Hockey parents are a special breed – especially the parents on travel hockey teams. They are willing to make insane sacrifices to support their children in the sport, such as by spending thousands of dollars a year on ice fees, tournament fees, expensive equipment that needs to be replaced on an annual basis due to growth spurts, gas, hotels, and meals on the road. Not to mention the sacrifices on their time, often waking up at 5am on the weekends to travel up to 3 hours in blizzard-like conditions just so their kids can play hockey for an hour and fifteen minutes, before turning around to drive another 3 hours back home.

So it should come as no surprise that people willing to make some crazy sacrifices for their kids are also prone to wild behavior themselves – whether that means fighting with other parents, cheering on their kids when they’ve just checked another kid into the boards, hurling obscenities and insults at referees, parents, and children, or partying a little too hard back at the hotel on tournament weekends. Hotels can’t afford to turn these large groups away, but they are also familiar with the reputation that hockey teams have for letting the children run wild while the parents stay up until the wee hours of the morning partying and drinking heavily in the hallways.

This year’s Squirt hockey tournament in Connecticut was no different. After a particularly frustrating loss, the families headed back to the hotel where the kids could eat pizza, go swimming, play knee hockey, and play video games, while the parents could drown their sorrows in Labatt Blue Light and various cocktails.

The parents on the team were a friendly group that got along well and often exchanged teasing, flirty banter. It was all innocent, of course, but it kept them bonded and all the joking helped to relieve the stress that travel hockey often puts on families. It also guaranteed that at the end of a tournament weekend, the parents would be going home with at least a few good stories that would live on in their memories for years to come.

As the children headed off to bed that night, about a dozen parents stayed in the hallway to party. The usual crazy antics happened – a drunken Karla absentmindedly began to fellate her beer bottle while every Dad in the hallway found himself with a hard-on, lusting after her. Matt pretended to wrestle Krista so he could “innocently” cop a feel of her tits without her realizing his real motive or noticing where he hands were.

And then there was Kipp and Darla, who were on the quieter side but enjoyed watching and laughing at all the antics. They were both married to other people – Kipp’s wife always traveled to tournaments with him, but Darla’s husband was rarely able to join her on these trips due to his work schedule. Kipp and Darla happened to be sitting side-by-side that night in the hallway, close enough to feel each other’s body heat, and there was something in the combination of close proximity, their body heat, and all the alcohol that caused a spark.

Every so often their gazes would meet and linger just a little bit too long. And when their gazes would meet, a devilish smirk would usually flash across one of their faces before they averted their eyes back to the hallway conversations. The sexual tension in the air was palpable – even without a spoken word or a touch, they each knew that the other was having similar naughty thoughts for the other.

As the night wore on, parents were slowly leaving the party to retire to their rooms for the night. Finally at 2am, hotel security had given them their last warning to go into their rooms or they’d be kicked out of the hotel, so the last 5 hallway hockey parents decided to turn in for the night.

The layout of this hotel was strange – every room had an inner door that connected it to the next room. Normally these doors were kept locked unless a family had requested two adjoining rooms, but since the kids had all been playing together and running from room to room earlier in the evening, most of the adjoining doors had been unlocked and opened during the day. Kipp and his family happened to be in the room adjacent to the one where Darla was staying with her son, and while both families had closed the adjoining door when the kids were put to bed, in their tipsiness they had forgotten to lock either door.

Darla was so turned on from the surprising sexual tension that had developed between her and Kipp that night, that she decided to take a hot shower before getting ready for bed. The water felt wonderful running down her body, and she caressed her tits with one soapy hand while fondling herself with the other. There’s no way I’ll be able to get to sleep without some relief, she thought to herself. She squeezed her pussy lips, slid her fingers inside her slippery folds, and rubbed her swollen clit while fantasizing about Kipp. Her nipples had hardened to gorgeous brown marbles on her enormous breasts, and she could feel her muscles tensing as her orgasm began building. It never took her long to cum when she’d been drinking, and tonight was no exception – especially with all the dirty thoughts of Kipp that had been running through her head all night. In just minutes she brought herself over the edge in wave after wave of delicious orgasm.

Relaxed and sleepy, Darla rinsed the rest of the soap off her body, then toweled off, brushed her teeth, and slid into the tank top and satiny pajama pants that she always slept in. She was so tired and relieved from the orgasm and lingering effects of the alcohol that Darla fell asleep almost instantly when her head hit the pillow.

Drunken dreams were often strange and bizarre dreams for Darla. As she slept, she began to dream that something warm was pressing on her lips. Then she felt something smooth, wet, and warm slip into her mouth, and she opened her eyes to see Kipp standing beside her bed, kissing her passionately as she slept. “Is this really happening, or is this a dream?” she wondered. Regardless, it felt wonderful – they were the most sensual, passionate, and arousing kisses she had ever exchanged, and she didn’t want it to stop. “This is a dream,” she silently reassured herself in her head, “so I can just let it go and enjoy the ride guilt-free.”

After just a few more kisses, Kipp reached out for her hand and gave a gentle tug to indicate that he wanted her to get out of bed. In the silent darkness, without exchanging a word, Kipp led Darla to the dark bathroom, where he sat on the closed toilet lid and pulled her towards him, sitting her in his lap while she faced him.

The kissing resumed – soft and sweet at first, then becoming more urgent and hungry. Still fully clothed, she was grinding herself against his crotch, feeling his hardness beneath her. Darla was so wet for Kipp that she could hear her juices squishing around as she dry-humped him.

They knew they didn’t have much time – Darla’s son was asleep on the bed and Kipp’s wife an children were asleep just on the other side of the adjoining door. They needed to stay completely silent – without even a whisper – to avoid getting caught. Kipp pushed Darla into a standing position and yanked her pants and lace panties down to the ground, while quickly hiking his boxer shorts down his hips and sitting back down. Guiding her back onto his lap, she eagerly impaled herself on his thick, stiff cock and began riding it wildly. He bucked beneath her to drive himself deeper and harder into her. Kipp put his left arm around her, with his hand on the small of her back to steady her, while using his right thumb to tickle her clit. It was a struggle for him to hold back, as her soft, sweet, hot, wet pussy was so welcoming to his hard cock, but he wanted to make sure he held off long enough to get her off first, because nothing excited him more than watching a woman cum from his cock and expert hands.

Kipp moved his left hand up to the back of her head, threading his fingers into her still-damp hair and forcing her mouth to his as he plunged his tongue back into her mouth. Darla had to fight every bit of temptation to not moan and groan at Kipp’s expert ministrations, as she felt like she was turning into a wild animal in the arms of this man. While continuing to ride up and down on his pole, she also grinded against his thumb to provide that delicious stimulation to her stiffening clit.

Kipp continued to kiss her deeply and passionately, but he had a better idea for that left hand than just holding the back of her head. Sensing that he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer himself, he knew he needed to get her over the edge soon, so he quickly reached behind her and slid one thick, rough finger into her ass, which was slippery from her pussy juices. She involuntarily gasped at the delight and he pressed his mouth against hers even harder, with his tongue buried deep in her mouth, to dampen the sound.

Darla began panting in short, shallow breaths as her orgasm approached. She tipped her head back as the first wave hit her and he thrusted himself up and into her, fucking her so hard that he had to use the palm of that left hand to hold her ass and steady her. Still with the middle finger of his left hand in her ass, his right thumb rubbing her magic button, and his hard cock buried deep within her hot pussy, he began unloading blast after blast of his hot, sticky cum inside her. That combination pushed Darla to an even higher level, as she began squirting female cum all over his lap. Kipp could feel the contractions of her orgasming pussy squeezing and tightening around his dick as the last few drops of his cum oozed out, and he felt like he’d just had a once-in-a-lifetime erotic encounter, as he had never been with a woman who was capable of squirting, much less having one squirt all over him – but it was the hottest thing he’d ever experienced!

Silently, they got up and dried themselves off, then put their clothes back on. Kipp gave Darla one last deep kiss before going back into his room and closing the door.

* * *

Darla woke up the next morning and couldn’t believe the wild dream she had that night about Kipp. “It was so hot, it seemed almost realistic!” she marveled to herself before heading down to the breakfast buffet for a cup of coffee.

Walking back with her coffee, she passed Kipp in the hall and smiled at him. “Wow, Kipp, I had the wildest dream last night – and you were in it!”

Inquisitively, he looked at Darla and chuckled, “Really? That’s weird! I had a dream about you, too!”

“You did? What happened in your dream?” she asked curiously.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, but let’s just say that in my dream I ended up in your room.”

Darla’s face turned beet red and her eyes widened in surprise, “But that’s what happened in MY dream, too!”

Awkwardly, Kipp asked, “Ummm.. did we end up doing it in your bathroom in your dream?”

Darla’s eyes took on that familiar devilish twinkle as she suddenly realized that it wasn’t a dream after all. She and Kipp had actually had that wild encounter for real. “Yes, as a matter of fact, we did. And you, my dear, were amazing!” she said with a wink.

As the realization suddenly dawned on him, too, he grinned, leaned forward and whispered softly in her ear “So were you, baby, so were you,” before brushing past her to go get his own cup of coffee.

She stood there for a moment in stunned silence, before laughing and shaking her head, “Yep, hockey parents are a special breed!”

Joe was just asked to leave work early on Saturday, cutting hours. He didn’t want to, he needed the money. His father had just left three years ago when he was fifteen. He had been working to help his mother pay the bills. She had been a stay at home mom, so finding a job for her wasn’t easy.

Joe’s mother, Patty, was still a lovely woman. She was tall had long brown hair, she had a body the his school mates would make little comments about.

Joe got to the house about two hours before normal. He headed down the hall to his room, he had to pass his mother’s room. Her door was sitting open. He stepped in to say hi, but what he saw made him panic.

She was kneeling on the bed, completely nude, there was a noose around her neck. He sprinted to the bed, through his arm around his mother, and yanked down on the rope. The rope pulled right down.

She fell back onto the bed, and started crying, Joe didn’t know what to think. He grabbed a blanket from the bed and wrapped her up. He sat down on the bed and hugged her close letting her finish crying.

He still didn’t know what was going on, but the rope pulled down too easily for it to be suicide. He didn’t rush her, he let her cry herself out.

After the tears were done, he asked what was going on. She admitted that she could only orgasm when she couldn’t breathe. She had the rig with the rope set up so that if she started to pass out it would release, but it still had its dangers. She almost started crying again. “I don’t do it often, but I needed the release.”

Joe felt really bad about interrupting, but he didn’t know what to say. “Do you want me to help…” She interrupted him before he could finish his offer to set the rig back up.

“Honey, no I couldn’t ask you to help me!” She didn’t want to admit it, but having Joe actually help her did excite her.

“That’s not what I meant, I was talking about setting the rig back up.” During the time they were setting there the blanket had fallen to expose one of her breasts. They were fantastic. They were at least C, or maybe even a D. He wasn’t sure if she even realized she was exposed, and now that the danger was over, catching a forbidden view of his mother’s fantastic tit was turning him on. “But I guess if you wanted…”

She sat up and looked at him, the blanket falling into her lap. It would be less dangerous for someone to hold her mouth instead of the rope. At least that is what she told herself when she said, “Ok, but you need to do exactly what I say. I will lean up against you, you hold my mouth and nose shut. When I touch your arm you need to let go, understand?”

” Yeah, I got it.” He sat up leaning back on the headboard. Patty stood up and the blanket fell away. Joe thought her body was amazing. Her breasts were damn near perfect in his mind. She had a beautiful curve down to her wide rounded hips, that framed out a trimmed out dark bush. “Mom! you are absolutely beautiful.”

“Stop it.” She picked up a towel she had laying on the bed, and placed it where she would sit on.

“Whats that for?”

“I don’t want to soak the bed silly.” She sat down on the bed between his legs, and leaned back against his chest. Joe wished that he had taken his shirt off so that he could feel her bare skin against her chest. She reached over to grab a Hitachi wand. It blew Joe’s mind that she was using something that plugged in.

She flipped the switch on and began to rub it against her clit. Joe layed his hand over her mouth and pinched her nose closed. Instantly Patty tried to pull away, it was the first time in years she had someone’s hand cut off her air. She relaxed back against her son’s chest and continued to rub the vibrating wand against her. He put his free hand around her waist and held her. His thumb rested on the bottom of her breast. It only took a minute her body started to shake.

Joe nearly let go of his mother’s mouth but remembered that she would signal him. He heard her make almost a squeaking noise from her throat. The sound from the vibrator changed there was a wet splashing noise that kept time with the vibration noise. The smell of her sex in the room became very strong. She touched his elbow and he let go.

She was breathing hard, “Damn, give me a minute.” Joe thought that things were done but she didnt turn off the vibrator. She was moaning lightly as she caught her breath. Once her breathing came back to almost normal, she said, “again, baby.”

Joe moved his hand back over her mouth and nose again. Just as he got his hand in place he heard her click the Hitachi onto the high setting. He jumped slightly, he had no idea that it would run harder than it already was. He hand around her waist rose up slightly onto the softer flesh of her breast.

He pulled his hand back down, not wanting to go to far. His Mother grabbed his hand and brought it back up over her breast, so that her nipple pressed against the palm. She squeezed his hand a little, he understood what she meant and he started kneading her breast.

She moved her hand to the other breast and began to rub that one and play with her nipple. Her back arched out and wet sound with the vibrator got stronger. Her body was shaking violently against him, but she hadn’t touched his arm yet.

She started shaking her head back and forth, but he held on. She clicked the wand off and touched his arm. “Oh, fuck, oh god, oh fuck…” she muttered through the heavy breathing. She had not done anything to remove her son’s hand from her breast so he let it stay right where it was. They laid there for a few minutes. Joe decided to get brave and he dropped his hand that was holding her mouth down to her thigh. She didn’t say anything while he was rubbing her thigh. He slid his and up quickly to touch her pussy.

His finger slid inside her slit and he moved it up and across her clit. She grabbed his hand and pulled it away. “No baby I am too sensitive.” He didn’t fight her, but he did lick his finger before he could stop her, he wanted to taste what was making that wonderful smell.

He could tell that she was surprised by what he did, but she made no move to stop him. “Oh, honey, I got you all excited didn’t I? I know, I can feel you on me.” She slid off the bed, for the first time Joe could see the towel she had been sitting on. It was soaked with her juices.

“I feel really bad, maybe I should help.” It surprised him to hear that. She took the towel and threw it over to the side. She crawled back into the bed, and started to rub his cock through his pants. Joe leaned his head back and enjoyed the feeling of his mother’s hand through his jeans.

