I’ve found it’s the unexpected that makes life worth living. If you’re not careful, every day can start to feel the same and blur together and before you know it, another year has gone by. It’s depressing. Introducing a new element into your life can change everything, if even just for a moment. I’m not what you’d call impulsive, but I’ve lately tried to incorporate more of that quality into myself. It started in small ways, just getting in my car and driving somewhere new, or striking up a conversation with a stranger. I’d try a type of food I’d never had before, wander into a store or bar I hadn’t visited. Nothing extreme, mind you, but it was enough to keep me going. Plus it kept me out of trouble. I had a tendency to fall for the wrong women, and this was a cycle I was determined to break. I’d been single over a year when this story took place, and this was by conscious choice. Besides some random feelings of loneliness, I was doing just fine on my own. I’d found women could be too much trouble. The last woman I’d been with two months prior had been nothing besides mixed signals and confusion, so I was taking an extended break. No dating, no fooling around. I knew, logically, this was for the best.

But it’s not always easy to make your brain and your other parts agree. Logic means little in the face of lust. So I had my little crushes, although I did my best to ignore them. One of these crushes was named Aria, and she was a coworker. Pretty young thing, working in the same department as me. I know, I know, bad idea. It was a mistake I’ve made in the past, but I couldn’t help it. She was utterly gorgeous. Possibly one of the most beautiful women I’d never known. She was short, really short. Round and curvy, but not actually fat. Her breasts were huge and she always wore tight, low-cut shirts that displayed her cleavage to best effect. Long, silky black hair, dark smooth skin, and a smile that made me forget what I was doing whenever she flashed it at me. She’s not the one this particular story is about, although she does factor in. As I said, I was doing my best to avoid entanglements. Especially the kind that happen with coworkers. Plus she was way younger than me, and that’s proven to be a problem in past relationships. (Not that I was thinking relationship, exactly. More like animalistic fucking in every possible position.)

Lusting after her was driving me crazy, so I avoided her as much as possible, but spending eight hours a day in the same building, our paths still crossed. Every time I ran into her, I couldn’t help but check her out (as discretely as possible). It was frustrating, but the cons outweighed the pros, so I kept myself from making that mistake.

And then I ran into her at the gas station. At this point I’m going to back up and explain who this story is really about. There’s a gas station a couple minute’s drive from where I work. When I’m too lazy to pack a lunch, I go there to grab a sandwich, chips, maybe a slice of crappy reheated pizza. It gets me out of the building and shakes up my day a little. Well, those are the excuses I would give myself. The real reason I went there so often was because of one of the clerks.

I didn’t take much notice of her at first, although the first time I saw her, I did note she was cute. She was a fair height (maybe 5’7″) and slender. She had brown hair tied back in a braid and black-rimmed glasses framing pretty light blue eyes. Her clothes were not revealing—baggy jeans, sneakers and a loose tee shirt under an open zip-up hoodie. (I’ve come to think of this as her “good girl persona”.) I didn’t end up at her register that time, but she said hello and nodded politely at me in between her customers.

A week went by and I visited again. This time she was completely different. I had to do a double-take to make sure she was the same girl. She didn’t have her glasses on, her hair was down and loose, and she’d dyed a lock of it hot pink. She was wearing a tight tee shirt and even tighter jeans. Her sneakers had been replaced by boots. I hadn’t noticed last time, but she had a nose ring and six studs in each ear. There was a tattoo of an intricate star on her right wrist. She wasn’t working at the registers that day, she was restocking cigarettes behind the other two cashiers and dancing. There was some 80′s pop song playing on the radio and she was dancing along to it, shaking her ass back and forth, singing softly. There was someone in line ahead of me, so I had a bit of time to watch her. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t look away. Like I said, I live for little unexpected moments, and I certainly hadn’t expected this. Her previous attire had been comfortable, not meant to catch the eye like what she was wearing that day. Her body was fit, taut. She had a slight frame, but there was a nice curve to her hips, bottom and breasts. After dancing for awhile, she spun and came face to face with me. She broke into a sunny grin and waved the pack of cigarettes she was holding at me. I smiled back and she turned away to continue stocking. It was my turn to pay, and the lady who rang me up chuckled. “Don’t mind her,” she said, smiling. “She’s kinda crazy.”

The dancing girl didn’t miss a beat as she called out, “You’re crazy. I’m just dancin’.” She bopped her way into the backroom, returning with another box of cigarettes and gave me a wink. I smiled, paid and left. She’d gotten my attention that time, I can say.

I saw her again a few days later and she was back in her good-girl disguise. (Or was the other one a disguise?) Another time I saw her outside the station having a cigarette and yelling angrily at a guy who’d been hitting on her. I didn’t catch the whole thing before I entered the building, but it was something about finding a new home for the gas nozzle he was holding. For such a small thing, she made herself pretty imposing. When I left with my lunch, she was at the other end of the sidewalk, talking on her cellphone.

The months went by and I became increasingly confused by her. I couldn’t get a bead on this girl. Sometimes she was calm and quiet, shy almost. Other times she would dance and sing without reservation. She was scathingly sarcastic to her coworkers and even her boss. (Especially him, actually.) She was clearly much better versed in the job than he was, and several times I saw her showing him where things were kept, how to access things on the computer, how to order things. She treated him like a teacher would treat a less than bright student—a mixture of patience and exasperation. Some days she was a loudmouth, some days meek. The streak in her hair kept changing colors (Navy blue looked good on her) and I caught a glimpse of two more tattoos. A butterfly on her ankle and the other was at the small of her back. I couldn’t tell what that was at first, since I only saw it briefly when she was crouching behind the counter to get something for her boss. Every time she rang me up, she was pleasant and professional, sometimes with a smile and small talk, other times quiet and moody, like something was bothering her.

After breaking it off with the girl I mentioned earlier, I got serious about ignoring all female distractions, so I stopped going to the gas station for a few weeks. When I dropped back in to fill my tank one day, she was the only open register. She cheerfully said hello and commented about how I hadn’t been in lately. We exchanged small talk (the weather, the nearness of the weekend, etc.) and I left.

The next time, after I walked in she went to restock a display of beef jerky and crouched down to get at the bottom shelf. Her jeans pulled down, exposing the edge of pink lacy panties and the top of her ass crack. I got a good view of her tattoo. It was a very well-done pair of angel wings. She glanced back at me, as though checking to make sure I was looking and gave me a smirk. That was when I learned her name. The cashier who was ringing me up, an older lady who was usually grouchy, said “Laney, get back here and help me.”

Laney continued messing with the jerky, saying “This needs done first.”

“No it doesn’t,” the lady snapped. “There are customers waiting.” (There was just one guy behind me.)

Laney stood and turned, pointedly looking at me for a moment with an arched eyebrow and said, “Well, what are they waiting for?” With that she went to her own register to ring up the other guy. That exchange left me confused, especially as I was walking back to my car and realized she hadn’t actually been stocking the items on the display, just moving them around. I began to wonder if she was trying to get my attention. I decided it didn’t matter if she was or wasn’t. She was all over the place and I still didn’t know what to make of her. Sometimes being sexy isn’t enough.

The next time I stopped by was even more dramatic. She was dancing again, hair loose and twirling, the streak green. Instead of jeans she was wearing snug black yoga pants. She was wandering around the store wiping up exposed surfaces seemingly at random with a cloth and squirt bottle. My eyes kept wandering to her as I waited in line. She was enchanting. I desperately wanted to see her whole body with nothing in the way. I was disturbed from my appreciation of her by a gentle throat-clearing ahead of me. It was my turn, the cashier was waiting. This wasn’t the grumpy one, it was the cheerful lady, and she was giving me a knowing smile. As she rang up my items, she called out to her coworker, who was at the door wiping the glass and singing along with the song that was playing. “You’re distracting the customers, Laney honey. Knock it off.”

Laney glanced at her, then at me, beaming. She said, “Aw, he doesn’t mind, do you?” She turned her back to me and shook her ass back and forth rhythmically—and what an ass it was. Small, tight, but still round. She looked over her shoulder at me and added, “I’m shakin’ it just for you.”

I couldn’t help but smile and look down, which made my cashier laugh. “Crazy kids,” she commented as she bagged up my lunch. I went to leave and Laney had moved to the opposite end of the store, singing more loudly as she wiped the beer cooler down.

I couldn’t get that encounter out of my mind. It was clear she was showing off, trying to get my attention, but why? And what should I do about it? Normally I’m not so unsure of myself, but there was something about her that unsettled me. I’m not a shy guy by any means, just hesitant after my bad experiences of late. I decided, after thinking it over for the rest of my lunch break, that my best course would be to start avoiding the gas station again. This was escalating, and Laney was becoming too much of a temptation. I had promised myself I would avoid trouble. That girl had trouble written all over her.

Still, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t stay away. I went back two days later on Friday, this time to grab a drink. Sure, I could have gotten one out of the vending machine at work, but I figured what the hell? I needed out of the building. As I was reaching into the cooler, I heard a sweet voice say, “Jared?”

