Late one night my girlfriend of a year and half and her aunt wanted to have a few drinks. We sat around at the house, as they drank a little bit. Well as they were drinking they came to the conclusion that they wanted to drive to the sex store to pick up some new toys. I volunteered to drive since I have not been drinking. We left and were on our way to the store. They were drinking and on the way my girlfriend with her beautiful short hair at time and amazing body. She said to me “honey show Terry how big your dick is.” So I pulled it out and showed her and to her amazement she was like “wow.”

We finally made it to the house after picking up a few pornos and a set of anal beads. We walked in and went to the bedroom. I finished the rest of the booze, and we lay down in bed with my girlfriend’s aunt on corner of the bed, as we started watching the new movie we bought. Well as the movie was playing, I started to ease my hand down to my girlfriends beautiful shaved, pierced pussy. As I start to rub and caress her sweet lips of her pussy, she says “watch your movie.” I never listen, so I kept rubbing her pussy as she began to make little moans. I then eased out of my boxers, and was butt ass naked in bed with 2 beautiful women. I eased under the covers and began to lick at her sweet, wet, ruby red pussy and already taste her sweet juices. I keep on as I pull her leg up in the air and around my head. Beforehand I told Terry I could make my girlfriend squirt across the bed. Well it was time to show her I wasn’t lying to her. As I kept eating at my girl’s pussy I eased a finger in her wet pussy with ease. Then I eased in finger number 2. As I licked her clit with my pierced tongue. And fingered her pussy. Her body started to twitch as she started to moan louder and louder until she squirted across the bed. Terry couldn’t make up her mind. Watch me and my girlfriend or the porno movie.

Well I then eased up behind my girlfriend and eased the head of my dick to entrance of her pussy and began to rub it and then eased it all the way in. As I continued to fuck her sweet tight pussy, terry could not watch the movie no more. Her eyes were locked on to us. When I finished I lay back and my girlfriend started to suck my still hard, throbbing dick. I laid back and was enjoying the feeling of my girlfriend’s lips around my head then shaft as she swallowed my entire dick. Then to my delight I had my girlfriend put her pussy to my mouth and I started to lick away at the juices flowing from her pussy. Then I felt two mouths on my dick and was like o hell yea. This is wonderful, I guess my girlfriend motioned for Terry to come join in and taste me. When I was about to cum, Terry tasted my pre-cum and loved it. I felt the warm feeling of a pussy on my dick. One I have never had before. Terry decided to ride my hard dick. Let me say this. It felt amazing. As she rode me I was almost to climax. When she got off and got up, as I stood up. She took my dick into her mouth and started to suck on my dick. Taking it all deep in her mouth. As she was sucking my dick I look to my right and on the bed, there was my girlfriend rubbing her erect clit and fingering her beautiful pussy. I looked down at Terry as she looked up at me and I grabbed a handful of her hair and was pushing her mouth deeper on my dick making her deep throat it.

She pulls off and says “harder” I pulled harder on her hair. She said also “if you’re going to pull my hair do it harder.” So I did and as I did I shoved it deep down her throat as I started to cum. My warm juices started to flow in her mouth and down her throat as she swallowed every drop. She then bent over the bed, as I stood behind her. I was about to shove my dick deep in her wet pussy; until she said fuck her in her ass. So I was like ok. Put my hand on her back as I put my dick at entrance of her tight ass. Tried to put it in, but I guess I cum so much I wasn’t as hard. So I hurried up and started stroking my dick and slapping her ass with it until it got hard enough to stick in her ass. Never fucked a woman in the ass and when I managed to get my thick mushroom head dick in her ass. It was so tight and full filling. That it was amazing. As I fucked her in her ass I watched my girlfriend still playing with her pussy saying. “You can do it baby.” As I was fucking Terry in her ass she was moaning and holding her mouth on a pillow so she could scream and not wake up the kids. Her body started to twitch as she cum all down her leg and on my foot. As I was fucking her in the ass after she cum. I finally cum deep inside her ass. I pulled out and wiped last drop of cum off tip of my dick. Terry stood up and her hair was a mess as she grabbed her clothes and eased out the bedroom saying “thanks”. I then went to the bathroom and cleaned up a little, and then went and got into bed with my girlfriend. Kissed her goodnight and went to bed.

My best friend and his wife invited me over to play cards. I hadn’t been to their house in a while, so I decided to bring a bottle of tequila, some frozen strawberries, a bottle of lemon juice, and some ice so that we could have margaritas.

I paused before knocking on their door to wish that I hadn’t cheated on my girlfriend a couple months back. She had been damn near perfect for me, and always loved coming to play cards here with us. I had gotten drunk at a party though, and the next thing I knew, I was having sex with some other woman.

Really good sex… my dick throbbed just thinking about it.

I brushed that thought aside, and knocked on the door.

“Mike! Glad you could make it!” Doug greeted me.

“No problem,” I replied gruffly.

I walked to their kitchen, and handed my bag full of supplies to Shelley. She welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek.

She whipped up a strong pitcher of Margaritas, and then drank most of it herself throughout our card game. As a result, she had phenomenal luck, winning most of the time, and then devolved into a giggling drunk rolling around on the table. Doug guided her to their bed, and told me that she had passed out by the time he had undressed her and tucked her in.

I laughed. We played a few more hands, but then I had to go to the bathroom. Doug looked like he was going to pass out on the table as he lazily sipped on a beer.

On my way back from the bathroom, I noticed that their bedroom door was open, and that Shelley was sprawled out in the most interesting way. She was completely naked except for part of her blanket covering her stomach. Her legs were somewhat spread apart, both bent slightly. Was she dreaming about riding a horse?

Her arms were tossed carelessly above her head, and her whole body was tilted ever so slightly to one side. I stood in the dark hallway, mesmerized by the way the light from behind me highlighted her. It was almost like a dim spotlight focused on her juicy pussy.

I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to taste her. I crawled into her bed just enough to press my face between her legs. I inhaled deeply; she smelled so good!

I slid both my arms under her hips, and used my shoulders to spread her legs wider. The first lick of my tongue was so light that I barely felt her, but I could taste her, so I knew I had actually touched her lips. I licked her again, fascinated by the way her slit rubbed along either side of my tongue. The third time, I made the tip of my tongue hard, and probed her as I licked all the way from bottom to top.

Using my nose to part her lips, I inserted my tongue into her hole. She was oozing wet at this point, and it increased her incredibly good smell. I fucked her with my tongue until a brilliant idea occurred to me.

Using my right hand, I stuck two fingers inside her, and rubbed the rough spot on the roof of her “mouth.” Meanwhile, I licked her clit; softly at first, but with increasing pressure.

She was still completely out, but her breathing increased, and she moaned faintly from time to time. I bet that she’s dreaming that her husband is doing this to her. I realized that I had been gone long enough by this point that Doug should have come looking for me, but he hadn’t, so I guess he must have passed out after all.

Her clit seemed to grow just a little bit bigger, and I wanted to see if I could suck on it. It took a bit of practice, but soon I was sucking and nipping it like it was a nipple. Each time I did, she gasped.

Her body got tighter and tighter until I thought the pressure on my fingers would break them, but I continued to rub inside her as I sucked on her clit. Suddenly, she let out a strangled cry, and I was utterly surprised when a sweet fluid sprayed all over my face. I put my mouth over her pussy, and swallowed what I could.

She was panting rapidly, but amazingly, she was not awake! I decided to press my luck. Taking a few minutes to shed my clothes, I crawled back into bed with her. I knelt between her legs wondering what I wanted to do first.

I was harder than I can ever remember being! My shaft was a bit on the short and thin side, but the head was big and round like a bulb. I’ve been told that — even though it looks weird to me — this is really fun for the ladies.

Strangely, I was intrigued by the way she had squirted. More than even shooting my load, I wanted to see if I could make her do it again. Deciding, I pulled her legs over mine, and pushed into her. She moaned, but her breath had returned to normal.

Once I was buried deep, I started rubbing her clit with my thumb as I thrust into her in powerful bursts. Oh God! She started getting so tight almost immediately, and it was all I could do to hold back. I didn’t want to finish so soon!

I thought about other things as I continued what I was doing, and it took her surprisingly little time to suddenly squeal and gush out that sweet fluid between us.

I felt a hand on my back, pushing me forward. My hand was now trapped between me and Shelley, my thumb still rubbing her clit.

“Doug, man, you’re drunk! Think about what you’re doing!” I said almost frantically as I felt him trying to push into me.

“Quiet, Mike. You’re the one having sex with my wife while she’s passed out,” he whispered.

“Don’t do this!” I pleaded.

But it was already too late. Doug worked his way inside me, and I couldn’t do anything about it with one hand trapped and my whole body trapped between the two of them.

I held still, wondering what to do. Doug started thrusting into me in a way that made me thrust into Shelley. I hadn’t cum yet, and I wanted to so badly. I was surprised — shocked really — to discover that Doug hit something with each thrust that felt insanely good.

I was about to pump Shelley full! This gave me an idea.

“Doug, Stop! I’m going to cum in Shelley! Surely you don’t want me to get her pregnant!”

“We’ve been married for 5 years and haven’t had any kids yet. If you do manage to get her pregnant, you’ll be doing something that I haven’t been able to do,” he stated, his voice sounding a lot like he was close to cumming too.

Shelley started groaning loudly again, and she got oh so tight around my shaft. She gasped, and I felt that gushing again. It made me lose all control, and I roared as I filled her up. I felt like I pumped several cups of cum into her, and I immediately longed to pump a few more.

I slumped onto her body, and Doug continued what he was doing. I felt too good to care that my best friend was fucking me. I was not into men at all, and if I was, he was definitely not my first choice, but I guess he was right. I had raped his wife, so it was only fair that he got to rape me.

Shelley was thrashing about, despite both mine and her husband’s weight on her. I wasn’t doing anything, but Doug’s movement’s made me rub her continuously. I was amazed that she wasn’t wide awake and screaming for us to stop by now. After all, she had just cum 3 times in the past… I don’t know, hour?

She rippled around me. It felt like she was having an incredibly long orgasm, and her muscles made it impossible for me to go limp. In fact, between her and Doug, I was rapidly getting close to exploding again. I couldn’t help but cry out. This felt about 10 times more intense than anything I could ever recall feeling in the past.

“Oh God!” I chanted.

Doug was chanting it too, and suddenly I felt him bury himself deep inside me, and I felt flooded with heat. It set me off, and I shouted as I deposited more cum into Shelley after all.

I felt raw, and was utterly relieved when Doug pulled out of me to lay on his bed a moment later. I needed a few minutes of recuperation before I could move, but I knew it had to be soon because my hand was tingling as it fell asleep between us.

Shelley settled back into sleep fairly quickly, and I was glad she had stopped rippling around me.

Just when I though Doug had fallen asleep, he chuckled. “Shelley is going to get so horny when she watches the video tomorrow!”

What?!” I demanded in disbelief.

Doug laughed again. “Yeah, this has been her fantasy almost since we first got married, but I told her that I’d have to get pretty drunk to even consider it.”

I wanted to shout, “I’ve been set up, you dirty rat!” but I couldn’t. No matter what they had wanted, I was still the one who chose to take advantage of my best friend’s naked and passed out wife. I’m just lucky that he hadn’t caught me, thrown me out, and then refused to speak to me ever again.

I fell asleep before I could obsess about it anymore. Part of me wondered if I’d be willing to make her fantasy come true when she was awake. I shuddered in horror even as I secretly admitted that it had felt incredible.

I banished the dreams, unconsciously shaking my head in my sleep. Nah! Not gonna happen.

“Mike,” Doug whispered, but I was too asleep to respond. “I think we should do this for her again when she wakes up.”


Telephony Transcription Service (TTS 64.128)

Report Number 1303-1

Report Date 12/26/2013

Audio Timestamps 20131224.1435 – 20131224.1505

Incoming CID 3035554500 identified WV (woman’s voice)

Receiving CID 2025551225 identified MV (man’s voice)

WV: Are we okay to talk?

MV: Hang on. (10 second audio pause) Yes.

WV: What kinds of things get you going? You know, make you really horny?

MV: I guess for starters I’d say that I like to watch.

WV: Like a striptease? That sort of thing?

MV: Yeah, I guess. More specifically, I like to watch a woman touch herself, you know, masturbate.

WV: (humming) I get that. After she gets her clothes off for you, then she gets herself off for you.

MV: She can fuck herself with her fingers or, better yet, use a dildo or vibrator. Nothing makes my cock hard like watching a woman fuck her pussy with a huge fallis while sticking one of her own fingers up her ass at the same time.

WV: Fingers? More than one?

MV: Two works best, the middle and ring finger. That way the index and pinky can rub the puffy lips of her cunt that are wrapped around the fuck stick she slides in and out.

WV: So, while this woman is fucking herself for your visual pleasure, what are you doing?

MV: I’d have my cock out of my pants, in my hand, feeling it twitch and pulse.

WV: Are you stroking it?

MV: Not so much as just squeezing it.

WV: Is there anything slowly dripping out it’s swollen peehole?

MV: It was wet before I pulled it out. Now there’s a constant string of sticky, clear pre-cum hanging off it’s tip.

WV: This woman, she’s watching you as well?

MV: Abso-fucking-lutely. Her eyes are locked on my cock and she licks her lips as if tasting the juice was the only thing that could slake her thirst.

WV: You’ve thought about this a lot. I think you’ve been jerking yourself off while imaging me in this scenario.

MV: Guilty as charged. I spent a lot of time staring at your eyes and mouth in those stupid meetings, making sure I could remember every detail of them. I knew you’d take another job at some point.

WV: (Ahh) You miss me, don’t you?

MV: I do, in so many ways for so many reasons.

WV: Did you ever undress me with your eyes in those meetings?

MV: Yes, of course. By the way, your tits are magnificent.

WV: (Laughs) I bet they were in your imagination. Did you ever notice that my nipples got hard in any of those meetings?

MV: Yes, and I sent Thank You notes to the building facilities manager for making sure the air conditioning was working at peak performance.

WV: Would it surprise you to know that on some of those occasions the cold air wasn’t responsible for my condition? That my hard nipples were the result of how hot and wet my pussy was getting.

MV: I remember sitting beside you at the conference table in one meeting.

WV: You didn’t do that. Actually, you were already in the conference room when I came in. It was practically the only time in all those meetings you had an open chair next to you. I was so happy to sit down and by the time my butt hit the chair my panties were already wet.

MV: Fuck, christ. Yes, I remember that. And I remember you shifting in the chair. You also lended over to talk with me quietly. I can’t remember what we talking about.

WV: That doesn’t matter. It was just bullshit talk. I was just trying to glance down at your crotch. I always wondered if you had a hard on in those meetings and that was my only chance to find out.

MV: I wasn’t shy about it.

WV: No, you weren’t. I always wanted to thank you for swivelling you chair to help a poor, horny gal out. I don’t think I wrote any notes in that meeting.

MV: What exactly were you scribbling on your pad?

WV: Nothing. Nonsense. I was trying to keep my hand busy so I wouldn’t do what my mind was thinking. The thick outline of your cock in those pants had me spinning and all I could focus on was reaching over into your lap and giving it a hard squeeze.

MV: Well, it was probably a good thing you didn’t do that because I on the verge of squirting in my pants.

WV: Is that why you bee lined for the men’s restroom after that meeting? I was going to ask you for a follow-up in my office. We were both wet.

MV: Your office wasn’t private enough for the hard fuck I wanted to give you.

WV: (hard breath – indiscernible language) … you jacked off in the toilet instead? We could have made the office work, given each other a helping hand or quick head.

MV: I couldn’t. You know why. Didn’t you do the same, back then.

WV: What? Me whack off in the ladies? No. There’s a reason I buy Swarovski crystal and it’s not for the figurines. Let’s just say Daniel, in his earlier work, had a unique vision with impressionistic tendencies.

MV: Are you talking about that ‘Whale’ art piece you use to keep on your credenza?

WV: What? You never noticed that its shape was phallic? And it’s not on the credenza now. At this very moment it’s in me. Oh, god, I’m so fucking wet.

MV: We should be Skyping this. You know what whales do when they breach after a long, deep dive.

WV: They spout and so do I. (noises) You want to watch me, don’t you. Want to see me squirm, squirt and spray.

MV: See it? Fuck that, I want to taste it. I want to feel it on my skin, on my face.

WV: God, what I’d give to have your cock in my tight, hot ass right now. When I’m close, I’d pull this whale out of my cunt and blow my cunt juice all over your lap. (noises) You close, baby?

MV: So close. (noises) My cock in your ass. (hard breath) Cumming in your fucking ass.

WV: Do it. (noises) Hard and fast. (hard breath) Deep, balls deep.

(noises overlapping duplex)

MV: Shit, I got some of it on my tie.

WV: And I’m going to need to change my skirt and hose.

MV: We’re a pair.

WV: If we ever do find a way to hook up, the mess is going to much worse than this.


“Sweetie, wake up.”

What a wonderful way to leave the land of slumber. Emma pressing her gloriously naked body into mine, whispering, as she smothers me with smooches.

“Good morning, lovely,” I say, and move forward to kiss her, but…

My hands are cuffed to headboard of the bed.

“Honey, what…?”

“Shush,” she urges. “Today’s the turn of my fantasy, right?”

I nod warily. “Right.”

“Well, since last night, my fantasies have got a little… wilder.”

“Like what?” I ask, with a mix of trepidation and huge excitement.

“You told me you wouldn’t mind if I fucked anyone I wanted… today, we’re going to test that theory.”


“Seriously. So if you’re having any second thoughts, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

She looks me in the eye — I meet her gaze with a little grin. Silent.

She smiles widely and kisses me, slipping her pierced tongue into my mouth, but ending it all too soon.