She popped the button and pulled the zipper down. “Lift up baby.” Joe complied, and she pulled his pants and boxers down together. His cock sprang out the waist band, it stood about 8 inches and thick. She put her hand around it and started slowly moving it up and down his dick.

He just enjoyed the feeling of the handjob from his mom. She would on occasion stop jacking him off and just run her fingers up and down the shaft gently. He felt the towel that she had moved out of her way. Thinking that she was intent on his cock, he grabbed the towel up and began to sniff the fluid on it.

As he got braver he reached his tongue out to taste it. The flavor of his mother’s orgasm was mixed in with the cotton on the towel. He looked down at Patty and she looked up, their eyes lock with a corner of the towel in his mouth. Her hand dropped away from his cock. “Why are you so obsessed with that taste?”

She took the towel from him and looked at the wet spot, She slid her fingers around in the dampness. “I guess I can understand it.” She leaned over and sniffed the spot herself. She laid the towel over his face so that his senses were inundated with the smell. “I think there is something I want to taste.” He felt her hand back on his shaft then felt her tongue on his tip.

He tensed his body slightly, and he pushed his head into her mouth. “Like that, huh?” and before he had time to respond she buried his cock to the hilt in her mouth. He inhaled deeply taking in all of her sent. She pulled her mouth back so that her lips were barely on his head. Again she pushed his cock back into her mouth so that her nose was back in her pubic hair.

This was the first time his cock had been in anyone’s mouth and it didn’t take long before he got to the point he felt like he was going to explode. “Mom, I’m cumming.” She slid her mouth out so that her lips held him just below his head. She gripped his shaft and started jacking him off.

The amount that her son came in her mouth surprised her, she tried to swallow it, and the cum slipped out between her lips and shaft. She slid her mouth back down his shaft licking the cum off his cock. Laid down beside him, and laid her head on his shoulder, and kissed his cheek. She started rubbing her hand across his chest.

She reached down and touched the head of his cock. He jumped the sensation was like electricity. “that’s what I felt when you touched my clit. You have to give it more time than you did.”


“Its fine, but I think its been enough time, if you want to try again, maybe use something other than your finger.” She touched her finger to his lips.

She rolled to her back. Joe rolled on top of her and kissed a nipple. He kissed down her stomach until he reached her pubic hair. He flicked his tongue out and buried it between her lips. She arched back and pressed her pussy against her face. He sucked her clit between his lips.

He slipped a finger inside her. “Oh, honey.” He could taste the juices flowing from her. She ran his fingers through his hair and held him to her pussy. He slid his fingers in and out, “Ummmm, that feels good. Don’t stop.”

He kept licking and fingering her pussy. She tasted positively amazing. He remembered his mother saying that she couldn’t come without being choked, and he wanted to make her cum again. He took his tongue of his mom’s clit and moved his mouth back to her breasts. His hips ended up between her legs. “What are you…” He cut her off with his hand over her mouth and nose.

He wrapped his thumb around to rub her clit. She began to buck underneath him. He felt a warm spray on the palm of his hand. She suddenly fell back to the bed. Joe took his hand from her mouth. She started breathing hard. Once she caught her breath again she said, “Oh, son, that was…” He cut her off again holding her mouth and nose again.

She reached down and wrapped her hand around his stiffening cock. Her pussy sprayed on his hand again, and he let go of her mouth. “Oh god, I want it. oh god I need it. Fuck me, fuck your mother.” Without stopping to think, he positioned himself between her legs, she guided his head to her opening.

He pushed his cock for the first time into a pussy, his mother’s pussy. The warmth and dampness seemed to welcome the invasion from her son. He moved his hips back and thrust back in. He fell into a rhythm and she met every thrust with one herself. He clamped his hand back over her mouth and nose. He felt the cum spray on his stomach.

His mother reached up and grabbed his arm. “Not yet.” He thought the increased danger would help her cum again. He started thrusting harder, faster. she met his every thrust. It worked, she sprayed cum over him again. He moved his hand away.

She relaxed her body, and through the struggled breath, “that might be the best orgasm I ever had.” He continued to fuck her pussy for all he was worth, but she was no longer pushing back. “I want to take care of you now baby. Roll over on your back.”

He complied with her demands and she straddled him. “I am going to completely blow your mind. She started rubbing her hand on her pussy then taking all the juices she found there and rubbed them all over his cock. She positioned his head on her asshole. She impaled herself on her son’s cock. She sat all the way down on his hips. Her asshole was hotter than her pussy and a lot tighter. She slowly started moving her hips back and forth. He tried to meet her thrusts with his own.

He felt her clamp her ass around him, and continue to thrust around his cock. “Oh, mom.” There was no way he could hold himself back. He exploded in his mother’s ass. She lifted herself off him.

She took the towel off the bed and cleaned him off. She laid her head back on his shoulder. “I cant believe we just did that, but I don’t think I am going to regret it.” They both drifted off to sleep in just that position.

During their nap the front door opened, Emily, Joe’s twin sister, stepped through the door. Before they fell asleep neither of them had gotten up to close the door to the room.

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Chapter Three

“Where have you been the last few nights?” Kenna asked as we sat down in front of the television. Tonight, as declared by Kenna, was to be a Chinese takeout and movie night, so I was without Damian for the first night in a week.

“I’ve just been out. I find myself wandering around aimlessly now that I don’t have a job.” This was mostly the truth. I did find myself wandering around, but not so aimlessly; I wandered around with Damian. We would eat out sometimes, other times we would venture to the movies, and other times we’d make out like high school kids in one of his expensive cars.

“Whatever, Taylor. Who’s the dude?”

“What dude?” I asked, picking up a piece of sesame chicken with my fork.

“Tay, we’ve been friends since we knew what ‘friend’ meant. I know you’re seeing someone,” she said, putting her takeout box down. “So, who is he?”

I sighed. One of the worst things about having a friend that was like a sister, they always knew when something was up. “His name is Damian. What movie do you want to watch?”

“Twilight marathon?”

“No!” I backpedaled as I registered the expression on Kenna’s face. “It’s just that we watch it so much. How about Pride and Prejudice?”

“Colin Firth or Keira Knightley?”

“Always Colin Firth,” I said with a smile.

“Does he remind you of this Damian character?”

I groaned. “Do you ever give up?”

“You know me better than that.”

“Damian is tall, dark, and handsome. Except the word ‘handsome’ is an understatement.”

“Oh,” she sighed. “Tell me more! He sounds dreamy.”

“He’s more than dreamy. He’s like a mythical creature,” I grinned and almost laughed out loud.

“Well, how did you meet? How old is he? Does he have a brother that would like to date me?”

I laughed. “We met at Bar Louie, and I’m not sure about the brother. I’ll ask.” I purposefully glossed over the age question. How would I even answer that? Um, he’s a few thousand years old. Yeah…that’d go over well.

The movie had started minutes ago, but Kenna was still firing questions at me. I was beginning to get annoyed. “Tay, why are you being so tight-lipped?” Kenna pouted.

“I don’t have much to say. We only met a little over a week ago, Ken. It’s not like he’s told me his whole life story yet.” Again, I found myself if another half-truth. Damian and I had known each other for only a little over a week, but we knew each other like the back of our hands. Sometimes, I felt like I was reading Damian’s mind just as well as he read mine.

“Well, I’m gonna need you to figure all of this out and report back to me. Not knowing the guy who’s stolen my best friend’s heart is kind of frustrating.”

“Yeah, yeah.” To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Kenna could ever meet Damian. Yes, she was my best friend, but to bring her into close proximity of a vampire didn’t seem like the best idea.

“You think that I’d hurt Kenna?” Damian asked me that night after he snuck into my bedroom. It was sad how we couldn’t be without each other for more than a few hours.

“No. I didn’t say or think that. Kenna is just…different. She always wants to live on the edge and do things that are racy, but when real danger creeps up, she freaks out. I’m not sure how she’d react to all of this.”

He nodded, scooping me into his arms. “We’ll take it slow, then. I don’t want you to lose your best friend because of me.”

“We don’t really need to tell her anyway,” I said. “I mean, you’re old enough to control your thirst and things. Maybe we could just keep her out of the loop.”

“Yeah,” Damian said, his voice was unenthusiastic.

“You don’t think that it will work?”

“For now, it might.”

“What does that even mean?”

“Not tonight, Taylor.”

“That’s your answer for everything. Maybe I want to know tonight.”

“Well, it’s not time yet.”

“What if I die in my sleep and you never get to tell me all of the things that you’re hiding from me?”

“You’re healthy. It’s highly unlikely that’d happen.”

I rolled onto my side, facing away from Damian. “I don’t want to be with someone that can’t and won’t tell me the truth. I feel like you’re hiding something from me.”

“I am hiding something,” he chuckled. “That’s the point. I’m hiding something that I don’t want you to know yet.”

“Whatever, Damian. This isn’t going to work.”

“You think that you could leave me, Taylor? You’re as attached as I am, and I would stalk you until you agreed to take me back if you did somehow leave me.”

I wasn’t in the mood for Damian’s games tonight. I huffed angrily while trying to shake him off me. It was the same as trying to move a cow; he wasn’t budging unless he wanted to. “This isn’t funny Damian.”

He stilled behind me, his hands growing rigid on my stomach.

“What’s wrong?”

“I…I have to go,” he muttered.

“No, I don’t want you to leave. I was just upset about you not telling me stuff.” God, I sounded pathetic even to myself. How had I become so dependent upon another person’s presence…and so quickly?

“It’s not you, Taylor. My family; there’s trouble,” he said, getting up from my bed.

“I thought your family-,”

“My clan, Taylor.” I could tell he was getting annoyed with me, but I couldn’t just let him go; not without knowing what was going on and when I’d see him again. He got up from the bed, putting on his black Stacy Adams with his usual graceful movements. “I may have to leave town for a little. I’m not certain.”

“What? Why?” He looked at me, that familiar war in his eyes. “I won’t freak, I promise.”

He sighed before running both of his hands through his hair. “There may be trouble in Jerusalem,” he said. My breath hitched as I caught his meaning. Trouble in Jerusalem meant trouble with the rogue Firsts. Nobody wanted trouble with them. Even though the story of their capture was told to me days ago, it was fresh in my mind.

“So, where are the other Firsts kept? You said you locked them up,” I asked Damian one night after we went out to dinner. We were sitting in his car at Battell Park, watching the squirrels gather their last minute nuts and things for hibernation.

“The Rogues, as we now call them, are kept in the Holy City.”

“Jerusalem? Why?”

“Simply because it’s a holy place. The holiest, in fact. The Christians, Jews, and Muslims all claim it to have significance in their religions and for that reason, we locked them up there. The faith and belief in a higher power somehow work against the evil that works in the Rogues’ hearts,” he shrugged. “Of course, my Second, Carter would want to put that theory to test scientifically,” he laughed.

“Well, what about you and the other Firsts, then? Can you not go into Jerusalem or any church or anything? “

“No, we can. I’ve been to church numerous times.”

“I’m confused.”

He laughed, “I know. And it’s so cute to watch. Your lower lip juts out as you try to piece things together.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“Hey, I said it was cute!” He continued to laugh. “Look. I’m still trying to figure it out,” he told me once he had sobered up. “By all records, vampires are a damned group of people. I don’t believe that. I spent plenty of time with Jesus and his people back in the day, and he never once condemned us for what we were. How can we have any control over our fate? Did I go out looking to become this?” He motioned to his physique. “No. I was bitten by chance. I believe all of us have an opportunity to make our own choices with what hand we were dealt in life, no matter the circumstance. A child of a drug addict doesn’t have to become an addict, too. A person that grew up around an abusive parent doesn’t have to grow up to be the same way. The same could be said for us that carry the burden of eternal life. We don’t have to be monsters; we don’t have to kill people to survive. We don’t have to lead a life void of God.”

“So you would consider yourself a Christian vampire, then?” I giggled.

“I guess you could say that; though, I have done a number of things in my life that would earn me a spot in hell.”

I shook my head, coming back to the present. There were so many things that could’ve gone wrong in Jerusalem-shady guards, the Rogues draining rats in their tombs to gain strength. The possibilities had my hands wringing themselves nervously.

“What happened?” I asked, wiping my now sweaty hands on my pants.

“How could I know when I’m here with you?”

“You obviously knew something was wrong, so I’m sure whoever was speaking with you mentally has some type of idea,” I pushed.

“I don’t give you enough credit. You put things together so quickly for a human,” he sighed while sitting on the edge of my bed. “From time to time, the Rogues get restless and stir up trouble in their cells. It’s nothing new.”

“Your reaction to everything didn’t hint at it being old news. Just tell me the truth, Damian.”

“Damn it. Someone has been sneaking blood into the cells, okay?”

“What’s that even mean?” I ask, undeterred by his frustration.

“It means someone wants the Rogues to rise again, and is helping them do so under our noses. I need to go and find out who, set up surveillance, question people, and probably end some lives.”

“Can I go with you?”

“Fuck no!”

I shrank back at the venom in his voice and the glowing yellow of his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Taylor. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just too dangerous. You’re human and there are going to be vampires around that have yet to prove their trustworthiness. I can’t risk your safety. I will be back as soon as this is taken care of, I promise.”

“This is stupid. Why do you have to go?”

“You know this, Taylor. I’m one of the Firsts. I oversee everything in the vampire-,”

“Blah, blah, blah,” I said, bobbing my head from side to side. “I know this already. There are others that lead to, send one of them.”

“All of us are going, if we even have to. Look, I know it’s hard for you. It will pain me to leave too, but it must be done. Fuck, there are too many people talking at once,” he said, rubbing his hands over his face. “Give me a second,” Damian said, closing his eyes and resting his elbows on his knees.

I never really understood the phrase “the silence was deafening” until I had to sit through such a situation. My palms grew sweaty as I waited, wishing that I could hear Damian’s thoughts as he could hear mine. I rose from my bed, turning to leave the room, but was stopped by Damian’s hand grabbing my wrist.

“Don’t go,” he pled.

“I’m thirsty.”

“I’ll get it,” he said rising from the bed in one fluid motion before darting off to the kitchen. I sat back down on the bed and he was waiting for me, a bottle of Smart Water in his hand. The corner of his mouth pulled up into a crooked grin as I gasped.

I snatched the bottle of water from him. “Thanks.”

“My pleasure,” he chuckled.

“Nothing like scaring a defenseless human to perk a vamp up.”

