The Church of the Sacred Light, the iron fist that keeps the Empire in control of its people. Keeping the everyman in place. The Church’s laws acting as the foundation of the Empire’s government. Its dogma keeping them in fear. The Church and the Monarch a marriage that has ruled the people’s lives for hundreds of years. And when there is a threat to this communion the elite holy Knights, The Shining Blades fight it back. The most powerful in battle and the most devout to the faith of the Shining Blades was Zion.

Threats like The Evil warlock Zoloumbur, whose immoral, and outlawed dark magic was more powerful than anything that had been seen in the Land for generations. His army of orcs, trolls, giants, and other uncivilized races combined with the masses of vile creatures he summoned from the flames of Phloghetous themselves had been laying to waste the outer villages for months. He set out to take over the Empire in the name of his dark lord, and he had almost succeeded, until the day he meet Zion and the Shining Blades on the Field of battle. It was Zion that brought the warlock to his fate, but not without a price. Many of Zion’s brothers were killed, His most prized shield destroyed during the battle, his sword, as legendary as he was, lost.

It is the night after the decisive battle. The sheep rest knowing that their borderline tyrannical and theocratic government has kept them safe once again, not a free thought in their minds. Yet, a new threat is about to bring life into an old dark power in the name of shaking the status-quo, with hopes of toppling the antiquated way of life, all the while bringing the self-righteous to their knees.


He went into the tavern, not to drink, for the consumption of alcohol was frowned on by the church, and forbidden for the Shining Blades. He was not even there to interact with the other patrons, for he would not be caught dead interacting with drunkards, but he was there just to be around the everyman, to be alone, without being lonely. He ordered a large glass of milk and sat down at an empty table.

He scanned the room; the tavern was crowded, but he only took notice of one. A woman with long raven hair. A perfect black, she had a tall cup of expensive Elven wine in her hand that matched her bold blood-red lips. He could not tell much of her figure, her dark clothes were not form-fitting and bedsides, he was a Shining Blade, staring at a woman’s body was below him. What he could notice were piercing ice blue eyes. Chilling blue eyes that were looking right at him. He became uncomfortable. Nervous, he cleared his throat as he fidgeted in his creaky wooden chair. She got up from her table and began to move towards him like a hungry lioness that just found its next meal.

Without a word she pulled out a chair from the table at which the knight was sitting and sat down, wine still in hand. From a distance he thought her hair was black as a raven’s feather, but up close he noticed the hints of dark blue, which only served to increase the beauty of those eyes. Blue like crystal waters, the kind of waters that on a hot day you just wanted to strip and dive into. Her ample bosom was fully covered, not a bit of skin was showing, but that did not stop the weary warrior from gazing at them. She softly cleared her throat. He thought she would be offended, but she was smirking.

He tried to speak to her “Uh. Greetings. I am, ahh.”

“Zion the pure,” she interrupted “Zion the Brave, Evil’s Bane, Guardian of Justice. Protector of the Light. And now ‘The Warlock Slayer” her voice thick with false admiration “Tell me, how do you keep all those ridicules titles straight?” She asked with a cruel smirk on her wine stained lips.

“I…I… I have earned them.” finally recovering from the daze that her beauty had left him in, now that he felt her attacking his honor “For each title there is a story of heroism and bravery.” She was disinterested, and once again cut him off.

“Mmhm, that’s nice. Answer me this Zion the pure, is it true that The Shining Blades take vows of chastity?” her foot brushing the inside of his leg.

“Um, ahh. Y..yes. It is.” why was he stammering, he thought to himself, he knew the answer to that question.

“How dreadfully dull.” she replied with a look on her face that he could not read.

“Dull? My life has meaning, joy, and fulfillment. And I have accomplished all that without ever touching a woman.” he stated proudly.

“So you do it with each other then?”

Of course not!” he exclaimed, insulted. “How outrageous! Have you come here just to insult me?”


Her demeanor went from playful, amused, and smug to something far more serious and sinister. “Oh yes, I know your organization’s position, and I know how it has used its ‘Shining Blades’ to punish the innocent, and even ending the lives of some, just for loving someone.” Her finer circled around the edge of her glass.

