Daniel walked slowly across the room to the chest of drawers as Roger had instructed him to. He opened it and looked inside. There were several bondage-style items present, including a couple of lengths of strong-looking rope, what looked like a blindfold and of course a leather strap, curled up around itself.

When he saw it his heart sank – even though Roger had told him where to find it, he half hoped that he had been mistaken and that it might have been lost in the house somewhere, leading to a lengthy search and a delay in the punishment that Daniel was now certain to receive.

He picked it up. It was dark brown leather and at the end had two tails. It looked fairly well worn, and thick enough to hurt.

Still walking slowly and trembling noticably, Daniel moved back in front of his new Master and held the strap out in front of him. Roger took it.

“Good,” Roger said.

“This is a Lochgelly tawse, which was used in schools particularly in Scotland for administering corporal punishment for many years. Of course, those being punished back then were not adults – which you are.”

He smiled a sinister smile before continuing.

“Although I could be described as a sadist Daniel, I am also very fair and there will always be method in the punishments that you receive. The reason for inflicting the strapping on your penis is so that, for a few days at least, any further instances of you becoming aroused will feel quite painful. Also, the very act of you presenting it to me in the palm of your hand is intended to be both humiliating and a display of your submissiveness to me. Is that how you are feeling now boy?”

“Yes!” Daniel almost shouted, unintentionally through gritted teeth.

“Yes what?” Roger snapped.

Daniel breathed deeply, composing himself, and whispered, “yes Master.”

“Good,” said Roger. “Now hold out your penis please.”

Daniel’s cock has by now softened, which was hardly surprising since he was about to be hit upon it. However, there was enough blood flow still present to make it a big enough target for the Master.

He reluctantly cupped it into the palm of his right hand before holding his hand flat and presenting it to Roger, almost like a gift. As a Master who quite obviously enjoyed seeing fear in the eyes of his slave, it was a gift that Roger intended to accept for his use.

“Okay,” Roger said methodically. “I need it a little higher, so stand on your tiptoes so I can get a better angle.”

Daniel obediently raised the heels of his feet off the floor.

Roger took a step slightly to the right, and placed the tawse flat across Daniel’s cock.

“Prepare yourself Daniel. And stay as still as you can please.”

Daniel braced himself, and after no more than a couple of seconds Roger raised the leather strap and brought it down hard across the middle of his slave’s length. It cracked as it fell, almost instantly making Daniel feel a sharp burning pain and making him feel quite sick. He landed back onto the heels of his feet with a shudder.

“Ow, it hurts!” Daniel exclaimed through his gritted teeth.

“Of course it hurts boy. It’s supposed to, and it will hurt even more if I am forced to increase the number of strokes due to you failing to follow my instructions to the letter. Now back on your toes.”

Daniel obeyed, and straight away Roger repeated the trick, whacking the slave’s cock as hard as he could.

Daniel raised his head and looked at the taller man. He saw Roger’s gaze alter slightly as he concentrated on completing the job effectively.

The third stroke landed on the head of Daniel’s cock, leaving a thick red strap mark. The fourth hit in exactly the same place.

Daniel again grunted through his teeth, feeling tears well up in his eyes. He was determined not to cry – even though he was hating the physical assault he was being subjected to, he did not want to displease his new Master.

He wobbled on his tiptoes, but just about managed to stay on them. The feeling of sickness was still with him and his cock was burning and stinging.

Roger again brought the tawse down on the end of Daniel’s cock, one of the tails catching the tip of his foreskin and making that sting too.

Daniel bowed his head and gritted his teeth harder, trying not to move at all and just wishing Roger would finish. Only five strokes had been administered.

The next stroke was aimed closer to Daniel’s body, which brought some relief finally. The next was targeted at the same area.

Roger stopped, slightly out of breath and obviously aroused. Daniel could see evidence of that due to the bulge in his trousers.

“Three strokes left, boy!” He affirmed.

“Pull back your foreskin please, the final three strokes are to be to the unexposed head of your penis.”

“But please………”, Daniel started, fearfully.

“No arguments!” Roger ordered sharply. “Do as I say or your belting tonight will become a caning.”

Daniel carefully pulled back his foreskin with his left hand, and it stayed in place just as Master had wanted.


Daniel again raised his heels off the ground, and immediately Roger raised the tawse and cracked it hard on the dark pink head of his cock.

It hurt immensely, but Daniel stayed in position. In quick succession the final two blows landed, reddening the end of Daniel’s penis even more.

Daniel looked at Roger through his watery eyes, hoping beyond hope that his punishment was over.

“At ease, boy.” Roger said, finally.

Daniel’s heels landed back onto the floor and in turn he fell onto his knees, trembling and feeling quite exhausted due to the intensity of what he had just endured. His cock was burning and he squeezed it into the palm of his hand to ease the pain.

