Val could feel the bass thump in her bones as she stood cheering in the crowd. It was a local band, but well-known and it was standing room only. She was pressed up against the chain link fence, moving with the tempo, wiggling her body in time with the music.

The crowd was pressed in around her, total strangers rubbing shoulder to shoulder as the band played every song in its repertoire. The smell of sweat and the proximity to others bodies had Val turned on. She had always wanted to be fucked in a crowd, in complete view of everyone. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to live out a fantasy.

She glanced at her boyfriend beside her. He was busy trying to light a joint, fighting to get enough room to get the flame to his mouth. Val frowned. She didn’t like the fact that he smoked weed. She was allergic and had asked him to stop. He didn’t even refuse. He just ignored.

Vale was horny and wanted action. She reached over and grabbed his hand as it went up again, and held it to her crotch. She was wearing a miniskirt, and she slid it up so he could feel her panties, already damp with her excitement. He pulled his hand back absently and went back to lighting his joint.

Val huffed and tried to move away, angry, but she felt resistance as she did. As she tried to push back, she felt the unmistakable bulge of someone’s clad cock rubbing against her ass. Her breath caught in her throat. Someone was pressing against her, purposefully moving his bulge between her cheeks through the fabric of the miniskirt. She pressed backwards again, this time rubbing the cock teasingly with her ass. Whoever was behind her grabbed her hips and ground against her.

The band began to play the Stones’ “Brown Sugar” and the crowd went wild. It was a local favorite. Everybody’s eyes were on the stage. Val felt a finger slide her panties aside and slip into her hot pussy. She rocked against it, clenching her walls around the finger. Another finger slipped into her, thrusting in deeper. She relished in the feeling, still rubbing her ass against the bulging cock behind her.

She could feel the sudden urgency in the hand that held her, and felt as he pressed backwards against the crowd to unzip his fly. A moment later, she felt the head of his cock push into her ass. She met his push and his long cock slid all the way in.

Val looked at her boyfriend as she rocked against her mysterious lover. He was busy shouting at the band, already stoned. He didn’t notice his girlfriend being fucked by a complete stranger right beside him. Val bit her lip as man behind her continued to fuck her ass, his finger playing with her clit.

She made it good for him. Every time he slid in she relaxed, letting his long cock bury itself as deep in her as he could get it. When he would start to slide out, she would clench, milking his cock with her tight ass. She moved her ass around, giving him different angles in which to penetrate her. His finger was soaked as he slid it back into her pussy.

The band played louder and the crowd kept pushing in. Someone knocked her mysterious lover in the back, and he thrust in as deep as he could possibly go, the head of his cock twitching deeper in her than she had ever felt. He ground his hips against her ass, and she squeezed him again as hard as she could.

She felt him begin to shake and as the song wound down, his hot cum spurted up into her hold. The feeling was exquisite and with him fingering her clit, she came with him. She bucked against him, squeezing her ass to get every last drop of cum from him.

He held her to him for a moment longer, and the quietly withdrew. He slid her panties back in place, and patted her ass. She never looked back. She would never know who her mysterious lover was.

Later, at home, her boyfriend was ready to make love. As he slid into her ass, he commented on how juicy she was.

“I really enjoyed the concert,” she said.

“Oh, yeah? Let’s go see them next month.”

The thought of another mysterious fuck sent her over the edge. She came without her boyfriend ever knowing why.

You’ve been at the house for a while now, since our initial meeting at the club, talking and chatting with both my husband and myself. I’m in a skimpy black leather bikini top, so tight you can see my nipple rings poking through the material, and a tight black skirt that is so short it barely covers the bottom of my matching black panties; the panty straps coming out of the top of my skirt let you know that they are thongs. Finishing out the outfit are 6″ stilettos.

My husband is dressed much more conservatively, it a form fitting polo and nice jeans. You are in jean, but your shirt is off. My husband wanted to see the tattoo you told us about, the one of the naked woman you say looks like me. It was really just an excuse to get your shirt off so we can see your rock hard abs.

I leave you and my husband talking and go into the bedroom; it doesn’t take long for you to follow.

I take off my high heels and hand them to you. I ask you to put them on the floor, just so I can check out your ass as you bend over. My husband joins me by the bed. He puts his arms around me pulling me tight, this cock pushing into my back. He grabs and pulls on my nipples, asking if I’m ready to get pleasured by you both. I whimper “yes.”

Slowly, teasingly, I start to remove my clothes. My back to you, I slowly lower my skirt to the floor, giving you a better and better view of my ass as I bend down, my thong completely disappearing into my crack. Next, my back still to you, I undo my top sliding the straps down and off my arms but hold the cups in place. I turn, my tits in full view I release them from the prison that is the bikini top, giving you a radiant view of my juicy orbs and erect, inviting nipples. Next comes my thong, my back again toward you I slid fingers down along the straps and into the crack of my ass to pull out the string. Then I slid them down to the ground and step out of them. I turn back toward you, my hairless pussy in full view.

Now totally naked, I set back on the bed and lift my legs, pointing at you and my husband with my toes. You each start kissing up from my feet – you on the left, hubby on the right – sucking each toe in turn, before moving on to my arches, my ankles, up to my calves, to my knees, then finally to my inner thighs.

My husband moves away to give you better access. As you start licking my wet and tight cunt, my husband forces his throbbing cock down my throat, not even letting me aculeate myself before forcing me to deep throat him. You reach up and caress my breasts, paying special attention to the nipples, rolling the barbell in the left and pulling on the hoop in the right but soon you become to engrossed in licking and sucking my lower lips and holiest of depths to pay my tits much mind.

After a maddeningly fulfilling orgasm from your tonguing of my clit and snatch, I pull you up and swallow your cock deep into my throat, gagging a little as you slide down. As I suck you, my hubby begins fucking me, getting me ready for your massive member.

Then you join him, both penetrating my tight cunt at the same time, but it quickly becomes more pleasure than I can take, so I ask you to put your rock hard cock in my ass instead. “Gently,” I say – but only at first, soon I’ll want it in there as rough as you can muster – while my hubby continues to pound my pussy.

Soon you are both fucking me for all your worth. Your cock ramming in and out of my ass, as my husband’s pumps my dripping cunt.

An orgasm rocks my body, my ass and twat begin milking the two of you. You both cum and cover me in your jizz. I can feel your cum as it runs down my ass crack, while his fills my spent cunt.

Exhausted, you both lay back on the bed. I clean both your cocks off, my husband’s tasting of cum and cunt juice, yours of cum and just a hint of ass, just the way I like it.

Okay, where the hell am I? I must have made a wrong turn somewhere… how do I get out of here? This must be an abandoned part of the hospital… nothing but empty exam rooms around here.


I turn around and see you standing there.

“Oh, hi… I think I’m lost, ” I say.

“I think you are too… this area is off limits, ” you say, but you are smiling. You are really cute and I find myself appreciating the way your curves fill out your little nurse’s uniform.

“Well, if it’s off limits, then what are you doing here?” I ask with a little smirk on my face.

“Oh, I sneak back here sometimes when I need to get away, take a break, you know, ” you say. “What brings you to the hospital tonight?”

“I’m visiting a friend of mine, she had surgery on one of her knees, nothing serious,” I say.

“Well, that’s good to hear, ” you say. I notice that you don’t seem to be in any hurry to leave, and you seem to be enjoying our little chat. I think you’re flirting with me, actually.

“So, if you’re sneaking around in an area that’s off limits, does that make you a naughty nurse?” I ask with an eyebrow raised.

“Ha ha ha ha… no, I’m a good girl and I’m always professional, ” you say, but you’re laughing. You’re definitely flirting now.

“Hmmm… that’s too bad, I was going to ask you for a sponge bath, ” I say, smiling.

You start laughing again. “I think every guy must have that fantasy, but no professional nurse would ever do that, sorry.”

“Damn, that’s too bad.” I say. “Where am I, anyway? What is this place?”

“It used to be used for recovery rooms and exams, but after they built the new wing, they stopped using it, and now it’s always empty. I like the peace and quiet.”

“I was just looking in this room right here… what exactly is this contraption here?” I ask.

I look over at you and I think you’re blushing a little bit.

“Well, um… actually ha ha ha…” you look flustered.

“What is it? Are you embarrassed? An embarrassed nurse?” I ask, teasing.

“No, I’m not embarrassed… this is for, uh, proctological exams.”

“For what?!?”

“Proctolog… it’s for ass examinations, all right!”

I burst out laughing at this. “Ass examinations?!? That is hilarious… they have equipment for ass examinations? That’s awesome. How does it work?”

“Well… you climb in there, put your knees there, and lean over here… so the doctor can, you know, examine you, ” you say.

“How? I don’t get it. Show me again?” I ask.

You stare at me for a long couple of seconds. “Are you up to something?”

“No, no, not at all, I just don’t get how it works. This is very funny to me. I want to know how the ass exam equipment works.” I am still laughing.

“Okay, you put your knees here…” As you are talking, you are climbing on to the contraption. “You lay down this way so your ass is up in the air so the doc can examine you, get it?”

I certainly get it. I am standing behind you as you lay face down on this table. Your legs are spread wide open and your gorgeous ass is sticking straight up in the air at me. Your little nurse’s skirt has ridden up a little bit and it just barely covers your ass… but I get a terrific view of your beautiful legs.

You are looking back at me and waiting. Oops. I’ve been staring directly at your ass.

“Okay, I get it… and you put your arms out like this?” I ask. I move around to the side of the table by your arms. You’re still laying face down on this table, though. You don’t seem to be in any hurry to leave. “What are all these straps for?”

“Well, not everyone wants to have his… or her… ass examined, ” you say. Are you blushing a little bit again? “So sometimes they have to strap you down.”

“Hmm… strap you down… like this?” I take one strap and secure your left arm to the table.

“Hey… what are you doing? Unstrap my arm…” you say, but you aren’t really struggling that much. Before you can stand up, I quickly walk around to the other side and secure your right arm to the table.

“Okay, this has gone far enough… you need to unstrap me now, ” you say, struggling still, but you are giggling a little and smiling. You wiggle against the straps but you are stuck now, face down on the table.

“No, I don’t think so… I think you need to be strapped down for the examination, ” I say, as I quickly secure your legs against the stirrups. You don’t offer much resistance. “You don’t seem like you want your ass examined…”

“Yes I do! I mean, no, I don’t… you better let me off this table right now…” you say, trying to raise up against the straps. “This is completely…”

“Off limits?” I say.

“Yes, off limits, ” you say, giggling a little.

“I’ll let you up when I’m ready, ” I say.

I am standing directly behind you now, in between your spread legs. Your skirt still barely covers your bottom. I reach out and rub my hand across your ass, and you gasp as I touch you for the first time.

“Oh, you like that?” I ask. “Maybe you do want your ass examined?”

“Yes… no… I don’t know…” you are breathing hard now.

“I think you do…” I am now rubbing your ass with both hands. I can feel your cheeks clench as I feel how tight and firm your ass is. You are breathing faster now.

You breathe in quickly as I reach down and slide your nurse’s skirt up over your ass and up around your waist. You are wearing white panties with a sexy french cut and a hint of lace.

