Chapter 11: Johannson family orgy


I had to tell Mom, of course, before she was blindsided by Laura. I told her everything, including the fact that Laura was turned on by what she saw. I figured her knowing that might help. Mom was furious with Emily, and with me for not warning her what Emily was thinking, but mostly with Emily. She wasn’t relieved by the fact that neither of us had said anything about sleeping with her. She knew that it would have to come out. There were a lot of phone calls back and forth, and then Mom left for Dad’s apartment to have the conversation about what to do about “the situation.”

She didn’t get back until late that night, and then she wouldn’t talk to us about it. Emily and I were going nuts. Emily knew she’d really fucked up and was really upset. I ended up sleeping with her that night, no sex, just sleep. That was something we normally didn’t do and was against “the rules”—Mom rationalized that sex was one thing, but she didn’t want us getting more emotionally intimate than a brother and sister would normally be. It was a pretty good rule, actually, but tonight Emily really needed somebody. She was a wreck.

That morning there was another phone call between Mom and Dad, and then she called us into the kitchen and sat us down.

“I’m not going to lecture you on what you did wrong,” Mom started off. “Emily, you know why what you did was a very risky act. And Chris, you know that you should have warned me that Emily was thinking about it. It’s one thing to have sex with someone outside the family, but someone close can only be brought in if we all agree. We all suffer if it goes badly.”

Mom was silent for a moment.

“Fortunately, your father and Laura were very understanding. Very understanding. And I have to congratulate you, Chris. Whatever you said to Laura had an effect. She’s upset, but not really angry. And your father is mostly embarrassed.”

I could feel the weight being lifted off Emily. She sort of just melted into the chair in relief.

“But I did have to tell them all about us.”

“But neither of us said anything about you,” I said.

“I know, but it would have come out. I couldn’t have let Emily take all the blame. I also explained all about the neighbors. I brought them in to seal the deal.”

Emily and I exchanged a quizzical look and then just stared back at Mom, confused.

“Your Dad and Laura want to join in our little family fun,” Mom finally explained. “That’s what took so long last night. We were discussing all that has been happening and exploring whether or not we should continue this and whether they would join in if we did. They decided to sleep on it, and that phone call a few minutes ago was your father telling me that he and Laura would like to join our group.”

I was shocked. Emily was visibly delighted.

“In fact, they’re going to come over after dinner for our first joint session.”

This was just too much for Emily. She had gone from sheer terror at the prospect of her life being ruined to ecstasy at the thought of fucking both Mom and Dad together. She just started crying. As for me, I thought it was cool. I had figured that we couldn’t keep doing this without Dad finding out, anyway. And Laura was pretty hot. But I realized that this could be really weird for Mom.

“Are you okay with this, Mom?”

“It’s going to be awkward. I had resigned myself to the fact that your Dad and I were done. And we’re still not getting back together—I want to be clear about that. Your Dad and Laura are still very much a couple. But I’m not mad at your Dad about the adultery anymore, and I think we will be able to engage in a little sex play with no strings attached. The thing that will be difficult for me is Laura. I still feel betrayed by her. I don’t know how I’m going to handle that.”

I went over and hugged her.

“You’re going to handle it just fine, Mom.”

Needless to say, the rest of the day was as nerve wracking as the previous night. Only Emily and I weren’t dreading what would happen. It was like being a little kid again on Christmas Eve, so excited about the prospects of Santa coming that you couldn’t think straight.

We had a light dinner, salads and sandwiches. We’d already learned that eating heavily before sex wasn’t a good idea. And then we all retreated to our respective rooms to get changed. Emily and I fought over who got to use the shower first. We may have been fucking, but we were still a brother and sister. And I guess the prospect of having Mom and Dad in the same room again brought out the sibling rivalry. Then I had trouble figuring out what to wear, even though I kept telling myself that it didn’t matter. I wouldn’t be wearing it for long.

Still, with all the rush I was ready long before Dad and Laura showed up. So I had half an hour more of nerve wracking anticipation before I heard their car pull into the driveway.

Emily was down the stairs in a flash, opening the door before Dad and Laura got to it. I joined her as Dad and Laura came inside.

