“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

Ch. 01 C’est la gare

I am not sure where to begin, so let me start with my best friend, my ‘big’ Sis.

As far back as I can remember, I always looked up to Sis. Sis is smart, kind, and very personable. Even when I did not necessarily need her opinion, I sought it out. I enjoyed the attention and her perspective on life.

Please keep reading because the eulogy is concluded. I realize you get the picture.

If you had seen Sis’s physical attributes before reading this, you probably wouldn’t have believed a word I’ve written, so far. I can understand that.

For starters, Sis has an energetic, slightly freckled face, adorned with short, reddish brown hair, lively green eyes, and a luscious wide mouth.

Sis is not heavyset, on the contrary. At 5′ 2″, Sis is only 105 pounds or so. She has an hourglass waist with hips that barely flare out.

Sis’s physique does not lend itself to a female, who wears a 32D cup, but she does. What’s more, Sis really doesn’t need a bra to shape her breasts into a nice forward, round, full shape. She’s all natural.

Sis’s best asset is behind her. She has a perfectly proportioned ass with a deep, smoothly sculptured crack dividing her round, firm cheeks.

During my late teens, I would long for summer so that I get endless opportunities to see Sis’s curvy ass when she sunbathed. Sis had a fine collection of thong bottoms and was never bashful about showing some skin or butt.

Yes, I knew I shouldn’t be lusting after my own sister, but I dreaded the thought of being without her. My cock heartily agreed.

By HS, Sis soon became the only girl I could focus on. All I could think about and all I wanted was her.

Knowing my feelings about my Sis, you could probably understand why my teenage mind conjured up endless fantasies about her and why I had so many wet dreams about Sis, when I went through puberty.

One of my favorite dreams that guaranteed me waking up splattered was dreaming about crawling into Sis’s warm bed, when it was thundering and lightening outside.

Sis was a little scaredy-cat when came to summer storms. She never got out of the habit of curling up in bed, in the fetal position, and pulling the covers over her head.

When I crawled into Sis’s bed, Sis would be wearing a tight white t-shirt, which bulged with the weight of her naked breasts, and a pair of black nylon panties. These panties were so sheer that when her round cheeks separated, you could not only see the deep furrow between them, but her pink, rectal pigment.

I would snuggle up to Sis, wrap my arm around her waist, and pull her ass right up against my bare genitals. Eventually, the heat from our loins and my lust would become too much and my naked cock would begin to slowly stiffen.

Even though Sis was sleeping, she would involuntarily react to the expanding erection lying between her ass cheeks. She would gently begin humping my hard shaft.

Soon,the stimulation from the silky, nylon panties massaging the sensitive skin under my cockhead would cause my precum to ooze out. As the wet spot on Sis’s panties grew, so would my burning desire for her ass.

I never worried about Sis’s reaction as I would, unhesitatingly, ease her over onto her flat stomach and shamelessly pull her panties down over her smooth cheeks. Somehow, Sis knew it was me and would reach back and spread her cheeks taut.

Moments later, I would mount Sis’s warm ass. Her nipples would instantly harden as I eased my thick and rigid cock into her snug hole.

Sis would just sigh and pleasingly squeeze her sphincters around my throbbing, still cock, when it was deep inside her. Our anal tranquility never lasted long.

As her g-spot swelled and balls began to ache, we would begin the slightest rocking movements, until – there was no stopping us. I would relentlessly ravish her gorgeous, bucking ass, causing her bed to shake and make loud squeaking sounds.

Fully awake now, Sis would glance back at me and mutter, “Oh yeah! That’s right! Fuck my ass! Cum in me! Show me how much you love me…”

Right before I would cum, I would grab Sis’s ass cheeks, and pull her ass into my groin in last frenzied thrust. I wanted to be as deep in her ass as possible. I wanted her buttery bowels to feel my hot seed spurting into them, before I inundated her intestines with my cum.

As I came, I would be saying, “Oh, god! Your ass is so hot… I love cumming in your ass… Do you feel me cumming in you…”

Right before I finished cumming in Sis, I would hear the bedroom door, quietly open. I would look back at the door and see our Stepmom staring at us.

“I know what you two are doing! I’ve been standing outside this door listening…”

I would immediately yank my cock out of Sis’s spunked ass and quickly cover it with one of Sis’s pillows, as the last of my sperm dribbled out of it. For some reason, I would envision the pillowcase in the morning light. It would be stained a pale yellow.

Most often, I would wake-up at this very moment. I did not even have to touch my groin to figure out why it was warm and wet.

Sometimes, my cock would remain hard after I came. If it did, I would continue dreaming about Sis.

I would fantasize about dropping to my knees and eating her juicy pussy out as she sat on a lounge chair, legs spread, by the pool. I would eat her out ’til she begged for mercy. Her girlfriends would always watch.

It would never take me long to orgasm, even the second time. I would then immediately go back to sleep.

After a couple of years of countless wet dreams, almost daily masturbation, and endless heartache, everything changed in my life. All my fantasies about Sis became a reality. No longer would I be resigned to the harsh truth that fantasies never come true.

During a family, Christmas holiday, which I entitled ‘Meet the Stepmom’s Parents’, I discovered Sis in thee act. I had unexpectedly returned to the tennis courts of Stepmom’s super rich parents for my racquet, which I had accidently left behind.

When I saw the tennis instructor’s car, still parked at the courts, I automatically became teenage inquisitive. No one was on the courts and there was no one in the car.

Curious, I decided to walk down a small path that led into a wooded area. I had only walked about fifty feet, when I heard moaning. I quickly ducked behind a tree and then cautiously peaked around it.

Standing behind Sis, the instructor had one hand on her naked back and with the other, was holding his stiff cock. I could hardly breathe. Sis was completely naked.

Sis grabbed his shaft and rubbed it across her pussy lips to get it slick. When she was satisfied, she bent over, pushed her ass back, and slowly impaled herself on the entire length of the instructor’s hard cock.

After they paused to adjust themselves, Sis began rocking back and forth and pushing her ass back against the instructor, forcing his cock all the way up her. Although Sis’s eyes were shut tight, she smiled every time her pussy was stuffed.

Sis’s braless breasts started bobbing and swinging wildly, when the instructor took control and began to hammer her from behind. I would have given anything to have one of those voluptuous titties in my mouth.

Feeling an overwhelming, urgent need for gratification, I yanked my shorts down to my knees. My cockhead was completely wet from precum.

As I shifted my eyes back to Sis’s sexy, white ass cheeks rippling from the thrusting and jolting of the glistening hard cock between her cheeks, I subconsciously wrapped my hand around my swollen scrotum and slowly began to milk my balls. The visual and physical stimulation had my head swimming.

At some point, Sis looked over her shoulder and said something to the instructor. I sort of thought she said something about “ass”, but wasn’t sure. The instructor just nodded and grinned.

Sis and the instructor then moved around to grassy area, where Sis got down on all fours. The instructor moved behind her and pressed his cock directly into Sis’s pink-circled anus.

Grunting with effort, the instructor pushed his slick, helmet-headed cock into Sis’s anus. Sis yelped in sudden pain as her sphincter fought to adjust to the large intruder.

However, Sis’s wiggling bottom only encouraged the instructor’s lust to override any concerns he may have had for her tight ass. He just kept pushing his stiff cock into Sis’s rectum, until it was completely buried.

I could only imagine the burning and straining sensations Sis was feeling. The instructor had not stopped to let her rectum adjust.

With my own penchant for anal – I had never, yet, found a women’s ass I didn’t want to explore with my hard cock – in my ‘fuck’ magazines. Yet, it was not in me to force my hard cock up a squealing woman’s butt hole. Nevertheless, I was jealous watching Sis’s heavy breasts roll back and forth as the instructor squatted over her smooth, white haunches and butt-fucked her.

Suddenly, the instructor shuddered and jerked. I guess Sis’s tight ass would make any man cum long before he wanted, too.

As the instructor’s balls were emptying into Sis’s poop chute, his cell went off. Startled, I jumped. As Sis’s head began to turn toward my location, I ducked back behind the tree.

The instructor, with his cock still in Sis’s ass, cursed and then answered the phone. Hopefully, he had distracted Sis. She certainly didn’t say anything – if she had seen me.

After the instructor hung-up, he pulled out of Sis’s soaked ass with a grunt, walked to her front, gripped her by the hair, and then forced his gooey cock into her mouth. I was shocked to see Sis suck it clean. To my further amazement, Sis peeled back his foreskin, exposing the stained plum head and licked and cleaned it, too!

The instructor said something to Sis and then zipped up. I panicked. He couldn’t help but walk right past me, but he didn’t. He took the alternate path back to his car.

“What a guy,” I thought as I peeked back around the tree. Sis was sitting on the ground, naked, with her ass full of his cum.

After a couple of minutes, Sis reclined, drew her knees up to her breasts, and reached down to her spread cheeks. Sis then inserted her thumb into her freshly fucked ass and placed her forefinger, on her clit! Apparently, she hadn’t gotten off.

I knew the feeling. Sometimes after sex with a date, I couldn’t wait to get home, look at porn, and masturbate. I usually came a couple of more times, before I was satisfied. Cumming was so enjoyable!

All of a sudden, our eyes met. I heard Sis’s ass make an audible slurp from the quick withdrawal of her thumb as my hand tried to cover my cock.

An instant later, I decided to stop the charade. It knew it was now or never.

I unabashedly walked over to Sis and stood in front of her, gripping my hard cock. I smiled down at Sis and said, “I am sorry. I couldn’t help but watch the woman who gave me my first erection… I have never stopped fantasizing about you…”

After an eternity, Sis’s eyes softened and slowly dropped to my hard cock. Seconds later, her nipples hardened, again. Although I did promise myself never to forget this moment, it was not necessary.

My thoughts were interrupted, when I heard a voice from far away say, “Me, too.”

I refocused my eyes. Sis’s right hand, perhaps, subconsciously, was pulling on one of her erect nipples. Neither one of us had anything more to say at that moment.

I kneeled down in front of Sis and began to mount her, as she willingly leaned back and grabbed my cock. Sis’s hand guided me into the first hole she encountered. Neither Sis nor I cared which hole.

After pausing to allow Sis to accommodate me in her wet, tight hole, I began slowly stroking my cock in and out and back and forth. Soon, Sis was basking in the pleasure of being thoroughly sodomized.

When Sis began to lift her hips in response, I cupped her breasts with my hands to steady myself. Although the weight of her boobs surprised me, I began to accelerate my thrusting.