“Hmm… you have a beautiful ass, ” I say, sliding my hands over the silky fabric covering your bottom. “I am really looking forward to this examination. Are you?”

“No… please stop…” you say, eyes closed, breathing hard.

“Hmm… I’m not convinced you really want me to stop, ” I say. “Let me check…”

I take one finger and, through your panties, slowly trace it along the slit of your pussy. You moan loudly and your ass clenches again. You strain against the straps. I can feel you are very wet even through your panties.

“Mmm… I think you do want the exam after all, don’t you?”

You say nothing. I trace my finger along your slit again and you clench your body again. “Do you want me to examine you? Hmm??”

You are breathing very heavily now. “Mmmm… okay, yes…” you say.

“Good.” I quickly grab your panties and tear them off of you. You gasp again as you hear the fabric rip and feel cool air on your ass. You are face down on an examination table, your legs spread, your skirt hiked up to your waist, and your naked ass pointed straight up in the air. I can see every inch of you as I stand over you and look down at you.

“Mmm… very nice.” I say. “You have a beautiful ass and pussy. Do you like the fact that you are spread wide open for me?”

You say nothing… your naked ass is tensing and releasing.

“Hm? Do you like being spread open for me?” I ask again, now tracing my hand over your bare bottom. I can hear you moan as my hand slides smoothly over your tight round ass.

“Mmmm… yes I do, ” you admit, embarrassed.

“Very good. I think it is time to begin the exam now, ” I say.

You look back and you can see me kneel down behind you. You can’t tell, but you think I must have my face just inches from your pussy. You squirm against the straps but you can’t move at all. You feel your pussy getting even wetter.

Suddenly you feel my tongue against your pussy lips. “Ohhhh…” you gasp as you feel my tongue slide deep into you. From your position and angle, I can push my tongue very deep into you… deeper than you’ve ever felt a tongue. You feel me licking the inside of your pussy and my chin pressing against your clit… and you suddenly feel a sharp orgasm explode through your body.

“Oh my god!” you say as your hips buck against my tongue. You can’t ever remember cumming so fast… it’s only been a few seconds since you felt my tongue slide into you. I keep my tongue in your pussy while you cum, feel your pussy shudder against my tongue. Finally you stop cumming and I pull my tongue out of you.

“Feeling better?” I ask, smiling.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god…” you are trying to catch your breath.

“I guess that’s a ‘yes.’” I say. “Glad you enjoyed the first part of the examination.”

The first part….? you think to yourself.

You are still lying face down, strapped and secured to the proctologist’s table. Your legs are spread open in the stirrups, your skirt hiked up around your waist, your naked exposed ass pointed up in the air. You are still feeling tingles in your pussy from your orgasm… but you are suddenly aware of how exposed and vulnerable you are.

“Okay… let me up… I have to go back to work… untie me!” you say, in between heavy breaths.

“No, not just yet, ” I say from behind you. “I’m not quite through with my examination.”

I am standing behind you and you feel both of my hands on your ass again, squeezing each of your cheeks and kneading your muscles. You feel your pussy, already wet from before, moistening again. As I spread your cheeks apart, your can feel your pussy lips open and you are suddenly very conscious that your pussy and asshole are both very exposed and open to me. You feel a little embarrassed and wish you could cover yourself, but you are helpless against the restraints and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

“Mmm… now what should I examine next?” I say, my hands still on your ass. “Any requests?”

“No… please… let me go…” you say.

“I think I will examine your pussy some more, ” I say. “I only got to examine it for a moment and then you were coming… you came very fast, didn’t you? Do you like being examined like this?”

“Yes… no… please…”

“Well, maybe this will help you make up your mind.” I say.

Suddenly and without warning, you feel the head of my cock against your pussy!

“Oh my god! No… wait… I don’t even know you…”

“Well then let’s get to know each other.” You feel my hands spread your ass even farther open and my dick slides smoothly into you. You moan again as you feel how hard my cock is. “Ohhhh….” you moan as I push my cock deeper and deeper into your pussy. You feel my dick push all the way into you until I am buried all the way inside you.

“Mm…. you are so wet, I just slid all the way into you, didn’t I?”

“Wait… I don’t know you… you aren’t wearing a condom…” you gasp in between breaths.

“No, I like feeling your bare pussy on my cock, ” I say. I am still holding your ass as I start to pump my dick in and out of your pussy. “I think you like it, too.”

You close your eyes and surrender. Your pussy wide open and dripping as you give your hot cunt to me. I hold your tight little ass and fuck your pussy very hard, pulling almost all the way out before shoving my prick back in. The angle again makes my dick plunge deeper into your pussy than you’ve ever felt.

“Oh… my.. god… oh… my… god… oh… my… god…” You gasp for breath with each stroke. All you can think about is my cock pounding into your pussy, over and over again.

“You may cum, my dear, ” I say, never slowing down. As soon as you hear my words your pussy contracts and another orgasm sweeps over you. You cry out as you cum on my cock, clenching and milking me with your pussy as the waves of pleasure roll over you. I keep thrusting into you in time with your orgasm and keep my cock buried deep inside you until your orgasm begins to subside.

“Oh… oh… oh… oh…” You are breathing very fast, your face pressed against the table as you try to catch your breath.

“Are you enjoying the examination, my dear?” As you come back to your senses, you suddenly realize that my cock is still very deep inside you, my hands still holding your ass very far apart.

“Yes, that was amazing… who are you?” You start to wonder again if I am staring at your asshole. How could he not be? you think to yourself, the way I am bent over this table and the way he is holding my ass. You start to feel a little embarrassed again, but also a little naughty and excited.

“Oh, that’s not important, is it? The important thing is that you are enjoying the examination. Are you?” I ask, still deep in your pussy.

“Yes…. I came so hard… this position… amazing…” you are still a little out of breath.

“Very good, ” I say. “Now let’s begin the third part of the examination.”

“Third part?!? What do you mean? Wait!”

You are still strapped to the proctologist’s table, still naked, your bare ass still pointing upwards… and a man you just met a few minutes earlier has already made you cum twice, once with his mouth and once with his penis, and he’s still inside you, his hands still holding your ass.

“What do you mean, ‘third part’ of the examination?” you ask, trying to look back at me. All you can really see is your own ass pointed up in the air and me standing behind you, smiling with a naughty twinkle in my eye. All you can really feel is my cock in your pussy and my hands on your ass.

“Hmm… I’ll let it be a surprise, ” I say, and start to thrust my cock in and out of your pussy again. Your pussy is still so wet from cumming and my dick feels very hard as it slides in and out of you. You close your eyes and give yourself to me again… when suddenly you feel my finger very gently stroke across your asshole! You feel something like a shock wave of electricity travel up your spine and your ass clenches involuntarily.

“W-What are you doing? Don’t touch me there…” you say, embarrassed. You wish I would move my finger… but I keep it pressed lightly against your asshole as I slowly slide my cock all the way into your pussy and hold it there.

“But my dear, this is what this table is for!” I say. “Of course I have to examine your pretty little asshole!”

“No… I’m not into that… please…” you say, breathing hard again.

“You’re not into… this?” I say as I stroke your asshole again. You breathe in sharply as another shock wave hits your spine. You wish I would stop touching your asshole! You feel so dirty… you wish you could cover up so I wouldn’t be able to see and touch your asshole so easily. But you can hardly move and you know that your little puckered hole is stretched open and exposed rudely to me.

“No… it’s dirty… please… I don’t like that…”

“You don’t like this? Well what about… this?” as I slide my finger into your ass. “Oh my God!” Your ass clenches again and your hips buck against the table as an even bigger shock wave travels through your spine and down into your pussy. And now my finger slides out… and then back into your tight little asshole. Another shock wave. You can’t believe what you are feeling.

“Please… no… it’s dirty…” you say as my finger slides in and out of your asshole… and my cock slides in and out of your pussy. The shock waves hit you, faster and faster, as I fuck your pussy and finger-fuck your ass. You try to squirm away, to close your legs, but you can’t really move at all… and you can’t do anything to stop me as I stroke, stroke, stroke… you’ve never let anyone do anything like this before! You feel so embarrassed… but so excited too. You hate to admit it to yourself, but you keep thinking… god, his finger feels really good… and his cock is so hard…

And suddenly I pull out of you… completely. You look behind you and I am still standing behind you, smiling down at you. You can feel that your pussy and asshole are still wide open to me and there is nothing you can do about it.

“So you don’t like me stroking your asshole?” I ask.

“I’m not a dirty girl… I don’t like anal sex…” you gasp, but you start to think about the shock waves.

“Such a shame, ” I say, “because you have such a pretty little asshole.” I am staring right down at it and you feel so embarrassed… but you are completely helpless.

“Well, let’s try this…” I say, kneeling behind you again. You feel my hand against your pussy and my fingers caressing your clit, and you start to moan as the waves of pleasure start again. I am sliding my finger inside your pussy… but then you feel my tongue against your asshole!

“Ohhhhhh!!” you gasp. Your entire body tenses and you strain against the straps. “No! Don’t lick me there! My God… it’s…”

I lick your asshole again. Another shock wave.

“Ohhhhh! No… please… it doesn’t…” Again my tongue licks your asshole. And again. And again. The shock waves roll over you as I lick your asshole and my fingers stroke your clit. You can’t believe how dirty you feel… and yet how you don’t want me to stop. Again and again my tongue laps against your asshole.

“Mmm… I think you are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” I ask.

“Yes… No… God it feels so good… I never knew…” you gasp.

“You’ve never had your asshole licked before?” I ask. “What a shame.” Again my tongue slides rudely across your tight, puckered hole. You can actually feel it pushing into your ass, just a little bit. You feel delirious and dizzy.

Now I stand up behind you and put my hands on your ass again, spreading you apart.

“W-What are you doing now?” you ask, still reeling from the feeling of my tongue on your ass.

“I’m looking at this pretty asshole and it’s making my cock very hard, ” I say.

“It is… oh no, NO. Please don’t, I can’t do that, ” you plead, trying to look back at me.

“Today is the day you become a dirty girl, my dear, ” you say. At the same time, you feel my cockhead push against your asshole.

“Ohhhh God… no… I’ve never done that before… please…”

“So much the better.” I say. And slowly I push my hard cock into your asshole. You feel your sphincter contract, and then start to give way as my hard dick pushes into the opening of your ass.

“Oh my God… no… Ohhhh…” You feel so dirty but the tingles are starting again. Slowly, I push another inch of my dick into your ass. You feel your asshole stretch and your pussy tingle as I slide farther and farther into your ass.

“Ohhhhh…” suddenly you realize that it feels really good, as good as anything you’ve ever felt. You can feel the pulse in my cock against your asshole and the tingles are traveling down into your pussy at the same time. And the shock waves are back… up and down your spine.

“Oh my god…” Now my cock is all the way inside your ass. You can feel it throbbing and your cunt is dripping and throbbing. I pull out and then slide my dick back into your ass. Another shock wave. Another thrust, another shock wave.

“Mmm… do you like being fucked in the ass, my dear?”

