This is my first attempt at a story and I hope you like it.

I pick you up at 8 as agreed. You wear the new lemon summer dress, the one with the elasticized bodice which accentuated the curve of your breasts.

You smile at me, lean forward and kiss me. “I’m wearing no underwear as you requested you whisper.” My cock pulsed at the thought and I kiss you deeply, slipping my tongue over your teeth and deep into your mouth.

It’s a lovely hot summers evening and we decide to take a shortcut to the restaurant, cutting through the park.

The park is full of people also enjoying the evening, friends and lovers fill the seats, whilst runners and cyclists the paths. There is a party atmosphere as we walk hand in hand, kissing along the way. I can barely keep my hands of you!

The restaurant isn’t busy and we get a window table. As we approach the table, a guy stands and leaves the next table, leaving a woman behind. We sit, you with your back to back with the woman and we order a couple of cold beers and examine the menu.

I lean forward and tell you how beautiful you look and that the thought of you wearing no underwear was making me as horny as fuck. “I want to eat your pussy” I whisper, “take you in the park and fuck you.”

I pause as the drinks arrive and as we take a sip, I notice that the woman behind you appears to be a little closer, sitting more upright. She has long red hair which she wears loose.

I look deep into your brown eyes, “I am going to take you in the park, a little way back of the main track, but not too far. We will find a tall tree and I will ask you to lean against it with your hands high up the trunk so that you lean forward, your long legs spread apart. I will then slip the top of your dress down to expose your firm breasts to the warm evening air.”

There is a gasp from the woman behind you and she adjusts herself in the chair to cover it up. Her actions bring a new dimension to our conversation and my cock is rock hard as I continue, “I’m going to place my fingers in your mouth so you can suck them, licking between them. I will then play with your nipples, letting your saliva wet them, making them sensitive to the evening air. Twisting them and squeezing your breasts. I am going to suck on them, making you moan out loud; but you have a dilemma, there are people all around us, so how loud can you be? I will run my hand up the back of your dress, caressing your legs and breasts at the same time, raising your skirt and exposing your naked pussy to the air.”

There is a moan from the woman behind you and this time she makes no attempt to cover it. I search the half empty restaurant but no one else seems to notice what’s happening.

I spot the waitress making her way to the table and we order in a hurry.

I look back at you, “Kay, are you wet I ask?

“God yes,” you say.

“I want to taste you, I want to taste your pussy juice, run my tongue along your silky pussy lips.” I say.

You look unsure and motion towards the woman behind you.

I smile, “She won’t mind, I think she is getting off on this as well,” I whisper.

“Kay, I want you to finger your pussy for me, now. I want you to get your fingers smothered in your wetness so that I can taste you.”

You arrange yourself a little then slip your hand beneath the table. You hold my eye as you begin to finger your very wet cunt. You run your tongue over your lips and your eyes take on a misty look.

My cock is fit to burst by now and I arrange it a little to make it more comfortable. I can feel the pre-cum on the tip as I do so.

“How does it feel?” I ask.

“Hot, very hot and wet you respond.”

“Leave your finger deep in there, imagine it’s my cock and rub your clit for me.” I whisper.

You do as I ask and I can smell your sex. Behind you I can see the red headed woman and judging from her movements, she too is teasing her pussy, the smell of sex is heady and I want to fuck so much but I refrain and continue my talking.

“In the park I am going to kneel behind your naked ass and slide my tongue along the length of your silky legs. I am going to push your buttocks wide apart and jab my tongue into your rosebud and I am going to rim you, eating out your hole. And whilst I do that, I am going to finger your pussy, paying special attention to your G spot, making you squirm and cry out.”

Your eyes are closed now, the vision in your head playing out as you tease your clit and finger your pussy, your heightened breathing matching that of the woman behind you. This is such a turn on.

I quickly glimpse in the direction of the other woman and its clear she is near the edge. I am fit to bursting, cock ready to explode.

I spot the waitress getting ready to bring our food over and I cough loudly. You open your eyes and I motion in her direction with my eyes. The woman behind must have noticed the change and it looks like she has returned to reading her book, from behind it also looks like she is licking her fingers one by one.

You stand, lean forward and kiss me, before placing your fingers in my mouth. I lap and suck your juices greedily from your fingers; you pull back and head for the bathroom leaving me aching with lust.

A minute passes and then the woman at the other table follows you.

The waitress delivers the food and I order us a bottle of wine and several moments later she returns with it and I pour us a glass. I sip at mine, wondering if you are ok.

You return several minutes later and you are accompanied by the red head. I can see her pretty face now and her trim figure. She looks about 35 and is dressed in a sexy little floral dress that shows of her silky legs.

“This is Becky.” says Kay.

“Hi, how are you.” I ask.

“Fucking very wet and very horny.” She replies.

I give her a knowing smile, my cock responding to the thought.

“Becky is going to join us.” You explain. “Her date wasn’t what she expected and he left. She was giving him 5 minutes to leave and she was going to go too, but she overheard us and got so turned on, that she now wants to join us in the park.”

“And you have agreed to this I asked?”

“I’m so turned on right now and I thought you might want to show me off.” Kay said smiling.

I was surprised at Kay agreeing and that I didn’t shoot my load right there and then. I leaned across and kissed Kay, “I am ok with it on 1 condition and that Becky, you agree to do what I tell you, when I tell you. Do you agree?”

Becky didn’t hesitate, “Yes.” She said.

We started our meal, Becky just having a drink and the discussion focused on sex, when after about 5 minutes I said, “Ok Becky, I want you open Kay’s legs and finger her pussy for me.”

Becky dipped her fingers into her wine and slid them under the table, tracing a wet line along Kays thighs to her pussy. It was Kay’s first time with another woman and her touch was electric as Kay looked lustfully into my eyes and sighed.

Becky moved in close and kissed Kay as she slipped her finger into Kay’s wet cunt, Kay’s eyes closing in response.

I continue the story as I watch Becky play with Kay’s pussy. “I’m going to remove your dress, so you are naked, you pert breasts and shaved pussy open to the air. I will put my finger in your pussy and work your G spot, first with 1 finger, and building to 2.”

As I spoke Becky slid down the chair and under the table, I was stunned that no one spotted her move.

“When you are dripping wet, I am going to lick your pussy, drinking your juices and licking around my fingers.”

As I spoke I heard you gasp as Becky drew her tongue up Kay’s pussy lips. I continued.

“I am going to slide between your naked thighs and I am going to suck you clit. I am going to hold it between my lips and keeping the suction on, I am going to pulse it in and out like it’s a tiny cock, holding your buttocks as you thrust against the suction.”

As I spoke, Becky took Kay’s clit and sucked it hard into her mouth, Kay’s body shook, and it was clear she was oblivious to the others in the restaurant.

As I speak, I feel Becky’s hand on my thick cock; I am so hard I know I won’t last long. I release my pre cum covered erection and feel Becky’s hand slide along the tip, thumbing the pre-cum across the head. I moan deeply.

“Kay, I want to cum in your mouth.”

“I am going to put my cock in your mouth and fuck your face whilst you finger your naked dripping cunt.”

Kay gasped as the vision and Becky’s pumping fingers push her over the edge.

As I watch her cum, I reached under the table and grabbed Becky by the hair and pushed my cock into her mouth, cum spurting over and over, Becky milking both of us dry.

Becky slowly made her way back to her seat, leaning into Kay and the two of you share a cum filled French kiss. And I know then that I need to fuck you both.

We are all buzzing and I quickly pay the bill. I take Kay and Becky and we head out the restaurant and head for the park.

I just started a new training class at work. A whole bunch of us are being drafted into a new department due to the “needs of the business.” Most of the people aren’t too happy about it, since it’s a sales-type of department. We’ll get our base pay, plus an incentive; not a commission, but an incentive. I’ve decided to have a positive attitude about it – it is, after all, the opportunity for more money. Why do one job and only get so much money per hour, when I can do another job, and make a little extra if I do it well. I understood why some people weren’t happy about it, but I figured I’d make the best of it I could.

I like to get there early, because to me, on time is half an hour late. Plus, the room we’re training in has sixteen computers for the twenty one of us. No good. I like to have my own computer, I’m very hands on like that. I had hoped but did not receive the opportunity to have the computer all to myself. No big deal. A guy who had protested being drafted came in twenty minutes late and the only available seat was next to me. I suppose he was continuing his protest, but whatever. I noticed that he smelled like vanilla…it was nice to have him nearby. His name was Alexandro, with the “x” sounding like an “h,” but he told me to call him Alex.

The next day, the procedure was the same. Except by this time, enough people were either “sick” or got booted out of the class for being late too much, there were computers for everyone, which made it rather confusing but pleasing nonetheless when he sat next to me again, not at a computer of his own. I guess he wanted to get booted from the class, but couldn’t risk the pay we were getting for the otherwise boring class.

During down time, we would chat about which departments we’d come from, but mostly about his…he wasn’t very inquisitive, but I decided to ask lots of questions because he did all his work in spanish, so I was curious about how it differed from the work I’d been doing.

For the third day, I overslept. As I raced through my shower – I never leave my house without a shower – and down the road I chided myself for putting my alarm clock so close I could turn it off without even waking up. I vowed to move my alarm clock when I returned home. Arriving at our usual classroom, I found out we’d been moved to yet another, smaller room. I almost felt bad about going in so late (half an hour) until I saw Alex rounding the corner toward our new room. I was two seconds behind him getting there and I think we noticed the same thing at the same time: this room was even smaller, and there was one computer left with two chairs waiting for us. Since he was ahead of me, he got to the computer first and signed on. Today, I would only be able to watch.

I tried to pay extra attention, since I learn by doing, and Alex was the one doing, I had to write down each step in this new program so that I could refer to my notes later on. What I also started to notice, was the number of times Alex grabbed himself, or readjusted his crotch. How he adjusted anything I wasn’t sure. He wore his jeans so lose and baggy, it would seem he had enough space for two of him to fit in there. Regardless, it was starting to turn me on, which in turn, required that I adjust myself. I was trying to do it in a less obvious manner, but since his manner was to just reach down and grab what was there, and mine was to squirm around, he was probably doing a better job than I.

Since our state has laws about required breaks and all, and since we were in class, we all took our breaks at the same time. Each day we got two fifteen minute breaks and a thirty minute lunch break. When our teacher let us go for our first fifteen, I headed as quickly as I could toward the third floor. There was a restroom there that was hardly used, and I liked my privacy, especially when I had raging hard ons.

The third floor restroom was very clean. Not to say that the rest weren’t – my building had excellent janitorial staff – just to say that since it was so infrequently used, cleaning it was always well done. I had hoped while I had my cock out and was pissing so hard against the urinal that it was almost splashing back at me that when I heard the door open it was the janitorial staff. I was wrong. I noticed that the visitor didn’t take the urinal two down from me, but the one right next to me. Doesn’t this violate some sort of man-code?

“That class just seems to be getting more and more boring, doesn’t it, buddy?”

It was Alex. It wasn’t until then that I could smell his vanilla scent. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“And it doesn’t help when you’re too hard to concentrate.”

“Heh. I guess you noticed?”

“Noticed what? I’m talking about myself. Bitch girlfriend wouldn’t put out last night.”

“Oh. Sorry to hear that.” I decided to not answer his question.

“Damn, look at this, pissed my brains out and Shorty’s still hard as a rock.” He turned toward me so I could see his “Shorty.”

I thought I’d heard just about everything guys call their dicks, but “Shorty” wasn’t one of them. But since he did invite a peek, I peeked and I was surprised to see that Shorty was no shorty. What he had sticking out of his fly was at least 7.5 inches and thick. I’m sure my eyes bulged out a little, and what progress I had made in deflating my own dick by ignoring any sexual thoughts was quickly dismantled. I could feel it growing back to full mast, which was pathetic compared to Alex’s meat.

“You like it?”

“It’s, um, it’s impressive.”

“Yeah. Years ago, I could get any chick I wanted and it didn’t matter how old they were, they all felt tight. But I’ve been with my old lady for so long, man, once they give you a couple of kids, the sex just isn’t the same. Can’t ever get the same satisfaction.” He was stroking his cock, keeping it hard while he talked.

I was still staring at his cock. “Oh.” That was all I could muster. I still couldn’t look away. And clearly he noticed.

“You want to touch it?”

“I shouldn’t.”

“Why? You got cooties? Go ahead, touch it.” He took a few steps toward.

I reached out.

Big mistake. HUGE. God, it was so warm and I could feel it pulsing under my fingers. I had to try to wrap my whole hand around it. I was successful, but just barely. For some reason, I don’t know why, he pulled his balls out of his shorts. They too were huge, and heavy. And then, I don’t get this either, I started to run my hands up and down his length. I guess it was sheer amazement. Couldn’t have been curiosity. I’d seen plenty of dicks before. Maybe not his size, but I used to think once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. That had to be a lie.

“Suck my dick for me.”

I wish I’d made him repeat himself. Instead, I was on his cock so fast that the word “eager” didn’t describe it. I had my right hand holding his balls in my palm while my thumb and forefinger wrapped around his base, and my left hand jerking the half of his dick I couldn’t fit in my mouth. His head alone almost filled my mouth, but I’ve had years of practice. But years of practice didn’t prepare me for something so long AND so thick.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Damn that feels good. You like that Shorty?”

“Mmhmm,” I said, not bothering to stop what I was doing, what I was tasting.

“Cock-hungry little faggot, aren’t you?”

Cock-hungry might be a great way to describe me. But faggot – I hate that word. So I stopped. I got up, forced my own dick back into my pants and headed out.

“No, wait, please. I really need this,” he said. He grabbed my wrist.

“I’m nobody’s faggot,” I said.

“I know, man, I’m sorry.”

I paused. Looked at his cock.

“I’m sorry,” he said again.

I’m a sucker for a weak guy, and I couldn’t help but see the pleading in his eyes, or the drop of precum on the tip of his dick. God I wanted to taste it. So back down on my knees I went. This time, I didn’t just dive down onto his dick, but I licked the head, the glistening precum was some sort of tangy and I knew I’d miss it later on down the line.

Once the drop of precum was gone, I held his dick up and licked all the way down to the base, then paid extra special attention to his balls. I was having a great time, but apparently I was the only one when he grabbed my hair and pulled me off.

“Suck it.” He had his hand wrapped around the base and had his dick pointing right at me. Somehow it was bigger, longer, harder than it was before and barely fit in my mouth.

I gagged a couple of times as he pushed me down as far as I could go. I reached up to make him take his hand off my head because I really didn’t want to be gagging anymore, and I knew, that if i had time, I could swallow his cock. He wouldn’t let me make him take his hands off me, so I settled for running my hands up and down his torso under his oversize polo shirt. His chest was moderately hairy, but not disgustingly so. His chest hair wasn’t thick or long, and it was well placed, stretching out across his upper chest and then just a little bit further down the center forming a sort of T-shape. The rest of him, his stomach and sides were completely hairless. From what I could tell, this was a naturally occuring type of thing. I didn’t feel any stubble from shaving or manscaping, and he certainly wasn’t the type to do it.

What has always interested me about all the men I’ve been “intimate” with is the varying sentsitivity of their nipples. His were especially sensitive. I discovered this as my left hand was holding the base of his dick, my tongue was flicking its way up and down the sides, with extra flicking and licking at the apex, the massive, growing-by-the-minute cockhead, and my right hand was reaching up. Though I rarely do it, I had the urge to pinch his left nipple, and pull a little. I don’t get into the hardcore pain stuff, so I know my tug wasn’t painful to him. But when his cock jumped and immediately began to leak the precum a little faster (mm, tasty), I knew that he was just super sensitive.

With this information at my fingertips, I knew exactly what to do. I continued sucking his dick, but this time took both hands off of him so that only the hardness of his cock and my mouth controlled his pleasure. Then I reached up, placing my left hand on his right hip. It doesn’t bring much but mental pleasure to the guy, making them think that I need something to hold on to, when the fact is, I’m just trying to get their load faster. Then my right hand continued massaging his chest and stomach, occasionally stopping by his nipples.

