As a pilot I go to Manila very often and through msn got to know a teacher who was fascinated by sex. She was looking fir freedom and excitement. Over many messages, chats and cam shows we agreed that we should meet in Manila. Through our chats and sending sites to look at videos she was excited to try and be a Dominatrix. We met in the room and it was agreed that I would be the slave and wanted to be humiliated she wanted 100% sex…and new ideas.

Firstly I had to lick her pussy for 20 minutes and finger fuck her. Then I was tied and blindfolded. While I was lying on the bed she tied my cock and balls. Then started tugging and spanking my cock. I was in heaven. Then I was flipped over and I felt a thwack on my butt as she spanked without warning. Then she said that she would ask me a question and if I got the answer wrong I would be punished. This went on until I submitted. I was then flipped onto my back. Then without warning she started spitting all over my face……and I had to open my mouth for more. She was so wet that I had to lick her clean while she face sat on my mouth.

I was then untied and taken to the bathroom. I lay on my back while she squatted over my mouth. It was so sexy to see her pussy open like a flower and then the hot salty pee flowed into my mouth…….after a shower we went back to the bed. She wanted her pussy licked and sucked until she orgasmed. Then went doggy style…she was curious to have the tip of my cock in her anus. I applied KY and put the tip of my cock on her rim…I gently pushed and the cock went in deep…..this surprised her… I slowly fucked but we agreed that the cum must be in her pussy….so after entering he

pussy we fucked hard and deep then we both orgasmed. After a period of cuddling she insisted that I lay on my back opened my mouth and let her drip the cum into my mouth….this I did with pleasure and agreed that we would explore further on my next visit.

The next visit arrived and my Filipino beauty arrived in totally black clothing and I could not have to guess twice that she had stunning black lace underwear underneath, as usual she was hot and with out constant e-mails was counting down the days….I was hard just meeting of her thinking of what’s going to happen next…. We wasted no time I had to totally strip while she remained dressed. She sat on the couch and het thigh high stockings were so sexy then I had to pull aside her lace panties and lick her beautiful pussy….it opened again like a flower and my tongue went in deep and I could see her white cum forming as I licked on the top of her clit…….this I had to do as a happy but obedient servant living all the cum she was producing… I was then led to the bed where she tied my hands and I had to wear the airline mask again….it was spanking time. She remained fully dressed as I remained fully naked with my hands tied and blindfolded. I could feel the string being tied under my balls this she would pull while I was spanked. The form would be that I was asked a question and if I did not answer the question correctly then I would get a hard swipe of the riding crop on my firm butt. This would go on and when I submitted then she would ignore and carry on with another 3 whacks….my cock was rock hard with what would be next. I was flipped over and without warning I received a face full of saliva….then I could here my Filipino princess stripping off then I could feel her thighs go around my face and her warm pussy positioned over my mouth……then for the next 60 minutes I had to lick her wet pussy and the tight hole around her anus……for a brief moment she left to put a porn DVD on then I would continue licking…….

I was untied and she was completely naked….we went to the bathroom wher she bent over and demanded that I peed on her open pussy. This I did with a torrent of pee and she found her pussy was getting a pee massage. I then had to lie on my back while she squatted over my body and peed on my face body and cock. It felt wonderful and warrm while I then got up on my knees and licked her pussy clean…..we showered and teased each other. We toweled off in fresh fluffy white towels. We returned to the bed and I had to put her toy in my mouth while I then had to fuck her with th toy….I could here here breathing get heavy and I could see her cum rolling down the toy.

This we did for 20 minutes. Then we just lay in the spoon position and just teased , but my Filipino sex goddesss was more interested in cum denial for me…….I could feel my cum building then she demanded as my dominatrix that I enter her doggy style and lose everything as this would be my supper later……I built up speed like a locomotive and finally shot lots of cum deep into her wet pussy.. We went to sleep and at around 4am I could feel a warm pussy over my mouth and cum falling onto my lips, my next enjoyable task was to lick her clean from our earlier sex…her cum and mine mixed, for the remainder of th morning we engaged in heavy petting.

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