star trek

Let me begin by saying that I am a dedicated fan of Star Trek. Unlike most Science Fiction, it is utopian, not dystopian, showing not only that science and technology can make our lives better, but that we can build a better, fairer, more tolerant world.

This is the first in what I hope will be a long, emotional story of life and love aboard a starship, written with that message in mind.

I plan for most of the sex in this series to be lesbian in nature, but I may make some exceptions. As always, I would love any (constructive) feedback you have.

Chapter 1


Shadows crept slowly across the wall of the observation deck, ghostly figures cast against the bulkhead of an empty ship. The room was lit by the first light of the morning sun, rising over the Atlantic Ocean. The room was empty, totally devoid of life, like the rest of the ship high above San Francisco. Her corridors no longer echoed with the footsteps of her crew. Main Engineering was silent, the constant hum of her engines gone. The beating heart of the ship was at last still. The weapons stores were empty, as no battles remained in her future. The shuttle bay was stripped, the few remaining fighters forever without pilots. The transporter room was dark, with no new worlds to explore. The Bridge was still. There was no one on watch, no tasks to be performed, and no missions to complete. On the entire ship, only one living thing still remained. In the captain’s ready room, a lone figure sat in the dark, quiet and dignified. A single Vulcan woman, a veteran officer, sat saying goodbye to longest serving ship in Starfleet history. She was the last captain of the Athena.


Earth, 2293

Sahar shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She vastly preferred transporters to taking a shuttle into orbit. Something about the switch from real to artificial gravity always turned her stomach, and this was no exception. At least there’s no turbulence, she thought as she closed her eyes, trying to settle her gut. Eventually, the shuttle cleared the atmosphere and began the short trip to Mars. The pull of Earth’s gravity faded, but Sahar’s stomach refused to relax. She leaned forward and looked out the cockpit window. Among the brilliant stars, she could pick out a bright red spot directly ahead of the craft, slowly growing brighter. She leaned back and shut her eyes again. Her nerves took over the job of making her sick. Her thoughts were interrupted by a calm, even voice across the aisle from her.

“Are you ill, Ensign?” Sahar looked up into a dark emotionless face. Sahar had hardly noticed the other passenger when she boarded the shuttle at the Academy. The person had been sitting motionless in their seat, and Sahar had assumed they were asleep. The woman in front of her was slightly built, with short, black hair, darkly tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. The sharp, angular face, unusually high cheek bones, and near total lack of facial expression identified her as a Vulcan.

“I’m fine. Just nervous. This is my first posting,” Sahar said.

“You have been adequately trained. There is no reason to expect below average performance.”

“Uhh. Thanks,” Sahar said. “How about you?”

“This is my first posting as well,” the Vulcan responded. Sahar examined her uniform. It was in pristine condition. Figures, she thought. The gold trim on her uniform identified her as an Engineer. Her own uniform bore the dark olive green worn by Security Officers.

“Sahar Tehrani,” she said, extending her hand.

“Suvak,” the woman answered as she shook it. The two young officers sat talking for the next half hour. They shared Academy experiences, discussing their instructors, squads, and courses. Suvak’s calm demeanor helped ease Sahar’s nerves, and she found the rest of the flight enjoyable, or at least less unpleasant. The conversation was eventually interrupted by the pilot.

“Athena, Academy Shuttle delta 59 requesting permission to land.”

“Delta 59, permission granted. You are clear to land in the Main Shuttlebay.”

“Affirmative, Athena.”

Sahar again leaned forward to look out the cockpit window. The stars had been replaced by the brilliant red of the Martian surface, but her eyes fixated on the structure directly in front of the shuttle. Hanging in space above the planet was a massive starship construction platform. The platform, itself less than 2 years old, was nearly a kilometer long, and more the 600 meters wide, dwarfing the shuttle. A long spine-like structure ran the length of the platform. A network of support structures extended down from either side of the spine. Attached to the bottom of the spine, between the support structures, lay the shuttles destination. She was one of first of the new Excelsior class ships. The design was sleek, at least compared to other starships. Sahar stared in awe. It’s glorious, she thought. As the shuttle neared the ship, she could make out the designation written on the saucer section: NCC-2017 USS Athena.

Within moments, the shuttle set down in the main shuttle bay. Sahar stood, reaching for her bag. “Guess we’re here,” she said.


USS Athena, Deck 32, Main Shuttlebay

Sahar parted ways with Suvak and entered the nearest turbolift. “Deck 7,” she said, and the computer acknowledged her with a beep. She had memorized the layout of the ship as soon as she was given the assignment. Most new Academy graduates are assigned to an old frigate or transport ship, not a state-of-the-art multirole battlecruiser. She had at first thought there had been a mistake, but decided not to question her orders. This was a mistake she thankful for. The turbolift stopped and the doors opened. Sahar lifted her bags and exited.

Walking down the corridor, she was overcome by a sense of disbelief. I can’t believe I am actually here, she thought. Sahar came from a family filled with Starfleet officers. Her parents had met while serving together, and her older brother was a Lieutenant serving on the Miranda. She had entered Starfleet Academy at age 18, and graduated with honors three years later. Still, she felt intimidated by the task in front of her. Sahar knew that expectations on a frontline ship would be high, and there would be little room for error.

At last, she reached her destination: the Security Chief’s quarters. Sahar reached out to the control panel and pressed the button to request entry. “Enter,” said a deep, masculine voice with a think English accent. The door slid open and Sahar stepped inside. Sitting at a desk in front of her was a large, dark skinned man, staring down at the reports piled on his desk. She walked up to the desk and dropped her bag.

“Ensign Sahar Tehrani, reporting for duty, sir,” she said, standing at attention.

“At ease, Ensign,” the man said, not looking up from his desk. “I am Lieutenant Commander James Fuller, Chief of Security. Welcome aboard,”

“Thank you, sir,” she said, relaxing her shoulders. Her stomach, on the other hand, chose to remain tense.

“I understand this is your first assignment, Ensign,”

“Yes, sir. I just arrived from the Academy,”

“I read your file. Parents are both retired officers. Entered the Academy at 18. Graduated with honors. Qualified as an expert marksman and excelled in hand to hand combat. Promoted to squad leader. You seem to be well qualified. I am sure you will not disappoint,” Fuller said, at last looking up. “Good god, woman, breathe! You’re turning blue. I don’t want you passing out in my bloody quarters,” he said when he saw Sahar’s race.

“Sorry, sir,” Sahar said, at last exhaling.

“Don’t apologize, just stay conscious,” he said. “Here is your duty assignment. Leave your things in your quarters and report to Lieutenant Tokada in half an hour. Dismissed.”

