As pissed off I am for being hidden away in a cave, frozen and covered in stone, I really can appreciate the timing of my ‘unthawing’. Allow me to explain….

I was born around the year 900 A.D. to a rather unhappy gypsy. She had wanted power and my father had given her power with a catch, it would only last 9 months. I am the source of that power, literally and figuratively. My father was no simply lord of the land; he was a Demon, an Incubus to be precise. Incubi are the lesser-known male counterparts of Succubi, the female demons of seduction. But where they are mistresses of magic, who must feed on orgasms, Incubi are warriors who are demonically well endowed and irresistible to woman. So when my father impregnated my mother, he spawned me and allowed her to tap into my demonic essence to use as she saw fit but only until I was born.

So after her nine months long killing spree, out I came. My father named me De’throdael, and trained me in the ways of life. I am pretty much immortal and once I reached physical maturity I stopped aging all together. My father said it was due to the mixture of human and demon hormones interacting during my 20-year puberty. Anyways, I was trained by my father in the dark arts. Pretty much he taught me how to identify other supernatural beings, how to kill them and how to defend myself. Don’t get me wrong, my father was a fair teacher but he was, after all, a demon and wickedly evil. Ok, maybe not as evil as my mother but still, he was a demon. Yet I was half-human and therefore reluctant to harm humans for no reason, which was something my father frowned on but learned to accept.

Now as for my ‘abilities’ I’m faster, stronger, and had a natural animal magnetism. I wasn’t irresistible to all women but I learned to use my looks and skills to get any girl, woman or princess I wanted. I actually once fucked a queen and princess, at the same time. My sense were also far superior to humans, I could see farther, hear better, smell more distinctly than humans. I learned how to use my senses to protect myself from the many other supernatural predators that roamed my world. But how did I end up in a cave, you ask, well it started with my father.

As I have said, Incubi are extraordinary warriors and my father was no exception. In the year 1006 A.D., a demon named Morgul approached my father with some sort of plan; I really don’t know the details. I do know that it involved Morgul becoming lord of some land and my father becoming his loyal knight. My father refused, he was not a man to play second fiddle to anyone. Besides which, he had his own plans to create a coven of gorgeous women to pleasure him until the end of days, paradise if you ask me. Morgul then killed him with a sword he stole from an angel; again I don’t know how that went down but I do know that the sword was made to slay demons.

Fearing that I would take vengeance on him, I really wouldn’t have, Morgul then tried to kill me. I say tried for two reasons, one I was used to watching my own back and did it far better than my father did. This resulted in a fight between Morgul, one that had I and me known he was coming and prepared for, I would have one. Instead I simply held my own against him, an impressive feat considering his full demonic heritage. The second reason I say he ‘tried’ to kill me was because his sword didn’t work on me. It was designed to kill demons so it hurt a fair bit but one deep cut or stab didn’t kill me like it did other demons for the simple fact that I wasn’t as full demon. My human heritage allowed me to withstand Morgul’s stabs and slashes, pissing both of us off.

Of course he was fazed by this but still wouldn’t allow me to escape, “If I can’t kill you,” he told me, “Then I’ll just remove you from this game.” So he pulled out some spell book from some pocket in his armor, again if I had armor I would have won, and imprisoned me. Once he turned me into a half-human gargoyle, he hid me away on a desolate landmass that would become North America. Where I would stay until a little over a thousand years later, one thousand and three years to be exact.

I was awoken early in the year 2009, by a group of construction workers. They came upon my chamber and stole all the gold that some ancient tribe had stashed nearby, leaving me out in the open air. Some great energy had been unleashed somewhere in the world on that day and that, combined with the fresh air released me from my stony confines. At first it felt like I had drunk way to much wine and couldn’t remember what had happened, but something wasn’t right. There was no half naked woman near me and I was really stiff. It took me an hour to work all the feeling back into my body and by then my memory also came back. Then one of the construction workers, thinking me a bandit, attacked me. Instinct took over and I sent him flying into a nearby tree, shattering many of his bones. “Stupid, unarmored buffoon” I said to his unconscious body before I followed the scent of other humans.

I dispatched his co-workers in more humane ways, knocking most of them with a well-placed fist, before I discovered there newly found fortune. I’ll save you all the foolishness that happened after that, as I came to grips with the new age I was in. As I said, it pissed me off that Morgul had caused me to miss a thousand years but this was the perfect age for a horny half-demon to wake up in. I was used to seducing prudes but now women flaunt themselves, drink like soldiers on leave and want to fuck every good-looking guy they see. It was like taking candy from a paralyzed baby. It was so easy that it became boring to me very quickly and I decided upon a better way to enjoy my surroundings. I enrolled in college…

Here I was, a half-human Incubus with a fortune in gold and antiques who was suddenly immersed in a new world. After a few weeks of learning about my new surroundings, I started to go about creating a life for myself. I started by selling roughly half of my treasure to a few museums which garnered me around a hundred million dollars in the bank. I bought a summer home, a car and enrolled in the biggest college I could find. Since I was a demon who had just resurfaced I had one obstacle in the way, I had no identity to enroll in college with but being a demon, having a shady guy create an identity for me was no big morale problem. I made sure that he didn’t make my grades to incredible but more than good enough to enroll in the college of my choosing. Once he was finished I debated about killing him but decided against it and just gave him a really generous tip.

