stolen husband

Sandy always got what she wanted. All throughout high school, she had everything handed to her – from good looks to money. At 32, she still had it all. Her perky 36D breasts caught every guy’s attention. Sandy prided herself in being able to get any man.

Martha and Sandy were best friends, but there was always a rivalry. Martha’s 34C did not compare to Sandy’s breasts. While Martha was 5’4″, Sandy was 5’8″. Martha was a little too white while Sandy had the perfectly tanned, smooth skin. Martha had medium length brown hair while Sandy had full, long, dirty blond hair. The list went on and on.

Martha was the first to get married, though. She met Marcus, her Prince Charming, in college. They fell in love and as soon as they graduated, they were married. Sandy was a bit jealous, but did not really let it bother her. She hooked up with other men for one night stands, but eventually, it got to her.

Fast forward to now. Martha was doing the dishes while Marcus was watching football when the phone rang. Marcus picked it up.

“Marcus speaking, who’s calling?”

“Oh hey, Marcus! It’s me, Sandy! Listen, tell Martha I’ll be there in a few minutes! I’m in town for business and I need a place to stay for a bit. Okay, thanks! Bye!”

Without even being able to reply, Marcus put down the phone.

“Honey, Sandy’s coming over to stay?”

“Must have completely slipped my mind! She called about a week ago because of her conference. She needed a place to stay, so I figured why make her pay while she can stay here?”

Marcus did not want to argue, so he just smiled and nodded. It would only be for a few days, how bad could it be?


Sandy hung up her cellphone and kept driving. He sounded even more delicious on the phone. She was going to have him very soon, but it would take a little bit of patience. She smiled evily as she pulled into the driveway. Her top was very low-cut; it would show off enough cleavage to entice her soon-to-be husband.


The girls were catching up. Marcus just sat by and watched tv. Although, his eyes were obviously on Sandy and her amazing breasts. Sandy caught Marcus looking a few times and licked her lips when they locked vision. She made sure to be as tempting, sexy, and alluring as she could while she stayed there. Phase 1 was complete. He was interested.

That night, Martha berated Marcus for ogling Sandy. He told her that he wasn’t ogling her and quickly changed the subject to sex, something of which she turned him down

The next day, Marcus and Martha woke up to an amazing smell. Sandy was already in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.

“Oh, Sandy, you shouldn’t have!”

“I know, but I figured he should try my cooking, to see whose is better, that is.”

Martha smiled weakly as Sandy winked playfully, causing Marcus to blush. He could not stop thinking about her body. Her hourglass figure made her look like a goddess, like she was photoshopped. He knew it was wrong, but he just couldn’t help it.

Martha had her breakfast and left for work. Marcus worked at home and did not have a lot to do today, so he decided to do some chores. As he was sweeping, a delicate pair of arms wrapped around his back.

“Hey there. Don’t you think you should leave this for Martha? She is the woman, after all.”

“That’s not how it works in our marriage. We compromise.”

Sandy sighed as she held onto Marcus.

“The poor baby’s all tense.”

The woman backed off and then started rubbing Marcus’s shoulders. Her touch felt heavenly. Marcus let out a deep sigh as Sandy massaged his neck. She leaned in close and let her breath run across his neck.

“How was breakfast?”

Her whispers chilled him and excited him at the same time. He wanted to answer, but he found himself immobile. Whether out of excitement or his own free will, he did not know. She took this opportunity to walk around to the front of him.

“Was it that good, that I left you speechless? Or is something else the matter?”

Sandy bit her bottom lip and shoved her chest out ever so slightly. She saw the rising erection in his pants and smiled evily. She knew that if she could one foothold, she could go all the way with him sooner than expected. Sandy stepped forward and put her hands on his chest.

“Martha’s lucky to have such a sexy man like you in her life. Your sex life must be amazing.”


“That bad, huh? Well don’t worry, I know someone that will take real good care of you.”

She pushed him against the wall.

“N-no, our sex life… It’s great!”

Sandy rolled her eyes. She was so close!

“Oh really? Tell me right now, then, to stop. If your sex life is steady and great for you, then just tell me to stop.”


Marcus gulped. To be honest, Martha had been holding out on him ever since a month ago, after he started to work from home. It was her way of punishing him. He desperately needed it, but he couldn’t cheat on Martha!

She started rubbing his crotch and slowly unbuttoned the top of her blouse, letting her breasts peek out. She pressed up against him and kept rubbing through his pants. Sandy smiled as she leaned forward and licked the side of his face.

“I think you were lying. There’s a punishment for lying to me, my sweet. You lose the right to wear your pants.”

Marcus didn’t move, so Sandy took control. She undid his jeans and pulled them down. His cock strained against his boxers, and to add to the torture, she removed the rest of her bra while continuing to rub his dick. Her full breasts came spilling out as she removed her bra. Sandy grabbed Marcus’s head and shoved it between her tits.

“I bet Martha never did anything like this. Go ahead, my pet, suck on them.”

