spanking with a brush

This is one of my favorite chapters. A bit shorter, but kind of like a piece of cake in the middle of dinner. I’m leaving it the nonconsent category to keep the whole story together.

Tags for this chapter: spanking – lots of spanking, and mostly vanilla sex. If you have trouble believing that Liz may be starting to like a few things, this isn’t the chapter for you. But hang on – Chapter 9 changes everything.

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Alone again in the room, Mr. Alexander collapsed on the bed. “I am so glad that is over. Those two men are the stuffiest, most uptight pair I have ever encountered. I am all for taking things seriously, but the world is rarely coming to an end, you know?”

He looked over to where Liz had knelt down, uncertain what else to do. He patted the bed. “Come up here, my dear. Don’t look so worried. I am not going to bite.”

She crawled onto the bed and sat with her legs tucked under her. He reached over and…god bless him… released the pressure on the nipple clips. She scrunched up her face as he opened one then the other to take them off and avoided making more than a squeak.

“Ryan said this is your first time, right?” She nodded, her voice gone for a moment. “Then I will tell you up front my expectations. I like you to talk to me. If you have questions, ask. I like you to make noise if you feel something good. If you are scared, tell me. The only thing I require is immediate obedience. Deal?”

“Deal, Sir,” she managed a small smile at him.

“So come up here and tell me a little bit about you. Not things that will make you sad; I know what’s happened to you. Something like…. what is your favorite ice cream flavor?” and he held out his arm inviting her to lean back against his chest while the arm snaked around her waist.

This wasn’t so bad. “Strawberry,” she smiled.

He peered down at her as he stroked her hair. “Strawberry? I thought all women liked chocolate?”

“Chocolate is for really bad days and breakups with boyfriends. Strawberry reminds me of summer and green grass and flowers. Even when it’s cold outside, strawberry reminds me that summer will be back, eventually.”

She peered up at him. “What is yours, Sir?”


She wrinkled her nose at him. “Neapolitan isn’t a flavor; it’s indecision in a box.”

He roared with laughter. “Well, now you know my deepest, darkest secret.”

She lay in his arms for a moment just enjoying being held. After a moment, his hand drifted down to absently play with her nipple. Her breath came in short gasps as the sensitive bud shot an arrow of lust right down to her clit. He continued to play with it very lightly and she continued to melt until she was moaning out loud.

“Do you like that?” he asked unnecessarily.

“Yes, yes, yes, Sir!” she panted.

“Want me to keep going?”

She went a little still under him and he stopped. “What’s the matter?”

“I, uh, don’t know if you really want me to tell you, or if you want me to say ‘whatever you want, Sir’. I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing.”

He chuckled again as his fingers resumed their exquisite torture. “I want you to tell me exactly what you want. In fact, I want you to beg for whatever it is you really want. The fun comes when I decide to give it to you and make you scream, or not give it to you and enjoy the vision of desperation you will become.”

“Y-yes Sir. In that case, Sir, please please touch my pussy!”

“Your pussy?” He pretended to think about it for a minute. “You want me to take my finger and slip it into you and stroke it up and over your clit?” His hand made no move to leave off the torture of her nipple.

“Please! Yes! Pleeeease!” Her hands were balled into fists at her sides; she had no idea what to do with them since she couldn’t reach him the way he was holding her.

“I don’t know,” he said, as he drew one of her legs wide open. She hardly noticed, so wrapped up in the sensations from her nipple was she. A moment later a cool finger did a test run over her clit and she bucked up into his hand as she gasped. The sensation was so strong she was panting with lust from the one stroke.

“Did you like that?” he teased her.

“Please! Please! More!” and she bucked her hips up into the air, desperate to make contact with something, anything.

He grinned behind her. This was fun. He repeated the stroke and she flung her head back, almost colliding with his. This gave him an idea, and he reached with the arm that was around her waist up behind her back and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back firmly. Now her neck was laid bare before him and he dove in for a nibble.