Once I got accepted to the program of my choosing, ancient history and mythology, I had to find a house near campus. I had a long inner discussion with myself about whether I should stay in a dorm or not. The idea of dorm parties and meeting people was really appealing to me. I really wanted to have a great experience at college but just when I made up my mind that I was going to get a dorm I had an epiphany. I’m not going to college to get drunk with the guys; I’m going to college to fuck the girls. Sure I could get some tail at dorm parties but in my experience in this new world, I realized that bars were where the hunting was best. I could still go to parties if I didn’t stay at a dorm; all I had to do was set up some connections with the right people. Plus, while I am human, I did have a demon form that I liked to chill out in once and while. It’s nothing drastic, just some horns, deep red eyes, a bigger frame, and a tail, but it’s fun to hang out with my horns out. That was something I could never do in a dorm.

In my time there were Paladins, men and women who lived to hunt down anything supernatural. I discovered that they exist to a less organized extent in this time. They don’t wear armor or carry swords but if one of them got the idea that I was demon I’d probably have to kill them to keep my secret safe. So I still have to keep my senses going at all times and I can’t just walk around in my demon form where someone could see me.

So after a bit of searching I found a nice one-story house a few blocks from campus. A rather good-looking 30-something woman who had been renting it to students was selling it. She had decided to sell it and put the money into a new home somewhere and was asking quite a bit for it. I did have the money to purchase any 10 houses near the campus but was not going to just spend my money freely. So I decided to see if I could get her to lower the price and then fuck her brains out afterwards. I didn’t know whether she had a husband or not but I didn’t really care, I was getting hornier by the minute just thinking about her. So I booked an open house with her a few weeks before school started.

I’m about 6’2 and weigh roughly 220 lbs with broad shoulders and great abs. My figure is that of my Incubus father, muscled but not overly so while my light brown hair and green eyes are that of my human mother. I rode up to her house in a polo shirt and jean shorts so I could display my above-average physique, plus it was over a hundred degrees out. I really should have thought about how hot it would be at a southern college but I was more worried about finding a college near a beach. Heather met me in front of her house wearing a tight grey skirt; a low cut top and a light grey jacket. Her top should off her generous breasts while remaining suitable to the business at hand and her skirt fit perfectly on her nice hips, displaying her great ass flawlessly. I could plainly see her light blue eyes check me out briefly as she shook my hand and resisted the urge to look down her shirt.

After a short tour, during which I complimented her on her design style and gorgeous eyes, we sat down for a cold drink. After a sip I went into full seduction mode, looking deep into her eyes while telling her how young she looked. It didn’t take long for her face to redden and her to look away from me at which point I asked her if there was any way I could get her to lower the price. Usually when a guy does this, the woman is incensed that he would use his charms to get her to bargain with him even though women do this themselves, but when I did it all she could do was think of my gorgeous young body. She looked at me for a moment before asking if I wanted to look at the master bedroom again to which I said yes while smiling to myself.

She held the door open for me as we entered and closed it, along with the blinds immediately. She turned to find me standing beside her as my hand went to her lower back, pulling her close to me. I bent down and kissed her, softly at first, as my hand went down to grab her ass. She responded by grabbing my head in both of her hands and forcing her tongue into my mouth. I moved my hands up and slipped her jacket off her shoulders at which point she broke the kiss and said, “I really shouldn’t be doing this.” I just smiled and lifted her effortlessly off her feet and walked backwards to the bed. She began kissing my neck and taking off my shirt as we fell back onto the bed. She kicked her shoes off and threw my shirt behind her as she wrapped her legs around my back.

At this point I should tell you about the more unique abilities I inherited from my father. They all involve my above-average sized penis. Now Incubi are truly well endowed, some have been known to have lengths up to 16 inches. Mine was about the normal size of 8.5 inches, 10 on a good day, but we aren’t known for our length, more for our girth. Personally I can’t wrap my hand around it when it’s half-hard. There are stories of some Incubi who have more of a third arm than a penis. Now we prey on humans and there are a few problems when you have a supernaturally sized dick. First off human girls get scared to take it into their pussies, which is completely normal if you ask me. This problem is easily solved with one of our greatest strengths, our semen. It has many great properties including it being the greatest aphrodisiac every known, so great in fact that once a girl tastes it with the smallest lick she’s all yours.

