straight sex

“Give her all you’ve got Mr. Scott,” Captain James T. Kick yelled into the intercom from the bridge of the Starship, Enterprise.

“Aye Captain, I’m giving her every inch I have right now,” Mr. Scott yelled back as the view screen on the bridge switched to the engine room. A young female technician was bent over a console with Mr. Scott’s knobby dick flying in and out of her drooling pussy. Her big breasts swung to and fro from the assault. The slapping of his hips on her round ass sounding loud over the speakers.

“What the fuck?” Kirk asked.

The elevator doors opened behind Kirk and Bones stepped out with his big boner in his hand. “What can I do to help, Jim?” he asked quickly.

“I could use some ass-istance,” Mr. Spock said from the Information console.

Bones and Kirk looked that way. Lt. Uhura was kneeling in front of Spock with his long shalong jammed down her throat. The skirt of her uniform was up over her back, her white panties down around her knees, her dark rounded ass bared to both their eyes.

Bones turned and dropped to his knees. “Ass-istance is my specialty,” he said as he rammed his hips forward to impale Uhura on his boner.

Uhura’s head came up and she yelled. “For a doctor you sure don’t know an asshole from a hole in the ground.”

Bones jerked his hips back and rammed them forward again. Uhura’s eyes got as big as saucers as his big dick nailed her right up the ass. “Fuck!” she yelled.

“That was the general idea,” Bones said sarcastically. “I’m the doctor around here and a little lubrication was called for.”

“Lt. Uhura, please pay attention and not talk with your mouth full,” Spock said as he pushed her head down and jammed his long shalong back down her throat.

Uhura groaned loudly and bobbed her head in time with the big boner running in and out of her tight ass. She was the chocolate center in a reverse Oreo.

Kirk looked at them and then looked around at the view screen. Mr. Scott was still pounding away at the Technician. “Has this whole ship gone to the dogs?”

Mr. Sulu stood up, dropped his pants, and bent over the flight console. “I love it doggy style,” he whimpered as he wiggled his ass invitingly.

“What? You’re gay?” Kirk asked loudly.

Mr. Chekov, jumped to his feet, jerked out his long thin dick and stepped over behind Sulu. “I seen it first, Captain” Chekov yelled as he rammed his dick up Sulu’s ass.

Sulu’s eyes went wide and then he cooed, “Spank that ass. Make it go at warp speed.”

Kirk jumped to his feet. “Has everyone gone mad?” He yelled.

Electrical sparks flew around the room. Panels sparked and arched, small fires broke out. Kirk was the center of the energy field for a second and then there was a big puff of smoke. As the smoke cleared, Kirk stood there with a wide-eyed expression on his face and a baseball bat sized dick sticking out the front of his ripped uniform.

He lunged sideways and grabbed yeoman Colt. He lifted her up in the air and jammed her down, impaling her on the bat-sized dick. Her eyes were incredibly wide and her mouth open in a silent scream. The dick had ripped right through her cotton panties and was jammed halfway up to her throat. She stuck out her tongue expecting to see a dick instead.

“FUCK YOU ALL,” Kirk screamed as he rammed the yeoman up and down on the massive dick.


Gene Roddenberry looked away from the screen and asked his assistant. “Where did you find the fucking writer for this episode?”

“Uh, an internet site called Literotica. You said you wanted to spice things up.”

Roddenberry frowned and said, “Two things. Never go near that site again and for Gods sake don’t ever let my daughter find out about it.”

A few seconds later, Roddenberry groaned deeply and sat up straighter in his chair, his eyes open wide, his mouth open in a perfect circle.

“Uh, to late sir, I think she found the incest section.”

“No shit!” Roddenberry said with a loud gasp as the head in his lap started to bob up and down.

“I wonder if she is going to use a stunt double when he comes his brains out?” The assistant asked as he stood up to leave the screening room.


“Was it too over the top?” The writer asked as the assistance stepped out.

The assistant grinned. “Tex, you might say that but for my money it was right on. Just don’t look for a check in the mail anytime soon.”

“Rats!” Tex said as he jammed his hands in his pockets and walked off down the hall playing pocket pool.

Cherry Valentine was now a dick whisperer. Dick Whisperer sounded much better than what she had been called in high school, which was slut. In some ways, it amounted to the same thing but now she had a diploma from Mark and Madison’s School for Dick Whisperers.

Mark had been so helpful when she answered his ad on the Internet and Madison had even offered her an advanced course in Pussy Whispering absolutely free at their first meeting. Of course, Cherry had to pass the oral exam first and demonstrate her tongue fluttering technique to qualify.

After Madison’s third orgasm in twenty minutes, Cherry was accepted with honors. It was another ten minutes before Madison could even sit up. At which point, she groggily wandered off to bed muttering to herself.

“Is she alright?” Cherry asked Mark with concern in her voice.

“Oh yeah, she’s just peachy keen. I don’t think she expected such an excellent and advanced student.”

Cherry beamed at such high praise and from the head instructor of the school.

Speaking of head, that was the first of the many courses Cherry, took. Not to mention refresher courses, oral pop quizzes, and some very deep, and detailed cramming sessions in all course work. Overall, it was a very tiring and rigorous line of study. Mark even brought in four other guys to help him with the teaching after he found out she was such a good student.

Penile oral inflation and stimulation, better know in the vernacular as cock sucking 101, had been a breeze and she had even gotten through deep throat 101 and 102 easily. Skull fucking 101 had been hard and fast but she ended up swallowing the whole thing so she had passed with flying colors.


On the third day of classes, Mark decided that he might have bitten off more than he could chew with this student.

Cherry, who was on her knees as Mark stumbled over and flopped down in an old overstuffed chair, only heard the part about chewing and said, “I never chew. Well, not since my second boyfriend smacked me in the back of the head and told me not to, anyway. Although there was this one football player that liked for me to scrape my teeth over the head as I took it out of my mouth.”

Mark groaned softly, his shaky legs falling open. With a grin, Cherry knee walked over between his knees and leaned over to lick at his soft dick. When it did not twitch, she sucked the head into her hot little mouth.

After a few minutes and it didn’t start to harden, she let it slip out of her mouth with one last deep slurp. Looking up at Mark, she pouted and said, “I think I broke it.”

Mark nodded and mumbled about getting some help.

From the recliner across the room, Madison said, “Don’t look at me. One more orgasm and my clit will explode. I’ve had more orgasms in the last three days than I’ve had in the last three years.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, my dear,” Mark said sarcastically.

Madison only grunted as she got up from the recliner and wandered off down the hall toward the master bedroom. She paused at the door and turned around. “Call those lazy buddies of yours and be sure and charge them twenty, no, fifty bucks a piece. There are overhead expenses, you know, for running the school.”

Mark nodded and reached for his cell phone. Then he thought better of it and turned to Cherry. “I think we’ll call it a night early. I wouldn’t want you to get a strain or anything. Be here at eight tomorrow night and we’ll have a refresher course in what you’ve learned so far.”


At eight on the dot, Cherry rang Marks doorbell. Entering the living room, she faltered a step and then grinned. A cardboard wall had been erected at the end of the room that opened onto the dinning room. Four dicks with their associated balls hung through holes in the cardboard.

“Oh yeah, I love glory holes,” she whispered loud enough for Mark to hear.

“It figures,” Mark replied as he glanced at his wife in her recliner.

Madison grinned back at him and winked. “I’m kind of tempted myself, in a kinky sort of way. I know all four of those guys but wouldn’t touch any of them normally, but this way adds so much mystery.”

“Exactly,” Cherry said. “You get to suck a dick and have all the fun without ever having to know who it is on the other side of the wall. It makes my pussy all wet just thinking about it.”

“Not all the fun,” someone said from behind the wall with a laugh.

Cherry sat her purse down and slipped off her coat. Her hard nipples were trying to poke hole in the thin see through blouse she wore. Mark and Madison both licked their lips. Cherry did not notice as her eyes were on the four semi hard dicks hanging out of the thin wall.

She went toward the wall and then went to her knees a few feet from it. The first dick was black, thick, and a nice length for being only semi hard. The next one was brown and short but really thick. She wondered if it would lengthen out or keep its girth. She loved thick over long, although the two together were the best.

The third was white. It was neither thick nor long. It looked ordinary. The fourth was also white but it was very long and very thin. Cherry shivered as she imagined it slowly sliding up her tight little asshole.

“Where to start, now there is the question,” Cherry whispered as she looked around at Mark.

“That’s up to you,” Mark said and then added, “We’re here to grade you and to observe.”

Madison moved out of her recliner and went to her knees in front of her husband. She unzipped his pants and hauled his dick and balls out. She let go of his dick after looking at it closely. Then she turned and studied the dicks hanging out of the wall.

Mark and Cherry were both watching her closely. With a grin, Cherry asked, “Well?”

Madison looked at Cherry and then up at Mark. “So far I have the best of the bunch.”

Cherry shrugged and point to the black and brown dicks. “These two have possibilities and that one on the far end is an ass fucker if I ever saw one.

Madison eyed the three dicks in question and nodded. “Very good observations. Why don’t you start with the one you didn’t say anything about?”

Cherry nodded and moved over in front of the dick she had called ordinary. She flicked the end of her tongue against the tip and it jerked upward. It did not come down as far as it had been. When she touched the end of her tongue to the shaft, it jerked again. As it settled back, she licked the top third of the shaft and swirled her tongue around the spongy head.

As she licked and teased the shaft and head, the dick got harder and harder. It grew in length and got a little fatter. When it was standing up to the point of touching the cardboard, Cherry pulled it down with her hand and sucked on the head. There was a loud moan from behind the thin wall.

At the sound of the moan, Cherry swallowed the dick whole. There was an even louder moan and it continued as Cherry bobbed her head up and down, using her tongue to tickle and tease the shaft as she did. A few minutes later, Cherry moaned around the dick in her mouth, her hips jerking as she came right along with the guy behind the screen. She continued to suck but now it was just the head as she milked the shaft with her hand to get the very last drop.

Cherry released the dick and sat back on her heels. She looked around at Mark and grinned. “One down,” she told him.

Mark nodded but did not say anything. Madison had his dick in her mouth and was slowly moving her head up and down.

Cherry watched Madison for a moment and then looked up at Mark. “Am I supposed to suck them all off or can I do other stuff? I sure would like to take advantage of the ones on each end.”

Mark groaned and then made a soft sound of frustration as Madison took his dick out of her mouth. Looking at Cherry, Madison said, “Why don’t you do just that. In fact, I insist. I’d love to see how you handle three dicks at one time.”

Cherry turned back to the cardboard wall to find only three dicks. The ones on the end were standing tall, really tall. The brown thick one was also fully hard but it had not gained any length to speak of. Cherry leaned over and sucked the thick one into her mouth. She groaned, as did the guy behind the cardboard. He was a mouthful to say the least.

She raised her head and popped him out of her mouth, literally. She flexed her jaw a few times to loosen up the knotted muscles at each side. He was a jawbreaker for sure. Moving sideways, she licked the long black shaft from the base to the head. Two more licks and she got a soft deep groan from behind the wall. Encouraged, she wrapped her fingers around the base of it and swirled her tongue around the head.

The groan she got for that was louder and more forceful so she sucked on the large head. It wasn’t as big around as the brown one but it was filling and very tasty. It would stretch her little pussy so good. Her tongue was working magic on the spongy head as she sucked and bobbed her head slightly.

“Oh damn!” Came from behind the wall in a deep resonate voice.

His dick came out of her mouth with a slurping sound. As she knee walked to the other end of the wall, she heard. “Damn that girl can suck a dick.”

She grinned and replied, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

The long thin dick was standing up tall and proud. She used the whole width of her tongue to lick it from the very base to the small pointed head. She covered it from side to side and from the bottom to the top. Finally she pulled it down and sucked on the head. There was a soft groan from behind the wall.

Cherry looked at the dick for a second as she wondered just how much she could swallow. Then she tried to swallow it all. She got two thirds down easily but had to come up for air when it slipped into her throat unexpectedly. She took a deep breath and dropped her mouth over it as she moved her hand out of the way. It rammed down her throat like she was a sword swallower.

When she moaned loudly, the guy behind the wall yelled, “Holy shit.”

She lifted her head and turned to look at Mark and Madison. Mark was sprawled out in his chair and Madison was trying to grin and lick her lips at the same time. Seeing Cherry looking her way, she said, “That’s two down and three to go. Do you really think you can take them all at one time?”

Cherry grinned and stood up. “There is only one way to find out,” she said as she started to unbutton her blouse.

As she stripped off her skirt, she said, “Why don’t you three guys come on around here so we can get down to business.”

Three dicks disappeared and there was a mad scramble behind the cardboard wall. There was also some cussing as belt buckles hit the floor, along with shoes and other stuff. The black guy was the first around the wall and he was gorgeously muscular and powerful looking.

“Holy shit, Clyde,” Madison whispered. “I didn’t know all that was hiding under those baggy sweats you always wear.”

The white guy with the long thin dick was next. He wasn’t much to look at, thin and sickly looking but his dick was perfect for where Cherry wanted it. “I’m Marvin,” he said in a shaky voice.

“Hello Marvin,” Cherry said with a big smile. “Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass?”

When he quickly shook his head, Cherry’s smile turned into a grin. “Want to? I have a nice tight ass and that thing of yours will drive me nuts.”

Marvin’s eyes were darting all over Cherry’s body. “I… I’ll try anything once,” he got out nervously.

“What do I get?” Clyde asked with a leering grin.

“You get to be pivot man,” Cherry said, still grinning. “I’m going to sit on that big old black dick of yours and see just how much I can stuff in my little very wet pussy.”

“If Marvin’s in your ass and Clyde is in your pussy, what do I do?” The very Mexican looking man said.

“Poncho, there’s only one hole left,” Clyde said.

Poncho grinned and replied, “I know, I just wanted to hear her say it.”

“You get my small, warm, wet mouth and my tongue to go with it,” Cherry whispered in a sultry voice.

Poncho groaned and said quickly, “Then lets get it on.”

Looking around Cherry tried to decide where and what would be the best place to get it on, as Poncho had said. The couch was a little narrow but the coffee table looked strong and just the right height. With Clyde’s dick in one hand and the long thin one in the other she walked over to the coffee table.

“Clyde, why don’t you laid down on the table and let me see what I can do with this monster of a dick you have.”

With Clyde laying down on the coffee table, Cherry spread her legs and straddled him. She moved forward until her pussy was right above his dick. She sat down on the long ridged member below her and rubbed her slippery pussy along its length. He clit brushed against the flange below the head and she groaned.

“Oh yeah, this is perfect,” Cherry said as she grinned at the large man under her. He nodded and grinned back.

Looking around at Marvin, she leaned forward and wiggled her ass from side to side. “Why don’t you come over here and get that beautiful dick of yours all slippery in my pussy.”

Marvin swallowed hard but moved up behind her. Cherry reached between her wide spread thighs and guided his long thin dick to her pussy. It slipped in easily. She whimpered softly as it went deeper and deeper. She groaned as it finally stopped going in and his hips touched her ass.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good,” she whispered as Marvin fucked her with long slow strokes. Her hips were moving back to meet him on each stroke, which was rubbing her clit on Clyde’s shaft. An orgasm was building deep inside her sex.

When Poncho bumped the head of his beer can size dick against her cheek, Cherry turned her head and ran her tongue all around and over the head of it. When he moaned, she sucked on just the head and fluttered her tongue over and around it wildly. Her orgasm was building even faster.

Cherry moaned deeply and released the head of Poncho’s dick. She was getting into the two dicks much too quickly, not to mention too deeply. It was time to move to phase two so she looked around at Marvin. He was grinning like a fool.

“It’s time to move up a hole,” she told him with a smile.

Marvin groaned softly and stopped fucking her. “But that pussy is so good.”

“That ass is going to be even better,” Cherry said in return as she wiggled her ass back and forth.

Marvin gave her a wide-eyed look. “I haven’t ever tried it but….” He moved his hips back until his dick came out of her hot wet pussy.

Cherry felt the head rubbing against her asshole and moaned softly. “Just take it slow and easy. If I move away from you, just wait until I come back toward you. We’ll work it in slowly so I can get used to it.”

Marvin lined the head up on the tight pucker of her asshole and added a little weight to it. The head of his dick felt squeezed and then it popped through the tight ring. Three inches of his shaft followed quickly before he could stop pushing. Her ass was way hotter than her pussy and twice as tight. He groaned long and loud.

Cherry groaned right along with him and pushed back hard. Over half of his long dick went up her ass before she could stop her hips from moving. “Oh yeah, that feels so good,” she said loudly and pushed back again. Her ass bumped against Marvin’s hips.

“Oh shit!” came from Marvin.

With a big shivering shake, Cherry whispered, “Fuck me slowly, like before.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. Marvin pulled his dick out slowly until the head was just inside and then he pushed forward just as slowly. He was savoring the tight feelings around his skinny dick both ways.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Cherry said as she wiggled her ass from side to side.

She heard Madison moan loudly and looked her way. She had Mark’s dick swallowed as she watched Marvin fucking Cherry’s tight ass. Seeing Cherry looking at her, Madison lifted her head and said, “I’ve got to get me some of that thing.”

“He’s a perfect ass fucker if I’ve ever felt one,” Cherry replied and then looked down at Clyde. “Now for the main course.”

As Marvin pushed his dick in slowly, Cherry slowly straightened her legs. She used both hands to maneuver Clyde’s big dick into position so she could rub the head against her slippery hot opening. Marvin pulled out almost all the way and paused. Cherry saw her opportunity and sat down slowly on the dick at the entrance to her pussy.

It filled her up quickly and she had to lift up off of it several times to finally get it completely inside. She could feel Marvin’s dick in her ass even more now. Clyde’s dick had her stretched so good it almost hurt. Marvin moaned and then groaned as he sank his shaft to the hilt.

