Ioana jerked before she fully awoke. She was still a little tired, but not too much. She was bound again, this time in chains and as she woke up she stood up, relieving her weight off the chains. Greg ignored her, whipping at Kyle’s back again. Ioana cried out for Greg to stop but he didn’t listen, whipping him one more time before stepping around him. Kyle didn’t make a sound, just glared at Greg angrily.

Then Greg turned to Ioana. “Now that was a neat trick my dear. However if you disappear again I will kill him in front of you, and you…” He turned to Kyle, “If you have anything up your sleeve, I’ll kill her.” He turned back to Ioana and laid the whip around her neck. He was still as naked as she. His face was angry, no trace of the gentility he had bestowed upon her earlier, before she had betrayed his trust proving herself a federal agent, albeit one with unnatural abilities the likes of which he couldn’t comprehend. Gregory had the knife she had given Kyle back, the knife he had pleasured her with, in his hand as he advanced upon her.

She recognized they were in a room off the bedroom, as the windows were in front of her, behind Kyle, and she had seen the light from through the glass French doors which had to be behind her. Those doors led to his bedroom, where she had been earlier. And according to the map hidden within her body the door to her side led to the rest of the suite, and eventually to some various exit points. The prize was the desk on the other side of the room, with a closed laptop on it that she would just bet was his-and it would only take a few minutes within his mind to find out for sure.

“Between the two of you, and a good deal of torture, we’ll get down to the bottom of this I’m sure. First off, who do you work for?” He asked Ioana. She just glared at him. He reached forward to grab her nipple and twist. She winced, clenching her teeth and glaring at him but still she said nothing.

“Such a shame.” He stabbed the knife into her side roughly, pulling it out quickly. She grimaced, but choked back her cry as blood oozed out of the fresh wound. She needed more physical contact to get the passwords, and this time she was going to get them. Her gaze narrowed in determination.

“I work for a restaurant as a manager.”

“Ha! You still take me for a fool- how would you like to watch me castrate you in front of your boyfriend, or castrate him in front of you.

“It’s obvious you have no heart.” She said, “You try anything, and you’ll be the one without any equipment.” She threatened. He chuckled, one hand holding her side as the other slide the knife down her skin, threatening her but not cutting her. The stab wound bled at her lower left side. She grabbed at the opportunity to crack into his mind, her first goal to confirm that the laptop on his desk was indeed his, then to start to find and memorize his passwords.

“Do you think he’ll still like you after I ravage you? Tell me what I want to know and I’ll let you live, I’ll let him die quickly, instead of suffer.”

“Why do you assume she’ll cave in to your threats when I didn’t?” Kyle asked, trying to divert Greg’s attention away from her not realizing what she was up to, but only thinking about protecting her. Kyle could feel his face swelling already from the punches he had received. He was in nothing but his slacks, and large red bands marred his chest and back from where the harsh whipping had torn his skin. His stab wound had mostly stopped bleeding but he was pretty sure that shoulder had been dislocated and popped back into place as he was beaten and dragged into this room.

“Now where did we leave off? Oh yes, I remember.” He stepped behind her, his fingers trailing along her skin as he moved. He pulled her legs apart and with a swift thrust dove into her ass. She cried out, biting down on the sound, tears formed in her eyes. She would not let him distract her. Kyle screamed threats at Greg struggling against his bonds, trying to get the criminal mastermind’s attention. Gregory ignored him knowing this would be the best revenge.

Ioana on the other hand had accessed Greg’s subconscious as he pounded into her from behind, not caring for her welfare. He had a point to make, and that was power. They were at his mercy, and he had damn little left. “What’s wrong my dear? Not having as much fun as before? This time you will submit to me against your will, and there will be no pleasure for you unless you give me what’s mine first. Now squeeze!” One arm held the knife up along her hip, holding her tightly to him, the other smacked at her ass. Kyle growled in fury, seeing red. Greg laughed, pulling the whip off from behind her neck in a smooth motion and whipping at Kyle from where he stood.

