When we got to my bedroom, she automatically went to the side of the bed which had previously been occupied by my wife — and her mother – Laura. “What do you want to do, Daddy?” she asked coyly.

“Well, you said you would do anything to please me, didn’t you?” I responded. Without waiting for a reply, I continued “I know that you are — you were — a virgin, so you don’t have much sexual experience. But I’m sure you have seen some movies and talked to girlfriends and have some ideas about things that couples do together, so . . . tell me some of the wildest thing you can imagine us doing together.”

“Uhh,” she responded with some hesitation, “I guess either oral or anal sex. I get the oral sex thing, because I did that to a guy once, but I really don’t get the idea of anal sex. I mean . . . it’s supposed to feel good when you stick your dick in my butt?”

“When we were in the shower and you were rubbing your pussy, I put my finger in your bum hole and you started having an orgasm. It may not make sense, but it doesn’t have to make sense. All that matters is whether it feels good and the only way to know is to try it. I can tell you that your mother and I did that sometimes and both of us really liked it.”

“Is that what you want to do, Daddy?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes, but only if it doesn’t scare you,” I answered.

“I guess I’m a little bit scared that it might hurt but we could try it. I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

“Okay, to do that, it helps if you are already aroused before I try to stick it in you. Honey, do you have a vibrator or some kind of sex toy in your bedroom?” I asked. I knew the answer because I had looked around her bedroom when she was gone and I had spotted her little pink vibrator at the bottom of her panty drawer. I hadn’t been shocked by that discovery and, at least now, I understood why all of my AA batteries kept disappearing.

“Do you want me to get it now?” she asked.

“Oh yes, it’ll make this even more fun for both of us,” I explained.

Elizabeth went to her bedroom and was back within a few moments. “Here it is, Daddy. Do you want to watch me use it?”

“Oh, no, honey, I’m gonna use it on you,” I responded. “Get in the middle of the bed and get up on your knees but put your face down on the mattress so your butt is kinda sticking up in the air.”

She handed me the vibrator and then quickly complied. “Like this, Daddy?”

“Spread your legs apart a little, sweetie.” As I stood behind her, I could clearly see her petite little shaved pussy. Her outer lips weren’t fat and prominent but were very simple folds of skin. No inner lips protruded and her clit remained tucked away.

Directly above that cute little pussy, her little pink rosebud was spread open just enough for me to see past her puckered ring. Of course, it was as clean as the board of health. Not only was Elizabeth very fastidious about her personal hygiene but we had also just taken a shower. It was also obvious that she shaved her ass as well as her pussy because there was not one short hair to be found. The sight of her asshole made my dick as hard as steel, knowing that I would soon be pushing my rod into her little virgin ass.

I got in bed directly behind her. I turned on the vibrator and set it on a medium speed. I reached between her legs and touched the tip of the vibrator to the area where I knew her clit was hiding.

“Daddy, that feels real good when you do it,” she said in a breathy tone.

“I wanna make you feel great, baby,” I said. “You just tell me if I do anything that doesn’t make you feel good, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

She started moaning very softly and her torso began to gently rock back and forth. I placed my left hand on her lower back and traced my fingertips down her spine and into the valley between her butt cheeks. As I reached her anus, I drew my fingertips around but not over her little home and started tracing small circles around the target of my desire.

“That feels good, Daddy!” she declared.

As I traced circles around her bum hole, I narrowed the circle until my fingertip was on her anus. I applied gentle pressure and felt her ass relaxing to allow penetration.

“Do you wanna put your finger inside me, Daddy?” she asked.

“No, honey, I’m gonna put this vibrator inside you, but first I need to get something.” I pulled the vibrator away from her clit and reached into my bedside table to retrieve a bottle of lubricant. I applied a generous amount to the end of the vibrator and placed the tip against her back door.

I left the vibrator against her anus while I reached under her with my left hand and found her swollen clit. I began massaging her little love button while I also pushed on the vibrator. It started to slowly slide inside her ass and I stopped when about two inches of vibrator had entered her.

“Daddy, I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she exclaimed.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“Oh yeah . . . of fuck yeah!” she answered. Her moaning began to get louder and I started rubbing her clit a little more vigorously.

“Now you reach down between your legs and start rubbing your clit,” I directed her.

As soon as she had her fingers on her clit, I moved my left hand to her left tit and started kneading her nipple between my thumb and index finger. She immediately got louder and her breathing became somewhat ragged.

“Daddy, I’m so close. I’m gonna cum, Daddy, oh . . . I’m gonna cum!”

When I heard those words, I began sliding the vibrator back and forth in her ass, gradually penetrating more and more until four or five inches were inside her. I cupped her boob with my hand and gently squeezed her nipple.

