Dear cousin,

As you remember from my last letter, I decided I would give my boyfriend a surprise for his birthday, and that this surprise would be that I would turn into a cheetah, have the spots and everything bodypainted into me. A good friend of mine who is a makeup artist agreed to do it for me–and before you ask he’s as gay as they come so I had no qualms about getting naked and letting him touch and paint every square inch of my body.

The plan came together.

The only thing my boyfriend knew was that he would have a sexual surprise and that I would have to take over his house for one day, and he gladly let me. My friend made me up as a cheetah, which took the entire morning. The base colour was just a kind of translucent color which gave a yellow sheen to my tan, instead of painting me yellow, which, on top of taking longer, would have looked silly. Then he painted the spots, which looked amazing. They were really spread out like on an animal hide, evenly and yet not, changing in shape and density depending on the body area. There were no spots on the underside of my hands and arms for instance, whch is the kind of detail you don’t notice but which makes the whole thing look real. The spots grew thinner around my boobs to highlight them, and slightly larger as they went down my legs, to make them look longer. Then came the tear marks and he glued on some really long whiskers, which completed the look. He’s extremely talented, it was incredible. They looked tattooed-in more than painted, and the paint stuck perfectly. When he was done I just couldn’t stop looking at myself from every angle, over and over.

You should see the pictures.

After I was done gazing at myself I had my friend tie my boyfriend’s wrists to the headboard in the master bedroom and make his exit, stage right. Then I made my entrance as a cheetah, on all fours, complete with a leather collar around my neck. Without a word (you should hear me purr), I climbed on, came up to his face and pulled away just when he tried to kiss me (I’m a tease!) and unbuttonned his shirt. Then I unbuckled his belt, unbuttonned his jeans and pulled them down, all with my teeth, same with his underwear. Oh, how I love to see a boner set free. You can see how happy the little guy is.


Then, more teasing. At first, only light brushes with my fingers; very light brushes, the kind which make you shiver, then with my hair. My nipples. The inside of my thighs. My nose. My lips… I made this last for a long time, cautiously avoiding the most interesting part of his anatomy, until I suddenly inhaled his erection. You should’ve heard his groan! You should’ve felt how he shook! That alone made it worth all the trouble. There’s nothing like having a man’s dick in your mouth when you know that you are taking inside you the center of his universe; feeling control and harmony at the same time. Not to mention the delicious taste of his uncut dick, skin, and precum.

Then I gave the blowjob of my life.

I don’t want to give away too many of my secret techniques. You know how much I love blowjobs, and how good I am at them–I outdid myself that day. Let’s just say that the penis is a more complex instrument than most people realize. It has a variety of sensitive areas, which can be stimulated in different ways, separately or together. Add to that two eager, expert hands and two big, firm boobs, and you’ve got the ingredients for a great exprerience. Licking (and how many different ways there are to lick!) the back of the shaft, just that sensitive spot at the back of the head, or the whole ring at the top of the shaft, which is so sensitive, rubbing the head through the foreskin… Deepthroating the head, stimulating it with thrusts or with motions of the back of the tongue… Licking, sucking, gently biting the ballsack. Boob fucking. Rimjobs. Slapping the cock against the face, tits, and the whole body: I just love the feeling of that warm, wet and hard flesh. I could go on and on: it’s one of my favourite hobbies! An A+ blowjob takes its time, stopping before the man comes to let him relax, delaying the climax to drive him crazy and make it that much better. A STELLAR blowjob mixes all those different techniques, seamlessly seguing from the less to the more stimulating ones for a continuous, long, mind-warping, rising tide of pleasure.

Like a song.

But for that you need to know the man well, be able to recognize his reactions and know how to adapt to them. Last guy I fell in love with, was short, fat and had weird, pale skin because he had no gallbladder. Yet, since I loved him, not only was he the hottest man on the planet, but he was the defining standard of hotness for me. His body drove me wild because it was so hot, to me. He had a tiny penis that I could still describe in every detail, because I spent days, literally, with my head between his legs, sucking him off over and over, or just lying there, enjoying, watching. With the cousins it was much less peaceful. You know which cousins I’m referring to–the two guys I met at that camp a few years ago. I’ve always loved sex, and the male form, and the male charm, but what they brought out of me is different. They were the ones who shot loads of come in my mouth and made me swallow when I thought it was disgusting, until I couldn’t get enough. They were the ones who forced themselves down my throat and up my ass, who taught me to control my gag reflex and to enjoy it.

