Chapter 1

Chris had been working out of town for a few months, only to come home on the weekends. Sex had always been good between us- not exactly “vanilla”, yet wasn’t hardcore BDSM. It was somewhere in between.

I however craved more…wanted to kick it up a notch. I had tried to suggest things such as role playing and/or bondage in the past and Chris just wasn’t into it.

Him being away during the week gave me opportunity to “sext” him frequently. Since we were both horny and missing each other, I thought maybe during the week I could make a few suggestions again. I sent a few sexy pictures and made a proposition. I told him I wanted him to be my “master”. I wanted him to be in control and I wanted to fulfill his every sexual desire. I wanted to be spanked. I wanted to be used. I wanted to please. To my surprise, he said he was into it and couldn’t wait to get home!

All day Friday I couldn’t stop thinking about how the evening would be. My pussy was soaking wet all day! I planned a nice dinner and went to take a shower before he arrived.

I did my long blonde hair into loose messy curls, just how he liked it and I applied my make-up to accentuate my blue eyes. I put on his favorite vanilla lotion all over before putting on my sexy black lace bra and thong.

While checking myself over in the mirror, I imagined red hand prints across my milky white ass. I slipped a slinky black dress over my head and could see my big hard nipples poking through the silky dress. I gave each a pinch, which sent an electrical spark to my clit. I was so turned on; I thought I would probably cum as soon as he touched me.

I expected him to arrive in about an hour, so I went to prepare dinner. I wanted to have everything ready when he walked in the door so he could see how eager I was to please him. I began cooking, only to hear the door unlock and him arrive early. He came in, seeing that dinner wasn’t ready yet and the game was on.

He said “what have you been doing all day? I am home and hungry and my dinner isn’t ready! You need to be taught a lesson!”

I tried to apologize and explain that he was early, but he told me to be quiet and to get on my knees. My pussy was dripping from his harsh words and the excitement of him actually going through with my suggestion.

I quickly dropped to my knees and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I knew what he wanted and eagerly started to give him the best head I could. He told me what a good little slut I was for sucking his cock so good. He grabbed the back of my head, tangling my hair in his hands and starting thrusting his hips to ram his big cock down my throat. I was in heaven having him fuck my face like this.

His balls began to tighten and I knew he was close. I feel his cock start to pulse and felt his hot cum squirt the back of my throat over and over. I happily swallow it all down, not spilling a drop.

He seemed pleased as he pulled out of my mouth and zipped up his pants. He then told me, that since I have had my appetizer already, he needed one while I finished cooking. I brought him some fruit and cheese to snack on while I continued with dinner. My pussy was soaking wet trying to imagine what else he might have in store.

After eating, he brought a paper bag out of his bag and handed it to me. I looked inside to find a butt plug and an enema. I looked at him with surprise.

He said, “I am going to fuck that tight ass of yours tonight and I want you to prepare for it. Go upstairs, use the enema and insert the butt plug and come back down with it in.”

We had had anal sex a few times in the past and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a usual thing for us. I did as I was told, and came down with my thong, bra, high heels and butt plug in.

He instructed me to come over to him and bend over his knee so he could see that I had it in. He pulled the thong to the side and slowly moved the butt plug in and out of my tight ass. It felt so damn good and I was so hot, I came right there. I couldn’t control it.

He stopped fucking me with my new toy and I then felt a hard smack on my ass. He told me I need to be punished for cumming without permission.

He smacked me hard five more times then told me to get up and clean the kitchen while he went to shower. He said to make sure the butt plug stayed in the entire time.

Just as I finished my chores, he called me to come upstairs. I carefully climbed the stairs making sure the butt plug stayed in place.

I came into the bedroom to find him naked with the biggest hard-on I have ever seen him have. I was glad that he was into this as much as I was.

He told me to bend over the edge of the bed. He rubbed my red ass checks and began kissing the welts while fingering my wet pussy. I was getting hot all over again and he could tell.

He told me that I was a dirty little slut for getting excited by all of this. He told me to tell him what I wanted. To beg for it.

I said “Please fuck me!”

He stopped kissing my sore ass and smacked me again. It really hurt, but I could feel my pussy getting even wetter.

He said to only address him as “Master” and refer to myself as his “Little Slut” and to be specific or I wouldn’t get anything.

I said, “Please Master, please fuck your Little Slut’s ass.” He seemed pleased and began to fuck me again with the butt plug. I felt so damn good I begged him to fuck me harder with it. He continued for a few minutes and pulled it out.

He rubbed my ass all over and asked me again what I wanted.

I said “PLEASE master. PLEASE fuck me now! Fuck your Little Slut in the ass. I can’t wait any longer. I need your big cock in my tight little ass.”

I then felt the cold lube squirting on my hole and felt his big head at the entrance.

Although I had been stretched a little by the butt plug, he was much larger and I was nervous. He slowly pushed his big cock head into my tiny asshole. It hurt a little and he told me to relax and breathe.

I then felt another smack on my ass just as he pushed it all the way in and stopped. He rubbed my welted ass while he waited for me to get used to having my ass full of his big cock.

He reached around and started to rub my swollen clit, which made me moan.

The sensation of my sore ass cheeks, my ass full with his big cock and my swollen clit was amazing! He slowly started fucking my ass while playing with my clit. It felt so good to be filled with his cock I begged him to fuck me hard now.

“Please master, please fuck me hard. Fuck your Little Slut’s ass hard. Fill me with your hot cum.”

He did just that and I knew I had to cum. I begged him to allow me to come.

He said I wasn’t ready and continued to fuck me for a few minutes before telling me I could. I have never came so hard before- juices squirted all over the bed and onto the floor. This sent him over the edge and he said he was going to cum.

I begged him to fill my ass with his hot cum. He exploded again and again in my tiny asshole. He pulled out and told me to come lay with him on the bed. He held me and told me how much he loved his Dirty Little Slut and we both fell asleep. I couldn’t wait to find out what the rest of the weekend had in store…

Chapter 2

In the morning, I woke before Chris. I slowly got out of bed so I didn’t wake him. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top and went downstairs to fix him breakfast. I relived the night’s events in my mind and had a constant smile on my face.

Just as I was finishing cooking, he came down and gave me a long passionate kiss. He told me he was very proud of his Dirty Little Slut. Told me he loved fucking my tight little ass and couldn’t wait to train me some more. This was getting me hot all over again.

I knew we wouldn’t have much time to play during the day, as we had work to do around the house and a party at his boss’s beach house in the evening. We went about our routine of cleaning and yard work throughout the day.

When we were getting ready for the party, he instructed me to wear my red low-cut dress, red push-up bra, red thong and black high heels.

He then handed me another bag. Inside I found a remote controlled vibrating egg. He instructed me to put it in my pussy and wear it to the party. He put the remote in his pocket. I was a little embarrassed to think someone might hear it, but I didn’t want to disappoint my master.

We arrived at the party and the house was beautiful. The back yard over looked the ocean down below. There was a private set of stairs that took you down to the sand. We both socialized, as I had become friends with some of the other wives.

His boss, Jack, had always made a point to talk to me and this night was no different. We were chatting and Chris was across the room.

I began to feel the egg starting to vibrate in my pussy and it made me gasp. I glanced at Chris to see a smirk on his face. Jack asked me if I was ok and I had to play it off like nothing was wrong. I tried to keep up the conversation and hoped he couldn’t hear the buzzing sound coming from my hot pussy. After a minute of this, my juices started dripping down my legs. I gave Chris a pleading look and I could see him chuckling to himself. The egg finally stopped vibrating and I excused myself to get another drink at the bar.

As I was ordering, Chris came up behind me and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to go to the bathroom, to take off my wet panties and remove the egg and meet him out back. I did as I was told, wondering what he had in mind.

As I met him out back, he guided me to the stairs and we walked down to the beach. It was dusk and most people were gone from the beach, except for the occasional jogger. He led me down the beach to a rocky area.

He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck and ears. He began running his hands over my tits and squeezed my already hard nipples. He was getting me so hot without even taking off my clothes.

He then pulled up the back of my dress and exposed my naked ass to the world. It was still sore from the spanking the night before and the cool air felt good. He told me to put my hands on the rock in front of me as he started running his hand down my crack until he found my sopping pussy.

I could hear people at the houses above us and wondered if any of them could see us. He started rubbing my clit with his thumb while finger fucking me with two fingers. I couldn’t help myself and started moaning.

He asked what his Dirty Little Slut wanted. I knew someone might see or hear, but I didn’t care- I needed it and I needed it now!

I said “your Little Slut would like her pussy fucked, Master.”

He continued finger fucking me for a few more minutes until I heard his pants unzip and felt his huge cock head rubbing from my sore little asshole down to my throbbing clit.

He rubbed it back and forth a few times teasing me, and as he went over my cunt, I pressed back trying to get it inside. He stopped and put his cock back in his pants.

He angrily said “I am in control, not YOU. I will decide when I fuck you, not the other way around. This is the way this game goes- either you follow MY rules, or we will stop right now!”

I apologized and begged him not to stop, almost in tears. I don’t think I ever needed it so badly.

He told me to take my dress off if I wanted it and to lay on the rock. I was humiliated, but I did it. I HAD to be fucked right then and there and would do anything he asked.

He instructed me to spread my legs wide and hold myself open. He then began to eat my pussy right there in the open. It sent me over the top. I begged for him to let me cum.

He refused, telling me I didn’t deserve it. I then begged him to fuck me. I said “Please Master, please fuck me. I know I am a Dirty Little Slut and I am sorry for disobeying you. I beg you to please use my pussy. Please fuck your Little Slut’s pussy!”

He stood up, unzipped his pants without a word and in one stroke, buried his cock down to his balls into my soaking wet pussy.

He asked if that is what I wanted. I said, “Yes Master! Thank you for fucking me! Use my hole and fill it with you sweet hot cum!”

He began ramming my fuck hole with his big cock. I was crying out for him to please let me cum. He finally agreed and I let loose.

A second later he grunted and rammed his cock even deeper into my hole and exploded. He put his cock away, zipped up his pants and turned to me laying on the rock naked with cum dripping out of my pussy. He began to walk away telling me to get cleaned up best I could and to meet him back at the party.

I tried to fix my hair as best I could by running my fingers through it and got dressed. As I walked up the stairs to the party, it felt like everyone was staring at me. I wondered if they had heard and knew what we were doing down on the beach.

We began to say our goodbyes and I don’t know if it was my imagination, but Jack seemed to hug me a little tighter and longer than usual and I thought I felt his hard cock pressing against my leg.

Chris opened my door and gave me a passionate kiss telling me I was the best slut in the world. I was so happy that this idea of mine was fulfilling both of our fantasies and hoped this new relationship would continue through the rest of the weekend and beyond…

To be continued

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My wife Tina and I have been happily married for almost seven years now. We met while in university together and have been inseparable ever since. Upon graduating, we were quickly married and began our respective careers.

If I had to describe my wife, I’d say she is a petite woman measuring only 5’3″ tall, but has a very curvaceous body. Her breasts are a C cup in size with nipples that stand out almost half an inch when erect and her ass can only be described as perfect, with curves in all the right places. She has the darkest blue eyes and her hair is a dirty blond color with pubic hair to match. For myself, my name is Carl and I stand just over 6′ tall and have an athletic build from years of playing basketball and football. I’ve tried to keep myself in shape and, like my wife, am also blond haired and blue eyed. The vast difference in our height and the fact we are both blond haired and blue eyed, have often made us a striking couple.

Soon after graduation our careers began to take off. We each worked in management for different companies, but always somehow managed to coordinate the two careers whenever issues of promotions or transfers came up. As the two companies we worked for had offices in most of the major cities, this was never an issue. If one were to get a promotion that required the movement to another city, the other was able to get a transfer through their own company so that we were able to stay together.

We were happy together and our sex life was good. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary though. I had hinted to my wife off and on throughout the years of the games of control I’d like to play, but I think she was always frightened of the prospect of losing control. From the first day I met her, she impressed me as being a very independent and strong willed woman capable of surviving on her own. The idea of relinquishing control to someone else, even just for a ‘game’, was terrifying for her. For this reason, I never pushed, but instead chose to write sex stories as my outlet for my deviant thoughts. These stories always focused on issues of control and dominance and submission of one person over another. My wife knew of these stories I wrote, but never commented on them.

It was only recently that things had begun to change for us. We had just settled in to our new place after a recent move, as a result of a promotion I had accepted. Quite unexpectedly, my wife, soon after starting her new job, was also offered a promotion, but to yet another city. Here is where we ran into our first snag. Where I had just accepted a promotion with my work, they were not willing to entertain a transfer so soon after. They indicated that they would reconsider the matter in a year’s time. My wife, however, desperately wanted to take the job, as it was a higher management position, something she had aspired after ever since graduating from university.

We weighed the pros and cons of the offer, and after securing an agreement from my work that they will transfer me after one year in my current position, we decided to accept the offer. Things happened quickly from that point on. We found a basement apartment for my wife. It was an older bungalow home that had been divided into two apartments. The main floor was being rented out by a couple of young fellas while the basement was being rented by my wife. It was difficult at first to be away from each other, as we had been practically joined at the hip since meeting eight years ago. We agreed that every second weekend, my wife would fly home, which meant we only had two weekends a month to spend with each other.

In the beginning, each time Tina came home we would have fevered sex the first night and into the next day, but it was always the normal stuff. Then Sunday would roll around and with tears in her eyes, she would board her plane and head back for another 2 weeks of work. The evenings in between would be spent on the phone recapping the day for each of us and planning what we were going to do the next time we were together.

It was after doing this for several months that things began to change for my wife. I don’t know if it was the stress of her new job, as she was now supervising a large group of people, or just simply the separation, but I could tell something was off the moment she stepped off the plane. Where usually she’s quite excited about seeing me and is talking non-stop about the flight or her work, this time she was quiet and reserved – almost contemplative. And this is where our real story begins.

“Is something bothering you Tina?” I asked, evident that she was ‘off’ tonight.

She mumbled a quick response, “no, everything’s fine. I’m just thinking about things.”

I didn’t press her for more information for the rest of the drive home as I figured she would tell me what’s on her mind when she was ready.

Once we were home, instead of falling into bed and having passionate sex like we normally do, she instead asked, “look Carl, I’m not feeling well tonight, do you mind if we watch a movie instead?”

While I was disappointed we weren’t going to be having sex right away, I figured there was no harm in waiting for a bit. “No problem hon. What movie do you want to watch?” I asked.

After deciding on a movie, and popping some popcorn, we settled in to watch a chick flick for the night. We didn’t have sex that evening and instead went to bed after having only exchanged a quick kiss.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I awoke mid-morning the next day and found my wife kneeling naked on the bed looking at me.

As I cleared the sleep from my eyes I took the opportunity to admire her body as it was still firm and curvaceous in all the right places and could bring me to instant erection every time. It was with considerable shock that I saw what Tina had done to her pussy. She had always kept her pubic hair trimmed, but had resisted my efforts, till now, to shave it entirely.

It was with my mouth hanging open, gawking at her newly shaved pussy, that my wife finally broke the silence and asked, “do you like what I’ve done to my pussy for you?” She then spread her knees further apart, opening her pussy further for me.

“Mmm…I like what I see very much.” My cock was now hard as a rock and I began to absently rub it underneath the sheet.

Seeing the movement, Tina reached forward and began slowing pulling down the sheet until my hard-on was fully exposed. “It looks like your cock is enjoying the view too,” she purred.

I was now fully awake and quickly realizing that something was very different with my wife today. Like I said, we had a good sex life, but it was just the run-of-the-mill stuff, and Tina has never been one to talk dirty before. Now all of a sudden she was talking about my cock and her pussy like she was a sex kitten.

Suddenly her expression changed and she almost looked frightened or nervous. Her eyes couldn’t meet mine anymore and she began to fidget. “Carl…could you…ummm…sit up please?” she asked meekly.

Deciding it was best to play along and see where this was going, I sat up in bed with my back against the wall. After only a slight pause, Tina surprised me once again by practically throwing herself across my lap.

“Please spank me Carl. I’ve been a bad girl and deserve to be punished. I didn’t please you last night like I should have.” When she saw I wasn’t moving, she continued, “spank me Carl! Spank my ass! Turn it red. Teach me a lesson for not being a good wife.” She was practically pleading with me and I was almost convinced that it wasn’t an act.

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to play along. “Very well Tina. You’ve been a naughty girl and are going to be punished now.” And with that, I brought my right hand down on her right ass cheek with a resounding SMACK. I marveled at how the flesh moved under my hand and how quickly the skin began to redden. Tina has always had very fair skin, so it’s never taken very much for it to change color. After only a slight pause I then repeated the process to her left cheek. I wasn’t going very hard as I wasn’t sure how serious Tina was about all of this.

When she didn’t protest, I began a steady rhythm covering every inch of her ass. As it darkened under my blows I began to put a little more force into them. Feeling this, she began to push back against my hand and grunted, “yes, that’s it. Spank my ass hard. I’ve been bad and you need to teach me a lesson.”

Needing no further encouragement, I laid into her ass as hard and as quickly as I could. She was thrusting back into my blows, screaming and yelling like a bitch in heat. By the time her ass was a deep dark red, she was both panting and moaning and began to beg for mercy.

Craning her head around to look up at me she begged, “mercy Sir. Please no more. Let me show you I’ve learned my lesson and let me please you.” By this point, I was too far gone to care whether this was just an act or if she was serious. She sure seemed serious to me.

Seeing that I had stopped spanking her ass, she quickly scrambled off my lap and my very hard cock and knelt on all fours on the bed with her ass facing me, knees spread wide. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Her asshole peeked out at me and her bare pussy lips glistened with moisture. I realized with a shock, that she was wet and turned on simply from me spanking her.

“Fuck me hard Sir. Ram your cock in my pussy. Show me no mercy,” she begged while looking at me over her shoulder.

I certainly didn’t need any further encouragement and, scrambling to my knees, I drove my cock into her, burying it to the hilt in one thrust. Now, I’m not huge in that department like you see some guys in the movies, but I do alright. I’m roughly 8″ long and about 2 inches wide. Usually it takes a bit of sawing back and forth before my wife is loosened up enough to take my entire length, but not this morning.

Her head shot back with the force of my thrust, her mouth in the shape of an O as a low moan escaped her lips. Like a man on a mission, I began pounding my cock in her with every ounce of strength I had. I knew she was going to be sore for days after this fucking, but I was too far gone to care.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Tina asked between grunts, “grab my hair Sir. Use my hair to pound your cock into me.”

Grabbing a handful of her long hair in my right hand, I then wrenched her head back and began pulling on her hair to coincide with each thrust into her. Her head was now bent back in a painful position as I sawed away at her ass but I was so far gone I was like a rabid animal. I didn’t care anymore.

I began hollering “you’re going to learn to be a good wife and to look after my needs from now on, aren’t you my little slut? If you don’t, you’re going to be punished, aren’t you slut? You like being punished, don’t you?”

To each fevered question, Tina would scream “yes!”

And just like that, a dam broke for Tina. She began to scream and yell as she thrashed beneath me, in the throes of one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever seen from her. Just as she was coming down from hers I felt mine building and I announced it to her with a bellow. “You’re going to make me cum slut!”

Hearing that, she quickly spun around in my grip and when she was facing my cock she begged, “please cum in my face Sir. I deserve to have your cum all over my face.” Now, my wife has never asked me to do this for her before. In fact, she’s never even tasted my cum and yet, here she was begging me to blow my load all over face.

Needing no further encouragement, I stroked my cock several more times and then began shooting strand after strand of sticky cum all over her pretty face. I hadn’t cum that much ever, as the cum seemed to spurt out of me in a never ending torrent. When at last I was done and had wiped the last drop off on her lips, I sat back to marvel at my handiwork. Her face from hair to chin was covered in white gooey strands of cum. I don’t think there was a spot left untouched.

Shocking me further, my wife replied, “thank you Sir,” and began to wipe off the strands of cum with her index finger and lick it clean. When she had eaten all of my cum, she laid her head in my lap and suddenly got shy on me again.

“Did you mind that Carl?” she asked quietly.

“Mind it? I was completely blown away!” I exclaimed, as I gently stroked her hair. “That was the most intense sex we have ever had. Dare I ask what prompted all of that?” I was a little frightened to ask, for fear that she would decide that it was a one-time only sort of thing.

She took a few minutes to gather her thoughts before answering me.

“I’ve read your stories Carl, so I know what things excite or turn you on. And it isn’t that those things don’t excite or intrigue me either, because they do. But to be honest I’ve always been too afraid to relinquish control to someone else. The thought of not being in control of myself terrifies me.” She swallowed hard as she thought about what she was going to say next. “But with my new job, I’m finding the pressure is sometimes too much for me. I’m expected to be on top of everything all of the time. I’m expected to always have all of the right answers and to know how to do anything.” She paused again to lick her lips. “Now, don’t get me wrong or anything Carl. I do enjoy my job and certainly don’t regret taking it, but the pressure is sometimes overwhelming for me.”

She paused again as she considered what she was going to say next. I didn’t want to interrupt her as I knew this had to be difficult for her, so I just continued to stroke her hair soothingly and waited patiently until she was ready to continue.

“After reading your stories again, I decided I wanted to know what it felt like to not be in control of myself. To relinquish control to someone else, someone I trusted.” Looking up at me for the first time since she began explaining things to me, she continued, “and though I was terrified this morning, I have to say the experience was amazing for me. I have never felt so free in all of my life. Free from stress; free from anxiety; free from the pressures of work; and free from always having to make all of the decisions and to always be right all of the time.” The last statement seemed to come out in rush. She paused to catch her breath before continuing. “I can honestly say that I have never had an orgasm as intense as that before.” She looked away in embarrassment after admitting that.

I cupped her chin with my right hand and gently lifted her face up until I was looking into her eyes again. “I can also say that it was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced as well.”

Smiling at my words of encouragement, she continued. “If you’re willing, I would like to continue to explore this further. I think I am ready to try not being in control all of the time and to let someone else take the reins, as it were,” she said with a wry smile. “Having someone else call the shots was an amazing feeling and I want to experience that again. I need to experience that again,” she elaborated.

“What exactly are you saying Tina?” I asked, wanting to be absolutely clear on what it is she was implying.

Nervously she replied, “I’m ready to give you control over me. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. And you can do whatever you want to me.” The last was almost a whisper.

This was like music to my ears. I had long dreamt of this moment and, until now, it had only been fanciful imaginings which I had lovingly scrawled into several sex stories. But now here was my very sexy wife offering to be my sex slave. I didn’t know what to say at first and had to take a moment to compose my thoughts. Finally I managed to blurt out, “I accept. And we can go as slowly as you wish. I’m very excited about this and I don’t want to frighten you off Tina. If at any time I ask you to do something you don’t want to do, then know that you are free to say no.”

“I know Carl. But I trust you and I don’t want to say no. I want to know what it feels like to be truly NOT in control of myself. The only way I can experience that is to give myself completely to you.” “Well, alright Tina. If that’s what you truly want, then I am willing to try this. Together we will see what your limits are and we will explore many different experiences together.” Taking a handful of hair, I twisted her head until she was looking up at me from my lap. “First thing’s first though. It’s time that you learned to suck my cock like a proper slut,” I ordered. My wife had never had much interest in oral sex and had only done it on several occasions when I made a point of asking her for it. Usually it involved her stroking it with her hands and sucking on the head and 1 or 2 inches of my cock at any one time. She would only do this for several minutes before stopping and wanting to proceed with sex.

This time we were going to do things differently. “On your knees slut.” She promptly scrambled to her hands and knees in front of me and looked up at me for further directions. “From now on, when you suck cock, you will not use your hands – only your mouth. Your goal will be to try and get my entire cock in your mouth on every stroke. I will want to fuck your mouth just like I would your pussy or ass.” I could see the fear in her eyes with my last statement. We had talked about having anal sex before, but she was always too scared to do it because she thought it would hurt too much and thought the act was too dirty.

“Now get your mouth on my cock and start sucking like a good little slut,” I ordered. At that, she bent her head down and tentatively took my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock and once it was completely lathered with her saliva, she began to move her head up and down, slowly taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. I could tell she was nervous, and I had to bite my tongue several times as I felt her teeth occasionally grate along the side of my cock. She was new to this and I thought it best to let her get her bearings at first before I started forcing things.

Soon she had worked 3/4 of it into her mouth and I could feel the head of my cock bumping against the back of her throat. I began to murmur words of encouragement to her as she continued slurping loudly on my cock. “Mmmm, that’s it my little cock slut. You’re doing great sucking that cock. Yeh, just like that. Now start working more of that cock into your mouth.” I placed a hand on the top of her head and began to gently push down each time the head of my cock bumped against the back of her throat. Now along with the slurping noises, Tina was beginning to make gagging sounds around my cock. She didn’t resist though and allowed me to push a little harder with each downstroke, until eventually it popped past the barrier at the back of her throat and slid in several inches.

She immediately began gagging hard around my cock and pulled back quickly, sucking in deep, ragged breaths around my shaft as the head popped free from her throat. She coughed and spluttered for a few seconds as she fought the panic and attempted to regain her composure.

“That was perfect my little slut. I want you to try it again now. You can do it,” I encouraged.

With that she gave me a weak smile and then bent her head down and once again took the head of my cock into her mouth. She quickly sunk the length of it in until the head was once again bumping against the back of her throat. “You are going to need to learn to control your gag reflex when you’re sucking cock. You will learn to take it in your throat so that I may fuck your mouth just as I would your pussy.” Putting my hand back on top of her head, I continued, “now relax your throat, slut, and work that head into your throat.” I could feel her take a deep breath and then hold it as she once again began pushing down on my cock . This time it was with much more force and it soon slipped into her throat. She immediately began gagging again around my cock, but this time, to her credit, she fought her panic and continued pushing down on the cock until she had the entire length buried in her mouth and throat.

“Oh my god, that’s amazing!” I exclaimed, as I marveled at the sensations pulsing through my cock. The feeling of my cock, tightly lodged in her throat as she continued to gag around it, was unbelievable. Each time she gagged it felt like her throat muscles were pumping or milking my cock. She only lasted a few seconds before she had to pull off again, with great gasps of breath and more coughing and spluttering. Her confidence now renewed, as she realized that she could do it, she began attacking my cock hungrily. At times she would force it all the way in and hold it there while she gagged, while at other times she would force it in and out real quick like I was fucking her pussy.

“That’s it. What a little cock whore you are. Take that cock in your throat. Show me how much you love cock in your throat, slut,” I continued to encourage. “Play with your pussy slut. Make yourself cum while I fuck your throat,” I ordered. Needing no encouragement, she reached between her legs and began frigging her clit furiously. Her moans of impending orgasm could soon be heard as I began to jackhammer my cock into her throat. As she got more comfortable and relaxed, her gagging began to lessen slightly only to be replaced with moans of ecstasy.

My own orgasm was building quickly and I wanted to time it to coincide with Tina’s orgasm. When I could tell she was close I hollered, “cum for me slut. Let me feel you cum as I fuck your throat like the cock slut you are.” My words seemed to push her over the edge and she began screaming around my cock as her body shook with the force of her orgasm. This was all I needed and with one last shove of my cock I buried the entire length in her throat, cutting short her scream of pleasure. With her nose nestled in my pubic hair, and her body still thrashing from her orgasm, I began spurting jet after jet of cum down her throat directly into her stomach. I held her head in place as she tried to scream and gag around my cock in her throat. Only when I felt the last spurt shoot into her stomach did I let her pull off my cock, and catch her breath. It took her fully a minute before she was able to breath normally again.

When she had regained her composure, she bent her head down and took my cock lovingly in her mouth again and began washing it clean of my cum. When it was sparkling clean, she flopped over and once again put her head in my lap, allowing me to stroke her hair gently as we lay there catching our breath.

After a bit she looked up at me and asked, “did I do good?”

With a big smile on my face I nodded and replied, “that was simply amazing!” A big smile of satisfaction spread across her face at hearing those words.


We spent the rest of the day naked in bed exploring and re-discovering each other’s bodies. Occasionally we would stop to grab something to eat or to clean up, but we always stayed naked and would eventually find ourselves back in bed making passionate love to each other. We were like two people who had just been awakened from a very long dream and were only now discovering each other for the first time. Tina often remarked throughout the weekend how alive and happy she was feeling and that it felt like she didn’t have a care in the world. She often used the word “free” when describing how she felt.

It was with a sad heart that she boarded the plane the next evening to head back to work for two more weeks.

The next day, after leaving work, I stopped in at the local Adult Store and purchased some supplies in anticipation for our next reunion. I didn’t tell Tina what I had done as I wanted it to be a surprise when next she was home.


We continued to speak each evening and, as the days passed and we got closer to her next flight home, the more excited we became. When at last it was the night before her flight, I called her up and, after conversing on our respective days, instructed her to wear a short skirt and blouse for the flight. I offered no further explanation, preferring instead to let her imagination dwell on the matter.

True to her word, when she stepped through airport security, the first thing I noted was that she was dressed as I had instructed. She had a short black skirt on that came to about mid-thigh and a white sheer blouse. Her excitement and nervousness were evident on her face. After retrieving her luggage, we hopped in the car for the ride home.

No sooner had I put the car in motion, did I issue my first command. “Lift your skirt up to your waist and remove your panties, slut.”

With hands shaking, she hesitantly reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and, raising herself off the seat, hefted it up until it was bunched around her waist. Her black lace panties were now clearly visible. Lifting up once more, she hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and slowly peeled them off.

When she had stepped out of them, I ordered her to, “put them up on the dash.” Her face turning a crimson red, she did as she was told and then awaited my next instructions. “Now undo your blouse and then remove your bra.”

By this time we had turned onto the busy highway and were slowly making our way home. Looking nervously around, Tina hesitatingly reached up and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. When at last she had the final one undone, she again looked around nervously before leaning forward in order to reach the clasp behind her back. In doing so this caused her blouse to part open, fully exposing her bra and shapely breasts. When the clasp was finally undone, Tina sat back against the seat and slowly pulled the bra away from her breasts. I instructed her to also place her bra on the dash.

I then let her sit like that for several minutes, watching her look around continuously, worrying that a passing motorist would look over and notice her nakedness. The blouse had fallen forward enough to cover the sides of her breasts, but her now very erect nipples were still clearly visible, were anyone to take a moment to look. Tina continued to fidget nervously for several more minutes, unsure of what to do with her hands. She fought the urge to cover herself up and instead sat there quietly with her hands at her side.

“Reach up and pinch your nipples slut,” I instructed. When she had each nipple between thumb and index finger and began to pinch, I ordered, “harder slut. Pinch your nipples until they hurt.” Obeying, she continued to squeeze her nipples harder until her face was a grimace of pain.

“Very good slut. You can stop now.” A gasp escaped her lips as soon as she had released her sore nipples. Her movement had caused the blouse to open further, exposing the sides of her breasts as well to passing motorists. “Close your eyes and keep them closed. Now open your legs wide and begin playing with your pussy.”

Once her legs were spread wide, she reached down with her right hand and began to finger her bare pussy. “I am happy that you have kept your pussy shaved clean for me. From now on, you will always keep it in that state, is that clear slut?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered as she continued frigging her exposed pussy. Soon her pace had picked up and she began moaning out loud. As she neared orgasm, all thought about anyone seeing her nakedness was long forgotten.

“Do not cum until I tell you to,” I cautioned her.

“Oh god, yes Sir….I need to cum Sir…can I please cum Sir,” she began begging me, as the pace of her hand picked up even further. Her eyes were scrunched tightly shut as she focused on not cumming.

Traffic was slow enough that I was able to find a van being driven by a young man and pulled up alongside of him keeping pace with his speed. When the other driver noticed that I was not passing him, he casually looked over to see what was the reason. The look on his face was priceless as he did a double take when he saw what my wife was doing. It took all of his control to keep his van between the lines as he ogled my wife’s exposed breasts and bare pussy on display.

When I saw that I had his attention, I ordered Tina to “cum now, slut.” On hearing those magical words, Tina exploded in an orgasm causing her back to arch, further jutting her breasts out for everyone to see. Her head thrashed side to side as she moaned and groaned in pleasure. After nearly a minute of this, I instructed, “you may open your eyes now.”

As soon as they were open, she immediately looked around and with a gasp saw the young man beside her with a shit eating grin on his face waving happily at her. If it was possible, she turned an even darker shade of red. I waved my thanks to the young man and then sped off ahead of his vehicle as we were nearing our exit.

When we pulled in the driveway I instructed my wife to fasten only the bottom button of her blouse and to pull her skirt down. I then had her pick up her underwear and stand at the side of the car and wait for me to grab her luggage from the trunk. While we live in a quiet suburb type neighborhood, with trees lining either side of our house from prying eyes, were anyone to walk by and glance up at us they would see my wife standing there with bra and panties in hand and a shirt that was hanging open exposing nearly all of her breasts. As it were, if she stood absolutely still, her nipples would just barely be covered, but as soon as she started walking, they would pop right out for everyone to see.

As soon as the front door was closed, I ordered Tina to “take off your clothes.” she looked behind her nervously at the glass window which runs the length of the door, before doing as instructed. Once naked I handed her the first of my purchased toys and instructed her to put it on.

It was a sleek black leather collar about an inch wide with felt lining the inside and silver studs ringing the outside. Interspersed around the collar were several silver rings for attaching things to it. Once she had it on, I ordered, “kneel slut and take my cock out.” I made sure she knelt in front of the window by the door in order to add to her embarrassment, as the blush on her face now extended down to her shoulders and the tops of her breasts.

My cock was already hard as a rock and, remembering my instructions from last time, she immediately dropped her hands to her side once she had my cock out of my pants. Despite her nervousness, Tina was like a woman on a mission. She attacked my cock with a hunger I’d never seen before. Soon loud slurping noises could be heard as she worked more and more of my cock into her mouth. In no time, she had the head of my cock bumping against the back of her throat causing her to gag each time.

This time I wasn’t prepared to let her go at her own pace, so I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and growled, “open that throat up slut, because my cock is going in one way or another.” I then began to push on the back of her head, forcing my cock slowly into her throat. She was gagging hard around my cock as she fought to keep control of her panic and to breathe at the same time. I was persistent this time and continued to shove more and more of my cock into her mouth until I had the entire length buried in her. I paused for a second to enjoy the sensations of her gagging throat, before quickly pulling out and allowing her to breathe again.

I repeated the process several more times before picking up the pace and slipping into a steady rhythm of fucking her throat. Tina seemed to adjust more quickly this time and was able to accommodate me much more easily. “Play with your cunt, slut,” I instructed as I again picked up the pace even further. Each time my pace picked up, so too did hers, so that by the time I was jackhammering her throat, her hand was a blur on her already sensitive pussy. When I could feel my orgasm was near I ordered, “cum for me slut.” Again it only took moments before my wife was spasming at my feet as her orgasm rocketed throughout her body. Pulling out quickly, I began shooting spurt after spurt of cum all over her beautiful face, covering it in long strands of white sticky goo.

When at last we had both caught our breath, she bent forward and noisily cleaned my cock with her tongue and mouth. When she was finished, I instructed “clean your face now slut.” At that, she reached up with both hands and began scooping the strands of cum off of her face and into her waiting mouth.

“Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get some ground rules established, shall we?” I asked. Still kneeling at my feet, my wife simply nodded her head and continued looking up at me. “When you enter this house, you will immediately strip naked and put your new collar on. If I am home already, then you will run over and kneel at my feet to await further instructions. If I arrive sometime after you, you will come to the front door as I enter and kneel at my feet there. Unless I say otherwise, you will always be naked in this house.” Pausing I ask asked, “questions thus far?”

“But what if you are with someone when I come home?” she meekly asked.

“Unless I give you other instructions, then you will do just as I’ve said” I replied. “As well, if I address you as anything other than Tina such as ‘slut’ or ‘whore’, then you will immediately slip into your submissive role and refer to me as Sir. While in this role, you will also refer to anyone else that addresses you as Ma’am or Sir. Questions?”

“No Sir,” was the quick reply.

“Good, then go make us some supper.” At that Tina jumped up off the floor and scampered off into the kitchen to begin preparing supper naked for the first time. Once supper was complete, we spent the rest of the evening exploring each other’s bodies in various rooms of the house until we finally collapsed exhausted into bed.


I awoke earlier than I normally do the next day, as I wanted to put the next phase of my plan into action before my wife had woken up. Sneaking into the closet I grabbed the paddle and wrist straps I had purchased from the Adult Store and stashed them at the foot of the bed. Taking a moment to watch my wife sleep, I marveled at how peaceful and content she appeared to be. Even asleep, she had a slight smile on her lips. She was still naked under the sheets and was also still wearing her new collar. She was laying half on her stomach and half on her side, with her left knee tucked up beside her.

With a grin, I grabbed the bottom of the sheet covering my sleeping wife and yanked it off of her in one quick motion. The quick movement startled my wife awake as she groggily began looking around for the source of the disturbance. Not giving her a chance to respond, I grabbed hold of her right ankle and yanked hard, sliding her entire body down the length of the bed until her lower half was hanging over the bed. Letting go of her ankle, gravity took over and her feet fell firmly on the floor with her upper body still bent over the foot of the bed. As she began to raise up, I placed a hand on the small of her back and pushed her back into the bed.

“Stay down slut and put your hands behind your head,” I ordered.

Still a little out of it, she began to mumble “what’s wrong Carl…”

SLAP. A shocked gasp from my wife.

Smacking her ass hard I growled, “that’s Sir to you. For that, you will have to be punished,” I admonished for not remembering her role. “Now put your hands behind your head,” I again ordered.

By now she was wide awake and quickly complied. “I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t mean any offense,” she blurted as she hastily put her hands behind her head.

Grabbing the wrist straps from the floor, I fitted each one to her wrists and then clipped them together to a silver ring in the back of her collar, thereby preventing her from being able to use her hands. Once she was suitably secured, I continued, “from now on, you will awaken early enough each morning, when you are home with me, to ensure your morning routine is completed and breakfast, which will consist of 2 eggs, bacon and toast, will be ready for me when I wake at 9am. Deviation from this will result in a severe punishment.” Looking at the bedside alarm clock I continued, “and seeing as how it is now past 9am and you do not have my breakfast ready for me, I think it is appropriate for me to punish you at this time.”

“But Sir….I didn’t know….I’m sorry….” she began to stammer as she looked for a way out of her current predicament.

“Stop! Do I need to gag you as well?” I asked, “or are you going to take your punishment like a good little slut?”

“No Sir, please don’t gag me. I’ll take my punishment,” she quickly replied.

“Very well then. You are going to become intimately familiar with the feel of the paddle this morning. This hopefully will serve as a reminder to you of what will happen should you disobey or displease me in any way,” I sternly added. I was unsure of what her limits were going to be, so I was a bit nervous as I proceeded.

Wanting to ensure this moment stayed forever etched in her memory, I decided on impulse to grab the digital video camera from the dresser and, along with a discarded shoe box, positioned the camera on the box at the head of the bed facing my wife’s upturned face. Now, this was a bit of a risk for me as my wife had never wanted to film ourselves having sex before, despite my repeated requests. This time, though, she offered no complaint.

Once the camera was recording and focused on my wife’s face, I walked around to the end of the bed and grabbed the paddle from the floor. “Now slut, I want you to look at that camera. You will continue to look at that camera throughout your punishment. Under no circumstances are you to look away. Is that clear slut?” I asked.

Meekly, she quickly replied, “yes Sir.”

“Now look into camera and explain to all of our viewers what you are and why you are shackled in this position.”

Swallowing hard, she stared into the camera and whispered, “I’m a slut and I’m being punished for being disobedient.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t think anyone heard that. Louder please,” I ordered.

This time louder. “I’m a slut and I’m being punished for being disobedient.”

“Very good. Now after each stroke of the paddle you will look at the camera and count the stroke and then thank me,” I instructed, as I took up position on her right side allowing me to use my dominant left hand to wield the paddle.

SMACK. I brought the paddle down hard against her left ass cheek. A shriek erupted from Tina as her upper body began to lift up off the bed. Having anticipated this movement, I had my right hand hovering over her back and quickly shoved her back into the bed. When she didn’t say anything after a few seconds I added, “I guess that stroke didn’t count. And let me make this clear slut. If you do not stay in position as I’ve ordered you to do, then I will tie you down to this bed and I will double the amount of strokes. Is that clear?” I asked menacingly.

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir. I’ll do better next time,” she quickly replied.

“Very well, let’s start again.” SMACK. This one on her right ass cheek. Another shriek from Tina, but this time she stayed in position, and looking at the camera said “one. Thank you Sir.”


“Two. Thank you Sir.”


“Three. Thank you Sir.” With each blow, I was alternating between ass cheeks, trying to turn every inch of exposed flesh red. After ten strokes to each cheek, and each being carefully counted by my wife who by the end of it was a blubbering mess, I stopped and put the paddle down.

Reaching out, I began to soothingly rub her raw and red bottom. This elicited a murmur of pleasure from my wife who was still looking into the lens of the recording video camera. “Now I have one more surprise for you this morning,” I stated as I reached down to the floor and retrieved the final item I had placed there earlier. It was a small pink butt plug which measured 5″ long and 1 ½” across at its widest point. Holding it up for the camera to see, I explained to my wife, “I bought a butt plug for you. You already know that I intend on using your ass as I would your pussy or mouth, so I thought it best if we start to stretch it out, so you will be better able to accommodate me.”

Reaching down with my left hand I drove two fingers knuckles deep in her moist, wet pussy. “Wow, I bet our viewers would be interested in knowing that your pussy is soaking wet from the spanking. It appears our little slut here gets off on the punishment and being made to humiliate herself for the camera. Isn’t that right slut?” I ask

“Yes Sir,” was the whispered reply.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think the viewers heard that.”

Louder this time and looking into the camera. “Yes Sir.”

Continuing to work my fingers in and out of her pussy, Tina was practically purring by the time I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with the butt plug. The plug slipped easily into my wife’s pussy and was quickly coated in her juices. Removing the plug I placed the tip of it against her virgin rosebud and advised, “you had best start relaxing your asshole because this plug is going in one way or the other.” I then began putting a slight pressure on the plug and marveled as the tip slowly entered her ass and began to stretch her sphincter. I moved the plug slowly in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust, watching her sphincter stretch further and further as it got closer to the fattest part of the plug. Soon my wife was grunting with pleasure and was pushing back against the plug on each thrust.

“Tell the camera what’s happening to you slut,” I ordered.

Between grunts and with clenched teeth, she looked into the camera and said, “you’re forcing a butt plug into my virgin ass.”

“And be honest, are you enjoying having your asshole spread wide for me?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” was the response between more grunts. Her face turned a darker shade of red at being made to humiliate herself for the camera. By then I had almost gotten the fattest part to her sphincter.

Sweat had broken out on my wife’s forehead from the exertion and concentration required to take this thing up her ass. Her breathing had quickened as well and small rivulets of juice began to trickle down her inner thigh. None of this escaped my notice, as with one final shove, I buried the fattest part of the plug into her asshole. A loud moan escaped my wife’s lips as she felt her sphincter muscle quickly close up around the small shaft at the base of the plug.

“There you go slut, you’ve taken the entire plug into your ass.” Rubbing her ass, I asked, “would you like me to fuck you slut, now that your ass is filled with a plug?”

“Oh, yes Sir,” she quickly replied, still looking into the camera.