“NO!” Ioana cried out, but she was determined not to let anything distract her from her goal. She had already taken too much time to do so, not that she had much choice, but this time she would get what she needed to bury this man. She would dismantle his entire organization for what he had done to her and Kyle. She would see him condemned to death for the murders of so many innocent people. And she would not let him stop her with any distraction. Her eyes were dark, angry, focused. She wasn’t afraid anymore. Pain dissipated, scars healed. Justice was forever. And he had earned death.

Greg laid the whip back down across her shoulders, never stopping his rhythm. Her body rocked beneath his every thrust, her breasts swaying on her chest in gorgeous cadence. The pain receded as her body adjusted and as her mind was focused elsewhere but tears still stood out in her eyes. “Like that sweetie?” His free hand grabbed at her breasts, cupping one roughly and plucking at the nipple. He laughed at the look on Kyle’s face.

Kyle was growing weak from pain, it swam in his head, the adrenaline having faded leaving him tired and furious. Greg’s fingers traveled lower, stroking her intimately. Kyle growled softly. “Not slippery this time. That’s fine, you don’t deserve pleasure from my hands. Tell me, how do you like your boyfriend looking on, knowing it was me who took your virginity?” Kyle whirled in shock at that statement. “Knowing that you enjoyed it thoroughly, at the hands of a what? What had you called me? Remember?”

“Rapist. Murderer. Criminal.” Her voice was as dark as her eyes. Greg laughed, and smacked her clit, causing her to jump.

“You’ll never escape the power I have over you. Until your last breath, the only pleasure you will ever have received will be from my hand. All anyone else will give you is pain. Watch him!” Greg shoved two fingers inside her roughly. She was only half-aware, her entire being focused on memorizing what she needed from his mind. “Watch him watch you, wishing he was in my position, humping you like a randy old goat. Tell him what we did next? Where was my mouth?” He held back his release in his anger, prolonging her torture and therefore Kyle’s.

She said nothing. He smacked her breasts. She grunted, wincing as he pulled at the nipples roughly. “WHERE?”

“Inside me.” She said quietly, her jaw clenching.

“And you loved it. You covered me like a sweet rain. Then what? Remember? Huh?” He demanded, his fingers separating her lips again. “What did I put inside you? Remember?” He whispered against her ear before his gaze turned to Kyle. “Curious?” Kyle’s eyes were dark with hatred, his lip curled like a predator ready to pounce. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t save the courageous woman he had trained, the woman with the wondrous but exhausting gifts whom he thought he could protect. The woman he had come to care for as she stood there, her mind removed from the room, separated in the only way she could protect herself. For that he was grateful.

He didn’t know her mind wasn’t detached, it was focused. So much so she didn’t feel exactly what Greg was doing. She felt pain or pleasure in a detached frame of mind. She was in his memories and saw what acts he had committed, the innocent faces, the dirty cops, the various locations, the missing agents, their murders. She was after so much more. Everything was in that laptop, his mind confirmed it. And she was getting it and all the passwords for it. She was almost done, and then she could ensure their escape.

“I’ll give you a hint. I gave her the handle.” The knife moved, tracing a fine line towards the stab wound that bled slightly at her side.

“How’s the wound healing this time around?” Greg growled ignoring Kyle. “How would you like the blade up your cunt? See how well that heals, and how much pain it will be when I ravage you with that type of wound?” What he didn’t know was she was also absorbing some of the metal in her chains into her body, shaping it into a blade. Before he could thrust the blade up her cunt she spoke, snapping Kyle out of his anger.

“Frustrated that I didn’t turn into honey in your hands? I told you that you weren’t enough of a man for me. You’re a greedy coward, hiding behind weapons and guards and your own money. But as you said to me before, when you don’t listen you’ll suffer the consequences. And you will. You’ll suffer for all those people you made suffer to fatten your pockets.”

“At whose hand?” Greg laughed grunting as he pumped away. “You two will be shreds of human flesh before that happens.”

Ioana calmly stepped out of the chains, having absorbed all the metal. The whip fell to the floor behind her as she stood there in all her naked glory in front of him. Greg turned and flung her backwards behind him against the glass doors, away from Kyle before rushing her. She merged with the glass but he brought the knife up to where her neck would be, one of his hands where her waist was, the other scratching the blade into the glass bulge that was she. Both Kyle and Greg saw her wince at the cut.