He shrugged, unapologetic. “I’m having my Second keep tabs on you while I’m gone. He’ll come and introduce himself sometime soon.”

“A babysitter? So it’s for sure then; you’re leaving?”

“You are not to go to Bar Louie for any reason. You will either drive the MKZ, or my Second will drive you to school and wherever you need to go. Are we clear?”

“Wait. Excuse me? I’m not a child, Damian. I can drive myself where I need to go, in my own car. This is ridiculous!”

“Taylor, these are just minor precautions for the time being. Don’t be difficult.”

“I’m not being difficult, I’m being a person! No one wants to be babysat when they’re old enough to have children. How am I going to explain some big, burly dude to Kenna? She already gives me the third degree about everything, if you haven’t noticed.”

“I’m not about to argue with you, Taylor. In this case, it’s my way or the highway.”

“And what’s the highway consist of?”

“My Second locking you up here or at my house for safekeeping until I return.”

I threw my hands up in exasperation. “Fine. I’ll drive your stupid MK-whatever,” I said before combing my fingers through my hair. “What’s with the security? I thought the threat was in Jerusalem.”

“It is, but that doesn’t mean trouble won’t be here, too. I have to go. The sooner I leave, the sooner I will be back. Come here,” he said, holding his arms out for me to hug him. I accepted, eager to hold on to him as long as possible. He bent down to kiss my forehead, and then he was gone.

Light peeked in through the blinds that covered my window and I reflexively reached out for Damian. All I found was empty space…again. “Ugh,” I groaned, remembering that he left days ago. I was still adjusting to his absence, even with his Second, Carter, trailing behind me all the time.

“You know, I’m sure Damian wouldn’t mind if you took a break from your babysitting duties,” I said, annoyed. I just finished my last class for the day and finally made it home to find Carter waiting at the door. Did he think I couldn’t find it on my own? “What?” I asked when I noticed his flinching.

“We don’t call the Firsts by their given names. It’s a form of disrespect in the vampire community.”

“What do you call him, then?”


“Ian? Okay,” I chuckled under my breath. “Well, I’m sure Ian would be fine with you leaving me alone for the night.”

“I highly doubt that. He’s very protective of you, if you haven’t gathered that already,” Carter said, straightening his black tie. I made a mental note to ask Damian about this man’s attire later. Surely he wasn’t comfortable following me for days in a three-piece suit.

“I’m starting to. Would you like to stay for dinner? I’m making steak and potatoes.”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

“Well, why not? You’re forced to watch me; the least I can do is provide nourishment.” A thought occurred to me. “Are you not on human food yet?”

“I’ve been able to eat regular food for some years now. I just don’t want your roommate to become suspicious of my presence. It is my understanding that you do not wish to involve her in the world of the undead.”

“It’s fine. I’m sure you can handle yourself appropriately.” I hoped that he didn’t see my true intentions of inviting him to dinner. That would ruin my plan. Damian was so secretive about everything that went on in his world, and I wanted to know more. I needed to know more. I hoped that Carter would be my link into what Damian was really up against. “I’ll make your steak extra rare. The best of both worlds,” I tried to entice him. It worked. He followed me into the apartment without a backward glance.

“Kenna! I’m home…with company,” I added so she wouldn’t come out naked or something.

“Company? I thought Damian was out of town,” she said, coming into the kitchen, dressed as if she was going out. She stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw Carter.

“He is, I have his…uh. This is one of Damian’s body guards. Carter, this is my roommate and best friend, Kenna.”

“Nice to meet you,” Kenna said, as she continued to openly gawk at the man.

He gawked back, “It’s my pleasure.”

Suddenly, I felt like an intruder. The way that they stared at each other was so personal, emotional, and…erotic. There was a pressure in the room so intense that I needed to leave. I mumbled some type of excuse and stole away to my bedroom, my earlier plot to question Carter forgotten. The noise began before I even left the kitchen. There was some banging, rustling of papers, and the sounds of furniture scooting across linoleum. I almost went back out there until I heard the tearing of fabric coupled with moans and grunts.

They’re having sex? Already???

My mind couldn’t even focus with all of the noise coming from my kitchen. I tugged my phone out of my purse, hitting number two on the speed dial.

“Yes, love,” I heard Damian say.

“Um, Damian. I need your help.”

There was a brief silence. “Why? Is everything okay?”

“Well, I invited Carter over for dinner and he saw Kenna. Now they’re having sex in the kitchen. I barely made it out of the room before they started going at it.”

There was a lengthy silence. “Shit.”

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. “What? Is she going to be okay?”

“I’m going to call Carter, although I’m not sure what I can do at this point.”

“What does that mean? Is she going to die?”

“Let me call Carter, baby. I’ll call you back.”

The call ended, and I was left with the sounds of my best friend and Carter having sex. It was torture. Between her moans and his mixture of grunts and carnal praise, I was ready to join them. My flesh was heated, my mind conjuring images of Carter’s tall, muscular build against Kenna’s curvy, brown body. I could see him plowing into her, his muscles contracting and lengthening with every push and pull. I imagined Kenna’s milk chocolate breasts bouncing up and down as she was being taken from behind.

I found my hand nestled in my jeans, rubbing my clit in tandem with the thrusts I heard coming from the kitchen. I had never tried to pleasure myself before, but it seemed impossible not to do so with the turn of events. My breath came in shallow pants as I climbed higher toward that peak. “Oh,” I moaned as my muscles started rippling. I was so close, I could feel it. Then my phone rang. Shit.

“Hello,” I tried to make my voice sound normal.

“Taylor,” he paused, probably assessing my tone; or I was just guilty and paranoid. “I’ll be there in five.” He hung up and I raced toward the shower. The tone of his voice told me that he meant business; hot, sweaty, carnal business.

I left the bathroom to find that Carter and Kenna were still going at it. My body began to heat all over again. I walked into my bedroom, and he was waiting for me, as expected. My eyes drank him in. He was outfitted in a tailored, navy suit that gave off a subtle silver sheen. His silver tie was tucked neatly into a silver vest that poked out from under his jacket. My mouth went dry as desire pooled in my belly. I closed the door, my eyes not leaving his. “Did they have the decency to stop when you came in?”

“Two people caught in passion as those two are probably didn’t even notice my presence.”

“So,” I said, trying to keep the room filled with something other than grunts and groans, “you came back quickly. I thought a flight from Jerusalem would be a little longer,” I tried to joke, but my voice was too heavy to pull it off.

“One of the Firsts is a Transporter. He can appear and reappear anywhere as long as he knows where he’s going.”

“So that’s how you got here so quick?”

He nodded. “We were wrapping up in Jerusalem when you called so I requested to be dropped off here. And I come to find you like this,” he cocked his head to the side, assessing the towel around my body.

“I needed a shower.”

“I can still smell your arousal.” My face heated as he continued. “You know, when I called Carter, he told me that I needed to come here quick. That you were back here pleasuring yourself.”

Damn vampiric senses. I could’ve sunk into the carpet, but it still wouldn’t have hidden my embarrassment.

He got up from the edge of my bed and walked toward me, like a jungle cat stalking its prey. “At first I was angry that you would do such a thing in a house with another vampire, but I quickly got over that. You didn’t know what you were doing.”

“I…I don’t know what you mean.”

“The scent of female arousal is a scent so powerful it only comes second to one other. Can you guess what it is, love?”


“Yes, blood,” Damian went on to explain as he removed his silver cufflinks, placing them neatly on my vanity. “You see, Carter is much younger than I, and he wouldn’t have been able to resist you for much longer,” he said while unraveling the towel that covered my body. I heard it fall to the floor somewhere in the back of my mind, but my focus was elsewhere. “He would’ve fucked you and your roommate at the same time, and I couldn’t have blamed him.” Damian’s eyes were pure yellow and hooded as he peered down at me. He wanted me too, and it made me even more aroused.

“Kenna. Is she going to be alright?” I had to find out before I was caught in a sexual haze that would make everything else a distant memory.

“Yes. I told Carter not to bite her until she knew the truth, but I’m sure she knows something by now.” He must have sensed my confusion because he went on to explain himself. “When we orgasm, it’s one of the most strong feelings that we have. It causes us to want to bite our partner, to drink their blood; especially if the said partner is also in orgasm. The blood has a special…flavor…during a sexual peak; this is amplified when a vampire has found their mate. Their other half, if you will. When a vampire orgasms with a mate,” he said, taking one of my nipples in between his fingers and lightly twisting it, “it drives us to Claim them, mark them with our scent forever. What you saw tonight was two people finding their mate in each other.”

I didn’t know how he expected me to pay attention to anything he was saying while he was torturing my body in such magnificent ways. I threw my head back, welcoming the pleasure/pain that shot from my nipple to my groin. His hand snaked down to my warmth as he began to speak again.

“I’ve wanted to Claim you since the first time I laid eyes on you, Taylor. But I’ve resisted for so long,” he closed his eyes so tightly I thought the sockets would swallow them.

“If you want me so badly, why don’t you just have me?” I said, pushing my breasts onto his suit and wrapping my arms around him.

“I’ve waited so long for a mate; I would probably bite and drain you. If I somehow found the will to stop, you’d end up like this,” he motioned to his body. “You’d become a Child of the Night. I can’t force you into this life due to recklessness.”

“That’s why you said we weren’t ready for sex the other day?” I continued talking when he didn’t answer, “I don’t think you’ll hurt me. I trust you.”

“Taylor, you’re a virgin. Even if you weren’t, the chance of me stopping would be slight to none. How could I even begin to stop when I know that no other man has been where I have? That no other man has reached as far as I will? How can I stop when I feel this,” he inserted a finger into my warmth, making me gasp, “squeezing around me when your orgasm rips though you?”

“Oh God,” I whispered. The feeling of finally being filled was exquisite.

“Carter just put Kenna to bed and he’s on his way in here. He will watch, but I’ve instructed him not to touch you. Do you wish me to stop?”

“Carter, what?”

“He wants to watch me pleasure you. If you say no, I will send him on his way. Tell me what you want, Taylor.”

“I don’t care. I just want you,” I moaned as his thumb began to stroke my clit. “Are you going to take my virginity tonight?”

“I’m not certain that’s the best idea. If you bleed and Carter is in here-,”

“I don’t care! You will do it, tonight.”

I heard Damian’s intake of breath at my words. “Taylor. Neither you nor I can guess what could happen.”

“Are we mates or not?” This question drew him up short. I took advantage. “I want you to Claim me tonight. Please.”

Damian placed his forehead against mine and nodded. “You will hear my thoughts more clearly after this. I just want you to be aware. And-,”

I put my index finger on his lips, effectively silencing him. He withdrew his finger from my warmth and motioned for me to lay on the bed. I did as he asked and he began to remove his clothes until he stood in front of me, gloriously naked. It was as if he were chiseled out of stone. Every muscle of his body was well defined, I wanted to run my tongue over each and every one.

“Spread ‘em,” he said, climbing onto the bed. I did as he asked and his face moved into the apex of my thighs. I cried out in pleasure as his tongue took a leisurely swipe at my folds. “God, you taste good, Taylor.” I groaned in response. “Such a pretty little pussy.”

He continued to lick at my sensitive folds as my body climbed higher and higher. I was close to the precipice when I heard the door creak open. Carter walked in, fully clothed, and moved the chair that sat in front of my vanity. When it was in the perfect position, he sat down, his yellowing eyes never leaving mine.

“Stick with me,” Damian said as he slid a finger into me.

“Ah,” I moaned as my hips began to move against his finger and tongue. Damian then inserted another finger into me and that was it. I came with so much force that my back bowed off of the bed. Carter’s eyes glowed bright yellow as he began to unzip his pants. He brought out his manhood and began to stroke it as Damian continued to work his fingers in and out of me.

“You’re gonna need a third one for that pussy, Ian,” Carter said, not taking his eyes off of me.

“I know what the fuck I’m doing,” Damian growled as the fingers from his other hand reached up to toy with my hardened nipples, making me writhe in pleasure. “Look at you, coming alive for me,” Damian said before latching his mouth onto my swollen pebble of a nipple.

A half groan, half moan issued from my lips and another orgasm began to build. There was pleasure all around; in my chest, my pussy, I didn’t know how much more I could take. Then I looked at Carter again, and I lost it. He had his shaft in one hand, his balls cupped in the other as he pleasured himself. I had never seen anything like it in my life.

Damian released my nipple as he inserted a third finger into me, causing my third orgasm to rip through me. He grabbed my jaw, forcing our eyes to lock. “You. Are. Mine. Never forget that,” and with that he bit into my neck. I cried out as he pumped his fingers in and out of me, the pleasure/pain barrier broken down as the two blended into one. “Fuck, yes!” Damian roared in exultation when he came up for air. Blood covered his lips.

“Ugh. God, Damian,” I groaned. Being drank from was a feeling like no other. It was like having two powerful orgasms simultaneously while having my pussy filled, both nipples sucked and being French kissed. I couldn’t wait for him to repeat the act.

“Oh, you liked that, did you?” Damian asked, picking my thoughts out of my head as always.

“I think she did, Boss,” I heard Carter say.

“Maybe you’d like it even more if I do it while fucking you. Hmm?”

All I could do was moan in response.

“She wants it, Boss. Give it to her,” Carter said as he continued pumping his cock.

“Shut up, Carter,” Damian chuckled as he pushed his cock into me.

The noise that I made was barely short of a scream. It felt like I was being ripped in two; he was just so big.

“Shh, shh, baby. It’s okay. It’ll pass. Look at me, just look at me,” Damian said, while he stroked my head. I did as he said, my eyes meeting his; it was a yellow-gray mash up. He kissed away the tear that trickled down my cheek as I ran my fingers through his hair. My breathing and Carter’s hand pumping his manhood were the only sounds that filled the room.

I began to get impatient laying there. The pain had subsided and I needed more of my man, so I moved my hips up, my body swallowing more of his shaft.

“Goddammit, Taylor. No!”

I continued to move against him anyway, my body having a goal of its own. Damian began to meet my movements with barely tamed thrusts. “Ah!” I moaned while wrapping my arms around Damian’s back and trapping him between my legs.

“Taylor, you’re so tight. You feel so good. Are you ready for more? Please tell me you want more.”

“You’re not all the way in?!” my voice betrayed my shock.

“Ch- I can still see at least half of him from here, honey,” Carter said.

I heard the challenge implicit in his voice. He didn’t think that I could take it all. I held my breath as I pulled my legs tighter under Damian’s butt, forcing him to bottom out.

