My date with Gary was a bust. He was too full of himself, all ego and vanity. He was not the person I had originally thought he was. Ok, so, he was a basketball and baseball star in high school and college and now he was an assistant couch. He was a little older than the guys I normally dated were but he was a gorgeous hunk and a charmer.

I am Donna and a junior at Meredith College. Gary is just the last in a long list of losers I have dated since I broke up with my high school sweetheart. Since I caught him cheating on me with my roommate freshman year, I guess he had turned into a loser also.

Later, when I got into it with Julie, my roommate, she told me he was not that good a lay, so what was the problem. Not having anything to compare him to, I could not disagree. Talk about your awkward moments. I ended up confessing that to her and too my surprise, she offered to personally show me just what good sex could be.

Visions of her with Tony between her legs swept through my brain and I declined with a stammer and a very hot blush. From then on, I felt very funny undressing in the same room with her. That changed one night after a frat party. We both were drunk and ended up staggering home supporting each other.


At the dorm room, Julie fumbled with her keys and nearly fell when she dropped them and bent over to retrieve them. I ended up with a boob in each hand as I caught her. I still held her breasts as she unlocked the door and we staggered inside. I kicked the door closed and started to let go of her breasts as I realized where my hands were but her hands suddenly covered mine, squeezing and massaging her large breasts.

Drunkenly, Julie said, “Girlfriend, I knew you would come around to my way of thinking one day.”

My besotted brain hunted around for a reply but did not find much. Julie was not wearing a bra and to tell the truth, her breasts felt so warm and spongy under my hands. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing my palm with a tingly, ticklish feeling. My breasts are small and hard, nothing like hers.

The next thing I knew, she turned around and kissed me firmly on the lips. I was drunk enough to just moan and kiss her back, my arms going around her back. I had been horny at the frat party with all the hunks around and now that was coming back to haunt me.

My addled brain registered the who I was kissing in a foggy way but my hormones and body were enjoying the soft sensuous kiss. Hormones and sensuous wins ever time, especially since it had been three months since the last time I had anything resembling sex. Not that sex was even a consideration at the time.

Julie moaned into my mouth and I returned it. The next thing I knew, my blouse joined my skirt on the floor. I did not remember taking the skirt off. Then Julie’s hands on my naked back and butt distracted me from that question quickly and completely.

Her blouse was unbuttoned so our breasts rubbed together, Her large ones were so soft and overwhelmed mine. I moaned loudly into her mouth as our tongues dueled fiercely. Her soft warm breasts rubbing against my nipples shot sweet jolts of pleasure straight to my wet pussy.

I shifted my hips feeling the slippery slide of my inner and outer lips. When had that happened? Julie’s stocking covered thigh slipped between mine and made me groan as the rough texture of the wide elastic band around the tops of the thigh highs made contact with my swollen clit.

Shifting my body, I flexed my hips and leaned back, pressing my sex even tighter to her thigh. I groaned long and loud only to gasp as lips and a warm slippery tongue found my right nipple. I arched my back as a shiver ran up and down my spine. My breasts and nipples are small but very sensitive. Almost as sensitive as my clit. Combine the sensations from both and it is an explosive mixture.

Julie had one hand just below my shoulder blades and the other on my ass. When her long nails raked lightly across the cheek of my ass, my hips pressed even tighter to her thigh. Her thigh had been working in and out, as my hips flexed. Now my hips gave a jerk as the rough material slid more firmly over my clit. I gasped loudly as I nearly came.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the old overstuffed chair in the corner with a knee hooked over each arm, my ass on the very edge of the seat. Suddenly there was a head of blonde hair between my legs and a hot tongue on my clit. I exploded in the largest orgasm of my short and inexperienced life.

As the orgasm peaked, it seemed to hold there as the tongue slowly tickled my clit back and forth and then around and around it, barely touching the hard swollen bud. I had never felt anything like what I was feeling then. It was like being there but watching from somewhere with all the feelings being fed in at slow speed.

The orgasm went on and on until I felt like I was going to pass out. Suddenly, the head was gone and I could breath again but somewhere deep I wanted the tongue back where it had been.


Donna gave a jerk and lifted her head up straight. She had been slumped down in the seat of her car in the driveway of her shared apartment. The fingers of her right hand were between her thighs gently rolling her clit around. She grinned as she moved that hand to the steering wheel.

