Brief Summary: Jenny attempts to fulfill an order from one of her two Mistresses, when she meets with her unknowing teacher to finish a seduction she had slowly been doing all week (a brief sub-plot in Bedding the Babysitter 3).

Note 1: I recommend you read parts 1-3 to know the complete story of Jenny from shy, nervous in the closet lesbian to submissive, sexy cheerleader and seductress. That said, you only need to read part 3 to learn the set-up of her seduction of her teacher that she completes in this chapter.

Note 2: A special thanks to all who have e-mailed me about Jenny and requested I continue the story.

Note 3: Last, but certainly not least, a special thank you goes to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit.


SUNDAY FEBRUARY 9th: Mission Completed

I dressed in my cheerleader outfit and red thigh highs and headed to Starbucks, getting there fifteen minutes early. I ordered my drink and bought one for Miss Morgan as well, and sat down at an open booth where I could see Miss Morgan when she arrived, if she arrived. I sat for ten minutes, fidgeting at my boldness. And at 11:28 Miss Morgan, dressed in a pretty, but conservative, blue dress and black pantyhose walked in the door. She surveyed the room and stopped, face aghast, when she saw me. She stood frozen for a few seconds before joining me at the booth.

I smiled, handed her a coffee, and greeted, “Hi, Miss Morgan”

She sat down tentatively and took the drink. I could tell her mind was reeling. She was clearly attempting to come to grips with the reality of the situation. Silence lingered between us. I waited for a response from her, my heart pounding.

Finally, in a whisper so soft I could barely make out her words, “I can’t believe it is you, Jenny.”

“Did you have no idea?” I asked.

“No, although based on the past week, I guess it makes sense,” she said, still dazed. “H-h-how did you change so much, so quickly?”

I explained, “This may be hard to believe, but I found a Mistress and she opened up a whole new world to me.”

Miss Morgan still looked completely out of her comfort zone. I could tell she was fighting her conscience. She took a nervous sip of her coffee, “Who is your Mistress?”

I smiled, I was pretty sure I had her, “Well my main Mistress is a neighbour of mine, Mistress Megan.” I paused, making sure she was listening when I announced my other Mistress. I looked deep into her eyes, “My school Mistress, the one responsible for my sudden popularity is….”

“Karen,” she whispered, putting two and two together.

“Yes,” I confirmed, “How did you know that?”

“Just thinking about the week and how odd you were acting and I recalled Karen’s smirks,” Miss Morgan reflected.

I agreed, “Yes, Mistress Karen has been giddy all week with the thought of your seduction.”

“Oh my God,” Miss Morgan gasped, “Karen knows about this too?”

“Yes, it was her idea, but it is ok, Miss Morgan. Mistress Megan is in control of Karen too and there is one key rule to submission. Never, ever, please and tell.”

Miss Morgan laughed and then caught herself. Her smile faded and a serious facade replaced it. “This can’t happen Jenny. I am your teacher.”

“If that is how you feel, Miss Morgan, I will respect that,” I responded. “But, before you reject me, keep in mind I will never tell. I will be your perfect little pet. You know that I always strive to do the best at everything I do.” I slipped my foot out of my shoe and allowed my foot to slide up my teacher’s leg.

This startled her, but as I hoped, she did not move away or ask me to stop. Instead, she asked, already wavering, “But what if someone finds out?”

“No one will, Miss Morgan,” I assured her, “Plus we are both consenting adults, free to ravish each other in any and every way imaginable.”

A second gasp and a flush of red escaped Miss Morgan while she tried to deal with her conflicting emotions.

Attempting to push the envelope, aggressive even for me, I offered, “If you wish me to show my true loyalty to you Miss Morgan, I will crawl under the table and please you right here, right now.”

“Oh Jenny,” she said, flushed, “Stop that.”

“Am I making you wet?” I queried, teasingly. She didn’t answer as I allowed my foot to slide up a bit more, now under her dress.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?” I asked.

“Not here,” she got out.

I reached for my purse and pulled out a piece of paper. I asked, confident I was right, “When you were chatting with me the other day you said you couldn’t stop thinking of a certain student. It was me, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” Miss Morgan answered, not making eye contact with me.

“And,” I began before pausing for dramatic effect, “you said and I quote you ‘I want to take you home and use you as my personal sex slave’”.

“Oh my God,” she blurted, looking up, “Did I really say that?”

I handed her the transcript of our chat. She reread the entire conversation before finally speaking. “Ok Jenny, I did say that, but it was role play and I had no idea I was talking to an actual student.”

My foot moved to within an inch of her pussy. Inside I was confident I had won. “Can we go back to your place?”

When Miss Morgan didn’t answer, I moved my foot so it was touching her panty-covered crotch. “I, um, we can’t, we just can’t.” To my surprise, she stood up and apologized, “Sorry, Jenny, I just can’t do this.” Before I could respond, Miss Morgan hastily made her retreat.

After she left, I finished my coffee, contemplating what went wrong. After a couple of weeks of living a very charmed life, I guess I was bound to fail. I texted Karen and told her of my epic failure. She didn’t immediately respond, so I finished my coffee and went to the bookstore, my personal solitude whenever I was feeling down.

I went to the teen section and browsed the new titles. There is just something so exciting about holding a book in your hand. Looking at the cover, reading the brief summary on the back or inside the book jacket, and reading other authors praise the book. I spent an hour browsing through title after title, making a list on my Ipod touch notebook of books that caught my interest. If I bought every book I wanted to read, I would never have any money. I finally settled on a novel called Delirium. It was about a time in the future, where when you turn eighteen you have an operation to prevent a disease…LOVE. It sounded interesting and different from other novels, plus I was definitely struggling with the word LOVE. I loved my time with Mistress Megan, I loved my one time at the Le Chateau Club, I loved the attention I got at school now, I loved being submissive to Karen and I loved the thrill of the chase with Miss Morgan, even if I did fail. But mostly, although I wouldn’t label it love, or lust either, my feelings for Ashley were different from anything I had ever felt before. I mean, I had greatly enjoyed my newfound submissiveness and all that followed, but my time with Ashley was different. I felt something more than just pleasure, something more than just the heat of the moment, something completely different and foreign. I couldn’t explain it, or quantify it, but none the less it was embedded deep in my heart. I wanted to call her, but really had no idea what to say. How do you attempt to have a normal conversation the day after such a night of naughty and yet romantic sex? Even though I was pretty confident she felt the same way I did, how does one know for sure? Especially under the circumstances we began our relationship, me a cheerleading sub and all. Not to mention, even if we did start a taboo lesbian relationship, I already had not one but two Mistresses. Could I give that up? Did I want to give it up? These questions spun in my head like a tilt-a-wheel until I thought I might be sick.

I grabbed a fruit smoothie and a muffin, and sat down to read and relax. I wasn’t three pages in when I heard a voice I knew. I glanced up from the novel I had just started and, sure enough, it was Miss Morgan ordering a drink too, a bag of books in her hand.

She hadn’t seen me yet. I contemplated the odds of seeing her again an hour later. Concluding they weren’t good, I took it as fate’s way of giving me a second shot.

Once she received her drink, a fruit smoothie as well, she turned around and saw me. I joked, “Fancy meeting a girl like you in a place like this.”

She chuckled nervously. “Sorry for the hasty retreat this morning. I just needed time to think.”

Realizing I might still have a chance, I asked, “Did you have time to think?”

She scanned the room, looking for I don’t know what, before sitting down beside me. “Yes, I did.”

She seemed to be struggling with what to say next. “And?” I questioned, attempting to lead her on.

“I can’t get you out of my mind,” she confessed.

Inside I was giddy with excitement, but outside played it cool, offering an olive branch. “The offer from this morning still stands, Miss Morgan.”

She seemed to be attempting to process this when I decided to take a risk. I kissed her; a quick, yet passionate three-second kiss. As expected, she didn’t break it. Instead I did and whispered into her ear, “I will be at the front of the mall in five minutes. If you want to take me up on my offer, pick me up. If you don’t, I will catch the bus and head home.” I bit her ear gently and allowed my hot breath to linger. She gave just the softest of moans, the evidence I needed to feel confident my seduction was working. Satisfied I had enticed her, I stood up and walked away. I was tempted to look back, but resisted.

I couldn’t believe how excited and nervous I was while I waited to see if my boldness paid off. Two weeks ago I was too shy to even complain when my order was wrong at McDonald’s. Now I had just propositioned my teacher. I checked the time, every few seconds, hoping I enticed her enough.

Just as I was beginning to think I had failed a second time, Miss Morgan pulled up. I got in the passenger side and she quickly sped off, like she was the getaway driver in a bank robbery.

Once on the road, she said, “I can’t believe we are going to do this.”

I attempted to comfort her and convince her she made the right decision. “Me either, Miss Morgan. I have wanted this to happen for a long time.”

“Really?” she asked, surprised.

“Miss Morgan, I began to think I might be a lesbian when I started taking your class. I began dreaming about you. I fantasized kissing you, touching you, pleasing you. I just never thought you might be interested in someone like me.”

“Oh my God, Jenny, I have had inappropriate thoughts about you all semester. Way before you began to dress so provocatively. I loved how cute, innocent and pure you looked,” my teacher confessed.

Insecurity hit me. “Do you mean you like the old me more?”

“No, but the old you was more the real you, don’t you think?”

The conversation was getting very real. I knew I had changed a lot these past couple of weeks in all areas, but not once did I think it was a bad thing. Was I losing the real me? Was the old me even the real me? If not, who was the real me? These thoughts ricocheted around my head like a racquetball. I announced my sudden insecurities. “I don’t know who the real me is anymore, Miss Morgan.”

“Just do what you want to do Jenny. Don’t do things for others’ approval. You are a great young lady and have a bright future ahead of you.”

Tears began to roll down my cheeks. It was strange to have someone tell me to be myself, especially when I no longer knew who that was. Finally, I spoke the only truth I knew for sure. “Miss Morgan I am still trying to figure out who I am. I don’t know what I want to do next year, I don’t know where I want to be next year, but I do know where I want to be right now.” I put my hand on her knee and squeezed gently.

Her face turned red and her breathing changed just slightly. “Jenny, are you sure?”

“Miss Morgan, I am unsure of many things in life. But when it comes to this,” I paused, “I have never been surer of anything in my life.”

We arrived at her house and pulled into her garage. Once parked, Miss Morgan seemed to hesitate, unsure what to do next. I moved my hand under her dress. Pantyhose blocked access to the pussy I now craved to sample. I leaned in and kissed her again, making sure she didn’t have time for second thoughts. My tongue parted her lips and, although tentative at first, Miss Morgan kissed me back. I pushed my finger hard onto her covered crotch as we kissed. She moaned into my mouth, and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. It was passionate, it was gentle. It was exactly how I had imagined it so many nights while in my bed with just me and my fingers. I felt a tingle down below and finally broke the kiss. I began to unbutton her blouse. She stopped me, attempting to catch her breath, “Let’s go inside, Jenny.”

Attempting to push the envelope, “Yes, Mistress Morgan, anything you say.”

She gave a slightly startled look, but didn’t say anything as she got out of the car and led me into her house. Once inside, we went straight to her bedroom and it was now Miss Morgan’s turn to surprise me. She pushed me onto her bed and crawled on top of me. She leaned in to kiss me. Her lips barely touching mine, she kissed me ever so gently. She followed the soft pecks by sucking on my lower lip. I had never been kissed like that and it was driving me crazy, making my pussy very damp. She moved down to my neck and gave soft nibbles and teasing sucks, spending enough time on each spot to potentially leave a hickey. Slowly she moved down my body and pulled me up so she could take off my shirt. “Oh, my,” escaped her lips when she saw my tight white breasts, still bundled in my white lace bra.

I shivered slightly, suddenly cold, and feeling like prey to my salivating teacher. She kissed the tops of my breasts while reaching behind to unbuckle my bra and release my breasts. Once freed from their confines, Miss Morgan cupped both in her hands and looked like a child in a candy store. She spent at least ten minutes adoring my breasts. She kissed, nibbled, and sucked on my nipples. The tenderness and deliberate teasing had me on the edge of complete ecstasy, desperate to come soon. I whimpered, “Mistress, please let me come.”

She bit my nipple, not hard, but hard enough to make a statement. “Princess, lay back and enjoy. I want to savour every minute of our time together.” She bit my other nipple, before sliding her tongue down my belly. I had never had someone use her tongue in my belly button, but the feeling was shockingly erotic. Maybe because it was so close to my pussy, maybe because I was so horny or maybe it was simply another erogenous zone in my overactive horny body. Either way, when her head moved lower and under my cheerleader’s skirt, I let out an excited moan.

Miss Morgan asked, “Is one of your orders no underwear?”

“Yes, Mistress Morgan,” I responded, my breath giving away my anticipated eagerness.

“Please call me Cameron, Princess.”

“As in Cameron Diaz?” I had to ask.

“The one and only,” she whispered, her finger making just the slightest of contact with my pussy.

“Aaaaaah,” I let out. “I thought your first name was Wanda.”

“That is my middle name. I can’t have people knowing my real identity online.”

“That makes sense,” I whimpered again, her finger teasing me.

“You have such a beautiful vagina, Princess.”

She leaned in and under my skirt. I moaned in reply, as her tongue made contact with my pussy lips, “Thank you, Mistress Cameron.”

Her tongue explored my whole pussy region. She slowly moved her tongue up and down my lips, lightly teasing me. Her tongue slid below my pussy lips and teased the crack of my ass. I wanted to see her, so I begged, “Can you take my skirt off, Mistress? I want to be able to watch you.”

She moved out from underneath my skirt and, without a word, reached for my skirt. I lifted my ass to assist her and soon I was only wearing thigh-high red stockings. She smiled seductively before returning to my feverish pussy. She continued the slow meandering teasing, still avoiding my clit. I could feel juice beginning to leak out of me, her teasing driving me to the brink. My moaning began to increase with each lick of my teacher’s tongue. Suddenly, just when I couldn’t take it anymore, she slid a finger inside my pussy while at the same time taking my swollen clit into her mouth. In a second, I screamed, “Oh my fucking God, Miss Morgan, I’m coming.” An electric jolt tore through my body as an orgasm exploded out of me and through me. Miss Morgan let go of my clit, but kept finger-fucking me as she licked the juices leaking out of me. Much to my surprise, the continued attention kept my body revved up and, as one orgasm simmered, a second began bubbling inside. I begged, “Oh yes, Mistress Cameron, don’t stop, make me come again.” A second finger slid inside me, joining the first, and I let out a squeal of delight. She again took my clit into her mouth and somehow licked it while at the same time sucking it in her beautiful mouth.

The sensation and the stretching of my tight pussy had me again on the verge of orgasmic bliss. To my surprise, Miss Morgan finally spoke, her words sending shivers through me, “That’s it baby, come for teacher, come harder than you ever have, Princess.”

Hearing my sweet, beautiful teacher order me to come was the final breaking point. My body shuttered to a second, smaller, but still gloriously beautiful orgasm. “Oh yes, Mistress, you are too good to me,” I moaned, pure pleasure resonating inside me.

Miss Morgan pulled her two fingers out of me. She lapped up my juices for another minute, before sitting back up and moving beside me. Lying face to face with me, my juices coating her face, she complimented, “You have the most delicious pussy I have ever tasted.”

The compliment sent a chill up my spine. I am sure I blushed as I responded graciously, “Thank you, I bet you taste divine yourself.”

It was Miss Morgan’s turn to blush. “I get very few complaints.”

“I bet you don’t,” I teased, before asking, “Anyone I know get the privilege of pleasing you?”

Her face went from blissful to panic as she responded, too quickly, “Oh, no, no. I was just talking hypothetically.”

Her reaction told me she had at least one lover and I wondered if it was someone I knew, but decided not to push it, deciding instead that it was time to return the favour. I attempted to be seductive, “Miss Morgan, is there anything I can do for you?”

I could tell she was slightly nervous, which seemed ironic after what she had just done to me. I could tell she was trying to find a way to tell me what to do, so I decided to do it for her. I moved up and kissed her gently. I pulled her up and unzipped her dress. With a bit of a struggle, I took off my teacher’s blue dress. I was then face to face with her beautifully firm breasts, barely being held inside her white lace bra. I kissed the top of her breasts while I fumbled with the buckle of her bra. Eventually, I released my teacher’s large breasts from her fabric prison and took one of her nipples into my mouth. Miss Morgan moaned and I cupped, fondled and sucked on her large ‘C’ breasts for a long time, becoming completely lost in them. Finally, I moved down her body and slowly pulled off her pantyhose. I suggested, “Miss Morgan, for future reference, it is way easier to get to your appetizing pussy if you wore thigh-high stockings.”

“I will have to buy some then,” she replied, her breath already anticipating my tongue.

Once I had her pantyhose off, I slowly removed her pink undies. I returned between her legs, eager to taste her. Her pussy was not shaved nor really hairy, just natural. I buried my head between her legs. Her legs stiffened, anticipating my touch, but I teased, “Miss Morgan, can I eat your pussy?”

Chapter 02: Second Coming

A warm summer wind blew through the tall maples and taller hemlocks of the undeveloped wood that stood amidst the quiet suburbs where Andrew lived. It had been a good, hot summer, but the evenings were beginning to cool off a bit. Andrew stood amongst the trees, waiting. His brother Mark would be arriving later that evening to visit him and their parents. Andrew was excited about this, excited to hear all about Mark’s adventures at college. What really thrilled him, though, as he stood waiting in the woods that stood the better part of a mile away from his house, was the fact that today he was scheduled to do yard work for the Wilsons.

He had been a bit hasty, though, skipping breakfast against his mother’s reasonable request that he get something inside him before all that yard work. As a result, Andrew discovered Mr. Wilson’s car was still in the drive at 1221 Quail Drive this early in the AM. Rather than having yet another awkward conversation with Mr. Wilson, Andrew decided to wait it out in the woods a few blocks away. He just wasn’t in the mood for a conversation with Mr. Wilson this morning. Andrew had arrived too early once before, and the resulting encounter with Mr. Wilson was just too awkward. Oh sure, Mr. Wilson was perfectly friendly and full of sporting admiration for the young man, but for Andrew it was a bitter way to start an otherwise dynamite day. For Andrew, it was just too uncomfortable bidding the man a good day mere minutes before standing in the Wilson’s kitchen getting a superb blowjob from Mrs. Wilson.

He looked at his watch once after willing himself not to look for what seemed an eternity of standing peacefully among the trees. It was a quarter to nine; late enough. Andrew left the wood and found the end of the sidewalk that lead to the Wilson’s house and beyond. The neighborhood was quiet. He turned the corner of Maple and Quail where he almost leapt for joy at the absence of Mr. Wilson’s car in the driveway. This morning he felt especially eager to avail himself to Mrs. Wilson.

It had been weeks since their first secret encounter; the night Andrew had gambled and won. Since that evening, Andrew had been with Doreen six times, each under the guise of Andrew doing yard work for the Wilson’s. Sure, he did a great job working in the Wilson’s back yard, but not before working on Doreen. It was usually fairly quick, but Doreen responded to Andrew’s affections with such white hot zeal that Andrew felt it was almost his duty to please her. Andrew found his heaven in their affair. Some nights he lay awake in bed imagining where this whole thing would lead him. Today would mark a new chapter in Andrew’s secret life.

Andrew knocked on the Wilson’s front door. Doreen answered after a few moments, holding the door wide and bidding him enter. Andrew entered and stood in the foyer with his hands tucked innocently in his pockets. Doreen closed the door and locked it. She turned to him, hands still on the door behind her as if to keep it closed.

“Andrew…” Doreen beamed uncontrollably at some thought that she just had to share. Her eyes twinkled and her cheeks blushed slightly, giving her that beautiful polished glow that only older women can achieve. Her hair was shorter now, with some highlights of lighter blonde amidst the light ash brown of her natural hair color. The Doreen Andrew knew from the past had successfully kept her figure a secret; wearing lose fitting flannel and denim, button up shirts and skirt suits fit for grandma when the occasion demanded it. Now though, Doreen playfully took to wearing things that would let Andrew know full well what her intentions were. Today she wore a black wool sweater, jeans and slip on shoes. Nothing provocative if worn by anyone else, but on Doreen that sweater looked completely sinful. Her immense bosom stretched the fabric taut across her chest and back. The graceful swell of her hips was completely given away by the jeans she now wore.

Hanging from a gold chain around her neck was the cross she always wore. It seemed now to emit its own light against the black of her sweater, reminding Andrew of his folly. He would go gladly into that dark pit of lust any time she bid him. Andrew yearned to hold her close and feel her body press into his more than anything he had ever known. Doreen was now Andrew’s one wish, his only true desire.

Andrew asked her what was on her mind, smiling at her reaction. She did a little side-step jump while clasping her hands together in a gesture of supplication. “Well… I was wondering if we could wait on today’s… activities.” Her voice was full of excitement. Andrew’s curiosity was piqued. He marveled at the way she remained the proper, dignified Doreen that he had always known, more or less, even after they had acquired carnal knowledge of one another. He loved that about her; it kept him wanting more.

“I am having a friend over today for our monthly gab session. We usually go shopping or have our hair done, you know, like women do. Today I thought we could stay here and have brunch and, well…” Doreen’s speech wavered for a moment. “Come, sit down Andrew.” Doreen gestured towards the living room.

Andrew took a seat in the great armchair at the head of the coffee table while Doreen perched on the sofa, near him. “Andrew, I have something to confess.” Her big, pretty brown eyes searched Andrew’s face for a mark of forgiveness. She edged nearer to him on her seat and put a hand on his. Her touch was so soft and loving that Andrew almost threw himself on her in his passion, but of course he listened to the woman instead. Doreen seemed worried, almost afraid…

“Andrew, I told my friend Clara about us.” She paused then, letting the information take its place in Andrew’s mind. “I told her that we have had sex numerous times, and that you made me extremely happy. Andrew… Clara is a very wonderful person and I don’t think you have any need for worry about her telling anyone that-”

Andrew interrupted her “No, no. Really, it’s OK, I trust you,” he said, smiling at her polite concern for his feelings. “I’m not worried.”

Doreen squeezed his hand and cocked her head to one side before speaking again. “Oh, Andrew, you are so good to me.” She held there for a moment of blissful tension before continuing. “I wonder though, if you wouldn’t mind meeting Clara. She lives in Allerton, and we get together at least once a month so she’ll be here today. It would be very good of you to stay and meet her. She’ll be here in another twenty minutes or so.”

Andrew assured Doreen that he didn’t mind a bit. “Well,” Doreen said, hands slapping her knees, “I’m making brunch. Come keep me company in the kitchen and I’ll get you some orange juice.”

Andrew sat at the breakfast bar at the kitchen island as Doreen prepared a few things for brunch. They flirted, laughed, spoke like old friends. Then, Doreen went quiet. There was a small, secret smile on her face and a coy look in her eye as she opened a cupboard above her. She produced three large wine glasses, one of which she set in front of Andrew.

“What are you…” Andrew was cut off by Doreen’s look, which said plainly “Shut your mouth, silly boy.”

Doreen filled the glass half-full of orange juice from the large pitcher she had made. Eyeing Andrew menacingly to be sure he did not speak out of turn, she produced a large, ice cold bottle of champagne from the refrigerator. Andrew smiled, enchanted by the spirit of fun that had descended upon the woman. Doreen was not finished.

Removing the foil from the top of the bottle, Doreen proceeded to open the bottle with experienced hands. Playfully, she let the cork fly and the foam run a little. She brought the bottle to her mouth as it erupted softly, catching a good bit of the foam in her mouth. She swallowed, then licked the bottle neck clear of any excess in a bewitching act of suggestion that sent a chill down Andrew’s back and a fire blazing deep inside him. Doreen poured a generous amount of the champagne into Andrew’s glass, completing the drink.

“It’s called,” Doreen said in a matter-of-fact tone, “a mimosa. We drink them with brunch.” She then proceeded to make one for herself and another for the guest yet to arrive.

Andrew drank deeply from his glass. It was cool, refreshing as orange juice always was, but there was a hint of excitement, a whiff of levity about the drink. It was, Andrew had to admit, the drink for that moment. Perfect. He hadn’t had much experience with alcohol aside from what his brother had shared with him, but he hoped that all of it was as delightful as this.

Doreen continued setting the little kitchen table, moving quickly, singing lightly to herself. Andrew’s eyes stalked their prey. The breasts that he had come to crave, to ache for, beckoned him like sirens so near to him. Like the sirens from myth, they would call him to his unrestraint; turn him to a slave in his own fascination. Still he sat; drinking his first champagne and watching this creature of lust go about her business.

She knew he watched her, knew he would have her sprawled across the table with her insides crammed full of him until he cried out in ecstasy, but she had him waiting. She had him in a hell so delicious that she knew he would come when she called him. The certainty of his need for her surrender was the surest thing she had known in so many years. She savored the feeling like that of a hot bath. She was in no hurry to end it before she’d had enough.

“Andrew, you answer the door if you hear the doorbell ring.” Doreen requested. “I’m going upstairs for a minute.”

Andrew waited at the bar, sipping his drink. It seemed that he had felt nervous at the thought of meeting this person, the only person who knew of his affair with Doreen, but now the feeling had lifted. No, anxiety had subsided, leaving him feeling warm and secure. After a time the doorbell did ring. Andrew rose from his seat, noticed an odd sensation as he passed from the kitchen to the hallway, and went for the door. He opened it.

There, standing on the front porch was Clara. Recognition dawned on her pretty, plump face as she greeted Andrew. “You must be the landscaper!” Clara said as Andrew took her hand.

“Andrew.” He said, noticing how supple her handshake was. “And you must be Clara I suppose.”

“That I am,” Clara announced as Andrew motioned her inside and shut the door behind her. “Andrew it’s lovely to meet you, but where’s my Doreen? We were going to have brunch this morning.”

“She’s upstairs I think.” Andrew stated. “But the kitchen is right this way.”

Clara laughed and proceeded in the direction of the kitchen. Click, click, click. Andrew suddenly felt his head go slightly swimmy. It was as if he was back on that night, weeks ago, when Doreen had invited him in to her home. The sound of Clara’s heels on the hallway floor was enough to trigger that blissful memory, and suddenly Clara had all of Andrew’s attention. He followed into the kitchen. Once there, Clara took the drink that she knew was hers and turned to Andrew who had taken up his seat at the bar once again.

“So Doreen tells me you’re doing great work out there.” Clara sipped at her mimosa, and seemed completely at ease. Her squarish jaw and button nose might have been at odds with each other if it weren’t for her beautiful blue eyes and smiling lips. Andrew spoke with her, finding it in himself to laugh and even flirt with this near stranger. He found this to be surprisingly easy.

Then it hit Andrew: Clara, after milling around the kitchen a little, showed one striking similarity to Doreen. Under the black sport coat and white silk shirt Clara wore were a pair of breasts that, after catching their profile, made Andrew’s heart skip a beat. She was a bit thicker than Doreen, but not at all unappealing. Her breasts were huge. She was beaming at him.

“…well?” She looked amused, expectant. She had just asked Andrew a question and he hadn’t the slightest idea what it was.

As if to save Andrew from certain embarrassment, Doreen clicked down the hall and into the kitchen. She was now wearing the sinister black high heels she had worn on that fateful night weeks before. The two women greeted each other with a good amount of laughter and boisterous babble. They hugged each other, exchanged jokes and laughed together until Andrew thought he was safely forgotten.

Friends though they were, the bodies of the two women faced each other as if on the field of battle; fighting a silent war for dominance. Andrew could sense this tension. From his solitary perch he eyed both women, drawing unavoidable comparisons.

Clara was perhaps a bit younger than Doreen. She was clad in a black wool skirt and black nylons which suited her legs very well, tidy as they were. She had a bit of a rump to her, which was in glorious proportion to her impressive upper-half. She stood shorter than Doreen even with her heels on. Her hair made her a true brunette; deep, dark and wavy. Her smile was honest and very infectious. Clara was a charmer.

“Andrew,” Doreen pulled herself away from their conversation, while snapping Andrew out of his quiet musings, “Would you like to join us for brunch?”

Clara smiled at him. “You look hungry, Andrew.” She nearly chided, “I’m sure the yard can wait.”

“You’ve done so much work for me as it is.” Doreen argued erroneously. “I think you deserve a bit of a reprieve. Join us.”

Andrew sat with the two women and ate merrily. He feasted upon cantaloupe and waffles while his eyes feasted upon Clara. Her suit jacket now removed, the white silk shirt rendered her breasts even more captivating than before. The buttons were all done up to her collar, removing any chance Andrew might have had of seeing any cleavage. Still, the sheer size and prime shape of the ravishing busts had him at full mast. The resulting erection was safely hidden below the table, allowing Andrew to bask in the fit of lust that had taken him.

Doreen suddenly expressed a need for music, and dashed to the living room to put something on. Clara smiled at Andrew, and it was all Andrew could do not to blush. This reaction made Clara giggle, as she reached for the bottle of champagne to refill her glass. Without provocation, she poured a bit more into Andrew’s glass.

“Why don’t we join Doreen in the living room?” Clara stood, without waiting for Andrew’s reply. She picked up Doreen’s glass and walked away, towards the living room and the source of the jazz that began to play. Click, click, click, went Clara’s heels. Her skirt swayed with the movement of her knees, commanding Andrew to obey. He rose, despite his condition, and followed.

As he entered the hallway, the effects of this unexpected amount of alcohol began to manifest. When he was seated at the table he felt fine, but walking was a different story. Clara’s body moved before him, intensifying the effect. It was as if he was on a ship at sea, and her hips controlled the motion. He made it to the chair at the coffee table, and found himself in need of another sip.

Doreen and Clara sat on the sofa, legs crossed, spirits high. Andrew drank his champagne slowly all the while, happily observing the two women in their revelry. The music massaged his mind while the champagne bewitched his heart. Though nothing could mesmerize him like the two absolutely imposing sets of breasts that contested for his adoration. He found it easy to amuse himself with the idea that this was all a show for his pleasure. He imagined that he was a king sitting on his throne. Another sip might help…

As if from nowhere, Doreen’s hand snatched Andrew’s glass from him. She stood, smiling down at him. “Oh I think that’s quite enough, dear.” She quipped as she drank what remained in Andrew’s glass. Clara laughed, tossing her head back in delight. Andrew had unwittingly become the subject of their fun.

Andrew stood from his chair, suddenly worried that he’d overstayed his welcome and that Doreen probably wanted him to get something done in the back yard. Just as quickly, he found himself seated again. He was quite drunk. This resulted in another burst of uproarious laughter from Doreen and Clara. Doreen collected herself politely, and asked if Andrew felt OK.

“I… I don’t know. I think I may be drunk…” Andrew answered through the haze that seemed to surround him. Clara giggled at his callowness. Doreen reached down to him and took his hand.

“Come on, Andrew. I think you had better go lay down. Come with me.” Doreen steadied him as he rose. She led him gingerly to the stairs, smiling warmly. “Can you make it up the stairs?”

Andrew felt like he could have done anything, if the room would simply stop spinning. He climbed the stairs, with Doreen close behind him. Doreen guided him across the landing to the guest bedroom, with which Andrew was actually quite familiar. Once there, he fell headlong onto the welcoming guest bed. The room was blessedly dark, but even with his eyes closed the spinning continued. He could hear music from the living room below, had it gotten louder? It resonated in the guest room, and lulled him deeper into the state of lethargy that overcame him. The door to the room clicked shut, banishing much of the din from the stereo below. Andrew became aware of a stirring in the room, sobering him momentarily. He turned.

Looking back towards the door, Andrew almost felt as if he were looking down on himself and the rest of the room. There, inside the room with him, stood Doreen. Next to her stood Clara. They returned his surprised stare with hunted, apprehensive looks that betrayed their hunger. Doreen moved first, knowing her place. She approached the bed and began to remove Andrew’s shoes. Andrew was completely immobilized by the excitement that he felt then, and it was as if he was tied to the bed by Doreen’s will.

“Let’s get you more comfortable, dear.” Doreen proposed. With his shoes and socks off, Doreen then moved around the bed to Andrew’s side. She tugged at his shirt and he cooperated. Doreen smiled down at him over her huge breasts. The cross glinted in the small light that came from the curtained window. Doreen looked up at Clara. “Clara, would you help the lad get his pants off?”

Clara moved, finally, and raised herself onto the king size bed. She crawled the short distance up his legs and stopped before his middle. There, as she held herself above his body, a gold chain freed itself from beneath the white silk shirt and there hung a cross; identical to the one that Doreen wore. It hung proudly between the massive breasts that bulged magnificently above Andrew’s body. Clara unfastened Andrew’s pants with slow, deliberate motion.

Doreen stood by in contemplative silence as Clara dragged Andrew’s pants off of him. There, resting hotly atop Andrew’s stomach and waist laid his great and ungodly penis. Clara knelt then, righting herself above his body, never taking her eyes off of the uncanny organ. “My god…” She uttered, licking her deep red lips.

“Yes.” Doreen mused, “Have you ever seen such a gorgeous cock?”

Clara swallowed hard. “No. It’s absolutely astounding.”

Doreen walked around the bed, watching the two of them. “Well, go ahead Andrew. Give her what she wants.” Then, without warning, Doreen reached around the front of Clara and tore her shirt open violently. Clara’s breasts burst from the confines of the cloth, one even wrenching free of the black lace bra that barely held the two glands in place. Clara gasped, shocked at her sudden nakedness. There was an eternity then, where Andrew’s naked cock and Clara’s bawdy breasts stood in the cool air of the same room. The air was ripe with lust.

Clara bent down, shifting her hips to lower her body upon him. She grasped his middle with her pretty hands and looked up, as if needing reassurance before she continued. His expression was almost that of fear, but a mad desire was behind his eyes, and she could not mistake his wanting. She paid homage to his great phallus, gazing on it with nothing short of reverence. She cocked her head to one side, lowered her head and closed her lips about the shaft of his penis.

We have to go out. Really, we would both prefer to stay in but it’s a work function and we have to at least make an appearance.

I leave the bathroom in a towel having dried my hair and applied my minimal makeup immediately after my shower, and appear in the bedroom doorway.

You are standing in front of the full length mirror wearing your open dress shirt and your trousers — unbuttoned and unbelted, but zipped. I watch you button your shirt from the bottom, slowly covering your flat tummy, your chest, and then the cleft at your throat. You tuck the shirt in then close the trouser button and belt. I admire your long back and broad shoulders as you reach for your tie, still unaware of my presence.

You slip the tie on and I watch your beautiful hands tie it and smooth it down your chest and stomach. I love your hands; the length of your fingers, the definition in the knuckles and wrists, the size and strength of them and the deftness with which you do everything. They are truly man’s hands and I find them very erotic.

You reach for your suit jacket and see my reflection in the mirror. You turn and smile at me.

“You look wonderful already,” you say and I laugh at the sweetness of the comment.

I walk toward the closet to retrieve my dress and stand on my toes and lift my face to kiss you on my way past. Our lips meet softly and you lean into the kiss making it linger longer than I expected. I sigh as I step back and you grin at me as you wrap one arm around my waist and pull me to you. You lower your lips to mine in a firmer kiss; a promissory note lingering on the end of it. We smile at each other and I proceed to the closet.

I collect my stockings, dress, etc. and place them all on the bed, dropping the shoes on the floor beside and then sit on the edge to begin dressing. I look up and see you are sitting on the window seat, fully clothed, watching me intently. For a moment I am a little self-conscious but then I remember the intimacy of watching you dress and the faintly erotic twinge it gave me. I smile flirtatiously at you and lower the towel, coyly exposing more cleavage and my back.

You grin as your eyes flicker over me and I know you are taking a mental photograph. I select a stocking, raise my left leg, and slip it over my foot, slowly extending it up my leg to my thigh. I select the next stocking, raise my right leg, and slip the stocking lingeringly up my leg. It is incredibly arousing, this reverse striptease, and I find myself thinking about later this evening when the stockings will be removed.

I carefully avoid eye contact with you but I can see you out of the corner of my eye. You shift slightly but I know your eyes have not left me. The bra is on my left. As I turn to reach for it, the towel opens, completely exposing to you my back and the top of my buttocks. I remain turned from you and put on the bra, deftly hooking it behind me.

