An author named Nici wrote a story called “Something We Have to Talk About” in which a really dumb fuck of a wife tried to get her husband to agree to her not just fucking but being in lover with another man.

Now Nici was an expert in creating a self indulgent piece of fucking shit as a wife, who was another man’s whore, or acted like it.

In the end the lover leaves her for the alleged reason that he does not want to be the cause of trouble in their marriage. By this time he has been fucking her for years and it is hardly the real reason, he probably has some new whore wife. Nici is a female version of JPB but she does not write anymore, probably could not handle getting trashed, but then again she wrote trash.

Nici later she tried to clean it up with some crap but the wife was just a cheating whore and the cleanup never worked worth a fuck. She attempted to fix the whore and make her likeable in later stories and then even tried to blame the husband for working hard for his family and then blaming the husband for the ultimate divorce after the slut wife got tired of not getting any real love from her husband after she cucked him for a year before she told him about it. It was all crap.

Of course the children ended up all fucked up because the husband would not just let it go that the wife was not just fucking but in love with another man. In the original story they made it appear like he was a lawyer but later she makes him a Para-legal who is worth millions and just such a wonderful guy and everyone who knew him was just so fucking happy he had this woman and were shocked to find she was actually a married mother of three, but we don’t get any information about how this played out for the man she was fucking. Of course since law school takes three years then means she would have been cheating for four years instead of one year if she talked him into going to law school too, so I will just go with divorce attorney.

Then there is the fact that the “attorney” pays nothing for fucking up a marriage and only the kids and Jonathan are hurt, the cunt wife gets married again.

This story starts where the first one ended, so you might want to read it for yourself.

So forget about the fucking crap that came after the first story and concentrate on the first one and let me end it for you, once and for all, in my own loving and compassionate way.

This story does not have anyone named Franklin or Delano in it, just thought I would try something new this time.

Oh, this story has sex, interracial action, and payback, lots of fucking payback. So sit back, buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride, it is going to be a bumpy one.

Before the end there was the beginning of the end and this is it.

I woke the next morning and cried. My kids were not here and there was apparently nothing I could do. Did this fucking whore not know me at all? Did she actually think I would put up with this? I made the mistake of trusting her; I am not going to make the mistake of putting up with this shit.

And all that legal crap she tossed at me. All that garbage about making me poor and losing my kids. Even a cornered rat will fight a cougar if that is all that is left, and it was all that was left.

I may be a middle class guy working on machines but I was no idiot. I had to read lots of information on computers and all about diesels and had to constantly take classes in their changes, how computers operated them, and everything else that works in a modern diesel, especial fire engines. I might not have gone to college but I was no fool. Ok maybe I was a fool to let this bitch sit on her ass all these years and let me support her.

So if I am going to lose everything at least the kids could stay with the grandparents and I would have the pleasure of murdering that whore and her fuck buddy. Maybe I would get away with it, and maybe not, I did not care at that time. I did take some care to cover up but I was not going to go out of my way, at least not too far out of my way. What the fuck did I have to lose anyway that I would not lose in a divorce and become her fucking slave. I had a .45 from WW2 that I got from a fire I was at and never turned it in, it was clean. That and a good knife would make everything better.

I called my boss and took two weeks off and then I called my parents and told them I was going to be gone for a while and that my whore wife would pick the kids up later. Ok, I did not call her a whore wife, and I told my parents it was work related. I got into my old truck and drove about an hour to a local college and went in and used their computer. It was an old college and it had not gotten into all that sign in crap. I knew that from when I had to go there during a repair to go online and look for some information about a one shot rough and dirty repair I needed to do to get the thing working to help put down an ongoing forest fire so that we could later get it back to the shop for real repairs. My specialty was fire engines.

It was easy. I figured that accident that killed his wife in which he was driving the car was two years ago from what the whore told me. Fucking him for the last year and met the year before that, at least it gave me a starting point. I found a couple of accidents that fit the facts and names. I had enough for now. Then I went to a phone book for my city at another location and just found a lawyer with the same name as the woman who died. Now I knew who and when and now I had an address too. I would just drive to his home; the tax records on line provided that information, all from a different location. By now it was getting dark and I needed to be on my way.

I called home to see if the whore was there but no one answered so I listened to the messages remotely. The whore was going to spend a few more nights getting royally fucked by this wonderful man she loved and then would pick up the kids and go visit her sister for a few days and she hoped I would be out of my “snit” when she came back. Evidently my calling her a cheating whore and a slut did not sit well with her.

So I knew she would be getting fucked tonight and I would just kill them and be done with it. He was probably fucking someone else too so there would be a lot of others for the police to look at too. I just had to remember not to say anything. A man who will fuck another man’s wife for a year is fucking a lot more than just one and he needs to find death, slowly looking into the face of his mortality, and losing his life in pieces, until he prays for the end to come, I was to be the end for him and his slut.

My anger blinded me to life. He had stolen her from me, stolen my life and family, taken her love that was mine, taken her body from me, gave her sex that was more fulfilling, made her his whore and slut, while I paid her bills, fed her, worked overtime for her and our children, bought her clothes and put up with her daily shit and he was skimming cream from the top of the milk. My anger increased when I thought about all the times she told me “no” to sex but probably always told him yes.

She was right about a few things; I would probably not be able to find a lover so I would be stuck with her. I was not some handsome guy. I was not ugly but I was not some handsome lover boy type. I was a big man and a little big around the middle but I moved big weight all the time. You try working on a diesel truck and pull an engine and muscle the parts in and out. Take a look at the wheels on a fire truck and imagine the size of the brakes you have to move to change them. I was no wimp, but I was not a pretty boy. I was six feet tall and two hundred and twenty pounds and most of it was muscle. I had a six pack stomach which I hid under a not too thick layer of fat so as not to make others jealous. Evidently a large part of that muscle I had was also between my damn ears because I never saw this coming.

