Jackie slowly walked into her trainer’s office. She was 5’7, 23 and had a tight body with long brown hair and 34B tits. She was completely naked swinging her ass how she was taught.

Jackie got on all fours as she walked into Matt’s office, where he was naked. She had just finished her workout with him and had to masturbate twice before she could come in again.

He looked at her and smiled. He was 5’11 had short brown hair and a meaty 10 inch dick. She looked at him with lustful eyes.

“I finished my workout coach” she muttered, “Can I go now coach?”

He loved it when she called him coach. “Yeah go but I have some rules for next time you come for your workout. You are going to go to the store and buy tight short shorts; they will be two sizes too small and will show off your pussy lips and your little ass. Got it slut?” he laughed, “you will not wear a bra or underwear and you will not get wet at all, if I see and pussy juice on your shorts you get punished. Be here at 9 tomorrow. Understand”

“Yes coach,” she moaned as he inserted beads into her ass. “Whatever you say coach.” She felt the beads slowly, one by one, slide into her tight asshole. After a while, Jackie got dressed and left.

She knew she was to keep the beads in and wear them until tomorrow. She remembered the first time she met Matt. It was amazing. She thought back on it:

She called for a personal trainer and was told to go to his house. When she got there she was told to first take off her bra and panties but leave her outer clothes on. While she worked out he would help her and he would give her small touches. He would pinch her tits or spank her ass and she loved it. He even stripped down to his boxers as he helped her work out. She kept feeling pokes in her ass, his dick hitting into her.

Eventually he had her take off her shorts but had her leave her shirt on. He rubbed up against her, for a second spreading her ass cheeks and touching his cock to her ass. She did as she was told and she was told to do a bridge. She lied on her back and pushed herself up into the position, displaying her pussy. She was already wet and on the verge of orgasm from all of the touches and poking.

As she raised her body she felt his meat penetrate her. “Don’t you dare fall down this is your workout now stay up.” Coach told her as he rammed into her. She could barely keep herself up. Alas, soon she fell, rocked by an amazing orgasm, and he smiled.

“Now it gets fun,” He laughed. He then pulled out two jump ropes, and tied each hand to each foot and he brought his dick to her face. “You’re bad at this, we need to practice. So here is your choice, you either suck me off then swallow or you get punished. Which is it?” he asked.

“I…uh,” Jackie stuttered. She wanted to be fucked more than anything. If that meant sucking his dick, she was up to it. “I want to suck your dick Matt.”"

Wrong answer, you will call me coach, not Matt. From now on, I am your coach, and you always obey coach. Now you get punished for not obeying.” Coach grinned.

Still in a daydream, Jackie was still recollecting as she walked down the street of how he had punished her. She was on her way to her next session as people stared at her tiny attire. She was covered, but every curve was visible, especially her now rock-hard nipples. She could feel the men, and even some women, drink in her pussy, ass, and tits. She was also still wearing her beads, rejoicing in the feel but knowing she wasn’t to get wet.

She decided to stop at a small coffee shop; she wanted to make sure that she was awake for Coach. She walked in, and all eyes seemed to turn to her. Especially, however, a 18 year old kid whom she used to babysit for. Jackie decided she wanted to have some fun before practice, and this teen was the perfect thing. She bought her coffee, drank it quickly, and then walked over to the kid. He was sitting by himself, typing on his computer. Jackie walked behind him and began to read. It was an erotic story he was writing. She leaned into is back, pressing her breasts against his back, and whispered into his ear.

“Well then, looks like little Kyle Peters is all grown up. Now, come with me and I wont tell your parents, you pervy little boy.” She crooned.

He slammed his computer shut and turned around. Surprisingly, he was acne free, short blonde hair, and from what Jackie could tell, had a sizeable dick in his pants. He nodded to her proposition, and then stood to follow her. Jackie stood up all the way and began to lead him behind the store.

“M-m-miss Winters, are you su-” he stammered.

” Shhh, call me Jackie, or even better, call me slave. I’m yours to do with Kyle. I know you used to eye me all the time, so here it is. Fuck me right here if you want!” Jackie almost yelled. But, she had forgotten how smart the kid was.

“I have a better idea, slave. How about you come by my place tomorrow near 5 pm, but don’t be so overdressed. Come in a G-string and bra, we’ll go from there. If you’re as slutty and horny as you look, you’ll do it.” He said smiling.

“You’ve got it you pervy teen. But what about your parents?” She asked.

“Out for the summer, went to Alaska, not my thing. But you are. Now, since you caused me to get all hard like this, I want a blowjob. You will swallow or I take away your clothes. Now on your knees slave.”

Jackie did as she was instructed. She was exhilarated, her little boy was all grown up, and ready to fuck. She decided to really give it to him, and she took off her top, and then she pulled off his shorts and boxers. An 8-inch cock burst out into her face. She opened her mouth just enough to fit his meat into her mouth. Kyle grabbed her hair and began to fuck her throat. Jackie closed her eyes and imagined Coach. After five minutes, Kyle blew his load. Jackie swallowed all of his cum, and then kept sucking, milking out every last drop.

She stood up and looked at Kyle, then smiled, “Your house at 5?” she asked coyly.

“Yeah” he moaned, as she walked away.

She kept thinking of what this session would be like, maybe she would have to run a mile with nipple clamps, or maybe have Ma—Coach would actually fuck her like last time. She wasn’t sure whether the fucking or torture was better.

She finally lost it and went into an alley and began to fantasize as she stuck her hand in her tight little shorts. Jackie began to think of how bad she was and rubbed her pussy lips then slowly slid one finger into herself. Then she slowly slid another finger into her pussy, and then played with the beads in her ass. She began to masturbate wildly in the alley. In and out, in and out. When she was done she was sweaty and her crotch was soaked. She knew she would get punished for this.

The first time he punished her, she loved it. Coach first pulled the jump ropes off of her and retied them so she was tied to the wall. She didn’t fight him; she wanted it to happen, hard. He then pulled out a vibrator and put just barely touching her pussy lips and another right up against her ass. He then turned them on. Jackie was horny all over again but if she tried to rub against the vibrators, coach would move them away and turn them off. It went on for almost three hours until Jackie could barely contain herself but Coach never allowed her to cum.

“Please fuck me or let me cum. please matt please!” Jackie begged.

“You little slut, I said call me coach.” He said and he went up to her flipped her around and began to spank her firm little ass.

Over and over he slapped and slapped until Jackie began to love the feel, she stuck he ass out for more. Then Coach stopped again.

“You obviously haven’t had a good exercise routine set up and you seem to be begging for more so I will untie you and you will get dressed and come back in a week.” Coach instructed her. That had been 6 months ago. Now Jackie had an almost daily workout routine. She was a good slave and a good student.

Jackie looked up after fucking herself in the alley and saw another girl there, watching her. Jackie got wet and horny all over again from knowing that she attracted attention from a passerby. The girl looked about 17, with short black hair and small but perky 32A tits. She wore only a sports bra and tight yoga pants.

“You dirty girl, watching me fuck myself, how naughty. How…sexy! What’s your name?” Jackie crooned, her hand still in her shorts, still massaging her clit.

“I-I-I’m Taylor, sorry I didn’t mean to um…intrude on you. I heard moaning and i…um, saw you, But then I just kind of watched. Sorry.” Taylor quickly mumbled. She acted ashamed and embarrassed, but she secretly wanted a taste of that adventurous alley-masturbator’s pussy.

“Well then Taylor, you saw me fucking myself so I need to see something similar. It’s already 9:30 so no on will be out walking this late.” Jackie said through a growing smile. Thinking like Coach she said, “How about you strip down and give me those clothes. You can come with me, there is someone, you little slut, that you have to meet.”

Taylor tried to act unsure, but quickly and willingly stripped. First she took off her tight sports bra, revealing her sexy small tits, and then she peeled away her yoga pants and her shoes followed after. She was completely shaved. The 17-year-old beauty stood completely nude in front of Jackie. Jackie then began to get even more devious. She reached behind herself and slowly pulled out her anal beads.

“Now for part two, while you walk with me, you will have these in your ass, got it Taylor?” Jackie barked.

Taylor actually whimpered at this, she had never done ass play before. In her moment of doubt she tried to cover herself, but Jackie stood up and quickly paced over to Taylor. Jackie bent pushed Taylor over to a wall of the ally and had her bend down. Jackie got onto her knees and began licking Taylor’s young asshole. Taylor, with her virgin asshole, began to moan and scream. When it was lubed enough, Jackie slowly slid to beads into Taylor’s ass.

“FUCK, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yeah that’s fucking good. Shove them in me, oh yes, oh lord YES!” Taylor screamed as she came. Jackie was only halfway with the string of beads when Taylor came, so she kept going to the last one. Jackie managed to get all of the beads into the virgin asshole, but made Taylor cum twice while doing so.

“She is going to be the perfect fuck-toy for Coach and me.” Jackie thought. “Okay Taylor,” She said out loud, “You are going to follow me to my fitness instructor’s house. If you try to go anywhere, remember I have your clothes and you have some very special beads in your ass.” Jackie was getting wet all over again just from thinking about this little teen..

“Now before we go, I don’t think I really finished and you haven’t paid me back for the show; so on your knees, my little bitch.”

Taylor rushed at the opportunity; finally she was getting that sweet pussy. But first, Jackie pulled out a dog leash and collar from her purse, usually reserved for her. She put the collar on Taylor’s hands, binding them together, and she attached the leash. Then, while tightly holding the leash, Jackie lowered her short shorts and walked up to Taylor’s open and waiting mouth. Taylor already had her tongue stretched out, almost begging to be Jackie’s slave just for a taste of her pussy.

Jackie moved forward one last bit, and Taylor went to work. Taylor was slow at first, but she sped up quickly. She traced Jackie’s outer lips, and then slip her tongue in and out of her pussy. Jackie moaned, and began to push Taylor’s head closer to her. Then Taylor couldn’t control herself. She thrust her tongue into Jackie’s pussy and rubbed Jackie’s clit with her nose.

Jackie had never had someone eat her out with such animosity before, and she had cum within a minute. She fell to the ground, thanking Taylor and her tongue. Taylor blushed, getting even wetter, at the fact that the pleasure was all hers. She was, however, sad that it was over for now. But she, Taylor, couldn’t wait to be brought to this mystery place with this delicious mystery girl. She licked her lips, taking in the last of Jackie’s taste. Amazing.

“Wow slut, that was pretty damn good, I might just have to keep you for myself!” Jackie remarked. “Well, it’s almost ten, and I’m and hour late for my lesson because of you. Now stand up, clench your little beaded ass, and get ready for a little trip. Oh, Coach is going to love you.”

Taylor stood up slowly, waving her ass at Jackie. Jackie could only think of the things she wanted to do to her new playmate. She spanked Taylor. “Now, now, if you keep being so naughty I might have to punish you, do you want that?” Jackie remarked. She pulled the leash in between Taylor’s legs, rubbing her already wet pussy. She wanted to just fuck her now. Alas, she had to get to Coach. Within minutes, the two were standing in front of the house. Jackie was ready, knowing how she would be punished for being tardy, but rewarded for Taylor. Maybe she could even keep Taylor as her own slave. She wasn’t sure; all Jackie knew was one thing: she needed a workout.

“Now here’s the thing Taylor, for this man, his name is Coach, I am his slave. You are my slave. You are at our mercy bitch. We will do whatever we want to you if we so please, if you stay. Now you can go jog home, nude with anal beads, or you can come with me. Which is it?” Jackie asked Taylor.

Taylor walked up t o Jackie and pushed her mouth onto her new master’s. Jackie’s taste was still on Taylor’s lips, allowing them to both taste her.

“I am your little bitch. Watching you fuck yourself was my greatest idea. If this Coach is what you say he is, then I’m ready. You already took my anal virginity; maybe he’ll take my pussy. Or, if you don’t mind the few minutes, you can do it now.” Taylor said as she grinded on Jackie’s leg. Jackie got the message; she opened the door to Coach’s house, and pulled Taylor in with her.

They needed a workout.

It had been four months since their first kiss with their new sexual adventures. Their weekends were filled with passion and pain while their weekdays only built up the anticipation. It was fantastic; the best sex they had ever had. Mondays made it difficult to return to reality, so they made it a habit to share a drink and unwind by browsing for new toys, studying the lifestyle, or watching videos to get ideas for new scenes. However, the last three weeks had been like living in a convent. No flirty texts, no Monday night ritual, no grazing each other as they made dinner together, no swats on the butt for being a bit bratty, nothing! It was this late summer evening that she had had enough. She found herself in a flirty purple negligee laying on her stomach on their bed playing with her Kindle. Laying with her legs spread a little further than normal, she tried to appear innocent and unassuming as she heard him walking down the hall to their room.

“Hey,” he greets her as he enters, grabbing a book off of his night stand, and leaves the room.

She sits up in a huff, frustrated.

“I don’t get it,” she whispers to herself. She reflected on the last few weeks trying to figure out where she went wrong. “Is this some sort of punishment?” she thought. “Surely, I haven’t done something that deserves three weeks of no sex! Even people not in the scene have sex more often than that right? Maybe I asked him to do something that was on his hard limits list.” But she could think of nothing. Nothing to explain why he has decided to do without sex for almost a month. “Well, the last few times we did have sex were getting kind of routine. His open-palm spankings and nipple biting have seemed more like an afterthought and lacked desire. Maybe he isn’t as into as I am. Maybe he was hoping it was just a phase for me. Well, it wasn’t! Now I am laying here, an all-you-can-eat -buffet getting cold!”

“Fine! If you don’t want to play with me, I will just play with myself!” she half shouted.

“What did you say?” he called to her.

“Nothing!” she yelled back sweetly as she pulled their new toy chest from under their bed.

She grabs her beaded y-style nipple clamps, a small bottle of lube, and her purple Jopen Vr7 vibrator. Peeling off her negligee and panties, she lays on the bed and begins to caress her large breasts. She grabs them roughly, the way she likes it and pinches her nipples until they are raised with excitement. She continues to do so with one hand while the other goes into her mouth to lick and suck on her index finger and thumb. They return to her aching nipples for more tweaking and pinching. Gingerly she trails her hands down her abdomen before reaching between her legs for that place that has been swollen with desire. She can feel her lips beginning to moisten and her clit hardening with anticipation.

She inserts two fingers into her pussy and makes little circles as she reaches for her beaded y-clamp with her other hand. She withdraws her fingers upwards until her clit is between her middle finger and ring finger. She squeezes them together, pinching her clit. She applies the bottom clamp onto her hardened nub and lets out a small moan; relishing the pressure. Quickly she applies the remaining two clamps to each nipple. “Oh!” she moans and immediately shuts her mouth out of fear that he might hear her. “Fuck him!” she thinks. “No holding back!”

Grabbing the lube, she applies a couple of drops to her fingers and strokes her vibrator’s shaft. Slowly she inserts it between her swollen lips without turning it on. She is entranced by the full feeling that she has been seeking the past few weeks. With an agonizingly slow pace, she begins to set the rhythm of inserting and withdrawing her mechanical lover over and over. Teasing herself by making circles around her opening before turning it on and letting the vibrations bring her body out of hibernation. The teasing, the anticipation; it was all the best part of it. She pulls on the center ring of her y-clamp; tugging both nipples and her clit simultaneously. She moans with ecstasy. That perfect feeling of pain mixed with pleasure. She pulls again and this time rams her vibrator deep within her pussy, clenching it and welcoming the utter delight heating up within her. She thought of her husband and how he would pull the beaded clamps and tease her pussy with his cock before slamming into her. She loved the noise their bodies made as their skin would slap together. She continues to tease herself as he would. She is panting and moaning and clawing at her sheets and inner thighs with her free hand. She increases the settings to medium and begins raising her hips to meet the thrusts and rotations.

“Please,” she pants. She has found herself begging for permission to come just as she would with him. Her body seems to be holding itself just on the brink of orgasm. Had he mentally blocked her into not coming without his permission? She pauses a moment as the idea begins to sink into her head.

“Don’t stop!” his deep, throaty voice comes from the doorway. She can’t move and is holding her breath as she stares back at him. She feels like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

He removes his shirt as he walks to the edge of the bed staring at her. “What are you doing?” he asks.

She can feel the brat in her boiling to the surface, but the sub in her wanting to submit and answer with respect and humility. “But he hasn’t been acting like a Dom lately.” she thinks and with that, the brat has won.

“Do you have to ask? I’m trying to get myself off!” she spat at him. “I wanted a Dom. Someone who would tease and punish my body and mind with pleasure. Someone who will let me please them at all times and fulfill every want. Someone who desires me and wants to possess me! Dominate me for fuck sake! I thought we were becoming closer with this, but you seem to be running from it and all sex for that matter. It has been weeks! So, I am taking my pleasure into my own hands.”

This was the moment. Was he going to take back the reins and teach her a lesson in selfishness and disrespect? Or was he going to turn it into another argument and go off to play X-Box while she goes to sleep? She didn’t really believe everything she said, but she knew she had to provoke him to find out where they were going to go from here. She held her breath and continued to stare at him as she saw him calculating what his reaction should be to this outburst.

“I asked you, what are you doing?” he stresses again. “As I recall when I came in here I said, don’t stop! and you stopped. Why aren’t you still masturbating?”

He bends over and reaches into their toy chest, removing a small black velvet paddle. He smacks it against his hand. “I’m not going to ask you again!” he booms.

She slowly inserts her vibrator back between her lips and turns it back on to medium. She doesn’t even recall turning it off. Their eyes remain locked as she returns to the thrusting of her vibrator.

“So, are you going to be like this every time you go without sex for a bit? You’re going to turn into a disrespectful brat who bottles everything up inside?” he raises his voice. “If we are going to make this whole Dom and sub thing work, we have to have constant communication. Hold nothing back. Now, I think you should be punished, don’t you agree?”

She is thrilled to hear he still wants this and is even more thrilled to see his growing erection through his pants.