I glance at you over my shoulder with a smile and you chuckle softly.

I slip my panties on and stand to slide them into place. I remain standing as I clasp the garter belt around my waist. I turn toward you as I bend forward to clasp the garters to the stockings, knowing this gives you an exemplary view of my ample cleavage. I raise my eyes to you and find you shifting your gaze between the stocking tops and my cleavage. Our gazes meet and my breath catches with the intensity of your look. I can almost feel the realization that I am dressing for you, sink into you.

I straighten up, our gaze never breaking, and stay still for a moment, feeling your eyes travelling me, and then reach for my dress. I open the zipper at the back and slip the dress over my head. It falls into place and I slowly walk to you. You reach your hands out to me when I am mere steps from you and I turn my back, telling you in that universal ‘couple’ language that I need you to pull up the zipper.

The back of your fingers graze the skin of the small of my back as you grasp the pull and raise it as slowly as if you were lowering it. You lean forward and place a soft kiss between my shoulder blades and slowly stand as you raise the zipper the remaining inch.

“Thank you,” I murmur and then I feel your breath in the nape of my neck and it makes me shiver. Goose bumps rise down my neck and along my shoulders.

Goose bumps,” you whisper, “thank you.” You brush your lips against my spine at the edge of the dress and I feel your lips trail up the back of my neck and then to the right under my ear. You trace the line of my neck with warm, soft kisses to the curve of my shoulder and then gently press your teeth to it. I shudder and close my eyes with a sigh and you place a reparatory kiss there.

You place your warm hands to my neck and slide them down, over my shoulders and away, as if to dispel the goose bumps. My eyes flutter open at the break in contact and I sigh as I move away and sit on the bed to put on my shoes.

I slip my foot into the left shoe and you crouch in front of me. You take my ankle in your hand and place my foot on your knee and fasten the shoe. I slip into the other shoe and you do the same and then place my foot on the floor. You slide your hands up my legs slowly as though to smooth the stockings and spread your fingers up my legs until they reach the stocking tops. You trace the top of the lace around to my inner thigh and slide your hands up slightly.

Your fingers rest on the bare skin of my inner thigh close enough that I can feel the heat of your hands through my thin panties, but you don’t touch.

Our eyes lock, I can see the restraint you are using to keep your hands in place, and it arouses me further. My lower abdomen clenches and I ache to tilt my hips forward. I think you see it because you inhale deeply and say, “Two hours and then we are back here.”

I nod and you slip your hands from my legs and stand, offering me your hand.

I take it, stand, and you step to me, sliding your hand along my forearm to my waist and around my back. You lean forward and kiss me so softly that I can barely feel it but the slow, lingering return of your lips to mine is so deliberate that I feel it deeply everywhere else in my body.

You draw back slightly and we smile. Your hand in the small of my back, you guide me to the stairs and we leave to make our appearance.

In the car, you place your right palm on the top of my knee with your fingers draping forward down the front of my leg. You slowly pull your fingertips up my thigh until they reach the lace of the stocking and then curl your fingers under and trail the tops of your fingernails back down, slowly uncurling them as your palm reaches the top of my knee once again. The repetition is mesmerizing. Contrasted by my need to touch you; to feel the press of your body against mine, it is arousing in it’s minimalism.

When we arrive you open my door and hand me out of the car, closing the door behind me. You place a hand against my cheek and trace my cheekbone with your thumb, curling your fingers under my jaw as you trail your thumb down from my ear to my lips. Your rub your thumb gently along them and then down to my chin, pressing my chin up to you, and slowly lean down to kiss me. As our lips meet you press me between you and the car and I feel your growing arousal. My nipples tighten and I run my hands around your waist and up your back.

“Two hours,” you whisper, “and then we can do something about this properly.”

I murmur my assent and we make our way inside.

You stand behind me and take my coat and suddenly I feel exposed; as though you are undressing me in this crowded room. I become slightly self-conscious that everyone can see my aroused nipples and know what I am thinking. I glance down and see that they are not as visible as I had feared. You follow my gaze and smile.

“I can tell,” you tease, “but I don’t think anyone else will.”

“Well, good,” I reply, “it’s not for them.”

“Nope,” you smirk, “just for me.”

We mingle for the next couple of hours casting knowing glances at one another when we are apart and exchanging subtle but lingering caresses when we are together. Both of us enjoying the anticipation.

I am standing at the bar when I feel you standing behind me, your body grazing my back. Your breath cascades down the side of my neck giving me goose bumps that harden my nipples.

“It’s time to go…”

I turn and look up at you. “Are you sure we’ve ‘appeared’ enough?”

“Absolutely,” you say and you hold up my coat.

I grin and turn around for you to help me don it and feel your hand in the small of my back, guiding me to the door. I love when you do that; it’s such a proprietary and protective gesture.

We talk quietly through the drive about the party, the people, and conversations we had when apart. Your hand returns to its previous mesmerizing path along my thigh, as though you are gently reminding me of our purpose.

I put my head back and close my eyes, letting the sensations travel this time. I feel your touch resonate through me, travelling up my thigh and across my abdomen. My nipples tighten again and my vaginal walls clench briefly. It makes my hips twitch and the next time your fingers trail up they cross the lace to my inner thigh and curl down my mound before trailing to my knee. I shiver on the third passing and look at you. You smile but never take your eyes from the road.

When we get inside, you remove my coat and I again feel like you are undressing me, but this time, I welcome the feeling. I turn to you and we kiss slowly and softly at first but quickly the kisses deepen and we are soon wrapped tightly to each other. You trace my jaw and neck with kisses and my eyes close as I inhale deeply, letting the sparks travel through me. I drop my head back to encourage your path and you continue to my clavicle and follow it to the other side of my neck and up to my ear.

I am suddenly overwhelmed with the need to touch you; to feel your skin against mine, to explore your body. I slide my hands down from your back, around your waist and then up over your stomach to your chest, pushing the suit jacket off your shoulders. You shrug it off and drape it on the chair next to us. Next, I remove the tie, my eyes never leaving yours. I can see the flicker of arousal at having me undress you and it arouses me further. I toss the tie on the jacket and begin unbuttoning your shirt. When the first two are undone, I lean forward and kiss the exposed skin at the cleft of your throat and clavicle. You sigh and I continue unbuttoning you, kissing each new section of skin exposed until I reach your belt. Two more buttons to go but they are tucked into your trousers.

I begin to undo the belt and you hold my hands. I look up at you questioningly and you smile and turn me around. You begin to kiss at my hairline and trail slowly and deliberately down my neck and spine to the top of the dress. I feel the tug of the zipper being engaged and your lips and breath against my skin all the way down to the bottom of the zipper at my tailbone.

You slide your hands up my back and push the dress off my shoulders; it pools on the floor at my feet. I step out of it, turn, and realize that the disparity of you being mostly clothed while I am mostly naked is powerfully erotic. I step toward you and run my hands flat up your stomach, under the shirt and then over your already hard nipples. You shiver and I take great delight in knowing that I am getting to you. I lower my head and flick the tip of my tongue over the left nipple. It elicits a delicious moan from you that runs right through me to my pussy and it clenches in anticipation.

I press my teeth against your nipple and your abdomen clenches beneath my hand and you run your fingers through my hair. I suck the nipple into my mouth and run my flattened tongue over the edges. You tighten your fingers in my hair and moan, “Oh… yes.”

I suck the nipple further into my mouth and press my teeth firmly into your

pectoral. I then trail my lips across to the other nipple, repeating the pattern and eliciting a similar response from you. You cup my head in your hand and draw me up to kiss me. Your take my hand and step away. Your eyes drink me in for a moment and then, without a word, you lead me up the stairs to the bedroom.

You seat me on the edge of the bed and crouch in front of me. You grasp my ankle and place it on your knee and undo the shoe. As you slide it from my foot you caress my calf and kiss the inside of my thigh. You drop the shoe, place my foot on the floor and repeat the same with the other shoe. With both shoes removed, you stand and place them on the floor at the end of the bed and turn back to me. I part my knees so you are standing between my thighs, and reach to unbuckle your belt. This time, you don’t stop me.

I undo the belt and the final two buttons of your shirt. You remove your shirt and drop it to the floor as I trail my hand down the zipper, feeling your erection beneath. I press more firmly and your hips buck slightly and you exhale hard.

I slide my hand against you, back up to the trouser button and slowly undo the button and draw the zipper down. I slip my hands between the trousers and your hips and press them down and they fall to the floor. Your hard cock is now fully exposed to me and I literally salivate at the sight.

You reach down and pull off your shoes and socks with the trousers and nudge them aside with your foot. I slide my hands up the front of your thighs to your pelvic bones and then across your abdomen. I curl my fingers and gently retrace my path with my fingernails. I lean forward and you shudder in anticipation; it makes me want to prolong it so I kiss the crease between your groin and thigh and then repeat on the other side. You moan in frustration but I know you enjoy it so I continue my ‘torture’. I kiss your stomach, your pelvic bones, the gentle curve between them and your abdomen, and down the creases to your balls — never touching your balls or your thick, bobbing cock.

Eventually, the delay is more than I myself can take and I flatten my wet tongue and draw it over your balls and then up the underside of your cock to the head. I swirl my tongue around the rim and then wrap my hand around the shaft, pulling it down slightly, and press the head against my tongue. You run your hands through my hair again and I feel the insistent pressure in your fingers. I resist, tease the hole with the tip of my tongue, swirl my tongue around the head again, and then press it against the roof of my mouth as I slide you to the back of my throat.

“Oh… That’s it…” you moan.

I open my throat and tighten my lips around the root of your cock and thrust you into my mouth until I gag, drenching your cock in my saliva. I pull back, suck hard on your cockhead and then take you fully again with your hands gently pressing my head forward. Your cock is throbbing against my tongue; my nipples are almost painfully distended and pressing against the bra insistently. My pussy is drenched and aching.

You know what fellating you does to me, and you reach down, pressing my bra under my breasts, freeing my aching nipples. I continue to plunge your cock into my wet, hungry mouth, and slowly draw it out, varying the sensation between my tongue and the gentle scraping of my teeth. You tease my nipples mercilessly with your fingertips until I am sure I will climax from it.

You slide your hands from my nipples to my shoulders and press me back toward the bed. I release your cock and look up at you. You kiss me, placing a knee on the bed between my thighs, and continue to press me to the bed until I am lying back and then you trail your lips down my neck to my nipples.

You suck first one then the other into your warm, wet mouth, and my back arches, pressing them further into your mouth. Your tongue alternates between flicking them and swirling against them. I moan helplessly and you hmm against a nipple. The sensation drives me mad and I hear my breathing become ragged.

You kiss down my body to my abdomen and then kneel on the floor. I look down at you and our eyes meet. You hook a finger into the side of my panties and pull it aside, exposing my drenched pussy to you. You look down at my swollen lips.

“Mmmm,” you murmur, “and you haven’t even cum for me yet.”

I feel your warm breath against my clit and my hips tilt, aching for you to touch me. You smirk and lower your head. You tongue my anus and tease my labia until I am writhing and then, you delve your tongue into my cunt.

“O god, yes!” I cry out and you press your tongue into me over and over again. The pressure of your tongue delving into me pulls my lips open and rubs my hood back and forth over my clit. I moan repeatedly and run my hand over your head, heightening the awareness that it is your mouth pleasuring me.

You finally flick your tongue over my clit and a wave of pleasure rushes through me. My hips buck and I climax almost immediately. You abandon my clit, knowing this will keep me aroused and sensitized, and watch my pussy spasm over and over again.

Blind with lust, I am aware only that I need to feel you inside me.

“Fuck me,” I hear myself and it sounds almost like a plea.

You stand, grasp my legs behind the knee and raise them up. In one thrust you bury your cock in my cunt.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I shout.

“That’s it,” you growl, “cry out for my cock.”

I wrap my legs around you and you reach down and hold the panties aside as you thrust relentlessly into me.

My awareness that lust has also taken you, drives me over the edge and I am soon very near another climax.

“Yes,” you whisper when you see it, “drench me.”

My abdomen ripples and clenches and I feel my pussy clasp your cock as my climax surges through me, drenching you.

You stand very still, your cock hard and still buried in me, while I regain my breathing. Then, you reach down and release the stockings from the garters and slip the stockings off my legs. You slip a hand beneath me and undo the garter belt and remove it.

My breathing somewhat controlled, you slowly pull your cock from me.

“No,” I whimper

You grin and reach to remove the panties. “These have to go, too.”

I lift my hips and you slide them down my legs, tossing them aside.

“On your knees for me.” Your voice is low with arousal and it sends a thrill through me. I turn onto my parted knees, offering you full access to me. You run your hands up the back of my thighs, over my buttocks, and down to my hips. I feel your hands grip my hips and my legs begin to tremble in anticipation. You slowly enter me, your cock pressing deeper and deeper into me until I feel your thighs pressing against mine. You pull out just as slowly until your cockhead is resting between my lips and enter me again with the same deliberate slowness. It is an erotic contrast to the pressure of your hands at my hips and the anticipation of the thrust that will match that grip, builds a climax in me once again.

I press back to you instinctively and you begin to thrust into me. I match every thrust by arching back into it and you are soon breathing raggedly and taking my pussy hard and fast.

You reach to my clit and rub your fingers over it and around my lips and I gasp at the unexpected attention to my sensitive nub. You rim me with your wet thumb and then with your middle finger. I arch to that as well, with a moan and you slowly press your finger into my ass. I moan loudly and the image of your cock replacing your finger overwhelms all other thought.

“Take my ass,” I whisper, raggedly.

You moan and for a moment I think you didn’t hear me but then, your finger slides slowly from me and you pull your cock from my pussy. I feel the round, wet head of your cock against my anus and I tilt my hips back in invitation.

SUMMARY: A wife is convinced to try swinging to save her marriage.

NOTE 1: This is a Halloween 2013 Contest Story…I hope you enjoy…although it is long Halloween story that starts plot heavy before ending in my longest sex scene to date.

NOTE 2: As always, a great big thanks to the one, the only MAB7991 for editing my stories. Another thanks for goamz who seems to somehow catch whatever MAB and I miss.


In every marriage there are ebbs and flows, how a couple deals with these ebbs and flows defines their marriage. With over 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it is no surprise that many couples cannot overcome the plethora of challenges that constantly come their way.

Matt and I were recently in one of those ruts that not only caused strain in our marriage but damn near ended it. Our solution, although unorthodox, saved our marriage and although I don’t recommend it to everyone, for us it changed everything.


Matt and I had been married over thirteen years (both of us are superstitious by the way) and after years of trying had learned we could not have children. We had applied two years earlier to adopt, but that process only added to the exhaustion that was our lives, as we dealt with red tape from all directions.

The recession hit us hard and my husband even harder (I won’t get into the details, but we lost a lot of money and Matt, although he didn’t lose his job like many others, he was demoted). Being a nurse, my job was relatively secure due to the shortage of qualified nurses. Matt had to work more hours for less pay, while I took extra shifts to make up the financial difference. In the end, financially we ended up about the same, but our lives were way more exhausting and stressful, resulting in little or no time for each other.

Before the recession, we went on yearly trips that seemed to rejuvenate both our personal and sexual lives. It had been three years since our last trip, we were in more than a rut, we were in a gigantic meteor pothole, and I wasn’t sure we could get out.

We hadn’t had sex for over three months and even that time was anti-climatic for me. We were a couple going through the motions and our relationship desperately needing a boost.

In years past we had sex every couple of days and experimented with a wide variety of sexual positions and locations. Now it was always the missionary position and always in our bed…again the rut was deepening.


I was complaining to a colleague at work during a double shift.

“I haven’t had sex for three months,” I whined rather matter-of-factly.

“Oh my God,” my younger co-worker Jessica responded, “If I don’t get my pilot lit every couple of days I am one cold bitch.”

I laughed, “Always the poet.”

Jessica shrugged and quipped. “But seriously, what the fuck…pun intended.”

“Life,” I shrugged.

“Life is what you make it,” she replied using the terrible cliché quote.

“How high school prom,” I quipped.

She smiled naughtily and quipped back a dreamy look in her eyes, “Aaah yes, my high school prom and first threesome.”

I spit out my coffee when she declared her naughty sexual secret.

She continued, “Ever since then I have never been a one cock woman.”

“B-b-but you’re engaged,” I stuttered.

She shrugged, “So.”

“You cheat on him?” I questioned.

“Oh no, no,” she chuckled, before responding like she was talking about the weather, “He is usually a part of the threesome, orgy, gangbang or whatever.”

“You’re shitting me,” I replied, assuming she was just yanking my chain.

“I’m not shitting you and truth be told I have a solution to your and Matt’s sexual rut,” she retorted.

I stared at her still trying to wrap my head around all this information. She had always been rather open with her sexual exploits, but this was very deep into the too-much-information zone.

“You need to come to a swinger’s party,” she casually announced.

“A swinger’s party?” I repeated, mindlessly, the information coming too fast and furious for my somewhat conservative values to comprehend.

“Yes, the next one is on Halloween,” Jessica explained.

“How often do they occur?” I asked, still in shock.

“Depends,” she shrugged, before adding, “sometimes there are special parties, like Halloween, but the first Saturday of every month is the usual meeting time.”

“You are serious?” I asked, finally accepting that she was not pulling my leg.

“Deadly,” she smiled, her hand grabbing mine.

“Wow,” I uttered.

She added her tone suddenly dripping with sexual innuendo, “And I would love to ‘wow’ you like you have never been wowed.”

“Excuse me,” I replied, shocked by her sudden predatory overture.

“Everything is possible at a swinger’s party,” she purred, moving so close to me that I could almost taste her cherry flavored chap stick.

I stammered, “I-I-I could never do such a thing.”

Her finger went to my lips and she leaned towards my ear, her warm breath heating up my dormant oven. “I would bring inconceivable pleasure to you and,” she paused as she bit and lightly tugged on my ear.

I let out an uncontrollable soft moan.

“Your husband,” she finished, her hot breath lingering in my ear and triggering a sudden wetness in my vagina.

Suddenly considering the ludicrous suggestion, I argued, weakly, “My husband would never agree.”

“Really?” she asked, moving away from my ear. I was surprised by the wave of disappointment that rushed through me suddenly. Her smile was playful and yet implying so much. “Your husband wouldn’t mind watching you in the throes of girl on girl passion? Or having his choice of at least a dozen hot women to pleasure him?”

I tried to make a joke out of it. “Well what guy wouldn’t want that?”

Jessica let my question linger before finishing, “So if you’re interested, I can get you in, but there are requirements.”

“Like what?” I asked, curiosity killing the cat.

“Are you sure you want to know?” she teased.

Before I could answer, the intercom crackled and announced, “Ms. Kraun to room 1402. Ms. Kraun to room 1402.”

Jessica shrugged, “Well, we will have to continue this conversation later.” Then she shocked me by leaning in and kissing me quickly on the lips but with authority.

Just as quick as her lips were on mine, she was gone and I was left alone a mental muddled mess. I couldn’t deny a spark chilled my entire body when Jessica briefly kissed me. I was shocked by the kiss and confused by the sensations I was feeling. Before I had time to really deal with all this information, I looked up at the clock and realized I was five minutes late for my shift. Ignoring the spark kindling in my vagina, I left the locker room and headed out to my work station.


The next eight hours were crazy and I didn’t have any time to consider the invitation Jessica had offered. I was grabbing my stuff to head home when Jessica entered the locker room.

My face instantly felt warm as I relived our last brief moment of unexpected intimacy, I suddenly felt like a giddy insecure teenager again. Jessica asked, as she began unbuttoning her shirt, “So do you still want to know about the party expectations?”

I barely heard her words as I watched her undress like a horny teenage boy would do, even though I had seen her changing many times, it felt like my first.

“Earth to Trudy,” Jessica teased as her final button was unbuttoned.

“What?” I asked, rattled by my sudden obsession with seeing her breasts, considering I had seen her breasts in a bra many times before.

“What were you thinking about?” she asked knowing exactly what I was thinking, as she began pulling down her skirt.

“Oh-oh-oh nothing,” I stammered, even as my red face betrayed my words.

Her mischievous smile returned as each word slithered out of her mouth with sexual venom breaking down the last remaining walls of my propriety. “You can’t stop thinking of my offer, can you, sexy?”

Being called sexy was another rush as the sweet terms of endearment from my husband quit around the same time the market crashed. I stammered, “I-I-I guess.”

With her skirt on the floor, she bent down like a porn star, giving a perfect view of her thong covered ass encased in white pantyhose. Although I was not a lesbian and had never had more than brief lingering thoughts and rare naughty dreams, I was suddenly mesmerized by Jessica’s body. Jessica seemingly knowing the impact she was having on me, held her perfect pose as she turned her head to look at me staring at her and asked, “Like what you see, Trudy?”

Only able to speak with a stammer, I answered, “I-I-I-um…”

Thankfully, Jessica saved me from my blithering idiot rambling and asked, as she stood back up, “So I assume you want join us next Saturday?”

My moral conscience still lingering deep inside overcame my carnal desire that was simmering at the surface and begging to be dealt with. “I could never cheat on Matt.”

Jessica, grabbing a pair of jeans from her locker, countered, “Who said anything about cheating? Our group is very much against cheating. Every member is married or in a serious relationship. Both man and woman in the relationship must agree to all the rules of the group and can only join as a couple.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster as I continued to check out Jessica’s perfect body as she slowly slithered herself into the tightest jeans ever made.

She continued talking, oblivious to my staring or just used to it based on her perfect body and looks, and explained, “Our group believes that monogamy is a hindrance in a relationship as everyone, regardless of your morale fibre and your love for your partner, will fantasize about others. Usually these fantasies will consume you and either you cheat and betray your spouse or you mentally cheat every time you are intimate with them.” She paused, her perky breasts still on display for me in her skimpy black lace bra, “Thus we strongly believe our swinger’s group actually saves marriages.”

I joked, trying to be casual about an idea that seemed more logical and appealing the more I learned, “Your slogan could be: saving marriages one fuck at a time.”

Jessica’s smile disappeared and she said, suddenly her tone cold, “Don’t be flippant and judgemental Trudy. I was trying to be helpful.”

As she grabbed her shirt from her locker, I quickly apologized not wanting to insult her. “Wait! Sorry, Jessica, I was being sarcastic. It is how I deal with situations I am uncomfortable with.”

Jessica turned back to me, her shirt in her hand, her eyes softening, “I am sorry too. I don’t tell many about Eddie’s and my swinger lifestyle, but thought it could really help you. Plus I find you very attractive.”

“You do?” I questioned, both confused and turned on.

“Yes I do, sexy,” she smiled.

“How did you and Eddie get started in the group?” I asked, wanting to know everything.

Jessica offered, “That is a long story. Let’s go out for a drink.”

“I am way too tired to be going to a bar,” I yawned.

“Did I imply I was asking you?” she asked her tone suddenly firm. Before I could respond she added, “We are going for a drink and I am not taking no for an answer.”

“Ok,” I agreed distracted by her putting on her blouse and her rather authoritative tone.

“You’re not changing?” she questioned, content with my answer.

“I usually just go home after work and hit the shower so I don’t bring extra clothes,” I explained.

She turned back to her locker and pulled out a blood red blouse and handed it to me. “I have a few outfits in here depending on what I may be doing later. Your skirt is fine, but we can’t be going out with you in a stained nurse’s smock.”

Before I could even respond she was pulling my scrubs off me, revealing my tiny breasts in my sports bra (I found a sports bra more practical for the job…comfort had always came first with me).

“A sports bra,” she smiled, adding, “I hope you are less practical at home.”

I shrugged, “I am more a sweats and t-shirt kind of gal.”

Jessica dressed me like I was her living Barbie Doll and said, “Well, I hate to be critical sugar, but being married doesn’t mean you quit working hard on your relationship. If you don’t dress feminine and if you don’t feel sexy, then your man will quit trying to.”

“I suppose,” I whispered, as she buttoned up the slightly see through blouse on me.

“No, I suppose. I am not saying the swinger’s group is right for you, but even if it isn’t you need to do more work on your side to rekindle the fire in your marriage.”

Suddenly guilt overwhelmed me. I had been blaming Matt for our lackluster passion, but in just a few words of wisdom from a colleague I realized I was just as much to blame. I replied, “You are right, Jessica. I have gotten lazy.”

“It is easy to do,” she replied, supporting my realization, “But it is just as easy to fix.”

I joked, “I may need a whole new wardrobe.”

“Well one thing that always relaxes me is shopping for clothes,” she smiled, “let’s go, the malls are open for a couple of more hours.”

“Now?” I asked.

“No time like the present,” Jessica pointed out and added, “plus I need a new outfit for next weekend’s Halloween party.”

“Are they always themed?” I repeated, curiously.

“Yep, every party has a theme. Last month was a superhero theme to celebrate the opening of the Avengers movie and the month before was a BDSM party.”

“Oh,” I replied, too nervous to ask what a BDSM party was. We were heading to the parking lot before I asked, “So next is a Halloween party?”

“Yes, actually, it will be a perfect time to join as you can kind of create a slut persona and still hide behind a mask if you are nervous,” Jessica revealed as we reached her car. “We’ll take my car.”

The mall was only a few minutes’ drive, but enough time with traffic to allow her to tell me about how she joined this exclusive club.

“So first thing you should know is Eddie and I had been involved in a couple of threesomes before we became actual swingers. We had tried two guys and one girl and two girls and a guy, but we both had the fantasies of a foursome or moresomes. Anyways, as you know Eddie works for the city in economic development and at last Year’s Christmas party, not this past Christmas but the one before that, we were quite drunk and ended up in a free for all sexual extravaganza with two other couples at the office Christmas party.”

Jessica paused to look at me while at a red light. She could tell I was enthralled by her every word. She smiled, adding, “It was fucking amazing. It was my first double penetration and I became addicted.”

“You took it in the butt?” I asked, astonished.

“Fuck yeah,” she replied like it was what everyone was doing, adding, “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

The light changed and she turned her eyes back to the road as she continued the story. “Anyway, once all the men were all spent I recall saying how I still wanted more, but none were capable of fulfilling my need. As we were leaving, one of the wives’ handed me a card and suggested I give her a call and the rest is history.”

“Wow,” I said, the whole story so unbelievable, yet clearly the truth.

“Wow, indeed,” she echoed as we arrived at the mall.

Silence lingered between us as we exited the car and made our way into the mall. I followed her into a store called Lace and Grace, a store I had walked past a trillion times, but never entered.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the store (because of its intimate products, it is a closed door shop) was a wall of toys. The only toy I had was a vibrator I had bought in college at a sex party and it really wasn’t big enough to properly satisfy me.

Jessica noticed my bug-eyed look and guessed. “Let me guess. You have one vibrator that you have had since before you were married.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“You scream sexually repressed, my dear,” she dead panned.

I winced at her accurate assessment, and trying to shed this image asked, “And what would you suggest my guru of pleasure.”

She smiled at me and said, “Be careful what you ask for, honey. I’d have you wearing a butt plug to work to prepare you for the party, if I had my way.”

“Oh my God,” I gasped at her frank response.

“That is exactly what you will be screaming over and over at the party,” she quipped, grabbing my hand and leading me to the wall of self-pleasure.

I remained silent to avoid digging a deeper hole than I was already in, as I stared at so many inconceivable sex toys I didn’t even know where to start.

Jessica teased, “We are not here for these, but clearly you are thinking of upgrading your meager toy collection.”

I again stammered, “No-I-um just can’t fathom the purpose for some of these toys.” I pointed to one that actually had a drill handle, “Like what is this one for.”

Jessica quipped without hesitation, “To literally drill you.”

“Apparently,” I replied.

Jessica reached for a smaller toy. She handed me the box and said, “This is a must have for any sexually needy woman.”

“A we-vibe?” I asked, looking at the rather small contraption.

“It may be small but it gives the best sensations,” Jessica smiled, “while one part teases your pussy the other pulses on your clit.”

“Wow,” I mindlessly replied thinking about how awesome that would potentially feel.

“Wow, indeed,” Jessica said, “plus with a pair of tight panties you can wear it while you are out and about.”

“I would never….”

“Never say never, sweetie,” Jessica recommended, reaching for a much bigger toy, “because if I have my way I will be using this on you next Saturday.”

She handed me a long dildo that had heads at both ends. At first I couldn’t fathom what it could be used for until Jessica explained, “It’s a double-ended dildo so we can fuck each other, pussy to pussy.”

My face must have been ruby red as she added, taking back the long toy, “Just kidding…probably.” She shrugged and dragged me to the bras and shocked me again when she cupped my breasts and asked, “34b?”

My facial expression a mixture of shock at being felt up and her very accurate appraisal, I nodded, “How did you know?”

She shrugged, “It’s a gift.”

She scanned the many different bras all of which were sexier than any I currently owned before grabbing three and ordering, “Go try these on.”

I took the bras tentatively and went into the small changing room. I put on a lacy white push-up bra that definitely enhanced my small breasts. It was like the breast fairy had waved her magic wand and given me the breasts I had always dreamed of having.

As I admired my new breasts, I was startled when Jessica walked in unannounced. “Nice. Isn’t it amazing what one tiny piece of lingerie can do for you?”

Although suddenly feeling vulnerable in only a bra, I feigned confidence. “It makes me look like I have breasts.”

“Nice, firm, appetizing breasts,” Jessica complimented.

“I suppose,” I replied, feeling awkward from the compliment.

“Turn around,” she instructed.

I did and felt her unhook the bra and toss it on the bench. She reached and grabbed a second bra and dressed me like I was again a full-sized Barbie doll.

Her hands on me was awkward, yet sensual, causing an undeniable stirring down below.

Once the light blue bra was on, she spun me around to face the mirror and said, “Cute, very cute.”

I looked in the mirror and had to agree; it was cute and somehow made me look younger.

I felt Jessica’s hands expertly unclasped the bra and felt her hot breathe on the back of my neck which caused more tingling down below and made my nipples go as stiff as diamonds.

Her hand never leaving my back, she reached and grabbed the third black bra and put it on me. I wondered if she saw my erect nipples and flushed face. Did she know the impact she was having on me?

Once on, she twirled me around and said, “Wow. Every girl needs a sexy black bra.”

“Is that so?” I asked.

“Look for yourself,” Jessica said, pointing to the mirror.

Turning around, I looked at myself and again I had to agree it accentuated my breasts in ways I didn’t think was possible.

“Now a nice black fuck me dress, some stockings and heels and men will be drooling over you,” Jessica complimented, before adding with a mischievous smile, “and some women too.”

She let her last words linger before leaving me alone in the room to change.

My panties were very damp and I had to quickly calm myself down from my surprising reaction to Jessica’s touch and got dressed.

I returned to the store and Jessica had a basket with panties and pantyhose.

She explained, “Whether or not you join us on Saturday you should have some naughty undergarments. I love it when I am out with Eddie in a sexy, but appropriate cocktail dress, but underneath I’m wearing thigh high stockings, a thong and a lacy bra. Or as I like to say: dress like a lady on the outside and a slut underneath…since in my opinion I am both. I also think all women want to be seen as both deep down, but most are to insecure about their bodies or too worried about what society might think.”

Trying to impress her, I said, “Well, then I better take that toy you showed me.”

She smiled and joked, “You may make a good slut yet.”

“As good as you?” I quipped back.

“Well, I have never….” she joked back, her hands on her hips all diva-like.

Ten minutes later I had spent over 250 bucks, had three new bras, six new thongs, four pairs of thigh high, a new vibrator and a we-vibe.

Ten minutes after that we were at a lounge with some wine and we chatted about work, patients and men’s bizarre fascination with sports. Finally, both on our second glasses, and me already tipsy due to being overtired, the conversation returned to the swinger’s party.

Jessica asked, “So do you think you are interested in the swinger’s party?”

“It may be the wine, but as of now, hell yeah,” I replied, wine always loosening my morals.

“Well, I already told you about the couples’ only piece and our monogamy philosophy, so the last piece is the loyalty test,” she revealed.

Curious, I asked, “What is the loyalty test.”

“Well, you become the submissive slave of the person who brought you for the night,” Jessica said, an unreadable smile on her face.

My pussy leaked into my panties at the thought and my cheeks returned to ruby red.

I was about to speak, when she added, “Just kidding…unless you like that idea.” After a pause, she explained the real rules. “But seriously…To guarantee complete loyalty and secrecy, you will each be expected to perform an act that will be videotaped.”

“Oh my,” I gasped, already pretty confident Matt would never agree.

“If you somehow betray the confidence of the group, the video goes viral,” she explained.

“What did you have to do?” I asked.

She smiled, clearly fondly recalling her loyalty test. “I had to blow three guys and allow each to come on my face and then I had to fuck myself with a cucumber.”

“Oh my God,” I gasped again, “I could never do that.”

She smiled, “Oh yes you could.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied, although the idea had my pussy tingling.

“I can tell by the look on your eyes, you’re already thinking about it,” she correctly assessed.

“Well a girl can dream,” I smiled back, the wine and conversation together stirring up a longing I had long lost.

Jessica surprised me yet again, “I want to fuck you so badly.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Seriously,” she said, “I want to devour you whole.”

Such flattery had me tingling as did the idea of Jessica devouring me whole. Seeing I was rattled by her upfront behavior and yet not rejecting it, she added, “I have a plan.”

“You do?” I asked, curiosity again getting the better of me.

“Yes, you and Matt are going to come to our house this Friday for a fun night of drinking, cards and fun in the hot tub.”

“We are?” I asked, my head spinning with the possibilities such a night would hold.

“Yes you are and I won’t take no for an answer,” she said confidently.

“Ok,” I agreed tentatively, unsure what I was really getting myself into, yet just as excited about the possibilities of the unknown.

Her sexy smile had me overwhelmed, “And then we will let the chips fall where they may.”

We finished our wine and headed home the possibilities of Friday night both exciting and scary.


All week I tried to bring it up to Matt, but I could never get the courage. We did have sex once, but as usual it was literally anti-climatic. He agreed, very reluctantly, to go to Jessica’s on Friday. The more I thought about Jessica and the swinger’s party, the more excited I got at the possibility.

Friday came and because the weather was so amazing we sat in their backyard, had a barbecue and a few drinks. The good news was that Matt and Eddie really seemed to get along as they talked football, baseball, muscle cars and the stock market. Jessica and I let them chat as we went inside to get changed for the hot tub.

Jessica asked, once alone, “Have you put any more thought into my offer?”

“Too much thought,” I replied.

Jessica’s sexy smile returned. “Is that so, do tell.”

My face went red at what I had obviously implied. “I am going through major withdrawal,” I admitted, before adding, “we had sex once since our chat, but I had to wait till after he fell asleep to finish what he didn’t.”

“And what were you thinking about,” she purred, her tone dripping with innuendo.

“Lots of things,” I vaguely answered.

Jessica moved in front of me, her seductive eyes pulling me in. “Was I in your fantasy at all?”

I stammered, nervously and excitedly, “Y-y-yes, you were.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned in a way that I can’t properly explain but had my knees weak, my body trembling and my pussy tingling. “Let’s go change into our bikinis, sexy,” she suggested, grabbing my hand and leading me to her room. I followed like a lovesick puppy.

As soon as we reached her room, she discarded her clothes and was standing in front of me naked. Smiling at me, obviously knowing the impact she had on me, she asked, “Like what you see?”

I replied, my cheeks giving away any pretense her nakedness was not affecting me, “I can’t believe how tight your body is.”

She shrugged, “I was born this way.”

“You don’t work out?” I asked, incredulously.

“Only up and down on Eddie’s pole,” she smiled, before adding, “and of course I do have a monthly marathon.”

“You are so bad,” I teased.

Bending over, giving me a perfect view of her ass, she reached for her bikini. Turning around and walking towards me, she said, “You can be bad too.”

Reaching me, I waited in anticipation for her kiss. Her lips grazed mine, before moving to my ear, “All you have to do is say yes.” She bit my ear lobe, tugged it teasingly and ordered, “Now get changed, it is time to amp up this night.”