I was walking to the car after my last stop, and not thinking about anything but the pleasure of killing both of them and I never felt the hit. I must have been standing by the car when the blow came. Someone just walked right into me, shaking me from my revelry of blood.

“It won’t work you know.” Karen said. “The school has cameras all over the place and this truck can be seen by anyone with half a brain and be remembered and identified. It is a piece of garbage that looks like something Jed Clampett drove in the Beverly Hillbillies sitcom. That .45 you openly carried out of your house is either registered to you or taken from a place where you can be traced too. You will just end up in prison being someone’s bitch, someone even bigger and badder than you are, there are many that fit that bill.”

I found myself looking into the eyes of an almost equally tall black woman, a beautiful black woman. She was pressed up against me. She was so close that I could smell her sweet breath, feel the air from her mouth on mine as she spoke, and even felt her large black lips with red lipstick gently touching mine as she continued to talk to me in a husky measured pace.

“There is a better way. Jonathan, I can guarantee you a better way, one that will give you everything you really want. I can guarantee you will have your children, Cindy, Joey and Nancy as well as the house, and her and her lover gone forever.” Karen added.

“Is that all?” I asked, slightly amused at all of this. How the hell did she know my kids names and the rest of this. Aside from the fact that I was confused by all of this my body wanted to be a man, wanted to feel the pleasures of a woman. I had my manhood ripped from me the day before and I wanted to reclaim it, I needed to reclaim it. I was moving on primal instinct at this time. She did this to me, this black woman, she turned me on.

“No Jonathan, that is not all. I can also promise you fulfillment of a fantasy, if you have one, a special one. Jonathan, have you ever heard that the enemy of my enemy is my friend? You are my friend because we have the same enemy. I have been watching you Jonathan and your wife. I know all about you both. You are a hard working man with children who you love and who love you. You are a middle class worker but I bet you have a fantasy.” Karen said.

As she spoke her lips now touched mine, black lips with bright red lipstick, and a taste that reminded me of honey. The red reminded me of the inside of a woman’s pussy.

“I bet you want a woman, a black woman, to use. I bet you want to see these black lips sucking on your white cock, until you think you are going to die and as you cum she drinks it in and tells you that she wants that every day and offers you her body to use as you want.” Karen said as she finally kissed me.

I had been emotionally killed and she offered me life. Her kiss told me I was not useless, not ugly, not unattractive, and I was not unable to find a woman. Everything my wife said about me was wrong, I was desirable, I was wanted, for whatever reason, I was wanted and needed, and I needed that.

I pulled her to me and we held each other close as the kiss continued and then started up again. I had never tasted a woman who was so sweet.

“Admit it Jonathan, isn’t that your fantasy?” Karen asked.

“Well it wasn’t until a moment ago but I think I might actually be getting into it.” I said.

Karen gave a little girl pout and undid my zipper. “Right here, in the dark of a parking lot, dirty and nasty, where we might be seen and get caught, the first part of your fantasy will happen.”

She took my cock out and squatted down and began to suck it, wrapping her black red lips around it and making sure her tongue was at just the right angle. Soon I was moaning and my knees weakened and I had to rest against the car to stop from falling as a violent orgasm hit me. Karen drank all of it and sucked every last drop out.

She kept sucking until I was hard again and then she buttoned my pants, smiling at me. She patted the bulge in my pants and spoke to me again.

“I chose you from all the others and yes there are others. I chose you because you are the best of all of them. You did nothing wrong, nothing at all, except be a loving husband.” Karen said.

We kissed again. “Jonathan I have a story to tell you. It will not take too long, about the time it takes to reach your home from here, about an hour. Here is the deal. You drive me home and I tell you my story. When we get there you say ‘no’ and take me to my home which is not far from yours. You say yes, you take me up to your bedroom, to the bed you share with your cheating wife and I teach you how much you will love eating my black pussy and you fuck the shit out of me on your marital bed. And before you answer, here is a set of negative tests for STD’s. I have not been with anyone for more than a year.” Karen proposed.

We drove and she talked. It was not a pretty story and at times she cried, but I understood defeat and personal destruction, I understood her tears.

We drove right into the garage and I closed the door. I already heard the message my slut left me telling me that she was going to be gone and would be with her sister for a few days after that.

“I guess this is your answer.” Karen said but even her smile was sad. “So now we have a deal. I will do whatever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want. I will be your slut or your whore, I will fuck your friends, or you can sell me on the damn street, I don’t care as long as you help me I will do anything.”

“Karen, I know why you are saying that and I understand. You don’t have to do any of that, even with me. Come in, have some coffee, we can just get some sleep and talk about it in the morning. You don’t need to bribe me because I am on your side.” I told her.

We went into the house and she asked me to show her around so I did. The last room I showed her was the master bedroom.

“You know Jonathan I sort of have a little fantasy. It has to do with a white man. Do you think you can help me with it?” Karen asked.

She stripped off almost as fast as I did. I had never seen a black pussy before and a bald black pussy at that and I paid close attention and she took great pains to show and tell me how it worked. I was paying such close attention I think I might have accidentally touched it with my lips for not more than half an hour to an hour, but who is counting.

Then I explained how a piston worked and how the mechanism related to crank shafts and cylinders and as an example we both watched the pink piston disappear into her black pussy, I mean cylinder. We played that game most of the night. I could tell she had a good grasp of the concept but there were a few issues that continued demonstrations would make clear to her and me.

