Sorry about any confusion in the previous chapter. All the feedback was very spot on and I thank you all. This is how a writer gets better I believe. I hope you enjoy this chapter. This has flash backs to how Jon collected the last three stones and how he ended up in the state he did when Louisa found him.


Wind Sword Manor:

So there I was kneeling behind the twins. They were both on their bellies one atop the other, Carol on the bottom and Colleen on top. As I drove my cock into Carol, Colleen would wiggle her ass invitingly at me as a constant reminder that there were two of them. Then I yanked out my cock and slammed it into Colleen and she literally squealed in delight as I fucked her. Carol was more patient for her turn at fucking. She lay there simply moaning softly to herself eager to be filled again. That is how the next hour or so went trading off which pussy or mouth or pair of tits to fuck.

I was still hellaciously pissed off about being ambushed not once but twice. I could almost feel the shuriken stabbing my flesh and my life blood trickling from the wounds. It seemed like the moment I managed to calm down one of the twins would complain about not having a cock in them. Then boom it was brought back to the surface again. If I wasn’t a suspicious guy I would almost think that mom put them up to this. To try and burn the anger out through a marathon fuck session. Well it was working a little.

Finally Carol threw in the towel and left the room moaning and staggering. Colleen on the other hand hung in there for another two orgasms before begging off. She too left with a freshly fucked glow and an unstable walk. Mom and Louisa had disappeared sometime after hour three of the flesh fest. Whether to seek their own beds or perhaps some fun between themselves, who knew?

I on the other hand was still pissed off to no end about the betrayal by Nyarlathotep. I took a shower and donned some fresh clothes and sought out either Louisa or Mary. I ran into Mary first and she was still sheepish around me. She had every right to be we had not yet had our little talk. Maybe now was the best time while I was still looking for the proper outlet?

“Give them to me,” I said without turning to look at her.

“Sir,” Mary asked her voice quivering.

“I know she gave them to you,” I said with very little emotion in my voice.

Mary let out a small sigh and reached into the front pocket of her uniform and produced the elegant silver chair that ended in matching spring loaded clamps.

“You said you are here to serve,” I told her as we stopped and she pulled open her blouse to reveal her large erect nipples. “This will be your chance to prove your loyalty to me.”

“Anything,” was all Mary said.

She let out a little hiss as I attached each clamp. I reached for the middle of the chain and pulled lightly. Her hiss became a soft low moan.

“Which way to the lab,” I asked and she pointed.

I led and she dutifully followed. Soon we were in what passed for a basement in the manor house. The walls were polished granite and the many doors were all crafted of heavy oak. It looked more like a dungeon than anything else. Mary pointed as I led her by her nipples keeping a fairly steady pressure on her sensitive flesh. We reached the last room on the eastern wall and beyond the heavy iron bound door were the untouched crates shipped over from Arkham.

“They have not been opened per your instructions Sir,” Mary offered.

I looked around the room and saw there were bright clean spots all over the stone floor. She followed my gaze and informed me that the room had been used to extract information prior to its current designation. A real fun bunch that lived here back in the day, I thought to myself. I let go of the chain and heard her sigh in relief. But this was only a brief reprieve I explained.

The space beyond was huge and was composed of four large chambers. The center room was completely empty save for the crates and boxes.

The eastern most room appeared to be cluttered with furniture that ranged from a comfy looking leather chair to an honest to god wooden stockade. All the pieces appeared to have been maintained despite their lack of use. At least I hoped no one was using some of these things anymore. I examined the stockade and found the hinges oiled and the wood recently sanded to a fine smooth finish. I lifted the top of the stockade and motioned for Mary. Without hesitation she put her head and hands into place. I lowered the top carefully to secure it.

“You really aren’t going to try that fine piece of furniture out on her first were you,” my Mom said in her most sultry voice.

I was already lifting up top of the stockade and Mary dashed off without a single word. Mom let the sheer silk robe she had been wearing fall to the floor. Beneath were silken undergarments all of flawless white. From the push up bra to the garter and stockings she was arrayed like the virgin sacrifice. I swallowed hard and walked over to her. Her hair was held up with wicked looking hair spikes that looked hand forged. I stopped a few feet from her then walked slowly around her, our eyes never left the others. I can see why my dad fell in lust with this woman.

“Do you like,” she said lowering her head and dropping her shoulders, “…Master?”

“It’ll do,” I replied as I slid the hair spikes from her mane and watched it tumble down over her shoulders, breasts and back.

“I am pleased that you are pleased Sir,” she pronounced every word very carefully and with precise inflection for the desired effect.

“Ready my pet,” I asked and she visibly shivered when I said ‘my pet’.

“Always Master,” she purred.

I pondered which way to carry this out. Should I be gentle or fierce? Perhaps a little of both might be in order. I dropped the hair spikes and slid my fingers into her hair. She let out a soft moan then and her head leaned into my hand. Then I made a fist and pulled her close. This time Mom growled as I slowly pulled her head back.

“I can feel how upset you are Jon,” Mom said suddenly. “You have every right to be pissed off. Now do me a favor and take it out on me.”

I turned her head so I could look her in the eye. There blazing in hot challenge was my mother’s own lust just one notch off from a complete conflagration. The gauntlet had been thrown.

“You think you can handle my rage old woman,” I shot back and she just smiled.

“You think you can break this old woman, punk…” she said baring her teeth to me.

Snap… hiss… burn… I walked her to the stockade and I didn’t realize until after that her toes barely touched the ground. I didn’t hurt her putting her in but I wasn’t exactly gentle either. The top slammed down and with a mental thrust the stockade locked itself.

“Is Master going to beat my ass,” she moaned.

“Yep until I purge the anger that is eating me up inside,” I admitted.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM good this might just last a while,” Mom moaned.

I selected a riding crop from the toys scattered around the room. I cut the air with it and man it whistled. This wasn’t some novelty toy bought for the faint of heart. Oh no this was a genuine horse riding crop. The leather here could welt and bruise her ass but good. Instead of begging to be gentle Mom just wiggled that fine ass of hers at me. I guess it was her way of saying, ‘do your worst’. So I did.