“Aye, sir,” Sahar said lifting her bag. She left the room and headed back to the turbo lift. “Deck 5, Junior Officer Quarters,” she said. The journey was over in a few moments, and the doors opened again. Sahar stepped out of the turbolift a headed for her quarters, but she quickly became lost. From her bag, she retrieved the data pad given to her when she boarded and tried to find herself on the ship map.

“Lost?” said an amused voice behind her. Sahar spun around in surprise, nearly striking the woman with her bag.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that. Especially not Security Officers.”

“Sorry,” the woman smiled. She was slightly shorter than Sahar, with light gray eyes. Her dirty-blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail that extended just below her shoulders. A trail of small brown spots ran down the sides of her head and neck. Sahar immediately recognized her as a Trill. “Need help?”

“Yeah. I am looking for my quarters.”

“You forgot where your quarters are? Did you have a late night?” the woman raised an eyebrow suggestively, making Sahar chuckle.

“No, this is my first assignment. Ensign Sahar Tehrani,” she said, extending her hand.

“Yeah, mine too. But I like my idea better,” she snickered as she shook Sahar’s hand. “Ensign Casana Olan. Now, where are you heading?”

“Room 18.”

“Really? I’m quartered in 18, too. It’s just down the hall here.” Casana led Sahar down the hallway and into their quarters. “Allow me to give you the tour,” she said as they entered the room. “This is the living area,” she said, pointing to a small table in one corner of the room. Padded benches built into the wall surrounded it on two sides and a pair of chairs was pushed in under the other two. “The chairs are so comfortable that don’t always think you’re sitting in the brig.” Sahar found Casana’s humor comforting, if somewhat odd. “The beds are there,” Casana motioned to the two sets of bunk beds against the far wall. “This one’s mine,” she said, patting one of the top bunks. “Danny sleeps on the other top one, so I guess you’re on the bottom. There are footlockers next to the bunks, and we each have a locker over there. They-”

“Whoa, slow down,” Sahar was having trouble keeping up with Casana. “Who’s Danny?”

“Danny? Oh, he’s an engineer. I think he’s a transporter officer.”

“And he’s quartered here?”


“Okay. Now, what were you saying about the lockers,” Sahar said as slowly and calmly as possible, hoping it would encourage Casana to do the same. It did not.

“The wall lockers, right. They can be locked, so put anything you don’t want me nosing through in there,” Casana smiled mischievously, nodding to a row of four large storage lockers. She then crossed to the other side of the room. “If you would step this way,” she said, gesturing extravagantly to a door across the room from the lockers. Sahar walked through the doorway, finding herself in the head. “This is our luxurious spa. It is complete with all the amenities of a Klingon prison, with marginally less slave labor!” Casana said with mock enthusiasm. “Well,” she said, returning to the main room, “This concludes our tour. Do you have any questions?”

“I didn’t know that the Excelsior‘s had tour guides.”

Casana smiled broadly. “Just this room.”

“I see.”

“Anyway, you go ahead and get settled in. I’m going to take a shower before I report for duty.”

Sahar sat on the bunk below Casana’s. Reaching into her bag, she retrieved her most valued possession. She passed her thumb over the letters embossed on the book’s cover: The Holy Qur’an. Her mother had given it to her when she left for the Academy. They were both devout, although Sahar was not. She sat there for several minutes, staring at the book. As she felt the old leather in her hands, her tension and nervousness melted away. Her thoughts were interrupted when Casana came bouncing into the room.

“Wait till you try the sonic shower out!” she squeaked. As she reached behind her head to tie her hair back again, the door opened, and Suvak entered.

“Greetings, Ensign Tehrani. I did not realize that you were quartered here as well,” she said when she saw Sahar.

“I guess they want us together for now,” Sahar said. Then she remembered Casana. Oh, this is gonna be interesting, she thought as she stood. “Ensign Suvak, this is Ensign Casana Olan.”

“Greetings,” Suvak said.

“Hi! You want the tour?” Casana said enthusiastically. Sahar stepped back, trying to observe the interaction without becoming involved.

“Tour?” Suvak sounded confused.

“Yeah. Of the quarters,” Casana answered.

“No. I am familiar with the configuration of quarters on Excelsior-class vessels.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun. I promise you-”

Casana stopped mid-sentence as the door again opened. A tall, muscular man with short, graying brown hair walked in. He stared silently at the three women for a moment. His uniform had the gold trim of an engineer, and the bars on his cuff indicated at least 25 years of service.

“Hey, Danny, have you-”

“Attention on deck!” he yelled commandingly. Instinctually, all three snapped to attention. “Just kidding,” he laughed. This ship is full of crazy people, Sahar thought. “I see the rest of our bunk-mates have arrived.”

“Danny, this is Sahar and Suvak.”

“Lieutenant Daniel Ben-David,” he smiled, shaking hands with each of them. “What’s your last name, Sahar?”

“Tehrani, sir.” Sahar was still half at attention.

“Call me Danny. Sahar Tehrani, huh? Where are you from?”


“Really? My brother-in-law runs a little restaurant in Isfahan.”

“What’s the name? I might know it.”

“Oh, I’ve never been there. He’s a horrible cook,” Danny smiled. “Anyway, I wanted to stop by and introduce myself before you report for duty.”

“Why have you been quartered with us, sir?” Suvak asked.

“You three are the only first-timers on-board, so the Captain wanted someone experienced to help you get used to life on a starship.”

“But, as Academy graduates, we are fully prepared for service on a starship. We are well trained, and are proficient at our assigned duties. It is thus logical to assume that we are prepared for this assignment.”

“Yeah. Hold on to that thought,” Danny grinned.


Deck 5, Crew Quarters, 0730 hours

“Deck 19, Armory,” Sahar said as she entered the turbolift. Her previous nervousness was mostly gone. She was certain she could perform her duties well, but she was still concerned about who she was quartered with. Individually, they were likable, and Sahar could see herself getting along with all of them. The problem was with each other. Sahar was reasonably confident that Suvak would be tempted to strangle Casana within a few days. Her duties could be stressful, and Sahar would have preferred a quiet place to rest after duty. The last thing she wanted was to get back from a long shift, only to be caught between feuding roommates.

The turbolift door opened, interrupting her thoughts. Directly across the hall was the Main Armory, which served as the briefing area for the security personnel that were stationed in the midsection of the ship. Inside, Sahar examined the room.

The right side of the room was a locker area. It consisted of rows of storage cabinets, each one with a security lock. Several crewmen were sitting on the benches between the lockers, talking and examining their equipment. On the opposite side was an equipment maintenance area. Several workbenches, scanners, and tool lockers lined the walls. In the center of the wall was a large door marked with the words “FIRING RANGE”. Directly in front of her was the quartermaster’s desk. The quartermaster, an Andorian, was sitting behind the desk, talking to a lean, athletic Asian man.

“Lieutenant Tokada?” she asked.

“Yes?” the man said, turning to face her.