In the morning she said she was hungry and I told her I was too. I took great personal pride in explaining and showing her how to eat a chocolate éclair and once she understood how it worked she was looking for something more substantial so she settled on a protein drink from a pink tube.

“Jonathan, you have the hardest part, it will be very difficult. You can never contact me and have to let me be the one to make contact and all of the moves.” Then she stroked my face and we kissed. “I will do as much as I can to support you, but it will depend on the timing as much as anything else.

We fucked the morning away and then I told her that I had to stop as much as I wanted to continue. I wanted to go and pick up my kids, they were my first priority and I could not let anything, including sex get in the way. I told her about the message and even played it for her. She just shook her head when she heard it.

I told her I was going to the zoo with the kids and soon I was on my way to get them. I went a little out of the way to take her home. She must have been pretty confident about my choice because someone moved the car of hers into her driveway during the night; it was not where we first met, which was an hour drive away.

I got the kids and told the parents that I was working some strange hours and days and that I was going to take them to the zoo and bring them home and then I was off to work again. They thought I was being a good father. They would tell Susan, the whore that I picked them up and returned them in good shape. That would be a start.

The kids were happy to see him and they got hamburgers at the zoo and went into the petting zoo too. Three small children are a tough bunch but like small creatures they did not venture far from the security of their father. For a time he forgot his pain and was happy, very happy, but then it all came rushing back to him. There she was, smiling at him and walking up to him and his children.

“Jonathan, it is so good to see you again, it has been too many years. When was the last time you came to the office to get a purchase order? These must be those wonderful children you are always talking about.” Karen said as she bent down to see them.

“My name is Karen and I know your father. He is a very nice man and you must be having a great time here at the zoo. I am here with my nieces, Amanda and little Kathy. Amanda, come here and meet a friend of mine and his children.” Karen said as she had Kathy in one of those pink looking bug strollers you get at a zoo. “Kathy is only a little less than one year old and Amanda is the same age as Joey.”

Oups, how would she be able to explain that one, that she knew the ages of my kids? She did not bother as she just acted like it was an every day event.

Jonathan thought this was about the slickest thing he could ever imagine. This was perfect. Karen recognized his need for his children and worked herself right into it without disturbing anything.

Karen and Jonathan made the introductions to the children and apparently the fact that Amanda, Kathy and Karen were black did not enter into it. They spent the day as a pseudo family, even having dinner at a local pizza place. At the end of the day Jonathan took his children back and told them he had to go back to work on some moonlighting projects that paid good money. He knew that the children would talk about the black girl, the baby, and her aunt and that it would make no impression on the parents or Susan at all.

Jonathan returned home and as he pulled into the garage he noticed another car drive down the street and pull into his garage with him. He hit the button and the garage closed, leaving them their privacy.

We were undressed before we got into the house. I fucked Karen on every piece of furniture that would hold our weight. I sat Karen down on the table at the spot where Susan usually sat and ate her pussy there so it dripped onto the table then fucked her on the same spot so that every time Susan sat there it would be over when Karen dripped her pussy juice and my cum.

Karen was specific about things I needed to do and how to do them but she was loving about it. There is just something special when a woman tells you what she wants and needs and when you do it she goes crazy and screams in pleasure, pounds your chest with her fists and can’t keep her mouth off of you.

I was bit, scratched, beaten, you name it and she did it during our mutual sexual adventures. Did I care if the wife saw, not even! She was never going to see anything; she was never going to have sex with me again. That was part of the deal with Karen; she did not share, ever!

When she said she would do what ever I wanted she was not kidding and when I could not think of things to do she helped me out with a few of her own.

Eventually Susan came home and we had our little talk. I had practiced it with Karen over and over and yes it was going to be difficult, even thought I knew of the circumstances and results.

“Jonathan, I just don’t see why you can’t be with me on this. I love him and I want to be with him and I want to be with you too. If you really loved me you would see this and agree,” Susan said, sanity completely leaving her.

“Susan there is nothing I can do to stop you. You told me that your lover, a divorce lawyer, and I surmise a good one, by that little practiced speech you gave me about leaving me destitute and that it was not an idle threat. So here is the way it will be. You are now his wife, not mine. I am not your lover or your soul mate. We will share this house and you will be respectful around me and the children. The children are my first and only concern. You will NEVER let him meet the children. I don’t care if you fuck him in our marriage bed but you will give me notice so that the children and I can be away. If you violate these rules I will kill you both, very slowly. I know that you say he is a lawyer but that does not make him or you bullet proof. A court order is only a piece of paper and it does not make you bullet proof. If you put me in jail I will eventually get out and hunt you down and kill you both. The longer I am in jail, the longer I have to chase you down, the longer it will take you to die.” I told her.

Susan screamed and ran out of the house, leaving the children behind to save her own stinking life; so much for the concept of a mother dying to protect her children from danger.

It was an hour later when I got a call from a strange number and I answered it. It was lover boy.

He was making noise like he was a man; demanding answers, making threats.

“I don’t know you; you are a noise on the end of a phone line. I have never threatened anyone, especially my wife. Now you have been fucking her for a year and I have never said anything to her or you, so unless you have some evidence get the fuck off my phone you cheating piece of garbage. Stay away from me and my kids none of us are fucking you. You have what used to be my wife, fuck her and stay out of my life.” I told him.

“It does not have to be this way.” He said.

“No it doesn’t. But you made it this way when you took my woman, so now she is yours.” I told him.

It was three days until she came back. She was surprised to see Karen there with the children when she did come back.

“Jonathan, who is this black woman and those black kids” Susan asked me.

I took Susan into the other room so Karen and the children could not hear.