I looked up. It was Aria. I hadn’t realized she was on lunch break too. “Oh. Hey,” I said, awkwardly. All that trouble to avoid her and she ended up finding me. It figured. “How’s your Friday going?”

“Oh, it’s been fine,” she said, blinking her pretty brown eyes at me. “So, I was wondering something but didn’t want to ask at work. You wanna get a drink with me sometime?”

“Sure,” I said automatically, immediately berating myself for it. Why had I accepted? This was a mistake. I was trying to avoid women, not get drunk with them. I was going to end up in an awkward situation with another coworker. But it was too late to take it back.

“Great!” she said happily. “I’ll give you my number.” We pulled out our phones and exchanged numbers and she bustled away to make her purchases.

I got my drink and slipped my phone into my pocket. I nearly ran into Laney, who was stocking a shelf two feet away. “Oh, hi,” I muttered, hurrying away to the counter. She’d been smiling a little too widely at me and it worried me. I bought my drink and headed out to my car.

As I was unlocking it, I heard Laney’s soft voice from right behind me. “Hey. You got a sec?”

I faced her, saying, “Yeah, I’m on my break.”

“Me too,” she said, looking shy. It was a strange look on her. She was dressed good girl that day, the green streak in her hair tied back into a pony tail with the rest. “I’ve been wanting to talk with you for a while now,” she admitted. It was odd to see her so hesitant. She seemed confident and outspoken most of the time.

“Really?” I asked, not sure what else to say. The way she was acting was throwing me off.

“Yeah. Are you single?”

“I am,” I told her. “You?”

“Currently. So,” she said, kicking a rock and watching it skitter into the parking lot where it nearly hit a parked car. “I get off work at six,” she continued, fixing me with her sky-blue eyes.

“Yeah?” I asked. I wasn’t trying to be aloof, I just didn’t want to say more until I knew exactly what she was after.

She smirked and just like that, good girl was tucked away. She said, “Playing it cool? Fine. I’ll just come out with it. No more beating around the bush. I want to get to know you. If you’re not busy, I’d like you to come over to my place for drinks. Around seven?”

I can’t say there was any hesitation on my part. I had a vivid flashback at that moment of her dancing around the store in her tight yoga pants. Add to that the expectant, almost nervous look in her pretty blue eyes and the shy tone she’d used to ask me. (I’m a sucker for shy.) I was lost . . . if this was a mistake, at some point I’d decided I was going to make it. At least it would be a pretty mistake.

“Yeah, alright,” I said, giving her a smile.

Her face lit up. “Cool cool. I’ll text you my address later.” She started to bounce away.

“Wait—you need my number!” I called after her.

“No I don’t!” she said, twirling and waving her phone at me. “I was spying on you talking with your . . . friend.” She stuck out her tongue and disappeared around the corner of the building.

I was still smiling when I got back to my desk at work. I found myself looking forward to that night. The way I figured it, I’d made my quota for the unexpected in just one visit to the gas station, so regardless of how the evening went, I wouldn’t be feeling the sameness of life for a while. I couldn’t focus on anything productive for the second half of my day. All I could see was the hopeful look on her face as she waited for my response, how timid she was when she asked me over. And then the teasing smirk, the fact that she’d snagged my number by eavesdropping . . . the girl was impossible to get a handle on. I had no idea what to expect from the visit. But no matter how hard I tried to keep myself from getting my hopes up, I felt there was a real chance I was going to get laid.

Finally, quitting time arrived. I went home, had an early dinner and got ready for my visit. True to her word, she texted me her address right at 6. Shortly after 7, I was parking outside her apartment building. Steeling myself, I headed inside and located her apartment. Laney answered the door in plaid boxer shorts and a tee shirt way too small for her. It didn’t come down all the way and showed off her flat tummy. This was the first view I’d had of her legs (although the yoga pants didn’t leave much to the imagination) and they were long and smooth, perfectly shaped. Her long hair was in pig tails and she wasn’t wearing her glasses. She looked unbelievably sexy. She grinned at me, obviously enjoying my attention. (I hadn’t made a secret of checking her out.) “Hey. Glad you showed. Come on in. Want a beer?”

“Yeah,” I said, stepping in and slipping off my shoes.

She left the room, coming back shortly with two bottles. She handed me one and gestured to the couch. As I sat, she put on some music—something fast like you’d hear in a dance club. Once that was done, she stepped up onto the couch, standing on it for a second before sitting down, folding her sexy legs beneath her. She took a swig of her beer and smiled at me. “I’ve wanted to have you over for a long time now Jared. You know, to hang out. Or whatever.” Her tongue darted out quickly, running over her lips. I took a drink of my beer too, mostly just to distract myself.

“Yeah, hanging out’s good,” I said, feeling incredibly lame as soon as it left my mouth. I was still unsettled. I hated the feeling.

Laney was still smiling, looking at me steadily. She was running the mouth of her bottle over her lips, thoughtfully. Abruptly she asked, “What do you think of me?”

The suddenness of the question took me off guard, but she had that expectant look on her face again, so I answered honestly. “I have no idea what to think of you, Laney.”

She seemed pleased by that response—her eyes lit up and the smirk was back. She prompted, “Go on. Now I’m really curious.”

It felt like shaky ground, but I had nowhere to go besides forwards. “Well, one day you’re quiet and calm, the next you’re dancing around and singing. You go from being professional and courteous to snarky and outspoken.” I took a sip of my beer and, as an afterthought added, “And you’re incredibly cute. I think that about covers it until I learn more.”

The smirk had been replaced by a genuine smile and her eyes were tipped down. She flicked them up to me and then away. “Yeah, I guess I can be a little . . . erratic,” she conceded. “I promise I don’t have multiple personalities or anything. It’s just my moods shift really fast and I follow them wherever they lead me. It’s more fun that way. Like this—I wasn’t planning on asking you over, but I saw you with that girl today and thought, it’s now or never. She looked like she was planning on snatching you up and I didn’t wanna miss my chance.”

I found this interesting—was Laney saying she wanted me? I didn’t let myself stop to consider it. Instead, following a whim of my own, I asked her, “Okay, your turn. What do you think of me?”

She didn’t have to ponder her response like I had. “I think you seem like a good guy. Smiley, not a creep. Sure of yourself. Maybe a little dense—you have no idea I was flirting with you in the store, do you?”

I chuckled. This talk was starting to put me back on even footing. It was relieving to know she wasn’t a complete nut. (I admit, the possibility had crossed my mind.) “I had my suspicions.”

That made her smile wider. “And you’re cute. Not gonna lie– that matters too.”

“Well, thank you,” I said. Personally, I didn’t think I was anyone to take notice of, but I’d gotten my share of compliments. I’d found it was best to take them with a smile.

“What kind of girl do you go for?” Laney asked, sipping from her bottle. “Like, your type?”

I thought of the difference (physically and personality-wise) between Laney and Aria. The last woman I’d been with had been slim and my age, the one before that chubby and young. I was all over the spectrum. “I’m not sure I have a type,” I told her.

“Aw, everyone’s got a type,” she insisted. “Do you like submissive girls? The take-charge sort? Big boobs, nice ass? Athletic? What?” She poked me in the ribs with her index finger and mock whined. “Telllll meeee!”

She wasn’t going to let it go. “Alright, alright, lemme think,” I said, swatting her hand away as she tried to tickle me. “Really, it depends on the girl. I guess if I’m on the spot and have to choose, I prefer the submissive types. But take-charge is good now and then too. I can’t resist a woman who knows what she wants. Eliminates the confusion—I hate having to guess and play games. Breast size and body type doesn’t matter. Race either. Physically, I’m drawn to most types.”

She nodded, seeming to be satisfied. Without waiting for me to ask, she answered her own question. “I like strong guys. The kind who knows what he wants and takes control. Yeah, it’s nice to pounce on a guy sometimes, but I prefer when a guy is confident. When he does the pouncing for me.” She finished her beer and set the bottle on the coffee table as she continued. “The last guy I went out with, I brought him back here after. Droppin’ signals, batting my eyes, you know. And then the dude asks if he could kiss me. You believe that? Why the hell would you ASK? Just freaking DO it, ya’ know? It annoyed me, so I told him to leave. At first I didn’t think he was gonna. He got all mad. To be honest, it kinda turned me on. The risk, I mean. I’m not worried when I’m alone with a guy. I take Krav Maga, and I can take most guys if I need to. I’m scrappy. But he didn’t try anything, just stormed off all pissy. Wimp.”

Smiling, I finished my beer too and set the bottle next to hers. My suspicions had been confirmed—she was a badass. And besides that, her telling me this story seemed a not-so-subtle hint. If I wanted something to happen that night, I’d have to push, just a little. I could do that. “Yeah, that guy doesn’t seem worth your time,” I agreed.

“Such a waste,” she sighed. “People hold back way too much. Life is fucking short. If you want someone, you have to let them know, otherwise you miss out. You never know when a stranger could become something more. Anyone can be amazing.”

