step sister

As always this takes place in Easton which is a fictional place in the UK. Please do not reproduce this story in any form without my written consent for profit or otherwise. As a side note I personally don’t consider Step-siblings legitimate incest however it is certainly taboo to some extent and I doubt people would approve if this was posted as anything other than incest. Hence the category choice. Anyway enjoy!.

Are you kidding me? This is the worst moment of my goddamn life.

Not a great start in my opinion, but that was probably the beginning of everything so I figured it should go first, as for the rest well… lemme explain. My name is Camillo Drake (Cam to most) I’m nineteen and I’m part Italian on my mother’s side, hence my first name, which I got from my mum’s granddad. Drake comes from my dad Richard who is probably the most British person alive. I’m an inch or so over six foot and slim but not particularly muscular, I tan easily so my skin is usually fairly dark and my hair is naturally light brown and usually short, although I dye it black and let it grow out a bit every once in a while. So a kinda mixed appearance to go with my mixed heritage.

My mother died in a car crash when I was just five, it was the two of us in the back and my father in the front, Dad came out pretty worse for wear but alive and I survived thanks to her, she managed to shield me from harm even at the cost of her own life. From what I’ve been told that was pretty typical of her, she was a selfless person, she also had red hair and that’s where the worst moment of my life begins. You see I have a mental disability, I don’t know if it’s because of her death, or some other factor but it seems pretty likely it’s related to my mother, I cannot deal with people with red hair and I mean cannot. If I even see a person with red hair my thought processes start to get messed up, if I have to interact with them then you can forget it, my brain just shuts down completely. No words. No movement. Usually panic. Sometimes absolutely nothing. I can deal with strawberry blondes though and that nasty rusty orange colour some girls have been dying their hair lately too, but natural pure red? The kind that looks like a waterfall of fire? Game over, please reset my brain. I had to actually change classes several times in highschool and college because of this problem.

Pretty bad right? You should have seen our household when my older brother Rio (named by my dad with only minor influence from my mom) dyed his hair red for a joke. Four days of broken plates and stunted conversation, my dad nearly went insane, finally he snapped and shaved Rio in the middle of the night. Normality was restored, but Rio’s been holding a grudge ever since and I’m sure he’s just waiting for a chance to shave dad in revenge.

Right. Worst moment of my life, well that’s enough background so lemme skip forward to a few weeks ago when my dad and his girlfriend of the last few months Casey declare they’re going to get married and Casey is going to move in with us, bringing her twenty year old daughter with her. Now most people would be bent out of shape by this announcement but I was just glad to see dad was getting over mum, Casey had been his first girlfriend in… well definitely the first I could remember and I was just thrilled he was leaving the house again. So I decided to weather the storm as best I could, gotta look out for your folks right?

Skip forward to today, I’m meeting my new step sister for the first time at the wedding rehearsal, Casey and dad have been looking nervous as hell all day and I, being the naïve fool I was, thought it was because they were excited about the wedding. Now I’m stood next to dad, who looks nervous as hell, across from Casey, who also looks nervous as hell, Rio to my left, looking like he’s gonna laugh his ass off, and my new step sister in front of me.

She was a goddamn red head. Not just a red head but a pure, crimson silk, waterfall of fire, shimmering orange style red head, twin bangs framing her face and a long ponytail that ran down to just below her shoulder blades. Not only was she a red head but she was pretty damn hot as well, she was roughly around six foot, maybe five nine, typical fair complexion of a red head, beautiful blood red lips, a dark smirk and an ample d cup bosom. She looked like a metal head or a goth, black tanktop, black cargo pants, leather jacket and three large skull piercings in her left ear. Drop dead gorgeous, at least in my opinion.

Simultaneously I was hit by my gorgeous girl, red head, and meeting someone important for the first time panics, the realisation that I was going to have to live with her hit me soon after, things weren’t going well. I had frozen, for a while now at least, and I don’t really remember much after that. I’m told I didn’t make a single sound, turned and walked straight to the coat room, I shut the door behind me, there was a thud and nobody saw me again for a while. I remember coming to my senses in the coat room so I can only assume that was the truth.