“Aieee!!”she shrieked, almost deafening him. Good god she was ticklish there. She struggled hard against the twin sensations of being nuzzled on her neck and having her clit stroked. Good girl that she was, her hands were still obediently down on the bedspread, though he was sure she would have nail marks in her palms tomorrow the way she was squeezing them. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she screeched and spasmed uncontrollably in a monster orgasm.

“Master Master I’m coming, oh Master I can’t stop it I’m coming!!!”

He kept nuzzling and stroking, prolonging the sensations until her shrieks changed to sobs and she was begging him to stop. He was startled to realize she was crying and he let her go immediately.

“Hey, hey, come down, it’s OK, shhh….” She took a few deep breaths and was able to collect herself quickly.

“Oh, Sir, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…..” she breathed a few more times as he waited patiently.

At the look of question in his eyes, she closed hers. “For some reason,” she explained quietly, “when I have an orgasm that goes on and on, it starts to make me panic. I can’t control it. And I guess this is the first time since I got here that anyone has tried to make my orgasm last.” She hiccuped.

“Don’t worry, my dear. I am sorry that I ruined what seemed like an otherwise really fantastic orgasm. However….,” there was a gleam in his eyes, ” I don’t recall giving you permission to come.”

She looked up in horror. “Oh….”

“Mmmmmm. I have been looking forward to this since the day I walked in and saw you kneeling on the floor, breathing fast with terror, your beautiful curls falling over your face, your pale breasts with their pink nipples moving up and down each time you took a breath. And when you finally brought that pen over to me in your mouth and dropped it in my hand I wanted to lick it just because it had touched you. And now that you have given me the most perfect excuse available to spank you, I think it is time.” He moved to the end of the bed and patted his legs. “Over here, my dear. Now.”

She got up as quickly as her trembling legs could unfold. This. Was. It.

He pointed to the end of the bed next to him. “Lay over my lap, but put your head and chest on the bed. I don’t think there is anything fun about hanging upside down and being unable to breathe.”

She lowered herself as gracefully as possible over his lap; that is to say, she managed not to collapse. She was very grateful to be able to lay her chest on the bed. She placed her arms under her head, unsure what else to do with …..

“Whoa. Arms back here, please,” and he quickly fastened them hand-to-elbow behind her back, efficiently pinning them out of the way.

Breathe. Breathe. It was a mantra she kept repeating. She was still repeating it when she felt his cool hand on her heated ass cheeks. He stroked them a while; massaged them, really, kneading the flesh in his hands. He moved up her back as far as he could, her bound hands blocking his exploration any further north. He stroked the skin, rubbed her muscles, making her moan with pleasure. He went down her legs, next, rubbing, kneading, working out the tension. On the return trip, his hands slipped between her legs and he cupped her pussy, feeling the wetness that seemed ever-present. He dipped a finger in deep, all the way up as far as it could go, and she arched her back and moaned. He pulled it out and took a lick.

“Mmmmm…. much better than Neapolitan ice cream.”

She actually giggled.

“Here – you try it,” and he put his finger up to her mouth and pushed in. She obediently took in the finger and wrapped her tongue around it as she sucked it clean. Fuck….he knew what she was going to be doing next. He groaned.

He shook his head to clear it as he continued massaging her, interspersing little light spanks with it. Teases, really. Just enough to make her gasp. He made sure to hold her legs apart enough to lightly spank between them on the tender skin. These were the first spanks that elicited little yelps.

He resumed the light spanking on her ass cheeks. She was breathing heavier now. It was time to get down to business.

The first harder spanks brought her head off the bed. She forced herself to lay it back down, knowing there was a long way to go. Little grunts and gasps were happening regularly now as she struggled within herself to stay relaxed and focused. He found the sweet spot between one cheek and leg and concentrated there for a few minutes. Over and over he smacked the same spot, turning it pink and then a lovely shade of red. She was making a keening noise into the bedspread, trying hard not to lose it and start begging. He paused for a moment to let her breathe and reflected that while it was time to move on to the other cheek for now, he thought it was possible to make this one even darker red, and he would be back to try in a bit. He heard her bite back a sob.

“Oh, I’m sorry – did I say that out loud?” he asked with an evil grin.