I nervously undressed as she watched. Once naked, she praised me. “Trudy, you have a damn fine body. All the men will be fighting over you tomorrow.”

I blushed, thrilled by the compliment, but didn’t believe it. “As if, I can’t even get my own husband to fuck me,” I sighed.

Her tone changing, she scolded, “Don’t you dare play the pity card. Men need variety, whether it is more than one woman or different positions or whatever. It is your job as a wife to keep him happy just like it is his job to be romantic.”

“Well if that is the case we would both be fired,” I quipped.

“Well, let’s go save your job,” she smiled, moving in and kissing me. I was suddenly weak in the knees as I melted into her.

A moment later, she broke the kiss and asked playfully, “You ready to take this show live?”

“Oh my God, I don’t know,” I wavered.

“What is the worst that is going to happen?” the sexy bombshell asked.

“Um….” I paused, unsure the answer.

“Exactly,” Jessica confirmed. “Your marriage is in trouble and I am going to help you save it by fucking you. Now get in your bathing suit.”

Before I could respond, she left me alone stunned by her last declaration. Anxiety overwhelmed me as I got into my bikini and prepared for the unknown.

Five minutes later all four of us were in the hot tub drinking and chatting as if we were lifelong friends. After a few minutes, Jessica’s hand appeared on my leg causing me instant excitement and trepidation. Was she really going to do something with my husband right there? The answer came seconds later when her hand slowly moved up until it was between my legs gently teasing my pussy lips. I was thankful I was under water so she couldn’t tell how wet she was making me.

The next few minutes I tried to continue to be involved in the conversation, but was distracted by Jessica’s touch. Suddenly, Jessica said, “Let’s play a game.”

Matt said, “What game?”

“Truth or dare,” Jessica revealed, her finger moving inside my bikini.

I gasped as her finger penetrated me.

Matt noticed, “You okay?”

“Y-y-yes,” I stammered, as Jessica begin to slowly fill my pussy with her finger. “I just haven’t played truth or dare since I was a teenager.”

“I’m game,” Eddie said, knowing where his girlfriend was going.

“Me too,” Matt agreed.

“Well, I guess I have no chooooice,” I said, stretching the last word as Jessica wiggled her finger now completely in me.

Matt gave a confused look, while Eddie gave a knowing one which somehow turned me on more.

Jessica started, “Trudy , truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I said, scared of what she might dare me to do.

Jessica considered for a minute before asking, “When did you last have sex?”

“Tuesday,” I answered, thankful for an easy question.

“Matt’s turn,” Jessica announced all chipper.

“Dare,” he shrugged.

Jessica said, “This is for both of you men. I dare you to throw your trunks onto the deck.”

Eddie shrugged and quickly took the dare while Matt looked surprised. Once he noticed Eddie had done it, he followed suit.

“My turn, I guess,” Jessica smiled. “Matt ask away.”

“Truth or dare,” Matt asked, his eyes continually lowering to Jessica’s voluptuous breasts.

“Dare,” Jessica answered.

“Tit for tat, I think, I dare both of the ladies to discard their bikinis,” Matt dared.

Jessica laughed, as she turned to me, her finger sliding out of me, and reached behind me to take off my bikini top. My body trembled at her touch as she joked, “Let’s show the boys tit for tat.”

Once she released my breasts from the bikini top, I moved my hands, suddenly feeling brazen, and leaned my naked breasts onto her and removed her bikini as well. Once off, our breasts were crushed together and I turned to my stunned husband, who I bet didn’t think we would take off our bikini tops, and smiled my tone dripping with sexiness, “Is this tit for tat or tit for tit enough for you.”

Matt was indeed surprised, but Eddie took control, “You only half completed the dare, ladies.”

Jessica ordered, “Stand up, my dear.”

“Really?” I asked.

“A dare is a dare,” Jessica shrugged.

“Okay,” I agreed, nervous and excitement two emotions bouncing inside me.

I stood up and Jessica kneeled in front of me and pulled the string that unfastened by bikini bottom. She let my bottom fall into the hot tub and lingered there, my long neglected hairy cunt directly in her face. I didn’t dare look at Matt, instead concentrating on staring at the beautiful younger women who I was completely enchanted by.

“You need a trim, my dear,” Jessica finally quipped, before standing up and turning to Matt, “Would you like to do the honours?” I quickly sat back down so my cunt was no longer on display, although my breasts were only partially covered by the bubbles.

Matt was flabbergasted, yet, like me, he avoided making eye contact with his spouse, instead just getting drawn into the beauty that was Jessica. He tugged the string and her bikini bottom quickly joined mine in the water.

Matt couldn’t pry his eyes off Jessica’s cunt, I am not even sure he blinked, until she turned around towards me and said, “Eddie loves my cunt shaved.”

I stared, like Matt, at her cunt with awe. I had never shaved mine before. Sure I had trimmed it, over a year ago truth be told, but never liked the idea of a razor so close to my pussy. Yet, feeling promiscuous and naughty, I wisecracked, “Well I guess it makes it easier to eat.”

“Want to find out?” Jessica asked.

The moment of truth was at hand. This time I looked directly at Matt. He gave just the slightest of nods giving me permission to do it.

Jessica straddled me on the hot tub, most of her body outside the tub, taking control as I continued to hesitate, said, “I dare you to eat my cunt, Trudy.”

I took a breath for confidence, before I leaned forward and took the dare.

I heard Jessica order, “Matt, please hold me up so I don’t fall.”

I assumed Matt did, what guy wouldn’t touch her naked body given the opportunity, as I tentatively licked her pussy. I imagine the taste would have been much different if she hadn’t been in a hot tub, as there was literally no taste at first. As I licked, moving my tongue back and forth between her pussy lips, I began to taste a wetness that I was responsible for…which was exhilarating…knowing she was getting sexually excited because of me. I just tried to do what I like having done to me, which is to be warmed up with slow licking, lubricating my pussy lips, followed by an aggressive attack on the clit.

Once I took her clit in my mouth, she moaned, “That’s it Trudy, you are a natural pussy licker.”

A chill went down my spine, even as I was quickly brought back to the reality that I was eating a pussy while my husband held up the woman.

“Matt,” she asked coyly, “do you like watching your wife eat pussy?” I tensed up as I waited to hear his response. Was he turned on? Mortified?

“Y-y-yes,” he stammered, after a brief pause which relaxed me instantly as I sucked her swollen clit between my lips.

“Good, because I plan to use your pretty wife to pleasure me on many occasions now that I know she is such a submissive little thing,” Jessica explained, seeing just how far she could push my bewildered husband.

“Fine with me,” he replied, clearly taken by Jessica’s personality and sensuality just like I had been.

“Gooooood,” Jessica moaned, her breathing getting more erratic. “Because I have naughty plaaaans for yoooooou twoooooooooo,” she screamed, as she grabbed my head and pulled my face deep into her cunt.

A gush of cum exploded out of her and onto my face. I eagerly licked her unique exotic taste that had me instantly realizing I would drop to my knees to taste from her delicacy with the snap of her fingers…any time and any place.

Eventually, she let go of my head and asked, “Did you enjoy eating my cunt, Trudy?”

“God, yes,” I admitted, no longer even remotely worried about playing innocent for my husband.

“You were very good at it,” she complimented.

“Thank you,” I replied, although it sounded strange coming out of my mouth.

She then asked Matt teasingly, while looking at me, “Is that your cock poking my ass, Matt?”

Matt stammered, “I-I-I guess, s-s-sorry.”

“Truth Matt. Do you want to fuck me?” She asked, turning her head around to look at him.

I couldn’t see his face from my submissive position still between Jessica’s legs, but knew he was trying to decide how to answer.

I pushed him by reminding him, “Honey, it’s truth, so just tell the truth.”

Jessica added, “Yeah, I need to know if you are going to fuck me or if Eddie is.”

Eddie added, “I told you we were swingers earlier man, she is yours for the taking.”

“Yes, I want to fuck you,” Matt finally admitted, a hunger in his voice I had not heard in a long time.

“My pussy or ass?” She asked.

“Both,” Matt answered quickly, like me no longer worried about his significant other but about the moment.

“Well don’t just stand there, fuck me,” Jessica said, moving beside me, on her knees in the hot tub.

Matt, again like me earlier, avoided eye contact with me, as he moved behind her. Unfortunately, her cunt was still in the water so I couldn’t see him penetrate her, but I did watch his facial expressions which told me he was in.

Jessica then ordered, “Trudy get your cunt in front of me now.”

I didn’t need to be told twice as I got out of the tub, moved in front of her, sat back down and spread my legs excited to have two men watch me get eaten.

Jessica said, “This cunt needs a good trim, Trudy.”

“Anything you say,” I answered without hesitation.

“Those are an interesting choice of words,” Jessica purred.

I stared directly at Matt who finally was looking at me and said, “Well, almost anything.”

“Almost anything is a pretty big scope,” she pointed out as my husband fucked her.

“So it is,” I playfully agreed.

Jessica turned to Matt and said, “I am not your wife, don’t make love to me, fuck me, force my face into her neglected cunt.”

I wondered if Matt caught the shot at him, but I didn’t care. I loved him, but I needed this. Jessica returned to my cunt and dove in.

She licked my pussy lips slowly at first like I had, although it was difficult as her whole face was also pounded into me as Matt shifted to fucking her.

I watched a Matt I hadn’t seen in almost a year as he pounded her and even began to talk as he slammed his cock into her simultaneously slamming Jessica’s face into me. “Is this hard enough for you?”

“Harder dammit,” she replied, clearly enjoying my husband’s cock slamming into her.

Eddie laughed, “She is insatiable and impossible to please.”

“That’s not truuuue,” she moaned, “I just make you fuckers work for it.”

I glanced at Eddie who was sitting on the side of the hot tub watching his girlfriend in a threesome that didn’t include him. His big cock was rock hard and seemed to be pointing directly at me as if beckoning me.

Taking control, I said, “I’ll take a rain check on that sweet mouth of yours Jessica. I see something else that needs attention.”

Jessica smiled, knowing instantly my intent, “Tit for tat.”

I laughed as I moved towards Eddie and his cock, “Indeed tit for tat.” But first I moved to Matt and kissed him. Breaking the kiss, I whispered, “I want to see you pound her ass too.”

“Oh the things I do to please my wife,” he joked.

“Remember those words,” I quipped back as I moved to Eddie, dropped to my knees and wordlessly took his stiff rod between my lips.

“About fucking time girl,” he groaned as I didn’t waste any time with pleasantries and took six inches of his cock in my mouth. I wasn’t sure I could take all eight but I was sure willing to try.

I bobbed up and down on Eddie’s cock for the next couple minutes slowly taking more and more into my mouth. Jessica’s moans were consistent and a constant turn on as she even moaned sexier than me.

I almost had all of his cock in my mouth when he ordered, “Ride me, slut.”

I had never been called a slut before during sex. Although I wasn’t a feminist by any stretch I had always hated the way that word was used so liberally. Matt knew how much I despised it and never used it. Yet, this time it only turned me on. At the moment I was a slut giving in without hesitation or consequence to my sexual desires. I quickly obeyed, getting out of the hot tub and awkwardly straddling his missile. I also hated being on top, being more a missionary, doggy style or on my side type of girl, yet again just doing as I was told enhanced the sexual stimulation of the already steamy situation.

I lowered myself slowly and moaned loudly as I took his cock in me. From this position I could ride Eddie and watch Matt fuck Jessica.

Jessica finally ordered, “Sit on the edge of the hot tub, boy toy.”

I laughed slightly at Matt being called a boy toy. Of course, he didn’t hesitate as he was now sitting directly across from me and was watching me get completely filled by a cock two inches bigger than his.

His cock, like Eddie’s, was saluting the ladies, as Jessica replicated my position straddling over my husband. The one big difference is she slowly took Matt’s cock in her ass. I watched both in awe and envy, at just how easily she took a cock in her ass. Being ass fucked had always been a secret fantasy of mine, but other than my fingers, and a very epic failure when I was drunk in college, which had resulted in it only being an exit hole.

“Ever fucked a woman’s ass,” Jessica asked once Matt’s cock had completely disappeared inside her.

“Noooooo,” he groaned, clearly in euphoria at what was currently happening to him.

Watching Jessica slowly riding my husband’s cock turned me on and I began bouncing up and down on Eddie’s long, thick rod which filled me completely. Each downward bounce reached new depths inside me bringing new sensations of pleasure to flow through me.

In only a couple of minutes of getting his cock milked by Jessica’s ass, Matt grunted and warned, “I’m going to come.”

Jessica hopped off his cock, and began furiously pumping his cock. “Do you want to come on my face?”

“Yeaaaaah,” Matt groaned, something else I didn’t ever do, realizing just how vanilla I really was.

Eddie meanwhile ordered, “Tighten that cunt of yours around my cock, slut.”

“Kkkkkk,” I moaned, my orgasm close as I tried to focus on milking his cock all the while watching the scene directly in front of me. I tightened my cunt as best as I could, trying to really ride his clock fast, my orgasm building quickly.

“Aaaaaaaaaah,” Matt grunted as he sprayed his cum onto Jessica’s open mouth and face.

“How long have you been holding that big load, stud?” She asked, as five streams of cum covered her face.

“Too looooong,” he replied, just as Jessica deep throated his cock that had just been in her ass.

The nasty scene was too much for me, as was my pace and the glorious big cock inside me and I screamed, “Fuuuuuuuck, I’m comiiiiing.”

Eddie lifted me up, keeping his cock in me, lowered me back onto the edge of hot tub, and began really fucking me hard. The deep rough pounding as my orgasm was trembling through me unlike any I had ever experienced before had me babbling incoherently, “oh God, yes, fuck, I love your cock, use me, ahhhh, yes, shiiiiit, I’m your sluuuuuuuuut.” I couldn’t believe I had called myself a ‘slut’, yet that is exactly what I felt like at the moment and it was an exhilarating feeling.

A couple of minutes later, my orgasm finally subsiding, Eddie demanded, “Finish me off with those pretty cocksucking lips, slut.”

I quickly obeyed, reluctantly allowing his cock to slip out of my well fucked cunt and took it in my mouth. I hungrily bobbed back and forth trying to finish what I had started earlier, attempting to take all eight inches of his thick cock into my mouth.

“Yes, take it all like a good little slut, Trudy,” he groaned.

That was all the encouragement I needed to take the last half inch into my mouth.

Jessica complimented, “Shit Trudy for a sexually repressed woman you really are eager.”

“How bad do you want my cum, slut?” Eddie asked as he pulled out and began pumping his cock.

I didn’t hesitate wanting nothing more than to allow him to cum wherever he wanted to. “I have never wanted anything more in my life, sir.” I didn’t realize I said ‘sir’ until it was too late, but thankfully no one said anything.

“Does your wife let you coat her pretty face with your jizz?” Eddie asked Matt.

“Never,” Matt replied his tone implying he figured I should.

“Are you going to let me shoot my full load of cum all over your pretty face?” Eddie asked as he looked down at me.

Annoyed by Matt’s comment, I replied, “Come anywhere you want, my face, my tits or my cunt.”

“What about your sweet little ass?” He questioned.

I stammered, realizing I had painted myself into this corner, “I-I-I have never done that before.”

Eddie said to Jessica, “well we know what her initiation will be.”

“That we do,” Jessica agreed, moving to her boyfriend’s cock and stroking it for him. “Open wide, Trudy.”

I obeyed, opening wide for the cum I was craving.

Seconds later, but it felt like an eternity, his first robe of cum shot out like a cannon hitting me on the forehead. The second hit between my eyes and the third directly in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the limited sample as more sprayed onto my neck and tits.

“We can’t be wasting Eddie’s cum,” Jessica smiled, her face coated in Matt’s juice as she leaned forward and licked the cum off my breast and then moved up my neck. Her hot breath got me hot again as she slowly moved up my body to retrieve her boyfriend’s cum. My body shivered at her touch as she moved to my lips and kissed me. It started tender, but soon we were kissing like two teenagers first time, never wanting it to end. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths even as our hands explored each others’ bodies.

When we finally broke apart, the men had filled up the drinks. Sitting beside our significant other, both of our faces sticky with cum, Jessica said, “So Matt, do you want to come with us tomorrow as our guests?”

“Where to?” he asked.

“A swinger’s party,” she answered.

Matt choked on his drink.

Jessica and Eddie both laughed.

Jessica explained in detail everything she had told me, with Eddie adding the odd piece of information. I moved my hand under water and grabbed his cock which was stiff again. I stroked him as he listened to everything.

Jessica finished by adding that I had told her about how our marriage had become sexually stagnated and that she had suggested the swinger’s party as a remedy.

I said, trying to soften the wording, “I just said that we had lost the creative spark we used to have.”

“I guess we have,” Matt agreed.

“So are you in?” Jessica asked.

“Do you want to do this?” Matt asked me.

“If you do,” I replied.

Matt said, “I can’t believe that I didn’t want to come here tonight.”

“You weren’t expecting to watch your wife dyke out, take her friend’s ass, and be offered to join a very exclusive swinger’s group?” Jessica joked.

“I was thinking more feigning caring while wishing I could just be at home watching the ball game,” Matt answered back, before joking, “but this was okay too.”

“Fucker,” Jessica said playfully.

“Takes one to know one,” Matt quipped back, my old witty husband suddenly back from the abyss.

“So I’ll take that as a yes,” Eddie said.

“Fuck yes,” Matt agreed.

A rush of excitement coursed through me as I moved on top of him and slowly straddled my husband’s cock.

“You slut,” Jessica said.

“Takes one to know one,” I retorted repeating my husband’s line.

“Just one question,” Matt asked.

“Anything,” Jessica said, as she straddled Eddie.

“What will be the initiation?” Matt questioned.

“No guarantees,” Eddie answered. “I am guessing once Jessica tells the head Mistress that your wife is an anal virgin she will be determined to change that travesty.”

“And me?” Matt asked, seemingly okay with his wife getting sodomized by a stranger.

“Ever sucked cock?” Eddie asked.

“God, no,” my husband gasped.

“Just kidding,” Eddie laughed, before adding, “There are a few bi-men in the group. Anyways, they have a few women who desperately love to get laid and you will fuck one or more of them.”

“Sounds ok,” Matt shrugged.

“I fucked a seventy year old,” Eddie revealed before adding, “and then had to lick my cum from her pussy.”

“Your fucking with me again aren’t you?” my hubby asked nervously.

“Nope, it is critical that the evidence they have on you is so incriminating that you would never betray the group,” Eddie explained.

Jessica asked, as her big tits bounced up and down, “Still in, stud?”

“If my wife is in, I am in,” he said.

“I’m all iiiiin,” I moaned, as I bounced on his cock.

“Then get off his cock right now,” Jessica ordered.

“But I’m close,” I protested.

“No sex until tomorrow night. We need you horny as hell and need your hubby with as many loads as possible to shoot,” Jessica said. “The women in the club are insatiable.”

“So it seems,” I said, as I reluctantly got off Matt’s cock.

We chatted for a while before getting dressed and agreeing to meet at 8:30 at their house to go together to the party.

On the drive home, I refrained from just lowering my head and sucking his cock while he drove. We didn’t talk at all as we drove in silence both pondering the night we just had and the evening that lie before us.


The next morning I woke up late and was surprised to see that Matt was gone. On the kitchen table was a note:

My slut wife,

I have to go to work for a while. I also will pick up outfits for tonight. I also expect you to trim that cunt of yours.

Love Matt

I smiled and laughed. He was trying to be forceful seeing how it worked for Eddie and the reaction I had. Yet, he finishes with ‘Love Matt’…obviously he still has some work to do at bring more aggressive, yet he is also so adorable.

I was so thrilled that it went so well yesterday. The night could have ended our marriage and yet instead, just like Jessica said, it seems to have saved it. Crazy, but true, swinging had rekindled our marriage and tonight was an opportunity to really spice it up.

I followed his command and trimmed by pussy which took a lot of time. I considered shaving completely but decided against it, as I had always liked the natural look. The floor was a mess and I felt slightly ashamed that I had let it grow so ragged.

Jessica called to confirm we were still on for tonight and asked what I was wearing. I admitted I had no idea and learned she was going to be a slutty pirate wench.

The day ticked by at a snail’s pace, until Matt arrived home at 4:30.

“Hi, honey,” I called out.

“Hey?” He greeted back.

“What did you buy me?” I asked, like a kid on Christmas morning.

“So eager,” he teased, before adding, “Just like last night.”

“I couldn’t believe how liberating it was, especially after I knew you were game,” I said.

His tone turned serious, “If we do this we must promise each other that it is just sex.”

“That is what it is,” I comforted him. “I love you and love you even more after last night. I trust you enough to know that last night was just sex, as will be tonight, and that you would never do such a thing without me.”

“Nor you me,” he smiled, kissing me.

“I love you,” I whispered, when the kiss ended.

“I love you too,” he replied.

“I so want to fuck the shit out of you,” I said, horny again.

“I think that may happen to you tonight,” he joked.

“That is a bit nerve wracking,” I admitted, my ass instantly clenching.

“As is whatever they have planned for me,” he added.

“High risk for high reward,” I joked.

“Indeed,” he laughed.

“Soooooo…what did you get me?” I asked, fluttering my eyes like a child whose dad always brings them a present home from a trip.

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” he said. “But first I need a shower and then food.”

“Supper will be ready in twenty-five minutes,” I announced.

“Great, what we having?” He asked.

“Your favourite,” I smiled.

“You haven’t made that forever,” he said.

“You hadn’t deserved it,” I quipped.

I finished preparing supper; we ate and then watched Wheel of Fortune like we usually do. Finally it was time to get ready; I had been dying with anticipation for hours to know what he had thought would be a good costume for such an evening.

“Come up in a couple of minutes and I will have your outfit laid out for you,” Matt said, standing up.

“Make it one,” I countered. “The suspense is driving me nuts.”

“It will be worth the wait,” he promised before leaving me.

I waited a minute, probably less than that, before heading to our bedroom. As soon as I saw it on the bed I should have known…he was making his childhood fantasies a reality. I could only assume he was going to be Batman. I, it seemed, was going to be Catwoman. This Catwoman outfit was a snug fit and very impractical for the party we were going to…although I liked the idea of wearing a mask…my real identity concealed making me much more comfortable in front of a group of strangers.

I was looking at the vinyl outfit when Matt came out, as expected, in a Batman costume. I have to admit he looked fucking hot.

“Like the outfit?” He asked.

“Yours or mine?”


“Well you are definitely save-me-from-the-villain-and-be-rewarded-with-the-fuck-of-your-life,” I answered flirtatiously.

“And yours?” He asked.

“It looks very tight,” I answered.

“Put it on,” he instructed.

“Yes, Batman,” I smiled.

I got undressed except for bra and panties when Matt said, “completely naked.”

“Hmmmmmm, is Batman trying to seduce me?” I asked, as I allowed my bra to hit the floor.

“Maybe,” he smiled, as I got out of my underwear.

I reached for the vinyl outfit when he ordered, “Thigh highs first.”

Grabbing the thigh highs I hadn’t noticed at first, I teased, “You and your nylon fetish.”

“You and your not wearing them for me,” he pointed out.

I had always thought his fetish strange. I used to wear them all the time when we were younger, but rarely wore them since I wore pantyhose every day at work. Hinting at my submissive side which he was finally catching onto after all these years, I said, “I’ll wear them all the time.”

“Really?” He asked.

“I’ll walk around the house only in thigh highs and heels if you wish,” I continued, as I slid the first thigh high up my leg.

“This is new,” he said.

“All you have to do is treat me like I am your everything and I will become your everything,” I said, stretching my nylon clad leg towards him.

He took it in his hands and kissed my toes.

I teased, “Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

He laughed, “Oh I can finish it all right.”

“No orgasms until tonight, stud,” I teased, moving my foot away before putting on the second stocking.

Once on, I stood up and grabbed the outfit. I realized there was a zipper in the front that could be pulled down to get at my breasts and as I pulled it onto my body, tougher to get on than the tightest jeans I used to wear in high school, I realized the outfit was crotchless. I gasped, “Matt you can’t be serious.”

“As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect,” he smiled.

“I can’t go in public like this,” I said, mortified of our neighbours seeing my cunt or ass.

“I wasn’t really asking your opinion,” he shrugged. “Now finish getting dressed.”

Half of me was pissed and wanted to slap him across the face, while the other half was turned on by his sudden confident and in control demeanour.

I obeyed, even as my face flushed. Once on, I added the belt that completed the ensemble, well besides the mask.

“Fuck you look hot,” Matt complimented.

“Do I look hot or are you fantasizing about the chick that played the part all those years ago?” I asked.

“No, this is all you,” he said.

My face again flushed, but this time with flattery. “Oh you know just what to say.”

“One more thing,” he said.

“What else could I possible add to this?” I asked.

“Heels,” he said.

“You bought me shoes?” I asked stunned.


“How can you kinda buy me shoes?”

He handed me a box and I knew instantly. He hadn’t bought me shoes, he had bought me boots.

I opened the box and gasped yet again, he bought me five-inch ‘fuck the shit out of me boots’. I hadn’t worn heels larger than two inches in years. “You want me to wear these?” I asked before adding, “Theses just might kill me.”

“If you’re playing the role of slut tonight you should dress the part,” he said.

“So I’m a slut now,” I asked but with a smile.

“You’re my slut,” he countered, his hand moving to my already very wet cunt.

“That I am,” I moaned at his touch.

“Now put on the boots,” he ordered, before waiting a few seconds and adding, “slut.”

“Yes, Master,” I joked.

“Master, I like that,” he smiled, his finger sliding inside me.

“You are going to make me come if you don’t stop,” I warned.

“Then I better stop,” he said, pulling his finger out, but surprising me by pushing it into my ass.

“What the fuuuuuuuck,” I gasped, stunned by his sudden penetration.

“Just getting you ready for tonight,” he smiled, as he pulled his finger out.

“Get the boots on,” he said firmly and left the room.

I watched him go, wondering if I had opened Pandora’s box even as I pondered what a cock would feel like in my ass.


I scurried to the car, scurry being a subjective term based on how many times I wobbled in my boots, petrified someone would see me. I had my mask on too, which somehow made me feel more anonymous.

We didn’t talk on the drive, each of us contemplating the night ahead.

Arriving at Jessica’s place, I again quickly walked up the driveway and to her door. It seemed like an eternity before the door was opened, not by Jessica but Eddie, who complimented me, “Wow, obviously you are hoping to make an entrance.”

“Just wearing what Matt told me to,” I shrugged.

“Good choice, man,” Eddie approved.

“Might as well make another fantasy come true,” Matt said.

“Come on in, Jessica is changing again,” Eddie said.

“Again?” I asked.

“She learned Miranda was coming dressed as a school girl and now Jessica has to up the slut factor,” Eddie explained.

“Slut factor?” I asked.

“Those are her words not mine,” he said, before adding, “Can I get you a drink?”

“Please,” Matt and I both said at exactly the same time.

We were on our second drinks when I heard Jessica ask, “How do I look?”

I turned around and my mouth dropped open. She was in a Minnie Mouse costume. She looked ridiculously hot with the ears, a skirt so short you could see the lace top stocking of her mocha stockings and she had on six inch open-toe heels. Minnie Mouse of course didn’t wear a red micro skirt, a white half shirt that barely held in more than half her voluptuous breasts or a red half shirt that covered her arms and neck. Disney would roll in his grave, but every man alive would be rock hard and any girl dripping wet.

“Oh God Trudy, you look fucking delicious,” she complimented when she reached us.

“Care for a taste,” I teased, opening my legs and revealing my crotch less area.

“You little slut, are you trying to out slut me?” she asked.

“Just learning the ropes from the best,” I teased, my finger opening my cunt for her, the second glass of wine already loosening my inhibitions. “So the offer still stands.”

“I will definitely take a rain check,” she smiled, kissing me. Breaking the kiss, she moved to Matt and kissed him too. “You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said.

“You look amazing,” Matt said.

“I try,” Jessica shrugged. “So are you guys ready for the night that changes everything?”

“I think that was yesterday,” Matt joked.

“Oh that was just the appetizer. Tonight you will get the full course meal,” Jessica replied.

“Should we have another drink before we go?” Eddie asked.

“Maybe two,” Matt joked.

“Or seven,” I added, the closer the clock ticked to our rendezvous, the more nervous I got.

“No turning back now, sexy,” Jessica said.

“Not turning back, just filled with anticipation and trepidation,” I explained.

“I understand,” Jessica nodded.

We ended up having two more drinks, me already past tipsy, and then got ready as Jessica pointed out, “We need to get there on time. No one is allowed to play until the initiation is over.”

“Oh my, will everyone be watching?” I asked.

“Yep, you too are fresh meat and they will all be conniving who gets first shot at you two,” Jessica added.

“Fresh meat,” I laughed nervously.

Eddie added, “The odds of you not getting fucked by every guy there is pretty slim.”

“How many is everyone?” I asked, Eddie’s prediction only adding to my growing anxiety.

“It’s Halloween so almost everyone will be there, so at most fifteen couples” Eddie answered.

“Don’t worry, two of them will be more into Matt if he is willing to swing that way,” Jessica added.

Matt coughed, “There is gay action?”

Jessica shrugged as if it was no big deal, “There is everything action. But you can always say no, but trust me they will be eyeing you, especially if they learn you are straight and a back door virgin.”

“I would never do it with another guy,” Matt said.

“As I told your wife just a few days ago, never say never,” Jessica warned.

Eddie added, “It’s kind of reverse sexism. Two girls is hot, two guys is disgusting.”

“You have been with a guy?” Matt asked.

“A few times. It’s not really my thing, but it is a nice change of pace every once and a while,” Eddie said rather casually.

“Don’t be modest Eddie. Eddie is a great cocksucker and looks fucking hot getting fucked in the ass,” Jessica said.

“I think we have said too much,” Eddie said, not remotely embarrassed by Jessica’s revelation. “We don’t want them having second thoughts.”

“Fair enough, but I must clarify who took your sexy butt’s virginity?” Jessica asked.

“You did with a strap-on,” Eddie admitted, not a hint of shame in his tone. Suddenly I wandered what it would be like to watch a guy get fucked by another guy, or for me to fuck Matt in the ass…wouldn’t that be the ultimate tit for tat.

“Shit, we need to go now,” Jessica said.

The guys sat in the front, Jessica and I sat in the back seat. As soon as the car was in motion Jessica pulled me in and kissed me. We kissed with sweet tenderness for the first few minutes our lips never breaking contact. But the longer the kiss lasted the more passionate it became. Our tongues danced, our hands groped, both avoiding our cunts, as we warned ourselves up for the party that was about to start.

We didn’t come up for air until Eddie said, “Think you two dykes can take a long enough break from molesting each other to walk into the house.”

“Not enjoying the show?” Jessica asked.

“Of course, but looking forward to the main attraction,” Eddie smiled.

“Touche,” Jessica nodded, leaning down and kissing my pussy once before moving away.

“To saving marriages one orgy at a time,” she declared.

I laughed as we got out of the car and headed towards the ridiculously big house, not a house, more of a mansion. A chill went up my spine at the thought we were really doing this…really going to have sex with strangers, join an exclusive group of couples that were swingers. My pussy was getting wet at just the thought of what was about to transpire.

Matt held my hand and whispered just before we reached the door, “Having second thoughts?”

“Second, and third and fourth,” I replied, squeezing his hand.

“I love you, Trudy,” he said.

“I love you too,” I replied, stopping to kiss him.

“Ready for the beginning of a whole new world?” Jessica asked.

“Ready as I will ever be,” I replied, as Eddie knocked on the door.

“Welcome to the rabbit hole,” Jessica smiled as the door was opened by an Asian maid dressed in a normal maid’s outfit.

“Good evening,” the maid greeted.

“Good evening, Keiko,” Jessica said, kissing the maid on the cheek. “This is Trudy and Matt, our special guests for tonight.”

“Nice to meet you,” Keiko bowed.

“You as well,” I said, kissing her cheek like Jessica did.

“Please sign these waivers,” Keiko said, handing me a clipboard.

Jessica, seeing my confusion, explained, “Just waivers promising you will never reveal anything that happens here including names…kind of like what happens at the party stays at the party.”

I nodded, signing the papers without reading them; Matt did the same.

“Follow me to the initiation room,” Keiko said.

We followed her down a hallway and to a room with video cameras and a bed. A chill went up my spine as the reality of what was about to happen became very real.

Jessica said, “Once your initiation is done you can join us downstairs.”

“You’re not staying?” I asked.

“I will be downstairs watching on the big screen,” she smiled, kissing me hard.

Soon Matt and I were alone in the room. Matt and I held hands both of us nervous and unsure. A couple of minutes later, we heard a woman’s voice announce over a speaker. “Good evening all. Tonight will be a very special Halloween party. Today we will be adding two members to our group if they pass the initiation. Good evening, Trudy and Matt.”

“Good evening,” we both said to no one.

“You understand this will be filmed and released on the net if you were ever to reveal anything about our group?” She said all business.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I nodded nervously.

“We are going to try something different tonight,” she continued. “You two will be together for the initiation.”

“Ok, Miss,” Matt agreed, his body trembling.

“Matt you are going to go to the other room and choose three men…these three men will fuck your beautiful wife while you watch and help,” the voice instructed.

“Yes, Miss,” he said, giving my hand a squeeze.

I watched him leave as I waited with a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

Time ticked by so slowly as I waited for the inevitable. It was probably only two or three minutes before three men, all completely naked walked into the room. All three were our age and decent looking and without a word they walked over to me and started kissing me.

The female voice said, “Jessica mentioned you have never had anal sex. That may dear will change as you get triple teamed by these three men. Matt you will guide each cock into one of your wife’s three holes. There is lube on the counter there for her backdoor pleasure. Have fun, and welcome to the family.”

I was instantly overwhelmed as my neck was kissed by one man, while another unzipped my costume to suck on my tits, and the other dropped to his knees and began licking my pussy. I just stood there and allowed my erogenous zones to be lit on fire while closing my eyes to avoid seeing my husband watching.

After a couple minutes of triple attention, I was led to the bed and ordered to get on all fours by the dark haired gentleman. I obeyed, my pussy already on fire, ready to do whatever it took to join this club, yet nervous to know my husband was watching.

“Come put my cock in her mouth,” the blonde whose cock was suddenly in front of my face said.

I watched as Matt moved to me, paused briefly, before grabbing the guy’s smallish five-inch cock, yet the thickest I have ever seen, as he guided it between my lips. I, of course, opened my mouth and took in the stranger’s cock. I sucked it intently, swirling my tongue around his wide rod, trying to impress him and anyone else who might be watching.

“That’s it,” the blonde man groaned.

Just a few words of encouragement and I felt a chill up my spine. A few bobs later and I felt my body lifted up as someone slid underneath me. “Lower your wife on my cock,” I heard someone say, although I couldn’t see, as my mouth was still full of cock.

Yet, I felt myself being lowered onto a big long cock. I moaned on the cock in my mouth as my cunt was filled. I began to ride the cock in my pussy while continuing to suck the cock in my mouth. I fell so slutty, so sexy and so exhilarated all at once.

After starting slowly, I began to ride the cock in my pussy with reckless abandon all the while bobbing back and forth on the small thick cock, easily taking both cocks all the way inside me. Even as I did, my orgasm beginning to build, I kept waiting for the third cock. I wanted it; I needed it; I craved it. Taking the cock out of my mouth, I begged, “Matt, I need a third cock, baby.”

“Okay,” he said, reaching for the lube as I took the blonde man’s cock back in my mouth.

A moment later, I felt a warm liquid poured down my ass crack and I moaned again as I felt a finger rubbing the lube around my virgin asshole.

“Put my cock in her ass,” I heard the third guy say as I felt firm hands on my hips that held me from riding the cock already in my cunt.

I tensed; knowing that even with all the lube a sharp pain was assumedly coming.

I took the cock in front of me back in my mouth and reveled in my first ever triple penetration. “Hold her ass cheeks open,” a voice said and I assumed it was Matt who pulled them apart just as the stranger’s cock began pushing and trying to break through my tight back door.