Needing no further encouragement, I took my already hardened cock and buried it to the hilt in her soaking wet pussy. A loud moan came from Tina at the second intrusion. Again, no effort was needed to bury the entire length of my shaft in her tight pussy. Grabbing a handful of hair at the back of her head I again pulled hard on her head each time I hammered home. This also served to keep her facing the camera throughout her ordeal. Each time I bottomed out, my abdomen pushed against the plastic base of the plug in her ass, so that to her, it felt like two cocks were fucking her at the same time.

She was soon moaning and squirming beneath me as our orgasms built together. When she was near, she began to plead, “please Sir can I cum? I need to cum so badly.”

Needing no further encouragement, as I felt my own orgasm ready to explode, I bellowed, “cum for me slut. Let the viewers watch you cum from having two cocks in you at the same time.”

At that, I began to hammer her ass like a man on a mission. The sound of my body slapping against hers was like the staccato of a machine gun. Soon she erupted in a blood curdling scream, as her orgasm overtook her, and she began to thrash in ecstasy. Feeling mine was imminent, I yanked out of her and scrambled up on the bed to begin shooting an immense load all over her face, which was still contorted in pleasure from her own orgasm. And to top it all off, the camera had caught the whole thing, including the beautiful facial Tina had just received.

Once we had both settled down, and I had unfastened her wrists, I asked, “and what are you supposed to do with my cum, slut?”

“Eat it Sir,” she replied shyly and began scooping it off her face and into her mouth in front of the camera. Once her face was sufficiently clean, I turned the camera off and offered her my cock to clean as well.

Once done she slowly stood up on shaky legs and, with her eyes downcast, murmured, “thank you Sir for teaching me a lesson. Can I go and make you your breakfast now?”

“Yes you may,” I replied with a smile on my face as I watched her scamper off out of the room with a small pink plastic object protruding from between her very red ass cheeks.


We spent the remainder of the weekend enjoying each other’s bodies, taking breaks only to eat or wash up, or to catch some much needed rest. I introduced the butt plug at various times throughout the weekend, trying to extend the amount of time that she kept it in. When it was finally time to take her back to the airport, I had her place the butt plug and collar in her purse, explaining that she might need it over the next two weeks.

Not elaborating any further on my cryptic remark, I kissed her goodbye at the security gates and headed for home.


The next day, once I had my office door closed and was assured some privacy for a bit, I called her at work, around 10am her time. She was surprised to hear from me as I usually don’t call during her work day, but rather wait until the evening to speak with her. Needless to say she was startled when I asked “happy to hear from me slut?”

Remembering the rules she quietly replied, “yes Sir.”

“I want you to grab your bluetooth headset and put it on,” I ordered. Several months before we had bought these headsets so that we would be able to communicate hands-free while driving. This time around I had other ideas for its use.

“I have it on now Sir,” she replied, after several moments pause.

“Very well, I will call you right back and I want you to answer it with the headset this time,” I instructed. Hanging up, I waited several moments before dialing her number again. When she, answered her voice had a slight echo to it, now that she was using the headset. “I want you to head to the large public washrooms in front of your office.”

When she began to ask why, I cut her off with “no questions…just do as you’re told.”

“Yes sir.” I could hear her exit her office and then walk through the busy bullpen as the noise of various voices were picked up by the headset. When I heard a door open and then close, and the noise of voices disappeared, I knew she has entered the public washroom. Against one wall is a bank of sinks and large mirrors, while the other wall is occupied with 8 bathroom stalls.

“Take a stall in the middle,” I instructed. Once she had indicated that she was in a stall in the middle I ordered, “now take all of your clothes off except your heels, and hang them on the hook on the back of the door.”

Trying to keep her voice down, she began to plead, “please Sir…don’t…”

Cutting her off, I quickly added, “if you don’t do as I say this instant slut, the punishment will be even worse for you.”

Hearing the edge to my voice, Tina didn’t push the matter further and, with a sigh, began to remove her blouse and skirt. Once they were off, she nervously stepped out of her panties and unclasped her bra, adding them to the clothes hanging from the door.

Waiting patiently on the other end, I finally heard a quiet, “it’s done Sir.”

“Very good slut. Now sit down on the toilet. Spread your legs wide and keep them open.” Giving her a few seconds to get in position I continued, “now grab each nipple with both hands and squeeze them hard. Don’t stop until I tell you to.” After a few seconds I urged, “harder.” When I heard her begin to mewl in pain, I finally told her to stop. “Now with your right hand, do the same to your clit.” This time her breathing began to become more shallow and I could hear her grimace with pain as she complied with my demand. After a few seconds, I ordered her to stop.

“Alright, now listen to me carefully slut. You are going to start masturbating and you will not stop until you’ve had an orgasm. Even if someone comes into the bathroom, you will continue, is that clear?” I asked.

A very quiet “yes Sir” was heard and then nothing more as she bent to her task. After a minute has passed I could start to hear her breathing quicken, as she continued to become more and more aroused. Soon the sound of her fingers frigging her pussy could be faintly heard over the headset.

Suddenly, my wife gasped as she heard someone enter the bathroom.

“Do not stop rubbing yourself slut. If you do, it will simply make it worse for you,” I threatened.

The possible humiliation of being discovered, combined with the pleasure emanating from her aroused pussy, was making it very difficult for Tina to not cum while the stranger was in the bathroom with her. I could hear the frustration in her breathing as she fought for control and to hold off the orgasm until she was alone again.

After hearing the toilet flush, followed by the sink running water, and then finally the sound of the air hand dryer ending, my wife was beside herself with pleasure. I knew it was taking every ounce of her control to not cum, and I wasn’t helping things either. While she continued to masturbate with the stranger in the room, I began a running monologue berating her. “Aren’t you a little slut? Sitting there naked in the public washroom fingering your cunt while some stranger is in the cubicle next to you. I bet you’d like it if the person opened the door to your stall and began laughing at you and taking pictures to show everyone else in the office what a big slut you are. Maybe they’d make you masturbate in front of everyone. Then they’d all take turns using you like the whore you are.”

My words were having an effect on her, and her breathing was extremely ragged by the time I heard the bathroom door close. The moment it clicked shut, my wife whispered “oh God, I’m cumming Sir,” and began moaning softly into the headset, as she fought to contain her orgasm as best she could.


I didn’t talk to her again until that evening. She admitted then that it had been an incredible orgasm and that the prospect of possible public humiliation heightened it even more. I had suspected as much, but wanted to hear it from her own mouth, not only for my benefit, but also for hers.

I didn’t call her the next day at work as I wanted to keep her off balance – never knowing what I was going to have her do next. When I did call the following day around the same time, I could hear the nervous anticipation in her voice. When I began the conversation with, “how are we doing today slut?” She knew something was going to happen.

“Fine Sir,” she quietly replied.

“Is your office door closed?” I asked.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Take your panties and bra off and place them in your garbage can. Make sure they are on top. Don’t go burying them on me,” I ordered.

“What? Here?” she asked.

“Would you rather I have you open the door to your office first?” I ask pointedly.

“No Sir, it’s just…” she began.

“Are you arguing with me slut? Shall I make the punishment worse?” I asked.

“No Sir. I’m sorry Sir. I’ll do it,” she hastily replied.

Putting the handset down on the desk, I could hear her begin to shuffle with her clothing as she pulled her panties down from under very short skirt, which I had told her last night to wear today. She then pulled her bra off from under her white blouse and placed both on top of her wastebasket, knowing the janitor would get quite the surprise that night when he emptied the trash cans.

Finally she picked the handset back up again and said, “it’s done Sir.”

“Very good slut. From now on, you will not be wearing underwear to work. You will also only wear skirts that are not longer or baggier than the one you are wearing today. As well, you will only wear blouses for tops. Nothing else,” I emphasized.

“Yes Sir,” she replied meekly, but I could also hear the note of excitement in her voice as she said it.


When I spoke to her again that evening, she once again admitted that it turned her on to be walking around her office with no panties on, knowing that when she spoke to people they had no idea her pussy was bare and soaking wet underneath her skirt. She admitted that she was now getting a few stares from some of the younger men who were now noticing her more prominent nipples poking through her blouse. While embarrassed by this, she was also getting turned on as well.

I informed her that evening, that starting the next day, her daily ritual would be to head into the bathroom at coffee break both in the morning and the afternoon, and to strip down and masturbate as she had done that first day with me on the phone. She would then call me once it was done to let me know. I wanted her to be having several orgasms a day to keep her sexually heightened and on edge. As well, I knew that it also provided her with an outlet for the stress she was feeling around the office.

The next day, just prior to lunch, I called my wife and asked, “hello slut. Did you bring a lunch to work today?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Put your headset on,” I instructed. When it was I done I continued, “Take your purse with you to the bathroom.”

When I once again heard the bathroom door close, she immediately took the center stall, and sat down, waiting for further instructions.

“Now slut, I want you to undress again for me.” This time there was no argument from her as she quickly got naked. I’m sure she was probably thinking that I wanted her to masturbate again, even though she had just done that two hours ago.

My next command surprised her though. “Now reach into your purse, slut, and take out your butt plug.”

I could hear her gasp as it dawned on her what it was I wanted her to do. With a nervous, “yes Sir,” I could hear her shuffling through her purse. When she finally indicated that she had it, I then told her to, “shove that in your ass, now slut.” Though she had worn it off and on for small periods of time over the weekend, it had been four days since she tried to accommodate that thing in her ass.

At first Tina didn’t know where to start. She wasn’t sure what the best method would be for inserting the plug into her ass. She tried reaching between her legs as she sat on the toilet, but found with the odd angle that she wasn’t able to get enough force to shove it in. Shifting positions, she then tried standing in the stall and bending forward with her head nearly touching the stall door, as she reached behind her with the plug. Tina found she was able to get the most force from this position, so began working the plug into her ass. I could hear her grunting with exertion as she worked the plug deeper into her ass. An almost audible sigh was heard when the fattest part finally slipped past her sphincter and slid the rest of the way home.

“It’s done Sir.”

“Very good. Now get dressed slut.” After waiting for the word that she was done I continued with my instructions. “You will now make a point of visiting with each person in your office over the lunch period. When you speak with each of them, you will seat yourself in a chair or on the edge of a desk so that you are reminded, as you talk to them, that you have a cock in your ass. You will not take that plug out of your ass until after lunch at 1pm. You will head to your office and once inside, will take it out and place it back in your purse. Once done, you will call me to let me know how it went. Now get to it slut,” I ordered before hanging up.

When she called me back after lunch, I could hear the excitement in her voice as she described the events of the past hour. She indicated that she had a difficult time at first walking about normally, and not like someone who has something shoved up her ass. She found it humiliating feeling her ass being invaded by the cock each time she sat down in front of her employees and found it difficult to hide her embarrassment. She did admit though that she was immensely turned on and couldn’t wait until the afternoon coffee break came so that she could go and masturbate in the washroom.


The next day I called my wife again just prior to lunch. “Hello slut, how are we doing today?”

“Well Sir,” was the quiet reply.

“Put your headset on slut. We’re going out for lunch today,” I informed her.

When she had done as instructed, I had her make her way down to the food court in the mall across the street from her work. The food court is a busy place as it services both the employees from the neighboring office buildings but also the students from the high school 2 blocks over. After she had retrieved her meal, I instructed her to find a seat on one of the high stools located along one wall of the seating area. These stools are aligned along a high counter for eating but they also swivel 360 degrees around.

“Swivel yourself around in your seat until your back is against the counter,” I order. “Now discreetly work the hem of your skirt up until it is just covering the tops of your thighs.” Once she had indicated that it was done, I continued. “Describe for me the occupants of the tables in front of you.” Picturing the layout of the food court in my mind from my last visit there, I remembered that there is roughly 10 feet of space between the stools and the first row of tables.

“To my left there are several groups of male office workers in their 30′s and 40′s eating lunch. Directly in front of me is an elderly couple and to my right is a group of 5 high school kids. 2 are girls and the other 3 are boys,” she finished.

“Good. Now take out your cell phone and pretend you are sending and receiving text messages. Now turn toward the group of teenagers.” Once she was in position, I continued. “Slowly open your legs.”

“What? Here? Please…” she squeaked, panic rising in her voice.

“Don’t argue with me slut, or I’ll make it worse for you,” I replied menacingly.

With an audible sigh, she began to open her legs, which caused the hem of her skirt to ride up even higher. Once she had her legs spread wide enough that her bare pussy was on display for anyone who cared to look, I ordered her to hold that position.

“You will keep your legs spread for a full minute, slut, and will only close them when I tell you to. Now appear distracted by your phone as if it’s an important message you are writing.” After several seconds had passed I asked, “keep your head down, but I want you to discreetly look to see if the teenagers have noticed your bare pussy.”

“Yes Sir, the boys have noticed and are now pointing it out to the two girls,” she replied in a whisper. “The girls are now laughing and I can hear them calling me a slut. Please Sir, can I close my legs now?” she pleaded in embarrassment.

“Not yet slut. Let these young men and women see what a proper little whore you are. I bet your cunt is getting wet right now, isn’t it?” I asked. “Maybe you’d like it if I had you walk over and offer yourself to them to be their little plaything. Hmm? Would you like that whore?” I asked. I knew my running monologue was having an effect on her as I could hear her breathing quickening.

After a minute had finally passed, I informed Tina that she could close her legs and turn around to eat her lunch. By then all of the teenagers were laughing quite loudly, and words like ‘slut’ and ‘skank’ could be heard over the din of the food court.


In the weeks that followed, her work days were filled with similar events. She was still masturbating twice a day in the public washroom and had now graduated to wearing the butt plug every day from 10am until her second orgasm at 2pm. I’d also throw in the occasional flashing at the food court, varying the recipients of her charms from male office workers much older than she was to gaggles of giggling female students and everything in between. On the weekends that she came home, Tina was kept naked and collared for most of it. It was on one of these weekends that I finally broke Tina’s anal cherry. For this occasion I used the video camera and again positioned it so that she was staring into the lens as I invaded her anal cavity. I made her describe to the camera in detail what I was doing and how it was making her feel. When we finally both came, the camera captured her most powerful orgasm yet. That same weekend, I took back Tina’s butt plug and gave her a new one, which measured 2″ across at the fattest part.

Some days after this, Tina admitted to me one evening, during one of our routine phone calls, that her new lifestyle was helping her cope with the pressures and stress of her new job. She found herself looking forward to each day as she was never sure what I would have in store for her.

It was during one of these evening phone calls that Tina informed me of news she had received that day at work. She had received word that a manager from one of the district sub-offices was off on sick leave indeterminately, and that head office wanted Tina to fill in as manager of that office as well. This meant she would be required to fly into this community twice a month to take care of business there for several days at a time. Though she accepted the extra work without complaint, I could tell the prospect of the added stress was not sitting well with her.

It was on her first trip there that she had an unexpected meeting one day at the local mall. She ran into an old friend of hers, Debbie, who we had met years ago while studying at the same university. They had been best friends back then, but after graduation, and several transfers later, they had lost touch with each other. Now reunited, they talked like old hens for hours each evening, catching each other up on their lives.

Debbie is very similar to my wife in that she is also a very strong willed and independent woman. She is several inches taller than Tina and has long curly dark brown hair with dark hazel eyes to match. Her figure is shapely with breasts slightly smaller than Tina’s, and an ass that can turn heads. My wife revealed later to me, that her friend Debbie had bought a house there several years ago after securing an administrative position with the local hospital. She indicated that Debbie had offered to let Tina stay at the house each time she went down for business, rather than staying in a hotel.

Having an old friend there to stay with each time helped Tina with the transition and the extra work. In no time at all, the two of them were best of friends again, and they would occasionally get drunk on several bottles of wine some evenings. It was during one of these drunken times, my wife later confided, that the conversation eventually turned to sex. As is always the case; lips get loosened whenever alcohol is applied. Debbie ended up confiding to Tina, that she hadn’t had sex in over a year. As they commiserated over that for a bit and more wine was drunk, my wife inadvertently let slip during the conversation that I had written several sex stories a while ago.

By this point the girls were so drunk that they were practically falling down and giggling at everything. When Debbie expressed curiosity to read the stories, it never even occurred to Tina to say no. She promptly stumbled over to her laptop and quickly navigated to the site where the stories had been uploaded. Pulling up the first one entitled “My Pet Teacher”, Tina passed the laptop to Debbie.

As Debbie read through the story, she’d occasionally mutter an “oh my God” or a “holy shit”, but never stopped reading until she was finished. When she finally looked up from the computer, after several more glasses of wine, she asked Tina if there were any more. Tina then pulled up the next two stories “The Humiliation of my Wife” and “Owning my Best Friend’s Mom” and once again passed the computer back to Debbie. Once Debbie had finished reading the last story “The Making of an Office Slut”, the conversation remained firmly rooted around sex. Debbie admitted to my wife that she found herself turned on by the contents of the stories. Later, the two of them also admitted to each other that neither of them had been with another woman but that they wouldn’t be opposed to trying it. The conversation continued to go downhill from there until late in the evening, the decision was made to finally call it a night and head to bed.


I’m sure both of them just chalked the conversation up to the drunken ramblings of two best friends, but upon hearing the story several days later, I began to have other ideas. Not wanting to let my wife in on my thoughts, for fear she might say no, I kept things to myself, and never discussed the matter with her again, as I began to plan on how to bring my ideas to fruition.

My plan finally came together when I convinced Debbie to join my wife and I at our place for one of the weekends she was scheduled to come home for. I made sure to keep my tone light and jovial so that Tina wouldn’t become suspicious of my motives. Once the ladies had arrived and dinner had been eaten, we settled down in the living room, opened several bottles of wine and began to catch each other on our respective days and lives. Since the girls knew practically everything about each other at this point, I spend much of the time talking about my life and work. I also ensured that I only had a few glasses of wine, while I kept their glasses overflowing with bubbly.

Soon the two of them were plastered drunk and were giggling at everything I said. It was at this point that I decided to put my plan into action.

As lightly and nonchalantly as I could I began, “So Debbie. Tina was telling me the other day that you read my stories. What did you think of them?”

“What? Oh, they were really good. I can’t believe your imagination!” Debbie exclaimed.

“What parts of the stories did you like?” I asked, pretending indifferent curiosity.

“Mmm….I guess the issues of control, and the stuff they were made to do. It was all so very surreal, yet sexy,” she replied.

“Well, I’m really glad you enjoyed them.” Again staying as light and indifferent as I could, I added “did Tina tell you that she also enjoyed those stories?”

“Umm….no I don’t think so,” was the slurred response.

“Oh she did. In fact she enjoyed them so much that she volunteered to become my slave,” I said, watching Debbie’s reaction closely as I dropped the bomb.

Her head snapped up from her wine glass upon hearing that. “She what?” she asked incredulously. I could see Tina turning a few shades of red as she listened to our conversation.

“She wanted to know what it felt like to be those women in the stories, so she agreed to give control to me in our sex lives. I believe she finds it very liberating, don’t you slut?” I asked, turning my head slightly towards my wife.

Clearing her throat loudly she quietly responded, “yes Sir.”

“What? You’re fucking pulling my leg, aren’t you Carl?” Debbie asked between hiccups. Her half-full glass of wine temporarily forgotten as she tried to determine if I was kidding around with her or not.

“No, I’m quite serious.” Turning to my wife I ordered, “open your shirt and let Debbie see your breasts.”

Not trusting her voice any more, after only a slight pause, Tina reached up with shaking hands and unfastened the buttons on her blouse, and slowly pulled the material aside, exposing her bare breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks and stuck out at least half an inch as if begging for attention.

Debbie just gaped at them for several seconds, disbelieving what she was seeing. “Tina told me that you were turned on by the content of my stories. Would you also like to know what it feels like to be those women in the stories?” I asked with bated breath.

This was the moment of truth. Either Debbie would take the bait and things would unfold as I had hoped, or she would be disgusted by the thought and my weekend plans cut short. Several seconds of silence passed as Tina continued to hold her blouse open while her best friend openly ogled her bare breasts.

When she finally answered a much muted “yes”, I could barely contain my excitement.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that Debbie. What did you say?” I asked again, just to be certain.

“Yes, I would,” was her reply.

“Are you prepared to give complete control to me? To do whatever I tell you to do, just like the women in those stories?” I asked, wanting to make sure the ground rules were agreed upon beforehand.


“Are you prepared to accept the consequences should you not obey me in all things?”


“Even if that means taking you over my knee and spanking your ass?”

“Yes.” By now it was as if she was in a trance, answering yes to all of my questions.

“Very well. Stand up Debbie,” I ordered.

Hesitant at first, and with obviously shaking knees, Debbie finally rose to her feet to stand before us. Tina was transfixed by the sight before her and was oblivious to the fact that she was still holding her shirt open.

“Take off your shirt Debbie.”

Her eyes fixed on Tina’s breasts, she grasped the sides of her t-shirt and lifted it off over her head, dropping it to the floor beside her.

“Now the bra.”

Reaching behind her, she unhooked the clasp on her bra and allowed the material to fall away from her breasts, before it landed on the floor next to her t-shirt. Debbie’s breasts are still firm, like Tina’s, but have much darker areolas and fatter nipples. These too were standing at attention.

“Now the jeans Debbie.”

Like she was on auto-pilot, eyes still glued to Tina’s exposed breasts, Debbie unbuttoned the front of her jeans, slid the zipper down and shimmied out of her pants until they were in a bunch on the floor with the rest of her clothes.

“And finally the panties,” I added, admiring the skimpy black lace barely covering her pubic mound.

Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, she slowly rolled them down her legs until she finally stood before us completely naked. I could see that Debbie had taken care to keep the hair shaved around her pussy lips with just a small tuft of dark hair at the top of her slit.

“Very nice Debbie. You have a beautiful body,” I complemented her as I shifted in my seat, to relieve the uncomfortable pressure building in the front of my pants, as my hard-on strained to break free of its bonds.

“I want you to kneel in front of Tina. Spread your knees wider apart. Now clasp your hands behind your back.” Once she had complied, “Very good. Tina, go get your collar,” I ordered, turning my attention to my wife.

Without a word, she hopped up from the couch and ran to the front door to grab her collar from the hook upon where it’s kept. Racing back, she stood in front of me, holding the collar out.

“No slut, I want you to put the collar on her for me.” As she began to fasten the collar around the neck of her friend, I explained to Debbie, “this collar symbolizes your agreement with me to obey me in all things. You will hasten to obey my every order instantly for to do otherwise, will result in a severe punishment for you. Is this clear?” I asked.

Nodding her head, and with a frightened look in her eyes, she quietly replied, “yes.”

Taking a small digital camera out of my shirt pocket, I began to snap several pictures of her naked form. I could see Debbie was surprised at my actions, but she resisted saying anything.

“From now on Tina you will be referred to as ‘slut’ and you Debbie will be referred to as ‘whore’. Now whore, I want you to look up at the slut and ask to eat her pussy,” I ordered.

Eyes wide with fear, and a tinge of excitement, Debbie looked up into the face of her best friend and very quietly asked, “May I lick your pussy please?”

Clearing her throat, Tina quickly replied “yes” as she grabbed the hem of her skirt and yanked it up to her waist. Once her knees were spread open, Debbie cautiously inched forward on her knees until she was staring straight into my wife’s cleanly shaven pussy. Hesitant and unsure of how to proceed, Debbie finally leaned forward and, with her tongue stuck out, began to lap slowly at Tina’s moist opening.

Tina’s eyes were glued to Debbie’s face as she began to lick her pussy with more confidence. The more Debbie got into it, the more excited Tina became. After a few minutes, Debbie was eating pussy with wild abandon. She was driving several fingers into Tina’s pussy while simultaneously licking and nibbling on her engorged clit. At this point, Tina’s head was laid back against the cushions of the couch and her eyes were closed as she moaned and cried out in pleasure, “that’s it whore, lick my cunt.”

Leaning over, I ordered Debbie to look up at me while she ate Tina’s soaking wet pussy. I then snapped a few more pictures of her with her face covered in pussy juice and her tongue buried in her best friend’s cunt. Her face turned a deep shade of red as her continued humiliation was captured on film.

“Slut! Raise your knees up to your chest,” I ordered Tina. “Now, tongue her ass, whore,” I directed Debbie once Tina was in position. Without hesitation, Debbie began tonguing Tina’s asshole, trying to drive her tongue past the sphincter, like it was a cock fucking her ass. This added sensation pushed my wife over the edge, and grabbing a handful of Debbie’s hair and driving her face into her ass and pussy, she began cumming and shrieking like a banshee. Her body shook and convulsed causing her pussy juices to be smeared all over Debbie’s face and hair.

When at last Tina released her hold on her friend’s hair, Debbie sat back on her heels with a flushed face, slick with pussy juices, and looked up at me expectantly. Her breathing was ragged and her nipples were hard as rocks, and I could tell she was turned on by what had just happened.

Did you enjoy eating your best friend’s cunt whore?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” was the quick response.

“Would you like to cum too whore?”

“Oh, yes Sir.”

“Very well. Stand up and walk over to the living room window,” I ordered. Our living room has a large bay window overlooking our front lawn and the quiet street beyond. Currently there are only white sheers covering the windows. “Pull back the curtains on both sides.” It is now was dark outside and, without the curtains, were anyone to bother looking up at our house, they would be able to clearly see inside as we had all of the lights on in the living room. Once Debbie had both curtains pulled back, I continued. “Now stand with your back to the window in the middle.” As she turned to comply, I could see her face was a deep crimson red which was now spreading down her neck to her shoulders. “Spread your feet wide apart and bend over at the waist. Let’s give my neighbours a real good look at a whore’s asshole and cunt.” When she was in position, I continued. “You wanted to cum, so go ahead and finger your pussy now. Show my neighbours what a dirty little whore you are. Perhaps I’ll invite them over later and let them take turns using you?” As she dug her fingers into her already wet pussy, and began to frig as quickly as she could I asked, “you’d probably like that wouldn’t you whore?”

“Mmm…” was the only reply as her eyes closed and the pace of her fingers picked up even further. I could tell she was close to cumming. The added humiliation was having an impact on Debbie and, in very little time, she was ready to cum. Grabbing the camera I took several more shots for added embarrassment.

Opening her eyes and looking up at me, she asked “may I cum Sir?” Sweat was beginning to bead on her forehead as she fought to contain her excitement.

“Yes, cum for my wife and I. Show us and our neighbours how you like to cum while everyone watches.”

With a loud moan, Debbie’s orgasm overtook her as she stood bent over in front of my picture window. Her legs soon became like jello and she involuntarily dropped to her knees as the waves of pleasure washed over her body.

When at last Debbie came around and managed to get her breathing under control, I ordered Tina, “finish undressing slut and then get on your hands and knees with your ass facing your friend.” When she was in position I then ordered Debbie, “crawl over and lick her asshole. I want it nicely lubricated for my cock.”

Without any hesitation, Debbie crawled over and dipped her head once more into her friend’s ass. As she was busily licking and working her tongue into my wife’s ass, I had to sit back and admire what was unfolding before me. I had both women naked on their hands and knees in the middle of my living room with one tonguing the ass of the other! It was something right out of my fantasies. I could hardly believe my luck that it was actually coming true. It was becoming quite apparent that Debbie was a true submissive and not just someone seeking a release for her stress.

While Debbie lubricated Tina’s ass, I took the opportunity to shed my clothes. Once naked I ordered, “whore, get on your back.” When she was in position, I then had Tina straddle her face in the classic 69 position. “Now eat her pussy whore, while I fuck her ass.”

And with that I knelt behind my wife, took aim at her puckered asshole and began working the head of my cock in. There was very little resistance this time as Debbie had done a good job of loosening it up with her tongue. As I worked my cock into Tina’s tight ass, I could hear slurping sounds from below me as Debbie began eating Tina’s pussy for the second time tonight. Once I had the entire length buried in her ass, I began fucking her in long hard strokes, bottoming out with each thrust. A grin broke out on my face as I realized that with each thrust, my balls were smacking Debbie on the forehead.

“Whore, spread your legs,” I ordered. Reaching down, I grabbed a discarded flip flop and passed it to Tina. “Slut, I want you to beat her pussy with the shoe. Don’t stop until I tell you to.” I was curious to see how Debbie would react to the pain stimuli and, to be honest, it was turning me on to see my wife dominating another woman.

With no hesitation at all, Tina began laying in to her friend’s exposed and opened pussy with the flip flop. At first the smacks were tentative and light, but when Debbie did not protest, and the pleasure of the fucking and licking began to overtake her senses, Tina began beating the pussy in front of her in earnest. She began to time the smacks to coincide with each thrust in her ass. Each time I bottomed out, a resounding SMACK could be heard as the shoe hit Debbie’s wet and exposed pussy lips. The beating was beginning to have an effect on Debbie as I could hear her beginning to mewl and cry out with each smack. To my surprise, Debbie kept her legs open the entire time and even began lifting her pussy up to meet each blow. It was evident that Debbie was getting turned on by the pain.

“That’s it slut. Beat that whore’s cunt,” I cried out as I felt my orgasm building. I could tell my wife was close as well, as her breathing had become ragged and she was pushing back against each of my thrusts. “Now lick her pussy slut. Make the whore cum,” I ordered Tina.

Discarding the flip flop, my wife bent her head down and began licking her first pussy. The entire area was so sensitive from the beating, that it only took moments before Debbie began screaming and thrashing beneath Tina as her orgasm smashed throughout her body. Like a chain reaction, this also set off Tina’s orgasm, as she began bucking and thrashing on the cock still buried in her ass. As the waves of pleasure rolled throughout her body, her muscles would simultaneously clench and unclench. It felt like a hand was inside her asshole gripping my cock tight and trying to milk it like a cow. The sensation was unbelievable and unlike any I had ever experienced before. That was all it took to push me over the edge, so with one last thrust, I quickly pulled out and took aim at Debbie’s face and began shooting spurt after spurt onto her upturned face. Soon her entire face was covered in long white strands of cum and which were beginning to run down into her hair.

“Slut, feed the whore my cum,” I ordered Tina. Spinning around she began scooping the cum off of Debbie’s face and placing it into her mouth. Once Tina had fed all of my cum to her, I ordered Debbie, “Now clean my cock whore.” Scrambling to her hands and knees, she bent her head down and began licking and sucking on my cock which had just been buried in my wife’s ass. Once it was sufficiently clean I ordered Tina to take Debbie upstairs to the bathroom and to get her cleaned up and to shave her pussy bare like her own.

Once the girls were gone I took the opportunity to grab the package I had hid in the closet and began setting up for the next scenario I had planned. Earlier that day, prior to picking them up at the airport, I had stopped in at the sex shop and purchased a few more supplies. By the time the girls returned, I had everything set up and ready for them. Just thinking about what was to come had me getting hard again.

As the girls entered the room I could see them eying with curiosity the equipment I had laid out. I took a moment to admire Debbie’s newly shaven pussy before I proceeded with the plan. Pointing to the coffee table I ordered, “whore get over the table.” The coffee table was low enough and narrow enough that Debbie’s knees touched the ground on one side and her hands touched the ground on the other side with just her upper body laid across the table. Once she was in position, I ordered Tina, “now tie her feet and hands to each leg of the table.”

Tina quickly bent to the task. While she still craved submitting herself to me, it was also evident that my wife was enjoying dominating her friend. Once Debbie was appropriately secured, I handed the paddle to Tina and instructed her to begin paddling Debbie’s ass. Again, Tina started off lightly, but with a little encouragement from me, was soon putting her weight behind each strike. Sitting in front of Debbie I was able to watch the anguished expression on her face each time the paddle made contact with her ass. Soon Debbie was crying out in pain with each blow as her ass became redder and redder.

“Whore, I want you to answer the following questions truthfully. If I feel you’re telling me the whole truth, then I’ll have Tina stop your paddling. If I think you’re lying to me or holding something back, then I’ll take the paddle and continue your punishment. Deal?”


“Ahh…yes Sir” was her hurried reply.

“Have you ever been with another woman sexually prior to tonight?”

“No Sir.”

“Did you enjoy eating Tina’s pussy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And how about her ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Have you sucked cock before?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“It was OK Sir.”

“Have you ever eaten a man’s cum before?”

“No Sir.”

“Why not?”

“I always felt it was disgusting.”

“And did it turn you on being forced to eat my cum?”

Debbie hesitated before answering. Turning a darker shade of red she finally replied, “yes Sir.”

“Have you been fucked in the ass before?”

A sheepish, “yes Sir.”

“How many times?”

“A dozen times maybe?” was her hesitant reply.

“So you like taking cock in your ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

By now, Debbie’s face was a mask of pain as the paddle continued its barrage on her sore and bruised ass. “Now remember, I want you to be completely honest with me. What turned you on most tonight?”

Again she paused before answering, giving her time to compose her thoughts. Hanging her head in shame she finally replied, “being made to do things against my will, like eating your cum. And also being made to humiliate myself like when you had me masturbate in front of the window.”

That was a startling admission. It was the humiliation that turned her on the most. I think Tina and I could have a lot of fun with that in the days to come.

“Alright, that’s enough slut,” signaling to Tina to stop with the punishment. Once she had put the paddle down she stood back and admired her handiwork. Both ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs were a dark mottled red. A bit of moisture had also formed on her brow as a result of her exertion with the paddle. “I have a gift for you slut,” pointing to the item on the cushion beside me. On it was a black leather harness with a large lifelike black dildo in it. A smile cracked the corners of her lips when she took in what I had bought for her.

Stepping up, she tentatively took the item in hand and began examining it intently. Once she had figured out where the straps went, she hastily stepped into it and fastened it in place. As she stared down at the black cock now protruding from her body, she began stroking it as if it was her own cock. What a pretty sight that presented for me. Grabbing the camera from my discarded shirt I snapped a few more photos of my wife as she stared at and stroked her new cock.

Breaking her out of her reverie I ordered, “slut I want you to teach this whore how I like to have my cock sucked. I’ll be trying out her ass now that you’ve warmed it up for me.” Dropping to my knees behind Debbie’s ass, I took a moment to admire my wife’s handiwork, both in shaving the pussy but also in punishing her ass. After admiring the marks and noting how wet Debbie was, I placed the tip of my cock against Debbie’s pussy and thrust deeply, burying it on the first go. A deep sigh was heard from Debbie as I began fucking her tight pussy. Reaching down, I began to work a finger into her puckered little asshole. Once it was knuckle deep, I then worked a second finger followed by a third. Soon I had three fingers buried deep in her ass as I continued to thrust away in her pussy. Meanwhile Tina had taken up a position standing in front of Debbie. Grabbing a handful of hair at the back of Debbie’s head she ordered, “open up whore. You’re going to have to learn how to properly suck a cock.” And with that she placed the tip of her black cock against Debbie’s lips and began thrusting into her mouth.

As Tina worked her dildo deeper and deeper in Debbie’s mouth, I withdrew my now slick cock and placed the tip of it against her now loosened ass. As I began pressing against her bud, I could feel her relaxing her muscles allowing the head to slip quickly into her. Grabbing her hips, I began short hard thrusts, burying more and more of my cock each time, until I was hitting bottom with each one. At that point I began a rhythm of slow hard thrusts, almost withdrawing completely each time before burying it in to her with a resounding slap against her sore ass.

Meanwhile, my wife had begun having some fun with Debbie’s throat. Remembering her first time with my cock in her throat, she began to torture Debbie in much the same way. While I beat a steady rhythm in Debbie’s ass, Tina began to force her own cock into Debbie’s throat, causing her to gag painfully around it. Tina would alternate the amount of time she spent in Debbie’s throat keeping her off balance and never knowing how long she would have to go without air. Tina’s cock and Debbie’s face were soon covered in saliva as she continued to gag around the cock being forced down her throat.

With her hand still wrapped around Debbie’s hair at the back of her head, Tina began to time her thrusts to coincide with my thrusts into Debbie’s ass. Like one unit we were both bottoming out in Debbie’s throat and ass at the same time. The sounds filling the room were positively musical. As my body slapped against Debbie’s ass, Tina would bury her cock in Debbie’s throat eliciting powerful gagging sounds, followed by deep gasping breaths as she withdrew for the next thrusts.

It was then that the most powerful orgasm I had ever witnessed occurred. Debbie’s eyes practically rolled into the back of her head as she began wailing and keening, with her entire body shaking violently below us. Since she was tied down, the entire table began to heave and move with her. It took everything I had to hold on and keep myself buried in her ass. Tina had stepped back by this point and was staring open mouthed at the intensity of the orgasm which was taking place before her. This violent display lasted about 30 seconds before she began to settle down.

The intensity of the muscle spasms was so great, that the sensation quickly passed from one of trying to milk my cock to that of someone trying to rip it off my body. Witnessing this intense orgasm had my own orgasm ready to explode. Pulling out quickly, I ran around to the other side of the table and began blowing my second load of the night into Debbie’s face. When Debbie had begun to regain her senses, I ordered Tina to help her clean Debbie’s face.

Getting down on her knees, Tina began licking off my strands of cum and then shoving her cum-covered tongue into Debbie’s mouth forcing her to suck it clean. She repeated this process until she had licked Debbie’s face clean. They ended with a long kiss, tongues intertwining as they enjoyed each other’s company.

Once they finally came up for air, I began unfastening Debbie from the table allowing her to rise and stretch her cramped limbs.

Settling down onto the couch, Tina and Debbie cuddled up on either side of me as we took a moment to catch our respective breaths. Their hands began to explore my body, gently massaging my tired muscles. After several minutes of this, Tina bent over and began licking and sucking on my semi-flaccid cock, willingly cleaning it even after it had been in Debbie’s ass. Just then my stomach rumbled with hunger. Giggling, Tina sat up and asked, “are you hungry Sir?”

“I think I have worked up a bit of an appetite,” I replied with a grin.

Turning, she reached for the phone on the end table and quickly dialed the local pizza shop and ordered up a pizza for delivery. Once she had placed her order, she hung up the phone and bolted upstairs without a word. I could tell by the look in her eye that she was up to something, but I figured there was no harm in letting her go with it.

Several minutes later she returned to us with an armload of stuff. Debbie had meanwhile picked up where Tina had left off, and was gently licking and sucking on my cock. Apparently, she didn’t mind sucking cock, so long as she was being “forced” to do it.

Looking up at my wife, I raised my eyebrow in question. With a big grin she asked, “may I Sir?”

Smiling back, I shrugged my shoulders and replied “sure.”

Tina then handed me a robe and put a second one on herself. Once she was dressed in the robe, she turned to Debbie and barked, “on your knees in front of me whore.” Debbie scrambled off the couch and quickly knelt before her. Once in place, Tina fastened the blindfold around Debbie’s eyes. She then stooped down and clipped the leash onto her collar. It was then that I started to get an idea as to what my wife might be up to. Walking over to her purse, she removed a twenty dollar bill, and slipped it into the pocket of her robe. Leaning over, she gave me a quick kiss and asked, “Sir, would you mind answering the door when the pizza comes?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

As the nervousness in the room became almost palpable, we were suddenly shocked out of our reveries by the sound of the doorbell.

I got up and walked into the other room to answer the front door. Opening the door I saw that the delivery guy was a young fellow likely in his late teens, around the age of 19 or 20. Inviting him in, I closed the door behind him and called out to my wife. “Hon, the pizza guy is here. Can you bring out the money?”

The sound of a chain rattling, followed by a terse “heel” could be heard coming from the other room. Several moments later, my wife entered the foyer wearing her robe, leading a very naked and blindfolded Debbie who was crawling on her hands and knees with a twenty dollar bill stuck in her mouth. I glanced over at the pizza guy to gage his reaction, and nearly burst out laughing at the expression plastered across his face. His jaw hung open with his eyes wide in shock. Clearly he had never seen a sight such as this before. But I also noted that he had quite a tent forming in his pants as well.

When my wife stood beside us, she looked down at Debbie and ordered, “sit.” She had obviously been coached by Tina in the other room, because when she sat back on her heels, she ensured her knees were spread wide apart and her hands were clasped behind her back giving our delivery guy an unimpeded view of her breasts and newly shaved pussy.

Looking up at the delivery boy, my wife said, “here’s your money Sir,” gesturing towards the twenty in Debbie’s mouth. With obviously shaking hands, he reached down and tentatively took the money, perhaps fearing she might bite or something. After stuffing the money in his pocket, my wife asked him, “our dog Debbie here is very well trained. Would you like to pet her?”

Looking at my wife for the first time, he blinked and then asked, “are you sure she doesn’t mind?”

Shaking her head and smiling, “nah, she loves the attention, don’t you little doggy?” she asked turning towards Debbie. Debbie simply nodded her head yes, not trusting her voice at this point.

“Uh, sure. Ok.” He put the pizza bag down at his side and stooped down to Debbie’s level. Reaching out he hesitantly touched her left breast and then her right. When no one complained, he became a bit bolder and began to fondle both breasts, focusing on the very erect nipples.

After a bit my wife added, “go ahead and pet her everywhere. She loves it.” Tina wasn’t lying either. I could see the blush extending down Debbie’s shoulders, but I could also see and smell the excitement in her pussy. All hesitation lost now, he quickly dipped one hand down to her shaven pussy and began to play with her clit and pussy lips. The more he twisted and turned her nipple, and the more he drove his fingers into her soaking wet pussy, the more excited Debbie became. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her head was thrown back in pleasure.

“You know, you’ve been so nice to our doggy, I think she would like to repay your kindness,” my wife informed the delivery guy. Looking up from where he was squatting he asked, “umm…like what?”

“Well, why don’t you stand up and take your penis out so our doggy can thank you properly,” she informed him. Jumping up, he fumbled with his belt for several seconds, before finally dropping his pants and drawers. Out popped a very hard cock, a little shorter and thinner than mine. I could tell it wouldn’t be long for this fellow to cum.

Feeling a tug on her leash, Debbie scooted forward until she felt the tip of the cock bump against her face. Opening her mouth, she took the head of his cock in and began bathing it in spit.

Patting Debbie on the head I remind her, “now remember how you were trained to suck cock. Impress me with how much you learned.”

Heeding my words, Debbie attacked the stranger’s cock in front of her, nearly knocking him over in the process. She began bobbing her head back and forth on the cock, going deeper and deeper with each push. When at last it began to bump against the back of her throat, she paused before giving one last push, forcing the cock head past the barrier in her throat. As it slid home in her throat with her nose nestled in his pubic hair, the delivery guy let out a deep moan of pleasure as Debbie held herself there for several seconds despite her intense gagging. When she could tolerate it no more, she quickly withdrew, took several gasping breaths before once again impaling herself on his cock. After holding it for several seconds again, Debbie released the cock once more and then began a steady rhythm of fucking her own throat with his cock. The delivery guy’s orgasm was quickly building and he was soon matching her head bobs with hard thrusts of his own.

When it was evident he could hold out no longer my wife asked, “I want you to shoot your cum all over my doggie’s face.” With a gargled scream, he yanked his cock out of her mouth and began cumming in what seemed like one continuous stream of cum all over her red face and into her gasping mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cum as much as that young fellow did. Debbie’s face and hair were drenched in white sticky cum.

When the last drop had finally been squeezed out onto Debbie’s nose, the pizza guy hastily did up his pants and with mumbled thanks, ran out the door. I’m not sure if his haste was from embarrassment or because he knew he was going to be late for his other deliveries.