Sahar stood at attention. “Ensign Sahar Tehrani, reporting for duty, sir.”

“At ease, Ensign,” he said. “This is your first assignment, if I remember correctly.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I am placing you with Senior Chief Petty Officer Zula. I served with her on the Rommel. She’s experienced and level headed. You’ll learn a lot from her. Also in your detachment will be Chief Petty Officer Sedaris and Crewman Black. You are responsible for decks 14 and 15,” he said.

“What are the priority areas on that deck, sir?”

Tokada walked around the desk to a large screen on the wall behind it, which showed a cut-away of the ship. He switched the display setting, and a schematic of deck 15 appeared. “The only high security area is the Forward Torpedo Bay, which holds the majority of the ships photon torpedoes. It’s located here, between the two upper forward launchers,” he said, pointing to the display. “The bay extends up into deck 14, but the controls and the only access points are on deck 15. The torpedoes aren’t armed with antimatter until they are actually in the tube, so the torpedoes themselves aren’t dangerous. A saboteur can’t arm and fire a torpedo without the bridge and main engineering noticing, but they can fuck with the any of the loading, arming, and firing mechanisms, thus disabling the launcher.”

“Anything else, sir?” Sahar asked, paying careful attention.

“A secondary target would be the Aft Phaser Banks, also on that deck. Without any moving parts, disabling them would be difficult, but it’s still possible. Deck 14 is mostly storage, but also has one of the Exobiology Labs. Go it?”

“Yes, sir”

“Good.” As they had been talking, other security personnel had been filing into the room. Numerous conversations filled the room, making it difficult for Sahar to hear. “Okay, time to get started.” Tokada said to Sahar. “Attention on deck!” he yelled. The conversations immediately stopped as the crewman organized into ranks. In a matter of seconds the room was silent. Each man stood at attention, facing Tokada.

“Excellent. My name is Lieutenant Tokada. I am the ranking security officer responsible for everything from Main Engineering forward on decks 12 through 26. It is our job to ensure the safety of the heart of this ship. We are responsible for most of the ships torpedo launchers, Main Engineering, the Battle Bridge, the Main Armory, the Exobiology Labs, and the Astrophysics Labs. The other two security areas are the saucer section and the aft decks. Lieutenant Goph is responsible for the head. Lieutenant McCloud is responsible for the ass.” A chuckle went through the room.

“We are based out of this room, the Main Armory. It contains a firing range, equipment maintenance area, the quartermaster’s post, and your equipment lockers. All of your security equipment is stored in those lockers,” he said, pointing to the lockers. “Your locker will have your name on it. The access code will be the last six digits of your service number. Change the code as soon as possible. When on duty, you are required to wear your body armor and carry your sidearm.”

“There are 30 of you to cover 15 decks for 8 hours. To do this, I am splitting you into teams of four. Each team is led by an officer, and is responsible for two decks. The only exception is my team, team 4, which will consist of six men and cover three decks, 17, 18, and 19. Here are the team assignments.” Sahar’s thoughts drifted as he read off the assignments. She had already received hers, and was thinking about how she would organize her team. “Suit up, and report to you team leaders. Dismissed.”

Sahar searched for a few minutes before finding her locker. She entered the access code and opened the locker. Inside was a suit of body armor. She stripped off her jacket, boots, and pants, leaving only her dark green undershirt and panties. She hung them in the locker and pulled on the body armor. First was a specialized jacket similar to the standard uniform jacket, except it was made from thicker, denser material resistant to penetration by shrapnel or blades. The pants were nearly identical to her normal uniform pants, but were made from the same material as the jacket. She strapped on a black armored vest and put her boots back on. The armor itself was heavy, but flexible, and covered her chest, stomach, back, shoulders, and groin, and was secured to her waist by a belt.

She pressed a button on the access panel, and a drawer slid out from beneath the locker. It contained a phaser pistol, holster, and spare batteries. Sahar attached the holster to her belt and picked up the pistol, examining it. She pulled the battery from the grip of the weapon, ensuring it was undamaged and charged. Sahar slid it back into it the base of the pistol, clicking it in to place. Next, she flipped a switch at the back, and the weapon came to life. Sahar checked the display on the side, ensuring it was functioning properly. She turned a dial, cycling the phaser through all of its settings, leaving it on the weakest. She flipped the safety switch, disarming the weapon, and slid it into the holster. From her other uniform, she retrieved her communicator. Sahar grabbed her helmet and closed the locker.

It’s a little tight, Sahar thought, adjusting her jacket. She placed on boot on the bench and tucked the cuffs of her pants into the boots. As she was looking down, another pair of boots silently entered her field of view. Sahar looked up to see a tall woman in full armor, her helmet resting under her right arm. Sahar was immediately struck by the woman’s near total lack of hair. With the exception of small eyebrows, she seemed to be to completely hairless. A Deltan, Sahar realized.

“Senior Chief Petty Officer Zula reporting, sir,” she said, standing at attention.

“At ease. Ensign Sahar Tehrani. Good to meet you, Chief Zula” Sahar extended her hand.

“Thank you, sir.” Over Zula’s shoulder, she saw two men approaching.

“Crewman Black and CPO Sedaris, reporting.”

“At ease. Since that’s all of us, let’s get going,” Sahar said. They exited the Armory and entered the turbolift. “Deck 15,” she said. The turbolift began to move, and she turned to face the others. “We have one of the most important areas on the ship: the Main Torpedo Bay and Upper Launchers. Black, Sedaris, I’m putting you two there. I want one each at the entrance to the launchers. We will patrol the rest of the area, and will relieve you after two hours. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Black and Sedaris said as the door opened.

“Go to it,” Sahar said. The men nodded and left the turbolift, putting their helmets on. Sahar and Zula followed, stopping just outside the turbolift while Black and Sedaris continued to their posts. “Shall we?” she asked, pulling her helmet on.

“Aye, sir,” Zula said, already having put her helmet on, “Although…”

“What?” Sahar asked.

“Well, we aren’t actually on duty until after we launch. We could go down to the Aft Crew Lounge to watch.” Sahar thought for a moment.

“Alright. Let’s go.”


Deck 15, Aft Crew Lounge, 0755 hours

The lounge, located on the aft-most section of the ship, consisted of a bar, a handful of tables, and a large window taking up one wall. It looked aft, providing an unobstructed view of Mars. Around a dozen crewmen had gathered to watch the ship depart.

“All hands, this is Captain Lowe,” said a voice over the intercom. “Stand by to decouple from space dock. Control, Athena requesting permission to depart.”

“Granted. Decoupling docking arm. Good luck, Athena.”

“Here we go,” Zula whispered to herself. The ship shuddered, and then was still.

“Helm, take us out. Thrusters only.” There was a gentle rumble, and the ship began to slip out of the dock. A hush fell over the lounge as the ship slid out of the dock.

