strapped down

We first met CJ in the story Saturday Night. You might like to start with that chapter. These stories are written for someone special. I hope she likes it and I hope you do too.


CJ had felt herself in a fog for weeks now. The cause had been that Saturday night with Sarah and the others. It had been a wonderful, intense experience and CJ had loved every minute of it.

She had been tricked into it. It was her workmate, Sarah, who’d set it up and lured CJ in. She felt like she’d used for the pleasure of the others.

But CJ had not complained, not then and not since. She’d had great sex (including with her workmate) and had really enjoyed another woman’s body for the first time in years. She’d been fucked by Sarah’s boyfriend as well — brutally hammered by the thickest cock she’d had in a long time. The only cock she’d had in ages. CJ had been thrilled and grateful for Dale’s passion and for his cock.

But the person who’d been on her mind ever since was Bess. Oh the lovely, gorgeous Bess. Sexy and sensual with those big tits. Somehow CJ knew Bess was more than ‘curious’ when it came to fucking another woman. Though Sarah seemed to be just playing out a fantasy, CJ had sensed that Bess was very much into sex with women. Had the problem been the fact that Bess’ fiance was there as well?

Since that night things with Sarah had been just fine. In fact, Sarah had been a little extra friendly to CJ while in the office. Then, a couple of times during drinks after work she’d even ‘let slip’ that Dale (Sarah’s boyfriend) might like to have CJ suck him off. And CJ hadn’t objected. She knew she would not object if Sarah ever made a serious offer. CJ already knew that Dale had a very nice cock.

Her thoughts had, however, been taken up with Bess. Sarah’s friend, the delicious Bess with the double-Ds who knew how to kiss and how to touch a woman.

Sarah had been non-committal the couple of times Bess had been mentioned. She’d been very coy when CJ had hinted she wanted Bess’ number. It was probably for the best. Bess had a fiancé and it seemed likely he wasn’t as happy about sharing as were Sarah and Dale.

So she’d been shocked to hear Bess’ voice on the phone. CJ had needed a moment to be sure it really was Bess, the same woman she’d lusted after on that Saturday night. It was early one evening, a rushed call. Perhaps her fiancé was nearby? She’d kept it brief — could they meet that weekend, Saturday afternoon? She had something to discuss.

‘Yes, I’d like that very much.’ CJ tried to stay calm. Bess might enjoy women but she was many years younger and surely had her pick of the pack. And there was the fiancé to consider as well. ‘Yes, the coffee shop near the campus would be fine.’ She hoped Bess wouldn’t notice how worked up she was.

That hope was dashed as soon as she saw Bess walk into the coffee shop. Bess was younger, after all, and very comfortable wearing shorts and a nice shirt that was buttoned low enough to show of her generous cleavage. CJ found herself licking her lips and trying to stop her mouth from drying out. She knew she was shaking a little. Bess wanted to ask her something and CJ knew she’d agree to whatever it was.

‘You know I am studying on campus here? I am in a Masters program, human physiology. We have a very important practical component to complete. Its kind of like an experiment.’

‘Sure. Sounds very interesting. Is that what you want to ask me about?’

‘Well, yes. But its not what you think. You see, our professor is researching human sexual response.’

It sounded odd to CJ and she felt a little deflated. So that was it? ‘And you have a survey you want me to fill out? I suppose Sarah told you a bit about my history. I guess she’s done the survey for you already.’

‘You don’t understand. This is a practical, we have to do experiments. We need to collect data on actual human response. Its like doing a whole lot of tests. All the students in the class have already been subjects.’


‘That’s why I’m asking you. We need people who will undergo sexual stimulation in front of the class while everyone is recording the results and taking notes. Actually, the class is mostly women students but we need a really good female subject.’

CJ was just a little disappointed to think she was wanted only as a guinea pig. ‘We?’

‘There’s nine of us in the class. Seven women and two men. And Professor Ryan is a woman which is why we’re focussing on female response.’

‘And not Sarah?’

‘Like you saw that night at Sarah’s place, she is not shy. Sarah doesn’t mind someone watching her. But it would be awkward when she went around telling everyone about the experiment.’

‘Well I am not the ‘kiss and tell’ type its true.’

‘I know this sounds like a really weird request. I swear its totally legitimate. There’s papers you would need to sign and everything. But I sensed something about you that night. You are a special woman and I know you’d be great for our research.’

Bess went on. ‘And there’s something else. That night… I really wanted… Well I really wanted to find a way to thank you and to give you something special.’

‘I don’t…’

‘This is an experiment in sexual response. Y’see, we have to stimulate you. Repeatedly. You have to be able to get aroused and to achieve orgasm over and over. I was thinking I would like you to have that experience.’

‘I am flattered,’ replied CJ. ‘At least I think so. But in front of a group of strangers?’ Actually, CJ didn’t mind that so much but she wasn’t at all sure how she’d ‘perform’ in front of ten people since she’d guessed the only naked person would be her.

‘Here’s some information about the whole thing. Please read it. I’d really love it if you could be a part of this. Its all for science anyway you know.’ CJ had to laugh at that. ‘And it’s all anonymous. You’ll see its all explained in the brochure. Your face will be hidden, We have the whole lab set up for this.’

CJ didn’t think it sounded quite as much fun as Bess was trying to make out. But she was a little stoked that Bess had wanted to pick her and not Sarah for this experience. And, more to the point, CJ knew that she was going to agree — if only so she had an excuse to see whether she could interest Bess in something outside the lab.

Which is how CJ came to be standing behind a thin curtain in a university science lab with her all her clothes folded neatly on a bench beside her. She still did not feel comfortable about being a part of Bess’ experiment. Somehow the promises about her anonymity hadn’t really convinced CJ. The fact she could hear some of the students on the other side of the curtain, ‘preparing’ the lab, didn’t make it any easier.

She was totally naked, apparently it was ‘necessary’ for the experiment. The brochure Bess had provided explained the whole process and stressed that the students would preserve her anonymity. But she’d be naked all the same. CJ had never been naked in front of so many people at one time. And she knew that at least some of the students would touch her — to prepare her, to simulate her and to ‘record’ the responses.

