split roast

Author’s note: Due to great feedback, I’ve decided to make this at least a four or five or more part series. I think it’s fun to see how the girls introduce him to new experiences.

I was having the most amazing dreams. After fantasizing about and jerking off to two amazingly hot girls I had been seeing and spying on at my apartments pool, I had finally met them, smoked out with them, and lost my virginity to them in an afternoon sexcapade that not only opened my eyes to sex, but also sex without the normal stereotypes. I had received a dual blowjob from them, ate my own cum, wore both of their panties, learned to eat pussy, fucked my first pussy and had my ass eaten and then fucked with a vibrator. I think if there were awards given out for the best way to lose your virginity, I would have definitely won the award for the best.

We had fallen asleep with me wearing Emily’s pink panties and them laying on either side of me, curled up on me. As amazing as it was, it only seemed to fuel my dreams further as I was dreaming of these two sharing my modest cock in a lavish tongue and mouth bath. I had always thought I was tiny from watching many hours of porn, but these girls had made me feel like 5″ wasn’t that bad.

I started to wake from my blissful dream, yet I realized the wet, heavenly sensations were not disappearing with my consciousness. I looked down and I saw these two beautiful girls licking and kissing on my cock, taking it in each other’s mouths and kissing each other with my rock hard cock in-between them. I moaned and they looked up at me, but never stopped their sweet loving attention on my cock.

“I hope you don’t mind,” said Emily with a sweet smile. “We woke up before you and noticed you seemed to be having nice dreams. You were moaning and rocking your hard cock against Sarah’s leg so we thought we’d make your dreams even better.” Sarah had never stopped licking the underside of my cock as it laid flat on me and Emily went back to licking, this time moving down to my balls.

I wanted to respond, but it seems my ability to talk, to think, to do anything, had been taken away as all of my blood was apparently residing in my cock. All I could do was moan my approval.

Sarah took my cock in her mouth and started to give me a slow, sweet blowjob as Emily continued to softly bathe my balls with her tongue. I soon felt like I was about to cum and warned them. They never even flinched or moved, they just kept going. My body began to shake and I felt my cum surge thru my cock and into Sarah’s mouth who continued to suck me for a little bit longer before grabbing Emily and kissing her.

They kissed for about 10 seconds and then slid up the bed and began kissing me, both providing me with roughly half of my load each. I kissed them back and swallowed my cum that they had given me. They then laid their heads down on my chest and both were rubbing their hands on my little body and readjusted Emily’s panties on me so that they were on right.

I looked at the clock on my dresser and realized it was almost 9pm. We had been asleep for close to 3 and a half hours. Emily, sat up and flipped around so that she was on her stomach and propped up on her elbows and looked at me. “So, hey, you can say no if you want, but we were wondering if you wanted to go to a party with us Saturday night?” It was Thursday evening so that meant two days away.

“Uh, sure, whatever you all want,” I said. With everything these girls had done for me today, I would probably be willing to do anything they asked. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever, it didn’t matter.

“Oh, that’s awesome,” she said. We will tell you more about it later. We are going to head back to our apartment now. You wanna come?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t know, I might have to check my schedule to see if I can fit you all in,” I said in a joking voice.

“Oh, look who’s becoming a smartass,” said Sarah and then she began tickling me in my side. I began laughing and squirming and Emily joined in and they were relentless. I laughed and screamed as these two naked college girls jabbed, squeezed and poked away at my sides.

Finally they stopped and I was trying to catch my breath as a few residual laughs escaped me. They got out of bed and my eyes soaked in their perfect naked bodies. I couldn’t believe how much had changed in my life on this Thursday that had started out as another boring day of my existence and turned into the greatest day of my life.

They looked back at me as I was checking them out and Sarah said, “are you going to come with us and hang out some more or just lay in bed and let us leave?”

“Oh no, I’m coming!” I exclaimed and jumped out of bed. They girls walked out into the living room and threw on some Soffe cheer shorts and tiny tees and packed up the rest of their things and I threw on some cargo shorts and a t-shirt and flip flops and joined them in the living room. Their tiny tees hugged their breasts tightly and their nipples were hard and trying their best to burst thru the flimsy material.