At first, it refused to be allowed entry, but as more lube was poured on my ass I felt my ass widen and the cock slowly slip inside and continued to push forward and slowly my ass opened up and allowed the stranger to slowly sodomize me.

The pain was instant and yet I wanted more. I wanted to be used as a slut; I wanted to put on a show for all the stranger’s currently watching me; I wanted Matt to get turned on watching me get triple teamed. I wanted it all.

“Aaaaaah,” I babbled, letting the cock in my mouth slip out.

“Just relax,” the guy behind me said.

“Okaaaaaaay,” I said through clenched teeth.

Ever so slowly, like a turtle running a race, his cock went deeper in the unknown depths of my ass. The pain continued to burn, yet the euphoria of knowing I was being watched, somehow dulled it.

“Shit, you are tight,” the guy behind me groaned.

“You’re my first back therrrrrrre,” I explained.

“Well, I am honored,” he said, caressing my ass.

The cock in my ass went deeper inside my virgin back door causing such contrasting sensations of pleasure and pain that I wanted more. His cock not all the way in me, I tried to be like a porn star in the movies as I tried to pleasure all three cocks at once. It was awkward at first, as I pushed back taking all the cock in my ass. I screamed, “Holy fuuuuuuuck,” as my ass cheeks met his body.

“Shit girl, you took it all,” the owner of the cock in my ass said.

“I wanted it all,” I moaned, even as a pain burned through me. Then I began to fuck myself on the cock in my ass, simultaneously deep-throating the cock in my mouth, while the cock in my cunt just lingered there a constant reminder of my triple penetration.

Matt spoke for the first time. “That’s it baby; take all those big cocks my little slut.”

Somehow that turned me on more and I continued the slow process of getting into a rhythm of taking all the cocks in me. First a cock buried deep into my ass, then another deep into my mouth, it was the most exhilarating sensation of my life and I didn’t want it to end.

As I enjoyed the slow building pleasure, the voice on the intercom announced, “Matt, you have one more task.”

“Yes, Miss, anything,” he said.

“You will eat your wife’s pussy after James comes in her,” she announced.

“Okay,” I heard him agree, even though his tone implied his dislike.

The owner of the cock in my ass, demanded, “Faster, sexy, let’s see that tight body of yours really get a work out.”

I moaned in response on the cock in my mouth, my mind thinking the same thing, as I tried to oblige by going faster. I wanted all his cock in my ass and I slammed back onto him reaching new depths in my no longer virgin ass, before moving forward and easily deep-throating the cock in my mouth. I bounced back and forth like a tennis ball, the pleasure overwhelming as the triple penetration was easily the greatest sexual thrill of my life. Suddenly, the cock in my cunt, began slowly moving his hips and the triple sensation hit even harder. The cock in my ass and cunt were different, yet complimentary pleasures and I knew my orgasm was going to hit soon.

Suddenly, I heard, “I’m coming,” and was rewarded with a load of cum down my throat. I eagerly swallowed it all while continuing to ride two cocks.

When the cock in my mouth left, I babbled, “Oh God yes, I love your cocks in me.”

“Lean forward,” said the guy underneath me, as I looked into his sexy blue eyes.

I did and soon both cocks inside me were thrusting simultaneously creating a pleasure unlike any other. My orgasm about to burst, I babbled like a dirty slut, “Oh God, harder, fuck my cunt and ass harder,” and “Oh shit, I feel so full,” and “Deeper, make my ass yours,” and finally, “Oh God, I’m comiiiiiiiing.”

My whole body trembled with such intense pleasure, I couldn’t hold myself up and I collapsed onto the stranger underneath me.

The guy whose cock was in my ass, leaned over me and even as my orgasm cascaded through me and continued pounding my ass hard, creating an everlasting pleasure of an orgasm that refused to end.

Suddenly I felt my ass being filled with cum, yet another thrilling sensation that brought new chills throughout my body. When he pulled out I could feel cum slip out of my ass, feeling both hot and slutty.

To my surprise, the guy underneath me flipped me over and began fucking my cunt hard and deep.

A second orgasm began building instantly as this gorgeous younger man fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked. It wasn’t love making, it was carnal lust both of us being drawn to the moment of sexual fulfillment.

Staring up at him, I begged, “Pound me, sexy, fill my cunt with your big cock.”

He smiled, “Your wish is my command pretty lady.”

He grabbed my legs, leaned them back towards me until my ankles were beside my ears, and reached a depth I didn’t know was possible inside my cunt.

“Oh fucking Lord,” I praised, “you are so deep in me.”

My legs burned as he stretch me in ways I never knew I could stretch and yet his body leaning on me as he slammed deep into me was all I cared about.

My second orgasm was on the rise and I begged, wanting to feel him come in me when I came, “Don’t stop, I’m so close, fill my cunt with your cum when I come.”

“I’m close to,” he grunted, sweat dripping down his forehead, both of us getting a major workout.

“So close, fuck, I’m waiting for you, baby, fill me up, fuck, come now baby, come for your slut, my cunt, my cunt, my cuuuuuuuuuunt,” I screamed as I felt his cock unload its cum into me and I let go of my own orgasm that was begging to be released.

His cock shot rope after rope of his seed deep in me, even as my own juices tried to flood out. Our simultaneous orgasms made it even hotter, and as he moved up a bit, I let my legs wrap around him to keep his cock in me until my orgasm subsided.

“Shit,” I said, my body finally collapsing onto the bed.

When he pulled out, I was surprised to feel someone else move between my legs. Looking up I saw Matt look up at me before he leaned forward and began licking my well fucked cunt.

I moaned, “That’s it baby, lick my cunt,” even as I felt my cum and the stranger’s cum leaking out of me.

After a few minutes of his licking me, a third orgasm began to rise and I grabbed his head, knowing we were being watched. I wanted to put on a nasty show, so I pulled him into my cunt then began rubbing my cunt up and down on his face.

“Oh yes, baby, lick all that cum out of your wife’s cunt,” I demanded, excited by putting on a show.

My third orgasm, although much smaller than my last two, squirted out onto Matt who had licked and sucked my cunt throughout the whole ride.

Finally, I pulled him up to me and kissed him hard. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too,” he replied with an ear to ear grin.

Jessica walked into the room and broke up the intimate moment when she said, “Enough fucking lovey dovey shit. Come and meet the rest of the group.”

She took my hand, pulled me up and added, “Fuck that was hot by the way.”

“I tried to put on a good show. Did you really enjoy watching me getting the hell fucked out of me?” I asked trying to look as slutty as possible.

“Oh yeah and it made me so hot I had to get fucked while watching,” she revealed.

“Who fucked you?” I asked curiously.

“Martin, our one black guy who has a huge ten inch cock,” she revealed.

“Yummy,” I half drooled yet another fantasy I had never fulfilled…a black guy.

“Oh don’t worry; he will have a load for you. He is twenty-one and can go all fucking night,” she explained.

As we walked down the stairs, I said, “I can’t believe it was less than a week ago that you first mentioned this club.”

“When you couldn’t stop drooling over my body,” she quipped back.

“Well if you wouldn’t flaunt it so much, you could turn any straight girl gay,” I smiled.

“Aaaah, you say the nicest things,” she laughed.

The moment we entered the room, Matt right behind us, a pretty redhead, dressed as a nurse ironically, grabbed Matt and said, “You’re mine, sexy.”

He looked at me and I nodded, “Have fun, baby.”

“You too,” he said, as he was led away by the sexy redhead.

Jessica led me out into a huge room where a variety of sex acts were currently going on. I watched the crazy orgy that was under way. I saw the redhead bobbing up and down hungrily on Matt’s cock, I saw a bed in the middle of the room on which I recognized Miranda Collington the news weatherwoman from TV, dressed as a slutty school girl, sucking some guy’s cock, while a woman was between her legs licking away.

I saw an older man dressed in drag bent over getting fucked by a younger guy dressed as a fireman which somehow turned me on.

I saw three women in a circle eating each other’s cunts all in various costumes in complete disarray, and there was a chubby woman with the biggest tits I have ever seen bouncing up and down on a cock which made her massive breasts bounce around like basketballs.

Lastly, I saw Eddie giving a guy a hand job, while a girl was sucking his cock. My voyeuristic awe was disrupted when Jessica whistled and all the men and women stopped and looked up.

Jessica said, “Everyone this is Trudy and over there getting blown by Carrie is her husband Matt.”

“Hi Trudy and Matt,” a chorus of people said.

“Be sure to introduce yourself to our new members throughout the night,” Jessica said, as she led me to the black man who was sitting by himself.

“Trudy, this is huge cock, huge cock, this is Trudy,” Jessica offered.

The black man whose name I already forgot laughed, “You have such elegance with words, Jessica.”

I looked at his cock, not even erect, and gasped at its beauty.

Jessica shrugged, “What can I say your big cock takes my breath away.”

The black man said to me, “Hi Trudy, I’m Martin.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said, trying to look into his eyes and not his cock.

Jessica laughed, “Enough with the small chat and more with the sex. On your knees, you nasty little slut.”

I didn’t need to be told twice as I fell to my knees and took the semi-erect thick black cock in my mouth.

His cock was so big, so thick; it took a while to get adjusted to his size. The thrill of feeling it grow in my mouth was exhilarating as was knowing the lingering taste on his cock was Jessica’s cunt juice. I hadn’t had him in my mouth three minutes before I felt hands on my hips and a cock slide inside my cunt.

Looking behind me, I saw a guy I vaguely recognized dressed as Superman. He smiled at me and said, “Hi, I’m Curtis.”

“I’m Trudy,” I replied, returning to the black cock and realizing that it was Miranda’s much younger 19-year-old husband she had just married in Vegas last year…in a rather scandalous relationship.

Curtis took his time slowly fucking me, while I did the same to the juicy black cock in my mouth. I don’t know how long I was sucking and fucking before I was consumed by a need to feel a black cock inside me.

I looked up at him and said, “Want to fuck me?”

“Looks like you’re already being filled,” he smiled.

“I have another hole back there,” I smiled.

“You are insatiable,” he chuckled.

I looked at Curtis, and said, “Just changing positions stud.”

“No problem,” he smiled. “I know when I can’t compete.”

“Oh, I want you too sexy,” I purred, as I stood up and saw he had a nice cock himself.

I got out of my heels, turning my ass towards Martin as I straddled him, slowly lowering my ass onto his massive cock, then positioning my stocking-clad feet a top his thighs as I tried another first…the reverse cowgirl position.

“Shit, that’s creative,” Martin smiled, as I slowly lowered myself onto his cock.

“Aaaaaaaah,” I moaned, as his cock slowly widened my ass, the cock definitely wider than the one that had broken my anal cherry.

“Go slow, sexy,” he suggested, while Curtis watched patiently.

I looked at him and said, “Don’t you go away, I want you in me too.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he smiled, as a couple of inches of black cock slowly made its way inside my ass.

As I continued slowly lowering myself on the big cock, a woman in her forties walked over to me, dressed in a Marilyn Monroe famous white dress, the same voluptuous breasts, and said, “I’m June, welcome.”

I recognized her voice instantly as the one over the speaker earlier and said, through clenched teeth, “Nice to meet you, June.”

“You as well,” she smiled, before kneeling before me and taking my clit in her mouth, while simultaneously reaching out and stroking Curtis’s cock.

I gasped at her sudden touch as I slowly took more of Martin’s cock in my ass. My goal, as ludicrous as it seemed, was to get all ten inches of him inside me. This was my night to slut it up and I was going to be the biggest slut I could possibly be.

After a few seconds, June stood back up, kissed me, my own pussy juice on her lips. When you’re done with these two, I expect you to come and find me, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied without thinking.

“Mistress, I like that,” she smiled, unzipping my costume and pulling it off my shoulders to release my small breasts. “That’s better.”

She then sauntered away.

“You aren’t trying to take it all are you?” Martin asked.

“Go big or go home,” I joked, “both literally and figuratively.”

Curtis, stood up on the couch, and surprised me by shoving his cock in my mouth. “Keep me hard, slut.”

I loved being called a slut; I loved having two cocks in me; I wanted to have three again; I wanted it all. I moaned on his cock as I continued my slow progression down the big cock.

Martin groaned, “Shit you have the tightest ass ever.”

I took the cock out of my mouth and teased, “It won’t be once you are done with it.”

“That true,” he laughed

Curtis ordered, “Get back to sucking, slut.”

“Sorry, sexy,” I smiled, before taking his rod back between my lips.

“Getting close, just a couple more inches,” Martin groaned a minute later.

Deciding I wanted it all in me, but not sure I could take any more, I decided to just take the pain that would surely come as I lifted up and collapsed hard on his cock.

“Mother fuuuuuucker,” I screamed, as all ten inches filled my ass creating an intense burn that ripped through me.

“Holy shiiiiit,” Martin grunted as well.

I just sat with his cock in my ass for a couple of minutes getting used to being full like I couldn’t explain. While I adjusted to having ten inches of cock in my ass, I continued to bob back and forth on Curtis’s cock.

Just as I was about to begin slowly riding the cock in my ass Curtis grunted and shot his load down my throat. I eagerly swallowed all his cum, his taste and texture different from the last load I swallowed. When he pulled out, I joked, “Couldn’t wait to fuck me?”

“Not with a mouth like that,” he smiled.

“Well that was super,” I quipped making a joke about his costume.

He laughed as he walked away.

Just as quickly as Curtis left, another man in his early fifties joined us. Dressed as Dracula, he replaced him. Without a word he placed his smaller six inch cock in my mouth. I began sucking slowly as I began to move up and down ever so slow on the big cock in my ass.

The next few minutes I slowly rode and sucked cock, the pain finally now just a numbing reminder while the pleasure continued to slowly grow inside me. Suddenly Dracula, apparently a quick shooter, came in my mouth without warning and pulled out, walking away as quickly as he came (pun intended).

Now it was just Martin and I and I began to pick up the pace of riding his cock. I noticed others watching and I again wanted to put on a show. I began bouncing up and down on his big cock, each downward thrust taking all ten inches of his glorious cock in my no longer virgin ass. I fucking loved it and knew a cock in my ass would be a regular thing from now on. I also knew my fourth orgasm was building, but would need extra help in crossing the finish line.

Seeing the redhead watching me, obviously having swallowed Matt’s load, I said, “Get over here and lick my cunt.”

She smiled, walked over and without a word buried her face between my legs as I bounced up and down. It must have been awkward to eat me as I rode a cock, but shit her tongue was like a magic wand.

Her tongue was the magic I needed as my orgasm began bubbling and I landed hard on his cock, grabbed her face and held her in my cunt until my orgasm hit.

“Fuuuuck, eat my cunt,” I screamed.

She licked and licked and in seconds my unprecedented fourth orgasm rushed out of me and onto the redhead’s face.

Exhausted, my legs weak, Martin still having not come, ordered me onto the couch on all fours and I obeyed slowly. Once in position, he went behind me and filled my ass again, this time he was in control of the fucking. His firm hands held my hips as he buried his cock into me again and again. The redhead, wanting a piece of me too, moved onto the back of the couch, spread her legs and said, “By the way, I’m Tiffany.”

“Nice to meeeet you Tiiiifany,” I whimpered, as Martin hammered his cock into me.

“Return the favor, Trudy,” she ordered and I leaned forward burying my face in her slightly hairy bush.

Trying to lick a pussy while your ass is getting reamed is very challenging, but I desperately tried.

After a few more minutes of getting ass fucked by Martin’s enormous shlong, he groaned, “I’m about to come,” and surprised me as he pulled out and rammed into my cunt.

Seconds later my cunt was sprayed with his cum as I continued licking Tiffany.

Martin’s cock slowly continued in my cunt making sure he had deposited every drop inside me while I now could focus on the delicious pussy in front of me. I sucked on her clit, I probed her pussy lips with my tongue and once her moaning increased I slid two fingers inside her wet cunt and fingered her to an orgasm.

Her juices flooded out of her as she screamed, “Yessssssssssss, fuuuuuuuck.”

I kept her clit between my lips as I eagerly got her off and tasted her sweet nectar. Once done, I sat up and kissed her, and for a couple of minutes we made out like high school teens.

Finally breaking the kiss, I said, “I am supposed to go and see June.”

“Hmmmmmm,” Tiffany smiled. “You’re in for a treat.”

“I am,” I asked, as Martin finally took his cock out of me.

“Oh yes, she has the sweetest pussy in the world,” Tiffany revealed.

“I don’t know, yours was pretty fucking heavenly,” I said playfully.

“As was yours,” she smiled, “although it seems to be leaking right now.”

I laughed, “Martin comes buckets.”

“That he does,” Tiffany agreed.

“Where is the washroom?” I asked, needing to go pee and clean myself up a bit.

She pointed to the far end of the room and I said, “It was great to meet you Tiffany.”

“You too, Trudy” she said kissing me one more time before moving onto the floor and taking Martin’s cock, shiny with my pussy juice, in her mouth.

As I walked to the washroom, I looked at the variety of sex acts currently undergoing. The guy dressed as Batman who was earlier sucking cock was now getting his ass fucked by a larger older man dressed as a pirate. I wondered what it would be like to watch Matt suck a cock or get fucked.

Elsewhere, Jessica was getting double teamed by two men, one dressed as Fred Flintstone the other as a sailor, a cock in both her mouth and either her ass or pussy. Eddie was getting sucked by a chubby older woman dressed as Wilma Flintstone. Also on the center bed, a chubby woman, now naked, was getting triple teamed by two women with strap-ons and a real cock in her mouth. Everywhere there was sucking and fucking, moaning and dirty talk echoing throughout the room.

Reaching the washroom, which strangely didn’t have a door, I was surprised to see a very cute blonde, no older than twenty, completely naked and sitting by the toilet dripping wet. I didn’t catch on at first until Curtis walked in and instantly began urinating on the pretty blonde.

I watched in awe at something that had never once occurred to me. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of his pee in her mouth as possible. I couldn’t believe it.

Once Curtis was done, he turned around and saw my astonishment and shrugged, “It’s her fetish.”

“She likes being peed on?” I asked bewildered.

“Yep,” he shrugged, leaving me alone with her.

The blonde, not remotely ashamed by the bizarreness of it, said, “Hi, I’m Tabitha.”

“I’m Trudy,” I offered, still unable to fathom this current situation, but I was going to pee on myself if I didn’t hurry. “I really need to pee.”

“Straddle my face,” she offered.

“I couldn’t?” I said.

“Please,” she said, a hunger in her eyes similar to mine for Jessica’s pussy or Martin’s cock.

“You sure,” I said, still tentative.

“Yes, please,” she said.

I walked to her, needing desperately to pee, and figuring what the hell. I noticed the plastic underneath her was already kind of wet. I barely made it to her when I started peeing, a bit down my leg before hitting her directly on the face. She moved her head and put her lips on my pee-hole and drank it directly from the source. I couldn’t believe how strangely erotic it felt to be peeing in a stranger’s mouth. She swallowed my pee eagerly and once done she surprised me again as she licked my cunt.

I don’t know why it turned me on, but watching this piss covered pretty stranger licking my cunt had my engine starting to rev yet again.

After about a minute, she moved away and said, “Thank you, Miss.”

“No, thank you,” I smiled down at her.

Noticing I had gotten some pee on my costume before I reached her, I took it off leaving me in only my thigh high stockings. No longer caring about protecting my identity and truthfully finding it kind of cumbersome, I also took off my mask. ‘Catwoman had been unleashed’, I thought to myself.

After washing my leg from both my urine and Martin’s cum, I waved goodbye, “Until next time.”

“I look forward to it,” she smiled, just as the guy dressed as Fred Flintstone walked in.

I returned to the orgy and looked for June. I didn’t see her at first, but I was surprised when I saw Matt getting head from the gay or at least bisexual Batman. I had to laugh as I watched Batman giving Batman head. He saw me and shrugged before he put his hands on the back of cocksucking Batman’s head clearly close to shooting his load down another guy’s throat.

Looking around more, I saw Jessica, her face coated in cum, as three men surrounding her finished a bukkake.

“Over here, dear,” I heard a voice call out and turned to see June. I saw a girl dressed as Snow White between her legs while three more people, a guy dressed as Iron Man, a girl dressed as a slutty nun and last in line was Miranda Collington, her hair still in pigtails, her schoolgirl costume ridiculously hot.

Once reaching them, confused why there was a line, Miranda noticing my confusion said, “There is always a line for June’s nectar.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised that when there were so many choices for sex that anyone would wait in line.

“Trust me it is worth the wait,” Miranda said. “By the way, I’m Miranda.”

“I know who you are,” I smiled, shaking her hand. “I’m Trudy.”

“I know who you are,” she smiled back.

I was about to ask how, but June interrupted us, “Are you enjoying yourself my dear?”

“Immensely,” I admitted, looking at her voluptuous breasts, no longer in her Marilyn Monroe costume.

June tapped on Snow White’s head and the eager pussy licker looked up. June smiled at her, “Sorry my dear, but time for our newest member to have a taste.”

The woman, in her mid-thirties, reluctantly got up, grabbed the guy behind her and said, “Come fuck me, Charles.”

I watched him follow her to a nearby love seat and she pushed him onto the leather love seat and lowered herself on his cock.

“Come taste me, my dear,” June said, very softly yet firmly.

“Yes, ma’am,” I obeyed, lowering myself between her legs.

“What? No Mistress?” She asked.

“Sorry,” I smiled, “how may I serve you Mistress?”

“Hmmmm, you really are a delicious addition to our little group,” she smiled.

“It doesn’t look so small,” I said, looking around to the plethora of sexual acts going on.

“Come taste me,” she repeated. I leaned forward, her pussy full of pubic hair. Yet, I was instantly drawn by the exotic scent that was captured by her pubic hair. Her scent was unexplainable; yet so addicting I was enveloped with hunger. I tentatively used my tongue to part a path to her pussy and as I tasted her wetness, created by Snow White earlier, I was drawn even deeper into her. Like her scent, her taste was an indescribable mixture of exotic fruits and spices. It was as if God had created the perfect taste and put it inside this woman’s cunt.

What started as tentative licks, soon transitioned to hungry, desperate lapping as I couldn’t get enough of her teasing taste and wanted to taste her fullness by making her come.

“That’s it my pet, lick your Mistress’s cunt like a good girl,” she moaned, her fingers going through my hair.

I moaned in agreement, as I continued to lick her like my life depended on it, I was totally mesmerized by her soft gentle voice.

“You are a natural little cunt licker, my pet,” she purred.

Such a compliment only turned me on more knowing I was pleasing her.

My nose was buried in her wet pubic hair and my tongue in between her pussy lips as I continued pleasing her, wanting to get her off.

“Don’t forget my clit, my dear,” she reminded me a couple of minutes later.

I obeyed, taking her very hard clit between my lips. On contact, her breathing increased and she moaned, “That’s it my pet, get your Mommy off.”

The strange incest reference although strange somehow turned me on even more as an image of my beautiful mother popped into my head. I tried to push it out as I swirled my tongue around her clit, flicking and licking, flicking and licking until her breathing increased even more and her moans implied she was close.

“Oh yes, my dear, make Mommy come,” she said between moans as I continued to flick and lick her swollen clit. Sensing she was near orgasmic explosion, I slid two fingers inside her wetness and found her g-spot.

Her hands pulled my face hard into her cunt as she screamed, loud enough to wake the dead, “Fuuuuucking yeeeees.”

Her cum was unleashed in a powerful wave that crashed hard onto my face as I hungrily opened my mouth to catch all her exotic juices. Fireworks went off inside my taste buds as her taste was even more heavenly than anything I had ever tasted. She came and came a never-ending cascade of waves as her juices flooded out of her and into my eager mouth.

I could barely breathe, and all I could do was lick and suck and take her cum in my mouth and on my face.

Finally, she let go and I looked up at her, my face drenched in her exotic juice, “That was amazing my pet,” she purred.

“Thank you Mistress Mommy,” I replied without even thinking.

“You’re a keeper,” she smiled.

“I have never tasted anything like you,” I gushed, as my own cunt began leaking.

“So I have been told,” she smiled. “Your hubby just got his I assume first guy blow job.”

“I know, I saw him getting sucked,” I said. “That is the biggest surprise of the night.”

“Not Tabitha?”

“That was surprising to,” I admitted.

“What about your triple initiation? Martin’s huge cock? The taste of my cunt?” she listed.

“All amazing,” I agreed.

“Well go meet some more people my pet and don’t forget Mommy,” she smiled, leaning in and kissing with such gentle tenderness I melted into her. At that moment I was hers, I would obey any command in order to taste her again, to be with her.

As if sensing my weakness for her, she smiled, “I know my dear, you’re mine.”

“Unconditionally, Mommy,” I whispered to her like a child.

“I would love to see your husband with a dick in his mouth or ass,” she said.

“Understood,” I said, not sure how I was going to convince him but wanting to please the exotic, hypnotic older woman.

“Good girl,” she smiled, patting my head.

A rush of juice leaked out of me from her praise and approval.


I didn’t make it five feet before Jessica grabbed my hand, her face still sticky with cum from her earlier bukkake, and said, waving the dildo from the other day she purchased, “Ready to put on another show?”

“Always,” I smiled deviously, being the centre of attention becoming an addicting rush and eager to see if a fifth orgasm was possible.

She led me to the centre of the room, where the showcase bed existed and pushed me onto it. Joining me, she said, “Ready to fuck ourselves?”

I looked at the long, but flimsy dildo and asked, “How?”

“Oh you are in for a treat,” she smiled as she moved to me and moved the plastic snake up and down my pussy lips before slowly slipping it inside.

“And what about you?” I asked, as I moaned.

“Oh just wait and see,” she smiled, moving her legs scissor like between mine and inserting the other end in her cunt. “Now slowly move your body towards mine while holding the dildo so it keeps going deeper into you?” she ordered, as a few others gathered around to watch.

I obeyed, and soon our bodies were closer and closer together, the dildo going deeper into me. Eventually, through a bit of awkward adjustments from both of us the last couple of inches of the long rubber snake disappeared inside our cunts.

People clapped and Jessica smiled, “Ready to really put on a show?”

“That wasn’t the show?” I asked, impressed at what we had accomplished.

“Not even close,” she smiled, as she grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers. “Now move your ass up and down, sexy.”

A bit confused at the purpose until I did it. She did the same and soon our cunts were bumping into each other making the long snake inside both of us move around in all directions causing new yet even more exhilarating sensations.

“Faster,” Jessica demanded, once we both got used to the creative position.

“Your wish is my command,” I purred.

“I bet you say that to all the girls who bring you to a swinger’s party,” she teased, her big tits bouncing around, her costume long gone except for her thigh highs.

“I guess that’s truuuuue,” I moaned, as the snake inside me somehow pushed its way deeper.

We writhed on each other, our pussy lips kissed again and again until both of us were breathing erratically, sweating profusely and near apocalyptic bliss.

“Commmme, Trudy,” she demanded.

“You fiiiiirst,” I replied.

“Same time,” she compromised.

“Whenever you arrrre ready,” I agreed.

“Three,” she moaned, our bodies slamming into each other with urgency.

“Two,” I counted down, knowing I was about to burst in milliseconds.

“One, come,” she screamed as we both climaxed on the big snake from fucking each other in front of all these people.

We grabbed each other and pulled each other close as we both trembled with euphoria.

Finally, we let go and both fell backwards spent, the dildo slipping out. Unfortunately, there was no rest for the wicked, as both of us had men get on top of us and filled our cunts with their cocks.

Having just opened the garage door, Vanessa wondered if there was anything she had forgotten. She was nervous about today. It was the first day of a new job as an assistant with a consulting firm.

At the interview she had met the man who would be her boss, should she be the successful applicant. She remembered being quite impressed with him.

Her new employer was very pleased to see her, however, he pointed out that she was fifteen minutes late and that arriving late for work would not be tolerated; under any circumstances.

Vanessa was about to receive a lesson in punctuality. Her boss instructed her to bend over the end of his desk and began to administer a severe spanking on her very round bum. “Fuck it hurts”, she thought as her cheeks started to glow a soft pink, but she discovered she was beginning to enjoy the punishment; so much so, that she was getting uncontrollably wet.

Full of confidence and charged up to the hilt she faced her boss with a knowing and somewhat determined look. She could feel with her hand how wet she was. This surprised her given the circumstances. “So, is that it? Can I get to work now?” she said. “Yes, you most certainly can and your first task is to get to work on this”……………..

Confronted by the biggest cock she had ever seen, she exclaimed, “I don’t know how I can possibly get that in my mouth….but I can’t wait to find out!” Her bum was still stinging, her inner thighs were wet and her mouth was full of cock…she was in heaven!

She couldn’t help thinking what a great job this was.

“I don’t just suck cock” she said, as the front of her shoe dug into his knee. “What else can you do with that thing besides sticking it down my throat”?

She felt the cold wood of the desk on her breasts and stomach and she imagined how hard her nipples would be at this point. As her boss pounded her from behind, her nipples rubbed on the desk: and it felt fantastic.

Vanessa had never had such a big cock. She imagined it going ‘in and ‘out’ of her pussy which made her wetter and wetter. She had often fantasized about anal sex and began to imagine what it might be like. She also had fantasies of being gang banged, but they were just fantasies.

“You take quite a bit to satisfy young lady. I’ve been fucking your brains out for twenty minutes and you’re still cuming; I might need some help here”. “What do you mean”? she gasped. “Well, when you moaned and screamed about ten minutes ago, I thought you were done but you just keep building up and cuming…I might need some help here.”

Vanessa was in another world; her pussy had been pounded and stretched like never before. She even started to imagine what it might be like to be fucked in the arse. All of a sudden she heard the door open; she looked up………..WTF!!!

First of all, a huge apology for making it such a long wait! I’d written Louise’s revenge a long time ago, but hated it and deleted the whole story. It took a long time to find something I was happy with and then even longer to get round to writing it; the sex, for me, has to resonate and be different each time, so I had to do some exploring of my own….

Finally, it was the wonderful emails I received over the last few years, most of them very kind and thankful and most asking for a finale and some closure.

There were even a few angry ones, but they, in some ways, spurred me on to finish the story.

I hope you enjoy the story, it may take a while until it gets to the “action”, but i hope that you enjoy the characters as much as I do; if you’ve made it this far, then I guess you do!

Once again, a big thank you for all of your support. This story is for you.

Louise Xxx


I don’t know how long I’d been awake or if I’d even slept that night. A cool breeze from an open window had drifted through the room, chilling the satin of my neglige and the soft silk of my bed sheets. The large King Size bed felt empty without Jade and I’d subconsciously taken to sleeping on her pillow, crying softly as her wondrous scent faded with time.

It had been 3 months since the accident and soon I’d find out if my carefully laid plans would come to fruition. Working through every facet of my machinations, I chewed my lip until the bitter taste of blood brought me back to some form of reality. I’d drifted through the last few months in a daze. But today would be different. Today it would all change.

Realising that it was pointless to try and pursue sleep further, I stepped out of bed and wrapped a silk kimono around myself. Catching a glance in the moonlit mirror, I secretly delighted at the perfectly formed breasts that pushed at the kimono. They’d been created to perfection, a nice C cup that still tingled when I moved or when the soft satin of my neglige brushed delicately against it.

I hated Jackie’s house, resenting it’s opulence and grandeur as I padded down the carpeted stairs. The house was empty, haunted by its loss, my footsteps echoing gloomily down the long corridors and high ceilings.

In the kitchen, I switched the Nespresso on and bade it produce a caffeine infused drink to clear my foggy head. Curling up on a comfy chair in the conservatory, I tucked my legs under myself in a feminine manner that now came second nature to me and watched the sun rise, its warmth chasing away a winter reluctant to relinquish its grip on the country.

A soft chime on my phone alerted me to a new email, and I swiped the screen with a long, perfectly manicured nail painted a deep purple to unlock it and read the mail. It was absorbing and I was swiftly lost in its contents. As I finished it, chuckling at the content, another email popped into my inbox. I’d been waiting a long time for this particular one and grinned at the news. A swift check of the tabloid websites confirmed the news with some sufficiently lurid details. It had even made the front page of the Independent and Times.

I sighed contentedly and finished my coffee. As I made my way to the kitchen, the house phone rang, klaxon loud in such a large, barely occupied house. I dropped my cup with fright. It was the loudest noise this house had heard in some time and I’d grown accustomed to the quiet.

Checking the clock on the kitchen wall, and wondering who could be calling at such an early hour, I stepped over the smashed crockery and headed to the hallway where an old fashioned phone nestled on a stand between the two stairways that curled up to the first floor.

“Hello?” I said, picking up the heavy receiver. “Louise here.” I marvelled at how feminine my voice now sounded and how I didn’t think of myself as anything but Louise, despite what was still nestled between my legs.

A throaty chuckle sounded at the other end of the receiver. The voice, when it came, was slightly parched and strained, but my spirits soared as I heard it.

“You going to come and pick me up then or what?”

I squealed with delight, dropping the phone and sprinting upstairs as fast as I could. The receiver clattered on the floor and I could hear a panicked voice coming from it.

“Louise? Louise? You ok? What’s going on?!”

“I’m on my way!” I screamed over my shoulder as I ran to my bedroom and pulled out some clothes to wear. Grabbing some silky knickers, I shimmied them up my recently waxed legs and tucked my cock into a pouch woven into the underside. Taking some skinny jeans, I threw them on, and, eschewing a polo neck jumper more suited to the weather, I grabbed a silk strappy top that would show off the fact that I had a wondrous new pair of breasts.

Rushing to the mirror, I quickly applied some make up. I’d had painful electrolysis yet enjoyed the benefits of smooth, hairless skin on my face. It took a few moments to apply some eyeliner and make my eyes look larger and more alluring, some rouge to colour my pale complexion and some lipstick to moisten them up with some colour. Keeping the scheme natural, I chuckled at how I would have gone for something a bit more slutty at the beginning of my transformation, but now reserved that for evenings out, not a trip to the hospital.

Taking my long hair in one hand, I pulled it back and, with the other, wrapped a band round to give me a pony tail. I no longer needed to wear wigs and had long ago lost my nervousness about going out in public. I hadn’t been read for a long time.

To ward off the cold, I took a leather jacket from the cupboard and zipped it up enough to give some warmth, but not too high to hide my breasts. I wanted her to see them as soon as I arrived at the hospital. Slipping into my favourite knee high boots with a pointed toe and a five inch spike of a heel, I headed to the car and took off at pace, the wheels from the Ferrari spewing out gravel from beneath them.

As I headed to the hospital, my mind drifted to the first email I’d received that morning. It had brought confirmation that my revenge on Emma had brought with it some surprising, but hardly unexpected benefits.

Now, Dear Reader, having made it this far on my journey with me, I understand that there are two things you’ve waited patiently to discover. Who survived that horrendous car crash other than myself? And how did I go about seeking my vengeance?

I’m afraid you will have to wait until I get to the hospital to find who survived. Every story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. A proper order of things.

I’ll start with my revenge.

I’m no killer, though I had been tempted by such violence. I wanted Emma’s destruction to be complete. I wanted her life ruined. Every facet needed to be completely desecrated. Nothing would be safe. I wanted her to feel what I felt. Jackie and Jade had shown me a world of love and happiness. That was gone now. The last few months had been empty. Hollow. Despair had engulfed me, swamped the very core of my being.

That would be repaid. With interest. As I contemplated the morning’s headlines, I felt some warmth of satisfaction. Revenge is petty and for the weak I was told. Screw that. The villany I was taught, I executed. I went hard and bettered the instruction.

In order to enjoy my revenge as I did, I will allow the contents of my first email that day to be divulged. May I introduce you to Nick and his diary. Emailed so I may understand the extent of his gratitude. It took a long time to find him, but once I did, I knew straight away that he was the one. He was perfect. As I destroyed Emma, I gave him a life he never knew he wanted. Cosmic Karma. There’s a set of cosmic scales balancing out as we speak.

Chapter One

Epiphany. It’s an oft used word that has very little meaning now. Yet I’ve had one. A mind blowing, earth shattering revelation that has completely changed my life for the better. Before my epiphany, I was drifting through a life devoid of meaning or even emotion.