She was a little frightened at finding herself in this situation. Why had she agreed to this? It was as if as if she’d been set up again. Still, CJ knew that she wouldn’t refuse anything Bess asked of her for the next hour. In truth, CJ had known all along she would not be able to refuse Bess whatever she wanted. CJ just couldn’t understand why she was infatuated with the younger woman. By now she was fairly certain that there was no chance of any more sex play with her. Bess had maintained an admirable but frustrating ‘professional’ approach. Maybe it really was about the fiancé.

Then Bess and another young woman appeared from around the curtain. She was told they would ‘help to prepare her’. CJ was suddenly even more aware of her own nudity. She even felt a little embarrassed by her 34Ds with their blue veins streaking the skin. She almost folded her arms across her chest, as if to hide them. Then CJ realised there wasn’t really any point to doing that.

So she tried to distract herself, tried to ignore the sudden warmth in her cunt that she knew was caused by standing naked, available in front of sweet young Bess. So she thought about the other young woman — Mags, small and thin with tight jeans and obviously no bra underneath her white T-shirt. Those thoughts hardly seemed to help either.

It took only a couple of minutes for the two of them to have CJ up on the table, a smaller curtain hanging from a portable frame placed just below her chin. That was as far as her privacy was to go. The table was padded and long. CJ climbed onto the middle and was surprised when the two students helped her down to the bottom end. It felt like her arse was hanging off the end.

Her wrists were placed into soft cuffs down by her hips. That had not been mentioned in the brochure. CJ wasn’t sure why that would be necessary.

Then her ankles were lifted up and she felt herself being spread wide, placed into stirrups. She knew her cunt was totally exposed. At least that seemed reasonable, the process was about her being ‘stimulated’ and she knew they needed to touch her cunt. The brochure had mentioned that test subjects should shave their pubic hair and CJ had taken extra special care that morning. She realised, too late, that her little chute was totally exposed as well. Both her holes were on display and the entire class would be able to see them.

CJ could hear others in the lab. There were at least two women. One of those voices asked, ‘Is she shaved, Bess?’ CJ wanted to call out her assurance but her voice was frozen inside her throat.

The other woman continued. ‘She looks nice and clean but you’d better go over it once again Jenny. To be sure.’

Who was this Jenny? And why couldn’t they see that CJ had already shaved her cunt that morning? And who were all the other people who had gathered in the lab? CJ could only hope they were Bess’ fellow students and that they’d observe the protocols by staying the hell on the other side of the flimsy curtain.

Numerous hands came next, taping small instruments to CJ’s skin, around her neck and her chest. ‘To record you,’ Mags whispered. CJ tried to concentrate on Mags’ tiny nipples poking through the black T-shirt. It wasn’t easy because she could also feel the unmistakeable sensation of something warm and wet being applied to her cunt lips. Then she felt the razor being gently applied to her labia. CJ knew her face had turned bright red. This was only a science experiment but she felt deeply humiliated.

Suddenly there was another voice. ‘Are we ready now? We need to get started.’ It was an older voice, authoritative. CJ knew it must be Professor Ryan. Strangely, she didn’t feel any more comfortable knowing that the senior woman was now present.

Everyone was hidden behind that curtain now. It hardly mattered as many hands again went to work on her.

‘We’re almost ready Professor.’ It was a man’s voice, young and soft. CJ had almost forgotten that Bess had two males among her classmates.

Soft straps were applied to her legs and another across her hips. CJ knew she was immobilised completely. Why had Bess not mentioned that? Someone was softly drying her labia with a towel and then she felt something clipped onto the outer labia on her left side. Another ‘recorder’? The same thing was done to her right side. She really was a test subject.

Next, the final torment, something was slipped into her anus. That was a shock and not pleasant. CJ grunted in response and she heard someone being admonished for being careless. Mags appeared again to reassure CJ — as if that was possible by now.

‘Just a little thermometer,’ she smiled softly. ‘We need to keep track of all your reactions.’

CJ heard chairs being dragged across the hard floor of the lab and in her mind she could see the class gathering closer to watch everything that was to be done to her. They could all see her most private openings. They’d all have notebooks too, of course, or probably laptops. Then the professor spoke again.

‘Alright. This is subject D7. Margaret and Jennifer are conducting this session. Donald will assist. Bess will ensure the equipment is ready. The camera is functioning. All the paperwork is correct. You may begin.’

Only a second later something soft was placed on CJ’s clitoris. It felt small and warm. She realised it was a finger, a woman’s finger. Someone was just barely touching her clit, slowly stroking her. CJ wanted to disappear into an enormous hole. She had to fight to stop her hips from lifting off the table. The straps were firm but she didn’t want the students to see her arousal.

That was pointless, too, because of course the machines were betraying her responses.

‘Yes that’s good,’ said a male voice. Must be Donald. ‘The preliminary stimulus is showing up really well.’

‘Take your time everyone,’ came the professor’s voice. ‘Make sure we get the most positive response possible.’ She heard murmurs of agreement from the students but still CJ was frozen, her voice trapped somewhere inside her. She was a test subject she remembered. This was all for science. But she knew her cunt was getting damp from the fear of having an unseen stranger play with her clit.

The finger stayed a few more moments, stroking first up and then down. Then it left her and CJ felt like she could breathe again. Something was being shuffled around between her legs. Some apparatus was being wheeled into position. She knew it for sure when again something softly touched her clit. But this was hard, much harder than a finger.

The slightest vibrations started and instantly CJ felt them flowing through her clit and into her belly. She tried not to tense up. Bess popped her head around the curtain and smiled at CJ. ‘Just try to breathe. That makes it easier.’ Bess knew this was true because, as CJ now recalled, the professor had insisted the students experience all this before they were allowed near ‘live subjects.’

The buzzing became a little stronger. It really was pleasant, even a pleasure. CJ gulped as she realised that soon the entire class would be able to see her wetness spreading from her hole.

‘We are getting good readings,’ announced Donald. ‘I’ll get mine ready.’

CJ’s mind began to race. What did that mean? But Donald had sounded very matter-of-fact. It seemed the students really were treating this as an experiment and treating CJ as a ‘subject.’ She tried to think of herself that way, just an object that was being used for another purpose. She hoped that would keep her cunt under control and her juices at bay.

‘Pass that one to me,’ came another voice. The four of them were talking softly, almost as if CJ wasn’t there. She recognised Bess’ voice. Oh Bess, why had she gotten CJ into this predicament?

The apparatus on CJ’s clit was taken away without warning. Just as suddenly it was replaced with another. CJ was sure she couldn’t tell the difference. But suddenly the new vibrations shot into her and she failed to stifle a small grunt of surprise.