Damian was caught off guard. “Son of a fucking bitch!”

“Damn!” Carter exclaimed while increasing the speed of his pumping.

I let go of my breath, it came out in the form of a moan that was coupled with a scream. The sound continued on as Damian began to piston in and out of me, his caring nature forgotten and replaced by a more feral and primal need. “Yes,” he hissed into my neck while continuing to pump in and out of me. My fourth orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, knocking the wind out of me. Damian growled like an angry canine as he pumped in and out with vampiric speed.

“Forget it, Carter,” Damian said. He quit moving and sat inside of me.

“What?” I mumbled, coming down from my high.

“Carter wants me to fuck your ass…so he can lick you. You’re bleeding.”

“Anal?” This was not how I imagined my first time, not by a long shot. “Will Kenna be mad?”

“I’ve told her everything about our nature. She’s more understanding than you think,” Carter said, removing his shirt and placing it on the back of the chair.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, Taylor. This is your body we’re talking about,” Damian said while stroking my hair.

“Will you be mad? You didn’t want Carter to touch me before.”

“I’m fine, baby. The choice is yours.”

Carter was naked and waiting at the edge of the bed, his erection twitching against his belly. My mind was already made up. “Okay. Let’s do it,” I hugged Damian tighter and he began to pump into me again, this time at a leisurely pace.

“I can’t believe you, Taylor. You’re being so brave tonight. God, how did I become so lucky to be matched with such a creature?” Damian asked of no one as he pulled out of me. I felt vacant as he slid off of me.

Following Damian’s instruction, I got off of the bed and let Carter lay down. “Now you’re gonna have to sit on my face,” Carter grinned at me as he tucked his hands under his head. He was so enjoying this! “You will, too. Now get on up here!”

“Carter, if you bite her, I will personally impale you on a stake and leave you out in the noonday sun. You got me?”

“Crystal clear, Boss.”

I climbed on up Carter’s body and positioned my center over his mouth, he began to lick immediately. “Oh,” I moaned as his tongue dove in and out of my pussy.

“God, she tastes almost as good as Ken.”

I looked at Damian to find him smirking, his arms crossed and eyes aglow. “Relax, baby. It’s fine,” he said while he walked over to me, his manhood swaying with every step he took. He planted his lips on mine, melting away all worries with the stroke of his tongue. His hands began to toy with my nipples as he continued to kiss me. Being stimulated in so many different areas had my fifth orgasm building.

“Oh God,” I said as Damian released my lips. I felt the bed dip as Damian crawled behind me, massaging my butt with fervor.

“Carter, give it a rest for a second. I need in.”

Carter quit licking just as Damian leaned me over and plunged into my warmth again. He fired in and out, my juices mixed with blood spilling down my legs. I heard Carter growl beneath me before he lapped up the liquid from my leg. Too soon, Damian pulled out. He repositioned at my rosebud and Carter went back to diving into my pussy. Carter reached up and grabbed onto my nipples as Damian’s hands gripped my hips and pushed forward.

“Don’t tense up, Taylor. Relax.” I did as he asked and felt him slide deeper into me. “Fuck.” He sat, waiting for me to acclimate to the intrusion as Carter kept up the assault on my folds. The feeling of being penetrated on both ends was heady; I basked in it. “I’m going in.” Inch by inch, Damian pushed into me until his balls sat against my butt cheeks. “Fuck. I think I’m going to die…again.”

Carter chuckled into my pussy and I moaned. I had sat still long enough, I wanted more. “Damian,” I whined. He knew what I meant, so he began to move. I thought Damian in my pussy had me full; I was so wrong. Damian in my ass was the fullest feeling in the world. I could barely stand it. “Oh, fuck,” I held out each word as if they were long notes.

“That’s right, Taylor. Feel it for me,” Damian said, delivering a swift smack to my right butt cheek. I squealed, which only seemed to make him more aroused. “Put your fingers in her, Carter.”

“What? N-,” before I could get the word out, Carter had me filled from the front and started to circle my clit with his tongue. It was too intense, there was nothing around me except for Carter and Damian; one in the front, one in the back. I was surrounded by two hard bodies. “Damian!”

“You know I like when you say my name, baby,” he growled. “Come for me! One last time; give it up for me!” He ordered while picking me up off my hands and holding my back to his chest. “Fuck! Me! Yes!” he spat as he drilled into my ass. Carter was consistent in his fingering and licking, moving with us as Damian directed. I was about to be a goner; this orgasm was going to kill me. Open your eyes, Taylor, Damian whispered in my mind.

My eyes sprang open in surprise and I saw all three of us in my vanity mirror. Carter was working skillfully in my pussy and fisting his cock as Damian loomed over me, pounding into my ass, his eyes yellow and bright. That did it for me. I came so hard I felt liquid leave my body in hot spurts. I felt Damian’s mouth at my neck and I knew he was going to taste me again. His teeth punctured the junction of my shoulder and neck, making me fall into another gut wrenching orgasm. Damian growled as hot liquid shot into me, his cock expanding and contracting with each spurt.

“Fuck man! She squirts!” Carter said as he continued to finger me in earnest. “Shit!” he said, squirting his own hot, sticky liquid onto his chest and neck.

I came down from my high at last, Damian licking over the puncture wound in my neck. “She’s wasted, I’m gonna stay here with her tonight,” I heard Damian say. He sounded far away as I drifted into unconsciousness. Carter kissed my cheek and muttered thanks for the night before leaving.


“Yes, baby.”

“Did you settle everything in Jerusalem?”

He laughed, but it didn’t sound right. “You’re worried about Jerusalem? You should be sleeping, love.”

“What about your sleep?”

“I stopped needing sleep centuries ago, Taylor. Now, not another word. Bed.”

I rolled my eyes. So bossy.

Go to sleep, Taylor.

“I have one more question.”

“For the love of…what, Taylor?”

“Why does Carter wear a suit all the time?”

“Those involved in the chain of command are expected to present themselves as businessmen while handling clan affairs. Now go to bed, or I will have to bring Carter back for round two.”

I shut my eyes instantly. Going for a second round with those two would kill me.



“Taylor, wake up.”



I shot up out of the bed. “What? Is the apartment on fire?”

“No, silly girl. Kenna’s been up for an hour, waiting to talk to you.” I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It read 11:07am.

“Ugh, why?”

Damian chuckled. “It’ll come back to you.”

I got out of bed, the answer coming to me in the form of a sore ass and crotch. “Oh my God.”

“Are you upset?” Damian was by my side in an instant, his hands out as if I were about to fall over.

I pondered this, but I knew I had no reason to be upset. Everything that happened the previous night was consented and thoroughly enjoyed; but, I always thought that losing my virginity would be a more romantic affair with dinner by candlelight, soft music, and soothing, gentle lovemaking. Last night was fucking, but I loved it. Damian’s words engulfed me like flames would a pile of dry leaves; he was encouraging and carnal at the same time. The way he filled me in both the front and back drove me wild; I could still feel the evidence of his presence this morning as I walked to my dresser drawers.

Carter was present, too. Never in a lifetime would I had expected to have Carter involved in the taking of my virginity. The remembrance of him encouraging Damian to take me made the color red creep into my cheeks. Damian listened to him, and he did more than take me, he possessed me. His bite was fresh in my mind as I peered into my vanity mirror. There was only the slight evidence of teeth marks on my skin.

“There’s actually teeth imprints.”

“What did you expect?” Damian asked, hesitant.

I held up my index and middle fingers and crooked them over to look like fangs, moving them up and down in a clawing motion. Damian laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall over.

“We don’t have fangs, Taylor. That’s the media’s way of trying to figure out how we penetrate human skin. To be honest, human skin can be easily broken. It’s about the same consistency as Jell-O to us.”

“Oh,” I said, throwing on a pair of pajama bottoms and a tank top.

“Hey, come here,” Damian said, pulling me into an embrace. “Did you not enjoy last night? If not, we don’t have to do it again. It can just be me and you from now on, okay?” he said, running his fingers through my hair.

“I enjoyed last night. Maybe too much. I think I’m paying for it today,” I laughed lightly. “I wouldn’t mind doing that again, I just really need to talk to Kenna about all of this first. I don’t want her mad at me for last night.”

“Her thoughts have no hostile edge. She’s just curious about what you think about everything. So, you would do it again?”

“Did you enjoy it? Sharing me, I mean?”

“Yes and no. I want all of your pleasure, Taylor, but seeing you so overcome like that, man. It’s making me hard all over again just thinking about it.”

“You trust Carter.”

“With my life. That’s why he’s my Second and best friend. If it were someone else, I never would’ve allowed last night to happen.”

I nodded. “So, what’s the plan for today? Do you have anything going on?”

“Not really. I mean, duty always calls, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary. I think that you should spend the day with Kenna, though. I’ve been monopolizing all of your time.”

I sighed. I had spent the last seventeen years with Kenna, maybe I wanted to spend it with someone else. Damian leaned back to look at me, his eyebrow cocked. I’d have to learn how to block my thoughts sooner or later. “Fine, fine. I’ll walk you out.”

I bid Kenna good morning as Damian and I walked hand-in-hand to the door. We muttered our goodbyes and shared a lengthy kiss that had my insides aflame. I closed the door and my heart began to race. Damian said that there were no hard feelings on Kenna’s side, but I would never know that for certain unless I talked to her. I walked over to the coffee pot and poured the steamy brown liquid into my favorite mug.

“Creamer’s already out,” Kenna told me from her position at the dining room table.

“Thanks for making this,” I mumbled, sitting down at the table.

She shrugged. “I figured you’d need it after your long night last night,” there was a smile on her face and in her voice.

“It was a long night,” I smiled back.

“Ugh, please tell me you’re not going to be secretive anymore, Tay. I need to know everything.”

“I thought you knew everything.”

“I want to hear your side.”

I went through the entire story of how Damian and I met, the Tony fiasco, and everything that led up to last night. Kenna sat and listened, only interrupting me two or three times-which was good for her. “You’re not mad are you?”

“No, Taylor,” she sighed. “He’s mine. I can get him every night,” she smirked, “though I wish that I could’ve joined you. I was wasted. Four orgasms!”

My cheeks heated, “Six.”

“Damn. Now I’m really mad I didn’t join you.”

“You would’ve?”

“In a heartbeat. I’ve been a part of groups before, Taylor.”

I flinched. “But with me though?” I always knew that my best friend had bisexual tendencies when she got the right amount of alcohol in her system, but I never delved into how that may translate into her time spent being sober.

“Of course,” she laughed. “It’s mainly about pleasure, Taylor. I have no real attraction to women. Sometimes, women just do it better,” she shrugged before taking a swig of her coffee.

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“You sure?”

“I can feel it.”

“That doesn’t mean he’s watching.”

“I don’t have to know it. I feel it.”

“Do you want me to go over to his flat and say something?”

“Heavens no. What would you say? My girlfriend thinks you’re watching us have sex.”

“I can just knock on his door.”

“And do what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I could just intimidate him a bit.”

“No you can’t. Have you seen him?”

“No. I only know you told me he’s old.”

“Yeah. He’s old. But his arms are rippled with veins and his hands look like vice-grips.”

“So. I can take him.”

“No you can’t. If you thought you could, you’d have been there five minutes ago.”

“I’ll go now.”


“Whoa. You don’t have to protect me. I’m tough.”

“No you’re not. And furthermore, I don’t fuck you cause you’re tough.”

“Then why do you fuck me?”

“Cause you got a wonderful body and an absolutely beautiful dick.”


“Dick. Cock’s remind me of old tree roots.”

“And me?”

“Your dick, hangs like a baby’s arm.”

“Oh great. Now I got a baby dick.”

“No silly. I said it hangs like a baby’s arm. I didn’t say it looked like a baby’s little dickie.”

“Thank god.”

“Are you sensitive about its size?”

“Of course I am. Every man is.”

“Not porn stars.”

“Well. I’m not a porn star and I don’t like to fight. So does that make me less of a man?”

“Not at all. And when did you get so sensitive about dick issues?”

“I don’t know. I guess, when you told me I got a dick and not a cock.”

“I said, you’ve got an absolutely beautiful dick. And anyway, I like dicks better than cocks.”

“You haven’t seen that many to make comparisons.”

“I watch porn with you don’t I.”

“Yeah, thank goodness.”

“See. Whenever we watch porn, we usually wind up having sex.”

“Not always.”

“Oh yes we do.”

“Huh-uh. A few times you just sucked me off.”

“Holy fuck. You don’t call a blow-job having sex?”

“No. Not unless we sixty-nine. Then, we’re having sex. If you just blow me, well, you’re just blowing me. It’s different.”

“You think I do it as a favor to you?”


“Wrong. I do it for a few reasons, ’cause I like to do it, I like to eat cum, and I like the look on your face afterwards.”

“You really like to eat cum?”

“You’re such a little boy. Of course I do. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it.”

“But you told me you never let your first boyfriend cum in your mouth.”

“That’s true. I never did more than lick his cock.”

“See. You called it a cock.”

“Oh god. Here we go again.”

“No. I want to know why you called his thing a cock and mine a dick?”

“Well, when his swelled up it got all gnarly looking. That’s a cock.”

“So mine doesn’t swell up enough for you?”

“Jesus, you really are a little boy some times.”

“I’m sensitive about that kind of thing.”

“Okay, listen. First off, I’m with you and, I might add, your beautiful dick. Secondly, yours is only the second one I’ve ever seen, touched, or had inside me. It’s also the first one I ever sucked. Furthermore, yours is the only one I’ve ever had in my ass.”

“That’s ’cause it’s smaller. Huh?”

“No. In fact, I hesitate to tell you this, cause you’ll just strut around for a few months, but yours is bigger than my first boyfriend’s COCK.”

“But if mines bigger, why don’t you call it a cock?”

“Because, when I’m at work, and I daydream, I dream about how beautiful your dick is to me. I think it’s beautiful when it just hangs there, and I think it’s very beautiful when it fills with blood and the head turns all dark. But it never gets gnarly.”



“Do you want to play with my beautiful dick?”

“No. Not tonight.”

“Are you agitated or peeved at me?”

“No. You’re a guy. I have two brothers so I know what guys are like.”

“But I’m not going to get any sex tonight?”

“I didn’t say that. I said I didn’t want to play with your dick.”

“Well what then. Do you want me to go down on you?”


“And that’s it?”


“I don’t get it.”

“I want to have sex. I just want to do it a certain way.”