Sure, most people looked on jealously as my career took off. I got casting calls every week to star in the next big porno, and I was paid to screw the most beautiful women who didn’t care if the camera was on or off or what they were asked to do. The money was handsome, and I had a big house overlooking Greenwich park and anything I could ask for.

Thing was, I felt numb. Desensitised to the world. Like it was happening, but I was an observer. My life was happening to someone else and I was just a passenger in this person’s brain.

That is, until I met her. The most beautiful and stunning person of body and mind you could ever hope to meet. She changed everything. Took one look at me, knew what was wrong and fixed it. She used me too, but I let her. Who wouldn’t?

It started after the last day of shooting my latest film. Shutting the film crew from my mind, I mechanically went through the motions as the stunning blonde dropped to her knees and took my cock in her well practised mouth. She groaned excessively as I thrust deep into her throat, my large member filling her completely as she struggled to contain it. Mumbling through the “script”, I let my mind drift as I let myself meander to a climax, deciding what film I would watch that night and what food I needed to get on the way home.

“Cut!” yelled the director, a corpulent man with permanently wet lips that dribbled slightly when he spoke. He continuously dabbed them with a damp tissue as he gave an exuberant appraisal of my performance. I shrugged off the praise as I tugged on my jeans and pulled out my phone to check my messages. There was one from Artie asking to call him, so I said my goodbyes and left, barely registering the coy farewell from the blonde who moments ago had squealed with delight as I’d ejaculated over her face and breasts.

Stepping into my car, I dialled Artie, rubbing my eyes wearily as he answered the phone with his usual phrase.

“Fanny Adams massage parlour, how can I help you?” His deep voice rumbled down the phone and I chuckled softly.

“Christ Artie, you not get bored saying that?”

“Nope,” came the swift reply. He spoke rapidly, as he always did, his sentences spraying out in a staccato rhythm as if his tongue struggled to keep up with his thoughts. Knowing Artie, it probably did. “Got a new job for you kid,” he began. He always called me kid despite being only four years older.

“This one’ll pay you triple. Means you can take that mini break you’ve been moaning about for the last two years. Asked for you specifically.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, suddenly intrigued. Not at being asked for specifically; that had happened plenty of times as my profile grew, but the increased wages were interesting. I’d been asking for a break now for a while, but Artie kept taking contracts on my behalf, wanting to “strike while the iron’s hot” or some such rubbish.

“What’re they asking for?” I said. “You know I won’t do any of that weird shit some of your other clients do.” Artie’s rumbling laugh echoed down the phone.

“None of that,” he replied, humour still lacing his tone. “They’re a new company wanting to make quality stuff for the more upmarket crowd, none of this internet drivel that’s killing the market. Good old fashioned porn. Contract’s here waiting for you to sign.”

“Same old?” I asked.

“Same old,” he said. “Body and soul for three days, four shoots, four orgies or whatever they want. Same old.”

“No worries, I’ll be round later to sign it.” I hung up and turned on the car, giving little thought to the contract. Had I not been drifting through the days, I’d have read that contract properly and not signed it. But I did. With a flourish and a joke with Artie about the next few months I’d have off whilst he sweated over his more salubrious clients. I slept well that night, a whirlwind trip across Europe, the Steppe and China my last wondrous thoughts that day.

I woke refreshed and ready for my last shoot for months. I went for the usual morning run that kept my body trim and took a long, hot shower that cleansed every pore of my body. After a large breakfast to fuel up for the day, I hopped in my car and drove to the designated site, a disused warehouse on the Docks that had somehow survived the culling for the 2012 Olympics.

A bustle of vehicles crowded the parking area and I noted that all the equipment being transported by efficient looking men and women into the building looked brand new, backing up Artie’s theory about a new kid on the block. I stepped out of my car and walked to the main entrance to be greeted by the most stunning woman that I’d ever met.

She was dressed in a figure hugging black dress that clung to the contours of her body as if she’d been poured into it. She moved with elegance and grace despite the five inch heeled patent black court shoes that she wore and a dress that prevented much movement of the legs at any point above the knee. Her long dark hair hung in ponytail draped artfully over one shoulder, highlighting a sensuously curved neck and long platinum earrings that sparkled in the morning sun as the light flickered off the Hearts of Stone diamonds.

Her eyes were playful; daring as if promising untold sexual pleasures and her lips, full, yet well defined, were raised in an open smile that beguiled the senses. Her eyes were deep, green pools of sex dappled with brown, yet her mouth showed an innocence that sucked you in.

Her low cut dress showed her cleavage to full effect and for the first time in my life, I stammered and sputtered like a smitten school boy and took her outstretched hand. It was soft and firm, well manicured with bright red varnish to match her lips.

“I’…hi. I’m…” I mumbled. The Goddess in front of me gave a throaty chuckle.

“I’m Louise,” she said. Her voice soft and gentle, yet quiet. “You must be Nick. I’ve been expecting you.”

I followed her into the building, watching her arse sway in her heels as she led me passed the crew and a mock up of an old victorian bedroom and into my dressing room.

I barely heard a word of what she had said. It was like a light had switched on in her presence and I was no longer day dreaming. I couldn’t understand why. As she led me into my room, she pointed at a clothes rack to my side and told me to choose what I wanted to wear for the first session.

“You’ll do two sessions today and tomorrow and one the day after. I hope that’s to your satisfaction?” She turned on her heels and faced me with the full force of her beauty. It took me a moment to realise that she was speaking.

“Oh, yes. Sorry, I don’t seem to have woken up yet,” I lied and shook her hand once more. Having no idea what the plot of the “film” was about, I asked if she had a script or any specifics that I needed to do. Louise let slip a chuckle and indicated the rack of clothes beside her.

“These will tell you all you need to know,” she said. “Annie will be in shortly to help with your make-up” With that, she walked gracefully out of the room. I sighed and looked around. It was spacious with plenty of mirrors and good lighting. The walls were painted a light shade of blue and it looked clean and inviting. I’d been in some dingy dressing rooms in my time and was pleased that the next few days would go smoothly if this was anything to go by.

I moved to the dressing rack and paused, confusion marring my features. The rack was filled with women’s clothing, all manner of dresses and underwear. On a stand next to it, sat many pairs of shoes all with the tallest of heels. It didn’t take long to work out what sort of porno I was making.

“Fuck,” I swore under my breath. “I knew it was too good to be true.” I stormed out of the room to find Louise, my anger and disappointment clouding my lust from earlier. She’d made it as far as the set and was directing her crew to make some subtle adjustments to the studio. She had exacting standards it would seem.

“Louise,” I called as I approached. “A word if you please?” She turned to me, with a knowing smile on her face. She was, quite simply, breathtaking. I refused to let it quell my anger.

“I was wondering how long it would take,” she said. She seemed unfazed, even expectant of my anger. “Come. Follow me to my office. Let’s have a drink and a chat.”

Chapter 2

“Look,” I said, as Louise put a bottle of beer in front of me and sat on the edge of the desk, slightly to my side. Her room was opulent, yet tastefully decorated. Soft hues and textures mixed with dark woods and leather. Though it was early, I took the proffered drink and sipped the cool liquid.

“I’ve seen all manner of porn films, filmed all sorts, but I’m not into the trannie scene. My reputation will take a hit I can’t afford to take. The industry is going down the pan and I need to take what I can get before I can’t make any kind of living any more. It’s a great contract and offer, but I can’t take it. Long term, I can’t afford to be made a laughing stock of.”

Louise looked at me expectantly, waiting for my argument to peter out. When she saw that I was done, she asked a simple question.

“What if no one knew it was you?”

“No one’s that good,” I replied. “Besides, it’s not my thing.”

Louise leaned forward, put one hand on my chest, where we could both feel my heart pounding and looked at me closely. She was centimetres away, her perfume filling my nostrils with its intoxicating scent. When she spoke, the words cut into my soul.

“You’re dead inside Nick. I can see it in your eyes. I’ve been looking a long time for the right person, and that one is you. There’s no joy in your days. You yearn for something else. Something different. You look at yourself in a mirror, yet don’t see anything. Life is but ash to you. The problem? You don’t know what it is you seek. I do.”

She leaned closer, now whispering in my ear.

“I can wake you up. Give me one second of your time. Just one. And I will make you see yourself.”

I’m a sceptic. I don’t trust. I don’t believe, and I have little faith. Least of all in humanity, of which I see it at its most base. But there and then, I’d have signed my soul to her. Every word she said struck home. She’d verbalised what I’d only begun to think.

With parched throat and my heart beating loudly, I nodded assent.

Chapter 3

“How did you know?” I asked as I gazed at myself in the mirror. What stared back was stunning. Louise was right. It only took one second and I was forever changed. Louise smiled, somehow sad yet pleased.

“I stood as you do now but three months past.” I stared in shock. She’d had me fooled, even more, had me lusting after her perfect femininity.

“You’re…” Now Louise chuckled, a throaty sound that tickled my encased cock.

“I am,” she said. A simple statement, yet full of so much. I stared back in the mirror, amazed once more. This felt so right.

It hadn’t at first. Louise had walked me to my dressing room, and opened a door I had assumed led to a cupboard, but instead led to a large, tiled bathroom filled with all manner of exotic scents and toiletries. She pointed a well manicured hand to a razor.

“Take that, make yourself smooth. I’ll take my promised second, but not yet. I don’t want to see any hair on your body. Your face,” she said as she curled her nail down my stubble, the rasping sound all there was between us. “Shave close. Once I’ve had my second, we can talk about longer terms fixes.”

As she walked out, her heels loud on the tiled floor, I marvelled at how I’d been so easily manipulated. Her words had struck a chord, yet it was her physical presence that had made it so easy to be manipulated. I’d had sex, through work and recreation with more women than I could count, yet I had been attracted to very few.

As I stepped into the shower, I picked up the feminine razor and used the scented foam to cleanse my body of hair.

It took some time and when I was done, the whole room had filled with steam. I patted myself dry and used some body mousse that had been left in a prominent position to make my skin soft. I noticed immediately how the towel felt differently and even moving my legs brought shivers of pleasure.

My world view was shifting.

As I stepped into the main dressing room, Louise stood up from where she’d been sitting, putting her iPad away as she did so.

“Excellent,” she said as she appraised me, one eyebrow raised in a teasing manner. She moved swiftly toward me and pulled the towel from my waist. Given the profession I was in, I didn’t even blink. Instead of keeping hold of it, she wrapped it round my chest as if I was a woman hiding her breasts.

“The first advice from me to you hon,” she said as she tucked the towel into itself. “Even when no one is looking, think, act, walk, talk like a woman and soon you’ll be one in everything that matters.”

“But I’m not…” I started to protest, but was swiftly hushed.

“One second remember. I haven’t had that yet.” She moved me to the mirrored dresser with lights shinning round it and began to apply a foundation to hide any traces of stubble shadow. As she did so, she nattered away quite happily, teaching me the ins and outs of what to do.

I found it fascinating, how you would use darker blush under the jaw to help hide the masculine set or how to hide tired shadows under the eyes, line the lips before putting lipstick on. Which lipstick to use for the day or the evening. How to put make up on for the daytime and then add some colour for the evening.

She painted my nails a crimson red, chuckling whilst she did so.

“Don’t get used to this,” she said. “I’m doing it this once. Either you use the make up artist or do it yourself.”

“So why are you doing it now?” I asked. I enjoyed the attention she gave me and would have loved to spend more time with her.

She gave a sad smile and for a second I could see a depth of pain and loneliness that I could barely fathom.

“I’m repaying a favour,” she replied enigmatically. Before I could press any further, she bade me stand up and led me to a cupboard next to the racks of clothes. She opened some draws and pulled out all manner of satin and silk underwear. I balked slightly at the sight of it, realising what I was about to willingly do.

Steeling myself, I reached for the proffered garments.

“Roll up the stockings and place them on your toes, then gently pull them up,” advised Louise. I’d seen enough women do this to know what I needed to do. What I didn’t know was how sensual it felt. My legs tingled with excitement at the feel of the silk as I drew them up my soft and hair free legs. The tops of the stockings had a rubber style band around the inside.

“They’re to hold the stockings up so they don’t fall down,” said Louise as she passed me some black satin knickers. As I stepped into them, shuddering with pleasure as the satin rubbed against my stocking legs, I felt my cock begin to stir. Inside, they had a pouch for my to put my cock in and was glad to be able to tuck it away before it showed my excitement. It had a thick G-string that rode up my arse, but kept my cock firmly in place.

“Turn around,” ordered Louise as she pulled the pink towel from my chest. I did as bade and raised my arms so that she could put them through the straps of a corset. From behind, Louise pulled the satin, steel boned corset around my waist and made me slot the metal pins on one side into the catches on the other. Once I’d finished, she asked me to lean forward.

As I did so, the breath from my lungs was savagely expelled as she pulled the corset tight, constricting my already waspish waist even further. The corset came higher than most as it contained a pair of breast forms that were cleverly concealed. Louise came round the front and clasped the bra style top part containing the silicon breasts closed.

“Don’t look in the mirror just yet,” ordered Louise. “The corset will make you walk more upright, like a woman and force you to breath more with your chest. I’ve got one with suspenders, after all, you are making a porno. That’s why I’ve given you this corset. We can’t have your falsies falling out of a bra when you take your top off.”

I gulped in fear. Louise’s words brought home what I was about to do. Niche work I said I’d never do. What was more worrying, was the stirring of my trapped cock at the thought of doing it.

Louise then had me step into a satin Coast dress that hugged my figure as I brought it up past my stocking encased legs, past my corset and then asked me to slip my arms through the sleeves so that she could zip up the rear. The dress had a high neck, with sleeves that only covered my shoulder, enough to hide the corset’s bra straps. The inside of the dress was satin lined and I closed my eyes with pleasure as Louise zipped it up, encasing me in a world of soft satin.

My movements were restricted as I was led to a seat, the corset kept my back and stance straight, my breathing steady, and the dress kept my legs together, the silk stockings rubbing each other when I walked. As I sat, the tight dress clutched me tighter, my legs had to cross over each other as a woman would sit and I had to sit straight, perched on the seat, not slouched as I normally would have.

Louise handed me a pair of court shoes with a five inch heel. I panicked as I took them from her.

As I tried to bend to put them on, I realised I couldn’t move my legs up or bend down far enough. I looked up to see Louise laughing.

“I’m sorry hon,” she said and took the shoes from me so that she could put them on for me. “It takes some getting used to, but you will.”

“Not in three days I won’t,” I replied. Louise didn’t answer, but had me stand so that she could teach me how to walk. In such a tight dress and corset, I struggled, but soon had mastered the art of which muscles to move, how to balance and how to get moving. I was ungainly moving at first, but once I got moving, it came more easily.

“Now for some bling.” Louise put some platinum bangles on my right wrist, and an expensive looking watch on my left. She put a long necklace over my head that sparkled brightly against the black satin on my dress. It was elegant and stylish. She gave me some rings to put on each hand, the size just right for my fingers. I marvelled at how my hands looked with sparkling diamonds at one end and bright red tips at the other.

“And now for the hair. This will complete you.” She showed me a long blonde wig and explained how to look after it, how to wear it and how to make sure that it stayed onto my head.

“I had thought blonde to be too obvious, but with your complexion and fair hair, it’ll work a treat. Now, close your eyes. Let me adjust this bit. Perfect. Take my hand hun.”

Louise took my hand and led me across the room to what I assumed would be the full length mirror sat opposite the entrance.

“I asked for one second Nick. Here it is.”

I opened my eyes to see a stunning blonde stood in the mirror. Louise was right. It took one second. I knew who I was now. Knew who I wanted to be and how to do this.

“Welcome to the world Nicola. I’m very pleased to meet you.”

Chapter 4

I stepped out of the dressing room and was led by Louise to the main staging area where we’d be shooting. I was petrified. Scared witless that they would all turn and laugh, but was astonished when the group of twenty or so staff turned at Louise’s introduction, appraised me for a few seconds, then burst into spontaneous and heartfelt applause.

“Now then,” Louise called when the applause had died down. “We have work to do!”

Chapter 5

Louise spent twenty minutes coaching me to use my voice. The trick, she said was to not use my throat as I normally would. It wasn’t about raising the pitch, so much as getting rid of the depth and timbre associated with a male voice. It took some doing as I often slipped between the masculine and the feminine, but eventually she was satisfied.

I was a keen student. I wanted this to work. Now that I’d found Nicola, I didn’t want to let her go.

As I worked with my patient and wondrous voice coach, the film crew made adjustments to the set behind me. They had a blueprint that Louise, looking over when not helping me, directed with a firm hand. There were exacting instructions that had to be followed.

When she was satisfied with the set and with my voice, she stood from her chair and smoothed her skirt with a delicate flick of her wrists. She was so feminine, and naturally so, that I marvelled at what lay between her legs. If I could achieve a fraction of what she had become, I would be pleased.

She took my hand in hers and led me to the bedroom set.

“You’ve met Angel?,” she asked as she had me sit on the bed. She adjusted my poise, tucked my legs more closely together and had me sit in an elegant pose. I felt self conscious in my outfit, but the whole crew was relaxed and I saw a few admiring glances from some of them, gender seeming to make no difference from whom the looks came from.

I nodded that I knew Angel. She was a stunning blonde who I’d worked with before. I felt a pang of anxiety at how she would react to me now, but quickly stifled it. I wanted to get the shoot over with so that I could start exploring this world that Louise had thrust me into.

Angel wasn’t like the other women I’d worked with. She’d seemed aloof and hadn’t thrown herself at me like the others. I’d found her distant. Seeing as that was something I’d been accused of several times before, I was hardly one to judge.

I realised that Louise was asking me a question and shook myself from my reverie.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Louise chuckled. She seemed able to read my thoughts.

“Angel knows. She’s excited about meeting you. The lights are dim, but the camera’s don’t need it. I want this to look natural, as if we aren’t here. Block us out. You know what to do?”

I realised that I had no idea whatsoever.

“No,” I answered honestly. “I’ve not got a clue.” Louise cupped my cheek with a warm hand.

“Perfect,” she said enigmatically and walked from the set, the darkness outside of the lighting swallowing her up. I gulped, feeling completely alone on a large King Size bed, perched on the edge with one leg crossed over the other.

Glancing around the room, it looked just as if this was someone’s home. Nothing like the basic sets I’d worked on before. The satin sheets of the bed seemed intent on sliding me off, the satin of my dress providing little grip and I dug my heels in the floor to keep my balance.

As I struggled to sit on the bed, a large, oak panelled door slid open and in walked Angel. She was stunning, but that wasn’t what took my breath away. She was dressed in the same black dress as me, her blonde haired styled as mine. She wore the same five inch heel shoes that clicked loudly on the wooden floor as she stalked towards me.

She had the greyest eyes I’d seen and full, ripe lips that oozed sexual pleasure. She smiled as she met me and I could see for the first time, genuine emotion and pleasure. I moved to stand, but she pushed me onto my back with a well manicured hand. The nails were painted the same colour as mine.

In my corset and tight dress, I was helpless as she exerted a little pressure to push me back.

“Now this,” she said, appraising me with undisguised lust. “This is much better.” Her hands were electrifying as she rubbed them over my satin encased body, nails dragging along the silk of the stockings as they teased my legs.

I couldn’t be sure if this was an act or not, but she was clearly aroused. I was used to taking the lead, being the dominant one in my films, but here was something new. In the dim lighting, I couldn’t see the crew. It was as if we were completely alone. I had no idea what to do, so followed her lead.

Caressing her body with my hands, she moaned as I touched her in the same spots that were causing electric ripples to course through me. We kissed, our lipstick making the kiss softer and smoother than I’d known. I moved to her neck as she straddled me, the tight corset stopping me from bending up too much.

I moved to lift the skirt of my dress up, but she batted my hands away, instead pulling hers up to reveal that she had no knickers on.

Still on my back, she started to move her knees up towards my shoulders. Pinning my arms down, she lifted herself so that she could hold onto the pillars of the bed and lower her pussy onto my eager mouth.

She was already moist and as I lapped at the warm juices flowing from her mound, my tongue finding her clit and working around it to bring her to climax. She screamed wildly as I kept working her and started bucking, grinding down hard on my lips as she orgasmed.

Once done, she moved down, unpinning me as she sighed contentedly and kissing me gently on the lips, her sex mingling between us.

“Definitely much better,” she whispered, her voice filled with lust. Her hands found the hem of my skirt and lifted, with some effort, the hem past my arse. As she did so, I pulled the knickers holding my cock in place and it sprang out eagerly.

In all of the porno’s I’d done, I’d never really felt lust. It was all mechanical. Though skinny and small, my cock wasn’t and that’s what kept me in work. For the first time in as long as I could remember, lust clouded my mind. I was desperate for sex.

Angel could see this and a teasing look caught her features.

“Slow down hon,” she said. “I’m in charge.”

With that, she took my engorged cock in her hand and started to massage it slowly, positioning herself so that she could slide onto it. Acutely aware of my corset, satin dress, silk stockings and high heels, I was in a heavenly world of bliss. The fact that Angel matched me in appearance and dress heightened the sexual pleasure.

At this point Angel manoeuvred my legs open, having me lie as a woman would in the missionary position. She then had hers as closed as possible so that she could still take my cock into her warm pussy and lie between my open legs. She then thrust gently as if she was the one with the cock.

I wrapped my legs around her, the heels of my shoes locking with each other and the stockings rubbing against her satin dress. The corset kept me firmly in place and I started to moan loudly as I felt myself starting to climax, my hands reaching up and holding Angel close to me. It was a feeling unlike anything I’d felt before and I felt Angel starting to do the same, her cheeks colouring as she did so.

As she thrust against me, I orgasmed as if for the first time in my life. I screamed with pure joy as I came deeply inside her, Angel thrusting harder as she climaxed. My vision blurred as my world view shifted once more. If I wanted to be Nicola before this session, I was never going to let her go now.

Angel looked down, our hot breath mingling with each other. She had a satisfied look and one of knowing.

“That was….” I didn’t know what it was, didn’t know what to say. Angel kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“Not finished yet.” She replied, and at those words, I felt myself instantly hardening inside of her. She hadn’t moved, and I felt her tensing her vaginal muscles, coaxing my cock back to life. She leaned forward, her lips caressing my ears as she whispered.

“I like you more like this. I’m going to try a few things you’ve not tried before. If you come with me on this journey, you won’t be sorry. Will you come with me?”

She moved her head up, her pale grey eyes staring deep into mine. I didn’t need to think. I’d completely forgotten that we were being filmed, that there was a camera crew filming every possible angle.

“Of course,” I replied breathlessly. Angel smiled, and I saw how stunning she truly was. I was seeing her for the first time, I realised. She then lifted herself up and moved to where she had been before, her pussy over my mouth. Without hesitation or the slightest pause, I moved to lick her clean. My own juices had mingled with hers and tasted divine.

A day ago I’d have been repulsed. Louise had opened a new world that I had willingly stepped into. Angel was walking me through the world and I embraced it.

Once I’d cleaned her out, she moved herself from me and lay to my side, sharing a deep kiss as her hands lazily caressed my stomach and breasts. Though she wore the same, she had much more elegance in her movements, not seeming to be too constricted by the dress or the corset.

“Sit up,” she said, and I did as she commanded. I slid my legs over the side of the bed as she sat on her knees and undid the zip at the back of my dress, helping me out of it. She asked me to stand and I felt very self conscious as I stood in front of her in my corset, heels and stocking. The hair on my wig brushed my shoulders and back, and I marvelled at how even that felt sensuous.

Catching a glance in a mirror to my side, I could see a sexy woman standing in the room wearing sensuous lingerie. The only give away was the large erection between my legs.

“Beautiful,” marvelled Angel as she stood beside me. She reached behind and removed her zip to let the dress fall in a puddle of satin by her feet. She wore the same underwear as me, but her corset didn’t have the fitted bra. She didn’t need one. Her ample and firm breasts stood proudly to attention as she stepped closer.

We were the same height and as we kissed, her breasts pushed against mine. Even though mine were fake, I still thrilled at the feel. Turning me around, she had me sit on the bed once more, placing her breasts at the same height as my mouth.

Previously, I’d have suckled them greedily, but now I was different. I’d changed. I caressed them gently, my manicured nails giving the barest of touches. I kissed the area around the nipples slowly and delighted at Angels moans of pleasure.

Before I could revel some more in the sensuous act, Angel reached into a draw on the bed side dresser and pulled a blindfold from it. She placed it over my eyes and asked me to kneel on the bed facing the side.

As I moved to do so, fearing what might come next, but resolving to follow through, my heel caught on the satin sheet and I smirked at how things were so very different as a woman.

For what seemed an age, I lay on my hands and knees, hearing the sound of a cupboard opening and some rummaging.

Bright light suddenly seared my retinas as Angel pulled the blind from my eyes.

“I want you to see,” she explained as she stood in front me. I looked over and saw that she was now wearing a strap on. A large dildo was attached to it that mimicked a very large cock.

I paused for a second, thinking of the implications of what would happen next. I was unrecognisable as Nicola. My career wouldn’t be damaged. I’d promised myself and Angel that I would follow her and didn’t want to regret not doing this.

I reached forward and took the dildo in my hand. Its girth was huge and I worried at what it might do to me. I looked up into Angels eyes and she nodded slightly. Looking down, I took the giant dildo in my mouth, guiding it deeper and deeper down my throat. It was huge and I feared that I might gag, but I kept going adjusting my head slightly to fit it all in.

Angel moaned in pleasure as I did so. The dildo was a two way one, the other side fitted snugly into her vagina so that when I moved up and down the shaft of the dildo as if giving her a blow job, it moved the dildo inside her as well. I felt intense pleasure in the act, both in giving Angel such pleasure and in the act itself. It felt as if each act served to set me free even more.

Suddenly, without warning, a warm load of creamy milk like substance shot into my mouth and down my throat as Angel activated a pump attached the the strap on. Gagging slightly with the unexpected load, I struggled to swallow it all, some of the cream running down my chin.

Shifting back, Angel pulled the rubber cock from my mouth and bent down to lick the creamy substance that had escaped.

“Turn around,” she whispered huskily. As I presented my arse to her, kneeling on all fours, my heart beat loudly in my chest. I was breathing heavily at the prospect of what was to come, the corset forcing small, gulping breaths.

“I’m going to go slowly,” said Angel. “It will hurt at first. A lot. But after that, it will be the most amazing thing you’ve experienced.”

A coldness spread through my recently shaved arse as Angel applied a healthy dose of lube to it. She teased me by pushing one finger, then two up there, stretching it so that I could take the large rubber cock. As she did so, I groaned with pleasure, pushing back on the fingers, my hands gripping the satin sheets.

All too quickly, she removed the fingers and I felt the tip of the large dildo pushing against my anus. I pushed back and regretted it as pain shot through my arse. I almost yelled, but Angel gently eased back out before coming back in again.

She did this a few times, allowing me to get used to the size of the dildo, before giving one large thrust and pushing the entire dildo into me, filling me completely, more than I’d ever felt before.

This time, there was no pain. Surges of pleasure coursed through me as the dildo teased my G-spot and my sphincter squeezed the dildo without my control of it. Angel started thrusting, gently at first, then harder as she started to climax.

Her hands gripped my waist, the corset providing the feminine hour glass figure that gave her a firm grip. She kept her balance well in her five inch heels and I started to thrust back in time with her, keeping a rhythm that sent us closer and closer to climax.

Suddenly a buzzing sounded as she turned on a vibrator within the strap on. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take as Angel started screaming as her own dildo, vibrating deep within her, brought her to climax.

As she came, she snaked a hand round and grabbed my cock, taking just a few pulls to bring me to climax, both of us screaming loudly. I’d never had my G-spot stimulated before and became lost as waves of contractions shuddered through me, my arse gripping the strap on and almost pushing it further into me.

I collapsed on the sheets, pulling Angel down with me, the vibrator coming to a halt as she switched it off.

In the silence, all that could be heard was the frantic breathing of two people.

Both of whom would never be the same again.

Chapter 6

“Angela,” she said. “Call me Angela.” Before I could reply, the lights of the studio came on, bathing us in a harsh neon glow. Blinking, I made to sit up but was held in place by Angela as she removed the strap on from within me.

As she did so, I searched for my knickers and started putting them back on as Louise stepped onto the set, grinning madly. Around us, the crew started disassembling the set, ignoring us completely. I felt acutely embarrassed, as if I’d just bared my soul.

I tucked my now flaccid cock into the pouch on my satin knickers and pulled the dress back up my legs as Angela, without a word, turned me around and zipped me back in. I did likewise to her as Louise sat on the bed beside us both.

“How do you feel,” she asked me. I glanced at her, still embarrassed.

“How did you feel your first time?” I asked in return. Louise smiled knowingly.

“Thought you’d enjoy it. Take the rest of the day off. I’d planned two sessions, but we got that all rolled into one! Tomorrow, we’ll be doing a morning one and an evening session. I’ll see you here at nine.”

She slid elegantly from the bed and moved to leave. Angela called after her.

“Nicola and I are going for a drink. Would you like to come?” she asked. Louise turned and smiled sadly.

“Thanks hun, but I have someone to visit. Maybe another time.”

As she left, I turned to Angela.

“Going for a drink are we? You’ve never said yes before and now you’re suggesting it!” Though I said it jokingly, I was intrigued. Angela laughed as she took my hand and led me to the dressing room.

“I’m not taking Nick for a drink,” she replied. “I’m taking Nicola! We’ll get you touched up and then we’re off out.”

I snatched my hand away, a little more forcefully than I’d have liked.

“Hey, I’m doing this for the money. This isn’t me. I can’t go out, people will see me.” It was a lie and I knew it. The part about being read wasn’t though. I was terrified at the prospect. Angela stepped towards me and put her arms around my satin clad waist.

“You look stunning. No one is going to read you,” she whispered. She needn’t have. The film crew were busy packing the set away so they could get the rest of the day off and were oblivious to the two “actors”.

“You felt what happened back there. That was nothing to do with the money. That was the real you. The you that was hidden behind those blue eyes of yours all this time. I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You’ll be fine.”

She took my hand once more and led me into the changing room.

“Come on. Let’s get cleaned up, a coat sorted for you and we’re going out.”

Chapter 7

We made quite a splash in London that night. Two women identically dressed in tight, black figure hugging satin dresses and high heels dancing sensuously on the dance floor, drinking cocktails at the bar and giggling like a pair of school girls.

We were hit upon several times in each bar that we walked to, my feet sore in such high heels, unaccustomed as I was to walking in them, but my soul soaring with joy. Each bar, each drink bought us and each delicate touch from Angela set my senses on fire.

She was kind and patient as well, showing me how to walk, how to hold my handbag and how to move my arms when I walked. Simple things that I never would have thought of, but enough to separate those who knew what signs separated the genders.

Angela suggested we finish the night back at hers and I readily agreed. I’d been in heels and a corset since the morning and my feet ached and my stomach rumbled. We’d stopped at a nice Chinese restaurant, but I hadn’t been able to eat much in such restrictive clothing.

As we clambered into a taxi, giggling wildly from the champagne we’d drunk in the last bar, Angela leaned over and we kissed passionately, our hands clutching each other tightly, roaming over the soft contours of our dresses. I caught the cabbie staring back at us in shock, barely able to concentrate on driving us home.

Thankfully we made it back safely and spilled out onto the street in a secluded neighbourhood overlooking the Thames called the Narrows. Angela took my hand and punched in a code to let us into a private block of flats. Due to the late hour, the corridors and lifts were empty and we met no one as made out way up to the top floor.

Angela’s flat was beautiful. All sleek lines smooth contours. It had a modern aesthetic, yet was comfortable with large sofa’s and carpets in an open plan space. It was tastefully decorated and I whistled as I entered. It made my own abode look cheap and cheerful.

“This is some place you have here,” I said as I walked to large set of bay windows that looked out over the river. London stretched out before us, the Shard piercing the sky and the streets all glittering with twinkling lights.

Angela came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my hourglass waist. She lifted the blonde hair from my neck and started to kiss it softly. I leaned back into the embrace.

“It belongs to Louise,” she said between kisses. “But enough of that. Let’s have some fun.” She spun me around and led me to her bedroom. It was huge, with a four post bed in the middle and large, walk in cupboards.

As I entered, my heeled feet clacking on the wooden floor, Angela had me turn around and unzipped my dress. I kicked it from my feet and did the same to her so that we both stood in our stockings, heels and corsets.

Walking backwards, Angela took me to the bed and leaned back as I crawled on the bed, leaning over her and kissing her passionately, our hands exploring our bodies. The silken stockings we wore rubbed against each other as our bodies intertwined. It felt electric.

Throwing her arm backwards, Angela opened a draw by the cupboard and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. With practise ease, she’d cuffed my hands and had me cuffed to the bed rest, my arse facing in the air.

Angela removed my knickers and my throbbing cock bounced out. She grabbed it and brought it to full attention before jumping off the bed and rummaging around in a cupboard out of sight. I twisted my head to look, but couldn’t quite see.

Before I had time to ask what was happening, I felt a coldness on my arse and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation.

“This butt plug is bigger than the dildo you had earlier,” Angela warned, her voice husky with sex. “You will need to relax.”

I yelped as my cheeks were parted by a monster plug that threatened to split me in half. Angela swiftly removed what had been pushed in and tutted in mock reprove.

“That sort of noise just won’t do now will it?” she asked. I opened my mouth to reply and as I did so, Angela shoved a large penis shaped gag into it. It filled my mouth entirely and I struggled to regulate my breathing. As Angela fastened the straps at the back of my head, I heard the snick of a lock. She kissed the top of my head.

“Much better.”

My arse cheeks were parted once more and I could do nothing but suck on the rubber penis that Angela had forced into my mouth as the large butt plug was forced into my willing, yet newly plucked arse. As it came to the point where I felt I wouldn’t be able to take any more, the plug shot in another inch as the widest part of the bulbous head made its way in and the thin base snuggled tight.

Now that it was fully in I revelled joyously in the feeling of having such a filled arse.

Angela sidled round and undid my cuffs, laying me on my back and then putting the cuffs back on the head rest before covering my body with kisses, her nails running along any bare flesh.

Helpless as I was, Angela undid the front clasp of the bra section of my corset and removed the silicon breasts. I hated to see them removed and felt the loss until Angela started teasing my nipples with her tongue and teeth.

With my mouth so full, all I could do with the gag was suck as if I had a real cock in there. The butt plug started vibrating and the heels of my shoes caught in the sheets as I shuddered with joy.

All too soon, Angela stopped her nipple play and took out some small clamps that she attached to my nipples. Not too tight to hurt, but enough that when she put the silicone breasts back and did the front clasp back, every touch of the breasts sent spasms of joy coursing through my body.

“Now my turn,” whispered Angela as she took out a large dildo and screwed it to the penis gag that filled my mouth. As she lowered herself onto it, it forced the gag deeper into my mouth. I was completely helpless as she started to grind, her pussy wet and dripping down the dongle and pooling round my mouth. Her scent was forced into my nose and I breathed in the smell gleefully. Her sex smelt like nothing I’d ever known before.

I realised that all the times I’d worked with her, she’d not been turned on once, but here and now, she was completely in ecstasy as she started to grind faster and faster, screaming passionately. Her arse kept pushing onto my breasts, my nipples on fire as the clamps were moved.

For the first time in my life, as Angela came, fluid rushing from her pussy and covering my face, something I’d read about but never experienced, I orgasmed as well. Without my penis being touched in any way, the feel of my stockings, high heels, arse filling butt plug, nipple clamps and a penis gag acting as a dongle for a stunning woman to pleasure herself on was enough for me to ejaculate, the cum plastering Angela’s back and my chest as I screamed through the gag.

Suddenly Angela started laughing, a loud sound that held no malice or mockery. Just simple pleasure. She lifted herself from the dildo and took off my cuffs and gag, though she left the plug in.

“That was wonderful,” she purred. “Time to clean up.”

She turned around and presented me with her soaked pussy as she took my cock into her mouth. Her weight on my breasts pushed the clamps once more and the vibrating plug brought me quickly to orgasm once more. Angela sucked greedily at my cum as she expertly manipulated my cock. She groaned through her filled mouth as my attentions on her pussy with my tongue brought her to her own climax.