Emily gave Dad a kiss, a rather chaste one on the cheek.

“Hello, Emily,” said Laura forcing a smile. That wasn’t at all awkward. Then she saw me and her smile brightened. She took a few steps closer and said to me in a low voice, “I have to thank you for intervening yesterday. I would have handled this very badly otherwise.”

“Hello, Laura. Hello, Jason.” Mom had joined us. She was smiling. Faking it much better than Laura. Or at least I think she was faking it. I knew she was both torn and excited.

“Let’s just admit that this is going to be a bit awkward for all of us,” Mom continued, and as she said it, I could see both Dad and Laura visibly relax. “Why don’t we have some wine and loosen up a bit first, and see how it goes.”

We went into the living and I steered Emily to sit on the couch next to me. I didn’t think it was a good idea to have her close to Dad, at least not yet. It might give Laura some second thoughts. Mom poured everyone a glass of red wine. It was the first alcohol that our parents had served Emily and me. We weren’t twenty-one yet, but I guess Mom figured that if we were old enough to fuck with the family, we were old enough to drink with it.

The conversation that followed was supremely weird. I don’t remember what anyone said, but it was all just small talk. No one mentioned the events of last night or what we’d all come here to do tonight. It was just like an ordinary family get together, with some tension between the three reconciling after a messy divorce.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I was sitting near Laura, so I leaned in and said quietly, but evidently loud enough that the others could hear, “Laura, have you ever had group sex before?”

There was silence around the room for a moment, and then Laura responded in the same low voice pretending to be private, “Well, before I met your father, I was a third in a semi-regular threesome, but nothing like what I think we’re going to do tonight.”

“Don’t worry about,” piped in Mom. “You’ll feel a bit uncertain at first, but you’ll quickly take to it. Everyone I’ve seen has been that way.”

That broke the dam, and suddenly everyone was talking about sex. Mom was telling Dad that I was really good lover. Which made me feel really good, and Laura shot me a wink when she heard it. Emily was excitedly describing Josh Taylor’s huge dick to Laura. Dad started asking Emily and Mom how we all started to fuck each other. He’d heard a lot of it last night, but evidently not the sexy details, which Mom was glad to supply. It was strange, but not in the weird way that we had been talking before, to hear Mom and Dad talking openly and explicitly about sex.

Emily had moved to get into Mom and Dad’s conversation and Laura got up and sat down next to me on the couch.

“I really do want to thank you again for what you said to me yesterday,” Laura said to me. “I was so upset and confused I wasn’t thinking straight. But I didn’t realize that I was probably more upset by the fact that I was turned on by your father was sleeping with Emily than any infidelity. You pointed that out to me and gave me a chance to cool down and start thinking.”

“I’m happy to have helped.”

“I’m sort of hoping that we’d be able to get together tonight,” she said, putting her hand on my thigh. “Is that in the cards?”

“Of course.” I leaned in to kiss her and was pleased, but not surprised, to find the kiss returned enthusiastically.

I lost myself in that kissing for a while. When I came up for air, I saw Dad macking on Mom, and Emily unzipping his trousers. So I started unbuttoning Laura’s blouse, and then taking off her bra, revealing two of the most fantastic breasts I’ve ever seen. Perfectly proportioned and hanging with just the right firmness, capped with two dark pink areolas. I couldn’t resist and took one into my mouth.

But I didn’t keep it there for long. I knew that Laura was still kind of upset with Emily, and I figured that Mom and Dad needed to work out some stuff on their own. So I stood up and led Laura into the middle of the floor. And at the same time I grabbed Emily’s hand, separating her mouth from Dad’s cock, and brought her along with us.


I won’t bore you with all the details of what Jason and I talked about after I caught him fucking his daughter Emily. But to sum up, I let him explain what had happened, which pretty much confirmed Chris’s account; Emily had simply jumped him. I asked if he’d harbored any incestuous thoughts, and Jason honestly admitted that the thought had crossed his mind now and again, but he’d never seriously lusted after Emily. I saw how guilty he felt, so I fessed up and admitted that what I’d scene had gotten me pretty hot, so he shouldn’t beat himself too bad. Emily was a beautify, lusty girl.