They made a cocklover out of me.

And did I love sucking his cock. Of course, there’s that good craftsman feeling you get when you do something that you’re really good at doing, like playing a familiar piece on an instrument, or driving a car you know well. Noticing the old markers, watching as everything clicks, and telling to yourself with pride: “Yep. I still got it.” There’s the feeling of control, too. Except when it’s facefucking, blowjobs totally put the girl in control of the dumbstick, and that feels great. But of course, that’s not the main appeal, especially not that time. I simply love sucking cock. In general, and especially then: there was everything. There was the musky, head-spinning smell of an uncut penis. The salty, sticky precum. The abundant slobber. The warmth. Something that’s simply more than the sum of all these parts. Every time I would pull out, and there would be that thin string of precum mixed with saliva extending from his head to my mouth. Every time I would slap it against myself, and feel the wet mark it left. Every time I would break the cycle of simple sucking by pushing his head into my throat, I would feel great. Accomplished, euphoric–I don’t know how to describe it. And he seemed to enjoy it, too. Grunts, groans, and towards the end it’d turned into a loud, continuous moan of pleasure, where a twinge of frustration and agony were easily discernable. And he’s a really silent lover. More than once, especially toward the end, I was really afraid he’d blow before I decided, which was, quite simply, a mistake I was not going to make.

Fortunately, I’m THAT good.

He was going stark mad with pleasure and inability to orgasm, but I kept going. For several minutes of agony. Then I inhaled his cock, forcing him in my throat, all the way to the hilt. Then I did something with controlled gags and the back of my tongue that’s not really possible to explain with words, which causes the warm, wet throat to basically grab and stroke the head. A testament to my timing, it took him about 3 seconds of this, a long time considering the circumstances, to shoot. He came like a storm, with a huge scream, thrusting madly–he would’ve hurt my nose if I hadn’t prepared. He came and came and came. We hadn’t had sex for a long while except a few handjobs, and this was the delicious, abundant, thick load of a man really emptying his balls. I didn’t have to swallow, since the last third of his cock was beyond my tonsils, but I still greeted his load eagerly, despite regretting not being able to taste it. I could feel its warmth, its thickness and its quantity in my oesophagus and stomach, and even that was a great pleasure. He came in long, juicy spurts, each one accompanied with a violent, uncomfortable and involuntary thrust of his hips, and yet I still hung on like a rodeo rider, my lips firmly clasped to the base of his dick. He would stop for a few seconds, then it would start up again, a few more spurts accompanied by spasms, a pause, and then again. It was interminable.

Then he passed out.

Even after he’d lost consciousness he squirted a few last drops. Only after he was all spent did I pull out and catch my breath. I was IMMENSELY proud of myself for such a good blowjob. My only wish would’ve been to be able to regurgitate that huge load of delicious come, into my mouth, and onto my hands, breasts and body. To watch him watch me play with it. I would swirl it, feeling its thick, complex texture, I would make bubbles, I would drool it over my breasts and body. Eventually, I would collect it and swallow it all, but only after a long time of enjoyment. But he was out, and it was all in my belly, where I could still feel it, and that did make me proud. I looked at his dick, which was bright red and swollen like his gets after he’s spent, watched it slowly go flaccid, blew air on it to cool him down. I untied him, pulled the rope his wrists had been bound with through the hoop in my leather collar and knotted it into a leash.

I was his pet cheetah.

My original plan was to curl up at his feet like one and wait for him to wake up, but, since he hadn’t had sex in a long time, unsurprisingly, I hadn’t either and, unsurprisingly, the blowjob had turned me on intensely. I had been too consumed to pay attention, but I’d gone wet, and even dripped down the inside of my thighs. After I’d curled up, through no decision of my own, my hand was between my thighs rubbing my pussy lips together. I grabbed a breast with the other hand, rolled over on my back and before I’d even realised it I was masturbating, to nothing in particular, just leading my physical arousal to its destined end. Before long my inconsiderate moaning awoke my sleeping mate. At first, all he did was to watch me. So I put on a show. I’m also very good at that, you know. I arched my back more markedly, gave out more sensual moans, played with my breasts ostentatiously, all the while looking directly in his eyes, in a way which made it unquestionable that it was the thought of him that was driving me wild like that. It didn’t take long for him to get hard again and, as I grabbed his cock and started stroking it slowly while jacking myself off, I spoke the first words since I’d walked in the room that day:

“Fuck me.”