She moves, and I now see that Doug is still sleeping on the other side of Emma. She slithers down between his legs and takes his soft cock into her hot, wet mouth.

She gently strokes and slurps on Doug’s dick until it swells in her mouth, stretching her lips; then she licks around the head and down to his balls, sucking on them one by one.

A surprised groan — Doug is finally awake. I don’t know how he managed to stay asleep that long, but now he strokes Emma’s hair behind one ear, and eases her mouth back to his cockhead.

She eagerly takes his pole to the back of her throat until she gags, then fucks herself on it. Doug holds her head, guiding it back and forth, and she mews contentedly.

“I’m getting close,” he warns, and Emma reluctantly pulls away from his dick.

“Not yet, you’ve gotta fuck me first,” she purrs. “Now, go wait in the living room, I’ll be right with you.”

I think Doug’s as confused as I am, but he does as he’s told.

Emma turns to me and smiles her sweetest smile. “You need to get used to not being able to watch, because there are times when I’m gonna want to fuck someone when you aren’t there. Ok?”

“Oh God,” I groan, and she giggles before disappearing out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

I daren’t breathe. Listening intently, I can only hear the odd muffled sound.

Until I hear Emma moan loudly.

Then the rhythmic slapping of skin against skin, rising in volume in sync with her moaning.

I hate this.

I close my eyes, trying to picture my sweet Emma, allowing herself to be defiled by some random perv she picked up from a lapdancing club last night. I imagine her face contorted in pleasure as his cock stretches her…

I notice, and am almost surprised, that my dick is rock hard and pointing straight up in the air.

I love this.

Emma’s little yelps signal how fast he’s pounding into her, and it’s fast. And he’s keeping it going for an impressive length of time.

Finally, a yell of: “Cum inside me!”, followed shortly by a heavy male grunt, and the unmistakeable scream of Emma’s orgasm.

I wait.

I can hear murmurs — they must be talking about something.

Eventually, they come back into the bedroom. Doug grabs his clothes and heads for the bathroom; Emma lies down next to me, resting her head on my pierced nipple.

“Was that good?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she sighs contentedly. “But I think a little better for him than it was for me.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. You’re incredible.”

She smiles at my compliment. “No, I mean… he offered to ‘take me away from this’, so I wouldn’t have to ‘be a whore’ any more.”

My anger flames. “Are you serious?!”

She giggles. “Yeah! He said I deserved better than selling myself, and he would make sure I never had to work again.”

“The fucking arsehole, I’m gonna…”

Emma puts a finger to my lips to stop me, and smiles lovingly. Like magic, my anger dissipates.

“I told him there was nothing he could do to ever make me leave you.”

Wow. That’s the first time she’s said anything about us staying together. I tear up.

“I love you,” I tell her.

“I love you too.” She gives me a quick peck on the lips, then playfully rolls away.


Doug’s gone. Emma’s in the bathroom “putting her slut face on”.

I’m still cuffed to the bed.

Emma left me to ponder who she’s going to pull next. She said she’s got someone particular in mind; that it’s someone I know; and that she’s heard he has a really big dick.

There aren’t many people we both know. She temped in my office for a while between teaching jobs, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be someone from there — she didn’t really like any of them. She met one of my old school friends once, but I wouldn’t have thought he was that well endowed…

Naked, Emma wanders back into the room with bright red lipstick; hooker-heavy shadowed eyes; and her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, with loose strands framing her delicate facial features.

“You’re looking gorgeous,” I tell her.

She flashes a smile. “Thanks sweetie,” and searches in the wardrobe until she pulls out a pair of shiny red stretch-leather thigh-high boots with a pointy-toe and black 5-inch stiletto heels.

“Oh wow,” I mutter.

Emma grins at me, and makes the most of the opportunity to tease. She perches on the edge of the bed and slides a long leg into one of the boots, easing the stretchy material up until it settles at mid-thigh, then ever…so…slowly pulls up the zip. It fits skintight and really highlights her shapely pin.

She repeats the process with her other leg, and runs her fingers up and down; a twinkle in her eye.

She stands, feet together, and tugs the top of the boots up to eliminate any wrinkles.

“Fuck me, you have to let me loose,” I say, battling my bindings.

“Nuh-uh,” she grins, sliding a finger between her already-damp pussy lips. “This is for someone else.”

Her piercings glinting, she totters on the high heels back to the wardrobe; removes a black latex coat, and puts it on.

“Is that all you’re wearing?”

“Well, y’know, just in case he’s a little hesitant, I want to be able to show him what he’d be missing.”

She ignores the coat’s zip and instead ties the belt around her tiny waist. It’s just about long enough to reach the top of her boots but, when she moves, it gapes open to display plenty of bare thigh — and only just covers her cunt.

“I love how big a slut you’re becoming.”

“Hold that thought for when I get back.”

“Why?” I ask. “Who is it?”

“Last chance — are you sure you don’t mind me fucking anyone I choose? You promise not to get angry?”

“Oh God, I promise. Now just tell me who it is!”

Emma leans over to whisper in my ear…

Instead, she gives me a quick peck on the cheek and sashays quickly out of the door, giggling as she goes.

Torture. Sheer torture.


Ninety minutes. My hands are getting sore. Where has she gone? It can’t be taking this long to persuade whoever-it-is, especially not the way she was dressed.

She wouldn’t have played the “it’s for my benefit, you don’t get to see” card again, would she? She wouldn’t be that cruel…

Footsteps! A pair of them… one of them definitely her boots. She’s back!

I hear the front door open, and laughter… I recognise that laugh. Oh no.

The bedroom door swings open.

Turns out she is pretty cruel. The guy she’s gonna fuck is my arsehole boss.

Steve pervs over all the girls in the office; he perved over Emma for the few months she worked there and, rumour has it, he’s fucked at least three of my colleagues. One of them got the promotion that I deserved. And he’s married.

“So this is who you’re doing for your week off,” he leers.

“Him? Really?!” I ask Emma.

“You’ll see why in a second,” she grins, and signals to Steve to sit on the edge of the bed. She kneels between his legs and unzips his fly.

There’s the only reason — his dick is cut and, only semi-erect, is already bigger than mine. Seems those rumours were true too.

“Ooh, that’s lovely,” coos Emma, as she takes it in her hand and strokes sensuously. Her dainty digits don’t reach all the way around its circumference, and it’s still growing. “Shame it’s attached to such an arsehole.”

She smiles sweetly up at Steve, who grins back. “You don’t have to like me, but you’re gonna love my cock.”

I hate his fucking arrogance. Surely she could have found someone else with a big dick…

And then it hits me. She knows I hate him more than anyone else in the world. Hell, she hates him too. That’s why this is the perfect test. If I let her fuck him, then she’ll know I won’t have a problem with her fucking anyone else.

She licks up the length of his pole and takes the head into her mouth, slurping noisily and mewling contentedly. Then she starts bobbing her head, taking him deeper into her throat each time.

“Oh yeah. When did you get your tongue pierced?” Steve asks. “It feels fucking good.”

She pulls back from his dick, smiling. “You like that, you’re in for a real treat in a minute.” Her lips stretch wide as she gags on his rod; it must be eleven inches long, and she’s managed eight of them.

Suddenly, she pulls back.

“Hey, I thought you were gonna deepthroat…”

His protests die as Emma unties her coat and lets it fall to the ground.

Before today, he would have thought Emma was a sweet, cute, girly-girl. And she was. Now, she stands in front of us with her slutty make-up, tattoos, and fetish boots; with rings in her navel and nipples; with a diamond in her clit; and her pussy dripping and open.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Steve asks, flabbergasted.

“Don’t you like?” Emma asks coyly, striking a pose.

“Yeah, but…”

“Good,” Emma interrupts. “Now get undressed.”

As he tears off his clothes, Emma grabs a pen and, in big red letters, writes “SLUT” on her stomach.

Steve stands in front of her and just stares. I doubt he can believe his luck. Or the transformation since the last time he saw his ex-employee.

“Forget what you used to know about me. Ok?” she asks.

“Whatever you say.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” She pushes him back onto the bed and straddles him, pinning his dick between his disappointingly-well-toned stomach and her cooch.

Glancing over to me, she slides back and forth, covering his pole with her juices, bumping the tip against her pierced clit each time; then hovers her groin above his, teasing all three of us.

He points his dick up at her snatch and asks, “You sure you want this? His little prick won’t be enough for you anymore.”

She grins wickedly and lowers herself so just the head of his dick separates her lips. “What do you think?”

He grabs her by the hips and pulls her down; her eyes go wide and she yelps with the sudden, massive intrusion.

“Oh my God, it’s huge!”

And it’s only halfway in.

She lifts herself; then pushes back down, forcing more of his fat dick into her tight hole.

“C’mon, a real slut could take this, no problem,” Steve goads.

Emma glowers at Steve and slams herself down — and still there’s a a bit more than an inch left.

She slowly moves up and down, getting used to new parts of her body being stretched, but quickly speeds up until she’s bouncing rapidly.

“Oh my fucking God, how is it this good?” she asks of no-one in particular. Steve’s familiar shit-eating grin is plastered all over his face; he grabs her pierced tits, squeezing and mauling, and pinching the hard nipples until Emma cries out in pain… but she doesn’t stop him, or stop riding him.

“Did you have these when you worked for me?” he asks, tugging sharply on Emma’s nipple rings.

“Ughh, no.”

“Bet you got them when you broke up with your boyfriend?”

“Who said I broke up with him?” she pants. “We’re engaged.”

Steve laughs. “You’re fucking kidding me! Does he know you’re slutting around on him?”

Emma rubs her pierced clit. “Oh God! What do you think?”

With a growl, Steve lifts Emma off him, causing her to whine in disappointment, and throws her onto her back in his place; then smashes his cock into her, causing her to yell out.

“You’re gonna take all my cock, whore.”

He holds her down and subjects her to a series of short, forceful jabs of his pelvis. She struggles and wriggles beneath him, but oddly doesn’t seem to be trying as hard as she could to stop him.

I strain against my cuffs again, hating Emma’s pained little yelps.

“No, please, it’s too much… aaarrgGGHHHHHHHH!!!” she screams; then cums more powerfully than I have ever seen. Even she seems surprised to be completely overcome; her body convulsing uncontrollably as she squirts high into the air, soaking Steve’s chest and some even landing on me.

“You squirted! You filthy bitch!” Steve exclaims. He repositions her, squashing her hot overknee boots into her flushed tits, and licking one of her stilettos.

He thrusts into her hard and fast, using the full length of his pole, not giving her a chance to recover.

“Ooooh, God, stop, please” she begs, pushing a hand into his chest, but he ploughs into her even harder.

“Aaagghh… stop… ooohh… God, fuck… fuck… aaaggh… don’t stop, DON’T STOP!!”

Her hand drops from his chest to her clit, rubbing vigourously until, incredibly, she squirts again, screaming the place down.

“Oh my fucking GOD!!”

Still he pistons into her, like a machine.

Her orgasm seems to be never-ending.

It wasn’t bad enough that she picked this arsehole to fuck, but now he’s making her cum like I know I never could.

Yet, still, my dick is rock hard, and one stroke away from my own orgasm.

Belatedly, he pulls out of her. She cries out in anguish, and Steve drags her off the bed and makes her kneel in front of him. Without needing to be told, Emma takes his cock into her mouth and bobs her head eagerly.

With both hands, he grabs hold of her beautiful face and fucks his dick into it, violating her pretty mouth and throat. He yanks her into his crotch; Emma gags trying to accomodate his massive tool.

He holds her there, forcing himself deeper into her. She gags again and tries to pull away, but he holds her for another one, two… ten seconds…

“Hey, let her…” I begin and, finally, he lets Emma go.

She battles to cough and breathe at the same time, but still seems disappointed when Steve moves over to his pile of clothes.

I can see lust burning in her eyes.

He swaggers back to her, over-sized dick swinging, and she immediately takes it back in her mouth; she grasps his arse and pulls him down her throat.

She gags again as she repeatedly slams herself into him, until her cute nose is buried in his neatly-trimmed pubes.

“Look up, slut,” Steve says. She does, and he takes a photo on his smartphone. Far from being bothered, I swear she’s smiling — even with her mouth stretched full.

“I’m gonna show all the people you used to work with what a complete skank you’ve turned into.”

She removes herself from his dick. “Yeah? All of them? Show all of them.”

She lunges back for his cock, but he steps backward, then turns around.

“Lick my arsehole,” he smirks.


“What?” Emma says.

“Lick my arsehole,” he repeats.


“No? Don’t you want any more dick?” he grins. “No licking — no fucking.”

She looks over at me. Is she searching for my approval? Is she actually considering it?!

I just stare back at her. I don’t know what to do, so the easiest thing is to do nothing. Let her make her own mind up of where she wants to draw the line.

She shrugs at me and, as way of explanation, says: “I need it.”

And she buries her sweet face between his arse cheeks. She’s not in the slightest bit tentative as she sticks her pierced tongue into his puckered hole.

“Yeah,” Steve mutters. “And you’d better make it good, or no dick.”

Emma goes to town, giving herself over to her lust and her need for cock.

I don’t know where the line is anymore. I don’t know if there even is a line.

“Here,” he says, handing her the phone, “I can’t get a good angle. Video it for me.”

I never thought I’d see her allow herself to be humiliated like this.

Steve casually lights a cigarette as Emma gives his anus a tongue bath, all the while playing up for the camera that she’s pointing at herself.

Emma pokes her tongue past his sphincter, and he jumps forward in surprise. “Fucking hell, you filthy bitch! Here, hold this.” He gives her the cigarette and grabs back the camera.

To my shock, she takes a drag on the cigarette. This is the girl who’s hated them ever since her uncle died of lung cancer, and threatened to leave The Boyfriend after he took one drag at a party one time.

She coughs, not used to the sensation, but has another go.

Steve’s pointing the camera at her. “Well, you can keep that. I know where your mouth has been.”

Emma giggles, making a show of smoking seductively.

“Get on the bed, butt facing me,” he orders.

She stamps out the fag on my wooden floor and enthusiastically does as she’s told — just inches from me, she’s on all fours, bum in the air, waiting…

“Kiss your slave,” Steve grins.

Emma leans over and — with her mouth still dirty from Steve’s arse — she kisses me full on the lips, even slipping her pierced tongue into my mouth. She tastes foul, but it’s still a hot kiss.

I’m so conflicted.

She whispers, “I love you,” then readies herself as Steve lines himself up behind her.

“Come on then,” Emma urges Steve. “Fuck your slut good.”

“Oh, you’re MY slut are you?” he asks, sneering at me.

Emma looks back over her shoulder at him and, it seems to me, with complete sincerity, tells him: “I’m YOUR slut.”

It was no more than a few days ago that she was saying the exact same thing to me.

“What about dickless, here?” he asks, referring to me.

Emma gets up and stands on my chest, her stiletto heels digging into my flesh. She leans forward and props herself against the wall behind me, arching her back and sticking her butt out lewdly.

“Fuck me until I squirt on his face,” she purrs.

Steve grins at that and moves behind Emma, rubbing his pole over Emma’s pussy lips, teasing her. “I love your tattoo. Further proof you’re a dirty little tramp.”

He slaps her, hard, on the butt. She squeals, but doesn’t move.

He does it again, harder.

She moans.

She’s said the one thing she didn’t want to do, because she didn’t like it, was pain. And here she was, seemingly loving having her arse beaten by a guy we both think is an arse himself.

“Harder,” she murmurs.

But maybe she doesn’t think he’s an arse anymore. Maybe she’s beginning to like him?

Steve gives her three quick whacks, then grabs her by the hips and spears into her dripping clam.

“Oooohhh my fucking God!” Emma yells, and steadies herself on me as he starts thrusting into her. Her eyes are closed as she concentrates on the sensations pulsing from her pussy.

“Who does this cunt belong to?” Steve asks, slapping her butt again.

“You, oh God, YOU!”

“Say it.”

“My cunt’s yours!” She moves a hand down to rub her clit piercing.

“When?” he presses.

She opens her grey-blue eyes and stares into mine. “Anytime, anytime you want it. You can do anything you want, anytime, anywhere — just don’t stop fucking me.”

The 5-inch heel of one of her boots seems to be digging straight into my heart. And it still hurts less than her words to my fucking boss.

He slaps her arse again.

“Owww, please don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Steve asks as he spanks her harder.

“That hurts, please don’t…”

Steve stops fucking her. Emma groans in frustration, “I was so close.”

“Ask me to hit you again.”

Emma shakes her head. “Don’t make me.”

“Beg me,” Steve grins.

She closes her eyes again. “Please Steve, please hit me.”


“I’m begging you…”

CRACK! The loudest slap yet, and Emma howls as he pounds into her. The smacks continue to rain down on her perfect derriere.


It had the makings of a beautiful summer day as Paul pulled his truck off the highway and into the parking lot of a small diner at the bottom of a logging road leading into the mountains. The sun was shining, the air was clear and he had the sexiest woman in the world leaning against him. They were about to spend a week to themselves, camping in the wilderness.

Paul and Sarah had been together since high school. Paul was 6′ 1″” with blue eyes, brown hair, and a muscular build while Sarah was 5′ 9″”, slim with hazel eyes, long blonde hair and medium size, soft, round breasts. Now in their late 20′s they were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary by hiking into the back country to hopefully find a pleasant spot to camp and enjoy each other with out any other distractions.

“”Good morning, sleepy”" Paul said, as he nudged his wife awake. “”Ready for a bit of breakfast before we head into the mountains?”"

The diner was mostly empty as they walked in, a woman with two children just leaving and an old lady sitting by herself in the corner.

“”Looks like we get our choice of seating,”" Sarah laughed, as she led Paul to a table in the corner across from the old lady.

They had just ordered their food when Paul felt eyes upon him. He looked up into the piercing green eyes of the old lady who had been across the room.