‘Please Bess,’ came the professor’s voice. ‘Take care of that will you. We cannot have distractions in here.’ And then Bess appeared, her soft eyes smiling at CJ. The ‘subject’ wanted to say something, to appeal to Bess. She wanted to hear Bess reassure her, tell her she was to be freed. Instead Bess silently placed a large, soft piece of leather on CJ’s face. A small soft piece of material was pushed between her lips and teeth. In seconds it was tied into place. A gag! — CJ had been gagged. It even had something for her to bite down on. Oh, but surely that was for the best because CJ didn’t really want these hidden strangers to hear her involuntary noises.

Donald kept commenting on his instruments. Something new was applied to CJ’s clit and straight after she felt something being inserted into her cunt. It was thin and hard. Some kind of measuring device? It wasn’t moving or buzzing. Just lying there but somehow that seemed like a torment to CJ. These strangers were stimulating her clit and yet they were happy to leave her cunt hole alone?

‘I think we need some extra measurements,’ said Donald. ‘I’ll do it,’ said another voice. It sounded like Mags. The thing in her cunt was removed and at the same time CJ felt a clamp being attached to her left nipple. This was the extra measurement? Then another was applied to her right nipple. They were a little tight and CJ realised that the added sensation was very agreeable. She was certain that the gag was good idea after all.

‘That’s good,’ reported Donald. ‘Nipples nicely swelling now. Better measure the clitoris too.’

A new clamp was applied, this time right onto CJ’s clit. She felt her eyes fly open and stifled a small cry of pain.

Something new was being inserted into her hole. This one was larger. The unseen hand pushed it forward until CJ felt it bump into her cervix. She could no longer decide what was worse — being treated like a test subject or being denied proper stimulation. What kind of experiment was this?

The clamp on her clit was removed and again CJ wanted to cry out. ‘Put it back,’ was her only thought. As if by magic, the clamp was closed around her clit again bringing another grunt of delight from her. These little bastards were starting to drive her crazy. Now she understood the need for restraints and the gag.

The others in the class were obviously watching intently. They were beginning to ask questions now. They wanted to know all about temperature, pulse, muscular response and even ‘moisture response’. They actually wanted to measure the amount of juice that CJ’s cunt was producing. She felt ashamed but she also felt horny. She didn’t really want her cunt to gush for them but she hoped the class would give her at least one orgasm.

‘Stage two now,’ said someone and her cunt was emptied again. It was only for a few seconds.

A new object was inserted. As it was being slowly pressed into her CJ noted this one was larger. In fact it felt like a small vibrator.

‘Number five first,’ said Mags. ‘The next one has the new moisture probe incorporated’.

The unseen hand then began to slowly slide the object back and forth. ‘At last, sweet heaven,’ thought CJ. Someone was slowly fucking her with some kind of object. Hell, it felt good. Then she worried that this was just more measuring, that the students would continue to ignore the strengthening need deep inside her.

She wanted to beg, to beg for more and beg them not to stop. Surely it was Mags’ hand. Though maybe by subject D7 even the males in the class has had enough practice. CJ hardly cared. Because the thrusting was too regular and slow, too gentle. It was better but still it left her feeling denied. This was an experiment in sexual response. She dreaded the thought of cumming in front of a group of strangers but why wouldn’t they bring her to climax already?

They continued on, as if oblivious to her needs. What the fuck were those instruments for anyway? She heard something heavy being moved. It had wheels, as if some sort of trolley was being positioned down near her privates. Now she understood the need to have her arse perched on the end of the table. The experiment had been meticulously planned and CJ was positioned precisely so that the class could access her holes with all their damned apparatus.

‘Right,’ said Donald, ‘that’s a good temperature reading. The clitoral monitor is doing well too. Can we do moisture again now?’

‘Number 9 is ready,’ said a voice. Jenny? ‘I’ll start by hand.’ CJ decided that she might as well not be there. The students were totally in control. She was just something to be used by them. She was totally helpless, forced to take whatever the experiment dictated they do to her. CJ hoped they’d all get good grades after tormenting her like this.

And now the probe in her cunt was removed. CJ was about to scream through her gag when suddenly she felt something else pressing against her opening. Jenny was slowly easing it into her tunnel. It felt good, better than good. The size of a nice big cock and CJ could feel a textured surface. She welcomed the sensation of being stretched, opened.

Once again CJ felt a steady hand begin to thrust the probe in and out of her cunt. Jenny was going deep. It was measuring her ‘moisture’ after all. This probe felt good, though. After those first smaller instruments this one fitted nicely inside her. CJ thought of the sweet young Bess and wondered whether she was going to use any of the apparatus on her.

‘Yes, good,’ reported Donald loudly. ‘OK, lets see what results you can get.’

Now Jenny began to move the probe a little more firmly. CJ realised that she was being fucked by a scientific instrument. And what an instrument it was, especially in the obviously capable hands of the young student. CJ was aware that her breathing was picking up. No doubt the machines were catching all that. She felt her body start to warm. Most of all she felt her cunt respond to finally having some proper stimulation applied to it.

Jenny was firm and insistent with her thrusting. She began to pick up speed. ‘How’s that showing up?’ she asked. ‘I’m applying a little more pressure now.’

And she was. The probe was really beginning to work in and out of her cunt. CJ loved to masturbate with her favourite vibrator but even better was having someone else fuck her with one. She knew there were no cocks to be had in this lab. That hardly mattered now as Jenny expertly drove the probe back and forth. CJ could hear herself moaning almost constantly. Her climax was building. So quick! Should she try to hold it in? She knew instantly that it was useless to try.

Someone applied new pressure to her clit. Something was stroking her around the outside of that infernal clamp. Yes, the clamp. Oh god, how good those nasty little clamps felt as they transmitted her arousal and her lust to the watching class.

Thinking about her clit was a mistake. Within seconds CJ felt herself begin to erupt. She did her best to be quiet, struggled to lie still while Jenny fucked her bound body with some kind of device. Oh, but she could hear herself blowing around the gag and knew that her arms and legs had gone rigid underneath the leather straps. She could feel the climax surging though her body and rattling in her brain. It was weeks since she’d been fucked and she’d carefully followed Bess’ suggestion that she not masturbate for a week before the experiment.

