“I fucking love it, that you’re scared!” It was the force behind her words that really surprised me.

I stared wide eyed at her as she was bent over me on the bed. I couldn’t believe I had told her I was scared, but it was the first thing that came out of my mouth, and here she was using it against me.

She was still wearing her gray blazer, pencil skirt, and heels from the office. “You should be scared, sneaking in here and looking at those things. And look at you.” She looked down at my incredibly hard cock that was bobbing between us.

Despite my shock at being caught, my erection seemed to have only grown larger.

“You should be scared, Brandon.” she hissed. “Because I’m going to give you exactly what you want. But you have no idea what that is do you, you slutty little boy?”

I felt myself blush, which I hated, but I didn’t say anything. She was right, I was eighteen, a man for all intents and purposes, but I had only kissed a girl a couple of times. I had never had the guts to try to push it any further. I had read a million magazines and watched numerous pornos on the internet, but in fact I had never been with a real woman.

“I know you want to do something with that big hard cock of yours, but clearly you really don’t understand how or what to do with it, do you? Well don’t worry mama’s gonna teach you.”

Samantha, she liked me to call her Sam, had been my step-mother for a mere six months, when she came home from work early and caught me naked and looking at porn in her bed.

Dad was out of town again, on one of his many business trips, which often left Sam and me alone in the house. Until today, I had avoided her when it was just the two of us. I ate pizza which I took to my room and she usually went out with her girlfriends. Sam was in her early thirties, blond, tall, very curvy and still really hot. She had clearly married my dad for his money, because he was twenty years her senior, not an attractive man at all and kind of a dick. Luckily, for me I got my looks and personality from my mom’s side of the family.

“I know it seems dirty, but it will feel really good to you, when you put it in my mouth.” Sam, still on her hands and knees hovering over me in the bed, was looking at and clearly referring to my cock.

The idea of her mouth on my dick didn’t sound dirty at all to me. I remained silent, not wanting to break whatever spell she was under.

“And I’ll like it too, you know, when it’s all warm and wet in my mouth. Let me show you.” She wrapped one of her small soft hands around my very stiff cock and began to guide it towards her mouth. “It is scary to think about doing such a thing to you step-mother isn’t it?” Her smile was so naughty, and made even naughtier still with my cock so close to her mouth. “Even though you have had thoughts about me at night when you touch yourself. Haven’t you?” She smiled again as she started to gently stroke my engorged cock. Finally, she leaned over and kissed the head of it. I felt it jump in her hand.

I couldn’t believe that my step-mom’s lips were on my prick and they were so soft and warm too. She parted her lips and began to take my cock into her mouth. It felt good, even better than I had imagined it would. She was so right it was hot and wet and her tongue was doing interesting things to the tip of it. She started to take more and more of my cock into her mouth, burying her face in my lap. Wrapping her hands around my waist, she began pulling me deeper into her hot mouth.

Instinctually, I reached down, placed my hands on her head and started pumping. I was fucking her mouth and the back of her throat. God it felt so amazing. But then she stopped me and told me not to go too quickly.

“I have more things to show you, other things that you will also like. There is oh so much more that we can do with that beautiful cock of yours.” She gave it a final kiss and slid off the bed.

I was still feeling stunned by what had just happened and then suddenly fearful she might leave me like that. My fears were quickly soothed by the sight of her unbuttoning her white blouse. She slowly undid each button, teasing me by not actually opening her shirt as she went. I was so excited about seeing my first pair of real tits that my cock jumped at the thought. She dropped her open blouse to the floor allowing me to take in the sight of her. She was wearing a black lacey bra in which the pale mounds of her breasts were tightly bound.

I loved how big her tits were. I hadn’t guessed that from seeing her dressed. They looked like they might burst out from the top of her bra. She slid one of the straps of her bra down over her shoulder and then the other. She reached behind her to unhook the back. Pulling her arms out of the straps she held the bra up to her not yet letting me see what she was hiding. She let the bra slip from her fingers, slowly releasing her breasts and gently letting them hang naturally. They were very large and full and her nipples were the palest of pinks.