“Why does my brain always go there when I’m horny and frustrated?” she asked aloud. “Because it was the best orgasm of your life and the last one you didn’t give yourself,” she answered herself truthfully.

A moment later, she whispered, “If only…. If only she had stuck around a little longer.” The roommate had moved out a few days later to move in with Donna’s ex boyfriend.

With a sigh, Donna opened the car door and got out of the car. “I hope Connie is asleep or something, because I have the feeling I will make a lot of noise tonight.”

She could feel the slippery rub of her inner and outer lips as she walked toward the front door. No panties under her skirt and high heels left no doubt, how horny she was. She let her hips swing even more as she placed one foot directly in front of the other. She whimpered softly as she felt her pussy lips press and massage her clit.

With a grin, she stopped on the porch and shifted her hips from side to side. “I wonder if I could come walking that way.” She shook herself and sighed. “The problem would be, who would pick me up off the sidewalk.” She shifted her hips again sharply and then shivered at the jolt from her clit.

“Down girl, bed is a short ways away,” she whispered as she opened the door.

Two steps across the dark entry foyer and she came to a sudden halt with her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Connie was on the couch naked, her legs spread wide. Donna had seen Connie naked on many occasions. They even sunbathed naked together in the backyard. Her large breasts reminded Donna of Julie.

The difference now was Connie’s legs were spread across her boyfriend’s thighs. Ron was a nice guy and a big flirt. He did not mean to be; it was just the way he was. Connie found it hilarious when he made Donna blush, which was often. Well, Donna was blushing now big time watching Ron’s fat dick going in and out of Connie’s pussy as she bounced up and down.

Ron had one of Connie’s large melon shaped breasts in each hand. As he squeezed them, the nipples got larger and harder. Connie moaned loudly and bounced even faster. A moment later, she scrambled off his lap and moved to the end of the couch. Her elbows were on the end cushion, her right knee was on the couch, and her left foot was on the floor.

Donna whimpered as Ron moved over behind Connie and planted his face between her upturned ass cheeks. He was alternating between licking her wet vagina and her puckered anus. Donna’s hands found her breasts when Ron probed the puckered opening of Connie’s asshole. Connie on the other hand, arched her back, lifted her head, and moaned long and loud.

Do women really enjoy having their ass licked and probed, Donnie wondered to herself? From Connie’s reaction the answer was an obvious yes but since Donna had no experience one way or the other…. The thought got lost as she watched Connie pushing back against the intruding tongue.

Ron stood up, grabbed a hip in each hand, and jammed his dick to the hilt in Connie’s pussy with one hard thrust. His dick was not all that long but it was thicker than any Donna had ever seen. She only had a short list of two but…. She suddenly wondered if he would stick it up Connie’s ass.

That thought made Donna groan for some reason. She had never thought about a dick up her ass before but suddenly it was there and thrilled her somewhere down deep. She had used a fingernail to tease herself back there a few times so she knew it was a very sensitive place but….

Donna groaned again as Ron spanked Connie’s ass with his hips, his dick plunging in and out hard and fast. A moment later, Connie used one hand to swat at him. “Slow down before we both go boom too fast,” she said and then groaned long and loud.

Ron gave out with a deep groan of his own, slammed his hips against her ass one more time, and held his dick planted as deep as it would go. A moment or two later, he whispered, “Too late,” as he slumped forward over her back.

Connie groaned at his weight and then sighed. “I so wanted my ass fucked tonight.”

Me too,” Ron whispered and then added, “Let me rest and maybe we can still do it.”

“You know it only works right when I’m right on the edge of a big orgasm and you switch holes,” Connie said with a shiver. “That orgasm was just perfect except for the fact that it snuck up on me.”

Ron rotated his hips and made very short thrusting motions. “Then we will just have to start over.”

Connie giggled and nodded. “I hope Donna hits it off with Gary and ends up at his place.”

“We can always go to my place,” Ron offered. “It would give me some resting time.”

“Your place is a mess as usual and anyway, your roommate will be home as usual, if I don’t miss my guess.”

Ron groaned as he straightened up. “He’s always home.”

“My point exactly,” Connie whispered as Ron moved his hips more forcefully. “Anyway, what you are doing right now, feels way too good to stop.”