Cherry could feel her legs shaking as both holes filled up. She had never felt so full. Her orgasm had slacked off slightly earlier but now it was headed for orbit quickly. She pushed up onto her arms and turned her head to suck Poncho’s fat dick into her mouth. With all three holes filled she moaned long and loud.

Clyde hunched his hips and used short strokes to fuck her pussy as Marvin still made the same long slow strokes. She couldn’t get more than the head of Poncho’s dick in her mouth but her tongue fluttering over that sensitive surface had him flexing his hips and groaning.

Cherry was getting close to overload when Marvin groaned even louder than normal and slammed his dick all the way into her ass and came like crazy as he spanked her ass hard with little short hard strokes. The feel of his hot cum and the spanking he was giving her ass, pushed her over the edge. She throw her head back, abandoning Poncho’s dick, and sat up straighter so she could bounce up and down on Clyde’s big dick.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Clyde said loudly, as Cherry fucked him with wild abandon. She was bouncing up and down so hard that she pulled Marvin’s softening dick out of her ass. He moaned softly and sat down hard on the floor. This just gave Cherry more room to bounce.

Cherry was in another world of sparkling lights and electric jolts as her clit was trapped against Clyde’s big shaft every time she sat down on his hips. That long rub on the down stroke got so intense she had to lift up to get some relief. Then it was gone and she would sit down again. Over and over it went until her knees felt like rubber and would not lift her body again.

Clyde quickly sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he stood up. Cherry felt his big dick go even deeper as she slipped down slightly. He was definitely in virgin territory now. The next thing she knew, she was flat on her back on the coffee table and Clyde was kneeing between her legs.

As he began to fuck her with long full strokes, her eyes and mouth flew open. She was getting the fucking of her life. Then Poncho was trying to cram his big dick down her throat. It wasn’t long enough to go there but it filled her mouth completely. Then she was coming for all she was worth and trying to yell around the monster in her mouth.

Seeing that she was having trouble breathing, Poncho pulled his dick out of her mouth. Cherry took a deep gasping breath and then yelled long and loud as Clyde came what seemed to be gallons in her wide stretched pussy. She was off in another world again.

***** When she returned, she heard Poncho saying, “Man, you made one hell of a mess.”

“Uh, sorry about that.” Clyde replied.

“I don’t know about no sloppy seconds,” Poncho said as he shook his head.

Everyone had forgotten about Madison and Mark until Madison stepped in front of Clyde and knelt down between Cherry’s wide spread thighs. “I think I can fix this,” she said as she leaned over and ran her tongue over Cherry’s outer lips. Cherry groaned and then whimpered as Madison gently lapped at her swollen pussy. It felt so good after the pounding she had taken.

Ch. 2: Brent

I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to remain a kid forever. I loved to be outside and run. How my lungs would tire and seek air that was no longer there. That burn in my heaving chest as my eyes searched the trees, looking for whoever the subject of my chase was.

In school, I played sports and excelled at it. I didn’t care too much for my academics but knew that it was the top requirement of a student athlete. My best friend, Jason was my biggest competitor. We often dated the same type of girls, attended the same parties and had the same friends.

In college, not much changed. We took the same core classes but had different majors. My major was computer technology and his was sports medicine. We lived in the same dorm too.

After our first semester and the freshman jitters wore off, I focused on finding me a reliable source of pussy on campus and there was quite a selection. I took the liberty of dating college girls while I was still attending high school. That gave me a step up on all the other losers on campus. Drooling every time a hot chick with big, flopping boobs came by in a tight shirt. Giggling with her friends, pretending not to notice all the guys star struck by the balloons attached to her chest. I made it my personal mission to seek out and conquer that type of attention hungry slut. The more she flaunted herself, the easier she was to spot.

I learned that there was no such thing as a good girl. They all wanted the same thing; someone to heat up their snatch and then melt them like the pudding that they were. They needed a man who would raise his voice and command. They all craved a dick-tator to worship. All women had an inherent nature to be controlled that was often hidden away. But, I would be the one to unlock it.

That’s how I found Anna. She was tall and bushy-haired. She was a member of the study group I was in and was very talkative. She would lower her shoulders to expose more of her cleavage when I talked to her. She wore the tightest jeans that hugged her perfect round ass. I loved watching her reach around for items she squeezed into the pockets on the backside of them.

One day after a final exam, she asked if I was selling any of my books back to the bookstore. Most students took advantage of this program to get a little extra cash. I said that I was but had to go back to my room to get more books. She had on the lowest cut top that dipped so flawlessly at the meeting of her huge tits.

“I have like three more books I need to sell back as well, but they’re SO heavy. Can you carry them for me?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“Sure, but you owe me.” I said while scoping out her sweet ass. She kissed me on the cheek and said to meet her at her room after I got my books.


Before I could even knock on her door, it flew open. I stood there with a righteous smile on my face. My dick instantly grew when I saw that she had changed into some tiny shorts that made her ass look even more scrumptious. I didn’t wait for any instructions; I just walked in and slammed the door.

“Wait, what are you-”She began to say before I put my hand over her mouth.

“Sssshhhhhh”, I said, “I got this.” I lowered my hand from her mouth and stepped closer to her, putting my body on hers. Her mountainous breasts pressed up against my chest and I looked past her nervous gaze to them. I groped each of her large tits slowly while looking in her marble blue eyes.

I didn’t notice how gorgeous she truly was. Fair skinned with brown spotty freckles and dimpled cheeks. I probably hadn’t paid attention because I was too busy planning this very moment. Planning the day I’d take her. Watching her ass sway when she walked into class. Hoping that stressed button on her blouse would finally pop and expose her gorgeous rack to everyone.

She let out a soft moan and started unbuckling my pants. My dick flopped out of my drawers and she licked her lips. Smiling at me, she got down on her knees and began slurping on my waiting cock. I gathered up her bushy curls in my hand and started rotating my hips. I felt the back of her throat with the engorged tip of my cock and she gagged. Warm, precum oozed from it into her mouth. I told her to take her time and relax her throat.

“AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed. I felt her teeth scrape my shaft. Yanking on her wild mane, I jerked her head away from my bruised cock and asked if she was crazy. She whimpered and said sorry.

“Please, stop, you’re hurting me!”

“My dick hurts too!” I knew she hadn’t done it on purpose, but I took that as an opportunity to prove a point to her. I was in control. I shoved my dick between her pouty, red lips, back into her mouth. She widened her mouth to accommodate my large size. She wet me with her saliva and I easily slid in and out of her mouth. I sped up the strokes and shot my hot cum in her mouth.

I noticed she wasn’t swallowing it. I gripped her throat in my hand and lifted her to her feet.

“Swallow it.” I said, through clinched teeth. Her mascara had created dark brown streaks down her tanned cheeks. She took one big gulp and a small stream of cum trickled down the corner of her delicious mouth. I kissed her forehead and pulled my pants back up. After I fastened the button, she began to pout.

“But what about me?” she whined.

“Maybe later” I said dryly.

I fucked girls like Anna at parties on campus and in my dorm room everyday. I usually passed them along to my friends when I had no more use for them. Anna’s best friend, Kimmy was one of the best sluts on campus. I enjoyed fucking her sweet vagina. Her labia would swell after I gave her clit a good sucking.

I fucked her up against my door once. Her ass was so perfect. Not as big as Anna’s but still ripe for a good fucking.

After an afternoon swim in the lake that ran along the edge of campus, Kimmy came back to my room with me. We stripped off our clothes and headed to the shower that joined the next room. When she walked into the bathroom, I had one foot up on the toilet, stroking myself.

I wanted my cock in her mouth and she knew it.

Without a word, she lowered herself to her knees and tried to take all of me in one breath. I moaned and began pumping in and out of her mouth. She closed her eyes as I forced my cock deeper into her tight, hot throat. Her neck bulging as I pumped in and out and in out of her face.

I popped my cock out of her throat and stood her up. Bending her over, I inserted my pole into her dripping wet slit. Her hot, sticky foam coated my dick and we made gushing sounds as I fucked her juicy pussy. I withdrew from her and she whimpered as I pushed her into the shower, under the hot streams of water. I resumed my position and pushed a finger in her ass. I worked her puckered opening with my finger while I pumped my cock in her glorious cunt.

She moaned and vibrated and I knew she was coming. I spanked her hard, stinging her wet skin. She stood up straight and washed water over her heaving body. She turned and looked at me shyly.

“I’m not done” I said.

I led her out of the bathroom, our bodies still wet, back into my room. She walked toward the bed and twirled her ass seductively. I smiled and thought to myself, I’m about to fuck her into oblivion. I reached my hand out to her as I stood in the middle of the room. She reached for me and I grabbed her forearm. She had absolutely no chance of preventing me from what I was about to do. I towered over her small frame. My biceps were about the size of her head.

Pushing her up against the door and holding her there with my forearm on the back of her neck, I massaged her tight hole again with my fingers. I inserted one finger and then two into her brown hole. She whimpered again and I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She was so tight. I could feel her skin stretching and ripping as I went deeper and deeper. I knew her ass was untouched and that’s why I chose her.

I continued to pump her sweet, small hole until her body opened up for me. I unloaded so much cum in her ass that it bubbled right out and onto the back of her legs. A few drops of my milky reward landed on her gorgeous ass. She was panting and dropped down to the floor, unable to hold her weight any longer.

Kimmy was the best.

I hadn’t seen many of those whores from college after graduation. I moved back home before getting my own apartment a few blocks away from my job. I occasionally met and fucked closet nymphomaniacs. Jason would normally ask whatever chick he was seeing to bring a friend along so I wouldn’t be the awkward third wheel. That proved to be ideal because most women had single, cock hungry friends. They certainly didn’t expect the well dressed white kid to have an enormous cock and actually know what to do with it.

Last night at Jason’s apartment was a first for me though. I normally performed solo, if you know what I mean. I’d never met a woman that needed two cocks back to back as a way to be satisfied. As far as I knew, Giselle was a new breed of slut. A breed I didn’t realize existed. I needed to learn all there was to know about a woman like her. She was one woman I had to keep around.

March 22, 2006, I was in my Aston Martin Vanquish S, cruising up the West Side Highway. It was late night, and I felt like the Knight Rider racing up the freeway. I thought there were no cops in sight so I decided to drive even faster. I was wrong!

A cop’s flashing red and blue lights and sirens snapped me out of my racing mood and told me to pull over. Fuck! This was what I get for being a real asshole tonight! After pulling over, I immediately put my driver’s license and registration on the dashboard. As I looked at the mirror, I noticed it was only one cop in the car but I could not tell what sex the cop was. Whatever it was, I prayed that I was not stuck with a ticket that I do not want to pay.

My window was down and I heard the cop walking my way. I took a quick peek at the rearview mirror and realized it was a woman. When we finally made eye contact, I was almost speechless on how gorgeous she was. The police officer looked like Toni Braxton in a police uniform. On her badge, it had the name Jackson. We stared at each other for a few minutes without saying a word.

“Can I see your driver’s license and registration please?” Officer Jackson’s voice was soft and innocent.

“Sure, here it is.” I said, as I handed it to her. My hand accidentally touched her nice firm, round breasts. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

To my surprised, Officer Jackson did not say a word. Instead, she smiled and walked back to her car. Damn, she had a fat ass! This goddess had no business being a police officer. She should be making millions walking up and down the catwalk.

“Can you please get out the car, sir?” Officer Jackson asked.

“Why, what’s the problem?”

“You have to come with me down to the station.” Officer Jackson continued. “Apparently, you have many unpaid parking tickets and the car is stolen.”

“Come on now, this is bullshit.” I was almost livid. “First, I am rich and do not need to steal any cars. Second, I pay all my bills. I am the Nature Boy, the founder of Goodfella$ magazine. I know you heard of it.”

“Maybe we can work this out, handsome.” Officer Jackson had a nasty twinkle in her eye.

“What?” I smiled.

“You’re going to play a game with me.” Officer Jackson licked her lips. “Get in my car.”

“What about my car, I can’t leave it here!”

“Your car is going to be fine. Let’s go!”

She handcuffed me, and we walked to the police car. I felt anxious about her “game”. I wondered what she wanted to do with me. Officer Jackson pulled out a blindfold and told me to relax as she covered my eyes. I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but went with it anyway. As she was driving, many thoughts roamed in my head. I prayed that this situation turned out to be good. 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” was playing on the radio, and I could hear Officer Jackson singing the chorus to the song.

When she removed the blindfold and handcuffs, I realized I was inside an apartment. Slowly, she began stripping and I was standing there with a growing hard-on and could not stop myself from licking my lips. Her brown sexy body was so fucking hot! I wanted to taste her love juices. She walked so seductively to me and we were kissing like a pair of passionate lovers. Our tongues wrestled, and our hands explored the right places. I knew she could not wait any longer to see me nude. She helped me stripped down, and led me to her love chamber, the bedroom.

Jackson sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. I saw her pussy getting wet as she watched me put the condom on. She used her fingertips to hold her genitals lips apart, showing me the wet pinkness inside.

“I want you to eat me, Nature Boy. I want you to eat this pussy.”

With a boyish smile, I got on my knees and started licking. I tongued and sucked on Jackson’s clit, which was so juicy. She moved her pussy closed to the bottom of my face, wanting more.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, baby.” Jackson moaned.

I knew Officer Jackson’s neighbors heard her shrieked when she squirted her rainfall. Her clit throbbed against my tongue and I enjoyed the sweet taste of it. Then I pushed my dick inside her creamy pussy, and Officer Jackson let out a little whimper. I could not believe how fast and hard I was sliding in and out of the pussy, loving every second her genitals muscles griped my dick. Her body trembled again, and the sight of this drove me wild. I began fucking her even faster. Officer Jackson bit down on her bottom lip to keep from shrieking. She could not take it as she hollered my name and had one explosive eruption. I giggled as I watched her leg shake uncontrollably.

Officer Jackson opened her eyes, looked into mine and said, “I want to ride you.”

Her sheets felt so cool and moist on my back. The sight of my dick standing tall as a flagstaff made me chuckled inside. Officer Jackson climbed on top of me and gave me the wild ride of my life. I had a nice firm grip on her nice sweaty hips. After several minutes of fast, passionate fucking, Officer Jackson began to slow it down. She felt spent, and collapsed on top of me like a fallen tree.

“You’re incredible!” I said.

“I needed that dick, Nature Boy.” Officer Jackson confessed. “You definitely calmed me down. Well, this game is over. Let’s get dress and get your car, lover boy.”

After we got dressed, we drove back to the same location where my car was. I hurried to my car, and felt relieved that it was not any damage done to my car. Jackson and I tongue-kissed passionately like a happy couple. The sun had begun to rise and I liked how Jackson’s face glowed. She handed me a ticket and walked back to her police car smiling like a young girl.

As I was standing there shaking my head, Jackson drove off honking at me. I looked at the ticket and it was blank. In the back of the ticket, it had her name and cell number. Smiling, I hopped back in my car and gunned it into gear. What a night!

The following is the first in a series of recollections about some sexual adventures my wife and I had with some of her friends the first few years we were together. Because of how the events took place, some of them are told from my wife’s point of view and some are told from my point of view. They are based on true events and the names have been changed – but not that much.

My name is Marissa and this is the story of how I first came to show off my future husband to my best friend the best way I knew how. It was easy to show him off in all the traditional ways: he could dress well, cook, he had a great body, he was talented, smart, kind, funny, etc. I loved him so much though, I really wanted my friends to understand every aspect of what made this guy ‘the one.’

Before Jo, I never really got serious with a guy. I had several that I would use for sex, but they weren’t really relationship material. I lived in a two bedroom apartment with Jenny, one of my best friends from high school. I was eighteen and we had both been on our own for awhile. My other best friend, Cris, still lived with her parents and had just graduated a year after us.

Jenny is your typical white girl I guess, less redneck and more trailer-trash. She’s about 5’4″ with long, straight, dirty-blonde hair. She has full pouty lips, brown eyes and a good body that the guys liked. Not much in the boobs department, barely a B-cup, but she has a round ass. She always dressed down, no bra, mainly wearing short shorts and tank tops.

Cris, meanwhile, is Filipino and about the same height, but has really long, straight, black hair and brown eyes. She, too, rarely wore bras, which was a lot more noticeable with her large, perky, C-cup boobs. They are the kind that stay perfectly round when she lays on her back and don’t go to the side, they just stay there like two mountains topped by little perky nipples with small areolas. She never really wore anything that showed off her body, except her boobs, even though she could have. Her family is Catholic and they would have had a fit if they knew she had had sex already. They would have died outright if they knew how much and to what extent.

I, however, am not lacking in the boob department. I almost never went without a bra and had plenty of low-cut tops that I wore to show off the double D’s. Guys are a sucker for cleavage, which works well to distract when you’re playing pool. I am Puerto Rican with dark brown eyes. I’m about 5’3″ tall and have long, black, wavy/curly hair. I also have that come-hither, fuck-you-with-my-eyes, look that most Hispanic women have.

Like Jenny, I was raised in the trailer park with my mom’s side of the family, who are of German descent, so I don’t have the Spanish accent. I am a little thicker and curvier than Cris and Jenny, but they are jealous that I get a dark tan in an hour. I also have large areolas, about 3-4 inches across that tend to show if I wear something too low-cut.

Between the three of us we wound up dating and sleeping with a lot of the same guys. Ok, Cris was the only one that ever really had steady boyfriends. Jenny and I mostly just had a list of guys we would use for stuff and occasionally call them over for a booty call. If they were lucky, we would send them to the others’ room after we were through with them if we both hadn’t had a guy come over.

Jenny did have a few boyfriends over the years but I only had one or two. I just didn’t see the point in getting serious that young. We were all pretty wild, though. We had made out with each other at school a few times to drive the boys crazy. We had fooled around several times at our apartment, just the three of us, with Cris usually as the catalyst.