She crawled back onto the bed and told me to touch them. They were hanging over me, heavy and so soft. As I kneaded them her nipples grew hard and darker pink like two little cherry stones in my hands. Then she pressed my cock between them. It felt good there too, all surrounded by warm softness.

She explained to me that I could also fuck a girl’s tits. As if I didn’t know that, but in silence I played along.

“You want to suck my nipples, don’t you?” She held them out, offering them to me.

She moaned when I took one in my mouth. I liked the noises she made and I liked that my touch could affect her so.

“I have something else I want to show you.” She lay back on the bed and lifted her skirt, exposing her shaved pussy. She had no panties on.

It seemed so naughty to think of my step-mother at work all day not wearing panties. She started touching her pussy while I watched. She spread her lips for me. She showed me her clit and demonstrated how to rub it with her finger tips.

“You want to touch it?” She opened her legs to me.

And that is how I found myself on the bed, between the legs of my step-mother, staring into her wet pink pussy.

“Go ahead and touch it.” She leaned back on her elbows and let her legs open wider to me. “I promise, it will be wet and soft, and you’ll like it.”

I froze for a moment. I was mesmerized by her cut-peach of a cunt, but I also found myself wondering if my Dad could possibly come home and catch us. I also thought about how wrong it all was.

“Please, I want you to rub my clit. Rub it a little, gently, and then push your fingers inside. Put your fingers in my pussy. I want you to see how wet and warm it is in there, like my mouth but even better.” She let her head fall back onto the bed.

I couldn’t possibly say no to her. I certainly didn’t want to. I reached out and touched it, rubbing her hard little clit and then I let my fingers slip into the velvety wetness inside. I liked the way it made her moan as I slid my fingers in and out of her and I couldn’t help but think about how good all that slick heat would feel wrapped around my cock. She kept moaning as I thrust my fingers into her. I rubbed her clit some more with my thumb. I especially liked the little sounds she made when I did that to her.

“You want to put it in my pussy?” She nodded at my rock hard cock bobbing between my legs.

Fuck yes I want to put it in your pussy, I thought, but I was also afraid.

Knowing that that would really be fucking, that once I did that I would be FUCKING my step-mother, my father’s wife, and I knew that couldn’t possibly be a good idea.

But how could I help myself? She was so fucking hot. She was all laid out in front of me and asking me to please put my cock inside of her.

I could tell that not only was she asking for it, but also that she really wanted it, that she really needed it. And so did I. When is an opportunity like this going to happen again anytime soon, I thought? Especially if I were to tell her no.

Not waiting for my reply, she slid her skirt off, and spread her legs wide for me. “Please be gentle, because you are so very large. I think yours is the largest I’ve ever seen, actually.” Staring at my cock, she licked her lips.

I hadn’t mentioned this before, because I didn’t want to sound like I was bragging, but I do have a really big cock.

“What a shame you haven’t shared this big thing with anyone before. Kind of unfair to keep it all to yourself, don’t you think?” She gave me a come hither look.

I climbed between her legs and let her guide me with her hand to the entrance. I pushed my way inside of her slowly, like she asked. I was surprised how tight she was. It made me think that my Dad must not fuck her much and then I had to put that idea out of my head. The noises she was making started to worry me. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I certainly didn’t want to stop. It felt so good inside her hot wetness. All I could think about was getting deeper and deeper into her and without realizing it I started to thrust in more quickly. She let out a cry.

“Please be gentle with me, you must go slowly at first and then I promise, you can fuck me harder once you are all the way inside of me.” She pulled at her thighs trying to open herself more to me.

Finally I had buried myself as far as I could, with some cock to spare, but I could feel the end of her cunt pressing against the head of my cock. I started moving in and out of her, and by her moans I could tell she was clearly loving it.