Suddenly, Sis sobbed and thrust her bottom down the entire length of my rigid cock, impaling herself. I felt her pussy contract hard and her rectum squeeze my cock like it was a fist.

Sis was cumming! Her face contorted and her sexy mouth widened into a perfect ‘O’ right before she began moaning, “Ooohhh. Ooohhh. Ooohhh.”

Moments later, as Sis’s petite body heaved and as

her pussy juice splashed against our thighs, a warm glow passed through me. I had just made Sis cum!

After Sis’s orgasms subsided, I freed my throbbing cock from her sucking rectum, and stroked it for a minute, as I stared at her glistening, slightly open, button-shaped anal ring. It was tantalizing – gaping open a half inch or so.

Having seen and paused long enough, I slowly pushed my swollen erection back into her. When I was in all the way, I began pumping away in her ass. It was mine now.

Sis’s eyes were barely open. She looked so vulnerable. I wondered if Dad and Stepmom had any idea how much of a slut their beautiful daughter was when they looked at her graduation picture. Knowing that Sis could act like a whore only turned me on more.

The only sounds Sis made now were short grunts as I butt-fucked her. When my lengthened thrusts bottomed out in her loosened rectum, I would pull my cock so far out of her that I would nearly pull it free of her gripping anal sphincter, before ramming it back in. It was glorious fun.

However, after a few more thrusts, it was my turn to start uncontrollable grunting. I adjusted my angle one last time and pushed my aching cock all the way up Sis’s relaxed rectum. I then grinded it hard into her a couple of times, before I hollered, “I’m cumming! Aaahhh. Aaahhh.”

I counted one, two, three spurts, before euphoria swept over me. My orgasm was mind-blowing.

When Sis felt my hot cum shooting into her rectum, she pushed her entire weight against my groin and wiggled her ass, encouraging my sperm to run deep into her bowels. I did not want that moment to ever end.

After I had finished unloading a week’s worth of stress deep inside my Sis’s rectum, she reached up and lovingly kissed my mouth. It felt good to be kissed like that, especially, after the ass-fucking I just gave her.

“Jeez! That was a huge fucking load! You gave a sperm enema little brother,” Sis murmured. I smiled in appreciation.

Being a woman of the world, Sis followed up her pronouncement by asking if I had completely emptied my balls. I just smiled and said, “Wait ’til dark.”

Sis then closed her eyes tight and grunted as her sphincter forced my gooey cockhead out of her dilated anus. When it popped out, I kissed Sis on the cheek and then started to help her up. However, when she saw my semi-hard cock leaking a little cum, she opened her mouth.

The way Sis’s full lips wrapped around my soiled, swollen cockhead almost made me sorry, I had ejaculated all my sperm into her hot ass. As it was, Sis did nurse a couple of drops out as she greedily sucked my cock clean.

When Sis finally let go of my cock, I wistfully pulled my shorts back up and I looked over at her. She had not moved.

Sis gave me a pained look and then rubbed her tummy. I walked away to give her a little privacy.

Although Sis tried lady-like, there was no graceful way to shit all of the cum out of her bowels. Finally, she just closed her eyes and with her face fixed in concentration, grunted hard and loud, forcing the conglomeration of sperm out her ass.

As squishy fart sounds erupted out of Sis’s beautiful ass; the ass that I lusted after and had just fucked, I tried to think about the weather. That didn’t work.

After Sis was through, she remained in her squat. She had the, “Whoops, I just ate the canary,” look on her face.

This time it took me a couple of seconds to figure her look out. When I did, I walked up to her, and handed her some old tissues that I had in my pocket.

Despite our attempts to clean-up, we both smelled like sex – anal sex. Sis’s breath wasn’t that great either.

Before heading back up the road and to our grandparent’s house, Sis and I leaned against each other, kissing and whispering about how great it would be if we could go to bed together every night and have each other all night long – forever. Yes, Sis and I had officially fallen for each other.

Sis also confided that when she knew I was up late, she would get down on all fours, crawl to my bedroom door, and look through the key hole.

Sis laughed, saying her mission was to catch me lying on my side, jerking off as I watched porn.

I learned many more things about Sis that day. For example, Sis could cum from breast stimulation alone! Sis also confided that that was the first time she enjoyed anal sex.

I reciprocated and described her role in my wet dreams. Boy, did she ask questions about that!

The rest of the holiday passed in a blur. Sis and I fucked each other silly whenever we could get away or be alone in the house.

Our favorite place was on the deserted beach, at night. We loved to hear the breaking waves as we made love.

Sis liked to stretch out on a beach towel, naked from the waist down, with her legs hoisted over my shoulders. She loved having me eat her delicious pussy and lick her sweet anus as she stared into the night sky, observing the twinkling stars.

After Sis was satiated, she would get into my favorite position – prone. I liked it when she spread her cheeks, so that I could slowly work my hard cock into whatever hole she had chosen, inch by beautiful inch.

Sis is all I ever wanted.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.


Yesterday, Melinda called me. I hadn’t talked to her in a couple of months. I was excited to hear from her, especially, since she said was horny and wanted some action.

Melinda worked as a cocktail waitress and, from what she said, was doing darn good. I did not have any problem believing that. Her radiant smile was contagious and the time I saw Melinda, she was blossoming into a real beauty.

Melinda is 19, petite, with an incredible body. Her flexibility skills are awesome. The little waif is a fuck monster.

Melinda got so horny, during our last sex adventure that she let several guys use her ass as a cum bucket. The little girl Sis used to babysit loved it up the ass and the bigger the better.

I picked Melinda up the following Saturday night. We stopped for a drink and then headed to the park.

We parked close to the public toilets. That is usually where all the action is.

As we walked into the men’s restroom and rounded the corner, our eyes immediately lit up, and we stopped. Two young man were scrambling to pull their pants up and over their bare asses and erect cocks.

Before I could say anything, the duo quickly walked by us and out the door. Melinda and I just looked at each other and smiled.

There were three stalls and three urinals in the restroom. Melinda and I went into the first stall.

I put a paper cover over the seat as Melinda hitched up her fuck-me skirt, pulled down her red thong, and sat on the toilet. We smiled at each other as she unabashedly began pissing like a racehorse.

Although the sun was setting and there were shadows galore in the restroom, I could easily see the large gloryholes in the partitions between the stalls.

Despite Niagara Falls next to me, I thought I heard some human noises coming from the end stall. I peeped through our gloryhole. What I saw immediately made my balls tingle and my eyes get big, again. It looked like someone was either fucking or getting sucked.

I crouched down for a better look and motioned Melinda to look, too. However, when Melinda stopped peeing to look, the place became deathly quiet and the whatever I saw had disappeared.

Not wanting to scare off the ‘couple’, I pulled my cock out and placed it in front of the gloryhole. I then loudly whispered, “Suck it!”

Melinda bent over and began giving me head. Hopefully, the folks down the row would also peek through their gloryhole and see that we were there for the same reason.

About a minute later, Melinda and I heard the far stall door open. I was able to distinguish two sets of footsteps approaching us.

When the footsteps stopped outside our stall door, Melinda and I looked down to see two pair of men’s Nikes. A few seconds later, a man whispered, “Would you like company?”

I looked at Melinda. She shrugged and I said, “Sure.”

Yes, I was a little worried, but that was part of the game. The famous quote, “Life was like a box of chocolates…” immediately came to mind.

I opened the door and Melinda stood up. The two men only had eyes for Melinda. Her red thong was still down around her ankles and her skirt was still bunched up around her waist. Her bald pussy was completely exposed.

As the men stepped into our stall, I noticed one man was quite tall and well built. The other man looked to be in his 50′s and wore a passive smile. He was holding his semi-erect cock.

I probably would be smiling, too, if my cock was a foot long, and I was standing a few feet from Melinda’s hairless cleft. It was so flawless, that any woman seeing it would immediately be calling her surgeon for a labiaplasty.

Not to be outdone, the taller guy unzipped and exposed his big, fat cock. His cockhead looked to be the size of a small plum!

I could tell that the tall guy appreciated our admiring expressions – just as much as the other man had. I sensed both men never got tired of showcasing their magnificent penises. Last, I knew Melinda felt their hot lust as they jacked their cocks, while looking her up and down.

Breaking the spell, I heard some more whispering behind the two men. The two young guys, who had quickly departed, came into view. They had their cocks out, too! All four men stood facing us, stroking their different sized erections.

Melinda made the first move. She boldly pulled her thong and skirt down to her ankles, stepped out of them, picked them up, folded them neatly, and handed them to me. Next, she slowly removed her white blouse and her satiny white bra and handed them to me, too. The men watched Melinda undress as if mesmerized.

When Melinda had completed undressing, she stood bravely before us, naked as a jaybird. She was completely exposed and vulnerable to the desires of the men and their big, erect cocks.

Like a brazen whore, then Melinda spread her legs slightly, leaned against me to maintain her balance, and reached down. With both hands, she carefully opened her pussy lips for all to see.

As if that was not enough of an invitation, Melinda slid her middle finger into her pussy, noticeably waved it, removed it, and sucked it into her little red mouth! The tall guy moved forward first.

Melinda grabbed his massive shaft with her little hand and began to stroke it. Seeing Melinda’s reaction, the other three men stepped forward, too.

All four men took turns pinching Melinda’s nipples, squeezing her firm breasts, and running their hands over her nubile body. Eventually, Melinda was forced to sit back down on the toilet.

The plum headed cock went into her mouth and each of her hands was placed on a hard cock. The fourth guy managed to squat down close to her and stuck his finger in her slick pussy.

After Melinda had sucked the plum headed cock for a couple of minutes, the tall guy gently pulled her up, turned her around, and pushed her shoulders down. Knowing it was time to be bred, Melinda stretched out her arms to brace herself against the back wall as the men spread her curvy, ass cheeks.

When the tall guy saw Melinda’s exposed, pink anus, he had to give it some oral loving. He kneeled down, pushed his tongue directly into her little, pink aperture, and just as quickly pulled back. “Damn! She’s greased already,” he exclaimed.

I smiled. I had made sure that Melinda was prepared.

Nevertheless, he started to rim her asshole, again. He stayed with it the second time and was rewarded by Melinda’s groans as she wiggled her hot ass in his face.

After a couple of more minutes, the tall guy then pushed his finger into her slick asshole as deep as he could get it. Melinda winced, but then pushed back on it as hard as she could.

While Melinda’s ass was being finger-fucked, the 50′s guy managed to crawl around to her front. His big cock was sticking out like a pogo stick as took hold of her thighs, and pulled her dripping pussy, level with his mouth.

