Warm air rushed past Peter as he swung through the night. New York City lights whizzed by as he extended his arm and shot another string of web. He grabbed it while letting go of the previous one, and continued through the sea of tall buildings. Every so often, eagle-eyed citizens would call out as they spotted him.

“Go get ‘em Spidey!” someone shouted as the costumed hero flew by.

Spider-Man kept swinging until he reached an abandoned apartment building. He let go of his web and readied his limbs for impact on the brick wall. Clinging to the side of the structure, Peter crawled down to an open window and entered.

The small room before him was nearly empty. A mattress rested on the floor, and a few articles of female clothing were strewn about the place. The overhead light was missing a bulb, but the room was illuminated by the full moon’s glow. Peter jumped down from the window and set foot on the carpet.

Peter had taken only a few steps into the unfamiliar territory when a light tingle flashed through his brain. His Spider-Sense was alerting him. His web shooters were prepared when a small noise creaked from behind.

“Hello Spider,” the female voice softly said.

Spider-Man turned to the Black Cat and relaxed. As he let down his guard, he smirked under his mask.

“I was hoping you were Kingpin, he’s much prettier,” he quipped.

“Always with the jokes,” Black Cat commented, hopping down from the window with grace.

Felicia Hardy’s voice flowed like honey; her cadence always developed into a purr around Spider-Man. A night breeze lifted and blew her white hair in one direction, and Peter received her lovely scent for the first time. Her curves slinked over to him in her black, form-fitting costume. The outfit had white fur trim at the neckline, which plunged deep over her amazing cleavage. Peter tried not to realize how wonderfully it framed her incredibly large chest.

“I sure hope you aren’t the Chameleon, or being this close would be totally inappropriate,” Peter joked, feeling increasingly nervous with Cat’s proximity.

Peter could feel her breath on him and was desperately trying not to stare down her breasts. Black Cat slowly wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You get flustered so easily Spider,” she teased, her beautiful and masked face inching closer to his.

“So what business did you call me here for?” Peter tried to deflect.

Lifting his mask just above his lips, Felicia smiled.

“This is the business,” she answered, pressing her full lips to his.

Black Cat’s soft lips tasted sweet as they surprised Peter. She forced her tongue against his and grabbed the sides of his head. It took Peter a long moment to break away from her.

“Cat! What are you doing?” he stumbled, trying to deny his attraction.

“I’m just speeding the process along Spider, we both know you want me,” she stated as fact.

Peter took a small step back and scoffed.

“No! I don’t want you. I’m committed to Mary Jane,” Peter assured.

The Black Cat turned her body and pressed her back against Spider-Man. Her warmth spread from her form fitting costume to Peter’s strong body. She reached a hand up to his face.

“I know, that’s what makes this so much sweeter,” she whispered.

Felicia slid down Peter’s body slowly, allowing her curves to push against every inch of his midsection. Her hands followed the places on his body she had just rubbed up against. She slid back up his body, tracing his thighs with her fingers.

Peter was about to protest when the Black Cat pushed her gravity defying rear end right to his groin. Electricity shot up Peter’s body as his penis rested in between two tight lobes, teasing him. Felicia wrapped her arms behind her and gripped Peter’s lower back.

The Black Cat rolled her hips as she pressed Peter into her. Her firm ass danced in his groin and she felt his penis start to rise. Delighted to feel his tool coax to life, the Black Cat bent over, pressing more tightly to him, her ass still rolling over him with serious intent.

While trying to convince himself to pull away, he couldn’t help but notice how special the ass grinding on him was.

Felicia’s ass wasn’t just big; it was two massive lobes that bounced wildly when she walked. As she shook it on him, its elasticity went out of control. Her butt rippled and shimmied all over him. Most girls would have wished their breasts to be as big as Felicia’s two ass cheeks.

“Stop! This is wrong,” Peter weakly said, the pleasure of Felicia’s grinding distracting him.

“I feel you getting bigger, you don’t want me to stop!” the Black Cat observed, still pushing herself on him.

Felicia snapped up, and grabbed Peter’s hands. She pressed them against her large chest as she continued forcing her dancing ass on him. Spider-Man couldn’t stop his erection from growing as she squeezed her ass with his member stuck in between her cheeks.

“Oh I just knew you were huge. I dream about this cock. I’m so glad the reality is bigger than I hoped,” Felicia revealed, feeling the strong, erect member growing against her butt.

