a finger up his ass he explodes like a volcano shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth until it is drooling from her lips.

Deb turns towards the other cock. He explodes before she even gets it to her mouth. Gobs of thick cum splatter the side of her face. Some of it lands in her hair. Seconds later the guy hammering her pussy grunts and dumps another load of cum up her cunt. Deb stands and feels it streaming down her legs. More cum is dripping from her face. She feels like a complete slut and loves it.

Deb moves to a new victim and slowly lowers her ass towards his cock. She reaches between her legs and grabs the thick shaft guiding his knob to the tight knot of her asshole. Her sphincter slowly opens around him. Deb pushes down harder and feels him punch into her tight orifice. Seconds later he is completely buried inside her bowels.

A big guy with a huge cock steps in front of Deb. She wraps her fingers around his vein streaked flesh and drools spit all over the large mushroom shaped tip. His cock slides between her tits. She squeezes them tightly around him. He fucks her two oversized globes while she rubs the soft flesh back and forth against him. At the same time she grinds her asshole against the cock that is buried deep inside her.

“Oh fuck yes… fuck my ass… fuck my tits… oh shit… aaaahhhhhhh… god I love your cock up my ass… nnnggghhhhhh… jesus… fuck my tits baby… oh god… I’m gonna cum… oh shit… AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH… UUUNNNNNHHHHHHH…”

Her pussy explodes despite the fact that she hasn’t even touched it. Every nerve ending in her body is tingling with excitement. Her swollen nipples feel like they are going to burst. Deb slams her mouth down on the huge cock fucking her tits. She opens her throat and lets it slide past her gag point. It continues to plow deeper until her lips are pressed against his pubes.

The cock in her asshole slams into her harder and faster. Deb slides a hand between her legs and rubs a fingertip across her clit. Her pussy clenches. Her asshole tightens around the cock inside it. She pulls off the cock she is sucking and cums.


Seconds later the guy fucking her ass grunts. Hot cum explodes into her bowels sending Deb into another series of orgasmic spasms. She stands on wobbly legs. Cum is oozing from her asshole and dripping onto the floor. They guy with the big cock lifts her off the ground like a feather and guides his hard meat to her hot cunt. Deb wraps her arms and legs around him and slowly lowers her pussy down his length.

She feels someone move behind her. Another cock presses against her asshole and plows into her tight passage. The two men find a rhythm and soon are alternately slamming into her asshole and pussy. Deb is out of control as one orgasm after the next rips through her body.

“Oh god yes… fuck me… aaaaahhhhhhhh… fuck my pussy… fuck my ass… nnnnnggghhhh… harder. God I love having two cocks in me… ggggaaahhhhhhh…”

The guy fucking her ass drives his cock deep and grunts. Hot cum pumps into her bowels. Deb digs her fingernails into the shoulders of the guy fucking her and screams. Her body is still shaking when he pulls out and lowers her to the floor. Hot cum spews all over her face. She is so excited that her pussy explodes with another orgasm.

Deb crawls over to a man lying on his back, straddles him with her knees. She lowers her cunt down his length. Someone else slides in behind her and plows his cock up her ass. Three others stand in front of her with their cocks dangling in her face. Deb immediately goes to work on them with her mouth and hands.

The guy fucking her ass hammers her hard and fast driving his cock deeper and deeper into her bowels on each thrust. Deb takes a cock down her throat and tries to service it between moans. She feels the cock in her ass swell. More hot cum fills her bowels. She pulls her mouth off the cock she has been sucking and gasps. Before she can catch her breath a different cock is shoved into her asshole.

Another cock is shoved into her mouth. The guy fucking her pussy grunts. The guy fucking her ass pulls out and rolls her onto her back. He squats over her and aims his cock at her tits. A jet of hot cum explodes from the tip and splashes against her nipple. Two more cocks are aimed at her face. Ribbons of thick cum splatter all over her nose, cheeks, lips, forehead and hair.

Three men pick her up and carry her to a nearby table. They lay her down on her back with her ass over one side and her head hanging over the other. A cock is shoved into her mouth. Deb opens her throat and feels him slide down it until his balls are pressed against her nose. She reaches back with her hands and grabs his ass pulling him even deeper.

On the other side of the table someone spreads her legs and rams his cock up her cunt. He slams into her again and again pounding her pussy like a madman. At the same time the cock in her throat moves like a jackhammer. Spit is pouring from her mouth. A flood of saliva runs up her nose and streams over her eyes. Black streaks of mascara cover her forehead. Her hair is matted with spit.

The guy fucking her pussy grunts. Hot cum fills her cunt until she can feel it running down her ass. Another cock slams into her cream-filled chamber. He wraps his arms around her legs and hammers her pussy with rapid and deep thrusts. The guy who is fucking her mouth pulls out and spews cum all over her face. It mixes with the spit pouring from her lips. The mixture drools down into her hair.

Another bigger cock is rammed down her throat. He fucks her face like a madman. The cock in her cunt swells. More hot cum pours into her pussy. He pulls out. A cock slides into her asshole. The big slab of meat fucking her face pulls out and spews stream after stream of hot cum onto her tits and neck.

Deb is delirious with pleasure. Her head is spinning with a continuous series of orgasms. Every nerve ending in her body seems like it is going to explode. Another cock slides between her lips and slams into her mouth so hard it feels like he is going to tear her throat apart. Deb gurgles and gags on both the cock and her own spit.

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All characters engaged in sexual acts in this story are at least eighteen years of age.

Many thanks to my talented editor for his tireless support and my beta reader for her inspiration.


Ty stretched slowly, reveling in the feel of the soft bed and the weight of the blankets on his shoulders. His pains were gentle today. As he eased into wakefulness, memories of the night before came back to him.

I’m in Abe’s apartment!

He felt safe and warm. He wasn’t in a hurry to get out of bed. He breathed in the spicy, slightly musky scent that was on the sheets—they smelled like Abe. He remembered being carried in those strong arms, leaning his head on that huge chest, breathing in Abe’s scent. A shiver of goose bumps broke out across his skin.

He snuggled further under the blankets. He didn’t think Abe was home; he didn’t hear anyone in the little apartment, and Abe had said he was going to work. He went over the details of what had happened the night before, remembering everything Abe said and did. He seemed like such a perfect guy—gentle … caring … handsome.

Why am I thinking about him like this?

Somewhat disturbed, he sat up and looked around. The king-sized bed dominated the room. The floor was oak, warmed with a few bright, geometric rugs. In addition to the bookshelves along one wall, there was a desk and a dresser, all black with clean, modern lines. He noted that a tray on the desk held a carafe of coffee, a mug, an orange, and some muffins.

Curious, he got out of bed, happy to note that his foot felt much better. He still couldn’t put weight on the sole, but the entire foot was no longer hot and painful. He limped to the desk and poured himself a cup of coffee. When he saw there was a small pitcher of cream and sugar cubes also on the tray, he smiled to himself. Abe is so considerate.

He limped into the bathroom and took care of business. His black eye was still purple, his nose still slightly swollen. He turned his head to the side looking at his nose in profile. It had a distinct bump in the middle of it. He sighed regretfully.