Grabbing the camera I ran back into the foyer and snapped some great shots of Debbie’s cum stained face and hair. Turning to my wife I ordered, “clean her up slut.” She immediately knelt in front of Debbie and once again began cleaning her face with her tongue, sharing the cum with Debbie after each lick. Once she was suitably clean, and they had enjoyed each others’ mouths, I took the blindfold off of Debbie and led her by the leash over to the coffee table once more. This time I had her lay on her back lengthwise on the table and ordered her to hold her knees up beside her chest with her legs spread wide. I then had Tina lay face down on top of her with her own knees brought up high on either side of Debbie. Pushing her bottom down, it placed her pussy in contact with Debbie’s pussy below. This also served to open up both girls’ holes for easy access by my very hard cock.

Needing no prompting from me, the girls began kissing again, twining their tongues together. Taking aim, I hammered my cock home in my wife’s pussy, coating it with her juices before moving on to Debbie’s asshole. After sawing back and forth there for a bit, I then switched to Tina’s ass. I then alternated between the four holes giving each woman one more orgasm before finally pulling out and cumming in both of their faces.

As they began cleaning each other off again with their tongues, I sat back with a contented sigh on the couch and shook my head with disbelief. I had imagined some pretty wild stuff in the stories I had written, but I had never imagined that any of it would come true for me. Least of all with my wife and her best friend.

When at last they were finished cleaning each other, they disengaged themselves and once again cuddled up on either side of me on the couch. Nothing was said for a while as we simply enjoyed the afterglow from a very active evening.

It was Debbie though who finally broke the silence. Keeping her eyes downcast she began in a quiet voice. “I just want the two of you to know that tonight has been the most erotic and exciting night of my life. I have harbored some very deep secrets for a very long time. Desires that I could hardly admit even to myself for the shame of it. If you guys are willing, I would like to serve both of you in whatever capacity you see fit. I’ll do anything either one of you tells me to without question. And you can do whatever you want to me.” Pausing to compose her thoughts, I could hear the tremor in her voice as she continued to bare her soul to us. “If you’ll have me, I promise to always try and please you.”

Looking at my wife for direction, she nodded her head in agreement.

“Very well whore. Tina and I will agree to take you on as our slave, but let’s get some ground rules set first. In all things, I have the final say. Both you and Tina will obey me without question. However, you will also answer to Tina. You will obey her as if it was I giving you the command. There is a definite pecking order here and you slave are at the bottom of it. Clear?”

“Yes Sir.” A hint of a smile played at the corner of her lips.

“Right then. Let’s have some pizza first and then go get cleaned up and head to bed. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be another eventful day.”


The next day I was awakened by a tentative tapping on my shoulder. Opening my eyes I was presented with the beautiful view of my wife’s naked body hovering over me. “Your breakfast is ready Sir.” Reaching up, I grabbed her right nipple between thumb and forefinger and began pinching and twisting it as I pulled her down to me for a kiss. She willingly fell into my embrace and enjoyed some heavy kissing and petting before I finally pushed her away and climbed out of bed.

Telling her I’d be down in a minute, I headed off into the washroom to take care of some morning rituals. When I emerged with my robe on, I headed downstairs to the kitchen to find my wife and her best friend kneeling naked beside the kitchen table where my plate of food had been set for me. As I ate my food in silence I began to formulate a plan on how we could spend the day today. I didn’t let them in on my ideas though until after I had finished eating.

“It’s such a nice day today I was thinking we could head down to the public pool after lunch and go for a swim and do some sunbathing. What do you ladies think of that idea?” I asked.

Both of them nodded their heads in agreement. My wife answered, “That’s a good idea Sir. We haven’t gone swimming in ages. But Debbie doesn’t have a bathing suit,” she added.

“That’s alright,” I replied. “I thought we could stop by the mall first and pick out a suit for her.”

“Oh, that’s perfect Sir,” my wife replied as she began to catch on to what I was implying.

“But first thing’s first. Whore, get on your back,” I ordered pointing to the floor at my feet. “Now straddle the whore’s face, slut.” Opening my robe, I showed my wife my already hardened cock. “Eat that pussy whore, and I want you to finger yourself as well. But you are not to cum until you’ve satisfied your mistress first. Is that clear?”

A muffled “yes Sir” as she began tonguing Tina’s pussy. Needing no further direction from me, Tina leaned forward and began sucking on my cock. For a while, all that could be heard was the sound of Tina gagging on my cock while she enjoyed the tongue buried in her snatch. Looking down, I saw Debbie’s right hand practically flying over her own pussy, as she brought herself close to orgasm.

With my cock still in her mouth, as she gasped for breath, Tina asked, “may I cum Sir?”

“You may,” was my only reply. As soon as Tina’s orgasm hit, Debbie’s exploded as well and the two of them began thrashing about at my feet. Seeing their intense pleasure was enough to push me over the edge as well. Grabbing the back of Tina’s head, I held the tip of my cock in her mouth and ordered, “do not swallow slut,” and began shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my wife’s mouth. When it was nearly overflowing, I pulled out and ordered, “now feed the whore your cum.” Scooting back she bent down, opened her mouth and allowed my seed to pour into Debbie’s open mouth. They again finished with a fierce kiss as I got up and headed back upstairs to shower.

When I came out of the bathroom to get dressed I found both Tina and Debbie dressed in tight blouses with equally tight short skirts and, of course, no underwear on. Obviously Tina had informed Debbie of the new dress code. As I dressed, I couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I had two beautiful women (one being my life partner) who were willing to serve me in whatever perverse capacity I saw fit.

On the way to the mall I made a quick detour by the adult store where I had purchased all of the sex toys over the last few weeks and, while the girls waited in the car, ran in and picked up another collar for Tina to replace the one given to Debbie last night. Once back in the car, we then made our way to the large mall on the other side of town. By the time we arrived at around 11 o’clock, the parking lot was already near capacity. Being a Saturday in the middle of summer, it was a sure bet that the mall would be packed.

After several minutes of circling, I was finally able to find a spot and we were on our way in. I can’t begin to describe how incredibly turned on I was walking with two gorgeous women wearing very revealing clothing through a packed mall. Both women received plenty of stares from the men as they passed by and a few glares from some of their wives.

Spying a jewelry store, I steered the ladies in and began browsing their necklaces and pendants. By now my wife was beside herself with curiosity as she knew how much I hated jewelry stores.

“Sir? What are we looking for?” my wife asked quietly.

“I’m looking for something for the two of you,” I replied.

“Oh,” a big smile played across her face. “May I ask what?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” When at last I had found what I was looking for, I signaled the young sales lady over. “I would like two of those,” pointing to a small gold heart-shaped pendant with a small diamond in the base of the heart. “Do you do engraving as well?” I asked.

As the woman retrieved two boxes from below the counter she replied, “of course sir. What would you like them to say?”

“They’re for the two ladies with me. I want you to engrave one of them with the word ‘Slut’ and the other ‘Whore’.”

The look of shock on her face was priceless. “Are you sure?” she asked looking at the two women as if she expected them to protest my request.

“I am.” After sneaking one last look at Tina and Debbie, the lady finally went over to the other counter and began the engraving process. Nothing further was said, but the look of disapproval she gave the girls as she handed me the bag with my new purchases was quite entertaining.

As we continued our walk through the mall, I handed the bag to Tina and said, “these are for your collars slut. This way you’ll know which one belongs to which.”

A slight blush colored her cheeks as she took the bag. “Thank you Sir.”

At the end of the next hallway we found ourselves at the entrance to one of the large department stores. Heading in, we made our way over to the swim suit section. I was pleased to see that it was quite busy in this area of the store as we began browsing the swimsuit racks.

Turning to my wife I asked, “I want you to pick out some styles of bikinis for Debbie that you think I will enjoy seeing her in. I want them to leave very little to the imagination,” I added as she began to turn away.

After several minutes of rifling through the racks, my wife began to hold up potential suits to me. After selecting several promising ones, I asked Tina, “are these suits her size?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I want you to find those suits in a size smaller then.”

After exchanging the suits for smaller sizes, we made our way over to the changing rooms so that Debbie could try them on for me. I purposely selected the changing room closest to the entrance, ensuring that the maximum amount of traffic would pass by her curtain as well as the fact that it was also in view of the main area of the swimsuit section. Once Debbie was inside of the cubicle, I handed her the first suit and directed her to put it on. As I closed the curtain behind her, I purposely left it open a small gap so that anyone passing by would be provided an unhindered look at her.

The first few people to pass by took no notice of the gap, but one fellow, who was obviously here with his wife as she tried on some suits, walked slowly by and casually glanced over at the curtain as he did so. He was several steps past the curtain when his brain finally registered what he had seen and he stopped dead in his tracks. He then took several paces back until he was once again standing in front of her curtain and had an unencumbered view of Debbie’s nakedness. She was just in the act of stepping into the bottom portion of the bathing suit when she caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and glanced up in shock at the stranger watching her dress. Turning a deep shade of red she hastily finished pulling on the bottoms and quickly reached for the too-small bikini top. When she had finally fastened the top, she opened the curtain the rest of the way and stepped out of her cubicle.

Rising from the chairs my wife and I had been sitting in, I motioned for her to follow me out into the main area. The voyeur followed close behind – all thoughts of his wife left behind in the dressing room with her. “Stand in front of those mirrors. I want to see how it looks from all angles,” I directed. Really I just wanted to give everyone else in the department a chance to see her near-nakedness. As she stood in front of the mirror I instructed her to place her hands on top of her head and then to begin turning around slowly. It was obvious that the suit was ill-fitting as there was insufficient material on top to cover the bottoms of her breasts. There was just barely enough material to cover her very erect nipples. Any sudden movement would likely cause her breasts to come tumbling out. The bottoms weren’t much better. The material was so tight, that it was beginning to creep up into her slit causing that oh-so-familiar look of cameltoe. As she turned around, the gathering onlookers were presented with a beautiful shot of her ass which was only covered by a very thin piece of material.

Turning to the voyeur from earlier I asked, “what do you think? Do you think the suit covers up too much of her ass?”

Without taking his eyes off of her, he hesitantly replied, “uh…yeh…it covers up too much.”

Turning to another gentleman who had walked over I asked ,”what do you think about the top? Does it show enough nipple or should we look for a smaller one?” His reply was similar to the first fellow.

“Alright, lets head back into the dressing room and try on another one then,” I announced to no one in particular. When Debbie was back in her cubicle, I handed her another suit, and then closed the curtain half-way this time, giving an even better view to anyone who cared to look.

The first voyeur had returned, as well as two other men who all took up posts outside of her curtain and unabashedly enjoyed the view as Debbie stripped out of the first bikini and stepped into the second. When she stepped out for the second time, her face was again a deep blush of red, but her nipples remained hard as rocks and I could begin to see the slightest bit of dampness in the crotch of her bikini bottom. Motioning again to the mirrors, I had Debbie repeat the process from earlier. With her hands on top of her head, she rotated slowly around giving the gathering crowd a great view. By now several more men had joined our group and even several high school girls as well. The top of this suit again barely covered her nipples and looked like they might fall out at any moment. Her bottoms were not much better. The material was again creeping into her slit which was now becoming more noticeably damp as she turned about and saw the gathering crowd.

When I announced that there was one more suit to try on, I could see the excitement in the eyes of those gathered around. I again only bothered to close the curtain half-way allowing the few men gathered around a good look at Debbie as she stripped naked and then squeezed into the final suit. I had purposely saved this one for last as the material on top was not much larger than a postage stamp and the bottoms were literally as big as dental floss.

As Debbie once again stood in front of the mirrors, I could see the nervousness in her eyes. “Place your hands on top of your head and then turn around slowly.” As she reached up to place her hands on top of her head, the material stretched tight across her nipples straining to hold their package in, and for several seconds it appeared as if they were going to hold, but then gravity won out and both boobs suddenly popped out into view. The men immediately broke into grins while the girls began to giggle and snicker under their breath.

When Debbie looked like she was about to reach down to cover herself I barked, “keep your hands on your head and continue turning around slowly.” Blushing a deeper shade of red which had worked its way down to her shoulders, she did as ordered. I could see my wife licking her lips with a grin on her face as she enjoyed Debbie’s humiliation. I began to invite comments from the crowd as Debbie continued to slowly turn about with her breasts hanging out for all to see. The men became bolder and began to comment on her hard nipples and beautiful ass and how she appeared to have a nice clean shaven pussy.

One of the giggling girls piped up and said, “make her bend over and touch her toes.”

“Good idea,” I replied with a grin on my face. When Debbie had her back to us I instructed, “bend over and touch your toes.”

As she did, whatever hope she had of keeping her pussy covered was completely lost now. The further she went the more the material worked its way into her crack until by the time she was touching her toes, the material had worked its way completely into her slit and her pussy lips were now hanging out on either side of the material. I made her hold that humiliating position for several seconds as the crowd commented on her pussy lips and several of the girls began taunting her by calling her “skank”, “whore” and “slut”.

When I finally allowed her to stand up, her face was a deep shade of red and her breathing had quickened a little. I did not allow her to cover herself up, but instead had her place her hands back on top of her head. This way her breasts and pussy lips were now clearly on display for everyone gathered around. “So what do you guys think?” I asked the crowd. “Which bathing suit did you like best?” They all agreed they liked this one the best.

As we began to make our way back to the dressing room, Tina spoke up for the first time and remarked loudly, “you know, this crowd has been so helpful to Debbie, I think it would be really nice if she did something for them.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked with a shit eating grin on my face.

“Well, since Debbie loves putting on a show, why don’t we have her put one on for this wonderful crowd?”

“Sounds like a great idea. Go ahead.”

Tina then stepped up and took charge of the situation. Once Debbie was back in the cubicle, Tina ensured the curtain was left wide open and then instructed Debbie to take the bikini off. When Debbie stood naked in front of everyone, Tina continued “now play with yourself. Show everyone here how much you enjoyed their help.” A few shocked gasps followed by giggles could be heard in the crowd from several of the high school girls.

As Debbie began to close her eyes Tina barked, “no, keep your eyes open. I want you to watch them as they watch you pleasure yourself.” Doing as she was bid, Debbie kept her eyes open and began to scan the crowd as she slipped her right hand down to her now moist pussy and began to rub her clit. The pace of her hand soon quickened as it was readily apparent that Debbie was extremely turned on by the humiliating situation. Her other hand seemed to be acting of its own volition, and it began to caress and pinch her already hard nipples.

As her breathing quickened, Tina began to taunt Debbie. “That’s it. Cum for everyone here. Let them see what a little whore you are.” Several of the men were sporting obvious tents in their pants and were openly rubbing them as they stared at the spectacle unfolding before them.

The girls in the crowd were also beginning to get excited and were throwing their own taunts in as well. “Yeh, that’s it you fucking slut. Play with yourself. What a skank you are.”

It didn’t take long until Debbie came with a low deep moan of pleasure. Her orgasm began washing over her in waves of pleasure, rocking her body until she could stand up no more and was forced to sit back onto the small seat behind her.

“Alright, that’s enough of a show whore, get dressed,” I ordered pulling the curtain shut. When the crowd saw the curtain close, they knew the show was over and they began dispersing, heading back to whatever it was they were doing before this had all started. Turning to Tina I asked, “can you grab that last suit in a size larger? I don’t want her falling out of her suit with every movement at the pool. We’ll be kicked out for sure then.” I silently gave thanks that no store employees or perturbed customers had intervened in our little fun.

Once Debbie had dressed and collected herself somewhat, she hesitantly stepped out of the cubicle holding the three suits in hand. “Put those down, Tina has grabbed a different one for you.” Doing as she was told, she placed them on the table beside her and we then made our way to the front of the store to pay for our purchase and leave. It was already after lunch and I was anxious to get to the pool to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the company of two bikini clad women.

By the time we arrived at the public pool, the sun was high in the sky and the hot weather had enticed a large crowd of pool-goers. All demographics were represented here – from the young kids and their parents frolicking in the pool, to the high school aged kids tanning themselves to the senior citizens sitting quietly off in the corners under the trees reading their books.

Finding an open space was difficult, but after several minutes of walking, we managed to find an area large enough to set our 3 towels on the ground, that was also removed a bit from the young kids and their parents. Stripping off my shirt, I settled comfortably down on my towel and smiled up at the ladies as they gathered their swim suits and headed off to the changing room to get changed.

When the ladies returned from the bathroom wearing their bikinis, I noticed many of the men, and even some of the women, give them appreciative looks as they passed by. After they had settled down onto their towels, they began the process of applying sunscreen onto their bodies. Without any prompting from me, they took turns applying the lotion to each other, taking their time rubbing the lotion into the other’s body. I know I wasn’t the only person enjoying the show. When they were finally done with each other, they flanked either side of me and began lathering my body up with lotion. It took all of my self-control to not pop a hard-on as the women massaged the lotion into my body.

Once done we all settled down onto our towels and enjoyed the heat of the sun on our bodies. I was a little surprised when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught my wife fidgeting around. Usually she can lay in the sun for hours without moving. After studying her for several seconds, I realized that she wasn’t fidgeting, but was really trying to get a look at all of the people around us.

After scanning the crowd for several more seconds, Tina finally turned to me and whispered, “Sir, do you mind if I set up a little fun for us with Debbie?”

“Sure,” was my quick reply. I had to be honest with myself. Seeing my very submissive wife dominating another woman was an immense turn-on for me.

At that my wife quickly stood up and walked a distance away until she was standing in front of 3 young men. From their builds it was obvious that they were athletic and they looked to be anywhere in age from 16 to 20. They were likely seniors in high school or freshmen at the local college. When she had their attention, she bent down and conversed quietly with them for several minutes periodically pointing in our direction.

When she finally stood back up and began walking toward us, I saw the boys get up and head towards the bathrooms/change rooms. Tina quickly knelt beside me and whispered, “did you bring the video camera?” When I nodded my head in the affirmative she replied, “good, bring it with you then.” She then turned to Debbie who had been dozing quietly beside us, oblivious to what had just transpired and ordered, “get up whore. I have a job for you.” And with that, Tina stood and began walking towards the change rooms. Debbie scrambled to her feet and began following Tina through the crowd. With a grin, I grabbed the video camera and proceeded to follow the two ladies. When they reached the change rooms they didn’t head inside but instead walked around behind it. There was a small fence in the way which was clearly marked with a sign ‘No Trespassing’. After stepping over the fence we found ourselves behind the change rooms in a small paved alcove with a round metal garbage can mounted to the cement and a large dumpster in the corner. It was obvious this was where the garbage truck would come, once the large gated fence behind it was opened up in order to empty the dumpster. The alcove was deserted save for the 3 of us and the 3 young men Tina had been speaking with earlier.

As nervous glances were passed between the guys, Tina quickly took charge. “Thanks guys for meeting us here. As I was telling you earlier, we have a whore here who is in need of some punishment and I wanted you guys to help me out with that punishment. You guys still OK with that?” she asked.

Glancing between the two scantily clad women in bikinis, they all quickly nodded their heads yes.

“Great.” Motioning to Debbie she ordered, “go stand on front of these fine young gentlemen.” When Debbie stood before them, eyes downcast in embarrassment, face quickly reddening, Tina continued. “Whore, take your tits out of your bikini so these boys can have a good look at them.” With shaking hands, Debbie reached up and pulled back the small amount of fabric covering each breast and tucked the material under them. When she removed her hands and let them fall to her sides, her now bare breasts were on display for the 3 strangers standing before her.

Turning to look at me, Tina nudged me gently with her elbow, and motioned toward the video camera I was holding in one of my hands. I had become so enthralled in the scene unfolding before me that I had completely forgotten that I was even holding the camera. With a sheepish grin, I quickly turned on the camera and began filming Debbie’s humiliation.

Turning to the boys Tina asked, “would you like to touch them boys?” They all quickly nodded their heads in unison. “Well then go ahead. Grab those things.” As they reached out and began fondling her breasts, Tina added, “Oh, I’m going to let you in on a little secret here boys. This whore here likes it rough, so don’t worry about being gentle with them. You can pinch and twist those nipples as much as you’d like.” At that, the boys began attacking her breasts with gusto. They took turns pinching and twisting her nipples while watching her face screw up in pain.

“Don’t feel like you have to restrict yourselves to just her tits boys, go ahead and touch her everywhere.” When they looked at her in confusion Tina ordered, “whore, take off your bikini bottoms and spread your legs nice and wide so that these gentlemen here can start sticking their fingers up your cunt and ass.” Hearing my wife use such vulgar language and dominating another woman in front of these strangers was turning me on immensely. I wasn’t the only sporting a hard-on in their bathing suits.

With a face as red as I’ve ever seen it, Debbie grasped the sides of her bikini bottom and with obviously shaking hands began to roll the material down her legs until she was able to step out of it. Once she was clear of the material she let her hands fall to her sides again and slowly spread her legs wide apart as she had been instructed, giving the three strangers an unobstructed view of her cleanly shaven pussy lips. Needing no further encouragement the boys dove back in and continued their mauling of her breasts and began taking turns shoving fingers into her pussy and asshole. After several minutes Debbie’s eyes began to flutter closed and her breathing began to get ragged. It was obvious she was enjoying the humiliation as wet squishy sounds could be heard coming from her pussy as the men drove their fingers in and out of her.

Not wanting Debbie to cum yet, Tina asked the boys to stop. “As a thank you for helping us out here, this whore here would like to give each of you a blowjob.” This time they needed no further encouragement from Tina and quickly shed their trunks to stand proudly before Debbie with raging hard-ons.

“On your knees whore,” Tina ordered. When she was in place in front of the first boy, Tina walked over, and grabbing a handful of Debbie’s hair, wrenched her head up to look at her as she spoke. “Now remember whore how you’ve been taught to suck cocks. No hands and your nose had better be touching pubic hair on each thrust.” Letting go of her hair, Tina turned to the three boys and instructed, “boys, she likes it rough. So when you have your cock in her mouth I want you grab a handful of her hair and force her head down on your shafts until you’ve got the entire length buried in her mouth. I want you boys to fuck her mouth like you would a pussy. You OK with that?” she asked each of them.

When they simply nodded their heads yes, she motioned for them to begin. The boy standing in front of Debbie took a step forward and placed the tip of his cock into her waiting mouth. Remembering what he had been told to do, he grabbed a handful of hair at the back of Debbie’s head and began pumping his cock into her mouth. After several thrusts he quickly found himself bumping against the back of her throat.

“Now don’t be shy. Force your cock past that barrier. While he’s enjoying that, why don’t you guys,” motioning to the 2 other boys, “get on either side of your friend so the whore can stroke your cocks for you?” They quickly moved into position and then placed their cocks into her waiting hands. As Debbie began stroking the other cocks, the first boy took a firm grip on her hair and pushing as hard as he could, buried the entire length into her throat with one violent thrust. Debbie began gagging immediately, but didn’t pull away as her air was cut off while the boy left his cock lodged in her throat. He was obviously enjoying the gagging sensations as her throat massaged his shaft. Finally pulling out, he began pounding a steady rhythm into her mouth, bottoming out on each thrust as he had been instructed. All the while Debbie continued stroking the other 2 cocks while attempting to accommodate the monster attacking her throat.

Kneeling down beside Debbie and pinching her nipples hard, Tina informed the guys, “you see boys, this little whore here has a dirty little secret she doesn’t want you to know. She gets turned on by being humiliated, used and abused like this. Her nipples are hard as rocks and her cunt is soaking wet.” Tina’s dirty talk was having an effect on the boy with his cock lodged in Debbie’s throat, as his motions had quickened along with his breathing. “I have only one request boys. When you cum, I want you to cum all over her face.” At that, the first boy quickly pulled out and began shooting his cum all over Debbie’s face. When he had wiped the last drop of cum off on her nose, the next boy stepped in and picked up where his friend had just left off.

It didn’t take long for the second boy to achieve orgasm and he quickly added his load of cum to his friend’s ensuring every square inch of Debbie’s face was covered with the sticky stuff. The third boy practically shoved his friend out of the way in his eagerness to get his cock into her mouth. By this point, Debbie’s throat had loosened up enough that there was very little gagging anymore and he pounded away at her mouth. It still didn’t take long though until the third boy was adding his load to the first two.

Debbie’s face and hair was now covered in white cum as she continued to kneel naked before her three young attackers. Thinking it was all over, I reached up to turn off the camera, when my wife spoke up. “Tell you what guys. Since you’ve been such good sports in helping me punish this whore, I’m going to let one of you fuck her in the ass.” Turning to the second boy she said, “you have the largest cock so I think it would only be fitting if you had the honor of stretching her asshole.”

Motioning to Debbie she ordered, “stand up whore, bend over that garbage can.” When Debbie was in place the garbage can was just wide enough and tall enough to support her upper body. Her breasts hung over the edge and swung back and forth as she waited for the next order. “Now reach back whore and pull your ass cheeks apart. Now hold your ass open and beg this young gentleman to stick his cock up your ass and fuck you like the whore you are.”

Reddening further, Debbie held the cheeks of her ass open and looking over her shoulder began to beg, “please Sir, stick your cock in my ass. Fuck me like the whore I am. Hurt my ass with your cock. Please punish my ass.”

Needing no further prompting, the second boy stepped up behind Debbie and placing his now hard cock at the entrance to her ass, began to thrust in as hard as he could. From the earlier fondling, Debbie’s ass was already sufficiently loosened that it only took several thrusts before the boy was bottoming out in her asshole.

“Now grab hold of her hair and pull back hard as you pound that shithole,” Tina ordered. As the boy yanked back hard on Debbie’s hair and continued his pounding of her ass, Tina walked around in front of Debbie and continued her monologue. “Aren’t you the little whore? Look at you. You’re naked, bent over a garbage can, holding your ass open so some stranger can ram his cock up your ass. And this is all after you’ve finished gobbling their cocks like a little whore and having them plaster your face and hair with their cum.”

“Now I think you should be honest with these boys. You’re turned on being treated like this, aren’t you?” Tina asked.

Through gasps, Debbie muttered a weak “yes.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t think they heard you. Tell these boys what turns you on.”

Blushing furiously, Debbie spoke louder. “Yes. I get turned on by being humiliated and treated like a piece of trash. The rougher you treat me, and the more humiliating the situation, the more turned on I become.” Her dark confession came out of her in rush almost as if she had been dying to say it, but needed to first be coerced to admit it out loud.

As soon as she said it, Debbie began panting like a dog in heat. “Please Ma’am. May I cum?” Debbie begged as her orgasm threatened to explode.

“You may, whore,” Tina replied.

With that, Debbie let out a gasp and began thrashing around in ecstasy, as her orgasm sent powerful shocks throughout her body. To her credit, she managed to stay bent over the garbage can and continued to hold her ass cheeks apart for the boy who was still pounding away in her ass.

Turning to the other two boys, Tina saw that they were hard again and instructed, “why don’t you boys rub those cocks of yours and cum all over her body. Make sure you cover every inch of her with your cum.”

While the boys took up positions on either side of Debbie and began masturbating, I grabbed hold of Tina with my free hand (the other one was still taping Debbie’s humiliation) and pulling aside her bottoms, bent her over in front of me, and drove my throbbing erection into her soaking wet pussy with one hard thrust. A gasp and then a soft moan quickly followed that as I pounded several times into her to get my cock nice and wet. When it was sufficiently lubricated, I ordered Tina, “now slut, I want you to hold your ass open for me so that I can fuck you in the ass just like the little whore over there.” With the two of them facing each other, I buried my cock in one hard thrust into Tina’s asshole. Grabbing hold of her hair and pulling back hard, just as the other boy was doing to Debbie, I began to pound into my wife’s ass matching his rhythm and thrusts.

It wasn’t long after that the three boys were ready to cum again. The boy pounding away at her ass thrust once more in and then quickly pulled out and began shooting his second load of cum all over Debbie’s back and ass. The other two boys seemed to take their cue from that and they also began to spurt their second loads onto Debbie’s back and hair. That was all it took for me, so after one last thrust into Tina’s ass, I jerked my cock out and, running over to Debbie, added my load to her hair and back. After wiping the last strand of cum on Debbie’s breast, I finally turned the camera off and stepped back to put my trunks back on. Taking their cue from me, the boys did the same and, with mumbled thanks, quickly dashed out of there.

This left us with Debbie still bent over the garbage can holding her ass open, completely covered in cum. After Tina had fixed her own bathing suit, I ordered, “slut, take this whore into the bathroom and get her cleaned up. I think we’ve had enough fun for today at the pool.” As she helped Debbie get her bikini back on I smiled to myself, knowing that the final humiliation for Debbie was going to be her walking into the public change rooms which were sure to be packed with other women, covered in 7 loads of cum. Ah, life was good.


At the end of the month my wife gave up her lease on her apartment and moved into Debbie’s place. Now, instead of having the two of them fly down to see me every couple of weekends, I began flying up there for the weekends. While there it gave us a chance to continue exploring our new relationships and discovering just how far I could push each of their boundaries. It also allowed us to begin the house hunting process as my work had recently offered me the transfer I had been requesting.

Throughout this time, Debbie continued to affirm to us that she wanted to live with us as our complete and abject slave. Neither the wife or I had any problem with this as we were all enjoying our new situation immensely. After several weeks of looking the three of us finally settled on a house on a large treed lot in a quiet suburb. 2 weeks after Tina and I took possession of our house, Debbie’s house sale was finalized and she quickly moved her belongings in with ours.

Though we had enough combined furniture for several bedrooms, we found ourselves each evening comfortably sleeping together in the master bedroom with the king size bed. As the months progressed and we settled into our new lives together, we had the opportunity to meet some of our neighbors. Most were much older than ourselves or were focused on raising a multitude of children and didn’t really share our interests. However, we did meet one set of neighbors who were only a couple of years older than we were and did not have any children. Rob was a middle management employee in a textile company and looked like he played football when he was younger. He was still quite broad in the shoulders and stood just over 6 feet tall and looked like he still stayed in shape. Amy was a striking brunette who stood almost 5 feet 10 inches tall and had a slender build with breasts that were likely a B cup in size. Her hair was long and straight, reaching well beyond her shoulder blades.

When we socialized with Rob and Amy, we were careful not to expose our unique relationship to them as we first wanted to get to know what type of people they were before we dropped that kind of bomb on them. After several barbecues together and a few Sunday afternoon football games, we were comfortable enough with them that we finally made plans with Rob and Amy to go to a local nightclub the following Friday.

Once Friday evening had arrived, the ladies began to prepare themselves for the night out on the town. While Debbie was in the shower, I walked over to my wife, who was sitting naked in front of the vanity mirror fixing her makeup, and cupped her breasts in appreciation. Rolling her already hardening nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I slowly increased the pressure upon them until her eyelids fluttered closed and a slight gasp of breath was heard.

“I want you to dress sexily tonight. I want you looking good for the crowd.” Tina had rolled her head back onto my shoulder by this point as she continued to enjoy my ministrations.

She answered with a slight shake of her head and a quiet “mmmhhhmmm.”

“I also want you to dress our little whore up tonight. Make her outfit super slutty.” I suggested.

Looking at me in the mirror, she could see the smile playing across my face and knew that I was planning something. With a smile of her own she quickly replied, “yes Sir.”

Leaving the girls to their own devices I finished dressing and headed downstairs to watch some TV while I waited for them to be ready.

About 20 minutes later, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I quickly swiveled in my chair to see their arrival. My wife was the first one down and she was wearing a stunning red dress that was tight in all the right places accentuating her beautiful curves. A very sexy look that was not at all slutty. Moments later Debbie came down the stairs wearing a too-tight leather miniskirt which only came down several inches below her asscheeks and a white sheer blouse that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. In just the right light Debbie’s dark areolas could be clearly seen through her nearly transparent top. Debbie was already several shades of red as she fully realized just how much of herself was going to be on display tonight for anyone who cared to look.

Giving my wife an appreciative smile I remarked, “looking very nice tonight ladies. Are we ready to go?”

When both nodded yes, I grabbed my car keys and led the way to the garage where my vehicle was parked. As much as I wanted to have a little fun before we went out, it was now 8:45pm and we had agreed to meet Rob and Amy at 9pm at the club. Fortunately it was only a 10 minute drive, so we arrived with several minutes to spare.

Despite the club being only about half full upon our arrival, the dance floor was already in full swing with intoxicated groups of people dancing to the loud music. After walking around for several minutes we were able to finally secure a table in the back corner away from some of the crowd and where conversation would be a little easier.

While waiting for our drinks, Rob and Amy arrived and, after spotting us, made their way over to our table. When they were close enough to see us clearly I watched Rob and Amy’s reaction to how Debbie was dressed. Rob’s face immediately lit up in a shit-eating-grin as he took in her beautiful figure, while Amy’s face almost took on a look of disgust.

It was exactly the type of reaction I had been hoping to get. After several weekends spent socializing with them, I was left with the impression that Amy could be a bit too controlling for Rob’s taste, and that she didn’t approve of him looking at other women. A few times I had caught her giving Rob a dirty look when his gaze would linger too long on Tina’s or Debbie’s figure. While Amy was a good looking woman herself and had nothing to be worried about, she certainly didn’t appreciate the attention Debbie was drawing from the men around us and, in particular, her own husband.

As the evening wore on, I ensured there was a steady supply of drinks for all 3 of the women. I wanted to make sure all of their inhibitions would be as low as possible for later tonight. Rob and I danced sporadically throughout the evening, preferring to let the ladies do most of the dancing while we sat and watched the show. Near the end of the night, I pulled Debbie aside, and in her ear asked, “are you having fun tonight my little whore?”

With glassy eyes she looked up at me with a big smile and nodded her head yes.

“Good. When the next song comes on, I want you to grab Rob and drag him to the dance floor with you. You will then dance very sluttishly for him. At the end of the dance you will grab the bottom of your shirt and very quickly flash him your tits. You will then just keep dancing with Tina until I tell you otherwise. Is that clear?” I asked.

A very low “yes Sir” was her response.

When the next song came on, Debbie grabbed Tina’s wrist with one hand and Rob’s with the other and dragged them onto the dance floor. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Amy had just gotten up moments before to head to the bar to get some drinks and was unaware of what was happening. When she returned and noticed the table empty save for myself, she raised her eyebrows questioningly at me. I motioned with a nod of my head towards the dance floor. When she turned around to look, her mouth practically fell open in shock. There was Debbie gyrating sluttishly against Rob, grabbing her own breasts and completely oblivious to those around her. The song was just coming to a close then and, remembering my instructions to her, Debbie grabbed the bottom of her blouse and quickly flashed Rob her naked breasts.

This of course did not go unnoticed by Amy. The look of pure malevolence on her face was priceless. If looks could kill, Debbie would have been dead on the dance floor.

Sitting next to Amy I leaned over and asked, “did you just see what Debbie did?” As if I was shocked by her behavior as well. Briefly glancing at me she nodded her head yes before returning to glare at Debbie. Leaning over I continued, “wait here for a second.”

I then got up and walked towards the dance floor until I was able to get Debbie’s attention. With one hand I gestured for her to come to me. Not waiting for Debbie, I then turned around and walked back to the table sitting down next to Amy. Thankfully Rob and Tina stayed out on the dance floor and continued to dance to the next song.

When Debbie was close enough I gestured for her to stand in front of Amy and I. Knowing that something was wrong, Debbie kept her eyes downcast and waited for me to speak.

“It’s obvious that you’ve had too much to drink,” I said condescendingly. “Apparently that means you don’t know how to act appropriately around others,” I continued to scold. Her cheeks began to redden as I continued. “So you think it’s alright to show your breasts to other married men?” I asked, my voice rising in volume. “You like acting like a whore do you?”

The use of the word whore brought Amy’s head around to stare at me for a moment, not believing what she had just heard and not understanding why Debbie wasn’t responding to such a derogatory word. It wasn’t enough to mute Amy’s anger though and she quickly went back to glaring at Debbie.

We were standing in the far corner of the bar and there weren’t any other patrons around us to see what was happening so I pressed on in my most angry and disgusted voice. “You like showing your tits whore? You think its OK? Well then, why don’t you just lift up your shirt again so we can all see them?”

Debbie knew it was not a request and with only the slightest hesitation she grasped the bottom of her blouse and once again lifted it up over her naked breasts and held it there. Her face was a dark shade of red as she stood semi naked in front of our neighbor. Leaning over to a shocked Amy I advised, “I have to tell you, sometimes Debbie acts out inappropriately and needs to be punished. Don’t you whore?”

Still holding her shirt up over her breasts she meekly responded, “yes Sir.”

“Since you have offended Amy, would you like her to punish you for your behavior?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Come closer then,” I ordered. She moved forward until her legs were touching our knees. This was where my carefully laid plan could come crashing down around me. I was hoping that Amy would be both disgusted with Debbie’s submissive behavior and that she had perhaps a bit of a mean streak in her.

With a deep breath, I pushed on. “Amy, I think it would be an appropriate punishment for flashing her tits at your husband if you were to grab her nipples and give them a hard squeeze.”

“What?!” Amy exclaimed.

Before she could continue to protest I pushed on. “You see Amy, this whore doesn’t really want you to know her dark little secret. The truth is this whore gets turned on by being humiliated, used and abused. So much so, that she has given herself to Tina and I to do with as we see fit.”

Stunned silence followed as the wheels began to spin wildly in Amy’s head. “You can do anything you want to her and she won’t protest?”

With a small shake of my head, “anything.”

Turning to Debbie I ordered, “whore, ask this nice lady to punish your nipples for you.”

“P…P…Please Ma’am, will you punish my tits? Please squeeze my nipples hard. Please teach me a lesson for being bad,” she stammered quietly.

Hesitating for a few seconds I could see the gears turning in Amy’s head. Finally reaching some inner decision she tentatively reached up with both hands and grasped Debbie’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger. At first she was barely squeezing them, unsure of how much pressure was too much.

“Oh, much harder than that Amy. This whore craves the abuse. The harder you squeeze them and the more pain you cause, the more turned on this whore becomes. Isn’t that right whore?” I asked.

“Yes Sir.”

At that, Amy began to tighten her grip on Debbie’s nubs watching her face closely for the response. When no protestations came, Amy began squeezing them even harder.

Seeing that she still wasn’t sure about how much Debbie could take and was still hesitating, I urged her on. “Much harder than that Amy. Go as hard as you can. And start twisting and pulling on them as well.”

Seeming to give in to some inner argument, Amy followed my advice and began painfully twisting and pulling on Debbie’s nipples as she increased the pressure even more. Looking at Amy’s face I could see a sneer plastered across it as she looked down at the submissive whore standing in front of her. She was definitely enjoying this.

When at last Debbie cried out in pain, when the pain became too much, Amy reluctantly let go of her nipples and sat back in her chair.

“Alright. You can put your shirt down now whore.” I ordered. Turning again to Amy, “you see? The whore needs to be treated like that. She enjoyed it.” Turning back to Debbie I asked, “did you enjoy that punishment whore?”

With a small nod of her head, “yes Sir.”

“Is your pussy soaking wet from the humiliation and abuse?”

Stammering a reply, “y…y…yes Sir.”

Turning to Amy once again, “go ahead and check Amy if you want. She’s not wearing underwear. I bet you’ll find the juices running down her legs, she’s that turned on.”

With only a slight hesitation now, Amy reached forward and stuck her hand under Debbie’s short miniskirt. After several seconds of poking around, Amy withdrew her hand and stared in amazement at how wet it was. Her hand positively glistened with Debbie’s pussy juice.

Turning to Debbie I dismissed her with a wave. “Go get yourself cleaned up in the bathroom, whore.”

After she had left, I turned to Amy and said, “I really do feel bad about her behavior tonight and I would like to make this up to you. I am enjoying our friendship with you and Rob and do not want to risk losing that.” When she began to say that it wasn’t necessary, I cut her off and continued. “No, it is necessary. It’s a point of honor for me. Please let me do this for you.”

When she finally nodded her head yes, I continued, “as a sign of our friendship I’d like to give Debbie to you for the rest of this evening. We are about to head home now anyways and if you’d like I could send Debbie over once we’re home.”

Slowly coming around to the idea, she nodded her head yes. “And what can we do with her?”

With a grin, I replied, “whatever your heart desires Amy. If you want to tie her down and beat her ass and tits black and blue with a hairbrush, you can. If you’d rather let your husband abuse her throat and ass with his cock, you can. If you want to use her to lick your ass clean after having a shit, you can.” I could see the last statement shocked her. “Basically whatever you can imagine, you can do. The only condition is that there be no permanent marks on her body when you’re done. Anything else goes. Like I said before, the more you humiliate, use and abuse her, the more turned on she becomes.” After a pause I asked, “still interested?”

With no hesitation this time, she quickly responded, “hell yeah!”

With a grin, I motioned for Tina and Rob to join us as we all gathered up our belongings and headed for the door. Nothing more was said about the arrangement as we headed to our individual cars. With last goodbyes, Rob and Amy piled into their car and left for home. Turning to the girls, I noted that both Tina and Debbie were pretty drunk as they attempted to climb into the backseat of the car for our ride home.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I looked in my rear view mirror, and order Tina, “slut, get that whore out of her clothes. Leave nothing on her but her shoes.” Tina quickly complied, stripping Debbie of all her clothes until she sat completely naked in the backseat of the car. “Now slut, lift that dress up until its around your waist. Once she was naked from the waist down I continued with my instructions. “Put your back to the door slut and get your knees up and apart.” In this position she would be facing Debbie with her pussy spread wide open. “Now whore, get up on the seat on your hands and knees facing the slut’s cunt.” I again waited until she was in position before continuing. “Now head down and lick that slut’s cunt and ass. Make sure you keep your ass nice and high in the air while you eat that cunt.” In Debbie’s position, her ass was spread wide open and was almost pressed up against the passenger side window. Anyone driving by now would be afforded a beautiful view of Debbie’s nicely shaved pussy and puckered asshole.

I made sure to take the long way home, stopping at as many traffic lights as I could so that I could maximize Debbie’s humiliation. Each time a vehicle pulled up beside us, I would let Debbie know what was happening in the other car. “Oh look whore, here comes another car. And this one is filled with some teenagers. The boys are liking what they see.” And at that moment shouts and hollering could be heard coming from the car beside us. “Oh, and in the backseat are a couple of teenage girls. They’re pointing at your ass and laughing. It’s obvious they know what a dirty little whore you are.” By now the girls were also getting in on the hollering and were yelling things like ‘skank’ and ‘whore’ out the window.

As we pulled away, I joked, “maybe I should pull over and throw you out of the car. Let the kids have you. I’m sure they could think up some interesting things to do with you.” My words were having a tremendous impact on both Tina and Debbie. Both of them were panting like dogs in heat and Tina was working toward her second orgasm.

When we finally arrived home, I pulled into the driveway and stopped when I reached the garage door. Looking back I ordered, “whore, get out of the car and open the garage door.” A frightened look flitted across Debbie’s face as she realized that she was being ordered to get out of the car completely naked and stand beside the garage door while it slowly opened. If anyone were to look out their windows or happen to be walking by, they would be given an unobstructed view of Debbie in all of her naked splendor. She knew I had the remote garage door opener in the glove box, but was instead choosing to have her do it to increase her humiliation.

Hesitantly opening the door, she nervously glanced around before stepping out and hurrying over to the garage door keypad. She continued to search for prying eyes as she silently begged the garage door to open quicker. When it was finally high enough, I pulled the vehicle in and pressed the close button on the remote. Seeing the garage door start its descent, Debbie quickly stepped over the threshold, and with an audible sigh, allowed herself to relax now that she was finally away from any prying eyes.