“Captain, we are clear of space dock.” A cheer came from the men and women in the lounge.

“Helm, one half impulse. Take us clear of the yard.”

“Aye, sir.” The rumble faded, and was replaced by a low hum. The lounge was again silent, and Sahar jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned, finding herself face to face with tall, thin woman, and Sahar’s hand started to go to her phaser.

“Sorry,” said the woman. “I didn’t mean to startle you,” she smiled warmly. While her expression was reassuring, her hand remained on Sahar’s shoulder. But instead of unnerving her, Sahar found it comforting. Her body relaxed and she looked at the woman. She was a bit taller than Sahar, with tanned skin and platinum blonde, almost silver, hair. Her face was round and her brown eyes soft. She looked human except for a small mark in the middle of her forehead.

“It’s okay. I’m just a little nervous,” Sahar said.

“Oh, why is that?”

“This is my first assignment. I’ve never left the system.”

“Well, don’t be nervous. This is a new experience. You should be open to it,” the woman said. Her voice was warm and sincere, and it comforted Sahar.

“I am. I just don’t know what to expect, and I want to do my job well,” Sahar said. “Most of my family was in Starfleet at one time or another. I want to live up to their expectations.” Sahar was not entirely sure why she was saying this to a stranger, but those eyes were so full of compassion, and she felt totally at ease.

“Performance anxiety, huh?” the woman laughed softly. “Don’t worry. These people, everyone around you, are your friends. You can trust them. They won’t hurt you,” she smiled at Sahar. She began to feel warm under her armor. Then Sahar noticed that the woman was wearing a civilian jacket and skirt instead of a uniform.

“Why aren’t you in uniform?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m not with Starfleet. I’m a passenger. I’m on my way to Betazed for a conference.”

“What kind of conference?”

“It’s a Psychology symposium. It’s on new therapy methods for individuals suffering from emotional or psychological trauma.”

“Why are you traveling with us? Isn’t there another, more comfortable way to get to Betazed?”

“I’m in a hurry. I had to delay my departure because of a technical problem at our clinic.”

“Captain, we are clear of the yard,” said a voice on the intercom.

“Very well. Take us out of the system, warp 2.”

“Warp 2, aye.” From all around them, a loud hum built and faded quickly. Mars fell away and stars seemed to streak by. “Warp 2 achieved, sir.”

“Very well. Crew of the Athena, we are under way.” The room filled with the sound of clapping and cheering. Everyone was caught up in the excitement, except for Sahar and the woman in front of her.

“Welcome to Starfleet,” she said as she hugged Sahar. Sahar was surprised, but quickly relaxed and embraced the woman. After a moment, the blonde pulled away. “Well, you should get back to your duty, Ensign… uh, what was your name?”

“Sahar. Sahar Tehrani.”

“I’m Leena. Pleased to meet you.”

“Me too, Leena.” Sahar started to leave, but Leena gently grasped her arm.

“Hey, when you get off duty, you should come by and have a drink with me,” she said.

“Sure. See you then.”

“Bye.” As Sahar stepped out of the room, she noticed a smile on Zula’s face. “What?”

“I’ll tell you later,” she said, still smiling.


Deck 14, 0900 hours

Sahar stepped out of a storage room on deck 14. “What’s in that one, sir?”

“All of the socks in the Alpha quadrant,” Sahar said. Zula smiled. “We’ll check out the Exobiology Lab next,” Sahar pointed down the corridor.

“Aye, sir.” They walked down the corridor and Sahar reached for the door, but Zula stopped her. “Sir, before you go in there, you should know something.”

“What’s that, Chief?”

“Well, sir, these people, Exobiologists, they tend to be a little… off.”

“How so?” Sahar asked.

“They can be a bit… enthusiastic. And they have a kind of dark sense of humor. Just be ready for anything when you step through that door.”

“Understood. Thanks, Chief,” Sahar said. She pressed the control panel and the door opened. Sahar was completely unprepared for what was on the other side. In front of her was Casana who was staring with rapt attention at a specimen container she was holding. The jar appeared to contain an unusually large shrimp. “Casana?” Sahar said in surprise.

Casana looked up in surprise. A look of excitement spread across her face. “Sahar!” she cried. Casana put the container on the table she was standing next to and threw her arms around Sahar. “I am so glad you’re here! Take a look at this! It’s a new species of crustacean from a system outside of Federation space. I call him Tom. Dr. Collins received it from a friend on the Copernicus. He got it from a Cardassian trader. According to the trader, it’s a common food in its home system. They’re supposed to be delicious,” Casana said excitedly. “Wait, why are you here, Sahar?”

“I’m on duty. I was assigned to decks 14 and 15.” Casana’s eyes lit up as she heard this.

“Really? That’s great! I’m kinda busy right now, but I can show you the lab later. Who’s your friend?”

“This is Senior Chief Petty Officer Zula. She’s on my security team. Chief, this is Ensign Casana Olan. We’re quartered together.” The shook hands, and Sahar turned to Casana. “What are you doing?” she asked before she realized what would happen when she did.

“I’m so glad you asked! Dr. Collins wanted me to take a tissue sample and run some tests. Genetic sequence, blood chemistry, neurotransmitter profile, that sort of thing. Well, I went to take the sample, but when I opened the incision in the carapace, I saw eggs. She’s pregnant!” Casana grinned.

“Wait, it’s a she?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Then why did you name it Tom?”

“It’s my mother’s name. It’s short for Tomizia,” Casana said with a confused expression on her face. “Anyway, I told Dr. Collins, and he asked me to set up a tank for Tom to lay her eggs in. So I was just doing an electrolytic analysis of the water in its tank to get an idea of the kind of chemical environment it would do best in.”

“Casana, isn’t this your first day?” Sahar asked.

“Yeah, so?”

“And Dr. Collins is having you set up a breeding tank for the only known specimen in Federation space of a new species?”


“Why? I mean, why you? Isn’t there someone more… qualified?”

“Oh, I have Premier Distinctions in Exobiology, Organic Chemistry, and Military Sciences from the Trill Science Ministry,” Casana said casually.

“Wait, you have three doctorates? How old are you?” Zula asked.

“24.” Casana said. Zula smiled knowingly.

“When did you join?”

“What?” Casana was clearly taken by surprise. Sahar saw that she was clearly nervous, and Casana began to blush heavily. Casana’s embarrassed?

“When did you apply to the Academy?” Zula smiled.

“Oh, umm, I, three years ago,” Casana stuttered.

“Hmm,” Zula said, still smiling. Then, turning to Sahar, “We should get back to our patrol, sir.”

“Right. Okay, Chief, let’s go. See you later, Casana,” Sahar said, looking back and forth between Zula and Casana.