All three of us were bi, but Jenny was in denial. She would fight the girl-on-girl playing for a little while, but always gave up when the right buttons were pushed. Jenny let me have a threesome with her and her first fiancé and then, one time, I had a threesome with Cris and her boyfriend in his college dorm room. None of us were jealous of the other. We knew none of us were out to steal the others man. Mostly because the only one that liked him was the one who was with him. The one thing we always had in common was the guy had to be good in bed. More often than not, though, we had to settle for ‘just decent’ instead of what we would consider ‘good’ if we wanted to get laid.

I let guys know I wasn’t serious but sometimes they would get upset when they found out I had slept with one of their friends earlier that week, the night before, or even earlier that day. It’s funny how guys get upset when girls do the very thing that the guys want to do. That was us, three girls living by the guys’ code of conduct. Guys would be called studs or players for sleeping with that many girls. We get called sluts. Yea, that’s fair.

Anyway, after my first date with Jo, something changed. I turned down a date I had lined up that same week to go out with Jo again the next night. I felt I had found the guy I could stay with, especially after we had sex. At first I thought he might be too old for me (almost ten years older) but I decided I would go out with him anyway because he was nice and funny and fit the profile of the type of guy I look for – tall and skinny. My friends and I all agree and don’t let any woman tell you different guys, size matters. It had been my experience with all the guys I had been with that most of the tall, skinny ones were the ones packing the large equipment.

That first night, even though I tried not too because I didn’t want to cheapen something I felt was special with him, we couldn’t help but have sex. He tried to be the gentleman and resist, which just made me want him more. I guess it made me feel special and not the slut that I was trying unsuccessfully not to be. Jo had somehow found all the right places to touch me and we had been involved in some serious, although mostly clothed, foreplay for almost two hours.

When we finally started down the hall toward the bedroom it was like being caught up in a hurricane. We couldn’t touch each other enough, kiss each other enough, or undress each other fast enough. As his clothes came off, I noticed that his skinny appearance had been deceiving. I knew he was in shape, I had felt his muscular arms and chest through his shirt, but I didn’t expect the ripped abs or to be able to see each muscle defined. He didn’t have a huge chest or arms – more like a sprinter or a swimmer – but now, running my hands through the hair on his chest, I wanted him even more.

We fell into bed and everything he did to me (and he did everything) drove me crazy! He was excellent with his hands, his lips, his fingers . . . and his tongue! The best I had had until then was a guy with a tongue ring, but it was like Jo knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. I was already in heaven and trying to regain my breath when I felt his chest against my breasts and his lips against my neck. I knew what was next. I had felt his cock earlier through his jeans and knew I was right again about tall skinny guys, but I hadn’t felt anything yet!

As he held me tight, eagerly but gently biting at my neck, I felt the tip of his cock touch my labia. I thrust my hips forward trying to urge him inside me, but he resisted, keeping the tip against my labia and dragging it upward across my very wet pussy until it pushed against my clit. I let out a gasp and then a whimper as he started to massage the clitoral area with the tip of his cock. I groaned when he settled his body further onto mine and let the full length rub upward across my clit. I was about to cum just from that, so I begged him to put it in me. I wanted to really feel him and man I did!

He let the length of his cock, which had been gently grinding against my clit, drag downward across my clit and between the lips of my soaked pussy. As the head passed over my clit, he slowly pushed forward and eased the head into me. I could feel myself open to let him inside and I felt like I was plugged into a wall socket. I wrapped my legs over the back of his and urged him on. He wouldn’t be rushed, though, he said later that he had wanted to take his time and enjoy it.

What he was doing was making me want to be fucked more than I normally did, which was a lot! He then slowly entered me in one agonizingly slow smooth thrust. As I felt him penetrate farther and farther as his thickness filled me, I realized I was thinking, “This feels perfect!” Any thicker would have been too much. I felt so tight around him. He was just the right length to fill me all the way and also let his body contact my clit as he thrust completely into me. It was perfect.

I had several orgasms that night before we decided it was too late to continue. I had to work the next day and he did too. I was exhausted, although he said I could have more if I wanted. I couldn’t believe it, especially knowing that he had not had sex since he broke up with his girlfriend over eight months before! When he had told me this earlier, I didn’t think he would last more than ten minutes with me. I guess I was too used to younger guys. Jo was older, yes, but a lot more experienced than those younger guys and he was in shape. I had a winner.

About three months later we moved in together. Jenny moved across town to live with her boyfriend. Jo had already met Jenny and Cris and had heard all the stories. He was originally a small-town boy, as he put it, so I thought he might be shocked by my friends and my behavior and history. He thought it was interesting but didn’t care. I learned he had been more places, seen more things, and done more things that a lot of people twice his age.

Each day we took to know each other I liked, no, loved him even more. He had only been with a handful of girls over the years, all serious relationships. He had never cheated on any of them, so I knew he wasn’t afraid to commit. He was honest, had good taste in clothes, and could cook. I know ladies, you’re thinking, “You lucky bitch.” Yes, that’s what my friends said when I first told them about him.

After my friends met him, they knew what I did; this was not your typical guy. Not only did he get along with them, but he could join right in with all the “girl talk” about sex and guys and clothes and periods and all that stuff. My friends and I never were big on modesty, sometimes walking through the apartment topless or just plain naked. We usually only did this around each other or other girls, even if there was a guy there who one or more of us had slept with, although there were always exceptions. So, when they came over to visit or stay the night, which was often, at first they didn’t want to be too immodest around him, since he was a serious relationship for me and not some booty call that was sitting around waiting to see which one of us he would get.

The more we talked, I learned that, over the years, Jo had had plenty of female friends that trusted him, knowing that he wasn’t trying to get in their pants, which is one of the reasons he could fit in and seem like one of the girls. He had also gotten really good at full body massages. So, pretty soon, Cris and Jenny (Cris especially) got past whatever modesty issues they had and Jo regularly got a good look at them, either in just bras and panties or changing in the middle of the living room. I’m sure he didn’t mind this, but he also didn’t ogle them like most guys would.

They often took him up on a full body massage whenever they came over, even though, sometimes, it would make them horny. They also let him take erotic photographs of them, since he was into amateur photography and they were just vain enough to want photos of themselves. What I still liked was, even though they had the nicer bodies, he didn’t want them. A lot of guys that I had brought over had wound up hitting on one or both of them. Jo, however, believed in loyalty and was a one-woman man. Cool with me, except that a little later on I wondered if he could actually go through with something I had planned for him.

Now, since Jo had first met the girls, I had told him that, at another time, he might have had the chance to have threesomes with us. Jenny was now with a steady guy, however, so that only left Cris. I had often hinted at it, but in a way to let him think it probably wouldn’t happen. I, myself, had thought it might not, seeing as how Jo was big on loyalty and wanted to be in a relationship before having sex.

One night the subject had come up and he had said as long as I was really okay with it he might be able to go through with it if it was someone I trusted and he could put it in his mind to treat it as though he was just doing them a favor – like a back massage.

Good, ever since we got together, I had been telling my friends what a great lover Jo was. They were already a little envious because they always had some complaint about their guys, in and out of the bedroom. They had seen what kind of guy Jo was outside the bedroom, now, just in case they thought I was exaggerating, here was my chance to make them even more jealous by showing what he was like in the bedroom.

It started one evening when Cris and I had planned to go out to a local strip club. We liked going and looking at the girls and getting lap dances. Jo, like normal, played chauffer for us girls and went along to keep us company, acting like our bodyguard, which he was. It never bothered me taking Jo to the strip clubs with us because I didn’t have to worry about him staring at the girls or spending money on lap dances, unless they were for me.

He had worked at a few clubs as a bouncer and said that they just weren’t his thing. The girls, to him, were just like good friends. He had also said that a guy spending money at a strip club was like a woman paying a store to window shop.

Anyway, Cris and I had finished a few drinks and had gotten a little turned on. We had flirted and made out some with a few of the dancers and each other, much to the delight of the crowd, but the money was running low and it was time to go home. Back at the apartment we had a few more drinks while acting silly dancing to some music Jo was playing.

Now my friends and I always acted flirty with each other (and Jo) when he was around, so he didn’t think anything of it; that was just how we were. So when Cris started dancing and then acting like she was giving me a lap dance he reacted just like it was another typical evening with one of the girls over.

Jo was busy doing something on the computer, which is usually what he did late at night when we had guests over or we weren’t having sex, so I told Jo that Cris and I were going to watch a movie in the bedroom. I knew he might be thinking something else might happen that night, so I decided to act like it was just another typical night. I could tell he was a little disappointed, but you know women, we always have to screw with guys’ heads.

I had talked to Cris before about letting her “try Jo out,” but didn’t know if the right opportunity would ever come along. So after we were in the room awhile and she wanted to start fooling around I pitched the idea again. Cris was always pretty selfish when it came to sex. It wasn’t too obvious, but after awhile Jenny and I learned she always wanted most of the attention.

Sitting on the bed, she started to play with my boobs, cupping them in her hands and saying, “Look at these boobs!”

I was wearing a low-cut top that showed plenty of cleavage, so I wasn’t surprised when she suddenly buried her face in my cleavage and started biting my breasts. Cris is the one of us who usually likes to play rough. I do too sometimes, but not always right away.

“Easy girl,” I said pulling her head up, “not so hard.”

I reached over and pinched her nipples through her shirt, saying, “You’re the one who likes it rough, remember?”

She let out a short yelp and then giggled as she pulled her shirt off and then fell back onto the bed with her arms above her head. This was her come-give-me-attention pose. I took off my top and then unhooked my bra, but kept my breasts covered as I crawled over to her on the bed.

I knelt above her, asking, “Are these what you wanted?” as I took my hands away, letting them fall free.

She eyed them hungrily, reaching out with both hands, cupping them, but then I laid back on the bed, mimicking her usual posture. She wasn’t getting all the attention tonight, at least not from me. Cris propped herself up on one arm and leaned over to caress my breasts with her right hand, first the left and then the right. She was gentler now, teasing and rubbing around my dark areola. I noticed she had laid in such a way as to let her rub her left nipple with her left hand.

I have very sensitive nipples and can achieve orgasm just from having them stimulated right, so it didn’t take long at all for them to become rock hard. Seeing this, Cris leaned in and raked her tongue across the nipple closest to her. The feeling of a hot, wet tongue dragging across my nipple and areola (which are sensitive too) caused me to gasp.

“Oooh, yes,” I hissed, grabbing her head and holding it to my breast. All the while, her right hand continued to tease my left nipple. I was getting too turned on too quick, though. If we continued this way I would be too loud and Jo might come in too soon.

I refocused my growing desire onto Cris. If she got really hot and bothered she would be up for anything. I rolled over toward her, pushing her down onto her back at the same time and immediately attacked her breasts. She responded with a gleeful, “Aah!” The big smile on her face, and her resumed pose, let me know this was what she was wanting all along.

I forcefully grabbed at her right breast with my left hand as my mouth bit into the side of her left breast. Cris’s sharp intake of air through pursed lips let me know I was on the right track, so I nibbled my way around her breast and started to firmly pull on her right nipple.

I noticed that she was now biting on her lower lip as I leaned over her more, letting my nipples rub against hers. I leaned over and bit her neck, holding on that way, as her body arched into me. I let both my hands grasp her nipples and rub them firmly against mine and she started to moan.

“Oooh, yeah!” she said, a little too loudly.

“Shhh,” I warned, “Jo might come to see what the noise is about.”

“So?” she said, smiling. “He can watch.”

A wicked smile growing on my face, I responded with, “Maybe he can help.”

A sudden look of curiosity splashed on her face but was quickly gone, replaced with a smile of her own. “If you don’t mind,” she said.

“We’ll take it slow,” I started, “I’ll let him mess with me and watch. Then, we’ll see how it goes.” As I spoke, I trailed my hand down to the button of her pants.

“You know I’ve wanted to show him off for a while.” This I said giggling slightly, as the erotic possibilities of what might occur started racing through my head.

“But first . . .” I spoke, then, firmly pulled at the button to her jeans, unfastening them and unzipping them.

“Mmmm,” was all she uttered as she took over, reaching down and pushing her jeans off the rest of the way, eying me with a naughty look on her face.

Clad just in a pair of plain red cotton panties, Cris then tugged at my jeans as I unfastened them, quickly revealing a lacy blue thong.

“Ooh, wearing the sexy panties I see,” she teased.

“Jo buys them for me,” I shrugged, “he usually doesn’t let me keep them on very long.”

Giggling slightly, we lay back down on the bed and got more comfortable. I attacked Cris’s boobs again and she started to kiss mine. I moaned softly and she responded by sucking one nipple into her mouth while gently squeezing the other. I barely muted a cry as my mouth opened without sound.

Fully on my back now, Cris leaned over me, her mouth covering most of my right areola. She kept suction on it while her tongue started to firmly lap at my nipple. I started to grunt in response to this, keeping my mouth clenched tightly over my lips. I felt Cris’s hand slide down from my left breast, over my stomach, until it touched blue lace. I bucked my hips up slightly, wordlessly begging. She pushed her fingers underneath the waistband and down over my hairless pussy. As her fingers grazed over my slit, her mouth came away from my breast.

“Marissa!’ she said in a feigned, scolding whisper. “You’re all wet!”

“I should be,” I responded, panting at the ceiling. “You know messing with my nipples really gets me going.”


This she said wide-eyed as she pressed her fingers down, parting my lips. I gasped in air and my body arched in immediate response. I reached down and grasped her wrist, holding her hand where it was. She let me hold her hand there, my hips thrusting against her hand, as she pressed her fingers against me. She had moved her fingers to where her middle and ring fingers were rubbing against either side of my clit and her outside fingers were sliding wetly along between my inner and outer labia.

“Oh . . . yes . . . don’t . . . move,” I panted, each word coming between thrusts, “That’s . . . perfect!”

As I prepared myself to try to be as quiet as I could once this coming wave of an orgasm finally crashed against me, Cris lowered her mouth back toward my breast.

“Really gets you going huh?” she said, her lips hovering over my nipple. “How about this?”

She then pressed her tongue firmly down onto my nipple and started to slowly lick it across. At the same time, she curled the ends of her two middle fingers so on the next thrust they easily slid into me. The sudden penetration and warm, wet, pressure on my nipple were too much. I felt a pulsating explosion cascade outward through my body from between my legs and it felt like every muscle seized up. My left hand and arm worked long enough to press a pillow firmly over my wide open mouth, which served to muffle my orgasmic scream.

“Ow, Marissa!”

Cris’s complaint started my mind working again. I found myself still grasping her wrist and since I am pretty strong, there was no mystery to the source of her pain. I apologized, slightly embarrassed, but she blew it off, smiling. She then playfully fell back onto a pillow, raising her arms above her head as she let out a sigh.

“I know how you can make it up to me,” she said, as if she were a princess waiting for a servant to minister to her.

“Just a sec,” I said, then pulled my, now very wet, panties off and threw them on the floor.

I slid up next to Cris and hugged in close to her body, propping up on my right side. I took my left breast and started to rub it against hers, then reached across and took her right nipple between my fingers, slowly increasing pressure until I heard Cris whimper. She had her head tilted back and her eyes closed now. I bent down and touched my tongue to her left nipple, letting her feel my hot breath around it. Then I lowered my mouth over her nipple, gently sucking on it.

Cris whimpered again and twisted her body a little out of frustration. I was being too gentle, but I was doing it on purpose. Still grasping it firmly, I tugged on her right nipple as I took her left one between my teeth. As my tongue teased the tip of one nipple, I let my teeth softly saw back and forth on the one caught between them. I translated the pair of small, quick arches of her body as, “harder, harder!” I waited a few seconds and then pulled hard on one nipple as I bit down firmly on the other.

“Oh, shit!” Cris yelped as her body arched in ecstasy.

I tugged for a little on the one nipple with my hand and then, while still holding the other in my teeth, I raked my nails across the pale skin of her breasts, down her stomach and across the top of her panties. Cris was moaning by this point – probably loud enough for Jo to hear. I let go of her nipple with my teeth and sucked on it a little, while gently rubbing her pussy through her panties. Cris stopped moaning but was still breathing heavily and I felt dampness starting to soak through the red cotton material onto my fingers.

“So,” I started, “are we ready for some help?”

“I don’t care,” Cris responded breathily, her eyes closed, “sure.”

The sheets and comforter had been pulled back, so I pulled them up, covering us up to our shoulders. Cris shot me a quizzical look.

“Just wait,” I told her.

I scooted a little farther away from Cris, but other than that we kept our positions, her on her back and me on my side with my hand between her legs. Cris took a few cleansing breaths to regain her composure some. We wanted it to appear we had just been lying in bed and chatting innocently – maybe not too innocently – when Jo came in.

“Jo!” I called out.

We both giggled slightly. I guess we were still a little tipsy.

“What?” Jo replied from the other room.

Obviously he was involved with something on the computer and thought we were bugging him for something trivial like water or a lost remote.

“Could you come here for a minute?” I asked, lacing my voice with as much innocence as I could.

“Yeah, c’mere!” Cris added.

Jo showed up in the doorway wearing a slightly annoyed look which quickly turned to slight grin upon seeing us both in bed, covered up. The television was off and the only light in the room was from a small lamp on the bedside table.

“Ok,” he said accusingly, “what are you two doing?”

“Oh, nothing,” I said.

“Yeah, nothing,” Cris echoed, not quite as innocently.

Then, with my hand that was between Cris’s thighs, I reached up and threw back the covers enough to expose both of us to the waist. I’m sure what his male mind saw was two females, four breasts, and lots of possibilities. Once uncovered, I reached over and rubbed Cris’s nipples.

“You wanna watch?” I asked, the innocence in my voice long gone.

Cris let out a playful yelp and then pulled the covers back up. I watched Jo the entire time and I still don’t recall a smile ever widen across a face that fast. He stood there for a second or two till his body caught up to his brain. I think it might have been a lack of blood, because I swear it looked like he shoved a banana into his jeans with no hands.

Cris was on the edge of the queen-size bed and I was in the middle, so Jo came around to my side and started to undress. Meanwhile, my mouth went back to Cris’s breast and my hand went back to her panties. Jo slid up behind me and it felt like he had a warm, flesh-covered, baseball bat between us. Obviously, he was comfortable with this; so far, so good.