“Yes… No… Oh… My… God…” I start to fuck your virgin asshole, hard now. I put my hands on your ass cheeks and spread them wide so there is no resistance. Every thrust sends another shock wave up your spine and down into your pussy. You are dripping wet. My balls are slapping against your pussy as I fuck your asshole, over and over.

You can’t believe this… you are going to cum again! You close your eyes and abandon all thoughts but my hard cock pounding into your asshole. You scream out and a shattering orgasm rips through you…. your pussy contracts on my asshole as you buck your hips against the table and cum, and cum, and cum.

I feel your asshole clench around my cock and I start to fuck you even faster… sliding my hard wet prick in and out of your ass. “Do you like it? Tell me! Tell me!”

You feel like an animal in heat. You abandon all common sense and reason. All you can think about is how good my cock feels… pushing into your ass. “Oh God, yes!” you say. “Just fuck my asshole. Keep fucking it! I want your cum in my ass… please!”

I hear your words and it sends me over the edge. I hold on to your ass and push my cock as deep as I can into your asshole. You hear me cry out as I begin to cum. You can feel my dick pulsing with each spurt… as I squirt 6, 7, 8 ropes of cum deep in your ass. You have never felt anything like it… you can feel every throb of my cock, every pulse of my cum. Your asshole continues to milk my cock as my orgasm finally starts to subside. I hold on to your ass and keep my cock pressed deep in your ass until finally I stop cumming.

Author’s Note: I had inspiration after reading the thread “Mysterious Heroine of the Nice Guys” in the Story Ideas forums by mythtrav16. I might not have caught his vision for the story, but I had fun writing this.

A work of fiction, all characters over the age of 18.

Comments and Ratings Appreciated! Enjoy


“Looks like spring has finally sprung,” sniggered a voice from the table behind me, “Look at what Lana is wearing today?”

“Man, I didn’t know they sold shorts that short in stores?” questioned another of the boys watching Lana from across the cafeteria.

“I don’t think she went in the store to get those,” postulated yet another voice, “I saw them on Woot! dot com a couple weeks ago, I’m betting she got them off the internet.”

“What are you doing shopping for girl shorts on the internet, Doofus!” jeered voice number one.

“I wasn’t… I’m just sayin… ugh! fuck off Jerry.” complained voice number three.

Jerry laughed, then snorted, “Regardless, William, Lana certainly has me sprung. Think she’s the Minx?”

“Nah, the Minx has brown hair,” offered voice number two.

“How would you know, George?!,” retorted Jerry, “Besides, you know superheroes always wear a disguise, the Masked Minx could be wearing a wig.”

“You’re an idiot Jerry,” asserted George, “Superheroes wear costumes or uniforms, they only wear disguises when in their alter ego persona. Remember Superman’s magic glasses?! Besides, I know for a fact, that the Minx isn’t wearing a wig.”

I smiled as the rest of the table fell silent, then stifled a giggle as the other two chairs loudly scooted closer. “This should be interesting,” I thought to myself.

“What?!” hissed Jerry, suddenly interested in what someone else had to say instead of his own pontifications.

“Dude, you’ve met the Masked Minx?” echoed William.

“Yep, I think I was her first,” stated George cockily, “at least I haven’t heard any stories that happened before we met.”

The silence was deafening as William and Jerry slowly processed this announcement. George was professing to be the first, “victim,” of the Masked Minx of Missoula. The legend of the Minx started over winter term at the University of Montana. Allegedly, the brunette bombshell surprised young men in their dorm rooms, seduced the unsuspecting male into a having intercourse, then leaving them to move on to her next victim. According to the lore, she always left after teaching them some new technique, and word had spread that the Minx’s victims were invariably good lovers.

“Fucker, why didn’t you ever tell us,” whined Jerry.

“Because, Jerrold I’m a gentleman, and a gentleman never tells.” explained George.

“Tell us the story, George,” asked William respectfully, “we won’t tell anyone. — Will we Jerry??”

I could almost feel the hard look that William was shooting Jerry behind my back. I quietly continued eating as I mentally I reviewed what I knew of the Harlot of Aber Hall, a.k.a. The Masked Minx. Aber Hall was one of the dorms at the University, separated from the rest of the residence halls clustered on the southern end of campus. Physically apart from the active social life on campus, Aber Hall was also the home for the more studious students, a.k.a. the Geeks. It was said the Minx had a fetish for the intelligent breed, with a majority of her victims being from Aber.

“Okay, okay, mum’s the word,” said Jerry sullenly, “I promise, I won’t spill.”

“Well okay, but I reserve the right to “rm -rf *” your entire porn collection if I hear gossip about this from you Jerry.” commanded George.

“Dude, that’s two terabytes of quality video!” complained Jerry.

“All the more reason for you to keep your promise,” threatened George, “Now do you want to hear my story or not?”

I slid a little closer, because I wanted to hear the story too. I chewed on my collection of celery sticks, and pretended to be absorbed in my book; some nonsense about vampires and werewolves my best friend had forced me to read. I’d peruse a review on the internet, and fake it with her. George’s story was far more interesting to me.

“Okay, remember back in December when that sorority bitch Valerie Bentley poured that red slushie over me?” began George.

“Oh yeah, the cunt.” breathed Jerry, always the colorful vocabulary with this one.

“Hey, hey watch your language!” said William.

I silently thanked William, because while I haven’t forsworn using foul language from time to time, it’s my belief that one shouldn’t use the ‘C’ word to describe other females. Even if it’s a good description of that devious bitch Valerie Bentley.

George laughed, “I’ll try to remember that to only use words that can be heard on television as I tell my tale. Just doing my part to preserve your virgin ears, young William.”

“Whatever,” William groused.

“So anyway, after the whole school laughed at me, I went back to my dorm room, and sulked. I was having my own little pity party. I didn’t understand why I was her target, I was just enjoying the festivities at the winter carnival in the quad, and I guess I veered too close to the popular crowd. That explains why I’m sitting on this side of the cafeteria, and Lana Simpson is over there. I don’t trust that bitch. Wait, where was I?” George wondered.

“Pity party. Dorm Room. Post Slushie.” Jerry and William said in concert.

“Right, so after about an hour of reviewing the social horror of being slushied, I got up and grabbed my towel and shuffled down the hall to the showers. I took a nice long hot one. I must have tried to scrub the shame from my skin because when I looked in the mirror afterwards, I was bright pink, if not red all over. Looking closer, though, it was just the dye from the slushie.” George explained.

“That sucks,” expressed William, as if it had first hand knowledge of being on the receiving end of a slushie.

“I know? right!” agreed George, “Anyway, I wrapped a towel around my waist, and walked back to my dorm room slowly. I had my head down when I opened my door and turned and shut it then froze with my back to the room when I heard, ‘now don’t I feel overdressed!” from behind me.

“No shit!” said Jerry.

“I turned around, and there she was, black cat ear mask on her face. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders just above her breasts. She was wearing a black bustier, with a black miniskirt, and fishnet stocking, you know like Black Canary?”

“Oh yeah, crap that’s sexy!” said Jerry.

“I’d really like it if you’d stop talking about poop, it ruining the mood!” complained William to the foul mouthed Jerry.

“So I’m struck completely dumb, as I sitting there looking at her. I wasn’t sure where to focus my eyes. I’d look at her tits, and then realize, “I’m looking at her breasts!” I’d shift to her skirt, and wonder what’s underneath. While I’m caught in this visionary maze, my towel starts to slip. I don’t even notice it, until it falls off my hips, and hangs there. Levitating off the floor in front of me.”

“What?” asked Jerry confused, “Some kind of super power, telekinesis?”

“He means the towel got caught on his erection,” explained William.

“Oh,” Jerry replied, and got quiet.

“Yeah, William. My towel is hanging off the end of my hard on, and she giggles at me, then takes a step closer,” described George.

She said, “Today is your lucky day, George, you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life.”

By this time she was right in front of me, and with a fluid motion she whipped off my towel and sank to her knees. She grabbed my cock, and put her mouth over the head. I came in her mouth,” stated George honestly.

“Wait, what?” laughed Jerry.

“He’s saying he was so excited, that he ejaculated sperm into her mouth,” explained William helpfully.

High marks in technical terminology for Mr. William, I thought to myself. I felt for George though, how embarrassing.

“I know what he meant, asshole!” said Jerry, “I just can’t believe he came so soon!”

“Again with the potty talk, are you sure you aren’t a homosexual? What with your fascination with the poop chute?” retorted William.

I almost gave up my surveillance laughing, but held it in. I could almost picture William pushing his glasses up his nose after looking at Jerry. George started laughing, then snorting and had to pause a moment while he composed himself.

“I’m not a faggot,” assured Jerry silently.

“Okay guys, stop it or I won’t finish the story. So, anyway, I blow my wad in her mouth. It surprised her! Her eyes opened wide, but she ended up swallowing it, licking my tip then smiling up at me. That made me less embarrassed, but I still managed to tell her I was sorry.”

She said, “I’m not, that just means you’ll last longer the next time.”

“She stood up and lifted her hands to my face, and kissed me. Her lips tasted of strawberries, then she slid her tongue over my lips and that tasted salty.”

“Dude, you tasted your own cum,” interjected Jerry, “who’s the homo now?!”

There was a long spell of silence, and I even quietly chewed my celery. I didn’t want to give up my snooping by drawing attention to myself with a loud crunch. Inwardly I groaned, Jerry was an obvious jerk. I imagined in my head the hard looks of both George and William. Then I heard Jerry cough.

“Sorry, man, I’m going to shut up now.” sighed Jerry.

“Wisest thing you’ve said all day!” quipped William.

“Apology accepted,” said George, ” because what happened next will prove that I’m not gay.”

“Okay, so go on already,” pleaded William.

“So we kissed and I lifted my hands to her bustier, and felt her breasts. She moaned into my mouth, and kissed me deeper, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. I started rubbing them harder, feeling her nipples through the thin black silk. She kissed to my cheek, and then moaned into my ear, ‘that feels so good, George’”

I felt my own nipple harden at the thought, and felt a bit of dewy moisture between my legs, thinking about what happened in that dorm room. I shifted slowly so as not to be noticed, and slid one hand under the table to rest between my legs.

“She lifted her hands to her chest, and pulled down the cups to her bustier, releasing her breasts. They were round, and warm. They felt firm, yet pillowy soft. I cupped them in my hands, and felt her nipples harden into my palm.”

“Squeeze my nipples, George,” she said to me, then sealed her mouth over my lips and kissed me deeply.

“So I pulled my fingers down over her breasts, and pulled at her nipples. She moaned into my mouth, and I could feel her whole body quiver, as I played with the hard nubs. I broke the kiss, and looked at her, and asked, ‘May I kiss your nipples.’”

“I hope you do more than just kiss them, George,” she huffed, “Kiss them, lick them, squeeze them, pinch them.”

“She lifted her hands to her breasts, cupping and lifting them presenting them to me, as she stepped back and sat down on my bed. I knelt down and lowered my mouth to one of her nipples, and kissed the rubbery nub. Then I stuck out my tongue and licked it, and she moaned at my touch.”