He didn’t think he cared so much that his nose was not as attractive as it used to be, but the bump was a visual reminder of what his father had done to him. He wondered if every time he looked in the mirror from now on he’d remember that horrible night.

He finished up in the bathroom and wandered back into the bedroom. The door to the main room was closed. He turned the handle and pulled. The handle turned, but the door didn’t open. What the fuck?

He pulled harder. The door yielded a fraction of an inch. Something was preventing the door from opening.

Panic flooded him. Why would he lock me up? Is he planning to hurt me? He pulled on the door with all his might. No matter how hard he pulled, a half-inch was the extent of play in the door. He called for help as loudly as he could for several minutes while he continued to tug at the door in frustration. It was to no avail.

Eventually he started to calm down.

He’s probably not going to hurt me. He left me food. Why the hell did he lock me up? His fear shifted to anger.

Just because he helped me out, doesn’t give him the right to hold me captive! He seethed and paced, limping back and forth, so worked up that he was oblivious to the pain in his foot.

It finally occurred to him that perhaps Abe was afraid he’d steal him blind by the time he got back from work. Abe wanted to be there when he left to make sure he wasn’t carrying off half his stuff. That thought saddened him, although since he’d been clearly living on the streets when Abe found him, he couldn’t blame him for not trusting him.

It still doesn’t give him the right to lock me up! He clenched his fist and slammed it into the unyielding door. His knuckle split. The heavy door showed no sign of damage.

He began to poke around the bedroom, starting with the closet. Normally he would have respected Abe’s privacy and not snooped, but his respect had lessened a notch. Anger gave him the excuse he needed. If he’s going to lock me up, I sure as shit am going to find out everything I can about him.

There wasn’t much in the closet: clothes and shoes and a few boxes stacked in the back labeled ‘Evan’. He had some nice clothes. The closet smelled like him. Ty took a deep breath and sighed.

Moving on into the bedroom, Ty began a methodical sweep through Abe’s drawers, feeling mildly guilty. In the back of the top drawer, buried behind some socks, was a framed photograph. Ty pulled it out and examined it.

The picture was of Abe and a young, too-thin, blonde man. They were standing very close to each other, both smiling broadly for the camera. Fuck, he’s good-looking, Ty thought as he stared at Abe’s smile. The other man was very attractive too, in a delicate sort of way.

Ty put the picture carefully back where he’d found it and closed the drawer. He wondered why Abe kept the picture hidden.

He perused the bookshelf, observing that Abe had eclectic taste in books. There was everything from ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’, to James Patterson, to ‘The Lord of the Rings’. He finished his inspection with the desk, not finding anything of particular interest. He was just about to turn on Abe’s laptop on when he heard a door close.

His fear, which had settled, now screamed to the surface.

Abe was much bigger than he was. He had locked him up against his will. He had no idea what the black man’s intentions toward him were. His heart pounded frantically. He was at the door in a second, dancing in fearful anticipation as he listened to the sounds of Abe undoing whatever he’d done to block the door shut.

As soon as the door started to move, he slammed it open and pushed past a startled Abe. His only thought was to get out as quickly as possible. He ran out the front door of the apartment, ignoring the protests of his hurt foot. His heart felt like it was going to explode out of his chest.

“Ty! Wait! Stop, please!” Abe followed him.

Abe had been detained at work and had gotten home several hours later than he’d planned. He was caught by surprise when Ty bolted past him. His first impression was, Wow! He’s even more gorgeous today than he was last night. His shining hair flowed away from his pale face. His long body was lithe and graceful. His unusual eyes darted around frantically as he raced to the door.

He’s terrified! Abe realized and immediately figured out why.

Fuck! I did that to him! I scared him half to death by locking him up. Shit! I’m so stupid! What was I thinking? Remorse flooded Abe, along with fear that Ty was going to disappear instantly from his life—he’d never see the young man again. For some reason that thought devastated him.

He caught up with Ty as he was waiting for the elevator. Ty glanced at the stairwell, as if considering that option, but he stood his ground at the elevator.

“Ty, I’m sorry. Please don’t run.”

Ty said nothing. He refused to look at Abe.

“Ty! You can’t go out without shoes or a coat! There’s four inches of snow on the ground!”

The elevator doors opened and Ty jumped in, smashing the button for the lobby. Abe followed him in.

“Ty, what’s going on?”

“You fucking locked me up, Asshole! I’m leaving!”

“Oh, God! I’m sorry!” Abe was desperate for Ty’s understanding. “It was really stupid of me. I didn’t think you’d even wake up before I got back, but I was delayed. I just wanted to make sure I got to see you before you left.”

“Well, you’ve seen me. Good-bye!” The elevator arrived and Ty limped quickly into the lobby. Abe followed.

“Ty! I didn’t rescue you from hypothermia to have you go right back out there and commit suicide. You’re not even wearing shoes!”

Ty stood for a minute at the double, glass doors, looking out at the snow-covered street. He glanced down at his bare feet and then up at Abe. He was clearly furious.

“Fuck!” He stomped back onto the elevator and punched the button for the twenty-third floor. Abe followed him, wishing he could figure out what to say to calm him down. It wrenched his gut to realize he was the cause of Ty’s anguish.

The young man glared at the floor in silence the entire ride up. His body was tense, his fists clenched.

“I’m really sorry Ty. I didn’t realize you’d get so upset. I really didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Ty didn’t answer him—didn’t even look at him.

“I’m so stupid. Please don’t be upset.”

“Fuck you!”

At least I got a response.

Ty stormed off the elevator, his sore foot barely apparent. Abe followed him back into his apartment. He had left the front door wide open.

“Where are my clothes?” Ty was tight-lipped and pale.

“Oh shit!” Abe went immediately to the double folding doors and slid them open. “I threw them in the washer last night, but I forgot to put them in the dryer this morning.” While he spoke, he hastily pulled Ty’s clothes out of the small washer and tossed them into the dryer above it. After turning the dryer on, he turned back around to find Ty glaring at him.

His spirit crumpled. He couldn’t stand having people mad at him. He collapsed onto the edge of his large leather chair, putting his head in his hands. He stared at the floor.

“I’m really, really sorry. The last thing I wanted was to hurt you. I just wanted to make sure you were okay before you left. And with the snow and all, I was worried…” He let himself trail off, lost in remorse.

“Fuck you! You locked me up! No one gets to lock me up. Never again! Ever!”

Abe winced. Fuck! He had been locked up before. Of course! Whoever tortured him had probably kept him locked up. No wonder he was so freaked out. Abe felt close to tears. He swallowed and looked up at Ty.

“I’m such a fuckhead!” He didn’t know what else to say.

Ty looked at Abe’s face and saw his own pain reflected in Abe’s eyes. Abe was really upset. This calmed him down a little.

“I guess I’ll have to wait until my clothes dry.” He leaned against the dryer and folded his arms across his chest.

“I was hoping you’d stay a couple days, until your foot gets better and the weather gets warmer. I guess that’s out of the question now?”

Ty had hoped to stay a couple of days as well, for the same reasons. He didn’t feel threatened by Abe anymore. He could see how remorseful he was, and he had stayed so calm throughout Ty’s tirade. Ty had yelled “Fuck you!” at him at least twice and had also called him an asshole. He hadn’t shown the least hint of anger.