I knew he didn’t mind the playful fooling around between me and my friends, but could he perform with an audience? I was pretty confident of that. Could he be as good in bed for someone he didn’t have feelings for? I was about to find out, although I didn’t see why not. I did know there wasn’t going to be any passionate kissing – we all reserved that for our serious relationships. Most importantly, could I handle the first man I was really in love with and thought I could marry, having sex with my best friend right beside me? It was too late to question that and I wouldn’t have set all this up if I didn’t think so. I was proud of what I had in him and what he could do for me. I, also, loved my friends, so I just had to share.

“Wow,” I said as I thrust my rear back against the hardness pressing into me, “you’re excited.”

“I’d have to be dead not to be!” Jo responded. “Lying in bed with two hot girls playing with each other? Any guy who wouldn’t like that is an idiot.”

He was fine with it so far, so I resumed tongue-teasing Cris’s nipple while Jo leaned up over my left shoulder for a better look. Jo reached around me and started to gently rub my breasts, letting his fingers graze over one nipple and then the other.

He then asked if this is what we had been doing the whole time we had been in here. To that, I just responded by taking Jo’s hand from my breasts and shoved it down between my legs. He felt the wetness there before he even tried to move his fingers. Having his hand where I wanted it, I returned mine to where Cris wanted it.

Jo pressed his fingers flatly against my labia, parting them, then pulled his fingers upward, rubbing his middle finger across my clit. My mouth parted as I gasped in a breath. He rolled with me slightly as I leaned toward Cris, pressing my open mouth over her areola and moaned into her breast. My hand between her legs pushed underneath the waistband of her panties this time.

“Oh yes, rub me,” Cris grunted, jaw clenched.

What Jo was doing to me was starting to be distracting, so I decided to stay in control and change things up.

“You like that, huh?” I said to Jo over my shoulder.

“Oh, yeah,” Jo answered, the smile still plastered on his face.

“I took my hand out of Cris’s panties long enough to reach down and pull Jo’s hand away from my, now even wetter, folds.

“Hey,” Cris complained.

“Hold on,” I said.

I then used Jo’s fingers to rub some of my wetness on and around Cris’s nipple. Then I leaned over and licked, then sucked it all off.

“Here,” I said to Jo, putting his hand on Cris’s breast, “you take care of these for a while.”

Jo’s long arm stretched over me as I laid down lower next to Cris and started to nibble around her breasts. Meanwhile, my hand went under the covers and found its way into Cris’s panties again. Jo couldn’t see what was going on under the covers, but I’m sure he would have figured it out if he thought about it and wasn’t so preoccupied playing with Cris’s boobs. Typical male, give them a new set of tits to play with and they act like they’ve never seen any before.

Meanwhile, Cris was loving the attention enough that she decided to reciprocate. She had slid her hand down between us and was now lazily teasing my clit. About this time, Jo must have thought he wasn’t giving me enough attention and started kissing the back of my neck, sending tingles from my neck to my toes. I moaned lightly into Cris’s breast as Jo nipped at my neck.

Next, Jo tried to reach my breasts to give me the same attention he had been giving Cris, but since they were trapped beneath me, he decided to try a little farther down instead. My left leg was raised and bent with my knee resting on Cris’s leg so as to provide access to my very wet pussy. As Jo’s fingers neared their goal and touched Cris’s hand, he briefly paused, no doubt rapidly contemplating the scenario of another hand currently rubbing what was usually reserved for him. Almost immediately however, Jo’s fingers slid in over and beside Cris’s as they competed for space. The sensations were new and wonderful; so many fingers touching and rubbing me.

I only had a second or two to enjoy it, though, before Cris shooed Jo’s fingers aside, while in a mock scolding tone said, “Hey, this is my pussy!”

Jo looked at her for a second like she was crazy, then, pulled his hand away, deciding to try again for my breasts. As I felt his hand sliding up my body, I decided to push the situation a little farther.

“Why don’t you put your hand where mine is,” I told him.

His hand found my arm and followed it. Cris and I both paused, watching Jo’s face as he followed where his hand was going under the covers, seeing it in his mind. Jo’s eyes widened as his fingers passed underneath Cris’s panties and over my hand to feel my wet fingers sliding up and down over Cris’s slit. We looked at each other, smiling mischievously in amusement at Jo’s expression, as my fingers moved aside and he touched Cris’s pussy. My fingers lingered for a moment, encouraging Jo’s to continue what I had been doing.

“You take care of that for a while, honey, I’ll take care of these,” I said as I brought my hand up and seized Cris’s right nipple and my mouth sucked back down onto her left.

This brought a short cry of, “Ah!” from Cris and then a groaned, “Oooohh, yessss. That’s so good!”

As she said this, she cocked her head back, wide-eyed, and her fingers dug more forcefully into my wetness. Feeling Jo’s arm moving against my leg, I knew Cris was rubbing me in synch with how Jo was now rubbing her, at least she was trying to. In the tangle of bodies and limbs that we now were, I realized it wasn’t as easy for everyone to touch or be touched as much as they might want. So, as good as things were feeling, I decided to change it up a bit.

I sat up and pushed the covers back, receiving a complaining, “Awww,” from Cris as her hand pulled away from me. I had slid underneath Jo’s arm so he could keep his hand where it was, underneath Cris’s skimpy pair of red cotton panties, which Jo hadn’t taken his eyes off of since I pushed the covers back. I couldn’t blame him though, something about reaching into a pair of panties or boxers and feeling what’s there without taking them off just makes it that more erotic. I was getting hotter just watching his fingers moving against her underneath the fabric.

Jo was practically drooling and I knew what he was thinking. He loved to go down on me and would do it for as long as I would let him. But I had started this rodeo, so I was going first.

“I know what Cris likes,” speaking to no one in particular, as I crawled over Cris’s legs.

“Let’s get these off,” I said, as I grabbed both sides of Cris’s panties, tugging them down to reveal Jo’s fingers against her hairless slit. I pulled them the rest of the way off and then parted Cris’ legs, sitting between them. Cris was propped up slightly on a pillow now and stared down at me, smiling in anticipation.

Kneeling between Cris’s legs I leaned over and lifted Jo’s hand away from her pussy. As Jo and Cris watched, I sucked Jo’s fingers into my mouth, one at a time, cleaning Cris’s juices off of them. I then proceeded to lay flat between her legs and slowly trail my tongue up the inside of her thigh. Cris was squirming and starting to breathe heavier. I teased a bit, kissing around her shaved area and just above her clit.

Cris’s pussy was cleanly shaved, but also very neat looking by itself. There were hardly any outer lips and the inner lips didn’t stick out at all. It was like she just had a neat little pink slit with her clit poking out at the top, since there was nothing really for it to hide behind. A briefly pondered if this was why she seemed horny most of the time – her clit was likely always rubbing against her panties.

“Oh, stop teasing and lick me!” Cris begged.

So I licked up the left side of her pussy just outside of her lips and then, skipping over her clit, licked down the right side. She was breathing heavy breaths through a wide open mouth and trying to thrust herself against my tongue but I had a firm hold on both her legs.

Jo was sitting beside her, mesmerized. Cris snapped him out of his semi-catatonic state when she whined something about needed to be rubbed more and grabbed both his hands, planting them firmly against her breasts. Having seen how Cris liked it rough earlier, Jo seemed to enjoy kneading and pulling on her breasts more forcefully than I would normally allow.

I paused my teasing just long enough to tell Jo to suck and bite Cris’s nipples while I drove her crazy with my tongue.

“Oh yes. Suck on ‘em!” Cris squeeled, as Jo lowered his mouth over her nipple.

As she was momentarily distracted by the stimulation her nipples were getting, I suddenly thrust my tongue against the bottom of her slit and slowly parted her lips with it, pushing in a little deeper as I went, until I flicked it across her clit.

Cris bucked hard against me as she directed, what sounded like, a sustained gasp, whine and moan all at the same time at the ceiling. Jo took this cue to really start squeezing Cris’s nipple between his fingers while gently bit the other one. A series of, “Oh shits!” and “Oh Gods!” followed.

While she seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, I knew it was not my forte. Besides, I didn’t do it that often, so my tongue was starting to tire. More importantly, I wanted her to feel what Jo could do. I was pretty sure she had never had her pussy licked, even by a lesbian we knew, like Jo could.

“Hey, honey,” I said, trying to get Jo’s attention while looking up from between Cris’s thighs.

He lifted his head from her breast. “Yes?”

“Let’s trade. You’re much better at this than I am.”

“Okay,” he said questioningly, as if he left off the “If you’re sure?”

He knelt between Cris’s legs at first, getting a good look at her pretty little slit.

“Wow,” he said curiously, “isn’t that the cutest thing?”

“Hey!” Cris said, defensively.

“You just lay back and enjoy,” I told her.

Jo used his thumb and traces up and down along the edge of her pussy first, then, started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. He was just playing, like a kid with a new toy. He stretched out between her legs, reaching his arms up underneath her thighs. His arms were long enough, he could reach around and rub her clit while he licked her.

He started slow at first tracing up and down her thin lips and then slowly parting them with his tongue, tasting her. He took a moment, thrusting his tongue in deeply, as Cris started to moan and squirm, to savor this new flavor. He truly loved the taste of pussy and Cris had a nice one. He closed his eyes and let out a throaty, humming moan as he started in earnest, closing his mouth fully over her pussy.

Seeing the man I loved more than any before giving pleasure to my best friend had me so hot I attacked Cris’s breasts with my mouth and one hand while my other hand quickly found its way to my own wetness. I whimpered, tightening my mouth over Cris’s nipple, as I slid two fingers over my aching clit and then deep into me, my juices running down my fingers. I was insanely turned on by this point.

I could only imagine what Jo was doing to Cris with his tongue, being on the receiving end of it myself so many times, but I knew she was enjoying it a great deal. I had never heard her gasp, moan, and squeal so much, or so often. She was thrusting and bucking, all the wile being held in place by Jo’s strong arms. Her arms were still extended above her head and she had now seized hold of the headboard. The metal headboard of the bed was a metal framework made to look like vines. It was really good for tying someone up to or for holding onto during sex, which Cris had quickly found out.

I could see her arms straining and relaxing as she gripped the framework, as if she were being massaged and tortured simultaneously. I was becoming very envious of what she was feeling.

“Oh . . . my . . . god!” she finally was able to get out, panting. “This is so good, Marissa.”

“Got a long tongue, doesn’t he?” I queried, guessing that she had felt how deep he could go.

“Shit yes!” she said. “I thought he was going to lick my cervix!”

I giggled a little and said, “And he hasn’t even used any fingers yet.”

Like he was taking a hint, Jo brought one arm around and then pushed a finger deep into Cris.

“Oh, shit yes!” Cris groaned.

Jo smiled and explored for a second, searching for all the areas that made Cris squirm or moan the most, then pushed another finger inside. He was propped up on his left elbow now, his head lying against her thigh, thumb massaging her clit, while his two middle fingers on his right hand were now stroking Cris’s G-spot.

All I heard from Cris was a series of “Ahs!” her eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide open, while I now lazily played with her nipples, just enjoying the show.

Jo started to get that look in his eye, like he wanted to play a little and not just give pleasure.

“Her pussy seemed small at first,” he said to me, “but now it’s like elastic.”

February 20, 2007, I stood in front of my silver Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé on Park Avenue listening to my voicemail messages. I caught a sexy-ass lesbian couple admiring my ride from across the street. They approached me with smiles on their face. Their sexy apparel accentuated their curves perfectly. One was tall with a high yellow skin toned, long hair and brown eyes. The other woman was much shorter with a caramel complexion, medium sandy-colored hair, and hazel eyes. They looked nice together. I had a vivid image in my head of myself having a threesome with them.

“Hey, ladies, what are y’all getting into tonight?” I asked them.

“Nothing, what do you have in mind, handsome?” The short one said.

“Go have a drink or something.” I suggested. “I love being around beautiful women.”

“Why not keep it real Nature Boy,” The tall woman continued. “Yes, we know who you are. You want to fuck us, right?”

“We can arrange that too, baby girl.” I said smoothly. “This can be a nice experience for the three of us.

Inside my Rolls-Royce Phantom on our way to my place, the women were in the backseats getting comfortable. I asked them their names, and they told me. The tall one name was Mariah and the short one name was Melody. Mariah came across as the more aggressive one as she leaned over and kissed Melody. I occasionally stared intently into the rearview mirror watching them make out. They were half-dressed, and I heard a lot of sucking and kissing sounds. They knew I was watching them, as their moaning got louder and louder.

“You guys are killing me right now.” I told them.

“We’re sorry.” Melody giggled. “We didn’t mean to get carried away.”

“We promise to take care of you.” Mariah said.

“I hope so.” I replied.

We reached my penthouse on the Upper East Side. I went to the bathroom while the women relaxed in my bedroom. After a few minutes of freshening up, I walked in my bedroom naked. I stood there fully erected watching Mariah and Melody in a 69 position. They were moaning, groaning, and giggling obviously enjoying each other. What a sight! I had seen many rated triple x movies particular the ones with the lesbian scenes. They were nowhere near the real thing.

“Come over here and join us, handsome.” Mariah uttered.

Melody motioned me to come. I walked over, and the look in her eyes said it all. It was clear that she wanted to see what it was like to be with a man, especially one with a big dick.

I saw how neatly groomed Melody’s pussy was. I lowered my head, and I tickled her sweet pussy with my tongue. Her giggling made her even sexier to me. She soon started moaning as I darted, flicked my tongue in and out of her love tunnel, bringing her close to an orgasm.

“Fuck me!” She screamed with a passion.

“Give it to her! Give her some dick!” Mariah whispered in my ear.

I inserted my dick in her, and her eyes popped out like a clown. As she was moving up and down, her moaning was getting louder and louder. Sweat trickled down my back, because of how hard I was fucking Melody’s pussy. The inside of her felt so good. Melody trembled and squirted out her liquid magic. It had triggered my orgasm.

“Oh, man!” I said, as I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

I looked into her big dark eyes and she smiled at me as her orgasm subsided. The look Melody gave me was indescribably. It almost reminded me of a look of a virgin losing her virginity.

“Wow, you put it on my bitch!” Mariah acknowledged. “Look how she’s looking at you.”

“Looks like I got her sprung.” I said. “She might be interested in men now.”

“Oh, no,” Mariah continued. “No man can please her like I can, not even you. Now come over here and give me some dick.”

As I made myself comfortable on the bed, Mariah lowered herself on my dick. She was riding me like a motorize bike and massaging my shaved balls. Melody decided to sit on my face, and the smell of her pussy aroused me. The more she pushed her pussy onto my face, the faster I licked her clit. Melody’s honey-like pussy juices flowed down my chin onto my neck. I consumed every drop of her natural juices.

I raise my head to get some air, and laid Mariah on her back. Mariah’s eyes were full of sexual lust. Her legs spread, and I began poking her pussy. I started with long, deep strokes giving her every inch of my dick. I increased my tempo when she started talking dirty and screaming out my name. Melody was licking Mariah’s bouncing tits, and giggling at us making sounds.

“Can you handle this big dick, baby?” I asked her.

“Yes, you know I can.” Mariah answered. “Fuck this tight pussy! I know you love this shit, with your big ass dick! Fuck this pussy up, you rich motherfucker!”

“That’s right!” I shouted.

I was fucking the pussy harder than ever. I felt Mariah was about ready to explode any minute. She screamed her orgasm, and she twitched as total ecstasy overcame her sexy toned body. Melody and I were tongued kissing, and I felt her squeezed my long dick. I lowered Melody, and I positioned her doggie-style. I liked the big tattoo she on her lower back. I slowly slid my dick into her ass like a pool stick, but I soon began picking up the cadence, ramming away repeatedly. While I was doing this, Melody ate out Mariah’s wet pussy. We were all moaning, groaning, and screaming like a trio possessed by a sexual exorcist.

The two women climaxed in a chorus of groans and moans. I pulled the condom off and ejaculated on Melody’s back. I collapsed on the bed, and all three of us were spent and breathing hard. This was my first threesome I had ever experienced in my life, and it was great! I looked over to my left and saw that Mariah and Melody fell asleep from the pleasure. I gazed up at my glass ceiling in amazement over what had just happened. I knew all three of our lives had just changed radically. I hoped that this would not be the last time I see Mariah and Melody…

January 2, 2006, I had just entered the Manhattan high-rise in the heart of Times Square where I work. I was the founder and CEO of Goodfella$, a successful American men’s magazine. Everybody in the building acknowledged me because I am the playboy known as the Nature Boy. I knew most of the women in my company, married or not, would sleep with me for bragging rights or career advancement. I often heard rumors about the women speculating the size of my dick. Hey, I cannot help if I had a noticeable lump running down the leg of my suit.

I boarded the express elevator and right behind me was a brown-skinned woman. She reminded me of those models that posed in men’s magazines. She was about 5’7 with shoulder-length blond hair and a flawless, shapely figure. She looked very nice in her button-up dress shirt and jeans.

“Oh, my God, you are the Nature Boy!” She said in an exciting voice. “Wow, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Kim. I love your Goodfella$ magazine.”

“Thanks, Kim.” I shook hands with her. “I’m happy to have you as one of my biggest supporters.”

“I love your work.” She admitted.

As the elevator proceeded to rise, I became more aroused. Then suddenly, the elevator came to a halt. Kim was so frightened that she literally leaped on me like a pet dog. I loved the way her round breasts felt on me, as I consoled her.

“Don’t worry; young lady.” I told her.

After saying that, she looked deeply in my eyes and it felt like sparks were flying from our eyes like a Fourth of July firework display. She pulled me closer to her and we explored each other’s mouths in great anticipation. Slowly our attire came off, and we both were in awe at our nakedness. She lowered herself and engulfed my sixteen inches of love stick like a pro. As she performed fellatio on me, she also massaged my testicles with her soft cool hands. What really had me soared up to heaven was when she put each of my testicles into her mouth, and swirled them with her tongue. Yes! She looked up at me and I saw crazed with lust in her eyes.