“”Good Morning, dearies.”" rasped the old woman. “”I couldn’t help but notice that you looked like a couple of young lovebirds off to do something fun for the day.”"

Sarah smiled up at the lady “”We are actually off to do something fun for the week. We’re going to drive as far as we can into the mountains and then hike until we find a nice, comfortable spot to hide from the world with just the two us.”"

“”That does sound fun,”" replied the old lady. “”I happen to know of the perfect place. It’s a secluded valley between where two of these mountains meet. The trail in is a bit of a hike, but very worth it. I would be willing to tell you how to find it if you would buy me some breakfast.”"

Laughing, Paul gave in to her demands and ordered another plate of bacon and eggs for the old lady.

After they had eaten and paid for their meal they were about to leave the diner when the old lady stopped them again.

“”There is one thing I should probably mention,”" she whispered. “”There are rumors of a beautiful wood nymph that lives somewhere in the mountains. They say she captures young people to keep as her sex slaves for all time.”"

“”Oh, wow,”" Paul joked, rolling his eyes at her, “”You should have mentioned that sooner. I might not have bought you so much food.”"

July 17 — Sarah


Paul came up with the wonderful idea that we each take turns writing an erotic journal of all the things we do on our camping trip, so here goes.

Well, here we are. After a three hour hike from where we left the truck we have arrived at the valley just like the lady at the cafe said it was.

The valley is just beautiful. We caught our first glimpse of it as we came out of the trees on the side of the mountain. Looking down we could see it stretching before us, a narrow valley formed in between two of the mountains. There is a creek that runs along the length of the valley with several luscious green meadow along it. We noticed one of the meadows had a little pond on one end of it so that is where we are now camping.

Paul is setting up our camp and storing our supplies so animals can’t get at them. He gave me the job of organizing the rest of our stuff inside the tent. I brought along some of my sexier lingerie and a fun little surprise for Paul.

For our anniversary I am going to finally let Paul fuck my ass. I know he has wanted to try it for a long time but I have always been afraid of the pain. That, however, has changed. A month ago I bought an anal training kit. It has three sizes of butt plugs in it and over the last couple of weeks, when Paul wasn’t around, I have been slowly working my way up to the biggest size. There was a little pain at first but after a couple times I found myself really enjoying the feel of slowly push one into my ass. I have had some very strong orgasms when I combined the butt plugs with rubbing my vibrator on my clit. I can’t wait to try the real thing and I am looking forward to the look on Paul’s face when I tell him one of his fantasies is going to come true tonight. I even bought a designer butt plug just for tonight.

It looks like Paul is almost done setting up camp. We are going to go try out a little skinny dipping before the sun goes down.


That was fun!! The water wasn’t near as cold as I though it would be. The pond is probably forty feet across and only seven or eight feet deep in the deepest spot. The bottom is mostly gravel, though there are a couple nice sandy spots.

We have already started our week off in a perfect way. While we were swimming Paul pulled me into his arms for a kiss at a spot where the water was up to my neck. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist so I could float in his arms as he held me. We stayed like that for a while, our lips locked hungrily together, my boobs pressed against his chest. I could feel his erection starting to grow beneath me so I reached down and began sliding my hands along his shaft until he was fully erect. Pushing myself back from him slightly I used his cock the rub my clit, letting the warm sensations begin to build in my body. My nipples began to stiffen even more than they had from the water and Paul must have taken notice because he bent his head forward to suck and nibble on them. I could feel and orgasm beginning to build so I guided Paul’s shaft into my opening and allowed myself to slide down it. Paul put both his strong hands on my ass and pulled me tight into him, over and over. Each thrust brought a moan from my lips. The sensations were building, becoming more intense until finally the orgasm hit me and I screamed with pleasure. After only a couple more thrusts I felt Paul’s cock begin to throb as he let out a low groan.

With that first encounter over I told Paul he had to stay outside the tent while I get ready. He is building the campfire and finding a soft spot in the grass to put a blanket so we can fuck under the stars.

I have prepared myself for our first night. I’m wearing a sapphire blue satin chemise that ends halfway down my ass. Underneath I have on black boyshort panties with an open crotch. Underneath that, my new butt plug. It’s stainless steel, four inches long and the flat base is a blue sapphire the same color as my chemise. Hopefully Paul didn’t hear my moan of pleasure as I slid it into my tight ass.

The sensation of the cold metal with the silky smooth lube on it as it slid into my puckered hole almost drove me wild. As I sit here writing this I keep wiggling my ass just to feel it move inside me. My pussy is already dripping wet.

I am hoping that Paul won’t even notice the butt plug until I am ready for him to take my anal virginity. With the way my panties are designed he will have full access to my pussy and the material of the panty will hide the rest of me.

I can hear Paul calling for me. I will finish this later.

July 18 — Paul


What a wild night that was. Sarah told me I get to be the first one to write about it because she wrote about our little swim.

I sat out on the blankets waiting for Sarah to get ready. I was afraid the swim might have left me a little worn out but the anticipation of waiting seemed to have me right back in the game. There is something about this place, maybe the sweet smelling fresh mountain air, that makes me feel like I could go for hours. I could hear the tent flaps rustle as Sarah began to emerge.

A goddess walked out of the tent and into the light from the campfire and the full moon. She wore a blue satin chemise and as she spun around once for me I could see black panties peeking out from under the edge of it. Her blonde hair was tied back with a blue ribbon, her lips a dark shade of red. Her breasts were pressing against the fabric of the chemise and the nipples appeared to be quite stiff. As she came closer I could see that her panties were crotchless and her pussy was already very wet.

“”Are you ready for this?”" she asked, in a sultry voice.

I wasn’t able to get out much more than a whispered “”yes”"

As Sarah came closer I pulled her down beside me and kissed her deeply, letting my hands cup her full breasts. They felt so perfect, like they had been designed to go in my hands. The smell of her sex was beginning to drive me wild so I pushed her down onto the blankets and moved down between her legs.

She has such a beautiful pussy. The cut out in the panties framed it perfectly and I could still see juices oozing out from between her lips. I began to lick and suck, cleaning up everything she had, listening as her moans increased. Her ass was grinding against the ground and with every press another moan escaped her lips. I moved my tongue in and out, licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. Her ass was wiggling even faster and sensing the time was right I sunk my cock deep into her pussy. With only a couple pumps her eyes opened wide and she let out a long wavering scream as her hot juices squirted out around my shaft. As I began to thrust harder she focused on me again.

“”Not yet, babe”" she whispered huskily “”It’s time you fucked my ass.”"

With those words it was all I could do not to cum.

“”Aren’t you worried about the pain?”"

“”Not anymore,”" she replied. “”I have been preparing myself for tonight. I want this to be my anniversary present for you.”"

She turned over and knelt with her perfect ass in the air, her lingerie riding up to show tight black panties that defined the rounded humps of her butt.

I eased down her panties to be greeted by the sight of a sparkling blue gem clenched firmly between her cheeks.

“”Are you wearing a butt plug?”" I gulped, trying to keep my cock under control.

“”Do you like it? I have been training myself for you.”"

In response I reached out and wiggled the end of the plug. She gasped and then began to moan as I pulled it part way out and then pushed it back in. Using my other had I reached down and began to toy with her pussy again, moving fingers in and out as I moved the butt plug. Her pussy clenched and with a scream she began to cum again. Deciding I didn’t have much longer I pulled the plug all the way out.

Pressing the head of my cock against her opening I slowly began to sink inside her.

“”Fuck me, baby.”" Sarah screamed. “”Stick your cock in my ass and fuck me.”"

I obliged her. Thrusting the rest of the way in I began to move quicker, in and out, my balls slapping against her wet pussy. Her screams and moans were constant as she began to orgasm and it finally drove me over the edge. I could feel my cum shoot out deep into her tight ass as my whole body tensed and I almost passed out from the sheer force of the orgasm.

July 18 — Sarah


That worked out better than I could ever have hoped in my wildest fantasies. I have never had that hard of an orgasm or squirted like that. I will sometimes cum a little when I orgasm but never like that.

It was almost one long orgasm from the moment I stepped out of the tent and saw the look in Paul’s eyes as he inspected my body.

When he was licking my pussy the butt plug was moving around inside my ass. The feeling was so exquisite I had to press my ass down harder so it would grind in me more. I must have had at least three orgasms before Paul finally stuck his thick cock into my wet pussy and I came harder than I ever have in my life. Paul rammed hard into me again like he was getting ready to finish off. I wanted nothing so much as for that thick cock deep inside my pussy but I brought my self under control long enough to stop him.

I am pretty sure I had another small orgasm from just the look on Paul’s face when I told him it was time to fuck my ass. And even more from the anticipation as he slip my panties down to gaze at the sapphire of my butt plug, but when he began to wiggle it and finger me at the same time I felt like pure electricity was running through my body as another orgasm racked my whole being and my pussy began to spray.

Finally he pulled the plug out. I could feel the softness of his tip as it probed my butt hole. He slowly began to enter me. There was a little bit of pain at this, but my very being wanted him. I was filled with a need like I had never experienced before.

I yelled for Paul to fuck me. My ass craved him. It felt empty without the plug in anymore. The pain turned to pleasure as he filled me up. His balls began to hit against my overly sensitive pussy. My body began to shake as another orgasm built. Paul was breathing heavy and as I started cumming he did as well. I could feel his seed spraying deep in my ass and I orgasmed hard again before finally collapsing to the ground exhausted as fluids leaked from both my holes.

We slept together like that, under the stars, not even having the energy to clean up until we awoke this morning.

We are going to take another swim in the pool and then after that Paul wants to go for a hike. This place is so peaceful and refreshing. The air is warm and the soft breeze has such a wonderful smell to it.

July 18 — Sarah

Still Morning

We are back from our swim. It was every bit as much fun as the last time. Even being morning like it is the water was quite nice, and there is nothing like a bit of frenzied water activities to keep one from getting cold.

Paul thinks we should go for our hike in nothing but our underwear. The grass here is so soft and the weather couldn’t be more pleasant so I have agreed. I am wearing a purple and black satin peek-a-boo bra with a matching low rise thong. Paul has on a pair of tight black boxers that show off the shape of his fine ass. Judging from the bulge I can see in the front of them already I don’t think our hike is going to last long.

July 18 — Paul


Wow. What an awesome hike that was. We started out for a simple hike, in our underwear, cause, hey, we are alone in a secluded valley with soft ground to walk on, Sarah is sexy as hell and always ready to wear something sexy for me and it seemed like a good idea. She put on a real hot purple bra that cupped the lower part of her breasts with some black lace that went over top like it was trying to pretend it could hide the stiff nipples underneath. Then she was wearing a purple thong, tight enough that I could see the perfect outline of her mound underneath it. As she walked past me she gave her ass a little wiggle so I could see the string of her thong, pressed deep in her crack, was holding in her little silver butt plug.

We spent probably 15 minutes just walking along the meadow in the soft grass, casually touching each other and talking. I asked Sarah what she thought she would do for our next anniversary that could possibly top the wild fuck we had last night. She grinned wickedly at me and said maybe it was time she found a girlfriend and gave me a wild threesome. At the same time she reached down my boxers and started stroking my cock. The whole thing was very erotic and my knees went weak as I almost came in her hand. She pushed me down onto my back and pulled my boxers down off my legs.

“”Well, looks like you enjoy that thought,”" she said as she began stroking my shaft. “”I might have to see if I can find a girl sooner than next year. Maybe we can find that wood nymph the old lady was talking about.”"

She then leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, slowly working her way up and down the shaft. The sensation was amazing as her soft, moist lips worked their way down until she had me all the way in her mouth. Suddenly she began to move her head up and down, letting her lips play over the tip of my cock with each repetition before taking me back in. I could feel my orgasm building, like a dam about to burst.

“”I am going to cum”" I groaned, “”You had better stop or you are going to get more than you want.”"

Her only response was a wicked grin as she looked eagerly into my eyes and began to fondle my balls with one hand.

With that I lost all control. The wave rushed over me and I shot my load into the back of her throat. Far from seeming displeased, Sarah smiled again and began to suck, cleaning my shaft completely.

“”I thought maybe we would get a few more of those sexual desires out of the way,”" she whispered softly into my ear.

Talking like that it didn’t take her long to have me ready again. I rolled her onto her back slid her thong to the side and moved in between her legs. As I entered her she lifted up her legs so I could grab them and push them up farther. It allowed me a real hot view of her moist lips sliding along my cock and at the same time Sarah says it makes so my shaft rubs perfectly inside her and her clit tends to get mashed between us, giving her a bit of a thrill with each thrust. It was even hotter today. I could feel her butt plug nestled firmly between her cheeks as my balls swung into and the way she was moaning she must have really been enjoying the action it was getting. Within a couple thrusts I had Sarah screaming and it didn’t take me much longer to finish.

July 18 — Sarah


I don’t even know what to say about what happened after our hike. It started simple enough.

After giving Paul a blow job, and swallowing for the first time, we had another wild bit of fucking and then, feeling tired, we came back to camp and had a nap. That’s were things got strange.

I came slowly awake to the feel of lips caressing my pussy. A tongue darted out and began to flick into me. Then it was a gentle sucking on my clit. And this point I began to get very turned on as my tormentor began to place tiny kisses all around my pubic area. There was a gentle breath on the moistness of my mound, fingers scraped slowly up my belly a quick suck on each stiff nipple and then light kisses back down to my pussy again. The tongue licked the moisture from my pussy and then the whole process was repeated.

“”That feels so good, Paul.”" I moaned. My eyes still closed as I lay back enjoying the sensations, little waves of pleasure rolling over my body.

“”Sarah?”" a sleepy voice responded beside me.

I opened my eyes and looked over to see Paul still laying to the side of me. Looking down my body I met a pair of green eyes framed by long, dark blonde hair. Her tongue shot into my pussy as our gaze met.

I could feel an orgasm starting to building. At that stage I didn’t care about what a strange woman was doing between my legs. She had sucked my clit in between red lips and started flicking it against the roof of her mouth. A slender finger entered me and curved up to stroke my g-spot. The orgasm that had been so close rolled over me and I began to cum. The lady fastened her lips over me and drank in everything I had.

I’m not sure what came over me but the sight of her drinking from me filled me with excitement. I grabbed her and pulled her in to share a deep kiss and then rolled her onto her back.

As she lay there I finally got a good look at her. The long blonde hair and green eyes I had already seen, a small nose, lips the color of ripe strawberries, slim and well built, about the same height as myself, wearing a short green babydoll that did nothing to hide her small, firm breasts. There was a bit of lacy fabric that did more to highlight the erect nipples than to hide them. She wore a white thong of a sheer material that because of how damp it was hid nothing from me. I could see her smooth hairless pussy underneath it, lips almost pulsing against the fabric as she let out a small sigh and stretched. My eyes were drawn in by the sight of her sex. I had never before been so close to another woman’s pussy like this.

This is the continuing story of a suburban housewife as she discovers the joy of unbridled sex. I recommend you read the first three chapters for context

Kelly – Suburban housewife and first time visitor to the mansion

John – Kelly’s husband and visitor to the mansion

Anne – Dominatrix and owner of the mansion

Trisha – Visitor to the mansion and friend of Anne

Julie – Personal Assistant to Anne

Morris – Servant to Anne

Alex – Servant to Anne

I would like to thank Andrea for her work in editing the latest chapter. Constructive comments are always welcome.


John watched as his wife finished drying her hair. She was naked from the waist up; a small towel wrapped around her hid a freshly washed pussy. He marveled at her beauty as her golden locks released the last drops of water under the assault of the warm rushing air. John took a great deal of pleasure watching his wife prepare to go out for an evening on the town. It bothered Kelly when they were first married, but now she did not seem to mind.

“Baby, I think you need to finish showering while I dry my hair. We don’t want to be late for dinner.”

“I want to talk about today. I want to talk about you fucking the servants.”

Kelly turned off the hair dryer, setting it down on the granite counter top. Turning, she smiled at her husband and walked over to him with just enough sway in her hips to make her full breasts jiggle. As she came close to him, she rubbed the fullness of her breasts against him as she leaned in to kiss him. Catching her husband off guard, Kelly locked lips with John and wiggled her tongue into his mouth. At the same time, her right hand quickly worked its way down his stomach and started rubbing John’s cock and balls.

John could not resist his wife as she continued to probe his mouth with her tongue and he opened his mouth allowing her full access. Determined to keep her husband’s mind on her hand job and not dwell on her getting fucked earlier, she slid his cock out of his boxer shorts. Putting the swelling head between her thumb and index finger, she started rubbing the edges of his purple helmet.

After a moment, she pulled her lips back and released her grip on his now swollen cock. Kelly turned around and walked back over to the counter top. She picked up the hair dryer and turned her head over her shoulder. As the still damp curls of her hair finished moving, she smiled at John.

“I don’t think we have time to talk about it right now. I promise we can discuss it later.”

“No, I want to talk about it now Kelly.”

“Baby, I said we can talk about it later. I think you need to take a shower right now. We don’t want to be late for dinner.”

Thinking that her impromptu hand job should quiet her husband, Kelly turned the hair dryer back on.

John just stood there for a moment, with his swollen cock poking out the fly of his boxer shorts. He thought about walking over and pulling the plug on the hair dryer and yelling at his wife. After a few seconds he realized that it would be a futile act. She apparently did not want to talk about what happened earlier in the day. John assumed it was some level of guilt stopping her from discussing it with him. He wasn’t sure, but knew he wanted some questions answered. Was she feeling that way because she was sorry that she fucked the servants, or sorry because she enjoyed it? Did she want even more cum shot up inside her pussy?