“No one is ever going to lock me up again! Ever!” Ty repeated.

“I promise I won’t lock you up—never, ever!” Abe looked up hopefully.

Ty was torn. He had thought to beg Abe to let him stay. Now, he was pretty sure Abe would say yes, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay. He didn’t know Abe and obviously couldn’t trust him. His alternative was grim though. He had no money. It was freezing outside.

Abe’s big brown eyes were full of compassion and regret.

“I’ll stay if you want me to,” Ty finally said quietly, “just for a couple of days … unless I feel threatened. If I feel threatened, I’ll leave immediately.”

The black man’s smile was genuine. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like. I’ll sure try not to do anything that might scare you. I’m really sorry.”

Finally starting to relax, Ty limped to the couch. His foot suddenly hurt like hell.

“Better let me look at that foot again,” Abe said.

Ty made a face at him.


Julie Iverson swallowed the bile that came up into the back of her throat. She staggered a few steps and collapsed onto the edge of Ty’s bed, his soiled comforter still in her hands.

Her mind reeled. Jeanie had told her what Ty had looked like after the beating. She had thought her daughter was exaggerating. She had been in denial, but she could not deny the evidence in her hands. Her son had been brutalized by her husband to the point where he had lost control of his bladder. Her son was no weakling. It would have taken a lot to push him that far, and indeed, the coverlet was well-stained with blood as well.

Guilt and shame overwhelmed her. Why didn’t I protect him? My baby!

Tears quickly filled her eyes and overflowed down her face. She was surprised that she still had any tears left, she had cried so much since he had run away. Her boy was gone and she wondered if she’d ever see him again.

She was so angry with her husband, she had barely spoken three words to him since Monday. Her husband had bent over backwards to win her forgiveness, and she had been wavering. But now! She glanced once more at the comforter and her tears flowed faster. How can I possibly forgive him?

The doorbell rang. She wiped her tears away with a tissue as she hurried downstairs.

The woman at the front door was about forty years old with short brown curls and a warm smile. She was wearing a light blue sweater that matched the blue of her eyes. She looked vaguely familiar.

“I’m Linda Billington, Ty’s English teacher,” she introduced herself. “I hope you don’t mind my dropping by like this. I wanted to see if there was any news.”

Yes, of course. I met her at the parent-teacher conference.

Julie shook her head sadly, “No, no news. Won’t you come in?” She stepped aside to let Linda enter. “I’m sorry about the house,” she apologized as she led the way into the living room. “I haven’t felt like cleaning lately. Can I get you anything to drink? Coffee? Tea? Water?…Wine?” She laughed rather bitterly. It was eleven o’clock on a Saturday morning.

“No, I’m fine. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I don’t know. We’ve called all his friends. No one has heard from him—not a phone call or an email. Or at least no one admits to hearing from him. Maybe they’re protecting him—protecting him like I didn’t. Her voice broke as she went on. “Richard has plastered the town with flyers. He even took a day off of work and went into the city with a stack of them. No one has called. He’s just vanished.”

Linda patted the other woman’s arm sympathetically. “Ty’s a smart boy. I’m sure he’s doing fine.”

“He’s smart, but he’s not street-smart. I’m so worried about him. With all this wind and snow … I guess it’s good that they haven’t found his body yet.”

“Sshhh! Don’t talk like that! He’s probably staying with a friend somewhere. Surely he had a plan when he ran away.”

“What makes you so sure he ran away?” The police were treating it as a kidnapping, but Julie knew better. She suspected that Ty’s teacher knew as well.

Linda decided to be blunt. “I saw him the morning he left. I also saw your husband that afternoon. He may have been able to convince his sheriff buddies otherwise, but I believe your husband beat him up—very badly. And that’s what I put in my official report too.”

Julie covered her face with her hands and burst into tears again. She was embarrassed and ashamed. “How could I let that happen?” she wailed.

Linda slid her arm around the other woman’s thin shoulders.

“I know a good councilor. You should talk to her. She can help you.”

“N … nothing is going to bring him back now!” Julie was distraught.

“He might come back on his own soon, don’t you think?

Julie shook her head, her sleek auburn hair swinging about her shoulders. “He’s too stubborn. He won’t come back. Not as long as Richard’s here.”

Linda looked at her pointedly for a moment and then fished around in her purse. She handed a business card to the upset woman. “Call Sara. She’ll help you get it figured out.”


“The email address you have chosen is not available. Please try a different address.” Ty made a few more clicks and got a different entry page with a dropdown that gave him a choice of domains. Roughboy18 was accepted with a different dot com address.

He was afraid to use his own email address in case his father figured out some way to track him. His sister had heard his father say, “I’m going to make you into a rough boy” often enough—she would know it was from him before she opened it. His best friend, David, would probably guess as well.

Once his account was set up, he shot quick emails to his sister and David, letting them know he was doing fine. He didn’t tell them where he was, just that he was staying with a new friend. He also didn’t go into detail about his time on the street; he didn’t want them to worry. He asked his sister to pass the information on to their mother and to ask her to please not say anything to their father.

After he was done with his short notes, he felt more settled. It had bothered him knowing that his family and friends were worried about him. Many times during the last few days he had thought about going home. What had stopped him was not his pride so much as fear of his father. He sighed and pushed that thought out of his mind. He had dwelled on it too much already.

Ty relaxed on the couch with his feet up and Abe’s laptop on his lap. Abe had set him up with his own login before he left to buy groceries. He had been gone for some time and Ty hoped he’d return soon. He was starving.

It occurred to him that he should be doing research on how to get a new driver’s license—preferably one that listed his age as 18 and had a different name—but he drifted instead, randomly clicking on links. He didn’t feel like focusing. He’d be at Abe’s for several days. He could do research later.

He was just thinking about logging into his favorite multi-player gaming site when he heard the front door being unlocked.

“Hey, Ty! How’s it goin’?” Abe unburdened himself onto the kitchen counter. “I got groceries and also bought you a few personal items. I hope you don’t mind.” Ty had told Abe his backpack had been stolen.

“You didn’t need to do that!” he protested as the big man dropped a bag into his lap.

“I wasn’t sure what you like … I mean, like what kind of toothpaste you use and stuff, so you get what I felt like buying. I also got you some underwear and socks. I was tempted to buy you some regular clothes, but I thought you should come with me for that.”

“Oh, Abe, you shouldn’t have!” Ty said, rummaging around in the bag. Abe had bought him a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, razor, shaving cream, soap, shampoo and conditioner, along with several pairs of underwear and socks. He wasn’t really upset. He was actually pleased and grateful, but uncomfortable with Abe spending money on him.

Abe couldn’t tell from Ty’s expression what he was thinking. “You can’t get by without socks and underwear. And you definitely need a toothbrush if you’re living with me. I don’t like to share.”

He was joking, and to his relief, Ty smiled.

“Thank you! That’s really nice of you. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay you.”

“You don’t worry about that. Just get better.”

“I am feeling much better.”

“How about some pizza? I’m starving.” Abe took a pizza out of one of the grocery bags and turned on the oven.