Donna took a step back. The entry way was dark but she worried about them seeing her now that they were not so busy and involved. She need not have worried as Connie sighed and rotated her hips slowly as Ron rocked his back and forth.

A few minutes later, he was spanking her ass hard with his hips, his thick dick making squishing sounds as it went in and out of Connie’s pussy. Donna had one hand on her breast and one under her skirt, teasing and rubbing her clit. She wondered who would come first, her, Connie, or Ron. Then she wondered what would happen if it was her and they heard her.

She need not have worried as Connie suddenly straightened up, turned, and pushed Ron down on the couch. She quickly straddled his lap and sat down hard on his dick. He groaned loudly as she did. Donna could see his dick moving in and out, as Connie rode him hard. The squishing noise was even louder.

Connie’s breasts were literally slapping Ron in the face as she bounced up and down in wild abandon. He reached up, grabbed one in each hand, and alternated stuffing one and then the other in his mouth. Connie threw her head back and moaned loudly but she did not miss a beat on his dick.

Donna moaned as she tried to pinch and roll her nipples and could not because of the blouse. Her hand quickly dropped to the bottom of the blouse and slipped under it. She had a grip on her nipple that was close to painful but that just shot jolts of pleasure straight to her sopping wet pussy. The fingertip on her clit seemed to radiate the jolts outward in waves throughout her body.

There was a yell from Connie and Donna quickly opened her eyes to see her roommate once again riding Ron’s dick facing away from him. Only this time his dick was not in her pussy. Donna could see it clearly and it was open and wet but empty. Then it dawned on Donna that his dick was now up her ass.

Donna groaned loudly as her thighs squeezed tightly together and her hips started to shake. She was about to come and there was no way she could stop it even if she had wanted to. Every time her eyes started to shut, they would pop back open to stare straight at Connie’s pulsing sex. The second or third time her tongue came out to lick her lips, Donna came and came hard.

Letting out a loud moaning groan, Donna flexed her hips rapidly as her finger rolled her clit around and round firmly. She tried to roll and pull on her nipple but the damned blouse was in the way. She rolled her clit even harder and the orgasm got even stronger.

“Donna? Donna is that you?” Connie called out suddenly.

Donna tried to respond but it was not happening. Her mind was sending the message to her mouth but she was not getting an answer and neither was Connie.

“Damn it, who’s there?” Connie yelled.

Donna worked her knees from side to side, as she flexed her hips to speed the orgasm along. All it did was to make her stagger like a drunk in high heels. One half step to the side, one back, and three steps forward. The three steps forward were enough to bring her close enough to the living room door for Connie to see her.

“Damn Girlfriend, you like to have scared us to death,” Connie said and then she grinned and laughed. “Well, get you some,” she added a few seconds later. “You screwed mine up so I’m glad someone is getting off.”

Donna turned and staggered back into the entryway.

“Is she drunk?” Ron asked.

Connie laughed and shook her head. “I don’t think so. I think she’s having one barnburner of an orgasm.”

Rob’s mouth dropped open for second and then he whispered, “Are you sure?”

“Oh yeah, I’m very sure,” Connie replied as she wiggled her ass on his lap. “I was damned close to being there myself.”

There was a moaning sob from the front hall and then Connie heard Donna say in a voice full of heavy breathing, “I’ll…. Uh…. I’ll get… out of… here… and not bother… you two.”

“No you won’t,” both Connie and Ron said at the same time.

Connie looked over her shoulder at Ron and grinned.

“But….” Donna said from the front hall.

“Exactly,” Connie replied. “He’s deep in my butt and I haven’t gotten off, so get your ass in here. It’s all your fault and…. Well, I’m not sure and what but get in here.”

Donna groaned and stumbled forward toward the entrance to the living room. Her hands were still under her clothing. She moaned again as she saw the grins on Connie and Ron’s faces. “I’m so sorry….” Donna whispered.

Connie bounced up and down and then rocked back and forth several times. “No you’re not,” she said with a chuckle a moment later. “That must have been one hell of an orgasm.”

Donna nodded as she finally got her brain to work enough to get her hands free. Her eyes were still on the connection between the two on the couch. Connie rocking back and forth made the opening to her vagina open and close slowly. Donna found herself licking her lips again.