I lifted the crop up and let it fall at about thirty percent power. I didn’t want to actually hurt my mom after all. The squeal of delight that came from her lips told me I was well in her pain tolerance. I examined her ass cheek and could smell how wet she was. I snuck her panties down a bit just to be sure.

“Oh you dirty little whore you,” I said with a smile. “You are soaked.”

“When I saw you two heading down here I was hoping something like this would happen.”

“You want me to beat you ass don’t you?”

“Oh god yes Jon,” she pleaded. “I have been ever so naughty.”

“You’ve been sucking other men’s cocks haven’t you,” I asked.

“Yes,” she admitted. SWISH-CRACK went the riding crop. “YESSSSSSSSSSSS,” Mom howled.

“Dirty little cockwhore,” I admonished. “Did you fucking swallow you filthy little slut?”

“Every fucking drop I could,” she moaned. CRACK-CRACK-CRACK answered the riding crop on both of her ass cheeks. “Oh god yesss baby… Beat my ass…”

“You like that don’t you whore,” I accused.

“NNNNNNNNNNNN…” she growled. “You have no idea how good it feels!”

The riding crop fell in a long staccato down her back ending on each ass cheek. I could tell by her howl and the way her back arched that she had climaxed at least once.

I knelt behind her and slowly pulled her panties the rest of the way down. She had gone from wet to absolutely drenched. With a little effort we managed to remove her underwear altogether. When I stood up again her back was beginning to redden nicely and her ass cheeks were a lovely crimson.

“Tell me what happened Jon,” she said once she had caught her breath. I reached to unlock the stockade and she cried out. “Don’t you dare mister, I can hear quite well in this position.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her predicament and the desire to remain in it. So I just launched into what had me so upset.

“The first ambush there was two of them. Assassins sent to kill me and retrieve the Aessence Stone.”

“There was more than one ambush,” she asked her voice cracking. “Jon, what is an Aessence Stone?”

“This is going to take some back story I can see,” I told her as I pulled down my sweat pants and slid my cock into her drenched pussy from behind. “I might as well be comfortable while I fill you in.”

She moaned as I slowly and leisurely fucked her.

“I had just finished my first task and acquired the Qual Amethyst…”

Moon of Ringed Planet:

Recent Past:

I gave both of them a proper human burial. I wasn’t sure if the Qual even buried their dead. Iyaden and Kurnous were still settling into their new existence as digital echoes of their former selves. When I stepped from the pool, after washing the earth and sweat from my body, I was greeted to a wholly new and unwelcome sight. The Necropolis or as Kurnous called it, the sleeping city, was awash in hellish green bane fire. I was guessing this was the Soulless manifesting themselves after the demise of the last Qual.

“Aw crap, really,” I muttered as I donned the robes Iyaden had fashioned for me and took up the staff as well. “Let’s get this over with.”

I made my way slowly back to the city. I was in no hurry to face whatever the hell it was that was painting that gorgeous city with emerald hell fire. But as the ringed gas giant leisurely passed overhead I finally arrived at the edge of the city’s heart. There arrayed in their funerary best were the Soulless. Once they were proud warriors, citizens and statesmen of the Qual people; now they were the restless dead who would speak to me and relinquish the Aessence Stone.

“I am the Sublime Master,” I told them as I passed between their ranks.

“We are the Soulless,” they wailed.

“I am here to collect a debt,” I said as I neared the center of them.

“We are here to deliver that which is owed,” they moaned.

I reached the middle of the pack and there taller and more regal than the rest were seven men or women in their finest. There was a central figure with six flanking him three on a side. I looked at the once Qual in the middle and spoke directly to him or her.

“Who are you?”

“I am the Primarch of this city and these are my six Exarchs.”

“Why are you here?”

“We are all here to see the debt that is owed paid in full.”

“You didn’t answer my question, why are you here?”

“I don’t understand Master…”

I looked around at the spectral figures around me. Each of them arrayed in their best garments and each of them lit up like a hellish green candle with their skulls blazing with bale fire. Once a proud people now reduced to this.

“Why are you here,” I asked everyone assembled. “You are all members of the Qual. A race that has endured for uncounted years so I ask what has brought to this point?”

“Despair,” said a female voice from the throng.

“We have lost hope,” said another.

“Why,” I asked raising my voice louder still. “Why has the proud and powerful Qual lost faith?”

“It isn’t a matter of faith,” replied the Primarch. “The Qual have no gods.”

“Oh but it is,” I said turning to him. “You broke faith with yourselves.”

There was a perfect silence in that sleeping city. There couldn’t be collective gasp of shock for they were dead. So I continued on.

“I see before me the cunning and gifted people that raised this very city from nothing. I see before me a small few out of billions that have stumbled and fallen.”

“You don’t understand,” one of the Exarch spoke.

“Tell me then Exarch, why did you lose hope?”

“We are the last, when we ended so did our race,” her voice sounded hollow as it travelled over that open space.

“You don’t know that for sure,” I replied.

“But we do. When you collected the Amethyst you took the very last two,” cried the Primarch.

“Not the last,” I said as I removed Iyaden’s mask. “I am Qual.”

Again that perfect silence fell upon the city.

“How can this be?”

“Who are you?”

“Tell us your lineage!”

“I am Jon Masters and I am awakened,” I said. “Qual blood alone now flows through these veins.”

Every blazing skull turned towards the Primach. The accusation was clear and he was to blame.

“I am the Sublime Master,” I called out to the crowd. “And I have a new mission for the Qual who still dwell in this sleeping city.”

“Tell us… tell us… tell us…”

“I want to be able to return in the future and find this city still standing. I charge you with its upkeep and survival. Will you accept this noble duty?”

“We will… we will… we will!”

The bale fire was gone from them. Now a clear emerald light shone in the darkness. Now a new purpose had been kindled. The wraiths of the necropolis were gone replaced by the spirits of the sleeping city. Like thought they disappeared into the buildings to maintain them until my eventual return. They all vanished, all but one. The Primarch stepped down from his high place and stood before me on equal ground.

“You gave them hope,” his voice weak and tired.

“Yes I did, but your burden is almost over,” I said softly.

“Yes,” he said with a sense of welcome and eagerness.

“But don’t think you still won’t serve someone. You served your people faithfully and so you will serve me as well.”

“Master I would be honored to be of any help I can.”