That was the final straw for her. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she exclaimed as her torso heaved up and down. I felt her ass pushing against the vibrator in muscular pulses and her nipple was as hard as a pebble.

“Stop, daddy, stop!” she begged and I immediately complied.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“No,” she uttered between her shallow breaths, “just . . . sensitive.”

I left my hand on her boob and the vibrator in her ass but kept both still while I waited for her to come down from her orgasm. When I saw her body start to slump, I pulled my hand away from her cute little titty and allowed her ass to push against the vibrator until it was expelled.

“Holy fuck, Daddy! I’ve never cum that hard in my entire life.”

“So I guess that means you liked it?” I asked rhetorically. “Do you think you might be interested in having the real thing back there?”

“Yeah, but not now,” she answered. “Still too sensitive.”

Dean walked up the steps to the Foster’s palatial estate. It was Saturday, time for his weekly “tennis lesson” with his boss’s wife. Although they never actually played tennis, the only times he ever saw the court was when they were out by the pool fucking, Dean stilled had to dress the part. You never knew when Mr. Foster would make an appearance.

He was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts, a blue polo top and sneakers. Carrying his tennis bag he made his way to the front door when his cell phone buzzed. He pulled it from his pocket, lowered his sunglasses and read.

“Running late, but please don’t leave. B there ASAP, I really need the workout.”

The young man read between the lines. Mrs. Foster had become careful with her texts, never sure when her husband might read them, but Dean got the picture. Mrs. Foster was in need of a good lay and while she didn’t mind sharing him with her best friend, or her sister in law, she was insistent that she was the first stop on his weekend trysts.

Dean opened the door to the large home and stepped inside out of the heat into the cool air.

“Let urself in” came another text from the cheating housewife.

“Already did.” he thought as he strolled through his boss’s home.

Dean had almost begun to feel guilty about screwing around with his boss’ wife but ever since Dean had solidified a position at the firm Mr. Foster had become more and more of a jerk.

After one particular meeting his boss had pulled him aside when Dean had spoken up and told him to,

“Sit there and keep your fucking mouth shut. I’m not paying you for your opinion.”

Dean had wanted to quit right there, tell the old man to fuck off, but he didn’t. Instead he made a few calls and fucked both Mr. Foster’s wife and sister in law.

“On that very patio in fact.” he thought as he passed the large glass entrance that lead from the kitchen to the back.

Dean set his tennis bag on the large island in the middle of the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He found a beer and opened it. Slugging it back he heard the front door open.

“Oh good, I was worried you’d take longer.” he said, closing the frig.

“Who the fuck are you?” a voice said.

Dean turned, but it was not Mrs. Foster. Save for the dark hair, this was defiantly not Mrs. Foster.

A young woman, Dean guessed early 20′s, stood before him. Where Mrs. Foster was shapely at around 5’5″ this young woman was leaner at around 5’10″. She clearly had a nice body, but in a very modern way as opposed to Mrs. Fosters classic and sensuous curves. This girl was wearing tight black jeans with rips up the legs. She stood even taller then her 5’10″ frame on 4″ black converse all stars heels. She had on a tight white tank top, a wife beater in fact, and it showed off a full sleeve tattoo down her left arm. She had a smaller tattoo on her opposite wrist. She shared Mrs. Foster’s long dark hair but this young woman’s was pulled back, the front in a high poof and the sides of her head were shaved, almost like a mohawk. Her large sunglasses concealed her eyes but he imagined them watching him skeptically.

“Daddy issues much.” the young man thought to himself.

“I work for Mr. Foster, at the firm.” he replied, “and you are?” he asked extending his hand.

She did not take it.

“You work for my father?” she queried. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Oh I am giving your mother tennis lessons.” he answered.

She removed her sunglasses, glaring at him with bright blue eyes covered in too much makeup.

“She is NOT my mother.” she snapped back.

“Step mom?” he asked with a smirk.

“Yes.” she answered.

“Makes sense.” he added with a nod.

“What’s that mean?” she continued, walking passed the young man and going to the frig.”

“Oh nothing.” he said, feeling he was already getting a good beat on her.

Dean forgot that Mr. Foster even had a daughter. He remembered the photo on the desk in his office but that was of a much younger girl, barely a teenager then. She looked a far cry from the tattooed punk chick before him. Dean had a feeling Mr. Foster preferred the younger more innocent version.

She pulled out a beer of her own, the fizz of it opening and the clatter of the bottle cap being tossed on the counter was the only sound. She drank from it, eyeing the odd young man in her house.

“I did not know you lived here.” Dean said.