I was at the wedding, well that wasn’t strictly true, I was hiding in my suit in one of the back room of the church. I was so far away from where the actual wedding had taken place that I’m not entirely sure I could confidently say I was actually at the wedding. I hadn’t seen any signs of my new step sister yet, but that might have something to do with the fact that I hadn’t seen anyone yet, with the exception of Rio who’d given me a lift here.

I was sat in the middle of the floor of an abandoned room drawing furiously, I’d brought one of my sketch pads with me, drawing was one of my favourite things to do when I was stressed like this. Too bad my style was so anime, it didn’t win me any art prizes that’s for sure. I was in the middle of depicting an epic battle between two effeminate dudes with giant intricate swords and musing on how anime was very subconsciously gay when a hand grabbed me from behind and covered my eyes.

“Hey guess who.”

“Um…” I didn’t recognise the voice, not even a little which was odd.

“Oh right you never actually heard my voice did you? Well I’m gonna be your sister and housemate in about an hour so I figured we should meet at some point.”

“Ahh.” My response was stunted, my brain was already shutting down just from remembering what she looked like.

“Oh don’t worry about my hair, look.” She took her hands away from my eyes.

I caught sight of her, and felt my brain happily kick back into gear. Her hair was happily scrunched up and contained under a large black beanie, I let out a sigh of relief.

“Hey I’m Cam.”

A smirk floated on her lips for a second. “Awesome. For a while I was worried you were dumb or mute, or both, this’ll make things much easier.”

“Nice to meet you too, you always this nice to people you’ve never met before?” I replied returning her smirk.

“Ooh. I have met you before though haven’t I? But you decided to go hide in the cloakroom instead of saying hello.”

I blushed. Her smirk grew. “So what’s your name?” I asked trying to hide my embarrassment.

“Tabitha. Taby for short. So how bad is it? Does it have to be a whole head of hair or is just a little bit enough?”

“Don’t!” I yelled as she began to pull her hat back off her hair. “Just, don’t.”

“Ouch” she said sitting down next to me. “That bad huh?”

“How about we talk about something else?” I asked.

She glanced over at my sketch pad. “So you into that kinda stuff then?”


“No men.” She replied grinning and sticking her tongue out.

I laughed. “I’m not really into either, I had a friend back in highschool called May who was seriously into the whole anime scene. So when I was learning to draw she leant me some books she had and my style hasn’t really changed all that much since. You?”

“Nah, never really had much interest.” She blinked and chuckled. “In anime that is, I have plenty of interest in men.”

I grinned and cocked an eyebrow at her suggestively. Tabitha laughed in response and stuck her tongue out again. “Oi you, don’t make me take off the hat.”

I laughed and we chatted for a bit longer until one of my new relatives came to find the two of us, seems it was time for us to get down to the actual wedding part of the afternoon. Since I was dad’s best man and Tabitha was a bridesmaid I figured we should probably listen to the poor guy who had been sent to find us and told Tabitha as much.

She shrugged in response but got up to follow me as I left. Leaving me in the awkward position of having to either ask her to wait until I’d left or tell her to go on ahead of me, either way we couldn’t leave at the same time. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to take of her hat. As I hung about awkwardly by the door Tabitha grabbed me by the arm and led me on.

“Don’t worry about the hat” she told me as we made our way to the wedding. “I’m not gonna take it off.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. We’re at a wedding, you’re a bridesmaid.” I said in disbelief.

Tabitha giggled. “You just know it’s going to be dull as all hell, maybe this’ll make things a bit more interesting.”

“I can’t believe you did that!” Casey yelled, tears of laughter rolling down the faces of my brother and father, every once in a while Casey would glare angrily at dad and he would try desperately to stop laughing, only to continue again when she looked away.

Tabitha and I were stood in the graveyard of the church being lectured by Casey, Tabitha had done one better than just wearing the beanie, she had also put one of her leather jackets on over her dress. The look on our elderly relative’s faces when she came down the aisle was priceless, dad had managed to keep himself under control during the service, me and Rio? Not so much.

“And Cam! What were you thinking? Why didn’t you stop her?”

I desperately tried to keep a straight face, I had to answer her question seriously, I’d managed it so far and all I had to do was come up with so kind of response. Anything. Aww who was I kidding? I burst into a fit of laughter, seeing me lose it Tabitha lost it as well and the two off us just laughed and laughed until there were tears dripping off our faces and we could barely breathe.