I shifted ever so slightly in my seat, causing my erect nipples to brush across the inside of my sweatshirt. A flash of heat passed through my body as a trickle of sweat ran between my breasts. My fingers pressed into the crotch of my jeans, pressing into my core. I let out a soft sigh, as if I was irritated with a section of my book, and forced myself to act like I wasn’t hearing the hot tale behind me. I was tuned into every syllable.

“So after the appropriate amount of breast worship, I leaned back and looked at her,” George continued, “I asked, ‘Can I kiss you down there?’ She said, ‘You mean you want to kiss my pussy, George? You must learn to use the right names, dear!” then she winked at me behind her mask.”

“God, that’s hot,” breathed William quietly.

“So I asked her, ‘Can I lick your pussy, ma’am?’ and she nodded and lifted up her skirt, scooting to the edge of the bed. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and had trimmed her pubic hair short, and was bare along the outer lips. It looked just like all the porn on Jerry’s hard disk. I sort of knew which part to focus on. I dived in and started by teasing the outer lips. I licked around the slit, tasting her skin. It was tangy but tasted great. I lapped along the bottom of her pussy, and slowly lifted my tongue up, parting her lips then lapped at the top. I must have hit her clitoris, because she bucked into my face, and slid her hand behind my head, holding me over her sex.”

My fingers rubbed a bit harder, imagining George’s tongue moving over my sex. I bit my bottom lip, as I focused my eyes on the text in front of me, and turned the page for appearances sake. But in my mind’s eye I was watching George between my legs, licking my pussy.

The other two boys behind me were struck dumb, as George continued his tale. I could hear their breathing quicken. I could imagine their cocks getting harder in their jeans as they thought about the descriptive story that George was telling them.

“Suddenly, as I was licking my way up between her pussy lips, the Minx arched her back and let out a loud moan, ‘FUCK! CUMMING’ she shouted, as my tongue was covered with a bit more of her juices. I licked it up like a kitten drinking milk, and swallowed her tasty cream.”

“Yep, definately not a faggot,” quipped William, trying to break the mood, “But the jury is still out on being a lesbian.”

George laughed, “Well what happened next will quell that vicious rumor!”

“Get to it then!” barked Jerry in a strained voice.

“She grabbed my head, and lifted me up, rolling onto her back on the bed. ‘I want your cock in me now, George’ she said, reaching down between us, and feeling for my erection. She grabbed hold of it, and pulled me down, sliding the head between her pussy lips. I closed my eyes, and tried to concentrate on anything other than the feeling of my cock head parting her wet velvety lips. But I didn’t come. I was still desensitized by my premature ejaculation in her mouth. My cock slid inside her tight pussy, Before I knew it I was all the way in, and her fishnet covered calves wrapped around my hips as I laid there balls deep inside her pussy.”

“What did it feel like,” William asked.

George thought for a moment. In the sudden quiet I held my roaming fingers still, and stifled a short breath of excitement. I turned a page, hopefully appearing like I was still engrossed on the novel. Inside I wanted to open my thighs and pull a cock between my legs and get fucked. Hard. I had to tell myself to cool it. I reminded myself where I was, and pulled my hand from my jeans, and forced myself to hold my book in two hands.

“It was warm. No, HOT… and juicy, and slick. But tight and firm, like a fist, but easy to move in and out. So I pulled my hips back, then slid back in. I must have looked at her like I was asking a question, because she smiled behind her mask, and nodded her head at me. ‘Yes, George, you’re fucking me now.” she groaned smiling at me.”

“You’re so lucky, George,” confessed William.

“Bet you he shot his load early again,” snorted Jerry jealously.

“Actually, I would have,” began George, “except that the Minx slowed me down. ‘I’m in no hurry, and you shouldn’t be either,’ she explained to me. So I took a deep slow breath, like she instructed, and took it slow. She looked incredible, her brown hair fanned behind her head on my mattress. Her green eyes locked on mine, and that crazy smile looking up at me. I must have smiled back, as I slowly sawed in and out of her. ‘You have a great smile, you should use it more,’ she said as her heels dug in the back of my thighs pulling me into her on each stroke.”

“Oh yeah,” Jerry sniffed derisively.

“Oh yeah,” William cheered, excitedly.

I lost myself in my thoughts as I imagined the scene. “Very sexy,” I thought to myself, “George was a fast learner.” I fidgeted a little in my seat, a bit anxious for the story to be over, so I could go to my room and let my fingers do the walking.

“What next?” William asked.

“Well, we kept doing that, I listened to her, and tried to do as she instructed me. I was getting excited again, and so was she. So we went at it faster and faster. Then I felt my balls lift up, and she clamped her legs around me and went stiff. Her pussy gripped me like a fist. I felt my cock pulse and then I was shooting my cum inside her.”

“You mean, your ejaculate,” William corrected.

“William, if you’re ever with a girl, use the word, ‘cum,’ for your own reputation, please.” George explained patiently.

William considered, “Alright, I suppose that would be more in context with the social interchange.”

“After we both calmed down, she lifted up and kissed me. Then disengaged herself, and swung around and cleaned up my cock with her mouth. I was so sensitive it almost hurt, but I didn’t tell her that. After she cleaned me up she kissed me again, and I tasted myself and herself on her lips. Which tasted. Awesome! (I’m sure George was staring at Jerry when he said that, but I don’t have eyes in the back of my head). Then she smoothed her skirt, put her boobs back in her bustier, and walked out my door, like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“Man,” I heard William sigh, “I hope I can meet the Masked Minx someday.”

“If you do,” George advised, “listen to everything she says, and take your time.”

I’d heard enough. I slid my book into my bag, stood up and turned around towards the threesome. William was a younger nerd, lanky with a shock of black hair that wouldn’t stay combed. Thick framed glasses slipping lower down his nose. I put my hand on William’s shoulder.

“Listen to your friend, do whatever the Minx tells you to do!” I offered, “If you ever meet her, that is.”

Then I turned to face George, combed my fingers through my long brown hair. As I fixed my green eyes on his, I winked. He began to recognize me too late. I quickly turned and left, melting into a crowd leaving the dining room. I heard a commotion as I exited the hall.

“That was HER!” was the last thing I heard George say as I exited the building.

I tossed my head back and laughed maniacally! I am the Masked Minx of Missoula, and tonight, William was getting lucky.

It was a lovely day. She got out of her apartment and sauntered towards the station. She had a train to catch. She was going out of town. Not very far away but still a good three hours of travelling by train. She wore dark glasses and loved watching the reactions of men as she walked. She wasn’t bad looking; she was young, had just completed her 20th birthday the week before, was dusky by complexion and was about 5’5″ tall. She had good shapely breasts that bounced nicely as she walked. Her greatest asset was her hips and her buttocks. She had a walk, which could make any man turn and give her a second glance.

She wore a short skirt (about knee length) that hugged her hips and a top that was not too showy but accentuated the shape of her breasts. Her hips swayed with each step and her buttocks oscillated from side to side. Those buttocks were just waiting to be touched and fondled. Of course there were times when she was brushed against or pinched in a public place. She just ignored it although she loved it. She knew what she did to people as she walked past and she enjoyed every bit of it. This particular day she was going into another town to hand over an application for a course on fashion designing. She always wanted to be fashion designer.

The platform looked comparatively deserted as she looked about. She was not surprised, it was a holiday for most people. The train would arrive in another 5 minutes. She had brought along a copy of her novel to read along. It would be a long ride.

The train came in on time and she got in into her first class compartment. She could afford it. Her parents were generous with her pocket money. She settled herself at her window seat and looked around the compartment. A gentleman had just alighted at the station. Apart from her there was just one other gentleman sitting in the far corner at the opposite window.

He was reading his newspaper. He was probably in his early fifties, was distinguished looking, and wore a suit. He had a rather handsome face, he had a head full of hair, much of which had greyed. He could have been a successful business executive who had chosen the train instead of travelling in his car. But he had not looked up to see her as she walked into the compartment. That puzzled her and she felt indignant. Maybe he will look up eventually, she hoped.

The train was travelling through the countryside and it was a lovely scenic view. She had taken out her novel but had not started reading it as yet. Time and again she looked out the train and then at the gentleman wondering if he would give her an appreciative glance. It frustrated her that he would not look, not even a glance. Finally she gave up, crossed her legs, pushed her shapely butt in his direction should he look up from his newspaper and busied herself in her novel.

An hour would have gone past when she looked up from her novel. She was weary from reading and needed to stretch. As she stretched she gave the man a look from the corner of her eye. Wait a minute! What was that. Was she imagining it or was it for real.

The man had lowered his newspaper, which was now resting on his thighs. His hand had disappeared under the paper and seemed to be moving there. She looked carefully. Yes, there was no doubt about it. He was feeling himself under his newspaper. Her pose had had its effect after all.

He caught her looking at him. He wasn’t scared. He continued moving his hands and slowing dropped the newspaper to allow her to see. She had never seen a naked man in flesh and blood. Of course in her school days they had rummaged at girlie magazines and giggled at pictures of scantily dressed men showing of their swollen groins. But this felt different. She froze with numbness.

She could see his thick penis, dark brown in colour, it was not fully erect. The man had released it from his fist and it hung there half-erect. There were thick veins running across the penis. As she looked it began to grow. The man was slowly stroking it and then he kind of unskinned the tip. The head was a deep shade of pink and the penis was throbbing in his hand. It was a strange feeling. She found her heart racing. She realised she was scared but also excited, very excited. This had never happened to her before. She was not sure what she should do.

Seeing that the young girl with the sexy buttocks was not going to shout or do something crazy, he got up from his seat and walked with his erect penis towards the girl.

He had not been able to concentrate since she got into the train. But had resisted showing her his reaction. Finally his passion had got the better of him. He was an exhibitionist. He loved flashing himself to strange girls and pleasuring himself as they watched. It gave him no end of pleasure. He would go as far as he was allowed to. He never forced himself on anybody. If the girl shouted or seemed to protest he would quickly apologize and leave. There was an inherent risk here as he obviously could not walk out of a running train which is why he had resisted looking at her in the first place.

Day Eight – Determination

Kelli woke feeling surprisingly relaxed and refreshed. She’d come to enjoy the feeling of cotton sheets on her nude body, and doubted that she’d ever want to go back to wearing flannel pajamas to bed. Unless Jack wanted her to, of course. She stretched out under the sheets, noting how the folds of cloth created a topography as it lay across her body. The craggy peaks where her toes pressed against the taut sheet. The twin mounds of her legs creating a valley between, leading north to her .. well, to her cave. Then the wider mound indicating her stomach, up to the smooth slopes of her breasts, where the white cloth faintly trembled and shook with her every breath.

Thinking of her breasts, she quickly pulled the sheet down to expose them, her fingers tenderly playing over the taut skin and sensitive nipples. For all the abuse they’d taken, they thankfully looked no worse for the wear. She couldn’t help but smile at the memory of Jack’s mouth on them yesterday, his lips and tongue gently bathing the hurt away while rapidly bringing her to the brink of orgasm. She’d felt his tongue again later that night, too, when he’d eaten her out as dessert after their meal. Though she hadn’t cum, it had been decidedly pleasant, especially so given the tender way he had done it, and the way he’d cuddled with her afterward.