“I want to have sex at the balcony’s sliding glass door.”

“Huh? Why?”

“So he can see us.”

“That’s twisted.”

“I know, but the thought of him watching you eat my pussy, or having you face fuck me, while he watches, makes me want to pee my pants with excitement.”

“So you want me go down on you, and then you want me to fuck your face, and all for the benefit of that guy who lives across the courtyard who may or may not be watching?”

“You got it.”

“Holy crap. No wonder I love you so.”

“I know. I’m one kinky bitch and you won the lottery the night we met.”

“Hey. I’m not such a bad catch.”

“Didn’t say you were.”

“But I’m not as kinky as you are, am I?”

“Nope. Now, don’t you think it’s time to feed?”

“Sure do.”

“Good, then stand right here. Now, let me take off this t-shirt. No, no. Let me do it?”


“Cause he’s watching. Can you imagine his dick must be hard as granite watching me undress you?”

“Are you undressing me for his benefit or mine?”

“All of us silly.”

“Just pull my gym shorts off. I’m not wearing a jockstrap.”

“Oh fuck. Just look at that beautiful dick.”

“Very funny.”

“No. I mean it. After you eat my pussy, I’m going to let you fuck my face ’til I pass out. But I want you standing sideways so he can see it ramming in and out of my mouth.”

“Jesus, baby. Quit talking like that, or I’ll spontaneously ejaculate on the spot.”

“Okay. On one condition.”


“You kneel down so I can undress and let him see me.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I’m so hot thinking about it, you will probably only get your tongue up my twat for a second or two and I’ll blow like a whale breeching.”

“Oh good. You gonna squirt.”

“You bet.”

“Take your shorts off first.”

“Plan to.”

“There. Perfect. Now spread your legs, Jesus girl. You’re dripping like a leaky faucet.”

“I know. NO. Don’t you dare put your tongue there until I tell you to.”

“Why. You’re ready to explode.”

“I know. But he hasn’t seen my boobs yet.”

“God you gonna let him see your boobs?”


“Oh goody. No bra again today.”

“Nope. I didn’t want to prolong this episode. I wanted him to, oh god, oh Jesus. I told you to wait.”

“Oh yeah. Just like that. No, no, put your tongue back on my clit. Oh fuck. Fuck. I’m gonna cum already.”

“Oh god. Let me at least squeeze my boobs. Oh god. That feels so glorious. Go. Go. Yes, yes yes, Oh fuck me Maggie. Fuck me, that’s it. Now… “

“Christ almighty. You near ’bout drowned me. Hey. Are you okay?”

“Barely. I don’t think I can move.”

“You don’t have to. All you have to do is sink down to your knees.”

“Oh good. The brute’s back in town.”

“Down bitch. I’m about to violate your esophagus.”

“Go easy, will you.”

“Not a chance.”

“No. I don’t care if you wreck my face. Just make it last long enough for him to get off.”

“Oh. I forgot about him. Then turn sideways.”

“Do I look enough like a supplicant?”

“You look like a choir boy at the alter.”

“A choir boy with boobs. Hmmm.”

“I meant kneeling like that.”

“Fuck me father, for I have sinned.”

“You bet my child. Now open wide. That’s right. Just like that.”


“WAIT! Why?”

“I want you to come on my face when you come.”

“Whatever turns you on.”

“This turns me on. I can’t believe I’m gonna let you fuck my face so this guy, this old guy across the way, can get off. I’m such a slut.”

“I know you are. It’s your most endearing quality. Now, if you don’t mind, shut the fuck up and take your medicine.”

“Yes doctor.”

∙ The next day in the elevator.

“Hi. Ughmmm… You’re my neighbor across the courtyard aren’t you?”


“Where you going with that suitcase.”

“I’m not going. I’m coming back.”


“Yes. I’ve been in Paris on business for three days.”

“Oh… Ughmmm… Really… Hmmm… How nice.”


“Sorry. Ughmmm… I’ve a bit of a raw throat. I said, how nice.”


“So, are you back for a while?”

Jen is what you might call a milf but she never had any kids so I guess she would be a cougar though she has never had any younger men. Jen is a mid 30′s recently divorced hottie, why her husband let her go no one will ever know. Jen stands about 5’2″ and can barely weigh over 100 lbs. for the workouts she does, she is a brunette with very big tits. they are right on the edge of being dcups so they are very well proportioned for her height, she also has a nice tight ass to round her out.

Jen hadn’t been divorced long before she got back out to date. Her problem for her was she kept dating guys her own age and they couldn’t last long enough to satisfy her. After several months of premature men cumming over she decided she would not go to the bar tonight instead she would got to the store get something to eat and stay at home.

Her friends had told her she shouldn’t rush into relationships so soon after marriage but it had been all she had known after being married for years. They advised her to take a younger lover for a while. Jen was a very professional woman who had never taken men home on the first date let alone get her a strange lover with no attachment. But after months of no good sex she was getting repressed sexually. She desperately wanted a guy to fuck her and make her cum, but as mentioned earlier her same age or older dates just couldnt get it done.

Good thing she still had a friend in her dresser. Jen pulled out a average dildo about 5 to 6 inches long. She began watching some pornabout older woman and younger men to see what all the fuss was about. Jen had never done it to porn but she had no other stimulation to use so she gave this a try. She watched as the younger man got his big hard cock sucked by the smaller milf with big tits about the size of Jen’s. She instantly found that she was beginning to get wet, she had not given many blowjobs even when she was married but found this woman’s blowing younger guy cock to be very interesting. She began sliding the dildo toward her mouth to slowly suck it while she placed her hand onto her wet pussy and rub it. She started slowly then picked up the pace, she began to slow up wanting this to last. The porno then showed the young guy eating out the milf’s pussy, this really got Jen going as she loved it when ment ate her pussy, most men her age however just didn’t want to take the time. She began pushing the dildo into her pussy and grabbed onto her right breast she was moving the dildo super fast when the porno showed the milf getting on top of the younger guy and riding him like a cowgirl. Jen had done this a few time but most men couldn’t stay hard long enough and she would fall off. Her snatch was becoming much more wet, she was now pumping it out at faster paces. The milf then let the young guy fuckher from behind. Jen had only let her ex husband fuck her from behind, she didn’t really like it cause she felt very vulnerable in that state and couldn’t trust when one of her dates would take a chance a go for anal. So fucking her from behind was out of the question. She continued fucking herself til finally she burst her juices all over her computer center and floor around her. She hadn’t been this turned on in years. “Oh great Jen now I have to clean and get cleaned up before I go.” She said to herself.

Jen had the house to herself for a few days since her roommate was out of town she decided this would be the night she would try for a younger guy. She was not going to a bar to pick up a stranger to fuck, but the only younger men she knew a little more than a stranger worked at the store not too far away. She knew she had a body to die for and every time she went in the store she would get ogled and looked over by all the men there and she loved to tease them by wearing tank tops to show her tits and shorts to show off her nice ass. She narrowed her choices down to three men, the first was eliminated because he was married and older than her, the second was too fat and shorter than her also married. She decided she would go for her third choice the youngest of the three the bagger. He couldn’t be but two maybe three years out of high school she had spoken to him a few times and could tell he was shy. Probably because he was a little overweight not too much he could afford to lose 20 lbs. He was about 8 inches taller than her around 6 feet. There was another bagger there but he had to be in high school still. she knew he had a crush on her and today was his lucky day.

Jen put on her favorite black tank top that would really show off her tits and tight jeans that would bubble up her butt wasn’t necessary but she didn’t want to take any chances of failure. Late in the day she made her way to the store knowing they would not be busy and he would be free to talk to with no one around. She walked in grabbed her a basket and made her way around yep here come the boys to start staring, she gave her usual hellos to everyone. She went into the back of the store where she could see her prey checking the beer. She wondered to herself if he was even old enough to buy beer. She would start with that.

“Hey,” she said.

“Umm… hello,” he could barely stammer after turning to she what she was wearing.It was obvious he was entranced by her tits. Good thing no one was around to see this or he might have been talked to.

“What are you doing at the beer young man there is no way your old enough to buy that.” She said in her very jokingly tone not knowing if it was true.

“I’m umm… twenty-one mam.” He gulped.

“21, my goodness you have grown up, and it’s Jen by the way.”

“Is there anything I can help you with today Jen?”

“No I just need to get this.” She stepped beside him he didn’t move perfect she thought as she stretched up to get a six pack off the shelf letting him get a great view of her tits only inches from his face.

“Actually i think I’ll get this kind instead.” She said not moving out of the same spot she turned and bent over letting his crotch be barely inches from her ass. Come she thought you’re gonna kill this poor boy better seal the deal.

She turned and could see the bulge in his pants it was a nice size to her a little bigger than the dildo maybe.

“Say sweety what are you doing tonight?” She asked seductivley.

“Ummmmmm…. Nothing why?” He stuttered now barley able to focus.

“How about you come by my place tonight and grab a beer with me.” She said and handed him a paper with her address she had written out before hand.

“Okay sure …. that would be great.” He said in a fumbled voice, this let her know she had him.

“Boys are so easy,” she thought to herself. She then crouched down to pick up her basket so she could give him one last preview for the night.

3 hours later.

Jen waited at home what was she doing letting a near stranger she barely knew come over to drink beer and have sex if he was willing. Oh of course he would that show was enough to make an elephant forget something else. She knew worst case scenario she gives him a hand job and sends him on his way. She didn’t change clothes after getting back and started to take in a couple of beers. She had already had 3 and was working on her 4th. She would save a couple for him when he came over. She decided to calm down and wait by getting warmed up. After several minutes of touching herself she heard a knock at the door. It must be him.

Jen got herself together still a little buzzed and moved to the door. She opened it to find the young bagger who quickly said “Hello.”

“Oh hello, Iwas wondering if you were goin to show up.” She said.

“I got off later than usual, I came to have that beer with you.”

“She stepped aside and said, “come on in.” She couldn’t believe she was doing this letting a near stranger walk past her and into her house.

She knew a few years ago she would be scared but this kid was so innocent she was getting turned on. They made their way to the couch. She sat next to him, he sat back against the sofa while she curled up right next to him. She was rubbing against him unintentionally and could tell he liked it by the bulge in his pants. she decided to rub his right shoulder. “So tell me how many girlfriends do you have?” She asked.

“I don’t have any girlfriends.” He said.

“Oh come on no girlfriend, you have had sex before right?”

“Actually no i haven’t, girls my age are too demanding with stuff.” This was it she knew she needed to fuck him her pussy was about to explode.

“Well seeing as how you are a virgin I gonna help you out and take it away if you would like.” He sprang up so fast you think he was on fire.

“Really Jen you mean it?”

“Well sure why do you think I invited you here, but you have agree to a few conditions.”

“Okay sure.”

“First no anal at all, second no fucking from behind i don’t want you getting carried away back there, and finally you must eat my pussy and then make sure i cum first when fucking deal?”


“Good take down your pants so we can shake on it.”

He began unzipping his pants while she took off her top and reveled her bra. She grabbed his semi hard cock and began stroking it while he went in for her tits. He was motorboating the hell out of her she began stroking uncontrollably now she knew she should slow down for this to last even though he was circumcised he wouldn’t last long like that.

She then stopped a pulled back he then let out a wimper. She unzipped her pants and revealed her wet pussy. She laid back on the other end of the couch and motioned for him to come over. He did as he was told and planted his face right into her snatch. For someone who had never done it before he was really good at it. She was getting more wet very quickly and began bucking her hips into his face. She pushed him back to get control of things she knew his young lust would do whatever and get out of hand it wanted it she didn’t keep control of him. So far he was very controllable like a puppy. She let him back in again and let him eat her out she began bucking her hips again until she let out a moan like she never had before. She laid there a moment when he got on top of her and asked her to suck since he asked she didn’t think twice that he was trying to take control of things and proceeded to suck while he played with her tits.

She sucked like a hoover for a good while and his erection got much bigger. Finally he pulled out of her mouth and used her saliva to shove his dick between her tits.

Once again she didn’t protest. Helping him by pushing her nice d-cups together. She would catch the head of his cock under her chin a few times she kept spitting to keep it lubed. She finally saw things were no longer in her control. She pushed him off and pointed to her snatch he then lined up his cock and began entering her.

She couldn’t believed how hard it was not monstrously big but just hard it was making her feel great she constantly let out moans.

“Oh god fuck yes!” She let out by accident she needed to be careful or this boy might try breaking their deal.

“Do you want me to fuck you harder?”

Her head said she shouldn’t say anything but she accidentlly let out a “Yes!!!!!”

HE began going in and out pumping so hard she thought he would break her in half. She came in huge waves all over his dick. They paused for a moment then she pushed him to his back on the couch. She straddled his hard cock and began riding it like the milf in her video. Her tits bouncing in his face, he kept his right hand on her tit and left on her right ass cheek. She kept bouncing up and down losing all control of her body.

He then began meeting her bouncing with thrusts of his own. She was ready to explode at the idea of seeing herself fucking this young bag boy. She thought she had him completely under control so she let go and came even harder than before squirting juice everywhere.

She rolled off of him and took a breather while stroking his cock with her left hand. She began getting up to lead him to the bedroom to finish him off when suddenly she felt his massive hands grab her and pull her back toward the couch. He turned her around and faced her toward the back of the couch on her knees. She suddenly realized what was happening she had lost control and was too spent to fight back.

“Hey remember our deal, NO FUCKING FROM BEHIND!.”

He wasn’t listening and she knew there was no way to get away. He lined his dick up and began pumping his hard cock in and out. She tried to struggle but he had a firm grip on her hips for now she just had to take it even though it wasn’t bad as she kept getting wetter and wetter.

“Oh Fuck!” she let out.

“Oh so you do like it from behind!” He said.

She couldn’t believe she had done that now he was in full control. He kept thrusting at animal lusting paces never slowing up then heard him spit on his hand as he began slowing down. She didn’t like the sound of that and desperately tried getting out.

“AHHHHHHH!” she yelled as he put his thumb right into her ass.

“I said no anal.” she cried out.

“Come on it’s not anal I’m just play your ass to make you cum again.”

The thing was she was cumming quicker she had never done anal even with her husband and didn’t want to know but this was nice she couldn’t stop moaning and getting wet then she began meeting him thrust for thrust. He started pumping hard again while he pressed his thumb against her asshole.

“Oh my god fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, harder faster!” That was it she had given into her desire as he started pumping rapidly.