Casey scowled at the two of us. “Well I’m glad you two are getting along so well, too bad you had to ruin my wedding to do it!” She stormed off in a huff, leaving Tabitha and I to try and get ourselves together.

“Alright you two, me and Rio are gonna go talk to Casey, you should go on ahead to the reception. Go on make yourselves scarce.” Dad tossed me the keys to Rio’s car, I could see he was trying to act serious and hold back his laughter, but every once in a while a chuckle would escape.

We took off, the roads were icy as hell which was fairly typical for the area and the season, we’d had snow a few days back and the church was in a pretty backend area so they didn’t bother to grit much. The car skidded a few time to say the least but I managed to keep everything under control and it wasn’t so hard that I couldn’t continue chatting casually to Tabitha in the passenger seat.

What happened next was a hundred percent not my fault, it was a sharp turn and I took it fairly slowly to be careful, the other guy however was an asshole. A blue corsa suddenly comes screeching around the corner at an insane speed and immediately skidded over to the wrong side of the road as a result, I swerved desperately but had no chance of getting away. He crashed into my front right light and sent me spinning off the road, it’s just a small country road so there was no barrier, we go flying off the road and into the foliage around us, we hit several more obstacles soon after, I couldn’t see what the hell was going on but I was doing my best to get the car back under control. Then things went from bad to worse.

The car was still rolling about, we hit something pretty hard and Tabitha’s beanie came off, that was not good. Oh god, I could see mum, suddenly I was in the back seat, mum was shouting my name, I was yelling. I was back in the driver’s seat, flailing wildly trying to control the car, were we even still moving? I couldn’t even tell, I was in the back seat again, someone was pressing me down against the seat, the car was shaking, everything was starting to slip away. I could hear someone yelling my name but I didn’t know who any more, I blacked out.

Ugh. My head was a jumbled mess, where the hell was I? I groaned, I had the headache of the century, huh? I could feel something soft against my cheek and I felt warm, was I wrapped in something? There was a voice.


I came round, hearing Tabitha’s voice brought everything back. “Fuck I hope you got that assholes licence plate, I’m gonna murder that dickhead.”

“Oh thank god.” Tabitha said.

It took me a moment to realise where I was, we were in the back seat of the car, the front was pretty smashed up. I looked up and saw Tabitha’s face, she’d put the beanie back on much to my relief, I looked down and caught sight of something else. It was then that I realised I was lying on the seats, Tabitha underneath me, with my head pressed up against her breasts. I went bright red and snapped into a sitting position.

“Christ sorry.” Jesus she had one hell of a rack on her, the thought that I’d been pressed up against those puppies the whole time and couldn’t even remember it killed me.

Tabitha smirked. “What you think you got yourself into that position? It’s fine.” Then her face went deathly serious and she pulled me into a proper hug.

“I’m just glad you’re ok, you had me really scared for a bit there Cam. What happened? Did you get hit in the head? Do I need to call an ambulance?”

“I…” I stopped, I didn’t want to talk about what happened in there, I’d never had a flashback to the accident before and it wasn’t something I wanted to dwell on. But I’d nearly killed us both back there, the least I owed her was an explanation.

“How long was I out for?” I asked.

“Five, maybe ten minutes most. Cam…”

“I’ll get to it in a sec, did you call anyone?”

“Yeah, your brother said he’d be here in about twenty minutes. He’s called an ambulance too just in case but I don’t know how long that’ll be, probably a while since the roads have only gotten worse.” She motioned out the window and I saw it was now snowing, wonderful.

I took a deep breath, time to spill the beans. “My mum died when I was five, in a car crash, she was in the back seat with me and she saved my life. The thing is, mum used to have red hair like yours, so when your beanie came off like that things started to blur together. I-I couldn’t tell what was really happening anymore, I started seeing mum and remembering things about the accident, it shut me down and… fuck… I sound so pathetic, I’m so sorry because I almost got us both killed and…”

I felt Tabitha’s arms wrap around me and trailed off, I hadn’t even noticed but I’d started crying and as she hugged me the sobbing became worse. I don’t know if it was how cold it was in the car, but at that moment her hug felt amazingly warm.

“Thanks” I said as she rested her chin on my shoulder.