Emily walked over and pulled the waistband of my shorts out and checked my underwear situation. “Good boy, you’re still wearing my panties.”

I smiled and said, “of course. They feel really nice.”

We left my apartment and walked to theirs which was on the other side of the complex. We got there and I noticed that they had the same floor plan as I did which meant a one bedroom.

It was nicely decorated for a college apartment and smelled much nicer and sweeter than mine. All of those girly perfumes, scents and lotions had an effect on the air that was intoxicating to me.

We set our stuff down and they moved to the couch, grabbing me by my wrists and pulling me with them. We sat down with me in the middle and began to talk.

“So, you will really go with us to the party on Saturday?” asked Emily.

“Sure, why not?” I replied.

“Well,” said Sarah, “there’s a lot of close minded people out there and this isn’t going to be one of those politically correct parties. A few of our friends are throwing the party and its designed for the LGBT community. Do you know what that is?”

I shook my head.

“LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered, although this party will probably just be more LGB, but you never know,” she said.

“Oh,” I replied, staring into her beautiful eyes.

“Oh it’s so much fun,” chimed in Emily. “Everyone is so open about sex and it is just a really great environment. You never have to be worried about labels, being judged, who you have sex with or even how many. It is truly freeing.”

“Yeah, so this party has a theme and it is Pimp ‘n’ Ho, which means guys will dress as pimps and girls will dress in the sluttiest outfits they can find,” said Sarah.

“Only we want to break the stereotype and mix it up,” said Emily. ” We want to go as pimps and we were hoping you would go as our ho!”

I laughed nervously and said, “you mean you want me to dress up as a girl for the party in front of lots of people?”

“Oh yeah, it will be so much fun and don’t worry, no one will make fun of you sweetie. This isn’t like some closed minded frat party. Everyone there will think its great and you’ll fit right in,” she said.

“I dunno, I guess. I mean if you don’t think anyone is going to hurt me, then I guess it will be ok,” I said.

Sarah quickly said, “oh honey, you don’t have to worry about that here and we can go for awhile and we will stay with you all night and if it becomes too uncomfortable for you, we’ll leave and just come back here and party, just the three of us.”

“Ok, that sounds fair,” I said.

“Yaaay,” said Emily and leaned in and kissed me. While she was kissing me, Sarah leaned in and started kissing me too and we shared an amazing three way kiss with tongues and lips everywhere.

They stopped kissing me and pulled me off the couch and led me towards the bathroom. Emily turned on the shower and adjusted the water to the temperature she desired. As the shower sprayed down into the large garden tub, she came back over to me and Sarah.

The girls began to strip off their clothes and again I was taken back again by their amazing bodies. Once naked, the began pulling my clothes off. They pulled off my, I mean Emily’s, panties and even though I had cum three times today, once being just about 45 minutes ago, I was again rock hard.

“Wow, does this thing over get soft,” said Sarah as she grabbed and quickly gave my cock a few strokes.

“Not around you two,” I said enjoying the touch of her hand.

They smiled and then pulled me into the shower. The water was just shy of being really hot and it felt great as it beat down on my skin. The girls began kissing very passionately as the water cascaded over them. I watched them, soaking it all in.

Sarah then turned to me and began kissing me and Emily started kissing my neck. Their hands ran all over me and my hands reached out and felt their wet bodies. They switched back and forth, one would kiss me on my lips and the other one would kiss in my neck or on my nipples.

Emily was the first one to drop to her knees. She took my cock into her mouth as Sarah continued to kiss me on the lips. Sarah then dropped down to her knees and began to join her friend in sucking my cock. Sarah reached over and grabbed a bottle of conditioner from the side of the tub and squirted some in her hands and then gave a few squirts to Emily who pulled off of my cock. I was standing with my back to the shower head so my body acted as a blocker for the hot streams of water.

They took the conditioner in their hands and reached up and started stroking my cock and balls with the conditioner. These four petite hands were all over my cock and balls and it felt so amazing. They rubbed my cock and balls for what seemed like ages and ran their hands on my legs as well. The silky soft conditioner mixed with their hands literally had me in heaven.