“When you decided to become another man’s wife I had to have someone pick up the kids and watch them when you were away being his whore. Karen worked for a company that I did some repairs for and she is was available because she had been laid off so I hired her. The kids met her when we went to the zoo that first time you went off to fuck your lover and build memories for your old age and she was there with her little niece and the baby so they met her then and they know her now, and they like her and the kids. She will bring her nieces with her at times. She does not cost much and lives with her mother so she does not have a big expense.”

“But Jonathan, I am your wife. Why can’t you let me have this memory? This takes nothing away from you. I am sorry I was so harsh with you. I know I should not have told you how great a lover he is but you forced me. I know I should not have threatened you with poverty but I have to protect my children. Why can’t you put this behind us? It will not last long and I am not leaving you for him.” Susan said.

“Susan you leave me for him all the time. You spend the night at his house. You go away with him and lied to me for a year pretending everything was fine between us. Susan it is not fine between us, you have chosen him over me ever day for a year. Every time you thought about him when you were here with your family you put him over me and our children. I am just giving you the space to do it.” Jonathan said.

“But Jonathan, we have not been intimate since I told you and it has been over a month now. I miss your loving me and holding me. That does not have to stop.” Susan said.

“Susan I cannot help you cheat on your lover, I am not that kind of person. As for making love, well you get enough of that from him so just think of it as more memories. You don’t need me for that, I only support you, give you a home, work hard and pay the bills. If you want great love making you need to go to your lover. Anyway I can’t take the chance that you might have caught something from him and if both of us get sick from it what will happen to the children? No Susan, you made your choice. You even threatened me with pecuniary disaster if I did not agree. I can’t let myself love you anymore, at least not until this thing with your lover is over.” Jonathan said.

Of course Susan got bitchy but Jonathan reminded her that she was not important, only the children were. He also reminded her that he did not want this thing of hers to effect them in any way and that included her getting angry because she could not have two men at once.

“Susan, when you are with your lover, Karen will be here helping. When you are here she will not help. The children come first.” Jonathan said again.

Susan became agitated again. She went to the phone in a huff.

“Yes it is me. He is being an ass again. I will come over and spend the rest of the week with you. No, I don’t think I will bring any clothes this time, we will not be going out and you keep taking them off of me so why bring any.” Susan said as she looked at her husband with contempt.

“If you won’t make love to me I will have to look elsewhere.” Susan said to Jonathan.

Jonathan shook his head and walked into the other room but he turned and said:

“That is hardly a viable threat because you have been doing that for more than a year and I was making love to you then, I just did not understand that all I was getting was fucked.”

“Kids, say good-bye to your mother and please don’t be too hard on Karen, you will have her here for the next four days, so be easy on her.” Jonathan said.

Susan heard the kids yell “Yea” and they hardly paid their mother any attention as she walked out the door. After all Susan had spent so much time with her lover, if not physically but emotionally and mentally, her children were just an inconvenience for her as now they became just a bargaining chip in the game of threatened divorce. There was not even a shout of “Bye Mom” or any other sound to indicate they saw her arrive and were happy or that they saw her leave and were unhappy. Susan felt a pang of something she could not identify as she left but her lover would take care of that, he always did.

As Susan looked she could see Karen with Amanda and her children. Jonathan was holding a little black baby that was playing at grabbing at his fingers and Jonathan was smiling at the baby. There was another black girl there too but she did not remember her name. In point of fact she was not introduced and Karen was bringing her nieces over to play with the girls.

Susan knew it would not last, that her lover was too young for her but she was enjoying the attention. With her lover it was like honeymoon sex, newlywed sex, everyday. It had only been a little over a year they were having sex and the bloom had not faded from the rose of passion. Yes, her lover would take care of her and the frumpy balding husband could see how hard it was going to be by doing without.

Susan remembered back when her lover would drop anything just to be with her, unlike her husband. One time he was dictating something or another and she came in and he stopped because he loved her. Well maybe the fact she was on her knees sucking his cock had a little to do with that.

“Susan, I have to finish this” he laughed. “I need to get this guy out of jail.”

“What you need lover is to get me out of my clothes. Whether or not some criminal stays in jail over the weekend and we are all a little safer for two days, and he gets out on Monday means nothing next to you making love to me.” Susan said.

“You little slut” he said with a laugh, “you just can’t stand not to have my cock inside of you.”

“And you just can’t stand to not have it inside of me.” Susan responded to her lover.

Then he fucked her good and hard and all thoughts of work and criminals in jail were gone from their minds. Now that is love even if she did have to act like a whore that weekend for him.

Back in the present she had an evil thought. What was that he said that one time? He did not care if we had sex in our bed? Maybe she would show him and do just that. But she was also mindful of his threat and she had no doubt that if pushed that far, he would carry it out, even if he would never say it again so that she could tape record it as her lover suggested and prepared her for. She always had the recorder with her now and it was always recording.

She talked with her lover and they decided to spend a few nights at Susan’s small house the following week. Susan had confidence that her lover could handle anything her uneducated husband could do but she was concerned about the threat. They both decided that giving Jonathan notice would be best.

The day after that first night that Susan stormed out after confessing, for the first time Jonathan slept with his own lover, Karen, in what was to become their bed. She had a room in the house because the kids wanted her to stay over and be there in the morning when Jonathan left for work. It was not until ten o’clock that she came to his bed and they made slow and passionate love. Like all parents they were careful not to wake the children.

They still had to worry though with six children in the house and one of them only a year old, but they had it well under control. The baby did end up sleeping with Karen for part of the night in her own bed.

The light shown in the window and he could see his black lover in his arms. He knew he could not make her a whore or a slut. He knew that she would be his. He did not understand how he knew but he did and so did she. He loved her and she loved him.