“Yes. I should be punished,” she squeaks out as she continues her gyrating circles, feeling her muscles tighten. He reaches down and pulls on her beaded chain.

“I’m sorry, slut. I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

A moan released from her mouth and she bit down on her lip feeling electrified.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“That’s more like it. Keeping doing what you are doing, but I want you to do it on all fours.”

She immediately gets into position balancing on one hand and clutching her vibrator in the other.

“Start counting,” he commands, followed by the firm smack of the paddle on her firm ass.






She allows her toy to slip from her hand and drop to the bed. He leans over her, his mouth to her ear as he whispers, “Oh you naughty, little slut. I never said to stop. Pick it up and keep going. I was going to stop at five, but that little transgression just earned you three more hard smacks.” He trails his fingers in a circle on her left butt cheek, “Here.” He circles her right butt cheek. “Here.” His hand slowly caresses her sopping wet pussy and he slips in two fingers. “And here. You can stop playing with that and put it down on number seven, but until then, you keep going. And don’t you dare think about coming until I command, you fucking pain slut.” He stands behind her again.

The whispering made it that much more menacing, thrilling, and fucking hot. Smack came the paddle.


“When I came into the room you looked a bit frustrated. Were you mad at me or were you having trouble getting off?” he follows with another smack.

“Five!” she shouts, mad that he can read her body so well. “I was upset because I wasn’t coming, Sir.” Now she was doing everything in her power not to come. He leaned over her again and pulled her hair.

“Do you know why you didn’t come?” he sneers.

“No, Sir.”

“Because I fucking own you. Mind, body, and soul. Your pleasure belongs to me and you don’t come unless I fucking say so!” He bites her earlobe and pulls; giving her the hardest spanking yet on her right butt cheek.

“Ahh!” she moans. “Six!”

“God, yes!” she thinks. She had missed this. She hadn’t felt like this in weeks. His commands, her yearning to submit to him, to be all that he needs and desires. To be completely his. To feel possessed. SMACK on her left cheek.


She pulls the vibrator out of her, the cum running down her thigh like a cork being pulled out of a bottle. Panting from the excitement, she steadies herself and prepares for the final, and sure to be hardest, smack.

“Spread your legs more.” She obeys and the paddle meets her slick lips with a delicious whack. She can feel her muscles spasm and clench as the weight of the chain pulls on her clit and her nipples. She wants release, but she must wait.

“Good girl. So, do you think we are done?”

“Sir?” He removes his pant, grabs her hips and rams his dick deep within her. She lets out a cry. He slowly withdraws and rams her again and again as he speaks. “Do you feel like you have learned your lesson? Can we move on from here and be open and honest with each other? Do you understand that just because I don’t fuck you when you want to fuck doesn’t mean I am pulling away? And just because I don’t punish you every time you displease me, doesn’t mean I am bottoming! You are not my slave, you are my wife who is my sub! NOW! Do you think we can move on from here?” He slams deep within her again.

She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. She is clawing her nails into the sheets, pressing her thighs closer together, trying to not go over the precipice of orgasm, but her body is betraying her. There is only one thing can think of to do. Create conflict.

“No, Sir.”

He withdraws is dick now covered in their muskiness. “What do you mean, ‘no’?” he asks.

She turns to face him as she stays on all fours. She stares into his eyes and lowers them to the mattress, remembering her place. “Sir, I don’t think we are square. I agree that we have an understanding and can move on from here, but I want to repay you for the pleasure that I robbed from you.”

“Okay. How do you propose we do that?”

She slinks forward and locks eyes with him as she grabs his cock and places it in her mouth. She continues to stroke her hand up and down his shaft, gripping it tightly and relishing in the taste of their combined juices. She works her tongue around his head. She draws his dick as far back into her throat as she can. He moans with pleasure as she bares her teeth and gently grazes them across the length of his shaft as she pulls him from her mouth.

He grabs her shoulders and raises her so they are looking eye-to-eye. He removes her clamps making her cry out due to the euphoric pain as the blood rushes back to her nipples and clit. He thrusts his tongue into her mouth and lowers the two of them onto the bed with her on top of him. She sits up straddling him. He holds up his index finger and spins it. She turns around taking him into her mouth again and positioning her succulent pussy onto his mouth.

He holds her thighs on the sides of his head, spreading her legs to open her lips. He begins to lick her center folds savoring the sweet tang of her cunt as she continues to work his cock. He flicks his tongue over her clit, electrifying her body making her gasp and his cock falls from her mouth. He bites her clit causing her to spasm and squeeze her thighs together.

He flips them over so that she is on her back and he raises himself from the bed. “This is all fun and games, but you know what would really bring me some pleasure?” he asks with a salacious smile. “Roll over.” She obeys his command and props herself shakily on all fours again. He runs his finger to the tight circle of her ass making her jump slightly and clench. “This would bring me great pleasure. I want to fuck this tight, beautiful ass. Not tonight, but perhaps you may be open to some training?”

She relaxes a little. She’s not ready for her ass to be blown to hell, but some small steps towards that could be fun and they would definitely be squared at that. Hell, she was quivering from the anticipation of doing something so taboo. She felt like a virgin. “What kind of training do you have in mind, Sir?”

“Something fun, and slow. Something we can do while we work our way up to me worshipping that glorious ass.” He is grinning ear-to-ear, like a child giving Santa his Christmas List. “If not, just say the word and this will all be over. Do you trust me?”

She looks at him from over her shoulder; she bites her lip and nods her consent. It was one of her soft limits that she was slightly interested in trying, but her eagerness to please him has made it quickly move up to the top of her “Things to Try” list.

“Good. Put your forehead on the bed. Let’s see those cheeks. And baby, I want to really hear you come tonight.”

She stretches her arms and hands flat in front of her and places her forehead on the plush comforter. He picks up the paddle from earlier and gives her one solid, delicious smack. It stings to the point that it numbs her a bit. Then she feels him caressing her cheeks and nibbling them with his teeth before giving an almost painful bite. She releases a moan.

“Mmm, you are good enough to eat,” he breathes. He then takes her by complete surprise as he takes his flattened tongue and licks her from her taint to her clenched rose. The warmth of his tongue is foreign, but welcomed. She can feel him spreading her cheeks wider and the tip of his tongue flicking in and out of her ass. The act has the two of them slowly rocking. A flicker of insecurity crosses her mind as she thinks of what he is actually doing, but she is quickly lost in the moment again.

He grabs the bottle of lube off the bed and applies it generously. He leans over her and inserts his cock into her pussy from behind as he uses his index finger to circle her asshole. With his other hand he grabs the back of her hair and begins to rock her back-and-forth. He gingerly slips the tip of his thumb into her ass with surprising ease. She moans and begins to rock back into his hand and cock with more vigor.

“More,” she pants.

He fully inserts his thumb into her ass. He can feel her body tightening and enveloping him making him quicken his pace. He pulls her hair tighter, keeping her body close to his.

The fullness is overwhelming to her bringing her a pleasure that is new and exciting. Both ass and pussy are being claimed and making her orgasm build and build with each rock. He moves her so that she is angled upright on his lap, giving her control of the rhythm and depth. She can feel a slightly painful stretch, but it is so delicious and only feeds her need to come.

Their bodies have begun to perspire from their exertions, both groaning from the deep primal feel of it all. Still gripping her hair, he give a strong tug. “That’s it. Ride me like the slut you are. You feel all of this? This is all mine! Every fucking inch of you; every drop of you is mine to claim. Fuck!” he cries out as her muscles clench from his words.

She continues rocking and grinding on his throbbing cock, his hand becoming soaked from her pleasure. The pressure builds, pushing from the inside out, ready for release. “Sir, please…” is all that she can manage to whisper over and over again.

“Fucking come for me, Chloe! i want you to scream my name! Who does this body belong to?”

That is her undoing. All at once her body stills and her insides squeeze her euphoric release.

“Roger!” she screams. “Oh! Fuck me, Roger!” and with that she squeezes him to climax.

Roger and Chloe lay together in bed with her head on his chest as he slowly strokes her hair. They are high off their passion and are basking in it.

“I’m sorry we fought,” she whispers as she combs her fingers through the dark curls of his chest. “I should be more understanding. You’re not a machine. It’s just that…well I guess I am kind of a junkie when it comes to you. I want you more and more every day. I just,” she sighs. “Never mind.”

Roger lifts his head to look at her. “Don’t make me spank it out of you,” he warns her. “Honest communication.” Her muscles pull deep within her, but she is too exhausted to give them what they yearn for.

“I guess we kind of went into this new escapade without as many rules as we should have. Sure we discussed limits, likes and dislikes, but we have kind of been half-hearted with it all,” she explains.

“Are you saying you want to do the whole Master/slave thing?” he asks with some shock. “Because I don’t have that in me. I told you I won’t do that.”

“No and I am not asking that. Like the whole you getting upset about me masturbating. I know I should be punished for it. Perhaps we should discuss other things that would warrant punishment if done in the future,” she smirks. “Not the whole 24/7 TPE thing, but certain offenses or maybe just one day a week with the 24/7 TPE. I don’t know. I guess I am saying that I want more dominance from you. More punishments, more fucking, just more!” she blurts out. Chloe raises herself in the bed to look him in the eyes. “You have no idea how wet I get just by you demanding that I call you Sir.”

“I’m still not used to that.” Roger replies, leaning up on his elbow. “It is still hard for me to use you like that, but I am trying,” he says as he pushes a chocolate curl behind her ear. “Not saying I don’t like all of this because I do. Especially when you come like that! Just let me learn.” He trails a finger down her jaw to her collar bone. “I have to reprogram my mind from that gentle sex stuff to this rougher version.” His finger trails down her chest and circles her nipples. “It may be rough, but I am still making love to you, despite it not being vanilla,” he smiles.

Chloe reaches up for his hand and stops his finger as she leans towards his mouth and places a gentle kiss on his lips smiling. “If you keep giving me rocky road sex, I am willing to let you have vanilla every once in a while.”

George yanked on her chain making her nipple clamps suddenly push together intensely. Jocelyn winced as her nipples tighten, then tingled intensely. She felt a satisfying ache. A surge of juices darted through her, moving towards her soaking wet pussy. She sighed and continued to endure the endless state of arousal that her new dom was inflicting on her.

He told her to do things to herself while they drove. When he was rock hard she took him in her mouth and sucked his cock with teasing, swirling licks and deep penetrating thrusts. He pushed her head down around his cock and moved his pelvis in rhythm to the tune on the radio, orgasming into her mouth; the steering wheel pinning her in place.

As she swallowed his sweet and salty taste she thought of her Master and her “sisters”. They all lived together in big beautiful home with many rooms. Sergio insisted they all get along and there was never any bickering or jealousy. A few lesbian encounters, but no fights.

She recalled how this had all started.

“My darling, I have other plans this evening but I want you to go out and enjoy yourself. I have arranged for a friend, George, to escort you on your adventure this evening. I promise you, you will enjoy yourself immensely.”

Sergio looked deep into her eyes as he added, “This adventure appeals to all your whims, curiosities and erotic fantasies my beautiful Jocelyn. Plus I have an added surprise. I am going to make a dvd of this adventure that we’re going to watch together. Then every time we watch the tape together you’re going to suck my cock and take my seed into your mouth.”

Hearing this made her tremble.

“Agreed!” he said forcefully, not so much a question, but rather a command as he inserted his cock between her pretty lips. “And no one but you is to know about the filming, do you understand my gorgeous pet?”

She looked up at his stern face and understood the importance of his request.

“Yes Master,” she said with an equally serious look on her face.

With that comment Sergio kissed her lovingly on the top of her head and held her close feeling the heat and excitement in her beautiful nude body as she sucked his cock. He noticed her ass was leaking wet cum from the pounding she took from him earlier. He liked her filled with his cum; it made him smile. Sergio spurted wetness between her lips then sent her off to the shower. He knew she would clean every hole completely so she was ready for anything that was requested of her.

Jocelyn put on a robe, got them both some coffee and looked around at the elaborately decorated home Sergio owned. She still couldn’t believe she lived there. She lived in luxury like she had never known and she would do anything for Sergio. He was a handsome and kind man. His strong Italian looks and lean fit body inspired sexual workouts like none she had ever experienced before. Jocelyn looked at the beautiful art work adorning the walls as she brought Sergio his coffee.

Jocelyn didn’t know what he did for a living but she did know he was very rich and enjoyed spending money on her. He helped her dress for the evening. Standing in the mirror she gazed at the small tight candy apple red corset with black fish nets and tall black heels he had chosen for her. After doing her hair and makeup, she put her clothes on. Jocelyn knew she looked amazing when she looked up from the mirror at the sensual smile that lit up Sergio’s face.

As he attached the nip clamps to her big beautiful breasts, he teased her and told she would get fucked like never before and experience more orgasms then she ever thought possible. The thought gave Jocelyn another jolt of pleasure.

George and Jocelyn drove swiftly through deserted streets until they found the underground restaurant LICKS, that catered to a certain clientele. A high end clientele with specific tastes kept this restaurant rolling in cash. Discreet little Pay Per View specials of the Specials of the Day also drew in a hefty sum of cash.

LICKS has a variety of daily specials along with special hiding places for fucking and sucking. Jocelyn didn’t know it, but her Master was one of the owners and was profiting handsomely.

Today’s Special of the Day, as posted on the online calendar, made for a full restaurant. Reservations were a must here and had to be made months in advance. The Specials of the Day were planned ahead and were very popular, first come, first serve attractions.

It was a new experience for some, but the membership was exclusive. Booths had been set up in certain locations along the floor for tonight’s Special. Today the owners would lend out their most prized pussies to be devoured by the men that wanted them. The subsequent DVD would become the most expensive and highly sought after Pay per View show published to date. It would make all the owners even more wealthy than before.

On the LICKS exclusive web site was a calendar like no other. Each day had special days along with other “Straight Days” where the restaurant functioned as a regular restaurant so that credit card slips weren’t questioned by suspecting wives. Some people were in the know and some weren’t. Most men preferred that their women were in the “not know” category.

Many men have told their women that the lobster there was so decadently delicious that it was worth the $299.00 charge. The unsuspecting wives would be told that they are worth it. That this was a once in lifetime opportunity. Women would look at their men like they were crazy but in the end they would agree that they were, indeed, worth every penny.

The $299 did in fact buy tonight’s special; Dom for 15 minutes. One by one, the customers were led into the fashionably decorated rooms around the restaurant that the beautiful subs resided in. The bouncer would knock on the door to indicate a 2 minute warning. Satin sheets, red and shiny set the stage, along with long velvet drapes that offered a sense of classy elegance.

Appointments had all been prearranged online and the people knew what to expect and what was expected. The chances the patrons would see themselves on the very exclusive DVD was slim and discounted by the owners. The price per viewing was too high for anyone but the ultra rich.

Roland was Jocelyn’s first customer.

“Suck my cock bitch,” Roland said as he pulled Jocelyn’s pretty face toward his raging hard on.

Jocelyn was turned on by the aggression in his voice. She liked being the willing pawn in the adventure ahead of her. Jocelyn recognized Roland’s need and forgave him for clumsy interpretation of what it meant to be a dom.

She recalled the events that brought her here. Her Master loaned her out for the evening and requested she get to know his friend, a fellow Dom. She knew that she would do whatever her Master told her for he knew what made her happy. Now here she was in a room with the promise of a fresh cock coming through the door every ten minutes. She would barely have time to clean up between men. Each man had their own dom adventure in mind and had fifteen minutes to enact it. That was the time it took for the men to excuse themselves from the table under the guise of going to the bathroom.

What a club. Their wives happily gorged on the most succulent lobster available, while their husbands satisfied some of their wildest fantasies. Men that had been pussy whipped now needed to feel dominant, and tonight would be their opportunity. They loved the thrill of being in charge and fucking the women 20 feet from the table they were sitting at.

Each man had been given a time and a location in the restaurant to enjoy their specials by email. It gave them a powerful sense of control. An erotic fantasy fulfilled with a very hot topping. He hoped the room was sound proof because thinking of his nagging wife so close while he fucked the girl of his dreams was so intoxicating he could hardly stand the level of pure enjoyment.

Roland fucked and commanded Jocelyn with reckless abandon. He didn’t hurt her, but he did like it rough. Some of the positions they tried were near impossible but Jocelyn was very flexible and eager to please. Roland left feeling powerful and very satisfied.

The bouncer greeted the next customers. Next up were two beautiful fit, tanned females that looked like they held corporate jobs. They looked like they had strong looking personalities and were use to being in charge.

The bouncer looked at the computer and smiled.

A typed message appeared.

“This is stroke worthy.”

Obviously the hidden camera situated at the entrance to the club was working well.

The bouncer laughed at the cameraman’s comments, knowing full well that if he went into the camera room this evening the smell of sex would greet his senses. The specials were too hot to not greet them with stroke sessions.

The bouncer set aside the sash and let the ladies in. A bouncer wasn’t really necessary, because by the time the clients had gotten this far, the club knew they were committed and deeply devoted to enjoying the pleasures and privileges of the club. People were always on their best behaviour. Why wouldn’t they be. This club and it’s variety of activities was now their drug of choice.

The customers gladly gave in to whatever cover charge or special requirement that was asked of them. Each customer knew that the morsel that awaited them would be of the finest quality. It was a 5 (o’s) restaurant. O’s as in orgasms. This place was on the top ten of the thrill seekers rare opportunities list issued only to people with a black credit card.

The two women entered the lush boudoir. Their lovely lips greeted Jocelyn’s soft skin with french exquisite kisses. Her slender, luscious body moved like a wave in a current of passion as their lingering touches, soft caresses and soft kisses adorned her.