He just grinned, and started to rub his hands over my body, my legs, my wet inner thighs, my hard stomach, my big breasts, even my whiskers, and put a finger into my mouth which I bit, so he bit my nipple, to which I responded to with a yelp and a grin. He rolled over to the bedside table and pulled out a handful of condoms, which he dropped over my body like confetti. My giggles were interrupted by a moan, as I was always edging closer to climax. He rubbed my inner thighs, as I was rubbing my pussy lips together with one hand and my clitoris with the other. My legs were wide spread, my moaning was loud and I was starting to lose control. Grabbing my leash, he made me roll on my stomach. I sucked a finger and probed my ass with it, a hand taking care of each hole. I started making back and forth motions with my body to rub my sensitive nipples against the sheets and, instinctively, to imitate the motions of fucking. Behind me, I heard him open a condom package and put it on, but since I couldn’t see what kind it was I didn’t know where he’d fuck me. He pulled hard on my leash and I responded immediately, my body tense and awaiting. Then I felt a huge weight on me. It was all over me, heavy, hot, hairy, sweaty, smelly, and terribly erotic: a man. With his strange blend of roughness and tenderness he began kneading my shoulders as he physically dominated me. I could feel his erect penis poking one of my buttcheeks and I instinctively reared up against it, eager for his cock. I gave out a pleading, frustrated moan, to which he responded by tugging on my leash. He kissed me and bit my ear as he needlessly grabbed his dick and rubbed it against my pussy, pulling it away, then rubbing it slightly, pulling away… He did this for a few times, and I gave a mad scream of frustration, trying to wriggle away from under his dominating mass, which was impossible. The more I struggled, the tighter he dominated me. I pushed my ass up into him in another attempt to get him to fuck me, but he pushed me down with his big hand and kissed my neck. I wasn’t aware of what was going on. I had two fingers up my ass thrusting in and out, a finger rubbing my clitoris, and this huge, heavy, sweaty man pinning me down, holding me by a leash, and I wanted to come. Then, he penetrated me.

I came.

Instantly. Orgasmic cacophony, tectonic plates shifting, colliding, crashing, muscles shaking, legs stretching, moans and more moans, screams without one thought, the divinity of an orgasmic woman. When I recovered I was stupefied. He’d made me wait and long for him just like I’d made him wait and long during his blowjob, and as soon as he penetrated me I came with an orgasm that was more than just the completion of a clit-rubbing session. He knew me that well. But before I could formulate too many thoughts, the man over me began thrusting. He fucked me, and I moaned with every thrust. Just like his domination was merciless, he kissed me, my neck, my ear in a very intimate way, silently huffing and grunting. He was just concerned with fucking, his pleasure, and he dominated me in order to get that pleasure from me, and that typically MALE attitude is an incredible turn-on. My toes were curling. Like a male feline fucking a cheetah in the jungle he was just mounting me. And yet at the same time he gently kissed me. He put his arms underneath my shoulders and grabbed my neck, pushing it down. This completely pinned me down, but gave him a better hold of me. The thrusts grew stronger, and so did my moans. He pulled up, pinning me down on the mattress with his arms while still fucking me. It was pretty rough by now, and I was far up the orgasm slope again. I could feel the layer of sweat on my back where he’d been pressing against me. He kept doing this for a while until he grabbed my leash, and pulled on it until I got up on all fours. I was on my hands and knees, almost overcome with pleasure, clenching the sheets, hair messed up, sweat glistening over my cheetah makeup, a dick inside me and pleasure on my face.

I must’ve looked pretty good.

He pumped me from behind for a while as bigger and bigger waves of pleasure washed over me, making me bury my face in the mattress to muffle my screams. He played with my breasts, fingered my ass and gave me the finger to suck. He pinched and kneaded my ass a lot. Lots of guys do this. What can I say, I’ve got a great ass! After a while he just grabbed me by the shoulders and pumped away, faster, rougher. I relished every wet sound of flesh banging through the haze of sexual pleasure, until he dropped on all fours over me, against me, the master and his cheetah. I could feel his hot breath against my face as he licked my ear, my neck, my cheek. His thrusts became really slow but equally forceful, pulling away almost entirely and then thrusting himself back in slowly but strongly, smacking hard against me each time, banging my whole body forward with each thrust and turning my moan into a scream. He only had to do this for a few times before I came, loudly, my arms buckling from under me, biting the sheets as I roared with pleasure and he gave incredibly strong thrusts which made me slide forward on the bed even though I was clutching and biting the sheets, until he made that low grunt I learned to recognize and love, spasming, orgasming, burying his cock all the way into me, pulling on my leash. He collapsed over me like at the beginning for the few final thrusts, until he rolled us over to the side, staying inside me as we spooned and I wrapped his big arm around me, putting his hand on my breast.