‘Yeah, that’s working well,’ reported Donald. That was all he could say about CJ’s sweet, explosive orgasm. It was her first really ‘public’ climax. Her first orgasm of this insane experiment. The students had forced it out of her and she felt exposed and ashamed and humiliated and so incredibly turned on.

‘Real good,’ agreed Bess. ‘I want to use number 12 next.’ CJ didn’t mind too much what they used next. Young Bess was going to touch her. The thought made the remnants of her first orgasm feel even warmer.

‘Take your time with this response,’ spoke up the firm voice of the professor. ‘Make sure you get all the data from this one before you switch.’

Again the class members were asking questions of Donald. They could have asked CJ herself except that she was still tightly gagged. In fact, she reminded herself, in this state they could do whatever they wanted with her — or to her!

Before her cunt had time to recover, while she felt herself still hot and engorged with blood, the thick probe was removed. CJ was sure the experiment was only getting started. She felt confused — why was it so arousing to be displayed for these hidden strangers? But she heard the sound of the trolley again and hands were on her cunt, moving and adjusting the sensors and measuring devices they’d placed there earlier.

‘Right. Go,’ said Donald.

Suddenly CJ felt a new device placed against her cunt lips. She heard Mags offer to help and again tried to focus on the thought of those small, young tits with their long nipples.

Something was being pushed into her, inserted into her hole. Suddenly CJ realised this one was big, really big. Luckily her cunt was till slick but she knew this one would be a struggle. Mags gave another push and CJ couldn’t help but grunt in response. It felt about the size of the biggest cock CJ could remember feeling. She tried to make herself relax, to let her cunt stretch around the girth of this new probe. She didn’t know if she could handle this much size but the students intended to use it anyway.

‘Got it all Donald?’ asked Bess. ‘Number 9 needs to start as quickly as possible.’

‘Fire up,’ came his reply. CJ had expected a young man to have his eyes bulging out of his head by now. This boy must be a real science geek.

She felt another nudge and the thing withdrew slightly. There was another nudge and CJ grunted again. Her cunt was full. It felt strange but it felt good. Where they fucking her or not? The probe moved some more, deeper and quicker. Oh, this one was interesting. She wondered for a moment if the students were prepared to hurt her to get their results.

‘Second speed.’ She heard Mags call out. Then CJ heard a new sound. Then she felt the probe in her tunnel begin to pick up speed. The probe thrust harder and deeper. It was a machine. She was being fucked by a machine while the class watched.

CJ could hear the mechanical sound, a clunk each time the piston was fully extended and the probe was touching her cervix. There was power behind this one, real force. She was being fucked by a machine and she was going to be reamed by the thick thing at the end whether she liked it or not. Actually she rather did like it. She was being stretched and pummelled inside. Her own hand could never have jammed something so large inside her tunnel. There had been that one guy, that one cock, long ago. She tried to recall his name.

But someone was touching her clit. Readjusting the clamp that measured god knew what. They were touching her clit. That big thing was reaming her cunt and someone was touching her clit. Then her arse, they were checking the probe in her butt hole. And still that fat cock was pumping back and forth in her hole. CJ felt so horny, so hungry. She could hear the students asking their questions again. Only this time she was not embarrassed. She forgot all about her thick thighs and her large butt and her pale tits. This time she knew she felt a small twinge of pride that she could take everything they could dream up. They wanted to see her sexual response and she was going to show it to them.

Strapped to the table, unable to move, she could only lie there as the probe moved right to the entrance of her hole and then plunged deep to her cervix. She’d not been touched in some of those places for a long, long time. And the machine, number 9, was doing it over and over and over again. It was almost the perfect fuck.

Suddenly she was cumming — cumming hard. This time it was huge, so much bigger than the first. CJ heard herself groaning painfully through the soft leather gag. Was that being recorded as well? Her brain was boiling and her body was out of control. She wanted to thrash and moan but she was helpless. The big fake cock just kept pumping in and out. It was merciless. CJ didn’t want it to stop. She could feel herself drooling around the gag. Huge spasms were gripping her cunt and she knew her hips were bucking against the leather straps. She wanted to shout out and tell them to ‘fuck me!’

Instead the thing in her cunt was slowing. The machine was slowing and the fuck was coming to an end. CJ wanted to protest, to shout out her needs. If they left the thing in her she knew she’d cum again for them.

But the machine had stopped and the probe was being removed. The students were talking amongst themselves, ignoring her needs.

‘Number eleven is next Donald,’ said Bess. ‘Jenny will pump it up as soon as you’re ready.’ But CJ, with her brain on fire, wasn’t listening. She only knew that her cunt was wide and empty. She was hungry, desperate for more. Now she knew she’d done the right thing in agreeing to Bess’ proposition. She didn’t care about the class using her. She just wanted more orgasms. She needed them right now.

The new probe was shoved into her hole. It was smaller than the machine, almost too small. Though CJ enjoyed the fact it was being inserted by hand. Now she was thrilled to have the young students touch her. Especially Bess and the young Mags with her pointy nipples.

‘OK. Good readings now,’ called out Donald. ‘Go with number eleven.’

Something strange started in CJ’s cunt. The new probe seemed to be growing. Had someone mentioned ‘pumping’? Yes, she could feel it swelling now, beginning to fill her empty hole. An unseen hand moved it slowly back and forth. That felt much better.

‘Nearly ready,’ said Bess. CJ could feel the thing still growing inside her. It was already as big as the machine cock and she could feel it wasn’t done yet. The hand stopped as the pressure in her cunt became too great. CJ grunted and groaned as her cunt was stretched further than it had ever gone before. Oh, what were they measuring now?

“Right. It’s on.’ What was?

And then CJ felt it. The instrument was wedged hard inside her cunt. But there was something else, something moving. She could feel it under her pubic bone. Something new was pressing there, vibrating very softly. She didn’t know what the hell they stuck inside her. But she could feel it start to rub and buzz against that special spot. She was stuck tight and the probe was jammed in. But somehow the students had designed the perfect tool to massage and stimulate her G-spot.

Fuck, it felt good! CJ’s cunt muscles were out of control now as they contracted around the instrument. The buzzing was getting more intense and the pressure on that one spot was growing stronger. She wanted some thrusting but she knew she would cum anyway. CJ had given up worrying about her predicament. The students wanted sexual response and they were getting it from her.

Once more her cunt gripped the apparatus. This time Donald knew he’d caught it on his machines.