“Yeah, see ya,” Casana did not take her eyes of Zula. “Good to meet you, Chief Zula,” Casana said, speaking much more formally than Sahar expected.

“You too, sir,” Zula said as her smile continued to grow. They turned to leave, but on her way out, Zula looked back at Casana. “Hey, Casana.”


“I’m sure you will impress your… supervisor,” Zula said, emphasizing the last word. She was still smiling, but it had become more reassuring and less devious. Casana smiled back warmly.

“Thanks,” she said. Sahar and Zula left and returned to their patrol. As soon as the door closed, Sahar turned to Zula.

“What was that all about?”

“What do you mean, sir?” Zula asked innocently.

“Oh, no. Something just happened between you two, and I want to know what it is.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, sir.”

“Casana’s my bunkmate. Until a moment ago, I was pretty sure she was physically incapable of not sharing every thought she has with everyone she comes across. But back there, I saw her flustered and embarrassed. And about what? The date she applied for Starfleet Academy? No. Something else got to her, and you know damn well what it was. So spill, Chief.” Zula stared at her for several minutes. Finally, she spoke.

“In my 30 years in Starfleet, I have met hundreds of intelligent species. But the Trill are, by far, the most interesting to me. They are very open, confident, and outgoing. But they also keep a big secret.”

“What is it?”

“Oh, I couldn’t tell you. I only found out by accident. I can, however, tell you this: Keep that girl close. She is special, and if I’m right about her, she is going to become VERY special. When she does, you are going to see a whole new person, and that person will be one of the most valuable friends you could possibly have.”

“How do you know so much about the Trill?”

“Because Curzon sometimes talks in his sleep,” Zula snickered.


Deck 14, 1200 hours

Three hours later, the excitement of leaving space dock had been replaced by the mind-crushing boredom of guarding a door for two hours. Sahar was still thinking about Leena. Out of everyone she had met, Leena seemed to be the only one who was relaxed. The experienced crew members were anxious to get under way, and the greener ones were nervous. Well, not Suvak. But Vulcans don’t count, Sahar thought to herself. She wondered what her friend was doing. Sahar had never actually asked Suvak what her job was, and it made her curious.

“Sir, I am ready to relieve you,” Sedaris said as he came around a corner.

“Very well, Chief Petty Officer. Report.”

Sedaris chuckled. “We took a look around. Got to know the layout of the area. We noticed some small equipment issues in one of the storage rooms and reported it to Engineering. Also took a peek inside the Exobiology Lab.”


“Well, sir, I think one of the techs, Ensign Olan, I think she likes Crewman Black. They are going to meet later in Forward Observation after their shifts end,” he said.

“Lovely,” Sahar sighed. At least Casana has someone to focus her energy on. Poor bastard. “Carry on, Sedaris,” Sahar said as she saw Zula approaching.

“Aye, sir.”

“Ready, Chief?” Sahar asked Zula.

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s go then.” As soon as Sedaris was out of earshot, Sahar looked at Zula and asked “You hear about Black’s date?”

“Yes. He was very excited. Poor kid is in over his head,” she smiled.

“Casana is going to talk him into the ground,” Sahar said.

“Wasn’t the verb I would have used, sir.”

Sahar stopped. “What does that mean, Chief?”

“Trill tend to be sexually… confident.” Zula was clearly choosing her words carefully.

“Aggressive?” Sahar asked.

“Not really. Just… in control. If he is expecting a simple conquest, he is in for a surprise,” she said. “They can be slow to enter a relationship, but when they do, it’s intense and passionate.”

“You speaking from personal experience?” Sahar asked as they continued their patrol.


“That was easy,” Sahar marveled. “Usually, humans are kind of evasive when asked that question.”

“Sexuality is a very important part of Deltan society. Every social interaction has at least a minor sexual component.”


“Yes. And we aren’t the only such culture. You’ll see,” Zula smiled.

“Huh?” Sahar was confused again.

“Leena. She’s Risian.”

“I don’t think that’s what she has in mind,” Sahar said.

“Oh, it most definitely is. My advice is to go along with it.”


“Risians are not just sexually open, they are very skilled. Just make sure you ask about jamaharon.”

“What’s-” Sahar was interrupted by the intercom.

“Security to deck 14 Exobiology Lab!” It was Casana’s voice, and she sounded desperate.

“Security team responding to deck 14 Exobiology Lab,” she said into her communicator. They ran to the turbolift, slipping through the door as it was still opening. “Deck 14, Exobiology Lab.” The trip took a few seconds, and when the door opened they ran towards the lab. They stopped just outside the door and Sahar looked over her shoulder at Zula. “Ready, Chief?”

“Yes, sir.” Her hand on her phaser, Sahar stepped in front of the door. As it opened, something shot out of it directly at her face, just missing her.

“What the hell?” she yelled, swatting at the object. It avoided her arm, went past her head, and down the corridor. Before Sahar could turn to follow it, someone ran into her and she was knocked to the ground. She looked up to see Casana lying next to her. “Casana, what the hell is going on?”

“It got loose! I thought I had it sedated and dropped the containment field, but it flew away,” she cried, getting to her feet.

“What is it?” Sahar asked as she stood.

“A fruit bat,” Casana said as she ran off down the corridor after the bat.

“Great,” Sahar said, looking at Zula.


Deck 19, Armory, 1600 hours

Sahar sat down on the bench in the armory. She was totally exhausted, but at least she was in her normal uniform. Catching Casana’s bat had taken more than an hour. Sahar, Casana, and Zula chased it through deck 14 and into one of the storage rooms. Eventually, the bat was too tired to fly and collapsed on the deck. It was now back in the Exobiology Lab. Zula sat down next to her, having changed into her standard uniform.

“I kinda enjoyed that,” she said happily.

“What, the bat thing? That was a nightmare,” Sahar sighed.

“I thought humans loved animals.”

“Some animals. Dogs, cats, the occasional bird. Bats, not so much.”

“So, you like animals with fur, or animals that fly, but not both?” Zula laughed.

Sahar just laughed along with her. As they continued talking, Lt. Tokada approached. When they noticed him, both Sahar and Zula stood at attention. “At ease,” the lieutenant said. “Ensign Tehrani, report.”

“I deployed my team in two pairs, sir. One remained at the torpedo launchers while the other patrolled our area of responsibility. The pairs exchanged duties every two hours, with Chief Zula and me taking the first patrol.”

“Any incidents?” he asked. Zula snickered.

“On their first patrol, CPO Sedaris and Crewman Black noticed some technical issues in one of the storage rooms on deck 14, sir.”

“Anything else?” Tokada asked.

“Well, sir, at approximately 1200 hours, we responded to a request for Security from the Exobiology Lab on deck 14.”

“Why did you not report this, Ensign?”

“It was a… well, sir, it was a bat.”