Now that’s life.

I pulled him out out and took off his condom, tying a knot in the middle and sparing a thought for all the potential for life wasted by our selfish quest for pleasure. Then I threw it away, to be collected and flushed at a later date. They say you’re not supposed to flush used condoms, but I do, and nothing bad’s happened so far. I grabbed his cock and sucked the glistening head softly, minding its heightened sensitivity. I love hot, slowly softening cocks after an orgasm. I licked it a little more, enjoying the mixed taste of come, dick and the condom’s plastic. Then I got back into his spoon, wrapping his arm around me. Mmmm. I coul’ve fell asleep and napped there forever. After a while I felt SOMETHING poking me in the ass. What could it be? I reached behind and stroked it, feeling his dick grow and harden in my hand. He grabbed my leash and sat up as I got on all fours, facing him. He pulled down on the leash, bringing my face to his dick, and I responded to the unsubtle hint appropriately. I was just sucking up and down, wondering if he would make me give him another one of my exceptional blowjobs, when he dropped the leash, gently pulling my hair in a ponytail which he firmly held, and slowly forcing my head down until his tasty dick hit the back of my mouth, and he kept pushing until it forced its way into my throat, and again until my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock.

He moaned loudly, and kept pushing my head down.

I was fighting my increasingly strong gag reflex as he kept my face against him, his pubic hair grating my skin. He held me there for a long while. I was fighting not to squirm but not quite managing, being relieved I hadn’t had breakfast that morning. He calmy put his other hand on my head, holding me there like an object. It was hell, trying not to barf, drooling, managing not to choke on it, trying to keep sucking him… He knew me well, just as I was about to grab him, signalling I really couldn’t go on, he pulled me up. I drew a huge breath, grinning with pride, drool oozing from my puffed lips. His dick was now fully hard, glistening. I knew I wanted some of that, and he knew what that look meant. He grabbed my leash and pulled me, as I followed him on all fours, and he laid me on my back, my shoulders and head hanging off the side of the bed. I knew what this meant, and grinned. I saw him grin back before the view was obscured by his genitals, made massive-looking by my perspective. He dropped his ballsack on my face several times for a thorough teabagging. I love balls. I just love the way they hang proudly in their sack, how heavy they are. I’m no zoophiliac, but when I see a big dog walking down the street with those two testicles dangling with each step, it just reminds me of how powerful and strong males are, and that just turns me on. I opened my mouth wide as he put one, and two balls in, filling it with the salty taste of his scrotum. I was masturbating, my upside-down head was tingly, I was terribly turned on. He pulled out and positionned his dick before my wide-open mouth. In a terribly sweet grooming gesture, he pulled out a pubic hair that was stuck between my teeth.

Then he grabbed my face and fucked the hell out of it.

This position, which made me completely powerless, also turns the mouth and throat into basically one long tunnel, which he was fucking, while holding my head steady with his two large hands. I always loved his big, hairy hands, which look hard enough to punch through concrete. I hadn’t expected more oral pleasure and, as I masturbated, the thought I focused on was the taste of his cock and the feeling in my tongue and in my throat of having my face fucked like any other orifice. His warm, heavy balls bounced on my forehead. My loud moans of pleasure were garbled by the wet sound of his thrusts. He would stop to knead my breasts, or slap them with his saliva-coated dick. He would also cockslap my face, of course, the forehead, eyes, lips, cheeks, on the outside and on the inside. It was hot and wet, I loved it. The blowjob was the kind of stuff which makes you salivate profusely, and the slobber would drool down my mouth and onto the rest of my face, so, gently, he would collect it with his fingers and put it back in my mouth, wiping his fingers on my cheeks. He kept screwing my face for a while until my fingers rode the wave to the end and, my legs shooting out and my toes curling, I came with a roar. He pulled out and the sounds of my orgasm made him shoot with an intense grunt. I had front row seats: the first shot arched way over and landed somewhere on the bed, I got hit below the navel, a couple times on my tits. He milked the rest on my face and wiped the last drop on a nipple.

Life was good.