He opened her pussy lips as if you would a clam, stuck his tongue in, and began to eat her out. I noticed he didn’t even flinch when the tall guy with drew his finger from Melinda’s ass and put it in his mouth.

At this point, you do have to be told that Melinda was in seventh heaven with all of the attention she was getting. In addition, we all know what the guy with plum head cock wanted.

When the tall guy positioned himself behind Melinda and began rubbing his massive cock up and down her butt crack, the 50′s guy stood up and positioned himself on Melinda’s side, opposite me. He put both his hands around Melinda’s head to support her and pushed his drooling cock deep into her mouth, nearly choking her.

Melinda gagged a bit and then began slowly sucking his cock, as the tall guy held onto her hips. No one was getting between him and Melinda’s ass.

Almost forgetting, I quickly dug into my pocket, pulled out the lube tube, and liberally dosed the tall guy’s big cock. I swear it must have been a good nine-inches in length and at least 5 inches in girth.

Anyway, after I was through, I nodded at the tall guy and he pushed his plum headed into Melinda’s anus. She immediately cried out in pain and the tall guy immediately pulled back.

The tall guy’s next attempt was much more relaxed. He slowly eased his plum headed cock into her sphincter, until it ‘popped’ into her butt.

When I saw that Melinda’s forehead was sweaty from just getting the cockhead into her anus, I squirted some more lube down her butt crease. The extra lube did the trick – for both of them.

Melinda nodded at me as the big shaft slid deeper into her rectum. No doubt, her anal passage was being expanded to the max.

Since the 50′s guy wasn’t getting much action from Melinda’s mouth, he motioned to one of the other guys. They looked for a second at his hard, long cock, before the third guy stepped up beside Melinda, pulled his pants down, bent over, and spread his cheeks.

A few seconds later, we heard him grunt loudly as the 50′s guy began working all twelve inches up his ass! I sure hoped his bottom was well greased!

The scene was incredible. Two couples were fucking, side by side, almost in unison and the anal receivers, a male and a female, were grunting and groaning a duet.

The musky smell of pussy and anal sex in the stall was strong. I savored it and breathed it in as deeply as I could.

After a couple of minutes, Melinda surprisingly pulled her ass off the big cock, reached behind her, grabbed the fourth man’s hard cock, and pulled him into her pussy.

The fourth guy gently grabbed Melinda’s small breasts to steady her as he started grinding his hips against her cheeks in a circular motion. Melinda instantly smiled, looked up at me, and cooed, “He’s goooood!”

His cock was not that big, but it was big enough and he knew how to please her. That was all that mattered.

As the fourth man sensuously fucked Melinda, the 50′s guy even stopped butt-fucking the third guy to watch. However, about a minute later, he could not resist reaching over and sticking a finger into Melinda’s still gaping asshole.

He timed his move correctly. Melinda looked over at him, then down at his throbbing, greasy twelve inches, and mouthed, “Fuck my ass.”

The 50′s guy immediately sat down on the toilet as Melinda pulled away from the fourth guy’s cock. She then turned around, squatted over the 50′s guy, spread her cheeks, and determinedly sat down, all the way down on his twelve inches! She made the guy’s cock literally disappear up her ass!

They both looked up at me, smiling for different reasons. Melinda couldn’t help but give me a smile of contentment, with a little pride thrown in as she sexily wiggled her bottom, moving the long cock back and forth in her virgin bowels as if she had an itch.

The 50′s guy smug smile was the result of him not having to do anything, but sit there and enjoy the young girl’s lust and tight bowels as she rode his cock.

Eventually, the fourth man, wanting to finish what he had started and stepped forward. He pushed Melinda’s knees up, so that her feet were on the 50′s guy’s knees. He then crouched, leaned forward, and pushed his cock back into her bald pussy.

Melinda was soon totally out of it. She had an incredibly long cock buried deep in her intestines and her pussy was being seriously fucked.

Melinda and the 50′s guy did not even hear the third guy squeal like stuck pig. The tall guy had pushed down on his back, bending him over, and had then entered his manhole like a runaway freight train.

The tall guy came quickly. However, right before he came, he grabbed the third guy’s hips and pulled them back hard onto his cock. The third guy’s face appeared to turn white as the tall guy came in him.

Afterward, the tall guy went to the sinks, presumably, to wash his cock. The third guy tried to follow him, but his sweats were all bunched up around his ankles. As he bent over to pull them up, a boatload of cum squirted out of his gaping anus and splattered onto his sweats.

I started snickering when I pictured him entering his bedroom and saying, “Honey I’m home!” Even though sleepy, his wife would be able to smell all that cum a mile away!

The guy in Melinda’s pussy came next and when he pulled out of her, he told us that was his first DP – ever. He had a huge smile on his face.

When I gave him a thumbs up, Melinda motioned for his cock. She sucked and licked all the sperm and pussy juice off it. He left a very happy man.

The 50′s guy now had Melinda all for himself. He had her bend over the toilet, and went to work, unhampered, in her ass. He buried his twelve inches in her on every stroke, fucking her girlie ass for all he was worth.

A couple of minutes later, the 50′s guy began groaning and moaning and pushed his cock as deep as he could into Melinda’s intestines. They came together! Melinda had been rubbing her clit and when she felt the warm sperm flooding her bowels, she instantly came, too.

As soon as the 50′s guy finished unloading in Melinda’s sexy ass, he pulled out, pulled up his pants, tucked his wet his cock away, and left. He didn’t say anything.

Melinda didn’t even notice. She was busy sucking my cock.

When the tall guy noticed Melinda’s asshole was absent cock, he gently grabbed Melinda’s hips and asked, “Are you ready for my big cock, Honey? Your sweet ass looks ready.”

Melinda just nodded and kept sucking me.

“Must be nice,” I thought. “A boy and girl ass on the same day and within minutes.”

As the plum headed cock began to travel up Melinda’s loosened anal passage, the tall guy muttered, “That’s my girl. Open your ass up, little Honey…all the way. I’m gonna fuck all the cum out of you!”

Unfortunately for him, he did not last long, again. After about a minute or so, he grabbed her ass cheeks and thrust forward with all his might, nearly knocking her down as he came. Lucky for me, Melinda did not bite down!

When the tall guy pulled his spent cock out of Melinda’s ass – he pulled it out quite hard. Apparently, Melinda’s ass wasn’t ready to let it go. We heard a loud suction noise and then saw two huge globs of sperm ooze out of her dilated asshole. Embarrassed, Melinda put her over her gaping anus.

As his semen streaked down Melinda’s bare legs, the tall guy stroked Melinda’s head briefly. He then said, “Thanks,” opened the stall door and disappeared off into the night. I am not sure what happened to the third guy.

Several minutes later, Melinda and I left the park restroom. We walked back hand in hand.

When we reached my car, Melinda opined, “God, I’m such a cock slut.”

“I suppose so,” I thought as I hugged Melinda. All of her orifices had been fucked hard. Her ass and pussy had been flooded with cum. She had been gangbanged by strangers and had loved every minute of it.

Later that night, as Sis and I fucked, I told her all the details.


Julie is about 5′ tall and is petite, too. She weighs about 100 lbs, has jet black hair, and brown, almond eyes.

Julie lives at home and works nights in the produce department at the Super Market. That is where Sis and I initially met her.

Sis had begun asking the adorable Asian double entendre questions about cucumbers. For example, “Do you think the big fat ones are better to eat than thin ones? Are cucumbers best eaten with or without a tossed salad?”

When Julie said she liked her salad tossed, we knew it was game on. Sis even picked up a cucumber to show Julie my size. Julie just smiled and remarked how envious she was that Sis’s ‘boyfriend’ was along to help her to pick out cucumbers.

In short order, Sis and I delightfully discovered that Julie was fucking hornier and hotter than most women were on any given day. For example, when Julie came over on her days off, she brought her latest vegetable du jour for our sexual entertainment and gratification. She loved to play with Sis.

We also discovered that Julie was an exhibitionist at heart. With a little coaxing, she wasn’t shy at all about flashing her ass in public or even walking around naked in public.

What really made Julie special is what she flashed. Her nubile ass and bald pussy looked fucking great in a thong.

The very first time Julie and I had sex in public, we got caught. We were in the back of an old antique store, goofing around when suddenly, we got red hot.

Since there was no around, Julie pulled her shorts down and bent over, exposing her supple ass. I was as hard as she was wet. In one push, I got at least four inches up her sopping pussy.

As we publicly copulated on the screened back porch, a tour bus unexpectedly pulled up. It stopped about twenty yards away.

Despite being caught in flagrante delicto, Julie surprised me by straightening up and wiggling her ass. For some reason, I pushed my finger into her little asshole and she came immediately!

I’ll never forget the look on their faces as they watched Julie dance on my cock. Their stares sure boosted my ego!

After that event, there was no stopping Julie. She would even beg Sis or me to have sex with her in public. She even asked a strange couple once, to watch us fuck! Before they could speak, Julie bent her torso over a picnic table, pulled her shorts down over her girlishly lean buttocks, and spread her cheeks.

“Butt-fuck me, Honey! Fuck my ass with that big cock!”

Completely spellbound, the couple watched my swollen shaft turn her little asshole into a large tunnel. Eventually, they walked off into the woods. The guy definitely had a hard-on.

Last week Saturday, Julie and I thought Sis had a date, so we made plans to go to the park. By the time we got there, it was around 8 P.M. and still about 70 degrees outside. We only had to wait a few minutes for Sis.

On our way to the park, Sis had called. She said she needed to ‘loosen up’ for her date and did we mind, if she joined us for an hour or so?

As we walked into the park, Sis and Julie held hands. They were both braless, looking bronzed, and wearing white tanks and shorts…

Our rendezvous area had a couple of benches and picnic tables and it was off the main trail. The park was not usually busy this time of evening.

As soon as we got there, Sis and Julie went girl to girl. While listening to their sexy moans of pleasure, I worked my hand down into Julie’s shorts, until I felt her hot, wet pussy. Without hesitating, I inserted my middle finger. The moisture and heat radiating from her pussy was amazing.

I shared Julie’s pussy juices with both of them. I would wiggle my finger around in Julie and then extract it for Julie and Sis to suck. God, it was awesome to feel them sucking my finger like little Hoover’s. It made my cock so hard.

Since there was no one around, I unsnapped Julie’s shorts and pulled them down. Sis followed my lead and pulled Julie’s tank off. Julie had nothing on but her birthday suit.

Sis immediately began to massage Julie’s pussy as I took over nipple sucking duty. Soon, I was throbbing hard and there was nothing I wanted more than to fuck her sexy body.