As she’d talked, I half turned so we were facing each other. I was lost in those incredible blue eyes of hers, and was only able to look away from them to examine her lips. Were they really as soft as they looked? I wanted nothing more at that moment than to find out, so in the spirit of the conversation, I did. I tipped her chin up with the crook of my index finger, leaned in and kissed her. She opened her mouth and kissed back hungrily, moaning softly into my mouth. I put my hand on the side of her face and ran it back to cradle her neck, keeping her supported as I leaned in more, pushing her back so I could climb on top of her. She stopped kissing me long enough to mutter, “’bout damn time,” and then went back to the kiss. Our crotches pressed together as I thrust, as though I could fuck her through our clothes. She moaned at the pressure and it sounded like a whine. I cupped her right breast through her shirt. It was firm and just a bit more than a handful. She gasped.

I broke the kiss and my voice was almost a snarl in her ear as I said, “I don’t want to take my time. I want to fuck you hard and fast, Laney.”

“Than do it,” she gasped, turning her head and exposing her neck to me. It looked tender and the temptation was too great, so I bit it. Not hard, but certainly not gently. “Ah! Shit,” she whined, grinding her pussy against my covered erection. We were wearing too many damned clothes. I got off of her and helped her up so we were standing together in front of the couch. She looked up at me, expectant again. A lock of her hair had come loose and was hanging between her eyes. The clash of the blue and green was striking. I pulled her shirt up but not off, exposing her. I clutched her tits, one in each hand, rubbing the nipples with my thumbs, then pinching them. “Mmm, yeah,” she murmured, throwing her head back. I yanked her shorts down and cupped her pussy with one hand as I stood back up to kiss her again. She was drenched down there, her wetness soaking my fingers upon first contact. I slipped my index finger into her, hooking it and she groaned, wriggling herself on my hand. I rubbed her hard little clit with my thumb and had to put my left hand at the small of her back to keep her from swooning backwards onto the couch. I slipped my middle finger inside her and rubbed harder as she bucked against my hand. My left hand dropped to her ass and I cupped one cheek firmly. Her ass tensed up and she cried out in orgasm, her fluids running over my fingers, her cunt gripping me spasmodically.

Not giving her time to recover, I put my hand at her back and guided her to the left side of the couch, turning her around. She looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes hazed over with pleasure, wondering what I was up to, but just letting me pose her. I spread her legs and unzipped my pants. She figured out what I was after, and with a sexy smile she put her hands on the arm of the couch and tilted her hips, presenting herself to me. I pulled my pants to mid-thigh and positioned myself behind her, putting my rigid cock at her slick entrance. I rubbed it back and forth for a few seconds, teasing her. She made another whining sound and wriggled around, trying to entice me to stick it in. Without warning I did, slamming all the way inside her with one quick jerk of my hips. Fuck, she was tight. I hadn’t been expecting that, but she was wet and ready, so her tightness didn’t offer any real resistance. “Ohh, shit!” she shouted, her head dropping down. I put my hands on her waist and started thrusting, not wanting to make it last. She wanted someone to take her—I was going to take her. It only took a few of these solid thrusts before she was cumming again, drenching my cock in her warm fluids, making it even slicker. There was a wet sound with each slam into her, and this turned me on even more.

I was also enjoying how vocal she was. After her orgasm passed, she started spurring me on loudly, crying out things like, “Oh yeah, fuck me!” and “Harder! Pound the shit out of me!” My favorite was when she threw a steamy look at me over her shoulder and said, “That’s right, take me you fucker!” I enjoy noise during sex, but I’d never been with someone so outspoken during the actual act. Her encouragement did the trick—I drilled her harder and faster, feeling myself coming close as she climaxed again. My groans must have gotten her attention, because she stopped cheering me on and asked, “You gonna cum?” Her voice was breathless—I hadn’t slowed.

“Yeah,” I grunted, gripping her hips firmly as I thrust. I was right on the verge.

“Cum on me,” she pleaded.

Hearing this was the last trigger. I pulled out and she quickly spun, sitting on the arm of the couch and grabbing her own tits, squeezing them, holding them up for me. Taking my cock in my hand, it only took two strokes to get over the edge, I was that close. Groaning, I sprayed her with my spunk, the first blast missing her tits and hitting her on the cheek. The second spray hit the target, as did the third.

Looking delighted, Laney wiped the glob of cum from her cheek into her mouth, licking her fingers. Some of it was oozing down her neck, but she left that alone, trailing her fingers in the sticky mess on her tits. I watched her, pulling my pants the rest of the way down and stepping out of them. “That was fucking hot,” she whispered, licking her fingers clean. She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it over her shoulder. “Now that,” she continued, standing and sliding her hands down my chest, “is what I was looking for. And that was you NOT holding back? Shit . . . ”

She wrapped her fingers around my still-hard cock and turned, leading me by it out of the room. I followed along, wondering what was going to happen next. The night had already been far beyond expectations. It turned out we’d just had the warm-up and there was still a lot to come.

She led me into her bedroom and flicked on the lamp next to her bed. “Ready for me to take charge?” she asked sweetly, letting go of my cock and pulling off my shirt. She caressed my chest again.

“Hell yeah,” I replied huskily.

“Mmm, good. ’cause I was gonna anyway,” she teased, shoving me backwards onto the bed. “Lay back. I need to get something,” she ordered, crossing to her bedside cabinet and kneeling as she opened it. I scooted back, lying on her bed. She stood, dangling a pair of handcuffs from each index finger. She looked at me questioningly. My only reaction was a grin, so with a predatory look on her face, she crawled onto the bed. She grabbed my right wrist and cuffed me to the bedpost. Then she leaned over me to do the same with my left wrist, inadvertently smearing some of my drying sperm on me as she went.

Once I was chained, she climbed off the bed and stepped back, looking me over. “Mmm, can’t leave you all slimy like that,” she commented, her eyes on my cock. The excitement of being chained to the bed (something I hadn’t tried before—at least not with me being the one bound) and at her mercy, had kept me semi-hard. She crept back onto the bed, seizing my cock with one hand, the other braced against my leg. She started running her tongue up one side and then the other, getting it wet, licking off our mingled cum. Then, when I was clean and completely erect, she took me into her mouth, just a little at first, an inch at a time until she was down to the base. I could feel myself hitting the back of her throat and she gagged a little, so she encircled the base with her fingers. Using that as a buffer, she started sucking me fervently. When I started to moan she stopped, switching to using her nails instead, scratching lightly up and down my length, then down to my balls. She cupped them, then went back to my shaft with her nails. It was driving me crazy and she could tell.

She stopped touching me completely and leaned over me, dangling her tits in my face, waving them back and forth, just out of reach. I tried to take one in my mouth, but she pulled away at the last second. She repeated this twice more, then got off the bed again. She took a few steps away and stretched, giving me a nice view of her legs and ass. She twirled and ran her hands over her tits, down her sides, to her hips. She clutched at her pussy, slipping her index finger into her slit. “Ohhh,” she sighed, looking at me. “This has got me alllll wet. I’m gonna need you to do something about that.”

“Come closer and I will,” I told her lustily.

She smiled and took a step towards me. Then she stopped, her smile turning into a smirk. “Beg me,” she demanded, continuing to finger herself. She was two feet away from me, so I had a tantalizing view of her finger dipping inside, then pulling out and running over her clit before plunging back in.

I was achingly hard—it had always been a huge turn-on to watch a woman pleasure herself. There was no question of resisting—I wanted her too bad to struggle. “Please Laney.”

“Please what?” she asked, then moaned lightly as the movements of her hand continued steadily. She was getting close to bringing herself off. I wanted to see it.

“Please, cum for me. I want to see you make yourself cum.”

“Ohhhh, god,” she gasped, her hand moving more insistently. Her left hand was fondling one breast, then the other, tweaking her rigid nipples. “Ohh fuck! I’m gonna cum, Jared,” she whimpered.

I bit my lip, straining against the handcuffs even though I knew it was useless. I wanted so badly to touch myself, but it wasn’t possible. “Yeah, cum for me,” I breathed.

“Mmm, I’m cumming for you baby,” she cried, her knees shaking. She gave one last buck of her hips, braced her left hand on the bed and quivered, her fingers slowing, then stopping. She was so close to me now, but still out of reach. It was maddening, not being able to touch her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy, so perfect and wet. Her wetness was coating her inner thighs, and was all over her puffy lips.

Continuing the game, I pleaded with her. “Laney, I want to taste you. Please, let me taste you.”

She looked up, her stunning blue eyes twinkling in the dim light. “Well, since you asked so nicely,” she purred, stepping up onto the bed and standing over me. She lowered herself, straddling my face. The scent of her washed over me, making me moan. Hanging onto the headboard, her thighs on either side of my face, she placed her sopping cunt right over my mouth. I didn’t play around, just started licking right away, hungry for her. It had been far too long since I’d tasted a woman, and it was very welcome. I dipped my tongue as far into her as I could, sliding it up and over her clit, then flicking at her nub with the tip. She wasn’t quiet as I started in with my mouth and tongue. She said, “Oh shit. Yes, eat me baby. Eat the fuck out of me!” I licked faster, thrumming her clit, loving the pressure of her on me, the jangle of the cuffs—everything about it, really. “Oh fuck yeah, don’t you fucking stop,” she groaned. She moved along with my tongue, her movements increasing until she was basically fucking herself with my face. By the time she came, my cheeks, chin and nose were coated with her juices, and still I lapped at her, bringing her from one explosive orgasm to another. Her sweet nectar ran down my tongue and her movements slowed save for a couple of final spasms throughout her whole body.