Then there it was. The blonde’s aromatic pussy pushed down on waiting lips. Both lips parted with passion. Jocelyn’s tongue explored the dips and secret passages of her pussy with a darting tongue. When she found her clit she sucked on it, making it nice and hard. Behind her she felt a very big strong protruding dildo at the entrance to her small pussy. Jocelyn gasped and felt her face being pushed into the blond’s pussy. She almost suffocated.

“Keep her cuming,” was the gruff voice behind her.

The stunning brunette had chosen the biggest strap from the toy products. Jocelyn wondered if she could handle it. The dildo was so big.

“I’m going to fuck you with this hard cock bitch, and you’re gonna love every inch you hot little slut.”

“Yes, I will Mistress. You are my empress and I am your slave girl.”

“Good” she purred as she drove the cock fulling into her willing pussy.

At the sound of those words Jocelyn felt herself being penetrated hard and deep and fast. The woman behind her had something to prove and Jocelyn knew she was the object of communication.

Camera 10A blinked. The cameraman in the booth noticed it right away. He didn’t want anyone to see it. The beauty of his Pay Per View movies, and thriving business, was that they were real. The participants usually had no idea they were being taped. Jocelyn was enjoying every minute so her performance was very real. She wanted to help to make it look good, and that she did.

Strong, demanding thrusts going all the way out and all the way in were sure to be a sensual feast for the cameras. They were catching every angle, along with some spectacular close ups. Jocelyn managed to arrange things for the best viewing. She was licking the blonde’s sweet fragrant pussy while getting fucked hard from behind. These women were gorgeous. Just as she was thinking this, the blonde pulsed her release into Jocelyn’s mouth.

The three continued playing in many wild and different positions, with Jocelyn being commanded, spanked, whipped, and called nasty names like bitch and whore. It all added to the excitement. Jocelyn loved every moment and her orgasms tonight were intense. Her tongue was numb from licking pussy and her legs were throbbing from the dildo that nearly ripped her apart, but she was happy. Because it was two of them they got 30 minutes and used her every second. Jocelyn didn’t know if she could continue, but she wanted to. She couldn’t resist the excitement of finding out who awaited her next.

The cameraman looked at Jocelyn in the room by herself. She looked vulnerable. She looked ravaged. While watching her freshen up, he thought about fucking the sexy ass that was getting a nice angle shot on camera 5. He spit in his hand and lazily continued to watch the show, his cock in his hand.

An older man was next. His smile was lecherous; his grin oozed pure sex. The scars on his face and the tats on his body showed he was a man not to be messed with. When Jocelyn saw him she trembled. He looked so strong and forceful. When he took off his shorts she thought he would faint. His cock was huge. Enormous.

“Play with yourself,” he told her and watched as she slowly circled his nipples and dipped her fingers between her pussy lips into the soft moist canal.

“Tell me how you’ll please me,” he said forcefully in a low voice.

Jocelyn became more and more excited as she spoke.

“I’m going to slide you between my pussy lips and feel your fully engorged cock glide between my soft folds forcefully.”

He approached her quickly, twisting her arm behind her back.

“You think this is going to be easy sub?”

He pushed her over the bed against the bed post and roughly fingered her pussy feeling her juices. Then he stuck two big fingers inside her and started whipping them quickly in and out of her.

“Tell me to stop! Tell me you don’t want this,” he taunted her.

Jocelyn couldn’t find her voice. He fucked her with his fingers even more forcefully.

“Tell me bitch! Tell me to stop!”

She felt as if he was ripping her apart.

She did as she was told and he started fucking her cunt with his fingers even faster. She could tell he was over the top turned on now.

She came for him just then and he slowly released his fingers.

“I’m going to fuck you now.”

He roughly pushed her onto the bed and instructed her to raise her legs up high. He raised Jocelyn’s torso to the right level and began to slide his enormous cock into her already very swollen pussy. He spit on his enormous cock to easy the glide inside. He watched her take him; he pussy enveloped his enormous cock and took him in deep.

His gluts flexed. Her moans filled the room, and they fucked. And fucked. There was a knock on the door. Time was up. He slipped her his card. They would fuck again.

Next, a teenager, 18 exactly, shuffled through the door. He looked uncertain of what to do, but there was a definite mean streak in his eyes. He pulled a whip from the display of sexual gratifiers and a pair of cuffs. They started kissing. His mouth took control. He became more and more aggressive in the way his tongue commanded her mouth. Looking at her, he bit her bottom lip. When he released his grip her bottom lip was throbbing. Jocelyn felt her excitement surge.

He told her to kneel on the lengthwise post on the bed. It hurt but she did it. He then pushed her forward so her sexy little ass was perched up high. As she was kneeling in a very advantageous position for him, she vocalized that she was uncomfortable.

“I don’t give a fuck wench. I’m the one that counts here whore.”

She sighed and rationalized that with this mildly uncomfortable positioning Jocelyn really felt like she was being punished. She eased in, turned off her mind and started to absorb the thrill. She liked being punished. It made her feel new again afterwards. She felt like her demons were being washed away. Jocelyn welcomed it every time. It made her wet and sent tingles through her. Being punished was a pure feeling.

Jocelyn knew her obedience would be richly awarded with sexual deviance that would heightened her orgasms to an even higher level of satisfaction. So she endured, winced, and remained kneeling on the log post while her newest dom for 15 minutes decided how to treat her.

She smiled into the camera at her sexy Master, hoping he would be pleased when he saw the film. She wondered if he was watching her now.

Handcuffs clicked around her wrists and the poster she was using to support her hands. Jocelyn heard the young man go towards the wall of toys and felt her excitement grow.

What would he do to her?

She inhaled his heady aroma just before he lifted her chin and thrust his big hard cock between her lips. He was semi hard and expanding rapidly in her delicate mouth.

“You look good bitch! I’m gonna rip you apart baby, just like you like it.”

She murmured her agreement around his cock. He fucked her mouth wild and relentlessly, sliding from cheek to cheek and then ramming her mouth deep and defiantly. Then he took his cock out and shoved a dildo in her mouth. She was happy he chose the one made of glass. It felt good in her mouth.

“You look like you can’t stop sucking cock you crazy horny bitch,”.

He shoved the glass dildo in and out of her mouth watching her. She enjoyed it for the cameras, and gave him a good show. Leaving it in her mouth was what he opted to do. He would make her suck it hard later. For now he enjoyed her being uncomfortable. He didn’t know why it thrilled him, but he liked it and he liked pushing the limits and seeing what will happen. He looked at the beautiful wench with the glass dildo in her mouth kneeling with her ass in air. She was gorgeous.

Helix swirled around behind her and took his cock out. He thought about how hungry he was to fuck her. He had another vibe. A big one. Nine inches of thick hard cock. He took a bottle of vibe juice and lubed her pussy and ass up so she was sopping wet. Taking the 9 inch cock he shoved it up her pussy. She screamed in surprise at the girth and power that overtook her pussy suddenly, then she gently eased into it.

After positioning himself at the entrance to her sexy ass he resumed shoving the glass dildo in and out of her mouth. He pushed into her well used ass easily and popped in deep. Now he was fucking her pussy, ramming her mouth and filling her sweet ass. And they rocked, and rocked.

The cameras ate up the action. He was given an extra 5 minutes it looked so hot.

Leaving the dildo inside her wet pussy, shoved in deep, gave him a free hand to slap that sexy ass of hers. He gave her a good slap, licked his hand, then rubbed her reddening cheeks. It seemed to turn him on even more she noticed as he started pumping her ass even deeper. He hit her again, and again, and again. She could really feel it now. He didn’t seem to be able to stop. The eye behind the camera must have noticed too because he got a two minute warning that time was up. He slapped her red cheeks again, and again, then his cock exploded hot cum inside her. He pulled out and soaked the well in her back. It captured his cum beautifully.

Undoing her handcuffs he got dressed and reluctantly let himself out. Jocelyn cleaned up quickly and just in time too, because all of a sudden the lights in the room went out.

The cameraman shut off all the cameras and took the footage to the video editing room. He would pour over the film for days until the perfect combination of erotic teasing was revealed. He knew already from the preliminary footage that this evenings special would be a best seller.

Then it was pitch black. Jocelyn couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. After a minute two tiny flashlights emerged and revealed two strong men wearing masks. One was carrying something. Then the lights went out and she found herself carried to the bed. Not a word was spoken. She was laid on the bed as warm compresses were placed on her bottom. The men kissed her as her pain subsided.

Her nipple clamps were removed. They kissed her everywhere, urging her sexy body this way and that, and moving her slightly to suckle on a tender breast or lick her wet pussy gently. Jocelyn felt loved and free now. She eagerly licked the cock that was gently inserted between her lips. It tasted and smelled familiar. Her body melted in submission when she realized it was her Master. She recognized every crevice and licked him with zealous passion. She loved the feel and texture of his hardness. Long tender tantalizing licks of pure perfection surrounded his cock now.

She grabs her phone and looks at the text that just came in. “Be naked and on your knees by the front door in five minutes. Stay there waiting for me until I get home.” She looks at the clock and is happy to see it’s barely after one. He must have gotten off work early. She quickly undresses and puts her clothes away and is kneeling by the front door with a minute to spare. She puts her hands behind her back so that her breasts jut out in front of her. They look better when her arms are raised or behind her head but He would probably think that is silly so she doesn’t do it.

He doesn’t come home right away and she thinks He must have stayed chatting with someone after work. The floor is a little hard on her knees and she wishes He would hurry. Could whatever He is doing not wait until tomorrow? She hasn’t heard His truck yet and sits down. She can always get on her knees when she hears Him coming in. She leans against the wall to wait. Half an hour goes by and she is still waiting. More time passes and she looks at the clock. An hour has gone by and He still hasn’t come in. She is unsure whether she should be worried about Him or annoyed but is leaning on annoyed. He has forgotten that she is waiting. She is sure of it. He must have gotten sidetracked and just forgot. She goes and grabs her phone, sits back down by the door to play games on it.

She keeps an eye on the clock and at three gets up. She needs to pee and is bored with her phone. She goes to the bathroom and into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Looking around she decides to start something for dinner but first goes in and puts on panties and a t-shirt. There is just something wrong about cooking naked. Another look at her phone shows nothing from Him and she sends Him a text. “Hey. You all right?”

Soup sounds good and she is pretty sure she has everything she needs to make it. Also, it’s one of her favorite things to make. No cookbook needed; just some imagination. She starts on it and turns music on. It doesn’t take very long to have everything ready and simmering in the pot. She makes a salad and some garlic butter for bread. Looks at her phone and, realizing it is almost five, decides it’s been long enough since He texted her that she can officially worry. She dials His number and hangs up when the voicemail kicks on.

Dinner is as ready as she can get it and she settles on the sofa, turning the tv on. She channel surfs some and, as it’s moments before five, she settles on the news. The news is depressing. She doesn’t watch it very often but feels like she should know at least a little of what is going on in the world. She hears the truck pull in at around 5:30 and rolls her eyes. “He is going to walk in and be just fine and have no idea why I’ve been worried,” she thinks.

He opens the front door and immediately yells for her, “Emma!” She goes to greet Him and He looks at her. She can see He is angry and can’t figure out why. “Hey. Dinner’s ready.”

“Emma. Did I or did I not tell you to do something today?”

“Uh… You did. And I did but you never came home. So, I fixed dinner. Did you get stuck doing something at work?”

“No. Nope. Didn’t get stuck. This is when I always get home.”

“So you just thought, what, that I would kneel by the front door for four hours waiting for you? That’s crazy.” Emma turned to walk away and he grabbed her t-shirt, stopping her.

“Actually, what I thought was that when I tell you to do something, you do it. That’s what I thought.”

Emma rolled her eyes and tried to turn away. “That’s true but usually you don’t tell me to do ridiculous things.”

He let go of her and said, “Give me your panties. Just take them off and give them to me. Or, is that too ridiculous for you?”

She looked up at His face and for the first time realized how angry He was. Very very angry. For reasons that made no sense to her, she turned and ran. Where she thought she was going she didn’t know but she ran into the bedroom and slammed the door, realizing too late that there was no lock. He came in after her and picked her up, dumping her on the bed.

She pushed against Him but He just held her there as He pulled her panties off. He crumpled them into a ball and shoved them into her mouth. He pulled a dirty bandana from His back pocket and used it to hold the panties in place, effectively gagging her.

“See, here I thought I’d get home and my obedient slave would be waiting by the door for me. I thought I’d fuck you and we’d go out for dinner after. Maybe have some wine and dessert. But noooo, you can’t even fucking do that for me. I have to come home and not only find that you aren’t nearly as obedient as I thought but I also get to be called ridiculous.” As He speaks he is pulling her by the arms to the front room. He brings her to the corner and ties her hands, pulling them over her head and tying them to a hook in the ceiling so that she is facing the corner.

He leaves her there and goes into the kitchen. He serves Himself dinner and watches some show on tv that she doesn’t recognize from the sound. Her arms are aching when He gets up and goes outside. Her mouth is dry and she can’t figure out why she didn’t just do what He said. She can never figure that out when she is in trouble. Why didn’t she just do what He told her to do? He probably left her here to contemplate just that thought. She hears Him come back in, feels the breeze from the door.

“Ya know slave. I had a moment of brilliance when I was outside. Do you know that in the olden days, they used to cut limbs off trees and use them for switches when they needed to punish someone? I bet 100 years ago, in this exact spot somebody was getting switched for being a sassy little bitch.”

He walked up to her and she felt the cold as He cut her shirt off. “I wouldn’t have to cut your shirt if you had been naked like I told you to be.” She nods as He speaks. “Anyway, I thought we’d relive that scene from 100 years ago. Doesn’t that sound fun? People were so much more obedient back then and I bet this is why. Somebody brought a stick to their ass when they needed it.”

Emma twists her head as much as she can and looks behind her to see Him holding a tree branch. He was looking at it with his pocket knife in hand and whittling away the leaves and knobs. He whipped it through the air and struck the couch. Whatever He felt or heard must have satisfied Him.

He smiled slightly to Himself and turned to her. “Think you can handle a little tree branch?” Emma shook her head. She didn’t think so at all. “Don’t those things leave welts?” she thought.

He laughed at her shaking her head and brought the limb in a swinging arc across her ass. Master inspects the damage. Rubs Emma’s ass where the mark is and steps back saying, “I think I can go a bit harder than that.” Emma drops her head and tenses her legs and ass in anticipation.

“No. Relax.” She breathes and relaxes the muscles in her legs and butt, though knowing the switch is going to come down on them makes it hard. He slashes it across her ass again, harder this time, and seeing the welt that rises does it again a few inches lower. He stripes her ass and thighs steadily while she dances on her toes, trying to get away from the stinging bite. She chomps down on the panties in her mouth and pulls on the rope above her head in a futile effort to get away.

Master unties her and pulls the gag from her mouth. “Go lean over the arm of the couch.” She walks unsteadily and leans over the arm, ass in the air. She thinks Master is going to fuck her but when He is behind her He raises His arm and brings the switch down, leaving a vertical mark across the rest. He does this three more times, bringing the limb down on her ass as hard as he can. He admires the pattern, imagining it to be a checkerboard.

Tossing the switch aside, Master comes in closer as He unzips His jeans and pulls them down. His cock is hard and He slides it easily into her pussy. His thighs rub on her red ass and she tenses, in pain. He leans back slightly and grasps the globes, feeling the heat, and then shoves into her hard and deep. The fucking is for His pleasure and He slams into her, punishingly. In and out he pushes, holding tight to her hot ass.

He pulls her ass cheeks apart and pulls His cock out of her pussy, moving it up to shove in her ass hole. She screams into the couch cushions and dangles over the couch arm helplessly as He ravages her ass. It doesn’t take Him long to pull out and spill His seed over her ass cheeks. He strokes His cock, squeezing every last bit out, and rubbing it over her ass. When He is done He sits on the couch in front of her face and says, “Go kneel by the front door until I come get you.”

Emma crawls to the front door and kneels. There is no worry this time about how to arrange herself in the most attractive manner. Her ass is on fire and her mouth in pain from the gag. It is barely past seven and she wonders how late He will make her stay waiting. Master watches shows on the television and plays video games. She hears when He puts the leftover soup away and goes to the bedroom. He comes out quickly and walks to her. He stands in front of her and Emma keeps her head down.

Master tilts her chin up and she keeps her eyes lowered. “Open your mouth.” She opens her mouth for His cock, happy that He is going to let her suck on it. Happy because she thinks He will let her get up and go to bed after. Master puts His cock into her mouth, and Emma, noticing that it is soft, sucks on it. She wants to cry when He pees down her throat. She is always shocked when He does it. It is humiliating and she closes her eyes as the tears in them form. “Swallow.” She does and He finishes, pees on her hair. “Stay.”

Emma drops her head and hears Him go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Emma wants to lie down while He is in there but is unwilling to risk getting in trouble again. Her knees hurt and she listens, imagining him soaping. She is wobbly on her knees and wishes she had a carpet or rug under them.

Checking the clock she sees that it is after 11 and, feeling miserable and sorry for herself, she sniffles, crying. Sore, bored, sorry and lonely she watches the clock as He showers. It’s just a few minutes but it feels like much longer when He turns the shower off. He comes out dry and wrapped in a towel and stands in front of her again.

“Open your mouth.” Emma does and once again He shoves His cock in and pees in her mouth. She swallows without Him telling her and when He pulls His dick out she looks down at the floor, crying softly. “Stay there until midnight. Take a shower before you come to bed.”

Master leaves and she hears Him get into bed. Hears the bed creak softly. Emma, dirty now, knees and ass aching, watches the clock closely waiting for midnight.

She was just kneeling on the bed, her eyes obscured by the cloth I’d tied there. I could tell she was nervous, she said she wanted to try something different and kinky; something more exciting. In recent months our love-making had become a little monotonous, we both thought it but she was the first to say it. In the dim room, lit by a single lamp on the bedside table, the only sound was our gentle, nervous breath. We had only had sex with each other; our bodies were the only ones we’d ever known. Even then we had never done something so adventurous, so different.

