The next day, we didn’t talk much about the previous night’s events. What was there to say? Davi had fucked Sara senseless and she had enjoyed every minute of it. And as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I enjoyed watching every minute of it. She had gotten something out of her system that she had clearly been wanting for a long time, and I was okay with it. After all, I knew I had a pretty sweet deal, watching three gorgeous women walk around naked all day, then watching a live sex show every night while fucking my girlfriend. Why let jealousy screw all that up? Besides, if she could fuck Davi with no consequence, then maybe I’d get a shot at Ruby or Siobhan down the line.

The other two girls couldn’t hide their delight that Sara had gotten a turn riding the big cock that had fucked them both so well and swollen up both of their bellies so nicely. As Ruby breastfed, the three of them giggled and gossiped over their shared love of Davi’s massive member. I decided to let them have their fun, and went into the woods to forage.

When I got back, Siobhan was playing the game with Davi. The game is something she and Ruby started where, the girl in question gives Davi a blowjob, as slow and sensuous as possible, and then when he’s nearing orgasm, backs off and leaves him frustrated. Then he sucks on her titties for a while — extra fun since Siobhan was nine months pregnant and her breasts were swollen well out of proportion, and sporting huge, puffy nipples that hadn’t been there before she was knocked up. After a few minutes of that, the blowjob would continue, but again, when he got close to cumming, the girl would back off and offer up her nipples again. No one had ever given this game any rules or a name, but as near as I could tell, the object was to go as many rounds as possible before Davi finally blew his load. Now, the longer a man stays erect, the more sperm builds up for its eventual release, so it’s possible the object was to milk as much sperm out of his big, brown balls as possible.

Sara and I tried the game on occasion, but I didn’t have Davi’s stamina, nor did I produce as much sperm. I can’t tell you how erotic it was seeing one of those two horny girls taking an even-bigger-than-usual load all over their face and tits. Sometimes Ruby, the shortest of the girls, would have sperm from her forehead all the way to her pussy. And the only rule of the game that I could discern was that whoever played it in the afternoon, got well-fucked that night

That was a relief, as it meant Siobhan was back in the saddle, so to speak. I had enjoyed the show last night, but I was eager to have Sara back in my arms.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when it didn’t work out that way. At sunset, Sara went for a swim in the ocean, and the rest of us had bedded down by the time she returned, naked and glistening wet. I couldn’t wait to feel her body against mine, my cock inside of her, reliving the masterful fucking she had gotten last night. But she clearly wanted to do more than remember how good that felt. She walked right past me without a look, and melted into Davi’s arms. There was no chance of me touching her tonight; she was all his.

That night was a repeat of the first — a marathon fuck session, with neither participant flagging until they were both on the verge of exhaustion. Again, her sperm-coated body lay next to mine at the end of the night, although I had come too many times from watching to get it up for her, so I found myself sucking another man’s salty cum off of her tits as she drifted off to sleep.

This time, we talked about this.

“Look, last night was hot, but I thought this was going to be a one-time thing.”

“Oh, honey, after that first night, I just needed a little more. Besides, neither of the other girls are in any shape to fuck, and it’d be a shame to let that big cock go to waste. Just let me keep him entertained until Ruby heals up, and Sioban has the baby.”

I wasn’t crazy about losing my girlfriend to another man for a month-long stretch, but then again, my cock didn’t have any complains — it was getting hard just at the thought of seeing Sara getting the fucking of a lifetime again. And again.

Sara smiled sweetly. “It looks like someone doesn’t mind!” She stroked my cock up and down a bit. “That’s okay, I know how much you like to watch. Well I’m just going to have to give you a lot more to look at.” Her grip tightened on my dick as she started pulling on it, gently at first, then firmly. She saw that I was responding to her teasing, so she kept it going. “His cock is just so big. It goes so much deeper than yours. And he stretches out my pussy so well. It feels so fucking good feeling him so deep inside me, stretching me to the limit. Do you think about that when you watch? That massive cock splitting me in half? The head of his cock kissing my cervix? How satisfying it feels, having a real man’s cock inside me, so much deeper than you’ll ever go?”

I cried out, as cum started shooting from my cock. Sara laughed, and I heard laughter from behind me as well — Ruby had been listening to the whole thing. I was burning with humiliation, but I couldn’t hide the sperm running down my softening member. I was humiliated, but I was also turned on as hell. And sure enough, a few hours later, I was jerking off furiously as I watched a real man fuck my bride-to-be again and again.

For weeks, it went on like that, every night. Once in a while, Sara would give me a blowjob, or jerk me off while teasing me about how well she was getting fucked. But that was mostly because she felt sorry for me. Her pussy belonged to Davi now, and she didn’t pretend otherwise. After a while, Ruby was ready to start fucking again, and the two of them took turns, as Ruby and Siobhan once did. Siobhan birthed a healthy baby boy, and by the time she was healed up, Davi was taking turns fucking all three girls, and even then Sara basically ignored me. Even on the nights she didn’t get fucked, she didn’t sleep with me. She’d stay near Davi, cleaning him up in between rounds, and suck him to hardness so he could fuck one of the other girls. Eventually, enough was enough.

“Look, I let you have your fun with Davi, but things need to get back to normal.”

She put her hand around my soft cock, like she often did when she started to tease me into cumming all over her hand. “I thought you were enjoying the show.”

“I… I am… but… I still want to be with you too. He has two other girls! And you… you were supposed to be my wife!”

She was quiet for a minute. “Honey. Out there, in the real world? You would be a great husband. You’re smart, you make a lot of money, you’d be a good partner. But here on the island? I’m sorry, but none of that matters. It’s the law of the jungle here. Davi’s the biggest, and the strongest, and the best provider.”

It was true. He caught more than enough fish to feed all of us, and I had never managed to snag one. I was reduced to picking fruit like the women.

“He’s better-looking, and he’s a better fuck. He has a bigger cock, he produces way more sperm, and he makes me come harder than you ever did.”

She said it very matter-of-factly. She wasn’t trying to hurt me, she was just stating the facts. And deep down, I knew every word was true, that I could never measure up. I also knew I had lost Sara to him for good.

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