“Good, where is the Aessence Stone?”

He pointed to his forehead. I replaced Iyaden’s mask and reached in without hesitation. I extracted the hovering emerald and let it settle into my palm. I examined its beautiful facets and the cunning craft that went into its construction. Then solemnly I opened the staff and settled it into the socket prepared for it.

“You already have half the stones,” he commented.

“Yeah, I hope it gets easier from here on.”

“I somehow doubt that,” the Primarch said with a soft chuckle.

“Somehow I think you are right, are you prepared?”

“I have been waiting for this for a very long time.”

I reached up with my left hand and watched the black ring do its work. This time there was no body to leave behind only a fading of his emerald radiance. The Primarch took his place next to Kurnous with the ever growing population of souls I was reaping. I shivered at that thought. Was I actually trapping the souls of the living or in this case once living? Or was it just an excellent digital copy? I didn’t really want to think about it.

“Time to return to the portal or whatever the hell it was that got me here,” I said as I left the city.


Wind Sword Manor:

So as I told my story my cock was pounding the living hell out of Mom. This was after all a form of punishment or well it was supposed to be.

“Is that the end,” Mom asked in a soft moan.

“No just a brief reprieve before I change things up,” I told her.

“Changes things up,” she purred now. “Changes things how?”

“I am glad you asked,” I said as I eased my cock from her pussy.

“NNNNNNNNNNNN,” she whimpered as she was empty.

Then I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart. Then I raised the head of my cock about half an inch and pushed. Relentlessly I shoved my cock back into her without stopping without mercy.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Master that’s my…!”

“Yes it is now shut up and take it like the punishment you deserve.”

Her moan of pain became a growl of pleasure.

“Fuck me Master… Punish me… I deserve it!”

“Yes you do… now where was I?”

“You were fucking me in the… oh you had just left the sleeping city…”

“Ah yes… and boy was I in for a huge fucking surprise…”

Moon of the Ringed Planet:

I had turned my back on the sleeping city. It was no longer a necropolis in my mind it was waiting, dreaming if you will, for my eventual return. I folded the staff that Iyaden had made for me and slid it into a convenient pocket on my left thigh. Then I pulled up the hood and headed for the bluff and my way out of here.

I was walking through a grove of bush-trees; I never did learn what the hell they were called. I stopped and squatted down to pick one and examine it as I finished my walk. That’s when things went to hell. The crystalline projectile passed over my head with a whistling sound followed by a deep thud.

‘What the fuck was that,’ I asked Umbra silently.

‘Scanning Master,’ she said sending out a UV pulse from the watch. ‘The projectile is eight feet behind you and appears comprised of a crystal-organic compound.’

‘Projectile! Where the fuck did it come from?’

‘Analysis of trajectory indicates the sniper is located on the bluff in front of us.’

‘Storm… where the fuck are you,’ I mentally shouted as I drew the staff out.

‘I am in your hands Sir,’ he said.

I looked down at the dark ornate staff. I didn’t have time to mess around so I decided upon an exit strategy. Kurnous said that it was possible to teleport silently. I looked down at the empty row to my left and decided upon my destination.

A good thousand feet away was a nice clear spot. I focused my full attention on that point and moved as slow as I could. He said if I could manage that the air would be balanced and no telltale popping sound would be created. I shifted my left foot to point in that direction and moved ever so slowly in that direction. A moment later I was there a thousand feet away.

I slipped as quietly as I could between two of the bush-trees and waited. I didn’t have long to wait. A figure in body armor armed with some sort of edged weapon appeared and was swinging his weapon where I had just been crouching. He looked up at the bluff and did a very human looking shrug. But he wasn’t idle for long. He began looking for signs of my trail and I now knew I had at least two enemies to deal with.

New tactics were required. I couldn’t take on the guy with the sword and a sniper and possibly survive. Iyaden and Kurnous were of no use as they were still acclimating to their new ‘living’ arrangements.

‘I am open to suggestions,’ I sent to Umbra and Storm.

‘Allow me a second UV pulse to scan the closer assailant and see if I can find a weakness,” Umbra asked.

‘Do it and tell me if find anything,’ I sent.

So while she scanned our friend I thought about what I had going for me. I could lift the guy up and drop him but his armor might protect him from that sort of damage. The same went for trying to crush him. Maybe something more subtle was required. I closed my eyes and reached out for any minds that I could detect. I sensed only the two, the sniper and the swordsman. If it worked in the movies maybe it’ll work here. I imagined the swordsman’s mind like a house. I snuck up to it below window level and peered in. There he was in his warrior garb looking for any sign of me. He was hyper vigilant. Maybe I could use that to my advantage. I imagined the sound of a soft foot fall behind him and to his right. He immediately spun and raised his weapon. Now his back was to the sniper.

I backed away from him and snuck up to her mind. There she was lying prone her world seen through a scope. Though the rifle had an almost organic look to it the function was the same, kill from a distance. Hers was going to be a little trickier. I brought up in my mind an image of me sneaking up behind her partner with a nice shiny knife in my hand. She would see me pop up and try and stab him. I pushed and sent the crystal clear image into her mind. Your partner is in danger and you have only seconds to react! Oh and react she did. She put three of those wicked crystal darts into her partner. Two hit high up on his back and one dead center of his skull. He never realized what hit him. He was dying even as he hit the ground.

Blindly almost instinctively I reached out with the black ring and snatched his dying breath and ensnared him within one of the crystals. I wanted to know who the hell had hired these fuckers. That I was successful was as surprising to me as it was to him, of that I am sure. Now it was the bitch’s turn to die.

‘Master,’ it was Storm. ‘There is something you may want to know about.’

‘What’s that Storm?’

‘While I was spending time with the son he mentioned something of great interest.’

‘And what was that,’ I asked as a distant rumble of thunder could be heard.

‘Well that Sir,’ he replied. ‘Apparently the close proximity to the Gas Giant we are in orbit around causes daily weather phenomenon.’

‘You are telling me there is a thunder storm heading our way?’

‘Yes Master,’ Storm said.

‘How does this help us?’

‘She is located on the highest point and I can help you channel a localized ion field.’

‘In English Storm please.’

‘With my help you can let me earn my name.’

‘Oh no shit,’ I exclaimed. ‘You mean hit the bitch with lightning?’