“I want you to be one-hundred percent in control. Absolutely everything; I won’t say no to anything.”

Her words were still humming over and over in my head as I watched her. In all honesty I had thought about suggesting this but she was the horny one in our pairing. She was still wearing her pyjamas and her black hair spilled down onto her pale shoulders. Her skin was very soft and very smooth.

“Take your top off.” I instructed in a low voice, I was sitting in a chair near the bed. I saw her grin and slowly lift her top up, revealing her slim belly then her large, naked breasts. I love her tits; her nipples were large and pink, surrounded by her immense breasts. They weren’t particularly perky but that just made cradling them and feeling their weight more satisfying.

“Now the shorts.” I said, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I fell into the role of the master. She slid her small cotton shorts down her thighs then shifted her weight to slip them past her feet. Her underwear was a blue sheer material, through it I could make out her shaven pussy. The material was tight enough that it pulled between the lips slightly. Her waist had beautiful curve to it, she had an hourglass figure with large breasts and round hips. She was 19 but looked so much like a woman already, so beautiful and curvy. When we first met that’s what caught me, That gorgeous curve in her long waistline.

“Touch your tits.” I ordered. She obediently cupped her breasts and began to knead them gently. My cock was beginning to throb, seeing her touch herself like this turned me on. She began to stroke her nipples, pinching them lightly making them pucker up to stiffness. I watched her touch and stroke her breasts, cupping them and squeezing them together. I looked down at her panties, there was a dark patch of moisture at her pussy’s entrance, she was wet, very wet.

“Take your underwear off.” I said feeling my cock grow as I spoke. I saw some colour rise in her cheeks as she did as she was told and slid out of her panties. She was naked now except the blindfold across her eyes and a smile on her lips.

“Touch your pussy. I want you to rub your clit” She ran her hands down from her breasts over her belly down to her pussy. She spread her legs more allowing both hands access between her legs, each index finger rubbed along her labia then pulling her lips apart. With one hand holding her lips akimbo the other began to stroke her large clitoris. She began to moan softly. I could see her body squirm as she touched her moist sex. I was hard now, my boxers tented up in my lap. I rubbed the head of my cock through my underwear.

“That’s good. Finger yourself now.” I said softly. She groaned in excitement and her mouth hung open as she pushed a finger into her warm pussy, she began to work it in and out of her wet opening. I was beginning to drool watching her, I had never done anything like this but I loved the sensation of being so in control of her. She pushed a second finger into her pussy and a squishing sound began to pulse in the room. Her free hand cupped her left breast firmly.

“Ohh.” She cooed. She was going to come soon.

“Stop.” I announced “Put your arms out in front of you” I ordered

“Hold them out right now”. She reluctantly stretched her arms out leaving her quivering cunt unattended to.

“Please let me come. I’m so fucking wet I have to come or I’ll explode.” She pleaded, panting heavily

“I said finger yourself, not make yourself come.” I said. I felt weird doing this. Normally my number one priority was to make her come again and again but here I was stopping her one stroke from orgasm. I stood up and took the waist-belt out of my bathrobe. I tied it around one of her wrists then the other, firmly holding them together. I licked her wet fingers before I gently tugged on the loose end of the belt, pulling her down to the bed spread on all fours. I tied the loose end around the bed rail. Her ass was nice and round, poked up into the air. Very lightly I traced my finger up her spine from the top of her butt crack to the back of her neck; she shivered feeling me touch her finally. She cooed quietly.

I walked around the bed to the other side where her butt was. I liked her in this position. Her pussy was glistening in the dim light just waiting to be touched, begging for it. Above that; the rosebud of her butthole sitting between her two creamy cheeks. I leant forward and blew very gently. She shivered and giggled a little at the cold air touching her naked holes. The skin there broke into goosebumps and she moaned very lowly in anticipation.

“Have you been naughty?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said. I grinned

“Are you a naughty girl?”

“Yes. Very naughty.” she said, her voice was growing in anticipation.

“Do you know happens to naughty girls?” I asked dryly.

“No. What happens to naughty girls?” She asked softly. I spanked her firmly across her right ass cheek, she cried out in surprise and flinched. The pale skin I struck began to come up in a red hand print. I spanked her again, harder this time. She hummed through her lips in decadent pleasure. I paused and switched hands. I slowly rubbed her left butt cheek before slapping it. Again she cried out and flinched against her restraint.

I ran my hand up from her butt to her neck then back down again, planting another firm hand across her delicate skin. I went to the bedside table; in a shoe box were a couple sex toys we used sometimes, as well as lube and condoms. I took out the vibrating bullet and walked back to her ass. I pushed the tiny toy inside of her; she moaned finally feeling her pussy being touched. I trailed the remote’s wire from her pussy around to her head, as I walked I lightly ran my hand up her elegant curve. Standing there I pulled my boxers down causing my cock to spring up and pulse.

“You’re going to suck my cock now.” I said. She nodded, I positioned the tip of my cock on her lips and as she opened them to take me in, I flicked the switch on the remote. She flinched and moaned loudly. I slowly pushed my cock into her waiting mouth, letting her warm tongue taste each inch of me. I groaned as I filled her mouth, then slowly withdrew. I turned the wheel on the bullet remote to increase the vibrations. She moaned accordingly and I pushed back into her mouth. Her lips reverberated around my shaft, I liked when she moaned while sucking me.

I gripped the back of her head and began to thrust into her mouth, each stroke going deeper and deeper. The deeper I went the more I turned up the vibrations. She was groaning and gasping around my cock. Soon her nose was pressed against my trimmed pubic hair, the head of my cock was being squeezed by her throat. She gagged and I pulled all the way out, bringing a long string of thick spit with it. She gasped and drooled.

She moaned. I decided to let her have this orgasm, on one condition. I pushed my cock back into her mouth and in shallow thrusts of her mouth I fucked my cock between her lips. She moaned and squealed as she came with my pulsing cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. I pulled back from her and watched her squirm from her orgasm as the bullet rumbled inside her pussy. I maxxed out the vibrations and watched her buck and twitch for moment before I switched it off.

I walked around to her ass again bringing the remote with me. I pulled the slippery object out of her sopping opening. Her juices were running down her thighs and her body had broken into sweat. I hooked my hands around her knees and pulled them out from under her. She fell onto her stomach with her legs together. Since she orgasmed the room was filled with the scent of her cum. I spanked her again and she cried out.

“Oh, please stop teasing me. I can’t take it anymore. Just fuck me. Fuck my pussy as hard as you can and just come everywhere. I’m so fucking horny, I never been so wet. God, please just fuck me” she whimpered. I was throbbing intensely hearing how much she wanted my dick inside her molten cunt. “Ask again” I said softly

“Oh please fuck me. I just want you to come inside my pussy. I want you to spank me and fuck me”

I laughed quietly. I reached across to the box and retrieved the bottle of lube. I squeezed a dollop of it out onto the bullet. I spread it around with one finger, with the leftovers I slicked up her tight, tiny rosebud. She pulled away from me. I’d never done anything to her asshole except for one time when I accidently stuck my fingertip inside her. I could tell she was nervous.

“Uh-uh” I said, I leant over her and whispered in her ear “You said you wouldn’t say no to anything. Just relax” She groaned in anticipation. I slowly pushed the slippery little vibrator into her butthole. She let out a deep, guttural moan feeling such a new sensation. I turned the remote on and set it on a low setting.

“Holy shit that feels weird” She moaned. I straddled her ass and put my hands on her cheeks. My aching cock fell to her pussy. It was wetter than any time I’d ever felt and she must have been close to flashpoint, the heat that rose from those hot pink lips was indescribable. I pushed, slowly poking my veiny cock inside her. This was my favourite position to have her in, when we fucked like this she had the wildest orgasms ever. I was halfway in now when I picked up the remote and turned up the revs. She pushed her face into the bedspread and squealed.

“Oh fuck!” She said. I thrust my full length into her pussy. There was a squishing sound as I began to pump in and out of her. I spanked her and turned up the bullet again. Immediately I felt her pussy clamp up around me, squeezing like a vice.

“Oh, goddamn it. Ohhh fuck. Yes, yes, oh fucking shit!” She squealed. I pumped faster and maxxed out the little toy. I could feel it vibrating against my cock through her flesh. I spanked her again on the opposite side. I lay forward with my chest against her back. Her body was sticky with sweat. I was getting close to coming. I pumped hard and deep into her pussy sending a squelch out with each thrust.

“Oh fuck. You’re gunna make me come again. I’m getting close” She groaned. She was so animalistic and uninhibited. I’d never seen her so horny, so wild. My hips were like a blur, I was so desperate to come. I wanted to fill her with my hot jizz. I felt her buck and shiver underneath me.

“Oh Fuuucckkk. Yes, yes, yes. Oh my fucking God. Ah Yes!” She screamed into the bed, her voice was becoming hoarse from her constant moaning and growling. I’d never heard an orgasm like this one. I’d made her scream a little before but this was insane. I’m lucky no one called the cops suspecting murder or something. She squealed with unrestrained pleasure.

Seconds later my I came. My balls shot up to my body and exploded cum deep inside her pussy. I pumped and pumped, I didn’t know my body had that much cum in it I think I went up a couple hat sizes I’d come so hard and so fast. I groaned in delight. My cock pulsed and throbbed for a few seconds deep inside her, swimming in a wash of our cum. I straightened up and turned off the bullet. I gently extracted it from her twitching ass hole and withdrew my cum drenched cock from her cunt. I stood up and a river of pearly come drooled from her swollen opening. I walked around and pulled undid her restraints and undid her blindfold.

Her eyes were green, beautiful and infinitely intricate. I loved them more than anything in the world. No matter how hot the sex was, nothing made my heart beat like her eyes. I kissed her.

“That-was-amazing” She panted, smiling. I flopped onto the bed beside her.

“It really was” I sighed. My dick was throbbing, still dribbling cum. I pulled her close to me and kissed her.

“I think we should switch things up for next time” She said kissing me again

“Sure thing”

“I love you” She said.

“I love you too” I said, staring into her emerald eyes “I really need a shower” I sighed

“You might have to carry me there. I’m a bit rubbery in the legs baby” She laughed

We both laughed and kissed again before cleaning up and going to bed, holding each other close. Knowing we’d discovered something new and exciting to share together.

It started out innocently enough. Casual flirting which led to a series of questions, the questions being more and more probing, more and more personal, more and more sexual. You revealing to me what I craved, despite not knowing myself what it was. Before long I found myself unable to stay away, wanting you, desiring you to command me, eager to obey you, despite you persistently pushing me past any boundaries that I put up. I put up a wall and you knock it down piece by piece, revealing to me what I crave even when I don’t realize it myself. Now despite all the times of telling myself this would never happen, I prepare to meet you for the first time, to be dominated and taken in real life.

I look down at the instructions that I printed out from you, questioning myself if I can really follow through with them, wondering if I dare disobey. You have told me that by the end of the night I will have completely submitted to you. I read through the list again: I am to wear a front closure bra and button up blouse, a short skirt with no panties. I should be completely shaved, bring my vibrators, and the remote control wireless egg shaped vibrating bullet.

I place the vibrators in my purse, and look at the clock. Fifteen minutes and you will arrive to pick me up. I had tried to set up the meeting so that I would drive myself, but you wanted me dependent on you and wouldn’t hear of it. Eventually I had caved in, like I do on most things, and agreed to you picking me up. I quickly dressed in the clothes I had laid out. I wondered why you had told me to wear a front closing bra, as I smoothed the red shirt down. The skirt was much shorter than I was comfortable with, especially with no panties. I decide to put a pair of panties on, just to see if they are noticeable. They are not, and maybe you won’t notice I think to myself. I can take them off before anything happens and you will never know the difference I reason to myself.

Before I can think it through anymore I hear the doorbell ring. I know it is you. I suppose what is done is done, it is too late to change now. I open the door and greet you, our first face-to-face meeting. I am taken aback at how nervous I am as you walk in. My heart is pounding in my chest, and already I can feel myself growing wet just at your presence. I feel a surge in my body, knowing that now you are close enough to touch, close enough to make all of my darkest desires come true. You come in and we sit down together, I am sitting across from you.

“Are you ready for tonight,” you say breaking the silence.

“Yes sir,” I say looking down at the floor, my voice almost quivering with both nervousness and barely contained desire.

“By the end of the night you will have fully submitted to me. There will be several phases to this process. Each phase emphasizing that I own you, and forcing you to submit that much further. There is to be no resistance or hesitation, or there will be punishment given. This is the first phase. Do you understand?” You say all of these things so matter-of-factly, as if we were having a casual conversation about the weather. The word punishment rings out, and I instantly regret putting the panties on.

“Yes sir, I understand.” I say quietly, wondering how quickly I can get them off without you knowing.

“Now,” you say standing up, “have you followed my instructions fully in preparing for tonight.”

“Yes sir,” I say as panic sets in in the reality that I will not get them off before you find out.

“Good,” you say pleased. “Repeat back to me my instructions.”

I look at you for a brief moment, processing what you have said, then respond, “I am to have my vibrators with me, I am to be completely shaved, to wear a button up blouse, a front closure bra, a short skirt, and no panties, sir.”

“Where are you vibs,” you question.

“In my purse sir,” I respond back and point toward my purse. You walk over and look into my purse, which I have left open and see them laying there.

“Good girl,” you say, knowing that I love pleasing you. “Now unbutton your blouse, and raise your skirt.”

At this point I know that there is nothing I can do, and that you will know I have disobeyed. I look down at the floor, and confess. “Sir,” I say with my voice shaking a bit, “I have not followed your instructions exactly.”

“Do as your told,” you respond without acknowledging what I have said.

“Yes sir,” I quickly say and begin unbuttoning my blouse. When done I raise my skirt revealing the black lace panties beneath.

You sigh denoting your obvious disappointment. “Remove them,” you say sternly and place you hand out. Immediately I obey and place them in your hand without saying a word. “Lift your skirt,” you command again. I obey and you lift my skirt revealing my shaved pussy to you. I continue to look at the floor. You place your hand under my chin and raise my face so that I am looking at yours. “We have not even left the building and you are already disobeying me,” you chastise.

“I’m sorry sir,” is all I can bring myself to say.

Abruptly you turn away from me and say, “You will receive two punishments for this, one for telling me you had obeyed when you had not, and one for not obeying. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I reply, waiting to hear what my punishment will be.

“Now button your blouse up, pull your skirt down, and lets go,” you say moving towards to door.

I look at you not understanding; I had been expecting you to deliver my punishments. Not wanting to have another punishment I begin following your orders. I pick up my purse and approach you at the door. “Sir,” I question, “when will you punish me?”

You look back at me and respond with a smile, “later in the evening, your behavior through the night will determine how many punishments you will receive, and also what pleasure you will receive.”

I had not expected this, and the idea of waiting on pins and needles all night long, not knowing what was awaiting me was mental torture. I’m sure it was another step in your plan of making me completely submissive; torturing me with what was to come, knowing that I would be thinking of it often throughout the evening. Yet as I follow along beside you I feel how wet I am as I walk into the unknown. We have spoken enough, that I have begun to trust you, yet I still have a deep seated fear that completely letting go with all abandon, will lead me down a path of destruction. I try not to focus on these things as I followed you out of the house, as you opened the door to the passenger side of the door for me to get in.

“Thank you sir,” I say as I get into the car.

Instead of shutting the door and moving to get in yourself as I expect, you stand there watching me. I look up at you, waiting for you to say something.

“How wet are you?” you ask.

“Very wet sir,” I respond immediately.

“Good, by the time I get into my seat, I want your skirt pulled up, your legs spread, and a vibe in your pussy on high. I want you to hand me the remote to the bullet and you will hold it against your clit while I find a setting I like for you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I reply.

You shut the door and begin to walk to your side of the car. I immediately do as you have commanded, pulling my skirt up and spreading my legs. I slide the vib in very easily because I am so wet, and turn it on high. It delivers the instant pleasurable sensations that I have come to know so well since meeting you, and I can’t help as a small moan escapes my lips as I push it all the way in, the vibrations deep in my pussy. I hold the bullet against my clit and wait for you to enter the car.

As you get seated I hand you the remote. “Good slave,” you say as you take the remote from me. You buzz through the seven different settings, watching my reactions to the different pulses and intensities. You find a setting that you like, not surprising it is a high constant vibration, that will offer no relief if you decide to withhold my orgasm from me. I have not cum in 4 days waiting for this day to arrive per your orders. But there has been constant teasing, constant stimulation, but no release, despite my begging and pleading. “You want an orgasm very badly don’t you Mandy,” you tease.

I am already nearing the edge from the buildup over the last several days, and the rush of finally meeting you, if I allowed myself the indulgence I could be on the edge of an orgasm in mere seconds. “Yes sir, please sir, I want to cum,” I beg you as the vibrations continue to pulse through me.

“All in time,” you say as your fingertips begin teasing me. You start at my knee and slowing and lightly trace you fingers up my spread legs and thigh. I moan at your touch and feel myself come that much closer to the edge of release.

“Please sir,” I beg again, “please let me cum for you.”

“Not yet,” you say as your hand covers mine and presses the bullet more firmly against my clit causing me to moan out loud, and then groan as you deny me what I want so badly. My body surges to the edge or orgasm, on fire for release, with a need so strong to cum, but knowing that I can not disobey, I maintain the edge and resist the urge.

You smile as you remove your hand, pleased that I am obeying you. You have seen me cum enough times on camera that I would not be able to hide the orgasm from you, especially as large as the one I have mounting will be.

“Remove the bullet, but keep the other vibe in. As we drive to the restaurant you will unbutton your blouse and unclasp the bra. I will play with one breast and you will mimic what I do with the other. If I pinch your nipple you will do the same. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I reply as I regain control over my body again, the vibrations deep inside me holding me on the brink, but the removal of the vibe from my clit bringing the overwhelming desire down to a manageable level. At this point I am thankful for all the training you have given me on learning to control my release of orgasm, even though I have cursed you in my head for forcing me to hold back those euphoric releases.