“It’s okay.” She said reassuringly. She dropped one hand down for a moment and grabbed one of mine, gently massaging my palm with her thumb as she hugged me. It was a tiny gesture but it felt reassuring.

The next day I came back from work exhausted, it had been a crappy day and I was glad I hadn’t been hungover, that being said I hadn’t been planning on drinking at the reception anyway so I regretted not going a little. However after all the hassle with the paramedics and explaining what had happened to Dad and Casey neither Taby or I had really felt like any kind of party so we’d made our excuses and headed back to my (now our) place so I could help her get situated.

I came in and wandered into the kitchen, pouring myself a drink before heading into the lounge. I froze in the doorway, Taby was sat on the couch with her hair down and another girl sat next to her, the two of them were inspecting something on Taby’s phone and didn’t see me come in. She noticed me shortly after I froze however and quickly grabbed her beanie from the table next to her. Not before I’d dropped my drink however, thankfully the glass hadn’t broken but there was still orange juice all over the carpet now.

“Ah sorry Cam I didn’t know you were here.”

“It’s fine” I muttered going into the kitchen to grab a cloth. As I rooted around in the cupboards I heard Taby and her friend talking in a whisper.

“Is that the one you were talking about? The one who’s autistic around readheads?”

“Debbie!” I heard Taby shriek a little louder than a whisper. “I never said he was autistic, he just has an issue with red hair.”

“Whatever, looks pretty autistic to me.”

I scowled, I’d known this girl for less than a minute and I already disliked her. Finding a cloth I did my best to clean up the stain on the carpet before heading for the stairs. “Hey Cam do you wanna hang out with us for a bit?” Taby asked.

“No thanks.” I replied feeling vindictive. “Wouldn’t want my autism to bother the two of you.” Taby looked immediately guilty and the girl went bright red in response. I smirked viciously and headed upstairs.

I sketched a few random pictures and trashed them all before deciding to try sketching Taby, I’d sketched most of the people I know a few times at least and since I couldn’t think of anything else to draw I figured it would kill some time. After a few false starts I started to get into the swing of it, despite having only seen it briefly a few times Taby’s hair was probably the easiest part. The first time we’d met her fiery locks had been ingrained in my memory, her features were distinct and she came out with a very fierce look by the time I was done drawing her face. Next I started on her neck and shoulders.

“Wow that’s amazing.” I jerked with surprise at Taby’s voice and my pencil gashed across the paper, leaving a huge tear in the middle of the sketch.

“Oh dammit! Sorry…”

I looked up and saw Taby stood in the doorway looking sheepish, I sighed. “It’s fine” I told her. “I can always just draw another one.”

“Then let me model for you.” She said inviting herself in. “It’s the least I can do.”

“Whatever.” I replied. “Shut the door and stand still for a bit.”

There was a long silence as I pulled out a fresh piece of paper and began to study her, I’d had friends and the like offer to be models before but they’d always given up midway through, they all said that the way I looked at them was ‘too intense’. I had several pieces of paper out in front of me as I made some experimental sketches, jotting down parts of her features wherever there was space as I mentally explored her appearance. Her breasts especially were unusual for someone with her bust in that there was no trace of them sagging underneath her bra, I sketched down several attempts at her torso before I decided on one that looked right, I was just about to begin the main drawing when she broke the silence.

“So do you need me any longer or…”

I laughed. “I know I’m probably making you feel uncomfortable, all my models say the same thing. I’ve got enough sketches now so I can go from memory like I was before, don’t worry.”

I went back to drawing and she remained standing in the middle of my room, only now I wasn’t looking up at her. A few minutes passed before I stopped drawing and my eyes flicked up to meet hers.

“Did you need something? I’m not used to having an audience.”

Taby sighed. “Dammit you’re making me feel like a royal asshole here Cam, look I’m sorry about what Debbie said before.”

I shrugged. “It’s fine. She was right anyway, I might as well be autistic, at least then I’d have an excuse.”

“Cam…” Taby was looking at me curiously, I’ll admit I was more than a little shocked with myself. I hadn’t meant to sound that pathetic.

“Sorry that’s not what I meant, I just meant that I do have problems so I can’t really complain when people talk about them.”