As they were finishing eating, Abe pondered how to get Ty to talk about what had happened to him.

Who had tortured him? How had he ended up on the street?

He wanted to help him and felt he needed to know more about his situation. He was afraid to broach the subject, however; Ty was skittish. Abe had the feeling that Ty would leave in a heartbeat if he said anything to make him uncomfortable.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” He asked the question lightly. If he’s afraid to talk about his past, we’ll start with the future. That’s safe, right?

To his dismay, Ty’s face reddened and shame flickered in his eyes. Damn!

He thought Ty wasn’t going to answer him, but he finally said bitterly, “I wanted to be a computer programmer, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now.”

“Why not?” Abe asked casually, almost holding his breath for an answer.

“I dropped out of high school.” Ty looked at the floor and scowled to hide his disgrace.

“What grade did you drop out?”

“I dropped out near the end of my senior year.” Ty was getting nervous. The conversation was too close to things he didn’t want to talk about. He didn’t want to lie to Abe, but he knew if he asked him direct questions about certain things, he would.

He probably just dropped out. What a shame. Is there no hope of him going back? And that also means he was probably living with his parents until recently, which means his father beat him up—unless it was an uncle or a foster-parent, but he’s already mentioned his dad. Likely, Daddy dearest.

All of these thoughts swam rapidly through Abe’s head. When he saw the despair on Ty’s face, he decided not to push him.

“Well, if you almost finished school, you should be able to get your GED pretty easily. After that you can go to college. You’re still really young. It’s a setback certainly, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go college.

Ty looked at Abe skeptically. “Well, maybe. I need to find a job first, and now that I’ve lost my ID, that’s going to be almost impossible.”

“You’ll get it sorted out,” Abe said encouragingly.

Ty smiled at him wanly. He wished he was as confident in his abilities as Abe seemed to be.

“Ty…” Abe took a deep breath and dove in. “I know you were injured on your back and your butt—I saw the blood on your clothes when I washed them.”

Ty stiffened and his face became a stone mask. He did not meet Abe’s eye.

“I’d like to examine you—make sure you are healing well.”

“No. I’m fine.”

“I’m a nurse. It will be very clinical.”

“I know that, but it’s not necessary. That blood was old. I’ve healed fine.” Ty’s jaw was set and Abe knew he would get nowhere by pushing.

“All right, but if anything starts bothering you, let me know, please.”

Ty did not respond. He seemed to be completely engrossed in examining the salt shaker. Abe suppressed a sigh. “Shall we watch a movie?”

“Sure. What have you got?”


Tommy sucked in his breath and his heart started racing. He always enjoyed the thrill of the chase, the challenge of trying to make a sale. He liked to use his wiles to sweet-talk someone into doing something they might not want to do. This one was well worth the effort of trying. If Tommy had been attracted to pretty little boys instead of macho men, he would have had a hard-on already. The boy’s fucking drool-worthy, that’s for sure.

The young man under observation crossed the lobby of the bus station, dragging a huge suitcase behind him. He was a compact package, 5’8” at the most and trim, but well-defined muscles in his arms and chest were apparent beneath his snug black tee. The shirt was just long enough to reach the top of his low-slung blue jeans, but when he paused to shrug into a gray leather jacket, a flash of taut stomach showed.


His blonde hair was cut in an asymmetrical shag, longer in the front than the back. It was a casual style, and the bangs fell across his lovely face in purposeful disarray. His clear eyes were storm-gray and wary.

Tommy put a bright smile on his face and sashayed over to boy, earrings tinkling. Don’t overdo it, sugar, he said to himself. This one will bolt if you’re not careful.

“Hello, Beautiful. Can I help you out? Give you directions to somewhere?” Tommy stopped short of offering to help him with his suitcase. It was huge—he didn’t want to get stuck dealing with it.

The youth looked up at Tommy, measuring him.

“No, thank you.” His voice was smooth and perfectly modulated.

“If you need a place to stay, I can assist. We have a house with some spare rooms.”

The storm-gray eyes met his, hesitant, mistrustful. “What kind of house?”

Tommy’s smile broadened. Here was his opening. “My name’s Tommy.” He offered his hand.

The young man’s gaze shifted to his hand then back to his face. His expression was stony. “I’m Dani.” He didn’t take Tommy’s hand.

This one’s chill, Tommy thought. He launched quickly into his pitch. “It’s a huge old house in the River district. It’s on the light-rail route but walkable into downtown in half-an-hour or so if you choose. It’s owned by a friend of mine, a lovely woman. It’s a great place to stay and all the….”

“She rents out rooms?” Dani interrupted him.

“Well, not exactly,” Tommy answered. Now here’s the tricky part.

The young man’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean, ‘not exactly’? I thought you just offered to rent me a room.”

“She lets her employees stay there for free.”

“Employees!” the young man snorted. His eyes swept Tommy up and down again. “Yeah. I can just imagine what kind of work you do.”

Tommy was suddenly flustered. He felt his face go hot. Damn! Something in the boy’s tone had just made him feel ashamed. It had been a long time since he had been ashamed of what he did. When he realized this, his shame turned to indignation.

“I never do anything I don’t want to do!” he huffed, unconsciously putting his hand on his hip and sliding it out to the side. His pale pink pants were skin-tight. “I always enjoy myself.”

“I bet you do!” The youth looked amused.

“Sally never puts the press on anyone. You only do what you want to do. Sometimes it’s just attending a party or going on a date….”

“I’m not interested.” Dani grabbed the handle of his suitcase and started toward the door.

Tommy stepped in front of him and started talking fast. “She has a standing offer of the first week free. You can come check it out, see what you think. You won’t be asked to do anything. The room is free with no strings and no pressure for the first week. After that if you want to go, it’s fine. No hard feelings, and you’re welcome back anytime.”

Dani hesitated. “What do you get out of the deal?”

Tommy decided to be honest. The boy seemed pretty astute; he’d probably smell a lie. “Sally gives me twenty-five dollars for every boy I bring home who stays the week. Seventy-five more if they decide to work.”

“You said she won’t put any pressure on me to stay, but what about you? Surely you’ll be trying to sweet talk me at every turn so you can get the rest of your fee. No thanks. I’ll find my own lodgings.”

Tommy put on a hurt look. “I won’t pester you,” he said, although that was exactly what he had been planning. “I promise, I’ll leave you alone. Won’t even talk to you if you don’t want me to.” Twenty-five bucks was better than nothing, and the boy looked like he was seriously considering the free week.

“I’ll come talk to this Sally lady, and then I’ll make my decision.”

A huge smile split Tommy’s face.


Fuck me! “The house is huge!” Dani’s eyes swept across the rambling old structure. It was a turn-of-the-century house, fully four stories tall if you included the windowed attic. It had garrets and even a few turrets and diamond-paned leaded glass in some of the windows. It was painted in several complementary shades green with cream accents. It appeared to be well-maintained and the small front yard was immaculate.

It was just the kind of house Dani had always dreamed of owning. He couldn’t wait to see the interior.

“We currently have fifteen boys that live here,” Tommy said. “We have room for eighteen, more if some double up, but Sally doesn’t like boys to have to double up. As a freebie, you might get a roommate, but if you go to work for her, you’ll get your own room.”