All of sudden, the elevator began to move. We both laughed as we rushed to put on our clothes. The elevator stopped on her floor and she blew me a kiss like a naughty girl.

“Have a good one.” Kim walked off smiling.

“God bless you, thank you.” I responded.

It was 11p.m., and I was ready to go home. I was about to leave the office when I saw Kim standing there. My body tingled, as I knew what she wanted to do. As she approached me, little by little, she removed her clothes. This reminded me of a commercial for a brand new soap the way she undressed and moved so slowly. My clothes fell off, and we kissed passionately.

I took Kim to my office, and stretched her across my desk. As I buried my face in her wanting pussy, my hands roamed all over her sexy body. Spitting and tonguing her love hole inside and out, I saw that I excited her by the way she moaned and moved around on the desk. Never in Kim’s wildest dreams, did she ever get this kind of feeling. I wanted to laugh at all the crazy faces she made, but I remained in focus.

Slowly, I penetrated her pussy with my dick, and could not believed how wet it was. Once my dick was secure in her love hole, I began my pumping action. I fucked her fast and hard, praying to myself that the condom do not break. Kim screamed like a banshee, and became more vocal.

“Fuck this pussy,” Kim cried out in pleasure. “This pussy is yours, daddy!”

“Is this dick bigger than your boyfriend’s?” I asked.

“Yes!” Kim shrieked her answer.

“Does he fuck you like this?” I groaned.

“No, you fuck me so much better than he does.” Kim replied.

“Yeah, I know you love this dick more than your boyfriend.”

“Oh, my God, I’m cumming!” Kim announced. “You’re going to make me cum, baby.”

We moaned and groaned together as we both climaxed. The smell of hot sex filled my entire office. I gazed down on her and saw a very satisfied smile on her pretty face. She got up and tongue kissed me good night for several minutes. After she left my office, I stared out into the night and thought to myself, Lucky me…

Please read the introduction to Chapters 1 and 2. Some caveats before you start reading. There is ANAL in these chapters.

There is ANAL in this story. It forms a theme throughout so be warned. If you don’t like reading about ANAL [written, I hope, in a way that may make it more acceptable] then please don’t read this. There is no sexual violence in my stories. Lastly, it is FANTASY! In the fantasy world there are no STD’s, no AIDS, and no consequences and things tend to move on quicker than in the real world! Lastly I thank my lovely wife [Annafaye] for the editing. This is the end of the story.

Please vote and, of course, comments are welcome, even negative ones, but in that case I do ask that you are at least polite and give me the opportunity to respond to them. If you don’t like the story [or part] then tell me why! That helps me improve.


11. Sunday Morning:

In which Dana goes ‘riding’, has her arse explored and then filled again:

I woke with the dawn, the sun streaming in through the curtains that we had left open. It was too early to rise however, so I turned over and nodded off back to the half-awake, half-asleep, world of the early morning. My mind wandered over the previous day, enjoying the remembrance of Dana and her gorgeous body. That, of course, raised my morning erection but it was too early to rouse Dana who was peacefully sleeping. She looked so lovely, so innocent, so desirable laying there beside me.

Time passed and I must have fallen into a shallow sleep for I dreamt of hands on my cock and balls. I wasn’t dreaming, of course, for Dana had awoken and was already checking out my package!

“Mmm,” she murmured with a smile, “do you always wake up like this!” You know, women can be pretty demanding at times – nice though!

I smiled back, “Almost always when a beautiful young woman is stroking my cock and balls,” I responded dryly.

She giggled – a delightful sound that made her seem even younger. “I haven’t seen many – cocks I mean,” she clarified with a grin, “but I do like yours! How big is it?”

That was a surprise question. “Big enough,” I joked as she masturbated me.

She giggled again, “I know that. How long, how wide?” She looked at me coyly. “I’d like to know how big a thing is going in my arse!” This, of course, caused a serious twitch in my cock. Her arse! Well you can imagine.

“You, Dana, are a minx! An Australian minx!”

“Is there such a thing?” she laughed back, “anyway, answer!”

“OK,” I responded, “about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide at the widest. Don’t know how far round.”

“Mmmm, it feels big but I haven’t had many,” she added with another coy glance in my direction. “Is it, you know, big?”

“You mean in comparison?” She nodded. “I don’t really know,” I laughed back, “I have been told it’s a little longer and fatter that average.”

“I thought so,” she murmured pensively, still idly masturbating my solid erection and stroking my balls. “It’s the biggest I’ve had! Can I ride?” she continued suddenly.

I laughed, “Be my guest, you sweet angel. Climb on board and fuck me!”

She looked at me askance then smiled as she saw my grin. Bending her head, she planted a kiss on the tip of my cock then moved to squat over my loins. Slowly she lowered her body down onto me. I sighed as her nether lips caressed my cockhead then groaned as she sank down and took me completely inside. A devilish smile formed as she looked down at me and began to rock back and forth.

“Mmmm,” she murmured absently, “this is GOOD!”

I laughed, “Yes,” I responded, “very good indeed!” She laughed with me and started to bounce up and down as well as sliding back and forth. I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing inside her vagina and I assumed that it must have been her ‘G’ spot because she began to sigh and groan. Her eyes closed and she moved faster and faster, shouting a continuous, “Yes, yes, yes!” Finally, after a couple of minutes of extreme action, she threw back her head, squeezed her hands in front of her body, and shuddered. Her orgasm must have gone on for almost a minute before her eyes opened and she smiled. I smiled back, pulled her body down onto mine, and began to drive my cock into her. Eyes widening, she shuddered again and again at this renewed pressure on her ‘G’ spot. I fucked her hard for a while, right through her second orgasm, and then lifted her body.

“Kiss!’ I said smiling. It was a passionate kiss with tongues meeting and entwining.

“I want to turn round,” she whispered after several kisses, “so you can see my arse!” she ended breathlessly.

I raised my eyebrows, my cock twitching at the idea of her arse. “Why?” I asked softly.

“I want you there again,” she replied, “so – see if . . . you know! I don’t feel sore,” she added softly.

Well, of course this was causing me a minor concern as my cock was still encased in the soft velvet clasp of her vagina. Morning erections are always easier to control but, heck, I was buried balls deep in a gorgeous 22 year old blonde, and she was talking about having her arse fucked! Taking a deep breath, and remaining completely still, I said softly, “Dana, love, I want you there again too. Turn then but slowly,” I added with a smile, “I certainly don’t want to cum just now. Saving that for later!”

She laughed then, a giggle that almost sent me over the top, but she was obviously aware of my problem for, instead of turning round on my cock, she raised herself off, stood and turned around. She wasn’t to know, of course, that that was almost as bad for I now had the view of her gorgeous arse and, as she sat back, the spread of her cheeks and her tiny anus! I watched mesmerized as she lowered herself onto my cock, reaching back as she did so to guide it into her wet pussy. It was almost too much! To see it disappear inside her snug vagina with her tiny anus flexing slightly between her spread cheeks as she sat back made any control difficult! I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything rather that that wonderful body sitting on my cock. Thankfully I managed as she was crushing my balls slightly and, being rather tender there since the infection after my vasectomy, that had the effect of switching me off! Still hard though but no danger of losing it!

Dana, meanwhile, had settled right down but remained still before looking back over her shoulder with a wicked smile on her face. “Like what you see?” Gone was the apparent ingénue and in her place was a woman who knew what she wanted; confident in her sexuality and her power over us poor men.

“I like it very much,” I replied with a smile, “and just to show you how much I am going to play!”

“Mmmm,” she murmured then gasped as my thumb entered her vagina from behind my cock. I had coated it with saliva and now dragged her juices up and across her tight little back door. No sign of yesterday’s attention remained and the tiny star looked as fresh as before. I ran my thumb up and down over her sphincter, pushing slightly harder each time until, finally, the tip entered, her anus apparently ready to take it.

“Oh god!” she moaned, “oh yes! Do that!” I didn’t want to go too far now, both for her and for me so I just pushed an inch of thumb into her up to the first joint then began to fuck her arsehole slowly. I could feel her cunt gripping my cock tighter and was thankful for the pressure on my balls. Dana began to sigh, to groan, and to murmur quietly, “Right there, yes!” over and over. She started to bounce on my cock and push back a little as if wanting more in her arse but I stuck to just an inch. If she wanted more in there today it would be 7 inches of cock! It didn’t take long before I felt another shudder and a flood of her liquid over my cock and balls. She came down from her high quicker this time, eased her body off my cock, and lay down beside me.

Her hand gripped my erection and slowly stroked. “I want this in my arse you know,” she whispered, “deep in my arse!” She had certainly learned quickly how to turn me on!

I reached for her wrist and stopped her movement. “You are a minx Dana, an angelic minx. I know and I am going to fuck your arse – long, hard, and deep but first we need to eat, to shower, and get you ready!”

She smile, “Mmmm, I am hungry,” she replied then slid down and took my cock into her mouth!

“Dana, Dana love. Oh shit! You’re gonna have to stop that!”

“I like it,” she said raising her head and smiling.

“I guess Dana. So do I, but I want your arse, you want it in your arse, so you need to give it a rest!’ She pouted.

“Oh all right!” she said with a grudging smile then giggled. “Oh Mike, this is fun!”

“I know,” I replied laughing with her. And it was. She stood and walked to the bathroom. My eyes followed her gorgeous form.

At the door she turned, “I can feel your eyes from here.”

I laughed, “I’ll order breakfast. We can shower after we eat.”

“I hope you will eat after we shower,” she responded with a bright smile and slipped into the bathroom. I remained still for a few minutes listening to the sounds from the bathroom then phoned down for breakfast before going in and doing my own thing. I was surprised that Dana just stood there watching me as I stood ready to pee.

“I haven’t seen a man pee before,” she said with a smile.

“Wanna hold it?” I asked laughing as I reminded myself of the old joke about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

“Can I?” she responded laughing back. I nodded and she joined me then took my cock, soft now, and pointed it at the bowl. “OK, go now!” I laughed and began. “Ooooh! That feels strange!”

“Feels bloody strange for me as well,” I laughed, “certainly not used to this!”

“It’s fun!” She moved my cock slightly, watching it stream into the bowl. When I had finished she turned and kissed me. “I don’t know,” she said quietly, “it’s so different with you. No hang ups. No rules. It’s so easy to be with you.”

I held her close. “There are ‘rules’ Dana love but they’re pretty easy. Anything goes basically. It must be fun, however, and both or however many there may be, must agree. It’s not fun if someone is forced to partake in an activity they don’t like.” I ran my hands over her gorgeous arse cheeks. “That’s why it’s up to you if my cock goes in your arse!” I said with a smile.

“Mmm, I know,” she replied quietly, somber for a moment. “I think that’s it, you know, Mike. With you I don’t feel any pressure to do anything I don’t want to do,” she giggled then, “and that seems to make me want to do things!” There was a loud knock on the door. “Sounds like breakfast,” I said and donned my housecoat. Dana followed me into the bedroom; I went to the door and got breakfast.

She came out dressed only in the plainest pair of white panties. The sight took my breath away because, for some reason I can’t explain [other than the fact that she is gorgeous] she looked so fuckable it wasn’t true. Her firm breasts, uncovered like this, were lovely and the white material, pulled tight across her pussy, showed the proverbial ‘camel toe’. When she turned, the gorgeous expanse of her arse was somehow highlighted by the simple white cotton panties.

“FUCK Dana,” I said as she stood in front of me, “you are a bloody dream!” She smiled wistfully, said nothing, and sat beside me. Then she turned and kissed me.

“I know,” she whispered quietly, “I like being your dream. I’m hungry!”

I laughed and we ate breakfast together. All through the meal I was conscious of her sitting beside me – almost naked. My mind ran over what was coming next. What position would I introduce her to? How hard would I take her arse? How long could I last? Would she be able to cope with several bouts of arsefucking today? Of course, all this contemplation made me quiet – and made my cock twitch constantly. Towards the end of the meal Dana turned to me.

“Are you OK Mike? You’re very quiet.”

I turned towards her and smiled. “Just contemplating, Dana love, just contemplating.”

“Contemplating what?” she asked coyly, for I believe she knew!

“Contemplating you,” I said with a wan smile, “your gorgeous body, your lovely face and eyes . . .”

“. . . and my arse!” she interjected laughing.

I sighed in mock seriousness. “Caught out again! Yes Dana. Contemplating your arse, your delightful arse.”

“What were you contemplating?” she asked playing the game.

“You want me to be honest?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I think you have been since Friday.”

“OK,” I smiled, “I hope you’re ready for this! I was trying to figure out which position for your second anal experience.” She raised her eyebrows with a coy smile.

“Have you figured it out?”

I laughed, “No, not yet. We will talk about it.”

“Mmm,” she murmured, “I am looking forward to it you know.” I smiled. “What else?”

I met her sparkling eyes. “I was wondering how ‘hard’ I could fuck you,” I said softly. “I don’t want to hurt you – and I don’t want to put you off having my cock in your arse!” I added laughing.

“You were gentle yesterday. I want you to be gentle today, but I want to experience everything – I told you!”

“I know,’ I replied, “and I will be gentle – until you tell me otherwise. As I said, the only rule is that it should be fun!”

“OK,” she laughed, “it will be fun for both of us! What else?”

“You are an inquisitive minx,” I laughed.

“It’s a trait of the Australian variety,” she laughed back.

“Weeeeellll,” I replied hesitantly, “I was pondering how many times we would be able to do that today and tonight.”

“Mmm, now there’s a thought!” She laughed, “It does depend on how well you please me! And how many times we can get this hard,” her hand reached down and grabbed my cock through my underpants [all I was wearing].

“True,” I laughed, “and the Cialis will be wearing off!” Dana looked disappointed. “Don’t worry,” I added, “I have Viagra as well, and that works wonders! It does depend on you as well, you know. This is pretty new to you and, well, you may not be able to deal with several ‘intrusions’ in your arse,” I ended laughing.

“I want to,” she said quietly. “I want to very much. It has been so much fun being with you. Like nothing I have ever experienced and I want to go on experiencing it as often as I can.”

I smiled and hugged her to me. Could there be even more? I put that thought to the back of my mind. “And I do as well,” I said quietly. “To be with a woman as beautiful as you has been wonderful. I shall treasure the memories.”

She smiled. “Good. Can we shower now because I am getting awfully horny!” she said coquettishly.

“You want me to wash you?” I said with a smile.

“Of course: what girl wouldn’t – especially your ‘special’ wash!” She said as she made for the bathroom.

I laughed and followed her. I washed her ‘properly’ the only difference being that this time she took two fingers in her arse – and enjoyed it! The sybaritic experience of washing each other certainly increased my libido and readied me for the coming ‘trials’!

Completely dry, she turned to me and said, “Shoo!” I raised my eyebrows quizzically. “I need to get ready – dunce!” she said laughing, “unless you don’t want my arse?”

I smiled for I did! I reached for her and pulled her close, my hands running down her back and across her cheeks. “More than you can know, Dana. This is a dream for me! You are so lovely, it is breathtaking!”

She stroked my cheek. “I am glad,” she said, “because it has been like a dream for me, as well.” She laughed, “I didn’t really think that it would be like this when I said yes at the Gallery,” she said. “I thought, well, that you were just after a quickie! Glad you weren’t! Now go and let me get ready for you. I do expect a few orgasms first,” she said smiling, “just like you said!”

“Mmm,” I smiled. “Seems I have some exploring to do!” I stroked one finger along the crease between the cheeks of her arse then, with the other hand, along her pussy. “Gonna eat you out!” I whispered.

She blushed. “Go!” she said. I did and, closing the bathroom door, lay on the bed.

She was in there almost half an hour and I was beginning to wonder whether she had got ‘cold feet’ but, just as I began to stroke my flaccid cock in expectation, the door opened and she stood in the opening. I hadn’t noticed her taking anything in there but she was wearing just 4inch high heeled shoes. The bright red ones we had gotten yesterday. She stood, one arm on the doorframe, and smiled.

“Well?” she said, pirouetting and thrusting her arse out provocatively.

I took a very deep breath for she was lovely! “Words fail me,” I said and began to rise.

“No! Stay there.” She smiled, “It looks like you need a little help,” she said nodding at my soft cock.

I laughed and held it up as it began to stiffen. “Just needed a little nudge,” I said. “You were a long time – is everything OK?”

She looked just a little embarrassed then smiled sexily as she crossed to the bed. “I wanted to make sure that . . . now you are going to make me blush!” I laughed, “No! Stop it! I wanted to make sure that . . . well when you . . . you know, that it was good because you said . . . you know, that you wanted me a lot that way!”

I smiled as she knelt on the bed next to me. “You’re babbling.”

“I know,” she smiled back, “I think I ought to concentrate on you for a while!”

“Suits me,” I said as I looked up at her. Her breasts were perfect hillocks, nipples proud [probably hardened by her enema], the slight dome of her tummy swooping down to the blonde fuzz covering her mons. I made to touch her.

“No!” she said firmly, ‘no touching – yet anyway! My turn!” With that she began to run her fingers through the hairs on my chest, catching them between her fingers. “I like your hair,” she whispered almost to herself, then to me, “the guys I’ve been with don’t have much hair. Yours tickles,” she giggled. “I like it!” She continued, briefly circling my nipples with her fingers before bending her head and gently sucking each one. Then her hands wandered over my stomach [no 'six pack' there unfortunately, but she didn't seem to mind], and continued to tease the hair around my cock and balls. Finally one hand circled my cock and the other cradled my balls.

She looked rather pensive as she slowly masturbated me and gently squeezed my balls. She bent her head and began to lick around the base of my cock then down across my tightening balls to my perineum. She looked up then and smiled before bending again and running her tongue from under my balls right to the tip of my cock, licking the tiny drop of pre-cum that had crept out. She swallowed and looked at me. “I like your cock,” she said with a smile. “I haven’t, well you know, I haven’t actually taken a long look at one.” She laughed, “The boys I have been with want to stick it in somewhere quickly. I like this: messing about!”