“It’s unnatural.”

“Oh trust me, there are more unnatural things that are far more dangerous for you to be worried about. Have you ever heard of The Sisterhood of Winter’?” she asked taking a sip.

“They were a group of sorceresses before the Golden Era of the Church of Light started, they were man hating, they sought to bring and rule a matriarchal society with the power of their darkest of magic.”

“Silly boy, they didn’t hate men. They just felt them inferior.”

“Did you just call me ‘boy’? Do you have any idea who I am?” Arrogance and insult thick in his voice.

Her look became gentle and sweet, and she softly grabbed his arm “Oh I’m sorry, all I wanted was to bring this to the attention to the most powerful, most holy knight in all the land. The one man who I know is going to play a pivotal role in all of this. After all, it was the Shining Blades that brought those evil women to justice last time”

“It is alright.” Too pleased with himself and his Order to pick up on the irony in her voice. “Now tell me of these rumors.”

“Oh I’d love to.” She looked around and then whispered “But not here, too many prying ears. I have bought a room upstairs, join me.” Not a request. A statement, an order, and one that he followed without question. He followed her up the stairs to her room, his eyes on her swaying hips, thinking thoughts that his god would be ashamed of. Though her top was loose fitting, she did not wear a skirt, but tight leather pants An elven style, something that the conservative women of the area would not dream of wearing.

The door shut behind them. She sat stretched out on the edge of the bed. Legs crossed, arms behind her, arching her back, putting her perfectly shaped, large, yet fully covered breasts on display.

“Disrobe.” She told him. One thousand voices in his mind screamed and told him to run, to flee from the temptation. But one look at her and all those voices ceased. He trembled, but did as she said. First his cloak, the Crest of the Shining Blades proudly embroidered on it in gold, then his shirt, his trousers, every article of clothing until he was down to his undergarments. It was her turn to drink him in, her eyes going over every perfectly toned muscle. She bit her lower lip, and motioned for him to remove the last bit covering his nakedness.

“No, of course not.” She said to him comfortingly as she got up from the bed and moved towards him. Then in one swift motion that the knight hardly saw, let alone could do anything about she grabbed a long knife that she was hiding, strapped to her inner thigh and with one quick twitch of her wrist the only garments left on him were cut and slipped down his strong legs fully revealing himself. She looked down and smiled, then she let out a slight giggle, which quickly evolved into harsh and full blown laughter. “How disappointing” she managed to get out. “Predictable too. I always knew that you ‘Shining Blades’ all had tiny cocks.”

He opened his mouth to argue but had no words.

“Do you object? have you seen many cocks of your fellow knights?” She regained control of her demeanor still gazing at the holy knight’s short sword, “I’ve seen smaller, not many but I have seen smaller. Then again I’ve seen so many more so much larger.”

“Can we still?” He stopped, too ashamed to finish his question.

“Can we still what?” She burst out once more in a cruel laughter “You thought I was going to let you touch me with that insignificant thing? Look at you in a cheap, shady room of a tavern. You have exposed yourself to a women whose name you do not even know thinking she would pleasure you. Tisk, tisk. Hardly sounds like the behavior of a Shining Blade. Especially when you find out who and what I am.”

“What do you mean ‘Who and what you are’?” the knight asked, naked and confused.

“Still have not figured it out yet?” She lowered the neck of her top right, revealing the mark of a snowflake right before where those mounds of flesh he was so desperate to see began.

The paladin gasped in disbelief, “No, you can’t be, they were all wiped out!”

“Murdered you mean. Regardless I told you that I had news of their return.”

“This was all a trick, a trap. You knew that I could stop your plan of restoring your evil cult, you even said about me “playing a pivotal” role in it all. I could slay you right here on the spot, and put an end to all of this right now.” His forehead was covered in beads of sweat as his eye frantically searched for his new sword.

She laughed, her joy feeding off of his distress. “You are so frightened. I have not even done anything to terrify you, yet.” With a rise of her hand, he found himself in the air. “Taste my power you pompous little prick.” she flicked her wrist and he was tossed onto the large bed. Before he could blink she was on top of him. Her knees placed on either side of his waist. She pinned him down with ease. With all the strength he could muster he tried wrestling her off but he could not. There was something supernatural about it, as if she had summoned chains forged from the fires of hell to tie him down. Nonetheless, he fought and struggled until he had no strength or energy left in his body.