It was exhilarating, really, not knowing what was going to happen next. Which Jack would show up? The kind and gentle one of the night before? The wicked one from their drive to the spring? The lecherous one from the previous morning? By now, she’d stopped even trying to guess what Jack would do next. He’d taken her to heights of pleasure she’d never knew existed. He’d changed her whole attitude towards sex already. And if she had to go through six more days of penance, so be it.

She certainly hadn’t expected that Jack would pardon her from her duties that morning. That meant she didn’t have to awaken him with a blow job. Or get his shower ready for him. Or even bend over for her morning spanking. She strained to look out the bedroom door, wondering where he might be. As the scent of bacon and eggs hit her, she realized that he must be cooking breakfast. Cooking for her? Just as some suspicions at this kind behavior began to take hold, she felt her stomach grumble. Suspicious or not, she’d barely eaten in the last 24 hours, and her body was letting her know it.

Sliding out of bed, she padded to the bathroom to go potty and to freshen herself up. That morning ritual hadn’t been revoked, and she knew that Jack would want to see her freshly scrubbed and ready for anything. Teeth brushed, hair combed and face clean, she slipped into the short white robe hanging on the door. Like all the clothes they’d brought for her, it revealed far too much skin, the bottom barely covering the mounds of her butt. In fact, she knew that if she bent over just the tiniest bit, the terry cloth would ride up enough to reveal the pink folds of her pussy. Jack had proven this to be true, too, when he fondled her from behind without disturbing the robe in any way. The front wasn’t much better, since there wasn’t enough fabric to even begin to cover her breasts adequately. And when she cinched the robe the way he liked, she could barely keep her nipples covered. Not that it really mattered, she thought, surveying herself in the mirror. She’d long since stopped feeling embarrassed walking around nude in front of her husband.

To her delight, Jack had indeed made breakfast for both of them, and they lingered over it for a good half hour. Then it was into the shower, where she assiduously washed every inch of his body with just her hands and some soap, taking special care to make sure his cock was glistening clean. As she toweled him off, and then herself, she felt almost as blissful as she had on their honeymoon. Except that then they’d kept all of their sexual activities under the covers and in the dark. It was somewhat unsettling that she was now so familiar with his private parts, especially in comparison to their early life together. But that was in the past. The old fears. And the old Kelli.

Jack seemed to be in great spirits, energetically moving about the room and whistling snatches of different songs. At his suggestion, she wore only a small pair thong panties and the white robe she’d worn earlier. They were going for a little walk, he’d declared earlier. She knew by now that he meant something more than a walk was planned, and she shivered a little at the thought of what that could mean. The thick backpack of “supplies” looked pretty ominous to her.

Walking through the woods, she instinctively tried to pull the robe tighter to conceal more of her body, but to no avail. If she pulled the hem down, it left more of her breasts exposed. Pulling the cloth tighter revealed more of her butt. Thankfully, anyone who spotted her wouldn’t have a clear view of her pussy, though the sheer fabric of her panties didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“Here we are,” Jack announced, pulling to a stop on the trail.

Where is here, she wondered, surveying the trees, trees and more trees around them. She couldn’t possibly understand why he’d chosen this place to stop.

“Take off your robe. And give me your right hand,” he said, the command snapping her attention back to him. Pulling a rope from his bag, he wrapped it around her wrist several times, knotting it so that it wouldn’t slip off. He then secured her left wrist in the same way. Taking hold of the other end of the rope, he threw it up and over the limb of the tree to her left, then took the other rope and threw it on the tree to her right. At his command, she sat on the stump between the trees while he secured the ropes through eye hooks he’d pounded into the trunks. Pulling both ropes taut enough to keep her arms raised high, he tied the free ends to her ankles. The cleverness of it hit her when she realized that she could only lower her hands by raising her legs off the ground. Otherwise her arms would be up high, and her breasts would be exposed for anyone to see. Plus, when Jack slipped the blindfold over her eyes, she couldn’t have struggled if she wanted to.

Robbed of her ability to see, Kelli strained to decipher the sounds Jack made. She heard him grunt with effort and the thump of something heavy being set next to her. Next came a pounding sound of hammer to nail. She heard the backpack being zipped. Finally, finally, he spoke to her. “You can think of this as a special test. A test to see how much you’ve learned. You’re to sit here, go with the flow, and not say a single, solitary word. Not a word. Not a sound. Nothing.” His words sounded ominous to her. He hadn’t even mentioned a punishment. She’d be quiet, that was for sure. She tried hard to determine which direction he took as he walked away, but the trees absorbed too much sound. She was alone.

Fortunately, the morning air had warmed considerably, and there was only a slight breeze, which sometimes tickled her nipples. Where had Jack gone? And how long would it be before he returned? For all she knew, he was standing just a few feet away, filming her discomfort. She tried to remember if she’d seen the video camera that morning. He’d used it to take some explicit photos of her the night before, something he’d done almost every evening. She reviewed his instructions again. Sit there. No talking. Go with the flow. Her arms were getting tired, and he hadn’t said anything about not moving around. Through trial and error, she learned that she could bring her hands down to chin level by raising her legs off the ground. Not that it helped much. With her legs spread wide, she felt more vulnerable than ever. And hunching her legs in toward her body made her position on the log very precarious. She didn’t want to fall off. She’d never get on again.

While she couldn’t hear any people nearby, the forest had noises of its own. The rustle of leaves announced the presence of a squirrel or chipmunk. The branches sometimes clattered when the wind picked up. And the twitter of the birds helped keep her company. She settled in, suspecting she’d have to wait a long time for Jack’s return.

Intently listening to the birds’ chorus, Kelli almost missed the sound of footsteps approaching. Was that Jack? She cocked her head to one side, as if she could tell by the weight of the sound the weight of the person. It had to be Jack, didn’t it? The steps made a full circle around her, then stopped off to her left. One person, for sure. But who? She heard a soft whump as something dropped to the ground, and then the footsteps came even closer, until she could feel the nearness of another person. She sniffed hard, trying to pick up a scent. Nothing. The sudden feel of fingers on her breast almost toppled her from her seat.

Someone was groping her! She felt rough skin slide along hers. Callused fingers touched her nipples. A hand lightly rubbed the cloth between her legs, a finger pulling it aside, and then plunging inside her quivering hole. After half a minute of finger fucking, it finally withdrew.

Kelli felt certain that there was just one person assaulting her. A man, by the calluses on the hands. But who? It could be Jack. And for him, she’d have to go along. But what if it was someone else? What if some stranger had come along, and was taking advantage of her naked helplessness? She heard the rustle of clothing, and the unmistakeable sound of a zipper. What if a stranger was preparing to rape her right now? Her mind raced. Jack would be watching her. If someone came along, Jack would come over and get rid of him. She listened with all her might, but could only hear the sounds made by the person next to her. No one was running towards them. No one was shouting. That meant the person next to her had to be Jack. She remembered his instructions. Sit here. Say nothing. And go with the flow. He’d specifically told her to go with the flow. This was part of the test!

Expecting to feel the hands between her legs again, Kelli was surprised to feel soft flesh pressing against her lips. As she shied away, she felt hands on each side of her face pull her mouth against the flesh. The meaning was obvious. Parting her lips, she took the soft cock into her mouth, playing the tip of her tongue over it, as if she could ascertain its ownership simply by touch. But it felt and tasted just any other. For all she knew, it could be Jack’s. Best to act as though it was. Using her lips, teeth and tongue, she sucked and slurped at the hot flesh until it had hardened to the point where she could only keep some of it in her mouth. She paused then, unsure of how to proceed. Did he want her to keep sucking? To close tight for a mouth fuck? To transfer her attention to his balls or elsewhere? She got her answer when she felt her hands being lowered, which in turn raised her ankles to a very uncomfortable position. Taking the hard shaft in her hands, she proceeded to administer a wet and fervent blow job, sucking, slurping, licking and gnawing with unfeigned urgency. The faster he got off, the faster he’d be away. She paid particular attention to the hard yet silky crown. As she kissed and sucked it, she pistoned the shaft between her hands, as though to pinch the cum from one point to another. It had to be Jack, she’d decided. Only he could force her to do something like this but still be so quiet during it.

The sudden explosion of cum in her mouth caught her by surprise, causing her to gag and pull away, so that the subsequent blasts splattered her mouth and chin. Her last sensation of him was of his wet cock being wiped across her breast, leaving a hot, sticky trail of cum. She listened intently, pleased to finally hear a zipper being fastened, and the sound of an item being lifted from the forest floor. She felt a face close to hers, and steeled herself for a kiss from her unseen lover. Instead a very soft whisper tickled her ear.

“The sign says I’m not supposed to say anything. But thanks for the blow, and thanks for the show.” With that she could hear him tromping away, leaving her bound and cum-soaked beneath the trees. Kelli waited breathlessly for the steps to return and for Jack to call out that the test was over and she’d passed with flying colors. She’d stayed still. She’d said nothing. And she’d gone with the flow, which was now inexorably dripping from her chin to her chest.

By the time the footsteps returned, she’d had to raise her legs twice in order to rest her arms. The cum had long since dried on her skin, and behind the blindfold sweat had dripped into her eyes. Plus, she thought she might have permanent crease marks on her butt from sitting on the stump. Good thing her butt had long since gone numb.

“I see you’ve been enjoying yourself,” Jack said sarcastically, as she squinted into the afternoon daylight, her eyes tearing up after the removal of the blindfold. “Since you want to play the trailside whore, maybe it’s time that I got my licks in.” Was he really mad at her, or just play-acting?

As he bent to untie her ankles, Kelli looked down at herself. Her panties were still pushed aside where the man had groped her. Jack, she reminded herself. Where Jack had groped her. Farther up, the trail of cum ended just above her navel, with several blotches apparent on both her tits. Her face must look even messier, she decided. Good thing nobody else had seen her like this.

“Stand up on the stump,” Jack ordered. She struggled to obey, even though her legs were totally asleep. With a few hard pulls on the rope, he raised her hands until they were almost fully extended. Then, holding her toes onto the top of the stump, he pushed her forward, so she was leaning into the air at an angle, with only the ropes to keep her from toppling to the ground. As she struggled to maintain her precarious position, he reached up and ripped her panties into shreds, leaving her totally naked.

“It’s time for you to get back to nature,” Jack said with an evil grin, brandishing four whip-like branches from a nearby bush. She barely felt the first ten strokes, so numb was her butt. But the time they reached 35, she was on the edge of tears. Finally tossing the branches to the side, Jack pushed her backwards, so that she was sitting in thin air, her body almost completely supported by her agonized arms and shoulders. She knew he didn’t need a reason to punish her, but this was too much!

Coming up from below her, he pulled her legs apart enough to get his head between her thighs. Pressing his lips forward and up, he proceeded to part her pussy with his tongue, first sucking and licking the sweet juices on the outside, then tongue-fucking her swollen clit. It took only a minute before she screamed like a wild animal, her body wracked by a powerful orgasm. As her body jolted and swayed against the ropes, she struggled to keep her feet planted on the stump. Finally he took pity on her and lowered her to the ground, where she lay panting from the pain and pleasure.

