I was forty living the good life in the beautiful Republic of Panama. Jena was Latina, dark complexion, petit, fun and beautiful. We met at the party of a friend, a handsome musician, and he mentioned that if I was attracted to her, I should just let her know. He said she mentioned earlier that she thought I was hot. Of course, at twice her age, I appreciated the compliment. So I went up to her and her girlfriend and make a little small talk, all in Spanish, of course.

She was a university student, a young lady from a working class family. She loved music and art and she is very smart and did I mention beautiful? She loved the opportunity to practice her English or at least so she claimed. Well, she and her girlfriend graciously and enthusiastically left the party with me that night but that is another story.

We became lovers and oh the joy and pleasure of her young body and her ardent enthusiasm, not to mention the pleasure of her company and the value of this young Panamanian women’s perspective that extended my intercultural awareness. Always open to suggestion and willing to please and be pleased. So we got together whenever we could. Maybe I gave her a little money from time to time to help with the school expenses. But, there is no doubt in my mind, she voraciously loved sex, as much as I did.

One tropical night, when the humidity hung heavy in air after the late afternoon rains, we were driving around in my beat up 4-wheel drive pickup. I was thinking we should go somewhere and get it on. Jena was game, as usual. We went down by the Panama Canal under the Bridge of the Americas into a large office parking lot, now empty.

I parked in an out of the way space, in the corner, so we could see anyone coming. We listened as the tree frogs chanted outside in the drainage ditch adjacent to the parking lot. An almost full moon slipped in and out of the clouds overhead, casting slivers of silver moon shadows all around us.

I reached over and she slid towards me. We kissed, her sweet full lips on mine. The intoxication of her fine body and sweet perfume always got a rise out of me.

I did not shut the old truck down as we were enjoying the air conditioning and the music. We both liked old rock and roll so the Beatle’s White Album keeps us company. She lifts up here cotton peasant blouse as I played were her breasts. Now Jena is a petit woman, 20 years old, long dark black hair, bright brown eyes, smooth light brown skin, sweet smell of a mix of exotic essential oils, imports from India. Whatever she chose for her neck, I was certain to find a dab down south too. Not that her sweet pussy needed any help in the olfactory department. It had its own natural perfume that was to die for. She has small tits with big, long, dark nipples that harden even at the suggestion of fun.

I pull her closer across the truck seat to suck her tits. She squeals and moans with delight as I suck hard and gently twist her nubs. I inhale the sweet perfume of her arousal. I rub her mons from the outside as I can’t comfortably stick my hand in her tight jeans. She reaches out to rub my aroused cock through my jeans as it strains for release. The tree frogs are chanting a chorus now in tune with Fab Four.

I straddle the center of the truck with the gear shift between my legs and she is so light I lift her up onto my lap. She comfortably straddles me with her back to the windshield. Her red heels in sharp contrast to her tight jeans and tan skin. I am at eye level with her sensitive nubs so I keep up my efforts guided by her enthusiastic moans. Jena loves to express herself aurally. She whimpers, moans, chants, and then at the end, screams. We have to be careful where we do it as she can attract attention from a distance. I hear the tree frogs all together loudly kriking back and forth to one another.

Jena’s pussy is flooding; I haven’t even touched it yet although I can smell it. She is like that. When she gets going … get ready for the flood! So I have her blouse off now. She does not need a bra, her small tits stand high and proud. Her nipples are so big, especially when she gets excited. She likes me to be rough with them too … so I give her what she wants. I twist them this way and that, use my teeth a little too and then suck hard.

She is beyond the whimper stage now and is actively moaning, “aiii aiii aiii … dale duro amor …” She is rubbing her pussy against my hard cock. I gently bite her a little around the back of the neck; she likes that as well and moans to spur me on.

I unbutton her jeans and try and stick a hand in but they are two tight and the angle is wrong. I try and pull them down but she doesn’t help so I reach back and slip my hand inside around her butt. Both hands on her hot ass inside her pants. Her little panties do little to impede me.

“Sáquelas … chica,” I tell her. “Take them off, girl.” She plants both feet on the floor of the truck and starts to peel them off. She slips off her red heels to get the pants down and of course she has to slip them off her long trim legs one leg at a time. …still straddling me. Off the tiny panties come too. I help her take them off and promptly hold them to my face to inhale the exquisite aroma. She reaches down and unbuckles my belt and unsnaps my Levies, tugs them open and I lift my hips off the seat of the truck an she pulls them down with my black cotton underwear with them too. I pull them off and make sure to arrange then carefully on the seat in case I have to put them on in a hurry. That is a lesson learned from experience.

I ask her to put the red heels back on and of course she understands. She sits back down on my lap still facing me with her back to the windshield . She slides her wet pussy against my cock, teasing me … while cooing how hot she is to get it on. “Dale, mi amor … quiero darte mi miel.” “Pongo tu cosa caliente en mi michita. ”

I sit back and she climbs on top. Slowing sliding het wet pussy onto my very ready dick. Her little feet with the red heels planted on the floor of the truck and her legs spread wide to receive me. “Ah cielos,” she says. And I agree.