Sis squatted down so that her face was level with Julie’s pussy, grabbed her hips, and pulled them into her face. As Sis began to lick the slick pussy, Julie slowly hoisted her butt up onto the picnic table behind her and leaned back.

Sis stood up for a second, spread Julie’s legs wide, bent over, and went back to work on her clit. I inserted two fingers into Julie’s wet pussy.

Julie was in pure ecstasy. The finger-fucking and clit licking quickly sent her over the edge.

After Julie’s orgasms subsided, Sis stood Julie up, turned her around, and bent her over the picnic table. I knew what Sis wanted and spread Julie’s nubile ass cheeks wide.

Sis licked and sucked Julie’s tight, delicious asshole, until it was super wet. Then Sis inserted her long tongue up Julie’s ass.

Julie went wild. She actually came with Sis’s tongue in her ass.

With Julie’s first and second climaxes out of the way, Sis gently introduced Julie’s saliva-coated anus to her fingers. Sis slowly and gently fucked Julie’s ass, until Julie began moaning and humping Sis’s fingers.

Encouraged, Sis began fingering-fucking Julie’s butthole much faster. Every once in awhile Sis would extract her fingers and we would look at Julie’s enticing, gaping anus.

At some point, Sis spread Julie’s cheeks wide and asked me if I thought I could get it in there. I nodded. I was more than ready. It was time to fuck. I just hoped Julie’s ass was ready for a good, deep, butt-fuckin’ as I stood up and pulled my shorts down to my knees.

I grabbed my hard shaft and aimed my cockhead directly at the little, brown, twitching bull’s eye. I took a deep breath as Sis pursed her lips and pushed. All I could of think was, “That’s right, here’s where the talkin’ ends…”

After pausing upon entry, I slowly started pumping Julie’s ass. When Julie moaned with approval, I increased my pace, until my balls were slapping her ass cheeks.

I fucked Julie’s sweet ass in this position for several minutes, only pausing when Sis and I dropped spittle from our mouths onto my cock to keep it lubed.

When Julie’s legs tired, I stopped to change positions. I stood her up, turned her around, and eased her back onto the picnic table.

I then lifted Julie’s shapely legs over my shoulders, as Sis grabbed my greasy, hard cock and inserted it back into Julie’s dilated anus.

As I began to fuck Julie’s ass, again, Sis worked two of her fingers into Julie’s pussy. Almost immediately, Julie’s hips began to buck up and down as her face went Japanese.

Not wanting Sis to be left out, I reached behind her and shoved my hand down her shorts. When my thumb found Sis’s sweaty anus, I forced it through her tight ring.

Sis’s reaction was immediate, too. Her eyes fluttered, her body shook, as her anal passage squeezed down hard on my wiggling thumb.

I loved it when these two beautiful, sexy girls, transformed themselves into wanton, submissive, anal whores. What guy wouldn’t? My cock was pumping an Asian girl’s tight, squelching rectum as I thumb-fucked my redheaded Sister’s clenching asshole.

Eventually, Sis got up on the picnic table, pulled her shorts down, and squatted over Julie’s face. “Lick my asshole,” Sis said as placed her butt directly onto Julie’s mouth.

When Sis pursed her lips in reaction to Julie’s tongue going up her ass, I leaned forwarded and began kissing Sis. In no time, Sis’s long tongue was deep in my mouth. I could immediately tell from her musky taste that it had been up Julie’s ass. That really turned me on.

Eventually, I fucked both girls in the ass. While I was fucking one, the other caressed my balls or played with other’s clit or tits before they swapped, making this was a hot threesome in every sense of the word.

I was in Sis’s ass when I finally came. Sis knew I was close and constantly changed our rhythm -hard, soft, fast and slow attempting to make me last as long as possible. In the end, Sis couldn’t contain her own over-whelming pleasure.

Sis began to moan loudly and then announced she was going to cum. I responded by fucking the hell out of her ass as Julie sucked Sis’s clit.

Seconds later, Sis’s body tensed and her pussy juice exploded into Julie’s face. That was enough for me. I released rope after rope of hot cum into Sis’s ass, before collapsing on top of her.

Sis had a date lined up, so she couldn’t stay. However, she was so horny, she called her date and told him she had had car trouble and that she would be a little late – just so Julie could eat her anal creampie.

Only seconds after Sis hung-up, she was squatting over Julie’s mouth, again. This time she was grunting out soiled sperm into Julie’s greed mouth.

As Julie was receiving her partial facial, I got up on the picnic table and gave Sis a taste of her own ass. “I hope they brought breath mints”, I thought as I watched the girls continue to suck each other’s asshole.

After Sis left, I stretched Julie out prone on the picnic table and began fingering her hot ass. I made Julie moan, twist, and turn, until I was hard, again.

A few minutes later, my hips were jack hammering my throbbing cock into Julie’s squishy asshole. My strokes were so hard and forceful, that her eyes were clenched shut and her mouth was wide open.

After my balls had pumped my remaining semen into her rectum, Julie looked back at me as I lay on her back gasping. With her eyes twinkling, she said, “Since you like my ass so much…can you kiss it? I didn’t cum. I want to cum with your tongue in me, too.”

Although I was tired, I sucked it up in more ways than one. I cleaned out her slimy, juicy rectum with gusto.

Sucking my semen out of the beautiful Julie’s hot, little, Asian ass, as her petite body, writhed and convulsed in repeated intense climaxes, was one the most erotic things that had ever happened – to either one of us.

When I was done with Julie’s ass, I grabbed her hair, and slowly pulled her head back. She closed her eyes and puckered her full lips. She knew full well my face was a freakin’ mess.

True love was a sharing an anal creampie? Regardless, Julie was my go to girl for quite awhile after that.


Sis and I met Liz at one of our favorite, local seafood restaurants on a late Sunday afternoon. We had called our order in, since had been out all afternoon. The plan was to go home, eat, relax, and watch a movie.

When we walked into the bar to pick-up our order, we immediately noticed Liz. She was sitting by herself and looking very sexy in her black, sleeveless, A-line dress. Since there was no one else at the bar, Sis and I parked a few feet away from Liz.

As Sis and I waited for our scrumptious seafood platters, I took a quick glance at Liz. Her dress was quite short, so she had to sit somewhat sideways and with her sexy, long legs crossed.

When I had taken my third nonchalant glance at her legs, Liz gave me or us one, too. When I smiled, Liz broke the ice and said something about the weather. Before you know it, we were all conversing.

Sis and I quickly learned that Liz was new to the area and lived in one of the new, expensive neighborhoods. We also learned that Liz was alone most of the time.

When Liz saw us glance at her big diamond, Liz explained that her hubby was a businessman and that he spent a lot of time overseas creating business deals – like now. Before we could say another word, our food arrived.

After I paid our bill, we awkwardly looked at each other. It seemed no one wanted our chance meeting to end.

Liz broke the ice, again, and introduced herself. Sis and I followed suit. We didn’t mention our relationship to Liz and she didn’t ask.

Sis and I left after accepting Liz’s invitation to come over for drinks on the pretext that Sis and I could tell her about the local area. It was obvious Liz was excited to meet some folks her age.

The summer was not over, yet, and Sis and I were looking forward to more sexual adventures with attractive women. Liz seemed to fit the bill. She was only a couple of years older than we were, very pretty, tanned, slim, long legged, and had a healthy sexual appetite.

It did not take Sis long to talk Liz into her very first gloryhole experience. Liz got the hang of it right away. Sucking cocks through a hole in the wall is not overly difficult.

On our second trip, Liz ever went down on Sis – her first woman as a black dude barebacked her ass, balls deep through the gloryhole. Sis later returned the favor and ate Liz out when she got fucked.

The two girls played well together. They often shared the cum loads. By the time we left, each girl had cum in her pussy and ass and each girl’s face was smeared with mascara, spittle, and sperm.

For Liz’s first outdoor sex adventure, I took her to an ABS that was located out in the country. You could have sex in the ABS as well as outdoors. Several trails led into a nearby woods and that is where we started, at dusk.

As we rounded a bend in the path, I paused to look back. I could just make out the dim lights of the ABS. When I turned back around, I looked at Liz’s sexy, bare ass. She only had a string between her small, round cheeks.

In an act of sexual mischievousness, I had asked Liz to remove her shorts. Liz agreed and we took off down trail with her wearing only her T-back thong, sandals, and t-shirt.

I was hard, again, despite just having cum in Liz a few minute ago. Not only was I being continuously physically stimulated watching her freshly fucked, feminine ass jiggle and shake in front of me as she walked down the trail, but the thought of her exposing her cum-filled, naked ass in a public was equally as thrilling and to both of us.

For Liz’s first outdoor sexual adventure, Sis had helped her pick out a sheer, t-back. When Liz first modeled it, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about fucking her tight, round ass.

I parked my SUV in the back of the ABS, as far back as I could get. I also parked so that the front of the SUV was facing the back of the SUV, just in case the security cameras were on. I didn’t want to put on a show for the help and any customers, who could possibly be watching the monitors.

I’d heard about the couple who had fucked on their car hood. The DVD went home went home with somebody that night!

After I had parked, we got out and walked around to the back of my SUV. Liz was excited. Her eyes were beaming when she asked, “Time to lube me up?”

“Most definitely,” I replied.

Liz looked at me and then sexily and slowly pulled her shorts down. She was wearing her new t-back, of course.

“Awesome Liz! You look really hot!”

As Liz began posing for me, I grabbed the lube, and popped the hatchback. I put a beach towel over the bumper and Liz leaned over it, spreading her legs. She then turned her head and looked at me as she reached behind her, and pulled her ass cheeks apart. There it was! Her light pink, anus even winked at me.

I kneeled immediately down behind her and began to kiss and lick her anus. Forget the lube!

“Ooohhh! Yeeesss,” Liz moaned. She even arched her ass even higher to give me better access.

After I had tongue-fucked her hot anus for several minutes, I lubed my thumb, and began thumb-fucking her ass. Liz pushed back, trying to get as much of my thumb up her greedy ass, as possible.

My cock was very hard by now and I really wanted to fuck Liz’s hot ass. I pulled my finger out of her ass, quickly freed my cock with one hand, pulled her lacy panty strap to one side, and shoved my angry erection, about four inches up her poop chute.

When Liz cried out, I reached under her and pinched both her hard nipples. When she screeched, again, I dropped my hands to her pussy. I spread her lips with one hand and began strumming her clit with the other.

As I played with Liz, I held my cock still in her rectum. I was not only enjoying the warmth and tightness her ass provided, but I was giving her time to adjust to my large intruder.