‘As you put it so eloquently Master, let’s burn the bitch!’

I actually laughed and its wicked sound echoed off the walls of the bluff. That had to be at least a little disconcerting to her. So I slowly lowered myself into a sitting position; careful not to disturb the bush-trees and give away my position. I closed my eyes and reached out for the heart of the storm. It was building rapidly and would dissipate just as quickly. I had one shot at this. The staff with Storm’s guidance altered its form to that of a long slender battle blade. Qual runes covered every single inch of it and it began to glow with a wicked black radiance. My attack plan was simple. I was going to pinpoint her location mentally and teleport Storm above her. As he dropped he would act just like a lightning rod. Once he pierced her body he would draw down any and all of the lightning he could muster. I hoped this would work. The storm had just about reached its peak. With a mental shove the dark glittering sword appeared above her with a loud pop. Even as she turned onto her back to look up it was too late. The tip of Storm’s blade pierced her dead center. Then the darkling sky turned day bright as bolt after bolt of lightning struck the sword and her.

‘Um Master,’ it was Umbra.

“Yeah Umbra,” I asked aloud now that the bitch was dead.

‘I am concerned,’ she said.

“What about,” I asked her.

‘There were three of the six stones in the staff along with Storm’s stone. Do you think they survived that kind of electrical discharge?’


Once more instinct took over and I mental homed in on the staff. I took a fierce step forward willing myself next to him. I yanked Storm which was still smoking from the burned out corpse.

“STORM… STERLING… Goddamnit… Speak To Me!”

“Master does not need to shout,” Storm said.

“Yes, the lightning was dazzling enough Jon,” Sterling said. “I mean Master.”

“I approve of the sword form Storm. I give it a ten out of ten.”

“Thank you Sir I am glad you find it appealing. Sterling helped with the ‘sensuous’ curves in the blade and hilt.”

“How long before I am able to question the one I snared into the watch?”

“Unknown Master,” Umbra offered. “I would suspect a few days due to the traumatic way you performed that act.”

“I agree it was traumatic, just like that fucking sniper’s head shot,” I snarled. “Speaking of head shots.”

I walked over to the sniper’s body and with one clean blow severed her head from her neck. Despite the massive electrical damage her skull was still intact. Perhaps it was a grisly trophy to keep but goddamnit the bitch tried to fucking kill me. With Storm’s help I managed to remove most of the charred flesh and I soon held a gleaming white skull in my hands. I turned it this way and that examining it closely.

“So how do they differ from humans,” I asked Umbra.

“You mean despite the second set of eyes Master? They bones are approximately ten times more dense that standard human and their muscle mass is around fifteen times more efficient. The male whom you had her kill could easily lift five times or more of the best Olympic human weightlifter.”

“Holy Crap, I am glad I chose sneaky instead of head on with these two,” I replied. “Do you have any idea what spectrum of light they see in?”

“The lower pair what appears to be their primary visual organ see further in the visual spectrum than humans but their color spectrum is far lower. That is probably due to a bright primary sun. The secondary pair sees short distances in the infrared spectrum so I am guessing they track prey by heat signature.”

“Any obvious physical weaknesses I could exploit if I run into these guys again?”

“They are strong and hard to damage but I suspect they possess a slower reaction time. Still I would not recommend going toe to toe with one.”

“Thanks Umbra I appreciate your vote of confidence.”

“You are welcome Master,” she said with a smile in her voice.

“I am going to have to talk with someone about a sarcasm subroutine. Is there anything else to report?”

“Perhaps there could be answers in their craft,” Umbra said soothingly.

“What… Where is it? I am going to search it until I get some fucking answers!”

Umbra appeared in her Technomage guise and led the way. The thing wasn’t parked all that far away. But it wasn’t like anything I was expecting to run into. Nestled between two hillocks was a two hundred foot craft that appeared way more organic than mechanical. In fact after walking around the thing twice I found no obvious propulsion or aerodynamic facet to it at all. The texture of the hull was closer to snake scales but looked as hard as rock.

Tentatively I reached out and touched it. To my complete surprise I got a mental response. What follows is an interpretation of what was exchanged not the actual dialogue.

‘Who are you,’ the ship asked.

It in fact was more of an empathetic query than actual words.

‘My name is Jon Masters,’ I sent back.

‘Where are the male and female J’Nai?’

‘They are both dead,’ I sent. ‘I was forced to defend myself.’

‘Are you my new Pilot?’

‘Is there no one else on board or nearby?’

‘No… are you my new Pilot?’

‘I guess I am… I mean yes I am your new Pilot.’

My hand was suddenly stuck to the hull but the ship’s soothing voice told me to relax.

‘No harm… No harm… we are bonding Pilot.’

I forced myself to relax and before a few more heartbeats the process was over. Once I could move my hand I watched the craft take on a drastic change. The body of the thing looked like something out of some insane aquarium with wild blue and white patterning over the entire hull. The texture and body shape was definitely more like a manta ray or something.

‘Very colorful,’ I sent to it.

‘Pilot is pleased, that is good.’

‘Do you have a name?’

‘I am Ship and you are Pilot.’

‘Okay I will call you Ship if you like.’

‘I will call you Pilot.’

It was like talking to a five year old.

‘Can you open up for me,’ I asked.

An iris like opening appeared near the front of the craft and I entered not knowing what to expect. The floor of the interior was hard and firm but everything else had a very soft pliant look to it. I looked at the two seats that must have served the former Pilot and his partner.

They were low to the floor with a spongy high back to them. The controls were utterly alien and I could make no sense to them whatsoever.

‘If this shape or configuration does not appeal to you I can alter my form to suit your needs.’

‘Well let me look around first before we start changing anything.’

‘Of course Pilot if there is anything you need just ask.’

‘Can you show me to the former Pilot’s room?’

Behind me I heard a soft sort of hiss and another iris had appeared and opened.

‘Follow the rooms that are opened. They will lead you directly to your rooms.’

‘Thanks,’ I sent.

‘Pilot I don’t understand that word. What does it mean?’

‘What, your former Pilot never thanked you?’

‘No, I am unfamiliar with that concept, please explain.’

‘Well the world I come from when someone does something for you it is common courtesy to thank them. It is a way of saying a job well done.’