Kelly watched her husband in the mirror as he gave up trying to talk to her and stripped out of his boxers and walked into the shower. Relieved that she would not have to talk to her husband about fucking the help, Kelly finished her hair and brushed her teeth. Kelly felt the pains of guilt for a moment. She knew that she should have talked to John, but it was not meant to be at that moment. He was angry and hurt, but Kelly knew that he would get over it and that her silence was for a reason. Besides, he enjoyed watching her get fucked earlier in the day. Kelly knew that her husband enjoyed getting a hand job from Anne and Trisha, and definitely seemed to enjoy licking the slave’s remnants that were dripping out of her, despite how he acted for the last hour.

As John walked out of the shower, he joined his wife in the walk-in closet as she was picking out her attire for the evening. Kelly was bending over as he walked in, providing him with a perfect view of the crease of her bald pussy and puckered butt hole. As Kelly finished putting on her black high heels, she turned to find her husband starring at her.

“See anything you like?”

“Yes, that cute little butt hole of yours was winking at me. It was calling out for “Johnny”".

“Johnny” was what Kelly called John’s penis. He wasn’t quite certain as to the reason, but it seems that all wives come up with a name for their husband’s cock. This was a strange discovery he made over beers with the guys from work one night. The nickname for his penis was rather vanilla when compared to his coworkers. The strangest one was David, whose wife was German. After the fourth beer he admitted that Helga called his penis a “Schweine Haxen”. David said that it was a big hunk of pork, obviously a reference to size of his cock. John didn’t have the heart to tell his buddy that the translation was closer to “pig’s foot”. “Well, I’m glad that Johnny wants to visit my ass but you had better get your butt moving or we are going to be late.”

Kelly pulled out a very short and tight black skirt. John liked it since it showed a lot of leg and molded itself to her tight buns. Foregoing underwear, Kelly pulled the skirt up and then looked for a blouse. She settled for something low cut and that buttoned up the front. Deciding not to wear a bra, she buttoned the blouse up about half the way. It was too humid the button it up all the way and she wanted to tease her husband.

John watched his wife get dressed, noticing that she was sans underwear. Was she still teasing him to avoid talking to him about fucking the servants? Did she think that underwear would just get in the way during dinner? John recalled that Kelly fingered her clit the previous night during dinner. Was she going to do that again and didn’t want her panties blocking access to her pussy?

John settled for a pair of khaki trousers and a blue button down shirt from TommyBahama. Unlike his wife, John decided that underwear was vital for the evening. If tonight was anything like last night, he was certain of an erection. He didn’t like his wife fucking the big cocks of the servants, but he didn’t mind watching Anne and Trish try to swallow them whole. Watching the two other women gave him an erection and he wanted to make certain that he did not embarrass himself with it sticking out for the world to see.

They entered the dining room before Anne or Trisha arrived. Alex brought both of them drinks as they waited. Trish arrived a few minutes later dressed in a semitransparent black and nude color dress. It accentuated her small frame and the bottom of it fell just about an inch lower than the confluence of her legs.

“Good Evening.” Trish walked over to John and kissed him. It was not a friendly kiss on the side of the cheek, rather a sensuous kiss. John resisted her attempts to shove her tongue past his lips. After a second she pulled back and turned towards Kelly.

He should not have been surprised when Trish offered the same greeting to his wife. From the looks of it, she succeeded in getting her tongue into Kelly’s mouth. The two kissed for what seemed like an eternity, but really was only about three seconds. John noticed that Trish also grabbed his wife’s ass as she pulled her into the kiss.

“You taste good; much softer lips than your husbands. John, you really should use more lip balm while you are out in the sun.”

“You taste good as well. I keep telling him that he needs to wear lip balm, but he says that it makes him feel like a girl. I tell him that I don’t want to kiss lips that are like old leather shoes.”

Kelly continued the conversation for a moment longer. In reality, the talking was to hide her nervous reaction to the kiss from Trisha. She had not kissed a girl that way since college. She recalled a college party where she was drunk and was dared to kiss another girl. Two of her other friends had kissed and she did not want to feel left out, so she kissed a young women that was a friend of her roommate. The kiss lasted about thirty seconds and went well beyond the lip lock she just had. The girl hugged her and rubbed her tits through her tank top. Kelly recalled going home to her dorm that night and quietly fingering herself thinking about the softness of the woman’s embrace. She would masturbate thinking about the woman for another week, but never did anything about it beyond fooling around in her imagination.

Just then, Anne walked in the room with Julie following close behind. She also gave everyone a kiss as a greeting. It was no surprise to John that her kiss was more of a traditional greeting kiss. It may have been traditional, but with Anne it had a feeling of cold detachment. Where Trish had unbridled lust, Anne had cold and calculating control over everything she did. John thought to himself that he would have to keep an eye on how Anne and Kelly interacted. He was certain that Anne would be the provocateur that would entice his wife to do something similar to what happened earlier by the pool.

“Good Evening everyone. Kelly, you look spectacular. I hope that you did not get burned out in the sun today. John you look handsome.” Anne’s greeting seemed genuine, but John picked out the very trace sarcasm in the tone of her compliment towards him.

“Good evening Anne. You look fabulous. I’m doing great; no sunburn and I feel so alive after being outside naked all day. I can’t believe that I’ve never done that before today.”

John admired Anne who looked stunning in her short black dress and heels. The dress was plunging in the front and barely hid the fullness of her breasts. It barely covered her ass and the hem stopped level with her pussy lips. It was also sheer enough to tell that she was not wearing underwear. Julie was the most dressed of the group, in a form hugging red PVC corset, mini skirt and red patent leather heels.

“Since we are all here, shall we have dinner?”

Morris arrived just in time to pull out his Mistress’ chair from the table and set a drink down in front of her. This was rewarded with a polite thank you and stroke of the big black cock hanging between his legs. John took his seat on the same side of the table and about three feet away from Anne.

Alex helped Trisha with her chair and poured her another glass of wine while she grabbed his cock and started stroking it. With the cock still in her hand, she turned and locked eyes with John. She licked her lips as she continued to tug on the shaft in her hands. Kelly put her drink down on the table, sitting down on the left side of Trisha and Alex, conveniently having a front row view of the show happening. The group continued to watch as Trisha slowly pumped the swelling cock up and down.

“Kelly, could you please hold this for me?” Trisha took her left hand and turned the poor servant by his cock, so that he faced Kelly. “I’m thirsty and need a drink.”

John wondered if he wife would actually grab the servant’s cock. He was certain that his wife knew he was upset about her fucking Alex earlier in the day. It really did not surprise him when she reached up and wrapped her fingers around it. The real surprise was the Kelly looked at her husband and smiled as she mimicked the stroking action Trisha started. John felt a small shudder in his body because her smile was natural and not forced. Kelly continued stroking the cock for about a minute as Trish downed the contents of her wine glass.

“Can I have that back please?”

“Yes you may.” With that Kelly bent her body forward and planted a big wet kiss on the helmeted head of the cock in her hand. She then extended her arm to the right and passed the young servants cock to Trisha like it was a baton in a track meet.

Dinner was much the same as the previous night. The servants brought out wine and salad to start the meal. This was followed by a course of light appetizers and then the main meal.

While John and Kelly did not discuss what happened at the pool earlier in the day, the topic of sex found its way into the discussion.

“Kelly, did you enjoy yourself at the pool today?” Anne was the first one to bring up the topic and John looked at his wife intently.

“Yes, I did enjoy myself. The sun felt warm on my body and I felt comfortable being naked in front of other people. The massage was just what I needed. I also enjoyed getting fucked by your two servants.” It was coincidence at that very moment Alex was standing next to Kelly and she took the opportunity to stroke his cock.

“Alex has a very nice cock. I love it when my husband cums in my pussy, so it was great when the servants shot their loads deep into me. I probably could have used another load or two in me before John cleaned up the mess.”

Anne continued her questions. “Was that the first time you had ever been with two guys?”

Kelly did not know how to answer the question. It had happened once during her second year in college. She and her roommate found themselves at a party with a bit too much to drink. Before Kelly knew what was happening, she was naked and on her knees in front of two fellow students. She fucked both of them before her roommate showed up to pull her out of the dorm room. The next morning Kelly wondered what she had done to her reputation, but luckily there were no cell phone cameras and the guys only acknowledged her in passing if they met on campus. John did not know about it, and she wondered if now the right time to tell him.

“No, I can honestly say that this was the first time that I’ve been fucked by two naked men at the same time.” It was a true statement, since one of the college guys kept his socks on while fucking her and technically was not naked.

Anne looked at Kelly intently, obviously picking up the subtle caveat of her answer. It seemed a little unnerving that Anne could read her like the pages of an open book.

“John, did you enjoy this afternoon at the pool?”

“Are you asking me if I enjoyed lying out by the pool naked with three women, or watching my wife fucking two relative strangers?”

Anne set her wine glass down on the table and looked directly at him, locking her cold eyes upon his. “I am asking you both questions.”

“Yes, I enjoyed lying out by the pool with three attractive women who were naked.” Looking at his wife, he continued. “I really did not enjoy watching my wife get fucked by your servants.”

“Did you really not enjoy watching that John? You didn’t seem to mind watching Kelly as Trish and I were stroking your cock. You could have easily put a stop to it.”

John hesitated in answering her, but the silence at the table needed to be filled.

“I said that I did not enjoy it.”

“I disagree. In fact, I think that you would have fucked Trisha if she offered herself to you at the pool house. I know that you would have dove face first into her pussy if given the chance.”

Kelly looked at her husband to see how he would respond. He had made comments before about wanting to watch his wife fuck a woman and then jump in for a threesome. Kelly normally ignored her husband’s comments about wanting to fuck strange women as he licked her pussy. How would he respond to being called out by Anne?

“I would not have done it despite what you think Anne. Kelly and I have talked about other people, normally in fantasy discussions but we never agreed to fuck other people.” John looked at his wife. “I would not have fucked Trisha because Kelly and I did not discuss it before hand.”

Anne laughed, loudly. “Really John, you would not have fucked Trisha because you had not asked permission from your wife despite the fact that my servants were pounding her to orgasm. Well Kelly, would you have let John stick his dick inside of Trish earlier today?”

Kelly placed her fork down and finished chewing on her lobster. Picking up her wine glass, she took a small drink to clear her throat. “I guess that I would have let him fuck Trish. It seems that would only be fair, considering I had my mouth and pussy full of strange cock.”

“Honey, why didn’t you try to fuck Trish or Anne? I see you looking at woman all the time, envisioning what they look like naked. I’ve seen the porn you watch. You had two naked woman that would have fucked you, why didn’t you do anything?”

John did not know what to say. That was a question that had been at the back of his mind all afternoon. He had played it over in his mind several times and each time he concluded that he would have loved to fuck Trish from behind. Besides tits, John had a thing for women with small butts. John hoped that Trisha liked getting fucked in the ass, because he kept imagining sticking his dick deep in her asshole.

“Honey, I bet you would have loved to fuck Trisha in the butt.”

John looked over to see Trisha smiling at him. Kelly couldn’t help but notice Trisha’s cheeky smile as well. Alex had started to pour the newcomer a glass of wine, and suddenly found a palm grasping his balls and cock.

“Trish, John loves to fuck me in the ass. I don’t let him do it all the time, but he says the sight of his dick disappearing into my ass sends him over the top. Isn’t that right honey?”

Kelly continued to stroke the servants cock as she waited for her husband to answer the question.

John looked around at the group as each of the women, including Julie, waiting for his response. He thought about lying, but he was certain that his wife, as well as Anne would call him out on it.

“Yes on both accounts. But I go back to my earlier statement that Kelly and I did not talk about having sex with the servants or Trisha.”

With a slight upwards tug on the dick and a bent neck, Kelly soon had the cock shoved into her mouth. She slowly licked the head of the young servant’s cock. Her efforts must have been pleasurable because she could feel the blood coursing through the flesh in her mouth, making the cock continue to swell and throb It was soon at its full girth and Kelly took as much of it in her mouth as she could. It hit the back of her throat and then she released it.

Pulling her mouth off it while running her tongue along the underside of the shaft, she sucked on the head of it again. This was followed by several more attempts to get all of Alex’s cock into her mouth. As quickly as it began, Kelly released the young servants cock and sent him away with a slap on the butt.

She turned back to the group and said “Anne, you asked me earlier if I enjoyed myself by the pool and my answer was yes. I have to say that your servants did a great job fucking me. Also, Trisha, thank you for your assistance in helping John clean up my pussy. I have tried to get him to eat me out after he explodes in me, but he is not really interested. I always promised him I would fuck him even better in “round two” but he just wants to relax or in most cases sleep. He gave me an orgasm when he ate me out today and it felt great.”

“You are welcome. I think John did an excellent job. By the way, your husband has a cute butt. I was admiring it as he was bent down eating your pussy. I just wanted to grab it, but I was afraid that I would break his concentration.”

“I agree, his ass is so cute. He hates it when I compliment him on it”

“I don’t hate it when you compliment me on it. I hate that you always pinch me when you say something nice about it.”

It was the first time in several minutes that John had said something. He was thinking to himself that he should have told his wife that he did not appreciate her sucking off the help at the dinner table. He was going to say something, but he could not get over the fact that he was getting a hard-on again watching her suck cock.

“Stop being such a baby. You know that you like it when I touch your butt. You really like it when I grab it while you have your cock buried in me.”

“Kelly, have you ever rubbed John’s anus when you are giving him a blowjob?”

This time it was Trisha asking Kelly an embarrassing question. The answer was yes, but she thought that it might not be the right time to share that information with the group. Kelly looked over at her husband and he had a somewhat panicked look on his face.

“No I can’t say that I’ve done that, I take it you have?”

“Yes. I’ve done it lots of times with my lovers. I love to do it when I have them near the brink with a blowjob. I wet my index finger with my spit and insert it in their ass just before they blow their load in my mouth. I swear they cum more from that than when they fuck my pussy. You ought to try it on John.”

Kelly smiled politely at her husband. “I will have to keep that in mind the next time he is about to cum in my mouth.”

Thankfully the conversation turned to the food which the servants were placing on the table. The next hour the conversation meandered from Kelly’s job, John’s job and their efforts to get pregnant. It was this point of the conversation that John worried most about for his wife. They would work through the earlier indiscretion, but there was no fixing his wife’s medical condition and hoped that Anne would drop the topic.

“Kelly, if you don’t mind me asking how long did you and John try to have kids before you discovered that you were not able to?”

Kelly did not know how to answer it at first, since this topic was something that she was still working through herself with the help of a counselor.

“We waited a couple of years to start trying to get pregnant. If John had his way, I don’t think we would have started trying for several more years. I know he admits to being apprehensive, but that all went by the wayside one Saturday afternoon. I called him into our bedroom where I was wearing my five-inch “fuck me pumps” and nothing else. I told him that I was no longer taking birth control and he was done using condoms. I actually pierced each one with a sewing needle in front of him. I told him that I wanted to be filled with “baby batter” and he laughed at me. He then proceeded to bend me over the bed and fuck me doggie style and then shot his load deep into my pussy”.

“John, did your wife actually ask you to fill her with “baby batter”?” Anne turned to him and actually had an interested look on her face. It was if one part of her ice wall melted in asking him the question.

John laughed for second and then regained his composure. “Yes, she did ask to be filled with “baby batter” and we both laughed at it. What she did not tell you is that once I was done filling her pussy that she rolled over onto the bed and shot her legs straight up towards the ceiling. She claimed that she wanted to keep the cum inside of her and not let it run down the crack of her ass. I just about fell over laughing, right honey.”

It was Kelly’s turn to cycle through three shades of red in embarrassment and a little bit of anger. “I read it on the internet. The web site said to keep your legs elevated in the air to have the highest probability of the greatest number of sperm making it to an egg.”

The shade of red went even darker as everyone at the table could not help but laugh.

Anne continued to giggle as she attempted to regain her composure. “Kelly, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to laugh at you, but the visual of you naked with your legs sticking straight up in the air is funny. I take it that was not the last time that you tried that trick.”

“No, we did it a lot.” Kelly did not know if she wanted to continue the line of discussion but pressed on anyways. “The frequency of our fucking picked up exponentially. We even stole a lunch hour here and there to fuck in an upscale hotel in the downtown area by our offices because my ovulation cycle was supposed to be ideal. John was even accused of being a businessman in search of a call-girl by the hotel manager one time. It was during this point that I really became addicted to having my pussy filled with sticky cum.”

“So what happened when you didn’t become pregnant? Did you go to the doctor?”

“I went with John, as we suspected that he might be the reason we having problems getting pregnant. John played baseball in high school and was hit several times in the nuts and we wondered if his equipment was broke. I spent sleepless nights wondering what would happen if John’s sperm did not work.”

“What would you have done if he was shooting blanks?”

John’s attention turned to his wife as this was an unanswered question that he could never bring himself to ask. At some level John knew that his wife would have wanted a sperm donor and he would have acquiesced to such a request. He would have done anything to have a child at that point in their relationship and given almost anything to his wife.

Kelly dreaded the question, as it was one that she had struggled with for years. She knew the answer and it would not sit well with her husband.

“I don’t know, maybe talk to John about getting a sperm donor. We never really talked about it.”

The reality is that Kelly had thought long and hard about it. The idea of a sperm donor had gone through her mind dozens of times. After two unsuccessful rounds of IFV, it went through her mind again on a business trip. It took only three beers before the handsome guy that looked like John was able to convince her to go back to her hotel room. An hour later he was slamming her pussy doggie style in her room in the Embassy Suites. Kelly lied to the guy when he tried to use a condom, saying that she was on birth control and not to worry about getting her pregnant. The reality was that she wanted him to get her pregnant. He looked enough like John that a baby could easily be passed off as his own.