I could feel his cockhead clogging my throat and knew I had to pull my mouth off of his dick. I was really proud of myself, having gotten my nose into his boxer shorts, but if I didn’t pull off, I would throw up, and that is no way to behave in the middle of a blowjob. So I pulled off, much to his initial disappointment, but I immediately made up for it by wrapping my tongue as much as I could around the head of his cock and focusing on the first three or four inches of his meat. Goddamn it was huge.

“Oh fuck,” he said.

“You close?” I asked. Not that I was truly concerned, because I would have sucked his cock all day if I could, but I knew that we needed to get back to class.

“Open your fucking mouth or it’ll go all over your face.”

I opened as wide as I could, but the first jet of jizz still crossed my face. Thank god I had my eyes closed. The taste was thicker than his precum, nice and salty. I kept my mouth open and threw out my tongue where the next shots landed and then he pulled me back onto his cock still shooting his load which went straight back to my throat with so much force that they almost initiated my gag reflex. “Yeah swallow that cum. Oh fuck yeah.” He held my head to his crotch until his cock went limp. “Clean me off.”

I didn’t wait a moment to start licking him all over again paying special attention to his head. But before I could get him hard again he pulled me off, stuffing Shorty back into his shorts (oh, I get it), zipped up, patted me on the head as he said, “Thanks, man, I needed that,” and walked out.

I licked up and swallowed what bit of cum didn’t make it down my throat. Washing my face I realized I still had a few minutes to kill before class actually started back so I headed down to the on-site convenience store. I needed a cigarette and since I quit smoking almost four years ago, I was out. It didnt occur to me until I got to the smoking area with my new pack and saw him smoking with a few of the other Latino people who worked for our company to just bum one. Instead I paid too much for my own pack. The way all his buddies were looking at me when I lit up, I knew I’d need a few more than just one.

Just as I finished my third cigarette in as many minutes he nudged me on his way in, “you coming?”

“Yeah, I”ll be there in a minute.”

I got back to class, got settled, and tried to get prior events off my mind. I wasn’t successful, at all. I spent more time “readjusting” the hard on in my pants than the task at hand.

Just was I was in the middle of readjusting for the millionth time, he poked me with his pen and showed me something written on his paper.

“Go back to our spot for lunch. I need to pay you back for earlier,” it said.

The note only served to make me even harder. But it brought a sense of pride in me too. I liked the idea that we had a spot. I knew that it didn’t mean anything to him, but damnit, I was proud of myself. And, in a way, proud of him. I couldn’t believe that this straight guy was going to suck me off. God knows I needed it.

When we got out of class for lunch, I headed straight back to that bathroom. But I didn’t see which direction he went. I was waiting for what felt like forever in that bathroom, which is awkward already to just be hanging out in a bathroom.

Finally, I decided, to hell with it, and was on my way out when he started to come in.

“Where you headed?” he asked.

“Oh, I thought you backed out. I know youre straight, so, it’s okay.”

“Who cares about that, I’m not the one who’s going to be taking a dick up my ass.”

“Wha?” I didn’t have time to finish my question since he was pulling me into the handicapped stall.

He held my chest against the wall while he grabbed his crotch. It was a handful, hell I knew that from the mouthful I got. “I think you’re really going to like this,” he said. He got really close to me then, and said, “my brother in law loves it every night.”

“Look, Alex, I like you, really, I do, and, I mean, I’d be happy to do what we did earlier, again, but that, I just don’t think I can do that.”

“You better lube yourself up real good; it can hurt the first time.”

He turned me around and held the bottle of lube against my chest until I took it. When I did, he unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and started jerking off. I couldn’t believe it, but he was already half hard. “Hurry up, we don’t got all day.”

He intended to do this, with or without my help, so I decided to help myself and dropped my pants, bent over, and squirted lube up my ass. It was a little cold, especially when I pushed it in with my finger, then with two fingers, trying to strech my hole as much as possible before Alex’s thick dick could do the same chore.

“That’s enough,” he said.

I didn’t really think so, but as I turned around and saw him sitting on the toilet seat, leaning back, his dick standing straight up out of his jeans, I couldn’t help but think that he was right, that now was the best time to hop on and ride his dick until the sun came up. I took pulled my pants off completely so I could straddle him, but was only able to make a few steps toward him when he stopped me.

“What the fuck you doin’?”


“I don’t want to look at your dick. Turn your ass around.”

“Oh, okay.” I did as I was told, saddened by the fact that I wouldn’t get to see his face through the experience. Using his legs between mine as a guide, I backed up, slowly, waiting for him to say something to me. Instead, I felt the head of his dick at the crack of my ass. I kept going, just a bit more, until I was certain that his dick was standing straight up, and my asshole was directly over it.

“Slide on down,” he said.

I fully intended to. Even just at my opening, feeling his pulsing, throbing dick changed my mood, my energy level, my interest. No longer was I so unwilling; I wanted that monument to manliness buried in my ass.

I started to open myself up, to take what I could. What I noticed, once I felt my balls touch his jeans, was that, while his dick was a struggle to fit into my mouth, it fit just perfectly in my ass. Actually, I felt stretched to just the right point; I felt good. And it made me want more.

“Oh yeah, baby, you’re gonna take all that, aren’t you?”

“As much as you got to give me.” There was no doubt in my mind that my ass could take his whole dick. If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s dick.

“I love a tight ass riding my fat dick.”

I was just started to get into the actual fucking, the up and the down when he stopped me.

“Good boy. Let’s change something here.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that but I was ready for it. He put his hand on my shoulder, almost to keep me in place then I felt him push up, pushing his cock further into my hole while he was lifting himself out of a seated position. He didn’t stop until he was standing up completely and I was bent over. His hand still on my shoulder, he placed a hand on the small of my back, pulled his cock almost completely out and then drove it right back in. With his cock buried to the hilt, I felt him wiggle his hips a little.

I tried to relax, open myself up a little more to him, to give him complete access. “Oh yeah boy you like that piece of Latin meat up your ass?”

I grunted because it was all I could do. He was still fucking my ass nice and slow and it was good, felt really good but I had been expecting the “real fucking.” But, I was grateful he was taking his time; his cock was still stretching my hole. So I focused on his shoes, the tan construction boots that had become the staple of the Urban/ Latino culture, and the way his jean legs bunched up over the shoes.

Then I felt him stop. He took his hands off of me and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. Was he done? Or did he just want to stop? I wasn’t liking that idea so I started pushing back on his cock. “Whoa boy, hold on a minute there. Just wanna take my pants off.”


“Don’t worry, you’re gonna get this cock.” He dropped his jeans toward the floor but they were just crumpled around his shoes. “Now the real fucking can begin.” He put his hands on my hips and said, “you ready, boy?”

“Yeah, papi, I’m ready.”

He chuckled. “Papi? You gonna get it now son.” He pulled out nice and slow, then rammed me so hard my head hit the bathroom stall door. But that didn’t stop him. I just had to put my hands up on the door to prevent that from happening again. He was fucking me so hard and so fast, I wasn’t prepared for it the way we had started. But at this point he was hitting something that was sending jolts through my entire body. The last thing I wanted was him to stop. So I started backing up into him.

“Oh yeah baby, take that cock, make it feel good,” he said.

“Yeah fuck me papi, fuck me!”

“Alright, just remember you asked for it.” He once again rammed me but this time instead of pulling out he stayed where he was until I could feel his boxer shorts up against my ass. He stayed in position letting me revel in the twight zone of having this straight latin man take ownership of my hole. Once my ass started twitching around his cock he started fucking me again, hard and fast, truly challenging me to keep up, hang on for dear pleasure. No other partner had fucked me quite the way he was fucking me, alternating between long slow strokes and fast deep pumps into my ass, reaching spots I wasn’t aware existed, with no warning of a transition. It was like he could change pace and intensity and tone and levels of lust mid-fuck. I never had a clue what to expect next, and I never expected him to pull out when he did. I couldn’t see him but I felt him push my shirt further up my back toward my head and I heard him pull the condom off.

Emilia was married at twenty-six years old. She had only been with two men. One a boyfriend from the past and the other her husband. she had always felt the need to be a freak and yet had never had the courage to do it. One morning the slender brunette with her big brown eyes, rolled over to face her husband in bed. Jake; a handsome thirty year old man that was well built, tan, with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, kissed his wife.

“I want to try something different.” she said randomly.

“Uh, okay? Like what?” He inquired with a cocked brow. Jake had no idea what to expect.

“I want to have an orgie.” She stated confidently. However, she had no idea how her bi-sexual husband would react. She nearly held her breath as she waited for a response.

Jake looked shock. “If you’re serious, then I would love to. I mean, what guy wouldn’t?”

They both laughed and Emilia rolled on top of him. She kissed him over and over all over his lips and nape. Jake smiled, excited for this brilliant idea for his wife as well as amazed that she wanted such a thing. He had known she had a desire to try new things sexually and be a freak, but he hadn’t expected that. He thought they were random drunk confessions. Nothing that would really happen. Oh he was happily wrong.


Emilia had gone online a week earlier and found a bi-sexual male couple who wanted to do the same thing. They agreed to meet at Emilia and Jake’s large condo in New York. The other couple, twenty-six year old Roy and Rick, had a friend who occasionally slept with them. She was young at twenty-one years old but very beautiful. She had large breasts and a small frame. She was tan, opposite of Rick and Roy.

Jake tapped his foot, waiting for everyone to arrive as Emilia cleaned. When the door bell rang she smiled brilliantly and ran to the door. There stood the tall and skinny Roy with his black hair and green eyes, and the masculuar brown hair brown eyes Rick, as well as their friend Jenna.

“Welcome! Welcome!” She exclaimed.

Everyone came inside and they sat around at the couch and chairs. They sipped wine, ate cheese and crackers and talked. So far it was a lot of fun, but Emilia needed more. She was eager and it showed.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” She inquired, after they discussed positions. Jake’s cock was already hard in his pants and he instantly nodded his head and stood. Jenna giggled and stood next. As she followed Emilia into the room, she undressed herself. By the time everyone got in there, she was completely nude and smiling. Emilia admired the girl’s stunning body. She undressed next. Emilia’s breasts were decent sized, her nipples hard and her pussy tight.

The men undressed next and the girls had to admire the size of the cocks. Jake was a good, thick, seven inches. Roy had to be eight and thick! But Rick was the biggest. He was at least nine inches.

“Lay down, baby.” Jake coaxed and signaled to the bed.

Emilia climbed onto the bed, breathing gently but nervous and excited.

“Wait. I think you should lay down first Jake. She’ll lay on top of you, her back to your chest.” Roy insisted.

The couple didn’t argue. Jake laid down and Emilia laid on top. Jenna handed them a bottle of lube. “You’ll need this.”

Emilia gulped. She had never done anal but she had to try it. While Jake squirted it on his finger, the men rubbed their cocks and watched. Emilia tensed when Jake slid a lubed finger over Emilia’s virgin back door. He slowly slid the finger in and out, lubing her up. She tightly closed her eyes. It was uncomfortable but felt good too. It was a strange feeling.

Jenna was getting wet as she watched. Roy and Rick were hard as rocks.

“You ready?” Rick asked with a grin.

“Y-yeah.” Emilia stuttered. Jake grabbed his cock and pushed Emilia up with his free hand. Her asshole was right above the head of his seven inch dick. Emilia inhaled deeply as Jake slowly brought her down. She opened her mouth wide and gasped as she felt the rock hard cock slide up inside of her back hole. Then she began to moan a bit. His cock stretched her ass hole open wide. The pain was more than she had expected but she wouldn’t back out now.

“Mmm, baby.” Jake gasped. He moved his hips up and down gently. His cock was instantly tensing up inside of her once virgin back door. Her ass squeezed around his dick. Next Roy got up to the bed. Emilia’s legs and Jake’s were hanging off. Her pussy was in plain view. Her lips were bright pink and clit already swollen. Roy held his thick hard cock outside her cunt. He rubbed the clit playfully, teasing her. This made Emilia close her eyes and moan. She was already forgetting about the pain in her ass hole. When Roy slid his dick inside of her tight pussy he had to push hard. She was tighter than he had expected. Emilia screamed in pain and pleasure. She could feel both cocks inside of her. Roy went slow just like Jake. They thrusted in unison.

Jenna was the next to play. She climbed on top of Emilia and put her pussy directly in Em’s face. At first she was shocked and unsure of what to do, but as Jenna pressed her wet pussy lips against Emilia’s lips, Emilia got to work. Her tongue lapped over Jenna’s swollen clit. Her tongue pushed inside of her. Emilia moaned and gasped while she ate Jenna out. She felt tears in her eyes from the pain of the cock sliding in and out of her ass, but she wouldn’t let it stop. The pain was mixed with pleasure and Jenna’s pussy on her lips tasted so sweet. Jenna leaned over and began to lick both Emilia’s clit, and Roy’s cock as it slid in and out of Emilia’s now soaked pussy.

Rick couldn’t take any more. He had to play too! He grabbed the lube off the bed and put some on his cock then he rubbed it on Roy’s asshole. Roy closed and eyes and prepared for the massive nine incher to slide up inside of him. Rick took no time to play. He pressed the head of his cock against Roy’s asshole and rammed it inside. Roy groaned in both pain and pleasure as he felt Rick’s dick inside of him. When Rick thrusted it caused Roy to thrust deeper and harder into Emilia. She screamed in pain and pleasure more.

Rick was not one to take things slow. He was thrusting his cock deep up inside of Roy’s asshole, holding the man by his hips to make his ass back up into his cock. Roy was groaning. His own cock kept sliding deep and hard inside of the ever so tight and now drenched Emilia. She felt the tears rolling down her face but she wouldn’t stop here. She enjoyed the dick stretching her asshole wide. Jake laid there and let everyone elses motions push her asshole up and down on his dick.

“Oh, god baby. I’m…” Jake groaned. “I’m about to cum!”

Roy smiled at this. “Faster….Ri…Rick!”

Rick did just that. He thrusted hard and fast inside of Roy’s asshole. Roy’s cock went faster inside of Emilia’s pussy. Emilia had to stop eating Jenna’s cunt because she was too busy screaming and crying now. Jenna did not stop licking Em’s clit.

“Fuuuuck!” Jake groaned as his load shot up inside of Emilia’s asshole. He laid there panting with his dick inside as the others kept going. Jenna shoved her pussy into Emilia’s lips again. Em knew she had to finish the girl off. She licked and bit and sucked. Jenna began to twitch. Her legs tensed and she was next to cum. Her cum oozed from her pussy and into Emilia’s mouth. Em choked it down.

Giggling, Jenna hoped off and sat in a chair in the room. She played with her pussy and hard nipples as she watched the foursome. Roy’s cock kept sliding in and out of Emilia as Rick’s cock slid in and out of Roy’s ass.

Finally, Emilia’s legs tensed up. Her body twitched and she screamed loud. She felt the orgasm over take her body. She shook and squeezed her legs around Roy’s.

“That’s it… yeah…oh yeah.. cum!” Rick moaned. He thrusted even faster. As fast and hard as he could possibly manage. It made Roy tense in pain just as he came. Roy yanked his cock from Emilia’s pussy and came all over her perfect flat stomach. He leaned over Em as Rick kept thrusting. He was close. Roy’s eyes closed in pain as the nine inch cock intruded his asshole. Finally Rick too came. He shot his load into Roy’s ass. As he pulled his dick out slowly the cum dropped to the floor.

Rick and Roy leaned back on the wall, panting. Em slowly slid off of Jake and collapsed on the bed.

“What are you guys doing tomorrow night?” Roy asked with a devilish smirk.

Inspired [and untrue] by a lovely lady whom I miss very much! Short and [very] sweet and to the point! Oh that it had happened!

A short ‘stroke’ story in Non Consent but, as is obvious from the title, it is about ANAL sex. If it ‘floats your boat’ enjoy.


“What the fuck . . .?” Sammi growled, as she tried to move. “What have you done?”