Sarah stood up and moved the nozzle more to the side of the shower wall then got back down on her knees and put more of the conditioner on her hands. She reached behind me and had me turn sideways. Emily kept massaging my balls and cock and Sarah began massaging my ass cheeks. She turned me all the way around and Emily let go of my cock.

My ass was now facing them and then I had four hands rubbing all over my ass and squeezing it. I have come to find out today that I love having my ass cheeks, hell my entire ass, played with.

They must have rubbed my ass cheeks, under my ass and between my cheeks for at least five minutes. It was very sensual and several times, the girls complimented me on my perky, girly booty. Sarah then told me to bend over and place my hands on the wall. Normally bending over naked and displaying my ass to a pair of girls would be a little embarrassing, but after everything today and the good ten minutes of their lips, mouths and hands all over my body had completely shattered any sort of inhibitions I might have had.

I did as she asked and bent over and pushed out my ass. They continued caressing my ass, but this time they spent more time grabbing and pulling apart my cheeks and I could feel their fingers tracing up my crack and brushing over my pucker.

I then felt one of them insert a finger into my hole as other hands grabbed and held my cheeks apart. The finger began going in and out of my nearly hairless ass, save for some light peach fuzz, and I began to moan.

“Does that feel good sweetie,” asked Emily.

I managed to moan back a yes and they continued. Shortly after, I felt another finger enter my ass and begin to work itself in and out. I could tell this finger was from another hand but I couldn’t tell it it was the same girl or not.

The fingers were sliding in and out of me with relative ease due to the conditioner and there was only slight discomfort as occasionally the fingers would pull in opposite directions, side to side or top and bottom, in an effort to open up my my ass.

I now knew that each of them had a finger in my ass and when they were satisfied with my progress, I felt another one and then another one enter my ass. Each girl had two fingers in my ass and they were sliding them in and out and pulling my ass open.

“Oh honey, you are doing so good,” said Sarah. The pleasure completely outweighed the discomfort and they continued on for a few more minutes.

Emily then said, “ok, I think you are ready for your next new experience.” They pulled out of my my ass and they stood up and we all rinsed off. We got out and we all dried off and walked naked into their room.

They told me to get on the bed and they both went into their walk in closet. When they came back out, each of them was wearing a large strap-on. They realistic looking cocks were, as I found out later, 8″ each. These are the types of cocks that make me look and feel tiny.

24 hours ago, I would have completely freaked out at this thinking it was sick and twisted, but somehow these girls had opened my eyes to the possibilities that sex without stereotypes can provide. They walked over with a towel and laid it on the bed before instructing me to get on the floor next to the bed.

I kneeled down and Sarah came and kneeled next to me. “Now while we girls have the upper hand when it comes to sex and using our sexuality to our advantage, the absolute most powerful tool in sex is a cock, at least that is what we believe.”

Emily came and stood in front of us. With her in between us, I was able to see just how big the fake cock looked. Sarah reached out and grabbed the cock and began stroking it lightly with her right hand. “Obviously you know how much pleasure your own cock can bring you, but it also brings your partner great pleasure as well, whether it is from taking it in your mouth, pussy or ass. Each experience is exciting and brings a different kind of pleasure.”

She scooted forward towards the fake cock she was stroking. “Now, this experience we are going to do next is not about the excitement of taking a hard penis into your mouth, but I still want you to grab and stroke Emily’s.”

I reached up and grabbed the hard rubber cock and held it with my left hand. “Holding a fake penis is nothing like holding the real thing. You can’t begin to know what it feels like to hold one that is not your own, to feel the heat emanating from it, feeling the silky skin slide along the hard, engorged shaft and how different it feels from the spongy head.”

I was subconsciously stroking the fake cock as I absorbed her words. I felt something I hadn’t felt before. I actually wanted to be holding a real one, to experience the same emotions she did as she described it.

“There is an extreme power that comes to you as you orally please a man that you don’t even get when you eat pussy,” she said as she placed her hand over mine and assisted me in stroking it. “Even if the guy is acting dominate or even rough with you, it is still your mouth that is bringing pleasure to it and that is so empowering, so addictive.”