As we stepped into the house, I turned to Tina and ordered, “slut, go get the wrist and ankle cuffs and bring them back here please.” Once she had scurried off to the bedroom to fetch the cuffs, I turned to Debbie and ordered, “put your collar on whore and then get dressed again.” I could see the look of confusion on her face as she fastened her collar in place. She knew that she was supposed to remain naked while in the house and had assumed that I was going to have some fun with her and Tina before heading to bed. If only she knew what fun I had planned for her!

When Tina returned with the cuffs, she was surprised to see Debbie standing there fully clothed. She had probably expected to find her on her knees with my cock buried in her throat, or bent over getting fucked in the ass. Instead I directed Tina, “put the cuffs on the whore, and then get undressed and get your collar on.”

When Tina was finished, I turned to Debbie and said, “whore, as payment for the offense you caused Amy, I have agreed to give you to her and Rob for the remainder of the evening.” Her eyes grew wide upon hearing that. “You will obey them as you would any order given by myself or Tina.” With menace in my voice I added, “if I find out you hesitated or did not do as you were told, then rest assured that your punishment will be harsh and extreme. Do not disappoint me here, understand?”

With a nervous nod of her head, Debbie replied, “yes Sir.”

“They should be home by now so you’d best get going.” At that, Debbie turned about and headed for the front door.

Later that evening when she returned, I ordered Debbie to tell me everything in detail about what had happened and this is what I was told occurred.

Once Debbie was outside, she once again glanced about nervously, hoping no one was out for a late night walk. Though she was now dressed, her collar and wrist and ankle cuffs were very conspicuous and certainly left little to the imagination as to their purpose. To her relief, Debbie managed to make to it to Rob and Amy’s front door without notice. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, Debbie tried to calm her rising nervousness. Reaching up, she tentatively knocked on their door. A few seconds later, the door opened and she was greeted by a grinning Amy.

With a sneer, Amy said, “well look at what we have here. If it isn’t the big slut who likes to flash her titties at my husband. I was starting to worry that you weren’t coming. And I see you came dressed for the occasion.” Noticing the pendant on the collar, Amy reached up and flipped it over so that she could read the inscription on it. With another sneer, “oh, isn’t that sweet. You even have your name on it. Whore. I like that. Is that what we should call you tonight?” she asked.

Eyes downcast, Debbie mumbled a quick, “yes Ma’am”.

“Well then, please come in whore,” Amy replied as she stepped aside to let Debbie in. “Rob doesn’t know about our little arrangement here, and since it’s his birthday this week, I thought we’d surprise him.” Turning about, Amy began walking down the hallway towards her bedroom, leaving Debbie to scurry after her filled with uncertainty and with butterflies roiling in her stomach.

“Honey, I have an early birthday present for you,” Amy called out as she entered the bedroom. With a flourish she gestured towards the doorway as Debbie hesitantly stepped into the room.

A shocked look spread across Rob’s face as he noticed who was standing in the doorway and what she was wearing. “Hon? What’s going on? Why is Debbie here and why is she dressed like that?”

Looking at her husband she replied with a mischievous smile, “honey, I want you trust me OK? Just go with it and I promise you won’t be disappointed.” Seeing him reluctantly nod his head yes, Amy continued. “It’s your birthday this week and I wanted to give you something special this year. And so my gift to you is her,” pointing to Debbie. Reaching up and grabbing the tag on Debbie’s collar, she continued, “it says her name is ‘whore’ and I have it on good authority that she wants to be treated like one.”

“What?” was Rob’s shocked response.

“Tell my husband what you are,” Amy commanded.

Eyes fixed on the floor Debbie meekly replied, “I’m a whore Sir.”

Before Rob could protest further, Amy pushed on. “You know how you’re always asking me to do things in bed that I’m not comfortable with like sucking on your cock or having anal sex? Well, with her you’ll be able to do those things. In fact, you’ll be able to do anything you want with her.”

“What do you mean?” Rob asked.

“Well, you see, Debbie was so full of remorse for flirting with you tonight at the bar and flashing her tits at you, that she has willingly given herself to us as compensation for her wrongdoing. In fact, she even confided in me that she serves Carl and Tina in much the same way.”

“She serves them?” he asked.

“Yep. In fact I think she said she was their ‘fuck toy’. Isn’t that right whore?”

“Yes Ma’am,” was her mumbled response.

“So, this means we can do whatever we want with her.” Pausing for effect, she then asked, “are you OK with this honey?”

“Well, I guess if you are, then I’m all right with it as well,” was Rob’s response.

“So, on that note,” she turned towards Debbie, “since you so enjoyed showing Rob your tits earlier this evening, why don’t you take off your shirt so he can see them in a better light?”

With shaking hands, Debbie reached up and undid the buttons on the front of her blouse before allowing it to slide from her shoulders and to the floor. Fighting the urge to cover herself, she kept her arms at her side while she allowed Rob and Tina to look at her naked breasts.

“And now the skirt whore,” Amy ordered. The manner in which she was speaking to Debbie was not lost on Rob, nor was Debbie’s willingness to follow orders. As Debbie rolled the skirt down her hips and let it drop onto the floor with her blouse, Rob was pleased to see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. A smile spread across his face as he noticed her nicely shaven pussy.

Seeing his smile Amy asked, “you like what you see? You like that the dirty little whore here never wears underwear and that she likes to shave her pussy, hmm? I bet we’re going to find that she likes a whole lot of things by the time we’re done with her,” she proclaimed. “Just think. This whore was out there dancing in that crowded little nightclub tonight without a bra or panties on.”

“Don’t just stand there whore, turn around slowly so that my husband can see the rest of you,” Amy said disgustedly. As Debbie slowly turned around revealing her shapely, yet firm ass to Rob, his smile broadened, as his mind began to turn over the possibilities. While his wife had always been great in bed, she was a bit of a prude when it came to trying new things. She never wanted to try oral or anal sex, protesting each time that he asked that it was disgusting or would hurt too much.

While Debbie continued to turn around, Amy opened her nightstand and grabbed the digital camera. “I think we should get some pictures for posterity sake.” And then she began to take photos of Debbie’s naked body, save for the collar, cuffs and heels, ensuring that she captured Debbie’s humiliated expression. “Now stop there,” she ordered when Debbie had her back to them. “Now bend over and put your elbows on your knees. Spread your feet apart. Wider. More.” She didn’t stop until Debbie’s feet were spread as far apart as she could go and still maintain her balance. In this position her pussy and ass were spread wide open, leaving nothing to the imagination. Taking more photos she continued, “Now look back at us over your shoulder whore, so we can see in the pictures whose ass and pussy they belong to.” And when she did, she snapped a few more photos capturing her further reddening cheeks.

Rob remained silent throughout this, content to let his wife control the situation. He absently began to stroke his already hard cock through his jeans.

“Alright, that’s enough. Stand up and turn around to face us,” Amy ordered. “Since you are so fond of showing everyone your tits, I think it’s only appropriate we start with those, don’t you?” she asked Debbie. Walking over to her dresser, Amy grabbed her wooden hairbrush and walked back over to stand in front of Debbie. “Hands behind your back. Now ask me to punish your tits,” Amy ordered.

“P..please punish my tits Ma’am,” she meekly replied with her hands clasped behind her back.

“well, alright. If you insist.” And with that she brought the brush down hard against Debbie’s left breast with a resounding SMACK. Debbie cried out in pain, but did not move from her position. Amy watched with pleasure as the area began to redden quickly and took the shape of the brush. Taking aim she did the same to the other breast. SMACK. Another cry of pain from Debbie.

Looking over at her husband she was pleased to see that he was completely engrossed in watching his neighbor’s breasts turn a dark red from the his wife’s sadistic punishment. So much so, that he was openly rubbing his erection through his jeans and never even noticed his wife watching him. Turning back to Debbie, Amy began bringing the brush down in a steady staccato on each breast, reveling in the power she had over this other woman. Each smack elicited a cry of pain from Debbie but, to her credit, she never pulled away or even attempted to cover herself up.

When the tops of Debbie’s breasts were a dark mottled red, Amy grabbed the nipple of Debbie’s right breast and, pinching hard, lifted up on it to expose the sensitive underside. Taking aim, she began swinging the brush in an upward stroke to ensure she covered every inch of Debbie’s breast with angry red welts.

When Amy finally finished punishing Debbie’s breasts, she stepped back to admire her handiwork. Debbie was breathing hard and her face was flushed red from the exertion. Her breasts though were a beautiful shade of red and purple with nipples as hard as rock. Looking down, Amy was pleased to see small rivulets of pussy juice on the insides of Debbie’s thighs.

“Well look at this honey. Despite the painful punishment she has just endured, her pussy is soaking wet. You can see it running down her legs,” Amy laughed. “Open your legs whore, so my husband can see.” With her arms still clasped behind her back, Debbie shuffled her feet apart so Rob could get a better look at her wet pussy. Grabbing her camera, Amy took several more photos to add to her growing collection.

“So before we go any further, I think it’s only fair that we let Rob in on your dirty little secret. Don’t you?” she asked Debbie. “Go ahead and tell him what you told me at the bar.” When Debbie looked at Amy with a confused expression she expanded, “you know. When you told me what turns you on.”

Reddening further with understanding Debbie mumbled, “I get turned on by being humiliated, used and abused.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t think Rob was able to hear you.”

A little louder this time. “I get turned on by being humiliated, used and abused.” Her blush had spread now to the tops of her shoulders.

“Hmm… So you found being made to strip in front of us pretty humiliating?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“And though having me paddle the shit out of your tits hurt like hell, you’re turned on by the abuse?”

Unable to make eye contact Debbie mumbled again, “yes Ma’am.”

“Well honey. What say you? Are you ready to explore this situation a little more?” Amy asked her husband, knowing full well what his response was going to be.

“Hell yeah!”

“Well alright then. Let’s get this whore settled in for the next round.” Grabbing hold of Debbie’s left nipple, Amy then dragged her over to the foot of the bed. Amy’s bed was a large king size four poster bed whose footboard consisted of two brass poles connecting the bottom two bed posts. The bottom pole was approximately waist height for Debbie while the upper pole was roughly a foot and half above the bottom one. Pulling down on the nipple, Amy forced Debbie between the two brass poles until she found herself standing at the foot of the bed, bent over at the waist, and jammed between the two brass poles of the footboard.

“Stay,” Amy ordered. She then walked into the bathroom and came out several seconds later with a spool of string and a pair of scissors. Measuring off and then cutting several lengths of the string, Amy stooped down and, grabbing hold of Debbie’s left ankle cuff, dragged it over towards the bed post. Once she was satisfied with its positioning, she tied the string to the loop on the cuff and then tied it off to the bed post. Walking over to the other corner, Amy did the same with Debbie’s right foot. Stepping back she studied her handiwork and liked how her splayed legs opened up Debbie’s ass and pussy.

Climbing up onto the bed, Amy grabbed hold of Debbie’s wrists and, bringing them behind her back, fastened them together and then pulled up on them until they could be fastened to the ring on the back of her collar. With Debbie’s hands and feet now secured, Amy set about her final task in preparing Debbie for what was to come. Measuring and cutting another length of string, Amy climbed back up on the bed and began to gather Debbie’s hair up into a ponytail at the back of her head. Taking the string she tied one end around the newly made ponytail and brought the other end to the upper rail of the footboard. Pulling hard on the string, she forced Debbie’s head back until her upper body was suspended above the mattress with her bruised breasts swinging freely below her. It was an awkward and painful position which forced Debbie to hold her upper body off the mattress or the full weight of it would begin pulling at the hair at the back of her head.

Grinning at her handiwork Amy grabbed the camera and snapped a few more photos of Debbie in her new humiliating position. Amy couldn’t believe how good it felt to dominate another woman. And judging by the shit-eating grin on her husband’s face, he wasn’t minding either.

“Honey, why don’t you get out of your clothes,” Amy asked. As Rob began to quickly undress, Amy did as well until they were both naked. “Now honey, you know how you’re always asking me to suck your cock? Well, here’s your chance. This whore here loves to suck cock. And I bet she also loves swallowing cum too, don’t you, you dirty little whore?” As she said this Amy reached down and grabbed one of Debbie’s nipples and gave it a hard pinch and twist.

“Ahhh….yes Ma’am,” was the gargled reply.

Gesturing to the space in front of Debbie’s head Amy directed “climb up on the bed and let’s put this whore through her paces.”

Rob climbed up on the bed and found that when he was kneeling in front of Debbie, her mouth was at the perfect height for his penis. He could see her beginning to shake from the exertion of holding her upper body up off the bed in an attempt to relieve the pressure on her hair. Taking his hard on in hand he guided it into her open mouth and began thrusting into it in short hard strokes. Reaching under with both hands he grabbed each of Debbie’s nipples and began to roll and twist them between his thumb and forefinger.

Watching her husband fucking Debbie’s mouth was turning her on immensely and she began to egg him on further. “Come on Hon. Fuck that mouth. Force your cock down her throat. You know this whore likes it rough, so you know she wants you to choke her with your cock.”

Needing no further encouragement, Rob began to force more and more of his cock into her mouth until he felt his cock bumping against the back of her throat. His thrusts were also becoming harder which forced Debbie to arch her back even more to absorb the force of each thrust. But each time he pulled back, the weight of her body would pull her forward once again pulling painfully upon her hair. It was like a see-saw of pain for Debbie where there was no relief no matter what direction Rob was thrusting.

Relaxing her throat as she’d been taught, she allowed Rob’s cock to slip past the barrier and enter her throat. The gagging began almost immediately and was made all the harder by the awkward and painful position she was in. Amy grabbed the camera and began taking photos of Debbie’s face as she gagged and coughed around the cock invading her throat. “That’s it Hon. Get that cock in the whore’s throat. See if you can bury it. That’s it. Get her lips right up to your pubic hair.” When he had the entire length buried in her throat Amy asked, “now hold it there. ” Debbie was trying to gag and breathe around the monster lodged in her throat with little success. “Look up at the camera whore. I want a good shot to show my friends what a deep-throating whore you are.”

After taking a few more humiliating photos of Debbie before allowing her husband to withdraw his cock and let her breathe again, she set the camera down, grabbed the discarded hairbrush and walked around the bed until she was standing behind Debbie. Amy could see that Debbie’s pussy was even wetter than it had been after the breasts punishment. She was amazed at how much the whore was getting off on the humiliation and abuse and how much it also excited herself dominating and punishing another woman.

Grinning to her husband who was in seventh heaven fucking Debbie’s throat, she raised the hairbrush and brought it down hard upon Debbie’s right asscheek.


Debbie’s eyes went wide and she let out what would have been a blood curdling scream if it hadn’t been for the cock lodged in her throat. Her muffled scream sent shockwaves of pleasure through Rob’s cock and he almost lost control right then and there.

“Oh my God Hon. That was fucking amazing. The sensation on my cock when she screams is unbelievable. Do it again,” he quickly asked.

“My pleasure,” was her response as she began beating a steady rhythm on both asscheeks with the hairbrush. It became a pleasurable game for Rob as he began trying different positions with his cock to see which gave him the greatest sensations. He tried putting just the tip of his cock in her mouth when the next blow landed to see what effect it would have. While her scream was certainly louder the shockwaves were greatly reduced. He began to bury more and more of his length into her mouth noting that the deeper he got, the more amazing it would feel. When he expressed this sentiment to his wife, she quickly replied, “well then let’s see what we can do to make this even better for you.”

By this point, Debbie’s ass and upper thighs were a deep shade of red with hints of blue and purple. Amy was enjoying how it looked. She also noticed that Debbie was breathing harder and her pussy was pouring juices which had thoroughly soaked the insides of her thighs. While she continued her staccato of blows on Debbie’s ass, Amy had an idea and instructed her husband, “bury your cock in her throat and hold it. I think you’re going to like this.” When he had done as instructed and the gagging commenced once more, Amy took careful aim and with an upward stroke brought the brush up hard against Debbie’s soaking pussy several times in rapid succession.

Debbie’s body went wild after that. She screamed and screamed around the cock lodged in her throat as a powerful orgasm rocked her body causing her to thrash about in pain/pleasure. Her screams were enough to push Rob over the edge as well and he kept his cock buried in her throat as he let loose torrent after torrent of cum directly into her stomach. With a final shudder, he finally released his hold on her head and withdrew his still erect cock from her mouth. With deep gasping breaths Debbie attempted to regain some of her composure.

“Man, this whore is really something else isn’t she?” Amy exclaimed to her husband. “With nothing but pain stimulus, she is still able to have an orgasm.” Rob had sat back on the bed and was attempting to catch his breath in the aftermath of his own orgasm. “I want you to stay hard Hon, because I have one more thing I want you to do,” Amy asked.

When he looked up at her with surprise she said ,”I want you to fuck this whore in the ass. Would you like to do that?”

Without any hesitation, he quickly replied, “hell yes!”

“It’s time for some pleasure for me too.” After putting the hairbrush down Amy grabbed the camera and took several more photos of Debbie’s reddened ass and pussy before moving back up onto the bed. Reaching up she untied the string from the footboard allowing Debbie’s head to finally fall forward and to rest her weight on the bed, though she still had to maintain the awkward position of her wrists attached to the back of her neck.

Opening her legs she scooted forward until her pussy was inches away from Debbie’s head. “Eat my pussy whore,” she ordered. When Debbie had begun tonguing Amy’s pussy, she directed Rob to, “now grease up that cock with her pussy juices and then shove it up her ass. And don’t be gentle about it either. You know this whore wants it rough.”

Needing no further encouragement, he drove his cock balls deep into her pussy, and after several hard strokes, pulled out and placed the tip against her puckered asshole. With a look of pure joy on his face, Rob began to work the tip of his cock into Debbie’s ass. With a grimace on her face Debbie tried to focus on pleasuring the pussy in front of her, but Rob’s cock was so big and he was pushing so hard, that she was having difficulty staying on task.


A hard slap to her face brought her back in focus, as she quickly renewed her efforts on Amy’s pussy. By this point, Rob had worked half of his length into Debbie’s ass and was grunting with the exertion required to get the rest of it in. Seeing this Amy directed, “grab the hairbrush hon. Use it on her ass to encourage her to open her asshole up for you.”

Rob grabbed the discarded brush and began smacking Debbie’s ass each time he thrust in. With this new encouragement to her already bruised and sore ass, Rob finally managed to bury the entire length of his cock into Debbie’s tight asshole. Taking a moment to savor the feeling of having his cock buried in another woman’s ass, Rob stopped beating Debbie’s ass and stood motionless for several seconds, with a look of pure bliss on his face. He had fantasized about this moment for so many years, and had actually given up hope of ever knowing what it would feel like, since his wife had repeatedly refused his requests over the years. But now, he had not only cum in another woman’s mouth but was fucking one in the ass too. It was the best birthday gift he could have ever received.

Looking up at her husband and seeing the dreamy far-off expression on his face, Amy knew she had made the right decision in accepting Carl’s gift of Debbie. She had no idea what the future would hold with that couple, but she certainly hoped it would include the continued sharing of Debbie. When her husband finally refocused on his surroundings, he noticed with a start his wife staring at him intently. With a grin he mouthed the words ‘thank you’, to which Amy mouthed back ‘I love you’.

“Now honey, I want you to fuck that ass as hard as you can. I want you to fuck it so hard, that this stupid whore won’t be able to sit down for a week. Teach her what a dirty little slut she is,” she directed.

Needing no further encouragement from her, Rob dropped the hairbrush and, grabbing Debbie’s hips, began pounding Debbie’s asshole with everything he had. Each stroke he withdrew as far as he could before hammering it home until his nutsack smacked against Debbie’s abused pussy and his cock was completely buried to the hilt. His thrusts were so powerful that the entire bed shook each time he hit home and the headboard began smacking against the wall. Debbie was mewling and crying out with pain as Rob began to increase the tempo of his thrusts. He was concentrating and working so hard that a sheen of sweat began to coat his hard body.

The sounds and sensations were beginning to have a strong impact on Amy. She had never had her pussy eaten by another woman and had certainly never been in the situation she found herself in now. Sensing her husband was building towards his second orgasm of the night, Amy refocused on Debbie and began to encourage her further. “That’s it whore. Take that big cock up your ass. You know that’s your purpose in life. You were put on this earth to serve others and to have as many cocks rammed down your throat and up your ass as possible.” Pulling her knees up to her chest Amy ordered, “now tongue my ass. Work your tongue into my asshole and fuck it. Oh God, that’s it whore. Lick my cunt and ass.” Despite her cries of pain, Debbie’s breathing had become labored and it was soon evident that she was going to have another orgasm from her rough treatment. “You see that honey? The whore likes the pain so much, that she’s going to have another orgasm,” Amy remarked. This just seemed to drive her husband even wilder and his pounding thrusts quickened until his hips were practically a blur. Debbie’s tongue was also having the desired effect on Amy and she found herself rapidly approaching an orgasm. “Don’t cum in her ass hon,” Amy directed to her husband before it was too late. “I want you to shoot your load all over this whore’s face. I think that would be a nice parting gift for this dirty slut.” With a roar, Rob picked the pace up even more. Sweat was now pouring down all over his body, as his muscles strained from the exertion.

These last words seemed to also have an effect on Debbie because with a strangled cry she began to buck and writhe on the bed as another powerful orgasm ripped through her battered and bruised body. Grabbing a handful of hair, Amy drove her pussy hard into Debbie’s face and let loose with her own orgasm covering Debbie’s face with her own cum and pussy juices.

Seeing and hearing the two women in front of him having orgasms was all Rob needed to push him over the edge as well. With another roar, Rob grabbed his cock and rushing around to the other side of the footboard, scrambled up onto the bed and, grabbing a handful of Debbie’s hair, roughly turned it until she was facing his throbbing erection. He then let loose the largest and most powerful orgasm of his life. Spurt after spurt of sticky white cum began to shoot out of his cock and cover every single inch of Debbie’s flushed face. When he had completely covered the whore’s face with cum, he began shooting streams of cum into her hair as well. After what seemed to him like hours of cumming, Rob finally shot the last load into Debbie’s hair before releasing his hold on her head and sitting back on the bed in exhaustion.

Grabbing the camera, Amy took multiple photos of Debbie’s cum covered face before climbing off the bed and walking behind Debbie to photograph her stretched and abused asshole. All in all, she felt she had a pretty good collection of photos for her and husband to remember this evening by. Bending down, she untied Debbie’s ankles from the posts of the footboard, and then instructed, “get up whore. I don’t want your filthiness dirtying my bed.”

With her arms still fastened to the back of her neck, Debbie found it extremely difficult to pull herself out from between the rails of the footboard. When she had finally managed to extricate herself and turned toward her tormentor, Amy reached up and grabbed Debbie’s nipple between thumb and forefinger and began leading her through the house towards the front door. When they stood before the front door, Amy released her hold on Debbie’s nipple, opened the door and instructed, “go home whore. Show your owners what a dirty little slut you’ve been.” With a shocked look on her face, Debbie realized that Amy wanted her to run home when she was completely naked. And not only was she naked and completely covered in cum, but her hands were still fastened behind her head causing her breasts to jut out obscenely. Seeing that Amy was not going to relent she reluctantly turned toward the open door and stepped across the threshold into the cool evening. Debbie knew it was late and was probably approaching dawn, but couldn’t be absolutely sure as she hadn’t thought to check a clock as she was being led around the house by her tender nipples.



“And I grant to Bishop Æthelwold the estate at [unidentified] and pray him that he will always intercede for my mother and for me.” Will of Ælfgifu.

Risborough, October 959

Æthelgifu stared wide-eyed at the raftered ceiling; often she would wake early and find herself unable to return to sleep, turning over in her mind all that had passed in the last three years and a half. Three and a half years, was that all – to gain and lose so much? And in those small hours she would brood upon what the weft and warp of fate yet held for her and for her children: one daughter abandoned, the other yet to be betrothed, her sons bound by oaths of loyalty to a falling star. But on this morning her heart strained under a heightened foreboding, a premonition of a doom waiting to fall upon them all.

Ælfgifu, the elder daughter, lay snuggled against her mother, the touch of flesh cloying and prickly beneath the covers, stray strands of auburn hair tickling against the matron’s cheek. Careful not to disturb the slumbering girl, Æthelgifu extricated herself, letting the younger woman’s head drop against the sloping headboard. In the chink of light breaking through the thick embroidered bed hangings she watched her daughter’s pert breasts rise and fall with the rhythm of her breath. Tenderly she ran a finger round the aureole of the closest nipple, pink against the pale freckled flesh, raising the small bud. Ælfgifu moaned softly in her sleep, responding to the familiar touch.

Æthelgifu had done all a mother could to comfort the girl: distracting her with occupations suitable for a young lady of rank, the embroidering of church vestments or playing at nine men’s morris and fox and geese; bringing in scops to fill the lengthening evenings with ancient sagas and novel riddles; soothing her daughter’s troubled mind with readings from the Gospels; satisfying the burning desires of the flesh with lips and tongue and fingers that penetrated and probed in all the her daughter’s secret places, using the nubile body in the ways it craved to be used; slaking her own ravening lust on her daughter’s need.

It was not enough. The touch for which Ælfgifu pined was that of her husband, the touch she would never be allowed to feel again, his cock never more to slide between the gratefully parted thighs and fill the welcoming cunt, where, by nature’s law, if not God’s, it belonged. And Æthelgifu? Well,if she did not hear from that bastard dishthegn soon she was going to hump a stablelad; or possibly one of his charges.

Letting her daughter sleep on, Æthelgifu parted the hangings and slid down off of the big wooden bed. Privacy was the preserve of privilege, the church frowning upon the opportunities it provided for the indulgence of sinful appetites. Æthelgifu, whose appetites were stronger than most, had her bed behind a partition of stout Baltic planking. There was a knock upon the door and she undid the mortice lock, to let in a serving wench with an ewer of steaming water. By the dim morning light filtering through the oiled vellum window, she washed her face and private parts, and, having towelled herself dry, dressed, selecting from an iron-banded chest a long blue linen tunic with tightly fitting sleeves. Over this went a broad sleeved scarlet gown in soft wool, embroidered upon the neckline and cuffs, and onto her feet she slipped shoes edged with red leather. Taking up the collection of tiny tools that hung from a ring at her belt, she plucked her eyebrows and nostril hairs, then scooped the wax out of her ears with a tiny spoon, before applying a little colour with a brush. Finally she donned a lace adorned wimple, straightening it in the lead-backed mirror so that the carefully crimped light brown curls artfully peaked out onto the forehead and temple.

She paused to admire herself. The broad brow was marred by a brace of narrow lines, and perpendicular to these stern furrows had formed above the bridge of the chiselled nose, and, yes, the skin hung a little loosely from the high cheekbones, but the beauty that had caused Edric of Washington to choose her yet remained. The once luscious mouth had grown thinner-lipped and downcurled at the corners, but she had kept the full set of even teeth, all tolerably white. The eyes had grown a little heavy lidded, but pearl grey irises continued to gleam brightly under curling lashes. The swanlike neck creased now when it turned, and creases too testified to the weight of the yet full but increasingly veined and pendulous breasts; a belly had gathered above the tapering waist and there was more meat upon the hips that had borne Edric four children. But for all the trials inflicted upon her, all the insults she had had to endure, and all the slanders, she still carried herself like the great lady she was, the widow of an ealdorman, the mother of a queen.

Wrapping herself in a marten-trimmed mantle, held together with an enamelled broach Ælfheah had given her, she passed through the bower, where the palliases of her intimate retainers had been rolled away and the ashes of the fire in the central hearth raked, and stepped out into the passage between the bower and the great hall. The bond servants, who had slept on the benches that lined the walls of the hall, were already up and about their business in brewhouse or dairy, granary or buttery, the wholesome scent of bannocks baking on the griddle wafting from the kitchen.

Æthelgifu walked across the enclosure to the bellhouse and began to climb. From the top of the tower she could look down upon the roofs of the vill clustered around the ditched and pallisaded burh, the solid homes of churls and the humbler cottages of the labourers, the manorial chapel and the mill. Her eyes swept further abroad across the stubbled fields and mown meadows, at first tracing the long western boundary of the strip of land that formed her estate, from the gore to the blackthorn hedge and along the foul brook up past the great ash and down the old dyke west of the herdsman’s shacks; then looking north to the neighbouring manors of Waldridge and Kimble and beyond to the valley of the Wye, before turning her gaze east to the Icknield Way under the wooded slopes of the Chilterns, where the chalk scar of Whiteleaf caught a glimmer of morning sun; at the old heathen burial mound the ancient trackway met the King’s Street which ran on up past Wayland’s stump to thread through the gap in the hills. Two horsemen were galloping headlong down the road; though little more than distant specks as yet, Æthelgifu recognised them with a mother’s eye.

Returning to the bower she was greeted by her younger daughter, Ælfwaru, her hair yet uncovered but the budding breasts obvious beneath the linen shift. Perhaps I should put her in Edgar’s bed, she thought, as I did Ælfgifu in his brother’s. But what was the point? The horny little toad had already bedded half the thegn’s daughters in Mercia and, perhaps with more pleasure, their maidservants too. It was doubtful if there was anything even Æthelgifu could teach him.

“What did you see, mother?” the child asked, surprised to find her coming down from the bellhouse.

“Your brothers are here,” Æthelgifu answered. Ælfwaru’s exclamation of excitement died upon her lips as she registered the hard line of her mother’s mouth. “You had best tell your sister.”

The brothers rode under the great burh gate and swung down off of the shaggy ponies, throwing the reins to a groom. The younger boy, Ælfward, embraced his mother; Æthelgifu ran her finger through his copper hair as she looked questioningly to his brother. Æthelward’s gangling frame had begun to fill out; last year he had taken a wife and he was become one the great men of the household, a royal dishthegn, like Ælfheah. Where, wondered Æthelgifu was Ælfheah? Why did he not come?

Æthelward’s gaze reluctantly turned from his mother to his sister, as he cleared his throat to announce, “Edwig the All-fair is dead.”

All colour drained from Ælfgifu’s cheeks. Of course she had known she had lost him, that there was no way he would be allowed to take her back, but Æthelgifu knew a part of her had still hoped. Ælfgifu shook her head, “He can’t be.”

Of course he is, thought Æthelgifu. How, when they have taken so much else from him, the half of his kingdom, the wife he loved, would they let him keep his life?

Kingston, March 956

King Edred Weak-in-the-Feet had been dying all his life, but three months previously, in his manor of Frome at the age of thirty-two, the sickly genes that the great Ælfred had passed on to his descendants had finally sent him to his rest. He had not failed in his duty. The work begun by his grandfather Ælfred, and continued by his father and aunt, his half-brother and brother, had been completed; the Viking threat had been tamed and all the former petty kingdoms of the English brought under the West Saxon heel.

The line Ælfred had drawn at the Watling Street, annexing to his own realm the heartland of the old Mercian kingdom, had been pushed back, and one by one the leaders of the Danelaw had fallen: the kings of East Anglia; the jarls of nine boroughs; the hold of Amounderness (cutting off the Kings of York from their allies in Dublin); and York, well York had proved a more intractable problem. But after many a surrender followed by many a revolt, Edred had had the scheming Archbishop Wulfstan brought south in chains; and their King, Eric Bloodaxe, for a second time cast out his city, had been slain in a trap laid by Oswulf, High Reeve of the English enclave of Bamburgh. Oswulf now held Northumbria, the land his ancestors had ruled as kings, as the ealdorman of a king who had his capital in Winchester.

A new concept was being born, England. But it was fragile. Edred had left a warchest in his will lest the Danes should rise again, and there remained a faultline in the kingdom, between Wessex and its dependencies south of the Thames, and the lands of the old Mercian hegemony to the north.

Edred’s bony backside had kept the throne warm for the sons of his brother Edmund: the aethelings Edwig and Edgar, the last heirs of Alfred’s male line. When Edmund the Magnificent had bled out on the floor of the feast hall at Pucklechurch, the knife of the outlaw in his chest, the boys had been too young to succeed, so the Witan had elected Edred. There was nothing remarkable in this; among the English kings were chosen from those of the blood who were most throneworthy. Ælfred himself had assumed the crown after his brother, the sainted Æthelred, had succumbed to the wounds he had suffered on the battlefield of Merton; it had been inconceivable that Æthelred’s infant sons should lead the West Saxons in their darkest hour against the Danish onslaught.

Yet an arrangement that was practical in the heat of war could be destabilising in times of peace. When Edward the Elder, the warrior son of Ælfred, had assumed the kingship, one of Æthelred’s sons had staked his own claim, and failing to rally the English had thrown in his lot with the Viking foe.

Edward had united the bloodlines by putting aside the mother of his eldest son to take his uncle’s granddaughter to wife, and upon his death the West Saxon Witan had elected their son Ælfward; but the Witan had reckoned without the people of Mercia, who proclaimed a king of their own, Æthelstan, the son of the woman Edward had discarded. Æthelstan had been raised at the court of his aunt, Æthelflaed, the Lady of the Mercians. Æthelflaed, handed in marriage to the Mercian aetheling her father had appointed ealdorman of the English part of Mercia, had ruled the former kingdom as a semi-independent fief, first on behalf of her ailing husband, and then in her own right. On the death of his sister Edward had annexed her lands, locking her young daughter up in a nunnery, and imposing West Saxon law. The Mercians, with their proud history of independence, had neither forgotten nor forgiven, and in Æthelstan the Glorious they had found themselves a formidable leader, a man in the mould of his grandfather, scholarly, pious and warlike. Ælfward’s support crumbled, and sixteen days after the death of his father he had succumbed to one of those mysterious ends that befall unsuccessful claimants to the throne.

Having cowed the Danes of York and the Welsh princes, Æthelstan had bloodily defeated the Dublin Vikings, Scots and Strathclyde Britons at the Battle of Brunanburh. With him in the Brunanburh had been his eighteen year old half-brother Edmund, the son of yet another of his father’s marriages, to the remarkable lady Edgifu. To secure the succession, the ascetic young King had adopted Edmund as his heir.

Edmund had peacefully succeeded Æthelstan, as Edred had Edmund, and once again there was to be no succession crisis: Edmund’s elder son Edwig, whom Edred had raised at his court, had this day stood upon the scaffold in the market square to accept the acclaim of the people, his long blonde hair glistening yet more brightly than the golden regalia in the spring sunshine.

Kingston was a liminal a place: here the tide reached its furthest point and turned, and here was the highest place in its length that the Thames could be forded, bringing together peoples of south and north. And here, in the famous minster on the gravel island formed by the meeting of the Thames and the Hogsmill, Edwig, had ceased to be simply a man and had become God’s anointed; Odo the Severe, Canterbury’s archbishop had fastened on the bracelet, and had placed the sceptre in his hand and the crown upon his head.

Tonight at the great feast Edwig would show his worthiness to be the people’s lord, the breadgiver, showering his largesse upon the great and the good, the aldermen and king’s thegns, bishops and abbots. In the the burh of the royal manor the household officials were bustling back and forth, ensuring all ran smoothly, the dishthegns, who saw to the King’s vittles, the byrles who served him his drink, and the bowerthegns who put him to bed; three men to each office who would each spend four months at court.

For Æthelgifu, a noble widow with a daughter of ripe age and two fine sons with careers to build, no finer opportunity could present itself than the accession of a virile young ruler. But how to find time alone with him?

The young King was talking to, or perhaps more accurately, being talked at, by his grandmother, Queen Edgifu, in her fifties now, but slim and straight, her manner as imperious as ever; at her shoulder stood the burly tonsured figure of Abbot Dunstan of Glastonbury, glowering grimly at his squirming royal master.

While her brothers mingled with the young cnihts of the King’s household, thegn’s son’s like themselves looking for advancement, Ælfgifu clung wide-eyed to her mother’s side as Æthelgifu pointed out who was whom among the great ones of the court. The tall beautiful woman with her hand on the arm of the jovial man with the bushy red beard, that was the King’s stepmother, Queen Æthelflaed with her second husband Æthelstan the Red; the woman who closely resembled her was her sister, and the hulking figure towering over everyone, the sister’s husband, the East Saxon thegn Byrhtnoth, a mighty spear-wielder in the shieldwall. A scarred, hatchet faced man had been identified as the ealdorman Oswulf, lured down from his eyrie in Bamburgh for the coronation, while the wiry, white haired figure buttonholing him was the disgraced archbishop Wulfstan, now installed in the see of far off Dorchester, where he could stir no further trouble in the north.

Æthelgifu was wondering whether to rescue the Northumbrian ealdorman, or perhaps ingratiate herself with the younger of the dowager queens, when she was hailed by a robust, white-bearded man, his greying locks balding on the crown. She dropped a curtsey, Ælfgifu anxiously imitating her, as, retinue in tow, the tall figure of ealdorman Æthelstan of East Anglia strode across to greet her. The brother of her late husband, ealdorman Edric of Hampshire, Æthelstan had held his office for a quarter of a century, his jurisdiction having come to encompass all those lands of the former Danelaw south of the Humber, and his reach having grown further still. They called him the Half-King.

Æthelstan introduced a small, stocky boy as his foster-son, the younger aetheling, Edgar. His head barely level with Æthelgifu’s matronly breasts, he leered at them openly. It was true then that the boy was a graceless ill-formed runt. Hopefully his handsome brother would marry soon and have issue to secure the succession. She glanced across at Ælfgifu, now blushing crimson as the aetheling’s salivating gaze switched to the daughter. And why not Ælfgifu? With her noble lineage and classical education, her pale skin and high cheeked beauty, her succulent breasts and child-bearing hips, she would make a perfect wife for the young King. Was it too much to dream that her daughter might grace the royal bed? That she might one day be the grandmother of a king?

As the Half-King strode off to speak with Cynesige, the red-faced bishop of Lichfield, Æthelgifu found herself in conversation with the aetheling’s tutor, Æthelwold. A former monk of Glastonbury, at the intercession of Queen Edgifu he had been granted the ruins of the old abbey at Abingdon, one of many that had long lain abandoned after being sacked by the Danes. He was building a new abbey which would be run on the rule of St. Benedict, without any interfering lay patron, and peopled with devout monks instead of the lazy, ignorant secular canons who scrounged livings off the remaining houses; not even Dunstan had succeeded in dislodging them at Glastonbury. Æthelwold had been immersing himself in old charters and hoped to make legal arguments for the restoration of all Abingdon’s former lands that had fallen into the hands of the laity. Æthelgifu was impressed by the young man’s gentle fervour, but she couldn’t help wondering which of her own estates had once belonged to religious houses.

Out of the corner of her eye Æthelgifu witnessed the barrel-chested dishthegn Ælfheah extricate the King from the earnest attentions of his grandmother and Abbott Dunstan. She did not know the dishthegn well, but he and his brother Ælfhere, sons of the late ealdorman of Outer Mercia, had lately become important ministers at Edred’s court. From the confident and confiding way Ælfheah took the young King’s arm it seemed they intended to make themselves similarly indispensable to his successor.

Æthelgifu’s heart fluttered as she realised that Ælfheah was leading the King towards her and her daughter. She curtsied low, her daughter following her example. The King smiled radiantly, displaying dazzling white teeth. “Nay kinswoman,” he said, signalling that they should rise. “It is I who should bow in the presence of such beauty.” His expansive gaze plainly indicated that both mother and daughter were included in the compliment; the two women blushed delightedly. Edwig, the older woman noted, though not dwarfish like his brother, was below average height, yet slim and well proportioned, his features fine and even. His moustache and beard were yet straggly, but full golden locks cascaded in waves onto his shoulders, glistening in the sun.

“This must be my cousin Ælfgifu,” he said taking the girl’s small hand in his. “When last I saw her, Ælfheah, she stamped on the toy ship my uncle’s steersman carved for me; I could never rig it right again after.”

“As I remember, sire, I dismasted your ship only because you would not return to me my dolly,” Ælfgifu replied pertly.

“That was ill done my lord, to wrest a noble lady from her chaperone,” admonished the dishthegn, chuckling under his thick, sandy moustaches. He was a short man, no taller than his master, but broad-shouldered and powerfully built. Æthelgifu was struck most by piercing pale blue eyes that missed nothing.

“Ah, but now I am King, should the lady Ælfgifu’s playthings take my fancy, she mayst not refuse me,” teased Edgar.

“And nor would she wish to,” said Æthelgifu hurriedly, observing that the King still held her daughter’s hand. The golden haired youth regarded her enquiringly. “And nor would her chaperone,” she added, smiling coyly but holding his gaze.

While the young King continued chatting easily with the mother and daughter, Ælfheah was drawn aside by his brother, Ælfhere, a taller, slimmer version of the dishthegn. Returning Ælfheah whispered in the Kings ear.

“It seems that my grandmother believes I am neglecting my duties,” sighed Edwig. Over his shoulder Æthelgifu saw the dowager Edgifu glaring across at her, Abbot Dunstan by her side as always, purse-lipped and folded-armed.

“Of course the King has no time on his coronation day for the prattle of foolish women,” agreed Æthelgifu, being sure to thrust out her ample chest and flash him her most winning smile. “But when shall our noble lord grace us with his company again? It would be our delight to entertain him as he should choose, is that not so Ælfgifu?”

“Oh yes! We are entirely at the King’s disposal, ” agreed Ælfgifu, taking her cue, and giving Edwig a freckle-faced smile that for all its open innocence would have twitched the cock of the most ascetic of Abbot Æthelwold’s monks.

“Come to my bower once the feast has begun, I will slip away and join you,” said Edwig “It can be arranged?” he asked eagerly, turning to Ælfheah.

The dishthegn appeared doubtful, but recognising the petulant turn of the King’s mouth, agreed. “It can be arranged.”

Pulling the hoods of their mantles over their heads the two women slipped past the pool of yellow light spilling from the doors of the great hall, the roar of feasting loud within, and made their way to the King’s bower. Ælfhere was waiting for them; thinner-faced than his brother, he looked positively gaunt in the moonlight. He lead them up the outer stairs to an upper chamber and told them to wait.

“Ælfheah shall cover for the King’s absence as long as he is able,” Ælfhere explained urgently, “but do not allow him to tarry too long.” With that he left, returning hurriedly to the hall.

Æthelgifu and her daughter found themselves in a chamber lit by the flickering light of torches. Rich tapestries hung from walls lined with strongboxes containing the King’s chattels, many of the finest pieces having been put on display. At the far end the King’s great bed had been assembled.

As Ælfgifu marvelled at the fineness of the hangings, Æthelgifu covetously handled a gilt-inlaid drinking horn. This was the world in which she belonged. She was not going to let it slip out of her grasp.

“If we do not have much time then we must be ready for the King when he comes,” she said. “Undress child and get in the bed.”

Ælfgifu looked at her mother open-mouthed. Æthelgifu cursed herself for not preparing the girl better. What did the little fool think they had come here for?

But then seeing her daughter before her, so innocent in her pretty frock, for a moment Æthelgifu melted. After this night Ælfgifu would no longer be the child she had taught to sew and read, who had come running to her when she had grazed a knee or to bring her posies of flowers from the wood. She would be a grown woman inducted into all the mysteries of her sex. But, Æthelgifu told herself, her daughter’s maidenhead was a price worth the paying for what they all stood to gain.

“Here,” she said, “let me.” Taking hold of the trusting face, she gently traced her finger tips along the line of the long neck, the bow of the lips, the slightly dimpled chin, the freckled cheeks; sliding her fingers up past the temples and under the wimple she removed the covering cloth, freeing the profusion of russet curls. Ælfgifu stood obediently still as Æthelgifu undressed her, feeling her mother’ s hot breath on her neck and the slow purposeful touch of her hands as they ran smoothly over the garbed flesh.