We had just moved on to the issue of trust and how we could get past this, when Jennifer called, saying she needed to come over to talk about what had happened. Jason and I braced for the storm, and I determined to stand by him against Jennifer. It was particularly nerve-wracking for me because not only was Jennifer my former boss, but we hadn’t spoken since she discovered that Jason and I were having an affair. I didn’t know what resentment she harbored over that.

But to our surprise, Jennifer wasn’t angry, and she said she knew that Emily was mostly to blame, although Jason had some culpability of course. She told us that she wasn’t surprised, and that Emily was a pretty wild. Jason mentioned that we should find a way to make sure that Emily understood that what had happened between Emily and him and between Emily and Chris was very wrong, and that we should find a way to move on, but Jennifer dropped the bomb. She admitted that she’d been having sex with both kids. She said that Jason would find out eventually, so she might as well get it out in the open.

Jason and I were stunned into silence.

Then Jennifer suggested that we might want to continue it. That maybe Jason and I would be interested in more sex with Chris and Emily. She said she wasn’t asking to start having sex with Jason again, although she would be willing to in a group context, but that it might be a way to get past the animosity of the divorce.

We talked about swinging, and for the first time I contributed to the conversation, telling Jason what I knew about how it worked. I had long ago told Jason that I’d fooled around with a swinging couple before I’d met him, so that was not surprise to him. But it did get a rise out of Jennifer, who had no idea. Jason and I had casually talked about getting involved in swinging eventually, and this would just be accelerating the schedule a bit. Frankly, it would be flooring the accelerator and pumping nitrous into the carburetor.

Well, you know how it turned out. Our libidos got the better of us, and we ended up at Jennifer’s place the next night. As expected, it was awkward at first, but a little alcohol and we started talking. And without planning anything, I found that Chris and I had sort of paired off and had started kissing.

He was a good kisser. And my God, what a body. His father is well built, but Chris could be a gay cover model, broad shoulders, tapered body, and six-pack abs. I had always liked to look at him, but had never dreamed that anything physical could ever happen between us. Plus he took charge, which really turned me on. I’ve got a submissive streak, and while I’ve never been interested in hardcore S&M, I like a man to take me. He had taken off my top and bra, and moved us when he really shocked me by grabbing Emily’s hand and pulling her over to us.

Emily, who had begun to suck Jason’s cock while he and Jennifer were kissing, emitted a little chirp of disappointment at leaving her father’s cock behind. But she smiled and dropped right down and started kissing me while Chris stripped off his own clothes.

I’d only been with one woman before, and that was a while ago. Shelly, the other woman in the poly couple I’d been with, was gentle, slow, and sensuous. But Emily was fast and eager. She positively attacked my mouth and breasts, moving back and forth between them. I could see why Jason couldn’t resist her yesterday.

Then I felt my legs being spread apart and Chris’s breath on my pussy. Then his tongue parting my lips and running up to lap at my clit. My lust had been building since I’d seen Jason fucking Emily the day before, and I hadn’t had any release. I just exploded in a mini-orgasm at his first touch. It wouldn’t be the last of the evening.

Somewhere along the way, Emily had slipped out of her clothes and was shoving one of her breasts into my mouth, which I eagerly accepted. And Chris kept lapping away. I managed a glance over at my husband and saw his ex-wife had taken over the cock-sucking duties that Emily had been pulled away from. A pang of jealousy and fear that I might lose him to this woman he had once loved ran through me, but that only fueled my lust and made me hotter. I needed a cock.

So reluctantly, I abandoned Emily’s breast and maneuvered to take Chris’s cock into my mouth. It was already hard. It was a lot like his father’s, only uncircumcised. The head was poking out the foreskin, so I pushed the rest of the foreskin back and licked at the head. I swirled my tongue around the hole and then around the rest of the head. His father loved this, so I figured Chris would probably love it too. Evidently he did because he let out a groan. So I plunged it into my mouth, taking all seven inches at once, and started sucking it in earnest.