“Put you in the ‘correct’ position,” I said smiling down at her. Being as her head was resting face down on the seat of my sofa with her arse positioned high over the arm, it wasn’t surprising she was a trifle upset. Add to that the fact that she was naked, her wrists tied together, a 4 inch belt around her waist holding her in place, and her ankles fixed 18 inches apart by a stiff ankle brace, she had every right to be even more annoyed with me than she usually was.

Our love/hate relationship had blossomed into exciting sex: hot and hard. Sammi is aggressive, demanding, and dominant in bed, and tons of FUN [out of bed as well!]. She would not, however, let me fuck her arse – and her arse is glorious – and I really did want to fuck her there: and she knew it! She would take great pleasure in teasing: in suggesting that a desire to bugger a woman showed latent homosexuality. I would laugh and tell her how fuckable her arse was – when kneeling, or like she was now bent over the sofa arm.

“I only said tie my hands you bastard! What’s with the belt? And my ankles?”

“To hold you in place,” I smiled again. “You did lose after all!” We had played a ‘friendly’ game of forfeits over Scrabble [yes I know - but some down time is needed even on Cialis!]. Sammi had narrowly lost and her forfeit was to have her hands tied and be fucked over the sofa arm – something which she [and I, come to that] enjoyed immensely. She took particular delight in winding me up about her arse in that position as well! Well, now it was my turn!

“You bastard!” she said angrily. “Why?”

“Because Sammi, my angel, I am going to fuck your arse!” I gazed down awaiting her response.

“No, you fucking aren’t!” she responded.

“I think I am, Sammi: long, hard, and deep!”

“You bugger!” she said, then realised the significance of the word, as I nodded with a smile. “You know I don’t like it!”

“No Sammi! No! I don’t know that you ‘don’t like it’. You have never been fucked in the arse, so how can either of us know whether you like it or not? I know I will!” I added with a friendly leer.

“Rape! You know I don’t want to do that! You are going to rape my arse, you bastard!” It was not unusual for us to use this kind of language as we fucked. It was part of the fun.

“You ‘don’t want to do it’,” I repeated pensively, “why do you keep talking about it then? Why tease and tempt me when you know how much I want you like that?”

“I like winding you up. Doesn’t mean I want it,” she grumbled. “Anyway – I don’t want you to fuck my arse! There! Now let me go!”


“I will get you, you bastard,” she said, her eyes like ice daggers.

“Tell you what,” I said with a smile, “if you don’t like it, you can use this,” I showed her a slim prostate massager, “on me. How about that?”

“I still don’t want my arse fucked,” she said icily.

“Well, that is a shame, Sammi love, because it IS going to get fucked!” It was obvious to see Sammi’s anger and reluctance. I knew for certain she was an ‘anal virgin’ and, whilst I was going to deal with that [apparently against her will] it was my intention that she should ultimately enjoy it. After all, I did want to do it again! “So you will have to get used to the idea.”

True – she could report me for ‘raping’ her arse because, just now, she did not agree. I didn’t think she would! Leave: beat me with a stick: shout and scream at me, perhaps even castrate me — yes, but I didn’t think she would report me. I hoped, of course, that she would enjoy it in the end [forgive the pun]. She did enjoy being restrained, so that might help.

“l will get you for this,” she replied, seeming to accept her fate.

“I am sure,” I said with a smile, “but not before this,” I held my almost fully erect 7 inch cock in my hand, “deposits a load of spunk in your bowels!” I moved to the end of the sofa, behind Sammi, and gazed at her gorgeous arse. Not small and by no means a ‘bubble butt’, her arse was that of a grown woman: fulsome and shapely with a petulant upturn. Her cheeks were firm to the touch but with enough ‘give’ to make a wonderful cushion. The valley between was shallow and now, legs parted as they were, it was fully open and her cunt [adorable from the back] and anus clearly visible and, more to the point, available.

I suppose some would say that it was foolish to call this sight beautiful but, trust me, it was and is. Sammi’s anus is a star – a surprisingly large star considering her anal virginity – and a very lovely star indeed. Her cunt, from the back, is fully in view and fucking her ‘doggy’ is an absolute delight.

Sammi shuddered as my hands caressed her cheeks and thighs. I knelt, bringing my head level with her arse, and continued to enjoy the tactile pleasure of my hands on her skin. My caressing, stroking, and squeezing her cheeks seemed to be pleasing Sammi, as I caught a soft sigh and an ebbing of tension from her body. Realist that she was, I was sure she had accepted her position and decided to make the best of it.

I had done this before. Sammi is not averse to anal play – she just wouldn’t let me fuck her there. Nor did the play become quite so ‘specific’ or as lengthy as it would just now.

I continued to caress her arse, then lowered my head and breathed onto her cunt. A long, drawn out, sigh escaped Sammi’s lips as I followed this with my tongue running gently between her nether lips. Pushing between the swelling labia, I began to taste her. My tongue probed deeper – a little more difficult from the back but rewarding! I heard a low moan as I lapped at her cunt and sucked on her lips. Moving my whole head from side to side, I probed with my tongue; my lips meeting hers.

I felt a shudder and more liquid flowed into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed, savouring the taste of her. Sammi was softly crying “Yes! Oh yesssss! Oh you bastard!”

I lifted my head away from the heaven of her cunt. “Language!” I said laughing.

“Bloody bastard,” she said breathlessly, “you made me cum!”

“Good,” I said. “I hope I can do it again!”

“You really ARE going to fuck my arse?” Sammi asked softly.

“Absolutely!” I said. “We will finally find out whether you like a cock in there.”

“Bastard! It will hurt?” she said her eyes on fire.

“Possibly,” I replied, “but hopefully not much, nor for too long.” I laughed, “Honestly Sammi, I do want you to enjoy this!”

“Yeah! I know,” she said cynically, “I bet you’re gonna hate it!”

I stroked her arse, running my fingers over her anus. “No Sammi love. As you well know, I will enjoy your virgin arse immensely. But I will take care to try to make it good for you. Forget all those stories about anal rape, big cocks, and ‘dry’ runs. I will do it properly. And I intend to begin by sticking my tongue in your arse!” So saying I bent my head to the star that was her anus.

I ran my tongue from the back of her cunt, across her sensitive perineum, and over her delightful anus. I felt a shudder as my tongue lingered around the tight muscle. I kissed and licked the sensitive sides of her anal valley before concentrating on her tempting star. Round and round I swept my tongue rimming her arsehole and causing low sighs and shudders from Sammi.

Finally I concentrated on the centre, probing gently at first. She was wonderfully tight as the tip of my tongue pushed at the muscle. Sammi resisted. “Oh you bastard! What are you doing?”

I raised my head and laughed. “Getting my tongue into your gorgeous arsehole. Just relax and enjoy.”

“I don’t want your bloody tongue in my arse,” she said angrily.

“That’s a shame,” I responded, “because I want to put it there! I’m getting your arse ready for my cock – properly.”

“You’re really ARE going to do it?” she asked again.

“Yes Sammi, I am. I’ve wanted your arse since early on – and you knew it. You sent pictures, you teased, and you tempted, but always drew back. Well, you gorgeous creature, tonight I take you there.”

“Don’t hurt me,” she whispered quietly.

I bent and kissed her cheek, “Only as much as is absolutely necessary!” Sammi shivered as I bent my head back to her arse crack. I continued to wash the sensual valley with my tongue, stopping now and again to concentrate on her tight sphincter. I was enjoying myself tasting her. Finally I probed the muscle harder with my rolled tongue, pushing at the resistance. I could hear Sammi groaning, so I assumed that she was beginning to gain some enjoyment from my ministrations. Then I felt the slightest relaxation of her tightness and, pressing my tongue ever harder, breached her forbidden place.

“Ooooooooohhh!” I heard, not sure if a sound of pleasure, embarrassment, or discomfort. I took no notice, just pushed my tongue inside her arsehole and savoured the elastic muscle gripping the tip. I used my thumbs to part her cheeks wider, opening her anus allowing even further penetration. Sammi began to try to move her arse from side to side- to get away – but I gave her cheek a sharp slap. “Still!” I said firmly, raising my head from her anus. “You can’t get away, Sammi love, so you might as well get used to it. I’m about to tongue fuck your arse!”

“Oh god,” was all I heard from Sammi as my tongue returned to her arsehole. Quickly past any resistance [was Sammi beginning to enjoy this?] I began to tongue fuck her arse as promised. Such a wonderful feeling as her sphincter gave in but was still so tight. After a while I started to sense, rather than feel, the slightest movement by Sammi back into me. She could not move much, fixed as she was, but I thought she was beginning to have fun! To be honest I have not met a woman who did not like her anus licked and tongue fucked, so I wasn’t surprised. Her true trial would begin shortly!

I felt a shudder and heard a loud groan. Had Sammi had an orgasm? I hoped so. I really did want her to enjoy this! It was time to move on, however.

Lifting my head I reached for the Astroglide, dripping some onto her anus. “FUCK! That’s bloody cold.”

“Sorry!” I said laughing, “I’ll warm you up!” So saying, I used middle and fore fingers to stroke the lube around her beautiful star.

“Oh, you bastard!” Sammi breathed, as I added some more then pressed the tip of my middle finger into the centre of her sphincter.

“Relax Sammi, let it in!”

“No! I DON’T want my arse fucked you bugger . . . shit bastard!” I pushed harder and, of course, my finger slipped past her resistance and into her arse up to the first joint. “Oh fuck. That’s BIG!”

I laughed, “Not that big, Sammi love. It’s just my finger.” I bent forward and whispered in her ear, “My cock is 3 times bigger than that – as you well know!” Sammi shivered then groaned as I fed more of my finger into her arse. She was bloody tight. Her sphincter gripped as I started to draw it back. I dripped more lube onto her arsehole and started to work it into her rectum. I honestly believe that the secret of getting a woman [or a man I suppose!] to enjoy a cock in her arse is lube, lube, and more lube!

I was working my finger back and forth inside her arse and I began to feel a loosening, a slow release of tension in her body. Adding even more lube, I pushed deeper until she was taking the whole 4 inches of my middle finger. This brought a soft yelp from Sammi.

“You like that, Sammi love?”

“No!” she spat, but her body betrayed her as she again made a small movement back to meet my finger.

“Liar!” I smiled, “you’re enjoying this. You like my finger in your arse.” I said as I fucked her tight arsehole harder and faster.

“Oh god! Oh fuck!” groaned Sammi.

Time to test things out. “Shall I stop Sammi?”

“Oh, stop? No! No, don’t stop. Oh you bugger – what are you doing to me?”

“I’m showing you, Sammi darling, that your most delightful arse is a route to pleasure for both of us.” I kept my finger sliding in and out of her arse as I said this then, as gently as I could and dripping down more lube, added my forefinger to the middle and slowly pushed back inside.

“Shit! What the fuck is that?” Sammi cried.

“Just another finger, Sammi love – I have got four of them if you’d like!”

“Oh you bastard! You wouldn’t! You can’t! You couldn’t! They wouldn’t fit!”

“Oh Sammi, Sammi love – I’m kidding. Just two! Incidentally, I could but I won’t and they would fit. Be a bit of a struggle though,” I laughed. I was enjoying ‘playing’ with her. I loved our word trysts: arguments if you like. I pushed gently past the lessening resistance of her anus until both fingers were in to the second joint. I could feel the tension in Sammi’s body, especially her arse, as she dealt with the larger intrusion. I had one finger on top of the other [slightly smaller that way and easier to get past the tight sphincter!] and I began to fuck her arsehole slowly. Sammi’s arse felt even tighter now, though slippery with the lube, and my fingers slid easily.

Sammi shivered and a groan escaped her lips. I pushed deeper until she was taking the full length of my fingers. Again, I sensed, rather than felt, a reduction in tension as she got used to the feeling. I was enjoying the power over her and the sheer naughtiness of finger fucking her arse. My cock was rock hard and at full size. I am not enormous, just over 7 inches at best [like now!] and 2 inches across at the base. Not too big, not too small. Take it from me – if you like anal, size DOES matter!

After a short while I shifted fingers to side by side thus widening the intrusion of her arse. “Oh fuck – what’s that,” Sammi groaned breathlessly.

“Same fingers Sammi. My cock soon: quite a bit bigger than my fingers.” Then I began to rotate my fingers to widen and loosen the muscle even more. I added more lube at the same time.

“Fuck!!” shouted Sammi, “what the . . . .?”

“Now, now Sammi,” I said, smiling down at her. “I am just loosening your beautifully tight arsehole ready for my cock. It’s pretty hard just now,” I added with a smile.

“You are a bastard!” she cried. “I will get you!”

I didn’t reply, just removed my fingers from her arse and stroked lube along my cock. Then, taking position, I placed the head in the shallow depression of her anus.

“No!” she shouted, as I began to push. She gave in surprisingly quickly, my cock head slipping easily inside. “Oh god! It’s too big! Fuck!” Sammi cried breathlessly. I stayed still enjoying the tight ring of muscle gripping my cock just below the head. Always a difficult time, as the desire to drive deep inside is almost overpowering. Not a good idea with an anal virgin! It is being taken like that that puts so many women off anal sex. Far better to take things slowly and try to make sure she enjoys it the first time; and every time afterward!

Sammi continued to swear and tell me it was too big. I just held my cock there for a little while then pushed another 2 inches into her rectum. Her arsehole was exquisitely tight, but slippery, as I glided into her. More expletives issued breathlessly from Sammi, but I ignored them and stilled again. Looking down I could see my cock splitting the cheeks of her arse, stretching her anus. I had to take a very deep breath to maintain control.

Again I waited a while, absolutely still, before withdrawing a little then pushing back into her, adding another 2 inches of hard cock.

Sammi swore again and her arsehole flexed and gripped even tighter – it was pure heaven and very difficult not to fill her rectum with spunk too early. I started to withdraw again. My cock is fairly symmetrical so, once the head was in, she wasn’t going to be stretched a great deal more until her anus was at the base, where I was a bit bigger in circumference. So the effect now was to let her feel my cock sliding along her sphincter without too much more stretching. Slowly I moved back until almost out, then slowly back in. I added more lube and was very gentle just now, trying to ease any pain or discomfort Sammi was feeling.

I worked my cock back and forth very slowly in her arsehole for several minutes, enjoying each moment. The tight slickness of her rectum that gripped my cock: the ring of her sphincter sliding along my cock: the erotic picture of my erection spearing the upturned heart of her arse.

Sammi seemed to have relaxed. She was quiet just now and I wondered if, indeed hoped that, she was beginning to derive some pleasure from her first arsefuck! After this so enjoyable – and not a little difficult — experience, I started to push a little deeper on each forward stroke. Sammi began to moan then, sighing softly, as I filled her arse with more and more of my hard cock. Finally my thighs met the cheeks of her arse – I was completely buried in the beautiful arse of this delectable young woman. Bottoming out [excuse the pun] like this is the most wonderful feeling – a feeling to die for!

I had to take a very deep breath and remain absolutely still as I revelled in the heat of her darkest place gripping my cock. Sammi too, was very still – outwardly anyway. Inside her arse seemed alive, gripping then releasing my cock as if testing her feelings. It was very difficult, again, not to cum before I really fucked her arse properly – and I wanted to do that!

I leaned forward now and whispered in her ear. “Well Sammi, how does that feel: your fist anal?”

“Oh fuck! You bastard,” she said breathlessly. “It’s so fucking BIG!”

“Not that big, Sammi love – it just feels that way!”

“Is that it?” she asked quietly.

Concerned, I said, “Is it hurting Sammi?”

“It did,” she whispered, “you bastard,” this louder, then softly, “but it doesn’t now – feels sort of funny.”


“Sort of – I don’t know – is it finished?” she asked again, her rectum flexing around my buried cock.

“No, Sammi love, now your arse is going to get fucked!”

“Oh,” she said quietly, apparently accepting her fate. Now was time to take my pleasure. Moving the whole length of my cock back out of her tight arse, I drove back inside, as deep and as hard as I could. Sammi cried out something unintelligible as I thrust back and forth again and again, my thighs slapping her cheeks.