‘Even if it is a simple task such as opening a door,’ it asked.

‘Yep, it is what we call a kindness. All sentient beings deserve kindness.’

‘Thank you Pilot for your kindness. Was that appropriate?’

‘Perfectly, do you have any problems with me examining or taking any of the previous Pilot’s belongings?’

‘No whatever is on board belongs to you now. That I understand very well.’

‘Is there any information about the J’Nai that I should know?’

‘Oh there is much about them you must be unaware of; shall I share it with you now?’

‘Sure, let’s start with where they are from.’

‘An excellent beginning Pilot, the J’Nai are from a binary star system…’

So that’s how my education began, on what would prove to be my worst foes I had yet encountered. They came from a hellish star system with two suns a red giant and a white dwarf companion. The interior part of the system consisted of a huge meteor belt like that between Mars and Jupiter back home. The first two planets had been torn apart by the tidal forces of the two suns. The third planet was a burned out husk and a constant target for bombardment by those very meteors. Life amazingly arose on the fourth world what the Ship called Jnarin Prime. There not one but three sentient races evolved. Each race arose on a supercontinent. There was the J’Nai of course. The other two races remained unnamed, which was really strange. Until you realize the J’Nai didn’t view them as sentient or as people. They were things to hunt and kill is all. The feline race lived in cities located high up in mountainous rain forests and possessed six limbs. They could and did run on all ‘sixes’ but could also walk upright for long periods of time as well. Of the three they were the most technologically inferior. When Ship showed me the last race I almost shit a brick.

“Marvin, take a look at this!”

The little tripod crawled out of the safety of my hood and stared at the hologram displayed by Ship. The third species was a race of tripod-like creatures that had evolved from an ocean dwelling ancestor. They and Marvin could have been separate offshoots of the same family. They shared many of the same characteristics like the three limbs ending in three pseudo-fingers. The three eyes spaced evenly around the hemisphere of the triangular shaped head. The details of the eyes were different though. This other race had triangular shaped iris along with a pupil divided up into three separate colors. They were red, green and blue respectively. Ship told me they were the only psychically gifted race besides them on the planet. These tripods possessed a very sophisticated society and technology. They were also as brutal a race as the J’Nai in many respects, especially their eating habits. When I asked about what they ate

I got a wicked lesson in tripod anatomy.

Apparently these creatures like the octopus could alter their skin and camouflage themselves. They could and would hang from low lying tree limbs and await their prey. On the underbelly of the main body were three overlapping flaps of skin. Each flap measured around a foot in diameter. They were closed most of the time. However when prey walked beneath the tripod the flaps would open revealing this killing machine’s mouth and feeding tentacles. Three long tentacles would shoot out two would pierce the shoulders of its food while the third wrapped around the neck. The tentacles would then pull the hapless prey into the teeth lined maw. The hollow translucent teeth would then pierce the brain cavity and literally suck out the brain matter. Two of the feeding tentacles would be draining the animal of its life blood. Once the brain was consumed the tripod would thrust the tentacles into the chest and finish draining the blood.

Marvin scurried back to my hood after the lesson on eating matters was done. I didn’t blame him one bit. After watching a J’Nai get eaten by a tripod I had lost any appetite I might have had. Jnarin Prime was definitely off my list of vacation destinations, forever!

One of the interesting things about J’Nai that Ship shared was that they were compulsive collectors. Whether it was a cultural thing or genetic Ship didn’t know. But it did say that the collections ran the gambit from blooms and insects to gems and weapons. Apparently the former Pilot collected crystals along with weapons from his fallen enemies. He had a lot of both. I guess I had been smart not to challenge him. The weapons went from the easily recognizable, as far as form and function, to the truly exotic and esoteric. I didn’t touch anything. I just wasn’t that eager to accidently discharge something inside the ship. Now the crystals were another matter entirely. I looked at each and every one of them and handled many of them. He literally had thousands of them that ranged from the tiny to a cluster of green quartz-like crystals that stood almost three feet tall. But it was the rare ones that Ship directed me to that made me gasp. Two in particular caught my eye.

The first was a fist sized piece of what Ship called helcaraxe. The irregular shaped stone changed color and hue with an almost mercurial fluidity to it. The heart of the crystal was the darker part and seemed to swirl like mist while the lighter outer part slowly shifted shades.

Helcaraxe was found on only one world and it was currently highly contested by four separate governments because of the deposits of the rare stone.

The second was a cut and polished crystal that was about eighteen inches in length. It was the rainbow coloring that made this piece so exceptional. The wider end of the crystal was a deep indigo and as the colors progressed and changed from violet to blue to green to orange to yellow and finally ending in a deep red. The tapered stone was as elegant as it was beautiful. Its smooth hexagonal sides were cunningly carved with what Ship informed me were sacred J’Nai symbols from the holiest place on the home world, the temple of Sar and Quin. They were the twin deities that the J’Nai worshipped exclusively. Though there were many satellite places of worship on the continent and off world. There was only one true temple where pilgrimage was not only expected but demanded.

Every J’Nai before their twentieth birthday was expected to visit the temple or be forever considered pariah.

Ship informed me that this crystal was only given to champions who bested all opponents on the day they visited the temple. So it not only showed his spiritual commitment but his martial prowess as well.

As I turned to leave the small chamber holding the former Pilot’s crystal collection something caught my mind. I would say my eye but it was a whisper in my head that drew my attention to the unworked crystal. I crouched down and reached for an ugly lump of charcoal covered rock. It was a little bigger than a baseball in diameter but when I touched it man it was electric! It is hard to describe the sensation but I will try. While I held the stone it was like all my thought processes were clearer and sharpened.

“What is this,” I asked Ship.

“Oh that is just a piece of stone found on those you call the Tripod’s continent.”

“So this is fairly common then?”

“Oh no but it is a sign of the other

Pilot’s bravery. It is only found deep in caves mined by the Tripods. To prove his worth he ventured to the other continent and acquired it. The Tripods are very reluctant to part with it.”

“I can see why. Do you know how they use these stones?”

“Mostly for personal decoration, though some of the larger pieces are displayed in town halls or other places of prominence.”

“I bet they are. Do you know if there is a certain way these stones are cut and polished?”