“I was in Europe for a few months, but even when I am here I am not usually here ya know?” she answered.

“Like to stay away?” he asked.

“Are you fucking my step mom?” she asked boldly.

“Excuse me?” he replied, seemingly unruffled as he assumed was her intent.

“Not that I’d really care, my dad probably deserves it.” she added, leaning back on a small breakfast table.

“Some strong words.” he replied.

“Ehhh, you seem too milk toast anyway, probably spend all day kissing my dad’s ass.” she poked.

“I don’t kiss anyone’s ass.” he said firmly.

She raised an eyebrow.

“No? You look like a preppy little weasel to me.” she added.

He laughed.

“You think you got me figured out huh?” he smiled.

“I know your type, I meet one of you every year or so. Running around sucking up to my dad, even trying to date me to get in good with him.” she continued.

“Trust me, I would not try to date you.” he said.

“He probably made you come here, give my step mom lessons.” she added.

“Wrong again.” Dean said.

“No? You look pretty young. Does he have you running around, fetching his coffee, doing whatever you can for a few of his table scraps.” she jabbed.

“What about you.” he retorted.

“What about me?” she said, a little agitated.

“Did you pay for your trip to Europe?” he asked.

“That’s none of your fucking business” she shot back.

“Yeah you don’t seem to be a big fan of mommy and daddy.” Dean said.

“He’s a sellout and she’s a whore, and she is not my moth..” she replied.

“Yeah, yet you have on designer jeans made to look grungy, a tank top that probably cost more then my rent, and what are those sunglasses? Gucci?” he said, cutting her off.

“Fuck you, who the fuck do you think you are.” she said.

Dean stepped a little closer.

“You seem really uptight for such a…” Dean smiled and gestured toward the young girl, “wild looking girl.” he finished.

“What’s that supposed to mean.” she replied.

“When was the last time you got laid.?” he teased.

“Fuck you, you can’t come into my house…” she started

“Your dad’s house.” he interjected, moving closer.

“Whatever. You can’t come in here and talk to me this way.” she pouted.

“I bet no one ever does. No one ever tells you to shut you’re fucking spoiled mouth.” he said calmly.

She slapped him hard across the face. He turned his head, closed his eyes, smiled, and turned back to stare her down. Her heart was racing.

Suddenly he grabbed her aggressively, and kissed her hard on the mouth. She fought against him until he let her go.

Her chest was heaving and she stared him down.

“To answer your question, yes, I am fucking your step-mom.” he pronounced.

His eyes bore holes in hers. She stared back with a wicked look.

“And you are right, your father is an asshole who deserves it.” he said before kissing her again.

This time she dug in and bit at his lip.

“Uhhhh fuck.” he moaned and he yanked her away.

Spinning her he bent her roughly over the kitchen table.

Her body slammed into the wood tabletop.

“Fuck you.” she panted trying to push herself up.

With one hand he pushed her shoulders back down, and with the other he tugged her jeans down over her ass. He admired her nice round bottom. He had to admit for a skinny rich girl, she had a great ass. He showed is appreciation by giving it a nice firm slap.

“Uhhh you little shit.” she moaned.

Dean reached between her legs and felt her sopping wet cunt.

“You love it, you are so fucking wet.” he said

Her head snapped back, staring at him over her shoulder.

“Fuck you.” she growled.

He smiled back and slammed 2 fingers into her dripping pussy.

“Uhhh shit” she yelled, closing her eyes and dropping her head to the table.

The sounds of her wet pussy being finger fucked echoed through the kitchen. She slammed her hands down on the table and pushed up, throwing her head back. Her back arched and she pressed against his hand.

“Yeah you like it don’t you?” he teased.

“Uhhh noooo.” she moaned.

He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her back further.

“Don’t lie” he whispered in her ear as he slammed his hand against her harder.

“Uhh I’m gonna cum” she admitted, reaching back with her tattoo sleeved arm, her hand grabbing her ass, opening herself for him.

“Yess you filthy whore.” he spat, pulling his hand from between her legs and slapping the other cheek.

“Don’t stop.” she begged right before he plunged his fingers back inside her.

He continued his assault on her tight hole and in a matter of seconds she exploded in an intense orgasm. She gripped the table with both hands and she tensed and came all over his hand.

“FUUUUCKK.” she screamed, veins bulging in her neck.

He watched as she came hard then collapsed across the table.

Before she could recover Dean spun her around on her back, laying her on the table.

“You dirty fucker, leave me alone.” she said, but her actions betrayed her as she assisted the stranger young man in removing her jeans.