Dani didn’t say anything. He wasn’t at all sure he was even going to be a ‘freebie,’ and he damn sure wasn’t going to work for Sally. But the lure of a week’s free lodgings had been too much for him to pass up. His funds were limited, and staying someplace free for a week would give him a chance to scout around and find an affordable place to stay long-term. He would talk to Sally.

He had a sixth sense about people. Tommy was a shyster, but he was a well-intentioned shyster. Dani sensed no malice in him. If he smelled anything even a bit off when he talked to Sally, he wouldn’t stay.

Tommy ran up the broad steps that led to a sheltered front porch. Dani paused at the bottom of the steps to adjust his grip on his suitcase. Just as he was struggling to pick it up, a huge man barreled out the front door and down the steps.

“Let me get that, for you,” he rumbled. He had a heavy Eastern European accent.

Dani had no intention of letting his suitcase get hauled away by someone else. He looked up into a broad, bushy, smiling face. The suitcase was damn heavy.

“Thank you! Just inside the front door, please,” Dani said.

Dani followed the giant European up the steps. The man was built like a tank. He was wearing a tank-T that did little to cover his bulging muscles and the profusion of dark hair that covered his body.

As he stepped into the warmth of the house, Dani shivered, shaking off the cold. The house smelled of old wood and beeswax.

As specified, the giant set his suitcase down in the foyer. Tommy planted a kiss on the European’s hairy cheek. “Hey, sugar! How was your day?”

The big man smiled broadly. “Better now that you’re here.” His voice was low and growly. He squeezed Tommy’s ass affectionately.

Tommy gave a little squeal and slapped at the big man’s hands, but his eyes said that he loved it.

“Dani, this is Yuri. Yuri, Dani.”

“Most pleased to meet you,” Yuri said formally, executing a small bow.

“Me too.” Dani smiled. “Thanks for helping with my suitcase.”

“Any time you need help, with anything at all, you just say the word. I’m your man.” Yuri waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Dani laughed. He immediately liked Yuri. He was not Dani’s type, but he could turn into a friend.

“Yuri helps keep the boys safe,” Tommy said.

“Yes, I’m the official bad-ass.” Yuri drew himself up to his full height and cracked his knuckles.

The man was huge, but Dani was not intimidated. He seemed like a big teddy-bear.

“Do you want to wait here while I go find Sally?” Tommy asked.

“Sure,” Dani replied.

Just then they heard raised voices coming from another room.

“Uh, oh,” Yuri said. “Sounds like Andre and Bradley are at it again. I’d better go settle them down before Sal decides to kick them out.” He and Tommy both disappeared through a set of double-doors.

Dani took in the foyer, loving the feel of the old house. The original woodwork had not been painted and the rich wood gave a warmth and character that could not be found in modern structures. A large staircase with beautiful, carved banisters ascended to a second-floor landing that looked down onto the foyer. Dani admired the huge crystal chandelier that filled the room with a cheery, diffused light.

Scattered rugs broke up the expanse of polished oak floors. Against one wall was a long bench and above that a horizontal mirror with hooks along the bottom frame that were occupied with an assortment of coats, hats and scarves. The house was clean, but with a lived-in feel. Dani immediately liked the vibe.

He noticed a bulletin board to the left of the front door and his eyes were drawn to a flyer featuring a gorgeous boy with slightly haunted eyes. “Runaway!” the flyer proclaimed and proceeded to list the boy’s physical characteristics. Someone had handwritten a note in large letters in the margin of the flyer. “Help find this boy before his sadistic, homophobic father does! Bring him in if you can. (If you see any of these flyers around town, take them down!)”

Dani looked again at the boy’s face. There was definitely something compelling about his eyes. They were intelligent and spirited, but sad. It seemed like his usual nature was to laugh a lot, but he didn’t laugh anymore. Dani rarely got such a strong impression from a picture.

He perused the bulletin board. There was a flyer advertising a party for Saturday night, with a live neo-punk band.

He read with interest the sheet titled, “House Rules.”

  1. No drugs!

  2. No alcohol if you’re under 21. No alcohol in the common areas.

  3. Smoking only on the back porch or in the back yard.

  4. No fighting (includes verbal).

  5. All visitors must be approved by a staff member upon arrival.

  6. Clean up after yourself.

  7. Finish your assigned chores by noon.

There was also a chart listing which staff members were on duty when and their phone numbers.

Suddenly, a small group of people crowded into the room and Dani found himself the subject of curious attention.

A heavy-set woman came forward and extended her hand, a welcoming smile on her pleasant face. She was wearing layers of brightly colored sweaters in pinks and purples and a long, full, paisley-patterned skirt in the same bright hues. Her salt and pepper hair was swept back into long braid which reached almost to her waist. Hoop earrings, a multitude of necklaces, and a silk flower in her hair completed her retro-hippy look.

Her sharp blue eyes consumed Dani at once, seeming not to miss any details.

Tommy, Yuri and three attractive young men clustered behind her, watching.

“Dani, this is Sally. Sal, Dani just got into town and needs a place to stay.”

“Welcome Dani. Where are you from?” she asked in a soft but firm voice.

“I’m from Greensburo.”

“And how old are you?”


She nodded, smiling. Dani had the feeling that she had gleaned more information from him in those two answers than most people would have in twenty.

“You are most welcome to stay here if you like. You’ll need to follow the house rules, of course.” She nodded toward the bulletin board. “I’m sure Tommy’s told you, the first week is free. I’d like you to get to know us a bit, learn what we’re about, before you make any decisions. After that, if you want to stay, you’ll need to work, but we never ask anyone to do anything they’re uncomfortable with.”

Dani nodded silently. The woman was intimidating. Her presence dominated the room as if she were Yuri’s size. She was obviously a no-nonsense type of person, but she did not seem cold and calculating. Underneath her business-like demeanor was compassion. She had a multitude of laugh lines around her eyes.

Dani quickly made his decision. “I’ll stay for a week.”

A small cheer broke out from the watching crowd. Tommy’s grin was huge.

“Wonderful!” Sally said. “Do you have ID? May I see it?”

Dani pulled his license out of his wallet and passed it to her. She inspected it briefly and returned it.

She turned to the small group. “Don’t tease him too much, boys. Give him a chance to settle in first. Yuri, can you show him to the lavender room please?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Yuri picked up Dani’s giant suitcase without any apparent effort and shot him a wolfish grin. “I’ll be happy to show you your room … and your bed!”

“Yuri!” Sally’s voice held a warning.

“Sorry, Sal, he’s just so darned cute, I can’t help it.”

Dani laughed. He felt immediately at home. He couldn’t wait to see the rest of the fabulous house and meet the other boys. He followed the gentle giant up the long staircase.

A few hours later, Dani was finished putting his things away. He didn’t unpack completely—he was only going to be here a week—but he organized his toiletries and hung up his shirts.

The lavender room was a bit feminine for his taste, but it was a beautiful room with flowered wallpaper, a quilt-covered brass bed, antique furniture, and a view of the backyard garden. He could be comfortable here.