I started fucking her harder, and even though I was pretty sure I was hurting her, she kept screaming, “Oh yes, oh god yes. Please! Keep fucking me baby,


Her pussy started to bear down on my cock, squeezing me as if it was trying to push me out. And then her body went all taught and shaky and she let out a very loud scream, which I hoped the neighbors couldn’t hear. Then there was a rush of warmth and wetness inside of her and all around my dick, as she began to relax beneath me.

She grabbed me by the ass, and started to pull me deeper into her, as if that were possible, and as it turned out it was. She seemed to be opening more to me and the added slickness helped as well. The grip of her pussy had become tighter, but it also seemed deeper. I was able to ram even more of my cock into her.

With a firm grip on my ass, she began bucking her hips upwards and was almost fucking me from below. Then I start to feel a familiar feeling that I knew well from all my nights alone in bed, but this was a much more powerful sensation.

“I want to feel you come inside of me. Please fill me up, baby,” she begged.

Very soon I couldn’t help but oblige her. With my cock growing harder and bigger, I drove deeper and faster into her, making her scream even louder than before. I felt her pussy tighten around me again. I realized she was cuming again. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I let loose into her, pumping every last bit of my hot load inside of her.


Dad came back into town the next day and everything between Sam and I seemed back to normal. It made sense of course, because Sam and I were both at the mercy of Dad’s money. I needed him to keep paying my private school tuition and even though she had a job, there was no way Sam could possibly earn enough to live like Dad could afford. We both had it pretty good and we knew it, even if Dad was kind of a dick. Of course I couldn’t stop hoping that Sam would catch me again. I looked forward to Dad’s upcoming trip, to see what might happen next if anything.

I knew Sam was thinking about me, because I would often come home to find a new pair of jeans, a button down shirt and even one day a leather jacket laid out on my bed. Within a month or two I had a whole new wardrobe. I liked looking at my new self in the mirror. Even though we pretty much acted the same, each morning I looked forward to waking up and seeing her. I loved watching her come into the kitchen to drink her morning coffee just wearing her nightie or freshly showered in a terrycloth robe.

Oddly enough the girls in my classes started to pay more attention to me and I didn’t feel nearly as nervous when they would flirt with me. Girls had always told me I was cute, but I had never known what to do about it, but after Sam I had an idea. She had ignited something in me and I wanted more. Sadly, my hand would never again be enough. I knew that Sam and I had to be careful and maybe it would never happen again with her, but I figured I could certainly share my newly acquired knowledge with some of the girls from school.

I invited Sally from my Sociology class to coffee first. She had always been real chatty in class and would often walk with me down the hall. So after class I asked if she wanted to get coffee and after coffee I invited her back to my house. I knew Dad and Sam would still be at work. Sally was really impressed by how big my house was. It had never occurred to me that my Dad’s money might be an aphrodisiac. I lifted a bottle of rosé from the wine cellar and we went into my room.

I had no idea how easy it could be. After a couple of glasses of wine, I had Sally on her back, top off, tits out, skirt hiked up to her waist and legs spread wide. I did feel like I had to do all the work, but it was pleasurable work. She complained a little about how big my dick was and that it hurt when I put it in her, but she didn’t stop me. Sally was skinnier than Sam and her bony hips banged painfully against mine as I fucked her, but I came anyway. Though I admit I was thinking of Sam when I did.

As Sally and I got dressed, I heard the chime of the door alarm and I knew someone had just come home. Sam was standing in the kitchen going through the mail when Sally and I walked through.

“Oh hey Sam. This is Sally. She’s in my Sociology class. We, uh, are working on a class project together.” I knew I didn’t have to make excuses, I mean for fuck sake she was married to my Dad. Why was I worried about her knowing I had some girl in my room? “Sally, this is my mom, Sam.” I don’t know why I called her mom, instead of step-mom, but I did.