I don’t know how long I fucked Sammi’s gorgeous arse like this before I lifted my left foot onto the sofa seat, changing the angle that I was driving into her. She moaned loudly and then, “Mike – oh you bastard,” she moaned breathlessly. I felt her body shudder and spasm. Her rectum and anus gripped even tighter and she yelled my name again.

My whole world was focused on my cock just then. Hard as an iron bar, driving back and forth in her arse. It was not long before I felt the familiar feeling at the base of my spine: felt my balls tighten, my cock swell then pulse. ‘Le petite mort’ the French call it – the ‘small death’. I felt that then, as my cock jetted pulse after pulse of spunk into Sammi’s bowels. I felt as if my life force was draining into her, so intense was my orgasm.

I became aware of noise, of shouts, of groans and realised they were mine mixed with hers. Her grip on my cock seemed to increase as her body shuddered in unison with my continued pulses, and I realised that Sammi must have had some sort of climax.

I felt somewhat light-headed and weak-kneed as I came down from my high. I stood looking down at my softening cock being slowly expelled from the heaven of Sammi’s arse. Time for the reckoning! I quickly bent and unstrapped the ankle restraint, then the belt and, finally untying her wrists.

Sammi lay still for a few moments as I moved to kneel at her head. “Oh you bastard!” she whispered quietly, her eyes locking with mine. “You fucking bastard!”

From my very first lecture at university, I instantly knew I wanted Mark. Then again, nearly everybody did. He was stereotypically good looking: 6ft 2, dark and toned. He was also my contract law lecturer. Forbidden fruit. I could never pay attention in his classes, I’d be focusing on anything but him to keep my cock from being rock hard and causing embarrassment.

We had bumped into each other quite a few times: he bent over to pick up my student ID during an exam and put it back on my desk with the most perfect smile and he also spoke to me when we were drunk at an end of year party. I stupidly said to him “it’s a shame you’re my teacher,” with a smirk. To my surprise though, he smiled back and told me wait until uni was over.

For two years I kept what he had said in mind, but managed to convince myself that he was just really wasted and probably didn’t mean anything by it. He was 8 years older than me and could get anyone he wanted, including the girls drooling after him.

In my final months of university, I started to work closer to him. I had an occasional job showing prospective students around campus and he was in charge. There were about ten of us altogether, so I never managed to get any time alone with him. That was probably for the better though. I’m usually quite calm and collected, but around him I’d turn into a blubbering idiot. You could always see his washboard abs through his fitted shirts and his perfect arse in his tight trousers. It was enough to make me blow my load just by looking at him.

I had finally finished my exams and had volunteered to show A level students around the university one last time. I figured I was getting paid for easy work and I’d get to see a few of my friends before they went home before graduation. There were no other students there though. Just the prospective ones. Oh, and Mark. It was both my heaven and hell. I was doing everything in my power to stop from getting a boner and stuttering around with him.

5 o’clock came and there was just me and Mark left. We grabbed a bunch of books from the tables and carried them up to his office. I dropped them on his desk and headed straight back towards the door, now with my hand inside my pocket trying to disguise my hard-on.

“Take a seat, Jack,” he said smoothly from across the room. “I need you to fill in your student payments form.”

‘Fuck,’ I thought to myself, my 8″ rock- hard dick now becoming more difficult to hide. Mark handed me the sheet and a pen from his desk and I started to fill in the form. I glanced up and he was undoing his tie, and slowly unbuttoning the top of his shirt. I bit my lip and brushed my hand over my cock through my trousers. I knew he wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing from where he was. He carried on unbuttoning his shirt, until all I could see was his incredible naked torso. I looked back down and carried on filling in the form. ‘He must just be changing to go home,’ I thought to myself. I could see from the corner of my eye him walking around the room, closer to me. My heart was racing, he’d definitely be able to see my cock now.

The door locked. I looked over towards him, still shirtless, with just a loose tie around his neck and his hand on the door knob.

“Jack?” He whispered.

“Uh- yeah?” I stuttered back, him now moving closer towards me.

“You’re not my student anymore,” he smirked.

He grabbed his tie, put it around my neck and forced me up out of the seat, kissing me passionately. I could feel he hard body against mine. His bulge against my hard cock. He ripped open my shirt, his lips now on my neck, working their way slowly down my body. He undid my belt and threw it on the desk and pulled down my trousers until I was just stood there in my white CK briefs with my rock-hard dick showing through. He got on his knees and licked his way slowly along my shaft through my briefs, teasing me until I felt like I was about to explode. He pulled them down fast, my dick hitting him straight on the cheek. He looked up at me smiling, flicking his tongue against the head of my cock. I could’ve exploded right there and then. He started to work his way around my dick with his lips. his right hand firmly gripped around the base, rapidly jacking me off simultaneously. I forced him up to stop from finishing early and pushed him against the wall.

I couldn’t wait to have his dick in my mouth. I felt his tight arse, licked my way down his body and pulled down his trousers, revealing his semi in his boxers. I pulled them down immediately. I licked around his thighs, teasing him like he did me. I could feel his semi against my cheek slowly getting harder. His breathing started to get heavier. I knew he couldn’t handle me not sucking his cock for much longer. He grabbed his dick and put it towards my mouth. Still not completely erect,I took it in my mouth and it instantly became incredibly hard. I grabbed his arse with both my hands, deep throating his 9″ dick, gagging. He started to moan louder now. He grabbed my hair and started to face fuck me. Harder and harder. He pulled his big dick out of my mouth and hit me across the face with it.

“I wanna fuck you,” he said, breathlessly. “Bend over my desk, boy.”

I didn’t hesitate. It was an order. I could feel his tongue now rimming me, with him slowly sliding a finger in my hole.

“Fuck you’re tight,” he said, him now forcing a second finger inside me.

He pulled out and I immediately felt the large head of his cock against my hole.

“Ready?” I could hear him slightly laughing at that, knowing I was in for a rough time.

“Fuck me, sir” I replied, now biting my bottom lip.

I could feel his hard dick slowly slipping inside my tight arse, his hands on my tights. I let out a loud moan and he pushed deeper and deeper inside me until he was all the way in. I very rarely bottom and had never had such a long, thick dick inside me. He started to pick up the pace. Harder and harder. I was screaming both in paid and ecstasy. He spanked my arse.

“Fuck me harder,” I moaned. I couldn’t get enough. He would pull his dick completely out and force it all the way in again causing my entire body to clench and me to moan in pain, which would turn him on even more. He pulled out and forced me on my back on his desk, his hands on my ankles, spreading my legs. I watched his dick force its way into my hole. He was pounding me harder than before, my legs now on his shoulders with him kissing me and twisting my nipples causing a rush down my body. I could see the sweat dripping off his body. He started to wank me off, still fucking me hard. Forcing his thick dick all the way in and out at an intense speed. I couldn’t take it anymore and he knew that. He carried on fucking me, still wanking me off and my dick throbbing in his tight grip. I came all over my body, but he never stopped fucking me. He rubbed his fingers through the pools of cum and licking it off, smiling. I could barely take his dick anymore. He pulled all the way out, forced me down on my knees off the desk and I carried on wanking him off.

“Suck it,” he ordered, his dick now throbbing in my mouth. He let out an intense moan and shot his load in my mouth, pulled out and carried on finishing across my face. I was drenched in his cum. I swallowed what was in my mouth. He knelt down, licked the cum around my lips and kissed me hard. He stood up putting his shirt back on. “We’re doing this again soon,” he panted.

I wiped my hand across my face, licking the rest of his cum off my fingers, “definitely.”

I come over to yours, even though I’ve said I shouldn’t, it’s just hard to keep myself so distant, I knew I’d eventually cave.

It’s late when I make it over to you and your downstairs alone waiting for me to arrive. It’s dark and you see the lights of the car as I pull up onto the drive.

I walk in and am greeted with a huge beaming smile and a massive hug! Both of us very happy that I caved and came over, feeling relief at not losing someone we feel so close too.

We sit and chat with the TV quietly humming away in the background, laughing and smiling like usual. You offer me a drink and we both get up and make our way to the kitchen. It’s been ridiculously hot during the day and the house is still warm, you’re wearing a summery dress which lands just above your knees – not something I even thought you owned but there you go…

As you get into the kitchen and turn round to face me I can’t help but lean in to you and hug you, our faces centimetres apart… after a breath we kiss. Just gently at first as if testing each other, then our lips begin to move against each other. There’s a moment of hesitation where neither of us knows whether we should stop or carry on but the feeling is too good and soon our tongues are flicking at each other and we both smile gently as I feel your tongue piercing for the first time.

We hardly move for 10 minutes, just stood frozen except for our mouths, we kiss voraciously as if we’re teenagers again. My hands make their way down your back to your bum and caress it gently for now, hoping I get to do more soon! We finally decide to make our way out of the kitchen and find a sofa barely breaking the contact between our bodies.

We snuggle on the sofa next to each other and continue kissing my hand now able to feel the smooth skin of your legs from under your dress. After a short while I get a bit more confident and let my hand make it’s way up your skirt, drifting up your outer thigh at first then slowly back down to your knee and up your inner thigh towards your underwear.

A muffled gasp escapes your mouth as my fingers reach for your pussy through your underwear. You’re so hot and moist, it feels great as I gently caress you with my fingers on the outside of your knickers all while our mouths are still interlocked.

Finally the frustration gets too much and and tear at your underwear dragging it down your legs so I can get my hands on your smooth shaved pussy. My hand slides back up your leg to find you’re dripping wet, my fingers instantly soaked as I search out your clit and dance my spare fingers around the inside of your lips, not penetrating you with them, not yet anyway.

As we kiss I slowly begin to reposition myself, kissing your neck and down your chest both my hands now on each of your thighs just gently pulling you closer to the edge of the couch. My knees reach the floor and I have you at the end of the couch, I’m so desperate to taste you, to feel your wetness against my tongue. I inch up your dress and push apart your legs as you tilt yourself towards me eager for my tongue.

I kiss your inner thighs gently as I make my way towards you, the closer in I get the more I kiss. I lean down and kiss your bum which has found itself off the edge of the couch and now all that’s left for me is your pussy. My tongue runs up the outside of your lips, teasing you, then another sweep down and I move further in but stop before I reach your clit. You’re desperate now as your hand reaches for the back of my head by I push it away directing it towards your breasts instead, I’m taking my time, I’m not going to rush this moment!

After what seems like an eternity to you I finally give in and gently flick my tongue over your clit, slowly at first as I build up until my mouth encloses the entire top of your pussy as my fingers play inside of you. I stay there for a while feeling you press into me nearing your first orgasm when I move my tongue down and lick deeply into your pussy just taking you far enough away from the brink of climax so I can build you up again.

I do this a couple of times until I feel that you’ve had enough and you need to cum. I position my tongue back on your clit, my fingers finding their way back inside your pussy and one more just gently plays with your bum which is slippery and soaking with all of your juice and my saliva.

You start to push into me hard as my tongue presses on your clit, you let out a moan which grows as you hold your breath forcing into me harder my fingers working vigorously at your pussy. My mouth fills with the taste of your as you leak into my mouth and you fall back breathless into the couch. My fingers stop but my tongue continues to lap at you gently as you lay there for a few minutes.

I glance up and your staring at me smiling, but soon your hand comes to me and tries to remove me again. I’m not as forceful this time but I don’t want to move your pussy tastes great! You giggle and go to pull away from me again.

“Stop, please babe, stop” you tell me, trying hard not to laugh while doing so, “I really need to pee, stop!”.

I pull back and smile, I’ll let you off this time. I lean back in and kiss your thighs as you edge yourself upwards. I kneel back and smile.

“Let me come watch” I say cheekily.

“No!! No way” your sort of shocked but still smiling.

“Please…just let me watch you, it’ll make me ridiculously horny” I beg, not that I’m not already throbbing in my jeans.

You smile at me and don’t say anything for a few seconds, kind of stuck thinking whether or not to do it, your still horny but the thought of me getting more incredibly turned on eats at you. You look down at me, my cheekiness waning slightly as I fear I’ve overstepped the line, ruined the moment almost.

“Ok…” you sigh. Still slightly unsure but you take my hand as I stand up and we head towards the stairs, kissing as we do so…

It’s been almost a month now. After the first week of waiting for her to send me a message, calling in sick, not bothering to shower or shave, hating myself for not caring about that, and not caring anyway. I was miserable. I held the firm assertion that I had ruined what had been a wonderful, exhilarating, scary, beautiful date with the woman of my dreams, a woman who I’d met as Shadowcat313. After meeting her in person for the first time, she had divulged a great secret to me, and, as I realized soon after, she also used a talent of hers to prevent me from running away until I’d had some time to come to terms with it. Through it all, the visit to a club called Cube, and then to her home, it had been like a dream, a perfect dream. But then I had ruined the whole thing, and now I’m suffering greatly for it.

After that first week, I had no more sick time to use, so I forced myself to clean up, shave, and go back to work. It was a wonder I haven’t gotten myself or someone else injured or killed, so occupied was my mind with Nickie. I somehow reached the end of the month, but was no less despondent for it. It was bad enough for my supervisor, Charlie Carrasco, to take notice.

“Hey, Gary,” he called out from the front door of the small trailer on the site, “Come in here for a minute!”

I trudged into the trailer, and took a seat when it was offered.

“Gary, you in some kind of trouble or something?” he perpetually rubbed his blunt fingers through the black and gray whiskers of his goatee, “‘Cause if you are, depending on what it is, I can try to help. Like, do you owe someone some serious money?”

“Huh? Oh, no, it’s nothing like that. Uh… I met a woman about three weeks ago. We had a date, and I kinda screwed it up at the end. I’m hoping she’ll email me, but she hasn’t yet.”

“Women troubles? Ah, fuck! I’ve been divorced twice, so maybe I don’t qualify for helpful advice on that, but if she hasn’t called or emailed, I’m thinking it ain’t gonna happen. It sucks, but maybe you oughtta let go and move on.”

I shrugged, producing a dry sound that would’ve been a laugh if I’d been in a mood to, “If only it were that easy! I haven’t been able to get her out of my head since that night.”

“Well, if she’s that special, then I guess you’ll wait as long as it takes, won’t you? But, at least while you’re on the job, can you try to pay attention to what you’re doing? I don’t want you getting yourself injured or killed on the job.”

I promised to do so, and he dismissed me back to my job.

Every night, when I got home, filthy, sweaty, and exhausted, I immediately checked my email, deleting the junk mail, finding nothing from Nickie. I thought repeatedly about going to her home and begging for a second chance, but the one time I actually tried, I couldn’t remember where she lived. I’d even driven around, searching for her house, hoping to come across it, but with no luck. With everything she had become to me, getting her out of my head for more than five seconds was an impossibility.

Just over a month after my date with Nickie, I was checking my email once more, and I stopped, noticing the email from Shadowcat313. I clicked it immediately, opening it, setting aside a sandwich that I had just made without a second thought. It read:


Meet me at the coffee shop from before at nine tonight.


I looked up at the clock, saw it was already eight. I showered quickly, charged with an energy I hadn’t felt in over a month, dressed, and left, getting on my bike. It didn’t start for seven or eight tries, but when it finally caught and revved, I sped down the street, driving recklessly, and not caring. I made it to the coffee shop where I’d met her in person with almost fifteen minutes to spare. I ordered a chai tea for myself and sat at a table to wait for her.

Nine o’clock passed, and then nine-twenty. I wondered if she had changed her mind; maybe I’d screwed things up too much for us to get past it. Nine-thirty, nine-fifty, and ten-fifteen went by, and the coffee shop was closing. I got to my feet, my chai tea only half-consumed and cold now. I threw it away, vowing never to drink another as long as I lived, as it would only remind me of what I’d lost. I sighed, wrenched with depression at the thought that I may never see her again, and sat on my bike. I didn’t try to start it yet, simply staring down at the handlebars, which were slightly bent, due to a spill the previous owner took. I had meant to have the handlebars straightened, but never got around to it, instead just getting used to it instead.

Just as I was about to finally attempt to start my bike, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I jumped off the bike and whirled to find Nickie standing nearby, dressed in all black. I almost didn’t believe that she was really here, half-willing to accept that she was a hallucination, brought on by my desperate mind.