I laughed, “It’s called ‘foreplay’ Dana love – and it is bloody marvelous! You just carry on – don’t worry about me!”

She looked pensive again as her finger traced all around my balls. “It’s nice when you, you know, put your finger in my arse,” she said, “do you like that?”

“A finger in my arse?” She nodded. “Yes,” I said, “feels good.”

“Shall I do that?”

“If you want.”

“I do!” She laughed, “After all, you are going to put a lot more into my arse, so I suppose I ought to!” She looked at my cock as it twitched at the thought of her arse. Her finger pressed gently on my anus then harder. I relaxed and it slid inside. “Oooo, that feels funny,” she said.

“Feels funny for me,” I laughed then, “FUCK!” as she began to gently fuck my arsehole with her finger. “SHIT! Dana love, not too much!” She raised her eyebrows quizzically. “I’ll cum, then you’ll have to wait!”

“Oh! You like it then?” I nodded. “Good, I can do it some more later!” With that she removed her finger then bent her head to kiss and lick the tip of my cock. “Your turn!” she laughed as she lay back on the bed.

I rolled to my side, head on one arm, and looked down at her. Her endeavors with my cock and balls had obviously ‘warmed her up’ for her nipples were standing hard and proud. I traced a finger down her cheek, her chin, her shoulder and onto her breast and circled first one nipple then the other again and again. I pinched a little and tweaked before lowering my mouth onto her tits. I sucked; bit gently, teased, licked, and nipped her nipples for an age until finally rewarded by a soft, low moan and a shudder as she came.

I lifted my head and smiled down at her. “Lick me,” she whispered, “please!”

“I just did!” I teased.

“Oh,” she said breathlessly, “don’t tease! Please! Lick me!”

I bent and whispered, “Of course, you angel!” She sighed and opened her legs in invitation. I moved between and spent a few moments gazing down at her gorgeous body. “You have a very pretty pussy,” I said with a smile – for she did! She blushed. I don’t suppose anyone had ever said that to her before! Bending my head, I sucked her swollen labia, one side then the other, before probing as deep as I could with my tongue and sucking her juices out. Dana moaned and pushed her loins upwards into me. I tongue fucked her then, enjoying the almost animal sounds that came from her as she sailed close to orgasm. After a while I just moved up and found her tiny swollen clit: just big enough for me to nip with my lips then tease the tip with my tongue. It was enough! Dana screamed then, quite loudly, and thrust upwards even harder as her body shuddered in orgasm. I kept her clit trapped as she rode the path of pleasure, prolonging it as much as I could.

As she came down, I moved back to her vagina, licking deep inside again a few times, before dragging my tongue down. Lifting her bent legs then, my tongue found her tight anus and flicked at it. Dana groaned a soft, “Oh yes!”

I lifted my head, “Turn over Dana,” I said quietly. She opened her closed eyes. “I want to lick your arse!” I said bluntly. She smiled an almost knowing smile, then languidly rolled face down as I moved out of her way. She immediately opened her legs again and I moved back between. Here is the most wonderful sight in the bedroom – well for an arse man like me anyway. I could enjoy the gentle slope of her shoulders and lithe back down to the swell of her broad hips below which sat the gorgeously provocative cheeks of her delicious arse. No bubble butt, her but the sweep of a mature woman’s arse. Broad and fulsome, with no surplus fat, just that necessary to create the soft curves. Like this her cheeks were open, her tiny rosebud on display above the sensuous wetness of her vagina – both holes almost begging to be filled.

I enjoyed the sight for a short while before bending my head to her vagina and licking up towards her anus, then to the glorious globes of her arse. Stroking, caressing, sometimes squeezing, kissing, licking, gently biting, bringing soft moans of pleasure from Dana. Then to her anal cleft. I ran my tongue up and down, flicking her rosebud as I did so, then concentrated there. My tongue probed, then rimmed her arsehole, then probed again; over and over until I felt yet another shudder from Dana and a low, breathless, ‘Yessssssss!” I pushed harder, the rosebud opened and my tongue slipped inside. I could taste the flavoured lube I had got for her to use, the taste of her juices that had run from her pussy, and the taste of her. It’s all a powerful aphrodisiac! Finally, lifting my head, I replaced tongue with finger and, circling a few times, pushed in easily to the first joint. Reaching across the bed, I got the lube from the side table and squeezed some onto my finger, pulled out a little, then back in. I did this a few times, pushing up to the second joint and adding lube each time.

Dana looked back at me smiling. “You naughty man,” she laughed, “you are getting my arse ready . . . to fuck?”

I smiled, “You, young woman, are a vamp!”

“What’s a ‘vamp’?”

“A seductively attractive woman who eats men!”

She laughed, and moaned softly [I was fucking her arse slowly with two thirds of my middle finger after all!]. “I thought it was you who ate me!”

“And very nice it was, too,” I laughed back then knelt up, keeping my finger in her arsehole. “Is this good?” I asked still laughing.

The answer was pretty obvious as she groaned and answered with a breathless, “Yessssss!” I continued to finger fuck her arse until, finally, it was completely inside, then I added a second finger, watching to see that she was OK with the intrusion. Her eyes were closed and she slowly began to push back onto my fingers then, “I want you in my arse again Michael,” she said softly, “please!” I slipped down beside her and kissed her lips. “I want to see your face,” she said softly again. “I want to see your eyes when you do it!”

“Mish is a bit harder,” I whispered.

“I don’t care,” she responded, “I want to see your eyes!” Anal in true missionary can be something of a struggle for the lady, especially early in her anal experience. “I want it all, you know, everything!” I took a deep breath, for it was difficult to hold off, but I knew this was her post orgasm desire speaking. My fingers were still in her arse, moving slowly back and forth but now I took them out and whispered.

“Turn over then Dana love.” Again, she did languidly, as I moved aside. She opened her legs for me but I just stroked her cheek. “We need to raise your arse Dana if you want it like this.” It was a statement and a question. “Lift up your bum!” She did and I piled up a couple of firm pillows under her fulsome cheeks. This lifted her arse and would make entry easier for her.

“It feels strange!” she said with a smile, but she settled down into the pillows.

“Pull your legs back,” I said as I lifted and parted her legs. She did and was now completely open. Her pussy was soaking wet, her juices dribbling down across her glistening anus. I bent my head and sucked her vaginal lips again, reveling in the taste and odor of her arousal. Dana groaned loudly as I found her clit again and sucked it hard.

“Oh god!’ was all I heard as she shuddered again. I quickly knelt up and pushed my cock gently between the swollen lips of her vagina. “I thought . . .!”

“Yes,” I whispered, “oh yes Dana but this first – to bring you on!” I filled her cunt then in one drive, deep into her body. Thighs clashed again and again as I fucked her pussy long, hard and deep. It didn’t take long before she was calling my name again and shuddering in another climax. I fucked her through it, then withdrawing my cock and anointing it with copious amounts of lube, introduced the tip to her trembling arsehole.

“OH MY GOD!” she exclaimed as I pushed gently into her. Her anus, that sensuous rosebud, opened and accepted the head of my cock. Her eyes were wide open, focused on my face as the glorious initial pleasure of her sphincter gripping me registered.

“Yessss!” she sighed softly, “yessss!” I was still, watching her face for the reaction to my irregular intrusion. Slowly a smile crossed her features. “Go on Mike – please! I want it!” I pushed forward and two inches of my cock entered further into her tight arsehole. Her eyes widened even more and her mouth formed an almost perfect ‘O’ of surprise [although she must have remembered the feeling from the first time]. I looked down and saw my cock spearing her cheeks, her anus had disappeared, driven in by my erection.

“More?” I asked quietly.

“Oh yes, yes! More!” Another two inches – she had well over half my cock in her arse now, just before I widened. She gasped and I saw a flash of discomfort cross her features, wiping the smile away. I quickly withdrew. It’s necessary to do this to ease the discomfort on the sphincter muscle. I stopped with just the tip of my erection breaching her anus. “Don’t stop Mike,” she said, “please. It’s OK now – really. It just . . . for a bit. Please,” she smiled up at me sexily, “fuck my arse.” She knew!

I reached for the lube and squeezed some more onto my cock then pushed back into her arsehole. It was exquisite! Tight, hot, and slippery. A velvety heaven that seemed to caress my cock. I was soon moving slowly in and out, just fucking her arse with 5 inches of cock; saving the wider part and the rest until she was really into taking my cock in her arsehole.

Dana was smiling, her eyes now closed, and muttering a soft series of “Yesss! Do that. Oh yessss!” It seemed that all the discomfort had, for the moment, abated. After a few minutes of this it was time to give her all of me, so I slid my full 7 inches into her willing rectum. Her eyes opened and a loud gasp escaped from her lips as my thighs met her cheeks.

“OH FUCK! Owwwwww! Big, so bloody big!” I was still, frantically trying to hold on to my desire to fuck her hard and fast. Obviously, however, this was hurting her again.

“Dana! Dana!” She seemed not to be hearing me, lost in the mixture of feelings emanating from her arsehole. “Dana – are you OK?”

“Oh god! Yes, yes. It’s just . . . You’re so big!”

“Not really,” I said softly, “it just feels that way!”

“I know. I know. Don’t stop now – please. I know it will be OK.” She smiled again and I felt her rectum squeeze my cock. She noticed my expression of surprise. “See! Now do what you did yesterday – make me cum! I want to feel it again!”

I smiled down at her and began to move; slowly at first, long, deep strokes that almost took my cock out of her then back. All the time watching her face as she grew used to the invasion of her rectum. This was slow seduction. I wanted to last now, last for long enough to give her orgasm after orgasm; to let her feel the pleasure of a cock in her arse – to make her want it again and again. I switched my view to my cock leaving then entering her arsehole. Watched the tight ring of her sphincter appear to not want me to leave as I withdrew then disappear as I pushed back. I teased her anus with my cockhead, bringing low, soft moans from Dana and a languid smile.

I began to speed up as I noted her orgasm approaching, fucking her harder now, my thighs slapping hers. Suddenly her whole body shuddered. Her anus and rectum held my cock deep inside in a rippling grasp.

“Oh fuck – YES! YES! YES!” she cried, as her eyes opened and gazed into mine. “OH YES! Fuck me Mike. Please fuck me. I want it again. Please!” I knew then that anal sex was always going to be a special thing for Dana. I knew women like that. Women whose anal orgasms were more intense than vaginal and some women who actually preferred their arses fucked.

I slowed again, giving her time to come down from her high, then bent and kissed her lips. “Good?” I asked softly.

Breathing heavily she whispered her reply. “Oh yes, yes. It was better than yesterday. Oooooohhhhhhh – yes do that!” I was moving my cock in her arsehole very slowly, gently, letting her feel the whole length sliding over her anus and into her hot and tight rectum.

“Dana, Dana, your arse is heaven!” I whispered, my whole body reacting to the smooth clasp of her arsehole. “Again?”

“Yes, oh yes – but can we do a different position?”

I smiled, “Anything in particular.”

“Oh dear! Oh keep dong that – please!” Now I was just using my cockhead to tease her anus – a wonderful feeling that I really couldn’t see. Probably a good thing because, I must admit, control was somewhat difficult. “I don’t know – ooooooooo! You’re the expert!” I eased my cock from the heaven of her arsehole, lay beside her and whispered. “Spoon!” She smiled then rolled on her side.

Spoon is good because you can caress and kiss back and shoulder as well as breasts, but you can’t get quite as deep. I moved close to her and, cock in hand, pressed the tip at her anus. She reached back and lifted the cheek of her arse to ease entry. “You’ve seen this before?” I asked with a laugh.

“Mmmm,” she murmured, “it looks like fun!” I began to gently fuck her arse in this position, only half my cock sliding across her anus and into her rectum. Dana moaned softly, “Yessss! Oh, that is GOOD. More!” I pushed deeper as she lifted her leg to facilitate even deeper entry, and fucked her hard. It was becoming too much for me.

“I want you face down,” I whispered breathlessly, the animal close to the surface. I wanted to ravage her arse. She looked back at me surprised.

“Face down?” I wanted her so much like that – my favourite position – but it was a struggle for the recipient! I felt the conflict inside – to just ‘take’ her with no thought for her or her comfort. “Oh god – keep doing that. Aaaagggghhh!” The latter won and my solution was to cum!

“You want my cum in your arse, Dana? Tell me. Tell me how much you want it!” Language is so, so important and I knew that, if she began to talk like this, it wouldn’t take long. “I want to Dana, I want to cum in your arse. Deep in your body. Tell me!”

Dana moaned loudly and turned her head back. “Fuck me Mike, fuck me in the arse. Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh! Yes, yes! Cum in me. Cum in my arse. Fill me! OH GOD!” It was enough. I drove into her arsehole and held my cock there. There, swollen in desire, it pulsed cum into her bowels. Her anus and rectum seeming to react to my orgasm, rippled and squeezed, milking cum from my body. Dana shuddered and screamed softly. My whole body tingled as I felt my essence shoot along my cock and into her.

“Dana,” I called loudly, “oh fuck! Dana, Dana, Dana!” Each call of her name was mirrored by a pulse of spunk into her arse. It was intense. I needed to kiss her shoulder, bite even, take possession of the gorgeous young woman whose body was taking my cock and my spunk.

Finally it was over.

I held her close as she recovered from what seemed to have been as intense an orgasm as mine. My cock, softening slowly, was not immediately expelled from the velvet heaven of her rectum, snuggled up close to her as I was. I was happy to just hold this gorgeous young woman, who had willingly given so much of herself to me. I was a little distressed with myself for almost losing control and abusing her trust, but now I kissed her neck and shoulders, running my hand over the curves of her body, enjoying the smooth skin. After a while Dana moved away and rested on her back looking up at me.

“What is it?” she asked quietly, apparently sensing something was disturbing me. “You didn’t hurt me.” She smiled, “It was good, so good. Much better than yesterday.”

I smiled wanly down at her. “I guessed,” I said softly. “It was fantastic, Dana love.”

“What’s wrong then. You seem upset.” I believe that honesty is always best in the bedroom so I sighed and told her.

“Dana love, that position . . . well it’s easily turned into my favourite . . .”

“Your FAVOURITE!” she interjected.

I smiled, “. . . yes, my favourite. Face down on the bed, legs together.”

“Oooooooo!” she said with a wicked smile, “that sounds very interesting!”

“It is,” I laughed wryly, “but, Dana love, it is not easy – would not be easy – for you. It’s quite a trial for the lady and,” I added with a touch of embarrassment, “I do tend to get a bit carried away.”

“Why isn’t it easy?”

“Well, with legs closed you would be tighter and the angle is different, down and in . . . heck,” I laughed, “this is strange – discussing this with you.”

“But we can, we are – and that’s good, because I want to do that for you!’

“Dana, Dana, love, you don’t have to.” I smiled, “You’ve given me so much pleasure since we met and I don’t want to hurt you. Dana,” I reached and held her, “I don’t want you to leave tomorrow and feel . . . I don’t know . . . used I suppose. I want you to leave having enjoyed everything we did. Leave and want to explore even more.”

She reached up and pulled my lips to hers. “You have, you know. I have enjoyed everything – and I want more. You are so kind and gentle that I’m not afraid. Even if you hurt me a little,” I shook my head. “No, no, even if you, do it doesn’t matter because I know you only do what you have to for me to enjoy it. So I want that – I want YOU to enjoy it and I know that if you do I will as well.” She kissed me again. “You have taught me so much about pleasure. Not to be shy in here,” her arm swept around the bedroom, “and I know that, when I leave tomorrow, I will have had the best weekend of my life!” I must admit to a burst of sadness – she was leaving tomorrow!

“I think you have grown in the last couple of days?”

She sighed, “Yes Mike darling, I think I have,” then she laughed, “for the better, I think. I was a fairly innocent, young thing on Friday – now I feel like a woman!”

I laughed, “I don’t think things happen that fast!”

“Oh, but they do Mike. I’ve seen everything we’ve done – and some things we are going to do,” she added with a wicked smile, “at our ‘girls DVD nights’ when we watch porn, but I never did anything other than straight sex and a little . . . you know sucking. Nobody ever did that to me like you do – not my pussy or my arse. It’s so heavenly. And my arse! I never knew, never realized, how good it could be. No Mike, love,” she ended solemnly, “I feel ‘grown up’ now.”

“Well,” I said with a smile, “you certainly look it, laying there with my spunk in your arse!”

“You are a terrible man!” she laughed sitting up. “Now I have to go and clean up.” She stood and walked to the bathroom. I watched her gorgeous arse sway as she walked, and saw a tiny trickle of spunk as she did so. She stopped at the doorway and looked back over her shoulder. Completely at ease with the situation she smiled, “Like what you see?” and she wiggled her arse provocatively.

“Oh god, Dana,” I laughed, “would that I were 40 years younger and I would fuck you there again, right now!”

“Mmmm, now there’s a thought,” she responded with a great big pout, “but I suppose I will have to wait til this afternoon!” She giggled and disappeared into the bathroom.

12. A Short Interlude:

In which we lunch, visit the park and the Conservatory:

I followed a few minutes later and we enjoyed a shower together – just a shower this time although it was always a pleasure to soap Dana’s curvaceous body! After drying off and donning robes we sat on the balcony overlooking the harbor drinking and chatting, trying to decide what to do with the rest of the day.

“I suppose YOU need a rest,” she asked jokingly with a big smile.

I laughed in response. “Well, yes I probably do. That’s one of the problems us old guys face.”

“Quality not quantity,” she laughed in response.

“I like to think so but only you can judge!”

“Oh well,” she said with a coy expression, “not quite sure yet –we will have to see how things go!”

“Minx, I should tan your arse!”

“Mmm, that sounds like fun but I think I would rather you fucked it,” she added with a sexy grin.

“You make me wish I were 30 years younger,” I laughed.

