I lie back in bed on soft pillows, sleepy after a long day. My pink nightgown is rucked up to my hips as I read a book. My olive-toned thighs and calves show down to my pink toes, and I don’t wear underwear. My long dark curls, damp from my bath, fan out on the white pillowcase.

I hear a noise and look up. A man stands in the doorway. He is of medium height, stocky, with broad shoulders. I don’t scream. I don’t make a sound. His blue eyes pierce my own brown ones. There is a jolt of connection, of knowing, even after two years. I did not expect to see him again.

Of course he can pick locks. He had been trained well in the service, as had I. I had last seen him in Turkey, his golden hair far lighter than it is now. His face was a mass of dark skin and freckles. Now it is fair.

I put down my book and fold my hands on my stomach, beneath my breasts. His eyes rake over those breasts, the nightgown’s buttons are gaping open, barely covering my dark nipples. His eyes travel down the rest of me, drinking me in. I spread my legs a little, and hear his breath catch as he sees my pussy. I shaved in my bath before bed. Maybe a small part of me knew he would come. I take my fingers and use them to push my lips wide open, pink flesh waiting.

He rushes towards the bed and my instincts, my fighter’s training, kicks in. He lands on me, pinning me down, and I hinge my legs around him and flip him so I am on top, staring down at him. My hands hold his wrists above his head, but my strength is no match for his. He pushes my hands off his wrist, grabs my nightgown and rips hard.

My breasts burst free, bouncing a little as I lean over him, grazing his face with my taught nipples. He’s hard as a rock, tenting his cargo pants.

“Mia,” he whispers, a plea and an angry submission.

He latches onto my nipple with his teeth, hurting me a little. I cry out in pain and pleasure. He gentles his mouth, suckling. He licks around the nipple then moves on to the other tit. I moan, a loud hum in my throat. He kisses my neck, biting again.

I am lost, my pussy is so wet it dampens the spot on his cargo pants where he is insistent, trying to enter me. He growls his frustration, and flips me, pushing me on my back, pulling off the rest of my ruined nightgown. He kisses his way down my stomach, licking and biting, worshiping and punishing my curves. His auburn stubble grazes my skin.

I moan again as he reaches the apex of my thighs. His eyes meet mine as he pushes his tongue into my wet center. I arch my back, making a mewling sound, my thighs squeezing around his head. I grip the covers hard as he drinks my juices, his mouth a wet suction, his tongue playing me like a musician. He moves his mouth back and forth and I lose it, bucking wildly screaming out.

“Graham!” I shout. The pleasure is unbearable and I am shaking. He grasps my ass, pulling me onto his tongue. I scream, cumming, my juices flowing onto his mouth.

He kisses my thighs then takes of his shirt and pants. He leans over me and I kiss him, tasting myself. I run my hands up his body and down. I grasp his cock then move down to his balls. I push him up until he straddles my face. I put his balls in my mouth, sucking, then lick my way up his cock. He groans, I suck his shaft like a fruit, running my hands up and down his ass, using my tongue and lips as he grips my hair. Suddenly he pulls out with a wet pop.

He flips me over roughly, then pulls me up so my ass is high and my tits are flattened against the covers. Without warning he slams deep into my tight cunt. I moan. It hurts a little. I am so unused to being filled. The last time was two years ago.

He sinks in, pushing slowly, controlling himself, simply nudging me. I relax and sigh. He increases his pace, grasping my hips. We make smacking sounds as he moves in me from behind. I whimper and he lifts me to fondle my breasts. He pushes in and out. For a time, we move in a deep, smooth rhythm.

I want him in my ass and I let him know, taking his rock hard cock with my hands, spreading my legs further and pushing him towards my ass.

He moans, a guttural sound, as he pushes slowly into my tight ass. My cum and juices are dripping off his cock, and it eases the passage. It hurts only briefly, but the pleasure of him filling such a tight space is so great, for him and for me. His hands hold my tits, but one reaches down to play with my clit. He pumps faster, in and out of my ass, his pace fast and hard. I come again, sobbing. He roars, and with three more deep thrusts, spills into me. He cums long, still thrusting. I feel his cream filling my ass.

We fall to the bed, breathing deeply. He rolls to the side and spanks my ass, then bends down to kiss the red cheek. I smile, but I cannot move a muscle and I lay on my stomach. I drift off to sleep, cum dripping out of me. In my sleep I feel a kiss on my forehead, on my eyes, on my mouth. He pulls me close to him, and we snuggle together. I sleep deeply for the first time in months.

When I wake up, my husband is gone.

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