“Cam just because you’re slightly mental does not mean you have to put up with it when someone calls you autistic. You have every right to be mad and I am sorry, I would have kicked her ass out right there but I’m trying to avoid pissing people off until I actually make some friends.”

“Wait, I’m confused. I thought you came in here to apologise? Now you’re telling me you want me to be mad?” I grinned at her.

“Umm… Dammit.” She replied laughing. “Well I really fucked up this apology didn’t I?”

I laughed and looked down at my sketch. “It’s fine. Hang around for a bit, I’m almost finished.”

Taby ferreted around in my room for a while as I sketched until finally I declared happily that I was finished and presented the complete drawing for her approval. She blushed, not the reaction I was expecting and met my inquisitive gaze.

“I… it’s incredible. It’s just, my face, I look so pretty.”

“Are you kidding Taby? I only drew you, if you think your face looks pretty it’s because you have a pretty face.”

She blushed an even deeper shade of red. “You really think so?”

Seriously? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You didn’t seem like the type to have low self-esteem Taby, you’re really beautiful and I don’t get how you don’t know that.”

“Most guys just wanna get in my pants because of these” she said cupping her breasts and sighing. “They’re all more interested in what I cover up not what they can actually see.”

“Well luckily you have a new step brother to remind you how pretty you are.” I could see her face practically melting under the force of her blush, she looked cute and I was getting the irresistible urge to tease her some more.

Suddenly Taby leant in towards me and began to study my face. “What are you-?” I began to ask only to be interrupted by a fierce shush.

“You know now that I look you’re pretty handsome yourself.” Now it was my turn to blush.

“You’re just saying that.”

“Maybe” she replied with a foxy grin. “Then again maybe not. Can I have this?” she asked waving my sketch in front of her.


She grinned seeing how embarrassed I was and turned to leave, pausing by the doorway. “I’ll see you later then my maybe handsome maybe not step brother.” She giggled and blew a kiss my way, then with a wiggle of her hips she left.

I tried to resume drawing, but quickly realised it was futile and gave up, looking down I saw the source of my distraction. I really hope my now very pronounced boner hadn’t appeared when Taby had been in the room, driven to distraction I was forced to jack myself off before I could do anything else. Trying to silence the part of my brain that knew full well where my erection had come from.

The next few weeks passed without much in the way of events, the four of us were quickly adapting to life together and apart from the first day there were no more incidents regarding Taby’s hair. She and I got closer and closer as time passed, despite the obvious issue we had a lot of fun hanging out together, regularly going out to Easton highstreet together for things like window shopping and movie trips. Taby got used to wearing her beanie around me and I got used to reassuring her that it made her look cute.

I was coming home from work as usual when I noticed a car I didn’t recognise in the driveway, Taby had said her boyfriend from her old home town was coming over today so I assumed it was his car. As I ambled in through the front door wandering what I was going to say to this guy when I met him I heard crashing from upstairs, followed by shouting.

“TABY!” I yelled up the stairs. No response but I could still hear the shouting from before. I jumped up the stairs two at a time, by the time I was outside Taby’s door I could make out what was being shouted.

“Ricky get off me!”

“Babe come on I’m not gonna see you again for a long time, you don’t wanna break up do you?”


“Taby!” I yelled throwing the door open, what I saw inside made my blood boil.

This guy, who looked like a big jock type, had Taby pinned to the bed. Her jeans had been pulled down to her knees and her shirt was torn, the guy was trying to get her panties off and Taby was struggling desperately with tears in her eyes. I didn’t even stop to think I just charged at him, I’d never been in a fight before and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I just swung my fist wildly at him, catching him across the face and sending him sprawling, my success was short lived however when he immediately stood back up and proceeded to headbutt me.

I stumbled backwards and fell on my ass, he’d headbutted forehead to forehead which I don’t think is the right way to do it, my suspicions proved true when he recoiled just as dazed as me. Taby used this opportunity to shove him out of the door and scream “Ricky get out of here you prick!” at the top of her lungs.

Seemingly dazed from his failed headbutt and probably guessing that his chances of successfully raping Taby had gone from bad to impossible he stumbled out of the house, we heard his car pull out of the drive a few minutes later.

“Jesus Cam are you okay?” Taby asked, pulling her jeans back up and kneeling down in front of me.