“A bat?” Tokada said, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, sir. It had escaped from containment in the Exobiology Lab. As we entered, it flew past us into the hallway.”


“We assisted Ensign Olan in capturing the animal, and returned to patrol. There were no further incidents, sir.” Sahar finished. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Zula trying to suppress a smile.

“And how long did that take?”

“About an hour, sir.”

“You spent an hour chasing a bat?” Tokada said, somewhat annoyed. Zula started to chuckle, struggling to maintain her composure.

“Yes, sir.”

“What took so long?”

“It was extremely agile, sir. Much too fast to catch by hand.”

“Then how did you catch it, Ensign?” Tokada asked her.

“We… pursued it into a storage room, sir. It was small enough that we were able to keep the bat from landing to rest. Eventually, it was too exhausted to fly, sir. When it collapsed, Ensign Olan recovered it and returned it to the Exobiology Lab.”

“We ran that bastard into the ground, sir,” Zula said, barely managing to get the words out.

“You just chased it until it gave up?”

“Yes, sir,” Sahar said, looking at her feet.

“Why didn’t you just shoot it?” Tokada said, clearly upset now. Zula was unable to contain herself any longer and began laughing hysterically.

“Sir, phasers are too powerful to stun the animal without killing it. A blast that weak would have almost no effect on a human-size target, so it was not designed to deliver one,” Sahar said.

“Set phasers to ‘Tickle’!” Zula said as she collapsed on the bench, holding her side.

“So?” Tokada said.

“Sir, I felt it was important to ensure the safety of the specimen.”

“And you spent an hour trying to secure it, instead?” Tokada nearly yelled, ignoring Zula.

“Yes, sir.” Sahar said.

“Outstanding, Ensign,” Tokada said, his face suddenly reassuring.

“Sir?” Sahar was confused.

“Starfleet’s primary role is scientific. Exploration is our mission. Part of that is ensuring that specimen’s be preserved whenever possible. You chose to expend a great deal of effort in order to do so, despite having a much easier method to solve the immediate problem. You made the right call, Ensign.”

“I want that bat alive!” Zula said, trying to breathe.

“So, you aren’t angry that we spent an hour chasing a bat?” Sahar said, still slightly wary.

“Ensign, as an officer, it will sometimes be beneficial for you to conceal your true feelings, even from your subordinates,” Tokada smiled. “Unlike Senior Chief Petty Officers,” he said, looking at Zula.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Get some rest. You’ve had a long day, Ensign. Dismissed.”

“Aye, sir,” Sahar said before heading for the turbolift.

“Remember what I said about tonight!” Zula called, trying to catch her breath.


Deck 15, Aft Crew Lounge, 1730 hours

After a quick shower, Sahar went to the Aft Crew Lounge. She felt much more relaxed than the first time she had been here. The lounge was somewhat less crowded than it had been that morning. Must have been the launch thought Sahar. She scanned the room, looking for Leena. She was sitting with her back to Sahar, watching the stars go by. Leena’s hair was tied up into a bun behind her head, and she still wearing the same jacket and skirt. Sahar walked up next to her.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked.

“Sahar! I am so glad you came. No, this seat is free, but we aren’t staying here,” Leena smiled up a Sahar.

“Oh? Where are we going?” Sahar asked as Leena stood.

“You’ll see. Follow me,” Leena smiled. Taking Sahar’s hand, Leena led her out of the room and headed to the turbolift. When they entered, Leena didn’t speak. Instead, she entered their destination manually on the control panel.

“You’re being very secretive about this,” Sahar observed.


“Can I at least get a hint?”

Leena leaned over, whispering seductively in Sahar’s ear. “It will make you sweat,” she said, her lips grazing Sahar’s earlobe. A shiver went down Sahar’s spine, and she couldn’t think straight. She was still trying to compose herself when Leena moved behind her. The Risian brought her hands up, covering Sahar’s eyes.

“What are you doing?” She managed to squeak out.

“I don’t want you to know where we are going,” she said. “Okay, go straight ahead,” Leena commanded when the doors opened. She guided Sahar through the corridors. “Turn left. Okay, now right. Keep going. More. Stop. Face left. Now go forward.” As Sahar stepped forward, she heard a door open in front of her. “Okay, open your eyes,” Leena said as she removed her hands. What the hell? Sahar thought.

They were in the ship’s gymnasium.

“Why are we in the gym?” she asked.

“Well, I thought we might play a game,” Leena answered, walking across the empty room.

“Leena, this place should be full of people. Why is it empty?”

“It’s closed for… maintenance,” she said.

“Leena, we shouldn’t be in here.”

“Relax. Captain Lowe is a friend of my father. I asked him to let us have the room for a few hours. Now, are you going to play or not?”

“What kind of game?” Sahar asked, staying still.

“One you’re good at. I was hoping you might teach me some things.” She stopped next to a large, square mat on the floor, and Sahar realized where Leena was going.

“You want to spar?” she smiled, approaching the mat.

“No, I want to play a game.”

“Okay. What are we playing for?”

“The winner gets to choose what we do next,” Leena smiled. As Sahar neared her, Leena lift her shirt, revealing a white sleeveless top cut just below the navel. She removed her long skirt and shoes. All she was wearing was the top and long, loose white pants. She had a very thin, almost delicate physique and smooth, milky skin. Sahar thought she was gorgeous.

“I see,” Sahar said. As she passed Leena, she pulled off her uniform jacket and undershirt, leaving only her sports bra. She left her uniform pants on and bent over to remove her shoes. Sahar was more muscular, though she was still lean and athletic, her muscles visible under her deeply tanned skin as they flexed. “So, what are the rules?”

“Simple. Grappling. No strikes, submission only. First to three wins,” she said.

“Alright then,” Sahar smiled confidently as she tossed her shoes aside. “Let me know when you’re ready.”

“Okay, let’s begin,” Leena nodded. They both raised their hands defensively and approached. As soon as she was in range, Sahar latched on to Leena’s left shoulder with her right hand. She started to move her right leg forward, intending to move it behind Leena and sweep her to the ground, but before her foot left the mat, Leena reacted.

Using her right hand, she grasped the outside of Sahar’s right palm and brought her left up to Sahar’s elbow. Leena shifted her weight back and put pressure on the elbow, forcing Sahar’s arm to straighten and lock. She continued to push with her left hand, using her right to twist the arm. Sahar’s shoulder rotated and locked. Leena stepped back with her right foot, forcing Sahar down to her hand and knees.

Before Sahar could respond, Leena threw her left leg over Sahar’s shoulder. Her foot came down in front of Sahar, leaving her twisted arm between Leena’s legs. As soon as Leena’s foot hit the mat, it came back up. This time, it caught Sahar in the chest and forced her backwards, slamming her back onto the mat.