Chris and Emily maneuvered into a daisy chain, with me sucking Chris’s cock, Chris lapping away at Emily’s pussy, and Emily diving into mine. Chris didn’t last long. I think had been thinking about tonight all day long, and he was as excited as me. I just drank it down. And amazingly he didn’t get soft. I mean, he softened a little, but he stayed mostly erect, so I just kept sucking and soon he was rock hard again.

But Emily’s licking was taking its toll on me, and in a moment I was shuddering in an orgasm, a big one this time. It lasted for a while, and I had to pull away from Emily because every touch of her tongue was just too deliciously agonizing.

The brother and sister team didn’t really give me a break. As soon as I’d caught my breath, I felt Chris slipping his cock into my pussy. I shuddered again as I was still pretty sensitive down there, but not like I had been a minute ago. And before I could lean back and just enjoy Chris slamming in and out of me, Emily plopped her pussy right down on my face. She was wet and slick from Chris’s licking and tasted clean and good.

Emily leaned down into a sixty-nine and licked my clit and Chris’s cock as it thrust in and out. God, it felt so good.

“Laura, it’s too bad you can’t see this. Chris fucking you looks fantastic up close like this,” Emily said taking a break from the licking for a moment.

I really wished I could see it, but my face was buried in Emily’s pussy. Maybe I’d see Chris pounding his sister from up close a little later on. That thought, of the brother and sister fucking, brought me to orgasm again. Emily came too, soaking my face with her juices, and I think, although I couldn’t be sure, Chris came at the same time too.


I can’t believe how fast it happened. Just yesterday morning, I’d been fucking my daughter, and now she was sucking me off again while I kissed my ex-wife, and across the room my son was necking with his stepmother.

That configuration didn’t last long. Chris grabbed Emily and dragged her off to fuck Laura, leaving Jennifer and me.

“Kind of like old times,” Jennifer said to me. “Would you like me to take up where our daughter left off?”

“Please,” was all I could manage to say.

Jennifer had always been good at sucking cock. There was a period during the last few years of our marriage where our sex life had all but vanished, but now it was like we were twenty again, only more experienced.

She sucked me for a while, then we shed our clothes and I went down on Jennifer. I was surprised to find she was shaved down there, with only a neatly cropped triangle of hair covering her mons.

“Yeah, I discovered that the hair just gets in the way,” Jennifer said. “A lot has changed with me over the last year.”

I just smiled and started licking. She tasted as good as ever. Now don’t get me wrong. I love sex with Laura. She’s a great lover, better than Jennifer actually, although I was about to discover Jennifer had vastly increased her repertoire since our divorce. But Jennifer was my first great love, and we had eighteen years together, and sometimes you miss that, no matter how great in bed your current wife is.

After a few minutes Jennifer said, “Enjoyable as this is, I really want you inside me.”

As I started to move on top into missionary position, she said, “No, lets spoon, so we can both watch our kids fuck their stepmother.”

This was when it first hit me that Jennifer had really changed, or at least discovered something about herself. Our sex life had been good, but it was very vanilla. Oral and fucking, and maybe some costumes and role play on special occasions. She’d never shown any interest in anything kinky. And neither did I, for that matter. Our sex life dying was as due as much to my lack of imagination as it did to her lack of interest in anything new. Laura was more on the kinky side, and she’d opened my eyes to what was possible, and I guess that Jennifer had had her eyes opened too.

So we lay on our sides, with me positioned behind her, and I slipped into her pussy. We started moving back and forth, quickly reestablishing the rhythm that had become second nature during our marriage. I fondled her breasts, tweaking her nipples while we watched Emily, Chris, and Laura in a daisy chain, pleasuring each other. We watched my wife suck her stepson to orgasm, and then watched as Chris started fucking his stepmom, and Emily straddled her stepmom’s face. My hand slipped down to rub Jennifer’s clit, but her own hands had beat me to it.

“Harder, make me cum,” Jennifer told me, so I increased the pace slapping in and out of her.

I lost track of what the others were doing trying to keep myself from going over the falls with the increased friction. Jennifer’s pussy felt as good as I remembered it. Pretty soon Jennifer began yelping as little convulsions started, which I knew from experience would lead to bigger ones. I only had to hold on for a few more moments. Then Jennifer started spasming and yelling as her orgasm swept over her. She calmed down and just seemed to collapse, not moving except for her pussy muscles, which insistently kept milking my cock, bringing me to completion.