The next day was pure torture for her as she continued to dwell on the fact that she had cheated on her husband. She cried that night when she got back to the room. The bloody stain on the toilet paper made her cry even more when her period signaled that she had cheated for nothing. It was the last time that she cheated on John until earlier in the day. Thinking back to the night in Atlanta, it seemed dirty and unpleasant compared to getting pounded by Anne’s servants

“When we learned that it was me, the world ended and part of me died that day. I cried constantly and actually did not want John to touch me. I felt less of a woman because I could not give him a child. We didn’t have sex for months. He was an absolute angel about being denied sex, especially since we normally fucked at least once a day while we were trying to get pregnant.”

“John, how did you go from sex all the time to none in the blink of an eye”

John was about to chime in but was cut off by Kelly.

“I think the first couple of weeks were easy because there was a lot of crying on my part. He was focused on his research and looking for a second opinion. He had become enamored with the idea of being a dad. When the second and then third doctors confirmed that I was sterile he shut himself off from me. I don’t know when, but he eventually turned to internet porn. The first time I spied on him he was jerking off while watching two women having sex with each other. I cried in my bed that night because he did not want to have sex with me. I was going to yell at him the next evening but I didn’t. I was sitting in the restroom stall at work and I realized that he was human and that he needed a release. I wasn’t ready to have sex again, so I let him watch porn.”

“John did you ever think about asking your wife to watch porn with you.” Anne had sat quietly listening to Kelly. She even missed several opportunities to stroke her servants while they refreshed water and wine glasses”

Kelly again cut her husband off again.

“Yes he did ask me once to watch it with him, but I told him no. By this point John’s taste in porn had run towards big breasts, teenage girls, lesbians with strap on cocks and MILFs. I told him that I was less visual than men and more into the written word. Not to be deterred, he went out and purchased a copy of Penthouse Letters so he could read it to me one night. It was kind of cute actually. He brought wine and purchased me a new nightgown. He told me to put it on and that he had a surprise for me. Once we got into bed, he started reading me a bedtime story. It was definitely different than the stories from my childhood. We eventually ditched the magazine and he fucked me for the first time in almost four months.”

“Kelly does John still read the magazine to you, or was this a one-time event?” This time it was Trisha that asked a question.

“It was a one-time event. However, the next morning John went bike riding with some guys from work and I spent that Saturday naked with a vibrator in my pussy. I read every story in that magazine. I felt like a teenage boy the next month when I bought a new copy of the magazine. I couldn’t wait for John to leave the house one Saturday so I could read the stories. It got to the point that I subscribed to the magazine to keep from being gawked at the local convenience store.”

John chimed in at this point. “This is when I discovered my wife was reading smut. She hid it for a couple of months and I found out when the first black plastic covered edition arrived in the mail.”

Anne smiled at Kelly. “I’ve read those magazines. Which types of stories do you like Kelly?”

Kelly did not want to answer the question. She may have been comfortable knowing the type of porn her husband liked to watch, but was not certain that she wanted him knowing about her desires.

“Honey, why don’t you tell Anne what stories you like to read.”

John had asked his wife that question several times, each time she ignored him as if she did not hear the question. John knew that Anne would sniff out a lie from his wife.

“I like to read stories of wives getting fucked by strange men. Most of the time I like to read stories about older women picking up younger guys in a bar and then fucking them senseless. There was this one story about a wife that acted as a waitress at the next door neighbor’s poker party while her husband was away on business. She came in wearing a maid outfit and ended up getting fucked by eight guys who all shot their loads on her face.”

John looked at his wife and smiled. Kelly did not know it, but John had found a page folded over one day when he was snooping through his wife’s nightstand. The page was part of a story about a woman that shot an amateur porn movie at the behest of her husband. The woman had been fucked by two guys while their wives fucked each other with a strap-on and her husband filmed the whole scene.

“Kelly, do you ever read the stories about threesome involving two women and a man?” Trish was slowly stoking Julie’s ass as the women stood next to her.

“I would occasionally read them, but I enjoy the stories about wives more.”

“What about the lesbian stories? I really enjoy reading lesbian porn”

Trisha continued to stroke Julie’s ass while she waited for Kelly to answer.

“No, I really do not go for lesbian stories. I don’t really get excited by reading or watching women have sex.”

“You don’t know what you are missing. It is wonderful to watch women making love and even better to be one of those women.”

As if on cue, Morris came up behind Trisha and pulled her chair back from the table. Kelly wondered if she was getting up for some reason, but was surprised when Julie walked between her and the table. Dropping down to her knees, the young woman leaned forward and buried her face between Trisha’s legs. Kelly watched as Julie started licking Trisha’s pussy mere feet from where she was sitting.

Again, Kelly had not been completely honest with the group about watching women having sex with each other. It happened her senior year in college when John had gone to see his parents in Seattle. She went to a party and eventually it wound down to just four women. Surprisingly, she ended up watching three of her friends lick each other’s pussies. She politely turned down the request to join the group, but watched from the corner of the room while slowly rubbing her clit.

Kelly could see Julie’s tongue buried in the wet folded flesh of Trisha’s bald pussy. The young servant girl slipped a finger into Trisha as she continued to probe her swollen clit. Kelly watched as Tisha’s breathing became heavier and she grabbed fists full of blonde locks in an effort to pull Julie’s tongue deeper into her. In a matter of minutes she screamed as she neared the peaks of orgasm.

“Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck.”

Kelly watched as Julie picked up the intensity of her oral attack, bringing Trisha to orgasm. After Julie finished licking the last remnants of cum from Trisha, she stood up acknowledging a quick glance from the woman.

Without hesitation, Julie walked over to Kelly and bent down, locking lips with her as she continued to finger herself. Kelly would have pulled away or pushed Julie away but her hands were full. Kelly could taste the sweet remnants of Trisha’s pussy on the young woman’s lips and tongue as it slithered through her closed lips. The real surprise was Julie’s hand that ran up her thigh and almost made it Kelly’s pussy before she was able to close her legs. This time the kiss lasted much longer as the wine and hormones dulled Kelly’s response time and willingness to fight.

“How does my pussy taste Kelly?”

John stared in amazement at the entire scene. John did not actually see the graphic details, but guessed what was happening. The moans, slurps and blonde head bobbing was a give dead giveaway. John wondered how his wife would react to the kiss and the question.

In a very meek voice, so much that the group barely heard Kelly’s acknowledgement that it tasted good. It required Anne to ask again in a more demanding voice.

“I said that it tasted good. Can we change the subject please?”

Anne smiled at Kelly and ordered dessert for the group. Trisha just smiled for the group and kissed Julie before she left the room to help the servants. Kelly downed the glass of wine hoping that her insistence on changing the subject would keep them from dwelling on the kiss. She did not want to discuss her fingering herself while watching two women fuck at the dinner table. She definitely did not want to discuss the raging fire between her legs or second guessing her decision of not letting Julie finger fuck her at the table.

The conversation returned to the island as Anne described the numerous tourist traps and crowded beaches. The conversation always seemed to return to sex and that was accentuated by Kelly giving Morris a blow job during desert. John thought about stopping his wife, but the moment did not seem right. John hoped that it was the wine that was influencing his wife’s actions, but he knew better. He recalled the day his wife declared her addiction to having her pussy filled. John feared that his wife found a new way to fill that desire, and that it did not involve his cock.

“Is anyone up for movie? I just received Silver Linings Playbook with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.”

“Oh he’s cute. I would love to fuck him…and her.”

It was no surprise to John that Trisha chimed in about wanting to fuck the both of stars of the movie.

“I’ll pass on the movie. A romantic movie doesn’t fit my mood tonight. Kelly how about we get the servants to drive us to town and we can hit a bar?”

“John, I think it might be a better idea if you stay to watch the movie. Tonight is a dead night in the bars and you will have to deal with is drunk tourists trying to pick up on your wife. Besides, I bet you are the kind of guy that makes his wife watch pointless action movies when you go out on dates and you probably owe her a chick flick.”

John thought that having drunk tourists try to pick up on his wife was a better idea than watching her suck the servants cocks.

“Honey, let’s stay here for this evening. Anne said that she knows of a great club that will be in full party mode tomorrow evening. Anyways, you owe me a romantic movie after that stupid science fiction one last month.”

There was no winning this argument since Kelly was right. John had waited months for the movie to come out and dragged Kelly to opening night. Even he had to admit to her later that the movie was a complete flop. As it happened most times, Kelly won this argument and the group eventually adjourned from the dining room to the home theater.

The home theater looked like it could easily fit in at the home of a Hollywood film executive. There were a dozen leather chairs and couches. There were several large pillows spread across the floor as well. Anne said that they were free to sit on the floor or in the chairs. The screen was almost the size of a standard movie theater with a projection system mounted on the ceiling. John had seen pictures of home theaters like this in the magazines showing the homes of the rich and famous. John wondered if Anne would ever allow her home to be featured in one of those magazines.

The servants brought in wine and popcorn for the group. Kelly knew that her husband was not interested in the movie. However, she was enthralled with it since it was one that she did not get to see in the theater and forgot about it by the time it came out on DVD. The movie was not erotic, but her crotch tingled each time Alex brought in more popcorn or wine for the group. She could not help but stare at his young cock and think how it was pounding her earlier in the day. Would John acquiesce if she requested the servants fuck her again?

Two hours later John had enough and was ready to get out of there. As the movie ended the women started talking about the one love scene in the movie. That inevitably steered the conversation to sex. Anne offered the group another movie, saying it would be better than the last.

“I’m going for a walk on the beach, Kelly do you want to join me?”

John needed to clear his head with some fresh air. The combination of the booze, hormones and open foreplay was too much for him to handle at the moment. He hoped that a walk on the beach would give them time to talk about what happened at dinner and in the pool house.

“I want to watch the next movie and have some more wine. You can head to the beach if you like. I will be here when you are done.”

“I really want you to walk on the beach with me. It will be romantic.” He hoped that his wife would get the hint that they needed some private time to talk. He also hoped that he might get a chance to fool around a little bit.

“No. I’m going to stay here. Spend as much time as you like on the beach. I will be here when you get back.”

John got up from his seat. He was hurt again by his wife’s desire to stay with Anne and Trisha. He assumed the conversation would turn to more graphic sex now that he was gone. He was really starting to regret not asking Anne for their deposit back and finding a hotel in town. It was one thing to watch Anne suck off her servants. It was something completely different to have those same servants shoot their seed deep into his wife’s pussy.

“I think we need something to lighten the mood a little. How about a different type of love story? Julie we need a girl love story, can you please set this up.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Kelly, come over here and join Trisha and I on the floor cushions. Alex, please bring us some more wine.”

Kelly did not need or want any more wine. She really wanted the servants cock buried deep in her wet snatch. However, it was not meant to be at the moment and he quickly walked to the kitchen to retrieve another bottle at the direction of his Mistress. Alex returned in a few moments to fill up each glass. Kelly could not help herself as she reached up to stroke his cock. She needed to get fucked, but thought that Anne would find it rude if she jumped his bones before watching the next movie. She just hoped that she could get fucked before her husband came back from the beach.

They always met in the same dark, dated, motel room where the sound of neighboring televisions blared through paper-thin walls and parking spots around back were at a premium because nobody wanted to risk having a car recognized. Every Thursday at noon. For the last six months. Each week Lola entered the unlocked door and stripped down to black lace panties and matching stilettos, just as Michael had instructed when they first agreed to meet. Each week, she felt the breath knocked out of her as her gaze lit upon the curve of his neck sloping into broad, sinewy shoulders. He never turned to take her in. Never watched her walk, her almost naked body taut with anticipation, across the room. Never acknowledged her presence until she sat on the hard, metal folding chair facing him. And then it was only a nod and the utterance of a single word, “Begin.”

Though he wooed her with beautiful emails each day, teased her with scintillating messages, awoke a primal beast within her by opening her imagination to acts she had not previously considered, he still hadn’t laid a hand on her. For six months, he hadn’t laid a hand on her. Yet, she still showed up, hopeful that he would. He had hands, and lips, and based on the bulge she saw in his pants every week, a cock worth waiting for. So, each week, Lola showed up and sat in a cold, metal folding chair and quivered, waiting for him to say the word: “Begin.”

For the first few weeks, she played by the rules. When the command was given, she touched herself, caressing the ample flesh of her breasts, nipples ripening to plump, red berries, while delicately stroking her sex through the confines of lace panties. She imagined her hands were his, cupping her womanhood, releasing her juices. Once they were soaked through with the hot, slippery wetness of her pussy, she moved her panties out of the way and placed one finger on each side of her clit, rocking her hips in time with the pulsing of her fingers. Locking eyes with Michael, her owner, her master, even though he’d never touched her, drove her instantly to the brink of orgasm, so she tried to look anywhere else. Coming before he allowed it would be punished with a week of silence, and she could not go that long without reading his words, hearing his voice. So she focused on his lips, his shoulders, his hands, the bulge in his pants, anywhere but his eyes. Until he said, “Come.” Then she allowed herself to drown in the depths of his soul and call out his name as her body came undone from the heat of desire in his gaze.

Once, after the first month of playing this game, doing as he commanded, obeying Michael’s rules, she tried to antagonize him. Tried to force him to take her. Not being touched, not being able to touch him, was killing her. So instead of sitting and spreading her legs and waiting for his consent, she went to him. She stood before him, shimmied out of her panties and dropped the wisp of black lace onto his lap. Sick of letting him dictate the rules of their meetings, she straddled him, naked but for heels, and brought her mouth to his. And found only unyielding flesh. Instead of returning her kiss, Michael gripped both of her arms, lifted her from his lap and carried her across the room to her chair. Then, without a word, he retrieved her panties from the floor, stuffed them into his pocket and was gone. Though humiliating, it was still not as painful as the week of silence that followed.

The following Thursday, and every week since, Lola had stayed on script, always hoping that Michael would eventually allow their relationship to be consummated.

Though today marked exactly six months since their first meeting, she tried to push aside any sentimental notion that this time would be the time it happened. If Michael wanted Lola to touch herself, to bring herself to orgasm for him every single week for the rest of her life, she would. He owned her.

Already unzipping her dress as she pushed open the door to Room #8, their room, the place of their unsated desire, Lola was rendered immobile by the scene awaiting her. In place of their normal arrangement — one plush armchair, one hard, metal folding chair, and one untouched bed — Michael had created a tableau that spoke of passions beyond anything she had ever experienced. The bed, lit from all sides with hundreds of candles, was turned down, ready for use. On the nightstand, Lola spotted an assortment of toys — dildos of various sizes and shapes, vibrators, bottles of lube, nipple clamps, silk scarves, a riding crop — it looked like Michael had visited a sex shop and purchased one of everything. But, what stunned and excited her the most was the vision in the center of the room. Michael, shirtless, skin glowing in the candlelight, sitting in his armchair, not with his back turned to the door as it had been every week, but facing her. Looking at her. Seeing her. And wanting her.

Shaken from their usual routine, Lola froze, uncertain what was expected of her. Until Michael commanded, his voice the same unyielding tone she was accustomed to hearing each week,


The authority in his voice left no room for hesitation. Lola unzipped her dress the rest of the way and let it slide down her arms and fall to the floor. Gripped with an inexplicable shyness, she tucked a wisp of her chestnut bob behind her right ear before fumbling with the clasps on her sheer, black bra. Slipping each strap from her shoulders, she felt her nipples tighten even though there wasn’t a hint of chill in the air. She stood before him, feeling exposed in a way she hadn’t before, as Michael appraised her naked flesh. Though he’d watched her bring herself to explosive orgasm dozens of times during the past half year, the way he looked at her now, drinking her in, felt far more intimate. Her skin blazed everywhere his eyes lit. The pronounced curve of her hips away from the small of her waist, her collarbone where it met the slope of her shoulder, the full, softness of her bottom lip, all felt sunburned from the heat of Michael’s overt desire.

Unsure what was expected of her, Lola took a step forward, wanting to go to Michael, make him her lover at long last. But Michael made it clear that, in spite of the new arrangement, he intended to continue running the show.

“Stop.” He told her, and Lola froze once more. “Turn. Slowly. I want to look at you.”

Time halted as she pivoted, not daring to move more than an inch at a time, having to remind herself to breathe. Even though she could no longer see him, she could still feel his eyes, knew exactly where he was looking, felt as his passion scorched her body. By the time she again faced Michael, Lola was panting and ready to do anything he asked, if only he would touch her.

“Lovely,” he sighed, a softness in his voice that Lola had never heard inside this room before. “Come to me, you silken goddess. Come to me and kneel.”

Overcome with a level of emotion she hadn’t even been aware she felt, Lola went to the source of her desire and knelt at his feet, not caring that the worn carpet bit into her flesh. She would endure any level of discomfort just to be near this man. Arms clasped behind her back, leaving her vulnerable and exposed, Lola met her beloved’s gaze. In that look, in her complete submission to this beautiful, powerful man, she claimed him as her own. And then he touched her.

With a gentleness that seemed other-worldly, he caressed the hollow of her cheek, first with only his thumb, then his whole hand as she leaned into his touch, savoring it.

“Do you want this?”

Lola stifled a moan, only able to whisper, “yes.”

Michael smoothed a strand of her hair between thumb and forefinger, then ran the back of his hand along her jawline, never wavering from the intensity of their locked eyes.

“Love, you’ve shown your devotion. But I need to be certain you want this. Because once I take you, you will be mine.”

“Michael, I am already yours. I have always been yours. I was made to belong to you.” With six months of hunger and desperation lending her voice the reverence of prayer, Lola begged, “please.”

Her savior, this man she worshipped, brought his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply, hands tangling in her hair, tongue languidly exploring her. He tasted like warm honey. She wanted to kiss him forever. Michael had other plans.

Pulling her backward by her hair, Michael broke their kiss. Bringing his lips to her ear, Michael whispered, “I’m going to hurt you, Love. I’m going to hurt you, then I’m going to fuck you. And when I’m done, you’re going to beg me to do it all over again. Do you understand?”