I slid over to lie flat, a silly grin on my sticky face. I’d done something imaginative, extraordinary and excellent for my boyfriend, been fucked roughly and had come. My mouth was still tingly and weird, he’d ripped off most of my nice whiskers, but I didn’t care. Absentmindedly, I reached out and stroked his already softening cock, wanting to continue feeling it. With my other hand, not thinking, I wiped the drop of cum on my belly with a finger and ate it, relishing the familiar taste. Then I rubbed the come that was on my breasts, kneading them, enjoying the feeling of stickiness, and watching it on my skin, trying to somehow make his seed, his life essence, seep into myself through the pores of my skin. I looked at my sticky, cum-covered hands, and licked them a little. He helped me out, collecting the drops that were on my face and feeding them to me. I wanted to swallow it all, but I had the good sense of keeping them intact, and I swirled it, enjoying the sticky texture and the bitter, yet delicious taste, which is different with every load. This one was a bit watery, third orgasm in a row, but still good. I made bubbles and laughed like a kid. I played with it a little more and eventually swallowed it, before heading off to the bathroom to clean up the rest. Amazingly, the makeup held, mostly, with smudging only on the areas I rubbed. I plucked off whatever bent whiskers were left. They’d looked damn cool while they lasted. While I was still over the sink, checking myself out in the mirror, he came up behind me and hugged me. We were both naked and I was bent over the sink, instinctively I pushed my ass into him, always ready. I was incredibly happy. I turned around and kissed him, reaching down for his dick, which only barely hardened after a few pumps of my hand. I cupped his hairy ass and pulled him close to me, wrapping one leg around him as we exchanged a long, passionate kiss. “Breakfast?” he asked.

“Thanks, I’ve already eaten. But I’d kill for a cup of coffee.”

He grinned back, slapping me on the ass as I walked out of the bathroom, half-dancing my way to the bed and throwing myself on it. I’d thought about burying myself under the covers and napping, but I was too happy for that. I danced around, naked except for a dog collar and a leash. He has a big mirror in one wall of his room. I brushed my messy hair into a semblance of beauty with my fingers–a girl always has to have good hair. Then I just watched myself, the makeup, taking poses and stuff, while he was making coffee. I was on all fours in front of the mirror, jokingly mimicking a feline when he came back and put on pyjama bottoms. I was shaking my ass in the air with glee, and he watched me purr and mew like a kid playing a cheetah. He got up, grabbed my leash with one hand and cupped my ass with the other. He ran his hand all over me, rubbing my skin, circling the cheetah dots with his fingers, groping my breasts, etc. Then he grabbed my ass again, strongly, and gave it a strong spank. I yelped, but it was a good kind of pain. I shook my ass a little and reared my ass back into his hand. He told me how much he loved my ass, to which I replied that, yeah, I know. He bent down and bit it, kissed it, licked it for a while. Then he got on top of me, in a mock doggy style, and kissed my neck, telling me how much he loved me. I love that he loves me. I reared up my ass against his pyjama pants and moaned with contentment. He got off and lay on the floor nest to me, such a contented smile on his face. I roared and got up on top of him, running my hands over his big, hairy, muscular chest. I like hairy men. He ran his hands accross the cheetah spots on my muscular abs, connecting them as if to draw something, then going up to my chest, rubbing my breasts, grabbing them, pinching my nipples and rubbing them between his thumbs and forefingers. He rubbed his way back down, sliding over my hips and cupping my ass. I bent down and kissed him, then kissed down his chest, his nipples, rubbing his body, until he rolled us over, putting himself on top, me throwing my legs in the air and wrapping them around him. We kissed passionately, and he kissed his way down my chest to between my legs.

Oh, mmmm…

He’s pretty good at giving head. I played with his hair with one hand, and quickly found myself clutching at the carpeted floor as pleasure took over my body and mind. He stuck a finger in my ass and began fucking me with it slowly. I reared up my ass in his face, moaning louder with each wave of pleasure. It was a beautiful sight: my tits, my legs spread with his head between them, dark, tussled hair, big cheetah spots on the tanned skin of my thighs. His finger in my ass increased and roughed the pleasure from his adroit licking, and given the great day we’d had it didn’t take long for me to reach forgetful bliss and orgasm with screams of pleasure. I closed my eyes and wrapped my legs around him, rubbing his back with my feet. Happiness. When I opened my eyes he was looking up at me with that smug, content face men put on when they give a woman an orgasm (or when they think they have…) Always in a great mood after I come, I sat up, and kissed him. Then I grabbed his fingers, licked and sucked them clean. Then I ran my fingers through his hair, cupping his head, and kissed him again. I ran my hand up his thigh and rubbed his crotch through his pants as I licked his face clean. He grabbed my leash and pulled down, exposing my neck, and kissed it, cupping a boob as I cupped his genitals. He looked at me and, still rubbing his crotch, I looked back with eyes which unmistakably said: “I want it.” He slapped my ass and got up. I looked on as he walked over to the bed and picked up a few plastic packages from the bed where he’d dropped the condoms. A double-layered condom for anal sex and a few packs of lubricant.