He yanked them off over her high heels and tossed them too the floor while her hands began work on his khakis. Dean noticed another tattoo running across her flat tummy. They were both breathing heavy as he pulled his shirt off and she freed his steel hard cock. She let out a gasp as she pulled it free and stared at it.

He smiled back down at her. His hands reached out and grabbed the neckline of her top. With animal lust he pulled and ripped the fabric apart, tearing it down the front and exposing her tits.

They were perfectly round b cups, a big contrast to her step mom’s fake DD’s. He reached out, massaging them as she jerked his stiff pole.

“You like them huh.” she growled.

“Your step mom’s are bigger.” he taunted.

She swung to slap him again, this time he blocked it and gave her a smack across her cheek. She looked enraged.

She grabbed his head roughly and pulled him down to her tits.

“Yeah but these are fucking real.” she moaned as he sucked on her erect nipples.

While he sucked on her perfect nipples her hands worked his large piece of meat, trying to pull him inside her. Dean pulled away, smacking her hand from his cock and replacing it with his own. She watched with great anticipation.

“You want it?” he asked, rubbing his cock across her pussy.

“Don’t tease me you asshole.” she growled at him.

“Say it.” he demanded with a grin, slapping head fat head against her swollen clit.

She squirmed on the table, her hips rolling back and forth. He could see she wanted it.

“Say it!” this time he shouted it.

“Uhhh please fuck meee.” she let out.

Dean drove his hips forward, impaling his boss’ daughter with his rock hard cock. She threw her head back and screamed out in pleasure.

She spread her long legs out wide as he pounded her pussy harder then she has ever experienced. Her whole body was shaking across the small kitchen table.

Dean put one foot on the table, grabbed her by the neck, held her still and drove into her deeper then ever. Her muscles tighten as she gripped his arms, unable to even moan, she let this stranger fuck her brains out.

She turned her head trying to capture one of his fingers in her mouth. He let her and watched as she sucked on it, unable to control herself.

“Uhh fuck baby you are so hot.” he said.

She released his finger with a pop.

“Hotter than my step mom?” she teased.

With that he pulled out and yanked her from the table, shoving her to her knees. She didn’t hesitate and just as she hit the floor she had swallowed his entire shaft. He gripped her long mane and fucked her wet throat. Gurgling noises escaped her lips and filled his boss’ kitchen.

“I don’t know but you are gettin there.” he replied.


Mrs. Foster hurried from her convertible to her house. Dressed in a little sundress, sunglasses, and sun hat she made her way up her front stairs, rather quickly considering her 5″ sandals.

She was in need of her weekly visit from her husband’s employee. When she entered her home she expected to find Dean watching TV, but instead she was greeted with the moaning and the distinct sound of flesh on flesh.

When she finally made her way to the source of the noise she found quite a sight.

Dean, her “tennis instructor” was seated on the sofa just off the main kitchen. Her stepdaughter was sitting backwards on his lap, her legs wide as she bounced high and hard on his rigid cock.

Both were sweating and swearing, totally unaware of Mrs. Foster’s presence. Her stepdaughter was slamming down into the boy’s lap; her long ponytail was bouncing wildly with each thrust. Her fashionable poof was loose, strands hanging down in her face. It wasn’t until Mrs. Foster tossed her hat across the room and practically yelled,

“I can’t leave you alone for a second.”

that they finally noticed her.

Dean continued to fuck his new playmate but at a much slower pace.

“Sorry.” the young woman replied with a nasty smirk.

“Not you, him.” Mrs. Foster shot back.

“What?” she said looking over her shoulder at him.

He smiled back.

“First Deborah, then Jane, now Christy.” the married woman pouted.

“Jane?” Christy thought for a moment. “You are fucking, uhh shit, my aunt too?” she said.

“Your name is Christy?” Dean replied.

“You little slut.” the cheating wife added.

Christy shot her step mom a look.

“Yeah this time I was talking to you.” she added.

“Whatever,” she looked back at Dean with a smile “just don’t stop.” she panted.

Dean grabbed her waist, she leant back, resting her hands on his chest, as he slammed up into her, pounding her little cunt.

Mrs. Foster looked on, watching her young stud, chiseled body glistening with persperation, as he pummeled her step daughter’s bald cunt.

“You animal.” Mrs. foster began, removing her sunglasses. “You just better have your stamina today.” she added, taking a seat on a comfy chair across from the sofa.

The unfaithful wife sat and watched her husband’s daughter get absolutely hammered by her young stud. She watched Christy throw her head back, arching her back in a way that was only good for deep fucking. Whenever her hot young ass would meet his powerful hips the sound of their bodies colliding would fill the house. The sound would be joined by Christy’s guttural moans.