Eyes closed in ecstasy, Lola nodded, “yes.”

Everything that had been withheld from her for six months unleashed by her nod of assent, Michael opened his right hand and slapped Lola across the face. The spreading sting felt like sacrament.

“Do you like that?” he asked, hunger in his voice.

“I do.”

“Why? Because you’re bad?”


“Because you’re a filthy slut?”


“Say it. Tell me why you like it.”

“I like it when you hurt me, Michael. I am your dirty, little slut. I belong to you and I need you to hurt me.”

For the first time ever, Lola heard Michael moan. It was a deep, overwhelming sound, like the tectonic plates of her world shifting and resettling in unfamiliar locations. Still holding her by the hair, Michael nuzzled the deep, red handprint she knew had blossomed on her face. She cherished the mark that it would leave. Hungered for more.

She heard the glorious metallic sound of an opening zipper, knew that with his free hand, Michael was loosing himself for her. Before she could even beg, the feverish, magnificent head of Michael’s cock was parting her lips, covering her greedy tongue in his exquisite saltiness. She opened her throat and slid her tongue down the shaft, taking him all as Michael thrust inside her. A moan that came from deep in her diaphragm vibrated around Michael’s manhood. She knew he was big, but the way he filled her mouth and throat exceeded her wildest desires. With Michael grasping and releasing the back of her head in time with his thrusts, Lola swallowed him whole, then, using cheeks and lips and tongue, created an intense suction as she slid back up the shaft that made her lips smack when she released him. Hungry for more, Lola stroked his spit-slicked cock with her right hand while taking his balls into the softness of her mouth, circling them with her tongue.

“Mmmmm,” Michael’s grip loosened on her hair, “that’s good. I love that sweet, filthy little mouth.” Pulling her head backward once more, Michael looked into her eyes. “I knew you were going to be worth waiting for.”

In one swift motion, Michael rose, leaving Lola on her knees, perfectly positioned to revel in the glory of his thick, glistening erection as he slid free of his pants and striped boxer briefs. Though she could have spent all day admiring his cock, it was not to be. Michael turned Lola’s face toward the bed and ordered her to crawl.

With unquestioning obedience, and conscious of his eyes on her ass, Lola arched her back so that her hips swayed as she crawled on hands and knees for her man. She allowed herself a feline stretch with each forward movement, dipping her upper body so deeply her nipples nearly grazed the floor as she tilted her ass upward for his enjoyment.

“I see what you’re doing,” Michael’s voice, while still stern, hinted at amusement. “And there will be consequences.”

Oh, good, Lola thought to herself as she arched her back further. Reaching the foot of the bed, Lola paused, awaiting Michael’s command.

“You have been very bad.”

Though she couldn’t see him, Lola could tell from his tone there would be no more playfulness.

“The way you tease me. The way you touch yourself in front of me. Moaning like a whore while you come. Leaving me hard. Unsatisfied.” Still on hands and knees, she felt her panties slip to the side and gasped as fingers penetrated her then promptly withdrew. Before she could recover from the shock, Michael — naked, hard and oozing — was seated on the bed in front of her. Tilting Lola’s chin to look into her eyes, Michael lifted two glistening fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply.

“This is what I did with your panties, you know. All those months before I could have you. All that time I waited for you. I know exactly how your pussy tastes. How it smells. Before you leave here today, I will know how it feels wrapped around my cock.” He extended his fingers, shoving them into Lola’s mouth. “Taste, Love. You are fucking delicious.”

Lola accepted his offering and sucked hard, reveling in the sweetness of her own juices. Her hips rocked, involuntarily, needing to ride him.

“Such a dirty little slut.” Withdrawing from her mouth, Michael grabbed Lola around her ribs and pulled her, face-down, across his lap. “Dirty girls need to be spanked, don’t they?” His fingertips, featherlight, danced over her skin, impatient for a response.

“Yes,” she exhaled.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, please. I need to be spanked. Please.”

“I knew you’d beg for it. You are a dirty girl.”

Strong hands slid her panties down over her hips, exposing her, laying her bare. Joining her wrists behind her back, Michael bound her hands together with a silk scarf, leaving her defenseless and vulnerable. She lay still and waited for the sting. Mercifully, he didn’t make her wait long. She heard the noise before she felt the pain, and what a delectable pain it was. Each smack of her ass harder than the one before, sending jolts of electricity up her spine, marking her as Michael’s possession.

“More?” He asked after every spank.

“More.” She answered, her voice pleading.

He gave her more. When every inch of her tender, exposed skin was inflamed with need, he spread her legs and delivered one precise, sublime, open-handed blow to the core of her womanhood. White light flashed in Lola’s head and she knew what it was like to exist in the presence of God. She did not cry out.

“You did well, Love.” Her hands still bound, Michael rolled Lola face-up on his lap. Cradling her with his right arm, he lifted her to sitting and took her nipple into his mouth. Alternately suckling and biting, his attentions to Lola’s breast shot her through with pleasure, bringing her close to the edge. Sensing that she was about to shatter, Michael withdrew, a trail of warm saliva stretching like the delicate silk of a spider’s web from his extended tongue to her pert rosebud. His hunger momentarily unleashed, Michael buried his tongue in Lola’s mouth with ferocious passion. Lost in a deep, probing kiss, Michael ripped Lola’s panties from her thighs, the sound of tearing fabric hushed in the fervor of mutual exploration. The heat from Michael’s ample erection pressed against her hip making her crazy with need, her clit aching for friction, Lola tried to take advantage of Michael’s temporary loss of control and reposition herself to straddle his lap. She should have known Michael would not be taken so easily.

Leaving no time for reaction, Michael thrust Lola from his lap and held her, face-down, on the bed. His hand clenched around the back of her neck, Michael brought his mouth to Lola’s ear so she could hear his throaty growl: “I said I was going to hurt you, then fuck you. I’m not done hurting you, yet.”

Operating on the most primal level, a guttaral noise escaped Lola’s throat as her thighs flooded with sweet nectar.

“Kneel,” Michael bid, still pressing her face into the pillow.

Shifting her weight to her shoulders, hands still bound, Lola brought her knees up as Michael re-positioned himself behind her. Releasing her neck and trailing his hand to her lower back, Michael inserted his knee between Lola’s thighs, forcing her legs apart.

“God, you are fucking perfect.” Two fingers opened Lola’s fervid sex, revealing her, tormenting her. Michael’s fingers found the hood of her clit, whispered against it, then drove inside her while she pushed back against him. He withdrew, then with each re-entry added another finger, opening her wider, filling her, until she felt stretched to her limit. His entire hand inside her so that even delicate movement felt like torture and a gift, all at once, Michael offered the most exceptional command Lola had ever received.


Lola erupted. Biting the pillow to suppress a scream, the walls of her cunt spasmed around Michael’s hand, gripping him as an ambrosian torrent poured down her thighs.

“Good girl,” Michael purred his approval. “I need to taste you.”

Her spasms subsiding, Michael withdrew, lubricating his shaft with Lola’s juices, stroking himself as he dipped down to lap at her. He traced first the right thigh, then the left, cleaning her, nipping at her. Still recovering from the force of her orgasm, Lola’s legs shuddered as Michael’s tongue found her sweet spot. Barely making contact, his tongue was velvet over her engorged sex and she couldn’t control herself. Lola squirted again, this time filling Michael’s hungry mouth with her mellifluence. He drank her.

“Amazing,” he pronounced, before spreading her further and burying his tongue in her slit. His face covered in Lola’s essence, Michael lapped at her pussy like a parched wanderer at a desert oasis. Just as Lola felt her inner walls begin to contract yet again, Michael moaned and suckled the tender flesh behind her cunt, then swept his tongue over her asshole, lubricating her with a mixture of their fluids. The unfamiliar sensation was more stimulation than Lola could handle. A bestial sound erupted from somewhere deep inside her and her knees weakened. Tuned to her responses, Michael wrapped his arm around her abdomen, supporting her as her body sagged.

“Ah, you like my tongue in your sweet little knot, Lola. I knew you would.” Michael pressed against her, grinding the head of his cock against her rear entry, making her gasp.

“I do. I want it. I want you. Michael, please. I want you.”

Michael let go of her and Lola felt the scarves binding her wrists fall away. Powerful arms flipped her onto her back and she was free to admire the alabaster skin and hungry snarl of a man who did not appear to be finished working her over. Reveling in the ability to reach out and touch him, Lola swept her fingertips along Michael’s collar bones then over his chest, watching his eyes narrow as she paused to circle his nipples. She made a mental note of the way he responded, wanting to learn all of his touchpoints. Sliding her hands lower, Lola grazed her thumbs over the top of his abdominals. Placing the fullness of her left palm on Michael’s stomach, feeling the heat of his body, she began to trace her right hand down the sparse line of hair leading to his cock. Michael stopped her. Threading his fingers through hers, Michael brought Lola’s wrists to his lips and kissed first the left, then the right, then examined the marks left on both by the restraints. Appearing satisfied by his work, Michael threw a long, muscled leg over Lola’s abdomen and sat, straddling her, bringing both of her wrists together over her head.

“Can you take more?” though steady, Michael’s voice betrayed his desire for an affirmative answer.

“I can take anything you give me. I will take anything you give me and I will fucking love it and ask you for more.” Lola’s eyes became fierce as she fought against the strength of Michael’s grip, forcing him to grasp her tighter. “I want all of it. All of you.”

Keeping her pinned, Michael leaned forward, bringing his mouth to hover a breath from hers, tantalizing her with nearness. Gingerly, using only the tip of his tongue, he traced the contours and softness of Lola’s mouth. Without entering her, he allowed a thread of saliva to escape the length of his tongue and trickle over her parted lips. She extended her tongue to accept the offering.

For about six weeks, Jo and I settled into each other’s lives more completely. Most nights, she came over to my place. We would study, relax and help each other focus on whatever homework we had until we both got tired, then we would go to bed and fuck, enjoying each other, expanding on our knowledge of each other’s bodies. On the weekends, we worked, passing the time with our games, or by talking about our classes.

We would tease each other at work, Jo brushing her ass across my crotch when we passed by each other behind the counter, me sliding my hand up the inside of her thigh when I bent down to get something. Sometimes, Jo would flash me when a customer was turned away from her. I would lick my lips and she would stifle a giggle.

One night, right after close, I followed Jo into the office as she put away the vacuum. I cocked my head to the side and took in the view of her short camo skirt stretched across her perfect ass, my eyes following her legs down, appreciating every sweet, milky curve until they disappeared into her high-heeled combat boots. On impulse, I walked up behind her and slid her skirt up over her ass, exposing her gorgeous pussy and her tight, soft little ass.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jo asked. She stayed bent, even rolling her hips a little, pushing her pussy back towards me.

“Nothing you’re not gonna like,” I replied, grinning. I crouched and ran my tongue quickly across Jo’s clit and up, my tongue parting the folds of her lips and finding her pussy hot, and, as always, wonderfully wet. I dragged my tongue up even farther, dipping the tip into her puckered little hole. Jo gasped and wriggled against my tongue as my hands wrapped around her legs and traveled up, sliding up from her knees to grasp her thighs.

Jo moaned and reached back, her fingers finding her clit and rubbing small circles, her pussy flowing down onto her fingers and her thighs trembling in my grip. I stood, freeing my cock from my shorts and stepping forward. I slid my cock smoothly into her, feeling her pussy grip me, her fingers still rubbing her clit, brushing against my balls as I buried myself inside. I reached low over Jo’s back, running my palm up her spine, feeling her back arch as I drove into her, my hips pressing against her ass.

I curled my fingers into Jo’s ponytail, wrapping it around my fist and pulling, hauling her up to a standing position, groaning as her pussy clamped down on me and she came, moaning my name and shaking on my cock. I pulled her head back until I could bite her her neck, nibbling the soft flesh as my other hand pulled her shirt over her magnificent breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples between my fingers. Jo’s orgasm ripped through her, her cunt gripping my cock and milking it, pulsing around me until, finally, her spasms began to subside and her arms wrapped around my neck, her hands pulling my lips to hers.

Jo thrust her hips back, bouncing me away, my cock popping free from her pussy. She turned around, stripping her shirt off over her head and slipping her skirt off over her hips with a sexy little wriggle. She walked past me, naked but for her high-heeled boots toward the office door.

“Come,” she said, beckoning me with one curling finger. I followed her out into the store, watching her lay down in front of the counter, between the candy shelves under the registers and the gumball machine. She settled on her back, her knees bent and her legs spread. “Fuck me,” she whispered. “Make me cum all over your cock on the floor I just cleaned.”

I stripped off my shirt, kicking off my shoes. I let my shorts drop to the ground and stepped forward, leaving them in a pool on the floor. I knelt between Jo’s long, creamy legs and dropped forward, my hands on either side of her chest, my mouth meeting hers as her breasts pressed against my chest and my cock lay across her belly, my balls resting against her clit. Our tongues slid across each other as I moved my hips back and Jo reached low, gripping my cock and placing it against her entrance, her legs wrapping around my waist and pulling me in.

Fucking on a floor is different. There is no give, no softness. When I thrust my cock into Jo, her body didn’t move away, couldn’t move away. Her pussy was trapped, held in place by the weight of our bodies against the floor. I pounded into her, my cock driving deep inside her, more deeply than on any soft surface. She screamed and moaned, writhing beneath me as I fucked her, her body absorbing every bit of my pounding and craving more. Jo’s nails dug into my shoulders as I drove her crazy, her cunt rippling around me and her breasts heaving against my chest.

“Cum in me, baby,” she whispered against my lips. “Cum in my pussy. Let me feel you cum.” As she whispered the words, Jo’s orgasm hit her, driving the last sentence out as a high-pitched squeal that, when combined with the hard clamping of her pussy around my shaft, sent me over the edge and I erupted, jetting my cum against her cervix, flooding her.

We stayed put and kissed softly as our orgasms receded, our bodies twitching as we laughed, high from cumming together. Jo ran her fingers through my hair as I planted kisses and gentle nips on her neck, tasting sweat and happiness.

“So,” Jo said, her breath still short, “spring break is coming up soon.”

“Mmhmm,” I grunted, still nuzzling her neck, my cock still snuggled inside her, half-hard.

“Well, I promised my mom over Christmas that I’d come home for it.” I pulled my head back and looked into Jo’s eyes. She was searching me for something, and I don’t know what.

“Okay,” I said. ” Are you worried about something?”

“Well, no. Not really. I mean, sort of, but probably not what you think,” she said.

“Baby,” I responded, “that isn’t really less confusing, as statements go.”

“I know,” she giggled. “What I mean is, I want to ask you something, but I’m nervous.”

“Oh, okay,” I said. “Well, given that we’re naked at work and I’m still inside you, I think you probably have every right to feel pretty comfortable asking whatever you want.”

Jo laughed, the act making her pussy squeeze me, almost pushing me out. I gasped and flexed, forcing blood into my cock and holding it inside, pushing it even a little deeper. Jo sighed and her eyes fluttered as her arms wrapped around me.

“God I love that,” she whispered into my ear. “And I suppose you have a point. So, I was thinking that maybe after your shift on Sunday you could maybe hop the Monday morning train and meet my mom.”

She held her breath after that last, blurted and hurried sentence and looked sidelong at me. I didn’t say anything for a second and I felt her get nervous.

“I mean, it would only be for a couple of days and then we would both be coming back, so even if its a disaster we wouldn’t have to deal with it for very long,” she continued. I smiled at the way her words were just erupting out of her in a rapid, anxious stream. I covered her mouth with mine to stop her from talking herself out of it.

“I’d love to,” I said after her initial protest noises had been replaced with her tongue in my mouth and soft sighs.

“Ha HA! Yes!” Jo squealed, and hugged me with her arms and her legs. She pushed me back and off after a moment, my cock sliding out of her and a stream of our mixed cum dripping onto the carpet. Jo sat up, propping herself up on her straightened arms, her knees pulled up in front of her breasts, her streaming pussy peeking out at me between her boots. “Now come on,” she continues, doing her best to look sweet an innocent. “You drive. I want to suck your cock on the way home.”


Over the next couple of weeks, Jo and I made plans and travel arrangements. Jo would be leaving before me, on Tuesday. I would wait to go up until Monday morning, then we would come back together on Wednesday. Jo offered me the use of her car while she was gone, and also so I could drop her off at the train station.

When the day came, I drove her there and walked her to the platform, hugging her as the train pulled in and people started to climb aboard.

“I’ll miss you,” she said, looking up at me. She grinned wickedly and ran her fingers across my cock through my jeans. “I’ll miss him too.”

I laughed and took a quick peek behind her, seeing that the other passengers and the conductor were busy. My hand slipped between us and under her skirt, my middle finger slipping into her bare, wet pussy.

“I’ll miss you too,” I replied, grinning at her half-closed eyes.

“Dirty fucker,” she mumbled. Jo pulled my hand out from under her skirt and captured my finger between her lips, sucking her wetness from them. “Six whole days without your cock. And now, thanks to you, I’m gonna spend half the train ride with my fingers buried in my pussy.”

“I kinda like the sound of that,” I said. Jo laughed and smacked me lightly on the chest.

“I’ll bet. But, I have to go. And you have to get home. I left you a present. Something to help keep you occupied until you come up on Monday.”

“Oh yeah?” I replied. “I like the sound of that, too. What is it?”

“I’m not telling!” Jo giggled, her wicked little grin all over her face. “But you’re going to love it!”

I kissed her then, deeply and for as long as I could. We parted, our faces flushed.

“I’ll see you in six days,” Jo said, and then turned and ran to the train. The last thing I saw was her flashing her ass at me as she climbed onto the train, sticking her tongue out and blowing me a kiss. I waved and watched the train pull away. I knew I really was going to miss her, even if it was only for a few days.

