Lisa Richards was a hot looking little redhead that I was dating back when I was going to CSUF. Her true defining feature was her cute little round upturned ass and the fact that she loved to give head and swallow. When it came to oral, very few girls even came close to her abilities. The problem with Lisa however was that she was a royal bitch.

On our first date I took Lisa to the Red Lobster in Fullerton for some dinner. Back in the day Red Lobster was considered fine dining for us poor starving college students. On the way there Lisa asked me if I had ever gotten a blowjob in a car before. I lied of course and told her that I hadn’t. Well the girl dove right down in my lap and started giving me great head. The way that woman treated the head of my cock made me think of all the lollipops she must have practiced on to get so good.

Lisa had a very small mouth and couldn’t go down very far, but made up for it with her enthusiasm. Her dyed red hair flew all over the place as she bobbed up and down and around on the head of my cock. People driving by probably thought I had some crazy furry critter jumping up and down in my lap. Up ahead the intersection light was red. I thought about telling Lisa to stop when all of a sudden a police car pulls right up next to me on the passenger side. Right then and there I knew I was going to get busted my the cop and took a deep breath. Lisa asked me if everything was alright and I told her just to stay still. I then glanced over at the cop who is now watching the show. The cop grins and gives me the thumbs up sign before driving off.

Lisa then starts to jerk the shaft of my cock really hard with just the head in her mouth. I start to come very intensely and all of a sudden realize that I’m going to be a mess and we still have to go to dinner. Lisa pulls her lips off of my cock with a smile and I look down at my dick anticipating the mess I need to clean off. Lo and behold, not a drop of cum left. This fine little ho has sucked me dry and swallowed every last drop of my juice. Not bad for a first date.

The food at dinner was decent as was the conversation. We chatted about classes and what companies we wanted to work for when we graduated. One thing that started bothering me was the level of sarcasm that Lisa put out. She had to make fun of everything and everyone. Lisa even made fun of the waitress and made some rude comments in front of her about the service. I didn’t really care at the time since I was still glowing from the great blowjob she had given me.

Back then I was living in the Nutwood apartments across the street from CSUF so I invited Lisa to come over for some drinks. I made a few Long Island iced teas and put on a video. One thing led to another and soon we were both naked. Lisa of course dove on my dick right away and started slurping to her hearts content. Now that my balls were free from the previous confines of my pants she paid much more attention to them. I wanted to fuck her, but she told me to just lay back and enjoy.

All of a sudden I felt Lisa’s tongue start to move south of my balls towards my anus. I’d never had a girl do this before but had heard the term salad tosser from a friend. Lisa then put both hands under my ass and dove her tongue right into my ass crack. My ass must have bounced a foot in the air. I’d never had this happen before and to tell you the truth, it was quite enjoyable. Lisa spent at least ten minutes down there giving me the most intense rim job that I’ve ever had, even to this day. The whole time Lisa was sucking and tonguing my asshole, she continued to stroke my cock very slowly with her free hand. I couldn’t take much more and begged her to stop so that I could fuck her. In a voice that was muffled by my ass crack she told me that she never fucked on a first date. For some reason that put me over the edge and I started shooting hot cum towards the ceiling. As soon as I started coming, Lisa dove her tongue deep into my asshole. As I came my puckered ass squeezed her tongue hard with each shot. The juice landed on my groin, stomach and some even hit the cheek on my face.

Lisa removed her face from my ass crack and placed my still hard cock back in her mouth and started sucking slowly. Thirty seconds later I shot even more cum out of my dick and into her waiting mouth. Lisa then started sucking up all the come on my body from my first shot and swallowed it all. She even licked the cum off of my cheek. I pushed away from her when she tried to kiss me. The smell of ass and my own cum doesn’t really do it for me. Lisa then hit the shower, thanked me for dinner and took off.

I spent the next day with a big smile on my face imagining how good Lisa would be in bed. If this girl can fuck as good as she gives head, I’m set.

Later in the day I run into a couple of friends on campus and tell them about my adventures with Lisa the night before. My friend Steve immediately warns me that I’ve made a big mistake. Turns out that Steve has heard some bad things about Lisa and is trying to spoil my fun. Not really taking anything that Steve ever says to seriously, I continue on with my day and look forward to seeing Lisa in class later.

I ended up getting to class a little late and had to walk in while the teacher had just started talking. As I walk in the door, Lisa jumps up and runs over to me and plants a kiss on me. She then grabs my hand and walks me over to sit next to her where she has saved me a seat. The instructor frowns at me, but doesn’t say anything. Four times during class, Lisa reaches over and grabs my dick through my pants in plain site of the neighboring students. This activity is a little embarrassing, but still a turn on none the less. After class she invites me over to her parent’s house. She breathes into my ear that her parents are out of town and she wants me to fuck her on their bed. Her words give me an instant boner which I have to cover up with my backpack for the next fifteen minutes.

Turns out that Lisa’s parents are on the rich side of life. Their house is huge and sits on some nice acreage. Good oral and rich parents start to put Lisa in a very favorable light with me. As soon as I get inside Lisa jumps me and goes for my belt buckle. This is one impatient girl. I then tell her to chill for the moment and show me the house so that I can make sure that no one is there. Looking mildly irritated she gets back up to her feet and shows me around.

When we get to her parents room, Lisa strips down immediately and jumps on the bed. Lisa is about 5’4″ tall and has a great little athletic body. Small boobs, but a very round little butt and narrow waist make up for it. I strip down as well and we start making out on her parent’s bed. Right away she dives down on my dick, but does it in a 69 position. This is great for me since I haven’t had a chance to eat her pussy yet. Her pussy is the perfect shape with very little hair. My tongue has a great time dancing around her small clit and puffy little pussy lips. Lisa then goes for my asshole again with her tongue, but this time while we are in the 69 position. The feel of her tongue trying to penetrate my ass while her small tits rub on my dick is quite enjoyable.