Leena followed her down, holding Sahar’s arm tightly. When they landed, Leena moved her right leg over Sahar’s torso and slid forward. She began to lean back, trapping Sahar’s twisted arm between her legs, palm up. Leena pulled down on the arm, using her groin for leverage as she bent Sahar’s elbow backwards. As soon as she did so, Sahar reached up with her left hand and tapped Leena’s leg.

Leena immediately released Sahar’s arm and jumped to her feet. She stood over Sahar, offering her a hand up. “That’s one for me! Are you okay?” she smiled innocently.

“You’re what’s known as a ‘ringer’,” Sahar said as she took the hand. It was soft and delicate, and Sahar felt a charge whenever they touched.

“When I said my father knows the Captain, what I meant was my father killed two Klingons in hand-to-hand combat to save him,” Leena smiled.

“And he taught his little girl how to take care of herself,” Sahar said, rubbing her shoulder. Leena just nodded. “Well, two can play that game.”

They closed again. This time, Leena moved first. Her right hand went for Sahar’s left shoulder, but Sahar intercepted it with her left hand. Stepping behind Leena, Sahar brought her right arm under Leena’s and grasped her right hand with both hands. She twisted and pulled down, using Leena’s locked arm as leverage to force her onto her toes. With Leena off balance, Sahar dropped her weight slightly and pushed her hips backwards. She rolled Leena over her hip, hurling her to the mat.

Sahar dropped to the mat, pressing her shin against Leena’s head and forcing it to the side. Leena immediately tapped her hand on Sahar’s knee. Sahar stood, helping Leena up. “We’re even,” she said proudly.

“We’re just starting,” she said. She came at Sahar, and again Sahar intercepted Leena’s right with her left. This time, Sahar slid her hand down to Leena’s. She pressed into Leena’s right elbow with her right hand and pushed forward with her left against Leena’s right palm, forcing the forearm back against the upper arm, palm up. She made a fist with her right hand and forced it into Leena’s elbow joint. As she pushed against Leena’s palm, her right arm acted as a fulcrum, pulling the elbow apart.

Leena tapped Sahar’s side before any damage was done, and Sahar released her. “A standing submission. Very nice,” Leena said.

Instead of responding, Sahar came at her, reaching for Leena’s shoulders. She grasped them, but Leena grabbed hers. Leena dropped herself backwards, pulling Sahar forward. She planted her foot in Sahar’s abdomen, hurling Sahar over her and onto the mat. Sahar landed hard on her back. Leena was on her feet immediately and grabbed Sahar’s right arm. She twisted it against her leg, pressing against the elbow with her knee.

Sahar tapped on her foot, and Leena released her. “Last point,” Leena said.

“Let’s finish this,” she smiled. Sahar lunged forward with her right hand. Leena pushed it aside with her right. Grabbing on, she pulled Sahar off balance and pushed her left knee into the back of Sahar’s, forcing her to her knees. Leena snaked her right arm in front of Sahar’s neck and pushed against the back of her head with the left, cutting off circulation. Sahar knew she had only seconds before losing consciousness and reacted instinctively.

She reached back with her right arm and grasped Leena’s knee. Pulling it forward, used her powerful legs the force them up and back. Sahar lifted herself up with Leena on her back, and used all her strength to force them back down. They slammed down against the mat, crushing Leena’s body beneath Sahar. But she held on, and Sahar’s vision began to narrow and darken. As her consciousness began to fade, she tapped on Leena’s elbow.

Leena relaxed her right arm and released the pressure with her left. But instead of letting go, she crossed her left arm over her right, resting them on Sahar’s chest. She breathed out a deep sigh of relief and rested her head against the mat. Sahar brought her arms up placing her hands on Leena’s, pressing her fingers between the blonde’s.

“I guess you win,” she said, trying to catch her breath. Leena lifted her head up, her mouth against Sahar’s ear.

“Your mine tonight,” she whispered, nibbling on Sahar’s earlobe.

“I can’t wait,” Sahar smiled happily. They lay on the mat resting for several minutes before gathering their clothes and leaving.


Deck 9, 1830 hours

“Wow,” Sahar gasped as she entered Leena’s room.

“Do you like it?” she said.

“It’s huge! This is four times the size of my quarters!”

“This is the Ambassadorial Quarters. It’s reserved for high-profile passengers like ambassadors and diplomats,” Leena said proudly.

“And the daughters of the Captain’s friends?” Sahar said as she wandered around the room.


“Where’s the bedroom? And the head?”

“Oh, they’re in different rooms. Here, let me show you,” Leena said. She led Sahar across the room and passed through a doorway. Sahar found herself in the bedroom. One wall was a floor to ceiling window with retracted shutters. The suite was on the top of the bow, giving an unobstructed view forward from the ship. The bed was against the far wall. Above it, a massive, elaborate, brilliantly colored painting hung on the wall. Dressers and a mirror were of the wall opposite the doorway, and a pair of chairs sat at the foot of the bed, facing the window. The bed itself was huge, with numerous large pillows. Sahar stared at the painting.

“This is amazing,” she said.

“Do you like it?” Leena asked.

“Very much.”

“It’s by an Andorian artist named Veelar. His work is heavily influenced by Human Impressionism and Vulcan Fractalism.”

“That’s an interesting mix,” Sahar commented.

“I like contradictions,” Leena smiled. “Like you,” she added, placing a hand on Sahar’s shoulder. Sahar turned to face her, and Leena pressed her lips against Sahar’s, her arms around the taller woman’s neck. The Ensign wrapped an arm around Leena’s waist and pulled her closer. Her other hand went to the back of Leena’s head.

The kiss was long and slow, with each woman exploring the other’s mouth, lips, and tongue. Sahar loved the softness of Leena’s mouth She let her hands drift down, squeezing Leena’s ass before moving back up, under her shirt. Leena pushed against her slightly, and Sahar stepped backwards. When she felt something soft on the back of her knees, she sat. Leena barely broke their embrace, following her down and straddling Sahar’s thighs.

Sahar broke the kiss, and nibbled her way down Leena’s face and neck to the collar bone. As she kissed and licked along it, Sahar’s hands began to lift Leena’s shirt. The Risian lifted her arms and Sahar stopped her exploration of Leena’s collar to lift the shirt up and off, tossing it to the floor. The shirt had not hit the ground when Sahar lowered her head to Leena’s breast. As she nipped at the soft flesh her hand moved to the other breast, gently squeezing it.

Sahar massaged the large, firm mounds for several minutes, being careful to avoid the small nipples. When she finally did take one between her teeth, Leena nearly screamed. She brought her hands up to the back of Sahar’s head, pulling her closer. Then, to Sahar’s surprise, Leena pushed her down onto her back. Sahar looked up at her in confusion.