Finally he got up she turned and fell to her knees not looking up at him but staring at him stroking his cock. She quickly gets her mouth around it and sucks.

“You better watch out I’m cumming.”

She took her mouth off and began stroking his cock. “Cum on my tits babe.”

She kept stroking til he finally unloaded his nut all over her tits, mouth, stomach. There must have been a gallon of cum. It was unbelievable how much cum he had he was a real virgin after all.

They both laid on the couch stroking each other for a little while. “You better get going we’ve been at it most of the night it’s been almost 4 hours!” she exclaimed.

“We gonna do this again sometime he asked?”

“Well you broke my rules but since you didn’t go anal all the way I might be interested. But you must do one thing for me.”

“Yeah what?”

“Save up all your cum for me and me only and maybe I’ll give you another surprise.”

He got up and left. Jen who twenty four hours ago would have never even thought about talking to a younger man had just let one break two of her three rules and get away with it, she however knew she would get him back there soon and not lose control next time.

I did not start out as a dominate person sexually. As a matter of fact I had a real complex about my skinny, petite body for a long time. I did not get real confident until I began spending time with my best girl friend Angela. If you have read my other stories you know that Angela and me have had several very kinky experiences together. We share everything. She knows everything about me. When we have sex it literally gets me off to see her getting off and to watch her get other people off. For us, threesomes have almost become the norm. As I have gained confidence I have gained a very dominate attitude that has even spilled over into my business and school life and I must say that I have noticed that I get a lot more respect now than I did when I was worried about how I looked.

One night when me and some of the girls from university were out at the bar I was feeling very horny. Angela had begun to get into a serious relationship with a guy she met a while before so she was not on the market to curb my sexual needs. I have never been the kind of girl that fucks a lot of guys and I still am not. Something in me is waiting on that perfect guy to find and satisfy me and I don’t want to miss him just because I am busy fucking everything that moves. Men must earn my love and my body, i am a precious gift.

This particular night however, I had decided to find a guy and completely rock his world. I looked around the bar and saw several good looking guys who I was sure would run through fire to get into bed with me, but I was looking for just the right kind of guy tonight.

I spotted my guy by the front door. He wasn’t amazing looking. Was not real tall. Had no bulging muscles and was not tan. What he did have was the demeanor I was looking for. He seemed polite. Listened to his friends intently like he cared about what they were saying more than he cared about just looking for some ass. He even got of his stool to open the door for a group of women that were leaving! He was the kind of man that mama had raised right. A true gentleman and If I was correct he was also the kind of man who was always nice in bed. Never the dominator, always the gentleman.

I saw him walking to the bar to get another beer and I took my opportunity to talk to him. Just as I suspected, he was not used to women taking the lead. So I set the ground work fast and strong. I paid for his beer and told him to come sit with me. After talking for about an hour I looked him right in the eyes and told him I was going home and that I wanted him to join me for another drink. He may have been a nice boy but he was also a horny one and he followed me like a hungry dog follows the smell of bacon.

When we got back to my place I jumped him. I rammed my tongue into his mouth. I grabbed his cock through his pants. I took his shirt off of him and dropped his pants while I took his dick into my mouth. He was nothing special in the size department. A normal 6 inches, maybe a little longer with decent thickness but nothing I couldn’t get my hand around, kind of guy. For me this is just fine. I love anal sex, I mean absolutely love it and can cum from it just as easily as I can come from pussy fucking. I am also a squirter so as long as I can get my G-spot on a guys cock head I can get off real fast. Also, I have several large toys and they take a lot of time, lube and patience to get all the way into my ass. It is a nice feeling most of the times to be able to stick a dick in any hole I have and absolutely go to town without pain. So his normal sized dick was actually just what the doctor had ordered!

I could tell by his reactions from me swallowing his cock all the way that he was not going to last long. With this in mind I put on my best dick sucking face and started all my best moves. I gagged on his cock over and over on purpose to add to the sound effect. Then I pulled his dick out of my mouth and licked around the tip as I looked up at him with wanting eyes. Then I closed those doe eyes and sucked him all the way deep again. I closed my mouth around the bottom of his shaft, cupped his balls in my hand and began to suck like I was never going to breathe again without his cum. When you have a dick all the way in your mouth and you want to “suck” it real hard you actually end up with more of a swallowing motion. Whatever it was, he was loving it! I think it was the tight grip on his balls that finally sent him over board because just when I gave him an extra squeeze his first wave of cum hit the back of my throat in full force and I actually did gag a little bit. I backed off to get the rest right where it belonged in my mouth.

“I’m so sorry, I should have told you I was going to cum.” he said with honest concern. “You were just so, I mean that was the best I’ve ever… shit I’m sorry.”

“Baby it’s ok, I wanted your cum in my mouth.” I reassured him as I stood up from my knees and led him to my bed.

I pushed him down onto his back and climbed onto his face. I moved my tiny little ass a few inches above him to get him going and then sat right onto his mouth. He went right to work sliding his tongue deep into my wet fuck hole and as I played with my clit. I could feel myself closing in on my first orgasm. As I began to gush my girl cum all over his face I grabbed onto his hair and held him in place.

“What the hell?” He protested

“If I have to swallow your fucking cum then you have to swallow mine too!” I almost yelled at him as I finished my shaking orgasm.

“Obviously you have never been with a squirter before huh big guy?” I asked him with a laugh in my voice as I collapsed on the bed out of breath.

“No! Hell… was that what that was? I have heard of it before but never knew a girl who could do it.”

“Well I plan on doing it all night long!” I replied with a giggle.

I rolled over to my night stand and took out my favorite vibrator. It was very strong but not all that large. Perfect for my clit, my g-spot or my asshole. As he laid there next to me I started running my clit with the vibrating cock.

“Lick my nipples.” I commanded him and he did as he was told. “Ummm, yeah just like that.”

“Now stroke your cock for me, get it nice and hard again.” He started jacking himself off and as he grew harder I moved over to start blowing him again. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and rolled my tongue all around it. Then I took his whole dick into my mouth. That got him rock hard and ready for round two.

I reached into my drawer again and took out my lube. I rubbed it all over his dick and start stroking his rock hard erection. When I saw his eyes close and his face tense I slowed down my hand and pushed the lubed up vibrator right to the entrance of his back door.

“Whoa, what the hell are you doin….” he began to protest before I cut him off and said,

“Do you want to fuck me in my ass as hard as you possibly can?”

“Yeah.” he said quietly

“Then this is what you have to do to get it.” And before he could say anything else I started stroking his cock as I pushed my vibrator into his ass. I let it get just a little bit in and stopped so he could get used to it. Next i turned the vibrator on and watched him react like a girl does the first time she feels that lovely feeling inside of her. Then I pushed it in a little further and angled it upwards towards where his prostate is.

He let out a moan and I stroked his lubed cock and pushed the vibrator into him harder, deeper. He began to moan from me slowly moving my vibrator in and out of his ass. Watching his face, his body and his throbbing cock made my pussy so fucking wet it was dripping down my leg and onto my sheets.

As i increased in speed in and out of his ass i could tell he was on the brink of cumming again so i started sucking his dick as i really started fucking him. I pushed hard to angle the vibrating cock so that it would be sure to hit his prostate with every thrust.

He started pumping his hips up and down and his cock in and out of my mouth, and my toy in and out of his ass. Finally he let out a loud “Oh my god im cumming” as he shot yet another load of his hot cum into my mouth.

Laying there breathing hard and realizing what had just happened to him i crawled up on top of his limp dick and said, “I told you you would love it didnt I?” As i proposed my question to him i squeezed his dick in my hand and watched the little bit of cum left in him pop out of his dick head.

“That was fucking crazy.” he replied as he sat up on his elbows and watched my hand at work on him. I rubbed his lubed up dick head with my thumb as i reached back and played with his balls and newly de-virginized asshole. His dick began to spring back to life quickly and i rubbed it around the entrance of my soaking wet pussy as he grew harder and harder.

I slowly slid him inside of me and started riding him. after i got myself ready to go to work i pushed him down onto my bed and started riding his dick like i was I was a championship bull rider. Back and forth, faster and faster. Up and down, harder and harder. I could feel him swelling inside me and my pussy juice was overflowing onto both of us. I have seen numerous other women ride a mans dick and to be honest it pisses me off when they just go back and forth without all that much into it. When i ride a cock i work at it. Make every ride the best ride of your life is what i always say. I like to move in circles, faster and faster as i go. I like to get up onto my feet and slam myself onto whatever is inside of me. I like to imagine myself as a strong, viral man at the height of his fucking, pounding away at a women. Giving it everything he has. Trying to force himself deeper into her than anyone or thing has ever been. That is how i ride a dick, and it is exactly how i rode him that night.

As i got into a nice sweet sweat from the workout i was putting on him I quickly jumped up off of his cock and turned around so my ass was facing him.

“You ready for this tight ass big fella?” I slyly asked him as i looked over my shoulder and lowered myseld towards him.

“Your fucking amazing.” was his only reply.

As i got into a squating position i reached back and grabbed his dick and placed it right at the entrance to my tight little pink asshole. I pushed out my asshole so my butt would open up to him and as i pushed i put his cock inside me just a tiny bit. Once i felt him in me i stopped pushing and pulled my asshole back up inside of myself. This took his dick head from barely in me to past the half way point in one fast motion and it felt unbelievable having him invade me so fast. His gasp told me that he felt the same way :) ~

Once i got him all the way inside of me and was comfortable with his size i started rocking back and forth. As i rode his dick in my ass i also played with my clit. Afer a few seconds i put a finger inside of myself and then two. I started bouncing my asshole up and down on his cock just like i had done with my pussy only this was so much tighter. I could literally feel my ass grabbing onto his cock as he slid in and out of me.

Three fingers in my pussy and his dick in my ass while i rode him reverse cowgirl anal and my pussy was ready to pop! I took my fingers out and rubbed the shit out of my clit as i squirted once again all over the place. All over the bed, his balls, my ass, his dick in my ass. It went everywhere and it was at that point that he grabbed onto my hips and started ramming his cock in me over and over.

“Oh my god baby, fuck that tight asshole!” I yelled at him. “Give it to me, i want your cum in my butt.” I started laying on all the porno lines, which is a good peice of advice. Talk to your man about what he is doing to you while he is fucking you. If not to teach him how to make the sex that much better for the both of you then simply because men love hearing women praise their fucking skills and women, there is something about uttering those nasty words that just sends your body into a place it doesn’t go without. The connection that your sexual mind has with profanity and commands is something they should really do a study on!

Anyways, as he was pumping my ass he pulled some kind of wrestling switch move on me and flipped me from on top of him to my stomach! I was shocked as hell but before i could say a word the tables had been turned on me and he was back inside my ass pumping as hard as he could.

“Your not the only one with a suprise or to huh you dirty slut?” he said in my ear as he burried his cock in my tight, tiny ass.

Him saying that pushed me over the limit and i felt my g-spot start to pulsate again! I reached under myself and slid three fingers deep inside my pussy and started grabbing my g-spot for all i had left.

“I’m gonna cum!” he yelled as he increased his pace in me.

“Me to baby, keep slamming that dick in me, dont stop! DONT YOU FUCKING STOP FUCKING MY ASS YOU FUCKING BIG DICK MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!” I screamed as we both hit the roof in an orgasmic tidal wave. His cock pumped all that it could deep into me as my pussy pulsated and throbbed. He colapsed on top of me and we both laid there, his dick shrinking inside my ass until it fell out on its own and me trying to catch my breath.

“That was amazing” he said, “The best i have ever had.” He made me blush with his sincerity.

“I have to see you again?” He begged me.

“If your lucky.” Was my only reply.

The doorbell rang on Friday afternoon and Michelle opened it to see her best friend Kristen standing there. The first thing Michelle noticed was that Kristen looked angry. Hand on her hip, lips pursed, green eyes glaring.

“Kristen, it’s so great to see you, but what’s wrong?” Michelle asked her.

“Can I come in, or are you too busy?” Kristen asked in a terse tone with a snotty emphasis on “busy”.

“Of course! Come in, my dad’s still at work,” Michelle shared with her friend as she ushered her to the living room.

The girls sat down on the leather couch facing each other. Michelle had a good idea why her friend was mad. She hadn’t had much time for friends lately with school and the demands placed on her by her stepfather. Fulfilling his needs seemed to fill the majority of her free time. Fulfilling hers took up the rest.

Kristen was taking classes at the junior college just like Michelle, but they didn’t have any of the same classes and rarely saw each other.

“Are we still friends?” Kristen asked. Her eyes filled up with tears and she no longer looked so angry, just sad.

“Of course we are,” Michelle assured her. “I’ve just been busy with school and stuff and haven’t had much time for fun.”

Kristen leaned across the couch and hugged her friend. “I’ve missed you so much!” she confessed. “So much has happened since I saw you last and I need my best friend to talk to.”

Kristen then poured out her heart to her friend. She and her boyfriend, Matt, had broken up. Matt was attending a college in the next town and he had been cheating on her with some slut he met there. Kristen had found out on Facebook.

“I’m done with guys!” Kristen cried vehemently. “They just use you and move on to the next girl willing to suck their cocks.”

“You don’t mean that,” Michelle reassured her. “You’ll meet someone better than Matt and you’ll change your mind.”

The girls both looked toward the kitchen when they heard the back door open. Rick was home and he walked in on the girls hugging and crying together.

“Who died?” Rick joked.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t be a dick,” Michelle scolded him. “Kristen is going through a tough time. Come on Kristen, let’s go in my room so we can talk in private”

The girls went into Michelle’s room. Michelle flopped down on her bed and Kristen began looking through the closet. It was a ritual the girls had, trying on each other’s clothes. They could share most of their clothing, except for some of their tops. Kristen was quite a bit larger than her friend in that area.

“I got a new dress at Forever 21. It’s the blue one hanging on the right. You should try it on,” Michelle told her friend.

“This one?” Kristen asked. “It has spaghetti straps and the top part looks too small for me.”

“The fabric is stretchy. It’ll fit. Just try it,” Michelle encouraged her.

Kristen removed her clothing until she was standing in front of Michelle’s closet in nothing but her bra and panties. She stepped into the dress and slipped it easily up her long, slim legs, over her curvy hips and flat, tight stomach. When she reached her breasts, she removed her bra and tugged the top of the dress into place. It took a little effort to cover her breasts and pull the straps over her shoulders.