Peter was lost as the warm and curvy body explored him. His large penis was close to full mast as Felicia danced on him, and he could feel his costume tearing. It was not long before his erection tore through and stood strong in the air.

“Oh yes!” Felicia exclaimed when she felt the thick log hit her ass.

The Black Cat swiftly turned and kneeled in front of Spider-Man. His pillar was thicker than she expected and she marveled at its length. The broad head pulsed slightly and waited to be touched. Felicia raised a hand to grab the shaft.

“No! Don’t! I can’t do this,” Peter pleaded, not wanting to cross that line.

“Stop fooling yourself Spider, you have already given up. You need a slut like me in your life, and I need a big dick like yours,” the Black Cat said, taking his shaft in her hand.

Peter gasped as she held tightly to his rock hard cock and began stroking. Spider-Man threw his head back as pleasure shot up his body. He tried to make another protest, even though he knew it would fail.

“This isn’t right. I love Mary Jane,” he said, unable to stop the Black Cat from working his dick.

Felicia responded by massaging his leathery, clean balls. Spider-Man could manage no other thought than the heat forming in his lower region.

“These balls are so big, I bet they hold a huge load for me,” Felicia guessed, staring up at Peter with hopeful eyes.

Peter became flush and heat swept through his body. The thought of giving his semen to the Black Cat excited him in a way he did not want to admit.

The Black Cat lowered her head towards the turgid penis and Peter felt her breath on his head. She opened her mouth and held it just from reach of his pulsing pole. Peter looked down, waiting for the inevitable.

“Please..,” he trailed off.

The Black Cat pressed her lips over the enormous cock and fit it snugly in her mouth. Spider-man’s body tensed as she pushed inch after inch down her cavity. The Cat stopped when she encased all 10 inches. She let out a small cough as it gagged her throat.

“Your throat feels incredible,” Peter admitted, his final barriers falling.

Her warm mouth retreated down the length of his shaft and halted at his engorged head. Peter made a small noise as she teased it with her tongue. Before he tried to shove his hips forward, Felicia worked her way back down his penis, sucking hard. The pleasure shot through Peter like a rocket.

“Holy shit, that feels so good,” Peter confessed, his penis becoming even harder.

The Black Cat pushed her mouth down the rigid cock as far as possible and fucked it with her throat. Her eyes turned red as she punished herself, the huge head punching her. Tears rolled down her face as she refused to stop slobbering on the massive mast.

When the Black Cat felt she had choked herself appropriately, she swooped under the rigid pole and enveloped a huge testicle in her mouth. Peter was elated.

“I can’t hold my load for much longer, that feels too fucking good,” he warned.

Felicia stroked his shaft as she migrated to the other large testicle, sucking with ravenous intent. Peter’s balls tightened, his knees locked, and he prepared to unleash his pent up load.

“I’m gonna blow!” Spider-man shouted, crossing the precipice of pleasure.

Anticipating his release with excitement, the Cat broke the air-tight seal on his ball sack. She engulfed his concrete dick and allowed it to push into the depths of her throat. Its immensity was hard to contain, and she grabbed hold of his ass to ensure she kept it encased.

“Swallow my jizz!” Peter demanded, firing his first rope of cum.

Peter’s gelatinous load cannoned down Felicia’s throat, instantly causing her to gag. The Black Cat gripped tightly to the firm butt, forcing her body to accept the treat. The second shot of warm and sweet cum was larger than the first, and it tunneled through to Felicia’s stomach. Wave after wave continued to pummel into the seductress, causing her great pain and pleasure. It seemed like minutes before Peter stopped shooting sperm into her.

Felicia gulped the last of his delicious nectar and slid off his member with a loud popping sound. She looked up at the masked hero with a satisfied smile.

“I knew you would cum for me. You can’t help but love my warm and wet dick sucking can you?” she asked rhetorically.

The temptress rose slowly, pushing her curves against Peter as she did. Felicia backed away only a few inches and tugged at the low-cut opening of her costume.

“Oh I do want to let you see the big tits so badly Spider, but I just can’t yet,” she teased, pushing her breasts together enticingly.

“Why…why not?” Peter asked, his resolve nothing but shambles.

“Even though I know you loved shooting your load down my throat; even though I know you want to see these plump pumpkins; even though I know you would love to fuck me senseless; I still haven’t heard you admit it. So tell me. Shut the fuck up about Mary Jane and tell me how badly you want me,” Felicia demanded.

