step mother

Ever since the split of my parents I had been alone, I had lived with my mother into my early 20′s whilst keeping in touch with my Dad to who I was very close to.

Growing up from the age of 12 with various step fathers had done nothing for my emotional health and had in fact made me hard and quite untrusting, several relationships had fallen apart either due to me being over protective or the trust just collapsing.

Deciding by the time I reached 20 that I was definitely bisexual if not gay I gave a straight hetro relationship one more try and it lasted 6 months before I was eager for sex with guys and Tgirls again as I had already experimented in the past.

Cruising through my life and feeling happy at long last I got a text from my Dad saying he was to re marry as he had met a beautiful woman he loved greatly and I must admit from meeting her she was something special.

Standing around 5 feet 5 tall with long blonde hair that was always perfectly kept and a slim figure with big full breasts and come to bed eyes Lorraine was indeed the kind of older woman most guys my age always fancied fucking, she was defiantly a Milf.

I could not believe though he was going to marry her, I knew full well that she had a major thing for younger guys as she had always flirted with me every time I went to visit. She obviously had my father wrapped around her finger but as long as he was happy that was all I cared about.

Organising to drop round and celebrate their news with them we all decided that it would be best to meet over the weekend when we all had time off, so as Saturday afternoon came around I made sure I had my best shirt and jeans on and smelled perfect as if I got my way I would be fucking her by the end of the night.

Getting to the front door Lorraine answered as she always did, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a attractive top with heels on she looked really good and as I walked in she went to kiss my cheek but as she got the scent of my aftershave she whispered to me I could eat you up right now playfully rubbing her hand across my groin.

Leading me into the lounge my Dad stood and went to extend his hand but instead I opted for the man hug as felt it was needed, Lorraine sat on the opposite sofa and as I looked where to sit my Dad said why not sit with your future step mother, now Lorraine was only in her mid 30′s and I was myself in my mid 20′s so she was game for me to hunt.

Each time my Dad left the room she would start to stroke my thigh whilst asking how I was, knowing my thick 8 inches was eager to be released.

Telling her I was going out for a cigarette she gave me a flash of her eyes that just screamed that she wanted to be fucked hard.

I so wanted to go back in and tear her panties off and fuck her but I knew if I laid more than a friendly hug or kiss on her my father would kill me, there would be a day and both myself and my soon to be step mother knew we would have sex together.

Spending the day together with them I told them all about how well my job is going now and how I am to go off and train to start running my own part of the installs company I work for, instantly Lorraine said they needed some wiring fixing upstairs funnily enough in their bedroom so I offered to go and look for them.

Stupidly my father said Lorraine will show you it, its my fault from trying to do jobs myself son.

Heading up the stairs I was aware of her intentions and as we walked into the room she said it’s the plugs over there by the bed, getting to my knees to look at the work needed I quickly worked out what would be required and made a list on my mobile so I could get it done when I had a few free hours.

As I turned to get up though Lorraine was on the edge of the bed with her top off playing with her full breasts, looking at me she said come on I know you want to fuck me and I want a big young cock in my pussy so lets arrange something.

I could not deny she was stunning and I did want to tear her panties off right then and there and fuck her full of my cum but with my Dad downstairs it wasn’t going to happen, Lorraine was keener than ever though and as I walked over she grabbed my belt undoing it then unzipped my flies letting my thick 8 inches spring out at her.

Taking my bell end and starting to suck me off I knew I should not be doing this but her hot little mouth felt so good around my stiff member, feeling so turned on at what we were doing it took no time at all for Lorraine to make me cum and as I deposited my spunk into her mouth she swallowed it all greedily before saying next time you get to fuck me.

Heading back downstairs I made an excuse to my old man that a mate needed me to go help him out and I had to leave, as usual this was not a problem with my old man but I told him I will be round in the daytime one day this week to sort those plugs for you and with that we shook hands and I left before my slut step mother came back down, I guessed she was probably getting herself off upstairs somewhere.

Heading off to meet the lads down at my local we soon had a few pints in us and I told them all about my step mother blowing me off, they all seemed to think it was fucking horny and we all agreed I should go back and fuck her when my old man is not there of course.

Later on that evening I got a text message from an unknown number, it seemed the slut Lorraine had got my number from my Dad to supposedly organise for me to do the work on the electrics they needed. Instead she had sent me a picture of her sat with her legs spread and her fingers in her cunt with a note saying after you left today.

I could not exactly reply to it even though I wanted to so I simply sent a text saying thanks I will be round Wednesday morning to sort the plugs and fill the hole for you.