Are you done now?” she asked when he stopped squirming. Her hands ran up and down his body, feeling every muscle. Her eyes for a brief second betraying her as they soaked in every inch of his statuesque figure, she whispered softly to the point that he was almost unable to hear “Magnificent.”

“What do you want from me?” He panted, his large brown eyes revealing his vulnerability as he looked at her in fear and awe.

“I am a very busy woman, with a lot to do.” She said looking down at him, her hands still softly running along his chiseled chest “And with many enemies. As you can see I have the ability to take care of myself, but I hate drawing unwanted attention and magic scares the narrow minded halfwits that inhabit and control this Empire, I could use someone skilled with a blade to act as my body guard and servant. I would like you to accompany me on my journeys, doing the assignments that I give you without question.”

“I…I cannot do that. I am a Shining Blade, I belong to the Empire and the Church of the Sacred Light. I have taken oaths.”

Feeling another long winded speech coming on she brought it to a halt by bewitchingly whispering in his ear. “Then break them.” She softly touched his forehead with her fingers and visions came to his mind. Everything he knew that one could do with a woman, and so many more that he did not, rushed to his mind, his small member, which had already been hard, was now pulsing, he felt that he was about to explode , then the visions sharply faded as she let go of his mind.

“Deny your way of life” she whispered in his ear again “your virtues and vows. Deny your god. And everything you just saw may come to pass.”

Though his body had been exhausted of stamina, his will still held firm, if at least for the moment. “I will do no such thing, you vile temptress, you cannot break me.”

The Sorceress smirked “Oh how I do love a challenge. It just makes my sure victory all the sweeter.” She touched his forehead in the same way and more visions entered his mind. Visions of her teasing and tempting him with her perfect body but never giving him a touch or taste, delivering blows to his member, leading him around on a leash like a mule. Her exposing his ‘short comings’ in front of other women who were almost as beautiful and vicious as her, beating him with rods, whips, spat on him, the pain and humiliation causing him to fall to his knees and weep. She then shook him from the visions as she grasped his balls. With her other hand her fingernails ran down his solid chest, like diamond cutting a stone, and he cried out in pain. She raked his chest over and over leaving red trails, in spots even blood.

“Oh god” he cried out.

“God?!” she clamped his balls in her hands, again proving to be so much stronger than she looked, “there is no god.” her grip tightened “only your Goddess.”

She got up from the bed and began to walk towards the door. He was speechless, his eyes again on her hips. She turned her head, the look she gave him burned a hole in him and froze him all at the same time. “Did I give you permission to stare?” she said in a harsh tone that stung worse than the scratch marks. She turned around fully and motioned for him to follow her with her fingers. He was afraid to find out what would happen if he listened to her, but he was even more afraid to find out what would happen if he didn’t. He followed suit, and once again stood before her naked. She was the same height as the paladin, but somehow it seemed that she always looked down at him, and he up at her.

She pointed at the floor in front of her. “Kneel.”

“I am a Shining Blade.” He said desperately trying to hold onto the last shreds of his dignity “I only kneel for my Emperor, The High Priestess, and my God.” She sharply kneed him in the fork of his legs, and with that the proud knight fell to his knees before the dark sorceress.

“Close your eyes” she ordered him, and of course, he did. He could hear the snap of her undoing her Elven Leather britches followed by a sound that he had never heard as she let out a soft moan, and another snap. “Open your eyes, and look up.” from the moment he had laid eyes on her he always thought her beautiful and somehow terrible, but seeing her from this angle added so much to both elements. “Open your mouth.” his jaw dropped like it did the first time he saw the swaying of her hips. “Take part in my communion, Taste your new addiction.” She said as she placed two of her fingers in his mouth. “Suck.” She did not have to tell him, he already was, making sure he got every bit of her nectar. “Good boy.” She responded, pleased.