“I almost didn’t come,” she sighed, looking at the ground.

I tried to speak, but found my mouth unbelievably dry.

She continued, “I debated with myself as to whether I should. Even now, I can still taste you, and I find myself wanting more, almost so much that I can’t stand it. I almost came to you just to have more of your blood. I went to Europe to escape my desire, my need of you. But everywhere I went, I thought of you. Every time I fed, I found it lacking because it wasn’t you.”

Still, I couldn’t speak, tears pricking my eyes. I wanted so badly to rush to her and throw my arms around her, but I didn’t think she’d receive that well, not if she was being tormented so badly by the scent of my blood.

“Thank you for not doing that,” she shuddered, and I remembered how well she’d read my mind before.

Finally, I found my voice, “I haven’t been doing very well.”

“I know. There’s nothing I could do for that… unless… if you really want to move on… I can make you forget me.”

“God, no!” I cried, “If you ever felt anything for me, don’t ever do that!”

She hesitated, obviously in as much turmoil as I was.

‘Better to know why I feel so lost than to feel it and never know why,’ I thought gravely.

“Oh, Gary!” she lamented, “I’ve never felt this way, not even when I was alive. Being lonely was far easier than this torture. Even now I can smell you, and my thirst is ravenous!”

I responded, “Even if you took every drop, I’d be happier than I’ve been for the past month.”

“No!” she screamed in horror, and vanished so quickly that she might never have been there in the first place.

“Damn it!” I yelled, “Don’t do this again! I can’t take it anymore!”

I waited for hours, until I felt sure that she wouldn’t come back. Then I waited longer, until the sky began to brighten with the coming day. Only then did I go home, feeling lower than ever. I sat at my computer, not seeing it, not seeing anything but her beautiful face, so tormented and afraid of what she might do to me that she’d endure such loneliness. I opened my email and looked for an email from her, but all that I saw was her email from earlier. I hit the reply button and started writing:

Dear Nickie,

I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you. I can’t continue going on without you, no matter what the risk, so please don’t make me. I only want to be with you. Please talk to me.

Yours forever,


I wanted to continue writing, wanting to pour out everything in me, whatever it took to make her see, but I kept it simple instead, deciding that she probably knew how badly I hurt, considering how she was faring.

Only five minutes after I hit Send, I saw a reply from her:


If you only knew how dangerous it is to be with me, especially after I’ve tasted you, surely you wouldn’t be so eager to rush into my arms. Sadly, even knowing this, I want nothing more than to have you in my arms, and this frightens me more than I can put into words! I don’t think you understand how broken I’d be if I ever hurt you like that, or killed you (god help me). I can’t risk it! If it means that I must go on without you, I must. Please, let me make you forget me so that you might move on and live your life. You won’t remember having ever met me. For all you’d know, Shadowcat313 would never have existed. You’ve got to move on!

Please think about this,


I shook as I considered this, and rejected it completely. If she made me forget her, I’d have a hole in me, I was sure of this, and I’d never know why it was there, and it would tear me apart. I began writing:

Dear Nickie,

Even if I have to live the rest of my life knowing that I can never have you, I’d rather do this than have to live unable to remember you, to remember the woman I’ve fallen completely in love with. If you insist, I’ll stop writing and attempt to move on, but I’ll never stop loving you, and anyone else I’ll ever meet in my life will pale in comparison.

Love always and forever,


I sent it and waited, but no reply came. I waited a while, but she didn’t write back. The more I thought, the more that I decided that maybe I was being selfish, compelling her to agonize over my need for her. Maybe if I hadn’t been so despondent over her, she would’ve been able to move on. I got up from the computer and found the sandwich I’d made earlier, completely forgotten. I ate it absently, getting a drink from the fridge, which was mostly empty. I’d need to go grocery shopping soon. I turned on the TV and tried unsuccessfully to lose myself in a movie. Still attempting, I fell into an uneasy sleep. I dreamed that Nickie was standing before me, her arms outstretched toward me. I ran to wrap my arms around her, but then she faded before I could reach her. Then she’d pop up somewhere else, so I tried again and again to reach her, but she always faded just before I could touch her. I screamed in frustration and grief, and shook myself awake, breathing heavily.

The next few days, I forced myself to go on, doing my best to move on, because she would want me to. It was tough, completely useless to try, but I did try anyway. I went to work, forced myself to concentrate, actually attempting to throw myself into my tasks just to keep from thinking about her. After work, I’d go home, watch movies or read, pointedly ignoring my computer. I still found myself thinking about her, though, wondering what she was doing, where she was, if she was thinking of me. I still wanted her. I shuffled off to bed, weary, beginning to hope I would go to sleep and never wake up again, if only to stop the pain. I lay in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, wishing I could be with her.

“You realize that, with my bond to you, I can hear you thinking whenever I want, right?” a voice spoke quietly next to me.

‘This must be what it’s like to lose my mind,’ I thought a little flippantly, ‘Now, at least, I get to hear her voice whenever I want.’

“How about you turn over?” she suggested.

I did so, and saw her lying on the bed next to me.

“Wow, this is the next best thing to actually having you here,” I murmured, smiling faintly.

She reached out and touched my cheek, her fingers light and cool on my skin, and I shivered pleasantly.

“Hold me in your arms, Gary,” she whispered, and I complied happily, astounded at how real she felt in my arms, how smooth her skin was, how wonderful she smelled, how lustrous her dark brown felt against my face. For a hallucination, she was quite solid.

“I am real,” she whispered in my ear, “I’m really here, Gary. You haven’t lost your mind… although an argument could be made, considering your eagerness to be with a woman who could lose control and kill you.”

“You can’t be real,” I tried to keep my composure, “You said you can’t be near me without wanting my blood.”

“Even away from you, I still think about you constantly,” she confessed, nuzzling against me, “I haven’t felt like anything but an abomination since I died, until I met you. I’ve never felt anything like this, you know?”

“But what are we going to do?”

She pulled me up, bringing me to my feet, “Well, we’ll start by bringing you home with me. Your apartment isn’t prepared for me to stick around. Get dressed.”

I did so, pulling on a pair of jeans and a shirt, and tugging on a pair of boots. She barely gave me time to lock up my apartment before she got on my bike, starting it on the first try. I got on behind her, holding on tightly as she accelerated. If my driving to the coffee shop this last time had been reckless, her driving was suicidal. Fortunately, her reflexes were astronomically sharp, and we arrived at her house in record time. I followed her in, still hardly daring to believe that all this was real, it was all happening so quickly.

She was kissing me so intensely before we were even through the door, shaking with her need, and I was ecstatic to feel how much she needed me, how complete I felt with her. We were shedding our clothes all the way into her bedroom, and, completely nude, I began oiling her as if nothing else on this world existed but her exquisite body under my hands. She submitted happily, and then we began kissing fervently, her hands stroking me. She sat astride me and guided me inside her, sighing with pleasure as I slid deeply into her. I wasn’t sure how it was possible, but it seemed even better this time than the first, so well did we move together. I could feel her in my mind, anticipating my movements and responding in unison, even as I felt her vaginal muscles tighten as she moved closer to orgasm. I did my best to maintain myself as I thrust into her deeply, and she urged me on, except she was moaning too loudly to urge, but she was in my head, giving of herself, and then she reached climax, trembling, gasping, riding me helplessly.

She began to settle atop me, lying on my chest, her body still trembling as she calmed. When she had regained her breath, she slid down and took me in her mouth, her tongue caressing me as her lips sealed around my shaft. She sucked me hard and fast, but I was already close to the edge, and I groaned and thrust my hips forward. She took me in deep, and held me there while my seed spilled down her throat. When I was finished, she let go and moved up to snuggle in my arms. Instead of feeling groggy and sleepy, I felt supercharged, wide awake.

“That was even better than last time,” Nickie declared.

I laughed a little, out of breath, “You’re so amazing!”

“You weren’t so bad, yourself,” she giggled.

We made love again when I was ready, not so insistent this time. She pulled me atop her and wrapped her legs around my waist as I eased inside her, her body writhing perfection against mine. Before I knew it, daylight was coming. Of course, I only knew it when Nickie, sensing the coming sun, passed the information into my mind.

“Do me harder,” she urged, “Give me all of you.”

I brought her legs up against my chest, leaning forward and thrusting harder inside her, my hips almost slamming forward. She showed no signs of pain, only desire, already close to another orgasm. Luckily, so was I, and, as she reached climax, shuddering and clutching at me with wild abandon, I thrust one final time and released my seed deep inside her. Finally, as we coasted to a stop, she kissed me gently, her lips so soft against mine.

But, with the coming day, she was still insistent that I not sleep in the same bed with her.

“I still have no willpower when I sleep,” she warned me, “But I’ll wake you when the sun goes down.”

“But… I have to go to work today,” I rubbed my chin, still unable to look away from her.

“You don’t need to work anymore.”

“I can’t just quit without a two week notice. Charlie Carrasco took a chance by hiring me, and I owe him at least that much.”

She nodded, “I suppose, if you must. In that case, you’d better get some sleep, my love.”

I dragged myself from her bed, kissing her one last time, and then went upstairs. There were no other beds in the house, but the living room had a nice, comfy sofa, and I was exhausted and completely happy.

I went to work that day, late, but better rested than I’d been in a while. After apologizing to Charlie for being late, I explained that Nickie had emailed, we had worked things out, and that I had spent the night at her house. I let him draw his own conclusions, and he was quite understanding.

“I’m glad for you,” he grinned, “It’s about time.”

He was less happy that I was putting in my two-week notice, but he was still understanding, and glad I hadn’t just quit.

“You know, if you change your mind,” Charlie looked at me from across the desk, “I can keep a spot open for you. You’re one of my better workers, and a good worker can be hard to come by.”

I thanked him, “I’ll let you know if my situation changes.”

Meanwhile, after a very brief conversation where she asked me if I wanted to, and I said absolutely, I moved out of my apartment and moved into one of the spacious bedrooms on the second floor. I still couldn’t sleep in her bed with her, at least not while she slept as well, as the threat was still too great, but I could live with that. Hell, I could live with sleeping on the floor in front of her bedroom door as long as it meant I could be with her. As it was, she had procured me a king-sized bed that was the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, a cherry wood Chinese sleigh bed with intricate jade dragons on the head board and more jade trim along the sides. I’d never seen anything like it, and when I asked her, she simply shrugged.

“It’s just something I had lying around,” she spoke nonchalantly, and then added, “The mattress is new, though.”

During the day, as she slept, so did I. I began to enjoy the night time more, the beauty of the moonlight as it painted the world in silver and black, the freshness of the night air. As most of the rest of the world slept, we roamed and strolled, with little bits of time where she went to hunt, assuring me that her victim would live. She seemed determined to set my mind at ease, to convince me that, despite what she was, she was no monster, only feeding to live. She wanted to make sure I knew that she could be a good person, but I’d already arrived at that decision at a point when she’d made such a big deal about taking even the smallest bit of my blood. I definitely learned my lesson on that one, and I never brought it up again. Frequently, I could see that it still crossed her mind, and I could usually tell when her thirst for me was prevalent. Around then, the irises of her eyes, usually a dark violent, would redden, and she’d start shivering. Unless we were making love, I would make myself scarce until she felt like she was more in control.

Unfortunately, over the next few months, the times when her thirst would come upon her increased, and there were times, when we were making love, that she’d open her eyes, and they’d be crimson, and I wasn’t sure she could resist. I watched, not exactly afraid for myself, but for her, as it appeared as if her grip on humanity was at stake, and it only seemed to be getting worse for her. And, when I’d try to bring it up, approaching the subject as subtly as possible, she would duck the topic.

“We really need to talk about this,” I insisted as we walked along a deserted path outside the city. The moon was down, and I couldn’t really see her face, though I knew it by heart, as I had since we’d first met. She could see just fine by night, one of the perks, I guess.

“I can’t…” she crossed her arms over her breasts, looking down, “Please, let’s just enjoy the night, okay?”

“Then when?” I stopped, turning to her silhouette, “When can we bring this up? I’m worried about you, Nickie.”

“You ought to be more worried for your own safety, but you don’t seem to care a bit about it, and that worries me,” she faced me.

I shrugged, “If I was really that worried about my own neck, I would’ve never spent that first evening with you. It’s you I’m worried about.”

She laughed, but the sound was hollow, not in the least amused, “I love you Gary, you know that, right?”

“Yeah, I know that. I’ve known this since the first night.”

“And I know you love me, too. It’s like a damn neon sign in your mind, and I’d still know it even if you weren’t always telling me, which you do.”

I smiled a little; I guess I was pretty transparent, “And that’s why I’m not afraid for my own life. I know you don’t want to talk about this, you’re always pretending that it’s not a problem.”

“Because I know it is one, or could become one. I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want you to think that I’m…”

“A monster?” I smiled again, taking her hand, which, as always, was cold, “You know I don’t think you’re a monster. I think you’ve always known that, haven’t you?”

“Damn it!” she whirled, walking away a few steps, her hands clenching at her sides.

I waited where I was a minute, and she spun around, “I’m worried that I might be more of a monster than I wanted. When I hunted, I used to Hunt. I used to kill. I’m a murderer! Whenever I was threatened, and I have been on several occasions, I’ve killed to protect my secret. If that happens again, I may have to kill again. Doesn’t that bother you?”

“Maybe a little, but I think that if people ever knew about you, they’d kill you, right? And maybe you killed for food before, but you haven’t since we met. You’ve changed who you are for me.”

“I can’t change what I am.”

Nickie’s words seemed to hang in the air between us. She stood where she was, and I wanted to be closer to her, but I didn’t feel that she could deal with that just yet.

“I’ve seen people change,” I insisted, “I know it can happen.”

“But I can’t!” she cried, “Maybe I could change my lifestyle, or my fondness for expensive things, or anything like that. But I can’t change what I am. I can’t stop feeding, because I’ll die if I do. Maybe I can keep from killing people, that’s not too difficult. But I’ve tasted your blood, and it calls to me. I don’t know how long I can keep myself from taking more.”

“How bad is it, exactly?”

“It’s like… this thing inside me, just aching to get out, and it takes every damn ounce of willpower I have to resist it.”

I sighed, “I wish I’d never tempted you with it. This would probably be a lot easier for you, wouldn’t it?”

She hesitated, and then nodded, “It didn’t help any.”

“Shit,” I mumbled, “It figures. I really screwed this all up.”

We continued to walk, because there wasn’t much else to do right that moment. We were both troubled, me with my stupid mistake, her with the thirst, and both of us with the consequences. Either we’d have to figure out a better solution for all of this, or we wouldn’t be able to remain together. But, as I figured it, as we both seemed to, the chances didn’t look good for us. We strolled the night, but the appeal, at least for the moment, was lost. We were lost in our own thoughts, quiet, and she appeared sullen. It wasn’t fair for her to have to live with the constant fear of killing me in her mindless thirst. And it wasn’t fair of me to expect her to, just because I couldn’t be without her. This weighed heavily on my mind.

“Shut up,” she sighed sadly, “And quit thinking about leaving me to save me. It’s pretty apparent that neither of us can live with that. So consider it a closed option.”

I couldn’t help but think about it, and I told her this.

“Let me put it this way: if you ever try to leave with this notion that I’ll be better off if you’re not with me, I will find you. Don’t forget our bond. You could run to the end of the earth, and I could use our bond to find you. That’s another little bonus that tasting your blood has given me. No matter where you went, I can find you.”

“Then what are we supposed to do? One of these days, it’s just gonna be too much for you, and-”

“No!” she replied sharply, “Don’t even say that! I’ll never do that, never!”

“I’ve seen you when the thirst is on you, when your eyes go red. You’re not much in control of yourself at that point.”

She stamped her foot in frustration, and the path cracked under her, “Go back to the house. I need some time to calm down.”

“Nickie-” I started.

“Please,” she took my hand, pressing it to her face for a moment, and I could feel her frustration in the way she trembled, and in the intensity of her gaze, “Just go back to the house. I’ll be there soon.”

“Just don’t do anything crazy, okay?”