Not expecting a reply so soon I got a text straight back saying it will be wet and waiting for you…xx

Now I had to be honest I did fancy Lorraine otherwise I would not of let her suck me off so once I had a few beers in me I headed home and promptly looked up the picture she had sent me and wanked until a blew another huge load all over my fist, not in total control of my actions I decided to send another text with a picture of my cock dripping spunk all over the place to Lorraine just adding you will be more than wet.

Heading around to the house on the Wednesday morning I did not know what would confront me but as I pressed the door bell the door swung open, as I stepped in Lorraine slammed the door and turned the security bolt on it.

Telling her to chill out a bit I said first I have to fix that plug upstairs, blanking her I wandered off to get the job done but had some trouble in concentrating as I looked over she was sat on the bed in 5 inch heels with all her wedding lingerie in pure white on with no panties giving me the first look at her shaven snatch.

No longer able to concentrate on the job I was doing I soon found myself stripping off for her and climbing on to the bed, Lorraine pushed herself against the headboard still with her legs fully spread. Kissing her lips and working down to her big breasts and sucking at her nipples I finger fucked her with 2 then 3 fingers making her moan in pleasure as she came all over my fingers inserted deep in her tasty little pussy.

Dragging her down the bed I soon found myself lapping at her sopping cunt, tugging at her lips as I probed her clitty with my tongue working all the way up and down her tight little pink pussy and down to her even tighter bum hole.

By now my cock was fully hard and ready to fuck but first I wanted this little slut to suck on me, rolling onto my back and laying back against the pillows Lorraine knew exactly what to do and as she peeled back my foreskin she wasted no time in wrapping her tongue around my bell end just as she had days before, encouraging her to deep throat my cock she took all of its thick 8 inches deep into her throat as I pounded at her lips.

Breaking away and drooling my pre cum she said now I want that cock in me, you ready to fuck me?

Of course I was and as I pushed her onto her back she wrapped her stocking clad thighs around me with the point of her 5 inch heels digging into the back of my thighs and bum as I slid all of my thick cock up her sopping cunt, starting slowly driving deep inside she insisted that I up the speed and fuck her hard so as she begged for it harder I began to fuck her with all I had slapping my full balls against her wet twat with each thrust inside her.

It didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm and as I slowed the pace she showed her appreciation by squirting her pent up cum all over my cock and balls which is something I love, telling her I wasn’t finished with her yet she simply replied good I want you to cum in me!

God knows what my old man would think if his mrs suddenly became pregnant and it was his sons kid but I was up for anything, I had been gagging to fuck her ever since I first met her so now I was going to enjoy it.

Getting her to get on her hands and knees I stood beside the bed and slid my thick cock back up her right to my balls and began fucking her as hard as I could making her big tits bounce in the cups of her lace basque, knowing I could fuck her all day long I had to make sure I could finish in her so as I fucked her pussy I started to massage her cum into her tight little arsehole and with little encouragement she swallowed a couple of fingers into her butt.

Still banging her cunt I told her you are going get your butt fucked too for being such a horny slut and she simply said I fucking love cock, anytime, anywhere and any hole so do your worst and with that I pulled my cock from her sopping little cunt and slammed it into her tight arsehole.

At first she panted like a worn out dog but soon as I got her arse responding to my thick cock up it I had her begging me to fuck the arse off of her, I knew I could not last long in her tight arsehole but as she pushed back taking all of my cock up her I let go and filled her bum with my hot load.

Pulling out of her arse she demanded I slam my rapidly softening cock back in her cunt and carry on fucking her so as she asked I slid back into her dripping pussy and as my cock felt the hot wet pussy juices around it I was rock hard again.

No longer could I stand and fuck her, my legs had gone to jelly as I shot my bolt into her so as I tired she ordered I get onto the bed and relax. Laying back there was no time for relaxation though as Lorraine soon had her pussy wrapped around my stiff member again and as she bounced on my cock she told me how she loves young hung men fucking her.

Lifting my legs slightly I grabbed hold of her nipples and slowly sucked each one erect again making her purr with pleasure as she took all of my cock in her pussy at the same time, no longer able to hold on I grabbed her waist and sunk my tongue into her hot mouth and my cock just erupted inside her filling her with two massive hot loads of spunk but as I did she responded and came hard for me soaking me in my own spunk and her cum.

Rolling off of me she laid by my side and said I should be marrying you, you are one hot fuck and I am sure you want to fuck me again soon don’t you?

How could I resist, an older woman that spurts and loves in up the bum to. Its fair to say I would be back for another hot spunky session soon.

Getting showered and finishing up the work I headed downstairs just as my Dads car pulled into the driveway, there I was with Lorraine knowing I had just filled her with my spunk as she stood looking so innocent.

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