The three of us collapsed in a heap. Chris had come; I could feel his cum running down my leg. After a moment or two I repositioned myself so I was sitting with my back against the couch watching my husband fuck his ex-wife. Chris moved up and started sucking my nipples, and Emily leaned against me and put my arm around her, as she watched her parents go at it.

Terri and I barbecued some chicken for diner, and as we sat and ate I was dreading the inevitable conversation. My step mother and I were sitting at the little dining nook table, kind of a bistro table. We were sitting across from one another, but very close. As we were eating, Terri reached over and laid her hand on mine.

“We need to talk about last night, I think there are some things that we need to clear up,” she said.

I looked at her a bit sheepishly, and I didn’t respond.

She squeezed my hand and said, “it’s going to be OK, we just need to talk it through.” “Are you going to be OK talking about this?”

“I’m just embarrassed that I lost control of my desires and I don’t want you to be too mad at me mom” I replied.

“Honey, mommy loves you, I love everything about you, and my desire is to fulfill your desires and make you the happiest son that I can make you.” “But,” she continued, “you took advantage of a situation last night that we need to talk about.”

“I understand,” I said.

“I want you to know that I will let you love mommy any way that you want,” she said, “understand this sweetie, I will not deny you anything.” “Now,” she said, “I want you to tell me all about last night.”

We talked pretty openly for the next hour or so, I confessed almost everything, but then Terri finally asked, “did you love me inside my pussy?”

It really gets me off to hear her say “love” when I know she means fuck. “Yes,” I admitted, and I shared all the dirty details.

She confided that she knew that I had ejaculated inside her. “Now,” she said, squeezing my hand tighter than before, and placing her other hand on my cheek. “tell me about loving me up my bottom.”

I knew this question was coming, but I had no idea how to respond.

“Do you think that that is how mommy likes to be loved?” she asked. “Do you think a boy should want to put his hard penis into his mommy’s bottom?”

I was still silent.

“Do you think that mommy enjoys having a big hard penis pushed up my bottom?” “Do you think your mommy has a sexy bottom sweetheart?”

“Oh my gosh, mom, yes, you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen,” I said.

“That’s not what I asked darling,” she said. “I want to know if you think I have a sexy bottom, I want you to tell me.” “Do you love my bottom?” she asked. “Do you like to look at my bottom?” “Do you want my bottom?”

“You’re killing me mom!” I said. “Yes, yes, yes.” “Yes to all of your questions.” “I licked your asshole, and I pushed my tongue up your butt.” “I pushed my cock up your ass and I did it as hard as I could, I couldn’t even control myself.” I continued. “I was so worried that I would hurt you, but I couldn’t stop pushing my cock up your butt harder and harder, all I could think about was feeling my throbbing cock cuming in your ass, and I wanted to cum as deep in your ass as I could.” I said.

The entire time I was rambling on about butt fucking her, I did not look up at my step mom. She wasn’t saying anything, and I realized how nasty I was talking to her. I finally looked up and saw that she was staring at me with pure lust in her eyes, while biting her lower lip. My god she is beautiful.

“You talk so dirty to your mommy, you’re such a bad boy,” she said as she slapped my hand. But, the smile on her face let on that she kind of liked it too.

“I wasn’t as drunk as you think I was,” she said. “I wanted to moan so badly, but I was worried that it would frighten you.” She continued. “I wanted you to know that you could have me to make all of your desires come true, but how could I tell you that?” “I teased you, and bated you, and I hoped that you wouldn’t be able to resist me.” She confessed. I was stunned. Once again I just stared at my beautiful step mother, speechless.

“But,” she said, “I was more than shocked when you started licking my little rosebud.” “You were my first,” she said.

I didn’t speak, but looked at her questioningly.

“I have never felt the pleasure of a tongue in my bottom” Terri said, “and I’m so glad it was you sweetie.” “And when you pushed your hard penis against my rosebud you didn’t see me biting my lip.” She said, “I had to almost hold my breath to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs when you filled my bottom.”