Time to confuse her mind. Instead of taking up with the other cheek, he slipped his hand between her legs again and took her whole mons in his hand, squeezing it like ripe fruit. One finger slipped inside, then another, and then another, pushing up, almost spearing her on his hand. What the heck, it was easier to have all four fingers inside, so the pinkie joined the crowd. He curled his fingers just a little, finding that elusive spot that was the source of so much controversy; he was of the opinion that any man who spent enough time leisurely exploring a woman’s body would know exactly where it was. Now she felt like she was a fish on a hook with his fingers curled around her pelvic bone. It was time for the fifth finger to liven things up. His thumb reached up and brushed her clit and the combination of sensations actually caused her head and chest to arch upwards off the bed as she cried out in overload.

Whoa. Time to pull back a bit. An orgasm was not on the plate right now. Of course, she had to do her part to keep it from happening.

“Liz, do not come. Do whatever you have to do, but do not come. Do you understand?”

She couldn’t form an answer, so lost was she. He reached under her chest and pinched a nipple hard, not letting go. She yelped and twisted.

“Do you understand? I want a ‘yes, Master, I understand’.”

“Yes, Master, I understand. I will try not to come,” she squeaked out, trying to get away from the pinching of her nipple.

He pinched harder. She cried out, getting more frantic.

“I did not say ‘try not to come’. I said ‘don’t’.”

“Yes Master I won’t come I promise oh please let go please….!”

He held it just a moment longer to reinforce his point, then let go. His other hand was still mostly inside her, and his thumb resumed its stroking. She moaned and twisted, trying to shake off the overwhelming sensations, terrified of losing control, but he was having none of it. Oh, he wasn’t going to go far enough to make her come, but he wasn’t going to let her know that. It was more fun to watch her grunt and pant and try to push it away.

After making her hang on the precipice a few more minutes, he pulled out. His hand was soaked. He wiped himself off on the backs of her legs, and resumed spanking on the other cheek.

When the color of the second cheek matched the color of the first cheek, he stopped again. She was panting and writhing and he had had to stop briefly to place one leg over hers to keep them in place.

Liz had never in her life felt anything like this. She couldn’t have told him if the world was right side up or upside down right now. She had no coherent thoughts except that she was in pain. At the same time she was more aroused than she had ever been in her life. When he stopped, she dared to hope that it was over.

“How are you coping down there, my dear?”

“Master, please, no more, I can’t do this any more, it hurts, please stop now….”

“Shhhhh.” He stroked her hair until she had calmed.

“I’m afraid we’re not done yet, my dear. Though my hand has worn out, I must admit, so we will be switching to the back of a hairbrush.”

This almost undid her. She twisted and writhed and sobbed, begging not to use that, please, but he held on tight and she couldn’t get loose. He waited patiently for her to run out of steam. It didn’t take long, she was so exhausted.

“Twenty on each cheek. Fifteen if you count.” The brush came down with a smack exactly on the spot he had already reddened. She screeched and bucked, and despite her resolve to count, she couldn’t get the words out. He shook his head and continued, one after the other, right up to twenty. The red had a nice bluish tinge to it now, and he smiled in satisfaction. That was the perfect color.

“We’re at the finish line, sweetheart. Can you listen to me?” She nodded between sobs and hiccups. She was adorable. “I know this has been really hard and you’ve been completely overwhelmed. I want you, for this last little bit, to try to surrender to the pain. Not to fight it. Submit to what it is your Master desires to do to you. Accept it, let it roll over you. Do you think you can do that?”

She was silent for a moment, but he was patient. “I’ll try,” she whispered.

“I am really proud of you, and Master Ryan will be too, no matter what happens. I want you to know that.”

The words rolled over her like a balm. She was going to do this; she was going to get through.

She almost lost her resolve when the first smack landed. She managed to go limp, to just let it happen. She found a place between pain and fear that she could rest, at least for a little while, and let go. She didn’t manage to count, so she got the full twenty, but he was so proud of her he didn’t care.

When it was over; finally, truly over, he let her lie there for a while. He released her arms, and rubbed her back, and her shoulders, loosening some of the tension there.