Marcus subconsciously did as he was told. He began to suck on each of her breasts, as if his life depended on it. Each time he did, he elicited a soft moan from her that turned him on even more.

“I always get what I want.”

She said it aloud as she crashed her lips against his. This was the moment of truth, if she could ensnare him now, then he would fall prey to her. He tried resisting at first, but his urges were overpowering him. Marcus’s resolve broke down and started kissing back. It was so raw and passionate. They were fighting for dominance, even though Sandy was clearly in control.

The blond woman slowly sank to her knees. In one swift movement, his boxers were gone. She gasped audibly when she saw his large, hard cock.

“Is that for me, baby?”

She kissed it lightly, sending a shudder though his body. She licked up and down his length hungrily. then, she pur it between her ample breasts.

“Come on, Marcus, baby. Fuck my titties. They’re yours.”

Sandy sandwiched his dick between her own breasts and then started sliding them up and down. His head fell back against the wall. She was amazing! Finally, she engulfed his member in her warm mouth. She started groping herself as well, to make it even more erotic. Marcus was in heaven and didn’t care what was going on at that moment other than the beauty at his feet.

Her tongue kept dancing across his dick while she was rubbing both her chest and her wet pussy. She knew she should take it slow and no matter how bad she wanted him, she would have to wait. For now, though, she had picked up the pace. She wanted to make him cum on her and in her mouth. She wanted to taste a small piece of her victory. Sandy started deepthroating the poor husband, trying to get him off. And just her luck, he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Sandy, I’m going to…”

She nodded and Marcus came hard into her mouth. She pulled off and let some fall onto her chest.

“Very yummy, my sweet.”

She stood up and smiled, her mouth curled into a smile.

“I bet my toy liked that, didn’t he?”

All he could respond with was a nod.

“Good, because you and that cock of yours belong to me and me all alone. No more sex with that pathetic wife of yours. You worship me, you’ll do whatever I say. Is that clear?”

Marcus let out a moan as Sandy grabbed his dick.


She made sure to reaffirm the fact that Marcus was now hers.

“Let’s lay down some rules, I want to really piss off Martha. You’re going to treat me better, flirt with me, let me feel you and vice versa, and last but not least, whatever I say, goes. Okay?”

“But I still love her. I can’t just do this to her. No, it stops here. I shouldn’t have even let it go this far….”

Sandy got on her knees again and slowly started stroking his rock-hard dick.

“She told me about her punishment for you and that there’s no sex until you get a quote unquote real job. She’s always so bitchy and whiny and she only wants sex when she feels like it. Face it, love, I’m just the better option. I’m sexier, more fun, and I’m exciting. You. Are. Mine. No more buts about it. I can even tell right now that you’re wondering if you married the right woman. Aren’t you, you naughty boy?”


“Yes, “my love” or “baby” or whatever you can come up with. Especially around your wife. She needs to learn her place under me. As such, you will not do anything. No chores, nothing. I want that energy for sex. You’re the man of the house and I’m the woman of the house. We don’t even have to lift a finger, she’ll do all the work. Now let’s go clean up and get ready for the maid to get home.”

Sandy winked at Marcus. Everything was in a haze. He did not really hear anything she said, but he had to agree to it. He started comparing the two women in his head. Sandy was a take-charge, dominant, confident, and sexy woman while Martha was quiet, reserved, unsure of herself, and kind of plain looking, by comparison. He felt more alive with Sandy than he ever did with Martha. He could get used to this. Besides, she had it coming for the way she’d been treated him.


Martha walked through the door to see the two on the couch. Sandy was snuggled up to Marcus as they watched a movie. She just kind if shrugged it off.

“Hey guys, what’s for dinner?”

Martha asked as she entered the kitchen.

“Why don’t you tell us?”

Sandy’s words were said cheerfully, but also hurtfully. She wanted to tear Martha down and now that Marcus was hers, she could finally prove, once and for all, that she was the best and to finally get her revenge.


Back in college, Martha had gone behind Sandy’s back and slept with her boyfriend of a month. She was starting to like him when Martha started flirting with him. It was out of character for her. Apparently, some of her friends goaded her into doing it. She finally got him into bed with her and they banged each other until Sandy walked into the dorm room and saw them naked, fucking each other. She forgave Martha a few weeks later, but she never really meant it. Now, it was time for revenge.


Martha sighed and went into the kitchen when the pair started shouting orders, asking for drinks, snacks, whatever they could do to get on her nerves.

“It’s getting really hot in here!”

Sandy took off her blouse, revealing her bra. Martha walked in and gasped.


She turned to look at Martha.

“It was hot in here! Marcus doesn’t mind, do you?”

Martha glared at Marcus, but he pretended that it went by unnoticed.

“I don’t mind that much, baby. If it’s hot, feel free to take it all off.”

He winked at her and smiled.

“Ugh, you’re impossible!” Martha stormed off back into the kitchen.

