When I came home, it was late and my wife was already asleep. I had just flown in from one of my regular business trips. I was feeling a little gross from my traveling, so I took a quick shower. It felt good to be clean and home.

I headed straight to bed. Darcy had left a small light on in the bedroom, but she was asleep. I turned off the light and climbed in bed with her. I love holding my wife at night, so I slid right up next to her. She was laying on her side, so I was able to spoon with her easily. It felt good to feel her warm skin.

I gently kissed the back of her head and whispered, “Good night.” She moved a little and pushed her hips back – pushing her ass right into my crotch. I loved the feeling.

I began rubbing her arm and made my way down to her hips. My wife sleep with just a tank top on, so I felt her warm, smooth hips and legs. I felt a little bit more of her ass pushing back against me. I knew this signal well.

I began to rub her body with me free hand and kiss her shoulders and neck. I heard a little moan. I pulled her hair away from her neck and kissed it. Another moan, and a little from her ass against my hips and cock.

I ran my hands all along her very soft skin – her hips, her thighs, her back, her arms. My excitement was growing, as was hers.

I rolled over a little, allowing both of my hands to massage her back. I slid my hands under her tank top, and began massaging her shoulders. She rolled over on her stomach, allowing me easy access. I deeply massaged her shoulder, and then her neck. Then, I rubbed her back, down the middle, then sides. I sat up and slid down a little, allowing me to massage and rub her beautiful ass and legs.

I rolled over on top of her and sat up, sitting between her legs – this gave me an awesome view of her wonderful ass. I rubbed her back, and ass, and legs further. Then I slid my hand between her legs, and felt the outside of her pussy – it was warm and getting wet. She lifted her hips slightly allowing me to spread her wet lips and run my finger between them.

With both of my hands I massaged her back, and pulled her tank top up and over her head. I stretched myself out on top of her and held her arms on the pillows above her head. I kissed and bit her neck, and heard a loud moan and then a sweet giggle.

I lay on top of her for a minute or two, grinding my hips into her ass. My cock was hard, and I knew she could feel it on her ass. I reached down and pulled off my under wear, leaving me naked. I slid down just and little, holding both of her wrists together with one hand. I spread her legs just slightly and reached between them to feel her wet pussy. While she lay flat, with me on top of her, I slid my hard cock into her wet pussy. She moaned very deeply, as I slid my cock in all the way.

I had been waiting for this since I left town earlier in the week, and was ready to pump her right away. I began fucking her rather aggressively, while laying on top of her and holding her wrists tightly. Her moans and deepening breath told me she loved it. It only took a minute before I felt her body tighten and her breath quicken – she was going to squirt. With just a few more thrusts of my cock into her pussy, I felt her give in – she cried loudly and let out her squirt. The feeling was amazing – while laying on top of my wife’s back, fucking her, she squirted right on the bed. It felt so wonderful, I didn’t want it to end.

But it did and her breath subsided. I hadn’t cum yet, but wasn’t quite ready. As my wife lay still on her stomach, I pulled her arms behind her back and pulled them up, roughly. I heard her grunt and then moan. I knew she loved it when I was rough with her. I used her tank top as a rope and tied her arms behind her back.

I pulled her hips up allowing her beautiful ass to stick straight up. I slapped her ass hard, and she squealed. I really wanted to fuck her, so lined my cock up to her pussy hole and thrust it in as hard as I could, as far as I could. The force nearly took her breath away, and she gasped. I pulled my cock out and then did it again. She gasped again. I did this a couple more times. Then I grabbed her hips with my hands and pumped her as hard as I could. She cried out and groaned as my pace quicken and my cock quickly went in and out of her pussy. With my thrust in, I forced my cock all the way in, pulled out quickly, then another hard thrust. She loved it, and so did I.

Another minute of this and it was clear I was going to explode, and I could tell she was close, too. I felt her body tighten again, as I pumped her hard. Just as she let out a cry and started her second orgasm, I felt my own cum begin to erupt. After one more deep thrust, I pulled my hard cock out of her red, raw pussy and began to squirt all over her ass and ass hole. I covered her little hole with my cum.

My wife loves it when I cum on her – whether it’s her ass, her tits, or her belly. She loves the feel of it landing on her. She also loves to get it on her fingers and lap it up. But this time she couldn’t get to it, since I had her arms tied up.

“Oh, honey, let me taste it, please,” she begged. I agreed.

Over the years we’ve discovered that we both love the taste of my cum. So, I leaned forward and sucked as much of my cum as I could into my mouth. I rolled her over – with her arms under her. I told her to open her mouth. With my mouth about six inches above hers, I slowly let my cum drip out of my mouth and into hers. I her heard moan loudly as the first drops touched her tongue. She swallowed as best she could, getting some on her lips. After it was all out of my mouth, I leaned down and kissed her deeply. Our tongues dancing, the taste of my cum in our mouths.

We kissed for several minutes. Then I rolled her over on to her side and untied her arms. She stayed on her side, and we spooned – me holding my beautiful wife. I kissed the back of her neck, and I heard her whisper, “Welcome home, Brad.”

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