Connie’s grin got even bigger as she realized where Donna’s eyes were and what the licking of her lips might mean. “Girl friend, can I ask you a question?” She asked softly.

Donna nodded again and took three steps into the living room, her eyes still on Connie’s sex.

“Do you by any chance eat pussy?” Connie asked softly.

“What!” Ron said sharply.

Donna shook her head and then moaned softly. She licked her lips again and took another step forward. “I… I had a girl… uh… lick me… my… uh….” She left the sentenced unfinished.

“Since you screwed up my orgasm, would you lick mine?” Connie asked in a soft whisper. “A tongue on my clit and Ron in my ass….” Connie whimpered softly and then groaned as she rocked her hips back and forth even harder and faster than before.

Donna shivered and took two more steps forward. She was now standing directly in front of Connie. “I’ve never….” She whispered and then knelt down. She shivered again as her eyes returned to Connie’s pussy and an even closer view of Ron’s dick working in and out of her asshole.

Connie stopped moving and reached out to unbutton Donna’s blouse. “This thing seemed to be in your way earlier.”

Donna nodded and reached for the zipper on the side of her skirt. “This thing was also,” she whispered as she undid the snap and pulled the zipper down. The skirt fell down around her knees.

Ron gave out with a soft whistle and Connie giggled. “See something you like?” She asked as she opened the last button on the blouse.

As Donna shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the carpet, Ron whispered, “Oh hell yeah.”

Connie shivered at the sight of Donna’s naked body and then shivered again as Ron’s dick gave a little jerking twitch in her ass. She reached out and caressed Donna’s small breasts. The nipples were as hard as little rocks. She pinched one and Donna moaned softly.

“Small but very sensitive,” Ron said right next to her ear. He was leaning forward with his head next to hers for a better view.

Connie pinched Donna’s other nipple and gave it a slight twist. When Donna groaned deeply, Connie twisted the other nipple. Donna arched her back and groaned again. “So, you like that?” Connie asked with a knowing smile. “I like it also.”

Ron reached around to pinch and twist Connie’s large nipples. She moaned and leaned back against him as her hips rocked back and forth. “Oh, yeah, that feels so good.”

“My dick or pinching your nipples?” Ron asked softly as he rolled her nipples even harder.

“Yes,” Connie hissed as she squeezed Donna’s nipples tighter and continued to rock her hips back and forth slowly. Donna moaned and then leaned slightly forward as Connie pulled on her nipples.

“Have you ever had a dick up that pretty ass of yours?” Connie asked as she leaned forward.

Donna shook her head and opened her eyes. Connie’s face was close to hers. She leaned even farther forward and then moved her left knee forward a little. Her eyes were now focused on Connie’s lips. She moved her right knee forward.

Connie smiled, released Donna’s left nipple and put her hand behind the kneeling woman’s head. She pulled gently and then Donna was kissing her. The kiss was soft and sweet but grew passionate very quickly as Donna’s tongue explored Connie’s lips and then her mouth.

A moment later, both women moaned softly. Donna’s hands came up and caressed the bottom of Connie’s breasts. Connie moaned again and released the nipple she was pinching so she could cover and squeeze Donna’s whole breast. Donna groaned and pushed her chest out.

Connie’s hand moved down from Donna’s head to caress her back. Donna broke the kiss, her head was swimming. Connie leaned back and grinned at her. She moved Ron’s right hand and then reached out to pull Donna’s head toward that breast. Donna did not resist but moved her head forward to lick shyly at the large stiff nipple.

With a soft whimpering moan, Donna licked the nipple harder and then rolled it around with her tongue. Connie made a similar sound and arched her back. A moment later, Donna sucked the nipple in and rolled it around as she held suction on it.

Connie moaned softly and whispered, “Oh yes, that’s the way.”

Donna sucked more of the soft breast into her mouth and bathed it with her tongue. Connie’s hand at the back of her head pulled slightly and then caressed her hair. A minute or so later, Donna lifted her head holding suction on Connie’s breast. It popped out of Donna’s mouth with a slurping sound.

Licking her lips, Donna moved Ron’s hand off Connie’s other breast. She licked the nipple and rolled it round firmly. Connie whimpered and arched her back more. Donna sucked the nipple in and flicked it back and forth. Connie whimpered louder and rocked her hips.

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