Only when Æthelgifu knelt at her feet and began lifting the linen undergarment, sensuously pushing the bunched cloth up her calves, past the knees, did Ælfgifu object. “Mother would you have the King see me quite naked?”

Infuriated at the child’s ill-timed modesty, Æthelgifu by way of answer whipped the tunic over her daughter’s head, baring the young body in one swift decisive movement. Instinctively the girl hunched her shoulders, covering her breasts with her upper arms and shielding her crotch with her hands. Æthelgifu pulled them away, Ælfgifu flinching before her mother’s apparent anger.

“Listen to me,” said Æthelgifu trying to rein in her sense of urgency and be patient with the girl. “Do you not think that every thegn in Wessex and beyond will be serving up their daughters as a dish for the King? And where will you be then, the daughter of a poor widow? But if you should please the King tonight…”

“He will marry me?” asked Ælfgifu, seeing some hope in her desperate situation.

“Perhaps,” replied Æthelgifu, not wishing to raise her daughter’s hopes so high just yet. It would not help if she were to say something foolish to the King. “But whatever else he will be grateful. There are your brothers to think of. If you can keep him interested he might even reward you with an estate or two. How should you like that?”

“But mother I have never been with a man!” exclaimed Ælfgifu, close to tears.

“I should think not my girl, do you think I would shame myself by bringing my daughter to the King’s bed if she were not a virgin? You should be honoured.”

“But I don’t know what to do with a man. How am I to please him?” sniffed Ælfgifu.

“Oh child,” said Æthelgifu, cupping her daughters face in her hands and kissing her upon the lips. “Do you think I would let such an opportunity rest on an ignorant girl and the fumblings of a boy? I shall be here to help you, both of you. Now help me undress.”

As Ælfgifu helped her mother out of her clothes Æthelgifu subtly encouraged her to linger, to familiarise herself with the matronly flesh: the firm shapely calves and fleshy thighs, the well-rounded buttocks, the spreading mat of pubes, the soft mound of her belly, the heavy, drooping breasts and the long, delicately creased neck. In the hesitant touches and unnecessary pauses the widow could sense her daughter’s fascination, and found herself enjoying it. She knew this night she would be making demands upon her daughter that no mother should make; she did not doubt that she could command her obedience, but it would be so much easier if the girl could be made to respond. The boy’s touch could not be trusted, she would need to take charge of her daughter’s body herself, to ensure that when the King came to take her she was ready and eager to be taken.

Standing naked before her naked daughter, Æthelgifu placed her hands on the younger woman’s buttocks and drew her towards her, so that their bodies met, thigh against thigh, pubic mound against pubic mound, breast against breast, lip against lip; gently at first, allowing Ælfgifu time to relax, then gradually increasing the pressure, demanding more the more her daughter responded. As their lips mashed in earnest, and their breasts squashed between them, Æthelgifu ground her crotch against her daughter’s. Slipping her tongue into her daughter’s mouth, she felt Ælfgifu respond eagerly. It was almost too much; she had not thought to awaken such passion in her daughter, had not thought that she herself could feel such desire for the child of her loins. What sort of mother am I? she thought, as her hand explored the cleft in Ælfgifu’s buttocks, sliding down to test if she were moist; what sort of daughter have I raised? as Ælfgifu urgently pushed back onto her exploring hand.

Æthelgifu broke off the clinch, amused to see her daughter’s petulant frustration as she did so, as if a toy had been taken from her. “We should be ready in the bed when the King comes,” she said.

They sat themselves side by side against the sloping head board, the covers drawn down to expose their breasts. And they waited.

“Mother,” asked Ælfgifu after a while. “Why did you kiss me?”

“I wanted to prepare you for the King,” Æthelgifu responded seriously. “He is only a boy and may be over-eager. I would not want him entering you without first having made you moist.”

“I am certainly moist now,” said Ælfgifu blowing out her cheeks. “Did you enjoy kissing me?”

“You are a very good kisser,” Æthelgifu reassured her.

Ælfgifu looked shyly across at her mother. “Would you kiss me some more? Only I think I might not be moist enough.”

Perhaps I should make sure, thought Æthelgifu. “The King could arrive at any moment. But I will check to see if you are prepared.” Giving her daughter’s nipple a playful tweak, she pulled back the covers, and parting Ælfgifu’s legs, knelt down between them. She ran her finger round the inner lips. Perhaps further moistening was called for, and since she was already down here… Tentatively she ran the tip of her tongue along the folds of the inner lips.

“Oh mother that is lovely,” said Ælfgifu. “Don’t stop.” Æthelgifu had not been with another woman since she had been sent to the convent to finish her education, had not felt the need. The nuns had been cruel, using her for their own pleasures; she had delighted in defying them, but oh in their rough treatment of her they had taken her young woman’s body to places no man had ever reached. She had wished to spare her daughter the harsh regime of the nunnery; only now could she concede how much her daughter had missed out on from being schooled at home by her mother. Why had she not done this before?

Ælfgifu’s cunt was beautiful, perfect, she thought, feeling a warm upsurge of motherly pride. And the holy sisters had taught her so much she could pass onto her daughter. Eagerly she went to work with fingers and tongue on the labia and the clitoris, denying herself only the opening, for that belonged to the King. Ælfgifu lay back in a state of a bliss: did any girl have a more devoted mother?

And that was how King Edwig found them, Æthelgifu kneeling with her arse in the air and her face buried in the Y of Ælfgifu’s legs as the girl came to a shuddering climax.

“Did I keep you waiting so long?” he asked, amused and and a little embarrassed. “It was quite difficult to slip away.”

“Our desire for you overwhelmed us, sire,” explained Æthelgifu, scrambling to the edge of her bed.

“My mother was showing me what I might expect, sire. She did not want me to be unprepared for you,” elaborated Ælfgifu.

“My daughter is a virgin I am afraid, sire. She is a complete innocent,” confirmed Æthelgifu, her lips gleaming with her daughter’s secretions.

“Very thoughtful I am sure,” murmured the bewildered youth. “Only I am not sure I know how to do what you were doing to your daughter.”

“My mother is a wonderful teacher, sire,” beamed Ælfgifu, all guileless enthusiasm. “I am sure she would show you.”

“I insist sire,” said Æthelgifu, taking charge of the situation. “Ælfgifu, what are you waiting for? Undress the King.”

Ælfgifu set to with a will, stripping Edwig of his clothes, and in doing so unleashing her first erect cock. Slim, straight and surprisingly long, it did not seem to perturb Ælfgifu at all, if anything the King seemed disconcerted to have a young woman kneeling between his legs taking such an undisguised interest in what he had there.

To Edwig’s consternation, Æthelgifu burst out laughing. “I am sorry, sire, only you seem rather overdressed.”

Looking up Ælfgifu also collapsed in giggles. “So he is.”

“I was not aware I was dressed at all,” Edwig said puzzled, then felt his head with his hands. “Oh.” He was, he realised, stark bollock naked except in that he was still wearing his golden crown.

Ælfgifu stood up and, kissing him upon the lip, lifted off the crown and tossed it across the room, not caring where it landed. “But what am I to do about your sceptre?” she asked, fondling his cock.

Æthelgifu raised herself from the bed, her broad hips swaying. “Do you mind if I demonstrate to my daughter?”

“Please do,” gulped her young liege lord.

With that the matron knelt on her haunches before the King, her daughter doing likewise that she might study her mother at work. Young girls learn from their mothers, thought Æthelgifu. I must be such a good mother.

As Æthelgifu purposefully pleasured the royal cock, teasing the bedewed glans with her tongue, while her hand manipulated the solid shaft, teaching her daughter how to bring him agonisingly to the brink of ecstasy and then hold him back. Ælfgifu learnt eagerly, imitating all her mother’s moves; but she had not yet quite her mother’s skill. Without warning Edwig’s load flew into her face.

Æthelgifu was annoyed with her daughter, she had not intended for him to come until his cock was safely buried between the girl’s legs. Then annoyance turned to concern as she saw her daughter clawing her face in distress: some of Edwig’s semen had hit her in the eye.

As Æthelgifu bathed her daughter’s eye from a pitcher by the bed, Edwig hovered around them, a picture of apologetic concern. “I am so sorry, please what can I do to make it up to you? Name anything.”

Æthelgifu’s ears pricked up at that, but before she could say anything, Ælfgifu, her eye still red and weeping, put her hand on the young King’s breast. “You did not mean to, sire; it is my fault for being clumsy and making you come when you were not prepared. Please forgive me.”

“You are so sweet!” exclaimed Edwig placing his hands on her shoulders; then earnestly looking her in the eye, he added, “I promise I shall never hurt you again. Ever.”

Ælfgifu smiled and kissed him tenderly on the lips, letting his arms engulf her. “Is she not an angel?” Edwig asked turning to her mother.

Yes thought Æthelgifu, she is. Now fuck her. “Sire,” she said, “I see you are quite recovered.” With the vigour of youth his cock was already hardening, no doubt encouraged by the rubbing of Ælfgifu’s thigh as he held her in his arms.

“Oh good, you must take me properly, in the cunt,” said Ælfgifu with a candour that alarmed even her mother.

“Of course I shall, my darling,” replied Edwig, leading her by the hand over to the bed. “Madam,” he said, turning to Æthelgifu, “Will you come to our assistance? We are both innocents. I am sure I should benefit from your instruction as much as your daughter.”

He is a virgin, realised Æthelgifu, that old bat of a grandmother has never let him near a woman. She almost laughed in triumph. There is so much I could teach them, she thought, if only there were more time. “Sire on this occasion as my daughter is already most moist, you may proceed directly to mounting her.”

“Oh yes, do so,” agreed her daughter. “I am ready.”

“Ælfgifu, lie down and clutch your knees, holding them as far apart as they will go,” instructed Æthelgifu. Ælfgifu obeyed, fully exposing her sex to the fascinated King, who had questions. Briefly Æthelgifu explained to him all the working parts, encouraging him to touch and taste,. She was conscious of the passing of time, but thought it good for her daughter’s sake that the boy should have some knowledge beyond mere thrusting.

“Are all women’s cunts so beautiful,” asked Edwig, awed as he surveyed Ælfgifu’s copper-wire crowned treasure with the puffed outer lips and the small pink inner lips splayed for his inspection.

“Women’s cunts vary as much men’s cocks, sire,” explained Æthelgifu placing one foot on the bed and the other on the floor, so the King might see better. “My lips are darker and longer than my daughter’s.”

“But just as enchanting,” answered Edwig, breathing in the rich aroma.

She winced as he tried a tentative taste. “Remember what I told you? More softly sire. Oh yes, that is much better.” The boy was a fast learner, a natural in fact.

“Sire I am sure my mother’s cunt taste’s delightful,” said Ælfgifu displaying a little impatience, “and I should like to taste it myself…”

“Of course my dear you must,” interjected the King.

“…but I should very much like to be fucked now.”

Red-faced the King desisted from pleasuring Æthelgifu, and bent to work a little uncertainly over her daughter. “Sire, allow me,” said Æthelgifu, guiding his cock to her daughter’s slot, and holding it in place, helping to ease it through the virginal lips. Once he had the head safely in she allowed him to thrust his full length. Her daughter grimaced but as far as she could see there was no blood. She made him go slowly at first, but as her daughter visibly relaxed, she encouraged him to vary the pace. Having come so recently he had the staying power for a little experimentation.

Æthelgifu felt like a little experimentation herself. Standing behind Edwig she placed her arms under his shoulders, and nibbling his ear, playfully lifted him off her daughter, so that his cock popped out. Ignoring Ælfgifu’s outraged cry of, “Mother!” she had Edwig kneel, and placing her daughter’s feet on his shoulders, bade him draw her up onto his lap; this time his cock found her cunt without assistance. The young couple easily slipped into a comfortable rhythm, not questioning why Æthelgifu had had them change.

So Edwig’s angel wanted to taste her mother’s cunt, did she? Confident that Edwig could manage without further instruction, Æthelgifu decided the time had come to satisfy her own needs. Clutching the headboard behind her back for balance, she lowered herself onto her haunches and squatted over her daughter’s face, being careful not to smother the girl. It took a little squirming, but she soon found her daughter’s willing tongue.

Edwig’s eyes were almost popping out of his face as the mature woman, her pendulous breasts swaying freely, ground her furry cunt into his sweet darling’s face. “Don’t stop thrusting boy,” scalded Æthelgifu. “It is all part of your education.”

From her vantage point at the head of the bed Æthelgifu was the first to see the door swing open as Cynesige, Bishop of Lichfield, spilled into the room. Behind him she heard Abbot Dunstan say, “Is he up there?”

As Cynesige speechlessly crossed himself, Dunstan appeared behind him. “Fornicator!” he bellowed, striding across the room. Roughly he dragged the naked boy off the bed, as the women sought to cover themselves, Æthelgifu clutching her daughter to her breast. “What means this boy, that you steal away from your coronation to consort with Jezebels?”

Momentarily Edwig stuck up for himself. “All day I have down what you asked of me. I wasn’t gone long.”

Dunstan shook the boy, his spittle spraying him as he shouted in his face. “Long enough to defile yourself with harlots!” Then catching sight of the still stiffly erect penis: “Cover your shame!” Gathering up the King’s clothes he threw them at him, and then stood over him as the boy sulkily dressed himself.

“We were not doing anything wrong, not really,” Edwig whined.

Dunstan goggled. “I saw what you were doing and I am scarce able to believe such depravity exists in the world.” He turned to the cowering women on the bed. “Wantons, with what guiles of Satan have you ensnared the boy?”

Æthelgifu held her helplessly sobbing daughter in her arms, her anger rising, but not daring to defy the onslaught of the churchman’s fury.

Straightening the King’s clothes, Dunstan asked, “Now where is your crown?” Edwig’s eyes danced around the room. “God in Heaven, boy, you must know what you have done with the crown!”

Despite her predicament, Æthelgifu found herself suppressing a smile as the Abbot and Bishop Cynesige began scouring the room. Then her daughter piped up, “I think I threw it over there.” She pointed to a dimly lit corner.

Dunstan retrieved the crown from where it had fallen behind a chest and plunked it down on the dishevelled blonde head. “There, at least you look like a king, even if you are incapable of acting like one.”

“What about these?” asked Cynesige, leering at the women in the bed.

“Bring them,” barked Dunstan, dragging the king to the door.

Cynesige roughly seized Æthelgifu’s arm. “Take your hands off me!” she protested, and using all his strength the bishop struck her with the back of his hand across the face.

Grabbing Æthelgifu by her unbound hair, the bishop pulled her face close to his, so she could see the broken veins on his nose, the malice in the yellow eyes and the spittle hanging from broken rotten teeth as he breathed out the fumes of mead. “You’ll come with me, bawds.” Still holding Æthelgifu by the hair, he dragged her upright, and seizing a nipple with his free hand, twisted it as far as it would go, causing the widow to squeal with pain. Letting go, the bishop pushed her away, and then swung his boot, planting it squarely on her bottom, laughing gleefully as he sent her sprawling face down on the floor, the wind knocked out of her.

Ælfgifu sprung to her mother’s defence, pummelling him impotently with tiny fists. Wrapping his hand in her auburn locks the bishop pulled back her head and clasped her neck in his thick-fingers. “Defy me, would you strumpet?” he snarled, spitting in the girl’s tear-stained face, and with that he thumped her in the stomach.

Taking both women by the hair, Cynesige dragged them behind him down the stair, Ælfgifu sobbing and squealing, the streaming tears reddening her girlish freckled face, whilst her mother spat and resisted all the way, earning brutal kicks to her legs from the infuriated bishop Ahead of them the doors of the hall swung open on Dunstan’s orders.

The roar of revelry from the mead benches was stilled as, his hand resting firmly on the boy’s shoulder, Dunstan marched the King to stand before the podium at the hall’s end. Then the uneasy silence collapsed into astonished giggles as Cynesige paraded the naked mother and daughter in the abbot’s wake. Wide eyed with horror Ælfgifu hunched her shoulders seeking to use hands and arms to shield her budding breasts and copper-trimmed snatch from the leers of the drunken revellers on the mead benches, her lip quivering as hot tears of shame poured down her violently blushing cheeks. But Æthelgifu made the long walk down the hall’s length with head held high, her breasts thrust out defiantly, taking each step as deliberately as the churchman’s tugging at her hair would allow, daring the thegns and cnihts gathered on the benches to want her, and returning the desire that twitched their cocks with cold disdain. Before the podium Bishop Cynesige hurled the women to the rush-strewn floor, their unbound hair and cruelly exposed flesh gleaming in the flickering glow of the hearth fire and the torches guttering in the gusts from the open doors.

As Ælfgifu strove to hide her shame, prostrating herself as she buried her face in the straw, Æthelgifu defiantly attempted to struggle up, only for the bishop to plant his foot in her back, grinding her down with his heel. Behind the tables on the raised dais to either side of the empty throne, sat the members of the royal house with the aldermen and prelates, all gazing down upon the furiously blushing King and the two sprawled women, the slim sobbing girl, pert-breasted and freckled skinned, her glinting russet hair veiling her face, and the full-bodied brunette matron, the weight of the priest’s sandal upon her back flattening the large breasts against the hall-floor while the wide buttocks arced and splayed as she tried desperately to raise herself, revealing thick hairy pussy lips.

Archbishop Odo, stern and white-haired, looked as though the shock of having two naked Jezebels hurled at his feet might send him early to his grave. Æthelstan Half-King, for once in his long life, seemed at a loss, feeling perhaps that he should avert his eyes from the shame of his brother’s wife and daughter, but unable to tear his rheumy eyes from the squirming pulchitrude cast before his feet. Ealdorman Oswulf was trying hard not to laugh while taken the most unabashed interest in the naked forms of the humiliated noblewomen. The aetheling Edgar was craning over the table for a better view. Only the beautiful Queen Æthelflaed showed any compassion, clutching the arm of her husband Æthelstan the Red, who seemed torn between concern at his wife’s discomfiture and joining the lummox Byrhtnoth in his ribald laughter as he pummelled him on the other shoulder. They were all, Æthelgifu realised, very drunk.

The King’s grandmother, Queen Edgifu, rose unsteadily to her feet; stepping down from the platform tottered forward to where the King stood, and slapped him across the face.

“How dare you bring this disgrace upon our house,” she railed. “Is this how you propose to behave as king? Shirking your royal duties so you might rut with whores?”

“I didn’t mean to,” muttered Edwig.

“What?” snarled his grandmother.

“They tricked me.” he added lamely.

“Renounce these strumpets,” commanded Dunstan.

“Yes, yes, take them away,” the King cried, plaintively. “I never want to see them again.”

“Edwig, no,” the horrified Ælfgifu cried out jumping to her feet, her devastation complete as the King was the one man in the hall who refused to gaze upon the slim full-breasted figure standing helpless in her nakedness, her perfect, until-today virgin, body revealed in all its bounty. In tears she hopelessly beseeched her lover to acknowledge her before these awful men as they ravished her with their eyes – callow cnihts, brutal thegns, pious bishops, all with bulging cocks hidden in their breaches, longing to violate her girlish form.

Pushing aside the fat leg of the distracted bishop, Æthelgifu struggled to her feet. Looking from rapt, twisted face to rapt, twisted face, Æthelgifu sensed the imminence of violence, a drunken, lust-fuelled passion which would outrage her daughter’s every orifice and rend her limb from limb. The brutes shall not have her, thought Æthelgifu, with a mother’s fierce determined love. Standing side side with her daughter, Æthelgifu placed a protective arm around Ælfgifu’s naked shoulders, and stared defiantly around the hall.

In the sea of slavering faces Æthelgifu gaze settled upon the king’s stepmother, Queen Æthelflaed, the long honeyed tresses framing an angelic beauty that belied her womanly nature. This long-legged lovely with her high shapely breasts had not become the bedfellow of the lusty Edmund without knowing the tricks to satisfy a man’s appetites or understanding the fine line that those who catch a king’s eye tread between high honour and utter ruin; in the almond eyes Æthelgifu saw sympathy for her plight.

Very deliberately the Queen rose to her feet; her long limbs were trembling, but she stood very straight and spoke very clear. “I think you should leave now,” she said, her eyes entreating the widow and her daughter to go, as she dismissed them with an imperious gesture of her hand.

The spell broken, Æthelgifu ‘s sons came leaping off of the cnihts’ benches, Æthelward wrapping his sister in his cloak, as, averting his gaze, Ælfward shyly held his out for his mother.

As the boys led the women past the hooting benches, Æthelward turned on Æthelgifu, “You have ruined us all, mother.”

Clutching her younger son’s arm for strength, Æthelgifu dissolved into sobs.

Behind them Edwig was humbly promising to be a better king to his people.

Having lain awake most of the night half mad with worry, Æthelgifu slept in late. She awoke to a sense of cold dread. She had disgraced her late husband’s memory, ruined her daughter and blighted her sons prospects, been cast out by the church and forbidden the court. All men’s hands would be turned against her and her children. What had she done?

She heard her sons protesting outside, and then the flap opened as the dishthegn Ælfheah barged his way into the tent.

“My lady, the King would see you,” he announced. Æthelgifu blanched. What now?

The dishthegn did not seem inclined to leave, so Æthelgifu, past modesty, dressed in front of him, Ælfheah smirking and twiddling his moustache as he unashamedly surveyed her ample matronly charms. She did not hurry, taking the time to ensure her wimple was straight and powdering the bruise where Cynesige had slapped her. Whatever happened she would face it like a noblewoman.

When she was finished, Ælfheah came and looked her over. “The King will find you pleasing,” he said, satisfied. “That is to the good.” Æthelgifu’s heart skipped.

“Edwig has recollected to himself what it means to be a king,” the dishthegn continued, taking her arm. “Those who laid rough hands upon the King and upon his friends shall feel his wrath.”

As he led her through the village of tents that had grown up outside the town to accommodate the overspill of thegns and their retinues gathered in Kingston for the coronation, Ælfheah told her more of what had passed. Once Dunstan had sobered up, it had begun to dawn on him that he might have gone too far, and, being warned of the King’s wrath, he had taken to his heels. Bishop Cynesige too had fled the court; and when Queen Edgifu had demanded to see her grandson, she had been refused. Now that the Edwig had seized the initiative, Æthelstan Half-King and the other ealdorman, each of them nursing a hangover, were uncertain how to act.

Æthelgifu tried to imagine the petulant young King acting so decisively, and found herself instead contemplating the bold confident manner of his dishthegn. This is your doing, she thought, seeing the stocky Ælfheah through fresh eyes.

In the royal bower, Edwig, surrounded by a press of cnihts and young thegns, was in deep conversation with Ælfhere and the bishop of London, Byrhthelm; however Queen Æthelflaed greeted Æthelgifu with a kiss on the cheek, calling her sister, as Æthelstan the Red beamed on uxorially.

“Are you quite recovered from your ordeal?” the young Queen asked solicitously, resting a hand upon Æthelgifu’s arm.

“Thank you, my lady,” Æthelgifu replied. “I am a little shaken; it is not everyday one finds oneself dragged from one’s bed and paraded naked before the greatest in the land.”

“These churchmen who do not allow themselves women can be such brutes; what they can’t bring themselves to fuck they turn their hand against. My late husband despised Abbot Dunstan,” she confided, vehemently. “He would have banished him, but my poor Edmund was a superstitious man and when his horse bolted almost sending him over a cliff, he became convinced it was God’s wrath for having planned to exile the wretched bully.”

“He will not be allowed back this time? Or Cynesige?” Æthelgifu asked hopefully.

“We shall have to see that they are not, you and I.” Æthelflaed, then whispered in her ear. “My Edmund told me once that Edric’s widow was among the comeliest of the women of the West Saxons; after what I saw of you in the hall last night I know he spoke no less than truth. I do hope you and I shall be the best of friends,” she added holding Æthelgifu eyes with hers, and discreetly patting her upon the bottom.

Æthelgifu smiled at her gratefully. Some good had come from the humiliation of the night before if some ember of desire had be stirred in this influential lady. Surveying the pale complexion, long chiselled nose, full lips and high, firm breasts of the tall, golden-haired Queen, Æthelgifu felt that it would be no hardship to fan those embers. She wondered if Æthelflaed would want her red-headed buffoon of a husband to watch, if she did then Æthelgifu would at least insist that he refrain from his apparent need to fill any silence with a joke.

“My Lady Æthelgifu,” the King exclaimed, Ælfheah having discreetly brought her to the royal notice. “I humbly beg your pardon for the outrage of last night.” Approaching her he added confidingly, “You have my assurance that the traitors responsible shall be punished.”

“I hope it shall be so, sire,” murmured Æthelgifu.

The King looked at her shyly. “The insult to my lady Ælfgifu…” he began tentatively, “I hope she may find it in her heart to forgive me that I did not spring to her defence?”

“Her hurt runs deep, sire,” replied, not untruthfully; the girl had sobbed half the night for her poor Edwig.

Edwig looked earnest. “If you should allow it, and if your daughter should consent, I would hope to erase the smear upon her name, and yours.”

“How so, sire?” Æthelgifu asked, her heart skipping a beat.

“By making my darling Ælfgifu my queen.”

Slipping out of the honeymoon chamber, where the young king and queen sprawled exhausted, Æthelgifu returned to the private room that had been set aside for her use. Ælfheah was waiting on the bed. “I thought you would never be done with them,” he grumbled.

“They are young and in love and eager to learn,” explained Æthelgifu snuggling up against the man ten years younger.

“I hoped they have not tired you out,” he said hopefully, squeezing her breast in his hard hand.

“Not quite,” she replied, stroking the short thick cock. “There is still work for you to do.”

Ælfheah was a married man, but while he was at court his wife was at home running their estates, whereas Æthelgifu’s place was at her daughter’s side; certainly she had no intention of taking a husband. The arrangement with the dishthegn would suit them both. Now her daughter was Queen Æthelgifu had though better of encouraging the attentions of the flirtatious Æthelflaed, indeed she did not want the royal beauty at court any more than could be helped. Edwig would not be the first young king to have his roving eye fall upon a comely stepmother.

Æthelgifu was forceful in encouraging her son-in-law to assert his new found independence. At her insistence, the King’s grandmother Queen Edgifu was not only banished from court, but stripped of her estates. Æthelgifu also added her voice to Ælfheah’s on the need to secure the royal treasury at Glastonbury, but went further in urging the confiscation of the immense personal wealth accumulated by Abbot Dunstan. The biddable king’s thegn sent to ransack the monastery had other orders from Æthelgifu: Dunstan was to be struck down while resisting. The abbot, scurrying from hiding place to place, one step ahead of his would-be assassins, had been obliged to flee abroad to Flanders. To justify the abbot’s banishment Æthelgifu had word put about that he had been helping himself from the royal coffers.

With this new wealth, and with the seizure of lands from those who had prospered under his uncle, the King was able to reward his followers, young men like himself, often with some royal blood in their veins, such as Bishop Byrhthelm, the brothers Ælfheah and Ælfhere, or Æthelgifu’s own sons, Æthelward and Ælfward.

The deaths of incumbents meant that Edwig was also free to begin appointing his own ealdormen. Mercia south of the Trent became the portion of Æthelstan the Red, the genial husband of the King’s stepmother; while Byrhtnoth, the husband of Queen Æthelflaed’s sister, succeeded to Essex where his and his wife’s families had both held office in the recent past. Since the death of the father of Ælfheah and Ælfhere, those lands of the Middle Angles and Middle Saxons where the English law still held had come under the jurisdiction of Æthelstan of East Anglia, who also held the Danish law boroughs north of the Watling Street, and whose writ ran as far north as Lindsey. Edgar now-filled the vacant ealdormanry, at Æthelgifu’s prompting appointing Ælfhere, so the elder brother might remain at the King’s side to counsel him, and to service his Queen’s mother.

Æthelstan Half-King’s powers were failing, his eldest son assuming many of his duties as ealdorman; in due course the young man would be allowed to succeed fully, but without his father’s influence. With the formidable Oswulf in Northumbria and the old warhorse Æthelmund holding North Mercia, the new appointments ensured that Æthelstan and his family were hemmed upon all sides with potential rivals. Edwig was determined that no one ealdorman would again wield the power of a Half-King.

And then the wily old ealdorman dealt Edwig the most damaging blow imaginable: he retired. For a quarter of a century he had kept the peace in the southern Danelaw, allowing the Danish jarls a degree of self-governance while upholding the rights of the old Mercian nobility and commanding loyalty to the West Saxon crown. His ostentatious withdrawal to a cell in Glastonbury ushered in an uncertainty, a space within which old fears could be reawakened and old grievances freshly aired.

It was Byrhthelm, the young bishop of London, who brought the news of what had happened next.

“A meeting of the Mercian Witan?” Edwig could hardly believe what he was hearing. “There is no Mercian Witan! They have not met since….”

Since they had chosen Æthelstan as King ahead of his half-brother Ælfward; Ælfward who had been dead within the fortnight.

“They have elected Edgar,” Byrhthelm confirmed. “He has promised not just to respect the customs of the Danes but to restore to Mercia all those freedoms it had before King Edward’s time.”

Ælfgifu clutched her husband’s hand as he sunk back in his chair, the colour draining from his cheek.

“He has also made a vow to reform the monasteries,” the bishop added ruefully. “He’d have folk believe he is on some sort of holy mission. It’s that blasted holier-than-thou abbot, Æthelwold. Really, what do laymen care if a priest keeps a woman or cannot read and write, so long as the fellow sobers up sufficiently to say the prayers he has been paid for?”

“What of my ealdormen?” asked Edwig. He had no hopes of Æthelmund, but the others were men of his own making, surely they owed him loyalty?

“The ox Byrhtnoth has been the prime mover in all this, together with Æthelstan’s pack of wolfcubs,” Byrhthelm explained. “Though if you ask me it is the old man pulling the strings, along with that bat Edgifu. Æthelstan the Red was on board from the outset as well. Never trust a man who tries too hard to be liked.”

“He is married to my stepmother,” the dazed Edwig threw in needlessly.

“Edgar’s stepmother too don’t forget. She can’t make fuss enough over the boy, even if he does barely come up to her tits.”

Damn the bitch, thought Æthelgifu. I keep her at arms length from Edwig so she holds her nose and parts those long legs for the brat Edgar.

“And Ælfhere?” she asked, exchanging alarmed glances with Ælfheah.

“If he did not have a hand in it from the start he saw which way the wind was blowing,” the bishop replied. “Edgar makes a great deal of him, always asking his opinion before that of his other ealdormen, and in all his proclamations ensuring Ælfhere’s name is linked with his. He’s binding him to his cause; Ælfhere’ll not desert him now.”

As the bishop rattled on Edwig crumpled into Ælfgifu’s arms, sobbing tears of frustration and self-pity as he buried his golden head in her bosom. Feeling sick to her stomach Æthelgifu wondered what was to become of them all.

Edgar did not press home his advantage, being content to be proclaimed King of the Mercians and Northumbrians, Oswulf and the York Danes having fallen into line. Edwig continued to style himself King of the English, but though he retained control of the coinage, his writ no longer ran north of the Thames. Nor could he stop Edgar recalling his old enemy Dunstan and installing him in the see of London, replacing poor Byrhthelm who for his loyalty had been obliged to remove to Wells, where the canons, sympathetic to Glastonbury and to Dunstan, flatly rejected his authority.

In return for continuing to support Edwig the West Saxon Witan exacted a price: Edwig was put aside his wife. Archbishop Odo decreed that the marriage was be dissolved on grounds of consanguinity.

Alone in her chamber with Ælfheah, Æthelgifu railed at the injustice. “They are barely cousins at all! Ælfgifu’s grandfather’s grandfather was the brother of Edwig’s grandfather’s father. How can it be wrong for them to marry?”

Another Story, Just for you. (Well, not anymore.)


Author’s Note: Though not posted in order, this is the last story I wrote for her. Unlike the other ones, this erotic story actually featured us. As before, I changed names around. I thought about taking out some of the kinkier/more personal shit, but I thought about it and I realized that raw, awkward, private crazy intimacy is part of what made this story so special for me. I suppose in all erotic fiction, the author is exposing some of their fantasies, and make themselves vulnerable by publishing them.

Again, nerdy LARP references abound. My apologies to those of you who don’t understand the context. Even more apologies to those of you who do.

~ Tendermindholes


I smile at you over my iced Tuxedo- a mocha made from both white and milk chocolate. It was my drink of choice at the Naked Lounge, my favorite local cafe, and I was looking at my favorite person. I smiled, sipping my mocha- and the sweetness filled my throat. As I looked at you, my eyes also drank in your own mocha sweetness: the one who I loved talking to, who I loved being around, who filled my heart with even more joy.

“So, there Zajika and Harmony were, we went to the club. Sooooo… Zajika fed off some guy who was on E and she started tripping, right? Harmony found out what happened and tried to scoop me up…and so then Zajika dropped to the floor and rolled around on the floor in circles. People were staring at us and so we wouldn’t look weird, Harmony decided to get down on the floor and roll around with me. Oh my god Tim, we had like ten mortals doing that with us by the end of the scene. I think we hurt John’s soul when he ran that for us. It was so awesome!”

I laughed, imagining Zajika, with her blonde and orange foxy-hued hair right aside Harmony with her own cotton-candy do, just pinwheeling around on the dance floor of some club. Though I sometimes winced at some of the stuff you got into with as Zajika (like I had any room to talk when I played Theo), or just have to shake my head at the drama bombs you could lay with your character, your adventures as Zajika always cracked me the fuck up.

I reach out my hand to lightly stroke yours. You start a bit, then relax- I’ve grown to find your fidgets like the rest of you, quirky and adorable.

More and more, you were able to relax around me. Like I mentioned before, you could always be a bit jittery, and I accepted and was happy about where you were at. Enjoying the progress we’ve made, I smile and drink in your beauty. That smile of yours, with your small, yet sensually full lipped and expressive mouth with those lips I loved to kiss, I looked at your skin- it was almost August and it was now so dark from the sun. You’re beautiful at any shade, your skin a nice, smooth milk-chocolate complexion, I loved the way the light would sparkle off your lip piercing, and the way your black, wavy hair fell from from your brow, it is long enough to frame your all of your shoulders now.

“What?” You say, looking around a bit nervously,”Tim, you’re staring again.”

I smile,”I can’t get over how beautiful you are.”

You scoff, almost hiding a blush under your mocha colored skin,”You say that every time, you dork.”

I smiled at her,”I mean that every time.”

You inhale and sigh happy, looking down a bit,”Really…you really mean that?”

I loved making up new expressions every time you ask this question, and you do too,

“Does Petie make baby powder look like blush?”

“Is Theo Jealous?” You smile impishly- and then look down a bit nervously. It wasn’t nearly the touchy subject it had been for a few weeks ago, but still…

“Of Archon Casper?” I smirked, pouring on the facetiousness, laughter in my eyes.

Your laughter is abrupt, bubbling forth from your beautiful mouth. I loved that sound. You have such a open laugh. “Just because he asked me out to New Orleans…”

“…and Zajika is a racist for not hanging out in poo-water.” I finish.

“Fucking Theo…” You say, rolling your eyes in mock irritation.

“I know…that Zajika is a kinky bitch for it.” You look around nervously and look down shyly, the conversation would be utterly, deliciously random- and all ours, if we weren’t boxed in by hipsters.

“…Yeah.” You happily confess,”Theo likes it too, right?”

“Theo is confused and pissy about everything…but the guy in the driver’s seat absolutely adores our scenes.”

“We are so going to dance together Tim- even if it means we just sway.”

I nod, and look forward to that moment.

I sip my drink, and I get whipped cream in my mustache, you smile mischievously, taking your finger and give me that “Hey there stud”, look, and start to lick it off your finger, and press it between your full, violet lips.

Smiling, a smile creeping across my face,”I love my mocha.”

You look at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes of yours, those eyes that have become such a part of my world, and in that playful flirty tones of yours you tell me,”I know you do.”

About to say something, your eyes widen as you see a squirrel running across the fence.

I love that look you get when you’re distracted by “The Cute”, so wide and open and honest. Wonderfully childlike on what is obviously a woman. You never have lost that sense of wonder, of play.

I remember when we were at that buffet I showed you, and we saw that cute little Asian kid, the one who couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, and you waved, and pointed him out to me. I waved too, and I smiled at him as he waved back. I’m building up a stockpile of moments like that with you in my mind, adding yet another gem to the treasure chest of the wealth of love I have for you.

I love how you are with children, a natural- and I greatly look forward to seeing you with ours someday.

I’m so busy watching you, I don’t realize how quickly I finished my coffee. Your fruit drink is almost half-full and I watch you absent absentmindedly play with the straw.

“I’m hungry!” You say abruptly. Your mind often dances from spot to spot- only when you’re sad, angry or stoned does it stay in one place for long. It’s a nice contrast to the way mine worked. I tended to dwell, or overly focus on what I was working on.

“For what?” I ask, I already know what you want, but I liked asking you to see the enthusiasm in your response.

“BUFFET!” You exclaim, your expressive brown eyes wide and animated, people stared, perturbed for some reason by your exuberance.

“Do you want the rest of your drink Luba?” I ask.

“I dunno…” You look at me again.”…buffet.”

“It has pineapple in it Luba.” I remind you very solemnly. I know how much you loved pineapples,” And it’s hot- this is nice and cold”

“Yes!” You look at me,” Then Buffet?”

“Yeah- let me get something to take it with us…” You whine plaintively, as I pull it away you grab my wrist, spilling a bit of it, and you suck the straw. I stand there patiently, and you smile that innocent, yet wicked little smile of yours and you lick some of the little drops that have fallen onto the little web of flesh where my thumb meets my forefinger.

You can see my own flush and you grin.

“Baby Octopi Timmah?” Your eyes looking at me full of hope.

“Let’s go!” I proclaim, “Could you hand me my backpack Mija?”

You grab it by it’s handle, the weight almost causes you to fall over.

“How can you even lift this?!?!” You ask almost almost accusingly.

I chuckle, reaching out to take it from you with one hand, easily shrugging it onto my shoulders, and I chuckle “Because I have to, I guess.”

“What do you have in there, rocks?” I let you walk in front of me and get the gate- just as much, if not more me wanting to watch your ass and hips swaying than politeness, you look back at me, catch me staring, you look back over your shoulder giving me a “naughty boy” look- driving the point home by swaying your ass a bit more.

My eyes leave the fullness of your ass, to go back to your eyes and I laugh,” Heavier- books. That, and my flute, snacks for school, supplies, a few reading books- stuff like that. I can run with it, so it’s not too much.”

You shake your head at me like I’m crazy, but I can tell you like it.

It’s later now, the sun is starting to set and it’s cooling off. Summer evenings in Sacramento are wonderful cool and aside from the occasional offending dumpster, they smell sweet of blooming flowers and trees.

The coffee shop is on Fifteenth and Q, not very far from restaurant, only nine blocks or so.

We walk, leaning against me, our hands brushing against each other as we walked, you’ll look at me and smile, then look away bashfully, I’ll look at you and smile in return.

It’s a nice night, and the iced drinks were a good refreshment. I had picked you up from the Amtrak station- it was your day off, but you had some things to do with your friend Peach earlier in the day. It wasn’t bad timing for me, because I had school that day. However, neither of us had eaten and we were both hungry.

We’re walking, leisurely. The buffet will be there, and though we’re hungry- both of us have had such busy weeks that it’s nice to just relax a bit…Though just being near you, being able to smell your scent you has me hard as a rock. I’ve done my best to hide it, to focus on the conversation.

“I’ve almost finished inking that comic.” You let me know, pride on your face.

Waiting for the cross walk to turn green, I turn to you, nudging you along gently, “Oh?”

“Yeah, I’m so excited.”

“I am too. Do all of us get a copy?” I ask.

“No, I’m gonna post it on the net, but you can look at mine!” Your eyes search mine for signs of approval.

“Right on, the price of publishing is prohibitive these days.” I smile…,”Petie, Peach, Kevin, Norman and me in a comic book, we’re gonna be immortal because of you!”

“Well, when I can I will..” You stop abruptly”Oh hey, what’s that?”

“What? Oh down there, just a place in between two houses.”, I ask, puzzled…you and your ADHD,” What did you see?”

“I swear I saw a baby bird hopping along…can we look Tim, please?”, Your eyes big and hopeful…and your grin big and shining.

It’s a rather long space, about 20 feet, that happens in Midtown sometimes, and the bushes in front obscured us from the road a bit.

“I don’t see anything…”

You kiss me full on the lips, your tongue searching my mouth, and your hand is on the front of my jeans.

“Is this for me Timmah?”, You ask, knowing full well it is.

I nod, my legs spread and I lean against the wall, we can hear people walking across the street, but they couldn’t see us.

“I have to taste you before dinner…I want you to shoot your load down my throat, I want your cum to mix with that tasty seafood…c’mon stud, let me suck your cock in this alley.” I was helpless before your onslaught of pure, deviant kink.

You squat down, fishing out my cock from my pants as you look up at me with that wonderfully sexy, naughty way of yours.

You start to suck on the head and I moan, your big brown eyes looking up at me. Expertly, you swirl your tongue around the eye and tip of my hardness, your hands gripping my ass through my jeans.

I have to cover my hand with my mouth to keep from moaning and giving us away…it’s part of the thrill. The taste and inherent danger of getting caught is turning you on too, I can smell your arousal, see it in your eyes and in the flush on your mocha skin.

The hot wet sucking heat of your mouth is bliss, and I can feel myself throbbing and thick.

My knees start to shake, and I grip the wall of the alley with the hand not trying to conceal my moans, and you relentlessly increase the pressure and speed, trying to milk a fat load from me.

I can see that you enjoy how incredibly much you turn me on without trying, and I can see the little jerks of your hips as you rub yourself through your jeans.

It’s too much…I can’t…hold it in much longer.

Sensing the closeness of my orgasm, you jam your mouth and throat down onto me, the tightness like a wet, velvet glove sucking the hot, churning load that is for you, and only for you.

You gag and choke a bit, and I’m biting my hand to keep from crying out- from giving us away as your long, delicate caramel throat drinks my essence down.

My eyes have rolled up into the back of my head, helpless before the sweet, soft lushness of your lips. You sit back on your haunches, inspecting your handiwork and though I can tell you are obviously aroused, you do not cum.

I can tell that you were close though, as your purple sexy tongue holds my load on it, and you display it for me, as if an offering for my approval, you swallow and gently suckle the remaining pearls of cum from my still oozing cock.

Shaky, you grab my hands and I pull you up. I can smell your arousal- so thick and sweet and spicy mixed in with the musky headiness of my own juices.

“Did you like that…Poooooppppppaa?”, You whisper into my hear breathily, my cock still twitching as you pull my boxers up, and carefully zip me closed giving it a pat.

“Yes Babygirl” I breathe into your ear,”What about you? Don’t you want me to make you cum?”

“Yes…” And you look into my eyes, your face flushed…”But later. That was just for you, and I wanted to taste you as we ate. Chicken balls and baby octopi?”

I nod before I kiss you softly, tasting myself on your lips.

“Spank me just once?”, You ask pleadingly,” You know how I LOOOVE how you spank me!”

My legs now stable enough to stand without the wall’s help, I grip you around the waist and give you two hard slaps on your ass, as you breathe into my shoulder, moaning and whimpering.

“Th…thank you.”, You say, your breath sweet and hot in my ear, the scent of your arousal thick and heady and tangy.

“Chinese Buffet?” I say, smiling…pulling you out of your dreamy state, causing your eyes to widen and you smile.