‘Great. Really good muscle response to this one.’ Strangely, his comments only encouraged CJ to relax and let the coming orgasm build inside her. She no longer cared that her cunt was betraying her to the eager students. If only someone would give a little more thrusting.

‘Good muscle response is important,’ came the professor’s firm voice. ‘Get some sphincter data as well.’

CJ didn’t stop to think what that meant. She knew another orgasm was close and she knew the students would make sure it arrived. So there was a little surprise when she felt something between her butt cheeks. Another unseen hand withdrew the probe from there and CJ felt a small thrill at the sudden sensation.

Instantly some new thing was pressed against her small, dark hole. The new thing was inserted, pushed past her anus and deeper into her bowels. CJ couldn’t help but cry out through the leather gag. It wasn’t painful at all. In fact this new sensation was incredible. The thing was thicker than the last probe, about two fingers thick and well lubed up. It seemed to fill her passage nicely and CJ was instantly aware that it somehow seemed to make the vibrations in her cunt even more intense.

The device in her cunt was huge and getting bigger. That special piece against her G-spot was certainly working its magic. CJ had never had a vibrator like this one. The pressure and buzzing inside her was beyond description. CJ no longer cared about her big arse or her thick thighs or her blue-veined tits. She was being stimulated in both holes and two students were fucking her at the same time. She only cared about cumming and cumming hard.

Someone was moving the other probe solely back and forth in her arse. It was delicious. The buzzing inside her cunt increased further. And then, without warning, something was applied to her clit, a finger. It was too much for CJ to bear any longer. Immediately she felt her climax tearing through her. This time she could feel herself straining against the leather straps. She knew it was her voice that was screaming out around the soft gag.

Just like before, the students were focussed only on getting their results. CJ was cumming so much harder than she’d thought possible but they just stayed on their tasks. They wanted Donald to get all his data. And CJ didn’t care. She wanted them to take their time, she wanted more. She usually enjoyed arse play but was shy about it. This time the sensation was making her orgasm so incredibly intense. Her cunt was spasming around that huge thing inside her and she could feel her juices running down her crack. It was a humiliation but CJ no longer cared, she just wanted them to give her more pleasure.

Another orgasm was following quickly. ‘Oh god’, she thought to herself, ‘that thing is so big and my cunt is still squeezing hard on it.’

Donald was seemingly still fixated on his machines. ‘This is very good data. Big responses. Maybe we should try Level 3.’

Then Jenny’s voice — ‘Professor, would you give us permission to move to Level 3 stimulation with this subject?’

‘Yes, subject D7 seems very suitable,’ came the calm reply. ‘I’ll sign the paperwork now. You may proceed without limits to Level 3.’

CJ was subject D7 and she was close, so close, to her next orgasm. So she was bewildered when suddenly the buzzing in her cunt slowed and the probe in her arse was withdrawn. ‘Oh no’ she thought to herself. ‘Not now, please.’ Again she wanted to call out to them, to beg, but the gag muffled her moans of protest. The young students had worked her into a state of frenzy and now they were taking it all away from her.

Suddenly there were hands all over her. On her tits, removing the small clamps. Then her labia and even her clit. The clamps, the measuring devices, were being removed, replaced, shifted and checked. CJ knew the class really was interested in her sexual responses and didn’t care about her needs. But she was loving the sensation of their hands pulling and prodding at her.

Something new was being wheeled into place, between her legs. At the same time new clamps were applied to her nipples. And then hands began to stroke her breasts. They were massaging her tits, stroking and squeezing them. The invisible hands were working her tits, from the base to her nipples. CJ knew these were Bess’ hands. They were the same hands she’d felt that night at Sarah’s house. Oh Bess! CJ was relieved and excited to feel her touch.

But the students were focussed on her holes — her cunt and her arse. CJ was still dripping wet and panting heavily. The students were pressing something new into her cunt, something hard and thick.

Then she felt something being introduced to her bottom. CJ tried to relax but she was too excited, this was too sudden. She wanted them to fill her up but she didn’t want them to hurt her.

The students, however, either didn’t care or were simply confident that they knew what to do.

The thing in her cunt wasn’t like the inflatable probe. But it was snug and when CJ felt it start to move she knew, she just knew, that the class was having her fucked by a machine once again. She could hear the motor working and feel the cold, relentless way the device shoved in and out of her. Luckily her cunt was still soaking wet because she quickly felt the thing pick up speed. At last the little bastards were fucking her. If only they’d let her cum this time.

Bess was still working her tits and now her cunt was getting some real relief. CJ felt that orgasm starting to build again. That was the moment when someone decided to force the other probe into her butt. CJ couldn’t protest and she was helpless to refuse what they were doing to her. Her sphincter easily stretched to accommodate the new thing. The machine in her cunt was really pumping and having her arse filled by complete strangers was actually a thrill. Plus there were Bess’ hands still expertly massaging her big tits.

CJ was being fucked for the whole class. Fucked in both holes. The hand working the thing in her bottom was gentle but just as insistent as the machine. They wanted her to cum and CJ knew she was about to oblige them.

She came, came hard. Came loud. They were all watching her and listening. Donald was recording everything. Somehow that made it all the more exciting. CJ thrashed and strained against the leather straps. Her eyes were popping out of her head and her brain was on fire. She wanted to cum good and hard. She wanted to cum for Bess.

Now there was no mercy from the students. CJ was nothing but a test subject. Hell it was like she was being raped by them and their machines. Bess was there. That made it better somehow. But CJ knew Bess was a part of it too.

Before one orgasm had finished the class was working on the next. Her holes were emptied and new devices were inserted into her. No-one stopped to ask CJ what she wanted or what she enjoyed. They had their instruments for that.

The things on her nipples began to send a tingle through her. Suddenly CJ realised that it was electricity. The students were sending an electric current through her nipples. She wanted to gasp aloud but realised she’d lost control of even her throat.

This time the probe in her cunt was big — really big. Fingers were on her clit, softly rubbing and pinching. The device being inserted into her backdoor felt like it was made of balls. CJ felt each one as the object was pressed into her. Just as quickly she felt them again as they started slowly to work it in and out of her.

The fingers on her clit were driving her wild and she was grateful for the extra stimulation. They were experimenting in her arsehole (or was it an assault?) and somehow CJ found that she was loving the way the students were working on her.