Yuri had given him a tour of the house and introduced him to a few of the boys. The house was amazing—the kitchen had been tastefully updated, but most of the rest of the house had been restored to its original glory. All of the boys he’d met had been young, attractive, and friendly—except for Andre. He wasn’t sure what that young man’s problem was, but he had issues.

He resisted the urge to go out on the back porch for a smoke. He had managed to cut back to half-a-pack a day. Now that he was living in the city and still unemployed, he couldn’t afford an expensive habit. Besides, it was bad for him and gave him bad breath. He had been smoking since he was fourteen. His mother still smoked two-packs-a-day even though she had a chronic cough. Someday soon he would quit entirely.

He relaxed on the bed with a map of the city in his hands. He wanted to orient himself a bit.

“Hi.” The voice was soft.

He glanced up and saw a peacock standing in his doorway. Fuck me!

Peacock was his first impression. The young man was Asian. His hair was partially shaved off on one side of his head, shoulder-length and sleek on the other, and spiked in the middle of the front. The spikes were brilliant shades of pink, turquoise and purple. His honey-toned skin was flawless, his lips lusciously full, and his exotic eyes were perfectly outlined with turquoise eye-liner. Dani wasn’t sure, but he thought the young man might be wearing false eyelashes.

He was dressed in very low-slung black jeans and a turquoise silk button down shirt that was unbuttoned, showing a smooth, hairless chest and washboard stomach. Dani climbed out of bed to greet him and saw that they were the same height. The peacock was a bit thinner than Dani.

“Hi. My name’s Dani.” Dani put out his hand.

“I know. I’m Kaeden.” He smiled shyly. His hands were delicate. His nails were not super-long but were perfectly manicured and painted in sparkling turquoise. He took Dani’s hand, and instead of shaking it, he brought it to his lips and kissed the back of it in a smooth, languid movement.

That was surprisingly sensuous. This boy is definitely different.

“Do you want to come in? Have a seat?” Dani sat back down on the edge of his bed.

“Sure.” Kaeden plopped smoothly down on the bed next to Dani, his peacock spikes bouncing. His eyes danced as he looked at Dani and Dani couldn’t help but feel an immediate liking for this striking young man.

“Where are you from?” Kaeden began with the standard question.

They spent the next hour sharing their backgrounds.

Dani had grown up in a town about a hundred miles away. His dad had disappeared when he was a baby, and his mom had raised him and his older brother alone. She was a bus driver. His brother was fighting in Iraq. Dani had worked for a year after high school as a cashier at a grocery store, trying to save his money. He wanted to be an actor, or maybe a singer.

“After a while, I figured out that it would take me forever to really save up the money I would need to support myself in the city while breaking into acting, and I should just go for it before I get too old. I probably should move to New York or LA, but mom talked me into starting here first. There is some theatre here and it’s not nearly as expensive as the major cities. I’m hoping to get a part in a musical or something. I love to sing.”

“Ooh! You sing!” Kaeden gushed, flirting with his eyes. “Do you play an instrument too?”

Dani smiled. “Yes, I play the piano, but it was too big to bring with me.”

Kaeden nodded. His movements were small and graceful. He was very feminine—even more feminine than most of the girls Dani knew. Dani usually wasn’t attracted to femmes and was not lusting for Kaeden, but he did find him interesting and beautiful. And he seemed to have a sweet disposition too.

Kaeden’s parents had emigrated from Singapore before he was born. Ethnically, he was mostly Chinese, but his grandmother was from Tonga. He had two brothers and five sisters; he was the youngest. They had lived just outside of Chinatown until he was in eighth-grade when they moved to an affluent suburb. His father owned his own small chain of electronics stores He was quite successful.”

Kaeden’s face grew tense and petulant. “I worked in one of my dad’s stores. He was grooming me to take over the business, but we had a huge fight. When I had my hair done like this and started wearing make-up, my parents flipped. I figured they knew I was gay anyway, although I never came right out and told them. Dad said I couldn’t live in his house or work in his store unless I looked and acted ‘normal.’ So I left.”

His frown quickly returned to a smile as he continued. “It’s way past time for me to move out anyway. I’m twenty years old! But now, I have no idea what I want to do for a living. I was going to college part time at the community college, but I’m taking a break from that now too, at least until I figure out what I’m doing.”

“Well, what do you like to do? What are you good at?”

“I like people. I love meeting new people and finding out about them.”

“There’s lots of jobs you could do if you’re good with people.” Dani started naming careers and the conversation continued to flow comfortably. Eventually Dani worked up the nerve to ask the question he’d been wondering about.

“You work for Sally?”

“Yes, I just started. I haven’t actually done any work yet. I just got my paperwork from the clinic; Sally makes everyone get tested, which is good. She makes the clients show her their paperwork too, and insists on condoms for everything. She’s got a date lined up for me for Saturday night. I’m pretty nervous about it.” His eyes shifted to the floor and his face colored slightly.

Dani wanted to put his arm around Kaeden’s shoulders and tell him it would be all right, but he wasn’t sure it would be. He tried to imagine having sex for money and had to fight down the urge to shudder.

“It’s just going to be a blow job and maybe also a hand job or multiple blow jobs—I’m supposed to spend the entire evening with the gentleman. Apparently we’ll be going to a fancy wine-tasting party. Sally says I shouldn’t do anything I’m not comfortable with. I don’t even have to let him touch me if I don’t want to. She picks her clients very carefully. I guess he was quite taken with my photos. It should be fun.”

Dani nodded silently, watching Kaeden trying to convince himself that it would be fine.

Kaeden’s lovely eyes flitted to Dani’s face. “I was hoping you’d do me a favor.”

Dani looked at him questioningly. “Maybe.”

“Would you let me go down on you? I need the practice.”

Dani’s first reaction was shock. For a shy Asian, he’s pretty forward! Even though he hadn’t been harboring thoughts of getting together with Kaeden, at the suggestion of a blow job, his cock immediately came to life. It had been a long time since anyone else had touched him. He tried to hide his disconcert at Kaeden’s request by smiling.

“I don’t know Kaeden. I’m not really into casual sex.”

Kaeden’s face reflected his disappointment and he appeared embarrassed as well. “I’m sorry. I should not have asked.”

“No, it’s okay.” Dani put light fingers on Kaeden’s warm arm and unconsciously stroked him.

Kaeden shivered and his skin broke out in goose bumps. When he looked up into Dani’s face, his almond eyes were dark with desire.

Fuck! He’s responsive. This fed a reaction in Dani as well—a quickening of his heartbeat and a rush of blood to his cock. He suppressed his own shiver of desire.

“Let me think about it for a little while.”

Kaeden brightened. “Maybe you can tell me after dinner. It’s almost time to eat. Sally cooks for us on Wednesdays and Sundays—did you know that?”

“Yes, Yuri told me her meals are not to be missed.”

“Sunday night she made pot roast. I don’t usually eat meat, but it was delicious.” Kaeden continued without pausing, but abruptly changed the subject. “So, if you’re not into casual sex, what are you doing living here?”

“Taking advantage of a week’s free rent.”

Kaeden’s laughter was musical.