“Would you like me to touch you again? No orgasm; just some nice touching?”

She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. “Please? Oh, yes, please?”

He stood up a little and carefully rolled her off his lap onto her back onto the bed, her legs bent over the edge and feet on the floor. She hissed as her flaming backside came in contact with the bed and arched up to lift it off. The gave him an idea. He gently pulled her down so that the sore area hung just off the edge of the bed, her feet still planted on the floor. Looking at her in the eyes as he moved, he carefully pulled her legs apart as far as they would go. The he took her arms and raised them above her head.

“Don’t move them, OK?” She looked at him with wide eyes and nodded. His hands spent a lovely ten minutes or so just running over her body, reawakening every nerve she owned. She arched and moaned into his hands. He couldn’t resist leaning down and nibbling on the twin crinkled up brown pebbles and decided he loved the moans so much he would spend some time there. She kept her arms above her head with the greatest of difficulty, and in fact they came down at one point enough that he gently slapped her pussy to remind her of her promise.

When he was done she was only semi-conscious. He lay down next to her and regarded her for a few minutes. She managed to struggle up to full awareness and realized that he hadn’t relieved himself at all, and when she looked down she could see a bulge that looked like it was going to break through his trousers any moment.

“Sir, may I make you feel as good as you’ve made me feel?” She looked so eager he couldn’t help but laugh. He helped her sit up and regain her bearings but she quickly decided her bum hurt too much to sit so she slipped to the floor on her knees and turned back to face him, the desire in her eyes as naked as she was.

He nodded at her to keep going and soon she had his pants undone and he was helping her pull them down. They briefly got twisted and she couldn’t get them off and they both laughed, Liz commenting that Master Ryan hadn’t covered ‘trouser removal’ in her education and maybe she could use a few lessons. Soon enough they had been tossed to the side and she turned back to face his incredibly rigid cock. Suddenly she was grateful for all Master Ryan’s insistence on being able to take that dammed long dildo, because Mr. Alexander’s very normal size held no fear for her.

She leaned down and kissed the tip gently as he let out a long breath. Her tongue darted out and lapped under the head once, twice, and she opened her mouth and took just the tip in with a small suck. He groaned and she saw him ball up his fists. She backed off and spent a minute licking his balls, taking them into her mouth and gently tugging on them. His groans went up an octave. She went back to his cock and opened her mouth as wide as she could and took him all the way in, lightly sucking as she pulled all the way back and off. She repeated this a few times, never sucking hard, just enough to tease and leave. He was breathing hard. Now she settled in and started a slow and steady suck, her hands reaching up to cup and massage his balls at the same time. His idle hands looked for something to do and he reached up to grab her head and pull her down as deep as he could get into her throat. He held her there.

“Look at me!” he growled. Her eyes lifted up and met his. She was the perfect picture of submission, on her knees, his dick deep in her throat, with a wide-eyed look that told him he had cut off her air supply but she was going to trust that he would let her go before she got too desperate. A little dark piece of him wanted to hold her there until she started struggling but at the last moment he pulled her head back just enough for her to get a deep breath through her nose before pulling her deep again. He did this several more times, never breaking eye contact with her, until he felt himself just starting to boil up. With a thrust he pushed her off completely.

He was panting. “I’m going to fuck you now,” he declared breathlessly, “and I want to face you while I do it which means you will have to lie on your ass and I want you to just take it.”

She nodded and scooted up the bed and spread her legs wide, trying not to whimper as the rough cover scraped against the blistered skin on her ass. He was on her in an instant, lifting her legs up high, and without pausing he rammed into her as deep as he could. She felt his cock collide with her cervix and let out a cry of pain mixed with lust. He pulled out and rammed back in several more times, each time going all the way back, until suddenly he groaned loudly and shouted “Fuck!!” He held still for a minute, his whole body quivering while he ceased all his breathing, and she felt his warmth spilling into her. After a moment he took a huge gasping breath and collapsed down, just supporting himself enough to avoid crushing her underneath him. His head drooped down close to hers as he concentrated on breathing for a few minutes and she just held still beneath him.

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