With her arms still tied by the ropes, she followed Jack back to the cabin. He let her pause only once – to read the sign he’d posted on the tree next to her. Her jaw dropped as she read it aloud, “Welcome! Stop here for a blow job. This woman is for your pleasure. Please don’t talk or make any noise. Enjoy!” Kelli shot a horrified glance at Jack, but he never cracked a smile or a smirk. She would just have to wonder.

Jack didn’t give her long to recover from her adventure in the woods. Within an hour he had her bustling about the cabin, packing for their trip, cleaning, sweeping and loading the luggage into the car. If her butt didn’t still sting from her earlier whipping, she had half a mind to remind him that she’d signed on to be his sex slave, not his personal slave. She shook her head with a grimace. That argument would have her sitting on ice packs for a week. Soon, though, everything was packed and ready. Except for Jack, apparently.

“Now that all that’s done, we can relax a little before we take off for the big city,” he said, dangling a white bikini set in front of her, and nodding to the sun-drenched deck. She didn’t bother to leave the room to change, fully comfortable with the way he stared at her breasts as she slipped the thin fabric on. The bikini fit perfectly. All that measuring he’d done of her body in the first days really paid off.

She was surprised when she saw the two lounge chairs already set out on the deck; she’d assumed that he had something else in mind. That set her up for an even bigger surprise when she spotted the large carafe of margaritas, with two drinks already poured and ready. That really made her put her guard up. But if Jack had any ulterior purpose, he wasn’t revealing anything. After a few sips of her drink, the alcohol began to relax her, and she quickly slipped into a sun-soaked stupor.

She awoke only when she felt Jack slide onto the lounge next to her, the bare skin of his chest and legs sliding agreeably along her limbs. He snuggled in against her, turning her slightly so that she lay on her side, with him parallel to her. Prior to becoming his slave, she’d never really liked to spoon, mostly because Jack’s hand would naturally fall upon her breast. But now she’d grown used to it, though she was a tad startled when he didn’t automatically reach inside her top to cup her breast. That had become his favorite sleeping position. With his arms cradling her, his shorts-clad groin hard against her butt, his bare legs entwined in hers, the sun warming her skin and the drinks slowing her thoughts, she felt as safe and secure as she’d ever felt before. She could stay like this forever.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear an indeterminate amount of time later. He loved her? Did he really say that? It was the first time he’d uttered those words since before her affair. Despite the warmth and drowsiness, her imagination took off. He loved her again! That meant he could forgive her. Which meant they could be happy again. But not like before. Happier. Because she wouldn’t be so straitlaced. And he wouldn’t be so frustrated. She shifted her butt against him, smiling as she felt his semi-erect cock through both his pants and her bottom. With a final snuggle, she let her heartbeat lull her to sleep.

Kelli slowly awoke to a slight tickling sensation, which was accompanied by a not unpleasant buzzing permeating her body. Jack’s hand had somehow made its way underneath her bikini top, and his fingers were now gently squeezing and rubbing her tingling nipples. The introduction of his hand, though, was stretching the fabric tight against her other nipple, creating even more friction and heat. She shifted slightly against him, preparing to bring her hand between them and take hold of his cock, when she heard him whisper in her ear, “Stay still. And don’t open your eyes.” She stayed motionless as possible as his hand moved to her other breast, which he palmed and caressed with tender agility.

“Don’t look now, but we have an audience,” he murmured into her ear. An audience? Was someone really watching? Or was he just playing with her mind again? As she debated opening her eyes, Jack pushed her bikini top up over her breasts, totally exposing her full tits. Then, with casual slowness, she felt his hand trace the curves of her body as it travelled from her chest down to her stomach, and then farther down, where his fingers mischievously plucked at her bikini bottom. God, she wanted so much to open her eyes. But Jack had said not to.

“Who’s watching?” she breathed at him, soft enough that no one but him would be able to hear.

Jack didn’t seem to mind the question. “There’s two, standing in front of that old oak tree. A guy and a girl. From the college, I think. He’s leaning against the tree, and she’s leaning back against him. She’s wearing denim shorts and a white tank top. Her top is pushed up over her tits, like yours. Hers are smaller, though, perkier. He was touching them at the same time I was touching yours. Let’s see if he’ll keep doing what I do.” Kelli held her breath as she felt his fingers slide under the triangle of thin fabric, the tips marching slowly to her silken valley. Though he’d been groping and touching her there almost continuously for the last week, this time it felt different. More intimate. More erotic. His forefinger slowly split her pussy lips, the folds of flesh encasing him. She felt a chill run up her back. She ached to part her legs, to welcome him in. By sheer will, she managed to keep still. But, she needed to know!

Jack is pinned, wondering what is going to happen in this situation. Anna has him pushed up against the wall in the bathroom of a gas station.

Jack had passed her a few miles back but she stayed behind him. That is until he needed to stop for fuel. While Jack was pumping fuel he couldn’t help but to look over at Anna. She was beautiful. Her hair was long and flowing in the breeze. It captivated him for a moment until the movement of her sundress brought his attention to what looked like an unharnessed set of C cup titties. This all easily covered up the fact that something about her was different.

They both approached the door to the station. Just before they reached the door, Anna turned and looked directly into Jacks’ eyes. “Why were you staring at me?”

Jack could not get any other words to form except, “you are cute.”

“Are you serious.”


Anna seemed to be pondered something for a second. “Would you like to found out how beautiful.” Without giving him a chance to answer , she went inside to pay. She made a point to ask attendant where the bathroom was and if she needed a key. Taking the directions and the key she flashed a knowing look at Jack. Anna slowly walked out the door and towards the bathroom. Jack was quick to follow.

He couldn’t believe his luck. He never thought much of his appearance, but he could not say that he was a loaner either.

Turning the corner he came face to face with Anna as should stood in the doorway. She said “you have to promise that if I get naked you will satisfy me.” A simple nod was she needed. She led him into the bathroom and told Jack to remove his clothes first.

She squatted down and took his now growing cock into her mouth. A little awkward at first but quickly she developed a nice rhythm. The feeling of her tongue flicking over his head. Puffy lips sliding along his rigid prick. She would take just a little more of him on every stroke. Making every effort to get the entire length of him into her mouth.

With his cock now deep in her throat, she looked up at him. Jack could see fire in her eyes that made him go crazy. Grabbing the back of her head. he began to face fuck her. Jack drove his cock furiously, trying to satisfy a need that her eyes had fueled.

As his dick went in and out of her throat it would make a popping sound followed by a bit of saliva escaping to dribble down her chin.

She pulled back and told him to sit down, she was going to ride him.

She had already removed her panties, so as he sat down she turned around and slide down onto his cock. Very wet and tight. It took a little bit for him to get all of his manhood deep inside of her. Feeling his legs touch the back of her thighs, she stopped to adjust to his size.

Steadily the lust gave way, turning them into a fucking machine. She bounced up and down on him. Pushing down harder as she felt the pleasure course through her.

Jack had to feel her soft skin, to caress her back, her stomach, and most certainly those tits that had caught his attention outside. He lifted the sundress off of her. She grabbed his hands to guide them to her firm tits. Allowing him to massage them. To pinch and pull on her nipples, making Anna squeal with delight.

Jack didn’t think it could get any better. Was he ever wrong.

Jack told her to stand up and bend over so that he could taste her. As she stood Jack noticed that she was awkwardly cupping her clit, but he was to deep in heat to think much about it.

He began sucking and licking at her juicy pussy. Teasing her with a few passes placed just next to her folds. Quickly he drove his tongue deep into her leaky cunt. Reviling in the taste and feel of her softness on his face.

His tongue began to dance all over her. Occasionally slipping past her back door. Causing her to whimper as he touched it. The flinching that he felt was not to escape the touch but to encourage it. He concentrated more on her tight light rosebud until she was pushing back onto his tongue. It opened reluctantly as his powerful tongue pushed into her. As he used his tongue to fuck her ass he reached up to slide his fingers through her lips. Spreading her juices around just enough to slide a finger in. A second finger quickly followed. Only to be withdrawn so that he could lap at her cunt.

He reached up to rub her clit but her hand was in the way. So he put his hand on top of hers to feel her rubbing. He could feel her slowing moving up and down, massaging herself. She gently moved her hand away allowing him to take over. To Jacks’ surprise, he felt a hard cock in his hand. Hard and leaking precum all over him. He felt her flinch as he wrapped his hand around it.

She quickly relaxed as he began to stroke it. He turned her so that he could suck her dick. He licked the head for a little bit. Causing more fluid to flow from her cock as well as her cunt. This was way to hot to tease any more. Jack just had to have it deep in his mouth.

Swallowing her shaft he could feel every vein. He enjoyed the feel of hard cock in him. But this was so much better. Having a hard cock pocking at his throat while he fingered he cunt.

She said that is the first time anyone has every done that. Jack asked if she had ever fucked anyone. She had not. He stood and turned around. Looking over his shoulder he told her to stick her cock in his ass. She did just that. She pushed into him slowly, taking care not to hurt him. Getting a little bit in only to pull out to the tip and back in farther. Once she hit bottom she held there while rubbing his cheeks. She stayed that way for awhile allowing him to get used to her hard prick.

Out of no where she slapped his ass and began long, deep stokes making sure to bottom out on every thrust. She began to pick up the pace. Her breathing was becoming labored. When all of a sudden she thrust in as deep as she could and stopped.

Jack rocked back and forth with need, but she told him to stop as she wasn’t ready to cum yet. He couldn’t stop, he needed to feel it. He needed to feel her cum deep inside his bowels. Grabbing his hips she thrust a couple times, burying her cock deep inside him. She unloaded into him. Depositing several shots of cum. This seemed to last for a couple minutes.

As Anna pulled out he spun around and picked her up only to slam her wet pussy down onto his throbbing cock.. As Jack pounded her cunt,he asked if she could get pregnant.

She said no, but she wanted him to cum on her face. He told her she better get ready. She slid off and on to her knees. He shot several heavy ropes all over her face and her tits.

I watch the man chug the beer and wait for him to tell me what to do. Can there be a doubt that he controls the situation completely and absolutely? I know he will do unspeakable things to me and that thought sends a chill down my spine. Fantasies of being degrading flow through my mind at such speed that I am almost numb that it is happening, as if I’m not in my body.

“Slut,” the man says, snapping me out of my reverie.

“Yes?” I ask, not knowing how to address him as I do not know his name.

“Get me another beer. And call me sir or I will teach you a painful lesson.”

My stomach jumps as I imagine what type of punishment he will inflict if I disobey. Fetching the beer I bring it to him, my knees weak as I come within an arm length.

“Get on your knees, slut, and play with my balls.”

“Yes, sir,” I say, kneeling in front of him. I grab his balls in one hand, which are slick with sweat and cum and juice from my pussy, and with the other stroke his semi-erect penis. The smell makes me want to gag, but I can’t take my eyes away from the massive package in my hands. His cock hangs like a hammer between his legs, at least twice the size of my husband’s tiny dick and I find myself wondering what I will not do for this man.