I grinned, and licked my lips in pleasured anticipation.

He grinned back and walked over. I got on my knees and grabbed his pants, pulling them down. His dick was half-erect. I pulled the foreskin down, licking the head as I squeezed the base of his penis and slowly pumping blood into the shaft. Always holding the base firmly I gently sucked him, feeling it grow in my mouth with the regularity of a heartbeat… I took it out and slapped it on my face and my big grin, looking up at him, using the psychological factor to help his erection. My talents at cocksucking proved fruitful and he was soon hard as a rock. I was starting to really get into it when he pulled out, grabbed my leash and pulled me on all fours. He got behind, cupped my ass, rubbing it and spread my buttcheeks, licking my asshole. He rimmed me and I shuddered with pleasure, uttering a long moan. I let my head drop to the ground the pleasure was so intense. He put some lubricant on a finger and put it in. He lubed me up nicely with his finger, me still shivering an moaning. I heard him open the condom package and put it on. I turned around and saw him get on his knees behind me. He smiled and grabbed my leash as I felt the tip of his dick against my ass. He’d lubed me up well but my ass wasn’t well stretched since he’d only put one finger in. Believe it or not, I’m really tight–the sphincter is a muscle like any other, you work it out. Still, he pushed his dick forward. I pushed my ass toward him as he grabbed my hips and pulled me on him. The head slid in slowly and I shuddered with the usual mixed pain and pleasure. He kept pushing and, slowly, his dick penetrated my ass, all the way to the hilt. He moaned loudly–I love it each time he moans. He spanked me hard.

Then he started pumping and I started moaning.

I clutched at the carpet, feeling the warmth, the pain-pleasure mix of anal sex I enjoy so much, with the proportion of pleasure progressively increasing but that twinge of good pain never going away. He made slow thrusts, pausing inbetween, standing on his knees and holding my hips. Then he began fucking my ass, slowly but continuously. I began moaning, a low trembling “Aaaaaaa…” rather than the loud moans I have when I get fucked. He spanked me hard, with a loud slapping sound. Mmm. He got on all fours over me, biting my shoulder, my ear and then he kissed my neck as he grabbed my, his arms wrapping around my body, and slowly fell to his side, taking him with me.

Not much you can do with a cock up your ass.

We stayed in the spoon position a couple seconds. I reached behind me and cupped one of his buttcheeks, pushing him deeper in me, then he rolled over again, putting me on top. I had my back to him and he was holding it up while I crouched. I remembered the few–too few–times when I was in this position with another guy in front of me and I was sandwiched, driven insane by that pleasure, looking into one man’s eyes as I felt the other. So much maleness, so much awareness of my femalehood. I released his arms as I sat down on his dick, my shins on the floor. I don’t really like this position, looking at a man’s legs, but oh well. I licked my fingers and rubbed his ballsack as he pinched my ass. My fingers moved up, rubbing my pussy. That delicious mix of anal and vaginal pleasure was starting and I began moving up and down on his dick, cupping my breast with my free hand. He grabbed my leash and pulled on it as I moved, feeling the radiating warmth in my belly and the rough fire in my ass combine. I moaned, harshly, loudly, as I increased the rythm despite the increasing pain, feeling the tug on my leash pulling my head back. I got back in the crouch position to move up and down even faster, which I did. I was screaming, roughly, hoarsely, rubbing my pussy and my breasts bouncing. My anus was on fire, and the pleasure radiating from my labia was drowning my brain; my pleasure reached a plateau. I fell silent, my mouth agape, going up and down only a couple inches but as fast as I could. This lasted for a few seconds until I came.