Peter could no longer deny what Felicia wanted him to admit. He surrendered to her.

“I want your body. I want it so badly,” he said, his anticipation growing.

“You don’t care that you are ‘committed’ to Mary Jane?” she questioned sweetly.

“I don’t fucking care! Let me see those huge tits!” he begged.

With her victory assured, Felicia smiled and pulled down her tight costume. Peter inhaled loudly when he saw her magnificent breasts.

The Black Cat freed her chest from the prison that held it, and ran her hands over the tremendous spheres. Her skin was silky and cream colored, and her small, rosy nipples sat perfectly in the middle of her pillows. The bountiful boobs rested high and proud on Felicia, and she stuck her chest out to display them pleasingly. Peter guessed they were at least F cups.

“Go ahead, grab them. I know you want to squeeze my big breasts,” the Black Cat urged.

Peter’s hands stretched towards the chest melons and he sunk his fingers into the angelically soft flesh. The pliability of her breasts mashed into his palms and he felt her hard nipples dig into him. His kneading was intense as he lost himself in the globes of perfection. Felicia cooed softly as she allowed the man to work her large breasts.

“I never knew someone so ‘committed’ to another could paw at these tits so feverishly. Someone so ‘committed’ shouldn’t like massaging these tits so much,” the Black Cat lectured, her successful seduction making her hot.

Peter responded by lifting the undersides of her fun bags and taking turns meeting his lips to her sweet nipples. Each nipple was rosy perfection, blessed with natural sweetness. Felicia threw her head back as her breasts were sucked.

“That’s it. Give in. Admit you love it,” Felicia laughed, pings of arousal shooting up her body.

“Your breasts taste so good. I love it,” Peter stopped sucking for a moment to say.

Felicia pushed his head in between her chest and jiggled her breasts in his face.

“You love them so much it makes you want to betray Mary Jane? You want to watch them bounce as you pound my oh-so-tight pussy?” she asked with a knowing smile.

Peter paused to feel the incredibly soft fun bags brush against and hit his face. The warmth and texture was perfect and his erection began to stand. The thought of entering her overtook him.

“Yes! I want to fuck you!” he said, his voice muffled by the huge breasts covering his head.

Felicia pulled away from Peter swiftly, prompting a moan from the enamored man.

“Be careful what you wish for Spider, I’m a lot to handle,” she responded.

The Black Cat peeled off her costume. The sleek material hugged her frame tightly and seemed reluctant to separate from Felicia’s smooth, pale flesh.

Peter noticed her tight and fit stomach, and toned, sexy legs as she removed her costume. But his favorite part of her full reveal was the beautifully shaped, pink pussy Felicia had. The small crevice was glistening slightly, wet from anticipation.

Felicia darted toward Spider-Man and pulled him down on top of her to the mattress. The thick head of his log rested at the entrance of Felicia’s crevice. The warmth coming from her was full of desire and tempting promise.

“Drive it in my cunt! Drive it in my cunt now!” the temptress ordered.

Spider-Man had no time to think. He immediately followed the order without question. Peter put his might behind his hips and drove his huge cock into the warm depths of the slut.

“I have never had a cock this fucking big!” Felicia yelled, as Peter reached her cervix.

Peter took his encouragement and thrust into his seductress with intensity. Her warm walls hugged him and accepted his thick cock. Building inside Spider-Man was frustration, anger, and bliss simultaneously. Peter yelled at the woman he was currently deep inside.

“I was so good before this, you slut! I never cheated! I never betrayed the girl I love! I didn’t think about other sets of huge breasts or other impossibly tight pussies! I didn’t think about other huge asses! You made me fucking do this! You made me palm your massive tits and fuck your hot cunt! You forced me to stick my cock in your unprotected pussy!” Peter seemed to lament, yet couldn’t stop pounding himself into the woman as her breasts bounced wildly.

“Oh yes, I’m sure I forced you to betray Mary Jane! My tits are just too big and soft! My ass is just too round and perfect! You had no choice but to pummel my tight, wet snatch!” Felicia mocked, grinding her hips in rhythm to Peter’s thrusts.

Peter pawed at Felicia’s enormous breasts as they fluidly bounced back and forth. He kneaded the soft pillows, losing himself in the perfect texture of her melons. Peter leaned down to suck on her delicious nipples.

“Oh you love it! You love pounding my cunt while licking at my big titties,” Felicia observed, her pleasure building inside her.