“So, you’re not on the pill? I think I’ll breed you tonight. Nothing more of a turn on than breeding a blonde slut in front of her wimp husband,” he says, giving my face a light slap. I don’t know if I am supposed to answer him, so I keep quiet. Yes, I’ll let him get me pregnant. My husband does not make me orgasm at all, never mind the earth shattering one this man forced from me a few minutes ago. Why would I say no?

“Don’t just stare at it,” he says, pushing his cock into my mouth. He grips my face and begins forcing his thick meat into my throat. I relax and let him control me, trying to avoid gagging as he starts working his now slick cock into my mouth at a steady pace. My eyes blur from tears as he presses his balls against my chin. I can’t believe he fit that monster down my throat. He holds still for a few moments, my nose buried in his pubic hair and my hands on his hips.

Finally pulling out of my mouth, he lets me breathe, though he slaps his thick cock against my cheek several times, quite hard. “Are you mine, slut?”

“Yes, sir,” I say, panting for air.

“No, tell me you are a slut.”

Looking up at him, trying to focus on him through the tears, I push the disgrace away and say what he wants. “I am your slut, sir.”

“Perfect. I want you to promise you won’t have sex with your husband again.”

I turn to look at my husband, who watches with a mix of horror and desire in his eyes, not sure if I can agree to this stipulation. I hear the slap of his palm against my face before the pain registers and I scream before I can stop myself.

“I promise, sir,” I whisper.

My husband’s mouth hangs open with shock. I am not sure if he knows whether I mean it, but he will find out. This man controls us for the night and perhaps beyond, who can say? The man yanks me by the arm onto his lap, stomach down. Without another word, he begins spanking me, each strike a stinging blow that shakes my body.

“Do you have lube?” he asks of nobody in particular. My husband rises without answering and fetches him a black bottle of lubricant. The man opens it and squirts a generous amount on my ass, which clenches as a thought runs through my mind. He is going to fuck my ass. I try to squirm off his lap as I am not sure I can possibly take his massive cock in my ass, but pins me easily with one arm as the other starts rubbing the lubricant in slowly. He finally inserts a finger, gently, which surprises me. I expected him to be far rougher.

I moan as he works his finger in, the pleasure I feel surprising. It does not hurt and I lift my ass to encourage him. He inserts another finger and begins a slow slide, working the fingers deeper inch by inch. Never in my life did I consider letting a man fuck my ass and here I am, soaking his leg in anticipation. I feel a little faint as he pushes another finger into me, the pain rising a bit and sweat forming on my temples. I know he will soon fuck me and I try to breathe normally as he pulls his fingers out and lays me on the bed.

He climbs onto me and I feel panic in my stomach as the head of his cock rests against my ass. Could I stop him? The panic increases as I know the answer to be negative. He will take me, whether I wish it or not. As I wonder what my husband must be thinking, the man inserts the tip, sending a wave of pain through my body. I put the pillow between my cheeks and scream into it as he drives his cock a few inches into my ass. It feels like hot fire and I pound the bed with my hands as he keeps pushing it into me.

Stopping for a moment, he takes a few pulls of beer, giving me time to adjust to the feeling. I turn to look back and almost faint as I realize he only has half his cock in me.

“I…don’t…” I try to speak, but my voice cracks and I press my face back into the pillow again as he presses more cock into me. “Arrrrrrrggh.”

“Scream, slut,” he says, smacking my already red cheeks. Pain shoots through my body as he begins fucking my ass for real, pulling his cock out and jamming it in again, forcing more and more of his monster into me each time.

“Oh. My. God,” I scream into the pillow, sweat and tears pouring down my face. I can’t take any more of this, he will break me. He mashes me into the mattress, pounding me viciously, his entire body slapping against mine, which knocks the wind out of me. Unable to speak or scream or move, I pray for him to finish, the feeling of him owning my ass seeming totally surreal, as if I’m watching it happen to another girl.

He owns me, totally and completely. That thought keeps running through my mind as he savages me. I don’t even feel it anymore, I think I’ve kind of left my body and drift deep into my private place as he continues doing as he wishes. As if in the distance, I hear his skin smacking against mine and his grunts as he unloads on me. I feel spit dripping on my back, which brings me out of my dreamlike state. With a grunt he pulls out of my ass and gets off me, flipping me onto my back. Climbing on my stomach, which forces the air from my lungs again, he strokes his cock to orgasm, covering my face with rope upon rope of thick cum.

He rolls off me and I hear him walk into the kitchen for more beer, but I can’t move or see for that matter. I feel a cloth against my face and soon open my eyes to see my husband lovingly wiping me clean.

“I love you,” he whispers, kissing me gently on the lips.

“I love you, too. Always. Don’t worry about what I said. I’ll take care of your needs forever, I promise.”

“I know,” he says, brushing sweat slick hair away from my face. “Did this live up to your expectations?”

Smiling, I hug him against my body, covering his neck with kisses. “Oh, my love, tonight couldn’t be more perfect.”

…to be continued

***As far as I can say, this is a true story as confessed to me by a male friend during a drunken game of Truth or Dare one lonely night at college when almost everybody else had gone home for the weekend. I changed any names and consider it a work of narrative non-fiction, a style popularized by Truman Capote. I have all of the main facts (positions, sensations, the word ‘undulating’, etc.) as described by my friend, I just wrote it down as a story and filled in the details using my own dirty mind. I hope it works.***

Her butt was soft yet firm, and the skin was smooth and felt like velvet under his warm hand. He imagined that it belonged to Annie, Christy, or Ruth, or maybe even his own girlfriend Maria, all of whom had been present before he was taken away and blindfolded ready for the fun.

He had taken his place on the bed and waited patiently for…how long had it been? Ten minutes? Fifteen? It had felt like such a long time until he heard the door open and several sets of footsteps made their way in before the bed moved as the other person – also blindfolded – had been led to it by the women.

He could hear the others take their place around the room to watch, but nobody spoke because speaking was forbidden and would work contrary to the thrill of having a mystery partner, and he could only imagine that it was Annie who was next to him. He hoped it was Annie, dark and exotic with high pouting breasts and perky, erect nipples that it was hell to watch somebody else from the group enjoying while he sat with the others.

He felt a hand on his arm, the hand was cold and it made him shiver slightly, but he turned towards it and took it in his own, then climbed further onto the bed to lay down, and felt his partner lay next to him.

He leaned forward and kissed her. She had soft, warm lips and as he pressed against them he opened her mouth slightly and pushed his tongue in a little way to massage against hers. She was wearing lip balm and it tasted of cherry.

His hand stroked her thigh and felt the curve of her hip which led to a nice stomach which felt like it could have been toned by regular work-outs. Annie had a toned body, he had watched it many times at the gym, envious of the bike saddle between her legs and of the foam grip handle in her hand. Right now he felt the hand touch his face and work through his hair onto the back of his head where it pulled him on top of her. He pressed his genitals against her leg and she moved it rhythmically from side to side, gently caressing it until it hardened and pressed into her now warmed skin firmly. His hand cupped her breast, it was soft and the nipple was soft at first but soon stood rigid under his palm.

Annie never had soft nipples, they always looked rigid, so he decided it must be Christy. Christy was fine too, it was all good.

He squeezed the nipple between his thumb and finger and heard her take a sharp breath that made him want to apologize, before realizing that he wasn’t allowed to talk. He lowered his head and sucked the nipple, wrapping his lips around it and flicking it with his tongue before taking his lips off and licking it. It tasted of cherries now as well. Her hand stroked his hair and pulled his head against her soft breasts where he kissed his way along her chest between her nipples. His right hand caressed her stomach and navel and he traced the tidy line of pubic hair under his finger until it stopped and her soft skin began. He gently trailed his finger up and down along her pubic hair while he kissed and licked her softly undulating stomach, her skin burning hot now against his lips.

He felt her pubic hair under his lips and he could smell her sweet scent as it filled his nostrils and aroused him more. Slowly he brushed his mouth downwards and felt the soft hair as it teased his lips, and then he felt her bare flesh touching him and it felt like heaven. Christy always had more hair, he remembered that from the last time he watched. It had to be Ruth.

His lips opened and closed around her clitoris. His fingers opened her slightly and he sucked it gently between his lips before it slipped away again. He kissed it and ran his tongue along her warm skin, tracing her outline before copying his kissing technique and using his own lips to gently push hers open, then slipping his tongue inside a little.

He flattened his tongue over her entire pussy and felt how warm it was. It tasted of cherries now as well. He pushed his tongue deep inside her and tasted her fully, she was sweeter than cherries and he took another, deeper lick before his slippery tongue slid up onto, and then off of her now erect clit.

She pulled his head away and kissed him again, sucking his tongue into her mouth and taking her own juice hungrily.

Her hand found his cock and stroked it gently as it hardened fully, he felt something wet and warm run along the tip and knew it was her tongue tracing a circle around it.

Laying on the bed he felt her kneel up and throw a leg over his head. She knelt over his face and he reached up and grasped her butt, it was soft and firm under his hand as he manoeuvred her over his mouth and felt her pussy touch his lips. He slid his tongue inside her and she moved in small thrusts, pushing it deeper into her.

She leaned forward and he felt a warm sensation around the tip of his cock, then her lips surrounded him. She licked the tip firmly with her soft tongue, then gently sucked him further into her mouth, using the tip of her tongue to massage around the shaft and the thicker part to rub against the head. She moved her head slowly up and down, taking his full length in her mouth and sucking as she moved, all the while gently using her nails to tickle his balls.

He pulled her ass cheeks apart and rubbed her ass with his finger, causing her to moan with surprise and sending a resonant vibration through his entire body. He could feel his orgasm getting close so he sat up a little and lifted her off of his face. The two kissed until his excitement was under control again, then she lifted her leg over his waist.

He pressed his cock length-ways against her pussy and she pressed against him and moved back and forth until her juice covered him, then he pressed the tip against her clit and massaged it firmly while he sucked her neck. Her hair smelled like bubblegum shampoo, he had always found that smell pleasant, but now it was arousing. In the back of his mind he remembered that Ruth was allergic to the bubblegum-smelling shampoo, so he decided that his partner was definitely Maria. He felt silly for not recognizing his own girlfriend sooner.

He pressed his cock against her pussy and slowly leaned backwards, letting it slide inside her inch by inch, feeling her soft warmth envelop him entirely, then as he laid back fully she leaned backwards too and he felt her ass press down on his balls while his cock strained inside her pussy.

She moved slowly at first, from deep to shallow, making his cock massage her g-spot and clit in long strokes, then she leaned forward and rode him like Annie rode that lucky bike in the gym. He pulled her body towards him and her small breasts pressed against his chest, her nipples rubbing against his own while he snatched kisses from her warm, moist cherry lips.

She rolled over and he was on top, pressing hard into her as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him tight making his thrusts smaller but more forceful. He felt her hips arch and her neck bent back as she lifted her head, and he kissed the tight skin on her hot neck and felt her breathing deepen. She moaned and it sounded familiar, but he couldn’t immediately place it.

She pushed him off and he felt her kneel in front of him and press her ass against his thighs. He leaned in and licked her pussy and ass and felt a violent shiver pass through her body. He hoped that he could hold out long enough for that.