They had gone beyond the enemy of my enemy is my friend, they had become friends through adversity and then friends because they had so much in common, and then as fast as that realization struck, they were in love.

What did she love about him? She thought it might be his size, he was a big man and she liked that. He was tall and heavy and strong. He had big rough hands and she loved the feel of them on her body but he did take care to use more lotion now. He said he did not want to hurt her. He kept his nails short and that was a plus, considering where they frequently ended up. He shaved in the morning and at night, and that was a plus too. He bought her salads for lunch even though he would have preferred a Big Mac for both of them. He brushed his teeth four or five times a day, after every meal and when ever he thought she would want his mouth fresh. She mentioned his weight and the big man would go out and do his version of a jog for a couple of miles. Not very far but he was trying to please her. He did manage to lose a few pounds but always kept that six pack hidden.

When they made love, and they did often despite having children in the house, he was gentle when she wanted it and hard and masterful when she wanted that. He knew when she wanted anal and knew when she wanted a hard doggy pounding. He was not afraid to go down on her and did not care even if they had just cum together.

There was one word to describe all of the things he did, sexual and non sexual; “considerate,” or even “loving.”

Evidently Susan did not pay much attention to what was happening, but Karen did. She was spending time with her man and her new children. They were forming a bond, just like she intended but unlike what she intended they were actually becoming a family.

The children asked about her black skin, they were fascinated by it and the color of her nieces too. They seemed to like the little girl Amanda and Kathy as they were frequently around them. They all got along well. As time would move on they would be around them more and more, along with Karen. Kathy was still a baby though but she was funny and came to Jonathan’s children like they had been together forever. The little darling helped them grow together, babies do that.

While Karen and the children and Jonathan were playing board games, fixing hot dogs and hamburgers, playing dodge ball with one of those soft big pool balls and running around the yard, Susan was getting fucked by her lover.

This was Susan’s happy memories time and it consisted mostly of her being a slut for a man not her husband. While he did talk her panties off at first now he just pulled them off and fucked her. That was what they did most of the time, they fucked like crazy. She dressed like a slut and he took her out and showed her off. He was pretty happy around people and they noticed it too. They commented how good they were together. Sure they were good together, because all they ever did was fuck. Of course they were happy, because all they ever did was fuck. Beginning to see a problem? Susan was not bright enough to see it. Other than seduction they really never talked, all they ever did was fuck and that was what she was giving up her family for.

He was a rich big time divorce lawyer and he had a big house and servants. Servants cleaned up, cooked, made the beds and kissed their asses, it was fairytale land.

The servants were so quiet and invisible they were not even noticed or maybe it was just that they were ignored; but they saw and heard everything. Befitting a rich divorce lawyer most of the little people who worked for him were black. He even did good things for them and once got a special writ to get one of their kids out of jail. Unfortunately by the time it was served the kid had been attacked and murdered in jail. He was sorry about it and nothing more was said. But he did not charge for his work and it was not what he usually did, he divorced people, and truthfully he did not like dealing with black servants and their criminal children.

He had all the money he needed for all of the toys he wanted and Susan was one of his toys. He bought her clothes for her to wear at his house, or at a whore house if they ever went to one, those were the only two places the clothes would ever fit in. She traded up from the big lummox she gave three children too, and who loved only her; for a lawyer who always smelled good and had smooth hands and treated her like a whore.

And the sex, it was fantastic. He knew how to take charge. Sure she did not always like it but she always loved it, if you understand the difference.

Back at the boring old house with the boring husband Karen and Jonathan were giving the kids baths, and doing it in shifts. The two younger girls would get their togethers but the boy was getting older and wanted to do it himself. But even he liked the attention of his dad and Karen after he was covered up. He had a bit of a crush on Karen as boys do.

Karen noticed it and tried her best to be kind to him, remembering how it was as a young girl and having a crush on an older uncle. He was a kind man and was always especially nice and protective of her and she felt safe around him. Even now she knew he was the kind of man who would do anything for children, to protect them. She was that way with Jonathan’s son, protective and not condescending.

But when Karen was not around Joey always paid special attention to Amanda, who was about his age. Eventually that crush would grow and grow and he an Amanda would first be boyfriend and girlfriend and then lovers and then husband and wife. But for now, it was young and innocent.

When Karen had her nieces with her they were treated just like the other children were treated. When they went out anyplace Karen and Jonathan would just as likely be holding the hands of the other’s children, until it morphed into their children.

When all the baths were finished and teeth brushed and everyone had on their pajamas it was story time and they all came into the master bedroom for Jonathan and now Karen, to read them stories until they fell asleep and had to be carried into their own beds.

Karen was not as old as Jonathan but not young either. She was over thirty and was close enough in age that she began to want this life, this house and this man. She saw herself happy being his wife and the mother of his children who would become their children. Karen never considered the children to be the children of someone else; she began to think of them as theirs, Jonathan and hers, just as Jonathan did the nieces that she always seemed to have with her. Despite this, the plan she had, they all had, was put into action. The fact Jonathan was not completely up to date did not matter, he would never know for sure.

Susan called the house a few days later and told Jonathan that she and her lover would spend some time there, as Jonathan said they could. Of course Jonathan, boring stupid Jonathan, agreed.

On the day they arrived the lover had that snicker on his face and tried to talk to Jonathan, but was ignored. Lover boy was not used to being ignored but was considerably smaller than Jonathan and did not push it.

“Jonathan, where are the children.” Susan asked and as soon as she said it a chill ran down her spine. Then penalty of having her lover contact the children was remembered and she asked no more about it, as Jonathan said nothing. His failure to even look at her when she asked spoke volumes.

There was a note on the table for her. “Karen has already taken the children and I am going to join them. Call this number when you tire of being a whore in our home and when you are walking out the door. I will come back after you have vacated. Jonathan.” A number was also on the note.