“…” my voice caught in my throat, her hair was brushing against my chest.

“Oh! Sorry.” Taby grabbed her beanie and pulled it over her hair, lone strands of red hair still peeking out from underneath, but it was enough.

“Taby are you okay?”

“Jesus I can’t believe that guy, good riddance huh? Do you want me to get you an icepack?” she made to get up.


“Maybe I should get you some disinfectant? Is it a cut or a bruise?” she began examining my forehead.


“Or maybe-”

“TABY!” She froze. “Are. You. Okay?”

She whimpered. “I actually thought he was different.”

I pulled her into a hug and let her sob against me, for a good long while she simply shook and wailed against me. I didn’t mind, it felt good to hold her like this. As angry as this whole thing had made me I was a little happy, I would have been more than willing to hold her like this for the rest of the afternoon.

“Hey Cam, do you remember that drawing you did of me?”

“Uh huh.”

“Do you remember what I said that day?”

“That I was autistic?” I joked.

I heard her whimper and sob, immediately regretting what I said. I looked down into her eyes and wiped away some of her tears. “Sorry that was stupid. You said I might be handsome.”

“I meant it. You are a very handsome guy Cam and you’re sweet and you’re the only guy who thinks I’m more than just a huge pair of tits and-” As she spoke her hand slowly teased its way up my leg towards my crotch, I already had a raging boner and moments later I could feel her fingertips tracing my erection through my pants.

I knew where this was going, she was an emotional wreck, she’d just nearly been raped and now she was looking for someone to latch onto. Someone she thought she could trust. I knew that this was probably the only chance I would ever have to cross that line with her, after all we were siblings now, did I want to take advantage of her like that? Yes. when I looked down at the girl who I was cradling in my arms, my dick was screaming at me to fuck her, I wanted her so badly it was practically killing me, but I couldn’t. Call it cliché but my heart was telling me I couldn’t betray her trust like that, and even if I did nothing could ever come of it, I had no future except one with my step sister and it wasn’t the one I wanted.

“Taby. You’re my sister and I love you.” I didn’t say anything else, I just gently pushed her away from me and left.

I shut the door behind me and went straight to my room before my mental strength left me, I gritted my teeth and practically ripped my dick off of my hips pulling it out of my pants. I had a brutal hard on and I jacked myself off hard and furiously, I jizzed buckets my first orgasm, only for my dick to obstinately remain rock solid. As I fired off my second orgasm I snarled.

“Stupid. Fucking. Heart.”

“Hey dad and Casey not about?” I asked as I wandered in from work, I’d been working overtime so I hadn’t made it home until eight. Surprisingly Taby was the only one in the house, sat in the lounge reading a book and listen to music in her beanie.

I leant over and plucked out her headphones. “Hey. You the only one here?”

“Nope.” She replied folding over the corner of her book. “You’re here too.”

“Smart ass. Where’d dad and Casey go?” I asked throwing myself down on the couch next to her.

“Dunno didn’t ask, they just said they’d be out most of the night.”

“You eaten yet?”

“Nope. I’m not exactly a good cook.” She replied sighing. “And by that I mean I burn cereal.”

“Yeah I’m no good either, let’s order pizza.” I pulled out my phone and dialled for the nearest pizza place.

“Yeah I can’t afford pizza.” She told me sighing.

“It’s fine. I just got paid so I’ll cover us both, it’s not that much anyway.”

It didn’t take long for the pizza to arrive, one of the reasons we always bought from the same place, and once it got here Taby and I lapsed into silence. Munching on our pizza and watching tv in the lounge.

“I think I’m gonna try and find a new boyfriend.”

I nearly choked on my pizza. Keep yourself under control man! She was just your sister now, she could date whoever she liked. “Ah ok, cool.” I replied as casually as I could.

“I was wondering if you knew any guys who might be interested in me?” she asked.

Dammit. Taby dating some other guy was one thing, but I really didn’t want to have to be the one who picked out the guy who would be stealing her from me. Goddammit! I made my decision hadn’t I? I had no choice, I’d given up my chance to be with her.

“So what kind of guy are you looking for?”