Roger chuckled quite warmly. “Very good boy, for a first punishment at my hands you have coped quite well indeed. Serve me well and please me and these will be few. Disappoint me too often and you will soon realise that this was tame compared to what I can and will do in order to train you.”

Daniel was too busy concentrating on attempting to soothe his pain to listen much.

“Pull yourself together Daniel, there are three hours to fill before your belting. There are several chores around the house I wish you to undertake for me, but first I require oral sex.”

As far as Daniel was concerned now, there was nothing he would rather do than suck Roger’s cock. His Master had acted with such authority since they had met earlier that afternoon, it made Daniel feel like a real slave, and an object to be used. The fact that he again felt quite horny was also a major factor.

Roger undid the button of his trousers and zip. They fell to the floor and his rather old-fashioned briefs followed. His shoes and socks were still on, as indeed was his shirt and tie.

He positioned himself in front of his still kneeling slave, his large cock pointing towards Daniel’s face.

“Suck it boy!”

Daniel raised his head and gratefully held Roger’s cock in the palm of his right hand. He had never sucked a guy’s cock, let alone in such unorthodox circumstances. He hoped he could do it well enough.

He pressed his lips against the head of Roger’s magnificent penis, almost kissing it, and pulled it inside his mouth. He stroked it gently up and down, being sure to move the foreskin back and forth as he himself had always preferred his girlfriends to do.

He felt the stiff member increase even further inside, almost gagging him as he pushed it further and further towards his throat.

Roger grunted and began to gyrate his hips against Daniel’s face, leaving Daniel almost breathless.

Again Daniel felt his own cock begin to stiffen, but as Roger had promised, this made it sting even more. He thought of receiving another strapping and this was enough to keep his arousal in check to what he thought was an acceptable degree.

“Good boy,” said Roger huskily. “Do it faster, this is how you please your Master.”

Daniel frantically feasted on the older man’s cock, knowing that if he could only make him come it would make make him more desirable as a permanent slave, which was now what he craved more than anything.

Without warning, Roger grabbed the top of Daniel’s head and pulled him away from his cock with some force.

“Not bad, but you do need to improve somewhat,” he said. “I’m sure you will with my direction.”

“For a start, you need to cover your teeth with your lips more, and you need to get me further down your throat. Now try again.”

Daniel did as he was told, wretching every time Roger thrusted his cock further in. Roger was effectively fucking his mouth now, his hands holding the back of his slave’s head firmly in order to create more force.

Faster and faster Roger’s cock reached towards and down Daniel’s throat, the Master now breathing heavily and grunting loudly.

“Take my semen, Daniel! Swallow it!!” Roger ordered through his pleasure.

Daniel felt his Master’s body jerk forwards and his penis further down his throat than before, then a warm jet of cum propelled itself into his mouth. He swallowed it frantically, being sure to consume every drop of the salty-tasting substance.

More and more trickled into Daniel’s mouth, and he swallowed it all gratefully before Roger withdrew his penis and held it in front of Daniel’s face, exposing his head. Almost automatically, Daniel licked the end of it, hoovering up the semen as though his life depended on it.

“Well done boy,” said Roger. “You have pleased your Master. Not all slaves are allowed to experience sexual contact with a Master, but I am fond of you and I can see that you are capable of arousing me. That will serve you very well in this house.”

Roger continued, “However, don’t think for one second that this will tempt me to be any less strict with you or any more forgiving when you do wrong. Satisfying your Master is part of your duties, and you should consider it a privilege to be allowed to do so. Is there anything else you would like to know? Now is your chance while I am feeling in generous mood.”

“Thank you Sir,” replied Daniel quickly. “I would like to know if you intend to fuck me, Master.”

Roger laughed quite sadistically. “That depends on you, boy. If I choose to have sexual intercourse with you then you might consider it to be a reward for good behaviour, as I’m sure that you will gain some degree of pleasure from it, which as you know I frown upon somewhat.”

“Yes Master.”

“And I might also like to clarify that even IF you are allowed into my bedroom for sexual activities, you will never be allowed to sleep in there. If you do stay overnight then you will either be caged or chained to your bed. Is that understood?”

“Yes Master,” replied Daniel sorrowfully.

“Very good. Now, you must shower and clean yourself up before I provide you with your list of duties. There is a meal to prepare for me, as well as the bathroom and kitchen to clean up.

“And then, I intend to show you my punishment room. You still have twenty lashes of the belt to receive for your earlier misdemeanour, and you will see some of the pieces of furniture and implements I will use when I feel particularly sadistic.”

“What like?” Daniel cut in, panicking at the thought of what might lie in wait there.

“You’ll see,” said Roger. “But suffice to say, my enjoyment in seeing a slave in pain and pleading for mercy does not stop at corporal punishment. I would never do anything to damage you boy, but in order to remain as my slave you will have to accept that you will be humiliated, tortured and hurt.”

“Now, enough!” Master said firmly. “Go and prepare yourself for this evening.”

Daniel followed his Master’s orders.

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