Panting heavily, she rolled off my chest and we both grinned as we clasped hands, revelling in each others’ company.

Chapter 8

We sat on the balcony watching the world slowly raise itself from a deep slumber. We’d stayed up all night drinking wine on the balcony and chatting away. Angela had lent me a neglige to wear and a silk dressing gown that floated over my legs as I walked. I’d taken the corset off, but removed the bra attachment and kept that on so that the dressing gown fit in all the right places.

Angela had touched up my make up so that I didn’t feel too self conscious. My stockings had become ripped during the last bout of sex, so I threw them in the bin.

We sat on a large sofa on the balcony, our legs intertwined as we shared the wine. The evening was warm with a cooling breeze wafting from the Thames.

We’d talked about anything and everything. I felt so relaxed as Nicola and with Angela’s company was able to open up about my life, how I felt and for the first time in my life, felt some calming balm soothe my soul.

“Tell me about you,” I asked Angela. She looked stunning in the glow of the fading moon, her blonde hair framing her delicate, yet sensual features. She wore just a neglige of the same style as the one she had lent me, but where mine was a deep purple, hers was black. It was a simple cut of silk, with no adornments, but she didn’t need any.

As I asked the question, she took a deep breath and sighed heavily.

“Well,” she started. “I was finished with the whole porn thing until last month. I’d started working in the industry to pay my way through University. I even got as far as an internship at some Law firm, but modelling work led to one thing to another. My sister became ill and I had to help pay for her to go private.”

A haunted look crossed her features and I squeezed her hand gently. She smiled in return and took another drink of the wine.

“In the end, the more I worked, the less time I had for my studies. I dropped out.”

Angela’s story wan’t unique amongst the industry. very few chose that way of life. One thing leads to another and soon you’re in so deep, you can’t get out.

“It came to a head last year, just after that shoot I did with some guy named Nick. I never liked him. Arrogant tosser he was.” She grinned as she said it and I swatted her arm playfully.

“I didn’t like him much either,” I said, eliciting another smile from Angela.

“Anyways,” she carried on. “This director wanted me to do some pretty hardcore stuff, all sorts of fecal matter involved. Anyways, I said no and he said I’d never work again. You know, the usual stuff they all say. Anyways, he became really aggressive, so I ended up punching him.”

I chuckled at the thought of Angela punching a director. I also knew what that would mean. No one else would work with her.

“So there I was. Glad to be out, but pretty much skint. Nothing to my name. I got bar work and was happy with that. One day Louise walks into the pub and changes my life.”

“She does that a lot I think,” I interrupted. Angela nodded in agreement.

“She does. Every member of that crew at the studio has had their life changed and affected in some way by her. Speak to them. They would lay their lives down for her. It’s amazing.”

“She seems ineffably sad,” I remark. “Like she’s had great loss.”

“She has,” replied Angela enigmatically. “But that’s for her to tell you. For me, she gave me this place to live in, said make it my own. She then asked me what was the one thing I wanted in life.” Her voice trailed away as she gazed at the river below. The sun was starting to rise, shadows escaping beneath its benevolent rays.

“Which was?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” she replied, a faint smile curling her lips. She finished the wine and took my hand. “Come on you. We have to be at work in a few hours. Let’s take a couple of them for sleep.”

Chapter 9

I barely slept.

My world had changed. In my arms lay a stunning woman who didn’t like the old me, but really seemed to like the new me.

I couldn’t help but agree. I raised my hand and looked at the rings, the nail varnish and the bangles I hadn’t taken off.

I never wanted to look at my hands and see them as anything but manicured with glittering and feminine adornments.

Whatever happened.

Little did I know how strongly that vow would be put to the test. Fate was working to make sure that if I survived what was to come, I would have a true image of myself.

Would I survive intact?

Angela stirred below me and she arched her back as she stretched, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“Morning sleepy head,” I whispered.

“Morning,” she replied. Even after two hours sleep and her make up smeared, she looked stunning. I looked at the clock. We had an hour before we needed to be on the set.

“We better get up. Big day ahead,” I said.

“Yup,” replied Angela groggily. “And I need to find you something to wear.”

I realised that I’d not brought any clothes with me apart from the dress I wore last night. I glanced at it, laying on the floor. It looked stained and worn from yesterday.

“Be kind.” I pleaded.

Chapter 10

We showered together, washing each other down with a scented scrub that cleansed the skin and left us both smelling faintly of peach. Angela handed me a razor and I shaved closely once again. Luckily, I didn’t grow stubble that quickly, so it wasn’t too painful to have to shave so closely two days running.

Angela handed me a towel as we got out of the shower and I instinctively wrapped it around my chest and tucked it in. Angela smiled and smacked my arse as I walked past. She told me to get some breakfast from the kitchen whilst she changed and found me something to wear.

Several minutes later, she came out in a maxi dress that hugged her figure and emphasised her stunning physique. It was cut low to show her cleavage and I marvelled at how she walked so gracefully in shoes with a wicked spike for a heel.

She took the proffered toast and then took me into the bedroom to help apply my make up. She showed me a few more suggestions on top of what Louise had done and then allowed me to try it myself.

“Mostly,” she said when I was done. She took some liner and touched up my eyes a little. “Pretty good for a first attempt. Your clothes are on the bed. You need help getting into your corset?”

“Please,” I asked. She took the corset from the bed and then tightened it up, making me glad I’d not eaten too much for breakfast as the air was pushed from my lungs and my waist constricted.

Despite this, it was comforting to have back on. It made my stance and demeanour more feminine by sheer necessity, and, once I’d become used to it, it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

Angela kissed me on the cheek and left me alone in the room to change. On the bed lay a sleeveless polo shirt and a pencil skirt. I pulled the polo neck over my head, being careful not to smudge my make up and then stepped into the skirt. It was satin lined and caressed my smooth legs as I pulled it up. It stretched to my knees and hugged my figure perfectly. As I zipped up the rear it became even tighter than the dress I wore yesterday and forced me into the tightrope walk that I was fast becoming used to.

Holding one of the bed pillars, I stepped into my court shoes and felt a surge of joy as the heels raised my height up. My achilles protested after last night’s dancing, but I ignored them as I sat in front of the mirror and attached my jewellery and wig, feeling more complete as I ever had as I pulled the hair back and tied it into a ponytail using a band from the dresser.

Walking into the living room and kitchen area, Angela gave a nod of approval and stepped forward to kiss me. I returned the kiss.

Life was good.

She handed me a leather jacket, and as I zipped it up, passed me my handbag. Slipping it onto the crook of my arm, I opened the front door and walked into the hall, a surge of fear coursing through my veins as I stepped out.

I wondered how long I’d feel afraid walking down the streets dressed like this. Last night, Angela had been with me and I’d been drunk. I was now very much sober and glanced around nervously.

Angela, seeing my discomfort, put her arm through mine and used her other hand to raise my chin.

“Walk proud hun. You look fantastic and no one would even begin to guess what you are.”

“And what’s that?” I asked. “Some kind of freak.” She stopped suddenly and spun me to face her.

“Beautiful is what you are. Not just your body either. Now shut up, stop with the fear and embrace what you have become.” She gazed at me with such fierceness, that I quailed under her stare.

“You’re right,” I stammered. “I’m sorry.”

“Damn straight you are,” muttered Angela darkly. “Now let’s get a taxi. We’re going to be late.”

Chapter 11

The studio had been set up in the same victorian fashion as previously, with the same oak panelling, green carpets and heavily stylised, ornate furniture. This time, the set was of a billiards room with a fire crackling in a fireplace, heavy leather furniture and a pool table in the rear. It looked lived in and well cared for. As if someone really did live there.

Louise was directing the crew to set up, once again ensuring that it was correct to her exacting standards. She looked stunning in a green wraparound silk dress that attenuated her curvaceous body and showed her slim legs which were further lengthened by court shoes with a five and a half inch heel. The sole was red indicating its make and expense.

“You all know this has to be perfect,” she said as we drew close. “That painting should be Pollock, not Picasso.” As the crew hurried off to change the painting, she turned and gave a look of sheer delight as she saw us, scurrying over and taking both my hands.

“Nicola!,” she cried. “I’m so glad you turned up! I was hoping you would and not nick!”

She turned to Angela, who positively glowed with pride.

“A helping hand from the Angelic works wonders I’m sure,” she fussed as she led us through the set and to our changing rooms, speaking scattershot over her shoulder.

“You have half an hour to get ready, then we’ll shoot. After that, you can take the rest of the day off until six, when I want you back sharpish. I have a million things to do!”

She swirled out in a storm of silk and left us breathless in the changing room.

“Now,” said Angela with a gleam in her eye. “What shall we get you to wear today?”

Chapter 12

I stepped from the dressing room a little hesitantly. I was wearing an exceptionally tight leather dress that Angela chose, with a hem that came only a few inches below my buttocks. It was sleeveless with a high neck and the whole of the rear had small loops instead of a zip through which Angela had laced me into the dress.

Despite my corset reducing my waist by several inches, Angela had tightened the dress as far as it could go and I could barely bend. Though the dress was short, it still kept my legs close together and I struggled in knee high boots with heels that were closer to six inches than five.

Angela was dressed likewise, though hers dress was brown leather as opposed to my black.

Once Angela had fixed my make up, the speaker in the dressing room cackled to life.

“Ready when you are ladies,” came Louise’s voice, made metallic by the speaker. “Were all set up, so just walk in, greet the guests and take it from there. We have cameras all around the set, hidden or otherwise so you don’t need to worry about getting any money shots, we’ve got you covered!”

“Guests?” I asked nervously. Angela smiled.

“Two men,” she replied. Seeing my sudden panic, she gripped my arm. “You’ll be fine. Don’t do anything you don’t want to. Afterwards, we’ll spend the rest of the day together. What happens in there, doesn’t impact upon what we did last night or will do tonight. Ok?”

I nodded my assent and we strutted out. I was getting used to walking in heels, but the tight dress and height of the heels did make it difficult.

As we entered the set, the lights had dimmed and I noticed again how it looked like someone’s home – lived in and used, yet very stately. Sat on the sofa by the fire were two men who rose to greet us.

They were both tall and dressed simply in jeans and a t-shirt. A day ago, if I’d been asked to describe them, I’d have said they both had dark hair, were shaved and both had light skin. One was slightly paler and the other had startling blue eyes.

Now, if I’d been asked, I would have said that they were both handsome and well built. My world view is changing, I thought as I stepped forward and accepted each of their kisses on the cheek.

“Evening ladies,” said the one with blue eyes. “My name is Brad and this is Dean.” As he indicated Dean, the paler one, he took my hand and asked if I’d like a drink. It was barely ten in the morning, but seeing as we were playing evening rules, I agreed.

Angela went to sit with Dean as Brad and I fixed a drink from the cocktail bar. As I moved to the bar, Brad’s arm snaked around my waist as he guided me on.

“You’re stunning,” he whispered, and my heart fluttered. I knew it was all part of the scene, but it had been set up as if we were alone. He’d said it so quietly, I doubt if any of the mic’s had picked it up.

Blushing slightly, I fixed some drinks, Beers for the boys and vodka and coke for the girls, and Brad helped me take them back to the sofa. Angela and Dean were already kissing and I felt a pang of jealousy. She’s straddled his legs and this had caused her dress to ride up showing that she had no underwear on.

She turned as we arrived, took the drinks and placed them on the table beside the sofa before guiding me onto the sofa and kissing me passionately, Dean sat between us looking on with lust. Brad sat to one side, and with an ease that showed his strength, lifted me onto his lap and kissed me.

I’d never kissed a man before yet felt no repulsion. His skin wasn’t soft like Angela’s but he had a musk and scent that were strongly arousing. His big arms gripped my waist as he manoeuvred me some more so that I now straddled him, my dress riding up to show my knickers.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I leaned into the kiss and gasped as I felt his cock harden beneath me. It felt almost as big as mine and I could feel the lust stirring my own cock. It was begging to be set free from its satin cage.

“Let’s mix things up a bit,” said Dean. He reached into a bag on the floor and pulled a large double dildo from it. It had a penis shaped phallus on one end and the same on the other side, separated by a ridge with a button on it.

Dean lifted my skirt some more and tugged my knickers down, grinning as my cock popped out, filled with blood and lust. He eased himself from under me and Dean did the same with Angela, directing us to kneel on the leather sofa facing out towards the arm rest. It was difficult in the tight dresses, and the heels from our shoes locked with each other once or twice, but we managed it.

As we moved, Brad took off his shirt and shook his jeans from his legs. His own cock sprang out and I gazed in lust at his toned torso and large, throbbing member.

I suddenly felt a coldness on my arse as Dean applied some lube. He then did the same to Angela. She was facing away from me, our arses almost touching, but she looked back at me and smiled.

It was a smile that said everything would be ok.

Dean then started to insert the dildo into my willing arse. It was as big as the plug that Angela had filled me with last night and I pushed onto it, revelling in the fullness it gave me. It was becoming much easier to fit these dildo’s and plugs in and I relished how they massaged my G-spot. Easing it in and out as if I was being fucked, Dean managed to get the entire half into me, eliciting moans of pleasure from me as I did so.

He then did the same to Angela, pushing the other half into her arse so that we became joined together by a single phallus. As the end of the dildo was pushed further into her, she moaned with pleasure and pushed back. This caused my end of the dildo to push further into me and we rocked back and forth gently, stimulating my g-spot.

Once we were both fully plugged, Dean pressed the switch on the dildo, causing pleasurable waves of lust to ripple through my body. Brad stepped forward and presented me with his cock, which I took greedily into my mouth.

I’d sucked on a strap on and a penis gag in the last twenty four hours, but Brad’s cock was something different entirely. It was warm and tasted wonderful, but I did struggle to fit it in. I took the shaft with one hand, and guided it in deeper and deeper down my throat causing Brad to moan with ecstasy. Dean was moaning too and I knew that Angela was doing the same.

Angela and I were joined by a giant dildo in our arse’s, both of us on our knees sucking cock. The soft leather of the dress, with its satin lining, caressed me, and my knee high boots further enhanced the feeling that I was in some sex crazed fantasy that I never knew I wanted, yet now knew to be what I needed.

A strand of hair from my wig slipped from behind my ear as Brad gently took hold of my head and started to push deeper still. Angela was pushing back on the vibrating dildo as did I and I started to feel myself climaxing.

Before I could cum, Brad pulled his cock from my mouth, leaving me disappointed. I looked up questioningly and he winked. Taking us both gently, he and Dean pulled us from the dual dildo. I hated the empty feeling that it left and turned to see that it was still in Angela. She pulled me toward her and we started kissing, our hands groping each other through the leather of the dress

Dean then took off the condom he’d put round my part of the dildo and then curved it around so that he could place it into Angela’s wet pussy. We continued to kiss as Dean pushed it further into her. Once the plug was firmly in her pussy and up her arse, she swivelled on the sofa so that she lay under me and I was on all fours.

Groaning with pleasure, she took my pulsating cock in her mouth as her vibrating double dildo brought her to repeated climax. Brad stepped forward again and this time, I managed to get his cock down my throat much more easily, one hand leaning on the arm rest, the other caressing his balls.

As I did so, Dean kneeled on the sofa and started pushing his cock into my willing arse. It was still lubed from the dildo and slid in easily. I groaned with pleasure and suckled greedily on Brad’s cock, working up and down its shaft in a way I knew I liked.

Dean started thrusting hard, getting quicker and quicker as he was brought to climax. I pushed back in time to his thrusts and clenched his cock with my sphincter. He gripped my corseted waist tightly, the leather of my dress creaking as he did so.

With Angela sucking my cock, it didn’t take long for me to start climaxing too, gouts of cum filling Angela’s mouth. WIthin seconds, whilst Dean thrust quicker and quicker, Brad loosed a stream of salty cum down my throat.

A day ago, I’d have gagged at the idea of this, but now I drank greedily, not wanting to spill a drop. I groaned loudly with pleasure as my mouth and arse filled with cum, some dribbling down my leg as I pushed back on Deans cock as he continued to spurt. Brad grabbed my head and thrust deeper as his climax came to a shuddering conclusion and we all collapsed in a heap, breathless with our actions.

In the silence, a vibrating sounded, muffled by the heap of torso’s collapsed on the sofa.

“Could someone turn this thing off please?!” cried Angela into the studio.

Chapter 13

“What does this all mean?” I asked, close to tears. Angela gripped my hand and put an arm around my shoulders, bringing me closer to her.

After the shoot, Louise had entered, delighted again at our work and ushered us off set to have the rest of the day off. Brad, who clearly knew Louise, offered to take her to the hospital. She paused, as if to say no, but shrugged and accepted his offer.

As he led her away, Angela took me back to the dressing room and helped me out of the dress. We barely spoke as she chose some tight jeans and a satin blouse for me to wear. As I put on some knee high boots over the jeans, I asked if she was ok.

She smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m fine,” she replied. “But what about you?” She looked searchingly into my eyes and I told her I was fine as well.

“Good,” she said, clearly not believing me as she handed me a leather handbag to match my leather jacket. As I zipped it up and made to leave, I glanced in the mirror. It was something I’d never tire of. I looked like a real woman. A day like this and I moved and acted as if I was one. It was becoming second nature.

Arm in arm, we strolled through the streets of London, shopping in Oxford Circus, buying new underwear and a sexy neglige and then visiting the London Eye. I didn’t feel at all nervous about being trapped in a bubble with forty other people and felt comfortable that no one realised they stood next to a man dressed as woman.

The looks we got were appraising ones or even looks of shock at two women brazenly attracted to each other.

I chuckled at the thought of being seen as a lesbian.

We then visited the London Aquarium and it was here that is struck me that I’d had sex with two men. What I’d done would have shocked me a week ago, but I’d so quickly embraced it and had enjoyed it so much.

I sat on a bench looking into a giant tank that held all manner of fish swimming lazily around a coral reef and turned to Angela.

“It means,” Angela replied, “That you are exploring and finding out who you are.” She caressed my hair gently as she spoke softly so as none could overhear.

“I’m not upset that you enjoyed it so much. You have no allegiance to me and I think exactly the same about you as I did this morning.” I looked into her eyes, mine own red rimmed.

“Which is?” I asked, knowing what I wanted to hear, but fearing I wouldn’t.

“You remember Louise asked me what I wanted?” she said. I nodded. “I wanted someone like you. Someone beautiful in body, spirit and mind. Nick wasn’t. But Louise knew you were. She just had to bring it out. I wasn’t able to articulate to Louise what I wanted in life, but she just knew. Sex is sex, and I hope we do plenty of it and in all manner of ways. But the soul you have is what I was really looking for. You can go back to wearing t-shirts and trousers and grow facial hair if you want. That’s up to you.”

“I don’t want to,” I blurted out. Tear of joy were streaming down my face and I knew my make-up must look terrible. “I want to be Nicola and I want to be with you.”

Angela smiled, looking more beautiful than ever.

“That makes me so happy to hear hear that,” she whispered emotion catching her voice. We kissed passionately, eliciting strange looks from fellow fish gawkers, before moving to the toilets to freshen up.

As we did so, Angela turned to me and gave me an appraising look.

“If you’re going to stay as Nicola, we need to make a few changes. We’ll start with getting your ears pierced. Then we’ll book some electrolysis this week to get rid of your hair permanently. Then we’ll need to do some shopping. A lot.”

As she spoke, my phone rang, and I rummaged in my handbag to find it. It was Louise.

“Hello,” I answered, taking the phone into the crook of my shoulder and squeezing Angela’s hands to show my gratitude and love.

“Hi hun,” came Louise’s sultry voice. “Can you get here a little early tonight? I need to go through a few things.” As she hung up, Angela grinned. She’d heard the conversation.

“Circle of trust hun. Looks like you’re in.”

Chapter 14

As I entered Louise’s office, my ears stinging slightly from being freshly pierced, she looked up from a mound of paperwork that was stacked high on her desk. They looked like they were from some law firm and I recognised the Letter Heads. It was a top all female law firm and charged extortionate rates for work.

My estimation for Louise went up a notch, but left me wondering why she was involved in the pornography business. She’d make more at the firm and seemed too nice to be part of such a seedy life as this.

She looked stunning but tired. Slight wrinkles and bags under her eyes told of lack of sleep and too many hours working. She greeted me kindly though, as she always did, and moved me to a sofa before fixing us a drink and sitting beside me.

Looking at her as she moved, I marvelled at how elegant and feminine she was. Even in such high heels and figure hugging dress, she moved with a grace and style that even real women could only hope and strive to achieve. She’d become my role model – someone to aspire to, both in body and spirit.

As she sat beside me, she hesitated, as if unsure what to say. She began with the obvious, her hands clasped around a crystal goblet of fine red wine perched on her knees. As she spoke, her hands wrung the neck in anxiety.

“You may have noticed that this isn’t your usual kind of shoot.” I chuckled and shrugged, my fake breasts rising as I did so and falling with a pleasing weight to them.

“Aside from the obvious cross dressing?” I replied. Louise smiled and gave my knee a playful smack.

“Enough of that you,” she said. “I meant aside from that.” I took a sip of the wine, enjoying its full bodied flavour and nodded in agreement.

“I know. The way the studio has been built is as if it’s meant to look like it was filmed in someone’s home. The way you obsess about detail and the way the cameras hang back as if to say it’s not a studio and we don’t have space to pan around and move the camera?”

Louise gulped her wine, even, somehow, managing to make that look sophisticated and elegant.

“Well I’m hardly a major porn mogul!”

“First time?” I asked. Louise smiled once more and gave a mirthless chuckle. Beneath the surface lay a strength and steel that most overlooked, focusing instead on her bubbly personality and stunning looks. She was not someone to underestimate I thought. Or to trifle with either.

“And the last time,” she replied. “I need to let you know that what you are doing here serves a purpose, and not something lofty and grand with high ideals.”

“Just high heels,” I said, butting in. This elicited another throaty chuckle. Louise finished her wine and made to pour us another. As she did so, she continued speaking.

“I cannot give you the finer details, but you need to know that what you are doing is perfectly legal as far as your side is concerned. Your contract will hold up in any court of law as will your actions. I’ve made your contract bomb proof. Same as everyone here.”

“So why am I getting nervous?” I asked as she handed me another glass of the ruby red liquid.

“Because I’m taking you outside of the studio. Whatever you do will be filmed, but done so in secret. Allow me to reiterate.You’ll be within the law. I’m the only one stepping outside of it.”

“Now I really am intrigued,” I responded, brushing some hair from my jeans with a well manicured hand. Louise’s response was quick, but she stopped immediately to let the words sink in.

“You’ll be going to my company’s law firm tonight. You have a mark. I want you to meet her. She needs to be attracted to you.”

“Attracted to me?” I asked. I hadn’t expected this and suddenly felt nervous.

“You’re stunning love,” replied Louise, turning to face me with those green eyes of hers that were oddly speckled with brown. She held my gaze to emphasise the point. “That won’t be too difficult.”

“And Angela?” I asked. “Does she know?” Louise, still holding my gaze, nodded.

“She knows enough to help me, but not too much that she may be in trouble for her actions. Same principle applies to everyone here. Should anything go wrong, she will not be complicit. Everyone here is safe.”

“Except for you,” I whispered softly, taking her hands in mine. They were soft and warm, yet gripped mine firmly in return.

“Except for me,” she replied. So quietly I could barely hear it. She chewed her lower lip, and I found the unconscious action so very appealing.

“You saved my life,” I told her, my voice hoarse with conviction. “I have a reason to live and you gave me that. You saw what was in me and saved me. I’m in the tightest of corsets, a wig that itches now and then and my Achilles hurts almost as bad as the blisters on my toes, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Everyone here has been saved by you. Whatever you want of me, it’s yours. Given freely and with no consideration of consequence.”

As I spoke, tears gently streaked down her cheeks, diamante trickles of emotion as her tension and stress bubbled through. I drew her close and hugged her tightly, wondering at what horrible act had driven such a soul as hers to whatever events she had set in motion.

Chapter 15.

After my meeting with Louise, I walked through the eerily quiet set. Louise had explained that the crew had gone to set up the venue with hidden cameras and would not be needed after that. I wouldn’t be seeing any of them again and missed the bustling activity and easy laughter and banter of the set.

They’d made me feel so at ease becoming Nicola and I felt that I owed them something for my transition being so quick. Without their acceptance, I’d never have had the confidence to leave the studio dressed as I was.

As I entered the dressing room, Angela was holding up two lovely ball gowns, a confused look furrowing her brow and making her even more attractive.

“What did she say?” she asked excitedly as she saw me. “No, don’t tell me! Which one?” She thrust the two gowns in my direction and I grinned at her infectious enthusiasm.

“Which do you like best?” I asked, admiring them both. One was a deep purple gown, strapless and fitted with a light flare once it passed the hips. The other was a bright red gown that had a plunging neck line and a flirtatious slit up the side. It was made of the lightest silk and would float around the legs as you walked. Angela looked at them both before shrugging.

“I like them both.” She held the red one toward me as if seeing how I would look in it. “Nope. I’ll wear this one. You haven’t got breasts yet so wouldn’t work. Here, take this.” As I pondered the meaning of the word “yet”, she handed me the purple one and I took it from her, surprised at its weight.

It was made of satin and lined as well so that when I walked, my legs would constantly be rubbing the smoothest material. The zip was at the back and the front had a satin style bow that hung between the breasts. It looked amazing, but I worried at my lack of bust affecting this one.

“No need to worry about that,” answered Angela when I raised the issue. “The dress will cover your breasts, which we’ll glue on and we’ll use some tape to give the effect of a cleavage. Like this.”

Suddenly all professional and business like, she helped me undress and then took some medical tape, making me squeeze my own pecs as close together as possible. Though I had very little fat, skinny as I was, Angela was able to tape the skin closer together to give a faint hint of a bust that was attenuated by the silicone breasts that she glued to my chest, over the tape and, cheekily, over some nipple clamps that she insisted I wore.

“It’ll feel awesome every time you move,” she said, as she screwed the small clamps tighter, but not so tight as to become painful over the course of the evening. Just enough to titillate if someone brushed passed them. I had the feeling that Angela would be doing that often.

As my breasts dried, Angela helped me with my make-up, giving me a classy evening look and accentuating my cheeks and applying matching lipstick and eye shadow to the dress and my nails that she quickly varnished. She also added some tint to the cleavage to further emphasise it.

Once I was done, Angela wrapped a satin under-bust corset round my waist, which helped to push my breast forms up and give me the perfect hour glass figure. As it tightened my waist to a waspish slither, I marvelled at how natural it was starting to feel. When I wasn’t wearing a corset, I felt somewhat naked.

Angela then helped me into my ball gown and I shivered with joy as I stepped into it and pulled the dress up over my breasts, allowing Angela to zip me tightly in. Shoulders bare and with a hint of cleavage leading down to my breasts I couldn’t feel more feminine and alluring.

Angela slipped a large diamond necklace round my neck and gave me a platinum watch crusted with diamonds and a matching bracelet for the other arm. Earlier that day, we’d had my ears pierced and had splashed out on the most expensive pair in the shop, long earrings that dangled and bumped against my neck every time I moved my head. The feeling was sheer joy, attenuated by the perfume Angela sprayed on my neck.

Angela smiled as she caught me staring at myself in the mirror, long blonde hair draped stylishly over one shoulder.

“Simply stunning,” she said as she handed me a purple pair of strappy shoes with a five inch heel. Leaning on her shoulder, I slipped into them, lifting one leg at a time and pushing the hem of my dress back as I put them on as naturally as if I’d been doing it my whole life. As I stood in my heels, the hem of the dress reached the floor and my pointed shoes poked out as I walked.

Whilst I’d been admiring myself in the mirror, she had slipped into her own elegant dress and the satin whirled around her legs as she moved. She looked exquisite.

We both did and I skipped happily to the waiting taxi, eager to begin my first ever party. I knew there was work to do, but couldn’t wait to get started. I had no misgivings about Louise’s schemes, blind as I was to the ordeal I led myself willingly to.

Chapter 16

The party was awash with satins, silks and all manner of expensive material. We’d been driven to a country manor and the gardens were filled with flowers from all over the world, artfully placed and well tendered. A large gravel drive overlooked a stunning vista of the English country side and the sun even deigned to show its presence as it drifted lazily towards the horizon.

As we arrived, Louise came to greet us, overwhelmingly beautiful in a ball gown of the deepest maroon, elegantly cut to show her bust, with large satin laces at the back that tied her into it and formed part of the design of the long hemline that stretched behind her as she walked.

She greeted us as if we were strangers, holding out her hand and leaning in for a kiss on each cheek.

“Good evening,” she said in that husky voice of hers, her green and brown eyes looking like deep pools of sex in the setting sun. “Welcome to our annual ball, I’m Louise, senior partner in the British branch. Anything you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

She swept a delicate arm over the gardens where hundreds of party goers were milling lazily around, not wanting to step indoors to the formal ball until the sun had truly left.

“There are several people you may be interested to see. Over there,” she pointed to a tall woman dressed in a velvet figure hugging dress that showed her ample curves. Her thick lips seemed perpetually pouting and she had a coolness to her that made me suddenly nervous. “Is Emma, another senior partner,” finished Louise. She raised her hand in greeting at another new comer and rushed to greet her.

Once she was gone, Angela turned to me and winked. We’d found our mark. Walking in high heels on gravel proved more difficult than it would seem, but I eventually found my rhythm, lifting the hem of my dress in both hands to stop it scratching on the gravel. The feel of the long satin dress as it swayed over my smooth legs was electric and I felt my cock stiffen in its pouch, jailed in a prison of silk. As we stepped onto the grass, my pointed heels sunk slightly into the soil and I chuckled at the tribulations women endured.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

As we approached Emma, holding court with several older men, Angela put an arm around my waist, guiding me forward, yet providing comfort. As we drew near, Emma saw us and I realised that her cool demeanour stretched to her eyes. They were cold and hard, yet as she saw me, her pupils dilated, her lips widened slightly and she caught her breath.

Lust. You can’t hide it.

Ignoring the gaggle of men around her, she stepped through them and met us halfway across the large garden, next to a trickling water feature that showed cupid firing his bow. Louise had told us there was a hidden camera and mike there so we drifted towards it to allow for the perfect shot.

How apt, I thought as she approached. She was beautiful and had grace and poise, but it was of the cold, detached kind. The kind that made men lust after her, thinking they would be the one to crack the cold veneer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a veneer. And she didn’t like men. Not that kind anyway.

She raised a velvet gloved hand in greeting and I took it, allowing her to raise it to her lips and kiss it.

“You must be the new girl?” she asked, her voice matching her appearance.

“She is,” replied Angela, speaking before I could reply. “Greetings Miss Evans. You may remember me as an intern here.” Emma glanced at Angela, appraising her again. A cruel smile curled her lips.

“I do. Went into porn didn’t you? Seems you have a new venture, and I must say, I’m most impressed. Where did you pick this one up?”

“Floating in the ether,” I said finding my voice. Emma took a slight step back and seemed to reassess her opinion of me.

“Feisty!” she cried. “I Like it.” Her eyes narrowed calculatingly. I suddenly felt nervous. She tapped her chin with a finger and turned to Angela.

“I’ll take her. At the agreed price and time. She will be delivered to me as per instructions. Any messing about, any attempt to weasel more money or blackmail from me and I will crush you like a wasp.”

The ferocity of her words made me step back, but Angela held firm.

“Damage my product and there’ll be my own special brand of hell to pay,” she hissed, anger spotting her cheeks. Emma chuckled and made to leave.

“Collateral damage love. These things happen.”

As she stalked off to mingle and play social butterfly, Angela stood rooted to the spot, hands clenched in fists of rage. I lay a placating hand on her shoulder and drew her to me. She softened in my grip and took a deep breath.

“I really hate that woman,” she whispered. “Made my life a misery. One reason why it was easy to leave the bar. Come on, let’s get a drink.”

Wondering what “collateral damage” might mean and not wanting to know, I led Angela into the manor. Its huge, castle evoking design stretched to the interior with wooden floors, green carpets and statues of armour dotted along a long hallway that led us to the ball room, opulently dressed with the same flowers and plants that graced the gardens.

A huge dance floor dominated the room with tables of food and champagne hugging the sides. Angela, swaying in rhythm to the music, led me to the floor and on to a staircase that led upwards and upwards, soon leaving the party behind. I had to lift my dress once again to follow her, but knew the effort would be worth it as she led me deeper into the house and into a bedroom that held a large wooden bed with drapes hanging from it. Large paintings decorated the walls and one side of the room had large windows that overlooked the stunning view outside.

As I entered, Angela turned and kissed me deeply, pulling me into her embrace which I willingly returned, kissing her deeply, our hands searching each other with lust. Angela dropped to her knees and looked up, grinning.

Winking, she lifted my dress and shuffled underneath it, letting it drop down over her. I felt her pulling my kickers down, my hard cock released at last.

I felt her toying and teasing my cock and had to reach a hand out to steady myself in my heels as tremors of electricity shot through my body, the nipple clamps seeming to tighten as I thrust my chest out in passion.

Hearing another chuckle escape from underneath my dress as I gave a deep groan of lust, Angela wrapped her lips around my cock and started to suck, taking the whole length into her mouth with practised ease. She was one of the few women who’d been able to do that and I let out another moan, my knees suddenly feeling weak as she brought me to a swift climax, one hand steadying myself on the pillar of the bed, the other rubbing the satin dress over my breasts as my nipples were teased.

Angela sucked harder, one hand teasing my balls and playing with the entrance to my arse, the other grabbing onto my legs to keep me steady as I let out another cry and ejaculated, streams of cum splashing down her throat as she drank it greedily with moans of her own pleasure.

Feeling weak, my knees gave way and I collapsed backwards, yanking my cock from her mouth and crumpling in a heap on the floor, the dress splashing over my face and hiding my laughter at such inelegance.

The hem of my dress was pulled from my face as Angela, on all fours crawled over me and gave a loving kiss, my cum mingling between us. She pulled back after a while, giving me a look that I knew to be love.

“First fall in heels,” she said. “Pretty sure I can make you do that again.” I nodded in agreement.

“Happy for you to try,” I replied. As Angela helped me to my feet, she dusted me down and smoothed my dress, adjusting the top to make sure my breasts were covered. Taking my hand, she led me downstairs to spend the evening dancing away.

I’d fallen in love. I had never felt it before, drifting through life in a daydream as I had. I felt alive. Every sense tingling with ecstatic joy.

What made it better, I reflected as we caught a cab home, was that I knew Angela felt the same.

Chapter 17

The gentle breeze tugged playfully at my silk shawl as I watched a couple stroll casually along the street below. The taxi took us a seeming age to get home, both of us anticipating some fun when we arrived at Angela’s flat.

She’d asked me to fetch the wine and departed to the bedroom as I moved to the kitchen and opened a new bottle of red. As I poured it, moving to the balcony to enjoy the feel of the cool air on my dress, I savoured the smell of the fine wine. It was only recently that I’d started to appreciate it and was glad that I had; necking pints of lager was hardly the pinnacle of feminine decorum.

I turned to the sound of heels on the wooden floor as Angela stepped into the living space. She had removed her dress and wore a suspender belt holding up silk stockings with five inch strappy sandals complementing the look. She bared her breasts and wore a black satin kimono that had slipped from her shoulders and nestled in the crook of her arms.

My breath caught in my throat. She was simply stunning as she stalked towards me, emphasising the movement of her hips and grinning as I noticed the strap on she wore. As she moved into my embrace, I just managed to put the glass of wine on the outside table before our lips locked in a slow and sensuous kiss. Her arms wound round my corseted body, sliding sexily along the smooth satin and working their way further down. I felt the hard strap on crushed between us and my own cock strained at its cage, wanting to match it.

With the smooth grace and firm touch I was learning to love, Angela turned me around and had me lean on the railings of the balcony so she could hitch my dress up and pull my knickers down. My cock swelled with blood and lust as it was freed and I instinctively pushed towards Angela, arching my back in pleasure as her hands stroked their way down my back, her lips kissing my exposed shoulders and neck.