“So you can be killed after all.” He chuckled. “Who are you, how did you get these abilities and who do you work for? Answer Me!” He said, pushing harder against the glass. She gasped, the sound muffled against the blade as it cut a thin gouge into the glass, but as thin as the gauge was–in proportion to the glass the cut would have been deep into her neck if she was in normal form.

“I told you before I will die before I submit to you in any way.” She said, her voice hoarse, but her smile was menacing, she had all his passwords, every last one.

“Then die!” He stabbed the knife through the glass, where her heart would have been and the glass shattered into thousands of shards all over the floor on both sides of the door. She had screamed when the glass first shattered, but the sound only lasted as long as the sound of the glass itself breaking. Kyle cried out when Greg lunged with the knife. Greg then turned back to Kyle, furious and entirely unsatisfied, in more ways than one.

“So she’s as stubborn as you-and now you’ll answer or you’ll join her-and end up just like her-in pieces.” Greg yanked Kyle forward, knocking him to the floor and proceeded to beat him again, demanding answers that Kyle would never give. He just stared at the unmoving shards of glass, what was left of the woman he had grown to respect, then like, and started to love. He hadn’t been able to protect himself, let alone her. And now it was too late. Too late to find out how she felt about him, too late to tell her how he felt about her. Too late to see how far that something could grow. Greg had given up beating on him and had started ranting, pacing the floor angrily, his erection preceding him like a flag pole heralding his arrival. He left Kyle in a bloody pool on the floor and minutes passed, elongated, grouped together, until Kyle lost all track of time.

Then Kyle felt her. She entered him from the floor. She had used the liquid properties of the glass to piece herself back together, then snuck up onto his desk and absorbed his laptop. She held it inside her. He could feel the pain in her at holding such a large object but she would not let it go. Inside him she started to heal him, not fully, she was growing weak, but enough to let him fight. He could tell she hadn’t fully healed herself either. She told him that he could use her abilities up until she had no more energy left. She released the knife she had made from her shackles into his palm. He broke apart his bindings, and surprising Greg he jumped up. With a few well placed kicks and punches he rendered the surprised criminal mastermind unconscious. He moved into the adjacent bedroom and pulled a shirt on, then some shoes and jumped out the window.

Alarms sounded but he knew his team would be watching the building due to her tracking device, and would be shocked to find that he was still with her. He raced down the side of the building, periodically fighting with guards and taking their weapons. He raced into the garage. He jumped into a car and hot-wiring it roared out of the garage. Nearly mowing down two guards he raced straight through the gate and out into the streets.

He could feel her fading. She couldn’t let go because passing out from exhaustion within him would definitely kill him if not her too, but she can’t stay within him for much longer. He swung the car around a corner, looking for somewhere private, as now they were in public and away from the guards. The team should already be moving in. He pulled behind a shopping center, in the empty loading area and got out of the car. As soon as he stood up he felt her energy flutter and she passed out right as she separated from him. He caught her before she could fall to the ground in front of him, nearly dropping the laptop that was in her hands, but he managed to catch them both.

She hadn’t had time to heal all her wounds, and she was still naked. He pulled off his shirt and buttoned it on her before carrying her to the passenger seat. Then he climbed back into the car and headed straight for headquarters.


When she woke up she was in a bed, hooked up to all kinds of monitors and electronic equipment. At first she was confused and panicked. Where was she? Her first instinct was that she was being studied in a lab, but that didn’t make any sense, she wasn’t tied down. She pulled off the sensors and the heart monitor registered flat line. Monitors screamed and people came rushing in, pausing from their state of panic when they realized she was sitting up.

“You feeling alright?” An agent asked, shutting the machine off so that there was no steady heart rate, but also no horrific screeching. They tested her, removing tubes and wires.

“Sore, hungry but alright. How long have I been out?”

“A few days. No-Don’t get up.” The doctor said but Ioana ignored her. “You’ve just started to heal; the knife wound was pretty deep but thankfully a clean cut. Your body needs rest.”

“You don’t have a clue what I need.” Ioana said, grabbing onto a plastic bottle off the rolling cart against the wall. She absorbed it into herself and used it to heal her wound, stumbling forward a little from the strain. The doctor had been briefed about her abilities but as usual they didn’t realize the extent of her abilities. “How about we start with a shower and some clothes, oh and a good meal.”