Kristen stepped back and looked herself over in the mirrored closet door. She pursed her lips and looked displeased. She had always been uncomfortable with her breasts. They grew to a 34DD in ninth grade and since then she had not had a conversation with a male who looked her in the face when he talked. It tended to make a girl self-conscience. She didn’t like to wear anything that put her breasts on display, and this dress definitely displayed them.

“You look amazing in that,” exclaimed Michelle. “Wear that out this weekend and Matt will eat his heart out.”

Kristen continued to gaze at her image in the mirror, trying to see what her friend saw. The blue was a nice color on her and contrasted with her pale skin and shiny, dark hair. Her breasts were barely covered by the dress. Her nipples were just out of sight below the neckline and the firm, rounded edges of her breasts were easily visible on the sides. Would he even notice her in this dress, she wondered to herself. A tear slowly rolled down her pretty face.

“Oh no, honey, don’t cry. He’s not worth it,” Michelle told her and crossed the room to look over her friend’s shoulder into the mirror.

“You look unbelievable in this dress. So sexy and pretty,” Michelle continued to encourage her friend as she put her arm around her friend’s tiny waist from behind.

Kristen turned in her friend’s embrace and looked at her. She leaned in and kissed Michelle softly on the lips.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “You always make me feel better.”

Michelle was surprised by the kiss. Kristen had never kissed her before, but she had to admit, she liked it. She leaned in this time and kissed her back. This kiss was longer, but still very soft and a little wet as Kristen ran the tip of her tongue along the seam of Michelle’s lips.

The friends pulled apart and looked at each other, both of them afraid to break the silence and ruin the moment. Michelle brought her hand up and ran the tip of her index finger along the neckline of the dress and across the top of Kristen’s breasts.

“I’ve always been jealous of these,” Michelle admitted. “I’ve always wanted to see you without your bra.”

Without saying a word, Kristen slowly lowered the straps of the dress and pushed the top to her waist. Michelle couldn’t speak. She just reached out and gently cupped one breast in her hand and rubbed the nipple of the other with her thumb until the dark pink tip grew erect.

“Ohhh, that feels good,” Kristen moaned as she dropped her head back.

Michelle took her friend’s hand and led her to the bed. She rolled the dress the rest of the way down Kristen’s legs until she was standing in just her pink, cotton bikini panties.

“I’ve seen you in a bathing suit, but you are so much more beautiful like this,” Michelle told her as she ran her finger down Kristen’s stomach to the top of her panties.

“But you’re still dressed,” Kristen complained as she reached out and pulled Michelle’s t-shirt off over her head.

Michelle wasn’t wearing a bra. She followed her Daddy’s rules even when he was at work. Her breasts were a few sizes smaller than Kristen’s but they were high and firm with thick, long, pink nipples.

“You’re beautiful too,” Kristen told her. “I’ve always envied your perky tits and the way your nipples poke out in every top you wear.”

Michelle stood in front of her friend in nothing but a baby blue pair of Sophie shorts now. She took Kristen’s hands and pulled her onto the bed where she began kissing her with greater fervor. Both girls were getting hotter and wetter as they played with each other’s breasts and kissed as if in a frenzy.

“I want to suck your nipples,” Kristen whispered. “I’ve fantasized about that so many times.”

“Yes, oh yes, please,” Michelle sighed.

Kristen took Michelle’s nipple into her mouth and used her tongue to swirl around it and suck. It grew harder and unbelievably longer as she sucked and began to nibble.

Michelle was in heaven with her sexy best friend sucking and biting her nipples. She took the opportunity to massage Kristen’s large, round tits in return. The girls sucked and squeezed in rhythm as they began to rub each other’s cotton-covered pussies together. Their humping became more furious until they were both on the edge of coming.

“Touch my pussy, please. I’m so close. Make me come,” Kristen begged.

Michelle slid one of her hands into her friend’s panties. Her hair there was soft and curly over the lips of her cunt. Kristen moaned as Michelle ran her finger along her slit and opened her for exploration.

“You’re so wet,” Michelle told her and gathered some of Kristen’s juices on her middle finger and lubricated her clit.

The girls began kissing again as Michelle rubbed the other girl’s clit in slow circles. As their tongues and lips licked and sucked, Michelle began to move her finger with increasing speed.

“Uhhhh, yeeesss,” Kristen cried as she squeezed her thighs together and came all over Michelle’s hand.

“Wow, that was intense,” she said when she could breath again.

“That was nothing,” Michelle told her. “I want to show you another way to come. It’s the most intense feeling I have ever experienced.”

“Take off your panties, lay back on the bed and spread your legs for me,” Michelle instructed.

Kristen did as she was told. She propped herself up on the pillows, slid her panties down her legs and spread her legs while bending them at the knees.

Michelle lowered herself between her friend’s long legs, reached out and spread her pussy lips with her fingers.

Kristen was soaking wet and so pink inside she was almost red. With her palm up, Michelle inserted her two middle fingers into the pretty little fringed cunt in front of her. She found the bundle of nerves she was looking for just inside, on the front wall of her cunt, behind her clit. She began to stroke it with her fingertips.

“Oh my god,” Kristen gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Relax, just lay back and enjoy it,” Michelle told her.

“But it feels like I’m going to pee. Don’t make me pee on the bed,” Kristen said, sounding a little embarrassed.

“You won’t pee. I promise. Trust me,” Michelle reassured her.

Michelle used the tip of her tongue to run up the seam of Kristen’s pussy until she came to her clit. She used her tongue to work the hood back and began sucking her friend’s clit while she stroked her g-spot with increasing speed. Before too long, Kristen began to moan loudly again and shake all over.

“Oh god! I can’t stand it anymore,” she cried as clear girl juices began to spray out of her cunt all over Michelle’s face, hand and breasts.

Michelle smiled at her accomplishment and crawled up the bed to cuddle her new lover. They rolled into each other and began to kiss and fondle each other again. Kristen lowered her hand to Michelle’s shorts and slid it under the waistband. Michelle’s pussy was all smooth and wet.

“Oh wow, you don’t have any hair down there,” Kristen exclaimed. “That is so sexy!”

“We can shave your hair off too,” Michelle told her. “I would love to do that for you.”

Suddenly, a knock came at Michelle’s door. Both girls jumped apart and scrambled to find their shirts.

“Are you ladies okay in there?” Rick asked.

“I made some dinner if you are hungry,” he said as he opened his stepdaughter’s bedroom door.

Upon opening the door, Rick immediately comprehended the situation. The girls were flushed, with hard nipples sticking out of their t-shirts. The room smelled like female juices and Rick became hard instantly.

“What have you girls been up to in here?” Rick asked, eyeing Michelle’s hard nipples. His eyes then moved on to Kristen’s large, round breasts and then down to her lack of pants, a fact she was futilely trying to cover with the hem of her shirt.

“Nothing Daddy,” Michelle lied sweetly. “Just some girl talk, nothing you’d be interested in.”

“I doubt that,” Rick replied with an evil grin.

“Can I talk to you in my room for a minute?” Rick requested.

Michelle looked at her friend apologetically and followed her stepdad into the hallway and into his room. He closed the door after she entered.

“What were you an Kristen doing in your room,” Rick asked her. “And don’t lie to me.”

“I’m so sorry Daddy. We were just fooling around. Experimenting, that’s all,” Michelle cried.

“Does she know about us?” he asked her.

“No, I would never tell our secret unless you told me to,” Michelle promised.

“Maybe you should tell her,” Rick mused aloud. “She is a sexy little thing, just like you…and those big, round tits! They make me hard just looking at them inside her clothing.”

Michelle wasn’t sure how to feel about this last confession from her stepfather. Should she be jealous? She was, but she could also feel the juices in her pussy beginning to flow again as she imagined her Daddy with her best friend. Could she share him? After this afternoon, could she share Kristen?

“What do you want me to do, Daddy,” Michelle asked, bowing her head and assuming a submissive pose.

“Go back to your friend and resume your play,” he directed her. “Make her come again like I showed you and then tell her where you learned it.”

“What if she is disgusted and runs away,” Michelle asked.

“That’s a risk worth taking,” Rick grinned as he shooed Michelle back to her own room with her hot and sexy little girlfriend.

To be continued…

I spent the next few minutes standing in my doorway staring at the envelope mixed in with the rest of the mail. All that the envelope had for a return address was the letter “A”. I wanted to believe it came from Anita, but was also afraid it was from someone else. Everything flashed before me; the memories, the thoughts, the dreams and the emotions of my time with Anita. I wanted it to be a letter from her.

I walked inside and carefully sat the letter on the table. I let it stay there for a good hour while I fought with myself over how I would respond in either case. Finally, I picked up the envelope and slid my finger slowly inside and opened the letter. I pulled out a single piece of paper and I could not help but notice the fragrance. The smell was very familiar, nothing strong and probably not intentionally spread on the paper.

I opened the letter and it was from Anita. The letter was short. It said:

I have been away from you for too long. I am sure you never knew and don’t know the feelings I have for you from the short time we were together. I do want you to know that it was difficult for me to leave, but it was something I had to do. It is not your fault.

I would like to visit you at the end of the month and hope you will see me. I will be traveling with a friend that last week of the month and I really would like to see you. Please email me and let me know.

Your Anita.

Her email address was at the bottom of the letter. I sat and looked out the window. The feelings were stirring all over again. Could I possibly take this again? The desire and the hurt mixed together and I stared for a long time out that window into the cloud-filled sky.

I did email Anita that night and told her I would like to see her. She emailed me right back to tell me the exact night and time, and we agreed to meet at the restaurant down the street from my apartment. The next two weeks we exchanged several emails and covered many topics. I learned much more about her and her past. We found ourselves chatting online and emailing each other frequently. We joked and teased each other and a few times we even got each other so worked up we just had to touch ourselves while chatting. We even played with ourselves while on the phone in the week before we were to meet.

Anita made me smile, made me happy, made me cum often from our discussions, and made me feel things I hadn’t felt in a long time. She told me she felt the same way. The differences between us all were minor, though she described some exhibitionist things she had done that were far more than what I had ever done. She liked to be friendly and open with people. I learned she had been with other women and hoped to be again.

The day had finally arrived. I dressed in my khaki pants, shirt and black shoes and walked down the street to the restaurant. I waited inside for just a few minutes and in came Anita. My heart beat faster, my eyes must have widened, and smiles came across both of our faces. We hugged without words. I kissed her and we broke into a fairly sensual and passionate kiss right there in the lobby of the restaurant.

She could feel my excitement as we pressed together. The hostess then broke us up by asking if we would like to be seated. We sat down at the booth and sat across from each other. We talked and snuck little teasing touches for the next two hours. Anita leaned over and whispered to me that she wanted to go back to my apartment right away. We walked quickly, stopping just a few times to kiss wildly along the way. Her mouth and lips were gorgeous and I wanted to devour her right then and there. We made it to my apartment, got inside, and began kissing even more passionately.

My hands roamed across her back, her sides and through her hair. I kissed her cheeks, her lips, her neck and ears. This drove Anita wild and I could hear her letting out little moans into my ear. We made our way to the bedroom where Anita sat at the edge of the bed and began taking off my belt, unzipping my pants and kissing my hardness through my underwear. My hands lid through her hair and felt the soft skin along her neck and face. I was so hard at that point I thought I would explode any second. She licked across the wet spot at the tip of my cock where it pressed against my underwear.

I pushed Anita backwards onto the bed and began slowly taking her shoes and socks off. Her hips were moving slightly back and forth on the bed as I worked my hands up her legs. I leaned over and kissed the smooth skin between her shirt and the top of her jeans while I unbuttoned her pants. I pulled the zipper slowly downward and my tongue followed to the top of her panties. She had soft white panties on and I could smell that same fragrance as was on her letter.

I slowly pulled off her pants and kissed all around her soft white panties. I kissed her lower stomach, the tops of her legs and the inner parts of her thighs. I spread her legs apart as she pulled her shirt off and played with her own nipples through her bra. I looked up and saw her pinching her own nipples and they soon stood erect. Anita was humming now and moving all over. I kissed her mound and wet spot through the panties, and then pulled them slightly to the side to expose her beautiful pussy lips. She was neatly shaven and her soft skin reacted quickly to my tongue.

I dove in with my tongue, spreading her lips and fingering her opening. The pace quickened and she pushed my head so that my mouth was tight against her clit. I slid two fingers inside and it was not long before she came, and she came hard. She squirted like the other time we met. Anita tastes so sweet and I couldn’t get enough of her juices into my mouth fast enough. I quickly pulled off her panties and her bra.

She sat up and pulled my underwear off and kissed my smooth balls, and sucked them into her waiting mouth. She knew how to suck and work my hard cock like she had been doing it to me for years. I was so hard and she just seemed to be constantly looking at me. She told me she liked my cock very much and sucked it deeply into her mouth. She tried to take it all the way down to the base and came just short of her goal. I never felt anything like it before.

I had to pry her off of me. She turned over and stuck her cute butt in the air and I slowly slid inside of her. Our rhythm increased and I pounded against her ass. She again began pinching her nipples and moaning loudly. She liked it this way and I could feel a rush of fluids around my cock as it pounded deep inside her wet pussy. I came in a massive orgasm and shot volumes of cum inside of her. She turned over and I was still hard enough to get back inside of her. I was on top of her and she had her legs spread wide with her feet against my knees on the bed. It did not take long before we both came again.

We continued for several hours that night and fell into an extraordinary peaceful sleep. We both felt safe and both felt at home. The next morning we woke up together and hugged closely. I had forgotten how good it felt to wake up next to someone like that. We had several more orgasm that morning in bed and in the shower.

For the next several days, Anita stayed with me and we experienced many things together. I showed her my life. I opened up everything to her. The passion and feelings were the most beautiful times I had in a long time. Anita told me she loved me. I loved her. This feeling had been building throughout all of our conversations and the past few days together.

The last day of her visit went by quickly. We spent the whole day together and shared many emotions and thoughts. Anita had told me that she was in a relationship, but I made her so happy. We talked of the future and the possibilities. We were happy.

We went back to my apartment and it was like the first night she came to visit. We kissed passionately and made love on my bed. Anita got up at one point to get a drink of water and came back a few minutes later. She pushed me back on the bed and covered my face with the sheet slightly. My legs were hanging over the edge of the bed, with my feet on the ground. She put her knees on either side of me and leaned over me. She grabbed my hard cock and guided it easily into her wetness. She felt so good, so wet, so tight and so warm. She glided herself up and down my shaft.