She lifted one leg to dismount me, kneeling at my side. “Ohh, look what I did,” she said, chuckling. She leaned over me and started licking her own cum off my face. This drove me more wild than anything she’d done so far. She licked my cheeks, my chin, even the bridge of my nose, her warm breath tickling my eyelids. Then she kissed me and I could taste her in her own mouth. I thought I was going to go crazy, I wanted to fuck her so bad. As though reading my mind, she whispered, her lips right in front of mine, “You want me to fuck you now, Jared?”

“Yeah,” I growled. “Please fuck me. I need it.”

“Mmm. That’s what I like to hear,” she murmured, pulling me up into a sitting position and straddling me. Repositioning my erection with her hand, she sat down on it, settling down until I was all the way inside her. She started rocking on me and in this position she was able to take me in much deeper than before. She found a rhythm she liked and rode me to a loud climax. I pulled against the cuffs again, yearning to put my hands all over her, but I was chained too tightly to reach. She noticed my struggles and started fucking me harder, biting her lip, one hand on each shoulder, sliding me smoothly in and out of her tight cunt. The headboard hit the wall with each thrust and she kept pushing me back against it, humping faster and faster as she came again. I couldn’t hold up under her onslaught and my groans indicated to her I was close. “Tell me,” she gasped, hardly able to make words due to the exertion and pleasure. “Tell me when you’re gonna cum.”

I could feel myself tensing up right then, so I gasped out, “Now!”

She pulled back and I flopped out of her. She clamped our crotches together and fell back into the same rhythm, stroking my cock between our bodies. The sensation did the trick and my rod spasmed between our bodies, cum oozing out everywhere. “Mmmmm,” she sighed, wriggling against me, seeming to enjoy the feeling of the two of us being stuck together with sperm and sweat. She laughed and said, “I kinda have this thing about cum. I really like it.”

I laughed too. “I got that impression.”

She gave me a quick, sweet kiss and slipped off me. We were both a mess. Taking her hair the rest of the way down, she suggested, “We should probably take a shower. Join me?”

I jingled the cuffs and said, “That would be tough.”

“Sheesh,” she scoffed, kneeling beside her cabinet. “Gotta do everything around here.” She dug around for a bit and then said, “Shit.”

“What?” I asked, eyes widening.

“Hang on, I left the hacksaw in the kitchen,” she said, standing and heading for the door.

“Laney . . . ” I started.

She turned and I saw the smirk was back in place. She was dangling the keys in her hand. “Kidding! Geez, lighten up, man. I’ve only had to cut one guy’s hand off so far.”

I gave a relieved laugh as she released me. Then I followed her into the bathroom where she started a hot shower. The water felt heavenly, as did her slick tight body against mine as we washed each other. After, we dried off and returned to her living room where the music was still playing. She got us each another beer and we sat back in our original spots on the couch. Only this time we were both naked. We drank and she had a cigarette. We chatted a bit, talking about our lives, interests, that sort of thing. It was disorienting to be having a leisurely naked conversation with the girl I’d been lusting over for more than a year, but life takes some nice twists sometimes. Even after spending the evening with her and fucking her twice, I still couldn’t quite figure her out. Was she a badass or a sweetheart? Could someone be both?

Since we were talking so openly, I decided to ask her. “I’m curious. Are you a sub or a dom? You were one than the other tonight and you seemed comfortable in both roles.”

“Still keeping you guessing?” she asked, her chuckle as close to a giggle as I’d heard it. She flicked her damp hair out of her eye. “I’m both. Depends on my mood and who I’m with. Usually I can’t swap off like that. Most guys have to either be in full control or sit back and let me do whatever. Seems to me like you can handle both sides of me. I like that.” Her eyes had lust in them and she finished with, “You have no idea how much I like that.”

I smiled at her, happy with the answer. It fit with her constantly shifting personality. She was different from anyone I’d been with before, that was for damn sure. I couldn’t wait to learn more.

When she was finished with her beer, she got up and started dancing around the room in time to the music. I didn’t join her—never been much of a dancer, but I was enjoying the show. I tell you, at that moment, cold beer in hand, feeling contented from the sex, watching her lithe, sexy body move around the room—I felt like the luckiest guy on the planet. There was no place I’d rather have been . . . except maybe back in her bedroom. She danced her way closer to me and reached down, caressing my growing cock. Her hand finished what her dancing had started and I hardened the rest of the way.

“I love this cock,” she said, gripping it. “Big fucking cock.”

“It’s nothing special,” I said, shrugging. I was, maybe, a little over six inches, which I consider average. Of course, Laney was pretty small, so that could have been a factor.

“Sure it is,” she insisted, stroking it. “Big fucking cock and you know how to use it. Maybe you’d like to use it a little more?”

“How’d you guess?” I asked, standing and taking her in my arms. My hands travelled over her and she closed her eyes, enjoying my touch for a while before grabbing my arm and practically dragging me into her bedroom.

We fell onto the bed, kissing deeply, exploring each other, hands and lips everywhere. I settled atop her and ran my cock up and down her slit, teasing her again. She pressed up against me, then rolled, mounting me instead. She continued rubbing her lower lips against my member, finally reaching down and pulling me inside her. I thrust up to meet her and she rode me until she came, her damp hair swinging back and forth. After her climax, she rolled off me and spread her legs, holding herself open with her fingers. “Come on baby,” she begged. “Put it back in me. Please! Fuck me!”

I got on top and thrust into her, all the way. She was still so tight—the pressure was unbelievable. “Oh yeah, make me feel it,” she pleaded, clawing at my back as I started thrusting harder into her, making sure to grind against her clit in between thrusts. Her nails dug in and she howled in pleasure, exploding again. She lifted her legs higher, trying to get me even deeper and I slipped out. Keeping her legs held up, she breathlessly said, “Put it in my ass. I need to feel you there.” She nodded towards the still-open cabinet where she’d gotten the handcuffs. “Lube is in front.”

I snatched it up quickly and rubbed some around her puckered asshole, slathering more on my cock. I slowly rubbed the head against her hole, struggling to be patient. I was so turned on it was hard to hold back, but I didn’t want to hurt her.

“No, don’t be gentle,” she grumbled, her eyes burning with need. “Just put it in me for fuck’s sake.”

I bit back the urge to ask her if she was sure—I sensed that would annoy her and wreck the mood. So instead I did what she asked and pushed harder. “Aww yeah!” she exclaimed, pushing back, wiggling her bottom, helping me to slide in. If I thought her pussy was tight, it was nothing compared to her ass. At first I was sure I wasn’t going to get all the way in, then she grabbed my ass and pulled me forcibly towards her and I slid the rest of the way until I was buried in her soft, hot depths. “Ah!” she gasped. “There ya’ go. Now fuck me, damn you. Tear me up! Give me all ya’ got!”

So I did, slowly for the first couple thrusts, but quickly building up momentum. Before long I was fucking her even harder than I had when I’d taken her from behind. She screamed in pleasure, her ass clutching my cock and still I fucked her, racing to the end, giving her wave after wave of pleasure. “Fuck, Jared,” she said, again having trouble making words. Her voice was husky and moans kept interrupting what she was saying. “Oh god you’re so deep. So good. Just like that, don’t stop!” She came again and still I fucked her, holding her legs with my hands, plunging into her again and again. “Cum for me baby,” she said desperately. “Pull out and sit back when you do.”

“Come on, Mandy.”

She knew that he emphasised the word on purpose. They had each choses an alias, it was the only way she was agreeing to this excursion. She was thirty, she should do something new he had said.

“Bloody sex club,” She muttered to herself as they gave their names at the door and moved through to the club.

“See, not so bad,” Brad commented as they were left to find their own way.

She had to admit, it wasn’t what she expected. The carpet was a deep lust red. Curtained raised platforms circled the room. Some were open, inside were queen size beds with black satin sheets. Some were occupied with couples kissing and fondling. One had three men on it, two white and a dark almost black, bald headed man. They formed a stark picture as they caressed each other, she could hear their moans from her place at the door.

“Oh gods,” she moaned and strode to the far side of the room where a bar waited. A small sign above it read, Underwear must be worn in the bar area. She laughed and ordered a double bourbon and cola, drinking it in quick gulps and shuddering as the tart liquid slid down her throat.

“Mandy, look around, do you think anyone cares who you are?” Brad leant on the bar and gestured to the people around them.

Most still had some clothing on, but he was right, none had paid them any more attention than she would expect from a normal club.

“They are here for the same reason as you are.”

“And what’s that,” She shot back.

“To have fun,” He pulled her close and hovered his mouth over hers, allowing his breath to warm her mouth before he traced his tongue across her bottom lip.

“That’s cheating,” she whispered breathing in his sweet scent.