“Alright, if you’ll follow me.” The doctor led the way out of the room. Ioana held the back of her hospital gown closed around her rear as they stepped out of the closed room and down the hall.

“I won’t calm down until you tell me what’s going on!” Kyle cried out from behind the next door. “I heard the machines, now just go over there and make sure she’s alright!”

“Sir, I’m sure everything is under control, now if you’d just hold still for a moment-”

“I’m fine! Back off me, will you?” He stopped when Ioana opened the door a crack while her doctor waited outside the door behind her, appreciating the view.

“Would you give us a moment?” Ioana turned to the nurse.

“I’ll be right back-and you will hold still this time.” She wagged her finger at Kyle before turning to leave.

“He’ll behave. I promise.” Ioana teased, a slight smirk on her face as she closed the door behind the nurse. The swelling on his face had gone down but there was a ragged cut along the side of his face where it had split open. A few butterfly stitches held it closed. The sheet had slid down a bit as he struggled revealing the long red bloody scabs that had started to heal. She could only imagine what his back looked like.

“You alright?” He asked.

“I will be, now that I’ve found you.” She said, her eyes alight with mischief. It was the same line she had said when they were in the cell together. She moved to stand next to the bed but he scooted over, patting a spot for her, so she sat down twisting so she could face him. He grinned, then grimaced when it pulled at the stitches.

“I must be a bad sight.” He said.

“Not at all. A little rough for wear, but it could have been a lot worse.” She gently traced one of the lines on his chest. He sucked air in and she stopped afraid she was hurting him.

“You’re right. I thought he had killed you, and it hurt when I was in that cell just wondering what was happening with you. Whether you were alright or not. And what he did to you-” He stopped when she put a finger to his lips.

“I’m fine, you’re fine. It’s all over.”

“Well most of it, I told them what you told me and they moved into those locations, captured a lot of the major leaders in the operations, released a lot of girls, but there are those that got away, buried into safe houses, and we don’t have that information. We’re still working on cracking the laptop codes-” He started. She had leaned back away from him when he started to talk business but he captured her hand with his own to keep her from going too far. “I’m glad you’re okay.” He finished.

“Me too.” She smiled leaning forward to give him a quick kiss on the cheek before she stood up but he turned, his hand coming up towards her face but he didn’t touch her-not yet. He just gently kissed her lips, a sweet savoring. She smiled against his lips, then partially merged with him. Surprised he gasped, and felt her inside him, healing him in any way she could. When she broke the contact he grabbed her arm before she could go, partially steadying her, mostly because he didn’t want to let go.

“That isn’t why I kissed you.” He said. He knew she hadn’t finished the job of healing him, but she had taken care of the deep tissue, and the painful cut down his face.

“I know. Rest and I’ll see you later.” She squeezed his hand before turning away, treating him to a gorgeous view of her back, even as she held the bottom part of the cloth dress together.

Once she showered, changed, and grabbed a sandwich she went in search of Max, ignoring the guards who tried to stop her.

“Ioana! It’s good to see you up and about.” He greeted her, standing behind one of the agents back while she nibbled on the sandwich. “We’ve made a lot of progress on the information you’ve retrieved. Great work, a lot of girls are truly grateful for the freedom you’ve given them back-”

“May I try?” She stood next to Max but looked at the agent working on the computer. “I may have what you’re looking for.”

“Why not? You’re the one that rescued it.” Max said. She sat down and typed in the passwords as she remembered them, unlocking screen after screen. As she did so she wrote down what the passwords were in the order that she used them on a sheet of paper next to her.

“And these are for his email accounts.” She finished up the paper.

“Hot damn!” The agent who gave up his seat shouted, grabbing her in a hug from behind. She gave him back his chair and they started pulling off all the rest of the information they needed. She turned before leaving the room, watching them hard at work. She left the room running straight into Kyle who caught her easily against him.

“Funny how we keep running into each other.” He quipped, but he didn’t let her go. He looked a lot better already, what was left was just facial healing, and now he could move without grimacing in pain. “Into–it was a bad joke.”

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