“I’m so sorry I hurt you mom, I didn’t mean to,” I said.

“Honey, mommy has been loved in her bottom many times, and I have always enjoyed being loved that way,” she said as she brushed my hair away from my eyes. “Baby, you can love me up my bottom any time you feel like it will make you feel good, I love it,” she said, “but next time we need to use some lubrication.” “I’ll pick up some astroglide on my way home from work tomorrow.”

I didn’t even know what astroglide was, but I was sure excited to find out.

After diner, and our long talk, we decided to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but Terri had gone to her room and changed into a silky nighty. As she came in and sat next to me on the couch, one of her big tits flopped right out of her nighty and she said, “oops, my naughty girls want to come out and play,” as she held her boob and gently placed it back into her nighty.

I laid back on the couch as the movie started, and my step mother laid in front of me, snuggling back against me. My head was resting on my right arm, and my left was wrapped around her gently stroking her tummy. My hand slid easily over her belly because of the silky satin of her nighty, we both pretended to be interested in the movie for the first hour or so, but I don’t even remember what movie we were watching. I do remember how hair smelled, and how it felt against my face. And I remember the curve of her hip, and how her boobs felt soft, and her nipples felt like pencil erasers. And I remember how she drew in a deep breath each time I pinched one of her nipples as I rolled it between my finger and thumb.

My cock was rock hard and poking against Terri’s ass as we spooned on the coach, covered by just a thin blanket. I slowly began rocking my hips; it was actually a subconscious response. My step mother pusher back against me, writhing and moving her head as I began kissing and licking her neck and earlobes. With my left hand I had drawn her nighty up and I was fondling her hip and ass cheek. I slowly moved my hand around until I was petting her trimmed bush. My step mother’s pussy hair was softer than most girls I had felt. Her bush was light and soft, and mommy was a true blond. As I ran my fingers through her pubes I grabbed hold and gently pulled. I found that pulling her pubes was a volume control to my step mother’s moaning. The harder I pulled, the louder she moaned. As I pulled her bush I also massaged her head and then grabbed a handful of her blond hair and pulled her head back and kissed her neck. My step mother was becoming so submissive to my desires, and I was so inexperience that I literally had no idea what to do with this beautiful mature treasure.

As we lay there pretending to watch the television my step mother reached back and pushed her hand down my shorts, wrapping her fingers around my shaft, and turning her head she whispered, “mommy’s here for you baby.” We kept on like this as I pulled my shorts down to my knees so Terri could have better access to stroke my cock. It wasn’t long before she said, “just take them off so you’re comfortable honey.” I did as told, and enjoyed the stroking of my step mothers soft hand while I became a little more aggressive with the big tits, and pulling her hair.

I slid my hand down between her legs and found the wettest cunt I had ever felt. As I fingered her and pinched her clit, and pulled her lips, I realized that although I was no longer kissing my step mothers neck, I was still holding her head firmly by a handful of her blond hair. Terri was very aggressively stroking my cock. I slid my hand back to her ass and pushed my fingers between her cheeks so I could finger fuck her from behind. We were enjoying this mutual masturbation for a while, and then I pushed my middle finger up her butthole and began fucking her. Terri took a sudden loud deep breath and turned to head so she could look at me. The look on her face was like a combination or pain, and pleasure, mixed with a little questioning fear. I pulled her head back hard by the hair and continued assaulting her anus with my wet finger.

Terri was having trouble catching her breath as she moaned and started saying, over and over, “baby, baby, bay, mommy needs you” “Mommy needs you.” Mommy needs you.” Then she finally moaned, “mommy needs to cum,” as she pulled my cock and started roughly rubbing me into the crack of her ass.

I pulled my finger from her butt and used my hand to pry her meaty cheeks open. The angry swollen head of my cock found her wet pussy and I drove it into her with one thrust. My step mother must have some kind of a sex “on” switch on her cervix. I felt my cock pressing into her cervix and Terri started bucking wildly. We fucked hard. It almost hurt me, bottoming out in her cunt, and she started screaming. I hoped that we had closed all of the windows. I kept thrusting and now had a firm grip on Terri’s head, and a hard grip on one of her boobs, squeezing hard and pulling as she bucked. It didn’t take long until her body began to go rigid and she was gasping for breath, her orgasm was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced, and it caused me to erupt inside her. I pulled her close and let my cock paint her inside white with semen.