My legs gave out and I fell back on him, his dick slipping out of my gaping asshole and slapping the inside of my thighs, me still stroking my pussy furiously and one of my nipples, lying on him, my legs spread eagle with toes curling, my scream slowly decreasing into a moan. He wrapped his arms around me, taking over my stimulation, as I turned my head to kiss him. Eventually I sat up and grabbed his dick, which was softening up a little. I grabbed the base and sucked it again–not very good: the taste of the condom, my ass and lubricant. Still, it hardened as I felt him put two fingers in my ass. I turned around, still holding his dick, grinning at him. “What do you want to do now?” “I’m going to continue fucking you in the ass.” “Oh yeah?” He nodded silently, grabbing my collar and pulling me along as he got up and led me to the bed. He pushed me down to my knees and made me bend over the bed. I smiled in anticipation, loving not being able to see what he was doing. He rubbed my ass, my thighs, my pussy, complimented me on my cheetah makeup, then cracked open a new package of lube. He put two coated fingers in my ass, and kept lubing me up. Then I felt his body arching over me, its warmth radiating against my skin, grabbing my leash and wrapping it around his fist, readying himtself, and I said what I was thinking:

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this.”

He shoved his dick all the way in my ass in one thrust and I screamed. Then he fucked me, quickly, mercilessly, shoving me against the bed with his thrusts, where I was biting the sheets and screaming into them. It wasn’t pain mixed with pleasure anymore, they merged into one, overwhelming, overpowering sensation. Most of my brain was offline, and all I could do was to feel that feeling and scream my approval and ask for more, harder, more, yes, harder, yes, oh fuck YES. And that he provided, pushing me down on the mattress with one hand, pumping away at my ass. I felt drops of hot sweat land on my back. Pretty quick he grabbed both my shoulders and pumped away faster as I was biting the sheets, clutching them, my eyes closed, screaming, almost losing consciousness. Then I felt the familiar spasms of a man coming in my ass. He pushed his dick all the way in my ass and came there, grunting and squeezing my shoulders. He carressed my back thoughtfully. “Fuck you’ve got a great ass.” “You should know.” He chuckled, pulled out, and dropped down on the bed. I lay down next to him and licked a couple fingers, poking my warm, open anus. “Will you be okay?” he asked. “You don’t have that big a dick.” He laughed and I pulled out my tongue at him. My ass was still very sensitive and sent out the occasional shiver. I removed his condom, threw it away and sucked his dick only because I wanted to. It didn’t dare go limp in my mouth, but I could tell it wanted to. I gave it one last lick and went up to rest my head on his chest, cupping his genitals with one hand.

I could do this all my life.

I was exhausted but went to the bathroom to clean the warm lube dripping from my ass and other such nastiness. I would’ve taken a shower but didn’t want to wipe off the makeup yet so I just cleaned what I could while he went down to the kitchen. I took another look at myself in the mirror to rearrange my hair and face, and to look at myself. That always helps me think. It also makes me feel good to see how beautiful I am–it may be unmodest to say it, but it’s the truth. On top of being five-stars hot, I’m a very beautiful woman. I could also see all the tiny details, blemishes and stuff that no-one sees, but that I track down and destroy before anyone else can notice them. I ask myself the questions everyone asks themselves in front of the mirror. Do I know this person looking at me? Is this really what I look like? Is this how other people see me? Why can’t I make eye contact? Who are you? I winked at myself and went over to lie in bed, on my back, diagonally, limbs spread like an X, with the pleasure of relief and exhaustion. I was so… content. Not directly because of the sex, but because of him, how we got along, because of our relationship. Those moments we’ve had were just the materialization of what we had together and, as such, it was what made me feel so good.

I took off the silly dog collar and went down for coffee.

He was there in his pyjama pants and a t-shirt, drinking from a smoking mug of black coffee. I stopped at the door, still naked and made up like a cheetah (except for a few smudged spots), and took on a sexy pause. He gave an appreciative grin. I walked over to the kitchen table where he’d already poured coffee in a Snoopy mug for me, and stole his t-shirt. The cheetah thing may look cool, but it was cold. I took a seat, put my feet up on the table and let the coffee warm my hands. I took a sip; it almost burned my mouth, but it was good and acrid, the way I loved it. I swished another sip to remove the lingering traces of semen in my mouth. (Whoops!) We just looked at each other. He didn’t have to say it was the best birthday in his life. (It better damn well have been!) I pulled the t-shirt’s collar over my nose, because I know how cute it is to look at someone with mischevious eyes and the rest covered, but mostly to take in its delicious manly smell. Ahh. I think I really love him. I certainly love our connection. I also admire him. He dropped out of school at 17 and after a few odd jobs, joined the merchant navy and sailed around the world. Cliché, I know, but true. When he came back he had his own importing-exporting company and was rich in the millions. He’s a very smart man, but since he’s never been formally educated he has all these misconceptions and intellectual deficiencies that I love to adjust. Just like how I love his raw strength (and I don’t mean just physical), his kind of John Wayne spirit, he loves the fact that I’m way more educated than him and a little crazy. And that I give the best blowjobs on the whole damn planet, but that’s actually secondary.