“I promise I’ll try to be on my best behavior,” she smiled thinly, and then vanished.

I took a roundabout route back to Nickie’s house, walking almost absently, but knowing just where I was in relation to her house. Apparently, she’d taken that out of my head on our first date, when she’d sent me away. But once it had become my home as well, not only had she left the location there in my head, but she had done something else to improve my sense of direction, which had once been iffy. I wondered what else in my head she could improve should she choose to.

“What the hell are you doing out so late?” someone spoke from behind me.

I turned to find three white men waiting there, men about my age. The one who had spoken had shaved his head, but was currently sporting stubble, including on his pock-marked face. He looked angry, as if my being there were the cause of all his life’s misfortune, which I was pretty sure it wasn’t. Dressed in a wife-beater and grungy, dirty jeans, he exuded an air of volatility. The two men on either side were similar in appearance, having all the look of street thugs or gang members. There were plenty just like these guys in the city, prowling the streets, causing all kinds of trouble, and following various codes of conduct that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I waited, not saying anything, trying to determine what these guys would want with me.

“You didn’t answer my fucking question,” the one in the middle sneered.

“I didn’t realize there was a curfew,” I replied mildly, appearing as nonthreatening as possible.

“Listen to this asshole!” the one on the right laughed. He had a nose ring, and his ears were gauged.

“You’re on our turf,” the one in the middle informed me, and he seemed like the leader, at least of his little group.

“I wasn’t aware that it was your turf. When did that happen?”

“We took it back,” the guy on the left chimed in, “And we don’t like trespassers in our turf.”

“Then I should probably go,” I said, “I wouldn’t want to be a trespasser.”

“Oh, so you think you should just go,” the leader scowled, “Without paying the price for trespassing?”

I sighed. I didn’t need this right now. Weren’t there enough problems in my life that I had to deal with this, too? But, after being with a woman who could rip me limb from limb if she so chose, a woman whose thirst for my blood was a rival for her love for me, three ordinary thugs failed to raise much fear in me.

“Give me your wallet,” the leader pulled a butterfly knife from his back pocket, opening it with the skill no doubt obtained from a lot of practice, “And we’ll consider letting you walk out of here.”

“Well gee,” I grinned, “I didn’t realize the price was so low. My wallet’s empty, anyways. How about a cheap watch or something?”

“I think this guy is being a smart-ass,” the thug on the left bared his teeth, but his eyes never stayed on one thing for more than a second, and he couldn’t seem to stand completely still, fidgeting, bouncing a little.

“Benny here says he thinks you’re being a smart-ass,” said the leader, “I think that maybe you’re just looking to get your ass kicked.”

The thug on the right stepped forward and grabbed the front of my shirt.

“Oh, goodie for me,” said another voice in the darkness, somewhere to the right, and I recognized it as Nickie’s, “I was looking for a way to blow off some steam.”

“Ah shit,” I shook my head, feigning sadness, but inwardly I was relieved for her appearance, “I was hoping we could settle this with words.”

Nickie appeared at my side as if she’d just materialized. This threw the three thugs off a little. The one with the front of my shirt clenched in his fist let go and took a step back, surprised.

“Who the fuck is she?” the leader demanded, “And where the fuck did she come from?”

“Aren’t you just full of questions?” Nickie cocked her head slightly, letting the thugs believe that she was as harmless as she looked, “Who are your new friends, Gary?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, “They haven’t introduced themselves yet.”

“See, I’m gone for five minutes, and you’re out gallivanting with thugs…” she appraised the three, “Not very smart ones, at that.”

“Okay, bitch,” the leader fumed, “I’m gonna have some fun with you before I slit your throat.”

“You should’ve just walked away,” I warned them.

Before one heartbeat reached the next, she was between them, and she shoved Benny and the other thug, sending them flying into the darkness with startled cries. She grabbed the leader, wrenching his knife-hand and driving his arm up between his shoulder blade, forcing him to drop his knife, which clattered to the path between his boots. He screamed in pain.

“Little boys shouldn’t play with knives,” she said softly, with a smile, “I’ll bet you’re a constant disappointment to your mother.”

“Let me go, you bitch!” the leader screamed.

“I’ll also bet you’re not much of a hit with the ladies… at least the smart ones. I could rip your arm and smack you around with it, if you’d like.”

“Let me go!”

Nickie released him suddenly, and he whirled around with a wild punch.

“I’m gonna kill you, bitch!” the thug growled.

I chuckled, “Man, are you stupid!”

“And he’s quite proud, isn’t he?” she spoke from one side, “But this is just what I need to work off my frustrations. Thanks, Gary.”

“Hey, this wasn’t my idea. They found me.”

“Benny!” the leader shouted, “Vic! Where the fuck are you?”

“I don’t think you’ve got any backup,” I noted.

“Shut the fuck up! I’ll fucking stomp your head in!”

Nickie laughed, “Why don’t you worry about me, instead? I’m the one you should be concerned about.”

“Aww, come on,” I grinned, “I could take him.”

“I know you could,” she nodded, still laughing, “But I’m having so much fun.”

So I shrugged and waited.

Nickie appeared right next to the thug, gave him a light slap, and danced back a step as he swung, missing her. She continued to dodge and weave, easily avoiding his clumsy fists, quite graceful to behold. As his punches missed her, she responded with little pokes, jabs, pinches, and slaps, obviously toying with him, further infuriating him, as he apparently wasn’t used to being the victim.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you, you bitch!” the thug was completely out of control. He made a dive for his switchblade, but she deftly kicked it aside, and it flew off into the night.

“You’re getting a little predictable,” she let him know, “You’re nothing but an uneducated, uncultured, little thug who gets off on hurting people weaker than you, and the world could use a lot less of your kind.”

I stopped smiling as I heard her, but she flashed a bright smile my way before continuing, “How fortunate for you that I promised my man that I wouldn’t kill anymore! You should count yourself lucky. So, how about you get out of here, quit pretending to be a man, and go give your mother a reason not to regret popping you out.”

I expected the thug to take off running, considering the performance Nickie had given, but his pride kept him where he was. He leapt at Nickie, who dodged, grabbed him by the back of his neck and pushed him down. He was up quickly, quite stubborn, swinging away once more, and it would’ve been funnier if he weren’t so serious about landing a punch.

“Dude,” I suggested, “You’ve got to be getting tired by now. Can’t you just go home like she said?”

“Fuck you!” the thug switched course and came after me.

I sidestepped and tripped him. Perhaps I might not have been quick enough if Nickie hadn’t worn him out, but I could hear him wheezing for breath, could smell his rankness as he sweated, and he went down quickly. Just as quickly, he was up again, coming at me once more. I put out a fist even as he was starting to swing, and he ran right into it. He reeled back, his swing unfinished, a little dazed.

“Are you done yet?” I asked.

“Gonna fucking kill you,” he wheezed, shaking his head, trying to clear it.

“Yeah,” Nickie was beside me again, “You mentioned that. Really, if you’re gonna be so repetitive, let’s just cut this short, okay?”

The thug came at me once more, so I put more oomph in my counter punch as I sidestepped him a second time. He went down, out cold.

“Quite a hit,” she rolled him onto his side with one foot.

“Well, thank you for tiring him out a little first. That made it much easier.”

“I am feeling better, by the way. It’s nice to blow off a little steam, now and then.”

I rolled my eyes, “Maybe next time we’ll just wade into a prison riot or something.”

“Ooh, that would be pretty fun. You could make that my birthday present.”

“You know I can’t just schedule a prison riot whenever I want.”

“But I’m sure you’ll figure something out, all the same.”

We began walking back to the house, feeling a little better. Sometimes finding solutions for the smaller problems gives one a little peace.

When we were hardly inside the door, Nickie rounded on me, held me tightly, and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss with fervor, cupping her buttocks, which felt so perfect in my hands. Her legs went around my waist, and I carried her easily, always a wonderment considering her incredible strength, down the stairs into the basement, into her room, and onto the bed. There, I set her down on the bed.

“You really need to be more careful,” she purred in my ear, “I’d really hate to lose you.”

“I suppose I should be,” I replied, kissing her neck.

“I mean it,” she drew back, “If I hadn’t been there, they might’ve really hurt you.”

I looked into her eyes, “It wasn’t my idea to get mugged. I swear I was on my way home.”

“There are at least three other routes that would’ve gotten you here quicker.”

“Yeah, I did take the scenic route. I’ll try to be more careful, okay?”

“Good,” she pulled my shirt off, “Now come here and make love to me.”

I undressed her slowly, taking great enjoyment in each caress of her skin, each sigh I drew from her. Her skin was flawless, slightly less pale than usual, which meant that she had recently eaten, but even that didn’t subtract from the mood. I wanted her, even more now than the first night, and any night since she’d come back into my life. There was an intensity between her and I that we could both feel, and the way she devoured me with her eyes sent a delicious chill right through me. Every touch of her lips to my skin, every swipe of her tongue as she teased tingled throughout my body. I could feel her in my head as well, telling me how much she loved me, how much I meant to her, and what delicious pleasures I gave her. I applied some oil to her, spreading it leisurely over her thighs, moving from outer to inner, feeling her almost thrumming with excitement, an excitement that she sent to me. I moved my hands between her legs, parting her inner labia, stroking the soft petals, giving her clitoris a few strokes before easing two liberally-oiled fingers inside her, feeling her tighten, whisper my name.

She took some oil and rubbed it in the sensitive skin of my member, stroking me with a slow, firm hand. She pushed me back, climbed upon me, and impaled herself upon me, moaning as I filled her. She began moving, rubbing what remained of the oil on her fingers onto my chest, and gazed into my eyes. They were still a deep, mysterious violet, not one faint trace of red, and I gazed right back into them. I teased my fingertips upon the skin of her breasts, around and around the areolas, and then around her stiff nipples. The scent of coconuts stayed in my nose, and I had the feeling that the mere scent of coconuts, in the future, would alone be enough to get me aroused. I moved within her, her vaginal muscles milking me, her breasts heaving in my hands. She rode me slowly, taking her time, keeping part of herself in my mind to make sure that she was always touching me in the right ways to give me the most pleasure. We connected in a way that I’d never known before her, a way that was impossible to describe. At the same time, she guided me to ensure that I gave her as much pleasure as I could.

I groaned as she climbed off me, but she only positioned herself on her hands and knees, her round, gorgeous buttocks thrust up in the air.

She wiggled a little enticingly, “You gonna just sit there staring, or are you gonna come and make love to me?”

I jumped up, positioned myself behind her, and thrust into her.

“Oh! If you never stopped doing that, it would be too soon for me!”

She pushed back with each thrust I made, crying out, and I was in awe of her beauty, and unsurprised at the level of arousal I felt every time she looked back over her shoulder, urging me on. Unfortunately, such a high level of arousal ensured that my endurance suffered. I was already teetering on the edge of an orgasm, but, luckily, so was she.

“Don’t you dare stop!” she cried, “Give it all, I want to feel it inside me! Oooohhhh!”

At this point, I was beyond the ability to stave off my orgasm. I thrust harder, not stopping even as my seed spilled inside her, continuing to thrust even as I finished, and she cried out, tightening as she reached her own climax. She bucked back against me, shivering, gasping, and she climaxed again even as she was finishing the first. Finally, she fell forward, still shivering, onto her stomach. I fell to my side next to her, trying to get my breath back.

Even after such intensely satisfying lovemaking, I was aroused again in only a few minutes, and then Nickie was under me, her legs wrapped around me, her ankles and feet resting on the backs of my thighs. She murmured in my ear, her fingers lightly stroking my back as I moved within her. We continued on for another ten minutes, but, after that, she insisted that I give it all once more. I began moving faster, thrusting deeper, pushing harder. Her legs tightened around me, her hands pulling at me. She arched her backs and thrust her hips forward, matching my rhythm. There was no use in even trying for endurance this time, so perfect did she feel. Within only a few minutes, I was over the edge, and she followed quickly after, almost screaming with the ecstasy. We shuddered to a standstill, unmoving as we recovered, with her holding me inside her until my erection had completely subsided. Even then, she held me atop her, clutching me tightly, kissing me.

Soon, after we had both calmed, she eased out from under me, and we luxuriated in that afterglow of such powerful passion. I lay on my side, unable to take my eyes off of her, feeling slightly sore, but satiated.

“I ruined my sheets,” she informed me, “I clawed them to shreds.”

I looked at her sheets, and saw that she had indeed slashed them up in two different places, and the mattress underneath as well.

“We’re gonna need a stronger mattress,” I noted.

“That was so wonderful, I don’t even care,” she leaned back on her elbows, bending one knee.

“I only wish I had more in me right now.”

“I’m glad you don’t. Even I need a break every now and then, my love.”

Morning would soon be here, and Nickie proclaimed that she needed to take a shower, so we kissed deeply for a moment, I gathered up my clothes, and then I went upstairs to the first floor, closed and locked the door that we’d left open in our haste to get to her room, and went into the kitchen to get a drink. Prior to my moving in, Nickie hadn’t had any appliances in her kitchen. Why would she need them, after all? She had a stove, fridge, microwave, coffee pot, and toaster delivered and set up within a few days, and I had gone grocery shopping soon after. I had wondered where she would get all the money she seemed to have spent, between that and my bed, especially when I had quit my job, but she only told me that money wasn’t a concern.

I stepped into the shower across from my bedroom, started the shower, and then, waiting for the water to heat up, I stood in front of the mirror, staring at the me on the other side. I was still pretty physically fit, but not as much so as I had been. One thing about working construction, it was quite a workout. Perhaps I should see about going to the gym. I got into the shower, washing and rinsing off quickly, feeling suddenly worn out, tired. It had been quite a night, and it had taken a lot out of me. After toweling off and putting on a pair of underwear, I dropped onto my bed and was out even as the sun was coming up, falling into a dreamless, peaceful sleep.

It was at least five o’clock in the afternoon when I finally awoke, and I knew I was sore as hell before I even started moving. I forced myself up and off the bed, stretching carefully to ease some of the pain. Maybe I was more out of shape than I’d thought. I dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt, pulled on a pair of my worn, old running shoes, and went outside for a jog. I waved to people as I passed, already working up a sweat, followed the sidewalks, dodging mothers power-walking while pushing strollers, an old man who seemed lost in an inner world as he strolled, a few teenagers trying to do kick flips on their skateboards, a little girl drawing spirals, stars, and swirls on her driveway with some sidewalk chalk, two men chatting as they did some yard work, and another man washing his car. They went about their lives, and I went about my business, still jogging, feeling better, working out some of the soreness in my body, and looking forward to seeing Nickie when the sun went down.

I was back to the house, sweaty, but otherwise fine before sundown, rinsed off in the shower, and was downstairs in the kitchen, making a sandwich, when Nickie appeared behind me.

“Oh, that smells awful!” she exclaimed, wrinkling her nose.

I hadn’t even considered that she would find the aromas of food offensive, “I’m sorry, I didn’t even think-”

“No, don’t worry about it,” she assured me, “I’ll be back in a little while.”

I left my sandwich on the plate on the counter, went to her, and kissed her. She was trembling slightly, and while her eyes weren’t quite red yet, there were faint blooms of rose in the violet of her irises. She kissed me back briefly, turned, and was out the door in a blink. I guessed that, already being hungry, her willpower was flagging, so being so close to me must’ve been almost unbearable. I ate my sandwich, grabbing a can of soda to wash it down, and went into the living room to watch TV.

I felt a pang of guilt as Nickie’s face kept resurfacing in my mind, tormented by the scent of my blood, and I wondered how long our relationship would last before she lost her fight to restrain her thirst for me. I supposed that when that time came, I wouldn’t struggle. After all, what good would that do when she was exponentially stronger than me? Maybe she’d be able to regain control before draining me past a point where I couldn’t survive, but I knew that her guilt would be great. To regain her senses only after I was dead would be so much worse for her. She would most likely take it quite badly, and there was no telling, really, what she might do with so much remorse over my death, and I didn’t want to guess.