“But then we wouldn’t have met would we!?”

“Minx! Now, what shall we do?”

“It’s such a lovely day,” she answered, “why don’t we just go to the park and the Conservatory?” Well, they were both only a short walk away and I was sure that we would both enjoy the early summer sunshine.

“Good idea!”

I dressed quickly in slacks and a golf shirt and waited for Dana to get ready. I guessed that she would want to look her best so I wasn’t surprised that she took some time but there was no hurry. When she finally came out my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

“FUCK, Dana . . .”

“Hope so!” she interjected.

“You can’t go out like that – you’ll cause a riot!”

“Good,” she laughed, “but I bet I’m wearing a lot more than most of the girls out there!” Well! She was ‘dressed’ in a long-sleeved, bolero type top of a darkish pink chiffon which left her midriff, from breast to tummy, bare. Her lovely breasts only just covered and, I assumed, supported by an almost invisible bra. Her pants, blue denim shorts with frayed hem, sat low on her hips almost emphasizing the soft dome of her bare stomach. Her open sandals had 6 inch heels with 2 inch platforms. Her one piece of jewellery was the black choker I had bought her with a small diamond pendant. She looked STUNNING! I hadn’t seen everything we had bought together and I knew that she had intended to surprise me with most of the clothes.

“Heck Dana, you look bloody fabulous!” How would it feel, I thought then, wandering through the park with this vision of loveliness.

“I like looking good,” she said. “Ma always said, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it!’ so I do when I can.”

“Well you certainly do and you are,” I laughed.

“You don’t mind?”

“Mind? How could I possibly mind? Every guy in the park is going to be wondering whether I have an enormous cock or an enormous bank balance or both,” I laughed.

“Well, I am sure you don’t have either and I am VERY happy with what you do have!” She stood close and kissed me, her shoes bringing her up to my height. I held her tightly and we almost didn’t get to go out as she pressed into me.

“Naughty!” she giggled as she pulled away, “I thought we were going out!”

“OK, OK, yes – we’re going out!” I said with mock reluctance, “but when we get back . . .!” She raised her eyebrows and smiled provocatively. “. . . when we get back I am going to fuck the arse off you!”

“Mmmmmm! Yes please,” she laughed and led the way out, her gorgeous arse, accentuated by the high heels and shorts, swaying sensuously. We walked around the Opera House and sat watching the harbor and the bridge, both highlighted by the early summer sun. It was crowded with locals and sightseers – a pretty normal Sunday. After a while we had some lunch at one of the cafes around the harbor then wandered across to the park. She was right! She was wearing more than many of the young women on display – and I use the word ‘display’ on purpose! I have to say though, that none compared to the lovely woman I had on my arm! And she was ‘on my arm’. She made it abundantly clear that she was ‘with’ me despite all the admiring glances that her sensual appearance engendered. It’s funny but many women do not realize that clothed they are sexier than naked – and I mean women with great bodies as well. Dana stood out because she was dressed – but dressed provocatively.

After sashaying around the park we visited the Conservatory and saw the wonderful collection of orchids that they have. I really did miss my camera just then for I could have got some wonderful pictures of Dana with them. I got some later, but I didn’t know that then.

The afternoon passed pretty quickly and we decided to eat dinner before returning to the room. “We don’t have to go out anymore then,” Dana said with a wicked grin, “and you can pay attention to me!”

I laughed, “I can’t think of anything I would rather do!” So we had dinner, fairly light to be honest, and were back at the hotel around 7. As soon as we got through the door Dana turned, held me tight, and kissed me long and hard.

13. Back at the hotel:

A semi public fuck; some fun and Dana gets arse-fucked face down:

“I want you!” she whispered quietly, “I want you!” and she pushed her body against mine provocatively. I ran my hands down her back, chiffon first then bare skin: soft, sensuous bare skin. Then over the swell of her arse cheeks and the tight material of her denim shorts. There is no doubt in my mind that this outfit was sexy as hell because now my hands found the soft skin of her thighs. Dana was pushing against me, her tongue meeting mine, almost consuming me.

I felt I needed to calm her down a little – the shorts had obviously been rubbing in interesting places. “Balcony,” I said with a smile. She raised her eyebrows quizzically. “You’ll see. Just a little experiment!” She smiled, turned, and sashayed to the balcony, her arse swinging provocatively. We were three floors up so could look down on the harbor, the bridge, and the opera house easily. We could also see the crowds below – I wondered whether they could see us up here!

She turned and again melted into my arms. My cock was standing at full attention, having been tempted by her glorious arse and the definite possibility of filling it later on, and she obviously noticed as it pressed into her tummy. “Mmmm! I think I want that!” she whispered with a sexy smile.

My hands enjoyed the soft skin of her back and then wandered over the wonderful curves of her bottom cheeks as I whispered in return, “Turn, lean over the balcony and stick out your arse!”

Her eyes widened in surprise. “Out here! People will see!”

I laughed. “No. The balcony is opaque glass so nobody will be able to see anything – but you will be able to see them! Interested?”

She giggled – and nearly got fucked there and then with no finesse! Her giggle has that effect on me! “It will be exciting,” she said as she turned and leaned on the waist high balcony – and she did stick her arse out. It almost took my breath away as she seemed to naturally dip her back. I didn’t want to fuck her arse just now, she had not prepared, but it was a great temptation!

I reached round to her front and undid the button on her shorts and eased them down. She looked back at me as I did so, her eyes heavy with desire, then lifted a leg so I could take them off. I just had to kneel and pay homage to her wonderful arse. I kissed the cheeks, licked and stroked them, then delved between. She had on the skimpiest of thongs which just cupped her pussy with only a thin line of material between her cheeks. Shifting it to one side I had access to her gorgeous pussy. It was like a flower waiting to open – already slightly wet! Above, the tiny opening of her anus, just a little reddened by my previous intrusions, but still tight and unbelievably desirable. Dana gasped as my tongue found her vagina, sucking and licking, probing as deep as I could. Her gasps and noises of approval continued as I licked and sucked for a while then ran my tongue up and over her tender anus. Another gasp, even louder than before, as she pushed her arse back into my face.

“Oh god, Mike! Lick my arse! Please!” It was clear that Dana had become very sensitive, and had quickly learned to enjoy the attention I paid to her tight anus. I wasn’t about to pull away, wanting her to be really ready for her arse to be fucked later. Not now; now just her pussy! As I licked and probed her tight sphincter I reached down and undid my slacks, easing my erection out gently. I stood and presented the tip of my cock to her nether lips.

She looked back over her shoulder, eyes heavy, with a wicked smile. “Pussy?”

I smiled back, keeping still. “Mmmm! I’m saving your arse for later.”

She smiled then her eyes widened as I drove home. Dana bent her legs slightly and thrust her bottom back into me. We quickly got into a rhythm so that I could get as deep as possible. She was making a lot more noise than in the bedroom and I wondered whether that was the excitement of knowing there were people about [although three stories down]. With my hands on her shapely hips I controlled the wonderful standing fuck. I held her still and fucked her hard and deep then pulled her onto my cock for an even harder pounding as we got into a rhythm. I think she came twice and I am sure the people below must have heard her scream as the second massive orgasm hit. I was saving my, probably last, cum delivery for her arse so I controlled my own feelings by ensuring that she enjoyed every inch of cock.

As she finally came down from her high, she looked back over her shoulder. “Oh you are a bastard!” she smiled. I laughed, her Aussie accent could never make that an insult.

“True,” I laughed, for it was, then added, “And you are a sexy minx, Dana. More?” I asked mischievously as continued to fuck her pussy.

“No, not just now!” she said with a laugh. “Don’t want you wearing yourself, or that . . .” she nodded to her rear, “. . . down. I want it in my arse again. I don’t know why,” she added quietly, “it’s just that it felt so . . . good!”

“And you will get it there,” I smiled, stroking her hips and arse. Pulling back from her pussy I laid the length of my cock between her cheeks and began a fucking movement, sliding the length across her sensitive anus.

“Oh you bugger. Oh yes, do that. God I want you there!” To be honest the feeling was wonderful and it was all I could do not to bugger her totally and completely like this. Standing anal is fabulous but she was not prepared and, despite how much she appeared to enjoy a cock in her arse, it was early days for her. I didn’t want to spoil her future enjoyment by pushing too hard early on. I could wait and, anyway, I was going to take her in my favourite position [and hope that she enjoyed it as much as I did].

I pulled away and turned her. We kissed. A passionate and lengthy kiss that left my heart pounding. I didn’t want to let this young woman go! “Do you want to shower?” I whispered as we broke the kiss.

“Mmmm! I need to get ready for this lovely thing . . .” she gripped my cock, “. . . to go in my arse!” So we showered together, just rinsing the dust of the day away, before drying each other. She followed me out of the bathroom smiling and fetched a carrier from the wardrobe. “For you,” she said with a wicked grin as I stretched out in the bedroom. “A surprise!” and she disappeared into the bathroom.

I could hear her in the bathroom, she was singing softly to herself as she prepared for me. I took a deep breath: for ME! Just one more night with her! My mind was ranging over possibilities. Divorced, I had no real ties back in the UK. My business, primarily concerned with financial dealing in the City of London, could be managed by those I left in charge with monitoring by me from afar. I knew that, as a visitor, I could only stay in Australia for 6 months maximum, but why not do that? If I did, would she stay with me? She was old enough although, at 22, she still lived with her parents. There would be no particular objections should she decide to leave them for a while.

I knew that I could rent an apartment on a short lease [or a long one if I left Dana there] without much of a problem. I tossed the possibilities around in my mind. She was so lovely! To be with her for that length of time! There could be no long term commitment, I knew that, but for a short time we could have a lot of fun! I knew she would have a long recess in the 6 month period so we could travel – the possibilities seemed endless!

I made my decision; I would broach the subject with Dana and see what she said. After all, faint heart never won fair lady! That would wait, however, until this evenings ‘entertainment’ had finished. So now I just lay there and contemplate this wonderful young woman. I was in the middle of a reverie when the bathroom door opened. I turned me head to look and was struck dumb, openmouthed, in surprise!

She was wearing a corset, dark pink in colour with clips at the front. Sus-penders held up black stockings. Her breast were free, nipples erect. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders loosely. 5 inch heels increased her height and her lithe figure. She smiled and turned slowly waving the pink thong in her hand. Her arse was bare, framed by the base of the corset, the suspenders, and the stocking tops. Goodness knows how she had laced up the back but she had! Then she was facing me. I could see the soft blonde hair of her sex between her legs. Her smile was broad and enticing. She said nothing, just stood by the door.

“Oh my god!’ I managed finally as I moved off the bed. “You are a dream, an angel!” She smiled at that and turned again, looking back over her shoulder. I had to take several deep breaths to control my racing pulse. “Dana, Dana love. You are truly beautiful!”

“It’s for you Mike, all for you!” she said and smiled invitingly. “Take me!” she whispered and held open her arms.

I took another deep breath and she came to me, her soft curves pressing against my naked body. I could feel the silky cloth of the corset against my chest, the nylon of her stockings against my legs, and her hair brushing my face. We kissed. A soft, gentle kiss which turned more passionate as heat filled both our bodies. My cock pressed into her and seemed to break to the romance of the situation. Her hands delved between us and captured my erection.

“Mmmmm!” she murmured then added, smiling, “is this for ME?”

“OH FUCK, Dana, yes. Every bloody inch!”

“Good,” she said softly as she began to stroke me with one hand, the other cupping my already tightening balls. Slowly she knelt before me and, eyes fixed on mine as I looked down at her, took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue washed my cock head as her lips formed an ‘O’ around its girth. She seemed to revel in the taste of me for I was leaking copious amount of pre-cum into her mouth. For me? I was close to heaven. A beautiful young woman kneeling at my feet offering all – I would not abuse that offering! Dana was moving her head now, her lips sliding along my cock. Her tongue continued to wash the whole length. I had to stop her: much as I would have liked to fill her mouth with cum again I knew that I would not be able to ‘rise’ again. Viagra cannot work miracles!

“Dana, Dana love. You will have to stop.” Her eyes found mine again and her eyebrows raised. “Christ Dana, your mouth is heaven . . . FUCK!” She sucked hard and licked, smiling around my cock. “Dana! Stop, please! I want to fuck you!”

She pulled her mouth from my cock and stood. “Mmm, I want you to – so I had better stop.” She gazed into my eyes. “Make love to me!”

“There is nothing that I would rather do,” I whispered as I led her to the bed. “lay back!” Dana languidly fell back onto the bed then moved to the middle.

“Make love to me!” Her eyes were full of desire as I moved to comply with her desires. I knelt beside her and kissed her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, her neck. Dana sighed softly as I made love to her wonderful body. Slowly I kissed down to her breasts, licking and sucking her erect nipples.

“Oh god! Yessss!” she cried as I sucked her nipples and my hand found her sex. I stroked her pussy gently, feeling the wetness already seeping from her vagina. “Please! Please! I want you so much!”

“Soon,” I whispered, as I moved down her body. My mouth found her mound, sucking the soft fur gently, before tasting her sex. I opened her legs and knelt between, then bent my head to her cunt. My tongue found her clit, already swollen in her increasing passion. I licked her clit, sucked it inside my lips, used my tongue to tease it. Over and over as I heard her moaning in pleasure. A long, low groan escaped her lips as she shuddered in passion, liquid flowed. I relished the taste of her as my mouth moved down to her cunt lips. Sucking them inside, I probed deeply with my tongue. Over and over, washing her nether lips with my saliva: tasting the very essence of her. She shuddered again as my tongue moved down further to her anus. Her still tight sphincter. I probed, licked, tasted her, and pushed against the muscle with the tip of my tongue. She opened and took me inside.

“Oh please! I want to feel you inside me Mike: deep inside me! Please!” I moved up and took my solid erection in hand, pointing the tip of my cock at her vagina and sliding into her.

“YES!!! Oh yes! Fuck me Mike, please fuck me!” I did! I drove deep inside her, thrusting a full 7 inches of cock into her. She shuddered as I began to fuck her hard and deep. All out, all in. Our eyes met and she smiled in her passion. “It’s wonderful! Do it please. Don’t stop.”

Slow. Fast. Shallow. Deep. Despite the velvety heaven of her soft wetness, I had almost shut off my desire to cum, holding on for the final act deep in her arse; but I wanted to last as long as possible so that she would remember this last for a long time. I lost track of time then, making love to this lovely young woman. I watched her face, her eyes, as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. I gloried in the ability to do this for and to her: to give her pleasure and show her the power of her body.

I sat back finally, the tip of my cock still in her pussy, and smiled down at her. A soft sheen covered her breasts. She licked her lips enticingly then smiled back. “Take my arse,” she said softly, “any way you want!”

I took a deep breath as my cock twitched. “Then kneel, Dana love, kneel at the edge of the bed.” I shifted back to allow her to move, which she did, languidly, and knelt with her arse thrust back.

“Like this,” her smile was full of coy wickedness. “Take my arse,” she said again, “as you would like!” A woman like this is very dangerous. It can bring out the beast in a man and I was having trouble holding back the demon that told me to ‘use’ her without thought. I stroked my cock, only inches from her face and she smiled up at me. “Please! I want you so much!”

This last seemed to calm me and I smiled back at her. “Yes,” I replied, “but only as you would like as well.” I moved off the bed and knelt, my face level with her arse. I worshipped her than, my tongue and mouth working over her wet pussy and tight arsehole. I could hear her soft groans of pleasure as my tongue pushed into her. Standing, I reached for the lube and squeezed a goodly amount onto her sphincter then used my finger to work it inside. More lube and two fingers brought a loud groan from Dana’s lips: a sound which increased as I rotated my fingers in her arsehole.

I leaned forward. “Yes? Dana love.”

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck my arse, Mike. Fuck my arse hard!” I coated my erection with lube then my cock was at her tight ring. I pushed gently into her, breaching the constricting muscle. Dana gasped then relaxed. I fed her more of my cock, slowly, oh so slowly, until she had 5 inches inside her tight rectum. Hot! Hot and silky. Tight along the whole length of my cock, with her sphincter gripping. Out, then gently back. Over and over. My hands found her hips and I moved her with me. Dana didn’t seem to mind: to be in any discomfort. I thrust home feeling my thighs on the cheeks of her arse.

“Oh my god, YES. It feels so funny. Aaaggghhhh!” I was sliding back and forth now, fucking her tight arsehole slowly. As before, I enjoyed watching the tight muscle of her anus sliding along my cock. I was holding myself in control, for this was only the beginning! I filled her completely, then holding her on my cock, leaned forward.

“Do you want it Dana? Want it all?” She bent her head backwards and our lips met.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly, “yes! Everything! Fill my arse. Oh god, this is so wonderful! I never knew, never realized, it could be like this. FUCK MY ARSE!” This was almost too much. I nearly lost it then and filled her bowels with spunk, but managed, by staying absolutely still, to hold on.

“What?” she said feeling me completely still and buried inside her arse.

I took a deep breath as the crisis passed. “Your arse is heaven, Dana love, absolute heaven. I just had to stop for a minute. I want it to last!”

“So do I,” she responded, with a big smile. “It feels so big. Big and funny. Funny, but good.” I began to pull out slowly. “Oh god, but that feels unbelievable. Please don’t stop, Mike. Make love to my arse slowly.” I did, pulling almost all of my cock from her slowly, watching her anus slide along my cock. Then back, over and over, slowly and gently.

“Oh yes, harder now, Mike love. Harder.” I reached for the lube and added more on my cock as it slid inside her, then hands on her hips I began to fuck her hard, fast and deep. It didn’t take long before she screamed softly and her body shuddered. I thrust deep and held still as her rectum and anus gripped my cock tightly through her orgasm. As she came down I leaned forward again.

“Ready?” I whispered.

She turned her head, “Yes, Yes, ready! Do it, Mike love, take me how you want!”

I pulled out of her wonderful arsehole. “Forward Dana, in the middle of the bed, face down, legs together.” She looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

“Yes sir,” she said with a giggle.