“Hello Sally, it is lovely to meet you. You can call me Sam.” Her voice was syrupy sweet. “I hope your project is going well. I am sure Brandon will prove to be a great partner.” She went back to sorting the mail.


That night I was awakened by the sound of my bedroom door shutting softly. In the flickering light of the muted TV, I saw Sam in an almost transparent slip making her way over to my bed. Lying on my back, I pretended to still be asleep, wondering what she might be up to.

Standing at the foot of the bed, she gently lifted the sheet and climbed in. She slithered up my legs and then her wet tongue was licking my quickly hardening cock. Soon she slid the whole thing between her lips, letting it grow to its full size in her hot mouth. With her hand around the base stroking up and her mouth sliding down she milked me. I came so quickly, it seemed almost unfair. With my cock way in the back of her throat, she swallowed every drop and then she slipped out from under the cover and floated out the door. It felt like a dream, but I knew I was awake.

A few days later she came home from work early again. I was alone in my room, when I heard the door chime. I waited a few moments and then went out into the house. I knew my Dad would be home soon, so I had to move quickly.

I heard some rustling in the laundry room and when I peeked around the corner, I saw her there. Her back was to me and she was loading things from the washer into the dryer. I felt myself growing as I watched her lean into the washer to grab the wet towels and sheets and then bend over to shove them into the dryer.

I carefully unbuttoned my jeans, pulled my throbbing cock out and began stroking it as I watched her. She was still dressed for work. I suspected she didn’t have any panties under her short business skirt. After she started the dryer, she began to load the washer with clothes. When she pulled one of my dirty dress shirts out of the hamper, she held it against her cheek and then pressed it to her nose slowly breathing it in. That’s when I realized she knew I was there.

“Are you just going to stand there?” She didn’t turn around to look at me, but instead kept loading the washer.

With my long legs, I quickly covered the four steps it took me to get to her. I pushed her up against the dryer, more roughly than I had meant to. She pulled her skirt up for me. I was right, no panties at all and she was already dripping. I realized that it had been her plan all along, but that was okay with me. With her bent over the dryer, I shoved my cock into her slick slit. She let out a shriek and then a low moan. I put my hand on the back of her neck, forcing myself deeper as I thrust up into her warm wetness.

I wanted to make it last, but then I heard the garage door opening. Sam didn’t seem to notice, but I knew it was Dad. I also knew his routine. Since it was Wednesday, he would head out to the front yard to check the mail, get the empty recycle and trash bins, and then pull them back to the house.

I bent over Sam increasing my pace as I heard one bin rolling towards the house. I put my hand over her mouth, knowing that by the time I finished Dad might be very close to the door, the door that opened from the garage into the laundry room, where I was currently fucking his wife. I felt her pussy tighten its grip on me and her mouth opened in a muffled groan under my hand. It pushed me over the edge knowing she was cumming all over my dick. I exploded deep inside of her, soaking her womb with my seed just as I heard the second bin rolling towards the house.

As I pulled my pants up, I bent down and whispered in Sam’s ear. “Dad’s in the garage.”

Suddenly alert, she pushed herself off the top of the dryer and pulled down her skirt. I slipped out the door and into the kitchen just as I heard the garage door closing and then the chirp of the alarm as he entered the laundry room.

I opened the fridge and poured myself a glass of milk. I heard Dad say a couple of things to Sam and her respond. I pulled a pastry box out and put it on the counter. As I turned to get a knife, Dad came around the corner.

“Hey Brandon. What are you up to this evening?” With his back to me, he set the mail down on the counter and started flipping through it.

“Just getting myself a piece of Samantha’s pie.” I thought I was pretty clever as I opened the box and cut a slice of cold apple pie.

“Sam’s pie? Sam never cooks.” The fact that Sam didn’t really cook was one of Dad’s many complaints about her. He turned to see what I was talking about.

I flipped the lid up at him. Sam’s full name was scrawled across on the top of the box, where the baker had written it. Dad and I both laughed, but not at the same joke.

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