“That was wonderful, sweetie. Keep it up. You’re allowed to walk all over her. As her best friend, I give you permission.”

“I give you permission as well.”

Marcus winked back.

“Since when does the mistress need permission from her slave?”

Sandy laughed as she tackled Marcus to the couch. She was on top as they locked eyes. She gently placed her lips on his and then, like a fire, it started growing wilder.

“Dinner’s ready!”

Martha yelled from the kitchen. The frustrated couple gave up and went into the kitchen.


At the table, they kept talking, mostly competing. What puzzled Martha was that Marcus was siding with Sandy on everything. Sandy was basking in the glory; Marcus was the man for her. He loved praising her and giving her glory. What also started to annoy Martha was that her husband kept calling Sandy “sexy” and “babe”, among other things. When she asked him to stop, he said that he was just being polite to their guest.

Martha finally brought up the two girls’ bodies. Sandy was really starting to piss her off, so she’d deal a low blow.

“You may say you have the better body, but I seem to remember a certain boyfriend of yours thought differently.”

Sandy turned red with anger, however, she would strike back.

“Well, let’s see who has the better body now, Martha? Marcus, who would you rather have sex with right now? Me? Or her?”

“That’s an easy one.”

Martha smiled triumphantly.

“I would much rather fuck you, than Martha.”

Martha’s countenance dropped instantly. Revenge was sweet.


After dinner, they went into the living room to watch TV. Martha was going to sit on the couch with her husband, but he was already there with Sandy. Sandy was still only in her bra and her really short shorts. Her breasts bounced with every move she made and Marcus seemed captivated. A movie came on, so they dimmed the lights. Sandy smiled as she whispered something in Marcus’s ear. He grinned as she kissed him, passionately and visibly.

“What are you guys doing over there?”

Martha started to get up.

“Just worry about yourself, Martha. I’ve got business to tend to, if you would excuse me.”

Sandy winked at Martha as she unzipped Marcus’s pants. She pulled out his hard cock and started to shower it with licks and kissed. Martha couldn’t be sure what they were doing, but it looked a lot like Sandy was sucking off her husband! Based on the sounds he was making, he seemed to be enjoying it!


“Sandy, babe, I’m gonna cum!”

Marcus exclaimed, confirming Martha’s fears. Marcus came all over Sandy; her face and tits were covered in cum. She licked off what remained.

“Oh baby, I love it when you cum on me!”

Sandy exclaimed, as she looked over at Martha, who was both angry and upset.

“Okay, baby, now it’s time to pleasure me.”

Marcus understood as he got on his knees and pulled off Sandy’s panties. He dug his face into her crotch, eliciting a loud shriek from her.

“Sandy, are you okay?”

Martha stood up. Now, it looked like her husband was eating her out!

“I’m f-fine!” Oh yea, baby. Lick your mistress’s cunt!”

Marcus pushed his tongue into her as he ate her out. He never did this to Martha. He noticed that Sandy was shaved and smooth, whereas his wife wasn’t. This turned him on even more.

“Oh baby! I’m gonna-”

Sandy came onto Marcus’s face. He greedily kept licking until she finally stopped him.

“Oh, M-Martha, will you please get some towels? We seem to have made a bit of a mess.”

Martha stood up and made sure to look at the two while she walked out of the room. Sandy had Marcus’s dick between her breasts now. It was as if they didn’t care if she was there!

When she came back, they were making out again. She threw the towels at them and sat back down. Why she didn’t leave, she had no idea.

Then, Sandy got the perfect idea. Martha knew what she was thinking, but Sandy did it anyways.

“Marcus, I want you, right now.”

Sandy was in compete control. She tore off what little remained of her and Marcus’s clothes. Slowly, and in plain view, Sandy lowered herself onto Marcus’s cock. Martha screamed at them to stop.

“Now, Martha, as a guest in our home, there’s no need to be rude! My Sandy and I are spending some time together!

Marcus kept grunting and thrusting. Sandy decided to go further with it.

“I’m better than that old whore of a wife you used to have, right?”

“Oh yes, Mistress Sandy. Much bettet!”

“Who do you and your—ah—cock belong to?”

“Only you, my love.”

“Who do you love?

“You, of course.”

Sandy was satisfied with these answers. She knew it would make Marcus even hornier and she was right.

“Marcus, ohhh yea, baby, fuck me in front of your wife! Cum inside of me!”

Marcus stopped holding back an shot his load into Sandy. She screamed in ecstasy as he held her down onto his cock.

“Good. That’s a good boy. Now, one last thing…”

She weakly got off of Marcus and walked over to Martha. She pulled her ring off and licked it sensually, sucking on it and kissing it as she walked back to Marcus who put it on her.

“He’s mine, now.”

Sandy kissed Marcus passionately. Martha finally left the house. She just stormed out and left. There was no trial, no court case, they just divorced. Shortly after, Sandy and Marcus married. Martha learned, that week, that Sandy always gets what she wants.

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