After a few minutes of this fun I roll her off of me and attempt to mount her missionary style. Right as I’m about to penetrate her she pushes me away and starts struggling against me. I of course stop and ask her what’s wrong. She then asks me why I just stopped. I’m really confused now. This girl just pushed me away and is now asking me why I stopped. I attempt to mount her again which causes her to push me away and struggle once more. The bitch even slaps me across the face. Now I’m pissed and ask her what the fuck is wrong with her. Lisa smiles at my frustration and explains to me that she likes guys to force themselves on her. She tells me that no matter what she says or does I can still fuck her.

Suffice it so say the next hour or so was pretty crazy. I fucked the shit out of Lisa in every position I could think of. One problem however, Lisa didn’t fuck me back. The whole time she laid there as if she really was being raped. I also noticed that even though she liked to toss my salad, she didn’t seem very fond of having her puckered hole played with. After I came all over her she let me know that she loved how I had taken her and fucked her on her Daddy’s bed.

Later that night I got home and found eight messages from her asking me to call her and telling me that she loved me. I then decided that this chick was too fucked up in the head for my liking and that my friend Steve might have been right when he warned me about her.

For the next week Lisa hounded me night and day. She begged me to let her come over. She would even tell me nasty shit, like how she missed the taste of my cum, etc. Lisa was also starting to fuck up my chances with the other girls around campus with her constant cock blocking. After hearing the tenth call on my answering machine that day from Lisa, I came up with a plan and invited Lisa over to watch some TV.

As soon as Lisa came over, I grabbed her and threw her into the bedroom. She tried to resist, but was no match for my size and strength. Her eyes gleamed with sexuality and obvious horniness as she realized that I was going to force myself on her and there was nothing she could do about it. I pushed her on the bed and ordered her to strip naked. She refused so I reached down and grabbed her by the throat. Not hard enough to cause damage, but just enough to show her that I meant business.

She quickly stripped and lay back. I then thrust my cock in her mouth which she obviously liked and told her to start sucking. As I mentioned before, Lisa was great at working the head, but couldn’t go much deeper. I took the opportunity to teach her how to deep throat. Grabbing her by the back of the head I started thrusting deeper into her mouth. She quickly put her hands on my hips and tried to push away. This won’t do I told her and thrust her back on the bed. I then went into the closet and found my toolbox. I told her to roll over onto her stomach which she refused to do. I then jumped on her and forcefully rolled her over onto her stomach. Taking both of her arms I duct taped her hands together behind her back. Pulling her back up me then reintroduced my dick to her mouth. I could tell that this new treatment was sort of freaking her out, but at the same time her pussy was dripping wet with excitement.

My dick had softened while I was taping her up so I took the opportunity to shove my entire dick in her mouth. She immediately gagged so I pulled back out. As soon as she regained her composure I shoved my dick back in her mouth. This time I could only get about half of it in since I was so hard now. My cock head was jammed up against the back of her throat and needed to go deeper.

I then took Lisa and laid her on her back with her head hanging over the bed. In this position I had a much better angle to start throat fucking her. Lisa had stopped gagging and now seemed to be enjoying what I was doing to her throat and mouth. I decided to kick it up another notch and with one thrust buried my dick all the way into her throat. Lisa body started shaking and thrashing around on the bed. Her natural instinct was to get away since she couldn’t breathe, but couldn’t since her hands were tied behind her back and I was holding her down with my dick in her throat.

Lisa started shaking from lack of air, so I pulled my cock out of her throat and rolled her over. Here is where my plan came into action. I had noticed that Lisa wasn’t into having her ass touched, but she had given me permission to do whatever I wanted and not to stop no matter what she said. Still limp from the throat fucking I had just given her, she lay on the bed face down catching her breath.

I then climbed on top of her and started rubbing the head of my cock against her ass crack. She moaned at first obviously thinking I had plans for her pussy. When I pushed the tip against her asshole she yelled out that I couldn’t fuck her ass. I told her to shut the fuck up and pushed my lubricated thumb inside her ass. She yelped loudly as my first knuckle made it past her tight sphincter. Since I was tired of hearing her complain and she had given me carte blanche earlier I shoved her face into the pillow.

After removing my thumb from her now quivering butt hole I placed my cock head against it. At first her asshole wouldn’t give, so I put more spit on my dick and forced the tips of two fingers inside. Lisa howled into the pillow at this invasion. My plan was definitely going to work. I had planned to push this girl way beyond her limits so that she would quit harassing me. Now that her asshole was a little looser from my two fingers I decided to try again.

Lisa clenched her butt hole so tight that I couldn’t force the fat head of my dick inside of her. I then tried something that I had read about in a Penthouse letter. I smacked Lisa on the ass cheek really hard with my left hand. The shock immediately loosened up her ass hole and my dick plunged right in. For the next half hour I fucked the hell out of her ass while ignoring her pleas for me to stop. Her tight little sphincter gripped me so hard that my dick swelled up to maximum size. I finally pulled out of her ass and forced my dick back into her mouth. I was going to make sure that this chick never wanted to hound me again. Forcing my dick deep into her throat caused Lisa to start convulsing again. I’m also pretty sure she was repulsed by the fact that the dick that had just been in her ass was now in her mouth. I was now determined to throat fuck her until I came. Ignoring the tears streaming down her face I kept wedging my dick into her mouth and throat until I shot load after load straight into her stomach. I then told her to get dressed and get the fuck out of my house. She’s never called me or bothered me since. :}

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