After a minute or so, Liz’s sphincters relaxed around my shaft and I started to fuck her. Liz started moving with me, making comfortable sighs in time with my thrusts. She got into it and her movements became stronger than mine. I slowed, letting her do the fucking.

“Oh yeah! Baby… Fuck it!” Liz moaned as she ground her fleshy ass cheeks against me.

The speed with which Liz came surprised me. As she squealed, her pussy started squirting, and her anus clamped down on the base of my shaft.

I made several hard thrusts up her wiggling ass to get over the edge, too. Her legs shook as I began ejaculating semen into her ass.

We both came quickly. Afterward, Liz squatted in front of me and unhesitatingly sucked my sperm and her ass juices off my spent cock. I rewarded her gratuitous behavior by returning the favor.

We both felt like sex pigs as we headed the down the trail. We reveled in our filth. Our faces were smeared with cum and our tongues tasted like sperm, piss, ass, pussy, and cock.

I knew exactly what Liz was feeling, as we got closer to the bench up ahead. More than once, on this very same path, I had walked naked from the waist down. My white ass greased and ready for the big, black cocks that waited in the dark.

After a very good night, I would take the same path back. My belly would be full of sperm and my anus would be dilated and oozing sperm from multiple butt-fuckings.

As we neared the bench, we saw a man sitting on it. He heard us and turned to look. His eyes were immediately riveted on Liz’s naked bottom as she passed by and continued down the path.

On my signal, we stopped about a few yards away from him. I lit a cigarette and Liz squatted in front of me. She positioned herself so the stranger could see her sucking my cock as well as her exposed, sperm drooling anus.

I had seen him, before. His cock was above average size.

After I finished my cigarette, we walked back to the bench, and sat down. I nodded at the guy as he openly masturbated his swollen cock.

“Wanna eat her out?” I asked.

“Mmmm, there’s nothing I’d like better,” he said as he looked at her pussy.

“Okay. Spread’em Honey! This man’s hungry!”

The man then got up and knelt down in front of Liz. He pulled her flimsy little g-string away from her cunt, and began to lick it. Liz came twice in five minutes. She wasn’t holding back tonight.

When Liz came the second time, the guy stood up and asked me if Liz could suck him. I said “Yes” and as he directed his cockhead to her mouth, he said, “I can’t wait to feel her pretty mouth around my big dick!”

As Liz sucked his swollen cock, her little hand stroked his thick shaft, until he gasped, “God is her mouth hot! She is a real hot cocksucker! Can I cum in her mouth or can I fuck her?”

“You can fuck her!”

“Okay! I’m nearly there, too!” The he added, as if on second thought, “Can I see your ass, Honey? Bend over and spread you cheeks.”

Liz did as he asked. She stood up, bent over, spread her legs, and wiggled her ass at him.

“Fuck me! Your ass looks so fucking sexy in the moonlight! Can I lick it?”

The stranger did not wait for a response. He knelt down and immediately began sucking her delectable anus. After ten seconds, he paused and remarked, “Ooohhh! You got a creampie in there. Sweet!”

After the guy had chowed down on Liz’s grateful ass, he stood up and eased his hard cock a couple of inches into her horny, wet anus. He paused, not because Liz groaned, but to cup a breast in each hand. He then used them to pull her back and down his cock.

“Oh yeah!” He gasped as his cock slid up her ass. “Her ass is tight. She don’t get fucked too much up the ass, Boss.”

“Fuck me!” Liz moaned as her rectum bucked up and down on his hard cock.

“Yeah, I’m gonna fuck your ass, alright! Stretch it out, good. Give you another big creampie, Honey!”

Even a deaf person could hear the guy’s thighs slapping Liz’s cheeks as he repeatedly rammed his cock into her. The battering her ass was taking now was nothing like the mutually pleasing ass fuck Liz and I had just had. Liz had to brace herself by holding onto the bench.

After several minutes, the stranger, finally, gasped that he was cumming. Liz pushed back hard onto his cock and he began grunting each time he nutted in her.

“Christ, she has a great ass, Boss!” he gasped, “I’m really glad we met!”

“Mmmm, me too! You’ve got a great cock!” Liz replied breathlessly.

When the stranger left, I lit another cigarette. Liz rested for a couple of minutes, before pulling my shorts down and grabbing my semi-hard cock.

“Oh, you’re sooo wet!”

Liz sucked and licked the precum off my cock, until I finished my cigarette. Liz then put her shorts on and we headed back to the ABS.

I took Liz into men’s room, so she could wash up. I asked her to wait for me in a stall, while I wet some paper towels for her.

As I began walking to the sink, I heard the sound of footsteps entering the men’s room. I quickly dashed into Liz’s stall and managed to shut the door right before a guy entered the restroom.

Wouldn’t you know it! He entered the stall next to us!

Nothing happened for a few moments. Then we heard some shuffling and a zipper. Moments later, a huge, black cock came through the gloryhole!

Liz and I just looked at each other in awe. Impatient, the guy waggled it.

When I motioned for Liz to suck it, she bent her head forward, opened her mouth, and wrapped her lips around the massive, light purple cockhead. She twirled her tongue around the big cockhead, before she began sliding her lips up and down the thick shaft.

After only about a minute, the glistening, black cock slowly slid out of Liz’s mouth and back through the gloryhole. As Liz and I gave each other puzzling looks, our eyes widened as we heard his stall door opening.

Seconds later, we completely froze when our stall door swung open. A very large black man, stood at the entrance of our stall. His meaty fist was wrapped around his big, black cock, making the thick veins stand out even more.

As Liz and I continued to stare at the one eyed monster, he motioned Liz to turn around. Acting like she was in a trance, Liz stood up, turned around, and ‘assumed the position’.

I attempted to step back, but he reached out with his big hand and pushed down on my shoulder. I kneeled as he dropped his pants, stepped forward, and nudged his cockhead into my mouth.

“That’s right. Suck it. Show your bitch how good you can suck cock! The harder you make it, the harder I can fuck her bitch ass!”

Liz just stared at me wide-eyed! Apparently, she’d never seen a guy suck cock, let alone me. However, her eyes soon closed when the black man eased his big thumb into her swollen asshole.

“She got a real nice tight ass,” he said as he worked his thumb around in Liz. “I am gonna open her up a little, before I man fuck her ass for you.”

When he felt Liz was ready, he had me drop a gob of saliva on her asshole. Then he grabbed her hips and slowly eased his massive cockhead into her anus.

Liz’s eyes rolled into her skull as the tree trunk-thick cockhead pushed into her little asshole. She wiggled her ass desperately, attempting to relax and adjust her anal passage as the XXL intruder inched up her young, hot rectum.

“Thank your boyfriend for making my cock so hard. He got a sweet mouth. Matter of fact, lube me some more.”

I opened my mouth, again, as he pulled his cock out of Liz’s ass and pushed it into my mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes off Liz’s twitching asshole as I sucked my sperm, his precum, and Liz’s rectal juices off his cock.

When he entered Liz, again, he pushed much deeper into her rectum than before and then began thrusting. Apparently, he felt her rectum was opening up for him.

“Ahhh, you’re taking it now, girlie!” he said, pulling his cock all the way out and then pushing it all the way back inside. I was amazed her little butthole could handle his cock’s massive girth.

“You like my big black cock up your ass? Your asshole will never be the same… You’re always gonna want my big, black cock up your white ass…just like all the other white bitches. You’re gonna play with your pussy when you dream about this… You’re gonna want me to breed ya!”

Liz did not respond. Not only was she grunting in time with every thrust into her ass, she was milking her titties with one hand, while bracing herself with the other.

Several minutes later, the big black guy decided he had enough and announced, “I’m gonna cum…in your ass, bitch,” he gasped.

“Fuck mmmeee! Cum in me!” Liz bleated as his balls slapped her thighs faster and faster.

As soon as Liz said that, the black guy cupped both of her breasts and pulled her body upwards and backwards. Liz’s hands flew off the toilet as he straightened his legs and then leaned backwards, literally impaling Liz on his cock.

Her body weight kept the huge cock wedged firmly up her ass as her legs, feet, arms, and hands thrashed about wildly for a few seconds, trying to grasp onto anything.

Liz let her limbs flop to her sides when she realized her efforts were only working the huge, spurting cock deeper into her soft bowels. Liz had gone from looking like a coked-out puppet to a limp doll in less than ten seconds.

The big man let out a long sigh and slowly released his hold on Liz. As her feet hit the floor, his cock popped out of her ass with an unbelievably loud, squelching sound. He must have cum in her a like broken fire hydrant I thought.

“You’re a great fuck, girlie!” he told her. “Did you like being hung-up on my cock?”

Liz did not know what to say. She reached behind her to feel her gaping asshole.

“Awesome,” I said.

The big guy grinned and responded, “That’s my specialty!” He then started laughing. “Okay bitches! Let me see you both suck me clean! Better yet,” he said looking at me, “Eat her ass out while I fuck her mouth! You get to swallow what I dumped in cumbucket’s asshole and she gets to suck her ass off my cock! Now that’s fair.”

Liz obediently bent over on wobbly legs and opened her mouth to clean the cum-glistening, black snake that had relentlessly fucked her ass. I watched Liz’s mouth engulf the one-eyed monster, before kneeling behind her.

When I gently parted Liz’s soft, sticky butt cheeks, her anus immediately expelled a mixture of trapped air and sperm into my face. A series of small, puffy sounding cum farts followed as I tried to blink away the sperm in my eyes.

After I composed myself, I gave Liz’s cum-frosted asshole a few licks, before I placed my mouth over her twitching asshole and pushed my tongue deep into her anal passage. As soon as I did, I unleashed a tsunami of warm sperm from her guts.

Titillated, I pushed my face deeper into Liz’s ass crack and began noisily slurping and sucking out the remaining soiled sperm out of her ass. Thank goodness, she had cleaned herself for her anal adventure!

After I had swallowed everything I could, I pulled back, and glanced around at Liz. The guy was furiously jacking his black shaft as Liz sucked his cockhead.

“You’re girlfriend’s about to swallow some black man’s sperm! Come over here and get you some, too!”

I watched as he bent forward, let out a moan, and shoved his swollen shaft deep into Liz’s mouth. Although half of Liz’s face was covered by his huge nutsack, I could see still see her eyes widen from the sudden intrusion of cock and sperm down her throat.

“Look at the little cock gobbler! She loves my black cock! Your turn!”

Liz’s Hubby returned a week later. We never saw her, again.


Speaking of hot, Megan was born hot. She had natural blond hair and a pubic tuft to match. Her eyes were light blue and she had a cute bobbed nose. She was an all-American girl.