“YAY!”, Flushed, and excited, you lick your lips, savoring my taste and we walk out of the alley.

A pair of old hippies smirk at us knowingly, and you blush deep, and I smile- blushing a bit myself. They laugh as we walk away, one muttering to the other, “Lucky fucker, did you see the lips on her?”

I brush your hip with my hand and you do mine, you looking down shyly. I love how you can suck my cock and drink my cum in a strange alley, but you still get shy about things. It’s so fucking endearing- part of your everlasting charm.

We make it there, and the sun has almost set- it’s late, but fortunately we have enough time.

Ravenous, we pile on food- I go for my pot-stickers, baby octopi and mushrooms you go for chicken balls, pineapple and crab legs.

“God…I’ve been looking forward to coming back here for soooo long!”, You exclaim, trying to keep your mouth covered as you chew.

I smile at you, what a catch I had! A girl that would suck my dick in an alleyway, swallow my cum like it was ambrosia- but be embarrassed about me seeing her eat.

“I think about you every time I come back to this place. I’ve been coming back for years- but these times with you were so very special to me.

It was wonderful, we must have spent an hour just eating, talking, laughing.

They looked at us impatiently to leave, chattering irritably in Mandarin. I noticed, but I didn’t care- I’ve given them so much of my money over the years they could clean up around us.

The sun was completely down, and the walk back to my place went pretty quickly. Summer nights in Sacramento are where it’s at- bright and scorching and hot during the day, but the nights were balmy from the delta breeze came off from the river, and all the verdant bloom making everything smell of flowers. The night sky above us was a purplish haze- very few stars because of the brighter lights of Midtown.

You rub my shoulders as we walk. I’m rather sore- it’s been a long day. We turn every stoplight into an opportunity to just enjoy each other that much more.

Walking down that familiar home stretch, my heart is joyous despite my fatigue.

I take your bag from you, and throw it on my brown loveseat. The bed has been freshly made, linen washed and made up neatly, pillows are stacked for maximum comfort just so we could enjoy unmaking the bed. I ask if you’d like a glass of water.

“Yes please…” You say. It’s been a long hot day for both of us.

Grabbing ice and water, I hum to myself, and hear you settling in.

“Getting comfy?” I ask, amused as I make two ice waters for us in my small kitchen.

“Yep!” You chirp in response.

I come back to see you naked from the waist up, your breasts, large, full and beautiful. The bars through your nipples gleaming as you start rolling around on my bed getting your scent everywhere.

“Ninja Nakedness!”, You say, an impish grin on your beautiful features. It was a game we’d play when we were talking over webcam. One of us would go and get something to drink, and find the other naked as a jaybird. Kinky talk and mutual masturbation soon followed.

I swallow, holding the two cups full of water, my cock once again swelling in my jeans.

I hand you one and sit down on the unoccupied part of my love seat, unlacing my faded, but still solid Doc Marten’s and you sip heartily, making delighted little smacking sounds with those full, lush lips of yours.

“You’ve added more posters and stuff I see.” You observe as you look around. I smile as I take off my socks and drink in your beauty, as you stretch languidly,” Yeah. I want to fill my place full of color and beauty- it’s small, so I want there to be things I enjoy looking at.”

“Well, you’ve got a naked mocha-skinned woman in your bed.” You say, with a smile.”How is that for a room full of color and beauty?”

I grin,”I think it’s a damned good start!”

I pull off my shoes and join you.

“That’s all?”, You ask, looking almost offended.

“All what?” I say, confused taking another sip of water.

“I’m sitting here topless and all you can do is take off your shoes?” Your hands go to your full hips, and the little bars in your licorice colored nipples stare me in the face.

“What would be fair?” I ask, like it’s some kind of business negotiation.

“Shirt too, mister!”, You demand, your jaw set resolutely.

“This shirt?” I say, pulling it off slowly.

“You tease.”

“I learn from the best.” I retort, looking at you knowingly.

“Ooh, look at you all studly. You look so good!”

“Thank you Mija.”

You wolf-whistle then snuggle close to me, and I revel in the feel of your hot, naked flesh, the sweet spicy scent of you and we lay together and I put on South Park, your lay down. Your full breasts were so beautiful and succulent- the nipples chocolate chips I just wanted to suck, nibble, chew and bite on. Soon, very soon… However, they had healed to the point where they weren’t so tender, and didn’t need constant support- and you didn’t need to clean them as often. I was a fan- considering you could now have them out of your bra for longer.

Relaxing, we laugh and nuzzle each other to the episode where Butters becomes a vampire, laughing over lines we’ve heard a half-dozen times before.

You lean into me, your body soft and lush against mine, “Remember when I sucked your cock today…Poppppaaaaa?”

I look down at you, the big beautiful brown pools of your eyes shining with lust.

I answer, “Yes Babygirl.”

“Was I good to you Poppa?”

“Yes Babygirl, you were very good to me. You always are.”

“Would you…spank me?”

My cock got hard instantly at those words. I had already cum today, but I was at a state of half-arousal- just being near you. Being close to you always does that to me.

I sit up a bit on the bed, and say, “Get on my lap please.”

Sinuously, like a cat, you get up on all fours, and crawl over to my lap,

“What do we say when we ant someone to do something for you, Zajika?”

“We say please?” Your eyes alight with mirth and lust at this game.

“So…what do you need to say if you need Poppa to spank that full, juicy ass of yours?” I ask, as if I were talking to a child.

“Poppa….would you pleeeease spank my ass?” You plead.

“Of course, Honey.” I respond, like I just conceded to a raise in allowance.

I take my hand and slap down sharply on your jean covered ass and you moan and inhale sharply.

I start to alternate, and you grip my legs, clawing and moaning like a bitch in heat.

“I want you to pull your pants down for Poppa, so I can make sure that ass of yours is nice and red!”

You look down, blushing and horny and excited. “Of course, Poppa.”

Raising your ass like you were presenting, with that special flourish of yours- you unzip your jeans, and just roll them over yourself, playing with the cleavage of your bottom.

“Panties too Daddy?” You ask, as wide eyed and innocent as you can- like some kind of sexy little doe.

“Yes Babygirl.”

My hand is warm from your ass already, and seeing it nude in front of me, light mocha brown- your pussy is already dripping wet onto me, and I can see the little rosebud of your asshole, already throbbing and twitching.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Four strikes in rapid succession, each on one bottom, I’m really wailing on you now, and you’re moaning and writhing and twitching.

“Is that good Babygirl.”

“Yes Poppa…I feel so filthy and nice.”

I chuckle, this is your indicator you want to start playing more rough.

I slap again, right on your asshole, and you cry out, the paper thin walls presenting a lovely audio show to any who would overhear.

“Ooooooaaoooh!” You moans turning into a hoarse scream.

I slap your ass twice, then your asshole again and I can see it twitch and wet, you’re grinding yourself against me, my jeans wet with your fragrant musk.

I start to swirl my finger around your asshole.

“Are you a good little whore for Poppa?” My voice heavy and thick with my own lust.

Wet and twitching and moaning, the dirty talk puts your already sex-frenzied mind into overdrive.

“Yes.” You respond breathily.

“Yes what?”, I ask, my voice stern.

“I’m such a good little whore for you.” You shudder as you say the word “whore”, you loved that part of the game, I loved it too.

“That’s a good little girl-slut. Now, face that whorish, red, wanton little ass towards me.”

“Okay Poppa.”, You say meekly, licking your lips in anticipation.

I grab your hips, pulling you into me and I start to lap at your cunt and use my thumb to play with your asshole.

You moan and shriek as I grip your ass with my fingers, making them squeeze out like dough.

I stop before you climax and bite your ass cheeks and inner thighs, sucking one cheek into my mouth, getting it wet with my tongue…you squeal and writhe and moan against me, grabbing your hips, I pull you into my face, my beard already wet with my spit, and the heady ambrosia of your cunt.

I look at that fuckable asshole of yours, and I know I just have to eat it.

I start to flick it with my tongue and start to lick and swirl it around. You grip my ankles, bracing yourself, pushing yourself towards me.

“oooooohhooohoohooohhhohh….GAWD!”, You moan, your cry rocking the walls around us, uncaring of who hears.

I probe more and more, digging my tongue in between the protective hold of your cheeks, piercing your rosebud. This was called the “Dark Kiss” and I loved it- almost as much as you did. You moan even more as I wriggled my tongue into your asshole, and you buck against me.

In my pants, imprisoned by my boxers my cock is hard as a rock, throbbing and wet, twitching in response to the spasms of your asshole around my tongue. I continue my assault, pushing the broad flat textured muscle deep into your ass as it could go and I moan into you, my my bearded chin tickling and teasing your swollen, slick cunt.

I dug in as deep as I could go, holding you, my broad nose exhaling hot air and inhaling your deeply spicy scent in exchange…you shudder against me as I stop, giving your ass little love nibbles.

“God. That was so good Tim!”, You pant, gripping my leg like it was a tired swimmer grips a buoy.

“I liked it too.”, I smile as you look back at me, my mouth and beard slick with the juices of your twat and asshole, and my own saliva.

“I want to please you Poppa, like a whore. Can I be a good little whore for you Tim?”

My cock bobbed within my jeans.

“I’ll do annnnnyyything you want, just ask!” dropping to your knees on the bed in front of me, your pants still down around your ankles, “Just treat me like a good little whore should be treated- I want to be so good for you.”

“Okay. I want you take your pants off, all the way. Do that for me right now.”

“Okay Poppa.” You do this slowly, bringing them back up just so I can watch you take them off, sliding them off and throwing them beside the bed. We wouldn’t need those until morning.

“Now what Poppa? I want to do annnyything for you, just let me, please?”

“I want my filthy little whore to take my pants down, so you can smell and see and touch and taste me.”

Looking like a little girl about to get a treat at the faire, you undo my belt dutifully, taking down my pants and I can see your pussy juice has made your thighs slick, beautiful dark and wet. You start to nibble and suck my already hard cock through my boxers, making me moan.

“Now, be a good little slut and lick my asshole.”

“Yes Poppa,”, You say dutifully, kneeling on my bed.” I’ll eat your ass so good for you, I love doing that, so rich and musky, knowing that I can please you.”

You take my drawers off, and kneel into me, gripping around my thighs and parting my ass cheeks with your thumbs.

Before you dive in you look at me and say, your face flushed, “Can I start now please Daddy? Can I lick your asshole?”

“Yes Babygirl. Eat my ass like the good little asswhore you are.”

Shuddering against me- the degrading talk and nasty acts you are being ordered to do turn you on even more. You lean in, and your tongue is heaven, wet and sinuous and you bury your face into me, my balls resting on your face and I can feel you flick your tongue against me, and I twitch…my hard cock bobs against your forehead.

“Keep it up girl. I’m gonna fuck you so good, I’m gonna fuck my asslicking little whore so good.”

Moaning, you start to swirl around, until you finally probe into me, I moan and grip your hair.

You lick and lick…and my cock bobs oozes cum, and I love it… I grip your hair and just pull you into me, and you moan submissively into my ass, your tongue as far as it can go, my eyes roaming your body, drinking in it’s lush, voluptuous fullness.

I wanted you so bad, we were both rutting.

“Stop now, my little whore has eaten ass well, you did so good for Daddy!”

You pull out, breathing heavily- glowing at my words of approval, pulling out your tongue, but not before you give my asshole a little goodbye kiss.

My cock is hard, throbbing, jutting towards you and you look at it.

“Please, can I just taste it again.” You say, looking hungrily at my cock.

“Yes, get it nice and wet so I can fuck your hole.”

“Yes Poppa, I’ll suck your cock like a good little whore, I’ll be the best whore for you ever!”

Licking around the tip, you squeal in joy as you sip the running tide of per-cum.

“Yummy!” You exclaim like you’re enjoying an ice-cream cone.

Nibbling and sucking my balls and licking up the shaft you slurp on my cock.

“Put a finger up my asshole Babygirl.”

You nod and do so, god, it feels so good…I love how slutty you were, how filthy and nasty you were willing to get.

Fucking in and out, your finger finds my prostate, causing little electric shudders.

“Play with your cunt for me Babygirl…but no cumming until I do. Flick your nipple if you understand.”

Moaning submissively around my cock, which you’ve deep-throated, you flick your nipple, shivering in pleasure-pain. Your hand snakes down to your dripping snatch, soaking my sheets in your scent.

It’s good, so very, very good. I can feel the tide rise in me…but I didn’t want to waste that cum in your mouth- I had better plans for it.

Moaning and fingering yourself you plunge your mouth onto my hardness again and again. I take your head in my large hands and just use you roughly- your mouth just another cunt or asshole for my pleasure as you gag and tears stream from your mouth.

“You can pull your finger from my ass…but don’t even fucking think of wiping it off on my clean sheets…spank your ass if you understand!” I did this so you wouldn’t cum, giving you just enough of a shock to hold back, because I can sense your own orgasm was imminent.

I slap your already red, stinging ass as I roughly impale you on my cock, making you gag and spit and choke, your face red in exquisite agony and pleasure as your tears soak into my thighs.

I pull your mouth off of my cock with a wet little pop.

After you get a chance to breathe, you look at me all submissive and vulnerable.

“I want you to suck my ass off your finger like the good little asswhore you are, and thank Daddy for the privilege.”

You look me in the eyes, making a show of sucking your finger deep into your mouth, moaning at the bitter, musky taste, bucking your hips slightly.

“Thank you Daddy for letting me suck you off of my finger! I’m so honored I can serve you, be so good to you!”

“I’m going to fuck you now, like a bitch in heat, would you like that?”

“Yes Poppa, sooooooo much!”

You present to me, putting your ass in the air.

I can see your cunt, slick and swollen and ready, musk- you are primed.

“Oh, I’ll be such a good little whore for you Daddy, use my holes, any fucking one you want…please? Use me so rough!”

I climb behind you, gripping your hips and I shove my hard rod into your asshole, and you moan and screech as I drive myself in, insistent yet achingly slow.

“What a good little whore you are for me. I want to breed you like a bitch. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yes Daddy…I’ll be a good little bitch for you!”

You moan and cry and I reach and roughly pull your hair.

“Don’t even fucking think of coming. Whose bitch are you?”

“You Poppa…I’m your bitch.”

“You remember that story when Theo had Zajika fuck a doggy? Are you my little doggy fucker right now.”

I can feel your asshole twitch around me.

“Yesssss Popppppaaa!”

“You’re a filthy little fucking slut, a cum-rag who loves being used and degraded.”

“Yes Poppa.”

“Bark like the bitch you are for me Babygirl.”

“RUFF! RUFFF….YIP…RUFF!” You cry and moan into my bed.

I shove into your roughly…

“I want to change you, modify you, make you my little bitch slave. Make you lactate, turn you into my little breeding cow. Would you like that?”

“Yes Poppa, I want you to use and touch and taste every part of me. Every part of me belongs to…you!” You shake on the last one, because I fucked into your ass with force, making you shiver and moan.

“You’re almost healed, almost ready for your Poppa to turn you into his little milking breedcow.”

“Yes Poppppaaaa!”

“Would you like that Babygirl?” I ask, knowing you would, gripping your ass as I fuck it.

“Yes po…God…so hard to talk…”

“Say it, I want to hear you fucking say you’ll be my little milk cow breeding bitch as I fuck your ass.”

“Yes…I’ll be your milk cow breeding bitch.”

“I’m going to tie you up, so helpless, binding your tits as I suck and suck, attaching a machine, making you take pills that make you leak. Your tits will swell and swell…”

I stop and rest my hard cock still inside you, you mewl and whimper, grinding into me.

“Yes…God, transform me, make me into what you want. God, I love it…so filthy…”

“I’m going to make you mine, brand you, make your constantly wet and dripping. Don’t fuck back, just sit there, with my cock in your ass, stretching you out thinking of what I’m going to do to you, make you do, make you be.”

“Yes Poppa…I’ll be such a good little breeding whore for you, such a little fucking cow…I’ll let you milk me and use me and fuck me any time you want.”

“Whose Whorebitch are you?”

You whine and whimper at the torture of having to stay inside of me.

“Yours’ Poppa…God…I need it so bad.”

“What do you need, what does my filthy little breeding milk cow whore of a Babygirl need?”

“Your cock…to be used by you…owned by you.”

I pull out and you whimper, your ass hungry and trying to pull me back in.

“Please Poppa, you can milk me, change me into whatever you want, use me…tie me up…anything, I need your cock SOOO MUCH!.”

I roughly pick you up and throw you on your back.

“You’re under me, right where you belong, isn’t that right you filthy whore?”

“Yes Poppa, you own me, all of my holes, everything. You know what’s best.”

“Damn fucking right I do!”

Your cunt is spread open and dripping, your asshole still spasming, gaping and wet as you hump down and grinding as you try to fuck a cock in your ass that is no longer there.

“Please Daddy, fuck my cunt, fuck my cervix…breed me, knock me up, make me your little cow, dripping with milk for you!”

At your words, my cock twitches…still slick with the juices of your ass.

“Anytime, even on your period, when you’re cramped and emotional and vulnerable and weak?” I ask, I love this part of it, a mix of kink, lust and devotion.

“Yes Poppa. I’d let you fuck me then, nice and slick…you can see my blood on your cock, your own little piece of fuck meat.”

I lean over you, and start to bite and suck your neck and your nails go into my back…”Oooooh, Daddy, god, that hurts so good!”

I growl into you, biting hard enough to draw blood and I suck at it, and you scratch into my back and head, the stinging only driving me on.

I whisper into your ear, “You’re such a filthy little whore, my cumrag…I want to use your whorish cunt so good, I know you feel worthless sometimes, but I know that your worth is in your servitude, your natural submissive nature.”

“Yes Poppa…I was born to be your whore, your breedwhore.” You grind your hips up at my throbbing cock, and I know that it’s inside your heat, dripping pre-cum already,”Knock me up, make me yours…just cum in me, and let me stay.”

I enter you, you’re so wet and hot and tight and good and you moan squeal into my ear, sucking at the jewelry, working the lobe over with your tongue, your fingers rubbing and scratching into my head.

I fuck into you, steady, hard strokes and you moan and writhe beneath me.

“Fuck me Poppa” you whisper into my ear breathily,”I’d let you do anything to me you wanted, mark me up, make me milk, ink me up, brand me. You’d own me, everyone would know it- just for you.”

I groan and fuck into you harder, God, I was…this was so good.

“You’ll knock me up, and I’ll be so swollen and delicate. Unable to resist, not wanting to resist you just having your way with me, our baby growing in my womb. Just like my friend, I’d look so pretty and radiant and happy and wonderful. We could have a birth at home, the old way, a water birth. I’d be your very own natural little whore just for you Daddy, make children for you as I stay at home raising your children, our children- they’d have such a kinky little mommy…God…I can feel it…so close”

I fuck you, fuck into you…and faster and faster.

“Let go…just let go…please breed my cunt, fill me up until it spills out, I’ll let you see it just drip down my leg. Show you what a good, obedient woman I am- willing to do anything to please her man.”

I look at you, tenderly now and you notice the change and tremble. Still pumping, I hold you gently, lovingly…

“God, I love it Tim, so sweet, you’re so won-Ahhh-wonderful to me.”

I am making love to you now, the kink that built up the flame now ready to turn into a wonderful, healing simmer. I was not just fucking you, but making love to the woman I want to spend the rest of my days with, to help with her burdens, to take care of her as she would take care of me. My beautiful, wonderful, creative, kind, sexy woman- kinky as fuck, and just as adventurous as I. My ideal woman- strong and smart enough to think for herself, compassionate and loving enough to care for me when I needed it, but also vulnerable and soft enough to need my strength.

“Please Tim, let go, just let go inside me. I want to feel it, it’s so good, thick and throbbing…you’re so close, please…for me, just let go inside of me.”

You moan hotly into my ear and scratch at my nipple, lightly pinching as I cover your body…

“That’s it…let me make you feel so goood. I love you so much Tim, I want to be yours and yours only…so good.”

I press my face into yours, and breathe, “Oh Luba, you’re so good to me, you’re the only one I want…this is all for you, I only want to be with you.

“Yes Tim, I want that too, only yours, yours forever, you’re so wonderful…please Tim, come for me, nice and gentle…”

You lick and suck my earlobe tenderly, giving me little kisses as I fuck into you, you spasming with joy with each thrust, and you look into my eyes with love and devotion and understanding.

I cry out, letting lose into you, my seed, that seed that someday would make children for us, that is a sign of my love, for you and only for you.

“Aaaah Tim…God…so good…I love you so much Unnnnnnnn!” You cum around my cock…your groan turning into inarticulate cries and begging

I hold you tight, still thrusting, and your orgasm.

“That’s it Luba, just enjoy yourself…god, I love you so much…I want only the best for you, just ride it, ride it…enjoy it.”

I shoot into you deeply, your legs lock around me and we stay like that, possessing each other in ways that only those who are deeply in love can.

I kiss you tenderly, your lips soft and sweet and you kiss me back, crying in joy and release and bliss.

“I’ve got you Babygirl. I’m never going anywhere, I’ll be here with you and for you forever.”

“Oh God Tim…”you bury your head into my shoulder crying as the strain becomes too much, and you can’t help but wet yourself on my covers. You shudder and hold onto me and I coo and stroke your hair.

“God, I love you so much.”You finally say, recovering from the sopping, draining climax,” Am I really your only, your best?”

I kiss you deep, as you cling to me like a drowning woman.

Gently disengaging from your lips, I look deep into your eyes. My intense blue boring deeply into those of soft, sensuous, vulnerable brown.

“Yes Luba, forever- you’re my only. I love you, and I want only you…”

I pull from you with a slick wet sound, and I can see my cum dripping from you…marking you with my scent, as my own, just as you’ve marked me.

“Was I good to you, Poppa?”

“Yes Babygirl.”

I gently pull you into me, throwing the covers off, and pulling out another large blanket.

Leaning over, I pull out a little thermos and a bowl. and you stare at me, and some clean towels. Saltwater for your nipples, and I lovingly clean you, carefully- appreciation at my tenderness fills your eyes and you take one of your small brown hands and cup my face.

“Am I doing this okay?”

“Ye-yeah. You’re so gentle.”

“I’m glad you’ve healed enough to let me do this.”

“This is so sweet Tim…thank you.”

You stare at me, adoration and love in your eyes, then you look away embarassed.

“What Mija, what’s the matter.”

“I’m sorry about your covers.”

I chuckle softly…”Trust me Mija, it was worth it- saturated with your scent- perfect and lovely.”

“You mean that?”

“With all my heart.” I open my arms, inviting you into my embrace.

Breaking down from the intensity of the moment, you cry into my chest and I just hold you and cradle you protectively never wanting this to end.

I hadn’t belonged to him for all that long, yet, from the beginning, the rules had been simple and definite. Near the top of the list, I was not allowed to masturbate in any way without express permission. That also happened to be the rule I had the most trouble following. Unfortunately, I also had difficulty not admitting to having broken that particular rule.

For some reason, I was always so sure he would want to hear all about it, want to see photographic and video proof. Every time I even so much as fingered my clit, I took a picture or recorded it. Then I would call him up, happy as a clam, and proclaim that I had some new evidence of my desire for him and all that he did to me. Usually he would immediately rebuke me, tell me he was disappointed, and then the next time we would meet he would punish me.

Every other time this had happened, it was usually a spanking, sometimes with a paddle or crop instead of his bare hand, but always within my pleasure limits. Almost like her was encouraging me to break the rules. Sometimes, he would make me get on my knees and service him, but again, always within my limits.

He would let me take my time, swallow him slowly, run my hands over his belly and ass cheeks, drag my nails lightly down his scrotum, and he would never force himself into my mouth. During these “punishments” he would invariably give me some sort of sign or word that he was going to cum so that I could prepare for it.

I swear, he always knew if I was in the mood to swallow his load, or have it streamed onto my face and tits, because he would do the opposite of that preference when the time came; the only real indication that it was anything approaching a punishment.

Whether it was “forced” oral, or a spanking, or both, he would pepper the whole experience with commentary about what a bad girl I was, how I needed to be taught a lesson, how sluts can’t be left to their own devices (thus the basis for the rule in the first place), how I belonged to him and therefore was required to ask permission to play with his toys.

These lectures always made me feel good. It showed that he cared about me and how I occupied myself when he wasn’t around. Then, one day, things changed, though I didn’t realize it at first.

I’m not sure what brought on the change. Too many times testing the limits perhaps. Or maybe just a particularly bad day at his work. I may never know.

What I do know is that that day, when I called him to tell him about this glorious video I had just finished making, which involved a thick dildo buried in my pussy and rather lengthy butt plug being slowly pushed and pulled in and out of my ass, not to mention the leather collar around my neck with attached nipple clamps, or the ball gag between my teeth to keep me from alerting the neighbors to what I was doing, all that was on the other end of the phone was silence.

After a few moments pregnant with tension, he simply told me in a low, threatening voice, that I was to make my way to his residence immediately. He then hung up without another word. Realizing that he might actually be upset with me this time, I went to my closet and put on his favorite slutty outfit, sans any kind of underwear, threw on a long coat, grabbed my keys and left my apartment.

When I got to his house, he was waiting for me. He opened the door and stood back, indicating that I should enter. As I did, he closed the door behind me and locked it. I hadn’t even made it to the middle of the room when he walked up behind me, grabbed me by the hair and forced me down to my knees.

So quickly I barely had time to register, he moved in front of me, unzipped his fly and pulled out his already rock hard cock. His hand still in my hair, he tilted my head back, growled at me to open my mouth, and as soon as I complied, shoved his thick length in to the hilt.

Needless to say, I was not prepared. I gagged a bit and a few tears sprang to the corners of my eyes but I didn’t resist. I began to reach up with my hands to fondle his abdomen as I usually did while sucking him off, but he looked down and told me harshly to place my hands on his thighs and not move them.

I did as I was told and then proceeded to concentrate on timing my breath to his thrusts so that I wouldn’t pass out. In his agitated state, he was done quicker than usual. The whole thing only lasted a few minutes before he pushed all the way into my mouth a final time and exploded into the back of my throat.

I’m not sure how I managed to swallow it all without choking, but one glance at the look on his face told me that I should not dare to let any of his load leak from between my lips. When he was done, and satisfied that I had swallowed it all, he pulled out of my mouth, but retained his grip on my hair.

He looked down at me and told me that now I was going to find out what real punishment was. He released me and stalked away into another room, calling to me without looking in my direction that I was to go to the play room and prepare myself for a spanking.

Knowing what this meant, I quickly got up, and moved to the room in the basement outfitted for our particular type of activities. I removed all my clothes except my thigh high stockings and garters, went over to a waist high table with a cushioned edge and bent over it spreading my legs to a bit past shoulder width apart.

He kept me waiting for a while before coming into the room silently. Usually this is when he started talking, telling me what was to come. How he would spank my ass until the cheeks were beet red and how he would make me beg for his cock until finally he relented and fucked me until I screamed with the sheer pleasure of it.

This time he didn’t say a word. He just walked in, came over to me, tilted my head back and pushed a ball gag into my mouth. He then pulled me by my shoulders into more of a standing position, reached around, and slipped a set of clamps onto my already rock hard nipples. Then he tightened them considerably further than he usually started with.

I screamed a bit into my gag but he barely seemed to notice. He pushed me forward again until i was fully bent over the table, then pulled my arms behind my back and locked them in place with padded handcuffs.

Following this, he went to a cabinet in the corner of the room and removed several items, bringing them over to the table. He warned me that this was not to be like any of my other punishments; that this time I would learn my lesson, and without any warning he whipped my ass cheek with the riding crop.

I can’t say he hit me harder than he ever had before, but he definitely had always worked up to that level in the past. I jerked a bit and screamed into my gag, more surprised than actually hurt.

He didn’t give me any time to recover my senses before he was raining down blows on my soft skin. Despite my penchant for pleasurable pain, I began to tear up again as it got to the limits of what I had previously been able to handle. It felt like it lasted forever.

In reality probably ten minutes passed before he slowed his blows and finally stopped. I had just started to breathe a sigh of relief when he reached forward with one hand and pulled one of my ass cheeks toward the side, exposing completely my tiny hole. I didn’t even have time to tremble in trepidation when a stinging slap from a thin, rounded rod landed directly on my anus.

Without me realizing, he had put down the crop and picked up this stiff, whip-like instrument and began whipping my delicate ass hole with it. I was screaming though my gag and writing about on the table and making a whole big production out of this before I settled down long enough to realize that he was deliberately not whipping me hard enough to hurt or do damage.

In fact, it was a pleasant pain, just a previously unknown one. Once he realized that I began to like it, he increased the force behind his blows until I was once again close to sobbing. It was around this time that I realized my pussy had gotten so wet from my punishment, that my juice was flowing down the inside of my thighs.

He must have realized this also, as he paused, ran the end of the rod along my leg to moisten it, and then resumed spanking my hole. Ah, the sweet torture of it. It hurt more then, of course, but for as much as I was crying through my gag and struggling, I was also silently begging him to continue, to whip me just a little harder. I rather hoped that this would become part of our regular routine.

Heaving a sigh a few minutes later, he stopped, dropped the rod, and simply stood behind me. He then picked up a bottle of lube off the table, poured some onto my abused rosebud, and began to massage my aching hold with his fingers. He swirled the lube around, then pushed some inside my tight little ass, sawing his fingers back and forth in a hypnotic motion.

Seeing as how one of the first things we tackled when I became his property was to loosen me up so that I could not only handle, but enjoy anal sex, I was loving his current ministrations. Again, I must have stopped paying attention to what else he was doing behind me, because he hadn’t slipped his fingers out of my ass for more than a second when his thick cock suddenly plunged into my ass with one forceful thrust.

Thankfully he was fully lubed up, and it felt like heaven, but I screamed into my gag anyways, knowing how he liked that sort of token resistance.

He immediately went to work fucking me as hard as he could, giving no consideration to how I would have wanted him to do it. Incidentally, his hard, deep, quick, almost machine like motions were exactly what I was craving. The feel of him sliding in and out of my freshly abused hole only adding to the pleasure.

Within a few moments I came, cream oozing down my thighs. He reached down and scooped some onto his fingers, and I knew he had taken his hand to his mouth to lick it off. It only made me wetter. He continued to fuck me as hard as he could, venting all his frustrations on my tight, prick-hugging hole.

Having cum less than a half hour before, he lasted a long time in my ass. I think at one point I might have passed out from the intensity of the sensation, but being the excellent kind of dom that he was, he made sure to pour on more lube anytime my hole started to give resistance, and continued to use me solely for his pleasure.

I think that’s why we get on so well; we both really just want him to take his pleasure from me in any way he pleases. At one point, he reached forward to tighten my nipple clamps, drawing a new round of sobs from behind my gag, then she loosed my handcuffs and pulled them off.

Now that I could use my arms, I placed them on the table in front of me to give myself leverage and began to push back to meet his demanding thrusts. Giving myself over to the pain and pleasure, I let myself sob through the gag. It’s sort of like being on a roller coaster. You know it won’t do you any good, but you scream because it feels better that way. Plus, I know he likes to hear me whimper and sob as he uses me, so I indulge him

. Really, I’d indulge him almost any pleasure, but it’s especially nice that this one benefits us both. I think I came again at some point, I was so overwhelmed by sensation, I can’t be sure. It must have been close to an hour later than he finally tightened his hold on my hips, pulling me back, all the way onto his shaft.

He placed one hand on the small of my back and pushed me down into the table to hold me still, then thrust a few more times, abruptly reached forward and grabbed me by the throat, pulled me back a bit as he flexed his fingers around my neck and almost roared in my ear as he emptied shot after hot of scalding hot cum deep into my ass. Maintaining his hold at my throat, be moved his other hand to the table next to my shoulder, leaned down, and with his cock still buried inside me, asked softly if I had learned my lesson. I nodded vigorously, secretly thinking that I needed to find something that would push him to abuse my pussy this same way.

I was debating in my head whether I wanted him to spank my clit the same way he was whipped my asshole, in fact, had just decided I would definitely like that if it were with a slightly wider instrument, when he pulled back a bit, pulled out of my ass, and before my hole could start to shrink, shoved a large plug into me to hold in his cum.

He then reached down and slipped two fingers inside my sopping pussy before resuming his hold on my throat. Still speaking softly, he informed me that not only was my punishment not over, but that if I ever disobeyed him again, I would be begging for a repeat of this episode instead of what he would give me at that time.

I promptly decided that I would definitely have to break the rules more often, but also that I would have to find a way to do so less severely to ensure that my subsequent punishments were lessons just as valuable and educational as this one had been.

I had known Dawn for years we had gone to High School together a long long time ago and we were both in our 40′s now. Although we had never had a relationship, over the years become very good friends and now we had become fuck buddies. Sometimes when we were single and sometimes when one or both of us were in a relationship. We had kept this secret from everyone we knew, so all our partners friends and family just thought we were close friends.

Dawn and I had the same adventurous and curious nature about sex and most of our conversations usually turned to the subject. Our favourite game was Dawn being overpowered by me. We had learnt each others limits and likes and dislikes which meant we had an unspoken trust that if either of us said the safe-word any game would stop. This was especially needed because Dawn’s favourite game was fighting me when I treated her roughly, fucking her with different objects, spanking her, including slapping her pussy. There was only one thing we had never done Dawn had always been adamant that she would not let me fuck her ass.

Dawn is very sexy, she had always looked amazing with her slim figure and long slender limbs, her pale skin clung to her fine sculptured bone structure. She had small but perky breasts, with nice nipples that grew firm as you sucked and twisted them hard. When she laid back on a bed and breathed in her ribs showed a little bit and her hips and pelvic bones raised above her pussy framing her tight moist hole.

Dawn loved the pleasures of being dominated and we had pushed the boundaries, but I was still unsure how far I could make her go. There had been spanking and some light bondage with which she had acted out the struggling woman with ease, her sexy pleading when I had her tied to the bed was a turn on. As with all the woman I have played kinky games with Dawn knew the only way to stop me was to use the safe-word

Dawn and I hadn’t met for a while and we decided we should play a kinky game, I had booked a hotel room in the city centre and had taken all the equipment that we would need. I was already getting aroused at the thought of what was going to happen.

She looked amazing , Dawn’s shoulder length hair framed her pretty face, her eyes dazzled with naughtiness. She was wearing a small sexy black dress that showed of her slender frame perfectly. Her pale skin contrasted well against the black dress and sheer black stockings her feet capped of with strappy stilettos. Dawn’s dress was just long enough that when she was stood it covered her stocking tops and loose enough so when she walked or sat down everyone could see the pale skin of her thigh above her stockings. I knew she was wearing a sexy lacy thong as she had described every detail of her outfit in a text message earlier.

We ordered some drinks and sat down with deviant smirks on our faces, I rested my hand on Dawn’s thigh sliding it slowly up the inside, making her part her slender legs. She lent back in her chair allowing my hand to pull her skirt back. Exposing the little black triangle of her tight thong clinging to her crotch, the shape of her pussy imprinted into the soft material.

I began to explore beneath the material of Dawn’s panties, she initially struggled but could see I meant business. We were sat at a table to the side of the bar and all the booths along the wall were raised by a couple of steps, meaning anyone in the bar sat on the lower level could see directly under our table.

Dawn had already noticed that people at three different tables had seen what had happened, an older couple in their late 50′s the woman looked over disapprovingly but her husband had a big smile on his face. On another table a younger couple who had been sat quietly all night kept trying to glance over discreetly without us seeing and the third table had two men directly facing us without talking. Dawn tried to close her legs again, but I held her tight and tried to pretend that no-one was watching us.

Dawn parted her legs further turning slightly towards me, this meant she exposed her stockings and pale white thighs. Whoever was watching now could see a very hot woman exposing intimate parts of her sensual body.

Dawn was now getting nervous and stammered “I’m not sure about this Lee, it feels wrong like I’m a piece of meat”

“No honey, you are a work of art, and you will obey me, this is what being my submissive toy is all about.” I said tightening my grip on her knee. With that I let my free hand drift up her thigh and began to rub her crotch leaning in to kiss her cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the old man shift position to get a better view underneath our table.

Dawn shut her eyes to try and hide from the voyeurs as my fingers sneaked under her thong, she pushed her ass forward to allow easier access. Dawn was damp already and her pussy felt hot as the tip of my finger sought out her clitoris as my fingers parted her labia. I firmly pushed the tips of two of my fingers into Dawn’s pussy, she gasped as her pussy parted. The young couple were staring quietly at us and the guys were making it very clear they were staring at the action under our table.

I was getting so turned on my cock growing harder every second I watched and felt my fingers probe Dawn’s tight exposed pussy. Dawn had her trade mark mischievous sexy smile on her face as her beautiful pussy parted and I gently massaged her clit. Dawn gripped my arm tightly and leant towards me. “Lee, everyone knows what’s happening, I’m feeling like a slut. Please please stop.”

“Yes! Dawn your my dirty little slut! Which means I get to use you however I want!” I spoke in a low voice as my hand moved up her back wrapping my finger in her hair I pulled her head backwards firmly.

Dawn gasped “Yes! Sir.”

I moved Dawn’s arm off mine and placed it on her knee and looked round the room and we were beginning to attract a lot of attention, it was about time we went somewhere more private. Dawn brought her legs together and smoothed her skirt down. I moved my chair slightly to try and block the room from seeing anything but I could still see a guy at a table further down the bar sat on his own clearly staring, I ushered Dawn over to his table and we sat down.

I ordered Dawn to open her legs slightly revealing her stockings again. I placed my hand on her knee and pulled her legs slightly further apart, Dawn let out a little gasp as she realised that the guy at the table would be able to see her pussy and protruding labia clearly as I pulled her thong to the side. Dawn tried to bring her legs together but I ordered her not to move and rubbed her clitoris with my fingers Dawn gave little shudders as I flicked her hardening clit. “Look! You will do as I tell you, you can struggle and say no but the results will be the same.” Dawn nodded as I spoke.

I looked to the guy who had moved to get a more comfortable view of the show and to see if anyone else had noticed, I nodded at him beckoning him nearer. “Hi I’m Sean, first may I say how hot you are.” Sean said letting his eyes wander over Dawn, she closed her legs and covered herself up. “I was just sat bored when I saw your little show, I glad you came over” He said smiling.

I introduced us and Sean kept complimenting Dawn which I knew she loved, she smiled as he said he loved slender pretty women and that her pussy had looked really erotic from where he was sitting. “Well! Dawn will let you have a closer look, won’t you?” Dawn smiled anxiously at me she looked really unsure about the whole situation.

“Don’t worry Sean, she will do as she is told coz she is my little submissive plaything, so if I say she has to do something, she has to obey!” I said firmly looking between them both. “Come on Dawn get your legs open and let Sean see you play with your pussy.”

Dawn looked round the bar nervously, I could tell she was really uncomfortable being so dirty in public with a stranger watching her so closely. She opened her legs and shifted her skirt just enough to allow Sean and I see her pussy. Dawn looked at me hesitantly I gestured for her to continue and she let a hand drop to her crotch and let her fingers splay her pussy open. We could both see how wet Dawn was getting her juices glistening on her soft silky pussy lips, Dawn then began to rub the length of her middle finger over her clit and into the entrance of her cunt. She rubbed her fingers firmly down over her clit pushing the tips of her fingers inside her.

Sean was smiling excitedly at the sensual show Dawn was putting on; my cock was beginning to ache as Dawn began to use two fingers which were getting covered in her juices. “Well do you like what you see Sean,” He nodded silently, “Right well I think you should play with her now.” I said as Dawns head snapped round at me, I firmly grabbed her wrist and uncovered her pussy bringing her fingers to Sean’s mouth and he licked them without hesitation, his right hand dropping to Dawns wet pussy and he slid two fingers all the way in and massaged her pussy. Dawn moaned deeply as a strangers fingers forced their way inside her.

I looked round and noticed another guy at the bar glancing furtively to see what was happening, it was so hot seeing Dawn being touched in public by a stranger and it be watched by another stranger. Dawn had her eyes closed as Sean slowly slid his fingers in and out of her, Dawn’s clit had swollen up hard and as Sean’s thumb rubbed over it she jerked in her chair as juice covered Sean’s hand. I could see Sean was really enjoying the game but we had began to attract more of attention.

“Well I think we should move on before they call the police.” I said laughing Dawn was clearly relieved and I thanked Sean who looked extremely disappointed that the game was over. Maybe next time I’ll let you use Dawn properly. Taking hold of Dawn’s wrist I led her past her audience all of them knowing how sexy, horny and slutty she really was.

I stroked the back of Dawn’s hair and pulled her into a deep long kiss leaving Dawn breathless. “Come on lets go to our room, straighten ourselves out and decided what we’re goin to do.” I knowing that it would be a while before we left the room again.

Once in the empty lift Dawn stood not knowing where to look after being put on show in the bar. I moved behind her and pulled her arms tightly together behind her back. Dawn began to struggle a little, understanding that the show in the bar had only been a warm up.

“Please Lee, not here, I’m not sure I want us to do anything else now, why don’t we just go out?” Dawn spoke with nerves or maybe excitement making her voice tremble.

I ignored her, I tightened my grip on Dawn’s arms, she had to know who was boss. Then I began to roughly fondle Dawn, squeezing and pulling her nipples firmly, she made a little yelp as I twisted the end of Dawn’s nipples hard. I ripped her dress open exposing her breasts. The lift stopped on our floor and the doors began to open. I covered Dawn up slightly but left her bare nipples on show, the doors slid open and we quickly hurried out and past a man who saw Dawn’s naked breasts as he waited to get in the lift.

Not wanting to lose any more time, I kept hold of Dawn and pushed her roughly down the corridor to our room she struggled to get loose and was having difficulty walking in her high heels, making the journey more fraught for her. I opened the room door and I roughly shoved Dawn inside. Dawn was quiet and apprehensive as I tore her dress from her Dawn looked amazing completely naked except for her black hold up stockings and her stiletto heels her shaved pussy pouted wetly. I dropped my hand to her pussy and rubbed it making the ends of my fingers wet.

“No please stop, please, please I don’t want to do this! Don’t please, I’m begging you leave me alone!” Dawn pleaded and struggled more but as always I was far to strong for her and she knew I wouldn’t stop except for the safe-word.

I wrapped her finger into the straps of Dawn’s thong and pulled hard tearing it from her, the sight was so hot. Dawn’s fine looks and pale skin. Dawn moved forward, her little pert tits and erect nipples. I dropped my mouth to Dawn’s neck and bit hard into Dawn’s soft skin before I dropped to my knees.

My mouth quickly latched on to Dawn’s clit and sucked it into my mouth rolling the soft sensitive clit in-between my teeth. Dawn’s legs weakened slightly, but I held her up as I started to slide my fingers inside Dawn. Between her moans of mock protest Dawn struggled harder and said. “Stop it Stop, I wont go through with this I’m not a slut.”

“You are a dirty slut, and I will do what ever I want to you, now get over to the bed and lean over it with your hands on it and your legs straight.” I ordered.

Dawn took the position as ordered her body looked so hot as her breasts hung down her erect nipples looking like they were ready to explode. I moved her legs apart exposing her pussy and her ass to perfection.

“Well Dawn your mine to do things to, but first you needs to be punished for your disobedience.” as I spoke and moved to stand behind Dawn. I opened the compartment in my suitcase and retrieved some items before I began to spank Dawn’s tight ass. I started gently then using firmer slaps with each stroke. Dawn didn’t move only making a slight sound as my hand spanked her. I shifted her position and brought my hand quickly from behind her, slapping Dawn’s pussy with a sharp smack. Dawn yelped loudly at her wet pussy being slapped hard, I watched my cock now throbbing at the sight of the hot sexy woman in-front of me.