“Take your clothes off, and lie on the bed. Face down,” Leena said in a husky voice as she climbed off the bed. Sahar opened her mouth to speak, but Leena silenced her by placing a single finger on her mouth. “I won. I get to choose what we do,” she smiled. Sahar responded by licking and sucking on Leena’s finger, drawing a moan from the blonde.

Leena pulled away, and went over to one of the dressers. While Sahar removed her shirt and pants, she watched Leena take a small metal box out of one of the drawers. Leena walked back to the bed and placed the box on the nightstand. Wearing only her black panties, Sahar lay down in the middle of the massive bed. Resting her head on the pillows, she watched as Leena opened the box and removed two white gloves. She carefully put them on and pressed a button on the inside of the box. When she did, the palms and fingertips of the gloves turned pink and began to glow.

Leena crawled across the bed towards Sahar. “Close your eyes and relax,” she said soothingly. Leena positioned herself on top of Sahar, straddling her upper legs. As gently as possible, she ran her fingertips down the back of Sahar’s neck.

The moment she made contact, Sahar’s neck muscles contracted violently, wrenching her neck and causing her to cry out in surprise and pain. “Gah! What the fuck was that?” she cried.

“Sorry,” Leena said sheepishly. “I had it on the wrong setting.” She reached over to the box and removed a control pad. She typed a few commands into it and set it back on the nightstand. “Okay, let’s try this again, shall we?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure I trus- oh god!” Sahar was cut off when Leena ran her fingers back over her neck. Sahar felt her neck muscles relax immediately. As Leena’s fingers moved over Sahar’s skin, they left behind a tingling sensation. The tingling quickly became warmth, and from that warmth spread a relaxed, heavenly pleasure. The sensation spread from the point where Leena’s fingers had been, quickly fading. As Leena’s fingers moved across Sahar’s skin, it left brief trail of pleasure, like the wake of a boat on a calm lake.

“You like it?” Leena asked.

“Oh, fuck…” Sahar moaned loudly.

“I assume that means ‘yes’,” she said. Leena ran her hands lightly over the top of Sahar’s outstretched arms. She slid her hands back down the underside of the arms, causing Sahar to moan softly. Leena’s fingers moved down Sahar’s sides and on to the small of her back, causing her to twitch in pleasure. She trailed her hands over Sahar’s ass and down her legs.

As the sensations moved over her cheeks, the farthest edges of its wake reached Sahar’s anus. She felt a warm tickle in the small ring of muscle, causing her to gasp and raise her hips. But when she pressed harder into Leena’s hands, the sensation abruptly stopped. Sahar groaned in frustration desperate to feel get more of that magnificent touch.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Leena cooed. She lay down on Sahar’s back, pressing her breasts into the tan skin of her back. “These little gloves send out electrical signals to your nerves, causing a wonderfully pleasant feeling, as you already know,” she whispered into Sahar’s ear. “But, if there is too much pressure, if you push into me,” she paused, darting her tongue into Sahar’s ear, “it stops.” Leena nibbled on the earlobe briefly. “So, you have to stay still if you want to feel it.”

“I can’t,” Sahar pleaded.

“Yes you can. Trust me. I know you can, sweetie,” Leena reassured her. “Now, roll onto your back.” Leena lifted herself off Sahar, allowing her to roll over before settling on top of her again. “Stay still.” Her hands returned to Sahar’s skin, this time on her cheeks. She slid her hands down over Sahar’s jaw, down her neck, and along her shoulders.

She moved down Sahar’s sides again, carefully avoiding her breasts. Leena continued down over her hips and onto the top of her thighs, moving inward. But before the sensation reached Sahar’s pussy it was gone, only reappear on her stomach.

Now Leena moved her hands up and out, back to Sahar’s ribs over her shoulders and back to her neck. The pressure inside her was becoming unbearable as Sahar’s body screamed for release.

“Oh, god please…” Sahar begged, desperately trying to keep still.

“Please what?” Leena asked.

“Please… please make me- ahh!” she screamed as Leena’s hands passed over her breasts. The sensations from the gloves seemed to be drawn to Sahar’s nipples, sending powerful jolts of pleasure through her body. Leena moved her hands over Sahar’s modest breasts, avoiding the hard nipples. “Oh, god, please!” she cried.

“What do you want me to do? You just have to say it,” Leena whispered.

“Please, I want you to touch my nipples!” Sahar gasped.

“Okay,” Leena said. Her hands moved from the outside of Sahar’s breasts straight to the nipples. As soon as they touched them, Sahar screamed in pleasure and came. The muscles in her pussy tightened and the air was sucked from her lungs. Her stomach tightened and she grasped desperately at the sheets.

As a second orgasm hit her, Sahar threw her head from side to side, crying in ecstasy. When the third washed over her, she lost control of her own body and raised her torso up. The sensations stopped, and Leena slid her hands under Sahar’s shoulders. She lifted the woman, still gasping and moaning in pleasure, into her arms and lay Sahar’s head on her chest, gently kissing the top of her head.

“Shh,” she whispered. “Breath. Just relax and breathe.” Sahar twitched and writhed in Leena’s arms, slowly coming down from her high. She was covered in sweat and breathing was ragged. Leena gently caressed the back of her head, slowly rocking back and forth.

“That… that was… fucking incredible,” Sahar whispered.

“Oh, we aren’t done. You haven’t even taken your panties off yet,” Leena smiled. Slowly, Sahar regained her strength. Leena set her down reached for the control pad. She removed the gloves and entered some commands into the pad before returning. “You wanna try?” she asked, handing the gloves to Sahar.

“On you?” Leena nodded. “I’d love to.”

“Okay, but first, we need to take care of something,” Leena smiled. She reached down and hooked Sahar’s panties with her fingers. Sahar lifted her hips, and Leena pulled the soggy black material over her legs. “Now, put the gloves on while I take my pants off,” she ordered.

As Leena raised her hips and pulled her pants off, Sahar slid the gloves onto her hands. “They feel soft and warm,” she observed.

“Now, come here,” Leena said as she lay back on the bed. Sahar swung her hips over Leena’s head, resting on her knees. “Good. Now, as gently as you can trace your fingers over my skin,” she said. Sahar obeyed, leaning forward and trailing her hands up Leena’s legs. “Oh, yes. That’s perfect,” she moaned. Sahar felt Leena’s hands pulling her hips down, and she slowly lowered herself onto the blonde’s waiting mouth.

Leena lapped at the juices covering Sahar’s pussy, nipping at her clit and rubbing her nose in the small, well-trimmed patch of black hair on Sahar’s mound. Leena latched on to the small nub for a moment, burying her nose in Sahar’s folds and savoring the smell, before pulling on Sahar’s outer lips with her teeth. Sahar rocked her hips back and forth, and Leena grabbed her cheeks, gently massaging them and pulling her pussy closer.

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