I climbed into Jo’s giant car and headed home, wondering what she could have left me to “keep me occupied” while she was gone. It was only a few minutes to my apartment, and after parking I jogged up the steps. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I fished it out of my pocket. I had a text from Jo.

“It’s on your bed”

I pulled out my keys and opened the door, stepping into my apartment and making my way toward my bedroom. Oddly, the door was closed. I pushed it open slowly and started grinning as my bed came into view.

Amber, our little blond toy from the porn shop, lay propped on my pillows, completely naked, her eyes shining as she smiled at me, her little nipples hard and pinched in Jo’s nipple clips, her long thin legs spread and her smooth pussy open and inviting.

“Hi,” she chirped. “Jo wanted to get you something you could use to keep yourself satisfied while she’s gone. I volunteered. Use me,” she finished, biting her soft lower lip.

My phone buzzed in my pocket again, and I fished it out as I unbuttoned my jeans and stepped out of them, my cock jutting in front of me and swaying side-to-side. I reached forward and grabbed the chain connecting Amber’s nipples, gently pulling her forward as I opened the message from Jo. It was a picture, a self-shot of her in the train toilet, her skirt around her waist, her shirt pulled up, and her fingers buried in her pussy.

“Did you find your present?” read the caption.

I wrapped my hand around the back of Amber’s head and pushed her mouth down onto my cock. The little blond teenager groaned as she sank her lips onto me, the head of my cock pushing into her throat. She swallowed with me in her throat and I grinned, flicking on the camera and pointing it down at Amber.

“Look up,” I said.

Amber obediently raised her eyes, locking on to the camera with my cock in her throat. She moaned, her hands flying to her pussy and she pushed, shoving as much of my cock into her throat as she could without taking her eyes from the camera. I snapped a picture and hastily typed out a response, sending it to Jo.

“I did” it read.

I pulled Amber’s mouth off my cock and pushed her onto her back, pulling her legs up and exposing her cunt and ass to me. Kneeling down, I placed my cock against her puckered asshole and pushed, the head of my cock popping in.

“Spread your pussy open,” I said. Amber did it immediately, her fingers parting, pulling her lips aside, exposing her hard clit and her dripping wet pussy to the camera, the fingers of her other hand slipping behind her to spread around my cock as it disappeared into her ass. I snapped another pic and sent it off with another caption.

“I really did. And you were right. I do really like it :-)

I waited until I was sure the pic had sent, then dropped the phone to the bed, grabbed the young blond’s hips and rammed my cock home in Amber’s tight ass.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she called out as my shaft slammed into her. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my little ass!” Amber’s fingers worked her pussy, alternating between rubbing her clit and plunging two fingers in and out of her cunt. When she came, her whole body tensed, inadvertently holding her stiffly in place, holding her hips tight and driving my cock deeper into her ass as her skin flushed from her pussy to her neck, her arms twitching as she furiously rubbed her clit and her ass pulsed around me. The young blond’s sopping pussy convulsed and a splash of wetness spurted out of her and onto the shaft of my cock.

She cried out as her orgasm peaked, and I pulled my cock from her ass, hooking my hand behind her head and pulling her forward, the chain between her nipples tinkling as she rolled forward and dove onto my cock, forcing herself down on it, roughly shoving it into her throat until she gagged, hugging my legs and pulling me as deeply as she could. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pulled, forcing myself still deeper.

Amber groaned and coughed around me, gagging as she struggled to handle it all. I felt her body shaking as she struggled against herself, fighting the urge to pull up for air. She looked into my eyes as I began to thrust gently, forcing my cock even deeper. Amber squeezed my legs, trying to pull me further in, telling me silently not to stop even as her eyes began to roll back. Her grip weakened until her arms fell limp.

I hurriedly pushed her off my cock, her body flopping onto the bed as she shocked back to consciousness with a huge, gasping breath just in time for me to ram my cock into her sopping pussy. She cried out raggedly, her breath still coming in desperate gasps as I fucked her and she came again, her pussy clenching, trying to stop me from thrusting as I pounded into her through her orgasm. Amber grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand to her neck, wrapping my fingers around her tender throat.

“Don’t stop fucking me,” she gasped. I pressed down, choking her softly, pushing her orgasm deeper as her face reddened and her pussy spasmed, jetting her wetness onto my balls and the bed.

I released the pressure from her neck and she gulped in air, gasping as her orgasm receded and began to build again as I pushed her legs onto my shoulders and pounded into her again and again. I felt my balls begin to boil as Amber’s pussy began to quake again, another orgasm tearing into her slender young body.

I slammed myself into her and held it, my cock as deep as it could go, pressed against her cervix as I released blast after blast of cum into her.

Amber writhed on my cock, giggling and moaning at the same time, her eyes watering from her orgasms as she finished another one, milking the cum out of me.

“Holy shit,” Amber exclaimed as she regained her senses. “You fuck so good.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” I returned with a grin. I looked down to where my cock was still buried in Amber’s tight, puffy little pussy, the view framed by her long slim legs.

Maybe the six days would pass more quickly than I thought.

Been so long since I started writing again. The comments made me rethink about stopping this story. Hope you will find this worth the wait. Just a bit of background first.


Sam was 38 and lived with his wife Krishani who was 32. She was dark skinned like many Sri Lankan women with long eye lashes that give her an exotic Indian look. She was taller than most Sri Lankan women at 5 ft 10. Her hips are wide and she had generous breasts that were barely contained by her D cup bra. Sam’s sister recently got divorced and lived with them. At 39 she looked younger for her age. Her fair skin and short dark hair made her look even younger. She had a full figure with rounded hips and at the height of 5 ft 2, her breasts seemed larger than their customary C cups. Her body was fit from exercise and her flat tummy was the envy of most of her friends including her brother and his wife.

The initial encounter forged a bigger bond within the 3 of them making life even more exciting in the household. The next day Sam left for work and the two ladies were left on their own. Krish woke up early and went for her early morning walk. Shani sought to work out at home to a aerobics video. Her mind was not in it and kept drifting to her brothers’ cock and to her sister-in-laws pussy making her warm and fuzzy. She finally gave up and took a long shower trying to calm her nerves down. As her hands moved over her soapy body, she shuddered at the thought of having the couple with her right now. She imagined herself sandwich between the gorgeous lady and the hard body of her brother.

Shani willed herself not to try it out again scared that she might come between the two. She loved her brother so much and Krish came a close second. But she couldn’t help imagining herself being fucked by them. She still could feel her brother’s cock inside her mouth, filling it with his cum. She imagined Krish licking her pussy while her brother’s cock filled her ass. Things were getting too much for Shani and she willed herself to stop by starting to think about breakfast.

She closed the faucet and proceeded to her room to get dressed. She wore a pair of shorts that showed off her well rounded butt and decided to show her tummy that was flatter than ever by wearing a short top. She wore a bra underneath her t-shirt and a pair of cotton panties to absorb a bit of moisture that never seemed to stop. When she walked towards the dining room, her pussy was deliciously wet making her want at least her fingers in it. She shook off her thoughts and walked to the refrigerator and made herself a sandwich. She sat down munching on it trying to think of something else and she almost succeeded. It was quiet outside and this made her want to do something daring. Just as she was about to unbutton her shorts and slip her fingers in, she heard footsteps. She hurriedly put her hands back on the sandwich and pretended to be engrossed in the salad leaf that was sticking out of the sandwich.

Krish walked into the room after a shower and Shani couldn’t help staring at her. She wore a loose shirt which hid her massive breasts well. This made it even sexier as the older girl knew how big they were. Her sister in law wore a skirt that ended well above her knees. Krish greeted her and took one look at her and smiled knowingly making her blush like a school girl.

“Hey, how is our older sister doing?”

“Kinda OK I guess.”

“Well you don’t need to blush so much. We really enjoyed you yesterday.”

Shani grabbed the edge of the table to stop herself from rubbing against the chair. She closed her eyes momentarily and breathed in and out, trying to calm herself down. It was hard not to stare at Krish and her shapely body and the memories of how her body felt made it even worse. She wanted to be in her arms again and be kissed nuzzling against the D cups.

Krish took a carton of milk from the refrigerator and poured herself a glass. When she bent over, Shani could see the skirt rise up showing the lovely thighs of her sister-in-law. She shuddered at the thought of wanting to lick them. Her tongue wanted to taste her pussy and ass hole again. She was so deep into her fantasy she missed what Krish said.

“Sorry Krish, I was not listening!”

“Damn right you weren’t. I said, do you want some milk?” she repeated thrusting her breasts provocatively holding the glass of milk in her hand and one hand on her ample hip. Her eyes were bright.

Shani shook her head.

“You sure?”


“What if I say that you have to drink it?”

“Well, I might agree.”


“Yeah I might. It depends.”

“It depends on what?”

Shani looked at the tall dark lady coming closer and closer. Her mouth filled with saliva making it difficult for her to speak.

Krish calmly dipped her finger into the milk and took it out moving it close to Shani’s mouth. A few drops fell on her t-shirt as she watched the finger move closer and closer to her mouth. She opened her mouth and started to suck Krish’s finger treating it like a cock. Krish pulled another chair close and sat down spreading her legs and coming as close to Shani as she could. She took the finger out and then dipped it in the milk and repeated her action. This time Shani had her mouth open, ready for it. She sucked the finger again, toying with it with her tongue. The finger came out and this time Krish didn’t put it inside her mouth. Instead she rubbed the milk all over her own lips.

Shani followed each movement carefully. Her heart was beating faster than ever now. Krish moved her puckered lips close to her sister-in-laws mouth. Shani reached forward and started to lick the milk off. Her tongue traced the lips first and then she sucked each lip into her mouth. The lips were as soft as a petal of a rose. After the milk was gone she moved back wanting to tease the younger woman.

Krish dipped some more milk on her lips and moved closer. This time Shani covered both lips and started to suck on them, her tongue gently piercing the soft wet mouth. The sucking turned into a wet kiss and Krish joined in sensuously. After a few seconds she moved away from the younger woman. Krish put some milk on her neck. Shani stayed put, her eyes mischievous as ever. Krish put her arm around the petite ladies neck and pulled her towards the milk that was starting to trickle down and goose bumps broke out all over her body when she felt the older woman start to lap the milk up from her sensitive neck. While she licked the soft skin, Shani started to get the womanly smell of Krish much more strongly signaling that her licking was getting the reaction she needed.

Krish was getting wetter by the second. She took a small amount of milk into her mouth and pulled Shani close to her with milk inside her mouth. The two ladies did a milk swap and it ended in a wet kiss again.

Shani was going crazy and Krish’s actions were driving her wild. She took off her t-shirt and spilt some milk into her cleavage.

“Does kitty wanna lap it up?” she asked coyly. The response was immediate. The younger lady bent over to lick the milk off like a cat. Shani could feel the milk running down her tummy. It was noticed and Krish moved lower to the flat tummy tracing the stream of milk upto her navel.

Krish, moved her hands inside Shani’s shorts and found her way past the panties into the soaking pussy. She pulled it out and sucked on it noisily.

“You taste so good!”

Shani stared at her sister in law and moved closer, finding to her delight that there were no panties and she pushed two fingers in making Krish groan and lean back. Her fingers gently probed the welcoming pussy. It was drenched when she pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth sucking every last bit of juice on it. It was wet and sticky and slightly sour and Shani loved the taste.

“Its time for us to go to a more comfortable place.”

Shani nodded and the two ladies walked hand in hand stopping at various points to kiss and rub against each other. At one point the older lady pushed Krish against the wall Krish pushed the petite lady onto the bed and got on top of her. They kissed tenderly running their hands through each others’ hair. It was so loving and slow and unhurried. The kissing didn’t lack in its intensity. Each woman tried to merge into the other’s body. Breasts rubbed against each other. The D cup dominated the C cup but Shani was not complaining.

Krish lifted herself up onto her hands and knees allowing Shani to unbutton her shirt. She watched as the older woman started to lick her cleavage after the shirt came off completely. Her breasts hung inside her D cup bra barely contained. She reached back and unhooked her bra and the two globes literally fell into Shani’s eager hands. Krish moaned as her breasts were lovingly licked and sucked and examined. Her back arched as the exploring tongue touched her sensitive nerves. She pulled out the smaller pair of breasts and kneaded them making Shani suck even hard.

“Oh gosh, Shani, suck my nipples darling!”

Shani kept sucking each nipple until it got too sensitive and reluctantly watched as the huge globes were pulled gently away from her wet mouth. She looked up at the younger woman and motioned her to move close. Krish moved close and straddled Shani’s head lowering her dripping pussy onto the lovely mouth that was willing to lick her into ecstasy.

Shani explored the dripping wet pussy slowly moving right under the towering girl right down to her ass hole and back up again. She teased the tight brown hole and pushed her tongue in. Krish held the head board of the bed giving the older lady access. Shani took her time and her tongue moved slowly tracing every contour of the pussy right over her mouth. Her tongue dove deeply into the vaginal opening just like a cock. Krish started moving against the tongue telling Shani that she liked. Her tongue ached but she kept it stiff letting Krish fuck it. When the pain became too much she found the more sensitive clitoris and started to flick it with her tongue. She also pushed one finger into the tight anus and 2 more into Krish’s expanding pussy. Her tongue toyed with the clitoris. Krish moaned as she felt all her holes being given attention. She started to fuck hard against the 3 fingers mashing her clitoris against Shani’s tongue.

She didn’t last long. Her body started to convulse and she felt the first orgasm hit her. Shani knowingly continued to fuck her and the second orgasm hit a few second after. Krish kept going moaning and struggling against the 3 fingers that were inside her pussy and ass. Shani licked the hardened clit faster and it took a long time for Krish to reach her final and earth shattering orgasm. She almost smothered the petite lady holding on to her dear life as she came and came. Shani lifted her face to get some breathing space, her face wet with juices. She pulled out all 3 fingers slowly and felt the younger woman slide down and rest on top of her. Krish seemed dead to the world in the throes of her orgasm but kissed weakly as Shani started to kiss her. She moved her pussy so that it would mash against her thigh and started to rub against her.

She was stopped by the younger lady.

“I want to do the same to you baby. Sit on my face.”

Shani shuddered at the thought. The two women exchanged their positions and soon Shani was sitting on top of the willing face of her sister in law. She mashed her pussy against the open mouth and felt Krish move towards her anus. She loved it when the two cheeks were pushed apart and felt the loving tongue explore her. The tongue went into her the tight hole and after a few seconds went back to exploring her pussy lips. Krish sucked the outer lips of Shani’s pussy. Just like she had done earlier, one finger ended up inside her anus and two in her pussy. Her clit was being teased by the younger woman and it was starting to build up. Shani wanted to move to a different position so that she would not squirt all over Krish but she was held firmly by strong hands and she looked down helplessly as the younger woman pushed her gently towards her peak. She abandoned all hope of protecting Krish and moved against the loving fingers and tongue. The orgasm was approaching fast.

“Oh god Krish, I am gonna cum all over your mouth baby!”

“Mmm ..unngggg ahhhhh unnngggg.mnmmmmm” was the response she got.

She rocked faster and faster as the three fingers and the tongue brought her closer. Everything seemed to suddenly slow down and it was as if nothing else mattered. Shani shuddered as the orgasm hit her hard. She dimly felt her pussy squirting all over her sister-in-law’s face and mouth. Her leg muscles twitched as she kept squirting and screaming at the same time as she had a fantastic orgasm. Krish didn’t stop licking and her orgasm went on and on for what seemed like ages until all of the fluid inside her ended up on the bed and the face of her lovely sister in law. She had to forcibly push the licking head away as she could not bear it any further. Her legs seemed to weigh like lead and she held on to the head board as Krish gently lifted the legs that were holding her down and slid out from under Shani. Shani felt the younger girl hug her from behind and kiss her neck, caressing her tummy and breasts.

She finally found the strength to turn around and kiss Krish tasting her cum on her face and mouth. They held onto each other for a while until the strength came back to both of them. The fire seemed to have died down between them of so Shani thought. Krish didn’t stop kissing her lips and she relished the attention being given after a lull period in her life. She had never felt like this with her ex-husband. She turned to face Krish fully and kissed her back. It was slow and sensual and she felt her body starting to respond slowly but surely. Krish’s tongue was insistent and her breasts pushed the smaller lady back against the head board. After a few minutes of kissing, Shani relented to the younger girls attention by lying down on the bed. Krish maneuvered into a position she had seen in many lesbian movies making sure both pussies were stimulated by each others thighs. The movement was slow at first and the two ladies spent more time kissing and whispering words about each other and what they wanted to do to each other. Their murmurs filled the room.

“Oh Shani girl, I want you so much!”

“I am yours darling. Do anything you want.”

“Gosh I love how your mouth lets my tongue fuck it.”

“Mmmm lover, mmmm…”

Shani felt the massive breasts of her sister in law rubbing against her. She stopped kissing for a moment to rise up to lick the breasts that were craving for attention. She sucked each nipple hard, gently holding it between her teeth and biting gently while sucking on it. Krish started moving against her thigh. She was slimy and slid easily leaving a wet trail. Shani had recovered enough to start rubbing against her sister in law’s thighs. She knew she was not going to reach an orgasm but her clit was still sensitive to touch though there was no build up. The other girl was starting to moan as she started to rub faster and faster. Shani managed to reach back and insert a well lubricated finger into the darker girl’s ass increasing the tempo. Krish was sweating and it was dripping between their bodies. Krish got up and then they moved into a scissoring position which gave her pussy and clit access to the other girl’s pussy. The two ladies put on a show which was as good as a lesbian movie and finally Krish came hard.

“Oh god, I was so horny baby. I didn’t know what to do.”

