stinging nettles

Chapter 2: Ramona Reveals Her Sadistic Side

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On my way home I thought about what had happened. It was a nice evening and I was looking forward to meeting Ramona again tomorrow. But suddenly I realized that we had not fixed a time for our date and that I didn’t even know her phone number.

Afraid of not being able to make contact again, I thought about going back. But what should I say? I could pretend that I had lost, or better, had forgotten my keys in her flat. This strategy at least worked very well in Puccini´s opera “La Bohéme”, where Mimi had intentionally “lost” her key at Rudolfo’s residence and Rudolfo had intentionally not found it in order to spend some time with her. If I remember rightly, Mimi had previously pretended that the wind put out her candle when she knocked at Rudolfo´s door. But today, with electrical lighting, this is no longer such an excuse for knocking on someone’s door.

I decided to go to my flat, hoping that Ramona would be at home the next day at 6 p.m.

The next evening I went clean shaved and nattily dressed to Ramona´s and rang the doorbell. Fortunately, she was home and opened the door. She wore a dark olive green dress with felt slippers.

“Come in,” she said smiling. “I was afraid you wouldn´t come today.”

After entering I hugged her and hungrily kissed her lips. I pressed her chubby body against mine, while my tongue circled in her mouth. Aroused, I moved my fingers under her slip. Her pussy was freshly shaved. “Mmmm. You feel so soft … and wet,” I moaned in her ear.

Ramona grinned, “I shaved my pussy just for you, darling. Do you like it?” My cock stiffened and I turned Ramona around and pressed it between her ass cheeks. Roughly, I pulled up her olive green skirt and moved her black lace panty aside to expose her pussy.

“Bend over,” I whispered in her ear. Ramona obeyed, but she was a little bit too short. Fucking her standing from behind wouldn´t have been very comfortable. I took a chair from the corridor and pulled it to the middle of the room. “Kneel on the chair,” I ordered. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Ramona took the ordered position a little bit awkwardly. Kneeling on the chair, with her hands on the floor, she presented her bottom in an ideal position for penetration. Gently I rubbed my hard cock between her ass cheeks. The rosette of her asshole looked inviting. Shall I fuck her in the ass? Afraid of hurting her, I decided to fuck her pussy and gently slid my now throbbing cock all the way in her wet and warm folds.

Ramona moaned; I felt her pussy muscles contracting around my swollen cock. After a small pause, I pulled out almost all the way, my shaft gleaming with her juices. Aroused by the sight, I slowly thrust in and out of her dripping mons. Getting progressively more vigorous, I fucked her harder and rougher in a four/four step with accent on the first stroke.

“My arms are aching,” Ramona lamented after some minutes with a suffering facial expression.

“Let´s go to the couch,” she suggested and tried to get up. I slid out of her and helped her to get up. Exhausted, she went to the living room. There she took off her dress, removed her bra and finally pulled down her slip.

She took a seat on the couch; it was dark brown leather. Invitingly, she spread her chubby legs. “Come to mommy,” she whispered in a deep-throated voice. It always amazes me how arousing a plain-looking women can be just by saying some words in a certain tone with unambiguous gestures.

Aroused, I took a pillow and knelt between her legs. Pressing her knees to her breasts I rammed my cock in again.

After fucking Ramona hard and rough for nearly twenty minutes I pulled my cock from her pussy, got up and waved it in front of her face. “Open your mouth, I´m coming!” I moaned.

But instead of submissively opening her mouth and stretching her tongue out, Ramona closed her eyes and her mouth. It seems she didn´t want to swallow my cum. A bit disappointed, I spurt a big load across her plump breasts.

“Eeehh, you are a disgusting little naughty boy,” she said, looking angry.

“But I´ll teach you some manners,” she added with a broad smile, pinching one of my nipples.

Although she looked like an emancipated woman, it seemed like she wanted me to play the role of a naughty boy. Therefore, I disagreed immediately, “Well, in my opinion I was not naughty. Maybe it would have been a little bit naughty if I had forced you to swallow my cum. Or if I had cleaned my cock with your curtain.

Ramona laughed, “Woe to you, if you stain my curtains.”

“And, what about, ahem, fucking your ass,” I added with a smile.

“You are a naughty little boy and I think this soft cock will fuck nothing in the next hour,” Ramona said, playing with my cock and yanking my balls. “And, I am not satisfied,” she added. “I suggest you fetch a spoon from the kitchen.”