I quickly undressed and took a riding crop and a dildo from the case, pushing Dawn onto the bed. I wasted no time in sliding the dildo into Dawn but she knelt onto the bed pulling away. “Stop it please, Lee stop I don’t want this” Dawn pleaded throwing her self flat to the bed.

Taking the riding crop I flicked it against Dawn’s ass, she yelped in surprise and looked at me. Moving round to the side of the bed I used the crop on Dawn’s ass, although she flinched she parted her legs letting me stroke her pouting pussy with the end of the crop, I flicked against Dawn’s pussy, she flinched and yelp a little, I repeated it harder she moaned.

“Dawn raise your ass up you little slut.” Dawn followed my instructions and moved into a doggy position, her breasts swinging free as they left contact with the bed. Using the crop I teased her nipples before flicking them hard. As I firmly and deeply rammed the dildo inside Dawn’s tight body, she gasped as it filled her cunt.

Grabbing Dawn’s hair I roughly pulled her head back and pushed my cock into her mouth, she sucked and licked it so hard I nearly came right away. To try a distract myself I focused on using the crop and whipped Dawn’s ass, Dawn must have realised she was losing herself in the moment and began to struggle again, This only made Dawn’s teeth scrape my cock and I pushed the end of the dildo hard into Dawn turning her on even more. I had to pull my cock out before I came in Dawn’s mouth.

“Stop, No, No leave me alone, please stop her, stop using me, stop!” Dawn was struggling hard. Reaching down to her nipples I twisted them hard pulling them, squeezing them. I again used the crop to whip Dawn’s nipples making her yelp.

“Listen Dawn, you Sirs little slut toy, now take the dildo and start to fuck your pussy hard with it.” Dawn obeyed my command as I used the crop against her thigh.

Dropping the crop I took some lube and rubbed it on my swollen cock, I took my first two fingers and slowly forced them into Dawn’s ass, building up the force until I’d penetrated her tight un-fucked ass, now it was her turn to really protest.

“Lee this wasn’t part of the deal leave my ass alone, don’t you dare you bastard.” Dawn raised her voice probably knowing I wouldn’t stop know without a safe-word.

No safe-word, so grabbing the cheeks of Dawn’s petite ass I forced them wide and I positioned my cock ready to push it into her. Dawn had stopped struggling and was really enjoying being fucked with the dildo judging from her heavy breathing and moaning she was building up to an orgasm. I dug my fingers hard into Dawn’s hips probably leaving little finger bruises behind and I firmly pushed my cock onto the entrance of her ass-hole, Dawn struggled and protested as she still used the dildo to fuck deep into her pussy.

Dawn’s muscles relaxed and my cock delved deep inside her virgin ass, she gasped loudly as I fucked her. I could feel the dildo moving around inside her as I fucked her hard, Dawn continued to protest and struggle but that was just turning me on more. Her hand grabbed the dildo and she began to ram it deep and hard inside her I could feel the dildo push against my cock through the walls of her pussy and ass. My hands now free spanked her ass and thighs hard as I fucked her tight ass. Dawn struggled trying to buck me off her. My fingers tightened round her delicate neck, Dawn moaned harder as she fucked the dildo deeper and harder into her pussy, as I fucked her struggling body in and out of her tight ass.

Dawn began to cum, her ass contracted and squeezed my cock painfully and she yelped with pain. I pulled out this clearly had an affect on Dawn as she began to moan “Oh my god” as her body began to thrash about with a massive orgasm. She collapsed on the bed panting, her pussy, drenched in cum.

“Dawn who are you?” I asked,

“I’m your dirty little fucking slut Sir!” Dawn’s soft spoken voice made those words sound so erotic it made my cock twitch to hear her.

Dawn lay back giving me a wonderful view of her well fucked pussy dripping with her cum. Picking up the riding crop I couldn’t resist giving her now swollen sensitive pussy a couple of sharp quick stinging hits. Before going down between her legs to kiss her swollen lips gently.

Business trips are usually pretty boring affairs. You meet with some clients or vendors, grab a meal, have some drinks and maybe watch a little porn on the company dime in the hotel. Conferences aren’t much different except there are a lot more people and much more boring meetings all day. The conference I was at this time was in Las Vegas which was better. At least I could break away and hit the casinos when there was some down time. But there was still a certain amount of networking that had to be done. You could get a most of your sales leads for the entire year if you played your cards right.

In one of the hotel ballrooms, they were hosting one such happy hour/schmoozing event. I was really not into it, so I decided that my time would be better spent trying to pick up the project manager of one of the companies with which we worked, Julie. She was blonde and short but was trying to make up for it by wearing super high heels. It made her calfs look fantastic. She was laughing at all my stupid jokes and kept leaning in and touching my arm. She kept great eye contact so I figure this was going to be a done deal after a couple of more drinks and some more flirting.

However, my boss, Sharon, decided to make this trip with me. She was late 30s, tall, not bad looking at all, but she was all business all the time. She was a ball breaker to say the least. Generally people avoided her in the office and small talk wasn’t generally on the menu. She saw me talking to Julie and invited herself into the conversation. Julie and I had all but quit talking about work but Sharon kept trying to steer the conversation back that way. I could tell she had a few drinks under her belt. She wasn’t fall down drunk but she was slurring her works a little bit and was not as steady on her feet. After another drink, Julie clearly had enough. She excused herself and left. So much for that. I looked over at Sharon and shook my head.

“What?” she said. “I was trying to be helpful.” She was smiling, kind of. More of a drunk smirk than a smile really.

“You are coming with me”, I said. The drinks were free so we didn’t have to worry about paying any bill. I grabbed her by her arm just above the elbow and was pushing her out of the ballroom to the elevators. She was having trouble keeping up. She had on a tight grey skirt that stopped just above the knees and didn’t allow for very large steps. Plus she had on heels. I was undaunted though and kept her going towards the elevator. We got to the elevator and I pushed the button.

“What is your room number?” I asked.


The doors opened and I pushed the button for floor twenty-two.

“I don’t know why you are taking me back to my room,” she slurred. “I’m fine. I thought we were making good progress with that account”

I didn’t say anything. The door opened on her floor and I began moving her down the hall. We got to the front of her door.

“Open it,” I said. She complied and stuck her key card in the reader. The door unlocked and I pushed her through the door. She stumbled a little but caught herself on the corner of the bed. It was a standard hotel room with two queen beds, a large screen tv on the right sitting on top of a dresser and a bathroom to the left just as you entered the room. Just past the dresser was a small desk for working. After she caught her balance she looked back at me. I had gotten more and more angry as we made our way up to her room. She ruined my shot with Julie, but more important, she was an insufferable bitch to work for and I was getting sick of it.

“I don’t give a shit about that account. I was trying to get laid. I had it under control before you came over and fucked it up for me. Now, you are going to make that up to me.” She looked completely shocked. I don’t think many people talked to her that way. “Take your clothes off. Now!” I was really boiling over at this point and she wasn’t moving fast enough. I walked over to where she was, grabbed her blouse by the collar and ripped the buttons off her shirt. I tore the rest of shirt down from behind her and yanked her bra up over her head without removing the clasps. She had a nice pair of breasts not that you would know from the conservative business wear that she usually wore. I turned her around and unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor. No panties. But she was wearing a garter and stockings which I left her in.

I told her to get on her knees while I was simultaneously pushing her down there by her shoulders. Once she was kneeling before me, I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. I was already getting aroused and was pushing against my boxers. I stepped out of those too and was standing right in front of her, my cock just inches from her face.

“Start sucking,” I told her. She reach up to take hold of me and I stopped her. “No hands.”

She looked at me but didn’t say anything and started to put my cock in her mouth. I was fully erect now though and she was having trouble. She reached up to grab my cock again. “Are you fucking deaf? Or just stupid? I said no hands. Maybe you need some help to remember.”

I went over to the desk and pulled out the complimentary ethernet cable that they kept in the drawer. This was an extra long one which was fortunate. I grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her so that her elbows were touching and tied her arms together with the cable. It was not the best tool to make a knot but it was good and tight. I walked back in front of her. “Try again.” This time, with no hands at all to help her, she lifted herself up just a little to get her mouth over my cock. Once it was in, she pulled it back down so that it was parallel to the floor and in her mouth.

She wasn’t taking it in very far and this was just making my frustration grow. “Is that the best you can do?” She just looked up and me with my cock in her mouth and didn’t respond. I grabbed the back of her head and started shoving it farther down my shaft. I could hear her start to gag a little but didn’t let up. She started coughing and I pull back just a little bit. When the coughing stopped, I shoved it back in her throat as far as I could. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. I was get more and more turned on now. I started really fucking her throat hard now. She had her mouth open as wide as she could get it and I was pounding away. She still gagged with every thrust and I could see tears starting to form in her eyes. Saliva was was running down my cock and balls and was dripping onto the floor. I felt myself getting ready to cum so I started pumping faster and harder. My cock was literally as far down her throat with each thrust as I could get it. I pulled out and came right on her face.

I took a step back to see what I had done. Her face was a mix of cum, saliva and tears. She was still kneeling down in from of the bed with her arms tied tightly behind her back. I told her not to move and not to wipe away any of the cum on her face. I opened up the mini bar and opened up little bottle of bourbon. I figured while I was at it, I might as well have a drink on the company. Next to the mini bar, Sharon’s suitcase was sitting on a stand and was open. I started going though it. She just looked at me and still hadn’t moved. It was the usually travel fare, but I did uncover, in one of the zipper pockets, a vibrator. I pulled it out and showed it to Sharon.

“You little whore,” I said. “Were you planning on using this tonight?” She nodded. “Well, I don’t want you to miss out on that. Get on the bed. On your knees and put your face on the mattress.” She did as she was told. I moved behind her and felt her pussy. She was very wet.

“I see you like getting your throat fucked.” She nodded just slightly. I turned on her vibrator and rubbed it over the lips of her pussy and then to her clit. She moaned just a little bit so I left it there. I was standing next to the bed looking down at her ass. I leaned over and rubbed her asshole with my finger. There was no lube so I used some spit. I got my finger right up in there. I kept the vibrator firmly placed against her clit. I slowly move my finger in an out of her asshole until it loosened a little. Then I stuck in two fingers. Waited a little and then three. All the while the vibrator was going. It didn’t take long and Sharon was having a full blown orgasm. I kept the vibrator right where it was. She tried to pull away from it but I increased the pressure against her clit.

“Sensitive are we? If you try to move away from the vibrator again, you will regret it.” She stayed still. I kept fingering her ass as well. I was up to four fingers and was stretching her ass out. She was still on her knees, ass in the air with her messed up face down on the mattress. She was coming again and moaning louder now. When her shuddering stopped, she started to pull away from the vibrator again.

“I told you not to do that.” I took my fingers out of her ass and kept the vibrator firmly on her clit. I saw her computer bag next to the bed and opened it up. I pulled out her power cord and made about an eighteen inch loop. She looked back at me with her eyes wide. I took the cord and smacked her across her right ass cheek. A red welt formed right away and Sharon tensed up. I then hit the left and went back and forth until both cheeks were bright red with a few dark red welts visible. The whole while the vibrator was still going. “Are you going to move again?” I heard a little whimper and she shook her head.

My cock was fully hard again. I turned Sharon over so she was laying on her still bound arms. I got up on the bed and straddled her face with my balls hanging right over her mouth. The cum I had shot on there earlier was now hardening up but I did see that some had come off on the bed. I put the vibrator back on her lit which made her squirm just a little but she didn’t pull away. “Lick my ass,” I told her. I felt her warm wet tongue reach out and find my asshole. She wasn’t going to disobey me this time. I could feel her hot breath on my skin while she tried to jam her tongue all the way up my ass. She started to cum again and this caused her to lick my ass even more forcefully. I took the vibrator away from her clit and turned it off. I moved off from the top of her.

“Are you ready to have my cock in your pussy now, whore?” She nodded. I flipped her back over so she was up on her knees. Her ass looked blistered with the welts. I grabbed her bound arms and pulled her towards my cock. It slid right in her wet pussy. I wasted no time getting up to speed with a full pounding. Each time I thrust my cock in there, my thighs hit her bright red ass. She winced every single time. I kept pulling her by her arms so I could get as deep in her as I could. Right before I was about to cum, I pulled out and moved to her front again. I blew another load right in her face. But this time, she opened her mouth so she could take it all in. I stuck my cock in her mouth so she could get the rest. I had her suck my cock clean until there was no more cum to be found.

I told her to stay still while I got dressed. I slowly put back on my clothes while she knelt there on the bed. Once I got dressed, I cam over and untied her arms. I could tell her shoulders were sore and that she was relieved to have them released. I told her to go get in the shower and clean herself up. While she was in there, I took a couple of more bottles of booze from the fridge and headed back to my room. I didn’t see her the next morning at the conference breakfast but I did see her later at the evenings happy hour. I was talking up Julie again when I saw Sharon on the other side of the room. This time she didn’t come over but she did give me a coquettish smile and headed to the elevators.

Note: This story is fiction. The names, events, and places are made up.

Daina recognized the gilded envelope as soon as she saw it in her mailbox. Sure enough, when she opened it up; “You are cordially invited to…” The firm’s annual Christmas party was the big deal of the year. Food, music, dancing, speeches by the partners, and everyone dressed in their best.

Daina didn’t drink, but she was glad some of her coworkers did. Because of that fact, everyone at the firm, including Daina, was put up in a hotel next to the party venue all night. She enjoyed relaxing in a quiet room alone, and once in the past she had even been upgraded to a hot tub suite.

There was something especially exciting about this year, too. Daina was looking at Dan in a whole new light, and while he had been well-dressed and handsome at previous parties, she sighed happily at the thought of trading glances with him all night this year.

Daina was hoping Dan would visit her room after the party, or, even better, spend the night with her. With their busy schedules, as well as the fact that they were keeping their relationship secret from everyone at the office, there hadn’t been a chance for them to simply spend a whole night, undisturbed, in each others’ arms.

The next day at the sandwich shop, though, Dan disappointed her. “Absolutely not,” he replied, when Daina mentioned spending the night together. “What if someone sees us together? Or figures this whole thing out? No way! Daina, you know we can’t do that!”

Daina’s heart sunk. “Come on,” she whined. She realized she sounded a bit like she used to when she was a teenager, and she was begging her parents for something. Without thinking about it, she whined, “But Daaaddddddy!”

Dan’s face changed. He had been serious, but when Daina called him “Daddy,” he couldn’t hold back a sly smile. Daina made a note of this, and realized that she, too, had wriggled in her seat when she said it. The thought of calling Dan, “Daddy,” was suddenly very exciting to her.

Dan snapped out of his momentary fog. “I’m sorry hun, I just can’t risk it, and you know you can’t either.”

But Daina was not satisfied. This was going to be a great time, and she wanted it to be a great time with Dan. She decided she was going to have to be irresistible at the party.

Going shopping with her mom to find a dress sexy enough to seduce her boss was a little strange for Daina, but she managed to eventually find one that was a real stunner and that didn’t let her mom know what she was up to. A black cocktail dress, with 2″ wide straps, that was low-cut enough to show off her gorgeous breasts, and really flattered her figure. She admired herself in the mirror. It was a little too long, if anything. She remembered that Dan had made a comment about how cute her knees were. “I can’t leave those covered up,” she thought, making a note to move the hemline up a few inches when she got home.

A few weeks passed, and finally the anticipation had built up to the day of the party. Daina could hardly concentrate as she laid out her dress and overnight bag. She was determined to look so amazing that Dan would sneak off with her somewhere.

That afternoon, she arrived at the hotel and checked in. Room 213. The hot tub upgrade, again. Opening the door, the room air felt stale. The hotel had recently been redone, and it was obvious this room hadn’t been used in a while. Daina set down her bags and opened the window to let in some cool, fresh air. As she slid the window open, she saw Dan’s car in the parking lot. She felt a twinge of excitement as she anticipated the evening to come.

Daina stepped in the shower to freshen up before the party. As she felt the hot water coursing over her entire body, she couldn’t help but think back to that first time they showered together. She felt her pussy getting wet and, before she realized it, her fingers were lightly grazing across her clit. Her pussy pulsed with excitement. Daina stopped before she went too far, deciding to save her fun for after the party. Daina took her razor and carefully shaved her pussy completely smooth. She loved the feeling of her smooth pussy, especially when she had something special to do.

Daina dried off and stepped out of the bathroom. The room was suddenly chilly. The window! In her fog of thinking about the party and everything else, she’d left it open. As she turned to walk over and close it, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She stopped and took a better look. In the cool night air, her nipples stood proud on her chest. Her hair was still damp and lay long down her back, in loose flowing curls. Her soft skin glistened with a few leftover drops of water. Daina felt gorgeous as she stared at the mirror. She realized it was Dan making her feel that way. During their encounters, she had felt sexier than she ever had before. Dan made a point of kissing, touching, and otherwise noticing every little spot on her body, and he talked about her like she was the hottest woman in the world.

The dress was laid out on her bed. As she looked at it, she had a fun thought. She knew the dress was cut all wrong to wear a bra, but what if she skipped panties, too? She decided to go for it. Daina pulled on her nylons, and slithered into the dress, reaching around to zip it up.

She could still feel a slight draft of air on her pussy. It made her tingle all over. This was going to be fun.

When Daina arrived at the party, she knew she had made the right decision. Dan was already there. He was wearing a dark pinstripe suit with a pink tie. Daina had a thing for Dan’s pink tie. He definitely looks worthy of seduction, she thought to herself.

Dan was talking to one of the partners. Daina slowly sidled over to where they were standing, her black sequined clutch gripped so tightly in her hand she thought it was going to be crushed.

Brad, the partner Dan was speaking with, noticed Daina first. Daina could see his eyes look her up and down. “Daina, so good to see you made it,” he called out.

Dan turned his head. Daina thought his jaw was going to hit the floor. Dan started to say something completely unintelligible to Brad, but trailed off in mid-mumble. Clearly, this was a good dress choice, Daina thought.

“Merry Christmas, Daina,” Brad said. As he hugged Daina, she could tell he’d had a couple of drinks. Brad was friendly at the office, but never like this. “Daina, I believe you know Dan, our up-and-coming associate,” Brad joked.

“Why, it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir,” Daina said with a sparkle in her eye.

“Oh, quit it, you two,” sighed Dan.

As Dan reached over to hug Daina, he decided to be a bit forward. “Merry Christmas,” he said, and kissed her on the forehead.

He pulled her closer. For an instant, the world seemed to disappear around them. Dan quickly leaned in and whispered in Daina’s ear. “You look absolutely stunning.”

Dan quickly let go before their hug became noticeably inappropriate. Daina felt flush at his boldness in front of everyone.

They drifted apart, and spent most of the rest of the night exchanging longing glances and a couple of naughty texts. The conversations occasionally wandered into the flirtatious, especially after most of the firm had taken full advantage of the open bar. Daina hadn’t seen Dan take a drink, however, and so she chalked up his comments to actually wanting her, instead of the liquid courage. Daina couldn’t tell, however, whether Dan was still too nervous about someone finding out to come to her room after the party.

As the party wound down, Daina decided to call it a night. She gave casual goodbyes to the other staff and made sure to shake hands with all the attorneys on the way out. Before she could leave, however, she hugged Dan goodnight. As she walked away, she sent him a text saying, “You looked amazing, tonight, too.”

Daina could hardly get back to the room fast enough. The flirting and eyeing all night had driven her crazy, and not wearing panties had left her pussy open to the cool air of the room. She could tell even without touching herself that she was soaking wet.

She got into her hotel room and shut the door quickly behind her. Daina breathed a sigh of relief.

As she laid on the bed in her dress, she decided it hadn’t outlived its usefulness yet. She hiked up her dress just enough to rub her fingers across her clit. Daina shuddered as she felt the warm wetness of her pussy on her fingers.

Just as she was starting to drift off into her own pleasure, though, Daina heard a noise at the door. Suddenly, it sounded like the door was unlocking! Daina jumped up off the bed and stood rail-straight, her heart pounding.

As the door opened, Dan stepped in and swung around, closing the door quickly behind him. Daina was largely in shock as she opened her mouth. “But… you… how did… the key?”

“$20 will buy anyone a low-paid hotel desk clerk,” Dan explained.

“You could have just come here, I probably would have let you in,” Daina said.

“I couldn’t take that chance. Especially the part about standing out there waiting and hoping to be let in. Someone might see. But what are you complaining about? Here I am,” Dan said.

“Well,” Daina teased, “What if I’ve changed my mind and just want to be alone tonight?”

Dan rolled his eyes. “You always have to make it difficult, don’t you? Well, you asked for it!”

Dan rushed over to the bed and pushed Daina down, landing on top of her. They kissed passionately for what must have seemed like hours.

Finally, Dan stood up, and pulled Daina up to her feet. “Turn around,” he whispered.

Daina looked at herself in the full-length mirror as Dan stood behind her. He brushed her hair aside and slowly unzipped her dress. As it fell to the floor, she gently kicked it away. She now stood in front of the mirror, with Dan’s arms wrapped around her, in nothing but her heels and stockings.

“Wow,” Dan exclaimed, “perfect.”

Daina’s heart raced with excitement. Dan’s arms slid down her sides and over the curve of her hips, then back up. She looked in the mirror and brought her arms up behind her head, around the back of his neck. She pulled gently on the back of Dan’s head. He bent down slightly and started kissing her shoulder and neck. Daina bit her lip as he gently nibbled and toyed with her ear. His hands rubbed her stomach and under her breasts.

Dan stood back and took Daina by the hand. He led her back to the bed. Dan sat down on the bed with his back against the headboard. Daina laid down next to him and snuggled up against him, with her head resting on his chest.

She reached down for the fly of Dan’s pants. He kissed the top of her head gently. Daina slowly unzipped his pants and reached inside. She giggled softly; Dan was not wearing underwear, either. Dan leaned back and slid his pants off. Daina slowly started rubbing his cock. She loved the feel of his thick cock in her hands, and looked up into Dan’s eyes smiling.

Dan kissed her deeply. He whispered in her ear. “Alright, since you got what you wanted, and I’m here, now I am going to have what I want.”

He shifted up in the bed. In one quick motion, he pulled his shirt off. Daina gasped as Dan took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. “You’ve been teasing me all night, haven’t you? You enjoyed driving me crazy.”

All Daina could do was nod. “You are going to get punished, and there’s no one around to interrupt us,” Dan hissed.

Pulling on Daina’s hair, he moved her so that she was laying across his legs. With his left hand on her hair, his right hand grabbed her ass roughly. He lifted his arm up and held it above her. Just as she thought it would never move, his hand came down swiftly on her exposed ass cheek. “THWAP!”

Daina jumped in pain. “Oh, did that hurt?” Dan said dismissively.

“THWAP!” He struck her again. Over and over, until her ass shined red.

He pulled her face back to his cock. “Suck it.”

Daina slowly started to put his cock in her mouth. It was smooth and, like she remembered, had a wonderful, slightly musky, taste. Dan grabbed her hair with both hands and forced her head down onto it. Daina gagged slightly as the tip of his cock hit the back of her mouth. She tried to pull back. “Oh, no you don’t,” Dan said, “You been acting all week like you wanted this cock and you got mad when I suggested you wouldn’t get it. Well, now you’re going to get it.”

Dan forced her head down on to his hard cock. She gagged. Only, this time, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She reached down and started rubbing her clit and pussy. It was soaking wet. She plunged her fingers into her pussy.

Dan heard her moans, muffled by his cock, which was sliding deeper and deeper into her mouth with every stroke. He grabbed both sides of her face and picked up her head to look him in the eyes. “Did I say you were supposed to touch yourself? Now you’re really going to get it.”

Still holding her face with one hand, he smacked her with the other. “SMACK!” Daina winced in pain.

He slid out from under her. “Turn around. Face the mirror, on all fours,” he said.

Daina did as she was told. She was undeniably turned on by Dan’s rough treatment, and hoped he would push her even further.

“Look at yourself in the mirror,” Dan said, as he positioned himself behind her.

He started rubbing his pulsing cock between her ass cheeks while his hand roughly played with her clit. In the mirror, Daina could see him rubbing her pussy juices on his cock.

Dan’s cock head started poking at the entrance to her tight asshole. Daina tensed up. This was something new for her. “Wait,” she said.

But before the word had barely crossed her lips, Dan had yanked on a handful of her hair and, while pulling her head back towards him, drove his cock deep into her asshole. Daina let out a little scream and bit her lip. It burned, she thought. But it felt so good. Almost at once, she got through the pain and started pushing back against his cock. She could feel his balls rubbing up against her pussy lips on each stroke. Dan fucked her harder and harder. Daina’s arms collapsed underneath her, and she reached back, furiously rubbing her pussy.

Daina’s finger accidentally slid into her soaking wet pussy and rubbed up against her insides, on the other side of where Dan’s cock was ramming her ass with abandon. She quivered at the feeling. She began fucking herself with two fingers, matching the rhythm of his strokes each time.

Soon, Daina began to feel waves of pleasure overtaking her. All of a sudden, she realized her pussy was pulsing around her fingers. She pulled her fingers out and started squirting a mess of pussy juices all over the bed beneath her.

Dan realized what was happening, and pulled his cock out from her ass. “Get on your back,” he said, flipping her over with his arms.

Dan dove down in between her legs and started sucking on her pussy while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. With his other hand, he reached underneath her and put his index finger up her ass. After a moment, Daina felt herself shaking again. She squirted her juices into Dan’s mouth and all over his face.

Dan pulled back. He leaned up over Daina’s face. PFFT! He spit Daina’s pussy juice right in her face.

At once, Daina was shocked and aroused. Even more so when he next bent down to kiss her right on the lips.

Dan slid his cock into her pussy in one long stroke and started fucking her, while his face was only a fraction of an inch from hers. She gazed into his eyes as he fucked her with deep, hard strokes.

Soon, Daina could feel him fucking her harder and harder. She knew what was coming next. Dan bit her ear and held her still as his cock shot waves of thick cum deep inside her pussy. She shuddered and felt even more of her juices mixing with his.

Suddenly, Dan pulled out and slid down to her pussy. He licked her pussy top to bottom with several quick strokes. Then, he came back up and kissed her deeply. Dan tasted like an erotic mixture of her ass and pussy, combined with Dan’s cum. She couldn’t remember ever having tasted anything so wonderful.

Finally, Dan pulled back from kissing her. “Alright, I guess this beats playing board games and drinking with the staff all night, right?”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. She loved that Dan could be, in a short span of time, both a passionate, even rough, lover, and a funny, cute, dork. “Let’s try the hot tub,” she replied, “Last year mine went totally unused.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Dan said, “I think I kept my luggage in mine. Are you going to wash me?”

Daina snuggled him tightly and got up from the bed. She tossed a look over her shoulder at him, “Only if you feel dirty,” she teased.

Authors Notes: This is my first submission of any kind, submitted anywhere. I apologize for any grammar or spelling that may have been missed. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. While the names have been changed, and some artistic liberties taken for forgotten pieces, the below story is true.


It started out like every other weekend that my girlfriend didn’t have her kids. We had plans to spend the entire weekend together, starting at my house on Friday night.

“I’m running a little late, but I’m on my way. I should be to you in about 15 minutes. What’s the plan for tonight?” Joleen asked.

“I just ordered us a pizza and figured we could hang out, watch movies, eat pizza and have some cocktails. You said none of your friends were doing anything, right?” I replied.

“No, the only person I know going out is Bruce, he’s going to Chili’s for drinks”

“Well you know I’d rather do nothing than hang out with Bruce. I’ll deal with him in large groups when I can talk to other people, but I’m not dealing with him with just the two of us.” I replied.

“OK, you know I don’t care. I’ll see you in a little while” she said before we ended the phone call.

Why she insists on continually mentioning him, I’ll never know. She knows just the sound of his name raises my blood pressure, sometimes I think that’s why she does it. Bruce had never done anything to me, nor had I seen him doing anything to anyone else, but I just had a gut feeling about him. Every guy has run into a few men like him. You can give anyone a specific reason why you don’t like him, but you know without a doubt in your gut, that you’ll never like him.

By the time she arrived, the pizza had been delivered and I had drinks made and waiting.

“Hi handsome” Joleen said as she walked in my garage door. It took a lot of arm twisting but I finally broke and gave her the spare opener to my garage door.

“Hey beautiful” I said as I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss hello as I lightly tugged the back of her hair to tilt her head.

Let me take a minute to describe Joleen to you. She was 38, but looked 28, 5’5″, with a great figure. She had a modest B cup, but had an ass that would make most men drool. Like most women, she thought she could lose some weight, but most men would say she was perfect.

Had the night continued like it started, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this story. We had a good two to three hours of relaxing, eating, drinking and watching TV. To this day I can’t even tell you what started it, or what it was about, but we got into a huge argument. We had arguments before, especially when alcohol is involved, and they are almost always small, stupid, and quickly ended. This time, not so much. We both got stubborn and the argument built to the point that she left my house and told me she was going home. This was a first for us, she had never before left my house before our weekend together was over. I was steamed but there was nothing I could do about it, so I cracked another beer and got ready to finish the night by myself.

It was maybe 45 minutes to an hour later that I got a call from Joleen.

“Where are you?” I asked without even saying hello.

“I couldn’t go home and sit there by myself, so I met Trudy and”, I knew before the words were even out of her mouth, “Bruce.” She always knew what buttons to push to get me fired up and in the back of my head I knew it. You know what? It didn’t matter, my level of anger rose even higher than it already was anyway.

I think she took my silence as thinking it was safe to continue, if she knew what was really going through my head, she may have hung the phone up and never called me again.

“You know I don’t like being in the house alone when the kids are away. I just needed time to calm down and this was the closest place I could think to stop.”

Hearing this calmed me down a little, but Bruce? FUCKING BRUCE?!? The fact that Trudy was there, who Joleen knew from work, was the only reason I wasn’t completely flying off the handle.

“And?” I asked, still not completely trusting myself to say anything more.

“And … I shouldn’t have left.” she said then waited.

Deep, cleansing breaths, deep cleansing breaths….

“We argue because we’re both stubborn, we both have to remember that.” I said.

“I know” she meekly replied and waited.

This is typical of how our arguments end. One of us breaks and says we pushed it too far, and believe me we each took turns doing that, and then it’s over. Just like that.

“So are you still going home or are you coming back here?” I asked.

She hesitated and replied “I want to come back”

“Well took you long enough to make up your mind” I teased “Are you OK to drive?” she was known to occasionally not handle her alcohol all too well.

“I’m fine, I’ll see you in about 10 minutes” she said.

While I was still extremely burned up that she found her way to Bruce tonight, at the end of the day I was just glad the fight was over and she was on her way back to my house. I didn’t know what was in store for the rest of the night once she got here, but at least she’d be here to deal with it. It was 10 minutes later when I heard the garage door but in reality it felt like an hour. I couldn’t help but stand and wait for her to let herself in. When the door knob turned and I saw the first part of her walking through the door, the tension in my shoulders releases for the first time since she left.

When she was fully in with the door closed, she turned and gave me this look she had. This was normally a look that made me feel like taking care of her and cuddling. Tonight it sparked something else in me. Suddenly, I closed the distance on her and while I had never hit her, you could tell she was a little nervous. I looked in her eyes the entire time and stopped just before I got to her. I took my right hand and stoked the back of it across her left cheek, under her left ear and along the back of her neck. When I got to her hair instead of just lightly pulling it like I normally do, I grabbed a good hold and pulled her head back, probably a little more sharply than even I intended.

You could see the surprise in her eyes as her head tilted back and I leaned in to kiss her. I didn’t let go of her hair, quite the opposite in fact. I used her hair to control her head and tilt it how and where I wanted it. The passion of the kiss is something I will never forget. While we sat at the door kissing, our hands started roaming over each other, and neither one of us was being gentle.

My left hand roughly slapped her ass and quickly grabbed a handful of it. She pulled my ass to her so that she could feel me getting hard and pressing into her stomach. My hand moved from her ass, up her side, cupping her left tit, squeezing and sliding my fingers to her nipple and roughly pinching it. When her mouth came off mine to gasp, I pulled her head back exposing her neck to me.

While I started going in for a kiss, I wound up using my teeth on her neck. Scraping them on her sensitive spots and lightly and not so lightly biting down on spots. After I took the bottom of her ear into my mouth, I put my lips next to her ear and said “I’m going to fuck you. Bedroom … Now!” I started her in the direction of the bedroom by the back of her hair and sped her up with a hard slap to her ass.

On the way to the bedroom not only could I not take my eyes off her ass, but all the anger from the talk about Bruce started to bubble to the surface.

She stopped just before she got to the bed and unbuttoned her pants, bent over and started sliding them down her legs. She knows I love this and I have trouble resisting her when she offers herself to me like this. Just when she got them halfway off I walked up behind her and pushed her towards the bed. Her legs got tangled in her pants and she fell, face down, to the bed.

I put my weight on her and grind my cock into her ass as I grab her hair and twist her ear to my lips. “Tell me what you want” I ask her as I slap her ass again.

She doesn’t say anything, so I slap her ass again and raise my voice a little “Tell me … What you want!”

I was just about to really hit her ass hard and raise my voice when her voice cracked “I want …. ” she hesitated, “I want you to fuck my ass.” The last part barely above a whisper.

Now we had had anal sex before but something about tonight made the whole experience .. different .. dirtier. She had never asked for it like this and had never been so submissive in doing so.

“Tell me again” I said slapping her ass.

She turned her head enough so I could see her eyes which went from a look of submissiveness to a look of fierce determination. “I want you to fuck my ass!”

I got up off her and pulled her pants the rest of the way off. I trailed my hands up the backs of both her legs and when I reached her ass I gave it a good slap and said “Is this what you want me to fuck?”

Rather than answer, she just moans.

I slap her other panty covered cheek and ask again “Is this what you want me to fuck?”

She moans out “yyyeeessss”

As I take her panties off I alternate slapping each cheek of her ass, drawing the process out a little. You can see Joleen’s patience leaving her as she awkwardly starts trying to get her top off. As soon as I have her panties off, I have her crawl up further on the bed and pull the shirt right off her back. I quickly stripped off my clothes and mounted her.

My cock head pressed right up to her pussy and she was soaking wet. My cock slid right in, and with just a little push, I was buried fully in her. I took a few long slow stokes using her pussy to get my cock nice and wet.

When my cock was wet enough with her juices, I pulled it out and Joleeen moaned in disappointment. I quickly took the head of my cock and lined it up with her ass. As soon as the head of my cock touched her ass, she moaned and pushed her ass back towards me.

I slapped her ass, letting her know to calm down. I slowly slid the head of my cock into her ass waiting for that feeling. It only took a second to feel her ass close around the head of my cock squeezing it and letting me know she had fully accepted the size of my cock. I savored that feeling for a few seconds before forcing the rest of my cock balls deep into her ass. There is nothing like the feeling of feeling your balls pressing up on a woman, who’s ass you just buried your cock in. I was expecting her to cry out but the only thing that came out was a loud, low moan.


“Is this what you wanted? My cock buried up your ass?”


“That’s all you want?”


“NNNNooooooo, fuck me…. FUCK MY ASS!”

I slapped her ass hard before grabbing that spot just above her hips with both hands. I held on and, without any regard for her, I fucked her ass as hard as Icould. I’m really surprised the neighbors didn’t come knocking to ask if everything was alright. Between my hips slapping into her ass, her moans, and my grunts, the sounds in the room only added to the intensity.

Even with as hard as I was fucking her ass, she was still trying to grab my cock with her ass. It felt like she was trying to rip my cock off with her ass. I knew with as hard as I was fucking, and as hard and she was squeezing, it wouldn’t be long before I was going to cum. A few minutes later I felt the tingle start deep in my balls letting me know I was, if fact close.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

Breathing heavily she answered “in” a few deep breaths “in… my …. ass … “

“I can’t hear you, Where?”

With what seemed like a lot of effort she moaned “In .. My .. ASS!”

With the last word out of her mouth she must have felt my cock start to swell, because she started squeezing my cock harder than I thought possible. I pulled her hips back as hard as I could and, even though I was buried as far as I would go in her ass, I tried to push it further in. The tingle that had started in my balls, erupted up the rest of my cock and fired cum deep in her ass. I stayed as deep as I could for as long as I could. After what felt like a few minutes we had both mostly caught our breath, and I leaned down and kissed the back of her neck sending shivers through her overly sensitive body. It wasn’t long after that we cuddled up together and fell asleep for the night.

Now later on in the relationship I had some questions about this night that I never got the answer to. Was Trudy really out with Bruce? Did anything else happen that I didn’t know about? There came a point that I stopped thinking about that, and just enjoyed what turned into one of the hottest nights of my life.

Chapter 03: End of Summer

Mark’s visit was cheering everyone up. College had been treating him well, but a weekend at home with his family was long overdue. He had shown up Friday evening and planned to stay until Sunday night when he’d make the three hour drive back north to the college.

Saturday afternoon passed quickly as Andrew and his big brother Mark helped their dad finish putting together a storage shed he’d bought earlier that day. Andrew loved building things. Mark always seemed to tolerate these family projects fairly well, but he seemed somewhat detached today.

Andrew inquired as to what was making Mark seem so distant. Mark looked up from his pile of cinder blocks he’d found to sit on while assembling the shed door latch mechanism. Mark paused, as if wondering whether or not he wanted to tell Andrew or not.

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you about it later.” Mark insisted. Andrew had no choice but to accept this and finish helping his dad.

Soon they were basically finished. Peter, Andrew and Mark’s dad, seemed to find any number of ways to drag a project out past completion. The shed was perfectly assembled. Andrew hauled the last of the packing material off to the trash and it was done. Mark stood on the back patio as Andrew returned to the back yard. The two boys stood and laughed quietly to each other while watching their dad check the level of the shed.

“Come on, dad!” Mark called out to him. “Any flaws will just add character.”

Peter walked away from the shed, towards them. “We’d probably better start thinking about dinner. And of course that means we’d better start thinking about starting the barbecue. You boys should go to the store and pick up some meat.”

Minutes later, Andrew sat in the passenger seat of his dad’s beloved old pickup while Mark drove. The paint was faded, the cabin smelled of untold numbers of pine tree air fresheners; but this truck was a member of the family as much as any family dog could be. Andrew let his hand fly in the warm summer air outside his passenger window as the truck rumbled down the old back road to their favorite shopping center. He could almost touch the tall grass of some of the overgrown spots near the road as they whisked past. This was summer.

The two brothers made more fun out of shopping than most people do out of bowling. It felt great to be back together again like old times. Talk of the town started, with Andrew filling Mark in on all the latest. While choosing a watermelon from the display, Mark changed the topic.

“So I hear you’re working for the Wilsons. Hey, Andrew, speaking of the Wilsons, I’ve gotta confess something to you. You’re not going to like this.”

Andrew played it cool. “What is it? Just tell me.”

Mark picked a large watermelon and spilled the beans for Andrew. “Well, I ran into Stephanie at a party a month ago.”

Andrew’s face was a mixture of shock and awe. “No way…”

“Way.” Mark confirmed. “And well, let’s just say she knows how to party for an old choir girl. I don’t think she’s as churchy as her parents are. We actually made out!”

Andrew managed to mimic a deeply saddened expression and stopped in the middle of the aisle. “Traitor.” He stated simply.

Mark laughed. “Hey, I know she’s your dream girl, but it all just kinda happened before I could think. You can’t blame me, right?”

Andrew laughed too. “No, of course not. Stephanie’s hot.” He grabbed a bag of potato chips and threw them in the cart. “Really though, I’ve more or less forgotten about her. I’m stoked for you, dude.”

Mark seemed surprised. “Really? Well, I guess that was easier than I thought it would be…” He trailed off, glancing at an attractive woman that had walked by moments before. “Seriously though, you don’t mind? I mean, we aren’t going out or anything…”

“There.” Andrew said, punching Mark in the shoulder. “Now I’ve forgotten about the whole thing.”

Mark laughed, seeming to be encouraged by his brother’s good natured response to the news. “Well, the thing is, I am going out with Stephanie’s friend Allie. The two girls are like best friends. Stephanie basically set us up.” Mark turned the shopping cart down the next aisle. “And get this; Stephanie is visiting her parents this coming weekend and offered to pick me up so I could come down too. Allie will be tagging along and staying at the Wilson’s house. Pretty sweet, huh?”

Andrew had to agree that it sounded pretty sweet.

An hour later Andrew sat with his family on the patio, listening to Mark’s stories about his roommates. Mark could make just about anything funny, and pretty soon Martha, their mother, was laughing so hard at one of Mark’s anecdotes that she even began to cry a little. Andrew was glad to have his brother back.

That night, Mark came to Andrew’s room, seeming a bit confused. “Hey, Andrew.” He said just above a whisper. “Did you take my porn stash?”

Andrew had completely forgotten about the duffel bag; the treasure trove of pornographic magazines that nestled secretly under his bed. The bag used to live up in Mark’s closet, but Andrew had taken the liberty of moving it to his room while Mark was gone. Andrew did feel a bit embarrassed.

“Uh… yeah.” Andrew managed after an awkward moment.

“Hey, no problem, bro. I just wanted to make sure mom didn’t find it! I should have given it to you before I left anyway.” Mark said cheerfully. “The power of the pornography lies in your hands now.”

Andrew smiled. “Well, uh, thanks.” He couldn’t stop grinning.

Mark gave him the thumbs up. “See you in the morning. And don’t come to breakfast before washing your hands.” He left, closing the door so Andrew couldn’t get a word in. Classic Mark.

Andrew went back to his reading. It was just as well that Mark wouldn’t know that Andrew hadn’t laid a finger on the old duffel bag in over a week. The charms of that once holiest of holy porn stashes had been superseded by a blistering affair he was having with Mrs. Doreen Wilson; Stephanie’s mom. Andrew doubted that he would ever tell anyone about it, even Mark. It had been over a day since his last meeting with Doreen, and Andrew started thinking about her.

Doreen Wilson was still a bit of a mystery to Andrew. He felt close to her, yet distant at the same time. They shared the most intimate experiences that Andrew could yet imagine, while not really knowing each other.

Andrew finished the chapter he was on and reached up to set the paperback on his nightstand. Clicking off the reading lamp, he was set upon by thoughts of Doreen. Nothing, it seemed, could distract him from their affair. He lay there on his back for a time, pondering. What would happen to him? Where would all of this end? Andrew hadn’t really bothered to consider such things, as the sensation of his relationship with Doreen had been answer enough.

Andrew hadn’t felt especially guilty about any of it, and guilt did not assail him now. Doreen was a grown woman, twice his age. She wouldn’t be taking part in this secret arrangement if she didn’t think it would be good for her, or at least worth the risk. Besides, the risk is part of what made it all so exciting. Andrew had been worried at first, but if confronted on his crime of passion after the fact, he would have answered simply “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

Usually, all of this thinking would have lulled Andrew to sleep by now. Andrew recognized the shift in his outlook on the whole situation, and it stirred him from his bed. He sat up in the dark. What did he want? Deeply unsettled, Andrew decided to put his clothes back on and go for a nightly stroll around the neighborhood. He realized that it meant he could walk past the Wilson’s house on the way, but this didn’t really bother him. Maybe that’s all he needed.