As you start the car I begin to realize what I have just agreed to. Someone could see me, or rather my breasts as we drive down the road. I begin to panic as you back out of the drive way, but the vibe still deep within me makes it hard for me to focus or find clarity.

“Sir,” I say trying to reason with you, “what if someone sees me. I can not have anyone that drives down the road seeing my breasts being fondled.”

“You have just earned yourself another punishment: no hesitation, no resistance” you say in a matter-of fact tone. Meanwhile you reach over and recline the chair back so that I would be hidden from view. Feeling foolish and almost set up, I apologize and follow your directions, not wanting to add to the punishment any further. As I unclasp the bra and free my breast’s I see you watching from the corner of your eye. I await your touch knowing that it will not be long until I am on the edge again, my nipples already hard in anticipation.

Lost in thought of what was to come, I am brought instantly back to the present as I feel your touch on my left breast, sending jolt of electricity through my body. My hand joins yours on my right breast. Teasing, touching, exploring, a moan pushes through as the vibrations below continue pulsing through me. Without even realizing it I arch my back pushing my breast deeper into your hand, my body telling you I want more, even though no words are spoken. My nipples

tingle at your touch, at the anticipation of what is to come. I open my mouth as you pinch down on my nipple sucking in air, and follow suite on my side. You roll my nipple between your fingers, and watch to make sure I do the same. I am obedient in what you have told me to do. You continue to tease me, and in turn I tease myself as our drive progresses. My legs still spread wide, you can see how horney I am. Desperate for an orgasm as I writhe in the seat, moaning from your touch. You can read me so well that you know I am on the edge again, without me even saying anything. Before I can even ask you command, “Do not cum.”

“Yes sir,” I manage to say through moans, and another silent curse in my head. You continue to tease me, the rest of the drive. As you turn into the parking lot of the restaurant I see you pull into the back far away from other vehicles. You have removed your hands from me while you park, and I start to dress again, pulling my bra back on.

“Did I give you permission?” you ask looking at me sternly.

“No sir, I’m sorry I just assumed that it was time for me to get dressed again.” I am frozen hoping that I have not gained a fourth punishment. Still scared of what those punishments might be, and desperate not to have another one.

“I could give you another punishment for that,” you say as if you were reading my mind. You see me look down at the ground in response. “However, you are learning, I will be lenient this time, and excuse the mistake.”

“Thank you master,” I say very relieved to hear this.

“Now give me your tits and pussy,” you command. Not waiting for a reply you are almost on top of me. Your hand instantly on my pussy, rubbing my clit, fingering circles around it then brushing over the top, in quick succession. Meanwhile, your mouth sucking on my nipples, moving back and forth between them, I gasp out finally feeling more of your touch, feeling your lips for the first time on my body. The vib continuing to pulse deep inside of me; I am instantly on the edge again. My moaning growing louder and louder, almost to the point of screaming as your mouth delivers volts of pleasure over me, and your finger teases my clit relentlessly.

“Please sir, I cant take anymore, please let me cum, please,” I beg you over and over again as I arch my back pressing my tits into your face and grind my pussy into your hand. I am so close, that I don’t even know if I can stop the orgasm from coming, when you immediately stop pulling back.

“Not yet you say,” pulling the vibe from my wet pussy and turning it off, “but very soon.” I groan as your abrupt stop has ripped the orgasm away from me, denying me once again. I am visibly frustrated at the denial yet again, but I do not dare disrespect you. “Now, you may get dressed,” you say as you readjust yourself, ignoring my annoyed demeanor. As you finish you get out of the car and walk around to let me out of the car. I am composed again by the time you

open the door, and we exit together. We enter the restaurant and I realize that my nipples are still hard and I am still very wet, I am instantly put on guard that someone will be able to see my heightened state. I must look completely sex crazed at this point. I look around and am grateful that there are only a few people around, and none seem to be paying particular attention to me.

We enter the restaurant and wait for the hostess to come and seat us. “You have passed through the second phase now,” you say quietly so that no one can hear but me. “You gave me your tits, and were obedient in not Cuming. Your tits are mine. I will do with your tits as I please. I am your master, and you will submit to my wishes. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir, I understand,” I say quietly, still flustered from the car ride to the restaurant.

“Good, now for the next phase. Do you want to know what will happen now?” you question, looking at me with a smile on your face.

As I study you, I am not sure if I want to know or not, but I hear myself respond anyways, “yes sir.”

“You wanted an orgasm so bad; you will have plenty of them, right here in this restaurant. You will cum as many times as I say. Your orgasms are mine; you already know that I can deny them at will, now you will see that I can command them from you as well, even in a public location.”

I am looking at you in shock. You can not possibly be serious. I was not going to cum in public; there is no way for me to hide the orgasms. Completely mortified and transfixed in thought, I barely hear the hostess asking if you want a table or a booth.

“Booth,” I hear you reply, and the hostess begins to walk into the restaurant. I am still in a fog as I feel your hand on my lower back edging me to follow the hostess along. My face must reveal my shock at the situation as you nudge me to set in the booth, then sit beside me. “Your waitress will be right with you,” the hostess says casually as she hands us menus and then leaves.

The table is silent, as I sit looking blankly at the menu. Not really reading anything, completely lost in thought. I am snapped back into reality when I hear your voice, “spread your legs.” I respond without even thinking, my legs spreading wide a part. I feel your hand on my thigh, slowly moving up, higher and higher, sliding under my skirt and touching the lips of my pussy.

“Please don’t make me do this in public,” I make a plea, knowing that you will make me do it anyways. You very rarely change your mind about anything once you issue a command. Even if I refuse, you keep pushing and pushing, one step at a time until I cave in and do what you command.

“You will do as you are told, if you hesitate or resist then you will receive punishment. You will have at least 6 orgasms during our time here. If I feel like you are resisting then I will add more

orgasms in addition to punishment. You must ask my permission before each orgasm, and I will tell you when to cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I say beginning to look around. I was hoping the restaurant was empty, that there would be no one to hear or see anything that was about to happen. I was not so fortunate. There we people directly in front of us. Although they wouldn’t be able to see anything they most definitely would be able to hear me, I would have to remain silent through my orgasms. There were other people seated at tables neighboring ours, not too close, but close enough that I would need to remain visibly composed. How was I going to do this, it had been 4 days since I had felt the release of an orgasm, and not just 4 days, but you had tortured me during those 4 days. Forcing me to stay amped up and on the edge of orgasm for hours at a time, and denying me even one orgasm, to “test” if I had truly learned to control them. Between that and the events of the day I felt like I was on fire, and this first orgasm was bound to be explosive.

I feel you fingers slide between my lips playing with my clit, instantly driving me wild. I resist the urge to moan out loud, and grip the edge of the table to maintain composure. Without even thinking I slide myself down a little giving you easier access, my body revealing how much I want an orgasm, even if it is here in the middle of all these people. I feel myself softly moaning and panting as you push your fingers deep inside of me. Quickly and roughing fingering me, it is only minutes before I am on the edge again. “May I cum sir,” I ask almost panting.

“Cum now,” you command as you continue pushing your fingers deep into my wet pussy. Finally I am allowed to release orgasm that I have been holding so long. I feel my entire body tense and release, as my pussy spasms against your fingers. I take a deep breathe and look down at the table, my hand gripping your leg as I try to avoid screaming out. But a soft moan escapes my lips despite my efforts. You continue fingering me roughly through the entire orgasm, extending it as long as possible until you feel it subsiding . You move your hand down to my thigh, wiping my juices on my leg, allowing me to relax after the orgasm. After I have recollected myself, and made sure I can speak without my voice cracking, I thank you for the orgasm.

I see the waitress approaching the table, and try to close my legs, but your hand forcefully pulls back and you look at me and simply say, “NO.” I do not resist, but flush red in embarrassment as the waitress approaches the table. She takes our drink order, and I feel your fingers rubbing my clit again as I order my drink. I can barely speak as I quickly order hoping that she will leave again. As she leaves you plunge your fingers deep inside me causing me to gasp out. You bring me to the edge quickly, and I am asking you to cum. “Wait” you say, continuing your pattern of thrusts in and out of me. I see the waitress approaching the table with our drinks and know what you are planning to do. I can not cum in front of her, so I desperately try to move, to push your hand aside, anything to avoid the orgasm that is pending from happening in front of the waitress.

All of the squirming and you look directly at me and say, “you just earned yourself a 4th punishment, and now you will have 10 orgasms before we leave here.” I immediately stop resisting and look down at the table. Your hand now resting on my thigh again. The waitress

sits down our drinks and asks if we are ready to order. Slowly your hand works back into my pussy as you place your order, when the waitress looks at me, I try to speak clearly, but my voice cracks as your finger glides over my clit. Finally she leaves, and you bring me to another orgasm.

“Thank you,” I say again “I’m sorry I resisted you sir.”

“You can tell me how sorry you are later tonight during your punishment,” you say calmly, always in control of the situation. “Now, you have 8 more to go, and you will cum when the waitress bring the food to the table. So you had better hide it well,” you tell me as your fingers start their routine again. By now you know exactly what to do, and can quickly bring me to orgasm in just minutes. Of course the setting adds to my arousal, as even though I didn’t want to do this here. You bring me to orgasm, 3,4,5,6 times and I am dripping wet. My body shakes as each orgasm passes and I resist the urge to scream out loud. Each orgasm I ask permission and am told when to cum. As you bring me to the edge of my next orgasm, I ask permission, and you tell me to wait. Your finger still rubbing my clit in circles as I feel like fire is ripping through my pussy as you hold me on the edge, breathing hard, waiting for release that I know you will command. We both see the waitress approaching our table and you speed up making sure that I am ready to cum on demand. When she is a few feet away from the table, you look at me and say, “Now.” I begin to cum, hoping that the orgasm will be a small one, but you ensure that it draws out longer by plunging your fingers deep inside of me.

“MMMMMMM” I moan out as the waitress places our plates down on the table. My reaction gives some release to my body, while being easily disguised as a reaction to the food. The waitress gives me an odd look, and I wonder if she has any idea what is going on. As much as I have tried to maintain a level of composure, I’m sure if anyone had been watching it would be obvious to them. The waitress asks if we need anything else and then dismisses herself from the table. My orgasm subsides and I realize that I have been squeezing your leg through the entire orgasm, trying to find anything to keep me from screaming and moaning out.

“Thank you sir,” I say quietly. “I’m sorry if I hurt you,” I say as I rub your thigh were I had been squeezing.

“You did not.” You say studying me momentarily. “Now relax and eat your dinner, we still have 3 more to go before we leave here, and I have plans for us at 7.”

“Yes sir,” I say somewhat relieved at the break you are giving me. Never have I had so many orgasms so quickly before, and never have I had to work so hard at hiding them. We chat casually through dinner, and I am almost completely relaxed by the end. As we both finish you push your plate forward, and the waitress approaches the table again to take our plates.

“Can I get you anything else,” she asks politely.

You order another round of drinks, and as she leaves you look at me and command me to spread my legs again. I immediately obey, my body trained to respond to those words. “Now guide my hand,” you tell me placing your hand up my skirt and resting it on my pussy, but going no further. “Show me how you would do it.”

Somewhat surprised I put my hand over yours, and press your middle finger between my lips. Gently rubbing up and down, slowly making circles around my clit but not touching it, playing lightly at the entrance to my hole, but not entering it. Sometimes these light sensual touches can bring forth just as powerful of an orgasm as the fast and rough motions. I am getting so wet guiding your fingers in and out of my pussy, so taken away in the moment, that I don’t even notice that I have started grinding on your hand, breathing hard. My pussy wanting more and more as one of your fingers and one of mine sink deep within and a small moan escapes my lips. In my mind I imagine you eating me. It is a fantasy I often get lost in, as I love having my pussy eaten, it is such a huge turn on. I imagine your tongue like velvet on my clit, your lips sucking me in, me getting wetter and wetter as you bring me closer and closer to orgasm. I wonder if you will eat my pussy tonight and fulfill this fantasy for me, as I continue thrusting our fingers in and out of my pussy. I am on the edge and ask your permission to cum, “Not yet, maintain the edge,” you say as your fingers continue working there way in and out of my pussy.

Again I see the waitress approaching the table, and know that you will make me cum while she is there. I don’t dare resist this time. I feel you take control, and start working my clit faster, applying the perfect amount of pressure, and I can’t help but moan at your touch. Right as she approaches the table you say, “Now,” and I feel myself explode in orgasm. The sensation rushes through my body as I rock forward, and grip the edge of the bench seat with both hands. The waitress looks at me and seems to know what is happening and quickly leaves the table, but your hand has never left my pussy. Still thrusting, still rubbing, straight through the orgasm as I bite my lip to avoid screaming out. You do not stop, and I feel myself building again. Never stopping, constant pressure my body trembles at your touch as I am immediately on the edge again.

“May I cum sir,” I manage to say through labored breathing.

“Cum now,” you say smiling as you watch me writhe under your touch, fingers still moving in and out of my wet pussy. I feel the rush of another orgasm wash over me, and my hands move to grip the bench and my mouth falls open silently moaning.

You keep going, still rubbing, my body on fire and begging for relief. “Please, no more sir,” I ask as I try to nudge your hand away, “I can’t take any more.”

“Ah, but you have one more,” you say your hand not budging and fingers still working relentlessly.

I shoot you a pleading look, but you just smirk at me, and I know you will have no mercy. My body is on fire, weak from orgasm after orgasm, from attempting to maintain composure, yet I can feel another orgasm already building despite my desperate need for relief. I feel myself giving in, letting the pending orgasm take over as you continue fucking my pussy with your fingers. “Please let me cum,” I say a little louder than I had intended, as I hit the edge of another orgasm. Hoping no one noticed, I look down and try to hide any obvious indication of what is happening to an onlooker.

You do not reply for what seems like forever, just letting me sit on the edge, testing to see if I will hold back until you grant permission. Still gripping the edge of the bench, I am almost panting waiting for you to grant my orgasm as it builds and builds. “Please,” I beg again, so close to losing control.

“Cum now,” you say thrusting hard and fast into my pussy. The orgasm releases and the familiar wave of ecstasy washes over me. I gasp for breathe, and hold it to deny the scream that is on the edge of my lips. Wave after wave washes over me, slowly subsiding, until the orgasm has closed. My body still shaking from the intense pleasure of the evening, my mouth dry from the deep breathing, my pussy soaking in my own juices.

You let me recover for a few minutes while you finish your drink. My heart rate comes back down to a normal state and breathing returns to normal. I didn’t even think it was possible to have that many orgasms so close together. “Thank you sir,” I am finally able to say after regaining my composure.

“You’re welcome, you are enjoying being my slave aren’t you?” your questions begin to probe. You know the answers, you have asked them hundreds of times before, but you love to hear me say it, the affirmation both to you, and to myself. I am yours, you own me. We go through the usual round of questions, before you tell me to go clean myself up, and to meet you at the front of the restaurant.

As we walk back to the car I ask, “where are we going now?”

“To the movies,” you say revealing nothing else.

At this point I know that this will not be a normal trip to the movies. Nothing about this night has been normal. I wonder what you will be doing to me during this 2 hour time frame and my mind starts to wander.

The car ride is silent, I am lost deep in thought wondering what is going to happen at the movies, and you are content to not reveal anything further, knowing that my mind is going one hundred miles an hour.

“What movie are we going to see sir,” I ask breaking the silence.

“You won’t be watching much of any movie,” is all you reply back, confirming my suspicions.

After parking we approach the ticket booth, there is another couple in line ahead of us. “On to the next phase,” you look at me and say quietly.

You buy tickets for the movie; it must have been in the theatre for a month already. That paired with a mid-week excursion tells me that the theatre will be relatively empty. A dual edge sword: less people around to notice anything, but this will also give you more freedom.

We get into the theatre about 10 minutes before the movie is to start. The video reel advertisements flash on the screen. So far there are only 5 other people in the theatre. You lead the way to the very top row, directly in the center. The closest person is about 5 rows down, I am thankful for the privacy.

As we sit down you tell me, “this is the last phase before we go back and begin your punishments.” I had almost forgot about them, and had a sudden sense of dread wash over me. “This phase will challenge you, do well and I will remember that during them.”

“Yes sir,” I say looking down at the ground, a sense of fear washing over me.

“In this phase you will submit to me further. All of your holes are meant for fucking, and I will do with them as I please. Do you understand?” you say pointedly.

“Yes sir,” I say very unsure of myself.

“Good, now relax for a few minutes, you will need your strength.” You sit back in your chair, content that the conversation is over, meanwhile my mind is racing again.

The previews run through and you don’t make a move. About 15 minutes into the movie and it seems everyone is settled. A few more people have entered the theatre, no one sitting near us. I am still waiting on pins and needles. Finally you look at me, “take off your skirt,” and hand it to me.

I stare at you blankly, you can’t be serious I think to myself. Yet in looking at you I see that you are very serious. This is too much, I reason with myself, if I were to get caught this would go beyond humiliation, and there could be more serious consequences.

“I can’t do that sir,” I say looking down at the ground.

“You have just earned a 5th punishment. Now, take off your skirt and hand it to me. No one will see anything, the theatre is completely dark. Do it now.” Your voice is so commanding, I am so conflicted. I want to obey, but I am scared.

I continue to look down, afraid to make eye contact. “Do it NOW Mandy,” you repeat. Hearing you say my name like that makes me tremble, as I continue to sit frozen in my chair.

“Alright, have it your way. You will regret this. Now get down on your knees, you are going to suck my cock,” you say your voice denoting complete control over the situation.