The second problem that comes with our size is how hard it is to fit ourselves into a normal girl and how painful it is for them. We pride ourselves on being the best any girl will ever have; we are after all the pleasure demons. So while some of us get off on causing pain, it really hurts our reputation when a girl complains about how much pain we caused. Again, enter our magic semen. We have a few tricks to deal with this problem starting with our incredible control. We can leak pre-cum out at will, not a huge amount but enough for lubrication or to get a girl in the mood. The second magical property of our semen is that it isn’t just lubricant, it allows a girl to open up easier and mostly painlessly to allow us entry. It makes sex a much smoother, more pleasurable experience for our prey and us.

When I was a young man, old enough to understand sex but not old enough to really desire it, I was confused. My confusion led me to ask my father why there weren’t more Incubi running around. If we are so incredibly horny and can get anyone we want, wouldn’t we be spawning new Incubi at least half a dozen times a year? Which is when my father told me about our most unique ability, control. Sure we can’t control our urges but we can control our semen like no other male in existence. If we want to fire blanks we fire blanks and if we want to shoot a load of ‘Spawning liquid’ as he called it, we shoot a load of spawning liquid. So if we don’t want our prey to become pregnant, our semen doesn’t contain sperm.

Heather straddled my lap, grinding herself against my hardened penis with reckless abandon, while I took off her top, revealing her lacy, white bra covered breasts. They were really her greatest feature, and I had her bra off a second and a half later, freeing them from their confines. They were 34 C with a bit of sag and puffy, eraser sized nipples. I immediately dropped my head down and took her left nipple into my mouth, sucking and lightly nibbling on it. She began moaning as her hands ran up and down my back, her nails scratching me hard enough for me to feel it but not hard enough to draw blood. I moved over to her right breast, kissing it on and around the nipple, while my hands unzipped her skirt and began lowering it down her nicely toned and tanned legs. Her moans increased in volume when I lowered my head to her crotch and began removing her lacy white panties.

I could immediately feel ht heat coming off her succulent pussy lips and smiled to myself as I began lapping up the juice from her pussy lips, much to her delight. Her hands grabbed my head and held it to her pussy as I moved up and began sucking her clit while I stuck my left index finger into her and began gently stroking the insides of her pussy. It was just like riding a bicycle, sure it might not have been the same bike but once I found her sweet spots I went into overdrive. Licking, sucking and driving two fingers in and out of her pussy like I was possessed quickly bring her to the edge of a huge climax. She began panting really hard and making high pitched shrieks as her orgasm approached but once it hit her legs tightened around me, her hands clenched my skull and her moaning ceased completely. I just hung on, enjoying the taste of her juices and the feeling of her pleasure washing over me like waves in a storm.

I could have stopped there and gotten the house with no problem but her orgasm had me all charged and horny. I was up and naked in less than 10 seconds and ready to give this woman the fuck of her life. Heather was just coming around from her massive orgasm so I decided to give her a little inspiration and slipped my dick into her mouth whilst my hands tweaked her nipples. She quickly took the hint and began sucking me off, too which I just moaned, smiled and released a good dose of pre-cum down her throat. She spit my cock out in surprise, thinking I had cum when she came face to face with my still hard, and very wet dick pointed straight at her. She looked like she was about to say something when the effects of my semen began to hit her and she pulled me on top of her. I stuck my tongue into her mouth as I leaked a little more cum and rubbed my cock against her still soaked pussy, lubricating her. After a few seconds I grabbed her ass and shoved half of my length into her drawing a loud grunt from myself and a sigh from her followed by some jumbled words about my thickness and her tightness.

I took it as a good sign that she didn’t scream and began to slid myself slowly in and out of her, getting a good rhythm going while her pussy adjusted to the size of my dick. After a few minutes I lost my patience and went for broke, ramming the entirety of my cock into her drawing a high pitched squeal of pleasure from her lips. Taking this as another good sign I began fucking her like the sexually charged beast that I was. She was like a rag doll, her body being rocked violently as my dick impaled her over and over. She was quickly lost in pleasure and lust, her hips thrusting back at me, slightly at first but she slowly increased her own pace not too mention the volume of her moans, squeals and occasional grunts.

I came into hard twice without slowing down or losing hardness while I lost count of the amount of times she came. After about half an hour I pulled completely out before plunging completely in one last time and letting loose a load that dwarfing my two earlier orgasms and brought on another, although much weaker orgasm from Heather. I laid myself down beside her, closing my eyes for a few seconds as I let myself lose hardness for the first time since I locked lips with Heather. She took a few minutes to recover but was all smiles and business.

We concluded the sale two days later over coffee after which I took her into the Starbucks bathroom and pounded into her for a few long minutes before finishing my load off into her mouth while she knelt in front of me. She was a good girl and swallowed every last drop before thanking me and commenting on how my semen had quenched her thirst better than any coffee ever would. I concluded that I hadn’t lost my touch and took my keys from her and headed home. Heather was pretty good fuck but I would need my rest, college started next week and I had hundreds of college girls to prepare for.

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