She leaned forward and took the fake cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She concentrated on just the head and was kissing it like she would a lover. Her lips pressed seductively on the head and her tongue danced around it. She pulled off and told me to try. I leaned forward and did just as she had done. I explored the head with my lips and tongue as she had and was surprised at how much I liked it. Try as I might, I couldn’t compare it to anything else I had ever done.

“That’s really good,” she said. “We’ll do more of that later, but now we are going to do something that is going to blow your mind.” She smiled with that gorgeous smile of hers, one that immediately made me trust her, and she told me to get up on the bed on my knees and lay my head down on the bed.

I did as she requested. Being in this position was even different than I suspected a regular doggy style felt. You are totally exposed and offering up yourself to your partner to do with you as they wished. Shortly after, I felt their hands again caressing the cheeks of my ass. Their small hands felt magical as they explored my dry, naked ass.

I felt the caressing stop and one of them held my ass open with both hands. I felt a cool liquid being poured down the crack of my ass, then small fingers started rubbing it around my pucker. As they had done in the shower, I felt one, then two fingers slide almost effortlessly into my ass and chills ran thru my body.

They again proceeded to slide them in and out, and work at prying my ass open. A third finger was added as they continued to open me up.

“Now sweetie, have you enjoyed everything we have done today,” asked Emily?

“Mmmmm, yes,” I moaned.

“Good, now just continue to trust us and we will continue to introduce you to amazing pleasure,” said Emily.

The fingers continued their gentle, yet dedicated task of slowly opening my ass. If you’ve never had someone slowly worship your ass for an extended period of time, I can now honestly say it is something you should absolutely try and have done. They were patient, loving and truly seemed to enjoy making sure I felt good and was properly opened up. I may have been naive when it comes to sex, but it doesn’t take a genius to know what was coming next.

They removed the fingers from my ass and I felt them repositioning themselves on the bad. Emily spoke as she pulled open my ass cheeks. “Now sweetie, your first and natural instinct is going to be to clench, but you have to trust us. As Sarah starts to push into you, I want you to push out with your ass. This will open up your ass and allow her cock to slide in easier. We’ve done alot to open you up, but you are probably still going to feel a little pain. This is where your trust in us in going to come in. The pain will be temporary but soon you will feel pleasure unlike anything you have ever felt. Can you do that? Can you trust us?”

“Yes, I trust you all,” I said.

“Good boy. Now here we go,” she said. I felt the head of the fake cock make contact with my pucker and Sarah rubbed it up and down and around it, teasing me. I felt her apply pressure and start to push in. There was a little pain, but it was more uncomfortable than anything. She pushed forward and I already felt incredibly full and the feeling was unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

Emily was still opening my ass but was also rubbing it. “Good job baby, the head is all the way in. Now, she’s just going to let it sit there and let your ass get used to it. Then she is going to slowly pull it part of the way out and then start penetrating you again. She’s going to go a little deeper each time, but she’s going to go real slow. If it starts hurting too much, tell us and we’ll stop while we let you become more accustomed to it. This is a big one for your second time.”

“Second time,” I thought to myself? “Oh yeah, the vibrator from earlier today.”

Sarah did exactly what Emily said she would do. She slowly pulled out and started very slowly going back in and out, deeper and deeper each time. Yes, there was some pain, but it was very manageable and truth be told, it was really starting to feel good.

It must have taken her five good minutes but eventually I felt Sarah’s thighs touching my ass. She held it there, completely filling me and said, “Braden, I’m so proud of you. I’m completely inside of you now. How does it feel? Are you doing ok?” Her tone was sweet and caring.

“Yeah, I’m ok. It feels weird, but at the same time it feels really good,” I said.

“Ok, well now I’m going to start fucking you. I’m going to go slow, but your body will tell you what you want. When you want me to go faster or harder, tell me, ok?”

“Ok,” I replied. She started pulling out and there was a great sensation of feeling very empty that I had never felt before. It made me realize that this was a metaphor for my life and how empty I had been before they came into my life. She pushed back in slowly and I moaned my approval. She pulled out and then pushed back in a few more times before Emily let go of my ass and Sarah grabbed my hips.

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