My mind still racing, I can not pull myself from the chair. Completely frozen I sit, staring at the floor, I have wanted to suck you for so long, but not like this. My mind spinning, completely out of tune with what is going on around me, I am snapped back into reality as I feel your hand on my face. You turn my face so that I am looking at you, “This is going to happen, so stop fighting me. You know that you want this, crave this, so stop thinking about it and just obey me. Get out of your head, and do as I command. Now, take off your skirt and give it to me, and then get on your knees in front of me to suck my cock.”

Your words rip through me, and I feel myself caving in, another wall falling down. Still uneasy at the idea of this being done in public, but not wanting to disobey any further, I slide my skirt off and hand it to you. I slide from my chair and position myself on my knees in front of you. “Yes sir,” I reply quietly “I’m sorry sir.”

You smile, knowing that this was a large feat, “good girl,” is all you say.

You slide forward on your chair, and I unbuckle your pants, eager to finally suck your cock. I have waited a long time for this, and know I will enjoy it. Still a bit nervous I look from side to side to make sure that no one has approached our row in the theatre. Once having the confirmation I need, I waste no time and start licking the top of your cock, savoring the taste as a bead of pre-cum, then licking from all the way underneath your balls to the tip of your cock. Once back at the top I suck the head back onto my mouth, aggressively sucking hard, allowing my tongue to twist and curl around your head, enjoying finally having you in my mouth. I slowly bob my head up and down over your dick, taking you in inch at a time, letting my tongue work the underside of your cock as I lowered my head, and on the way back up letting my teeth graze gently against your skin. I hear your heavy breathing, and can tell you are fighting to keep your cool demeanor, and I must admit it brings a smile to my face. To bring the man always in control to the point of losing it even for a moment is refreshing. By now I’m sucking hard and fast, taking you all the way in, then sliding out.

I feel your cock tense in my mouth, and know that you are getting close. Then I feel your hand on the back of my head. I know what you are going to do and try to relax my throat, but do not quite make it in time. You shove my head down and I feel your cock go deep down my throat, I gag and choke but do not fight against you. After a few moments I feel you begin thrusting quickly in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. I love the feeling of you forcefully moving in and out of my mouth. I feel you spasm and a small groan as you shoot you’re cum in my mouth. I take every drop, knowing you want me to savor your cum before I swallow.

“Did you enjoy that master,” I ask still on my knees in front on you.

“Yes slave,” you smile and point to the seat, signaling me to sit down.

I obey sitting down in my seat and waiting for your next command. “Spread your legs over the arm rests and lean back in your seat,” you command. Without hesitation I obey, my wet pussy spreading open to you. “Place your hands over you’re the top of your legs, and hold the arm rests,” you continue your commands, pleased that I am obeying without resistance.

I obey and see you pull two ties from your pockets, and begin securing my hands down. I am now completely exposed and vulnerable and begin to panic. What if someone walks up here, they would see everything. I start to pull at the ties trying to break away, but my legs are pinned under my hands, which are secured to the arm rests. I look at you and plead, “please release me, I promise I will not move sir.”

“No, I rather like you like this,” you say your hand moving down to my pussy. Despite being tied down, I am still wet to your touch, dripping wet. I feel your fingers slowly circling outside of my clit and I moan at your touch. Your circles getting closer and closer to my clit, moving faster and faster, until you end the torture and finally start rubbing my clit. I moan loudly, taking advantage of the voices in the movie to cover me. I feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, and start grinding my pussy against your hand. Moaning loudly and losing all inhibitions as my orgasm quickly approaches.

“See you are enjoying this aren’t you,” you questioning knowingly.

“Yes sir,” is all I can say between moans. You reach across and take one of the vibrators out of my purse, and without saying a work thrust it in, hard and deep. I scream out, maybe loud enough that the other people can hear me, but I am so lost in the moment that I don’t care. You turn the vibrator on high and thrust hard and fast in and out of my soaking pussy.

“Please sir, let me cum” I pant as you relentlessly fuck me with the vibrator. You do not respond, you just continue to thrust in and out as I moan and plead with you to allow my orgasm. Finally after several minutes I don’t think that I can take anymore, I am about to break and am desperate to not have an orgasm without permission, as I know that you will punish me. I pull against the restraints and try to move away, but it is pointless and futile. I see you smiling and you know that I am desperate.

“If I allow you to cum, then when you are finished I will remove the restraints, you will stand and bend over the chair in front of you and I will fuck you. Is that understood?” you say already knowing the answer, and continuing thrusting the vibe in and out of my pussy.

“Yes sir,” I say desperately between moans, I would agree to anything at this point.

“Cum now,” you command as you continue fucking me.

I explode as I moan out, as wave after wave hits me. I close my eyes enjoying the depths of the orgasm as my breathing slows back down. “Thank you sir,” I coo between breathes. I feel you removing the restraints and remember the agreement I made just minutes before.

After both restraints are removed, I lower my legs and rub my wrists, a bit sore from me pulling against them. I see you watching me and know what you are waiting for. I slowly rise and bend over the chair in front of me. I spread my legs and wait.

I am not waiting long, as I feel you move in behind me. You place your hand on my back, pushing me further down. Without warning I feel you thrust deep into my ass. I gasp out and try to push up, I was not expecting this. I feel you other hand smack down on my ass as a warning not to fight you. I immediately stop as I’m certain that smack was heard through the entire theater. If anyone were to turn around they would see exactly what was going on, and I would be mortified. The familiar thrusting changes my focus as I feel you moving in and out of my ass, and I am grateful for all the training you have given me to prepare for this moment. You hard thrusts deep in my ass have me immediately moaning into the chair beneath me. You move your hands to my hips giving you more control and thrusting power as you pound into me, your balls smacking against my ass.

You continue pounding into me as I moan against the chair. The initial pain as you forced you way in now gone replaced with the pleasurable sensations that I had grown to crave. I felt myself thrusting back into you. “Please make me cum, ” I moan out as you continue thrusting into me. This spurs you on, knowing that I have never cum from having my ass fucked. You slam hard into my ass, banging my hips into the chair roughly. I feel my legs beginning to tremble and the orgasm starting to build. “Master,” I cry out and before I can ask permission I hear your command…

“Cum now.”

It feels odd to be cuming with an empty pussy, and a full ass, but good too, and I shudder in ecstasy as the waves wash over me. As my own orgasm begins to slow down, I gasp as I feel your dick throbbing inside me, and I could feel the pulses of cum shooting into my ass. You groan as you empty yourself into me.

As you pull out I know immediately what will make you happy. I turn around and get on my knees and take you in my mouth. Sucking and cleaning you off, making sure there is not one ounce of cum left to waste. You seem initially surprised that I would take this step without your command, but I have followed your instructions enough in the past to know the expectation is there.

You’ve been a bad girl. I told you not to fuck with it. I told you to leave it alone. And I come home and it’s a jagged mess on the floor, and you’re looking for a dustbin.

You’re dressed to go out with your girlfriends. White blouse, nice skirt, hair pulled back. Such an innocent face. You were hoping to get away before I got back. Too bad for you.

“Come here.”

“It was an accident!” Your soft Japanese accent is a reminder that you’re far from home. You get to stay here because I think you’re pretty, and we both know that there’s a kind of rent coming due, eventually. Looking over your body, I decide it’s now.


You’re trembling. I’m older than you by at least fifteen years. You’re small and trim and pretty, with a firm little rounded ass, barely B-cup tits and long legs, for your 5’4″ height.

You think I don’t know about your fascination with older men. And American cock.

“What did I tell you?”

“To leave it alone,” you whisper. You can see how my eyes are moving over you. You lick your lips, nervously, as you walk towards me. I’m 6′ 2″ and looking up at me makes you feel tiny.

When I remove my belt, your eyes go wide.

I sit down and nod to you. “Lie across my lap.”

“This… no. Not legal… wrong…”

My hand tangles in your invitingly shiny hair, and pulls. You’re across my lap, ass up, shaking now. “Please no! I’ll be good!”

Yes you will, I think, as my hand brushes back the skirt and reveals the black thong panties. Maybe you weren’t going out with your girlfriends at all. Just the sight of your ass has me hard, and I know you can feel it against your belly, low.

My hand traces the bared skin… lightly, slowly. You whimper, repeating “I’ll be good,” but the voice is softer, more little-girlish, this time. I slide fingernails along the curves, and then suddenly deliver a hard smack.

You cry out something in Japanese. That earns you another smack. “You have no right,” you whisper in a shaken voice, and that amuses me. I lift the belt, fold it double, and bring it down sharply. Three times. You’re panting now. Maybe you think it’s just fear and shock.

I go back to tracing the pretty curves, seeing pink stain the skin. My hand drifts, moving between your thighs. You’re suddenly silent… and the panties feel damp.

Another sharp smack. The moan you give this time is decidedly sensual, and you choke it off quickly. Two more slaps, and then I haul the thong down to your knees. “This is wrong,” you whisper, but your voice is so unsteady it’s hard to understand you. My fingers curl under you, find your clit, begin to rub.

It takes time, but suddenly I feel your belly begin to tighten. My fingers leave your clit, and spear into your pussy. Shuddering, you squeeze down. I rock my fingers against the tension, then yank them out and slap again. You cry out, and now you’re rocking your belly against the hardness of my cock. Maybe it’s unconscious, maybe not. Deep down you need to appease the angry male. And there’s only one way that works.

I alternate between rough fingering, and slapping. I no longer need to hold you down, and my other hand slides over your torso, eventually sliding under you and finding those tight little titties. Your nipples are immediately hard, and yanking on them through the blouse makes you moan in a way you can’t choke off. Large, firm nipples on a small breast has always worked for me. Yours are obviously sensitive.

Maybe you really need the free rent. Maybe those times I caught you staring at the front of my jeans explain it all. Maybe you’re just a slut with an innocent face. But your hands are stroking my calves, and every slap causes a sexy little-girl breathy gasp that’s got me rock hard. I slide you to the floor, suddenly, to your knees, facing me. I unbutton the blouse, making you watch my hands as I do. I like the way your eyes are unsteady. I use the opened blouse and suddenly ruined bra to bind your arms behind you, then stand up and rip my zipper down. I take it out and slap your face with it.

Instantly you’re sucking. Badly. Don’t women suck cock in Japan? After a minute of your fumbling, I tip you over and impatiently push you to the floor. Panties at your knees, arms tangled behind your back, you won’t be scrambling off anywhere. Your eyes are huge now.

“Offer yourself, or I’ll make it hurt,” I growl. You raise your hips and try to make your face expressionless. Despite all the Asian stereotypes, you’re not good at that.

Your thong gets pulled down to your ankles, and I kneel in, between your legs. Grabbing you by the hips, I pull you to me, my cock at your slit. You weigh almost nothing. Your legs tense, on either side of me. Your eyes close.

There’s a game I like to play with small girls like you. I have you by the hips, and I rock you against my cock. It’s only in a half an inch.. It’s not to properly enough to fuck that wet little slit. First I’m going to make you want it, against your will.

The big lump of hard meat at your slit bumps, over and over. It stretches your little opening. Your clit is out, and the movement of the head of my cock, under it, makes it move. Now I’m in an inch. You say something soft and frantic in Japanese. I give you another inch, and then pull out and start over.

Your eyes snap open. You just lost the fight against wanting it. Now you’re fighting not to let me know you want it. I slide a hand over, grab your clit firmly, and shake it. Your eyes unfocus, and I rock into you, deeper now. You lick your lips… your legs start to wrap around me. That’s a good girl.

I lean over you and fuck you. Your helplessness and trapped arms and little round mouth and breathy moans… your pretty little face and hard nipples… the tight waist, the helpless rocking of your hips… the lost, little-girl eyes. I pound you, and your moans turn frantic. Fuck yes. Bagged you, got you, took you down, and you *love* it.

I come on you. Not in you – you have to earn that. Then I pick you up like the little doll you are, and work your clitty between my fingers as I force you to kiss me. You fight that, but that just makes it fun. The cum sliding down your skin… the way your dark hair flashes as you shudder… I bite down on your lower lip and that’s what finishes you. You come, suddenly and deeply. You shudder helplessly in my lap, and I bite and lick your ears, lips and neck. I make you come a second time, and as you do, I whisper in your ear “I think you broke it on purpose.”

You blush, deep red, even as the orgasm peaks. I smile, cruelly. “Go finish sweeping, and then shower. You sleep in my bed from now on.”

When your orgasm subsides, you become expressionless, and nod yes, eyes down.

You’re mine, now.

I’ve been thinking about an old boss of mine when I was a receptionist for an IT company. In some ways he was my Mr Grey, but at page 6 in the book/scene 3 of the film. He was controlling and stern but had a way about him that was also appealing and I could never figure it out. I always tried to bring out his ‘human’ side but he was always so staunchly private. There were days he would come in on his motorcycle with his leathers on and that would be a good day.

There was one occasion where I had typed up a letter for him. It was my first proper receptionist job [where you had to dress smartly] and I still had the habits that school had taught me. I walked into his huge office and gingerly walked up to the front of the desk and handed him the letter. Somehow I was scared of him — a mix of him being ‘the boss’ and the general feeling of power he gave me. He took the letter from me and started to read.


“Come round to this side of the desk” He said. I did as I was asked, not having ever been round ‘that side of the desk’ before.

“Using tabs at the start of paragraphs, eh? That’s a bit old fashioned.” He said with a smirk, looking at the letter.

“Yes, well that’s what they taught me in school.” I nervously giggled.

He looked at it for a few moments more, I half expected him to bring out a red pen and start marking it up. He didn’t though; he just gave it back to me and said.

“Yes, good, please sort the paragraphs out and print it on headed paper for me.”

Looking back now, I wonder if that was part of some test I had unwittingly failed. He was never actually my direct boss; I always had an interim supervisor. If he had been my direct boss, and this was The Secretary, I wonder how it might have played out?

“Come in Claire, please shut the door behind you.” Stephen sat behind his large foreboding desk. He continued tapping away on his laptop as I stood there uncomfortably wondering if I should pass the letter to him. Finally he looked up.

“Now then, the letter, let me see it.” He said as he extended an arm and at the same time picked up his red pen in readiness. He started reading, tutting as he did so and used his red pen to mark the mistakes I had made. I just stood in the middle of the room, playing with my thumb.

“Don’t do that.” He suddenly said. I was startled.

“Do what?” I asked quietly.

“Pick at your thumb like that, I find it abhorrent.” He replied as he continued to read.

I was embarrassed and felt myself flushing.

“Come around this side of the desk, I want to show you something.” Stephen said calmly. I did as I was told and stood a respectable distance away.

“You see here, this spelling mistake?” He said.

I squinted from where I was, not really able to make out the words.

“If you can’t see then I suggest you come closer, and maybe get some glasses.” He said with a small grin.

Again I felt smarted but moved in closer. I peered at the letter; suddenly Stephen took my hand and started to inspect where I had been picking my thumb. I’d made it bleed a little bit. I tried to pull my hand away but he held firmly onto it and with his other hand pulled a clean tissue from the box on the desk. He wrapped the tissue around my thumb, taking off the excess. I watched him intently. It was an ordinary act but somehow it was also highly erotic.

“I’ve seen you looking at me in the office Claire.” Stephen said as he continued to put pressure on the thumb, the spelling mistake apparently forgotten now. It’s true, I had looked at him when he was in the office, I didn’t think he’d noticed though and immediately started to flush again.

“Sorry, I…” I stammered, not really sure if I should deny it or just apologise for doing so.

“Don’t be sorry, I like it, in fact I have been noticing you lately too, have you changed your hair, lost some weight?” He said, as he was taking away the tissue from my thumb and throwing it in the bin. I had actually lost some weight but again felt embarrassed by this sudden personal questioning. I stared at him with my hand still in his.

“I think your thumb is fine now.” He said looking at me. “And yes, I do believe you’re looking more trim recently.” As he said this he let go of my hand and lightly touched my arse. It made me flinch slightly.

“Would you like to sit on my lap, Claire?” Stephen said softly. I was taken back by the question but also appreciated his direct approach.

“Yes, I would.” I replied meekly and moving forward. He led me down to his lap with his hands on my arse then he slowly started to undo the buttons on my shirt with one hand.

“You’re very pretty Claire, and I don’t think you even know this yourself.” He said as he continued to undo the buttons. The feel of his touch through the shirt and his other hand on my arse was already getting me very excited. My breathing deepened and again he had a small smirk on his face. He had undone my shirt to my navel and pushed it aside to reveal my lacy white bra. He ran his hand around my breast and gently rubbed my now erect nipple with his thumb.

“These, for instance, are very lovely indeed.” Stephen said, referring to my breasts.

“Thank you.” I said and then felt immediately embarrassed for doing so. Again he smiled.

I arched my back slightly against his touch, his hands felt masterful.

“You wear very sweet perfume at work Claire, it’s very distracting.” He said as he leaned in to my neck and kissed it lightly. I took a sharp intake of breath. He paused briefly before kissing me again, further down towards my breasts. The hand that he had on my arse had now moved to my back and was pushing me in towards him. I was helpless under his powerful grip, both in his arms and his charm. He muffled small grunts of approval into my heaving chest and put his hand high up on my thigh.

Suddenly Stephen stopped kissing and brought his head up in line with mine.

“I want you to kneel down now Claire, in between my legs, and I want you to undo my trousers and take what I have for you.” He said directly to my face. I took a moment to process this. Out of curiosity and heady passion I decided to take his instruction. I wriggled off his lap and kneeled on the floor, pulling my tight smart skirt up around my hips as I did so. I put my hand on his bulging crotch and his breathing deepened. Carefully I undid the belt buckle on his trousers then the top button, followed by the zip. I did each action carefully and tried not to fumble. He looked down at me intently as I worked. With his trousers now open I could see his throbbing cock under the white cotton material of his yfronts and could see that he was a well-endowed man. Was it too much for me? I vaguely wondered. I rubbed his cock gently through the cotton and he moaned quietly. I looked up at him and he was staring at me with fire and desire in his eyes. My innocent demeanour soon dissolved and now all I wanted was his cock in my mouth.