“Well…” Taby sighed and leant back against my shoulder, she was facing the opposite direction now and I couldn’t see her face. “He’s gotta think I’m pretty, and be nice, good looking of course, I’m tired of all the jock jerks I’ve been dating lately so maybe someone a bit more sensitive? A writer or an artist perhaps?”


“It would be nice if he didn’t live too far away so we could see each other a lot, and he has to want to hang out with me all the time.”

She couldn’t…

“Oh and he’s gotta be really caring, and a little reckless, the kind of guy who gets in a fight with a guy bigger than him even though he knows he gonna lose just for my sake.”

Taby rolled over and stared into my eyes. “Well Cam? Do you know any guys like that?”

I didn’t know what to think, my head wasn’t working properly and I just let my mouth move without direct influence from my brain.

“Umm, yeah. I think I know one guy like that.”

“Oh? What’s he like?” There was a slight sparkle in Taby’s eyes, I didn’t know what was going to happen next but I wasn’t going to stop. I knew that much.

“Well he’s a bit mopey at times, a little mental as well, but I know he thinks you’re pretty and people have said he might be pretty handsome before.”

“Oh really?” Taby cocked and eyebrow in my direction and leant in towards me. “And how should I find out if he’s interested in me?”

“You-you should just be direct, I think that would be what he would want you to do.”

The moment I finished Taby pushed forward and pressed her lips against mine, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth. It didn’t take me long to reciprocate. All the desire I’d repressed for the last few days tried to force its way out of me through that kiss, our tongues wrestled furiously and saliva started dribbling down our necks. My mind went blank for a while with the warm pleasure I was experiencing, finally I came to my senses and knew I had to pull away, doing so reluctantly.

“Well was that direct enough for you Cam?”

“Taby.” I said, the effort of trying to keep her away like this was physically causing an ache in my chest. “We can’t.”

Taby jumped up, the corners of her eyes wrinkling with the effort of holding back her tears. “I should have known when you turned me down after what happened with Ricky that you weren’t interested in me like that Cam, I-I understand. I’m sorry.”

It should have ended there, but somehow my body refused to let her go, before I knew what I was doing I had chased after her and grabbed her from behind, holding her in a tight embrace. I knew I had begun crossing the line, now I had to know if she was willing to cross it with me.

“Taby you don’t understand anything. I want you so bad it’s literally killing me, I’ve spent the last few days desperately trying to keep myself under control every time I see you, but… we’re step siblings now, if we do this there is gonna be a line of people who disprove. Dad, Casey, random strangers, the majority of our elderly relatives, probably a fair few of our friends too. I don’t care about any of that stuff personally, but are willing to go through all that just for me?”

“Idiot. You’re the one who doesn’t understand.” Taby pulled free of my hug and pounced on me, sending me crashing down onto the couch while she smothered me with kisses. Tears streaming down her cheeks but a huge smile plastered on her face.

We spent a long time just kissing there on the couch, revelling in the joy that can only be found in mutual love before Taby spoke up. “So if you wanted me that badly why did you push me away after what happened with Ricky? I get that you’re worried about the consequences of us being together but-”

“Taby I’m gonna spell it out for you since you don’t seem to be getting it. I. LOVE. YOU. I didn’t want to be some rebound fuck to make you feel better after breaking up with your asshole boyfriend.”

Taby went bright red and fled from my attempts to make eye contact, staring down at the floor I heard her mutter “I love you too.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that. What did you say?”

“I said I love you too!” she yelled. “Geez.”

I laughed and wrapped myself around her, bringing my face next to hers and proceeding to kiss the life out of her. I have no idea how long we just lay there kissing before Taby once again broke the silence.

“Okay Cam now I’m gonna be the one to spell this out to you because you’re not getting it. When you said you loved me I nearly creamed my panties, I’m on the pill, I can feel your boner pressing against me and I’m currently so wet it’s going to ruin my jeans. Will you PLEASE. FUCK. ME.”

As she said this she rolled up on top of me and straddled my hips, she hadn’t been lying about how wet she was, there was a visible wet patch spreading out from the crotch of her jeans, which she proceeded to press against my raging hard on. I let out a slight moan as she did and ran my hands down her hips, settling on her perfect ass.

“With pleasure.”