“Minx! If you really want to play,” I said, as she lay face down, “you can reach back and hold yourself open!”

So I’ve been going out with my girlfriend Mandy for a couple of years now, I met her through her best friend Karen who I’ve known since primary school.

The three of us spend a lot of time together, especially these days on the weekends and during the summer holidays. Partying together, going away together, even all three of us sleeping in the same bed together on holidays just to save money.

Karen and I are so close in fact, that several times whilst I’ve been with Mandy I’ve seen her in just her underwear, which is what she likes to sleep in, when we’ve been on holiday.

The sight of her in just her frilly white panties and bra is enough to make me want to ditch Mandy and fuck her right then and there on the spot, but alas, I’ve never gone through with such thoughts for the fear of losing Mandy, whom I do love, and ruining the friendship between Karen and I.

So, it’s another Saturday night which means it’s another night of drinking with Mandy and Karen at Mandy’s house. I am sitting on the couch with my legs spread wide apart, Mandy sitting with her back leaning against the inside of one of my legs, whilst Karen is sitting opposite us both leaning back against the other couch.

I can’t help but stare across at Karen’s amazing body as she sits in her nightwear, just a pair of cute white panties and a matching bra, almost ignoring Mandy at my feet while I subconsciously run my fingers through her hair as she sits in a pair of black panties and bra.

With my spare hand I am drinking my usual favourite drink, Johnny Walker, leaning back against the couch as I take in Karen’s body as I sip my drink.

As the night goes on we all start to get a little more tipsy and daring, with Karen and Mandy now so tipsy that they’re egging me to take my shirt off so they can see my ‘hot body’. I laugh and shrug, kind of tipsy myself so happy to go with the flow as I lift my shirt over my head and throw it over the couch behind Karen.

“I suppose it must be my turn to request something, eh?”

I grin at the both of them.

“I want you both to kiss each other like you were lovers” I smile eagerly.

I watch as without hesitation Karen crawls over on her hands and knees towards Mandy, who doesn’t move at first.

Karen crawls over with her chest nice and low to the ground, giving me a perfect view of her cleavage almost falling out of her bra as she kisses up and down Mandy’s stomach, eventually convincing her to lean forward and kiss her back.

I feel myself growing in my shorts as I watch both my girlfriend and her best friend start to kiss each other as lovers. Mandy on her hands and knees at my feet, Karen opposite her in the same position, lapping each other’s mouths as I stare down at Mandy’s ass raised between my legs, noticing her panties starting to creep in between her ass cheeks, giving me a view of the outline of her pussy lips underneath them as they cling tightly to her body.

My eyes travel back over to Karen, who winks at me over Mandy’s shoulder as they both kiss. I grin back at her, with a hand over my crotch before they both eventually break apart, breathing heavily and grinning at me as Mandy turns back towards me.

“Alright, my turn to pick!”

Karen grins eagerly before anyone can say anything.

”You take those shorts off for us, Mr.”

She smiles, as I laugh and shrug, without looking at Mandy for her opinion. I stand up and grab the sides of my shorts, slowly sliding them down my muscular legs, stepping out of them as I glance down, my slight bulge tenting my boxers a little.

Mandy catches Karen staring at my bulge in front of her face as she leans in for a better look.

“Don’t get too excited just yet, it gets much better”

She laughs, winking up at me as I smile back, I’m loving the sight of two hot women on all fours at my feet, staring at my crotch.

I reach down and grab my phone from the pocket in my shorts on the floor.

“Alright, I want you Karen to crawl around behind Mandy and slap her ass as hard as you can…don’t worry, she loves it”

I grin, laughing slightly as I get the camera ready.

Watching as Karen crawls around behind Mandy with a huge grin on her face. I take a photo of the sexy sight. Mandy on her hands and knees with her ass raised towards Karen behind her, both amazing girls in their underwear at my feet. Mandy’s face only inches from my growing bulge in my red boxer shorts.

“Slap that ass!”

I order as I get ready to take another photo, grinning as Karen slaps her ass as hard as she can, the slap of skin on skin filling the room as Karen wacks her open hand against Mandy’s bare cheek, her panties clinging tight between her ass cheeks so her skin is exposed.

I watch as Mandy lets out a yelp, leaning forward to try and escape the pain. I reach down with a hand and grab the back of her head, pulling her face into my crotch, rubbing my bulge against her lips through my silky boxers.

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it babe”

I grin down at her, my cock growing in my shorts as I bury her face into it.


I order Karen. I hold Mandy firmly against my cock, making sure she doesn’t move as Karen slaps her ass again, Mandy’s moan muffled into my cock as I grin at Karen over her body.

Mandy replied to my tease by grinning up at me from my crotch, lifting a hand to the waistline of my boxers and tugging them down, letting my hard cock spring free in front of her face. As soon as it springs free she immediately grabs the base of my cock and closes her lips around my hard cock, slowly pushing her mouth down around my cock until I can feel the back of her throat.

“Mmm, she definitely does like it” I grin at Karen, who’s still kneeling down behind Mandy, slapping her ass.

“I have an idea, let’s take a photo!”

Karen exclaims suddenly from behind Mandy. I shrug, too horny and hard to care as Karen grabs my phone from off the couch and moves around to Mandy’s front to get a better angle for a shot.

I watch as Karen gets down on her hands and knees like a professional photographer and takes a close up photo of Mandy with her mouth all the way down around my cock, her lips clamped tightly around the base of my shaft, a mix of my precum and her saliva dripping out the sides of her lips and down her neck.

Mandy slowly pulls my throbbing cock from her mouth and turns to Karen, kissing her suddenly. I watch closely as I stand above the both of them as they kiss, watching as Karen moans with excitement as they twirl their tongues around each others, my precum being shared between their mouths. I step forward to make sure they haven’t forgotten me, pressing the head of my cock against Karen’s cheek, smearing a glistening line of precum across her skin.

I glance down at Karen, aching to have her mouth around my cock…I slide my hand against her head, rubbing my fingers through the soft blonde hair as her and Mandy kiss. Finally they pull apart, breathing deeply and looking flustered. I pull Karen’s head back by her hair with my hand as I step over her and push my throbbing cock against her lips, tugging her head back further until she obliges and opens her lips so I can push my cock down into her warm wet mouth.

Still holding the back of Karen’s head with my hand not giving her a break from sucking my cock, I grab the back of Mandy’s head also, guiding her down between my legs to help Karen out. I moan loudly, watching as the two girls start kissing each other around the head of my cock, licking at each other and my cock at the same time as I hold them both against me.

My eyes begin traveling over the two hot body’s at my feet. Both of the girls kneeling at my feet, with their legs bent back underneath their ass, almost like a pair of puppy’s on their hind legs. My eyes traveling over their cleavage’s, both pair of boobs ready to burst out of their bras, their panties clinging tightly to their pussy’s that I can see the outline of their damp pussy lips through the thin fabric.

I can feel my cum beginning to stir in my balls as I enjoy the feeling of both of the girls sucking and licking my throbbing cock, my knees starting to get weak from the overwhelming pleasure.

I grab the back of Mandy’s head as Karen pulls away for a moment and shove my cock forcefully deep into her mouth, the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat as she gags around it. My balls resting against her chin as I bury myself as deep as I can inside her mouth.

“Oh! I’m gonna cum!”

I moan loudly as I quickly slide my cock back out of Mandy’s mouth, a mix of her saliva and precum dripping from her mouth and down onto her cleavage as I wrap my hand around my shaft and start pumping my cock as it explodes, bursting a stream of cum straight at Karen’s face as she closes her eyes, my next burst hitting her boobs my cum filling her cleavage between her soft boobs being held by her tight bra.

I moan in pleasure as my orgasm ends, grinning as Mandy starts kissing Karen, licking my cum from around her lips, loving the sight of the girls fighting for the rest of my cum…

To be continued…

**Author’s Note-Again, all character’s and events are mine, do not steal. Another thing, this story contains non-consensual sex, I do not condone it, and it shouldn’t be done, ever. And story is told from two different points of view, it will tell you when it switches. Enjoy ^_^**

‘…’ =thoughts.

–…POV– =Change of point of view

Chapter 2.

*Part 4*

I feel my pulse racing as I chase after her. The pull and release of my muscles as I glide across the wet cobblestone, coming steadily towards her. I admire her naked body as she runs. A perfect specimen. I can sense her fear, her breath increasing, her blood spiked with adrenaline. No one can see us, and she runs deeper into the alley. ‘Does she honestly think she can escape me?’

Just as I finish the thought I’m on top of her, pinning her roughly to the ground. I flip her over to face me, her expression showing nothing but fear. I feel her bare breasts brush against my chest as my erection pokes her belly.

“Why are you doing this to me Damien?” Her cries sound so wonderful to my ears. Tears start to fall down Selene’s face and I smile maliciously. “I want you baby.” I say licking the tears off her cheek. She tries to struggle out of my hold and fails. I squeeze her wrists tighter making her cry out in pain.

“Please Damien, stop. Please.” She pleads with me. My smile fades as my erection grows as she begs. I stretch both hands above her head and hold her wrists with one hand while the other undoes my belt. I take it off and wrap it around her wrists, securing them together. I get off her and pick her up by her hair, causing her to cry out again. I drag her over to a drain pipe and take the belt and loop it around the buckle it so she’s now tied to it with her back facing me.

The bulge in my jeans becomes tighter as her cries become louder. I undo my fly and take my pants off, kicking them aside. I come up behind Selene and admire her delicious ass. Perfectly round. I smile devilishly.

I start to rub my hand across her ass, then quickly pull my hand back and give it a hard slap. I hear her start to sob, so I give her another slap making her scream. Her ass is warm to the touch as the blood rises to the surface. After a few more slaps I place my index finger at the crack of her ass and start to make my way down. I feel her shudder as I come into contact with her tight little rosebud.

“I think I’ll start here. What do you think?” I start to lightly push against the entrance of her asshole. She starts to struggle, pulling against her restraint. “No, please not there, anywhere but there. Please! I’ve never had one there!” Her begging enticing me even more. “Hmm, that’s too bad, because I really want to fuck your ass babe.” I push my finger slowly inside her tight virgin hole, and I hear her stifle a moan. I look up at her. “You like that, don’t you?” She shakes her head vigorously, but by the way her face is starting to flush, I can tell otherwise.

“You’re lying slut.” I push harder, forcing my finger to the knuckle. This time she can’t hide her moan.

I start to pump my finger inside her tight hole. I hear her gasping while she pleads. “N-no, st-stop it, please Da-Damien.” I look down and smile. “You’re getting wet slut.” Her cunt dripping all over the cobblestone, juices pooling underneath her. I pull my finger out of her, and I see her relax. ‘Does she think I’m done with her, or does she think I’m just going to fuck her cunt?’

I place the head of my cock against her pussy. ‘What a surprise she’s going to get.’ I slowly push in, and I feel her involuntarily arch back into me, getting me deeper. I start to slowly pump into her, coating my cock with her juices. I feel her moan reverberate through her body. “You like this, don’t you whore?” She nods slightly. I smile and I pull out, looking at my cock glistening with her juice. I place it against her puckered asshole. “No!” she screams and tries to pull away. I grab her hips and slam into her, going balls deep in her and she screams in pain.

I feel my claws extending, and my eyes start to glow unnaturally blue. My Daemon side taking over. I hear her sobs but no longer care. It’s just complete and totally primal lust over taking me as I start to slam into her. Going fast and hard as I pump into her. Her screams echoing throughout the alley. My claws dig into her sides causing her to bleed.

“DAMIEN, PLEASE STOP! IT HURTS SO MUCH, STOP!” I pump harder, I extend my hands to her shoulders, and drag my claws down her spine, creating deep scratches. Her blood runs freely now. Down her sides, and the crack of her ass, adding more lubricant for my cock. Her struggles become weaker, her screams not as frequent and more hoarse. As I cum into her ass her legs give out and she falls to a heap onto the ground. I look down at her smiling, and watch the rest of my load shoot onto her corpse.

*Part 2*

I wake up gasping. I’ve never had a dream like that, it was so vivid. I feel some sick and twisted creature stir inside me. Something enjoyed that dream. I’m only half-human after all, but my Daemon side has never done anything like that. I can normally control it, but…

“Damien, what the hell are you doing, you still asleep or something?” a voice cuts across. I glance up as a woman barges through my door. Standing 5’4, short spiky dirty blond hair. “Shell, what are you doing here?” She saunters over to my bed. “Just wanted to know how your date went last night.”

Shelley Madison is one of my best friends. Misfits stick together in this town. Me being a complete freak(as the populace see’s me) and her being lesbian in a place full of homophobes and the extremely religious. We just band together. She’s the only person who knows the real me.

“It was fine.” I say, a smile playing across my face. Her face lights up and she laughs. “You got laid. Why Damien, I’m so proud.” She says mockingly. “You seeing her again?” I nod.

“Yea, gonna see that movie playing in the drive in.” She smiles wickedly. “Wanna double? I’m sure Valerie wanted to see it. And of course I get to meet, what was her name, Selene?”

I sigh. ‘Shell and her protectiveness.’ “Yea sure, we can meet up Tuesday.” She gets off the bed.

“Great. See ya there.”

I shake my head indulgingly as she flounces away. “Yea, see ya.”


“Ok the movie absolutely sucked.” Valerie complains. “I agree tenfold.” Says Selene. I glance at her and smile. I was sorta worried when I agreed to the double thing. I didn’t know if she would be alright with that, or the bigger one, if she was homophobic. But she was very happy, and she got along with Valerie great, which is surprising, Val doesn’t get along with people that often.

“What did you think Shell.” I ask, still looking at Selene. “It was fine.” She replies quietly, and I quickly glance back at her a notice her staring at something. I look into the direction she’s ogling and notice, she’s not taking her eyes off Selene.

“Shell, are you alright.” She snaps out of her reverie. “Ye-yea, I’m fine.” She quickly walks ahead of me and grabs onto Valerie’s arm. “I’m not feeling very well babe, can we head home now?” Val seems disappointed to leave so soon, as we were gonna go to a bar after the movie-but she says ok with all the grace she can muster. She loops her arm around Shell’s waist, and wave to use as they head towards Val’s apartment.

“I hope she’s ok, she seemed really distant all the time she was with us.” I glance at Selene. I shrug. “So do I, she was fine earlier, maybe she just caught a bug.” I put my arm around her. “C’mon, lets head home.” I smile seductively at her. She laughs. “I was waiting for you to say that.” She pulls the front of my jacket, bringing my mouth to hers. I kiss her tenderly, all the while the back of my mind thinks of the dream.


–Shelley’s POV–

“You sure you’re ok baby?” Val asks concerned after I climb out of the bath she drew for me. I smile at her. “Yes I’m fine, I guess I ate to many Milk Duds at the movie, you know, me and chocolate have a love hate relationship.” I lie, knowing perfectly well why I wanted to leave so soon. Thankfully Val notices nothing. “Yea, you sure do love that shit.”

I sit on the bed and towel dry my hair. ‘I’m so sorry Val-baby. I just needed to get away from her, I kept thinking of those perfect luscious lips, and how they would feel on me…’ I shake my head, clearing the thoughts I didn’t want to resurface. As soon as I met Selene, I felt like I was going to combust.

I love Val so much, but for whatever reason, Selene just got stuck in my head. I kept thinking what she would taste like.

*Part 3*

The towel is obscuring my eyes and I feel them tear up. ‘Damn it, stop this now, get a hold of yourself.’ I feel someone kneel in from of my and place their hands on my bare thighs. I look up and see Val, and I feel guilty for that small stab of sadness for hoping it was someone else.

“It’s been awhile.” She says smiling. I can see she’s already pent up. I sigh internally, but smile at her. “I know. Do ya wanna…?” I leave the question open. I feel her hands go further up my thighs. She leans in and kisses me, while I feel her fingers probe my pussy. She pulls back and runs kisses down my throat and collar bone. “Lean back baby.” I lay back on the bed. Val reaches up and releases the towel and lightly caresses my breasts. My eyes start to drift shut and I let out a small sigh.

She glides her hands down my belly and across my pelvis. Her finger gently caresses my clit and I shudder slightly. All of a sudden I get an image into my head. It’s me, and what’s happening now, is happening there, but instead of Valerie, its Selene. Selene kneeling between my legs, gently caressing me. She then takes her tongue and runs it up my slit causing me to moan. My hands curl around the sheets under me.

“Do you like that baby?” she asks me, running it up on my slit again. “Yes.” I moan and she repeatedly does it. I push myself against her waiting mouth and she starts to roughly circle my clit, hitting all the right places, sending wave after wave of pleasure to course through me. I can already feel myself building closer.

I feel her tongue push into me. My cunt lightly shuddering around her. I moan as she starts to pump and lick around, drinking me in. She moves her attention back to my clit, she lightly nips it sending a shock through my system and I gasp. ‘God, it feels so good.’

My eyes are shut tight and she continues lapping and nipping my clit. I feel her push two fingers inside. Her fingers feel bigger than they look. I start to thrust against them as she pumps them into me, increasing her speed gradually.

I feel that pressure in my belly become stronger. I’m so close. She curls her fingers inside of me and bites hard on my clit. Then I climax. Wave after wave of pleasure, I spasm around her fingers and call out her name.


I feel her stop and pull away. “What did you say?”

My eyes flow open. ‘Shit, no.’ I sit up and see Val staring at me open mouthed. “Val, I-I…” I see tears forming in her eyes. She never cries. I reach out to touch her and she pulls away and looks at me with disgust. She quickly stands up. “I see how it is, you just met that bitch and you’re already fawning over her.”

“No, wait its not what you think.” She glares at me. “Yea? Then what is it?” I stare at her open mouthed not sure what to say. “That’s what I thought.” She turns and walks out, I hear the front door slam. I feel tears stream down my face.

“I’m sorry.”

-Well there’s chapter 2. I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is welcome, and I should be making a 3rd chapter soon.-

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