I released his throbbing member from its cotton cage and licked and sucked it gently, moving further down the shaft a little at a time. As I sucked the top with my mouth, I gently played with his balls with my hand and stroked the shaft with the other. Stephen put his hands lightly on my head and pushed me gently down onto his cock. I enjoyed feeling him at the back of my throat and it made my clit throb with anticipation. My nipples were erect in my bra and desperate to escape and be pinched. Just as I was getting into it he pulled my head away and looked down at my face.

“I.. I didn’t think you’d been that… enthusiastic about… giving head.” Stephen said with a slightly shocked face. I looked at him and now it was my turn to give a small sideward’s smile.

I stood up from the floor and stood in front of him. I undid his necktie and laid it on the desk looking at him knowingly as I did so. I undid the buttons on his shirt and pushed it to the side so I could see his tanned sculpted chest. For someone who worked in an office all the time he certainly did keep himself looking hot. I laid my hands on his chest then leant down and kissed him gently on the lips. He reciprocated and pulled me into him giving me a long, lingering kiss. He explored my mouth with his tongue and ran his fingers through my hair. He stood up and grabbed the necktie from the desk. Gently he wrapped it around both of my wrists and tied it so that I couldn’t release myself.

“Lean onto the desk, please.” He said to me. I did as I was told and I laid on the desk with my arse sticking in the air. The marble topped desk felt cool against my chest and arms. My hands found the opposite edge of the desk and I clung onto it. Stephen stood behind me with his hands on my arse then gave me a small spank. I yelped appreciatively.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked me.

“Yes, I did, you could even do it harder if you liked.” Was my reply. He didn’t need to be told twice and gave me a sharp spank in the middle of my arse, hitting my pussy under my tight skirt at the same time.

“Ugh!” I yelped out. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was smiling.

Then I felt his fingers around the hem of my skirt, lifting it up over my arse so it sat around my waist. Then he pulled my small white cotton panties down and helped me step out of them.

I felt very vulnerable stretched out on his table, my wrists tied and my naked arse protruding in mid air — but at the same time I felt so turned on, being at his mercy.

He ran a hand down my back and on to my arse and then I could feel him kneel on the floor. He spread my legs using his hands then buried his face into my pussy. There was no warming up to it and I squealed slightly at the sudden intrusion. However after a moment I was falling apart under his expert tongue as he licked me from pussy to arsehole and back again, using every part of his mouth to pleasure me. My knees felt weak and in that position it all felt much more intense. He pushed my arse cheeks aside with his hands and licked and sucked out my arsehole then used one of his hands to gently rub my clit. I had to bite my lip to stop from shouting out too loudly as my head span with the wash of endorphins through my body.

Stephen stood up and kept a hand on the back of my arse, rubbing it gently. Then he gave me another sharp spank. Having already been pleasured orally the spank felt even more sensitive on my now bare pussy.

“I think you’re good and ready now.” Stephen said as I heard the knowing sound of a condom packet being ripped open. “Now, I want to make sure you’re nice and quiet.” He said to me. I didn’t know if that was possible but agreed regardless.

He pushed the top of his cock inside me and gave two small thrusts.

“Oh please Stephen.” I begged.

“You want more, do you?” He smirked back.

“Yes, please, please.” I whispered back.

He obliged and pushed his whole length in before pulling back out. I was right, he is well endowed and it felt wonderful. He did two more shallow thrusts then deeply thrust again, and again. My legs slapped against the table as he thrust deeply again and I gave a small yelp. I could feel his hands on my hips and with the next thrust he spanked me again. He continued with the same rhythm of two shallow thrusts and one deep thrust and the difference in pressure kept me wanting more each time. Then he started to thrust deeply every time and grunt under his breath. I wanted to reach between my legs and rub my clit but the necktie was stopping that, instead I gripped onto the edge of the desk. Stephen massaged my arse and rubbed my arsehole gently with a thumb as he thrust.

“I’m going to come.” He stammered, then a few seconds later he moaned out and with a final thrust he stilled and unloaded in my pussy. With a heavy sigh he bent forward onto my back and gently pulled himself out from inside me. I started to move my arms towards my body but he grabbed onto my wrists.

“I believe I owe you an orgasm.” Stephen said to me and without letting me go he reached down and rubbed my clit with his hand while kissing my shoulders and back. I held onto the table and it didn’t take long to feel the orgasm erupt inside of me. I wanted to collapse and close my legs but his fingers kept rubbing me and made me climax over and over. I wanted to yell out but had to bit my arm instead to control the shouts. Once it passed, it was my turn to lie gasping on the desk and as I did so he undid the tie from my wrists. He stood up and found my panties from the floor. I stood up gently, inspecting the marks on my thighs from the edge of the table. He saw them and stood in front of me with my panties. I was about to take them off him but then he kneeled on the floor in front of me again and helped me into my underwear. As he pulled them up he lightly kissed the marks on my thighs. My head started to swim again. As he pulled my panties all the way up my legs he gave my pussy one final lick and I gasped. He stood up and pulled my skirt down over my hips. He let his hands linger on my hips for a moment before pulling away and did up his own shirt and replaced his necktie.

“That was lots of fun for me Claire, I hope you enjoyed it?” Stephen said as he tidied some items on his desk.

“Yes, I did, very much.” I replied, honestly.

“I would like it to happen again in that case, if you are willing.” He said.

“I am very willing.” I replied with a smile. He greeted that with his own sideward’s smile.

“Now, get back to the office, Claire, it’s nearly home time.” He said as he sat back down at his desk.

“Yes, Stephen.” And I trotted off to the ladies with a massive grin on my face to check I didn’t look like I’d just been fucked by the boss.

Lily sat on the chair, facing Daddy in his own chair as he stared at her sternly.

“Well, Lily?” he snapped. “Did you or did you not take my credit card out of my wallet?”

“No, Daddy” Lily insisted.

Daddy sighed. “You know I’ll find out the truth eventually, and you’ll be in much worse trouble then.” Lily stared at the floor. She knew what Daddy meant by “trouble”, and she knew he was right – he would find out the truth eventually. Better to admit the truth and take her punishment now, than to get a much worse punishment later. Her heart beating hard, she sighed and nodded.

“Yes, Daddy, I took your card,” she admitted miserably. She didn’t dare look at him as he sighed heavily.

“Over my knee, Lily,” Daddy ordered. Lily hesitated.

“Daddy . . .”

“Now, Lily,” Daddy said sharply.

“But Daddy, I’m 18 now. Shouldn’t I not get spankings anymore?” Daddy studied Lily. She was 18 now, had been for about a month, and this was her first major infraction.

“Age has nothing to do with it, Lily” Daddy said firmly. “Girl or woman, you must know your place and accept discipline from a man – whether it’s your daddy, or maybe someday, a boyfriend.” Lily blushed. Daddy had never let her have a boyfriend, he kept her close to him all the time. She wondered sometimes what it would be like to have a boyfriend, but she never dared ask.

“You get a hand-spanking for taking my card.” Lily nodded. She had expected that, but Daddy continued: “And then you get the belt for lying to me about it.” Lily’s heart dropped into her stomach as her eyes flew to Daddy’s stern face. “Oh no, Daddy!” Lily protested in panic. “Please, Daddy, not the belt. I told you the truth!”

“Yes, but you lied first,” said Daddy. “Now get over here and get in position.”

“Oh, Daddy, noooooo, pleeeeease” Lily begged. She tried to throw her arms around him, but he grabbed her arms and held them back. “Daaaadddy,” Lily whined.

“Stop whining. Get me my belt.”

“But . . . you said I get a hand spanking,” Lily pouted.

“You do, for taking the card. And then the belt for lying. And I want you to hold onto the belt while I’m spanking you with my hand, so you can be thinking about what’s coming.”

“Daddy,” Lily tried one more time, but she knew by Daddy’s face that she was only making her situation worse. Lily slowly and reluctantly kneeled in front of Daddy. Her hands trembling, she reached out to Daddy’s waist and unbuckled his big, black belt. As she slowly pulled it from around his waist, watching it’s thick length pass through the belt loops, all she could think about was the pain it would soon inflict on her vulnerable ass. But she noticed something else too – something hard and insistent between Daddy’s legs. And the more she brushed against it, the harder it got. Embarassed and scared, she stood between Daddy’s legs with the belt, trying not to think about what she had felt there.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Lily whispered. Daddy was a little distracted by his hardening cock. Now that she was 18, it was hard not to notice the curve of her breasts, her soft body . . . he shook his head.

“Not yet, you’re not,” Daddy promised, grabbing her arm and plopping her over his lap. Now there was no escaping the spanking. She closed her hands around the leather belt, ready to cry before he even touched her.

He rested his hand on the her skirt, rubbing her ass through the thin material, and she squeezed her eyes tight as he lifted his hand, then brought it down hard on the seat of her skirt. Lily let out a small cry, but Daddy knew it wasn’t hurting her. Not yet. He brought his hand down on her covered rear several more times, enough to get her thinking about what was coming. She knew any minute he would peel her skirt up and her panties down, and then the spanking would really begin. And then, right before he moved to lift her skirt, she remembered . . . there were no panties for Daddy to pull down! Desperately, she reached her hand back to hold her skirt down as Daddy began to lift it.

“No Daddy, please don’t.” Daddy didn’t like that at all. He grabbed her errant arm and pinned it behind her back, delivering several hard, fast swats before reaching for her skirt again. Lily trembled as the material made its way up her thighs and over her buttocks, revealing her bare bottom to Daddy. She heard his angry intake of breath. “What is this?” Daddy demanded, dropping her skirt at her waist and grabbing her bare buttock, squeezing hard. “Ow, Daddy,” Lily whimpered. “Ow?” Daddy said. “Where are your panties young lady?” Lily had no answer for him, just hung her head in shame. Daddy pulled her ass cheeks apart, squeezing each buttock as he exposed her asshole. He realized he wasn’t just going to spank her anymore. He was going to introduce her to a whole new world of punishments, teach her what a woman’s body was really for. He didn’t care that she was his daughter.

“I don’t think a spanking and a belting are quite going to do it this time,” Daddy told her angrily.

“Ow, Daddy, what are you going to do?” Lily asked in terror.

“That, little girl, you will have to wait and see. But I have a special punishment for little sluts who like to run around with no panties.” Before Lily could protest, Daddy began spanking her bare ass. Hard and fast, he brought his hand down on each cheek in turn until she began to squirm on his lap. “Ow, ow, ow” she cried, but she knew this was nothing yet. He began to spank her across both cheeks at the same time, each stinging blow causing her to jump in his lap. “Ok, daddy, ok,” she begged, but he wasn’t even close to done. He roughly spread her ass cheeks, then began to spank the inside of her crack. It was humiliating and painful, and she began to kick her legs in protest.

The hand spanking seemed to go on forever, alternating between her ass cheeks and her crack, hard and relentless. When her ass started to numb from the pain, Daddy seemed to know it. He would pause, rub her cheeks, play with her ass crack, deliver a few sporadic, resounding spanks. Then he would resume the forceful, unending rain of blows. “Please, daddy, please” Lily was begging, holding onto daddy’s legs, struggling to escape the blows. Her ass was really starting to feel the pain, but even this wasn’t as bad as it could be. Finally, finally, daddy stopped. Lily hung over Daddy’s lap, caressing his leg, wanting to reach back and rub her burning ass, but knowing Daddy wouldn’t let her. Daddy rubbed her back, then her red and sore buttocks. Lily was used to Daddy’s spankings, they were always hard and merciless, and always on her bare ass. But something felt different this time. Something about the way he was rubbing her bottom didn’t feel right. She began to squirm uncomfortably, which earned her a few more hard spanks.

“Hold still,” Daddy ordered. Now his voice sounded different, like he was having trouble breathing. He began to rub her ass again, moving his hand down her thighs, brushing against her very private place. Something was definitely wrong with the way Daddy was touching her.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” she protested. He didn’t seem to hear her, but he moved his hand up to rest on her bottom again, much to Lily’s relief.

“What did you buy with my card?” he asked her.

“It was something I really really needed, I promise, Daddy.” Lily said.

“And what was it?” Daddy insisted.

“A bra,” Lily admitted, slightly embarrassed.

“A bra? I didn’t know you were old enough to wear a bra.” Daddy hesitated, then made her sit up on his lap. She squirmed on her sore bottom. “Show it to Daddy.”

“I can’t show it to you, Daddy” Lily blushed. “I’m wearing it.”

Daddy wasn’t amused. “You say you bought a bra with my card, you need to show me the bra,” Daddy spoke sharply. Lily hesitated, embarrassed at the thought of showing Daddy her bra, but hoping desperately he wouldn’t use the belt on her if she proved how obedient she was. She reached up and slowly pulled down the top of her shirt, exposing the soft top of her breast and a hint of black bra.

“I can’t see anything that way,” Daddy said. “Show me the whole bra.” Still wanting to prove her obedience, Lily paused only a moment before pulling the shirt over her head and giving Daddy a full view of her new bra. Daddy took his large hand and ran it over the smooth material of Lily’s new bra, then traced the faint pattern on the cup with his finger, causing Lily to squirm in his lap. “Daddy . . . ” she protested, the strange sensations scaring her. Daddy didn’t stop, though. “Your breasts are bigger than I thought,” he observed, running his hands over both bra cups now. “Do you stuff your bra?”

“Of course not, Daddy!” Lily was offended.

“Let’s see.” Daddy ran his hand along her cleavage, then slid it into her bra cup, cupping her breast gently, then feeling around thoroughly. Lily’s nipples hardened under Daddy’s touch, and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. Daddy then gave the same treatment to her other breast, examining it thoroughly with his hand. Then he caught her hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently between them. “What’s this?” Daddy asked. “Do you like it when Daddy touches your breasts?”

“No, Daddy,” Lily said, the tears slipping out of her eyes.

“Then why is your nipple hard, sweetie?”

“I – I’m cold,” Lily said.

“You don’t feel cold,” said Daddy before releasing her nipple and removing his hand from her bra. Lily sighed in relief, but only for a moment.

“Take it off,” Daddy ordered.

“What?” Lily protested.

“You bought the bra with my money, that makes it my bra. So take it off and give it to Daddy.”

“But, Daddy . . .”

“Now,” Daddy snapped. Lily was humiliated at the thought of Daddy seeing her bare breasts, but at least he wasn’t spanking her. She reached up behind her, unhooked her bra, and slipped it off her shoulders, then handed it to Daddy. Immediately, her nipples puckered even more. “I see you’re still cold” Daddy observed, reaching his large warm hands to cup her breasts, massaging them gently. “Does that make them warmer?”

“Please Daddy, don’t do that,” she whispered tearfully. “I don’t like it,” she begged as the heat from Daddy’s hands on her breasts flooded through her entire body.

“You don’t like that?” Daddy asked. She shook her head. She felt so helpless and controlled as he continued to molest her breasts and nipples. “That’s good,” Daddy said. “Do you know what type of girl you would be if you liked this?” he prompted her. She nodded her head.

“Tell me,” Daddy said as he continued to abuse her young, vulnerable breasts.

“A slut,” Lily said softly. This was all getting to be too much for her. What Daddy was doing to her was really, really bad, she knew. She just didn’t know how to make him stop. He was her daddy, she had to do whatever he said, didn’t she?

“That’s right,” Daddy said. “A slut. I’m not raising a slut, do you understand me?” Lily nodded, unable to concentrate on anything but the horrible way Daddy’s hands were making her feel. She tried to squirm away from his hands, but he spanked her breasts roughly. “Hold still,” Daddy commanded her again. He pinched her nipples hard, and she cried out. This was worse than a spanking. How she wished Daddy would stop touching her and go back to spanking her!

“Daddy, please stop touching me like this,” she begged again.

“You’re my little girl,” Daddy pointed out. “That means you belong to me – all of you belongs to me. I can touch you any way I want to.”

“Daddy, I don’t like it!”

“You’re not supposed to like it. Daddy likes it, that’s all that matters,” he said right before he leaned down and closed his lips over her nipple. He held her tightly as she struggled against his wet, merciless tongue and his nipping teeth. Then he applied the same treatment to her other nipple as she cried and struggled. Finally, he released her tortured nipple. She sighed with relief, but not for long.

“What’s the next part of your punishment, Lily?”

“No, Daddy,” she moaned, gripping the menacing belt tightly in her hand.

“Lily . . . ” Daddy warned. “What’s next?”

“The belt, Daddy” Lily whispered.

“Stand up.” Daddy said. Lily did as Daddy said, her legs trembling from the pain of the spanking she had just received, and fear of the belting that was coming, her stomach churning from the bad way her Daddy had been touching her. Her skirt slid down, covering her punished ass again. “Go fix the pillows, then lay on Daddy’s bed” Daddy ordered. She wanted to beg, but she obeyed. She took the pillows from Daddy’s bed and piled them in the center. Then she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself over the pillows. Daddy came up behind her and roughly pulled her skirt up again, making sure her red butt was fully exposed. She was still holding Daddy’s belt tightly in her hands. “The belt, Lily” Daddy said, holding out his hand.

Daddy stood there, contemplating his red, sore little girl. He knew she needed the belt, and he wanted to give it to her, but there were some other things that maybe needed to be taken care of first.

“We’ll put off the belt for now,” Daddy said, and Lily sighed in relief, until Daddy reminded her she still hadn’t been punished for not wearing panties. He told her to stand up, then to lay on her back on the bed. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and pulled her legs over his lap. Stroking her thighs, he moved his hand up under her skirt. “Only very, very bad girls don’t wear panties under their skirts,” Daddy told her.

“I know Daddy,” Lily said, unsure what her punishment was going to be, but distracted by the feelings Daddy’s hand was creating beneath her skirt.