By the time she returned, I was able to put these thoughts out of my mind, concentrating instead on how happy I was with her, and the depth of my feelings for her. She stopped in front of me, and I could see the blood splatted on the left side of her light blue blouse.

“Are you okay?” I asked, “What happened?”

“Those damn thugs interrupted me,” she frowned, “I was trying to eat, and… of all the damn luck! I think I killed a few of them. I’m so sorry Gary, I know I promised.”

I got up, “Forget about that, you did what you had to. Are you sure you’re okay?”

She snorted, “The bastards! They just couldn’t leave it alone, could they?”

I moved closer, and started unbuttoning her blouse. She shrugged it off, and I continued to strip her down, and then took her hand. I led her downstairs, through her room and to the bathroom. I started a bath in her whirlpool tub, and she finished undressing.

“The police will probably be looking around soon,” she surmised, “We’ll need to be careful.”

“Don’t worry about that now, just sit down.”

She slid down into the tub, the hot water lapping at her waist as it rose, “Things just never seem to change. There’s always some group of idiots with no common sense and something to prove!”

I grabbed a washcloth from where it hung on a brass towel ring, wet it, and began wiping at the blood that had soaked through her blouse and onto her skin.

“But this,” she sighed, “This is something different. I don’t think I’ve had anyone do this for me since I was a baby.”

“I didn’t know what else I could do,” I admitted.

“Why don’t you join me? There’s plenty of room.”

So I undressed and sat in the tub with her. She turned around, and leaned back against me. I could feel her beginning to relax as I slid my hands around her and held her.

Once she was calm and still, I grabbed her body wash, and the wash cloth, and had her sit up. I lathered up her back and shoulders, and then her arms, massaging them as I soaped.

“I think I could get used to this,” she purred, and turned around, “Don’t stop there.”

I worked up a rich lather upon her breasts, much to her enjoyment, and then her stomach. Then she slid away from me, leaning up against the opposite side of the tub, and lifted a long leg out of the water, resting her foot on my chest. I began soaping up her leg, taking my time, massaging her calf, and then up to her thigh. A few moments later, she bared her other leg, and I worked on that leg for her. Once I was done, she let that leg drop into the water, which was now chest high. I turned the water off, and as I was settling back in, she slid up into my lap. Of course, she found that I was in a high state of arousal.

“Ooh,” she cooed, taking hold of me, “Is this for me?”

“It’s all for you,” I responded, and she guided me inside her.

The water sloshed as she rode me, and I kissed and licked her breasts, capturing each nipple between my lips and flicking my tongue across the tips. She stood up suddenly, climbed onto the lip of the tub so that my face was only inches from the juncture of her thighs and the slightly puffy pussy that waited for me. I didn’t hesitate, pressing my lips against her, and dipping my tongue inside. She held my head as I licked and lapped, flicked and sucked, delighting in each gasp I drew from her. My hands slid around to her buttocks, gripping, kneading, as I continued to pleasure her, and it wasn’t long before her hips were thrusting against my face, her cries reaching a crescendo as she achieved climax. She trembled and quaked, and then slowly shuddered to a halt before slipping back down into the tub, still in my lap, but facing the other way. After easing me back inside, she started riding me again, but reversed. I stroked her wet, glistening flesh, feeling the muscles in her back, and her shoulders as they flexed with each motion, relaxed, and then flexed again. Her hips gyrated and bounced, and her head was flung back, her hair almost in my face, but I didn’t worry about that.

Her cries and moans reverberated off the tiles, louder now as she increased her speed. I moved with her as much as I could, my feet pressed into the opposite wall of the tub to keep me from slipping down. She quickly reached climax again, her hips thrusting erratically, her body shuddering with the sheer pleasure. It took her a little bit before she was finally still, and then she slid off of me.

“Here,” she gasped, “Sit on the edge of the tub.”

I pushed up onto the lip of the tub, my feet in the water still, and her kneeling before me. She took me into her mouth all at once, my entire length ensconced with one motion. She sucked on me, her lips sealed tightly as she moved, her tongue teasing along the underside, just under the head where it seemed more sensitive than the rest of it, her eyes locked on mine.

Her hands were on my inner thighs, her fingernails scraping lightly back and forth, and, within only a few minutes, I was rocketing towards release, thrusting myself into her mouth helplessly. I groaned and gulped for breath as I reached the point where there was no regaining control, and then my spend was splashing her throat. Three, five, and then one last time, I spasmed, and then sank back, having to hold myself up. She sucked for a few more seconds before releasing me, her throat working as she swallowed the last of my cream, and then she slid back, allowing me to collapse back into the tub. She lay against me, her fingers lightly stroking my chest, waiting as I took some time to get my wind.

Because the water was getting colder, and because we’d been soaking in her tub for almost thirty minutes, we both got out, though my legs were a little shaky. We dried off, and she helped me upstairs and into my own bed.

“You’re exhausted,” she slid into my bed with me.

“Stay with me a little bit? Just until I fall asleep?” I murmured, and she nodded, snuggling up close to me, my head on her breast. She stroked her fingers through my hair, and I was out in less than a minute. I barely felt her ease out from under me, or felt her lips as she kissed me. But I heard her voice in my head crystal clear, cutting through the fog of sleep.

“Dream of me, my love.”

I did dream of her, strangely enough, imagining her life as it might have been, before she had been turned. She was poor, her father shoeing horses, fixing wheels. She was wild, under no man’s heel, never bowing or scraping, and many men lusted after her. She almost seemed cruel as she rebuffed their advances. It was a strange man, who was obviously not from the area, strangely dressed, and even more strangely mannered, that caught her attention. A proud man, with a strong, but lean frame, he had an almost regal carriage, as if he came from royalty or high status. She met him late one evening, as she danced at a town festival, never with the same partner for more than a moment at a time, seeming to delight in the frustration of her would-be suitors. He was suddenly there, as if made of smoke, but was all solid when he took her hand and danced flawlessly, his crystalline blue eyes seeming to bore twin holes into her very being.

The man danced with her, his black hair glossy and long, her hand in his as he easily kept up with her. Soon, even she was winded, but the man hadn’t even broken a sweat. He led her to a seat, which she gratefully accepted, and he took his seat next to her at one of several tables.

“I do not believe I have made your acquaintance,” she gazed curiously at him.

He stood, bowed at the waist, and swept off his hat, “If you please, milady, I am Nathaniel Barclay of Dorchester. And may I know the name of such the fetching young lady that makes my heart weak with passion?”

With a high blush upon her cheeks, she replied, “I am Nicolette Stribling, sir.”

“Such a glorious name for such a glorious vision!” Nathaniel exclaimed, “And I am twice blessed to be in your presence!”

I felt as if I was there, though nobody bumped into me or so much as brushed up against me, and I watched as, enamored of this stranger, Nickie followed him through the throngs of townspeople until they emerged from the masses and found a secluded spot near a pond, where only the moonlight saw them.

I watched as the man drew her into his arms and kissed her. Surprised, she began to pull away.

“Sir, I beg of you-”

“You will be my mate, to stand by my side,” the man demanded, “For I insist, and you will never find such a man as me!”

With that, he caught her eyes and kept them, entrancing her so deeply that she did little more than wince as his teeth opened her flesh and he drank. She could make no attempt to struggle, or do much more than sigh, her face growing pale as marble as he drank more and more of her blood, until she was close to death. He stopped right on the edge, and, still holding her up, he opened a vein on his wrist and thrust it against her lips. Almost instinctively, she began to drink as her own blood, tainted with the source of his own rebirth, flowed easily down her throat.

As new life flooded her wide, startled eyes, confusion came with it. She staggered back from him, blood smeared around her lips, as if she’d been eating berries.

“What have you done to me?” she gasped, feeling a horrible ache spread throughout her body.

“Just as I have said,” the man crossed his arms, waiting.

She collapsed to the ground, trying to scream, but producing only a high, agonizing keening, and went into a fit, thrashing wildly, helplessly, as the poison spread throughout her, burning terribly, yet as icy cold as the harshest winter. Suddenly, her eyes, which were shut tightly, popped open, and the violet irises were no longer violet, but the brightest crimson.

I woke with a start, realizing I had thrashed myself awake. The sun was almost down, most of it having dipped below the horizon, with only a sliver visible. I wiped my hand across my face, simply sitting there on the edge of the mattress, trying to understand the dream I’d had. Had this been Nickie’s memories, her recollection of her life up to the point of her turning, or my imagination trying to figure it out? It had seemed quite lucid, quite vivid. Had she really been Nicolette Stribling, the daughter of a man who shoed horses for a living? As I puzzled over this, the sun grudgingly sank below the horizon, and night gradually arrived. I dressed, went into the living room, and waited for Nickie. I tried to watch some TV, but nothing was on that could hold my attention. I kept going over my dream, remembering key points, and it all seemed to make sense, considering the things I knew now.

“Something’s troubling you,” Nickie spoke from the other side of the sofa.

I turned my head, and there she was, completely nude, resplendent, a vision if there ever was one.

“I dreamed about your life,” I admitted, “Was that a dream, or your memories?”

She smiled, but there was a bitter undertone, “I thought it would be easier that way. I wanted you to know who I used to be, what I was before Nathaniel Barclay took my humanity.”

I held out my hand, and, when she took it, I pulled her close, “He could turn you, make you a vampire, but you’re still human. In fact, you’re more human than a lot of people I’ve seen. Besides, a human could never love me like you do.”

She lay her head on my shoulder, and I put an arm around her.

“That’s so sweet of you to say,” she managed a wan smile, “But it’s not completely true. I’ve lost much of my humanity because of what I am, all the horrible things I’ve done.”

I sighed, my fingers brushing through her silky hair, “If you weren’t as human as I believe you to be, then you wouldn’t be so worried of my opinion of you. A real monster would never care about something like that.”

“You have such a high opinion of me,” she sighed miserably, “I wish I could live up to it.”

“You already are. You could’ve killed me the first time you met me, but you didn’t. You could’ve fed on me so many times since then, but you were so adamantly against the idea that you sent me away for a month. Instead of making me your meal, you let me into your heart, and I’ve never been happier with anyone in my life.”

—-Warning: For those of you who were looking for a happy ending, you should probably stop reading here. I wanted to end it with a ‘happily ever after,’ who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. If you insist on continuing to the end, consider yourself warned.—-

I held her for a little while, because she wanted to be held, but her thirst grew more insistent, so she took her leave, dressing quickly and going out. I made something for me to eat, a chicken pot pie, and, once done with that, I put my shoes on and went for a walk. I stayed away from the park area where the thugs had tried to mug me, not desiring to have any further dealings with them, instead following the sidewalks of the neighborhood, seeing people who were engaged in normal activities, some of which stopped to wave at me as I passed. But they were soon all indoors as the time slipped closer to ten o’clock, and I found myself alone, still strolling the sidewalks, the sodium vapor streetlights my only illumination.

I thought about Nickie, but that was normal, I spent a lot of time thinking about her when I wasn’t with her. I wondered what would happen if she managed to control the thirst for my blood. I would grow older, my hair would probably fall out like my father’s did. Maybe I would retain my grip on reality, or maybe I’d grow senile. Maybe I’d become infirm of body or mind, end up on a walker, or in one of those motorized scooters. Or maybe I’d end up like my grandfather, who was strong, able-bodied and sharp-minded, working until the day he died at ninety-four, dead of a heart-attack at his farm, mucking out a horse stall. And Nickie, being immortal, or close to it, would still look exactly the same as when we’d met, hell, the same as when she was turned. She would stay with me, because she loved me, but she would have to take notice as I grew old, and eventually died. What about after that? Perhaps she would then be free of her torturous desire for my blood, but she would still have eternity to wait for her own death.

Or maybe she would move on, decide to take on a new lover. The thought made me quite jealous, but, in all practicality, she deserved to love again. Why shouldn’t she? I would want her to find love again, because if I could love her as much as I do, then why couldn’t someone else? It wasn’t as if I was that unique, that I was the only one who could see past the vampire to the woman beneath. Yeah, I would want her to move on, especially in this situation, because eternity was a hell of a long time to spend alone. I felt a little bit better having decided this, though I doubted that it was something I could discuss with her without worrying her. I supposed I’d have to wait until the time where we both knew we could no longer avoid the inevitable, like upon my deathbed. I didn’t hear the car behind me, so wrapped up in my own head had I been.

I awoke with a splitting headache, my wrists tied behind me so tight that my arms had begun to fall asleep. It was dark, but I could hear an engine, the squeak of used shock absorbers, and loud metal music playing close by. I could feel the bumps as the car navigated the not-so-perfect streets, the slightly itchy texture of the fabric underneath me, and, of course, the back of my head, from where all the pain radiated outward. I was in the trunk of a car. Duct tape had been slapped over my mouth to keep me from yelling out or singing along with the music, had I known the words, which sounded like the growls of a bear with a hemorrhoid. Not that I knew exactly what a bear with a hemorrhoid would sound like, but I could imagine. Perhaps I was still too groggy, but I wasn’t exactly scared yet, slightly concerned, maybe, but not yet scared.

The car came to a stop, and I slid forward across the carpet of the trunk and thumped against the front. People got out of the car, and, after a moment, the trunk opened. Outside the car, it was dark, no streetlights, so the figures who stood over me were only dark silhouettes in the darkness behind them. They grabbed me by the arms and dragged me out of the trunk, and then proceeded to drag me along, over weed-choked grass, and then over gravel. I had no idea where we were, but something told me I wasn’t being invited to a party, at least not a party I would want to attend. There was a bonfire roaring somewhere close; I could hear the crackling of flame consuming wood, and I hoped I wouldn’t be the next source of fuel to keep it burning on.

Katie was a young girl with a strange fetish. She loved to be a slave and have her man be a master. Although many people had such a fetish, she liked being a slave to a large degree. She looked since she was eighteen and right out of foster care, having grown up with no known family, on websites for slaves needing masters or masters needing slaves. Two years of trying out at least a dozen men, none of them satisfied her enough. That was until she met Jake.

Jake was the one to contact her. Something about her bright red locks of straight hair down to her waist and dazzling green eyes stunned him. He couldn’t help but to become hard as he looked over her pictures. Most she was in normal attire but some she wore sexy lingerie which showed off her well-toned legs and curvy yet slender bodice. She was a prize worth having and Jake knew he needed her.

They went out a couple of times as a normal date to discuss things. Once it was out to a fancy restaurant, Jake’s treat, and then the next time was a picnic at night in the park. That was when they discussed their desires at last. Katie liked everything he had to say and they agreed. Katie signed an agreement that night stating that she was willingly going to live in his home and obey his commands, as long as she did not become terribly injured or killed that was.

The next night, Katie moved in. Immediately she was forced to strip down to nothing in the main room as soon as the door was shut and locked up tight. Jake tossed her a black thong, a lacey black bra and some black high heels.

“Get dressed slut. We’ll go over the rules and routine.” Jake demanded.

Katie did as she was told without a word. She put on the clothes and smiled flirtatiously at the handsome man, standing at six feet even with a muscled body, tan skin; tattoos covered his arms and legs. He wore Dickie’s black shorts and a light blue T-shirt that made his blue eyes stand out even more.

Jake grabbed a leash and collar off the wall and approached. He clipped the collar on and tugged the leash. Katie knew instantly that she was to follow like a good girl. Her heels clicked on the ground as Jake held the leash tight, forcing Katie to be very close to him as they walked through the house. At the bedroom he stopped and pointed. “You are expected to please me every night before bed.”

He yanked the leash and continued. They stopped outside of another room with nothing more than a mattress on the floor, a large mirror on a desk covered in makeup, lotions and brushes. “You’re expected to stay looking good at all times. You’ll sleep there, chained to the bed.”

Another yank and more walking. The tour went on for about an hour in the large house. Rules were listed as was the routine of things. Katie was not allowed to speak once, merely nod her head that she understood.



Jake arrived at home from work. He instantly went to Katie’s room and unlocked it, swinging open the door. She awoke with a fright, jumping up and gasping but relaxing once she noticed it was just her master. Her happiness faded away as soon as she saw the anger in his eyes.

“M-master?” She whimpered, looking up at him in fear. Her ankle hurt slightly from the chain attached from her ankle to the ground.