Megan was maybe fifteen pounds heavier that Sis, but you could tell where her weight was… She had grapefruit sized-breasts and very prominent pink nipples. Her ass, although perfectly pear-shaped and curvy was somewhat loose and fleshy.

Nevertheless, Megan had the kind of ass a guy wanted to fuck all night long, every night. Best of all, she loved it up the ass. She just didn’t know it, yet!

Sis and I met Megan in a bar. We took her home that very same night.

A couple of days later, I took Megan an ABS/theater around 2 P.M. She was a little nervous, but I could tell that she was horny and I knew as soon as she got that first cock in her mouth or pussy as it turned out, that she would get into the groove. I was right.

I thought there would be at least a couple of guys there, but we appeared to be the only ones. We were about to leave, when all of a sudden – in walks a Spanish looking couple. They saw us and sat in the row directly behind us.

The senorita was wearing a sleeveless, one-piece white dress, her smooth, light brown arms and legs looked very sexy. She was about 5′ 5″ and 120 pounds and had long, black hair.

After a couple of minutes, I attempted a subtle peek. My attempt to be coy did not even work. The senorita was boldly looking me right in the eye. Her face was so pretty that I could not look away.

As I stared at her, she opened her legs wide. Underneath her dress, she was wearing shear bikini panties.

When I licked my lips, the older guy motioned for me to come back. As I started to get up, he dramatically waved me off and pointed to Megan!

I did not have to spend much time convincing Megan to get on her knees and service the senorita. We both thought that sucking a juicy cunt was as pleasurable as sucking a hard cock. I went along to watch.

As Megan chowed down, I got mischievous and pulled her skirt up. In the dark theater, her round, white ass would tempt anyone.

Eventually, I let the older guy finger-fuck Megan’s pussy. Megan came twice and made the senorita cum at least three times!

After the couple left, we decided to check the action in the booths. In an hour’s time, Megan serviced three cocks. I let the last guy into our booth and as Megan took turns sucking both our hard cocks, he and I chatted about how good she was and how much she loved cock. He fed her a voluminous late, liquid lunch, but I held off.

After a slight respite, we went back into the theater. As Megan led the way down the main aisle, I noticed a husky looking guy staring at her jiggling ass as she walked by him.

We sat down in front. A couple of minutes later, the husky guy slid into a seat directly behind Megan.

When he unzipped and started jacking his cock, Megan heard him and gave him a quick glance. She then turned and looked at me. Her pupils were huge. I nodded. His white cock was big.

I motioned for Megan to go for it. She thought about it for a couple of seconds, then turned back around and licked her lips. The guy quickly stood up and quickly pushed his thick cock into her mouth. He groaned as Megan wrapped her full lips around his cockhead.

Megan went to town on his meat, slurping and swallowing at least 6-7 inches. When she went for eight inches, I could actually see his engorged cockhead lodged deep in her throat.

When Megan’s mouth tired, the guy withdrew his glistening, great white and began stroking it. After about thirty seconds, he said, “Turn around! I wanna see your ass, Baby.”

Megan stared at him uncomprehendingly. I guess she was in a trance.

“Turn around and spread your cheeks!”

“Okay,” she whispered when she saw me nod.

Megan gingerly stood-up, turned her back to him, hitched up her skirt, bent over, and peeled her ample cheeks apart. I could only imagine what the husky guy was thinking as he ogled Megan’s’ light, pink, stretched anus.

The husky guy then told Megan to sit on the top of her chair back and to bend way over. At first, I was a little mystified as to what he was up to, but when I saw Megan’s ass cheeks spread naturally and expose her asshole, I thought I knew what he had in mind.

Liz and I jumped when the husky guy bent his head forward and loudly spit on her anus! Megan’s anus winked in shock as a huge glob of saliva spattered on it.

I just shook my head and broke out my Vaseline container as Megan rubbed her anus and stared at the husky guy. He just smirked at her and waved his erect as a flagpole cock.

When I asked Megan to kneel on her seat and bend forward, facing the husky guy, he walked down his aisle and then came up our aisle. Whether he knew it or not, he was attracting attention. At least three guys were standing behind us jacking their cocks.

By the time the husky guy reached us, I had two greased fingers up Megan’s ass. I was working the lube into her ass and loosening it up.

After the husky guy had greased his white meat, he placed his big cock on top of Megan’s ass cheeks and began running his hands over her hips and cheeks as if he was admiring his favorite cow.

When he finished ‘rubbing’ Megan down, he slapped her ass rather hard a few times and then pushed the big head of his cock into her slippery anus. Megan groaned as if she was taking a dump and gripped the armrests to brace herself as the big cockhead pushed past her tight sphincters.

No matter how many times I have seen women take it up the ass – it still turns me on. This time was no different. My cock was raging hard as I watched Megan’s anus obscenely expand to accommodate the girth of the huge cock.

With his cockhead securely inside Megan’s ass, the husky guy’s belly pushed hard against her ass cheeks. Again, Megan groaned loudly in discomfort and her eyes squeezed shut. The husky guy was severely straining her rectum as he stuffed most of his fat, greasy cock up her narrow poop chute.

When he was in her ass deep, the husky guy paused and looked at me. He was grinning ear to ear when he said, “She ain’t gonna be able to shit for a week.”

He then grabbed Megan’s slightly flabby butt cheeks and slowly began pulling himself in and out of her dilated asshole. He continued the painstakingly slow pace for what seemed like an hour. His control was amazing.

Everyone once in awhile the husky guy would hold his cock still in her, his balls resting against her slick pussy, and tell her, “Squeeze Momma! Work that fine ass.”

Megan obeyed. I watched her constantly gritting her teeth as she clenched her anal muscles around his cock and squeezed as hard as she could.

When Megan could no longer squeeze, the husky guy immediately changed pace. Megan’s anal passage was now subdued and wide open.

That was always the game plan. He could now fuck her ass as hard as he wanted. The husky guy put one paw on the back of her neck, pinning her to the back of the chair and began vigorously slamming his swollen meat in and out of her gaping asshole.

There was no more self-control. He jack-hammered her ass, until he suddenly grunted, gasped loudly, and pushed his cock so deep into her I thought she would taste her supper from the night before.

As the husky guy gave Megan a few additional slow strokes to intensify his orgasm, Megan nodded at me, signaling that warm jets of semen were finally flooding her guts. The husky guy never noticed that universal signal, given by the female to her male partner, when the other man cums in her orifices.

As the husky guy pulled his cock out of Megan’s sucking ass, a river of white sperm ran out of her open asshole and streaked down her legs. The husky guy must have been saving it for weeks!

Right before he left, the husky guy said, “You better fuck her ass now…before it closes up.”

As Megan rested, I smoked a cigarette. After I was through, she was ready for another trip to the booths.

The same booth we had been in before was vacant, so we took it. As Megan stripped naked, I told her I had to take a piss break and that I would bring back tissues. I also said I would knock twice…

When I came back to our booth, I heard Megan moaning and the sounds of someone being fucked. Curious, I went into the booth next door and looked through the large gloryhole.

I saw four men with their pants down to their ankles. Two of them had their hard cocks in their hands.

The other two men were spit-roasting Megan. Her face had pure pleasure written all over it as she vigorously sucked one cock, while the other reamed her squelching rectum.

Soon, the cock in Megan’s mouth started pumping faster and faster, until warm sperm slashed down her throat. As soon as the guy pulled out of her mouth, another guy quickly filled her greedy mouth.

When Megan felt the thick cock in her ass begin to spew, she pumped her ass hard against it. She squeezed her ass so tight that she pushed the cock out of her ass. The guy grabbed his cock and jacked the rest of his cum onto her back and ass cheeks.

As soon as he stepped away, the remaining guy shoved his cock all the way up her sperm-soaked asshole in one push. He slammed into her ass hard, but he only lasted a minute before he came.

When he pulled out of her ass, Megan turned around, knelt, and gave his slimy cock some quick sucks, before he jerked his sensitive cock away and left. Apparently, Megan wanted to taste her ass on his wet cock so bad that she sucked him, too hard.

After he left, I came back into our booth. Megan was waiting for me. She was sweating like a little piggy and smelled like a street whore. She even acted like one.

“Leave the door open. I want you to suck my clit and eat my ass, until I cum. Then you can fuck my ass for as long as you want.”


“I need to cum!”

I got down on my knees and draped one of Megan’s legs over my shoulder so that I could access musky-smelling pussy. I alternated between licking and tugging her juicy, hairless pussy lips. Megan had several small orgasms.

For desert, I bent the dazed Megan over, so I could access her cum-frosted asshole. Even though it was red and swollen, I easily slid my tongue into her.

With each lick, each suck, gobs of salty, warm sperm oozed and dribbled into my mouth. I swallowed all of it.

Megan was so turned-on, that sweat rolled down her back, into the crack of her ass, and onto my face. She even tried to shit the sperm into my mouth!

After I was through eating Megan’s sweaty ass, I sat her down on the bench and spread her legs. My tongue went immediately to her clit. I licked it real good as I mercilessly sucked her erect clit.

Megan had a shattering climax in no time. Her entire body went rigid, right before she exploded. You could have heard her yell and scream a mile away!

As Megan’s body continued to convulse, I mounted her. My cock was raging hard and streaming precum. I took turns fucking her sloppy pussy and asshole, until I couldn’t tell which hole I was in. I think I came twice in her piggy, cum farting, gaping ass.

After that night, I didn’t see Megan for at least a month! However, she did send me post card with a smiley face…

Mrs. Barbara Smith

Barbara is in her early 40′s. She can out fuck most women half her age! She’s a sexy, MILF, who loves to tease and enjoys public sex with both men and women.

Sis first met Barbara at a women’s designer clothing boutique. Sis said when she entered the boutique; she got a warm welcome from Barbara, the manager, and her sales girls.

However, as she wandered around the store, she could see Barbara and her assistants whispering to each other out of the corner of her eye. Sis said she assumed they were probably talking about her baggy, rumpled t-shirt and shorts.

Anyway, Sis ignored them and kept smiling. Eventually, she picked out a few clothes to try on and one of the assistants escorted her to the curtained changing rooms.

Sis said she immediately noticed the mirror in the changing room faced the store’s main counter. Feeling mischievous, Sis did not close the curtain completely. She positioned herself in the changing room, so that Barb and the girls could see her in the mirror from the counter.

Sis did a slow strip tease and then posed naked in front of the mirror to admire herself! Sis said she ran her hands over her smooth pubic mound; she cupped her breasts, and even turned sideways to admire her upturned ass.

