I guess it must have been around 10a.m., the sun had been up for a long time, though I couldn’t be sure without being able to see the alarm clock. I was absolutely miserable. I had barely slept at all during the night, a combination of a sore arse, uncomfortable dildo shoved deep inside (although my arsehole itself no longer hurt), gagged and being tied spread-eagled on my bed. Oh yes, and at some point I’d lost control and had to take a piss. I was therefore lying in a large set of wet sheets. At some point in the night I’d also realised that I was hungry, having only eaten a sandwich at lunchtime.

I could hear Megan moving around, first taking a shower, and then going downstairs. The smell of cooking bacon and eggs soon drifted upstairs, causing my stomach to rumble. Now Megan didn’t normally eat a cooked breakfast, too interested in maintaining her perfect body, so I figured this was another little torture. By this point I had given up any hope of mercy from Megan, and was resigned to being her slave. I heard the doorbell ring, and then muffled voices.

A few minutes later Megan entered the room.

“Did you have a good night? Having second thoughts? Or have you come to realise that I own your arse? Oh, you cannot answer with that gag in your mouth. Well, in a minute I’m going to take the gag out, and then its going to get filled with something else. But first let me explain.” giggled Megan.

Megan spanked my arse, and new waves of pain rippled out, causing me to leap upwards on the bed. “I see that’s still tender…….good to know that the bruising hasn’t reduced the sensitivity” she gloated. The next thing I knew, Megan had pulled the dildo out of my arse, and then pushed it back down. I thought I’d gotten used to that invader, but apparently Megan had done sufficient damage that it still stung like a bastard. She kept up a slow fucking motion with the dildo.

“You see fuckface, that’s your new name by the way. I promised Rory a blowjob for his help in capturing you. Now, I’m not the sort of girl who goes around giving blow-jobs, and certainly not to pimple faced geeks like Rory. However, I don’t need to, as I’ve got my own slave. When I looked up slave, it said a person with no choices in life, obligated to perform tasks at their masters bidding.

“So that’s you fuckface. I’m going to take you downstairs shortly, and you are going to give Rory a blowjob. What’s more, you are going to swallow. Any questions? No. Good.” All delivered in a matter of fact tone from Megan.

Megan released my wrists, only to re-position them behind my back, handcuffing them in place. Even if I had wanted to fight her, my arms were so stiff and weak from being tied up overnight that she would have easily overpowered me. My ankles were then released and I was helped into a sitting position on the bed.

“You disgusting fucker. I wondered what that smell was! You pissed yourself. Well, its your bed, and you are going to have to sleep in it.” Megan snapped at me.

“when we get downstairs I am going to take the gag out from your mouth. I want you to immediately get to work on Rory. Understand?” I nodded my head in the affirmative.

When we walked into the living room, I could see Rory sat on the couch, butt naked except for a eye shade blindfolding him. Megan then approached Rory and whispering in his ear, wrapped a scarf around his head, covering his head from forehead to mouth. He certainly wouldn’t be able to see what was happening.

Megan purred, “Now Rory, isn’t this kinky! Thanks so much for helping me with my fantasy. I’m going to suck your cock dry you gorgeous man!” At which point Rory’s cock twitched into life, growing rapidly to its full size. Whilst not too long, it did appear to be quite thick. I was soon to get a much closer look, as Megan forced me to my knees between Rory’s legs. Pulling the gag out she whispered, “Make it good!”

I had only received a couple of blow jobs in my life, I’d just never seemed to get involved with women who liked them. So, I was going to have to base this on the porn movies I’d seen.

I started by licking the bell end of his cock, which caused him to twitch, and pre-cum to start oozing out. Avoiding that for now, I licked up and down the shaft of his cock, including licking his balls. I was hoping to excite him enough that the actual BJ itself would be quick. Rory quickly changed that though, commanding me, “Stop licking my cock, and get your mouth around it. I want to feel you sucking me babe!”

I knew that I had better comply, so moved my mouth over the end of his cock, getting the pre-cum on my tongue. The salty, slimy taste made me want to vomit. But I knew I had better control that reflex. I started a steady sucking and slowly lowered my head down his cock. Feeling the ridges of his cock sliding over my tongue, his head knocked the back of my throat, setting off my gag reflex. As I tried to pull away, the bastard actually held my head in place. Then started humping his cock in and out of my mouth. I had tears running down my face, and my gagging was in rhythm to his thrusts.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to dump my cum down your throat. I want you to swallow all my cum honey,” moaned Rory. Shortly after I felt his cock swell and knew that any second I was going to be getting my first taste of cum. Then splat, the first spurt hit the back of my throat. He actually pulled out a bit, so the next spurt was all over my tongue. Ugh, it was horrible. Not that I got much time to think about it, as spurt after spurt landed in my mouth. With my head held in place, I couldn’t have spit it out, even if I thought I could get away with it. Instead, I had to swallow. One of the hardest things I’d ever done.

