Thank you, Amber. That was a great dance. Here’s your $300. In fact, that was so good, let’s make it $500. This is a great VIP room. I’m glad we had a little privacy.

But Amber – don’t put your panties back on just yet. Sit that sexy bare ass back down on my lap for a minute. You were right about something: I do have a kinky side. A very kinky side, in fact.

Fortunately, I also have a lot of money. So I’ll give you another $500 if you just sit here, without saying anything, and listen to a proposition. When I’m done, you can decide for yourself whether or not to accept. The extra $500 is yours either way.

Interested? Good.

I’ve been watching the girls in this club all night. You’re the best, Amber. It’s not just that you’re the best-looking – although you are, hands down, the sexiest girl here. But you’ve also got the most passion. You enjoy yourself the most. The way you dance up, up on the stage, makes that clear. And the way you danced for me just now confirms it.

So here’s my proposal. I want you to tell the club that you’re taking tomorrow night off. Then go home and get a very good night’s sleep. Take some extra naps during the day, too. You’ll need to be well-rested for this.

Around 4:00 in the afternoon, take a shower, put on your most elegant dress, high heels, perfume and makeup – but don’t put anything on underneath that dress.

Take a taxi downtown, and meet me in the lobby of the Luxury Towers on Main St at 6 pm. I’m staying in the penthouse suite there. I’ve got the whole top floor to myself. Just so you know, I’ll be preparing myself at the same time that you are. When you see me, I’ll be showered, completely clean, and dressed in my finest clothes. We’ll have a drink at the hotel bar, then head up to the penthouse.

I believe that the best things in life are worth paying for. And you’re the best. So now I’m going to describe everything I want you to do for me tomorrow night – and how much I’ll reward you for each thing you do.

First: I’ll give you a thousand dollars to spend the night with me.

Another thousand to take that dress off the moment you walk into my suite – and keep it off until the morning.

A thousand to let me kiss you – and to kiss me back like a lover.

A thousand for me to inspect your body. Every square inch of it. I’ll make sure your nipples are stiff and ready. You’ll spread your legs and let me inspect your pussy – which will be bare, of course. That landing strip will have to go. Then you’ll turn around, spread your cheeks, and let me inspect your asshole – which will also be bare. I’ll take my time with the inspection. And I’ll be very disappointed if I find any hair. I want you soft and perfectly smooth everywhere.

A thousand for a full massage. I loved the way your hands felt on my back and shoulders earlier tonight. I want you to do that for my whole body – and use your whole body to do it.

Two thousand to fuck you. As many times as I want, in any position I can think of. That goes for everything else, too – all the things you’re going to do, you’ll do as many times as I want – until the sun comes up.

That’s seven thousand so far. Now let’s talk about some of the kinky stuff.

I like blow jobs. What man doesn’t? Tomorrow night, though, I don’t want just any blow jobs. Every time you take my cock in my mouth, you’re going to take it as deep into your throat as you can. If you gag, you can pull back and catch your breath – but as soon as you do, you’ll take that cock right back down. A thousand dollars.

Another thousand keep your eyes locked on mine each and every time my cock is in your mouth.

Now, I’m an ass man. I always have been. I believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman – and that the most intimate, and the most beautiful, part of a woman is her asshole. The best part of this club is that I am actually able to compare all the girls’ assholes. And once again, yours is the best. It’s perfect: pink, tight, and gorgeous.

I’ll give you a thousand dollars to lick, finger, and worship that asshole. And another thousand for you to finger and lick mine. When you rim me, I want to feel your tongue as far up my ass as it can go. It’s one of my favorite sensations, and I’m dying to know what it will feel like with your tongue in me.

We’re going to want food to keep our energy up during the night. The Luxury Towers has the best room service in this city. We can order anything you’ve ever eaten at any restaurant you’ve ever been to. If they can’t make it, they’ll find someplace that can and bring it to us.

When the room service arrives, you’ll answer the door – naked. Another thousand.

We won’t be using plates. Any food that you want, I’ll feed you. And any food that I eat, I’ll eat it off of you. Or out of you. We’ll avoid anything that’s too messy – no spaghetti. But I could definitely see myself eating a strawberry out of your ass. A thousand dollars.

I also like spanking – as you already know. I don’t like overdoing it – welts and bruises are not attractive. But deep pink is the ideal color for a woman’s ass. Another two thousand dollars.

Two thousand more to spank and pinch your breasts. Again, no bruises or welts. But enough for the color of your breasts to match your ass.

Speaking of that ass – three thousand to fuck it.

That’s twenty thousand, if you’re counting.

Now for the really kinky stuff.

We’ll be drinking, of course. I’ll be having single malt whiskey. You can have whatever you want – wine, champagne, Crystal, just name it.

Eventually, I’ll need to piss. When I do, I’m going to piss all over you. Your hair, face, body, everywhere. Three thousand dollars. (We’ll clean you up in a shower before the night is over.)

Or I may decide to use your mouth instead. If I do, you’ll swallow as much as you can. If it’s coming too fast for you, you can let the excess spill out of your mouth – but you’ll do your best to keep up with me. Another three thousand dollars.

When you need to use the toilet, for any reason, you’ll put on a show for me. I may have you do it in the bathtub. I may have you straddle the toilet, with your ass towards me. Three thousand.

From time to time, I’ll slap your face. Again, not too hard – no bruises, nothing that will show in the morning. But it will sting. And it will be enough to remind you that you’re mine for the night. When I do, you’ll smile, and you’ll go back to whatever you were doing. Three thousand.

As the evening goes on, your ass is going to be more and more relaxed. I’m going to take a speculum, open it up, and take a long look inside. Three thousand.

You’ll also be getting piss enemas. Maybe after I’ve fucked your ass. Maybe while I’ve got your ass open with the speculum. Maybe I’ll just need to piss, and I’ll push myself into your ass to do it. Three thousand.

Every time I take my cock out of your cunt or your ass, you will immediately clean it off with your mouth. Every single time. Even if I was just fucking you while you held your piss enema. Three thousand dollars.

By the end of the night, and with the help of lots of lube, your ass is going to be relaxed enough to accept my fist. Yes, I have a big hand, but don’t worry, I’ll go very slowly. I want to know that feeling. I need to know what it feels like to have my whole hand embedded in your ass. Four thousand dollars.

That’s forty-five thousand dollars for a single night.

Now how much of this will be hard for you, and how much will turn you on? I don’t know – although the state of your pussy right now tells me that you’re finding at least some of this exciting.

But I will give you a final five thousand, to make it fifty thousand for the night. That’s as much as most people earn in a year.

The final five thousand is because, regardless of what your normal boundaries are, you’re going to use all your skill to convince me that every single one of my kinks is your kink, too.

Fifty thousand. One night.

Don’t say anything. If you don’t want to try this, just take the five hundred for the dance and the five hundred for listening to me, and you’re welcome to go.

If you are really up for this, then pull your asshole up off my finger, kneel between my legs, look up at me, smile, and use your mouth to clean my finger off.

Just. Like. That.

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