She leans forward to capture my entire length as her tight, young pussy grips me with passion. I grab her ass with both hands so I can help her ride. Slowly, at first. I stick a finger in her tight asshole. She likes that and moans encouragement. I hear the staccato of the frog chorus adding their cacophony to Beatles tune, “Come together … right now,” they order.

The cab of the truck is filled with her aroma and the heavy truck springs vibrate with the rhythm of the motion. She pushes back against the gear shift and I see the surprise on her face. I push her ass against the gear shift and she feels the vibration of the diesel motor from the drive train on her asshole and she likes it. I rev the engine with my foot to give her a thrill as she clamps down hard on my cock with her hot wet pussy while at the same time clenching the gear shift with her ass.

I keep the engine revving as she moans and projects a fast litany of profane Spanish that I don’t quite understand … something about the good vibrations in her ass. I think maybe she could take the gearshift in her ass while I am in her pussy. She is so hot and willing … but then I realize it just won’t fit.

I ask her to turn around so she faces the windshield and we are both facing the same direction. She rubs her ass against my cock. I reach around and gently rub her clit but her hand is already there … She likes to start out gently and end with a bang and she doesn’t hesitate to help things along. She continues to flex her ass against my cock. I gently push her forward until her clit is touching the gear shift. ” Aii aii …que rico … ” she gushes. I push her clit a little harder against the gear shift. And grab her titties with my hands.

She pushes up until she positions my cock against her pussy and slowly lets me have what I have been waiting for. Slowly up and down, she takes her time … While I continue to rev the engine as she grinds her clit against the side of the gearshift. All the while touching herself and I lend a helping hand. She is moaning continuously now and the tree fogs are kriking loudly in reply.

I stick a finger in her ass and she sighs … I stick two in and she says, ” mas, mas mi amor, quiero mas …llename con tu fuerza … ” She milks my cock, while I stuff fingers in her hot Latina ass.

I push her off my cock and push her mons hard against the gear shift. I put a couple of finger in her pussy too, all the while I position her ass over my cock. It has a lot of her juice on it and even more has spilled out of her pussy onto her ass. I grab a little of both and lubricate myself and her culo and position her ass on top of my dick. She slowly pushes back down. In a second or two, I pop in … and I hold still as she adjusts. Meanwhile, her clit is still pushing against the gear shit. It is a hard nub of pleasure, turgid and throbbing; I can feel it. I let her down on the full length of my cock slowly filling her hot ass … She moans in approval. I rev the engine hard and push her clit right against the stick. She yelps in pleasure. Now I get the idea of where to go next.

I lift her up so the head of the gear shift is against her pussy lips; she does not complain, on the contrary she sighs again in pleasure. I rub the shift around a little against her tight pussy. Yes … I think this will work. I push her to accept the shift into her hot conchita. She gets the idea and slowly opens to receive the stick while my cock is still in her ass.

OMG, I can feel the vibrations of the car in her ass through the wall of her pussy. She slowly slides down on the gearshift. I let up on the accelerator so she can stretch out to accept us both. She bottoms out … I can feel the contractions in her ass and the vibrations from the shift in her pussy. It is a fabulous combination. I know I won’t last long if she starts to move.

As if on cue, she rises up and slams down on both of us, again and again. I can see a light shimmer of sweat on her neck and back. I hold her hips to help guide her up and down and she takes my cock for the ride of its life. The Beatles are synchronized with the tree frogs … There are all roaring their approval.

“Aiiii, aiii, aiiii, aiiiiiiiiioooooyeah, dale duro, baby,” she cries. “Give it to me … Que rico, el culo y la chucha, junto, que rico … “She takes a deep breath and exclaims, “Mi michachita esta me quemando.”

I really give it to her now with force. I see she ready … pussy juice is leaking out the sides and onto the gear shift and down her ass … My cock is thrusting hard into her ass … She reaches out to pinch her tits, so I know she is going to come soon. I thrust her up and down … my hands on her hips. The truck is really rocking now. I am cheering her on she is rolling her eyes back now and throws her head back in ecstasy. I am watching her face in the rearview mirror. I know it won’t be long. My seed is gathering in my balls …. A hot torrent, seeking release. She thrusts down even harder now.

I rev the motor with my left foot and the old diesel engine roars. She screams “aiiii aiii damelo ….oooooo fuck me duro, amor.” Then it happens, she start to shake and bounce erratically, she is screaming while she creams the gearshift . Her ass grabs me hard and the contractions in her ass traveling from her pussy calls forth my seed and I come forcefully in her hot ass. I feel the contractions; her pussy is on fire, wave after wave of contractions. She is lost in ecstasy, she pounds my legs with her hands as she clenches my cock with her ass and creams the gear shift some more And them, release! She sighs in a huge breath of release. And slumps down in my lap. I hold her as she starts to cry … her tears turn to sobs and then a full-fledged session of tears and sobs.

I don’t need to ask her what’s wrong, as I know she is crying with pleasure and happiness. I wait patiently, still impaled in her ass. She gathers her forces as she back off both of us. I put her on the seat beside me and hold her in my arms as she recovers. She turns to me, her beautiful, big brown eyes, so bright and deep, “Que rico mi amor, tenemos que hacer eso otra vez mañana, me gusta mucho.”

There is no doubt, I could not have agreed more!

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