His hand moved to cup her ass. He gave it a quick, hart slap. She squealed and smiled at him. Her eyes moved up to see a man watching them. She hadn’t noticed him before. He lay alone on a bed, his legs stretched out before him in sensible black slacks, his chest was shirtless and broad. His eyes bore into hers. Breath caught in her chest as she bent to kiss Brad, her eyes staying on the handsome stranger. When she stopped, Brad watched her curiously before turning to see what had caught her attention.

“Do you want to go and see him?” He asked, taking her hand.

She bit her lip and nodded. Warmth spread up her body, she was terrified but arousal always made her act erratically. Her sensible mind shut down and she let her body take over. It was only one night. And they knew no one here, her one condition was that they go to a club in another state. Where they would never see anyone there again. She gripped Brads hand and moved up to the side of the bed.

The man extended his hand to her and Brad passed the hand he held over to the other man. He moved her hand slowly, drawing her in as he kept his gaze fixed on hers. Finally her hand rested on his chest, he moved it so that it fell down his taught abs. She didn’t realised where he was leading her until he gripped her wrist tight and pulled her hand beneath his pants. She gasped as she gripped the hard, hot mass that waited there.

Unsure she turned back to Brad. He watched in silence, his face flushed and his cock hard beneath his pants.

She took a deep breath and let her fears drop. It was a reputable club, you couldn’t get in unless you had a clean bill of health and a full background check a week before you entered.

Her hand formed a fist gently around her prize. She smiled, feeling nervous. The man thrust up to push himself against her touch. A warmth behind her was Brad as he moved his arms around her.

“Let me help,” He whispered.

His hands slid along hers removing her jacket. He let it fall before reaching around again to un button her shirt, his lips caressing her neck as he unfastened them, one by one. She released her prize for just as second to let Brad slide her arms out of her sleeves. He made quick work of her bra, her breasts sitting free on her chest. The room was warm but still her nipples were hard as diamonds as heat flooded her veins. She wanted this man. She wanted to taste him and feel him inside her body. Already she could feel her juices pooling between her thighs as Brad slid her skirt than panties down her slender legs. He dropped to his knees behind her and she squirmed as she felt his hot breath on her ass before his hot tongue laced up her pussy.

“Oh,” She moaned. The man on the bed sat up and released his cock from his slacks. It sprung free and stood proudly erect at seven inches at least and oh so thick. Brad was talented but he didn’t have the meat this guy had. Her pussy clenched at the thought of it. She had to have it. She bent forward and clasped her lips around its swollen head. The man growled in pleasure, lacing his fingers through her hair and holding her over his cock. He thrust gently against her mouth building a rhythm. She couldn’t whimper as Brad nudged her legs apart to give himself better access to her sweet centre. His mouth found her clit and he flicked it with his tongue. She gasped and let the man’s cock drop from her lips.

“No you don’t,” the man spoke for the first time. He pushed her head back down and threaded his cock back between her lips. She felt alive. Having these two men watching her naked body.

Brad stopped his assault. She moaned and wiggled her ass, hoping he would come back. She felt a pressure against her ass and realised he only stopped so that he could continue his attentions in another way.

“Mandy, look around you.” He told her.

She stopped her attentions and looked up through her hair. Around them stood half a dozen men, watching. Some held their cocks in their hands, pumping.

“Oh,” She said, not sure what to make of this.

“All of these men want you,” Brad whispered in her ear as he pressed his cock to the opening of her pussy from behind. He put a hand on her back and pressed her forward. She crawled onto the bed and straddled the man. She was more than ready. Brad followed her, positioning himself behind her again.

She lowered herself onto the stiff hard shaft under her, sighing as it penetrated her opening, her slick juices making it slide easily inside her. As soon as she was impaled completely she bent forward to give Brad access to her ass. He fed one than two slick fingers into her ass, working his spit around to lubricate it and get her used to the intrusion. The man she lay on worked slowly in and out of her just an inch as she waited for the penetration into her ass. She cried out as he pushed into her ass.

“Easy, relax,” Brad coaxed.

She made herself relax and pushed back gently to take him. He worked himself in and out a little at a time, spitting on his hand and rubbing it along his cock as he worked it inside her inch by inch. Finally he was imbedded balls deep.

“Two,” She called to the crowd around them. Instantly two men moved forward to her face. She took one in her mouth as the men inside her started a rhythm.

“Oh god,” she moaned around the slim cock in her mouth, alternating between her men. She didn’t want gentle.

“Harder,” she told them.

Brad reached around took her breasts in his hands, his body pounding into her harder and harder.

“Yes,” The man under her moaned as he grasped her hips and drove her onto his cock. “Oh god, im going to.” He let out a roar as she felt his hot cum explode inside her. She felt her own climax rush down around her as he pussy clenched and contracted.

“Yes, yes,” Brad pulled her from the other mans cock and pushed into her as fast he he could. Finally he shuddered and roared as he pounded into her, losing his slick stream into her ass. As soon as they finished they were shouldered aside as another man took his place. Mandy didn’t even care anymore. Her body pulsed with need. The new men slid in easily and rode her to their own climax. The next man looked at her and shook his head. He looked around and grabbed a man with a long thin cock.

“Come ere’” he told the man as he pushed inside her leaking pussy lips. “Slid in here with me.”

Mandy gave a cry. Two in her pussy at once. She had never done it, she wasn’t sure she could even handle it.

“That’s it. Get in there, she is more than ready.”

She felt like she was going to explode. She was stretched further than she had ever been in her life. And gods it felt great. The men started moving and issuing the hot sounds of sex as their balls slapped wetly against her.

It was only seconds before her body clenched and the wave of orgasm swept through her. They didn’t even slow down and soon she felt the wave approach again. She cried out as a second rush descended. She had never felt like this. She felt so full, so slutty. She wasn’t prepared for what came next as a man pushed into her ass. She screamed as the men around her issued deep groans, several squirting onto her body across the bed.

The men didn’t last long after that and came into her abused body.

She was taken by five other men as the night progressed. She knew one thing. She was coming back next year for sure.

Rolling down I-20 out of Weatherford Texas, I was watching for a truck stop to take a bathroom break and get a cup of coffee. Then I remember from traveling this road before that the old time West-N-Go was up around exit 278 in Abilene. It wasn’t much of a truck stop but out in the middle of nowhere it would work.

Swinging off the interstate and pulling up to the stop sign I could see the truck stop to my right. I waited for the one car coming and pulled around the corner and into the parking lot. Shutting down the rig, I jump down the ground and headed for the door.

Walking into the station I looked up to see a young gal with a streak of purple in her hair, smacking on a wad of gum and standing behind the counter talking on the phone.

“Bathroom,” I ask as she waved to the outside back of the station.

“You all need this” she yelled at me holding up a key hanging on the end of a ping pong paddle.

I hurriedly walked around the station to a door with black paint announcing . I started to put the key in the lock, turning the handle when I realized the door was already unlocked. I pushed it open to see a younger blonde woman in leather pants standing at the mirror combing her hair with her fingers.

“OOOPS sorry-excuse me.”

“No problem,” she said. “Almost done hun.”

I step inside and into a stall missing the door. Not real private but hell I wasn’t gonna wait any longer.

I started to use the urinal when I heard the door shut and lock. I looked around to see the woman coming up behind me. Fear set in as I did not want to be robbed. She reached out and put her arms around me. Not sure what was happening, she grabbed my cock and held it till I finished.

“What are you doing,” I asked?

“I’ll show you.”

I turn to face her and she still had my member in her hand.

“I know this will make you feel good.”

She started pumping my tool and it began to get hard. Once rigid she dropped to her knees, pulling my cock to her mounth.

She began kissing and licking it like an all day sucker she had purchased up front. Arching my back I leaned against the bathroom sink and closed my eyes.

She took my full erect throbbing cock and made it disappear down her throat.

Damn it felt so good I thougt to myself.

Her head started bobbing up and down my hard tool, turning my balls rock hard. I grabbed the back of her blonde head and started pumping her face first slow then with great force. The harder I pumped the more she groaned. This must have only last a few minutes before I could no longer hold back and gushed a large white creamy load down her throat. My head got lite, my breathing was almost rasping. I pulled out of her mouth, pulling her to her feet and giving her a wet,deep kiss. I could taste my own sperm which even excited me.

I returned my cock to my pants as she turned and continue combing her hair with her fingers. Walking past her to the door I patted her on the sweet bottom.

“Thank you honey, that made my day!”

She turned to smile at me with one of those little girl smiles.

I took the key up front, handing it back to the cashier.

“You come back and see us hun” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

I got back up into my truck, started it up and was moving forward when a motorcycle with a guy and the girl in the leather pants went shooting by me. Tapping my air horn, they waved at me as they disappeared down the road.

What a way to start the day I thought.

Pulling back on the freeway,”Hell I forgot my coffee,” I said to myself. Oh well I thought. I need to stop here more often.

First erotic story I ever wrote and feedback is welcome.

“I like your car! It would suit me,” I said, as I got out of mine. She was surprised I said something and I could see her thinking.