After enjoying a few minutes of post coital bliss, my step mother got up and as she walked out of the room she pulled her nighty off so I could watch her walk away naked. She was gone for a while. I had gotten up and used the restroom, gotten a drink and a snack, as was sitting back on the couch watching the end of the movie.

When Terri came back to the family room she was wearing a pair of black panties that were lacy in the front and completely see through sheer across her ass, and a little sexy t-shirt tank top that stopped above her belly button. She came over to me but she did not sit on the couch, she sat on the floor and laid her head across my lap and stroked my legs with her hands. She had gone and cleaned up, her hair was beautiful, she was wearing fresh mascara, eye liner, lipstick, and I caught the scent of her perfume. She was just looking up at me, and I could not take my eyes off her. When she finally spoke, my life was forever changed.

“I’m your mother,” she said, “and I’m your lover.” She continued, “when your father is not home, I am your woman.” “I will never say no to you, I am here for your desires, for your pleasure, and for you to please.”

I had never been so much in love.

After my step mother told me that she was my woman, to love and please me, and for me to please to my heart’s desire, I had to sit and just take all of this information in. There was no doubt that I loved this woman, although I was 18 and she was in her mid-forties, and she was my father’s wife. I had her all to myself for the 3 weeks of every month that my father was out of town, traveling for work. Terri had desires and I would fulfill them to the best of my inexperienced abilities, and I would experiment with, and learn and discover sexual wonders from, the most loving woman in the world.

I loved the way my step mother looked at me now, and I loved that she wanted me to continue to call her mom (she really preferred mommy), even though she was not really my birth mother. And it always excited me to hear her formal language. Terri never cursed, not even during orgasm, or when talking about sex. It was always such a turn on to hear her talk about me “loving” her, or how I had “loved” her. I knew what she meant and it made my cock throb.

Terri was still sitting on the floor resting her head on my legs while I sat on the couch. I was stroking her hair and my head was filled with thoughts of how I wanted to explore her sexually. It had been a short night’s sleep the previous night, and this had been a day of deep discussion punctuated by incredible sexual experiences. I was drifting off fast and my step mother could sense that it was time for bed. Terri got up and straddled my legs, sitting down on my lap with her arms over my shoulders. We kissed very passionately for about 5 minutes before she told me it was time for bed. Terri got up and headed for her room, and I just sat and watched her incredible bubble butt wiggle down the hall in her black sheer panties.

I stopped in the kitchen to get a glass of water, and then headed to bed. Terri was in her bathroom as I passed her doorway so I didn’t say anything before continuing to my room. I left my door open as I climbed into bed. I was so tired, and I was looking forward to the wonderful dreams that I would soon be having. I was just dozing off when I realized that my step mother was kneeling next to my bed.

She ran her finger through my hair and asked, “do you want mommy in your bed tonight?”

Before I could answer she continued, “I can’t share your father’s bed with you sweetheart, but I am your woman too now, and I want to share a bed with you.”

I pulled the covers back and Terri crawled into my full size bed and snuggled up close. We were facing one another, kissing and talking, fondling one another. Terri told me that she would share my bed anytime I wanted, but if I wanted privacy I just needed to tell her that. Why would I choose privacy over my beautiful woman?

As we kissed, Terri was stroking my cock as I fondled her big soft boobs. I slowly worked down a bit in the bed so I could enjoy sucking her hard nipples. I had felt her nipples poking into my chest, and it was making my mouth water. I sucked deep and gently on her breast and enjoyed her soft moaning. I had turned her on to her back so I could easily move from one breast to the other as Terri was saying, “yes baby, nurse on mommy’s nipples, mmmm yes, suck my nipple deep into your mouth.”

Her encouragement was driving me crazy and making me so hard. I became aware that I was laying on top of her in a missionary position as I sucked, and I had the sudden urge to move up and fuck my step mother. Terri was still wearing her sheer black panties and I wanted them off of her. I got up on my knees and got hold of Terri’s panties by the waist and rather roughly pulled the off.