Jonathan stayed only long enough to see the man that tried to ruin his life. Jonathan liked the snicker and way he was greeted by the man, it made things easier. He truly hoped he liked sleeping in the marital bed, of claiming the wife of another man in that man’s own bed.

Jonathan smiled as he drove his old truck away thinking of the love they would share in that bed. The pleasures they would have. He wondered just how long it would take before the pleasure wore off. He wondered if they would notice that all of Jonathan’s clothes were gone from that room and only Susan’s remained. He wondered just how long it would take Susan to notice that the bed did not feel as familiar as it should or that maybe they would be sharing it with thousands of nasty little creatures who had taken up residence in the mattress and were all probably very hungry. The old mattress did not cost Jonathan much and he and Karen laughed as he bought the bed bug infested thing and put it on the bed for the lovers. They even wore plastic jumpsuits with the arms and legs taped as they put new sheets on the bed for the lovers.

Two days later Jonathan was called and they said they were done and he could come back. Karen and Jonathan laughed. The children were left with Karen’s grandmother for a few hours and the mattress taken off and the room sealed with plastic and a bug bomb activated. Susan’s clothes were put into plastic bags after being put out for the bomb to work on them. They would smell for quite a while, and unfortunately her dresses would all be wrinkled. It was childish but fun.

A few days later they returned to a bug free bedroom and with the original mattress and bedding.

During their absence they went to visit some old museums for vehicles, trains and cars. They made sure to see some old doll museums too, for the girls. Karen had a few nieces with her too but the baby, Kathy, was a regular part of this new family. And they went to an amusement park too and kept the children occupied. Jonathan was surprised to learn that Karen loved motor vehicles. Until her baby brother died and she returned home she had been a Major in transportation in the Army and loved to work on machines.

They got hotel rooms that were adjoining. Jonathan stayed in his room with his children and Karen with her nieces in their own room and the door was always left open. For some reason the kids always gravitated to one room and two king size beds ended up pushed together with five or six kids laying in a jumble all over and under the covers. That is where Karen and Jonathan would read stories and where they would fall asleep and that is where they would remain until the morning.

In the other room with two king size beds but with only one really used Karen and Jonathan were in a jumble of their own. Like parents everywhere they were quiet in their jumble and laughed softly as they coupled, putting it over on the kids. The only child in the room was Kathy and she happily slept in the crib they had for her.

Jonathan loved the feel of her large lips on his, the look of her black face and almond shaped eyes; her black hands as they moved over his white body and he marveled at the same scene in reverse as he was touching her. Like all parents they were attuned to the sound of the children and made more than a few forays into the other room when they heard movement or sound. Such was a parent’s lot.

When they heard the children stirring to wake Karen got out of Jonathan’s bed and putting on her granny night gown slipped into the other bed and Jonathan slipped on a t-shirt and running shorts.

While this family scene was playing out, at her lovers home Susan and her lover were in a drug induced sexual frenzy of two. Susan loved to give him a Viagra and let him go at her like a crazy man. For her part she loved the cocaine and the pot and the XTC too. Eating, sleeping, non stop sex at all times took the place of previous walks in the park and long talks. Fucking until they literally passed out was becoming the norm. How could she go back to boring Jonathan, even if she did love him? No she needed these memories for her future, of a time when she was needed by a younger man and after three children was still desirable. These memories would last a life time and why couldn’t Jonathan see that and accept it? Why didn’t he love her enough to accept it?

There wasn’t anything Susan did not love about being with her lover, except the damn mosquitoes. It seemed that they were getting bitten all the damn time. Even her lover commented that this was the worst they had been so they had taken to sleeping with the windows closed. He told the staff to make sure to take care of any standing water and to spray the house during the day and make sure it was aired out by nighttime; he hated the smell of the stuff.

At least the mosquitoes were not as bad as those damn bedbugs. They both laughed as they thought of Jonathan stupidly sleeping with the damn things eating away at him. What a dolt Jonathan was to live that way, or so they thought. Apparently Susan and her lover were to smart by half.

Eventually Susan went home again to find Karen there with her children.

“You are dismissed. Don’t come back until you are called.” Susan said with the same haughty tone that her lover took with his black servants, as she spoke to Karen.

Jonathan came home to find Susan there. They had the same argument they always had. First Susan was surprised to find that the children had their stories read to them in the master bedroom as they all found a spot on HER bed. It did not dawn on Susan that there were no bugs there. This would never do. This was her domain and she put a stop to that immediately, much to the chagrin of the children.

They all headed to the den where all of the ottomans and couch was put together to make a huge bed and the children cuddled there with their father as he read to them until they slept. Just before his son fell asleep he softly said “I miss Karen” and then sleep overtook him. The daughters said some of the same things and they went to sleep. Susan was not there to hear it as she was in her bed sleeping.

Jonathan took each child and put them to bed with a kiss on the forehead. Then he went in to greet his loving wife.

“Jonathan, I really miss you. Can’t we at least cuddle once in a while?” Susan said. Despite all the sex with her lover she missed the tender moments. No, the orgasms were never as good as with her lover but now that was all she had, the tenderness was gone by the way side and she needed that from Jonathan.

“I have already told you that I will not try to attach myself to the woman of another man.” Jonathan said.

“But Jonathan, we are married. You are my husband.” Susan said.

“We ceased being married when you took a lover; now you are his wife. I stay because you threatened to take my children from me and leave me penniless. You are his wife now. When you are done with your memory building phase then maybe there is a chance for us but not while that is still going on and certainly not until you have been cleared of any disease you might have picked up.” Jonathan said.