“All archival evidence seems to show a standard way of processing the crystals.”

“Can you please display those images for me?”

“Of course Pilot,” Ship said and holograms of various prominent Tripods appeared.

“Stop, can you analyze that image Umbra and get me good clean idea of how that center stone was worked?”

“Yes Master,” Umbra said as the avatar studied the hologram from all sides. “It appears a typical process of cutting and polishing with the grain of the crystal is used Sir.”

“Excellent, can you scan the stone in my hand thoroughly for any flaws or weaknesses.

Then develop a suitable plan for working this crystal for me.”

“Of course Master,” she said confidently.

The violet light scanned every side of the stone in great detail. Then Umbra displayed a hologram of the process once it had been worked out.

“Store that for future use. I want to see what this stone can do once it is cut and polished.”


Wind Sword Manor:

Mom’s screams of pleasure and how close my own orgasm prompted me to focus on the matter at hand. Mainly fucking her rotten and coming as hard and deep in her as I could. As my cock swelled inside of her a new round of swear words and urging poured from her lips. I pulled her ass cheeks apart to watch as I slammed my dick into her as hard and fast as I could.

“Punish me Master,” she howled. “Fill me up with your cum please!”

When I was moments away I pulled back and drove into her as hard as I could and hollered as my cock pulsed hot cum inside of her. She let out an ear ringing shriek as her body shook and she came right along with me. Panting and short of breath I slowly eased my cock from her tighter hole. I stood there staring at my handiwork. Both of her ass cheeks were cherry red. There were distinctive overlaying handprints forming a lovely pattern on her round bottom.

“Damn girl you can take a beating that is for sure,” I praised her high pain tolerance.

“Has Master forgiven my indiscretion,” she asked softly.

“I really am a softy at heart,” I told her. “Yeah you’re forgiven; just don’t repeat your mistake or I won’t be as lenient as I was here.”

I released her from the stockade and the first she did was rub her ass cheeks.

“Will Master finish his story?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Well what happened to Ship and the stone you found on board?”

“Well the stone is at a high end jeweler here in London being cut to my specifications as we speak. And Ship well that is a little harder to explain; that involves subspace mechanics and pandimensional engineering.”

“It’s in the backpack isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is,” I admitted staring at her in awe. “How the hell did you figure that out?”

“It seemed like the only place big enough to store something that large.”

“You get an A for the class today.”

“What happened next,” Mom asked eagerly.

“Yes Master what happened next,” said a sultry voice from the doorway.

I smiled and grabbed the leather chair and sat down. The hooded figure approached and knelt down as if waiting for me to do or say something.

“Is there anything I need to know,” I asked the kneeling figure.

“Yes, I would suggest you hire a new driver. Otherwise all is well within these walls Master.”

“Really now that is a surprise, okay I will take care of that right away. Excellent work by the way.”

“Master is too kind,” the mystery woman replied. “Is there anything else I can do for you Sir?”

“Not at the moment, would you like to stay for the next part of this story?”

“No I all too familiar with it Master. I will retire to my room if that is alright?”

“Get some rest you deserve it. Perhaps I can stop by and check up on you?”

“MMMMMMMMM please do,” she purred. “My door is always open for you Master.”

With that she rose to her feet, turned and left. Mom watched her go and her mouth fell open when she saw the small tail swishing from a long slit in the back of the dark robes she wore.

“Jon was that a tail I saw?”

“Yes it was… let me explain.”

Mom moved to kneel in front of the leather chair and took my cock in hand and began to clean it with her mouth.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM where was I?”

“You returned to the triangular platform.”

The Blind:

I stood once more on the triangular platform looking at the inscriptions once again. I decided I would see who the Blind were and which stone they possessed. Maybe I could make this one short and sweet. I walked across the catwalk and into the tunnel beyond. The light dimmed until I was forced to activate the lowlight feature on the contact lenses.

The tunnel ended after a shot jaunt and the landscape beyond was barren of any sort of plant or animal life. But that doesn’t mean it was completely lacking in anything of interest.

There were long wooden and metallic tubes of varying lengths and diameters imbedded into the entire landscape. In each of the tubes were notches. So when the wind blew, which it seemed to do perpetually, there came almost an orchestra of sounds from the tubes. The range of sound was from a tinny brass arrangement to a deep woody Japanese flute. I am sure they served some purpose but what it was eluded me.

Then I saw the procession arrive. They were tall and thin figures all dressed in dark colors.

Though the hooded robes they wore ranged from deep emerald to royal blue to a singular figure in blood red. The procession stopped about ten feet away and man were they tall! The shortest of the Blind stood at least eight feet tall and the tallest close to nine. The figure in red bowed from the waist and extended all four of his arms up and away from his spindly body. I mirrored his movement and bowed and thrust my arms out.

“Greetings Sublime Master,” the one in red said in perfect English.

“Greetings Leader in Scarlet,” I replied not knowing what else to say.

He reached up and pulled back his hood revealing his features. It took everything I had not to shiver. I had seen Egyptian mummies at the natural history museum and this guy was not far off. His skin possessed a dry almost parchment quality to it. And it was pulled so tight to his skull that I could almost make out each and every facial muscle. But I think it was the eyes or what little was left of them that left me cold. The sockets weren’t quite empty but was left could be of little or no use to them. That’s when I realized what the tubes were for. I pulled back my hood and removed Iyaden’s mask and waited patiently.

“Now we see eye to eye, in a manner of speaking,” the leader said with a hideous smile.

“I have come to collect a stone and a debt,” I said as calmly as I could.

The Blind weren’t exactly the most pleasant looking folks but perhaps they were nicer inside than out. I should quit assuming things from now on. The leader gestured for me to follow and the procession turned and unerringly headed uphill through the blasted landscape and field of tubes.

“You navigate using sound,” I said.

“Very perceptive Sublime One,” the leader replied. “Yes since this twilight home of ours is so dimly lit we have had to adapt.”

“Ingenious really,” I told him.

“Why thank you, it makes moving around easier. It also makes the hunt more delightful.”

“The hunt,” I said. “What hunt?”

“Oh you’ll see,” he said with a savage smile.

“Can’t wait,” I replied and then lapsed into silence.