The big device in her cunt wasn’t going in so easily. ‘Number 15,’ came a voice. ‘Use 15 first and then try that one again.’

Something soft and buzzing was quickly introduced to her cunt and CJ happily allowed her body to swallow it. She knew her body was out of control as she felt another orgasm swell through her. Orgasms were coming so rapidly that she almost couldn’t tell where one ended and the next began. She didn’t care, she was desperate to cum and greedily allowed her body and her mind to sink into the multitude of sensations and stimuli that the class was applying to her.

As soon as the next peak passed the class manoeuvred their devices once more. Numbers were called out. CJ could hear them but was too far gone to make any sense of them.

Something started to buzz against her clit. The huge thing was back at her cunt entrance. This time CJ knew the students would force it into her. She didn’t mind at all.

Whatever was in her bum slowed briefly. They were all concentrating on her cunt. The new apparatus felt enormous. It was shoved past her entrance. This time she would be properly stretched. CJ wanted to call out her encouragement but she was speechless.

Bit by bit it was forced into her tunnel. CJ had never had anything that size inside her. She wanted to take the whole thing. Her clit was still buzzing and her nipples were still sending amazing shocks through her body. She wanted them to fuck her into oblivion. Whether the students cared about her needs or not, thankfully the experiment meant she got exactly what she wanted.

The huge thing was finally in her cunt. She was impaled, stuck on the monster. Even her cervix was squashed by its bulk. Someone turned on a motor and that thing was being forced back and forth. Every bit of her insides was being touched and stroked by it. They bashed it into her cervix and CJ didn’t mind at all. Her entire cunt was being fucked and she knew she was loving it. Impaled like this, even the device in her anus was being squashed up. CJ would have refused such an enormous probe if they’d asked her but luckily the students had not considered it. They wanted to test her response and they wanted that thing inside her.

CJ knew her juices were flowing from her hole and down between her butt cheeks. She even pictured the way her wetness was coating the other probe, the one made of balls that was working deep in her bowels. Oh, how wonderful that felt as well!

She was cumming again. In fact she hadn’t stopped cumming. This felt better than the best sex she’d ever had. And the whole class was watching. CJ barely even thought of that. In fact she’d stopped thinking, her brain was too far gone now.

She barely even noticed when the students swapped the thing in her arse with a new probe. They were welcome to fuck her arse as much as they liked so long as her cunt was filled and her clit was being rubbed.

Right on cue a finger came back to her clit. It was just as well because the enormous probe was still punishing her cunt. Now the students were totally in their zone, simply using her as a subject to test their many different devices. CJ was beside herself with lust.

Whatever was jammed into her hole next was buzzing and CJ realised that the new probe in her arse was doing the same. It wasn’t necessary. The students were continuing to fuck both her holes and were proving rather skilful at it. So long as they kept that up CJ would continue to cum for them.

Her nipples were being pinched and she was cumming even harder. CJ could hear her own noises of pain and pleasure. Another time it would have been embarrassing but right now she wanted them to serve as encouragement for the class.

She came again, feeling her cunt muscles trying to squeeze around the intruder. But they wouldn’t do it and CJ realised it was because she’d been stretched so wide that her muscles couldn’t work normally. It was only when the students withdrew the monster probe, slowly dragging it from within her, that J felt her cunt spasm with the aftershocks if her latest orgasm.

Then something small and vibrating was placed deep in her cunt. CJ couldn’t decide if that was relief or not. Soon whatever they had in her butt began to grow and expand. CJ knew their new apparatus was supposed to hurt but she was too busy having yet another climax. Then the anal device got really big and CJ felt she would be split apart. So she came again with a long and hard climax as she thrashed against her restraints.

The class wasn’t wasting any time. They had their experiment to conclude and all their instruments to use. CJ’s arse was emptied out while something small stroked inside her cunt. She could picture her arsehole dilated wide and being inspected by the whole class. That thought triggered her next explosive release.

Over and over different devices were introduced to her body as she lay there helpless on the table. They either buzzed or vibrated or simply moved in and out of her horny holes as she slobbered and moaned in helpless reverie. She came no matter what they did to her.

Something cold was used and she came. Something hot brought the same response.

Another device went into her cunt and then was expanded. Once more it was enormous, growing till it hurt and then growing still more. This time there was no fucking but the fingers were back on her clit and CJ had no trouble cumming at all. Over the din of her own orgasm she heard Donald mention something about ‘sphincter response’ and knew she’d been stretched so wide back there that she couldn’t feel the latest instrument inserted into her chute.

CJ lost count of the number of things they shoved into her and the number of times she came. There was no point trying to count what she could not control. She’d signed over her body to the students and they took what they needed from her.

It was only after a long time, it felt like ages, when CJ felt herself beginning to fade, that at last the procedure seemed to slow and then stop. So many orgasms had run together that it took a while for CJ to even realise that she’d stopped cumming. Her holes were empty again and the professor was talking to the class in her calm, strong voice.

‘That is definitely time expired everyone. Donald, make sure all the data is backed up. The rest of the class will leave and you four need to help your test subject. And please Bess, make sure that she signs the final forms for the ethics committee.’

CJ’s chest was pounding. She could still hear her own ragged breathing. But she sensed that finally her ordeal was over. The professor had dismissed the class. She could hear chairs dragging on the hard floor as the students collected their bags and filed out of the lab.

Bess was beside her now, gently removing the gag. She held one finger to CJ’s lips.

‘Shhh. Don’t try to speak yet. Let everyone leave and then we will finish up.’

CJ was exhausted. She gladly lay back on the table as the foursome went to work on her. The thin curtain was removed and she could feel unseen hands removing the clamps and measuring devices from her body. Bess had a towel and softly mopped up the drool from CJ’s mouth and her cheeks and even her neck. God she was humiliated. She’d never been so out of control in her life.

The four of them were busying themselves around her and CJ saw Mags again with her small tits and her long nipples. Kind of sexy. She saw Donald — almost a boy with his slender limbs and baggy shirt. CJ saw that he did, indeed, have the glasses she’d expected to find on this budding scientist.

Jenny was there still. She was stunning, truly a beauty with long blonde hair and the face of a magazine model. CJ noted her tits as well, smaller than Bess’ but sitting high and firm under the buttons of her shirt.