“Is that why you wear pajamas to bed now?” Susan asked.

“Yes. I have to sleep in the same bed with you so it does not appear strange to the children but I don’t want to touch you. We are no more than roommates without benefits.” Jonathan said.

Susan thought: “Why couldn’t Jonathan see that it did not have to be this way? Why couldn’t he just accept this was a temporary phase in their life? She intended to spend the rest of her life with Jonathan and these were just to be memories. Another year or so and it would be over. What would two or three years of memories be to the decades they would spend together as husband and wife, mother and father, grand parents and even great grandparents?”

Slowly, as the months passed, things began to unravel for Susan. She was not feeling well and talked to Jonathan about it but he did not act concerned. How could he be so cold, she was his wife and she was not well? She would talk to her lover.

During these months Jonathan and Karen and the children, five or six at a time, bonded as a family. They went to parks and played silly games. They took the children to movies and Jonathan and Karen spent a lot of time just holding hands and looking at each other. They spoke of what they wanted in their life, their desires for their children and their hopes and dreams. Funny that they spoke of all of the children as “their” children. Jonathan also bought a new van, to carry his little family around. No more borrowing cars from friends, he has a large family to carry and protect.

During one of Susan and her lover’s latest love making sessions, no it was no longer very loving because it was just fucking, but the sex was great; Susan voiced her concerns. He was having some problems too. They both had appetite problems and just always being tired, so they tried vitamins to help them. They did not give up the drugs or the sex, but at least the damn mosquitoes were gone now.

A few weeks later Susan was shocked when her lover screamed at her that she had given him some STDs. He had Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Susan protested her innocence and screamed he must be cheating on her as she only had sex with him. Now she would have to tell Jonathan, maybe he gave it to her.

Susan went home in fire and anger. She accused Jonathan of cheating on her and giving her something horrible. Jonathan produced a medical report he had gotten when he found out about her cheating on him and he was clean. He had not had sex with Susan since that day she told him about her lover and for some time before, so it was not Jonathan that gave her this new gift of love.

Jonathan and Susan then left and went to the clinic to get another set of tests so it would be current.

Jonathan told them to check for everything for both of them. Karen stayed with the children. Susan was still upset that this black woman always appeared to be at HER home.

Of course the results were negative for Jonathan but not for Susan. Susan could now only blame her dream lover, her builder of memories, for this. But all was not lost, yes there might be other memories and they came fast. Lover boy called again, it was Syphilis too, but Susan already knew that, and something else. Yes lover boy was right, it was Syphilis but it was also AIDS, not HIV positive but full blown AIDS.

It got even worse. Jonathan sued lover boy for every penny he had, claiming loss of consortium for himself and his children as well as the cost of taking care of Susan. Since their sexual encounters took place at the house of lover boy the home owners insurance settled for five million dollars and they settled quickly, eating up all of the policy as well as the reserves. They did it on purpose. Once the policy was exhausted all other lawsuits and there were plenty of others could just be ignored.

Evidently lover boy was making memories for about nine other women and each came down with the diseases and this time it hit the husbands and a few even reached others that the husbands were intimate with. By paying the fully claims made policy out immediately they could even refuse to defend the suits. They took their hit first and walked away glad to be free of it.

Some of the infected were actually clients of the lover which caused lover boy to get disbarred but that was the least of his problems. His law firm ended up going bankrupt as they lost all their clients and it had more debts than assets.

His staff all quit, who wants to work for a man with AIDS. He could not sell his home because there were default judgments all over everything and any money from the sale would go to the judgment. Lover boy took the path of least resistance. Lover maxed his credit cards out, did not make any house payments, and went into default. He already knew he would be dead before the foreclosures hit.

Life was not easy for lover boy. His house was broken into and he was beaten more than once. Not enough to kill him but more than enough to generate large hospital bills and get him out of the house. When he was gone in the hospital a van pulled up and everything of value that would not carry a disease was stolen. After that happened a number of video’s showed up on the internet with thousands of hours of lover boy having sex with almost a hundred women over the years. Apparently he wanted their memories to last a long time so he helped by creating a video log for them. He seemed to have forgotten to get their permission though and the law came down pretty hard on him.

Lover spent the last months of his life in a prison ward hospital where he seemed to have sleep problems and was found on the floor at all hours of the day and night. In the end he had a number of broken bones and internal bleeding, which hastened his demise. He was cremated and no one came to his funeral except one man, Jonathan.

Susan did not fair much better. Jonathan, ever a good man, took her in. Because of her condition she deteriorated quickly. She had her own room with a hospital bed and the best medical care. She never slept in the same bed with Jonathan again. While no one said it there was no doubt that her bed was occupied now, not by her but by Karen. All pretense of not being lovers was gone, even the children knew.

Susan could see her children daily but she was afraid to spend too much time with them for fear of spreading her disease. No it was not logical but at least she was thinking of them.

The children recognized that something was wrong with their mother and they knew she had done something very wrong but they were shown constant love and affection by Jonathan and Karen and the nieces that Karen brought over of the same age, especially Amanda, and of course little Kathy, who was now about two years old.

Jonathan got her up every morning and would carry Susan out to her favorite chair on the porch so she could look at the beauty of the day, the changes of the season, the sunsets or the sunrise, depending on where she was sitting. He would sit with her and feed her and take care of her physical needs as would Karen. They treated her with care but not emotional support. The loss of her emotional stability caused her to lose her physical strength faster than expected.

But she could see what she lost. She tried over and over to apologize but Jonathan said it no longer mattered.

She watched as Karen assumed her role as mother and even wife. She never saw Jonathan intimate with her but she was always there. When there was a problem her children ran to Karen for help and this hurt Susan but she understood intellectually but not emotionally.