There were plenty of sticky wet kisses and groping as we struggled our way out of our clothes, neither of us really wanted to let go of the other long enough to actually pull them off so eventually we just settled on being half undressed. Taby had her jeans around her ankles and both shoes but only one sock off, her jacket was god knows where and she had one arm out of her t-shirt. I was in a similar state of disarray, I’d at least managed to get my socks and shoes off but my jeans had only gotten as far as being unbuttoned, the head of my cock poking out from under my waistband. My shirt buttons were sporadically undone and I eventually settled on pulling it over my head, breaking the top button as I did.

“Holy Hell” I moaned as I lowered myself down between Taby’s thighs, pulled her panties to one side and revealed her moist pussy in all its glory, carefully shaved and dripping wet. I gently parted her thighs until I could see her erect clit amidst the folds of flesh, my tongue slipped out and lapped at her clit briefly, I felt her flinch and heard her whimper gently.

“Someone’s sensitive” I mumbled as I lapped at her pussy.

“Shut-uhhhhp” She moaned as I started to eat her out, sliding a finger into her cunt and slowly sliding my tongue over the folds of her pussy.

I brushed against her clit with my tongue again and felt her pussy contract around my finger, I was amazed at how tight she was. Seems I’d have to loosen her up a little, I carefully teased a second finger into her pussy and started to slowly slide my hand back and forth into her. I attacked her pussy with my tongue and steadily increased the tempo of my hand, I could feel Taby’s whole body twitching and her pussy was spasming around my fingers. With a little prompting I could feel her orgasm rising, her pussy clenching tight around my fingers.

I felt Taby spasm and she let out a long guttural moan before her whole body relaxed and her pussy released my fingers, I looked up at her face. She was panting heavily and her cheeks were flushed red. “You okay Taby?” I asked smirking.

“Don’t get cocky.” She replied pulling her shirt off completely. “I’ll wipe that smirk off your face.”

Kicking off her jeans she knelt in front of me, brought her hands up to my waistband and slowly pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down, freeing my cock which had been straining against the confines of my underwear. My fully erect dick sprung free, only to slap Taby in the chin. I tried and failed to hold back my laughter when I saw the surprised look on her face, only for it to fade away when she attacked my cock with her tongue.

“You’re huge.” She muttered briefly, pulling her tongue away from my rod for a moment. “You’ve gotta be at least eight inches.” I didn’t respond, well couldn’t would be more accurate.

I moaned in pleasure as her tongue lathered my dick, her blowjob felt incredibly moist and she didn’t leave a single dry spot, coating my whole dick in a thick layer of spit. She looked up at me with a smirk and reached behind to unhook her bra, letting it fall away and her breasts spill out. Her tongue lolled leisurely out of her open mouth and great torrents of drool sloshed onto her uncovered breasts, then she cupped her breasts and wrapped them around my lubricated dick. “Lots of guys have asked me to titty fuck them like this.” She told me giggling. She started to slide her ample bosom over my rod and it felt amazing, like fucking two fleshy marshmallows. “But you’re the first, how does it feel?”

Before I could answer she leant in and closed her lips around the tip of my cock, suddenly I was assaulted by the dual sensations of her breasts and her tongue and lips, which were focusing solely on the most sensitive parts of my dick. It felt like electricity running through my dick, the sensitive parts of my flesh so over stimulated that individual sensation faded into an all-encompassing electric pleasure. My orgasm came before I even realised I was close to the edge and before I could warn Taby I erupted into her mouth, her eyes widened with surprise and she jerked away, my cum visibly leaking from the corners of her mouth. I released several more streams as she pulled away, painting the flesh of her breasts and stomach with my scent.

Taby smirked and gulped, I watched the bulge in her throat travel down into her stomach, then she smirked and parted her lips as if trying to prove she had swallowed it all. “A little warning next time please Cam, you nearly drowned me.”

“Sorry.” I replied sheepishly.

“Now come on, we need to get you ready for round two.” No problems there, despite my orgasm my dick wasn’t showing any signs of going soft and the sight of Taby swallowing my cum had made it completely forget about having cum already. “Wow.” She said simply as she saw my dick was still hard. “That’s a first.”

I grinned. “I aim to please.” I told her as she pressed her now completely naked body against me, I felt my own moist cum rub against me as she did, but rather than being disgusted it just made me feel more excited.

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