Suddenly, I felt my cheeks being parted as the dildo was pushed into my arse. Angela kept kissing my back and neck and I shuddered with joy as she pushed gently but firmly into me, widening my legs and stance to accept the large rubber cock. Balancing easily in my heels, I pushed back forcing the cock deeper into me as Angela stood straighter and grabbed my dress to lift it higher so she could grab my waist and slowly start to push the dildo back and forth.

Matching her, I pushed back when she pushed in and soon we had a rhythm going. I’d kept my eyes closed the whole time she’d been kissing my back and opened them to see the couple on the street below walking on, completely unaware of what was happening. I grinned as Angela let out a moan of pleasure as her double sided strap on started to vibrate and stimulate her clit, causing the pair to pause as if they’d heard something before moving on.

Angela started thrusting hard as she neared climax and I gripped the railings as she climaxed, keeping steady balance on her feet as she pounded harder, her hands gripping my dress tightly. As she thrust deeper into me, my breasts moved in rhythm, causing the nipple clamps to make me groan with pleasure as I felt electric ripples run through my body to my anus as it clamped hard around the dildo.

As soon as she’d finished her orgasm, I felt the zip on my dress being undone and Angela swiftly removed her rubber cock, making me ache at its loss and pulled me to a standing position. The dress fell to my feet, leaving me in my corset and heels.

She pulled me to the deckchair and lay flat on her back, the large dildo sticking up, still vibrating and causing her to moan with pleasure, purring as a cat would. Stepping one leg over her, I bent down and started kissing her breasts, grasping their firmness with my hands and teasing her nipples. She purred louder and as I moved to kiss her neck, I lowered myself onto the dildo, almost climaxing as it slid easily in, deeper than before as I straddled her, my heels clacking on the floor keeping me balanced.

Within seconds, Angela had reached up, pushing me straight and forcing the dildo further in. Her hands kneaded my breasts, the clamps driving me to a lustful frenzy. One had grabbed my cock and started pumping and within seconds I was close to orgasm. With a final thrust up, arching her back, Angela brushed my g-spot with her strap on and I came, gobbets of cum showering her breasts and face.

As I came, Angela scooped some cum in her fingers and had me suck on them, the taste of my own cum bringing me to further orgasm, my body shuddering in the cool open air as I climaxed.

With chuckle and a grin, Angela bent me forward and kissed me passionately, my cum mixing in our mouths. As she did, I felt the vibrator kick in again.

“Again?” asked Angela, raising a perfectly groomed eyebrow in cheeky lust.

“Absolutely,” I answered and started to manoeuvre up and down the dildo still inside me, forcing it in and out of my arse at a leisurely pace. “We’ve got all night.”

Chapter 18

Louise paced the dressing room nervously, grasping her hands in frustration.

“We can’t do this,” she said, desperation catching her voice. She looked alluring in a maxi dress that hugged her figure, huge wedge heels complementing the look. She wore large bangles on her arm that tinkled as she wrung her hands. Her long hair was held up by her sunglasses and her make-up was applied with a feather touch, yet she had a casual beauty that would be breath taking whether she wore casual slacks or dolled up for a night on the town.

As we’d arrived at the studio, Angela and I discovered that the place was empty and the set dark. I could only make out vague outlines of shapes in the gloom. Only Angela and Louise would be helping me change and I was nervous to discover what was in store for me.

As I slipped out of my corset and satin print dress cut in a swinging sixties style with chunky heels, Angela told me to slip into the silk kimono hung behind the door and only focus on my eyes and lips.

“Slutty style,” she said with a big grin and a twinkle in her eye. Louise threw her hands in exacerbation.

“She’s not doing this!” she cried. “I’m calling it off. What if she knows? What if she guesses?”

“How is she going to guess?” retorted Angela. “All we’ll see is her eyes and maybe her lips. Emma has already met her and passed the test. We’re doing it and that’s all there is to it.”

Angela placed an arm round my shoulder and glared at Louise, who sighed heavily.

“You know this could go badly wrong,” she said, her voice quiet and laced with resignation. “I can’t have that on my conscience.”

“We both choose to be here, whatever happens. We owe you our lives. Right?” Angela glared at me, daring me to refuse at my peril and it was that moment that I knew I would love this woman for the rest of my life. I was also acutely aware that Louise was the reason I was no longer sleep walking through my life and had a chance for happiness with Angela. I’d do anything to repay that.

I turned to Louise and smiled. I held out my hand to her.

“My Lipstick isn’t slutty enough. Can you pass me the fire engine red one please?”

Chapter 19

Angela brought me into the studio space, empty save for the three of us. The floor was littered with rubber paraphernalia and the scent hung heavy in the air. It was not unpleasant and I breathed it in excitedly.

In the middle of the room stood a cage that was humanoid in shape and looked barely big enough to fit into. I started to feel a little nervous. On the ceiling, a metal bar hung from a chain. As I walked to the centre, Angela had me bend over and grab my ankles. I obediently did as told and shivered as she squeezed a hefty dose of cold lube up my arse and smeared it around the sphincter.

She then proceeded to push a large plug up my arse. It was the biggest one I had taken to this point and I groaned and gripped my ankles tightly as she fucked me slowly with it, easing the large bulb past my sphincter. I shuddered as my arse accepted the plug, rocking forward as she pushed, unable to push back too hard positioned as I was. With a playful slap, Angela told me to stand up.

As I did, the plug slid further into me and I shuddered as it rubbed my g-spot. Angela grinned and winked at Louise who smiled back.

“Getting used to this aren’t you!” she said. I blushed as she drew me close and kissed me passionately on the lips, our lipstick mingling.

Next came the corset. This was stern looking rubber corset, steel lined and unyielding. I bent forward as Louise and Angela worked together to tie me in. When I felt that my waist couldn’t get any smaller, they gave one last tug and pulled it tighter still. It had breast forms moulded into the rubber and seemed glued to my skin as I stood up.

“Now the tricky part,” muttered Louise as she took out a large bottle of oil and, with the help of Angela, proceeded to smear my arms and legs with it. Two stunning beauties were slathering oil all over me with their soft hands and my cock started rising to attention. Angela, noticing my pleasure, stroked my cock with her slick hands and I groaned. Louise slapped Angela’s hands away.

“That’s plenty enough of that,” she said in a stern voice. “There’ll be plenty of time for that later!”

Now that my legs and arms were slick with grease, Louise brandished a bright pink rubber catsuit that looked several sizes too small for me. It had a large zip at the front that reached from its high neck down to past my cock and my arse so that anyone would have access to any part of me if they wanted. There were two pulls on the zip so that I could be firmly zipped in, yet still unzip my cock.

As I struggled into it, I relished the hard and firm way that it gripped my body and legs as I stepped into it. At the same time, it was incredibly soft and as I slid my arms through the sleeves and into the gloves that were part of it, Angela started doing up the zips, encasing me in a world of rubber.

Then came a bright pink thick rubber hood that muffled all sounds so that all I could hear was my breathing. It had buttons on it so that various implements could be attached and as Louise zipped up the back of it, the hood gripped me completely in a tight embrace. I was now completely covered in rubber and the smell assaulted my senses.

But this was only the beginning. Angela led me to a chair and had me sit as they laced me into a pair of knee high ballerina’s that boasted a seven inch heel and made walking all but impossible, balanced as I was on my toes. As Louise helped me to my feet, and showed how I could walk in the shoes, Angela grabbed a large pink penis gag and walked to me grinning.

“One last kiss,” she said and leaned forward. I now towered over her and leaned down to kiss her, the act made difficult in my heels and thick rubber encased body. After an all too brief kiss, Angela broke off and gave me an appraising look.

“I like you like this,” she said. “I think we should do it more often.” As I made to reply, thinking that it was a fine idea, she shoved the exceptionally large gag into my mouth, forcing my mouth wide open to fit it in. Instead of a strap going round my head, it buttoned to the hood, giving a completely smooth look that belied the huge rubber penis I was now sucking on.

This wasn’t the last of my ordeal. Angela had me hold out my arms and fit them into a pair of rubber corset sleeves. When she tied them up, I found I was unable to bend my arms and started to panic at how helpless I was being made. The tight rubber constricted all my movements. As it was warmed by my body heat, it became more pliable like a second skin, but the corset sleeves were making movement more difficult.

I was led to the bar hanging from a ceiling and told to raise my arms and grip it. As I did, Louise started pulling a corset dress made from thick restrictive rubber and lined with steel around my waist. The dress reached from my breasts down to my knees and took them some time to lace me in. My feet started to hurt and I held on for dear life as they tightened the dress more and more. As Angela and Louise tugged at the straps, squeezing my entire body into it, the dress tightened around my arse, forcing the plug in deeper. I groaned as it tickled my g-spot, the sound muffled by the large gag. Through the hood, all I could hear was the sound of swallowing as the penis shaped gag caused saliva to flood my mouth. I held on dearly to the bar.

Once it was tightened, Angela lowered my arms and held me steady as Louise shrugged a matching thick black neck corset over my shoulders. It covered the shoulders and went down to my breasts, stopping any movement of my arms. Louise adjusted it so that a slit in the front slotted over a large metal loop on my corset dress.

I’d never worn or seen such things before and the neck corset completely held my neck and face rigid, rising up to just below my nose. As Louise tightened the straps at the back, the penis gag was forced deeper down my throat and I started to panic. Angela, seeing my eyes widen in fear, stroked my hooded face, the nails causing shivers of excitement to ripple through me at the sensation.

Once Louise was done, Angela took out a large padlock and put it through the loop. The neck corset and the corset dress weren’t coming off without the key. As if to further emphasise my helplessness, I was then padlocked into my shoes and my arms chained to my sides with thick manacles.

Louise attached a metal lead to my neck corset and started to lead me to the cage. Dressed as I was, I couldn’t see where I placed my feet and could only move them a millimetre at a time. My breath came in ragged gasps and I breathed deeply through my nostrils. All I could smell was rubber. On one side I was hugely turned on and deeply excited and thrilled. On the other I was terrified. If it was just with Angela and Louise, I would feel safe, but I was venturing into the unknown.

Eventually, I reached the cage and shuffled into it. Louise shut the steel bars behind me, making me completely immobile, whilst Angela reached through the bars and attached a rubber blindfold to the buttons on my hood.

I was trapped. Completely helpless, plugged and gagged, corseted to the extreme and fully rubberised.

Chapter 20

I lost sense of time as the cage I was in was manoeuvred into some vehicle and I was transported somewhere in London. Lying flat on my back in the cage, I couldn’t see anything, blindfolded as I was. I couldn’t hear anything through the thick hood and my sense of smell assaulted me with rubber. My nostrils were the only part of my body with access to the outside world and this was through two small holes in the hood.

All I knew was that I was lying down in the back of some van, every speed bump and dip in the road moving me in such a way as to push the plug deeper into me or force the gag deeper down my throat. I lost sense of time and stayed that way in a blissful rubberised dream not knowing where I was going and entering some kind of trance.

Eventually, the engine to the van cut off and I heard talking and the sound of slamming doors. Sensing, rather than feeling, I was righted in my cage, my weight coming painfully onto my toes as my ballerina shoes did their job. If I hadn’t been in the tight cage, I’d have toppled over. I was then jimmied onto something that must have been some kind of cart as I was wheeled somewhere.

My breath came in ragged gasps through my nostrils, and I could feel myself starting to sweat in my rubber outfit. Sucking onto the penis gag to get some more moisture into my mouth, I jerked suddenly as my extra-large butt plug burst into life, its vibrations coursing over my g-spot. My cock, trapped in rubber tried to burst free, but the corset dress and pink rubber cat suit I wore kept it in place.

My wheeling came to a halt and I was manhandled out of the cage. Still blindfolded and barely able to move, I was led backwards and seemingly chained to some pole.


Save for my heart hammering in my chest.

The vibrating of my butt plug.

The sucking of my penis gag.

I stood for an age. My feet starting to hurt in the seven inch heels and an orgasm threatening to erupt at any second, held in check only by nerves.

Eventually, I heard another muffled sound through the thick rubber hood I wore. It was the sound of spiked heels on a concrete floor. Someone was walking round me slowly, as if appraising me. Suddenly, bright light flared in my eyes as the blindfold was unbuttoned from my hood.

Blinking as my vision was slowly restored, I saw Emma standing in front of me with a cruel smile on her face. She was also dressed in a rubber cat suit that gleamed in the neon lights. It hugged her form perfectly, highlighting the perfect hour glass figure she had. She wore bright red, thigh high boots with a five inch metal spike for a heel and bright red gloves that offset the black rubber suit. She had some tail clipped to her rear like that of the devil and she sported some horns on her head.

Coupled with the evil smile and the whip in her hand, she looked every inch the dominatrix sent by the devil to torment me. To make the effect more pronounced, she wore a huge strap on cock, bright red and shaped like a tongue.

“Wow,” she said. Her voice was cold and lust filled her eyes. “They weren’t kidding were they?” The question was rhetorical, the neck corset and gag blocking any sound I may have been able to make. As she stalked around me once more, disappearing from my sight as she did so, she continued to speak.

“Often when a company says they have a new product such as this, I get sent something tawdry, something boring and cheap despite what I pay. But you,” Pain flared as the whip in her hand lashed at my arse. The sting was absorbed by the corset dress and cat suit, but I felt it through that and whimpered in fear.

“You are something else indeed.” As she spoke, she made her way round to face me, stepping closer and running her fingers over my hooded face. “We are going to have such fun you and I. But first, I need to break you. A new product such as yourself needs the proper training to accept this.” She pointed to her large strap on and I gulped in fear.”

She held the key to my padlocks in her hand and started to undo them. She then united the knots from my corset dress and neck corset and removed them from me. I was still attached to the pole behind me, but she worked as if she had done this many times. Once the neck corset was removed, she placed a large collar with a leash attached round my neck. The heavy rubber prevented much movement, but still afforded more than previously.

She then undid my arm corsets and undid the handcuffs. I almost slipped as my restraints were removed and for the first time managed to look around the room. I was in some dungeon, the concrete floors filled with shelves of sex toys of all manner of sizes and shapes. Hanging from the ceilings were several slings and a large chair sat centre stage, covered in straps and cuffs.

Before I had time to fully regain my balance and composure, Emma tugged on my leash forcing me to shuffle in my ballerina shoes to the chair. As I approached, I noticed that it had a hole in the middle through which a large dildo poked out. Approaching the chair, Emma had me bend over, my hands gripping the arm rests as she unzipped the cat suit just enough so that she could reach my butt plug.

As she pulled it from me, I cried out as the large bulbous end stretched my sphincter, the sound muffled in my gag. I felt empty without it in as Emma turned me around and unzipped the cat suit further so that my throbbing cock sprang out. Her eyes widened in surprise as she took in its size and she grabbed it lustily, her rubber encased hands pumping it greedily.

Suddenly her eyes narrowed and she paused, taking a step back.

“I know that cock,” she said, anger robbing her voice of lust and replacing it with a cold rage. Stepping forward she shoved me backwards. Unable to keep my balance on my heels, I slammed heavily down onto the seat. Before I had time to react, Emma was wrapping thick leather straps around my arms and legs. Dressed as I was, resistance was futile and my heart pounded loudly with fear.

She clamped my collar to the back of the chair keeping me firmly trapped and started to manipulate some device next to the chair. Suddenly, my legs were pulled apart as the legs of the chair started to move up and out with a loud whirring noise. As my legs moved further apart, the large dildo started moving remorselessly into my arse, spreading my cheeks wider and wider apart.

As it moved past my g-spot, it started vibrating and them moving up and down in a slow rhythm. Betraying me, my cock stiffened and as it did so, Emma manoeuvred a tube onto it. It was filled with warm silicone and felt like a warm and wet pussy.

“This is my fuck chair,” seethed Emma, anger coursing through her. “The pump below is going to fuck you senseless and this Venus machine is going to milk you dry.” The dildo started moving faster and faster and the Venus machine kicked into life and started stimulating my cock with a massaging motion. I’d never used one before, but it quickly brought me to orgasm as I screamed through the fat penis gag I still wore.

Emma took a step back and laughed cruelly as the machine quickly brought me to orgasm once more, the sensations racing through my body as I jerked with spasms that forced the dildo deeper. The device strapped to my cock simply sucked the cum away and kept going.

I was terrified, yet my body continued to betray me. Emma leaned forward and through my sex haze, I managed to catch what she whispered.

“I’ve seen that cock in plenty of your videos. Something isn’t right here and you’re going to tell me what.” She ripped the gag from my mouth, and fresh air scorched my throat, drool escaping my mouth and my tongue feeling freedom for the first time in over an hour.

“Please,” I said pathetically. “I don’t know what you mean. You asked for me, you wanted me. I’m here to serve you.”

Emma regarded me with a cold gaze, her eyes searching mine for the truth. She smirked and rammed the penis gag back in.

“Liar!” she screamed and stormed off, her heels clattering loudly on the floor. “You can stay there and get fucked to death for all I care!” As she walked out of the door, she switched off the lights, plunging me into darkness.

Chapter 21

Torment. That’s what it was. Torment without end. It went on for what seemed like hours. Emma would come in periodically and turn the machine on faster, ask me a question and leave.

Sometimes she would come in and stare, laughing at my torment as I was brought orgasm repeatedly, the sheer volume of times I came making it painful to do so again. My arse felt raw and abused and I pleaded for her to stop.

She would laugh some more and turn the machine on higher still before leaving me alone in the dark.

Time stretched on. Seemingly endless. The machines relentlessly pumping away, inexorable in their determination.

Chapter 22

I lost consciousness.

I think I started dreaming, only to realise later that it wasn’t a dream.

The lights came on and you came in. So beautiful and lovely. An angel come to rescue me. Brad was there too. He lifted me from the chair as if I were a small child.

Emma’s house. It was hers. The set. It looked like hers. I remember coming from my dream world as Brad carried me out and I saw what you’d done.

Even delirious as I was, I marvelled at the complexity and sheer cunning at what you’d done.

Remind me never to wrong you.

Chapter 23

Later, as I recovered in Angela’s bed, you came to me. You begged for forgiveness, tears streaking down your face as you gripped my hands.

You didn’t need to. I told you I would do anything for you Louise and this was but a small price to pay. I still don’t know how you got me out or what happened and Angela won’t talk about it.

“Some other time,” she says and maybe one day she will tell me, though she looks sad when I ask.

I live with Angela now, in that flat you gave us. We are both happy. I am Nicola now. Every day, all day and Angela loves me for it. It’s who I am and we have found such happiness in each other. You didn’t need to pay us all that you did, but thank you. We will go travelling and explore the world whilst discovering ourselves.

Whatever Emma did, I know she deserved it and I’m happy to be part of it. As I finish this, I pick up the Newspapers and smile at what you’ve done.

Thank you for saving us. We will forever be in your debt.

Chapter 24

So my revenge is complete dear reader, and as I pull up to the hospital, she is there. Standing at the entrance waiting for me. My heart soars with joy. She is stunning. Breath-taking in her beauty, green emerald eyes bright in the morning sun, long brown hair wafting like a halo in the gentle breeze. She looks tired and worn. A little thin, but her vitality shines through.

The scar on her cheek will fade as will those on her neck and shoulders, but I don’t see them. I see my love, my soul mate.

As I step from the car, she rushes to greet me, legs wrapping round me as she jumps into an embrace. I keep steady in my heels and kiss her passionately.

Tears flow, freely and without care for the strange looks we garnered.

Submissives probably always have an idea of their true nature but I guess each has a moment when they realise for sure. For me that wasn’t until the most humiliating sexual experience of my life when I realised submission was such a powerful part of my sexuality it would literally dominate my life.

I had been seeing a very cute girl called Zoë since we were both sixteen. We seemed to have the ideal relationship and I hoped we would become the perfect couple and manage to go from being High School sweethearts into adulthood. We expected things to get difficult when we both moved to different towns to go on to college at 18, but the romance continued right the way through our first year. Our long spells apart made the time together even better and as we grew up together we experimented with all sorts of lovemaking. I thought we were both very happy, until one weekend late in our second year of college.

I travelled up to see Zoë and arrived in the early evening at the house she shared with four other students from her college. I hadn’t told her about my visit, as I’d wanted to surprise her after she’d had a tough few weeks on a project for her course. I knew her flatmates from previous visits so they suggested I hide in her room to surprise her when she came back from the pub in an hour or so. It seemed like a good idea so I went into her room. It was a large old Victorian room filled with all the usual student clutter and Zoë’s notes and books heaped on her desk. I pushed my bag under the bed and picked up a book to read to pass the time until she returned from the pub. Nearly a couple of hours passed and I had started to get impatient by the time I heard the front door slam and some giggles and laughter as footsteps made the old floorboards on the stairs creak. I took this as my cue to look for cover so that I could really surprise her and on impulse I dived into the old wardrobe in the corner. It was a big, sturdy old-fashioned thing we’d bought at a second hand place in the town when she’d moved here. It had just enough room for me to press myself in amongst her clothes and almost close the door shut behind me.

I was about to jump out and hug her when I had the shock, no shocks, of my life in quick succession. First of all I realised from what I could see through the crack of the wardrobe doors that Zoë was not alone. With her was a tall young guy. The second of my shocks was when Zoë herself came into view. She was wearing a very short tight fitting black skirt and a pair of slim black heels that added a good few inches to her otherwise fairly diminutive height. I was so taken aback I froze for a good few moments taking in the scene and in even that short time it became clear this was no platonic friendship.

I watched in horror as the guy lent down and hooked his hand over my girl’s back and slid his hand confidently down to her bottom as he pulled her close to him for a deep kiss. There was no doubt that Zoë was as into this as he appeared to be as she leant up to him, eager to meet his lips with her own. Things were moving very quickly now as Zoë sat on the bed and I saw her reach up to begin to undo the buttons of his shirt. I wanted to jump out and stop them, but for some reason I just didn’t. I think I was transfixed by what was going on in front of me and I felt entirely numb.

What made all of this all the more shocking was that this was just not how Zoë seemed to be. I couldn’t equate this image in front of me with the girl I knew and had been with now for more than four years. Whilst she would sometimes wear some nice underwear to give me a treat I’d never seen her wear anything like the skirt she was in at the moment, despite my encouragement that she should show off her shapely legs and figure a bit more than she did. She was far more of a jeans and jumper girl. I’d only rarely seen her wear heels before and couldn’t help but notice how they shaped the curve of her calf in a very alluring way. This was certainly far from the sweet, cutely innocent looking girl that I’d become used to.

The scene in front of me was becoming ever more troubling. I could see more of the young guy now. Zoë had taken his shirt off to reveal a toned and slim body not so different from my own. I reckoned he was about my height and age, but with darker hair. The pair carried on kissing and rubbing their hands over each other as he kicked off his shoes. They sat opposite each other on the bed and it was only a few moments before Zoë started unbuttoning her own mauve shirt to reveal a low half cut white lace bra that I didn’t recognise having seen before. It scooped up her fairly small but beautifully rounded breasts into a pretty impressive cleavage that the lad was soon gently tracing with his fingers. They were starting to get hot and eager with each other now and there was certainly no way back from here. I felt I could hardly leave now. There was no way to sneak out in a room this size and I wasn’t at all sure of how to deal with this kind of situation.

Zoë had now moved in front of the guy, stood with her back to me and in front of him as he sat on the bed. From here the light gave me a fantastic view of her shape, that small petite figure whose curves I knew so well. Her long dark brown curls rolled midway down her slender back which looked a rich honey colour in the soft light. That tight skirt showed off her gently curving hips as they thinned down to the slim shapely legs that had always been the finest of her many fine features. From here I watched as he slid down the zip of her skirt and steadied her as she stepped out of it so that it landed as a small dark puddle of fabric at her ankles. It was only now I realised with a tingling sensation that my girlfriend was also wearing a very fetching pair of white lace stocking hold-ups that made her legs shimmer slightly as she shifted back on to the bed.

The two of them swapped positions as hurriedly now Zoë pulled at her equally eager partner’s trouser belt. His jeans and pants fell to the floor. My own gasp of astonishment was fortunately covered by the gasp that Zoë let out as she saw the guy’s manhood in front of her. I could tell from the look on her face that this was the first time she’d seen this bloke naked, as she couldn’t disguise the mixture of apprehension and delight that flickered across her face. This guy was certainly well endowed. It was difficult to estimate exactly how big he was at this distance but he was certainly comfortably much bigger than my own rather small four inches. He looked at least twice that size and wasn’t yet fully erect, although he was certainly getting harder as he looked at Zoë in her white underwear on the bed in front of him.

Zoë at first seemed reluctant to touch the guy’s cock as he stood before her, but she soon snapped out of that and grasped at it with both her hands. She got them both on it with room to spare, which made me realise just how big that thing was. Zoë was certainly impressed and I could see her face begin to flush, a sure sign she was now really turned on. She then lifted his cock up towards her and slowly took the tip into her mouth as she carried on stroking down the long shaft. My eyes were bulging now, as despite our long time together and my frequently having given her oral sex Zoë had never once taken me into her mouth like that. This guy had clearly been a little more tempting and here she was stretching her mouth round the large bulbous head of his penis. He stroked her long hair and slid his hands behind her to unclip her bra and free her breasts. They rolled gently forward as he cupped them and stroked his thumb around the soft nipples. He was moaning quietly now and I noticed that Zoë was almost absent mindedly running her hand down between her legs and over the crotch of her knickers as she became more and more aroused.

For the first time they were talking, I couldn’t hear some of what was being whispered but Zoë looked up and said, “This is really huge, I don’t know if I can take all of that.” The guy muttered something to her and she smiled up at him in a cheeky grin that made her cheeks dimple. “Oh yeah, I’m sure I want it. Just be a little gentle. I’m not used to anything that size.” Those words stung, but it was patently obvious that thing was going to stretch her in a way I never had, and to the best of my knowledge I was the only person Zoë had ever had sex with before. She was eager now, hardly able to keep her eyes or her hands off his cock. She knelt up on the bed and slid down her thin white-laced panties to reveal her dark thatch of carefully trimmed hair. She slightly parted her thighs to give a glimpse of her pussy and even from here I could see telltale glistening threads on her hair where she was already damp with anticipation at what was to come. The discarded white panties had been flung towards the wardrobe and I could see that inside the delicate white lace the material was moist with her wetness.

As Zoë continued to run her hands over his hard erection he was now teasing her gently by running his fingers over the lips of her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was knelt up on the bed and I could hear her demanding urgently, “take me, I want you in me. Now. Please.” Even this wasn’t enough for him as he teased her further. He moved behind her so that Zoë was knelt behind him, her wonderful rounded arse pointing back towards him and her face pointing towards me. I could see she was desperate for him now but instead he continued to rub his huge shaft along the entrance of her pussy and across its lips. She was starting to pant now and it was terrible to see my usually demure girlfriend behaving in such a wanton fashion with this stranger. She soon propped herself up one elbow so that she could reach back between her legs and part herself more fully for him. “In there, I want to feel that huge cock of yours in me right now.”

He didn’t need any further invitation and I shuddered as I saw he was starting to enter her. The expression on Zoë’s face was a strange blend of some pain mixed with an obvious intense pleasure. She gasped and squealed as she shifted to accommodate the large penis probing into her, but I could imagine she was by now so well lubricated by her own juices that at least the first part had slid in easily enough. She tried to arch back against him to force more of it inside but he held her round her waist and slipped in gradually. Her eyes were wide now and her mouth curled open in a beautiful torment as she panted, “All of it, give me all of it.” He teased a while longer but then suddenly pushed his hips hard against her arse. After just a few thrusts Zoë was shuddering and with a further firm thrust she howled in what could only be a hugely intense orgasm.

To see her reach such overwhelming ecstasy so quickly with this other man made me angry in a way that I couldn’t describe – yet I didn’t move. To my astonishment I realised that for all the feelings of jealousy and betrayal swirling through my head my own little cock was now rock hard against my pants. Despite part of me wanting to be physically sick another part of me was unmistakably aroused at seeing my girl taken in such a way. My mixture of feelings was added to by the knowledge that I had never once managed to bring her that kind of climax myself. Even when trying desperately to delay my own orgasm as long as possible during sex I’d never once made Zoë cum just by penetration. This far more substantial tool had managed it in less than a minute.

It was clear that the session was not yet over and despite having just had such an apparently shattering climax Zoë was eager for more. She rolled onto her back so that she was now underneath the man, her legs spread wide to once again take his cock. Having allowed her to move he quickly re-entered her, this time with more force than before. That huge shaft was now glistening with my girl’s wetness, as it slid back inside her she gasped with surprise having immediately forgotten his sheer size. I was surprised by how quickly they built up a fast rhythm as he pushed into her hard and fast. Zoë was quickly panting again, and her moans were loud and throaty as she seemed to forget herself in the primal joy of getting so well and truly fucked.

The sordid session seemed to go on for an age. I was certainly impressed with this man’s control as I felt close to coming myself just from the sight of the two of them. Zoë’s noises were more and more demanding and I had a great view of her face which was pointing directly back over the edge of the bed at my hiding place. Even upside down I could see her smile flickering across her quivering upper lip as she made the most of the fuck of her life. Her small dark nipples bobbed in and out of sight as she took the force of his thrusts, each one reinforced by the slap of his thighs against her fleshy buttocks. Her legs were spread upward in a wide V behind her, the sheer white sheen of her stocking covered sloping thighs glistening with the sweat of their combined exertions. After a few urgent demanding pants my girlfriend was again bucking with the abandon of a keenly felt orgasm and her cries seemed sure to be heard all over the house. I hoped her friends thought it was me doing this to her. That thought was soon pushed from my mind, along with all others, as I saw him whip out his tool from my still writhing girlfriend. He too was now close to cumming, and he was pulling himself off as he knelt over Zoë. I watched in frozen fascination as she stroked at the tip of his cock and helped his final few strokes. As I watched he sprayed my girl with a fountain of his cum, treating her like an eager cheap porn star as his sperm shot out across her tits, face and into her long dark curls.

The two of them lay there on the bed for a while, motionless and speechless. There was then a whispered conversation, a few giggles and then they sat up while he got dressed. He kissed her on the cheek and with that he left, gently letting himself out of the room. Zoë simply sat for a while longer, allowing her breathing to slow right back down to normal. She still looked incredible, although her hair was heavily ruffled and her face was gently flushed. Her skin was covered in a gentle glistening film of cooling perspiration, and one of her white lace stocking top trims had twisted over in the throws of her enthusiastic rubbing against her new lover. To me it didn’t look as if she’d be awake much longer, and I reasoned that after all of that she’d easily sleep heavily enough for me to be able to slip back out of the room and out of the house to get my head back together.

Just while I was thinking this I was brought sharply back into the present by Zoë’s voice. She was looking straight at the wardrobe, and I thought she’d called my name. And then my heart leapt when she definitely said, “You can come out now.” She needed to say it twice more before my addled, shocked brain could get my cramped muscles to respond and push at the door. I could hardly move after my hour in such a small space and comically toppled into the room and onto the carpet.

“You knew I was there?” I stammered, managing to find myself even more astonished and not yet able to articulate all the emotions I felt. “Oh yes” she said, looking at me as if surprised that I was even more dumb than she’d thought. “The girls downstairs told me you were here. Besides which, you’d left the side lamp on when I came in.”

I managed to get out a squeaky, “Then why?” before being fixed with a look that stopped me in my tracks and which I will remember forever. It was full of determination and utterly without remorse, but also contained just a little pity as well as a heap of disdain. As I stayed sat on the carpet staring at those dark heeled shoes and her stocking clad ankles Zoë told me exactly what she wanted to happen next.

She explained that whilst she still wanted to stay with me for a lot of reasons she’d realised from conversations with girlfriends that she was missing out on really good sex. She said that after what I’d seen tonight I must realise that too, and this was something I found impossible to argue with. She explained that she knew how much I worshipped her and she was quite happy for that to continue, on the condition that I effectively became her slave and that I understood she was now in total control of all of our sexual interactions. As part of the deal I would have to understand that when the feeling took her she would be having sex with better endowed men who could bring the orgasmic sex she craved. My own future sex life would however be strictly controlled to keep me compliant, although if I obeyed properly I could expect treats and even be allowed to watch Zoë having sex with her new lovers in the way that I just had. Those eyes that were normally so soft and gentle fixed me with that firm stare again as she said, “I need your answer now.”

I was stunned. This was a girl who could rarely decide what she wanted to eat for her dinner, now laying down this bizarre and frightening ultimatum. In my mind I was still considering my options and giving serious thought to walking out, but like all weak feeble-willed men I was ultimately doing my thinking in my crotch. To hear my girl talk so forthrightly about her lust had for some reason I couldn’t fathom hit the mark somewhere in my own desire to be controlled and enslaved. My straining little cock pushed hard again against my trouser flies and gave away the answer even before I managed a whispered, defeated, “Yes.”

“Good,” she smiled. “I can’t help but notice your eyes are straying all over the place, little Gary. Why don’t we seal the deal by you treating me as your Mistress right away? I want you to sooth my sore pussy with your tongue.” She had never spoken me to like this, but the effect it was having couldn’t have been stronger. I could barely shuffle on my knees for the problems my erection was giving me as it pushed upwards against my clothes. I knelt before her open legs and felt such a thrill as I pushed my face into the dank hair.

Up close I was overwhelmed by the sweet musk of her sex and that most evocative smell made by already straining erection feel like it must burst. My tongue was eager to do what it could to satisfy where my own cock had failed, and I gently lapped around the swollen, puffy lips of her pussy. My tongue gently searched around her entrance, so much wider than normal from its recent stretching. I traced my tongue upwards and felt her sweet little clit already hardening again, responding to my probing. With Zoë pushing my head harder against her, closing her thighs around my head, I lost track of time as my tongue pushed and licked, somewhere above me her sweet sighs mounting into another, softer, orgasm.

Finally I was pushed away from her back on to the floor at her feet. She looked down at me and laughed, not unkindly. No doubt my face looked a mess, all flushed and covered with her wetness. She pushed herself back up and straightened her stocking top a little. “You did well for a first time slave, so I suppose I might just let you have a little treat for that little prick of yours. Would you like that slave?”

My face smarted at being talked to like this, but the truth was I was now so desperate to cum I’d have done anything she’d wanted, and she knew it. I nodded, almost unable to talk as my tongue felt so tired from giving her head for so long. “Right then,” Zoë said. “I want you to beg first. Ask for my permission to touch your little cock.”

I managed to get out: “Please may I touch my cock now.” “Not good enough, you are a slave asking for a treat. I want you to say, ‘Please Mistress Zoë, may I touch my pathetic little cock.” I said it, and she laughed. Then she told me I could kneel in front of her and show her my excuse for a cock. I fumbled hurriedly to free my poor imprisoned penis from my pants and pulled my trousers to the floor. My four inch cock burst out and pointed angrily up at Zoë, as hard and throbbing as I ever remembered having seen it. My underwear lay on the floor in front, liberally smeared with pre-cum. It provided a further sign of how aroused I had been, as if one was needed.

Everybody knows that estate auctions are a crap shoot. A lot of the time, you wind up bidding on things that you never intended to buy, but wind up lugging them home anyway since they were part of the auctioneer’s impromptu “set.”

To be fair, it was a nice clothing trunk – it had the telltale signs of hard use, but it was still in excellent condition otherwise, plus it still had the key for its locking lid. It seemed nothing at the time, but it was as if I couldn’t stop myself from bidding on the trunk, my hand being drawn aloft each time I got outbid. The trunk wound up costing me a little more than I would have originally spent, but it was still a reasonable price after the other bidders dropped out.

The strangeness started after I got it home. It was fairly late by the time I returned, so I simply lugged the trunk into living room of my bachelor apartment. I noted that the trunk certainly wasn’t empty, but I was too tired that night to care. I had just enough energy to strip and fall into my bed.