What seems to be her plan, I asked myself, getting up and walking to the kitchen.

There I opened some drawers and found some spoons.

Thinking I knew what Ramona had in mind, I took a big soup spoon and a small teaspoon and went back to the living room.

“Do you want to sup and enjoy my cum with a teaspoon or with a soup spoon?” I asked Ramona and presented her both spoons.

“You are such a naughty little boy,” Ramona said grinning. “And naughty little boys have to be punished, don´t they?” she added. “And because I am not satisfied, I would suggest, that you give me a little bit of oral pleasure,” Ramona said smiling.

Thinking that pretending not to be satisfied was a trick of hers to make me obey her now evident dominant wishes, I knelt submissively down on the pillow between her legs. Peering up and smiling, I gently kissed her freshly fucked pussy. I slowly circled my tongue around her clit before I started to lick her more boldly. With every exhalation I moved my tongue vigorously up through her swollen lips.

“Trying to make mommy swallow your cum is very naughty, but I´ll teach you some manners,” Ramona repeated with a grin.

With the small spoon she collected some of my cum from her breasts and drizzled it on her pussy lips. “So, now be a good boy and bon appétit!” Ramona insisted.

I looked disgusted and hesitated.

“Come on, honey, be a good boy and do it for mommy,” Ramona tried to motivate me. “If it wouldn´t make such a racket, I would rather give you a hard spanking on your naughty little bottom,” she added with a wicked smile.

Not knowing what I should answer, I swallowed the pill and licked her swollen clit, now flavored with my cum. It wasn´t quite my taste, but I must admit that the thought of being spanked by Ramona aroused me, but I was too shy to admit it.

“Would you be a good boy and ask mommy to give you a spanking for her pleasure,” Ramona asked me, pulling my ear, “or do you prefer role-playing and want to be punished for your bad behavior?”

“An interesting question,” I thought, my cock beginning to throb a bit with the thought of a spanking. I have the choice between being spanked and being spanked. It´s almost like asking somebody if he prefers being paddled or whipped.

“But what´s the difference?” I asked naively and went on licking her pussy.

“Well, naughty boys behave badly and naughty in order to be punished,” Ramona explained to me, “while well-behaved, or educated, naughty boys are direct and ask their mommies politely whether they would be so kind as to give them a spanking.”

“Mmmm, I haven´t thought about it yet,” I answered, circling my tongue around her clit.

“What kind of behavior would you prefer?” I asked, peering up.

“Well, both are attractive,” she explained. “I have thought that a little role-playing could help you loosen your inhibitions. But I think making you ask for a spanking is a little bit more humiliating for you. And as you have certainly recognized, I have some lovely dominant and sadistic tendencies.”

Knowing that she seemed to be afraid of being heard by her neighbors, I just said, “It would be an honor for me to present my butt for a hard spanking. But what would your neighbors think of you if they heard a certain noise from your flat? They could think you are torturing some of your students.”

While I was still kneeling between Ramona´s legs and licking her freshly shaved pussy, Ramona caressed my hair and said with a soft voice, “Don´t worry darling. There are other more quiet methods of satisfying the masochistic desires of a naughty little boy like you.”

“Or to satisfy the sadistic desires of a rather sadistic teacher, like you?” I added, peering up and grinning.

“Keep on sucking,” Ramona ordered sternly, pinching one of my ears.

“Well, I could force you to kneel on the floor instead of on a soft pillow. Or I could force you to do painful physical or stretching exercises. Maybe I could stretch your sphincter muscle a little bit. Or what about figging, pegging or clamp torture or? What do you think about being whipped with stinging nettles? The stinging nettle season ought to be open now,” Ramona said steadily.

“Mmmm. Yesterday I saw a lot of nettles under some elder bushes at the playground near my flat,” I said, interrupting sucking her pussy, “but I didn’t think about the arousing things they could be used for.”

“Do you want mommy to …? What about a spanking with stinging nettles?” Ramona asked in a soft and sexy voice.

Might as well, I thought, and answered a little bit bored, “Well, if I have to.”

“With a little bit more motivation, please,” Ramona said impatiently, pulling my ear again, harder this time.

“I mean I have always been fascinated by the idea of being tortured, with stinging nettles, by you,” I added with an ironic tone.

“That sounds much better,” Ramona said pleased. “Now be a good boy and fetch some fine nettles for mommy.”

Expectant and curious about how a spanking with nettles would feel, I got up, dressed myself and left Ramona´s flat.

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