“If a girl doesn’t wear panties, that means she wants someone to look at her naughty parts,” Daddy said. “But nobody should be looking at a girl’s naughty parts except her daddy.” Lily instinctively squeezed her thighs together as Daddy took the hem of her skirt and lifted it high above her waist. “Show daddy your pussy,” he demanded.

“Daddy,” Lily protested in embarrassment.

“Show daddy your pussy now, Lily.” Covering her face in embarrassment, Lily reluctantly spread her legs wide, letting daddy inspect her private parts. “You have a pretty pussy, Lily,” Daddy said, running his hand along her thighs and brushing across her pussy gently. Lily shuddered. Daddy ran his fingers through the little curls that surrounded her pussy, and Lily could hear Daddy breathing hard again, like he had been when she was over his lap and he was touching her body. Daddy continued to stare at her pussy, then he ran his finger up and down her slit.

“Daddy!” Lily sobbed in protest. Why was Daddy touching her private, naughty parts? The parts of her that Daddy always said were bad, and she shouldn’t let anyone touch them?

As if he read her mind, Daddy asked her, “Do you ever let boys play with your boobies the way Daddy was earlier?”

“No, Daddy,” Lily promised, her whole body shuddering as he continued to run his finger up and down her naught slit.

“What about touching your pussy the way Daddy is now?” he asked.

“No, Daddy,” Lily said, trembling.

“What about this?” Daddy persisted, spreading her pussy lips wide and rubbing her little clit with his thumb.

“Daddy, stop!!” Lily cried, humiliated and ashamed and scared.

“Don’t you like this, baby?” Daddy asked, rubbing a little harder.

“No, Daddy, please stop!” Lily begged.

“That’s good,” Daddy said. “Sometimes men like to play with girls naughty parts, but only very naughty girls enjoy it, do you understand?” Daddy lectured.

“Yes, Daddy” Lily said, hoping this would all end soon.

“And sometimes,” Daddy said, bending his face in close to her hidden treasure, “men want to taste a girl’s pussy.”

With that, Daddy’s tongue flicked out and licked up Lily’s slit, swirling around her clit. This was more than Lily could bear. She jumped away from Daddy’s mouth and tried to get away. But Daddy was too quick for her. He jumped after her, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to her knees in front of him. He slapped her face, then reached down and slapped her breasts, pulling her hair tight in his hand.

“Ow, ow ow” Lily moaned and cried. When Daddy finally had her still and quiet, he released her hair.

“Don’t get up,” he ordered her. “Now you have to be punished for being a dirty little slut who doesn’t wear panties. Then I will punish you with the belt for lying.” Lily stayed on her knees, tears running down her cheeks. “Do you know why you have to be punished for not wearing panties?” Daddy asked. Lily shook her head. Daddy undid his pants and pulled his stiff, throbbing cock out, waving it’s hard length in front of her face. “Because girls who don’t wear panties make this happen to men. And this is uncomfortable, Daddy doesn’t like walking around with a stiff dick. And since you made Daddy’s dick do this, you have to fix it.”

Lily looked up at Daddy, confused. “Open your mouth, Lily,” Daddy ordered. Still confused, Lily did as Daddy said, opening her mouth tentatively. “Wider,” Daddy insisted. She obeyed, then cried out in shock when Daddy stuffed his hard cock into her open mouth. She tried to pull away, but Daddy tightened his grip on her hair and held her on his cock. It was awful, but she couldn’t get away. “Suck, Lily” Daddy demanded, but Lily didn’t know what he meant. Impatient, Daddy began to force his dick in and out of her mouth, moving her head backward and forward, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her throat with every thrust. Tears streaming, Lily choked and struggled, gagging on Daddy’s dick, slapping ineffectually at his legs and hands, trying to get him stop the assualt on her throat. But Daddy didn’t stop, he just kept reminding her that this was her punishment for not wearing panties and making Daddy’s dick hard. It seemed to go on forever, Daddy forcing her to fuck him with her mouth, Lily choking and gagging and crying as Daddy’s dick punished her over and over again. Finally, Daddy pulled his cock out of her mouth. Sobbing with relief and trying to catch her breath, Lily heard a strange grunting noise from Daddy, and saw a long white stream of cum shoot out of Daddy’s dick all over her breasts. Helplessly, she felt the warm stickiness slide down her breasts.

Daddy looked down at her with satisfaction. “How did that feel, Lily?” Daddy asked.

“Awful, Daddy” Lily sobbed.

“Good. Maybe next time you’ll remember to wear panties. If not, then you’ll have to take care of Daddy’s dick again, understand?” Lily nodded her head. “Now, go clean yourself up, then come back and lay down on the bed for the rest of your punishment.”

Lily had almost forgotten about the belt! Sobbing and humiliated, her throat sore and the taste of Daddy’s cock still in her mouth, Lily quickly cleaned Daddy’s spunk off of her body in the bathroom, unable to look at herself in the mirror, then went back out and laid obediently on the pillows. The belt lay near her hand, where she had left it what seemed like hours ago, when Daddy had decided to make her turn over so he could touch her pussy.

“Give me the belt, Lily” Daddy said, but Lily hesitated. She couldn’t bring herself to hand it over to him, knowing what he was going to do with it. Daddy brought his hand down with a hard crack to her left butt cheek. “No, daddy” she begged, “I don’t want the belt.”

“It’s not about what you want” Daddy said, spanking her right butt cheek hard, “it’s about what you deserve.”

“But Daddy . . . ”

“Hand me the belt NOW, Lily” Daddy said, spanking her ass hard. Defeated, Lily reached a shaking hand back and held the belt out for daddy. She trembled when he took it from her. “That’s better” he said, squeezing her sore butt cheeks, then rubbing his hand over them. He took the belt and rested it gently across her bottom, the contact causing her to jump with fear. “Now, Lily, what am I going to do with this belt?” he asked.


-Kris, the sub

-Kris’ husband Rick

-Andrea, the sub (waitress)

-Andrea’s master “J”

-Andrea’s husband Mark (not into S/M, but gives wife permission to be involved, as long as he is there)

* * * * * *

“What do you want, baby?” Rick asks me, looking at me with those big beautiful blue eyes. “Bedroom eyes” are what I like to call them. He always rolls his eyes when I refer to his eyes in that term. I tell ya though, one could get lost in them if they aren’t careful.

“Well,” I answer with a sly grin, “It’s 4am, what do you THINK I want?” I wink at him.

“I know, your usual, French toast with a side of bacon,” he laughs. Obviously we’re in a diner, (where was YOUR dirty mind, reader?). It’s our first time at this diner, it just opened up a few weeks ago & we haven’t had a late night craving for breakfast in a while. It just so happens that our all-night escapade made us both ravenous (see my other stories for more details!!)…So that’s how we ended up here.

Rick motions to our waitress that we’re ready.

“Hi guys,” she says in a tired, but friendly voice. Hmm, she sounds southern. And she’s a redhead too. Long straight red hair, down to her armpits, at least. Pale skin, blue eyes, she was very pretty. I guess she’s about my age, mid 20′s. Staring at her beautiful red hair, I wonder if the carpet matches the curtains.

“I’m Andrea, can I start you off with coffee or juice?”

“Actually, coffee sounds great about now!” I laugh. Rick orders some orange juice. I shift painfully in my seat & Andrea gives me a weird look. I try not to draw attention to the chaff marks on my wrists either, where the handcuffs dug in from earlier’s fun. I guess Andrea dismisses it as work pains because she doesn’t say anything. She tells us she’ll be right back with our drinks.

“Oh man, tonight was one hell of a night,” I tell Rick. Finally, my fantasies were coming true. We had a wonderful time at home all evening, as Rick administered my first spanking, then tied me up, using & abusing me for hours. I felt somewhat complete, I suppose, now that Rick & I would have something more to add to our bedroom fun. I didn’t feel so pent up anymore.

“Yeah, I really had a nice time,” Rick says, taking my hand in his. He’s such a great husband.

Andrea returns to the table with our drinks. We order our food, and then Rick excuses himself to go to the bathroom. I notice there is no sugar at our table, so I ask Andrea for some. When she brings it over, I notice a beautiful gold necklace around her neck, with a tiny gold padlock charm hanging off it.

“That’s an interesting charm you have there on your necklace,” I tell her. “What’s it mean?”

“Oh this,” she replies, looking down at the charm, “It’s kind of a symbol.”

“Well, for what?” I ask her.

“Um well,” she stutters, “It’s kind of a Rite of Passage thing…I dunno, it’s hard to explain.” I see that my question has made her a little tense, so I tell her that whatever the charm means, it’s really cute. This settles her nerves a bit & she smiles.

“That your boyfriend?” she asks, pointing toward the restroom area.

“Husband, actually,” I reply.

“You guys look young,” she says, looking me up & down.

“Well, I’m 24 & Rick is 10 years older than me. We have been together about 4 years, only married for a few months,” I explain to her.

“Ahhh, well be careful that the romance doesn’t escape your life,” she says laughing. “Once it does, you’d better have something to fall back on.”

Now it’s my turn to laugh nervously, as I massage my wrists, which still hurt from the handcuffing incident. She notices my discomfort & raises an eyebrow.

“You need any ice for that?” she asks, motioning to my wrist.

“Nah, it’s just a little sore from uh, work, typing” I quickly lie.

“Yeah, those typewriters will do that to ya,” she says with a smirk. I glance up at her, knowing that she has figured it out. She winks at me, and then heads back into the kitchen to bring our food.

I kind of feel a sense of relief that someone knows. Maybe she is appalled by this kind of thing, or maybe she is into this kind of stuff, I think. Either way, she knows something!

Rick returns back to the table. Andrea serves us our food, which we quickly dig into. We’re just about done, when Rick’s pager goes off. He works for a security company & sometimes they need him to come in to the warehouse to reset the computers when an alarm goes off.

“Aw geez,” he says rolling his eyes. “It’s a Code 2.”

“Another one?” I ask. A Code 2 means that an employee has tripped an alarm. He’s the man in charge, so he has to go. I nod my head towards the door, letting him know it’s ok for us to go. We call Andrea over & ask her to bring our check.

“Leaving so soon?” she asks. We explain to her what happened.

“Ya know” she says, “I get done work in about 5 minutes. If you want, we could hang out here & chat for a bit, wait until he comes back to get you.”

“Actually, that sounds like a great idea,” I answer. “Rick, would you mind coming back here in, say, about an hour?”

Rick thinks about it & he doesn’t really see anything wrong with this idea, so he nods in agreement. “I’ll call your cell when I’m leaving the warehouse,” he tells me. I kiss him goodbye & wait for Andrea.

“So, what do you do?” Andrea asks me, plopping down in across from me at the table. We chat for a bit about our lives, our jobs, and just regular stuff. After a while, it feels as if we’ve known each other for years.

“So, are you married?” I ask.

“Well, no, I am single. I mean, I’m sort of with someone, but…” she says, her voice trailing off.

“Oh,” I say, nodding, “You guys are separated.”

She begins to laugh. “No, not at all! Actually, we’re just partners.”

“Ooohhh, I get it,” I say with wide eyes. “You know, I have a lot of gay friends.” With this statement, she almost spits out her coffee on me.

“I’m not gay!” she laughs. “I have a male friend, who is like a boyfriend, but we’re not together, see?” She raises an eyebrow. NOW I get it. She has a fuck buddy. I can only think to myself, duh.

“I have known my master for about a year. We met online through an adult chat room. My husband Mark is well aware of all activity that goes on concerning myself & Master J,” she explains, while stirring her coffee. “Mark is very understanding about all of it. He attends my sessions, to watch & maybe learn, I dunno…” she frowned.

“Well, is Mark into this kind of stuff, or is he appalled by it?” I ask.

“Mark has, let’s say, an appreciation for it as an art, like my master. He respects it from afar. I think, because he sees how much I enjoy it, he may get into it as well, though not until he is ready to. Master J, not myself, has ever tried pushing him into doing anything. Master J & Mark have an understanding between themselves. Mark knows that Master J would never hurt me or have any sexual intercourse activity with me. Mark knows I would never cheat on him & he knows that I too trust Master J. I am very thankful to have a great husband like Mark.”

“So, what was the first meeting like, with you, Mark & J? I mean, did you have to go though some weird initiation or something?” I laugh.

“Ahhhh,” she sighs, her eyes taking on a dreamy look. “Our first meeting was incredible! We ate dinner at a nice restaurant. We put all the rules right out in the open, agreeing on a ‘safe’ word, in case we had to stop a session. All topics were discussed before we did any dirty work. When we reached J’s house, I was expected to clean his house, in the nude! Mark made no objections; I guess he appreciated the view as well. Master J watched me, without watching me directly. Then after about an hour of vacuuming & polishing the furniture, he simply said, “Follow me.” I knew I would probably receive a reward. We went down into the basement & I saw all the toys on the walls,” she says, eyes widening.

“There was one leather high-backed chair seated on the middle of the room. Master J motioned to my husband to take a seat, which Mark nodded to him thankfully. Master J then instructed me to stand into a large “X” frame that was attached to the wall. I was to face it, with my back turned to Master J. He put a pair of leather cuffs on my wrists, and then blindfolded me, leaving me in a world of darkness. I am left standing for a moment, not knowing what was to come next. I feel his warm hand on my shoulder, then a sharp CRACK across my ass cheek. That first hit really stunned me. I couldn’t think straight for a minute! Then I felt another CRACK on my ass cheek & realized that he was holding a wooden hairbrush! After another 3 CRACKS, he caressed my bottom with both his hands. He then placed his hand back on my shoulder, tenderly squeezing me to let me know all was okay.

He alternated his actions, sometimes spanking me with the hairbrush, other times caressing my now-sore backside. There was never a pattern, so it was impossible to tell what I would get next. I think I flinched a few times, trying to anticipate the next move. He would take the brush bristles & reach around the front of me, brushing them gently over my nipples. My nipples were so nice & hard. His thumb would also flick over them randomly, giving a pinch here & there. He would bring the bristles down my belly, over my crotch, in between my legs…

I felt his hands leave me for a moment, then felt both of his hands on my ass. He was no longer holding the brush & I knew he would spank me with his bare hands. That first SMACK was wicked; I thought I would lose consciousness! I began to see stars in the blackness of the blindfold. His breath would occasionally heat up the back of my neck, giving me chills up & down my spine. After a few more SMACKS to my hot bottom, I thought for sure I would blurt out the safe word, to get him to stop. It was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it, I don’t know why! He paused, leaning close to me, his breath tickling my ear. His sensuous deep voice filled me; it was all I knew in my dark little world of pleasure.

‘You want me to keep going, don’t you?’ he asked me.

Embarrassed, I nodded yes, giving a small whimper.

‘Answer me, you slut’, he growled, yanking a handful of my hair tightly in my fist. I was afraid to move, but I knew if I didn’t answer I’d be in more trouble.

‘Yes’, I answered quietly.

‘Yes, what?!’ he barked, pulling my hair even harder. I winced.

‘Yes, I want more’, I replied in a tiny voice.

‘You just don’t know how to obey. Since you test my patience, girl, I will test your limits’, he says. I feel him move away from me, leaving me there alone. Oh, I wish I could see what he was picking up, but I’ll know in a minute anyway. A huge SMACCKKKK hits my ass & I realize he has a large round flat paddle. My body is racked in pain & I cry out involuntarily.

‘You’ll’ -SMAAACK- ‘learn’ -SMAAACK- ‘how to obey me’ -SMAAACK- ‘if I have to use every instrument I own’ -SMAAACK- ‘on your slutty little body!’

By now my ass is numb, yet I feel like I am flying. His deep voice is comforting to me, keeping me somewhat connected to reality. I hear myself cry out from afar, ‘Yes, I want more!’

Master J moves towards me, his body holding mine in place. He gently kisses the back of my neck. I feel him reach up to release my wrists from their cuffs. My blindfold is removed & he helps me from off the frame. There is a cot in the corner, which he leads me to. He wraps a warm fleece blanket around me, hugging me & telling me he loves me & that I was wonderful. Tears roll down my cheeks as he caresses my arms, but they are happy tears. Master J eventually motions for Mark to come over to the cot, to hold me as well. Mark tells me that I was incredible & that he was so proud I behaved for Master J. I smile as I fade away into a peaceful abyss of slumber.”

Andrea & I sit silently for a minute, reflecting upon the story she has just told. She smiles at me, then looks down at her cigarette that has long burned out. I smile back at her, becoming aware of the fact that my panties feel very wet from the story she has just told.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble on like that,” she says. “It’s just, when I begin to think about our meetings, I get so lost in the memory…”

“It’s ok!” I tell her. “I certainly didn’t mind hearing all about it, I actually really enjoyed listening. I wish Rick & I could meet up with this J. Ya know, expand our horizons more?”

Her cell phone rings. She excuses herself & answers. Her conversation only lasted about 30 seconds, filled with “No,” “Yes” & other short replies. It must have been private. When she hangs up, she turns back to me.

Her eyebrows go up & she says, “I’ll talk to him next time I meet with him & I’ll see what he says. What exactly are you looking to get into, so I know what to discuss with him?”

“Well,” I slowly say, “It would be along the same lines as you & your husband…ya know, he would be there, not participating unless he wants to, but at least I get to have some fun.”

“Okay, well, I’ll run it by him when I do see him. In the meantime, please give me your phone number so I can reach you in the event that he says yes.”

We exchange phone numbers & laugh over another cup coffee. Rick calls me & says he is on his way to pick me up. When I stand up to put my coat on, Andrea & I just look at each other, as if we are old friends about to part ways once again. She gives me a quick hug, then walks out the door, leaving me standing there, alone, breathless & wet, wondering if or when I’ll hear from her.


It was only about 2 days after I our breakfast outing when I heard back from Andrea. She said she spoke to Master J, regarding Rick & me. He said he was very interested, that we were to wait for further instructions. We would be “tested” before we were granted permission to meet with him. Rick said it sounded like some sort of scavenger hunt! I, however, was more than happy to participate in any activity that would get me into the playroom of this Master J.

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