That night, I had a vivid dream of a tall and seductive woman with long black hair and a pale complexion. She was dressed in transparent body stocking the color of smoke with a black satin corset worn over it. I seemed to be rooted to ground, unable to move or speak as she stood before me, looking down upon me. Her green eyes regarded me coolly, yet there was a fire there, warm and alive as she looked me over. Her full red lips glistened with fresh lipstick. I watched her mouth move, but could hear no worlds. And then she smiled at me…

…and I awoke just in time to meet the floor. I had become tangled in my bedding during the night and had rolled off. I noticed that I had a very hard erection as I untangled myself and headed to the shower.

After I cleaned up and had a quick bite of breakfast, I turned my attention to the trunk. I pulled an old wooden straight chair from the kitchen up to the trunk, sat down and went to work on its lock. It took a couple of tries to get the stately post and flange key to turn the old tumbler lock, but as soon as it was done, I carefully lifted the lid. Even as I did so, I caught just the faintest hint of exotic perfume, but it was gone almost as quickly as I detected it.

My eyes widened as the light caught the uppermost layer of its contents. Silky lingerie shimmered in the morning light – panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, corsets, slips and more lay there. All of it was fairly modern pieces of clothing – some of it vaguely familiar, as if I’d seen it on a model in some mens magazine a year or two before. A sudden wave of desire surged through me, and before I truly aware of what I was doing, I had closed the lid again and made sure all of the shades were drawn.

I’d always had a sense of fascination with lingerie, as some of my first sexual fantasies involved the women in the lingerie section of a department store catalog. When the upscale intimates stores and cosmetics buy-at-home franchises began printing catalogs in my teens, I amassed quite a collection.

At times, when I could shop some distance from my home town, I even made purchases of those forbidden pleasures – to be worn and enjoyed for a night or two, and then disposed of as the urge and the novelty wore off. When I had intimate friends, I would buy them beautiful and sexy lingerie to wear, though none of the relationships ever seemed to last.

When I returned to the trunk, I gently lifted the lid again. I don’t know how long I just sat there staring at the contents, but the longer I stared, the more I wanted to put something from the trunk on. Eventually, I settled on a pair of relatively plain black nylon panties.

My heart was pounding as I held them up, fondling the slick translucent fabric in my fingers. I quickly kicked off my own cotton briefs and I slipped the panties on, slowly drawing them up my legs until they settled around my hips. The fabric was sinfully soft and deliciously smooth, caressing my skin, gently embracing my hips and buttocks.

The reaction from my manhood was surprisingly strong. My erection was rapidly distending the front panel of the panties as the head of my cock strained against the fabric. For a fleeting instant, it felt as if I belonged in these beautiful things – like I was always meant to wear them.

I stood there watching my erection mount in its silken cocoon, seemingly unable to do anything but watch it happen. Suddenly, I felt very silly, standing there – I should just take them off and find somewhere to stow the rest of the unmentionables. I started to remove the panties, when I realized I couldn’t.

I twisted my head and arms around and saw that a stocking from the trunk had somehow twined itself around my wrists in a perfect tangle. I made an exclamation of surprise, and then sought to shake myself free.

Surprisingly, my wrists stayed bound.

A closer look showed me that the ends of the stocking had been tied in a sophisticated knot that held fast despite all of my struggles. The deceptively sheer smoke-colored fabric was gentle against my skin when I kept my wrists still, but refused to yield to my most earnest attempts to escape, stretching but not tearing.

I sat down on the chair again to contemplate how to best attack the knot with my exposed fingers. That’s when I realized that my erection hadn’t faded. Somehow, my predicament had only made the whole business of wearing panties even more erotic. The temptation to give into the desire I felt for release kept getting stronger.

**Yes, my darling – make it hard for Mistress. Mistress likes it when you are so hard…**

I shook my head. The voice had been sultry and feminine, and seemed to have come from nowhere and everywhere at once. I tried turning my attention to the problem of the knot, only to find my wrists were now tethered to the back of the chair!

I twisted around further and saw that the matching stocking to the one imprisoning my wrists had somehow looped over that one and had secured my wrists to the bottom slat of the straight chair’s back. The knot holding my wrists together was now shrouded by the fabric of the second stocking and the knot had been tied behind the slat, almost completely out of my reach.

Fortunately, the chair didn’t weigh more than I could lift, even in this awkward position, so I figured on risking a little embarrassment by parading in front of the kitchen windows like this. There had to be a sharp knife somewhere within my limited reach to cut this stubborn prison of silky fabric off of me. Besides, my erection was getting in more urgent need of release as the panty fabric seemed to mold perfectly to the head of my erect member.

**Mistress likes to watch you struggle, darling. She knows you don’t really wish to escape…**

I found myself looking at the small analog clock mounted on the opposite wall. Every time I heard the voice, it seemed like the clock would jump ahead a few minutes. With a new urgency, I started to rise from the chair, intent on dragging it by my bound hands to the kitchen…

…Only to find my legs were tethered by their ankles so that my toes could only barely touch the floor. A bit of twisting in the chair confirmed that a pair of sheer nylon pantyhose had wrapped themselves around the upper part of the back legs of the chair, with the legs crossing over each other to snare the opposite ankle in those highly effective knots that had imprisoned my wrists. The leggings had been drawn taut, pulling my feet back until I could only brush the wooden floor with my toes.

I squirmed and fought against my bonds for a moment, out of nothing more than complete frustration and confusion. The knotted filmy fabrics held me fast as the silky panties continued to caress and tease my genitals, urging them on to what promised to be an incredible climax.

The situation was frustrating, even humiliating – immobilized by the flimsiest of bonds and taunted by an invisible antagonist who seemed to be enjoying my predicament. And all the while, being completely unable to quell the surging desire in my loins as those same soft, sexy bonds played on my long history of private perversion. It was if my antagonist knew my innermost secrets and fantasies and was playing them against me.

“What the hell is going on?” I said in exasperation.

**Mistress did not give you permission to speak, darling.**

I tried to reply, only to find that it was no longer possible. Somehow, my mouth was stuffed with a wad of panties and a soft band of silky material had been stretched taut over the lower portion of my face, from the bridge of my nose to just under my chin. My best efforts at making noise came out a soft moan of indignation and exhalation through my nose of frustration.

My balls and cock were aching now, as if each new bond was more wonderfully erotic than anything else I’d ever done or imagined. My struggles only made me want to cum even more. The sensation of being silenced, made helpless and stimulated by these flimsy things became more desirable each second.

**You are making Mistress so happy, darling. Now submit to your passion and fuck those panties like a lover! Cum for Mistress, darling – cum for Mistress now!**

My hips bucked at the urging of the voice, each spasm of pleasure spilling my seed in the panties while the gag stifled my moans of pleasure. Immobilized and stimulated, my limbs twitched and strained against their bonds only to be softly, yet firmly held in place, the fabric stretching and rebounding in synchronization with my movements.

It seemed like a long time before my orgasm passed, but after it had, I sagged in the bonds, breathing deeply through my nose until my heart rate slowed. At last, I opened my eyes and found myself still bound to the chair. I made some attempt to struggle against the bonds, but quit after confirming that I was held just as fast as before.

**Mistress knows you are special, darling – that your needs are unique, as are Mine. That is why I chose you – made you bid on the trunk when you were ready to let it go.**

I opened my eyes again, noticing the clock had run ahead a few more minutes. That’s when I noticed my hands and legs were free. I still wore the black panties and the gag remained in place. I stood and looked for them, finding them in a pile beneath the chair.

I reached up to remove the gag, but stopped as my fingers brushed the smooth overwrap. Perhaps it hadn’t been removed because I still didn’t have permission to speak. I stooped and picked up the stockings and pantyhose. I was expecting both to be stretched out and sweaty from my exertions, but they remained pristine, as if fresh from the store.

I also noticed that the panties seemed as fresh as when I had put them on – a quick inspection from outside and inside showed none of my seed remained and they were dry and smooth to the touch.

**Mistress needs your seed, darling, if I am ever to become corporeal again. Would you like Mistress to be real instead of just a voice in your head?**

I nodded – of course I would!

**Thank you, darling! But I must warn you – Mistress can be demanding sometimes. I will want to control you completely and have you desire Me alone. Do you think you can do that?**

I hesitated for just a second before nodding slowly again.

**Oh darling, I am so happy! Now, here is Mistress’ first command to you: you will wear the panties you selected for the rest of this day, and also wear them to bed tonight. No matter how much you wish to pleasure yourself while wearing them, you will not. Do this for Mistress and I will visit you again tonight in your dreams.**

I nodded again, noticing that the gag and the stuffing had been removed. I took a deep breath and stretched. Then I closed the trunk, locking the lid. I kept the key with me as I sauntered off to my bedroom to find some clothes to wear over my new “foundation.”

I reflected that it was going to be an interesting day.

I entered my bedroom and saw my husband in his chair with my sister on top of him. His pants were down around his thighs, and my sister was stroking his cock with her nylon covered feet.

At my first sign of his cock exploding, I spoke.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” I asked. Phoebe jumped up, as planned, while the now panicked Paulie, looking terrified, struggled to sit up and contain his still spurting cock.

As Paul sat up, fully exposed, Phoebe, said, “Quick get your belt back on!”

A totally ridiculous suggestion, I had already obviously seen everything, but Paulie, now accustomed to taking orders, quickly squeezed himself back into it and locked it. Paul, staring at me, did not even notice as Phoebe casually picked up the key and tossed it to me.

“I’m sorry mistress,” he begged, “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry; I’m sorry; I’m sorry.”

I just watched him expressionless as he continued to plead. Tears were forming in his eyes.

“Enough,” I said sternly.

He froze and waited for my next words, but I was in no hurry to speak. I simply remained where I was, looking at him. I could tell that he was uncomfortable; his cock, still pretty hard, was crammed into his belt; his pants were still down, but he dared not move to try to correct them.

“I am in complete disbelief right now,” I said, “You pulled this stunt, and on a day on which we had incredible plans?”

He opened his mouth to speak, but I held my finger to my lips, indicating for him to stop.

I said, “You need to not say anything right now, Paulie; you can only make it worse for yourself. You just stay in your chair and watch me pack.”

He opened his mouth again but thought better of speaking.

“I’m so sorry, sis” Phoebe finally spoke.

Addressing her I said, “I’ll deal with you later as well. Why don’t you just sit on his lap, where you appeared to be so happy a moment ago, and stay out of my way.”

“But, Toni,” she interjected.

“In his lap, slut!” I directed her, my voice rising for the first time.

Phoebe gently took her position on Paul’s lap, wrapping one arm around his shoulders, seemingly to maintain her balance. This placed her perfect boobs, straining against her spandex, just barely against his chest, but she pretended not to notice. She nonchalantly allowed her legs to push Paul’s pants further down as she sat down, thus placing her feet & stockings against his bare legs.

Paulie looked at her feet and stockings, desperately trying to decide what to do. I knew that he was extremely aroused, but he dared not ask her to move, or say anything out loud for that matter. Phoebe had positioned herself so that her 19 year old body was as tempting to him as it could possibly be; plus, since I had interrupted his orgasm, he had not completed it and was still desperate for relief.

I dropped my dress from my body, revealing the lingerie that he had watched me put on that morning. I left my heels on, and walked back and forth across the room in just lingerie and heels as I gathered my luggage, as well as clothing and other items for me to pack. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Paul, knowing that the sight of me like this, as well as my packing, was driving him mad. On his face, I noticed a grimace from time to time and was sure that the combination of my ‘show’ and Phoebe in his lap was causing great pain as his cock futilely tried to free itself from the belt.

When I was done packing, I turned to them and spoke. “This is what you could have had today, Paulie.” I posed in my lingerie and slowly raised my foot, dangling one of my heels at him. I knew that I was causing him both physical arousal and emotional pain. “I just don’t know what to think of this situation right now, so, rather than saying or doing something that I may regret, I’m leaving.”

I let the sorrow register with him before continuing. “I’ll sleep on it, relax for a few days and decide what to do. I will return and inform you of my decision one week from today. What do you say, Paulie?”

“Yes, mistress, thank you,” he dutifully replied.

I knew that he was so joyful to hear that I wasn’t leaving permanently that he didn’t even realize that it would be at least another full week before he had another chance at sexual relief. (And, since he had been interrupted, he hadn’t even been fully satisfied this week)

I turned to my sister, “You be here in one week as well; you are certainly a part of this.”

Paul would never catch on that this was a complete set up. I had simply needed an excuse to go back to the hotel that night and meet that handsome young businessman, so I arranged for Paul to be ready to explode and instructed my sister on how to innocently make it happen. I always wondered why the hell Paul thought I wanted him to stay in that chair, if not to enjoy Phoebe’s show. Oh well.

With that I left, drove to the inn and immersed myself in an evening of dining, dancing, and drinking with the young man, whom, as I predicted, was waiting for me upon my arrival at the inn. Later that night, I greatly enjoyed his lovemaking as I hadn’t had sex that enjoyable ever. I even had multiple orgasms for the first time ever.

I spent the next few days to myself, really I was bored, but I needed to wait a week so that Paul was fully back in his “needy” condition. That Friday, I drove home where Paul and Phoebe were waiting for me. I entered, and before he started to speak, I instructed him to go to our bedroom and remove all of his clothes; he was to return to me naked, in only his robe, and of course his chastity belt. When he returned a couple of minutes later, I asked him to take a seat on the sofa and remain silent while I spoke. I asked Phoebe to sit in a chair across from him, and I began.

“First, the rules,” I said to Paul. “I am very close to saying to hell with this marriage and leaving, but I do feel that there is still something of value in this marriage.”

Paul nodded as I thought to myself that his money was what was left of value.

“So, I will outline the rules of how this marriage continues. Any argument, comment, or hesitation will result in my walking out that door. I will download your video for all to see, ruining your business and then file for divorce, publically outlining your infidelity with my own sister. You will be ruined and disgraced; I, however, will be fine. You see, I am only 21 and still quite the catch.” I paused and posed letting him see my body from all angles. He knew that I was stunning, and he nodded.

I continued, “Now, go to your safe, and bring me our prenuptial agreement.”

He began to pause but thought better of it and stood up and went to his office. He returned a couple of minutes later with some papers in his hand.

I looked at the papers that I had been forced to sign a year ago and asked, “Is this the only copy, Paulie? You may answer.”

“There are two copies, mistress, you have both copies in your hand,” he answered.

“Very well,” I replied, I turned to Phoebe, handed her the papers and instructed her to go to Paul’s office and shred them, which she quickly did.

“That’s better,” I said as I began to smile at Paul for the first time, “I like our marriage so much better without that nasty pre-nup hanging over my head.”

He was smiling since he had pleased me.

“Now, the tough one,” I said giving him a very serious look.

He sat back in the center of the sofa with a worried look upon his face.

I asked Phoebe to stand next to me, which she did. Then, in unison, we both dropped our dresses to the floor. As he gasped, we both stood before him in matching white stockings, panties, bras and garter belts. He was particularly fixated on the garter belts, as I’d never worn one for him before. Phoebe dropped her hair out of its ponytail so that it was down like mine, and we looked like twins.

We each took a seat, on either side of him, and we began rubbing our stocking covered feet on his bare legs. As we did this, we untied the sash around his robe, letting it fall open. This allowed our hands, feet, mouths, and tongues to have unlimited access to his bare skin for teasing purposes.

We rubbed, caressed, kissed and licked him all over for several minutes driving him into a state of total desire.

“I thought that I was enough woman for you, Paulie, but I see that I’m not,” I softly whispered as though I was saddened.

He opened his mouth to reply, no doubt to argue, but my look quickly reminded him not to speak.

“Don’t argue, baby, it’s okay, I have accepted it.” I said. As I spoke I pulled completely away from him, while watching Phoebe’s continued rubbing. “See, Paulie, I’m not even touching you, and you’re still awfully excited.”

He looked to Phoebe, then to his crotch, almost trying to will his erection down, which of course was not possible, as she had taken his hand and was gliding it up and down one of her nylon covered feet.

“So, here’s our solution, Paulie,” I continued talking while bringing my foot back to his legs, then returning my body to its previous position against him. “Phoebe will move in with us and help me keep you satisfied. Everyone in town knows that we’re better off than my mum, so they will just assume that you are helping her out. Do you agree, Paulie?”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing; he really only wanted Toni, but he surely would not turn down Phoebe. As this didn’t really seem like much punishment, he quickly agreed.

They took turns kissing him and thanking him for his gesture.

“Oh, one other thing, Paulie,” I added, as if it was an afterthought.

He looked up, still smiling.

“While Phoebe and I will pleasure you regularly, we’ll need some pleasure on the side.” I said, as he looked at me, becoming confused.

I explained, “Unfortunately, a 37 year old man cannot hope to sexually satisfy a 21 year old and a 19 year old; so I now have an open marriage, right, baby?”

Painfully, he looked at me, as I clarified, “Paulie, you just agreed that you need Phoebe to pleasure you sometimes,” I gave a sad nod to him and continued, “I may have needs to be fulfilled while you’re focused on her. You can’t expect my needs to go neglected; that wouldn’t be fair, baby.”

Knowing he had no choice, he answered yes.

“Ooh,” I said, “You are such a good boy, today, Paulie, why don’t we take that belt off for a while and celebrate, huh? You may answer.”

“I would like that, mistress,” he replied.

“Mistress Toni,” I corrected.

Yes, Mistress Toni,” he agreed.

“You now have two mistresses, Paulie, myself and Phoebe, so you must specify which of us you are addressing at all times; am I clear.”

“Yes, Mistress Toni,” he answered.

“Are you sure you want that, Paulie?” Phoebe asked while stroking his inner thigh.

“Yes, Mistress Phoebe,” he answered.

We both had him so worked up at this point that we knew he was simply our slave from now on.

“About my allowance,” I said, “What is that again?”

As I asked, Phoebe unlocked his belt and released his cock. She was now taking full advantage of rubbing it against her nylons.

“300 a week, Mistress Toni,” he answered.

Phoebe bent down and took his cock all the way into his mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

“Paulie, baby, it was 300 before you cheated on me. Do you still think that’s adequate?” I asked while taking his fingers in my mouth and placing them, now wet, inside of my pussy.

As Phoebe briefly withdrew her mouth from his cock, he exclaimed, “500 a week, Mistress Toni.”

“Oh, thank you, baby,” I smiled and leaned back on the sofa allowing my feet to move up to his face where he could lick and suck them.

“And, what about Phoebe, Paulie, she needs an allowance too,” I asked.

“300 a week for her, Mistress Toni,” he answered, after a brief second.

“What was that, Paulie?” Phoebe asked.

She sat up and stepped one leg over his body, thus she straddled him. She pushed her panties to the side and eased down, sliding his cock into her. She began rocking up and down bringing him nearly to orgasm.

She then slowed a bit, so that he wouldn’t reach climax and spoke lovingly to him, “I’m only worth 60% of what your other mistress is worth, Paulie? Is that really what you said? Wasn’t your orgasm Friday the best one you’ve ever had? And that was mine, Paulie, all mine.”

“Yes, Mistress Phoebe, but to also give you 500 per week may require me to dip into my savings from time to time,” he managed to say, thinking that he had a valid excuse.

“Well, that’s okay, Paulie, I don’t mind if my money comes from your savings, baby.” Phoebe answered.

“Yes, that sounds okay to me too,” I interjected. I pulled my feet from his face briefly so that he could look into my eyes. “Do you have a problem with that, slave?”

“No, Mistress Toni,” he replied, “I’ll make it work. I may have to open more businesses in nearby towns and work longer hours, but I’ll make it work.”

“Perfect, Paulie, you make it work.” Phoebe and I said in unison.

I then placed my feet back to his face and allowed him to lick them while Phoebe sped up her rocking, this time continuing until he exploded.

“Oh, thank you, mistresses,” he exclaimed, “Thank you so much.”

We just smiled at him, cleaned him up and put him back into his belt. (I wrapped the belt around him as Phoebe tucked his cock inside of it, then I locked it.) We knew that he was physically and emotionally spent, so we sent him on to bed, and we stayed up with a bottle of wine.

“Well, that went well,” I laughingly said to my sister, after he had gone to bed.

“Do you think it will last, though?” Phoebe asked me.

“Of course it will,” I replied to her, “The thing that I have learned from my research is that these subs with their fetishes quickly fall into the slave role because it stimulates them so much. Didn’t you notice how easily he went back into his belt tonight? Or how he thanked us for practically taking over his life?”

“He basically was mine the minute I learned of his fetish.” I continued, “My feet and his desires were a deadly match, at least for him.”

“Thanks for bringing me in, Toni,” Phoebe said. “I can’t imagine my life living here and with all that money. I may even go to a university. What are you going to do?”

“Oh, just play around,” I answered and laughed. “I married too young; I haven’t lived. There are lots of guys out there that I want to experience.”

Looking at her seriously, I said, “We just need to remember to tease Paul mercilessly during the week, and give him some relief on the weekend. If we do that, he will serve us, and, more importantly, fund our lives forever.”

“Sure,” Phoebe agreed, “Besides, it will be fun wearing stockings around here all the time; it makes me feel powerful.”

“Me, too,” I agreed. “I have another idea that we’ll implement; He’ll get no relief following a week in which he doesn’t earn enough to give us our allowances. One week of that, and he will start working 80 hour weeks if he has to in order to give us the allowances.”

“Sure, but he said that he would just use his savings,” she corrected.

“No, Phoebe, don’t be silly,” I responded, “We’ll blow through his complete savings very soon. We’ll find a reason to give him no relief next week; then we’ll hit him the following week with needing all new wardrobes before we allow him to cum. A few weeks later, when he is especially needy, we’ll demand all new home furnishings, and in a few months, we’ll ask for something else. If we stretch his relief out a bit, he will happily agree to dip into his savings each time in order to provide us with anything we desire. Anything.”

“Perfect,” she said, “How do we explain all this new stuff and my living here to mum, though?”

“I’ve thought about that, too. I think in a few months or so, once we’re settled, we might just decide to bring her in on this,” I answered.

“What?” Phoebe asked, in shock.

“Think about it, Phoebe,” I said, “She’s divorced, still very attractive and closer to Paul’s age than we are. She is a master manipulator and loves sex. We’ll bring her in, and we’ll have more time for us to go out. We might even get to travel some if she’s here to provide Paul some relief.”

“That does sound nice,” Phoebe thought out loud, “And Paul will probably love her; she’s much more experienced than we are. Have you ever noticed the way that she gets normal men to bend over backwards to please her? Paul will have no chance due to his fetish, and his being somewhat submissive. She’ll have him eating out of her hand in no time.”

“Exactly,” I replied.

To be continued…


A new email hit Adam’s phone midway through the Friday morning status meeting. He furtively glanced down. “The Collective?” he thought to himself. “Who’s that? Probably some more spam. DELETE.” His attention turned back to the next office drone reporting on his go-dos. He had become grumpy and jaded. His cock had been locked in a steel cage for two weeks come tomorrow.

“Adam!” The sharp call of the project leader’s voice cut through the air and snapped his attention back to his work. Carol. Until the Mistresses Kristen and Katie came into his life, he swore she was the most evil bitch he had met.

Adam updated the status of his tasks, slightly embarrassed at being caught without paying attention. He endured the rest of the meeting and started mentally running out the clock on the work week. His phone went off again, and again “The Collective” was demanding his attention. Skeptically, he opened it.

“Adam, We don’t like being ignored.”

“What the fuck?!” Adam came close to saying aloud.

“You have been serving your wife well. She will be requiring your presence at an event of ours tonight. You will be there. You will be on time. You will represent your Mistress well. Who knows? Your cock may even get let out. And don’t ever ignore our emails again. We don’t like it.”

Adam stood up and glanced around the room over top of his cube. Was he being watched? He slammed his laptop shut, scurried out of the office and sped home.. He bolted up the stairs in time and saw his wife. He started to speak, but was cut off.

“So you finally checked your email? Clothes off. Then you’re helping me get ready. We’ve got a big night tonight.”

“What’s go-?”

Again he was cut off. “You’ll see. And hurry up, you don’t want to be late.”

As Adam quickly stripped down to his cage, his wife lay face down on the bed. “I need lotion,” Mistress Kristen stated matter of factly. Adam correctly interpreted this as an order and knelt on the bed and massaged lotion into his wife’s back. Once done, she flipped over and elegantly presented her right leg toward Her slave.

Adam pressed her leg against to the side of his face. He loved Mistress legs. He took his time rubbing the lotion into her gorgeous legs. She purred as he loving and firmly stroked her foot. He repeated this labor of love on her other leg, enjoying her long, smooth, sexy legs. Once finished, he moved on to her stomach and her full, perky breasts.

“Enough fun for now,” Kristen quipped as she stood up.

She walked toward the dresser as Adam noticed his cock filling his cage. Mistress Kristen opened her drawer, pulling out a black lace garter belt and accompanying stockings. She fastened the garter belt and handed Adam the stockings. She again raised her foot to him. Without needing a command, Adam encased one leg, then the other in a smooth nylon stocking. Kristen stood staring at him until he dropped to his knees and fastened the garters. Mistress Kristen donned a black lace bra, then commanded Adam to fetch her new dress from the closet.

Adam retrieved red dress he had never seen on her. She stepped into it and he zipped it for her. She fetched his favorite 4″ heels and allowed Adam to put them on her. Adam was blown away. The dress looked amazing on her. She showed ample cleavage and the skirt was about average length, but loose fitting. Very easy to pull up and show her stockings. She was ready to go, but he stood nearly naked. “What shall I wear Mistress?”

“Your outfit is in your nightstand drawer.”

Adam skeptically opened the drawer to see just a ball gag, leather wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and a collar. A question popped into his head, but his brain pulled it back before it left his lips. That brought a smile to Mistress’s lips. Adam put on the cuffs and stood before Mistress Kristen.

“OK, time to go.” Mistress stated “Come on, we’ll be late,” as she strode out of the room.

He blushed and hesitated before following her into the hall. Did she expect him to leave the house like this? He followed her into the garage where somehow a Lincoln Town Car with limo tints replaced his car. Kristen stared at the door expectantly. Adam’s blushed that he was too slow to open the door for her. She got in the back seat, dragging him with her.

As the unseen driver started off, Mistress Kristen began to silently tease Adam. Her right hand took a firm grip of Adam’s balls. She trailed her nails over his chest, up his neck with the other. She leaned down and licked his cage. Adam strained against the cage and leaned back into the seat. She drew his swollen balls into her mouth. He breathed heavily into the gag as the car made its way across town. He barely noticed as the unknown driver had pulled into the garage of what he thought was Mistress Katie’s house.

Mistress Kristen attached a leash to Adam’s collar and was led out of the car and into the house. The pair entered a formal dining room lit by candles. As he entered the door, Adam noticed a large sturdy table with a white linen table cloth. Beyond the table were two empty chairs and another occupied by a man wearing a blindfold plus the same collar, gag, and cuffs as Adam’s. That slave also wore a chastity device, although his looked more comfortable than Adam’s leather and steel contraption.

Along the walls, there were more people than expected. Comfortable chairs lined the walls, and the seats were filled with many couples like them. Four women, like Mistress Kristen were impeccably dressed in elegant, but very sexy dresses. Adam recognized Mistress Katie as one of them. Seated next to the Mistresses were what Adam correctly assumed to be their slaves -3 males and one female. All of the slaves were dressed identically, except for Adam who was not blindfolded.

Mistress Kristen latched Adam’s wrists and ankles together and pulled him toward the table. All four Mistresses rose without speaking and roughly forced Adam onto the table. Ropes were quickly attached to his wrist cuffs and pulled tightly above his head. Likewise with his ankles. The Mistresses silently returned to their seats and Mistress Kristen took a seat near the head of the table. Adam craned his neck upward, trying to make eye contact with Kristen. Adam desperately searched for a glance of reassurance, but found none.

After minutes of gut-wrenching silence, his mind wandered to the empty chair. There must be another Domme coming, the owner of the last slave, the driver. Then he heard a door close and the familiar click of heels on a hard floor. The sound rattled in his head and settled in his soul. So alluring. So erotic. Yet so threatening. Adam lifts his head to peek back towards the door. The last Mistress enters and nearly takes Adam’s breath away.

Carol, the ballbusting project manager from work, deliberately enters the room. He had never seen her like this. She was in her mid 40′s, but had an excellent body for someone her age. She was in tremendous shape with a flat stomach and firm muscular legs. Carol was petite, about 5’3, although her heels gave her a few inches. Her blonde hair was neatly pulled up and she wore a black and blue evening gown flattered her figure greatly.

Carol walked to the foot of the table, looking down at Adam. For the second time today, her voice cut through the air. “Adam,” she began, “We’ve brought you here tonight to bring you and Mistress Kristen into The Collective. We are a group of Dominant Women who share our slaves with each other. We have been mentoring your wife, helping her explore and enjoy her dominance and further your subjugation. We have some rules, which we will go over shortly over dinner. But first we must speak to the finances.”

“The Collective is its own legal entity which owns this house. Upon joining, you and Kristen would buy your way into the partnership. Your lifetime membership would cost eight thousand dollars up front, and another thousand each year for five years. The terms are non-negotiable, and your wife has already agreed to them. You may sell your membership back to the collective, but only with Kristen’s permission. Nod if you agree to these terms.”

Adam quickly nodded.

“Good,” Mistress Carol smiled wickedly. “Now Mistress Katie would you bring in the food?”

Adam admired Mistress Katie’s figure as she stood and headed into the kitchen. Her full, round ass looked amazing in her silver dress. Her heels made it shake seductively as she left.

Adam’s gaze was broken by a sharp slap on the balls! He grunted into the gag as Mistress Carol scolded him. “Again, your mind is wandering slave.” Mistress Katie returned with a cart of various fondue pots and ice.

Katie began setting the pots of steaming hot cheese and chocolate on the table around Adam as Mistress Carol continued. “Now, I believe introductions are in order.” The other Mistress rose and stood around the table, glancing down at their newest slave.

Carol gestured towards the tall Mistress on Adam’s right. “This is Mistress Amanda.” Adam looked up at the towering blonde and muttered hello into his gag. “And this is our Italian Mistress Francesca.” She pointed toward the fiery redhead Katie, “I believe you know Mistress Katie, but you may be better acquainted with her leather covered ass.” This brought a chuckle from the Mistresses. “And finally, Mistress Stacy.”

“Now,” Mistress Carol started, “let’s talk about your cock being locked away in this poor little cage!” She lifted the cage and let the weight of the steel drop on Adam’s tender, swollen balls. “You may have noticed that The Collective keeps all of its slaves locked in chastity. We do not believe that men can be trusted with their erections. But, we do have a way of rewarding well behaved slaves, and punishing bad ones.” She again lifted the cage and let it drop onto his balls.

“Our locks are different colors. Green locks are for rewarding slaves. Slaves with green locks may be unlocked, played with, and brought to orgasm by any of our Mistresses. Yellow locks may be removed by any Mistress, but slaves may not cum without the permission of THEIR Mistress. And finally red locks may only be removed by your Mistress. Finally, the color of a slave’s lock may only be changed by their Mistress, so don’t go kissing up to me. Understand?”

Adam nodded. “Good!” Carol replied, “Now let’s get started!”

Mistress Katie brought out the key to his cage, unlocking it. The Mistresses quickly had his cage off, and thirteen days worth of repressed erections roared to life. The Mistress stood, examining their new cock. Hands groping and grabbing Adam’s body made him arch up. One Mistress pinched his nipple and he tried to turn away. This only invited more pinches.

Mistress Amanda lowered her mouth to his nipple and began sucking. Adam leaned into her, enjoying it. This was short lived, as a painful nibble on Adam’s balls reminded him that he was now at the mercy of six Mistresses.

Adam nearly jumped tried to jump out of his cuffs as Mistress Katie started drizzling molten chocolate up his leg. Mistress Francesca left a trail of white chocolate across his chest. He cried out, but it only made it as far as the gag. Mistress Stacy punished the outburst by pinching and twisting his nipple. Mistress Kristen, in an act of kindness began sucking the chocolate off Adam’s thigh, working towards his rock hard member. Adam look relieved that his wife is trying to please him. She bit his thigh hard, making him wince again. Adam looked down to her, betrayed. She gave him a big-eyed innocent look.

Mistress Carol then regained control of the proceedings. “Looks like he’s ready. Who drew number one?”

“That would be me,” replied Mistress Stacy.

Mistresses Katie and Francesca took her hands as Mistress Stacy climbed up on the table. She stood for a moment, looking down at the slaveboy. She lifted her skirt and lowered her pussy onto Adam’s long overdue erection.

“I’d be careful Stacy,” quipped Amanda, “He’s a loaded gun right now. Leave some for the rest of us.”

Mistress Katie added sarcastically, “Yeah, I’d hate to have to take my frustrations out on Adam. And your husband.”

Stacy moaned as her pussy stretched over Adam’s cock. “Oh God! This is huge. Much bigger than mine!”

As Mistress Stacy began fucking Adam, the rest of the Mistresses did what they could to torment him. Piping hot chocolate was dripped and licked off his chest and legs. Mistress Katie started fingering herself, then dangling the her dripping fingers over Adam’s nose. Mistress Amanda leaned in and sucked the moist fingers.

Adam tried to concentrate hard. He knew he wouldn’t last long, and evidently, each Mistress wanted to ride his cock to orgasm. He closed his eyes and took deep, relaxing breaths. He was trying any trick he knew to stop thinking about the warm moist pussy bouncing up and down on his engorged member.

The Mistresses seemed to notice because they started doing more and more to break Adam’s concentration. He felt a hand tickling his balls. Then a stripe of pain across his thighs. Finally, Stacy gave a powerful thrust, impaling herself on his cock. She moaned and her pussy juices soaked Adam as she came.

Two of the Mistresses assisted Stacy in dismounting Adam. Adam enjoyed his temporary reprieve, only to wonder who was next. Mistress Katie scooted up on the table. “Maybe you’d enjoy the view more if I faced away?” she teased. Like Stacy, Mistress Katie lifted her skirt and mounted the fucktoy. Like before, as a Mistress began riding Adam’s cock, the other 5 played with the rest of his body. A barrage of kisses, burns, licks, strikes, tickles, and pinches invaded Adam’s senses. Adam knew he was close to losing it when Mistress Katie’s thighs started shaking. She rode him harder and he strained to keep his testicular dam from bursting. Katie came hard and collapsed forward toward Adam’s feet.

Adam savored the pause. He congratulated himself on satisfying another Mistress. The relief was short lived however, as he realized he wasn’t even halfway done tonight.

“Next!” his wife called out.

Mistress Francesca climbed on next. She completely removed her dress and mounted Adam in just her lingerie. Adam fixated on one thing. Her stockings. He absolutely loved stockings. The way they looked. The way they felt against his thighs.

“Mhhhh!” he grunted sharply as his nipples were simultaneously clamped. Mistress Francesca grabbed the chain between the clamps as if they were the reins of a thoroughbred. She galloped her slave at an incredible pace. The other Mistresses had abandoned giving Adam any pleasant sensations. He was feeling switches and floggers on his legs and feet. Burns on his chest.

His thoughts ping-ponged back and forth between the sexy Italian woman riding his cock and the nerve endings firing throughout his body. Mistress Francesca tugged hard on the chain. Adam screamed in pain, then in pleasure as his balls drained. His cock exploded into Mistress Francesca, unexpectedly setting off her orgasm as well.

The other four Mistresses may not have recognized it, but Adam’s wife immediately knew. “You fucking came!” she accused.

“Well,” Carol scolded “I was supposed to be next. I guess that wraps it up for tonight. Like every welcome dinner, those who end the night unsatisfied get to keep the leftovers. You’ll be in a red lock until you give your wife, Mistress Amanda, and myself our orgasms.”

Kristen added, “at the very least.”

Carol nodded. “Take good care of ours. We’ll find something to do with yours.”

Adam was too mentally exhausted to understand what was happening. His cock was shrinking and the rest of the guests were gathering their things. Mistresses Katie, Francesca, and Stacy had taken their slaves and were out the door. Adam, still tied looked up and saw his wife leading Carol’s husband and Amanda’s girlfriend out towards the garage.

Carol and Amanda looked down at the exhausted slave. Carol turned to Amanda “Get his cage ready, and I’ll make up the beds for us.”

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