After several sexy poses, Sis said she eventually held a dress to her side, as if wondering if it would fit or not. She then clumsily dropped it. Oops!

Sis said when she bent over to pick it up; she spread her legs to make sure the girls could see her rosebud, when she bent over. Sis giggled when she said, “I even winked my pink eye at them – a couple of times!”

When Sis finally stood up and turned around, she could plainly see in the mirror that the women were looking. Their eyes were directly fixed on the mirror in her changing room.

Sis said she tried on the dress, but took it off immediately. This left her naked, again.

“I went through the other clothes…taking them all off quickly, so that I could parade around naked. The last dress was a zip number.”

When Sis tried it on, she noticed the zipper went right over her pussy. That’s when she hatched her plan.

“The last time I waxed, I accidently left a couple of stray hairs, so when I stepped into the dress and proceeded to zip it up, I pretended to catch a hair in the front of the zipper. I screeched to get their attention.”

“Barbara and her girls quickly came over and asked if I was ok. I said no…the zipper was caught. I then calmly opened the curtain.”

“Ha. Ha. Barbara’s pretty, blue eyes got really big. You should have seen the girls, too!”

“The top of the dress was on my shoulders, but my breasts and hard nips were completely exposed and on display. Not only that, the bottom of the dress was barely zipped past my pussy! They could plainly see I shaved.”

“Barb quickly recovered and sincerely asked if I would like some help. When I said yes, she stepped forward and knelt down directly in front of me to look at the zipper.”

“When Barb moved her head forward to get a better look, I pulled the dress out so that Barb could see ALL the way down. Let me tell you, Barb took a hard long hard look and I think…when she started to wet her lips, she caught herself and looked back up at me. I was smiling.”

“I am pretty sure Barb knew then, that I was playing her. I could see an almost imperceptible wry smile cross her face. The ball, as you guys say, was now in her court and she knew it.”

“Barb politely asked me to turn around and when I started to, she placed her hand right underneath my bellybutton as if to help me turn. She said she wanted to see what was behind me.”

“Well, guess what? There was no stinkin’ zipper back there! Barbara quickly feigned an apology. However, she let her pinky slip very low, almost to the top of my pussy when she helped me turn back around!”

“When I was facing her again, I quickly placed my hand over hand before she could move hers. Although I pretended to pull down on the zipper, I was really pushing her hand lower!”

“I made a fake grimace to show the girls that it did indeed hurt. On the other hand, they could probably guess, since they couldn’t see Barb’s hand – that it was on my pussy. To be precise, her thumb was gently rubbing my erect clit!”

“After a few seconds, I removed my hands from Barb’s and she pulled her hand back, too. However, I asked her to please try to unzip it.”

“Barb, ever the professional, apologized, again, and said she would need to check the inside of the zipper. I nodded and Barb carefully slid her right hand into the dress as her left hand worked the zipper.”

“This time, Barb rested her middle finger between my pussy lips. When I didn’t move, she curled her middle finger and slid it right into me…right there in front of the sales girls!”

“I am sure the girls knew something was going on because my eyes widened and I took a sharp breath as Barbara pressed her finger into me. I was already pretty wet, so her finger had no problem penetrating me.”

“Barbara finger-fucked me for about a minute, before she said she could not find the catch and could I pull the dress down? I said sure and let it drop off my shoulders. It fell bunched up around Barbara’s hands.”

“Barbara knows how to make a girl cum! She reached around me with her free hand and pushed a dry finger up my asshole!”

“I was literally writhing now, practically naked, in front of the girls as Barb finger-fucked my pussy and ass… I was sooo turned on! I was moaning and pinching my hard nipples… I told Barb she’d better hurry up and loosen the zipper or I was going to cum!”

“Barb said something and then quickened her fingers, as one of the sale’s girls leaned into me, placed her hot ,little mouth next to my ear, and whispered, ‘You’re sooo hot. I want you, too!’ She then gently began kissing my lips before she slid her tongue into my mouth!”

My sweet dreams were interrupted when I heard my bedroom door quietly open and close. As I turned over to look at who had the audacity to disturb me on a Saturday morning, I noticed the alarm said 6 AM! Jeez! Shit! I was ready to go off. My roommate, Billy, had better have one hell of a reason…

You can image my shock when I saw a beautiful, completely naked, young girl (Wendy), on the side of my bed, looking down at me with steel-blue eyes. She was as pretty as a picture.

At about 5’9″, Wendy had shoulder length, dishwater blonde hair and carried a hard, firm body. Her ripe, medium-sized, round breasts were topped with puffy, bubble gum colored nipples and symmetrical areolae. Somehow, I managed to tear my eyes away from those puppies and made them move lower.

I quickly decided Wendy must be an athlete. She had a flat stomach, tapered waist, tight, strong thighs, and shapely legs. Her height, weight, and long arms and legs made her a natural for almost any sport.

Saving the best for last, my eyes went back to her completely bald pussy. Surprisingly, her pussy lips were still neatly folded inward.

My mouth watered as Wendy continued to stand in front of me; hands on her hips, letting me take her all in. She did not seem to be in a hurry or have any concerns about exposing her naked body to a complete stranger.

Sensing my examination time was up; I focused back to the blue eyes that had not left me. When my eyes were locked back into hers, she patiently asked, “Can you help me please?”

“Help you what,” I croaked.

“I have an itch!”


Although Wendy did not point her left hand, which was resting on her hip, she gestured toward her pussy. It was less than two feet away from my face. Knowing it was okay to look, again, I shifted my eyes to her well-defined cunt slit.

Upon swallowing the saliva that quickly filled my mouth water, I asked, “What about Billy?”

“He’s busy…snoring. Too bad, he has a really big, fat, juicy cock.” Wendy then gestured with her hands the size of his cock. “I love to suck on thick cocks like that. I can suck’em all day long.”

I am sure you could I thought, instantly jealous that she was so enamored with my roommate’s cock. Desperate to change the subject, I asked, “You came here with him?” I knew she had, but I just could not believe he could get this girl here, pass out, and still have her wanting his cock on top of that.

“Yes, he offered to take me home…and… Here I am.”

“You still got that itch.”


Wendy then shifted her eyes to my morning erection, which was covered by the sheet. My hips slowly squirmed as she stared at my swollen member.

“You always wake-up like that?” Before I could say anything, Wendy whispered, “Nice!” reached down, and gripped my hard-on through the sheet. “Feels like you have a really big itch!”

As we both smirked, I reached around behind her and dragged the palm of my hand across her smooth cheeks. Her buns were soft and warm.

“I know what you’re thinkin’…”

I smiled and then gently scratched her lower back. “That’s close, but down a little further,” Wendy instructed. I moved my hand to the top of her ass cheeks. “Lower!”

I then slowly inched my hand down between Wendy’s silky cheeks. When my thumb slowly passed over her anus, she flexed her checks hard and then relaxed them as I continued to her pussy.

Moments later, the long legged beauty, wordlessly and without hesitation crawled onto my bed, over my legs, and assumed the position – ass up and head down, more or less in the center of MY bed! Her body screamed “FUCK ME!”

I rose up and maneuvered behind Wendy. I parted her soft butt cheeks, took a hard look at her pink, button-shaped anus, and then placed my face between them.

Wendy’s cheeks felt like warm pillows as I began to wet her pussy with my tongue. Whenever I came up for air, I would treat her puckered anus to some swabs, too.

When Wendy’s snatch was sufficiently slick with my saliva, I pushed my tongue deep into her now juicy pussy. Almost immediately, I felt precum run out my hard cock.

Wendy moaned under her breath as I licked, slurped, and swallowed – feasting on my wet, sweet breakfast. No doubt, my nose, buried in her anus had something to do with her moaning, too.

When I had had enough, I turned Wendy over, and spread her long legs. I rewarded her decision to be with me, by going down on her clit.

Wendy gasped with pleasure as I began sucking on her little bead. It hardened and grew tall in no time.

Minutes later, Wendy’s wonderful pussy was spasming against my face as her arms and legs thrashed on my bed. It took all my strength not to get bucked off her.

After Wendy came a few times, I rose up, grasped her waist, and pulled her groin against my erect cock. I wanted her to feel my hardness.

Without hesitation Wendy began grinding against me, she wanted to do more than feel. She wanted my hard cock to batter her glistening vaginal walls. She wanted to be fucked to exhaustion.

As I began to mount her, I suddenly changed my mind. I decided she should taste me, too.

I carefully climbed over chest, purposely dragging my smooth nut sack and cock over breasts. The feeling was so gloriously sensual I paused and just glided my sack over her hard nipples a few times before moving forward.

Wendy looked down as down as my hard cock bounced toward her face. She knew that I was going to dock it in her mouth, so she licked her lips, and opened her mouth for the arrival of my white, one-eyed monster.

As comfortable as Wendy was with her nakedness, I should have known that there were not going to be any coy, demur tongue licks. Wendy quickly and eagerly engulfed my cockhead in her mouth and greedily sucked and licked the precum that was oozing out my swollen cock head.

When Wendy’s hot mouth began to take me deep, I knew I would not be able to take much more. Although I would have loved to fill her flat belly with my warm cum, I gently disengaged my cock from her mouth, and eased my face up so that I could finally kiss her.

My attempt at a romantic kiss bombed. I puckered my lips, but Wendy began wildly feasting on my face – sucking and licking her pussy juice off it. (I later learned that overtly, sexual women love the taste of pussy, even their own.)

After Wendy satiated herself, I let my hands glide down her smooth back, until they came to her soft, round globes. I pushed upwards, cupping a cheek in both hands, until I hoisted her up into the air.

Wendy instinctively wrapped her legs around me, locking her feet together in the small of my back as I maneuvered my cock, until I felt the entrance to her warm, wet cunt.

A couple of seconds later, Wendy’s tight pussy began easing down my stiff cock. The feeling was glorious, for both of us.

I had only penetrated Wendy a few inches when her legs tightened and she threw her head back and groaned. “Oh, yes. Oh, that feels so good!”

The deeper I impaled Wendy, the more she grunted and gasped. I certainly could understand why. I felt so big right now.

When I satisfyingly bottomed in Wendy, I realized this was my second piece of strange pussy in about 24 hours. When it rains, it pours.

Two nights ago, I had gone to a local bar for a nightcap. After a couple of drinks, I began flirting with the comely, female bartender. She was equally as flirtatious.

It was close to closing and there were only three other guys in the place and they were sitting at the bar – together. They appeared to know the bartender and teased her about her interest in me. She teased them right back. We had many good-natured laughs as they joshed each other.