“Thank you,” she said, still making her assessment. Ours were the only two cars in the parking lot.

“It seems to have plenty of room. Be good to go camping in.”

“Yes, it is,” she said, not quite committed to talking. She looked at my ute.

“What’s wrong with your ute?” she asked.

“Nothing, except that it’s thirsty, yours would be much cheaper to run and more ecologically responsible.”

“Ah, yes!”

“Do your front seats lay back?” I asked, “It would save putting up a tent if they do.”

“I think so.”

“Sleeping in a car is more secure than a tent.”

“Yes. It would be,” she said, as she put her elbows up on the roof of her car and supported her face in her hands.

“I’m thinking of changing cars.” I told her, “But don’t know what I should get.” She walked around to the nearer side of her car and leaned against it. We were both starting to open up a little. She was attractive with blonde hair, beautiful teeth that were surrounded by a generous smile and eyes that seemed very perceptive. She had her towel in her hand and I thought there might also be bathers.

“I chose the car because of its color,” she laughed. “Now I like it for so many other reasons. I like the way it drives, especially past petrol stations!”

“Yes. I can imagine.” I had my bathers and towel in my hand and planned to put them on when she left.

“It’s cheaper all round,’ I said, “Less registration, less insurance, less petrol, three cylinders instead of six means less for servicing, less for tyres- it all adds up.” I began to wonder what to do to get changed. Mostly people changed beside their cars. It wasn’t a problem as so few people came to this beach. She was fidgeting with her towel too and I suspected we had the same problem. I started undoing the buttons on my shirt. She watched. I took my shirt off. I could see her thinking.

“The ute must be very useful sometimes,” she said, as though announcing her intention to stay and watch.

“Yes,” I said, as I wiped my hand over my chest, wondering if I should proceed. “I use it a lot.” I wrapped the towel around my waist. She watched. Somehow she seemed disappointed.

“What do you use it for?” She turned and put her bathers on the roof of her car.

“Last week I cut down a tree and carted the wood home.” I put my hands under the towel and hooked my thumbs under the elastic.

“Mmmm,” she said, “Wood?” as she put the towel on top of her car with her bathers.

“Yes, wood,” I said as I pulled my pants down.

“I like wood,” she said, as she reached behind under her shirt and unclipped her bra. I watched as she pulled it out through the sleeves and put it on the roof of her car. She grinned at me for a fleeting moment.

“Yes,” I agreed, “It’s about ecology, isn’t it?” I hunted for my bathers, the breeze had blown them off the ute’s roof.

“Yes, and wood is a rare thing to find,” she said as she wrapped the towel around her body. I watched as she tried to pull her shirt up from underneath the towel. It wasn’t working so she loosened the towel. She looked at my towel and could see changes taking place.

“I guess you’re right,” I agreed, “There’s so much plastic around now it’s lovely to see something natural.” I stooped to pick up my bathers and as I did a zephyr of breeze caught and blew them under the ute, just out of reach. I straightened up.

“Yes,” she said, still trying to pull the shirt out from under the towel, “Natural things feel good too!” It was awkward. Somehow, to get down and retrieve them from under the ute would be very undignified. She watched as the length under my towel grew.

“Yes, wood is very underrated I suspect.”

“Not with me,” she said, I rate it very highly.” She stopped trying to pull her shirt out from under the towel. She took the towel off. The shirt was over large and hid what lay underneath it.

“That’s good,” I said, as I looked down and wondered where my bathers were.

“It’s better than good, I love it!” She started undoing the buttons on her shirt. Her eyes were watching mine as though challenging me to watch.

“What do you love about it?” I asked. She let her shirt drop off her shoulders. One breast was exposed, it lay on her chest comfortably, the areola large, a deep, dusky pink which contrasted with her skin and the nipple pointed at me, like a mortar ready to fire a round.

“Everything.” She plucked the shirt off her other breast and allowed it to fall.

“That’s very broad,” I replied. My eyes were fixed on her breasts; their symmetry was too fascinating not to look at. She stood for a moment, comfortable and not hurrying.

“Oh yes, thin, thick, long, short, it’s all interesting.” She reached for her bikini top and her breasts hung, free of her chest for a moment. She watched me carefully. Tacitly she was indicating it was my turn.

I got down onto my hands and knees and looked under the ute. My bathers had blown towards the front, the front wheel was in the way. I stood up again. She tied the bikini string at the back of her neck. The cups appeared to be far too high and too small to contain her breasts.

“I guess it’s more about variety than a matter of taste,” I said. She reached behind her and tied the other string. I was tempted to ask if she needed help but thought better of it. As she was tying her bikini her eyes settled on my towel, at the length under it, erect- hard, long and pulsing.

“It’s about both,” she said, “Taste is important.” She licked her upper lip as she pulled a cup of the bikini top down and with her other hand settled in a breast. She repeated the process on the other side.

“I guess you’re right.” The cups of the bikini were small and the flesh of her breasts spilled out around them.

“I know I am.” She leaned against her car and watched. She was waiting, obviously it was my turn. I moved along to where I thought my bathers were and got down on my hands and knees.

“Wood has never been underestimated by me,” she said.

The bathers were difficult to get. I stretched out on my stomach and pulled myself under the ute. I could feel the asphalt pulling at my towel. It loosened at my waist. Further under, trying to reach my bathers, I felt the knot come undone. There wasn’t a lot of space under the ute, I couldn’t reach back to pull the towel up and it seemed to be glued to the asphalt.

“Wood is my favorite thing,” she said. I slid a little more and felt my bum become exposed, it wasn’t under the ute yet.

“I just adore it!” I felt my cock contact the asphalt and lifted my hips to pull myself further under without scraping skin off.

“Yes,” I said, replying to her, conscious that I wasn’t in any position to be having a conversation. Under the ute was a threatening place, the claustrophobia was squeezing the air from my lungs and it was difficult to breath.

“I just love the feel of wood.”

“I agree,” I said, not really thinking, not knowing what I was responding to.

“Can you reach it?” she asked.

“Just another six inches,” I said.

“It’s not just another six inches, every six inches is precious.”

I wriggled a little more, stretched my arm and was able to touch my bathers. The top of my towel reached midway up my thighs. One more heave and a grunt and I had them. I started to back out from under the ute.

“I agree,” I said, not really thinking, not knowing what I was responding to, but knowing that slowly the towel was sliding off me.

“Wood is so smooth,” she said. It was easier backing out, my cock wasn’t dragging on the asphalt as much. Slowly I retreated. My cock was erect and throbbing, the feel of the asphalt was uncomfortable.

“I love to have wood in my hands.”

“Why not!” I replied. The towel was completely off me. I was naked. My shoulders were out from under the ute. Without thinking I rolled over. I realized with a rush I was now on display. I could feel my cock bounce with every heart beat. I pulled myself completely free and looked across at her. She was looking at my cock, one hand at her crutch and the other was rolling a nipple between thumb and forefinger. She looked at me and grinned. I lay on the ground and looked back at her. She reached behind her and I saw the bikini top drop and her other breast came into view. She watched me as she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her shorts. Slowly, with a wiggle of her hips she pulled her shorts down.

“Yes, I just love wood,” she said.

“Mmmmm,” I replied, not sure of what to say. She ran a finger up her slit, the bright pink showed for a moment and then retreated behind the lips. There was no hair, I was surprised. She kicked her shorts off and approached.

“I see wood!” she said. I lay there, unable to move.

“Ah ha,” I said. Her legs straddled me, her pussy gaped a little showing a flash of bright pink. I saw her grin as she lowered herself, her large breasts, seemed to threaten her balance.

“I’m going to get me some wood!” she said and chuckled a little. “Beautiful wood.” and she reached out to take my cock in her palm as I reached up to hold her breasts.

“Mmmmmmm,” I said, words seemed unnecessary as she sat on my thighs. Her breasts were beautifully soft with large, firm nipples that buckled with my touch.

“Delicious wood!” Her head kept moving down. Her knees went between my legs and I was splayed for her access. Her body moved away from me as she positioned herself and her breasts slipped from my grasp.

“Mmm! ” She took my cock in her mouth.

“Mmm! ” she said and her head bobbed up and down. My hairy balls were in her hand and she massaged them.

“Mmm,” I said, not sure what to do. I at least wanted her breasts in my hands.

“I wonder whether this wood has sap?” she asked, as she lifted her head to smile at me. She bent her head to her task and reapplied herself to my cock. I wanted to hold her breasts again.

“I love sap,” she added. I reached for her breasts but they were just out of reach. Her feet were hooked over my legs as she crouched. I couldn’t move. She bobbed up and down. My cock stood tall in its enthusiasm. Her hair was long and hung like a veil around her head. I couldn’t see. I wished I had my camera. I brushed her hair out of the way and watched my cock disappear into her mouth.

“I want your sap,” she said, as though obliged to offer commentary. I reached for her breasts again. I touched a nipple but the effort of bending was difficult and I was quickly on my back again. Her hand on my balls was giving a firm massage, not quite painful but with a hint of more to come if I misbehaved. Her other hand held my cock up as she sucked and bobbed.