It was hard keeping up with someone’s who stride was vastly superior to my own but I managed. If they were hunting anything shorter than they were the prey was doomed. Though they appeared thin and wasted to the point of death they strode up that hill like it was nothing. They were deceptively rugged despite the feeble aura they gave off.

We reached the top of the rise and perched there was a large stone structure centered on a hexagonal rotunda. Each of the eight sides looked out over what could only be described as a vast labyrinth. Scattered throughout the maze were square holding pens where ‘people’ moved and squirmed about. I could only assume that these poor bastards were the prey they were going to hunt later on. From this height it was difficult to make out what species they were but some were most definitely humanoid and others were not.

The stench rising up from the nearest holding pen was enough to send me reeling away from the overlook. The leader in red or Red as I was beginning to call him in my head gestured to one of his lackeys.

“My most sincere apologies Sublime One,” he said bowing low. “I forget that we have long since grown accustom to the scent of our prey.”

A little while later I heard the squeal of female voices and the sound of running water. The smell died away and I could only imagine what they had to endure within the pen. I turned to face Red and asked him about the schedule for today’s ritual.

“So how exactly did you have this all planned out?”

“I am glad you asked,” he said smiling his skeletal grin. “There is a gift that the council wished to offer you. Once you have made your choice then you will announce the start of the hunt. After the glory of that event then the stone will be returned and the debt will be paid. It will be fairly short and sweet so as not to take up too much of your valuable time.”

“Sounds simple enough,” I replied. “So what kind of gift did the council want to offer me?”

“Well before that I would like you to have the opportunity to me the high council,” this he said with another low bow and in walked a procession of dark robes figures.

This time however there were insignias or decorations, albeit disturbing ones that clearly defined them as people of great importance. I bowed as I had before with arms outstretched and they returned the gesture. Unlike meeting VIPs back home that was the end of it. No names or titles were exchanged it was just that simple. If they wanted to remain nameless who was I to push the matter? It was less time with these strange and unpleasant individuals.

Among the twenty two members of the council there was one ancient fellow at the front who had been carried in on the backs of four burly male slaves. His sedan chair appeared crafted of precious metals and stones and must have weighed a ton. He also was the only other one wearing a unique color and no decorations like Red. He wore solid black and beamed at me with great anticipation in his demeanor.

“Bring them in,” Red called out.

It wasn’t quite like herding cats but there were a few reluctant slaves that were ushered in.

They were all naked and they were all very obviously female. It was at this point that I classified them as either near human or not even close. The near humans if dressed in standard jeans and a t-shirt could pass for human. The others would have issues trying to pass wearing hooded cloaks and gloves. There were twenty one of them in all and I immediately picked out the female J’Nai in the group. She was one of the reluctant ones. I steeled myself and did not take a step back away from her as I was wont to do.

“Now before you choose,” Red said a hint of excitement in his voice. “You should know that there is a standing wager between myself and the gentleman in black.”

“So what’s the bet,” I asked.

“If I am correct in guessing which of the females you choose all of his estates will forfeit to my family after his demise.”

“However, if I am correct,” Black said. “He takes my place at the payer of the debt.”

I walked among the girls giving them a cursory glance. A few of them got my attention; some among the near humans and one or two among the not even close category.

“What if I want say two of them?”

“Interesting,” Red replied.

“Yes very interesting,” Black agreed.

“Tell you what,” I proposed. “If the first one I choose is either of yours I will answer that person’s question as truthful as I can. If the second one I choose is either of yours I will answer but in a more limited capacity. However, if I choose two that are neither of yours I keep them without penalty.”

“I accept,” Red said without hesitation.

“HMMM,” Black thought it over for a long minute. “Very well that is a very generous wager Sublime One.”

“I take it you are all aware of the two that have been chosen,” I asked the other council members and they all nodded in agreement. “Okay let’s get this choosing over with.”

I took the girls and separated them into two obvious groups. There were the near humans on one side and the not even close on the other. There were murmurs amongst the council members at this point. I am guessing that they both chose a female that was near human. Then I arranged the girls in order of what I found appealing about them. I did the same with the not even close group as well. I backed away making the choosing last a bit longer that’s when I noticed it. There were eight females in the not even close group as there should be. And there were fourteen girls in the near human line up, one too many.

“What the hell?”

“Sublime One,” asked Red but it was Black who saw it as well.

“There are too many females,” Black called out.

“Yeah that was my count as well,” I agreed.

It was the girl with the emerald green hair and ruby red eyes that stood out. I walked over to her and eyed her up and down. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. She was completely and utterly unafraid. She wasn’t afraid of me or the Blind or hell anything as far as my gut instinct was telling me.

“UMMMM,” I said to her leaning close. “You got the hair and eyes reversed.”

“Damn it I was so close,” she cursed then smiled up at me.

“Everything else is well perfect,” I told her. “Even the emerald pubic hair is kind of cute actually. Sort of reminds me of the anime girls that artists draw back home.”

“Then I will keep the hair,” she said and her eyes shifted to match the exact color of her hair.

“So you are a shape shifter,” I asked.

“That is one of my talents,” she admitted.

I walked around her and ran Iyaden’s mask through the full spectrum to try to catch any other clues. I stopped it on one interesting setting and saw that despite the sun’s vast distance some negligible radiation did make it this far. I looked around me and saw the landscape in this new point of view. Though the coloring and shading were vastly different I did notice one distinct anomaly about her. This woman had no shadow no matter what spectrum I looked in.

‘Sterling,’ I sent directly through the contacts. ‘She has no shadow. I remember something about that and it is bad, very bad. Find it for me and quick while I stall.’

‘Yes Master,’ she replied.

“So sublime one,” she said as I checked her out. “Do you like my ass?”

“It is without flaw,” I told her and meant it.

“And my tits are they pleasing as well?”

“Aphrodite herself must be envious of them,” I said as I eyed them.

“My legs are they enticing enough for you?”

“Men would die to have them wrapped around them.”

“I will tell you something Sublime Master,” she said leaning very close. “Men have died with my legs wrapped around them. They have died in ecstasy but they have died all the same.”

That was when I noticed it. The blood red hour glass that was just below her perfect belly button. A red as deep as that in her eyes and I knew it wasn’t there a mere moment earlier.

“Aw hell,” I muttered.