He entered her hot pussy from behind and pulled on her hips roughly as she pushed too, it hurt a little but it was so good. He thrusted deep into her and ran his hands over her back onto her shoulders, and she collapsed face-down onto the bed. He laid on top of her and began to thrust harder in a downwards motion from her clit and onto her g-spot, ending up deep inside her before pulling almost all the way out and then back in again. He could feel her pussy squeezing his cock, and she started to shake and moan which made him approach his own orgasm, and finally with a loud moan of his own he buried his face deep in her hair, wrapped his arms around her around her and ejaculated, pressing down hard on her hips.

He pulled out and laid on top of her for a moment, his cock buried between her ass cheeks and he silently regretted not being able to hold out for that next step, but hoped that maybe next time he would do it.

He could hear the quiet giggles of the people all around him and he rolled off and laid there, his cock rapidly softening in the chill of the open air. His partner breathed next to him and he found her hand and gave it a squeeze. It squeezed back. A voice rang out suddenly, startling him slightly.

“Okay guys, you can take off the blindfolds now.”

He slipped the blindfold off and looked around at the others. He counted the three other guys and the four women they had turned up with. He was confused and with some trepidation he looked at the girl. It wasn’t Annie and it wasn’t Christy. It wasn’t Ruth or even Maria. She had red hair and green eyes and pale skin punctuated with the occasional freckle, soft pink nipples and a tidy line of red pubic hair leading down to deliciously pink pussy. It was Michelle. She stared back at him, then opened her mouth to speak.

“Ohhhhhh… Umm…hi, bro. Didn’t know you did this too.”

He closed his eyes and put his head back on the pillow and listened to the laughter of the watchers which filled the room.

As I wake, or at least my eyes and brain began to focus on the same things, I can see from the blurry image that I am inside. It is a small hut or shack, I can only see the room I’m in and from the floor at that. I can not move my body, shifting my eyes is all I can manage. Having no idea where I am, my mind starts to try to put together the events that I can still remember.

The last that I can bring up is the patrol, we were on the way back from a small intelligence sweep of the sectors northeast of the firebase, looking for enemy movement in and around these areas. I was bringing up the rear and watching my patrols back as we moved through the jungle. I remember stopping to survey the area we had just moved through, making sure there was no trouble slipping up from behind. As I turned back forward, I saw the small black figure step from the bush, step in front of me, then the feeling of a sharp stinging and the sudden rush of warmth that flooded down the front of me. The world around me went black . . .

That’s it, then here, not sure where here is or how I got here but the heart is still beating, all I can really ask right now isn’t it? I look around the area and it is very modest, very sparse actually. I can hear someone in the other room outside my vision, they seem to be scurrying around in that room. Other than that and the normal sounds of the jungle, there was nothing else to hear. I can see an AK-47 propped up in the corner. Seeing the weapon brings back the memory of the stinging feeling and I looked down. A large, wet, red patch of some material is across my stomach and the bedding under me seems very wet with the same.

Looking around the place as I lay there, I see nothing but blurry images. Even so, my hearing seems rather clear. I can hear the sounds of a few animals, mostly chickens I assume, also, now and then I hear the traces of someone at work. The slight efforts I make to look at my surroundings tires me more than I can even imagine. Most of my time is spent dropping in and out of whatever consciousness this is.

I hear someone enter through the back of the house, then the sound of something dropping on the floor on the other side of the wall next to me. A small body walks past the opening of the room. First in and then back out of my sight. I do not think they know I am awake, they don’t seem to be paying much attention to me. As they move around just out of my sight I catch glimpses of the person and it appears to be a young female. She is cleaning a little and I can only assume she is making something to eat.

Judging from her size relative to items in the house, she is very tiny. I don’t know if she is just very young or very petite. When she hits a lull in her activities I can see she has noticed I am awake, but she does seem relieved that I am not moving. She turns and picks up a pot and holds it toward me as if offering me some. All I am able to do is blink, so I blinked twice and glanced to a spot beside the make shift bed that I am on. She comes over and sits beside me, she looks very young, somewhere around 18.

Offering me water first and holding the cup to my lips, small sips quench my thirst and then she offers a small piece of bread crust and some gravy. It tastes just like it was expected to, but it is food, at least I hope. After only a few small bites and even smaller sips of water I can feel myself starting to drift off.

“Tiger Joe needs to get strong,” she keeps repeating.

It took me a little while but I remembered that I was wearing tiger-striped camouflage and well, we were all Joes.

This is the routine for the next several times I regain consciousness. The only difference has been when she changed my bandages on my stomach. I am still not able to sit up or even raise my head to look down, I believe that is probably a good thing. She talks to me in a very broken, one word at a time type english, but we seem to be getting the gist of understanding each other. She will not talk about my injuries or if she knows what actually happened. She also doesn’t seem to know anything about the other Joes in the area.

I mentioned her family and asked where they were and all she said was, “family gone”, then went to sit across the room from me and wouldn’t look at me anymore. She stayed away until after if was dark and when I could no longer hold on she came over close and wiped my brow with a nice cool towel, checked my bandages and as she did I fell asleep again.

I wake in the wee early hours and the sun is just starting to slowly break the horizon. In a moment I see her as she stands from beside me, it is then that I realize that she had been sleeping on the floor beside me. I do not let her see that I am awake and she moves to sit against the wall down by my feet. I have no idea what she is doing and pretend to be asleep just a little longer. She sits and looks at me, like she is watching me sleep. She sits in a dark spot and the light from the window lays across my makeshift pallet.

Shifting her hips as she gets into a comfortable spot, the front of her long dress falls open as she moves. Her nipples small and pointed as her fingers started to tease and play with them. She lays her head back and takes a deep breath.

She trails her fingertips across the dark skin of her belly as she moves them between her thighs. Shifting again slowly, her legs part and she begins to slowly rub and tease the lips that were starting to swell and get so very wet. Fingers slide in and out as her hand begins to bring her close to her release. I strain and try not to move, but the site is driving me up a wall. I see as she brings herself to the edge and over, looking at me as she gets there. Sweat dripping from her nose and nipples as she cums over and over.

Now, I know I am in no shape for anything but DAMN, that is hot. I watch as she sits and catches her breath, panting and laying her head back. I felt as though I was gonna explode, but nothing. As quickly as it started, it was over but the memory is one I will have forever.

Each day was a collection of the moments from the one before. I was still not able to move on my own, which meant a large amount of contact between us. She spent as much time nursing me back as she did with maintaining her own life. Each night for the last three the same had happened, with her getting more bold with each night. Getting closer, uncovering me more, on the third night even laying beside me with her hand on my thigh. This was it, I could not stay still any longer and decided if she continued the same tonight I would show her I was awake and see what happened.

The next day was a carbon copy of the one before. She spent most of the day outside, coming in now and then to see how I am and check the bandages. When needed she gave me water, but these visits were brief. Later, after dark, she came in and found her spot in the dark. As I can see her getting close and at that point of no return and I opened my eyes wide and smile, “lovely, thank you,” was all I could think to say. She jumps and a startled look covers her face, but she doesn’t stop. She is so into her fingers that she can’t stop and begins to go over the edge, hard and loud.

When her orgasm starts to slip away she pushes herself against the wall and drops her head, breaking the lock of our eyes. I can tell she wants to run, to hide and I smile again telling her, “I am so glad you shared that with me, please do not stop because of me.”

She begins to relax and lets her top fall open. Moving closer to me, she slides so I can see her, she is wet and her lips swollen and puffy. I can feel the throbbing and know I am hard as hell. I assume it is my wounds but I can feel very little , except for the pain. The more I watched her the less I thought about that, she was a wonderful pain killer. She is finally close enough that she can reach out and touch me.

She does, and softly wraps her hand around my cock as it again throbs and I can even feel a bit of a twitch at her first touch. She slowly lets her fingertips glide across, then up and down my shaft. Then she leans over me, licks the swollen head and lightly blows on me. The whole time she is fingering herself, her thighs soaked. She climbs onto the bed with me and sits just below my hips, between my thighs. Her hands wet and slippery from her own juices she strokes and slowly twists her hands around my cock and then back to her pussy. Sliding her hips forward she pulls my upright cock between her pussy lips, sliding between them and up and down against her clit.

As much as I prayed for it and even begged, she would not slide me inside her, just sliding up and down wrapped with her swollen, tiny labia. We continued this dance for what seemed like a lifetime but I am sure it was over much sooner than I will ever remember it. As I could feel my orgasm begin to build to an explosion, she begins just before me, letting out a yell as she came. This of course was all I needed and I began to squirt all over the front of us both, as I was falling deep into my bliss she again leans over and this time licks the spent cum from my still jerking cock. I was in heaven and pulled her down close to me. The effort had drained me more than ever and I dropped off rather quickly.

I wake up alone, she is no where in site. Not a sound or a sight of her all day. I am beginning to worry that I went too far last night, she is gone. I spend the entire day alone, for the first time since I have been here I am awake and can not fall asleep. I get rather thirsty and still she is nowhere around. Just as the sun is about to set she is at my bedside as if she just appears there. She leans over close to my ear and whispers, “Joes come soon,” she kisses me and disappears into the dark.

In less than 10 minutes I can hear someone about to enter the shack, stepping in as a unit and into the back room I am in I see some of the ‘Joes’ from my unit. Lt. Davies gives me a nice drink of cold water and tells me, “Damn Sarge, didn’t think we were gonna run across you here.” As he says it, all goes black for me once again.

When I finally fight back to consciousness I see the surroundings have changed to an army hospital ward, filled with equipment, litters and lots of activity. Looking down I can see the ragged bandaging has been replaced with some fine army wrappings.

Walking past, a doc in a long white coat leans over and tells me, “Thought we were gonna lose you, rather touch and go for a while. You have been through allot, if it had been just a few hours more, there would have been nothing we could do. So, you just take it easy and rest, that’s what you need the most right now.” He shines a flashlight in my eyes, smiles, turns and disappears around the closest corner.

After a few weeks of rest and rehab I am walking outside the hospital with Lt Davies talking about what had happened.

“Well Sarg, it was on the way back from the forward observation point, you were the rear coverage. The best we can figure is, as your group moved through a small clearing, then you came into the clearing on the back side. When you did, someone moved in from out of the bush and cut you from hip to hip, straight across. You would have spilled out on the ground in front of you. The blood pool at the site where we believe you were hit was huge. We have no idea where you had gone, we looked for a few days and figured that the wound would have taken you by then, and the animals would do the rest.”

“What about the young girl I told you about, was she ever found,” I asked?

“We found no one at all and like I said, the old shack was a few kilometers away from where you were attacked, are you saying she carried you, split like a dressed hog?”

I couldn’t even think of a response. Not sure I could have made that trip at all, someone had to carry me. I never saw another soul while I was there, not a sign of anyone but her.

I was to leave country shortly after that and had never heard anything about her. I had asked several friends to help locate her if possible. There was never any word until I was being loaded on the transport to come home, I was given a message. Once inside I opened it to see it was from a corporal I knew with the military police.

He tells me that a young girl named Mai Ly was almost hysterical at the relocation center, she was demanding to know if Tiger Joe was ok, or did he go dead. He says she has been sent farther south to a much larger center. The plane doors close and we turn onto the runway and she is gone.

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