“Excellent boys, thank you so much,” gloated Megan. Even Rory must have known that something was wrong, as I still had his cock in my mouth!

“I have been recording this whole moment for posterity. Here let me show you.” Megan pulled me around to face the T.V. and by that time Rory had pulled the scarf off his head and was gaping at me. “Pay attention to the T.V. screen boys,” Megan instructed. We sat and watched the short performance of me giving Rory a blow job, ending with his voice saying, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to dump my cum down your throat.” It was clever, as you never saw Rory’s face, and you couldn’t see that I was handcuffed.

Rory snapped at Megan, “why have you done this? I helped you didn’t I?”

“Yes, you helped me, and I kept my promise. This is a little insurance to ensure you don’t tell anyone about it. I really don’t want my fun with fuckface here getting spoiled. Besides, from the sounds of things, you enjoyed that Blow job!

So, I’m going to offer you an hour with fuckface here once a month, to use for your sexual gratification. Nobody will know, and I won’t video any further visits. How does that sound?” Megan sounded like she was haggling over the price of a cup of coffee!

“I thought I was going to see you naked.” He whined. “I don’t mind who sucks my cock, but I want some photos of you with your kit off.” He haggled.

I wanted to protest, I wasn’t here to be haggled away, but then realised, my opinion wouldn’t matter, and I’d likely get punished if I spoke up.

Megan countered with “I’m not giving you photos, but I’ll strip for you, the first time you fuck him in his arse.”

Rory’s response was, “Get the Vaseline, then start getting your kit off!” Megan grinned evilly as she reinserted the ball-gag in my mouth, “my pleasure!” Rory grinned as his cock twitched into life again. How can someone get another erection so quickly I thought?

I was pulled by Rory and Megan over to the end of the couch and then bent over. My face in the cushions, with my arms tied behind my back I couldn’t get myself into a comfortable position.

“No need for a condom Rory, he’s clean. Besides, he’s already tasted your cum, so why not fill his arse with your seed?” I felt Rory’s cock at the entrance to my arse, he held it there, poised. I felt a piece of cloth land on my head, then another. I couldn’t see a thing, but I guessed that Megan was stripping off her clothes. I then felt her weight on the sofa in front of me.

“Go on, fuck him good. Use him. Give it to him good and hard!” Megan demanded of Rory. At that Rory slammed forward. I screamed into my gag, he was a lot wider than the dildo, and my arse was already in a poor state. He obviously had no experience with women, as he started a vigorous humping. I heard Megan moan, “Seeing you fuck him makes me so horny. Can you see my slit? I’m going to toss myself off whilst you get your rocks off.”

Rory was really sawing in and out of me. Slapping into my arse, I cold feel his hairy balls banging against my butt cheeks. This kid was just humping away, and taking far longer than he had for the blow job. I wasn’t sure if I should be grateful about that or not. Megan pulled the clothes off my face and pulled herself down, so that my nose and mouth (well ball-gag) were pressed against her engorged and wet pussy. Even if I couldn’t have seen the juices dripping down, I could smell how aroused she was.

She proceeded to hump away against my face, liberally coating my nose and the gag in her juices. She had handfuls of my hair, and was using it to roughly pull herself up and down, and occasionally move my face side to side.

The gag obviously had holes to breath through, as I was soon tasting her juices. The smell and taste of her pussy was actually making me horny! I couldn’t believe this. What sort of pervert am I? I’m being fucked in the arse, and my step-daughter is humping my face, and I’ve got a boner!

As Rory continued to hump me for all he was worth, I heard Megan cry out, and whilst that would have told me she had come, the dose of her juices which squirted into my mouth and up my nose was an even bigger indication. My cock was being rubbed back and for on the edge of the sofa, and I could feel my own orgasm building. I had never had much stamina, and I desperately tried to think of something to slow the impending orgasm. I did not want to cum like this, but it had been a long time since I last had a wank, and I could feel my heavy balls getting ready to spew their load.

Rory suddenly gasped loudly and with one final shove forward, collapsed on my back. I was thankful that I hadn’t cum, I was close, oh so close, but at least I hadn’t ejaculated whilst being fucked in the arse. My relief was to be short lived.

After Rory pulled out, Megan pulled my head up off the sofa saying, “Now be a good slave and clean Rory’s cock for him, before he puts it back in his pants.” I was confused as I clearly couldn’t clean his cock whilst me hands were tied behind my back.

As Megan turned me around, and started to force me to my knees I realised what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to lick him clean. I was going to protest but she laughed out, “Look Rory! Fuckface enjoyed that! Look at his cock, and he’s oozing pre-cum.” As she removed the ball-gag, I sank my face into Rory’s crotch, simply to avoid looking into Megan’s gloating face. A hand roughly pressing on my jaw to open my mouth quickly reminded me of my next task. As I sank ever further into my subservience to Megan, I took Rory’s rancid cock into my mouth, tasting the detritus of my arse, Vaseline and Rory’s spunk. It’s a taste I was to grow used to, but one I would never learn to enjoy.

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