Mrs. Foster noticed the young girl’s tank top still draped over her shoulders but torn to shreds. It made the married woman think of the several times he had torn away her own panties in a fit of sex-crazed lust.

Mrs. Foster’s pussy was wet.

Her legs involuntarily opened and she began to rub her thigh. The scene before her was just too hot.

“Fuck her ass.” Mrs. Foster requested.

“What?” Dean replied looking at Mrs. Foster.

“Uhhh yesss please.” moaned Christy to the ceiling, totally consumed with desire.

Dean look back at the hot young woman atop him and smiled. He pulled his stiff prick from her cunt and lifted her. He took her to the row of high stools that lined the kitchen counter and sat her on it.

He positioned her so she was sitting reverse on the chair and she knew what he wanted her to do. She clutched the backrest, wrapped heels around the legs and arched her back. Her round ass stuck obscenely up and off the front of the stool.

Dean dropped down, licking from her pussy to her tight ass. Shivers ran up her spine as he did it over and over before finally standing. He gave her round ass a slap.

“Again” Mrs. Foster demanded.

“Yess.” her stepdaughter cried out.

He obliged, slapping her ass again and again and when Christy reached back with both hands and spread her ass apart, Dean pressed his swollen head to her asshole.

Her body looked incredible, arched and twisted in such an erotic position that Dean’s cock, however impossible to believe, grew harder, and when he slid his rock hard shaft into her tight ass, Christy felt pain and pleasure she had never experiences.

“Uhh yess, fuck my ass.” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Dean plunged only half is thick shaft in her ass, marveling at how tight she was.

“I think she likes it.” Mrs. Foster commented, as she pulled the hem of her dress up and tugged her panties aside.

Dean’s eyes shot to the married slut, watching her work her pussy. He smiled wickedly at her as he took in the scene.

Here he was fucking Mr. Foster’s daughter in her ass, as Mrs. Foster watched on, rubbing her throbbing clit.

Christy let go of her supple ass and twisted to her left, exposing her young naked body to Mrs. Foster. Her tattooed arm swung behind her as she clutched Dean’s neck, trying to pull him closer.

They stared into each other eyes, her mascera running a bit from the sweat, and the few tears caused by his huge cock in her ass.

“Come on, fuck my ass.” Christy taunted.

Dean pushed deeper as Mrs. Foster rubbed her clit furiously.

“Harder you fucking pussy!” the stepdaughter added through gritted teeth.

Dean’s strong hand clutched her tiny waist, pressing it into the seat, her ass sticking out even further, and slammed his hips against her upturned ass.

“Uhhh fuck yesss.” she responded, letting go of his neck and clutching the back of the seat, holding on for dear life as he pounded her tight asshole.

“That’s it fuck that slut.” the step mom encouraged.

“Pleeasse!” the stepdaughter agreed.

Dean grabbed Christy’s shredded tank top and used it like reins, pulling her back into him as he slammed against her.

That tall chair was rocking back and forth, creaking and in danger of collapsing. The shirt ripped completely from Christy’s body, just a rag in Dean’s hand.

Tossing it to the floor he took hold of his tattooed slut’s long mane. Pulling her head back, mere inches from her own round ass, she stared at the ceiling but unable to see, blinded by lust.

“Fuck meeeee.” she begged.

With one hand on her hip, the other in her hair, he did just that. Mrs. Foster watched these 2 beautiful bodies fuck with such force. She worked herself, feeling she was close.

Dean pounded her tight ass until finally he announced.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Mrs. Foster snapped to attention, sitting up, still working her throbbing clit.

“Yes, cum on her, cum on her slut face.” she demanded.

“Uhhh you fucking bit…” Christy began.

Dean yanked her from the stool and shoved her to her knees before she could finish the sentence. She stared up at him, panting, chest heaving. She was rubbing her own wet pussy, as was her step mom, while Dean stroked his impossibly hard cock.

A chain reaction occurred as Dean ejected a huge rope of cum into the air, landing across Christy’s hair, down her face and into her mouth. Christy spit cum from her mouth and came hard, stiffening up as Dean continued to send thick potent ropes of cum onto her face.

The whole scene was so hot, so depraved, it sent Mrs. Foster over the edge and she too came.

All three orgasmed together, their moans mixed into one song of animal lust, all sharing in this moment of hedonism.

Christy knelt in amazement, her face plastered with cum. On her nose and forehead, all in her hair and even the shaved side of her head dripped with hot young cum.

Dean stood over her, panting, staring at this sexual goddess. The only thing that snapped him out of it was the sound of high heels clattered across the hardwood floor.

Mrs. Foster sauntered over to him, took him by the hand and said.

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