“Soon, I think, I’ll have a drink.” She beamed at me as she wiped her tongue over her top lip. I would have liked to see between her legs. The hot pink of the flesh I saw before danced in my imagination. I tried again to get up. She put her hand on my chest and pushed. I lay down and scooped her hair away so I could see. Her breasts bobbled with her movement.

“Very soon, I think.” I could feel my cock surging in preparation. It was twitching as she worked it. Her weight on my lower legs was uncomfortable. With her hand she pushed at my knees trying to spread them further.

“That’s better,” she said. “Thank you.” My knees were now bent and her feet trapped my lower legs just above my ankles. She didn’t waste time. She shimmed her hand up and down my cock to speed up the process and give her mouth a rest. I guessed she was worried that someone would drive into the car park at any moment. We weren’t hidden at all. I wondered what I could say. It was all such a surprise I couldn’t think of anything.

“Now for the drink,” she said and her mouth resumed the activity. She applied extra suction and her tongue teased the head, while her hand rapidly stroked below. It was irresistible. I felt the movement begin and the sucking sounds got wetter. She scoured the head of my cock with her tongue as she anticipated deliverance.

I felt the rush as it began, and a spurt shot into her mouth. She stopped pumping with her hand and I heard the wet sucking sounds become louder as she trapped her drink. Between spurts she gently stroked to encourage more. It was almost painful as she sucked and ensured she caught it all. The wet noises of her enthusiasm were surprising as her suction broke and air found its way into her mouth to mix with my sap. She continued with a desperate determination to catch it all until there was no more.

She lifted her head and looked at me with her mouth open to show me her white, liquid prize. Her eyes sparkled with her triumph. She swished it round in her mouth, to show the mix of sap and saliva as her tongue pushed it around. Then she tilted her head forward and swallowed, once, twice and finally a third time. She laughed as she looked at me. With her hand she gave my cock a final stroke and my balls a final fondle as though to confirm they were empty.

“That was lovely,” she said and laughed in a self conscious way. “Thank you.”

“It’s okay,” I said, not knowing what to say. She stood to cast a shadow over me, and between my legs looked down.

“You coming for a swim?” she asked.

“Yes.” There was nothing more I could think of to say. She moved to get her bathers and I found mine. A car pulled into the car park as we pulled our bathers on. Together we locked our vehicles and walked to the beach.

Day 1, the backpacking trip.

I have often thought of myself as a lonesome person. I really don’t think I am, because I have a wonderful family life. I’m a very successful type of person.

In fact my job requires me to meet strangers most everyday, and get into their minds by asking them questions and making them substantiate their answers.

What I do for employers of various fields of endeavor are applicant verifications for employment.

But once a year, I like to get away from my family and my job. I’m all by myself. Growing up, I had a younger brother, so I always had a playmate. I was never alone.

After finishing high school I joined the military. The military really taught me how to work, and the rewards for doing extra hard correct work. Again, I was never by myself while spending those years in uniform.

This past summer I wanted to return to Colorado and do some backpacking. The summer before my buddy and I went out to the Rocky Mountain National Park and spent two nights and three days without seeing anyone else, except at the start and finish of the trip.

I had used some old heavy equipment that year and when I returned I set out to find the lightest, best backpacking equipment a guy could have.

I shopped the net, I shopped the local stores until I made up my mind which brands and models I wanted. Then I ordered all my stuff. As it came in I checked it over, making sure it was the item best suited for me.

I picked an area in Colorado as my destination; it being a mountain pass above Crested Butte ski area, called Paradise. I have been near the pass a couple of times but never could get through because of the snow bridge.

This year I would wait until the end of August. By the end of August the snow is almost all melted at this altitude, I was really hoping for a clear passage. I loaded up my gear into my Jeep and set off for 10 days of solitude.

With a start up time before the sun comes up I can get to the mountains in time for a late dinner in the daylight. All the way across the state I had no one to talk to, so I listened to the radio. When I got tired of the music I would switch to talk radio. Then when I was tired of that, I would turn off the radio and think about sex.

Sex is always entertaining. Once I felt my cock getting hard, so I unzipped my shorts, pulling it out and held it trying to make myself cum while driving. That just never works for me. Then I saw the billboard along side of the highway. XXX Adult Movies. 10 miles.

I kept my eye open for the exit. Sure I’m in a hurry to get to the mountains, but I countered that goal with the thoughts or blowing a good hard load so I could relax during the long drive.

I saw the exit number and took the turn. Across the exit ramp was this old worn down what use to be a service station, pumps and all still standing. Now that old building has a red and black sign with nothing but XXX Adult on it.

Guess you don’t have to be too smart to figure what goes on in there. I pulled my jeep in under the awning’s shade, locked it up and enter the building. No one but the guy behind the counter was there. After all it was just after noon. I looked around the place. It was old and worn.

They’re where magazines and VCR and DVD movies everywhere I looked. Then I saw the sign, “Preview Booths”. Now, that was what I needed.

I walked back to the dark hallway and entered the first one I came to. I opened the door and entered the small space. The T.V. monitor was a bright blue. Next to it was a sign to place a dollar bill into the slot to activate the movies. I took out my wallet and pushed in a couple of dollar bills.

The screen came to life, with two blonde, big titted women in the 69 position. I sat down and stared at the firm, of course fake breasts. The two women where using all kinds of nasty language, which doesn’t really do a thing for me, so I turned the volume down and just watch them licking and flicking each others clits.

I felt my cock getting too tight for my shorts once again. This time I was going to be more comfortable. I stood up, unbuckled my belt and pulled my shorts down to my knees and sat back down. Now with my cock in my hand I started the up and down motions or jacking off, slowly.

One of my screen whores was now squatting over the others face, backing her ass into the other ones nose. Without missing a stroke I started turning the channels.

The next film looked as it was just starting, no sex just preliminary stuff, so I moved the channel down a notch. The next one was of a black guy fucking a very small white woman. His cock looked as big as her arm. She was on her back, holding her ankles with her hands. Legs spread wide with this guy’s cock pointing at her pussy.

I had to stop here and hold my breath. With his hands he parted her pussy lips and stuck the very tip of his dick in her. With his other hand he was wiggling his cock head in a circular motion trying to wet the area to be able to plunge the rest of it in her. I knew it was just a game for us watching, I knew it would fit, with room to spare.

Slowly he fed his hard black cock into her pussy. In a bit, and back out some, then a little farther in. Finally it was all the way in.

I could see her flat stomach bulge for his huge cock inside of her body. Without knowing it I had picked up my momentum of my own. I looked down at my cock; I took my finger and checked for wetness. I had precum on the tip of my dick. Using my fingertip I spread the cum around my cock’s head.

When done, I tasted myself. In the mean time the guy had pulled his midnight black cock from the little tiny woman and was jacking it off in front of the little nymphs face. The first load hitting her eyes. Her face turned, the second shot went to her head into her hair. The man’s massive hand turned her face back to his cock, where he placed it at her lips.

She finished off the rest of his cum. She took her time and it appeared it was pleasurable for her to clean off his dick. I went back to the button to change the channel and found another movie. This movie had a woman on the bed being taken care of by two men. One feeding his cock into her mouth, the other eating her pussy.

For some reason I turned the volume back on. She was quite; I could hear the guy moaning. There was a close up shot of the guy licking her clit. It was interesting as her clit was about one inch long.

This being an unusual movie for me, I leaned back and was content to watch it while I pumped my own cock. Which I once again felt for precum and found it. But this time I collected all of it onto my finger and took in my own nectar, feeling ever so sexy with myself, alone with a fuck movie playing in a dark closet.

The two guys traded places. The clit licker knelt to her side and stuck his dick into her mouth as the other guy got on top of her and stuck his cock into her pussy. The guy fucking her really started going after it. His speed picked right up. Then he pulled out and leaned forward. His cock bounced on her abdomen and his sperm spewed all over her lower body.

The sight of all the white cum on her tan body started my own cum to boil. I felt it moving and slowed my pace some to hold off. But what happened next, killed that idea. While the guy pulled out of the pussy and fell forward on top of the honey, his face ended up at her face, where she was sucking the other guy’s cock. The fucking guy then started licking the side of the cock while she was taking in the head of the prick.

I watched in amazement as the two of them sucked the one cock. I started cuming myself; I felt my own hot jizz splashing on top of my hand. The other guy in the movie was now pulling his cock back and jacking it while the other guy and the woman where cheek to cheek waiting to be fed the cum.

When I recovered my whit, I cleaned up, pulled my shorts back up and left the XXX Adult Theater. Again on the road west, I was taking deep relaxing breaths.

Hours later I pulled into a campsite just west of Denver near Mount Evans. The campground was crowded with tents. I did find a space, but was glad I was not spending more than eight hours there, because of the lack of privacy.

I would have to watch where I peed tonight. As the sun went down and it become dark I could see small fires and lanterns burning around the campground. Opened my tent door and sit on the floor and was taking my shoes off when I noticed a young woman walking to the tent next to mine.

Because of the darkness I was unable to really see her. But I could tale she was a well-built woman. She entered her tent and turned on her light. I know what happens when a person turns a light on, inside of their nylon tent. There are unmistakable silhouettes on the tent walls.