Without giving it any conscious thought, Dani slid his arm around the Asian’s lithe waist and nuzzled him on his neck. It felt good to hold someone and Kaeden smelled slightly like vanilla. What the hell am I doing? Oh, this feels good!

Kaeden shifted closer to Dani, putting his arms around his torso. He threw back his head, his sleek hair sliding back with it, giving Dani full access to his beautiful neck. A low moan came out of his slightly parted lips.

Other than a brief protest, Dani’s thinking mind shut down. He had his arms full of gorgeous, sexy boy who was responding to his touch with such erotic moans, Dani caught fire. He rained little kisses up the side of Kaeden’s neck while his hand roamed up from Kaeden’s smooth stomach to tweak one of his pert nipples. This elicited a louder moan and a small thrust of Kaeden’s narrow hips.

Dani slipped his other hand quickly into his own tight pants to adjust his rapidly swelling cock. Kaeden’s hands tangled in his hair as their lips pressed together in a passionate kiss. Dani heard himself moan around the firm soft lips that were sucking gently on his bottom lip. His tongue snaked out, licking those perfect full lips, which parted to let him in. He plunged in with abandon, thrusting his tongue into Kaeden’s sweet-tasting mouth. Kaeden sucked his tongue sending spikes of heat straight to his groin. He became aware that he was running out of air, but he was so addicted to this unbelievable kiss that he was willing to forgo breathing.

“My, you work fast!”

They broke apart and looked up to find Andre in the doorway, smirking at them.

Dani wasn’t sure which of them he was addressing, but in any case, he didn’t look like he was teasing. He was being rude.

Dani chose to ignore him. Turning to Kaeden he said with a wink, “I guess after dinner we’ll have to close the door.” It was a subtle way of letting him know he’d be taking him up on the offer of a blow job. His cock was so stiff, he could use it as a coat rack.

“You boys should save yourselves for the clients. That’s what you get paid for.” Andre flipped his long brown curls over his shoulder and, with a disdainful sniff, turned and disappeared.

Dani smiled at Kaeden. “I’d like to take a shower before dinner—change out of my travel clothes. Do you think I have time?”

Kaeden produced an iphone from somewhere and glanced at it. “You’ve got twenty minutes. Sally frowns on being late to dinner. If you’re more than five minutes late, she might not let you eat with us.”

Dani jumped up and began rummaging through his toiletries, gathering what he needed.

Kaeden came up behind him and slid his arms around his waist. “I could join you,” he whispered, kissing Dani’s neck.

“Mmmm” Dani melted back into Kaeden. He was still so turned on, his brain was almost non-functional. He dredged up a coherent comment. “I think if you joined me, we’d both miss dinner. Maybe some other time.”

“Okay. See you in a little while.” Kaeden kissed his cheek briefly and floated out of the room. Dani could not help but check out his small, cute ass as he left. Damn! What the hell? I’m never this easy! And I don’t even like femmes.

He resisted the urge to jack himself off in the shower, even though he knew he’d cum very quickly. He would save himself for Kaeden. Kaeden needed the practice, right? A twinge of unease lanced through him, but he successfully subdued it, refusing to examine his feelings. He had every intention of having a hot tryst with the sexy Asian after dinner, and he didn’t want his thinking mind to get in the way of that. There would be plenty of time to have second thoughts tomorrow.


“So, you’ll tell me what I’m doing wrong, right?” Kaeden murmured breathlessly. They had just pulled out of another mind-blowing kiss.

Dani stroked his hair on the long side and smiled at him. “I honestly don’t think I’ll know. I really don’t have much experience. I’m sure I’ll be blown away by anything you do. Actually, it’s been so long since I’ve done anything with anyone, it will likely be over almost before you get started.” Dani sighed. “Perhaps you should find someone else. Probably any of the guys here would be way better than me, if you’re looking for professional feedback.”

Kaeden stuck out his lower lip in a slight pout. “But I want you. Well … actually I have also been getting some practice in with Yuri. He’s such a sweetheart.”

Dani laughed. If this was a normal relationship, he would have been outraged by this comment—flamingly jealous, but since he’d just met Kaeden and had no expectations, he was simply amused. At least Kaeden wasn’t soliciting everyone.

“So how much experience do you have?” Kaeden asked curiously.

“Not much. I had a boyfriend my senior year of high school, but we took things really slowly. We were just figuring out what we were about. Since we broke up, I’ve had a couple of very brief affairs—well, one was a one-night stand and the other lasted only a few weeks. That’s it.”

“I wish I had taken things slowly,” Kaeden responded. “I lost my virginity when I was fourteen—and I mean, went all the way. My boyfriend was a couple years older than me and…” Kaeden’s eyes softened with remembrance. “…he really knew how to turn me on.”

Dani was quite turned on himself by then. Kaeden was draped on top of him on the bed. They were both still fully clothed, but he could feel Kaeden’s hard-on pressing into his hip. He was sure Kaeden could feel his as well.

“Mmmm.” Dani caressed Kaeden’s tight butt. “I’d like to turn you on.”

Kaeden squirmed on top of him, rubbing his hardness against Dani’s. “You do turn me on.” His almond eyes were lowered, sensuous.

“Will you strip for me?” Dani asked. “I’d like that.” And your clients might too. He didn’t say that last part aloud, but the thought brought another pang of discomfort, which he quickly dismissed.

Kaeden smiled a slow sexy smile, looking into Dani’s eyes with heated desire. “Oh yeah, I can do that.” As he slid off the bed, he trailed his hand lightly across Dani’s crotch causing his dick to pulse.

Kaeden had his phone in his hand—it never seemed to be far away. “I got the music.” He started punching buttons as he headed out the door. “I’ll get my speaker. Be right back.”

He returned a few seconds later with a portable speaker. After closing and locking the door, he set the speaker on top of the dresser and plugged his iphone into the top of it.

“The sound’s not great, but it gets pretty loud.” The thumping beat of techno-electronica filled the room with the opening notes of Kesha’s “Take It Off.”

Dani laughed. “That’s perfect.” He was about to make another comment, but Kaeden started moving his lithe young body to the music and he was instantly mesmerized. The Asian spun in a slow circle undulating his hips and running his hands lightly down his chest.

Wow! That’s hot! Dani’s heart started beating double-time. He had thought his cock was already fully aroused, but now it swelled even more. He had to reach down and unzip—there was no way his ultra-engorged cock would still fit in his too-tight jeans.

Kaeden was already barefoot. Dani watched with bated breath as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, casting sultry looks at him, continuing his graceful, suggestive hip movements all the while.

“Oh Jesus, Kaeden! You are fucking hot!”

Kaeden smiled and cast his eyes down, at the same time bringing his open hands, palms out, in front of his face to hide the lower half. His movements were quite feminine and he reminded Dani very much of a Geisha, flirting shyly with her eyes above a fan while she danced.

His shirt was now fully open. He turned and began dancing with his back to Dani as he slowly slid the silk off his shoulders and let it slide to the floor. His shoulders were narrow but his waist was tiny. The expanse of smooth, golden skin was enticing. As he spun slowly to face him, Dani noticed his upper arms, although slender, had nice muscle definition.