CJ was still strapped to the table and the stirrups. She was wondering when the students would release her. Her brain was returning to normal and she was slowly beginning to wonder if she shouldn’t flee from the lab as quickly as possible. Then she sensed Mags close by her side.

‘You were so wonderful CJ,’ she whispered. ‘Thanks for doing all this for us. Bess said you’d be fantastic and you were.’ Somehow that revelation didn’t make CJ feel any less embarrassed.

‘You did a lot today,’ she continued. ‘We pushed you hard. We really want to thank you now. There’s something we like to do for our most special subjects.’

CJ had no idea what Mags was talking about. She wanted to say something, to thank Mags. Or to plead to be released from her bonds. She was still too frazzled to make the words come out.

‘We have all our measurements now,’ Mags was continuing. ‘So this is just for you.’ There was a small giggle and she was gone.

CJ was startled by the new sensation on her inner thighs. Then it was on her cunt. They were touching her. More, they were fondling her. She didn’t know what to make of it. Until, that is, she felt someone’s lips on her cunt, softly kissing her labia.

It was Mags! CJ could see her down there between her legs, still spread wide in the stirrups.

She was still trapped. The students had used and abused her. Now they wanted to take advantage of her some more. CJ simply didn’t have the energy to protest. Besides, she’d been so embarrassed and ashamed it seemed there was nothing left to protest about.

Plus there was the fact that Mags was being soft and slow. It felt amazing. The young woman had done this kind of thing before, eating pussy. With her lips she gently suckled on CJ’s labia, savouring them, almost loving them. CJ had never felt anything quite like it before.

Then Mags placed her tongue right on CJ’s slit. She worked slowly, carefully moving it up and over CJ’s sensitive clit. It was delightful. A hell of a way to show gratitude.

CJ didn’t need to writhe this time. Mags was obviously skilled and she wanted to build CJ up slowly. CJ assumed that was the idea, a relaxing orgasm all her own after the innumerable shrieking climaxes she’d surrendered to their machines.

It still felt strange to be strapped down to this table in a science lab while a young female student explored her cunt. But CJ lay back happily and allowed Mags to dip her tongue into the middle of her hole and scoop up her still copious juices. CJ moaned a deep, soft moan of joy.

Sweet Bess was beside her next, standing at the side of the table and smiling a wonderful smile to CJ. Her young friend leaned in and pressed her mouth to CJ’s. The kiss was firm, insistent, and CJ allowed Bess to force herself on her. More, she was happy when Bess pressed her tongue into her mouth and she opened to let the other’s tongue deep inside. CJ knew it was making her cunt gush for Mags but all she could think about was that fabulous night at Sarah’s and the lust she’d felt for Bess ever since.

Then Bess broke the kiss and put her soft hands on CJ’s tits. She was massaging them again, expertly. It made CJ moan louder. She wondered how Bess could know she loved her tits being handled in just that way. But she didn’t really care because it felt so good and because it was Bess who was pleasuring her.

‘CJ’s anus will be a little tender Donald,’ spoke Bess with quiet assurance. ‘You should apply some of that lotion. Do it softly though.’ CJ was stoked at Bess’ concern for her. If only she wasn’t so hung up on that fiancé of hers!

Jenny was making herself busy too, moving around to undo the leather restraints. The strap across her hips went first and then her legs. Meanwhile, Mags was starting to work some real magic on her cunt and CJ could feel her next orgasm in a long, slow rise from somewhere deep inside. Bess’ hands were fantastic on her tits and then she felt Donald’s finger slowly inserted between her arse cheeks.

Actually her anus wasn’t so sore. Her arse would need a few days before it worked properly again. But she was a plaything for these young people. And Donald’s delicate touch was an added thrill. Perhaps the other students had trained him. CJ could feel herself getting close. She was going to cum in Mags’ little mouth. But she knew there was one more thing that would clinch the whole deal.

‘Please Bess,’ she gasped. ‘Please let me have your tits. Let me have them.’

Bess just grinned and removed her hands from CJ. In one swift move she yanked up her shirt and her bra. Those big double-Ds fell out into plain view. CJ gasped. She’d seen them before but still she gasped. CJ could feel herself cumming just form the sight of them. It was a different kind of release. The soft finger and the gentle mouth on her holes slowly drew out one long continuous, soft orgasm.

‘Please Bess…’ she croaked. Bess was still smiling as she leaned over CJ and draped one of her big, soft tits right over CJ’s mouth. CJ hungrily tried to work the flesh with her lips and her tongue until Bess shifted her position and fed her nipple straight into CJ’s mouth. The result was that CJ started to cum all over again, continuing to flood Mags’ mouth with her cunt juices. Where was it all coming from?

Jenny finally released CJ’s hands just as Bess was ready to change position and feed the other tit to her. CJ reached up and took hold of Bess by her waist. She’d not really had the chance to caress Bess that other night. It felt good to touch her. It felt so much better when Bess switched and fed her other nipple into CJ’s mouth.

The other two had left her holes finally. CJ didn’t mind, she was still coming down from those two exquisite rewards they’d given her. Suckling on Bess’ nipples was just the thing to prolong the sensations and the warm buzz that filled her body and her brain. Greedily she sucked and licked on Bess’ nipples, using her free hand to move Bess back and forwards. It wasn’t as much of Bess as CJ wanted but she was glad to finally have this much.

‘We might need to let Donald give you a small reward too,’ murmured Bess with a grin. CJ did her best to query Bess with her eyes, not wanting to release the nipple from her mouth. ‘After I had all those instruments and measurements I needed a real cock,’ she went on. ‘It might be good for you,’ she smiled. ‘And Donald deserves something for being so patient with all our womanly needs.’

Now CJ did let go of Bess’ nipple. She was a little nervous. What more did the students want from her? Letting some strange boy fuck her? But deep down CJ knew that Bess was correct – a real flesh cock was just the thing to help her come down from her ordeal. She lifted her head to glance at Donald. He was standing at the edge of the table, obviously feeling extremely horny himself. CJ knew it was hardly his fault as he’d seen her holes repeatedly stuffed and been left to do nothing more than measure her reactions.

‘Yes, yes let him do whatever he wants,’ murmured CJ as she let her head drop back down.

‘Can he give you his cock?’ asked Mags. ‘Is it OK for him to fuck you?’

‘Yeah sure,’ she replied, resigned to it. ‘Tell him to fuck me.’ She lifted her head again to see that Mags was already working at Donald’s flies. Beside her she could hear Bess chuckling. These young people seemed to have some kind of private fuck club that they’d turned into a science class.