I watched her as she pulled her shirt off over her head. Then she got onto her knees and started removing her shorts. I felt my own need to remove my shorts once again. My cock was enlarging at a rapid rate. Then was still watching she sat sideways to my view and removed her bra. I could see her fling it into the corner of her tent. Then I’ll go to hell if I’m lying, she started rubbing both of her breasts. Then the light went off.

I sat there in silence, listening for sounds coming from her tent. My mind was racing with erotic sexual thoughts of this young woman fingering her pussy with me just 15 yards away.

After maybe five minutes and not hearing anything, I crawled into my sleeping bag. I removed my short and underwear. I felt some dry cum in the fly of my tightie whities. I threw them into the corner of my tent and laid back trying to clear my mind as to fall asleep.

I felt exhausted; I had a full day tomorrow and wanted a full night of sleep. My fucking mind kept going back to the image, now burnt into my brain, of the young woman doing the strip in front of me.

I might of fell asleep, but just for a second when I was awaked by a noise. It was not a loud noise by any means. Just loud enough to wake me up. I held my breath listening. I heard it again. It was a low whimper or moan. Then again, this time I knew it was my sexy neighbor. Damn her to hell, if she was so fucking horny why did she just come over here and fuck me.

My dick hard now, I started stroking it. I was racing with speed, my cock skin burning from the fast friction from my hand on my shaft. I could only now hear my cock skin and hand flapping against each other. Her little cries where lost in my own self-pleasure.

I lifted my ass off of my high dollar, super lite weight sleeping bag and started shooting cum onto my chest. With the last drop, my ass once again on the sleeping bag. I reached for my already cum stained underwear and wiped the cum from my chest. When my breathing returned to normal, I listened. No sounds could be heard from the campground. All was quiet and I feel into a deep sleep.

Day 2

I slept very will during the night, at about 2AM I had to zip up my sleeping bag because of the cold. I awoke at the very first light in the mountain sky. I reached to the corner of my little tent for my shorts and underwear. After touching my under shorts I decided not to wear them. The underwear felt like the laundry had starched them.

I pulled on my hiking shorts and fleece top. Lacing up my hiking boot in the doorway of my tent, I then stepped out and stood up. The first thing I looked for, you guessed it, the young woman’s tent. No movement there.

I lit my little stove for some hot coffee, placing a pan on the flame to boil my water; I started breaking up my little camp. With my sleeping bag stuffed away, my mattress rolled tight and my tent taken down I had my first sip of coffee.

The coffee was really hot, but delicious. I laid the cup down and walked to the jeep with some of my gear. I returned to my coffee for another sip, and picked up the rest of my gear. With everything packed away, I picked up my coffee cup and climbed into my jeep and started it. I unfolded the map to make sure I knew what roads I would be taking.

Just as I was shifting into reverse, the young woman’s tent door opened. She sat Indian style on her sleeping bag, bare breasted. I dropped one of the jeeps tires into a small hole and spilled some of my coffee. I stopped, putting my coffee down. When I looked again, the door was closed on the tent. I pulled forward and left the camping ground.

Four hours of driving, most of which I adored a blue vainer from thinking about that young girl in the tent, the adult theater movies and my sexual life. I finally arrived at the trailhead above Gothic, Colorado.

No one else was parked there, so I would be alone.

I pulled on my backpack, locked my jeep doors and set out up the trail. The weather was perfect for hiking. Some afternoon clouds had covered the sun and cooled of the all ready cool trail.

I took in all of the wonderful plants, trees and little chipmunks. Climbing at a slow pace for 3 hours I arrived at my destination.

Now all I had to do was pick out the most wonderful location to place my tent. I wanted to be fairly close to the little stream for water, plus I wanted at least one tree to get under if the sun became too hot. I was planning to spend two nights at this location, before moving on.

I found the perfect spot, with water, a shade tree and a semi flat boulder to use as a table to cook on. With everything set up and in order I now wanted to explore the general area.

I hiked down stream; it had a few of those little brook trout swimming around. Some times the trout would come out of the water and take the flying bugs for food. I rounded a curve in the stream and saw a deer. She stood looking at me for a few seconds before leaving my alone.

As I hiked I noticed that the stream noise was getting a little louder. I went to investigate and found a five-foot waterfall, with a small pool of water under it. I started thinking about the last time I had a shower. Even without soap with me I knew a cool shower during the hottest part of the day would be nice.

I took off all of my clothes laying them on the small bushes near the stream and climbed into the water. The water was cool on my feet and lower legs as I stepped slowly towards the waterfall. I took a deep breath and braced myself and stepped under the falling water.

I knew it would be a shock so I made quick work of rubbing my skin with my wet hands.

As quickly as I could I stepped back out onto the bank of the stream where the sun was shinning down on me. Funny, I didn’t notice it while I was in the water, but the coolness of the water gave me a boner. My cock was rock hard and pointing towards the peak of the mountain above me. I took my fleece and patted my skin dry and pulled on my clothes.

The refreshing cool shower had made me hungry, so I quickly walked back to my camp. I lit my stove and started boiling water for my freeze-dried food. I was almost done eating, when I heard them.

I heard many voices coming from down stream. I say voices, but it was really screams. Some sounds where masculine, others feminine.

I stood and started towards the sounds. A quick walk back to the little waterfall where I could hear the voices more clearly.

They where talking now, but sometimes with excitement invoked in their speech. I slowly approached a large boulder that was over looking the deep pool under the waterfall. I peered over the big rock and down into the stream. My eyes bugged out of their sockets.

There below me were three naked people. One guy and two girls. One of the girls was petite; the other you would say voluptuous. The guy was built like a lumberjack.

As I watched them I became aroused, my cock was pressed hard against the boulder. They flirted with each other by splashing water; swinging each other around and just a regular grab ass fun time. The three of them started towards the bank, I knew from experience that they had to get out of the cold water.

I could see the girls better now, their nipples stood erect and both of their pussies where shaved clean. He was also shaved was sporting a hard cock, much like mine, pointing towards the mountain peak.

After drying each other’s backs off, the three of them stood closely together. They started kissing.

He kissed the girls; the girls kissed each other and then back to him. Both of the girls had a hold of his cock and balls. He was fondling the girl’s tits, leaning into them and kissing their nipples. He reached over, placing his hand behind the voluptuous one’s head, pulling her toward his lips, the two of the now locked into a deep passionate kiss.

The little petite girl squatted at their feet and took his cock into her mouth. They remained in that threesome position for a few minutes. The little one stood, and the guy reached down and placed both of his hands on her ass and lifted her up.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and ass. The other girl had her hand in between them; I think she was placing his cock in to her friend’s pussy. She started lifting herself up and down on his cock, his hands under her armpits for support, they began a rhythmic fuck.

The voluptuous one was in the mix also, doing her best to kiss both of her partner’s nipples and using her hands and fingers to feel and probe the other two’s bodies. I could no longer stand it. I unzipped my shorts and pulled out, with some difficulty, my cock and started stroking it.

I was puzzled at first when the voluptuous girl placed herself behind the girl being fucked. She appeared to be helping the other girl by pushing up on her hips during the out thrust of the cock. I heard the petite girl whimper with an orgasm. Just then, the voluptuous girl got on her knees, under the other girls ass, and was rewarded with the spray of the guys cock hitting her in the face.

Both girls now where kneeling at the feet of the guy, clean the last of his cum from his cock. My own cock was now spraying the hard boulder that I was resting against. Thick cream had been stuck to the rock but now long strings of drips coming off the rock into the grass below, one narrowing missing my boot.

The threesome started dressing, and I made my escape back to my camp. All the while thinking of the super erotic things that had been displayed before my eyes.

Back at my camp I tried to relax. Thinking of the nymph’s sexy bodies my cock was still twitching in my shorts.

I remembered my whiskey in my pack. My hand reached down in to the pack and found the plastic bottle of Canadian Club. I pulled the bottle out, twisted the cap off and raised the bottle to my lips and took a swig. My lips burnt with the first taste, as I swallowed the warm glows grew all about my head. I was just raising the bottle to my lips again, when I heard voices.

I recapped my bottle and put it down. I stood still and listened for the voices. Then looking down stream at the rise that comes up to the level of my camp there they came.

I saw his head first, then the girls’ heads. As they continued towards me I saw that all three where wearing backpacks. I stood waiting for them to walk down the trail. I spent all that time waiting looking at those girl’s legs as they lifted and sat down their hiking boots onto the dusty trail. Beautifully formed legs, “perfect legs” my friend always said, “feet on one end and pussy on the other.”

When they reached me the three of them stopped. He spoke first, introducing himself as Ken. Then he introduced the ladies, first the petite one as Amy and then the voluptuous one as Valerie.

I told them my name, Erwin. He and I shook hands. They asked how long I was staying, I replied “two nights”. He looked disappointed and I asked him why he was asking about my stay. Ken said that this spot was his favorite place in the mountains, and he was bringing Amy and Valerie here for the first time, as he had always talked about this place.

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