Spider-Man increased the speed he pounded Felicia, his penis stiffening inside her. Peter was nearing his climax, and the Black Cat knew her lover was going to blow.

“Is my snug snatch too much too handle? Are those heavy balls going to pump load after load of potent jizz into my womb? It’s so naughty of you to fuck me without protection. I could get so fucking pregnant,” Felicia evilly warned, wrapping her legs around Peter.

“Your pussy is so tight, Cat! It’s not my fault if I cum inside of you. I have no fucking choice! Blame this perfect cunt,” he accused, teetering on the edge of his release.

“I’m ready! I’m ready to carry your seed. I know I’m such a bitch for forcing you to cum in me. But I want your babies so fucking badly,” Felicia prepared, her pleasure reaching the precipice.

“I can’t cum inside you! I’m committed to Mary Jane!” Spider-Man argued, pushing deep into her repeatedly.

“If you are so committed, then stop fucking me!” Felicia dared, releasing her leg hold.

Peter was free to retreat. He was able to pull out from the heavenly crevice. Peter could have stopped his violent pounding. He was capable of not cumming inside Felicia’s fertile womb and impregnating her.

But he did it anyway.

“I CAN’T STOP, YOU EVIL WHORE! I’M CUMMING RIGHT NOW!” he hollered, his elation realized.

“I’M ORGASMING TOO! KNOCK ME UP!” Felicia screamed, her toes curling as her climax exploded inside her.

Peter cannoned his first rope of jizz into Felicia, his head pushed right against her cervix. The Black Cat wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and rubbed her clit against his pelvis. Peter fired another load of thick, potent semen into the fertile woman. He shot loads larger than he ever had before, coating the inside of Felicia’s womb with sperm. He lost count of how many times he blasted spunk into his lover.

As he shot his last spurt of jizz, Felicia came down from her intense climax. Both breathed heavily, fully satisfied.

“I knew you could do it. I knew you could fuck me full of your seed,” Felicia said, biting the lobe of Peter’s ear.

Peter said nothing in response. He couldn’t believe he just came inside Felicia. She would probably get pregnant. He betrayed Mary Jane, and he loved doing it.

The two stayed entangled for a long moment, Felicia ensuring her womb would be fertilized. When she felt it was certain she was with child, she scooted off Peter’s penis.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” Peter noted, guilt starting to creep over him.

The Black Cat flipped her lovely form and steadied on all fours. Her luscious rear end stuck high in the air, and she swung her beautiful white hair to one side. She gave the two round lumps a few shakes, and their fluid motion mesmerized Peter.

“You did the right thing. It’s impossible to not want me. It’s impossible to not want to feel the inside of my asshole,” Felicia assured, smiling with her new proposal.

Peter became wide eyed and inhaled.

“I can’t do that! I haven’t even done that with Mary Jane!” Peter objected.

“Then I’ll show you what you are missing out on,” the Black Cat laughed.

Felicia pushed her butt on Peter’s penis, it resting in between her two large cheeks. When her warmth rubbed against him, his dick began to harden, unable to deny his need.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll fuck your butt! I will fuck this huge butt!” he surrendered.

Felicia spread her ass widely and revealed her small, pink asshole. It was much smaller than her already incredibly tight pussy and Peter wondered how he could ever fit inside. Regardless, as his penis reached full mast, he pressed his head to the hot opening.

“I’m going to scream and wail, but don’t even think about stopping your decent into my ass,” the Black Cat warned, her excitement hardly contained.

Peter shoved his enormous cock into Felicia’s butthole.


“That’s only my head you slut,” Peter snarled, the tight rectum sucking his penis in like a vacuum.

Peter wasted no time forcing in the rest on his entire length. He rammed his dick inside the asshole until his pelvis hit Felicia’s two perfect butt cheeks. Without the assistance of lubricant, the entry into her cavern caused great pain.


Peter’s massive rod retreated from the taboo cavern and almost left it. Before he was to slip out from the glorious hole, he plummeted back into Felicia with all of his might.

“OW! FUCKING OW!” the delighted woman shrieked, painful pleasure enveloping her body.

“What the fuck is this? This asshole is unbelievable! It’s the tightest thing I’ve ever felt!” Peter stated as he started to thrust.

“Yes! Drill me in the ass! I don’t want to sit for a week without the reminder of your huge cock inflicting this pain!” Felicia shouted over her shoulder.

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