Making his way through the old house silently, as only someone who has lived in a certain old house for some time knows how to do, Andrew made it outside. He crept through the side yard, across the front lawn and to the sidewalk beyond. It felt good to be walking. Taking a walk always seemed to clear his head. From somewhere he caught a whiff of cigarette smoke, which he thought must be coming from the window of his neighbor Mr. Langley.

Eventually, Andrew found himself standing within view of the Wilson’s house. There were few lights on but no discernable activity was taking place inside the old house. Andrew wondered if Doreen and her husband, George Wilson, slept together at night. He knew that a lot of couples didn’t; whether because of a snoring problem or some other issue. He thought it was funny how marriage was built upon this time honored tradition, but that marriage itself was anything but standardized. Each couple ended up being as unique as the individuals who comprised them, and still society expected each couple to be the same. Still, the marriage of a couple who were truly happy together, as Andrew’s parents had been, was a special thing. He decided then and there that marriage was worth celebrating, even if we all knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Through all his thinking, though, Andrew could not find similar logic to make heads or tails of his affair with Doreen. In the end, the bond that he had formed with Doreen only made sense in that it was what they both wanted. They had come together, each in a completely different stage of their respective lives. Two separate timelines converging into one unforgettable summer. Andrew saw the beauty in this, and it satisfied him a bit.

The mere thought of confessing his sins to his brother had started Andrew in on this personal reflection. Now, feeling reason settling in his addled mind and sleep tug at his head, Andrew turned his feet towards home.

“Good talk, old friend.” Andrew said quietly to himself, setting off briskly down the sidewalk again. The night seemed even darker than it had before. An owl hooted from the woods off to Andrew’s left, as if to remind him that he should be at home in bed at this hour. Andrew agreed, but he also liked being out at night. Here he could find true solitude. The darkness seemed to nurture unclouded thought.

The next day found Andrew and Mark at the local golf course while their parents did some shopping. Their family had enjoyed brunch, and now Mark was giving Andrew a much needed golf lesson. Mark had worked at the golf course for a few years before he left for college, and he still had a membership. After a few holes, the two boys languished in a remote spot off the fairway of hole 5. They leaned against the golf cart and drank a few beers that Mark had smuggled in. Mark always knew how to make a good time better.

Another cart was making its way down the track. The boys smoothly stashed their bottles out of sight and acted casual. The other cart stopped and the driver waved. It was Mr. George Wilson; Doreen’s husband.

“Hey Mark! Andrew!” Mr. Wilson hopped out and sauntered over to the two boys. “How’s your game?”

Mark answered for them. “It’s alright. Andrew’s getting better, I’ll say that.”

“Well,” Mr. Wilson smiled, “if his game is as good as his yard work, I’m sure he’s doing just fine. Hey Andrew I just wanted to say that you’re really giving that back yard hell, Doreen is really happy with your work.”

Andrew smiled amiably. “Well,” he shrugged. “I try.”

“So Mark,” Mr. Wilson turned his attention to Mark. “I hear you’re riding down with Stephanie this weekend. I don’t know if she told you, but we’re having a barbecue on Saturday. It’ll go all night if we want. I told your parents and everything. Everybody is going to be there.”

The boys assured Mr. Wilson that they would be there. Mr. Wilson spoke with Mark some more before turning back to Andrew. “Andrew, I think Doreen wants you to come by on Friday. I’ll let her know I told you, if that’s OK.”

Andrew agreed to this. Eventually Mr. Wilson bid them good day and hopped back in his cart, whizzing off to his next tee off. The boys took up their beers once again and resumed their sunny summer day. Mark jabbed at Andrew after a while, grinning.

“Dude, here’s your chance. A barbecue at Stephanie’s house. How many of those did we go to as kids? Like, two?” Mark pondered this for a second before continuing. “Allie and I will be busy, I’m sure. You should totally get with Stephanie this weekend. She’s a great girl; I have no doubt you could make it happen.”

Andrew scoffed at the notion and took another sip of his beer. “Yeah? Maybe I will, just to show you how it’s done.”

From then on that day, Mark wouldn’t let up with it; Andrew had to make an honest effort to get with Stephanie at the barbecue. Mark even claimed that he would help out in this endeavor. Andrew was skeptical, but he was game in the end. Mark even said something cryptic to Andrew as he drove away that evening, leaving Andrew standing with his parents in the driveway. His parents looked at him a little confused, but then they were used to the two boys always having an agenda. Andrew took it all in good humor, content to let Mark play his game.

That night, Andrew found it hard to sleep again. He decided that a nightly stroll would do just as well to clear his head as it had the night before.

Stepping out into the night, Andrew was a little excited. This time he more or less walked directly to the Wilson’s house. Once at the corner of Maple and Quail, Andrew could see the Wilson’s house. It was dark except for the porch light. Both cars stood silently in the driveway.

Andrew walked past the house casually until he came to the undeveloped lot that was next door. Around the corner, he stole into the bushes and made his way to the fence that surrounded the Wilson’s back yard. Peeking over the fence, Andrew could see that the kitchen light was on in the back of the house. Andrew knew, from previous experience, that he could easily climb the fence and spy through the window above the kitchen sink. He hauled himself up, careful not to make any noise, and hopped down on the other side of the fence.

Creeping along the back wall, Andrew made it to the window. He was surprised to see Doreen sitting at the kitchen table inside. She was lit by a solitary lamp mounted on the wall. Dressed only in a cotton nightgown, she was the very model of elegant charm. She looked cheerless, her head propped up on her hands, staring down at a glossy magazine. Doreen looked like a woman left in the lurch. On top of the uncompromising need to satisfy his own flesh, he suddenly yearned to save Doreen from an evening of tedium. Andrew sprang into action, and knocked quietly on the back door.

Through the sheer curtains of the French patio doors, Andrew watched as Doreen snapped to attention, gathered herself quickly and made for the door. Her body bobbed and bounced alluringly as she trotted to the door. She didn’t hesitate, as if there were only one person it could be, coming to her rescue at this hour. There she stood, arms holding the door open, the small light shining through her wisp of a gown. Her womanly curves were all but completely exposed to him through the light cloth.

“Oh, Andrew.” Doreen sighed. “Heaven has answered me tonight.”

She seemed to quiver in the cool night air, standing there in the open doorway. Her head went back as she eyed him still, as if about to faint from her yearning. “Thank god.”

There, between her supremely large and thinly clothed breasts hung the cross she always wore. Her ample hips shifted seductively beneath the scanty gown as she branded Andrew’s soul with a look of white hot lust. Andrew took her by the hand, pulled her out the door briskly, and closed it quietly behind her.

Before he had a chance to restrain her, Doreen was off across the yard. Andrew watched her voluptuous body bound off into the deepening darkness and disappear. He heard an impish giggle come from beyond the black, and gave chase. The moon lit his way as his eyes adjusted. Rounding the corner of the small garden shed that stood in the middle of the back yard, Andrew could see Doreen standing in front of him. Lit by the soft white of the moon, her body looked as if it were glowing; the white gown gleamed in the shadows. Andrew slowed to a walk and approached her. She shifted her stance, as if her body was greeting his presence. Her nipples were noticeably erect beneath the fabric of the gown.

He fell to his knees as he embraced her, wrapping his arms about her waist and pressing his face into her. He held her like this for a while, feeling her hand alight upon his head, stroking his hair. He released his hold, and moved his hands down the great curve of her backside. His hands continued until they wrapped around the back of her knees. She gasped and sighed beautifully as he touched this sensitive spot. He squeezed tenderly upwards as he rubbed her hips, raising the fringe of her gown as he did so. When he finally had her naked from the waist down, with her gown gathered about her middle and each of his hands clutching a cool, silky smooth thigh, he plunged his tongue into the darkness between her legs.

There he tasted her precious honey, deep and mysterious. Doreen nearly crumpled atop him in her ecstasy. He let her weight sink into him, drowning in her abandon. As he devoured her, he felt her nectar run down his cheeks. His tongue managed to pierce her insides quite thoroughly. Doreen, losing herself in Andrew’s fervent service, grasped her own breasts as she began to move herself up and down with the motion of his tongue inside her. Her right hand snaked down her body and began to rub her clitoris heavily. With this cocktail of sensations; Andrew’s hands on her legs, tongue inside her and her own fingers lashing at her clit, Doreen came violently. She would have crumpled to the ground if Andrew hadn’t held her fast, easing her body down slowly and carefully. As the woman writhed on the ground in her delirium, Andrew stood and undressed. His penis sprang up from its hiding place inside his pants and snapped upwards, rigid as a piece of solid oak.

“Andrew… oh…” Doreen tossed and contorted her body on the ground, trying to beg. Her breath came so raggedly that she could not manage the words.

Andrew lowered himself upon the stricken woman. She whimpered as he pulled the neck of her gown down across her chest until the neckline ripped, exposing a single, enormous breast. He let her reach down and take his cock in one hand, which she began to pull towards her gushing chamber. He felt the welcoming warmth of her pussy kissing his tip. He could not hold back once she had him pushing inside. His beastly organ slid past the breach in her womanhood and he kept pressing slowly down until he filled her completely.

Doreen bit her lip and clawed at Andrew’s back as he took her slowly and gently. His cock was too large, but she took him as deep as possible, even until the pressure sent a flash of pain through her. It was the intoxicating mix of sensuality and pain that had wormed its way into Doreen’s mind, rendering her an addict since their first encounter. She loved feeling the young man on top of her, his soft skin and hard body heaving back and forth as he fucked her so deep. His back arched and his haunches clenched with each strong thrust. Once Doreen felt herself about to come again, she moved against him, grinding his rock hard flesh against that magical spot within her until it seemed that sunlight washed over her.

Andrew felt her go tense and hold him even closer than before. Her head went back and she moaned while inhaling deeply. “Oh god… my GOD..!”

She growled through her clenched teeth. Andrew could feel her pussy tighten up on him, and he could hold back no longer. He pushed and pushed, stuffing her harder and harder. Her legs wrapped around him and he began to seriously fuck her hard.

“Pound me, yes!” Doreen begged him. “Please come, oh please. It’s too… much!”

His final thrust gorged her completely, as his penis began to throb rapidly. Her chamber was flooded with his semen. She took it all, clutching him lovingly against her, relishing the feeling. They lay there, panting like beasts of burden. Andrew twitched inside of her from time to time, sending little lingering waves of pleasure through her. He was still very hard.

Andrew withdrew from her and watched as his seed flowed freely from her. He stood up, his wilting stamen still glistening with their love. Doreen rose up on her knees, and gulped his softening penis into her mouth. She had trained her throat to take his fiendish girth beyond her gag reflex. He could feel himself sliding down past her tongue and beyond. It was enough to conjure up his lustful desire once again as she set about licking him clean.

“Oh my dear Andrew,” Doreen prayed, licking him devilishly “You don’t seem to be satisfied. Your beautiful manhood is hard again.” She stroked it and looked into his eyes as she said this. “I need you to be satisfied. I need you to take me beyond sin.”

Doreen turned away from him and dropped on all fours. She pulled the skirt of her gown aside, exposing her full, heart shaped rear. “Sodomize me, my love!” Doreen begged softly. “Taste my forbidden fruit.”

Andrew sank down to his knees behind her and reached forward, fondling her ivory breasts. His shaft bobbed against her butt, brushing against the hole she sacrificed to him now. Her nipples were tight as rubber. Her cheeks blushed brightly with passion. Her tongue lashed the air in anticipation of the improper deed. Her satin thighs rubbed against him as she moved back and forth, teasing his penis with her butt. Finally, he gripped his cock with one hand and her waist with the other. He prodded the infernal hole that lay waiting for him, over and over again, threatening to pierce her anus.

“Oh yes. I’m ready, Andrew.” She beckoned him. He pushed a little harder. It seemed that her butt would not allow him entry. It was too tight. He continued pushing, using slow, even pressure. Doreen put her face down into the grass and groaned like a woman possessed. He continued to push, even after it seemed as if he was not getting any deeper inside her.

“Fuck my ass…” Doreen pleaded into the earth. “Fuck my ass like the stud you are. Oh God you’re so good to me.”

He ran his hand up her back and began to rub her neck. She sighed and relaxed slightly. He moved his hand up to her face and let her lick his fingers until they were moist. Andrew began to rub the glistening saliva in a small circle on Doreen’s anus, much to her pleasure. He could feel her body respond, feel the clenched hole relaxing. His forefinger pressing inside, Andrew had gained access to her most sinful chamber. She was ready. He presented the tip of his rock-hard cock to her once again, and pushed. There was a moment when the world seemed to go silent, and then she enveloped him. The two lovers released a sigh of pleasure.

Now Doreen could give Andrew what he had been needing ever since their ménage à trois with Clara. If anything, Andrew’s cock felt even bigger when it was in her butt. Even so, it was sliding in further… and further…

Andrew began to pump her dutifully. It felt good. He pushed deeper. Doreen droned into the ground, begging him to violate her. He was halfway inside her rectum now, and needed to be deeper. He pushed in, feeling her cavity envelop him. It felt good to just be inside, feeling her supple flesh twitching against his shaft. It was so tight. Now he stroked long and deep, even pulling out once or twice, just to sink his cock back into her hungry ass.

“I want this forever!” Doreen cried, abandoning the quiet they had maintained. Andrew reached around to her face and covered her mouth. This only seemed to intensify her arousal, and she began to push back against his thrusts, carrying him deeper and deeper within her. He kept his hand on her mouth, holding her like this as he fucked her ass steadily. Her breasts swayed weightily above the grass as they moved. He could feel the head of his cock butting up against her inner wall, and the sensation made him come suddenly. Doreen cried out against his stifling hand as his cock began to pulsate once again, anointing her rectum with his precious fluid.

Andrew almost couldn’t contain his roar of ecstasy. He hauled Doreen upright with his cock still buried in her ass. He crossed his arms in front of her and squeezed her tits until they turned red. He moved her body up and down with his sudden burst of strength, still thrusting deep inside her. He could feel the slickness of the semen in her, feel it allow him even deeper. Doreen’s eyes rolled back in her head as he took her so hard, so lustfully. She moaned like some poor tortured soul stuck in limbo, drunk with pleasure. He stopped suddenly then, feeling as if maybe he had been too rough in his frenzied lust. He loosened his grip on her and relaxed; his cock still twitching in her.

From there Doreen shifted them so Andrew lay back on the ground. She continued to ride him, her feet planted on the ground on either side of him, steadying herself with her hands on his legs. She pumped her delicious rump up and down on him, pleasuring herself with his slackening penis. She loved this new feeling of sliding up and down on Andrew’s snakelike penis. Andrew watched in amazement as she did this. She turned her head to one side, showing him a leer and a lashing tongue. In the moonlight she looked almost sinister; a demon of lust here to put an eternal curse on him.

As Andrew’s flesh began to relax, Doreen lowered herself completely, holding him inside of her while she rubbed her clitoris with one hand and tugged at her breast with the other. In this way she finished once again, collapsing finally, panting hard. After catching her breath she moved herself off of him, laying, completely exhausted, in the grass to his side. Andrew moved around her on the ground, and held her while they lay basking in the warmth of love.

They lay together in the grass for almost an hour. Then Doreen turned to him and they kissed. Long, slow kisses. Doreen laughed softly as Andrew took hold of her and rolled her on top of him playfully. He held her and kissed her lips, feeling her body respond to this affection. He kissed her neck, her shoulders… then he rolled her back over. She reached down and felt him hard again, ready for another.

“Oh my sweet love, would you give it to me tenderly if you must have me again.”

Andrew spread her knees apart with his, and moved his hips downward so that his cock slid into place at her opening. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him tenderly as he entered her again, arching his back to slide himself inside, inch by inch. He fucked her slowly, gently. He kissed her mouth, let her tongue play upon his. Together they cherished the feeling. She wrapped her legs around him and moved against him, slowly and rhythmically. They rolled to one side, then the other, then with her on top of him. But they did not break their coupling.

“So deep, my love.” Doreen begged. “Fuck me slow and deep, oh yessss…” her masterful breasts bounced and swayed above him in the soft moonlight, entrancing him and keeping him hard inside her. She came again on top of him, throwing her head back and clutching her precious cross. Andrew loved the sight of her in ecstasy. She was so beautiful. He thrust himself into her while she was on top of him, moving his hips upward. With his last ounce of stamina he wrapped his hands around her waist and pumped out another orgasm for himself. Her face was pure joy as she braced herself to take this last pounding.

When Andrew stood up, Doreen cleaned his cock with her breasts and her tongue, making sure to move her cross out of the way first.

When they had finished, Andrew dressed and assured her he would return on Friday. She lounged on the grass and looked up at him, watching him.

“Oh…” She remembered something then. “Before you come, you should call me. Stephanie’s coming.”

“I know,” Andrew assured her. “Mark’s coming this weekend, too.”

Doreen seemed to make a mental note. “Yes, I see.” She smiled up at him. “Just call first, OK?” Andrew took his leave of her, sneaking through the side yard and the gate. He was absolutely exhausted. He plodded straight home, remembering to stay quiet only when he made it inside his house. Upstairs, bed, darkness… sleep.

* * *

Sleep. Andrew slept through breakfast Friday morning. He awoke suddenly and looked at his clock. It was nearly ten! He got dressed, crammed an English muffin in his mouth and set out. Before he could get out the front door his mother called from behind him. “Andrew!” He paused at the sound of her voice. “If you’re headed over there, make sure you ask the Wilsons what we should bring for the barbecue tomorrow!”

Andrew made an affirmative noise through his English muffin and let the screen door shut behind him. As it closed, he heard his mother shout something else, but he ignored her. She was probably just bitching at him for getting up so late…

Andrew was tired. The week had passed slowly, and he had become quite restless. The night before, he was caught in a tortuous state of desire for Doreen. He couldn’t stop thinking about her body long enough to go to sleep. He was too excited by the prospect of seeing her again. Then, when he did fall asleep, Andrew was plagued by strange and very sexual dreams of Doreen. His head was in a fog that morning, and he regretted not grabbing some coffee when he had the chance.

In no time he was on the Wilson’s front porch, about to ring the doorbell. He thought better of it and lowered his hand to the door handle. He pressed the thumb latch and the door opened with a click. Would Doreen be OK with him sneaking in on her? He was late. He doubted she would be upset with him greatly, since he was just having a little fun. He moved inside and closed the door silently. He listened.

There was music coming from the little kitchen radio, and water running somewhere in the house. Andrew prowled down the hallway and peeked into the kitchen. Doreen was not there. He checked the laundry room to the left, past the refrigerator and down a little hallway. Still no Doreen. Then Andrew heard something above him. Doreen was upstairs.

Andrew returned to the front door and listened. He crept up the steps and paused on the landing above. The sounds were coming from the bathroom, or so he thought. He could hear Doreen’s voice. Was she on the phone in Mr. Wilson’s office? Andrew moved nearer to the door to the office; it was open slightly. Andrew looked in and what he saw made his jaw drop.

There was Doreen, bent over the large leather topped desk of George Wilson, talking on the phone with her legs stretched out behind her. She was dressed up, wearing a skirt with her hair done up like it had been the first time they fucked. She wore a white silk shirt and, as evidenced by the lace peaking from beneath her skirt, stockings. She faced away from Andrew, and her considerable, heart shaped rear was so bewitching that he began stroking the growing erection in his pants. But then Andrew realized she was talking about him and it snapped him to attention. It sounded like she was talking to his mother.

“Oh that’s quite OK,” Doreen chirped, “I had planned on having him over today. We might put him to work when he gets here anyway.”

Then, as if reality was still dawning on Andrew, he realized that the sounds of running water he had heard were coming from the bathroom off to his right. Someone was taking a shower! Was Mr. Wilson at home? Andrew began to back away down the hall, realizing he had made a huge mistake. He remembered then that Doreen had asked him to call her…

Then further disaster struck as the front door opened. Andrew nearly leapt out of his skin before flattening himself against the wall, even though he was out of sight. His heart thumped in his chest until he was afraid someone would hear it. George Wilson’s voice called from below, declaring that he was home. Andrew’s mind raced and he remembered the guest room that lay at the opposite side of the landing. He heard Mr. Wilson’s footsteps passing below the landing, leading off into the kitchen. Andrew all but ran down the hall to the guest room door. The door was open slightly, so Andrew left it that way once he was inside and safely hidden in the largely disused bedroom. He sat on the bed for a moment, trying to calm himself. He had no idea how long he would have to hide there.

Then, a girl’s voice cut through the roaring turmoil in his head. Stephanie was calling to her mother out in the hallway. Andrew stood up and looked through the gap in the door. He could see straight down the hall, back the way he had come. Stephanie was there. She stood, hair still wet from the shower, wrapped in a towel. The light from the bathroom bathed her young flesh in a golden light, making her look extremely beautiful. Her legs were so lithe, so graced with subtle and alluring curvature. Though Andrew was lost in his world of newfound trouble, he wondered what it would be like to touch those heavenly legs. Stephanie leaned on the door frame of the office, speaking to her mother within. Doreen emerged, and the two of them went into the bathroom, debating something that Andrew could not discern.

What would Andrew do? Could he make it to the front door now? He could not tell where Mr. Wilson was. Andrew retreated to the opposite side of the large guest bed and crouched there. He could still see out the door slightly. He waited, watched and listened.

Eventually Andrew figured out that Doreen was leaving. He could hear voices and commotion, but he could not interpret all of it. Doreen had gone downstairs. Stephanie had gone to her room. Mr. Wilson was talking to Doreen downstairs. Finally, Andrew heard Doreen call out to George before she closed the front door behind her. “George!” Doreen shouted. “If Andrew comes by, just tell him we’ll see him tomorrow, please! I’ll be back in an hour or two.”

Mr. Wilson called out in agreement from the kitchen and then the front door closed. For a long time everything was silent. The silence continued until Andrew thought that now could be his chance to escape. Mr. Wilson was probably out back and Stephanie was still in her room, or so Andrew thought. He was about to open the door and dash down the hall when his heart jumped up into his throat yet again. Stephanie was out there on the landing. Andrew froze.

Stephanie stood there, leaning on the railing that overlooked the foyer below. She wore athletic socks that came to her knees, very short cut off jeans and a tight white t shirt. Andrew had not heard her emerge from her room and walk out onto the landing. She just stood there, looking down. Andrew couldn’t see her face, as it was veiled by her very stylish and very blonde hair. Her body was an absolute idol; Andrew was in complete awe. Her slender waist, exquisite on its own, only served to accentuate the swell of her impossibly perky breasts and the rounded curve of her backside. She was such a comely, blossoming girl that Andrew knew all the boys at the college were after her. She could have any man she wanted. This only made what happened next completely and utterly confounding to Andrew.

“Daddy…” Stephanie called down with a smile in her voice. “Daddy?”

She waited, listening. No reply was heard.

Stephanie was holding something in her hand. It was a small porcelain figurine, the shape of which Andrew could not see. She held it out beyond the railing of the landing and released it, letting the tiny white figure fall to the tiled floor below. It landed with a soft tinkling crash that surprised Andrew. This puzzle was turning over and over in Andrew’s mind when the sound of footsteps came from downstairs. Mr. Wilson had walked from the kitchen out into the entryway.

“Young lady, you had better come down here and clean that up this instant!” Mr. Wilson demanded. Stephanie stood up straight and said nothing. Mr. Wilson continued.

“If you don’t get down here now, I am going to get VERY mad at you. Do you understand me?”

Stephanie actually crossed her arms in defiance like a little girl. “No.” She said simply.

“That’s it. You’re going to be punished.” George Wilson said, climbing the stairs.

Andrew felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. His body was frozen, immobile. Mr. Wilson’s head came into view as the man marched up the stairs like some kind of monster. The image of Mr. Wilson so angry struck fear in Andrew. He realized then that this is what he had feared for a long time: Mr. Wilson’s wrath. Fortunately for Andrew, Mr. Wilson had no idea that the boy crouched in his guest room, only a few meters away.

Mr. Wilson grabbed Stephanie by the wrist and pulled her forcefully down the hall to his office. Andrew watched as Stephanie was dragged through the door and out of sight. He heard Stephanie begin to whimper a little, and then all was silent again. The silence was almost more alarming than anything Andrew could have heard at that point. Then it came. A sharp, rhythmic slapping sound, piercing the silence like a needle. Mr. Wilson was spanking her!

Andrew rose from his crouch and left the room, being sure to leave the door as it was. He slinked down the hall slowly and in absolute silence. Before long he stood outside the office door, peering cautiously inside. Once again he was stirred by what he saw inside that office, but this time he was more disturbed than anything else. Mr. Wilson had Stephanie bent over the desk with her shorts pulled down and her bare butt turning pink from his relentless spanking. Every five seconds or so he would let fly with his hand, landing a sharp swat on one of her upturned buttocks. Stephanie tossed her head back, grimacing a little with each strike, her hands clenched together under her breasts. Mr. Wilson showed no expression whatsoever. Indeed, he stared Stephanie up and down blankly, as if he felt nothing at all in what he was doing. Stephanie’s whimpering continued, rising in its intensity little by little.

It didn’t appear that they were enjoying these theatrics, but Andrew knew that they must be. He was witnessing a dirty little secret between father and daughter. Somewhere along the line Mr. Wilson had developed a taste for punishing his only daughter. Stephanie must enjoy it too, otherwise she would not have provoked him on purpose. Andrew watched for a few moments past what he deemed was too long, and snuck back down the hall and down the stairs at last.

He decided against the front door and ducked through the kitchen. Outside, he tore across the back yard and leapt at the fence on the far side, hauling himself over and into the vacant lot where he fell bodily. He lay there among the underbrush trying to catch his breath and come to grips with what he’d just seen. He wondered if Doreen knew about this charade between her husband and daughter. Andrew collected himself, brushed himself off and made his way through the vacant lot until he came out the other side. From there he decided to take the long way home.

Andrew returned home and informed his parents that he was mistaken in going to the Wilson’s that day. They seemed to think nothing of it, which was of tremendous relief to Andrew. Mark was not home yet. Andrew didn’t know what was going on. Andrew upstairs and showered. Under the hot water, he found that he could bare the tension no longer. His need had become far too great. His relief was long overdue. He sat back against the wall of the tub, away from the spray from the shower. He lathered up his balls, watching his penis growing. He ran his hand up and down the shaft, squeezing slightly. It felt good. He slid his hand over the head of his penis, stimulating the tip, but this was almost too much. He used the lather to let his hand glide up and down all nine inches. Softly, gently, he let the feeling wash over him. He closed his eyes and imagined that Doreen was massaging his cock, touching him with her naked breasts. He wanted them more than anything. He erupted like a volcano all over the green bath tiles, breathing heavily.

That night, Andrew was plagued by strange dreams of Mr. Wilson and Stephanie. He was running and running through the Wilson’s house but couldn’t find an exit. When Andrew awoke at midnight he was tremendously relieved that it was all just a dream. Well, most of it anyway. Once again he thanked his lucky stars that he had made it out of that house undetected.

The next morning Andrew slept in until Mark stormed in on him. “Get up, dude! We’re having fuckin’ pancakes!” Mark shouted. Andrew could hear his parents laughing downstairs. “Get up!” Mark yelled, storming out again.

“Good morning, Mark.” Andrew said, winking in the sunlight.

At breakfast, Mark told his parents all about Allie, who was waiting to meet them at the Wilson’s. Everyone seemed excited about the party at the Wilson’s. Andrew ate and said very little. He could not stop thinking about how strange his situation had become. Stephanie must have returned alone the day before. This change of plans was, of course, not brought to Andrew’s attention.

That day Andrew couldn’t seem to find anything to keep his attention for very long. Eventually they all walked together over to the Wilson’s for the party, noodle salad and beer in tow. A few other families from the neighborhood were already there. The Wilsons had set up their house to cater to many guests, as a lot of people were expected to show.

When everyone seemed to be set up with drinks and company, Andrew found himself in the kitchen, fetching something for Mr. Wilson who was manning the barbecue grill on the patio outside. Stephanie wandered through, stopping at a bowl of chips to grab one. She was wearing shorts and a little red shirt. She said “Hello” to Andrew and continued outside. Andrew forgot to reply, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Andrew looked out the kitchen window at the scene outside. Everyone was milling around the yard, admiring the flowers. Much of what they saw was Andrew’s handiwork. Doreen was out by some roses talking to a man from Mr. Wilson’s office. She wore white pants and a billowy white shirt that almost hid the size and shape of her breasts, but not quite. She looked happy.

To Andrew’s surprise, Clara arrived at the party an hour later. Clara greeted him and said it was nice to see him again before moving on to other guests. Clara wore a rather low cut, gray cotton sweater and tight jeans. She looked incredibly good. Andrew caught himself watching her and went back to turning burgers on the grill. He had been enlisted to work the barbecue for a while.

After a while, Mark approached Andrew for another burger. “Hey man,” Mark said quietly, “We’re gonna go over to our house and start a fire in the backyard. This party is getting a little forty-something for my tastes.”

Andrew told Mark that he would be over after he was done eating.

“Alright,” Mark said with a snicker, “we snagged some beer, so don’t worry about smuggling any.”

Andrew walked through the garden after Mark left. He received some praise from friends and neighbors who were impressed with his landscaping work. Darla, a blonde woman from the neighborhood told Andrew that she would love to have him work for her. Andrew laughed and told her he wasn’t cheap. Doreen put an arm around Andrew and laughed, “Hey!” Doreen joked. “You find your own hunky landscaper!” This made everyone laugh. The wine was really flowing now…

Andrew found it easy to break away. The party was pretty uproarious. The house was loud with music and a few groups locked in conversation. Andrew ducked through the side yard and made for the gate there. He heard a hiss behind him and turned around. Clara had seen him leaving and followed him. She stopped hurrying when he stopped and waited for her. She moved close to him and looked up into his eyes, holding her glass of wine between them.

She simply stared up into his eyes and took a sip of her wine. Her eyes said it all. Her eyes told Andrew exactly what she wanted him to do to her.

“Andrew,” she said, her voice low and seductive, “I’m staying here tonight. In the guest room. I want you to come and see me.”

Andrew simply nodded, looking down.

“Hey…” Clara reached up and brushed his cheek with her silken hand. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Andrew said. “I’d love to see you again.” He looked down at her outrageous cleavage. “I really would.”

“Doreen promised that I could have you all to myself this time.” Clara ran her finger down his chest and looked him straight in the eye with those deep blues, “I’ll swallow all the evidence.”

Andrew watched her walk away, wanting to take her right there in the seclusion of the side yard. Her ass was magic in those jeans. He closed the gate behind him and walked back to his house, trying to calm the arousal that Clara had instilled in him before he got there.

When he arrived at home, Andrew found Stephanie alone in the kitchen. She was trying to open a bottle of chardonnay that must have come from the party. Andrew greeted her. She smiled.

“Where’s Mark?” Andrew asked, looking around.

“Mark and Allie are outside,” Stephanie said, pulling the cork from the bottle she was opening. “I think they’re trying to make a fire.”

She picked up a few plastic party cups and the opened bottle and headed for the back door. She stopped and turned back to Andrew when he didn’t follow. He merely stared at her.

“Well c’mon, silly.” Stephanie smiled at him and stepped out.

Outside, Mark and Allie were laughing and sharing a lawn chair next to the fire. Allie was a beautiful black girl with long hair and big, gorgeous eyes. Stephanie had seated herself across the little fire pit and was pouring a cup of wine for Allie. Mark looked up when Andrew appeared and held out a beer to him.

“Here Andrew! Gotcha a cold one right here.”

The four of them sat and talked for an hour or so, drinking and laughing all the while. Stephanie turned her attention to Andrew when Mark and Allie started to focus on each other. She asked him about his work for her parents. Andrew asked her about school. Eventually the two of them were left alone by the fire, as Mark and Allie had gone inside to look for drinks.

After ten minutes of talking and waiting for Mark and Allie to return, Stephanie laughed suddenly. “Well,” she said, grinning, “I don’t know what those two are up to but I’m sure it has nothing to do with bringing us drinks.” She gave Andrew a suggestive look.

Andrew laughed at this. “If I know my brother like I think I do, we are going to be waiting for a while.”

Stephanie looked around. “Let’s go back to the party. They’re probably wondering where we took off to by now.” She stood and stretched, her beautiful curvature highlighted by the firelight. Her breasts seemed larger than Andrew remembered. Nothing like her mother’s enormous rack, but every bit as enticing.

Andrew and Stephanie left Mark and Allie behind and walked back to the party. They continued talking, and Stephanie explained to Andrew that the next day Mark and Allie had planned on going to see a movie together. Stephanie asked Andrew if he would join her so she wouldn’t be a third wheel. Andrew agreed to this and smiled. Had Stephanie Wilson just asked him out? They continued to walk back to Stephanie’s house. Andrew caught Stephanie smiling too.

Back at the party, things were winding down. It seemed that nearly half the people had already left. Mr. Wilson was entertaining a large group of men, all lounging on or near the patio. Some smoked cigars and all held glasses of whiskey. Andrew’s dad was among them, sipping his drink and talking to Mr. Wilson. Clara was among the men, holding the attention of at least three of them. She caught Andrew looking over at her as he walked past and her eyes lit up.

Eventually the party was nothing more than two groups of people holding two separate conversations. Garden torches sent golden light playing on the faces of the remaining guests. The music was turned down low. The last cigar sat smoldering in its ashtray. Andrew’s parents were leaving, saying their goodbyes and carrying their empty salad bowl. Andrew rose to leave, and noticed that Mark was suddenly by his side.

“Great party.” Mark said, as if he’d been there all this time. “We should be going.”

Andrew grinned and patted his brother on the back. The two boys followed their parents, walking slowly back to the house. Allie waved to Mark from the Wilson’s front porch, where she sat with Stephanie.

“Well,” Mark asked quietly after they were out of range, “How did it go with Stephanie?”

Andrew smiled. “She asked me to join you guys tomorrow.”

“And you didn’t screw it up! I knew I could count on you.” Mark said cheerfully.

Andrew looked up at the darkening sky. “We’ll see what happens.”

The sun went down then, leaving the neighborhood in shadows.

At around midnight, Andrew left his house once again. It was dark and quiet. Before long he stood in the empty lot, peering over the Wilson’s backyard fence. He vaulted the fence with a single, practiced leap and landed as quietly as he could on the other side. The moon began to rise above the tree line, partially lighting Andrew’s way.

There was a small amount of light coming from the kitchen window, but otherwise the house looked dark. Andrew walked to the back door and looked inside. No one was present. He tried the back door latch and it opened. He slid inside and shut the door. Inside, he crept carefully through the kitchen, making sure not to make noise on the tiled floors. Then, a small noise came from above. Andrew heard a door open, and footsteps. Someone was coming downstairs. Quickly, Andrew ducked through the kitchen and down the short hallway to the laundry room. There he hid himself from view and waited.

The kitchen light came on and Stephanie stepped in from the hallway. She wore only white panties and a tank top. Andrew watched her breasts bounce with each step she took. She went to the fridge and out of Andrew’s sight. Then, Andrew’s mind went blank with fear as Stephanie flipped the switch behind the fridge that lit the laundry room. Andrew stood as still as he could against the windows on the far wall and watched with horror as Stephanie walked into the laundry room and opened the dryer.

She stopped.

She turned.

Andrew stood there, aghast. Stephanie reeled in surprise and covered her mouth to stifle the gasp that came involuntarily. Once her mind’s eye cleared, Stephanie could see that the intruder was Andrew himself. She was still in shock.

“Andrew!” Stephanie said, heaving “you scared the SHIT out of me! What are you doing here..?”

Andrew was shaken, but the knowledge of his impending doom sent a strange calm over him. The worst had happened. He had been careless and now he would need to confess. Then it dawned on him: there was a way out for him.

“Stephanie, listen.” Andrew began, covering his eyes in a gesture of shame.”I’m here for Clara. We were planning on meeting each other tonight. Here. In your house.”

Stephanie looked incredulously at him for a moment, and then the information began to sink in.

“Oh. I see.” Stephanie said. She looked embarrassed.

“I’m sorry.” Andrew said simply. He was.

“No, it’s OK.” Stephanie assured him. “I’m still a little freaked out, that’s all. You scared me so bad.”

Andrew relaxed a bit. They stood there awkwardly for a moment. Andrew couldn’t help himself as he looked down to see her perfect breasts. Her pink nipples were visible through the cloth of her tank top. He watched as they became erect before his eyes.

“Well,” Stephanie grabbed a hamper. “Allie got drunk and spilled a drink all over herself, so I’m just getting her clean clothes for her. Don’t mind me.” She grinned at him, melting Andrew’s frozen blood.

Stephanie bent over to pull the clothes from the dryer. Her panties went taught across the twin bubbles of her perfect ass as she bent down. Andrew’s blood went up again, and he moved forward, knowing then what he needed to do. He reached out with his right hand and spanked her firmly on her vulnerable ass. She dropped the clothing and gripped the edge of the dryer. She gasped.

“Oh god…” She squeezed her eyes shut and begged pathetically, “Please don’t… please don’t STOP.”

Andrew spanked her again, harder this time. She was silent now. She merely stayed in position, awaiting the next delicious sting on her backside. But Andrew held back.

“Now.” Andrew told her quietly, yet firmly. “You will go to your room and forget you saw me. Do you understand?”

Stephanie stayed silent, gripping the edge of the dryer and holding her breath in anticipation. Andrew slapped her ass again, even harder now.

“YES…” Stephanie exhaled, trying to keep her voice quiet. She opened her eyes and began to collect the laundry. She picked up her hamper and exited, turning the light off as she went.

Andrew waited in the darkness for a minute, listening. Stephanie was back in her room, and the house was more or less silent. He trembled.

Andrew snuck up the stairs to the landing and listened. He could hear nothing but the beating of his own heart. He walked to the guest room door and put his hand on the knob. He was shaking. He was so aroused now that his head was actually swimming. He opened the door.

There, bathed in moonlight streaming through the window, Clara lay on the large satin bedspread. Her extravagant curvature graced the great, shining cushion like a hedonistic statue. Andrew closed the door behind him and walked forward. Clara rose up from the bed and walked around it to the nightstand with the movement of a dancer. There, a flame leapt up from a lighter in her hand as she lit a candle. With that she lit another and another. Her skin was still like ivory in the candlelight, but now it was tinted with gold.

Andrew stripped quickly and began to crawl across the bed towards Clara. Her large but perfect breasts stood like irresistible forbidden fruit, of which Andrew had to taste or he would surely die. She backed against the wall, as if his intense desire frightened her. He stood and towered over the woman. His penis thrust into the air between them like a piece of chiseled granite. He took Clara by her arms and spun, casting her onto the bed wildly. She pulled herself to the center of the bed and turned to face him, lying on her back, awaiting his onslaught.

Andrew moved in and began to squeeze her breasts adoringly. They were absolutely stunning. She smiled and watched him work, watched his eyes glaze over in his idolatry of her body. Then he started to feed on her nipples. She felt his hot, red cock resting on her leg as he gorged fanatically on her nipples. He sucked with all his might, biting and pulling at the hard nipples with his mouth. He squeezed her tits together, rolling them in his hands.

This went on for quite some time, until at last her milk began to stream from her, seeping from her nipples in warm little mouthfuls. She sighed with pleasure as the liquid ran down her tits and across her stomach. Andrew lapped up what he could, fascinated by this new pleasure. Her body was giving him all it could. Complete surrender.

Andrew rose to his knees and straddled his lover’s body. Clara grasped her breasts and pulled them apart, letting his cock fall heavily onto her moist chest. Pressing her ivory orbs together around his penis, Clara let the boy run his shaft between them. She smiled openly as his penis ran in between her tits and up her neck. She could feel the texture of his cock against her, rubbing her with increasing vigor. She dipped her head and licked the tip of his cock as it flashed towards her mouth. She tasted the salt of his fluid that dripped early from him. Andrew fucked Clara’s tits harder and harder.

Then he stopped, breathless. Andrew’s cock throbbed, buried in her bosom. He nearly came then, he was so close. Clara sensed his sensitive moment and froze, letting him ease down on his own. She released her tits and he disengaged from her, moving to kneel at the foot of the bed. Clara rose onto all fours and watched him. Andrew tried to breathe evenly and calm down a little. He knew she needed him to finish inside her. He wanted to give that to her.

She turned to him and moved her rump towards him. Andrew took his penis and angled it into her pussy, knowing that he must fuck her now or it would just erupt from him. He entered her, and suddenly she lost heart. She sprang forward to escape him, pitching face first into the pillows. Her fleshy butt bounced delightfully as she plunged onto the bed. He pursued her, laying between her spread legs and entering her again. He slid inside her wet and wanting pussy and thrust his hips forward. Clara hugged the bedding towards her face, screaming into the pillows.

He fucked her hard and deep from behind. Clara wailed into her pillows, feeling her insides stretching as Andrew’s equine sex organ pierced her fully. It took no more than a dozen thrusts to finish him off. Clara felt him only go deeper as the slippery mass of cum filled her, allowing his tip to reach the final wall of her womb. He went stiff above her, and she felt his strong arms wrap around her in his moment of unrestraint. He came inside her as tears of pleasure ran from her eyes. His hardness moved within her mightily as he held her, giving her every drop.

Clara had no idea how many times she came. Since he entered her it was just one long, hot orgasm, or so it seemed. She went limp, felt him slipping out of her, and fell into a blissful pit of emptiness.

Andrew lay on the bed, drained of any care. He lay there for an hour or so, falling in and out of consciousness. In his slumber, he did not notice the door open. Nor did he notice when Doreen wafted into the room in a white silk robe to stand at the foot of the bed and gaze at his body longingly for a long time.

When he finally rose from the bed, he looked to the nightstand covered in candles. There, laying like a coiled serpent, was the chain that bore the gold cross that Clara wore. He blew out the candles, threw a blanket over Clara’s body and kissed her. She stirred slightly but did not wake. Andrew dressed and left Clara to sleep.

* * * *

The next day, Andrew and Mark waited for the girls to arrive at the local theater. It was about three ‘o’ clock. The girls parked and hopped out, wearing summer dresses and hats. The four of them greeted each other. Mark and Allie with a hug and a kiss, Andrew and Stephanie with a smile and a nod. It was determined that everyone was hungry, so they took a booth at the local pizza place.

Mark and Allie both got up to go to the bathroom, giving Andrew a moment alone with Stephanie. Stephanie looked at him with sad eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Andrew begged, reaching out and taking her hand quickly.

Stephanie stared at him. “I think I want to spend more time alone with you, Andrew. I don’t know what else to say.”

Andrew felt relieved. “Well, that’s fine with me.” He smiled.

“Really? I thought you might not want to. I didn’t know if you were interested or not. Your brother said-”

“My brother doesn’t know everything about me.” Andrew cut in. “The fact is, I’d like to spend more time with you, too.”

Stephanie smiled, a small, meaningful smile.

The others returned and drinks were ordered. Mark started poring over the menu. Andrew looked up at Stephanie again, and noticed she wore a gold chain around her neck.

The chain ran down into the recesses of her dress, but Andrew knew what hung from that chain. Warmed by the touch of her skin, nestling between her beautiful breasts; there lay a golden cross. Andrew also knew that it was Doreen’s cross, and that she had given it to her daughter as a signal to Andrew.

“Nice necklace.” Andrew said simply.

Stephanie looked up, her beautiful blue eyes wide with the reception of the compliment. She pulled the chain out from her dress, revealing the cross.