Mags was lightly stroking Donald’s cock, though CJ could see he didn’t need it. He looked even younger with his pants around his ankles. He was thin and pale and his cock didn’t seem special at all. It fitted nicely into Mags’ hand. CJ wondered whether her cunt was now too stretched to feel Donald at all. But his balls were big and low and CJ guessed he’d have enough virility to at least give her a nice long screw. His shaft looked like steel and

‘Get him a condom Mags,’ instructed Bess.

‘No no,’ urged CJ. She wanted it over and done with. ‘Its OK. Cum inside me.’ CJ had gone on the pill again and she figured letting the young geek shoot inside her was the least risky thing she’d done for ages. There was nothing more to say once Bess lowered herself and once more shoved her big tits into CJ’s face.

The close presence of Bess gave CJ just enough energy to pleasure her in return. There was no need to exert herself for Donald. Her legs were still up in the stirrups so he had perfect access to her. CJ only had to wait as the young science student shuffled forward. She wondered if Mags was still holding him, helping his aim as he moved to CJ’s stretched hole.

The head of this flesh cock pressed against CJ’s opening. She forced herself to relax. As tired as she felt, something inside her wanted that young cock. She felt Donald push forward and then he was in her. The boy seemed to know what to do and a single, slow thrust was all he needed to sink to the hilt inside CJ’s hole. Her cunt swallowed him as they both let out slow groans. The sudden insertion of real meat felt terrific. CJ knew she was being used as a hole once more but it would be nice to be fucked for as long as her tender cunt could last.

CJ felt Bess’ hands back on her tits and she realised how right the students had been. It was delightful to receive all this soft, warm stimulation after the frenzied assault of machines and rubber probes.

Mags appeared and CJ saw she, too, had her shirt pulled up and her tits sticking out. They were small, A-cups if that, and that made her long nipples look even bigger and harder. CJ tried to turn her head to stare. It was hard to take her mind off the gentle thrusting Donald was giving. Damn if that little science geek dick didn’t somehow hit the spot. CJ knew she was moaning softly in time with Donald’s stroking. It was gentle and far away, very relaxing.

Then she saw Mags was pushing her pants down past her skinny hips. The young woman was obviously very aroused. Her dark pink nipples were hard and long. Mags was going to play with her cunt. Did the whole group intend to have an orgy with CJ in the middle? CJ looked at Bess again with her heavy tits dangling in her face. It didn’t look like Bess was going to get any more involved. It was the same as had happened at Sarah’s place.

CJ realised it was time for her to make something happen. She turned her head back to Mags, now with one hand deep in her cunt.

‘Let me,’ she gasped at Mags. After the next thrust from Donald she repeated it — ‘Let me.’

Mags stopped her fiddling, realising she was being watched. She looked straight at CJ. ‘What?… you mean?…’

CJ knew she did mean that. She’d been driven into a frenzy by the students. Donald had his cock deep in CJ’s cunt and Mags had already swallowed her juices. CJ just knew that she wanted to taste that young cunt.

‘Yes. Come here to me.’

‘There’s no room on that table for all three of us.’

Donald was still gently plumbing her cunt with his hard cock. CJ didn’t want to give that up.

‘Get me down,’ she rasped.

Quickly Donald and Mags got CJ’s legs out of the stirrups and helped her off the table. Bess had helpfully found some large towels to spread onto the hard floor of the lab. ‘Lucky we didn’t need these today,’ she snickered. CJ was aware that the beautiful Jenny was standing to the side, a keen observer but quite detached from the action.

CJ got herself onto all fours and waited for Donald. The young geek didn’t keep her waiting and quickly took up position behind her. CJ wiggled her hips and Donald obliged by spearing her once more, shoving his young cock all the way to the hilt. He grunted and CJ moaned. She knew that cock would make her cum one last time for today.

She rocked back as Donald resumed his thrusting. Mags got onto the floor in front of CJ and shuffled herself into position. CJ could see her shirt was still pulled up high but she’d discarded her pants. Mags had understood what CJ wanted and she propped herself on her elbows and slid her hips under the older woman’s face. CJ was panting in response to Donald’s eager thrusting fucking when Mags split her skinny young legs and exposed her swollen cunt lips.

CJ saw that Mags had nice long labia. She noted a tuft of hair above her smooth lips. She knew she could smell the scent of the eager student. At that moment CJ stopped thinking and lowered her face into the cunt laid out before her.

Softly, she explored Mags’ flesh, running her tongue between the folds and sucking them into her mouth. CJ noted one labia was so much longer than the other. If she’d had the use of her hands CJ would have explored some more. But she needed both hands to brace back against Donald’s gentle humping.

Instead CJ drove her tongue into Mags’ folds and quickly found her moist hole. She wasted no time in pressing her tongue deeper into that hot opening. She knew Mags had tasted her cunt and was pleased to return the favour. Mags tasted good and CJ quickly got down to her task of licking and sucking. The young woman moaned and coo-ed her response to CJ’s efforts.

‘Do you want me to wait?’ asked Donald. Was there a point to such manners?

‘Fuck her Donnie,’ called out Mags. ‘Do her like the other one.’ CJ, of course, was in no position for conversation. Who was the ‘other one’? But she had no reason to argue with Mags’ instruction.

‘Oh Jesus’ groaned Mags. ‘CJ, I am loving that. Oh, just like that, yesss,’ CJ just kept at Mags’ young cunt, enjoying the moans and groans coming from the younger woman and the way she kept moving her hips to find more purchase for CJ’s tongue. CJ knew she probably was not as experienced as Mags but she knew enough to get a decent orgasm out of the little bitch.

CJ’s cunt was feeling the effects of all the earlier probing and pounding. Donald had hit his stride and was beginning to use more and more force as he shoved his member into her tunnel. CJ liked the way he was making her tits bounce and sway underneath her. She hoped that Bess might notice as well. But she needed him to cum soon.

Dropping herself closer to Mags, she reached back with one hand between her legs. Mags was really starting to pant and CJ could taste the extra wetness pouring from her hole. She might even get the two of them to cum close to one another.

As Donald thrust forward harder CJ was able to find his balls swinging against her. They were heavy and covered with thin hair. Carefully she stroked him, enjoying the feeling of his eggs and the thought of his impending eruption.

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