Shani moved to her and kissed her tenderly and they lay side by side for a long time caressing and cuddling.


A Monday morning I’ve actually been looking forward to.

In typical British fashion, the rain of last night has been replaced by bright sunshine. Emma has again woken before me, but no smell of pancakes today. In fact, I can’t hear her either.

I get up, stumbling through to the living room. A scribbled note has been left on the table:

“Look out the window! Emma xx”

I shuffle to the bay window, pulling open the curtains. Nothing out of the ordinary, until I stretch and look down…

In the small communal garden out back, in full view of at least 12 apartments, Emma is lying on her back, sunbathing. Completely naked. She’s even taken her piercings out.

I hurry to put on a t-shirt and shorts, jump down the stairs, and refrain myself from sprinting around the building. As I approach, I see a little smile curl at the corner of her mouth.

“Good morning,” she greets.

“Good morning gorgeous,” I reply. She sits up as I kneel next to her, and we kiss. She’s still got her tongue stud in – I love how it feels when she sticks it down my throat.

“I was half expecting your neighbour to beat you down here,” she grins naughtily.

“Neil?” I ask. She nods. “Why, did he see you out here?”

“He was watching from his window. I think he thought I couldn’t see him cos he jerked off and came all over the glass!”

“You’re kidding!” I laugh. “You do know he’s married, right?”

“Oops,” Emma says, with her filthiest grin. “I guess he enjoyed me stroking my little kitty though.”

“You played with yourself for him?”

“I’m still wet,” she purrs, pulling my fingers to her moist mound.

“Did you cum?” I breathe, slipping a finger into her.

“I was waiting for you.”

“Oh God,” I say, and rip off my t-shirt, then reach for my shorts…

“Wait,” she interrupts. “We’ve got another voyeur.”

“So? I don’t care.”

“I want you to put my piercings back in first.”

Her piercings are in a little pile on the towel beside her, along with her engagment ring, a pair of cream sandals with a 4-inch heel, and two of the tiniest scraps of white mesh material that could barely be called a bikini.

I take the curved bar for her belly button, a silver heart at one end, and slide it through the hole in her perfectly flat stomach.

“That’s so beautiful,” I tell her, letting my hands linger.

“I’m glad. I got them all for you. Is there anything else you want me to get?”

I ponder. “A tiny little stud in your nose would look good. And maybe a ring in the top of your ear… What do you think?”

“My body is yours, decorate it however you like.”

“Seriously?” I slide the first small silver ring through her hard right nipple.

“Seriously. I love everything you asked me to get so far, and I love you.” She stares deeply into my eyes. “I can’t say no to you.”

“Really? Because I could ask you to do some pretty bad stuff…”

She smiles. “Your dirty mind is one of the things I love about you.”

I put in her left nipple ring, and give it a little tug. She moans.

“We’ve only scratched the surface. But if there’s anything you don’t want to do, I won’t love you any less. You can always say no.”

“I promise you: I won’t.”

I pick up the diamond jewellery for her pussy – her 30th birthday present from me.

“You like how slutty these piercings make you look.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Ooh, yeah.”

“You like having bits of metal through your most private parts?” I slip the bar through the hole in her clit hood; the clit itself standing to attention.

“Fuck yeah I do.”

“You like showing them off to people? You like knowing that everyone who sees you’ve got a piercing in your pussy or your nipples… they all know you’re a slut?”

I twist the piercing in her pussy. Her long, low groan is so erotic.

“I am a slut.”

“You like acting like a slut, don’t you?”

“I fucking love it!”

“Are you acting, or are you really a slut?”

“I’ll be a real slut after tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” I ask.

“It’s your turn to choose, and we both know you’re going to get me to fuck around.”

“Not necessarily…” I tease.

“After tonight, I reckon you will!”

“Why, what are you scheming?” I ask.

“I thought we’d go to Duo.”

I’m surprised, but not in a bad way. “The lesbian club?”

“Yes. Problem?”

“God no.”

“Good. Fuck me.”

I tug off my shorts and kneel over her. She lifts her legs wide and holds her ankles, spreading herself for me.

“I’m gonna find a girl to fuck, and you’re going to watch,” she sighs as I push my steel rod into her. “But you’re not allowed to touch her.”

“I don’t want to touch her. I just want you.”

I kiss her, slow and tender, as I rock in and out of her with long strokes.

“Good answer,” she purrs, and wraps her legs around my back, pulling me into her further.

I turn it up; still pulling out slowly, but pushing in with force, each stroke finishing with our thighs slapping together. She grunts lightly with every thrust.

She grabs a handful of her right breast, squeezing it, then pinching her nipple and twisting the ring until she squeeks with pain.

“If you’re going to let other guys fuck me, you’d better hurry up and make me pregnant before they do,” she pants.

“Yeah? You want me to fire a baby into you?”

“Oh God yeah, do it, fucking do it!”

I pull out of her suddenly and she cries out.

“On all fours,” I order, and she spins over in double-quick time. Her face against the towel; back arched so beautifully; butt high in the air, inviting me in.

I give her a quick slap, which echoes off the close walls of my apartment building.

She peeks back over her shoulder. “Our peeping Tom has got his cock out.”

“It’d be a shock if he didn’t,” I say as I grab her by the hips and enter her, all the way, and pound into her hard.

“Oh God, I never thought I’d enjoy being watched.” She turns her head and locks eyes with me. “You’ve changed my whole life. You’ve changed me.”

“You like it?”

“Fuck yeah,” and she humps back at me, reaching down to rub her pierced clit.

“Show me,” I mutter. “Finger your arse.”

Hurriedly, she reaches around and forces a finger into her puckered hole. I slide one of mine in too, and twirl it around inside her, playing with her finger. She moans, way too loudly.

“Keep it down,” I warn.

“Well hurry up then, I’m nearly there.”

I pull my finger and dick out, spin her over onto her back, and hammer into her as fast as I can. Far from getting quieter, her moans become one long cry.

She jams three, then four fingers into her arse. “Huuuuurrrrryyyyyy!”

I suddenly switch from fast, to slow and forceful. I hammer into her with all my might, having to hold her down to stop her from edging away from me with each blow. She stares past my shoulder, straight at our watcher.

“Is he enjoying the show?” I pant.

“Aaagghh. Aaagghh. Yeah. Aaagghh. Aaaaggghhhh… I’m CUMMING!” she yells, and she goes off like a fountain as I smash into her, burying my cock in her cunt, emptying my balls into the furthest reaches of her tight tunnel. Her cum sprays out at least five foot straight up in the air, soaking us both. She thrashes about and I struggle to hold us together, trying to get every spurt of my sperm as deep in her as possible.

I collapse beside her, spent. Emma comes down, giggling uncontrollably.

I look at her, loving her sweet smile and the joyous tinkle of her laughter. “What?” I ask.

“You should have seen the look on his face when I squirted! Oh God, that’s gonna stay with me forever!”

She keeps giggling. I notice her engagement ring on the floor next to her heels. Unnoticed, I pick it up and put it in my pocket.


We decided to have a lazy afternoon, so we did a little more sunbathing and watched some tv. It was so nice curling up with her on the sofa. She was being her old sweet, cute self; we ate junk and laughed; and it felt really intimate just enjoying spending the day together.

When it was time, Emma let me get ready first, then locked herself away to prepare for her first time with another woman. And I’m going to have front row seats.

My bedroom door opens and the cute girly-girl has been replaced by a leather and latex dominatrix!

Her long blonde locks have been tied back in a tight ponytail; her eyes are made-up black and slutty with long fake lashes; her lipstick is a bright red that matches the latex top that peeks from beneath a knee-length patent black leather coat. The coat is tied, hiding what’s underneath – but disappearing up her legs are sharply-pointy-toed boots that are at least thigh-high, in black leather with a red front that’s laced all the way up. The stilettos are red and must be 5-inches high. Completing what I can see of her outfit are a pair of black leather wrist-length fingerless gloves; and her manicured nails, also painted in bright red, grasp an empty bottle of WKD – her second of the evening.

“Wow! You look fucking incredible,” I exclaim. “All you’re missing is a whip!”

“I’ll leave that here,” she says with a wink. “I wanted her to know I’ll be in charge.”

“Wow. Just… wow. What are you wearing under the coat?”

“You’ll have to wait and see…”


And it has to have been the longest bloody taxi journey ever. A local football match, roadworks, and an accident, all conspired to torture me.

Emma seems anxious – more than I would expect – so I lay my hand on her thigh and give it a little squeeze, to comfort her. Only, I can’t help myself…

Moving ever… so… slowly, hoping she won’t notice and stop me, I slide my hand under her coat and let it wander upwards.

Oh God, these boots seem to go on forever! Over halfway up her thigh, I find the bow where the laces are tied, and…

Emma takes my hand and moves it to my hardening dick.

“Just a little longer,” she teases; then whispers, “I promise tonight will be worth the wait. But if you so much as touch this girl, I’m gonna cut your fucking nuts off.”

I smile, even though I know she’s serious.

We get near enough that Emma decides we can walk (no sign of rain tonight); so we get out, I pay the driver, and we walk to the club, arm in arm.

I pay the entrance and wait for Emma to check her coat at the cloakroom. It’s coming off…

Wow. Again. I was right about the boots, they are only about 5 inches from her crotch. If she were wearing a mini skirt, you might not see any bare thigh at all, but she’s wearing very tiny and very tight jean-style black leather hotpants – they ride very low on her hips and are cut so high that, when she leans forward, her butt cheeks peek out the bottom. Fuck, that’s hot.

The red latex top is long sleeved and high-necked but hugs her tits brilliantly; and over it she wears a black leather waistcoat that’s fixed with just one button that pinches in her waist, just below her boobs.

“I want to fuck you. Now,” I whisper urgently.

“Now you know why I wore the coat. We wouldn’t have left the flat!”

She’s right, of course.

She struts out into the club proper, me following, and it feels like every eye in the place turns to her at once. She’s exuding sex, and I’m sure she could have her pick of the place.

She makes a beeline straight for the bar, and orders herself four shots.

I hang back, as we’d agreed. Before the drinks have been poured, a slim brunette with a pixie cut who looks like she could be model places her hand on Emma’s bum.

They chat and laugh, Emma not doing anything to discourage the model’s hand that begins to wander.

Emma downs a shot; the model gives her a delicate kiss on the cheek, then leaves.

I’m a little surprised – Emma seemed to like her. But then again, she didn’t have the big tits that Emma said she wanted the girl to have. I scan the area for big boobs, and bingo! A little redhead wearing a tight black rubber mini-skirt, knee-high white leather high-heeled boots, and a white vest top that barely contains…

Hold on… she looks familiar…

Emma spots her and waves to her; and I realise it’s Leah – the girl who gave us our piercings and Emma her tattoos. I didn’t recognize her with red hair, and her tits were definitely not that noticeable before. She looks very fuckable. But what is she doing so far from home?

Emma must have set this up!

I catch her eye as they hug, and she flashes me a cheeky grin and a wink. This will be a fun evening.

They make their way over to me, hand in hand.

“Look who I found,” Emma grins.

“What a coincidence,” I joke. “Nice to see you, Leah. I nearly didn’t recognise you.”

“Hi, yeah, you haven’t seen the red hair, have you?” she says.

“No. And you seem to have, er, grown.”

Emma punches my arm, scowling.

“What are you doing looking at another girl?” she half-jokingly scowls.

“You said you wanted a girl with big tits, so I was looking out for someone for you, and…”

Leah giggles and holds her boobs, which overflow her dainty hands, then squeezes her pierced nipples. “I went from a B to an E cup.”

“Well, you’re looking good,” I tell her, and get another punch on the arm. “Emma, honey, if you’re going to do that everytime I look at her tonight, I’m gonna need to go get a suit of armour. I’m here to watch, remember?”

“Just go over there and stay out of trouble,” she giggles. “We’re going to dance.”

I don’t move far, and they stay at my side of the dancefloor, letting their bodies sway to the music…


The last hour and a half has been a slow, torturous tease. Emma and Leah have danced close – there’s been a little rubbing of butt on groin, and the occasional wandering hand – but it’s only simmering when I thought it would have boiled over by now. And the girls disappeared to the ladies room some twenty minutes ago.

Fucking hell, it’s impossible to get served at this bar unless you’ve got tits.

A tap on my shoulder; I turn…

Fuck me. Emma’s taken her red latex top off and her chest is only barely covered by the black leather waistcoat she’s wearing. It gapes open and I swear I can see the edges of her areolas.

She flashes me a filthy grin and hands me her top. “Can you look after this please?” Then something else, much smaller. “And these?”

I unravel the thin and damp scrap of material – it’s a sheer white thong. Leah smiles wickedly from behind Emma.

“We were gonna do this in the toilets, but I wanted you to see the first.” Emma spins and snogs Leah, their pierced tongues swirling, their lips mashing together. It’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

They pull apart, both breathing heavily. “We’re going to dance for just a bit longer,” Emma tells me, and they step back onto the dancefloor, no more than 3 metres from me.

Immediately, they’re kissing again. Leah’s hands are all over Emma’s leather-clad butt, and Emma’s squeezing Leah’s big fake tits. Their bodies rub together sensuously.

Leah curls a leg around Emma, her black rubber skirt riding up, grinding her crotch against the top of Emma’s thigh-high fetish boot.

Emma spins around; keeping Leah’s leg around her, she reaches back and pulls Leah’s crotch into her gyrating arse. One of Leah’s hands reaches around and caresses Emma’s breast inside her waistcoat; the other slides down Emma’s flat, tattooed stomach and unzips the fly of her leather hotpants.

Emma stares at me through lidded eyes as Leah slides two fingers down, making contact with her pierced clit. I see Emma’s lustful moan as she bucks against her, then spins back around into a passionate kiss.

Sliding Leah’s skirt up over her bum, revealing it to anyone who’s watching (and by now, that’s anyone within sight), Emma slides two fingers up into Leah’s cunt.

Leah shudders and gasps, and kisses her way down Emma’s neck and down to her pierced tits, which she unveils by tugging Emma’s waistcoat open. Leah nibbles on a nipple ring as Emma’s fingers pulse in and out of her pussy.

Emma pulls Leah’s head up and sucks her tongue into her mouth; and Leah orgasms right there on the dancefloor, the fingers buried deep inside her seeming to be the only thing keeping her upright.

Emma holds her fingers up and they both lick at them eagerly, loving the taste, and they make out again, oblivious to the gawping onlookers.

Emma spots me watching, winds her arm around Leah’s waist, and struts over to me.

“We’d better go.”


For the entire cab journey, Emma has had Leah straddling her lap, and has alternated between sucking her tongue, and sucking her enlarged pierced tits.

She really does seem to love those tits.

“Emma, we’re back,” I say. Reluctantly, she lets go of Leah, and we all clamber out.

I go to pay the driver, who tells me there’s no charge (with a massive grin on his face and a small tent in his pants). He watches us go inside, Leah leading the way up the communal stairs.

“Oh God, look at that arse,” Emma mutters. Leah wiggles it playfully, and Emma gives it a quick, sharp slap. For the first time, I get an unobstructed look up Leah’s skirt, and I glimpse more than one silver ring between her legs.

They can’t even wait for me to get my flat door open before they’re making out again, Emma tugging Leah’s top off completely, their lips locked together as they bump and stumble inside.

Emma guides them straight into the bedroom, pushes Leah back onto the bed, and goes to town on her augmented E-cups, sucking and slurping – I’ve never seen her lose herself so completely.

Getting my first chance to look at them properly, I must admit Leah’s boobs do look good – the surgeon knew what he was doing – but they’re still obviously fake. I prefer Emma’s natural C-cups.

Emma unzips her hotpants and tries to pull them down, but they’re too tight to fit over the top of her thigh-high boots. She sticks two fingers into her pussy and moans, “Get some fucking scissors and get these things off me.”

I do, and hurriedly slice through the leather, giving her bare arse a little spank. She’s soaked, and her juices drip down her thighs.

Now free, Emma clambers up and sits on Leah’s face, grabbing her head and forcing it into her crotch. Leah grips Emma’s butt, slapping it hard until it turns pink, and this makes Emma buck her hips wildly into Leah’s face.

I pull off my jeans and lift my t-shirt, but Emma stops me:

“No. She doesn’t get to see you.”

I love her jealousy.

Suddenly, It occurs to me that I’m missing an opportunity, so I tear myself away and search desperately for the camera.

Setting it to Video, I turn back to the girls to find Leah’s finger circling Emma’s arsehole; and Emma tweaking her pierced nipples, her black leather waistcoat pulled wide open.

I zoom in as Leah’s finger penetrates Emma’s puckered hole. “Oh yeah, fuck my slutty arsehole, go on,” and she groans as Leah adds a second finger and pumps vigourously.

I move round to film Leah’s pierced tongue buried in Emma’s sweet pussy.

“Nibble her clit,” I whisper.

Leah licks Emma’s little nub, metal clinking against metal, then nips it between her teeth.

Emma yells out and orgasms, moaning loudly as her cum soaks Leah. She searches for something to hold onto and grips the heels of her fetish boots, her convulsions trying to pull her away from Leah, who still has her clit hood piercing clamped between her teeth.

I look at Emma’s face and, instead of calming down like she usually does after she cums, her eyes are still wild with lust.

“I forgot you’re a squirter,” Leah giggles.

“Have you ever been fisted?” Emma asks.

“No. A couple of people have tried, but I’m too tight.”

“We’ll see about that.” Emma leaps up, tugs Leah’s black rubber mini-skirt up around her waist, and pauses for a second to admire the sight in front of her.

Leah’s inner labia each have a ring through them, and a little star charm hangs from a ring through her clit hood. There’s a small triangle of neatly-trimmed blonde hair just above her pussy; and her lips are moist, though not as wet as Emma gets.

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