He leaned over and undid the lock, freeing her ankle. Immediately Katie began to rub the spot but only for a second. As Jake hovered over her she scrambled to her feet and ran to the mirror where she quickly got ready. She had been nude while sleeping and was now dressing into the thong and bra provided on the shelf. Today it was blood red.

Once Katie was standing in front of Jake, tall and proper as she was told, he grabbed her arm and yanked her to the ground. Katie knew what to do. She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his black work pants and tugged them to the ground. His cock was hard and ready for her already. She leaned forward, opening her mouth and allowing his thick eight inch dick to slide its way into his maw and down her throat. She choked a little at first but regained composure and began to bob her head back and forth, her lips tight on his shaft. One hand moved to his balls as she massaged them. The other scratched at his thigh. Her teeth gently went over his shaft every now and then as she sucked. This caused Jake to groan happily. But still, her master was not having a good day thanks to issues at work.

This was not getting his anger out one bit and so he shoved her off of him. Katie tumbled back onto her ass. The concrete floor was cold and it hurt. With a confused and surprised look she got to her feet. “Master?” She inquired.

“This way.” He demanded and turned, walking away and expecting the young woman to follow – as she did. They went down the hallway and he opened the door that led to the room in the basement. It was called the dungeon. Inside there was a wall covered in toys, another in whips and chains and things of that nature. There were oils, lotions, lubes and candles for hot wax. Throughout the room were contraptions. Some for lying on, others for standing on, and so on and so forth.

The room was dim lit with red lights. Everything had a red glow to it but somehow it added to the sexy feel for Katie and for Jake as well.

Inside he shut and locked the door before grabbing Katie by the arm. He tossed the girl towards a contraption she had yet to use. Without a word she allowed him to place her into it. She was leaning on one part with her stomach. Her arms were yanked behind her and tied behind her back. They were tied tightly and it hurt but Katie dared not to complain. Especially since she had never seen him in such a terrible mood.

Next her legs were spread apart. They were tied to opposite posts so that she was resting on a cushioned platform, her tits hanging over as to be viewable and not squished, her arms tied down in front of her and her legs parted so that her ass and pussy were in clear view. Her stomach was then strapped to the cushion she rested on. Glancing back she watched Jake undress. His cock remained hard and he stroked it casually as he stared at her tight pink pussy.

Stepping forward he sneered, ready to be pleased and knowing the shock Katie would go through once she realized how this man liked to get out his anger. The very thought of her surprise turned him on even more as Jake rubbed the smooth head of his cock over her pussy lips. She became wet quickly and moaned as he rubbed her lips, flicking her clit on occasion as well which caused her to jump slightly in pleasure.

Soon he was sliding himself into her one inch at a time. Katie groaned as she felt his cock stretching her pussy open. Jake gasped slightly, feeling her cunt squeezing around his shaft. Once all eight inches were inside he began to rock back and forth. Her tits bounced against the platform that her upper body rested on. Jake started slow but quickly became rough. She felt her pussy go from pink to red as he began to beat away. Juice dripped down her inner thighs and Katie screamed in pleasure as he shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Her eyes closed, jaw dropped, and she panted as she felt him thrusting in and out of her.

Jake’s right hand held her hip, although her body was going nowhere as it was tied down. His other hand was used to rub her clit, causing Katie to squeal even more. He got his fingers nice and moist with her juices and began to rub them on her asshole. Katie had stated no anal in the beginning, other than fingers. A single finger was not a problem but a dildo or a cock was out of the question. She was not worried one bit and when his index slid into her tight back door she moaned. Jake’s cock could be felt sliding back and forth inside of her cunt as he fingered her asshole. He moved his finger in and out slowly, watching with a grin.

After five minutes of beating her pretty little pussy red, Jake pulled his cock out. He was quick to reposition it just outside of her asshole. Katie felt the head of his cock near her virgin back door and shook her head.

“No! No Jake!” She yelled in anger, shifting her weight back and forth but it did no good. She was tied down tight and the contraption was attached to the ground. “Stop!”

Jake laughed and moved away from her body. Katie was worried though as she watched him go to the wall. She panted and watched in fear as he grabbed a gag ball. Her head shook and her mouth shut tightly. He grabbed her jaw and forced it apart, shoving the ball inside and although it was a struggle with her shaking her head all over the place, he managed to tie it behind her head. Katie screamed into the ball as he moved away, sneering and soon laughing.

His cock bulged and pulsed as he thought of the pleasure he was about to have. He leaned forward and slapped her face hard. A pink hand print instantly showed on her pale features.

“My name is master, bitch. Remember that!” He said through gritted teeth.

Stepping away he went behind her again. By this point Katie was trembling and tears formed in her eyes. She felt the head of his cock against her back door once more. He rubbed his cock up and down on the tight light brown hole. With no warning at all he began to shove it inside. Her ass hole instantly hurt and Katie screamed. A single tear dropped to the concrete floor as she felt her anal passage opening up and unhappily allowing the thick cock to enter.

Jake was jaw dropped in pleasure as he felt his dick sliding deep into her ass. Once inside he panted a little and sneers, looking down at the beautiful sight of her asshole eating up his large cock. Katie was trembling still and this pleased him more. Glancing at her face to watch the tears fall for a moment he soon looked back at her bubbly round ass and gripped his hips hard. Soon he was thrusting. His cock sliding in and out of that tight back hole. Katie screamed and groaned in pain as she felt her body is violated.

Tears kept on falling as Jake rocked back and forth. His cock forced her asshole wide open. The pain was unimaginable. Not once was he gentle as he thrusted inside of the slender girl. He knew it would not be long until he came.

Five minutes felt like an hour for Katie as she was tied down and violated through her asshole. She hadn’t stopped screaming the entire time as he thrusted into her. Five minutes was all that the man could last though. Her warm and damp anal passage squeezing around his dick was far too enjoyable and his load shot deep up inside of her. He thrusted harder than ever for his last thrust, forcing his cum deeper into her and he held himself there. His hands squeezed her hips so hard they became red.

Once his load had shot completely he pulled away. His hands released her body and he admired the bruises on her sides. His cock slid out of her asshole which immediately began to drip cum.

Jake gave her a swift pat on the ass, causing her to squeal in pain and surprise.

“I’ll be back in an hour, slave. You stay right there.” He said with a terrible sneer and turned for the stairs. He switched the light off and slammed the door shut, leaving Katie inside the cold and pitch black room all alone.

It has taken me 3 years to get the nerve to put this to paper, but it is something I feel I finally must do. What follows is a true story of fantasies, curiosity, lust, desire and ultimately satisfaction. Enjoy . . .

Like so many men in these stories, I was your typical heterosexual married man, in his mid 30′s, who was pretty sure where he stood in life. I was a late arrival to the dating world, but ended up marrying my college sweetheart when I was 21. Fifteen or so years, and two kids, later, my wife and I were still happily married. However, certain things were beginning to feel a little different.

The affection between my wife and I had turned from romantic to friendly. Sometimes we felt more like close cousins than husband and wife. Our sex life had been sliding progressively downhill ever since the birth of our second child. While my sex drive was often on turbo, my wife generally showed little interest. I know that is the same old story that happens to many couples, but I honestly didn’t expect it to happen to me. Finding myself, however, in such a situation, I decided that perhaps I needed to look for another outlet. This was a huge step for me, having been brought up on very traditional values, and a sense of honor.

Figuring that I would never have the nerve to actually go through with meeting anyone, I decided to start playing around a bit online . . . just to see what was out there, and, like many people I suspect, to just get some immediate gratification. Over the next few weeks, I checked out several “dating” websites, and chatted with a few ladies. Other than one particularly horny housewife who was ready to jump my bones, most of the women just wanted a little chat and we’re afraid to actually take the next step. To be honest, I was too though, so I didn’t mind the tame fun I was having. Everything changed one night though when I got a simple message from a random person.

It was late on a Saturday, everyone else in the house was asleep, and I was close to calling it a night myself. Checking my messages one last time, I came across a new one with just one quick question, “Have you ever been with another guy?” The answer was “no,” but I found myself staring at the screen and wondering how to answer. Should I answer at all? Was this something I would even consider? I would be lying (like most people I believe) if I told you that I had never had a sexual thought about a member of the same sex. I certainly had, but it had been years. In college, I actually had a male classmate hit on me during a late night study session. At the time, I was naive and inexperienced, so I politely refused and called it a night.

Over the next few days, I wondered if I made the right choice, and I actually considered calling him back. The idea, however, scared a straight-and-narrow young me, so I put it in the back of my mind and moved on. Over the years, thoughts had crossed my mind about what it might be like, but I never dwelled on it. Now suddenly here it was staring me in the face. I decided to throw caution to the wind and answer this guy honestly. I told him that no, I never had, but the thought had crossed my mind. There was a genuine sense of exhilaration when I sent that first reply. We exchanged a few more messages, and he became a bit too pushy so I logged off and went to bed. While I never chatted with that particular guy again, he had awakened in me a seed of desire that I didn’t even know existed.

Over the next few weeks, I found myself looking more often at the personals of men than women. What was this new found desire in me? I was sure I wasn’t gay since I still thoroughly enjoyed the female form. But was I possibly bi? This was a real hit to my psyche and I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. I decided to try chatting with a few guys and see how I felt. At first I tried to chalk it up to my overactive sex drive (and the lack thereof from my wife), but it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was definitely something I was genuinely interested in. My interest in porn went quickly from women to men in a flash. Like most men my age, I had looked at my fair share of porn, but always of the hetero variety.

Suddenly, there was a whole new world opened up to me and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was fascinated, and aroused, by every aspect of it. My fantasies were off the charts, and I found myself wanting to try a little bit of everything. Having come to grips with my thoughts and feelings, I knew I wanted to find someone with whom to experience what I should have tried years ago. Several candidates came and went online. There were the usual overbearing jerks, the unappealing, and the just plain creepy, but no one seemed to stand out. Finally one night a pic caught my eye.

It was a pic of a nicely tanned, smooth -chested man, wearing just his underwear, with no face visible. Looking back, I suppose it was a pretty typical shot that many men posted, but for some reason it stood out to me. I sent a “wink” to him and anxiously awaited a reply. At this point, I didn’t even know what this guy looked like above the neck (or just about anything else about him), but for some reason he seemed different. Eventually the “wink” was returned, we exchanged IM’s, and agreed to chat on a Sunday morning while my family was at church (I know, I’m going to hell for doing that!). So as not to bore you if you’re still reading along, to make a long story short, I was hooked by the end of the first chat.

His name was Jun (short for Junior) , he lived about 2 hours from me, was gay but masculine. His kindness and sensitivity to my unique situation was obvious from the beginning, and he agreed to take it slow with me. Over the next few weeks, we chatted constantly, exchanged pics (which, contrary to my personality, kept getting more risqué on my part), and, of course, discussed meeting. My lust for Jun was overwhelming. My fear of taking the big step, however, was almost as overwhelming. I had never cheated on my wife, nor even really considered it up until just a few months prior, but now here was someone I was insanely attracted to who seemed to want me as much as I wanted him.

If Jun had been a woman, the step would still have been hard. But he was a man, and the step seemed impossible to me. This was a huge step that, once taken, I had to live with. Oh God did I want him though. All of my fantasies became of him and what we could be doing. I wanted to feel another man’s dick for the first time, in my hand, in my mouth. And not just any man, but this man, Jun, for whom I wanted to derive so much pleasure. I knew that once I found myself alone with him, my inhibitions would fly out the window and I would do almost anything. That, plus the thought of getting caught, kept me from going through with it for months . . . and then more months.

One night, while out of town on a business trip, we talked on the phone for the first time. As I laid there alone in that big (and quite nice) hotel room, naked and listening to Jun’s voice on the phone, my fear over what I might become left me. I had to do this, but the timing would need to be right, not just for the importance of not getting caught, but also for my own mental state. Through it all, Jun had been incredibly patient with me, and soon he would be rewarded . . . but it would still take several months. To be continued . . .

There’s a device that fits around your penis that measures the increase or decrease in penile size. It’s been used in several psychological studies to determine, precisely, how aroused people are by various stimuli. The first thing I would do on my website, is prove that I was, in fact, a 100% straight man. I would then undergo a series of homosexual abuses and after a year see if a person can’t be made gay, at least through hardcore, rough sex.

I would like to shoot a porno where I undergo a bukkake. I’d like to have a woman there to help me collect cum and make sure I swallowed every last drop. I’m thinking upwards of a hundred men, here. She’d hold the bowl to make sure no cum got away and might even suck some cum out of the cocks and spit it into my mouth. Maybe we could get 20 or so of the men to cum in her ass and pussy and I could suck it out and swallow. We’d wind up with a big bowl full of sperm and the woman would spoon feed it to me at the end.

On of my favorite male porn stars is Max Hardcore and if you haven’t heard of him you should look him up. He treats women the way I’d like to be treated. I’d like shoot a scene where I essentially reenact a Max Hardcore film. While the guy’s fucking me in the ass he can shove a huge dildo down my throat, like really shoving so I don’t have any choice. Slobber would be pouring down me and he might choose to slap me with the dildo and call me a fuck-pig, a fucking faggot piece of shit, good for being fuck-meat only. He’d put a dental spreader in my mouth and have me lying down with my neck tilted back. Then he’d throat fuck the shit out of me, not even stopping if I throw up. He’d stop in the middle of it to piss on my face. Finally he’d cum down my throat. I’d be struggling the whole time, of course, ashamed at what has become of me.

And honestly I don’t know why I’d do these things. Poor childhood, I suppose.

Gang-bangs would be a regular feature of my website as well. I’d invite my fans to take part and they’d show no mercy banging my ass lubed with just spit and pounding my throat until I couldn’t speak.

I’d need someone unspeakably cruel and perverted to take control of me, to mentor me into being a piece of whore shit. He’d put me in a chastity lock and deny me orgasms. I’d have to do more and more fucked up things to get an orgasm. I’ve never fantasized about wearing women’s clothes, so that’s probably a great humiliation for me. I hear once every two weeks is the optimal amount of time to go between orgasms to ensure that you’re as horny as possible without getting used to not cumming. And of course to deny me the pleasure of sleeping with a woman would be highly emasculating to me. I only wish I’d started such a website while I was still a virgin. I’d need at least one person to completely and utterly dominate me and orchestrate the whole thing. Of course I would prefer a woman, being straight, but I think it would be more humiliating to be controlled by some ghetto-trash black guy who hates white guys.

One of my favorite things from straight porn is gaping. There’s just something unbelievable arousing to see a woman reduced to a used-up hole, especially an asshole because you know they’re not getting any real sexual pleasure out of that, they’re just enjoying being perverted whores. I suppose that’s what I want to be reduced to: a fucking hole. I’d like to take some obscenely large dicks and see how long and how big I can get my asshole to stay opened. I’d save money from the making of this website to ensure that if I wound up with a permanently distended asshole, I could have corrective surgery. And that I would need that would be fucking hot to me.

Again, why would I do these things? I think because porn has warped my brain. I like to see women degraded and objectified and I get immense pleasure feeling that degradation and humiliation through empathy. What I like so much about fucking a woman up the ass is that I’ve tried it and it’s difficult. It hurts and it’s intense and you derive no real sexual pleasure from it, but there’s still something there. I’ve tasted my own cum and it made me throw up. And that’s part of why I think bukkake is so hot.

I’d like to become such a fucked out whore that I really do begin to think of my mouth and ass as my pussy. I want to feel like I’m not a man anymore, closer to a woman, but not even a person. I’d like to see what it feels like to be loved and degraded at the same time.

How much money do you think I could make off a website like that? I’d be willing to do several shoots a day. Realistically, I couldn’t do it 24/7. I’d need to time to drink and hang out with friends and watch my favorite TV shows. If I could make a living off of this, I’d devote my full time and I’d be going to the gym even more and get me a six-pack. I mean, not that I don’t look good without my shirt off now. Do you have any other ideas for me? Anything you think I should include in a follow-up of what else I would do if I had my own porno site?

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