When I got up to go to the restroom, one of the guys followed me into the can. As we stood pissing into our urinals, the guy asked me what I thought of our bartender. I said, “She looks pretty sexy.” He chuckled and agreed.

When he was done pissing, he turned to me. I looked at him and then down. He had cupped his large balls with both hands. His cock was semi-hard and pretty thick.

I was stunned and did not hear the question he had asked me. When he asked me, again, I realized he was asking me what I thought of his cock.

Caught completely off-guard, I told him it looked “okay.” Then he asked to see mine! Although I was still peeing, I figured what the heck and carefully stepped back from the urinal, so the guy could see it.

Despite glancing into the guy’s eyes only for a second, that was all the time I needed to see the lust in his eyes. I think the guy knew what I saw, because he immediately said Lucy would like it and then began telling me how Lucy liked it from behind and that she liked young guys -because they had stamina.

As he continued to tell me about Lucy’s sexual preferences, he reached out, gently took my free hand, and placed it on his cock. When I pulled my hand back, he reassured me Lucy would not mind.

Seeing no further resistance, he reached out, again, took my hand, and placed it around his hardening cock. He did not stop at that. He began sliding my hand up and down it! I couldn’t help but notice it was smooth and warm.

I had finished peeing by now and my own cock was beginning to harden. The longer I stroked his cock, the longer mine got.

Suddenly and without warning, the guy lowered his head and engulfed my cock in his hot mouth. Now, I’ve had plenty of blowjobs from many girls, but this BJ was something else! This guy knew how to suck cock! His feathery tongue immediately found my most pleasurable spot – underneath my cockhead.

I just leaned back against the urinal and enjoyed his juicy mouth sliding back and forth, over my hardening my cock. In no time, my big cock was as hard as granite, oozing huge amounts of precum, and thicker than I had ever seen it.

Despite the fact, I had decided not to cum in his mouth, I let him go on for another couple of minutes because his BJ felt so exquisite. In addition, watching my swollen cock plow back and forth in his hot, stretched mouth was visually thrilling.

After a couple of more minutes, I said, “Ooohhh that felt so good. Why don’t you stand up for a few minutes?” He smiled at me and stood up as I kneeled and licked my lips.

His throbbing, erect cock was now only inches from my mouth. I was excited and eager to return the favor.

I wrapped my lips around the fat cockhead and began nursing out his precum. It was plentiful and tasted both salty and sweet.

When I began deep throating him, he reached under my armpits and slowly pulled me up, until I was bent over in front him. Then he swung my hips around. I quickly discovered that he wanted access to my smooth, hairless bottom.

With his cock deep in my throat, I moaned loudly as he determinedly pushed his stubby thumb into my pink, dry anus. I continued to suck and groan from the burn, until his thumb found my magic button.

When he began massaging my prostate, my ass started squirming, which made my throat constrict even more around his thrusting cock. He was pushing his cock so deep, my eyes began to tear up, and drool began to leak out of my mouth.

Encouraging me to keep going, he said, “That’s right, baby. Keep sucking it. I’m gonna feed you soon. I’m gonna fill your empty belly up with my baby gravy.”

When I raised my eyes to his, he smiled, and somehow held my gaze as he continued thrusting his cock into my mouth and rubbing his thumb against my prostrate. Moments later, he began conversing with me, again.

“You like my thumb up your ass. I like how you can squeeze it. I bet you would love my big cock up your tight ass, too. Say, you wanna come over? We could drink some beers and watch some movies. My buddies would like to play with your ass, too. You could leave whenever you wanted. We’d even give you a ride home.”

Then without warning, he grabbed my head with both hands pulled my face right into his chubby stomach and began grunting. Gag tears streamed down my face as I felt his beefy cock harden even more. I sucked in as much air as I could through my nose as I awaited his release.

Seconds later, gobs of hot sperm began pouring down my throat. Even to this very day, I don’t recall ever swallowing so much warm, salty tasting cum.

When he finished unloading, he sighed, patted me on the head, and then dabbed my teary eyes with a tissue as I gently suckled his softening cockhead. Sperm was still oozing and out of his cockhead.

I felt like a little whore walking out of the men’s room. Creamy ejaculate residue coated the inside of my mouth, my violated anus still burned somewhat, and my eyes were reddened. Not helping my uncomfortableness, his two buddies teased the heck out of us, asking what had taken so long, etc.

While the three guys were laughing about something, Lucy leaned over the bar and asked me if I was okay. Then she asked, “He didn’t do anything to you did he?” Embarrassed, I laughed and said, “No!”

Eventually, the three men offered Lucy a hundred dollars if she would fuck me behind the bar. Lucy protested greatly, but after I readily agreed, Lucy, acting reluctant, announced that she would, but “only for the money.”

Knowing that Lucy would not ask me to fuck her, I got up and walked behind the bar. As I approached her, she pulled her black skorts down to her knees, reached around, pulled her g-string aside, and then looked back at me.

The guys hooted it up as I unzipped. They laughed even more when Lucy glanced back at me and said, “Not in my ass, honey.”

I smiled as I nodded agreement, and then began rubbing my semi-hard cock between her soft cheeks. My cock was rock hard in less than a minute.

Lucy’s pussy was a little dry and it never got any wetter. It was not a great fuck. I managed to hold out a respectable five minutes before I flooded her vaginal cavity.

Right after I came, Lucy grabbed some drink napkins to wipe her oozing pussy lips. She gave me a blank look as she spread her legs, squatted, and began soaking up my leaking cum with the napkins.

Right before Lucy pulled her skorts back up, the guys begged us to turn around and wiggle our bare asses at them. There pleadings were successful and we entertained them.

Lucy finally smiled when the guys’ jokes and laughter about our butts became downright hilarious. For some reason, I felt better. Although I did feel strange when I thought I heard one of the guys quietly remark under his breath that my “sweet” ass looked a whole tighter than Lucy’s.

I willingly left with the trio to continue the party, but only after Lucy agreed to come over – after she closed. However, by the time Lucy got there, the guys had been taking turns banging my ass for some time.

When I finally noticed Lucy, she was smoking a cigarette, standing in the arch between the kitchen and living room. Although we did not make eye contact, she watched me masturbate as I bounced up and down on the fat cock I had just mounted.

Eventually, Lucy went over to the table where the guys had been snorting something. Whatever it was, it sure gave the guys staying power. They fucked me several hours and came in my ass and mouth several times. For a bunch of older farts, they had bigger than normal cocks and came alot.

Anyway, Lucy snorted a line of something herself and then went upstairs. I never saw her, again.

So here I was, in my own bed, sleeping my gangbang-hangover off when this young, naked woman walks into my room…

It took Wendy and me awhile to get a rhythm because our lust was almost uncontrollable. Our fucking was frenetic. She was trying to fuck me as I was trying to fuck her.

At some point, I managed to brace Wendy’s back up against the headboard and push into her, as she bounced on my lap. Only then was she able to calm down and begin timing her humping with my thrusts.

As we began moving together, we began kissing – if you call sucking the hell out of each other’s lips and tongues. The more we kissed the more ramped up I became. Soon, her lips were not enough. I grabbed her breasts and eagerly pulled them to mouth, so that I could passionately suck her erect, pink nipples. Wendy moaned and ran her fingers along the back of my neck. Her sensual touch gave me wicked goose bumps.

After only a few minutes of plunging in and out of Wendy’s pussy, I heard and felt her pussy, begin gurgling and making squishy, suction like noises. Moments later, her hips quivered, raised, and then began bucking as her legs tightened. Feeling her pussy spasming around my cock only made me pound her harder.

I was determined that my hard charging cock was going to fuck this undulating body ’til it couldn’t cum anymore. My goal was short-lived.

All too quickly the vice-like squeeze of Wendy’s pussy became too much. I came like a beast.

I rose up and thrust as deep as I could and then started gasping, “Aaahhh,” after every spurt.

Wendy equaled my exuberance. “I feel it shooting in me! Whoa! Aaahhh! Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, too!”

After our orgasms had subsided, we exchanged hot open mouth kisses, our tongues searching our mouths. Sweat was pouring off both of us.

After I climbed off Wendy, we cuddled for a while, before getting up. I still had a piss hard-on and went to relieve myself and Wendy went to check on her date.

When I returned from my bathroom, I heard muffled voices and then I hear him say “Wendy.” At least I knew her name now!

I waited a few minutes for Wendy to come back, but when she didn’t, I dejectedly laid back down on the bed. I went to sleep immediately.

About ninety minutes later, I began to wake up. The first thing I felt were warm breasts against my back and then someone’s hot breath against my neck. I smiled, thankful that Wendy had come back.

When I turned over to look at Wendy, she opened one blue eye and mumbled that she had saved me breakfast. When I quizzically arched my eyebrow, Wendy smiled and said, “Eat me. I need my pussy sucked…really bad!”

Not about to eat Billy’s cum, I asked Wendy what happened. Wendy said she gone back to Billy’s room to get her clothes and that Billy wasn’t very happy about the fact she had left him and was fucking me. She said when she came into my room, I was sleeping, so she got into bed with me and went back to sleep, too.

Wendy gave me a moment to think all that through, before she said, “Time’s up!” She then spread her legs and said, “I need your tongue on my pussy. Now!”

Still drowsy, I slowly rose up and crawled between her legs. Before lowering my face, I looked down at Wendy’s smiling face and mumbled, “Just know…I’m gonna eat you ’til you beg me to stop!”

Wendy did not say anything. She just patiently stared at me. Since her blue eyes would not blink, I had no choice but to break eye contact.

Before placing my hands on Wendy’s inner thighs, I briefly let my eyes sweep across her exquisite curves and smooth skin. Her breasts were full and firm and her pink nipples were hard, again.

I pushed Wendy thighs, until her knees were more than shoulder-width. I then put my hands on her hips and leaned forward, resting my head on her right inner thigh as though I was preparing to take a nap.

Wendy’s wet pussy was only inches from mouth. I flared by nostrils and deeply inhaled the heady aroma of stale sperm and fresh pussy juices.

I pushed my right arm up, until my hand could cup Wendy’s right breast. I then took turns cupping both her breasts as I began fluttering my tongue around and over her swelling labia. I was careful not to touch her clit – just yet.

After a couple of minutes, I paused to ask, “How does that feel? Ok?”

Wendy sighed and simply said, “Yes!”

It was now time to get serious. I placed both my hands under Wendy’s ass and held her cheeks firmly as I moved my mouth directly over her now drooling pussy. I then slowly wiggled my horny tongue into her warm, wet, pussy hole.

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