She walked around him apprising him like one would a farm animal about to be purchased. “Seducing a Paladin is fantastic enough, in fact it has become a sport among us more promiscuous women to unsanctify you lot.” In front of him again she muttered other words, softer, yet harsher. He had no idea what they were but they instilled a gut wrenching fear in him. The fear quickly grew even more so when he saw that growing from the sorceress, Eldritch energy in the shape of a cock, three times as long as his, and twice its girth was now protruding from her. “But the fact that I am going to fuck you in your ass, before that little sorry shriveled excuse for a cock has ever found a cunt to dissatisfy or even a mouth for that matter.” She began to stroke the abomination, and let out a soft moan “Well, that just makes my cock throb.” He wanted to scream in terror yet not a sound came from his lips, but really there was no need, his eyes did all the screaming for him.

“Do you like it?” she asked still stroking it. “I knew you would. There are many Shining Blades that love to be pegged, and many powerful women willing to do so. Poor girls though, they use fake cocks made from such things as stone or ivory. They do it for the feeling of empowerment. They get off solely on that, but me, with this I get the same pleasure from using this as you would” She stopped herself “Excuse me, as a real man would using his.” With her power she once more lifted him up and tossed him around, this time bent over the foot of the bed, she walked over and swatted at his ass with her unholy strength.

“Oh how I would love to fuck you this way, just to pound it into you that I am the Alpha, and you, are the bitch. But no, not this first time.” she pulled him up, turned him around, and pushed him onto the bed. “I want you to spread your legs for me,” The same force that pinned his hand down before maneuvered his hands by his head once more, his feet flat on the bed, knees pointed up in the air, his legs separated far enough to cause pain in his groin. “I want to take you like a blushing bride, like the prudish virgin you are. Most of all though, I want to see the fear and pain in your eyes.” She got on her knees between his legs and teased his hole with her cock. His entire body grew tense “Do not clench, it will just make the pain even worse. On second thought, clench all you wish.” he wanted nothing more than to scream in fear. He had fought orcs, trolls, giants, held his own against entire armies, by himself had even slain a dragon, all without fear. This though, this was too much for his will. Finally the sorceress grew bored of the teasing, and thrust her cock, penetrating him for the first time. His eyes widened, he gasped in pain, she gasped in pleasure, and let out a soft moan. “Mmh~. There are very few things as delectable as sticking your cock into a virgin asshole.”

She was unforgiving as she pounded away, but even though she was hard on him, the pain and shock began to be overtaken by a new sensation, one so strong he could not deny it, even though he knew it was wrong. Pleasure. She violated him, over and over, with each deep penetration he forgot about the vows he had taken, the scriptures he had memorized, he forgot about the empire, the church, The Shining Blades, and even his god, the only thing that mattered was her. At first his gaze was on the way her covered tits bounced as she relentlessly plowed into him, then his eyes found something even more erotic, those eyes. The sounds coming from her lips a hypnotic melody of moans and as it kept going, evolving screams. He surrendered. “Oh Goddess~” he yelled, giving the dark enchantress’ mind and body what it needed to reach euphoria, the symphony coming from her lips arriving at the zenith of its crescendo, and then all at once coming to a stop. Her body collapsed on top of his for a brief second, but she soon regained composure. She got up, her magical member now gone, and like before took a few steps to the door and then turned around.

“Now let’s try this again” She motioned with her fingers for him to come towards her, and he did. He stood before her, his eyes not even being able to meet hers. “Kneel.” He complied. Not a word of all that “I only kneel for my Emperor, The High Priestess, and my God.” talk from before. He bent his knee to her eagerly.

“Abandon your duties as a Shining Blade. Turn your back on your god. Follow, pleasure, and serve me. Build a new life out of doing my will.”

“Yes, My goddess.”

“Good, I knew I could get you to see things my way.” She glowed in victory.

“Yes Goddess.” a strange impulse had crossed his mind, on that he was begging to give into “May I kiss your feet Goddess?” he asked meekly.

“I did not tell you to, but the fact that you asked shows promise. You are not allowed to touch my body without my order, or permission. I was going to tell you the same about looking, or even thinking about it. But really if you do it will just make things more difficult for you, look all you want. Think about it, and want it all you like. But yes my pet, you may kiss my feet.”

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