He turned his head so his long hair swung in front of it, hiding his face. His peacock spikes bounced to the movements of his hips which were thrusting suggestively. He sank smoothly to his knees, continuing to roll his hips.

“Take it Off” ended, and the music shifted right into Rihanna’s “Rude Boy.”

Kaeden threw his head back, exposing his long neck. His succulent lips parted. He slowly unzipped his jeans, letting a sizeable hard-on push its way out. The mushroom tip poked out of the top of a pair of tiny black silk briefs.

Dani was surprised to hear a low moan come out of his own mouth. His cock was leaking pre-cum. He fought the urge to jump off the bed and slide his needy organ between those perfect, panting lips. Fuck! His balls were already high and tight. Am I going to orgasm just from watching him dance? He put his hands underneath his butt to keep from touching himself.

Kaeden managed to stand up in one fluid motion. He pulled his hard cock out of his pants and stroked it a few times before swinging around in another slow circle, lowering his tight jeans. Once they were to his knees, he simply thrust his hips causing them to slip to the floor. He stepped out of them, dancing now with his hands over his head and his back to Dani.

His silk briefs were thongs, fully exposing his small, nicely rounded butt. There wasn’t a hair anywhere on his body. He must shave—or maybe wax. I’ve never seen anyone so smooth. Dani preferred a bit of hair, a nice treasure trail and some curls to run his fingers through, but he had to admit that this look was incredibly erotic on Kaeden. Dani slid over to sit on the side of the bed. The overwhelming need in his cock and balls was almost painful.

Kaeden’s dancing was graceful and rhythmic. He swung around again to face Dani, running his hands down his chest, pausing to tweak his nipples. He threw his head back and moaned.

Dani’s moan joined his. He was about to melt down.

Kaeden must have seen Dani’s level of desire, for he danced up to him. Dani immediately reached for his narrow hips, leaning forward to lick a bit of pre-cum off of Kaeden’s cock which had grown much too big for his tiny briefs. It was salty-sweet and Dani moaned again. He wanted more.

Kaeden sank to his knees in front of Dani, effectively removing his cock from within range of Dani’s mouth. Dani’s disappointment was short-lived as he felt Kaeden’s tongue touch the tip of his cock, delicately playing around the slit, licking up the pre-cum. Dani groaned and his organ began to produce pre-cum in copious amounts, as if wanting to make sure Kaeden was well fed.

Kaeden laughed, catching the pre-cum with a swirl of tongue around the head of Dani’s cock. Dani fisted the quilt with both his hands, head thrown back, fighting the impending need for release.

Kaeden grabbed his jeans on either side of his hips and tugged. Dani lifted his butt to help, and soon he was naked from the waist down with a gorgeous Asian boy kneeling between his legs. He was ready to explode.

Kaeden smiled at him and began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. The music changed again, this time to “Animal” by Neon Trees.

The sexy Asian began to kiss his bare chest as he exposed it, kissing lower with each button he undid. When he had it completely unbuttoned, he slid it over Dani’s shoulders, taking a nipple in his mouth at the same time to suck gently.

This time a loud groan came out of Dani’s mouth. His cock was poking hard into Kaeden’s ribs, slicking his smooth skin with pre-cum.

“Oh, Kaeden. I’m … I’m not gonna last.” Dani was panting.

“Here, this will help.” Kaeden produced a condom package and tore it open with his teeth. “I’m supposed to use these,” he apologized. “I should have had it on you already.”

Dani nodded, too far gone to speak. He hoped he didn’t cum while the lovely boy was sheathing him.

Kaeden’s tongue began a slow exploration of Dani’s balls while his deft fingers made short work of sliding the condom over his cum-slickened shaft. He pulled Dani’s balls into his warm mouth one at a time, sucking with just the perfect amount of pressure to make Dani cry out in ecstasy. His hand began slowly stroking Dani’s cock.

“Kaeden … Kaeden…” Dani wanted to warn Kaeden that he was about to cum, but was incapable of speech.

Kaeden’s hands abandoned his cock at the same time that his lips released his balls with a slurping sound. Dani groaned. He was so close.

Then Kaeden’s hot mouth enveloped his cock, taking it to the back of his throat in one swift movement. In spite of the condom, Dani could feel the heat. The pressure was incredible. Kaeden bounced a few times, letting his cock head rub against the back of his throat.

With a cry of tortured pleasure, Dani orgasmed, unable to control his hips as they bucked into Kaeden’s throat, forcing his cock further in.

Fuck me! His body shook with his release. His mind blanked out, fully succumbing to the amazing sensations that were rippling through him. When they finally subsided he sank back onto the bed, no longer having the strength to sit up.

“Fuck, Kaeden!” He looked at the Asian through half-closed eyes and found him carefully removing the spent condom. There were tears in his eyes and his makeup was smudged a bit.

“Oh, Kaeden, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to force myself down your throat like that. I just couldn’t help it. You felt amazing!”

“It’s okay.” Kaeden smiled at him. “I should have been expecting it. Yuri has so much control, he manages to cum almost without moving, but I bet most people are like you.”

Once again Dani was surprised at his feelings, or maybe it was his lack of feelings that surprised him. It certainly bothered him that Kaeden was planning to share himself with a client, but he did not seem the least upset that he was sharing himself with the big Russian. Curious.

Kaeden tied off the condom and dropped it in the trash, then climbed on top of Dani to kiss him passionately. Somehow he had lost his thong. His cock poked rapaciously against Dani’s stomach.

One of Dani’s hands stroked Kaeden’s hair while the other caressed his smooth butt. The lithe Asian began to hump into him wantonly while he sucked aggressively on Dani’s tongue. Dani’s spent cock began to revive. He slid his hand around and grabbed Kaeden’s hard cock firmly, rubbing his thumb softly around the tip. He snaked his other hand down and began a gentle massage of his hairless balls.

Kaeden’s moan was high-pitched and sweet, sending shivers down Dani’s limbs.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Just what you’re doing is perfect.” Kaeden answered, his voice low and breathy.

Kaeden’s cock began to leak pre-seminal fluid. Dani used it to coat his erection and began stroking his hand slowly up and down his cock, all the while continuing to massage his balls. He could feel his body tense up. Kaeden started letting out little whimpers. He had to pull out of the kiss to pant.

Dani sucked on his ear as he sped up the rhythm of his strokes.

“Nnngh! Dani!” Kaeden dissolved into little high-pitched cries. His legs started to tremble.

Dani pulled back to look at his face and caught him just reaching climax. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut, his mouth open. His face held an expression close to intense pain. With a shrill cry he bucked into Dani and long white ropes of cum squirted out of his cock onto Dani’s stomach. Dani milked him gently as his orgasm wound down. His cries turned to whimpers and then to soft moans. He relaxed onto Dani, boneless.

“That was beautiful thank you,” he whispered in Dani’s ear.

“My pleasure, peacock.”

Kaeden giggled.

A few minutes later when Kaeden began to clean Dani’s stomach with his tongue, Dani’s cock stiffened again. This time Kaeden’s ministrations were devastatingly slow as he thoroughly worked Dani’s cock with his mouth and tongue. He kept him panting with pleasure for an eternity. Eventually he slid a wet finger between Dani’s legs to stroke his tight hole.

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