“Oh my,” “Do you need to love me before we fall asleep,” she asked. As I moved my cock towards her pussy she drew her knees up and spread her thighs open as wide as she could. Her knees were bent, and her feet were in the air. I laid between her thighs and lowered my weight onto Terri and we again began kissing as my hips began humping, my cock searching for her hot wet love hole. Within a few second my cock was slowly pistoning in and out of my step mother’s cunt. She had wrapped both her arms and legs around me and I was making passionate love to my woman. The feeling was wonderfully sexual and even somewhat relaxing in the position. As I felt my orgasm building I began thrusting harder and harder, faster, and pushing as deep as I could, causing Terri to moan and whimper. I could tell she was going to come too, and I wanted to experience the shuddering rigidness of her body as I had earlier in the evening.

Terri wasn’t as loud as she had been on the couch, this time it was a low steady moaning, capped by a deep grunt each time my cock reached full depth in her pussy. We came together, me lying fully on top of her, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me as she humped her hips up against my thrusts.

We were finally quiet, completely sexually spent. We laid there tangled with one another all night. Waking to my step mother in my bed was as beautiful as anything we had experienced together.

As Terri woke she buried her face into my chest, “mmmmmm, good morning baby,” she said as she nuzzled in to me.

I ran my fingers through her messy hair and whispered in her ear, “good morning mom, I love you.”

“Oh baby I love you too,” she cooed.

Terri got out of bed before I did. Watching my gorgeous mother getting out of my bed, naked, was incredible. We didn’t make love in the morning because she had to get ready for work. I dozed off while Terri was taking her morning shower. I finally got up when I heard the noise of the hairdryer coming from Terri’s bathroom.

After stopping in my own bathroom, I wandered into her room and watched her getting ready for work. She was standing in front of the mirror drying her hair, wearing only a pair of soft pink panties that covered her shapely bottom. I was awe struck just watching her. My cock was hard and standing at attention. I laid back on Terri’s bed and pulled my cock through the opening in my boxer shorts. I was lying there stroking my cock when I realized that Terri was standing next to me.

“Whatcha doin’ sweetie? Playing with my favorite toy?”

I just laughed and said, “you can always play with it if you want.”

“You know I have to go to work baby, but mommy is going to bring home a surprise for you this afternoon.”

Mmmmm, a surprise, I thought to myself as I smiled at my step mom. Terri went back to getting ready, and I walked up behind her as she stood at the bathroom counter. Placing my hands on her hips, I kissed Terri’s shoulders. I kept kissing down her back until I was on my knees behind her. I could smell the scent of the perfume she had sprayed in her panties. It drew me in until my nose was rubbing the silky fabric right between the cheeks of her bubble ass. As my hands stroked her thighs, I began kissing my step mother’s ass.

“You’re going to make me late, naughty boy” she said.

I was enjoying kissing her ass too much to think about time. As I was kissing Terri’s ass and curvaceous hips, she reached back and pulled her panties down. I rubbed my face on her butt, and as I grabbed her sexy globes and pulled her cheeks open to lick up and down her ass crack, Terri was now firmly gripping the edge of the countertop. I zeroed my attention in on her butthole and gave her a nasty tongue bath. Terri cooed and rocked her ass back and forth as I tongue fucked her asshole. When I penetrated her anus with my tongue, Terri didn’t say a word. She just reached back with one hand and grabbed me by the hair, pulling my face into her butt. I was now eating her ass out and fingering her cunt. I felt her knees quake a little as she came.

My cock was raging hard by this point. I knew Terri had to get to work, but I wasn’t letting her go until I came on her. I stood behind her with my cock firmly between her soft ass cheeks. I humped her bubble butt without entering her until I felt my orgasm building. I wanted my step mother to wear my semen all day, so as I shot my load I aimed at the crotch of her pink panties that were down around her upper thighs. After I unloaded in her panties, I reached down and slid her panties back up onto her bottom.

“Oh honey, that is so warm” she said as my cum was pressed against her. I kissed her on the neck and hugged her from behind before going back to bed.

“You’re going to love your treat” she said, as I walked down the hall.

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