She was making some noise and the bed was creaking. I felt something change at that point. I wasn’t sure what. Anita had changed her rhythm and her position. I felt her press forward and moan slightly and it seemed to be out of tune with what we were doing. My face was partially buried under the sheets, but I knew her ass must have been up in the air and about even with the edge of the bed. I felt her pussy getting tighter and it felt like nothing I ever felt before. The pressure against my cock was growing. She seemed to glide up and down differently.

I felt something against my calf muscle. It almost woke me up from a dream. I couldn’t figure out how her leg or foot could be down below the bed near the floor. Anita pushed forward and her breasts touched my chest and she kissed me. It was then that I felt a full pressure inside of her and the sheet was pulled from my eyes. A man was there.

He was standing behind Anita. His eyes met mine and he smiled. The darkness hit, my heart imploded, and I came. I don’t know what happened first. Anita gushed fluids all over my legs and balls and I saw the man push hard against Anita and the expression on his face was easy to read. He was cumming too. It all became clear in a matter of seconds. He was inside her and she was getting anal from him while I was inside her pussy. I moved out from underneath and they continued as I moved off the bed.

Anita smiled and looked at me like nothing had happened at all. Her beautiful ass was in the air and he filled it. She pulled forward and his dick flopped out. He grabbed the bedspread and wiped his cum-coated slimy dick on it. Once it was clean, he drove it back inside of my Anita’s pussy. She was bucking wildly and came again. It was not long before I saw that expression on his face again. She flipped over and sucked his softening cock clean while she played with her clit. She orgasmed again from her own fingers.

The guy looked at me and asked if I wanted some and laughed. Anita smiled and said I would like you to meet Tom. She had mentioned his name before to me as the guy she had been seeing at home. She told me that she unlocked my door when she got up to get some water. Anita wanted to surprise me and said this was a fantasy of hers. She had to talk Tom into it, but wanted it to be a surprise for me. Anita said she thought it would be OK with me because she knew I liked her so much and would do anything for her. She said that she told me that she would be traveling with a friend and thought I would know it was Tom.

I didn’t say a word. Anita and Tom got dressed and joked and laughed. Anita asked if I would come to her home sometime and promised that next time it would be a different surprise. She hinted at there being another woman. The funny thing is that I think Anita really thought I would enjoy this situation. She asked Tom to go outside and wait for her. We talked for a few minutes and Anita repeated how much she loved me and how she would like to be with me more.

We kissed. She left. I have my apartment and my bench.

Anna turned off the monitor and sat back in her chair. It had been a long day at work and she couldn’t wait to get back to her house, open a bottle of wine and sit in front of the TV. She slipped her feet back into her black Louboutin heels, slung her Mulberry bag over her shoulder and then fixed her white Ralph Lauren shirt over her large breasts. The office was so quiet she thought as she headed down the stairs, her heels making noise as they struck the ground with each step.

Anna thought about her day and how her presentation had gone that afternoon. Nate from the ground floor had seemed keen on her ideas, nodding along with her. She’d always found Nate attractive with his tousled dark hair, olive skin and chiselled features, she described him to her friends out of work as an Abercrombie & Fitch model crossed with Adonis. She’d often steal glances at him when he was at the end of the table in the boardroom or have small talk with him if they ended up in the lift together. Anna could tell though that she wasn’t his type. At the Christmas party last year he’d been very interested in Ella, a clone Barbie doll with the brains to match. He kept buying her drinks and by the end of the night she was straddling him in the corner grinding her hips on his crotch as they made out like teenagers.

Not that Anna didn’t find herself attractive, she knew that guys often stared at her big boobs and curvy behind but she often felt like she blended in with her dark hair and creamy complexion.

Anna stepped out of the lift and headed to the glass doors, then locked them behind her and headed outside. She had parked her BMW down the road and the quickest route there would be down the back alley. As she took a step outside she felt the cold engulf her and the wind whip her hair. The weather had changed since the morning and she regretted not bringing the suit jacket that matched her Nichole Farhi skirt. She felt her nipples rise in her lace bra under her shirt and felt the brisk wind between her thighs. Anna perservered and headed down the dark alley. She decided the faster she went the faster she’d get out the other end so she began to quicken her pace, too scared to look back. Suddenly, she heard footsteps behind her that matched her pace. It could be a jogger Anna thought but she quickened her pace again. She chanced a look behind her and saw a dark figure running towards her, she could hear their desperate breathing as they appeared to be trying to catch up with her. That was it, she turned and broke into a run towards the alley exit but this person was faster than her and they were catching up. Anna could feel a pain in her side from her running and her calves hurt from striding in her heels but she couldn’t stop. She suddenly felt the presence of the person behind her and callous hands groped at her wrist. Anna opened her mouth to scream but the person slapped a hand across her mouth and pushed her against the brick wall. She was now face to face with her attacker. Anna tried to make out his face in the moonlight as the glare hit the shadows of their face but she couldn’t make it out but she knew it was a man. He was taller than her even in her heels and she could hear the deep breaths he was taking.

He shifted himself so that he was right in front of her. Anna thought if she brought her knee up she could definitely hit him hard in the groin. As if her attacker knew what she was thinking, he pushed his knee between her legs so that her crotch rested on his thigh. Anna tried screaming behind his hand but all that came out were muffled moans. She could feel hot tears streaming from her eyes. Instead of shouting she tried reasoning with him, shaking her head and crying for him not to hurt her. “Shhh, I’m not going to hurt you…unless of course you want me to” he whispered the last part into her neck and then pressed his lips to her skin. Anna felt his tongue tease her flesh as nipped and sucked to leave a mark. His hand that had been holding her wrist was now running up her thighs under her skirt cupping her lace panties that contained her pussy. Anna began lashing out with her free hands, trying to push him away but he was stronger than her. “If you stop struggling, you’ll like it.” He whispered again yet she didn’t dare stop as she tried to wriggle free. Anna moved her head away from his hand and yelled for help. She then felt a rag be stuffed in her mouth and then suddenly she was being hoisted over her attacker’s shoulder. This was it she thought, I’m going to die. She beat her fists against his back and kicked her legs out wildly behind her but he kept hold of her.

Anna opened her eyes that were glazed with tears and soon realised that she was no longer outside but in a building…her office building. Hadn’t she locked the door behind her she thought. How had they got in? Keeping her eyes peeled she looked at where her attacker was taking her. He knew where he was going he knew his way around. She stopped whimpering. The person who was kidnapping her worked in the building. She heard a door unlock, she was carried a short distance and then her back was slammed onto a desk. Her attacker didn’t turn on the lights but the glow from the moon poured in through the windows.

Anna’s attacker slipped off her heels and ran his hand up her leg. She began to kick out so he would stop but he grabbed her thrashing legs in his big hands, “stop fighting me Anna.” He knew her name? Anna began to concentrate, if I don’t struggle then if he gets close enough, I’ll be able to see who it is and then I can run she thought. She let him feel up her skirt the rough skin actually felt pleasant on her smooth thighs as he pushed her skirt up around her waist. It had been almost seven months since Anna had had anyone touch her this way. Her last boyfriend had broken up with her because she spent too much time at work and because of how busy she was she hadn’t had the chance to find anyone else.

Her attacker knelt down and buried his face in her crotch and sniffed hard. “You smell so sweet” she heard him whisper as he began licking the outside of her panties. It tickled her and she couldn’t help but wriggle in pleasure at his touch. She needed to see who this was, she needed to relax and wait until she could see his face. He moved her panties aside and Anna felt his warm tongue tickling her clit. She issued a soft moan and the attacker as though egged on by this, pulled her pussy closer to him so that she slid further down the desk. He began tearing at the lace, pulling them down her thighs until Anna felt her panties dangling around her toes, she kicked them away as he pushed a finger inside her. Anna couldn’t help herself, this man knew what he was doing. She could feel him carressing her inside and out and her pussy began to get wet and her body started to shiver in pleasure. “Yess” she hissed as he maintained a smooth rhythm. She had her leg resting on his shoulder and her toes digged into him. He continued licking and sucking but now his hands roamed her body, feeling up and down her legs and ducking under her shirt.

He then stood over her began unbuttoning her so that her bra that matched her panties was now on show. Anna’s pink nipples were visible beneath the lace and were raised again but this time not because of the cold. Her attacker brushed his fingers over them and she quivered. He undid the clasp that was at the front of the bra and her large creamy breasts spilled out as if waiting to be set free. Ravenous, the attacker began cupping what he could of her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Anna panted, her chest heaving and she felt the warmth of his mouth on her sensitive erect nipples. “Oh” she exclaimed his fingers now began pumping inside of her again as he flicked and teased her nipples with his tongue. She knew how wrong this, she shouldn’t enjoy being kidnapped but she couldn’t help but feel turned on and the feeling of a stranger fingering her pussy but she did want to know who it was.

“Kiss me” she breathed and he obeyed, his fingers still deep inside her, his mouth captured hers. Anna ran her hands through his untidy hair as their tongues met. She could taste herself on his soft lips. Anna opened her eyes and couldn’t believe what she saw. It was Nate. Cute Nate from the ground floor with his fingers inside her now dripping pussy and his tongue down her throat. She didn’t let him know that she knew who he was but closed her eyes and completely relaxed.

Hadn’t she fantasized about this? Being taken on the desk by him in the boardroom? But she could tell now that they were in his office and he was on top of her on his desk. She began tearing away his jacket, eager to see his body and to have it on top of her bare breasts. He helped her and began to remove his clothes. He undressed to his boxer shorts and she could see the planes of his defined muscular chest in the moonlight. She wriggled up the desk and bowed over her, kissing her lips and carressing her breasts. She could feel his erection rubbing against her thigh and his breaths began to get more desperate. “On your knees.” He ordered huskily into her ear. Anna obeyed and jumped off the desk, her skirt still hitched around her waste but her other clothes now in heap next to his on the floor.

She got level to the tent in his boxers. Nate pulled them down and his large, thick erect cock stood out in front of her face. “Now suck” he commanded. Anna did as she was told and took him in her mouth. He was so big but she enjoyed the taste of him. She took him until she could take no more and began to gag. Enjoying the sound of her suffering, Nate grabbed the back of her head by her hair and pushed her lips deeper onto his cock. Anna felt tears in her eyes as she took him to the hilt. He groaned in pleasure as she struggled to get free but he directed her, pushing her head back and forth on his huge erection. Anna didn’t know how much more she could take of him, she began to whimper but he stifled them with his cock pushing her head harder into his crotch. Anna could feel the tip of him hitting the back of her throat. He suddenly released her hard and she fell back onto carpet. “Get up and turn round”. He yelled. Anna’s mouth felt loose and abused, she hadn’t expected this from Nate.

She got up and turned. He pushed her back down so that her hands rested on the desk. He spread her ass cheeks apart and she suddenly felt his warm tongue flicking around her forbidden hole. She shivered, it wasn’t a place she wanted any man to go. As he licked, he pushed his fingers in her pussy once more, she gasped. “You like that?” He muttered, now darting his tongue inside her tight ass hole. She nodded to answer him. “You want me inside of you Anna?” She nodded again. She felt his fingers and tongue leave her and instead felt the head of his cock enter her dripping pussy. She was ready for it but instead he pulled it back, teasing her. Anna pushed herself back wanting to make contact with his cock. He entered the tip again but withdrew it from her, enjoying teasing her as she again pushed herself back to meet his erection. “You want me to fuck you slut?” He laughed cruelly. “Yes” Anna answered and began bucking her hips back and forth so that his cock would finally slip into her. Nate entered the head again but this time let his length fill Anna. She felt like warm silk to him, he loved seeing her glistening pussy slide back and forth on his cock. She began to moan softly. “You like that?” He said again and began thrusting himself harder and deeper into her. Anna had never had it this rough before. He pulled on her dark hair like reigns and her backside smashed into his groin with each hard thrust.

Anna could feel her insides gripping him, she was ready to cum, she could feel it. She could feel a stir in her stomach, her back was arching and her toes curled. She shouted out this time, not supressing small moans but yelling in ecstacy. Nate felt Anna’s pussy tighten around his cock, gripping him like a vice. He felt it drag and then begin to convulse. He watched Anna’s body writhe in front of him, she was meeting his thrusts with as much enthusiasm as he was giving her. She was screaming in pleasure, a wild woman on the brink of pure satisfaction. Anna tossed her head as he tugged on her hair and released her orgasm. Her body stiffened as she screamed. Her fingernails dug into the wood of desk and she felt her knees give way. She had no time to recover. Nate had picked her up and lay down on the desk with her on top. “Fuck me” he barked. Anna didn’t need telling twice, her last orgasm now a deep burn in her groin, she bucked her hips back and forth as she rode him. Her breasts danced in front of Nate’s face and he enjoyed the view, often catching them in his hands to brush his thumbs over the nipples. Anna could feel the seven months of sexual absence now being released. Her pussy had never been so wet. His wide and long cock filled every inch of her as she crashed down on his cock. Both of them panting and moaning, the air was rent with gasps, groans and slapping as their skin met. Nate had thrown his head back and was groaning hard. He bagan to thrust up into her pussy and Anna knew he was soon going to cum. Nate then pulled his cock away from her pussy and began to try and guide it up her asshole. “No” shouted Anna as she tried to block her passage. But Nate was stronger, he rolled over and both of them fell onto the carpeted floor.

“You’ll do as I say, now turn around.” This was one thing Anna didn’t want to do but she couldn’t stop him from turning her over. She tried to get away, crawling across the floor but he dragged her back by the hips and she felt as his cock sank into her forbidden depths. Anna yelled out, she felt like she was being split in two. “Relax” Nate whispered in her ear. Anna did as she was told and tried to focus on the sensation. And what a sensation it was. He was completely filling her and his fingers were again pumping inside of her pussy while his cock pumped her asshole that was lubricated with her juices. She felt another orgasm come, a different feeling came over her. Anna felt her hole clutch his cock as she came. She bucked her hips once more and felt herself release onto Nate. He watched as her juices squirted out onto his cock and dribbled to the floor. He couldn’t take it anymore. Panting hard he pulled out of Anna’s ass and turned her round and pushed her back to the ground. He kneeled over her face and stroked his cock three times with his big hands. He felt his balls draw up and tighten and a surge through his cock. And suddenly he released his load onto Anna’s face. Big ropes of hot cum splashed onto Anna’s face, hair and neck. Nate groaned as each shot was released from him and he pumped his hips forwards. Anna lay used on the ground panting and covered in Nate’s cum. He stood up and dressed without saying a word and then left the office.

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