“So, was that a good birthday present?”

He laughed at the rhetorical question. We talked about what we’d do for lunch and during the afternoon. As always he wanted to go out and see a movie, as always I wanted to stay in under the covers–not just sex mind you, mostly just to be lazy. I went over to kiss him and he ran his hand up my leg and on my ass the way men do when they intimately know a girl, when they know she’s their girl. I sat on his lap by the kitchen table, drinking from his mug. Our talking was interrupted by much kissing, and he couldn’t stop rubbing his hands on my thighs, under my shirt… And I couldn’t stop rubbing his chest. I lay back on his torso as we debated alternatives for the week-end. As we talked, he would poke the spots on my thighs, lift my shirt up to explore how they went up my body. I ran my hand through his hair and admired his roughly chiselled face. Our kissing intensified to the point where it was a regular teenage make-out session, his hand reaching under my shirt to cup my breast. Still sitting sideways on his lap I slid down a little to retrieve his cock, which was slowly stiffening. As we kissed I gave him a slow, adroit handjob to bring blood into his stiffy. Warm, fleshy, hard shaft… God I love cock. “I want this inside me.” I said, tickling a spot under his head to make him shiver. “God, you’re insatiable.” “RrrrOWR!” I slid down to my knees and slapped the semi-hard bit of flesh on my flesh, grinning as it hit me, before taking it in, giving him a classic up and down suckjob, enjoying the taste while I was going over the possibilities for this one. Even just going up and down is great, and I could see myself doing it all the way. One of my hands sneaked down his pants to rub his balls while another slid up to rub his chest. When it was fully hard and he gave his first moan, he stood up and pulled my head away.

I looked up.

I knoww I should get tired, I know it’s all the same, but every time I’m at a man knees, his erection in front of my face, I am filled with excitement, contentment, eagerness and HUNGER. “No, I want to fuck you” he said as he brought me to my feet while he retrieved a condom from his pants pocket and stepped out of them. I leaned over the sink, looking out the window into the neighbour’s yard. I saw his reflection in the glass get behind me and I closed my eyes with anticipation. I felt his hands rub my ass and up my hips, as if to evaluate their grabbability. I felt his ever so slightly soft dick, warm and wet, rest on one of my buttcheeks as he fingered my ass, professing his love for it. I moaned, enjoying it, my eyes still closed, wondering what was next. His hand slid up my spine, which was punctuated by cheetah spots from which the other spots on my back radiated like branches from a tree, ribs from a spine–or spots on a cheetah’s back. His hands then slid down to my hips and made the motion to turn me around, so that’s what I did. “I want to look at you” he said as he picked me up–I always love when a guy picks me up in the air– and sat me on the edge of the sink. We kissed and once again his hand ran up my shirt to cup my boob while I reached down and stroked his dick. I took off the shirt I was wearing and, with one last smell, threw it away. He looked down at my thighs with their big spots, then up at my chocolate bar abs with their smaller spots evolving in thinning concentric circles to highlight my blank breasts, up to the spots on my shoulders which ran down my arms. We kept kissing as we gave each other handjobs, moaning not only at each other’s touch but at each other’s presence, at the outset of this fucking which was turning out to be quite intimate. My legs were spread around him, inviting him into my space, making his heat, his smell, his life energy radiate into mine, blending the two in one embrace.

We were lovers.

He put on his condom and moved forward, his dick mere inches away from my vagina. We looked at each other, deep in our eyes, daring not to speak or even speak as he reached around and held me as he penetrated me, making me gasp with each new centimeter inside me. The expression making love is obscene, because no-one can MAKE love, we can only receive it, especially women who are made to receive. The sex we were having happened as much in our eyes, which remained locked. We received each other’s love, where we were, silent, daring not to make a noise or to grab at each other, simply maintaining this embrace as I gasped, sighed and shuddered with the pleasure that was radiating from my belly to the rest of my body. It was slow and long. I kept my hands wrapped around his head, fingers in his hair, looking at him and kissing him as the slow tide of pleasure progressively flooded me. I had a silent but very powerful orgasm, simply opening my mouth and gasping a little as I looked deep into his eyes.

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