“Jonathan, could you give Susan and I some girl time?” Karen asked one day. Susan was near the end and everyone knew it. It was not a matter of days but hours now. Susan was never put in a home she was allowed to stay in the home with the family she abandoned to make memories. Now she had memories, for all the good it did her.

Of course he agreed and gave Karen a kiss and left. It was the first time Susan saw Jonathan kiss Susan and it hurt even if it was not a passionate kiss full of sexual promise. It hurt worse because it was a kiss full of love and understanding.

Karen speaks: “When I first met Jonathan he was just going to kill you and your memory maker but I stopped him. To let him just kill you was not enough as far as I was concerned. I wanted to destroy you, to blot your very existence from the face of the earth, I hate you that much.

“It was a flash of insight. We had been watching all of his lovers and their husbands, if they had any and I knew what you were doing and going to do. We all knew everything. I was going to just try to stop Jonathan but that insight was like lightening.

“I knew that Jonathan was a great guy and a good man. I decided that night to make him mine and take him from you. I decided to take everything from you.

“Then I stopped him from killing you both. You did not know that did you? He was going to do it. I met him in the parking lot and gave him a blow job. It was one of the nastiest things I ever did, but I liked it with him, I don’t know why but I did.

“I got him to take me home, to this home and here on your marriage bed I had him eat my black pussy and then fuck me. He was like an animal, pounding into me with an anger exceeding mortal rage. I kissed him and wrapped my black legs and arms around his white body, more for defense that any other reason. I spoke to him.

“It is ok baby, take it out on me, it is ok. I can take it, I am a big girl, punish me, let the hurt out, punish me.”

“Then the strangest thing happened as I talked to him, he began to change. His rage calmed and he began to make love to me. I was a stranger, a black woman with a white man and he began to make love to me. His rage turned to passion, such sweet passion.

“We made love all night and most of the next day. By then we had bonded in a way that scared me to death. That night I took your husband from you. At first I did it to take him and punish you but by the time the night was over, with all I already knew about him, I was in love. Maybe we both just hurt and it was not real love then, but it felt like it and I know now that it is.

“We make love every day here in the home that used to be yours. Every day he kisses these black lips, caresses these black breasts and sucks my nipples the memory of you fades. Every time he slides that hard white cock into my body his memory of you fades. There are times during the day that he just comes to me and I let him into my body for a minute or so and we kiss and enjoy the closeness. Can you imagine how that makes me feel, he lifts my dress and slides his cock into me and kisses me and tells me he loves me. We do not climax we just join for the pleasure of being one for a few moments. When we do that and for a time after your memory fades away.

“At night we make love and he comes inside of me. I never refuse him because I love him. He is a great lover and if you looked elsewhere it was because you were a poor lover not Jonathan. Every minute we are joined you become less and less of a memory. After time he will not remember you at all, you will disappear from his memory. He will grow old with me and have children with me.

Then Karen raised her sun dress, she was naked under it.

“Look, see, he has already put a white baby into my black body and our baby girl will be the color of coco. There are white children here and black children and now we will have our coco colored children. They will never know you and you will never even be a memory to them.

“The little black baby I bring, Kathy, she calls Jonathan daddy, she is only two and she calls him daddy. All things considered that is more than fitting as you will see.

“Your children will call me mother, they already do. I am their mother now. You are already fading to them. When they fall in love, have their first kiss, their first loves, it is me as their mother they will come to, not you, as your memory will continue to fade.

“When your daughter walks down the aisle to get married I will be sitting in the place for the mother of the bride. Only a few will even remember you and then it will just be to say something unkind. “You know she cheated and got AIDS but he was such a good man he took care of her until she died. His new wife is just wonderful. The kids love her,” or something to that effect. You will hardly be a blip their in memory, something to be passed over on their way to discussing someone else. If you are lucky you may get seven words until others become the topic.

“Jonathan will be spoken of with love and respect.

“Your sister and parents will be ashamed of you and will never talk about you. Eventually you will fade from their memory, only to be a brief blot on their mind from time to time and then pushed from conscious recollection. They will not even dream about you.

“Your grandchildren will call me grandmother and never know of you. That is because they will be my grandchildren. The color does not matter, as you see we are already one family, a family that you rejected for some sleazy sex that was not even all that good.

“I see you are concerned, you don’t seem to understand. Let me help you.” Then Karen hit play on a small digital recorder.

Recorder: “Susan, I have to finish this” he laughed. “I need to get this guy out of jail.”

“What you need lover is to get me out of my clothes. Whether or not some criminal stays in jail over the weekend and we are all a little safer for two days, and he gets out on Monday means nothing next to you making love to me.” Susan said.

“You little slut” he said with a laugh, “you just can’t stand not to have my cock inside of you.”

“And you just can’t stand to not have it inside of me.” Susan responded to her lover.”


“I see by your look that you remember that. You stopped him from working so you could have sex. He told you he was going to get someone out of jail and your pussy was more important to you.

“Now you are wondering how I have this. My great aunt worked there, you met her many times. She picked this up after you ran to get sex and played it. She is part of the reason we knew everything that was happening there.

“I know you can’t talk now but remember back to your discussion with your lover about one of the servant’s relatives being murdered in jail. That young man was not even nineteen. He had been arrested for a very serious crime and the prosecutor filed charges on the day of his arrest. The investigating officer could not get the young man to confess but he found out where he was working and that they had surveillance video. The officer went and looked at it and the young man was seen in the video for the next nine hours working and eating in the warehouse where he worked. He was always on camera. There was no way he could have been murdering and raping the woman who was the victim. The investigator called the prosecutor who told him to call the defense counsel and have a writ filed which he would not oppose.

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