‘She is a pandimensional being Master! She is one of the Great Old Ones!’ Sterling warned but all too late now.

“Fuck me rotten,” I cursed.

“I accept your proposal,” she purred.

“Wait,” I back pedaled and she just smiled.

“Relax,” she said laying a hand on my chest. “That was meant as humorism.”

“You mean a joke?”

“Yes,” she smiled even wider now. “That was just a joke. You can scan this form if it pleases you Jon Masters. I can see it in your eyes, its okay.”

“Thanks,” I said as Umbra sent out a tight high def beam to capture physical perfection.

“You are most welcome.”

All the while this was going on Red, Black and the other members of the council were deep in conversation. When the scan was done she touched my elbow and led me to one of the eight balconies. Even as we walked a growing desire to know who and what she really was burned in me.

So I mentally snuck up to her mind. Now imagine if you will a classic WWII German prison camp with the barbed wire fences, guard towers with spot lights and dog patrols outside the fence line. That was her mind. I peered passed the outer perimeter and saw one single spot that was free of observation. That alone gave me warning. She had erected a nearly impenetrable defense just to leave one spot unguarded. She was already in my mind and knew I what I was contemplating. I felt it down to my core. Well go big or go home I thought to myself.

I had a crazy idea and decided to go with it.

What could go wrong? I didn’t allow my mind to answer that. I brought my full attention on that one spot that supposed chink in her otherwise flawless armor. I imagined my perception moving from where it was to that point. Call it a psychic teleport. Here goes I thought as I stepped forward. There was no popping sound but there I was in her mind and beyond her defenses. And as far as I knew I was right where she wanted me.

I looked around to orientate myself. My back was to the wall of a corrugated steel building. Just to my left was a metal door. On the door was a sign.

Warning: What lies beyond this door maybe too much for even you.

The letters were large and black set on a bright yellow background. The door was unlocked and no alarm went off when I opened it. The interior was dimly lit by small circular lights overhead. They were evenly spaced in rows that ran along the ceiling. As I looked around I saw my destination. In the center of the building was an area illuminated from above by a circle of those small lights. Something moved in that circle and it was not even remotely humanoid.

I didn’t hesitate to move towards that inhuman figure. The lights created a pool of shadow and it was that obscure area that made me question my decision to be here. We always fear the unknown. That is what I was facing a great and terrible unknowable force. I stopped at the edge of the shadows.

“Step inside Jon,” the voice said. “Do not falter now.”

I managed to gather my courage and pierce that darkness and come face to face with the stuff of nightmares. In shape it was the culmination of all the things that make us find insects so disturbing to look upon. The eyes were multifaceted and grouped in a tight oval around a fang lined mouth. As it moved the exoskeleton seemed to shift and change to an even more horrific form. Each step brought a new nightmare to mind. But those horrible eyes seemed to possess some internal illumination like the bale fire from the Soulless. Unlike those poor creatures this flame seemed to dance in the darker end of the spectrum.

“Am I not beautiful,” she asked.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” I said.

“Then tell me Jon what does your mind’s eye behold?”

“I think you pick and choose what people see. You exist on more than one plane at a time. You are so beyond my kin words fail me.”

“For a man of so few words you paint an accurate picture,” she purred. “I am neither of these things and so much more. You are quite right that I am so outside your simple body formed of simple matter.”

“Are you going to kill me now?”

“Kill you, whatever gave you that idea?”

“I assumed that this was either a test or a trap.”

“You assumed quite correctly. It was a test.”

Then she fell silent. I stood there waiting for her to say something but she never did.

“Did I pass,” I asked finally.

“Yes, now be a good lad and wake up!”

The next thing I knew I was standing on one of the balconies looking out over the carved landscape. There were dozens of large holding pens and connecting them a massive maze. At the center of the maze one open area larger than the rest. But I saw no exit to the labyrinth. This was in fact one large death trap. It was designed to maximize fear and minimize harm to the hunters. They could bunch up their prey in the long winding alleys and kill them at leisure. The few who made it to the middle would be in a frenzy of fear and have most of the fight driven from them. How effective can you get?

“I have a question for you…” I began.

“You may call me Vana,” she purred in my ear.

“I am curious Vana,” I tried again.

“Go ahead ask it already I know you want to.”

“Which two of the girls would you choose?”

“What,” she stammered but recovered instantly. “You are wiser than you look Jon Masters.”

She turned and began heading away further up the hill and deeper into the living complex.

“Hey, you didn’t answer my question,” I called after her.

“When you are done playing around find me in the Crypt,” she said over her shoulder.

“The Crypt,” I muttered. “Great sounds like a great place for a rendezvous.”

Then I began to laugh remembering Mom and me in the mausoleum back home. I turned to face the girls still standing in the two groups and immediately saw that Vana had in fact answered my question. One girl from each group now bore a black hourglass on their body. The near human with the long blonde hair and blue eyes had it just above her sex. The not even close girl had it just below her cute little belly button. I grabbed each of them by the wrist and tugged them forward.

“I have made my decision.”

There was cursing from both Red and Black when they saw who I had chosen. But honor bound they let me take both of them. That saved two lives instead of just one. Now I had to move things along so I could catch up with Vana and find out what she had planned.

“Is it time for the hunt,” I asked and they all nodded. “So what do I do?”

Red, followed by the rest of the council, directed me towards one of the other balconies. I learned then that there were a total of six mazes. But only one of them would be used at a time. Directly below the balcony were massed the citizens of the Blind and I could almost feel their hunger. Though they never spoke their hands were very animated as Red came forward to address them.

“On this day we repay our debt to the Sublime Master. On this day we return that which was borrowed. On this day we HUNT!”

Now the crowd roared its approval. Then Red stepped aside and I took his place. I looked down at the upturned sea of emaciated faces with their dead eyes.

“Soon the pens will be opened. Then the hot press of bodies will flow through the alleys of the maze. You will smell their fear and their panic. They will scream and cry out for mercy but none will be delivered. It is time!”

“It is TIME!”

“It is TIME,” I echoed.


“Let the hunt BEGIN!”

They turned and surged towards the maze with a howl.

“Ever consider a position in politics,” Red asked me.

“Nah, I hate politics,” I replied and he actually laughed.

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